June 2011

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Telegraph 30.6.11 Roger Daltrey: Why I brought Tommy back to life The Who’s singer Roger Daltrey talks to Adam Sweeting about taking taking rock’s most celebrated 'opera’ on the road – without its creator Pete Townshend. By Adam Sweeting ... “I live 50 miles from London, and we’ve got some of the highest levels of teenage and childhood poverty in the country. It’s disgusting. Just because it’s a rural area, it gets forgotten.” This, he says, was what prompted him to join the Countryside Alliance, which he quit when it became dominated by the single issue of fox-hunting. “I’m not anti-fox-hunting, because to me shooting foxes is even worse, and the results are horrendous,” he says. “So don’t tell me the fox-hunting debate was about animal welfare because I can’t take that hypocrisy. It was class war, and that’s what I hated.”... (story)

Monmouthshire Beacon 30.6.11 Shooting fun - On Sunday 19th June, for the second year in succession, Monmouth and District Rifle Club hosted a rifle shoot for the Stalking Directory in aid of the Help for Heroes charity... (story)

Oxford Mail 30.6.11 George Martin receives his honorary degree - THE man behind The Beatles yesterday proved the long and winding road had all been worth it. Sir George Martin, 85, known as the “fifth Beatle”, was awarded an honorary degree from Oxford University... Animal rights activists demonstrated outside the theatre, chanting throughout the ceremony.... (story)

Daily Post 30.6.11 Top farmers and vets stand down over badger policy in Wales by Andrew Forgrave, DPW West - NINE prominent farmers and vets have delivered a damning rebuff to the Welsh Government by standing back from regional boards set up to help beat bovine TB in Wales. In a joint statement, the group said they felt “badly misled” and “bitterly disappointed” by the administration’s U-turn on badger culling... (story)
BBC News Online 29.6.11 Welsh TB chiefs resign over badger cull delay - The heads of the three regional bovine TB eradication boards in Wales have resigned claiming they have been "badly misled" by the Welsh Government. John Owen, Peredur Hughes and John Stevenson have stepped down saying they were not consulted on a delay to a planned badger cull... (story)
Farmers Weekly 29.6.11 Farm leaders withdraw support for TB panels - Debbie James - The leaders of Wales' three regional TB eradication panels have withdrawn their support for these boards following the Welsh Government's decision to halt a planned badger cull. John Owen, Peredur Hughes and Robert Stevenson said they felt "entirely bypassed and badly misled" by the government's decision to review the science behind the TB eradication strategy. In a letter to Wales' environment minister John Griffiths, they expressed their "bitter disappointment" over the review.... "We have taken the flack locally from farmers frustrated by the persistent tightening up of cattle control measures, but have persuaded them to accept and implement these believing that if the farming community played its part in full and did everything within its power to limit the spread of the disease then we could see these efforts recognised by the Welsh Government and they would do their part by dealing with the reservoir of infection in wildlife in the Intensive Action Area. "We all feel as if we have been entirely bypassed and badly misled." He added that, as a result, farmers who sought and heeded their advice had also been misled.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 30.6.11 Protesters march - Campaigners will be protesting tomorrow against the use of beagles in experiments. The National Anti-Vivisection Alliance protest will take place outside the Harlan site in Belton, near Loughborough, at 2.30pm... Campaign spokesman Jake Rose said: "Enough is enough. Animal experimentation is outdated and fallible and so is Harlan."... (story)

Belfast Telegraph 30.6.11 Animal abuse in slaughterhouses - With reference to your report 'Dutch pass livestock slaughter bill' (News, June 29), Animal Aid recently filmed inside eight randomly-chosen British slaughterhouses and found evidence of cruelty in seven of them.... MARTIN D STERN. Salford, Greater Manchester (letter)

Derby Telegraph 30.6.11 Emmerdale actors join campaign against plan to open giant pig-farm - STARS of TV soap opera Emmerdale have joined the campaign against a giant pig-farm. Pauline Quirke, previously of hit BBC show Birds of a Feather, Lucy Pargeter, Roxanne Ghawam-Shahidi and Charley Webb, have now joined star of The Wire Dominic West in opposing the plans from Midland Pig Producers... (story)

Irish Independent 30.6.11 Irish are shameful in care of our animals - I am writing to endorse the sentiments expressed in the letter by E Moloney (June 28). The successful ban in the UK of the use of wild animals in circuses is surely an act of compassion that should be applauded by anyone who has witnessed first hand the cruelty and abuse inflicted on these defenceless creatures... Catherine O'Brien, Finglas, Dublin 11 (letter)
Irish Examiner 29.6.11 Our animal shame - THE use of wild animals to entertain in circuses will be outlawed thanks to the recent legalisation passed in the British parliament. Ireland, of course, lags well behind civilised countries in the field of animal welfare... Eila Moloney, Limerick city (letter)

Berwick Advertiser 30.6.11 Circus tricks are unfair to animals - I am outraged by the fact the Bobby Roberts Super Circus came to Berwick last week. This circus had been known to employ people who abuse animals – as seen with the elephant and the camel earlier on this year, where undercover investigators found out this sinister operation.... PETER GUTHRIE, Crookham Eastfield, Cornhill (letter)
Berwick Advertiser 9.6.11 Animal rights groups protest against circus - THE circus performing in Berwick this week was given the green light to continue following a protest by animal rights campaigners. As it pitched its big top at Shielfield Park this week, the Bobby Roberts Super Circus denied accusations that it features pregnant horses in its acts... A member of Newcastle Animal Rights made the journey up the A1 to protest in Berwick against the circus, which opened on Tuesday night and had a second performance last night... Advertiser reader Tania Cairns said she was “really, really shocked” to hear that the circus was still in operation and coming to Berwick... (story)


Oxford Mail 29.6.11 Barbaric treatment - ROGER Tucker does not approve of folk who “put foxes on pedestals” (Oxford Mail, June 22). By this I assume he means those people who have the modicum of intelligence required to understand their behaviour, see beyond the hackneyed cliché of the fox killing the chickens, and appreciate their intense beauty and captivating nature.... PENNY LITTLE, Back Way, Great Haseley (letter)
Oxford Mail 24.6.11 Wild hysteria - The headline Danger: Father’s worry for children’s safety (Oxford Mail, June 10) prompts the misquote of a quotation: it is déja vu all over again. Almost one year ago there was media hysteria regarding a presumed fox attack in East London, a claim which was roundly dismissed by various wildlife experts. Foxes will flee from humans, and rightly so given the history of appalling cruelty inflicted by people on wildlife... BEA BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington (letter)
Oxford Mail 22.6.11 Don't put foxes on pedestals - I AM pleased that Bea Bradley’s family enjoy the antics of foxes and badgers in their garden. I, however, fail to see how one can respect foxes... I do not approve of hunting but neither do I approve of folk who put foxes on pedestals.... ROGER TUCKER, Kingsway Drive, Kidlington (letter)
Oxford Mail 20.6.11 No sympathy - I ONCE sympathised with foxes who have to kill to live, but some years ago that sympathy was lost when I witnessed 99 dead young birds by a hen coup, with just one bird missing out of the 100. DEREK SHERWOOD, Barton Lane, Headington, Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 14.6.11 Don’t blame the fox for loss of chickens - I WORK in animal welfare and deal with incidents involving foxes on a weekly basis, but I have never known one try to attack (Oxford Mail, June 10).... Where people are losing chickens to a fox, it is obvious they have not put in enough effort to protect them or this could not happen... D LOVELL Downside Road Oxford
DOES Ralph Leavis ever have anything positive to think or say about wildlife?... BEA BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington
REGARDING the demand by Mr Azis that the local authority should spend money dealing with the foxes which attacked his chickens, may I point out that, as the owner of such domestic birds, he has a legal obligation under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to protect them from predation.... Most people who have had experience with wild foxes still find it difficult to believe that a fox would enter a house and attack babies, and it is a fact that the one or two cases reported in the past have turned out to be dog attacks... JOHN BRYANT Urban Wildlife Consultant Tonbridge Kent (letters)
Oxford Mail 13.6.11 A foxing issue - Regarding the incident of foxes killing chickens in front of children (Friday’s Oxford Mail). I really question if this is the full story... It appears that the fox only took advantage of the owner’s stupidity. It’s what foxes do. Margaret Barnicle, Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire (story)
Oxford Mail 10.6.11 Fox hunt By Fran Bardsley - A COWLEY father has called for council chiefs to take action against urban foxes after one killed four chickens in front of his horrified children. Horspath Road resident Khalid Aziz said the animals should be found and rehomed, as he feared children in the neighbourhood were at risk. But Oxford City Council said it could only offer advice. Daughters, Iman, aged seven, and Noor, five, were in the garden when the fox attacked and killed the family’s four chickens on Sunday... Penny Little, founder of the Great Haseley-based Little Foxes Wildlife Rescue, described concern over foxes attacking people as “complete and utter nonsense”.... (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 29.6.11 Animal suffering for human vanity - IN 2003, after more than a decade of campaignng by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, the EU pledged to ban testing cosmetics on animals. The ban took effect in 2009 but sadly manufacturers got around it by carrying out animal tests overseas and importing test ingredients for sale within the EU.... Sheila Brennan, Blackburn. (letter)

Sun 29.6.11 Rivas of blood: Elen bullfight protest By KATE JACKSON - SPANISH beauty Elen Rivas poses naked and bleeding in a hard-hitting campaign against bullfighting.The ex-fiancée of England footie ace Frank Lampard appears with four spears in her back in the controversial ad by animal rights group PETA... (story)
FemaleFirst 29.6.11 Elen Rivas' Anti-Bullfighting Ad Grounded -Spanish Model's PETA Ad labelled too racy for airline's in-flight mag A new ad from animal rights group PETA – which features a nude picture of Spanish-born celebrity Elen Rivas "bleeding" from the banderillas stuck in her back next to the words "The Naked Truth: Bullfighting Is Cruel" – has been deemed too racy to run in Traveller, easyJet's in-flight magazine. PETA had hoped to reach British tourists with its message about boycotting bullfighting when they visit Spain the top European summer holiday destination for Britons, but the magazine's publishers have ruled that although they sympathise with the cause, they cannot run the artwork because of the graphic nature of the images and the nudity involved... (story)

Uttoxeter Advertiser 29.6.11 Residents pack town hall for pig farm meeting By Katie Bowler - UP to 100 people attended a meeting on the proposed plans to build a giant pig farm in a village near Uttoxeter. The meeting, jointly organised by The Soil Association and the Pig Business film team, saw scores of concerned residents and farmers cram into Burton’s Town Hall to hear about the potential development in Foston... (story)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 22.6.11 Pig farm protesters hold meeting to rally support by Adrian Jenkins - ORGANIC food and animal welfare campaigners are to hold a public meeting tomorrow to rally support against plans for a massive pig farm near Uttoxeter. The Soil Association and Pig Business film team will stage the session tomorrow at Burton Town Hall to galvanise opposition to Midland Pig Producers’ (MPP) proposal to build the business on 28 hectares of land in Foston.... Panellists will include Peter Melchett, the Soil Association’s policy director; Linda Wardle, a campaigner who helped thwart a mega-dairy farm proposal in Lincolnshire; Marchioness Tracy Worcester, Pig Business film producer and campaign director; and activists from Derbyshire... (story)

Independent 29.6.11 Brave MPs save circus animals - I am writing to offer my congratulations to your paper for its uncompromising support for the ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.... Margaret Twohig, Glounthaune, Co Cork, Ireland (letter)

Stroud News & Journal 29.6.11 MP warns of hasty animal ban bid - By Crispin Northey - STROUD MP Neil Carmichael has warned constituents that an immediate ban on wild animals in circuses would not solve the problem, with legal challenges likely to hold the process up and fees billed to the taxpayer... "This move is long overdue," said Stroud Green Party member Dominic Neate, who is a trustee of the environmental charity One World Wildlife... (story)


Grantham Journal 28.6.11 Sign up for charity horse ride in the Vale - HORSE riders are being invited to join a summer Sunday fun ride on July 10 over bridleways and large stretches of private land in the Vale of Belvoir – with a barbecue to follow. Organisers the Belvoir Hunt Supporters Club have mapped an 11-mile route of predominantly off-road riding, running through spectacular conservation woodlands near Belvoir Castle and over old pasture and grazing land... (story)

Coventry Telegraph 28.6.11 Tories still nasty party to animals - THE media seems baffled as to why the government were so determined not to concede a ban on wild animals in circuses.... Though wisely keeping quiet about it now, the PM is still passionate about restoring the ‘right’ of his pals to harry and kill wild mammals for fun, by repealing the Hunting Act at some point... Alan Kirby, Protect Our Wild Animals, Cornwall (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 28.6.11 Circus is no place for animals - THIS weekend I have read with amazement about our Prime Minister, David Cameron’s, appalling opposition to the bill to ban animals from performing in circus’s in the UK... Cameron’s opposition to the ban shouldn’t perhaps surprise me though considering he, along with the rest of his Cabinet, are ex-public school boys and girls who will have been brought up with daddy taking part in the local hunt and seeing animals as a form of entertainment, fox or tiger, makes no difference really... Jonathan Schofield, Leeds (letter)

Yorkshire Post 28.6.11 Campaign call for rethink on TB policy - ONE healthy animal may be condemned for nothing among every five killed in the name of controlling bovine TB... Rethink bTB currently represents mainly part-time farmers and non-farmers involved with the Welsh campaign against plans for a badger cull. One of the campaign organisers, Michael Ritchie, a property developer and smallholder, said this week: “We all happened to meet through Pembrokeshire Against the Cull but we began to realise badgers were a bit of a red herring... (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 28.6.11 We must stop animal tests - Regarding the coverage of the planning application for Marshall Biosciences beagle factory farm at Grimston. I would like to say a big thank you to Beverley County Hall for refusing permission to extend this vivisection facility and also to all the many Yorkshire people who refused to buy into this cruelty.... Janet McCormick, Townhead Road, Dore, Sheffield (letter)

Essex Echo 28.6.11 Animals have rights too, so circus ban is welcome - As someone who has campaigned on the issue over many years, my congratulations go to MPs of all parties, who recently and unanimously, voted to ban the use of wild animals in circuses.... Garry Sheen, Boyce Hill Close, Leigh
...I think backbenchers have overreacted a tad to try and bring in a Bill that prevents wild animals from performing for public pleasure... Trevor Murdin, Flemming Crescent, Leigh (letters)

Derby Telegraph 28.6.11 MP welcomes new efforts for a ban on circus animals – ANIMAL rights supporter and Derby North MP Chris Williamson has welcomed moves to ban the use of wild animals in circuses... (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 28.6.11 FOUR PAWS charitiy plea to ban goldfish bowls - AN Animal charity is calling for Huddersfield’s MP to ban traditional goldfish bowls. FOUR PAWS charity says many people in Huddersfield keep their fish in tiny goldfish bowls and are not aware that they may be causing suffering to the fish... FOUR PAWS Director, Johanna Stadler, said: “We wouldn’t dream of keeping puppies or kittens imprisoned in a tiny space for their entire lives so why is it considered acceptable to confine fish in tiny glass bowls... (story)


Independent 27.6.11 The Grand National: cruelty or challenge? Your article on the Grand National (12 April) referred to pressure mounting for safety improvements at this race. I have never watched the race because I have always considered it to be a cruel spectacle.... S Jenkins, Cardiff
I write this as an angered follower of the Grand National and National Hunt racing. Since Saturday, all there seems to be in the papers are digs at this great sporting event, demanding it be made easier or it be canned altogether. They do not know what they are talking about... Peter Hannan, Penrith, Cumbria
Dominic Prince believes that the Grand National should not be made a safer race for horse and rider (Opinion, 11 April). Why not?... Agnes Hall, Ayr (letters)

Liverpool Echo 27.6.11 Circus Mondao pledges to return to Merseyside, despite animal rights protests by Liam Murphy, Liverpool Echo - A CIRCUS pledged to return to Merseyside despite facing a demonstration about their use of animals ahead of the final performance in their series of shows. The Circus Mondao had been performing in Prescot since Wednesday last week but attracted the anger of local animal rights activists... But Niki O’Leary of the Merseyside Animals Rights group said the circus was “missing the point” and that its use of animals was “wrong in principle”.... (story)
BBC News Online 26.6.11 Circus Mondao: Animal rights protest in Prescot - Animal rights protesters have been campaigning outside the site of a travelling circus in Merseyside. Circus Mondao, which is one of three in the UK which still uses wild animals, was performing at Whitaker Garden Centre in Prescot on Sunday afternoon. Merseyside Animal Welfare chanted and handed out leaflets criticising the use of animals in the shows.... Niki O'Leary, from Merseyside Animal Welfare, said: "The animals are in a totally unnatural environment.... (story)

Cumnock Chronicle 27.6.11 Ayrshire Circus campaigner praised as animal ban agreed - Ayrshire woman Maureen Rankin was praised for her campaigning work on behalf of the Captive Animals Protection Society, when Cathy Jamieson MP spoke in a Commons debate last week.... (story)


Independent 25.6.11 Could foxes and badgers be next to feel MPs' love? Activists hope circus vote sees rise in animal welfare support By Nigel Morris, Deputy Political Editor - The dramatic vote to outlaw the use of wild creatures in circuses will prove a turning-point in the drive to combat animal cruelty, campaigners predicted last night. They think the changing attitude of young politicians towards the treatment of animals could scupper moves to repeal the ban on fox-hunting and to press ahead with a widespread badger cull... (story)

Torquay Herald Express 25.6.11 The huntsman's favourite quarry - THE BROWN hare (lepus capensis) has eyes like marigold marbles and a permanently startled expression... The posher persons of medieval England elevated the slaughter of the hare to a pseudo-art form.... Until quite recently the hare was hunted by packs of beagles, coursed by greyhounds, trapped or shot. Thankfully the hunting and coursing has been banned... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 25.6.11 Animal gun warning - THE RSPCA is warning against the dangers airguns pose to animals. The charity says it is often over-run during summer months with animals that have been shot in deliberate attacks.... (story)

Bolton News 25.6.11 Neighbours’ distress as Canada geese shot - FISHERY bosses have apologised to neighbours after they employed a gamesman to shoot birds on its land without informing residents. People living close to Curley’s Fishery, in Wallsuches, Horwich, were shocked to hear several gunshots on Wednesday night... (story)

Independent 25.6.11 Perspectives on circus animals - At last, a defeat for the whips - Well done that man Mark Pritchard, who in Parliament defied the strong-arm tactics of PM Cameron's henchmen, stuck to his principles and successfully led a revolt to ban wild animals performing in circuses... Terry Duncan, Bridlington, East Yorkshire
Why didn't Labour do this long ago? - The successful vote in the House of Commons on wild animals in circuses is excellent news. However, it raises the question why Labour did nothing about this issue in the 13 years it had in government... Chris Gale, Chippenham, Wiltshire (letters)

York Press 25.6.11 Meat off the menu for Morrissey at York Barbican - YORK’S new-look Barbican centre has taken meat off the menu for the arrival of rock legend Morrissey tonight.... But the singer, who is a passionate vegetarian and campaigner for animal rights who, with his former band, released an album entitled Meat Is Murder, has requested that a purely vegetarian menu is provided at the Barbican for his show.... (story)
Perthshire Advertiser 17.6.11 Moz meat ban good for business - FAIR City restaurateur Paco Galea believes any publicity is good publicity, even when diners try to cancel bookings as a result. According to a source, Moz’s minders had also requested that Perth restaurant Paco’s did not dish up carnivorous fare either, such as burgers and steaks, on gig night ... On Tuesday the PA broke the story about vegetarian pop star Morrissey’s meat ban as a condition of performing at venues on his sold-out UK tour, including Perth Concert Hall.... The restaurateur, who typically does big business with Concert Hall patrons and also caters for vegetarian palates, said he had many loyal long-time customers who loved their meat... (story)
Dundee Courier 15.6.11 Meat off the menu for Morrissey's Perth Concert Hall performance - Used to meeting the whims of diva performers, staff at Perth Concert Hall have taken the latest superstar demand in their stride. Not for cult singer Morrissey the delights of rare lilies or all-white dressing rooms — instead he has ordered the venue to take meat off the menu... (story)
BBC News Online 15.6.11 Morrissey bans meat at tour venues - Venues hosting concerts by former Smiths frontman Morrissey on his UK tour have been asked to take meat off the menu on the night he performs. The vegetarian request was on the "rider" when the concert dates were being booked, one venue manager said... (story)
STV 14.6.11 Meating of minds: Scots venue goes veggie for Smiths frontman Morrissey - Perth Concert Hall will be serving a vegetarian-only menu on Wednesday when the English singer plays there. By Mike Farrell (story)

Leicester Mercury 25.6.11 My final word on veggie debate - I have failed to respond to Mrs Allison's latest jibe ("Have carnivores been silenced?", Mailbox, June 11) because I have been off-line for a while and because it is fruitless to argue with someone who is fanatical about their subject and not open to reason.... The moral issue is, as your readers will know from my previous letters, that we should strive to rear animals well and kill them humanely with as little stress as possible, something that was made more difficult by the EU legislation which caused the closure of nearly all of the smaller, local abattoirs.... Wendy Warren, South Kilworth (letter)


Worcester News 24.6.11 Mr Burgess, foxes are not classed as pests - John Burgess seems to have got something wrong in his letter (Worcester News, June 17). Foxes are not classed as pests... Another fact Mr Burgess doesn’t seem to have grasped is that hunting is illegal. PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 23.6.11 I have yet to see packs of foxes killing cats - Again Mr [Jon] Burgess tells us facts about fox hunting (Worcester News, June 17). This is the man who believes hare coursing is okay and killing an animal that is not a pest but a gentle herbivore and a pleasure to watch is acceptable... PAUL CHANDLER, Droitwich (letter)
Worcester News 23.6.11 Chasing foxes with hounds indefensible - Will it ever dawn on Mr [Jon] Burgess that he is alone in his crusade to support the morally indefensible; ie, chasing foxes with hounds?... TIM PALMER, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 17.6.11 There are two key facts about hunting - In her latest correspondence on the subject of hunting (Worcester News, June 14) Geraldine Engel has apparently decided to deny all of the accepted science and facts about hunting. Ms Engel has also turned her attention to branding all those who go hunting as uncivilised. Taking this concept to its logical conclusion, Adolf Hitler could have claimed to be ‘compassionate’ and ‘civilised’ because he banned hunting in Germany... JON BURGESS, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 15.6.11 Hounds never leave a wounded fox – Tony Jones (Worcester News, June 10) recommends shooting foxes in the head with a small calibre rimfire rifle to control their numbers. This sounds an easy solution but be slightly off target and the result may be a smashed jaw followed by weeks of suffering and death by starvation... JON BURGESS, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 14.6.11 For fox hunters, it really is just a sport - James Barrington (Worcester News, June 8) and Jon Burgess (Worcester News, June 8) continue to quote facts and figures on hunting. They seem to be missing the main reason why most civilised people are against hunting is that it is done not for the control of foxes but as a sport... GERALDINE ENGEL, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 10.6.11 No need to rip foxes to pieces - Re: Mr Burgess – fox hunting advocate. armers/ gamekeepers having trouble with a fox can surely locate them and put a rimfire bullet in their head. There is no reason to terrorise and rip them to pieces.... TONY JONES, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 8.6.11 Reason why hunting with hounds is unique - SIR – It is interesting to read the views of Simon McCullough regarding humane fox control... Mr McCullough does not say what form of control he advocates, though I presume he suggests live cage trapping... The way forward is not to assume that all hunting is bad and somehow other methods are fine, but to accept that all these methods can either be done well or done badly and it is the bad practice that should be addressed... JAMES BARRINGTON, Animal Welfare Consultant London (letter)
Worcester News 8.6.11 Quote some solid figures from poll - Simon McCullough (Worcester News Letters, June 1, 2011) is most insistent that his straw poll of the Worcester News website is irrefutable proof that most local people are against hunting. Any reputable opinion poll gauges a trend from a random sample of a thousand people, not a few dozen anonymous comments on the web... JON BURGESS, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 1.6.11 Website majority is against fox hunting - I have given up trying to educate Jon Burgess with morals about fox hunting. His latest response (Worcester News, May 27) clearly emphasises the fact that he doesn’t use modern technology to keep ahead of the times and fails to see that the bigger percentage of comments to his letters at worcesternews.co.uk are against his views... Simon McCullough, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 27.5.11 No, I don’t think hunting is cruel - Simon McCullough maintains (Worcester News, May 17) that the majority of local people are against hunting but he fails to give us details of the independent opinion polls or surveys on which this wild claim is based. Mr McCullough again asks if I consider hunting to be cruel. For the record I do not... JON BURGESS, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 17.5.11 Cut fox numbers? You can be humane - Jon Burgess has shown how ignorant he is of opposing views.... Mr Burgess thinks that the most efficient way of controlling fox populations is to dress up in your attire, gather up some friends, horses and hounds, gallop across the countryside leaving a trail of destruction and trespass to kill just one fox. Why not use one person, one trap and one form of euthanasia by intravenous injection?... SIMON McCULLOUGH, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 5.5.11 Dubious figures back a ban on fox hunting - Simon McCullough has now actually started to disagree with himself over the hunting debate.... Mr McCullough asks why I’ve gone “political” over our exchange of views on this subject. He should recall it was Mike Foster and New Labour who took hunting into the political arena and left us with a £30 million bill... JON BURGESS, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 23.4.11 All hunting is cruel? You can’t prove it - I have followed the debate on hunting in the Worcester News letters pages with interest and I wonder if I might make a comment.... Given that no one can sensibly argue that there is a right to be cruel, does it not make sense that this law is extended so that all such cruelty to wild mammals be made illegal however it is caused.... It’s interesting that anti-hunt organisations such as the League Against Cruel Sports actually oppose such a legislative approach that would have cruelty at its very core. This is because they are fully aware that they cannot show that all hunting is cruel. Giles Bradshaw, Devon (letter)
Worcester News 22.4.11 A simple yes or no, is fox hunting cruel? - As I have said before, Jon Burgess keeps dishing out statistics and figures to defend his views on fox hunting and hare coursing... Let’s keep it simple, Mr Burgess. Is fox hunting cruel? Should humans control animal populations for their own selfish needs?... Simon McCullough Worcester (story)
Worcester News 18.4.11 Protest, yes, but don’t use violence - It is interesting to note that Pauline Burgess (Worcester News, April 5) fails to condemn the violent and illegal tactics employed by some in the animal rights movement... Jon Burgess, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 14.4.11 Hunting Act has so much to answer for - Happily, Marion Large (Worcester News, April 2) is freely able to make up her own mind over hunting. Unfortunately, many of us cannot do so without the failed Hunting Act (2004) interfering.... The Hunting Act cost more than £30 million to introduce. A small figure in terms of the national bank balance, perhaps, but just how many police officers, nurses or hospital beds would that have paid for? JON BURGESS, Worcester (story)
Worcester News 6.4.11 For or against it, we must debate hunting - With regards to two recent letters ‘No more on hunting’ by George Smith (Worcester News, March 24) and ‘Lets talk daylight’ by John Norwood (Worcester News, March 25). The letters page of the Worcester News enables people to express their views on all aspects of modern life Although I am antihunting, I do agree that the pro-hunting fraternity is entitled to have its say... SIMON McCULLOUGH, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 5.4.11 You have to protest - In reply to Jon Burgess’s letter about animal rights activities (Worcester News, March 31). Throughout history all campaigning for the liberties we enjoy today have involved different types of protest... PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News31.3.11 You’re in self-denial about what goes on - Both Roberta Balfour (Worcester News, March 11) and Geraldine Engel (Worcester News, March 12) are in a state of self-denial over over the criminal activity of hunt saboteurs and animal rights terrorists.... JON BURGESS, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 24.3.11 No more on hunting - Please could we draw a line under John Burgess’s opinions on the pros and cons of hunting... GEORGE SMITH, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 22.3.11 Labour made mess of the Hunting Act – In his latest antihunting correspondence (Worcester News, March 9), Mr [Simon] McCullough complains that I use scientific data, peer reviewed research and the testimony of wellregarded conservationists to support the continuation of hunting. For his own reasons Mr McCullough chooses to disregard such clear factual evidence backed by numerous ex-League Against Cruel Sports personnel and an RSPCA chairman, but that is his privilege... JON BURGESS, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 14.3.11 The real issue is the animal’s welfare - Pauline Burgess (Worcester News, January 26) is correct; a Somerset huntsman, Richard Down, of the Quantock Staghounds, was convicted for the second time under the Hunting Act (2004)... Mr Down had been alerted by a farmer to a red deer stag with a shattered hip. Using three hounds he flushed the animal from cover so it could be immediately shot and saved from a slow agonising death... the League Against Cruel Sports secretly filmed Mr Down... this recording was used to convict him. He was fined £375 for using three hounds instead of two while putting an animal out of its misery as rapidly as possible... This is typical of the animal rights fraternity, more obsessed with making everyone conform to their agenda than having any concept or interest in real animal welfare or wildlife conservation. JON BURGESS, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 14.3.11 Animal abuse in all forms unacceptable - Once again Jon Burgess (Worcester News, February 22) has to malign anyone who tries to help fellow creatures with whom we share the earth. I have been an animal rights campaigner for 40 years.The only violence and threats I have seen in this time were against ourselves. I have suffered verbal abuse by huntsmen and been threatened by farmers.... GERALDINE ENGEL, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 11.3.11 Hunting? There is no case in favour - – Jon Burgess (Worcester News, February 22) claims there are benefits from hunting but fails to tell us what they are. He goes on to show that he has fallen for the media hype that portrays animal rights people as terrorists, while also telling us it goes unreported... ROBERTA BALFOUR, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 9.3.11 It’s simple, let’s have total ban on hunting - It’s pointless debating with Jon Burgess... Mr Burgess continues to dish out facts, percentages and information from other sources. The only reason why I got into this debate was to act as a voice for the hunted animal. What gives us the right to determine whether an animal is a pest?... SIMON McCULLOUGH, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 28.2.11 We’ll never agree on hunting, Mr Burgess - Mr [Jon] Burgess seems to have misundersttood my words (Worcester News, February 1). My views are perfectly clear. I do not agree with the traditional lifestyle of the hunting fraternity.... I hope it is now clear, Mr Burgess, that you and I will never agree. MARION LARGE, Lower Wick (letter)
Worcester News 4.2.11 No praise for the life-savers - Jon Burgess (Letters, January 28) states that the Worcester News is not pro-hunting. I can see that they do publish both sides of the argument. But I never see the praise made towards the people who saved the life of an animal by intervening in a nonviolent way... SIMON MCCULLOUGH, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 1.2.11 Views on hunting have similarities -Mrs M Large (Letters, Monday, January 24) and I are in danger of agreeing with each other over hunting! We both defend freedom of the press and the right to free speech. Neither of us are against anyone wearing clothes of their own choice... However, Mrs Large and I have to disagree over her allegations of cruelty. After presiding over Labour’s inquiry into hunting, its chairman Lord Burns was asked if hunting was cruel. He replied “the short answer to that question is no”. JON BURGESS, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 26.1.11 This is the law – I fully support Simon McCullough’s letter (Worcester News, January 6). Hunting with a pack of hounds is illegal... PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 22.1.11 Dress up, yes, but no more killings - For once, Jon Burgess is correct regarding the freedom of the press to cover hunt meetings (Worcester News, January 14). If people wish to dress up, have a social meeting and ride into the countryside – and can afford to do so – good luck to them. However, where I disagree is what they want in return – to inflict cruelty and satisfy their bloodlust... MRS M LARGE, Lower Wick (letter)
Worcester News 20.1.11 Hunting? The coverage seems to be one-sided - Jon Burgess (Worcester News, January 14) didn’t read my original letter (Worcester News, January 6) properly. The point I was trying to make was that hunt meets are deliberately manufactured around the general public as being nice affairs – and what more perfect time to do it than at Christmas? If you see the video on the Worcester News website of the meet at the Raven Hotel in Droitwich, then you will surely see hunt propaganda at its best.... SIMON McCULLOUGH, Worcester (letter)
Worcester Evening News 14.1.11 Why shouldn’t Press cover hunt meetings? - Simon McCulluogh (Letters, January 6) demands the Worcester News no longer reports on the hunt meetings over Christmas. Those with an antihunting axe to grind would like to curtail the freedom of the Press and free speech to suit their agenda. Now Mr McCullough wants to change our whole democratic system just to keep the discredited Hunting Act (2004) in place.... JON BURGESS, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 6.1.11 Really, so much for peace on earth... I don’t understand why every year at Christmas the Worcester News publishes stories about hunt meets. Hunting is illegal and publishing these stories only fuels the blood-lust activities of these socalled ‘traditionalists’... SIMON McCULLOUGH, Worcester (letter)

Tamworth Herald 24.6.11 Animal welfare in question - Kate Fowler, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Ealing Gazette 31.5.11 Letters: Animal welfare minister must go - KATE FOWLER Head of campaigns Animal Aid Tonbridge Kent (letter)
Nottingham Post 25.5.11 SINCE the 'animal welfare' minister Jim Paice took the reins at Defra a year ago, there has been a cascade of measures designed to weaken animal protection... KATE FOWLER Head of Campaigns Animal Aid The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge (letter)
York Press 24.5.11 This is hardly welfare - SINCE the “Animal Welfare” Minister, Jim Paice, took the reins at Defra a year ago, there has been a cascade of measures designed to weaken animal protection, with the latest – the decision not to ban wild animals in circuses – being based on legal advice that turned out to be utterly wrong. In only 12 months, Mr Paice has also overturned a ban on battery cages for game birds; as Hunting and Shooting Minister, committed to a repeal of the Hunting Act; routinely voiced his support for a badger cull... Animal Aid has branded Mr Paice “the worst animal-welfare Minister in living memory” and I think it is now time for him to resign. Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Bexhill Observer 24.6.11 Jockeys should not use whips - ANIMAL Aid has long campaigned against the use of the whip in horse racing. This reform is long overdue. Many jockeys repeatedly misuse the whip, and even if they are found guilty of misconduct, they still keep their winnings..... NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED, Bexhill-on-Sea (letter)

Oxford Mail 24.6.11 Wild hysteria - The headline Danger: Father’s worry for children’s safety (Oxford Mail, June 10) prompts the misquote of a quotation: it is déja vu all over again. Almost one year ago there was media hysteria regarding a presumed fox attack in East London, a claim which was roundly dismissed by various wildlife experts. Foxes will flee from humans, and rightly so given the history of appalling cruelty inflicted by people on wildlife... BEA BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington (letter)
Oxford Mail 22.6.11 Don't put foxes on pedestals - I AM pleased that Bea Bradley’s family enjoy the antics of foxes and badgers in their garden. I, however, fail to see how one can respect foxes... I do not approve of hunting but neither do I approve of folk who put foxes on pedestals.... ROGER TUCKER, Kingsway Drive, Kidlington (letter)
Oxford Mail 20.6.11 No sympathy - I ONCE sympathised with foxes who have to kill to live, but some years ago that sympathy was lost when I witnessed 99 dead young birds by a hen coup, with just one bird missing out of the 100. DEREK SHERWOOD, Barton Lane, Headington, Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 14.6.11 Don’t blame the fox for loss of chickens - I WORK in animal welfare and deal with incidents involving foxes on a weekly basis, but I have never known one try to attack (Oxford Mail, June 10).... Where people are losing chickens to a fox, it is obvious they have not put in enough effort to protect them or this could not happen... D LOVELL Downside Road Oxford
DOES Ralph Leavis ever have anything positive to think or say about wildlife?... BEA BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington
REGARDING the demand by Mr Azis that the local authority should spend money dealing with the foxes which attacked his chickens, may I point out that, as the owner of such domestic birds, he has a legal obligation under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to protect them from predation.... Most people who have had experience with wild foxes still find it difficult to believe that a fox would enter a house and attack babies, and it is a fact that the one or two cases reported in the past have turned out to be dog attacks... JOHN BRYANT Urban Wildlife Consultant Tonbridge Kent (letters)
Oxford Mail 13.6.11 A foxing issue - Regarding the incident of foxes killing chickens in front of children (Friday’s Oxford Mail). I really question if this is the full story... It appears that the fox only took advantage of the owner’s stupidity. It’s what foxes do. Margaret Barnicle, Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire (story)
Oxford Mail 10.6.11 Fox hunt By Fran Bardsley - A COWLEY father has called for council chiefs to take action against urban foxes after one killed four chickens in front of his horrified children. Horspath Road resident Khalid Aziz said the animals should be found and rehomed, as he feared children in the neighbourhood were at risk. But Oxford City Council said it could only offer advice. Daughters, Iman, aged seven, and Noor, five, were in the garden when the fox attacked and killed the family’s four chickens on Sunday... Penny Little, founder of the Great Haseley-based Little Foxes Wildlife Rescue, described concern over foxes attacking people as “complete and utter nonsense”.... (story)

Independent 24.6.11 Victory in the campaign to ban circus animals - Government concedes defeat after bribes and intimidation fail to deter rebels By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent - MPs voted to ban wild animals in circuses last night after David Cameron's attempts to bully Conservative backbenchers into voting against the measure backfired and ended in a humiliating public defeat... One of the three MPs who brought the cross-party motion for a ban disclosed that he had first been offered a government job – and then threatened that the Prime Minister would look "very dimly" on his recalcitrance – unless he amended or withdrew the motion. Mark Pritchard, a Conservative backbencher, stood firm and insisted that the measure be voted upon.... (story)
Express 24.6.11 ‘DIRTY TRICKS’ ROW IN CIRCUS ANIMALS BAN By Martyn Brown Political Correspondent - MPs last night demanded a ban on wild animals in circuses amid explosive claims of a Downing Street dirty tricks campaign. Tory Mark Pritchard, who led the backbench call, claimed he had been threatened by the Prime Minister’s office unless he backed down.... (story)

Guardian 23.6.11 MPs defy government and agree to ban on use of circus animals - Tory MP Mark Pritchard claims ministers tried to bribe him with government job if he dropped Commons motion calling for a ban - MPs have agreed to a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses amid claims from the Conservative MP who led the campaign that Downing Street tried to bribe him with the prospect of a government job to get him to change his position... (story)
London Evening Standard 23.6.11 Celebrities back MPs over ban on circus animals - The Government will be confronted with a cross-party alliance today calling for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses... (story)
Liverpool Post 23.6.11 Letter to Prime Minister calling for animal acts to be banned in circuses signed by celebrities including Alexei Sayle and Brian May - CELEBRITIES, including Liverpool’s Alexei Sayle and John Moores Chancellor Brian May, have penned an open letter to the Prime Minister urging the Government to ban the use of wild animals in circuses.... (story)

Thanet Times 24.6.11 March against live exports is organised - PROTESTERS against live animal exports from the Port of Ramsgate are planning a march through the town centre. Campaigners met on Friday at a public meeting at St Lawrence to decide on what action they could take after shipments started from Thanet last month.... Ramsgate town councillor Ian Driver, who organised the meeting, said: "Let's petition, let's march through the middle of Ramsgate.... (story)
Isle of Thanet Gazette 24.6.11 Residents urged to march in Ramsgate - PROTESTERS against the shipment of live animals from Ramsgate port are calling on every man, woman and child to march against what they describe as a "cruel and barbaric trade".... District councillor Ian Driver called for Thanet residents to "act now" to stop exports... (story)
BBC News Online 17.6.11 Port of Ramsgate live animal exports protest meeting - A public meeting is to be held by campaigners opposed to the shipments of live animals through the Port of Ramsgate. In May Thanet District Council, which owns the port, said an unnamed company was due to start exporting to Europe but it had no power to stop the trade. Councillor Ian Driver said the meeting was being held on Friday to decide what action could be taken.... (story)

South Wales Evening Post 24.6.11 Tethering is a dreadful act - MARLENE Charles (Post, May 25) has raised concern regarding the cruelty that occurs when horses are tethered... This problem will never go away as it is a cheaper and lazy option for the often ill-educated and anonymous horse owner; we must ban the barbaric and ancient act of tying up these beautiful and trusting creatures.... Marianne E Pettifor, Company secretary The Pettifor Trust (story)

Brentwood Gazette 24.6.11 I WAS reading about residents complaining of rat infestations in Brentwood... Please also remember that rat poison causes a dreadfully painful death for them and is lethal to our cats, so please do not put poison down... Mary Augood Mount Crescent Brentwood (letter)

Derby Telegraph 24.6.11 Pig-farm protesters advised to seek national focus on concerns - A CAMPAIGNER who successfully fought against plans for a massive dairy has issued a rallying cry to those battling against proposals for a giant pig farm in Derbyshire.Linda Wardale spoke last night at a public meeting organised by protesters against the plans by Midland Pig Producers to build a farm at Foston. She was part of a campaign group called Vegan Lincs, which fought an application from Nocton Dairies for a 3,770-cow farm in Lincolnshire... (story)

Shropshire Star 24.6.11 Letter: Factory farming is cruel to animals - With the proposed factory for cows at Leighton, near Welshpool, where cows will be incarcerated in a factory and where, if the floodgates open, you will no longer see dairy cows in fields anymore. Of all the objections put forward, I was amazed to learn that the welfare side of it cannot be a consideration when objecting.... Mr J Ball, Newtown (letter)

Worcester News 24.6.11 Thanks for helping us - Local volunteers took to the streets of Kidderminster on Saturday, June 4, to raise money for Compassion in World Farming, Britain’s leading farm animal welfare organisation.... LISA WILLMOT, Compassion in World Farming (letter)


Sussex Express 23.6.11 What did mutilated deer do to you? - WILL the person/people who slaughtered the young deer and mutilated its body, leaving its legs etc in the layby on The Drove in Offham last week, please be good enough to justify their barbaric actions to me through these pages... , why did you leave the hacked off legs and other body parts of this unfortunate animal lying about the countryside – an undignified practice that for me is representative of the unevolved behaviour of those human beings that inexplicably feel they have the right to kill or exploit any animal for their personal sport or profit... Mary Jackson, Lewes (letter)

Western Mail 23.6.11 Labour accused over ‘betraying’ farmers over badger cull by Matt Withers, Western Mail - THE row over the controversial proposed badger cull continued yesterday as former Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones said no Labour member of the previous Welsh Government had raised any objections with her. Elin Jones said that neither First Minister Carwyn Jones nor Environment Minister John Griffiths had raised concerns with her – and both had voted for the plans in the Senedd.... (story)

Wishaw Press 23.6.11 Animal rights group oppose Bobby Roberts Super Circus in Newmains by Euan McLelland, Wishaw Press - ANIMAL rights groups have spoken out against the Bobby Roberts Super Circus performing in Newmains this week, urging local people to stay away... (story)

Express 23.6.11 TWIGGY STEPS UP FOIE GRAS CAMPAIGN - Former supermodel TWIGGY has written to the managing director of QUEEN ELIZABETH II's favourite store in a bid to stop the sale of foie gras. The 61-year-old beauty has backed calls from Sir Roger Moore and The Mentalist star Owain Yeoman for chiefs at London's Fortnum & Mason to remove the controversial pate, made from the livers of ducks and geese, from the shop's shelves... (story)

North Devon Journal 23.6.11 Opposing mega-dairy - IN response to your article "Dairy farm boss welcomes WI's move" (Thursday, June 16), I would like to clarify that Compassion in World Farming opposes "mega-dairies", like the one that Peter Willes was proposing at Nocton, on grounds of animal welfare issues... PAT THOMAS, Campaign Projects Manager, Compassion in World Farming (letter)

Farmers Guardian 23.6.11 Welfare campaigners target live exports again - ANIMAL welfare protestors are gearing up for a renewed assault on a familiar theme – the export of live animals. At a meeting in Ramsgate, in Kent, last Friday, local residents and animal welfare campaigners agreed to step up their campaign against a single ferry that for the past months or has been transporting calves and sheep across the Channel to Calais... (story)


West Briton 22.6.11 Down Your Way – West Briton ... Cury Hunt's quiz evening will be on Friday, July 8, at 8pm... (story)

Telegraph 22.6.11 Fox bit sleeping student after sneaking in through cat flap - A fox bit a sleeping student's face after sneaking into his London home through a cat flap and climbing three storeys to his attic bedroom. Exchange student Mario Castilli was asleep on the third floor of the house in Stockwell on Sunday morning when he was bitten on the right eyelid.... (story)
Evening Standard 22.6.11 Fox bites student sleeping in attic - Rob Parsons - A student asleep in his attic bedroom woke up in horror from the pain of a fox biting him on his right eyelid. It is believed the animal followed a cat through the cat flap. It went three floors up to the top of the house in Stockwell before biting 24-year-old Mario Castilli... (story)
Telegraph 21.6.11 The urban fox that stole in and bit a sleeper - Two years ago a fox came into our house in Stockwell during the night and destroyed clothes and shoes (Letters, February 26, 2009). On Saturday night, a fox got into our house by chasing a cat through a cat flap. It ran upstairs to our attic and savagely bit the face of someone who was sleeping... Ursula Keeling, London SW9 (letter)

BBC News Online 22.6.11 Rock star Brian May applauds Wales badger cull review - Rock star Brian May has welcomed a Welsh Government decision to put controversial plans for a badger cull in Wales on hold pending a review. The Queen guitarist and badger campaigner said he applauded the "courage" of Environment Minister John Griffiths in announcing the move.... (story)
Western Telegraph 22.6.11 Welsh Government delays badger cull decision - The Welsh Government's decision to delay the cull of badgers in Wales has been welcomed by animal campaigners, while farmers and landowners have reacting angrily to the news.... (story)
Daily Post 22.6.11 Ministers accused of delaying tactics after badger culls are shelved by Andrew Forgrave, DPW West - WELSH farming was yesterday plunged into depression after ministers shelved plans for a pilot cull of badgers in west Wales. Environment minister John Griffiths confirmed the industry’s worst fears by sanctioning a scientific review of the Welsh Government’s bovine TB strategy... (story)
Guardian 22.6.11 Welsh badger cull halted - Welsh environment minister, John Griffiths, orders review of tactics to control bovine TB - Steven Morris - Plans for a badger cull in Wales are on hold while a review looks into the best ways of tackling bovine TB... (story)
BBC News Online 21.6.11 No cull of badgers in Wales during scientific review - Controversial plans for a badger cull in west Wales have been put on hold while a review is carried out. The Labour-run Welsh Government says an independent panel of experts will examine the science involved.... (story)
Western Mail 21.6.11 Welsh Government scraps plan to cull badgers to combat bovine TB - Matt Withers, Senedd Correspondent - Plans to trap and slaughter badgers in Wales have been put on hold. Environment Minister John Griffiths yesterday announced a scientific review of the controversial cull, a move that was swiftly denounced by the farming unions and welcomed by the Badger Trust. Mr Griffiths said the review showed a commitment to take a science-led approach to tackling bovine TB, which affects both badgers and cattle.... (story)
Daily Post 21.6.11 Ministers shelve Welsh badger cull By Andrew Forgrave, Rural Affairs Editor - WELSH farming was today plunged into depression after ministers shelved plans for a pilot cull of badgers in west Wales. Environment minister John Griffiths confirmed the industry’s worst fears by sanctioning a scientific review of the Welsh Government’s bovine TB strategy.... (story)

Guardian 22.6.11 Circus animal vote - Today, the first "votable" debate on the use of wild animals in travelling circuses in England takes place in parliament.... A ban is long overdue, and we ask MPs to attend this debate and vote on behalf of the majority of their constituents who support a ban. Virginia McKenna Co-founder and trustee, Born Free Foundation Marc Bekoff Patron, Captive Animals' Protection Society Jay Kay Patron, Captive Animals' Protection Society Jenny Seagrove Trustee, Born Free Foundation Helen Worth Patron, Born Free Foundation (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 22.6.11 Stars call on animal circus ban - Ricky Gervais and Brian May are among the celebrities who have signed an open letter to the the Prime Minister urging the Government to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. The letter's signatories also include actor Brian Blessed, designer Meg Mathews and broadcaster Mark Radcliffe.... (story)
Yorkshire Post 10.6.11 Blessed backs call to ban circus animals - Campaigners including comedian Ricky Gervais and actor Brian Blessed have called for a ban on using wild animals in circuses... Charity Animal Defenders International (ADI) has enlisted celebrity support in writing an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron... (story)

Independent 22.6.11 Final push for circus animals campaign - Thousands appeal to MPs to back ban on cruelty in crucial Commons vote tomorrow By Martin Hickman - Emails from thousands of supporters of the protest group 38 Degrees flooded into MPs' inboxes yesterday, as intense lobbying to win a Commons vote tomorrow on wild animals in circuses entered the final few hours.... (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 22.6.11 Circus ban debate - David Bowles, director of communications, RSPCA, Wilberforce Way, Southwater (letter)
Sheffield Star 21.6.11 Support ban of circus animals - The RSPCA is writing to ask for urgent support to encourage your local MP to attend a debate and vote for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.... David Bowles, RSPCA director of communications (letter)

Ellesmore Port Pioneer 22.6.11 Animal circus by Rake pub in Ellesmere Port sparks protests by Laurie Stocks-Moore, Ellesmere Port Pioneer - PROTESTERS against an animal circus in Ellesmere Port ended up in heated row with show organisers. A small group of animal rights campaigners from Cheshire and Wirral gathered close to the circus on land next to The Rake pub, Rake Lane, during its five-day stay.... The Rake, a Greene King pub, stepped in to allow use of their land and when protesters gathered - a row erupted with pub staff. Katherine Green, of Wirral, said: “We are a group of peaceful protesters. There’s always aggression toward protestors.... (story)


Express 21.6.11 ANGLER’S DEATH: MAN IS CHARGED - A MAN appeared in court yesterday charged with the murder of a father of five during a local fishing competition. Anthony Ogburne is accused of pushing angler Harry Morris, 57, into a canal.... (story)
Runcorn & Widnes Weekly News 20.6.11 Widnes murder suspect to be charged after body found in Sankey Canal by Oliver Clay, Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News - A WIDNES man has been charged with murdering an angler whose body was pulled from a Warrington canal on Saturday. Anthony Ogburn, 40, is accused of killing Harry Morris, 57, of Warrington. Mr Morris’s corpse was found in Sankey Canal in Sankey Valley Park, Warrington, shortly after 11am on Saturday.... (story)
Liverpool Daily Post 20.6.11 Murder investigation after fisherman killed during St Helens canal angling competition - A MAN was being questioned on suspicion of murder last night, after an angler was allegedly pushed into a canal during a fishing competition. Police recovered the body of Harry Morris, 57, from the St Helens canal, in Great Sankey Valley Park, near Warrington, on Saturday morning.... (story)
Mail 19.6.11 Father-of-five drowned by stranger who pushed him into canal and held him under water at fishing competition - Forty-year-old man held on suspicion of murder - Police are questioning a man today after an angler was drowned by a stranger who allegedly pushed him into a canal and held him under water during a fishing competition. The 40-year-old was arrested on suspicion of murder over the death of father-of-five Harry Morris.... The killer was said to have sat behind the victim on a bench before suddenly shoving him into the canal and then jumping in to hold him under... (story)


Leicester Mercury 21.6.11 Animal rights protesters in calls to close kennels - More than 100 animal rights activists joined a protest march to stop a company breeding and selling dogs and other animals for use in medical experiments. The National Anti-Vivisection Alliance is campaigning to shut down Harlan, in Belton, near Loughborough.... March organiser Luke Steele said the alliance plans to stage demonstrations outside the building once or twice a month, calling on the company to close its kennels and hand over the beagles for rehoming.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 15.6.11 Vivisection opponents to hold march - The National Anti-Vivisection Alliance is planning a march to protest against the use of beagles in experiments. The alliance has stepped up its campaign to close Harlan, a company located near Loughborough, which breeds dogs and other animals that are sold to companies for experiments. The group will be in Loughborough town centre on Saturday and the protesters will begin their march at noon, in Southfields Park... (story)
Leicester Mercury 27.4.11 Protesters set up camp outside animal lab in Leicestershire By Tom Mack - Protesters have set up camp outside a laboratory that breeds beagles and other animals for scientific experiments. Members of the National Anti-Vivisection Alliance from all over the country began arriving outside Harlan UK in Belton, near Loughborough, on Easter Monday. There are about a dozen protesters camped in Dodgeford Lane, which leads up to the fenced-off compound. Alliance spokesman Luke Steel, 21, from Leeds, said yesterday: "We're going to stay as long as we can and there will be more coming to take part.... (story)

Yorkshire Post 21.6.11 Charity plea over rabbit farming By Chris Benfield - RABBIT meat could be coming from animals reared in cages tighter than those being outlawed for hens, according to campaigners.... Philip Kerry of T&S Nurseries, based at Grantham, Lincs, wants to farm rabbits for meat and fur... But when it emerged that Mr Kerry had half a dozen similar planning applications in progress, animal welfarists came forward to object... Angelique Davies, UK spokeswoman for a charity called Four Paws, said: “We would like everybody who might buy rabbit meat to be conscious of the risk of supporting the worst kind of factory farming.”... (story)

Independent 21.6.11 Ministers move to block debate on circus animals By Andrew Grice, Political Editor, and Martin Hickman - The Speaker of the Commons, John Bercow, is being urged by MPs not to allow the Government to block demands for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.... (story)

Derby Telegraph 21.6.11 It is barbaric to put down dog because of its breed - HUMANS are supposed to be the cruellest animal on this planet. A recent example of this was shown, not in a far away country, but here in a Derby court, concerning a certain alleged breed of dog and its legalised demise... No healthy animal should be destroyed simply because of its breed or pedigree. Isn't this similar to what happened to a certain group of people in Germany during the Second World War?... Joe Coleman Tewkesbury Crescent Chaddesden (letter)

NewsLite 21.6.11 PETA wants to cage the Trafalgar Square lions - Animal rights group PETA have said they would like to see giant cages erected around the famous lion statues in Trafalgar Square. In a letter to the Greater London Authority the organisation say the addition of cages at the landmark would draw attention to the misery endured by animals used in circuses.... (story)

Dundee Courier 21.6.11 Lipizzaner horses no comparison - I must take exception to your editorial (June16) suggesting the use of horses as performing circus animals could be acceptable as they are not wild in the sense of lions and tigers, and quoting the case of the Lipizzaner horses from Vienna.... Your editorial is outdated and out of touch with the vast majority of the British public, who support a complete ban on all performing animals in circuses... Ronald Oliver. 4 Lethnot Street, Broughty Ferry (letter)


Yorkshire Post 20.6.11 Laying video traps for the raptor persecutors - North Yorkshire is top of the UK league for the illegal killing of birds of prey. Roger Ratcliffe reports. Catching someone in the act of deliberately killing a bird like a peregrine or a goshawk used to be unheard of... Hidden video cameras are now being used to ensnare some of the gamekeepers engaged in the slaughter. Last week a covert filming operation by the RSPB led to the conviction of a gamekeeper at Chesterfield Magistrates Court.... (story)

Western Mail 20.6.11 Care for race horses - We see the celebrities and the rest parading around Royal Ascot in their fine clothes but not a thought is given to the welfare of the horses taking part... RAY REES, Margam, Port Talbot (letter)

Independent 20.6.11 The dramatic growth of antibiotics in farm animals poses a serious threat to human health. The real problem is the massive growth in demand for meat.... Nitin Mehta, Croydon, Surrey (letter)

Northern Echo 20.6.11 RSPCA appeal - THE RSPCA is writing to ask for urgent support to encourage your local MP to attend a debate and vote for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses on Thursday, June 23... David Bowles, RSPCA director of communications. (story)


Southern Reporter 19.6.11 Campaigners call on BHA to be stripped of regulatory role over racehorse deaths - ANIMAL welfare campaigners have called on the British Horseracing Authority to be stripped of its responsibility for the well-being of racehorses due to the number of animals being killed on British racecourses such as the one at Kelso. Since the launch of Animal Aid’s Racehorse Deathwatch website just over four years ago, more than 700 horses have been killed on UK racecourses... (story)
Middlesbrough Evening Gazette 17.6.11 Closure debate after Sedgefield Racecourse horse deaths by Krysta Eaves, Evening Gazette - THREE horses died at Sedgefield Racecourse this week.... It led Animal Aid, the UK’s largest animal rights group, to claim Sedgefield was Britain’s “deadliest racecourse”... (story)
Peterlee Mail 16.6.11 Call to close course after three horses die - AN animal rights group is calling for a racecourse to be closed down after three horses had to be destroyed after falling. Animal Aid has labelled Sedgefield Racecourse “Britain’s most lethal” following Monday’s deaths, along with Cheltenham Racecourse... (story)
Northern Echo 15.6.11 Calls to close Sedgefield Racecourse after three horses destroyed after falls By Chris Fay - A RACECOURSE in the North-East has regained its reputation as one of Britain's deadliest after three racehorses were injured on Monday and had to be destroyed... Dene Stansall, a horse racing consultant for Animal Aid, has called for Sedgefield to be shut down and the introduction of industry-wide independent regulation... (story)


Hull Daily Mail 18.6.11 Pet shop customers sign petition over RSPCA action - DOZENS of customers have signed a petition in support of a pet shop owner under investigation by the RSPCA. As previously reported in the Mail, 32 rabbits and 18 guinea pigs were removed from Randa Pets in Holderness Road, east Hull, by the RSPCA at the beginning of the month... But owner Ray Scott, who has run the shop for 12 years, claimed the animals had not been mistreated. Now, he has collected a petition with signatures from 41 customers in a bid to clear his name.... He said: "We have never had any problems in this shop and it's great that our customers have come out in support of us. I want the animals back – the RSPCA hasn't been in contact, so I have no idea what is going on..... (story)


Tamworth Herald 17.6.11 All the fun of the country fair - VISITORS to Clifton Campville dodged the showers as this year's country fair got underway.... Warwickshire beagles and the Atherstone Hunt also made appearances, while the Nuneaton Dog Training Club showed just how obedient their pooches were.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 17.6.11 The Hunting Act must be enforced - WHEN the government is preoccupied with economic recession and such major issues as the future of the NHS, and 76 per cent of the population support the ban on fox hunting, can the pro-hunting minority honestly expect to get their own way by defying reasonable legislation to protect wildlife?... Katherine Watson, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire (letter)

Liverpool Daily Post 17.6.11 Stop the whipping - THERE was a classic case this week regarding horses being whipped. The RSPCA was there to see it, and it is seen at all the race meetings... Geoff Hillyard, via email (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 17.6.11 EXCLUSIVE: Beagle breeding firm to appeal planning rejection - A BEAGLE breeding company is pledging to fight on after its plans for expansion were thrown out. Animal rights protesters were celebrating after East Riding Council's planning committee rejected B&K Universal's application to breed up to 2,000 dogs for scientific experiments. However, B&K Universal general manager Roy Sutcliffe has vowed to fight on to secure permission for their expansion... (story)
Hull Daily Mail 17.6.11 Councillor Peter Turner, representing the Mid-Holderness Ward. THE planning committee can only accept items of planning law. That's why we're concerned about the road access.... My concern is solely for the residents of Holderness, that's why I spoke at the meeting. All the campaigning has just confused the issue... If the campaigners want to get that law changed, there is no point in them getting on to local councils. There is no point in them trying to intimidate and harass people who have no input whatsoever into that argument (story)
BBC News Online 17.6.11 Yorkshire beagle breeding expansion plans rejected - Plans to extend an East Yorkshire centre which breeds dogs for research have been rejected.... East Riding Council said concerns over traffic were behind the refusal. B&K Universal declined to comment following the decision... (story)
Hull Daily Mail 16.6.11 Beagle farm plan turned down by East Riding Council - A PLAN to build a new beagle breeding facility to provide dogs for animal experiments has been refused by East Riding Council... Councillors rejected the application, saying the company had provided insufficient information about how it would minimise traffic congestion during the 18-month construction phase. (story)
Hull Daily Mail 16.6.11 'Animal testing is cruel and has very few human benefits' - Dr Haris Livas-Dawes, of Hull, is a welfare and environmental activist - THE recent Mail article on the planned upgrade of facilities for a supplier of beagles for experiments rightly pointed out that animal-lovers are up in arms, as well they should be... Beagles are the chosen dog for medical experiments because of their placid nature, but horrible experiments take place daily in notorious labs such as Huntingdon Life Sciences or the vivisection labs in universities, including Oxford....(story)
Hull Daily Mail 14.6.11 Animal rights security warning for councillors over beagle farm - EAST Riding councillors have been warned to tighten personal security ahead of a crunch meeting to consider controversial beagle farm plans. Campaigners opposed to animal experiments are objecting to plans to rebuild a beagle farm at Grimston, Holderness.... But animal rights campaigner Deborah Minns, 43, has accused the council of over-reacting and treating protestors like terrorists... "I am a professional businesswoman and to have people look at me as some kind of terrorist makes me feel violated..." (story)
Yorkshire Post 11.6.11 Protesters scenting victory as beagle farm faces refusal - Anti-vivisectionists may have won the battle over building bigger facilities for breeding beagles in East Yorkshire. Planners at East Riding Council are recommending refusal of controversial plans for the Marshall Farms facility at Grimston which have received thousands of objections.... (story)
BBC News Online 6.6.11 Yorkshire protests over beagle breeding expansion plan - Residents and animal welfare campaigners are protesting against the expansion of a beagle breeding centre which provides dogs for animal experiments. B&K Universal, based in in the village of Grimston, is seeking planning permission to redevelop its facilities..... The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) said it had submitted an objection to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, raising the complaints of local residents, as well as scientific arguments against the use of animals in laboratory testing. Luke Steele from NAVS claimed the proposed facility would house up to 2,500 dogs and be the largest beagle breeding centre in the UK... (story)
Hull Daily Mail 6.6.11 'We don't want a beagle farm here': Protest over plans for breeding facility - ANTI-ANIMAL cruelty campaigners have promised to demonstrate against a proposed beagle farm in the East Riding until the plans are dropped. The National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA) was joined by protestors from across the country outside Beverley's County Hall to protest against plans to re-launch breeding facilities at Grimston, in Holderness... Luke Steele, NAVA spokesperson, said: "We just want to highlight the plans to local people and raise awareness of what is going on... Waving banners carrying a range of slogans including 'Don't Let Grimston Be Grim' and 'Vivisection is Scientific Fraud', the campaigners handed out petitions listing objections to the plans.... One of the campaigners, Deborah Minns, 43, lives five minutes from the site of the planned farm...(story)
Hull Daily Mail 2.6.11 Beagle farm demo - BEVERLEY: Animal experiment objectors will protest at county hall on Saturday against a plan for a beagle breeding farm. The National Anti-Vivisection Alliance is objecting to an application by B&K Universal to demolish its existing facility at Grimston, Holderness, and build new units for breeding dogs... (story)
Hull & East Riding Mail 24.5.11 Animal rights activists warn of mass demos over beagle farm plans By Jon Townend - ANTI-animal cruelty campaigners are warning of mass demonstrations if plans to relaunch a beagle farm in the East Riding are approved. The National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA) has written to planners spelling out the likely public disorder if B&K Universal is allowed to renew its breeding facilities at Grimston in Holderness... In his objection letter, NAVA chairman Luke Steele says: “Large-scale protests and marches on a frequent basis cost a large amount of financing and resources to police.. Mr Steele said the “broad range of tactics” used by the animal rights movement would make policing even more difficult and warned illegal activity by organisations like the Animal Liberation Front would be likely.... (story)
Hull & East Riding Mail 20.5.11 Millions of animals still suffering - REGARDING the letter from Patricia Burman about the proposed rebuild of B&K Universal. I totally agree with everything she says. Testing on beagles has been happening for decades, millions of animals suffer in the name of medical research... Kim Hepple, Seafield Avenue, Hull (story)
Hull & East Riding Mail 13.5.11 Worry about the animals - WITH regard to your article of May 3 "Protests at animal testing will deter tourists". I find it sad that the people of Grimston are content for animals to be bred for cruel and misleading experi- ments, while their only concerns are how the inevitable protests will impact on tourism... James Davis, Gisburn Road, Skipton (story)
Yorkshire Post 3.5.11 Protests at animal testing ‘will deter tourists’ - Local residents who object to the redevelopment of an East Yorkshire centre which will breed animals for testing say they fear a repeat of demonstrations which it has attracted in the past. People living near Grimston, on the East Coast of Yorkshire, where US-based Marshall BioResources wants to revamp the old B&K Universal facility, believe there’s “every chance” protesters will beat a path to the village, and say that could have a detrimental impact on tourism.... The local objections follow complaints from around the globe sparked by a call by the National Anti-Vivisection Alliance to oppose the “Marshall UK Beagle Factory.”... (story)
Hull Daily Mail 28.4.11 Holderness firm defends plan to breed beagles for animal testing - A CONTROVERSIAL company hoping to breed beagles for scientific research says it will save lives. The general manager of B&K Universal also warned jobs will go if permission is declined.... The application has sparked protest with militant campaigners against the plans targeting Grimston as they have similar institutions around the country.... (story)
Hull & East Riding Mail 27.4.11 Calls for closure of animal testing firm - ANIMAL-lovers are opposing plans to restart a programme of breeding dogs in the East Riding for scientific research. B&K Universal, which supplies beagles for animal experiments, stopped breeding them last year because the facilities in Grimston, Holderness, were inadequate. The company, owned by US-based Marshall Bio Resources, has applied for planning permission to upgrade its operation, demolishing existing buildings and building new ones. Campaigner Penny Holt, of Cranswick, near Driffield, has pledged to oppose the move, saying: "Animal experiments are very cruel, they're barbaric and it's not scientific... (story)

Your Thanet 17.6.11 MEP demands end to live animal exports through Port of Ramsgate - Kent Euro MP Peter has called for an end to live animal exports to Europe through the Port of Ramsgate. Mr Skinner said: "Science shows that long distance transport too often causes unnecessary suffering to the lambs and calves... (story)

West Sussex County Times 17.6.11 Mental torment of lives in circus - IT IS always a great disappointment to me that so many people either don’t know or don’t care about the degree of psychological depravation, mental torment and physical abuse that circus animals endure all their sad lives.... KEVIN DEGENHARD, Plovers Road, Horsham (story)

Independent 17.6.11 27,000 sign wild animal circus ban petition By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent - Almost 27,000 have signed The Independent’s online petition calling for the Government to ban wild animals in circuses, pushing it within a few thousand of its target.... (story)


Cornishman 16.6.11 Horse show Sunday - ONE of the west Cornwall equine community's most popular shows, the Penzance Horse Show, takes place this Sunday... The programme includes a huge variety of showjumping and fun classes. There is also a parade of hounds of the Western Hunt, dog show, plenty of trade stands, a bar and refreshments.... (story)

Farmers Weekly 16.6.11 Call for action on drought and food security - Johann Tasker - Shadow DEFRA secretary Mary Creagh has called on the government to reassure farmers and consumers it has robust plans in place to deal with drought.... Lord Gardiner, who is also executive director of the Countryside Alliance,tabled a question in the House of Lords on Tuesday (14 June).... (story)
MSN News 15.6.11 Lords call for National water grid - The Government should consider a "national grid" for water to help deal with dry spells, a Tory ex-minister has said. Lord Glenarthur's comments come after a state of drought was last week declared in parts of England following the driest spring on record.... And Tory Lord Gardiner of Kimble, a director of the Countryside Alliance, said that despite recent rain the "situation particularly in central and eastern England remains severe"... (story)

Dundee Courier 16.6.11 Campaigners ask public to boycott Bobby Roberts Super Circus - Animal rights campaigners are urging the public to boycott a circus being staged in Perth. Bobby Roberts Super Circus, which was at the centre of a scandal involving the mistreatment of an elderly Asian elephant, still has a number of horses in its show. The circus say they "completely reject" any suggestion the horses come to any harm as a result of their involvement and hope the public will make up their own minds on the issue. "Making animals travel long distances, suffer confinement and often intensive training methods, and perform meaningless tricks for entertainment is a thing of the past," said Libby Anderson, policy director at OneKind.... (story)


Carmarthen Journal 15.6.11 Fair pulls out all the stops to mark 25th anniversary - A FANTASTIC array of country pursuits, aeronautical displays and daredevil stunts will be on show this weekend. The Welsh Game Fair, which takes place at Gelli Aur near Llandeilo, aims to demonstrate the fun side of game sports and rural pursuits.... (story)
ThisIsSouthWales 1.6.11 Countdown to big show - WITH less than a month to go until the annual Welsh Game Fair in Golden Grove, organisers have said they're all set for another fantastic event. Wales's Premier Game and Country Fair takes place on Saturday and Sunday, June 18 and 19 at Gelli Aur near Llandeilo.... (story)

Express 15.6.11 DUSTBIN CHAOS ON THE WAY - THE spectre of every household losing its weekly bin collection was raised yesterday after ministers ran up the white flag on rubbish.... The Countryside Alliance’s Alice Barnard said: “This report misses the likely consequences of retaining fortnightly collections in the countryside: a higher incidence of fly-tipping for which prosecution levels are pitiful.”... (story)
Yorkshire Post 15.6.11 Fly-tipping fears over U-turn on weekly bin collections - THE countryside could face a surge in fly-tipping as a result of the Government’s failure to meet its pledge on weekly bin collections, campaigners have warned... But while some environmental groups welcomed the announcement, believing it will encourage recycling, the Countryside Alliance fears that some will simply dump rubbish in rural areas.... (story)
Wast Management Review 16.6.11 Waste Review: Industry Perspectives and Comments - Debate has raged following the UK government's publication of the long awaited Waste Review, in which it unveiled its intention to adopt a light touch approach to achieving its goal of a 'zero waste economy'. ... However, National Fly-tipping Prevention Group member, the Countryside Alliance has criticised the minimal attention given to tackling the scourge of fly-tipping, despite the maintenance of fortnightly bin collections.... (story)

Rochdale News 15.6.11 Time to stop testing of cosmetics on animals – Rochdale MEP - A Rochdale Euro-MP is insisting that all use of animals for testing cosmetic products must end within two years.... Rochdale Liberal Democrat Chris Davies MEP helped to negotiate the original legislation. He says that there should be no relaxation of the ban.... (story)

Bournemouth Echo 15.6.11 PETA offer reward to find Ringwood cat attacker By Julie Magee - AN animal rights organisation is offering a reward of up to £1,000 in a bid to track down a cruel attacker who shot a cat in the eye with an airgun. Nine-month-old tabby Rosebud survived the sickening attack in May but needed surgery to have her right eye removed. Her shocked owner Mike Lavelle, 45, told the Daily Echo how he believed someone had deliberately aimed the gun at Rosebud’s eye before firing at close range.... Now People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for her injuries... (story)

Champion News 15.6.11 Southport activists urge royal couple not to visit rodeo by Natasha Young - A SOUTHPORT animal rights group has written to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, urging them not to visit the “cruel” Calgary Stampede rodeo during their forthcoming visit to Canada. Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (FAACE), based on Shakespeare Street, sent a letter and a DVD of the “typical treatment of animals in North American rodeos” to Prince William and Catherine, as they get set for their first official overseas trip as a married couple at the end of the month. Activist Tony Moore, the chairman of FAACE, said the letter was sent two weeks ago, following national newspaper reports that the royal newlyweds would visit the event during their tour... (story)


Western Daily Press 14.6.11 Alliance bid to get young shooting - The West’s £70 million a year shooting industry faces a ‘demographic timebomb’ with a generation finding it hard to get into the sport. That was the warning from the Countryside Alliance as they launched a national survey to discover how many youngsters are coming into shooting and why more children aren’t taking it up... (story)

Derby Telegraph 14.6.11 Gamekeeper found guilty of trying to trap and kill birds of prey - Julie_Bayley - A gamekeeper has been found guilty of attempting to illegally trap and kill birds of prey. Glenn Brown was convicted yesterday at Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire Magistrate’s Court following a 10-day trial... (story)
BBC New Online 13.6.11 Derbyshire gamekeeper guilty of trapping birds of prey - A gamekeeper working on National Trust land has been found guilty of illegally trapping birds of prey in the Peak District. Glenn Brown, 39, of Upper Derwent Valley, was filmed using a cage with a live pigeon to catch a sparrowhawk. Chesterfield Magistrate's Court heard Brown, of Old Henry's Schoolhouse in Upper Derwent Valley, trapped the birds to protect grouse where he worked.... (story)

Hull Daily Mail 14.6.11 We must move medicine testing into the 21st century By Kathy Archibald, director of the Safer Medicines Campaign: THE Safer Medicines Campaign is an independent patient safety organisation of doctors and scientists whose concern is whether animal testing is more harmful than helpful to public health and safety... It is a cruel irony that side effects of prescription medicines designed to help us are now a leading cause of death, hospitalising a million Britons, killing more than 10,000 and costing the NHS £2 billion every year... as Safer Medicines patron, actor and thalidomider Mat Fraser points out: "Animal testing makes all of us guinea pigs."... (story)

Dorset Echo 14.6.11 Sanctuary director in scathing attack By Andy Martin - Monkey World director Dr Alison Cronin has launched a stinging attack on the research of a visiting American academic and has urged students in the south to boycott her lecture. The University of Portsmouth is hosting a visit on Wednesday by Professor Sally Boysen from the Department of Psychology at Ohio State University. Her lecture on ‘chimpanzee intelligence’ is the result of 35 years of researching the creatures, say university chiefs. But Dr Cronin says such research is unnecessary and has been conducted at the expense of orphaned chimpanzees that have been removed from their mothers at birth and are then trained to participate in sign language and cognitive experiments.... (story)

Argus 14.6.11 Howl about it - WHY is it when a circus comes to town with performing animals, people – quite rightly – get angry. Yet, when they see a dog performing on TV they think it’s great.... Shirley Reeve, Capel Avenue, Peacehaven (letter)


Independent 13.6.11 Prince Philip has been lauded this past week as if he were some kind of saint. It is a pity none of the commentators and MPs offering sycophantic praise spared a thought for the countless wild animals shot, hunted and snared in the name of "sport" by the Duke, who refers to people who have compassion for animals as "bunny huggers".... Chris Gale , Chippenham, Wiltshire (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 13.6.11 Not so wild about this delay - In a parliamentary debate, speaker after speaker called on the Government to bring about, without delay, a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. Answering for the Government, James Paice, the Minister for Agriculture said a more effective way forward was to licence and regulate... Meanwhile, wild animals are still in beast-wagons, still being trained and still performing. Welcome to the 21st Century. Will Travers, via email (letter)

South Wales Echo 13.6.11 Intensive dairy farming dangers - THE World Society for the Protection of Animals’ (WSPA) Not In My Cuppa campaign continues to call for UK mega-dairy proposals to be permanently shelved... Simon Pope, Head of External Affairs, WSPA UK (story)


Scotland on Sunday 12.6.11 Letter: Highest level of avian predators - ONE needs to be careful when suggesting peer reviewed science has revealed raptor predation effects as "rural myths" (Debate, 29 May). The serious negative impacts of raptors on grey partridge and red grouse are also matters of peer reviewed research. As far back as the mid-1970s it was known that over a third of fledgling tits could be predated by sparrowhawks and that within 60 metres of sparrowhawk nests success of nest boxes was reduced... Dr Adam Smith, Director, Scotland Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Scone (letter)


Telegraph 11.6.11 Hunting Act being used to protect rats - ‘Farcical’ laws brought in to stop hunting of foxes are being used to stop people setting dogs on other animals like rats. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - The Hunting Act was introduced in 2005 to stop the ancient blood sport of hunting foxes with hounds. However the latest figures show that just one person convicted under the legislation last year was registered with a hunt. Many of the 36 convictions were to punish people in rural or semi-rural areas setting more than one dog on rats. Poachers were also convicted under the Act for using dogs to bring down deer... Over the last five years, just six of the 181 convictions under the Act were associated with organised hunts. Alice Barnard, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, pointed out that police could control poaching and animal cruelty under existing laws.... However Steve Taylor of the League Against Cruel Sports said the statistics prove the Act is working by forcing hunts to follow the law and restrain hounds from killing foxes... (story)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 11.6.11 Burbage couple air fears of fox attack By Nigel Kerton - Grandparents John and Judy Price have issued a warning to other families because they believe a fox was prowling by a rooflight window beneath which their two-year-old granddaughter Marianna was sleeping... (story)

Leicester Mercury 11.6.11 Have carnivores been silenced? - Since the letter of support I had from Justin Kerswell, campaigns manager of Viva!... there has been a deafening silence from Wendy Warren and David Hankey – and Daphne Wells, for that matter. I wonder why? Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 28.5.11 If you care, don't eat animals - Wendy Warren ("Emotive views on factory farming", Mercury, May 3) is seemingly attempting to whitewash the reality of farming of animals today in Britain.... Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager, Bristol. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 19.5.11 We've been meat eaters since the earliest times - In response to Mrs E Allison's somewhat repetitive contributions to your columns, I should like to add a few points. If everyone were to become vegetarian cruelty to animals might certainly be reduced, since there would be no livestock animals... Jean Cloud, Oadby. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 18.5.11 Good reasons for a veggie diet - In response to Daphne Wells... I advise Daphne to read The China Study, by Dr Colin T Campbell, ex-farmer, now vegan and biomedical researcher, to learn about an ex-dairy farmer, now vegetarian, who runs a successful stock-free farm.... In response to Wendy Warren ("Animals' lives are short and carefree", Mailbox, May 13), the number of animals saved in one person's lifetime by going veggie is an average of: 1,158 chickens, four cattle, 18 pigs, 23 sheep, 39 turkeys, 28 ducks, one rabbit and 2,750 fish!... Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.5.11 Putting veggie to the test - I feel I must once more lock horns (pardon the pun) with Mrs Allison (at risk of another mauling), to inform her that "livestock" and "deadstock"' are common parlance in the agricultural world (Mailbox, May 7). And 10 out of 10 animals canvassed as to whether they were offended by the terms, did not understand the question... Accept a challenge – to produce two weeks worth of nutritionally balanced, appetising, varied, vegetarian menus that use no imported food. This will therefore exclude all soya products, lentils, chickpeas, rice and the like... Mrs Daphne Wells, Cosby (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.5.11 Animals' lives are short and carefree - The last line of Mrs Allison's letter leads me to think that she is a vegan... However, as usual, Mrs Allison doesn't think through her arguments. I quote her: "Their (the animals') most basic interest is no different from ours – to continue to live." First, they enjoy their lives while they live and have no prior knowledge of their impending death. To imagine that any such thoughts cast a shadow over their lives is romantic nonsense... Wendy Warren, South Kilworth (letter)
Leicester Mercury 7.5.11 Animals have a right to life, too - I have no doubt that Wendy Warren reared her "livestock" – why not say animals? – "to the highest standards" ("Emotive views on factory farming", Mailbox, May 3). It is mainly through the determination of animal welfare organisations that many cruel practices and appalling conditions have been revealed.... Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 3.5.11 Emotive views on factory farming - I seem to remember – it seems like yesterday but it's probably longer – Mrs Allison mounting her factory-farming high horse and quoting previously the statistic "two out of three animals reared for food are factory-farmed". Very emotive stuff! It gets people thinking that two-thirds of all the cattle, sheep and pigs that we eat are intensively reared, which is not the case... Wendy Warren, South Kilworth (letter)
Leicester Mercury 27.4.11 Only way to cut animal suffering - David Hankey denies using the Bible to defend his stance on meat-eating, but referring to God and creation sounds very much like a biblical reference to me... Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 20.4.11 Meat-eating: It's our choice - V H Sheppard's comments in reply to my letter regarding the berating of meat-eaters is so wide of the mark it makes unbelievable reading ("Genesis of vegetarianism", Mailbox, April 16). I have not used the Bible at all to defend by stance... I have no problem with anyone changing their habit and attitude; just don't expect everyone else to follow or preach to those who continue to enjoy a nutritious diet of their own choosing.... David Hankey, Great Easton. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 20.4.11 I'm no vulture - There are three creatures who eat carrion – vultures, coyotes and humans. Humans differ in that they eat only the flesh of vegetarian animals. I don't like to think of myself as on a par with vultures and coyotes, so I am a vegetarian. R D Whyard, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 16.4.11 Genesis of vegetarianism - David Hankey blasts Ms Allison in his letter "Stop berating meat-eaters" (Mailbox, April 13) by claiming "animals, in general, are farmed for human consumption... as it has been the way since God created the earth"... Animals were not handed over to humans to farm. Many modern-day Christians and scholars believe that the "dominion" given over animals in Genesis was intended as wise guardianship or stewardship, and, in fact, refers to caring for the natural environment as conservationists.... I decided to switch to a plant-based diet in 2006 and have never looked back. A vegan diet has been described as "the kind diet", I couldn't agree more! V H Sheppard, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.4.11 Stop berating meat-eaters! - Here we go again, having the views of Ms Allison (Mailbox, April 2) foisted upon us over farm animals. I and thousands of others like me will decide for ourselves on the choice of lifestyle we wish to adopt and we will not be "told" by any animal rights activists what is right or wrong.... David Hankey, Great Easton (letter)
Leicester Mercury 2.4.11 Stop this cruelty to farm animals - Animal Aid's undercover investigation into UK slaughterhouses found cruelty and law-breaking on a massive scale... There are two things Mercury readers can do to help. Call Animal Aid... And don't eat meat or at least reduce meat consumption.... Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)

Paisley Daily Express 11.6.11 Animal rights group urges Buddies to bin their burgers by Alison Rennie, Paisley Daily Express - BOSSES at an animal rights group have come up with a “moo-ving” way to urge burger-loving Paisley people to bin their meat. The likes of sizzling steaks and bacon butties could be a thing of the past if the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) get their way. Now the group has written to Renfrewshire Council, asking for permission to place adverts on the sides of the local authority’s fleet of garbage trucks in a bid to get the message across that eating meat isn’t environmentally friendly.... (story)


Western Morning News 10.6.11 Hunter class horses win show crowd's support - The cheers from the ringside at the Royal Cornwall Show showed support for hunting in the countryside is still as strong as ever. A good crowd turned out to watch the popular local hunter class which saw 12 Cornish hunters, all keen to capture the prestigious title on home turf. It was Paul Bowden's bay gelding Brewin which gave a great gallop to catch the eye of judges Pippa Moon and Rosemary King to stand top of the line-up... "It's his first time in a county showring, so we are delighted with him," said Paul who has done 26 seasons with the Four Burrow... Other Cornish hunts made their presence known in the line-up with the bay mare, One Vision, of the North Cornwall filling second place with Michelle Sanders. Katie Hurst and Lemon Twist flew the flag for The Western in third while it was back to the Four Burrow for fourth-placed Sue Brighty and Trenwheal Gollie... it was the winner of the previous class – Master Fiddler Look At Me, ridden by Howard Cooper – that claimed the title. The crowd showed their approval as the big grey, owned and bred by Margo Harwich, gave his victory gallop with Howard who whips-in with him for the Taunton Vale Foxhounds.... (story)

Tunbridge Wells Courier 10.6.11 heathfield show: Best of British - FROM piglets to ponies, trugs to tractors and ferrets to fly fishing the best of British was on display in all its glory at the Heathfield Show... Other crowd pleasers at the 64th annual show included the hunt display, ferret racing and vintage tractor parade.... (story)

Henley Standard 10.6.11 Give thought to wildlife - correspondent Michael Edwards did not make a very subtle attempt, let alone "much of a reason", for promoting hunting (Standard, May 27). No, Mr Edwards, that was not "a demonstration of how it can all work". It was not an act of compassion by that "smart, blonde lady in a convertible car" to make a phone call... hunters lack compassion... Perhaps one day aliens will invade our planet and perhaps they will enjoy hunting and killing humans for sport - keeping some for breeding stock and thus further sport. - Yours faithfully, Beatrice Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter on website for a week)
Henley Standard 27.5.11 Hunt to the rescue? - While I was travelling on the Goring to Cane End road on Tuesday, May 17, a large deer was involved in a traffic accident.... We called the RSPCA who said they would be a while attending. Then a smart, blonde lady in a convertible car who was passing stopped. She spoke to me, ascertained the situation and then made a call. Within minutes a local gamekeeper turned up and despatched the animal... When I asked the lady who she was, she replied an “ex-hunt master wo knows her gamekeepers”. Not much of a reason for promoting hunting, I know, but surely a quick demonstration of how it can all work... Michael Edwards, Reading Road, Shiplake (letter on website for a week)

Western Morning News 10.6.11 Frustrating delay to a cull - Countrymen and women will have already guessed that any likelihood of a badger cull this year to help reduce the incidence of bovine TB had almost disappeared... But Farming Minister Jim Paice, attending the opening day of the Royal Cornwall Show yesterday, was correct when he told farmers: "We are having to make absolutely sure we get it right. We only have this one opportunity." It now looks likely that after all the delays next month's announcement will be to call for a cull.... (story)

Guardian 10.6.11 Morrissey makes festival go meat-free - Singer persuades Lokerse Feesten in Belgium to embrace 'catering challenge' and go veggie on the day he performs - Sean Michaels - A Belgian music festival will go vegetarian for 24 hours to appease headliner Morrissey. Lokerse Feesten has banned meat from its food stalls on 4 August to celebrate the arrival of Manchester's most famous animal-rights activist... (story)


Horse & Hound 9.6.11 Setback to Irish hunt's plans to build new kennels - Anthony Garvey - One of Ireland's oldest hunts has suffered a major blow to their plans for a permanent home for their hounds. An application by the 150-year-old South Union Foxhounds to build kennels for 15 couple of hounds in the town of Carrigaline was given the go-ahead by Cork County Council in December 2010. But permission was revoked by the Irish planning appeals board on 14 May, following an objection... (story)

The Journal (Ireland) 9.6.11 Protest planned as blood-sports group shortlisted for award - AN ANIMAL RIGHTS campaign group is to protest at an upcoming awards ceremony because a group that advocates blood sports has been shortlisted for an award on the night. The pro-blood sports lobby group RISE (Rural Ireland Says Enough) says that rural Ireland now faces “a threat to a distinctive form of recreation”... However, the Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (CACS) says it is “appalled” that a group that advocates hunting animals for sport has been nominated for an award at the ‘PR Awards for Excellence’, being held on 17 June.... (story)

Farming UK 9.6.11 Game licences to be abolished in Northern Ireland - Licences to take or kill game and to sell or deal in game in Northern Ireland are set to be abolished.... The UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), welcomed the move.... (story)

Dundee Courier 9.6.11 Tip of a nasty iceberg - Unfair to accuse gamekeepers of wildlife crime, states Mr Hogg of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (June 6). The recent atrocious cases at Moy and Skibo estates illustrate a fraction of the persecution that is prevalent in our countryside... Keith Brockie. Fearnan, Perthshire (letter)
Dundee Courier 6.6.11 Unfair to accuse gamekeepers of wildlife crime - I was concerned to read the statements made by PC Bryan Prestwood, of Tayside Police, who attributed general blame for wildlife crime to gamekeepers and land managers... Tayside Police and the Scottish Gamekeepers Association are members of the Scottish Government's Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW) an organisation which is dedicated, among other things, to ending the illegal poisoning of raptors.... Alex Hogg.Chairman,Scottish Gamekeepers' Association,Arran Business Centre,Perth. (letter)

STV 9.6.11 Urban fox problems on the increase in Dundee - The number of fox-related calls received by council pest controllers has increased in the recent years. Pest controllers in Dundee are being called out to deal with an increasing number of urban fox problems in the city.... (story)


Leicester Mercury 8.6.11 Country fair - The Fernie country fair in Great Bowden, near Market Harborough, on Sunday will raise money for the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance. Last year saw record-breaking visitor numbers to the hunt's headquarters... (story)

BBC News Online 8.6.11 UK public opposed to badger cull, opinion poll suggests By Richard Black - A majority of Britons in both town and country oppose killing badgers to curb cattle tuberculosis, an opinion poll for the BBC suggests.... (story)


Northern Echo 7.6.11 Region sees increase in black grouse By Mark Foster - RESEARCH has revealed the future is finally looking better for a rare game bird – although it is still suffering mixed fortunes in the north of England.... Early morning spring counts by researchers from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust show bird numbers are gaining strength in its North Pennines and Yorkshire Dales stronghold... (story)

Scotsman 7.6.11 Letter: Bird boycott - I recently had another holiday in Scotland - my third visit this year - principally to do bird and wildlife watching.... I have always wanted to go bird watching in Malta and Cyprus, but have boycotted these islands on principal because of their hunting and persecution of birds ... On each visit to Scotland I learn of more illegal poisoning and persecution of raptors - including a major tourist attraction, the iconic golden eagle. I am beginning to think that my patronage of your tourist industry is somewhat hypocritical in view of my stance on the European countries I mentioned... P Bateson, Jowler, Halifax (letter)

Oxford Mail 7.6.11 This game is unfair - Mick Heavey (Oxford Mail letters, May 26) quotes the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, and asks if I could comment on the organisation. Before 2007, this group was called the Game Conservancy Trust. Its original name makes its purpose crystal clear – the conservation of game, for, of course, shooting... I would advise Mr Heavey to consult the website of Animal Aid, where he will see a deeply upsetting film of the rearing of game birds in horrible, cramped conditions... Penny Little, Back Way, Great Haseley (letter)
Oxford Mail 31.5.11 Defend game birds - WHAT an excellent letter from Susan Smith (Oxford Mail, May 25) regarding the ghastly slaughter of so-called ‘game birds’ by utterly selfish, uncaring humans.... BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter)
Oxford Mail 26.5.11 Trust is fair game - Penny Little’s comments, regarding ‘rural vandalism’ (Oxford Mail, May 13) about Larsen traps, appear at odds with the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, which describes itself as “the leading UK charity conducting scientific research to enhance the British countryside for public benefit.”... Perhaps Penny could comment with any known facts about this organisation.... Mick Heavey, Oxford Road, Old Marston, Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 25.5.11 Game bird cruelty - Congratulations to Penny Little for her exposure of the cruelty of the game bird industry... Susan Smith Banbury Road Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 13.5.11 Rural vandalism - On Saturday, as I walked my dogs... My joy at the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside did not last long. As I walked, a truck passed me. I recognised the gamekeeper driving slowly past. In the back of his truck was a Larsen trap, with a live magpie in it.... The countryside could be so much more consoling and rich if it were not for the callous and the stupid who seem hellbent on despoiling it. Penny Little, Great Haseley (letter)

Guardian 7.6.11 Environment white paper unveils plans for England's 'natural assets' - The government's vision for the natural environment over the next 50 years could lead to conflict with planning authorities - John Vidal, environment editor - A dozen new large-scale conservation areas, protection for ancient woods and nature ambassadors are needed to protect England's environment, the government said on Tuesday in the first natural environment white paper in nearly 20 years... The countryside alliance, said the government had missed a chance. "It has missed an opportunity to support the 'big society' that already exists in the countryside. Rural communities undertake hundreds of millions of pounds worth of unpaid conservation work each year for the benefit of all and the government should make it a priority to support them in this role... (story)

Yorkshire Post 7.6.11 Sarah Todd: Young hopes pinned to handsome veteran are shredded in the rain - WHERE is the year going? It’s impossible to believe that we’re now into June. This weekend’s Bramham International Horse Trials signals the start of a whirlwind of things going on from now until back-end... It was this time last year that this columnist started complaining about the quality/price of food on offer at the county’s shows. The children normally beg for a hot dog at Bramham, which brings to mind a new campaign by the Countryside Alliance. Current European Union (EU) labelling regulations mean food labels refer to the place the product was last processed. So sausages made in Britain using Danish pork can legitimately be labelled as British sausages... (story)

BBC News Online 7.6.11 Horsham people urged not to visit Great British Circus - Wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation is urging people not to visit a circus in West Sussex. The Great British Circus, which has set up at Dial Post, near Horsham, features lions, tigers, camels and zebras. CEO of the charity Will Travers said: "A trip to such a circus may be a brief moment of fantasy for us but represents just one more day in a lifetime of confinement for the animals involved."... (story)
West Sussex County Times 6.6.11 Animal welfare row reignites as circus rolls in - ONE of the UK’s last circuses to use wild animals will arrive at Dial Post tomorrow (Tuesday). The Great British Circus features lions, tigers, camels and zebras, among others, and will perform a number of shows at the West Sussex Showground from June 7 to June 19.... Will Travers, CEO of the Born Free Foundation, said: “The use of these animals is highly controversial, with the great majority of the public calling for an end to such a spectacle.... (story)

Sun 7.6.11 Chantelle Houghton wild for PETA By CARA LEE - CHANTELLE Houghton has shown how wild she really is by dressing up as a TIGER. The Celebrity Big Brother star was covered in white and orange body paint with black stripes all over her to look like one of the animals... And she put on her best mournful expression as she posed behind bars at Abingdon Green in London today. Chantelle, 27, was posing for animal rights organisation PETA... (story)

South Wales Evening Post 7.6.11 Meat luxury brings hunger – OXFAM recently warned that the 'world is entering an era of permanent food crisis', as demand outpaces food production... Instead of calling on the government to end biofuel policies and govern food markets, anyone who wants to help end world hunger can choose to eat less meat or, better still, eliminate all animal products from their diets. Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (leter)


Yorkshire Post 6.6.11 Opening eyes to moorland realities - ARE the moors for the rambling majority, or the shooting minority? Roger Ratcliffe joined the Yorkshire Dales Society on a walk of discovery.... It’s fair to say that most members of the Yorkshire Dales Society – an independent organisation which works to protect, conserve and promote the national park – are walkers rather than part of the grouse-shooting fraternity... about 20 members of the YDS met in Arkengarthdale at the invitation of the local moorland estate to find out why grouse moors exist, how they are run, and what benefits they bring,... The black grouse is one of several birds which benefit from their association with grouse moorland, according to Adrian Blackmore, moorlands director of the Countryside Alliance, who was here to talk about the wider aspects of managing heather moors... The YDS chairman, Colin Speakman, was convinced by what he saw. The bird life of grouse moorland depended on the way it was managed, he said, and that was underpinned economically by shooting.... (story)

Coventry Telegraph 6.6.11 Animals were not the target - I write in response to Douglas Bachelor’s letter (“Unacceptable to shoot animals”) in which he asserts that 61 per cent of the public think it is unacceptable to shoot animals for “sport”. I would like to draw his attention to the fact that no animals are shot during National Shooting Week (May 28-June 5) because the aim is to promote target shooting.... David Taylor, Director, National Shooting Week, Countryside Alliance, London. (letter)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 1.6.11 Majority against shooting animals - Douglas Batchelor chief executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Coventry Telegraph 31.5.11 Coventry Telegraph Letters: Unacceptable to shoot animals - Douglas Batchelor, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Newcastle Evening Chronicle 31.5.11 Stop this cruel ‘sport’ - POLLING by YouGov for the League Against Cruel Sports to coincide with National Shooting Week [May 28-June 5] has shown that 61% of the public think it’s unacceptable to shoot animals for ‘sport’. Shooting is a revolting spectacle of animal slaughter on an industrial scale.... Let us not be fooled that National Shooting Week is about encouraging future Olympic hopefuls in the discipline of target shooting. This week is about propping up the pro-blood sports agenda and nothing else... DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

ThisIsSouthWales 6.6.11 Natural benefits prove invaluable - A LEADING voice of rural Britain has praised the UK's National Ecosystems Assessment report, which aims to put a price tag on the various benefits of our natural world. Sarah Lee, of Countryside Alliance, said: "Rural communities have known for a long time the value of nature does not just come from resources bought and sold in the marketplace." (story)


Telegraph 4.6.11 Resident prompts anger after ordering urban foxes to be shot - A furious row has erupted amongst residents of a quiet middle class street after marksmen were deployed to shoot urban foxes. By Victoria Ward - Neighbours staged a protest after one of their number called pest control services to dispose of the animals that were digging holes in his garden... when a local animal campaigner saw a fox cub caught in a trap in his garden, in Kentish Town, north London, she notified residents and organised a protest. Karen Heath, who runs the charity The Mama Cat Trust, told her local newspaper: “I was so upset when I saw a trap in his garden with a baby cub trapped in it... (story)

London24 4.6.11 Protesters to meet today outside Barkingside circus By Mark Weatherup , Reporter - Animal rights activists will be joined by members of Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party for the demonstrations against The Great British Circus which is set up in Forest Road opposite Fairlop Waters. They will meet twice today for one hour at 1pm and 4pm and tomorrow from 2pm to 3pm. Mark Dawes, from Waltham Forest and Redbridge Green Party, said: “It really is about time animal circuses were consigned to the dustbin of history.” (story)


Dundee Courier 3.6.11 Benefits for the countryside - On behalf of our many gamekeeper members, BASC Scotland (The British Association for Shooting and Conservation) is calling for some proportionality to the publicity surrounding bird of prey poisonings. The high profile given to the small number of cases of poisonings carried out by an even smaller number of people is disproportionate and not a true reflection of those who work in the country sports industry, which contributes £240 million to the Scottish rural economy each year.... Nicolle Hamilton. BASC Scotland, Trochry, Dunkeld (letter)

Financial Times 3.6.11 Whipping a racehorse: the cruelty debate By Alexandra Stevenson - Every year in the UK, the issue of whether the use of the whip in horseracing is cruel is thrust into public attention by the image of the jockey whipping his horse in the final minutes of the Grand National, Britain’s most watched annual horseracing event... Animal Aid, an animal rights organisation, launched a campaign to ban the use of the whip, and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said it would look into the deaths of the two horses... Ultimately, however, the RSPCA leaves the responsibility with the rider. “Jockeys need to consider their responsibilities in relation to the safety and welfare of the horse, with all whip use being strictly within the rules,” David Muir, an equine consultant for the RSPCA, was quoted as saying. Animal Aid, however, remains unwavering in its view that horseracing is inherently exploitative, and that whipping a horse pushes the animal beyond the point of exhaustion.... (story)

Worcester News 3.6.11 Horse racing? Don’t back the cruelty - There was intense media coverage when two horses died at this year’s Grand National and I don’t know how many of the other horses injured may have subsequently been destroyed.... The racing industry is only kept alive through betting income and course attendance fees. Please don’t back the cruelty – for you it’s only a harmless flutter, but horses can pay with their lives. ROBERTA BALFOUR Malvern (story)

Cherwell 3.6.11 Is animal testing a necessary evil? NO - David Barnett writes about why we should avoid vivisection at all costs... (story)
Is animal testing a necessary evil? YES - Agnes Arnold-Foster writes about why vivisection is crucial to scientific progress... (story)

Western Daily Press 3.6.11 Daws' delight at double dairy success at Royal Bath and West Show - A family had plenty of reason to celebrate at the Royal Bath and West Show as two of their animals were in the main ring when the supreme dairy champion was judged... The show also acts as a platform for campaigners and welfare group Animal Aid has been calling for an end to pig exports from the UK to China because China has not outlawed cruel sow stalls which are banned in the UK... Through requests under the Freedom of Information Act, Daily Press reader Yvonne Nicola discovered 783 pigs were exported to China in November last year and 1,129 in March this year, with producers in Somerset and Dorset among those exporting... (story)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 3.6.11 Protest at port as live animals are shipped out - A SECOND shipment of live animals left Ramsgate port early on Thursday morning... Protestors, including animal lover Mary Knott from Margate, shouted at the drivers... Ramsgate councillor and member of Thanet Against Live Animal Exports Ian Driver has organised a public meeting at St Lawrence parish hall at 7pm on Friday, June 17. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.6.11 God probably prefers other animals to man - WOW! Of all the answers I expected to get from my letter For every answer there is a question James Matthews' letter Whoever heard of an animal with morals? wasn't one of them... I for one have heard of animals with morals. What animal flattens whole cities, tried to wipe out an entire race, slaughters 7,500 men and boys or for that matter tears down the ancient city of Jericho.... As a Christian (after a fashion) I'm sure God finds more favour with the other animals than with homo sapiens. I bet he's wishing we had stayed up the trees. G R Holwill Stoke Hill Crescent, Exeter (letter)

Isle of Wight County Press 3.6.11 From Nigel & Sandra Simpson, Ventnor: Just a gimmick: We were disgusted to read of The Taverners serving up baby rooks. No doubt few of the diners will have given any thought to the amount of work these birds put into raising their young....
From Stephen Mills, Newchurch: Poor editing: I was appalled to read the article regarding The Taverners. I can only assume it to be some kind of sick joke.... (letters)


ThisIsCornwall 2.6.11 Foxhounds paraded at Newbridge - THE DAY started off damp but soon the sky was as bright as the smiles on competitors' faces at the annual Newbridge show on Monday. The fun event, which combines horse competitions, a dog show and a display of vintage tractors, also included a parade of the Western Hunt foxhounds this year... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 2.6.11 Animal cruelty act should be extended - THE Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996 gives wild mammals protection against deliberate cruelty. However it only protects them against certain cruel acts and it exempts hunting.... I have been shocked to learn that one of the most implacable opponents to making all cruelty illegal in this manner is the League Against Cruel Sports.... We should all have a legal duty not to be cruel to wildlife not just some of us. Giles Bradshaw We should all have a legal duty not to be cruel to wildlife not just some of us. Giles Bradshaw Rose Ash (letter)

Daily Post 2.6.11 Gamekeeping is a way of life... find out more by Andrew Forgrave, DPW West - GAMEKEEPING is a way of life. Indeed it has been the cornerstone of my life for more than 30 years. Yet the public at large has little idea of what the job’s all about, as is the case with so many land-based industries. Over the next few months, I’ll try to give readers a peek behind the scenes into our world, to give you a glimpse of what gamekeepers do and why we do it.... (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 2.6.11 Sad tale behind the greyhounds - AS an international greyhound protection organisation, we were very interested to read Helen Martin writing on a book about dogs and their intelligence... Sadly, the latest research indicates that more than 10,000 greyhounds, bred for the British dog racing industry, disappear, presumed killed, every year. Eva Hopkins, actionforgreyhounds (letter)

Southend Standard 2.6.11 Campaigners fight to stop circus - ANIMAL rights campaigners have condemned the Government’s decision to allow a circus featuring wild animals to return to Essex this year... They have instead urged people to stay away from the Great British Circus when it arrives inRochford for a three-week stay in August.... Wendy Morgan, 53, a member of campaign group Southend Animal Aid, said: “I think it’s despicable and it is so frustrating the Government would not take action.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 2.6.11 We subsidise bullfighting - As the summer holiday season approaches, Spain, the country of sun, sea, sangria and bullfighting, is a popular destination. However, you are probably unaware that British taxpayers' money subsidises the breeding of bulls for the bullfighting industry..... The League Against Cruel Sports is campaigning against bullfighting.... Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


ThisIsGloucestershire 1.6.11 Anti-hunt protestors will not face charges - SIX anti-hunt activists arrested during a controversial police operation have been told they won't be facing criminal charges. The hunt saboteurs and anti-hunt monitors say they are now considering suing the police for wrongful arrest... Around 50 officers, riot vans and the force helicopter descended on the village when followers of the Cotswold Vale Farmers' Hunt called police after being confronted by around 30 protesters from the Hunt Saboteurs Association... One hunt saboteur, who wanted to be known only as Mick from Cirencester, said the HSA was unhappy with the treatment by police... (story)
ThisIsGloucestershire 22.3.11 Anti-hunt saboteurs arrested after protest in Huntley By Luke Sellers - SIX animal rights activists have been arrested after an anti-hunt protest in Gloucestershire.... Five of the saboteurs were arrested on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon. These included horse whips and planks of wood with rope attached. But HSA press officer Lee Moon, who was at the protest, said the homemade devices were not intended to attack or intimidate people... Tim Bonner a spokesman for the Masters of Foxhounds Association praised the way officers handled the situation. He said: "The Cotswold Vale Hunt is very grateful for the way the police acted.... (story)
ThisIsGloucestershire 21.3.11 Police arrest six people at Gloucestershire anti-hunt protest - POLICE made six arrests during an anti-hunt protest in Gloucestershire.... (story)
Bristol Evening Post 21.3.11 Bristol campaigner arrested in anti-hunt protest in Gloucestershire - A BRISTOL campaigner is among six people arrested during an anti-hunt protest in Gloucestershire. At approximately 11.25am on Saturday March 19 police were called to Newent Lane, in Huntley... Those arrested were three men and three women, aged between 20 and 58, and from Bristol, Southampton, Sheffield, Devizes, Swindon and Kingsheath, in Birmingham. Five were arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon. They have all been released on police bail pending further enquiries..... (story)

Malton Gazette & Herald 1.6.11 Camel races at Duncombe Park Country Fair - Caroline Scott, in pink, who rides with the Sinnington Hunt, leads the field during the camel races which were held at Duncombe Park Country Fair.... (story)

Malton Gazette & Herald 1.6.11 Barbaric cull of magpies - I UNDERSTAND the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust is planning a selective cull of magpies by the Larsen Cage method, using a live magpie as bait. This cull is abhorrent and almost beyond belief .... Ian Dewar, Middleton (letter)

Brighton Argus 1.6.11 Uncaged campaigning - I AM writing to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated in support of our work to help animals in laboratories on our annual official street collection on May 14... Angela Roberts, founder, Uncaged Campaigns (letter)

Independent 1.6.11 Animal welfare groups urge PM to ban wild animals in circuses By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent - Ten animal welfare organisations have written to the Prime Minister urging him to introduce a ban on wild animals in UK circuses... Animal Defenders International (ADI) British Veterinary Association (BVA) Born Free Foundation (BFF) Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) Care for the Wild International (CWI) Four Paws People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) (story)