June 2010

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Yorkshire Post 30.6.10 No return for bloodsport From: Steve Taylor, Head of Campaigns & Communications, League Against Cruel Sports. JA Smith responded through your letters page (Yorkshire Post, June 15) to the utterly ridiculous argument that the recent terrible fox attack on twin girls in London is a reason to bring back hunting. YouGov polling for the League Against Cruel Sports has found no increase in anti-fox sentiment following these attacks…. The hunting of foxes with dogs is a barbaric bloodsport that the vast majority of the public want to see remain consigned to history along with bear baiting and dog fighting. (letter)

Irish Times 30.6.10 Dáil vote on stag hunting - Since we’ve been waiting for years for the reform of our antediluvian animal health and welfare legislation most of which predates independence, I was happy to see a section headed “animal welfare legislation”… Imagine, then, my disappointment to discover this header relates to a Bill which appears solely designed to ban stag hunting!..... STEPHEN DOUGLAS, University Street, Belfast
It was like a breath of fresh air to listen to John Gormley of the Green Party clearly articulating his position on the national news in relation to the blood sports and wildlife Bill amendments… PETER DOYLE, Beechwood Lawn, Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin
It is both amazing, farcical and worrying that at a time when we are in the midst of an on-going financial crisis, having to prop up our banking system with billions, having the most expensive bread and milk in the EU, that the Government’s response is to bring forward a Bill to ban stag hunting…. MICHAEL COURTNEY, Bally Valley, Killaloe, Co Clare
I have no interest in hunting, however I abhor anthropomorphic legislation. I’m a veterinarian, and recently a client called to slaughter a magnificent animal with severe arthritis. The flowerpot politicians and buttered bureaucrats under the aegis of recent welfare and cruelty acts insist the animal to be shot, exsanguinated and, with its blood in a sealed container, dispatched to a licensed slaughterhouse within two hours. An acute paperwork deficiency meant the humane treatment of this animal was delayed for 24 hours…. This is welfare and cruelty legislation as it appears in the “Hills of Donegal”. Is the answer more legislation….. JIM Mc CARROLL, The Veterinary Clinic, Malin Road, Carndonagh, Co Donegal
– Fianna Fáil’s backbenchers are revolting, the party has gone to the dogs and they deserve to be hunted out of office. – Yours, etc, SIMON WOODWORTH, Ballywilliam, Belgooly, Co Cork (letters)

Oxford Mail 30.6.10 Controversial Game Fair to return to county every three years By Chris Walker - THE CLA Game Fair brought Oxfordshire’s roads to a standstill will return to the county next year – and every three years after, it has emerged…. The Country Land and Business Association (CLA), which organised the event, said lessons had been learned and a traffic plan was being put together to prevent a repeat of the problems, when it returns from July 22-24 2011…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 30.6.10 No need to give up meat altogether - TWO recent letters in this paper remind us that the arguments surrounding livestock farming are far from simple. The first, Meat and dairy put strain on the planet, June 26, from vegan group Viva depicts some of the environmental downsides of large-scale intensive farming… The second letter, Please look at what will be gone forever, June 28, talks about beautiful wildflower meadows around Cullompton… Rather than give up meat altogether, we should look to farm our meat in a more extensive and sustainable manner. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 26.6.10 Meat and dairy put strain on the planet - AN important new report from the United Nations has said we urgently need to move away from meat and dairy-rich diets to ensure our planet's survival….. It also says agriculture accounts for 70 per cent of global freshwater consumption, 38 per cent of the total land use and 19 per cent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. This is clearly unsustainable, and we must take collective responsibility. The easiest way to do this is cutting out or cutting down on meat and dairy in your diet. Justin Kerswell, Viva! Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Liverpool Daily Post 10.6.10 Cut back on meat to help save planet - Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 2.6.10 Menu is less meaty - Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva, York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.5.10 Britons lose their taste for meat - Justin Kerswell Viva! campaigns manager 8 York Court, Wilder Street Bristol (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 24.5.10 Time to go vegetarian? THE latest government agriculture figures – which include imports and exports – show that Britain is fast losing its taste for meat… However, sadly it is not all good news. Over 893 million animals are still killed for meat each year in the UK, most of them living appallingly short lives in squalid conditions and facing a terrifying death. Justin KerswellViva! campaigns manager, Bristol (letter)

Burton Mail 30.6.10 Gigantic pig farm plan leads to over 1,500 objections by HELEN KREFT - MORE than 1,500 objections to what is believed would be the largest pig farm in the UK have been received by South Derbyshire District Council… Justin Kirswell, campaigns manager at Viva! – a vegan and animal welfare society, which also submitted an objection – said: “The opposition to what is likely to be Britain’s biggest ever pig farm is quite staggering… (story)
Farmers Weekly 25.6.10 Protesters target plan for Britain’s biggest pig farm - Johann Tasker - Animal rights campaigners are targeting a farmer who hopes to establish Britain's biggest pig farm - a 2500-sow unit in Derbyshire. A planning application for the 12ha unit on land adjacent to womens' prison Foston Hall, Foston, has been submitted by Midland Pig Producers… But activists from the Viva! animal rights group have launched a campaign against the pig unit proposal. They are urging people to write letters opposing the planning application to South Derbyshire District Council. "As far as we know, these plans are for the biggest factory farm of pigs so far in Britain," said Viva! campaign manager Justin Kerswell…. (story)
Burton Mail 25.6.10 This pig plant proposal is unacceptable - I READ your story ‘Director defends pig farm proposal from the critics’ (June 23). The opposition to this development is immense, and growing … Viva! has scccessfully halted two similar developments by pointing out obvious flaws in the design…. Good luck to Viva! and let common sense and common decency prevail. James Davies, by email (letter)
Burton Mail 17.6.10 Viva! joins in the battle over plans for pigs by prison - A NATIONAL charity opposed to animal cruelty has launched a letter of objection against plans for one of the largest pig farms in the UK. Viva! has now joined a residents’ fight against a proposed application to build a 30-acre industrial pig-rearing farm at land adjacent to Foston Prison. The charity’s campaigns manager Justin Kirswell (right) was contacted by local residents after his recent success in stopping a similar application in Lincolnshire being accepted… (story)

Uxbridge Gazette 30.6.10 Shocking way our meat is produced - KELLY SLADE Campaigns officer (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 5.6.10 Threat to health - ANIMAL Aid has released a shocking new factory farming film featuring grim scenes shot secretly in randomly-selected farms across the UK during the last three years… Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Nelson Leader/Colne, Barnoldswick & Earby Times 4.6.10 Video nasty - Animal Aid has released a shocking new factory farming film featuring grim scenes shot secretly in randomly-selected farms across the UK during the last three years…. KELLY SLADE Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid. (story)


Hereford Times 29.6.10 Theory over mystery lights over Herefordshire - THERE is no need to fear extra-terrestrial activity if one explanation concerning the appearance of mysterious lights is true. The Hereford Times last week reported how readers saw moving lights on Saturday, June 12, and this week we can reveal the reason behind the strange skies. Bob Pearce is convinced the lights were part of the Ledbury Hunt’s Fox Rock ball at The Brainge in Putley…. (story)

Irish Times 29.6.10 Backbench revolt on stag hunting - Christy Reynolds, the Ward Union Hunt chairman said, “Take the Ward Union down next Tuesday and I guarantee you the hare hunting will be next” (Home News, June 28th). So, that’s one more reason to support the ban - MICHAEL FINLAN, Avenue du Geai, Watermael-Boitsfort, Belgium.
Reading through a transcript of the Dáil debate on stage two of the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill which proposes a ban on stag hunting, I am reminded of the moves to ban bull- and bear-baiting in Britain in the early 1800s…. I believe Minister for the Environment John Gormley has history on his side. He needs to remain focused on the proven fact that stag hunting is about terrorising deer for fun, and not be swayed by the plethora of excuses and feeble arguments put forward by opponents of the Bill. JOHN FITZGERALD, Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letters)

Irish Independent 29.6.10 Cynical votes chase by pro-hunt Labour - IT WAS with much disappointment that I read that the Labour Party will not be supporting the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill due to be passed this week. This bill aims to ban stag hunting. The hunters, known as the Ward Union Hunt, terrorise a stag that has had its horns cut and is then let loose to run for its life through fields, pursued by up to 50 hounds… Nicola Sartia, Dublin 18
I LIVE in the US, which has not had the benefit of the thousands of years that Ireland has had to become civilised… Why, then, would any decent Irish person oppose banning the savage practice of shooting innocent animals for sport? Or the setting of a pack of mad dogs on an innocent deer?.... John Doyle, Odessa, Florida (letters)

Irish Examiner 29.6.10 Two-legged stag ban? I WELCOME any ban on the hunting of stags or of any other creatures. Does this ban apply also to stag nights…. Dr Florence Craven Maynooth Co Kildare (letter)

Worthing Herald 29.6.10 Outrageous to whip up hysteria and loathing - WHAT an outrageously despicable piece of journalism your newspaper printed about "solving" our fox problem (The Herald Says, June 10). In the same week that a fox apparently attacked two babies, a taxi driver killed 12 people…. Karen Davey South Avenue Goring (letter)
Worthing Herald 29.6.10 Foxes in town are a menace - MANY animal lovers feed the foxes and enjoying seeing them in their gardens…. but in the streets where there are restaurants with back alleys filled with rubbish bags, the foxes are a menace… Scoot or Renardine Fox Repellent are two products that are safe to use around children, birds, pets, and plants. … Stacey McSpirit Paws Animal Sanctuary Findon (letter)
Worthing Herald 11.6.10 How do you solve a problem like Mr Fox? - Herald says - JUST how tolerant should we be of what appears to be a growing number of foxes in Worthing? Just asking this question will be enough to spark a furious response from animal lovers who think that foxes have as much right to roam our streets and gardens as we do… (letter)

Leicester Mercury 29.6.10 Foxes: Can we have solutions? After having a family of foxes living in my garden for the past few months, perhaps the urban fox fan club would like to come round one morning and assist me in clearing up the litter and rubbish brought in overnight, disposing of the excrement from the lawn and paths, disinfecting the areas, and lastly filling the holes in the lawn where they have been worming… Following my previous letter concerning this problem, I received a phone call from a very kind gentleman who offered to lend me a trap. If I decide to accept this offer perhaps Elizabeth Allison and Co would like to adopt the captives in their gardens?... Ken Palfreyman, Wigston (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 29.6.10 Growing threat to hare population - Hares were electronically tagged as part of a study which revealed a growing threat to their declining numbers, it has been disclosed…A Queen's University research team, led by Dr Neil Reid, Quercus Centre Manager at the School of Biological Sciences, found that hares required an intricate patchwork of good-quality grassland for feeding… (story)

Western Morning 29.6.10 Anti-cull group to hand over letter to Carwyn by Steve Dube, Western Mail - MEMBERS of Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (Pac) pressure group travel to Cardiff today to present an open letter from landowners to First Minister Carwyn Jones. The move takes place on the eve of the Appeal Court hearing in the city over the Badger Trust’s claim that the imminent cull of badgers, as part of the Welsh Government’s bid to eradicate bovine TB, is illegal…. (story)

Farmers Guardian 29.6.10 Slaughterhouse footage reveals ‘unbearable cruelty’ - By William Surman - AN Essex slaughterhouse is under investigation amid accusations of ‘unbearable cruelty and suffering’ to pigs. Welfare charity Animal Aid has released damning secret footage taken inside A&G Barber’s abattoir in Purleigh, Essex which revealed hundreds of abused pigs over a three day period in April. Kate Fowler, head of campaigns at Animal Aid, said the pigs suffered ‘terrible and deliberate cruelty’ before their slaughter and called for CCTV to be installed in all slaughterhouses to bring abattoirs to account… (story)

Burton Mail 29.6.10 Important message about hala meat …. in halal slaughter the animal is ritually bled to death and not stunned, Those who buy halal meat are paying for someone to be cruel to animals….. Patrick Hadley (story)


Yorkshire Post 28.6.10 Over the stable door: Howl lot of fun with the young hounds By Jo Foster - Today I am invited to the Holderness Puppy Show near Beverley. Puppy shows give the huntsman an opportunity to show off the "young entry" for the coming season to interested parties including puppy walkers, local farmers and visitors from other packs. It is a first taste of the show ring for the youngsters… Puppy walkers are vital in preparing the young hounds for their future role in life… I used to walk hound pups for the Pendle Hunt… (story)

Kent News 28.6.10 Parents 'pathetic wimps' for being scared of foxes - KENT NEWS: Parents afraid that foxes will attack their children have been described as “pathetic wimps” by an urban wildlife expert. John Bryant, who runs The Fox Project in Tonbridge, and provides ‘humane wildlife deterrence’, said fear of the animals was unfounded…. (story)

Essex Echo 28.6.10 A bin solution to fox problem By Max Orbach - Canvey’S urban fox problem could be solved by plans to collect food waste, a leading councillor says. Last week, islanders called for foxes to be culled because they are fed up with having their bin bags destroyed…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 28.6.10 Unhealthy diet - All those people who hate vegetables, apart from chips, are laying the foundations for future ill health….Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (story)

Coventry Telegraph 28.6.10 Take action on bird cruelty - I COMPLIMENT the Telegraph for showing up the horrific animal cruelties in our region. But I should like to draw readers’ attention to the travel article (June 23) headed “Unlock Dor To French Bliss” where the writer says: “...our favourite part of the day was the typical French market, where we enjoyed wandering past dozens of stalls trying tasty cheese, meats, truffles and the inevitable foie gras.”. We must keep writing to our MP and the European Parliament to protest against the production of foie gras… Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)


Horse & Hound 26.6.10 Countryside Alliance advertising for new chief executive - Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news - The Countryside Alliance (CA) is casting its net wide for a new chief executive officer (CEO), placing adverts in H&H, The Sunday Times and Shooting Times. Recruiters are looking for a candidate with a "commitment to countryside and country sports"…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 26.6.10 Why didn't he know hunt was illegal? - I FOUND the letter by P Brown disturbing: Why riverside hunt had to be illegal, June 24. He is right to say no more than two dogs are permitted to go into a river to hunt mink, but I feel sure he is wrong to say Giles Bradshaw has not read and understood the Hunting Act. Mr Brown may be unaware that farmer Giles Bradshaw is a regular Echo correspondent who, over recent years, has written numerous letters, many spurious in my opinion, demonstrating a good understanding of the Hunting Act 2004… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.6.10 Why riverside hunt had to be illegal - GILES Bradshaw Mink pose a threat to our water voles, Letters June 21 has not read and understood the Hunting Act…. The only legal hunting that would have allowed 16 dogs would be (a) the falconry exemption and (b) the recapture of a wild mammal exemption… P Brown, The Strand, Topsham (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.6.10 Mink pose a threat to our water voles - YOUR correspondent asks "What were hunters doing beside river?" (Letters, June 15). I would imagine they were mink hunting within the exemptions of the Hunting Act… Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 15.6.10 What were hunters doing beside river? - SOMETIMES I have wondered what might have happened to the old otter/mink hunts since 'the ban'. I now know! In the depths of the countryside recently, I was astonished to see about 20 people, some in the traditional garb of the otter hunter of history, walking along the banks of a peaceful river…. Name and address supplied (letter)

Irish Times 26.6.10 Backbench revolt on stag hunting - Your report on the “scale of FF backbench revolt” (Front page, June 25th), referred to the positions taken by Fianna Fáil TDs… Were they taking such vehement opposition to Nama, the closing of hospital wards and schools, the threat to cut social welfare again or the slashing of grants to old people’s security in their homes? No, their passion and ire was drummed up on a Bill about stag hunting…. KEVIN BYRNE, Berry’s Close, Inchicore, Dublin 8.
It appears, after a Labour Party U-turn (Mary Minihan’s report, “Labour to oppose bill on stag hunting”, June 24th), that Emmet Stagg and Pat Rabbitte are going to vote against legislation that bans bloodsports. Is this really a case of turkeys voting for Christmas?... OISÍN Ó hALMHAIN,Viking Harbour, Dublin 8
Much that happens in the Dáil these days defies understanding. While reading about the animated antics of a number of Fianna Fáil TDs who oppose the stag-hunting ban proposals (Front page, June 25th), it struck me that while the Government was handing out untold pain and suffering to lone parents, welfare recipients, low-paid workers, etc… JIM O’SULLIVAN, Rathedmond, Sligo
It seems as if there is a great deal more heat than light regarding the legislation to ban stag hunting. If it is about animal welfare and the stress levels of the stag and the possibility of people being injured, then, on all the same grounds, surely we should also ban horse racing, particularly over jumps and hurdles, since it kills more animals and injures more people every year?... KURT TIDMORE, Carrigaline, Co Cork
Maybe those manly Fianna Fáil TDs who unleashed their pent-up anger against the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010 (Front page, June 25th) will now change horses and whips and form the Stag Party?... BRENDAN BUTLER, The Moorings, Malahide, Co Dublin. (letters)

ThisIsDorset 26.6.10 Threat from urban foxes is real - There's nothing much worse than someone saying "I told you so" – I never do it myself. It's mostly done with an element of hindsight wrapped in for good measure…. But (there's always a but and here it is) I do remember writing here quite clearly, many months ago, and I get no pleasure out of this, that "it is only a matter of time before a child is killed by an urban fox"… We are led to believe that the parents of these two babies have been vilified by animal rights activists, who are more concerned with the welfare of the fox. True or not, it wouldn't surprise me…. (story)

Western Mail 26.6.10 Let the badgers live - DEREK HECTOR, Whitchurch, Cardiff (letter)
South Wales Echo 26.6.10 We don’t want badgers killed - ALTHOUGH the Welsh Assembly has delayed the start of the badger kill until the Badger Trust’s appeal on June 30, there were peaceful demonstrations on Friday, June 18, at three offices of Thomson Ecology,…. The protests were in Guildford, Leeds and Cardiff where there was overwhelming support from passers-by, an expression of the unpopularity of the badger kill in Wales. Other demonstrations are being planned…. I was present at the demonstration and wish to thank the police for their professional manner throughout this peaceful protest that took place without incident. Derek Hector, Heol y Forlan, Whitchurch, Cardiff (letter)

The Drum 26.6.10 Advocates for Animals set to launch digital snare campaign - Advocates for Animals is set to continue its lobbying of the Scottish Government with the launch of a digital campaign against the use of snares. The campaign by the animal protection charity will see the creation of a dedicated websites alongside the creation of viral emails, social media usage and a regular newsletter to capture the attention and support of the public… (story)

Worcester News 26.6.10 Hand over evidence or apologise to farmers - I would like to put Geraldine Engel (Letters, June 18) in the picture over how “little” I know of farming, livestock and animal welfare. As the son of a farm manager I grew up on a large farming estate… I consider animal welfare is not only important from a moral perspective it is also vital for rearing good quality meat…. Jon Burgess, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 18.6.10 He’s probably not worked on a farm - John Burgess’s comments on the welfare of farm animals only goes to show he has probably never worked on a farm or visited a livestock market or slaughterhouse… As for Pauline Burgess wanting to encourage veganism rather than improving animal welfare – being vegan is the only way to help all farm animals. It seems John Burgess is quite ignorant about veganism. Geraldine Engel, Malvern (letter)


Bristol Evening Post 25.6.10 Oldest foxhound pack in England open to visitors - The Berkeley Hunt will again be opening its kennels to visitors on Sunday, July 4. Once every year the hunt gives tours of the kennels enabling the public to meet the hounds, which are part of the oldest foxhound pack in the country…. (story)

Eastbourne Herald 25.6.10 The fox is our friend – let's live and let live - If the fox is around he will deal with real pests like mice and rats. The fox is our friend. I love to watch the foxes. They live very organised lives and look after each other… The fox nonetheless does not show any rancour or aggression to people for their crimes against wildlife…. If there is any cull it should be on the barbarians amongst us who when they see a wild animal immediately think that they should kill it… George Anderson, Brookside Avenue, Polegate (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 25.6.10 Frank debates on fox hunting vital - HELEN Weeks lambasts the Home Secretary for discussing fox control while 'doing nothing' about gun control laws… However far from "doing nothing" Britain has some of the tightest gun control laws in the world…. As for urban fox culling, I too would oppose some mass cull of urban foxes… In a similar vein there is opposition in anti-hunting circles to further debate in Parliament on the Hunting Act. However, a recent opinion poll showed that more people support there being such a debate than do not… Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 19.6.10 Hysterical reaction to attack by a fox - IN Cumbria, a man with a simmering grudge and a legal gun ran amok and shot 12 people dead, and injured many others, before turning the gun on himself… David Cameron said there must be no kneejerk reaction to the shootings. Yet less than a week later in London, when a different kind of distressing incident occurs involving an attack on two babies as they slept in their cots, allegedly by a fox… all hell breaks loose, with hysterical calls for a cull on urban foxes. If a fox injured the children, then it would be an extremely rare occurrence… What has happened to our sense of proportion? Helen Weeks, West Coker, Somerset (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 17.6.10 Tense times for posh girls in the inner city …How do I protect my children from foxes? - Having been a long time supporter of animal welfare and in particular anti- hunting groups I wrote in last week voicing my concern I had been misled by the narrative falsely given to the general public following the attack on two sleeping babies by a fox in an urban apartment by these groups. Although I had been a fervent supporter over the past year I had become disillusioned by the content of several letters posted by, or on behalf of these groups, in this newspaper running up to the election that had either contained seriously misleading information or were untruths. Yet again yesterday I read with some disbelief the letter from Helen Weeks in which she tried to mislead the public into believing that the fox attack on the two babies was only alleged and therefore by inference had not been proven…. Clearly in intimating that this was only "an alleged fox attack" she was questioning the mothers integrity. I hate to think how much concern and angst this will have caused….
What is Tessa's view on TB badger cull - As Tessa Munt continues her Lembit Opik-style of publicity campaign, I am sure that her support for local farmers will be welcomed…. . As I and those close to farming know, bovine tuberculosis has a massive impact on the operation and profitability of farms and can place huge emotional pressures on our farmers. It is a surprise, therefore, that Ms Munt has been quiet on this issue… (story)

The Sentinel 25.6.10 Facts key over fox-hunting debate - What a refreshing change – the article by Ken Hawkins from Bucknall, (The Sentinel, Friday, June 11) shows a deep understanding of the fox, the countryside and the interaction between that and the human population…. PHILIP B WOOD, Hook Gate, Market Drayton (letter)
The Sentinel 17.6.10 Fox hunting is just cruel - LEAVING to one side all jokes about my family name suggesting a vested interest in the opposition of fox hunting, I am compelled to react against the apology for this pursuit offered by reader Ken Hawkins… W TERRY FOX, Kidsgrove (letter)
The Sentinel 17.6.10 We do not have the right to kill - I READ the letter in The Sentinel by Ken Hawkins on Friday, June 11 regarding the reinstatement of fox hunting with hounds with a heavy heart… I met a 'terrier man' at a hunt gathering one Boxing Day as I attended a peaceful protest against the then-legal mutilation of foxes…. For those who wish to keep cruelty in the past may I recommend finding out about the League Against Cruel Sports. B BYRNE, Norton Green (letter)
The Sentinel 11.6.10 Humane solution for vermin - BEST OPTION: Ken Hawkins, below, opposes letter writer Timothy Mullen's views, reprinted top right, on fox hunting. I AM country bred and born and familiar with the habits of most animals, particularly foxes. A fox is a beautiful animal to look at and watch… But I would remind Mr Mullen that there is another side to its life… It is not only poultry that suffers from the antics of this beautiful animal. Newly-born lambs often suffer the same fate and are left to rot…. I now come to the hunt debate…. More often than not, if a fox is "put up" by the hounds, within a very short period – 15 to 20 minutes – that fox has gone to earth… (letter)
The Sentinel 10.5.10 Fox hunting is merely to provide entertainment - HUNT DEBATE: May I ask G Lloyd (letters, May 6) in response to my anti-fox hunting letter of May 1, which he would prefer – death after being chased for four hours or more by a group of men and women armed with lethal weapons, with little chance even to pause for breath, or a simple, comparatively painless death?... TIMOTHY I MULLEN, Blurton (letter)
The Sentinel 6.5.10 Respect for the fox has been ignored - FEARFUL: I wish to question T Mullen's "Simple Choice" letter (May 1) using the result of the foxhunting poll in support against voting for David Cameron… Be poisoned at anytime without warning even when you may have a family to support or have a run for your life with prior warning in a controlled season…. G LLOYD Burslem (letter)
The Sentinel 1.5.10 Say no to hunting - SIMPLE CHOICE: There's less than a week until the General Election… Cameron has said he will ask Parliament to vote on bringing back hunting to our countryside – ignoring the simple fact that three quarters of the public don't want the hunting ban to be changed… TIMOTHY I MULLEN Blurton (letter)

Derby Telegraph 25.6.10 Take heed Gandhi's words of wisdom - IN his letter "Williamson keeps loony left alive" (Derby Telegraph, June 15), Carl Peters states that one of his supporters wrote to the Telegraph that Mr Williamson's anti-blood sports background means he is a caring person. This person was me… Saros Kavina, Derby (letter)
Derby Telegraph 15.6.10 Williamson keeps 'loony left' alive - I NOTE that MP Chris Williamson's solution to the terrible tragedy in Cumbria is to ban any member of the public from possessing a firearm…. I also note that one of his supporters wrote in the Telegraph that Mr Williamson's anti-blood sports protester background means he is a caring person. I would suggest that some simple research on the internet would reveal how many of those anti-blood sports protesters have been convicted in a court of law for having nothing more than criminal malice on their minds… Carl Peters, Atlantic Way, City Point, Derby (letter)

Leicester Mercury 25.6.10 Feeding foxes - I agree with every word T Clifford said about the foxes... B Boston, Leicester.(letter)
Leicester Mercury 19.6.10 Crocodiles they're not! I would like to say to all the irrational fox-hating Mercury readers: What planet are you living on? One incident involving a fox and people seem to be living in fear for their lives… T Clifford, Glenfield (letter)


Belfast Telegraph 24.6.10 Northern Ireland bans hare coursing, and fox hunting could be next - The Assembly has voted to ban hare coursing in Northern Ireland. A motion to outlaw the use of greyhounds to chase and kill Irish hares was passed by 23 to 18 this week and has been incorporated into the Wildlife and Natural Environment (NI) Bill…. (story)
Guardian 23.6.10 Northern Ireland bans hare coursing - Owen Bowcott - The last part of the United Kingdom to permit hare coursing has now banned the blood sport following a late-night vote in the Northern Ireland assembly. A motion to outlaw the use of greyhounds to chase and kill hares was passed by a narrow majority – 23 to 18 – after a seven-hour debate at Stormontlast night. The ban, proposed by Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) assembly members Roy Beggs and Tom Elliott, has been incorporated into the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Northern Ireland) bill. It is expected to come into force after the summer…. (story)

Denbighshire Free Press 24.6.10 Hunting ban - AN MP has pledged to continue campaigning to ensure the fox hunting ban in this country remains. Clwyd South MP Susan Elan Jones, who was vocal about her opposition to fox hunting during the election campaign, has now signed an Early Day Motion in Parliament on the subject…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 24.6.10 Arrogance of human species - I struggle sometimes with the arrogance of the human species, especially over the fox issue… When one unfortunate, isolated incident occurs, the furore is amazing, but predictable from the blood-thirsty among us… Times have changed, in practically all aspects of those days, except it seems, gaining pleasure from tormenting or hunting our humble wildlife, or going into mass hysteria. Sheri Newby, Wigston (letter)

Leicester Mercury 24.6.10 Unfair contest - Having just read the letter from Elizabeth Allison (Mailbox, June 19), I can, on this very rare occasion, say that I fully support her! Perhaps if those idiots who get their jollies by chasing a small animal on horseback… were to suffer the same fate they would not be so keen…. Ray Watson, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 22.6.10 Urban hunting is a non-starter - No-one would dispute that the attack by a fox on two sleeping babies in their home was an horrific event…. Hunting is not an effective method of culling foxes. Fox hunting satisfies the hunters' desire to chase and kill. Ann Bond suggests bringing back fox hunting and "extending the hunts' area to many towns and cities" ("Hunting needs to go urban", Mailbox, June 14). Ann, you can't be serious!... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 17.6.10 No going back - I write in response to Anne Bond's letter (Mailbox, June 14) regarding extending fox hunting into towns and cities. Even as an animal lover myself, I do not object to a humane cull of urban foxes, as there are a huge numbers on the streets…. The council needs to address the issue and devise a humane way of disposing of the foxes. I think fox hunting is vile and can't abide the horn-waving, regalia-clad hooray Henries who think that ripping a fox from limb to limb is fun… Alison Bannister, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 14.6.10 Hunting needs to go urban - After the sad event of the two babies apparently being bitten by a fox, we now have many of the public calling for a cull of foxes in suburbia…. Maybe we should bring back fox hunting, extending the hunts' area to many towns and cities? Anne Bond, Oadby (letter)

Daily Post 24.6.10 Country fair in North Wales - Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - A POPULAR country fair takes place this weekend. The BASC Wales Country Fair is being held over Saturday and Sunday at Bodelwyddan Castle, near St Asaph, Denbighshire…. (letter)

Bucks Free Press 24.6.10 Shock at fox in boy's room in High Wycombe - A FATHER was shocked to see a fox in his young son’s bedroom. Sudesh Jeewon saw the ‘distressed’ young fox sitting beside a laundry bin as son Roshan, seven, slept on a mattress on the floor. The accountant said he was not afraid and calmly picked up his son and left the room… Penny Little, who runs Little Foxes rescue centre near Thame, said foxes are ‘extremely timid’ animals and would not attack people … (story)

View Online Dorse 24.6.10 WEYMOUTH: Dad's fears over 'killer fox' - A WORRIED father fears that a killer fox which slaughtered his chickens may also pose a threat to his six-year-old daughter. Steve Chalk started keeping chickens two years ago at his home In Lyndhurst Road, Weymouth. But the killings have forced him to turn his chicken coop into a fortress for his six remaining birds. ….. Steve said: “We had no trouble for 18 months. Then the fox came calling…. (story)

Islington Gazette 24.6.10 Fox expert swamped with calls after attacks on children - A FOX expert has been swamped with calls from worried Islington parents after two babies were mauled in neighbouring Hackney… Freelance fox rescuer Reg Golding, 72, has been inundated with calls asking him to remove families of foxes from gardens….. Mr Golding said: "I've seen rescuing foxes for 20 years and in all that time I've never known a fox to attack a baby. If it was a fox it would have ripped those babies to pieces….. (story)

Cornishman 24.6.10 Squirrel project backlash for Prince - ANIMAL protection groups are calling for a boycott of Prince Charles' products as a reaction to a project which would see red squirrels reintroduced to the far west of Cornwall…. Kate Fowler, head of campaigns at Animal Aid, says: "To mass-kill a healthy species and then reintroduce one that may struggle to survive in that area, is utterly absurd and a shocking waste of valuable conservation money." (story)


Stroud Life 23.6.10 How can MPs back hunting? AS a regular visitor to Stroud and reader of Stroud Life it is always a great pleasure to see the amazing photographs that people send in of the wonderful wildlife to be found in the area. It is a great pity, therefore, that Neil Carmichael, the MP for Stroud, has stated his intention to vote to relegalise the hounding and slaughtering for so-called sport of some of the species of animal celebrated each week in the paper…. Chris Gale, Chippenham, Wiltshire (letter)

Northern Echo 23.6.10 Gun controls - EVERYBODY who is a lawful and responsible shooter has been shocked and horrified at recent events in Cumbria. Parliament will be given an opportunity to debate firearms law once police investigations are complete… If improvements to the UK licensing laws can be made, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation – the UK’s largest shooting organisation – will work with the police and other authorities to ensure that firearms legislation performs its two purposes: to protect public safety and the peace and to ensure the continued lawful use of firearms… Debbie Collins, British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Wrexham. (letter)

Southport Visiter 23.6.10 Southport campaigner calls for ban on funfair goldfish prizes by John Siddle, Midweek Visiter - ANIMAL lovers are demanding Sefton Council bans goldfish given as prizes at fairs. Southport campaigner Tony Moore insists giving away the pets to members of the public – an old fairground tradition – is “a recipe for disaster”…. (story)

Telegraph 23.6.10 Animal activists boycott Prince of Wales biscuits in protest at squirrel cull By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - The Prince is supporting a plan to re-introduce red squirrels to Cornwall in a controversial project that will mean thousands of grey squirrels have to be culled in the area. But Viva! and Animal Aid, two radical animal rights groups, said his "arrogant meddling with nature" was a "shocking waste of conservation money" that will harm both red and grey squirrels…. Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns at Animal Aid, said it was cruel to kill the squirrels through drowning, poisoning or "bludgeoning to death"… (story)

SouthWestBusiness 23.6.10 Duchy Originals boycott planned - ANIMAL rights campaigners have called for a boycott of Duchy Originals' products in protest over Prince Charles's support for a grey squirrel cull in Cornwall. But the move, by Animal Aid and Viva!, is unlikely to cause too many sleepless nights for the royal who sold the company to supermarket chain Waitrose in September last year…. (story)


ThisIsDorset 22.6.10 Soap store Lush rapped for anti-hunt campaign - A cosmetics and soap store which sparked controversy in West towns by launching an anti-hunting campaign has been banned from continuing the campaign by the Advertising Standards Authority…. (story)
Independent 16.6.10 How Lush made a meal out of fox hunting - The heir to Body Shop's ethical crown used an ad campaign to make grisly claims about one of its favourite targets. Trouble is, some weren't true By Martin Hickman - Lush, the cosmetics chain which mixes bubble bath and political protest through a series of fundraising soaps and headline-grabbing stunts, is censured for over-stepping the mark in its campaigns today. In a seven-page ruling, the Advertising Standards Authority found the retailer had misled the public by making a series of grisly claims about fox hunting in an in-store leaflet titled "Hunting ban, what hunting ban?"…. (story)
Guardian 16.6.10 Lush's anti-hunting ads banned - Joint campaign by toiletries retailer and Hunt Saboteurs Association censured by ASA over misleading claims - Dave Jackson - An anti-hunting campaign that ran in outlets of toiletries retailer Lush has been banned by the advertising watchdog. The campaign involved a leaflet produced by the Hunt Saboteurs Association and a postcard produced by Lush, both of which were distributed in Lush stores…. (story)
Horse & Hound 16.6.10 Lush anti-hunting leaflet broke some advertising standards - Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news - A raft of complaints about an anti-hunting campaign lead by cosmetics company Lush have been partly upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)… There were nine "main" complaints in all — three of which were upheld in anadjudication by the ASA published this morning, 16 June…. (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 16.6.10 Cosmetics firm's anti-hunt campaign banned - An anti-hunting campaign by the high street cosmetics chain Lush has been banned following 129 complaints, the advertising watchdog said today… (story)
Retail Week 16.6.10 Lush rapped on knuckles by ASA By Jennifer Creevy - Ethical cosmetics retailer Lush has been rapped on the knuckles by the Advertising Standards Authority for claims it made about fox-hunting in an in-store leaflet… (story)
Professional Beauty 16.6.10 Lush rapped on knuckles by ASA - Ethical cosmetics retailer Lush has been rapped on the knuckles by the Advertising Standards Authority for claims it made about fox-hunting in an in-store leaflet… (story)
ThisIsDevon 16.6.10 Anti-hunting campaign by high street chain is ruled unlawful - An anti-hunting campaign by the high street cosmetics chain Lush has been banned following 129 complaints…. (story)
Bournemouth Echo 15.6.10 Dorset firm's anti-hunt adverts banned By Jim Durkin - Lush boss Mark Constantine has defended his company’s anti-hunting campaign after it was banned by the advertising watchdog… A leaflet by the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) and distributed in Lush stores read: “Hunting ban, what hunting ban?”, while a postcard by Lush stated : “The hunts are still at it! The foxes still need your help”… Complainants to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) raised a range of issues with the campaign, including complaints that it unfairly denigrated hunts and hunters and misleadingly implied that hunts were intentionally and regularly breaking the law… (story)
Horse & Hound 12.12.09 Lush complaints investigated by ASA - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Hunting supporters have inundated the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) with complaints about a leaflet produced by high street cosmetics chain Lush. The ASA is investigating 132 complaints about the flyer in support of Lush's Fabulous Mrs Fox bath bar, which is being sold to raise funds for the Hunt Saboteurs Association… (story)
Horse & Hound 31.10.09 Horse & Hound website users vote to boycott Lush More than half of the Horse & Hound website users who took part in last week's H&H online vote (52%) said they would be boycotting Lush over its decision to raise money for the Hunt Saboteurs Association (news, 15 October). And another 36% said they never bought from Lush anyway….. (story)
Plymouth Herald 27.10.09 Shop girl is threatened by hunting supporter - A COSMETICS shop in Plymouth says it has been targeted by supporters of fox hunting after it launched an anti- hunting bubble bath. A 19-year-old member of staff at Lush, in the Drake Circus shopping mall, was left shaken after a man acted aggressively, pointing at her, using threatening language and getting very close to her face on Saturday. He told her he was a hunter and the sport was legal, demanding the shop stop supporting anti-hunters. "He was very sinister and we were left shaken," said shop manager Dawn Frogson… (story)
Chelmsford Weekly News 22.10.09 High Street shop targeted by pro hunt supporter By Denise Rigby - STAFF at a Chelmsford shop were left shocked after a pro-hunt supporter knocked over a display supporting the work of hunt saboteurs. Police are investigating the incidents which took place at Lush in the High Street during a week long campaign against fox hunting. The man came into the shop on Tuesday last week and knocked over the display of Fabulous Mrs Fox soap bars…. Sue McKenna, manager of the store, explained: “He came in, swept the display to the floor, saying he was a hunt supporter and ran out again… A spokeswoman for Essex Police said it was investigating reported incidents of criminal damage in relation to the shop and trying to identify the person responsible…. (story)
Western Morning 21.10.09 Call to boycott soap firm supporting Hunt Saboteurs - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners have called for a boycott of high street toiletries chain Lush after it announced a fundraising campaign for anti-hunt campaigners… Horse & Hound magazine is also urging its readers to snub Lush after they began a £50,000 campaign to support the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA)…. (story)
North East Evening Gazette 21.10.09 Lush Cosmetics promotes anti-fox hunting campaign - THE suffering of animals was the focus of a popular store as it launched a challenge to illegal fox hunting. Lush Cosmetics ran an in-store campaign to highlight that, despite being illegal, hunting with hounds continues throughout the UK…. Store manager Shelina Hatfield, of Yarm, said staff were passionate about the cause and hoped to raise awareness that the hunt goes on… (story)
West Briton 21.10.09 Anti-hunting stunt has already cost Lush one customer - I HAVE never felt the need to hunt foxes, but I know there are some people who want to; and that, to my mind, is their decision. However what I do feel that Lush is supporting is the current government's abolition of the right to choose. Let's face it, was fox hunting a matter of national importance, up there with the discovery (or not) of weapons of mass destruction, economic meltdown, or any other of the disasters that Blair and Brown have visited upon us?... Lush, you have lost my business. NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)
Horse & Hound 19.10.09 Keep Lush protests within the law, urges Countryside Alliance - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The Countryside Alliance (CA) has urged hunt supporters to keep protests against high street cosmetics chain Lush within the law. Members of the public are reported to have knocked over displays and vandalised stores across the country since Lush launched its Fabulous Mrs Fox bubble bar last week… Horseandhound.co.uk forum member, Linda W, said she intends to fill a basket with Lush products, get it weighed and wrapped and then leave the shop. She said: "I will not be rude or threatening to the staff — unlike the female HSA member who called my six-year-old daughter scum."… Others have been swapping anti-hunting leaflets in store with those supporting hunting. (story)
Kent News 19.10.09 Cosmetics store vandalised by pro-hunt supporters - A town centre cosmetics store has been targeted by vandals over its campaign to stop illegal fox hunting. The Maidstone-based Lush store, at the top of Gabriel’s Hill, took part in the company’s national campaign last week against fox hunting with hounds… A kebab was smeared across the shop’s window and ‘F*** you’ was scratched into the glass at some point between 7.30pm on Thursday, October 15 and the following morning… The acts of vandalism have been slammed by the Green party’s parliamentary candidate for Maidstone and the Weald, Stuart Jeffery…. "I will be writing to the police to take action against people targeting the shop and pressing for the police to make enforcing the fox hunt ban a priority… (story)
Colchester Gazette 19.10.09 Staff take a stand against hunting - STAFF at a Colchester cosmetics shop were getting in a lather over the Hunting Act, which they say is not being enforced. Lush Cosmetics, in Sir Isaac’s Walk, has been holding a week-long campaign to highlight the plight of foxes, which it claims are still being hunted, despite the introduction of a ban in 2004… (story)
Independent on Sunday 19.10.09 Vandals target anti-hunting Lush - Branches of ethical cosmetics chain attacked after campaign launched in support of saboteurs By Tom Peck … In the past week, the cosmetics chain Lush has seen its branches vandalised and its staff threatened, immediately after it launched an anti-fox hunting campaign…. (story)
Horse & Hound 17.10.09 Lush cosmetics company gives money to hunt saboteurs - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Horse & Hound is urging hunt supporters everywhere to boycott high street toiletries chain Lush after it announced a £50,000 fund-raising campaign to support the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA)…. (story)
Newcastle Journal 17.10.09 Anti-hunting scheme - A NEWCASTLE store has launched a campaign against what it claims is illegal fox hunting. Lush Cosmetics in Grainger Street is asking customers to sign postcards to their chief constables, asking them to make the enforcement of the Hunting Act a priority…. (story)
Telegraph 16.10.09 Telegraph Hunting community calls for Lush boycott - Members of the hunting community have called for a boycott of high street toiletries chain Lush after it announced a fundraising campaign for anti-hunt campaigners By Chris Irvine…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 16.10.09 Store staff show support for hunting ban - STAFF at an Exeter cosmetics store have shown their support for the campaign against hunting. Lush Cosmetics, which has a shop in Exeter High Street, is backing the work of the Hunt Saboteurs Association…. (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 16.10.09 Nottingham store to host anti-fox hunting campaign - STAFF at a Nottingham cosmetics shop have launched an anti-fox hunting campaign. Workers at Lush Cosmetics in Clumber Street showed their support for the Hunt Saboteurs' Association with a debate in-store on Wednesday…..(story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 15.10.09 Lush lady makes a stand against hunting - A QUEENSGATE shop surprised customers by dressing as fox to raise awareness for the store's campaign for more enforcement of the fox hunting ban…. The chain is campaigning for a bigger police crack-down and is working in co-operation with the Hunt Saboteurs Association. Emily Deboo (19), a part-time employee at the Queensgate Lush shop, wore the fox costume at work yesterday…. (story)
York Press 15.10.09 Lush Cosmetics shop staff voice fox-hunting anger in Coney Street - STAFF at a York cosmetics store donned home-made fox ears and tails to highlight claims that hunting foxes continues throughout England, despite it being illegal. The front of Lush Cosmetics in Coney Street has been emblazoned with the words “The hunts are still at it”, with the same thing happening at the company’s other 88 shops across the UK. The messages will be removed later this week. The events were part of a new campaign Lush has launched against hunting foxes, in support of the Hunt Saboteurs Association… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 15.10.09 Bristol shop Lush wants fox-hunting ban enforced - The Broadmead branch of cosmetics chain Lush has launched a campaign to support the enforcement of the fox-hunting ban… The chain, which has joined forces with the Hunt Saboteurs Association for the campaign, has created a limited edition bubble bath bar called Fabulous Mrs Fox (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 14.10.09 Shop launches campaign to highlight illegal hunting - STAFF at the Exeter branch of a cosmetics store will wear fox ears and tails tomorrow as they join the campaign against hunting the animals. Lush Cosmetics, which has a store in the High Street, is launching the campaign in support of the Hunt Saboteurs Association….(story)
Independent 14.10.09 Pandora By Tom Peck - Cameron outfoxed by campaign? - David Cameron's promise of a free vote on fox hunting has created a splash in the bubble bath world. Lush Cosmetics… has launched its latest campaign, a Fabulous Mrs Fox bubble bar, with the proceeds going to the Hunt Saboteurs Association. A wasted effort, according to our fox-hungry friends at the Countryside Alliance: "Let's be honest, hunt sabs are not the biggest consumers of soap," says a spokesman (story)
Guardian 3.10.09 Lush bubble bath to support hunt saboteur campaign - Paul Lewis - The cosmetics company Lush is launching a bubble bath it hopes will raise tens of thousands of pounds for anti-blood sports activists who sabotage fox hunts. The Hunt Saboteurs Association will be the latest beneficiary of proceeds from Lush… The citronella and peppermint bubble bath, called The Fabulous Mr Fox, will arrive on the shelves in the coming weeks and will be on sale until Boxing Day… Mark Constantine, the 59-year-old co-founder of Lush, which is based in Poole, Dorset, has previously donated large portions of his profits to human rights groups, animal welfare organisations and environmental protesters… (story)

Horse & Hound 22.6.10 RISE! organises rally outside Irish parliament against deer hunting ban - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Irish hunt supporters will rally outside the Irish parliament on Thursday, to demonstrate against new laws that will ban stag hunting and cause extra expense for hunts…. Members of pro-hunting group RISE! (Rural Ireland Says Enough) will be outside the Dáil on Thursday (24 June) while the Wildlife Bill is being debated and all day on 30 June. And a rally will be held in Trim, Co Meath on Saturday (26 June) in support of Ireland's only stag hunt, the Ward Union… (story)

Leicester Mercury 22.6.10 The fox's friend - So once again the fox is up against hatred…. I am one of the people who will continue to feed the fox who has chosen my garden. He is one of God's creatures. Live and let live. Pleased I don't belong to the hunting brigade. Mrs V Johnson, Leicester (letter)

Essex Echo 22.6.10 Urban foxes are our own fault - J Hargreaves suggests councils should seek to cull the growing populations of urban foxes (June 16). Yet how can this be done?... It has been said the abolition of hunting has added to the problem, yet this was never pest control. Its reintroduction could result in more foxes seeking the sanctuary of towns…. W H Diment, Church Road, Laindon (letter)

Western Mail 22.6.10 Karen’s fair game for a spin in a coracle at country sports show by Meyrick Brown, Western Mail - UNDER the expert tuition of coracle owner Jim Thompson, Karen Gott, 31, a visitor to the Welsh Game Fair, quickly proved herself to be “a natural”… With about 20,000 visitors over the two days, the fair is now considered the pinnacle of the Welsh country sports calendar, bringing in supporters from the South Wales valleys and from across the UK and Ireland – even from Russia – including working-dog enthusiasts, anglers, clay-pigeon shooters, hunt followers and hundreds of lurcher and terrier enthusiasts… (story)
Western Mail 15.6.10 Game fair for all the family - A GREAT day out for all the family is promised at the weekend when the Welsh Game Fair is at Gelli Aur Country Park near Llandeilo… The show opens at 10am on Saturday… (story)

Western Mail 22.6.10 Canoeists lose in attempt to get open access to Welsh rivers by Steve Dube, Western Mail - A NATIONAL Assembly inquiry has turned down requests by canoeists for open access to Welsh rivers. Instead the Assembly’s sustainability committee has called for voluntary access agreements by landowners, a licensing system for the use of unpowered craft on inland waters and a fee for those making a profit out of water-related recreation…. The Countryside Alliance and the Farmers’ Union of Wales both welcomed the report. Countryside Alliance Welsh director Rachel Evans said the recommendations were “sensible” and would protect angling while promoting access…. (story)

Western Mail 22.6.10 Anglers asked to help stocks by putting back fish by Steve Dube, Western Mail - FISHERMEN can help the recovery of fish stocks in Welsh rivers, according to Environment Agency Wales. Anglers in Wales already release half of the fish they catch but the agency says more anglers releasing their catch rather than keeping them for the table could have a dramatic effect on the numbers of salmon and sea trout…. (story)

Uxbridge Gazette 22.6.10 A feeling of dread crept over me - AFTER reading Cathy Brushfield's letter in the Gazette, regarding the playful, beautiful foxes in the school field at the rear of her house, I realised I had a feeling of dread creeping over me… She, as do many town dwelling people, feeds these urban foxes. Just 25 miles off our south coast is a country where rabies is endemic… DAVID GAINES Weymouth Road, Hayes (letter)
Uxbridge Gazette 15.6.10 Foxes pose less danger than people - I HAVE just read the article in the Uxbridge Gazette regarding foxes and thought I'd submit a few lines (Foxes are no threat says expert, Gazette, June 9). I have lived at my present address for about 20 years and my garden backs on to a school field where foxes are present… I feed these foxes every night and feel honoured to be able to do so. I have never heard of a fox 'attacking' a person and I can only imagine it was scared…. CATHY BRUSHFIELD Via email (letter)

Petersfield Post 22.6.10 Colin the Cockerel is killed by fox attack By David Jones - COLIN the Cockerel, the Ramsdean rooster served a noise abatement order by East Hampshire District Council, is dead. A fox broke into a chicken coop belonging to Colin's owners, the Barton family, and massacred 12 of their chickens on Friday, June 11… (story)

Farmers Weekly 22.6.10 Security warning as animal activist is fined - Andrew Smith - Police in the south west have warned poultry producers to double-check security following a raid on a unit by animal welfare militants. Mark Organ, 46, from Lancing, West Sussex, was found guilty of conspiracy to steal when he appeared before Bournemouth Crown Court this week (17 June). He was fined £1500. The court heard that Mr Organ and seven others had planned to break into a poultry unit near Wimborne, Dorset, and remove birds they considered diseased or unhealthy. The plot was only foiled when a security guard spotted their van parked outside the unit late at night… (story)
Bournemouth Echo 18.6.10 Man fined over bid to free battery hens By Harriet Marsh - AN ANIMAL lover has been fined after attempting to liberate battery hens from a farm near Wimborne. Mark Organ, 46, and seven others had hired a van and gathered cages and bags in order to free unhealthy or distressed birds late one night in January last year. They were foiled by a man out walking with a powerful lamp as they approached a Witchampton farm. A jury at Bournemouth Crown Court found Mr Organ guilty of conspiracy to steal, and on Thursday, June 17, he was ordered to pay £1,515…. (story)


Exeter Express & Echo 21.6.10 So out of step over hunting ban debate - HAVING read recent letters written by Colin Richey I am convinced he has finally 'lost his marbles'. He seems convinced that the national debt crisis should be set aside while parliamentary time is taken up debating the hunting ban… John Grater, Uplowman, Tiverton (letter)

Worcester News 21.6.10 Foxes are usually wary of humans - Like Mark Tully says, (Letters, Friday, June 11) I do feel for the little girls who were attacked by a fox in London. It must have been a horrible and terrifying event. But, as for giving the fox a bad name, on this rare and isolated event, it’s another form of tabloid propaganda for people such as Mr Tully to justify his reasons for hunting for sport… L Gregg, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 11.6.10 Foxes are not cuddly creatures people think - As we are no doubt aware through the national news, a fox has attacked two small children in their bedroom, in a house in Stoke Newington, London… For the record, I am pro-hunting. This is not because I ‘enjoy’ watching the fox being hunted by a pack of hounds, but because I feel that fox numbers need to be controlled… Mark Tully, Worcester http://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news/letters/read/8213084.Foxes_are_not_cuddly_creatures_people_think/(letter)

Shetland Times 21.6.10 Animal rights charity offers £1,000 reward for conviction of seal shooters - A US-based animal rights organisation has offered a £1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who shot six seals off the West Side of Shetland… Now People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) says it hopes to bring whoever was reponsible for the deaths to justice. It goes as far as to suggest that humans may even be in danger from the perpetrators… (story)
Guardian 21.6.10 Charity offers reward for information on Shetland seals shooting - Animals rights group Peta is offering £1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer of a number of common seals - Severin Carrell, Scotland correspondent - A reward of £1,000 has been offered by an animal rights charity for information about the killer of a number of common seals which were found after a suspected shooting in Shetland…. (story)


Independent on Sunday 20.6.10 There has been an unspeakable tragedy. Two little children have been attacked by a fox as they lay upstairs in their cots. People are baying for the death of all foxes. However, it is already acknowledged to have been an exceptional incident…. Virginia McKenna, The Born Free Foundation, Horsham, West Sussex (letter)

Sunday Post 20.6.10 WE HEAR about protests concerning the work by scientists on stem cells, embryos, genes and animals. I support the work of the scientific community because they might find a way to solve genetic abnormalities in the future and I wouldn’t wish my suffering on anyone. I was diagnosed with Cowden syndrome in 1985 by the consultant at the dental hospital in Edinburgh… I’m now in double figures for operations… are likely to be higher. I wonder whether those who campaign against scientists’ work on gene therapy would continue to hold that view if their loved ones were suffering? Ann Stewart, Edinburgh (letter on site for a week)


Horse & Hound 19.6.10 Defra minister Jim Paice attends Masters of Foxhounds Association AGM - Catherine Austen, H&H hunting editor - Jim Paice attended the AGM of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) last week — the first time a Defra minister has done so in living memory…. Though he gave no indication of timescale, the minister emphasised that if repeal is achieved, it must not mean "the turning back of the clock" to pre-ban hunting. In line with that, MFHA chairman Stephen Lambert had just announced at the AGM in Cheltenham that Labour peer Lord Donoughue would be the first chairman of the Hunting Regulatory Authority (HRA) when it goes "live" post-repeal… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 19.6.10 Shooting criticism is wide of target - JOHN Phelps' disgust at people shooting wild game in the aftermath of the horrific killings in Cumbria is entirely misplaced… No game is currently in season; the gunshots referred to would have come from a clay pigeon shoot. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 15.6.10 Shooting animals is not a charitable act - I SHARE the sadness expressed by Jennie Cook at the lack of feeling or compassion of the shooting fraternity towards wildlife… I find shooting birds and wildlife for sport to be repugnant in the extreme and fail to understand why those shooters who are members of the Game and Wildlife Conservancy Trust are eligible to claim tax relief on their subscriptions and donations… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 7.6.10 Inappropriate time to go out with guns - LAST evening I was sitting in my garden which adjoins fields and surrounding Exmoor. Peace was shattered by spasmodic gunshots, by people killing wildlife. Wouldn't you think after this week's appalling tragedy that they could have shown restraint and respect as it was 'one of their own' who with his firearms killed and maimed innocent people?... Jennie Cook, Cleeve, Somerset (letter)

Western Mail 19.6.10 Central storage of firearms no solution - – JL Stansfield (Letters, June 15) seems misinformed about the UK’s firearms licensing laws. It is not true to say that “many individuals... are allowed to hold a licence for a gun solely because they are members of a gun club”… Keeping guns in a central store makes a very tempting target for criminals and terrorists and there are examples of such supposedly secure stores being ram-raided in the past… SIMON CLARKE, Head of Press Relations, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Wrexham (letter)

Derby Telegraph 19.6.10 Time to ban this form of hunting - DERBY residents have been clamouring to get to South Africa for the next stages of the World Cup… Sadly many lions and rhinos and other animals have much to fear from the influx of tourists from Derby and elsewhere. "Canned hunting" has become popular among tourists… Four Paws UK, London (letter)

Scotsman 19.6.10 Letter: Animals' rights - Regarding this article about scientists creating "sick pigs" to cure humans (your report, 17 June), it is worth noting that Dr Whitelaw himself claims that animal research is essential, but in the next breath admits that use of these animals will "not necessarily" allow treatments to be developed…. JOHN PATRICK, Scotland for Animals, Glen Etive Place, Glasgow (letter)


Kent & Sussex Courier 18.6.10 Traditional country show full of fun and finery - Friday, June 18, 2010, 08:00 SEVENTY-FOUR thousand people flocked to the biggest Sussex countryside event of the year. The South of England Show got under way in unusual fashion on "Dress Up Thursday" when women put on their finery for the occasion… Show society chairman Brian Williams said: "It is the classic rural icons which attract the biggest crowds. "When something as quintessentially British as the daily cattle parade, or the hunt and their hounds, enters the main arena you can hear the crowd roar."… (story)
Kent & Sussex Courier 17.6.10 Thousands visit show despite wet weather - THOUSANDS of people descended on Ardingly at the weekend despite a wet start to this year's South of England Show… Displays throughout the show included the judging of the animal classes, KitKar racing, parade of the hounds, the inter-hunt relay, a performance by The Royal Signals Band, and piggy pranks – an assault course completed by pigs… (story)

ThisIsCornwall 18.6.10 The Lion King II flies the flag for the Lamerton Hunt - Kelly Rogers and The Lion King II flew the flag for the Lamerton Hunt by winning the local regularly hunted class before standing overall champions…. Fiona Jones from Connor Downs clinched the best Cornish regularly hunted riding Tim Bowden's chestnut mare Jaffa. Bred by Mary Bowden this five-year-old mare has been a regular with the Four Burrow with Martin Bowden…. (story)
ThisIsCornwall 11.6.10 Lion King of the hill as hunt horse named champ - It was a great day for the Lamerton Hunt at yesterday's Royal Cornwall Show when Kelly Rogers and her chestnut mount, The Lion King II, won the hotly contested local regularly Hunted class before standing overall champion of hunters… In the afternoon, the champion Lion King also joined in the massed parade of hounds in the main ring with Lamerton whipper-in Steve Craddock, who is Kelly's farrier. (story)

Huddersfield Examiner 18.6.10 Protect the fox - IN VIEW of the recent attack on a child by a fox I hope this incident does not encourage the hunting lobby to apply for a return to fox hunting and shooting… Colin Vause Marsh (story)

Dundee Courier 18.6.10 Record attendance hoped for game fair - THIS YEAR’S Scottish Game Fair, which takes place in the picturesque grounds of Scone Palace next month, is shaping up to the biggest ever…. (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 18.6.10 Angling barb - I’m from South Yorkshire so am a stranger to your good paper, but did read the recent comment from Ms Tricker, of Bedale, which raised my hackles (no pun intended). I find it outrageous that she so easily talks nonsense about angling (which does indeed have therapeutic benefits), and links it negatively to our heroes fighting in foreign lands!... The fact that angling is our most popular participant sport should tell Ms Tricker something. JIM BAXTER Angling Star magazine, Sheffield (letter)
Darlington & Stockton Times 18.6.10 Fish and soldiers - Don’t kill fish says Ms Tricker (D&S June 11) – a somewhat emotive cry from a person professing unstinting “concern for all living creatures”, but probably has little or no knowledge about angling which is probably still the largest singular participation pastime in the UK, if not the world… To suggest that funds would be better used to train soldiers how to kill people, as opposed to “defenceless animals”, blows her “care” argument out of the water somewhat. However, she probably doesn’t agree with that either? DAVID HASNEY Romanby Road, Northallerton (letter)
Darlington & Stockton Times 14.6.10 Don't kill fish - So soldiers are being taught how to fish to help them cope with the stress of fighting the Taliban (D&S, May 28). Surely it would make more sense to train them to kill people, preferably people who’re trying to kill them, rather than defenceless animals - PATRICIA TRICKER Arrathorne, Bedale (story)

News Shopper 18.6.10 ELTHAM: Mum discovers fox in son's bedroom By Mark Chandler - A MOTHER was horrified to discover a fox in her 10-year-old son’s bedroom. On June 16 at around 1.30am Debbie Coe was woken up by the barking of the family boxer dog Cooper in her son Charlie’s room… (story)

South Wales Echo 18.6.10 Pupils kept indoors after fox spotted - CHILDREN at two primary schools have been kept indoors during their lunch break after a fox was spotted in the playground. Worried teachers made the decision as a “precautionary measure” after the animal was seen in the shared grounds of Cefn Onn Primary School and Ysgol Y Wern in Llanishen, Cardiff… (story)
BBC News Online 18.6.10 Cardiff schools keep pupils indoors after fox spotted - Pupils at two primary schools have been kept indoors at lunch-time after a fox was spotted in the playground…. (story)

Dorking Advertiser 18.6.10 Campers in close brush with foxes - THE grandson of a jackpot lottery winner has told how he and friends felt that they'd had a close brush with danger after foxes scoured their garden camp as they slept out at night. Luckily, all that did happen was that the foxes chewed up clothes and took shoes…. Grandad George Sturt said it was obvious that foxes were responsible…. Mr Sturt added: "I think that fox-hunting should be brought back because wherever you go you see hundreds of foxes. "Surely it's got to be governed again." (story)

Essex Echo 18.6.10 Canvey Islanders call for rampant foxes to be culled By Max Orbach - RESIDENTS are calling for a cull of urban foxes on Canvey after a growing number of incidents involving the fast-breeding pests. Fed-up householders claim foxes are entering their homes, damaging property, raiding bins, spreading disease and even killing family pets… (story)

ThisIsSurrey 18.6.10 Countryside Alliance criticises farm report - A GOVERNMENT report has suggested that children should not have contact with animals at open farms. But the Countryside Alliance has criticised the Griffin Inquiry set up after the E.coli outbreak at Godstone Farm last August…. Charley May, who heads the Countryside Alliance campaign for outdoor education, fears the report could have a negative impact on open farms. She said: "The Alliance believes all children should be entitled to outdoor education, and this can be done in a safe and sensible manner…. (story)

Scotsman 18.6.10 Acceptably cruel - However repulsive we may find the idea of creating pigs deliberately implanted with diseases incurable in humans in order to facilitate research (your report, 17 June), the practice will be accepted with the first cure to result from it. Claims of animal cruelty in this regard are spurious. Humans have always been cruel to animals in various ways of killing them for food…. ROBERT DOW Ormiston Road, Tranent
In your report on the creation of pigs which have been genetically modified to contract fatal human diseases, you missed one very important aspect of this type of research… When you genetically modify animals to make them more like humans, you create a bridge which diseases, including new illnesses to which humans have neither immunity nor medication, can cross from animals to people… JOHN F ROBINS, Animal Concern, Dumbarton (letters)

West Sussex County Times 18.6.10 MY THANKS to the County Times for presenting both points of view in the circus debate (Circus controversy comes to town, June 11). As one of the quoted protesters, I should like to clarify a couple of points… , circuses that may only bring domestic acts to one venue are quite likely to hire wild animals for a venue where these are allowed. There's lots of brilliant human circus acts around – let's stick to them. FAY MARSHALL, Cissbury Gardens, Worthing (letter)

Hucknall Dispatch 18.6.10 Call by charity to boycott animal circus - A NATIONAL animal-rights charity has called on the public to boycott a circus that has rolled into the Dispatch district. Peter Jolly's Circus pitched up in Hucknall in the fields at the Bulwell end of the bypass, at its junction with Hucknall Lane. It opened its big top on Wednesday June 16 and is here until Sunday June 19…. a spokesman for the charity Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) said: "We would encourage people to avoid all animal circuses. People can enjoy circuses without animals being forced to perform… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 18.6.10 Rev’s view on animals is puzzling - Rev Kevin Logan’s connection between humanism, abortion and animal rights, Logan’s Saturday Sermon (LT, June 5) puzzled me…. Christianity needs to recognise that peace and freedom is the divine right of all creatures and although this may seem ideological, it is nevertheless true… Anthony (via email) (letter)


Exeter Express & Echo 17.6.10 Vitriolic reaction to fox attack - IT seems from Mrs Y Street's recent letter that she is mainly concerned about the recent fox attack on two Londonbabies because she sees it as somehow threatening the Hunting Act, Should 'fox control' mean hunt review? June 6. Maybe some anti-hunt activists should review their behaviour as a result of this case… People should stop this vitriol and express sympathy for the poor parents and children. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 14.6.10 Should 'fox control' mean hunt review? - WHAT a surprise, the Conservative, hunt-loving Government is going to consider 'whether further guidance or legislation is needed' regarding 'fox control' in the light of an attack on two babies in London. With just one suspected attack on those babies — no concrete evidence has yet been forthcoming regarding bite sizes and depth etc — the blood -loving Tories are desperate to find a reason to re-introduce legal slaughter…. Mrs Y Street, Saddlers Way, Okehampton (letter)

Leicester Mercury 17.6.10 Scourge of urban fox - I can thoroughly sympathise with Bob Taylor ( Mailbox, June 11) with his problem of the scourge of the urban fox. I have a vixen and two cubs under my garden shed and the damage they have caused to my garden is horrendous…. Ken Palfreyman, Wigston (letter)
Leicester Mercury 11.6.10 Outfoxed by this menace - Further to the news of a fox attacking twin baby girls, I write of our troubles with foxes. Our garden is repeatedly damaged by foxes digging massive holes and tunnels and taking the fish from the pond…. In the end we contacted the Environmental Health Department of the council only to be told that they would do nothing and that "man must learn to live in harmony with Nature"!... Bob Taylor, Western Park. (letter)

Shropshire Star 17.6.10 Letter: Keep a sense of proportion over fox issue - I am not surprised Mr D Evans took advantage of all the tabloid coverage of the (alleged) fox which bit two young toddlers in a cot in their bedroom. Mr Evans is a member of the pro-hunting brigade and would like to use this horrific incident to try and reverse the ban on fox hunting with hounds. I have sympathy for the parents of the toddlers but I would never leave my door open at 10pm for it is an open invitation to human predators and burglars. Have we not learned anything from the McCann case?... Ray Williams, Shifnal (letter)

Essex Echo 17.6.10 Cull of foxes is urgently needed - I have thought for a long time the fox population in Southend has grown to a ridiculous number… Readers and Southend Council should realise these creatures are a danger to humans as well as other animals. The council has a duty of care to the people of Southend, and although many readers may disagree with me, a cull of these animals must take place as soon as possible…. J Hargreaves, Station Road, Westcliff
...Foxes are a pest and will kill almost anything – lambs, chickens, even cats…. David Barratt, Southbourne Grove, Westcliff (letters)

Evesham Journal 17.6.10 Game bird rearing - LANDOWNERS have expressed relief as the Government withdrew the flawed Code of Practice for the Rearing of Game Birds. The CLA said the move was a victory for all those in the game industry who campaigned against the code and a welcome approach to consultation by the new Government. The CLA, Game Farmers’ Association, Countryside Alliance, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and the national Gamekeepers’ Organisation all condemned changes made to the detail of the code by the previous Government… (story)

Birmingham Mail 17.6.10 Erdington man completes three-day hunger strike in protest over animal research laboratory - by Rebekah Oruye, Birmingham Mail - A BIRMINGHAM man completed a three-day food strike in protest over a new laboratory for animal research. Jonathan White spent the duration of his food fast chained to a bench outside the Coleshill branch of Willmott Dixon – one of the contractors involved in building the biomedical research centre at the University of Leicester… Jonathan, a full-time activist with the Birmingham Animal Rights Centre, said the support he received was “phenomenal” and planned to continue further campaigns… (story)
Birmingham Mail 9.6.10 Animal activist in hunger strike protest - A BIRMINGHAM animal rights activist plans to complete a three-day hunger strike in protest over the construction of a new animal research laboratory. Jonathan White, from Erdington, chained himself to a bench outside the Coleshill branch of Willmott Dixon – one of the contractors involved in building the biomedical research centre at the University of Leicester. The 20-year-old, who is a member of the Birmingham Animal Rights Centre, said he will survive on water for the duration of the food strike… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 17.6.10 VIVA! HEATHER MILLS HITS CARLISLE - IN HOTEL THAT THREW OUT THE BEATLES By Sarah Newstead - Heather Mills donned her pinny and whipped up a meat-free feast in Carlisle as her vegan roadshow came to town. The former wife of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney staged the Viva! Incredible Veggie Cookery Show at the Crown & Mitre Hotel last night …. Also speaking at the event was Tony Wardle, author of environmental report, Diet of Disasters, and associate director of Viva!.... (story)

ThisIsSomerset 17.6.10 Farm compassion - I would like to thank the people of Wells for raising £78.12 during my street collection on Saturday, May 29, in aid of Compassion In World Farming…. Roger Challoner Green Wingfield Trowbridge (story)

Coventry Telegraph 17.6.10 Help us fight animal cruelty - WE see the England flags proudly flying in support of our country’s football team playing in the World Cup, but we are also a member of the EU and as such must stand up for animals suffering in other European countries. The findings of Compassion in World Farming’s investigation into the long distance transport of horses, found illegal conditions across Europe… Janet Cummings, Rugby (letter)


Exeter Express 16.6.10 Shooting animals is not conservation - THE British Association for Shooting and Conservation tells Echo readers that foxes are not bred for sporting purposes… I am surprised that the BASC appear to be unaware that artificial earths may be found in many hunting counties, to encourage foxes to breed by providing them with a suitable habitat….. John Phelps Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express 11.6.10 Study shows a fall in gun ownership - FIREARMS ownership is already very tightly legislated (Think again about children and guns, Letters, June 8). Analysis by the UK's largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), shows there is no 'proliferation' in legal guns; in fact the long-term trend in ownership is down…. Debbie Collins The British Association for Shooting and Conservation Rossett, Wrexham (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 8.6.10 Think again about children and guns - EVEN before the bodies of those shot last Wednesday were cold, a spokesperson for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation said we should not ban shotguns as we will never be able to hold the Olympic Games here again and that they are the tools of the trade for countryside people….. The election of Simon Hart, previously chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, as a Conservative MP could herald a chance to push forward the Countryside Alliance manifesto of countryside pursuits, which includes shooting wildlife, as a grant-eligible sport… The proliferation of both legal and illegal firearms causes problems and I would like to think there is a sea change that finds breeding wildlife purely for the pleasure of the shooting enthusiast to kill immoral… Graham Forsyth, Chard (letter)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 16.6.10 Guns for good - SHOOTING and conservation go hand-in-hand. Shoot providers spend £250m a year on conservation and shooting is worth £1.6bn annually to the UK economy….. Debbie Collins British Association for Shooting and ConservationWrexham (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 16.6.10 Badger cull put on hold - THE culling of badgers in West Wales is to be put on hold until a legal hearing takes place at the end of the month….(story)
Western Mail 15.6.10 Pause urged in ‘ill-conceived’ cull of badgers by Steve Dube, Western Mail - OPPONENTS of the proposed badger cull have called on the Welsh Government to “pause for thought”. Gwendolen Morgan of the London law firm Bindmans LLP, who represents the Badger Trust, said the success of the trust’s application for a Court of Appeal hearing called into question the plans for the cull…. (story)
Western Mail 11.6.10 Badger cull postponed - RURAL Affairs Minister Elin Jones said today that a planed cull of thousands of badgers in Wales will be postponed… Her pledge came after the Badger Trust was given leave to appeal against the outcome of a judicial review held in April that upheld the government’s right to mount the north Pembrokeshire cull … (story)
ThisIsSouthWales 11.6.10 Badger cull on hold for court appeal - THE Assembly Government's badger cull was put on hold today pending the outcome of a legal appeal at the end of the month… (story)


Leicester Mercury 15.6.10 Foxes are not so cuddly creatures - Could our local fox experts who write to the letters pages on a regular basis informing us that the fox is such a wonderful creature and does no harm to lambs and fowl, and they have been forced into the cities by those nasty upper class fox hunters and their vicious hounds, explain why one of these cuddly critters attempted to eat two babies?... John M Cox, Aylestone. (letter)

Oxford Mail 15.6.10 Countryside Alliance a 'malign influence' - PENNY LITTLE (Oxford Mail ViewPoints, June 3) rightly points out the malign influence of the Countryside Alliance within the Conservative Party and the unprincipled way in which the Liberal Democrats have agreed to resurrect the hunting debate…. PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington (letter)
Oxford Mail 2.6.10 Cruel proposal - MY FEARS about the coalition government have been confirmed. Despite the fact that David Cameron failed to win a majority, the influence of the Countryside Alliance within the Tory Party has prevailed, and – to the eternal disgrace of the Liberal Democrats – a bid to repeal the Hunting Act is to go ahead in the near future…. Those who reviled Gordon Brown because he was awkward and shy can now reflect that, in his place, we have a coalition of wildlife persecutors. Penny Little, Back Way, Great Haseley (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 15.6.10 Fox attack reveals error in arguments - I FEEL that the reaction to the mauling of two babies by a fox is somewhat hysterical as this is an extremely rare event. However, the case does highlight some of the fallacies in the arguments surrounding fox hunting. It is often claimed by the anti- hunt lobby that foxes do not take lambs. If they can maul a baby it is obvious that they would attack a lamb… Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)

Argus 15.6.10 Facts on foxes - I’m afraid Mr Hillard has missed the point with respect to foxes (Letters, June 11). It is hunting with dogs and allowing the dogs to kill the fox that has been banned. It is still perfectly legal to snare and/or shoot foxes…. There is absolutely no need to repeal the act banning “traditional” fox hunting with dogs – no more than a jolly day out for people who gain pleasure from the suffering and killing of an animal… Pete Millis, Chalkland Rise, Woodingdean, Brighton
I was wondering how long it would take before the pro-hunters came out of the woodwork to demand a return to hunting after the attack on the children in London. If the ban is repealed it won’t make any difference to Hackney or any other urban environment for that matter… Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove (letters)

Lancashire Telegraph 15.6.10 Badger culling is not the solution - I agree with the letter (LT, June 19) which stated that culling badgers is no solution to any problem. I will go a step further and say cattle transported all over the country and horror stories about dirty farms and poor conditions in which livestock is reared can help in the spread of TB so it is no answer to say badgers are responsible for TB in cattle… A R James, Livingstone Street, Brierfield (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 10.6.10 Culling the badgers is no solution - IN reply to the topic on Pembrokshire badgers, let’s look at the plan to start a mass cull – the reason, with no solid proof, for this action is that badgers spread TB to the cattle via ticks that live in the badger’s fur. Surely cows and badgers have lived side by side for generations, so why now is a mass cull ordered? … Fight now. Don’t let the badger be the scapegoat. TREVOR STUBBS, Meadow Side, Clitheroe. (letter)

Argus 15.6.10 Animal gases - The Worldwatch Institute says that meat and diary production accounts for half of total human-made greenhouse gas emissions… Mark Richards, Halland Road, Brighton (letter)


Western Morning News 14.6.10 Animal welfare activists used Royal Cornwall Show parade to 'spy' on hunters - Animal welfare activists used the Royal Cornwall Show to spy on the county's hunting community, it emerged yesterday. The League Against Cruel Sports announced on the pages of social-networking Twitter on Saturday that members would be attending the show saying: "What a stunning day to watch the parade of hounds and photograph the hunters for ID purposes."… The Scorrier-based Four Burrow Hunt was among those to take part. Its chairman Jim Pascoe said while he didn't like "the idea very much" there was nothing that could be done. "We have absolutely nothing to hide and if they want to take photographs of us they are welcome, as is any other member of the public," Mr Pascoe said…. (story)

Bolton News 14.6.10 Who is to blame for fox attack? THE attack by an urban fox on nine-month-old Lola and Savella Koupparis is most tragic, and all concerned have my full sympathy, but who is to blame?... Man has created the urban fox without thought, consideration, tolerance and, in most cases, driven by greed… Arnold Harrison Manchester Road West Little Hulton (letter) pr>Yorkshire Post 14.6.10 Saturday's Letters: Fox incident has no relevance to the hunting debate - I DON'T think I've ever read a more offensive argument than the one expressed by Jeffrey Stirk ("Time to view fox in a very different light", Yorkshire Post, June 9). He is obviously very much pro-fox hunting – to then use the bizarre, isolated and tragic incident of a fox attacking two baby girls in London to justify his chosen "sport" is utterly reprehensible…. From: Paul Newham, Kirkstall, Leeds.
From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby, York. IT won't be long now before those who didn't know and understand wildlife and the countryside, and who voted for the banning of fox hunting with hounds, will be wishing they had not….
From: Phyllis Capstick, Hellifield, Skipton, North Yorkshire. THE practice of catching urban foxes and transporting them to the countryside must stop, rather euthanase them. Country dwellers have enough problems with the ones they already have….
From: Miss Katherine Watson, Rushton Drive, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire. ON all objective evidence, live animal hunting is a gratuitously cruel ordeal inflicted on animals to provide "a good day's sport"…. (letters)
Yorkshire Post 10.6.10 Time to view fox in a very different light From: Jeffrey Stirk, Newton-le-Willows, Bedale, North Yorkshire. IF there ever was a case for the resumption of fox hunting, the story of the two children being attacked by a fox must add weight to that case.…. (letter)

Leicester Mercury 14.6.10 Protest deserves support - Last week I travelled to Coleshill to see John White, who is protesting outside the offices of Willmott Dixon, a construction company involved in the development of a new vivisection laboratory for Leicester University… As a Pureland Buddhist such willful neglect of the suffering of fellow sentient beings touches me deeply and I am writing to give voice to my support for John in his campaign and in the hope that the Mercury will help in some way to bring people's attention to this issue… Simon Williams, Amida Trust, Pureland Buddhist Community, Narborough (story)


Horse & Hound 13.6.10 Hunting refutes LACS' claim that hunts flout the law - The hunting community has countered claims made in the League Against Cruel Sports' (LACS) annual hunting report that almost two-thirds of hunts in England and Wales continue to hunt wild mammals… Countryside Alliance spokesman Tim Bonner says thousands of hours of police time have already been wasted "investigating pointless allegations"…. (story)

Horse & Hound 13.6.10 Future for Bilsdale hunt has been decided - The Bilsdale hunt will neither merge with the Hurworth nor the Bilsdale Farmers, as had been previously suggested. Next season, the hunt will join with neighbouring pack the Hurworth on Tuesdays and hunt its own country on Saturdays… (story)
Yorkshire Post 12.5.10 Future of the oldest hunt remains uncertain By Jill Armstrong - THE future of Britain's oldest hunt, the Bilsdale, is still under negotiation with hunt members on two sides trying to agree on a way forward…. The Bilsdale Hunt held a meeting last week at which there was a proposal to merge with neighbours the Hurworth and when they also considered new proposals from the Bilsdale Farmers… (story)
Horse & Hound 9.5.10 Bilsdale hunt members to vote on merger - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The future of one of the country's oldest hunts will be decided tomorrow (10 May) after six years of argument. The Bilsdale hunt (BH) will vote whether to unite with the Bilsdale Farmers' (BFH) or combine with a neighbouring pack to become the Bilsdale Hurworth hunt… (story)
Northern Echo 24.4.10 Bitter blow dealt to hunt peace talks - By Vicki Henderson - THE planned reunification of the oldest hunt in England has been dealt a blow after the two sides failed to reach an agreement about how the hunt should be run. The failure to reunify the Bilsdale Hunt, which was formed in 1668 by the Duke of Buckinghamshire in North Yorkshire, has led to a proposal that could see the hunt instead amalgamating with the Hurworth Hunt, in Darlington… (story)
Northern Echo 27.2.10 Hunt spil in 2004 over over the way the hunt was being run By Vicki Henderson - THE country’s oldest hunt has moved a step closer to a reconciliation with breakaway members after local landowners pleaded for them to reunite. Formed in 1668 by the Duke of Buckinghamshire, the Bilsdale Hunt covers remote moorland and forests in North Yorkshire and is steeped in history and tradition. Following an argument over the way the hunt was being run, some members split off in 2004 and formed the Bilsdale Farmers’ Hunt (BFH)…. (story)
Darlington & Stockton Times 26.2.10 Landowners’ calls prompt peace talks between hunts - REUNIFICATION of the country’s oldest hunt with its estranged members is progressing. Started in 1668 by George Villiers, the Duke of Buckinghamshire, the Bilsdale Hunt has a proud history. But, in November 2004, a group of its members became unhappy with how it was being run. They split off and formed the Bilsdale Farmers’ Hunt (BFH)… But local landowners were unhappy with the rift and, in October 2009, a group of them, including Lady Clarissa Collin and the Earl of Mexborough, wrote to both hunts asking for reunification. Since then, the hunts have been negotiating with a view to becoming one again, a move greatly eased by the fact that the person with whom the BFH was unhappy has moved on… Mr Clack said Andrew Osborne, Master ofBedale Hunt, and a member of the Masters of Foxhounds Association, had acted as mediator between the hunts…. (story)

Sunday Herald 13.6.10 We must save all squirrels - Contrary to your report, most people in Scotland do not support the killing of grey squirrels in an attempt to protect red squirrel populations… Ross Minett, Campaigns Director, Advocates for Animals (story)


Belfast Telegraph 12.6.10 Fox attack proves danger of this vermin - I am sure I speak for every person involved in hunting when I express my deepest sympathy to the parents of the two helpless, innocent, children that suffered horrendous injuries from the attack by a fox. I cannot help but wonder what is passing through the minds of people who view a fox as some form of a cuddly toy, and worse still, how silly and stupid those politicians that voted to ban hunting must look now…. HARRY STEPHENSON, Kircubbin, Co Down (letter)

Northern Echo 12.6.10 Gun controls - WITH regard to the horrific massacre in Cumbria it was reported that Prime Minister David Cameron had cautioned against “knee-jerk” demands for tougher gun laws… would it not be the wish of the people of this country to make illegal the ownership and use, for whatever reason, of any type of gun? John Gill, Castleside, Co Durham (letter)


Argus 11.6.10 Hunt the vote - What a strange letter from Ken Strudwick (Letters, June 7). I thought the general election was fought on the issue of the enormous national debt and the urgent steps needed to safeguard the national economy. However, Mr Strudwick seems to think the burning issue we voted on was hunting… Geoff Fowler-Tutt. St Heliers Avenue, Hove (letter)
Brighton Argus 4.6.10 Feeling hunted - Many readers will certainly share Lynne Ismail’s dismay (Letters, May 27) that our new Government might allow the barbaric practice of hunting animals for sport to be restored. That would be an appallingly backward step… Dennis B Stuart, Marine Parade, Brighton
Lynne Ismail asks those of us who abhor hunting with hounds to write to our MPs requesting them to vote against a repeal of the Hunting Act (Letters, May 27). I forwarded a letter to my MP more than six months ago asking for his position on the subject. To date I have received no reply… Ken Strudwick, Hayley Road, Lancing (letters)

Telegraph 11.6.10 Foxes are not for chickens - City dwellers following the new fashion for keeping chickens will discover that foxes are a pest, not a cuddly toy. By Tom Sykes - The news that a chain of garden centres is to start selling live chickens to city-dwellers looking for a little slice of the Good Life in their own back gardens fills me, a chicken-keeper of three years standing, with pity and compassion for the poor benighted fools lining up to buy the animals… Whether or not our cities and towns will soon be dotted with flocks of chickens remains a moot point. But the fox attacks have brought into sharp focus the question of fox control, with Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, the latest to call for a cull. The question is, how to do it. Anyone ever thought of hunting the damn things? (story)

Essex Echo 11.6.10 Keep urban foxes outside - Further to the attack on two sleeping babies by a fox in Homerton, East London, residents in and around Takely Ride, Basildon, are very used to seeing these animals. However, I have noticed recently that they are getting bolder and bolder. I once came downstairs and found a fox in my lounge, and the other day there was even one on my flat roof and I don’t know how it got up there…. Linda Hewins, Takely Ride, Basildon (letter)

Essex Echo 11.6.10 Nothing sweet about foxes - I was taken by the very sweet picture of two fox cubs happily playing in a reader’s garden (June 7). As I did, I heard on the radio that two nine-month old babies were attacked in their cots in Hackney, East London… This is not the first incident of foxes attacking and will not be the last. These are not sweet little animals gracing our lands, but vermin which are wild and must be treated as such. Michael Carrington, Castle Road Rayleigh (letter)

Argus 11.6.10 Fury at foxes - I sincerely hope that the anticipated backlash against foxes following the attack on two little girls, as predicted by Sussex Wildlife Charities, does not happen … David Gibbons, Phyllis Avenue, Peacehaven (letter)

Horticulture Week 11.6.10 Animal rights group criticises Gardener's Question Time panellists for advocating killing animals by Matthew Appleby - Animal rights campaigners have attacked BBC Gardener's Question Time panellists as "hateful and bigoted" for advocating killing squirrels, moles and other animals in the BBC radio programme…. Gardener's Question Time (GQT) panellist and RHS garden design judge Bunny Guinness uses Kania traps, which kill squirrels with a spring mechanism like a mousetrap which crushes their necks…. But Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler said: "The whole premise of gardeners killing squirrels is hateful and bigoted. It's the worst kind of intolerance…. (story)

The Sentinel 11.6.10 I'm outraged by geese cull - OUTRAGED: I am incandescent with rage at the culling of Canada Geese in Longton Park….ANN BEIRNE, Wolstanton (letter)

Shropshire Star 11.6.10 Threatened stockist scraps pate de foie gras - A Shropshire store owner today claimed he had been “strong-armed” out of selling pate de foie gras after he was harassed at home following an online campaign. Simon King, who runs the French Pantry in Ludlow, said he would not re-order the pate after his current stock ran out. He said he had been called anonymously at home and on his mobile and received a threatening e-mail. He said: “We have been strong-armed out of it, we have not been peacefully persuaded.”… Oliver Squire, from Ludlow, who started a petition to go with the Facebook page, said they wanted people to protest politely to retailers. Inspector Ken Mackaill, for south Shropshire police , said they were investigating a complaint (story)


Ledbury Reporter 10.6.10 HMS Ledbury crew visit - A GROUP of crew members from Royal Navy minesweeper HMS Ledbury will visit the town next week… A GROUP of crew members from Royal Navy minesweeper HMS Ledbury will visit the town next week. During the visit, the ship's executive officer John Woad, who is leading the party, will lay a wreath on the town's war memorial in the High Street…. (story)

Brighton Argus 10.6.10 Cunning crime - Contrary to the opinions expressed on occasion in the Letters page of The Argus regarding fox hunting by organised hunts, I think the parents of the twin baby girls who were mauled by a fox in their upstairs room probably wished the previous Labour Government had not made it illegal to fox hunt by hounds…. Roy V Hilliard, Old Shoreham Road, Portslade (letter)

Bath Chronicle 10.6.10 Please don't let hunting come back, Mr Foster - With Bath retaining a Liberal Democrat MP in Don Foster we must hope he will continue, along with the great majority of the voting public who share his views, to oppose changes to the Hunting Act…. KATHERINE WATSON Details supplied (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 10.6.10 Why foxes can be resting easy - I DOUBT that there will be any moves to bring back fox hunting for a while yet. A coalition Government cannot afford to be split over any controversial issue… Badgers, foxes and Paul Key can rest easy. RL COOPER Harlequin Close Radcliffe on Trent (letter)

Oxford Mail 10.6.10 Vulpine hysteria - Mass hysteria seems to have set in after an alleged attack by a fox on on two babies in East London. There are already calls for culls on urban foxes, because of this extremely rare occurrence… I would just like to add that David Cameron is on record in saying the the fox hunting ban is useless because it’s too hard to police. I presume, the massive protests which will occur if the ban is lifted will also be too hard to police since it will undoubtedly need more police time. R Lee Burford Road Witney (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 10.6.10 Don’t rush new gun laws - It’s right and proper that deep reflection on last week’s appalling events in West Cumbria should include some soul-searching consideration of this country’s gun laws… But there can be no gain in reacting to an extremely rare incident of traumatising proportions with a paper-shuffling exercise in panic legislation. That would benefit no one… (story)

Brentwood Gazette 10.6.10 BRENTWOOD: Figures reveal 3,100 people are licensed to have a firearm - MORE than 3,000 gun licences are currently held by residents living in Brentwood. The figures have been given to the Gazette in the wake of the Whitehaven massacre, which cost 12 innocent people's lives last week, and the armed raid at Mason's restaurant in Ingrave last Monday…. (story)

Shields Gazette 10.6.10 Take guns off our streets - I HAVE been reflecting on the killing of 12 people in west Cumbria last week… I was part of a campaign to stop the Deep Blue shop being licensed to sell shotguns and ammunition in Whitley Bay… It is true there are now fewer such fatalities – 39 last year – than previously, but we in the Campaign Against Weapons Sales and Storage lobbied our MP and petitioned the Government and the Home Office for a further tightening-up of the law, but to no avail. We wanted a simple enough change in the law which would have removed all licensed shotguns from streets in urban areas, from our communities and from gun shops… Vicki Gilbert, St George's Road, Cullercoats, North Shields. (letter)

Independent 10.6.10 We shoot game, not people - Penny Little (letter, 9 June) presents the familiar knee-jerk reaction familiar to all game-shooting enthusiasts, linking the shooting of game with the mentally disturbed actions of a killer who targets his fellow human beings… As an originally disinterested observer of both hunt and shoot, I have witnessed "activists" abusing, threatening, provoking and assaulting hunt and shoot followers, and generally exhibiting all the symptoms of football hooligans on an away-day… Christopher Dawes, London W11 (letter)
Independent 8.6.10 Time to reform firearms law - As a person who campaigns against bloodsports, I have long been concerned about the kind of people who are granted gun licences…. I have been sworn at and spat at by people who I know for a fact own guns. I do not think they are suitable people to hold firearms, and yet it is accepted by the police almost without question that there is nothing psychologically wrong with people who want to kill animals for recreation. I disagree with the police…. Penny Little, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letter)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 10.6.10 Dogged determination - I AM writing in response to your May 27 column, ‘Going to the dogs’. John Avison confirms the inherent premise of the cruel and inhumane greyhound racing industry:Š that the greyhounds are short-term disposable investments… Caryn Wood, Board of Directors, GREY2K USA
A death industry - CONGRATULATIONS to John Avison on his excellent piece about Dara O’Briain’s involvement with greyhound racing (‘Going to the dogs’, Examiner May 27). As a greyhound protection organisation we would very much like Dara to speak out against the racing industry now that he’s aware of the suffering and slaughter of greyhounds that it causes…. Tony Peters, UK Co-ordinator, Greyhound Action (letters)

Waltham Forest Guardian 10.6.10 LEYTON: Foxes create nappy mess - A WIDOW says foxes are raiding rubbish bags and littering her garden with soiled nappies. Wildlife experts believe the fox which attacked baby twins Lola and Isabella Koupparis as they slept in their cots last week may have mistaken the smell of the dirty nappies for food. Jean Farmer, of Colchester Road, Leyton, thinks they could be right as her beloved garden is often strewn with used nappies brought in by neighbourhood foxes…. (story)

Milngavie Herald 10.6.10 Bearsden dog walker terrorised by fox By Julian Hearne - A WOMAN out walking her dog had a terrifying encounter with an aggressive fox in Bearsden. Caroline Sokhi (60) was stopped in her tracks after being confronted by the animal, which growled at her and blocked her path. She was forced to retreat — and said she fears a fox could mount an attack similar to that which happened this week in the East End of London when nine month old twins were mauled as they slept… (story)

Tamworth Herald 10.6.10 Animals do not belong in circus - I WAS disappointed to read Geoff Stanley's letter 'Circus protest was pointless' (Herald, May 27).Firstly, I would like to congratulate the protesters who demonstrated outside Jolly's Circus last month… I encourage people to avoid animal circuses and instead visit one of the many excellent shows that rely entirely on human skills. Fiona Galbraith, Campaigns Assistant, The Captive Animals' Protection Society (story)

http://www.midsussextimes.co.uk/newsfront.aspx?sectionid=516 10.6.10 Mid Sussex Times- WITH the recent bout of hot weather, we should be reminded that animals suffer and die when temperatures soar…. Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (Letter)

Leek Post & Times 10.6.10 Conman's deceit 'may affect trust in genuine charities' - AN ANIMAL lover was shocked to discover money she thought she donated to charity had instead funded the lifestyle of a fraudster. Cynthia Lubacz, of Abbey Green Road, Leek, was told by South Yorkshire Police she appeared on a fake donation sheet created by conman Simon Edwards. Edwards collected a total of £39,817 by claiming to represent organisations including Vegetarians International Voice for Animals and the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection… Bill Salt, who has taken in thousands of unwanted rabbits since he started Rabbit Rescue in the early 1980s, was dismayed to think people may lose trust in charity workers…. (story)


Oxford Mail 9.6.10 Time for better laws - I SEE that the animal lovers are already suggesting that our new Prime Minister is a bloodthirsty, thoroughly nasty person who’ll overturn the fox hunting ban at the earliest opportunity. Personally, I hope he does, but does it in such a way that makes it illegal to trespass with hounds on to others’ private property… MICK HEAVEY, Oxford Road, Old Marston, Oxford (letter)

Oxford Mail 9.6.10 When foxes attack - I HAD to wonder whether this week’s news of an urban fox attack was a piece of Tory propaganda. What a gift for David Cameron’s West Oxfordshire wildlife-bothering cronies… G HUSBAND, North Oxford (letter)

(poss. Mid Devon or Western) Gazette 9.6.10 Hunting Act should stay - IVOR ANNETTS League Against Cruel Sports, Tiverton. (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 3.6.10 Hunt legislation serves its purpose - IN attacking the Hunting Act, the people of this Constituency should expect more from their new MP, Neil Parish, than a mere repetition in a local newspaper of the tired platitude that it is 'bad legislation'. In what way is it bad, Mr Parish? There have been more than 130 successful prosecutions since 2005… Is it bad because a minority of people insist on breaking the law? If so, to be consistent Mr Parish should be calling for the repeal of the Theft Act… Ivor Annetts League Against Cruel Sports, Tiverton (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.6.10 Give the Act time to work - ONCE again Colin Richey has written about the "unworkable hunting ban". It may be difficult to enforce the ban on hunting wild animals for sport, but most laws require a degree of policing… JOHN PHELPS Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 8.6.10 Hunting offences carry £5,000 fine - ON Saturday, June 5, the Echo published my letter saying the fine for contravening the Hunting Act 2004 was £1,000. A person guilty of an offence under this Act is, in fact, liable to a fine not exceeding £5,000… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 7.6.10 Let police stick to handling real crime - I DON'T know John Phelps, who frequently 'tells me off' about my stance on the hunting ban with dogs, Give hunting law time to work, June 3. But I guess neither of us will change our opinions on the ability of the Act to do its job. I firmly believe that our overstretched 'thin blue line' has far more serious crimes to deal with than harassing those men in red coats who chase foxes and stags until they either get away or end up dead following a lengthy gallop over the rolling countryside… Colin Richey, Lazenby Road, Tiverton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.6.10 Give hunting law time to work - ONCE again Colin Richey has written to the Echo about the 'unworkable hunting ban', It's time Dave came out as a real Tory, June 3. It may be difficult to enforce the ban on hunting wild animals for sport, but most laws require a degree of policing…. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 3.6.10 It's time Dave came out as a real Tory - NO wonder many Tory voters like me are fed up with David Cameron's brand of Conservatism and have switched their allegiance to other parties. Now, I am neither for nor against hunting with dogs, many people are and many are not, but he did promise during his election campaign that he would allow a free vote on a possible repeal of the unworkable hunting ban. Guess what? Now that he has hooked up with the Liberals, who not so long ago he thought were a joke, who are firmly against a repeal he dropped his pledge from the Queen's Speech, saying it was no longer a priority… Colin Richey, Lazenby Road, Tiverton (letter)

South Wales Echo 9.6.10 Badger cull is so unnecessary - I WOULD like to voice my opposition to the imminent badger cull that “my” Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) has initiated… David Edwards, Aberdare (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 9.6.10 Shock over Defra plans for a badger cull - I AM appalled that the Defra minister, Jim Paice, is apparently forging ahead with a badger cull in the UK, not even waiting for the results of the Welsh trials… Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby. (letter)

Yorkshire Post 8.6.10 Big top controversy as circus comes to town By Martin Slack - STAFF at Doncaster Rovers' Keepmoat Stadium are more used to herds of football fans – but yesterday camels were seen grazing on land outside the ground…. Zebras are also part of the Circus Mondao, which is setting up on land close to the stadium's east stand, with other acts including illusionists, clowns and trapeze artists… Animal rights charity, the Captive Animals' Protection Society said the use of the animals in the show was cruel and said people should not buy tickets…. (story)


ThisIsCornwall 8.6.10 Get on with hunt ban repeal vote, says MP - St Ives MP Andrew George has, while speaking in the Commons, urged the coalition to bring forward a vote on repealing the Hunting Act… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 8.6.10 Chester the cat loses two lives to a fox and car – while a lost and poorly kitten is found - A LUCKY cat is licking its wounds after surviving a run-in with a car and being attacked by a fox. Chester was rushed to Grimsby's The Blue Cross Animal Hospital in the middle of the night after he was spotted at death's door being dragged away by a fox… (story)

West 8.6.10 The circus comes to town - THE Great British Circus is coming to Dial Post this evening (June 8) - but should wild animals be allowed to perform? The controversial circus, which features lions and tigers on the bill, will play host to animal rights protestors calling on the government to ban the use of wild animals performing for entertainment…. (story)


Politics.Co.UK 7.6.10 Fox hunting - The ban on hunting with dogs may be repealed, under plans being formulated by the coalition government… OPINION POLL: Do you think hunting with dogs should be legal? (story)

Horse & Hound 7.6.10 Death of Vale of Lune joint-master Alex Pimbley - Charlotte White, deputy news editor - Joint-master of the Vale of Lune Harriers, Alex Pimbley, 34, died on Friday (4 June) after a three-month battle against cancer… (story)

Scotsman 7.6.10 Duchess pays tribute after death of Duke of Hamilton By Ian Swanson - THE Duke of Hamilton has died, following a long battle with dementia… Both the duke and duchess have been active animal rights campaigners over the years, banning hunting on their Lennoxlove estate in East Lothian and boycotting Jenners until it stopped selling paté de foie gras…. (story)
Times 7.6.10 Duke of Hamilton, animal activist who disliked titles, dies at 71 - One of Scotland’s most senior noblemen, the Duke of Hamilton, has died…. In recent years the duke and his wife Kay had become known as Britain’s most unlikely animal activists…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 6.6.10 The Duke of Hamilton - The 15th Duke of Hamilton and 12th Duke of Brandon, who died on Saturday aged 71, was uncomfortable in his role as Premier Peer of Scotland and hereditary Keeper of Holyroodhouse Palace, the Queen's official residence in Scotland…. Angus Douglas-Hamilton – the Marquess of Clydesdale as he then was – spent his earliest years with his grandmother, Nina, Duchess of Hamilton, who was a passionate animal rights campaigner and left him with a lifetime aversion to cruelty to animals…. The Duke found happiness, however, in his third marriage, in 1998, to Kay Carmichael, a former nurse and animal rights campaigner. He joined her campaigns, banning hunting on his estate, and boycotting Jenner's, the Edinburgh department store, until such time as it ceased to sell paté de foie gras… (story)

Hounslow Chronicle 7.6.10 Warning after fox kills cat in Feltham By Jessica Thompson - A Feltham couple have issued a warning to pet lovers and parents after their cat was killed by a fox. Darren and Lisa O'Connell, of Ellington Road, are now worried about the safety of their seven-week-old son Thomas after an incident in Stoke Newington where a fox injured two baby twins… (story)

Guardian 7.6.10 Religion's regressive hold on animal rights issues - How are we to promote the need for improved animal welfare when battling religious views formed centuries ago? - Peter Singer - Last week, the chief minister of Malacca, Mohamad Ali Rustam, was quoted in the Guardian as saying that God created monkeys and rats for experiments to benefit humans… If it were not for the dire consequences for the animals who will suffer in the laboratory, the chief minister's remark would be hilarious…. (story)

Argus 7.6.10 Don’t be a pig - The military research centre at Porton Down should stop explosive tests on live pigs. Not only are they barbaric, but the test results cannot be applied to humans due to the anatomical and physiological differences between the species… Mark Richards, Halland Road, Brighton (story)

Scotsman 7.6.10 Letter: Animal aware - I write in response to "All the fun of the fair at Bobby Roberts Circus" (your report, 4 June)… Animals don't belong in a circus…. FIONA GALBRAITH, Campaigns assistant, The Captive Animals' Protection Society, Manchester (letter)


Kent on Sunday 6.6.10 Anti-hunting campaign launched ahead of MPs' vote - Huntsmen say they do not want to risk a controversial vote in Westminster to repeat the hunting ban amid mounting speculation such a move would be thrown out… William Meakin, chairman of the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt, admitted he was concerned about the impact of the coalition Government on moves to lift the ban… Meanwhile, the campaign to keep the ban in force has begun to gather pace and the Kent Green Party this week urged people to write to their MP calling on them to support the Hunting Act…. Andrew Tyler, the director of Animal Aid, which is based in Tonbridge, said: "The League Against Cruel Sports did a survey of MPs and they are fairly confident, based on their data, that there is not a majority for a repeal… The Green Party’s Steve Campkin, who lives in Tonbridge, said the act has led to 60 successful prosecutions… (story)

Horse & Hound 6.6.10 'Vote For Change' foal born on polling day - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - When Conservative and repeal campaigners Jane and Steven Wood's mare Gracie foaled on polling day, they decided to call their colt Vote For Change…. (story)

Sunday Mail 6.6.10 Anger over bull torture at Spanish carnival - SICKENED holidaymakers watched as boozy Spaniards tortured a young bull to death at a carnival…. Ex-pat Colin Davies, 54, from Glasgow, said: "It was outrageous… (story)


Guardian 5.6.10 Roger Scruton: A pessimist's guide to life - Roger Scruton was hounded out of liberal academia, then shamed by his links to big tobacco. But is the 'old geezer' of conservative philosophy ready to embrace David Cameron's Big Society? - Aida Edemariam …. He once said, in a typically arresting formulation – ie both revealing but too neatly aphoristic to quite convince – that "My life divides into three parts. In the first I was wretched; in the second ill at ease; in the third hunting."… the third the moment when, accidentally – hacking about the countryside on a bored, borrowed pony that instinctively joined in – he discovered hunting and took to it with such enthusiasm that he was flying back from America every weekend to hunt… (story)

Daily Record 5.6.10 RBS boss splits with wife of 20 years as pressure of saving bank takes toll - Graham Hiscott - ROYAL Bank of Scotland boss Stephen Hester is splitting from his wife of almost 20 years…. Oxford-educated Hester, 49, met Canadian-born Barbara Abt when they were both working at top investment bank Credit Suisse… They share a love of hunting and she is master of the foxhounds for the Warwickshire hunt… (story)

Times 5.6.10 That’s food on the table for us country people - Why it’s good for fathers and sons to go shooting - Sam Kiley … We teach our children how to do all this, and do it safely. We grow close to them in the process, by sharing an activity that is fun and puts food on the table. Our kids learn to sit still, to defer gratification and to honour their quarry by never abandoning it dead or wounded, and always eating it if it’s edible. After Hungerford and Dunblane the sorts of guns, automatic rifles, pistols and revolvers that have been designed only for the purpose of killing people were quite rightly banned in this country. But we need those that are left to us every bit as much as an Inuit needs his harpoon or a Bushman his bow. Like spades and axes, which in the hands of lunatics can also be used to kill, they are a connection to the planet that sustains us… (story)

BBC News Online 5.6.10 Have your say: Do badgers need to be culled? - People in Somerset remain divided over whether a badger cull is the best way to eradicate bovine TB in cattle…. Meurig Raymond, deputy president for the NFU, said: "It has been proven globally, in southern Ireland, in New Zealand, even the John Bourne Report said if we are going to eradicate bovine TB we need to beat this disease in all sectors, and that is cattle, badgers and deer in certain areas."… Adrian Coward is a member of the Somerset Badger Group which is a branch of Somerset Wildlife Trust. He believes that part of the problem lies in cattle testing. "I believe, and it's well-recorded, that we have a test regime for cattle which is not at all adequate; we have test results which show false positives and false negatives, this is not helping the farming community at all."… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 5.6.10 We need badgers more than milk - AFTER reading the excellent letter Badger cull is no way to prevent TB, May 27, from Frances Wicks, I admire the stand she is taking in protest of a proposed badger cull…. The modern cow is a genetic freak, bred to produce around 120 pints of milk a day by becoming pregnant every year… Perhaps we should consider whether we need this milk; after all, half of the world's population does not drink it. Humans are the only species who drink milk after they are weaned, and then milk from another species…. Badgers are shy animals, they do not harm and are a much loved part of our environment, it is immoral to kill them. Joan Jones Chudleigh Knighton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 27.5.10 Badger cull is no way to prevent TB - I WAS dismayed to see that the Welsh Assembly is pushing ahead with slaughtering badgers in a misguided attempt to protect the dairy industry. Although I live outside Wales, I have taken the decision to boycott all Welsh dairy products. If England decides to follow suit I will have no choice but to extend my boycott here…. Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, Exeter (letter)

Independent 5.6.10 Don't laugh at the pain of rats - I was sickened by the levity of your leading article (4 June) relating to the development by scientists of a means of rendering rats fearless, and hope that this, and the article to which it relates, disabuses any member of the public who assumes that laboratory animals do not suffer in medical research…. K Eastwell, Ipswich (story)


Horse & Hound 4.6.10 Hunter's Challenge raises £5k for Countryside Alliance - H&H head of news Abi Butcher was pipped to the post in the Hunter's Challenge charity race at Lingfield yesterday. Abi and her own Hawkstar Express ran in second to race winner Libby Lawson of the East Kent Hunt, on her husband Chris's Ivory Fair…. "I tried to stay out of trouble but gave us too much to do at the end," said Abi, who was representing the Kent & Surrey Draghounds and finished within a length of the winner…. (story)
Horse & Hound 19.5.10 Hunt regulars saddle up to race on the flat at Lingfield - Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news - Hunt regulars will be trying a different challenge next month — a race on the flat at Lingfield Park Racecourse. The inaugural "Hunter's Challenge" on 3 June is for amateur riders and horses who have hunted last season. Run over a mile on the all-weather track, the race is part of Lingfield's Countryside Day, to raise money for the Countryside Alliance. Riders from six local hunts are taking part, including H&H's head of news, Abigail Butcher — a regular with the Kent & Surrey Bloodhounds — and Danny Eades, amateur whipper-in with the Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent… (story)

Dorking Advertiser 4.6.10 Don't bring back fox-hunting, local wildlife charity urges Government - A LEADING wildlife charity based in Leatherhead has urged the new Government not to repeal the ban on fox-hunting. Wildlife Aid, established 30 years ago to care for sick and injured animals, has called for the Conservative-LibDem coalition not to reverse the 2005 ban… Wildlife Aid founder Simon Cowell said: "I was very disappointed to hear that the new Government is planning to reopen this issue… (story)
Epsom Guardian 25.5.10 Wildlife charity urges MPs to vote against attempts to re-introduce fox hunting By Thais Portilho-Shrimpton - A wildlife charity is urging MPs from both sides at the House of Commons to vote against any attempt to re-introduce foxhunting… Simon Cowell, Wildlife Aid founder, said: "I was very disappointed to hear that the new Government is planning to reopen this issue. "The Hunting Act 2004 may not be perfect but at least it reduces the scale of animal cruelty and protects at least one species…. (story)

Northern Echo 4.6.10 Laws on gun ownership in the spotlight By Mark Tallentire - BRITISH gun laws were under intense scrutiny yesterday, after it emerged Derrick Bird was a licensed shotgun holder with a previous criminal conviction. But Alan Bilton, secretary of Leamside Clay and Game Club, near Durham, said: “I don’t think there should be any more restrictions – not a single one – and I would fight any being brought in… Michael Yardley, from the Shooting Sports Trust, said: “The majority of legal gun owners are responsible and use their weapon for sport and hunting.” (story)

Times 4.6.10 Do the existing gun laws need to be changed? – YES - Gill Marshall-Andrews: chairman of the Gun Control Network – NO - Simon Clarke: British Association for Shooting and Conservation (story)

Irish Independent 4.6.10 We need better control of guns - In the wake of the tragic mass murders in Cumbria, I suggest we need to address our own growing gun culture in Ireland, where in excess of 220,000 firearms are legally held by citizens… John Fitzgerald, Co Kilkenny (letter)

South London Press 4.6.10 Animal lover protests in Southwark - Lindsay Burns - AN ANIMAL lover dressed as a ladybird is camping outside ITV’s headquarters in protest at the treatment of insects, rats and reptiles on its flagship reality show. Wendy Wells has been living in a tent in Upper Ground Street, Waterloo, since May 17 demanding to meet the producers of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here – the celebrity challenge programme hosted by Ant and Dec. Ms Wells objects to the “cruel” treatment of insects and other creatures on the show… (story)
Evening Standard 26.5.10 ‘I'm A Celebrity’ fan attacks animal rights protester - Felix Allen - An animal rights activist has vowed to carry on her protest outside ITV's studios after being hit on the head with a bottle thrown by a stranger. Wendy Wells, 49, a mother of one from Hackney, has been living in a tent on the Southbank for more than a week to protest against alleged animal cruelty during I'm a Celebrity... bushtucker trials… (story)
London SE1 21.5.10 Woman camping on South Bank in "I’m a Celebrity" protest - A woman is camping outside ITV's South Bank studios in protest against the treatment of animals on reality TV show 'I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here!'. Wendy Wells, 49, from Essex, pitched her tent in Upper Ground on Monday in protest against the show's bushtucker trials, which often see the celebrity contestants face animal-eating challenges in order to win food supplies for the rest of the group… (story)

Leicester Mercury 4.6.10 Vegetarianism is on the increase - The letter to which Cristina Watson referred was deliberately moderate and even that strategy elicits a response… Sorry to disappoint you, Cristina, but vegetarianism is becoming more popular. Recent figures indicate a 5.3 per cent drop in meat consumption in the UK between 2005 and 2009… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 1.6.10 Ranters have to give ground - Congratulations to the editor for Mailbox pages that, for once, are not filled with personal rants from the discontented and publicity-seeking regulars… I became astounded – astounded being the only applicable word – by the article written by the ever-present Elizabeth Allison (Mailbox, May 27) in which she appears to have taken a partial U-turn in her vegetarianism philosophy, or has finally realised that her ranting is having precious little or, dare I say it, no impact on the meat-eating community… Total vegetarianism will never be accepted by the majority, and, as always, it will be the majority who have their way… Cristina Watson, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 29.5.10 Pertinent query - Ms Sheri Newby asked a very pertinent question which I also asked when I became a veggie. (Flawed thinking, April 26)…. We only have vast numbers of farmed animals because they are artificially bred… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 10.5.10 Defending the veggie corner - Mr Watson again expressed dismay that Mailbox publishes my letters and particularly that my response to his previous letter was awarded "Letter of the Week"…. In previous letters I have pointed out the benefits of a veggie diet and suggested a reduction in meat consumption or its elimination for a short time. I have not criticised meat eaters and certainly never "dictated" what people should eat… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 7.5.10 Vegetarianism bad for jobs - Oh dear, here we go again, Elizabeth Allison preaching the deadly sin of eating meat… Is there not enough unemployment in this country already, Ms Allison? In your world there would be a heck of a lot more. Live your life your way, Ms Allison, but let everyone else have the same right to live theirs. Paul Coleman, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 26.4.10 Flawed thinking - Ms Allison's relentless singing the praises of vegetarianism is an admiral thing, but I fail to see what her objectives are. She claims to be an animal lover, but if we were all to jump on her bandwagon where would that leave the animals in question?... Ms Sheri Newby, Wigston (letter)
Leicester Mercury 23.4.10 Biased views of veggies - Am I missing something or is Elizabeth Allison ("Unrepentant veggie", Mailbox, April 17) the only vegetarian to have so much space devoted to her outpourings?... Martin Baker, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 23.4.10 Nut cutlet can't beat juicy steak - Elizabeth Allison, our favourite vegan/vegetarian person should not be bullied by the likes of Ray Watson… I decided to give her ideas a chance and I tested a nut cutlet to destruction. Alas, it had all the attributes of a piece of cardboard. Elizabeth I suggest that you keep to your nut cutlet, and I will keep to my juicy steak! Ted Humphreys, Countesthorpe. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 21.4.10 Singled out for veggie attack - Thank you for allowing Elizabeth Allison (Mailbox, April 17) to make me the sole recipient of her rather warped response to my previous letter….Choice of diet is personal matter and no-one has the right in a civilised society to dictate what another should eat. Quite why she was given the Letter of the Week award defies any logic, because there have been many other articles which were of far more importance to local readers than her repetitive bias against all meat eaters… Ray Watson, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 17.4.10 An unrepentant veggie - Thank you, Mr Watson, for responding to my last letter. Some of my "fans" (including meat eaters) have been missing the ensuing antagonistic repartee which negates your supposition that there are many more like you who are "sick to the back teeth" of my letters!.... Mr Watson, I do have a life and I am content knowing that another life hasn't been taken to sustain it… I shall only consider it time to "give it all a rest" when there is an end to the suffering, abuse and cruelty to the creatures which share this planet with us. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.4.10 Too much space given to vegetarian's views - Is it really fair to keep publishing the monotonous and idiosyncratic views of Elizabeth Allison ("I'm appalled that exotic animals are now on the menu", Mailbox, April 7)? Have you such a small contribution to Mailbox that she is given all-too-regular space for vegetarianism and its associated subjects?... I, for one, and I suppose there are many more, am sick to the back teeth of her constant criticism of meat eaters! Get a life, or better still visit a zoo and find out if the animals have any such reservations about eating meat, human too…. Ray Watson, Leicester (story)
Leicester Mercury 7.4.10 I'm appalled that exotic animals are now on the menu - Having just celebrated Easter, the time of resurrection and new life, I was appalled to read about the increasing use of exotic animals for food… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)

The Sentinel 4.6.10 Residents shocked by 'barbaric' cull of Canada geese in park - RESIDENTS have branded a cull of Canada geese "barbaric" after they were woken early in the morning by the sound of gunfire in a neighbourhood park… Cassie Fletcher, whose home in Queens Park Avenue, Dresden, overlooks the park, said:… The 47-year-old Animal Lifeline volunteer said: "The ducks and birds coming through the hedge and on to the road. They were clearly distressed… (story)

Diss Express 4.6.10 Halal way of slaughter is so wrong - The first 100 per cent Halal meat slaughterhouse in Europe is going to be situated just outside Banham… As a nation of animal lovers should we allow this?... surely the vast majority of our caring and responsible farmers will not patronise an enterprise that treats animals in such a barbaric and inhumane way. This is so wrong. P. Mercer, Common Road, Bressingham (letter)


The Sentinel 3.6.10 Stalwart staff rewarded as sun shines on Staffs County Show - VETERINARY workers Dawn Haynes and Margaret Ball have been rewarded for their commitment to careers in agriculture which have spanned more than six decades… their hard work was recognised when they were presented with Staffordshire and Birmingham Agricultural Society's Long Service Awards, at the Staffordshire County Show… Other attractions include a parade of livestock and fox hounds, an inter-hunt relay, the Young Farmers' floats competition, show jumping and parades of vintage machinery…. (story)
Crewe Chronicle 2.6.10 Tens of thousands expected at Staffordshire County Show - THE Staffordshire County Show today (Wednesday) and tomorrow promises to be as successful and enjoyable as last year’s show, which attracted more than 65,000 visitors…. there will still be all the traditional attractions in the main ring, including the grand parade of prize-winning livestock on both days, the parade of fox hounds, the high speed inter-hunt relay, the Young Farmers Floats Competition, show jumping and parades of vintage tractors and machinery… (story)
Crewe Chronicle 28.5.10 Thousands to flock to Staffordshire County Show - THE 2010 Staffordshire County Show on June 2 & 3, promises to be as successful and enjoyable as last year’s show… there will still be all the traditional attractions in the main ring including the Grand Parade of prize winning livestock on both days, the parade of fox hounds, the high speed inter-hunt relay, the Young Farmers Floats Competition, show jumping and parades of vintage tractors and agricultural machinery…. (story)
Tamworth Herald 27.5.10 When town meets country at the show - THE STAFFORDSHIRE County Show on June 2 and 3, promises to be as successful and enjoyable as last year's show which attracted more than 65,00 visitors…. there will still be all the traditional attractions in the main ring including the Grand Parade of prize winning livestock on both days, the parade of fox hounds, the high speed inter-hunt relay, the Young Farmers Floats Competition, show jumping and parades of vintage tractors and agricultural machinery… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 3.6.10 Will foxhunting make a return? - FOR many readers, foxhunting was perceived to be a country activity used in controlling that childhood menace Reynard the Fox. However the sight of a hunt chasing the urban fox through the inner city streets of Nottinghamwas not a sight I can recall… PAUL KEY Castleton Avenue Arnold (letter)

Westmorland Gazette 3.6.10 Cumbria shootings: Rural boss urges patience over firearms legislation By Bethany Abbit - A LAKELAND based rural boss has urged people not to rush into a decision about gun control following yesterday’s shooting massacre in West Cumbria. Douglas Chalmers, director of the Country Landowners and Business Association North, said it is already very difficult to obtain firearms and all ‘law-abiding’ citizens take gun ownership very seriously… (story)

Worcester News 3.6.10 BALLOT: Whitehaven killings - time for a gun law change? By Murray Kelso - AS the horrific news of yesterday's mass murder in Cumbria begins to sink in, the inevitable question about gun laws is starting to be asked… Please take a second to vote in our ballot and share any thoughts you have in the comment box below (story)
Worcester News 3.6.10 COMMENT: Total ban on guns is not the answer - DERRICK Bird’s deadly shooting spree in Cumbria yesterday has shocked the nation… There will no doubt now be calls from some quarters for a further tightening of gun laws or even a complete ban on firearms posession. There are, of course, people who have legitimate reasons for owning guns, whether they be farmers or those who shoot for sport. For that reason, a total ban could not work. We also doubt if such a move would stop incidents like the Cumbrian killings…. (story)

Telegraph 3.6.10 Police raid Highland estate over bird of prey deaths Police and conservation groups have raided a sporting estate in the Scottish Highlands after schoolchildren notice a bird of prey they were tracking had stopped moving By Simon Johnson - A total of 45 investigators descended on the 25,000-acre Moy Estate, near Inverness, after several raptors, including some red kites, were found dead… The raid came after more than 200 Scottish estate owners last month called for the “full weight of the law” to be brought to bear on anyone who poisons birds of prey… Police are also currently investigating the suspicious deaths of three golden eagles and at least two other birds of prey on a prestigious Highland estate where Madonna married Guy Ritchie. The dead birds, all protected species, were found on Skibo estate, a 3,000 hectare (7,500 acre) grouse moor and exclusive hotel overlooking the Dornoch Firth, north of Inverness. (story)

Worcester News 3.6.10 Teenager had a knife after hunting rabbits By Lauren Rogers - A TEENAGER caught carrying a knife in public had been out hunting rabbits, a court was told. Gareth Howells, of Britten Drive, Malvern, was arrested last month after police found a four-inch bladed hunting knife in his car. The 19-year-old had been out legally hunting rabbits on farmland…. officers investigating an unrelated burglary noticed Howells and a male friend parked in a secluded area in Poolbrook Common, Malvern… Howells was quick to admit there was a knife in the car and at Worcester Magistrates Court he pleaded guilty to possession of a bladed article in public…. Howells was made subject to a six-month community order with supervision. He will also pay £80 court costs. The knife is to be destroyed (story)

Western Mail 3.6.10 A shot in the dark - I was born in West Wales and still have family farming there. I have been interested in animal welfare for many years… It was even more disturbing to learn of events taking place much closer to home, namely in the Pembrokeshire badger-kill area where men and women wearing black balaclavas and with a strong police presence tried to enter land to do a badger survey… The WAG should scrap the badger kill now…. NIGEL G BALDWIN, Whitchurch, Cardiff (letter)

Ikley Gazette 3.6.10 Protest planned at Ilkley business By Amanda Greaves - Animal rights activists say they plan to protest outside the headquarters of an Ilkley-based firm over the company’s involvement in the building of an animal testing laboratory. The National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA) group, based in Oxfordshire, says it plans to carry out a peaceful ‘sustained’ protest at buildings owned by the NG Bailey group of companies, including the firm’s head office, Denton Hall… NAVA spokesman Luke Steele said: “Local and national activists have promised a series of sustained protests against the company due to their involvement in the building of the Leicester University laboratory… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 3.6.10 Real ale festival will showcase vegan beers at Sumac Centre - A PINT of fish guts doesn't sound like the most appetising thing you could order in a pub… Now, a local beer festival aims to serve up veggie-friendly ale – and to educate punters on the fishy things that go into some pints. Nottingham's first vegan beer festival will be on Saturday and Sunday at the Sumac Centre, Forest Fields. Festival organiser Tracy Shaw became a vegan several years ago. Then she found out the truth about her favourite tipple… There will also be entertainment on both days, including a set from Martin Taylor, aka Martin the Livewire. "I'm a vegan hip-hop artist, and a lot of my content is quite relevant about animal rights, human rights and that sort of thing," he said… (letter)

York Press 3.6.10 Keeping meerkats as pets - I WAS shocked to learn that UK meerkats were being kept as domestic pets (The Press, May 31). If they have large claws, sharp teeth that can destroy furniture and carpets – slap an ASBO on ‘em!... Dale Minks, Ancress Walk, York (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 2.6.10 Not wise to keep meerkats as pets - Fiona Galbraith, Campaigns Assistant Captive Animals' Protection Society (letter)
Scarborough Evening News 31.5.10 Meercats are not pets - simples! - Fiona Galbraith Campaigns Assistant Captive Animals' Protection Society PO Box 4186 Manchester M60 3ZA (letter)
Burton Mail 31.5.10 Meerkats are not to be kept as pets - Fiona Galbraith Campaigns Assistant Captive Animals’ Protection Society PO Box 4186 Manchester M60 3ZA (letter)
York Press 31.5.10 They’re not pets - In recent months there has been a worrying increase in the number of people keeping meerkats as pets… They are not well suited to life in a UK living room…. Fiona Galbraith, Campaigns assistant, Captive Animals’ Protection Society, Manchester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 29.5.10 Meerkats not pets - Fiona Galbraith, Captive Animals’ Protection Society (letter)


Morecambe Visitor 2.6.10 Lunesdale Agricultural Show - THE Lunesdale Show, or Kirkby Show as it is often referred to locally, is held at Underley Park… on the second Tuesday in August each year … Cattle, sheep, poultry, horses and dogs compete for the trophies that are presented as part of the Grand Parade. The hounds and horses from the Vale of Lune Hunt will be paraded… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 2.6.10 Protesters ignite debate as part of National Greyhound Awareness Week - DEMONSTRATORS dressed for a funeral carried a dog-sized coffin outside Nottingham Greyhound Stadium. The members of Nottingham Animal Rights held the protest on Monday to mark National Greyhound Awareness Week. Group member Holly Grundy said: "Everyone we speak to is shocked how cruel the racing industry is… (story)

ThisIsKent 2.6.10 Super Gran fights off giant fox with shovel - A TERRIFIED grandmother watched as a fox – feared to be the Beast of the Bubble – killed her pet rabbit and then turned on her. Eileen Gardner was powerless to stop the giant fox as it savaged her beloved pet Bow, and feared for her own safety when the animal refused to back down… "He started to eat her, and I just had to do something so I ran out there, but he turned on me…." (story)


ThisIsDevon 1.6.10 Fifth of hunting complaints in SW - ALMOST one in five complaints to the police about hunting incidents related to activity in the South West, according to a new report. The League Against Cruel Sports runs a Hunt Crimewatch service through which members of the public can report hunt-related crime…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen/Echo 28.5.10 Campaigners claim Gloucestershire hunts are breaking the law - HUNT campaigners have reacted angrily to suggestions almost two-thirds of hunts are breaking the law by continuing to hunt foxes and deer. The League Against Cruel Sports claimed 62 percent of hunts are breaching regulations, with the Gloucestershire having the worst offenders…. The League's report claimed during the last hunting season, 62 per cent of hunts were 'acting in a manner consistent with traditional hunting practices'… Jill Grieve, of Countryside Alliance, said: "This makes a preposterous link between seeing a few stray hounds having a spot of bother, with a hunt setting out to break the ban" (story)
ThisIsSomerset 28.5.10 Fury at 'illegal' hunting claims - Hunt campaigners in the West have reacted angrily to allegations that almost two-thirds of hunts are breaking the law by continuing to hunt foxes and deer. The League Against Cruel Sports claimed 62 per cent of hunts nationally break the law, with a hardcore of "hunt criminals" being based in the West… (story)
ThisIsCornwall 28.5.10 'We trained police enforce Hunting Act', claim League Against Cruel Sports - Hunt protesters have "trained" Devon and Cornwall Police officers in enforcing the Hunting Act, the League Against Cruel Sports has claimed. In its annual report on the hunting season, the League Against Cruel Sports said its figures showed that two-thirds of hunts in England and Wales are continuing to hunt foxes and other wild mammals… Devon and Cornwall Police immediately moved to clarify the position, explaining that wildlife officers had heard from both sides of the hunting debate at a meeting. "I can confirm that the police liaison officer from the League Against Cruel Sports last year gave an input from their perspective into the Hunting Act during the wildlife officer training course," a spokesman said. "As a balance an input was also provided by the Countryside Alliance."… (story)
Western Morning News 28.5.10 No place for protesters in enforcing the hunting ban - The Hunting Act 2004 had a number of consequences, many of them detrimental to the foxes and stags it was allegedly drawn up to protect… Another consequence of the change in the law was to dramatically alter the activities of the League Against Cruel Sports, turning it from a protest group campaigning against hunting, both on and off the field, into a monitoring organisation apparently prepared to take on a quasi-policing role assisting in what it sees as the enforcement of the law. Yet it is a role to which the League is entirely unsuited…. (story)
from Bristol Evening Post website 28.5.10 Hunting law is flawed and is not enforced correctly - The claim by the League Against Cruel Sports that 62 per cent of hunts are still breaking the law is a bold one to make, particularly when so few cases end up in court, and so few of those end in successful prosecution… the League Against Cruel Sports has dared to say something they haven't really done before – namely that hunts are getting away with breaking the law. In the past they have been reluctant to say this, because the follow-on question is one for them – they effectively wrote the law, why doesn't it work then?... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.6.10 Will all Tories back hunting ban repeal? - THE Government says it intends to hold a "free vote" on repeal of the Hunting Act 2004…. I think the words "free vote" have different meanings to each of the three principal political parties…. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)