June 2007

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York Press 30.6.07 Trespass warning for hunt protesters - J COOPER, barrister and chairman of the League Against Cruel Sports, (Hunt warning, letters, June 23) has made a mischievous attempt to intimidate hunts in our area. I know several hunt masters and huntsmen and hunt followers in the Yorkshire region, and can assure J Cooper that none of his so-called minority exists in this neck of the woods... I would like to draw barrister Cooper's attention to the fact that although the right-to-roam merchants have the right by law to trample over designated footpaths on farmers' land, his trouble-seekers in the League Against Cruel Sports don't have the right to trample willy-nilly over farmers' land, and with batons, mobile phones and cameras... Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby (letter)
West Cumberland Times & Star 29.6.07 SMOKING BAN USHERS IN AN AGE OF THE SNOOPER - J COOPER begins his letter concerning monitoring hunts in Cumbria (Times & Star, June 11) with high-sounding words from a high-sounding position in a high-sounding authority: “As a barrister and chairman of the League Against Cruel Sports Prosecution Unit."... LACS is a self-appointed single-issue pressure group, not of charitable status, with no more status or authority than any other self-appointed group. The same holds for their ‘monitors', who should be recognised for what they are - Self Appointed Snoopers... IAN ADDISON, Ireby (letter)
Western Morning News 27.6.07 HUNTS ARE UNDER SCRUTINY - J Cooper, Chairman, Prosecution Unit League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
York Press 23.6.07 Hunt warning - J Cooper, Union Street, London (letter)
West Cumberland Times & Star 22.6.07 - AS A barrister and chairman of the League Against Cruel Sports Prosecution Unit, I would like to bring to your readers’ attention the prosecution of staghunters Richard Down and Adrian Pillivant who were found guilty of hunting deer with hounds.... While I am not implying that members of hunts in the Cumbria area would dream of breaking the law ... J COOPER, Barrister/Chairman, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
West Cumberland Times & Star 22.6.07 AS A barrister and chairman of the League Against Cruel Sports Prosecution Unit, I would like to bring to your readers’ attention the prosecution of staghunters Richard Down and Adrian Pillivant... J COOPER, Barrister/Chairman, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Western Daily Press 20.6.07 HUNTING DOWN THE HUNTERS - As a barrister and chairman of the League Against Cruel Sports Prosecution Unit, I would like to bring your readers' attention to the recent prosecution of stag- hunters Richard Down and Adrian Pillivant, who were found guilty of hunting deer with hounds... While I am not implying that members of hunts in the West Country would dream of breaking the law, they should be aware that their actions will be monitored... J Cooper, Chairman, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 30.6.07 HUNTING WITH DOGS NOT 'TRIVIAL' MATTER - If dogs ripped the guts out of Colin Richey, Smoking ban trivial waste of legal time, Points of view, June 27, while morbid paying guests stood by cheering, he would expect legal protection from such a ghastly assault.It is, therefore, outrageous for him to claim that the ban on hunting with hounds for sport is a trivial matter and it is absurd for him to say the law is unenforceable... John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 30.6.07 SMOKING BAN TRIVIAL WASTE OF LEGAL TIME - As the smoking ban looms, will this Stalinist-like Government now channel its efforts into stopping people from boozing?... The smoking ban is like the hunting ban – unenforceable... Colin Richey, Lazenby Road, Tiverton (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 30.6.07 HI-TECH HELP FOR MINK TRAPPERS - Mink trappers working to limit the spread of the species in the Western Isles have been given a hi-tech helping hand. Portable mini-PCs fitted with global positioning systems have been issued to workers on the Hebri-dean Mink Project as part of a pilot project to help them better locate and record traps around the islands... (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 30.6.07 ANIMAL RIGHTS - ANDREW BUTLER Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Poole, Dorset (letter)
Basingstoke Gazette 25.6.07 Support reaches towards success -Andrew Butler, campaigns manager, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, London. (letter)
Wales on Sunday 24.6.07 LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics want to thank the many people in Wales who helped us fight against a new piece of European legislation that would have seen the poisoning of million animals in painful experiments... ANDREW BUTLER, Campaigns Manager, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics (letter)
Cambridge Evening news 23.6.07 Win for animals From Andrew Butler, Campaigns Manager Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Carnaby Street London (letter)
Bath Chronicle 21.6.07 LUSH THANKS ITS CRUELTY FIGHTERS - Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics want to thank the many people in Bath who helped us fight against a new piece of European legislation that would have seen the poisoning of millions of animals in painful experiments... ANDREW BUTLER, Campaigns Manager, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics (letter)

Guardian 30.6.07 Sudden decline seen in attacks by animal rights extremists - James Randerson, science correspondent - The level of activity by animal rights extremists has reached a new low, according to police. Apart from in Oxford, where there is still a vigorous campaign against a new laboratory at the university, attacks at the homes of academic scientists who engage in animal research have ceased.... "New laws that the government brought in have also stopped certain types of harassment, like home visits," Dr Festing said. But the change in public attitudes since the launch of the Pro-Test group in Oxford has also made life harder for extremists... (story)

Carlisle News & Star 30.6.07 Magistrates’ decision a green light for cruelty to animals - IT certainly is an outrage that Cumbrian magistrates cleared the man who drowned his pups.... ELAINE MILBOURN, TorpenhowWigton (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 30.6.07 Stop the cruelty - The Network for Animals, National Awareness Week, July 2-8, will raise awareness of the illegal trade in dog meat in the Philippines... John D Cosway, Hill Foot, Nab Wood, Shipley (letter)


Western Daily Press 29.6.07 OWNER SHOULD HAVE MADE SURE HENS WERE PROTECTED - In her article "March of the ginger menace" (Western Daily Press, June 23) Debbie Rundle bemoans the fact that a fox is taking her hens, and blames "incomers" for feeding it and "ruining its fear of humans.... If she really wants to see the true killer of her hens, she should look in the mirror. These hens were her responsibility... P Kennedy, Martock, Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 29.6.07 DEBBIE'S TALE TOOK ME BACK - May I pay tribute to your writer Debbie Rundle? Her stories and sense of humour are inspiring... So I can understand Debbie's feelings about losing her hen to a fox, which doesn't kill them for food but for no apparent reason. So good luck to the hunters who cull them; they are vermin, like rats, and have no reason to be protected in the wildlife community. J E Tily, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 26.6.07 THIS IS LIFE IN THE COUNTRYSIDE, DEB - I find it very annoying that Ms Rundle in her column, Home Thoughts from a Broad, has been using it to conduct a verbal vendetta against wild animals lately, merely because a fox (or some other predator) has had the temerity to attack her unprotected chickens... Her "three decades-plus" of living in the country don't seem to have taught her much about it, nor that the real pests in the countryside are all human. Ann Richardson, Warminster, Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.6.07 MARCH OF THE GINGER MENACE - I Am flabbergasted, as a country bumpkin hack, to be mentioned in the same breath as the brilliant Rosie Boycott - a hero of mine for many, many years for many, many reasons.But David Thomas, from the Westbury area, lumps us together for the sole reason that we both appear to like hens and rather resent them being taken by some mangy old fox.... I don't want to see the entire fox population eradicated - but there needs to be a balance. It seems that foxes have got the upper hand as there are precious few legal methods left to control them.... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 29.6.07 Statement on fox predation SIR, - Although Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) now admits fox predation is a threat to ground-nesting birds, the statement (Letters, June 20) by Ewen Cameron, operations manager for SNH, is again wrong and misleading... Peter Fraser, East Auchallater, Braemar. (letter)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 20.6.07 Nature reserve at St Cyrus - I write in response to recent letters about Scottish Natural Heritage's management of St Cyrus National Nature Reserve and fox predation in particular... . Generally, foxes do not affect nesting birds; scientific studies have shown that foxes feed mainly on rabbits and invertebrates, and very infrequently birds.... Ewen Cameron, operations manager, Scottish Natural Heritage, Rubislaw Terrace, Aberdeen (letter)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 16.6.07 Statement on fox predation - I refer to the letter (the Press and Journal, June 2) from P.D.W. Timms, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) operational manager, in which it was stated that "generally, fox predation does not affect ground-nesting birds". I would be extremely interested to know when, where and by whom this research was carried out as it completely contradicts the scientific research undertaken by the Game Conservancy which, once and for all, proved that fox predation is a major threat to all ground-nesting birds… Peter Fraser, Easter Auchallater, Braemar(story)

Rye & Battle Observer 29.6.07 Bullfighting plea - I HAVE a simple and vital request for you, indeed it is a cry from my heart, and many others, all over the world. Please, I urge you - do not go to bullfights or support the running of the bulls should you be visiting Spain in your holidays.... ANNE TURNER, Parkwood, Iden (letter)

Milford Mercury 29.6.07 Row over Anne the elephant - Animal rights protesters are urging the public not to visit Bobby Roberts Super Circus at the County Showground this week. Around 30 members of the Captive Animal Protection Society (CAPS) demonstrated outside the Showground on the circus' opening night on Tuesday to raise awareness that a 56-year-old elephant is used in some of the acts. Sally Koob, organiser of the protest, said: "This elephant, Anne, is the last to be used in a circus show in Britain and has extremely bad arthritis.... (story)


Central Somerset Gazette 28.6.07 WINNERS AT PUPPY SHOW - While everyone seemed to be at Glastonbury enjoying the mud, the Mendip Farmers Hunt held its puppy show at the hunt kennels at Priddy.... A presentation of a cheque for £1,750 was made to Chris James, business development manager for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. The cash was raised by auctioning two prints by Midsomer Norton-based artist David Fisher.... (story)

Western Daily Press 28.6.07 Judge shows hunt law is enforceable (June 25) Helen Weeks is absolutely right. Those who think they can chase and kill our wildlife for their twisted kicks, in defiance of the law and the democratic will of the people, will find themselves before the courts... Chris Gale, Chippenham (letter)

Okehampton Times 28.6.07 Shoot along to the fair . . . ORGANISERS of the Country Fair and Clay Pigeon Shoot at Hatherleigh on Saturday, June 30, aim to make it a real day out for all the family. The fair, which is in aid of Exeter Leukaemia Fund, will be held at The Old Station House just outside the town... (story)

Chichester Observer 28.6.07 That was no snare, that was a trap - The Observer front page headline relating to the cat trapped in Rose Green: “Horror injury as cat caught in a snare” was not technically correct. The trap displayed was a gin trap that has been illegal to use in England and Wales since 1958, and illegal in Scotland since 1971... We began the National Anti Snaring Campaign more than ten years ago and readers can find out more on our campaign website... Simon Wild, West Sussex Wildlife Protection, PO Box 3058, Littlehampton BN16 3LG (letter)

Newmarket Journal 28.6.07 IT would appear that the only person making assumptions is M Field (Journal, June 21)... Thirty years ago, the results of Professor Allen's embryo transplants on Welsh ponies were destined for Cambridge market, then the meat man. I know because I rescued one... I do not use drugs, and cope with my disability thanks to alternative therapy. Neither do I eat animals or use products that are tested on them.... K CLARKE, Tollgate Lane, Bury St Edmunds (letter)
Newmarket Journal 14.6.07 A shameful exploitation of noble creature - MS Field appears to have succumbed to Prof Allen's emotional blackmail in his attempt to obtain funding for his research (Letters, June 7). He would have little old ladies believe that his experiments are ethical… K Clarke, Tollgate Lane, Bury St Edmunds (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 28.6.07 £240,000 TO HELP END ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS A Project to find alternatives to animal testing has been given a £240,000 boost.... A research unit at the University of Nottingham has been expanded and remodelled to speed up the development of effective non-animal techniques.... Frame - which stands for the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments - has had its laboratory at the university for 25 years... (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 28.6.07 END BULLFIGHT BARBARITY - I Should like to urge anyone visiting Spain this summer to refrain from visiting bullrings and supporting this vile, cruel blood-sport... E.M. Hughes, Oak Close, Allestree (story)

Portsmouth News 28.6.07 Hotel agrees to talks on controversial dish - BOSSES at a hotel have agreed to meet animal-rights protesters to discuss it featuring foie gras on its menu. Solent Hotel and Spa in Whiteley has become the latest venue to be targeted by the Southern Animal Rights Coalition over the issue... Coalition spokesman Dave Thompson said: 'So far the campaign has been a success.'... (story)

North West Evening Mail 28.6.07 ACTIVISTS IN PATE PROTEST - ANIMAL rights activists have vowed to keep up their campaign against a Michelin star restaurant. Lancaster and South Lakes Animal Rights campaigners want Cartmel’s L’Enclume to stop serving foie gras, which is made from the livers of fattened up geese or ducks... Ulverston animal rights activist Dean Cain, 25, said: “It was a good demonstration. We are planning on going back until they stop selling foie gras... The protestors are being backed by Vegetarians International Voice for Animals... (story)

The Sentinel 28.6.07 ONE STEP AWAY FROM THE CUFFS - In response to the appalling story on the front page, June 21, on the cruelty to yet another animal, I must congratulate you on printing not only their names, but also two of the torturers' photographs.... B DOUGLAS Stoke-on-Trent (story)

Crosby Herald 28.6.07 Pet dogs will have their day! by Hazel Shaw, Crosby Herald - FRESHFIELDS Animal Rescue Centre holds its annual Open Day & Fun Dog Show on Sunday, July 15, from 11am to 4pm.... (story)

Central Somerset Gazette 28.6.07 BOVINE TB SOLUTION - Re: James Stephen's article in last week's Country Matters headlined "Study shows cull does not work"... We can only hope that the farming unions and others put as much effort into supporting the science-based solution as they have in the misguided belief that killing wildlife would provide a solution.... Adrian Coward, Wells (letter)


Petersfield Post 27.7.07 Close up on country life as Alton Show returns - The Alton Show, organised by the North East Hants Agricultural Association, will be held at Froyle Park, Upper Froyle, Alton on July 8... There is a parade of the Hampshire Hunt, the Clinkard and Meon Valley Beagles and the Hampshire Mink Hounds. After the grand parade of all champion animals, the association’s president, Tim Butler, will present the trophies.... (story)

Western Morning News 27.6.07 INNOVATIONS AT SHOW - Preparations are well under way for the 2007 Kingsbridge Show, which will be held on September 1 at Borough Farm, East Allington... There are also the usual cattle classes, homecraft, agriculture, floral art, children's section including pets, and Young Farmer sections. Main ring attractions will include The Company of Horses stunt-riding team, dog agility demonstrations, parades of hounds from the local hunts - and alpacas... (story)

Western Daily Press 27.6.07 USUAL STATE OF 'THEM AND US' - I Tire of the lame arguments in opposition to the hunting-with-dogs ban... I think I can guess what the establishment's reaction to these gatherings would be were the marauders wearing bib-and-brace overalls and miners' helmets instead of postural pantomime garb! Brian L Viner, South Cerney (letter)

Western Daily Press 27.6.07 SUCCESS COST LACS DEARLY Having read yet another letter from Helen Weeks on the same old subject (Your Say, June 25), I am prompted to respond. What Ms Weeks failed to mention with her gushing congratulations to the League Against Cruel Sports is that the judge handed down only a token fine of a few hundred pounds and the prosecution was ordered to pay its own costs of several thousands of pounds, clearly signifying the pointlessness of the case - something which the police understand very well. I don't think the LACS could afford too many of these "successes". ... Name and address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 26.6.07 JUDGE SHOWS HUNT LAW IS ENFORCEABLE (JUNE 25) - We have the Government releasing thousands of criminals because the jails are too full.We have a police force that now ignores credit-card fraud because there is so much of it now they just can't cope, and so the banks are left to write off the majority of it. But, together with that, we now have judges and politicians who are making criminals out of law-abiding people because neurotics like Helen Weeks cannot cope with life in the real world.... Charles Henry, Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 25.6.07 AT LAST, A JUDGE SHOWS THAT HUNTING LAW IS ENFORCEABLE - I would like to congratulate the League Against Cruel Sports for bringing the successful prosecution against two stag-hunters... Helen Weeks, West Coker, Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 27.6.07 LOOK OUT, GILES - Once again, I have been forced to correspond with you over that silly Giles Bradshaw. So, yes, he has the right to break the law to set his dogs on the deer - does that mean, by the way, that he has finally given up on making a sport out of chasing foxes?... Bob Andrews, Taunton (letter)

Western Daily Press 27.6.07 PET PROBLEM MORE URGENT - I found the verdict at Quantock Hunt trial perplexing. If the judge found the "true purpose of the undertaking was sport and recreation", it seems highly unlikely it would have been publicised in advance in the usual way, as it was... John Hillier, Burnham-on-Sea (letter)

Western Daily Press 27.6.07 My right not to obey law (June 26) - Gordon Brown is not going to repeal the Hunting Act. As long as there is a Labour Government, the Hunting Act will stay in place... Chris Gale, Chippenham (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 27.6.07 SAM (12) STEPS UP HIS HARE CAMPAIGN - A Schoolboy campaigning to win greater legal protection for his favourite countryside animal has begun a survey of farmers in a bid to support his case. Samuel Barbour (12), from Dunston, near Lincoln, is fighting to secure a change in the law to provide a close season on brown hare shooting.... Rodney Hale, chairman of the British Brown Hare Preservation Society, said: "I believe the vast majority of farmers wish to be seen as conservationists and sympathetic to animal welfare... (story)

Market Rasen Mail 27.6.07 Shooters bang on target for First Responders - Could I through your paper thank Mr Ben Jacobs from Nettleton Lodge Shooting School for the superb day of shooting he put on, raising a staggering £1100 for Caistor First Responders & North Kelsey First Responders and the Air Ambulance... Jeff Barratt, Caistor First Responders (letter)

Bath Chronicle 27.6.07 CAMPAIGNER TO BARE ALL IN ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTEST - A Student is planning to take part in an international protest by running naked through the streets of a Spanish town. Allan Crossley said he feels so strongly about animal rights that he is travelling to Spain to join an anti-bull fighting demonstration.... Allan, 24, leaves Bath at the beginning of July to join two friends and other members of ethical principles group Peta (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) on the trip.... He is paying his own travel costs oand hopes to raise a further £50 for the campaign group the British Union For The Abolition Of Vivisection (story)

Bolton News 27.6.07 Animal rights protest at circus - By Amanda Smith - AN animal rights campaign group protested against a circus in Bolton last night. Circus Mondao, which has set up at a site off Wigan Road, Hunger Hill, will be in town for the next two weeks. On its opening night eight protesters from the Manchester Animal Protection campaign group gathered at the entrance to demonstrate against the use of animals in the show.... One, Paul Timpson, said: "We do not understand why people are coming to see circuses with animals and what they get from it in this day and age.... (story)

Western Daily Press 27.6.07 MINISTERS 'TOO SCARED' TO ORDER A BADGER CULL - A fortune is spent over many years rigorously researching TB in cattle and the results are entirely ignored by the farming and landowning community. Why can't these people understand that wiping out individual setts does no good whatsoever?... Terry S, Somerset (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 27.6.07 We don't need cow's milk - COMPASSION in World Farming has filmed miserable images of battery cows crowded together in barren sheds standing in their excrement and never seeing the light of day... Those of us who care about animals and hate cruelty now drink one of the delicious and healthy alternatives made from soya, rice or oats hoping that more people will follow suit and wipe out the cruelty of factory farming the gentle cow forever. J RAWLINGS, Bournemouth (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 27.6.07 Tourists, steer clear of the bullfight - MAY I, through the pages of your paper, appeal to those who are holidaying in Spain this year not to go to the bullfight…. MRS E BYSH, Knowsley Road, Darwen. (letter)

York Press 27.6.07 Milk is so cruel - I WAS delighted to see Paul Blanchard has gone vegan and is speaking out against the dairy industry… Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva! York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol.
AS A veterinary surgeon and former public health officer, I must concur with the views of Paul Blanchard…. Andre Menache, Nevill Lodge, Ferndale Close, Tunbridge Wells.
A REDUCTION in the amount of meat and dairy that most people eat would benefit the environment. Livestock produce 18 per cent of all greenhouse gases… Jen Williams, Haxby Road, York
FURTHER to Paul Blanchard's letter and the scathing criticism that he received… Cows' milk is a perfect food - if you're a calf. Anna Grey, Keble Park North, Bishopthorpe, York
I'VE never understood the obsession with cows milk being essential' for health. Plenty of humans are allergic to it, more don't like it. Others abstain for moral reasons… Cris Iles, Heworth Road, York
WOULD like to applaud Paul Blanchard for standing up for animal welfare. I have worked with a group called Compassion In World Farming for nearly 20 years, and know how hard it is to make a difference… AE Summers, Aspen Close, Leeds Road, Selby (letters)
York Press 18.6.07 I blame milk for many problems - I DISAGREE with Lucy Stephens' article (Don't Blame Milk, The Press, June 8) and would like to "blame" milk for many problems. I have been vegetarian for seven years. When I started my foie-gras campaign I met animal welfare activists who presented me with the real evidence on milk. I am now a committed vegan…. Coun Paul Blanchard, Chaucer Lane, York (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 27.6.07 Animal thanks - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Swindon for their generosity in raising £247.26 at a street collection on June 16… M HARRISON. Toothill, Swindon (letter)


Mid Devon Gazette 26.6.07 LEAGUE VOWS TO 'STEP UP' ILLEGAL HUNT PROSECUTIONS - The League Against Cruel Sports has vowed that it will step up prosecutions against illegal hunts, after the conviction of two men.The organisation claims that the prosecution of Adrian Pillivant and Richard Down, of the Quantock Staghounds, has shown that the law which banned hunting is "sound and robust".... Last week the Countryside Alliance said that it stood by the convicted huntsmen, and Tony Wright, of the Exmoor Foxhounds, who was prosecuted last August... (story)
Western Morning News 19.6.07 ANTI-HUNT GROUP TO CONTINUE PROSECUTIONS - The League Against Cruel Sports has warned that it will step up prosecutions against illegal hunts, after the conviction of two Westcountry men. The anti-hunting organisation claims the prosecution of Adrian Pillivant and Richard Down, of the Quantock Staghounds, has shown that the law which banned hunting is "sound and robust".... Yesterday, a spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police, which has never prosecuted for illegal hunting, said the force would not change the way it works in light of the convictions. "When the hunting season begins again this year, we will police it in exactly the same way as we have in previous seasons since the ban," she said.... (story)

Western Daily Press 26.6.07 MY RIGHT NOT TO OBEY LAW - I believe that the Hunting Act raises very serious issues concerning the right of governments to make people obey clearly unjust laws. For this reason, I am continuing to illegally use dogs to chase deer... Giles Bradshaw, Devon (letter)

Western Daily Press 26.6.07 The day we see a crowd of spectators gathered to gloat over a cat killing a bird is the day it can be compared to hunting foxes with hounds, but not until then... Gill Purser, Cheltenham (letter)

Western Morning News 26.6.07 CONTRAST IN HOW DEER ARE TREATED - How refreshing to read of Peter and Mary Sluggett, the kind couple who looked after Mary the wild deer, who had a metal bird feeder impaled in her mouth... These loving caring people have restored my faith in human beings - especially as, by contrast, on the previous page we read about Richard Down and Adrian Pillivant being found guilty of illegally hunting deer with hounds on Exmoor.... Mrs Cecelia Trengrove, St Austell (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 26.6.07 WILL 'FLUSHING' AND STAG HUNTING BEGIN AGAIN? John Twyford (Gazette, June 19) argues for the desirability of an appeal in the Quantock Staghounds' case.Such an appeal is necessary, not for the reasons put forward by Twyford, but in my opinion, to discredit the disgraceful interpretation of the law devised by stag hunters in an attempt to circumvent it.... We have now had two verdicts in which, unsurprisingly, the dictionary definition of 'flush' has been accepted by both judges. This has local relevance.... IVOR ANNETTS, Tiverton (letter)

Western Mail 26.6.07 Angling clubs play vital role in supporting rural economy by Moc Morgan, Western Mail - IT IS high time that we anglers in Wales started counting our blessings instead of listing our problems! We should realise how fortunate we are that many, many moons ago our forefathers had the foresight to form angling clubs on so many of our wonderful rivers. They worked hard and today it is we who benefit. This is not the case in many other areas of the UK... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 26.6.07 TWO BANNED OVER HARE COURSING - Two men found guilty of illegal hare coursing have been banned from entering Lincolnshire with dogs for three years. Gary Cregan (49), from Manchester, and Stephen Taylor (45), from Rochdale, were each given three-year anti-social behaviour orders at Lincoln Magistrates' Court yesterday. Police caught them hare coursing in a field in Main Road, Apley, near Wragby, on November 21 last year with Scunthorpe man Jamie Wilson (35) and Michael Heath (31), from Manchester... (story)

Western Morning News 26.6.07 NOTHING CHARMING ABOUT RAMSAY - It was positively nauseating to find the picture of Gordon Ramsay surrounded by the spilt blood-covered carcasses of animals slaughtered for food... The WMN prints many lovely pictures of animals - so why admire some and eat others? Obviously double standards... Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Hoddesdon & Broxbourne Mercury 26.6.07 Animal lovers thrilled as culls declared 'pointless' - THERE was delight among wildlife lovers in Broxbourne after a 10-year study found that culling badgers would be pointless... Wildlife conservationist June Crew, of St David’s Drive, Broxbourne, said: “Obviously I disapprove of culling.... Audrey Randall, chairman of the Herts and Middlesex Badger Group, who lives near Hertford, said: “We have not had any cases of bovine TB recorded in Hertfordshire... John Rolls, RSPCA director of animal welfare promotion, said: “We have consistently supported the view that any policy on badgers must be based on sound, scientific evidence. We now have that evidence.... (story)

Redhill & Reigate Life 26.6.07 New checks for badgers - A NEW environmental survey could be done at a housing development to look for badgers… Ray Ings, chairman of East Surrey Badger Protection Society, had a look at the fields by Burstow Stream… (story)


Independent 25.6.07 Not very sporting - While it may suit dyed-in-the-wool hunting supporters like John Mortimer to bluster that "hunting is still going on and everybody enjoys it"... the two members of the Quantock Staghounds whose conviction under the Hunting Act this month brought the number of guilty verdicts into double figures may disagree. CHRISTOPHER CLAYTON, WAVERTON CHESHIRE (letter)
Independent 23.6.07 What should we do for Tony's present?... John Mortimer, Author - I would give him a day out with a local fox hunt. He'd realise that hunting is still going on and everybody enjoys it... (story)

Irish Examiner 25.6.07 Coursing not the only threat to survival of hare - BRYAN LONG (Letters, June 18) seeks to downplay the conservation threat to the Irish hare which both the red data book on Irish flora and fauna and the Wildlife Service have identified as an endangered species.... John Fitzgerald, Lr Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)
Irish Examiner 18.6.07 Irish hare population is not “endangered” - I WAS surprised at the level of disinformation contained in John Fitzgerald’s letter... Most of his statements are in direct conflict with the current studies of hares in Ireland... Tosh found that after a year when there was no hunting, numbers dropped by about 20,000 for the first time in 10 years. The facts suggest a strong link between hunting and a healthy population of wildlife... Bryan Long, Riverstown Foot Beagles, Caherlag, Glanmire, Co Cork (letter)
Irish Examiner 12.6.07 Irish hare is now an endangered species - THE recent conviction of a Co Westmeath-based coursing club for trapping hares without a licence serves as yet another reminder that our hare population is threatened by a practice that involves netting and baiting these gentle creatures for ‘sport’…. John Fitzgerald, Lr Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Scotsman 25.6.07 No place for bullfighting - I am sure many readers were disappointed to read your report about the return of the "hero" matador Jose Tomas to the Spanish bullrings... JOANNE SIM, Campaigns Assistant, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh
How Jose Tomas's actions which involve torturing and tormenting an animal for the pleasure of himself and others can be described as bravery is beyond belief... LOUISE ROBERTSON, League Against Cruel Sports, Rosyth, Fife
I cannot believe The Scotsman has deigned to waste its print space on glamorising such a cruel sport as bull fighting... (MRS) RHONDA REEKIE, Inverurie Road, Aberdeen
I wish to voice my disgust at your report glamorising the cruel and torturous sport of bullfighting... MAIRI DONALD, Cunningham Drive, Giffnock (letters)

Independent 25.6.07 You state that: "While relatively little corn is eaten directly, it is of pivotal importance to the food economy as so much of it is consumed indirectly.... The simple fact is that animal products are expensive in terms of natural resources, and the rise of consumption has been driven by industrial livestock and dairy farming. In the end, consuming animal products at the rate that the average Briton does is hellishly expensive and wreaks havoc on the environment... KAREN ABBOTT, MACCLESFIELD CHESHIRE (letter)

Dorking Advertiser 25.6.07 Help end the animal cruelty at markets - I WOULD like to draw readers' attention to the unnecessary suffering meted out to animals at livestock markets... Most British markets are overcrowded and run-down. Before being prodded around the ring,the animals are often forced to spend hours awaiting their fate,standing on stone floors that are covered in urine and excrement... Please support the campaign by national pressure group Animal Aid... Lucy Ward Hardy Close North Holmwood (letter)


Horse & Hound 24.6.07 Countryside Alliance issues call for new members - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - The Countryside Alliance (CA) reported a loss of £232,000 in 2006 at its AGM in London last week, and called for an urgent increase in membership. At the same time it urged the hunting community to be more vigilant, following a second successful prosecution by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS).... The CA has pledged to pay half of the estimated £40,000 needed for Quantock Staghounds to appeal their guilty verdict delivered last week.... (story)


Western Daily Press 23.6.07 Hunting tackled head-on - What utter disingenuous tosh. A political issue? I wouldn't trust many politicans of either side. The Hunting Act DID settle a score - by people who give a damn about animals as sentient beings over toffs and their minions who think other species are our playthings. The London- based Countryside Alliance is severely endangered now that truth and justice have caught up.... Simon Hacker, Wotton-under-Edge (letter)

Western Daily Press 23.6.07 BADGER CULL IS NO ANSWER - Chris Rundle reports "Ministers 'too scared' to order a badger cull" (Western Daily Press, June 21), that farming representatives are accusing the Government of being afraid to systematically kill the nation's badgers, because they fear the political fallout.If, as he should, the Minister does rule out destroying the badger population, the decision will be based on sound science.. Peter Parks Calne Wiltshire (story)

Plymouth Evening Herald 23.6.07 WALK SUPPORTS CAMPAIGN TO END FARMING OF BEARS IN ASIA - Hundreds of people and dogs will join a six-mile walk at Mount Edgcumbe tomorrow to free moon bears in China and Vietnam.UK director of the Animals Asia Foundation Dave Neale said: "We're amazed at the number of people in Cornwall and Devon who are raising funds for this walk and expect even more people to turn up on the day to show their love and compassion for animals suffering in Asia... (story)


Northern Echo 22.6.07 Gamekeeper protests innocence after claim of using dog to hunt - ONE of the North-East's leading gamekeepers has protested his innocence after he was accused of breaking the law by using a dog to hunt and catch stoats. Lindsay Waddell has been cited by the League Against Cruel Sports for using his dog, Bully, for hunting on the moors of Upper Teesdale, County Durham, where he is head gamekeeper for Lord Barnard.... But Mr Waddell said yesterday that what he does is within the law because the dog simply finds and flushes out the stoats, which he then shoots.... (story)

Yorkshire Post 22.6.07 Broughton Show cancelled - POOR weather has led to the cancellation of the Dalesman Broughton Game Show. Organisers today announced the move because the site at Broughton Hall, near Skipton, is too waterlogged... (story)

Bolton EveningNews 22.6.07 Nothing Christian in this act - CHRIST'S Church, Harwood, should be prosecuted by the RSPCA or any other equivalent body for causing the death of animals through aggravated suffering... Arnold Harrison Manchester Road West Little Hulton (letter)
Bolton EveningNews 22.6.07 Upset by sickening site - WHAT an upsetting and sickening report regarding the trapped pigeons... VJ Harris Bolton (letter)
Bolton EveningNews 22.6.07 How can church be so cruel - I WAS disgusted to read about the birds being trapped at Christ Church Harwood. To many people they are vermin but they are still God's creatures and for a church to allow such cruelty beggars belief... L Powell Lever Edge Bolton (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 22.6.07 Sickening story - The story about the four dogs (T&A, June 14) seized from an address at Odsal no doubt sickened a lot of people, as it did me, being an animal lover... Jenny Sampson, Rossmore Drive, Allerton (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 22.6.07 CAMPAIGN TO END CHICKEN MISERY - I am writing to inform readers about the shocking life of intensively farmed broiler chickens.... Animal welfare group Viva! has launched a campaign to end the factory farming of chickens... (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 22.6.07 FEEDING ANIMALS TO ANIMALS IS HORRIFIC - Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva! 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol BS2 8QH (letter)
Western Mail 12.6.07 Putting meat in feed again near suicidal - Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager Viva! Wilder StreetBristol (story)
Western Morning News 11.6.07 I THINK it's safe to say that most consumers will be horrified by the latest proposals from the EU to allow the remains of animals to be reintroduced into farm feed…. Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva! Bristol (letter)
Western Gazette 7.6.07 Perilous game with nature - Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva! Bristol (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 6.6.07 GO VEGETARIAN TO AVOID A DISASTER - I Think it's safe to say that most consumers will be horrified by the latest proposals from the EU to allow the remains of animals to be reintroduced into farm feed… Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva! (letter)

Daily Post 22.6.07 Don’t tolerate cruelty - TO be frank , some people do not deserve the privilege of owning an animal. The horrific story in the Post on Wednesday highlighting the horrific case of neglect by farmer Peter Hughes was appalling. NO excuses justify the neglect or abuse of animals.... Rebecca Chapman via email (letter)

Bath Chronicle 22.6.07 VEGAN FOOD FOR THOUGHT - The campaign to persuade more people to go vegetarian will be stepped up in Bath next week.Two high-profile figures in the vegetarian movement will give talks at a meeting at the Assembly Rooms on Monday night. The founder and director of Bristol-based vegetarian and vegan campaigning group Viva!, Juliet Gellatley, will be urging people to go one step further - and give up cow's milk too.... (story)

Scotsman 22.6.07 Bullfight shame - I was amazed to read Daniel Woolls's report, "Matador back from the point of death" (19 June). As the author obviously did not notice the lances driven into the bull's back to weaken it through pain and blood loss, I was not surprised he failed to mention the practices of sawing off the tips of the bulls' horns and rubbing petroleum jelly into their eyes to give the matador an even bigger advantage... JOHN F ROBINS Animal Concern PO Box 5178 Dumbarton (letter)

Daily Mail 22.6.07 Now even spiders, squid and lobsters could have rights By DAVID DERBYSHIRE - People could be prosecuted for being cruel to pet spiders, octopuses and restaurant lobsters under animal welfare plans being considered by the Government. The Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is investigating whether invertebrates - the family of animals that includes insects, spiders and molluscs - should get the same protection under the law enjoyed by dogs, cats and horses if they are kept in captivity.... (story)


The Sentinel 21.6.07 RARE BREEDS HAVE THEIR DAY AT THE COUNTY SHOW - RICHARD AULT - Visitors to Cheshire County Show were given the opportunity to see rare breeds of British livestock which are dying out... There were plenty of attractions for horse enthusiasts, with a show jumping competition, a polo display and a demonstration from the Vale Royal Blood Hounds and Cheshire Farmers Drag Hunt, who were clad in traditional red hunting jackets.... (story)

Guardian 21.6.07 Do fish have feelings too? - Animal rights campaigners are turning their attention to aquariums. But should we really get worked up about angel fish and guppies, wonders Harry Pearson... (story)

Formby Times 21.6.07 Artist’s gets the bear necessities by Jennifer Finnegan, Formby Times - A FORMBY artist has scooped an award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Animal Lover, Phyl Jones, 62, has become the regional winner of IFAW’s Animal Action Week ‘Design a Calendar’ competition... (story)

Spalding Guardian/Lincs Free Press 21.6.07 If we were all vegans ... By DONNA BURKE, Neville Avenue, Spalding - In response to Mr Oldershaw (Spalding Guardian, June 14), I have been a member of most of the UK's animal welfare groups for almost 30 years and I do understand livestock farming at home and abroad. If Britain has such high standards why do we have so many animal welfare organisations campaigning?... (letter)

21.6.07 Don't support the 'foie gras' trade From: Mrs J Reid, Littlebeck Lane, Sleights, via email - We recently visited the White Horse and Griffin Restaurant in Whitby and were appalled to see foie gras on the menu... (letter)


Carmarthen Journal 20.6.07 IT'S GAME AND FUN FOR ALL - MEYRICK BROWN - The Welsh Game Fair, with its spectacular backdrop of the Towy Valley, attracted thousands of visitors at the weekend.... (story)
Carmarthen Journal 20.6.07 CANOEISTS PROTEST AT LACK OF ACCESS - ARTHUR WILLIAMS - Fishermen and canoeists have hit stormy waters over the use of the River Towy. More than 50 canoeists from West Wales protested at the Welsh game fair, at Gelli Aur, on Saturday after they were stopped from using the river... (story)
Western Mail 19.6.07 All the fun of the game fair by Meyrick Brown, Western Mail - THE spectacular backdrop of the Towy Valley again provided the ideal setting for two days of top class clay shooting, working dog action and country sports in general at this year’s Welsh Game Fair in the grounds of Gelli Aur in Carmarthenshire last weekend… (story)
Western Mail 19.6.07 Protesting paddlers call for fair play at Welsh Game Fair by Steve Dube, Western Mail - WELSH canoeists swapped their paddles for placards at the Welsh Game Fair on Saturday. They demonstrated from a bridge over the river Towy after being banned from using the river for free canoe trials… “We have provided free canoeing at the Game Fair for the last four years, but less than two weeks before the fair this year the organisers told us the legal owners had refused permission for us to use the river,” said Gwendraeth Valley Paddlers chairman Ian McCue…. (story)
Carmarthen Journal 13.6.07 COUNTRY HIGHLIGHT - This year's Welsh Game Fair, considered as the sporting pinnacle of the Welsh country sports calendar, is to take place at Gelli Aur, Llandeilo, on Saturday and Sunday. The event attracts thousands of country folk, including working dog enthusiasts, anglers, clay pigeon shooters, hunt followers and terrier and lurcher enthusiasts... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 20.6.07 Opinions on wildlife - Has Peter Fraser (Letters, June 15) not yet realised that his opinion does not merit consideration? The fact that he has lived and worked all his life with the wildlife about which he is concerned is totally irrelevant. He is, dare I say it, a keeper/stalker, as everyone knows the scourge of the countryside, destroying natural habitat and wildlife alike.... Mr Fraser, I salute you. Colin Murdoch, Home Farm Cottage, Elsick, Stonehaven. (letter)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 20.6.07 - HALT THE ANIMAL AIR GUN ATTACKS - The Rspca wants to stamp out the shooting of animals with air guns.The animal charity is worried about growing number of pets being shot at - with figures soaring during the school summer holidays. They say many cases result in serious injury or death... (story)
BBC News Online 18.6.07 'Mindless' gun attacks on animals - The RSPCA in Wales has condemned what it calls "mindless" airgun attacks on pets and wildlife. The animal charity said it believed its latest figures for 2006, showing 42 incidents, offered only a snapshot of a "serious problem" in Wales.. (story)
BBC News Online 18.6.07 RSPCA on offensive over air guns - An increase in air gun attacks on animals has prompted the RSPCA to urge people to report gun incidents. Last year the charity received 90 calls to air gun incidents in the West Midlands - including 33 involving shot cats and 37 concerning injured birds... (story)

Argus 20.6.07 Lots of thanks - Compassion in World Farming would like to thank the people of Lewes for raising £72.21 during our street collection on May 26.... Emily Durrant, supporter services officer, Compassion in World Farming (letter)

Blackpool Gazette 20.6.07 No regard for wildlife - I would like to respond to Carol Cunningham's letter (June 9) as I am appalled at such a lack of regard for wildlife and the undeniable need of dolphins, in particular, to be free.... Mr T Robinson, West Drive, Cleveleys (letter)

Western Daily Press 20.6.07 CRUEL WOMAN SHOULD GO HOME - In response to a letter about changing the law on dog deaths I, too, was absolutely disgusted with Ms Stephenson in having her two beautiful dogs condemned to death just because she was too selfish to rehome them... Mrs Pat Burge, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset (letter)


Western Daily Press 19.6.07 RIGHT WAY TO KILL DEER IS STILL CRUEL - The ignorance is all on the part of Diana Gorst, "Rifle killed deer" (Your Say, June 16).The traditional way of to kill a deer at the end of a hunt is with a short and single-barrelled shotgun. I wish it were illegal, for then the stag hunts would be hard put to continue their vile activities... Ivor Annetts Tiverton (letter)
Western Daily Press 16.6.07 RIFLE KILLED DEER - Ivor Annetts's letter, "Superhero of the stag- hunters (Your Say, June 9), shows his ignorance when he refers to a single-barrelled shotgun. It is illegal to shoot deer with a shotgun. I am sure it was a rifle, a humane way of killing deer.Diana Gorst Pucklechurch (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 19.6.07 RSPCA'S GUN PLEA AFTER CAT SHOOTINGS - The Rspca in Wales is calling on the public to help them end the airgun abuse of animals.The animal protection charity says rarely a week goes by without an incident in which an animal is the victim of an airgun attack... (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 19.6.07 Dealers are game for event - Sunwin Nissan in Keighley is supporting the Broughton Hall Game Fair on Sunday... The game fair raises funds for the Upper Wharfedale Rescue Association and Cave Rescue Organisation (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 19.6.07 Right to expose animal cruelty - I, with many readers of the LT, will be pleased at the exposure of animal cruelty featured by you on June 11.... As for the fun race on page 13, and it's obvious pigs would not race without enticing them at the start with food. It is unnatural behaviour. MRS SHEILA BRENNAN, Bombay Street, Blackburn (letter)

Western Morning News 19.6.07 WE SHOULD CULL HUMANS INSTEAD OF ANIMALS - As an animal rights campaigner living in Devon, I am appalled at the recent news of seven peacocks being culled because they are deemed to be a nuisance.... I just despair at this horrible human race which has no respect for other species which share the planet with us and have just as much right to be here and survive as we do.... Helen Stevens, South Devon Greyhound Action (letter)

BBC News Online 19.6.07 Turkey firm probes 'abuse' claim - Poultry firm Bernard Matthews has launched an investigation into claims workers have been abusing turkeys. Animal welfare charity Hillside Animal Sanctuary said undercover investigators had filmed staff kicking birds at the firm's plant in Wreningham, Norfolk.... (story)
Norwich Evening News 19.6.07 Bernard Matthews probes cruelty claim - DOMINIC CHESSUM - Turkey producer Bernard Matthews was again embroiled in controversy today after footage showed a worker abusing animals at one of its farms... The latest footage was released by animal rights activists at the Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Frettenham. Founder of the charity, Wendy Valentine, said: “This is totally unacceptable cruelty... Dorset Echo 18.6.07 At least Cameron is not ducking the issue - Russell Lucas-Rowe, Chairman Dorset Countryside Alliance, Pimperne, Nr Blandford (letter)
Western Daily Press 18.6.07 ACT IS A SUCCESS - I hate to burst Russell Lucas-Rowe's bubble, but the Hunting Act is, in fact, not a failure - just ask his hunting cronies in the Countryside Alliance who have been taken to court by the LACS on two occasions and have been found guilty on both... Jennie Cook, Minehead (letter)
Western Daily Press 13.6.07 HUNTING IS BEING TACKLED HEAD-ON - It might seem odd, but I think David Cameron's pledge to get rid of the Hunting Act is very much in keeping with his modernising agenda.... the Act is a complete muddle, with no one really knowing what is happening, and an already overstretched police force caught in the middle.... Russell Lucas-Rowe, Chairman Dorset Countryside Alliance, Blandford (letter)

Western Daily Press 18.6.07 KILLING IS NOT A FUN THING - I would like to ask Ray Bird (Your Say, June 8) what is it about killing wildlife he enjoys so much? People detest this kind of cruelty to animals.... I would like to thank the League Against Cruel Sports for all the hard work they do to uphold the law. As for Ray Bird, it might be better if he stayed at home and sat in his armchair, keeping out of our beautiful countryside that he so enjoys destroying. Norah Pound, Wroughton, Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.6.07 HUNT BAN IS BAD FOR FOXES - Despite the evidence that there is now more suffering, indiscriminate killing and already a considerable decline of numbers in some areas, it would appear from recent letters that there is still an element from the "do-gooders" brigade that believes the hunt ban is benefiting the fox…. Ray Bird, Acton Turville (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 18.6.07 FOXES? THEY ARE ALL WIMPS - In reply to Sara Eales' asking if foxes take cats for food, the answer is "no". Years ago, the BBC showed a film of urban foxes in Bristol which clearly showed that foxes back off in any confrontation with cats... Roy Wheatley, Nottingham Road, Chaddesden (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 18.6.07 HUNGRY FOX WAS AFTER CATS - Sarah Eales asks (Evening Telegraph, June 12) whether anybody knows of any incidents of cats being taken by foxes. I have to say that a couple of months ago I was woken at night by a squealing noise. I went outside and saw a fox trying to drag a cat out from underneath a car.... So I can positively say to Sarah that foxes are taking cats as food... Debora Robinson, Littleover (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 12.6.07 ARE CATS TAKEN FOR FOX FOOD? - On Monday, May 28, our beautiful cat named Thomas, aged 10 months, went out at 10pm and we haven't seen him since... The picture that emerges from speaking with neighbours and friends is that an awful lot of cats are going missing.... Some people seem to think that they are being stolen for fox food. Is this true and does anyone out there know anything about it? Sarah Eales, Derby. (letter)

Newcastle Journal 18.6.07 Hit by garden grabbers - William Green Political Editor, The Journal - Leafy neighbourhoods are being threatened because gardens are disappearing under new housing as a result of "damaging" Government policies, MPs and campaigners yesterday warned... Countryside Alliance Northern director Richard Dodd said the situation was "massively" damaging and had arisen because of planning rules, with developers forced to search for any available land... (story)

Western Daily Press 18.6.07 CONSIDER BOTH SIDES, CHRIS - The views of Chris Rundle are well known regarding bovine TB and badgers. It's a pity he doesn't say how often cattle are stressed. I wonder how many viewers watched C4's The Lie of the Land. On one farm we saw calves shot... Before we go down the path of a mass badger cull, if you haven't already, Chris, look into modern farming. Perhaps we could have some articles on this, too. Pamela Dean, Stroud (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 18.6.07 Tax-payers are funding pig-racing - YOUR newspaper has highlighted the pig-racing at the Lancashire and Ribble Valley Garden and Countryside Festival. Many people in Lancashire find that this is totally unacceptable as pigs are very sensitive and intelligent creatures who like to be quiet…. JULIA PILLING (via email) (letter)


Oxford Mail 17.6.07 It is illegal - On behalf of Little Foxes Wildlife Rescue, I must correct Alan Page's assertion (Oxford Mail, June 14) that it is legal to poison foxes. Mr Page has put into the public arena dangerous and false information... How jarring then to see the cruel and bitter wildlife persecutors still peddling their outdated and splenetic opinions - and far worse, acting them out upon our wildlife, whom most of us wish to cherish, protect and appreciate. PENNY LITTLE Little Foxes Great Haseley Thame (story)

Sunday Herald 17.6.07 Poisoning of birds of prey hits a record high By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor - THE NUMBER of birds of prey poisoned illegally in Scotland rose to a record high last year after an eight-year campaign by Labour and LibDem ministers to crack down on wildlife crime. A report to be published this week will reveal there were 39 confirmed cases of pesticide abuse in 2006 involving eagles, red kites, hawks, falcons, owls, buzzards and ravens… The figures have been condemned by wildlife campaigners, who warned that people could end up being killed… According to Logan Steele of the Scottish Raptor Study Groups, it was "abhorrent in this day and age" to have gamekeepers laying out poisoned bait to kill birds and pets… (story)


Horse & Hound 16.6.07 Hunting unveils new disciplinary system - Michael Clayton, freelance journalist - A new system of self-regulation for hunting was announced at the AGM of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) last Tuesday (5 June, '07)…. (story)

BBC News Online 16.6.07 Body theft detective is honoured - The detective who investigated the theft of a grandmother's body from her grave by animal rights extremists has been honoured by the Queen. Det Ch Supt Geoff White, has been awarded the Queen's Police Medal in the Queen's Birthday List…. (story)


Western Daily Press 15.6.07 HUNT CASE LEADS TO CONFUSION - Having read your paper's reports on the hunt court case, I am left more confused over the laws than before. For example, exemptions made by the Government state that up to two dogs may be used to flush quarry to be shot. According to one of the reports, the judge said that was illegal as it involves a "chase of sorts". How, therefore, can an animal be flushed without it involving a chase?... R Bird, South Gloucestershire (letter)

Romford Recorder 15.6.07 Brush with a foxy pair - TWO brave foxes stare at our cameraman with interest as they saunter around in the daytime…. A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said: "Because there are more developments than ever, the countryside is being reduced. That is forcing foxes to seek food elsewhere…. (story)

Chester Chronicle 15.6.07 Trio guilty over 'sick' animal protest at vets' By Liza Williams, Chester Chronicle - A BEREAVED vet has described how a protest banner displayed outside his practice accusing it of supporting animal torture made him 'feel sick'. James Storrar looked out of his window at the Storrar Veterinary Practice on Boughton to see the banner displayed by three women, who were handing out leaflets.... At Chester Magistrates Court on Tuesday, Laura Tomlinson, 26, of Glen Park Drive, Preston, Katrina Somers, 39, of Worthing Street, Liverpool, and Kate Louise Jones, 26, of Oaklands Avenue, Liverpool, were found guilty of causing harassment, alarm or distress.... (story)
Chester Evening Leader 13.6.07 THREE women have been found guilty of causing alarm or distress to workers after protesting outside a Chester veterinary surgery. Laura Tomlinson, 26, of Glen Park Drive, Preston, Katrina Somers, 49, of Worthing Street, Waterloo and Kate Louise Jones, 26, of Oaklands Avenue, both Liverpool, appeared for trial before Chester, Ellesmere Port and Neston magistrates... The court heard the three women held a silent protest by holding up a banner and placards, saying the veterinary surgery supported vivisection... All three defendants were ordered to serve a community order for 12 months. Somers and Jones were ordered to serve 75 hours of unpaid work in the community, because of previous offences. Tomlinson was ordered to serve 14 hours unpaid work in the community... (story)

Western Morning News 15.6.07 CURRENT BADGER TB DEBATE IS FARCICAL - Having been on the Government's badger TB panel, and involved in some 15 years, I am very saddened at farcical nature of the current debate, with "facts" bandied about both for and against a mass badger cull which are simply wrong!... The Badger Trust is misguided in pushing so hard for IFN blood tests.... Martin Hancox, Stroud, Gloucestershire (letter)

Bath Chronicle 15.6.07 FLYING DUCKS? FACTORY FARMED BIRDS CAN HARDLY WALK - Have our food producers learnt nothing? After bringing us cannibalism, BSE, Salmonella, E.coli and antibiotic resistant killer bugs, they've done it again. They're promoting duck as the new, healthy meat and local supermarkets are going along with it... Happily, you can help restore freedom to these wonderful birds by refusing to buy the meat, complaining to any store which sells it and by supporting Viva!'s Ducks out of Water campaign... TRAVIS COOPER, Waterbird Street, Maroochydore, Australia (story)

Western Daily Press 15.6.07 CAN VEGETARIANS SAVE THE WORLD? - Producing the meat we eat causes 18 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. This week, Susie Weldon asks if we should turn vegetarian to save planet Earth... Tim Barford who runs Bristol's annual Vegan Fayre, which took place earlier this month, is not in the business of telling people to stop eating meat, even though he's been a vegan for 25 years. But if you are worried about climate change, the facts speak for themselves, he says: "If we all reduced our meat and dairy intake significantly, we would have a significant, positive impact on the planet... Tony Wardle, associate director of the Bristol-based animal campaign group Viva! believes the tide is starting to turn his way... (story)

Irish Examiner 15.6.07 Uncivilised attitude to welfare of animals - I AGREE fully with the points made by Catherine Galvin (Letters, June 4) about the Irish attitude to animals. What is it in our psyche that makes us neglectful of cruel to defenceless creatures?... Noreen Fitzpatrick, Annmount, Glounthaune, Co Cork (letter)

Westmorland Gazette 15.6.07 Foie gras protest at L’enclume By The Westmorland Gazette - A GROUP of animal rights campaigners held a three-hour protest outside a Michelin-starred restaurant in Cartmel. Four members of Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (VIVA) gathered outside L'enclume on Friday night (June 8) in protest at the restaurant's use of foie gras... (story)


Horse & Hound 14.6.07 Hunt saboteur Chris Black abandons appeal - Trevor Cooper, H&H news writer - A hunt saboteur has abandoned his appeal against a conviction for behaving in a threatening manner at a meet of the Crawley & Horsham on 21 January 2006. Chris Black, 20, of Meadow Road, Worthing, served notice to Lewes Crown Court on 6 June that he no longer wished to pursue his appeal.... A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service told H&H that Mr Black's own video footage of the incident had been used against him.... (story)

Wharfedale & Airedale Observer 14.6.07 Competitors flock to sun-soaked Askwith Show By Amanda Greaves - THE 51st Askwith Show has been declared a huge success after attracting exceptionally high entries and visitor numbers... A late addition to the programme was also a hit with visitors. Airedale Beagles were unable to attend the show as was previously hoped, and in their place, the show organisers booked a boomerang expert to make and demonstrate the traditional Australian craft.... (story)

Western Gazette 14.6.07 DAY PACKED WITH FUN FOR EVERYONE - Huskies, racing cars and waltzers were just some of the attractions at the Priddy Fun Day... Other events at the fun day included a display from the Mendip Farmers Hunt, various games, a raffle,... (story)

Western Daily Press 14.6.07 DRESSED TO KILL - As the Quantock Staghounds believed they were engaged in exempt hunting as defined in the Hunting Act, it was perfectly correct for them to wear hunting dress. John Sims, Dulverton, Somerset (letter)

Independent 14.6.07 Undercover academic reveals the 'dark side' of country life By Emily Dugan - It was meant to be the perfect village. Chosen for its picturesque setting, it was one hay wain away from being a Constable painting. But, according to a new report, a sinister atmosphere of intolerance is lurking behind the facade of English country villages... The study, published yesterday in the Health and Place journal, appealed to health professionals to investigate further the serious problems faced by villagers who do not meet with the approval of their peers. As part of her research, Dr Francine Watkins, of Liverpool University, infiltrated every aspect of village life... But Tim Bonner, media spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, was sceptical of the report.... (story)

Walsall Advertiser 14.6.07 STREET COLLECTION THANKS - Compassion in World Farming would like to thank the people of Walsall for raising £147.14 at our street collection on May 12... Emily Durrant, CIWF (story)

Cambridge Evening News 14.6.07 Not all Christian - Peter Willis, Glebe Way, Histon - I FIND it hard to understand the point in David Burbridge's letter on vegetarianism in relation to Christianity (June 9). I'm not sure if he has noticed but not everyone, thank the lord, is a Christian….. (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 9.6.07 Moving food From David Burbridge High Street, Melbourn - I READ in the Newsthis week that quite a high percentage of people in Cambridge city now are vegetarians, yet our Creator directed that "every moving thing shall be meat for you" as well as plants and fruits…. (letter)

Somerset Guardian 14.6.07 BADGER CULL IS NOT THE ANSWER - The pro cull and blame-the-badger-for-TB-in- cattle lobby was very keen to use the Irish solution, with its culling programme based on anecdotal evidence.Now, not a whisper from them as the Irish have found that, despite killing so many badgers to a state where they are now rarely seen, bovine TB is rampant….. DAVID THOMAS, Hillview, Hisomley (letter)

Rugby Observer 14.6.07 Tribute to animals' suffering at livestock market - THE tribute/remembrance event held on Saturday for all the animals that have passed through Rugby Cattle Market over the last 120 years was very well attended…. Diane Smith representing Animal Aid and Janet Taylor from the Farm Animal Sanctuary at Evesham gave extremely interesting talks…. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)


Western Morning News 13.6.07 BRITISH - WHAT CAN IT MEAN? - WE must all pray that Gordon Brown's desire to see a "Britishness Day" never comes to pass.... Apart from the sheer embarrassment of it all, there is the basic hypocrisy that while millions would be spent and much effort put in, the rest of Government time seems to be spent actively destroying the things which make us British in the first place. Children can't play cricket any more because their playing fields have been sold to supermarkets. Hunting has been banned because it offends vegans and other Guardian readers. The hereditary element of the House of Lords has gone because it represents the unacceptable face of history. Judges are soon to lose their wigs and robes as they intimidate teenage knife murderers.... (story)

Western Morning News 13.6.07 SO a democratically elected Government which, with the wishes of the majority of the country, banned hunting with hounds has found disfavour with our monarch, an unelected figurehead... J Cook, Minehead (letter)

Berwickshire News 13.6.07 Grouse project at Longformacus By Janice Gillie - THREE thousand acres of upland farmland near Longformacus is being returned to heather moorland in a 'long term experiment' to re-establish a habitat for red and black grouse. The chairman of the Game Conservancy Trust in Scotland, Robbie Douglas Miller, bought Horseupcleugh farm in 2005, taking what he describes as "an educated gamble" that he could transform the 3000 acres of upland farm from grazing for 1500 ewes, 50 cattle and forestry, into rolling heather moorland... (story)

Northern Echo 13.6.07 Grouse back in the black - RARE black grouse are on the increase and nowhere more so than in the Yorkshire Dales where numbers have trebled…. The remarkable comeback is a huge achievement for the Black Grouse Recovery Project, which includes farmers, gamekeepers, grouse moor managers and conservation organisations…. (story)

Islington Gazette 13.6.07 Fears for house cat chased off by foxes - A MARRIED couple are desperately hunting for their beloved cat - who has been missing since he was caught on CCTV being chased off by foxes. John and Nichola Finlayson's two-and-a-half-year-old cat Chewie had not been out of their first floor flat in Highbury Crescent since they used to take him for walks on a lead when he was a kitten.... (story)

Western Daily Press 13.6.07 PEACOCKS CULLED AFTER COMPLAINT - So Nick Harris bleats he couldn't sleep because of peacocks at Paignton Zoo… Mrs Jennie Cook, Chapel Cleeve, Somerset (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 13.6.07 LETTERS: STUPID CRUELTY TO PIGEON - I was helping with an animal charity collection in the city centre when a distressed member of the public came up and told us a mindless moron had been kicking a pigeon near the corner of Castle Gate/Lister Gate, leaving it in distress…. Mrs J.R. WOOD Hollydale Road Nottingham (letter)

Northern Echo 13.6.07 Animals - RE your story headed "Danger dog shot dead after hunt" (Echo, June 9), Why? It seems that humanity's answer to a problem is "kill, kill, kill"…. Who can forget the mass slaughter by the Government at the behest of the National Farmers' Union (NFU) at the last outbreak of foot-and-mouth when even very young lambs were led to their death and burial. Now the Government is proposing to have a cull of badgers… John W Antill, Darlington. (letter)

Stretford & Urmston Messenger 13.6.07 Circus rejects animal concerns By Simon Greenhalgh - A TRADITIONAL big top circus rolls into Timperley next week with an animal welfare group calling for residents to boycott its performances. Circus Mondao will be at the Bowdon RUFC grounds, on Clay Lane, from Wednesday until June 24… National animal rights group, the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS), takes a very different view. Campaigns manager Craig Redmond explained: "There are many excellent circuses that use only human skills and we would encourage the public to support these instead… (story)

Scotsman 13.6.07 Facts of factory farming - The lack of understanding of the origins of animal products is an issue of concern for animal welfare organisations (your report, 9 June and Letters, 12 June). We believe that making the link between farmed animals and food on a supermarket shelf is essential… ROSS MINETT, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Wilmslow Express 13.6.07 Animal group in circus protest - AN ANIMAL protection group is calling for a boycott of the circus performing in Wilmslow this week. It will be the first time a circus using animal acts has arrived in Wilmslow since a borough wide ban was lifted. Campaigners at the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS), based in Manchester, are targeting Circus Mondao for continuing to transport animals... (story)

Ilford Recorder 13.6.07 Motorway jams cruelty to animals - How can anyone in the 21st century support the keeping of wild or domesticated animals in cages far from their natural habitat simply for human entertainment?... J R WOOD, South Park Drive, Seven Kings (story)


Western Morning News 12.6.07 RSPCA HYPOCRISY - For the RSPCA to object to the justifiable cull of the Lynton goats is as hypocritical as it is futile... Its animal management policy also extends to supporting the League Against Cruel Sports' actions at its "sanctuary" at Dulverton, where diseased, TB-ridden previously wild deer are fed, causing overbreeding and death, and infecting livestock in the area... C F W Chanter, Taunton (letter)

Irish Examiner 12.6.07 Irish hare is now an endangered species - THE recent conviction of a Co Westmeath-based coursing club for trapping hares without a licence serves as yet another reminder that our hare population is threatened by a practice that involves netting and baiting these gentle creatures for ‘sport’…. John Fitzgerald, Lr Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Dundee Courier 12.6.07 Police happy with hare coursing crackdown By Stefan Morkis - THERE WERE 40 incidents of hare coursing reported to Tayside Police last year—a third less than the season before. The force’s wildlife liaison officer Alan Stewart said he was pleased the crackdown on the blood sport was getting results…. (story)

Western Mail 12.6.07 Farmers’ leader in attack on animal activists by Steve Dube, Western Mail - NFU Cymru President Dai Davies has condemned the Animal Liberation Front after the group claimed responsibility for an attack on a livestock farmer in Oxfordshire last month… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 12.6.07 Don't subsidise this vicious sport - AFTER watching live footage on www.league.org.uk I am writing to urge readers heading to Spain this summer not to attend bullfights despite the persuasion from travel agents that the event is a festive and fair fight in the name of tradition…. Susan Mitchell, Drum Street, Edinburgh (story)

Western Morning News 12.6.07 CASE FOR NOT EATING MEAT - The Government is not overstepping the mark in advising people on dietary matters, as it is absolutely correct to say that not eating meat is good for the environment and personal health... Dr Colin Bannon, Crapstone (letter)

Western Morning News 12.6.07 VEGAN VINDICATION - Thank you for your heading "Vegans hijack climate debate" (May 30). You have publicised what we vegans have known for some time, giving your readers a great opportunity to consider these issues... Andy Diament, St Just (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 12.6.07 DON'T MAKE A PIG OF YOURSELF - A Hull father has created a new cartoon superhero in a bid to educate children about the environment and veganism. Phil Tutton, of Jalland Street, off Holderness Road, east Hull, has produced and published a book featuring a character called Wonderpig... (story)

Western Daily Press 12.6.07 NO NEED TO DIE - I expect you will be inundated with letters of protest about the two healthy dogs having to be put down as their South African owner insisted on it... Words fail me at what this dreadful woman did.... Helen Capel, Winscombe (letter)

Bolton Evening News 12.6.07 Nothing sporting in the torture of bulls - THE stabbing of bulls in an arena under the name of sport has to be one of the last vestiges for the degeneration of the human spirit…. I say good luck to all those who are making their protest at this disgusting spectacle as outlined in Friday's edition of The Bolton News… (story)


Western Morning News 11.6.07 RECORD PREDICTED FOR COUNTY SHOW - Glorious sunshine, a very popular programme and hundreds of trade stands enticed tens of thousands of people to this year's Royal Cornwall Show, with bosses predicting that visitor numbers could break the all-time record…. Visitors enjoyed a chance to see horse and carriage displays, a police dog display, a parade of hunting hounds and a host of other traditional events…. (story)

Aberdeen Evening Express 11.6.07 JUSTICE CHIEF SUPPORTS BID TO OUTLAW AIRGUNS - Scotland's most senior justice minister has welcomed a proposed by-law banning airguns in Aberdeen. Secretary of Justice Kenny MacAskill said he will work with the city council to help rid the area of "the scourge of these dangerous weapons"…. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 11.6.07 GAME FOR COUNTRY LIFE - Hundreds of people gathered at Kedleston Hall this weekend for its first Game and Country fair…. Activities included craft and clothes stalls and a ferret race and display by the British Ferret Club. The crowds were also entertained by clay pigeon shooting, sheep dog trials and fly fishing, as well as a falconry display… (story)

South Wales Echo 11.6.07 Anglers’ plea for action on fishing Poles by Gareth Rogers, South Wales Echo - ANGRY anglers have called for action to stop Eastern Europeans catching their fish without licences… Glamorgan Angling Club secretary Paul Addecott of Barry said: “This problem has escalated over the past few years and is not at all limited to waters stocked with salmon and trout.”… (story)

Times 11.6.07 Outrage as cathedral shoots pigeon in front of diners - BEN HOYLE - With its towering spire and unique collection of more than 1,000 roof bosses, Norwich Cathedral is one of the high-lights of any trip to East Anglia…. Last week a pigeon was shot dead in full view of diners in the cathedral’s restaurant… Pigeon Campaigns UK, a welfare group, was tipped off about the shooting by a concerned diner who saw the incident. John Davison, a spokesman, said: “We are absolutely disgusted that a place of worship such as Norwich Cathedral could be responsible for such a heinous crime against our wildlife…(story)

Irish Examiner 11.6.07 Distressing level of animal cruelty - I AGREE with Catherine Galvin’s observations about our treatment of animals in this country… The Irish Government does little or nothing when it comes to animal welfare… Angela Browne, Blarney, Co Cork (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 11.6.07 WE MUST STOP FARM CRUELTY - Madam - I was disgusted to read about farmer Francis Beavis, who was convicted of cruelly neglecting a poor calf… These people should never have been allowed to farm and all farmers should be inspected frequently. Peggy Bradshaw,Painswick. (letter)


Times 9.6.07 Far from the madding crowd - The startling pace of change in the British countryside is leading to the disappearance of ancient professions. On a tour of the West Country, artist Toby Wiggins met the last of a dying breed… Retired huntsman - Jim Bennett, Dorset…."I spent my whole working life as a hunt servant. I started when I was 14. It was the late Lady Shaftesbury that started me into hunt service…. "Quite an experience for a boy to go and work in an establishment with 20 men. That's how many people worked for the Portman Hunt in those days… "The mustard-coloured jacket goes back to my Berkeley days… (story)

Western Daily Press 9.6.07 THE SUPERHERO OF THE STAG HUNTERS - I Sat through the complete trial of Richard Down and Adrian Pillivant, servants of the Quantock Staghounds.On the day of the hunt there was an outstanding display of gunmanship by a Mr J Piester who was a witness for the defence in the trial. He killed six moving deer with his single-barrelled shotgun, whereas the average kill is marginally more than one per hunt…. Surely Mr Piester is now qualified to wear his underpants outside of his trousers. Ivor Annetts Address supplied (letter)

Dundee Courier 9.6.07 Wildlife out clean toilets in - In his letter, June 6, Scottish National Heritage operational manager Mr Timms claims the dominant factor for the decline in gull numbers along the British coastline is due to lack of food supplies….what about 20 years ago when food supplies were plentiful and we did not have a decline in numbers, only total desertion? Coincidentally this happened the year after the first of many fox dens appeared on the site… As for ‘scientific’ studies, this is merely a mask for the SNH to hide behind when they cannot face the public with the truth. Anyone with an iota of practical knowledge of foxes’ predatory habits will know this is a ridiculous statement…. Andy Ritchie. The Moorie, St Cyrus (letter)

Independent 9.6.07 House of Fraser to ban 'unethical' foie gras By Matt Dickinson, Scottish Press Association - Department store group House of Fraser announced yesterday it is to stop selling foie gras pate on ethical grounds…. It follows a long campaign by animal rights campaigners Advocates for Animals, headed up by the Duke and Duchess of Hamilton…. The Duchess congratulated the group today in a letter published on the Advocates for Animals website - saying she and her husband would be returning as customers to Jenners…. (story)
Western Daily Press 9.6.07 FOIE GRAS BAN - House of Fraser said yesterday it is to stop selling foie gras pate on ethical grounds…(story)


BBC News Online 8.6.07 Hunting ban job losses 'about 20' - The number of job losses following the hunting ban has been a fraction of those originally predicted by the Countryside Alliance…. So far, about 20 jobs have been lost in the South West, the Alliance said. Spokesperson Alison Hawes said it was not a gross over-estimate, and that hunt supporters believe that the ban will be repealed…. (story)

Oxford Mail 8.6.07 Farmers fear animal extremist attacks By Matt Wilkinson - Farmers fear animal rights extremists may be stepping up action against them after the Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for a petrol bomb attack…. (story)


Western Gazette 7.6.07 Government acted wisely - READING the farming article by Western Gazette staff reporter Claire Bryant prompts me to counter some of the comments by South West MEP Neil Parish…. The Government was reckless in passing a Bill to ban hunting, Mr Parish suggests. He ignores the fact that it was in the Labour manifesto and is supported by a large section of the population. I had people say to me that they would cease to support Labour if it did not carry out its promise to ban hunting… Mr A Keirl, Etsome Terrace, Somerton (letter)

Worthing Herald 7.6.07 Putting fox tales right - OVER the last month or so I've been reading all the letters the Herald has published about those hideous fiends... the foxes…. I felt compelled to after Mrs M Chatfield's letter last week, may I respond as follows; Her comments were absurd and ill-informed to the extreme….As for the scaremongering remarks made in another letter published a few of weeks ago about foxes stealing babies and the one about them chewing though brake cables, whomever wrote it needs to get a check on reality… Kit Bradshaw (17), Montpelier Road, East Preston (letter)

Scotsman 7.6.07 Gamekeeper who poisoned birds of prey is a disgrace to the profession - George Aitken has let down all the law-abiding professional gamekeepers in Scotland with his disgraceful crime against wildlife (your report, 5 June) and he receives no sympathy or support from this organisation…. Had he been a member of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, he would without doubt have been aware of the law and would have been expelled without further ado… ALEX HOGG, Chairman, SGA Portmore, Eddleston, Peebleshire
It beggars believe that someone can commit such a catalogue of cruelty against wildlife and still be allowed to keep their job…I am fully aware that many gamekeepers are hard-working, honest people who are simply doing a job, but this latest case highlights what the League Against Cruel Sports has argued for many years: the commercial shooting industry is a bloody business and it's our wildlife which pays the price. LOUISE ROBERTSON, Scotland Campaigner, League Against Cruel Sports, Rosyth Fife
Sheriff Kevin Drummond bemoans the fact that he does not have the power to disqualify a gamekeeper from his chosen profession…those convicted of serious wildlife crimes should not be considered fit and competent under firearms legislation and have their shotgun and firearms certificates revoked by the relevant chief constable… ALISTER CLUNAS, Fareview, Banchory, Aberdeenshire (letters)

Southern Reporter 7.6.07 Lauder gamekeeper escapes jail By Hilary Mactaggart & Sally Gillespie - THE Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has welcomed the sentencing of a Borders gamekeeper to 220 hours' community service for using live pigeons in cages and dead pheasants laced with poisons to try to trap birds of prey. However, the conservation body says it would have liked to have seen 56-year-old George Aitken, from Blythe Farm Cottages, Lauder, punished further by losing his job over the offences… (story)
BBC News Online 4.6.07 Gamekeeper punished for poisoning - A Borders gamekeeper who admitted using live pigeons as bait and lacing pheasant carcasses with poison has been given 220 hours of community service. George Aitken, 56, from Lauder, admitted a total of eight charges… Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) investigating officer Bob Elliott described the case as the worst it had seen in at least 20 years. He believed Aitken was using the toxic substance to try to kill off birds of prey in the area….(story)

Evesham Journal 7.6.07 It really is hook, line and stinker in Avon! By Tony Donnelly - A FURIOUS angler hit out this week after recovering a "barbaric" hooked bait left floating in the River Avon in the centre of Evesham. And irate Mayor Alan Booth has called for the vicious trap to be displayed to all members of the council when they meet next Monday… The lure was discovered by keen angler Martin Smith about noon on Tuesday…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 7.6.07 Our trainers are the best - REGARDING the recent Speedway yes, greyhound no', greyhound racing is a traditional sport that has been going on for years; it has produced a lot of entertainment for everyone. I find it disgusting to believe that people would like it out of Swindon…. Abbey Stadium and their trainers should be praised for their high standards, and not criticised. C ELLIOTT. Oakhurst. Swindon (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 7.6.07 Boycott pig race, say animal activists By Nafeesa Shan AN animal rights group is calling for the boycott of a country-side festival over plans to stage pig racing. Animal Aid is asking people "to take a stand against" the Lancashire and Ribble Valley Countryside and Garden Festival because it says racing pigs is inhumane and demeaning…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 7.6.07 VEGAN FAYRE WEEKEND - This year's Bristol Vegan Fayre takes place at the Lloyds Amphitheatre and Waterfront Square, this weekend.Now in its seventh year, the fayre incorporates a huge variety of entertainment, education and excellent shopping opportunities, with a wide selection of vegan products on offer…. (story)
Western Daily Press 6.6.07 A LEGION OF VEGANS - This weekend's Bristol Vegan Fayre looks set to attract many thousands of visitors from across the globe, writes Mark Taylor…Organiser Tim Barford, from Bristol-based hemp food company Yaoh, said: "I think there is certainly an increased interest in veganism this year because people are more interested in reducing their carbon footprint," says Tim, a vegan for 25 years…(story)

Gloucester Citizen 7.6.07 BADGERS AND TB: GET FACTS STRAIGHT - Having been on the Government's badger TB panel and involved some 15 years, I am very saddened at farcical nature of the current debate with facts bandied about both for and against a mass badger cull which are simply wrong!... M HANCOX, Nouncells Cross, Stroud (letter)

Tamworth Herald 7.6.07 END ANIMAL CIRCUSES - Given recent comments in the Herald's letters pages regarding the recent visit by the Great British Circus it appears that animal circuses really have had their day and the public would prefer not to see them… Craig Redmond, Campaigns Manager, The Captive Animals' Protection Society, PO Box 4186, Manchester, M60 3ZA. (letter)

Worthing Herald 7.6.07 Titnore wood protesters stay defiant By Chris Taylor - PROTESTERS from the Titnore Woods tree camp have said they are "looking forward to another year" after celebrating the first anniversary of the eco-occupation…. The past 12 months have seen an eviction notice against the campers successfully obtained from the High Court by landowners Fitzroy and Clem Somerset, defeating a legal challenge fronted in court by protester Jim Muttley… Fellow protester Cathy Harding said although the camp had become their home, the reason for being there had not been forgotten… (story)


Belfast Telegraph 6.6.07 Huntsmen 'conserve' the countryside - Huntsmen are the countryside's greatest conservationists, a gathering of rural sports fans at Stormont heard yesterday. MLA Jim Shannon was speaking as enthusiasts celebrated the 30th anniversary of Great Game Fairs of Ireland…. Hunting has been criticised by pressure groups such as the League Against Cruel Sports, whose lobbying helped secure a ban on hunting Irish hares. They have also accused hunters of causing unnecessary suffering to their fox quarries, a charge denied by the Countryside Alliance…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 6.6.07 TWO BEAGLE PUPS STOLEN - Beagle pups being groomed for the hunt have vanished from a farm near Stow-on-the-Wold…. Puppy walker Angela Whitcombe found their pen's gate wide open and no sign of her white, brown and black wards. She had been looking after the pedigree pups and training them for Dummer Beagles, at Little Rissington… (story)

Irish Independent 6.6.07 Fair deal for furry friends - Amidst all the weighty wheeling and dealing in the corridors of power aimed at producing a new government, politicians may overlook the plight of a brutally oppressed and voiceless minority. I refer to the victims of coursing clubs, fox hunts, and the country's only stag hunt…. John Fitzgerald, (Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports) Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Daily Post 6.6.07 Problem of predators - ANIMAL rights lobbyists are generally all too quick to tell us that that lamb losses are due to bad husbandry… Following the high profile death of Gordon Ramsay’s lamb by a predator or predators unknown will they now acknowledge the problems that farmers and shepherds face… a task made even more difficult following the hunting ban? Barry Henderson, Countryside Alliance Regional Director, North Wales & Cheshire (story)

Oxford Times 6.6.07 Animal rights demo planned at Encaenia By Chris Kearney - ANIMAL rights campaigners who scored a legal victory over police breaking up their demonstration at last year's Encaenia ceremony will stage a repeat this month…. (story)

Liverpool Echo 6.6.07 No animal priority - THE trustees at Freshfields Animal Rescue would like to respond to the letter DCI Steve May released to the ECHO dated May 15. On the morning of the investigation, one RSPCA inspector was on site to oversee the welfare of all the animals. As we have more than 500 animals at the sanctuary we felt one inspector was totally inadequate…. At no time was a member of the kennel staff told they would be allowed access…. D Colley, D Callendar, Freshfields Animal Rescue (letter)
Liverpool Echo 15.5.07 Raid: The facts - I AM writing in response to recent articles and correspondence about the raid at Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre on May 2… I must point out that animal welfare was a priority throughout the raid… As the day went on the police were able to invite two of the charity’s trustees to accompany officers on the search to ensure that animal welfare remained a priority. The trustees chose not to visit but selected a suitable trained member of staff who was fully aware of the animals’ needs…. Detective chief inspector Steve May, Merseyside police (letter)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 6.6.07 Animal rights rally planned at market By Marc Meneaud - ANIMAL rights campaigners are planning a two-minute silent vigil at Rugby Cattle Market this weekend…. They will include representatives from charity Animal Aid, and Janet Taylor from the Farm Animal Sanctuary in Evesham. Animal Aid will present a plaque to mark the occasion…. Campaigner Janet Cummings, aged 62, of Tower Road, Rugby, is one of the organisers of the event, which takes place on Saturday… (story)

Guardian 6.6.07 Feathers fly as screaming peacocks die - Steven Morris - Some residents called it parade time. A group of preening peacocks would strut up the middle of Harbourne Avenue… But not yesterday. To the horror of many local people, the concern of animal activists and the despair of zookeepers, seven male peacocks were culled by the zoo after one neighbour complained that the spectacular birds were a noisy nuisance…. An RSPCA spokesman said: "It is very sad that the seven peacocks were culled. It would have been preferable to find the birds a new home." A spokesman for the animals rights group Animal Aid said: "Animals in zoos are treated as disposable commodities. They are paraded in front of the public and killed when they become inconvenient."… (story)

Bolton Evening News 6.6.07 Sexy vegetarians — just look at Joaquin - In reply to the feature from Kat Dibbits (The Bolton News, June 4), I would like to inform her that there is currently a competion asking people to vote for the world's sexiest vegetarian… Olga Gee, Watling St, Affetside (letter)
Bolton Evening News 6.6.07 . . . Clint, Orlando and Josh too - Kat Dibbits asks, "Just how sexy is vegetarianism?". Two words . . . Joaquin Phoenix!... Ms S Edwards, Dubai (letter)
Bolton Evening News 6.6.07 Veggie-loving men make a stand against impotence SO Kat Dibbits thinks meat-eating men make better lovers? The Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation (VVF) believes that vegetarians are proud to stand up and be counted in more ways than one! Impotence affects one in 10 men in the UK and, while surgery is an option, changing the menu is an easier way of ensuring you can rise to the occasion…. Dr Justine Butler Senior Health Campaigner Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Bolton Evening News 6.6.07 Farmed animals are a burden on the world’s forest and climate - IS Kat Dibbits just a wee bit selfish considering her own sexual taste buds to the health of the planet. Methane, which pours from a cow's bottom on an industrial scale every few minutes… Alywnne Cartmell, Bolton (letter)
Bolton Evening News 4.6.07 Just how sexy is vegetarianism? FORMER Bolton School pupil Sir Ian McKellen has been nominated for yet another award - World's Sexiest Vegetarian. As Gordon Ramsay refuses to serve vegetarian Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole, in his restaurant, we ask: how sexy is vegetarianism? Meat-free Andrew Mosley and steak-loving Kat Dibbits thrash it out…. (story)


Western Morning News 5.6.07 OPPOSITION TO CRUELTY IS NOT A CLASS ISSUE - I write with no small measure of disgust in reply to Tess Nash's letter (WMN, May 1) in which she covered a variety of points. One was a spiteful attack on Jean Turner, an anti-hunt stalwart, who she implies is a social misfit.I, too must to be a social misfit, along with the thousands of other people of the UK who tirelessly lobbied MPs, wrote countless letters and campaigned for the end of the barbaric pastime of hunting for stag and hare…. Mrs C M Roper, Plymouth (letter)

Western Morning News 5.6.07 COUNTRYSIDE NEGLECT WAS DELIBERATE - I think you are wrong to attribute the Blair Government's neglect of rural interests to indifference, just because there are fewer New Labour votes than Old Labour voters among rural workers, many of whom enjoyed following the hunt on foot, even if they didn't ride and couldn't afford a car… Because of the hunting ban, rural foxes are set to become as gutless as their urban cousins. Now that is cruel… I think Mr Blair decided to try methods of political conversion he remotely encountered in the former Yugoslavia - ethnic cleansing…. Tony Maskell, Newton Ferrers (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 5.6.07 APPALLED BY RAIDS ON PROTESTERS - I am horrified to learn that recently, as part of a campaign against animal rights protesters, men from 10 police forces countrywide, dressed in riot gear and brandishing truncheons, raided the home of a single woman, asleep in bed with her two dogs, by breaking down the front door…. Reports are coming in of aggressive behaviour in other raids, police leaving some residents on the bed face down and handcuffed while they ransacked the house, but arrested nobody…My time is spent enlightening those who wish to learn of the futility, illogicality, utter uselessness and therefore potential dangers of experimenting on different species of animals as any sort of guide for creating human medications… Jacqueline Shortland, Neswick Street, Plymouth (story)

Oxford Mail 5.6.07 Farmer's fury as activists admit attack By Matt Wilkinson - Animal rights activists have claimed responsibility for setting off two bombs at a farm - and warned other businesses could be targeted. Incendiary devices exploded fuel tanks destroying two tractors, containers and 200 bales of hay causing up to £500,000 of damage at Field Farm, Appleton, near Cumnor last month. Now the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) has claimed on a website it carried out the attack adding they will continue to target farms and businesses they believe are involved in transporting livestock to be killed….(story)
Oxford Mail 5.6.07 Animal rights link to arson By Matt Wilkinson - Animal rights campaigners have claimed responsibility for two petrol bombs which exploded at an Oxfordshire farm. The incendiary devices caused thousands of pounds of damage at Field Farm in Appleton near Abingdon at about 11pm on May 6. An anonymous posting on animal rights website Bite Back said the farm was attacked because it is involved in transporting animals to their deaths and raising animals to be killed…. (story)
BBC News Online 5.6.07 Animal activists admit farm arson - Animal rights activists have claimed responsibility for a major arson attack on a cattle farm, police have said. In a message posted on the internet, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) said it caused the damage put at £500,000 at Field Farm in Appleton, Oxfordshire. David Morgan, boss of the farm, which employs 70 people, said fumes from the fire on 6 May killed some animals. Two tractors and containers were destroyed. He added that he would not be intimidated by the arson attack…. (story)
Oxford Times 5.6.07 'We blew up farm' — extremists - ANIMAL rights campaigners have claimed responsibility for two petrol bombs which exploded at an Oxfordshire farm. The incendiary devices caused thousands of pounds of damage at Field Farm, Appleton, at about 11pm on Sunday, May 6…. (story)

York Press 5.6.07 Dog eat dog - I REACTED with horror and disgust at the news that the agricultural industry wants to restart feeding animal remains to other animals. These are the same people who introduced vCJD into the human population… In particular, the proposal is to feed chicken remains to pigs and pig remains to chickens. I am not a vegetarian, yet but it looks like I may have no choice soon…. Chris Clayton, Hempland Drive, York. (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 5.6.07 BADGER MAN TONY GOES WILD FOR HIS IDOL SIR DAVID - A BADGER watch expert welcomed VIP wildlife filmmaker Sir David Attenborough to his setts in Stroud.Retired police officer Tony Dean took Sir David and his TV crew to the secret countryside location, where he has been watching generations of Brock… Sir David's new programme on climate change, including the Stroud badger sequences, is expected to be screened in the autumn… (story)

Argus 5.6.07 Wildlife charity under threat By Rachel Pegg - A wildlife charity that rescues thousands of animals a year is under threat because it cannot meet its rising costs. Volunteers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service dash across the county every day to the aid of injured foxes, badgers, deer, hedgehogs, seals, swans and other wild creatures…. Trevor Weeks says for the first time this month, the service has more invoices than it has funds available….(story)
Eastbourne Herald 2.5.07 Fundraising fair for animal charity - A FAIR in aid of an animal rescue team raised more than £300 for the cause. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service organised a spring fair at St John's Church Hall, Polegate… Rescuer Trevor Weeks said, "Our vets bills and petrol expenses have started to go up now because there are more animals around which need rescuing…. (story)

Western Morning News 5.6.07 FARMERS ARE TO BLAME, NOT BADGERS - Farmer Bryan Hill accuses the Badger Trust of publishing "false information" about bovine TB in his parish of Beaworthy…But our data are official figures from Animal Health (formerly the State Veterinary Service). They refer specifically to the parish of Beaworthy, and to the parishes that surround it, between 1995 and 2006. The data are not based on postcodes, as Mr Hill claims…And why is the Government so slack? Because it faces opposition from farmers themselves, who seem determined to cut off their own noses to spite their faces and blame badgers for problems of their own making. Trevor Lawson, For the Badger Trust Amersham, Bucks (letter)


Mirror 4.6.07 HUNTING DOGS KILL POODLE By Jeremy Armstrong - A WOMAN fled into the sea with her terrier as hunting dogs savaged her other pet to death. Joyce Crass was up to her neck in freezing waves as she tried to escape. The secretary was walking 14-year-old poodle Nina and border terrier Skip when they were attacked by seven lurchers. The owner, who had been hunting rabbits, told Joyce to grab her pets and run…. (story)
Sun 4.6.07 Hunting dogs savage poodle - A WOMAN’S pet poodle was savaged to death by seven hunting dogs as she walked on a beach. Joyce Crass, 58, fled into neck-deep sea water with her border terrier Skip as the lurchers tore into 14-year-old Nina near her home in Walkworth, Northumberland… (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 4.6.07 DVD COMES UNDER FIRE - Brockworth-based GlaxoSmithKline has come under fire from animal rights activists…. The National Anti-Vivisection Society says the DVD is part of a well-financed campaign to encourage children to support experiments on animals. (story)
Western Daily Press 1.6.07 ANIMAL-TEST DVD OUTCRY - Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has come under fire after it produced a DVD for secondary schools explaining why animals are used for developing medical treatments.The National Anti-Vivisection Society said the DVD is clearly a well-financed campaign in favour of animal experimentation…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 4.6.07 BADGER CULLING - 'SEEK NEUTRAL ADVICE' - A Campaign group for badgers has welcomed government plans to seek independent advice on tackling TB.Defra raised the possibility of a cull last year to stop the spread of the disease…. Trevor Lawson, spokesman for the Badger Trust, said: "It's plain that the Science Advisory Council is seriously concerned that ministers will not be in receipt of independent scientific advice when critical decisions on TB control, such as badger culling, are made…. (story)
Western Morning News 4.6.07 BADGER CULL DECISION LIKELY - The Government finally looks set to accept that there is a need to cull badgers to help stem the spread of TB in cattle.Environment Secretary David Miliband is this week expected to back an independent study into the disease, which costs the tax payer £100 million a year…. (story)
Western Morning News 4.6.07 BADGER CULL IS A CRUEL NECESSITY - After years of delay and obstruction, it appears the Government may at last be about to accept the necessity of a badger cull. If that is the case, it marks a spectacular U-turn. It will be all the more remarkable for the fact that Defra ministers have for so long found every possible excuse to avoid implementing such a policy…. (story)

Scotsman 4.6.07 Born to be wild? ROSS MINETT, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Independent 4.6.07 Zoos are relics of a bygone era - The sad death of Xiang Xiang, the first captive-bred panda who was released into the wild… ) comes as no real surprise. Reintroducing captive-born animals to the wild is a complex and largely unpredictable process. Despite claims made by zoos, many reintroduction programmes from captive-bred populations of "wild" animals have been attempted and nearly all have failed…. We believe zoos, safari parks and aquaria are relics of a bygone era. It is time to stop exploiting "wild" animals as exhibits and start respecting them, using conservation funds on protecting them in their natural habitats. ROSS MINETT DIRECTOR, ADVOCATES FOR ANIMALS, EDINBURGH (letter)Leicester Mercury 4.6.07 MERCURY MAILBOX: DISTRESSED BY SEEING ANIMAL CRUELTY - I was appalled and somewhat distressed at seeing the Gordon Ramsay programme last week. I know we were warned about the horrors of this programme, but the distressing scene was on before I had time to switch off, which I rapidly did on seeing the geese being forcibly fed…. Why do we allow such programmes with distressing scenes and foul language to be shown on our screens? Gaby Roberts, Kibworth Beauchamp. (letter)

Western Daily Press 4.6.07 LET'S HAVE A TOTAL BAN ON FOIE GRAS - I was horrified to learn recently that we import more than 4,000 tons of foie gras every year…. For more information contact Viva!... Miss Elizabeth Howe, Yeovil, Somerset (letter)


Scotland on Sunday 3.6.07 Right to roam harming wildlife - I FOUND Jeremy Watson's article 'Roam sweet roam' (Insight, May 27) intensely disappointing…. I completely agree that Scotland's mountains, lochs and glens should be enjoyed by everyone, but I also believe that the 'right to roam' legislation has to be challenged…. At one extreme, there have been reports of gangs of youths hunting down roe deer with packs of dogs as some kind of night out. At the other end of the spectrum, the average pet owner is unaware that their dog will find attacking new born roe deer irresistible, nor that their very walk could destroy the nests of ground nesting birds…. Gerard Eadie, Perth & Kinross (letter)

TVNZ 3.6.07 Animal activist barred from NZ - The government has banned a British animal rights extremist from travelling to New Zealand due to his significant criminal record. Keith Mann is a member of the Animal Liberation front in the United Kingdom. The group has caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage rescuing animals from what it calls exploitation….(story)

Sunday Times 3.6.07 Save the planet, eat a vegan - JEREMY CLARKSON - Good news. It seems that your car and your fondness for sunken light bulbs in every alcove are not warming up the planet after all… demand for beef means more and more of the world’s forests are being chopped down, and more and more pressure is being put on our water supplies. Plainly, then, EarthSave is encouraging us to go into the countryside at the first possible opportunity and lay waste to anything with more than one stomach. Maybe it wants me to shoot my donkeys. Happily what it’s actually saying is that you can keep your car and your walk-in fridge, but you’ve got to stop eating meat…. At the moment, largely, cows eat grass and silage, and as we’ve seen, this is melting the ice caps and killing us all. So they need a new foodstuff: something that is rich in iron, calcium and natural goodness. Plainly they can’t eat meat so here’s an idea to chew on. Why don’t we feed them vegetarians? (story)

Sunday Times 3.6.07 Miliband will allow badger culling again - DAVID CRACKNELL - MINISTERS are poised to lift a 10-year ban on badger culling and allow large-scale kills across the countryside. David Miliband, the environment secretary, will endorse an independent study to be published next week that concludes large-scale culling would help stem the spread of tuberculosis in cattle…. >(story)


Cambridge Evening News 2.6.07 Hounds kill 'an accident' - A POLICE investigation into the death of a fox killed by hunting hounds has found no evidence of a criminal offence. Police were called after a woman witnessed an incident involving the Puckeridge Hunt in February, when a fox was killed by a pack of dogs. The hunt confirmed 25 hounds had chased the animal down, but insisted it was an accident which took place when the dogs picked up the scent of a fox as they took part in a trail hunt….(story)
Hertfordshire Mercury 23.2.07 Hunt investigated after hounds kill fox - POLICE are investigating after a pack of hounds from the Puckeridge Hunt "accidentally" killed a fox…. (story)
Saffron Walden Reporter 22.2.07 Woman’s fury at chased fox - A WOMAN has spoken of her terror after she saw a hunt chasing a fox between Duddenhoe End and Langley Upper Green last Wednesday afternoon. The Puckeridge Hunt has admitted it killed a fox, but claims it was an accident after hounds followed the scent of the animal when on a trail hunt…. (story)
Herts & Essex Observer 22.2.07 Probe after hunt hounds kill fox - A POLICE investigation is under way after a fox was killed by a pack of hunting hounds. A Puckeridge Hunt spokesman has admitted that 25 dogs chased the animal, but described the killing between Duddenhoe End and Langley Upper Green as an "accident"… (story)
Cambridge Evening News 21.2.07 Plea for witnesses after 'accidental' killing of fox - ANIMAL welfare campaigners are appealing for witnesses after hunt hounds killed a fox. As reported in the News, a police investigation has been launched after the animal was killed by a pack of hounds belonging to the Puckeridge Hunt…. The League Against Cruel Sports is urging any witnesses to contact police…. (story)
BBC News Online 16.2.07 Fox killed by hounds during hunt - Police are investigating after a hunt admitted its hounds had killed a fox. The fox was caught by hounds from the Puckeridge Hunt in Essex who had been following a trail laid by a rider… (story)
Cambridge Evening News 16.2.07 Police called in after hunt hounds kill fox - POLICE have launched an investigation after a fox was pursued by a pack of hounds and killed. The Puckeridge Hunt confirmed 25 hounds chased down the animal but says the killing was "an accident."… A Cambridge woman who does not wish to be named saw the hounds and a huntsman pursuing the fox and later called police…. (story)

Western Daily Press 2.6.07 QUEEN OF THE KING OF SPORTS - The captain of England's ladies' polo team Nina Clarkin takes a break from her busy schedule to talk to Mary Tapping… "And, if I'm very lucky, I'll get the occasional day out with the Cotswold Hunt - but I was able to go out only once this season, as we were away for most of the winter."… (story)

Western Daily Press 2.6.07 POLICITIANS MUST RUN THE COUNTRY - So the Queen, an unelected figurehead, lets it be known she disagrees with policies made by our Labour Government - who actually were voted for by her subjects. Help farmers, who are already subsidised, don't ban hunting with hounds.Wouldn't it have been nice if she had actually spoken on poverty, lack of affordable housing - even schooling…. Mrs Jennifer Cook Minehead (story)

Burnley Express 2.6.07 We're not cruel to fish – they thrive! I FEEL I must reply to the letter which appeared on the letters' page on Tuesday, May 15th, from "Roscoe" regarding fishing at Lowerhouse Lodge. How "Roscoe" can compare the angling at Lowerhouse Lodge to the barbaric situation that he may have witnessed in Japan is beyond me… WAYNE PRESTON, Chairman, Pendle Burnley and District Anglers' Association (letter)
Burnley Express 15.5.07 MANY years ago in Japan I watched children with rods holding very large hooks fishing in a square-metre-deep pond full to the brim with newly-caught sea fish. They stuck the hook through the fish's guts and, laughing, hauled it in. This was at a funfair but is similar to the fishing at Lowerhouse… ROSCOE, Burnley (letter)

Post & Times 2.6.07 RESPECT THE SKILL OF A RED FOX - This is the time of year when red foxes are busy raising their young in dens, many cubs will now be about two months old and are starting to venture out of the den for short periods this month and you may be lucky to witness their playing antics.European or red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) are actually part of the canid family… (story)

Western Morning News 2.6.07 VIVISECTION IS BOTH UNSCIENTIFIC AND EVIL - Jo Tanner (May 2) claims that to blame the withdrawal of medicines on animal experiments shows a deliberate misunderstanding of medicine development.Well, her blind faith in vivisection is almost akin to a religious belief, as there are no scientific facts to back up this unscientific practice…. Len Short, Torquay (letter)
Western Morning News 2.5.07 AS a nation, we are rightly proud of our contribution to medical science and Ms Shortland does a great disservice to those who work tirelessly to find treatments, even cures, for diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's by mangling facts…. Jo Tanner, Chief executive Coalition for Medical Progress (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 24.4.07 Well done for voicing opposition to labs - Jacqueline Shortland, via email (letter)
Western Morning News 24.4.07 EXPERIMENTS SHOW FOLLY OF MAN - "CONSIDERING the current climate on the question of experiments on animals, where powerful vested interests prevail to protect the status quo, neurosurgeon Marius Maxwell is indeed a brave and principled man to have aired his views so ardently and openly in the national press"…. Jacqueline Shortland, Plymouth (letter)


Bath Chronicle 1.6.07 - ROYAL BATH AND WEST SHOWCASES THE BEST - The Bath and West Show is well-known for attracting the country's finest livestock, horse-riders and family entertainment - and this year is no exception…. While hunt and hound displays have shown that fox hunting is still very much a part of rural life, just a few yards away an RSPCA stand has been campaigning for stronger enforcement of the ban on hunting with dogs…. (story)

Western Daily Press 1.6.07 LAW-BREAKING IS NOT JUSTIFIED - Giles Bradshaw yet again attempts to justify his position (Your Say, May 18).This is a man who openly admits that he breaks the law on hunting with dogs… Dudley Seale Minehead Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 30.5.07 FITTER FOXES MAKE FOR BETTER 'SPORT' - In response to Giles Bradshaw's letter "Hunting with dogs targets the sick and weak animals" (Western Daily Press, May 18), the hunt would be over in less than an hour if they chased only the weak and the old foxes. The fitter foxes give them a longer chase all day... A Williams Bath (letter)
Western Daily Press 28.5.07 PREDATORS WHO KILL MERELY FOR 'FUN' AND NOT FOR FOOD - Most of the time Giles Bradshaw comes up with the most insupportable tosh. "Hunting with dogs targets the sick and weak animals" (Your Say, May 18) is no exception…. Leave Mother Nature alone, she has managed for countless millions of years. It's only man who has thrown a spanner into the works. R M Morris Minehead (letter)
Western Daily Press 28.5.07 LIONS DO NOT DRESS TO KILL - I Find the need to respond to Mr Bradshaw's contributions almost every time I see them.He compares his "sport" to lions picking off sick or injured wildebeest on the African plains. Some of us feel physically sick over the apparent need for Mr Bradshaw and his ilk to dress up in fine clothes and make a huge event of the need to control foxes…. Bob Andrews Taunton (letter)
Western Daily Press 24.5.07 KILLING ANIMALS IS NOT A SPORT - I Write with reference to Giles Bradshaw (Your Say, May 18).Please, Mr Bradshaw, give us readers credit for having a little bit of common sense…. The Countryside Alliance condemns the League Against Cruel Sports for having a sanctuary for rescued animals. These are compassionate people who care, unlike the Countryside Alliance…. Norah Pound Wroughton Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 18.5.07 HUNTING WITH DOGS TARGETS THE SICK AND WEAK ANIMALS - Judi Hewitt ignores a key animal welfare and ecological benefit of the predation of foxes in her letter (Your Say, May 12).Predators tend to pick off sick and weak animals. By doing this, they save them from a fate far worse than being caught and eaten, and also, they help prevent the spread of disease…. Giles Bradshaw Rose Ash Devon (letter)
Western Daily Press 12.5.07 DAVE'S MIXED HIS MESSAGES - To say foxes have no natural predators is quite correct - but then neither do badgers and they're not spiralling out of control. Also foxes are territorial which means they chase away any others trying to take up residence. The idea they need to be controlled is utter rubbish… Judi Hewitt, Rhyl (letter)

Western Mail 1.6.07 Good-angling threat - I must support the views expressed by Wynne Griffiths (Letters, May 31), although this is not a local issue confined to the River Ogmore. The Environment Agency Wales spends huge amounts in promoting the return of migratory fish to Welsh Rivers through stocking, salmon homecoming schemes, fish passes and various environmental improvements, and yet does not protect the fish stocks when they are in our rivers… ROBIN WOODYATT Hon Secretary, Maesycwmmer Friendly Anglers, and Hon Secretary, Rhymney River Federation of Angling Clubs (letter)
Western Mail 31.5.07 Angling problems over law enforcement - In his letter (May 28) Chris Mills, director of Environment Agency Wales, stated that joint action between anglers and the Environment Agency would crack the problem of poaching and violence on the River Ogmore…. Mr Mills appears not to respond to the aspects of the article that highlight the inability of his enforcement officers to respond to calls from anglers to the Environment Agency emergency hotline…. WYNNE GRIFFITHS, Hon Secretary,Ogmore Angling Association (story)
Western Mail 28.5.07 Joint action will crack fish poaching - Your article, “Welsh anglers turn vigilante to fight poachers’ ‘mob rule’” (May 19), uses highly emotive language and portrays our rivers as being violent, scary and intimidating places to go. We can confirm that this is not the case, with the vast majority of our waterways being enjoyed by thousands of anglers and other water users every week…. Clearly, threats of violence and verbal abuse are serious and where such public order incidents do occur we would recommend that club officers back away from the situation and report it to both the police on 999 and ourselves on 0800 807060…. CHRIS MILLS, Director, Environment Agency Wales (letter)

Western Daily Press 1.6.07 GOAT MASSACRE WAS A SCANDAL - So, Lynton Town Council in North Devon has gone ahead and massacred most, if not all, of the adult billy goats that provide conservation grazing - and a huge tourist attraction - in the nearby and stunningly beautiful Valley of Rocks.This despite massive national and local opposition - plus the simple fact that there was absolutely no reason to cull them…. Jan Hunt Box >(letter)

Western Daily Press 1.6.07 LOVING WILD BOARS - I Write regarding the Western Daily Press article headlined "Let's learn to love the boar" (May 24).What a good article. Having been to the Forest of Dean, perhaps I could mention a smallholder who had the idea of "saving" a few wild boar. I don't think his plans came to fruition, but I like the idea of a boar watch. By the way, badger-watching is great… Pamela Dean Stroud Gloucestershire Misunderstood? Let's respect the boar >(letter)

Hexham Courant 1.6.07 Campaigners call for circus boycott By JOSEPH TULIP - ANIMAL rights activists have called for the public to boycott a touring circus visiting Tynedale which features live animal acts. Peter Jolly’s Circus is one of a small number of circuses in the country which still use animal acts – a practice which is not against the law… … On Wednesday the circus moved on to Corbridge where it has attracted fierce criticism from the Captive Animals Protection Society. CAPS campaigns manager Craig Redmond said: “CAPS is not opposed to circuses – only to the use of animals... (story)

South Wales Argus 1.6.07 BREAKING NEWS...Arrests over farm fire - Two men and two youths were arrested in connection with a fire at a pig farm in Blaina and were today in custody being questioned by police…. (story)