June 2003

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Worcester Evening News 30.6.03 Conserving heritage - HAVING followed the coursing and hunting debate in the Evening News, I believe the conclusions of two recent research projects into conservation and fox welfare will make a useful contribution. A report into the close links between conservation and country sports was conducted by scientists from the University of Kent… The results of these two independent studies should make sober reading for anyone seeking to ban hunting… CHRIS TOLLEY, Alfrick (letter in archive)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 30.6.03 PREMEDITATED CRUELTY IS WRONG - - The fishing advocate letter "We all exploit animal life", June 25, misses the point… Why, Mrs Wilshaw, as your letter shows that there is already much cruelty in the world, would you want to deliberately inflict more? LYNNE VOLD Newcastle (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 16.6.03 FISHING FOR FRESH OUTLOOK - Sir, - I refer to the recent letters about fishing and the use of local pools, canals and rivers. Over the past three years, our fishing club has transformed a pool in our neighbourhood from a polluted dumping ground full of rusting bikes, burned-out cars and rubbish into a 32-peg pool that has a safe picnic area and seating… ROWLAND DRING Lower Milehouse Fishing Club (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 16.6.03 FISHING IS A CRUEL ACTIVITY - The letter 'live and let the fish live in clean water' attempts to portray anglers as concerned environmentalists to gain public support for their cruel activity… No, I am sorry Mrs Wilshaw, but many people find the deliberate infliction of pain and suffering on tiny defenceless sensitive species, morally repugnant and completely inexcusable…. LYNNE VOLD Newcastle (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 6.6.03 LIVE AND LET THE FISH LIVE IN CLEAN WATER - I feel I must reply to your letter from Lynne Vold of Newcastle who wants to see fishing banned. Go ahead, I say, and let's see all our beautiful pools and lovely canals and rivers revert to what they were before the environment agencies and fishing fraternity get their hands on to them. Oh how well I remember certain pools in our area overflowing with rubbish and stinking like sewers… . Please leave us alone and let us, like you, choose what we want to spend our lives doing. MRS W WILSHAW Bucknall (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 2.6.03 ANGLING CRUELTY CHARGE UNJUST - Having read the letter submitted by Lynne Vold of Newcastle about angling being no fun for the fish, I feel that I must reply in defence of the angling fraternity… . Anglers are responsible for many positive things. They monitor pollution and work with the Environment Agency turning derelict sites into managed fisheries… P JOHANSEN Sneyd Green (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 31.5.03 ANGLERS DO CARE ABOUT WELFARE OF THE FISH - I feel I must put pen to paper in reply to Lynne Vold, of Newcastle. Once again the anti-angling brigade is rearing its ugly head. These people, if they did their research, would find that the vast majority of the angling fraternity put the fish's welfare at the very top of their list... As for Ms Vold suggesting other pastimes to partake in, does she not realise that cycling and walking in particular along canal tow paths and some rivers are free, unlike fishing for which I have to pay an annual fee. If it were not for the anglers many tow paths and river walks would be in a bad state of repair or even closed. CARL PRINCE Bucknall (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 24.5.03 ANGLING IS NO FUN FOR FISH - Recent news which confirms fish feel pain should awaken the conscience of those involved in this wicked so-called 'sport'.... the countryside has a wealth of beauty and beckons us for walks, cycling and climbing. Why not choose these instead? Isn't it sad that as human beings we have to hurt weaker sensitive species for fun. LYNNE VOLD Newcastle (letter)

Guardian 30.6.03 Key tests for how we treat animals - The RSPCA is concerned there could be a huge increase in the number of animals used in testing if 30,000 chemicals from household products already in use are tested for safety … Joyce D'Silva Senior scientific officer, RSPCA (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 30.6.03 MPS BACK CALL FOR BAN …Cheltenham Liberal Democrat MP Nigel Jones, Labour's David Drew (Stroud) and Diana Organ (Forest of Dean) joined cross-party MPs to sign an Early Day Motion calling for a ban on all laboratory experiments on monkeys in the UK. The motion was tabled in support of a call from animal rights campaigners Animal Aid and the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (story)

Guardian 30.6.03 If George Monbiot's concept of a fair trade organisation to replace the WTO (I was wrong about trade, June 24) takes off, I only hope it will allow all countries to restrict imports of products produced in an unethical manner… Fair trade must be fair for humanity, animals and the environment. Joyce D'Silva Chief executive, Compassion in World Farming (letter)

Leicester Mercury 30.6.03 THE VEGGIE OPTION IS GOOD TASTE - I can answer the question from Sean Hope, the chef at the Olive Branch, Clipstone, (Mercury, June 19) who asked: Why do vegetarians want food that cooks (and presumably) tastes like animal meat? The answer's easy - we want and we get a healthy and tasty product to eat and enjoy, knowing that it hasn't been cruelly reared, fed with dead bits of other animals, kept in disgusting conditions….Nick Ballard, Leicester (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 30.6.03 BULLS TORTURED TO DEATH ….Each year for a week in July, the Running of the Bulls takes place in Pamplona. The spectacle is barbaric cruelty as the terrified animals are raced through narrow streets crowded with people tormenting them… I would urge anyone visiting Spain not to support bull-fighting or running of the bulls. Eileen Hughes, Oak Close, Allestree (letter)

Sheffield Star 28.6.03 Badger 'baiting' trio are cleared - A BARNSLEY man cleared of interfering with a badger sett claims he was the victim of a nationwide clampdown on hunting with dogs. Kenneth Hume, aged 54, spoke of his relief 15 months after being arrested with two friends as they dug into a bank riddled with holes on farmland between Wombwell and Worsbrough…. Mr Hume, Darrell Harper, 38, of Wellington Crescent, Worsbrough, and Anthony Fisher, 31, of Monksprings, Worsbrough, were acquitted of all charges…. (story)
Sheffield Star 26.6.03 Men dug at abandoned badger setts says expert - THREE men were caught digging at a badger sett that had been disused for years, a court heard. Dr Barry Peachy told Barnsley magistrates when he examined the area eight months after the men were arrested he could tell it had been long-abandoned. Dr Peachy was appearing as an expert witness for the defence in the case of three Barnsley men accused of interfering with a badger sett. Darrell Harper, aged 38, of Wellington Crescent, Worsbrough, Anthony Fisher, 31, of Monksprings, Worsbrough and Kenneth Hume, 54, of Park Road, Grimethorpe, deny the charge… (story)

BBC News Online 28.6.03 RSPCA staff protest at AGM - Staff from the RSPCA's Wales head office have lobbied the animal charity's AGM on Saturday in protest at up to 25 proposed job cuts.... Nine staff from the office, including animal welfare inspectors, travelled to Birmingham to hand out leaflets and speak to RSPCA members heading in to the meeting.... (story)
Times 28.6.03 Crisis-hit RSPCA takes a long hard look at its investments BY VALERIE ELLIOTT - THE RSPCA, the animal welfare charity, is to review its share investment portfolio after losing £16 million on the stock market in the last two years... Details of the RSPCA’s review of investments emerges as 300 members gather today for the charity’s annual meeting at the National Motorcycle Museum, Coventry.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 25.6.03 USPCA opts out of healthy pet care By David Gordon - THE USPCA is to phase out its provision for unwanted, healthy animals in a dramatic shake-up of its services, it can be revealed today.The charity currently cares for hundreds of discarded pets each month but has decided that its priority should be investigating cruelty cases across Northern Ireland. It is understood that the radical changes, due to take effect from next week, have been prompted by serious financial worries… (story)
Glasgow Herald 24.6.03 £1m plea to save animal centres - SSPCA attempts to save seven rescue homes - BRIAN DONNELLY - A leading animal welfare charity launched a £1m fundraising appeal yesterday in an attempt to avoid closing seven of its 13 rescue homes in the autumn. The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals unveiled the ribbon appeal to inject cash back into its accounts after rising costs and a disastrous drop in its stock market investments left it with a £3.2m shortfall.... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 24.6.03 Can Puzzle answer SSPCA cash crisis? - ANGIE BROWN - ABANDONED by her owners as a puppy, Puzzle the deaf Dalmatian was forced to survive for three weeks by drinking toilet water… The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is now hoping Puzzle will help it raise £3.2 million as the face of a special appeal to keep its welfare centres open across the country… (story)
Dundee Courier 24.6.03 THREATENED SSPCA CENTRE IN FUNDS DRIVE - THE CASH-STRAPPED SSPCA launched a new fund-raising drive yesterday in a bid to save its closure-threatened animal welfare centres, including Petterden on the outskirts of Dundee. The charity is staring into a financial black hole and has stated that only a radical change in its fortunes will allow it to continue operating as normal.... (story may only be on website for a day)
Dundee Evening Telegraph 23.6.03 SSPCA HOPES FUNDS DRIVE WILL COME TO ITS RESCUE - The cash-strapped SSPCA launched a new fund-raising drive today, in a bid to save its closure-threatened animal welfare centres, including Petterden on the outskirts of Dundee… (story)
The Shields Gazette 19.6.03 ANIMAL CHARITY CUTS BACK STAFF - THE RSPCA's South Tyneside operations will not be affected by a major national restructure of the animal charity resulting in job losses, it was confirmed today… Under the new scheme, the region will merge with Manchester but services will still be based in the Yorkshire city…. (story in archive)
Stirling Observer 18.6.03 SSPCA CASH CRISIS TALKS - THE FINANCIAL crisis hitting the SSPCA - which may lead to the closure of the charity's Stirling shelter - was debated in Parliament last week. A special meeting of MSPs was held on Thursday evening, at which Dr Sylvia Jackson shared some possible funding ideas with her parliamentary colleagues…. "The meeting was fruitful in considering the type of funding we need to get together. Such funding would include for example, lottery and European funding, funding for training, Scottish Executive funding, which has been mentioned, and local authority funding…" (story)
Leicester Mercury 16.6.03 JOB CUTS AT RSPCA - Jobs are set go at the RSPCA's regional headquarters in Leicester. The cuts come after the animal-welfare charity decided to halve its regional structure from 10 to five management areas. It will also close 10 regional control centres to form one national base…. (story)
Telegraph 16.6.03 RSPCA accused of 'cruelty' over job cuts - The RSPCA has been accused of being "cruel" to its staff over plans to cut 200 jobs as part of a £7.6 million cost cutting plan… the Amicus union called on the society to reconsider its proposals. "It is unacceptable that this type of restructuring should be pushed through without prior and meaningful consultation," said Chris Ball, a national officer for the union… (story)
Express 16.6.03 RSPCA accused of 'cruelty to humans' - The RSPCA Has been accused of being "cruel" to its staff over plans to axe 200 jobs as part of a £7.6 million cost cutting plan… (story)
Western Daily Press 14.6.03 RSPCA AXES 200 JOBS IN BID TO SAVE £7.6M - A Crisis-hit charity, plagued by controversy since a former West MP took the reins, announced yesterday it is axing 200 jobs. The beleaguered RSPCA, Britain's leading animal organisation, is cutting back regional activities in a bid to save millions of pounds. The charity has been under the spotlight since Jackie Ballard took up a £90,000-a-year director general post in October 2002.... Many faithful RSPCA members turned their backs on the organisation in protest... (story)
Shropshire Star 13.6.03 Jobs to go in shake-up by pet aid charity - Up to 20 jobs are to go at Shropshire's flagship RSPCA headquarters as part of a restructuring of the struggling organisation, which will see its 10 regional centres axed, it was revealed today…. (story)
Shropshire Star 13.6.03 RSPCA's HQ to slash jobs - Around 20 jobs are about to be slashed at the Mid Wales headquarters of the RSPCA - just one month after the staff there were told their jobs were safe… (story)
Yorkshire Post 13.6.03 Shake-up cuts RSPCA jobs - ABOUT 200 RSPCA staff, probably including more than 20 in Yorkshire, are to lose their jobs in a shake-up, it was announced yesterday. The redundancies are part of a reorganisation that includes replacing 10 regional control centres with one, which will handle a million calls a year from all over England and Wales.... (story)
BBC News Online 13.6.03 RSPCA axes HQ jobs - The RSPCA is to cut 20 jobs at its regional headquarters in Shropshire after a slump in the stock market hit the value of its investments…. (story)
BBC News Online 12.6.03 RSPCA cuts jobs in Brecon - The RSPCA has confirmed it is to cut 25 jobs at its Welsh headquarters in Brecon - just a month after staff there were told there jobs had been saved…. The charity is to make 200 staff redundant around the UK, by halving its regional management areas from ten to five… (story)
Dundee Evening Telegraph 10.6.03 ANIMAL CENTRES DEBATE - Northeast Scotland Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone will be the main Scottish Conservative speaker in Thursday’s Parliamentary Members’ debate on the future of the SSPCA’s closure-threatened animal welfare centres, including that of the Petterden centre in Angus…. (story)

Scotsman 28.6.03 Unnecessary suffering Alastair Harper (Letters, 25 June) believes I am inaccurate in suggesting that humans can prosper on a vegetarian diet. Yet, the majority of the population of the Indian subcontinent has been doing just that for hundreds of years... There is no moral justification for killing animals and the various religions should, therefore, preach against such immoral practice. JAMES BOYLE Eastwoodmains Road Clarkston, Glasgow (letter)
Scotsman 25.6.03 Blood sacrifice - …Mr Boyle is wrong to say these religions regard "all forms of slaughter as immoral". He is also inaccurate when he claims that humans can prosper on a vegetarian diet… ALASTAIR HARPER, Lathalmond, By Dunfermline (letter)
Scotsman 23.6.03 Slaughter message - The broadcaster, Selina Scott, has been reported as suggesting Halal and Kosher forms of butchery are inhumane and should be banned... The only justification for eating animals is that it gives pleasure; all necessary nutrients are available elsewhere in creation. Jewish, Muslim and Christian theologians need to move into the 20th century. JAMES BOYLE, Eastwoodmains Road, Clarkston, Glasgow (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 28.6.03 LET'S GET TOUGHER ON CRUELTY TO ANIMALS - I Am writing with reference to S Brooms' letter (Thursday, June 19), "Acts of animal cruelty often go unpunished". Mr Broom, thank you for your letter regarding cruelty to animals and the fact that those responsible are allowed to get away with it. However, I do not agree that full justice has been served. Magistrates are far too lenient.... Could I ask that people support the RSPCA. It needs money and is the only animal charity able to prosecute those responsible for cruelty.... Bernice Seal, Grundale, Anlaby, Hull. (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 28.6.03 BULLFIGHTS ARE A CRUEL SPECTACLE - May I request the courtesy of your letters page to urge tourists to Spain to boycott the bullfight? This cruel spectacle is not a fight at all - the bull never wins. It is the ritual torture of a noble animal... Mr F G Hobson, Belvedere Park, Hornsea (letter)

Argus 27.6.03 Listen to facts on hunting - I sorely wish the fervent anti brigade would read and listen to the facts about hunting with dogs, not let their idealism influence their prejudice against members of their community…. Are anti-hunt MPs led by those extremists? Are they blind to intolerance and prejudice? -Clive Pearl, Tunbridge Wells (letter)

Shropshire Star 27.6.03 RSPCA is no longer my charity - I was very sorry to read in your columns about the proposed job cuts by the RSPCA, both at local and national level… Many organisations and individuals have suffered from the drop in the value of investments, but the RSPCA is suffering a lot of self-inflicted problems, i.e. money donated in all good faith for animal welfare has been diverted into Government hands for the spurious purpose of achieving a ban on hunting… I have always loved animals and used to enjoy fund-raising for the RSPCA…. Mrs B Lewis, Shrewsbury. (letter in archive)

Hexham Courant 27.6.03 BACK-FROM-THE-BRINK SHOW BASKS IN SUCCESS - EARLIER this year, the ailing Kirkheaton Show was teetering on the brink of extinction. But thanks to an emergency meeting called by the show committee, folk from the area turned up in their droves to help save the day.... The show is a qualifier for the Cock of the North Terrier and Lurcher Show, but there is a great deal of interest in the other breeds and the show may well expand in this direction too. An addition this year was a fox hound competition, which was popular.... (story)

Sevenoaks Chronicle 27.6.03 FOXES NOT CUDDLY - I would like you to print this letter for the benefit of all people who think foxes are lovely, soft, cuddly creatures. In the past three weeks we have had four ducks killed in broad daylight, and not taken by the fox. Barbara Francis Goathurst Common (letter)

Yorkshire Post 27.6.03 Hopes of ban on monkey lab tests - HOPES of a ban on laboratory tests on monkeys are grow-ing after many MPs backed calls for them to end on scientific and ethical grounds. In the 18 Parliamentary days it has been tabled 76 MPs including Hull North MP Kevin McNamara have signed an early day motion to halt testing on monkeys… Wendy Higgins, of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, said: "It is nonsensical to ringfence great apes – there is nothing to divide them from monkeys. All have a massive capacity to suffer physically and mentally.''… (story)

Sevenoaks Chronicle 27.6.03 DON'T BE SO CRUEL - Your readers may be interested to know that last week was National Cruelty-Free Week... Wendy Higgins Campaigns director BUAV, London (letter)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 26.6.03 Cosmetics are still tested on animals - MANY people think that Britain is free of animal tested cosmetics…. To help people make the compassionate choice the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) will be launching an expanded Little Book of Cruelty Free…. M HARRISON Swindon Animal Concern Toothill Swindon (letter in archive)
Western Morning News 24.6.03 CRUELTY-FREE PRODUCTS OFFER WIDEST CHOICE EVER - Wendy Higgins, BUAV Campaigns Director London (letter)
Western Daily Press or Bristol Evening Post 20.6.03 THE ETHICS OF SHOPPING Wendy Higgins Campaigns Director BUAV (letter)
Caithness Courier 18.6.03 Guide to cruelty-free products - Your readers may be interested to know that it’s national Cruelty-Free Week (June 16-22), a week to remind consumers that animal testing for cosmetics and toiletries still continues and that we still need to make ethical choices about the products we buy…. the BUAV has published an updated version of its hugely popular Little Book of Cruelty Free, an indispensable consumer pocket guide… Wendy Higgins, campaigns director, BUAV, 16a Crane Grove, London N7 8NN. (letter)

Cambridge News 27.6.03 MERCY MISSION MOVES VET'S NURSE TO TEARS - By Laura Matless - AN ANIMAL welfare worker just back from Iraq has told how a veterinary nurse cried as she received vital supplies. Ali Findlay, an animal welfare officer for international animal charity WSPA, was in the Gulf where he was part of a three-man team delivering supplies to veterinary stations…. (story)

Argus 27.6.03 Swans in the firing line by Aidan Radnedge - Cruel hooligans are subjecting swans to a summer of violence, a wildlife campaigner has claimed. Trevor Weeks, of the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service, has been left horrified and sickened by a series of attacks across Sussex…. His group, made up of volunteers, has a turnover of £9,000, all raised through donations and charity events. His teams were involved in almost 4,000 rescues last year… (story in archive)

Glasgow Herald 27.6.03 Glasgow Zoo - AT a recent meeting with Glasgow City Council, its veterinary surgeon stated that he was quite satisfied with the condition of the animals at Glasgow Zoo. This was endorsed by a senior officer of the SSPCA who was also present… Can I then, like Mr Minett, "legitimately conclude" that the two professionals are either incompetent or lying because of some undisclosed agenda?... William Smith, president, Zoological Society of Glasgow and West of Scotland, Calderpark, Uddingston (letter in archive)
Glasgow Evening Times 25.6.03 Zoo 'a disgrace' - I AM glad Glasgow Zoo is closing… The sad faces of the caged monkeys, and the disgracefully dark bear enclosure, are a reminder that animals were never meant to live an unnatural life in zoos…. J WALKER Crookston (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 23.6.03 Be open about animal welfare - ADVOCATES for Animals welcomes the long-overdue acceptance by Glasgow Zoo that it is to close… Advocates for Animals is very concerned to hear claims being made that animals may have to be put down as homes may not be found for them. For many months we have been urging Glasgow Zoo to establish an open working group, to ensure that all the zoo’s animals are suitably re-homed. Sadly this has not happened as the zoo has preferred to have behind-the-scenes talks with the Scottish SPCA…. Ross Minett Campaigns director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Scotsman 20.6.03 Fear for zoo animals - The Born Free Foundation, an animal charity, welcomes the news that Glasgow Zoo is to close in September, but is concerned about the welfare of the remaining animals... DANIEL TURNER Born Free Foundation Foundry Lane, Horsham West Sussex (letter)
Glasgow Herald 19.6.03 Zoo closure - Advocates for Animals welcomes the long-overdue acceptance by Glasgow Zoo that it is to close... Ross Minett, campaigns director, Advocates for Animals, 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh.
THE fate of animals at Glasgow Zoo is indicative of how the zoo industry treats animals as mere commodities to be dumped on someone else when they are no longer wanted.... Craig Redmond, Captive Animals' Protection Society, PO Box 573, Preston PR1 9WW. (letters in archive)
Daily Record 18.6.03 THE DEATH ROW BEARS - Fear for wild animals as zoo is axed - Katrina Tweedie - ANIMALS could be facing a death sentence following the decision to close a cash-strapped zoo…. FOR - Shena Campbell, of the Glasgow animal park, says zoos fill a vital role… AGAINST - Ross Minnet, of Advocates for Animals, says zoos should be banned… (story)
BBC News Online 17.6.03 Activists welcome zoo closure - Campaigners have urged the managers of Glasgow Zoo to abandon plans to create a new animal-based visitor attraction. Advocates for Animals welcomed the announcement that the zoo is to close in September after years of financial problems. However, campaigns director Ross Minett was opposed to plans to open a new attraction in the city… (story)

Kent/Sussex Courier 27.6.03 BLOODY SPECTACLE NEEDS BOYCOTTING Now people are planning their holiday in the sun, many of them will be travelling to Spain, and I would just like to ask readers to give the bullring a wide berth... I call on everyone visiting Spain to show their contempt for a pastime which belongs in the dark ages, by boycotting bull-fights. Patricia Barrington Uridge Road Tonbridge (letter)

Chester Chronicle 27.6.03 ONE THING of which you can be certain is that any pro-hunting correspondence will contain a mass of verbiage and half-truths on anything but hunting…. Mr Mitchell would wish to restrict the use of the English language. Well Mr Mitchell to me hunting is vile and evil…. As a passionate angler who is very clear on the government's view on angling, our only threat could come by association with hunting…. ALEX WOODS Long Looms, Great Barrow (letter)

Western Daily Press 26.6.03 WE CONDEMN ALL CRUELTY - Don Tinsey's letter opposing one from David Thomas displayed the typical ideals of a dying breed…. People who oppose hunting with dogs for fun are also opposed to all animal and human abuse… M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.6.03 CRUEL PRACTICES - Don Tinsey thinks that anti-blood sports people are unaware of other types of cruelty. Of course we're not. I know of horrific acts that have been carried out on farms in our region. Name and address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 17.6.03 FOXHUNTING IS NOT THAT CRUEL - With reference to David Thomas's letter, No Justification For Foxhunting (Western Daily Press, May 31), in which he referred to hunting as cruel. Has he no idea about the cruelty to animals that goes on in the ordinary household daily… Why doesn't he and his other cronies target a few of these?... Don Tinsey Cranham Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 31.5.03 NO JUSTIFICATION FOR FOXHUNTING - Letter writer Joy Chapman is either being glib or is herself basing her opinions on inaccurate information. Foxhunting was devised as entertainment, not a pest control, with some hunts building artificial earths or bringing in a fox to suit the hunt calendar.... It is not farmers and rural-dwellers, generally, who defend or enjoy cruel sports, such as foxhunting, but people from towns and cities who have a sentimental image of rural life.... David Thomas Hisomley Westbury Wiltshire (letter)

Sheffield Star 26.6.03 Men dug at abandoned badger setts says expert - THREE men were caught digging at a badger sett that had been disused for years, a court heard. Dr Barry Peachy told Barnsley magistrates when he examined the area eight months after the men were arrested he could tell it had been long-abandoned. Dr Peachy was appearing as an expert witness for the defence in the case of three Barnsley men accused of interfering with a badger sett. Darrell Harper, aged 38, of Wellington Crescent, Worsbrough, Anthony Fisher, 31, of Monksprings, Worsbrough and Kenneth Hume, 54, of Park Road, Grimethorpe, deny the charge… (story)

Western Gazette 26.6.03 DON'T BLAME BADGERS - In your farming page you had an article "Do stop dithering", that gave a very biased opinion by Derek Mead. I'm sick to death of useless farmers blaming badgers, foxes, walkers, birds, whatever for their bad husbandry… Neal, Dorset Anti-Bloodsports and Animal Action, PO Box 1119, Dorchester (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 26.6.03 Foxes spark a police alert - Norfolk police officers were led a merry dance in Norwich early yesterday -by a pair of foxtrotting foxes… Trevor Williams, a director of The Fox Project, a Kent-based charity which rescues and homes foxes, confirmed it was likely that the animals were not mating at all. "It's too late in the year for that," he said. "Possibly it was a couple of juveniles larking about."… (story)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 26.6.03 Four arrested at factory protest - FOUR people were arrested last night when police were called to a demonstration at a Northampton factory. Officers went to Act Tech, in Edgemead Close, on the Round Spinney industrial estate at 4.30pm yesterday. Three men and one woman were arrested at the warehouse, which makes automotive glass for car companies, and taken into custody to be questioned…. Last month Act Tech was the scene of a demonstration by animal rights activists who waved placards and voiced protests through megaphones outside the gates of the factory. One demonstrator told the Chronicle & Echo that Act Tech was a subsidiary of Asahi Glass which is a customer of Huntingdon Life Science…. (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 17.6.03 Animal liberation group denies planting 'bomb' - ANIMAL rights activists have denied they were behind the planting of a hoax bomb outside a company in Northampton. The suspicious parcel, which was left in a box and wrapped up in a black dustbin bag outside Act Tech UK Ltd, on the Round Spinney estate, had a white label on the top saying 'a gift from the Animal Liberation Front'…" (story)

Scotsman 26.6.03 Fish farming 'cruel' - It is worrying to learn that the fish farming industry plans to diversify into new species such as cod, halibut and haddock... ROSS MINETT Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street Edinburgh (letter)

Yorkshire Post 26.6.03 Thumbs down to bull fighting - From: B Segal, Grundale, Anlaby, Hull - Could I urge your readers who are going to Spain for their holidays not to go to bullfights or support the running of the bulls?... (letter)

Stornoway Gazette 26.6.03 Hedgehog rescuers turn their attention to guga By Maggie Fraser - With their Uist hedgehog rescue operation over until next season, Advocates for Animals campaigners have turned their attention to another ‘animal welfare issue’ in the Western Isles — namely the annual guga hunt. The animal welfare group, which spent months on Uist earlier this year in a bid to rescue hedgehogs from a cull, have confirmed to the ‘Gazette’ that they are currently looking at how the tradition, which has been carried out by men from Ness for generations, can be stopped… (story)
Glasgow Herald 25.6.03 Put an end to the annual slaughter of gannets - THE annual slaughter of gannets on Sula Sgeir may well be steeped in tradition but it is high time it was ended… This country cannot seriously complain about whale harpooning in Norway or seal pup clubbing in Canada while this revolting activity goes on at our own back door… Bernard Zonfrillo, 28 Brodie Road, Glasgow. (letter in archive)
Glasgow Herald 20.6.03 Activists target tradition of guga hunt - Hedgehog advocates say gannet killing is barbaric - VICKY COLLINS - ISLANDERS have defended their annual hunt for young gannets, or gugas, after an animal rights group condemned it as barbaric, and promised to seek a ban... Advocates for Animals, which last made news over its campaign to stop the cull of hedgehogs on Uist, stood by its claims that the practice was outdated and brutal... (story)
Scotsman 13.6.03 Stop this barbarism - I recently found out about the annual gannet cull, the "Guga hunt", which takes place in the Western Isles in August. I was horrified to discover that, under licence from Scottish Natural Heritage, fishermen sail to Sula and club to death or strangle 2,000 baby gannets by plucking them from the cliff face using poles with nooses on the end.... Britain is meant to be a nation of animal lovers; how hypocritical of us to criticise countries whose attitudes do not meet our so-called high standards while this sort of thing goes on. SHEILA EDWARDS Dubai United Arab Emirates (letter)

Kentish Gazette 26.6.03 Restaurant targeted in animal rights demo - A GROUP of animal rights campaigners staged a demonstration outside a restaurant in Canterbury over its sale of foie gras… The protest, led by the Herne Bay and Whitstable Animal Rights Group, appealed to the owner of Element 5 Restaurant and Bar in Pound Street. Spokesman Gera Collins said: "We are asking the owner to act in a humanitarian and principled way by discontinuing the sale of foie gras…" (story)

Ellesmere Port Pioneer 26.6.03 Fay rallies to cause of bear's cruel fate - Chris Smith, Ellesmere Port Pioneer - A SCHOOLGIRL from Ellesmere Port is to protest to the Chinese Government about cruelty towards bears. Fay Ainsworth, 12, says she feels 'very passionately' about the plight of 6,764 Asiatic moon bears imprisoned in bile-farms in China… (story)

Western Daily Press 26.6.03 SHOOT ME KANGAROO DOWN, SPORT - Australian soldiers are to kill up to 15,000 kangaroos to stop a rural army base being overgrazed, a spokesman said yesterday.. Rheya Linden, a spokeswoman for Animal Liberation Australia, said the problem was the electric fence, which stopped the animals from getting in and out of the base. (story)

Matlock Mercury 26.6.03 Protest at shop´s fur trade - ANTI-FUR protesters demonstrated outside a Matlock Bath shop on Wednesday – causing it to close for the afternoon. Mrs Laight, owner of The Identity Store on South Parade, shut up shop when protesters from ´Fur Free Derby´ began a protest outside her premises… Protester Rachael Tame said: "There is no excuse for selling fur. These people have no consideration for animal welfare."… (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 25.6.03 ACTIVIST AWARDED LEAGUE HONOUR - Lifelong animal rights campaigner Chris Williamson has won a prestigious award for outstanding services to animal welfare. Mr Williamson (47), who is also leader of Derby City Council's Labour group, was presented with the Lord Houghton Award at the League Against Cruel Sports' general meeting. Mr Williamson, of Duffield Road, Derby, has been a member of the League for almost 30 years and was given the award as he was instrumental in the decision by Derbyshire County Council to ban hunting on its land - the first county council to do so - and the banning of grouse shooting in the Peak Park… (story in archive)

Worcester Evening News 25.6.03 Battle of will - A WOMAN has won her battle for a half-share in the farm she ran with her partner until he died in a tragic hunting accident. Lynnette Hyett said she was relieved by the Appeal Court decision… The 46-year-old former joint master of the Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt - of Whitsun Brook Farm, Bishampton, near Pershore - died in November, 1999, four days after being crushed by his horse in a fall at a jump near the Coventry Arms, Upton Snodsbury… (story in archive)

Liverpool Daily Post 25.6.03 Stadium that's already gone to the dogs - Clare Usher And Sarah Kirwan, Daily Post - DREAMS of bringing greyhound racing back to Liverpool have been dashed by city planners… Actress Annette Crosbie, who is president of the League Against Cruel Sports, was among those who spoke against the stadium… (story)
Liverpool Echo 24.6.03 Stadium plan discussed by Tony Barrett and Clare Usher, Liverpool Echo - CONTROVERSIAL plans for a greyhound racing stadium in Liverpool were set to get the go-ahead today… President of the League Against Cruel Sports Annette Crosbie, who is the former star of One Foot In The Grave, has also voiced her opposition to the plans. Ms Crosbie, who will address the meeting today, said: "If the planning committee accepts the recommendation to go ahead with the proposal as it stands, the decision will sadly tarnish Liverpool's reputation as a European Capital of Culture in 2008…." (story)

Newcastle Journal 25.6.03 Uproar over badger's skull on stick - A defra employee is to be disciplined after he admitted placing a badger's skull on a stick in a cull zone… (story)
Western Morning News 24.6.03 DEFRA MAN ADMITS TO BADGER SKULL STUNT - A member of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' wildlife unit has admitted putting a badger's skull on a stick on land at a cull zone in North Devon… (story)
BBC News Online 24.6.03 Badger skull man warned - A government worker who stuck a badger skull on a stick to taunt animal-lovers in north Devon has been reprimanded.... One of the wildlife unit, which does the trapping and killing, has admitted leaving the badger's skull. Tied to it was an official form listing the number killed and a note saying Must Try Harder... Now Defra managers have apologised for the message and say that they are disciplining the officer... (story)
Western Morning News 21.6.03 BADGER GROUP ANGER OVER SKULL DISCOVERY Wildlife campaigners are incensed after finding a skull with a message declaring a North Devon experimentation area a "Badger-Free Zone".... the Coalition of Badger Action Groups made the find in an area where an official cull of badgers is being carried out... Clare Whyte, of CBAG, said the message had informed anti-cull campaigners that they needed to try harder... (story)

Glasgow Herald 25.6.03 …The reprehensible insinuations by the ritual-slaughter apologists that those criticising the method are somehow akin in belief to those responsible for the Holocaust are a disgrace… Mark Boyle, 15 Linn Park Gardens, Johnstone. (letter in archive)

Southern Daily Echo 24.6.03 Countryside issues are at heart of show by Kay Cooper - THE COUNTDOWN is on to New Forest Show 2003 and organisers have vowed that whatever the glamorous entertainment on offer, countryside issues will always remain centre stage… The countryside arena will also feature regular demonstrations by different types of hound… (story in archive)

Shropshire Star 24.6.03 Farmers failing to look after the land - We hear the farmers and others saying that they are managing the land for future generations, but I think the opposite is happening. It seems they want to exterminate the badgers, have fun killing foxes, wipe out the rabbit, mouse and vole populations… F G Williams, Meole Brace, Shrewsbury (letter may be in archive)

Cambridge News 24.6.03 NEW LAWS TO TACKLE PROTESTS - POLICE will be given new powers to take action against groups of just two or more protesters outside Huntingdon Life Sciences, under a new crackdown. The Government has tabled two amendments to the antisocial behaviour bill, which is currently going through Parliament… It will allow police to break up the protests if they are causing a public nuisance, even though there is only a small number of people… (story)

Glasgow Herald 24.6.03 In defence of religious slaughter of animals - THE controversy concerning the ritual or more precisely religious slaughter of animals stems partly from ignorance and partly prejudice. If we look closely and objectively at the issue of slaughter from the angle of pain or discomfort to the animals we would find that on balance the religious slaughter is less painful... Bashir Maan, 8 Riverview Gardens, Glasgow.
Against intemperate tone, language, and images - Regardless of the current opinions about halal and/or kosher meat, the comments of Selina Scott in the Sunday Mail, and the three letters of support in The Herald on June 20, display all the hallmarks of classic racism... Stephen I Kliner, president, Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, 222 Fenwick Road, Giffnock. (letters may be in archive)

Western Daily Press 23.6.03 CHARITY BOSS IS OVERPAID - In respect of the article about the RSPCA's lack of funds, it would be a much better idea to put Jackie Ballard's salary down to about £10,000 a year. Her £90,000 is a ridiculous sum to pay for a charity organisation and she can afford to take a lower salary. R W Poole Member of RSPCA Friends Bridgwater Somerset (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 23.6.03 Clear killing policy needed - THE "Should halal butchery be banned?" issue is quite simple to resolve. Either it is acceptable to kill an animal in a certain way to satisfy human cultural needs or it is not -- so either ban both foxhunting and halal/kosher butchery or ban neither. GEOFFREY STURDY, Trent Road, Nelson. (letter in archive)

Burton Mail 23.6.03 Protestors in red paint rampage by KIM BRISCOE - ANIMAL rights protestors have gone on a red paint rampage at a cost to the taxpayer of £1,000... The homes and vehicles of employees of the Hall family have been targeted in a series of attacks, usually staged under cover of darkness. In one incident, an elderly cleaner employed by the family was left terrified after an explosive device was detonated in the garden of her home.... Over a mile of the A515 near Newchurch was daubed in giant abusive slogans on Thursday night by activists protesting against the controversial Darley Oaks Farm. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 23.6.03 NO MONKEY BUSINESS - This summer, deputy Prime Minister John Prescott will give his decision on whether or not to allow Cambridge University to build what would be Europe's largest primate research centre. If he gives the go-ahead for the plans, not only will thousands of primates suffer immensely at this centre, it will also be saying it is perfectly okay to experiment on primates wherever they are… For more information, please write to Animal Aid… Name and address supplied. (letter)

Ipswich Evening Star 23.6.03 One in the eye for meat boss BY GEORGINA WROE …Charlie McKenzie, 24, landed a cream pie – made out of tofu – in the face of Raoul Baxter, president of Smithfield Foods Europe, one of the world's leading pig producers… Charlie, from Colchester Road, Ipswich yelled 'Meat pimp!' at Mr Baxter, who was due to speak at the World Pork Congress in Birmingham… Charlie is a member of London-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, which campaigns against cruelty in pork production… (story)
Daily Record 21.6.03 IT'S TOFU AT THE TOP - MEAT boss Raoul Baxter was left with egg - or rather tofu flan - on his face after being targeted by an animal rights campaigner yesterday.... Baxter joked: "It tastes nice, I can't wait for lunch," before continuing his speech to the World Pork Congress. An activist in the People For the Ethical Treatment Of Animals, Charlie McKenzie, 24, of Ipswich, Suffolk, was arrested at Birmingham International Convention Centre but later released by police.... (story)

Argus 23.6.03 Swan dies after dog attack by Tom Pugh - Police are being asked to bring criminal charges against a dog owner after a swan was savaged in a pond… Trevor Weeks, of the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service (WRAS), believes a criminal offence has been committed by the dog owner for not keeping the pet on a lead… (story in archive)

Torquay Herald Express 23.6.03 ADMIRE THE SKILL OF GULLS - As another nesting and breeding season continues for our gulls, can we please not get into another debate about them?... Rejoice and appreciate these faithful, protective and brilliant creatures. Once we've made them extinct, it'll be too late. ASTRID GREEN Underidge Close Paignton (letter)

Observer 22.6.03 Mother nature (part one) - You may not recognise her, but Ingrid Newkirk is one of the most powerful women in fashion. For 20 years her animal-rights group has hounded the fur industry and any celebrity seen to support it - as Gisele found to her cost. Here, the founder of Peta tells Michael Specter why she's Pamela Anderson's biggest fan and how she converted Ben Affleck...(story)
Observer 22.6.03 Mother nature (part two) (story)

Luton on Sunday 22.6.03 Council gets the bird over pigeon cull - THE pigeon population of St George’s Square has won a stay of execution and bird lovers reckon it’s thanks to Luton on Sunday.... at a council meeting on Thursday animal rights protesters who read our story turned up to hear councillors decide that killing was not the best way forward.... Responding to the protesters’ heckling about a cull, he said: “I can tell you now in no way or form will we carry out a cull.” But Maria Desposito from Luton Animal Rights Coalition responded: “Can we have that in writing?”... (story)
Luton on Sunday 15.6.03 Pigeons on Death Row - THE pigeon population of St George's Square could be be shot dead in cold blood.... But the pigeon cull has outraged animal rights campaigners and bird lovers who say it is barbaric and pigeons are an institution in the square. Mark Hughes of Luton Animal Rights Coalition said: "I'm mad about this..." And bird lover Paul Anness from TBS Pet Foods in the Arndale Market stormed: "I think destroying any wild bird like this is wicked – evil...." (story)

Telegraph 21.6.03 Challenge to ban on foxhunting is rejected By Tom Peterkin, Scottish Political Correspondent - An attempt to overturn the Scottish foxhunting ban by claiming that it infringed human rights failed yesterday when a judge ruled that the legislation was legitimate… Brian Friend, a foot follower of the Berwickshire Hunt, and Jeremy Whalley, the Master of the hunt, argued in January that the act was not within the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament. But a written judgment by Lord Brodie at the Court of Session in Edinburgh endorsed the law introduced by Lord Watson of Invergowrie and passed by MSPs last year. Mr Friend, of Membury, Devon, said he was "furious" and vowed to appeal against the decision…. (story)
IC Scotland 21.6.03 Hunt ban challenge rejected (story)
Scotsman 21.6.03 Court overturns hunting ban fight - JOHN ROBERTSON LAW CORRESPONDENT - TWO men who went to court in an attempt to have the ban on hunting with hounds in Scotland overturned were told yesterday that their challenge was unsuccessful. Brian Friend and Jeremy Whaley, both members of the Union of Country Sports Workers, claimed that the ban infringed their human rights at a hearing in January... Lord Brodie said: "A person’s profession or recreation may assume great importance in his life. He might describe them as aspects of his lifestyle or way of life... But that situation, in my opinion, is quite different from the situation where an activity is so closely associated with the way of life of a particular group (and generally accepted by others as being so) that it falls to be regarded as integral with the individual personality of every member of that group."... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 21.6.03 Hunting ban appeal fails - AN attempt to have the ban on hunting with dogs in Scotland overturned has failed. A challenge brought by Brian Friend and Jeremy Whaley, both members of the Union of Country Sports Workers, has been rejected by the Court of Session... (story)
BBC News Online 20.5.03 Hunt ban challenge fails - An attempt to have the ban on hunting with dogs in Scotland overturned has failed. A challenge brought by Brian Friend and Jeremy Whaley, both members of the Union of Country Sports Workers, has been rejected by the Court of Session... (story)
Glasgow Herald 6.6.03 Hunt lobby goes back to courts - BRUCE McKAIN - FOX-hunting campaigners returned to court yesterday to ask appeal judges to strike down the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act which outlaws mounted foxhunting with dogs... (story in archive)
Scotsman 6.6.03 Legal challenge to fox-hunt ban JOHN ROBERTSON LAW CORRESPONDENT - HUNTING supporters yesterday resumed their legal challenge to the Scottish Parliament’s controversial legislation which bans mounted fox-hunting with dogs…. The nine pro-hunt challengers named in the petition to the court include Trevor Adams, a manager with the Buccleuch Hunt, the Countryside Alliance, and the Masters of Foxhounds Association… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 5.6.03 ATTEMPT TO LIFT FOX-HUNT BAN - GEOFFREY BEW - A Judicial review is to decide whether to overturn a ban on fox-hunting in Scotland. The appeal stage for the action in relation to the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act is due to be heard in the Inner Court of Session in Edinburgh today… Director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, Allan Murray, said: "We are fighting to overturn this legislation in the High Court because we believe that hunting is of vital social, environmental, economic and cultural importance to Scotland's rural communities…. (story)

Telegraph 21.6.03 At 21, even a prince can sound like a witless plonker By Anne Robinson ... on Saturday, only a few miles from where the Earl was playing hobby bobby, we were putting on our glad rags for an important event in the calendar of our local hunt, the VWH. A dinner to raise funds for a horsewalker - a device that promises to do the work of three stable girls... Investing for the future in expensive kit is an example of the VWH's determination to put two fingers up at the Government and the anti-hunt lobby.... (story)

Eastern Daily Press 21.6.03 Meet the new Sam Fox ... Found as an abandoned two-week-old cub by horse trainer Julie Green of Yaxham, near Dereham, Samantha has been hand reared to become a perfect little house fox – sleeping in the kitchen with her two doggy friends and cuddling up on the sofa with her new 'mum' every evening... Mrs Green, who trains and rides horses for endurance races, has changed her attitude to fox hunting. She used to be a regular with the West Norfolk Foxhounds and Dunston Harriers but says she will not go on a hunt again.... (story)

Western Daily Press 21.6.03 RSPCA TO BLAME FOR LATEST FUNDING CRISIS - I am not surprised that the RSPCA is suffering a financial crisis. This once-respected organisation has in recent years spent millions of pounds on anti-hunting advertising and propaganda, even more millions on a new headquarters building and is paying £90,000 per year to Jackie Ballard, whose only qualification for the job would seem to be that she is fanatically antihunting.... Jonathan Marshall, Lydeard, St Lawrence, Nr Taunton, Somerset (letter)

Leicester Mercury 21.7.03 YOU CAN END THIS CRUELTY - I write to encourage tourists to consider not supporting the Pamplona running of the bulls in Spain, as well as bullfights, which are kept going significantly by tourists' income... C Seal, Leicester. (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 20.6.03 ANIMAL WELFARE CAMPAIGNER DIES - TERRY CROCKFORD - An animal rights campaigner who devoted 40 years of her life to the cause has died suddenly at her Swansea home. Christine Rees, from Penlan, a former chairman of Swansea Animal Rights Group, was aged 60….She was instrumental in raising local public support for a ban on hunting on Swansea Council land…. Animal rights supporter Nesta Thomas said though small in stature she was a woman of startling physical courage…. (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 20.6.03 As one who likes fishing, I find the argument for and against somewhat baffling. Are the people so very much against angling unaware of the trauma animals must go through being slaughtered and poultry hung upside down waiting to have their throats cut?... Kenneth E Higgins, Bempton Court, Great Horton (letter in archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 20.6.03 ALTERNATIVES TO ANIMAL TESTING CAN SAVE LIVES - Further to B Moore's letter, Points of view, June 11, about vivisection, I would like to say first of all that, of course, it is good news he/she is recovering from what must have been a terrible illness…. However, I have to say that the advances in medical science which make recovery possible are with us not because of animal experiments but despite them… Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, St Thomas, Exeter (letter)

Epsom & Banstead Guardian 20.6.03 Highlighting the plight of animals - I write with the intention of drawing readers’ attention to the fact the cruel evil trade of live animal exports has not been discontinued. During the month of June, Compassion In World Farming and Kent Action Against Live Exports are politely lobbying the Farmers’ Union of Wales, whose members would appear to be the main perpetrators of this archaic trade in sentient beings… CATRIONA SHORT St George’s Gardens Epsom (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 20.6.03 Ban 'ritual slaughter' ….if the government-funded Farm Animal Welfare Council has finally concluded that Muslim and Jewish methods of slaughter are in fact inhumane, then there, quite rightly, should be an immediate and outright ban on all such methods of slaughter… The only way forward is the implementation of a nationwide ban on all 'ritual slaughter.' To my knowledge, there is only one political party that would quite definitely enforce this ban and that is the British National party. Councillor ROBIN EVANS (British National Party), Mill Hill Ward, Blackburn with Darwen Council)

Times 20.6.03 Ritual slaughter - Are animal rights more important than religious tradition? - CAMILLA CAVENDISH (“The animal rights lobby is talking a load of bull”, Comment, June 11) is right to suggest that our attitude to animals is full of inconsistencies and hypocrisy. More troubling is her subsequent argument, which, in effect, is that there will always be cruelty to animals, so we should just accept it.... with a combination of firmness and tact, abolition of the practice is clearly achievable without religious disharmony. Antony Crookston, Waterlooville
For the love of animals - I HAVE read variations on Camilla Cavendish’s article a dozen times in recent years. I have always felt that the emphasis should be on compassion... I gave up eating anything with a face when I was 13 years old because it was unacceptable to me... Ritual slaughter is an anachronism and undoubtedly cruel, so it should be banned by law... Patsi Waite, Knaresborough
Job losses - THIS is yet another attempt by the Farm Animal Welfare Council to deny traditional religious practices in the name of political correctness... Barry Kaye, Newton Abbot, Devon
Religion v secularism - The National Secular Society supports the FAWC’s recommendations wholeheartedly.... Keith Porteous Wood Executive Director, National Secular Society, London WC1
Raising questions - CAMILLA CAVENDISH is somewhat muddled in her analysis. The politically correct are surely more likely to accept ritual slaughter without protest and see it as a manifestation, albeit perverse, of another, but equally to be valued, culture.... Malcolm Bowker, Bramhall, Cheshire (letters)
Times 11.6.03 The animal rights lobby is talking a load of bull - CAMILLA CAVENDISH - Accepting ritual slaughter is a test of tolerance that the politically correct fail - At last, the Politically Correct Brigade is discovering that it cannot have its steak and eat it. While scarcely a day goes by without some institution being lambasted for insensitivity to “ethnic minorities”, a government advisory body has decided that Jews and Muslims should sublimate their religious traditions to a minority group of infinitely greater importance. Cows.... We British have long taken pride in being the animal lovers of the world. We donate our estates to cats’ homes rather than children’s homes and believe that this somehow makes ours a more tolerant society.... The new religion is highly organised and evangelical. The well-meaning and earnest officials at the Farm Animal Welfare Council say that they are lobbied by powerful animal rights groups whose numbers have increased dramatically since the organisation was set up in 1979, and which regularly send in huge submissions....

South Wales Evening Post 20.6.03 GROUP IS CALLING FOR PET SALES BAN Swansea's Focus DIY store is being urged to stop selling pets by an animal rights group… "We monitored the Swansea store very recently and they had rabbits, gerbils and hamsters for sale," said Animal Aid campaigns officer Ajaye Curry (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 20.6.03 Circuses should be banned - I WISH to complain about the Lancashire Evening Telegraph being used as a publicity platform for a travelling circus that forces animals to perform stupid and humiliating tricks… NICK STEPHENSON (address supplied). (letter in archive)

Lincolnshire Echo 19.6.03 HUNTING WEEDS OUT THE WEAK - I have never seen or heard of any fox pursued by a professional pack of hounds that has not been dispatched almost instantly…. I have in the past but do not now attend hare shoots or fox drives and only in extreme circumstances (direct livestock predation) shoot foxes with a rifle be it day or night. A few things you will hear are "that will kill it", "that won't last long", "I hit that; so did I", "that's took shot", and even worse "that"s took a lot of shot". Enough said!... many people who hunt are normal working people… PHILL CARCASS Lincoln. (letter)
Lincolnshire Echo 12.6.03 GRANTING A LICENCE TO HUNT IS GIVING A LICENCE FOR CRUELTY - So an "all party" group of MPs has commissioned research to support its already maintained "belief" that shooting foxes is more cruel than hunting them with a pack of dogs... The hunt has no bearing on the fox population; it has no conservation purpose. Contrary to claims, many of the victims are young female animals, not old and infirm ones.... The only moral and just way forward is for a complete ban on hunting with hounds. It is not "humane" and serves no purpose. RACHEL ASTILL-DUNSEITH Lincoln
Fox hunting dates from the late 17th century when it arose as a practical method of limiting the fox population which endangered poultry farming... With a modern, high-powered rifle, we can humanely keep down the fox population to acceptable levels much more effectively and with safety to domestic cats and small pet dogs which on occasions are torn to pieces by hunting dogs. JIM THEAKER Broadway, North Hykeham.
How thoughtful that the hunting fraternity remind us that dogs ripping foxes to death is more humane than shooting them. I am sure the fox would appreciate this consideration.... Don't tell me I'm a townie who doesn't understand country ways. I am a human being who detests cruelty and blood sports.... WALLY CROFT Birchwood Estate, Lincoln
If foxes are such a problem, why didn't they multiply alarmingly when the hunts across the country were banned during the foot and mouth crisis?... Everyone who is against hunting with hounds must concentrate all their efforts now to write to the Government imploring an outright ban. Ms J. M. BURLISON Witham St Hughs (letters)

North Devon Journal 19.6.03 STRANGE VIEW ON OUR WORLD - Philip Milton (Letters, June 12) is well placed to talk about the "benefits" of animal experiments; financial, that is. To him, that is. As an ex-shareholder in the most notorious and reviled vivisection laboratory in the world, he literally put his money where his mouth is... What a strange world Mr Milton lives in, where badgers are marauding hedgehog murderers, our beautiful native seagulls are nothing more than airborne diseases, and bloodsports enthusiasts are ecological head boys.... SARAH CHALKLEY, North Devon Animal Defence, Barnstaple. (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 19.6.03 ANIMAL TESTING IS HOLDING BACK SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS - Further to my reply to Thomas Bromley's letter, I wish to add the following in view of his support for the "humane use of animals"… Thanks to the Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research, scientists at Salford Hospital and Aston University have developed a brain-imaging technique… Mrs Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 12.6.03 DON'T INSULT THOSE WHO HAVE DIFFERING OPINIONS - I write in response to Thomas Bromley's cynical dismissal of those opposed to his pro-vivisection views... In addition to his insensitivity to the suffering deliberately inflicted on helpless creatures, he has the effrontery to insult and patronise those whose views differ from his own... Elizabeth Hampton, Church Hill, Pinhoe, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 11.6.03 IF IT WASN'T FOR ANIMAL TESTING, I'D HAVE DIED - To those people who have felt the need to decry the use of animals in specific experiments, can I suggest that they try to imagine themselves in the following nightmare scenario that I was unfortunate enough to experience myself. You are lying on your death bed suffering from what appears to be an incurable illness when the doctor tells you that there is good and bad news. The good news is that a cure has now been developed for your ailment. The bad news is that this cure has only come about through animal experimentation… B Moore, Hatherleigh Road, Exeter (letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 3.6.03 GOVERNMENT SHOWS LITTLE CONCERN FOR SUFFERING - I entirely agree with the points made in E Smith's letter, Points of view, May 28, with regard to the Government's broken promise to greatly reduce vivisection… Mrs Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, St Thomas, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 3.6.03 ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS ARE CRUEL AND UNNECESSARY - I am writing in response to Thomas Bromley, who said that some animal experiments are vital to health research, Points of view May 30. The point he put across that vivisection should be supported 100 per cent by everybody seemed unrealistic and ridiculous…. Amy Stone, Hadrian Drive, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 30.5.03 ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS ARE VITAL TO HEALTH RESEARCH - In response to E Smith Government betrayal on animal experiments, Points of view, May 28, it depends on your priorities. I think we should all support medical research and the fact remains that future medical progress depends on the unavoidable use of animals where no alternative exists… Thomas Bromley, Executive secretary, SIMR, PO Box 504, Dunstable, Beds, LU5 5WS (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.5.03 GOVERNMENT'S BETRAYAL ON ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS - One of the promises this Government made when it came to power was that animal experiments would be greatly reduced. In fact, vivisection is on the increase. The proposed new primate research laboratory at Cambridge University has the full support of Prime Minister Tony Blair…. Using animals as well as being terribly cruel is scientifically flawed, unreliable and very often detrimental to humans. E Smith, Church Road, St Thomas, Exeter (letter)

Wharfedale Observer 19.6.03 Past mistakes - The European Commission on May 7 published its draft legislation for a new EU Chemicals Policy. It involves testing 30,000 chemicals on millions of laboratory animals… Wendy Higgins, Campaigns Director, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), 16a Crane Grove, London N7 8NN (letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.5.03 DRAFT CHEMICALS POLICY BAD NEWS FOR ANIMALS - Wendy Higgins, Campaigns director, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) (letter)
Northern Scot 23.5.03 Animal toxicity tests are unreliable - WENDY HIGGINS, Campaigns Director, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, 16a Crane Grove, London, N7 8NN. (letter)
John O Groats Journal 23.5.03 Testing is cruel and outdated - WENDY HIGGINS, Campaigns Director, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, 16a Crane Grove, London, N7 8NN. (letter)
Barry News 22.5.03 Cruel policy - All UK citizens have an opportunity to join in the European Commissionís ëYour Voice In Europeí internet consultation about the new EU Chemicals policy… Wendy Higgins Campaigns Director British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection 16a Crane Grove London N7 8NN (letter in archive)
North East Evening Gazette 21.5.03 Halt this cruelty - All UK citizens have an opportunity to join in the European Commission's Your Voice In Europe internet consultation about the new EU Chemicals policy. As it is currently proposed, it will mean subjecting millions of laboratory animals to painful chemical poisoning experiments…. WENDY HIGGINS, Campaigns Director British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (letter)
Lakeland Echo 20.5.03 Speak up for animals - Wendy Higgins, Campaigns director BUAV, 16a Crane Grove London N7 8NN (letter)
Morpeth Herald 15.5.03 DISAPPOINTED BY ANIMAL TESTING PROGRESS - WENDY HIGGINS, Campaigns Director, British Union for the Abolition of, Vivisection (BUAV), 16a Crane Grove, London N7 8NN (letter)
Western Daily Press or Bristol Evening Post 10.5.03 ANIMAL TESTS ARE UNRELIABLE - The European Commission has just published its draft legislation for a new EU chemicals policy. It involves testing 30,000 chemicals on millions of laboratory animals... It is disappointing that, with an opportunity to modernise Europe's approach to chemical testing with cutting-edge and credible non-animal methods, the Commission has chosen, instead, to repeat the mistakes of the past and stick to the basic method of poisoning animals and hoping for the best. Wendy Higgins Campaigns director British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) London (letter)

Kidderminster Shuttle 19.6.03 Thinking of animals - WE have just had a non-animal circus in town… Animals are used and abused far too much, so let us help towards a cruelty-free environment. MRS L OWENS Ennerdale Road Stourport (letter in archive)

Shropshire Star 19.6.03 Please do not go to bullfights - As a member of PETA. (People's Ethical Treatment of Animals), I am writing to discourage your readers from visiting bullfights in Spain, and also not to support the running of bulls… Mary Birthistle Wrockwardine Wood (letter in archive)

Bucks Free Press 19.6.03 Halal butcher slams calls for slaughter ban By Vince Soodin - A HALAL butcher has criticised Government advisors who have called for an immediate ban on the method of animal slaughter used by Muslims and Jews… Omar Hayath, of the Halal Meat Market, in Dashwood Road, High Wycombe, said: "If the Government is going to ban this then a lot of small businesses are going to lose trade and go out of business and put people on the dole…" (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 17.6.03 RELIGION: Halal ban idea is hard to swallow - A PROPOSED UK ban on the religious ritual slaughter of animals has caused an outcry among city Muslims… A COUNCILLOR and animal rights activist has backed calls for a ban on ritual religious slaughter. But Cllr Adrian Miners, who is a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, doubts a ban will ever be implemented on slaughter without pre-stunning…. (story)
Ilford Recorder 12.6.03 Opposition to ban on Halal and Kosher slaughter - JEWS and Muslims say they are strongly opposed to a new report recommending that Halal and Kosher slaughter should be banned immediately.... (story)
Guardian 11.6.03 The animal welfare lobby is wrong - 'Humane' and 'ritual' slaughter are racist metaphors for Us and Them - Brian Klug ... When prejudice against asylum seekers is at fever pitch, when Islamophobia and anti-semitism are in the air, and many Muslims and Jews in the UK are consequently feeling insecure, FAWC's proposal could hardly have come at a worse time. Well-intended it may be, but it can only lead to further divisiveness and alienation. The government should reject it. Brian Klug is senior research fellow in philosophy at St Benet's Hall, Oxford (story)
Independent 11.6.03 Muslims unite with Jews to defend animal slaughter rites By Paul Vallely (story)
Independent 11.6.03 'The cut across the neck leads to very significant pain before insensibility' - The case for a ban - Martin Potter ... Martin Potter is head of the RSPCA's Farm Animals Department and a member of the Farm Animal Welfare Council (story)
Independent 11.6.03 'Jewish law requires kindness to the animal and the avoidance of suffering' - The case against a ban - Neville Nagler ... Neville Nagler is director general of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (story)
Independent 11.6.03 When tolerating cruelty is better than the alternative - The view of the Farm Animal Welfare Council that halal and kosher methods of slaughtering livestock are cruel is correct; but the council is wrong to seek to ban them... (story)
Telegraph 11.6.03 Ban urged on kosher and halal butchery By Robert Uhlig, Farming Correspondent (story)
Telegraph 11.6.03 Abattoir etiquette ... It is the FAWC's responsibility to establish beyond doubt why the curtailing of these ancient practices will so dramatically improve the quality of animals' lives that we are left with no choice but to enrage these two religions through a ban on halal and kosher practices. So far, they are nowhere near doing so. (story)
Telegraph 11.6.03 Religious leaders react angrily to council's ruling By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent (story)
Telegraph 11.6.03 Methods compared (story)
Times 11.6.03 Watchdog urges labelling for religiously slaughtered meat BY VALERIE ELLIOTT - THOUSANDS of tonnes of religiously slaughtered meat is sold every year to catering outlets and shops without any indication of the way it has been produced. Judy MacArthur Clark, chairwoman of the Farm Animal Welfare Council, a government-funded committee, has called for this meat to be labelled so that people know what they are buying... (story)
BBC News Online 10.6.03 Halal and Kosher slaughter 'must end' - The method of animal slaughter used by Jews and Muslims should be banned immediately, according to an independent advisory group. The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC), which advises the government on how to avoid cruelty to livestock, says the way Kosher and Halal meat is produced causes severe suffering to animals.... FAWC said it wants an end to the exemption currently allowed for Kosher and Halal meat from the legal requirement to stun animals first... (story)
Western Mail 10.6.03 Stun animalswelfare plea by Phil Davies, The Western Mail - ANIMAL welfare campaigners have called for a shake-up in the law to ensure all animals are stunned before slaughter. Compassion in World Farming warned of the need to ensure all animals were stunned before they are killed (story)
Western Daily Press 10.6.03 CALL FOR TIGHTER SLAUGHTER LAW - Animal welfare campaigners called yesterday for a shake-up in the law to ensure all animals are stunned before slaughter. Compassion in World Farming warned the Government of the need to ensure all stock is stunned… (story)
Bolton Evening News 10.6.03 Butcher's halal meat ban fears - A BOLTON butcher has warned that he could go out of business if the Government listens to a group which is calling for halal and kosher meat to be banned… (story in archive)
Manchester Evening News 10.6.03 Slaughter house changes 'an attack on religion' - Seb Ramsay - MUSLIM and Jewish butchers in Greater Manchester today rejected calls by campaigners for changes in the way they slaughter animals. The RSPCA in the region has backed the pressure group Compassion in World Farming which says the killing of nine million farm animals a year for Halal and Kosher meat is unacceptable…. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 10.6.03 Slaughter for Kosher and Halal 'cruel' - THE method of animal slaughter used by Jews and Muslims should be banned immediately, according to an independent advisory group. The Farm Animal Welfare Council, which advises the Government on how to avoid cruelty to livestock, says the way Kosher and Halal meat is produced causes severe suffering to animals…. (story)
Guardian Religious slaughter is more humane - What a pity Roy Hattersley allows his ignorance and religious prejudices to get in the way of the facts (Comment, May 19). It is a basic principle of Judaism to prohibit actions that cause pain to animals… Many scientific experts have confirmed that shechita is as humane as any other method of slaughter… Neville Nagler, Board of Deputies of British Jews
I agree with Hattersley's conclusions, but not their justification by a logic extended dangerously beyond its scope. If it's the slaughter that's objectionable, where does his logic take him on the fishing industry, which kills by suffocation?... He recognises, of course, his logical excesses by allowing his "tolerance" to extend only to those things he finds tolerable. Far better to settle for such a tolerable level of tolerance than to rely on a spurious logical justification. Professor Sam Shuster, Framlingham, Suffolk (letters)
Western Mail 19.5.03 Slaughter law proposal infuriates two faiths - by Patrick Fletcher, The Western Mail - MUSLIMS and Jews across Britain are enraged over proposals by a government- funded think tank to ban the slaughter of animals that have not been stunned first. The two faiths are furious with the recommendationby the Farm Animal Welfare Council, saying it goes against ancient religious rites…. (story)
Guardian 19.5.03 Religion can't be used as an alibi - It must be wrong to tolerate ritual slaughter, bigotry or creationism - Roy Hattersley …To describe the pain of religious ritual slaughter as "unnecessary" is in part to beg the question. Jews and Muslims will say that the Koran and the Old Testament make clear that it is absolutely essential. But we can all agree that simply to cite religious authority for a contentious practice is not in itself a conclusive argument for allowing it to continue… (story)
Ananova 15.5.03 Animal slaughter plan angers Muslims and Jews - British Jews and Muslims are criticising proposals by a Government-funded think tank to ban the slaughter of animals that have not been stunned first. They believe the recommendation by the Farm Animal Welfare Council goes against their ancient religious rites…. (story)
Guardian 15.5.03 Halal killing may be banned - Colin Blackstock - Jewish and Muslim communities could lose the legal right to slaughter animals without first stunning them under new proposals from a government committee due to be published next month. The government funded Farm Animals Welfare Council has been researching slaughter methods and animal welfare. In its report it is expected to conclude that the Muslim and Jewish methods of slaughter are inhumane... (story)
Telegraph 15.5.03 'Inhumane' ritual slaughter faces ban By Graham Tibbetts ... a report by the Farm Animal Welfare Council, following a four-year investigation, has concluded that these ancient methods of preparing meat - known as halal for Muslims and shechita for Jews - are inhumane... (story)
Times 15.5.03 Muslim and Jewish ritual slaughter may be banned BY ANTHONY BROWNE, ENVIRONMENT EDITOR - JEWISH and Muslim communities would lose the legal right to slaughter animals without stunning under proposals to be put forward next month by a government committee. The proposals disclosed to The Times are set to anger religious groups, who claim it will end thousands of years of religious rites....(story)
BBC News Online 19 April, 2003, 23:48 GMT 00:48 UK Row over religious animal slaughter - A row over the methods used to slaughter animals for meat could be brewing between the government and Britain's Jewish and Muslim communities. The Farm Animal Welfare Council, a government advisory body, is to recommend that members of both religions should no longer be allowed to slaughter animals without stunning them first.... (story)
Western Daily Press 31.3.03 MEAT ROW LOOMING Kosher and halal meat could be outlawed under new proposals set to be recommended to the Government.... A delegation of Jewish groups walked out of a meeting at the Department for Food and Rural Affairs after hearing the proposals.... (story)
Guardian 27.3.03 Kosher and halal meat row looms - Stephen Bates, religious affairs correspondent - The government is courting antagonism from orthodox Jews and Muslims after a report from its animal welfare advisers that could lead to a ban on kosher and halal meat. A meeting between the Farm Animal Welfare Council and Jewish groups at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs this week ended in uproar as the delegation walked out after being told the council would recommend banning the slaughter of animals without prior stunning… A Defra spokeswoman said: "Obviously nothing has been finalised. The report will go to ministers in May." She said the agriculture minister, Elliot Morley, would be sensitive to religious representations. (story)

Carmarthen Journal 18.6.03 SUNSHINE SHOW JOY - Glorious sunshine complemented a fantastic two days at the Welsh Game Fair on the weekend… Shows included, a parade of fox hounds, a terrier and lurcher show, and fishing demonstrations…. (story)

Worcester Evening News 18.6.03 Guns and poses - SURELY, if the Middle Way Group of MPs is suggesting that shooting foxes results in a high wounding rates for the foxes, it calls the competence of the shooters into question?... SIMON TAYLOR, Sansome Walk, Worcester (letter in archive)

Argus 18.6.03 Swan upping - In reply to the latest outburst from Worthing Councillor Peter Green (Letters, June 11) section in which the councillor reacted to my previous letter regarding animal welfare… If he considers the area to be a wildlife haven, why not clean it up and designate it a nature reserve, thus declaring a moratorium on future developments…. Coun Green should establish the facts first hand and then be man enough to offer an apology - not to myself but to Trevor Weeks - for your ridiculous assertions on this matter. West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group, -Littlehampton (letter in archive)
Argus 11.6.03 Leave swans' safety to the real experts - In response to Peter Green's comments regarding theWillowbrook swans (Letters, June 4), it is amazing how the attitude of councillors changes when they come under fire. I would like to thank the many people who have phoned, written or come up to us to thank us for taking the right action… Trevor Weeks, Hailsham (letter in archive)
Argus 11.6.03 Wildlife haven - I write in response to the letter from Tony Slow of West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group (Letters, May 28) regarding the Willowbrook Road swans. I do not know where your information came from but the facts in your letter are inaccurate…. The brook runs from east to west, not north to south, and the rubbish barrier did not hamper last year's swans from leaving. "Rubber-neckers" could well be concerned residents eager to encourage their children to help wildlife and should be encouraged… So please Mr Slow, if you ever come to Willowbrook Road again, come in daylight and bring your compass with you. Or perhaps you just need to pay a visit to the optician. -Peter Green, executive member for environmental services, Worthing Borough Council (letter in archive)
Argus 7.6.03 Save our swans - It was very sad to read that one of the swan families, flagged up as in danger from vandals by Trevor Weeks, has suffered the worst in an attack... -Gloria Wheatcroft, Hove (letter in archive)
Argus 4.6.03 The swans will come back a third time - I write in reply to Sam Rillium regarding the Worthing Swans (Letters, May 27). I have no doubt the Egham Swan Sanctuary and Mr Weeks do much good work with swan welfare and are completely dedicated people but so is Worthing And District Animal Rescue Service… As soon we knew the swans had made their nest on the bank of the brook, I was in touch with Billy Elliott, from WADARS, asking how the council could help… The two cygnets had been observed by Mr Elliott and the manager of Dinnages only the day before they were moved getting in and out of the water quite happily - so why move them?... -Peter Green executive member for environmental services, Worthing Borough Council (letter in archive)
Argus 4.6.03 Due praise - Further to your article regarding the removal of swans from Willowbrook Road, Worthing, we would like to point out there were three trained rescuers… The volunteers acted on behalf of the National Swan Sanctuary and not East Sussex WRAS… We understand Trevor Weeks spoke to Worthing Borough Council in April, when he asked the council to erect the fence around the swans… The main issue here is that the cygnets would have died had they been left… Trevor acted properly and professionally and, most importantly, in the best interest of the swans… -Murrae Hume and Kevin McIntyre East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (letter in archive)
Argus 28.5.03 Helping swans was the right thing to do - The responsibility for the amazing outburst by Worthing councillor Peter Green (The Argus, May 21) must be shouldered by us, the apathetic electorate…. The swan family on Willowbrook was in a desperate situation… The right decision, of course, is to thank Trevor Weeks for his compassionate initiative… -Tony Slow, West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group, PO Box 3058, Littlehampton (letter in archive)
Argus 27.5.03 Swan song - Trevor Weeks and the Egham Swan Sanctuary are experts at wildlife rescue and would have considered the circumstances leading to the relocation of the Worthing swans… The Swan Sanctuary has a world-wide reputation for its knowledge and, together with the vast experience of Mr Weeks, deserves more respect than the childish and offensive comments of Worthing Borough Councillor Peter Green… -Sam Rillim, Brighton (letter in archive)
Argus 21.5.03 Feathers fly over swan rescue by Karen Hoy - An animal rescuer who moved a pair of swans and their two cygnets under the cover of darkness has been branded a pirate. Trevor Weeks took the birds and five eggs as their nest, on a river bank in East Worthing, had been targeted by stone-throwing yobs. But a councillor says the midnight mission was unnecessary and has demanded their return… He said he took advice from the Swan Sanctuary in Egham, Surrey… Billy Elliott, of the Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service, had worked with the council to ensure the birds' safety. He said he was disappointed by Mr Weeks' decision… (story in archive)

Edinburgh Evening News 18.6.03 Make animal slaughter humane - ADVOCATES for Animals welcomes the Farm Animal Welfare Council’s (FAWC) report on slaughter which calls for an immediate end to the religious Halal and Kosher slaughter methods… Ross Minett Campaigns director Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Northern Echo 17.6.03 New chapter in the history of hunting by Sam Strangeways …Author Richard Almond has discovered that throughout the Middle Ages, hunting - long assumed to be a pursuit reserved for aristocratic noblemen - was in fact just as popular with peasants and, most remarkably of all, women…. At the weekend, he was joined by members of the Zetland Hunt at a book signing at The Crown pub in Manfield, near Darlington… Hunting has already been entered for next year's Wolfson History Prize. It is published by Sutton Publishing and is available at most bookstores priced £20. (story in archive)
Northern Echo 14.6.03 Books signing - HISTORIAN Richard Almond will sign copies of his book Medieval Hunting at the weekend. Mr Almond, a senior lecturer at Darlington College of Technology, will be joined at The Crown pub, in Manfield, at 5pm on Sunday, by members of the Zetland Hunt…. (story)

Western Morning News 17.6.03 A RESPONSIBLE POLICY ON MANAGING ANIMALS - Why is it that the "animal activist" brigade which tries to intimidate those supporting the medical benefits of animal experimentation (white mice and rats being the main species) are those who try to go against the RSPB with its one million plus members and commendable ongoing conservation campaigns when it comes to tackling the rat problem on Lundy?... Following a three-year study, the University of Kent's Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology reported that hunting and shooting landowners plant more new woodlands and hedgerows than those who do not… P Milton, Georgeham, North Devon (letter)

Western Morning News 17.6.03 ANGLERS, PLEASE THINK AGAIN - I write in response to the pro-angling letter of Major Montague (WMN, June 10). Ah yes - personal depreciation - the favourite refuge of those who cannot refute, but will not accept. For the record, Mr Montague, every day of my life is dedicated to helping the environment and all of God's creation… To torment, hurt and kill an unwilling opponent, unable to defend itself, is cowardly and despicable enough, but to do these things in the name of "sport" only magnifies the moral indefensibility of the deed…. H Lancre, St Austell (letter)
Western Morning News 10.6.03 'WE CARE FOR OUR RIVERS' Perhaps i might be allowed to answer Mr Lancre's attack on the fishing fraternity… In the past few years my own fishing club has spent over £30,000 on river repair while other members spend their weekends on bank maintenance. Dare I ask what Mr Lancre has ever done for the habitat in which our fish live… Major John Montague, Alphington Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 4.6.03 FISH SUFFER FOR ANGLERS' SPORT - The recent research concerning fish feeling pain (WMN letters, May 28) verifies the earlier extensive research carried out at the University of Utrecht which concluded that fish do suffer and feel pain, and also experience fear at the hands of anglers… . "Sportsmen?" Huh! Cowardly bullies more like. Ban the lot of them! H Lancre St Austell (letter)

Western Morning News 17.6.03 FISHING HAS BECOME A TOURISM-LED PURSUIT - I agree with WMN anti-angling correspondents - and that's as an angler! But then I fish for food, and that's the only justification, morally, to fish… Martin McLeod, Bridestowe, Devon (letter)

Western Morning News 17.6.03 Wrong target - THE plight of poor and starving people in today's world should be placed firmly in the hands of all governments, not laid at the door of the RSPCA and its supporters… Irene Theobald, Helston (letter)

Western Morning News 17.6.03 HUMANS TO BLAME FOR THIS SLAUGHTER - Three cheers for Lynne Curry in her criticism of the Mammal Society's speciesism (WMN, May 28). If anyone, or anything is guilty of "wholesale slaughter" of animals it is the human carnivore... Give up causing the slaughter of pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, fish etc, for your plate. Give up supporting the brutality of vivisection in so-called "medical research"…. So, one big brick-bat for Stephen Harris, Professor of Environmental Sciences in the School of Biological Sciences… Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Newcastle Journal 17.6.03 Memorial commemorates foot-and-mouth disaster - Millions of animals which died during the foot-and-mouth crisis two years ago were remembered yesterday as a special memorial was unveiled. The Duchess of Hamilton dedicated the commemoration stone, which has been sited in a garden at the Mossburn Animal Centre at Hightae, near Lockerbie in Dumfriesshire, during a special ceremony…. (story)
Scotland on Sunday 15.6.03 Duchess unveils foot-and-mouth memorial - CHRISTOPHER CLAIRE - ONE of Scotland’s top aristocrats yesterday took part in a ‘memorial’ ceremony for animals killed during the foot-and-mouth crisis. The Duchess of Hamilton, a high-profile animal welfare campaigner, dedicated a commemoration stone to sheep, pigs, cows and goats at an animal sanctuary near Lockerbie in Dumfriesshire. The 10ft memorial, at the Mossburn animal centre at Hightae, features a steel plaque expressing ‘outrage’ at the mass livestock cull carried out across the UK two years ago... The duchess, with her husband, the Duke of Hamilton, is a well-known campaigner for animal rights. The couple have publicly opposed hunting with dogs and protested against the sale of the goose-liver delicacy paté de foie gras... (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 16.6.03 16,000 say Honley Show is hot stuff - Bumper day out in the sun By Ed Reed, The Huddersfield Daily Examiner - IT summed up a sun-drenched Honley Show. "That was a brilliant day out", exclaimed one young mum at the end of a sizzling, record-breaking agricultural show…. The main ring saw exhibitions by the Holme Valley Beagles and a show-stealing display by John Whiteley, whose sheepdogs corralled ducks and geese rather than woolly flocks… (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 5.6.03 Paul's at the show again! - HONLEY Show organisers are taking no chances. They want to guarantee a good weather day for the event at Farnley Tyas on Saturday, June 14, so they've booked their own weather expert… It will include majorettes, dog agility classes, a sheepdog and farmyard display, foxhounds from local packs and a Pony Club gymkhana… (story)

(poss. Western Morning News) 16.6.03 BID TO AVERT ANIMAL BURIAL CRISIS THREAT - County farmers are hopeful a special regional scheme might yet be set up to avert a looming carcass crisis…. Former county chairman of the NFU John Daw, who farms near Crediton, said: "The organisation from a Government point of view has been left far too late… sad fact is that many producers just don't trust Defra anymore since what happened during foot-and-mouth…" A Defra spokesman said: "We should be able to say reasonably quickly if the scheme is coming into force but it will take some time to set up. "In the meantime, there are other disposal options available including the knackermen, the hunts and on-farm incineration where available." (story)

Telegraph 16.6.03 No compromise - It is increasingly clear that neither Alun Michael nor his parliamentary colleagues have either the slightest concern for animal welfare nor any genuine concern for the plight of shooting. Christopher Graffius's letter (letter, Jun 12) should signal danger to all who care for the future of this sport... If BASC think it wise to sup with the devil, then I hope it has a very long spoon. Nicholas Soames MP (Con), London SW1 (letter)
Telegraph 12.6.03 Bureaucrat's dream - The League Against Cruel Sports' position on shooting and other country sports is well known (letter, June 7), but its arguments are based on emotion, not clear thinking... The league calls for legislation that would specify the bore or calibre of the shotgun or rifle, and the size of the ammunition required for each target species. This would be a bureaucrat's dream and a shooter's nightmare. The appropriate firearm or ammunition will vary widely according to the circumstances of the shot to be taken... It is a testament to the skill and competence of British shooters that, of the 2,020 foxes taken into RSPCA hospitals over the past decade, only three had gunshot wounds - Christopher Graffius, British Association of Shooting and Conservation, Wrexham (letter)
Telegraph 9.6.03 Hounds for hunting - I must argue with Douglas Batchelor (letter, Jun 7). The size of the gun used to shoot vermin is not the important thing; it is the person using that weapon and his expertise that is important... In hunted areas, the population of hunted animals is very healthy. In areas where only shooting is carried out there might not even be a population. I know which I prefer. From: J Marshall, Tetford, Lincs (letter)
Telegraph 7.6.03 Arms control - The important piece of new research which finds that shooting maims as many foxes as it kills (report, Jun 5) makes it clear that regulations are needed to control the indiscriminate wounding of wild mammals... The league would like to see wild mammals and birds protected by law from the cruelty of malicious wounding, whether it be for sport or "pest control".... Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, London SE1 (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 16.6.03 DON'T TRAP MAGPIES - An animal welfare charity has issued a warning to county people that they could face prosecution if they trap and kill magpies. The RSPCA is concerned that the public may target magpies indiscriminately with Larsen traps in the mistaken belief the bird is responsible for a decline in the British songbird population… (story)

Guardian 16.6.03 Religious law and animal slaughter - As Jews who take the laws of kashrut seriously, we are disturbed by the official reaction of the communal Jewish leadership and writers such as Brian Klug (The animal welfare lobby is wrong, June 11) to the recent report on ritual slaughter released by the Farm Animal Welfare Council... The rabbinic leadership needs to recognise that pre-stunnning has become the most humane method of slaughter. David Bilchitz, Joseph Finlay, University of Cambridge
... There are already plenty of Jewish vegetarians. I'm one and so is my Rabbi. Guy Strelitz, London
... While the RSPCA recognises that religious beliefs and practices should be respected, it also believes that it is important to ensure that animals are slaughtered under the most humane conditions possible... Martin Potter, RSPCA (letters)

BBC News Online 15.6.03 Mink hunting on the rise - With summer warming up the mink hunting season is warming up too... The government's hunting bill, going through Parliament, could allow mink hunting if it is seen to be the only way to control mink populations... Twice a week from April to September, the Devon and Cornwall Mink Hounds (DCMH), are called out to look for mink along different stretches of river.... Chris Deacon of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "Mink numbers have actually gone down. Hunting mink is not an effective way of controlling mink…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 15.6.03 Shooting has a positive role to play in fostering youth interest in sport - I WAS dismayed to read yet another negative article regarding firearms last week (‘Lessons for young guns come under fire’, News, June 8).... it was unnecessarily alarmist to publish an article linking organised sporting shooting by young people to the actions of a psychologically dysfunctional murderer.... The courses referred to in the article run by the Game Conservancy Trust and British Association of Shooting and Conservation are supervised and co-ordinated by responsible, established organisations committed to the promotion of the sport as a safe and enjoyable pastime... The irony of other articles in the same section of the newspaper highlighting childhood obesity and linking it with inactivity is also noted... David MacIntyre, Glendevon
I HAVE just finished reading the story about the young shots shooting event. I think it is wonderful that there are still parents and concerned adults around that still believe that firearm safety and proper usage start in childhood... Gary L Hudgins, via e-mail (letters)
Scotland on Sunday 8.6.03 Lessons for young guns come under fire - JEREMY WATSON AND ADAM MORRIS - SOME of the youngsters are not much bigger than the shotguns they will learn to handle and fire like experts. But supporters of the countryside way of life have organised a series of shooting lessons this summer for children as young as 13... The first event - called ‘Young Shots’ - takes place tomorrow in Dumfriesshire, organised by the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC). Later this summer, at a sports shooting centre at Gleneagles, the Game Conservancy Trust will teach teenagers shooting skills as part of its ‘Fur, Feather and Fin’ course.... Ross Minett, spokesman for the animal welfare group Advocates for Animals, said: "We should not be encouraging the use of lethal weapons in children, whether in a controlled environment or not."... (story)

Sunday Times 15.6.03 GIVE UP MEAT: Margarette Driscoll’s article makes frightening reading... There is a growing realisation that a meat-free diet is perhaps the way forward. Nitin Mehta, Croydon, Surrey (letter)

Times 14.6.03 Animal welfare and ritual slaughter - Sir, It is hardly surprising that the Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC) has condemned ritual slaughter as cruel (report, June 11). The method was analysed in 1985 and the conclusion was the same... The exemption in the Protection of Animals Act 1911 should be abolished. It is morally wrong to sanction a prolonged cruel death purely on ritualistic grounds. N. C. SWEENEY, Veritas Chambers, 197 High Street, Worle, North Somerset BS22 6JA. (letter)

Independent 14.6.03 Faith & Reason: Controversy over ritual slaughter diverts us from the real problem - Religions must learn to separate traditions and customs from the core essentials of faith if they are to find a common currency of ethical values - Indarjit Singh (story)
Telegraph 13.6.03 Hunting Bill reminder - The Government was warned yesterday not to forget to repay all those loyal backbenchers who supported it over issues that were not in the manifesto. During Business Questions, Gerald Kaufman, the Labour MP for Manchester Gorton, who wants to see hunting with hounds banned, raised the controversial Hunting Bill... (story)
Western Morning News 7.6.03 MPS STEP UP CALLS FOR COMPLETE HUNTING BAN - MARK CLOUGH - The drive to ban hunting is likely to be stepped up in Parliament by Labour backbenchers who are pushing for an outright ban.... Peter Anderson, the regional spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports, said they had known for some time that Tony Banks was rallying support from backbenchers opposed to hunting... Alison Hawes, of the Countryside Alliance, said: "We know the voting records of the MPs and those who have said they are against hunting will no doubt continue with their opposition. We are waiting for work on the Hunting Bill to resume." Jim Barrington, a consultant to the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group, said the backbenchers' move to back the amendment was not surprising.... (story)
Western Morning News 7.6.03 BILL'S SLOW PROGRESS - The progress of the Hunting Bill through Parliament has ground to a halt. Much of this is due to external pressures, not least of which was the war in Iraq... Jim Barrington, the consultant for the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group, pointed out that the Government's legislative timetable was getting congested. He said: "When the Bill might come back we just don't know. It has certainly been put on the back burner..." (story)
Independent 6.6.03 Ministers face pressure from back bench to outlaw hunting By Marie Woolf Chief Political Correspondent - Labour backbenchers are poised to push through an outright ban on fox hunting after attempts by ministers to talk them out of it failed. A total of 150 Labour MPs have signed an amendment to the Hunting Bill, which would make it illegal to hunt with dogs anywhere in England and Wales. Alun Michael, the Rural Affairs minister in charge of steering the Bill through Parliament, has been in frantic talks with MPs over the past few weeks to try to convince them to change their minds… (story)

Western Morning News 13.6.03 HUNT BAN 'WOULD HIT DEVON HARDEST' - A new survey claims that a ban on hunting would hit Devon more severely than anywhere else in the country. Horse and Hound magazine says Devon is the "horsiest" county in the UK, with 24 packs hunting within its boundary… Ian Pearse, master of the South Devon Hunt, said: "The Westcountry is a Mecca for hunting…" (story)

Harborough Mail 13.6.03 MORE PUPPIES STOLEN IN NEW RAID ON HUNT STABLES - PUPPIES have been stolen from Fernie Hunt stables in Great Bowden for the second time in a month. The three female foxhound pups were taken last Thursday morning between 10am and midday…. A silver Vauxhall Astra estate (the old model) carrying three white males aged between 16 and 19 years was seen in the immediate area of the stables the day the puppies were stolen…. (story)

Chester Chronicle 13.6.03 Hunting likened to rape and torture - David Holmes, Chester Chronicle - AN ANIMAL rights supporter has backed controversial claims by a leading Christian expert that fox hunting is the moral equivalent of rape, child abuse and torture. Chris Owen, a Cheshire spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports, agrees with the report published in the Christian Socialist Movement (CSM) by Andrew Linzey, professor of theology at Oxford University… Mr Owen argued 'the suffering inf licted on humans by hunting' should also be taken into account… 'I myself have been viciously attacked, have had my property invaded, suffered years of abuse, the threatening phone calls, the verbal threats in the street, the threats to my family.'… 'If Andrew Linzey is coming up with this stuff and it is being used by the anti-hunting lobby, it is no wonder they are losing ground so rapidly,' said Jill Grieve, spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance… (story)
Western Morning News 10.6.03 No comparison - THE report "Hunting as bad as rape - professor" (WMN, June 2) is certainly revealing and exposes the ludicrous thinking of the animal rights lobby…. Anyone who compares field sports to child abuse and rape must be seriously unbalanced. Harvey Paulger, Morchard Bishop, Crediton (letter)
Observer 8.6.03 A biased view - In reporting the grotesque claims about hunting by Andrew Linzey (News, last week) you fail to mention that Professor Linzey's Chair in Ethics, Theology and Animal Welfare at Mansfield College, Oxford, is in fact funded by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, which, it may be remembered, gave New Labour £1 million before the 1997 General election so that banning hunting with dogs was included in the Labour Party manifesto.... Anne Naylor, Bentley Heath, Hertfordshire (letter)
Western Morning News 2.6.03 HUNTING AS BAD AS RAPE - PROFESSOR - A senior religious figure came under fire from pro-hunting groups last night after he claimed that the activity is morally equivalent to rape, child abuse and torture. In a report to be published by the Christian Socialist Movement (CSM) in the next two weeks, Andrew Linzey, professor of theology at Oxford, argues that there is no moral defence for hunting as sport and that it should be completely banned… (story)
Observer 1.6.03 Labour morality guru compares fox-hunting to rape - Kamal Ahmed, political editor - Hunting is morally equivalent to rape, child abuse and torture, according to one of Britain's leading Christian experts, who is closely connected to Labour's religious establishment. The incendiary claim, which brought immediate condemnation from pro-hunting groups, has been made by Andrew Linzey, professor of theology at Oxford University... In a report to be published by the Christian Socialist Movement (CSM) in the next fortnight, Linzey will argue that there is no moral defence for hunting as sport and that it should be completely banned... 'If Andrew Linzey is coming up with this stuff and it is being used by the anti-hunting lobby, it is no wonder they are losing ground so rapidly,' said Jill Grieve, spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance... (story)

Chester Chronicle 13.6.03 INTERESTING to hear that hunt supporters claim to plant trees and hedgerows (Points of View, The Chronicle, June 6). No doubt much of this is a result of their ordinary daytime work unconnected with hunting, as the writer admits 'if hunting were to be banned, all this good work would not simply stop'… No doubt cock f ighting was defended as providing employment… Ironically, hunt supporters who make claims of preserving nature fail to mention the artificial earths which have been constructed in some parts of the country to encourage foxes to breed, or the sheep carcasses dumped nearby to feed them, as seen in video evidence broadcast on national TV…. CHRISTOPHER CLAYTON Orchard Cottage, Brown Heath Rd, Christleton
I SEE the anonymous, gutless ones are at it again. Overnight they've become conservationists and nature lovers… It takes a bit more than planting a few trees to tart up the hunt's vile image. It's a bit like submitting a gas chamber for an agricultural design award - a few more bushes round the railway track at the entrance perhaps? ALEX WOODS Great Barrow (letters)
Chester Chronicle 6.6.03 THE findings reported in Nature highlighted in last week's The Chronicle Country edition, will come as no surprise to many of your readers. For centuries, hunting has played a signif icant role in shaping our landscape…. Recently, I prepared a report on the conservation measures being carried out by hunting people in the local Wynnstay Hunt Country as part of a national survey being assessed by the Game Conservancy. Within the hunt boundaries there are some internationally important sites that have been preserved and managed by hunt supporters… Of course, if hunting were to be banned, all this good work would not simply stop - these individuals are passionate about their environment - but the cost of the conservation works exceeds £25,000 a year and it would be naïve to hope there would be no reduction. Our natural history would be the loser. NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)
Chester Chronicle 6.6.03 I AM writing to you after reading your article in the Chester Chronicle 'Findings in Nature'… My grandfather, a hunting man, came to this area in 1890… He planted seven small woods for hunting and shooting. I have maintained the woods which I inherited and added three more copses… J M ORMROD Bowling Bank, Wrexham (letter)

Argus 13.6.03 Poor logic - The University of Kent apparently backs up claims made by the pro-hunting lobby that hunting and shooting encourage the conservation of natural habitats… I would have thought the mere sight of the beautiful countryside would be enough to encourage so-called country people to maintain this precious gem. -Roberta Edwards, Shoreham-by-Sea (letter in archive)

Independent 13.6.03 If you go down to the woods today - To some, they're charming, gentle creatures. To others, they're a threat to property, livestock - and people. Either way, there are more badgers about than ever, and a fierce war of words is raging over their reputation. Richard Askwith tells a dark tale of brute beasts and savage spin... Over the years, though, my attitude to the black-and-white burrowers that live beneath our garden shed has soured... What I really resent, though, is the fact that I no longer dare let the children camp unattended in the garden... Ask Michael Fitzgerald, who last month found a badger in his garage in Evesham, Worcestershire, tried to photograph it and was viciously mauled... For several weeks, for example, residents of Tredworth, Gloucester, have been complaining of a ferocious elderly male badger that has been rampaging in their neighbourhood at night. He has yet to draw blood, but he has ripped down fences and plants, put teeth-marks in a wood-and-brick barricade, and left a trail of fear... Jill Bowen-Bravery, a farmer from Upper Llanover, Gwent, reported that her seven-year-old collie had been horribly savaged by a badger right outside her back door.... the main cause of the badger boom is the considerable protection that the creatures now enjoy in law... As a result, a species that 30 years ago was considered endangered has thrived and multiplied to the extent that some now speak of it as a pest... (story)

Worcester Evening News 13.6.03 Different approach to the TB problem is needed - JOHN Bennett claims that badger numbers need to be controlled (Evening News, May 30). However, an increase in badger numbers during recent years is not a population explosion but is a recovery following the large-scale and widespread persecution that occurred prior to the Protection of Badgers Act 1992… For far too many years, the badger has been made the scapegoat and paid a heavy price for what is essentially a cattle problem requiring a cattle-based solution. P HANDY, Malvern (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 2.6.03 Perhaps they're scared of discovering the truth - IN the article about badgers to be shot to control TB (Evening News, Monday, May 19) the chairman of the Worcestershire Badger Society, Mike Weaver, claims it is a waste of taxpayers' money for Defra to carry out badger culling in certain parts of the country. He states it is not being carried out in a scientific way. Yet the following day, Claire Whyte, a member of Coalation of Badger Action Groups, states: "Wherever Defra try to and capture badgers, we will have someone there to release them." Who's wasting the money and what chance have we of finding out the truth? Perhaps they are frightened what the truth may be… My farm has been shut down since November, when my first case of TB came to light…. JON TAINTON, Shoulton, Hallow, Worcestershire (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 31.5.03 No easy solutions to the issue of badgers - I WAS outraged to read (Evening News, May 20) that Clare Whyte suggested bovine TB is caused by poor hygiene and the Government. In the early 1980s, badgers became a protected species. They were not endangered at that time, but the Act was brought in to stop the ghastly practice of badger-baiting. In the early 1970s, the UK was virtually free of Bovine TB… The misguided Badger Action Groups, instead of facing the reality of the problem only hinder practical solutions… JOHN BENNETT, Lower Wick, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 21.5.03 Readers vote to stop badger cull - STOP the badger slaughter - that was the verdict of readers who voted in our phone poll this week. Sixty-seven per cent of readers voted against the cull, which restarted this month in Herefordshire and Worcestershire… "Bovine TB is spreading around the country, but not because of badgers," said Clare Whyte, a Hereford-based activist…. (story in archive)
Worcester Evening News 20.5.03 TB or not TB... The great badger debate - HUGE increases in the incidence bovine tuberculosis have proved another setback for farmers in Worcestershire and Herefordshire, and industry chiefs are demanding action. Andrew Goodman, county chairman of the NFU, says something had to be done to stop the increase in incidents around the UK… Clare Whyte, a member of the Coalition of Badger Action Groups (CBAG), is convinced the blame for bovine TB lies with the Government and farmers…. It costs Defra more than £30,000 to trap each badger that carries the disease, CBAG claims. "When you consider farms that are struggling won't earn that in years it is a ludicrous sum," said the Hereford-based activist… (story in archive)
Worcester Evening News 19.5.03 Badgers to be shot to control TB - BADGER-culling has restarted in the region in a bid to stop the spread of TB in cattle. A 147-square-kilometre area focusing on Bosbury, near Ledbury, has been identified as a designated culling area where as many badgers as possible are to be caged and shot…. "We don't believe the experiment will reveal any important data because it's not being carried out in a scientific way," said chairman of the Worcestershire Badger Society, Mike Weaver, who believes the Government's study is fundamentally flawed… (story in archive)

Redditch Standard 13.6.03 Viewers go ape over chimp commercials - REDDITCH-based bike company Halfords has landed itself in hot water after 100 complaints about the use of chimpanzees in its latest TV commercials.... And things got even worse for the firm on Wednesday (June 12) when animal rights campaigners gathered outside Halfords' head office in Washford to voice their concerns. The demonstration was organised by the Redditch Animal Rights group and the Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS). Kevin White from Redditch Animal Rights said: "We disagree with the exploitation of the chimps on TV..." (story)
Telegraph 12.6.03 Inquiry into chimps in tracksuits TV advert By Matt Born - Halfords, the country's biggest bicycle and car parts retailer, is being investigated by television regulators after complaints that it exploited chimpanzees that featured in an advertisement.... The Captive Animals Protection Society (Caps), a charity which has campaigned for a ban on performing circus animals, said it had been "inundated with complaints" from viewers who were "concerned and shocked".... (story)
BBC News Online 11.6.03 Chimp commercial criticised - The bicycle and car parts retailer Halfords is being accused of exploiting animals in a new television commercial. More than 100 complaints have been made about the company's use of a group of chimpanzees in its advert with the slogan, "you pay peanuts, we give you monkeys"…. the Captive Animals Protection Society is calling on Halfords to drop the advert… (story)
Birmingham Evening Mail 10.6.03 Chimps TV ad storm By Susie Smith, Evening Mail - A probe has been launched into a TV commercial featuring chimps to promote national bike chain Halfords…. Craig Redmond, campaign officer at the Captive Animals' Protection Society which has led calls for the commercial to be banned, said: "Chimpanzees are extremely intelligent animals with highly complex needs and should not be subjected to the humiliation and distress of being trained and dressed to perform in this manner which clearly seeks to ridicule them…." (story)
Redditch Advertiser 4.6.03 Firm at centre of animal row - REDDITCH animal rights campaigners staged a demonstration outside Halfords head office on Friday to protest at the use of chimpanzees in a recent TV advert for the company. The group, together with the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS), is trying to persuade Halfords to withdraw the advert (story in archive)

BBC News Online 13.6.03 Puppy farm grant row - Grants to fund new puppy farms in Wales have been condemned by animal welfare organizations… Kate Woodman, the assistant manager of Cwmbran-based All Creatures Great and Small animal sanctuary, said there was no need for any more dog breeding facilities to be set up…. Her views were supported by Mo Davie, who runs a Cardiff company called A Dogs Life, which monitors dog breeders…. (story)

Burton Mail 13.6.03 Workers in a flap over pigeon cull by TOM BRADSHAW - WORKERS at a Burton brewery are in a flap over speculation that 'snipers' are being brought in over the weekend to shoot hundreds of birds at the site. The Mail has been contacted by people working at Coors Brewers, claiming that exterminators armed with air rifles are being brought in tomorrow to kill pigeons which are roosting at the site's new canning line... (story)

Telegraph 13.6.03 Butchery - John Taylor, Ardmore Veterinary Practice, Sudbury, Suffolk - The claim that severing both carotid arteries and both jugular veins during the act of halal or kosher slaughter produces immediate loss of consciousness (report, Jun 11) is one that bears little scientific scrutiny… As a veterinary student, I spent two weeks observing slaughterhouse practice; perhaps if more people saw this method of slaughter, they would be better able to decide on its merits (letter)

Western Morning News 12.6.03 LABOUR HAS MANY FENCES TO MEND - When Labour came to power in 1997 they inherited a bad situation in the countryside - and set about making it worse... In November 2000 the Government began to show the first signs that it was taking seriously the problems of the countryside with the publication of the Rural White Paper... But the progress was quickly overtaken by the Government's disastrous handling of the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak... The on-going obsession of many Labour MPs with banning hunting with dogs has not helped the party to win friends in the countryside... (story)

North Devon Journal 12.6.03 WILL ANYONE GIVE BALANCE IN ANIMAL 'RIGHTS' DEBATE? - I wonder how many other readers out there are bemused at the occasional correspondence in the Journal from the 'animal activist' brigade. Why is it that the same individuals who try to intimidate those supporting the medical benefits of animal experimentation (white mice and rats being the main species) are those who try to go against the RSPB with its one million plus members and commendable ongoing conservation campaigns (not only for birds) when it comes to tackling the rat problem on Lundy?... Following a three-year study, the University of Kent's Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology has issued a report confirming that hunting and shooting landowners plant more new woodlands and hedgerows against those who do not… PHILIP MILTON, Georgeham. (letter)

Western Daily Press 12.6.03 GUN-TOTING YOBS THREAT TO WILDLIFE - Once again, I read with astonishment the sheer ignorance of the people fighting to keep the 'fun sport' of killing with dogs. It is a fact that foxes do not need controlling as, by natural selection they have the ability to control their own numbers via territory, the elements and food supply... The only reason a fox should be shot is when it is injured in a place difficult to get at and, yes, use an expert. By an expert, I mean a qualified marksman, not a gun-toting farmer or his mates. These people are the scourge of the countryside, who invariably maim rabbits, pheasants, pigeons, stoats and squirrels, species one- tenth the size of a fox.... M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 12.6.03 HARE-COURSING INVESTIGATION - Police are investigating reports of illegal hare-coursing taking place in the Alves and Forres area over the past four weeks... Moray wildlife liaison officer Constable Mike Middlehurst said that hare-coursing was now illegal under the Protection of Mammals Act (Scotland) 2002, and any person convicted of committing offences under the Act could now be jailed... (story)

BBC News Online 12.6.03 Rural police course criticised - A course designed to help police in Staffordshire deal with rural issues is being criticised for its lack of emphasis on the victims of crime. More than 100 officers have so far been to the sessions at Rodbaston College, which teach officers about handling things like animal rights, poaching and sheep handling. But the Countryside Alliance say the courses do not effectively tackle crimes committed against people…. (story) =

Hull Daily Mail 12.6.03 WHEN WILL ANIMALS BE CARED FOR? The fundraising article by the RSPCA (Mail, May 23) annoyed me. A dog near me was out for many nights in torrential rain without shelter... I had my nose broken by the owner because I fed the poor animal... An RSPCA inspector on pet rescue was concerned about a dog kept on a two foot chain, and said: "I am a lot happier now it has five feet of chain". What an attitude.... While the RSPCA refuses to invest its money ethically, I see no change in combating animal abuse... S Broom, Apollo Walk, Ings Road Estate, Hull. (letter)

Manchester Evening News 12.6.03 Just not fur as mayor buys his own robes - A NEW mayor who refused to wear his traditional robes of office because they were trimmed with animal fur has bought his own. Stockport first citizen Ken Holt, an anti-cruelty campaigner, objected on moral grounds because it was decorated with ermine… he is now kitted out with full mayor's regalia after buying his own robe made from man-made fibre… (story)
Manchester Evening News 21.5.03 Fur fight as mayor refuses his robe - A NEW mayor is refusing to wear his robes of office because they are fur-trimmed - and he is an animal rights' campaigner. Tory Ken Holt wore a smart suit rather than the red robe when he was invested with the chain of office at Stockport town hall…. Coun Holt is also considering boycotting the annual visit to Stockport's French twin town, Beziers, as a protest against its financial support of bullfighting… (story)

Telegraph 12.6.03 Less polemic - Stunning millions of animals before slaughter (report, June 11) may not be as perfect as some believe… More research and less polemics are needed to solve such a highly emotive issue. Dr Nasim Naqvi, Bolton, Lancs (letter)

Post & Times 11.6.03 APPALLED BY THE CRUELTY - - Will we ever have a civilised society with decent standards? I pose the question wearily after reading the Post & Times article on the vile people, mainly male, I am sure, who still revel in the hideously cruel staging of dog, badger and cock fights in our countryside… Then I thought about blood sports and started to wonder if any of our 'redcoats' could possibly be involved. Or should I not tar even them with the same brush - I wonder? Appalled Countryman Leigh Name and address supplied (story)

Burton Mail 11.6.03 Victim of hate lives in terror by TOM BRADSHAW - A BURTON woman says she is a prisoner in her own home after animal rights terrorists wrapped her home in industrial chains. Hilary Wright was alone at her house in Greenway, Winshill, when three suspected Animal Liberation Front thugs used six padlocks to lock three chains around the building… Mr Wright works as a driver for David Hall and Partners at the controversial Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch… No-one was available for comment on behalf of the Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs group. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 11.6.03 SLEDGE HAMMER TO CRACK..A FOX! - I entirely agree with Mr Moore's comments on hunting (letters, June 4). The so-called Countryside Alliance was, and is a scam to cloak the real agenda, the liberty of these people to have fun chasing and terrifying a small animal…. A H Lee, Caer Glyn, 26 Crescent Road, Llandeilo
I would like to applaud Mr Moore (June 4) for his letter, and to add to it, by stating, that before we started indiscriminately killing the wild life in our beautiful countryside, foxes and other predators, only bred enough young that the food supply would support… Penny Chissell, 25 Heol Hathren, Cwmann, Lampeter (letters)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 11.6.03 Treat animals with respect - REGARDING your report on ritual slaughter (LET, May 17), there should be a total ban on these methods…. V BRITNER (Mrs), Netherfield Gardens, Nelson. (letter in archive)

Times 11.6.03 Should we all turn vegetarian? Another selection of views on meat and its place in our diet
... To be, or not to be, a vegetarian is a matter of choice for the individual. It is neither good nor bad to be one or the other, and it is no one’s right to prescribe what others shall eat or not eat except upon invitation in a medical context. Colin Dickins, Northwood, Middlesex
Men behaving bizarrely - YOUR letters on the subject of vegetarianism were interesting. Whereas the letters from women were perfectly sensible and reasonably argued, two of the letters from men were bizarre. The first said he thought it was better for an animal to have a short life and be killed, rather than no life at all... I remember about 20 years ago listening to a debate on animal experimentation during which one of the scientists said he, too, thought it was better for an animal to have a bit of a life rather than none at all. What, in a research laboratory?... Rosemary Poole, Winchester
Laughing matter - READING the letters on vegetarianism (Debate, June 3) had me howling with laughter... Stan Whitehead, Fareham, Hampshire
Let’s be honest ... In 30 years as a vegetarian I have never met anyone who can mount a sustainable defence of eating the flesh of slaughtered animals... Britain’s meat-eaters (some 55 million people) will, over the course of their lives, be responsible for the deaths of well over 82,500,000,000 of their fellow creatures — an unimaginable catalogue of pain, suffering and misery. Antony Crookston, Waterlooville, Hampshire
In protest - I’VE been veggie for six months but I’m not going to take the moral high ground... I might consider eating meat from my local butcher, but otherwise I shall leave it well alone. Jonathan Paul Wiggett, Holyhead, Anglesey
Facing consequences - GIVING up meat would appear to be a modern dietary habit developed without giving any consideration to the consequences... Tom Brown, Launceston, Cornwall
IF VEGETARIANS can persuade members of the animal kingdom to stop eating each other, I promise to turn veggie. Susan West, Bournemouth (letters)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 11.6.03 SNH TO MOUNT NEW HEDGEHOG HUNT ON THE ISLE OF LEWIS - MURDO MACLEAN - Scottish Natural Heritage has turned its attention to Lewis in its continued hunt for hedgehogs. But the Government conservation body insists that a repeat of the highly-controversial cull of the prickly creatures carried out in North Uist is unlikely to happen…. (story)
Scotland on Sunday 8.6.03 Hedgehogs cull a needless slaughter - IT IS to the shame of Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) that it has spent large amounts of taxpayers’ money killing hedgehogs on the Uists... Ross Minett, Uist Hedgehog Rescue, Edinburgh (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 11.6.03 DEER IS BACK IN WILD - The deer rescued by police and wildlife workers in Cheltenham has been returned to the wild… A joint rescue operation by the RSPCA and Vale Wildlife Rescue Centre in Beckford, near Tewkesbury, later proved successful… Assistant manager of the centre Martin Brookes said: "There was nothing wrong with her apart from a few cuts and bruises and a limp…" (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 7.6.03 THE DEER HUNTERS - A Scared and injured deer had police and wildlife officers chasing their tails.... Gloucestershire Wildlife Rescue and the police were sent to the scene... Louise Tims, a Gloucestershire Wildlife officer, said: "It's clear it's been injured because it has a limp..." Louise Brockbank, manager of GWR, said: "Following consultation with the vet and police, we decided that the deer should be left alone..." The deer was later caught in a joint operation by the RSPCA and staff from the Vale Wildlife Rescue Centre.... (story)

Milton Keynes News 11.6.03 Burger me! Lunch with a bunch of leftie veggies? - CARNIVORE councillor Andy Dransfield has accused an equal opportunities group of discrimination – against meat-eaters. The Tory group leader on Milton Keynes Council got an e-mail from the local authority's own Equalities Consultative Group (ECG) inviting him to lunch to learn about its work. The meat-eating member for Loughton Park said he was more than glad to accept – until he read the lunch was vegetarian… (story)

Western Morning News 10.6.03 A SANCTUARY FOR WILDLIFE ON THE DOORSTEP OF DULVERTON …this is the land of new conservation and education charity Working for Wildlife, which was set up just two months ago… why should it have been the subject of so much controversy over the years? The answer lies in who owns the land - the League Against Cruel Sports… The new charity has been set up to encourage and protect what's there and let people know about it. But some say it's just a friendly front for the league. Reserves officer Adrian Fowle said: "We're proud of the heritage that we've come from but the charity stands on its own in a different area…" Manager Paul Tillsley says Working for Wildlife is being seen as an independent entity and has established good links locally... (story)

Western Morning News 10.6.03 PRIDE IN OUR NATION IS FUEL TO PRESERVE IT - Oh, to be in England! Recently I was fortunate enough to visit the Royal Bath & West Show at Shepton Mallet… The parade of the different hounds, and as always when the hunting horn is sounded, had a very emotional effect on one's senses…. Mrs Soos Churchill, Ipplepen Newton Abbot (letter)

Western Morning News 10.6.03 Pain issue - I WRITE to set R Hancox's mind at rest regarding the contentious issue of whether fish feel pain… the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has never campaigned against angling and has no intentions to do so in the future. IFAW continues to campaign for an end to the cruel and out-dated sport of hunting… Rosa Hill, Information & Research Officer International Fund for Animal Welfare (letter)
Western Morning News 27.5.03 Fish don't feel pain - I FEEL I really must contradict Richard Montford's letter in which he states that "fish feel pain" and that "the evidence is clear"…. Fish respond to stimuli because of nerve reflexes and the flight instinct and not because of pain or fear as most fanatical animal rights groups would have us believe… I certainly do not condone cruelty, whether it is to animals or our fellow human beings, but I hereby withdraw all support from such organisations as the IFAW, The Woodside Animal Welfare Trust, the RSPCA and the National Trust and English Nature. R Hancox, Plymouth (letter)
East Grinstead Courier 16.5.03 YOU CAN'T ALTER NATURE RED IN TOOTH AND CLAW - Richard Mountfield, development manager of Animal Aid, at Tonbridge, tells us we should "leave fish alone… a report entitled "The neurobiological nature of fishes and the question of awareness" by James D Rose, published earlier this year, states that fish do not have that part of the brain which mammals use to detect and react to fear and pain… Most people of Mr Mountfield's persuasion have a Disneyesque view of the animal world in which anthropomorphism plays a big part… Brian Harris, Furnace Lane, Lamberhurst (letter)
Western Morning News 13.5.03 FISH DO SUFFER FEAR AND PAIN Richard Mountford Development manager, Animal Aid, Sevenoaks, Kent (letter)
Kent/Sussex Courier 9.5.03 Richard Mountford's letter highlights a report from the Roslin Institute showing that "fish feel pain" (Courier, May 2). He does not mention the report of Prof Rose of Wyoming University, three months ago... What he also found was that, although capable of reacting to hostile stimuli, its brain was too primitive to be able to translate sensory information into pain as we understand it... Michael McNally, High Street, Tunbridge Wells (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 9.5.03 EATING FISH IS EQUALLY CRUEL - RICHARD MOUNTFORD, Development Manager, Animal Aid (letter)
Worcester Evening News 9.5.03 Eating fish is just as cruel as eating meat - RICHARD MOUNTFORD, Animal Aid. (letter in archive)
Keighley News 9.5.03 SIR - The new research from the prestigious Roslin Institute in Edinburgh showing that fish feel pain is backed up by earlier research… Richard Mountford, Development Manager (letter in archive)
Ilkley Gazette 8.5.03 ....But it's true! - Richard Mountford, Development Manager, Animal Aid
Wharfedale Observer 8.5.03 ....But it's true! - Richard Mountford, Development Manager, Animal Aid
Bolton Evening News 5.5.03 A pragmatic view of the cruelty topic - RICHARD Mountford of Animal Aid, emboldened by the limited success of the campaign to outlaw fox hunting, marches toward the next battlefield in the war on liberty... The movement against fox hunting was never about cruelty, a fact confirmed by the government's own research... Without the (perceived) class element, as in fox hunting, the first group would derive no warm glow of righteousness from a ban on fishing and, more to the point, would hardly jeopardize the support of millions of potential Labour voters... I think those who enjoy to fish can afford to relax. John Morris Coniston Road Blackrod Bolton (letter in archive)
Gloucester Citizen 5.5.03 LET'S JUST LEAVE THE FISH ALONE - RICHARD MOUNTFORD, Development manager (letter)
Bristol Evening Post or Western Daily Press 3.5.03 RESEARCH PROVES THAT ALL FISHING IS CRUEL Richard Mountford Development manager Animal Aid (letter)
Glasgow Herald 2.5.03 Fish feel pain - Richard Mountford, development manager, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter may be in archive)
Kent/Sussex Courier 2.5.03 EATING FISH IS JUST AS CRUEL AS EATING MEAT - Richard Mountford, Development manager, Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)
Bolton Evening News 1.5.03 Research says fish really do suffer pain - THE new research from the prestigious Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, showing that fish feel pain, is backed up by earlier research from the Government's own Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) and by the RSPCA Medway report… The only way to avoid causing suffering is to leave fish alone. For information about how to combat cruelty to animals, contact Animal Aid on 01732 354 032. Richard Mountford, Development Manager (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 9.6.03 DISCOVERY OF TB LEADS TO FEARS OF DEER CULL - MARK CLOUGH - The spectre of a cull among red deer on Exmoor has been raised following the discovery of tuberculosis in a deer shot near a League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) sanctuary… The discovery of TB in a deer shot by a vet working for the British Deer Society is likely to intensify argument about the health of deer in the sanctuary… Gordon Pearce, who lives near the sanctuary and has worked as a stalker there, believes there are too many deer at the sanctuary, which poses health risks to the animals, making it easier for the spread of diseases such as TB… Paul Tillsley, manager at the Baronsdown sanctuary for the past two and a half years, pointed out that TB could probably be found in red deer across Exmoor… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 8.6.03 Threat to deer as TB is found near sanctuary By Daniel Foggo - Deer at a controversial sanctuary owned by the League Against Cruel Sports may have to be culled after an animal shot on adjacent land was found to have tuberculosis…. The findings follow concerns, raised in this newspaper last November by the league's own stalker Gordon Pearce, that the concentration of deer on the 225-acre sanctuary was unnaturally dense and that their health was suffering…. As TB is a notifiable disease, Defra vets will now test deer within a four-mile radius. If it is endemic, a complete cull could be necessary. The league has refused to cull the 350-strong herd in its sanctuary to keep numbers in check, claiming that the animals are perfectly healthy…. (story)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 9.6.03 WHY FISHING IS CRUEL - It is strange some individuals who are supposedly disgusted by the abuse of animals for fun are indifferent or even supportive of angling… Surely it is time to stop this cruelty? MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.6.03 FISHING HAS GONE ON FROM EARLIEST OF TIMES - With regard to letter by K Wicks, Points of view, June 4, there are at present results from two independent scientists: one says fish don't feel pain the other says that they do… Our angling associations, through regular contact with the Environment Agency, seek to identify areas in need of restocking and through licence fees and membership dues this is addressed… M A Walker, Mincinglake Road, Stoke Hill, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 31.5.03 I FEEL COMPASSION FOR ALL ANIMALS, AND PEOPLE TOO - Whether i am a vegan, a vegetarian or not, I am still capable of feeling compassion for all God's creatures, particularly those who cannot speak for themselves, the true victims, Mark Walker, Points of view, May 27… Giving money towards the upkeep of rivers is not an excuse to cause suffering to a fish. It may make you feel better, but it certainly does not cancel out the pain a fish can feel… I would just remind readers that fishing does hurt. Mrs Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, St Thomas, Exeter (letter)

Borehamwood & Elstree Times 9.6.03 Animal testing is vital to the seriously ill - Janet Payne (‘Animal welfare more important than jobs', Letters, June 5) is presumably healthy and can therefore afford to be against the use of animals in medical research such as that at Mill Hill's National Institute for Medical Research… Thomas Bromley executive secretary Seriously Ill for Medical Research (letter)
Edgware & Mill Hill Times 3.6.03 Animal welfare more important than jobs - Though not a member of Animal Aid, I take great exception to Thomas Bromley's patronising tone on our alleged 'muddled priorities'… Along with many others, without much to choose between parties, I voted for Labour solely on their mandate for animal welfare. In two terms of office we have seen absolutely nothing in return for that endorsement. Janet Payne Braemar Gardens, Colindale (letter)

Edgware & Mill Hill Times 28.5.03 Patients will lose out if medical institute closes - Responding to Brian Jacobs of Animal Aid… I think medical research into serious illnesses should be praised and encouraged, even if it upsets anti-vivisection groups and their muddled priorities… Thomas Bromley SIMR executive secretary (letter)
Barnet & Potters Bar Times 19.5.03 Animal welfare groups would welcome institute closure - With reference to your article (Science friction', May 15), the closing of part or all of the National Institute for Medical Research in Mill Hill will be welcomed by many animal welfare supporters. It is at this establishment that many thousands of innocent animals have been tortured in the name of science…. Brian Jacobs, chairman Animal Aid Great Bushey Drive, Totteridge (letter)
Barnet & Potters Bar Times 15.5.03 Science friction By Ian Lloyd - Years of vital research into diseases such as tuberculosis, Aids and malaria are at risk if plans to close the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) in Mill Hill are approved…. (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 7.6.03 STAR GUESTS BOOST HUNT - Musical legends The Wurzels made a special guest appearance at a fundraising function by the pro-hunting fraternity. The archetypal West Country band put on a performance for supporters of the Berkeley Hunt in a function at Moor Farm, Church Lane in Moreton Valence.... (story)

Worcester Evening News 7.6.03 Proof that fish don't feel pain - THE research into whether fish feel pain undertaken by Dr Sneddon at Edinburgh University and cited by Animal Aid as evidence that fishing should be banned appears to have been carried out from a rather anthropomorphic point of view... As for Michael Foster, words fail me! Fishermen, shooters and hunters - we all partake in country sports and we should be sticking together. United we stand, divided we fall and if Mr Foster wants to continue to enjoy his fishing he ought to acknowledge that fact and stand alongside the rest of us in total opposition to a ban on any of them. KEN AINGE, Kidderminster. (letter in archive)

Irish Examiner 7.6.03 Mares pay a painful price for HRT drug - I WISH to draw attention to the make-up of the commonly used drug HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). It is not widely known that tens of thousands of pregnant mares are kept in captivity where their urine is collected for the making of this drug due to its oestrogen content.... Pauline O’Mahony, Milford, Charleville, Co Cork. (letter)

Warwick Courier 6.6.03 PRO-HUNTERS CLAIM BLOODSPORT IS BENEFICIAL - Pro-hunting campaigners in Warwickshire claim a new report proves the bloodsport is beneficial to the countryside… Members of the Countryside Alliance say the three-year study - some which was carried out in Warwickshire - shows landowners who shoot and hunt maintain the most established woodland, and plant more woodland and hedgerows, than those who do not… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 5.6.03 'SHOOTING FOXES IS MORE CRUEL' CLAIM - Fox hunting supporters from across the county have welcomed a new report which claims the sport is less cruel than shooting… Margaret Morris, joint Master of the Blankney Hunt, said: "After a day's hunting I know I've killed my quarry or it has got away scot-free…" Joint Master of the Burton Hunt John Green said: "This is amazing - and supports what we have said all along…" (story)
Salisbury Journal 5.6.03 Hunting and shooting are good for rural conservation - LANDOWNERS who hunt and shoot have been found by an independent study to maintain the most established woodland, and plant more new woodland and hedgerows than those who do not… (story in archive)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald 4.6.03 Study's support for hunts - PRO-HUNT campaigners in North Yorkshire have welcomed a new study which suggests farmers and landowners actively involved in field sports carry out much conservation work… John Cottingham, master of Derwent Hunt, which meets in southern Ryedale, said he backed the findings… (story in archive)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 31.5.03 Survey backs county hunts By Emma Snodgrass - Fox hunters in Warwickshire have welcomed a new report which claims they do more to preserve woodland than other landowners. The results of a three-year study published in the scientific journal Nature show landowners who shoot and hunt maintain the most established woodland and plant more new woodland and hedgerows than those who don't… Robin Smith, who owns a smallholding in Sherbourne, near Warwick and is a member of the Warwickshire Hunt, said it helped manage 484 sites in the south of the county… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 31.5.03 HUNTING 'GOOD FOR ENVIRONMENT', CLAIMS STUDY A New independent study has claimed that hunting and shooting make an 'important contribution' to Britain's rural habitat by supporting animal and plant species... Lincoln animal rights campaigner Jean Battersby said the research was nonsense... "All animal sports should be banned by the Government." (story)
Belfast Telegraphh 31.5.03 Country Sports play vital role says top study By Michael Drake - HUNTING and shooting make an important contribution to the rural habitat and species conservation, a major research study claims. It has won the praise of Countryside Alliance Ireland which has 30,000 members. Chief executive Ronan Gorman said: "This research supports what land managers have always argued - that country sports are beneficial to landscapes, wildlife, biodiversity and the countryside…. (story)
Daily Post 30.5.03 Hunting 'is good for rural habitats - David Holmes, Daily Post - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners are claiming new evidence that hunting is 'good' for the rural habitat undermines the basis of the Government's Hunting Bill… Alex Park, ex-senior master of the Cheshire Forest Hunt, said: 'The Nature article makes sense logically. It is in the interests of the people on the big shooting estates and hunting areas to improve the quality of the countryside because that's where we operate… The three main hunts in the county are his Cheshire Forest Hunt, the Cheshire Hunt and Sir Watkin Williams Wynn's hounds, 'The Wynnstay Hunt'… Data compiled in the three-year study revealed farmers who hosted hunts conserved nearly 4% more woodland than those who didn't; those who hosted bird shoots conserved 6% more and farmers who hosted shooting and hunting conserved more than 7%... (story)
Guardian 29.5.03 Hunting good for wildlife, says study - Ian Sample - A new study which shows that farmers who host fox hunts do more to protect the countryside than other farmers could prove to be a thorn in the side for a government keen to clamp down on hunting... Tim Bonner, of the Countryside Alliance, said: "This research says that if you ban hunting, the public is going to have to pay for conservation." Andrew Wasley, of the League Against Cruel Sports, objected to the study claiming that CHK Charities, who funded the research, includes directors who support hunting. (story)
Guardian 29.5.03 Field sport hosts conserve more land - Landowners who host field sports such as fox hunting and game-bird shooting conserve on average 7% more woodland than those who do not, according to a new study... (story)
Nature 29.5.03 Hunt hosts conserve wildlife - MICHAEL HOPKIN - Landowners who host sports like fox-hunting and game shooting conserve more wildlife than those who don't, according to a new British survey. Amid vociferous calls for hunting to be banned, the finding is being welcomed by those who want outdoor pursuits to remain legal… (story)
Telegraph 29.5.03 Field sports 'help to preserve woodland' By Roger Highfield, Science Editor and Charles Clover Environment Editor - Landowners involved in foxhunting and shooting preserve 10 times more woodland on their farms than those not involved in field sports, a study says today... (story)
Times 29.5.03 Hunting is 'good' for countryside BY CHRISTOPHER WALKER - HUNTING and shooting make a vital contribution to rural conservation and habitat, according to an independent scientific report published yesterday... Thomasina Oldfield, a member of the research team, said: “The study implies that the role of landowners in voluntary habitat conservation should also be considered in current debates over field sports.”... (story)
Yorkshire Post 29.5.03 Blood sports help conserve UK countryside, say researchers - Fox-hunting and shooting plays an important role in conserving Britain's rural habitats, researchers said yesterday... The findings, appearing in the scientific journal Nature yesterday, were seized upon by the Countryside Alliance, which said they called into question Government plans to ban most hunts... (story)
Kentish Gazette 29.5.03 Blood sports 'good for the countryside' - A STUDY by the University of Kent at Canterbury suggests landowners who allow fox hunting and game-bird shooting are more likely to conserve natural habitats… The East Kent Hunt on Elham village square. Picture: GERRY WARREN (photo) (story)
Western Daily Press 29.5.03 HOW HUNT FANS CARE FOR COUNTRYSIDE - Fox-hunting plays an important role in conserving Britain's rural habitats, new research claimed last night… (story)
Western Morning News 29.5.03 HUNTING 'IMPORTANT FOR THE COUNTRYSIDE' - PAUL ANDREWS - Hunting and shooting make an important contribution to rural habitat and species conservation, according to a new report… Alison Hawes, South West regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said: "This research supports what land managers have always argued - that country sports are beneficial to landscapes, wildlife and biodiversity…" A spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports claimed that it had been produced "with the backing of the Countryside Alliance". The authors of the report were last night unavailable to confirm or deny this claim. (story)
York Evening Press 29.5.03 Pro-hunt welcome for study - PRO-HUNT campaigners in North Yorkshire have welcomed a new study which suggests farmers and landowners actively involved in field sports carry out most conservation work. Scientists from the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology at the University of Kent analysed the links between field sports such as hunting and conservation work… John Cottingham, master of the Derwent Hunt, which meets in southern Ryedale, said he backed the findings… (story in archive)
Meridian TV 29.5.03 Hunting and shooting "good for region's countryside" By Adrian Wills (story)
BBC News Online 28.5.03 Hunting 'important for countryside' - Hunting and shooting play an important role in conserving rural habitats in Britain, according to new research published on Wednesday. A three-year-study carried out by a team from the University of Kent in Canterbury found landowners planted and maintained more woodland and hedgerows if they were involved in field sports... (story)
Ananova 28.5.03 Fox-hunting 'plays important conservation role' - Fox-hunting and shooting plays an important role in conserving Britain's rural habitats, researchers say. A study found landowners planted and maintained more woodland and hedgerows if they were involved in field sports… The findings, appearing in the scientific journal Nature, have been seized upon by the Countryside Alliance, which says they call into question Government plans to ban most hunts…. (story)

North West Evening Mail 6.6.03 SHOOTING FOXES COULD BE WORSE - A CONTROVERSIAL new study today reignited the row over plans to ban traditional fox-hunting in Cumbria. The Middle Way Group published research which warned shooting foxes could be more cruel than death by hounds… (story)
Telegraph 5.6.03 Shooting 'maims as many foxes as it kills' By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - Killing foxes with shotguns - the farmer's preferred choice if hunting with dogs is banned - wounds as many foxes as it kills, according to research published yesterday by the all-party Middle Way group of MPs.... Prof Stephen Harris, an expert retained by the coalition Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals, said:... "If people can't shoot very well, don't give them a gun licence." (story)
Western Morning News 5.6.03 GUNS 'NOT ANSWER TO FOX CONTROL' - MARK CLOUGH - The hunting debate reached a new intensity yesterday with the publication by MPs of new research showing that shooting foxes left many animals only wounded, rather than dead.... Peter Anderson, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "The Middle Way group are funded by the hunting lobby. We could have predicted this finding." (story)
Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo or Western Daily Press 5.6.03 SHOOTING FOXES IS NOT THE SOLUTION, SAYS REPORT - Foxhunting supporters yesterday turned the tables on animal welfare campaigners with research showing their sport might be more humane than shooting. MPs published a scientific report showing at least half the foxes shot under common field conditions are only wounded rather than swiftly and painlessly killed... Captain Ian Farquhar, joint master of Gloucestershire's famous Beaufort Hunt, said: "I think this report gives credence to our argument that hunting with hounds is actually a very humane method of fox control... But Paul Tillsley, South West sanctuaries manager for the League Against Cruel Sports, retorted: "Hunting has got nothing to do with fox control..." (story)
Yorkshire Post 5.6.03 Hunting row escalates as report questions shooting alternative - The political row over the future of hunting with hounds escalated yesterday after MPs published a scientific report which shows shooting foxes leaves many animals only wounded... (story)
South Wales Evening Post 5.6.03 HUNTING BAN WILL 'HARM FOXES' - Attempts to ban hunting with dogs could cause more suffering to foxes, a group of MPs claimed today… Welsh MP Lembit Opik, chair of the "middle way" all-party group of MPs, which commissioned the research, said the Government could no longer pretend a ban would lead to better animal welfare… (story)
Cambridge News 4.6.03 Shooting 'more cruel than hunting' - A STUDY by a Cambridge University academic today re-ignited the row over plans to ban hunting with dogs. Dr Douglas Wise, an expert in clinical veterinary medicine, helped draw up research which warned shooting foxes could be more cruel than death by hounds… (story in archive)
Ananova 4.6.03 MPs warn of more wounded foxes if hunting banned - MPs have published a new scientific report which shows shooting foxes leaves many animals only wounded… The All Party Parliamentary Middle Way group of MPs said their study, carried out by five independent qualified animal experts, reveals with all types of ammunition, and at all distances, wounding rates exceeded those previously claimed…. Conservative MP Peter Luff, co-chairman of the group, said: "Frankly the Middle Way Group should not have had to commission this study. It is the responsibility of the Government if it is going to consider prohibiting an activity, to properly investigate the repercussions of its legislation…" (story)
Western Morning News 10.1.03 PRO-HUNT MPS STUDY USE OF GUNS ON FOXES - Pro-hunting MPs and peers today said they are commissioning a groundbreaking study to investigate the use of guns on foxes as a method of pest control. The announcement, by the Parliamentary Middle Way Group, comes as the Government's Hunting Bill has reached committee stage… This study was designed to inform the debate so that, for the first time, parliamentarians would be able to make comparisons in terms of animal suffering caused by this method of control. Middle Way Group co-chairman Peter Luff (Con Mid Worcestershire) said: "It is disgraceful that Government has not obtained sufficient evidence before making any decision." (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 6.6.03 CASTLE DOG SHOW TREAT - A Summer fixture will give people the opportunity to relax in the gardens of a country castle. Among the many attractions of the Belvoir Hunt Kennels open day, being held on Sunday, June 15, at Belvoir Castle, near Grantham, are a family dog show, terrier racing, a hound parade, hunt horses and birds of prey… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 24.4.03 KENNELS BEHIND SCENES - People have the opportunity to look behind the scenes at a famed kennels. The Belvoir Hunt Kennels Open Day is being held on Sunday, June 15….(story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 6.6.03 Floowing the hounds to capture hunting tradition on camera by Alison Lewis - CAPTURING a moment in time is what photography is all about - but one local photographer is hoping to document a tradition that goes back centuries. Andy Elliott, a commercial photographer based in Stockton, is publishing his second book of photographs this autumn. Two years ago his book Golden Thread, which featured pictures from hunts across the Darlington and Teesside areas, sold out. Since then he has been spending his time photographing every hunt in North Yorkshire… (story in archive)

Times 6.6.03 Force farmers to go green, says adviser BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - A NEW landscape agency should be set up to police farmers and ensure that they are adopting greener farming practices, Lord Haskins, the Government’s rural adviser, said yesterday.... He envisages the new agency taking over the conservation role of English Nature, the Government’s leading wildlife advisers, and taking on extra responsibilities for agri-environment schemes and other policies which affect the land. These could include the “right to roam,” rural tourism and possibly hunting... )story)

Telegraph 6.6.03 MPs undressed - I have seen a serving MP in his underpants. At a Boxing Day meet, so keen was he in following the pack on foot that he had stripped off to his boxer shorts and was about to get into a ditch carrying his outer clothes in a tight bundle above his head. However, I shall not name him, since he has subsequently voted against hunting. Robert Woodstock, Middle Tysoe, Warwicks (letter)

Kent/East Sussex Courier 6.6.03 THESE CYCLES ARE VICIOUS - Last Saturday, in Calverley precinct, I stopped at a stall to sign a petition against vivisection. I noticed there was no collecting tin on the table and was told that, although they had permission to erect their stall, a civic warden had arrived to make sure they removed any collecting tin. At the same time I was speaking to the people on the stall, cyclists were racing - I use the term precisely - racing through the crowded pedestrian precinct... Can Tunbridge Wells Borough Council really believe it is getting things in proportion? Ron Banham, Showfields Road, Tunbridge Wells (letter)

Cambridge News 6.6.03 EVASION ON HLS From Sue Hughes High Street, Linton - HOW can we trust this Government? Many people who felt revulsion at the revelations of primate suffering, flawed science and Home Office wrongdoing in the documents Diaries of Despair wrote to the Prime Minister asking for an independent judicial inquiry into the xenotransplantation experiments carried out at Huntingdon Life Sciences. The replies from the Home Office are an insult… It is of little surprise then, that your correspondent ("Cowardly extremists", Letters May 9) is so confused about xenotransplantation… (letter)
Cambridge News 21.5.03 'SUBSTANTIAL' PAIN, NO GAIN From Reg Blaydon, Home Close, Histon - REGARDING "Cowardly extremists" (Letters, May 9) the writer is mistaken in saying the animals in the xenotransplant experiments at Huntingdon Life Sciences suffered "moderate" pain. Their suffering was "substantial", not moderate, and the failure of the Government to protect the baboons from this cruelty is one of the many issues that must now be addressed…. (letter)
Cambridge News 9.5.03 Cowardly extremists - WHAT nonsense S Hughes (Letters May 1) falsely trumpets in his letter about Imutran and the xenotransplantation programme (the transplantation of animal tissues between species)… Try telling the suffering patients, their families and friends at Papworth and Addenbrooke's of your loving, obsessional concern for mice, rats, pigs and monkeys over their welfare…. Yes, we need a judicial inquiry. We need to combat the cowardly and criminal actions of animal rights extremists whilst at the same time preserving the right of citizens to protest peacefully in support of their beliefs. Name and address supplied (letter)
Cambridge News 5.5.03 Points on the HLS case - From Dan Lyons Director, Uncaged Campaigns and co-defendant in the Imutran case, Sheffield - THE use of the term "alleged" in your piece "Cruelty alleged in project at HLS" (News, April 22) unfairly undermines the strength of evidence contained within the 1,274 pages of confidential documents we have earned the right to publish....
From Joan Court, Animal Rights Cambridge 74 Sturton Street, Cambridge - I SOMETIMES wonder if Brian Cass, director of Huntingdon Life Sciences, believes what he says: "The company has nothing to hide."... (letters)
Cambridge News 1.5.03 Triumph over HLS From S Hughes, High Street, Linton - WHAT a triumph for Uncaged Campaigns in defeating the injunction previously granted to Novartis/Imutran… “Allege” is misleading. These leaked, confidential papers were written by the researchers, so there is nothing “alleged” about their descriptions of the suffering inflicted on the baboons under a “moderate pain” licence… A new Early Day Motion calling for an inquiry will be proposed when parliament reconvenes. Please urge your MP to sign it (letter)
Cambridge News 29.4.03 Evidence is on the web From Pat Griffin, Bakers Lane, Linton - The repeated use of the word "alleged" in your article ("Cruelty alleged in project at HLS", News, April 22) indicates that you have possibly failed to research the evidence. The 1,200 pages of incriminating evidence is not "alleged", it is fact, taken directly from the drug company's own leaked documents… the arrogance, indifference and cavalier attitude of Brian Cass to animal suffering comes as no surprise… (letter)
Cambridge News 22.4.03 Cruelty alleged in project at HLS - A HUGE volume of confidential documents has come to light alleging how badly primates were treated during research at Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). An injunction, which was granted to drug companies 30 months ago to suppress the release of the documents, was defeated this month following a battle by an animal rights group. Sheffield-based animal rights group Uncaged Campaigns successfully argued that the issue was one of great public interest… (story in archive)

Malvern Gazette 6.6.03 Protest puzzle to circus boss A CIRCUS boss has hit back at animal rights campaigners who have been protesting outside his show… "We're not against circuses," said Worcestershire Animal Rights Coalition spokeswoman Helen Turner. "We're not against people having fun, but it should be performers only, not animals."… However, circus partner Peter Jolly said his animals were not badly treated. "Our horses do about five minutes' work a day," he said… (story in archive)
Worcester Evening News 4.6.03 Confrontation as circus hits back - PROTESTERS lobbied visitors to a circus last night amid concerns over animal welfare. Eight members of the Worcestershire Animal Rights Coalition distributed leaflets outside the Peter Jolly Circus… Campaigner Helen Turner said she was hoping the leaflets would make people think twice about visiting the circus… Peter Jolly junior, who owns the circus, invited the Evening News into the arena to meet some of the animals… (story in archive)
Worcester Evening News 3.6.03 Protest over animal circus - PROTESTERS are planning to lobby visitors to a circus amid concerns over animal welfare, writes LEDA REYNOLDS - Helen Turner, of Worcestershire Animal Rights Coalition, is organising the protest tonight against the Peter Jolly Circus after spotting camels and llamas tethered to a fence along the A449 yesterday… Helen Turner, Pauline Burgess and Ian Burgess from Malvern at the anti-animal circus protest (photo)

Daily Post 6.6.03 I couldn't stop RSPCA putting my dogs down By Hugo Duncan, Daily Post - A DEVASTATED pet owner broke down in tears last night as her 14 wolf-like dogs were destroyed by the RSPCA. Sharon Harington-Hawes lost her two-year to save the dogs, which were taken into care by animal watchdogs in North Wales amid mistreatment allegations…. The dogs, which descend from the wolf, were taken into care in June 2001, and since then Miss Harington-Hawes, 48, of Caersws, Powys, has fought to clear her name… The RSPCA failed to find new homes for the dogs and once the appeal collapsed destroyed them… (story)

Malvern Gazette 6.6.03 Recommended - FOLLOWING a recent protest organised against the use of kangaroo leather (and the associated slaughter of thousands of orphaned Joeys) it has come to my attention that Malvern Sports, Graham Road, DO NOT stock such footwear… PERCIVAL D OWEN, Hon Sec Malvern Hills Vegetarian Club, Hook Bank Park, Hanley Castle. (letter in archive)

Southport Visiter 6.6.03 Quality of life - I CANNOT believe the man who released those rabbits into Victoria Park a few weeks ago was prosecuted. The rabbits had the chance of a free, happy life instead of being trapped in a cage…. People who eat animals kept in torturous conditions and torture the innocent rabbits for science should be prosecuted instead. MARY BRAITHWAITE, Hawkshead Street, Southport (letter)

Cheddar Valley Gazette 5.6.03 HUNTING DEBATED - Childhood stays in Rodney Stoke were part of the inspiration for a new novel about the countryside by Somerset novelist Patricia Young… The Season of the Hedge Gypsy is a controversial novel centred on the world of hunting and the Countryside Alliance… The book has been endorsed by astronomer and anti-hunt campaigner Sir Patrick Moore… "Those people who read the novel will certainly be given an accurate picture and I am sure it will help in the campaign to remove this filthy and cowardly sport."… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 5.6.03 BADGERS HIT BY LOSS OF HABITAT - While no badger would be foolish enough to turn down a free meal, the biggest loss to them is habitat… Badgers avoid man, its only enemy, and it is wrong to make a pet of a cub. The article in The Citizen in which we hear of foxes being shot, is proof hunting is no longer needed, and is really a "sport." PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill, Stroud (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 30.5.03 FEEDING TO BLAME FOR BADGER BOTHER - Why are rampaging badgers causing havoc throughout Gloucestershire? Because human beings are feeding them, an expert claims. Roger Lee, a former gamekeeper at Lydney Park Estate, said badgers did not usually confront people - but would be encouraged to if they were being fed…"There are far too many badgers in the countryside at the moment and a real problem is developing," said Mr Lee, who shoots foxes for farmers in the winter to stop them infiltrating their land and spreading diseases… (story)

Ormskirk Advertiser 5.6.03 It's so cruel RE. Thomas Bromley's letter (Advertiser May 29) concerning animal experiments: Does he think this is the way to treat God's wonderful creatures so that we can live longer?... MARY BRAITHWAITE, Hawkshead Street, Southport (letter)
Ormskirk Advertiser 29.5.03 Would you sign? - MARY Advertiser letters, May 22) would like all animal research abolished at the expense of seriously ill patients to practice what they preach by asking them to sign an animal research abolition card.... I would suggest many of your readers might not be so eager to jump on this idealistic bandwagon. Individuals would have to agree to honour three principles, namely: * In the event of an accident or emergency they will refuse all medical treatment developed and tested on animals, including, but not limited to, blood transfusions, anaesthetics, anticoagulants, antibiotics, sutures, open heart surgery and other types of surgery…. THOMAS BROMLEY, Sussex (story)
Ormskirk Advertiser 22.5.03 Animal pain - RE. the letter about experiments on animals (Advertiser May 8). Why should we torment and torture animals for our own benefit?... I hope one day people will come to their senses and care for the dependant creatures and that it will be the fashion not to torture and kill them. MARY BRAITHWAITE, Hawkshead Street, Southport (letter)
Bolton Evening News 20.5.03 I say again, animals are different - RE Mr Bromley's letter (May 12) regarding the issue of animal testing for the benefit of human beings. It will not come as a surprise to many people to hear again that animals are biologically different from humans… If animal testing were abandoned today, there would be hundreds of alternative methods to use…. B J Walker, Stitch mi Lane, Harwood (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 16.5.03 We must stop using animals in research - THE fate of humans and animals lies in our own hands. Vivisection must be stopped… Marjorie Martindale (Bolton Evening News, May 7) was right in her statement that animal testing is about money… B J Walker, Stitch mi Lane, Harwood (letter)
Bolton Evening News 13.5.03 What is your alternative to animal tests? - MARJORIE Martindale (Letters, May 7) is very loud in attacking medical research but remarkably quiet when it boils down to telling us what we should use instead of animals to give hope to people with serious illnesses…. animals are expensive to use, not cheaper, which is why they are used only when no alternative exists… Thomas Bromley , SIMR Executive Secretary, PO Box 504, Dunstable, Beds. LU5 5WS (letter in archive)
Ormskirk Advertiser 8.5.03 Veterinary medicine benefits - IN response to Wendy Higgins of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (Ormskirk Advertiser April30) in which she tries to link National Pet Week with emotional propaganda of anti-vivisection groups where does she think most veterinary medicines come from?... THOMAS BROMLEY Executive Secretary Thomas Bromley Sussex (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 7.5.03 ANIMAL RESEARCH DOES SAVE LIFES - I Would like to ask Wendy Higgins of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection ("Spare a thought for the animals", Post, May 3), in which she tries to link National Pet Week with emotional propaganda of anti-vivisection groups, where does she think most veterinary medicines come from?... Thomas Bromley, SIMR executive secretary (letter)
Bolton Evening News 7.5.03 Futility of animal tests - I was saddened to read the letter from Thomas Bromley, SIMR Executive Secretary in the Bolton Evening News of May 2… Animal testing is no longer about safety: it is about money… meanwhile thousands of animals will have died in agony. I just hope Mr Bromley can still sleep at night. Marjorie Martindale Wingates Square Westhoughton (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 3.5.03 There's another side to research using animals - IN response to Wendy Higgins of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection "Remember lab animals at pet week" (Bolton Evening News, April 30) in which she tries to link National Pet Week with emotional propaganda of anti-vivisection groups, where does she think most veterinary medicines come from?... The misguided campaigns against medical research, some of which involves the unavoidable use of animals, puts human lives at risk.... Thomas Bromley, SIMR Executive Secretary (story in archive)
Bristol Evening Post 3.5.03 SPARE A THOUGHT FOR THE ANIMALS - Wendy Higgins, Campaigns Director, BUAV (letter)
Cumberland News & Star 2.5.03 SPARE A THOUGHT FOR LAB ANIMALS WENDY HIGGINS, Campaigns Director, BUAV, 16a Crane Grove, London N7 8NN (letter)
Falkirk Herald 2.5.03 Legal abuse - Wendy Higgins, Campaigns Director, BUAV, 16a Crane Grove London N7 8NN (letter)
Bolton Evening News 30.4.03 Remember lab animals at Pet Week - NATIONAL Pet Week begins on Saturday, a time when the British public are reminded to look after their animals in a responsible way… According to the latest available statistics, more than 22,000 dogs were used in EU experiments in 1999… National Pet Week this year, spare a thought for laboratory animals and find out how you can help them by contacting the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection… Wendy Higgins, Campaigns Director, BUAV 16a, Crane Grove London N7 8NN (letter in archive)
Ormskirk Advertiser 30.4.03 End these cruel animal experiments - IT'S National Pet Week on May 3… WENDY HIGGINS Campaigns Director BUAV (letter)

Stroud News & Journal 4.6.03 Trapped horse left to suffer by Sam Bond - A HORSE was left suffering for nearly an hour after almost tearing off one leg in a cattle grid and breaking another… "It was pretty horrific," said eye-witness Clare Jones… "We tried calling out a vet but they kept passing it from one to another. "It was just appalling, this animal must have been suffering for a good 45 minutes, maybe more. It just seemed to go on forever…" After calling Lansdown Vets and Bowbridge Vets in Stroud, contact was finally made with a vet who could help from Gloucester. The Berkeley Hunt was also called and sent a huntsman with a gun. "He arrived about two minutes after the vet from Gloucester," said Ms Jones. "The vet was having trouble with a needle so the huntsman just asked everybody to get out the way and shot it."… (story in archive)

Western Morning News 4.6.03 QUAD-BIKE THRILLS AND POLISH AIR FORCE BAND IN MAIN ARENA …Though the essence of every agricultural show is the livestock judging, as usual at the Royal Cornwall Show there is a busy and varied main arena programme to entertain the crowds of visitors… A hot air balloon rally is also included in the arena programme, together with showjumping competitions and parades of hounds. (story)
Cornish Guardian 29.5.03 WORDS OF WISDOM FROM TOM THE VOICE - For the last ten years Tom Hudson has been the voice of the main ring at the Royal Cornwall Show… He is a racing fan and was secretary of the Belvoir Hunt for 12 seasons… (story)

Post & Times 4.6.03 IS THIS THE SAME MAN? - Many times, when looking at churned-up turf, deep hoofmarks in winter corn, broken fences and gates and terrified livestock after a visit from the local foxhounds, an angry farmer would tell me that if leather-clad motorcyclists rode over the land owned by the departing Hooray Henrys and Henriettas wearing hunting coats they would demand police action. Could the David Barker who complains of damage on the Weaver Hills be the same David Barker who used to lead the red-coated people over farmers' land leaving a trail of destruction… Neil Seaton Clowneholme Marston Bank Rocester (letter)

Sunderland Echo 4.6.03 Pheasants suffer - EVERY year in our country, 35million pheasants are mass produced inside hatcheries and sheds, for the sole purpose of serving as shooting targets… Animal Aid is a charity which fights for the rights of wild birds and animals… K Surtees, Campbell Road, Sunderland (letter)

Western Morning News 4.6.03 CAMPAIGN TO WIPE OUT DEADLY KILLERS - Simon Clarke reports on a drive to rid the Somerset Levels of an environmental pest. A mink control belt stretching across the Somerset Levels, from Martock in the south to Cheddar in the north, could be established by this autumn. It is part of a joint conservation project, set up by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and English Nature…. (story)
Wells Journal 30.5.03 BEHAVIOUR OF MINKS IN WILD IS DIFFERENT - I was fascinated to read the misinformation in your news article "Mink controls in place by autumn" last week… The majority of mink were not "originally released into the wild by animal rights protesters". They either escaped from fur farms or were illegally released by the farmers themselves as fur farming became financially unviable… A much better way of controlling mink would be to spend the resources finding out why otters are not returning to the Levels as quickly as they should…. Michael Woods Chairman of the Somerset Mammal Group Axbridge Road Cheddar (letter)
Wells Journal 22.5.03 MINK CONTROLS IN PLACE BY AUTUMN - A mink control belt stretching from Cheddar to Martock could be established by autumn if a new conservation project goes ahead. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation and English Nature, which have been running mink trapping workshops, want to see further steps taken to control the mink's exploding population… But animal activists have said that pesticides and persecution by anglers and hunters are to blame for the declining vole population… (story)
Burnham Times 22.5.03 CALL TO JOIN MINK-TRAPPING WORKSHOP - Landowners and farmers are invited to a workshop near Wedmore in June to learn how to set traps for mink. Conservationists want to control mink, which prey on water voles on the Somerset Levels... For details send an e-mail to simon. clarke@ basc. org. uk. (story)
Bristol Evening Post 19.5.03 BID TO WIPE OUT THE KILLER MINK - A Mink control belt stretching across the Somerset Levels from Matlock in the south to Cheddar in the north could be established by this autumn. The move is the result of a project set up by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and English Nature (EN)… (story)
Western Daily Press 16.5.03 BID TO BANISH MINK FROM LEVELS SO THAT VOLES CAN FLOURISH - The Somerset Levels will be purged of mink in a bid to save the water vole from regional extinction, it emerged yesterday. But animal welfare activists have condemned the move and say water vole numbers have plummeted because of serious damage to their environment… The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and English Nature (EN) have joined forces to trap the animals and then kill them… However, Elaine Toland, senior campaigns officer for Animal Aid, attacked the plan… (story)

Cambridge News 11.6.03 Firm stood up to violence - Extreme violence could have closed down Huntingdon Life Sciences, Brian Cass, managing director admitted last week to a London business audience…. Mr Cass told the conference, organised by business advisory group Survive, how the Bank of England and the DTI had stepped in to provide the financial services the company needed to continue in business (story in archive)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 6.4.03 Vegetarians want a gentler way of life - As a vegetarian, I am used to petty insults regarding my diet. But Mr Tripley's letter (May 29) really scraped the bottom of a murky barrel with its implication that promoting a meat-free diet is akin to Al Qaeda's philosophy… The assertion that there are more kangaroos now than in Captain Cook's day is not only irrelevant, it is also misleading… Andrew Day, Highworth (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 6.4.03 Civilised people don't kill Skippy - I REFER to the letter from Anthony Tripley and his defence of the cull of kangaroos in his native Australia. He appears to suffer from what I have found to be a typical Antipodean attitude to animal welfare in which the desire is to kill as many animals as possible with no thought or compassion… PHIL BEAVEN, Merton Avenue (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 6.4.03 Kangaroos are not a menace - KANGAROOS are not and have never been a menace… I personally do not agree with eating any meat as it is all cruel, unhealthy and damaging to the environment… (MRS) M HARRISON, Beaulieu Close (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 29.5.03 Kangaroos are a menace - Is the debate regarding the kangaroo meat meals at the Sun Inn related to vegetarian versus carnivore or does someone have a real concern over the plight of this native Australian animal? If the concern is vegetarian versus carnivore, then why aren't all meat meals being addressed by the complainants?... If the concern is related to the plight of the kangaroo, then what maybe isn't known in this country is that there are more kangaroos in Australia now than when Captain James Cook landed in 1770. How do I know this? Because I'm an Australian and I live there!... Why is it, Mr Beaven, that just because you don't support the eating of meat, everyone else should agree with you? Isn't this line of thinking currently employed by Al' Qaeda? Anthony Tripley, Watchfield (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 21.5.03 WILDLIFE HAS RAW DEAL TO SATISFY APPETITES - Cerian Cornel of the Sun Inn, Lydiard Millicent (May 15), is wrong in thinking that exotic animals are farmed and slaughtered in the same way as conventional food animals…. M Harrison Swindon Animal Concern (story)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 21.5.03 Kangaroos do suffer greatly - I WAS intrigued to read the article in Wednesday's Adver concerning the Sun Inn. While not condoning intimidation and threats, I found the reaction of pub landlady Cerian Cornel most bizarre. She has to be aware of the immense cruelty involved in the slaughter of kangaroos in particular too gruesome for a family newspaper… P Beaven, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 19.5.03 An appalling death for kangaroos - CERIAN Cornel of the Sun Inn, Lydiard Millicent and The Evening Advertiser (Comments, May 14), are wrong in thinking that exotic animals are farmed and slaughtered in the same way as conventional food animals… In the Australian outback, millions are shot annually simply for profit. Many taking part in this slaughter are untrained marksmen…. M Harrison, Toothill (letter in archive)
BBC News Online 15.5.03 Exotic bar menu led to threats - A Wiltshire couple who offered an exotic menu including kangaroo and ostrich-based dishes at their pub, say animal rights campaigners have forced them to stop... In one call a sinister-sounding voice said: "We know about the pub and the people who work there."... (story)
Western Daily Press 15.5.03 EXOTIC PUB MENU SPARKS THREATS ... the owners of a pub in Wiltshire last night admitted they had bitten off more than they could chew after being forced to scrap their exotic menu by animal rights campaigners.... "...What they don't acknowledge is that the animals we offer are specially farmed for the purpose and are treated just like cows and sheep..." (story)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 14.5.03 Don't let the Sun go down on Roo! - VEGETARIAN landlady Cerian Cornel says threats by animal rights campaigners have caused her to temporarily take exotic meat off her menu... she has decided to halt the exotic dishes the couple have introduced, such as crocodile, kangaroo and ostrich, after receiving several threatening letters and calls…. She said: "We started celebrating national days such as Australia Day and St George's Day, and word spread about the meats we were offering…. threatening telephone calls followed, some in which a voice said "we know about the pub and the people who work there" and some which were silent…. Marilyn Harrison, spokeswoman for Swindon Animal Concern, said: "If we see exotic meat being advertised we do send out information letters to let people know how these animals are killed… We never mean to intimidate people and I always sign the letter, stating it comes from Swindon Animal Concern." (story in archive)

Bolton Evening News 4.6.03 RSPCA needs support to survive - THE Bolton branch of the RSPCA is desperate for money after the charity's main fund-raising event mobilized only a few volunteers. Just 16 people braved the rainy weather on May 17 to help with the annual street collection in Bolton town centre. Less than £1,000 was donated -- an amount that would last just four days… (story in archive)

Argus 3.6.03 No to hunting - The Countryside Alliance has produced a Hunting Action Pack Summer 2003… it encourages members to do is "Join your local RSPCA committee and Wildlife Trust committee"… they are under great danger from the entry of people who are simply seeking to encourage hunting with dogs. -Simon Wild West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group, Littlehampton (letter in archive)

Western Mail 3.6.03 Sohapara runs English rivals into the ground by Patrick Fletcher, The Western Mail - MRS Sue Mathias's eight- year-old mare Sohapara proved her recent win in the mare's championship final at the Melton Hunt Club meeting at Garthorpe was no fluke, when galloping her English rivals into the ground in The Welsh Game Fair intermediate race at the Countryside Alliance meeting at Bonvilston on Sunday…. (story)

Blackpool Gazette 3.6.03 Animal tests 'proof' claim by protesters - ANIMAL rights campaigners have vowed to continue protests at a Wyre chemical factory – claiming it does have links to a controversial animal testing laboratory. Lancaster Animal Rights Group (LARG) claims that AG Fluoropolymers in Thornton is a "legitimate target" for activists. They insist its Japanese-based owners Asahi Glass have links to Huntingdon Life Sciences – a link which has been strenuously denied by the company's bosses both in the UK and Japan… Martin Watson from LARG claimed today that he had proof that parent company Asahi Glass did have links with HLS…. (story)
Blackpool Gazette 23.5.03 'No links' to lab testing on animals ... Staff at Thornton-based AG Fluoropolymers UK are fearing for their safety following a campaign by a group called Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)... Earlier this month a member of staff had his car vandalised and graffiti sprayed on his home in Carleton.... Today, Shinici Kawakami, boss of the Japanese-based head company Asahi Glass, insisted his company had no links with Huntingdon Life Sciences... A spokesman for the UK subsidiary said staff were "baffled and mystified" by the animal rights activities (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.6.03 HOW CAN WE JUSTIFY THE USE OF PRIMATES IN LABS? - I recently found out about how the Government has conspired to help bypass the laws on animal experiments, resulting in illegal severe animal pain and distress and public health dangers… Surely we can find true inner health only by looking to our lifestyle and how we relate to and treat other humans and other species. Miss Gillian Brodie, Elwyn Road, Exmouth (letter)

North East Evening Gazette 3.6.03 Asthma linked to Quorn - Helen Sturdy, Evening Gazette - A meat substitute produced in Stokesley can cause asthma, scientists have warned. But the manufacturers of Quorn have dismissed claims the product is unsafe, although they have admitted it may cause certain allergic reactions… Researchers found the meat alternative, produced by Marlow Foods, may also spark dangerous symptoms in people with an allergy to moulds. More than 600 people have reported feeling unwell after eating Quorn…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 3.6.03 END ANIMAL CRUELTY - In the Leicester Mercury (May 27), it was stated that Manzoor Moghal said: "We can never say killing an animal will be totally painless." This could well be true, but surely it does not give Mr Moghal and other Muslims the right to make it more painful… G A Wright, Leicester (letter)

Irish Examiner 2.6.03 Rabbitte may be able to pull off the hat trick - IT’S great to see the Labour party take a stand against bloodsports. Hopefully, this will bring closer the day when animals and birds are no longer torn or blown to pieces for fun… Justice comes to those who wait, and I believe it is now only a matter of time before the persecuted creatures of field and forest are freed from the spectre of man's inhumanity. And a Rabbitte shall deliver them from evil Amen! John Fitzgerald, Lower Coyne St, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Newcastle Evening Chronicle 2.6.03 Dead deer find sparks animal snares anger By Lisa Hutchinson, The Evening Chronicle - National animal activists have complained about the way Northumbria Police have handled cruelty allegations. Anti-snare campaigner John Gill says he discovered a dead deer trapped in a snare as he walked through the Softley Woods on The Featherstone Estate, near Haltwhistle, Northumberland…. Simon Wild of the National Anti-Snaring Campaign, who has written to the Northumbria Force about the case, said: "We feel there is a series of flaws in the way Northumbria Police have dealt with this matter."… (story)

News Shopper 2.6.03 UNSAFE TESTS: Thomas Bromley (Letters, May 7) is right to say all medicines are tested on animals. But it is a mistake to think that makes them safe. The most dangerous way to conduct drug safety tests is to perform them on animals… Ray Greek MD, Europeans For Medical Advancement
SCIENTIFIC IS BETTER: Animal experiments tell us about animals, Mr Bromley, not humans… Pat Griffin, Cambridge (letters)
News Shopper 23.5.03 Vivisection is just bad science - In reply to Thames Bromley of SIMR who support the use of animals in medicine research (News Shopper, May 7) animal experimentation is simply bad science. It has led to the marketing of drugs which kill and maim humans and has hindered medical progress. Seriously Ill Against Vivisection was formed to counter multinational drug companies' assertions animal testing saves lives and promotes health…. Sherry Warrick, Riverdale Road, Erith (letter)
News Shopper 20.5.03 Results are not foolproof - RE: ANIMAL research (Letters, May 7). Animals are used as it is the easy option… The fact all modern drugs are tested on animals, does not make it right… there is nothing humane about animal testing. Katharine White Chestnut Avenue West Wickham (letter)
News Shopper 6.5.03 How about penicillin? - Thomas Bromley's letter of April 23, suggested naming an available prescription drug which had been developed without animal research. I suggest penicillin, one of the most important discoveries in medicine made by Alexander Fleming by pure chance… Animal research is misleading and responsible for many people having to be admitted to hospital because of the side effects of drugs. Mrs J Etherington Mackenzie Road Beckenham (letter)
News Shopper 22.4.03 Are animals here to make us well? - Jan Yarker (Letters, March 5) is presumably healthy and can, therefore, afford to be against the use of animals in medical research. But what about the millions of us whose lives depend upon prescription drugs?... Thomas Bromley SIMR executive secretary (letter)

Luton on Sunday 1.6.03 Cruelty cry-out - ANGRY protesters donned animal costumes outside supermarkets last Saturday to campaign against vivisection... Coral Pitman, from Hemel Hempstead, organised the event... (story)

Sunday Mail 1.6.03 Meat and greet - I OBJECT strongly to Selina Scott's remark about the Green Party being "as wholesome as a veggieburger". In case you didn't know, vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters... We're quite normal. - Betty Reid, Findhorn, Moray. (letter)