July 2012

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County Gazette 31.7.12 New date for Kennels open evening - A PLANNED open evening at the Seavington Hunt Kennels has been re-arranged to take place on Saturday, August 18, at 7pm... (story)
County Gazette 13.7.12 Open evening at the Seavington Hunt kennels - THE Seavington Hunt Supporters’ Club will be holding an open evening at its kennels in Bakers Place, Seavington St Mary, on Saturday, July 14, from 7pm… (story)

Western Morning News 31.7.12 Country notebook - When I was growing up on the family farm at East Knowstone, the fox was an enemy we put up with… The local hunt from the Dulverton Fox Hounds occasionally passed through our fields…. On one of those rare occasions, I managed to slip away unnoticed, and after crossing Shapcott Lane I was soon in Beer Close Copse where I was in "at the death" – my first and last one… At that moment I felt sympathy for the fox… (story)

Mail 31.7.12 Anglers infuriate bird campaigners as they call for cull of cormorants that are demolishing fish stocks By Tamara Cohen - Anglers have infuriated the bird watching community by calling for a cull of cormorants. They are calling for a mass campaign against the birds – nicknamed the Black Death - which they say are demolishing fish stocks…. (story)

Independent 31.7.12 Wendy Higgins: Animal testing is the beauty industry’s well-kept ugly secret - Animal testing is the beauty industry’s well-kept ugly secret. Many consumers still shop under the assumption that cosmetics animal suffering is a thing of the past. The truth, however, is altogether harder to swallow - thousands of animals are still used to test cosmetic chemicals…. Wendy Higgins is Communications Director at Humane Society International UK (story)

Colchester Gazette 31.7.12 Animal rights circus protest - ANIMAL rights campaigners held demonstrations at the Great British Circus when it rolled up in Stanway … Protester Liza Moore, 45, from Colchester, said: “These circuses are not fun and they need to stop.” (story)

Cambridge News 31.7.12 Mr Asbo move sinks river team's projects - Chris Havergal - Dealing with “fallout” from the relocation of aggressive swan Mr Asbo has “decimated” the Cam Conservators’ attempts to improve the river. In a report to the historic waterway authority, river manager Pippa Noon said staff had faced “intimidation and harassment”, meaning a number of projects that should have been completed by April remained incomplete…. Her report detailed a protest outside the Conservancy offices at Baits Bite Lock in May, which forced the evacuation of the premises. When the protesters arrived earlier than planned, a single worker was stranded in a “secure room” and had to ask for a police escort…. (story)
Cambridge News 18.6.12 '4,000-strong' demo draws just 15 on day of protests - Jordan Day - Animal rights campaigners dressed as swans were arrested after bringing Cambridge University’s May Bumps to a halt. As crowds gathered on the banks of the Cam to celebrate the rowing spectacle’s finale on Saturday, three members of Cambridge Animal Rights, wearing swan costumes complete with beaks, paddled along the river to block the rowers’ path… One of the campaigners, Sue Hughes, from Cambridge, said: “Three of our members did get arrested but as a group we certainly achieved what we set out to do…. Class War staged its march in the city in protest at Mr Asbo’s treatment and “elitism” in the city…. However, only about 15 people turned up and the protest finished earlier than expected… Ian Bone, group spokesman, said: “The turnout was lower than expected but it was still a success… (story)
Cambridge News 16.6.12 Animal rights campainers arrested as Bumps held up - Jordan Day - Three animal rights campaigners have been arrested after Cambridge University May Bumps were held up. The campaigners, who were protesting against the removal of notorious swan Mr Asbo from the River Cam, interupted the prestigious race by paddling onto the course in a small boat – all dressed as swans… Anarchists have also been protesting in the city against the removal of the aggressive swan and over “elitism” in the city. Veteran campaigner Ian Bone, of Class War, organised the rally, and said up to 4,000 people could join him. However, around a dozen people joined the protest, which finished earlier than expected at 12pm opposite the boathouses (story)
Cambridge News 14.5.12 Anarchists to stick oar in at Bumps - Raymond Brown - Anarchists are planning a riverside protest during the Cambridge University May Bumps against the removal of aggressive swan Mr Asbo. Veteran campaigner Ian Bone, of Class War, is organising the rally, which is likely to see protesters heckling college rowers from the riverbank. It follows the removal of the swan from the River Cam after rowers complained of being repeatedly attack by it. The group had previously planned a protest in the city centre on Saturday, May 19… (story)
Cambridge News 9.5.12 Natural England's Mr Asbo response is clipped - Natural England has refused to reveal where aggressive swan Mr Asbo has been taken… Class War and Cambridge Animal Rights are calling on the Queen to step into the row and plan to hold a march in the city on Saturday, May 19…. A Natural England spokeswoman said: “The couple who are looking after the swan do not want the location revealed.”… (story)
Cambridge News 8.5.12 'Bring back Mr Asbo' protest march plan - Raymond Brown - A protest march is planned to bring back Mr Asbo after the swan was moved from the River Cam to “protect rowers”…. Anarchist group Class War, joined by members of Cambridge Animal Rights, plan to hold a march in the city on Saturday, May 19…. Ian Bone, an organiser of the protest, said: “For us the swan is heroic and has shown exemplary class consciousness by attacking Cambridge University rowers in the main – although there were some other casualties.”… Mr Bone said: “We will be writing to the Queen to see if she can do anything to get the swan back to its home and asking Trenton Oldfield and others to join us on May 19…. (story)
Cambridge News 7.5.12 Fury as aggressive swan Mr Asbo has wings clipped - Cambridge's hot-headed swan Mr Asbo has had his wings clipped to stop him flying back to the city, river bosses have revealed. The aggressive bird has been spirited away to a secret location to head off further clashes with rowers and other users of the River Cam. But the Conservators of the River Cam have admitted it has been necessary to remove some of his main flight feathers to keep him temporarily grounded… Joan Court, from Animal Rights Cambridge, said: “I think it’s outrageous he has been mutilated. I’m livid… (story)


Independent 30.7.12 Alexander Cockburn: Crusading reporter and polemicist who was unafraid to espouse unpopular causes - Charles Glass - Reporter, polemicist, pamphleteer, champion of the downtrodden, horseman, and classic car collector, Alexander Cockburn set a high standard of crusading journalism for 50 years…. With his Wildean wit, love of elegant women, penchant for hunting and fondness for PG Wodehouse, Cockburn defied the stereotype of the disgruntled left-wing scribe blasting away from a darkened garret… If he attacked the strong, he defended those whom respectable journalists shunned: hunters, gun owners, Scientologists, Edward Said, Norman Finkelstein, the people of Palestine and East Timor and the disaffected, unemployed men who ended up in armed militias…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 30.7.12 Act now before badger cull starts in the county - PLEASE may I add my voice to the strong opposition over the badger cull in Gloucestershire?... A Amor, Cheltenham (letter)

Independent 30.7.12 Ricky Gervais blasts testing on animals - JOHN VON RADOWITZ - Comedian and actor Ricky Gervais has waded into a row over the testing of cosmetic products on animals. The Office star lashed out after companies were accused of putting profits before ethics to sell their products to China, where animal testing can be a legal requirement… Mr Gervais spoke up in support of Humane Society International's "Be Cruelty Free" campaign which aims to halt cosmetics animal testing around the world…. (story)

Plymouth Herald 30.7.12 Release them - I WAS horrified to read the letter from Helen Stevens (July 21), regarding Government plans to use stray or unwanted animals for laboratory experiments…. Let the people, who are in favour of animal experiments, volunteer for treatment themselves… J CAVE, Plymstock (letter)
Plymouth Herald 21.7.12 Animal plea - AS A concerned reader I am writing about the Government's new plans to use stray, lost and abandoned cats and dogs in laboratory experiments. The idea of this is horrific to me, as I suspect it will be to many other readers, but there is something we can as a nation do about it. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) have launched a campaign against this new and disturbing proposal. They are asking for your support… HELEN STEVENS, Co-ordinator, South West Animal Protection (letter)

Independent 30.7.12 For me the opening ceremony was tainted by the use of farm animals for sensation. These are sentient creatures, not objects to be abused in a stadium… Judi Hewitt, Rhyl, Denbighshire (letter)


Scotland on Sunday 29.7.12 Shoot black grouse ‘to protect them’ urges conservationist By EMMA COWING - THEY have been protected from the guns for the last 20 years in a bid to stop their numbers from going into terminal decline. But a controversial new history of the black grouse says hunters should be allowed to shoot them again to help stabilise the moorland population…. Patrick Laurie, a writer and farmer from the south of Scotland, says the voluntary moratorium on shooting black grouse which has been in place for two decades is damaging to the future of the species. He argues that wealthy estate owners plunge money into land management for red grouse - which are thriving - whereas black grouse are not seen as worth cultivating because they cannot be hunted… (story)


Sunderland Echo 28.7.12 Right of protest - IF unknown to them, Sunderland Muslims were fed non-halal meat in schools, hotels, hospitals and other food outlets, they would be extremely upset and offended and there would be an uproar about it. Not so long ago the Labour Party campaigned against the cruelty of fox hunting. Why can’t the BNP campaign against ritual slaughter… It’s something I have campaigned against for 40 years… John Richardson, Nelson Street, Hetton (letter)


Independent 27.7.12 Taxpayers foot grouse-shoot bill - Terence Blacker laments that "... a government, run by the privileged and the privately educated, deprives the vast majority of children of the chance to play organised sport at school is a matter of national shame" (20 July). What about the major taxpayer support given to grouse-shooting… Aidan Harrison, Rothbury, Northumberland (story)

South Wales Guardian 27.7.12 Two men admit pig cruelty charges - Two men have admitted animal cruelty after an undercover investigation revealed them beating pigs with plastic pipes and a metal bar. Geoffrey Towell, 54, and James Dove, 27, both from Norfolk, were exposed hitting the animals on Harling Farm in an investigation carried out by animal rights group Animal Equality…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 26.4.12 Doubts raised over animal rights footage - Johann Tasker - Doubts have been raised over the authenticity of undercover video footage apparently showing pigs being mistreated on two Norfolk farms. Activists from Animal Equality claim to have filmed more than 120 hours of footage and taken 278 photographs at farms run by the East Anglian Pig Company… But there are doubts within the pig sector over the authenticity of the footage. EAP managing director Adrian Dowling told Farmers Weekly the company was reviewing the footage, which he said was filmed in December 2011. It had been edited to show the farm in the worst possible light, he suggested. Some of the footage might even have been filmed elsewhere, Mr Dowling added… (story)
Eastern Daily Press 23.4.12 RSPCA working with East Anglian Pig Company following concern at footage filmed by Animal Equality By REBECCA GOUGH - Serious concerns have been raised by the RSPCA following undercover footage recorded by an animal welfare group at two Norfolk farms. The Animal Equality action group revealed images filmed at farms run by the East Anglian Pig Company (EAP), based near Norwich, which appeared to show pigs being hit and kicked… A spokesman for the RSPCA confirmed an inspector visited the farms on April 19, as soon as it was made aware of the footage. It had decided the best way to address concerns was to work with the company and the RSPCA would not be prosecuting the firm, she said… The RSPCA said it also had concerns that the footage had been released by Animal Equality some four months after filming (story)
Farmers Weekly 23.4.12 Activists target second Norfolk pig farm - Johann Tasker - Serious concerns have been raised by the RSPCA at alleged animal welfare abuses on a second Norfolk pig farm…. (story)
BBC News Online 22.4.12 RSPCA concern at pig footage from Norfolk farms - The RSPCA says it has serious concerns about the treatment of pigs shown in footage recorded by an animal welfare group at two Norfolk farms. The Animal Equality action group has produced images of pigs being kicked and hit at the East Anglian Pig (EAP) Company, based near Norwich… (story)


Guardian 26.7.12 The Countryside Alliance's neo-feudal shotgun lead campaign - Lead shot poisons birds. But for wildlife crime committed by or on behalf of our lords and masters, enforcement is non-existent - I have long seen the Countryside Alliance as a neo-feudal organisation, run by the landowning class and resentful of the intrusions of democracy upon its traditional privileges. The alliance, whose board is populated by dukes, lords and baronesses, asserts the right of its members to kill what they want and how they want… The Countryside Alliance's campaign against lead shot strikes me as motivated not by any practical or economic concerns, but by the age-old attitude of reactionary members of the landowning classes…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 26.7.12 Charity aims to help greyhounds - JULY 21 and 22 was national Greyhound Remembrance Weekend, when events are held across the UK in memory of the hundreds of thousands of greyhounds that have suffered in the 86 years since commercial greyhound racing began in this country on July 24, 1926… Helen Stevens Co-ordinator South Devon Greyhound Action Plymouth (letter)

Western Gazette 26.7.12 Rural appeal to commissioners - MOST people living in rural areas believe the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners won't affect local policing, a poll for the Countryside Alliance found. The campaign organisation has called on candidates in November's election for the first Police and Crime Commissioners to address policing and crime in rural areas as a key priority… (story)

West Briton 26.7.12 Bid to quash badger cull - WILDLIFE campaigners have launched a new legal bid to quash the Government's decision to cull badgers in England… In the wake of the High Court outcome, the trust has lodged an application to appeal against Mr Justice Ouseley's decision (story)
Western Morning News 21.7.12 Badger Trust to appeal court ruling on cull after losing challenge - Wildlife campaigners have launched a new legal bid to quash the Government's decision to cull badgers in England. Earlier this week the High Court threw out a Badger Trust challenge against Defra plans for a trial cull in two South West bovine TB hotspots this autumn… In the wake of the High Court outcome, the trust has lodged an application to appeal against Mr Justice Ouseley's decision… (story)

Bath Chronicle 26.7.12 Killing our badgers is side show - The rejection of the Badger Trust Judicial Review is a tragic result for badgers, cattle, farming and tourism… Although farmers may see a marginal reduction in cattle TB within the cull areas, those at the perimeter can expect an increase in incidence of this terrible disease… If you want to stop this slaughter write to your MP. It will be a sad day when badgers are near extinction in our county. ADRIAN R COWARD Chairman, Somerset Badger Group West Horrington, Wells (letter)

Telegraph 26.7.12 Sea Shepherd captain skips bail in Germany - The captain of the anti-whaling ship Sea Shepherd has skipped bail in Germany fearing that he could wind up in a Japanese prison if a court approved his extradition to Costa Rica. By Matthew Day - The US-based Sea Shepherd group said Paul Watson had left Germany for an "undisclosed location". It is thought the captain, who handed his passport over to German authorities when he was arrested in May, may have exploited the Schengen zone to travel to France or the Low Countries… (story)

Irish Examiner 26.7.12 Free vegan offer for Mattie McGrath - Vegan Ireland, the Vegan Society of Ireland, are tempted to ask what planet is Mattie McGrath living on. In a recent outburst in the Dáil, and in the very week when Nasa announced that astronauts on their Mars mission would be living on a vegan diet, Deputy McGrath asked whether we would have to become cannibals if we cannot kill and eat animals… Dr Roger Yates Vegan Ireland Dublin 4 (letter)

Burton Mail 26.7.12 Protesters picket court for animal cruelty sentencing - ANIMAL rights campaigners staged a protest in Burton against three people charged with carrying out abuse on dogs…. Rita James, from animal rights group Caged North West, travelled from Liverpool…. Sharon Williams, who made the journey from Telford, in Shropshire, said: “We want justice. Animal abuse cases are happening more and more frequently…. “These are defenceless animals which need a voice. We’re fed up of not seeing anything done.” Emma Nicholson, who runs charity Impawtant Pups in Burton, was present in court to witness the sentencing…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 26.7.12 Olympics legacy will be obesity - Although two letters published in Mailbox on the same day – Friday, July 20 – were about unrelated subjects, I noticed they had something in common… The connection between the two letters is a multi-national fast food company… The advertising tactics frequently employed by this company are targeted at children. In the latest McAdvertisement children are playing in a rural setting…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)


Western Morning News 25.7.12 Tories have let down countryside, despite their claims - When I look at the plight of dairy farmers, and the reality that this is a Conservative Government, I think of Lenin's "useful idiots"…. Before the last election, the Tories put all problems in the countryside down to New Labour who variously hated the countryside, didn't understand the countryside or wanted revenge for M Thatcher's destruction of the miners. So exactly what have the Tories now done for farmers? The promised supermarket ombudsman is widely seen by farmers as toothless. The bankruptcy of small farmers, which the Tories put down to New Labour's indifference, continues… So what about the time when David Cameron said "I am a country boy at heart"? It is becoming clear that he meant hunting with hounds, stalking deer in Scotland and driven shooting… Now, some farmers reading this letter may hunt and shoot, but for many rural and urban Conservative MPs, hunting, shooting and pretty views are at the core of their countryside, and farmers, and especially small farmers, merely give a background decorative colour (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 25.7.12 Remembering greyhounds - LAST WEEKEND was Greyhound Remembrance Weekend when events were held across the UK in memory of the hundreds of thousands of greyhounds that have suffered and been put to death in the 86 years since commercial greyhound racing began in this country on July 24, 1926…. Members of the public can help put an end to this horrific situation by not attending dog tracks or betting on greyhound racing, so this appalling industry fades away through lack of financial support… Nuala Reilly, Cowlersley (letter)

Redditch Advertiser 25.7.12 Thanks for all your generosity - LOCAL supporters of Animal Aid staged a street collection in Redditch town centre on Saturday, June 30, raising much-needed funds on behalf of the national campaign group. I would like to thank the people of Redditch for their generosity in donating £107.35…. Kevin White Animal Aid volunteer collection co-ordinator (letter)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 25.7.12 No understanding of dairy industry - I AM writing in reply to the letter in last week’s paper concerning dairy farming. It would seem to me that Mr Woodward is pursuing his own agenda and is very much out of touch with public sentiment on this issue. His text is crammed from start to finish with factual inaccuracies which show a lack of understanding of modern dairy farming… ROB HICKS, Ryedale NFU, Pickering (letter)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald 25.7.12 Putting other side of milk production facts - WE write in response to the somewhat poorly researched and frankly slanderous letter published last week regarding the fair price of milk. We wish to point out several glaring errors starting with the myth that all dairy cows are killed after about three lactations. This shows a complete lack of appreciation for how the dairy industry works…. The hypocrisy of this letter is absurd; may we ask the author where he sources his ‘fresh milk’ for his B&B customers? Is he paying a fair price for it? Vets HELEN ANDREWS, MRCVS, Pickering ; K LONGMIRE, MRCVS, Pickering; Farmers A BRADLEY, Pickering; G COCKERILL, Lockton; T & S EDDON, Saintoft; S MYERS, Rosedale; R PATEMAN, Brompton (letter)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald 18.7.12 ‘There isn’t a fair price to pay for our milk’ RECENTLY farmers have been demanding a fair price for milk, but what is a fair price? A cow would naturally produce about six pints of milk per day (enough to feed its calf on). However, the poor modern dairy cow has been genetically manipulated to produce about 40 pints per day and her poor calf will be lucky to taste any of it… Finally, it is pressure from dairy farmers that has led to this government announcing that hundreds, if not thousands, of badgers will be shot later this year… TOMMY WOODWARD, Pickering (letter)

Leicester Mercury 25.7.12 Poems will help wildlife - The latest works of a Leicester poet have been published in a new book raising awareness of a wildlife charity. Richard Bonfield, who lives off Stonesby Avenue, near Saffron Lane, is the charity's poet in residence… Born Free Foundation founder Virginia McKenna said Richard's poetry really "gets to the heart of the charity"… (story)

Leicester Mercury 25.7.12 Although I'm not a vegetarian, I must agree with Ken Schofield and A Bilson on their defence of Elizabeth Allison because she makes sense and is a positive force for the welfare of animals and the ecosystem of the planet in general… Gordon Newton, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 21.7.12 Having read the compassionate and well-informed letters written by Elizabeth Allison for some time, I was most anxious to meet the person responsible face to face… J Tansley, Barrow. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 20.7.12 Having read the compassionate and well-informed letters written by Elizabeth Allison for some time, I was most anxious to meet the person responsible face to face. Eventually, I was introduced to one of the most charismatic, delightful people it has been my pleasure to meet for some time… Judith Tansley, Barrow-upon-Soar. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 14.7.12 Referring to the letter on July 3, "What does veggie campaigner want?" Please, Mr Wright, let Elizabeth Allison be. She is doing a great job of standing up for animals… A Bilson, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.7.12 What's your beef with me, Jean? - Ken Schofield's supportive letter ("You can please some people...", Mailbox, July 11) contrasts with that from Jean Dutfield (..."while others take exception"), same page…. I am accustomed to vegetarianism arousing hostility. It challenges the status quo and reminds us it is possible to live healthily without killing other sentient beings…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone.
I read the letter from Jean Dutfield (..."while others take exception") and I think she is rude and out of order… Kevin Fletcher, Coalville (letter)
Leicester Mercury 11.7.12 You can please some people... May I say, G. A. Wright, that I enjoy reading the so-called "Elizabeth Allison Vegetarian Page". Her letters are not always the same, as she covers a wide range of animal welfare issues…. Ken Schofield, Anstey.
While others take exception - Re: the letter to Mailbox from G. A. Wright (Tuesday, July 3) may I say I entirely agree with him or her…. Jean Dutfield, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 6.7.12 Vegetarian diet brings benefits - Mr G A Wright ("What does veggie campaigner want?", July 3) described Mailbox as the 'Vegetarian Page' and stated that he doesn't "bother to read" my letters because they are "the same old tune… As for Mr Wright's comment about livestock, "do we have a mass slaughter?" The mass slaughter of livestock is happening every hour of every day and will continue ad infinitum while people eat meat! Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 3.7.12 What does veggie campaigner want? - I wonder if it would be possible for you to find a space in the Mercury Mailbox, or should I call it the Elizabeth Allison Vegetarian Page? It has got to stage where I look at the signature and, if it is signed Elizabeth Allison, I don't bother to read the letter because I know it will be the same old tune… If we all take her constant advice and go vegetarian, what about our countryside? What about the livestock – do we have a mass slaughter?... GA Wright, Leicester (letter)


Wolverhampton Express & Star 24.7.12 Sunbathing Hednesford mother bitten by fox By Shaun Jepson - A mother claims she was bitten by a fox as she lay on a sun lounger in the garden of her Hednesford home. Lisa Pearce, aged 42, felt an animal tug her hair as she was sitting with her three-year-old daughter Holly but thought it was her pet cat Puss. When she realised it was a fox she tried to shoo it away, but the animal became aggressive and sank its teeth into her head. She managed to shield Holly from the attack and the fox fled after former teacher Ms Pearce hit it in the face. But when she put her hands to her head she saw she was bleeding… (story)
Sun 24.7.12 Sunlounger mum’s head mauled by fox - A SHAKEN mum told yesterday how a fox mauled her HEAD as she lay on a sunlounger in her garden with her little girl. Lisa Pearce, 42, felt an animal tug her hair but thought it was her pet cat Puss. When she realised it was a fox she tried to shoo it away. But it became aggressive and sank its teeth into her head as she shielded daughter Holly, three, from the attack… (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 24.7.12 Badger cull is doomed to fail - LAST Friday, a packed Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton heard from the Badger Alliance, comprising the League Against Cruel Sports, the RSPCA and six other animal welfare organisation, as to why the imminent cull of badgers will serve no purpose… May I urge all readers to write to their MP at The House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA and to Caroline Spellman, Defra, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London SW1P 3JR. Protest politely but firmly at the prospect of this imminent, cruel and unfathomable slaughter of wildlife. We can change this! IVOR ANNETTS Tiverton (story)

Argus 24.7.12 Thanks from Animal Aid - Animal Aid & the Collectors would like to thank everyone who gave to the street collection in George Street, Hove, on a very wet Saturday on July 7… Joyce Audric, Cootes Avenue, Horsham (letter)


Bournemouth Daily Echo 23.7.12 New Forest Show ready to welcome thousands - ONE of the highlights of the rural calendar begins tomorrow as the New Forest show welcomes thousands of people and some special VIP guests… The poultry tent will also be back with chickens, ducks and other rare breeds on display with parades galore showing off miniature horses, hunting hounds and the amazing sheep show, not forgetting the equestrian events… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 23.7.12 Farmer's security fears over badger cull - CATTLE farmer and businessman Richard Haddock has heightened security on his farm for fear of reprisal after a cull on badgers was cleared by the courts. The Churston farmer said he was ready, with others, to start culling in the area, but fears animal rights campaigners may seek to disturb any cull… (story)

Sunderland Echo 23.7.12 End animal experiments - Richard Mountford, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Northern Echo 19.7.12 Animal testing - I WAS appalled to read Richard Mountford’s letter about animal research (HAS, July 16) as its claims were outrageously misleading to the general public… Chris Magee, London (letter)
Gloucestershire Echo 16.7.12 Kinder alternatives can reduce rising figures - Richard Mountford, Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)
Northern Echo 16.7.12 Experiments - I WAS shocked to read the Government’s new figures for animal experiments in the UK… As well as being cruel, animal experiments are unreliable and even dangerously misleading when researchers try to relate the results to treating human disease… One way in which all of us can show our support for humane non-animal research is by donating to medical research charities that exclusively fund those techniques - and avoiding charities that also fund vivisection… Richard Mountford, Animal Aid (letter)

Sentinel 23.7.12 Vegan lifestyle so much better - WE SHOULD be concerned about dairy cows and badgers, wrongly blamed for bovine TB, which will be shot… Once the dairy cow is unproductive, she joins the queue of worn-out egg-laying hens and meat animals in the slaughterhouse. Fortunately, we can choose almond, soya, rice and coconut milk, as well as delicious vegan cheeses and yoghurts, instead… JOHN BENNETT, Newcastle (letter)

Oxford Mail 23.7.12 Bulls are brutalised - THE Oxford Mail recently carried a photograph (July 11) of the running of the bulls in Pamplona, northern Spain, as if it were some kind of entertaining spectator sport. The reality is that this is just another display of human brutality and primitive degradation on a grand scale…. EDWARD SANDERSON, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford (letter)


Western Morning News 21.7.12 League's video error - A video made by the League Against Cruel Sports has been removed from two websites after the animal rights group was accused of breach of copyright. The video, which promises to "lift the lid off the shooting industry", was taken down when the British Association for Shooting and Conservation noticed the film included clips from its own film on pheasant shooting… (story)

Eastbourne Herald 22.7.12 Horses do have feelings too - THANK goodness Eastbourne Borough Council have decided scrapped proposed horse drawn carriage rides, after consultation with Animal Aid…. BETTY SWIFT, Phoenix Drive (letter)


BBC News Online 20.7.12 Pembrokeshire farmer, 66, jailed over firearms offences - A South Pembrokeshire Hunt supporter, arrested but not charged after a protester claimed she had been shot in the head, has been jailed for firearms offences. Steven Barrett, 66, of St Clears, Carmarthenshire, had a sawn-off rifle and ammunition inside his van, Swansea Crown Court was told… Janet Gedrych, prosecuting, told Swansea Crown Court how on 19 October last year the hunt gathered in a clearing in a wood near Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire. There were also several supporters, travelling in vehicles, and protesters. Both groups, she said, were "well known to each other". An argument took place and one of the protesters, Dr Adrian Smallwood, began to film the scene. His wife, Monica, then said she had been shot in the head and blood could be seen coming from her forehead… Barrett was stopped as he returned home in his van. Under the front passenger seat officers found a gun that has been illegally modified… Miss Gedrych said police made a thorough search of the clearing and could find no evidence of anyone being shot. Barrett was not charged in relation to the alleged shooting… (story)

Oxford Mail 20.7.12 Dogs' welfare is top priority - 1. It was the owners of the stadium who made the decision to switch from Thursday to Friday, not a football chief as stated in the letter. This is not an extra meeting… 5. As an owner, I look after my greyhounds when they retire from racing. They live indoors, and I have three at the moment, who give me great pleasure…. about being paid: I don’t know anyone in a profession which works from 7am to noon on racing days who would not want paying. J ALCOCK Chairman Oxford Retired Greyhounds Giles Road Littlemore (letter)
Oxford Mail 11.7.12 Concern about care for greyhounds in racing - I AM writing in response to your article (July 7, Football: Chief’s backing move to Friday). I was appalled to read that additional greyhound racing will be conducted on Fridays at the Oxford track… I have been involved in greyhound adoption, foster care, and advocacy since 2005 and currently share my home with four greyhounds. I am also vice president of GREY2K USA, the largest national non-profit greyhound protection organization in the U.S…. ERIC JACKSON, Cinder Cone Dr NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (letter)

Western Morning News 20.7.12 WMN opinion: We're still a low crime area – but for how long? - On Tuesday, presciently, as it turned out, the Countryside Alliance was expressing its doubts about a directly elected police commissioner for Devon and Cornwall having a meaningful impact on the resources allocated to rural policing. Yesterday figures revealed Devon and Cornwall had recorded the largest percentage rise in crime over 12 months of any part of Britain. It now seems pretty certain that not only will the new police commissioner find himself or herself unable to give a boost to policing in the countryside – just as the CA warned – but he or she will also be able to do little to bring down the overall crime figures without putting significant resources back into the service… (story)
Western Morning News 19.7.12 Police commissioners told to 'rural proof' policies - A "rural crime matters" manifesto has been launched amid concerns that newly-elected police commissioners will not make a difference to the frontline in rural areas like the Westcountry. The Countryside Alliance is calling on all those standing as candidates in November's police and crime commissioner elections to sign up to its manifesto to make policing and crime in rural areas a key priority…. (story)
Western Morning News 19.7.12 WMN opinion: Call to take rural policing seriously must be heeded - We are consistently reminded, here in the rural Westcountry, that we live in a low crime area..l. nRather less often is it suggested that one of the reasons many people, particularly the old and the vulnerable, worry about crime is that they so seldom see a police officer who might be able to assist if they were in trouble. And now the Countryside Alliance has confirmed with a poll what many rural people will have already suspected – that there is widespread scepticism that changing the way our police forces are controlled, with the election of police commissioners from November, will change that situation in any meaningful way… (story)

BBC News Online 20.7.12 The Badger Trust appeals against cull decision - The Badger Trust has lodged an appeal after failing in a legal bid to block a badger cull in England…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 20.7.12 It is cheaper to shoot badgers than spending money on saving them - I WOULD like to congratulate the Grimsby Telegraph for always giving maximum coverage to the perpetrators of cruelty to animals that goes on in this so-called caring society. I am sure you are aware of the fate of badgers from the barbaric sport of badger baiting. As if this isn't enough now the Government has decided to cull them in an area most affected by bovine TB in cattle despite no positive proof they are to blame… Mr BH Parrish, South View, Humberston. (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 20.7.12 ON Saturday, July 7, Animal Aid held a street collection in Burton Joyce. I am pleased to report that £36.90 was raised in three hours… ANDREW SAUNDERS Orchard Drive Calverton (letter)

Plymouth Herald 20.7.12 Generosity - ANIMAL AID would like to thank the people of Plymouth for their generosity in raising £81 at a street collection on July 7… K MEDLYN, Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 20.7.12 'Crazy fanatics' target dog shelter charity in false belief it locked up Lennox By Chris Kilpatrick - An animal charity has appealed to be left alone after it was bombarded with threats and abuse following the putting down of Lennox the dog. Staff at Benvardin Animal Rehoming Kennels (BARK) near Ballymoney in Co Antrim say they have been receiving around a dozen nasty emails and posts through social network sites on a daily basis from as far afield as America, Spain and Germany since the dog was destroyed by Belfast City Council…. (story)


Northern Echo 19.7.12 Horse Racing - ONE of the best kept secrets in British sport is the scandalously high number of thoroughbred racehorses that die each year… Alison Jermy, Darlington (letter)

Farmers Guardian 19.7.12 Making it work at home and abroad - ONE family and two sons - both farming at opposite ends of the globe, one in Wales and the other in New Zealand. Barry Alston reports. From seed potatoes to meat production, the Morgans of Middlewood are farming not only in Breconshire but on the other side of the world too… Recently, Andrew and Elaine have won gold, silver and bronze in the Wales True Taste Awards and silver in the Countryside Alliance Awards - all very welcome rewards for what, Andrew says, they are trying to achieve with the meat business… (story)

East Grinstead Courier 19.7.12 East Grinstead badger cull is declared as legal - ANIMAL campaigners are warning badgers face slow and painful deaths as culling them has been ruled legal… Pat Hayden, vice chairman of the Sussex Badger Trust, in Eden Vale, East Grinstead, said the charity was now considering an appeal…. (story)

Wells Journal 19.7.12 Shooting badgers will cost farmers more - Rejection of the Badger Trust Judicial Review is a tragic result for badgers, cattle, farming and tourism… Adrian R Coward Chairman Somerset Badger Group (story)

Oxford Mail 19.7.12 Mistaken approach to TB - THE recent announcement that the appeal by the Badger Trust against the badger ‘cull’ (I hate euphemisms) has been rejected by the High Court should come as no surprise… TB in cattle arose because of the way farmers treat their livestock… PETER LANGLEY Windmill Road Headington Oxford (letter)

Argus 19.7.12 Culling badgers is not the answer - I WAS appalled to read the Government intends to go ahead with its insane policy of culling badgers… Some parts of the English herd are so riddled with TB that farmers want to scapegoat wildlife…. I James, Easthill Drive, Portslade
THE balance of nature will suffer if the Government culls thousands of badgers across the country…. I shall join a badger trust, and hope I can help overturn the Government’s ruling on culling these beautiful creatures. Animal protection organisations will fight it too. W Charlton, Westfield Avenue North, Saltdean (letters)


Croydon & Purley Advertiser 18.7.12 Sanderstead cats were not killed by foxes, says wildlife campaigner - A WILDLIFE expert has said a recent bout of suspected cat killings has nothing to do foxes – but recommended owners keep their pets in at night… The alarm went out for people to watch their pets closely after Denis Rawlings found the mutilated body of his cat in a neighbouring garden. But now wildlife expert John Bryant, from Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence, has claimed the disappearances of the cats are most likely nothing to do with foxes… Mr Jefkins however is adamant that his cat was killed by a fox … (story)
Coulsdon & Purley Advertiser 6.7.12 'Foxes can't get to recycling bins so they eat our pets', says Sanderstead resident - FOXES have killed seven cats in attacks that have been compared to shark film Jaws. A fox was seen on Tuesday in Norfolk Avenue, Sanderstead, with beloved family pet Jasmine dangling from his jaws. She was the seventh victim of the sly assassins, who have been on a killing spree since December, even leaving one cat decapitated in a back garden. John Jefkins, Jasmine's owner and a resident of Norfolk Avenue, witnessed the demise of his beloved cat…. Mr Jefkins' distressed daughters have now made leaflets for their neighbours, to warn them of the bloodthirsty foxes and to keep their pets inside to stop an eight cat falling victim to the onslaught…. (story)

Northern Echo 18.7.12 £2m bill for Great Yorkshire Show - and no insurance By Emily Flanagan, Reporter - ORGANISERS of the Great Yorkshire Show admitted last night they had no insurance to help cover a £2m bill after rain forced the cancellation of this year’s event…. In a meeting yesterday, the society decided to reimburse 600 showground businesses two-thirds of the cost of their stands – equivalent to the two days they lost…. Simon Hamlyn, from the Countryside Alliance, said: “We understand completely the reason behind the cancellation…. (story)
Ripon Gazette 13.7.12 Great Yorkshire Show ‘in a teacup’ By Emily Noble … The Countryside Alliance set up a “virtual show” to help businesses who lost out because of the closure. It lists the suppliers who need to sell off excess stock after the show… (story)
Yorkshire Post 25.6.12 A taste of rural life from field to fork - The Country Pursuits area is a hugely popular section of the Great Yorkshire Show. Based around two ponds, this section has a fantastic programme running during each day of the show. The programme starts at 9.30am with the gundog demonstration by Mount Grace Gundogs, with the last demonstration at 4.30pm with wildfowlers past and present by Chris Green the Cornish Countryman…. Programme – July 10-12 …09.30 Gundog Demonstration by Mount Grace Gundogs; 10.00 Pakefield Ferrets with Simon Whitehead; 11.00 Flycasting Demonstration; 11.30 Falconry Display by Ben Potter; 12.00 Decoying Woodpigeons, a scientific approach by Chris Green; 12.30 A Display of Hounds; 1.00 Pakefield Ferrets with Simon Whitehead 1.30 British Deer Society Demonstration; 2.00 Kayak Fishing the Cornish Way with Chris Green; 2.30 Gundog Demonstration by Mount Grace Gundogs; 3.00 Falconry Display by Ben Potter; 3.30 A Display of Hounds; 4.00 British Deer Society Demonstration; 4.30 Wildfowlers past & present by Chris Green the Cornish Countryman. Photo: Hounds from the Holderness Hunt (story)

Evening Standard 18.7.12 Questions asked at Marlborough - Marlborough College, alma mater of Kate and Pippa Middleton, must be keen to prove it doesn’t just produce future princesses and comely party planners. The public school is holding a series of political “Question Time” panels at its summer school, with some of Westminster’s chatterati agreeing to speak. The first features speakers including shadow Home Office minister Chris Bryant, Guardian deputy political editor Nick Watt and Lt Gen Sir Barney White-Spunner, chairman of the Countryside Alliance… (story)

BBC News Online 18.7.12 Sanquhar muntjac deer 'shoot on sight' appeal issued - Scottish Natural Heritage has issued deer managers with a "shoot on sight" call after muntjac deer were reported in Dumfries and Galloway… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 18.7.12 Protest planned over badger cull - ANIMAL welfare campaigners will stage a rally in Tewkesbury over controversial badger cull plans for the area. The League Against Cruel Sports will co-host the public meeting with its coalition partners, in the Watson Hall, Barton Street, at 6.30pm on July 25… (story)

Farming Life 18.7.12 Dairy farmers ‘not very excited’?at proposals on Bovine TB, claims SDLP - SOUTH Down MLA Sean Rogers has taken a different approach to the broad welcome given to the recent announcement by the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development on the vaccination of badgers with a view to eventually eradicating Bovine Tuberculosis. Mr Rogers (SDLP) said: “Since the announcement by Minister Michelle O’Neill I made it my business to speak with a number of dairy farmers in my South Down constituency on the specific issue. They certainly do not share the euphoria of some politicians on the matter… (story)

Western Morning News 18.7.12 Links between Blair's Iraq war and badger cull policy - The parallels between Tony Blair and Iraq and badgers and bovine TB are quite simply astounding. Science, intelligence and common sense are being completely manipulated to suit the needs of the premier cause of "it's all the fault of the badger"…. (story)


Mid Devon Gazette 17.7.12 When Tarka was still fair game - IT'S so unusual to see an otter today, that it may be surprising to many that otter hunting was only banned in England and Wales in 1979, in Scotland three years later and in Ireland not until 1990… The photo shows ladies and children hunting otters in 1912 on the River Lowman, which runs through Tiverton (story)

Farming Life 17.7.12 Consultation on proposals to vary firearms licensing fees - THE Game Fair at Shane’s Castle saw the launch of a petition to oppose the proposed increases to prices of firearm licences in Northern Ireland… Lyall Plant, chief executive of Countryside Alliance Ireland, said: “The proposed significant increases could have a huge impact on country sports and a dramatic effect on the viability of many firearm dealers, especially during this current economic climate… (story)

Derby Telegraph 17.7.12 Victoria Martindale: Coe wins gold for his pretence that Olympics are green - WHAT do the London 2012 Olympic Games mean to you? Elite athleticism? World peace? Courage? It seems to me that London 2012 has a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people. But I doubt that the words "green" and "sustainable" jump to many people's minds… If I was to list some of the key sponsors – such as Coca Cola, McDonalds, Cadbury, BP and Dow Chemical Company – I could rest my case… *Victoria Martindale is a prominent campaigner for environmental and animal rights. (story)


Western Morning News 16.7.12 Sports star Phil joins team to turn spotlight on the rural way of life - Cornwall’s Phil Vickery is known by sports fans as the ‘Raging Bull’, captain of England’s rugby team in its glory years… But he has a new project under way and it is all about his first love – the countryside. Philip Bowern explains. Former England rugby star Phil Vickery is heading up a special kind of "literary team" to celebrate the UK's field sports and other activities that are regarded by many as part of the great British countryside traditions, and integral to the life of rural communities…. he is leading a project to ensure these activities and traditions are commemorated and recorded for posterity in a four volume series of heavily illustrated, high-quality hardback books. The volumes will put the focus on stalking, shooting, fishing and estate management concentrating on the core elements of the "sporting etiquette". The series is called – appropriately enough – The Ruralist…. (story)

Billericay Gazette 16.7.12 Just sporty fun with guns? New Wickford range aims to win over critics - ARE guns misunderstood? Does handing a replica pistol to a teenager represent education? For Keith Slater, the owner of the Essex Range, both answers are an unequivocal yes. With five ranges of varying sizes, obstacles and targets, the Brock Hill Road centre offers people the chance to use airsoft guns in a competitive environment…. (story)

Sussex Express 16.7.12 May speaks out on badger ruling - Queen guitarist and animal rights advocate Brian May, from Surrey, has spoken out after a High Court bid to halt the culling of thousands of badgers failed… (story)

Colchester Gazette 16.7.12 Animal lovers set to boycott the Great British Circus - A CIRCUS which arrives in Colchester tomorrow is set to be boycotted by animal lovers. The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) has called on the public to avoid the Great British… (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 16.7.12 Animal cruelty added to list of Olympic irritations - VICTORIA Martindale gives a shocking account of the animal abuse that will play a part in this year's Olympic Games… Douglas Jaggers, Blagreaves Avenue, Littleover (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 3.7.12 Victoria Martindale: Britain's proudest moment will be tainted by shame - THE beasts are released into a packed arena to the thunderous roars of the crowd. Eyes rolling, tails thrashing, the panic stricken creatures bolt first in one direction and then another amid the turmoil and deafening noise. You can be forgiven if you think I'm about to condemn Spanish bull fighting or even hark back to Roman gladiatorial contests with wild beasts. No, I'm talking about the Olympics opening ceremony that plans to use hundreds of farm animals… (story)


Observer 15.7.12 It's poor farming, not the poor badger, that spreads disease - A badger cull will not solve the problem of bovine TB. It could even make it worse… A badger cull is not scientifically justifiable… , the government (not for the first time) has been overly influenced by the National Farmers' Union, which is why it supports a cull. One reason that the NFU is so keen on a badger cull is that it does not wish to accept that today's agricultural practices are largely responsible for TB in cattle… Richard Mountford, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)


Leicester Mercury 14.7.12 CLA Game Fair, at Belvoir Castle, is cancelled as weather continues to take its toll - The biggest festival of its kind dedicated to British country life has been cancelled due to the weather. More than 140,000 hunting enthusiasts, conservationists and food lovers were expected to attend the three-day Country Land and Business Association (CLA) Game Fair, at Belvoir Castle, in the north east of the county, next weekend. Organisers said waterlogged ground from persistent heavy rain has left them with no option but to cancel… (story)
Western Morning News 30.6.12 Biggest country sports event of the year gets ready for lift off in 2012 - The deeply religious undertake pilgrimages to their holy places on days of great significance… But there is only one event and one date that warrants an entry in the diary of just about every serious country sportsman or woman, however – the CLA Game Fair. This year the grand gathering of country pursuit practitioners, from ferret men to salmon fishers, grouse baggers to airgun nuts, takes place at Belvoir Castle in Rutland from July 20 to 22… Hunting – in the old sense – remains banned but riding to hounds has seldom been more popular and the hunting fanatics always make up a big part of the Game Fair crowd. Interesting packs of hounds – last year French Griffon Vendeens, among many others, made the trip – attract particular interest… (story)

Western Mail 14.7.12 Fears Marine Conservation Zones could wipe £60m off county's economy by Rhodri Clark, WalesOnline - Proposed conservation areas off the Welsh coast could wipe almost £60m a year off the economy of one rural county alone, according to consultants. Some 2,000 jobs in Gwynedd could be affected if the Welsh Government designates new Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) around the county’s coastline in 2014, say consultants… Four MCZs are proposed for Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire, where there is disquiet over the potential impact on angling and boating. No fishing is allowed in MCZs, and no ships or boats may legally anchor there… (story)

Mail 14.7.12 Reclusive billionaire wants to open 'world-class' art collection to public... but a smelly sewer may scupper his plans - A reclusive Maryland billionaire's plans to turn his expansive art collection into a public museum the size of the East Building of Washington D.C.'s National Gallery of Art may be scuppered by a sewer hook up. Mitchell Rales, 117 on Forbes' wealthiest 400 Americans, opened his spectacular 200-acre Potomac estate, known as Glenstone, to the public in 2006…. the county planning board voted down Mr Rales' request in May, citing concerns that the 3,000 ft sewer line would run across an environmentally vulnerable stream…. 'When we start allowing billionaires.?.?. to circumvent the law and the process to buy their way into what they want, I think there is a problem,' Caroline Taylor of the Montgomery Countryside Alliance told the newspaper… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 14.7.12 Mixed reaction to Gloucestershire badger cull - BADGERS could be shot in Gloucestershire as early as September after the High Court upheld plans for the Government's controversial cull… Tony Dean, chairman of Gloucestershire Badger Group, said: "I am very surprised by the judgement. I did think we would win the judicial review."… (story)

Western Telegraph 14.7.12 Council failed to protect badger habitat - Pembrokeshire County Council has been told to apologise and pay £250, after the Ombudsman found it had failed to enforce a planning condition to safeguard the habitat of badgers on a development site…. Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed advisor, Michael Sharratt, said the group was “very pleased” with the ruling…. (story)

Argus 14.7.12 Seafront horse drawn carriage rides scrapped - Plans to introduce seafront horse drawn carriage rides have been scrapped following animal welfare concerns. Eastbourne Council had initially granted a licence for carriage rides along the seafront and through the town centre. But protection group Animal Aid raised concerns about the rides… (story)

Irish Examiner 14.7.12 Referendum on animal rights - The proposed children’s rights referendum will mark a turning point in the treatment of children in this country… With a reform agenda in motion perhaps now is the time to bring into the public arena the issue of holding an animal rights referendum… John Tierney Campaigns Director Association of Hunt Saboteurs PO Box 4734 Dublin 1 (letter)

Devon County Gazette 14.7.12 Animal Aid thanks following Tiverton collection - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Tiverton for their help in raising £100.05 in a street collection in the town… (letter)

Plymouth Herald 14.7.12 Pity the cows - WHILE milk prices are being hotly debated in the news, little is said about the effect these have on our dairy cows… As soon as the dairy cow becomes unproductive, she, just like a worn-out egg-laying hen, is sent to the same slaughterhouse as meat animals. It's a terrifying place for animals, including organically-reared ones… An animal-free diet is also far better for our health and ecosystem. K MEDLYN, Plymouth (letter)


Country Life 13.7.12 FORESTS REPORT BACKS PUBLIC OWNERSHIP - Kate Green - Our forests should remain in public ownership, and be administered by a new body answerable to Parliament, says the Independent Panel on Forestry… The report received praise-for different reasons-from most stake-holders, including the RSPB, Countryside Alliance and the GWCT, which points out that woodland managed for shooting is often rich in biodiversity, as well as the Forestry Commission itself. CLA president Harry Cotterell says: ‘The report recognises that private woodland ownership still has a major part to play… (story)

Western Daily Press 13.7.12 Europe is final barrier to badger cull after High Court ruling - Campaigners against a badger cull have pinned their hopes on Europe after the failure yesterday of a High Court bid to prevent trials starting…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 13.7.12 Judgment clears way for pilot badger culling - The National Farmers Union (NFU) welcomed the ruling… (story)
Express 13.7.12 BRIAN MAY OUTRAGED AS BADGER CULL BATTLE FAILS By Charlotte Meredith - BRIAN May has spoken out today, after a High Court bid to halt the culling of thousands of badgers failed. The Queen guitarist and animal rights advocate described Government plans to cull thousands of badgers in the hope of reducing tuberculosis in cattle as entirely unethical… (story)
Argus 13.7.12 Sussex-wide badger cull will go ahead after Olympics By Ben James - Thousands of badgers are to be shot after the Sussex-based Badger Trust lost its High Court appeal to block the cull… Sue Baumgardt, a prominent animal rights activist from Hove, said: “It’s mindless murder. The Government has blood on its hands… If they go ahead with the culls, we will be out in the fields opposing them. We’re not going to stand by and let this happen.”… (story)
Western Morning News 13.7.12 'Common sense' victory for farmers as cull on badgers cleared by court - Relieved farmers have hailed as a victory for “common sense” a High Court ruling throwing out a bid to block a badger cull designed to tackle tuberculosis in cattle…. (story)
Western Morning News 13.7.12 WMN opinion: Courts offer farmers hope at last - At last a victory for common sense. At last a future for a healthy countryside with healthy badgers and healthy cattle…. (story)
Telegraph 12.7.12 Badger cull to go ahead as campaigners lose High Court bid - The Badger Trust has lost its High Court bid to block a cull of thousands of badgers to tackle tuberculosis in cattle… today Mr Justice Ouseley, sitting in London, ruled the legal challenge had failed on all grounds and refused to quash a Government decision last December to allow the culls by farmers and landowners to go ahead… (story)
BBC News Online 12.7.12 Badger culling legal challenge fails By Richard Black - A legal bid to block badger culling in England has failed in the High Court…. The Badger Trust argued that the cull was illegal, as it will at best make a small impact on the disease and could make it worse…. (story)
Guardian 12.7.12 Badger cull ruled legal in England - Damian Carrington - The Badger Trust lost its judicial review of the government's controversial plan to allow the killing of thousands of badgers on Thursday… Pat Hayden, vice-chair of the trust, expressed deep disappointment… David Williams, the chairman of the trust, said: "The Badger Trust emphatically did not ask the court to adjudicate on the science around culling. That remains exactly the same as it has been for a decade….. The RSPCA's David Bowles said: "We are bitterly disappointed…. (story)
Independent 12.7.12 Thousands of badgers face slaughter after bid to prevent cull fails - JOHN ASTON - Thousands of badgers are facing slaughter following the failure of a High Court bid to halt the killings… Badger Trust chairman David Williams said killing badgers "can make no meaningful contribution to tackling the disease… Joe Duckworth, chief executive of The League Against Cruel Sports, said: "We are extremely saddened and frustrated… (story)
Evening Standard 12.7.12 Badger Trust loses cull challenge - The Badger Trust has lost its High Court bid to block a cull of thousands of badgers to tackle tuberculosis in cattle… (story)
Gloucestershire Citizen/Echo 12.7.12 Thousands of badgers to be killed in Gloucestershire - Thousands of badgers in Gloucestershire are to be killed to tackle tuberculosis in cattle. The news will be a huge blow t campaigners… (story)
Gloucestershire Citizen 12.7.12 Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust accepts defeat on Badger Cull - ATTEMPTS to prevent a Government pilot to cull badgers in Gloucestershire failed in court today… Campaign group Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust supported the Badger Trust in its endeavour but has said it recognises legal due process was followed at the Judicial Review and the badger cull pilot will now take place in North West Gloucestershire in the Autumn. Dr Gordon McGlone, GWT chief executive, said: "Bovine TB is a serious disease of cattle that is continuing to spread within the national herd… (story)
Argus 12.7.12 Thousands of Sussex badgers to be culled By Ben James - The Sussex-based Badger Trust has lost its High Court bid to block a cull of thousands of badgers to tackle tuberculosis in cattle…. (story)
Meat Trades Journal 12.7.12 Badger cull to go ahead, High Court rules - The government’s controversial cull of badger will go ahead after a High Court judge quashed a legal challenge by the Badger Trust who had sought to prevent it going ahead. …. (story)
Farmers Guardian 12.7.12 Farming bodies 'delighted' as badger cull challenge fails By Alistair Driver - THE organisations behind the English badger culls, scheduled to commence in the west of England this autumn, have welcomed Defra’s High Court legal victory over the Badger Trust…. (story)

Independent 13.7.12 Circuses to face wild animal ban - Ministers are preparing a law banning wild animals from circuses, following a campaign byThe Independent. Civil servants have begun drafting the new law, the Government said yesterday, 13 months after MPs called for a ban to be introduced within a year… (story)

Romford Recorder 13.7.12 Two middle-aged women arrested outside Upminster slaughterhouse - Jane Ball , News Editor - Two middle-aged women were arrested during a protest at a halal slaughterhouse in Upminster. Six protestors, dressed in white boiler suits, were making a stand outside Romford Halal Meats, in Folkes Lane – which supplies lamb and mutton - at around 11am on Wednesday. The 44 and 54-year-olds were arrested for criminal damage to an HGV… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 13.7.12 Stop cruel acts - THERE are many hidden cruelties in the world of modern animal farming – from the shooting of day-old male calves to the permanent confinement of dairy cows and goats inside sheds… now a recent article in Farmers Weekly about dairy cows taken to livestock shows has shocked me all over again. The article says: "Exhibitors use super glue as a teat sealant to boost udder conformation in their animals…. Anyone who finds this as unacceptable as I do, and wishes to boycott such a cruel industry without compromising on taste, can order a free Guide to Going Vegan… Kate Fowler, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (story)

Irish Independent 13.7.12 What a load of bull - Unlike the tourists who make fools of themselves every year in Pamplona, the bulls are running for their lives but have zero chance of succeeding… Tormenting animals is not civilised entertainment -- it is something that belongs in the Dark Ages. Ben Williamson Press officer, PETA (letter)


Argus 12.7.12 A reason to cheer shooting - WHILE reading David Hammond’s letter about the use of guns (The Argus, July 6), it occurred to me I had just eaten my dinner using a rather sharp steak knife. Does David think children shouldn’t be taught to use such knives because of the knife culture in some elements of our society?... Mark Venn, Back Lane, Cross in Hand, Heathfield (story)
Argus 6.7.12 The price of firing guns - DO NOT be hoodwinked by Michelle Nudd’s intelligent and robust response to the outcry of parent and youth groups opposing the Countryside Alliance’s shooting lessons at Plumpton College (The Argus, June 29)…. The real purpose of this “Young Shots” event lies on the Countryside Alliance’s website, which states it is “an Alliance project to get more young people involved to create new attitudes towards shooting”… If your children participate on July 26 you will pay £20 for the privilege, but you may pay a much higher price in terms of the misery and suffering guns bring to the wider community. David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks (letter)
Argus 2.7.12 There isn’t much conservation involved in gun sports - I WAS heartened to read that several parents’ organisations have spoken out against the British Association of Shooting and Conservation’s (BASC) plan to teach children and teenagers how to use guns (The Argus, June 27). Apart from the risks of encouraging young people to have an interest in guns, we need to ask ourselves if we really want to educate another generation into joining the fieldsports lobby – seemingly the main aim of the BASC…. Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove
THE Home Office’s advice to police on firearms law recommends it is in the interests of safety that a young person who is to handle firearms should be properly taught at a relatively early age… One of the aims of Young Shots days, run by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), is to make sure young people who want to use guns are taught to use them safely and correctly…. Dan Reynolds, South East regional director, BASC (letters)
Argus 2.7.12 Parents slam gun lessons for eight-year-olds By Ben James - Parent and youth groups have condemned a shooting group for offering shotgun and air rifle lessons to eight-year-olds. The groups yesterday labelled the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC) “irresponsible” and called for the sessions to be scrapped. The Young Shots event is being held in Plumpton, near Lewes, on July 26… Fredi Nwaka, from the Fathers Together group, which runs a Fathers Against Guns campaign, said: “I think it is absolutely ridiculous and should be called off… Chrissie Hall, from the Infer Trust anti-firearms group, said: “It is potentially very dangerous because they are normalising and glorifying the use of guns…. A spokeswoman for Mothers Against Murder and Aggression said: “Playing with guns is not something that eight-year-olds should be doing… However, a BASC spokeswoman said that the event would teach children how to use weapons safely and correctly… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 12.7.12 Angling ace Alex lands bronze prize - A TEENAGER from Morriston Comprehensive School travelled to an awards reception at the Houses of Parliament to discover he had won a bronze medal in a national angling awards scheme…. Fishing for Schools is an educational course organised by the Countryside Alliance Foundation. It provides short angling courses for youngsters at schools across the country aimed at 14 to 16-year-olds….. (story)

BBC News Online 12.7.12 Borders estate deer 'torn apart' - Gamekeepers on a Borders estate claim wild roe deer are being slaughtered for fun by gangs armed with dogs…. (story)

Telegraph 12.7.12 Rural broadband: connected churches bringing faster internet to Norfolk - A wireless internet service provider is using church spires to beam its broadband network across rural Norfolk. By Shane Richmond, Head of Technology (Editorial) …WiSpire, a wireless internet service provider (WISP) backed by the Diocese of Norwich, is putting transmitters and receivers on top of Norfolk churches and using them to beam broadband signals across the county… Sarah Lee, head of policy for the Countryside Alliance, has described fast, reliable broadband access as being “just as important as the need for gas, electricity and water”…. (story)

BBC News Online 12.7.12 Eastbourne horse-drawn carriage rides decision revoked - Plans to introduce horse-drawn carriage rides along a seafront in East Sussex have been scrapped after concerns were raised by animal welfare groups…. The animal rights organisation, Animal Aid, had said it was concerned about the demands which would be made on the horses… (story)

North West Evening Mail 12.7.12 PLEAS FOR MERCY FAIL TO SAVE DOG - BARROW’S animal rights campaigners have been left sad and angry after a dog on death row in Northern Ireland was killed yesterday morning. Lennox – an American bulldog/Labrador cross who had been at the centre of a bitter two-year legal battle – was put down by Belfast City Council… Barrow dog trainer Farah Ataii, 27, of Nelson Street, said Lennox had been persecuted for how he looked and that local dog owners should be wary a precedent had been set… (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 12.7.12 Activist’s publicity bid - AN environmental protester who scaled a drilling rig in a protest against fracking has told a court how she became involved in the protest. Lauren Pepperell, 26, is one of three activists standing trial at Preston Magistrates Court following a demonstration at the Cuadrilla Resources drilling rig in Banks, near Southport on November 2 last year… (story)


Leicester Mercury 10.7.12 Roof escape of county symbol outfoxed hunt - A couple of months back, the Leicester Mercury invited readers to send in their photographs of foxes… Mr David Holmes, of Market Bosworth, has written with these dramatic image… "On Saturday, December 8, 1984, the Atherstone Hunt were hunting near Market Bosworth. "That afternoon, I received a telephone call from local butcher, Jim Lampard, saying a fox was lying on a rooftop at the rear of his premises, in the middle of Market Bosworth. "To avoid the attentions of the hunt, the fox, instead of going to earth, was sunning itself on the rooftop… (story)

Wiltshire Times 10.7.12 Google juice bar invitation for online pioneers in Corsham By Craig Jones - Google is due to host a Juice Bar in Corsham on Friday, to help budding entrepreneurs and honour a rural location where business has grown substantially because of internet use…. In recognition of Corsham’s achievement in encouraging more firms to improve their online commerce, Google has teamed up with the Countryside Alliance to run a free advice Juice Bar at Hartham Park, from 10am to 4.30pm… (story)
Swindon Advertiser 10.7.12 Wiltshire towns get Google award - Google is awarding Corsham, Marlborough and Malmesbury for being three of Britain's small towns whose business has grown the most due to Internet use… In recognition of their digital status and to encourage other small enterprises to join the growing success of online commerce, Google has teamed up with the Countryside Alliance, to award the town with its own Juice Bar, giving local businesses the opportunity to have one-to-one digital advice for free…. (story)
North Devon Gazette 9.7.12 Google names Braunton as internet trailblazer - Tony Gussin - BRAUNTON has been crowned Britain’s number one village for online business by internet giant Google. The famous search engine company number has named it the top Rural Digital Trailblazer and the village whose business has grown the most due to the use of cyber space… In recognition of its digital status and to encourage other small enterprises to join the growing success, Google teamed up with the Countryside Alliance to hold a Google Juice Bar in Braunton on Friday… (story)
York Press 5.7.12 North Yorkshire towns named Rural Digital Trailblazers By Julie Hayes, Business editor - TWO North Yorkshire towns have been named in Britain’s top 20 Rural Digital Trailblazers. Selby and Malton were ranked 17th and 18th respectively by Google and the Countryside Alliance in a study of rural areas whose business communities have grown the most due to Internet use…. (story)


Western Morning New 9.7.12 Never mind the view, just get out there and enjoy the countryside... School’s nearly out for summer, so what’s to be done about children who are increasingly disconnected from the countryside? Philip Bowern investigates…. Both the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Countryside Alliance are keen to encourage more youngsters into country sports and here in the Westcountry Country Sports South West are busy organising fishing, shooting and other activities which children can take part in, under careful supervision… (story)

Guardian 9.7.12 Time runs out for badgers in the culling fields of England - Many farmers blame badgers for the spread of bovine TB, and a landmark ruling could soon seal the fate of thousands - Ed Vulliamy - The pluvial mist of English July wraps Warren Farm in the Mendip Hills, as James Small prepares for a morning testing his cattle for TB… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 9.7.12 Proud of Animal Aid - I AM so proud to be a member of Animal Aid because of their continuing fight for justice for animals… Every animal should be protected from thuggish and cruel behaviour, whether it’s being used for meat or not. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)


Sunday Mail 8.7.12 Hunters pay £200 to take potshots at wild pigs in the Borders by Norman Silvester, Sunday Mail - HUNTERS are being offered the chance to blast wild boars to death on £200-a-time shoots… Organisers of the controversial shoots at a Borders beauty spot say the hunts are vital to keep control of the growing boar population. But the slaughter has been branded as “a sicko pastime for morons” by Pretenders singer and animal rights campaigner Chrissie Hynde… Dumfriesshire MSP Elaine Murray added: “We have no way of knowing if these animals are being killed humanely… A spokeswoman for the League Against Cruel Sports said: “You have to question why people would want to participate in something like this… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 8.7.12 Foxes are victims of a smear campaign, says Queen's Brian May - Foxes in cities are victims of a vicious “smear campaign” and are being condemned to death for “disturbing dustbins”, the rock star Brian May has said. By James Hall, Consumer Affairs Editor - The Queen guitarist, who has keen interests in astrophysics and wildlife, keeps dozens of injured and orphaned animals including hedgehogs, badger cubs and foxes in the grounds of his Surrey estate… (story)


Shields Gazette 5.7.12 Do we love animals? - Kate Fowler, Animal Aid (letter)
Sussex Express 23.6.12 Animal loving UK? Kate Fowler, Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)
Shields Gazette 13.6.12 No animal lovers - Kate Fowler, Animal Aid Tonbridge. Kent TN9 1AW (letter)
Oxford Mail 11.6.12 Animals still abused - IT IS often said that Britain is a nation of animal ‘lovers’ and yet reality does not bear this out. Yes, we own animals, we use them, we exploit them, we eat them but does any of that add up to love?... We still send live animals by sea to be reared and killed in other countries…. We still permit the breeding of millions of pheasants from inside battery-style cages merely so they can be shot from the sky for pleasure… there is still support, albeit diminishing, for events that routinely kill animals, most notably the Grand National… KATE FOWLER, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)


Scotsman 4.7.12 Raptor rage - When Logan D Steele (Letters, 3 July) writes of the reasons for forming raptor study groups he paints a blinkered picture of times about half a century ago when everything with “a hookit-neb” was persecuted. Irvine Inglis Reston Berwickshire The pendulum has long since swung much too far in the other direction…. (letter)
Scotsman 3.7.12 Raptor risks - Irvine Inglis, (Letters, 30 June), says legislators have taken advice from narrow interest groups when considering legislation in relation to land-management issues and in particular those promoting raptors. The requirement to study these birds was in large part due to the intense ongoing and illegal persecution they suffer at the hands of another narrow interest group, the shooting industry… Logan D Steele Bridgewater Avenue Auchterader, Perthshire (letter)
Scotsman 30.6.12 Bird-brained - SINCE the introduction of firearms and with the ever-continuing intensification of the micro-management of the countryside by urbanised mankind, the “balance of nature” has long since become a toy of well-meaning legislators… If Patrick Stirling-Aird’s Scottish Raptor Study Groups (Letters, 29 June) were indeed only about studying raptors that would be fine. However, what sticks in the craw is their obsession with promoting raptors to the exclusion of all other bird life under the guise of “study”. Irvine Inglis Reston Berwickshire (letter)
Scotsman 29.6.12 Prey for buzzards - THE reported predation of an Aberdeenshire osprey chick by a buzzard was an example of what is probably an extremely rare event (your report, 28 June). It is unfortunate that, on the basis of this incident, Scottish Land & Estates, representing as it does the owners of much of rural Scotland, has seen fit through its website to make capital out of the event by arguing yet again for measures to be taken against buzzards, presumably by way of “control” or “management.”… Patrick Stirling-Aird Secretary, Scottish Raptor Study Groups Old Kippenross Dunblane (letter)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 4.7.12 Don’t back horse racing’s cruelty - BEHIND horse racing’s glamorous facade lies a catalogue of suffering and death. According to national campaign group Animal Aid, more than 400 horses are raced to death every year… MRS P A SUMMER, Malton (letter)

Bolton News 4.7.12 Disgusted by catfish story - I WAS disgusted to read about the 30-year-old exotic catfish (June 26) which was caught in Columbia and transported to Bolton Aquarium where it is going to spend the rest of its life in a tank so that the kids feel entertained. I wonder what type of entertainment a life in captivity can provide . . . and whether it is going to convey to the kids some right messages… Narender Singh Aintree Road Little Lever (letter)

Crewe Chronicle 4.7.12 Animal rights campaigners urge Sandbach residents to boycott travelling circus by Simon Halewood, Crewe Chronicle - ANIMAL rights campaigners are urging residents to boycott a travelling circus which opens in Sandbach today. Peter Jolly’s Circus, which has been touring the UK for over 40 years, opens its doors on land off Old Mill Road tonight… The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS), which held a protest rally when the circus visited Congleton last month, has called on the public to boycott the show… (story)

Independent 4.7.12 Danny Boyle makes pledge on Olympic opening ceremony animals - Danny Boyle, the artistic director of the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics, has sent a hand-written letter to animal rights campaigners pledging that no harm will come to the animals used in the making of his show. The Oscar winner wrote to Ingrid Newkirk, managing director of Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), claiming "genuine care will be taken of the animals"…. (story)
Xperedon Charity News 2.7.12 OLYMPICS ANIMALS: Campaign continues by Alan Cole - Farm animal tableaux plans continues to flabbergast animal welfare supporters - Animal welfare orgs continue to appeal to Olympics organisers to scrap plans for live animals at the opening ceremony and remain incredulous that the idea was devised in the first place… (story)
Guardian 29.6.12 Olympics opening ceremony: Danny Boyle reassures Peta over animal usage - Owen Gibson, Olympics editor - The director of the London 2012 opening ceremony, Danny Boyle, has moved to assuage concerns about the welfare of animals who will feature in his £27m show by promising to remove them from the stadium early and ensure they do not face a grisly end afterwards…. (story)
Guardian 22.6.12 Danny Boyle urged to drop live animals from Olympics opening ceremony - Owen Gibson, Olympics editor - A coalition of six leading animal rights groups has written to London 2012 organisers in a renewed bid to persuade Danny Boyle, the director of the opening ceremony, to reverse his decision to use live animals in the £27m show… The six groups - Animal Aid, Animal Defenders International, Captive Animals Protection Society, Compassion in World Farming, Peta and Viva - said the experience would be "highly stressful and probably terrifying experience for them"… (story)
Farmers Guardian 14.6.12 Petition launched to oppose Olympics live farm animal display By Olivia Midgley - ANIMAL rights campaigners have launched a petition to stop live farm animals being used at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The Captive Animals’ Protection Society is opposing the plans, which were announced by the Games artistic director Danny Boyle this week…. (story)
Metro 14.6.12 Danny Boyle 'to face law' if animals are hurt in Olympic opening ceremony - Animal rights activists say Olympic organisers could face the courts for using livestock in the opening ceremony…. The RSPCA said animals will leave before the fireworks start and pledged to ensure its guidelines are met. (story)
Western Daily Press 14.6.12 Is Danny Boyle's London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony simply cruel to animals? -Award-winning director Danny Boyle has ambitiously attempted to bring something completely new to London for the Olympic’s opening ceremony– a tranquil and pleasant environment complete with its own set of farmyard animals. But while many would argue heading to the capital in the middle of Games mania is cruel for anyone, animal rights campaigners have condemned plans to the proposed use of live animals during the opening ceremony… (story)
Metro 13.6.12 Olympic opening ceremony 'is cruel to animals', say campaigners - Oscar-winner Danny Boyle unveiled his vision of a ‘green and pleasant land’ as an Olympic curtain-raiser – but ran straight into trouble over his use of animals… Justin Kerswell, campaigns director of animal rights group Viva!, said: ‘This is wrong on so many levels…. (story)
Kent News 13.6.12 Opening Ceremony of London 2012 blasted by Animal Aid - Ambitious plans to transform the Olympic Stadium into rolling fields to represent the British countryside - complete with livestock - have been slammed by a Kent-based animal rights group… But Animal Aid, which has offices in Tonbridge, has hit out at the proposals… (story)
Farmers Guardian 12.6.12 Olympic Stadium will be transformed into 'British countryside' By Olivia Midgley - BRITISH farming and the countryside will take centre stage at the London Olympic Games, thanks to Hollywood film director Danny Boyle… But animal rights charities have condemned the artistic director’s vision. Campaign group Viva! said Boyle’s plans to use live farmed animals was ‘exploitative and potentially cruel’… (story)


Ilkley Gazette 3.7.12 Record entries for Arthington Show competition - Organisers of the 2012 Arthington Show are hoping for a re-run of last year’s fine weather when the traditional event takes place this weekend…. Other attractions on the day, which begins at 9am, include carriage driving classes, falconry displays, an appearance by the Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt and live music courtesy of Otley Folk Club… (story)

Fishing Magic 3.7.12 Youngsters get Chance to Fish for England -The Angling Trust’s 2012 Talent Pathway programme is open for applications from 02 to 20 July, providing a chance for talented young anglers to trial for the national junior angling teams in all three disciplines: coarse, sea and game… (story)

Fishing Magic 3.7.12 Get Hooked on Fishing - Angling participation finds a new home in Northolt and Greenford Country Park - Pictured here, enjoying the beautiful surroundings a stone's throw away from the A40 at Get Hooked on Fishing Ealing, are Mike Heylin, Chairman of the Angling Trust, and Nigel Botherway, journalist, angler and familiar face on Sky's 'Tight Lines' programme. They were exploring the location of Get Hooked on Fishing's (GHOF) latest Social Enterprise Angling Centre (SEAC) to be based at Northolt and Greenford Country Park in Northolt… (story)

Scotsman 3.7.12 Cull of the wild - I’m sure Alastair Robertson intended to court controversy when he wrote his column on the subject of seal shooting to protect salmon in fisheries… The fact that captive salmon are unable to escape the seals’ attention because they have been artificially gathered in large numbers, with no means of escape, seems to be of little interest to him. Seals eat fish, not to spite humans, nor deliberately to inflict terror and cruelty on their prey, but to survive to rear the next generation… One last point – the fact that an activity is legal does not necessarily make it morally right. Carolyn Taylor Wellbank Dundee (letter)

Derby Telegraph 3.7.12 Man jailed for using dogs in hunt to kill wildlife for 'his own twisted pleasure' - A DOG owner has been jailed after admitting using his animals to hunt and kill badgers and foxes in a string of barbaric attacks. Richard Atkins admitted nine charges when he appeared before Burton magistrates. The court was told by the RSPCA's prosecution team that Atkins was responsible for "incredibly malicious and sadistic cruelty to animals"…. (story)
Mail 3.7.12 Caught by his own camera: The sickening photograph of grinning thug who used his dog to hunt and kill foxes and badgers By Phil Vinter - A twisted sadist has been jailed after he bred dogs to hunt down and kill foxes and badgers so he could film it for a sick thrill. Richard Atkins from Newhall in Derbyshire has been sentenced to 24 weeks behind bars after a photo showed him smiling with glee as he held a still live fox by the throat. The 45-year-old, who captured the stomach-churning acts carried out by his dogs for posterity on video, admitted nine charges when he appeared at Burton upon Trent Magistrates Court on Friday. The court was told by the RSPCA’s prosecution team that Atkins was responsible for 'incredibly malicious and sadistic cruelty to animals.'.. (story)


PR Week 2.7.12 Pagefield appoints Countryside Alliance's Dylan Sharpe - Matt Cartmell - Pagefield has brought in a seasoned campaigner from the victorious 'No to AV' campaign and the Countryside Alliance. Dylan Sharpe, the Countryside Alliance’s head of media and campaigns, joins Pagefield as a consultant…. (story)

West Sussex County Times 2.7.12 Young poet wins national competition - A talented young poet with a love for animals has won first prize in a nationwide youth poetry competition. Millais student Philippa Crundwell of Smithbarn, Horsham, entered the Animal Aid poetry competition after seeing the opportunity on her school’s ‘Moodle’ website. TV presenter Wendy Turner-Webster presented the 14-year-old with her prize at an award ceremony in London on Saturday June 16 where her poem was displayed alongside the other winning entries… (story)
Brent & Kilburn Times 25.6.12 Artwork by Wembley schoolgirl is recognised by a national award - Max Walters, Reporter - Ancuta Gurau, 12, was praised in her category for her watercolour effort depicting peoples love and compassion for animals. The competition, run by campaign group Animal Aid,was launched to encourage young people, aged 11-14, to express their views on animal welfare issues… (story)
Harrow Observer 22.6.12 Love of animals is a winner for arty Ancuta by Hannah Bewley, Harrow Observer - AN ANIMAL-lover has won an award for her entry in an art competition. Ancuta Gurau, 12, a pupil at Kingsbury High School, entered a competition run by campaign group, Animal Aid, aimed at encouraging young people to bring to life their views on how animals are treated… (story)
Andover Advertiser 16.2.12 Pens ready for poetry contest - Yours faithfully Kelly Slade Competition Organiser (letter)
Lincolnshire Echo 15.2.12 Art and poetry competition to inspire youngsters aged 11-14 - Kelly Slade, organiser (letter)
Shields Gazette 14.2.12 Poetry competition - ANIMAL Aid is launching its fourth Nationwide Youth Art and Poetry Competition, and is inviting all young people between the ages of 11 and 14 to take part… Kelly Slade, Competition organiser. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 11.2.12 Animal magic will inspire youngsters - YOUNG artists in Cheltenham are being urged to enter a national competition all about animals. Last year Megan Hurst, from Winchcombe School, was commended for the art work she submitted for the Animal Aid art and poetry contest. Now other 11 to 14-year-olds can take part… (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 11.2.12 Poetry contest for youngsters - A competition has been launched for budding young poets who are passionate about animal issues. Last year, Katriana Johnes from Lancaster, came second in the Animal Aid contest… (story)