July 2010

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Horse & Hound 31.7.10 Three hunts face prosecution under the Hunting Act - Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news - Three hunts face prosecution under theHunting Act 2004 for incidents that allegedly took place last season. Representatives from the Fernie hunt, theSinnington Foxhounds and the Quantock Staghounds face charges of illegal hunting brought by the Crown Prosecution Service. Their trials are expected to take place this autumn and all proceed from covert surveillance by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).... (story)

Northern Echo 31.7.10 Catalonia bullfight ban - I WAS pleased to read of the landmark vote to ban bullfighting in the Catalonia region of Spain (Echo, July 29). This is a big step in the right direction to stop this barbaric animal cruelty.... Peter Jefferies, Durham City (letter)


Horncastle News 30.6.10 Revesby Country Fair - today! - THE great and the good of Yellowbelly life will be celebrated this Sunday, at the Revesby Country Fair.... Other events will include fly fishing, the parade by the Southwold Foxhounds and East Lincs Bassett Hounds and a chainsaw carving display.... (story)

BBC News Online 30.7.10 Camel races & moonlit steeplechasing at Clifton-on-Teme - Camels will be racing at a moonlit steeplechasing meeting, organised by a hunt in Worcestershire. Clifton-upon-Teme hunt have been staging the event for ten years, but this is the first time camels have been used in the races.... The meeting is Saturday, 31 July, with the racing starting at 1830 BST... (story)

Rye & Battle Observer 30.7.10 Hunting with Dogs Act badly flawed - IN RESPONSE to S Webster's copy letter sent to local MP Greg Barker concerning the repeal of this act, let me please point out the following. There is now an explosion in illegal hare coursing. Dogs that resemble greyhounds or lurchers are now being stolen from pet owners and breeders... The coalition government has far more important issues to deal with at present, most importantly reducing the huge deficit left by the last government. The Hunting with Dogs Act is badly flawed, took up hundreds of hours of Parliamentary time and was born out of class envy and ignorance... Lynn Scoones, Balcombe Green, Sedlescombe (letter)
Rye & Battle Observer 23.7.10 Taking issue with MP's response on hunting - (Copy of a letter sent to Gregory Barker MP) Dear Mr Barker - With reference to your response to my email regarding Tory proposals to repeal the Hunting Act 2004, I would take issue with both the nature of your response and its contents. The letter issued by your office was a standard, pre-written piece of Central Office/Countryside Alliance propaganda that has been sent by many Conservative MPs in regard to this issue... With regard to the main contents of the letter (assuming you've actually read it) I would point out the following.... It cites Jim Barrington, former excecutive director of the League Against Cruel Sports as now being in favour of hunting. Mr Barrington left LACS. many years ago... He now has a highly paid job with the Countryside Alliance... S WEBSTER, Swallow Drive, Battle (letter)

The Star 30.7.10 We believe Boo was in a snare - We are horrified to hear about Danielle Bentley finding her cat Boo, missing a leg and covered in blood. We believe from experience of this type that the cat had been in a snare or leg hold trap and had managed to free itself to drag itself home ... Simon Wild, National Anti Snaring Campaign (letter)

Northern Echo 30.7.10 Grouse shooting - THE silly season is here again, as signalled by animal rights campaigner Norman Wall (HAS, July 26). He burbles about grouse as “intensive-bred gun fodder”... Just in case anybody believes this nonsense, let me state that grouse are completely wild, not reared, and huge efforts are made to retrieve shot birds – not least because they are highly valued as the ultimate in free-range food.... Alasdair Mitchell, National Gamekeepers’ Organisation, Darlington (letter)

ThisIsDorset 30.7.10 Sculpture stolen from fair - LOCAL sculptor Sarah Coward has had her summer ruined by thieves at the CLA Game Fair. Sarah was exhibiting at the fair at Ragley Hall near Evesham when one of her bronzes worth £2,500 was stolen last Friday morning... Sarah will have her usual stand at the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show on Wednesday 18th August.... (story)
Telegraph 23.7.10 Is it badger-hunting season? The debate over whether to cull Britain's badger population is as volatile as ever, writes Geoffrey Lean - Hardbitten war correspondents, I know, think nothing of being helicoptered in to the sound of gunfire, but it's not normally part of the more pedestrian portfolio of an environmental journalist... It was, of course, the day of The Daily Telegraph debate at the Country Land and Business Association's annual Game Fair, held in association with this newspaper and its Sunday sister.... The debate has a trick of drawing out the issue of most concern to much of rural Britain. Last year it was wind power, with participants persuasively describing how insensitive schemes had blighted their neighbourhoods. This year it posed a choice: "Killing foxes, culling badgers or protecting birds. What should the new Government do first to help the countryside?" The panel were all top-notch: Jim Paice, the Agriculture Minister; Peter Kendall, the president of the National Farmers' Union; Dr Mark Avery, director of conservation at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds; Pauline Kidner, Britain's best-known "badger rescuer"; Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports; and Jim Barrington, a former executive director of the league, who now supports hunting... (story)
Telegraph 21.7.10 CLA Game Fair: A grown-up village fête - Shopping and hunting: why the great CLA Game Fair is every countryman’s dream. By Clive Aslet - The glory of the British summer is upon us: the CLA Game Fair, this year to be held at Ragley Hall, in the very heart of England... This is the once-a-year get together for people who love the traditional pleasures of the outdoors. Summer being the close season for most field sports, aficionados do the next best thing: shop.... (story)
Telegraph 21.7.10 The CLA Game Fair: New home for country party - The CLA Game Fair at Ragley Hall offers all the basics and a touch of the unexpected, reports Jonny Beardsall - High walls once kept people out of grand country estates, but today these once-invisible places welcome visitors in their thousands. None more so than Ragley Hall, near Alcester, Warwickshire, where, for the first time, The CLA Game Fair – the biggest rustic hullabaloo on earth – begins on Friday... (story)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald 23.2.10 Hunt to find most dedicated gamekeepers and riverkeepers in North Yorkshire - THE hunt is on to find gamekeepers and riverkeepers who have dedicated a lifetime to looking after North Yorkshire’s countryside or rivers. The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) is looking for nominees for this year’s Long Service Awards, which will be presented at the CLA’s Game Fair in July... (story)

Scottish Herald 30.7.10 Bullfighting will be seen as a remnant of a bygone barbaric world - Ian Black’s support for bullfighting (Herald, July 29) is disappointing but it unfortunately reflects the attitude of a sector of people in society who feel the need to project a macho image... David Walker, Motherwell
It must be hoped that the decision by Catalonia to outlaw bullfighting will eventually lead to a Spain-wide ban... Bob MacDougall, Stirlingshire
Dogfighting, harecoursing, foxhunting and now bullfighting; all banned. Does this mean that junior football is now the last remaining legal blood sport in the Western world? Ken Nicholson, Glasgow. (letters)

Irish Independent 30.7.10 I was delighted to hear the Catalonia region of Spain has voted to ban the revolting "sport" of bullfighting... Paul Kelly, Skerries, Co Dublin (letter)


North Devon Journal 29.7.10 Grand day out at Woolsery show - THE showground at Clovelly Court house was teeming with farmers, families, livestock, horses and ferret racing enthusiasts for the 128th Woolsery and District Agricultural Show... as a finale the local hunt, traditionally turned out in scarlet hunting jackets and pristine white jodhpurs, sounded their horns and put the hounds through their paces... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 29.7.10 Pensioner saw red at ‘lamping’ trio - VERMIN CONTROLLER WAS ASSAULTED AS HE SAT IN CAR WITH HEADLIGHTS FOCUSED ON PRIVATE LAND BY STEPHEN CHRISTIE - A pensioner attacked a man with his walking stick after discovering a group “lamping” near his north-east home, a court heard yesterday. Farmer Jeffrey Humphrey, 72, assaulted Francis Cook after seeing him and two others shining the headlights of their car on to private land near Fraserburgh... Procurator fiscal Margaret Porter said Humphrey had approached the vehicle Mr Cook was travelling in and attacked him through an open window.... Ms Wiggins said the group had been hired as vermin controllers and had been given permission to shine their headlights on to estate land. But Humphrey responded badly when they did a sweep of private land he owns... (story)

Southern Reporter 29.7.10 'Ban snares' call by MSP wins little support from Holyrood colleagues - Mark Entwistle ... South of Scotland Scottish Nationalist Christine Grahame is calling on government ministers to rethink the country's new regulations on snares... Her views are not echoed by fellow politicians representing the Borders. Lib Dem MSP and Yarrow Valley farmer Jim Hume said pest control was a vital element of land management practices.... (story)

Swindon Advertiser 29.7.10 Why not try going fishing - SOUTH Cerney Angling Club hopes to attract more people to their sport with free taster days next month. As part of National Fishing Month, the club, in association with the Angling Development Board, will be running free angling taster days on August 7 and 14, under the guidance of coaches... (story)

Daily Mail 29.7.10 Girl, 13, attacked by fox which ripped open her tent while she camped with friends in garden - A girl of 13 was attacked by a fox while she was camping in her back garden with a group of friends. Bethany Blackburn received hospital treatment after the snarling animal ripped a hole in her tent and sank its teeth into her left foot... (story)
BBC News Online 28.7.10 Girl, 13, bitten by fox in garden in Long Ditton - A 13-year-old girl had to be treated in hospital after a fox bit her foot while she was camping in her back garden in Surrey. Bethany Blackburn was asleep in a tent with two friends in the garden in Long Ditton when the attack happened at about midnight on Sunday. The fox woke the girls when it ripped a hole into the tent, pushed its face in and grabbed Bethany's foot... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 29.7.10 Activists' arson attack led to 'agonising' death for rabbits in van - EIGHT rabbits burned to death during an arson attack on a Lincolnshire farm for which animal rights activists claimed responsibility, it has been revealed.... in the back of the van were eight rabbits waiting for collection. They all died. Animal rights group Militant Forces Against Huntingdon Life Sciences has claimed responsibility for the arson. Two 25-year-old men – one from London and one from Driffield – were yesterday arrested on suspicion of arson and blackmail... Farm owner Geoff Douglas said whoever set the van on fire neglected to first check inside.... "Those poor rabbits, eight of them, while subjected to heat and toxic fumes, would have had hot, melting plastic dropping on their backs, leading to an agonising and terrifying death ... I say if these activists can prove to me any of my rabbits in this day and age go through any suffering while developing medicines and vaccines for people, I will stop supplying that customer....". (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 23.7.10 Animal rights group claims responsibility for arson attack at Highgate Farm - A MILITANT animal rights group has claimed responsibility for an arson attack at a rabbit farm in Lincolnshire. It is understood that police are looking closely at the chilling claim after a white Mercedes Sprinter van was set on fire at the premises in Normanby-by-Spital, near Market Rasen. Firefighters attended the blaze in yard at Highgate Farm at about 2.20am on Monday. The farm, which supplies rabbits to Huntingdon Life Sciences' Cambridgeshire lab, has been the targeted by animal rights extremists twice before. Now it appears a group called Militant Forces Against Huntingdon Life Sciences (MFAH) says the attack was its handiwork.... (story)

Scottish Herald 29.7.10 Bullfighting: Ultimate spectacle or inhumane tradition? FOR: Ian Black... Ian Black is a journalist, author and bullfighting aficionado... AGAINST: Ross Minet... Ross Minett is campaigns director for Advocates for Animals a target=main href="http://www.heraldscotland.com/comment/guest-commentary/bullfighting-ultimate-spectacle-or-inhumane-tradition-1.1044629">(story)
Telegraph 29.7.10 Pete Wedderburn - Bullfighting ban is good news for animal welfare in Catalonia - The vote by the Parliament of Catalonia to ban bullfighting has been stirring strong emotions in Spain. The arguments used by those against a ban have similarities to those used by opponents to the ban on hunting farmed deer with dogs in Ireland that was introduced last month.... Pete Wedderburn qualified as a vet twenty-five years ago, and now spends half his working life writing newspaper columns. He lives in Ireland with his wife, two daughters and a menagerie of dogs, cats, poultry and other furry and feathered companions. Pete answers readers' queries about their pets' health in his video Q&A – he is also on Twitter as @petethevet and has a Facebook Fan Page (story)
Telegraph 29.7.10 Daniel Hannan - Bullfighting has been banned in Catalonia, but is more popular than ever in France - Catalonia’s decision to proscribe bullfights has less to do with sentiment towards animals than with regional assertiveness.... Daniel Hannan is a writer and journalist, and has been Conservative MEP for South East England since 1999. He speaks French and Spanish and loves Europe, but believes that the EU is making its constituent nations poorer, less democratic and less free. He is the winner of the Bastiat Award for online journalism (story)

Daily Mail 29.7.10 Squirrels in the aisles: Grocery store's latest range attracts criticism... and a lot of shoppers By SEAN POULTER - They are more commonly found scurrying down the garden path than on the shelves of your local store. But one grocery chain is selling grey squirrels for meat - and reporting 'huge interest' in the high-protein, low-fat dish. Budgens has stocked the shelves of a London branch with the meat... Viva founder and zoologist Juliet Gellatley said: 'Culls of thousands of grey squirrels by so-called conservation groups to boost populations of red squirrels are irrational, inhumane and destined to fail... Actress and Viva patron Jenny Seagrove also condemned the sale... (story)
Guardian 29.7.10 Squirrel meat flies off supermarket's shelves - Matthew Weaver - The owner of a local Budgens supermarket has defended selling squirrel meat as a sustainable way of feeding people and says it has a "lovely" taste. Andrew Thornton, started selling the meat about five months ago after requests from customers at his Budgens store in Crouch End, north London... The animal welfare group Viva accused Budgens of profiting from a "wildlife massacre".... Thornton rejected the claim: "That's not the case at all. If we are selling 10 or 15 a week I don't think that falls into the definition of a massacre."... (story)

Argus 29.7.10 Ethical eating - Yet again the Argus food page in The Guide sees fit to highlight foie gras as a “really special” item on the menu of a restaurant... shame on The Argus for continuing to give these restaurants the publicity they don’t deserve.... Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove (story)


Daelnet 28.7.10 New advice for grouse moor owners - Grouse shooting is a major industry in North Yorkshire and its two national parks, providing welcome jobs in some of the most remote areas of the county, but owning and maintaining a grouse shoot can be a financial nightmare. This is the conclusion reached by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT)... (story)

ThisIsDevon 28.7.10 New game rules - New breeding rules have been introduced by the Government for farmers producing game birds... The revised Code of Practice for the Welfare of Gamebirds Reared for Sporting Purposes, published last week, replaced an earlier one, on the grounds that all of it was not based on sound evidence.... (story)

Daily Mail 28.7.10 Café Mucca: Heather Mills says her new vegan restaurant is the best thing since soya bacon. Our carnivorous critic went to have a butcher's By JAN MOIR - Hello sky, hello sunshine, hello VBites, the vegan restaurant in Brighton opened last year by Heather Mills as part of her crusade to save the planet... the restaurant is still curiously deserted. Does it ever get busy? 'Oh yes. Sunny, summer weekend lunches are our busiest times,' a waitress tells me, somehow failing to spot that this is, indeed, a sunny, summer weekend lunchtime... at this vegan restaurant, the menu is meat obsessed, featuring fake chicken, fake burgers, fake sausages, fake pepperoni and fake fishcakes, most of them topped with synthetic fake cheeses... The orange juice is not fresh; the lettuce and the tomatoes in the Greek salad are watery and bland; the grim little olives are of the cheapest and nastiest catering pack variety; the hot dog buns appear to be longlife.... Perhaps I visit VBites on a bad day but I know a busy, flourishing restaurant when I see one - and this isn't it.... One of the most regular weekend lunch customers at VBites is, apparently, one Miss H. Mills, who always orders the Hearty VBites Burger with soya cheese, soya bacon-style rasher, plus a slice of pineapple topped with guacamole, tomato relish and coleslaw, washed down with a glass of rose wine. ' She never finishes the burger,' a spy tells me. I bet she doesn’t! (story)

Leicester Mercury 28.7.10 Would a better understanding deter meat-eaters? - In his review of Jimmy Doherty's TV programme, The Private Life of Pigs, Jeremy Clay said: "Pigs are brainy as well as tasty. Keep that to yourself though''.Was he suggesting that if consumers know that pigs are intelligent (more intelligent than dogs) it would deter them from eating pork, bacon and ham?... If people were more aware of the mental abilities of animals, as well as their emotional capabilities there would probably be a fall in meat consumption... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone... (letter)

Argus 28.7.10 Pests or needing protection? - Early this evening I was called out to pick up a herring gull which had been shot off a roof in Nevill Avenue, and take it to a vet. As I drove away its mate was just landing on the roof. This wicked and illegal act by some thoughtless thug has now left one gull to rear the chicks... Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove (letter)

Farmers Weekly 28.7.10 Watchdog bans Animal Aid slaughterhouse advert - Animal welfare campaign group Animal Aidhas been banned from running an advert about conditions in British slaughterhouses. The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that the advert, which suggested that slaughterhouses routinely ignore the law and brutalise animals because of a lack of CCTV monitoring, should not appear again in its current form... (story)


Leicester Mercury 27.7.10 20 gun licences revoked - Police have revoked 20 gun licences in the past year, after their owners were deemed a danger to the public, the Mercury can reveal. Leicestershire Constabulary withdrew the certificates after individuals were convicted, cautioned, fined or arrested for offences, including threats to kill, harassment and assault.... Rural lobbying group the Countryside Alliance is in favour of a debate on gun legislation, but warns that it could be impossible for any law to prevent another massacre like the one in Cumbria... (story)

Burton Mail 27.7.10 When is cruelty to animals not cruelty? - I WOULD like to comment on your story ‘Grey squirrel conviction should be overturned’, (Burton Mail, July 23). In terms of how these animals may be dealt with, what is “humane”? “Humane” and “as humane as possible” are words frequently used by conservationists to describe the killing of wildlife... All sentient animals feel pain irrespective of whether they are “protected” or otherwise. Angus Macmillan by email (letter)

Scottish Herald 27.7.10 The bear facts - You report that People for The Ethical treatment of Animals confused two bear species used for The Queen’s Guard’s hats. (“Faux pas for PETA as group confuses to bear species”, The Herald, July 26). PETA has nothing to be embarrassed about: the MoD has always said that the skins come from Canadian black bears. It is irrelevant if the MoD has switched to Canadian brown bears during our campaign... Mimi Bekhechi, Special Projects Manager, PETA, PO Box 36678, London. (story)

Essex County Standard 27.7.10 Protesters want end to animals in circus By James Calnan - PROTESTERS set up outside a circus visiting Colchester to voice their opposition to using animals. The 25-strong protest marked the Great British Circus’s final performance in London Road,Stanway, following a week-long stay... Campaigner Jane Williams, from Holland-on-Sea, said those attending the protest were all opposed to the use of animals in circuses.... (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 26.7.10 Campaigners protest outside circus By Craig Robinson - ANIMAL rights campaigners turned out in force to protest against a circus that is currently touring Essex. The Great British Circus has been at Stanway, near Colchester, and will shortly be moving on to Clacton Airfield....protest organiser Jane Williams urged people to boycott the circus.... >(story)


ThisIsDevon 26.7.10 Two country shows attract thousands of visitors - Crowds turned out in force to two country shows this weekend. About 15,500 people made the trip to Post Hill, on the outskirts of Tiverton, for the Mid Devon Show on Saturday. The following day, further south in the county, Totnes held its 92nd town show on Sunday.... There was a grand parade of livestock and equine winners, terrier racing, a parade of South Devon foxhounds and Britannia beagles, falconry, sheep dogs and a fly casting demonstration.... (story)

Scotsman 26.7.10 Trap bird killers - The 20-year record high of reported bird of prey poisonings, (your report, 23 July) whilst shocking comes as no surprise as the illegal acts have continued unabated, despite various failed initiatives from land-owning interests over many years.... The land-owning interests have been drinking in the last-chance saloon for too long now and time is now being called. LOGAN D STEELE, Bridgewater Avenue, Auchterader, Perthsire (letter)

Northern Echo 26.7.10 Animal cruelty - THE Animal Welfare Act of 2006 seems at last to have been implemented in a recent drowned squirrel cruelty case... At this time of the year, particularly leading to the start of the grouse-shooting season... Despite all these cruel precautions, few ground-living grouse will reach the table. Most of the mangled victims left dead or dying after a shoot are usually dumped as waste apparently. Norman Wall, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear... (letter)

Henley & Standard 26.7.10 Police urged to tackle wild animals slaughter - LORD CAMOYS has called on the police to stop the slaughter of wild animals. It follows several incidents of poaching, maiming of deer and joyriding in the countryside around Henley. In some cases, deer have been left to die in agony after their haunches were removed... (story)

Torquay Herald Express 26.7.10 Depicting exploitation and cruelty of farming - ARABELLA WEST'S tongue-in-cheek (she can't be serious) description of Damien Hirst's Mother and Child misses completely what Hirst is trying to tell us. He is, I believe, depicting the exploitation and cruelty of the meat and dairy industry and in this case it's the dairy... LEN SHORT, Press Officer, Animal Voices (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 26.7.10 Vegetarian troubles READING with interest the recent letters about the claimed health benefits and side effects of not eating meat from the vegetarians among us, I tried being a non meat and dairy eater for a couple of days... the meals were bland and I assume the windows are left wide open when there is a gathering of several veggies in one place. Rob Wain, Coventry. (letter)


Irish Sunday Independent 25.7.10 Hare today and gone tomorrow - I write in response to the article "Let the hare sit, and survive", appearing in your paper on July 11. As CEO of the Irish Coursing Club, I wish to offer some additional insights into the activity of coursing which is repeatedly misrepresented.... I was present at Stormont for that debate, and can see there are four very important facts which are absent from the article: 1) this proposed amendment, though voted on, is not yet a "done deal"; 2) the amendment was surreptitiously (though quite legally) submitted just minutes before the deadline for amendment submissions effectively avoiding counter amendments; 3) the decision was made in spite of evidence from Government-funded research which details the very real conservation threat to the Irish hare in areas where organised coursing does not exist; and 4) no alternative suggestions were made for the conservation of the Irish hare, a decision based on emotion rather than facts.... DJ Histon, CEO, Irish Coursing Club, Clonmel (letter)

Scotland on Sunday 25.7.10 Health & Safety gets flounders off hook By Marc Horne - FOR almost 40 years its bizarre fusion of fishing and tap-dancing has reeled in competitors and camera crews from across the globe. But now one of Scotland's most eccentric sporting events has finally been sunk by health and safety regulations... Craig Parker, who, alongside a handful of volunteers, has organised the flounder tramping contest for 15 years admitted it was unlikely to ever return. He said: "Sadly, health and safety issues mean that the event will not be going ahead this year or in the foreseeable future, "There have never been any problems in 36 years and we never used to bother with insurance, but then somebody made a complaint.... John Patrick of Scotland for Animals said: "We are glad to see the back of this cruel, barbaric and inhumane spectacle. "It is very sad that in 21st century Scotland some people still believe that stamping on living, sentient creatures constitutes good family entertainment.... (story)


Horse & Hound 24.7.10 Anti-groups merge to fight repeal of the Hunting Act - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The UK's three largest animal welfare groups have come together in a "loose coalition" to fight repeal of the Hunting Act.The RSPCA, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) released a statement saying: "Repeal... would be a backward step for a civilised society."... (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 24.7.10 Gardener tells of fox attack By Anthony Bond and Tom Potter - WHEN a fox crept into the room of an east London home and attacked two baby girls asleep in their cots, it was described as a “freak accident”.... But one Suffolk gardener has told the EADT how he was recently bitten on the neck by a fox while gardening in Nettlestead, near Ipswich... John Bryant, a wildlife consultant specialising in urban wildlife, said he had never found an aggressive fox in 40 years of working with them...And Rosie Catford, owner of Wildlives Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, in Thorrington, near Colchester, completely agrees... (story)

Leicester Mercury 24.7.10 Animal tests: Inside the lab - Awindowless, top-floor room full of rodents... engineered to be experimented on in the University of Leicester's medical sciences building... "I definitely don't like it," says director of research Professor Mike Barer. "I don't eat meat because I think it causes an unnecessary exploitation of animals. "This is exploitation but it is necessary exploitation."... NAVA is behind Stop the Leicester Animal Lab... Protestor Chris Williams believes animal experimentation is wrong morally and ethically, and is driven by bad science... (story)


Halifax Courier 23.7.10 Mink should be removed from our fine countryside - I WRITE in response to a joint letter from John rolls of the RSPCA, Douglas Bachelor, Chief Exec, League Against Cruel Sports and Robbie Marsland, UK Director of the IFAW, which appeared in the Courier, 5 July. It is headed "No return to days of cruelty", and refers to hunting with dogs for sport. Whilst I am no advocate whatsoever of hunting with dogs for sport, in particular hare coursing... The letter from this group however if damning evidence, if any were needed, that the once thoroughly respectable, non-political and independent RSPCA has fallen victim to bigoted political hotheads who are responsible for the most reprehensible of actions against our endemic species and wildlife. I refer of course to the wholesale release of mink in a nationally orchestrated action by the animal rights activists... Only last week the RSPCA published an appeal for funds in the national Press, but I for one will not be contributing until there is clear evidence that they have disassociated themselves from the likes of LACS and IFAW...Paul C Watson, Paddy Bridge Road, Mytholmroyd (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 20.7.10 Hunts are way of life - Your correspondent John Rolls of the RSPCA (T&A, July 10) is way off the mark when he labels hunting with dogs a ‘cruel’ sport. Hounds have hunted since time immemorial, as has man. The best way to keep down vermin is by natural means. Surely this is better than shooting creatures, or poisoning and trapping. In these cases, the animal dies a lingering death, often in immense pain.... But in this day and age, when the murderer is elevated to ‘victim’ status, perhaps these animal rights people would rather we tried ‘counselling’ and ‘rehabilitation’ for the fox, too! Mrs Pamela B McCallum, Albert Street, Thornton, Bradford (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 12.7.10 No return to cruelty - John Rolls, RSPCA director of animal welfare promotion, Douglas Batchelor, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports, and Robbie Marsland, UK director, IFAW (story)
Halifax Courier 6.7.10 No return to days of cruelty - John Rolls, RSPCA Director of Animal Welfare Promotion Douglas Batchelor – Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports Robbie Marsland, UK Director, IFAW (letter)
Cumberland News 2.7.10 Public does not want to see a return to killing animals for fun - JOHN ROLLS Director of animal welfare promotion, RSPCA, DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports, ROBBIE MARSLAND, UK director, IFAW (letter)
Melton Times 1.7.10 No repeal - JOHN ROLLS Director of animal welfare promotion, RSPCA, DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports, ROBBIE MARSLAND, UK director, IFAW (letter)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 1.7.10 It's a return to cruelty - WE BELIEVE that repeal of the Hunting Act would be barbaric and a backward step for a civilised society. Hunting with dogs was consigned to the history books because the majority of the public found it abhorrent... We are calling on people to contact their MPs asking them to vote to protect the Hunting Act... John Rolls, RSPCA Director of Animal Welfare Promotion. Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports. Robbie Marsland, UK Director, IFAW. (letter)

Irish Times 23.7.10 Hunting for votes? - Now that the hysteria surrounding the stag hunting issue has abated somewhat, we would like to inform all the politicians who support stag hunting, that they will be hunted themselves if they ever come near us looking for votes... SEAMUS FOGARTY, Poulmaleen, Carrick-on-Suir, Co Tipperary (letter)

Argus 23.7.10 Not sporting - I am writing in response to your article “Do we need to cull our urban foxes?” (The Argus, July 12). No, we do not. They are self-regulating. So where does Mr Carter get his evidence from that their numbers have risen since the hunting ban?... And foxes themselves have been the victims of terrible attacks in the name of “sport”. The hunting ban was implemented to stop them having such horrible deaths.... Lynne Ismail, Gibbon Road, Newhaven (letter)

Scottish Herald 23.7.10 Monty launches snare-free Scotland bid - Animal welfare campaigners yesterday renewed their call for an outright ban on snaring. Advocate for Animals launched their Snare Free campaign outside the Scottish Parliament in the hope Holyrood will adopt a ban.... (story)
STV TV 22.7.10 Animal snare ban campaigners to demonstrate at Holyrood - Animal welfare campaigners are renewing calls for an outright ban on snaring. Protesters aim to highlight their cause on Thursday by bringing a dog to the Scottish Parliament that survived being caught in a trap...Advocates for Animals hope the new protest will persuade the Scottish Government to adopt a ban. Libby Anderson, policy director with the charity, said: "The vast majority of people in Scotland would welcome our country becoming free of snares, which are outdated, inhumane and indiscriminate traps... (story)

Sussex Express 23.7.10 More fox calls since London attacks - PEST control and wildlife experts from the Hailsham area have received more and more calls about foxes after two babies were attacked by a fox in London. Graeme Carter, who runs GS Pest Control and Pest Proofing in Hailsham, said the firm was getting three or four calls a week – although none so far from the town itself... Some 35 calls had been received since the London incident by East Sussex Wildlife and Rescue Ambulance Service in Stone Cross ... (story)

Torquay Herald Express 23.7.10 Have pity on plight of racing greyhounds - AS CO-ORDINATOR of Devon greyhound protection group South Devon Greyhound Action. I write to inform readers and dog lovers about National Greyhound Remembrance Weekend tomorrow and Sunday in memory of the thousands of greyhounds that have tragically lost their lives due to the commercial racing industry in the UK and Ireland.... HELEN STEVENS South Devon Greyhound Action Plymouth (letter)

Leek Post & Times 16.7.10 Store support was let-down - I would just like to inform G Webb that I did have my facts right regarding Cynthia Lubacz and that was the reason for the letter. It is precisely the fact that Cynthia is constantly in the paper raising issues about animal rights that makes me astonished she is now supporting a major supermarket. Sainsbury's, like other supermarkets, is involved in mass production to provide cheap meat.... K Williams, Leek (letter)
Leek Post & Times 9.7.10 Cynthia does not deserve criticism - In defence of Cynthia Lubacz regarding the letter in the Post & Times by K Williams... Cynthia Lubacz is one the most kind-hearted animal lovers and humanitarian I know.... As for saying that the building of a new supermarket on an industrial site would cause the death of thousands of animals a week, it is utter rubbish. I know for a fact that Cynthia would be the first person there to protect them if that was the case.... G Webb, Thorncliffe, Leek (letter)
Leek Post & Times 2.7.10 Writer can't support both - It seems a bit ironic that Cynthia Lubacz was in the Post & Times not so many weeks ago bleating on about the plight of a few baby birds that had been found dead on a path off Hamil Drive in Leek in and yet now she is supporting a campaign to bring a supermarket to Leek that will be killing thousands of animals every week... K Williams, Southbank Street, Leek (letter)
Leek Post & Times 2.7.10 Rival camps to step up fight ahead of D-day - ACTION groups fighting for and against a proposed supermarket development are stepping up their campaigns as decision day looms. Staffordshire Moorlands District Council's planning committee will vote on whether to allow Sainsbury's to build a store, homes, industrial units and open space at the Churnet Works, in Macclesfield Road, Leek, on July 15... Cynthia Lubacz, who launched We Want Sainsbury's earlier this month, has already gathered about 600 signatures.... (story)
Leek Post & Times 25.6.10 Proposals will be Godsend for town - I find it hard to comprehend that a company which promises to employ several hundred local people, build 34 affordable houses, 45 one-and two-bedroom apartments, three goods warehouses, 11 employment units, and a recycling centre, regenerate and landscape a contaminated, derelict area, and run a free bus service to the town centre can be considered anything but a Godsend to a cash-and job-strapped community... Cynthia Lubacz, Leek (letter)
Leek Post & Times 18.6.10 Petition backs Sainsbury's shop scheme - A CAMPAIGN in support of plans for a new supermarket has been launched. Cynthia Lubacz, of Abbey Green Road, Leek, has set up a petition to back Sainsbury's application to redevelop the Churnet Works in Macclesfield Road... (story)

Dundee Telegraph 23.7.10 ‘Humane’ gull solution urged - A Dundee animal rights activist said he had a “positive” meeting with the Lord Provost John Letford today to discuss more humane ways to tackle the city’s seagull problem. Daryl Beech (19), who runs organisation Easy Walkers to raise funds for injured and abused animals in Angus, Dundee and Fife, was shocked when the Tele reported that a council employee had been seen to bludgeon a baby gull to death during a cull.... (story)

Durham Times 23.7.10 No sympathy - I read about Daniel Earl from Yarm, near Stockton, who took part in a bull run in Spain and was gored by a bull... All I can say is good luck to the bulls. More instances like this might bring this barbaric practice to an end... NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD BY AGREEMENT (letter)

Bucks Free Press 25 3.7.10 Culls are not effective - CULLING pigeons is neither an effective nor a humane way to control their numbers.... Animal Aid urges Wycombe District Council to stop wasting taxpayers’ money and – if it can’t adopt a live and let live policy – instead seek long-term solutions through the highly respected Pigeon Control and Advisory Service or through a humane deterrence expert like John Bryant. Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)
Bucks Free Press 25 3.7.10 An ode to our pigeons ... and finally, an ode to the pigeon debate by Hazlemere poet Barbara Butcher: I know I’m not a red kite or a starling or a gull But I’m still a living breathing bird That’s destined for your cull... (letter)
Bucks Free Press 16.7.10 Daleks would be proud - RE: Culling of pigeons. HIGH Wycombe has been famous for many things in the past, but I did not know that it was also the spiritual home of the Daleks... exterminate... EXTERMINATE! Derek Mills, Cherry Tree Way,HP10. (letter)
Bucks Free Press 9.7.10 Pigeon decision has left me appalled - I WAS appalled to see on a worldwide petition site that Wycombe council intend to kill the town pigeons. Firstly they have no legal right to kill God’s creatures. Secondly it is also an infringement of human civil liberties as such an act would case great distress to those who care about the birds... Suzanne Thorpe, Bucknall Avenue, Lincoln (letter)
Bucks Free Press 8.7.10 Neck breaking and gassing are options for pigeon cull in High Wycombe By Oliver Evans - PIGEONS could to have their necks broken when a council culling regime for High Wycombe begins, bosses have said... But campaigner Ellen Wise said the method was ‘horrible’... She and two other residents urged councillors to reject the plan at a meeting of the authority on Monday and handed over a petition of about 400 signatures... (story)
Bucks Free Press 5.7.10 Culling is the last resort - THE letter two weeks ago from the Divisional Environmental Health Officer from Wycombe District Council informs us that WDC “will be proceeding on the basis of our power to mitigate any nuisance caused by pigeons in a built up area... Whilst Section 74 of the Public Health Act 1961 does allow the council to proceed with abating or mitigating any nuisance caused by pigeons, it clearly states that this section does not authorise a local authority to do anything in contravention of Part I of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981... Anyone acting outside the terms and conditions of the General Licence can be arrested by the police and publicly prosecuted . Kim Pearce, Lime Avenue, High Wycombe. (letter)
Bucks Free Press 25.6.10 Animal lover slams council pigeon culling plan By Simon Farr - A HORRIFIED animal lover has slammed a council's controversial plan to cull pigeons after witnessing the “horrible sight” of a hawk feeding on a live pigeon in Frogmoor. Ellen Wise, 69, has branded Wycombe District Council's scheme to cull pigeons with the use of traps and hawks, “cruel, inhumane and ghastly”.... (story)


Carlisle News & Star 22.7.10 CUMBRIAN HUNT FOLLOWER FINED OVER ATTACK ON FOX By Thom Kennedy - A hunt follower released two terriers into a foxhole with the intention of hunting illegally, a court has ruled. In a rare successful hunt prosecution in Cumbria, Alistair James Robinson, 48, of Bampton Grange, near Penrith, was found guilty after a trial of hunting a wild mammal in contravention of the 2004 Hunting Act. District Judge Gerald Chalk, sitting at Eden Magistrates’ Court in Penrith, heard that Robinson had been following the Ullswater Hunt on October 26 last year when his terrier darted underground. He was seen on a video captured by hunt monitors from the League Against Cruel Sports digging at a point in the ground, then pulling a fox from the ground and hitting it in the head eight times, killing it, and hiding its carcass in a dry stone wall.... (story)
Westmorland Gazette 21.7.10 Eden huntsman beat fox to its death - By Helen Perkins - A MAN who flushed a fox from its den and beat it to death with a stick has today been found guilty of illegal hunting with a dog. Witnesses told Penrith Magistrates Court that Alistair Robinson, 48, of Bampton Grange, near Shap, held the fox by its tail and struck it eight times... League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) members Ed Shephard and Paul Tillsey showed the court film footage of Robinson’s actions as an Ullswater Foxhounds ‘drag’ hunt passed Hartsop on October 26 last year... (story)

Telegraph 22.7.10 Could Guards wear Stella McCartney synthetic bearskin? By Sean O'Hare and Stephen Adams - Tourists come to marvel at them at Buckingham Palace. But the Guards could soon be wearing a faux-fur version, designed by the vegetarian Stella McCartney. On Thursday a delegation from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) is meeting Peter Luff, minister for defence equipment, support and technology, to propose their animal-friendly alternative... (story)


Argus 21.7.10 No fox cull - With reference to the culling of foxes (The Argus, July 12), I am against it 100%.... FW Parkhouse, St Johns Place, Brighton
I was disgusted to read about culling dangerous foxes... Anthea Bowyer, Gloucester Road, Littlehampton (letters)

Mail 21.7.10 The cuddly killer: Urban otters caught sneaking into gardens to wipe out family fish ponds - Don't let the cute whiskers, puppy-dog eyes and playful manner fool you. Beneath the cuddly exterior lurks a fearsome predator - as ornamental pond owners have been learning to their cost.... Kevin Mann, 48, lost his entire stock of 17 Koi carp worth thousands of pounds in just three weeks at his home in Barford, near Norwich in Norfolk... The Angling Trust warned the same pattern was being repeated across the UK and the decimation of fish in ponds and fisheries would worsen as otter numbers continued to surge.... (story)

Coventry Telegraph 21.7.10 Why going meat free can help save the planet - IT is no surprise that an employee of EBLEX, which represents the English beef and sheep industry, is not happy about the United Nations claiming animal farming is a major greenhouse gas emitter (Letters, July 19)... Vegetarian and vegan diets cause fewer greenhouse gas emissions (despite the jokes about beans and flatulence) and less water pollution, and use up less land and water... Richard Mountford, Development Manager, Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)

Bolton News 21.7.10 Take elephant issue to MPs - MS Qureshi (Bolton MP) was very impressed by the amount of work and effort the teacher and children had put into their assembly on Anne the elephant... Ask your MP to take the issue to Parliament. A Cartmell Bolton (letter)

View Online 21.7.10 DORCHESTER: Dorchester shows compassion for animals by Anita Harries - People across the county town were invited to join Compassionate Dorset for the Eden Project’s “The Big Lunch” held in the Borough Gardens, Dorchester. In aid of Compassion in World Farming, the fundraiser was hosted by dedicated supporter and local contact Anna Celeste Watson, to raise money to help ensure higher welfare conditions for animals farmed for food... (story)


Bristol Evening Post 20.7.10 Who's tagging foxes? - I LIVE in the Coombe Dingle area of Bristol and my wife and I enjoy watching the antics of the local urban foxes as they visit our garden on these lovely summer evenings.But this year, at least one adult and one very young, perhaps a few weeks old, fox have prominent tags, the adult a collar and the vixen two painful looking tags on the ears. What I find annoying about this is that there is no attempt to communicate to the local community that such tagging is taking place, its purpose, how information from such tags is gathered, and whether it is available to the general public.... Richard Hensey, Coombe Dingle (letter)

Western Telegraph 20.7.10 Badger vaccine is available for use - I find it interesting that the Welsh Assembly Government is now using taxpayers’ money to fund advertisements promoting their stance on the badger cull... Their advertisement states that “a badger vaccine is not yet widely available”. But, an injectable vaccine has already been licensed and is available for use. Not only that, but vaccinating badgers would be cheaper than culling.... Dr Lizzie Wilberforce, The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (letter)
Western Telegraph 19.7.10 Test system is out of date - The bovine TB problem won’t be resolved as long as we continue to use the archaic and unreliable cattle skin test, which does not differentiate between diseased animals and ‘inconclusive reactors’.... We need to vaccinate badgers while we are waiting for a cattle vaccine and effective test to be approved... Anne Sears, Pantry Fields, Newport (letter)
Western Telegraph 18.7.10 Killing badgers, you couldn’t make it up, could you? - In north Pembrokeshire, the Welsh Assembly Government’s contractors are polishing their traps and guns, ready to cull badgers. But what a difference a few miles make. In the south of the county a gentleman is find £3,000 for trapping and killing one badger... Does this legal precedent mean that every dead badger will now cost the Welsh Assembly Government £3,000? If not, why not? Fred Nicholls White Berries, Long Street, Newport (letter)


Northern Echo 19.7.10 Kite sightings - FRANK Richardson’s kite sighting (HAS, July 14) is interesting. At the end of the last century these birds were persecuted by gamekeepers and farmers and became very scarce, being restricted to a few districts in Wales... Peter Jefferies, Durham (letter)

Hull & East Riding Mail 19.7.10 Animal rights protestor who targeted East Riding firm pleads guilty to breaching Asbo - An animal rights protester who sent dead animals through the post to an East Yorkshire firm has breached his Asbo. Andrew Kirk, 51, of Bishops Park, Inverness, sent dead voles and birds to companies that breed animals for medical research. He was given the Asbo at Hull Crown Court in 2007. The order banned him from targeting medical research facilities. But he breached it by sending e-mails to Huntington Life Sciences Laboratory, near Cambridge.... He pleaded guilty to breaching the Asbo and is due to be sentenced on August 6 (story)

Northern Echo 19.7.10 Pamplona bull run cruelty -YOU rightly headlined your front page article about the North-East man being gored by a bull in Spain as “Bull Horror” (Echo, July 15) – but the horror is surely for the bulls and not for the people who choose to join in the sickening “world famous” tradition of the Pamplona Festival bull run.... Barbara Bates, Shildon, Co Durham (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 19.7.10 Bull fight horror I and the majority of the public agree with Mrs Bysh (LT, July 2) that there is no way to justify bull fights.... SHEILA BRENNAN, Bombay Street, Blackburn. (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 2.7.10 Help stamp out bull fighting - I would like to appeal to holidaymakers on the Continent not to go to any bullfights. It’s just as cruel as cockfighting, bear baiting, badger digging and dog fights, all of which are illegal in this country.... Mrs M E Bysh, Knowsley Road, Darwen (letter)


ThisIsDorset 18.7.10 Sacrificing green fields is only way to save village life - Giving up green field sites for affordable housing is the only way to save village life and stop the West's countryside becoming 'the preserve of the wealthy and the isolated elderly'. That was the stark message last night from a 'rainbow coalition' of campaign groups, led by the Government's own soon-to-be-abolished countryside quango... The report has been given added weight because it was produced by a collection of organisations that do not normally pull together on rural issues: the pro-hunt Countryside Alliance worked alongside the Government's Commission for Rural Communities, while the National Housing Federation worked with normally anti-development groups like the Campaign to Protect Rural England.... (story)


Derby Telegraph 17.7.10 Foxes face horrible death when hunted by hounds - SO Roger Helmer (Derby Telegraph, July 7) says that hunting with hounds is the only culling method that doesn't leave the fox to a slow death... If this is Tory logic, God help us now they are in Downing Street. Philip Garner, Queens Drive, Littleover (letter)
Derby Telegraph 17.7.10 Remember MEP Helmer's real priorities at the polls - ROGER Helmer MEP demonstrates with alarming ease just how out of touch the Tories really are, "Time for Tories to fulfil vote pledge on hunting"... I hope the residents of Derby remember Mr Helmer's priorities at the next European elections. Chris Williamson MP (letter)
Derby Telegraph 17.7.10 Hunting is surely low on the agenda at this time? SO, ROGER Helmer MEP suggests that it is about time the Tories had a free vote on repealing the Hunting Act, promised at the election. Surely, there are more pressing issues.... Jill Horobin, Carsington Crescent, Allestree (letter)
Derby Telegraph 7.7.10 Time for Tories to fulfil vote pledge on hunting - MR Coleman "Call for a fox cull knee-jerk reaction", (Opinion, June 21) insists foxes have a "right to live". I suspect this is a new concept in law. But even if they have a right to live, they don't have a right to forage in urban dustbins and babies' cots. The fact is, in our modern environment, many species need to be managed, whether rats, pigeons or grey squirrels – or disease-causing bacteria. Until the iniquitous Hunting Act, passed by the Labour government, a fairly good balance on foxes was maintained.... Roger Helmer, MEP Conservative, East Midlands (letter)
Derby Telegraph 7.7.10 Call for a fox cull knee-jerk reaction - LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson is once again speaking out of his Tory-topped privileged backside when he said that there was a real need to destroy or, as he puts it, "cull the 10,000 foxes that dwell in London". Humans are the planet's worst killers and enemy.... Let's not give the Tory party an excuse to change the law and release the hounds. Joe Coleman, Tewkesbury Crescent, Chaddesden (letter)

Suffolk Evening Star 17.7.10 213 gun licences held by Suffolk under-18s By Katie McGonagle - MORE than 200 people under-18 have a licence to own a gun in Suffolk, according to figures released this week. There are 213 gun licences currently in operation in the county for people under 18, out of a total of 787 firearm certificates and 2,633 shotgun certificates.... (story)

The Sentinel 17.7.10 My Favourite Recipe: Vegetarian Chilli - Staffordshire University psychology student Will Maxwell, aged 26, from Oak Drive, Doveridge, is a volunteer with the North Staffs branch of Animal Aid. Today, the charity was holding a vegan food fair at the Methodist Rooms, Merrial Street, Newcastle, from 1.30pm to 4.30pm, with free samples of vegan food. Here, Will shares his recipe for a delicious vegetarian and vegan chilli... (story)

The Sentinel 17.7.10 Thanks for donations - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Newcastle-Under-Lyme for their generosity in raising £143.07 at a street collection on the 24th of April... William Maxwell, Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator (story)


Argus 16.7.10 - I despair about the negative press concerning wildlife, in particular foxes and seagulls, and about the attitude of people who would kill or maim them. Conspiracy theory would suggest an intention to use the media to install hatred of foxes, making it easier to repeal anti-hunt legislation. Surely our Parliament will not agree to reinstate this barbaric practice? It is very sad that two children were injured, allegedly, by a fox.... Diane Waller, address supplied (story)

Gloucester Citizen/Echo 16.7.10 Estate on hunt for shooting enthusiasts - AN estate in Gloucestershire is offering the opportunity to shoot pheasants. Lydney Park Estate, in Lydney, is encouraging days of pheasant shooting on the grounds... (story)

Guardian 16.7.10 Appeal court judgment will make badger culls more difficult - I acted on behalf of the Badger Trust in its appeal against the proposed badger cull in Wales. In fact, the implications of the judgment go much further than your report suggests... This means that a minister contemplating any future cull will have to overcome a series of hurdles thrown up by the judgment. These include having to have robust scientific evidence to prove that a cull would substantially reduce disease in livestock and then conscientiously balance this against the potential harm to wildlife.... Gwendolen Morgan, Solicitor, Bindmans
Controversy over the planned badger cull in north Pembrokeshire has been widely reported in terms of farmers versus wildlife lovers. The reality is more complex. There are relatively few large farmers and many small farmers, smallholders and other landowners in this beautiful Welsh countryside.... The mystery is why the Welsh assembly government decided to promote a failed policy. One thing we do know is that it did not consider the effects on tourism and the local economy of trapping and culling badgers for at least five years.... Ian Doucet, St Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire (letters)

Stamford Mercury 16.7.10 Farmer's concern after fox slaughters 50 chickens - A FARMER has spoken of his distress after 50 hens were slaughtered by foxes and more than £2,500 damage was caused to his chicken coops. Brian Lester, 53, who is a dairy farmer based at Church Farm in Stretton, said foxes were responsible for the damage over two nights last weekend.... He said: "I am suspicious because I don't think it is wild foxes that are responsible.... "I don't want to point the finger of blame at anyone but you do hear stories about urban foxes being released in rural areas and I think that has happened here." (story)


Yorkshire Post 15.7.10 Will coalition abolish ban on hunting? - FORMER Show Director Christopher Hall is hopeful the new coalition government will abolish the ban on hunting. Speaking prior to presenting a gift to the Yorkshire Agricultural Society, marking his time in office, Mr Hall said there was "a good chance" the Hunting Act would be repealed. ... Mr Hall, from Ripon, has been involved in hunting for the past 40 years and is a former master of the West of Yore Hunt.... (story)

Tamworth Herald 15.7.10 Ship's main role is to support and reassure surrounding nations - THE PRESENT HMS Atherstone is the third to bear the name after the first 810-ton paddle minesweeper was launched in 1916 and named after the town's historic hunt... (story)

Newmarket Journal 15.7.10 Time to call halt on 'urban' foxes debate - I AM still waiting for clear proof from Mr Rix (Journal Letters, July 8) that hundreds of urban foxes are being dumped in the countryside... I most certainly did not mock or lightly dismiss the recent attack on the twin girls, I was simply putting the whole issue into perspective... As for fox hunting, to say the hunting ban has caused the fox to breed out of control is quite honestly an insult to readers' intelligence. Again I will say to Mr Rix, nearly every hunt in the land provides artificial earths which are tended by keepers and hunt employees simply to encourage foxes to breed in order to provide plenty of foxes for the hunting season... M Michalak, Swaffham Road, Burwell
It seems that Mr Rix (Journal Letters, July 8) would have us believe there are now so many foxes in the area that we should be falling over them every time we step out of our front doors... I am in agreement with Mr Michalak's rather more rational view expressed in his letter to the previous week's Journal that foxes have an important role as natural predator to rodents and rabbits.... Of course it is very sad what happened to the children reported to be the victims of a fox attack. This was an unfortunate but isolated incident and should not be used by people such as Mr Rix as a media opportunity to whip the country into an anti-fox frenzy in the hope of influencing a repeal on the ban on hunting with hounds.... Susan Patterson, Newmarket
SO according to Mr Rix (Journal Letters, July 8) foxes no longer hunt for rats or rabbits. I have kept ducks and chickens for many years and thanks to good husbandry have not lost one single bird to foxes.... April Brown, Kirtling Road, Stetchworth (letters)
Newmarket Journal 8.7.10 Urban fox attack is a wake up call - TRYING to prove to Mr Michalak (Journal Letters, July 1) how I know foxes are being dumped in the countryside could be difficult, mainly because of his head in the sand stance on the subject, but it's worth a try.... The best I can do is the film by Germaine Greer How To Kill a Fox shown on Channel 4 on Saturday, February 12, 2005, a clear admission by a pest controller that town foxes are relocated into the countryside; he deals with 1,300 a year from London... I say it again Mr Michalak rats are not released into the countryside, why foxes? Len Rix, Thetford Road, Mildenhall (letter)
Newmarket Journal 1.7.10 Don't believe the 'human Daleks' - IF we are to believe Mr Rix (Journal Letters, June 17) urban foxes are being transported from the inner cities and dumped in huge numbers into the countryside. Perhaps he could inform us where this has been happening and what evidence he has to back up his wild accusations... People who only see the countryside down the barrel of a gun are a sad species. These human Daleks with their exterminate, exterminate attitude are a sad reflection on those who claim to be guardians of the countryside. M Michalak, Swaffham Road, Burwell (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 15.7.10 Law on flushing of deer is still unclear - YOUR correspondent John Phelps writes that 'Hunting with dogs is obviously cruel', Hunting letter is yet another red herring, Letters, July 13). However, it is worth pointing out that this is no longer the view of the League Against Cruel Sports. LACS chief executive Douglas Batchelor recently outlined his opposition to a law outlawing all cruelty to wild mammals because it would make it impossible to prosecute hunts for merely chasing a wild mammal with a dog, because this does not constitute cruelty... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 13.7.10 Hunting letter is yet another red herring - THE letter from hunt supporter Giles Bradshaw, Groups should back new legislation, July 8, must not be taken too seriously. The heading to the letter is unfortunate, as there is no new legislation. Lord Donoughue may present to Parliament his Bill to protect wild mammals with the objective of replacing the Hunting Act 2004, but this tactic will probably not succeed... What is needed, of course, is for the Act to be strengthened. Once those opposed to hunting with dogs for sport have achieved that objective perhaps Mr Bradshaw would kindly make another attempt to hand himself in to his local cop-shop. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 8.7.10 Groups should back new legislation - THE Labour peer and former agriculture minister Lord Donoughue is introducing the Wild Mammal Protection Bill in the coming months. The Bill will make it a criminal offence to deliberately cause cruelty to a wild mammal and hunting will not be exempt. This is a radically different approach to the Hunting Act which is not based on cruelty.... I hope that groups like the RSPCA and LACS will support the Wild Mammal Protection Bill and also the proposed Hunt Regulation Authority. This is an opportunity for all parties to work together to eliminate deliberate cruelty. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)

Argus 15.7.10 We require a more measured response to our fox problem - I am writing in response to the article “Do we need to cull our urban foxes?” (The Argus, July 12). We need to listen to the RSPCA and similar experts on this one as they have done their homework. They have concluded that the urban fox, on very rare occasions, can cause a problem and a cull is not the answer to these problems.... Let’s forget the cull and fox hunting, neither of which will control the fox population... Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove (letter)

Telegraph 15.7.10 Delay to rural broadband roll out 'a backward step' - People in the countryside with no access to the internet have reacted with 'shock and disappointment' to Government plans to delay the roll out of universal broadband... Jill Grieve of the Countryside Alliance, said it was a "backward step"... (story)

Western Telegraph 15.7.10 Welsh Assembly's Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones, will not challenge Court of Appeal's badger cull decision - The Welsh Assembly's Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones, will not challenge Tuesday's Court of Appeal ruling to halt the controversial north Pembrokeshire badger cull, she announced yesterday... (story)
Daily Post 14.7.10 'Halt to Welsh badger cull is undemocratic', farmers fume by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - WILDLIFE campaigners have been left with a six-figure legal bill after successfully blocking the planned badger cull in west Wales. But the Badger Trust’s three part-time staff said it was a price worth paying for throwing the Welsh Assembly Government’s (WAG) TB strategy into disarray... NFU Cymru called it a “subversion of the democratic process” while the Farmers Union of Wales called on WAG to start drawing up a fresh TB strategy... (story)
Western Mail 14.7.10 Badger cull quashed after drafting blunder By Steve Dube, Farming Editor - THE Court of Appeal has blocked the Assembly’s controversial badger cull because of a legal technicality drafting blunder. Sitting yesterday Lord Justice Pill said the Welsh Assembly Government had been wrong to make its legal Order to cull badgers apply to the whole of Wales when it had only carried out its public consultation on the basis of an Intensive Action Pilot Area (IAPA) in a bovine TB hot-spot area of north Pembrokeshire... (story)
BBC News Online 14.7.10 Farmers warn of disaster as badger cull is quashed - Farmers' unions have described a decision to quash a proposed cull of badgers in north Pembrokeshire as a disaster for farming.... (story)
Western Telegraph 13.7.10 Controversial north Pembrokeshire badger cull halted after Badger Trust campaigners successful in Court of Appeal - The Welsh Assembly Government's controversial badger cull in north Pembrokeshire has been halted after a successful appeal by the Badger Trust.... (story)
Western Telegraph 13.7.10 NFU Cymru and the Farmers' Union of Wales condem Court of Appeal badger cull decision - This morning's Court of Appeal judgment to halt the Welsh Assembly Government’s TB Eradication (Wales) Order has been described as “bitterly disappointing” by Wales' biggest farming unions... (story)
Western Telegraph 13.7.10 Pembrokeshire Against the Cull welcomes Court of Appeal ruling against Welsh Assembly badger cull - Anti badger cull action group, Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC), has welcomed a Court of Appeal ruling today (Tuesday) that halts the controversial Welsh Assembly north Pembrokeshire badger cull.... (story)
Western Telegraph 13.7.10 Wildlife Trust urges assembly to pursue bTB vaccine - The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales has today (Tuesday) welcomed the announcement that the appeal brought by the Badger Trust against the Welsh Assembly Government’s badger cull proposal has been successful... Sarah Kessell, chief executive of the trust said: “The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales has opposed the badger cull from its inception.... (story)
Western Telegraph 13.7.10 Badger Trust "delighted" by Court of Appeal cull decision - The Badger Trust has said it is “delighted" with a Court of Appeal ruling which reversed a judicial review supporting the Welsh Assembly Government's (WAG) controversial badger cull... (story)
Independent 13.7.10 Welsh Assembly badger cull order quashed By Stephen Howard, Press Association - The controversial order to cull badgers in Wales was quashed by the Court of Appeal today.... (story)
Daily Post 13.7.10 Court of Appeal quashes Welsh badger cull order - THE controversial order to cull badgers in Wales was quashed by the Court of Appeal on Tuesday.... (story)
Channel 4 News 13.7.10 Welsh badger cull halted by appeal court - Controversial plans to cull badgers in west Wales have been thrown out by three appeal court judges in a test-case, as badger supporter and Queen guitarist Brian May tells Channel 4 News that "culling will not work"... (story)
BBC News Online 13.7.10 Pembrokeshire badger cull halted after appeal - A controversial cull of around 1,500 badgers in south-west Wales has been halted after protestors won their legal challenge to stop it. The Badger Trust appealed against Welsh Assembly Government plans for a trial cull to reduce TB within cattle... Lord Justice Pill said the assembly government was wrong to make an order for the whole of Wales when it consulted on the basis of a Intensive Action Pilot Area (IAPA) which only supported a cull on evidence within the IAPA... (story)
BBC News Online 13.7.10 Opinions divided after badger cull stopped - Feelings have been high and opinions have been divided about the Welsh Assembly Government's plans to cull around 1,500 badgers in south-west Wales.... AGAINST THE CULL - Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (Pac) ... The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales... The Badger Trust... Peter Black, Liberal Democrat AM for south Wales west... The RSPCA... FOR THE CULL - First Minister Carwyn Jones... NFU Cymru... Farmers' Union of Wales.... Nerys Evans, Plaid Cymru AM for mid and west Wales.... The British Veterinary Association (BVA) and British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA).... (story)
Western Mail 13.7.10 Wales badger cull order quashed - The controversial order to cull badgers in Wales was quashed by the Court of Appeal today. The Badger Trust appealed after a High Court judge upheld the Welsh Assembly Government’s plans to trap and shoot badgers in west Wales... (story)
Western Mail 13.7.10 Vets back WAG badger cull and ‘bravery’ of minister by Steve Dube, Western Mail - THE national trade association for veterinary surgeons has delivered a ringing endorsement of the Welsh Assembly Government’s controversial plans for a badger cull as part of a bid to eradicate bovine tuberculosis. In a keynote speech at the annual BVA Welsh dinner at Cardiff City Hall last week that highlighted the importance of science-based policies, BVA president Professor Bill Reilly also praised the Welsh Government for taking the lead on health and welfare issues for pets... (story)

ThisIsSomerset 15.7.10 Zoo's enclosure plan not true conservation - I AM always surprised at the number of articles featuring Noah's Ark Zoo.... I suggested the Born Free elephant rehabilitation work in Sri Lanka as a potential partner... Evelyn Grounsell, Address supplied (story)

Leicester Mercury 15.7.10 Good eggs! - As a member of Compassion in World Farming, I congratulate Leicester City Council for being given the organisation's Good Egg award... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)

North Devon Journal 15.7.10 Rescue was necessary - I AM writing in response to the letter from Andy Francis in last week's Journal. I am sorry that Mr Francis feels let down by the decision to launch the inshore lifeboat to rescue a seagull... I can assure you this was not a misuse of funds. The lady who dialled 999 and spoke to the Coastguard was adamant that her husband would enter the water to attempt a rescue if no-one else came to the aid of the seagull. The Coastguard considered this to be too dangerous to ignore and after talking to the lifeboat operations manager at Ilfracombe requested the inshore lifeboat be launched to assist. This type of incident allows the volunteer crew not only to rescue a seagull and prevent an onlooker doing something silly in a bid to help, but to also carry out essential training... BERNICE PUTT, Ilfracombe Lifeboat Station, Lifeboat Press Officer.
IN response to Mr Francis' letter questioning the use and cost of an inshore lifeboat to rescue a gull trapped in fishing line, can I say that I was heartened by the news, and the story of the Fire Service and the crow rescue. I am so thankful that I live in a compassionate society which takes animal welfare seriously and is not always counting the cost.... VERONICA LEAT, Northam (letter)

Worcester News 15.7.10 You eat my grass – I’ll have a pork chop - I have to reply to the: “We want you all to eat grass and GM-modified spuds brigade”.... As to cattle being transported miles for slaughter, this came from the animal rights campaigners who without thinking had hundreds of local abattoirs closed.... Brian Hunt, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 13.7.10 It’s the vegans who are the problem - – C D Greenhall (Letters July 2) suggests we should stop all livestock rearing because a tiny minority of farmers might fail to meet our exacting farm animal welfare regulations. If this train of thought continues, the next logical step has to be banning family pets because one or two owners happen to mistreat their dogs and cats.... Jon Burgess, Malvern (story)
Worcester News 8.7.10 Keep your bacon, I’ll have a veggie burger - Don’t ram your factory formed bacon butty down my throat, Jon Burgess... You can eat it if you like, I’ll have a veggie burger.... J L REYNOLDS, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 8.7.10 Here’s why I am not apologising - – Don’t expect me to apologise to any of the farmers I have had to deal with, Mr Burgess. Why should I apologise to the farmer who left a sheep which had a deformity in its legs get foot rot so bad that it couldn’t stand so couldn’t get food or water for days... The list is endless.... Eventually, when there are no farm animals in a vegan world, the Government won’t need to spend vast sums of money to cull badgers just to please the dairy industry. We might then be able to enjoy our British wildlife. GERALDINE ENGEL, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 8.7.10 Sure they would give you the facts - – I’m sure the RSPCA, Defra and Trading Standards would be happy to tell Jon Burgess (Worcester News, June 26) how many times I have contacted them about breaches of legislation I believe have been seen, unfortunately they still continue... PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 8.7.10 Check out these undercover films – I write in response to Jon Burgess’ letter (June 26) and his rose-tinted image of farming and slaughter methods in this country. Mr Burgess urged Ms Engel to hand over evidence of animal welfare and hygiene legislation breaches to the authorities. I would suggest Mr Burgess logs onto the Animal Aid Website and views some of the undercover footage taken at various slaughter houses... Jo Goodyear, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 7.7.10 Culture and belief is not always right - Jon Burgess (Letters, June 29) uses the excuse for eating cows, pigs and sheep that it is our “culture and belief” (it certainly isn’t mine!). It was once our “culture and belief” to flog children for minor misdemeanours... Simon Vaughan-Spencer, Malvern (story)
Worcester News 2.7.10 Factual reports can’t be denied - Regarding Jon Burgess’s letter (Worcester News, June 26), in which he called for evidence of cruelty to farm animals. Want proof, Jon? Do a search on the Worcester News site under “cruelty to farm animals” and you will find all the proof you want of farm animals been treated abysmally in this area.... CD Greenhall, Fernhill Heath, near Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 2.7.10 Factual reports can’t be denied - – Regarding Jon Burgess’s letter (Worcester News, June 26), in which he called for evidence of cruelty to farm animals. Want proof, Jon? Do a search on the Worcester News site under “cruelty to farm animals” and you will find all the proof you want of farm animals been treated abysmally in this area.... CD Greenhall, Fernhill Heath, near Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 29.6.10 Do not ram your nut roast down my throat - Contrary to J L Reynold’s insinuation (Letters, June 19), I care how the meat on my plate is produced... The denouncement of the RSPCA by J L Reynolds seems strange as this organisation encourages the highest standards of livestock rearing, transport and slaughter through it’s Freedom Food programme. But as a vegan, accepting the RSPCA encourages meat eating must be very difficult to swallow..... What we eat should be of our own choice. If you want to live on nut roast and boiled lettuce carry on, but don’t ram it down my throat, it could spoil a good bacon butty. Jon Burgess, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 19.6.10 You should visit animal sanctuary - – Just because John Burgess does not care how the dead animal he eats every Sunday is reared, that is no reason to say Pauline Burgess is trying to impose her vegan diet on him, or anyone else.... J L REYNOLDS, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 10.6.10 I'’m not giving up my Sunday roast! - Pauline Burgess (Letters, June 4) criticises our livestock farmers with her attack on the Open Farm Sunday events held in May. Her objection to rearing farm animals comes perhaps more from a desire to impose a vegan diet on us all than improving animal welfare.... Jon Burgess, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 4.6.10 The way animals are really treated - Any people going to look at farm animals on Open Farm Sunday (Worcester News, May 26) should really get the full picture of how livestock is treated by also visiting a livestock market.... PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern (letter)

Surrey Advertiser 15.7.10 Girl's 'well done' in animal rights poetry contest - A PUPIL at St John the Baptist School in Woking has been highly commended for her entry in a national poetry competition. Kezia Philby's work was shortlisted in the 11-13 age category in the contest run by campaign group Animal Aid.... Animal Aid’s competition organiser Kelly Slade said: “Heartfelt congratulations to Kezia. She richly deserves her award ... (story)


Lancashire Telegraph 14.7.10 ‘Freeing’ rabbit was misguided - AS an animal rights campaigner, I was both pleased and saddened when I read Saturday’s Lancashire Telegraph. Firstly, whoever took Barney the rabbit from his hutch was misguided... In the same issue, I was extremely pleased to read the letter from senior officers of the RSPCA, LACS and IFAW strongly opposing a repeal of the Hunting Act.... Stuart Hartley, Robert Street, Oswaldtwistle (story)

Telegraph 14.7.10 Mother of twins attacked by fox 'astounded by resilience' - The mother of baby twins savaged by a fox in their cots said she has been ''astounded by their resilience''. Pauline Koupparis said nine-month-old Isabella and Lola are recovering ''really well'' now they have returned home from hospital... (story)
BBC News Online 14.7.10 London fox attack twins 'recovering really well' - The mother of baby twins attacked by a fox in their cots has said she has been "astounded by their resilience".... (story)
Daily Mail 2.7.10 Who are the real animals? - The animal rights fanatics who waged a hate campaign against the fox attack family can be revealed today by the Daily Mail (and, oh yes, they're almost all on benefits). PAUL BRACCHI investigates... Even if they don't use false names, it is often impossible to track internet posters down from the brief details they give about themselves online. But a Mail investigation to trace those responsible has established who some of the worst offenders are.... Strolling along the street is Annabella Laws. Laws is 28 and unemployed. She lives in a cottage with her boyfriend.... Laws's nickname is 'Blackie-Foxie'. It turns out that she was once a hunt saboteur, but she claims she has never acted illegally. Then there is Lisa Gwyther, another contributor to the abuse forums directed at the Koupparis family. We caught up with the heavily tattooed mother-of-four a few days ago as she unloaded groceries from the back of her car outside the Victorian terrace in South Wales... Which brings us, finally, to one Maria Bartlett. Newlywed Bartlett, 25, came to the door of her Midlands terrace in pink pyjamas earlier this week... So what did Bartlett say about Pauline Koupparis? Answer: 'I wonder how much she was paid by the fox hunters?' And she was only to happy to elaborate when the Mail approached her this week. 'They're posh, they're probably fox hunting people.' ... (story)
Sky News 1.7.10 Parents Of Fox Attack Twins Speak Of Horror - Carole Erskine, Sky News Online - The parents of baby twins attacked by a fox have said it was probably a "freak occurrence" but admit they are still too frightened to leave doors and windows open. In a television interview Pauline and Nick Koupparis describe flesh falling off nine-month-old Isabella's arm as if "it had been through a cheese grater" and Lola's face covered in blood after the attack.... (story)
BBC News Online 1.7.10 Bristol fox expert allays attack fears - A scientist who has studied foxes in Bristol for more than 30 years says people should not be worried about the possibility of the animals attacking them. Professor Stephen Harris's advice comes in the wake of two recent attacks by foxes on children.... (story)
BBC News Online 1.7.10 Fox attack twin girls likely permanently scarred - Baby twin girls who were attacked by a fox as they slept in their cots in the family's east London home are likely to be permanently scarred... The family said they chose to speak to Panorama, in a film made by the independent production company that Mr Koupparis works for, in an effort to deal with some of the aftermath of the publicity surrounding the fox attack, including having the horror of what happened to their daughters questioned by wildlife experts and animal rights activists... (story)
Mirror 1.7.10 mother of attack twins: Fox nearly took my tot's arm off By Tom Pettifor - The mother of the baby twins savagely mauled by a fox has spoken of the terrifying moment she found one of the girls with her arm almost ripped off... (story)
Coventry Telegraph 1.7.10 Exclusive TV Interview With Parents Of Fox Attack Twins By Marion McMullen - THE parents of the nine-month-old twin girls savaged by a fox as they lay in their cots have given their first detailed account of the events of that night to BBC Panorama's Sophie Raworth. Pauline and Nick Koupparis describe tonight how a perfect family weekend was brought to an abrupt end by their daughters' cries.... (story)
Metro 1.7.10 Fox attack girl's flesh just fell off, reveal parents - The parents of twins attacked by a fox in their own home have described flesh fall off one of their baby's arms as if 'it had been through a cheese grater'... (story)
Telegraph 1.7.10 Parents of baby twins mauled by fox too scared to leave doors or windows open - The parents whose sleeping baby twins were mauled by a fox have said they are too frightened to leave doors and windows open at their home for fear of a repeat attack.... (story)
Daily Mail 1.7.10 Vivid scars on show, fox attack twins are smiles better (but our brave girls' ordeal isn't over yet, say parents) By BETH HALE - As they playfully smile for the camera, it's hard to believe it was only last month that these twin baby girls were savaged by a fox as they lay in their cots.... In the interview, to be shown on BBC1, Mrs Koupparis told of what they found.... The twins were taken to the Royal London Children's Hospital, where consultant reconstructive surgeon Raj Ragoowansi said Isabella's arm injury was the most severe animal bite he had seen in his career... Isabella suffered respiratory complications during surgery and was transferred to the intensive care unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital... (story)
Evening Standard 1.7.10 Fox attack parents speak of 'panic every night' - The parents whose sleeping baby twins were attacked by a fox are still too frightened to leave doors and windows open... (story)
Sun 1.7.10 Maimed - FOX-attack twins Lola and Isabella Koupparis show the full extent of their injuries in horrifying new pictures... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 1.7.10 Parents speak over twins fox attack - The parents whose sleeping baby twins were attacked by a fox say it was probably a "freak occurrence" but they are still too frightened to leave doors and windows open. In a television interview Pauline and Nick Koupparis describe flesh falling off nine-month-old Isabella's arm as if "it had been through a cheese grater" and Lola's face covered in blood after the attack.... (story)
Daily Mail 1.7.10 Vivid scars on show, fox attack twins are smiles better (but our brave girls' ordeal isn't over yet, say parents) - By BETH HALE - As they playfully smile for the camera, it's hard to believe it was only last month that these twin baby girls were savaged by a fox as they lay in their cots. But a second glance is testament to the ordeal that left nine-month-old sisters Isabella and Lola Koupparis with 'life-changing' injuries... (story)
Star 1.7.10 FOX ATTACK TWINS 'LOOKED AS IF THEY’D BEEN IN A CHEESE GRATER' By Emily Hall - THE parents of fox attack twins Lola and Isabella Koupparis have spoken out about their babies’ horror ordeal. Nick and Pauline revealed the tots were so badly savaged, bits of their flesh fell off moments after the animal attack last month... The couple were given a police guard when the web messages came through. Pauline said “99%” of posts were supportive but added: “There were a few in there that were really nasty, saying things like: ‘What are you trying to hide?... (story)
Mirror 1.7.10 Mother of fox attack twins Pauline Koupparis describes daughters' horrific injuries By Tom Pettifor - The mother of the baby twins savagely mauled by a fox has spoken of the terrifying moment she found one of the girls with her arm almost ripped off... Consultant reconstructive surgeon Raj Ragoowansi said: “This is probably the second fox bite I’ve seen in my career but it was the most severe one I’ve seen as an animal bite. “That degree of soft tissue disruption in a child that young, it is horrific.”... (story)
Hackney Gazette 23.6.10 Traps and sixth dead fox removed from Koupparis family South hackney home - A SIXTH and final fox has been killed in the back garden of a family whose twin babies were mauled by one of the animals.... (story)
Sun 21.6.10 Fox family reunion By CAROLINE GRANT - Lola and Isabella Koupparis, nine months, were still wrapped up in bandages but were well enough to venture outside with parents Nick and Pauline and brother Max.... (story)
Express 21.6.10 FOX ATTACK TWINS BACK AT HOME FOR FATHER'S DAY By Nick Fagge - THIS is the first picture of the fox attack twins reunited with their family in time for Father’s Day yesterday. Parents Nick and Pauline Koupparis posed with nine month-old Lola and Isabella and the girls’ brother Max, four, outside their home in Hackney, east London, where the attack took place two weeks ago... (story)
Daily Record 18.6.10 Baby attacked by fox in cot is reunited at home with twin sister By Keith McLeod - A BABY left fighting for her life after being savaged by a fox returned home to be reunited with her twin sister yesterday.... (story)
Mirror 18.6.10 Fox attack twin goes home: Isabella Koupparis returns in bandages By Tom McTague - Comfortingly cradled in her dad's loving arms, Isabella Koupparis finally comes home 12 days after she and her twin sister were mauled by a fox.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 18.6.10 Twins mauled by fox back home - The parents of twin girls mauled by a fox as they slept in their cots have said “it is incredible to have our beautiful girls back home”.... (story)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 18.6.10 Second fox attack twin discharged... (story)
Star 18.6.10 FOX GIRL COMES HOME TO TWIN By Jack Bellamy - THE second toddler mauled by a fox returned home from hospital yesterday... (story)
Daily Mail 18.6.10 Urban fox numbers 'could be curbed by giving them the Pill' - Urban foxes could be put on the Pill to reduce their numbers in the wake of the attack on the nine-month-old Koupparis twins mauled in their home, a minister said yesterday... Tackled on the issue in the Lords, he said the attack on the twins had 'heightened public concern about urban foxes'.... (story)
Guardian 18.6.10 Simon Hoggart's sketch - Lords in the pink over urban foxes - Lord Lea of Crondall recounted a heart-warming story about the time he saw a fox electrocuted... Next we had a discussion on urban foxes, a debate of the type only the House of Lords can have. Baroness Sharples said she had been walking from Westminster tube and had seen a fox stroll from the underground towards the House of Commons. Lord Henley, who appears to be the new minister of vulpine affairs, said that it clearly wouldn't want to come into the House of Lords... (story)
BBC News Online 18.6.10 Fox sighting in Parliament fails to spark hunt - Was it an early arrival for the next hunting with dogs vote, or did it have more sinister intent? Either way, the parliamentary authorities say they are not unduly concerned after a peer reported seeing an urban fox heading for the House of Commons. Baroness Sharples told the BBC she saw the creature "happily trotting around" outside Parliament. ... (story)
Evening Standard 17.6.10 Second fox attack twin discharged - The parents of twin girls mauled by a fox as they slept in their cots have said "it is incredible to have our beautiful girls back home"... (story)
BBC News Online 17.6.10 London fox attack: Second baby twin leaves hospital - The parents of nine-month-old twins said it was "incredible to have our beautiful girls back home" after the second girl was released from hospital.... (story)
Sky News 17.6.10 Parents Joy As Second Fox Attack Twin Is Home - Emma Langman - The parents of twins who were mauled by a fox as they slept in their cots, have said "it is incredible to have our beautiful girls back home".... (story)
Telegraph 17.6.10 Fox attack twins out of hospital - The second of twin baby girls mauled by a fox as they slept in their cots has been discharged from hospital, it was announced today.... (story)
Telegraph 17.6.10 Country diary: Britain's fox population - People who think wild animals are soft and cuddly are just foxing themselves. By Robin Page - The recent hysteria concerning foxes was bound to happen. Britain's fox population is probably larger than it has ever been, yet our continuing urbanisation, coupled with the Disneyfication of wildlife on television, has given the average man on the street – or in the recent case – the London street, a very sugary view of our pretty, cuddly, wild animals... Those who help to "habituate" foxes by feeding them and encouraging them are in for unwanted surprises and are helping to decimate local wildlife... My favoured method of control is simple, but politically incorrect because of the misinformation spread about it – hunting (which I do not do). It is the least "cruel" and it "controls" foxes, it does not exterminate foxes, and so helps to reduce numbers to an acceptable level.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 17.6.10 Second fox attack twin discharged - The second of twin baby girls mauled by a fox as they slept in their cots has been discharged from hospital.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 17.6.10 Urban foxes 'a matter for councils' - Dealing with urban foxes is a matter for local authorities, the Government has said in the wake of the mauling of twin baby girls in their family home... (story)
Mail 17.6.10 Twins reunited: Second fox attack sister returns home swaddled in bandages - Swaddled in bandages and cradled in her father's arms, little Isabella Koupparis returns home nearly two weeks after the savage fox attack which left her with horrific wounds.... (story)
Mail 17.6.10 The terrifying night I, too, was attacked by a fox in my home By BEN DOUGLAS - Heaven knows how Pauline Koupparis is feeling this week. Not only has she seen her precious twins suffer life-threatening injuries from an urban fox, simply because she left the back door open on a warm summer evening. Now, she is under attack from animal rights extremists who accuse her of demonising foxes. I have seen some of the websites aimed at her and they sicken me... No right-thinking person could possibly believe such rubbish and nor should we be blind to the threat posed by increasingly brazen urban foxes. I should know, having nearly broken my neck when a fox attacked me in my own home... I supported the hunting ban and remain deeply uncomfortable about the practice of chasing foxes with packs of dogs... Looking back, I am convinced this fox regarded my home as part of his territory - he saw me as the interloper rather than the other way around. He may have been scared, but his defence mechanism was to go on the attack... Tragic? Most certainly. A freak occurrence? Based on my own experience, I fear not. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 17.6.10 Fox attack reports rare By David Green - Reports of attacks by foxes on humans are incredibly rare, whereas attacks on humans by dogs are relatively common...Audrey Boyle, spokeswoman for the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, told me she was unaware of any complaints the organisation had ever received about foxes and people. “Many people regard it as a real treat to see a fox,” she said.... (story)
ThisIsCornwall 17.6.10 Tragedy of foxes: animals of legend and folklore - THE recent story of the two small children attacked by a fox was horrific and, for those who know foxes, almost unbelievable. They are predators of course, but they are no more likely to think baby humans suitable prey than our equally predatory cats.... (story)
Express 16.6.10 FOX ATTACK TWIN MAY NEED SURGERY FOR LIFE - ONE of the twin baby girls mauled by a fox may need repeated plastic surgery for the rest of her life, her mother revealed yesterday.... (story)
Hackney Gazette 16.6.10 Vandals strike on cars close to fox attack twin's home in South Hackney - CARS parked in roads close to where twin babies were attacked by a fox have had tyres slashed and let down by vandals... (story)
Islington Gazette 16.6.10 No plans for cull of foxes, says council - THERE are no plans to cull Islington's fox population in the wake of the recent attack on two baby girls in neighbouring Hackney, says the council.... (story)
West Sussex Gazette 16.6.10 A fox is partial to a bit of cat for supper, given half a chance By Gwyn Jones .... Foxes have hit the news in a big way following the attack on the twin girls in London. I can see why many people would be shocked by such an attack, and indeed it is very unusual, but the amount of abuse aimed at this family on internet sites has been appalling. To suggest that the mother is in some way affiliated to the re-introduction of fox-hunting is absurd and cruel..... (story)
ThisIsCornwall 16.6.10 Tragedy of children attacked by foxes: animals of legend and folklore - THE recent story of the two small children attacked by a fox was horrific and, for those who know foxes, almost unbelievable... It is natural for them to kill as many suitable prey as they can, some for now and some for later, and they are quite unable to tell in a confined space when enough is enough...(story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 16.6.10 Beware the wily, aggressive predator in your garden - By Nicola Barry - THESE days, no matter how hard you look for fairies at the bottom of your garden, you are far more likely to find foxes – aggressive ones at that.... To allow children to be scarred for life, mentally and physically, is far too high a price to pay for our own shortcomings. (story)
Western Mail 16.6.10 Following the fox attack on twin baby girls, “experts” such as Simon King and Chris Packham of Springwatch fame planted subliminal doubts over the cause of the attack because in all the years they had studied foxes neither had ever witnessed or heard of such a thing.... HUW BEYNON, Llandeilo (letter)
Uxbridge Gazette 15.6.10 Foxes pose less danger than people - I HAVE just read the article in the Uxbridge Gazette regarding foxes and thought I'd submit a few lines... The lady who left her door open because of the heat was lucky that it was only a fox that got in and not a person, as the outcome might have been very different. CATHY BRUSHFIELD Via email >http://www.uxbridgegazette.co.uk/west-london-news/letters-to-the-editor/2010/06/15/foxes-pose-less-danger-than-people-113046-26657166/(letter)
Uxbridge Gazette 15.6.10 Lucky bite escape sitting in her car - MY DAUGHTER was bitten by a fox while sitting in her car at their flat in West Drayton (see reference above).... LESLEY WHITEHEAD Via email (letter)
Daily Mail 15.6.10 Baby twin mauled by fox as she slept 'may need plastic surgery for the rest of her life', mother reveals - The twin baby girl still in hospital after being mauled by a fox could need plastic surgery for the rest of her life, her mother said today... (story)
Dromore Leader 15.6.10 FOX ATTACK TWINS - DROMORE AUNT SPEAKS By PAUL WILKINSON - AN aunt of the twin baby girls mauled by a fox in London has spoken from her Dromore home of the tremendous support she and her family have received from local people... (story)
Mirror 15.6.10 Fox attack tot Isabella Koupparis now off ventilator - The mum of twin baby girls who were mauled by a fox spoke of her relief yesterday after the most seriously injured tot came off a ventilator.... (story)
Sun 15.6.10 Fox girl visits twin - BANDAGED fox victim Lola Koupparis leaves home yesterday to visit her twin in hospital with her mum... (story)
Metro 15.6.10 Foxes haunting the home of mauled baby twins - A fox slinks by a policeman protecting the home of a family rocked by an attack on their baby twins by one of the creatures.... (story)
Hackney Gazete 15.6.10 Fifth fox caught and killed in Koupparis family garden in South Hackney - A FIFTH fox has been trapped and killed in the back garden of a family who had twin babies mauled by one of the animals.... (story)
Independent 15.6.10 We shouldn't cry wolf about foxes - The scourge of the countryside has invaded our towns and cities. Must urbanites live in fear? Holly Williams sniffs out the truth about a misunderstood creature... Attacks on children by foxes are rare in the extreme. The risk from domestic dogs is far higher – there are over 5,000 serious injuries caused to humans by dogs each year in Britain. (story)
Coventry Telegraph 15.6.10 Fox: Friend or foe? By Mary Griffin - ONCE a welcome glimpse of country life for city slickers, the urban fox is now facing a major image problem. Mary Griffin finds divided opinions in Warwickshire... When a mother claimed a fox had entered her London home and mauled her two nine-month-old daughters, it sparked a debate over whether the urban fox is friend or foe. Geoff Grewcock, owner of Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, supports the former option....London Mayor Boris Johnson has suggested the urban fox population should be tackled with a possible cull. And Warwickshire Hunt spokesman Sam Butler reckons it’s an option which should be considered... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 15.6.10 Why fanatics are the most dangerous animals of all By Laurence White - The most vile animal on the face of the earth is probably the animal rights activist... You know the type. Those who break into laboratories and destroy valuable research that could benefit all mankind just because that research involves testing on animals. Another example during the past week has been the issuing of threats against Northern Ireland-born Pauline Koupparis, the mother of the twins mauled by a fox in their London home. She has been called a ‘lying b?.’ by one anti-fox hunting moron on a social networking website.... (story)
Telegraph 14.6.10 Mother of twin girls mauled by fox threatened by animal rights activists - The mother of the twin girls mauled by foxes is facing threats from animal rights activists after one of her daughters returned home from hospital By Laura Roberts - Pauline Koupparis has been the subject of inflammatory and aggressive posts online on sites such as Facebook and Twitter from people defending the urban fox.... Jim Barrington, an animal welfare consultant for the Countryside Alliance and former director of the League Against Cruel Sports, said he was "not surprised" by the vitriolic nature of some posts by animal liberators... (story)
Evening Standard 14.6.10 Police protection for baby fox attack family - Felix Allen - Police have been placed on guard outside the family home where two baby girls were mauled by a fox, following online threats from animal rights activists.... (story)
Mail 14.6.10 Parents of twins mauled by fox gets police guard after web attacks by animal rights activists By NEIL SEARS - The family whose babies were savaged by a fox in their cots are being given police protection over fears of an attack by animal rights activists... (story)
Star 14.6.10 FOX ATTACK TWINS' FAMILY UNDER POLICE GUARD FROM ANIMAL EXTREMISTS By Emily Hall - THE family of fox attack twins Lola and Isabella Koupparis have been put under police guard... (story)
Express 14.6.10 FOX ATTACK FAMILY UNDER POLICE GUARD AFTER ACTIVIST THREAT By Paul Broster - A COUPLE whose baby twins were mauled by a fox were under police protection last night following threats from animal rights groups.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 14.6.10 Police guard for mother of fox attack twins - The parents of the twin baby girls mauled by a fox are reported to be receiving police protection due to concern over internet threats from animal rights activists.... (story)
Mirror 14.6.10 Fox attack twins Lola and Isabella Koupparis reunited on hospital visit - Fox victim Lola Koupparis is taken for a reunion with her more-seriously injured twin Isabella in hospital yesterday after a week of anguish... (story)
Sun 14.6.10 Fox girl's smile for her dad By RHODRI PHILLIPS - The nine-month-old, with bite marks on her face and a bandaged and strapped arm, had just been to see her injured twin Isabella... >(story)
Mail on Sunday 13.6.10 Mother of twins mauled by fox is threatened by animal rights activists By MARTIN DELGADO and KERI SUTHERLAND - The parents of the children mauled by a fox are receiving police protection amid concern over threats from animal rights activists.... Scotland Yard said it was not aware of a specific threat against the family but admitted that there was ‘concern’ over inflammatory postings on social networking sites... One anti-foxhunting group set up a Facebook page called ‘Pauline Koupparis is a lying b****’.... (story)
News of the World 13.6.10 My fox baby's nightmares By Carole Aye Maung - ONE of the baby twins savaged by a fox as they slept in their cots is suffering horrendous nightmares, their mum revealed last night... (story)
Sunday Mirror 13.6.10 FOX LEFT MY BABY GIRL STRUGGLING TO BREATHE By Susie Boniface - The father of the nine-month-old twins savaged by a fox yesterday spoke for the first time of their ordeal. Cuddling little Lola, Nick Koupparis yesterday revealed that her sister Isabella, who is still in hospital, was left hardly able to breathe... (story)
Sunday Mirror 13.6.10 Mother's story: 'I caught fox just as it pushed its snout into my little boy's cot..' Exclusive by Louise Ford 13/06/2010 - I'll never forget the moment I flung open my baby's bedroom door to see the shadow of a fox leering over his cot. My six-month-old son Jasper was whimpering as the creature tried to push its snout through the bars.... (story)
Sunday Mirror 13.6.10 Agitated about foxes? I am By Fiona McIntosh 13/06/2010 - You would think, at a time like this, the RSPCA would offer sympathy or at least handle this terrible incident with the sensitivity it deserves. But no, all it has done is defend the urban fox. He was just playing! He didn’t mean it!... (story)
Sunday Telegraph 13.6.10 Joanna Lumley: Fox cull would be a 'tragedy' - It is unlikely to enjoy the widespread appeal of her successful campaign on behalf of Gurkha veterans, but Joanna Lumley is now speaking out in defence of the urban fox.... (story)
Scotland on Sunday 13.6.10 Urban foxes - A brush with danger By Dani Garavelli - WALK down any suburban street and you will see them, darting out from behind a bush or, more likely, strutting along the pavement, lords of all they survey... All that changed last week when Pauline Koupparis found her nine-month-old twins Lola and Isabella in their cots, screaming and covered in blood... Yet elsewhere, fox experts were casting doubt on the story. In a defence which had echoes of the "The Dingo is Innocent" campaign which followed the disappearance of baby Azaria Chamberlain at Ayers Rock... John Bryant, British Humane Wildlife Deterrence Association, has suggested the fox was lured into the house by the smell of food from a soiled nappy and insisted he sees this as a one-off that "will never be repeated". Worried householders, it seems, will take a little more convincing. According to Iain Wright, owner of Excel Environmental Services, calls about foxes have increased since the babies were mauled.... (story)
Sunday Times 13.6.10 Oi, townies - don't treat Mr Fox as a pet - Rod Liddle - When I lived in London a couple of years back, we had a fox resident in our street..... Like you, I was pretty shocked by the story about the fox which mauled those two babies in Hackney... And you can forgive the Countryside Alliance — long-time enemies of mine, by the way — for feeling a little spurt of schadenfreude when they hear this panicked whining from the very people who, perhaps sentimentally, were in favour of a ban on fox-hunting.... (story)
Independent on Sunday 13.6.10 Who the hell does Brian May think he is? - The Queen guitarist doubted reports that foxes attacked twin babies, reacted angrily to his critics, and now threatens to quit the UK unless we can all behave By Simmy Richman - He is rock royalty, though his Queen days are behind him... But how does Brian May, 62, choose to pass his time, these days? By shooting his mouth off before he is in full possession of the facts, that's how.... "Fox attacks babies?" he wrote under the heading "Brian's Soapbox". "Sure! And monkeys will fly... out of my butt. Ha ha. And I suppose there is proof?!!!" Erm, try bite marks and the fact that one of the twins has bruising consistent with the mother's story that the fox had tried to pull the baby out of her cot through the bars....(story)
Telegraph 12.6.10 Twin mauled by fox returns home from hospital - One of the twin girls who was mauled in her cot by a fox has returned home from hospital displaying her injuries for the first time. By Laura Roberts and John Bingham - Wearing a thick bandage and with cuts on her face nine month-old Lola Koupparis was cradled in her mother's arms as she revisited the house in Hackney, London, where she was attacked on Saturday night.... Meanwhile other parents have come forward with similar experiences.... (story)
Telegraph 12.6.10 Foxes attacking family pets as they invade homes and gardens - Foxes are attacking family pets as they invade people's gardens and even their homes, it has emerged. By Laura Roberts and John Bingham ... (story)
Telegraph 12.6.10 Outfoxed! Urban foxes have become bolder than ever - and we are powerless to stop them - As urban foxes become bolder than ever, Iain Hollingshead discovers that hunting them down in our cities is harder than you think...In a recent poll of nearly 4,000 British households, 65.7 per cent said that they liked urban foxes, 25.8 per cent had no strong views and only 8.5 per cent admitted to disliking the creatures. I wonder what the figures would look like if the same poll were conducted now... (story)
Mirror 12.6.10 Fox attack twin Lola Koupparis returns home from hospital By Tom Pettifor - The scratches on her face and bandaged arm told yesterday of the damage a fox did to baby Lola Koupparis... (story)
Express 12.6.10 TWIN MAULED BY A FOX IS BACK HOME By Stephen Drill - ONE of the baby girls who was mauled in her cot by a fox returned home yesterday.... (story)
Star 12.6.10 FOX ATTACK TOT'S HORROR INJURIES By Emily Hall - LITTLE Lola Koupparis shocking injuries from her fox attack were revealed as she went home last night.... (story)
Financial Times 12.6.10 Outside Edge: A bugle call for ‘urban hunting’ By Frederick Studemann - The horrifying report this week of the mauling of baby twins by a fox in east London has re-focused attention on just how many of the bushy-tailed creatures prowl the UK capital... Since the recent attack, some Londoners previously sympathetic to foxes say they have changed their minds; and politicians have called for radical action tocontrol foxes. Are we about to witness the dawn of the urban hunt?... (story)
Sun 12.6.10 Fox attack baby returns home By ALEX WEST - RELIEVED mum Pauline Koupparis gives daughter Lola a kiss yesterday as the baby leaves hospital after her horrific fox attack ordeal.... (story)
Western Mail 12.6.10 Fox attack baby home from hospital - A baby girl mauled by a fox as she slept was recuperating at home today after being discharged from hospital... (story)
Mail 11.6.10 First picture: The shocking injuries suffered by baby twin mauled by fox as she slept in her cot - One of the twin baby girls mauled by a fox as she slept in her cot returned home from hospital today and revealed the shocking injuries she suffered in the attack... (story)
Independent 11.6.10 Girl mauled by fox leaves hospital - By Rosa Silverman, Press Association - A baby girl mauled by a fox as she slept has been discharged from hospital, it was announced today. Nine-month-old Lola Koupparis will continue her recuperation at home, the Royal London Hospital said... (story)
BBC News Online 11.6.10 Hackney fox attack baby leaves hospital - A nine-month-old girl who was attacked by a fox in east London has been discharged from hospital... (story)
Sun 11.6.10 Fox No3 killed at tot home By ALEX WEST - A DEAD fox was removed from a trap yesterday outside the home of the mauled twins - the THIRD to be killed.... Queen guitarist Brian May - who dismissed the attack on his website - backtracked yesterday, saying: "I have huge sympathy for the family."... (story)
Express 11.6.10 THIRD FOX CAUGHT AT TWIN ATTACK SITE By Nick Fagge - A THIRD fox has been trapped in the garden of the house where two nine-month-old girls were mauled... (story)
Powys County Times 11.6.10 Fox attack on baby girls 'was no suprise to me' - THE fox attack on two small girls as they slept in their cots in London has shocked the nation, not least because it happened in an urban area. But people in the countryside have been aware of the dangers posed by foxes since time immemorial, says a Radnorshire farmer...A radio piece by the League Against Cruel Sports spurred Mr Pugh into contacting the County Times to air his views on the recent urban fox attack... (story)
Metro 11.6.10 After fox mauls baby twins: Urban fox numbers have 'quadrupled' since 2007 - The number of foxes found in urban areas of the UK has quadrupled in the last three years, experts have warned... (story)
Mirror 11.6.10 Nine-year-old girl bitten by fox in her bed By Tom Parry; Tom Mctague - A girl of nine claims she was attacked by a fox which climbed through her bedroom window. Lily Jago Briggs was bitten by an animal at her home in North London four years ago - long before the apparently freak fox attack on twins Isabella and Lola Koupparis last week.... (story)
Guardian 11.6.10 A cull of urban foxes won't work until townspeople distrust them as much as country folk - Foxes will continue to be a pest until people living in cities change their attitude to them - Alexander Chancellor... (story)
Star 11.6.10 THIRD FOX CAUGHT IN TRAP - THIRD FOX CAUGHT IN TRAP Three foxes have now been caught in the back garden of the home where twin girls were mauled... (story)
Telegraph 9.6.10 Fox believed to have attacked twins caught on camera by policeman - This is believed to be the fox which attacked twin girls as they slept in their cots, photographed on a policeman’s mobile phone moments after he arrived on the scene.... (story)
ITN 10.6.10 Home Secretary to consider urban fox issue - The Government is set to look into legislation surrounding urban foxes after twin baby girls were mauled in their family home, Commons Leader Sir George Young has said.... During Commons questions on upcoming business, Labour former minister Meg Hillier (Hackney South and Shoreditch) said she had received many letters from constituents about foxes.... (story)
Sun 10.6.10 Rocker Brian May in fox rant By RICHARD WHITE and ALEX WEST - QUEEN star Brian May appeared to accuse the devastated Koupparis family of LYING about the horrific fox attack on their twin babies after dismissing it as untrue. In a rant on his website, under the heading "Brian's Soapbox", May wrote: "Fox attacks babies? Sure! And monkeys will fly... out of my butt. Ha ha. And I suppose there is proof?!!!" But the babies' wounds are consistent with that of a fox attack and hospital staff and cops believe parents Pauline and Nick.... (story)
ContactMusic 10.6.10 Queen - May Courts Controversy With Fox Rant - QUEEN star BRIAN MAY has caused controversy with an online rant defending London's urban foxes just days after baby twins in the British capital were viciously mauled by one of the creatures... (story)
London Daily News 10.6.10 What to do with "celebrity fox supporters" – Editorial - Brian May Source: www.brianmay.com website - ... The news that bohemian middle class celebrities apparently cannot believe that wild foxes are capable of causing terror to young children, the London Daily News has a solution. To all the local councils in London who are scratching their heads as to what to do with foxes, we have the answer. Round up as many of the foxes as possible, stick them in lorries and deliver them to the homes of these bohemian middle class celebrities who can look after the foxes.... (story)
Mail 10.6.10 10.6.10 Three foxes caught in backyard of home where twin girls were mauled - Three foxes have been caught in the back garden of the home where twin girls were mauled since the attack took place, it emerged today.... A private contractor for Hackney Council arrived at the house in Hackney, East London this morning, and emerged 15 minutes later carrying a long blue bag. A spokesman for the council, James Willshire, confirmed the bag contained a vixen...(story)
Express 10.6.10 MUM OF FOX ATTACK TWINS: IT'S SO HORRIFIC By Nick Fagge - THE mother of nine-month-old twins savaged by a fox yesterday described how they are slowly recovering from the ordeal.... (story)
Mirror 10.6.10 Fox that mauled twins Lola and Isabella Koupparis photographed on phone by policemen By Tom McTague - This is the fox suspected of mauling twins Lola and Isabella Koupparis - pictured peering through the family's patio doors as paramedics treated the badly injured babies.... (story)
Telegraph 10.6.10 Urban fox trappings quadruple in three years after fortnightly bin collection moves - Complaints of urban foxes invading gardens have quadrupled in three years as they lose their fear of humans, pest controllers have warned. New fortnightly bin collections, leaving rubbish bags piling near houses, are being blamed for helping bring the once-shy creatures closer to people's homes in search of food.... By John Bingham (story)
Telegraph 10.6.10 I was bitten by a fox too, says nine year-old girl - A nine-year-old girl has told how she was bitten by a fox after it climbed in through an open window in the middle of the night as experts continued to debate the dangers posed by the animals By Laura Roberts - Lily Jago Briggs was five when she was attacked as she slept one summer evening. Her parents have warned that attacks by foxes are not freak incidents following the mauling of nine-month old twin girls, Isabella and Lola Koupparis in east London last week. Lily was savaged in June 2006 at her family's ground floor flat in Belsize Park in north-west London.... (story)
Evening Standard 10.6.10 Fox bit me in bed, says schoolgirl - - Kiran Randhawa - A schoolgirl today told how she was attacked by a fox while sleeping. Nine-year-old Lily Jago Briggs awoke to find the animal standing on her chest after it had bitten her shoulder in the middle of the night. Her account comes days after nine-month-old twins Isabella and Lola Koupparis were savaged by a fox in their cots in Hackney.... (story)
BBC News Online 9.6.10 Fox caught on camera after attack on twins in London - A fox was photographed by a police officer just after a suspected attack on twin baby girls in their home in Hackney, east London.... (story)
Hackney Gazette 9.6.10 Koupparis twins: Photo of 'aggressive' fox outside South Hackney home shortly after attack - AN aggressive fox waits at the back door of a home where two babies had been attacked just a few hours earlier, this picture shows... (story)
Newcastle Journal 9.6.10 Experts put fox attacks on humans in perspective by Tony Henderson - Environment Editor TONY HENDERSON on why we shouldn’t go to town on urban foxes - AN ATTACK on two London babies by an urban fox has brought a new spectre to haunt parents’ nightmares...Mike Pratt, chief executive of Northumberland Wildlife Trust, said: “We need to keep this in perspective.”... (story)
East London Advertiser 9.6.10 Boris calls on London town halls to tackle urban fox menace By Mike Brooke - BORIS Johnson has called on local authorities to co control foxes in the wake of the baby twins mauled in their cot in East London at the weekend... (story)
Sun 9.6.10 One of the fox twins `is much better' - ONE of the baby girls horribly mauled by a fox as she slept is doing "a lot better", her grandmother said today... (story)
Sun 9.6.10 Foxes still on the prowl By MARTIN PHILLIPS - THIS fox last night loped past the house where the twin tots were attacked in their cots. The bold predator was snapped in fading daylight as the girls' parents maintained their bedside vigils.... (story)
Guardian 9.6.10 Fox attack twins still in hospital, with one 'a lot better' - Isabella Koupparis still sedated, while sister Lola is recovering well after their mauling on Saturday night - Adam Gabbatt and agencies.. . (story)
Mail 9.6.10 One of the baby twins savaged by fox is 'much better' as her sister remains sedated in hospital By NEIL SEARS and KATHERINE FAULKNER ... (story)
Daily Record 9.6.10 Twin baby girls attacked by fox will be scarred for life, family say By Tom McTague - THE twin baby girls mauled by a fox while they slept in their cots will be scarred for life, the family revealed yesterday... (story)
Metro 9.6.10 First pictures of fox attack twins ‘scarred for life’ - The tens of thousands of foxes living in cities should be culled, London’s mayor Boris Johnson said in the wake of an attack on twin nine-month-old girls... (story)
Metro 9.6.10 Police issue photo of fox suspected of 'attacking' Hackney twins - This ghostly image through a patio window, which was taken on a police officer's mobile phone, shows a fox suspected of mauling twin sisters as they slept.... (story)
Mirror 9.6.10 Fox attack baby girls to be scarred for life By Tom Mctague - Distraught parents are at bedsides - An uncle of the twin baby girls mauled by a fox as they lay in their cots said yesterday their injuries are so serious they will be scarred for life... (story)
Mirror 9.6.10 Stay calm on fox risk - Twin babies mauled at home by a fox as they lay helpless in their cots is the stuff of nightmares.... We realise parents will now be extra vigilant and lock doors and windows. And local authorities need to control fox populations where the animals are a nuisance. But we must remember this is an extremely unusual case which doesn't mean we're all suddenly at risk of attack - we're not. And supporters of lifting the ban on hunting with hounds should resist the temptation to exploit a family's horror for their own ends.... (story)
Express 9.6.10 FOXES ARE BORN KILLERS THAT DON'T BELONG IN CITIES By Leanda de Lisle - AS THOSE of us who live in the countryside know, foxes will kill just because they can. And nine-month-old babies are a good size: nearer a piglet than a chicken if you are a fox looking for supper... The RSPCA has put out statements claiming such an incident has never occurred before and that foxes are shy, easily intimidated creatures but this is not quite true.... . A fox is not going to make a moraldistinction between savaging baby humans and baby animals. It is simply a matter of opportunity and the fact is that the opportunities and temptations for foxes to prey on babies are growing... (story)
Independent 9.6.10 Baby girl mauled by fox 'feeling better' By Rosa Silverman, Press Association - A baby girl mauled by a fox as she slept was "a lot better" today, her grandmother said... (story)
Star 9.6.10 NAPPY SMELL LED TO TWINS' FOX MAULING By Emily Hall - THE fox that savaged baby twins Isabella and Lola Koupparis was probably attracted by the smell of their nappies. City wildlife expert John Bryant reckons the nine-month-old tots were mauled by a cub that mistook the whiff for a sign of food... (story)
Independent 8.6.10 London Mayor Boris Johnson urges fox control after twins attacked By Rosa Silverman, Press Association - Twin baby girls mauled by a fox as they slept remained in hospital today as London Mayor Boris Johnson said councils should "focus on their duties for pest control".... (story)
Independent 8.6.10 The curious incident of the fox in the night - The hunt is on for a fox that apparently attacked two baby girls in their bedroom. Andy McSmith reports - Some people get real pleasure from looking out of the window at home in the early evening to see a wild fox loping across the garden... But the fox's reputation as an unobtrusive cohabitant of human cities took a severe knock yesterday after two baby girls were taken to hospital... John Bryant, a pest-control consultant who specialises in foxes, told BBC's Today programme that he had dealt with only two alleged fox attacks in 40 years. In one case the "fox" proved to be an Alsatian dog, and the other was a cat. He described the attack on the baby girls as a "freakish event"... (story)
Metro 8.6.10 Boris Johnson urges fox cull as twins ‘scarred for life’ - The tens of thousands of foxes living in cities should be culled, London’s mayor Boris Johnson said yesterday in the wake of an attack on twin nine-month-old girls.... (story)
Metro 8.6.10 'Fox attacked twins because of smelly nappies' - A leading wildlife expert believes a fox attacked two baby twins sleeping in their cots because it was attracted by the smell of their nappies, it has been reported. John Bryant thinks a cub may have entered the house where they slept after smelling food from the soiled nappies.... (story)
Mail 8.6.10 Twin baby girls mauled by fox as they slept suffered 'life-changing injuries' family reveals - The twin girls savaged by a fox as they slept in their beds have suffered 'life-changing injuries' their devastated family revealed today... (story)
Mail 8.6.10 Fantastic? No, Mr Fox is a vicious pest By RORY KNIGHT BRUCE - Our modern society can be hopelessly sentimental about foxes. Too many urban dwellers adopt a soft-hearted attitude to these predators, who are foolishly seen as cute, cuddly and clever... (story)
Times 8.6.10 Mother tells of ‘nightmare’ fox attack on her twin baby girls - Fiona Hamilton, Valerie Elliott - A distraught mother told yesterday of her “living nightmare” after her baby girls were attacked by a fox as they slept in their cots... (story)
Sun 8.6.10 Fox attack babies `scarred for life' By ALEX WEST - THE twin babies maimed in a horror fox attack will be scarred for life, their uncle revealed today. Nine-month-old Lola and Isabella Koupparis - pictured here for the first time - suffered "life changing" injuries following the horrifying mauling as they slept in their cots.... (story)
Sun 8.6.10 Fox stared me out... it would not leave our poor girls By ALEX WEST - THE mum of twin babies savaged by a fox told yesterday of the bedroom nightmare. Pauline Koupparis, 40, of Hackney, East London, recalled hearing a "muffled, pained" cry - and said one girl's face was still beautiful on one side, but "like a horror movie" on the other... (story)
Evening Standard 8.6.10 Pest control call after fox attack - Twin baby girls were mauled by a fox as they slept remained in hospital as London Mayor Boris Johnson said councils should "focus on their duties for pest control".... (story)
Telegraph 8.6.10 Fox attack mother demands action against urban menace - The mother of twin baby girls feared to be scarred for life after being mauled by a fox has demanded action from local authorities against the urban scavengers. By Peter Hutchison and Richard Edwards - Pauline Koupparis said that she hoped the “horrendous” attack on her children at her London home would force councils to act on the growing urban fox population. She was supported by Boris Johnson, the London mayor, who called for a greater focus to control the "pests" in the capital... (story)
Telegraph 8.6.10 Fox attack on twin girls 'like a horror movie' - The mother of twin baby girls mauled by a fox as they slept described the attack as "like a living nightmare"... (story)
Telegraph 8.6.10 Fox would not have attacked baby twins unprovoked, say wildlife experts - Two leading wildlife experts last night cast doubt on claims that the baby twins found injured in their cot were attacked by a fox By Heidi Blake - Pauline Koupparis said she found her nine-month-old daughters Lola and Isabella covered in blood with a fox still prowling in their nursery. But John Bryant, an expert in urban wildlife, said attacks on humans by foxes were unheard of, and suggested the injuries were more likely to have been caused by a domestic pet... Terry Nutkins, the English naturalist and television presenter, also said a fox was highly unlikely to be responsible for the attack on the twins... (story)
Telegraph 8.6.10 It's time to clear foxes from our streets - The horrific mauling of two babies must herald an all-out offensive against these predators, says Clive Aslet. I was wondering when it would happen. As everyone who lives in London and other cities around Britain will know, urban foxes are now commonplace... , this has already happened. In 2002, at Dartford in Kent, a fox bit a 14-week-old boy in the living room of the family home while his mother was sleeping. The last government preferred to ignore the episode; it was, after all, trying to ban foxhunting at the time. It could see that some folk – likely to be Labour voters – love urban foxes, perhaps having the same undifferentiated affection for wildlife as the people I have seen in London parks feeding rats along with squirrels and ducks.... (story)
Scottish Herald 8.6.10 Urban foxes: a danger in our midst or natural neighbours? - Carrie McAdam - Feeding and befriending urban foxes is increasingly making them tame but attacks on humans will still be rare, wildlife experts said. Scottish SPCA Wildfire Rescue Centre manager Colin Seddon yesterday warned of the risks of attempting to tame urban foxes after nine-month-old twin girls were attacked in their home by an animal.... (story)
Mirror 8.6.10 The rise of the red fox and how it has become our Townie neighbour By Damien Fletcher - They are creatures of fable and legend - and they'll probably be in your back garden tonight....Urban wildlilfe expert John Bryant says foxes almost always make completely amenable neighbours...Martin Hemmington, founder of the National Fox Welfare Society, says foxes do not want contact with humans.... (story)
Mirror 8.6.10 Fox mauling mum said scene was like "a horror film" By Tom Mctague; Tom Pettifor - The distraught mother of twin baby girls mauled by a fox as they slept has described how finding them covered in blood was like "something out of a horror movie"... (story)
Scotsman 8.6.10 Defiant fox left my babies covered in blood . . it was a nightmare By ANGUS HOWARTH - THE mother of twin baby girls thought to have been attacked by a fox has told how she discovered them covered in blood with the animal still in their nursery.... (story)
Scotsman 8.6.10 Laura Cummings: There's no need for people to fear a brush with foxes By LAURA CUMMINGS - DISTINGUISHED by its pointed ears and long bushy tail, the fox is an animal synonymous with the British countryside.... Our relaxed attitude to the animals is likely to have changed dramatically now, after one was involved in a brutal attack in an east London home over the weekend. The animal has been blamed for the mauling of twin baby girls as they lay sleeping in their cots in an upstairs room of the house... Head of policy for the Scottish Wildlife Trust, Tony King, said: "The dreadful story of a fox attack on children is extremely rare... An Evening Standard investigation earlier this year revealed that a newborn boy's remains were snatched by a fox from Battersea New Cemetery last September after he was put in an open paupers' grave with 12 other infants... (story)
First Post 8.6.10 After east London mauling, should we eradicate foxes? BY TIM EDWARDS - The mauling of twin baby girls in Hackney, east London - supposedly by a fox who wandered into their home through an open door, though the incident was not witnessed - has sparked calls for a programme of eradication in the capital.... . Foxes are a town versus country issue - with 'townies' being generally for the fox, and countryfolk generally against. With more and more townies finding foxes in their gardens - partly because of the growing trend of keeping chickens - and with the sad story from Hackney in the headlines, it is very possible more townies will now swap camps and start calling for their eradication..... (story)
East London Advertiser 8.6.10 East End fox attack a one-off, says pest control boss - A FOX control expert thinks the attack on two nine-month old twins is a 'one-off' and is urging residents not to panic. Will Moore, who runs Foxolutions, specialises in the humane control of foxes. And he says the attack on Isabella and Lola Koupparis, at their home in Lauriston Road, is not a sign of things to come..... (story)
Hackney Gazette 8.6.10 Hackney Fox attack twins: One tot transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital - ONE of the twins attacked by a fox in their parent's home in South Hackney is being treated in Great Ormond Street Hospital..... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 8.6.10 Northern Ireland mum: nightmare of fox attack on my girls - The Co Down mother of twin baby girls who were mauled by a fox as they slept described the attack as “like a living nightmare”.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 8.6.10 Northern Ireland mum: nightmare of fox attack on my girls - The Co Down mother of twin baby girls who were mauled by a fox as they slept described the attack as “like a living nightmare”.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 8.6.10 Pest control call after fox attack - Twin baby girls were mauled by a fox as they slept remained in hospital as London Mayor Boris Johnson said councils should "focus on their duties for pest control".... (story)
Express 8.6.10 TWIN GIRLS MAULED IN COTS BY FOX HAVE ‘LIFE CHANGING INJURIES’ By Nick Fagge - THE twin girls mauled by a fox as they slept in their cots could be scarred for life, it emerged yesterday. A member of their devastated family said nine-month-old Lola and Isabella ¬Koupparis have been left with “life-changing injuries”.... (story)
Express 8.6.10 FOX ATTACK WAS LIKE A HORROR MOVIE By Sara Dixon - THE mother of baby twins mauled by a fox as they slept broke down yesterday as she told how she found them covered in blood... (story)
Express 8.6.10 PEST CONTROL CALL AFTER FOX ATTACK - Twin baby girls were mauled by a fox as they slept remained in hospital as London Mayor Boris Johnson said councils should "focus on their duties for pest control".... (story)
Manchester Evening News 8.6.10 Opinion: Diane Cooke - A planned badger cull in Wales has sparked a huge protest from animal welfare supporters.... As an animal lover, I’m instinctively with the protesters... I have always hated fox hunting. It’s a cruel and vicious sport enjoyed by Hooray Henrys with no conscience, and nothing will change my opinion on that. However, urban foxes are becoming a very real problem... the seriousness of this issue was rammed home this week when twin baby girls were mauled by an urban fox as they slept in their cots after it entered their London house through patio doors left open because of the heat... , my dog was killed by a fox which came through the cat-flap at my home in the dead of night..... I was devastated by the loss and the dog’s suffering, but thought it was just a freak accident, a stroke of bad luck. But when foxes start attacking humans, we need to rid ourselves of romantic images of them frolicking with their cubs on our lawns, and start considering whether some serious precautions need to be taken in the form of pest control... (story)
Western Mail 8.6.10 Mum tells of fox attack on babies - THE mother of twin baby girls who were mauled by a fox as they slept described the attack as “like a living nightmare”.... (story)
Guardian 7.6.10 Invasion of the urban foxes - It's the noisy, scavenging pest that is now responsible for a shocking attack on two babies asleep in their beds. But how fair is our view of the urban fox – and is it actually any different from its country cousin? - Patrick Barkham ....(story)
Hackney Gazette 7.6.10 Hackney Council issues advice to ward off foxes following attack on babies - HACKNEY Council is advising people to take steps to prevent foxes being attracted to their home. The council made the move following the attack by a fox on two nine-month old baby girls in their home in Lauriston Road, South Hackney, on Saturday night... (story)
Sun 7.6.10 Urban menace outfoxing us? - RICHARD HOLLIS - The nation was horrified to hear of the twin girls who were mauled by a fox, after it crept into their family house and climbed the stairs into their bedroom. Among the condolences on MY Sun, users discussed the red menace of increasingly bold urban foxes... (story)
Star 7.6.10 FOX ATTACK TWINS' MOTHER: IT WAS LIKE A SCENE FROM A HORROR MOVIE By Emily Hall - THE fox that mauled baby twins left a bloody scene “straight out of a horror movie”, their weeping mother said yesterday.... (story)
Telegraph 7.6.10 Fox attack: cull needed say experts - Britain's "out of control" urban fox population should be culled to lessen the chance of more children being harmed, pest controllers have claimed after twin baby sisters were apparently mauled by one animal... Peter Crowden, chairman of the National Pest Technicians Association, which has almost 1,000 members, said: "I am not surprised to hear of this. "The situation is out of control and we could see more attacks on domestic pets and even babies.... He and Richard Moseley from the British Association of Pest Controllers said fox populations should be reduced in areas where they caused significant problems... John Bryan, a wildlife consultant, said he thought it was probably a "freak" incident in which a young fox had lashed out in fear... Jim Barrington, a wildlife consultant and former director of the League Against Cruel Sports, warned that more attacks could happen if people treat foxes like an "extended pet".... (story)
Telegraph 7.6.10 Isabella and Lola Koupparis: baby twins 'mauled by foxes' while asleep in their cots - A pest control marksman was called to a London suburb after two babies, Isabella and Lola Koupparis, were seriously injured in a suspected fox attack while they slept in their cots By Andrew Hough, and Martin Evans - The parents of two nine-month-olds, Nick and Pauline Koupparis, were holding a bedside vigil for their “seriously” ill children after the attack on Saturday night... (story)
Telegraph 7.6.10 Fox attack left babies covered in blood, says mother - The mother of twin baby girls thought to have been attacked by a fox has told how she discovered them covered in blood with the animal still in their nursery. By Andrew Hough, Martin Evans and Stephen Adams - Lola and Isabella Koupparis are said to be in a "serious but stable "condition in hospital today, after being mauled on Saturday evening at their home in Hackney, east London.... (story)
Telegraph 7.6.10 Fox attack neighbours warned to keep doors closed - Families living near a house where two twins were mauled by a fox have been warned to keep their doors shut... (story)
Telegraph 7.6.10 Toby Young - London's fox epidemic: Let's get hunting, Boris - Come on, Boris. Can’t you do something about London’s infestation of foxes? Now that two nine-month-old girls have been mauled by a fox as they slept in their bedroom in Hackney, the time has come to act. I hate these vermin with a passion... I also suspect that the enormous dog fox that sits in my garden at midnight, taunting me with his blood-curdling cries, is behind the disappearance of Trixie, my short-haired domestic cat ... (story)
Telegraph 7.6.10 Pete Wedderburn - Pete Wedderburn qualified as a vet twenty-five years ago, and now spends half his working life writing newspaper columns.... Hunting would not have stopped this fox 'attack' - Why would urban foxes attack sleeping babies?... Could the foxes have been trying to steal away with the babies, taking them in the same way as they’d take chickens from a hen run? The answer to that question is a definite “no”.... What should be done in the aftermath of this incident? Nothing at all. It was a freak accident and it’s highly unlikely to be repeated... (story)
Telegraph 7.6.10 Andrew M Brown - Andrew M Brown is a writer who specialises in mental health and in the influence of addiction and substance abuse on culture - How to discourage marauding urban foxes - Lola and Isabella Koupparis, twin baby girls of just nine months, are recovering from arm and facial wounds today after being being mauled by a fox as they slept in their cots a couple of nights ago... anyone who lives in the parts of a city where foxes roam the streets at night, as I do, will know that these creatures have adapted completely to the urban, or suburban, environment.... I am sure Pete Wedderburn is right to say that hunting wouldn’t have stopped this attack. Hunting never made much of a dent on numbers. But I just heard one simple solution to an excess of town foxes, proposed by Tom McCourt from Hackney council, on The World at One. He said: stop feeding them... (story)
Times 7.6.10 Mother tells of ‘nightmare’ fox attack on her twin baby girls - Philippe Naughton - The mother of twin girls mauled in their cots by a fox told today how a beautiful summer’s day ended in an unimaginable “living nightmare”... (story)
Times 7.6.10 Neighbours express fear after babies mauled by fox - Philippe Naughton - Residents of an East London street expressed fears for the safety of their children today after twin baby girls were mauled by a fox as they slept.... (story)
Times 7.6.10 Urban foxes: a brush with danger - Reports that an urban fox has mauled two babies as they slept in their cots won’t surprise many city residents - Janice Turner - Is there a creature more sinister than the urban fox? It seems to embody one’s darkest fear about dwelling in a city... Just a year ago my younger son — who sleeps with a light on — woke screaming that a fox was in his room. We heard something scuffle out of the cat-flap and calmed him down, saying that it was probably a stray moggy, but he was certain.... My sentimentalism quickly faded. That first summer, every time I left sandals in the garden they disappeared.... If you don’t keep animals, you can live with this noise and mess. But if you have pets, your relationship with foxes turns primitive... (story)
Times 7.6.10 How the country fox learnt to love city living - Valerie Elliott, Countryside Editor - Foxes colonised cities and towns about 80 years ago mainly because new housing developments encroached on their natural territory... Despite their abundance fox attacks on humans are extremely rare and even when reports have made the headlines some have been disproved... Jim Barrington, an animal welfare consultant, said: “Foxes are very welcome in gardens. They are delightful animals and do not generally cause the damage they are blamed for... Problems seem to arise when fox and man gets a bit close and the lines are blurred between fox as a tame rather than wild animal... (story)
Guardian 7.6.10 Mother of twins attacked by fox describes 'living nightmare' - Nine-month-old Lola and Isabella Koupparis suffered arm injuries when animal got into bedroom of east London home - Haroon Siddique and agencies - The mother of the baby twins who were mauled by a fox as they slept described today how she how she saw blood in one of their cots and believed it was the result of a nosebleed until she noticed the animal after turning on the light.... Urban wildlife experts said they were surprised a fox had attacked the children. One, John Bryant, said it was a "freakish event" that "doesn't make any sense".... (story)
Guardian 7.6.10 For fox sake, understand urban wildlife - Fox attacks are virtually unheard of. The real issue with urban foxes is how we deal with a problem of our own making - Terry Nutkins - Foxes are now treating urban areas as their territory.... It reportedly entered the house through an open door, without knowing where it was going, and probably panicked when it found itself in a room with these two infants. When a fox is stressed, it runs about a lot and it could easily have injured the children accidentally. What I am definite about is that this fox did not go "on purpose" to attack the two children... (story)
Guardian 7.6.10 Don't demonise the fox, warns charity - Trevor Williams, director of The Fox Project, says it is wrong to stereotype urban animals after one isolated attack - In the wake of the fox attack in London, The Fox Project has been fielding abusive calls from angry people who lay the blame at our door. This reaction is both unfair and ignorant of the facts.... (story)
Hackney Gazette 7.6.10 Foxes to be discussed at council meeting - FOXES will be on the agenda when Homerton Neighbourhood Forum meets next, the chairman has pledged. Armed police were called to kill a fox after it attacked two nine-month old babies in a house in Lauriston Road, South Hackney, on Saturday night.... (story)
Hackney Gazette 7.6.10 Armed police called on to kill fox which attacked two Hackney babies - ARMED police were called out to kill a fox which attacked two nine-month old babies as they slept in their parent's house... (story)
Hackney Gazette 7.6.10 Hackney tot attack fox returned to scene as police arrived and tried to get back in house - A FOX which attacked two babies in their parent's home returned to the scene when police arrived... When police were first called to the home officers investigating were amazed when the brazen fox came back to the home and began clawing at the back door.... (story)
Independent 7.6.10 Mother's fears over baby girls mauled by fox By Tom Morgan, Press Association - The mother of baby twins mauled by a fox as they slept spoke of her fears for the girls as they recovered in hospital today....(story)
Sun 7.6.10 Mother's tears for mauled tots By ALEX WEST and CHRIS POLLARD - A MUM whose twin babies were mauled by a fox has today described the scene that greeted her as like a "horror movie".... (story)
Evening Standard 7.6.10 Fox twins' mother: It was like a horror movie, they were covered in blood - Kiran Randhawa and Miranda Bryant - The mother of twin babies today told of moment she discovered them “covered in blood” after they were mauled by a fox in their cots... (story)
Reuters 7.6.10 Fox launches "extremely rare" attack on babies - The twin baby sisters were in serious but stable condition in hospital on Monday, police said.... Animal welfare consultant John Bryant told BBC radio he had never come across a fox attack in his business of dealing with them as urban pests.... (story)
BBC News Online 7.6.10 How common are fox attacks on humans? - Two twin girls are seriously ill in hospital after they were reportedly attacked by a fox as they slept in their cots. So how often does this kind of thing happen?... Urban wildlife expert John Bryant said such an attack was extremely rare.... Martin Hemmington is one such fox-lover. He is founder of the National Fox Welfare Society... "I can only imagine the fox has found itself in a situation and it has become distressed and panicked. They are wild animals and will bite if cornered. Perhaps it was injured or had concussion from a car accident."... (story)
BBC News Online 7.6.10 The mother of twin girls attacked by a fox is from NI - A Northern Ireland woman whose twin girls were apparently mauled by a fox as they slept in their cots in London, has spoken of her "living nightmare". Lola and Isabella Koupparis, both nine months old, were attacked at about 2200 BST on Saturday... (story)
East London Advertiser 7.6.10 RSPCA reassures East End residents over fox attack - ANIMAL welfare bosses have moved to reassure the people of Tower Hamlets after a fox attack in the neighbouring borough of Hackney.... But the RSPCA say there is no danger of a similar attack taking place in Tower Hamlets... Helen Galland, from Spitalfields City Farm, said: "We've lost animals before because of the foxes and they are getting braver, but I've never heard of one attacking a human before."... (story)
Metro 7.6.10 Twin babies ‘mauled by fox’ as they slept - Baby twin sisters Lola and Isabella Koupparis were being treated in hospital today after they were apparently attacked by a fox as they slept in their bedroom... (story)
Metro 7.6.10 Tearful mum's fears for girls mauled by fox in east London home - The worried mother of the baby twins attacked by a fox while they slept in their cots has spoken of her fears for their health.... (story)
Metro 7.6.10 After fox mauls girls: When foxes attack humans - Foxes rarely attack humans, with only two other major reports of incidents in the UK. In July 2002, a fourteen week old baby was attacked in a house in Dartford, Kent. Little Louis Day suffered bite marks on its head as a fox tried to drag him out the house.... (story)
Channel 4 News 7.6.10 Twins in hospital after fox attack at their home - Twin girls from Hackney in East London are recovering in hospital after they were mauled by a fox as they slept. Police said they were in a "serious, but stable" condition as their mother says she's "worried about them"... (story)
Sky News 7.6.10 Fox Caught And Killed At Bitten Babies' House - Emma Rowley, Sky New Online - A fox has been caught and killed at the home of twin baby girls who were mauled in their cots as they slept... (story)
Mail 7.6.10 Baby twin girls seriously injured after being 'savaged by fox' as they slept in their cots By KATE LOVEYS and RYAN KISIEL - The mother of twin baby girls mauled by a fox as they slept has described how she found them covered in blood and looking like 'something out of a horror movie'.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 7.6.10 Twin babies seriously injured in fox attack - Two baby sisters were seriously ill in hospital last night after an apparent fox attack at their home.... (story)
UTV 7.6.10 NI mother's 'nightmare' over twins fox attack - A Northern Irish woman has spoken of her 'nightmare' after her twin baby girls were apparently attacked in their cot by a fox - Pauline Kouparris has described how she found nine-month-old twins Lola and Isabella covered in blood in an upstairs room of their east London home on Saturday night.... (story)
Loondon Daily News 7.6.10 Its time to get rid of city foxes – Editorial - This stupid and romantic notion held by the "bohemian" middle classes of the capital that its wonderful to see foxes roaming around the streets of the capital has led to 27 foxes per square mile, and the terrible story of the Koupparis family in Hackney having their children attacked by a fox.Its time we used our common sense and ordered a mass cull of foxes from London, they offer nothing to the environment and the middle class "eco-warriors" should understand that wild animals and human beings just don't mix... (story)
Mirror 7.6.10 Fox attack on twins a 'nightmare' - The mother of twin baby girls who were mauled by a fox as they slept described the attack as "like a living nightmare".... (story)
Mirror 7.6.10 Mother's fears for fox attack twins - The mother of baby twins mauled by a fox as they slept has spoken of her fears for the girls as they recovered in hospital...(story)
Mirror 7.6.10 Nine-month-old twin girls mauled by fox in their bedroom By Lee Cain - Twin baby girls were seriously ill last night after being savaged by a fox. The helpless nine-month-old sisters were attacked as they slept in a bedroom of their inner-city home. They were said to be stable in hospital with arm and face injuries... (story)
Mail 6.6.10 Baby twin girls seriously injured after being 'savaged by fox' as they slept in their cots - Two baby sisters were seriously ill in hospital tonight after an apparent fox attack at their home. Police said the nine-month-old twins were in a ‘serious but stable’ condition after being hurt while sleeping in their cots last night. It has been reported that the fox crept into the house through a window or door that was left open during the warm evening on Saturday night... Limited details have been released but a police source has said: ‘The twins were attacked by a fox inside the house in an upstairs room.’... (story)
BBC News Online 6.6.10 Twin girls injured in suspected fox attack in London - Nine-month-old twin girls are in hospital after reports they were attacked by a fox at their home in east London. Police said officers and paramedics were called to a house at around 2200 BST on Saturday. The little girls are being treated at the Royal London Hospital and are described as being in a "serious but stable condition". Both are understood to have arm wounds and one has facial injuries.... (story)
Sky 6.6.10 Twin Girls Attacked By Fox In Bedroom - Alex Watts, Sky News Online - Two baby twin sisters are seriously ill in hospital after apparently being attacked by a fox while sleeping in their cots in east London. Officers and paramedics were called to the house in Homerton after reports that the nine-month-old babies had been attacked by the animal in an upstairs bedroom on Saturday night.... (story)

Argus 14.7.10 Baby fox rescued from sea off Eastbourne By Naomi Loomes - A baby fox was rescued from the sea after being spotted at a busy harbour. Tony Neads of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service WRAS reached the cub by boat and pulled the animal from the water near Sovereign Harbour in Eastbourne... (story)
BBC News Online 13.7.10 Young fox saved from watery death off Eastbourne - A fox found near death and floating in the sea off Sussex was rescued from the water and made an "amazing" recovery... Trevor Weeks said the fox was so cold its temperature would not register on the thermometer... Mr Weeks, from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service, said the boat owner who pulled the fox from the water had saved the animal's life... Rescuer Tony Neads went to the scene and wrapped the fox in a blanket to try to warm it up... (story)

Oxford Mail 14.7.10 ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST JAILED: Colleges targeted over lab By Thom Airs - AN animal rights campaigner has been convicted for the second time of plotting a bombing campaign against Oxford University. Mel Broughton was involved in the planting of petrol bombs at The Queen’s College’s sports pavilion, off Abingdon Road, and at Templeton College in Kennington to protest against the building of the £20m animal testing laboratory in South Parks Road.... (story)
Sun 13.7.10 Animal lab maniac caged for bombings By JAMIE PYATT - AN animal rights activist who planted petrol bombs at Oxford University was jailed for ten years yesterday. Mel Broughton, 49, was found guilty of arson at a retrial. He launched a "ruthless conspiracy to instill fear" in protest at plans to build a university-backed animal research laboratory... (story)
Guardian 13.7.10 Judge jails animal rights arsonist Mel Broughton for 10 years - Jury convicts campaigner protesting against animal testing lab of attacking Oxford University with homemade petrol bombs... Judge Patrick Eccles QC sentenced Broughton, of Northampton, to 10 years in jail after the jury found him guilty of conspiracy to commit arson following a four-week retrial at Oxford crown court.... (story)
Independent 13.7.10 Animal rights man guilty over petrol bombs By Lauren Turner, Press Association - An animal rights activist who planted petrol bombs at Oxford University is starting a prison sentence today after being found guilty at a retrial. Mel Broughton, 49, was protesting about plans to build an animal research laboratory in Oxford, backed by the university, when he made the devices out of water bottles and sparklers... (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 13.7.10 Animal rights activist found guilty at retrial of campaign against Oxford University - An animal rights activist from Northampton has been convicted of conspiracy to commit arson and having an article with intent to destroy property in a campaign against Oxford University. A jury today returned guilty verdicts at the retrial at Oxford Crown Court of Mel Broughton, of Semilong Road.... (story)
Oxford Mail 13.7.10 BREAKING NEWS: Mel Broughton found guilty - Animal rights campaigner Mel Broughton has been found guilty of charges relating to incidents at Oxford University's Templeton College and The Queen's College cricket pavilion.... (story)
DNA Worldwide 13.7.10 DNA testing helps prosecute animal rights arsonist - William Hobson - Evidence from DNA testing has helped in the apprehension and eventual prosecution of an animal rights activist who destroyed property at Oxford University using home-made petrol bombs. 49-year old Mel Broughton was arrested when police recovered one of his unexploded arson devices at Templeton College in 2007... DNA tests were conducted on the device and over the period of several months, the police investigation led to Mr Broughton... Further DNA testing on materials found at Broughton's flat suggested that he had assembled the incendiary devices using sparklers, firelighters and petrol... (story)
BBC News Online 13.7.10 Campaigner guilty of Oxford University arson plot - An animal rights campaigner has been given a 10-year prison term after being found guilty of plotting arson attacks against Oxford University buildings. Mel Broughton denied planning to firebomb Queen's College Sports Pavilion and Templeton College.... (story)
Oxford Times 13.7.10 Animal rights activist convicted - Animal rights activist Mel Broughton was today convicted of conspiracy to commit arson and having an article with intent to destroy property in a campaign against Oxford University, after a retrial at Oxford Crown Court.... (story)
Oxford Times 13.7.10 Jurors retire in arson trial - JURORS have retired to consider their verdict in the trial of animal rights campaigner Mel Broughton... (story)
Oxford Mail 6.7.10 Animal rights campaigner says: ‘I don’t break the law’ - Animal rights campaigner Mel Broughton, above, has told jurors he understands why people break the law for animals – but insisted he no longer did so... (story)
BBC News Online 5.7.10 Animal rights campaigner denies university bombing plot - An animal rights campaigner has denied plsanting home-made petrol bombs at two Oxford University sites. Mel Broughton, 50, of Semilong Road, Northampton, allegedly targeted Queen's College sports pavilion in 2006 and Templeton College the following year... (story)
Oxford Mail 17.6.10 Campaigner’s DNA on bomb, court told - AN animal rights campaigner planted home-made petrol bombs at two Oxford University sites, a court heard. Mel Broughton, 49, is alleged to have been protesting against the building of a university-backed animal testing laboratory in the city... (story)
Independent 17.6.10 Activist 'planted bombs at Oxford' By Sophie Maden - An animal rights campaigner used firework sparklers as fuses in home-made bombs he planted near a laboratory at Oxford University, a court heard. Mel Broughton's DNA was found on the base of one unexploded device and also on a pack of sparklers found at his home in Northampton, it was alleged... (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 17.6.10 Animal rights campaigner planted petrol bombs at Oxford University, court hears - An animal rights campaigner from Northampton planted home-made petrol bombs at two Oxford University sites, a court has heard. Mel Broughton. of Semilong Road, is alleged to have been protesting against the building of an animal testing laboratory in Oxford which was backed by the university. He denied the charges... (story)
Independent 16.6.10 Animal rights campaigner planted university bombs By Lauren Turner, Press Association - An animal rights campaigner planted home-made petrol bombs at two Oxford University sites, a court heard today. Mel Broughton is alleged to have been protesting against the building of an animal testing laboratory in Oxford which was backed by the university. (story)
BBC News Online 16.6.10 Animal rights campaigner 'targeted Oxford University' - An animal rights campaigner planted home-made petrol bombs at two Oxford University sites, a court heard today. Mel Broughton is alleged to have been protesting against the building of an animal testing laboratory in Oxford which was backed by the university..... (story)
Oxford Mail 15.6.10 Jury sworn in for animal right campaigned arson trial - A JURY has been sworn-in over a 49-year-old animal rights campaigner accused of plotting an arson attack against Oxford University. The trial of Mel Broughton, of Semilong Road, Northampton, is due begin at Oxford Crown Court tomorrow.... (story)
Cherwell Online 1.4.10 Infamous animal activist on trial again - The notorious Oxford animal rights activist Mel Broughton will stand trial once again for the alleged firebomb attacks against the University in 2006 and 2007... (story)
Oxford Mail 30.3.10 Bail for animal rights campaigner - AN animal rights protester will stand trial in June accused of an alleged firebomb attack on Oxford University. Mel Broughton, 48, of Semilong Road, Northampton, appeared at Oxford Crown Court yesterday morning... (story)
BBC News Online 30.3.10 Animal activist denies Oxford University fire-bomb plot - An animal rights campaigner has denied plotting fire-bomb attacks on Oxford University. Mel Broughton, 49, of Northamptonshire, is accused in connection with incidents at university premises in 2006 and '07.... Mr Broughton was granted bail on condition he does not enter Oxfordshire and does not engage in animal rights activities. He will be tried in June..... (story)
BBC News Online 24.3.10 Animal rights activist's fire-bomb conviction quashed - An animal rights campaigner jailed for 10 years for a fire-bombing campaign against Oxford University has had his conviction overturned. Mel Broughton, 48, of Semilong Road in Northampton, had been found guilty of conspiracy to commit arson... (story)
Oxford Mail 24.3.10 Mel Broughton conviction overturned AN animal rights campaigner jailed for 10 years for plotting a fire bomb attack on Oxford University has had his conviction overturned .... (story)
Oxford Mail 25.2.10 Animal rights activist fights bomb plot conviction By Tim Hobden - AN animal rights campaigner jailed for 10 years after being found guilty of plotting a fire-bomb attack on Oxford University has launched an appeal to clear his name. Mel Broughton, from Northampton, claimed he was found guilty on the basis of unreliable DNA evidence and is urging Appeal Court judges to quash his conviction... (story)
BBC News Online 25.2.10 Appeal over animal rights fire-bomb conviction - An animal rights campaigner jailed for 10 years for fire-bombing Oxford University has started an Appeal Court fight to clear his name. Mel Broughton, 48, of Semilong Road in Northampton, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit arson in February last year... The Appeal Court will give its ruling on Broughton's appeal at an unspecified later date (story)

Hampshire Chronicle 14.7.10 Animal lab plan is thrown out By Chris Harris - PLANS to move a controversial animal research laboratory to a quiet Meon Valley village have been thrown out. Wickham Laboratories' bid to move its operations to Upham near Bishop's Walthamhas been quashed by a planning inspector... “We're absolutely delighted,” said Marjorie Pooley, co-ordinator of Winchester Animal Concern... (story)
Portsmouth News 13.7.10 Animal testing lab sees bid to move rejected By Chris Broom - A controversial animal testing laboratory has lost a planning appeal that would have seen it move into a huge new headquarters. Wickham Laboratories had been hoping to build a new facility in Lower Upham in the Meon Valley. But planning inspector Jonathan King has rejected lab owner William Cartmell's appeal for the massive office and laboratory complex at Torbay Farm.... Veteran animal rights campaigner Helen Nelson, dubbed 'the granarchist' for her activities, said: 'We are absolutely delighted - this is what we've said all along, that it was in the wrong place.... Jeanette McClunan, of Stop Wickham Animal Testing, added: 'We would like to thank the residents of Lower Upham because they have worked so hard against this and helped to gain this decision.... (story)
Hampshire Chronicle 6.6.10 Wickham Laboratories want to move to Lower Upham - AN inquiry into whether a controversial animal research laboratory can move to a Hampshire village concluded yesterday. Wickham Laboratories is appealing againstWinchester City Council’s refusal of its plans to move to Lower Upham.... (story)
Portsmouth News 14.1.10 Animal testing lab wins right to site appeal By Chris Broom - A controversial animal testing laboratory has won a new hearing in its bid to move to a new rural site. Wickham Labs' application to move its operation from the village near Fareham to Lower Upham in the Meon Valley was rejected unanimously by Winchester City Council's planning committee last September. But the labs have been given the right to an informal hearing on the matter which will be held by a state-appointed planning inspector... Jeanette McClunan, a member of protest group Stop Wickham Animal Testing (SWAT), said: 'It's no surprise that Wickham labs has appealed, as they have on other occasions, and what part of the word "no" doesn't Wickham labs understand? ... (story)
Hampshire Chronicle 2.1.10 Wickham Laboratories to appeal city council decision By Warwick Payne - A ROW to decide if a controversial animal research laboratory can move in the Meon Valley has taken a fresh turn. Wickham Laboratories wants to leave its current base in Wickham and move around seven miles north to Lower Upham near Bishop's Waltham.... Animal right protesters have held regular demonstrations in Wickham against the firm, including annual marches through the town.... (story)
Portsmouth News 24.9.09 Animal test lab loses bid for new rural site By Chris Broom - Controversial plans to build a new animal testing laboratory in a rural village have been unanimously rejected. Wickham Labs, currently based in Wickham, failed in its latest bid to win permission for a purpose-built facility at Torbay Farm in Lower Upham... Afterwards, veteran animal rights campaigner Helen Nelson said: 'We are absolutely delighted. We have been working so hard towards getting this result, it's such a relief... (story)
Southern Daily Echo 24.9.09 Wickham animal lab plans thrown out - PLANNERS have thrown out contentious plans to move a laboratory to a Hampshire village. Wickham Laboratories asked Winchester planning chiefs if it could relocate its operations to Torbay Farm, Lower Upham... (story)
Hampshire Chronicle 23.9.09 Planners to rule on animal rights controversy - PLANNERS are set to rule on the future of a controversial laboratory that has drawn regular protests from animal rights activists. Wickham Laboratories wants to modernise its site at Torbay Farm in Scivier’s Lane, Upham, near Winchester.... Around 40 people have written to Winchester City Council to object to the scheme... (story)

Scottish Herald 14.7.10 Let’s hope Catalans ban cruel bullfighting - While many of us may be eagerly anticipating our holidays, another important date for animal lovers worldwide and those living in, or expecting to travel to, Spain is looming... I and the majority of my colleagues in the European Parliamentary Labour Party have written to the Catalan Socialist MPs expressing our support for the huge effort of the Initiative Legislative Popular (ILP) to end bullfighting in Catalonia... Whether it is bullfighting, the killing of whales in the Faroe Islands, fox-hunting, or our own fondness for sealskin sporrans, we must re-evaluate, adapt and progress. The traditions of tomorrow will be built on the values of the present. If there are traditions that we wish to hold sacred, let them be those of enlightenment, reason and, most importantly, compassion... David Martin is Scotland’s senior MEP and has recently been appointed as a new vice-president of the Animal Welfare Intergroup in the European Parliament. (story)


Oxford Mail 13.7.10 Humane cull - If foxes are deemed dangerous to us, then cull them as humanely as possible. This does not mean a return to the tradition of fox hunting. This displays a nasty element of sadism... June Wood, Landsdown Road, Seaford (letter)

Daily Post 13.7.10 One gun licence a day is granted in North Wales - MORE than one gun licence a day is handed out in North Wales. Police granted 121 firearms and 320 shotgun certificates in 2009/10. The Daily Post can reveal 20 people were refused a gun licence over that period, and 31 had their licence revoked... , Christopher Graffius, director of communications at the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, said politicians should support the UK’s tough gun laws. He said: "Access to legal firearms in Wales is strictly controlled and monitored and regulated to a very high standard by the police... (story)

Essex Echo 13.7.10 Anglers ignore council over lake fishing ban By Paul Offord - REBEL anglers defied a fishing ban at Canvey Lake. Around 20 members of Canvey Island Coarse Anglers turned out for a fishing competition on Saturday. They used the end of the lake where Canvey Town Council has banned fishing because of complaints from nearby residents of anglers making a racket late at night, urinating up garden fences, and arguing with an elderly lady who tried to feed the ducks. The police were called, but officers just took down the anglers’ personal details and did not arrest anyone.... (story)

Mirror 13.7.10 Fox-baiting on the rise - Thousands of blood sport enthusiasts are running illegal fox and badger-baiting clubs across the country.... Steve Taylor, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said it has seen thousands of images online and its popularity is growing, especially in inner cities... (story)

Bromsgrove Advertiser 13.7.10 Urban fox warning - WE live near the Perryfields allotments, which are known to be populated by many foxes. We have within the last week lost a cat and are sure that she has been attacked and killed by a fox.... My personal view, for what it’s worth, is that the fox has a right as any other animal for existence and I am totally against fox hunting as a ‘sport’. I do, however, believe that we should keep a boundary between the domain of the fox, which should be the countryside, and not in urban areas when they become a threat to domestic animals. John Hughes, Crabtree Lane, Bromsgrove (letter)

Argus 13.7.10 Don’t focus on greyhound cruelty - In response to Celia Marker, (Letters, July 6), we have owned racing greyhounds for 25 years and we have had immense pleasure and pride watching our dogs compete, win or lose. Our dogs come home when they retire and make wonderful, much-loved pets.... Melita Acton, Harvest Close, Telscombe (letter)
Argus 5.7.10 Dogs suffering - I was saddened to see on the website of The Martlets Hospice – a worthwhile charity whose prime aim is to relieve suffering – that it is supporting the so-called sport of greyhound racing at the invitation of Coral.... The fundraisers won’t see greyhounds with their ears cut off to remove their identities, and dumped. They won’t see them shot at the end of their careers or when they are too slow or when they break a leg. They won’t see them hung from trees as they do with racing greyhounds in Spain and Ireland.... Celia Marker Post Office Lane, Ringwood, Hampshire (letter)

Sun 14.7.10 Bunny is `set free' - A BELOVED pet bunny has been snatched from its hutch by an animal rights protester who left a note saying rabbits "should not be left alone with no interaction".... (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 13.7.10 Pet rabbit stolen by animal rights protester - Two young pet owners were left "heartbroken" when their rabbit was stolen by an animal rights protester in Lancashire.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 13.7.10 Pet rabbit stolen by protester - Two young pet owners were left "heartbroken" when their rabbit was stolen by an animal rights protester.... (story)
Mail 12.7.10 'Bunnies should be out socialising': Schoolgirl reduced to tears after animal rights activist steals rabbit and leaves taunting note - A schoolgirl burst into tears after an animal rights protester sneaked into her back garden stole her pet rabbit and left a note sneering: 'Bunnies should be out socialising.' Kiera Bailey, 13, and her younger brother Harry, 10, woke to discover that Barney the nine-year-old rabbit had been taken from his hutch at their home in Darwen, Lancashire.... A spokesman for Lancashire Police confirmed they had received a report of a stolen rabbit and a note about 'animal cruelty'. (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 10.7.10 Darwen family's pet rabbit set free by protestor By Sam Chadderton Crime reporter - A SELF-proclaimed animal cruelty protestor stole a pet rabbit and left the devastated family a note claiming ‘rabbits should be out socialising’. Oliver Bailey, 38, and his children Kiera, 13, and Harry, 10, woke on Friday morning to discover that Barney the nine-year-old rabbit had been taken from his hutch in the back garden of their Sunnyhurst home in Darwen .... (story)

Derby Telegraph 13.7.10 Street collection raises £140 for animal charity - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Derby for their generosity in raising £140.60 at a street collection on June 26.... William Maxwell, Animal Aid collection co-ordinator (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 13.7.10 Why do British farmers always get a battering? - I AM writing in response to Eileen Girling's letter regarding battery hens. I have to say I am utterly sick of the battering British farmers are constantly getting... (story)
Hull & East Riding Mail 15.6.10 Why is some animal cruelty ignored? THE BBC programme Springwatch is wonderfully done, is a credit to them and promotes the care and understanding of many creatures. It is disappointing then, that I have to agree with Steve Broom (June 11) who believes the BBC is a biased organisation. It is also hypocritical too as each day we hear of the promotion of meat meals, most of it factory farmed involving unacceptable levels of intense suffering to millions of sentient creatures.... Eileen Girling, Sigston Road, Beverley. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 11.6.10 Is it just me who notices how biased the BBC is? - I ENJOY Ian Midgley's column in the Mail...Is it just me who notices BBC bias? Everyone on Newsnight/Question Time/The Politics Show are all pro-gun lobby. Ridiculous arguments by shooting and conservation people state the Whitehaven killer could have used a car or knife instead... Steve Broom, Hull. (letter)


Torquay Herald Express 12.7.10 Hunting ban work wins MP award - BAY MP Adrian Sanders has won the League Against Cruel Sports' Parliamentarian of the Year Award. Mr Sanders has voted strongly in favour of the ban on hunting with dogs and has supported a number of other League Against Cruel Sports campaigns... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 12.7.10 Red deer are worth a visit to my land - I VERY much thank Mrs V Jones for her views regarding my use of dogs to disperse deer... Mrs Jones also writes that it would be good if others could visit my land to see the deer ... and I rather hope Mrs Jones might care to pay such a visit herself. If Mrs Jones does visit I am sure she will be glad that I refuse to abide by the condition laid down on the Hunting Act for the exemption of flushing out. This is that the deer are shot. Not just one but, as the courts have ruled, the whole herd. To me, to kill a herd of deer would be a crime against nature. That would be pure evil... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.7.10 Giles should think himself very lucky - SADLY Giles Bradshaw seems to have a real issue with the deer on his land, judging by the number of letters he writes to the Express & Echo.... The truth is, Mr Bradshaw, that the majority of people would feel privileged to share their space with these beautiful, timid creatures, to have the opportunity to view them at close quarters, to learn more about their way of life and watch their babies grow up... Mrs V Jones, Feniton (story)

Worcester News 12.7.10 Jon, now it’s getting boring – please stop - I wonder if other readers like myself are fed up with seeing letters from Jon Burgess nearly every week. His rantings range from foxhunting to veganism. He’s becoming boring, ill informed and I pray I’m not related to him... MAXINE BURGESS, Malvern (letter)

York Press 12.7.10 ‘Humane’ contradiction of hunting? There is an obvious contradiction in Bryan R Lawson’s letter (July 8) defending fox hunting... If Mr Lawson thinks that it is more “humane” for a fox to be torn to pieces by hounds while it is still alive than it is for it to be shot, then he inhabits a different world to the one I live in. B Emmerson, Charles Street, Selby.
• I should like to respond to Peter Blake’s letter (July 8) about foxhunting. I note that he was a saboteur and obviously will present a biased view. I have no shame in admitting that I am a fox hunter and I love the sport... I think repeal is inevitable as the ban does not work, the police should not waste time on it and it does nothing for the fox. Peter Lacy, Southampton
It was shocking and sad the two children were hurt by a fox and I would not wish to undermine that, but I wish the pro-hunters would not use this rare case to argue their cause... S Williams, Acomb, York (letters)
York Press 8.7.10 Hunting is humane - I AM grateful to D Fillingham (Letters June 29) for putting me right on approximate fox figures for rural and urban foxes. I would also like to say that I am not a strong advocate for the return of fox hunting... The facts, however, are these. The majority of farmers would like hunting to return as it is the only humane way to properly control their numbers... I notice none of my many writer critics comment on the hundreds of poor ducks and chickens left headless by their darling foxes? I always thought animals killed for food. Bryan R Lawson, Burton Fields Road, Stamford Bridge, York. (letter)
York Press 8.7.10 Sadistic cravings - I HAVE just read Christine Keller’s letter on fox hunting (June 29), saying that “foxes are not hunted for fun”. I have been on fox hunts as a saboteur, and for her to say a fox being hunted in other ways can result in them being injured is absolutely ridiculous... I have yet to hear of anyone who supports fox hunting hold their hands up and admit they enjoy the blood lust. Why? Are they ashamed but cannot help themselves of their sadistic cravings.... Peter Blake, Langley House, York (letter)
York Press 29.6.10 Rights and wrongs of foxhunting I HAVE just re d Ms Craven's letter “This is how I feel about foxes now”, and felt I had to respond. Foxes are not hunted for fun. Hunting with hounds was a way to reduce the fox population in the countryside. ... Christine Keller, Green Hammerton, York
IN answer to Bryan R Lawson (Letters, June 21), yes, I love foxes. But I also feel sorry for the parents and the children the fox attacked. There has to be a reason for this attack or there would be more. But let’s get this in perspective. In the last 12 years there have been two fox attacks... What Mr Lawson wants to see is the Government reinstating foxhunting. D Fillingham, The Crossway, Muncaster, York. (letters)
York Press 25.6.10 Should all 'scary creatures' be exterminated? Having read Bryan Lawson’s letter (The Press, June 21) with interest, he does perhaps need to answer his own question and elaborate further. Is Bryan suggesting that we should set about hunting foxes to extinction following the attack on the two babies living in the London area? And if this is the case, where do we stop?... Gary Flakes, St Swithin’s Walk, Holgate, York (letter)
York Press 23.6.10 This is how I feel about foxes now - BEING one of the “anti-hunt brigade” that Bryan Lawson refers to in his letter, I felt I had to respond... I think that Mr Lawson, along with the other “pro-hunt fraternity”, always misses the point. It is possible that foxes kill “for fun”, but they are animals of supposedly lesser intelligence than humans.... What has always been the point is that in today’s society, it is unacceptable that a supposedly intelligent human being kills any creature “for fun”... Ruth Craven, St Stephens Road, Acomb, York (letter)
York Press 21.6.10 How do they feel about foxes now? I WONDER what the anti-hunt protesters are feeling after the dreadful attack by one of their poor foxes on the two babies in the London area?... Bryan R Lawson, Burton Fields Road, Stamford Bridge. (letter)

Independent 12.7.10 The welfare of game birds - You report "Gun lobby persuades Government to kill off game bird welfare law" (5 July), but I would like to point out that the UK's largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has opposed the use of small cages for the production of game-bird eggs since 2005 and continues to do so... Tom Blades, Head of Game & Gamekeeping, BASC, Wrexham (letter)

Guardian 12.7.10 Kill the cull, not Wales's badgers - Despite no scientific evidence that bovine TB is transmitted by badgers, the farming lobby is hellbent on slaughtering them - Brian May - "Causing unnecessary suffering." In this second judicial review, in courtroom number 5 in Cardiff, this phrase leaps out at me. There is a whole mass of human behaviour which clearly, to anybody with a shred of integrity, falls into the category of "causing unnecessary suffering" – to other sentient creatures, human or otherwise. It ought to be clear, and people who know right from wrong should be putting up their hands to stop it. Yet the people who are causing this suffering, time and time again, find reasons to wriggle out of admitting their crime, and use any power or influence to enable themselves to go on causing the suffering. And this could apply to a government that orders the killing thousands of badgers under the pretext of fixing a disease problem in farmed animals.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 12.7.10 Is there anything not for culling? - EVERY time I switch on the radio or open a newspaper I find reports of yet another individual or group calling for a cull. Badgers, some species of duck, deer, foxes, Canada geese, moles, pigeons, parakeets, seagulls — one could go through the alphabet.... Whatever happened to All Things Bright and Beautiful? Sadly for the children of today they don't exist. Christine Enefer, Clyst St Mary (letter)

Bolton News 12.7.10 A roar of approval for animal rights youngsters - PUPILS at a school in Bromley Cross who undertook work promoting the rights of animals in circuses have received the roar of approval from a movie star. A personal letter was sent by Virginia McKenna, star of the film Born Free and founder of the Born Free Foundation, to a class at Clarendon Primary School.... The children of class 5b were working on a project called Wonderful Life, which was based around the premise of keeping wild animals in the wild. As part of the project, they contacted Born Free to state their concerns about the welfare of circus animals... (story)

Leicester -Mercury 12.7.10 'Good Egg' award for council service - Leicester City Council has been given an award for using free-range eggs in its catering services. By refusing to buy eggs laid by battery caged hens, the council has been honoured with a ''Good Egg'' award – a scheme run by Compassion in World Farming to encourage public and private sector organisations to switch to free-range eggs.... (story)


Irish Sunday Independent 11.7.10 Let the hare sit, and survive - THE Northern Ireland Assembly has passed an amendment to wildlife legislation banning hare coursing. Hunting of the animal had been prohibited for some years, and a firm law to end coursing had been expected. The Irish Council Against Blood Sports said this move should now put pressure on legislators in the Republic to ban "a cruel activity that many Irish people want outlawed".... (story)


Gloucester Citizen 10.7.10 Sharp shooters raise air ambulance funds - WHEN Amy Williams was left unable to move in a hunting accident, it was County Air Ambulance paramedics who helped pull her through... Amy was one of a group of people – beaters, pickers-up and guns for the Cold Aston Shoot, near Bourton-on-the-Water – who held a clay pigeon shooting event to raise £425 for the cause. Amy said: "I was out hunting with The Heythrop in early February when I had a nasty accident and fractured four vertebrae in my back... She added: "We wanted to highlight how important the air ambulance charity is to everybody, and especially those who live, work and play in the countryside." (story)

Horse & Hound 10.7.10 New Highland Drag disbanded after huntsman's arrest - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Scotland's new drag hunt — the Highland Drag — has been forced to fold before it even began, due to allegations of neglect of hounds and the arrest of its huntsman. Paul Lawrence joined the hunt in May, but turned out to be on the run from Thames Valley Police. He was arrested on 22 June in relation to a series of fraud offences across Oxfordshire and Berkshire and is in custody awaiting trial.... Joint-master of the Highland Drag Georgie Rutherford told H&H: "It has been a very sorry episode. We put our trust in someone, and they have let us down so badly. The Highland Drag Hunt has now been officially disbanded.... (story)
Inverness Courier 6.7.10 Drag hunt folds before first season By Andy Dixon - A DRAG hunting group has disbanded before its first full season even started following an investigation by an animal welfare charity which found some of its dogs had been neglected. Alasdair Hilleary, committee chairman of the Highland Drag Hunt - which was due to start in the autumn - apologised after Scottish SPCA inspectors discovered four hounds in unacceptable conditions in Dores two weeks ago.... Yesterday, Mr Hilleary confirmed the demise of the group but said steps had already been taken for a new group to replace it, which he would consider participating in... (story)
Inverness Courier 25.6.10 Drag hunt dogs found neglected - A NEW drag hunting group is reviewing its plans to start its first full season in the autumn after some of its dogs were found to have been neglected. Alasdair Hilleary, committee chairman of the Highland Drag Hunt, yesterday apologised after animal welfare inspectors were called in to investigate when four hounds were discovered in unacceptable conditions in Dores earlier this week... Mr Hilleary described it as a setback for the group's plans. "We had placed the hounds in the responsibility of somebody who has let us down," he said, not wanting to identify the individual.... The group's honorary joint secretary, Moira McCallum, resigned from the organisation after finding the dogs.... Former joint secretary Sheree Dobson also walked out on the group following the incident. "I'm not associating myself with them in any way, shape or form, because of the way the dogs were found," she said.... (story)

Somerset County Gazette 10.7.10 People in Chard warned of fox attacks on rabbits By Jamie Brooks - PEOPLE in Chard have been warned to keep an eye on their pet rabbits after another probable fox attack. Debbie Hake, from Forton Road, found blood in her garden on Wednesday morning and the rabbit was missing after an overnight attack... (story)

Mirror 10.7.10 Brave cat fights off fox in home twice - A fox which TWICE sneaked into a house through the cat flap has been sent packing - by the family's brave moggy. Misty, a four-year-old Persian, attacked the fox and it turned tail and fled. Her owner Julie Skuse, 46, said: "The fox was as bold as brass. But Misty was very brave. She smacked it across the face until it ran away."... (story)
Gloucester Citizen/Echo 9.7.10 Fox breaks into house through cat flap - loses fight with cat - A MUM and her two daughters were left terrified when a fox crept into their Quedgeley home after getting in through the cat flap. The fox sneaked into Julie Skuse's bedroom and sat on her windowsill. Julie's daughter Poppy, 15, confronted the animal before it darted out of the family home in Church Drive. But it returned minutes later back through the cat flap only to be chased off by their cat... (story)

Gloucester Citizen/Echo 10.7.10 "Cruel" nets causing bird deaths - A DISTRESSED bird-lover claims netting on rooftops above Cheltenham town centre shops is causing pigeons to suffer "cruel" deaths. A mesh of netting has been put up in the Promenade to prevent pigeons from roosting above shops and littering the pavement with droppings. But Simon Thomas, from Charlton Kings, says the birds are becoming tangled in the netting and are left to suffer for days until they eventually die... (story)


Cumnock Chronicle 9.7.10 Cathy's stand against animal cruelty recognised - KILMARNOCK and Loudoun MP Cathy Jamieson MP has been honoured for her commitment to tackling cruelty to animals. The Protecting Animals in Democracy (PAD) project has presented Cathy Jamieson MP with a Certificate in recognition of her full support for their VOTE4ANIMALS 2010 manifesto in the run-up to the May General Election. The manifesto included policies such as support for the hunting ban, the abolition of battery cages and reducing the number of animals that suffer in experiments.... (story)

Irish Independent 9.7.10 Puppy-farm bill passes despite threats of revolt By Fionnan Sheahan Political Editor - New laws clamping down on puppy farms comfortably passed through the Dail yesterday -- but it won't exclude kennels for hunting dogs from inspections... Greyhound owners will still be subject to inspections if they have more than five female breeding dogs. But there will be no such different treatment for hunt kennels, despite demands from Independent TDs Michael Lowry and Jackie Healy-Rae for them to be exempted... The RISE, Rural Ireland Says Enough, campaign said it was disappointed not to secure the exemption of hunt kennels, as it says it was promised in writing by Mr Gormley (story)
Irish Examiner 9.7.10 Hunts win exemption on puppy kennel fees By Mary Regan Political Reporter - HUNTS will be exempt from registration or inspection fees for their puppy kennels under last minute changes to the contentious Dog Breeding laws which were rushed through on the last day of Dáil term.... But rural campaign group, RISE, expressed disappointment that the Government did not agree to an outright exemption for kennels breeding dogs for hunting – something sought by some Fianna Fáil backbenchers... (story)

Irish Independent 9.7.10 Stop peddling lies about Ward Hunt 'ban' - Why are people allowed to get away with peddling the absolute lie that the Ward Hunt has been banned (Letters, July 8)? The Wildlife Bill 2010 does no such thing. All it does is ban the bit at the end in which a living animal is torn to pieces. It makes no mention of the Ward Hunt... Desmond FitzGerald, Canary Wharf, London
I see "racegoers with a love of their sport" are bemoaning the loss of the Ward Union tradition of "proudly" leading in the winner at Fairyhouse this year ('Cowen won't get big race welcome', Letters, July 8). I'm sure the stags won't object to the absence of their former antagonists from this sporting spectacle, and neither will the victorious horses for that matter... John Fitzgerald, Kilmacow, Co Kilkenny
When proponents of hunting live unsupported in forests or coverts, or up trees for years on end -- and then endure being chased and hounded over hill and dale, through hedges and over ditches while carrying a horse on their back -- only then can real discussion on the subject begin. Michele Savage, Dublin 12 (letters)

Sevenoaks Chronicle 9.7.10 Drop the gun and leave foxes alone - I WRITE in response to the anonymous Borough Green man who has threatened to shoot any foxes seen on his estate (Chronicle, July 1). The fox attack on the babies in East London was a first.... But all the excessive tabloid coverage has done, by whipping up such anti-fox hysteria among such ignorant urbanites, is to strengthen David Cameron's proposal to scrap the Hunting Act and make the hunting of not just foxes, but deer, hares, mink and, no doubt sooner or later, otters as well, legal again in gratitude for the help given to the Tories' election campaign by the Countryside Alliance... Dave Wetton, Castle View, Hadlow (letter)
ThisIsKent 2.7.10 'i will be shooting AT FOXES' - THE fear of foxes is running so high on a Borough Green housing estate one man is threatening to shoot them. Declining to be named as he is afraid of reprisals, he said he was horrified when a fox slipped through three doors and was about to go upstairs, where his baby was asleep.... (story)

Dundee Courier 9.7.10 Game shooting contributes to conservation - ,-Jim Crumley has been selective in his view of ptarmigan (July 6). It is the concern that the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust has for conservation that has prompted us to work with the Cairngorms National Park Authority to understand more about trends and impacts on this species, exactly what Mr Crumley suggests in his last paragraph. Mr Crumley assumes that shooting has a major impact on ptarmigan, something this study is hoping to assess, rather than jump to conclusions... (Dr) Adam Smith. Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Scone Airport. (letter)

Romford Recorder 9.7.10 Take the bait - I REALISE that our editor is not a local man or does not visit our glorious park on a Sunday afternoon. I do frequently and am disappointed by the many "minority" fishermen that spoil it... ROYSTON COOMER, Hornchurch (letter)
Romford Recorder 2.7.10 Anglers who can sling their hook - I HAVE made a complaint to the council concerning the lake and field ecological management of Raphaels Park - our only real taste of nature in our local built environment. In recent years the management of Raphaels Park lake has been tailored to a specialist group of carp fishermen and not the full cross-section of the community and animal/plant life it should be.... I have never seen a park management situation that ignores the majority cross-section and panders to a yobbish elite in this way. DAVID ELISHA, The Drive, Collier Row (letter)

Romford Recorder 9.7.10 Fearless foxes a risk to children, says gran - A WOMAN confronted by a fearless urban fox which had just killed a pet has told of her concerns over the threat the predators pose to young children and animals. Marion Curwood, 68, had seen six pet hens slaughtered by foxes when she came face to face with one moments after it had claimed a seventh from a coop in her back garden... Marion, of Maybrock Road, Hornchurch, whose youngest grandchild is two years old, added: "When I was a child people put their babies outside in prams. I don't know what mothers do now, but I do know it's not a safe thing to do now because of the foxes.... (story)

News Shopper 9.7.10 PETTS WOOD: Mum-of-three finds fox in bedroom By Nina Massey - A MOTHER-OF-THREE was shocked to discover a fox in her bedroom. Shortly after putting her children to bed at 8pm on July 5, 35-year-old Sarah Miles of Nightingale Road, Petts Wood, went to her own bedroom.... Moments later she found herself face to face with a fox.... “The council should monitor what’s happening. When I came down this morning I discovered the fox had marked its scent everywhere, so I’ve been washing everything, even the kids’ clothes. I’ve had my doors closed all day.” (story)

Plymouth Herald 9.7.10 Halal 'horrors' - I WAS horrified to read that yet another shop, the fourth selling Halal meat, has opened in Plymouth. In my opinion, halal slaughter is brutal, with no stunning of the animal as is legally required in our slaughter houses.... JEAN TURNER, Plympton (letter)

Express 9.7.10 PROTECTING BRITAIN'S LAST BIG CAT PERFORMING CIRCUS By Tom Vaughan - PROTESTERS say it's cruel and customers are dwindling yet Martin Lacey is fighting tooth and claw to protect Britain's last big cat performing circus... (story)

Argus 9.7.10 Animal cruelty - I was horrified to learn of the appalling cruelty inflicted upon a sheep by some depraved creatures (The Argus, June 26). I hope the police are successful in apprehending them very soon.... Brenda Smith Valebridge Drive, Burgess Hill (letter)


Irish Times 8.7.10 Dog breeding Bill passed in Dáil - The controversial dog breeding Bill has been passed in the Dail by 92 votes to 50, after the Labour Party voted with the Government... Last week, Minister for the Environment John Gormley announced amendments to the Bill whereby the microchipping of hunting dogs would be delayed for a year as a concession to hunt clubs... A planned protest by the pro-hunting campaign group Rise (Rural Ireland Says Enough) outside Leinster House yesterday was called off (story)
Belfast Telegraph 8.7.10 Animal welfare Bill passed in Dail - The Government's latest piece of animal welfare legislation has been comfortably passed in the Dail after it was altered to secure the support of the Greyhound industry and pro-hunt lobby. RISE! (Rural Ireland Says Enough) and the Irish Greyhound Board said it would no longer oppose the planned controversial dog breeding laws after it was passed by more than 40 votes... (story)

Dublin People 8.7.10 Broughan has no regrets after losing Labour Party whip - A NORTHSIDE TD said he has no regrets after losing the Labour Party whip following last week’s final vote on the contentious Wildlife Amendment Bill 2010. It’s the second demotion for rebel Dublin North East TD Tommy Broughan (Lab) in as many years... Speaking to Northside People, Deputy Broughan, a long-time opponent of blood sports, said he refused to toe the party line again last week and absented himself from the vote on stag hunting.... (story)

Swindon Advertiser 8.7.10 letter from Philip Beaven - I SEE that my local MP Justin Tomlinson has been confirmed as a member of the support team at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Going by his recent support for stag hunting, hare coursing and fox hunting it is difficult to see what he can bring to this role... PHILIP BEAVEN Merton Avenue Swindon (letter)

Essex Gazette/Chronicle 8.7.10 Mother finds fox lying under bed in family home - A MOTHER was shocked to find a fox in her bedroom. The animal ran upstairs and settled down under a bed before it was eventually chased off. Mum Eve Fisher was at her home in Shortlands Avenue, Ongar, when she first noticed the wild animal... (story)

Western Mail 8.7.10 Water voles are being saved from minks by text alerts by Sally Williams, Western Mail - WILDLIFE watchers are using text alerts to help protect water voles from being wiped out in Wales by its main predator, the mink. A four-year study on water voles, the animal immortalised as Ratty in Wind in the Willows, has just been completed by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, after a £1.4m river restoration project funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.... (story)

Dundee Evening Telegraph 8.7.10 Appalling way of dealing with gull problem - The report concerning the shooting of seagulls and the alleged bludgeoning of a chick in Gellatly Street, Dundee, left me so appalled... Carolyn Taylor, Wellbank
Horrible act - I read the story in the Tele about seagull culling with utter disgust and disbelief... Any other animal lover wishing to contribute towards the complaint should contact me... Daryl B. Easy Walkers
Leave them alone - I was very upset to read the story in the Evening Telegraph about the seagulls being shot, and particularly about the baby gull being beaten to death... Gary Macintosh (Aged 14).
Barbaric - I was so angry to read about the seagull cull in Dundee... Alix.
It’s not the way - Something had to be done about the seagull problem in Dundee but sadly the council went about it the wrong way... Dyke.
Cruel methods - I was horrified to read in the Tele about the methods used by the council to cull the seagulls... Carmen Cox, Fleming Gardens South
Appalled - I am absolutely appalled that the council is now shooting seagulls and killing chicks in the most barbaric way.... Gordon, Dickson Avenue, Dundee (letters)


Galway Independent 7.7.10 Magical night at Hunt Ball - A magical Midsummer Night's Ball is to take place next week, with attendees warned to expect the unexpected. Hosted by North Galway Hunt, the event will be held at the Lisloughrey Lodge Hotel on Saturday 17 July... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 7.7.10 Deer ruling makes no sense at all - IN her letter "Nowhere for deer to be dispersed to", June 30, G E Purser criticises my use of dogs to disperse deer from coppiced woodland..., in their handbook the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers recommend that people manage coppice woodland by taking dogs into them in order to disturb the deer.... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 30.6.10 Nowhere for deer to be dispersed to - Giles Bradshaw wants his local hunt to use their hounds to 'disperse' deer from his woodland. Disperse them to where, I ask. Onto his neighbours' farmland, onto private gardens, onto the highways? Far from being a 'welfare friendly' act, it would dangerously disturb not only the deer, but all the other wildlife, for absolutely no long-term gain... Mrs G E Purser, Clapton-on-the-Hill, Cheltenham (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.6.10 Welfare-friendly role for the hunt - I AM giving permission for my local stag hunt to flush deer out of cover with dogs on my land in order to disperse them. I am instructing the hunt not to pursue, catch or kill the deer... I am writing to the police, Defra and the RSPCA to check that they have no legal objections to the hunt flushing deer without shooting them or limiting the number of dogs used.... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)

Irish Times 7.7.10 Dáil vote on stag hunting - Noel Whelan (Opinion, July 3rd) says that animal welfare issues are a minority concern, even in urban middle class Ireland. In saying this he is not doing justice to the many people and organisation for whom animal welfare is a very important issue. These animal lovers tend to be shouted down by a very vocal group of people who, by riding horses to hunt, fancy themselves as the new aristocracy.... CARMEL COURTNEY, Sandyford Road, Dublin 16 (letter)

Irish Independent 7.7.10 Why does the animal rights lobby, and apparently the Greens, object to activities in which animals are frightened but not killed (except accidentally) such as stag hunting and hare coursing, but does not object to activities in which animals are frightened and then killed like fishing? - Brian Kelly, Athlone, co Westmeath (letter)

Mirror 7.7.10 Foxes used in illegal pit bull terrier fights By Tom McTague and Andy Rudd - Sick thugs are catching foxes in nets then using them in vicious illegal fights with pit bull terriers. The animals have become targets since twins were attacked in their cot by a fox. Wildlife volunteer Toby Horrod, 32, said: “These yobs used to train dogs by fighting them against stray cats. Then they started catching the foxes for the same reason.... Fox expert Trevor Williams said the animals would be ripped to pieces by any pit bull.... (story)

K9 magazine 7.7.10 “Cruelty And Killings” At Manchester Dog Track Submitted by Jennifer White - An international Greyhound protection group has renewed its calls for the closure of the dog track at Manchester’s Belle Vue Stadium, after learning of the deaths of two more Greyhounds there. Greyhound Action is also claiming that dogs racing at the stadium are sometimes cruelly treated while being put into the traps... Tony Peters, Greyhound Action’s UK Co-ordinator, said: “These tragic deaths are just the continuation of a long list of greyhound fatalities at Belle Vue Stadium.... (story)


ThisIsDevon 6.7.10 Hunt supporters bid to overturn ban with watchdog proposal - Countryside campaigners are supporting plans to create a hunting watchdog to put the sport under stricter rules if a ban on hunts is overturned.... In an effort to steer the controversial change through, a proposed Hunting Regulatory Authority (HRA) has been proposed to oversee the sport if it was legalised again... (story)
Sunday Telegraph 4.7.10 Hunt supporters offer compromise deal to try and overturn ban - Hunt supporters have offered their opponents a major concession in an attempt to win parliamentary support for an overturn of the ban on hunting. By Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor - Hunts have backed plans for the sport to be put under tight regulation to stamp out any unnecessary cruelty if hunting was made legal. The proposal, led by Lord Donoughue, the senior Labour peer, has also won the backing of Tory and Labour MPs and peers, it can be revealed.... In a significant change of strategy, the hunting community has agreed that Lord Donoughue should chair a proposed Hunting Regulatory Authority which would oversee the sport if it was legalised.... (story)

Irish Independent 6.7.10 Quinn defends stag vote as chance to topple Coalition By Michael Brennan Political Correspondent - FORMER Labour leader Ruairi Quinn last night justified his party's decision to vote against the stag hunting ban by saying it was an opportunity to bring the Government down. But he confirmed the statement made by his party leader Eamon Gilmore that it would not overturn the ban if it got into Government... (story)

Irish Times 6.7.10 TDs silent on other attacks on rural Ireland - FINTAN O'TOOLE - Where is the passion of TDs when ‘the rural way of life’ is being slowly strangled by policies of more much consequence than stag-hunting? ... TDs who usually make the boring priest in Father Ted sound like Oscar Wilde after a few too many absinthes have been working themselves up into the most lurid flights of oratorical fancy. Thus, banning the Ward Union stag hunt (headed by Ray Burke’s old pal and prominent Anglo Irish Bank client Mick Bailey) is “an attack on rural life” (Bernard Durkan), on the “traditions of those living in rural Ireland” (Phil Hogan), on “ordinary, decent people ... [who] are being terrorised” (Mattie McGrath), on “rural Ireland and its traditions” (Johnny Brady), and so on.... one can’t help wondering where all this passion goes when “the rural way of life” is being slowly strangled by policies that are much more mundane but also of infinitely more consequence. The “traditions of those living in rural Ireland” surely include, for example, going to the post office... (story)

Irish Independent 6.7.10 Fox hunting is a barbaric 'sport' - I READ with horror and disbelief Catriona Murphy's article 'Why I'll never give up fox hunting' (Weekend Review, Irish Independent, July 3). I have never read such utter nonsense. There was no concrete argument as to why this cruel, pointless, evil, horrific and barbaric 'sport' should continue... Bridget Ryan, Donohill, Co Tipperary (letter)

Irish Times 6.7.10 Taking care of racehorses - In the wake of the sham debate on stag hunting, a closer look shows how many people, including the Greens, ignore the real issue of animal suffering by ignoring the other big animal in the room. If the Green Party really had a serious commitment to reducing suffering and fatalities then why did it not challenge the horrific number of racehorses that face euthanasia every year as a result of falls at fences?... PAUL KELLY, Riverside, Rochestown, Cork. (letter)

Express 6.7.10 KILLER FOX SAVAGES PET DOG By Laura Holland - A HORRIFIED father and his young children watched helplessly as their pet dog was snatched by a fox and savaged to death. ... (story)
Mirror 6.7.10 Pet chihuahua savaged by fox in family garden By Richard Smith -Two children watched in horror as a fox snatched their pet dog from the garden and killed it. The fox grabbed two-year-old chihuahua Princess by the throat and ran off with her in its jaws. Dad-of-three Toby Khanna, 38, gave chase as it leapt a 4ft fence... (story)
Sun 6.7.10 Fox kills pet Chihuahua By JAMIE PYATT - A DISTRAUGHT dad told yesterday how his family's pet chihuahua was slaughtered by a fox... (story)
Star 6.7.10 FOX KILLS PET DOG By Simon Finlay - A family has been left devastated after their tiny pet dog was killed by a fox. Toby Khanna, 38, and his children watched helplessly as chihuahua Princess was snatched from their garden.... (story)
Bournemouth Echo 5.7.10 Fox kills Khanna’s pet Chihuahua in Courthill Road, Parkstone By Juliette Astrup - A HORRIFIED father has told how he saw a fox kill his children’s beloved pet Chihuahua in the garden of their Poole home. Tiny 3kg Princess was snatched by the fox in broad daylight from a property in Courthill Road, Parkstone. Hearing her yelp, owner Toby Khanna turned to see the animal disappearing over the fence. He gave chase – but found only his tiny dog’s body.... Mr Khanna, 38, a full-time carer for his children, said he had been worried about the fox in his garden for weeks after it had chased his dog a number of times. He had called Borough of Poole and he was told the council didn’t deal with foxes, and was advised to call the RSPCA... An RSPCA spokesman said there was “very little recorded evidence” that foxes attacked domestic pets.... (story)
Mail 5.7.10 Now a family's pet Chihuahua is savaged to death in the latest attack by an urban fox By LUKE SALKELD - In the countryside no-one is surprised when a fox attacks a chicken or a lamb. But the increasingly brazen attitude of the urban variety has left a family in shock - after their pet dog was savagely killed in their garden. Princess, a two-year-old Chihuahua did not stand a chance when she was snapped up by the jaws of a large fox which crept onto Toby Khanna's property in broad daylight... (story)

Western Mail 6.7.10 Minister has to act quickly to meet judges’ cull challenge by Daniel Fisher, Western Mail - THE minister who ordered a badger cull in West Wales moved swiftly last night to meet a legal challenge raised by Appeal Court judges.... The Badger Trust is seeking to overturn a High Court order that endorsed the National Assembly’s cross-party approval of a cull in north Pembrokeshire ... the judges gave Ms Jones until 5pm yesterday to respond and last night she said she would accept their argument and seek National Assembly approval to amend the order before the Senedd closes for summer on July 16... (story)
Western Mail 6.7.10 Judgement day looms for the badger cull by Steve Dube, Western Mail - JUDGEMENT in the Badger Trust’s appeal against the High Court’s refusal to grant a judicial review on badger culling, is expected to be handed down in Cardiff some time next week.... (story)

Western Telegraph 6.7.10 No more Badger spotting holidays - My husband and I have just returned from a holiday in Pembrokeshire. The reason we picked the particular location was because we were told we would probably see badgers.... I was horrified to learn of the proposed cull, especially as there is a vaccine which is licensed for use on badgers... I have now joined the Badger Trust and written to Elin Jones, the minster for rural affairs... Barbara Prest, Deepdale Drive, Leasingham, Sleaford, Lincs (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 6.7.10 Rescued mink making good progress at Cumbrian animal centre By Phil Coleman - They are regarded as American invaders of the British countryside by some. But Minnie the American mink has had no problem being accepted by staff at Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Centre... as was explained by Emma Scott, who runs Knoxwood with her father George, mink have now become so persecuted by those who regard them as vermin that it would be just too risky to release him back into the wild...“We’d love for him to go back to the wild, but I can’t see any safe way of doing it.”... (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 6.7.10 Stop factory farming - Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 5.7.10 End the spread of factory farms - JUSTIN KERSWELL Viva! York Court Bristol (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.7.10 Stop the spread of huge factory farms - Britain is reaching a crossroads, as we lurch towards the introduction of gigantic American style factory farms....Plans are due to be resubmitted shortly for what would Europe's largest ever dairy farm, where over 8,000 cattle will be kept inside nearly all year... The pig industry is also becoming more intensive with what is set to be Britain's largest ever pig farm... We are trying to stop the spread of this across the UK. Please join the growing number of people saying "No!" to factory farming. Of course, the best way to stop this in its tracks is to withdraw your custom — and the best way to do that is to go veggie. Justin Kerswell Viva! campaigns manager York Court, Wilder Street Bristol (letter)

Chelmsford Weekly News 6.7.10 Protesters urge public to boycott controversial circus - A CONTROVERSIAL animal circus is returning to Colchester. Last year, the Great British Circus sparked a renewed outcry against the alleged cruelty of using wild animals for pleasure, after footage was leaked which appeared to show an elephant being hit... Protesters subsequently gathered outside the big top when it arrived in Stanway last summer to make their feelings known... Mark Jones, programme director at Sussex-based charity Care for the Wild International, claimed the video footage last year was further evidence of the alleged “neglect, misuse and abuse” of animals, something the Great British Circus has always strenuously denied... (story)


Irish Times 5.7.10 Stag hunt ban to stay – Labour - MICHAEL PARSONS in Kilkenny - THE LABOUR Party will not overturn the ban on stag hunting if elected to government... Pro-hunting activists had taken comfort from Fine Gael’s announcement that the party would reverse the ban in a future government. But Mr Gilmore’s statement would appear to rule out any future reprieve for the State’s only such hunt, the Co Meath-based Ward Union... (story)

Irish Times 5.7.10 ISPCA concern at foxhound exemption - GENEVIEVE CARBERY - THE EXEMPTION of foxhounds from microchipping may create a loophole for rogue breeders, the ISPCA said yesterday... (story)

Irish Independent 5.7.10 Coursing is as bad as stag hunting - WHILE grateful to the Green Party for succeeding in getting the indefensible cruelty of stag hunting banned, I hope the Government will not stop there. If this bloodsport merits abolition, then surely the case for banning live hare coursing is even more compelling?.... Chris Morris, Loughboy, Kilkenny (letter)

Irish Examiner 5.7.10 Question of priorities - THE Green party has worked very hard to ensure the passage of the stag hunt bill so that these animals might avoid stress. Meanwhile, cystic fibrosis sufferers continue to fight for the dedicated unit in St Vincent’s hospital, Dublin... Would the Greens care to think about the stress human beings must suffer and work to do something about it? Noel Cronin Beech Road Muskerry Estate Ballincollig Co Cork (letter)

Independent 5.7.10 Gun lobby persuades Government to kill off game bird welfare law By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent - The government has acceded to the wishes of shooting groups and scrapped plans that would have freed millions of pheasants from small cages. Jim Paice, the new farming minister, withdrew a new code of practice for the welfare of Britain's 40 million game birds last month after pressure from country sports organisations including the Game Farmers' Association and the Countryside Alliance... (story)

Worthing Herald 5.7.10 People to blame, not foxes - I DO not believe we should cull foxes. Because of the alleged attack on two children, it has all got out of proportion. There have been no substantiated attacks on people in the UK, that is fact... Diane O'Brien, Burnham Road, Worthing (letter)

Western Telegraph 5.7.10 Bovine TB is still rife - I have recently been reading newspaper articles and other material published by Pembrokeshire Against the Cull that talks about the Welsh Assembly “hiding” the fact that rates of bovine TB in Wales have fallen dramatically. This is not the case.... It is frustrating to see campaigners misusing statistics for their own ends because this is still early days in the fight against bovine TB and infection is still rife in our countryside. I wish it was true to say that we have turned a corner in this TB epidemic, but this is not yet the situation nor the experience of farmers in many parts of Wales, including the pilot area... Dr Christianne Glossop, Chief veterinary officer for Wales, Welsh Assembly. (letter)


Sunday Business Post 4.7.10 Controversial stag hunt vote lays bare Labour’s cynicism - One of the many great peculiarities about how we run our public affairs is that the greatest passions are reserved for side issues. So it is that the quiet trundle towards recess has been interrupted by debate on the matters of stag hunting and dog breeding.... Surprisingly, the consensus is that last week was very significant indeed because of what it showed about the main parties and what they actually believe in, and how they are approaching the politics of the rest of the Dáil term. It also revealed a lot about the influence of pressure groups on Irish politics... (story)
Sunday Business Post 4.7.10 Deer factor highlights arrogance of Greens By Tom McGurk - Last Wednesday, as has been the statistical reality since the start of this year, another four small businesses went to the wall in this country...I’m sure as they sat down on Wednesday evening and watched the news reports of another day the Dáil had spent arguing about the wildlife status of stags in Co Meath and exactly what constituted a breeding bitch, they will have been duly impressed... The whole Ward Union business has been a political disaster - and not least for the Greens themselves. What was intended to be a headline grabbing strategy to illustrate the superior moral philosophy of Green politics has instead become a vivid example of why environmental ideologues simply can never see the wider political wood for the trees... (story)
Sunday Business Post 4.7.10 Puppy power and stag parties By Niamh Connolly Political Correspondent - If name recognition alone wins Dáil seats, then Mattie McGrath will be one of the few Fianna Fáil TDs to romp home at the next general election.... McGrath has been considered a constant mutineer inside the ranks and after voting against the government’s ban on stag hunting last week, he has cleared the way for more backbench revolts... As cabinet ministers and Fianna Fáil backbenchers huddled around McGrath ahead of last Tuesday’s vote to ban the Ward Union Stag Hunt in Meath, all the signals were that the Dáil had entered far more volatile times.... (story)

Irish Sunday Independent 4.7.10 John, wake up and smell the incinerator - The Green minister's strategy shows how parish-pump politics is alive and well, writes Celia Larkin ...Presumably, when the Green Party decided to go into government they hoped to make a difference in Irish society... over in Fianna Fail in recent times, Mary Wallace also had a dilemma. Hers was stag hunting in her back yard. Mary's electorate, family, friends and neighbours are members of the Ward Union Hunt, the only stag hunt in the country.... The key difference between the two is that Mary Wallace is a parliamentarian, one who understands that if you want to make a difference you accept how parliamentary politics work. You have to -- that's how business gets done. Mary Wallace knew this, and so, having strongly voiced her objections to the bill, she accepted the majority rule and voted in favour of the bill.... (story)
Irish Sunday Independent 4.7.10 Brendan Keenan: Welcome to the hotel of the past conditional - Partisan politics does not bode well for our economy: we've got to start pulling together... The circumstances of September 2008 will never recur. But circumstances look like they may present equally impossible choices. Stag hunting comes into that. The Ward Union hunt will no longer be able to bring down stags (although they had stopped actually doing that).... There was a sense that the political revolt was so serious, not just because of the issues, but because it was something TDs could get their teeth into... (story)
Irish Sunday Independent 4.7.10 Another week of bitching By Eilis O'Hanlon - THOUSANDS of animals get slaughtered in Ireland every week just so some drunk can have a batter burger with his chips on the way home from the pub, but all the Green Party seems to care about is stopping a few posh people on horseback chasing stags.... (story)

Irish Sunday Independent 4.7.10 Barbaric hunting will have to stop - The Ward Union Stag Hunt is no more. However, the winning vote of three shows just how far Ireland has yet to travel.... Had the Ward Union Hunt recognised 20 years ago that setting dogs on a simple, innocent and defenceless creature was wrong and replaced it with drag hunting, then they could have had their horses, dogs and fun without the shame and whiff of barbarity and the many whispers of West Brit traditions hanging on alone in Ireland....John Farrelly, Ballybough Road, Dublin 3 (letter)

Sunday Express 4.7.10 IGNORE EXTREMISTS: KILL FOXES TO SAVE OUR BABIES By Lesley-Ann Jones - Would you shave your head for an animal? Would you hurl fake blood and howl abuse at people, smear road-kill on their front doors, slash their car tyres, post hate mail through their letter boxes or hide behind the internet and write them death threats?... Calling themselves Animal Rights Activists, this barmy army of nutcases make it their business to stand up for the “rights” of the poor, unrepresented, voiceless creatures of our planet, sometimes doing it in such a way that threatens or even endangers the lives of humans... Some, however, are dangerously barking. The kind of people who read about “fox twin” babies Lola and Isabella Koupparis, attacked in their cots at home in Hackney, East London, last month and left disfigured for life, and rage that their parents staged the attack on purpose in order to make the Government rethink its stance on fox hunting. Yes, you’ve heard it all now... It’s time to stop fantasising about fantastic Mr Fox and to begin culling him. Killing foxes is a highly contentious issue, sure. But dead babies are worse (story)

Wales on Sunday 4.7.10 The Fox Attack Twins: BBC1 by Nathan Bevan - WATCHED The Fox Attack Twins: A BBC One Special on Thursday night and felt terrible for that poor family. They, like any other parent whose child has been badly hurt, must have gone through hell with it all. Still, at least they had the presence of mind, while their babies lay badly mauled and possibly scarred for life, to take lots of photos on their iPhone, post them on Facebook and conduct numerous interviews with several news agencies and national newspapers while struggling to deal with the shock...maybe, just maybe – and this is just me throwing ideas around, okay? – if you know you live in an area of urban foxes, then perhaps not leaving the back doors open, the barbecue leftovers lying about and your infant children unattended in their cots while you watch telly, might be an easier solution...(story)

Kent Online 4.7.10 'Fearless fox looked me in the eye' - A man has warned parents not to leave their children unattended in the garden after he jousted with a fox in his home. Peter Outen, of Scotby Avenue, Walderslade, was confronted by the animal in his kitchen on Friday night.... (story)

Sunday Express 4.7.10 ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS PLANNING NEW WAR ON TEST LABS By Ted Jeory - BRITAIN’S animal rights movement is planning a new war against vivisection laboratories after securing a significant victory in its fight to ban testing on live creatures. Activists are plotting to step up their campaign after being emboldened by a Government decision to end tests of bleach and other household products on live rabbits and guinea pigs—experiments relatively few people realised still existed... Their new targets include a laboratory currently being built at Leicester University where demonstrators have chained themselves to railings and gone on hunger strike amid police warnings to the site’s construction workers to increase security. Activists have already broken into the premises of Willmott Dixon, the construction company leading the work, where they unfurled a banner from the roof saying the company was “building hell for animals”... (story)

Sunday Herald 4.7.10 Boycott the bull-slaughter - Tom Shields is correct that a bullfight is “not a square go” (It’s time to follow the ‘cowardly’ matador and leave bulls alone, Opinion, June 20). “Bullfight” is really the wrong word. Calling the spectacle a bull torture-slaughter would be more accurate... Sandra Busell, Edinburgh (letter)


Irish Independent 3.7.10 I will NEVER give up the thrill of the chase - It's the adrenalin that does it for me. The thrill of the chase induces a physical response within me. My heart beats faster when I catch a glimpse of a fox slipping quietly out of a covert.... The anti-hunt lobby would like to portray me and other hunting supporters as nothing more than bloodthirsty psychopaths with no regard for the fox. I would argue the opposite is true -- no one admires a fox like a hunt supporter... (story)

Irish Independent 3.7.10 'Once I tried it, I was hooked' - Joanne Quirke is a 30-year-old vegetarian from Skerries, Co Dublin. She is also a keen stag hunter and has been left reeling from the decision by the Dail to ban her beloved pastime. A member of the Ward Union -- the country's only stag hunt -- she is anxious to quash misperceptions. "The stag is not killed," she says... (story)

Irish Independent 3.7.10 Coalition won't survive another culture clash - SUPPOSE you drew up a table of current political issues, ranked in order of importance from 100 to zero. Obviously the economy would score 100. At how much would you rate stag hunting? Five per cent? Ten per cent? Yet it is the right or otherwise of a small group of (mostly rich) people to chase stags across the fields of Meath and North Dublin that has destabilised the Fianna Fail-Green Coalition and almost brought down the Government... (story)

Irish Independent 3.7.10 Angry FF TDs hound Gormley into deal on dog bill By Fiach Kelly Political Correspondent - ENVIRONMENT Minister John Gormley last night backed down and offered significant concessions on his dog breeding bill to appease angry Fianna Fail backbenchers.... Fianna Fail Tipperary North TD Maire Hoctor welcomed the changes, which included the exemption of hunting clubs from paying fees. She also said inspections will not be mandatory for clubs.... (story)
Irish Times 3.7.10 Minister agrees to year delay in microchipping hunt-club dogs - MICHAEL O'REGAN - MICROCHIPPING OF hunting dogs is to be delayed for a year as a concession to hunt clubs, Minister for the Environment John Gormley told the Dáil.... (story)

Essex Echo 3.7.10 MY VIEW: Foxes are no more deadly than your pet cat or dog - GARY SHEEN shuns a demand for a cull of foxes. SOMETHING terrible happened in East London. It was all over the media. A story of twins and an alleged attack by a fox. In a knee-jerk reaction, London mayor Boris Johnson was calling for a cull of these animals... There have been no previous substantiated attacks on people in the UK by foxes. All suspected incidents have turned out to be attacks by other animals, including cats and dogs... (story)

Mail 3.7.10 Woman tells of horror at being bitten by a fox on two separate nights By SOPHIE BORLAND - A woman has told of her horror at being bitten by a fox on two separate nights while she was lying in bed. Natasha David, 33, believes she was attacked by the same animal twice in one week after it crept into her flat.... (story)
Sun 2.7.10 Fox attacked me in bed... twice By EMMA MORTON - A WOMAN told yesterday how she was attacked TWICE by a fox as she lay in bed. Terrified Natasha David was viciously bitten by the animal after it crept into her flat in the middle of the night. The fox leaped on the bed and sank its razor-sharp teeth into her right foot... (story)

Northern Echo 3.7.10 Animal testing IN our society the lives of human beings will always take precedence over the lives of animals, and quite rightly. We do, after all, eat animals. Can Aled Jones (HAS, June 29) honestly say he has never taken any medication that has been researched and tested on animals?.... Kathy Harris, Barnard Castle, Co Durham (letter)
York Press 29.6.10 Ban animal testing now - Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington (story)
Northern Echo 29.6.10 Animal testing - NOTHING is more needed in this country than a ban on the cruel and outdated practice of animal experimentation... Aled Jones, Bridlington, East Yorkshire (letter)


(probably) Western Morning News 2.7.10 Anti-hunting lobby groups joins forces to see off 'return to cruelty' - The three biggest anti-hunt campaign groups have joined forces to co-ordinate their lobbying against coalition plans that could clear the way for the ban on hunting with dogs to be lifted. The League Against Cruel Sports, the RSPCA and IFAW are preparing to work much closer together to see off the prospect of a “return to cruelty”... (story)
(probably) Western Morning News 2.7.10 Time to end the confusion over the Hunting Act - There cannot be many examples of muddled or misguided legislation which compare to the Hunting Act introduced by the last Labour Government.... When it became law on February 18 2005, it was unsurprisingly roundly condemned. A group of former senior civil servants said it was a "notorious example of bad government".... The League Against Cruel Sports, the RSPCA and IFAW are preparing to work much closer together to see off the prospect of a "return to cruelty". The danger here is that the Government is dragged into a side-show when the main focus of the Coalition should be resolving the financial crisis. Surely it is time to have the free vote and sort this issue once and for all (story)

Irish Times 2.7.10 Pro-hunt group has not registered on donations - PAUL CULLEN - POLITICAL FUNDING: PRO-HUNTING group Rural Ireland Says Enough (Rise!) has yet to register with the Standards in Public Office Commission (Sipo) as a body receiving political donations, three months after it was first contacted by the State’s ethics watchdog. A spokeswoman for Sipo yesterday confirmed that Rise was not a registered third party, as required under the Electoral Act 1997. She said her understanding was that the group intended to register by the end of the month. Rise spokesman, Liam Cahill said the group had agreed to register once the person with this responsibility was nominated later this month at an agm of one of its member organisations, the Hunting Association of Ireland (HAI). Mr Cahill attributed the delay to legal issues and said there was no lack of will on the part of Rise to conform to ethics legislation... (story)

Irish Times 2.7.10 Dáil vote on stag hunting - Although I am disgusted and disheartened at one level, to see the outcry by backbenchers in relation to animal rights issues in the Dáil... It is obvious that the backbench TDs in question expressed their objections to the stag hunting Bill on the basis that they were from rural areas and on the receiving end of a lot of lobbying by rural groups and their “constituents” over the recent weeks.... Where are our priorities as a society, one must surely ask? NIGEL O’NEILL, Rochestown, New Ross, Co Wexford
Do people who deny the cruelty of blood sports also deny the facts of evolution?.... ALEX STAVELEY, Turvey Walk, Donabate, Co Dublin.
Now that stag hunting has been banned for being cruel to animals, might I suggest a new more humane and possibly more popular sport, whereby the guilty bankers and developers who caused the present economic disaster be rounded up and released into the countryside with a five-minute head start before all the dogs are released... DAMIAN O’REGAN, Sion Hill, Blackrock, Co Dublin
I’d suggest the whips removed from a number of TDs be put to good use in attempting to bring some order to the house after Tuesday’s mayhem!... PAUL GAFFNEY, St Fintan’s Road, Sutton, Dublin 13 (letters)

Essex Echo 2.7.10 Leave the foxes alone - I agree with Bob Chapman, Jane Sales, and Dawn French in what they say about foxes (June 24). Leave our foxes alone... Mrs J C Donovan, Crescent Road, Canvey
If we do not cull foxes and take on the latest extra bins for food waste we are likely to have a very dangerous situation arising... If not, it is likely the foxes will turn to seeking food by attacking our pets. Keith Barber, Clinton Road, Canvey
W H Diment seems to think it difficult to cull foxes. Live capture traps could be put out and then the foxes that are caught and killed. Simple. They are wild animals that will kill for fun, they are not like domestic dogs... N Davies, Spanbeek Road, Canvey
John Fairchild is leading the call for foxes to be culled on Canvey (June 25). The same article also refers to foxes as vermin.... I know what should be culled to save the wildlife we still have and it is not the foxes. I cannot believe so many humans can be so selfish and show no respect for anything else supposedly sharing this planet. Les Lampert, Grange Park Drive, Leigh >(letters)

Hexham Courant 2.7.10 Birds of prey - A FINE well-balanced article by Brian Tilley (Courant, July 2) on birds of prey was marred by apparent prejudice against gamekeepers, as so often in the media. This month I look back on 50 years’ continuous work in the Northern and Border hills, chiefly on hill farms and grouse moors, as a professional naturalist... before then, I worked alongside gamekeepers as a student. My experience of over 100 of them, on scores of upland estates at all seasons, tells me very few, especially nowadays, are rogues. Some go out of their way to protect birds of prey (and other predators, according to circumstances).... COLIN SIMMS, Garrigill (letter)

ThisIsDevon (poss. Western Morning News) 2.7.10 Shooting's vital role in boosting our economy - THE unique environment of the South West is one of its key strengths, and one that sets it apart from other English regions; it is of immense value to those who live, work and visit here... The research, carried out by Public and Corporate Economic Consultants, PACEC, shows that 480,000 participants spend over £2 billion each year on goods and services... The people who come to our region to shoot also spend their money in shops, hotels and services, making shooting a valuable contributor to the economy, much of the economic benefit concentrated in areas where the rural economy is struggling with changes in traditional industries. The report also reveals that shooting plays a major role in conserving the countryside. Shooting and shooting-related activities take place over two- thirds of the rural land in the UK, two million hectares of land in the South West alone, with £250 million spent each year on wildlife and habitats.... (story)

BBC News Online 2.7.10 Sussex nursery seeks to keep out foxes after boy bitten - A Sussex children's playgroup where a three-year-old boy was bitten by a fox has brought in new measures to prevent the animals from entering its grounds.... (story)
Telegraph 22.6.10 Parents of toddler bitten by fox describe 'brave little boy' - The parents of a toddler bitten by a fox have described him as a "brave little boy" who was recovering well from his ordeal... (story)
Evening Standard 22.6.10 Father praises 'bravery' of fox-bite toddler - Peter Dominiczak - the father of a toddler bitten on the arm by a fox described his son today as a "very brave little boy"....(story)
Scotsman 22.6.10 Boy 'bitten by fox' at school... (story)
BBC News Online 21.6.10 Child aged three bitten by fox at playgroup in Brighton - A three-year-old boy was taken to hospital after being bitten on the arm by a fox at a playgroup in Brighton. Jake Jermy was attacked while attending a party on Saturday at the Dorothy Stringer playgroup, next door to Dorothy Stringer High School. It is believed the fox turned on the boy when he saw the animal's tail sticking out from under a building and tried to stroke it.... Trevor Weeks, founder of the charity East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service, called for a proportionate response to the Brighton incident.... (story)
Argus 21.6.10 Boy, three, attacked by fox at school - The parents of a toddler bitten by a fox tonight described him as a "brave little boy" who was recovering well from his ordeal. Three-year-old Jake Jermy was bitten on the arm after disturbing a fox hiding beneath a temporary building while at a party at the Dorothy Stringer playgroup, next to the high school in in Loder Road.... (story)
Independent 21.6.10 Brighton toddler, three, attacked by a fox By Tom Pugh, Press Association - A toddler was taken to hospital after a report that he had been attacked by a fox, police confirmed today.... (story)
Telegraph 21.6.10 Toddler 'attacked by fox at school' - A toddler was taken to hospital after he was attacked by a fox at a school, it has been claimed. The Sun newspaper reported that the three-year-old suffered cuts to his hands and feet when the animal mauled him... (story)
Sun 21.6.10 Fox mauls boy in playground By VINCE SOODIN and BRYAN FLYNN - A BOY aged three was rushed to hospital after he was mauled by a fox at a school. The terrified lad suffered cuts to his hands and feet when the animal savaged him after he tugged on its TAIL... (story)
Mail 21.6.10 Three-year-old boy bitten by fox at school playground party - The parents of a toddler bitten by a fox tonight described him as a 'brave little boy' who was recovering well from his ordeal. Three-year-old Jake Jermy was bitten on the arm after disturbing a fox hiding beneath a temporary building while at a party in Brighton, East Sussex... (story)
Evening Standard 21.6.10 Fox bite youngster 'a brave boy' - The parents of a toddler bitten by a fox have described him as a "brave little boy" who is recovering well from his ordeal... (story)
Mirror 21.6.10 Three-year-old boy 'bitten by fox' - A toddler was taken to hospital after a report that he had been attacked by a fox, police confirmed today.... (story)
Metro 21.6.10 Fox attacks boy, 3, at school playground - A toddler was taken to hospital after a report that he had been attacked by a fox, police confirmed today.... (story)
Western Mail 21.6.10 Fox bite youngster 'a brave boy' - The parents of a toddler bitten by a fox have described him as a "brave little boy" who is recovering well from his ordeal.... (story)

Surrey Herald (Chertsey) 2.7.10 Fox gets into Chertsey home through cat flap Posted by Andy Mortimer - A FOX got into a Chertsey home in the early hours of the morning through a cat flap in the back door. The animal walked through the kitchen before being caught by someone sleeping on mattress on the living room floor. After panicking and running back into the kitchen, it jumped across the work surfaces, breaking a number of kitchen appliances. It stayed in the home for about 20 minutes before the home owner was able to open the back door and force it out with a brush and tennis racket... (story)

Leicester Mercury 2.7.10 Buddhists oppose plans for research lab - Buddhists held a demonstration against a proposed laboratory at Leicester University where drugs will be tested on animals. A dozen members of the Order of Amida Buddha, based in Narborough, gathered at the Clock Tower, on Wednesday, for a silent procession through the city... The demonstration was organised by order members Simon Williams and Susthama Kim... (story)

Croydon Guardian 2.7.10 Croydon BNP member Charlotte Lewis investigated for race crime Exclusive By Harry Miller - Detectives are investigating BNP member, Charlotte Lewis, for racist comments she made on her Facebook page. The former animal rights campaigner and BNP election candidate for Carshalton and Wallington, advocated the murder of illegal immigrants in the wake of the recent Cumbrian massacre.... (story)


Carlisle News & Star 1.7.10 LAKE DISTRICT HUNT MEMBERS CAUTIONED BY POLICE AFTER ATTACK ON PROTESTORS By Thom Kennedy - Two members of a Lake District hunt have been cautioned by police after a video was posted on the internet showing an attack on anti-hunt protestors. The League Against Cruel Sports were following the Coniston Foxhounds near Ambleside in March when the video was taken. In it, a member of the league gets involved in an argument with an elderly hunt supporter, who begins jabbing a walking stick towards him. Another man then arrives on a quad bike, and is told the league member “needs doing”. The cameraman is then pushed off a wall.... Ed Shephard, the league’s investigation officer, was on the scene on the day of the incident, and described the experience as “terrifying”, adding that he was disappointed with the decision to caution the members... (story)

Irish Independent 1.7.10 Hunt lobby denies funding came from developers By Fionnan Sheahan Political Editor - THE pro-hunting lobby heading up the opposition to the Green Party's animal welfare laws has spent €100,000 on its campaign. Rural Ireland Says Enough (RISE) denied it had received any money from controversial developers, Mick and John Bailey, who are members of the Ward Union Hunt in Co Meath. Environment Minister John Gormley yesterday blamed RISE for stoking up the opposition to the stag-hunting ban and dog-breeding legislation.... (story)
Herald (Ireland) 1.7.10 Andrew Lynch: Minister at bay as political hounds come circling By Andrew Lynch - No wonder John Gormley feels so much sympathy for stags. These days, the Green Party leader is starting to look like a hunted animal himself... (story)
Drogheda Independent 1.7.10 Animal welfare claims 'dismissed' - Environment Minister and Green Party leader John Gormley has dismissed claims that the latest piece of animal welfare legislation has been altered to appease greyhound and hunting circles... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 1.7.10 Animal welfare claims 'dismissed' - Environment Minister and Green Party leader John Gormley has dismissed claims that the latest piece of animal welfare legislation has been altered to appease greyhound and hunting circles.... (story)
Irish Examiner 30.6.10 Healy-Rae could teach Gormley a thing or two about bleeding liberals By Stephen King - THE animated state of the stag hunting debate is indicative of the deathly state of Irish politics more generally. If John Gormley is right about one thing, it is that there are far more important issues than stag hunting facing Ireland right now. So why are the Greens intent in ramming it through, you might ask? In part, the attempt to ban stag hunting combines two of the country’s lamentable foibles: its growing sentimentality towards animals and its culture of empty-headed gesture politics.... (story)
Irish Times 1.7.10 Bacik refuses to vote against stag hunt Bill - : LABOUR’S IVANA Bacik told the House that she could not vote against the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill. Ms Bacik said she had a long record on the stag hunting issue. She had worked with groups opposed to it for some years... The second stage of the Bill was passed by 30 votes to 18 with Ms Bacik abstaining and Dominic Hannigan not voting. He was paired.... (story)
Irish Times 1.7.10 Problems grow for Fianna Fáil - THE ROT has set in for the Government as Fianna Fáil backbenchers scramble for rural votes and try to put distance between themselves and contentious legislation. The defection of Mattie McGrath over a ban on stag hunting represents the latest manifestation of a failure of discipline within the party... (story)
Meath Chronicle 30.6.10 Warning to FF TDs from Ward Hunt supporters by John Donohoe - 'Support Green Bills and you will lose your seat' warning from Trim rally - Fianna Fail TDs who support John Gormley's legislation proposing the ban of the Ward Union Hunt will pay the price by losing their seats. That was the message from Des Crofton, director of the National Association of Regional Game Councils, to a Rural Ireland Says Enough (RISE!) rally in Trim on Saturday.... (story)
Herald (Ireland) 30.6.10 Mattie bolts like frightened stag in night of farce - EVEN by Dail standards this was a night of high farce -- a parliamentary Killinaskully. Like a frightened stag fleeing a wide-eyed pack of hounds, Mattie McGrath played the 'victim', while Green Party buffoon Paul Gogarty played out the role of class clown once again, turning the air blue... (story)
Racing Post 30.6.10 Meade hits out at stag hunting ban BY BRIAN FLEMING - NOEL MEADE has described the decision to ban stag hunting in Ireland as a "total disgrace" and said the level of anger among the rural community is running high following Tuesday's vote in the Dail in favour of the Wildlife (Amendment)Bill 2010... (story)
Racing Post 30.6.10 Alarm after hunt ban vote passed in Ireland BY BRIAN FLEMING - TUESDAY night’s Dail vote to ban stag hunting in Ireland after the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010 was passed by 75-72 votes, could have wider implications for the Irish racing community... (story)
Horse & Hound 30.6.10 Irish parliament votes to ban stag hunting and the Ward Union - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - As of 7pm last night (29 June) Ireland's only stag hunt — the Ward Union — ceased to have a purpose. Politicians voted to ban stag hunting in the Republic by the narrow margin of 75 votes to 72.... (story)
Horse & Hound 30.6.10 Ward Union hunt devastated by ban on stag hunting - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Ireland's only stag hunt — the Ward Union — is taking stock after the decision to ban stag hunting in Ireland last night. Spokesman for the hunt Ronan Griffin said they were all in shock at the vote and needed time to decide what to do next. The hunt's executive committee will meet in the next few days... (story)
Breaking News (Ireland) 30.6.10 Gormley hits out at pro-hunting lobby - Green Party leader John Gormley has accused a pro-hunting group of "frightening the living daylights out of rural Ireland"... (story)
Irish Independent 30.6.10 Blow for coalition as TDs rebel over stag hunting bill - The Government's stability was dealt another serious blow last night when a Fianna Fail TD voted against it over the contentious stag hunting ban.... (story)
Irish Independent 30.6.10 New blow for coalition as stag bill goes to the wire - Fianna Fail TD Christy O'Sullivan will have to explain today why he missed one vote, but may be given a reprieve as he voted with the Government on the second... (story)
Irish Independent 30.6.10 Independents accused of hypocrisy after breaking ranks By Fionnan Sheahan - INDEPENDENT TDs Jackie Healy-Rae and Michael Lowry broke ranks for the first time yesterday to vote against the Government on the stag hunting ban.... (story)
Irish Times 30.6.10 Government survives vote on hunt Bill but FF TD loses whip - STEPHEN COLLINS, HARRY McGEE and MARY MINIHAN - THE GOVERNMENT survived a crucial Dáil vote to ban stag hunting last night but one Fianna Fáil TD defied the whip and was immediately expelled from the parliamentary party while another abstained in a crucial division... (story)
Irish Times 30.6.10 Coalition wins all divisions in stag Bill vote - THE GOVERNMENT won all divisions in the Dáil last night on the controversial legislation to ban stag hunting.... (story)
Irish Times 30.6.10 A hunt ban - now that's a line we nearly didn't cross - We thought these Fianna Fáil people were without backbone. How we underestimated them! writes VINCENT BROWNE.... Mattie McGrath opened with an ambiguous regret: “As a member of the Government party, I should have my hands around my two Green Party colleagues here, but, unfortunately, this is not the case.” He argued the people in the Ward Union and, presumably, other such organisations, have only the welfare of the animals at heart. They were animal-caring people. They should be left alone to chase terrified farm animals with packs of dogs whenever they felt like it from October to March every year.... (story)
Irish Times 30.6.10 Unease at influence of Greens motivates rebel backbenchers - ANALYSIS: The hunt row came as a surprise to many but it has serious implications for the Government, writes STEPHEN COLLINS - IT TOOK a night of old-fashioned high drama in the Dáil before the Green Party’s cherished ban on stag hunting was passed into legislation, but the episode has damaged the Government and further destabilised the Coalition... (story)
Irish Times 30.6.10 Anyone up for a spot of Greens hunting? - The stench of sanctimony and superiority pervade the air – but thank Gormley there’s no incinerator, writes SARAH CAREY - I’M UTTERLY ambivalent about the issue of stag hunting. I think riders should be capable of tearing across fields and leaping over ditches without having to pursue an animal, but I can’t work myself into a lather of tearful outrage for said animal... But if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s the stench of sanctimony. It’s one of the reasons I regard the Greens with contempt. The moral superiority reeking from Gormley would nearly drive you to saddle up a nag, bellow “Tally-ho!” and head off with the hounds... (story)
Irish Times 30.6.10 A Dog’s Life – Welcome to Dáil Éireann - HARRY MCGEE - The dynamics of Irish politics this week have been extraordinary... (story)
Irish Times 30.6.10 Mattie going over the edge not enough for stag party in Dáil - MIRIAM LORD - DÁIL SKETCH: LIKE A team of police negotiators, the Government’s men and women tried to talk Mattie down. They worked urgently, in relays... The members of the Ward Union Hunt in the public gallery prayed McGrath would go over the edge and take a couple of his colleagues with him... (story)
Irish Times 30.6.10 Gormley rejects claims of 'bullying' - Minister for the Environment John Gormley has rejected a claim that the Green Party "bullied" coalition partners Fianna Fáil into passing legislation... (story)
Financial Times 30.6.10 Ireland bans deer hunt with hounds By John Murray Brown - Ireland voted yesterday to ban the hunting of deer with hounds, a result that marks a big victory for the minority Green party but which could see its Fianna Fáil government partners suffer a voter backlash at the next general election... (story)
Irish Examiner 30.6.10 Coalition loses 3 TDs in battle over stag ban By Conor Ryan Political Correspondent - THE Government has lost three TDs in a bitter battle to force a Green Party wildlife bill through the Dáil before the summer break. Tipperary South TD Mattie McGrath was expelled from the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party after he initially voted against the law to outlaw stag hunting... (story)
Irish Examiner 30.6.10 Stag hunting ban - Political posturing - "You get over the big issues," the Taoiseach Albert Reynolds said as he was resigning, "it’s the little things that trip you up." That is politics, and any government forgets this at its own peril. In the midst of the worst economic crisis in over half a century it would have been ironic if the Government were brought down on the issue of stag hunting... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 30.6.10 Expulsion over stag-hunting row - The Government's shaky grip on power was further loosened after Fianna Fail expelled a rebel backbencher from its parliamentary ranks for voting against a controversial ban on stag-hunting.... (story)
Irish Times 29.6.10 Government wins hunting vote - MARIE O'HALLORAN AND MICHAEL O'REGAN - The Government has won tonight’s Dáil vote banning stag hunting by a 75-72 despite uncertainty over the intentions of a small number of Fianna Fáil deputies.... Fianna Fáil Westmeath TD Mary O’Rourke said that this Bill and the dog breeding legislation should be an end to the Minister’s “rambling in rural Ireland (story)
RTE 29.6.10 Government wins vote on Wildlife Bill - The Government has won the vote on the controversial Wildlife Bill, which bans stag hunting. The result was 75 votes to 72 but the Opposition called for a walk-through vote, which resulted in a 75-71 win for the Government... (story)
Herald (Ireland) 29.6.10 Unlikely allies for Cowen in row over stag hunting By Kevin Doyle - DUBLIN'S two independent TDs said they will support a ban on stag hunting even if it means they keep Fianna Fail in Government. Finian McGrath and Maureen O'Sullivan have told the Herald that they are determined to see stag hunting ended.... (story)
Irish Independent 29.6.10 Ban on stag hunting 'will pass' but doubts over dog breeding bill By Fionnan Sheahan, Eoghan MacConnell and Conor Kane - MINISTERS are confident of passing the ban on stag hunting today, even with the loss of Independent TDs, but major doubts remain over new dog breeding rules, the Irish Independent has learnt.... (story)
Irish Independent 29.6.10 Sam Smyth: Greens an easy target for frustrated backbenchers By Sam Smyth - IF IT weren't for Johnny Brady speaking out so passionately it would be easy to dismiss Fianna Fail's backbench rebellion as competitive attention-seeking... Seven other Fianna Failers spoke trenchantly against the stag-hunting bill last Thursday and by yesterday the contagion had spread to a government- supporting independent TD inTipperary North... Mr Gormley and his supporters would like to ban fox-hunting and coursing but those aims are not on his agenda for this 30th Dail.... (story)
Irish Times 29.6.10 Healy-Rae, Lowry to vote against hunt Bill - HARRY McGEE, Political Correspondent and MICHAEL O'REGAN - THE GOVERNMENT is confident it will win tonight’s Dáil vote banning stag hunting despite two defections and uncertainty over the intentions of a small number of Fianna Fáil deputies. Independent TD Michael Lowry last night confirmed he would vote against the Government on the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010. He told Government Chief Whip John Curran that notwithstanding his arrangement to support the Government, he was also going to vote against the Dog Breeding Bill, unless hunting dogs and greyhounds were removed. The Bill will be debated later this week... (story)
Irish Times 29.6.10 Gormley accuses hunting lobby of spreading 'lies and misrepresentation' - MICHAEL PARSONS in Borris, Co Carlow - MINISTER'S VIEW: MINISTER FOR the Environment John Gormley is “confident” that legislation to ban stag hunting will be passed by the Dáil tonight, despite last-minute lobbying of Fianna Fáil and Independent TDs. Speaking during a visit to Co Carlow yesterday he accused pro-hunting activists of spreading “lies and misrepresentation” and insisted that the Government had no plans to outlaw other rural pursuits such as fishing and shooting... (story)
Irish Times 29.6.10 Labour urged to support stag hunting ban - MICHAEL O'REGAN - ANIMAL WELFARE GROUP: THE IRISH Animal Welfare Forum (IAWF) has repeated its appeal to the Labour Party to support tonight’s Dáil vote banning stag hunting. Spokeswoman Nuala Donlon said yesterday that while the party had engaged in double-speak on the issue, it could still do the right thing and help ban the hunting of farmed deer with hounds.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 28.6.10 Stag hunt ban 'will be delivered' - New laws to ban stag hunting with hounds will be successfully delivered despite strong opposition within Government ranks, Taoiseach Brian Cowen has insisted... The reforms, instigated by Environment Minister and Green Party leader John Gormley, will ban stag hunting with two or more hounds - targeting the 156-year-old Ward Union Hunt in Meath and north Co Dublin.... (story)
Irish Times 28.6.10 Lowry to vote against proposed ban on stag hunting unless changes made - STEPHEN COLLINS and RONAN McGREEVY - INDEPENDENT TD Michael Lowry has come out against controversial Green Party legislation on animal welfare and said he would not be voting for it unless changes are made.... Rural Ireland Says Enough (Rise) spokesman Liam Cahill told protesters gathered in Trim on Saturday that “we have the votes and we will have the votes on Tuesday” in reference to their attempts to find four Government TDs who will not back the proposed Bill which bans the Ward Union Hunt in Co Meath... (story)
Irish Times 28.6.10 - Minister for the Environment John Gormley said today he was confident that minor amendments to the contoversial Wildlife (Amendment) Bill would be enough to heal the rift within the Coalition... (story)
Sunday Business Post 27.6.10 FF TDs under pressure as stag hunt vote looms - They have staged colourful horseback protests and this weekend are courting, cajoling and, in some cases, taunting Fianna Fáil TDs into voting in the Dáil this week against the ban on stag hunting. The intensive lobbying of Rural Ireland Says Enough! (Rise!) has proved highly effective, but it may not be able to convince government TDs to vote against the ban on stag hunting with a pack of hounds... (story)
Sunday Business Post 27.6.10 Hunters to target Dáil seats - By John Burke and Niamh Connolly - A dozen groups representing hunting and shooting enthusiasts have agreed this weekend to form a ‘Countryside Alliance’ and select candidates to target Dáil seats in the next general election. The move is designed to heighten pressure on government TDs ahead of a Dáil vote this week on legislation to ban stag hunting. .. (story)
Sunday Business Post 27.6.10 Fine Gael committed to repeal stag hunt ban By John Burke - One of the most active members of Face Ireland is the National Association of Regional Game Councils (Nargc). Nargc has 28,000 registered members in more than 1,000 gun clubs across rural Ireland in a structure similar to the GAA and Irish Farmers Association. The gun clubs are well organised, and members share a common anger over what they see as a trend to ban so-called rural field sports, amid government moves to restrict certain firearms licences, restrict dog breeding and ban fur farming... (story)
Sunday Independent 27.6.10 The day FF sold out rural Ireland - The party's stance on the Ward Hunt is out of touch and will cost them, says Gavin Duffy - The contortions of our politicians over the Bill to ban the Ward Union stag hunt makes for an intriguing spectacle. Let me declare my interest here. I am pro-fishing, shooting and hunting. I further confess to the following -- I eat meat, visit the odd circus and have thoroughly enjoyed days out at Dublin Zoo with the kids. So I am at odds with the Green Party, which campaigns for an outright ban on all forms of hunting and traditional circuses, and which also opposes Dublin Zoo... John Gormley is the man of steel, and Fianna Fail is weak and desperate. The one group of Irish sports stars who are truly world-class, our jockeys and our National Hunt trainers, are to be ignored on this issue. But everyone who owns a horse in Ireland, from a humble fat pony to a star of the turf, will remember it was Fianna Fail who sold out rural Ireland and horse racing (story)
Irish Times 26.6.10 Government confident its TDs will vote for hunt Bill - DEAGLÁN de BRÉADÚN and MARY MINIHAN - THE GOVERNMENT is confident that none of its TDs will vote against legislation to ban stag hunting despite vociferous objections to the Bill from Fianna Fáil backbenchers.... Michael Kennedy (Dublin North) said: “I will be voting for the Government on it, much as I believe that Minister Gormley should meet the Ward Union Hunt committee and agree any other restrictions or conditions that he wants to impose... (story)
Irish Times 25.6.10 Rural protesters 'optimistic' some TDs will reject stag hunt Bill - MARY MINIHAN - MORE THAN 100 pro-hunting protesters gathered outside Leinster House last night after seven Fianna Fáil TDs, speaking in the Dáil chamber, denounced the proposed legislation to ban stag hunting. Liam Cahill, a spokesman for Rise! (Rural Ireland Says Enough!), the group that organised the protest, said he felt “optimistic” some Fianna Fáil deputies would vote against the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill next week... Labour and Fine Gael will oppose the proposed legislation, which will affect the only licensed hunt in the country, the Ward Union Hunt in Co Meath... (story)
Irish Examiner 25.6.10 Hunting move angers FF backbenchers By Conor Ryan Political Correspondent - THE Green Party has riled up backbench Fianna Fáil TDs by pressing ahead with a controversial law to stop pack dogs hunting stags... Johnny Brady, the Fianna Fáil chair of the Agriculture committee, threatened his senior Government colleagues that his support could not be taken for granted... His colleague Mary Wallace said the banning of the country’s only stag hunt, the Ward Union, would cost her Meath constituency’s economy €1.2 million... (story)
Irish Examiner 25.6.10 Senator who loses whip condemns ‘anti-rural’ Greens By Mary Regan Political Reporter - THE Green Party is "pushing the Government to the brink of an election" through an agenda that is anti-rural Ireland, according to a Fianna Fáil senator who was expelled from the parliamentary party yesterday. Cork senator Denis O’Donovan lost the party whip because he abstained from a Seanad vote on the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill, which proposes to regulate puppy farms and kennels for hunting hounds and racing greyhounds... (story)
Irish Independent 25.6.10 Tempers flare as hunting debate hits boiling point By Fionnan Sheahan and Fiach Kelly - TENSIONS are escalating within Fianna Fail over the Green Party's new animal welfare laws, with two party members involved in an angry confrontation and another punished for refusing to vote with the Government. A string of Fianna Fail backbenchers yesterday objected to the Green Party's latest piece of contentious legislation, describing it as "an assault on rural Ireland".... TDs Bobby Aylward and Mattie McGrath had a stormy exchange on Tuesday after a debate on the dog breeding legislation in their party... Fianna Fail senator Denis O'Donovan lost the party whip after he refused to vote with the Government last week on the same dog breeding legislation. Objections to the stag hunting ban were voiced by half a dozen FF TDs during the Dail debate yesterday... (story)
Irish Independent 25.6.10 Fionnan Sheahan: Opposition scents blood over Greens' stag party - FIANNA Fail figures were expressing admiration last week for the manner in which Phil Hogan had fought off the challenge of Fine Gael's well-heeled yet politically naive frontbench elite in the leadership heave against Enda Kenny. Nobody on the Fianna Fail benches was so starstruck yesterday, however, when Big Phil turned his guns on them over their support for the Green Party's animal-welfare legislation.... he warned that the ban on the hunting of deer with packs of dogs was "the thin end of the wedge", with further curbs on rural pursuits set to follow. Long regarded as dominated by liberal city-dwellers, the Labour Party dropped its stereotypical image and surprisingly opposed what a spokesman described as "trophy legislation".... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 24.6.10 Labour attacked over hunting vote - Green Party leader John Gormley has launched a withering attack on Labour TDs, accusing them of cynically abandoning principles in favour of pick and mix politics. The environment minister said he was astounded and disappointed by the party's refusal to vote in favour of reforms to outlaw stag hunting with dogs... (story)

Tyrone Times 1.7.10 Dungannon Club hit out at hare ban - DUNGANNON Hare Coursing Club has defended the blood sport after it was banned following a late-night vote in the Northern Ireland Assembly. A motion to outlaw the use of greyhounds to chase and kill hares was passed by a narrow majority – 23 to 18 – after a seven-hour debate at Stormont... (story)

Torquay Herald Express 1.7.10 MP's concern for animals rewarded - TORBAY Liberal Democrat MP Adrian Sanders has been praised for his work in tackling cruelty to animals. He was presented with an award by Protecting Animals in Democracy for his consistent campaigning in Westminster in the issue... The PAD manifesto included policies such as support for the hunting ban, the abolition of battery cages and reducing the number of animals that suffer in experiments. Dr Dan Lyons, of PAD, said: "The way we treat animals is a fundamental indication of the state of our society... (story)

Argus 1.7.10 Fear of foxes - Foxes have recently had some bad press. In spite of this, however, a recent poll shows 67% of the public and 293 MPs do not support a repeal of hunting act while only 24% of the public and 216 MPs do. After all, a child is more likely to be mauled to death by a pet dog than attacked by a fox.... Lynne Ismail, Gibbon Road, Newhaven (letter)

Irish Times 1.7.10 Dáil vote on stag hunting - In view of the sparsity of policies and the vote on the stag hunting Bill, my suggested motto for “new” Labour under the leadership of Eamon Gilmore is “the no policies, no principles party”... DP DALY, St Aidan’s Drive, Goatstown, Dublin 14
– Having lived most of my 72 years in the countryside, I love and cherish rural life, but that does not include the barbarity of harassing animals by chasing them and terrorising them.... JUDITH HOAD, Inver, Co Donegal.
It must be a great tonic for the sick and elderly of our country to witness the concern being displayed by our TDs for animal welfare... JOAN SCALLY, The Strand, Athlone, Co Westmeath. (letters)

Northern Echo 1.7.10 Gun controls - WHAT an interesting letter from John Gill (HAS, June 26) about people entertaining themselves by shooting wildlife... Such a pity they can’t find something better to do as a hobby than kill harmless creatures... M Stainsby, Darlington. (letter)
Northern Echo 30.6.10 Gun controls - IF you have no interest or involvement in a pastime or practice – smoking, fishing, horse riding, etc – it is easy to call for its prohibition. John Gill (HAS, June 26), I take it, does not shoot. I dislike football. I see no point in it, apart from if you actually play... I don’t claim to understand what happened to Derrick Bird that sent him on his killing spree in Cumbria, nor am I being flippant, but anyone who thinks banning the ownership of sporting guns will prevent future deaths in this country is – no matter how well intentioned – misguided. GN Bull, Darlington (letter)
Northern Echo 26.6.10 Gun controls - A WIDE variety of species of wildlife is vilified as pests or vermin and then persecuted by thousands of gamekeepers and others with guns to create an imbalance of gamebirds to be shot in very large numbers for entertainment. I believe that all species have their place and I do not consider the killing of wildlife is justified or acceptable under the lie of “control” or for “sport”.... John Gill, Castleside, Co Durham (letter)

Sun 1.7.10 Prowler fox shows no fear - THIS is the terrifying moment a fearless fox was caught calmly sitting on a woman's bedroom windowsill in a chilling echo of a recent baby mauling... Mum Aine Morrow, 31, said the urban prowler snuck in through her open French doors and was spotted by her dad who was visiting... (story)
Daily Mail 1.7.10 Pictured: The moment a fox sneaked into a young mother's bedroom - A brazen fox crouches on a bedroom window sill after sneaking into a young mother's home in broad daylight. The fox, snapped after it had entered a Middlesex home through the French doors, is fresh evidence of how they are becoming more courageous and comes in the wake of the attack on twins Lola and Isabella Koupparis in East London on June 5. Gerald McGivern was watching television at the Ruislip home of his daughter Aine Morrow when he caught sight of the skinny fox staring at him... (story)
Uxbridge Gazette 23.6.10 Evidence that foxes do climb through windows - THIS dramatic shot of a fox peering in through a reader's bedroom is a stark reminder we can never take the behaviour of animals for granted. Taken last summer, it shows the animal taking tentative steps into Aine Morrow's house. That image has stayed with the mother-of-one, and the recent stories about fox attacks have struck a chord.... (story)

Fife Today 1.7.10 Angel set to tread where bulls rush in By Brendan McHugh - A YOUNG St Andrews woman is jetting out to Spain this weekend to take part in a high profile protest against bull fighting. Next week sees the annual Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona when dozens of bulls are forced to race along the crowded streets of San Fermín before eventually being killed in the bull ring. And former St Leonards pupil and animal welfare activist, Kat Affleck, is heading out to the small town in the north of Spain to protest against the event... (story)