July 2011

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Sunday Express 31.7.11 ‘I GIVE MY BADGERS VITAMINS TO STOP TB’ - By Stuart Winter, Environment Editor - FARMER Dick Roper has vowed not to shoot badgers on his land but to feed them a daily dose of health supplements to prevent the spread of a deadly disease hitting dairy herds... (story)
Financial Times 30.7.11 Giving badgers the bullet is ‘a very bold course, minister’ By Max Hastings - Civil servants have a saying which sends a shiver of terror up the spines of prudent politicians: “That’s a very bold course, minister”... Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that badgers are carriers of bovine tuberculosis... So where is the problem about culls – up to an estimated total of 35,000 – in regions where bovine TB is a serious issue? The answer, of course, is the impassioned emotionalism of millions of voters who neither live in the countryside nor derive their living from agriculture, but cling to a view of our fauna formed by Kenneth Grahame and Beatrix Potter.... (story)
Western Morning News 30.7.11 Battle of the badger cull - The pressure group that forced the Government into a U-turn over the sell-off of forests has launched a campaign to halt the proposed cull of badgers... (story)
Belper News 30.7.11 Badger culling is slammed - THE Belper-based Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has condemned the government’s decision to pursue trials of badger culling in parts of England... (story)
Independent 29.7.11 Majority objected to badger cull before policy was approved By Jonathan Brown - Evidence of overwhelming public opposition to the proposed cull of badgers was withheld until the Government had decided to go ahead with the controversial plan. The results of a consultation held last year revealed that 69 per cent of respondents were against killing up to hundreds of thousands of the mammals in a bid to eradicate tuberculosis from cattle herds in England.... (story)
New Statesman 29.7.11 A black and white issue Posted by Graeme Archer - The culling of badgers is irrelevant, malicious and ineffective... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 29.7.11 County MP backs call for badger culls - CATTLE grazing in the fields benefits tourism, according to a Devon MP as he backed moves for a badger cull to tackle TB in livestock. Neil Parish, MP for Tiverton and Honiton, said the sight of cows out in pasture is what visitors to the county came to see. Shutting herds up in sheds all summer to stop them coming into contact with badgers, which he said were known to spread the devastating disease, was the last thing wanted... (story)
North Devon Journal 28.7.11 Badger cull could be used in North Devon - North Devon could be one of the areas where hundreds of badgers will be shot by specially trained marksmen using night-sights starting possibly by next June.... (story)
Western Gazette 28.7.11 Country could be rocked by clashes over cull of badgers - MINISTERS set up years of potentially explosive clashes involving animal rights activists after they finally approved a cull of badgers.... (story)
East Grinstead Courier 28.7.11 Campaigners' shock at plan for badger cull - ANIMAL campaigners are warning badgers face a slow and painful death as the Government gives the go ahead to a massive cull.... Jeff and Pay Hayden, of Eden Vale, East Grinstead, had successfully campaigned, on behalf of the Sussex Badger Trust, against Welsh Assembly plans to cull the creatures.... (story)
Western Morning News 27.7.11 From delay frustration to boycott on milk - reactions to badger-cull news - A plethora of comment and reaction resulted from last week's announcement of the pilot cull. Here is what some of them said. Harvey Locke, President of the British Veterinary Association... John Fishwick, President of British Cattle Veterinary Association... CLA President William Worsley... Andrew George, MP for St Ives and the Liberal Democrat's agriculture spokesman... Viva! campaigns manager, Justin Kerswell... Eunice Finney, Women's Food and Farming Union.... Tenant Farmers' Association national chairman Jeremy Walker... Ian Macalpine, of the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers... Mel Stride, Conservative MP for Central Devon... (story)
Western Morning News 27.7.11 MP asks badger cull sceptics to visit Westcountry farmers - An MP has challenged critics of a badger cull programme – designed to curb the spread of bovine tuberculosis – to bear witness to the "devastation" wrought on Westcountry farmers. Dan Rogerson, Liberal Democrat MP for North Cornwall, conceded there are "understandable doubts" over the controlled shooting of infected animals... (story)
Western Morning News 27.7.11 Hope at last for strong and healthy badgers?- So, at long last, the cat's out of the bag and the Westcountry's farming industry can (probably) look forward to a badger cull to stop the spread of bovine TB, writes Peter Hall.... (story)
Liincolnshire Echo 27.7.11 Ministers to consult farmers on licences for badger culling - THE Government has given the go-ahead for a cull of badgers to tackle rising TB rates in cattle, subject to further discussions on exactly how it can be carried out.... (story)
Stroud News & Journal 27.7.11 Government keen on badger cull By Crispin Northey - GLOUCESTERSHIRE could be one of two counties selected to pilot a controlled cull of badgers in an effort to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis... (story)
Ellesmere Port Pioneer 27.7.11 Ellesmere Port and Neston MP opposes badger cull by Laurie Stocks-Moore - A CULL of badgers could unleash a hunting free-for-all, warns Ellesmere Port and Neston MP Andrew Miller... (story)
Falmouth Packet 27.7.11 MPs split over badger cull plans - Support has been given to government plans to cull at least 70 per cent of badgers in two pilot areas in a bid to control the Bovine TB epidemic.... Last week Helston area MP Andrew George described this as an “untried and untested method”... but Falmouth and Truro’s MP Sarah Newton has this week come out in support of the plans... (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 26.7.11 Trial culls of badgers welcomed by farmers - A DECISION to allow controlled culls of badgers in hotspot TB areas has been welcomed by politicians and farmers in Mid Devon... (story)
Newcastle Journal 26.7.11 Case for continuing badger cull is questioned by Michael Brown - WILDLIFE chiefs have expressed dismay at the Government’s decision to continue badger cull trials as a way of cutting tuberculosis rates in cattle. Northumberland Wildlife Trust said to press ahead with such pilot schemes “ignores the main body of scientific evidence relating to culling... (story)
Independent 26.7.11 Gloucestershire's rifles at the ready as badger cull gets the go-ahead - Farmers whose herds have been ravaged by TB see the controversial programme as the only answer. Tom Peck reports... Jan Rowe, 66, who keeps 180 dairy cows and as many beef cows on his 550 acres at Whalley Farm in Whittington, near Cheltenham, has had one year free of TB in his herds since 2000. He is advancing plans for marksmen to work their way through the area killing the badgers... (story)
Nottingham Post 26.7.11 Badger shootings criticised by MP - A NOTTINGHAM MP has slammed a badger cull as an "unscientific knee-jerk reaction."... Nottingham North MP Graham Allen has criticised the decision... (story)
Gloucester Citizen 26.7.11 Trust condemns badger culling - WILDLIFE experts say they are disappointed by the Government's decision to carry on with trials of badger culling. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust does not see culling as the solution to the problem of bovine tuberculosis (bTB).... (story)
Derby Telegraph 26.7.11 Badger-culling trial decision criticised - DERBYSHIRE Wildlife Trust has condemned the Government's decision to pursue trials of badger-culling in parts of England.... (story)
Leighton Buzzard Observer 24.7.11 Badger cull is set to divide - GOVERNMENT plans to launch a badger culling pilot scheme in a bid to curb cattle tuberculosis have been welcomed by the National Farmers Union, which says it’s a ‘necessary step’ to tackle the ‘inexorable’ spread of the problem... And the union’s senior policy adviser for the East of England said that whilst culling is regrettable, it remains the only way of managing the ‘reservoir of disease’ in the badger population. Sandra Nichols said: “This is a really serious issue which is costing huge amounts of money not only to farmers, but also to taxpayers... (story)
Gloucestershire Gazette 24.7.11 Badger cull proposal sparks debate By Claire Marshall - A PROPOSED trial of badger culling has sparked debate in the region between farmers and wildlife campaigners... John Hore, who farms near Thornbury, said it was a major step forward in fighting the disease, which can devastate the lives of cattle and dairy farmers.... (story)
Rutland & Stamford Mercury 23.7.11 Mixed reaction to badger cull to stop TB - FARMERS and conservationists have gone head to head over plans to cull badgers in England to prevent the spread of bovine TB.... National Farmers’ Union regional director Richard Hezlet, who is based in Uppingham, said: “I join with farmers across the region in breathing a huge sigh of relief that for the first time in decades we have the possibility of a plan that will enable us to rid both cattle and wildlife of this dreadful disease... (story)
Western Morning News 23.7.11 Coalition feels strain over badger cull plan - Cracks are emerging in the coalition Government over controversial plans to cull badgers after another Westcountry Liberal Democrat MP spoke out against the decision. Adrian Sanders, Lib Dem MP for Torbay, claims the scientific evidence does not stack up to justify shooting sick animals to prevent the spread of tuberculosis in cattle. He joins St Ives Lib Dem MP Andrew George, the party's rural affairs spokesman, who is opposed to the cull principally because shooting free-running badgers, rather than trapping them first, is unproven.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.7.11 Badger cull could cost farmers £1m - FARMERS wanting to cull badgers face a bill of more than £1 million even before they can start taking action to prevent the spread of tuberculosis in cattle... (story)
Argus 22.7.11 Marksmen to cull Sussex badgers By James Wallin - HUNDREDS of badgers across Sussex are set to be shot dead to try to stop cattle catching disease.... Jane Wild, the founder of Badger Trust West Sussex, said: “This will lead to bloodshed. It will not be done in a humane and swift way at all. It will lead to hordes of yobs roaming the countryside killing for pleasure... (story)
Guardian 22.7.11 The problem with badger culls - We need a badger cull trial held in the real world ... to give us answers that matter, on results we care about, with the intervention we're actually using - Ben Goldacre (story)
Farmers Weekly 22.7.11 Badger cull is ‘legal bag of nails’ – expert - Johann Tasker - A raft of legal issues must be overcome before a badger cull can properly go ahead, an expert has warned. Groups of farmers would find it "quite onerous" to comply with Natural England requirements enabling a cull to proceed, said solicitor Tim Russ, head of agriculture at law firm Clarke Willmott.... (story)
Farmers Guardian 22.7.11 The badger cull announcement – what it all means - ALISTAIR Driver looks at what the badger cull will mean in practice, what the requirements are and why there’s a need for more consultation.... (story)
Farmers Guardian 22.7.11 NFU and NBA voice security fears over badger plans By Alistair Driver - THE NFU and National Beef Association (NBA) have warned Ministers that limiting badger culling initially to two pilot areas would increase the security risk for participants.... (story)
Bromsgrove Standard 22.7.11 'Decision to cull is a black day for badgers' - Tim Clarke - A LEADING county farmer has backed the Government's decision to pilot the culling of badgers as part of a wider bid to curb growing rates of TB among cattle in England. Tim Jones, who is chairman of the county's branch of the National Farmers' Union (NFU), said the announcement was 'regrettable but absolutely necessary to control bovine tuberculosis'.... (story)
Darlington & Stockton Times 22.7.11 RSPCA says cull is a ‘black day’ for badgers - THE RSPCA said the announcement of a cull was a “black day for badgers”.... The North-East National Farmers’ Union (NFU), said no cull would take place in Yorkshire or the North-East as only a small number of incidents had occurred and there was no evidence of the disease in the local badger population... (story)
Bournemouth Echo 22.7.11 Badger cull slammed by Dorset Wildlife Trust By Diana Henderson - DORSET’S largest conservation body has condemned the controversial badger cull, just approved by government. Dorset Wildlife Trust has joined other trusts across England in strongly opposing a decision slammed as inhumane, unnecessary and ignoring the main body of scientific evidence. “We are very keen to find an effective, long term solution to the problem on Bovine TB (bTB), which is why we want the government to put more effort into an effective vaccine instead of a cull,” said Simon Cripps, chief executive of DWT... (story)
Left Foot Forward 22.7.11 Spelman’s claims badger cull is “science-led” are pure bunkum By James Dixon of the League Against Cruel Sports - The frustration writers feel when actors fluff their lines can only pale into insignificance to what scientists feel when government ministers stand at the dispatch box and butcher their work. Take environment secretary Caroline Spelman. On Tuesday, she announced a policy of badger culling and repeatedly called it “science-led”.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 22.7.11 MP backs badger cull decision - A GOVERNMENT announcement to allow a controlled badger cull to tackle the spread of bovine TB has been welcomed by Central Devon MP Mel Stride.... (story)
Morning Star 22.7.11 No black and white issue - Adrian Roberts - The debate over whether to cull badgers to tackle bovine TB has bitterly divided farmers and animal welfare campaigners for years and is set to get worse after the government's announcement on Tuesday to start a major badger cull in England... (story)
Yorkshire Post 21.7.11 Ministers set stage for new war of words on badger cull - The Government may have decided to introduce a badger cull, but as Chris Bond reports it is not the end of the story... (story)
AboutMyArea 21.7.11 Neston MP Opposes Government Plans for Badger Cull - Andrew Miller, MP for Ellesmere Port and Neston, has spoken out in support of badgers, branding government plans for culling as 'short sighted'.... (story)
Wirral Globe 21.7.11 South Wirral MP urges readers to fight badger cull By Leigh Marles - South Wirral MP Andrew Miller has come out against a cull of badgers across England... (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 21.7.11 Lancashire badgers spared TB cull By Nazia Parveen - THOUSANDS of badgers will be shot to control bovine TB across England – but they have been spared in Lancashire... Samlesbury farmer, Graham Young, who is the National Farmers Union Lancashire County Chairman, said: “Lancashire is very lucky that at the moment we are relatively free from bovine TB.... Kate Fowler, from Animal Aid, said: “Shooting free-running badgers will be a welfare disaster.”... (story)
Sun 21.7.11 140,000 badgers face cull to cut TB - AROUND 140,000 badgers are likely to be shot in a cull in the UK over the next four years.... (story)
Coventry Telegraph 21.7.11 Warwickshire wildlife experts slam badger cull decision - WILDLIFE experts in Warwickshire are slamming government calls for a badger cull.... Warwickshire Wildlife Trust are suggesting a cull will go against scientific evidence. Chief executive Stephen Trotter said: ... “We need an urgent solution to the problem but the scientific evidence indicates that a cull of badgers is not necessarily the right thing to do – so this announcement is very disappointing..." (story)
Shropshire Star 21.7.11 Badger cull recommended for bovine TB hotspots - Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman has announced a comprehensive package of measures to tackle the spread of bovine TB in England... (story)
North West Evening Mail 21.7.11 BADGER CULL WELCOMED BY FARMERS IN CUMBRIA - A TRIAL badger cull to help stop the spread of Bovine TB has been praised by Cumbrian farmers. By Caroline Barber ... It was described as “good news” by Ravenglass farmer Alistair MacIntosh, current chairman of the National Farmers Union’s Livestock Board... (story)
Farmers Weekly 21.7.11 RABDF concerned about further cull consultation - Gemma Mackenzie - The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) has welcomed DEFRA's intentions to introduce a licenced badger cull in two pilot areas, but expressed "grave concern" at the need for a further consultation... (story)
Farmers Weekly 21.7.11 Kendall: Cull announcement is just the start - Peter Kendall - We cannot underestimate the significance of this week's announcement on bovine TB. It is an enormous step in the right direction but it is just the start. There is so much more that we as farmers need to do.... (story)
Farmers Weekly 21.7.11 Minister 'will back cull if science supports it' - Debbie James - Wales' environment minister says he will sanction a cull of badgers if a scientific review confirms it would help eradicate bovine TB in Wales. During a visit to the Royal Welsh Show, John Griffiths confirmed that he would support a pilot cull next year if the advice supports this course of action (story)
BBC News Online 21.7.11 Badger cull: new consultation 'crucial' says minister - Even without the phone hacking scandal this parliamentary session was due to end with a roar rather than a whimper as far as the South West was concerned. The government had promised responses to two important consultations - on plans to modernise the coastguard service and whether to approve a badger cull - before MPs broke up for the summer. With just a few days to spare it managed to pronounce on both - though without resolving either issue.... (story)
Western Daily Press 21.7.11 £1m upfront bill for each badger cull - Farmers wanting to cull badgers face a bill of more than £1 million even before they can start taking action to curb the spread of tuberculosis in cattle... Former Somerset farmer and Tory MP for Tiverton and Honiton, Neil Parish, estimated the costs would be spread between up to 100 farmers over the smallest permissible culling zone. He said: “I don’t think they are terribly large sums. Most farmers believe this is a cost they have to take as they have called for this for so many years.” Mr Parish added “trap and shoot” culling would have been considerably more expensive. (story)
Farmers Guardian 21.7.11 Plans already in place to tackle bTB problem in wildlife By Alistair Driver - FARMERS in England’s bovine TB (bTB) hotspot areas are ‘ready and waiting’ to take on the challenge of tackling the disease in local wildlife.... (story)
County Gazette 21.7.11 Secret World founder speaks out against badger culling plans By Rory McKeown ... Pauline Kidner, founder of Secret World Wildlife Rescue, claims Gloucestershire and Devon will be used as pilot regions where badgers will be cage trapped and shot over 150 sq km areas. She also said plans are an “experiment”, claiming the shooting of free running badgers will be included in the programme... (story)
Hull Daily Mail 21.7.11 Cull could stop TB - E YORKS: Farmers have welcomed a controversial move to cull badgers.... Richard Ellison, National Farmers' Union regional director, said: "We are fortunate that the majority of our area is relatively unaffected by this terrible disease.... (story)
Cornishman 21.7.11 Badger killing will make disease worse – MP - THE MP for St Ives has warned that the Government's proposed badger-culling "pilot" risks making animal disease worse. Andrew George, who is also the Liberal Democrat's Agriculture spokesman, spoke out after the Government announced its landmark decision to cull badgers to halt the spread of tuberculosis in cattle. It had been concluded, previously, that culling in hotspot areas could reduce the incidence of bovine TB by up to 16 per cent.... (story)
Oldham Chronicle 21.7.11 Culling badgers is right says farmer - Reporter: Richard Hooton - A SADDLEWORTH farmer has backed a proposed cull of badgers in a bid to prevent them spreading TB to cattle.... Lydgate farmer Bryan Hough, who runs Burnedge Bent Farm in Burnedge Lane, is fully behind the decision.... (story)
Telegraph 20.7.11 Badger cull announced: but will it ever properly take place? By Geoffrey Lean - So, after all that, ministers have still not definitively decided whether to authorise killing badgers to prevent them spreading TB to cattle. And it is far from clear that, even when they do, a full-blown cull will ever take place or that – if it does – it will work.... (story)
Independent 20.7.11 Plans for badger cull pit farmers against animal rights activists - Farmers will be able to form syndicates to cull badgers over large areas. Some 70 per cent will be culled by trained marksmen with powerful rifles By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor - Battle lines for a countryside conflict were drawn up yesterday after the Government said it would permit a cull of badgers in a bid to limit the spread of TB in cattle... (story)
Express 20.7.11 BADGERS FACE CULL TO HALT TB By Nathan Rao - TENS of thousands of badgers could be killed under Government plans to fight tuberculosis in cattle. The RSPCA labelled it a “black day for badgers” as Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman yesterday revealed “comprehensive and balanced” measures to tackle the lung disease.... (story)
Scotsman 20.7.11 Controversy ensured as badger cull plans unveiled by Spelman By ANDREW ARBUCKLE - IN A move that is bound to spark controversy, Caroline Spelman, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, yesterday announced plans to cull badgers in an attempt to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis... (story)
Western Daily Press 20.7.11 Battle looms as ministers finally back badger cull - Ministers yesterday set up years of potentially explosive clashes involving animal rights activists after they finally approved a cull of badgers.... Pauline Kidner of Secret World Wildlife Rescue, Highbridge, Somerset, said badgers had been culled since the 1970s, but it never worked... (story)
Derby Telegraph 20.7.11 County could be chosen for pilot badger cull plan - A BADGER cull could take place in Derbyshire within two years, the area's National Farmers' Union has claimed... (story)
Western Morning News 20.7.11 Time is running out for the farming industry - It would all be a whole lot easier if the cull was of sick badgers, animals that were dying slowly of starvation because they had caught the horrible disease. But it's not... If you are a farmer or landowner it is a privilege and pleasure to have badgers on your land. I fervently hope that a policy will emerge ensuring them a healthy and lasting future (story)
Western Morning News 20.7.11 The badger cull: the questions answered - Q: Why cull badgers?... (story)
Western Morning News 20.7.11 Anti-culling groups unite in opposition - Wildlife and animal welfare organisations, including the Badger Trust, the Wildlife Trusts and the RSPCA remain fiercely opposed to a cull.... (story)
Gloucester Citizen 20.7.11 Badger cull looks set to go ahead in Gloucestershire - CONTROVERSIAL plans to introduce a major badger cull in the county to tackle TB have been welcomed by farmers... But Tony Dean, who leads badger-watching walks around the Stroud Valleys, said culling by shooting is impractical and dangerous... (story)
Kent News 20.7.11 Animal rights groups clash with farmers over pilot badger cull By Jenna Pudelek , Chief reporter - Government reveals plans for ‘controlled shooting’ in bid to control bovine TB - An animal rights group in Kent has slammed plans for a pilot badger cull saying it could increase the spread of TB in cattle. Tonbridge-based Animal Aid said killing the animals through so-called ‘controlled shooting’ was not supported by sound science... (story)
Worcester Nws 20.7.11 Cull will be a 'black day for badgers' says RSPCA By Elizabeth Sweetman - THE chairman of the Worcestershire branch of the National Farmer’s Union has welcomed a Government announcement that it will introduce a major badger cull in England to tackle TB in cattle.... (story)
Farmers Weekly 20.7.11 Spelman sentenced badgers to 'target practice' - Gemma Mackenzie - Reacting to DEFRA's intention to introduce two pilot areas for a badger cull, the Badger Trust has said Caroline Spelman has sentenced badgers to "target practice".... (story)
Farmers Weekly 20.7.11 TB Eradication Group praises 'sound plan' - Olivia Cooper - The government has taken on board many of the TB Eradication Group's recommendations, providing a solid first step in tackling the disease. Bill Harper, who sits on the TBEG and keeps beef cattle near North Tamerton, Cornwall, said DEFRA now had a sound plan to implement in the coming months and years... (story)
Farmers Weekly 20.7.11 TB reaction: Devon farmer expresses her relief - Olivia Cooper - After years of waiting for the government to tackle TB in badgers, the overwhelming reaction to yesterday's announcement is one of relief. "I am massively encouraged by this - I really did feel that the decision hung in the balance," said Jilly Greed, who keeps beef cattle at Fortescue Farm, Thorverton, Devon... (story)
Farmers Weekly 20.7.11 Coalition split over badger cull plan - Johann Tasker - Cracks have emerged in the coalition government over plans for a badger cull to curb bovine tuberculosis in cattle. Liberal Democrat agriculture spokesman, Andrew George, has warned that the government's proposed cull risks making the disease worse.... (story)
Farmers Weekly 20.7.11 'Experts only' required for badger cull - Johann Tasker - Strict criteria make it unlikely that ordinary farmers will be able to participate directly in a badger cull to combat bovine tuberculosis. Licences to shoot badgers will be limited to expert marksmen, according to a government consultation document published on Tuesday (19 July).... (story)
South Wales Evening Post 20.7.11 Cull action 'too slow' - THE Welsh Government has been accused of dithering over bovine TB eradication after a targeted badger cull was proposed for England. Plaid agricultural spokesman Llyr Huws Gruffydd said Wales had gone from leading the fight against bovine TB to being left behind... (story)
Daily Post 20.7.11 Anger as Wales falls behind England on badger culling by Andrew Forgrave - WELSH Government ministers have been accused of “cowardice” and “dithering” after the UK Government ordered trial badger culls in England.... (story)
South Wales Echo 20.7.11 Senedd is ‘dithering’ over TB badger cull - FARMERS have accused the Welsh Government of dithering as the Westminster Government yesterday approved a pilot cull of badgers in England as part of the drive to combat bovine TB.... (story)
Northamptonshire Chronicle 20.7.11 Badger culling given support by farmers across Northamptonshire - FARMERS in Northampton have welcomed controversial plans to cull thousands of badgers to stop the spread of bovine TB... Brockwatch, a voluntary group that protects badgers in Northampton, has previously campaigned against badgers culls. Steve Jackson, the group’s badger conservation officer, said he would instead like to see the vaccine for badgers improved. (story)
Leicester Mercury 20.7.11 Farmers hail proposals for badger cull - Farmers have welcomed proposals which could give them the power to kill badgers infected with TB... (story)
Mid Sussex Times 19.7.11 RSCPA warns that “black day for badgers” will shred Government’s animal welfare credibility - The RSPCA says it is devastated that after years of contentious debate the government is expected to confirm today that it will go ahead with a badger cull in England...(story)
Financial Times 19.7.11 UK badger cull plan set to ignite heated debate By Pilita Clark, Environment Correspondent - England’s pleasant pastures would echo to the sound of badgers being shot by marksmen from as early as next year under a scheme to stop the spread of tuberculosis in cattle. In a move likely to set off a rancorous debate over one of Britain’s most loved creatures, Caroline Spelman, the environment secretary, said she was “strongly minded” to let farmers cull the animals as part of a “science-led and carefully managed policy of badger control”.... (story)
Daily Mail 19.7.11 'A black day for badgers': Cull will see 30,000 mammals wiped out in bid to combat bovine TB - Farmers says badgers are one of the greatest threats to beef and dairy farmers - Government says no usable TB vaccine on the horizon - The Government today gave the go-ahead for pilot badger-culling schemes in England in an effort to combat bovine TB. Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman acknowledged there was 'great strength of feeling' about a cull but insisted: 'I believe this is the right way forward.' The RSPCA said it was a 'black day for badgers' and believed that at least 70 per cent of the badger population in certain areas of the country would be killed - or an estimated 30,000 badgers... (story)
Guardian 19.7.11 Badger cull: Caroline Spelman 'strongly minded' to allow shooting - Environment secretary says farmers will be allowed to kill badgers if pilot schemes confirm shooting is humane and effective - Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent - Badgers could be shot legally in England for the first time in decades, following a controversial victory for farmers in their long battle for a cull of the animals they blame for spreading bovine tuberculosis. Caroline Spelman, secretary of state for the environment, food and rural affairs, told MPs she was "strongly minded" to allow a cull, under which tens of thousands of badgers could be shot a year.... (story)
Farmers Weekly 19.7.11 TB reaction: Welsh farmers praise English cull decision - Sarah Trickett - DEFRA's announcement on a TB cull has angered Welsh farmers, following a recent decision not to cull badgers in Wales. Ed Bailey, president of NFU Cymru, accused the Welsh Government of "dithering" but praised the English Government for taking the difficult, but necessary, decision to address the disease reservoir in wildlife... (story)
Farmers Weekly 19.7.11 TFA welcomes plans for pilot badger culls - Gemma Mackenzie - The Tenant Farmers Association (TFA) has cautiously welcomed the government's plans to select two pilot areas for badger culling in a bid to tackle bovine TB. TFA national chairman Jeremy Walker said the association welcomed the "first steps" towards eradication of the disease which results in tens of thousands of animals being destroyed every year.... (story)
Farmers Weekly 19.7.11 TB reaction: Vet associations support cull plans - Sarah Trickett - Veterinary associations have welcomed the announcement by DEFRA for a badger cull as a key component of bovine TB eradication plans for England. The British Veterinary Association and the British Cattle Veterinary Association have long supported the need to control TB in both cattle and wildlife.... (story)
Farmers Weekly 19.7.11 Bovine TB control: what are other countries doing? - Aly Balsom - Farmers Weekly asks how EU policy influences the UK's Bovine TB control strategy and discovers how other countries have tackled the disease.... (story)
Stackyard 19.7.11 CLA Welcomes Government’s Bovine TB Badger Control Plan - The CLA today (19 July) welcomed the Government's plan to allow a badger cull in England as part of a package of measures to fight bovine TB. CLA President William Worsley said: "We are very relieved the Government is ready to give the go-ahead to a cull to help control bovine TB. This is the only way we can work towards the eradication of this horrendous disease.... (story)
Farming UK 19.7.11 NFU Cymru reacts to Westminster TB announcement - Today’s announcement from the Westminster Government is obviously good news for farmers in England, who like Welsh farmers, have seen disease continue to rise despite operating tight cattle control measures, said Ed Bailey, NFU Cymru President.... (story)
BBC News Online 19.7.11 Welsh farming unions unhappy at badger cull differences - A farmers' leader is "frustrated and angry" a badger cull is set to take place in England to tackle bovine TB while plans in Wales are on hold. NFU Cymru accused the Welsh Government of dithering, while the FUW said there was indignation among farmers... (story)
Independent 19.7.11 Warning of 'black day for badgers' - The RSPCA said it was a "black day for badgers" ahead of an expected announcement of a major cull to control bovine TB. Farmers have called for action for years, but mass slaughter of the animals has polarised opinion, with wildlife campaigners bitterly opposed.... (story)

Sunday Express 31.7.11 7 OUT OF 10 WANT CUT IN ‘SHAMEFUL’ ANIMAL TESTS By Kirsty Buchanan, Political Editor - SEVEN out of 10 voters want coalition ministers to make good on their ¬promises to cut the number of animals used in scientific research. A hefty 69 per cent of people want a reduction in laboratory testing on birds, dogs, monkeys and mice, shows a poll ¬commissioned by the Humane Society International/UK.... (story)

Braintree & Witham Times 31.7.11 'Fight Animal Cruelty Everywhere' want return of trap stolen from Millennium Veterinary Practice By Owen Bennett - A reward is being offered for the return of a cat trap, which was taken from outside a vets in Braintree.... FACE spokesman Linda Thacker said anyone with information should contact her... (story)


Exeter Express & Echo 30.7.11 Wild deer hunting is humane, and fun - WITH regard to Katherine Watson's recent letter The Hunting Act Must be Enforced (June 17) having been away for six weeks I took three dogs down to my woods to search for wild deer. We were delighted to find a small group of five or six which the dogs pursued with great excitement and my encouragement. The police insist that it is illegal for me to chase wild deer with my dogs so one might ask why they do not enforce the law... The Hunting Act is a bad and unclear law. People can and should continue openly pursuing deer with dogs in order to manage them. It is a natural and humane form of wildlife management and also great fun. Any hunts that wish to do this on my land have my full permission. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)

Scotsman 30.7.11 Letter: Before the hunt - In his letter "Bird in the hand" (29 July) Kenneth Elliot asserts that pheasants are "cooped up in cages all their lives". This is far from the truth, as those who know and understand the ways of the countryside will testify.... Nicolle Hamilton British Association for Shooting & Conservation Scotland Trochry Dunkeld (letter)
Dundee Courier 29.7.11 Who is really the killer? - So a gamekeeper tells us that "foxes are not the cute and cuddly animals that some people think they are, they are killers."... We breed game birds for fun, so we can kill them in what is considered a "sport". Are we not on a par with the fox who appeared to have killed the pheasants as sport?... Mona Clark. 9 Millbay Terrace, Dundee (letter)
Scotsman 29.7.11 Lettter: Bird in the hand - IN your article, "Fox walks tightrope to slaughter 114 birds" (27 July), the gamekeeper who killed the fox after the attack on the birds informs us that "foxes are not the cute and cuddly animals". That's a little bit hypocritical, don't you think? Pray tell us, Mr Gamekeeper, what would have become of these birds if the fox had not got to them first?... Kenneth Elliot Redhall Road Edinburgh (letter)
Scotsman 27.7.11 Fox walks tightrope to slaughter 114 birds - A GAMEKEEPER yesterday described how a fox scaled a six- foot fence before making its way across a tightrope suspended above bird pens to slaughter more than 100 valuable game birds... (story)
Dundee Courier 26.7.11 Almost 100 birds killed in 'frenzied' fox attack at Angus farm - A bloodthirsty fox killed nearly 100 valuable game birds at an Angus farm in what has been described as a "frenzied attack." Gamekeeper William Hardy walked out to a scene of carnage on Monday morning following the slaughter, which saw 72 ducks and 26 pheasants killed in their pens, at Invergighty near Boysack... (story)

West Sussex Gazette 30.7.11 Badger cull small print - I WONDER if the West Sussex farmers who welcomed the government’s announcement that it will permit a cull of badgers had read the small print of the government’s proposals... Farmers who still want to press on with a cull of badgers, despite the high cost and the uncertainty about the benefits, should pause and consider whether it is sensible to alienate much of the public... David Sawers, Seaview Avenue, East Preston (letter)

Derby Telegraph 30.7.11 Fur amnesty to be held at shop event - A WESTFIELD Derby store will hold an animal cruelty awareness day on Monday. Lush, on level one, will provide information and offer a fur amnesty for anyone wishing to get rid of fur items.... (story)

Scotsman 30.7.11 MP supports circus animal campaign - Edinburgh East Labour MP Sheila Gilmore has backed calls for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. She pledged to support the campaign by Animal Defenders International (ADI), which claims that public and political support for a ban has never been stronger... (story)

York Press 30.7.11 Inhuman wrongs - WHAT on earth is wrong with our country? Could anybody read about the savage treatment of tiny Murphy, the blind, 13-year-old Yorkshire terrier who was kicked to death by thugs, without feeling like crying?... Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York (letter)

Mail 30.7.11 Shocking hypocrisy from a bunny hugger By Quentin Letts - A leading animal welfare expert has been practising the opposite of what he so insistently preaches. Chris Laurence is veterinary director of the politically tinged charity Dogs Trust. He used to be chief vet at the RSPCA... One of the issues on which both Dogs Trust and the RSPCA have pressed politicians is electric fences for pets. These devices are, to my mind, practical and humane. I wrote a feature article about them recently... Dogs Trust and the RSPCA argue that 'containment fences' are cruel... Information comes my way that Mr Laurence is himself an enthusiastic user of these electric fences... (story)


Hertfordshire Mercury 29.7.11 Brent Pelham's country fair, dog and heavy horse show - RURAL life in days gone by will be at the heart of Brent Pelham’s country fair, dog and heavy horse show on Sunday, August 21.... "It is part of the ongoing plans to expand the main ring events which will also include a parade of vintage tractors as well as parades by The Puckeridge Foxhounds, the Eastern Counties Minkhounds and the Trinity Foot and South Herts Beagles.”... (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 29.7.11 RSPCA reality - It strikes me that the RSPCA isn’t that bothered that 25,000 cattle were slaughtered because of Bovine TB, or the risk to human health. And they keep pretty quiet about duck shooting days in Cumbria to raise money for their cause... ELAINE METCALFE Town Foot, Leyburn (letter)

Cumberland News 29.7.11 Endangered grouse making return to Cumbrian reserve - A critically endangered species of bird is beginning to make a comeback at a reserve in north-east Cumbria, thanks to environmental improvements there. Work has been going on at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds’ land at Geltsdale... Black grouse numbers have been falling for many years due to a loss of habitat and they are now on the “red list” of the most endangered species.... (story)

Scotsman 29.7.11 Wildlife crime investigator to highlight plight of birds of prey - A WILDLIFE crime investigator from the Capital is set to do a skydive to highlight the plight of birds of prey. Field research and investigations officer for Edinburgh-based animal charity OneKind, Steve Sterling, will jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet in Strathallan on Monday, to highlight the continued persecution of birds of prey in the UK.... (story)

Huntingdon News & Crier 29.7.11 It's over now that Fat Lady no longer swims - A famous 30-year-old fish called Fat Lady has been found dead.... Anglers who caught her said it was like “losing a friend” hearing she had died. But animal rights organisation PETA has dismissed anglers’ response to the death of a colossal Cambridgeshire carp as “crocodile tears”... (story)

Warwick Courier 29.7.11 Sport: Why not try your hand at fishing? - There’s a golden opportunity to learn how to fish or improve your angling skills from this weekend with the start of National Fishing Month. The Environment Agency, in partnership with the Angling Trades Association and supported by the Angling Trust, the Angling Development Board and the Professional Anglers Association, is encouraging everyone to try their hand at fishing during the month-long event, which runs until Sunday, August 14.... (story)

Guardian 29.7.11 Badger culls and a grey area of science - The subject of TB, cattle and badgers has rightly raised questions to test the science supporting the government's announcement last week... The NFU is clear that science unequivocally demonstrates a link between the disease in badgers and cattle. We have never claimed that it is the only means of transmission, and that is why we fully support the strict cattle controls in place in England. The problem is that we are controlling the disease in cattle but not in badgers... Peter Kendall, President, NFU
Ben Goldacre's article on the eradication of bovine TB (July 23) brought sense to an ill-informed debate. But he claimed about half of all cattle infections came from a badger source. The Badger Trust is keen to know his reference for this assertion... David Williams, Chairman, Badger Trust (letters)

Independent 29.7.11 Steve Connor: The reason we have to wait for useful results - One in 10 experiments involving the use of laboratory monkeys serves no benefit whatsoever, whether to scientific understanding, medicine or animal welfare. This was probably the most striking conclusion to emerge from the Review of Research Using Non-Human Primates by a panel of experts led by the eminent Cambridge zoologist Professor Sir Patrick Bateson... (story)
Guardian 29.7.11 Primate testing – crucial or cruel? - Sebastien Farnaud of the Dr Hadwen Trust and Professor Roger Lemon of UCL debate the ethics and uses of tests on monkeys... (story)
Mail 28.7.11 Lab research on monkeys should continue despite producing ‘few real benefits’ to medicine By Fiona Macrae - Research on monkeys should carry on despite few recent projects producing any real medical benefits, a panel of experts has ruled... (story)
Independent 28.7.11 Nearly one in 10 monkey tests has no benefit - Some scientists failed to publish any details of their research, which could have stopped repetition of their work By Steve Connor, Science Editor - Most of the scientific experiments involving monkeys carried out in the UK are essential for science and medicine, but nearly 10 per cent of them offer no practical or social benefit of any kind, a panel of leading scientists has concluded.... (story)
Channel 4 News 27.7.11 One-in-ten monkey experiments 'unjustified' - Almost one-in-ten experiments performed on monkeys in Britain are found to be failing to produce a medical benefit to humans. Scientists call for a review of the effectiveness of such research. The report of a ten-year commission of inquiry into experiments has concluded that nine per cent of those studied had "inadequate or insufficient" grounds to justify the work.... Primatologist Ian Redmond told Channel 4 News: "Monkeys bred in captivity are still genetically wild monkeys... BUAV chief executive Michelle Thew said: "This report is a chilling insight into primate research in the UK. It is also a shocking admission of failure (story)
Guardian 27.7.11 One in ten research projects using monkeys has no benefit, finds review - Research on monkeys must be subject to rigorous safeguards to ensure medical or scientific benefits, says review author - Alok Jha, science correspondent - Almost one in 10 research projects that used monkeys in the UK resulted in no scientific or medical benefit, according to a major review.... (story)

Daily Mail 29.7.11 Eight million animals face death to test your toothpaste and washing-up liquid (... but don't blame the manufacturers, it's all down to Brussels meddling) By Steve Boggan - Thought animal testing was banned? Think again. And it's all thanks to Brussels... After a recent review by an expert panel determined that testing chemicals on animals in laboratories produced 'few real benefits' to medicine, but should continue regardless, STEVE BOGGAN goes behind the scenes at a testing facility to find out what still goes on behind closed doors... and examines the European policies that still allow it to happen... (story)

The Sentinel 29.7.11 Birds of prey could tackle pigeon pest in city centre - DISPUTED plans to cull thousands of pigeons as part of a bid to clean-up a city centre could be amended after complaints from animal rights charities and residents. Stoke-on-Trent City Council's cabinet last night approved a £7 million plan to kick-start trade and growth in Hanley, including a pigeon cull as part of the early stages. But it emerged plans to trap and shoot the pigeons may be replaced by a "natural" alternative. One new proposal is to introduce peregrine falcons in the city centre, providing nesting space for the natural predators and leaving them to scare off or kill resident flocks.... (story)
The Sentinel 29.7.11 Save our pigeons - THE plan to kill pigeons in Hanley is disgraceful. It's so cruel.... KAYLEIGH GARNER, Blythe Bridge (story)
The Sentinel 28.7.11 Other ways to control pigeons - I WAS both shocked and saddened at the plight of pigeons in Hanley following the decision to kill them en masse... GEORGE POWELL The Animal Rights & Freedom Association, Stoke on Trent (letter)
The Sentinel 25.7.11 'NUISANCE' PIGEONS TO BE CULLED - THOUSANDS of pigeons are to be culled in Hanley in an attempt to clean up the city centre... But Katie Fowler, of animal rights charity Animal Aid, said: "There is no nice way to cull pigeons... (story)
The Sentinel 25.7.11 'Pigeons are part of town' - The idea of a pigeon cull has brought a mixed response from the public. Cassie Fletcher, a trustee at the Cellarhead-based Animal Lifeline charity, said: "I think it's disgusting and barbaric.... (story)
The Sentinel 25.7.11 Little Pidge by Kevin Raftery - The announcement by the city council that pigeons are to be culled in Hanley in an attempt to clean up the city centre does not go down well with those who believe the majority of living creatures have a right to survive... (story)

Daily Mail 29.7.11 Morrissey under attack from his own fans after saying Norway murders were 'nothing' compared to McDonald's and KFC - Morrissey has sparked a storm of protest with an outrageous claim that fast food chains are guilty of murder on a par with mass killer Anders Breivik... (story)
Guardian 28.7.11 Morrissey likens Norway attacks to McDonald's and KFC - Vegan singer prompts outrage by saying Norwegian killings are 'nothing' compared with deeds of fast-food chains - Caroline Davies - The former Smiths front man Morrissey has provoked a storm of protest following comments in which the vegetarian singer allegedly compared the Norwegian massacre in which 76 people died to the slaughter of animals for fast-food restaurant chains. The 52-year-old vegan and animal rights activist, allegedly made the remarks during a concert on Sunday in the Polish capital, Warsaw, where he is in the middle of a summer tour... (story)
Telegraph 28.7.11 Morrissey compares fast food to Norway massacre - Morrissey has sparked outrage after saying the slaughter of animals for fast food is worse than the massacre in Norway where 76 people died. By Amy Willis - The former frontman of the Smiths, who is a staunch vegan and animal rights campaigner, drew the comparisons at a concert in Warsaw, Poland, on Sunday where he is currently in the middle of his summer tour.... (story)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 29.7.11 Protests are misdirected - WHILE I understand the frustration of those mounting a vigorous campaign against the despicable transit of live animals through the Port of Ramsgate, it does them no credit insulting others who are doing the best they can to stop it within the constraints of the law, as it applies to the council (Letters, Gazette, July 22). Residents should be in no doubt that all councillors regret this trade but are powerless to stop it. Many people find it perverse that, as owners of the port, TDC cannot simply refuse the traffic.... (story)

Argus 29.7.11 Brighton and Hove binmen get “meat-free Monday” the chop By Tim Ridgway - Refuse workers caused a rumpus over a plan to ban meat from the menu... they were left horrified when caterers at the council's depot in Hollingdean, Brighton, decided to offer only meat-free meals. The idea of “meat-free Monday” formed part of the Green manifesto before the party took control of the local authority in May... One worker said: “As a result of potential grievances and general disgust at being told no meat would be served in the staff canteen, the policy has been abandoned and they will return to serving meat every day from now on.”... (story)


Cotswold Journal 28.7.11 Heythrop Hunt, near Chipping Norton, punch punishment is criticised - A FOX hunt monitor who was punched in the face by a hunting supporter has criticised the police punishment given to the offender. Hunt monitor Paula Cheyne was filming the activities of the Heythrop Hunt at Dean, near Chipping Norton, on March 5 when she was approached by a supporter of the hunt. After a brief exchange, a punch was thrown at Mrs Cheyne for which the person received a caution from Chipping Norton Police. Mrs Cheyne, a member of the Hunt Monitors Association, was disappointed that her attacker received a caution for the assault, believing the punishment to be too lenient... (story)

North Devon Journal 28.7.11 Brendon Show in its 89th year - WHILE traditional country shows are said to be in decline, organisers of the Brendon Show say they are still going strong and are about to stage theirs for the 89th year. The traditional Brendon Show and Country Fair takes place in the village on Sunday, August 14. The Masters of Exmoor Foxhounds are presidents of this year's show, including Tony Wright, who was famously the first hunstman to be prosecuted under the Hunting Act in 2005 and later had his conviction overturned. He is celebrating 30 years as a hunstman on Exmoor this year...(story)

Cornishman 28.7.11 All on parade for a country day out - A PIRATE parade, and Hayle Samba Band are just some of the star attractions at Ludgvan Country Fair this week. The 13th annual show at the Community Centre takes place on Sunday... There will be vintage vehicles, a bouncy castle, fairground rides, kendo display, shire horses, miniature donkeys, the Western Hunt and laser tag activity... (story)

Yorkshire Post 28.7.11 From: Joe Duckworth, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sport, Godalming, Surrey. ALICE Barnard’s naïve response to the latest Ministry of Justice figures on hunting (Yorkshire Post, July 21) simply illustrate her lack of understanding of the police, Crown Prosecution Service and legal processes.... (letter)
Yorkshire Post 21.7.11 Alice Barnard: Shameful and shattered hunting ban should be scrapped - DAVID Cameron joined politicians from all parties, the media, the police, judges, vets and senior civil servants when he declared in early 2011: “Everyone knows the Hunting Act isn’t working.” There can be no doubt that the Countryside Alliance’s campaign to see the Act repealed is gaining momentum... (story)

Standard 28.7.11 I watched in terror as fox savaged chihuahuas in garden - Rob Parsons - The wife of a leading food writer told today of her horror at seeing a fox savage her chihuahua puppies in the garden. Julia Hsiung was at home in West Hampstead when she heard one of the puppies squealing in agony and the other barking frantically. She rushed to investigate and saw a big fox carrying five-month-old Arabella in its mouth as six-month-old Alfredo yapped at its heels.... (story)

Western Gazette 28.7.11 Clear food labelling would safeguard future of farming - A MANDATORY country of origin labelling system in Europe has been brought in to end confusion for consumers and to protect public health, say its proponents… Countryside Alliance chief executive Alice Barnard said: "This is a major step for our campaign and one we have worked hard for, but mandatory country of origin labels will not include foods where meat is an ingredient, such as sausages and ready meals… (story)
Daily Post 5.7.11 Fly the flag - NINE out of 10 of shoppers believe a British flag should only be put on meat products from animals born and bred in the UK, a Countryside Alliance poll has revealed... (story)
The Appointment Magazine 1.7.11 Meat labelling system change urged - The vast majority of people believe a British flag should only be put on meat products from animals which are born and bred in the UK, a poll showed today. Three-quarters (74%) think it is important that the meat products they buy have a British origin, and almost half (47%) look at the label to see which country it has come from, the poll for the Countryside Alliance revealed.... (story)

Argus 28.7.11 Badger plans - THE Government’s statement that badger culling will be introduced (The Argus, July 29) flies in the face of the independent Krebs Review findings... Councillor Gill Mitchell, leader of the Labour and Co-operative Group, Brighton and Hove City Council (letter)

Argus 28.7.11 Badgers aren’t the only ones to blame for bovine TB crisis - SO, the Conservatives once again have blood on their hands regarding the proposed cull of badgers.... Susan Funnell, Richardson Road, Hove
HOW so very sad it is to read about the “poor” farmers hiring gunmen to shoot badgers. I suppose the taxpayers are footing the bill again, because don’t the farmers get subsidies?... June Szypulski, Lavender Street, Brighton (letters)

Kirkintilloch Herald 28.7.11 Springburn MP backs campaign to end animal testing - A CAMPAIGN to end animal testing for household products is being backed by Glasgow North East MP Willie Bain. Mr Bain is ensuring he uses cleaning products which are cruelty-free, only using those approved under the BUAV’s humane standard - symbolised by the Leaping Bunny logo... (story)

The Sentinel 28.7.11 Our Heroes: Dedicated Faye is a friend to the animals - FOR nearly 50 years, volunteer Faye Burton has given up her time to thwart poachers operating in her area. The animal-lover has spent 46 years keeping a keen eye on criminals trying to poach deer, course hare and bait badgers... (story)


Sun 27.7.11 Caught on film: Shocking moment a ‘surplus’ baby calf is slaughtered at farm supplying milk for chocolate By JOHN COLES and DAN SALES - A CALF is coldly shot in the head — at a dairy farm supplying milk to the chocolate industry.... A man believed to be a licensed slaughterman from a fox-hunting kennels killed it with a pistol. The footage was secretly recorded by animal welfare activists who infiltrated 15 farms producing milk to be used in choc bars. Members of campaign group Viva! said their film exposed the "bloody secrets" behind the sweets — while stressing that nothing they uncovered was illegal... (story)
Mail 27.7.11 Pictured: The horrifying moment a ‘surplus’ calf was shot in the head with a pistol on dairy farm that supplies Cadbury with milk - This is the horrifying moment a 'useless' calf was taken from its mother and shot in the head at a dairy farm in Bristol. The shocking images were discovered by vegetarian campaigning group Viva! who in a three month undercover investigation infiltrated dairy farms who supply chocolate giants Cadbury... Usually the male calves cannot be sold on for meat as they are do not have enough muscle or fat. Instead they are sold for pet food or die at birth or shot at birth, like this calf was at Harwood Gate Farm near Bristol... Campaigner, Kat Affleck, who organised the investigation, said: 'Our investigation has exposed for the first time the life of a Cadbury dairy cow... (story)

Oxford Mail 27.7.11 Different attitudes to wildlife - IT was probably unplanned, but what a cunning juxtaposition of attitudes to wildlife (July 18), where on one page the immensely rich and privileged Duke of Marlborough holds forth on those activities which he deems are “an integral part of the English countryside – hunting, fishing and shooting”, and on the reverse side there is a delightful letter from Tony O’Gorman, recalling his pleasure in witnessing close encounters with our beautiful, native fox... BEA BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington (letter)
Oxford Mail 18.7.11 In praise of Reynard - I WOULD like to add my two penn’orth to the everyday story of fox-debating folk. I’d like to know if any of your readers have ever witnessed, and I know Penny Little would have, being a true country ‘swede-basher’ as I am, the following as well... I was repairing a 60-ton earth moving machine when suddenly the hunt and dogs were surrounding me. I shut my machine off and retreated into the vast lime shed nearby. And, lo and behold, there was the poor old fox, shivering and shaking at the top of a 10-ton heap of lime. I said: “You stay there Reynard” and I shut the steel doors fast... TONY O’GORMAN Main Street Hethe (story)

Streatham Guardian 27.7.11 Foxes should be classed as "pests" after man bitten in face, Vauxhall MP says - By Rachel Blundy - An MP has suggested the council should get tougher on foxes after one resident was bitten in the face while he slept. Kate Hoey, MP for Vauxhall, said she had received letters from her constituents complaining about foxes lurking in their gardens. One woman wrote to Ms Hoey saying a fox had got into her home through the cat flap, ran upstairs and bitten a young man in the face while he was sleeping... (story)

Oxford Mail 27.7.11 Greyhound racing is cruel - I AM writing regarding your article Greyhound Racing: Trainer Wills suspended (Oxford Mail July 9).... Greyhound racing is inherently cruel and inhumane.... CARYN WOOD GREY2K USA (letter)

Argus 27.7.11 Culling badgers is not the answer - I think it is appalling that badgers across Sussex are facing being shot by marksmen... Steve Fuller, Rowan Avenue, Hove
There are no badgers in New Zealand, yet they have TB in cattle. I believe that it is our poor, overworked cows that succumb to this disease as they are forced to produce more and more milk... Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove
The badger cull is wrong, but so is eating meat, dairy and eggs... Emma Richards, Halland Road, Brighton
A nine-year cull destroying 10,000 badgers and costing £50 million, has made no meaningful contribution to cattle bovine tuberculosis... Graham Taylor, Uplands Road, Brighton (letters)

The Sentinel 27.7.11 NEWCASTLE: North Staffs Animal Aid is holding a free 'Veggie Food Fair' on Saturday from 1.30pm to 4pm. The fair, in the Methodist Rooms in Merrial Street, features refreshments suitable for vegetarians and vegans from burgers and lasagne to cakes and truffles... (story)

Redditch Advertiser 27.7.11 Thank you for being generous - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Redditch for their generosity in raising £56.73 at a street collection on Sunday, July 3…. KEVIN WHITE Animal Aid volunteer street collection co-ordinator Redditch (letter)


Yorkshire Post 26.7.11 Keepers aiming at new targets - Gamekeepers have had a reputation for being hostile towards birds of prey, but according to Chris Wild, this has changed. “The modern gamekeeper has become much more tolerant,” he says. “We have a healthy population now of buzzards, to the point where each year they’re getting pushed further and further apart. “If one family sets up, it will have an area where it needs to hunt and it will have two or three chicks which, in turn, will need their area.”... (story)

Argus 26.7.11 Foxy culprit? I fear that it was not anything as exotic as an eagle that abducted Mr Durnford’s tortoise (Letters, July 21). The blame probably lies with our old friend Mr Fox. Our tortoise was fished out of his box and then endured a night of being gnawed at.... Allan Hook, Petworth Road, Brighton (letter)

Oxford Mail 26.7.11 Badger culling question - Cameron’s intention to go ahead with the proposed badger cull should surprise nobody who is aware of this man’s involvement with blood sports, and his general indifference to the infliction of cruelty on animals.... PETER LANGLEY Windmill Road Headington Oxford (letter)

Oxford Mail 26.7.11 AHEAD of the imminent decision on badger culling in England, readers might ask themselves what do black cats and badgers have in common? - Justin Kerswell Viva! (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 10.7.11 Why we must cull badgers - JUSTIN Kerswell's suggestion that the culling of badgers with TB amounts to superstition and hysteria, demonstrates either a woeful ignorance of the facts or an effort to sabotage the dairy and meat industries. Farmers do not want to kill all badgers – only the ones with TB... The facts are that when badgers with TB were culled in an efficient way, TB was brought under control.... It has now reached such epidemic proportions that over 30,000 cattle a year have to be slaughtered, and the disease is spreading further across the country... Theo Cracknell Dairy Farmer Address supplied (letter)
Bath Chronicle 7.7.11 Don't fall for false pretext for badger slaughter - JUSTIN KERSWELL Campaigns Manager Viva!, Bristol (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.7.11 Bizarre war faced by humble badger - Justin Kerswell Campaigns Manager, Viva! 8 York Court, Wilder Street Bristol BS2 8QH (letter)
Plymouth Herald 4.7.11 Badger cull - AHEAD of the imminent decision on badger culling in England, readers might ask themselves what do black cats and badgers have in common? The answer is that both have been persecuted for what amounts to superstition and hysteria... JUSTIN KERSWELL, Campaigns Manager, Viva! (letter)

York Press 26.7.11 IN reply to a passage in your report headlined Test Ban Move (The Press, July 19), you said the Government had taken its first step toward ending animal testing with items such as bleach and washing-up liquid. The RSPCA has branded this clueless. Why? I will tell you. Last year there were a record 3.6 million animal tests, of which only 24 were household products.... Mr D Fillingham, The Crossway, York (letter)

Yorkshire Post 26.7.11 Grey squirrel has earned its right to be British From: Maureen Hunt, Woolley, Near Wakefield. THE word “vermin” simply means “small animals especially rodents that are troublesome to man.” nfortunately, it opens the door to unlimited destruction of these creatures, which have no access to any protection. The grey squirrel is, of course, also called by some a “tree rat,” which it is not. However, it categorises it as an animal to be despised and abhorred.... (letter)

Lancashire Post 26.7.11 Young poet’s winning words - A teenager has finished runner-up in a national poetry competition. Katriana Johnes, 16, from Lancaster, claimed second place in the contest, run by campaign group Animal Aid... (story)
Runcorn & Widnes Weekly News 19.7.11 Young Runcorn poets win prizes in national youth art and poetry competition by Daniel Mckenzie - A PAIR of talented young poets from St Chad’s High School in Runcorn dominated a national poetry competition. Year 8 pupil Abbie Wilson took top spot and Danielle Pearson-Smith came third. The girls, both 12, were rewarded for their entries into Animal Aid’s annual contest, themed ‘Is it right to eat animals?’... (story)
North Yorkshire Advertiser 5.7.11 14-year-old wins award in national poetry competition By Tamasyn Guy-Jobson - A TALENTED young poet has been commended for her entry in a national animal rights poetry competition. Alice Hoult, 14, from Ripon College in Ripon North Yorkshire entered her poem into a competition set by campaign group Animal Aid, with the theme Is it Right to Eat Animals?... (story)
Oxford Mail 23.5.11 Enter animal art contest - There are just a few days left to send in entries for Animal Aid’s nationwide youth art and poetry competition.... Kelly Slade, Animal Aid (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 19.3.11 Animal theme - Kelly Slade, Competition Organiser, Animal Aid (letter)
Nottingham Post 19.3.11 - ANIMAL Aid is launching its Third Nationwide Youth Art and Poetry Competition for young people between the ages of 11 and 16... KELLY SLADE, Animal Aid (letter)

York Press 26.7.11 Forms of cruelty - IN RESPONSE to Richard Brennan’s comment on the lenient sentence handed out to Pamela and Joseph Palmer for cruelty and neglect to the many animals in their supposed care, I strongly agree... I think in this case “an eye for an eye” approach might have been fair punishment – the offenders could have “locked in a derelict building, made to eat soil and then eventually thrown into a disused swimming pool after starving painfully to death... Elaine Nelson, Sheriff Hutton, York (letter)


Horse & Hound 25.7.11 New report shows hunting is best method of control - Charlotte White, H&H acting news editor - Populations of some wild animals should be controlled by hunting, a new report suggests. The Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management's (VAWM) report Life in the Wild has been welcomed by the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) and Countryside Alliance (CA).... (story)
Telegraph 17.7.11 The extinct species back from the dead and causing mayhem - The reintroduction into the wild of creatures like the beaver and sea eagle that had previously died out in Britain is endangering the countryside, an influential group of vets has warned. By Jasper Copping ... an influential group of vets has cautioned against the "vogue" for reintroducing creatures that previously died out in Britain, arguing that such schemes could be an environmental "disaster". A report by the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management, which represents about 550 vets who specialise in wild animals, describes reintroduction projects as "potential man-made threats to biodiversity"..... The vets' report, Life in the Wild, also supports the campaign for a repeal of the Hunting Act, suggesting that hunting is the best way to provide sustainable and healthy populations of animals, such as foxes, by selectively removing old, weak, injured and diseased creatures. The report will be officially released at the CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace, Oxon, which begins on Friday and which is being held in association with the Telegraph. (story)

Guardian 25.7.11 Decision in favour of badger cull goes against the evidence - The decision to move ahead with an extensive badger cull in the UK (Minister favours cull of badgers in TB fight, 20 July) goes against all scientific advice as well as the data accrued... Dr Jane Stirling Twitchen, Shropshire
There is bovine tuberculosis in Northern Ireland's cattle herd, and badgers there also carry the disease. The bovine TB incidence there has fallen from 10.2% to 5.43% in the last nine years – without a badger cull.... Theo Hopkins Lifton, Devon
Badgers are now so numerous they are jostling each other in front of cars, according to Deborah Orr's farmer friend... most of those dead badgers have been shot and put there to look like roadkill... Di Oliver Milton Keynes (letters)

Independent 25.7.11 The answer to a badger cull plan - Forget the badger, forget bovine tuberculosis, these are not the issue (letters, 23 July). All of the problems surrounding bTB in cattle stem from the EU export rules which demand that cattle are tested for bTB, but the test cannot differentiate between a vaccinated or infected animal. The answer is to narrow the testing to only those cattle destined for export... GE Purser, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 25.7.11 Cull will be done in responsible manner - LAST week the government announced its bovine TB eradication programme. For all us who have the interests of this country's animals at heart – whether farmed cattle or wildlife – this has to be a positive step forward... John Vanstone, Chairman, South West National Beef Association (letter)

Guardian 25.7.11 Sea Shepherd could be forced to sell Steve Irwin in bluefin dispute - Maltese company lodges complaint over alleged net damage and Scottish court requires £860,000 bond to free ship - John Vidal, environment editor - animal rights and environmental activist Paul Watson faces the ignominy of having the flagship of his fleet, the Steve Irwin, sold by Scotland unless he raises nearly £1m in the next two weeks. Watson, a co-founder of Greenpeace and the director of the Sea Shepherd conservation society based in California, was about to leave Lerwick in the Shetland isles en route for the Faroes last week when Maltese company Fish and Fish lodged a complaint against him in the Scottish courts over alleged damage sustained when Sea Shepherdfreed hundreds of bluefin tuna from the company's nets in a a clash off the coast of Libya last year... (story)

Borehamwood & Elstree Times 25.7.11 Borehamwood campaigner, Simon Richardson, wants focus on parakeets after police incident By Josh Darlington - A CAMPAIGNER trying to save parakeets says he does not want to demonise the police after he claimed they threatened him with legal action. Simon Richardson, of Mildred Avenue, took photos of environment department (Defra) staff working in his neighbour’s garden to eradicate non-native monk parakeets... However, later in the day, as Government officials continued to use cherry-pickers to disturb the South American birds’ nests, Mr Richardson was visited by the police.... The conversation was overheard by animal rights activist, Kate Fowler, of Animal Aid. Mr Richardson stood on his doorstep speaking to the two officers while holding his phone, which was on the line to Ms Fowler. Speaking in a national newspaper this weekend, she described the police as heavy handed and smacking of Big Brother... He said: “I don’t want to demonise the police. I’ve had one disappointing, disconcerting and unpleasant incident with two officers.“But, I have to say in the past I’ve dealt with community officers and have felt they’ve been very helpful and done their best for the Hillside ward.” (story)
Mail on Sunday 24.7.11 'Big Brother' police warn bird lover: You could be sued for filming parakeet cull (... and whatever you do, don't give the photos to a newspaper) By Andy Whelan - A bird lover who is battling to save rare parrots says the police tried to ban photographs he took of Government officials destroying their nests. Simon Richardson, who is campaigning against a cull of monk parakeets, said he was shocked when police told him he could be sued for thousands of pounds for invading the officials’ privacy... (story)
Borehamwood & Elstree Times 20.7.11 'Overweight soldiers' battle monk Parakeets in DEFRA eradication programme in Borehamwood By Josh Darlington - CAMOUFLAGED men have been spotted climbing trees in the dead of night as part of an ongoing mission to eradicate monk Parakeets in Borehamwood.... Simon Richardson, of Mildred Avenue, who spotted the men, said: “I panicked, because when you see people in army camouflage you presume they are there to shoot things... Campaigner, Christine Brock, 57, of Glenhaven Avenue, who is trying to save the South American native birds, was told by DEFRA there is a 'better chance of catching them at night'... (story)


Country Life 24.7.11 The state of the countryside: fishing - Environmental issues are at the heart of predicting the future for fishing, says David Profumo... (story)
Country Life 23.7.11 The state of the countryside: shooting - Enthusiasm for shooting hasn’t dampened, it has merely adapted to suit the climate, says Alastair Balmain... (story)
Country Life 22.7.11 The State of the countryside: hunting - Robin Muir explains why the hunting ban is bad news for foxes, legislators and rural communities - It's just after 10am in March in a field in Sopworth, Wiltshire. Hounds are already there with about 40 mounted and more on foot.... It's the end of an era, too-the last day that Capt Ian Farquhar will hunt The Duke of Beaufort's hounds in the vale, and the crowd has come to say goodbye... ‘You wouldn't think,' said the lady from the VWH, ‘that there was anything wrong.' But, of course, there is. Like every other English and Welsh pack, the Beaufort is hunting under the restrictions imposed by the Hunting Act.... Robin Muir is a joint-master of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield & Cowdray (story)

Gloucester Citizen 24.7.11 Beware of passing death sentence on the badger - I REALLY do think the poor old badger has become a scapegoat to try and eliminate tuberculosis in cattle. The infection to cattle could easily be transmitted by rats, mice, moles and voles, and even rooks, pigeons and any other creature or vermin existing and living in open pastures. These should be taken into consideration and any retribution placed on the badger should go on hold until proven... George W Lansbury Hucclecote (story)

Argus 24.7.11 Seagulls beheaded in Saltdean in "gruesome ritual" By Neil Vowles - Seagulls have been beheaded and laid out on a beach in what may have been a gruesome ritual.... Alex Szabo, founder of the South Coast Animal Ambulance said that they had dealt with 30 bird attacks in the last fortnight - the most they had ever seen.... Roger Musselle from Roger’s Wildlife Rescue said he had been called about more dead gulls so far this year than any other year... (story)


Kent News 23.7.11 Fears over impact of unbroken coastal path By Marijke Cox, Reporter - Countryside organisations have urged owners of sporting rights to have their say on the planned coastal access trail... The Countryside Alliance said people legally allowed to shoot on coastal land are being treated as second class citizens, with no rights to make formal objections to the proposals. The comments came as Natural England prepared for what it referred to as “walking the course” where officers will visit coastal land likely to be affected in Kent.... The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) issued an alert to people who shoot in coastal areas in Kent that the sport may be affected.... (story)

Independent 23.7.11 Farmers hit back in cull - I am disappointed to see that a healthy debate on badger culls in your letters page this week has resorted to British farmers again being unfairly attacked. Accusing them of being "blinkered" and of practising "bad husbandry" shows how blinkered those criticising them are... I fear that some of those calling for a boycott of British beef and dairy products have a hidden agenda in attacking farmers. I would not be surprised if they are already chosing not to consume these products for other reasons.... Phil Vega, East Yorkshire (letter)

Portsmouth News 23.7.11 Hancock calls for stricter national animal test rules - MIKE Hancock has pledged his support to anti-animal testing group the National Anti-Vivisection Society. The government has started the UK’s first review of animal testing rules in 25 years, and the Portsmouth South MP has backed NAVS’s work on the issue.... (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 23.7.11 MP backs circus ban on animals - A CAMPAIGN to ban the use of wild animals in circuses is being backed by Scunthorpe MP Nic Dakin. The town's MP has pledged his support for the Animal Defenders International (ADI), the leading animal protection... (story)

Irish Examiner 23.7.11 Ireland’s puppy farm shame - AS our ministers and TD’s head off to enjoy their fully-paid, over-extended summer holidays, spare a thought for the thousands of dogs and puppies who will spend another summer incarcerated in hell holes of unregulated puppy farms throughout our "emerald isle".... Catherine O’Brien Finglas Dublin 11 (letter)


Irish Examiner 22.7.11 Hares are not as lucky as Freeway and Barney - I NEVER cease to be amazed at the contradictions in our treatments of animals. We had a heartwarming scene the other day involving the rescue of a kitten... How sad then that up to 7000 hares, animals with an equal sensitivity to pain and terror as Freeway or Barney, will be subjected to the organised cruelty of enclosed hare coursing... John Fitzgerald Lower Coyne Street Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 22.7.11 Meat doesn't come from freezer aisle - NIGEL George of Cardiff (A badger cull would devastate tourism, letters, July 20) is quite mistaken. In his ill-thought-out letter, he proposes that a badger cull would have a devastating effect on Westcountry tourism, yet offers no direct correlation between the two... If a badger cull were to keep people like Mr George out of Devon, then let us not waste any more time than is necessary. Gareth Hughes Grecian Way, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 20.7.11 A badger cull would devastate tourism - I AM totally opposed to a badger cull (as is 83 per cent of the population) and since a badger cull was announced in Wales in April 2008 (now subject to an independent inquiry in Wales) I have not purchased any produce emanating from farms in Wales... Many British farmers no longer have my respect and I'll spend my money with those I trust.Nigel George, Whitchurch, Cardiff (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 22.7.11 Government cruel and stupid over cull - IT is outrageous that David Cameron's Government is caving in to farmers' demands for a badger cull (Farmers welcome decision on cull, Echo, July 21). This cull is not science-led, as claimed by the Government, but is led by ignorant farmers who seek to make the badger a scapegoat for their own bad husbandry. What gives farmers the right to destroy British badgers?... Helen Weeks, West Coker, Somerset (letter)
Independent 21.7.11 A boycott is the only option - It is outrageous that David Cameron's Government is caving in to farmer's demands for a badger cull.... What gives farmers the right to destroy our badgers? British wildlife belongs to us all. I hope people who feel the same way as I do over this wicked and cruel slaughter of our badgers will boycott all British beef and dairy products.... Helen Weeks, West Coker, Somerset (letter)

Independent 22.7.11 Badger cull will be a failure - Some events are as predictable as death itself: into this category falls the proposed badger cull; it will certainly fail. Here in the Welsh Marches, where badgers abound, as warden of two Herefordshire Wildlife Trust (HWT) reserves, I should immediately call the police if local farmers with guns attempted to trespass.... Dr David Smith, Clyro, Powys
The announcement to give farmers (or other shooters) a free hand to blast away at a protected species, based on incoherent and generally specious analysis, is desperately disappointing... The badger is an important link to our rural heritage and to cull whole families and badger communities is a savage and retrograde step that beggars belief. Steve O'Connell (C) London Assembly Member for Croydon and Sutton (letter)

Manchester Evening News 22.7.11 Andrew Grimes: Animal testing ban is advancement of civilisation - What can be said of men and women who spend their working days squirting disinfectants down the throats of animals or rubbing equally caustic substances into their quivering shaved pelts? I think most people would denounce them as sadistic perverts and call for them to be clapped in jail. Yet last year alone, over three million such horrible experiments were carried out in British laboratories under government licence... (story)

Scotsman 22.7.11 'Shocking' surge in animal experiments By SHÂN ROSS - EXPERIMENTS on animals have increased in Scotland by 17 per cent over the past year, figures released by an animal rights charity have revealed. Michelle Thew, chief executive of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, described the surge as "shocking" and said the majority of tests were carried out without anaesthesia.... (story)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 22.7.11 Cattle truck refused passage by inspectors - A LORRY-load of cattle was turned away from the Port of Ramsgate by Government officials. The truck was stopped from travelling to France on Saturday morning after it was inspected and was forced to return to its base... Onlooker, Gerard Bane, who watched as the animals went into the port, said: "The Lisbon Treaty says they are now under European statute as sentient, and therefore they should be treated as sentient beings... (story)

Thanet Times 22.7.11 Activists protest at animal exports - PROTESTERS gathered at Thanet council to campaign for an end to live animal exports from the Port of Ramsgate. Around 50 activists were outside the Cecil Square offices in Margate on Thursday ahead of a debate on a motion calling for action to stop the trade... (story)
Kent News 22.7.11 Protestors fear an increase in animal exports - Mathew Beech, Reporter - Protesters a fearing an increase in the number of live animals exported through the port of Ramsgate as they call for berthing fees to be increased. The Animal rights activists want Thanet District Council (TDC) to follow the example of Portsmouth council and increase the berthing fees for the animal exporters, after the local authority on the Solent has successfully priced them out of the market... (story)


Telegraph 21.7.11 Gamekeepers say they are the 'true protectors of the countryside', not the RSPB - Gamekeepers are the real stewards of the countryside, according to a new report that found land managed for shooting covers a wider area than all of Britain's nature reserves By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - The first ever survey of land managed by gamekeepers found they are responsible for 1.3 million hectares of land, more than all the nature reserves owned by the Government, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the Wildlife Trusts put together... the study by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust found gamekeepers also help other species like brown hare, songbirds and wading birds by controlling predators such as foxes and mink. Feeding over winter helps farmland birds such as grey partridge, skylarks and yellowhammers.... (story)

South Wales Echo 21.7.11 Fox warning has some credibility - HAVING followed the recent correspondence on the subject of foxes and the danger to domestic pets, I think Councillor Lyn Hudson was quite right in alerting people to this danger... Margaret Smith, Roath, Cardiff (letter)
South Wales Echo 15.7.11 Take care when foxes are about - COUNCILLOR Ralph Cook has certainly been stirred up, and has aired his own erroneous conclusions in response to my letter (YouSay, July 9) regarding the urban fox.... I was merely pointing out that I had seen a fox in my area and as like many families, I have small animals and I would take extra care... What he is wrong about is that he, as a left-wing councillor, has assumed that I am pro-foxhunting.... Councillor Lyn Hudson, Heath, Cardiff (letter)

Leamington Observer 21.7.11 Foxes are growing problem across district - Kevin Unitt - FOXES are literally running wild in the district's streets... The Observer has been contacted by several residents this week who have concerns over the apparent rise in fox populations locally... Leamington town centre worker Peter Robinson said he regularly saw them... “Something needs to be done. Perhaps I was too hasty in being anti fox hunting a few years ago.”... (story)

Cable.co.uk 21.7.11 Countryside Alliance hails rural wholesale broadband ruling by Nigel Adie - The campaign group said Ofcom's ruling on wholesale charges will help to close the digital divide. The Countryside Alliance has expressed satisfaction at Ofcom's decision to force BT to slash the amount it charges for wholesale access to its broadband network.... (story)
Wired 21.7.11 New Ofcom rule will lead to lower prices for rural UK broadband By Mark Brown - Millions of Brits living in rural areas could see their broadband prices lowered, and internet speeds increased, following new rules from telecoms regulator Ofcom... The Countryside Alliance, a group that supports rural life at Parliament, is pleased with the decision.... (story)
Oxford Mail 20.7.11 Ofcom cuts rural broadband prices - Rural broadband bills could fall after telecoms regulator Ofcom moved to cut the wholesale price that BT charges other internet providers.... The Countryside Alliance said it was "delighted" by the decision... (story)
Sky News 20.7.11 Can Cut-Price Broadband End Digital Divide? - Up to three million British households and businesses could get cheaper broadband after BT was told it must slash its wholesale charges in rural areas.... The Countryside Alliance, which has long been campaigning for better value broadband for rural communities, said it was "delighted" by the decision.... (story)

Huffington Post 21.7.11 National Countryside Week Shows Prince Charles at his Best - Nik Darlington - Prince Charles is a man who has spent much of his life being berated for trivial things (like having his toothpaste squeezed on to the toothbrush, or whispering not-so-sweet-nothings down tapped phone lines) whilst being heroically correct about some of very important things when chatterers decried him a fool: such as climate change, conservation, heritage and (organic) farming... Of course, despite the prince's best efforts, he can only be a figurehead. Whatever recent 'revelations' about his meetings with ministers, it is politicians not princes who instigate and implement policy. Dylan Sharpe, head of media at the Countryside Alliance, says that the current government has 'so far struggled to turn around the anti-rural policies of previous administrations'... (story)

Independent 21.7.11 Science looked at the problems - Your article, "Spelman fires starting gun on badger cull", (19 July) contributes to the continuing misreporting of the badgers-and-cattle TB problem. Lord Krebs's report in 1997 was far from being the first scientific exploration of the badger-TB link... John McInerney, Member, Dunnet Committee and Independent Scientific Group, Tiverton, Devon (letter)

Independent 21.7.11 Killing just to appease farmers - Penny Little, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.7.11 Boycott is answer to badger culling - AS the Government seems determined to ignore public opinion and scientific evidence and impose a vicious badger cull, just to appease the powerful farming lobby – who of course would far rather have a shooting free-for-all than improve their own welfare standards – then those who are utterly dismayed by this barbaric proposal have a simple but effective weapon with which to fight back. A boycott of British dairy and beef products is the only remaining option... Penny Little, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 21.7.11 Dairy cow a victim of modern methods - I HAVE noted the recent correspondence supporting the insistence by dairy farmers on a badger cull to eradicate TB in cattle (We want to get rid of TB, not badgers, July 7).... The modern dairy cow, like the badger, is a victim... Please leave the badgers alone, they have as much right to their lives as we have to ours. Joan Jones, Devon Heath, Chudleigh Knighton (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 21.7.11 Unhappy at lack of reply - WE represent a large section of the public who are totally disenchanted with the Welsh Assembly's lack of response to the numerous communications sent to it covering serious concerns relating to the extremely sensitive and controversial issues raised by the badger cull... T White & Ralph Rea, Cardigan & St Dogmaels (letter)

The Enquirer 21.7.11 Basildon residents warned swan killers 'could target people next' - AN animal rights organisation has warned that local residents could be the next target of sick yobs who decapitated a swan in a Basildon park last month. Animal Rights group PETA is offering a reward of up to £1,000 to anyone who helps convict yobs who decapitated a swan in Northlands Park.... (story)


Western Daily Press 20.7.11 Somerset huntsman loses unfair dismissal case - A huntsman who claimed the Hunt Master’s foul-mouthed language in the hunting field and elsewhere was a breach of contract lost his claim for constructive dismissal yesterday. Mark Parsons, kennel huntsman and first whipper-in with Mendip Farmers’ Hunt told an employment tribunal of the tense relationship between himself and hunt Master Richard Standing.... (story)

Independent 20.7.11 Do badgers really cause bovine TB - I agree with Mrs G E Purser about badgers (letters, 18 July); the debate is focused on the wrong issue. The issue is how TB is transmitted to badgers from cows... Margaret Martindale, Dalton in Furness, Cumbria (letter)
Independent 18.7.11 Badger is really a scapegoat - The debate on TB in cattle is focused on the wrong issue ("To kill or not to kill: the new dilemma facing the Government", 9 July). It's not the disease itself which is the problem but the fact that the export rules mean this country is obliged to implement strict controls on TB to be able to export cattle... Mrs G E Purser, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (letter)

Gainsborough Standard 20.7.11 ‘Firebomb’ attack on family’s farm - ARSONISTS have attacked a farm house which breeds rabbits for medical research – while a family were asleep inside. Police have condemned the attack on the Normanby-by-Spital farm, saying that it could have killed someone... (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 12.7.11 Animal rights group 'behind bomb attack' on Lincolnshire farm - ANIMAL rights activists have claimed responsibility for a fire bomb attack on a Lincolnshire rabbit farm. Highgate Farm, which breeds rabbits for vivisection, was targeted last Thursday when activists threw a petrol bomb at the home of Geoff Douglas... Yesterday, an e-mail was sent to the Echo, which contained details of the attack and threats to Mr Douglas and his property... The message was signed "Provisional RSPCA", but it is thought the name is false.... (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 8.7.11 Petrol-bomb thrown at house as farmer and wife slept - ARSONISTS petrol-bombed a farmer's home while he and his wife slept. The attack happened at Highgate Farm, in Normanby-by-Spital, near Market Rasen, where Geoff Douglas breeds rabbits for vivisection... (story)
BBC News Online 6.7.11 Arson attack at rabbit breeding centre Highgate Farm - An arson attack on a house at a Lincolnshire farm which breeds rabbits for medical research could have killed someone, police have said.... (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 6.7.11 Petrol bomb attack at 'animal testing' farm near Market Rasen - ChrisRedford - Arsonists petrol-bombed a farmer's home near Market Rasen while he and his wife slept. The attack happened at Highgate Farm in Normanby-by-Spital, where Geoff Douglas breeds rabbits for vivisection. In recent years, the farm has been plagued by animal rights activists who have demonstrated outside and vandalised Mr Douglas's property... On Saturday, April 3, 2010, an Easter Bunny Demo was organised by activists in a Close Highgate Farm campaign... (story)

Hunts Post 20.7.11 Drug testing on animals unreliable - I WAS most disappointed with your recent coverage of the allegations made by a former employee of Harlan beagle dog breeders’ Wyton ‘facility’. My own view is that Harlan’s inviting a reporter from The Sunday Times to visit and see the ‘high standards of care’ together with the ‘committed workforce’, is actually a red herring... AMANDA JAMES, Wheatley Crescent, Bluntisham (letter)

Whitby Gazette 20.7.11 Thanks from Animal Aid - ANIMAL Aid wish to thank the people of Whitby for donating so generously during their street collection on a very wet and stormy Saturday 16 July. A total of £39.12 was raised.... Karin Watts, Animal Aid Fund-raising Office, Tonbridge, Kent by email (story)


Liverpool Daily Post 19.7.11 How could the Royal couple watch stampede? - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR’S letter in the Daily Post (July 11) was written the way I felt, and I couldn’t agree more. I, too, was disappointed in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, watching the Calgary stampede.... J Rigby, L13 (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 8.7.11 Disappointed by rodeo visit - Douglas Batchelor Chief executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Liverpool Echo 8.7.11 Cruel spectacle - I AM deeply disappointed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will this week represent the UK at the Calgary Stampede. This event is nothing more than a cruel spectacle of animal abuse where animals are forced to endure pain, fear and stress in order to entertain the public. I find it appalling that despite massive public outrage the royal couple were not advised to change their itinerary.... Douglas Batchelor, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 19.7.11 Culling badgers would make shaving brushes cheaper, jokes Lincolnshire MEP - BADGERS should be culled because it would make shaving brushes cheaper, a Lincolnshire MEP has claimed. Controversial Conservative Roger Helmer, one of five MEPs representing Lincolnshire and the East Midlands, made the remark on micro-blogging website Twitter. Animal-lovers were quick to respond with comments expressing outrage and dismay... (story)
Derby Telegraph 18.7.11 Animal rights fury over MEP's tweet about badgers and shaving brushes - A EURO MP has enraged animal rights campaigners by saying he supported a cull of badgers because it would "bring down the exorbitant price of shaving brushes". Tory Roger Helmer posted the remark online on his Twitter account. MPs are today due to debate whether to introduce the UK's first cull since badgers became a protected species in 1973... (story)
Mail on Sunday 17.7.11 Activists bristle over Euro MP's badger cull joke about shaving brushes - A Tory politician has sparked outrage after saying he supported a cull of badgers because it would 'bring down the exorbitant price of shaving brushes'. Roger Helmer, an MEP for the East Midlands, enraged animal rights activists after posting his views about the luxury shaving brushes, which are made from badger hair, on Twitter.... The mustachioed MEP, 67, said: 'I was bleary-eyed and shaving in Brussels. With badger brush in hand I thought I'd tell people why a badger cull would be a good idea. 'It was meant to be amusing. But, of course, the manic bunny-huggers have gone all po-faced.'... (story)

Public Service Europe 19.7.11 Rise in violence by animal rights extremists by Daniel Mason - The European Union should combat the increased violence of animal rights extremists by renewing a dialogue so that their views can be aired in a democratic way, a conference of law enforcement agencies has concluded. Fifty-eight experts from the EU agencies Europol and Eurojust, meeting in The Hague last week, recommended that EU member states cooperate more closely to tackle the violence, which increasingly includes the use of improvised explosive devices and improvised incendiary devices.... (story)

Mirror 19.7.11 Animal testing ban for household products will be useless, warns RSPCA by Mike Swain, Daily Mirror - A PLAN to outlaw tests of household products on animals was last night branded useless by the RSPCA. A Government programme launched yesterday proposed a ban on the methods by developers of washing-up liquid, air fresheners, furniture polish, and bleach. But last year there were a record 3.6 million animal tests – and just 24 were for household products, the RSPCA reported... (story)

Bournemouth Echo 19.7.11 Call for fluffy toys - THE Humane Research Trust is a national charity which funds medical research... without the use of animals. To raise money for the charity the local group would be very grateful for any good quality fluffy toys which Daily Echo readers could spare for two events this Summer... PAM DICKIE, Yarrells Lane, Upton, Poole (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 19.7.11 Emma backs campaign to save animals - AN EAST Midlands MEP has thrown her weight behind a campaign urging people not to buy holiday souvenirs made from endangered species. East Midlands Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin has signed a Think Twice pledge, launched as part of a campaign by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). According to IFAW, millions of tourists unwittingly bring home souvenirs made from endangered species... (story)


About My Area 18.7.11 Hunt The Clean Boot - Farmer's Bloodhounds - The Farmer's Bloodhounds at Plum Park, Paulerspury held an open day on Sunday 7th July. Michael Lucas established the Farmers Bloodhounds in 1989, and was keen that the pack should exist to compliment Foxhunting across the South and West Midlands and not be seen as a replacement. Keeping strong links with foxhound packs is a recurring theme.... (story)

Bristol Evening Post 18.7.11 THE media seem baffled as to why the Government were so determined not to concede a ban on wild animals in circuses. Have they really not noticed that David Cameron's Conservatives (with some honourable exceptions) are still very much the "nasty party" when it comes to animal abuse? Though wisely keeping quiet about it now, the Prime Minister is still passionate about restoring the "right" of his pals to harry and kill wild mammals for fun, by pledging to repeal the Hunting Act at some point... Alan Kirby, Protect Our Wild Animals [POWA]
ONE of the problems with some politicians is that they play to the public gallery, rather than base their legislation on evidence. Just such an example was displayed in Kerry McCarthy's interview (Evening Post July 11. Ms McCarthy attacks the Government for not banning wild animals in circuses, yet her party was in power for 13 years and failed to do so... The passing of the Hunting Act consumed vast amounts of Parliamentary time and money. It was bulldozed through via the Parliament Act and has done absolutely nothing for welfare apart from making it worse for the wild animals concerned... James Barrington, Animal Welfare Consultant (letters)

Shropshire Star 18.7.11 Letter: Circus animals were always looked after - One of the most famous was Bertram Mills Circus, which used to travel around the UK by train. Every conceivable animal – including elephants, lions, tigers, liberty horses, sea-lions, etc – together with clowns, trapeze artists, animal trainers and others, delighted their audiences.... After the war I worked for 44 years, both on farms and in agricultural education. I have been involved with all classes of livestock and I can honestly say that if you want to get the best from any animal, then you have got to think like that animal... Keith Iddles, Wem (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 18.7.11 Anne's plight highlights an emotive issue - Fiona Peacock,Campaigns Officer, The Captive Animals' Protection Society (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 6.7.11 Our Circus protest has achieved its aim - Fiona Peacock Campaigns Officer The Captive Animals' Protection Society (letter)
Argus 5.7.11 Circus animals - Fiona Peacock, The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.7.11 Society welcome for animal ban vote - Fiona Peacock The Captive Animals' Protection Society PO Box 4186, Manchester (story)
Derby Telegraph 29.6.11 Circus animals ban down to your people-power - Campaigns Officer Captive Animals' Protection Society (letter)
Nottingham Post 28.6.11 I'M sure readers will remember the story of Anne the elephant who, earlier this year, was shown to be suffering abuse at the hands of her groom at a UK circus... The House of Commons has voted unanimously in support of a ban being introduced by July next year. Thank you to everybody who got involved in this important campaign... FIONA PEACOCK The Captive Animals' Protection Society Manchester (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 18.7.11 Free film about effects of meat - VEGETARIAN and vegans will hold a free film screening of A Delicate Balance about the effects of animal protein on the body and the environment... (story)

BBC News Online 18.7.11 Police make arrests in Greenpeace 'polar bear' protest - Police have arrested a number of activists following a protest inside the headquarters of a Scottish firm involved in Arctic oil exploration. About 60 Greenpeace campaigners had barricaded themselves in at Cairn Energy's offices in Edinburgh. The activists, some of whom were dressed as polar bears, were protesting against Cairn's drilling operations in the Arctic... (story)
Guardian 18.7.11 Greenpeace target Cairn Energy in 'polar bear' protest - Environmental campaigners step up pressure on energy firm over its oil spill response strategy and Arctic exploration plans - Dan Milmo - Greenpeace activists dressed as polar bears occupied the Edinburgh offices of Cairn Energy on Monday as the environmental group stepped up the pressure on the company over its Arctic exploration plans.... Greenpeace campaigner Paul Morrozzo said: "More than 50,000 people have written to Cairn bosses demanding that they come clean over their oil spill response plan and our volunteers braved freezing Arctic seas to board Cairn's rig and look for these secret documents... (story)

Shetland Times 18.7.11 Anti-whale slaughter protesters stuck in isles due to legal action - The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s flagship vessel Steve Irwin is still berthed at Holmsgarth Pier in Lerwick as the protest group’s lawyers deal with a court order served in relation to its campaigning activities in the Mediterranean.Founder of the organisation Paul Watson said the civil suit was a “minor inconvenience”, but because it had only been served at 4.30pm on Friday it had been too late for the group’s legal team to respond, causing the Steve Irwin and its 30 or so crew members to be stuck here over the weekend... (story)


Sunday Express 17.7.11 BADGERS IN TB GUN CULL ‘FACE DYING IN AGONY’ By Stuart Winter - BADGERS will suffer agonising deaths if the Government orders them to be shot on sight, animal welfare ¬campaigners are warning... putting Brock in the crosshairs of professional marksmen will lead to animals suffering horrific wounds, according to the RSPCA.... (story)


Financial Times 16.7.11 On hunting in the olden days when Murdoch had an empire By Rory Bremner - The last time I met Rebekah Brooks (at a dinner in Oxfordshire – I just hacked my own phone to check), she was going home to cook sausages for a local hunt the following day.... (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 16.7.11 Farmer criticises ‘barmy’ arrest over rook By Jon Moreno - A FARMER and parish councillor has backed the actions of an Island man suspected of shooting and selling fledgling rooks. Agreeing with the editor of the Shooting Times about harvesting rook meat, Ashey farmer, Cllr Howard Johnson, described the 45-year-old suspect’s arrest by the police as "absolutely barmy" and said young rooks were a nuisance to crops.... (story)

Huffington Post 16.7.11 No Rural Retreat - Dylan Sharpe - Head of Media Relations, Countryside Alliance - This week is National Countryside Week. We know it is National Countryside Week, because none other than Prince Charles has declared this week to be National Countryside Week with the words "I hope that it will provide us all with an opportunity to celebrate the people who make our countryside the very precious national asset that it undoubtedly is."... (story)

Leicester Mercury 16.7.11 Animal-breeding lab 'not closing' - A laboratory that breeds animals for scientific experiments has denied a claim that it is to close its beagle unit. Bosses at Harlan UK in Belton, near Loughborough, said there was no truth in a claim by the National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA) that the beagle breeding unit was to shut by the end of the year.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 16.7.11 Warning over cull - ANIMAL campaigning group Viva! has warned that any culling of badgers in the South West could have serious implications for tourism... (story)


Hamilton Advertiser 15.7.11 Hamilton Teen Picks Up Prestigious Country Sports Award by Gary Fanning, Hamilton Advertiser - A HAMILTON teenager has picked up a prestigious award for excelling in country sport. Trainee gamekeeper Scott McCall, of Silvertonhill, was the winner of this year’s coveted Tam Tod trophy... The Scottish Countryside Alliance Education Trust administer the Tam Tod Fund on behalf of friends and family of Tam Tod (story)

Hellmail 15.7.11 Wide Support For Post Office Banking Services - The Post Bank Coalition yesterday launched a report outlining how a publicly owned Post Bank could revitalise the post office network and bring trusted banking services to businesses and communities across the UK... Alice Barnard, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: “In the wake of the banking crisis, people living in the countryside have increasingly come to rely on their local Post Office.... The Countryside Alliance want to see Post Offices given the services to remain the social and economic centres of rural Britain... (story)
Morning Star 14.7.11 Post Bank 'could stem closures' by Louise Nousratpour - Campaigners stepped up demand for a Post Bank today, arguing that it would help curb job losses in the postal sector and offer a positive alternative to Britain's crisis-ridden banking industry. A coalition of trade unions, pressure groups and organisations representing small businesses released a series of fresh proposals today to put demands for a so-called people's bank back on the government's agenda.... Countryside Alliance chief executive Alice Barnard added that a Post Bank would be "a massive boost to both the rural economy and to the future of the Post Office network."... (story)
Post & Parcel 14.7.11 Post Bank could “revitalise” UK network, says report - A new report on how a Post Bank in the UK could “revitalise the post office network” has been discussed today (Thursday) at a Parliamentary roundtable. The study – published by the Post Bank Coalition – argues that the services offered by Post Office Ltd need to be expanded if it is survive and therefore meet the needs of small businesses and communities.... The Coalition is made up of the CWU, Countryside Alliance, Federation of Small Businesses, National Pensioners Convention, new economics foundation (nef), Public Interest Research Council, Unite the Union, with other observer and supporting organisations... (story)

Essex Echo 15.7.11 It’s time to cull the foxes - I have lived on Canvey for 36 years. When I first moved to the island I used to see the odd fox. Now the island is running alive with them and something needs to be done to reduce their numbers... Charles Turner, Metz Avenue, Canvey (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 15.7.11 We need to stop bashing farmers - JUSTIN Kerswell demonstrates his ignorance of social behaviour patterns of badgers in the wild in his letter... In my working career I have yet to meet a single farmer who doesn't like or appreciate wildlife, and if they could achieve it, they would welcome healthy badgers on their farms... John Sheaves, Ottery St Mary (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 15.7.11 Will a cull be worth all the expense? FOLLOWING letters on the subject of badger culling by Melanie Squires of the NFU (We want to get rid of TB, not badgers, July 7) and Justin Kerswell of Viva! (Territorial badgers not spreading TB, July 13), I would like to try to inject some balance into the discussion. Contrary to what Justin Kerswell says, badgers do spread TB to cattle, as the Randomised Badger Culling Trial (RBCT) showed... Francis Kirkham, Nymet Rowland, Crediton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 13.7.11 Territorial badgers not spreading TB - MELANIE Squires, of the NFU, paints the dairy industry as whiter-than-white when it comes to apportioning blame for the TB crisis in cattle... Again, I ask exactly how are these highly territorial animals supposed to be doing this? Are crack teams of infected badgers parachuting in? No, of course not – it is a ridiculous notion. The real reason, as I previously stated (Bizarre war faced by humble badger, letters, July 5), is mass cattle movements... Justin Kerswell, Viva! Wilder Street, Bristol (story)

Sutton Guardian 15.7.11 Wizard painting on display in Sutton targeted by animal rights protestors - Animal rights protestors have targeted a portrait of Sutton wizardman Conrad Pugsley. Last week the Sutton Guardian featured the stunning portrait, by teenage artist Sandhya Stearman, which is being exhibited at Sutton Council’s Europa Gallery. But since last week’s paper was published, angry letters have been left at the gallery and the home of the artist calling for the portrait to be taken down.... The protestors’ main grievance relates to unproven allegations of animal cruelty by Mr Pugsley - the subject of the portrait. A letter posted to the Sutton Guardian by a woman called Margaret Williams last week demanded the portrait to be taken down immediately... (story)

Thanet Guardian 15.7.11 Protesters lobby outside Thanet council calling for an end to live animal exports - Saul Leese - PROTESTERS gathered at Thanet council to campaign for an end to live animal exports from the Port of Ramsgate. Around 50 activists were outside the Cecil Square offices in Margate on Thursday ahead of a debate of a motion calling for action to stop the trade.In the council chambers, councillors of all political colours spoke out strongly against the transport of live animals from Ramsgate.... (story)
BBC News Online 14.7.11 Thanet Council considers Ramsgate Port animal exports - A local authority is considering seeking legal advice on whether it can lawfully ban the shipments of live animals through the Port of Ramsgate. Thanet District Council has said it objects on "moral grounds", but because Ramsgate is an "open port" it has no powers to ban the trade.... Protest organiser Ian Driver, a district councillor, said it was a "sickening trade".... (story)

Derby Telegraph 15.7.11 Protesters to pig farm go online to generate support - CAMPAIGNERS against a massive pig farm planned for Derbyshire have set up their own page on a social networking website... Protesters believe the company would not be able to properly look after so many animals and have set up the Stop Foston Pig Factory page on Facebook.... (story)


West Briton 14.7.11 Veggie event - THE 30th Veggie Roadshow, organised by the campaigning animal group Viva, is arriving at the Hall for Cornwall on July 31... (story)

Derby Telegraph 14.7.11 Protesters' delight as objections to plans for giant pig farm hit 11,000 - ABOUT 11,000 objections have been lodged against plans for a massive pig farm in Derbyshire. Midland Pig Producers has applied to Derbyshire County Council for permission to build the farm, which could house up to 25,000 animals near Foston... (story)

Burton Mail 14.7.11 Pig farm protesters take their fight to the streets by HELEN KREFT - ANIMAL rights activists have descended on Burton to wage war against a controversial pig farm application. Two Burton protesters who are part of Derby Animal Rights Group joined their counterparts in Station Street for three hours yesterday and collected 177 signatures against plans for a 25,000-sow farm in Foston. Sarah Elson and Robert Gipson, from Burton, joined Roger Swain and Will Maxwell to hand out leaflets and encourage signatures of support.... (story)

Oxford Mail 14.7.11 A cruel spectacle - HOW disappointing that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge launched the Calgary stampede in Canada, despite a DVD sent to them showing the cruelty involved in rodeos... SHARON HOPKINS, Templar Road, Oxford (letter)


Evening Standard 13.7.11 MP calls for cull as foxes eat family's guinea pigs - Laura Roberts - A mother told today how "fearless and vicious" foxes killed her daughter's two pet rabbits and two guinea pigs and even snatched and ate goldfish from the garden pond. Vanessa Letts, from Stockwell, said she feared for the safety of her two children, adding: "The foxes are such a menace that we are unable to use our garden in a normal way.... Mrs Letts said other families had complained about the behaviour of urban foxes. She wrote to her MP Kate Hoey who has called on Lambeth council to begin culling foxes in the area... The call for a cull caused dismay among wildlife campaigners who point out Ms Hoey does not support the ban on foxhunting and is chairwoman of the Countryside Alliance. (story)

BBC News Online 13.7.11 Broadband support to Wales from UK will rise to £57m - Wales is to receive almost £57m from the UK government to improve its broadband coverage, says Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt.... The Countryside Alliance said Mr Hunt's announcement was "not before time" as reliable broadband was "a necessity"... (story)

Guardian 13.7.11 Localised badger culls 'increase risk of bovine TB' - New research says culling is counter-productive method of controlling tuberculosis in cattle - Localised badger culling can more than double the risk of TB infecting cattle, a new Medical Research Council study has shown.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 13.7.11 Extend vaccination rather than culling - THE Welsh Government decision that a cull on badgers should not proceed before further review of the evidence will make the position of Jim Plaice MP the Defra minister responsible for a similar decision, yet to be announced for England, next to impossible... The hunters' new bloodsport of shooting at free-running badgers will be set back for at least another year while scientists conduct yet more reviews of the evidence... Kathy Moyle, Collins Park, East Budleigh (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 13.7.11 Group slams animal experiments rise - Animal rights campaigners have condemned an increase in the number of animal experiments performed in the UK as "a national disgrace".... Jan Creamer, chief executive of the National Anti-Vivisection Society, said: "It is a national disgrace that the UK animal testing figures have increased for 2010 and the Home Office should be ashamed of itself.... (story)
BBC News Online 13.7.11 Animal experiments increase again - The number of animal experiments carried out in the UK rose by 3% last year, according to government figures.... Dr Maggy Jennings, head of the RSPCA's research animals department, said: "Successive governments have made proud claims that the UK has 'the highest standards in the world' for animal research and testing. "Now they seem prepared to weaken this legislation and take a step backwards on lab animal welfare."... (story)

Scotsman 13.7.11 Anger at zoo's 'ghoulish' autopsy show By GARETH EDWARDS - EDINBURGH Zoo has been heavily criticised over plans to stage a post mortem of an animal in front of a paying live audience.... the UK charity PETA has said the move would not sit well with many members of the public.... A spokesman for the city charity OneKind said: "This seems a really staggering thing to do at a point when the zoo doesn't need to court any more controversy... (story)

Essex Gazette 13.7.11 Controversial animal circus coming back to north Essex By Chris Wilkin - AN animal circus which attracts regular protests is heading back for shows in Stanway and Clacton. Colchester and Tendring councls are unable to stop the performances by the Great British Circus, which are on private land... Lawrie Payne, secretary of the League Against Cruel Sport, said: “The sooner the Government legislates to ban all wild animals from being used in this way the better... “I think it’s a great shame we, as a society, still feel we need to use animals, wild or domestic, for our entertainment purposes.... (story)

Llanelli Star 13.7.11 Stop delays over circus animal ban - LLANELLI'S MP has called on the Government to stop delaying and get on with banning the "medieval" use of wild animals in circuses. Nia Griffith said the Government could easily introduce a ban under section 12 of the 2006 Animal Welfare Act.... (story)

Derby Telegraph 13.7.11 Animal charity thankful for generous donations - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Derby for their generosity in raising £368.91 at a street collection on June 25... William Maxwell, Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator (letter)

Essex Echo 13.7.11 Help wildlife to survive - Ron Hurrell’s letter (July 7) hopefully only represents a small number of people who think everything on this planet belongs to humans. He is worried about a few meagre foxes or badgers trying to survive against all the odds, but compare this to the mindless explosion of the human population continually needing to steal ever more diminishing wildlife habitat... Les Lampert, Grange Park Drive, Leigh (letter)


Horse & Country TV 12.7.11 GOVERNMENT RECOGNISES VALUE OF THE COUNTRYSIDE - The Countryside Alliance has today praised the UK National Ecosystems Assessment (NEA) report - which aims to put a price tag on a range of economic, health and social benefits provided by the natural world - and said that it hopes the findings play a central role when the Government releases its Natural Environment White Paper later this year, H&C has learned... (story)

BBC News Online 12.7.11 Guernsey L'Ancresse Race Day faces cancellation call - An animal welfare group has called for an end to the annual Guernsey race day. Horse Welfare Guernsey is planning a public meeting to explain its view the Guernsey venue at L'Ancresse is unsuitable and harmful to the animal... Horse Welfare Guernsey was set up in 2010 and has worked with Animal Aid UK, which will be sending a consultant to speak at its meeting, the date of which has yet to be set... (story)

Independent 12.7.11 Badger cull to prevent TB in cattle a mistake, says key scientist By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor - Culling badgers to counter tuberculosis in cattle would be a mistake, the leading government adviser on the problem said yesterday, in advance of an expected announcement that a cull is to go ahead... (story)
Telegraph 11.7.11 Badger cull 'a mistake' suggests Government adviser - Killing badgers in England would be a ‘mistake’, according to Lord Krebs, one of the Government’s key adviser on the scientific merit of going ahead with a cull. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - Professor Lord John Krebs, a world expert in zoology, originally commissioned the research into whether culling badgers will stop the animals spreading cattle disease. He said the research showed that killing 70 per cent of badgers in a restricted area only reduced incidence of bovine Tuberculosis by 16 per cent. Asked if it would be a mistake to go ahead with a cull, he replied yes... (story)
Guardian 11.7.11 Badger culling is ineffective, says architect of 10-year trial - Former UK government scientific adviser Lord Krebs says results of the trials prove culls are not an effective way of controlling bovine TB - Fiona Harvey and agencies - Badger culling is "ineffective", the expert behind the UK's biggest review of the links between badgers and tuberculosis in cattle, said on Monday. Professor Lord John Krebs was the government adviser responsible for the scientific review in the 1990s which found that badgers were a "reservoir" of bovine TB and could transmit the disease to cattle. He called for trial culls, which were then carried out. But he said on Monday the results of the trials showed that culling was "not an effective policy" and would be a mistake.... (story)

Worcester News 12.7.11 Bovine TB measures must be mandatory - Harriett Baldwin quizzed Agriculture Minister Jim Paice about bovine TB (Worcester News, July 5), concerned about its impact on wildlife. It would surely help the situation enormously if the bio-security measures which are currently only voluntary were made compulsory... ROBERTA BALFOUR, Malvern (letter)

Dundee Courier 12.7.11 Vile abuse of animals - I cannot understand how such an honourable paper as The Courier can justify giving publicity to the bullfighting in Pamplona... Bob Beveridge. High Street, Falkland (letter)

Argus 12.7.11 Wildlife care - IN REPLY to Raymond Metcalfe (Letters, June 29), I find his comment “meddling with nature” more than absurd given that humans are responsible for the often irreparable damage to what nature originally provided... Wildlife rescue centres most certainly don’t upset the balance of nature – thankfully they are people who see the bigger picture and are willing to dedicate their lives to trying to put back or repair a little of what has been damaged by human activity or neglect... S Miller, Lorna Road, Hove (letter)
Argus 5.7.11 Blame humans and domestic pets for endangering wildlife - WHAT A pity Raymond Metcalfe (Letters, June 29) had to accuse rescue centres of “meddling with nature” relating to birds being cared for in large numbers.... Roger Musselle, Downs Valley Road, Woodingdean (letter)
Argus 29.6.11 Nature nurture - HERE we go again, meddling with nature (The Argus, June 17). If these herring gull chicks were nesting on the cliffs, they would probably have perished. I know it seems harsh, but it is nature’s way of keeping the gull population down... Raymond Metcalfe, Staplefield Drive, Brighton (letter)


Bristol Evening Post 11.7.11 MP attacks Government on animals - BRISTOL East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy has condemned the Coalition Government's record on animal welfare. She said it was appalling the Government was allowing the culling of badgers, the continued use of wild animals in circuses and that there would be a vote on fox hunting in this Parliament.... (story)

Aberdeen Evening Express 11.7.11 Demonstration planned at fox-death golfer's club By Sally McDonald - ANIMAL welfare campaigners from across Britain this afternoon revealed they were planning a protest at a North-east golf club. Fox Watch hich has nearly 7,000 supporters, said it was taking action after a golfer, found guilty of battering a fox with a driver, had his membership at the club reinstated... (story)

Wanstead & Woodford Guardian 11.7.11 WANSTEAD: 'Family' of mink pose danger to future of park's wildlife, warn naturalists By Joe Curtis - MINK that have been sighted in a park could be a devastating danger for local wildlife, warn naturalists. Four mink that were spotted last week have sparked fears that they have bred, which would be very bad news for the future of the animals in Wanstead Park, in Wanstead Park Avenue, Wanstead.... Open spaces with waterways across Britain witnessed a rise in wild mink after animal rights campaigners broke into fur farms in the early 2000s to release the animals. (story)

Yorkshire Post 11.7.11 TB scams prompt call to halt badger cull - BADGER cull opponents have been circulating details of a Welsh court case which added to the evidence that some farmers are fiddling the TB control system. The case involved a Welsh farmer who pleaded guilty to six charges under the Fraud Act, Cattle Identification Regulations and Tuberculosis Regulations, and had 21 more admitted offences taken into account.... The Badger Trust said the geographical spread of the suspected frauds raised questions about how far farmers were to blame for their own problems with TB.... (story)


Telegraph 10.7.11 Farmers more important than badgers - A cull is the only way to protect cattle from TB – and the Prime Minister can delay it no longer. By Cristina Odone - An Englishman's home is his castle; an English farmer's heart is in his cattle. I'm in Somerset, where gloomy talk centres on a beloved Hereford/Charolais/Friesian cross facing the abattoir; and on the incompetence of a Government that has delayed doing the "right thing" by its farmers.... The new threat to the countryside comes in the shape of the animal-rights lobby. To spare the cow, the badger has to go; but for the RSPCA, the Badger Trust, and a host of other animal lovers, this is simply unacceptable. No cow, no cause is worth a cuddly little badger's life. Don't these sadists remember their Wind in the Willows, where Mr Badger stars as a gruff-voiced charmer? How could anyone raise a finger against this defenceless creature? The morality of the nursery, as anyone who's studied children will tell you, provides a wonky compass for real life. It's rooted in soft-toy sentimentality, not right or wrong ... (story)

Kent on Sunday 10.7.11 Ramsgate animal exports can’t be legally banned - Mathew Beech, Reporter - Thanet District Council have been told by legal advisors that they have no legal way in which they can prevent the export of live animals from the port of Ramsgate... (story)
Isle of Thanet Gazette 8.7.11 No legal loophole for live trade ban - LEGAL advice given to Thanet council over live animal exports from the Port of Ramsgate supports the view there is no legal way to prevent the trade. Thanet's Labour group has tabled a motion to be discussed at next week's full council meeting to urge the authority to explore whether the Lisbon Treaty offers a loophole to stop the trade which started in May.... Leader of the council Bob Bayford, said: "We are very aware of people's feelings on this highly emotive issue and that many would prefer not to see the export of animals from Ramsgate. "The council strongly resisted using the port for this trade on moral grounds, but we are governed by the law... (story)


Kent Chronicle 9.7.11 Drop the gun and leave foxes alone - I WRITE in response to the anonymous Borough Green man who has threatened to shoot any foxes seen on his estate (Chronicle, July 1). The fox attack on the babies in East London was a first… all the excessive tabloid coverage has done, by whipping up such anti-fox hysteria among such ignorant urbanites, is to strengthen David Cameron's proposal to scrap the Hunting Act and make the hunting of not just foxes, but deer, hares, mink and, no doubt sooner or later, otters as well, legal again in gratitude for the help given to the Tories' election campaign by the Countryside Alliance… Dave Wetton, Castle View Hadlow (letter)

CTV 9.7.11 Injured horse put down after Calgary Stampede race - The Calgary Stampede got off to a grim start on Friday when a horse had to be euthanized after breaking its leg during the festival's first night of chuckwagon racing.... Last year, the protest spread to Britain. A group called League Against Cruel Sports called on Ottawa to end "the immense cruelty" in rodeos and suggested to British travel agencies that they refuse to offer vacation packages to the Stampede. More than 50 MPs signed a motion in the British House of Commons that asked the Canadian government to improve how animals were treated at the rodeo... (story)
Telegraph 23.6.11 Duke and Duchess of Cambridge roped into rodeo row - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been roped into a row over animal cruelty ahead of their visit to the world’s biggest rodeo. By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter - A Canadian group which lobbies against cruel sports has urged the royal couple to stay away from the Calgary Stampede, where they are expected to watch demonstrations of lassoing and bull riding. The Vancouver Humane Society has written to St James’s Palace asking it to cancel the visit to the Stampede on July 7 and 8.... The League Against Cruel Sports has also written to St James’s Palace, pointing out that bull riding has been banned in Britain since 1934...(story)
CTV News 20.6.11 Royal visit asked to avoid Stampede - The Royal couple hasn't arrived yet and already their visit to Calgary is stirring up controversy. Letters from animal rights groups have been sent to Clarence House, the official home of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, asking the coupe to boycott the Calgary Stampede events including the Stampede parade.... The League Against Cruel Sports in the UK says it would be like the couple attending a cockfight when visiting India, and points out rodeo has been banned in Britain since 1934.... (story)

Independent 9.7.11 To kill or not to kill: the new dilemma facing the Government - The PM must soon rule on whether to let farmers cull badgers – but the choice is not black and white, writes Michael McCarthy - Trouble? you may think that David Cameron has a enough on his plate, but it's about to get worse. Sometime very soon the Prime Minister has to take a decision – if he hasn't taken it already – which will be immensely unpopular with a large section of British society, and which may even lead to problems of public order..... He has to decide whether or not to kill badgers (story)

Spalding Guardian 9.7.11 LETTER: Thanks from Animal Aid - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Spalding for giving generously to the street collection on Saturday – £145.17 was collected... DONNA BURKE Street collection co-ordinator (letter)


Daily Mail 8.7.11 Princess Diana lookalike's £13m empire in illegal farm drugs - A princess Diana lookalike and her husband ran a Europe-wide black-market empire which flooded the UK alone with £6million worth of illegal veterinary drugs, a court was told yesterday. Regine Lansley, 62, and Ronald Meddes, 73, supplied 1,800 clients from their 11-bedroom French farmhouse... Lansley was given 20 months and her husband 28 months ... Their UK customer list included farms, stables, kennels, hunts, shoots and veterinary practices.... (story)

Coventry Telegraph 8.7.11 Understanding how foxes feed - I CAN’T help but chuckle at yet another letter calling for a fox cull (C Tomkinson, July 4).... Foxes only breed once a year, with only some vixens actually having cubs, the population is self regulatory and they will go where food exists to sustain their numbers... Bryan Griffiths, Bedworth (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 8.7.11 Have a say on EU animal test rules - EXETER Friends For Animals is calling on the public to respond to a Home Office consultation on the new EU Directive on animal experimentation. Local campaigner Sharon Howe said: "This is a great opportunity for the Government to ensure the best possible protection for laboratory animals... (story)

Sheffield Telegraph 8.7.11 Animal-free research call - From: Dawn Biram Sheffield S17 - Just as we know that a huge investment in green technologies a few decades ago would have been the wisest course of action, the same can be said of investing in replacement methods to the use of animals in medical experiments now.... Replacing animals in medical research needs real commitment, not just lip service. The Dr Hadwen Trust has that commitment and I would like to thank those runners that raised money for this charity in Ecclesall Woods in the Run for ALL Life, also to Pure Gym for supporting the event... (letter)

Norwich Evening News 8.7.11 Tributes to Norwich woman who put others first - Peter Walsh - Moving tributes have today been paid to a Norwich animal and disability rights campaigner who was found dead at her home. Krista Thompson, known to her family and friends as Kris, was discovered hanged at her home in Parmentergate Court last week... (story)


Lincolnshire Echo 7.7.11 26 caught in crackdown on illegal hunting in Lincolnshire - POLICE in Lincolnshire have cracked down on more illegal hunting than almost any other force in the country. The Echo can reveal that 26 people flouting the hunting ban by carrying out blood sports in the county were targeted by Lincolnshire Police between 2006 and 2009, resulting in fines for 14 of the criminals. It is thought that all were either hare coursing illegally or deer poaching... (story)

Liverpool Echo 7.7.11 Keep hunting act - ON Thursday, June 30 Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, confirmed the Government is still trying to overturn the Hunting Act.... Please be assured that as the MP for Liverpool Wavertree whenever the vote comes I will vote to keep the Hunting Act. Luciana Berger MP (letter)

Sheffield Star 7.7.11 Hooray Henries in his sights - How nice to read in The Star that conservation groups have joined forces, hoping to modestly increase numbers of rare birds of prey on our local moors... Only a few weeks ago a gamekeeper was found guilty of killing birds of prey in the Peak District.... How is biodiversity enhanced by the slaughter of foxes, badgers, birds of prey, crows, rooks, weasels, stoats and, ultimately, grouse, partridge and pheasants? And all to give a few Hooray Henries their macho moment. Graham (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 7.7.11 We’ll expand our cruelty campaign - AN ANIMAL Aid street collection was held in Whitchurch on Saturday, July 2, and I would like to thank people who were there as £200 was collected in just over two hours... Animal Aid had success, in that all the major supermarkets now insist on CCTV in all the slaughterhouses they deal with, but need help to stop the cruelty caused by animal experiments, factory farming and the campaign to ban breeding birds in battery cages for “sports” shooting. At present 95% of all medical research is carried out using modern scientific methods such as scans, cultures of human cells and tissues and computer modelling. In the words of Uncaged “experimenting on animals remains as a dirty little backwater of medical research that makes up the final few per cent”.... Derek Hector, Whitchurch, Cardiff (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 7.7.11 Whip has no place in modern horse racing - I AM no racing fan but I understand that there is a movement to ban the whip from horse-racing and that Towcester Racecourse will disqualify all riders who use the whip.... I fully support the Animal Aid campaign to Ban the Whip. BRENDA KNOPF, Highfield, Southampton (letter)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 7.7.11 Laura spots loophole in ban on animal testing of cosmetics by Hilarie Stelfox, Huddersfield Daily Examiner - THE words ‘not tested on animals’ may suggest that a cosmetic is ethically produced. However, it could also conceal the fact that the product’s individual ingredients have, in fact, been subjected to animal testing. Dr Laura Waters, course leader for pharmaceutical science at the University of Huddersfield, and a winner of a British Science Association award says: “I never realised this until I started looking into it.... She has been invited to address British Science Association members at the British Science Festival in Bradford this September. Laura’s topic will be ‘Do we still need animal testing for medicines?’ The lecture will also cover the ethics of animal testing on cosmetics.... Laura will be arguing that although animal testing of drugs is a legal requirement it’s not always valid... (story)


North West Evening Mail 6.7.11 POLICE STING FOLLOWING POISONING AND SHOOTING OF BIRDS - A MAN has been arrested on suspicion of intentionally killing a protected wild bird and on poison and firearm offences. Cumbria police’s wildlife crime team, Natural England and National Wildlife Crime Officer Andy McWilliam carried out a search warrant at a farm in the Ulverston area yesterday... (story)

Uttoxeter Advertiser 6.7.11 Animal aid are in the minority - THE letter from Animal Aid (Uttoxeter Advertiser, June 22) about deaths of horses in races claims that changes are needed in the regulation of horseracing and mentions ‘abuse of the winning horse with the whip’ in the Grand National... Animal Aid is not an animal welfare group, they are animal rights campaigners opposed to all use of animals in sport and all leisure activities; they promote a vegan lifestyle and oppose any donation to medical charities such as Cancer Research UK because they use animals. All their comments must be seen in this context; they are entitled to their views but these are not held by the vast majority of people in the United Kingdom. Professor Tim Morris Director of Equine Science and Welfare British Horseracing Authority (letter)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 22.6.11 Racecourse deaths need to be looked at - Dene Stansall Animal Aid (letter)
Blackpool Gazette 17.6.11 SINCE the launch of Animal Aid’s Race Horse Deathwatch website... DENE STANSALL, Horse Racing Consultant, Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 10.6.11 Racehorse deaths - SINCE the launch of Animal Aid’s Race Horse Deathwatch website (www.horsedeathwatch.com) just over four years ago, more than 700 horses have been killed on British racecourses... The British Horseracing Authority (BHA), which has responsibility for the welfare of race horses, has shown itself to be incapable of tackling the problems that beset the industry. It’s time for the government to strip the BHA of its role as the industry’s regulator and to undertake and put into the public domain a full audit of race horse production, death and injury.... Dene Stansall, Animal Aid (letter)

Independent 6.7.11 Farmers' call for badger cull to be approved by ministers By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor - Ministers are poised to give the go-ahead to a widespread cull of badgers in a bid to halt the growing spread of tuberculosis in cattle – with a significant gap still remaining in the science behind the move.... (story)
Mail 6.7.11 Farmers to shoot thousands of badgers as cull given go-ahead - Controversial plans to let farmers shoot tens of thousands of badgers are expected to be given the green light by ministers this week... Jack Reedy of the Badger Trust said it could increase animal suffering. He added: ‘Midnight marksmanship is extremely difficult. Even in daylight it’s difficult to see badgers in the undergrowth. ‘There could be an awful lot of badly injured badgers lying around.’ (story)

Newcastle Journal 6.7.11 Northumberland Wildlife Trust patron urges against badger cull plan - THE patron of Northumberland Wildlife Trust yesterday urged the Government not to press ahead with a cull of badgers as part of efforts to tackle TB in cattle. Chris Packham, who is also a vice president of the RSPCA, has joined the animal welfare charity’s call for members of the public to write to their MPs to express their opposition to the proposed cull, which was unveiled by ministers last year... (story)

York Press 6.7.11 Tethering of horses is wrong wherever it occurs - PETER Broadley (The Press, Letters, July 1) is right to describe the tethering of horses as barbaric... The horses tied up on open land around York and elsewhere are only occasionally given water... The law exists. It’s time the police and RSPCA started to use it. Chris Riley, Howitt Street, Heanor, Derbyshire (letter)


Torquay Herald Express 5.7.11 Lasting relationship with nature - WHEN it comes to wildlife many people are careless and uncaring... let me remind you of the 1960s when intensive farming altered the face of the British countryside, and organo-chloride pesticides brought the otter close to extinction. Confronted by the crisis, how did the otter-hunting enthusiasts react? Well, between 1958 and 1963 the 11 otter hunts of England and Wales killed 1,065 otters between them... (story)

Yorkshire Post 5.7.11 Moor owners join campaign to boost bird of prey numbers - LANDOWNERS and conservation organisations have joined forces in a bid to halt “disagreement” over how to encourage birds of prey to breed in the Peak District National Park. The Moorland Association, which represents grouse moor owners, has signed up to a scheme which aims to increase the numbers of birds such as the merlin, peregrine falcon and short-eared owl. The RSPB, National Trust, Natural England and Peak District National Park Authority are also involved in the group... (story)

Worcester News 5.7.11 We won’t take bull cruelty lying down By Elizabeth Sweetman - A woman has joined protesters in Spain to demonstrate against cruelty to bulls in one of the country’s most infamous events. Abi Izzard, of Malvern, was one of 100 people painted in dark brown, black or red body paint who lay down in the main square of Pamplona to make the shape of a bull to protest before the start of the Running of the Bulls on Sunday.... Ms Izzard, aged 27, a former pupil of The Chase Technology College, became involved with the hour-long protest through her work as special projects co-ordinator with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).... (story)


Lincolnshire Echo 4.7.11 Wildlife crime laws - AN EXPERT in wildlife crime has said calls to make sentences harsher are misplaced. Angus Nurse, of the Lincoln Law School, told delegates at the League Against Cruel Sports that current legislation is able to deal with wildlife crime but it is not being enforced properly... (story)

Horse & Hound 4.7.11 Horse & Hound's county guide: Herefordshire - Herefordshire may not have featured very far up the list of H&H's "horsiest counties" in 2010, but that's due to a lack of "big names", not a dearth of horses... The county has a number of strong riding clubs and Pony Club branches, with plenty of affiliated and unaffiliated competitions. There are 12 packs of hounds hunting the surrounding countryside... 16 July: South Herefordshire hunt supporters club summer fun ride, Mynde Park, Much Dewchurch... (story)

Derby Telegraph 4.7.11 Hundreds of shoppers support animal rights protesters' fight to stop giant pig farm plan - ANIMAL rights activists have collected more than 1,000 signatures from Derby shoppers against a proposed giant pig farm... On Saturday, members of several animal rights groups, including Merseyside Animal Rights, Derby Animal Rights and Manchester Animal Action, set up stalls in Albion Street and used a megaphone to try to rally support. Niki O'Leary, from Liverpool, was among those taking part and said the farm would be a "pig prison"..... (story)

Burton Mail 4.7.11 Intensive pig farm wish all down to greed - HOW good it was to be at Burton Town Hall with like-minded people all opposed to the proposed massive intensive pig farmat Foston in South Derbyshire, and all there seemed concerned about animal welfare.... Dorothy Taberner, Birches Close, Stretton (letter)


Haverhill Echo 3.7.11 Puppies’ day of judgement as Thurlow Hunt says ‘Thank you’ - The qualities shown by the latest crop of young hounds at Thurlow Hunt came under scrutiny when the annual Puppy Judging took place... (story)

Kent on Sunday 3.7.11 Animal rights campaigners turn on TV star Phil Spencer after he kills a deer in Kent shoot - Television property expert Phil Spencer has come under fire for appearing in a bloody pro-hunting video in which he shoots his first deer... John Bryant, of Tonbridge-based Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence, said there was no excuse for the hunting of wild animals in the western world... (story)
Western Gazette 9.6.11 The knee-jerk reaction just misses point of legal cull - A LACK of understanding of field sports has led to the vitriolic treatment of a TV presenter who was taking part in a legitimate cull, say his supporters. If readers of te Western Gazette were not aware, Location Location presenter Phil Spencer was filmed shooting a deer as part of an organised cull on the Fieldsports Channel. Animal welfare groups such as the League Against Cruel Sports, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and One Kind claimed Mr Spencer was getting his kicks out of the kill... I know the thought of shooting birds and other wildlife is unacceptable to some readers in the Western Gazette but the food chain in man-made environments such as the English countryside has to be managed.... (story)
Mail 7.5.11 From hunting property bargains to killing wildlife... outcry as TV homes guru guns down deer By COLIN FERNANDEZ - Until now, the only things he’s been known to hunt for are property bargains. But Location, Location, Location presenter Phil Spencer has been condemned as ‘bloodthirsty’ after he was filmed shooting a deer to fulfil a long-standing ‘ambition’... Fin Robertson, of animal welfare group OneKind, said: ‘The danger is he is a well-known personality... And Elisa Allen, spokesman for Peta – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – said: ‘Anyone who can describe a blood sport as a “passion” and boast of a long-held ambition to stalk and kill defenceless animals should undergo a psychiatric evaluation to see if his or her mirror neuron, the one that allows a person to experience empathy, is underdeveloped.... (story)
Evening Standard 3.5.11 Property show host Phil Spencer branded bloodthirsty for shooting deer - Rashid Razaq - Television presenter Phil Spencer was today called a "bloodthirsty killer" after he shot a deer and then posed smiling with its carcass... The hunting expedition, covered by online TV station the Fieldsports Channel, saw Spencer accompany farm manager Andy Crow, whose crops had been wrecked by deer... Louise Robertson, spokeswoman for the League Against Cruel Sports, claimed that Spencer's fans would be "genuinely upset" by his actions.... Countryside Alliance deputy director Rob Gray said: "One of our fastest areas of growth is in shooting. It is thanks to people like Phil that people are starting to realise and to understand what we are doing." (story)

Independent on Sunday 3.7.11 Badgers: To cull or not to cull? Either way, they are not as nice as they look - Farmers want to stop the spread of TB in cattle. But Brock will fight back, says Harry Mount - I blame The Wind in the Willows. Until Kenneth Grahame published his tales from the riverbank in 1908, badgers were firmly in the non-cuddly-animal category. But once Badger had installed himself in the subconscious of generations of schoolchildren – the solitary but wise, kind and principled creature who bathes Mole's wounded shin and gives him and Rat a slap-up dinner – the battle was over... (story)


Dundee Courier 2.7.11 Game Fair hopes to draw record crowds to Scone Palace - The organisers of the Scottish Game Fair are hoping to attract record crowds this weekend to Scone Palace, with the overall attendance of the three-day event set to top last year's figure of 33,000.... The attractions will include the Clann an Drumma tribal pipe and drum band, falconry, Fife foxhounds, dancing displays, Tug o' War, a sheep show, a renewable energy court and people will be able to try archery, clay pigeon shooting and a climbing wall.... (story)
Scotsman 2.7.11 Conservationists and gamekeepers sign agreement to work together By John Ross - A NEW deal has been signed to help avoid future conflict in the countryside between conservation and game-bird organisations in Scotland. Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) signed the agreement at the Scottish Game Fair at Scone yesterday... (story)

Derby Telegraph 2.7.11 Don't let animals suffer for the sake of beauty - THE 2013 ban to stop cosmetics being tested on animals is in grave danger of being postponed for 10 years. If it is postponed millions of animals will suffer for the sake of beauty... Dawn Spencer, Dovedale Crescent, Belper (letter)

Irish Times 2.7.11 Ritual slaughter - With reference to Martin D Stern’s letter (June 30th), if people are worried about humane treatment of animals, perhaps the best, most humane course of action is to simply stop eating them... EANNA Mac CRAITH, Langebrug, Leiden, The Netherlands (letter)
Irish Times 30.6.11 Ritual slaughter - With reference to Peter Cluskey’s article (“Dutch Bill bans halal and kosher slaughter of livestock”, World News, June 29th), Animal Aid recently filmed inside eight randomly chosen British slaughterhouses and found evidence of cruelty in seven of them... , In shechitah(the Jewish method of slaughter), the cut of a razor-sharp knife causes such a rapid loss of blood supply to the brain that the animal becomes unconscious before it has time to feel the cut itself... MARTIN D STERN, Hanover Gardens, Salford, England (letter)

Oxford Mail 2.7.11 Ritual cruelty - I FULLY concur with the comments of Peter Langley, (Ritual slaughter, Oxford Mail, June 28), regarding the primitive, outdated and completely unnecessary practice of ritual slaughter... It goes beyond comprehension that any person with the most basic reasoning could deny that this practice causes unnecessary terror and suffering to the animal.... JAMES BUCKNER Bicester (letter)


Tonbridge Courier 1.7.11 Charity responds to boycott - A CONTROVERSIAL campaign by a Tonbridge animal rights group calling for a public boycott of four of the UK's biggest health charities has had a mixed reaction. Animal Aid, based in Bradford Street in Tonbridge, last week called on people to halt donations to Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, Parkinson's UK and the Alzheimer's Society over animal testing carried out as part of their research into cures... Cancer Research UK, however, slammed Animal Aid this week.... (story)
Paddock Wood Courier 1.7.11 Fun day and fly-past at school cancelled after threats - FEARS animal rights protesters would target a village school have caused a charity fun day and Red Arrows fly-past to be cancelled. The event, in aid of the Tunbridge Wells and District Working Age Parkinson's Group, was supposed to have been held at Brenchley and Matfield Primary School on Saturday.... The school and the charity cited "safety fears" but the Courier understands it followed Mr Potter – a governor and chairman of the Parkinson's group – receiving threatening phone calls ahead of the event. Last week, Tonbridge-based group Animal Aid launched a national campaign for people to withhold donations to four major charities – including Parkinson's UK – because they conducted medical research on animals. Animal Aid was not involved in the calls to Mr Potter.... (story)
Kent News 25.6.11 Kent-based animal rights group condemns 'cruel and futiles' experiments - Four leading medical research charities have come under fire from a Kent-based animal rights group for using money from donations to fund experiments on monkeys, dogs and mice. Animal Aid has launched a boycott campaign against Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, Parkinson’s UK and the Alzheimer’s Society, saying their animal-based research is ‘cruel and futile’... Animal Aid’s report was written and researched by Dr Adrian Stallwood, a hospital doctor, and Andre Menache, a veterinary surgeon... (story)
Yorkshire Post 25.6.11 Safeguards on animal testing From: Dr David Scott, director of science funding, Cancer Research UK - CANCER patients and their families are at the heart of everything we do. Our research has saved many lives in the past and will save many more in the future. In certain areas, research involving animals remains essential to understand, prevent and treat cancer. We do no research with monkeys, dogs or cats (Yorkshire Post, June 21). We have strict ethical policies in relation to animals and follow rigorous Government guidelines to ensure that animals are only used where there’s no alternative... (story)
Tonbridge Courier 24.6.11 Report condemns cruelty during testing - A TONBRIDGE animal rights group has controversially urged the public to boycott four of the country's leading health charities. Animal Aid is calling on people to halt donations to Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, Parkinson's UK and the Alzheimer's Society.... "It could be drastic for us because we are very short of money anyway, this will affect us badly," said Gina Faircloth, a local welfare worker for Parkinson's UK.... (story)
Independent 22.6.11 Animal rights call for boycott - An animal rights group's call for the public to withhold donations from charities until they promise to stop funding animal experiments is bad news for the millions of people living with untreatable or incurable conditions... I for one will continue to support such charities as I can see that the clinical researchers they fund are committed to conducting experiments with animals humanely, and understand that for some conditions, it remains impossible to advance medical science without such studies. Andrea Tofa, London W18
Your report about Animal Aid's call for medical research charities to stop funding animal experiments recorded the alarm felt within the animal research establishment. However, it failed to give details of the kinds of experiments that led Animal Aid to launch this campaign. Animal Aid's major new report, Victims of Charity, describes how charity-funded medical researchers have deliberately damaged monkeys' brains with toxic chemicals, and slowly and systematically destroyed dogs' hearts.... Andrew Tyler Director, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letters)
Independent 21.6.11 Animal rights group declares war on leading health charities - Research into cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's could be set back by boycott By Oliver Wright, Whitehall Editor - Britain's leading health charities last night warned that vital medical research into cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's could be set back by decades because of a high-profile boycott campaign being launched by animal rights campaigners. Animal Aid plans to take out a series of newspaper adverts urging the public to stop giving money to Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, the Alzheimer's Society and Parkinson's UK unless they end their support for animal testing... (story)
Independent 21.6.11 Leading article: Alas, animal experiments are still needed - Britain has among the toughest legislation on animal experiments in the world... . It is therefore dismaying that the pressure group Animal Aid should feel it necessary to call for a boycott of medical charities that support animal experiments.... Animal experiments have played a critical role in just about every medical breakthrough of the last century. They are vital for testing the safety of drugs and vaccines, from common painkillers to advanced anti-cancer treatment. They may not be perfect, and human trials are also vital, but without them medical advances would be seriously hampered... (story)
Independent 21.6.11 Can the use of animals in medical research ever be justified? - David Pruce: Yes... Dr Katy Taylor: No... (story)
Kent News 21.6.11 Kent-based animal rights group launches boycott campaign against medical research charities - An animal rights group has launched a boycott campaign against four leading medical research charities.Animal Aid, which is based in Tonbridge, accused Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, Parkinson’s UK and the Alzheimer’s Society of using money donated by the public to fund animal experiments.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 21.6.11 Charities slammed over animal tests - A campaign has been launched to boycott four leading medical charities accused of supporting "horrific" animal experiments. Welfare group Animal Aid is urging members of the public to halt donations to Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, the Alzheimer's Society and Parkinson's UK.... (story)
InPharm 21.6.11 Health research charities hit back at animal rights campaign - Four of the UK’s leading health research charities have hit back after being accused of funding “horrific animal experiments” by an animal rights lobbying group. Animal Aid has launched a media campaign calling for a financial boycott of Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, Parkinson’s UK and the Alzheimer’s Society. It is set to drive home its message with a series of newspaper adverts urging people to stop giving the charities money until “they pledge to end their funding of animal experiments”.... (story)

Southern Reporter 1.7.11 Campaign to end animal experiments - Animal Aid has launched a new, high-profile campaign aimed at persuading medical research charities to stop funding animal experiments. Our report, Victims of Charity, describes how charity-funded medical researchers have deliberately damaged monkeys’ brains with toxic chemicals... Therefore, Animal Aid is urging people to donate only to the many medical charities that confine themselves to funding non-animal methods... Andrew Tyler (director) Animal Aid Tonbridge Kent (letter)

Henley Standard 1.7.11 Support for humane work - I wish to thank everyone who supported our collection for the Humane Research Trust in Henley town centre on Saturday, May 21. We raised £97... Cyndy Bunton, Bracknell (letter on website for about a week)

Basildon Recorder 1.7.11 Animal circus’s ‘come and see us’ offer to MPs - A CIRCUS has invited MPs who want to ban animals from performing to take a behind-the-scenes look at how they are treated. The invitations to watch training, husbandry, and the show at the Great British Circus were sent out following a vote in the House of Commons, where MPs supported banning animals from circuses.... Wendy Morgan, a member of Southend Animal Aid, said: “To train animals, circuses start their treatment from when they are babies and it is wrong to cage them anyway.”... Colchester Lib-Dem MP Bob Russell, who helped to make sure a parliamentary motion went to the vote, urged his constituents not to go when the circus visits Stanway... He has declined to take up the circus’s offer... (story)

Irish Times 1.7.11 Ritual slaughter - I must take issue with your Editorial, “Ritual Slaughter” (June 29th) when it states in relation to the non-pre-stunning methods of animal slaughter that “most people find the practice unnecessarily cruel and would wish to ban it”. That may be the case in European countries. However, I believe that over 1.5 billion Muslims and a few million Jews at least would not agree that it is cruel and indeed would instead argue that it is the “stunning” methods themselves that are cruel and painful... IVOR SHORTS, Hermitage Close, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 (letter)

Oxford Mail 1.7.11 Meat is murder - I WOULD like to add my views to Peter Langley’s letter (Oxford Mail, June 28), re ritual animal slaughter for meat. Those who practise ritual slaughter have always been in denial that it causes horrendous pain and suffering. It is barbaric and should not be condoned under any circumstance.... CHARLES MATE Iffley Road Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 28.6.11 End this cruelty - AS A lifelong vegetarian, I applaud the efforts of the Dutch government to ban ritual slaughter, as this move represents a glimmer of decency in the murky and morally bankrupt world of meat production.... PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford (letter)