June 2009

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Oxford Mail 30.6.09 Hunting views stand - MICK Heavey’s fixation on the idea that, because I despise people who can blindly accept that meat is right and proper for human consumption, regardless of the conditions under which the animal has lived, the method of slaughter, or whether the end product is displayed on a slab or packaged, then “all those letters about foxhunting” cancel out my claim not to feel the need to see my views on other matters in print… It is wrong to accept that the Hunting Act is working and that the hunters really are trail hunting instead of cynically exploiting every loophole in the Act and bleating innocence! BEATRICE BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington (letter)

Independent 30.6.09 Nitin Mehta: Each of us should help save the planet by changing our diet - Here is something we can all do and should do to save our planet: give up meat eating and return to a plant-based vegetarian and vegan diet… (story)

The Shields Gazette 30.6.09 Helping animals keep their cool - Kate Fowler,Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)
Bournemouth Echo 25.6.09 Heat is on for animals - Kate Fowler, head of campaigns, Animal Aid (letter)
Bolton News 25.6.09 Summer can be cruel time for animals - Kate Fowler Head of Campaigns Animal Aid (letter)
Northern Echo 25.6.09 Summer pet care - NOW that summer is here, we would ask your readers to remember that animals suffer and die in hot weather. Already, Animal Aid has had to call the police to smash the window of a car and release a dog which was sweltering inside…. Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 30.6.09 Piglets being treated cruelly - WHAT noise does a piglet make when its teeth are cut off with pliers, without anaesthetic? The same as you. Intensively-farmed pigs are unable to express their natural behaviour in overcrowded sheds… Please write to your MP, or the Government, asking for this suffering to stop. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)


Western Morning News 29.6.09 Fox hunting ban 'harms animal welfare' - HUNTERS say a new report has "vindicated" their arguments against a ban after it concluded the activity is the most effective way of controlling foxes, and that all arguments of cruelty are "invalid". The publication states hunting with hounds is "demonstrably the natural and most humane method of control", and there was "never any scientific evidence" to support a ban. The all-party parliamentary Middle Way Group worked with the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management to produce the document, which concluded the hunting ban of 2004 is "unscientific, unenforceable, socially divisive, and harms, rather than improves, animal welfare"…. East Devon MP Hugo Swire said the report backed claims the ban was never connected to animal welfare…. David Higman, chairman of the Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers in South Devon, said the report "vindicated" the argument hunters had put forward all along… Jim Pascoe, chairman of the Four Burrows Hunt at Redruth, West Cornwall, said it was "perfectly obvious" hunting must be legalised again… (story)

Manchester Evening News 29.6.09 Thousands at Bury show - THE country came to town when thousands turned out for the Bury Agricultural Show. About 6,000 people went to the annual show and enjoyed displays by Bernese mountain dogs, Lancashire Owls, the Holcomb Hunt, Rossendale Dog Training Club training display and a fleet of 'hot rod' cars at Burrs Country Park…. (story)

Daily Post 29.6.09 Pets gun warning by Eva Ketley, Daily Post - THE RSPCA has warned of a potential increase in air gun attacks on animals during the summer months. Already this year, the charity has received more than 300 calls about attacks and said it had dealt with some horrific cases… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 29.6.09 Hunger striker for seals loses two stone By Rita Campbell - AN ARGYLL man has lost almost two stone in the space of a month while starving himself to draw attention to the plight of Scotland’s declining seal population. Mark Carter, of Eilean Duirinnis, Bonawe, Oban, is on hunger strike for the duration of the close season for common seals from June 1 to August 31…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 16.6.09 Seals protester loses 15lb on hunger strike - A wildlife lover on hunger strike to draw attention to the plight of Scotland’s declining seals has lost 15lb in two weeks and is suffering “immense hunger pains”. Mark Carter, of Eilean Duirinnis, Bonawe, Oban, is starving himself for the duration of the close season for common seals from June 1 to August 31…. Mr Carter, a member of the Seal Protection Group, is calling on the Scottish Government to ensure that its Marine Bill reflects environ-mental as well as commercial interests… The former police officer, who was 22st 6lb when he started his strike, had to retire after he was hit by a car in 1988…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 29.6.09 Animals have a right to be safe - I AM extremely concerned that the main victims of the so-called "credit crunch" have been, and will be, animals…. If you still eat animals, birds and fish, always make sure that welfare is the top priority with free range and organic on the package labels… L. Birch, Buxton Road, Chaddesden. (letter)

Times 29.6.09 Ricky Gervais locks horns with matadors over bullfighting - GRAHAM KEELEY IN BARCELONA - Ricky Gervais had his differences with middle-management in The Office and with his fellow stars in Extras — but in his latest battle he will be taking on men dressed in “suits of light”, with Pamela Anderson at his side. The comedian has formed an unlikely alliance with the former Baywatch actress to deliver the estocada, or death blow, to bullfighting… Gervais, who also campaigns against fox hunting and foie gras, puts his increasing squeamishness towards meat down to a stand-up tour he performed in 2003 on the theme of animals. He has previously written to Gordon Brown about the use of black bear fur for hats for the Household Cavalry… (story)


Western Gazette 27.6.09 Hunt supporter harassed and obstructed monitors - A HUNT supporter who 'boxed in' and obstructed a West Coker hunt monitor with his car has been ordered to pay £1,065 in fines and costs. Footage filmed by the monitors showed Benjamin James Elliot using his Land Rover to stop Helen Weeks and Graham Forysth's car from travelling freely on a Dorset country road… Barry Baines, prosecuting, told how Elliot, of The Stables, Winterbourne Came, near Dorchester, used a blue Land Rover to help "box in" Mrs Weeks and Mr Forysth's car as they attempted to monitor the Cattistock Hunt near Abbotsbury on November 1 last year… (story)


Northwich Guardian 26.6.09 Anglers and otters feud about River Weaver By Gina Bebbington - OTTERS and anglers are locked in a territorial battle after a plan was revealed to turn the River Weaver into a ‘home for Tarka and Ratty’. Northwich Anglers Association fears for its future if part of the Weaver between Northwich and Winsford is turned into an otter park…. (story)

Dundee Courier 26.6.09 Sinister overtones of grey squirrel cull backers - If the animal cruelty (June 25) proposed by W. McCosh…, was indiscriminate, then perhaps we could put that down to human failing. That it is targeted against one species on the grounds of origins makes it sinister. Bob Ferguson. North Muirton, Perth. (letter)
Dundee Courier 11.6.09 No grey areas in squirrel cull - I was fascinated by Angus Macmillan’s letter (June 10) about the cruelty inflicted on grey squirrels in the name of conservation. Surely Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser, who called for bounties to be paid for killing grey squirrels, cannot condone the abandonment to starvation of baby squirrels, simply because they are non native?... Bob Ferguson. North Muirton, Perth (letter)
Dundee Courier 10.6.09 Painful deaths of grey squirrels - Red squirrel groups are at pains to convince the public how “humanely” they kill grey squirrels…. Cage traps indiscriminately catch squirrels and, as it is unlawful to release a grey squirrel, they must be killed. This means lactating females caught and killed will leave orphaned kittens in their dreys (nests) to face a lingering death by starvation… To expect tolerance within our own population but condemn these animals on the basis of their ancestral background is extremely hypocritical and very close to racism. Angus Macmillan. Meikle Boturich, By Balloch (letter)


Todmorden News 25.6.09 Todmorden Show 2009: All creatures great and small at a busy event By John Greenwood - IF last year's Todmorden Agricultural Show was battered by storms, the sun took its hat off to the event in its 80th year as the afternoon wore on… From late morning special displays in the events ring included the popular duck herding, a dog display team and a lunchtime appearance by the Holcombe Hunt and hounds – the drag hunt is one of the oldest in the country… (story)
Halifax Evening Courier 23.6.09 Todmorden Agricultural Show: 80 – and still pulling in the crowds By Cathy Neligan - THOUSANDS of people passed through the gates of Centre Vale Park for the 80th Todmorden Agricultural Show…. the showers did not put the spectators off, as they applauded the popular Malham-dale falconry display, demonstrations of duck herding and sheep shearing, the parade of hounds from the Holcombe Hunt and the K9 2000 dog agility display team and gun dog training… (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 25.6.09 Nasty, brutish and short lives - THE 'animal loving' British public has thoroughly rejected the battery farming of chickens, and yet the similar mass breeding of pheasants continues to go unreported… the League Against Cruel Sports has demonstrated that the reality is farmed birds in hellish conditions and all so that people who think it's acceptable to kill for fun can engage in their perverse activity…. IVOR ANNETTS League Against Cruel Sports Tiverton (letter)

Gloucester Citizen/Echo 25.6.09 Magistrate offers to cull wild boar - MAGISTRATE Nick Negus has offered to help the Forestry Commission cull wild boar in the Forest of Dean, The keen hunter and parish councillor, who has spent decades travelling to the forests of Germany and Croatia to shoot boar, told the Forestry Commission he knew people who could do the job with the right weapons… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 25.6.09 Help stop testing on animals - There aren’t many European laws that could save thousands of lives but a once-in-a-generation chance to stop the suffering of countless animals could do just that. Discussions going on in the EU could see great apes banned from experiments… I urge other readers to write to their MEP and contact Animal Defenders International to help put a stop to these experiments once and for all. K CARR, Broome Court, Carlisle (letter)

Sutton Guardian 25.6.09 Election agent for BNP candidate in Sutton byelection is convicted criminal - The election agent for a Nonsuch by-election candidate is a convicted criminal who sent death threats to a drugs company involved in animal testing. Charlotte Lewis was jailed for six months in 2001 for her ongoing harassment of staff at the Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) centre in Cambridgeshire. Now Miss Lewis, of Thornton Heath, is backing British National Party (BNP) candidate Peter North in the by-election for a Sutton Council seat on July 4 after the death of Councillor Chris Dunlop… (story)

Telegraph 25.6.09 Paul McCartney's Meat Free Monday mission - Sir Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney are leading the Meat Free Monday campaign to persuade people to avoid meat once a week. It is not an attempt to turn the world vegetarian, one day at a time, but a crucial step in the fight against climate change. By Tamsin Blanchard…(story)
North West Evening Mail 23.6.09 Could meat-free Mondays do more harm than good? BUSY lifestyles may scupper a scheme to tackle global warming. Former Beatle and outspoken vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney has suggested people pledge to have “meat-free Mondays”…. But Doug Gillam, manager and owner of vegetarian restaurant, Gillam’s Tea Room, in Market Street, Ulverston, agrees with the ethos behind the campaign but isn’t convinced it will work in practice… (story)
Kent on Sunday 21.6.09 Lukewarm welcome for McCartney's meat-free Monday - A campaign encouraging people to go meat-free at the beginning of the week to cut carbon emissions has been met with a lukewarm response in Kent. Sir Paul McCartney launched the Meat Free Mondays initiative this week by asking households to go vegetarian one day a week to help slow global warming…. Kent on Sunday asked the county’s public services if they were considering following Ghent’s lead…. But Medway Maritime NHS Foundation Trust said it would “consider” promoting veggie options…. (story)
Farmers Guardian 17.6.09 Banned on a Mon - McCartney campaign brandished 'gimmicky' By Jack Davies - THE NFU went head-to-head with former-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney this week as it brandished his latest campaign to reduce meat consumption as ‘gimmicky’…. (story)
Scotsman 16.6.09 Stars take a shine to Meat Free Mondays By Vicky Shaw - SIR Paul McCartney and his family were joined by Yoko Ono and other celebrities yesterday as they launched a campaign called Meat Free Monday urging people to go vegetarian once a week to help combat climate change…. (story)
Independent 15.6.09 McCartney urges 'meat-free days' to tackle climate change By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent - Chargrilled asparagus and lemon tart – that's the vegetarian menu for a glamorous cast of musicians, actors, writers and artists starting a mass movement today to limit meat eating and combat climate change. With his daughters, Stella and Mary, Sir Paul McCartney is behind Meat Free Monday, which aims to persuade people to go veggie once a week to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the world's livestock, among the most serious contributors to global warming…. (story)
Independent 15.6.09 Meat Free Monday: What its supporters say - 'This is something anyone can do, it is a tiny thing with a huge impact. MFM is about us all taking control of the environment we live in for the generations to come. Whether you eat meat or not you can be part of this decision to limit the meat industry destroying our planet's resources.' Stella McCartney, fashion designer… (story)
Guardian 15.6.09 Paul McCartney backs 'Meat Free Monday' to cut carbon emissions - Former Beatle, Chris Martin and Sheryl Crow launch campaign to reduce meat consumption to tackle climate change - Sir Paul McCartney has followed in the footsteps of the world's leading climate scientist and a small Belgian town by calling on people to go meat-free one day a week and cut carbon emissions. Backed by celebrities ranging from Chris Martin to Sheryl Crow, McCartney today launched his Meat Free Monday campaign asking households to cut out meat on Mondays and slow global warming… (story)

Goole & Howden Courier 25.6.09 RSPCA kill couple's healthy pet - A COUPLE is taking legal action after they claim their healthy pet cat was put down by the RSPCA. Three-year-old Luna had gone out to play from her Olive Grove home in Goole when a neighbour spotted her and thought she was a stray, and called out an inspector from the animal charity. Luna, a three-year-old tabby, was put to sleep by lethal injection the same morning, after it is claimed she became aggressive. Her owners Harry and Jennifer Hamilton told the Courier that they were devastated by what had happened… (story)

Western Mail 25.6.09 Meat’s shadow – After the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s study, Livestock’s Long Shadow, there is a conscious awakening by more and more people of the damage being caused to the environment by the meat industry…. Paul McCartney’s recent call for a meat-free day on Mondays to help tackle climate change has attracted widespread support including a number of leading figures both in the film and entertainment business… J L STANFIELD, Cyfarthfa Gardens, Cefn Coed (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 25.6.09 Eating less meat is beneficial to climate - No lesser luminaries than Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Richard Branson, Joanna Lumley and Ricky Gervais are advocating we have Meat Free Mondays to help tackle climate change. Are they right to do so? Absolutely. But the reality is that we would have to cut down on our meat intake by at least half to see a difference… That is why Friends of the Earth is launching a new campaign to persuade the Government to act to prevent livestock being fed soya protein feeds… Maurice Spurway, Co-ordinator, Exeter Friends of the Earth (letter)


Manchester Evening News 24.6.09 Crowds flock to Cheshire Show - Paul R Taylor - THOUSANDS of people enjoyed the sunshine as they sampled all the delights of rural Cheshire… The main event ground had a distinctly aerial theme as it welcomed the 11-man RAF Falcons parachute display team in the afternoon and real falcons from Knutsford's Gauntlet centre. Stuntman Jason Smyth also flew through the air on a powerful assortment of machines. But polo demonstrations, parades of hounds and pony club games had the countryside crowd equally enthralled…. (story)

Halifax Evening Courier 24.6.09 Trout message like film scene! Those who live the relatively sheltered lives of town dwellers and suburbanites often fail to appreciate the sheer speed of change in the British countryside… When, a couple of weeks ago, someone left a decaying brown trout on my front doorstep, a traditionalist would have assumed that it was a present…. However I have since concluded it was due to a previous letter I wrote to "Your Say" complaining about the actions of fishermen on the canal bank… Maurice Powney, Royd Lane, Ovenden (letter)

Daily Post 24.6.09 Horse whipping - I AM very glad that you printed the photo of the horse ‘Yeats’ winning the Ascot Gold Cup on Friday 19th. This proves my point, that the veins on a thoroughbred horse are on the surface of the skin, therefore subject to bruising and fracture, than under thick skin… There is no other animal that can be whipped without incurring a fine or jail, why this exception? Royalty should be ashamed as well as ordinary folk at this public flogging of innocent animals for public pleasure… Wynne Roberts Tregarth (letter)

Oxford Mail 24.6.09 Degree ceremony attracts animal rights protesters - ANIMAL rights protesters were demonstrating outside the Oxford University Encaenia honorary degree ceremony today… Protester Emma Speed, 41, said: “We have to take every opportunity to spread our message.” (story)

Independent 24.6.09 Religious and secular slaughter - Yet again the Farm Animal Welfare Council has published a report devoid of evidence but full of wild accusations against the humaneness of Shechita ("End 'cruel' religious slaughter, say scientists", 22 June). There is abundant scientific evidence to demonstrate that Shechita is humane… Henry Grunwald QC, Chairman, Shechita UK, London NW5
The Government's animal welfare advisory body, FAWC, publishes a new report on the slaughter of farmed animals – in this case poultry - and media attention, predictably, focuses on its comments on the religious method of killing. Yes, cutting the throats of animals without prior electrical stunning is cruel. But so is the red-white-and-blue British system… Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letters)

Argus 24.6.09 Seagull rights - REGARDING Charles Holcombe’s letter (The Argus, June 19), why doesn’t society realise seagulls have as much right to be around a coastal area as humans… Mrs Sylvia Harris, Glynde Road, Brighton (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 24.6.09 Learn about vegan lifestyle - A NEW organisation for vegans has been set up in Lincoln. The group called Vegan Lincs aims to educate people about the benefits of a healthy vegan lifestyle, raise funds for local animal charities and provide information to the catering industry on dietary requirements of vegans…. Group Co-ordinator Linda Wardale said: "I have had the idea for a while and voiced my thoughts to a few vegan friends recently… (story)

Independent 24.6.09 Poorva Joshipura: Religious practice doesn't excuse the suffering in slaughterhouses - PETA's undercover footage from inside religious slaughterhouses corroborates the evidence presented by the government's Farm Animal Welfare Council about the suffering inflicted on animals during ritual slaughter techniques… (story)
Express 23.6.09 ‘END CRUEL SLAUGHTER’ OF ANIMALS FOR MEAT By Katherine Fenech - THE religious slaughter of ¬animals for meat causes them “pain and distress”, a report has warned. The Farm and Animal Welfare Council said that slitting animals’ throats for kosher and halal meat was likely to be painful because the animal is conscious for at least 20 seconds as they bleed to death… (story)
Independent 22.6.09 End 'cruel' religious slaughter, say scientists - Beasts should be stunned before their throats are slit, Jews and Muslims are told By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent - Religious slaughter techniques practised by Jews and Muslims are cruel and should be ended, says a scientific assessment from the Government's animal welfare advisers. The Farm Animal Welfare Council says that slitting the throats of the animals most commonly used for meat, chickens, without stunning, results in "significant pain and distress"…. (story)
Independent 22.6.09 Jerome Taylor: The beliefs behind the halal and kosher rituals - To critics, halal and kosher slaughtering is a barbaric and overly violent way to end an animal's life. Yet both methods came from a desire to ease an animal's suffering, and to reflect spiritually on the taking of a life… (story)


Croydon Guardian 23.6.09 Croydon rescue cat through to PETA animal awards final - One-year-old rescue cat Mospus has made it through to the final 10 in a competition to find Europe's cutest rescue animal. The cat, bought from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, likes to sit in on morning yoga sessions with his owner, Croydon resident Caroline Ponto… The competition is organised by PETA, the animal rights organisation (story)

Irish Examiner 23.6.09 Why do we kill or cage magnificent mammals? Ronan Quinlan, Broadway Road Dublin 15 (letter)
Irish Independent 20.6.09 Why no uproar on shark killing? - A Swiss man, Joe Waldis, caught and killed a 1,056lb six gill shark off the Clare coast this week. Newspapers printed photos of the proud pensioner standing beside the huge hanging corpse of this "prize"… What is the passion we have for killing and capturing these magnificent creatures? How can we justify putting four huge, three-metre sharks in a small glass cage?... Ronan Quinlan, Broadway Road, Dublin 15 (letter)


Essex Echo 22.6.09 Show is unkind to animals - Jousting, sheep racing, fishing, donkey rides and ferret racing are some of the activities advertised for the Robin Hood Country Show, in Southend. The show's website refers to “all aspects of country living, including country sports such as fishing and shooting.” So, it comes as no surprise, this show supports the abuse of animals for sport… Garry Sheen, Boyce Hill Close, Leigh (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 22.6.09 Controls maintain a balance in nature - JOHN Phelps makes a stunningly bad argument in his recent letter Human control of foxes not necessary, June 17, 2009. In this letter he concludes from the fact that the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management has a membership of 500 and there are 15,000 vets that only three to four per cent of vets support hunting. How ridiculous! The League Against Cruel Sports has a membership of 5,000 or so and yet there are 60 million people in the country. If we used John Phelps logic this would mean only 0.008 per cent of the population oppose hunting!... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.6.09 Human control of foxes not necessary - JAMES Barrington has again written to the Echo in an attempt to justify hunting with dogs by claiming it is a means of fox 'control'… Mr Barrington is a former executive of the League Against Cruel Sports. In the 1992 spring edition of Wildlife Guardian, the magazine of the league, he wrote an article about the Isle of Wight Fox Hunt. He said: "There were no foxes on the island until hunters took them there to hunt, which makes a mockery of the pest control argument."… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.6.09 Who is turning their backs on animals? - THERE is one sure sign that an argument is flawed when points are deliberately exaggerated so that they can then be knocked down. Such is the tactic used by Dr Salvatore… I argued that hunting with dogs is similar to the way in which wolves hunt. I did not say that there is "no difference", as Dr Salvatore states…. To then condemn natural methods of control, while advocating alien technologies that are not selective and can wound, points to who is really turning their back on wild animals. James Barrington, The All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 29.5.09 Hunting is extreme version of bullying - I READ with interest the letters printed on May 21 from Dr Salvatore, Kathy Moyle, Mrs Street and F Holwill. The letter from H Lewis on May 18 was ludicrous. How can hunting be compared to the natural events which occur in the countryside?... Do they feel heroic as they go in pursuit of animals who have absolutely no way of defending themselves? I can only think of it as an extreme form of bullying… Joan Jones, Chudleigh Knighton, (by post) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 26.5.09 Hunt opponents not objecting to culling - REGARDING the letter from Mr M Lewis, Points of view, May 18, unlike English 'sportsmen' wild predators, hunting their prey, do not chase their quarry for three hours over a distance of up to 18km…Contrary to the views of Mr Lewis, I believe those opposed to hunting do not object to culling deer, by stalking, in case of need. But they do strongly protest to the needless pursuit and killing of wild mammals for sport… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter, (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.5.09 Hunters could face untold public anger - WAKE up, Mr M Lewis, Referendum needed on public's hunt views, Points of view, May 18. When IPSOS Mori did the poll on cruelty on hunting, 70 per cent were against hunting and 59 per cent of Conservatives were also against hunting because of its cruelty to wild animals…. Kathy Moyle, East Budleigh, (by post) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.5.09 Cull wouldn't do for hunt referendum fan - REGARDING Mr M Lewis' letter Referendum needed on public's hunt views, Points of view, May 18, let us imagine that his Rackenford home has an elephant problem… I'm wondering if Mr Lewis is the same person who told Points of view readers shortly after the hunting ban how sad he was that future generations would not enjoy the years of pleasure he had had from hunting. A humane cull would not suit him at all. G R Holwill Stoke Hill Crescent, Exeter (by fax) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.5.09 People don't want to see wildlife killed - IS James Barrington trying to convince the public that the country wants — no, needs — to return to the days of legal hunting…. These attempts to gain public approval for what is a gruesome and unnecessary pastime is disgraceful… Mrs Y Street, Okehampton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.5.09 Turning back on wild animals is shameful - JAMES Barrington, the hunting apologist consultant for the Countryside Alliance, has twice appeared in these pages, April 28 and May 15, making the claim that hunting foxes with hounds was no different to the natural hunting techniques employed by wolves. He states that this is scientific fact…You really are desperate to be seen to be toeing the hunting line, aren't you Mr Barrington? You trot out these arguments having accepted the Countryside Alliance's shilling and you parade your transition from anti to pro-hunt supporter as if this gives your views more credence… Dr John P Salvatore, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.5.09 Referendum needed on public's hunt views - THERE are continual claims in your paper by people who are anti-hunting, that the majority of the population agrees with their views… No one has asked for my views on this matter, nor those of any of my friends or acquaintances…. So will these anti-hunt people please desist from repeating their false claims?... M Lewis, Rackenford, near Tiverton. (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 15.5.09 Hunt debate needs evidence not hearsay - SAYING something is not true is very different from providing proof to verify a case. Douglas Batchelor's letter, Points of view May 11, is strong on denial, but does not give one shred of evidence to justify his contention that hunting with hounds is wrong and unnatural. As one of four former executive directors of the League Against Cruel Sports who have changed their mind on banning hunting, I am happy to say that I am a consultant on animal welfare to the Countryside Alliance. I am also a consultant to the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group and the Council of Hunting Associations. That these bodies are concerned about welfare is surely something to be welcomed rather than ridiculed?... James Barrington The All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 15.5.09 Hunting law is, at best, unenforceable - LIKE so much else emanating from his organisation, the recent letter from Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, is a work of fiction… Mr Batchelor claims that the only people who criticise the Hunting Act are a "small minority whose barbaric sport has been resigned to the history books". … When the law was first enacted I wrote to him complaining about Defra's ruling that I must now shoot all the deer that I flush out with my dogs… Mr Batchelor wrote several emails back to me begging me not to shoot the flushed-out deer as the law requires. How can this man not feel that the law is flawed when he writes to a member of the public requesting him not to obey it? I am sure that he will be pleased to know that I took his advice and continue to break this incredibly badly drafted piece of legislation by allowing all the deer that my dogs harmlessly flush out to live. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton, (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 15.5.09 Proof to back up "harbourer" claim - JONATHAN Higgins, Points of view, May 11, tells me I have no evidence to back up my claim that the job of the "harbourer" is to select the strongest stag to ensure that the hunters have a good, long chase. I suggest Mr Higgins studies the Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Hunting with Dogs in England and Wales… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter, (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 11.5.09 The EU has become a hopeless juggernaught - THE argument against fox hunting has being going on for as long as I can remember and seems to be lead by city dwellers. John Salvatore has engaged in lengthy arguments to protect the fox but surely the statement in, Time to rethink your hunting argument, Points of View, April 29, 'Public opinion has decided that hunting foxes, and hares for sport be banned', is not the full story… D. Smith Herschell Road Exeter (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 11.5.09 Hunting Act a waste of time and resource - IN reply to Dr John Salvatore's long-winded letter bombarding me with his thoughts on my letter regarding the Hunting Act... I am neither pro or anti hunting, but I will point out to him, yet again, that I think that the Hunting Act is a waste of police time and resources… Colin Richey, Lazenby Road, Tiverton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 11.5.09 Health of deer herds dependent on hunts - JOHN Phelps, Points of view, April 8, writes "the job of the harbourer in stag hunting is to select the strongest stag to ensure that the hunters have a good long chase… Dr John Salvatore, Points of view, April 22, is so impressed with the authority of this unsupported assertion that he grandly refers to it as 'exposing the fallacy' of hunting's role in wildlife management… Mr Phelps knows perfectly well that he has no evidence to back up his claim but he continues to make such defamatory statements. Dr Salvatore appears to believe that the anti- hunting case gains credence if such spurious claims are repeated often enough and couched in intemperate language. Jonathan Higgins Hunters Moon, Dartington (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 11.5.09 Hunting Act backed by majority of public - JAMES Barrington's argument, Points of view, April 28, that hunting with packs of hounds is somehow in the best interest of foxes is nothing short of ridiculous… , 75 per cent support the Hunting Act and the only people who criticise it are the small minority whose barbaric sport has been resigned to the history books. Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 4.5.09 Act represents step away from cruelty - IT is disingenuous for James Barrington to position himself as an advocate of the 'middle way' on hunting, Points of view, April 28, while an 'animal welfare consultant' for the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance. Regardless of this, no evidence has ever been presented to show that fox hunting had any impact on long-term local or national fox populations: culling simply vacates territories for other foxes to take over, and is a short- term solution at best… Tania McCrea-Steele, International Fund for Animal Welfare (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 2.5.09 Reverse psychology and the hunting ban - ISN'T reverse psychology a wonderful thing?... when Otis Ferry and his friend disrupted the House of Commons during the hunting debate, was that reverse psychology? There is no doubt it did the campaign against hunting a power of good. Which brings me to Echo correspondents Giles Bradshaw, M Lewis and all. I'm not sure there isn't some reverse psychology going on here…. I thank Giles Bradshaw and M Lewis for their continuing efforts to persuade Cameron to kick this ball into touch. G Holwill, Stoke Hill Crescent, Exeter (by fax) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 30.4.09 Cruelty in milk and meat too - I SINCERELY hope that any Gazette reader condemning fox hunting eat meat or fish, or even drink milk. Far more cruelty happens in the meat and milk industry than on the field, and in far greater numbers too…. People who are anti-fox hunting should really think about the bigger images of animal cruelty, rather than just focusing on the "cute and fluffy" animals." M PHILLIPS Silverton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 30.4.09 Vegetarians have respect for all life - WITH reference to Mr M Phillips' letter What about animals not cute and fluffy, Points of view, April 23, if he is sincere in his hope that opponents of fox hunting are vegetarian, let me put his mind at rest. I can't speak for them all, of course, only for myself and the people I know but we are all vegetarian and most are vegan… Joan Jones, Chudleigh Knighton, (by post) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 29.4.09 Time to rethink your hunting argument - SO, Colin Richey is feeling sorry for himself, Points of view, April 25, for having been a given a 'shellacking' (his word) when his previously ill-informed comments on the hunting debate were rightly criticised by myself and others. Desperate it seems to extract himself from a debate in which he has been found lacking, he asks at the end of his current letter if we can "all agree to disagree." I'm sorry Mr Richey but life is not that simple…. Public opinion has decided that hunting foxes, stags and hares for sport should be banned… Now incredibly some hunting apologists are back spouting the same discredited arguments about hunting that the general public have already rejected… So, Mr Richey, you must decide whether you wish to be bracketed with the apologists for hunting or to be seen as an advocate for the end of cruelty to animals no matter where an individual species might sit in your cruelty list. But please don't try to illicit our sympathy for having been so roundly criticised when you have added nothing to the debate other than misleading populist guff. Dr John Salvatore, Clyst Heath, Exeter (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 29.4.09 Twisted logic of hunt supporter is bizarre - MR M Lewis, Points of view, April 17, demonstrates the twisted logic of the hunt supporter. From the beginning of his bizarre letter, the implication is that animals are moral creatures. He then demonstrates that they do not behave morally and uses that to justify immoral behaviour by humans! Well, Mr Lewis, I'm afraid you lost that one five years ago…. Ivor Annetts, League Against Cruel Sports, Tiverton (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.4.09 Time to cool down over hunting debate - IT is a real pity that Dr John Salvatore, Echo April 22, and others cannot seem to put aside their fixed views that hunting with dogs is totally wrong and that somehow other methods of control are fine. As someone who has argued from both sides of this debate, I would suggest that a cool-headed examination of the facts might be helpful… A new report published by the Middle Way Group and the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management seeks to explain the crucial differences between management and pest control…. James Barrington, The All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.4.09 Battle against hunt legislation will go on - IN response to Dr John Salvatore's recent diatribe against me Stop trying to tell us hunt is management April 22, I would like to make two simple points. Firstly, my position that the Hunting Act is deeply flawed legislation is widely supported by both pro and anti hunt organisations… It is a measure of how weak Dr Salvatore's argument is that he has to misrepresent my position. Finally. No Dr Salvatore I will not stop standing up to one of the most idiotic pieces of legislation ever passed in this country. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.4.09 The flawed Hunting Act must be ditched - GILL Purser's recent letter, A hunting supporter would react like this, April 20, perfectly demonstrates the injustice of the proposal by Protect Our Wild Animals to make it illegal for people's dogs to accidentally chase wild mammals and then exempt everyone from the law except members of hunts… We need to ditch this absurd law and replace it with a sensible one, which truly protects wildlife and can be applied consistently to everyone, not one formulated as part of a vendetta by animal rights groups… Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, (by email) (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.4.09 Starvation is worse than a quick death - I AM rather taken aback that Joan Jones is so against my opposition to killing vixens while they are feeding their cubs… I don't personally go fox hunting so I had a look on the internet and the description of cubbing from a hunt saboteurs site was at almost complete variance to the one in her letter. The site confirmed my suspicion that the "cubs" hunted are virtually fully grown foxes… Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.4.09 What about animals not 'cute and fluffy?' - I SINCERELY hope that none of the Echo readers condemning fox hunting eat meat or fish, or even drink milk. Far more cruelty happens in the meat and milk industry than on the field, and in far greater numbers too…. People who are anti-fox hunting should really think about the bigger images of animal cruelty, rather than just focusing on the "cute and fluffy" animals." M Phillips, Silverton (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.4.09 Hunting is for fun, not to provide food - WITH reference to the letter written by M Lewis... how ludicrous is it to compare the activities of animals who are obliged to kill in order to survive and not starve, to the chasing and killing of animals for fun… Joan Jones, Devon Heath, Chudleigh Knighton (by post) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 22.4.09 Lots of excuses but no justification at all - WHAT Giles Bradshaw can't understand is that people are writing in the Express & Echo about the cruelty of hunting that is still going on in our countryside. Face facts Giles, hunting is not sport, it's animal abuse… Kathy Moyle, East Budleigh (by post) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 22.4.09 Stop trying to tell us hunt is management - CAN anyone understand what hunting apologists Jonathan Higgins and Giles Bradshaw are talking about Echo, Tuesday April 14?... I find the continued bleatings of Messers Higgins and Bradshaw reprehensible. They both wish to see a return to wild animals being killed for sport but they are not honest enough to say so…. Dr John Salvatore, Clyst Heath, Exeter (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.4.09 A perverse form of amusement for man - M Lewis is not correct in stating that "a hare being pulled apart by dogs" is as nature intended… Hare coursing has nothing to do with natural predation but has simply been contrived by man for a perverse form of amusement. Rodney Hale Chairman — Hare Preservation Trust PO Box 70 Crediton (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.4.09 Cubbing is too grisly a pastime for words - GILES Bradshaw's self-righteous view that killing a vixen with cubs is "an appalling thing to do" is unbelievable. "Cubbing", disguised by the title of "autumn hunting", takes place supposedly to train the young hounds and disperse the young cubs to fresh areas…. Joan Jones, Devon Heath, Chudleigh, Knighton (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.4.09 A hunting supporter would react like this - THE response by Giles Bradshaw to proposals to strengthen the Hunting Act is a classic example of a hunt supporter's inverted logic. Giles argues that a reckless behaviour clause added to the Act… will result in an onslaught of everyday people taking the opportunity to set their dogs onto our wildlife with impunity. Giles seems not to realise that it is only a hunt supporter who would think to react in this way… G E Purser. Clapton-on-the-Hill, Cheltenham (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.4.09 People forget foxes are pests, not pets - THE letter from Kathy Moyle Points of View, April 9 deserves comment. Headlined "Why must we treat our foxes so badly" she writes: "The level of suffering this involves (the traps), both to foxes and wild domestic animals that get caught in cruel traps is immense." I quite agree. But without the hunt there are now many more snares…. M Lewis, Rackenford Tiverton (by post) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 11.4.09 Act seeks to remove management aspect - I MUST take issue with Helen Weeks' letter Take a stand against cruelty of the hunt, April 7. She states that I am trying to mislead the public and implies that what I do is 'cruel and barbaric' — nothing could be further from the truth. Hunting with dogs as practiced before the ban was a sound form of wildlife management. People who oppose hunting often complained that it was not efficient enough…. The Hunting Act seeks to remove the wildlife management function of hunts and force them into only pest control…. Helen is very welcome to come to my farm and witness what I do at first hand. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, (by email (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.4.09 Why must we treat our foxes so badly? - GILES Bradshaw, do you really believe that hunting is about chasing the old and weaker fox? Hunting is sport and animal management, Points of view, April 4. If that is the case, why do hunts have earths on their land so that they can have cubs for hunting?... Kathy Moyle, East Budleigh, (by post) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 8.4.09 Wildlife is managed by nature, not man - PARLIAMENTARIANS spent 700 hours debating the Hunting Act 2004. Giles Bradshaw now appears determined to spend a similar amount of time writing to the Echo in his attempt to have the Act repealed… Hunting is not an effective means of wildlife management. In the case of foxes the mortality rate resulting from the 'sport' is almost insignificant and, in many parts of the country, the principal concern of the hunting fraternity is how to keep fox numbers up… John Phelps Argyll Road, Exeter (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 7.4.09 Take a stand against cruelty of the hunt - IT never ceases to shock me that there are people, like Giles Bradshaw, Points of view, Echo, April 3 and 4, who spend so much time trying to mislead the public over the cruel and barbaric sport of hunting with dogs… Therefore, please could I ask readers who abhor cruelty to help the backbenchers to put pressure on the Government, by writing to your MP asking them to write to Prime Minister Gordon Brown on your behalf, requesting an amendment to the Hunting Act of a recklessness clause of "cause or permit"?... Helen Weeks, West Coker Hill, Somerset (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 7.4.09 Nothing will make it respectable to hunt - I FEEL much of what Points of view correspondent Giles Bradshaw writes about hunting is just a muddle… There is now a huge consensus with over 75 per cent of the public believing that chasing animals with packs of dogs for fun is cruel and should remain a crime… No amount of fiddling with the law or even abolishing it is ever going to make their blood sport respectable again. Kathy Moyle East Budleigh (by post) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 4.4.09 Hunting is sport and animal management - CAN I suggest a possible third option in the dispute between Points of view correspondents Dr John P Salvatore and Jonathan Higgins as to whether fox hunting is a sport or wildlife management. This is that it is both a sport and wildlife management. There seems in the modern world to be a growing inability for people to hold two concepts in their head at the same time… Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 1.4.09 No sensible reason for deer to be shot - I READ Joan Jones' letter Hunting with dogs is just not a natural act, Points of view, March 27, with a degree of concern… I assume this is an attempt to justify the law's requirement that flushed out deer must be shot dead as soon as is reasonably possible…. , I can assure people that none of the deer I flush out are damaged. I know this because I often see them happily grazing across the valley… It is widely acknowledged that the Hunting Act is an absurd law and should be repealed. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 1.4.09 Flawed attempt to defend indefensible - I FIND it astonishing in the first decade of the 21st century that there are still correspondents writing to this newspaper in an attempt to justify the killing of foxes for sport, the latest of which is Jonathan Higgins… for Mr Higgins hunting a fox until it is exhausted and overtaken by hounds or digging a fox out to kill it after it has escaped hounds and gone to earth is in fact 'wildlife management'; how could we have been so silly as to miss this?... Dr John P Salvatore, Clyst Heath, Exeter (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 27.3.09 Hunting with dogs is just not a natural act - WITH reference to Giles Bradshaw's letter, Return of predators would bring balance, Points of View, March 24, on reading this page at breakfast, I nearly fell off my chair in surprise by the fact that this gentleman would actually be in agreement with me… I just wonder how much damage Mr Bradshaw is doing to the deer on his land which he takes such pleasure in flushing out with his dogs. Joan Jones Devon Heath Chudleigh Knighton (by post) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.3.09 Hunting Act does not protect animals - DR John P Salvatore, Points of view, March 11, asks whether Colin Richey, a previous correspondent, would like to see the badger-baiting laws repealed as well as the hunting ban. This is a cheap hit. The Hunting Act does not protect wild animals from unnecessary suffering, nor does it promote conservation. It simply tries to prohibit certain methods of wildlife management despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence that they are any less humane than the alternatives… Jonathan Higgins, Dartington, Totnes, (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.3.09 I was devastated to see fox ripped apart - WHEN I was 11 years old I followed the local hunt into fields quite near where I lived. The hounds had found a fox and two cubs… The hounds caught the fox they had surrounded. A man in a red coat got off his horse, grabbed the fox by the hind legs, held it up and let the hounds jump and tear its insides out. Eventually the fox died….. I was devastated and realised what hunting was all about, a sadistic hierarchical sport. If you were so-called gentry, you wore a red coat; lesser people pink coats… Name and address, withheld on request (by post) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.3.09 Return of predators would bring balance - I WOULD like to pick up on a point made by Joan Jones in her letter Larger predators hunted to extinction… Large predators such as wolves, wolverines and lynx play a key ecological role and their loss has indeed made the interference by man necessary to attempt to restore the balance of nature…. I find it hard to understand why Joan Jones wants foxes and deer to be chased, caught, killed and torn apart by wolves and lynx, and yet so strongly objects to them being hunted by dogs. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.3.09 Larger predators hunted to extinction - DAVID Weston's appeal for calm and tolerance over hunting, Points of view, March 17, is unrealistic to say the least. Hunted animals have no voice, and it is our duty to do everything we can to protect them…. Joan Jones, Chudleigh Knighton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.3.09 I won't follow absurd law on my own land - I MUST disagree with John Phelp's letter Everyone has a duty to respect the law, Points of view, March 18…. I have been informed by Defra that my use of dogs to flush deer from my woodland is now illegal unless I shoot the flushed out deer. I believe very strongly that this violates my basic human rights to manage and peacefully enjoy my own property…. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.3.09 Nonsensical hunt law needs repealing - REGARDING the letter by Mr G K Holwill Where do you draw the line on cruelty? Points of view, March 10, he and other opponents of hunting may well ask that question of themselves… He mentions bear-baiting and willful cruelty to domestic dogs and cats. I am totally opposed to such cruelty but he misses the point that the former is a captive wild animal and the latter are domesticated pets… Colin Richey is another regular correspondent and I usually agree with his sensible views and his letter on hunting was no exception and did not deserve Mr Holwill's criticisms…. M Lewis, Rackenford, near Tiverton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.3.09 Mr Richey a glutton for hunt punishment - I CAN'T quite believe that Colin Richey has put himself in the firing line yet again over the hunting issue, Let's just accept our difference in opinion, Points of view, March 13. Mr Richey's original letter on the subject, Daft hunting act must be repealed, Echo, March 7, was so comprehensively shot down in flames by numerous correspondents in the days that followed that I thought he must surely keep his head down for a while… Dr John P Salvatore, Tower House, Clyst Heath, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.3.09 Everyone has a duty to respect the law - COLIN Richey says he relishes the fact in a free country that we all have our own points of view on certain subjects, Let's just accept our difference in opinion, Points of view, March 13. He may believe there is nothing wrong in hunting foxes and stags for sport, but his personal view is unimportant as we all have a duty to respect the law. People may campaign for the law to be changed, but no one has a right to advocate that the Hunting Act 2004 is ignored… I have personally been assaulted and insulted on several occasions when endeavouring to obtain photographic evidence of unlawful hunting with hounds for sport … John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.3.09 Where are the police at hunt meets? HAVING read of a hunt supporter dying recently in tragic circumstances and on the other side of the coin, Christopher Marles being jailed for two assaults on hunt monitors, Whipper-in jailed for horse attack on hunt monitor, Echo, March 14 where are the police?... Hunting with hounds is banned, obey the law. Police, you know your responsibility, apply the law or more tragedies will happen. Jennie Cook, Cleeve Park, Taunton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.3.09 Antis must accept people like hunting - REGARDING the letter Hunting Act views don't make sense, Points of view, March 12, recent correspondents have stated that they are happy to let hunts follow scents in the form of a drag-hunt, to avoid killing. I think they are being disingenuous, as most antis are continuing to monitor and pressurise hunts, even when acting within the new law…. Antis need to accept that a lot of people enjoy hunting. Vegetarians and vegans hate the very idea of eating meat and often cite cruelty as their motive, but even they accept that they can never stop people eating meat. Anti-hunters have to take that view. You can only be responsible for your own behaviour and not that of others… David Weston, Exeter, (via thisisexeter.co.uk) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.3.09 Act fails to protect wildlife from cruelty - I WAS extremely interested in G R Holwill's letter Where do you draw the line on cruelty? Points of view, March 10. I feel that protecting our wildlife from wilful cruelty is extremely important. However, I also feel that the current Hunting Act fails to do that…. Attempts were made prior to the Hunting Act becoming law to ban all wilful cruelty to wild animals. However, these attempts were thwarted by anti-hunt MPs. These MPs wished to ban hunting, not cruelty. They then went on to remove any test for cruelty from the Hunting Act…. The law has been declared in court by the CPS as 'virtually unenforceable'. It needs to be repealed and replaced with an enforceable law which clearly defines wllful cruelty and makes it illegal. That is where the line should be drawn, not where it is now which is on the basis of ignorant prejudice. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 13.3.09 Hunt supporters are dinosaurs of politics - I FEEL that Colin Richey should get his facts right before putting pen to paper, Daft hunting act must be repealed, Points of view, March 7. The Countryside Alliance relentlessly pumps out the message that hunting is more popular than ever before, more people are going out and so on and so on. But in the Westcountry last week when interviewed, the hunters and related businesses said they were having a terrible time of it. Stabling and livery fees down, hunt income down. Well both stories can't be right, can they?... Kathy Moyle, East Budleigh, (by post) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 13.3.09 Let's just accept our difference in opinion - IN reply to Mr G R Holwill's criticism of me regarding hunting, Points of view, March 10, I relish the fact in a free country that we all have our own points of view on certain subjects… . I find the violence and cruelty to our troops serving in Afghanistan or stationed in Northern Ireland of far more concern than a few foxes and stags being chased across our countryside — most, as I said, evading the hunts…. Colin Richey, Lazenby Road, Tiverton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 12.3.09 Hunting Act views don't make sense - COLIN Richey's comment that the hunting ban is not working is silly, because if it wasn't, why does he want it repealed? Daft hunting act must be repealed, Points of view, March 7. If it wasn't working, the hunting community wouldn't worry about it, would they… Trevor Munton-Willis, Milton Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 11.3.09 Nothing daft about ban on killing foxes - I AM unable to find anything 'daft' about a ban on chasing wild mammals with dogs for fun and making it unlawful to tear sentient creatures apart as a pleasurable past-time, Daft Hunting Act must be repealed… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 11.3.09 Badly argued case for blood sports - I HAVE been an avid reader of Points of view over many years. In all that time I don't think I have ever encountered a more badly argued case than that put forward by Colin Richey in support of a re-introduction of legalised blood sports, Daft hunting act must be repealed… Dr John P Salvatore, Clyst Heath, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 10.3.09 Where do you draw the line on cruelty? - I KNOW that Colin Richey feels the same way as the rest of us about the wilful cruelty to Baby P… It seems, however, that Colin makes the distinction between which creatures should be treated with cruelty, Daft hunting act must be repealed, Points of view, March 7. But where does he draw the line? Would he for example bring back bear-baiting, hare-coursing etc?... Of course, the police cannot be at every hunt. But it's comforting to know that, by and large, the hunts obey the law which is perhaps why hunting is becoming more popular… G R Holwill, Stoke Hill Crescent, Exeter (by fax) (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 22.6.09 Time to end animal testing suffering - FOR a long time I have been concerned about the use of animals in scientific experiments. I am not an extremist. I'm just an ordinary person who believes that animals feel pain and have the right to be free of suffering just like any sentient being. I am delighted that for the first time in more than 20 years, discussions are going on in the European Union to update the laws on animal testing… Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, Exeter, (by post) (letter)

Halifax Evening Courier 22.6.09 I look forward to circus return - I HAVE once again visited the Circus Mondao at Ovenden Rugby field. Different show from last year, but equally as good. My personal comments are that all the animals, horses, ponies, camels, zebras etc appeared to be very well cared for and I have seen them grazing in the field in between performances… Joyce Markham, Beechwood Close, Halifax (letter)

Birmingham Post 22.6.09 Friends Of The Earth links animal farming to climate change By Patrice John - Green campaigner Mary Horesh tells Patrice John that fixing the food chain is crucial in the battle against climate change. In their long history, Birmingham Friends Of The Earth has used almost every possible way to change and influence the political agenda… Ms Horesh is at the forefront of the campaign which aims to break the chain between intensive meat and dairy production and climate change… (story)

Liverpool Echo 22.6.09 Cheap shot, Joe - Joe Riley takes a cheap pop at Paul McCartney for encouraging people to go meat-free on Mondays ('We'll meat again', Echo 18/6/09). In actual fact animal suffering and concerns over climate change are both very valid reasons for adopting a meat-free diet… Declan Roscoe, Mossley Hill (letter)


Observer 21.6.09 The upper-class anarchist putting swine before pearls - Tracy, Marchioness of Worcester, has spent 20 years getting her hands dirty in the fight to defend the environment from 'corporate fascism'. Now she is challenging American big business with a hard-hitting film about intensive pig farming - Elizabeth Day - It was when she was being chased through a field of maize by several unidentified pursuers that Tracy Worcester first realised she might be in trouble. "It was actually quite scary," she says now with breezy understatement… Tracy Worcester had been making a documentary about pig farming. The resulting film, Pig Business, focuses on the alleged tactics of big corporations to produce the maximum amount of pig meat for the minimum cost, intensively rearing the animals in vast factories that, Worcester claims, are responsible for environmental pollution, animal cruelty and health problems for the nearby residents… for Worcester, who has always lived in the countryside, "the worst thing [about making the film] was seeing people leaving the land; people who love their community, their village, their animals, their land, their life, and it's just destroyed because an enormous factory comes in and starts dictating the rules of the game. It's corporate feudalism"…. (story)


Eastern Daily Press 20.6.09 Banker refuses loan to Norfolk fox-shooting farmer - MICHAEL POLLITT, RURAL AFFAIRS EDITOR - A stroll across a family farm and fine views over the coast were highlights of the season for 45 members and guests of Norfolk Beagles Hound Club. The party met at Church Farm, Wiveton, and was led by former Norfolk NFU chairman George Harcourt on a "walk and talk" and a chance to view Blakeney Point… Retired banker David Hitcham, who lives near Aylsham, had his audience in stitches when he revealed episodes of a career spanning 45 years with Barclays…. He recalled that, while based in Norwich, shortly after joining the bank on September 21, 1964, a loan application had been made by a farmer. After completing what would be called due diligence in today's terms, it went to the regional director, Quentin Gurney, for formal approval. To everyone's surprise, the loan was rejected with a pithy note: "No. This man shoots foxes."… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 20.6.09 MSP in fresh bid for snaring ban By Joe Watson - New calls for a ban on snaring have been made by Labour MSP Irene Oldfather. The Scottish Government last year rejected a call for an embargo and instead asked various groups to put together an improved code of practice. Mrs Oldfather said there had been overwhelming demand for a ban in the consultation that the government undertook before it made its decision… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 20.6.09 Going veggie - WITH 31 million people in the UK eating vegetarian most of the time – going meat free for just one day a week – as proposed by Meat Free Mondays this week – is just too easy!... Meat is responsible for: Eighteen per cent of all global warming gases, more than all the world’s transport systems combined Plants and animals disappearing… Juliet Gellatley, Viva! Founder & Director (letter)


Evening Standard 19.6.09 Hounded: Otis Ferry... rock star's son, huntsman, jailbird - Marianne Macdonald, ES Magazine. Photographs by Minh. Styled by Gianluca Longo - I just want to give Otis Ferry a hug. He seems so sad. Four months on remand in jail for a small hunting altercation, on which the charges were dropped, seems too cruel for this man of 26 who is serious and sensitive beyond his years… Otis left Marlborough at 16 and joined the Middleton Hunt in North Yorkshire as apprentice whipper-in, the huntsman's assistant who keeps the hounds together in a pack… (story)

Craven Herald 19.6.09 Hounds can move to new home - The Pendle Forest and Craven Hunt hounds have been given official approval to move to new premises near Bell Busk. Craven District Council’s planning committee agreed in principle to the conversion of a building at Wheelwright Farm, Coniston Cold, in May, but had asked for the application to be brought back to the June meeting for confirmation of conditions. The application had received the backing of the planning committee despite being recommended for refusal by planning officers… (story)
Craven Herald & Pioneer 15.5.09 Planners back new home for hunt’s hounds - Controversial plans to relocate the Pendle Forest and Craven Hunt harrier hounds to Bell Busk look likely to be approved by Craven District Council. Members of the planning committee said they could see no valid reason to refuse the plans and voted against officer recommendation…. (story)
Craven Herald & Pioneer 17.4.09 Hotelier tries again over homes plan - Plans for a development of houses at Coniston Cold have been lodged for a second time. Hotelier and landowner Michael Bannister, of the Coniston Hall Estate, is applying to Craven District Council to build 14 homes on land next to Church Close Farm… There is a separate application for a development of kennels to relocate hounds from the Pendle Forest and Craven Hunt, which currently are kept near Gisburn… The application for the kennels relates to the conversion of redundant stables to form huntsman accommodation and the change of use of an agricultural building to create accommodation for 60 harrier hounds… (story)
Horse & Hound 21.3.09 Pendle Forest and Craven Harriers move to new kennels - The Pendle Forest and Craven Harriers are moving kennels at the end of this season and hope to "bring hunting to a new public". Hounds have been kept on the Gisburn Park Estate for the past 62 years, but with the lease up, the hunt's 36 couple will be moved to the Coniston Estate, and complete the set-up there… (story)
Craven Herald & Pioneer 5.3.09 Hounds hunt out new kennels - It will be a fond “tally-ho” to the Pendle Forest and Craven Hunt harrier hounds this summer when they move to new kennels near Gargrave. The hunt is giving up its tenancy of the current kennels on the Gisburne Park Estate, where the hounds have been kept and trained for 62 years. New purpose-built accommodation for the 30 couples of harriers – 19 of which are national champions – is being built at the Coniston Hotel, at Coniston Cold, and will be completed by mid-summer… (story)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 19.6.09 Friday's letter - Issue must be taken with the contents of the article Huge number of guns in county is revealed (ET, June 8). To possess a firearm there must be "good reason" in law which is either for vermin control, deer management or target shooting. An application has to be completed and two referees given. Each must be "a person of standing" such as a doctor or magistrate… John Mander, Nene Valley Shooting Centre, Woodford (letter)

Whitby Gazette 19.6.09 Wildlife claim wrong - DAVID Perry is wrong to claim no wildlife is harmed by burning moors for grouse shooting. (Letters, 19 May) He further classifies wildlife diminutively as “nesting birds”. If he is a shooter he will also claim that songbirds and waders benefit from burning measures taken to conserve grouse. The shooting industry prefers this cuddly smokescreen to the bloody truth of sport shooting. Burning destroys reptiles, small mammals and the essential lower level of invertebrates and insects that support wildlife... Kit Davidson Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)
Whitby Gazette 19.5.09 Heather burning is not a problem - Mrs A Davis of Easington (Letters Tuesday 5 May) claims that heather burning on the moors harms wildlife. She need not worry… The whole purpose of burning moorland on a rotation is to provide varied habitat for grouse, which only live and nest in heather…. David Perry, Mayfield Road, Whitby (letter)

Independent 19.6.09 Dead golden eagle had been poisoned By Andrew Hamilton, Press Association - Police investigating the death of a golden eagle said today the bird had been poisoned. Wildlife crime officers said they were following a positive line of inquiry in the hunt for the eagle's killers. The bird of prey was found by walkers earlier this month in the Glen Orchy area of Argyll, northern Scotland… (story)

Guardian 19.6.09 Vegetarian, and proud - Hadley Freeman is embarrassed by her fellow non-meat-eaters. But vegetarianism is about doing the right thing, full stop - Seth Freedman - She's wrong, of course – in reality, the worst part about being vegetarian is that there are those so keen to kowtow to the carnivorous majority that they end up self-flagellating and grovelling for having dared to stand up for what they believe in the first place… (story)
Guardian 17.6.09 The worst thing about not eating meat isn't the limp salads - it's the other vegetarians - The whole shebang has taken on the sweaty sheen of bossiness and moral superiority. It makes me want to stuff a fistful of veal in their gobs - Hadley Freeman - So let's talk about vegetarians… I'm afraid there is a problem, and that is the inherently tedious nature of evangelical vegetarianism. I say this not because it ruins my lunch of foie gras, but because I am a vegetarian…. (story)

Manchester Evening News 19.6.09 Arty rabbit is stolen - Chris Osuh - A RABBIT being used in a city centre arts exhibition has been stolen. The bunny, known as Bob, featured in an installation called An Exploration into Consciousness at a showcase of Manchester Metropolitan University students' work at the Cornerhouse. Animal rights activists are suspected of being involved in the stunt, which has left the rabbit's owner, 26-year-old artist Richard Charnock, distraught… Police were called out and have been examining CCTV tapes taken from the scene. It is understood two men went into the building, took a lift to the fourth floor, went to the rabbit's pen and took it out before leaving…. (story)

Irish Times 19.6.09 Sharks at Dingle aquarium - What is wrong with us as a nation and people? I ask the pejorative question as I watch tiger sharks from the African coast being delivered to a life-time of imprisonment at Dingle aquarium. There, now will remain these great pelagic predators; these wild hunters, to gratify the odd voyeuristic whim of Irish adults (are they?) who by their acts teach their children that this is all perfectly acceptable – in any case did you not know, fish have no feeling?... RICH MERNE, Newbarn, Kilsallaghan, Co Dublin (letter)

Telegraph 19.6.09 Animal charity saves 60 elephants – but sends them to park where they could be shot - An animal rights group attempting to 'save' 60 elephants in Malawi is moving them to a park where they could be shot by trophy hunters, it has emerged By Sebastien Berger Southern Africa Correspondent - The American-based International Fund for Animal Welfare is in the process of capturing and transferring the animals hundreds of miles from an area near the shores of Lake Malawi to the Majete park in the south of the country… They are being taken to Majete, a wildlife reserve managed by the African Parks Foundation… But as part of its approach, African Parks is willing to consider all sustainable options to secure its parks' future, including big-game hunting, for which wealthy Americans will pay trophy fees in the tens of thousands of pounds. In a recent document it said it would "evaluate the feasibility of limited trophy hunting as a means of ensuring financial sustainability" in Majete…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 19.6.09 Letter from Marilyn Harrison - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Swindon for their generosity in raising £199.95 at a street collection on Saturday, June 13…. MARILYN HARRISON Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator Beaulieu Close Toothill Swindon (letter)


North Devon Journal 18.6.09 Pheasant shooting and cuckoo talk - WELL done Kate Helyer and the Journal for a decent, factual article on pheasant shooting. Much better than the seemingly bigoted tosh that John Barum wrote a while back…. MARTIN REED, Bradiford, Barnstaple (story)

Scottish Herald 18.6.09 Nationwide ban on airguns will not result in a reduction in criminal activity - Well done Dr James Beeley for highlighting the ludicrousness of the proposed airgun ban by the SNP (Letters, June 17). Such bans serve only to remove the enjoyment from those who use responsibly such items in sporting clubs, and will do little to reduce illegal use by others… Rob Morton, 71 Hughenden Gardens, Glasgow
Many people like Dr Beeley will believe that Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill wishes to use the proposed powers recommended by the Calman Commission to ban all airguns. In March, at the launch of a public information campaign on airgun misuse, both Mr MacAskill and the police made it very clear they recognised and respected the legitimate uses for airguns in Scotland, including target shooting, pest control and sporting shooting… What is now vitally important is that the law-abiding shooting community maintain this clear distinction between the legitimate and responsible use of airguns and misuse. Nicolle Upton, British Association for Shooting and Conservation,Trochry, Dunkeld (letters)
Scottish Herald 17.6.09 Planned ban on airguns misses the target - I was deeply concerned to learn that the SNP intends to make another attempt to ban airguns… A ban will not solve the problem of criminal airgun misuse. In addition, the government would be required by European law to compensate shooters for the full value of their guns… When Glasgow was plagued by razor gang attacks in the 1950s, the authorities did not ban shaving equipment… Dr James Beeley, Bearsden, Glasgow (story)

St Albans & Harpenden Review 18.6.09 Foxes 'terrifying' residents in Batford estate By Manisha Mistry - FOXES roaming a Batford estate are “terrifying” the whole community, according to one resident whose hens were attacked and ripped to shreds in her back garden. Five weeks ago Sara High's eight-year-old daughter was forced to see the left overs of her beloved battery hens which she had taken in from a Letchworth breeder. Neighbours also told the Review residents in the area are constantly “scared” for the welfare of their children, but face an on-going battle with the foxes… (story)

Daily Post 18.6.09 Gareth aims TB bile at animal activists by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - FUW president Gareth Vaughan praised the Assembly Government for “grasping the nettle” over bovine TB. But at the union’s AGM he had harsh words for animal welfare groups which, he claimed, were guilty of “disgraceful campaigns of misinformation” in their attempts to prevent badger culls…. (story)

Scottish Herald 18.6.09 Queen’s gamekeeper is fined for snaring badger - Kris Gilmartin - One of the Queen's gamekeepers has been fined £450 after he killed a badger in a snare on Balmoral Estate. Robert Elliot, 45, admitted trapping the animal on the Birkhall Estate in April last year when he appeared at Stonehaven Sheriff Court… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 18.6.09 Gamekeeper is fined over badger’s death - By Leanna MacLarty - A GAMEKEEPER on the Queen’s Deeside estate has been convicted for failing to maintain a snare which killed a badger. Robert Elliot, 45, who works on the Balmoral Estate, admitted failing to check fox snares at least once a day…. (story)
BBC News Online 17.6.09 Badger death Royal worker fined - A gamekeeper has been fined £450 after a badger was killed by a snare on Prince Charles's estate on Royal Deeside. Robbie Elliot, 45, admitted a charge under the Wildlife and Countryside Act at Stonehaven Sheriff Court… Mr Elliot had failed to check the equipment as required under the legislation… (story)
Guardian 17.6.09 Royal gamekeeper fined for snaring badger at Balmoral - Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent - A gamekeeper on the royal family's Highland estates at Balmoral has been fined after a badger was killed by one of his snares, breaching wildlife crime legislation. Robbie Elliot, 45, admitted he had failed to check a snare at least once a day at Birkhall… (story)
BBC News Online 26.5.09 Badger charges for Queen's worker - One of the Queen's gamekeepers on the Balmoral Estate is being prosecuted after two badgers were killed after getting caught in snares. Robbie Elliot, 45, faces two charges in court of failing to properly check the snares…. (story)
Guardian 25.5.09 Gamekeeper at Balmoral on trial over badger traps - Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent - One of the Queen's gamekeepers at Balmoral is being prosecuted for wildlife offences after two badgers were killed by snares laid on the estate. Robbie Elliot is to appear at Stonehaven sheriff court next month. He has been accused under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 of failing to properly check the snares, an offence which carries a maximum penalty of a £10,000 fine or 12 months in jail… (story)

Oxford Mail 18.6.09 University to reveal primate experiment data - OXFORD University has agreed to release information about primate experiments, following a challenge by an animal rights organisation. The university initially refused to release the information following a 2007 request under the Freedom of Information Act by members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta). But it has now released some of the information after an informal resolution brokered by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) during an appeal… (story)

Haverhill Echo 18.6.09 Scientists' cruelty is misleading -THE birth of the genetically-modified 'glow-in-the-dark' monkeys in a Japanese laboratory is no cause for celebration. For decades, the public has been told that the latest scientific ‘breakthrough’ could lead to cures for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and AIDS, and yet no such cure is forthcoming… Anyone wishing to know more about the failings of using animals as models for human disease, can order a free pack from Animal Aid… KATE FOWLER, Head of campaigns, Animal Aid (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 18.6.09 Free food to celebrate the McLibel case - ANIMAL rights activists are giving away free vegetarian food today to celebrate the anniversary of the 'McLibel' case. The case was a long-running 'David and Goliath' court action for libel filed by McDonald's against environmental activists Helen Steel and David Morris, over a leaflet critical of the company…. (story)

Worthing Herald 18.6.09 When the circus came to town By Ian Hart - Circus controversy - SO, the 'big top' has come to town, well actually not quite. Due to Worthing Borough Council regulations, The Great British Circus, with its array of exotic animals, has had to pitch up on private land at Dial Post. But the travelling show is still having to run the gauntlet from protests from the animal rights lobby… (story)


Malton Mercury 17.6.09 Attractive list of events at Malton Show - ORGANISERS of the Malton Show have unveiled this year's bumper list of attractions… The Middleton Hunt hounds will once again be testing their speed against visiting children in the main ring and there is also, for the first time, ferret racing…. (story)

Surrey Comet 17.6.09 Countryside Alliance venture into Kingston for cruise up the river By David Lindsell - Countryside Alliance campaigners will hold a drinks do on the river in Kingston on Thursday evening to raise money for the pressure group…. Countryside Alliance chairman, Rachael Jupp, said: "The Game-to-Eat evening will give people a chance to sample fine game cooking in exciting and original surroundings… (story)

Western Morning News 17.6.09 Badger cull can't be ruled out – Kennedy - THE Government is wrong to rule out a cull of badgers to deal with the spread of TB in cattle, respected former farming minister Jane Kennedy said last night… (story)
Yorkshire Post 15.6.09 North Yorkshire Show: Culling of badgers backed in battle over bovine TB By Chris Benfield - Former farming Minister Jane Kennedy may take up the case for badger culling against her old boss, Hilary Benn. Speaking at the North Yorkshire Show yesterday, in the grounds of Otterington Hall, near Northallerton, Ms Kennedy made it clear that Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his remaining loyalists could find her an awkward cannon to have cut loose… She said: "I always found it hard to explain why we were culling cattle with such severity but not moving against wildlife."… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 17.6.09 Killing of squirrels turns my stomach - RE Jacqui Wall's article on the grey squirrel massacre, Echo, June 11. The admission by Rod Brammer, of Tiverton, that he has been killing squirrels for 57 years makes me feel ashamed to be part of the human race. It was gun-toting humans who decimated all the red squirrels in the first place… Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, Exeter (letter)

Daily Record 17.6.09 Exclusive: Animal lovers invade Loch Lomond island to halt wallaby cull By Stephen Stewart - ANIMAL lovers invaded a tiny island to protest over the planned cull of Scotland's only "mob" of wild wallabies. They erected a "Save the Wallabies" banner on the shores of Inchconnachan on Loch Lomond. Taxi driver John Chapman, of Cardonald, Glasgow, and his friends went to the island at the weekend to protest against the cull of the 60 marsupials… (story)

Cambridge News 17.6.09 Wife punched in face for animal rights opinions - A HUSBAND who punched his wife in the face because she disagreed with him over animal rights has appeared before court. Andrew Norton hit his wife of 20 years, Paula Clemp-Norton, in the face after a drink-fuelled afternoon of heated discussions. The 51-year-old made her lip bleed after her beliefs in animal rights became "too out of hand", he told Ely magistrates…. (story)

Mirror 17.6.09 RSPCA accused: Family's missing cat is put down one hour after it's found By Lucy Thornton - The RSPCA have been accused of killing a couple's pet cat - just one hour after picking her up in a neighbouring garden. Three-year-old Luna had gone out to play, but a neighbour thought she was a stray and called the animal charity on Saturday morning… (story)

Galway Independent 17.6.09 Appalled by football players lack of compassion to animals - I wish to register my strongest possible displeasure at the answer to a question given by Mervue United player David Goldbey in this week's Galway Independent: Pets? "Hate animals!" In a time when we are constantly trying to instil a love (or at worst, a tolerance) of animals in the younger generation, a role model, such as this footballer, is incapable of expressing himself a little more responsibly… Martin J. Beirne, PETA (letter)

Guardian 17.6.09 Peta ominously silent on Barack Obama fly-swatting - Barack Obama has fly-blood on his hands. Why will nobody speak out, asks Marina Hyde - Can anyone reassure me as to the health of Peta president Ingrid Newkirk? Lost in Showbiz is moved to voice concern after the video of Barack Obama killing a fly has yet to draw a Peta press release comparing it with the Holocaust - a full 24 hours after the incident… (story)


Western Morning News 16.6.09 Bill was abandoned - JOHN Phelps's justification of the use of the Parliament Act to force the Hunting Act into law (letter, June 9) is incorrect in one rather important detail: the Hunting Act as we have it is not the result of a Government Bill… In a shabby deal to appease his backbenchers, a weakened Prime Minister abandoned the Government Bill and with it all principle, and allowed the ban to be forced through. Jonathan Higgins, Totnes (letter)
Western Morning News 9.6.09 Constitutional Act - IT is nonsense for David Williams (letter, June 2) to claim that the "Hunting With Dogs Act was passed by invoking an Act designed for the security of this country – a truly disgraceful abuse of power"…. In 1975 Lord Carrington said that "the House of Lords should not insist on opposing a government Bill for which there is a mandate from the people".... John Phelps, Exeter (letter)

Scottish Herald 16.6.09 Bellamy hopes new angling exams will hook youngsters - BRIAN DONNELLY - Colourful TV professor David Bellamy yesterday launched the first exams for angling at a Scottish secondary school to a volley of criticism from animal rights supporters. Professor Bellamy said the move to introduce Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) from S3 onwards helps establish Scotland as "the open university for field sports", and also educates children how to interact with the environment. The 75-year-old naturalist was speaking at Blairgowrie High School in Perthshire, which is the first to run the course… The course was introduced in 2002 by two Strathclyde police officers, Derek Whittle and George Knight, who wanted to divert young people away from anti-social behaviour through fishing. The charity Angling for Youth Development (AFYD) which grew from that now offers people of different backgrounds the opportunity to participate in angling…. However, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) said that urging young people to kill creatures would have a negative impact and urged the authorities to cancel the programme … (story)
Dundee Courier 16.6.09 New angling course to reel in the pupils By Alan Richardson - PUPILS AT Blairgowrie High School cast off into new waters yesterday as the school becomes the first in Scotland to offer a national qualification in angling. They were joined by conservationist Professor David Bellamy for the launch of the course in game angling… It will become part of the curriculum after summer, available to S3 upwards, before being offered to all schools throughout Scotland over the next year… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 16.6.09 Call to halt deer cull proposals - gamekeepers fear for future of animals if plans to abolish close season go ahead By Neil MacPhail - Gamekeepers say they fear wild deer will be reduced to the status of vermin if Scottish Government proposals to abolish the close season for stags and allow them to be driven towards waiting guns by vehicles are approved. The Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA), which represents the country’s deer stalkers and wildlife managers, said it beggared belief that the government would even consider the proposals for deer reform outlined in yesterday’s consultation for the Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill…. (story)

Argus 16.6.09 Dogs' abuse - I was sorry to read that Stephanie Bayley’s children were upset by abuse shouted at them during a demonstration at Hove Greyhound Stadium (Letters, June 12). I have attended the demonstration occasionally and found the majority of protesters, including myself, are there to give out leaflets rather than frighten people… In the past few weeks, four dogs have died at Manchester’s Belle Vue stadium from injuries, and this has also happened at many other track… This is why I will continue to peacefully protest. Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove (letter)
Argus 11.6.09 Family had to run gauntlet of animal cruelty protesters - It was with great anticipation and excitement that my partner and I, together with our three children, set off for an afternoon at the Brighton and Hove Greyhound Stadium for some family entertainment last Sunday. However, upon our arrival you can imagine our distress at having to run the gauntlet of a group of vocal, abusive and threatening protesters. Of course, everyone is entitled to their point of view but to shout, “Shame on you for taking your children to watch animal cruelty” and “What kind of mother do you think you are?” is totally unacceptable… Stephanie Bayley, Gordon Avenue, Bognor (letter)

Western Morning News 16.6.09 Shot themselves in the foot -THE WMN reports that the Country Landowners Association wants to cull grey squirrels to protect trees and save the red squirrel. And they want to cull red deer, muntjak deer, roe deer, Chinese water deer and Sitka deer too, as they decimate woodland regrowth… an apology from the CLA would be in order before the grey squirrel traps are set or the rifle dusted down, for it was country landowners who originally introduced the grey squirrel to decorate their estates… And it was country landowners who re-introduced red deer from Scotland into Exmoor so they could enjoy hunting them with hounds…. Theo Hopkins, Lifton (letter)

Plymouth Herald 16.6.09 Grey menace - WITH reference to Avis Crook's letter on squirrels. The Grey Squirrel is a rodent and a menace to young trees… MR B J CONNELL, Plymouth (letter)
Plymouth Herald 9.6.09 Great squirrels - PRINCE CHARLES reportedly wants the grey squirrel killed off to save woods. I have healthy looking trees around my area, and grey squirrels. They feed at the garden bird table, with the birds… AVIS CROOK, Manadon (letter)

Dundee Courier 16.6.09 Perth out of step on circus animals policy - It is rather sad that Perth and Kinross Council (June 13) have chosen to ignore all the evidence that exists that animal welfare and circuses are incompatible, by granting a licence to Bobby Roberts’ Circus to visit the South Inch, accompanied by their 56-year-old arthritic elephant… Ronald Oliver. 4 Lethnot Street, Broughty Ferry (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 16.6.09 A balancing act between wildlife and food costs - CONCERNED Townie, if you look two pages before your letter you will read about more land being built on for homes,… I go fishing when I can and would certainly miss all the wildlife we see, amongst them magpies, pheasants, rabbits, hares, adders, robins, owls, sparrow hawks and many more, even the cheeky robin that sits on your rod, pops on your bait box and then steals your maggots – they all make fishing for me… M W Wressell, Corporation Road, Grimsby
I AM enjoying reading the letter by Concerned Townie and the replies he is getting about the farmers damaging the countryside. He tells us he is a local farmer's son. I wish he would come out in the open and tell us his name…. RH Borrill, Habrough (letters)
Grimsby Telegraph 9.6.09 Blame farmers for decline of our wildlife - IN response to K Wilkinson on the debate on our countryside, in my last letter I asked people to take time out and travel midway from Habrough Church toward Cross Keys roundabout, Killingholme, and witness for themselves how our countryside wildlife is being destroyed by the farmer…. Firstly the number of hares in this country is now less than 800,000, a decline of 80 per cent…. Can I also inform you that organised shoots in East Anglia during February and March account for 40 per cent of the entire national brown hare population…. Concerned Townie (full name and address supplied). (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 22.5.09 Hedges made way for homes - IN response to Concerned Townie (CT) and his comments on the countryside… The field margins he cannot find are out there. With approx 300,000 thousand acres, they are not always where you or I can see them… So CT, don't despair, we all know there are not as many trees and hedges filled with birds as we all would like because our homes are on that space. Ken Wilkinson (full address supplied).
I HAVE read with interest the recent debate in Viewpoint on the state of Britain's countryside and must admit that I am left wondering just where the respondents to Concerned Townie's letter are burying their heads… Angela Greenfield, Edge Avenue, Grimsby (letters)
Grimsby Telegraph 19.5.09 Untouched views are what the countryside is all about - IN April, I wrote a letter to Viewpoint signed "Concerned townie"… I would like to point out to you I live within 50 metres and walk every day in the country and, yes, I have lived in the "wilds", because I am the son of a local farmer… Concerned Townie, Immingham (full name and address supplied). (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 14.5.09 Country is for wildlife - RE; the letter from "Concerned Townie" about wildlife heritage. Is this person one of those who maybe visit the countryside about three times a year or have you indeed ever lived out in the wilds?... T Hall, Willing Way, Grimsby. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 14.5.09 Modern agriculture is no threat to wildlife as Open Farm Day will show - I AM writing in response to the letter from "Concerned townie" (Viewpoint, April 21) and would like to endorse the reply by K Wilkinson. As a farmer's wife, I was heartened to learn that not all "townies" think we are destroying the countryside. My view of our farm is poles apart to that of "Concerned townie"… Mrs JM Hoyes, address supplied. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 23.4.09 My countryside has never been more alive - IN reply to "concerned townie" (Viewpoint, April 21), I am a Grimsby born and bred townie. It seems to me that "concerned townie" (CT) is a politically-motivated anti-hunting and farming type, with a closed mind about what is going on in our countryside…. K Wilkinson, (address supplied). (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 21.4.09 No right to kill wildlife heritage - AT last the lighter nights are here and parents and grandparents will be able to get our children and grandchildren away from the television and computer and take them for long walks in our beautiful countryside… Well, that's me living in the past. Could I ask you the next time you are travelling from Great Coates to Healing, to Stallingbrough, to Immingham, to Killingholme, to take a look either side and note that mile after mile of hedgerow has been ripped up by greedy, selfish, arable farmers with the aid of Mrs Thatcher…. We hear about the urban fox coming into our towns, attacking our children's pets and ransacking our wheelie bins. Hunting supporters will tell us townies that it's because of the ban in fox hunting and the growing number of foxes, which is nonsense. It is because of the actions of greedy, selfish arable farmers… Concerned townie (name and address supplied) (letter)


Guardian 15.6.09 Police raid Scottish grouse moor after poisoned red kite is found dead - Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent - A sporting estate near Edinburgh has been raided by police after a poisoned red kite and several alleged baits were found earlier this month. Estate vehicles and six properties, including gamekeepers' homes, were searched on Raeshaw estate, a well-known grouse moor in the Moorfoot hills near Peebles, after the red kite was found dead close by on a neighbouring estate… (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 15.6.09 The way forward - In response to the article ‘Horton Bank Top woman’s pet shot twice with air-gun pellets’ (T&A, June 10), I would like to add the British Association for Shooting and Conservation’s (BASC) voice to those who have condemned the shooting of a dog… Helen Shuker, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 15.6.09 Time to slap a ban on air rifles - I was sorry to read about Cindy the pet dog of Bernadine Brown, who was shot by an air rifle. This, of course, is not an isolated case. The only way to stop and bring an end to such unnecessary cruelty is for the Government to ban the sale of such weapons and to confiscate existing ones… John D Cosway, Hill Foot, Nab Wood, Shipley (letter)

Cambridge News 15.6.09 Fishy argument - I SEE the anti-angling big guns have been called out in the form of Kelly Slade (News, June 8). When one receives rudeness or abuse one knows the opposition has a weak case… Frankly, anyone who believes that injecting quantities of bee venom into fish is a way of measuring their behavioural characteristics is living in some kind of fantasy world… From R B Rickards, Swaffham Bulbeck (letter)
Cambridge News 8.6.09 Fish feel pain - I WONDER if the scientific papers on R Rickard's (Wrong angle, June 3) desk include the 1996 report by the government's own advisory body, the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC), which states that fish have all the nerve chemicals and cell receptors necessary to experience pain and stress… From Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Western Morning News 15.6.09 Man charged with badger killing - A MAN was today charged with shooting a badger dead after one of the protected creatures was found with a bullet wound last year. Michael Pierce, 57, is charged with two offences under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 – killing a badger and using a firearm to kill a badger… The Cornwall Badger Rescue and Brock Badger Group learned about the dead animal and informed Devon and Cornwall police…. (story)

Meat Info 15.6.09 New farming minister is a veggie By Adam Baker - Newly appointed farming minister Jim Fitzpatrick is reportedly a vegetarian. According to Hansard, the record of parliamentary debates, Fitzpatrick admitted he was a vegetarian during a debate in 2006… (story)


Glasgow Sunday Mail 14.6.09 RAT'S TRAP - EXCLUSIVE Lethal snares unearthed at beauty spot as pet dog almost dies… Police were called after one pet was almost strangled by one of the baited traps in woods near Evanton, Easter Ross. Dan Lynch found his Dachshund-Jack Russell-cross Keira in undergrowth with the wire noose wrapped round her neck. It is legal for gamekeepers to set the crude devices to kill foxes but Dan, 53, branded the traps "barbaric"…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 10.6.09 ‘Killing field’ warning after snare incident By Jonny Muir - An Easter Ross man has described woods near his home as “a killing field” after his dog was trapped in one of a number of snares hidden in the undergrowth… The pet had been missing for some time after running into the woods on the Novar Estate on Sunday when the people searching for her were alerted by a yelp. As they freed Keira, Dan Lynch and his sister Val Barron say they saw another four snares of different sizes, some of which were baited with the carcass of sheep…. (story)

Observer 14.6.09 The fur is still flying - Last week, you published two magazines… the other, Observer Woman Magazine, pictured a model wearing a fur coat. Not so ethical for you to print this photograph, and certainly not for this once beautiful animal. Judy Hill, Barnard Castle, Durham (letter)


Portsmouth News 13.6.09 Viggers is urged to join foie gras fight - Animal rights activists are urging Sir Peter Viggers to donate cash from the sale of his duck house to their campaign. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal group has written to the Gosport MP asking for his support in ending the production of controversial luxury food foie gras... (story)


Croydon Guardian 12.6.09 Croydon fox put down after being shot with airgun By David Rees - A fox has been put down after being shot with an airgun and left to die… A volunteer from the Fox Project, a charity that deals with injured foxes, was called in to collect the animal. Closer examination revealed it had been shot in the ribs and abdomen and the group decided to put it down…. (story)


North Devon Journal 11.6.09 Shooting contributes millions to economy - THEY MAY be nothing more than a dopey traffic hazard to local motorists, but the North Devon pheasant population is contributing more than £32m a year to the area's economy… A detailed report by Exmoor National Park Authority four years ago has been followed by further research commissioned by the Greater Exmoor Shoots Association, (GESA) both of which confirm that the sport is a major contributor to the rural land-based economy… (story)

Whitchurch Herald 11.6.09 Shooters help to save endangered wildlife across Cheshire by Chris Smith - SPORTING shooters have raised several thousand pounds to help save water voles and other wildlife from extinction in Cheshire. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, based in Rossett, had organised a day’s simulated clay shooting with the support and sponsorship of Manchester Clay Club and Cheshire Gun Room, which donated a shotgun to raffle at the event in aid of its Green Shoots in Cheshire project… (story)

Eastern Daily Press 11.6.09 Pet cat injured in Norfolk snare - ED FOSS - A pet cat was injured in an illegal snare - prompting police to issue a wider warning about traps… PC Stuart Doe, from Stalham's Safer Neighbourhood Team and a specialist wildlife officer, said he was concerned about the use of snares… (story)

North East Evening Gazette 11.6.09 Animal Testing for Cosmetics & Household Products By Kirsty Hatton - Every year in the United Kingdom alone, around 3 million animals are deprived of even the most basic rights such as food, water and safe shelter in the name of cosmetic progress and domestic cleaning… Please do not allow this torturous, unjustified behaviour to be continued on such innocent, desperate creatures - they need you to save them - will you?... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 11.6.09 Tiverton farmer's war on squirrels - PRINCE Charles declared war on squirrels, saying they were wreaking havoc on Britain's ecosystem. Now a country sports fan says his fight against the little mammal has been going on for years. Rod Brammer, 67, claims there are barely any grey squirrels left where he lives near Tiverton…. (story)

Lennox Herald 11.6.09 Plea to halt cull of Loch Lomond wallabies by Marc McLean, Lennox Herald - AN ANIMAL rights group is pleading with the authorities not to kill dozens of wallabies living on a Loch Lomond island. Animal Concern is urging Luss Estates and the National Park Authority to consider ways of halting breeding rates of the furry animals on Inchconnachan Island – or even rehome them elsewhere. John Robins, of Animal Concern, was furious to learn that up to 60 wallabies – which are native to Australia – could be culled because they are now seen as a threat to rare native species on the island… (story)

Essex Echo 11.6.09 Leave our grey squirrels alone - As an animal lover and vegetarian, I was shocked and disgusted that councillor Terence Gandy wants to cull the grey squirrel, I think it’s cruel and inhumane…. Simon J Wilson, St Johns Court, Westcliff (letter)

Daily Post 11.6.09 Activists upset by ‘grey’ pâté by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - ANIMAL welfare campaigners have targeted a company which devised a pate recipe for grey squirrels. Patchwork Pâté, Ruthin, came up with the idea to raise funds for the Friends of the Anglesey Red Squirrel. Jenny Whitham, a director of the company, said the first batch of 60 pots had sold out, fetching £250, and there was a waiting list for more… “I’ve had eight emails supporting the venture and four against, some quite aggressive,” said Jenny…. (story)


Guardian 10.6.09 I lack prejudice – except when it comes to golf - David Foot: I'm fair-minded to a fault. Just don't get me started on tennis or foxhunting - Long ago in my variegated journalistic career I came to the conclusion that what I really lacked was an extra layer of intractable prejudice… I was walking on parkland a mile from my home. Suddenly and rather terrifyingly I found the Cattistock Hunt bearing down on me. Horse sweat, flying mud, huntsmen's horns and intemperate anger. "Get out of the way, boy," bellowed a fat rider in a pink coat… That was the day I made my quaking stand against foxhunting. In truth it had more to do, I suspect, with my feudal genes than the lethal hunger of the hounds. But here, I admit, was a glimpse of real prejudice on my part. The late 10th Duke of Beaufort was a hunting man, three times a week. He loved his sport, shown in the way he also supported Gloucestershire CCC and Bristol Rovers… I was treated with a taciturn amiability and, if I was lucky, a philosophical aside from those extensive Cotswold fields where he chased the foxes…. (story)

Western Mail 10.6.09 Hunting with dogs - How things have changed! For more than two decades James Barrington (“Hunting with dogs is a moral pursuit”, Country & Farming, June 2) campaigned professionally for a total ban on the hunting of wild animals with dogs… Mr Barrington stated that “hunting is selective, non-wounding and natural for both the hunter and the hunted”. When I was editor of the League’s newspaper, Wildlife Guardian, Mr Barrington wrote an article in our Spring 1992 issue, about the Isle of Wight Fox Hunt, whose terrier-man had just been convicted of badger digging… Not so “selective, non-wounding and natural” then, Mr Barrington! John Bryant, LACS officer 1978-1997, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Western Mail 2.6.09 The case for hunting with dogs by Jim Barrington, Western Mail - IN THE minds of many people there are only two reasons for killing wildlife – pest control or sport. The former is apparently justified, while the latter is often condemned. There seems to be little explanation of exactly what wildlife management means or what it seeks to achieve… Hunting, Wildlife Management and the Moral Issue, a new report produced by the all-party parliamentary Middle Way Group and the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management, confronts these issues… Hunting with dogs, which is selective, non-wounding and natural for both hunter and hunted, is examined against this management background and found to be perfectly suited, indeed necessary, to this process… (story)

Eastbourne Herald 10.6.09 Downing Street plea to halt the deer culls - WILDLIFE campaigner Trevor Weeks has hit out at a proposed deer cull – and has asked the government to step in and help. Mr Weeks, the founder of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS), has set up a petition on the Prime Minister's website calling for number 10 to get involved… (story)

Cheddar Valley Gazette 10.6.09 Actress bares all to save bears - An Axbridge actress joined other naked protestors in London in a campaign against soldiers' hats. Rebecca Jameson was part of a 100-strong protest against using Black Bears to make the signature caps of the Queen's Guard outside St Paul's Cathedral on Sunday… (story)
Essex Echo 9.6.09 Ben strips for bare-skin protest - A NAKED student protested outside St Paul’s Cathedral against the use of bearskins for the Queen’s Guards’ ceremonial caps. Ben Cook, 18, of Princes Close, Billericay, was one of 80 protesters who stripped off and daubed themelves in red paint They were demonstrating against continued use of the tall black caps worn by the Queen’s Guards who patrol outside Buckingham Palace… The demo was organised by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Spokesman Sam Glover said: “Many of the bears killed for the caps suffer greatly and are shot several times before they die…. (story)
Yeovil Express 9.6.09 Lucia's nude London protest in support of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals By Steve Sowden » - YEOVIL actress Lucia Barber sat on a flight of stairs near St Paul’s Cathedral in London to protest against the use of bearskins to make the Queen’s Guards ceremonial caps…. (story)
Leamington Observer 9.6.09 Leamington woman bares all for bears - TOWN woman Amanda Currell bared all in protest to the Canadian black bears killed for the The Queen's Guards' ceremonial hats at a demonstration near St Paul's Cathedral on Monday (June 8)…. (story)
Weston & Somerset Mercury 8.6.09 Naked protestor 'bears' all - AN AXBRIDGE woman joined in a naked protest against the Royal Guards' bearskin caps. Somerset native Rebecca Jameson 'beared' all in the protest, which was held in the run up to the Queen's birthday… (story)

West Somerset County Times 10.6.09 Protesters at Dial Post circus site - ANIMAL rights campaigners turned out in force to protest against a circus in Dial Post which uses tigers and elephants. But a spokesman for the circus has condemned the 'bullying' tactics of the protesters and said the animals were treated 'impeccably'. The Great British Circus arrived at the West Sussex Showground yesterday (Tuesday June 9) for its first performance… around 40 protestors made their feelings clear with banners, placards and chants outside. Sue Baumgardt, who is a member of Brighton Animal Action, said there were also campaigners from Worthing, Shoreham and Crawley… (story)
Argus 1.6.09 Circus creates uproar by bringing elephants and tiger to Sussex By emily-ann Elliott - Animal rights campaigners have slammed a circus which uses performing elephants. The Great British Circus, the first British circus in ten years to have elephants, is also training a rare white tiger. Organisers have announced they will bring the animals to the West Sussex Showground next to Old Barn Nursery on the A24 at Dial Post from June 9 to 21… Chris Draper, senior scientific researcher for the Horsham-based Born Free Foundation said: "We are very concerned about the welfare of the animals in the Great British Circus… Lis Key, of Uckfield-based International Animal Rescue said: “It is deeply depressing in this day and age… Sue Baumgardt, a member of Brighton Animal Action and the Green Party’s animal rights spokeswoman, added: “It is just appalling…. (story)


Evesham Journal 9.6.09 Evesham animal rights campaigner appears in court - AN Evesham woman has appeared in court charged in connection with hunt monitoring activities in Berkshire. Lyn Sawyer was arrested during a private drag hunt by the Vale of Aylesbury with Garth and South Berks Hunt… (story)
Newbury Weekly News 1.6.09 Woman charged over alleged hunt monitoring - Trial date set for October in case of Worcestershire woman accused of hunt monitoring activities in Hermitage… Lyn Sawyer was arrested during a private drag hunt by the Vale of Aylesbury with Garth and South Berks Hunt. She is charged with failing to leave a field near Burnt Ash Lane, Hermitage, as soon as practicable after being directed to do so on March 21 this year…. Ms Sawyer was bailed until the trial, which begins on October 14 and is expected to last three days and involve around 20 witnesses (story)


Yorkshire Post 8.6.09 Bernard Dineen: At least we've been spared Chancellor Balls … HEAVEN preserve us from cuddly pests and the misguided people who defend them. Prince Charles has called for a cull of grey squirrels… The RSPCA, which should know better, immediately said that a cull would be "cruel". Not half as cruel as the trouble they cause… They are not the only cuddly menace. Foxes in urban areas are proving to be a growing nuisance. In the suburb where I live… They are encouraged by the stupidity of Labour MPs who spent 700 hours of Parliamentary time forcing through a badly-drafted hunting bill which has proved impossible to enforce. Far from improving animal welfare, it has done the contrary… (story)

St Albans & Harpenden Review 8.6.09 Banned for hare coursing By Alex Lewis - A REDBOURN man has been banned from entering farmland throughout two counties with a dog after he was caught illegally hunting hares. Jimmy Cash,45, of Lybury Way has been given a two year anti-social behaviour order (ASBO), following a conviction under the 2004 Hunting Act . The order, issued at Stevenage Magistrates' Court on Thursday, prohibits him from trespassing, either on foot or in a vehicle, on agricultural or privately-owned land privately owner, with a dog anywhere in Hertfordshire or Cambridgeshire…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 8.6.09 Talk about risks of eating meat - An author will be telling people how to save the planet through what they eat. Journalist Tony Wardle, associate director of animal issues campaign group Viva!, will be giving a talk, in Leicester, on Thursday, July 2…. (story)

Western Mail 8.6.09 Don’t eat fish - KELLY SLADE, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (story)
Sunday Sun 7.6.09 Forget the Fish - June 8th is World Oceans Day, which provides an opportunity for people to think about their connection to the oceans and how we as individuals can help to protect them.… The only sustainable and ethical answer is to stop eating fish altogether … KELLY SLADE, Campaigns Officer, World Oceans Day (letter)


Horse & Hound 7.6.09 Riders fight wind farm in South Cambridgeshire - A long-standing battle by horse owners in South Cambridgeshire against a proposed wind farm will go to public inquiry this week. Locals have fought plans for a 13-turbine farm between the villages of Balsham and West Wratting for over two years…. Jacqui Burke of opposition group Stop Wadlow Wind Farm, said: "Riding is one of a number of rural pursuits which are vital to our local economy — along with hunting and shooting — that have not been considered by the developers… Horse owner and joint-master of the Thurlow hunt Annie Fenwick said: "We live beside the proposed site. Turbines can be disturbing and this is one of the most unspoilt areas of South Cambridgeshire — the turbines will be visible from Lincoln."… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 7.6.09 Anglers call for cull of otters over fish havoc - The resurgence of otters, once threatened with extinction, is causing a headache for anglers amid claims the predators are emptying rivers and lakes of fish… (story)

Kent on Sunday 7.6.09 Animal rights campaigners hold demo outside circus - A controversial travelling circus that uses elephants and lions in its shows has been criticised by politicians and animal rights campaigners in Kent. Martin Lacey’s Great British Circus, which boasts of having the largest collection of wild animals touring the country, came to Tunbridge Wells this week for series of performances that end this evening. Animal Aid, the UK’s largest animal rights group, which is based in Tonbridge, held demonstrations at the circus site in Southborough yesterday evening and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, calling for an end to exploiting animals for “entertainment”…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 7.6.09 Peter Ross: Tough at the big top, but it's still the greatest show on earth - PEOPLE talk about running away to join the circus, but if Bobby Roberts had rebelled as a boy he would have had to run away from it. Now 66, Roberts was born and raised in the big top, and still spends most of the year on the road. He is one of Britain's few remaining traditional circus proprietors. On Friday afternoon in Galashiels, peering through the deep sea gloom of the unlit tent, I meet him…. (story)

Scottish Herald 7.6.09 Cruel fate for animals - In his article "Colourful greys deserve their right to life" (The Herald, June 5) Mark Smith exposes concisely and accurately the absurdity and cruelty inherent in the Scottish Natural Heritage-backed grey squirrel cull… It is time for politicians and conservationists to take on board the arguments put forward by the animal welfare lobby. When you legislate for and encourage the killing of animals, you are not playing with numbers or pins on a map; you are sentencing sentient, intelligent animals to a painful death. That is unforgivable. John F Robins, Animal Concern, PO Box 5178, Dumbarton (letter)


Southern Daily Echo 6.6.09 Free fishing lessons - FREE fishing lessons are on offer next Saturday at Hiltingbury Lakes in Chandler’s Ford. Together the Environment Agency and the National Federation of Anglers are organising FREE sessions from 10am until 4pm… (story)

Independent 6.6.09 Roe deer become target for urban hunters out to make a quick buck - Glasgow is the new focus of a dramatic upsurge in the poaching and baiting of wildlife. Cahal Milmo reports - The deer carcasses bore the tell-tale marks of a vicious dog attack that are found on other wild animals killed in Britain's growing trend for illegal hunting. What made them different was that these mutilated creatures were discovered in the suburbs of one of Britain's biggest cities, not woodland… (story)

Telegraph 6.6.09 Red alert for the grey squirrel - The Prince of Wales has called for the grey squirrel to be wiped out as it is an 'alien' rodent. Harry de Quetteville meets a man whose gun is already loaded - and wants others to join him - Rod Brammer, champion of country pursuits, has a substantial list of pet hates. It starts with the general – global warming… . But even in this lengthy list of loathing, a special niche of detestation has been carved out by the sturdy incisors of one particular creature: the grey squirrel… "Just get people involved," says Brammer. "There are 4 million squirrels. Pay people £4 a tail. Just £16 million, and it would be done." (story)

Express 5.6.09 ANIMAL ACTIVISTS’ FURY AT CHARLES THE SQUIRREL KILLER By Richard Palmer - PRINCE Charles regularly kills grey squirrels at his Highgrove home despite protests from animal welfare groups, it emerged yesterday…. The Prince’s killing spree infuriated animal welfare groups. Ross Minett, campaigns director for Advocates for Animals, accused him of cruelty…. (story)


Wiltshire Times 5.6.09 Hunt master wins for Tories in Summerham and Seend - MASTER of the Avon Vale Hunt, Jonathon Seed, has taken the Summerham and Seend seat for the Conservatives. Cllr Seed got more than 1,000 votes, with Semington Parish Council chairman Robert Oglesby coming in second with 607 votes... (story)
Wiltshire Times 19.5.09 June 4 local elections - the key battles - History will be rewritten on June 4 when councillors are voted onto the first ever Wiltshire Council, but the run-up to the main event has been a subdued affair so far… Avon Vale Hunt master Jonathon Seed (Con) is running for the Summerham and Seend against Semington Parish Council leader Robert Oglesby and John Ryan (UKIP)... (story)

Kent & Sussex Courier 5.6.09 Deer cull angers Burwash hunter - A KEEN deer hunter from Burwash has hit out at plans to severely cull the animals over this summer. Small voluntary organisations such as Southern Counties Deer Management have announced that due to requests from landowners in areas across East Sussex, including Burwash, they will be shooting large quantities of deer. This has been criticised, not only by animal lovers, but also by hunter Rob Mepham, of Burwash Road, who is appalled that the killing will take place during the off-season when mothers will have dependent fawns… (story)

Western Morning News 5.6.09 'Grey squirrel cull needed now' - GREY squirrels and deer which are wreaking havoc on woodlands and their wildlife need to be controlled, landowners have urged. The call from the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) to tackle the invasive grey squirrel is backed by the Prince of Wales, who said it was "absolutely crucial" to eliminate them…. (story)
Bournemouth Echo 5.6.09 Dorset trust lukewarm on call to eliminate grey squirrels By Faith Eckersall - PRINCE Charles’ call for all grey squirrels to be eliminated has received a lukewarm response from Dorset conservationists. The respected Dorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) said it welcomed the prince’s call for better incentives to manage woodland but stopped short of endorsing his view that “it is absolutely crucial to eliminate the greys”… (story)
Aberdeen Evening Express 5.6.09 Prince Charles says grey squirrels must be killed - Prince Charles calls for ‘crucial’ cull of grey squirrels By Neil Evans - PRINCE Charles has joined the call for a Scotland-wide cull of grey squirrels. Prince Charles has backed plans to kill large numbers of the animals across the country to try to save the native red squirrels…. (story)
Express 4.6.09 KILL THE GREY SQUIRREL TO SAVE WOODS SAYS CHARLES By Richard Palmer - PRINCE Charles was accused of both abusing his constitutional position and green hypocrisy yesterday after calling for the elimination of Britain’s grey squirrel population… Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, said the reason red squirrels were endangered was because they had been persecuted for also damaging woodland decades ago by the same landowners now working in league with the Prince… (story)
Mirror 4.6.09 Prince Charles: Eliminate the grey squirrel By Allison Martin - Prince Charles has declared war on Britain's population of grey squirrels…. (story)
Times 4.6.09 Prince of Wales calls for grey squirrels to be killed by landowners - VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - The Prince of Wales has asked landowners to wipe out grey squirrels from the countryside to protect red squirrels and to save native woodlands. He told the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) that it was “absolutely crucial to eliminate the greys"… In a letter to Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, the CLA president, the Prince blamed grey squirrels for the “immense and increasing damage” to woods and wildlife across the country. The Prince, who is patron of the Red Squirrel Survival Trust, said: “I do pray you can help me with this task as it would make all the difference not only to the survival of an iconic native species, but also to the success of all our efforts to restore and enhance our native hardwoods.”… (story)
Mail 3.6.09 Prince Charles calls for elimination of grey squirrel which does 'immense and increasing damage' to trees By David Derbyshire - Prince Charles provoked outrage today after he called for the extermination of Britain's grey squirrels…. The declaration of war against the country's army grey squirrels - whose numbers have been estimated at anything up to 2 million - immediately split animal lovers… the RSPCA warned that a cull was cruel and would fail to keep populations under control… (story)
Guardian 3.6.09 Country landowners turn guns on grey squirrels - Grey squirrels a threat to native ecology and commercial viability of timber, says the Country Land and Business Association - James Meikle - They have long upset suburban bird fans – chasing hungry garden favourites away from feeders – and have pushed native red squirrels to the remotest parts of the country. But now grey squirrels have raised the hackles of a potentially deadly enemy. Country landowners, many used to raising game birds for sport, are turning their guns on the cheeky invaders – in the name of protecting native ecology and improving the commercial viability of their woodlands… (story)

Kent & Sussex Courier 5.6.09 Chaotic week puts pressure on animal charity - AS THE number of call-outs being made by East Sussex Wildlife and Ambulance Service are increasing, so is the financial strain on the Uckfield-based charity… Rescue co-ordinator Trevor Weeks said: "May is only the beginning of our busy season and day by day the phones are getting busier and busier."…. Jobs last weekend included the rescue of a badger caught behind a fence, a swan attacked by a dog and a disorientated fox… (story)

Scotsman 5.6.09 No to animal circus - Next month an animal circus will be coming to Glasgow, so now is the time to demonstrate opposition to this backward and cruel form of "entertainment"…. MAIRI DONALD, Cunningham Drive, Glasgow (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 5.6.09 You can help save whales - Michaela Strachan, patron, WDCS the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (letter)
Northern Echo 5.6.09 Save the whales - Michaela Strachan, TV Presenter and Patron, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, Chippenham, Wiltshire. (letter)
Wells Journal 3.6.09 Protect our whales - As patron of WDCS, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society I know that whales are an incredibly emotive species… Most people love and care for whales, but a few still want to purposely kill them. Most people will never have the opportunity to physically try to help whales but everyone can do their bit by supporting Save The Whale Week which runs from June 8-14… Michaela Strachan, Patron, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (letter)

West Sussex County Times 5.6.09 Do pigeons pose a threat? Horsham District Council's decision to cull pigeons in the Carfax has upset a lot of people… J. WINN, Blakes Farm Road, Southwater (letter)


North Devon Journal 4.6.09 Response to pheasant shooting article - ON reading John Barum's recent article describing the negative letters received in response to his piece on pheasant shooting, I felt moved to tell you how much I appreciated and enjoyed reading the article… I absolutely hate to see the carnage of pheasants strewn across the roads — it's cruel, dangerous to drivers (as was said) and as far as I can see completely unnecessary… Name and address supplied (letter)
North Devon Journal 7.5.09 John Barum needs to spend time with a local shoot - JOHN Barum's column on pheasant shooting (April 23) was, in my opinion, a bit of sloppy journalism. Filleigh estate is not the true face of pheasant shooting in North Devon. It is a huge operation, I guess they release 100,000 birds a year and a day's shooting for 10 guns would cost £25,000. A typical local shoot would be made up of 10 or so syndicate members and 20ish beaters on shoot days. They will all be local people coming together for a great day of sport, shooting and working dogs. Not a banker in sight and no pits filled with shot pheasants… MARTIN REED, Bradiford, Barnstaple (letter)
North Devon Journal 23.4.09 How essential is this sport to our economy? - ONE of North Devon's long-held countryside traditions, the game-bird shoot, is under threat. And it's becoming increasingly hard to defend…. The evidence has been obvious at this time of year with the dead and dying littered across the North Devon Link Road, often still flapping from a glancing blow. But animal welfare organisations say these roadside carcasses are just a glimpse at a multi million pound blood sport which we should have abandoned decades ago as useless and cruel. And it's difficult to see the logic behind banning the hunting of deer or foxes, but continuing to allow intensive bird rearing for sport… (story)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 4.6.09 Thursday's letter - As an invited consultee in the RSPCA's Animal Welfare Act consultation, I have frequently put forward my doubts in regard to how it has failed. There has been no provision in the Act to address abandonment, neglect or cruelty and this is put beyond doubt by the recent horrendous story of Phoebe and how she was kicked to death… How blinkered the RSPCA is when wearing its animal rights hat and denouncing fox hunting as cruel when the fox was usually killed by one bite… It is obvious that an animal rights charity is not the most suitable animal welfare enforcer. Andrew Meads, Safewings Wildlife Conservation Projects, Isham (letter)

Essex Echo 4.6.09 Poor bet for greyhounds - According to international Greyhound protection organisation, Greyhound Action, as many as 15,000 greyhounds bred for the British racing industry are put down every year… Prioscilla Littmoden, Roberts Road, Laindon (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 27.5.09 Spare a thought for retired racers - THIS is National Greyhound Awareness Week, when greyhound lovers across the UK hold events in their local areas to highlight the plight of the racing greyhound… People can help to put an end to all this unnecessary suffering by boycotting what I regard as a shameful so-called sport, by supporting local anti-racing campaign groups and adopting a retired racing greyhound from local rescues… (story)
Bournemouth Echo 25.5.09 Fast friends need your help - May 23-30 is Greyhound Awareness Week, when events are held across the UK to draw public attention to the plight of greyhounds. According to international greyhound protection organisation Greyhound Action, as many as 15,000 greyhounds, bred for the British racing industry, are put down every year… Members of the public can help put an end to this horrific situation by not attending dog tracks or betting on greyhound racing, so this appalling industry fades away through lack of financial support. SHEILA DANIEL, Stamford Road, Bournemouth (letter)

East Grinstead Courier 4.6.09 We are fortunate to live in a wildlife abundant area - I READ with horror the article about the proposed deer cull… The arrogance of humanity is incredible. Who are we to determine that the deer population is "getting out of control"?... Within recent years farmers have been advocating hunting foxes for the good of the countryside and gassing badgers because they might spread TB to cattle. We really are an arrogant, intolerant species.- Rita Burton, Crowborough (letter)

BBC News Online 4.6.09 Badger and deer crime on the rise - Concerns have been raised about a worrying rise in badger baiting and urban wildlife crime in Scotland. The Scottish Badgers charity said 2009 could be one of the worst years for crimes against the animals, with 70 incidents reported so far… (story)

Times 4.6.09 Squirrels, culls and woodlands - The Prince of Wales is absolutely right to highlight the damage being inflicted on our woodlands and native wildlife by grey squirrels and burgeoning numbers of deer (“Grey squirrels must be culled, says Prince”, June 4). However, grey squirrels and deer are cherished fauna in many urban and suburban areas and culling in these areas would not bring back any red squirrel or protect any valuable timber. Wildlife management needs to be properly focused… Mark Hudson, Chairman, The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
What is wrong with the Prince of Wales that he feels the need to kill animals? Red squirrels are not endangered but are, in fact, widespread and common across their distribution, although numbers are down in the UK, thanks in part to the same landowners now working in league with the Prince who have persecuted them over many decades for being “pests”… Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid (letters)

Southern Reporter 4.6.09 Anne the arthritic elephant is at the centre of a circus storm By Sally Gillespie - MSP Christine Grahame has called on Borderers to boycott the circus in Galashiels this week because of its 56-year-old arthritic elephant. But Bobby Roberts Circus administrator – Bobby’s wife Moira Roberts – says government and “countless” other UK vets say Anne their elephant is fine… (story)
Teletext 3.6.09 Elephant claims anger circus - Circus chiefs have hit back after calls for a public boycott of their travelling show which began its Scottish tour in Galashiels this week. Animal welfare officers and a Scots MSP claim the Bobby Roberts Circus features an elderly arthritic elephant. However, the first show was a sellout and the circus says it is fed up with criticism from animal campaigners…. (story)
BBC News Online 2.6.09 Public urged to boycott big top - Animal rights campaigners have urged the public not to attend a circus visiting the Scottish Borders. Advocates for Animals and the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) have called on people to boycott the Bobby Roberts Circus in Galashiels. South of Scotland SNP MSP Christine Grahame has also urged the public to stay away from the event…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 4.6.09 Letter from Mrs M Harrison - EXOTIC animals do not make good pets and are not suited to life in captivity. The exotic pet industry markets them as low maintenance and easy to keep; however, this deceptive… The simplest answer therefore is not to buy exotic pets and also to educate others against exotic animal keeping. (Mrs) M Harrison Toothill Swindon (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 4.6.09 'prison made me eat only potatoes' A VETERAN language campaigner claims he was banned from taking a Welsh Bible into jail and forced to eat only potatoes while behind bars at Bridgend's Parc Prison. Carmarthenshire Welsh activist, Ffred Ffransis, of Llanfihangel-ar-arth, was sentenced to five days at Llanelli magistrates on Monday for refusing to pay an eight-year-old fine of £100… He claims he was reduced to eating only potatoes because he refused to fill in an English-only form to request vegetarian food… (story)


Leigh Journal 3.6.09 Why are guns different? In reply to Robert Gray's letter (Journal May 21) about taking up shooting, it amazes me that people are not allowed to carry bombs, not allowed to carry knives but it appears totally acceptable and legal to be able to carry one of the most lethal weapons known to man…. Mrs J Molyenux, Lower Green Lane, Astley (letter)
Ealing Gazette 22.5.09 Firing a shot at animal cruelty - I AM very sorry to find myself forced to criticise a local charity event but, after reading an article advertising a mini-farm visiting the Log Cabin, Northfields Avenue, I envisage that it will be a less than delightful event for the animals… In brief response to Robert Gray's letter regarding National Shooting Week, I am sure members of the Countryside Alliance will delight in the event. I have had, as a member of the League Against Cruel Sports, some very terrifying brushes with some of their more bloodthirsty members. We have enough gun crime on our streets without having National Shooting Week…. MRS M CAMERON (letter)
Leigh Journal 20.5.09 Shooting is a sport for all - Robert Gray, National Shooting Week, London, SE11 4PT (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 14.5.09 Shooting is a sport for all - ROBERT GRAY National Shooting Week Kennington Road, London (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 12.5.09 Shooting is a great sport for everybody - Robert Gray, Organiser, National Shooting Week (by email) (letter)
Darlington & Stockton Times 8.5.09 Get shooting - Which annual event was the sports minister recently praising when he said that it “gives an opportunity for all the misconceptions to be put to one side and also gives people the chance to understand that this is a sport than can be for everybody”? Surprisingly, for some, it was National Shooting Week which runs from May 23-31… Find out where your nearest event is at national shootingweek.co.uk ROBERT GRAY Organiser, National Shooting Week, Kennington Road, London (letter)

Formby Times 3.6.09 Formby artist Phyl Jones win International Fund for Animal Welfare calendar prize by Nick Moreton - AN artist from Formby has won an international painting prize. Phyl Jones won the award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). The 65-year-old is a regional winner in the charity’s Design a Calendar competition, which was open to people of all ages across the UK…. (story)

Dundee Courier 3.6.09 Tragedy of captivity - Your article (May 28) reported the grisly death of Dalu Mncube, a keeper at Zion Wildlife Park in New Zealand and the resulting destruction of the predator responsible. As long as establishments like this promote the unnatural interaction between man and predator, then tragic incidents like this will continue to take place… Colin Beveridge. AfriCat UK, 72a Halbeath Road, Dunfermline (letter)

Kent & Sussex Courier 3.6.09 Deer cull: Cutting the speed limit is the answer - I CANNOT tell you how opposed I am to the proposed deer cull in and around Ashdown Forest just because of an increase in car accidents… If anyone is interested in forming an action committee to try to prevent this through your newspaper then I am willing to give up some of my time to support it. We must do all we can to preserve these animals. Rob Kyle, Horsted Keynes (letter)

Teesdale Mercury 3.6.09 Abide with me: Tribute paid to animals killed at dale abattoir - EIGHT hundred pink roses and armfuls of gladioli were displayed in a disused Teesdale slaughterhouse in tribute to the animals who died at the site. Bishop Auckland-based artist Pinky Binks created the artwork in the derelict abattoir, which is on the outskirts of the dale, to mark National Vegetarian Week…. (story)

York Press 3.6.09 See for yourself - I read with interest the letter from John Cossham…Rather than staying away from my circus, as John says he will because of his animal welfare concerns, I would like to invite him to my circus as my personal guest, show him the training and stables and exercise areas, and let him see just how much our horses love performing and showing off, every bit as much as a dog… Martin Burton, Founder and director, Zippos Circus, Rawcliffe Country Park (beside the Park&Ride), Shipton Road, York (letter)
York Press 2.6.09 Why it’s non-animal circuses for me - I HAVE sympathy with the campaigners who oppose Zippos circus as I object to animals being used by people for entertainment. I am opposed to ‘wild’ animals being used, such as elephants and big cats, as they do not cope well with being caged, and moved around so often, and there is still one circus in the UK which has captive elephants… John Cossham, Garden House, Hull Road, York (letter)

Paisley Daily Express 3.6.09 Police monitor sheriff court protest - COPS moved in at Paisley Sheriff Court yesterday to prevent members of an animal protection group from getting near a man who had admitted torturing and killing cats… As members of the Scotland for Animals campaign group staged their protest outside, Anthony John Docherty was appearing in the dock for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to killing three cats… John Patrick, spokesman for Scotland for Animals, told the Paisley Daily Express: “It’s outrageous that a person like that is let out of a courtroom with the protection of the police… (story)


Derby Telegraph 2.6.09 Foxy visitors like jam sandwiches - ON the subject of urban foxes, ("They're doing the foxtrot", Telegraph, April 16) I am pretty sure that at least two of them visit my house every night. I have been feeding foxes at the top end of Littleover Lane for three or four years and they are so intelligent…. D. Colville, Littleover Lane, Derby. (letter)

Tivyside Advertiser 2.6.09 Horror at fox found in trap by Jackie Biggs. A fox was put to sleep by vets after it suffered shocking injuries in the jaws of an illegal gin trap. The male animal was found with its leg caught in the vicious trap in the garden of grandmother Mrs Jeannie Camm, just outside Llechryd. She contacted the RSPCA and took the exhausted fox to the Teifi Vet Centre in Cardigan… (story)

Basildon Recorder 2.6.09 Basildon MP Angela backs Good Egg scheme - BASILDON MP Angela Smith has backed a campaign to improve the lives of millions of chickens. At a ceremony at Parliament, Mrs Smith received a Good Egg award on behalf of local councils, to reward their support for ethically-produced eggs. The awards are run by animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming… (story)

BBC News Online 2.6.09 Party promises voice for animals - Voters in the European Parliament election have the chance to give a voice to the voiceless, the Animals Count party has said…. Leader Jasmijn de Boo said she hoped voters' anger at mainstream politicians would benefit smaller groups like hers. Ms de Boo has been campaigning with EastEnders star Nicholas Ball… (story)

Wells Journal 2.6.09 Thanks for support - I would like to thank the people of Wells for raising £122.31 during my street collection on Saturday, May 30, in aid of Compassion In World Farming… Dr Roger G Challoner Green, Church Lane, Wingfield, Trowbridge (letter)


Torquay Herald Express 1.6.09 No hunting ban U-turn, say voters - Most voters do not want the Tories to give MPs the chance to reverse the ban on hunting with hounds if they take power, a poll has shown. The survey, commissioned from YouGov by the League Against Cruel Sports, found 70% were opposed to Parliamentary time being devoted to a Bill… (story)
Liverpool Daily Post 1.6.09 No hunting ban U-turn, say voters - Most voters do not want the Tories to give MPs the chance to reverse the ban on hunting with hounds if they take power, a poll has shown. The survey, commissioned from YouGov by the League Against Cruel Sports, found 70% were opposed to Parliamentary time being devoted to a Bill… (story)

Portsmouth News 1.6.09 Shooting club outguns council in court battle By Rob Dabrowski - Taxpayers are to foot a bill of thousands of pounds after a council lost a legal battle with a clay pigeon shooting club. Gosport council took Gosport and Fareham Sporting Clay Club to court in a bid to stop it holding shoots in the Alver Valley. But the case has been thrown out of court and the council, which spent £2,000 on its case, was ordered to pay the legal costs for the club… The row broke out last summer when the council took out a long-term lease on a stretch of land next to the Wildgrounds, which the gun club has to cross to reach the private land where they shoot. The council even installed a gate and spent £200 a day posting officers to mind the land at weekends…. Councillor Peter Chegwyn, who was the councillor in charge of environment at the time, said: 'It was an open and shut case and we shouldn't have lost… (story)

The Sentinel 1.6.09 Police happy with sentence - POLICE have welcomed the punishment handed out to an animal rights campaigner who made threats to kill animal research staff. Lisa Everton, aged 43, of York Street, Newcastle, also sent threatening emails to workers at a hotel which sold foie gras… (story)
Guardian 29.5.09 Animal activist sentenced for threatening emails - Katie Dawson, Press Association - An animal rights campaigner who sent threatening emails to firms with links to animal research was yesterday given 12-month community and supervision orders. Lisa Everton, 43, threatened to kill employees at pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline if they did not comply with her demands, north Staffordshire magistrates' court was told. She also emailed the drug-testing firm Huntingdon Life Sciences, and demanded a hotel stop serving foie gras… (story)
The Sentinel 29.5.09 Animal rights protester made threats to kill hotel staff - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner threatened to kill staff at a hotel because they served foie gras. Lisa Everton, aged 43, from York Street in Newcastle, sent malicious emails to employees at the Middlethorpe Hotel in York, ordering them to remove the duck liver delicacy from the menu or face the consequences. She appeared in North Staffordshire Magistrates' Court yesterday charged with sending that message and three other threatening emails to medical companies, Huntingdon Life Sciences, GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca…. She has previous convictions for criminal damage, harassment and trespassing on diplomatic premises between 1996 and 2003…. (story)
Signal 1 29.5.09 ANIMAL RIGHTS CAMPAIGNER SENTENCED - An animal rights campaigner from Newcastle under Lyme's been sentenced today after making threats to kill… Lisa Everton from York Street has been given a 12 month supervision order and must pay 80 pounds costs. She'd sent e-mails to three businesses linked to animal research and a hotel which served foie gras (story)
The Sentinel 1.5.09 Lisa Everton, aged 43, of York Street, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to four offences of sending malicious communications in January and February this year. Sentence was adjourned until May 29 for reports to be prepared on the defendant… (story)

ThisIsSomerset 1.6.09 Double speak of politicians - Rarely can elected politicians have been so out-of-step with public opinion, and rarely can they have claimed they are doing one thing while doing the opposite, as with the European Parliament vote on the new animal experiments law. Public opinion is clear. A recent YouGov poll in six representative EU countries – the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Italy – showed huge majorities in favour of banning painful experiments on monkeys, cats and dogs, experiments causing severe suffering (on all species) and all experiments which are not for life-threatening or serious human illnesses…. Fortunately, this is not the end of the story. The proposed legislation now goes to national governments and then back to the European Parliament. Elections for MEPs take place on June 4. Readers can contact candidates for their views and use their vote appropriately. Michelle Thew Chief executive, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (letter)

Tribune magazine 1.6.09 Stop the barbarity of the bullring - Voters should support candidates who oppose the vile sport of bullfighting, argues Marcus Papadopoulos… Marcus Papadopoulos is press officer for the League Against Cruel Sports, whose online campaign to ban bullfighting can be found at www.bullfightingfree.com (story)

Bucks Free Press 1.6.09 High Wycombe animal circus declared success By Andy Carswell - THE first circus featuring live animals to perform in High Wycombe for 20 years has been hailed a great success. Zippo's Circus has been in town on the Rye since Thursday and has sold out several of its shows. They included displays by horses, ponies and budgerigars – which were well received by people who came to see the Sunday afternoon performance… (story)

Liverpool Echo 1.6.09 Why is this bear here? - WITH reference to UK’s only polar bear (Echo May 21), why is this animal here at all? It’s out of its own environment with none of its own kind. Zoos are animal prisons and this beautiful creature is in solitary confinement…. Mary Morris, Ormskirk (letter)