June 2002

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Bedfordshire on Sunday 30.6.02 Liberated mink kills kestrels - ANIMAL rights activists have been blamed for the death of a nest of baby kestrels. Geoff Page, chairman of the local volunteer group, Arlesey Conservation for Nature (Acorn), sent a photographer to take some pictures of a group of fledglings on Monday. However, all the photographer caught was a mink killing the baby birds… "The animal liberation people let these things out in the countryside which just kill and kill and kill until everything is dead…" (story)

Telegraph 29.6.02 Called to colours - Country sports workers have formed a union and are on the march, says Adam Edwards …'We are not in the position of other organisations trying to defend a sport or a hobby," says Kieron Moore, the chairman of the UCSW and a gamekeeper from Huntingdon. "We are defending our jobs, our livelihoods, our liberty. We are not merely defending the right to choose how to manage our own land, we are fighting to keep a roof over our heads and food in our children's mouths."… The union is taking the Scottish Parliament to the European Court over the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill on behalf of its members… All members of the Union of Country Sports Workers have supported the recent protest action by the union. They have endorsed plans for future demonstrations enthusiastically, including joining forces with other country organisations to take part in the Liberty & Livelihood march on Sunday September 22. Every UCSW member and supporter is expected to be there. To register your intention to march on September 22, call the Countryside Alliance hotline on 0900 102 0900, open seven days a week 8am-8pm… (story)

Telegraph 29.6.02 Ban judges from football matches - If the Lord Chief Justice is to ban judges from joining the Countryside Alliance march because they might find themselves in an embarrassing position… should he also ban them from attending football matches? Zara Dunbar, Hook, Hants (letter may be in archive)
Telegraph 29.6.02 Gilbert's gobbet - It appears that Lord Justice Aldous ought not to express his opinions on hunting but keep the party line… Arnie Kells, Mansfield, Notts (letter may be in archive)
Telegraph 27.6.02 Judge attacks hunt march ban By Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor - Judges should not be banned from joining the Countryside Alliance march, planned for September in protest against "prejudiced attacks" on hunting, a senior member of the Court of Appeal said yesterday. Lord Justice Aldous, a past master of foxhounds, said he "resented" advice given last year by Lord Woolf, the Lord Chief Justice, that it would be wholly inappropriate for judges to take part in "quasi-political" events such as the Liberty and Livelihood March, postponed from last year… (story)

Argus 29.6.02 Fox facts fixed? - Stone the strictly proverbial crows. I am not pro-hunting but J Foster's ludicrous assertion that more than 35 million people in this country want the sport banned (Letters, June 25) cannot go unchallenged… the Office for National Statistics indicates that the latest figure for those of voting age is 38,717,515. It is clearly nonsense to suggest that more than 90 per cent of those would vote for hunting's abolition, especially considering the number who hunt fish… -William Fraser, Summerheath Road, Hailsham (letter in archive)
Argus 28.6.02 Too much money? - Job losses when hunting is banned will be insignificant…. -Russ Jenkins, New England Road, Brighton (letter)
Argus 25.6.02 Numbers don't tell the whole story - Pro-Hunter S Hill (Letters, June 22)…It is to be remembered that more than 70 million people were conned by Hitler's propaganda and prejudice in 1938. -Richard W Symonds, Lavington Close, Ifield (letter in archive)
Argus 25.6.02 Hunting desire - I must point out to S Hill that the London march of 250,000 people was by supporters of the Countryside Alliance, not the pro-hunting brigade…In excess of 35 million people in this country want an end to the disgusting sport…. -T Foster, Downside, Shoreham (letter)
Argus 24.6.02 Crocodile tears - How I agree with Peter Allen's comments… I am fed up with hunters crying crocodile tears for their loss of jobs… What on earth will the dozens of officers who turn out every week for a handful of protesters at local hunts do with themselves?.. -Adrian Thompson, Wordsworth Street, Hove (NB this name is false)
Argus 19.6.02 Pointless vigil - Just what do members of the Crawley and Horsham hunt hope to achieve by their House of Commons protest against a possible hunt ban (The Argus, June 14)?... -Peter Allen, Chute Avenue, Worthing (letter in archive)
Argus (Mid Sussex) 14.6.02 Hunters to hold MP vigil - More than 50 members of a hunt will hold a vigil outside the House of Commons against anti-hunting legislation. The members of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt will provide a constant presence at the vigil for 24 hours and expect numbers to swell when Tony Blair arrives for Prime Minister's question time on Wednesday… (story in archive)

Telegraph 29.6.02 Shoot from the hip - A possible ban on air-guns has country-folk on the defensive. Sandy Mitchell reports … A group of Labour MPs has started a campaign in Parliament to ban air-guns - only one step up from water pistols… Perhaps it won't come to a ban. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation is certainly doing its best to stop it. It also runs air-gun training days and has sponsored a new national network of air-gun coaches. For information on air-gun training days, contact BASC, Marford Mill, Wrexham, LL12 0HL (01244 573000) (story)

Hull Daily Mail 29.6.02 THE GOOD NEWS FOR CHICKENS - It's good news the Government is to consider banning the use of some types of cages for battery hens… I hope British farming will reflect on the hurt it has caused to animal lovers and apologise for making hens' lives hell Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington. (letter)

Cambridge News 29.6.02 Campaigners call for ban on 'cruel export practice' - CAMPAIGNERS donning billboards that collectively spelt out the message 'Ban Live Exports' were in Cambridge yesterday, en route to London and other destinations around the country. The supporters of the international organisation Compassion in World Farming called for a ban on live export of animals from the UK. quote from Cambridge organiser Sue Hughes (story in archive)

(Daily Post) 28.6.02 Horseback hunting protest halts traffic By Andrew Forgrave Rural Affairs Editor - LONDON traffic was brought to a temporary standstill yesterday as a young horseman from North Wales took an historic pro-hunting protest to the heart of government. Peter Owen, 20, rode his horse, Mabinogion, two miles from the Knightsbridge Barracks of the Household Calvary to deliver a petition to the House of Commons in Westminster… Peter, from Denbigh, rode up to St Stephens Gate … to be greeted by Gareth Thomas, MP for Clwyd West… Labour MP Mr Thomas, who voted against an outright ban, said: "I think this is essentially a plea for openmindedness about the issue and I would certainly endorse that…" (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 28.6.02 PRO-HUNT PROTEST - Hundreds of pro-hunt campaigners were handing a protest letter to the RSPCA today. The campaigners - backed by the Countryside Alliance - claim the RSPCA is failing to admit they don't have the room to look after dogs which would become redundant after a ban… The campaigners will meet the RSPCA members outside the society's kennels in Radcliffe-on-Trent at 11.30am…. (story)

Somerset County Gazette 28.6.02 Trust land ban set to stand - THOUSANDS of acres of National Trust-owned land on Exmoor and the Quantock Hills look set to remain off-limits to staghunters. The charity's new chairman, Sir William Proby, has indicated that the ban imposed five years ago following a study by Professor Patrick Bateson will not be lifted... Rural Affairs minister Alun Michael - given the task of drawing up legislation on the sport - has been invited to visit Exmoor by National Park Authority chiefs, who meet next week to decide their response to his consultation document on hunting with dogs. (story)
Western Daily Press 24.6.02 BAN ON STAG HUNTING WILL STAY, VOWS TRUST - The ban on staghunting on National Trust land will not be lifted, the charity's new chairman has ruled. Sir William Proby brushed aside calls by hunt supporters to remove the five-year embargo but called on the Government to "get on"with a decision on hunting… (story)
Times 22.6.02 National Trust's new chief calls for hunt decision BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR -- THE next chairman of the National Trust said yesterday that he would not allow rows over hunting to destroy the reputation and work of the organisation. Sir William Proby, 53, a landowner, farmer and businessman, called on the Government, however, to “get on” with a decision on hunting. “I don’t hunt personally and it is something the Trust should definitely not be majoring on. We should just obey the law; but it is important that the Government decides the issue.”…(story)

East Grinstead Courier 28.6.02 FAMILY FUN DAY AT KENNELS - A family fun day at the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt kennels was a "resounding success" and raised £220 for St Catherine's Hospice on Saturday. The day gave members of the public the chance to see what goes on at a hunt kennels and to learn some of the facts about hunting… (story)

Hexham Courant 28.6.02 HEXHAM RACES FORM A NEW ALLIANCE - ON MIDSUMMER'S day racegoers could have reasonably expected a good fine evening for the Countryside Alliance meeting at Hexham last Friday… Supporters of the Countryside Alliance sponsored all six races on a card of four hurdles races and two steeplechases… (story)
Hexham Courant 21.6.02 ALLIANCE TO HOST RACE NIGHT - This year's Night at the Races organised by the Countryside Alliance will be held at Hexham Racecourse today with the first race at 6.50pm. An alliance fund-raising event, it will include a barbecue, disco, brass band, bucking bronco and silent auction. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 28.6.02 CHAMPION OF RURAL AREAS IS HOPEFUL THAT BETTER TIMES WILL COME TO COUNTRYSIDE - When Michael Winter's parents gave up farming in Devon, they had little idea that their young son would one day return to the county. They had no reason to imagine that he would end up with his own smallholding, and still less to think he would ever be the professor in charge of rural research at the University of Exeter. The Echo's Richard Best spoke to him. Professor Michael Winter's academic work is now serving to heighten his reputation - he was one of a team of five who recently produced the Burns Report into hunting with dogs… (interview)

Exeter Express & Echo 28.6.02 VERDICT DELAY IS SO FRUSTRATING …I did hope this Government would deal with this issue. When I heard it included in the Queen's Speech, I thought it had some meaning. Now I read that it is expected that a final verdict on hunting is likely to be delayed.Why is this? I'm sure people are saying, "Well, loss of jobs for a start". Did we hear this in mining, steel, textiles, agriculture? I don't recall it… (letter)

Hexham Courant 28.6.02 TYNEDALE HOUNDS TO THE FORE - LARGE crowds with record prize money saw the International Hound Trail at its best with many close finishes at Sewingshield Farm… (story)
Cumberland News & Star 14.6.02 434 HOUNDS TO BE SLIPPED AT INTERNATIONAL EVENT - THE two hound trailing associations - along with their friends from Yorkshire - will be getting together tomorrow for the annual international event… This year's welcome reunion is being staged at Sewingshields Farm, which is 10 miles east of Greenhead on the old Military Road… (story)
Hexham Courant 14.6.02 HOUNDS AROUND - The largest event in the hound trailing calendar takes place at Sewing Shield on the Military Road tomorrow… (story)

Cumberland News 28.6.02 Sweet and sour expletives - ON BEHALF of the shooting syndicate, I am pleased to accept the apologies conveyed by MD Wood of Kingside Hill (Letters, June 21), and apologies are also in order from ourselves regarding the incident… J KERR, Silloth (letter)
Cumberland News 7.6.02 A COUNTRY SHOOT FIT FOR A PRINCE - IN response to "Bird Killers That Spoiled Spring Day" (The Cumberland News, letters, May 24), I would point out that rooks and crows are predators and are considered vermin of the skies by the farming and rural community. No doubt had Prince Charles and his entourage held the shoot, they would have more likely been offered high tea in the gazebo rather than be met with obscenities. May I respectfully suggest that people who choose to live in the countryside learn to accept the law of the land…. J CARR, Silloth (letter)

East Grinstead Courier 28.6.02 YOUNG ANGLERS GET ADVICE FROM THE EXPERTS - More THAN 40 children took part in Young Anglers' Day at Moat Lake, and tried their hand at freshwater fishing. Organised by the Environment Agency, the event was aimed at encouraging children aged eight to 14 who had never tried fishing before to "give it a go"… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 28.6.02 Television duo on track for game fair date - By Michael Drake - TELEVISION stars Clarissa Dickson-Wright and Sir Johnny Scott of the highly acclaimed BBC2 series 'Clarissa and the Countryman' make a welcome return to the Game Fair this weekend… Welcoming Clarissa and Johnny to the event which he founded a quarter of a century ago Fair Director Albert Titterington said: "We recognised 25 years ago the countryside, its pastimes and its people were all under threat…" The fair runs over Saturday and Sunday… (story)

Western Daily Press 28.6.02 BADGERS DO CAUSE TB, SAY BOFFINS - A government report into the spread of tuberculosis in cattle has established a direct link between contaminated animal feed and badgers… Meanwhile the National Federation of Badger Groups has claimed that the new research connecting feed to the spread of TB is highly prejudicial. The NFBG claims the researchers have a vested interest in establishing a link between badgers and TB, because they are trying to protect their jobs… (story)

Manchester Evening News 28.6.02 Welcome award - UNLIKE Pat Rattigan, of the British Anti-vivisection Association (Postbag, June 20), I welcome Brian Cass, of Huntingdon Life Sciences, being awarded a CBE. He had been physically attacked by "antis" last year and needed stitches. I was deeply saddened by the death of our founder, Andrew Blake, who was to have received an MBE in this year's honours list but cannot be given this posthumously… For further information, please write to SIMR, PO Box 504, Dunstable, Bedfordshire LU6 2LU. Thomas Bromley, Executive Secretary (letter)
Manchester Evening News 20.6.02 Blair contempt - TONY Blair has awarded Brian Cass, of the contract vivisection company Huntingdon Life Sciences, a CBE for "services to medical research."A previous director of HLS, Dr Ralph Heywood, stated that the failure rate of animal tests for predicting adverse drug effects in humans was up to 95 per cent… Pat Rattigan, British Antivivisection Assocation (letter)

Worthing Herald 28.6.02 ANGER AT SWAN'S DEATH - ANGRY wildlife supporters dumped the body of a swan at the Environment Agency's Worthing offices, after the bird suffered an agonising death, trapped in a river sluice at Arundel… Jane Wild, of WSWP and her husband Simon led a small group to the agency's Worthing offices on Friday afternoon, where they dumped the swan's body in protest at what had happened… (story in archive)
Argus 25.6.02 Protest over trapped swan's death by Carrie Buckle - A boy who discovered a swan drowning in a river gate has told of his distress at lack of action by the Environment Agency. Dane Southgate, 13, has been supported by members of the West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group… Simon and Jaine Wild and Jeanette Plimmer staged the protest because they believe the swan could have been saved… Dane, who was with his mother Lynn when he spotted the swan, said: "I feel disgusted with the agency because it is cruel to let a bird die like that…" (story in archive)

Argus 28.6.02 Annul the gull cull …It is up to the public to see these magnificent birds are not killed or hurt. If anyone sees threats to them, report the matter to the local police wildlife officer - in Brighton, PC Clasby.-Sheila Lewenhak, Chairwoman, Save Our Seabirds Network (letter in archive)

Malvern Gazette 28.6.02 Hundreds sign protest petition - HUNDREDS of people in Malvern signed cards and petitions in protest against live animal exports at the weekend. The response by members of the public was generated by human billboards in Church Street, in an event organised by Compassion in World Farming… Organiser Joan Harries, from Worcester, said the day had gone very well… (story in archive)

Manchester Evening News 28.6.02 'Cruel' fish cubes banned - AQUABABIES - live fish kept in tiny four-inch Perspex cubes - have been banned from the Trafford Centre… Andrew Tyler, director of action group Animal Aid, which has been campaigning against the pets, said: "These fish live out their shortened lives in a toxic mini-environment. The idea of keeping fish in such a tiny space is an affront to animal welfare." … (story)

Hereford Times 27.6.02 Set on grinding down agriculture and rural sport - MADAM, This month, passing almost unnoticed, saw Liberty Week, a week when countryside issues were being brought before the Government, who otherwise would seem intent on homogenising the electorate into urban clones… But this Government is set on grinding down agriculture and attacking country sports, hunting now but undoubtedly shooting and fishing later… The same Government which received a generous £1 million from a very vociferous anti-field sport, animal rights organisation. Are we now witnessing the payback?... I trust the perpetrators of a very violent attack on the Three Counties Mink Hounds, resulting in the hospitalisation of one young hunt member, are vigorously condemned and not condoned by the more genuine anti-field sport lobby. IAN KENDALL, Hereford. (letter in archive)

Hartlepool Mail 27.6.02 No point to protest - THE people from the Northern Animal Rights Alliance (Mail, June 21), are they real? Cruelty to fish! For God’s sake, wasn’t it him who shared it out all those years ago?... What is the honest opinion of the manager of Anglers Services, Mark Arrowsmith? He said these people (pictured) were entitled to their opinion….spuds have eyes! They’ll be boycotting opticians next!... Smokey, Hartlepool (letter)

Argus 27.6.02 Dumb beasts - Local animal welfare campaigners felt betrayed when Tony Blair, who had promised so much action on animal welfare matters and a commitment to investigate the use of animals in scientific research, recently made a speech condemning animal rights activists who, he claimed, were delaying important medical progress… -Peter Allen, Chute Avenue, Worthing (letter in archive)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 27.6.02 FUTILE ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS - In response to "Name and Address Supplied - Animal Cancer Tests Essential". Clearly, it is he or she who is narrow-minded and uninformed. "Name and Address Supplied" appears to be a victim of emotional terrorism that medical researchers are so good at… so it is up to people like Mark and myself to fight for an end to costly and futile animal experiments enabling donations to be freed for real research of benefit to mankind. A guide on medical research and testing charities is available from NAUS… PAT FOSTER Weston Coyney (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 27.6.02 PATIENTS ARE GUINEA PIGS Sir, - A correspondent (name and address supplied, letters, June 22) says I have 'narrow minded and uninformed views' when I criticise Cancer Research UK' s animal experimentation… Cancer Research UK should also be spending much more money on cancer prevention and stop sneering at alternative (holistic) remedies which may work. MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 22.6.02 ANIMAL CANCER TESTS ESSENTIAL - Sir, - In response to Mark Richard' s letter (Animal Tests defy all Logic) in which he expressed concerns regarding The Sentinel's support of the Race for Life, in aid of Cancer Research UK. He clearly demonstrates narrow minded and uninformed views as to the issue of 'experiments on animals'… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 19.6.02 ANIMAL TESTS DEFY ALL LOGIC - Sir, - I am surprised The Sentinel supported the weekend marathon on Saturday for Cancer Research UK. Cancer Research UK carries out animal experiments, yet vivisection is an invalid method for biomedical research, as proven by Dr Coleman… MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 27.6.02 SUFFERING OF ANIMALS IS MORE DISTURBING I found the article on the cost of the foot and mouth crisis (Evening Telegraph, June 22) very disturbing and typical of our society's attitudes towards animals produced for consumption… However, as a working person who has been paying taxes for the best part of 30 years, I?strongly object to my money being paid to livestock farmers in compensation. I do not eat or use their animal products and believe that livestock farming, especially factory farming, to be unethical, cruel and totally unnecessary… If people eat meat, then however sentimental they may be over the fate of animals, they are supporting the daily slaughter of tens of thousands of cattle, sheep and poultry… Sandra Barker. Bridge View, Milford (letter)

Liverpool Echo 27.6.02 IN welcoming the end of the footand-mouth epidemic, I fear that the cruel live export of animals could start again… John Smith, Bootle (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 16.5.02 SOAPBOX: EXPORTING LIVE ANIMALS - With the welcome end of the foot and mouth epidemic, the resumption of the vile and reprehensible trade of the export of live animals to European countries, notably Italy, Greece and Spain, is once again in danger of rearing its ugly head… (letter)
Banbury Guardian 16.5.02 DON'T LET ANIMAL EXPORTS RESTART - Mrs Ann Gyrsting, Foxhill Lane, Souldern (letter)
Western Morning News 14.5.02 DON'T RESTART LIVE ANIMAL EXPORTS - The long-awaited and very welcome end of the foot and mouth epidemic is likely to be followed by the resumption of the export of live animals… In view of the current debates about the hunting of foxes, it is not unreasonable to suggest that legislation banning live exports would be appropriate. P Folca, Kingswear Dartmouth (letter)
Haringey Independent 19.4.02 Painful truth - WHILE we were all deeply saddened by the suffering caused by the foot and mouth disease outbreak, there was some relief in knowing that the trade in live animals for slaughter was halted. Today when I was in Muswell Hill distributing leaflets about animal welfare, I realised how few people realised this sad trade is about to start again.... AILSA PAIN, Hampstead Way, New Southgate. (letter in archive)
Bury Times 12.4.02 We must learn cruelty lessons - MRS MARION TAYLOR, Southgate Road, Bury. (letter in archive)
Halesowen News 11.4.02 Never go back to this - I am writing about the cruel live animal export trade - animals in overcrowded trucks often without food or water.... G Humphries, Rowley Regis (letter in archive)
York Evening Press 3.4.02 No to live exports - Janetta Lambert, Boroughbridge Road, York.
ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald, North Devon Journal, Western Morning News) 29.3.02 BAN LIVE EXPORTS - JANET MORELEY Lymington Road Torquay (letter)
ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald) 25.3.02 DON'T LET THIS YEAR BE WORSE FOR FARM ANIMALS Vivienne Adams, Heavitree Road, Exeter (letter)
Sunderland Echo 25.3.02 End this cruelty - Marion Sewell, Summerhill, Sunderland (letter)
Aberdeen Press & Journal/Evening Express 23.3.02 LIVE-ANIMAL EXPORTS - Marigold Bowman and others, Aberdeen Compassion in World Farming Support Group, 21 Forbesfield Road, Aberdeen. (letter)
Bolton Evening News 22.3.02 Barbaric trade - WITH reference to the letters in the Bolton Evening News on Tuesday, March 12, I fully agree with the letter written by Anne Crumblehulme of St John's Road, Lostock, on the barbaric trade in live animals... G Drinkwater, Lever Park Avenue, Horwich, Bolton (letter in archive)
Ilkley Gazette 21.3.02 Cruel animal exports have resumed - Heather Parry 17 Westwood Rise, Ilkley. Audrey Hargreaves, 6 North Street, Addingham. Maeve Thwaites, 28 Moor Lane, Addingham. Elaine Ackroyd, 74 Moor Lane, Addingham. (letter in archive)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 20.3.02 SIR - We are very concerned that now the foot and mouth epidemic is over, the cruel live animal export trade is being resumed... You can telephone them on 01730 264208, log on to the web-site at www.ciwf.co.uk or come along to Ilkley on March 23 to visit their stall in the town centre. Mrs Heather Parry, Westwood Rise, Ilkley; Mrs Audrey Hargreaves, North Street, Addingham; Mrs Maeve Thwaites, Moor Lane, Addingham; Elaine Ackroyd, Moor Lane, Addingham; M Steadmmond-Hunter, Moorfield Avenue, Menston; B Stedmond, Viewlands Rise, Menston; and G Blue, Viewlands Moor, Menston. (letter in archive)
ThisIsDevon 18.3.02 (Exeter Express & Echo, North Devon Journal, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, Western Morning News) 18.3.02 TRADE IN MISERY - ANGELA CORKERY Daccombe Newton Abbot (letter)
Yorkshire Post 16.3.02 No return to export hell From: JM Eckart, York Place, Harrogate (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 15.3.02 WE MUST STOP THIS VILE TRADE - S. J. RILEY Derby Road Beeston (letter)
Malvern Gazette 15.3.02 Hills sanctuary - IN your article about the Malvern Hills Conservators flock of sheep (Malvern Gazette & Ledbury Reporter, March 1) I notice no mention was made to the final outcome for the lambs… If the cruel live export trade is resumed they may then be sent in severely over crowded trucks for journeys lasting up to 40 hours… PAULINE BURGESS, Richmond Road, Malvern Link. (letter in archive)
Derby Evening Telegraph 14.3.02 STOP LIVE EXPORTS - Elaine Jacklin, Breedon Street, Long Eaton. (letter)
Northern Echo 14.3.02 ANIMAL WELFARE - NE Hannant, Gilesgate, Durham (letter in archive)
Harborough Mail 14.3.02 Cruelty ahead in wake of foot-and-mouth? - C Seal, Hinckley Road, Leicester.(letter)
Nottingham Evening News 13.3.02 STOP THESE CRUEL EXPORTS ... My husband and I urge sheep farmers not to go back to live exports ...MR & MRS W. BRUNSDEN Valley Road Sherwood (letter)
Shropshire Star 13.3.02 Suffering of animals to resume - Helen Porter, Bwlchyffridd, Newtown (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 12.3.02 Barbaric trade in live animals - Anne Crumblehulme, (member CIWF), St John's Road, Lostock, Bolton (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 12.3.02 Farming needs to move on - L Staves, Rowton, Aston-on-Clun (letter in archive)
ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Western Morning News, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, North Devon Journal) 11.3.02 TIME TO BAN LIVE EXPORTS - JUNE E McCRACKEN Goodrington Road Paignton (letter)
ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucestershire Echo, Gloucester Citizen) 9.3.02 CRUEL EXPORTS WILL START AGAIN - GILL THIRLWELL, Bloomfield Road, Gloucester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 9.3.02 EXPORT 'ON THE HOOK, NOT ON THE HOOF' - Mrs Jean Bird, Harborough Animal Concern. (letter)
York Evening Press 9.3.02 No to live exports - David Boultwood, Alma Court, York. (letter in archive)
West Cumberland Times & Star 8.3.02 CRUEL LIVE ANIMAL EXPORT TRADE - PATRICIA COX, Randle How, Eskdale Green (letter may be in archive)
Newark Advertiser 8.3.02 Crisis legacy - JANET NUNN, Newark (Full address supplied.) (letter may be in archive)
Banbury Guardian 7.3.02 CHANCE TO END SUFFERING - Jenny Newton, Manor Road, Grimscote (letter)
Market Rasen Mail 7.3.02 A real danger that live exports will resume - J. M. Holliday, Hemingby Way, Horncastle. (letter)
Argus 7.3.02 No return to animal exports - M Sharpe, Wilbury Road, Hove (letter)
Manchester Evening News 7.3.02 Cruel trade - Mrs M Swain, Warrington (letter may be in archive)
Berwick Advertiser 7.3.02 End of the epidemic brings real danger - HAZEL AYLETT, Stone Martin, Haugh Head, Wooler. (letter)
Worcester Evening News 6.3.02 Live animals trade must come to end - STEPHEN SCRIMSHAW, Hamilton Road, Evesham, Worcestershire. (letter in archive)
ThisIsBath (Bath Chronicle, Western Gazette, Western Daily Press) 6.3.02 BAN LIVE EXPORTS - MARY BROWN Bishops Hull (letter)
Cambridge News 5.3.02 End this suffering - THE end of the foot-and-mouth epidemic brings one big, awful, real danger: the return of the cruel live animals export trade…Compassion in World Farming (CIFW) investigations have revealed that animals suffer terribly during long journeys to southern Europe… From Mrs Jan Billton, Pine Grove Park, Swavesey (letter in archive)
North West Evening Mail 5.3.02 STOP THIS CRUEL LIVE ANIMAL EXPORT TRADE - MRS S EVANS, Dartmouth Street, Walney (letter)
Craven Herald 28.2.02 Cruel trade - SIR - The welcome end of the foot and mouth epidemic brings with it one real danger: the resumption of the cruel live animal export trade… Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) investigations have revealed that animals suffer terribly during the long journeys to southern Europe… G Hamilton, Burnroyd Avenue, Cross Hills. (letter in archive)

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 26.6.02 Illegal road graffiti conveys pro-hunt message across the Cotswolds by Liz Richmond - ROAD graffiti is being illegally used to convey a pro-hunt message throughout Gloucestershire - a move condemed by police, highways officers and campaigners from both sides of the debate. Large messages saying 'hands off hunters' and 'hands off country sports' have been sprayed on roads around the Cotswolds… Anti-hunt supporter Paul Richardson said: "It is bad. They shouldn't be doing it…" "Firstly I have got no clue who did it. I would disassociate both myself and the hunt from behaviour of this nature. It is one thing to demonstrate, but acts of hooliganism won't help our cause," said Mark Hill, master of the VWH hunt. Jo Aldridge, spokesman for Beaufort Hunt, added: "It's probably someone who just feels very strongly about hunting and they just want to express their own view."…. (story in archive)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 26.6.02 Don’t rise to hunters’ bait - In response to the letter from Mr M J Chislett (Viewpoint June 6), I agreed to officially open Grundy’s lake at Rothwell as a guest of the Rothwell and Desborough Angling Club in order to meet club members and see at first hand the extensive environmental work which had been carried out on the site. I will not bore readers with a long list of differences between hunting with hounds and angling as most of them are quite obvious. Firstly, the fish are not chased by other animals trained to kill, it is more a battle of wits to entice the fish to come to the angler… Phil Sawford, MP for Kettering (letter)

Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser 26.6.02 Hunting part of our traditions - LIKE many people in Europe, I was delighted to wake recently to the news that the far-Right has received a trouncing in the French presidential elections. Many commentators recently have attempted to analyse the reasons for this Europe-wide lurch to the right, and one theme that has been repeatedly picked up on has been that people are increasingly feeling that they are losing their sense of cultural identity… Against such a background, I'm curious as to why this Government appears to be so driven to ban hunting… Given the global picture, any attempt by politicians to unnecessarily demonise and punish those rural people whose lives have been, and continue to be, built around the activity would surely be folly indeed. Francesca Nesbitt, Ludlow. (Full address supplied). (letter may be in archive)

Cambridge News 26.6.02 A testing challenge - ROSEMARY Faupel of the originally entitled Seriously Ill Against Vivisection (News, June 21) forgets to mention that even the founder of that misguided group admits to taking daily treatment for her arthritis which has been tested on animals. You would think that she would at least have the decency to practise what she preached. We'd like to challenge anyone who would like all animal research abolished… to show the outrage of their convictions by asking them to sign our Animal Research Abolition Card… Individuals… agree to honour three principles… 1. In the event of an accident or emergency they will refuse all medical treatment developed and tested on animals… 2. If their child suffers from a genetic illness or other serious condition, they will not allow them to have life-saving treatment developed through animal research 3. None of their pets shall receive any veterinary vaccine or medicine that has been developed or tested on animals… From Thomas Bromley, SIMR Executive Secretary (letter may be in archive)
Cambridge News 26.6.02 Animal data is not human - From Kathy Archibald, science researcher, Europeans For Medical Advancement - THOMAS Bromley is correct that medicines are tested in human clinical trials and in other ways, as well as in animals (Letters, June 20)…. False claims of product safety based on animal data are responsible for millions of human deaths. Many millions of future deaths could be spared by abandoning this lethal practice in favour of the wealth of more precise modern methods now available… PO Box 38604, London (letter may be in archive)
Cambridge News 21.6.02 Promoting himself - MR Bromley (Letters, June 7) has not so much replied to Pat Griffin's letter as to use it as a vehicle to promote his own agenda… I would respectfully suggest that he puts some of the money that the pharmaceutical companies donate to SIMR, towards advertising fees and "drums up" new membership on his own time. From Rosemary Faupel, St John's Road, Coton (letter may be in archive)
Cambridge News 20.6.02 From Thomas Bromley, SIMR Executive Secretary, Bedfordshire - DIANA Marshall (News, June 13) blames the use of animals in medical research for the rare occasions when some medicines cause unwanted side effects… All drugs have to go through three phases of clinical trials on human volunteers before they are licensed for general release… A survey conducted by the British Medical Association found that 19 out of 20 doctors agreed that animal research has aided medical progress… (letter in archive)
Cambridge News 13.6.02 Animal tests no safeguard - From Diana Marshall, Beaconsfield Road, Woodbridge - I WOULD like to tell Thomas Bromley from SIMR (News, June 7) that I nearly died after taking a prescription drug which had been declared safe after animal tests… (letter may be in archive)
Cambridge News 11.6.02 We oppose slaughter too From Joan Court, Founder, Animals People and the Environment, Sturton Street, Cambridge - MAY I reassure Mr Swaine (Letters, June 1) that we do campaign to ban the practice of animal slaughter. Most of us are vegan and do not eat any animal products, thus saving lives and the inherent suffering involved in meat production… (letter may be in archive)
Cambridge News 7.6.02 Safeguard research - From Tom Bromley, SIMR executive secretary - WHEN someone like Pat Griffin (News, June 1) attacks medical research, they might just as well be attacking seriously ill patients. Your correspondent demonstrates this perfectly when criticising MS sufferer Diane Gracey… the animal extremists never showed much sympathy for our director and founder Andrew Blake. Despite the fact that Andrew was confined to a wheelchair, he was often sent abusive hate mail and ironically death-threats for daring to speak the unspeakable. An example of the compassion he received include: "I hope you die in agony, you cripple."… (letter in archive)
Cambridge News 1.6.02 Think about the animals - I AM SORRY that Diane Gracey feels we have no compassion for her suffering and that of other people… She mentions the group SIMR (Seriously Ill for Medical Research), who promote vivisection, but there is also a group called SIAV (Seriously Ill Against Vivisection) and they have just as powerful an argument against animal experiments. Unfortunately Andrew Blake, a staunch campaigner for SIMR, died last week, having been exposed to a cocktail of drugs as shown on their website… From Pat Griffin Bakers Lane, Linton (letter in archive)
Cambridge News 1.6.02 Blair has got it all wrong From Sam H Swaine… the research centre should be sited in an area of high unemployment and low cost affordable housing, bringing hope to those in need. and as for the debate on the disturbance and policing costs of animal rights protesters, I would add their time would be better spent campaigning to ban the barbaric practice of animal slaughter. Huntingdon Road, Conington (letter in archive)
Cambridge News 25.5.02 What compassion? I WAS pleased to read (News, May 20) that Tony Blair has come out in support of the university's proposed primate research laboratory. I am not in the least surprised at the fulminations of Joan Court, spokeswoman for Animal Rights Cambridge: "We are horrified by Mr Blair's attempts to override democracy." To which I reply: "It is you and your band of fanatic friends who are attempting to override my democratic rights, and the rights of the millions of people in this country… Tom Bromley's letter the next day introduced me to a group that represents people like me. I looked up the SIMR website and learned a lot. It demolished the animal rights position conclusively: I suggest Mesdames Griffin and Court do the same… So I am giving notice to the police and the good citizens of Girton that I shall turn up and mount a demonstration of my own… I may also need to be a nuisance to a Girtonian household; incontinence is one of the features of the disability that MS causes. I hope the householder whose smallest room I may need to use will have more compassion than Ms Griffin and Ms Court… From Diane Gracey, Carrick Close, Cambridge (letter may be in archive)
Cambridge News 22.5.02 Truth about tests From Carol Newman, Scientific Officer, The Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research, Tilehouse Street, Hitchin - CAMBRIDGE University clearly wishes to bulldoze its way over the decision of the district council and the advice of the police… At the Dr Hadwen Trust, a registered medical charity, we believe animal experiments are scientifically flawed and offer false hope. That is why our work focuses on developing humane non-animal approaches to medical research… (letter may be in archive)
Cambridge News 14.5.02 Research is indeed vital - I APPLAUD MS sufferer Diane Gracey and totally agree that "Research is vital" (Letters, May 11). I think Cambridge University should give permission for the proposed primate laboratory to go ahead… our priority should be for seriously ill patients… I would like to encourage people like Diane Gracey who suffer from a serious illness, or indeed the relatives or friends of loved ones, to show their support for medical research by joining SIMR… PO Box 504, Dunstable, Bedfordshire LU6 2LU or visit our website at www.simr.org.uk From Tom Bromley, Littlehampton, West Sussex (letter in archive)
Cambridge News 13.5.02 Compassion is priority - JOHN Reynolds, chairman of Cambridgeshire Police Authority, is right to demand a public inquiry regarding Cambridge University's appeal to the Independent Planning Inspectorate for primate research laboratories in Girton. Our objection to this research is two-fold; it is ethically indefensible and scientifically flawed by species differences… We will fight our case democratically until our voices are hoarse and our feet are aching. From Pat Griffin, Bakers Lane, Linton (letter in archive)
Cambridge News 11.5.02 From Diane Gracey, Carrick Close, Cambridge - I WAS pleased to read in the News that Cambridge University is to appeal the decision to block its primate research laboratory… As the editor of Keyhole, the newsletter of the Cambridge and District Branch of the MS Society, I have a small file of cuttings on stories that might be of interest… These activities went way beyond the legitimate expression of views and concerns and ultimately employed criminal techniques of terrorism, such as the attack on Brian Cass, hate mail letters to HLS employees, blowing up cars and the like… I lived in Northern Ireland and worked for several years in Belfast city centre when the civil disturbances were at their most intense… It was obvious that it was utterly wrong to cave in meekly to the threat imposed by such people… (letter in archive)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 26.6.02 POLICING: 'Everybody wants a Dixon of Dock Green in their village' - WHEN he joined the police force 40 years ago there were no police helicopters, body armour or CS spray. But then, times have changed a lot since Cambridgeshire Police's Chief Constable Ben Gunn became a beat bobby in the Metropolitan Police aged just 18… One massive strain on the force in recent years has been policing Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Mr Gunn said: "We have to police Huntingdon Life Sciences almost daily, and where do I get those police officers from? They come from the streets of Cambridgeshire. "This year in the forward to our annual report I shall be saying we haven't met our crime targets, but the simple reason is I haven't got the officers to do it. "If you have to service 15 major inquires pooling large numbers of officers and HLS, your day-to-day police performance will suffer."…

Argus 26.6.02 Cosmetics animal test ban urged - Testing beauty products on animals should be banned, according to Sussex MP Norman Baker… The Liberal Democrat is urging the Government to back European Union (EU) proposals to outlaw the controversial practice… (story in archive)
Hawick News 21.6.02 BAN ON ANIMAL TESTED PRODUCTS NEARER - THE sale of cosmetic products still tested on animals looks set to be banned in all EU countries within three years… Scots Euro MP David Martin and vice-president of the EU Parliament, is leading the bid for the ban… (story in archive)
Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph 17.6.02 NEW BID TO OUTLAW TESTING … Diana Wallis, Liberal Democrat MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, said: "It is clear to me that the public wants an end to animals having to suffer for no better reason than the manufacture of more vanity products such as shampoos and face lotions…. (story)
Argus 15.6.02 Make-up ads ban backed by MEP by Adam Trimingham … Euro-MP Chris Huhne is backing a move by the European Parliament which has agreed a Europe-wide ban on the marketing of new products unless the industry introduces alternative tests… (story in archive)
Bolton Evening News 13.6.02 Cosmetic celebration - EURO-MP Gary Titley is celebrating after the European Parliament voted to ban the sale of cosmetics tested on animals… (story in archive)
Whitehaven News 13.6.02 MOVE TO STOP COSMETIC TESTING - THE European Parliament is set to give the Government a bloody nose by insisting on the introduction of a marketing ban on all new cosmetic products tested on animals… (story)
Leicester Mercury 12.6.02 ANIMAL TESTING BAN WINS SUPPORT - Euro-mps representing Leicestershire have backed plans to ban animal testing for cosmetic products… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 12.6.02 MEPS ARE SUPPORTING BAN VOTE - A time limit is to be set for the introduction of a ban on animal testing for cosmetic products in the European Union. The historic vote was welcomed by Lincolnshire's Labour MEPs Mel Read and Phillip Whitehead… (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 26.6.02 TALKING OF ANIMALS - Animal lovers are invited to join Derbyshire's Animal Welfare Network next meeting on Friday. The event will take place at the Friends' Meeting House in St Helen's Street, Derby, from 7pm.Mark Glover, campaigns director for Respect for Animals, will give a talk about the group's anti-fur campaigning work… (story)

Times 25.6.02 (Debate): Field sports and rural life - The controversial role of hunting, shooting and fishing in preserving the countryside
YES, of course field sports are an essential part of the traditional rural scene. Not only do they provide jobs and recreation for many thousands of people, but they are a vital factor in shaping and maintaining the type of countryside that most of us know and love… Charles Murray, Wickford, Essex
Maintaining a balance - WHILE I do not hunt (and am never likely to), I do live in a rural area and can see that hunting, in all its forms, is essential to maintaining the balance of nature… Jon M. Lee, Canon Pyon, Hereford
The Commons must act - THE Commons has not just spoken, but has recognised, yet again with a massive majority, that the cruelty of hunting with dogs has no place in a civilised state… The Government should stop procrastinating, bring forward legislation in this session of Parliament and bring England and Wales into line with our northern neighbours. John Wainwright, Whaley Bridge, Cheshire
Useful social gatherings - I BELIEVE that tradition is important and the sight of huntsmen, horses and the field meeting on a pretty village green is indeed a lovely sight, but we could happily live without it… To ban hunting would be the politically correct way to pander to people who believe that those who follow hounds are “rich toffs” and that the question is one of class… Sandra Limbrick, Stoke, Plymouth
No case for cruelty - OF COURSE blood sports (let us use accurate language) are and always have been a part of rural life… Does this validate or excuse the cruelty they entail? Of course it doesn’t. Phil Senior, Crowborough, East Sussex
Best method of control - YES, field sports are essential to the rural scene… Hunting is the obvious choice to control deer and foxes. The old and sick are chased and killed and the younger animals which escape are moved around the country to prevent inbreeding… Loraine Kelly, Silverton, Exeter
Promote a caring approach - HUNTING with dogs is not an essential part of the traditional rural scene. Education in rural areas should be promoted to develop interests in other cultural aspects… Krystyna Curry, Colchester, Essex
A humane service - MANY people are not aware that local hunts provide an irreplaceable humane service to owners of large animal (horses, cattle etc) in cases of injury, illness and old age where slaughter is sadly necessary… Janis Thatcher, Ottery St Mary, Devon (letters)
Argus 25.6.02 Chalk and cheese - With regard to Mrs Ivy McCall's comments about "liberty and livelihood" With regard to Mrs Ivy McCall's comments about "liberty and livelihood" (Letters, June 22), this march is against the spiteful banning of a sport. The miners who lost their jobs did so because of a grinding economic necessity. The two are basically quite different issues. Ginni Beard, Erica Way, Copthorne (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 25.6.02 PLEASE STOP FRUSTRATING THE LAW-MAKERS - Your correspondent Alison Hawes (WMN, May 21) is critical of what she describes as the urban-minded Labour Government… I trust these law-abiding people of the Countryside Alliance will also respect the law-making process and not continue to attempt to frustrate the will of the House of Commons. John Phelps, Council Member Protect Our Wild Animals, Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 21.5.02 PERSECUTION SAYS A LOT ABOUT PRIORITIES - I would like to tell you about a group of people I know who are being relentlessly persecuted. These people are hard working and self-reliant. It would go against the grain for them to sponge off the State… . The biggest perpetrator of this persecution is our urban-minded Labour Government. What have these honest hardworking, law-abiding people done to warrant such attention? They chase and kill a few foxes. It speaks volumes about this Government's priorities. Alison Hawes, Ermington (letter)

Western Morning News 25.6.02 FOX DOES SUFFER A PAINFUL DEATH AFTER THE CHASE - In answer to several points raised in Susan Paine's letter (WMN, May 21), she is wrong in her interpretations of the Burns Report. The report found that the welfare of foxes chased and killed by hounds above ground is "seriously compromised". This means the fox suffers… Jonathan Silk, RSPCA South West Regional Manager Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 21.5.02 THE RSPCA is described in Mr Gagie's letter (WMN, April 26) as "the foremost organisation" seeking to ban hunting. I used to be a regular supporter of the RSPCA… I, like many others, withdrew support when I saw how their resources were being poured into a political and hysterical campaign against hunting… Susan Paine, Minehead (letter)
Western Morning News 26.4.02 SHOWING A LEAD ON MORALITY? - What will the Church of England do? Its leader, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is gone - consigned forever to Room 101 by Sir Patrick Moore... The answer is that he disapproves of the Archbishop refusing to condemn hunting with hounds despite been a patron of the RSPCA... R A Gagie Paignton (letter)

Western Morning News 25.6.02 SHOOTING AND FISHING ARE NEXT TO BE TARGETED - J d KELLY (WMN, May 21) raises the question of the RSPCA's attitude to country sports other than hunting. One need look no further than the Society's policies on animal welfare (revised 1997) to find the answer. It states: "The RSPCA is opposed to shooting for sport" and goes on to say: "The RSPCA believes that current practices in angling do involve the infliction of pain and suffering on fish." Significantly the director of communications, when pressed, said: "It is simply not possible for me to provide you with any categoric assurances about campaigns which the RSPCA's Council may or may not determine to run in future years."… The League Against Cruel Sports claims: "Fishing for entertainment is inflicting unnecessary suffering on another living creature." and that: "The unnecessary shooting of birds causes extensive damage to the environment."… Hunt saboteurs (who by definition set out to disrupt legal activities) have, of course, already made clear their intention to target both shooting and fishing. G Mannell, Truro (letter)

Western Daily Press 25.6.02 TAXING ISSUE OF HUNT BAN Sir - I write in response to R Franklin, who said hunting was not a matter of class…the hunts do not consider themselves the only means of wildlife management, but that many farmers invite them for their efficient and professional contribution which costs them nothing, the hunts providing their services free of charge… he fails to mention that, in order to have his own way in calling for a hunting ban, someone else will have to pay and provide those very expensive services to farmers. That someone else will be you and I out of taxes and council charges…(letter)
Western Daily Press 21.6.02 HUNTING'S NOT AN ISSUE OF CLASS - Sir - Your correspendent J Mitchell appears to wonder if my wish to see an end to animal suffering is class - motivated, and the answer is no. Any act of suffering needlessly inflicted on other species, be it hunting, shooting, fishing or cruelty to companion animals, is motivated by an impulse to cause pain, and anyone who wishes to do that needs to be kept an eye on for all our sakes… (letter)

East Anglian Daily Times 25.6.02 Ignore threats of hunting lobby - Unfortunately, all Mark Howard's letter (EADT June 17) serves to prove is that it is people like him who are trying to trample over everyone else in this country and crush democracy… MRS ROSEMARY MCCARTHY, Westwood Drive, West Mersea, Colchester (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 17.6.02 Class hatred and ignorance rule - Sir, – Re: Rosemary McCarthy (EADT June 13) on the Hunting Alliance. If public opinion is so important in the passing of new laws and majority rules why is hanging not brought back?.. to suggest that people are so stupid that they do not know what they are going to London on the march in September for is suggesting that we are all as blinkered as Rosemary and her friends. Thank God that this is not the case. MARK HOWARD, Vice Chairman Union of Country Sports Workers, Banbury, Oxon (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 13.6.02 Remember the hidden face behind hunting - The Hunting Alliance are obviously desperate to attempt to swell the numbers for a march in London if they are having to recruit people at both the Essex and Suffolk shows… Hunting is cruel and unnecessary, and the majority view of the public and MPs is that there should be an outright ban. ROSEMARY MCCARTHY, Westwood Drive, West Mersea, Colchester (letter)

Leicester Mercury 25.6.02 CLAY-PIGEON SHOOTER IS BRANDED 'ANIMAL KILLER' - BY DOMINIC EAVES - Andy Legge is at a loss to understand why he has been branded an animal killer and his £12,000 car daubed with spray paint. Mr Legge, of Skeffington, owns a gun - but the only time he gets to fire it is when he is out shooting clay pigeons at a range in Kibworth… Mr Legge found the words "animal killer" and "ALF" sprayed on the right hand wing and bonnet of his Vauxhall Vectra company car… "I'm not involved in hunting - but I do go clay pigeon shooting at Kibworth." (story)

Guardian 25.6.02 Songbirds gain from lost predators - Paul Brown, environment correspondent - at Loddington, Leicestershire - the 30-year decline in songbird populations has been reversed in just three years… But this gain has not been made without cost to other species. The controversial side of the experiment is the destruction of the predators: rats, foxes, stoats, weasels, crows and magpies story

Reading Evening Post 25.6.02 Animal rights group targets insurers …About 15 activists from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty set up protest protests in front of insurance brokers Royal & Sun Alliance in King’s Road, AXA in Queen’s Road and Norwich Union in King’s Road yesterday. The group targeted them because all four work with Marsh UK, which provides insurance services to Huntingdon Life Sciences… quote from Joseph Dawson (story)

Western Morning News 25.6.02 Appalling trapping - IT has been quoted by my local environmental health department that any live trapping of wildlife must be accompanied by provision of food and water if the trapped animal is not dealt with within an hour of being trapped. This in total contrast to the present trapping of badgers now taking place in West Cornwall under Government immunity from the Act giving badgers legal protection… John R Starnes, Par, Cornwall (letter)

Western Morning News 25.6.02 No evidence - IN ALL the articles written lately on this topic, there is one argument I have not seen raised. TB used to be very widespread in cattle. Then there was a massive eradication campaign which in a few years was almost completely successful… Recently TB has returned and badgers are blamed for its spread. If TB passes freely between cattle and badgers, there would have been very many infected badgers about when our herds were first cleaned up… Hugh Pratt, Lydford (letter)

Essex Evening Gazette 25.6.02 Thorrington: Badger bonding for newborn Thistle by Tom Stevenson - An orphaned badger, which was rescued from a farm, has met other badgers for the first time… Renee Hockley-Byam, chairman of the badger group, said: "He was only a baby when he was found. His eyes were still closed… Following treatment and the first of three mandatory blood tests for bovine tuberculosis, he was transferred to Wildlives Animal Rescue Centre, Thorrington… Now two weeks later, he has made the journey to the RSPCA Centre near Kings Lynn… (story in archive)

Argus 25.6.02 Appalling act of cruelty I was repulsed to read about four teenagers breaking into a house, vandalising it and torturing the pet fish… Have we not a right to know their names or even the names of their parents so we can protect ourselves and our children from them? They are as dangerous as paedophiles. -Mrs S Turner, Westfield Crescent, Brighton (letter in archive)

York Evening Press 24.6.02 I'm not behind graffiti, says N Yorks hunt supporter …Edward Duke, of Stillington, headed the Countryside Alliance in 1997. But he says rumours that he is organising the activities of the self-named Real Countryside Alliance are completely unfounded… Mick Casey, county representative for the Countryside Alliance, emphasised that they did not condone the acts of vandalism and graffiti appearing in the name of the Real CA… "While we can sympathise with people's views, there is a democratic way of doing these things…" (story in archive)
York Evening Press 21.6.02 Stealing their clothes - It really is true that New Labour are stealing more and more of the old Tories' clothes. Hugh Bayley's response to the fly-posting of his office windows by The Real Countryside Alliance (Pro-hunting group strikes at MP, June 14) is reminiscent of the response one would have expected from a pompous back-bench Tory MP ten years ago…. Dr Duncan Campbell, The Shire Counties Sovereignty Committee, Albemarle Road, York. (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Post 18.6.02 MP's challenge over graffiti - Brendan Carlin Political Editor - Hunt masters across North Yorkshire were yesterday challenged to stop their supporters using vandalism to back their cause. City of York Labour MP Hugh Bayley – who last week had his constituency office daubed with pro-hunting slogans and stickers – called on hunts to rein in the vandals… "They tell me this is a serious danger," said the MP, who has now tabled questions in the Commons about pro-hunting vandalism and the cost of dealing with it… (story)
York Evening Press 14.6.02 Pro-hunting group strikes at MP - PRO-HUNT activists have struck at the office of York MP Hugh Bayley, causing damage that is expected to cost hundreds of pounds to put right. A dozen poster stickers have been plastered across the outside of the Labour MP's Holgate Road base… Hugh Bayley, who has already started removing the stickers, said professional cleaners would have to be used to clear the mess completely. He said: "This shows that the hunting fraternity are mindless thugs. "It makes me more determined to ban their cruel and destructive pastime…" (story in archive)

Shropshire Star 24.6.02 New view on hunting - I have read the many letters on the subject on fox hunting with much interest over the previous few months. I feel I must give the argument a new perspective… I simply believe it is morally wrong to gain pleasure from the pain of another living being… Thom Moore, Muxton (letter may be in archive)

Meridian TV 24.6.02 Animal rights protesters target donkey-meat man - A French delicatessen owner who has started selling donkey sausages at a popular seaside resort has been targeted by animal rights protesters.... (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 24.6.02 Enlightened farming needs real support - Sir, – I'm not sure why Sheila Garrard (EADT, June 19) is quoting St Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) at me… My point is this. Those who campaign for such enlightened livestock farming surely have a moral responsibility to buy the produce of farmers who make the effort and the financial commitment to practice it. But those campaigners whose real agenda is stopping livestock farming altogether… should have the honesty to say… when one of St Francis' early followers planned to introduce a complete ban on meat-eating in the nascent Order, he was rebuked for trying to impose a rule that was "contrary to evangelical liberty"… REV CLIFFORD M REED, Unitarian Meeting House, Friars Street, Ipswich. (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 19.6.02 Exporting on the hook is animal welfare …Rev Reed should heed the words of St Francis of Assisi … Mr Smith urges consumers to buy British meat because Britain has the best farm animal welfare in the world. Farmer Waugh is living proof that it does not… British farmers are busily preparing to export live animals again… SHEILA GERARD, Tower Road, Wivenhoe (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 17.6.02 Veganism promotes health and compassion Sir, – In reply to Rev Clifford Reed's letter, it was the cruelty of factory farming which led to me become vegan, and yes he's right being vegan does mean that I wouldn't support livestock farmers which didn't use the factory farming methods… TINA CANHAM, Palmerston Road, Ipswich (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 13.6.02 Illegal imports caused FMD crisis - The claims by Tina Canham that British livestock farming is cruel and that it brought FMD upon itself match her vegan prejudices but it does not match with the facts… If EADT readers want to help ensure the misery of FMD never returns to these islands they should ignore the slurs on British farmers made by Ms Canham and try to buy British wherever possible. This will minimise meat imports that caused FMD to break out in the first place… GUY SMITH, Wigboro Wick, St Osyth. (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 12.6.02 The 'right' method? - Tina Canham raises a number of disturbing points… The question is, though, would she support livestock farmers who don't use the practices she condemns? As she is a vegan, the answer, presumably, is 'no'. REV CLIFFORD M REED, Unitarian Meeting House, Friars Street, Ipswich (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 11.6.02 FMD will become the norm - Having found the farmer Robert Waugh guilty of not reporting the foot and mouth outbreak on his farm (which is where the disease was to have started) can we say that this won't happen again… Live exports have begun again…. Factory farming still continues… Support VIVA's campaign to end factory farming… TINA CANHAM, Suffolk Vegan Society Local Contact, Palmerston Road, Ipswich (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 22.6.02 ANGRY CROWD CONFRONTS MP - …Agriculture Minister and Scunthorpe MP Elliot Morley was met by a crowd of angry pro-foxhunting campaigners when he visited the Lincolnshire Show. Police kept a close eye on proceedings as the Labour MP was confronted by the group when he stopped at the Countryside Alliance's tent on his tour of the show. Several people dressed in full hunting gear were among the hundreds of protesters who gathered outside the tent and gave Mr Morley a slow hand clap as he approached… (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 22.6.02 MINISTER IS HOUNDED BY PRO-HUNT CAMPAIGNERS - AN Ulceby woman was at the centre of a group of pro-fox hunting campaigners who confronted Agriculture Minister and Scunthorpe MP Elliot Morley when he visited the Lincolnshire Show. Roberta Pawson, who owns a livery and riding business in the village, told the Labour MP she fears she would lose her livelihood if the Government presses ahead with plans to ban fox hunting… Afterwards, Mrs Pawson said she was far from satisfied by Mr Morley's response to her questioning… Before speaking individually to Mrs Pawson, Mr Morley addressed the large crowd which had gathered to protest against the potential ban…. Speaking afterwards, Kay Chapman, co-ordinator for the Countryside Alliance in the East Midlands said: "I don't think he listened to us at all. He was determined to talk over the top of us… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 22.6.02 THE WISE OLD FOX - I'm the wise old fox with my brilliant red coat/Fifty hounds are baying/And they're hungry for my throat… If culling us is needed/I beg you use your brain/Don't rip us up to shreds like this/Please do it more humane/DIANE JOHNSON First Avenue, Carlton (poem)

Cumberland News & Star 22.6.02 Great day at the races - I WANT to say a big thank-you to Carlisle Racecourse for holding its Countryside Day on Sunday… Mrs D BRIGHT (letter)
Cumberland News 21.6.02 THE COUNTRY GOES TO THE RACES - CARLISLE racecourse had 4,000 reasons to celebrate the success of its first-ever Countryside Day… There was also a farmers' market and the Countryside Alliance held a hog roast and barbecue… (story)

Western Morning News 22.7.02 HONEST PORTRAYAL OF ACOUNTRYSIDE SURVIVOR - Books: Colin Bradley reviews Trevor Beer's account of a fox's life. AWARD-WINNING WMN wildlife expert Trevor Beer has a simple message for anyone involved in fox-watching - let the animal enjoy it, too. "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints and kill nothing but time," … He said the fox does take poultry and game at times - and the occasional lamb - but only in the course of finding food for its family… Old Red - the story of a Devon fox, is published by Tiverton-based Halsgrove and costs £12.95… (story)

Western Daily Press 22.6.02 BADGER CULLING IS NO ANSWER - Sir - It must now be well over 25 years that MAFF - now Defra - has been spending money on gassing badger setts,.. I see in M Hancox's letter of June 10 that he expresses concern over a backlog of cattle testing and the fact that the numbers of TB cases in herds has risen. Would it not be advisable to spend more cash on this, and less on badger culls… P Dean Whitehill Near Stroud (letter)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 13.5.02 MICE TORTURED BY HANGOVER - Sir, - I would be grateful if B Skerratt and M Richards would educate me further on animal tests. I am impressed by Dr Coleman because, whilst most people have to pay for advertising, he presumably gets paid for doing so by a national newspaper… Can I assume that animal lovers will not want their sick pets treated with drugs which have been tested on animals? C MCLEAN Sandbach (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 10.5.02 ANIMALS HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES - Sir, - While John Abberley's recent article about animal rights was very welcome, I should point out that animals do have responsibilities, that being one of many reasons they should have rights… MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

Argus 23.6.02 Farm fantasy … Most UK-farmed animals are intensively reared in filth and squalor, deformed through a cocktail of drugs and growth-enhancers, living a wretched existence before they face the slaughterhouse….-Emma Cartwright, ejcartwright1969@yahoo.co.uk (letter in archive)

Guardian 22.6.02 German animals given legal rights - Kate Connolly in Berlin - Life may be about to change for the average German farmyard creature, zoo animal and household pet after the go-ahead was given yesterday to award animals rights in the constitution alongside those given to human beings. Paragraph 20a of the German basic law now says that animals, like humans, have the right to be respected by the state and to have their dignity protected…. (story)
Guardian 22.6.02 Bunny boilers beware - Do animals have rights? Or is legislating for our four-legged friends government gone mad? Justine Hankins reports on what an animal welfare bill really means… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 22.6.02 JAPAN'S SHAME - WITH the excitement and splendour of the World Cup, all eyes are now on Japan. Sadly another form of Japanese entertainment will not share the same level of publicity. They're called bear parks, in reality stark concrete enclosures in which many bears are kept… R A GAGIE All Hallows Road Paignton (letter)

Yorkshire Post 21.6.02 Pro-hunting militants target Labour MP … Scarborough and Whitby MP Lawrie Quinn and Ian Cawsey, MP for Brigg and Goole, became the latest MPs to have their constituency offices daubed with pro-hunting slogans and stickers… The campaign is thought to be the work of the Real Countryside Alliance, a shadowy, pro-hunting splinter group which is also suspected of being behind a rash of graffiti on road signs and motorway bridges in Yorkshire… (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 21.6.02 WILDLIFE: Poachers blamed for fox deaths - RSPCA chiefs have said they are shocked after four mutilated foxes were found dead in a field. The foxes, including two cubs, had their tails cuts off before being dumped together on land in Baston, near Market Deeping… George Bowyer, Joint Master of the Fitzwilliam Hunt, in Cambridgeshire, said the killings bore all the hallmarks of poachers… (story in archive)

Western Morning News 21.6.02 HUNT LEGEND 'UNCONSCIOUS BEFORE FATAL HEAD-ON CRASH' - One of foxhunting's most revered figures was killed when he lost consciousness at the wheel of his car while on his way to visit his wife in hospital and collided with an oncoming lorry, an inquest heard yesterday. Captain Ronald Wallace, 82, who was known as "Ronnie", spent 58 consecutive seasons as a Master of Foxhounds, including spells as Master and Huntsman of the Ludlow, Teme Valley, Cotswold, Heythrop and Exmoor Foxhounds… A post-mortem showed there was a possibility Captain Wallace lost consciousness at the wheel due to natural causes - possibly heart disease. Mr Rose, recording a verdict of accidental death, said he was sure it had been caused by Captain Wallace losing consciousness at the wheel. (story)
Oxford Mail (21.6.02) Inquest told of fatal car crash - Leading huntsman Capt Ronnie Wallace was killed when he lost consciousness at the wheel of his car and collided with an oncoming lorry, an inquest heard yesterday… The coroner said death would have been instantaneous. He recorded a verdict of accidental death and extended his sympathy to Capt Wallace's family, who did not attend the hearing (story may be in archive)
Telegraph 20.3.02 Inspired by memories of 'The Captain' By Richard Savill ... Some 800 people, many of them prominent in the world of hunting, filled St Edward's Church, Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos, for the memorial service for Capt Ronnie Wallace, generally known as The Captain... (story)
Telegraph 20.2.02 Hunting's farewell to 'the Captain' By Richard Savill - THE hunting world filled a village church on Exmoor yesterday to pay tribute at the funeral of the man who has been hailed as the foremost Master of Foxhounds… (story)
ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucester Echo) 9.2.02 HUNTS MOURN THE LEADER OF THE PACK - HUNT supporters were yesterday mourning the death of Captain Ronnie Wallace, legend of the foxhunting world and one of the West's great legends... (story)
Telegraph 9.2.02 Capt Ronnie of the hunt dies aged 82 By Charles Clover - CAPTAIN Ronnie Wallace, by general assent the greatest foxhunter of recent times and known within hunting circles as "God", has died aged 82... (story)
Telegraph 9.2.02 Captain Ronnie Wallace (obituary)
Times 9.2.02 Captain Ronald Wallace (obituary)
Western Morning News 9.2.02 FOXHUNTING STALWART KILLED IN CAR CRASH (story)

Malvern Gazette 21.6.02 Problem solved! I REALLY think I have solved the hunting with hounds problem in the most reasonable way. On the morning of the hunt all the huntsmen and huntswomen meet at the local hostelry for their "foot cup", each with a hound on a fancy leather lead or a piece of binder twine, and when they have all had a few, and filled their hip flasks, the hunting horn sounds and they all run off on foot… R JACKSON, Teme Avenue, Malvern. (letter in archive)

North West Evening Mail 21.6.02 TESTING TIME FOR MINISTER - I wrote a letter a few week's ago to our MP John Hutton regarding his stance on the hunting of foxes. John's reply was he would vote against the use of hunting with hounds as he deemed this barbaric… take note of the result of the new EU chemical directive which is to allow 20 million unnecessary tests of chemicals on animals. Parliament is not to be allowed to vote on these rules. This one is to be rubber stamped by parliament or a parliamentary committee… So John, just what is your stance, and that of the government, on this issue? Does the British government and the people have any power left? John Smith, New Street, Barrow UKIP (letter in archive)

Perthshire Advertiser 21.6.02 Greyhound protesters take campaign onto Perth streets - Sally Wilson - PROTESTORS from across the UK and Ireland gathered in Perth at the weekend to voice their concern at the deaths of four greyhound dogs at Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society (PADS). More than 40 campaigners gathered at the Forteviot kennels before moving to Perth city centre on Saturday where they called for the resignation of kennels manager Ann Stewart…. Bernie Wright of Dog Rescue Ireland said: “We’re not trying to close PADS because it’s needed in the area and could be of use in the right hands. It’s all really down to her and all we want is her out because I don’t think she should be allowed to work with dogs.”… (story)
Scotsman 13.5.02 Dog home faces legal action over canine kills - John Innes …Dog Rescue Ireland (DRI) say four greyhounds were given lethal injections only three weeks after a Perthshire kennel informed them they would be found good homes. The four dogs were sent to kennels, operated by Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society (PADS), by DRI welfare officer Bernie Wright who feared they would be killed in Ireland… PADS’ honorary secretary Margaret Storm, 56, said: "One of the dogs, a lurcher, was re-homed successfully, but the others had just come off the track in Ireland and they would have killed any dog or small animal."… (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 21.6.02 Time to end these animal experiments - Sir, – I'm writing in regards to the proposed new laboratory that Cambridge University want to build which will house primates to be experimented on. BUAV's undercover investigation showed barbaric and torturous experiments being carried out on marmosets… TINA CANHAM, Palmerston Road, Ipswich (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 21.6.02 LET THEM DO THEIR TESTS - Last weekend we saw in Hull more than 6,000 women taking part in the Race for Life 2002 in support of cancer research… Let us stop vilifying the doctors and scientists working in medical research and give them all the support and encouragement they deserve. Let us remember some of the great work they have done for use in the past… The animal rights extremists are damaging our research community by their bullying and outrageous behaviour, they must be stopped. Name and address supplied. (story)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 21.6.02 Protest at badger cull - MORE than 1,000 people signed a petition in Devizes on Saturday against a cull of badgers being carried out by the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs… On Saturday, campaigners from the Wiltshire Badger Group set up a stall in The Brittox, Devizes, to gather signatures for a petition opposing the cull. Group member Sue Boyes Korkis, who dressed as a giant badger to draw attention to the protest, pictured right, condemned the cull as cruel… (story in archive)

Stratford Herald 20.6.02 Anti-hunt protesters ambush minkhounds …Mark Allen, of the Three Counties Minkhounds, a boss of Wootton Park, at Wootton Wawen, was in charge of the meet, which started at Marriage Hill Farm, Bidford, when a group, thought to be the Southern Saboteurs Association, ambushed the hounds as they were hunting on the banks of the river at Salford Priors. In the affray that followed, his assistant, 19-year-old Jeffrey Kibblewhite, of Quinton, a whipper-in with the hunt, was rushed to the Alexandra Hospital, in Redditch, after being attacked by a young woman using a chemical spray.. Following Saturday's incident two people were arrested, a young woman on suspicion of assault, and a man for impersonating a police officer. Both were released later. (story may only be on website for a week)

Times 20.6.02 Hastings on war footing at head of rural lobby BY ANTHONY BROWNE, ENVIRONMENT EDITOR - THE Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has a problem on its hands. Already battling the farmers and trying to deal with a countryside in turmoil, it now faces one of Britain’s toughest journalists as the head of the country’s main rural lobby group. Sir Max Hastings, former Editor of The Daily Telegraph and London’s Evening Standard, who is jokingly said to have liberated Stanley, the capital of the Falklands, single-handed, yesterday became president of the Council for the Protection of Rural England… The CPRE, founded in 1926, has been riven by disputes among supporters over the issue of hunting, making the appointment of Sir Max immensely controversial. While the CPRE has had to take a strictly neutral stance, its new president is one of the most outspoken shooting and fishing enthusiasts in Britain… Sir Max insisted he would not try to turn the CPRE into a pro-hunting group. “I will make it plain when I attack the Government over hunting that I am not doing it as president of the CPRE,”…(story)

Western Mail 20.6.02 Assembly committee defeats pro-hunting AMs who want different law for Wales - THE pro-hunting lobby was defeated at the National Assembly yesterday. Three AMs had argued that hunting with guns should be allowed to continue in Wales but their attempt to argue that the situation in Wales was so different from England that it should be treated differently when a Bill on the issue was introduced at Westminster was talked out in the agriculture committee… All the Labour AMs voted in favour of this procedure, plus Jocelyn Davies, of Plaid Cymru. Plaid's Rhodri Glyn Thomas, a pro-hunter, left the meeting just before the vote. If the vote had been a tie chairman Glyn Davies, Conservative, would have followed convention and voted for the Labour motion… Mick Bates, the Liberal Democrat AM for Montgomeryshire, warned the anti-hunting lobby, "Shooting and fishing is next."… (story)
Western Mail 19.6.02 Hunt ban effect `minimal' - Clive Betts Clive.Betts@Wme.Co.Uk, The Western Mail - THE economic effect on the countryside of a ban on hunting would be minimal, according to a report being presented to the Assembly today… The report points out how few people in Wales are employed full-time by hunting packs - the figure per pack is half that for England; and the number of part-timers with each pack is similarly half the English figure. The report also gives considerable credence to the claim from the anti-hunting lobby that few lambs are killed by foxes - farmers are accused of producing a figure that is likely to be six times as high as the correct one… It seems certain that the report will have to be radically amended. Sparks are likely to fly if an attempt is made to force the report through today's committee meeting… The vast majority of submissions were pro-hunting, complains the committee. The Farmers' Union of Wales implied that aspects of the investigation would have to be carried out again… Ruth Parry, of the CLA, challenged the suggestion that banning hunting with dogs would cause only small economic losses to the countryside… Mark Hinge, of the Countryside Alliance, said, "We have estimated, using Welsh figures, that banning hunting with dogs would deprive the rural economy of 1,200 jobs and work valued at £66m." (story)

Andover Advertiser 20.6.02 Call to battle for rural way of life …Jamie Williams, aged 23, training as a chartered surveyor in London, recently spent 12 hours at the Countryside Alliance vigil in Parliament Square and says support came from a wide variety of people…For years Jamie was a member of the RA Pony Club and hunted with the RA but a bad riding accident on Salisbury Plain forced him to give up riding and take up fly fishing and shooting… (story in archive)

Oxford Mail 20.6.02 Hunters gather at Westminster - Members of Bicester Hunt have handed a 800-signature petition to the Prime Minister. About 80 people from the Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase also took part in a 24-hour Countryside Alliance Parliamentary vigil at Westminster… (story in archive)

Worcester Evening News 20.6.02 Forelocks? Please be serious... THE latest letter from Anita Knittel (You Say, June 12) on the subject of hunting and artificial earths makes some rather bizarre references to forelock-tugging and punishment in the stocks… artificial earths are no big secret… With reference to the Channel 4 News item where some dead sheep were found on a farm in Cumbria, this particular county is a big sheep farming area and there are bound to be casualties… The League Against Cruel Sports has reported this incident to Trading Standards, who are rightly investigating. They have very publicly pointed out that the League's evidence is `'incomplete'' and has been edited to support their case… JON BURGESS, Malvern (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 12.6.02 The evidence has been reported to authorities ….My letter, referred to by Mr Burgess, described a nationwide network of artificial earths and the feeding of foxes by hunts… I hope Mr Burgess saw Channel 4 News on Wednesday, June 5. There, once again, was an expose of a hunt found to have an artificial earth on its land with a supply of dead sheep nearby… A KNITTEL, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 30.5.02 Artificial earths are no secret - Ms Knittel claims a `'nationwide exposure of artificial earths''. Well, I am sorry to steal her thunder but they have existed for many years and are no secret. The earths were mostly built early last century to draw foxes away from sensitive areas to protect livestock and wildlife. Ironically the only people I know that supply plans for artificial earths these days is the League Against Cruel Sports… JON BURGESS, Malvern, Worcestershire. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 22.5.02 When challenged, nothing more is heard - I WAS sorry to see Maurice Brett has now stooped to insulting my intelligence (You Say, May 14)… Doubting the evidence Mr Brett claims to have against the New Forest Foxhounds is not at all unreasonable. In the past, he has claimed to have similar evidence against the Worcestershire Hunt. When challenged to take the matter further, nothing more was heard… JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 16.5.02 Fox numbers are self-regulating … Jon Burgess mocks the nationwide exposure of artificial earths - yet there's video evidence of these man-made breeding chambers and, in some cases, the illegal dumping of carcases for feeding foxes… A KNITTEL, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 14.5.02 Hunters using that usual smokescreen - THE attack on me by Jon Burgess (You Say, May 1) is a familiar strategy of apologists for bloodsports - to deflect attention from the actual facts… What I did in my letter of April 23 was to relate a brief, factual account of the killing of a heavily pregnant vixen by the New Forest Foxhounds, of which I have photographic evidence… who is the extremist here - those who gain pleasure from the pursuit and death of wild animals - or those who reveal the brutal truth? MAURICE BRETT, Bromsgrove. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 1.5.02 Last-ditch fight for anti-hunting lobby - THE extreme and emotive language used to describe hunting by Maurice Brett in the Evening News (You Say, April 23) is a clear sign that the anti-hunt brigade are now drinking in the last chance saloon… JON BURGESS, Malvern, Worcs. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 23.4.02 Unborn cubs spilled out on to ground... THAT hunting is brutally cruel by design and should be banned with urgency was underlined on March 23 this year when a heavily pregnant vixen was chased and killed by the New Forest foxhounds… a stag was chased for several miles before eventually being killed in front of tourists in the pretty Exmoor village of Dulverton… MAURICE BRETT, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. (letter in archive)

Shrophsire Star 20.6.02 Video best for anti-hunt evidence - Having read the plausible contents of Bill Dotts' letter about fox hunting, my preference would favour evidence from the League Against Cruel Sports mentioned by E Waddington (Star, May 18) in the form of a video…. We anti-hunt folk are fully aware why cubs are dug from earths and hand reared. Why artificial earths are constructed. Why live foxes are thrown to the hounds to blood them. Why so many devious tactics are used to ensure a chase and kill…. I suggest Bill Dott refrains from taking his quill out of its inkpot. Name and address supplied (letter may be in archive)

Carmarthen Journal 20.6.02 WE WANT AN OUTRIGHT BAN ON FOXHUNTING - AND NOW! - I want to put forward my view on foxhunting. I'm not a huge fan of Tony Blair but he's actually dead right for once! A civilised society has no need for such barbaric activities… 90% of a fox's diet is actually vegetarian based… C A Moore, Member of the League against Cruel Sports, Troedyrhiw, Llanfynydd, Carmarthen (letter)
Hunts Post 20.6.02 HLS managing director Brian Cass in Queen's Birthday Honours - BRIAN CASS, managing director of Huntingdon Life Sciences is one of four people in Huntingdonshire to have been honoured in the Queen's Birthday Honours… Animal rights activists have already started to send messages to the HLS website in response to Mr Cass' CBE but he remains unmoved: "I'm used to this sort of rubbish. I wouldn't let that spoil the occasion." (story)
Cambridge News 17.6.02 Campaigners' anger at CBE for HLS boss - A CBE for the beleaguered boss of Huntingdon Life Sciences has been welcomed by leading scientists, but animal rights campaigners think it is "ridiculous"… quotes from Mark Matfield, executive director of the Research Defence Society, Joan Court, spokeswoman for Animal Rights Cambridge, Greg Avery, of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (story in archive)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 17.6.02 AWARDS: CBE for HLS boss in honours list - THE boss of a controversial drug research firm who was attacked by animal rights activists has been made a Commander of the British Empire… But today, Greg Avery, a spokesman for Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac), voiced anger over the award. He said: "I think it is disgusting that this man and this company, which kills hundreds of animals a day, have been given this award. It speaks volumes about this Government and their continual support of big business." (story in archive)
Scotsman 15.6.02 Cass Demands Crackdown on Animal Rights Activists By Chris Moncrieff, PA News - A tough new crackdown on animal rights activists was demanded today by a man who was awarded a CBE in the Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours… Writing in the Parliamentary House Magazine, Mr Cass produced a 10 point plan. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 15.6.02 CBE for research firm boss - THE head of controversial animal experiments firm Huntingdon Life Sciences has been recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours list. Brian Cass, who was attacked by animal rights campaigners and hit over the head with a baseball bat last year, has been awarded a CBE… (story)

Western Morning News 20.6.02 HOW welcome is Trevor Beer's condemnation of the culling of badgers. Of course we have sympathy for any farmer who has TB on his farm. But we need to use common-sense to establish the cause… The badger cull will never settle the TB problem… Patricia Stimpson, Weymouth (letter)

Cambridge News 19.6.02 Protesters to join countryside march - THOUSANDS of people from East Anglia are expected to join in a mass march in London later this year, demanding a better deal for the countryside. More than 30 coaches have already been reserved in the region to transport supporters to the capital on September 22 for the Countryside Alliance's Liberty and Livelihood march… (story in archive)

Western Mail 19.6.02 Track-protest millionaire banned from racecourses (story)
Western Mail 18.6.02 Protester banned from race courses By Will Batchelor A Welsh millionaire landowner has been banned from every racecourse in the country after he sat on the track at a point-to-point meeting, the Jockey Club said today… It is believed the stunt was a protest against Government moves to ban fox-hunting…. (story)
Ananova 18.6.02 Millionaire protester banned from racecourses ..Richard Williams is said to have shouted "I am doing this for freedom" before running on to the turf at Eyton on Severn in Shropshire…(story)
Racing Post 18.6.02 Richard Williams warned off by Jockey Club by Graham Green - RICHARD WILLIAMS, the Master of Foxhounds whose sit-down protest in front of the final fence during a race at a South Shropshire point-to-meeting last month resulted in a police caution, has been warned-off by the Jockey Club for two years… Williams, who lives in Newborough, Anglesey, and is Master of the Eryri Foxhounds in North Wales, did not attend the Disciplinary Committee hearing, but has been informed of the decision by post. He shouted “I am doing this for freedom” as three horses disputingthe lead in the Scally Muir Ladies’ Open at Eyton On Severn bore down on him… it later emerged the 35-year-old felt the Countryside Alliance was not campaigning for hunting with sufficient vigour… (story in archive)
Racing Post 9.5.02 Sit-down protest from an unlikely source - Published: 09/05/2002 (News) GRAHAM GREEN - A PROTESTOR with a difference was arrested after causing chaos at a point-to-point meeting on Monday when sitting down in front of the final fence as a field of lady riders charged down on him….It was initially thought Williams was an anti-hunting demonstrator, but he was later revealed to be both Master of Eryri Foxhounds in North Wales… (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 19.6.02 DISGUSTED BY BADGER CULL - I am saddened that the latest stages of the badger cull were in West Cornwall and Gloucestershire, with the next stop probably being Wiltshire and Exmoor - despite Defra's secrecy… Since Professor Bourne and the Independent Scientific Group still haven't grasped how TB works in cows, I've four times suggested to Ministers that they should be sacked now. M Hancox Nouncells Cross Stroud (letter)

Essex Evening Echo 19.6.02 Basildon: Action demand over former zoo's big cats - Brought to you by the Evening Echo - The leader of Basildon Council has backed calls from animal rights campaigners for the town's former zoo to give up its collection of big cats. Nigel Smith said he agreed with concerns raised yesterday by the Royal Society for the Prevention for Cruelty for Animals (RSPCA) about standards at the London Road site… Mr Smith, an ardent animal rights campaigner, said: "The council has done all it can do…" (story in archive)

Cumberland News & Star 19.6.02 CIRCUS HITS BACK AS PROTESTERS PICKET …Six animal rights protesters picketed the opening performance of Bobby Roberts' Super Circus opposite Carlisle racecourse…The protest was mounted by the Northern Animal Rights Alliance, a new group which draws its members from Cumbria and the North East. Spokeswoman Louise Stevenson, of Workington, said it was cruel to take animals around the country and force them to perform tricks… (story)

North West Evening Mail 18.6.02 SHOULD FOX HUNTING BE BANNED? - EVE BERRIDGE, visiting Barrow, said: "Fox hunting should definitely be banned…" JAYNE CULLEY, of Parklands Drive, Barrow, said: "It should be banned. It is cruel and it's not right to hunt down something just because you can…" DAVYDD PATTINSON, of Devonshire Close, Barrow, said: "I don't think it should be totally banned. " I do however think the use of horses and dogs should be banned and people should do it themselves. The element of sport should be taken out of it…" MAL BROWN, of Hibbert Road, Barrow, said: "I don't think it should be banned at all…" ZOE SCANLON, of Webstray Close, Barrow, said: "I don't really agree with fox hunting…" (vox pop)

Western Morning News 18.6.02 COMMENTS DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO CONSTRUCTIVE DEBATE - I was rather maddened by part of the letter (WMN, May 28) from the regional manager of the RSPCA regarding the releasing of foxes into the countryside… Mr Silk does neither himself nor the RSPCA any credit… with his assertion that all those who do not agree with his views and took the trouble to write and say so are to be branded "the only good fox is a dead fox brigade"… Jim Pascoe, Truro (letter)

Western Morning News 18.6.02 FALCONRY IS A WAY OF LIFE FOR THE BIRDMAN - Ever since he was a teenager, David Rampling has been fascinated by the practice of falconry - a unique partnership between birds of prey and humans that stretches back 4,000 years… (story)

Western Morning News 18.6.02 ATTACK ON TREVOR WAS UNJUST - I was very surprised to read the letter from a Liskeard farmer, C W Maddever, claiming that wildlife expert Trevor Beer had "launched an attack on the majority of farmers."… Sadly, farming is now just another industry with farm animals treated as commodities like so many tins of baked beans on the supermarket shelf… Actually, I'm glad farmer Maddever mentioned "fruit and vegetables stinking and tasting of chemicals - and livestock pumped full of drugs and performance enhancing antibiotics." That's precisely why I grow my own food and am a strict vegetarian! Joanne Bell, Barnstaple (letter)

Western Morning News 18.6.02 Stop killing the badgers HOW refreshing to read the article by Trevor Beer about badgers and TB (WMN, May 21)… Come on government - admit you might be wrong. Do the right thing before it's too late. Geraldine Cox, St Ives (letter)

Evening Standard 18.6.02 Warning of move to cull pigeons …The Pigeon Control Advisory Service (Picas) said the Greater London Authority was planning to cull every day of every week, if necessary, to get rid of the birds… Picas director Guy Merchant said: "This is not the 'Cruelty Free London' Ken Livingstone promised voters." … (story in archive)
Ananova 17.6.02 Campaigners condemn Trafalgar Square cull plan … The Pigeon Control Advisory Service says the Greater London Authority is planning to cull every day of every week, if necessary, to get rid of the birds… Picas director Guy Merchant said London Mayor Ken Livingstone had no idea how to reduce the pigeon population and was set to resort to mass slaughter… (story)

York Evening Press 18.6.02 So cruel to animals - PERHAPS football fans and those visiting South Korea may be interested to learn of the horrific cruelties inflicted on that country's domestic animals… Maureen Barraclough, Thorganby, York. (letter in archive)

Birmingham Post 18.6.02 MP wants hens set free …Debra Shipley (Lab Stourbridge) called on the Government to follow Germany's lead and ban the use of enriched cages for egg-laying hens… "I welcome the EU Directive that prohibits conventional battery cages from 2012. However the alternative of "enriched" cages is really not good enough. The UK should follow Germany's lead and ban the use of enriched cages."… (story)
Western Mail 18.6.02 Move to ban battery eggs - PLAID CYMRU is to push for battery egg production to be outlawed within four years, it announced. The European Commission wants to bring in a new law banning the cages by 2012. But Plaid Cymru says that is not soon enough… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 17.6.02 CALL FOR VIEWS ON HUNTING Hunt supporters were today urged to respond to a consultation letter from the Government. Rural affairs minister Alun Michael MP is asking for comments from people for and against hunting. Margaret Morris, joint master of the Blankney Hunt, which operates south of Lincoln, said it was important for people to take part in the survey… (story)

Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph 17.6.02 PRO-HUNT CAMPAIGN MEETING COUNTRYSIDE campaigners have been in the area to drum up support for their cause. Members of the Countryside Alliance addressed a meeting at Caenby Corner, on their campaign to save hunting… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 13.6.02 DRUMMING UP SUPPORT - Countryside campaigners have been in Lincolnshire to drum up support for their cause. Members of the Countryside Alliance addressed a meeting at Caenby Corner, north of Lincoln, on their campaign to save hunting… (story)

Kent Messenger 17.6.02 PRO-HUNT demonstrators received a mixed reaction from Saturday morning shoppers when they marched through Maidstone. Three hundred demonstrators assembled outside County Hall to make a stand against the Government's plans to ban hunting with dogs… Richard Middleton, Kent Countryside Alliance chairman said: "We had a mixed reaction from people. There were an awful lot of people who thought the gun dogs were smashing and there were a number of people who called us scumbags and murderers… (story)

Leicester Mercury 17.6.02 NOT MUCH COVERAGE I was very interested to see on Channel 4 News (June 5) that one of the hunts in the Northern Fells has been breaking the law by dumping animal carcasses in order to encourage foxes… A few months ago Channel 4 News (and only Channel 4 News) exposed The Beaufort Hunt of being guilty of carcass dumping for foxes. I am curious to know why it was only Channel 4 News who included these items, while both the BBC and ITV3 news programmes maintain complete silence on the matter…. Paul Mace, Mkt Harborough (letter)

Yorkshire Post 17.6.02 The bird that came back from the brink - John Furbisher - Gamekeeper Tony Williams is straight from central casting. Ruddy complexion, tweed plus-fours and an up-country Yorkshire accent so warm and deep you could take a bath in it. But this gamekeeper is one or two traits short of a stereotype…. (feature)

Manchester Evening News 17.6.02 Badgers' rescue bid - BADGER protection groups and police are working to prevent hunted animals from being dug out of their setts and torn to bits by dogs… (story)

Observer 16.6.02 Badgers fall prey to blood sport revival - Mark Townsend - Badger-baiting has become Britain's deadliest blood sport, with a record 20,000 deaths forecast this year… Chief Inspector Terry Spamer, of the RSPCA's special intelligence unit, said there had been an 'explosion' in killings of the protected species… The RSPCA has collated intelligence on 4,000 individuals suspected of involvement in the practice…. (story)

Luton News 16.6.02 Honours anguish for campaigner's family … A courageous campaigner has missed out on royal recognition by dying just weeks before he was due to receive an MBE from the Queen. Kensworth man Andrew Blake died last month at the age of 39, less than a month before a trip to Buckingham Palace to pick up the award… 11 years ago he set up Seriously Ill for Medical Research (SIMR) in a bid to counter the arguments of the powerful anti-vivisection lobby… Last month Andrew received notification from Downing Street that his name was to be included in the Honours List. But he died just before the Queen had given the final seal of approval, and rules dictate that in such cases the honour cannot be bestowed posthumously… (story in archive)

Yorkshire Post 15.6.02 Epic ride for pro-hunting horseman - Julie Hemmings - A DAIRY farm worker is riding from one end of Britain to the other to raise awareness of the campaign to save hunting. Anthony Bealby, a member of the Countryside Alliance, reached Elvington and Dunnington on the outskirts of York yesterday on his 1,050-mile ride north from Land's End… Mr Bealby, who rides with the South Wold and the Grove and Rufford Hunts, has been meeting and staying with members of local hunts and their supporters. (story)

Western Daily Press 15.6.02 HEARINGS SET TO STRING OUT HUNT VERDICT - A series of public hearings will be held on the future of foxhunting, Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael announced yesterday… (story)
North West Evening Mail 15.6.02 PUBLIC DEBATE ON FOX-HUNTING STARTS - A SERIES of public meetings on the future of fox-hunting have been announced by rural affairs minister Alun Michael… In a joint statement, pro and anti-hunting campaigners and the Middle Way Group, which is calling for restrictions rather than a ban, said the hearings would explore the key issues in a focused way… (story)
Times 14.6.02 Ministers tackle hunt protest BY VALERIE ELLIOTT COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - THE Government attempted to defuse the controversy over foxhunting yesterday and head off the countryside march through London. Alun Michael, Rural Affairs Minister, announced that he intended to chair a series of public hearings in September to deal with the vexed questions of animal cruelty and wildlife management. These hearings are certain to straddle the planned march of 500,000 through the capital on September 22, providing ministers with easy ammunition to condemn such a march in the middle of an open consultation process… (story)
Western Morning News 14.6.02 PUBLIC HEARINGS TO THRASH OUT HUNTING ISSUES - The Government yesterday moved to draw some of the anger from the pro-hunting lobby by agreeing to stage a series of public hearings to discuss the "key issues" surrounding the proposed ban on hunting with dogs… Last night, the Countryside Alliance confirmed that its march on September 22 would go ahead as planned in London… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 14.6.02 HUNT MOVE WELCOMED - Pro-hunt campaigners have welcomed the Government's pledge to hold a series of public hearings on the future of foxhunting… John Green, joint master of the Burton Hunt, which is based near Lincoln, said the move was "a good thing"… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 15.6.02 RACING CASUALTIES GOING UNREPORTED - PEOPLE still celebrating the Jubilee and following the Queen at Epsom races on Saturday, June 8, will be shocked to have seen the death of a horse in the Derby… exclusive research I did into flat racing shows that in the year 2000, over just four and a half months, 30 horses raced on the flat and were reported dead shortly after… This is racing's best kept secret - it's huge yearly hidden death toll. It is time this information was made available… KAREENA GREY Discover Racing Death Info Service Torquay (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 15.6.02 Work on new dog track up and running By STEPHANIE TODD - WORK on a controversial £5.6 million greyhound stadium in East Lothian is to begin shortly, after it was given the final go-ahead… Councillors voted in favour of the idea of having a track and stadium in April and have now approved the full details of the scheme… The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which has cared for hundreds of greyhounds and is a member of the international greyhound forum, met recently with Mr Wallace to discuss in detail the dog track and an accompanying animal retirement home he has promised to build… However, animal rights group Advocates for Animals condemned the decision to give the stadium the green light. Its recent campaign against the stadium was backed by the Duchess of Hamilton… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 11.6.02 Get dog racing up to standard - GREYHOUNDS UK was formed four years ago to campaign for effective, independent protection of racing dogs. We have never advocated a ban on racing… I don’t want to discourage Howard Wallace from trying to improve the conditions at his track but I am not supporting him yet. That would only be possible if he fulfils his promises… Annette Crosbie, Greyhounds UK Manor Gardens, London (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 8.6.02 Greyhound protesters ‘off track’ on stadium … Tom Peters, who breeds greyhounds for racing, today said that animal welfare campaigners are unaware of the full facts behind the sport. Mr Peters insisted that most of the dogs were well cared for after their racing days came to an end. He said: "I have 12 retired greyhounds that I keep as pets and everybody I know in greyhound racing keeps at least one as a pet."… (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 6.6.02 Screen star makes dog track U-turn By SUSAN SMITH …Annette Crosbie today made a dramatic U-turn after vehemently opposing plans to build the UK’s biggest greyhound racing track in Lothian… But today the Edinburgh-born TV star admitted she had dropped her opposition to the Victory Lane Stadium, planned for Wallyford, East Lothian, and said she was considering an invitation to sit on its board. By working with the track’s owner, Gorebridge-based Howard Wallace, Miss Crosbie hopes to be able to "police" plans to improve conditions for the dogs… But Edinburgh-based animal rights group Advocates for Animals, which has also been fighting against the development, today said Miss Crosbie’s change of heart did not affect its position… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 5.6.02 Dogs don’t often find good homes - I must respond to a letter from Mr Guckian about the proposed new greyhound stadium in East Lothian (Letters, May 30)… very few of these dogs manage to find good homes and tens of thousands of perfectly healthy dogs are killed every year because of that… Ross Minett Campaigns director, Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 31.5.02 Dogs don’t love the rat race - IN all the newspaper cuttings I have been reading about a new greyhound track, I never thought to see that old chestnut, "greyhounds love to race and it would be sinful to deprive them of it"… Ten thousand dogs are rejected every year, that we know about . Most of them will be killed. This is done in the name of "entertainment" by a gambling industry that makes millions for the promoters and bookmakers. Annette Crosbie Manor Gardens, Merton Park, London (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 27.5.02 Greyhound track in the dog house By KAREN SHEAD - THE Duchess of Hamilton has joined the campaign to stop plans for a new greyhound racing track to be built in East Lothian… The Duchess, an animal rights campaigner who is on the committee of the Edinburgh-based group Advocates for Animals, has been involved with dog rescue for 23 years… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 23.5.02 Greyhounds not in for luxury ride …I would urge your readers not to be taken in by this proposal to house retired greyhounds in the lap of luxury for their natural life-spans. I believe this won’t happen because it will be far too costly. … Big business and animal welfare principles simply do not mix. Terry Kiely, Bessborough Gdns, London (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 21.5.02 It’s a dog’s life . . of total luxury - By STEPHANIE TODD and IAN JOHNSTON …The "cradle to grave" promise made to the stars of East Lothian’s multi-million pound greyhound stadium would be the envy of many people…Gorebridge-based developer Howard Wallace today pledged to create a sophisticated care programme for the greyhounds racing at the £5.6 million stadium, which would ease the animals into a cosseted retirement… Mr Wallace unveiled details of his plans in the wake of an outspoken attack by Edinburgh-born Ms Crosbie. The actress is appealing to East Lothian Council to rethink its decision to grant the stadium planning permission… Her views are backed by pressure group Advocates for Animals… Campaigns director Ross Minett, of Advocates for Animals, said: "Today’s greyhound racing industry is big business, with a small number of individuals making large amounts of money out of exploiting animal suffering…" (story)

Worcester Evening News 15.6.02 Tests on animals are unreliable THOMAS Bromley underestimates the serious human cost of unreliable animal experiments (You Say, May 31)… The point is that medical progress has been made despite, and not because of, dangerously flawed animal experiments. HAZEL HANDY, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 31.5.02 Animals are essential for medical research - YOUR readers might have noted that H Handy (You Say, Friday, May 24) can't actually name any medical advances which haven't been developed using animal research and yet still tries to justify their muddled priorities… THOMAS BROMLEY, SIMR member, Littlehampton, West Sussex. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 24.5.02 THOMAS Bromley perpetuates the myth that our health depends on animal experiments (You Say, May 7and 8)… H HANDY, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 8.5.02 Animal rights lobby ignoring the facts - REGARDING the letter from David Hammond (You Say, April 18) it is clear that anti-vivisectionsists aren't interested in facts, neither are they concerned about patients' rights… THOMAS BROMLEY, SIMR Member, Littlehampton, West Sussex (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 26.4.02 THOMAS Bromley considers criticism of cruel and unreliable animal-based medical research to be "extreme" (You Say, April 6). But it's the actions of those who routinely poison, blind, burn and mutilate millions of animals every year in vivisection laboratories worldwide that could more aptly be described as extreme.... Further information regarding animal experiments is available from the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection... M HANDY, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 18.4.02 They try to blind us with science - I AM writing in response to the letter from Thomas Bromley, headed "Nonsense of animal extremists". Supporters of vivisection try to blind people with science, although their science is a pseudo-science... DAVID HAMMOND, Hanley Swan, Worcestershire. (letter in archive)

Western Mail 14.6.02 Supporters fear ban will be forced through - ANGRY supporters of hunting yesterday urged the Government not to use the Parliament Act to steamroller a ban on their traditional blood sport into law. Janet George, 51, spokeswoman for the Countryside Action Network, spoke out after Minister at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Lord Whitty, had indicated ministers might use the Act if there was deadlock… Ms George from Worcestershire was staging a picket with other network members at Westminster, as ministers met representatives from interested groups including the Countryside Alliance and the League Against Cruel Sports, to discuss the hunting consultation… (story)

Ledbury Reporter 14.6.02 Protest in London - MORE than 20 members and supporters of Ledbury Hunt took part in a protest against the proposed hunting ban in Parliament Square last Friday… Andrew Carter, whipper-in of the hunt, said: "I'm here to defend my livelihood and the way of life I have chosen…. (story in archive)
Ledbury Reporter 7.6.02 Hunt team to support vigil - A TEAM of 15 hunt supporters and countryside workers from the Ledbury area was due to travel to London today (Friday) to take part in a vigil at the Houses of Parliament. The vigil has been organised by the Countryside Alliance to illustrate its strong opposition to a hunting ban… (story in archive)

Chester Chronicle 14.6.02 Charity event sabotaged By Dave Fox, Chester Chronicle - BLUNDERING anti-hunt campaigners are being blamed for sabotaging a major charity event. South and Mid Cheshire's St Luke s Hospice is staging a money-raising Country Fair on Sunday at Burland Hall near Nantwich and has paid £600 for six large canvas posters which have been put up at major road junctions across the area. But three of them have been stolen leaving hospice workers fearing that a group opposed to fox-hunting mistakenly believes the event supports bloodsports… (story)

Telegraph 14.6.02 You can't wear that T-shirt here By Robert Uhlig, Farming Correspondent - The Government was accused last night of gagging peaceful protest after two farmers at an agricultural show were forced to remove T-shirts carrying slogans. Mark and Gary Prescott, both fourth generation pig farmers, were wearing shirts carrying benign protest slogans against the Government ban of pig swill at the Pig and Poultry Fair last month but were ordered to remove them by police after the intervention of Government officials… The Prescotts, who had to close their business, took off their T-shirts, leaving them at an acquaintance's stand but they were outraged to be denied a right to protest, particularly as the Warwickshire Hunt was allowed to carry banners and loudly barrack Lord Whitty, the farming minister, on his arrival at the showground… (story)

Telegraph 14.6.02 Ban hunting with cats SIR - Presumably it is OK to go hunting with cats but not with dogs? Charles White, Cullicudden, Rossshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 14.6.02 FOXES MAY BE UNDER THREAT - How I agree with Ray Bird that the fox could become an endangered species in some areas if hunting is banned. Although I do not hunt myself, I do take a close interest in the countryside… In several areas which I frequently visit the fox was once a common sight.Now, either through them having become non-hunting areas, which have resulted in the fox's fate being in the hands of others, or where game bird shooting syndicates have moved into the area, the sight of a fox is a rarity (letter)

Worcester Evening News 14.6.02 Yet again, he ignores question of cruelty - JON Burgess is now insisting that foxhounds are friendly, good-natured animals… The hunting fraternity would have us believe that when hunting with dogs is banned, that packs of fox hounds will have to be destroyed as they have been trained to be savage and this is irreversible… MRS MARION J LARGE, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 5.6.02 t's simple why the hounds are loved by youngsters - THE letter from Mrs Pamela Booker (Your Say, May 24)attempts to portray foxhounds as savage, half-starved beasts ready to tear anything to pieces on sight… The fact that hounds are not savage can be seen every summer at local agricultural and country shows. Sixty or more hounds from several packs will often parade in the arena, then all the children, sometimes by the hundred, will be invited to meet the hounds and stroke them… The most horrific incident we are likely see is that an unwary youngster will lose half their ice cream inside a "vicious" foxhound - ah, this could be another reason to ban hunting! JOHN BURGESS, Worcester Road, Malvern (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 14.6.02 BLAIR IS URGED TO OUTLAW 'HORRIFIC' ANIMAL SNARES - Wildlife campaigners yesterday called on Prime Minister Tony Blair to ban the use of all snares in the countryside amid evidence that badgers and other protected species are still being trapped and killed. The National Federation of Badger Groups handed in a petition at Downing Street yesterday calling for a total ban on the use of snares…. Elaine King, chief executive of the NFPG, said there was an "alarming increase" in the number of badgers being killed and injured in snares…. (story)
Argus 12.6.02 Blair to be told of threat to badgers …Jaine and Simon Wild, from Bognor, founded the West Sussex Badger Protection Group in 1990 and have now joined forces with the West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group to form the National Anti-Snaring Campaign. Tomorrow they will travel to Downing Street to hand over a petition, signed by 60,000 people, to ask Prime Minister Tony Blair to put a stop to the "silent killing"… Mrs Wild has just launched a web site at www.antisnaring.org.uk (story in archive)

West Essex Guardian & Independent 14.6.02 Gamekeeper turned coacher - A TALK on A Gamekeeper's Year was given by Mr Bendall at the June meeting of Loughton WI. He explained that most gamekeepers work for a landlord, a syndicate or a farmer, with the gamekeeper's year beginning with the pheasant shooting season on February 1…. (story in archive)

Glasgow Herald 14.6.02 Deer cull will be in the interests of everyone - YOUR report (June 10) on the heavy cull of deer on the Coignafearn estate near Aviemore illustrates the need for a much more informed debate about the issues raised by an overpopulation of deer… This is not a move "against stalking", as your report suggests, but in favour of restoration which will serve everyone's interests better in the long run, including those employed in these areas. Coignafearn should be congratulated. Simon Pepper, director, WWF Scotland, 8 The Square, Aberfeldy.
Glasgow Herald 14.6.02 Angus Macmillan is right to assert that the culling of deer by Coignafearn estate is an animal-welfare issue (Letters, June 13)… Far from being castigated, Sigrid Rausing is to be commended for taking a broader view and facing up to the responsibilities that come with owning large tracts of semi-wild land. Martin Mathers, 69 Glengarry Crescent, Falkirk.
Glasgow Herald 14.6.02 Collaborative approach is necessary - I refer to your report on culling red deer (June 10). While not in a position to comment on the individual case, the Association of Deer Management Groups believes that any suggestion that there is a hidden political agenda to marginalise deer-stalking as an economic activity is supposition only… R M J Cooke, secretary, Association of Deer Managment Groups, Dalhousie Estates Office, Brechin. (letters may be in archive)

Bath Chronicle 14.6.02 MODERN MEDICINE NEEDS ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS - David Thomas (Letters, June 11) is presumably healthy and can therefore afford to be against the use of animals in medical research. But what about the millions of us whose lives depend upon prescription medicines? Or those of us who need medical research to continue?... THOMAS BROMLEY SIMR executive secretary Littlehampton West Sussex (letter)
Bath Chronicle 10.6.02 WE DON'T NEED TO TORTURE ANIMALS - The worst aspect of abuse of other species in cruel sports and other entertainment for profit and for ritual-slaughter is the lies, deceit, misinformation and suppression of facts that goes with it. For example, there is not much publicity about those who murder and abuse people who work in abortion/family planning clinics. Or opposition in the use of stemcell research, which will advance medical research faster than vivisection… DAVID THOMAS Hillview, Hisomley, Westbury (letter)

Western Daily Press 14.6.02 TRUTH BEHIND THALIDOMIDE - Your article on Thalidomide only tells part of the story… The profit-driven vivisectors have spent years inflicting human diseases on animals. Isn't it time that such serendipitous methods were replaced by genuine care for human beings? (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 14.6.02 Fears of trouble at animal rights demo - Police willl flood Lichfield tomorrow as animal rights activists descend on the city for a high profile demonstration at the same time as England's World Cup match… More than 30 officers policed a peaceful Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs demo in Lichfield in January due to fears about terrorist elements in the organization… Chief Inspector Brett Oakes said: "We are hoping to get the march over and done with before people come out of the pubs. "We don't really want the two groups to meet. The football supporters will have a bit of alcohol in them and be in high spirits. If they see someone dressed up as a 6ft guinea pig it could be a recipe for trouble." (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 14.6.02 ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTEST FEARS - An animal welfare group is to demonstrate outside Derby's newest theme bar tomorrow in protest against its exotic meat menu. Eight members of Derbyshire Animal Welfare Network (DAWN) plan to stage the protest outside Walkabout in the Market Place at 12.30pm. That is kick-off time for the England versus Denmark World Cup match - and the bar has been packed with football fans for the last two England games… DAWN spokesman Jonathan Lane, of Findern, said: "It's pure coincidence. None of us are football fans and we hadn't realised the significance of the time… (story)

Malvern Gazette 14.6.02 Bird lovers are up in arms over shootings - OBVIOUSLY there has been a pigeon cull in Malvern. I would like to know what method was used as we had some distressing scenes in this area before Christmas with pigeons injured and bleeding having been shot with a small calibre pellet… JOAN SHOVELTON, St Andrews Road, Malvern. (letter in archive)

Argus 14.6.02 Reward to capture seagull killer by Kate Matthews - The safety of Sussex segulls is at risk following a spate of serious gun attacks… a reward of £200 has been offered to catch the culprits . Trevor Weeks, county co-ordinator for East Sussex Wildlife and Rescue and Ambulance Service, said: "We have picked up more than ten injured seagulls so far. They are mainly being shot in the chest by an air gun… The reward has been put up by a Brighton woman, Rena Collins, who features seagulls in the poems she writes… (story)

Tamworth Herald 13.6.02 HUNT IN PROTEST AT 10 DOWNING STREET - MEMBERS of the Atherstone Hunt were among the first in the country to present a petition to Downing Street as part of a protest against the proposed ban on hunting with dogs. The petition, containing 530 names from in and around Atherstone was presented to 10 Downing Street by six of the 20 Hunt members who travelled to London for a 24-hour vigil in Parliament Square… (story)

Western Mail 13.6.02 Campaign banners line route - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners will make their views known to the Queen today. Strategically placed banners publicising the Countryside Alliance's September Liberty and Livelihood March through London will be placed along the route taken by the Queen when she passes through the Rhondda Valley…. (story)

13.6.02 Bury Free Press ARE FOX HUNTERS BREEDING ANIMALS? - FOX hunters are using artificial earths to breed animals for sport in a wood near Brettenham and Thorpe Morieux, an animal rights group has claimed. But Suffolk Hunt officials, who use the land at Thorpe Wood, say the man-made shelters… are disused and have promised to remove them… "Hunt supporters build artificial earths in the hope and expectation that foxes will live in them, will breed in them and will produce a steady supply of foxes for the hunts to chase and kill and, of course, to have a great deal of fun doing so," said Mike Huskisson, local investigator for the League Against Cruel Sports… (story in archive)

Bucks Free Press 13.6.02 Twyford Mill and estate is a kingdom for a horse - THE current masters of the Bicester Hunt are selling their 1,380 acre private estate on the Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire border… The couple's home,Twyford Mill, listed as lot 1 along with 283 acres, is regarded as one of the finest equestrian properties in the south of England and is well used by some of England's most enthusiastic hunting fraternities… (story in archive)

Ilkley Gazette 13.6.02 Hunting ban - Prof W R Allen, Dr L H Thomas, Smiths Cottage, North Heath, Chieveley, Newbury, Berks, RG20 8UA (letter in archive)
Keighley News 24.5.02 SIR - The deadline for the first part of the Government's consultation period into the future of hunting with dogs has now passed… Prof WR Allen DVSc, PhD, ScD, DESM, MRCVS; Dr L H Thomas MA, VetMB, PhD, FRCPath, MRCVS (letter in archive)
Bucks Free Press 24.5.02 Helping animals instead of killing - WRITING from the perspective of a life-long residency in the countryside and a reasonable knowledge of its fauna, I wonder how I can have missed "the properly open, accountable and regulated wildlife management"… Caring vets should also contemplate the welfare of the other necessary components of hunting, the hounds and the horses… Bea Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter in archive)
Bucks Free Press 24.5.02 Two vets deserve reprimand "SOME vets back bloodsports" was the heading to the disgraceful letter in the Bucks Free Press last Friday… I would like to see the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons reprimand such individuals for bringing the profession into disrepute… Penny Little, Back Way, Great Haseley (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 22.5.02 WILDLIFE IS NOT OUT OF CONTROL Your correspondents, Vets For Hunting, believe that a ban on hunting will cause an increase in animal suffering and lead to the demise of wildlife management. I live in an area where there are no organised hunts and there is no evidence that our wildlife is out of control, or that animals are suffering because they are not being hunted… C P Harrell Pill Nr Bristol (letter)
Blackpool Gazette 22.5.02 Vets must be consulted Prof W R Allen DVSc, PhD, ScD, DESM, MRCVS, Dr L H Thomas MA, VetMB, PhD, FRCPath, MRCVS, Address Supplied (letter)
Western Morning News 21.5.02 THE TWIN ISSUES OF 'CRUELTY AND UTILITY' - Prof WR Allen and Dr L H Thomas, Vets for Hunting Newbury, Berks (letter)
Yorkshire Post 18.5.02 Hunting ban will cause animals to suffer From: Dr WR Allen, address supplied. (letter)
Bucks Free Press 17.5.02 Some vets back bloodsports THE deadline for the first part of the Govenrment's consultation period int the future of hunting with dogs has now passed… Irrespective of personal views on hunting, those of us whose careers, livelihoods and experience are based on the welfare of animals will be urging the Minister to case aside the ignorance and prejudice of backbench MPs and focus instead on genuine animal welfare and management Prof WR Allenand Dr LH Thomas, Newbury (Full address supplied)
Western Daily Press 16.5.02 HUNT BAN WILL CAUSE HARM … As veterinary surgeons we hope we will be able to make a positive contribution to this process. Our input will stem from our strong belief that the proposed ban on hunting will have a negative effect on animal welfare in the countryside and will inevitably cause an increase in suffering… (letter)
Gloucester Echo/Gloucester Citizen 15.5.02 BAN WOULD SEE MORE SUFFERING - PROF W.R. ALLEN, DR L.H.THOMAS, Vets for Hunting (letter)
Yorkshire Evening Post 14.5.02 Vets join the great debate on hunting …Rural affairs minister Alun Michael has stated that he wishes to frame legislation based on the twin issues of 'cruelty and utility'. As veterinary surgeons in the organisation Vets for Hunting, concerned with the welfare of both wild and domestic animals, we hope we will be able to make a positive contribution to this process. Our input will stem from our strong belief that the proposed ban on hunting will have a negative effect on animal welfare in the countryside and will inevitably cause an increase in suffering… Prof W R Allen DVSc, PhD, ScD, DESM, MRCVS and Dr L H Thomas MA, VetMB, PhD, FRCPath, MRCVS. (letter)

Worcester Evening News 13.6.02 Centre in plea for chicken donation - A TRAINING centre for the disabled where 25 hand-reared chickens were slaughtered in a fox attack is urgently appealing for birds to be donated… (story in archive)
Worcester Evening News 10.6.02 `Devastation' at dead chickens - TWENTY-FIVE chickens hand-reared by disabled people have been mauled by a fox who scaled a 6ft wire fence to reach their pen. John Gorton discovered the carnage on Saturday when he went to feed the animals at Top Barn Farm, in Holt Heath… The farm operates a training centre to teach disabled people how to nurture animals and plants… (story in archive)

Derbyshire Times 13.6.02 FOX HUNT FOR A DENTIST.... Fangs just aren't what they used to be for a celebrity TV fox who needs a trip to the dentist… But Chesterfield fox rescue centre owners Paul and Marie Leicester fear one of their oldest residents could get an infection and lose his bite unless a dentist comes to his rescue… (story in archive)
Western Daily Press 13.6.02 POOR BADGERS ARE NOT TO BLAME - Sadly, with no TB testing during the foot-an-mouth crisis, and with stock kept indoors over-winter as long as possible to void exposure to foot-and-mouth, TB has built up within herds and is spreading like wildfire both within herds and to new herds in areas TB-Free… (letter)
Gloucestershire Echo or Gloucester Citizen 12.6.02 WILDFIRE SPREAD OF TB IN HERDS - HAVING been on the Government badgers and TB panel, I've spent the last dozen years warning of the mounting cattle TB crisis… TB has built up within herds and is spreading like wildfire both within herds and to new herds in areas TB-free for 40-50 years, such as Cumbria, Scotland and mid-Wales… Since the Bourne team still hasn't grasped how TB spreads in cattle, it would be better to scrap the pointless "scientific" badger cull, and spend the £20 million saved on urgent cattle testing… M. HANCOX, Nouncells Cross, Stroud (letter)

Oldham Chronicle 13.6.02 Badger watch by JULIA RAVENSCROFT - THE police and the Pennine Link Badger Group have joined forces to raise public awareness of crimes against badgers… (story may be in archive)

Western Daily Press 13.6.02 LIVING HELL FOR LAB ANIMALS I would like to congratulate the Western Daily Press for having the courage to bring to the attention of the public the horrors the human race inflict on our animal brethren. I refer to the coverage of the vivisection monkeys… (letter)

Caterer & Hotelkeeper 13.6.02 Animal passions - At the end of the game season earlier this year, Fergus Henderson put a new dish on the menu at his fashionable London restaurant, St John. Squirrel braised with dried cŠpes… After giving an interview on Radio 4's Today programme, Henderson found himself the recipient of some very unpleasant mail…. Peter Gottgens, chef and owner of four South African restaurants in Chiswick… was shocked by the protests when he first opened, six years ago. "They called us killers and murderers, chanted things over the phone…" So how should chefs and restaurateurs react to pressure of this nature, be it in the form of a terrifying threat, a demonstration or a polite letter?... 1. What are the legal rights of activists?... 2. At what point do activists overstep the mark?... 3. What is the best way to deal with protests?... (story)

Matlock Mercury 12.6.02 HUNTSMAN IN FIGHT OVER RURAL PURSUIT - ONE OF Bakewell´s leading hunters is determined to continue the traditional country pursuit which has been his life for over ten years. In his full-time post as huntsman Kevin Farrow (26) is convinced the Government won´t stop him and is even against licensing the sport… Kevin hopes the High Peak hunt will enjoy a better season this year now tfears of foot-and-mouth have ended. FEATURE by Matt Barlow (story in archive)

Western Morning News 12.6.02 HUNT BAN THREATENS NATION'S DEMOCRACY - If the Government was reasonable and acting with proper regard for the responsibilities and competence of Parliament, there would be no question of a ban on hunting. The hunting associations and other interested parties would now be discussing how best to ensure the proper conduct of hunting in the future… If hunting is banned, the standing of Parliament will certainly be damaged, perhaps irretrievably so… Jonathan Higgins, Totnes (letter)

Denbighshire Free Press 12.6.02 A SENSE OF INJUSTICE IN THE COUNTRYSIDE - I read with interest Mr Ruane’s comment how North Wales is becoming a no-go area for top politicians. Has Mr Ruane ever wondered why? Mr Ruane and other politicians are at present attacking the rural community… We have rising crime, hospitals and schools in chaos, our public transport in ruins, poverty and drugs in our towns and inner cities. Children are running riot making people’s lives a misery but some MPs feel a hunting ban will make everything OK…. Name and address supplied (letter may be in archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 12.6.02 DOCTOR HAS DELIVERED ALL THE KNOCK-OUT PUNCHES …Mr G Paddon, please stay down on the canvas. Dr John Pamment has won every round and you must be punch-drunk by now. Enough, it is like Mike Tyson fighting Shirley Temple! Mrs Jennifer Cook, Tale Common Head, Honiton >(letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 1.6.02 CONDEMNING FOX HUNTING WILL NOT ALTER ANYTHING I feel it very important to write, realising the concern Dr Pamment has shown regarding my lack of correspondence, Points of view, May 21… hunting is legal, everyone has the right to freedom of speech and freedom of choice, this is what we fought for, a democratic country…. Mr G Paddon, Pathfinder Village, Tedburn St Mary (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.5.02 - DOGS AS WELL AS HOUNDS ARE INVOLVED IN HUNTING - I had thought that the correspondence between myself and Mr Paddon over the hunting issue had reached a natural conclusion… He admonishes me for using the term 'dogs' and tells me I should replace 'dogs' with 'hounds.' Nice try Mr Paddon, but the practice of digging out foxes, which is part and parcel of fox hunting, is conducted with terriers and these are most certainly not hounds… John Pamment, Clyst Heath, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 16.5.02 WE FOUGHT FOR FREEDOMS, WHICH INCLUDE HUNTING - Dr John Pamment, Points of view, May 9, really should check his facts before launching yet another onslaught on hunting. His lengthy letter contained so many inaccuracies that it is difficult to know where to begin… Michael Hickmott. Bradworthy, Holsworthy (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 14.5.02 GOVERNMENT IS HAVING A LAUGH OVER HUNTING - Dr Pamment, Points of view, May 9, writes about hunting with dogs - please refrain from using the word 'dogs' and replace it with the word 'hounds'… Government legislation to determine the fate of hunting has been put back for six months. What they call thinking time! Ha! Ha! It's just a big laugh. G Paddon, Pathfinder Village, Tedburn St Mary (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.5.02 INAPPROPRIATE TO USE WAR LANGUAGE OVER HUNTING - Mr G Paddon, Points of view, May 4, appears to have completely lost the plot with regard to the hunting debate…Legislation on the last remaining blood sports is way overdue… Dr John Pamment, Clyst Heath, Exeter (letter)

Bromsgrove & Droitwich Spa Advertiser 12.6.02 Foxed by claims - DEAR EDITOR - Contrary to your correspondent 'Foxy', I am well versed in all aspects of the hunting debate over many years… Hunting is backed by the majority of farmers and vets along with the detailed social studies carried out for the Burns report. The anti-hunting movement now fear poll results that much, they cry foul immediately the figures don't quite suite them… Jon Burgess, Worcester Road, Malvern (letter in archive)
Bromsgrove & Droitwich Spa Advertiser 29.5.02 Poll views - DEAR EDITOR - I fear Jon Burgess - letters May 15 - has failed to follow the fox hunting debate in recent years. Most primary school children could tell him that the majority of the great British public would support a ban on fox hunting and most opinion polls reflect this view… Foxy, Bromsgrove. (Name and Address supplied).
Bromsgrove & Droitwich Spa Advertiser 15.5.02 No case for a ban - John Weaver (Letters April 24) on the subject of hunting, hurriedly, illiberaly and perhaps unwisely dismisses the rights of minority groups… Mr Weaver claims that fox hounds are trained by sending them hare coursing… Even the extreme Hunt Saboteurs Association have never claimed this… Jon Burgess, Worcester Road, Malvern (letter in archive)
Bromsgrove & Droitwich Spa Advertiser 24.4.02 Call for fox hunting ban - I get very irritated when people like Roger Bell say that a ban on fox hunting is "an infringement of people's liberty" that it is an "imposition of prejudice on a significant minority".... It is glaringly apparent that the particularly cruel practice of hare coarsing is used to train fox hounds... It is glaringly apparent that the particularly cruel practice of hare coarsing is used to train fox hounds… John Weaver, Crabtree Court, Parkwood Road, Sidemoor, Bromsgrove (letter in archive)
Bromsgrove & Droitwich Spa Advertiser 3.4.02 …The Government commissioned Burns Report, found no grounds for a ban on hunting …Many MPs who have been voting on the hunting issue having refused to make any effort to find out the truth…. Roger Bell, (by e-mail)

Manchester Evening News 12.6.02 Vermin issue - I AM worried about the possible outcome of the consultation process that the government has started in an attempt to "resolve" the hunting issue. The minister dealing with this process has stated that he will make "utility" a consideration in framing future legislation. This he defines as "the need or usefulness of an activity for vermin control."… As a gardener who also makes decisions about which animals I choose to tolerate on my property, be they rats, mice, moles, grey squirrels, magpies, rabbits or whatever, I make my decision in an entirely subjective way… By using the word "need", the government may try to define what constitutes vermin… L S Dunning, Didsbury (letter)

Wandsworth Guardian/Comet 12.6.02 Harsh words for pigeon foes - I would like to give a message to all those stuck up people who have nothing better to do than moan about pigeons… Why can't these cold-hearted selfish people see that the world was created for all of us, humans as well as animals… You call yourself intelligent, I'm 17 and I'm smarter than you, at least I have a heart. IRENE MCMAHON, Rosenau Road, Battersea (letter in archive)

Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 11.6.02 Pro-hunt supporters' message to city - SHARON PAGE - Tempers flared yesterday after a woman was arrested as anti and pro-hunt campaigners gathered outside the Forum in Norwich. The conflict came as campaigners for Norfolk's Countryside Alliance staged a demonstration, forming part of a week-long nationwide protest, against any ban on hunting… Norwich police confirmed that a woman – believed to be from the anti-hunt group – was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage after she was alleged to have taken a camera from a pro-hunt supporter and thrown it over a fence… quotes from David Hunter, chairman of the Norfolk branch of the Alliance, Diane Stevens, a protester for the League Against Cruel Sports, David Hunter, chairman of the Norfolk branch of the Alliance (story)

Scotsman 11.6.02 Inveresk gets back in the black as float approaches - JAMES DOW - CONTROVERSIAL East Lothian biotech firm Inveresk Research, which has come under repeated fire from the animal rights lobby and is planning to relocate its headquarters to the US, eased the pressure on its balance sheet as profits climbed into the black in the first quarter… Inveresk has declined to comment on the reasons for relocating its head office from Tranent to North Carolina, but sources close to the company say the threat of action from animal rights campaigners is a chief motivation… But jobs are likely to go in Scotland following the decision to relocate headquarters… (story)

Western Daily Press 11.6.02 APPALLED BY ANIMAL TESTS - Surely no-one with an ounce of compassion could fail to be appalled at the treatment meted out to the animals used for research purposes by Cambridge University… (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 10.6.02 -PRO-HUNT GROUP STAGES DEMO - ANIMAL health minister Elliot Morley was ambushed by pro-fox hunting campaigners when he arrived at a conference in the Cotswolds. Protest organiser John Beech, who lives near Evesham, tried to hand the minister a mock cheque for £1 million to highlight their concerns about what they claim was an identical donation to the government from the Political Animal Lobby…. North Cotswold Hunt member Mr Beech said: "While they're proposing to ban fox hunting, how can they justify fishing and shooting?.. Vale of the White Horse Hunt joint master Charles Mann, from Filkins, near Lechlade, was at the conference as a member of RBST… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 8.6.02 PRO-HUNT LOBBY TO DEMONSTRATE … The county's pro-hunting lobby will be protesting at the Cotswold Farm Park, in Guiting Power, near Winchcombe… One protester, John Beech from the North Cotswold Hunt, said a ban would be "a threat to justice and freedom, and a serious attack on ordinary, decent people." (story)

Telegraph 10.6.02 Peterborough Edited by Guy Adams - Veggie Paul to wed at field sport paradise - I hate to put a "dampener" on Sir Paul McCartney's forthcoming wedding to Heather Mills, but it turns out that the strictly vegetarian couple may be about to advance unwittingly the cause of field sports. Castle Leslie, the rambling pile in County Monaghan where his nuptials will take place tomorrow, turns out to be a sporting estate par excellence. It boasts fishing, shooting and an equestrian centre that provides hirelings to local hunts. (story)

Argus 10.6.02 Warped mind - I have been following J Jackson's comments on hunting with dogs, the latest of which (Letters, June 5) deserves a reply… Hunting is not a matter of civil liberties but a convenient name for the most distasteful members of our society to take part in a legal form of perversion. -AnneMarie Moynihan, Franklin Road, Brighton

Argus 5.6.02 Real cruelty - Richard Symonds assumes I condone cruelty to foxes (Letters, May 30). I do not…. The key point the "antis" will not recognise is that with the hunt, the fox is either killed or escapes completely unscathed… To me, what is odd about our modern, liberal world, with its prattle about animal and children's "rights", is the 100 per cent lack of rights afforded to the unborn child… -J Jackson, Highdown Drive, Littlehampton (letter)
Argus 3.6.02 Back in time - J Jackson makes a number of inaccurate statements. Foxes are not classified as vermin. The Government's Burns Inquiry concluded that foxes are not the pest they are culturally perceived to be… -Lisa Dewhurst, Senior press officer, RSPCA, Southwater, Horsham (letter)
Argus 3.6.02 Duty beauty - J Jackson (Letters, May 27), in commenting on animal rights, says "the idea upon which 'animal rights' is predicated is fallacious". This is because he or she is working from the premise of "indirect duty views", derived from David Hume's and John Rawl's Contractualism… From a theist perspective, Professor Andrew Linzey enunciates that our brothers and sisters of God's animal kingdom be given a moral priority over human beings in what he calls the "paradigm of generosity" principle… -David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks (letter)
Argus 27.5.02 Animals have instincts, not rights… Luke Beasley (Letters, May 16) describes foxes as "innocent". This is obviously nonsense. No animal is either innocent or guilty. They are instinctive… Thus the idea upon which "animal rights" is predicated is fallacious. After all, to have rights also implies responsibilities and, as far as I know, no animal has signed up to accept such an arrangement… foxes are classified as vermin, as are rats, for example. They need to be culled (kept in check) and, according to the Burns report into the most humane method of doing this, hunting with dogs was found to be second least cruel, after "lamping"… Whatever happens, foxes are in no danger of becoming extinct. There are already far too many in Littlehampton. -J Jackson, Highdown Drive, Littlehampton (letter in archive)
Argus 16.5.02 Ban fox hunting - It should be illegal to hunt foxes… if we are not careful we will run out of foxes and they will be extinct. They only come out at night because they are scared… -Luke Beasley, Hoddern Juniors, Peacehaven (letter in archive)

Richmond & Twickenham Times 10.6.02 Unnecessary cruelty to animals - Jean Hall (letters May 24th) does not seem to have understood my letter (May 17th) concerning attacks by animal rights people and attributes to me views I do not hold. You reported (April 5th) that Dr Vincent Cable, MP for Twickenham, said that the issue was not about animal cruelty, but I insisted he is wrong… (letter)
Richmond & Twickenham Times 28.5.02 It was my house that was daubed - Henry Turtle's letter accusing Dr Cable of being wrong in criticising the violence of Animal Rights activists, shows that he, Mr Turtle, does not understand the meaning of democracy… The trouble with certain groups, such as Animal Rights activists, is that they do not recognise any view other than their own! They then adopt Hitlerite Storm Trooper tactics to intimidate people. Like Mugabe's thugs they will stop at nothing in order to get their own views across…. Jean Hall, Ormond Avenue, Hampton. (letter)
Richmond & Twickenham Times 28.5.02 Illegal to set a mousetrap? I was very interested to ready Henry Turtle's letter (May 17th) on animal rights. This letter gave us a very interesting insight into the mentality of those who promote the rights' of animals. Mr Turtle apparently thinks it is quite all right for animal rights activists to terrorise old age pensioners because they feel disenfranchised'…. They have already voted to ban foxhunting (though this will not save the life of a single fox) and I understand that they are currently planning to introduce a bill that will give more rights to animals than to humans… Louise O'Connor, Vancouver Road, Ham. (letter)
Richmond & Twickenham Times 5.4.02 Hampton pensioner targeted by animal rights activists - AN ELDERLY Hampton resident who has been targeted by violent animal rights activists has had her case backed by Twickenham MP Vincent Cable. Hampton resident Jean Hall has been threatened and had acid thrown at her car after it became known that she had shares in Huntingdon Life Sciences - who test drugs on animals… Dr Cable said: "I am supporting Mr and Mrs Hall's direct appeal to the Home Secretary for assistance. The Animal Liberation Front website glorifies for example the attack on their home, including the acid attack on their car, and effectively incites further such attacks…" (story)
Richmond & Twickenham Times (date unknown) Activists Pick On Pensioner - A Hampton pensioner is refusing to bow to pressure from animal rights activists who have subjected her to months of threats and harassment because she has shares in a company that uses animals for medical research… Posters have been pinned to trees outside her home and she has received threatening letters telling her to sell her shares in the company… Twickenham MP Vincent Cable has passed copies of the letters to Cambridgeshire police who are leading the investigation into attacks on staff and shareholders associated with HLS…. The activists, who go under the banner of the BUAV Reform Group, also targeted a family in north Kingston… (story)

Blackpool Gazette 10.6.02 Circus treat family's fury over protest By Dawn Pickering …Mary Knight took her three granddaughters to watch the Bobby Roberts Super Circus, opposite Rossall School in Fleetwood. She claims that within minutes of arriving she came under a barrage of abuse from the protesters, upsetting her and granddaughters Chelsey, 11, Deven, 10, and Tara, five, Savage…. "The protesters started hurling abuse asking why I was going to the circus. One woman came right up to my face and she was saying that the animals are kicked and hit with sticks which distressed my granddaughters…." A Blackpool Animal Rights Coalition spokesman denies they were verbally abusive to any member of the public: "As far as we are concerned it was a peaceful demonstration…" (story)

Times 8.6.02 National Trust to review vote rules after hunting row BY VALERIE ELLIOTT - THE National Trust is examining different systems of voting after criticisms that the chairman used his sweeping powers to keep supporters of stag-hunting off the ruling council… The move follows criticism by hunt supporters of the current voting system, under which the trust chairman uses proxy votes to place favoured candidates on to the 52-member ruling body… (story)

Western Mail 8.6.02 Hunters' slogans deface highways - GIANT white slogans protesting at the threat to foxhunting have been daubed on roads and walls…. (story)
Daily Post 7.6.02 Hunting slogans force a clean-up GIANT white slogans protesting at the threat to fox hunting have been daubed on roads and walls in North and Mid Wales. The slogans - that include messages such as "Keep Hunting and Ban Blair", "New Labour = New Misery" and " Save Hunting" - have appeared on walls alongside the A487 between Porthmadog and Caernarfon; the A55 at Talybont near Bangor and on Anglesey at Gaerwen… Local fox-hunting groups declined to comment on the slogans and their messages… (story)
Vale Advertiser 7.6.02 Cry from the wild By Karen Allen, Vale Advertiser - PRO-HUNT campaigners made their mark over the Bank Holiday weekend, spraying their message to Tony Blair where possible throughout the area… Ricky Proffitt, Master of the Hunt, said he knew very little about the incident… (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 8.6.02 Hunt supporters' A1 slogans are condemned by police by staff of The Darlington & Stockton Times- SLOGANS threatening "rural rebellion" if a hunting ban comes into force have been daubed on motorway bridges in North Yorkshire… The group behind the slogans signs itself the Real Countryside Alliance… l THOUSANDS of North-East people are expected to join the Countryside Alliance March in London on September 22… Yesterday, a registration hotline for the Liberty & Livelihood March was launched … Shortly after the march the Government expects to receive a comprehensive report by Lord Burns on the long-term effects of the ban. Former master of the Zetland Hunt, Angie Vaux, now the Countryside Alliance regional chairman for the North-East, said, hopes were pinned on the report… To register call the hotline number on 0900 1020900… (story in archive)
Northern Echo 6.6.02 Police condemn actions by pro-hunting activists - POLICE and countryside campaigners say they are concerned over the actions by a new militant pro-hunting group which has daubed political graffiti along road sides… The Countryside Alliance has already moved to distance itself from the militant group, deploring the use of symbolism with the political violence in Northern Ireland… A spokesman for North Yorkshire County Council said they had yet to work out how much it would cost to remove the slogans… (story in archive)
Yorkshire Post 4.6.02 Costly clean-up bill on way as hunt militants spray slogans over road signs and bridges - Brian Dooks - MILITANT pro-hunting activists have caused damage estimated at tens of thousands of pounds by daubing slogans declaring a "rural rebellion" and demanding the sacking of Tony Blair on road signs and bridges across the region. Some of the spray-painted messages are signed "Real Countryside Alliance" – a new anonymous pro-hunting campaign group first heard of in May, whose threats of terrorist-style direct action have already been condemned by the Countryside Alliance… Leeds, London and Glasgow were named as targets for advertising campaigns and prominent sites nationwide have been identified for graffiti attacks. Protests are also promised at country fairs and sporting events and it is claimed the River Thames will be dyed green…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 4.6.02 Real issues - THEY call themselves the Real Countryside Alliance. In reality, they are no such thing… it is not difficult to find in rural Yorkshire farmers with a visceral loathing of the Prime Minister and all his works. But they remain democrats: they do not enlist in a clandestine clique which lacks the courage to name its members, or to spell out its aims other than to threaten rebellion and to promise a campaign of law breaking… There is a role for direct action in the British political system – as the Countryside Alliance and the road hauliers have shown quite recently – but its success depends upon its advocates being open to public scrutiny, its members being responsible for their actions, and its principles being clear for all to see. The Real CA fails all these tests and should be roundly rejected by all those who care about the real countryside… (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 8.6.02 Plans gather pace for thousands to join London rally by staff of The Darlington & Stockton Times - THOUSANDS of North-East people whose livelihoods depend on hunting are expected to join the Countryside Alliance march in London on September 22… Three trains chartered by the alliance will pick up people at Newcastle, Durham City and Darlington, while scores of coaches will ferry others from more remote parts… (story)

Ipswich Evening Star 8.6.02 Warning after chickens massacred - PET owners were today warned to keep a close eye on their animals after a fox massacred a pen of chickens in Old Felixstowe. Portworker John Flecknoe discovered his 12 black rock hens dead in their pen after he arrived home from his shift at work. Wildlife experts have been warning for some time that foxes, once thought of as purely countryside animals, are now quite common in urban areas, scavenging for food in bins at homes and businesses… (story)

Edinburgh News 8.6.02 Let’s sow the seeds of change …Worldwide, 840 million people currently suffer from chronic hunger and 8.8 million people die of hunger-related causes each year, even though the farmers of the world produce enough food to feed everyone… wasteful and unsustainable agricultural practices, such as the intensive livestock operations known as factory farming, are rapidly polluting and depleting the world’s natural resources upon which all life depends… In 2001, more than 47.9 billion animals were raised and killed for food worldwide. This included 45.6 billion chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese, 1.2 billion pigs, 788 million sheep and 301 million cattle, buffalo and calves… Livestock production is a highly inefficient use of resources… Ross Minett is campaigns director for Advocates for Animals, an Edinburgh-based pressure group which is a member of the Global Hunger Alliance (story)

Blackpool Gazette 8.6.02 Animal welfare must come first By Helen Clarke - ANIMAL welfare should be the top priority if proposals for a £10m revamp of Blackpool Zoo get the go-ahead next week. That is the view of politicians of all colours who were today reacting to the ambitious plans, revealed in The Gazette yesterday… MP Gordon Marsden said: "I think safeguards need to be built into the process for the welfare of the animals and particularly the primates…" (story)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 31.5.02 Wrong, Mr X …I refer to North Shore businessman (Letters, May 2) who states that the zoo must be OK because television programmes have shown it and experts have said it's fine to have animals performing and in captivity. Then Mr X goes on to say that we should be opposing hunting instead. However, if Mr X's philosophy is correct, then hunting too is all right because experts have said so and television has glorified it… M Gavin, Ashfield Road, Bispham. (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 24.5.02 A piece of spin from zoo - SO the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) has made an award to Blackpool Zoo. Well, considering UFAW was founded to improve the conditions under which experimental animals -- those used by the vivisection business -- were kept, this doesn't carry much weight if you know the background… Louise McGettigan, South Street, Lytham (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 17.5.02 Council 'supporting cruelty' - NOT surprising that the North Shore business man writing in The Citizen (May 2) about animals at Blackpool Zoo prefers to stay anonymous… Zoo and circus animals suffer terrible stress and eventually go insane… the Labour councillors and the Labour party say they are against fox hunting. Yet after five years of a Labour government we are still waiting for it to be banned… S Briggs, Gorse Road, Blackpool (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 2.5.02 Zoo animals are well cared for - THE animals in Blackpool Zoo are once again in the news… However, I understand from television programmes featuring animal behaviour experts that it is far better for animals to have something stimulating to do… Cruelty is practised every time fox hunting takes place. Why would any civilised human being want to witness creatures being torn apart by dogs trained specifically to do just that? And they call that sport… North Shore businessman, (name and address supplied) (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 26.4.02 A cheap attack on CAPS - IT'S disheartening but not surprising that Blackpool Zoo refuses to discuss animal welfare issues (Citizen, April 4)... The zoo has discovered that we are not gullible enough to believe that seeing animals caged in unnatural social groupings is "educational"... So it responds with a cheap and tawdry attack on the Captive Animals Protection Society in a futile attempt to undermine the society's excellent track record... Jacqueline Sheriden, Salisbury Avenue, Knott End. (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 26.4.02 Animal concerns - I REFER to the anonymous letter in the Citizen April 11 regarding Coun Callow complaining about Blackpool Zoo making the elephants do circus tricks... J Harwood, Moor Park Ave, Bispham. (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 19.4.02 Not an animal rescue organisation - IN an article on April 4, 2002 ("Who organised attack on animal rights group? Tory chief wants zoo probe") you reported Blackpool Zoo's unfounded allegations that we at the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) misled our supporters by failing to spend any real money on animal care.... CAPS is not an animal rescue organisation but a campaigning organisation.... Pat Simpson, Director, CAPS. (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 12.4.02 Animals should come first ... As a fellow animal lover I can fully understand Coun Maxine Callow's concerns for the welfare of the animals in Blackpool Zoo now that its future is in question and in particular the elephants who are made to perform circus tricks for the public... J Harwood, Moor Park Ave, Blackpool. (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 5.4.02 Zoos are animal prisons - Terry Stringer, Coniston Ave, Knott End. (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 5.4.02 Nor enough care about animals - WHAT a disgraceful situation we have reached when a local councillor is prevented from raising animal welfare issues at a meeting to discuss the future of Blackpool Zoo (Citizen, March 21).... Louise McGettigan, South Street, Lytham. (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 5.4.02 Brave voice for elephants - I WOULD like to say a special thank you to Councillor Maxine Callow for raising questions about those poor, poor, suffering creatures, the prisoners of Blackpool Zoo -- the elephants... Ms R Page, Kingsmede, Blackpool. (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 5.4.02 Animals need someone who cares ... Well done to the lone councillor who spoke out for the animals.... M Freeland, Holcroft Place, Lytham. (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 5.4.02 Zoo paddock in awful condition ... How can the zoo claim to keep its animals in natural conditions when these poor animals are having to struggle through filthy freezing mud every day of their lives? S Briggs, Gorse Road, Blackpool. (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Blackpool) 5.4.02 Why don't they help RSPCA? - WHY don't Pat Simpson and the local animal rights people do some thing about the RSPCA shelter instead of whingeing on about the zoo all the time... Mrs A Davies, Marton. (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Lytham St Annes) 7.12.01 Answer on animals - anti zoo letter attacking D Moorby & supporting Pat Simpson from P Barker, Warbreck Drive, Bispham.
The Citizen (Blackpool) 6.12.01 Zoos fun - unless you're an animal - letter from P Simpson, Cherry Tree Road, Blackpool in response to Clinton Keeling who "now appears to have lost the plot altogether" (letter in archive)
The Citizen 16.11.01 Conservation is about saving animals... response to Clinton Keeling's letter from Louise McGettigan, South Street, Lytham "Animals exist for their own reasons" (letter in archive)
The Citizen (Lytham St Annes) 1.11.01 letters from Clinton Keeling, Educational Services in Practical Zoology, Guildford, Surrey & D Moorby, River Road, Thornton Cleveleys defending zoo & attacking Pat Simpson of Captive Animal Welfare Society "Mrs Simpson was forced to resign her position as a Trustee of Care for the Wild International after it was exposed in the press that by holding this position she was supporting the purchase and use of electric hot shots on baby elephants in Kenya." (letters in archive)

Telegraph 7.6.02 Coursing to be dropped from hunt ban plans By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - A ban on hunting would not apply to hare coursing, the Government has admitted for the first time after taking legal advice. In a new consultation document on the proposed hunting Bill, Alun Michael, the rural affairs minister, says coursing is not equivalent legally to hunting with dogs because the object of the activity is the race - assessing the speed, stamina and agility of the dogs - and not the kill… (story)

Bucks Free Press 7.6.02 A better deal for animals - I READ with dismay the letter from the Countryside Alliance's Simon Hart ('Delighted by bill of rights for dogs' May 10)… The RSPCA's submission to the Government on the Animal Welfare Bill was a "positive duty of care."… Wishful thinking, Mr Hart - Jo Marlow, RSPCA, Regional press officer (letter in archive)
York Evening Press 31.5.02 Hunt letter dismay - I READ with dismay the letter from the Countryside Alliance's Simon Hart (`Right to hunt', May 7)… Here is the definition used in the RSPCA's submission… Heather Holmes, RSPCA regional press officer, Leeds. (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Post 29.5.02 RSPCA aims for a duty of care From: Heather Holmes, RSPCA regional press officer, RSPCA Yorkshire and the North East Regional Headquarters, Leeds. I read with dismay the letter from the Countryside Alliance's Simon Hart ("Let's hear it for the hounds"… The RSPCA's submission to the Government on the Animal Welfare Bill was a "positive duty of care". It was not an animal bill of rights… Wishful thinking, Mr Hart. (letter)
Worcester Evening News 24.5.02 Why the hounds must be savage SIMON Hart …. goes on to presume that hunting with dogs should be exempt from such legislation on the grounds that hunting is normal behaviour…. I don't see too much in this kind of activity that I would describe as normal and will be more than delighted when legislation is passed that prohibits it. PAMELA BOOKER, Drakes Broughton. (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 20.5.02 HUNTERS WILL GET ROUND THE LAW - Can one deny the parallel thinking behind the recent reports of a paedophile who found loopholes in the child protection laws designed to protect children from child abusers and Mr Simon Hart's letter stating that he is delighted that under RSPCA proposals to grant animals a bill of rights, he presumes that his dogs will be able to carry on their natural behaviour of hunting… Janet Hall Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)
Wiltshire Times 17.5.02 I am delighted that under the RSPCA's proposals… Simon Hart, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Hunting, 367 Kennington Road, London, SE11 4PT (letter in archive)
Bucks Free Press 17.5.02 Hunting puppies learn to kill cubs …The director of the Campaign for Hunting, Simon Ward, says (Free Press Letters, May 10) that his dogs' normal behaviour is hunting and that he presumes his dogs will be exempt from a hunting ban… even foxhounds have to be trained for months to kill foxes during what is called cubhunting…. The foxhounds are sent into the copse and the foxes are attacked by the experienced hounds. The puppies become involved in the bloodbath and develop the necessary blood lust. Even so, some puppies do not take to it, and some 3,000 are shot each year as unsuitable for foxhunting… Peter Bunce, Church End, Haddenham (letter in archive)
East Anglian Daily Times 16.5.02 Unacceptable 'freedom' Sir, – Simon Hart of the Hunting Alliance wants his dogs to have the "freedom to express normal behaviour." Clearly like any other dog owner he can and should be held accountable for his dogs behaviour… DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.5.02 NOT AN ANIMAL BILL OF RIGHTS - …For the benefit of Simon Hart, here is the definition used in our submission: "Freedom to express normal behaviour by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal's own kind."… Animal owners would also be required to provide opportunity for them to express normal behaviour and to avoid mental suffering and distress. Wishful thinking Mr Hart. (letter)
Western Morning News 14.5.02 THE FOLLOWERS BEHAVE LIKE THOSE THEY FOLLOW - Simon Hart… assures us that hunting is the "normal behaviour" of dogs. Quite so. And those who follow the dogs are behaving no better than dogs. Gillian Cook, Barnfield Road, Exeter (letter)
Yorkshire Post 13.5.02 Let's hear it for the hounds... From: Simon Hart, director, Countryside Alliance, Kennington Road, London. (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 13.5.02 Dogs' hunting instinct - I don't think Simon Hart has thought his argument through concerning a dog's normal behaviour is hunting!.. foxhounds do not hunt foxes by natural instinct - they have to be trained by what is called 'cub-hunting.'… JOHN FULCHER, Queen's Close, Combs. (letter)
York Evening Press 11.5.02 ...Simon Hart of the Hunting Alliance wants his dogs to have the "freedom to express normal behaviour."… We do not believe that it is either "normal" or moral for a human being to knowingly set packs of dogs, bred to run slowly, to chase wild animals to the point of exhaustion and then rip them to shreds… Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, Union Street, London SE1 1SG. (letter in archive)
North Devon Journal 10.4.02 DO DOGS GET HUNT 'RIGHTS'? Simon Hart, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Hunting, London (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 9.5.02 Dogs have rights to go hunting - SIMON HART, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Hunting (letter)
Manchester Evening News 7.5.02 I AM delighted that under the RSPCA's proposals… Simon Hart, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign For Hunting (via e-mail) (letter)
Bolton Evening News 7.5.02 My dogs exempt from legislation? Simon Hart, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Hunting, 367, Kennington Road, London (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Evening Press 7.5.02 Right to hunt - Simon Hart, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Hunting, Kennington Road, London. (letter in archive)
Derby Evening Telegraph 6.5.02 NATURAL HUNTERS: I am delighted that under the RSPCA's proposals to grant animals a "bill of rights", my dogs will be allowed the "freedom to express normal behaviour".... Simon Hart, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Hunting, 367 Kennington Road, London SE11 4PT. (letter)
Western Daily Press 6.5.02 INSTINCTIVE MOVE BY THE RSPCA - I am delighted that under the RSPCA's proposals to grant animals a 'bill of rights', my dogs will be allowed the 'freedom to express normal behaviour'. As their normal behaviour is hunting, presumably they will be exempted, on cruelty grounds, from any legislation that could make this illegal? Simon Hart Countryside Alliance Campaign for Hunting Kennington Road London (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 7.6.02 Hounds report causes concern - YOUR report claiming hundreds of hunting hounds face being shot if MPs back a ban on blood sports is alarming and causes great concern to the RSPCA in the North West. It is irresponsible of the Holcombe Hunt to make this suggestion… The RSPCA will offer to assist in managing the rehoming of hounds should individual hunts choose not to keep some or all of their hounds. KEVIN HEGARTY, RSPCA North West regional press officer. (letter in archive)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 18.3.02 Hounds are under gun deaths threat - HUNDREDS of hunting hounds face being shot if MPs back a ban on blood sports, hunt leaders warned today. And the Holcombe Hunt, Lancashire's oldest, warned that one of the main campaigners for the banning of hunting, the RSPCA, would bear the brunt of any ban… However, Kevin Hegarty from the RSPCA, said: "It is the responsibility of the owner of the animals to find suitable homes for their animals. We cannot take them all."… (story)

East Grinstead Courier 7.6.02 Another gem of bankrupt ideology - GRAEME Worsley's letter (Courier, May 30) is yet another gem from the Countryside Alliance. Why he should find it necessary to invoke Hitler, the jews and the muslims?in order to support his rabid dislike of those who do not agree with?killing for fun I cannot imagine…. PH Senior, Forest Rise, Crowborough (letter)

Worcester Evening News 7.6.02 What about the rights of persecuted wildlife? - J WOOD and H Ray pontificate about the "rights" of human beings to carry on with their cruelty to foxes, who, as A Knittel points out, are not classed as pests… MRS MARION J LARGE, Worcester. (letter in archive)

Shropshire Star 7.6.02 Our foxes must be protected - I fear I must take issue with KW Ward of Much Wenlock over the somewhat cavalier treatment of his beleaguered dog Floppsy… He (or could it be she?) must let poor old Floppsy out at regular intervals so that it can enjoy the wonders of the Shropshire countryside and give chase to the wildlife that abounds therein… Our foxes must be protected because, of course, they do none of these things. Barbaric and outdated practices such as hunting with pet dogs must be banned for ever. Ian Walker, Shrewsbury (letter may be in archive)

Harborough Mail 7.6.02 Angling on a similar theme - AROUND the time of the 1997 election the ‘animal rights’ lobby donated £1.1m to New Labour in anticipation of a hunting ban… It was reported some time ago that the same lobby, backed by a rich and influential American group, is to campaign for a ban on angling. Do I smell another donation? J Haynes, High Street, Welford. (letter)

Hexham Courant 7.6.02 HOUNDS HEAD FOR THE WALL - More than 500 hounds from as far afield as Ireland will be descending on Roman Wall country a week tomorrow for a major international hound trail… (story)

Northern Echo 7.6.02 FOOT-AND-MOUTH - WHILE it is good to see an individual farmer "done" for cruelty and incompetence, let us not forget that farmers from all over the North of England and Scotland seem to have sent their "spent" sows and pigs to Bobby Waugh's farm… The farmers who got rid of their "spent" and "rubbish" animals to the Waugh farm should be culpable for the animals' plight on this farm… S Starkey, Kent. (letter in archive)
Hexham Courant 7.6.02 NASTY BUSINESS - WHILE it is good to see an individual farmer "done" for cruelty and incompetence, let us not forget that farmers from all over the North of England and Scotland seem to have sent their "spent" sows and pigs to Bobby Waugh's farm… Why did they not blow the whistle on the Waughs? I'll tell you why because livestock farming is a nasty business and animals just a product… SARA STARKEY, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)

East Grinstead Courier 7.6.02 THERE'S NO EXCUSE FOR CRUELTY - Thank you Lynda Mannix for raising once again the custom of export of live animals to Europe (Courier, May 23)… Violet Mould, Cansiron Lane, Ashurst Wood, East Grinstead (letter)

Shropshire Star 6.6.02 Freedom to decide on hunting - I believe that the Bill should include all animals that are killed for sport, or rather hunted for sport as some of them are only wounded and left to die a lingering, painful death… This Bill when it is voted on should give local authorities the rights to decide whether to ban hunting, shooting and even fishing… Other areas can be allowed not to ban blood sports… William Allan, Sutton Hill (letter in archive)

Irish Examiner 6.6.02 We are behind on animal rights - A MAJOR victory for animal rights has recently been achieved in Germany. This country has become the first European nation to vote to guarantee animal rights in its constitution… Ireland, with its state approval for animal cruelty via bloodsports, the live animal export trade and vivisection, to name a few, is out of step on modern thinking towards the issue of animal rights/ welfare. John Tierney, Campaigns Director, Association of Hunt Saboteurs, PO Box 4734, Dublin 1. (letter)

New Post Leader 6.6.02 WRITE TO TONY BLAIR - SO the north east has the highest figures once again for animal cruelty. I don't know about you, but it turns my stomach… I am against any animal cruelty and that includes blood sports, my heroes are the hunt saboteurs, these are my knights in shining armour, who risk their own safety for the welfare of animals… ANN WEBSTER, Chillingham Crescent, Ashington (letter)

Northern Echo 6.6.02 I SEE from Gavin Engelbrecht's report (Echo, May 31) that farmers are closing ranks around Bobby Waugh. Well, I can understand that. Because what stands condemned here is not so much an individual, as one vile and despicable industry… It has had licence to waste our money without let or hindrance, to commit acts of obscene cruelty against our fellow creatures and to rape and poison our countryside… T Kelly, Crook. (letter in archive)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 5.6.02 County Show back again after disease By Tony Raba - Staffordshire County Show is back in business today after a foot and mouth enforced year out… Country pursuits are very much in evidence with main ring parades of foxhounds and beagles and side displays with birds of prey, gundogs and fly fishing… (story)

Western Daily Press 5.6.02 LET'S PUT AN END TO THIS SUFFERING …Those who disrupt, or encourage others to disrupt, scientific experiments, those who peddle half understood theories as facts, those who think they know the answers, when by definition they have failed to understand the question, should stop and consider that the objective of all concerned is not to eliminate badgers, or farmers, or any animal, but to eliminate the suffering caused to all of them by tuberculosis. John Tuck Swindon Wiltshire (letter)

Bath Chronicle 5.6.02 HELP US TO PUT A STOP TO THUGS TORTURING BADGERS - Members of the public are being urged to help save badgers from a brutal death by watching out for illegal persecution, especially any that took place during the extended jubilee holiday… The NFBG has the following advice for any members of the public who believes that a badger set is being interfered with:… (letter)

Scotsman 5.6.02 Australia jumps to Beckham defence - DAVID Beckham and Adidas won support yesterday from the Australian Agricultural Minister Warren Truss amid protests from animal welfare groups, who have called on World Cup footballers to stop wearing boots made from kangaroo skin. Vegetarians’ International Voice for Animals, known as Viva!, has lobbied players such as Beckham, arguing that kangaroos are being cruelly slaughtered during the boot manufacturing process… (story)
(Torquay Herald Express?) 31.5.02 BOOT CRUELTY - Many readers will be shocked to learn that Britain's favourite sport, football, is playing a major role in the largest wildlife massacre in the world. Over seven million kangaroos and their babies are to be slaughtered this year in Australia for meat and skins… NICKI JACKSON Paignton (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph HELP STOP THIS AWFUL SLAUGHTER - NEARLY seven-million kangaroos will be brutally slaughtered this year, mostly for their skins… Football plays a huge part in this slaughter! Boots worn by many British players and on sale in sports shops everywhere are made from kangaroo leather… Contact Viva! for a free action pack… Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor. (letter)

Essex Evening Echo 4.6.02 Southend: Fox hunts down MP - Bystanders were left foxed when this life-sized fury mammal bounded down Southend High Street and collared MP Sir Teddy Taylor. The stunt was part of a demonstration by the International Fund for Animal Welfare whose members are urging the Government to speed up anti-foxhunting legislation… Quotes from Lis Key, IFAW, Teddy Taylor, Life-long supporter Brenda King, from Leigh, helped to organise the demonstration (story in archive)

Western Morning News 4.6.02 HUNTING WITH DOGS FAILS TO SATISFY TEST CRITERIA - I read with great interest, J Higgins' response (WMN, May 7) to my earlier letter. I suggest he goes back to the Burns Report, and reads paragraph 6.60 which states: "Our tentative conclusion is that lamping using rifles, if carried out properly and in appropriate circumstances, has fewer adverse welfare implications than hunting, including digging-out."… Foxes live mostly on earthworms, rodents, beetles, rabbits and carrion. The vast majority of lambs taken by foxes are either already dead or weak and unlikely to survive… Ms Y Nicola, Exeter
Western Morning News 21.5.02 SELECTIVE QUOTATION OF FACTS - In HER letter (WMN, 23 April) Ms Y Nicola of the Mid-Devon LACS distorts the findings of the Burns Inquiry… This is yet another example of anti-hunt campaigners being selective in the manner in which they quote the facts… G Mannell, Truro (letter)
Western Morning News 7.5.02 BAN WILL NOT HELP WELFARE - Your correspondent, Ms Y Nicola (WMN, April 23) is upset by a vet's report that a fox killed by hounds took "minutes to die"… Those of us who hunt know that in the vast majority of cases when a fox is caught by hounds death follows in a matter of seconds. This view is supported by the Burns Report… Jonathan Higgins, Totnes (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.4.02 LORD BURNS SAID NO - Contrary to what hunt supporters say, Lord Burns in his report on hunting was quite explicit on the matter of hunting foxes... Terrible injuries suffered by hunted foxes before death have been borne out by post mortem findings... Y Nicola Mid Devon Support Group, League Against Cruel Sports Exeter (letter)
ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal) 9.4.02 LORD BURNS IS EXPLICIT ON MATTER OF HUNTING FOXES - Contrary to what hunt supporters say, Lord Burns in his report on hunting was quite explicit on the matter of hunting foxes… "…in a proportion of cases it (death) results from massive injuries to the chest and vital organs... this experience seriously compromises the welfare of the fox."… A recent post mortem carried out by the RSPCA showed "the lung was actually protruding through the chest, the liver was punctured, basically this animal took minutes to die". Ms Y Nicola, Mid Devon Support Group, League Against Cruel Sports, Exeter (letter)

Western Morning News 4.6.02 Fox's survival - IT is apparent that foxhunting has been a means of turning the sordid and frustrating activity of controlling a clever pest, into a pleasurable pastime… Our masters at Westminster now judge that this does not fit in with current sensibilities. The favoured discreet approach to control is with a rifle. Unfortunately this has to be done in the middle of the night… John Williams, Taunton (letter)

Western Morning News 4.6.02 DON'T TRY TO CHANGE OUR COUNTRY WAYS - How heartening to read in the WMN recently of the big majority wishing to carry on hunting as it has been for hundreds of years… So if you don't approve of the way we run our countryside, I suggest you go back up the motorway again and disappear in the smog… Over the years I have seen lambs torn to pieces, heifers calving and have their tongues bitten off, poultry snatched right behind our farmhouse… Now, to the hunters, you will win this round, you are a tough lot and have lived too near the woods to be frightened by the owls… Eric Dawe, Delabole North Cornwall (letter)

Western Morning News 4.6.02 THIS IS NO SPOKESMAN FOR RURAL POPULATION - I read with interest the letter "Leave well alone" (WM Views, March 30), in which the writer enlightened readers with her attempt to justify her preferred humane method of dealing with a pest… I wish to dissociate myself entirely from Ms Tucker's view of the desires of rural people… Chris Thorn, St Austell (letter)

Western Morning News 4.6.02 Jubilee point-to-point to come - On June 15, from 2pm, the Torrington Farmers host their Jubilee point-to-point at Chapleton (on the A377, cars £15), which is the last meeting of the season… this year there is a race in memory of Auberon Waugh, the well known writer, who did so much to support farming and the Westcountry. Rory Knight Bruce, Torrington (letter)

East Anglian Daily Times 4.6.02 Hounds keep foxes fit Sir, – What arrant nonsense from Eric Johnson about Country Sports - May 25. Firstly there are too many millions of people in this country for the fox to have a natural predator, so we have hounds instead. This keeps the country fox fit and healthy, unlike the urban fox which is losing its natural skills… G F GROVER, Hall Farm Lane, Yaxley, Eye. (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 4.6.02 Let's 'retrain' hunters … surely they can be re-trained to pursue a more acceptable past-time that doesn't involve satisfying blood-lust…. As for the hounds and horse? Well, they will of course have to be re-trained as well. JOHN SCOTT, Crown Street, Stowmarket. (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 27.5.02 Fox hunting argument is arrant nonsense - Sir, – Mrs S Coe's letter (EADT May 22) shows again that fox-hunting and logic just do not go together… Without the involvement of the hunt staff, paid for by Mrs Coe and her friends, no foxes would ever be killed by hounds. So much for "natural"…. As for humane, Mrs Coe repeats the old chestnut that "foxes are killed instantly or get clean away". If hounds can kill a fox "instantly" how does she explain the horrific injuries suffered by foxes rescued alive by anti-hunt protestors… ERIC JOHNSON, Phillipps Road, Barham, Ipswich (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 23.5.02 'Humane to control fox by hunting' Sir, - I am writing in reply to Carol Hawes' letter (EADT, May 16) entitled Use Humane Methods to Control Foxes… Could I please draw your attention to a very informative website – www.vets-for-hunting.co.uk. This is a site from vets who have done extensive studies into hunting from the point of view of animal welfare and anyone interested in the pros and cons of hunting and who genuinely care about animals should visit this site… MRS S COE, Tolleshunt Darcy, Maldon.(letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 16.5.02 Use humane methods to control foxes … This is not a question of us thick townies versus the old harmless good natured country folk!... Foxes, even as many of us thick townies know, do not kill for fun… I can't wait for the 'outraged of somewhere' replies. Get writing people! CAROL HAWES, Waveney Road, Bungay (letter)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 4.6.02 SICKENED BY HORRIFIC ACTS - Regarding the article in The Sentinel about the sickening animal cruelty which has been going on in Stoke-on-Trent… I felt physically sick and upset by the horrific actions of these clearly disturbed people… If these animals had to go through all that pain, the murderers, who took pleasure in inflicting it on them, certainly don't deserve to live happily ever after. ANNELI MAIDEN Trentham (letter)

Shropshire Star 3.6.02 Just a few notes on hunting debate … As both rabbits and rats do far more damage than foxes and, unlike the latter, are not protected by a closed season, would it not be more sensible instead of persecuting the fox to encourage its existence as a very efficient and cost effective method of pest control? Something that hunting with hounds clearly is not…. would it not be more viable for the League Against Cruel Sports to provide incinerators themselves or pay to use those like the one sited at Sleap near Wem to collect then dispose of the animals. Name and address supplied (letter may be in archive)

Shropshire Star 3.6.02 Hunting is a tradition - just like bull fights - D G Morris accused Roy Dowsett and other anti-fox hunting correspondents of reading too much propaganda about foxes. But he seems to be doing a fairly consistent propaganda job himself… It is distressing to see the remains of a dead cat, it is also distressing to see a fox chased until it is exhausted and then torn to pieces because the fox's earth was blocked… Ray Williams, Shifnal (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 30.5.02 Most use some form of control - In responding to my recent letter, Roy Dowsett correctly quotes Alun Michael as saying that a government Bill to 'resolve the hunting issue' will be based on the issues of 'cruelty and utility'… Most of us who have homes and gardens engage at some point in our lives in one form of pest control or another… Animals deemed to be pests may actually be doing us no physical harm, nor creating significant financial costs, and I conclude that decisions as to what constitute a pest can legitimately be nothing more than aesthetic… Clare Richardson, Shrewsbury (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 28.5.02 Labour's old-style prejudice over class - In reply to R Dowsett's letter, I think few supporters of hunting have any illusions about the Government's intentions. It is likely that the so-called "consultation period" outlined by anti-hunting Alun Michael will prove to be a sham… what an opportunity to trot out some good Old Labour, antiquated class prejudice…. If hunting is banned, will those decent citizens whose jobs and way of life have been destroyed be entitled to vent their spleen at football matches? B R Lewis, Shrewsbury (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 22.5.02 Reality of damage done by the foxes - In reply to Roy Dowsett's letter of May 2, I consider he reads too much propaganda regarding foxes… I have an article I cut out of a national paper stating that many townspeople of Croydon were fed up with the large number of foxes in their town… After many complaints the council acted, 120 were trapped, 14 diseased, one destroyed, the rest dumped in the countryside where they would not be wanted… D G Morris, Newport (letter may be in archive)
Shropshire Star 20.5.02 Hunt supporters must face up to facts - Clare Richardson (Letters 13 May) seems to have missed the substance of what the Minister Alun Michael has said… The Government is not consulting on whether or not to ban hunting and coursing, they are consulting on how best to do it… it is high time supporters of hunting and coursing faced up to the fact that these activities will be banned by the new Bill… Roy Dowsett, Market Drayton (letter in archive)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 3.6.02 WE SHOULD BE SHOWN ANIMAL KILLERS - I am normally a supporter of Judge Styler and consider the sentences he passes, especially in drugs cases, to be just. However, in the case of Chapman et al I feel I have to disagree strongly with his decision to grant an embargo on you publishing their photographs… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED Editor's Note: It was Staffordshire Police's decision, and not the judge's, to withhold the defendant's photograph (letter)

Bedfordshire on Sunday 2.6.02 Drink-driving hunt master jailed (story)
Telegraph 31.5.02 Hunt wo`man driver jailed after buck's fizz breakfast By Nick Britten (story)
Times 31.5.02 Morning drinks put hunt woman in jail for three months BY OLIVER WRIGHT (story)
Scotsman 31.5.02 Drink-drive fox hunter sent to jail - John Innes (story)
Northampton Chronicle 31.5.02 Jail for lady hunt master (story)
Ananova 30.5.02 Lady hunt master jailed for drink driving …Wilson-Smith, of Poplars Farm, Wymington, Northants, burst into tears and wiped her face with a tissue as a judge sentenced her to three months in prison. She was also banned from driving for three and a half years…(story)
Bedfordshire on Sunday 28.4.02 Drunk Hunt master faces jail - HUNT Master Charlotte Wilson–Smith could face jail after lashing out at police officers trying to arrest her for drink driving.... (story)
Times 24.4.02 Master of hunt 'fell out of car' By Claire McDonald - A WOMAN hunt master was found guilty yesterday of dangerous driving after she drove away from a hunt breakfast more than three and a half times over the alcohol limit. Charlotte Wilson-Smith, 39, had been to a fundraising event for the Oakley Hunt, where she is master, before attending the hunt breakfast where she admitted drinking several glasses of sparkling wine, Northampton Crown Court was told… (story)
Telegraph 24.4.02 Drunk hunt master made threat to punch Pc By Sally Pook (story)
Northampton Evening Telegraph 24.4.02 Huntswoman told she could face jail (story)

Western Daily Press 1.6.02 BEAUFORT'S BRIAN IS DEAD AGED 74 - Horsemen everywhere will be sad to learn of the death at 74 of Brian Gupwell, Beaufort huntsman from 1967-85, and kennel huntsman until 1989… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 1.6.02 NO JUSTIFICATION FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY - Regarding your report "Monkeys used in horrific tests" (Mail, May 25). Monkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits - in short, all animals have been used in horrific tests for years… Animals cannot be models for human disease. Their use is a cheap and easy- to-handle habit for generations of science students and a protection for the big drug companies. (letter)

` 1.6.02 We are writing to you to condemn Prime Minister Tony Blair's unhelpful criticism of legitimate public concern about unfettered scientific developments… The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is appalled that the Prime Minister compares scientific freedom and public protection in the UK with other countries, where legislation to protect the public from the consequences of science and business interests is poor to non-existent….

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 1.6.02 END TORTURE OF ANIMALS … Animal abuse very often leads to human abuse: many serial killers, such as Charles Manson, started out torturing sensitive beings for pleasure before "graduating" to human beings… How can the Government, on one hand, promote (secret) animal torture in laboratories while, on the other hand, utterly condemning it outsid? Finally, Mr Blair is wrong in accusing animal rights campaigners, like myself, of stifling vital medical research. The reality is that the Government is stifling legitimate concerns about animal torture which is seriously retarding scientific progress…. MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 1.6.02 CHECK OUT PET BUYERS … Those recently involved with the making of videos containing sadistic violent abuse to animals should have faced years behind bars… I do not agree with pet stores… Every shop selling animals should at least have a formal procedure in place where customers' backgrounds are checked out before the animal leaves the shop… JANET CUMMINGS Rugby Warwickshire (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 1.6.02 SENTENCES TOO LIGHT - The light sentences passed on the four sadistic swines who tortured animals was beyond belief. They should all have got 10 years at least…. HARRY PIPER (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 1.6.02 REVULSION AT VIDEOS - I would like to think that some manifestation of biblical wrath would descend upon the heads of those accursed people guilty of involvement in the "squish video" animal cruelty case… An infernal place where the suffering and terror that these fiends inflicted on defenceless animals will be eternally repaid in the same jeering, pitiless, satanic way. COUNTY COUNCILLOR BILL CAWLEY (Leek South) (letter)