June 2012

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Lutterworth Mail 30.6.12 Otters can cause complete devastation - I HAVE read with interest earlier this year the letters printed in your paper regarding otters… As “lovely” and “playful” as the otter may appear, we must also be mindful of the complete devastation that they can cause to fish stocks in our river systems, commercial managed fisheries and private ponds, as evidenced in your page three article of January 26, where an entire stock of Koi Carp, (which can literally be worth tens of thousands of pounds) had been wiped out…. Matthew Royle, Thatch Meadow Drive, Harborough (letter)


Stour & Avon Magazine 29.6.12 Riding lessons change Chandler's life - WHEN Maggie Welch was living in Korea with her husband, their toddler daughter Chandler seemed unresponsive and didn't play with other children. She had no speech, couldn't communicate and was always isolated, in a world of her own. Aged three, after a battery of tests, Chandler was diagnosed with autism and ADHD… In 2006 the family came to Dorset and settled in Wimborne… Maggie took her to Rushall Riding School at Corfe Mullen and suddenly life changed for the better as this little girl in a big riding hat began smiling from ear to ear. As Maggie says: "It was like the clouds parting and the sun coming out, such a revelation to see the change in her."…. A member of the South Dorset Pony Club, she hunts and takes part in local horse shows (more than 25 ribbons won) and goes away to camps. She also mucks out and feeds Aspire, as well as cooking and doing jobs at home…. (story)

Western Daily Press 29.6.12 Gina takes the honours in gundog training - Cocker spaniels have been a constant presence in my life – not that I had much choice. Regaled with anecdotes of my cocker-breeding grandfather from an early age it was no surprise when an endearing pup appeared in my stocking one Christmas Day. Thirty years on and six cockers later, I was about to fulfill a long-held ambition by attending my first-ever gundog training session. Accompanied by daughter Rachel, her four-legged best friend Gina, plus my current pair of cockers Jarvis and Nipper, I met up with gamekeeper, shooting instructor and gundog trainer Chris Noble to put the dogs through their paces…. (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 29.6.12 Suffolk: Celebrity florist Simon Lycett talks about his trip to Milden - “We don’t often do ordinary,” laughs Simon Lycett, who spent all of yesterday suspending three-metre decorations from the ceiling of a church in Barnes for a flower festival… Simon will be at The Old Rectory, Milden, Suffolk, from 2.15pm-5pm on Monday, July 9…. The event is in aid of Milden church and the Countryside Alliance (letter)

Malvern Gazette 29.6.12 Look after dogs - I HOPE this year someone will be monitoring cars at the Sheep Show on the Three Counties ground. There is a sale of sheep dogs on the day. At the last show I saw farmers who had bought dogs at the sale putting them in their cars and leaving them to go back to the show… GERALDINE ENGEL Malvern (letter)

Express 29.6.12 COULD FOXES BE THE CAUSE OF ANY DOGS ITCHING? By David Grant - Q MY TWO dogs have started scratching and because there are foxes at the bottom of my garden the vet suspects mange. He wasn’t sure but he said he would treat the dogs anyway as a precaution. A Foxes are everywhere these days and they are prone to a particular form of mange called sarcoptic mange…. (story)

BBC News Online 29.6.12 Tullos Hill cull: 35 roe deer killed in Aberdeen - A total of 35 roe deer have been killed as part of a controversial cull in Aberdeen, the city council has said… (story)
Aberdeen Evening Express 30.4.12 Mock funeral held in protest against Aberdeen deer cull By Alexandra McDonald - A MOCK funeral protest has taken place in Aberdeen in the wake of a controversial deer cull. Around 30 animal rights activists and objectors gathered on Tullos Hill, Aberdeen, following a deer cull…. (story)
Original 106FM 29.4.12 Mock funeral in protest to deer cull - Animal rights protestors and activists have staged a mock funeral at Aberdeen’s Tullos Hill – in anger at a Deer cull… Deborah Cowan, Store Manager for Lush Aberdeen, has been campaigning to end the cull… (story)
Scotsman 28.4.12 Who killed Bambi? Aberdeen Council for Queen’s Jubilee - A CITY council has been accused of needlessly “massacring” roe deer at a beauty spot to protect trees being planted as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations… John Robins, the campaigns consultant for welfare charity Animal Concern, said figures obtained under freedom of information legislation showed that 22 of the estimated 30 roe deer on Tullos Hill had already been killed… Local campaigner Suzanne Kelly also condemned the scale of the cull… (story)
BBC News Online 27.4.12 Tullos Hill cull: 22 roe deer killed in Aberdeen - More than 20 roe deer have been killed as part of a controversial cull in Aberdeen. The animals have been killed at Tullos Hill in order to protect about 80,000 new trees being planted… John Robins, of Animal Concern, told BBC Scotland: "Aberdeen City Council has not carried out a cull, they have carried out a massacre… (story)
BBC News Online 25.3.12 Aberdeen City Council faces Animal Concern 'prosecution warning' at Tullos - An animal campaign group has warned Aberdeen City Council it believes staff could face prosecution over gorse clearing work ahead of sapling planting and a planned deer cull…. John Robins, of Acal, said staff and volunteers involved in the Tree for Every Citizen project could face prosecution under wildlife crime laws…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 28.9.11 Deer cull opponents prepared to face guns, council warned By David McKay - Campaigners have vowed to do whatever it takes to stop a deer cull in Aberdeen, with the hunting season kicking off in just three days… (story)
BBC News Online 9.5.11 Petition criticises deer cull at Aberdeen's Tullos Hill - A petition aimed at preventing a cull of deer in Aberdeen is to be handed to the city council by campaigners. Thirty animals could be killed at Tullos Hill as the local authority looks to protect new trees being planted in the area... The charity Animal Concern has said the tree-planting should be postponed rather than a cull being carried out. Campaigner Jeanette Wiseman said: "We hope that the housing and environment committee will stop this needless slaughter... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 5.5.11 Activists vow ‘direct action’ against Tullos Hill deer cull - BY CALUM ROSS - Animal-rights activists have vowed to mount a campaign of “direct action” to block a deer cull on a hillside in Aberdeen... (story)
Aberdeen Evening Express 19.4.11 Deer cull campaigners in Aberdeen protest cycle - ANIMAL campaigners have embarked on a 125-mile cycle in protest against a deer cull in Aberdeen. The four cyclists work at Lush Cosmetics in Edinburgh’s Princes Street, and left the shop to cycle all the way to Aberdeen to hand in protest letters.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 4.3.11 Council leader defends deer cull BY CALUM ROSS - THE leader of Aberdeen City Council has defended plans to carry out a deer cull to protect a tree-planting scheme.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 3.3.11 Roe deer cull plan is absurd and abhorrent, says animal charity - SCOTTISH SPCA HITS OUT AT DECISION TO KILL RATHER THAN PAY FOR DEER FENCES BY CALUM ROSS - Plans to carry out a deer cull to protect a tree-planting scheme in Aberdeen have been branded “absurd and abhorrent” by a national animal welfare charity. The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Scottish SPCA) reacted angrily to the city council’s proposed cull of roe deer on Tullos Hill yesterday... (story)
Scotsman 3.3.11 Blood money deal to save Bambi By Frank Urquhart - A FURIOUS row has erupted over a council's "blood money" ultimatum - raise £225,000 within ten weeks to prevent a major deer cull. Aberdeen City Council was condemned by animal welfare groups after councillors voted to press ahead with controversial plans to shoot roe deer on a prominent hill overlooking the city.... John Robins, the campaigns consultant for welfare charity Animal Concern, said: "They are looking for blood money. But I'm not Lady Macbeth and I not going to wash the blood off the councillors' hands."... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 2.3.11 £225,000 NEEDED TO SAVE ANIMALS AS COUNCIL ACTS TO PROTECT TREE PLANTING - Campaigners vow to fight deer cull BY CALUM ROSS - A deer cull will be carried out in Aberdeen unless animal welfare campaigners raise £225,000 in the next 10 weeks. Councillors have said to save the roe deer on Tullos Hill they would need to raise the equivalent of a £1 donation from every city resident. The cull will be ordered by the council unless the money is found by animal rights campaigners and other opponents by May 10... (story)
STV 28.2.11 Fury over deer cull in Aberdeen - A deer cull at Tullos Hill in Aberdeen is to begin in an attempt to prevent the animals from destroying a new tree plantation. Animal rights campaigners are calling on councillors in Aberdeen to end plans for a deer cull in the city.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 28.2.11 CAMPAIGNER SAYS CRUEL PLANS SHOULD NOT GO AHEAD BY STACEY HORNE - A Scottish animal rights campaigner has called on Aberdeen City Council to abandon plans to kill roe deer to protect a tree-planting project... John Robins, of Animal Concern, says councillors should “cull the cull” when the issue is raised during a housing and environment committee meeting tomorrow... (story)

Bolton News 29.6.12 Fish should not be in aquariums - RE New attraction’s 5,000 mile journey to aquarium. Why have we brought a fish 5,000 miles away from its natural environment to Bolton? All creatures have a right to live a life free from exploitation and cruelty. Animals, including fish, belong in their natural habitat… D Collins Bolton (letter)


Dundee Courier 28.6.12 Glen Lyon Estate gamekeeper fined for buzzard's death in trap - A rare buzzard died a slow and painful death after becoming caught in a trap on a Highland Perthshire estate…. Glen Lyon Estate gamekeeper Jonathan Graham (30) was blamed for the death because he had not checked the trap daily and had not dismantled it after the summer season… (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 28.6.12 Number of animals used in University of Leeds testing revealed By Debbie Leigh - Almost 17,000 animals were used in medical experiments conducted by the University of Leeds last year – and most of them were killed. A Freedom of Information request submitted by the Yorkshire Evening Post revealed the university has carried out experiments on 55,235 mice and 5,155 rats over the past five years…. (story)

Southern Daily Echo 28.6.12 Animal experiment fears - I BELIEVE the Government is intending to adopt an EU-wide law allowing stray dogs and cats to be sent to laboratories for use in experiments… The charities are up in arms, but let David Cameron know the strength of public opinion in this matter…. SHEILA CLAYTON, Southampton United Animal Charities. (letter)

Bath Chronicle 28.6.12 Campaigner concern over health of ducks on free range farm - An animal campaign group has raised concerns about the health of the ducks on a free-range farm near Bath. But the firm which runs the farm at Woolley says it fully complies with official regulations on animal welfare. Residents in the hamlet have sent pictures of the ducks covered in mud on the farm to Bristol-based Viva!... Former resident Henry Nield said: "The location seems inappropriate for ducks, with no water for them to swim in."… (story)

Liverpool Echo 28.6.12 Sad end for Lennox - SO THE powers that be in Belfast finally decided to have a family pet they had for two years put to sleep…. Lennox’s only sin was he was a “pit bull” type dog…. breed discrimination needs to be abolished. Imagine if it happened with humans – oh, sorry, it did in Germany and various other countries over the years. We fight to stop those inhumanities, so let us fight to protect animals rights, too. They have no-one else. Victoria Mortimer, Liverpool (letter)

Cotswold Journal 28.6.12 'Mile of Gold' to save farm animals - THE owner of a closurethreatened animal sanctuary is aiming to reach a financial settlement with a landowner, after an impending court case was called off at the eleventh hour. Janet Taylor has run the Farm Animal Sanctuary at Manor Orchard Farm, Middle Littleton, for 14 years but faces being evicted from the land by its owner, leaving the future of more than 600 animals in doubt… Kidderminster and District Branch of the RSPCA has offered to provide fund-raising for the sanctuary… (story)

Salisbury Journal 28.6.12 Farmers striving to give cows the best possible life - I FELT compelled to respond to the letter in the Journal (Postbag, June 21) about our dairy cows. I think the writer of this letter and Journal readers should be made aware that there are many family dairy farms in the UK (mine included) who strive to give their animals the best life while maintaining a viable business and getting quality milk onto the supermarket shelves… HARRIET JOHNSON Shrewton (letter)
Salisbury Journal 20.6.12 Why are dairy cows treated so badly - IN the last few years the use of farrowing crates has been banned, the veal calf pens have also been banned. This year, the use of battery cages has also been banned. So can anyone please explain to me why dairy cows that produce our milk, are being so badly treated? On some farms they are being what they call zero grazed… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)


Independent 27.6.12 Change stripes - John Swift, of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (letter, 19 June), seems to live in a fantasy, ancient past, constantly menaced by bears, wolves and tigers… Perhaps he would be safer in a proper job, not pandering to the rich and their psychotic need to slaughter our wildlife for fun. Steve Edwards Haywards Heath, West Sussex (letter)
Independent 21.6.12 A choice of predators - John Swift talks of legitimate concerns in relation to predation of game birds (letter, 19 June). One might also question, from an environmentally ethical perspective, whether it is legitimate to artificially enhance natural populations of a wild species only to provide humans with entertainment and profit as they are shot out of the sky… Jo Kennedy, Todmorden, West Yorkshire (letter)
Independent 19.6.12 Can we live with our birds of prey? - Michael McCarthy ("A badge of honour: the fight to save the whale" 13 June) highlights some of the successes of the conservation movement… , but we should be vigilant to the threats that wildlife continues to face both here and abroad. It was recently revealed that not a single hen harrier bred in England this year despite there being suitable habitat to support over 300 pairs. This is believed to be due in large part to persecution carried out in the interests of grouse shooting estates… Jonathan Wallace, Newcastle upon Tyne
I was disappointed that so many ostensibly sensible people missed the point in such spectacular style (Letter: "Safeguard our birds of prey", 13 June)…. The big issue is how to cope when top predators clash with legitimate concerns about human livelihood and welfare. Reacting with "horror" about "imprisoning buzzards" is unhelpful… John Swift Chief Executive, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Rossett, Wrexham (letters)

Eastern Daily Press 27.6.12 Chancellor scraps fuel tax rise By JOSEPH WATTS, Political Editor - Chancellor George Osborne has announced he will scrap the 3p rise in fuel duty due to come in this August and will freeze the tax for the rest of 2012…. One organisation that welcomed it was rural campaign group the Countryside Alliance, which described it as “a timely boost for the rural economy”… (story)
Western Daily Press 27.6.12 Is scrapping of fuel duty rise George Osborne's biggest U-turn yet? George Osborne added to a long list of Budget U-turns yesterday with a dramatic decision to scrap a planned 3p fuel duty rise which would have raked in £550 million for the Government… Countryside Alliance boss Barney White-Spunner said the car had become an unaffordable necessity for many rural families… (story)
Western Morning News 27.6.12 Relief for rural West as fuel duty rise ditched - Chancellor George Osborne has offered respite to hard-pressed Westcountry motorists by scrapping a planned 3p rise in fuel duty and freezing the tax for the rest of the year…. Barney White-Spunner, the executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, said: "In March I described the car as an 'unaffordable necessity' for many rural families, because the cost of running a vehicle in the countryside has increased far beyond any rise in rural wages…. (story)

Farmers Weekly 27.6.12 VIDEO: We are ready for badger cull – NFU - Johann Tasker - The NFU has hit its target to sign up enough farmers to participate in a pilot badger cull to control bovine tuberculosis in cattle. NFU vice president Adam Quinney said it had met its targets to sign up 73% of the pilot area in Gloucestershire and 75% in a similar zone in Somerset… (story)

Wells People 27.6.12 Wells badger cull plans called into question By Wells_Jaqui - Wells residents are being lobbied by the Badger Protection League who are campaigning to stop the government's proposed badger cull…. Local supporter Tony Head says: 'Science has irrefutably proven that killing badgers has never been, and never will be, the answer to controlling Bovine TB in cattle… Sir David Attenborough stated: 'The evidence is that a badger cull on a scale or level of efficiency that seems feasible will not solve cattle farmers' problem… (story)

Swindon Advertiser 27.6.12 Curry night to aid Asian bears - THE Swindon Animals Asia Support Group is launching its CD next week. The event, which will see the CD called Fragile go on sale for the first time, will take place as part of the group’s charity curry night at the Bombay Lounge on July 3…. (story)


Cork Evening Echo 26.6.12 CSPCA duo are hunt enthusiasts - Two committee members of the Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (CSPCA) are fox and mink hunting enthusiasts. Committee member Brian McDonagh and public relations officer Chris Connolly used to also go otter hunting before it became illegal in 1990. Mr McDonagh still goes fox hunting with beagles and hounds, and mink hunting with hounds… , John Fitzgerald, of the Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports, claimed it was “simply absurd and quite shocking that members of the CSPCA were condoning some forms of cruelty to animals.”… (story)

Farmers Weekly 26.6.12 VIDEO: National Trust badger vaccination - Philip Case - The National Trust has released an informative video detailing its badger vaccination programme at Killerton Estate, Devon…. (story)

Western Morning News 26.6.12 Badger cull will help spread TB, court told - Thousands of badgers face being shot "unlawfully" by farmers and landowners in a bid to tackle tuberculosis in cattle, a High Court judge was told yesterday… (story)
Yorkshire Post 26.6.12 Badgers will be shot illegally warns trust in plea against culls - Thousands of badgers face being shot “unlawfully” by farmers and landowners in a bid to tackle tuberculosis in cattle, a High Court judge was told… (story)
Telegraph 25.6.12 Thousands of badgers face being killed illegally in TB cull - Thousands of badgers face being shot ''unlawfully'' by farmers and landowners in a bid to tackle tuberculosis in cattle, a High Court judge was told today… (story)
Evening Standard 25.6.12 Badger charity appeals to High Court to stop cull - The Badger Trust is asking the High Court to stop a planned cull of badgers. The wildlife charity is seeking judicial review of the Government's decision to allow the cull to go ahead to tackle tuberculosis (TB) in cattle… (story)
Guardian 25.6.12 Badger cull 'not legal or scientific', high court will hear - Badger Trust to make high court challenge to planned cull, and argue that NFU had 'undue influence' on government's decision - Damian Carrington - The bitter battle over the government's plan to kill thousands of badgers reaches the high court on Monday, when the Badger Trust will tell a judicial review that the action is neither legal nor scientifically justified… Cull opponents are also attacking the "undue influence" of the National Farmers' Union (NFU) in the decision to go ahead with the shooting of badgers across England… (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 25.6.12 Suffolk/Poll: Battle over government’s badger cull plan will go to high court - THE fight over the government’s plan to kill thousands of badgers to curb tuberculosis infections in cattle will go the high court on Monday… (story)
Western Morning News 25.6.12 Campaigners go to court to overturn cull decision - Wildlife campaigners are today expected to launch a High Court legal challenge against the Government's proposed badger cull. The Badger Trust hope the two-day judicial review will overturn what it believes are unscientific plans to shoot the animals in England. Trials are earmarked for West Somerset and West Gloucestershire…. (story)
Western Daily Press 24.6.12 Badger cull judicial review due to begin - The Badger Trust's action for a judicial review of the Government's plans for a badger cull was due to be heard today and tomorrow before Mr Justice Ouseley at the High Court in London… (story)
Independent on Sunday 24.6.12 Badger cull to halt rise of TB in cattle 'will in fact spread the disease' - Caroline Spelman’s proposed badger cull to halt the rise of TB in cattle will in fact spread the disease, campaigners will tell the High Court tomorrow. The Badger Trust charity is seeking judicial review of the decision last year by the Environment Secretary to allow a cull to go ahead, after nearly 15 years of argument about the links between the animals and bovine TB…. (story)

Guardian 26.6.12 Secretive review into claim that police spy set fire to Debenhams - Undercover policeman Bob Lambert has been accused of causing £340,000 of damage to a High Street store, but is the allegation being investigated properly?... (story)


Financial Times 25.6.12 The job: whip maker As told to Sally Davies - Robert Patton, Old Mill Whips - Racehorses are pure athletes… After I left school at 16, I was taught how to stitch by a local saddler. I rode around on ponies as a kid and had done repairs for friends when their gear broke. Now I run a company in Northern Ireland with 27 employees. We have a factory devoted to whips… Our whip is the only one approved by the British Horseracing Association for professional jockeys… A few orders come from people in the sex industry. We do it, of course – it’s all business (story)

Wigan Today 25.6.12 Duck cull slammed for being ‘needless’ - A SCHEME to kill ducks in Wigan has come under criticism from an animal charity which claims to have more humane alternatives. The controversial decision to kill off ruddy ducks in Wigan has been described by Animal Aid as “inhumane and unnecessary…. (story)

Kidderminster Shuttle 25.6.12 Kidderminster store under fire over dead bird in netting By William Tomaney - MEMBERS of an animal rights group have sent a petition to a Kidderminster home and garden store after a dead bird was seen lying in its safety net. Pauline Burgess, a member of Animal Aid, said she had been contacted by a customer of B&Q’s Kidderminster store in Green Street, who spotted the bird tangled up in netting which covers the store’s outside gardening section… Photo caption: Bird concern: From left, Animal Aid members Teresa Collins, Pauline Burgess and Bobby Balfour took their petition to B&Q Kidderminster (story)

Sunderland Echo 25.6.12 Olympic ‘cruelty’ - Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
York Press 15.6.12 Olympics ceremony no place for animals - Kate Fowler, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Ilkley Gazette 14.6.12 Animal welfare concern at Olympic ceremony - Kate Fowler Head of campaigns Animal Aid The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Northern Echo 14.6.12 Olympic opening - Kate Fowler, Head of campaigns, Animal Aid (letter)
Independent 14.6.12 I read with great anxiety that the opening ceremony at London 2012 will involve live animals, including cows, sheep and chickens… The 1988 Seoul ceremony was seriously tarnished by doves being burnt to death in the Olympic flame. Is London prepared to be seen in an equally negative light? Kate Fowler Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)


Independent on Sunday 24.6.12 Prince William, who is reported to have inherited £10m on his 30th birthday last week, is patron of Tusk Trust… But he is a keen blood sports enthusiast himself, and enjoys stag hunting and pheasant shooting with Kate… Susan Smith, London N4 (letter)

Isle of Man Today 24.6.12 Cruelty-free beauty - IT is estimated that 80 per cent of countries worldwide still allow animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients… Now global campaign Cruelty Free International is calling on governments all around the world to ban the harm of animals in the cosmetics industry… Throwing its weight behind the campaign, launched by Ricky Gervais, is The Body Shop which released a new summer cosmetic range… To find out more, WWW headed down to the island’s Body Shop store to find out more. Store manager Lisa Maule explained… (story)


Eastern Daily Press 23.6.12 Norfolk Show preview: Grand ring programme revealed … Hound Display - The following packs will be on parade in the Grand Ring: West Norfolk - Foxhounds; North Norfolk Harriers; Dunston Harriers; Waveney Harriers; Sealyham Terriers. Also, on Wednesday only, the Trinity Foot and South Herts Beagles and the East Anglian Bloodhounds will be on show. On Thursday only: Essex and Suffolk Hunt… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 23.6.12 Gower show cancels cattle classes over bovine TB fears - BOVINE tuberculosis outbreaks have prompted organisers of this summer's Gower Show to cancel all cattle classes…. (story)

Bournemouth Echo 23.6.12 Animal Aid thanks for Boscombe folk - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Boscombe for giving £132.60 to a street collection… LINDA SAVAGE, Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator, Bournemouth (letter)


Malvern Gazette 22.6.12 Weather has impact on show attendance - AFTER two days being battered by brisk winds and soaked by heavy showers, Malvern’s Three Counties Show finally got a break on Sunday as the sun came out, albeit briefly…. Other stars were the riders in the McCartneys inter-hunt challenge, who raced through a torrential downpour in the main ring on Saturday, with the winners being a Croome and West Warwickshire team led by joint master Di Ralph, from Leigh Sinton…. (story)

Western Morning News 22.6.12 There's so much more to fishing than a rod and line. Patience, for a start - Buy a pint of beer and the pleasure lasts but a few moments. Buy a pint of maggots, on the other hand, and there's no telling how many hours of quiet fun and satisfaction might be had… "All fish love maggots and they cost about £3 a pint," says angler and coarse fishing tutor Colin Blackburn…. Colin says anyone taking a four-hour session with his firm, South West Fishing Adventures, will go away with sufficient basic technique to try it for themselves…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 22.6.12 Call for no cull on council land - CONTROVERSIAL plans to pilot a badger cull should not take place on council land, politicians have said. Members of the Liberal Democrat party have written to the leader of Gloucestershire County Council condemning this autumn's cull. The letter to Councillor Mark Hawthorne, from both the leader and deputy leader of the county's Lib Dem group, asks the council to prohibit the cull from taking place on any land owned, managed or controlled by Gloucestershire County Council… (story)


Horse & Hound 21.6.12 Cheshire Show horse death was a heart attack, say organisers - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The horse that died in the inter-hunt relay at the Cheshire Show yesterday (20 June) suffered a heart attack, organiser Dave Harvey told H&H. Former four-star eventer Benjamin Phipps, part of the Flint and Denbigh hunt team, was taking part in the semi-final when he died. Vets confirmed that the 22-year-old horse had suffered a heart attack and died instantly, said Mr Harvey… (story)
Horse & Hound 20.6.12 Horse death in inter-hunt relay at Cheshire Show - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - A horse died in the inter-hunt relay at the Cheshire Show today (20 June), the organisers have confirmed… (story)

Western Morning News 21.6.12 Government convinced on badger cull - The Government is keeping faith with a badger cull to tackle tuberculosis in cattle that is having a "devastating" effect on farming. In Prime Minister's Questions yesterday, Central Devon MP Mel Stride raised the case of dairy farmer Ian Tapp, based near Crediton, Devon, who has lost 300 animals to the disease… (story)

Plymouth Herald 21.6.12 Cull alternative - ANIMAL Aid has this week sent a new report to local authorities called Alternatives to Culling. It urges councils to seek humane, cost-effective, long-term solutions to complaints relating to wild species. Focusing on foxes, squirrels, rats, mice, pigeons, gulls and geese, the report details some simple measures that householders can take should unwanted animals take up residence in their homes or gardens… KATE FOWLER, Animal Aid (letter)

Huffington Post 21.6.12 Britain's Got Talent Ashleigh And Pudsey Campaign Against Circus Animals For Peta (PICTURES) By Felicity Morse - Britain's Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey are Peta's latest recruits in the animal welfare group's campaign against the circus industry. The nation's favourite dog and his human sidekick, 17-year-old Ashleigh Butler, appear much more sober in the "The Saddest Show on Earth" posters, in which Pudsey poses as a sad lion… (story)

Dundee Courier 21.6.12 Angus Council says controversial Bobby Roberts Super Circus 'received no objections' - Circus owners charged with cruelty to an elderly Asian elephant are set to bring their show to Angus. In May, Angus Council approved an application allowing Bobby Roberts Super Circus to host four dates in Carnoustie and Montrose, despite an impending trial, the date for which was set at Kettering Magistrates Court this week….(story)

Belfast Telegraph 21.6.12 Wild is place for animals, not zoos - We were sorry to hear of the fatal attack on a zookeeper at Kolmarden's wolf exhibit in Sweden (News, June 17). The tragedy is just one of a series of preventable incidents in which people have been injured by captive animals…. BEN WILLIAMSON, Press officer, PETA (letter)


BBC News Online 20.6.12 Circus couple face trial on Anne the elephant cruelty charges - A couple charged with cruelty to a circus elephant face trial in November… (story)
Peterborough Telegraph 19.6.12 Elelphant owners to stand trial on cruelty charges By Stephen Briggs - The owners of a circus elephant accused of animal cruelty will stand trial over the allegations. Bobby and Moira Roberts, of Brook Farm in Oundle, are charged with three offences relating to the care of Anne the Sri Lankan elephant, who was part of the Bobby Roberts Super Circus…. Tim Phillips, campaigns director Animal Defenders International (ADI) said: “We are delighted that Anne’s owners will finally face trial… (story)
Northampton Chronicle 19.6.12 Animal cruelty trial to go ahead By Rob Middleton - An animal welfare group is “delighted” the owners of a circus elephant are to go on trial charged with cruelty, despite numerous delays in legal proceedings… Tim Phillips, campaigns director Animal Defenders International (ADI) said: “We are delighted that Anne’s owners will finally face trial… (story)
Guardian 18.6.12 Elephant owners face welfare trial - Bobby and Moira Roberts accused of causing 58-year-old elephant unnecessary suffering - Press Association - The owners of a circus elephant will go on trial on Monday charged with causing unnecessary suffering. Bobby and Moira Roberts are accused of keeping Anne, a 58-year-old elephant brought from Sri Lanka to the Bobby Roberts Super Circus in Peterborough in the 1950s, chained to the ground at all times. They are also accused of failing to prevent an employee from repeatedly beating Anne… (story)
Northampton Chronicle 18.6.12 Owners of Anne the circus elephant go on trial for animal cruelty By Richard Edmondson - The Northamptonshire owners of a circus elephant called Anne are to go on trial charged with causing unnecessary suffering. Bobby and Moira Roberts will go on trial at Corby Magistrates’ Court… (story)
Northamptonshire Telegraph 18.6.12 Circus owners in court facing cruelty charge - The owners of a circus elephant are to go on trial charged with causing unnecessary suffering to the animal…. (story)

Halifax Courier 20.6.12 Circus leader accuses animal rights groups of ‘getting their facts wrong’ as controversial show begins - A ring mistress has condemned animal rights groups who have called on the public to boycott the Circus Mondao, which started last night. The Circus Mondao, which is one of the few remaining in the country to include performances by animals, began in Blackshaw Beck Lane in Queensbury last night, with two shows a day until Sunday 24 June… (story)

Stroud Life 20.6.12 All animals feel pain and fear - MOST of us feel upset when we see abused cats or dogs on TV but we don't even stop to consider the abuse involved in producing our dinner…. I don't want to be responsible for the abuse or slaughter of any animals, and that's why I'm vegetarian… If you would like more information or to order a free go veggie pack please contact Liam at Viva!... Neve Akram Painswick (letter)


Nouse 19.6.12 Animal Rights group targets University - Animal Rights activists are planning to protest against the University’s involvement in animal testing. Jonathon Proctor, a spokesperson for the Northern Animal Rights Campaign, said: “We are going to start a campaign against Durham University and York Animal Testing Lab – it’s time for people to wake up and smell the unscientific coffee.”… (story)

Leicester Mercury 19.6.12 Pets may be sent for experiments - It has been revealed by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) that the Government plans to remove the current protection granted to stray domestic animals as it integrates the EU directive on animal experiments into UK legislation… If the new rules are imposed, the Government could allow stray, lost or abandoned pets to be incarcerated in laboratories and used in painful experiments…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 19.6.12 Humane ways to control wildlife - ANIMAL Aid has just sent a new report to 1,000 local authorities right across the country in a bid to stop them killing wildlife. Called Alternatives to Culling, it urges councils to seek humane, cost-effective, long-term solutions to complaints relating to wild species, and to encourage residents to do the same…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 19.6.12 License all pets - OWNERS of any animal which is dangerous and causes harm to people or other animals should be banned from owning animals for life…. Miss E A Smith Ashton (letter)


Mail 18.6.12 Rebekah Brooks takes her baby for day out as she forgets conspiracy trial and watches husband Charlie compete in donkey derby By James White - Rebekah Brooks put all thoughts of her upcoming trial to the back of her mind yesterday when she made her first public appearance with her new baby daughter… yesterday, the former Sun editor appeared happy and relaxed at the Heythrop Hunt Country Fair and Donkey Derby where her husband was all smiles as he raced in a gig…. (story)

Horse & Hound 18.6.12 Hound puppies to be microchipped from next year - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - All hound puppies born in England and Wales will be microchipped from next year, ahead of what the Hunting Office believes is an imminent change in the law…. Zetland huntsman David Jukes, who hosted a recent demonstration at his kennels (pictured above), said the procedure was “very simple”… (story)

Building Design 18.6.12 Osborne under fire over listed building tax By Mark Wilding - Calls for chancellor to scrap plans for VAT on listed building alterations - George Osborne is facing mounting pressure to reverse his decision to impose VAT on listed building alterations…. In a letter to The Times, organisations including the Federation of Master Builders, the Countryside Alliance and the Historic Towns Forum, warned the chancellor that the decision is putting historic buildings at risk. They also warn that cancelled projects are holding back the construction industry… (story)
Western Daily Press 15.6.12 Campaigners unite to fight buildings tax - Fifteen countryside, heritage and building groups have joined together to step up their campaign against VAT on work on listed buildings. Sir Barney White-Spunner of the Countryside Alliance, Shaun Spiers of the Campaign to protect Rural England and Brian Berry of the Federation of Master Builders are among those to sign a protest letter…. (story)

Ham & High 18.6.12 Mental health team criticised over care given to Highgate animal rights activist who killed herself on Hampstead Heath - Kate Ferguson - A coroner has criticised a mental health team for shortcomings in its care after a Highgate animal rights activist and poet killed herself on Hampstead Heath. Rita McKenty, known to her friends as Emerald, had struggled with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) since her twenties and suffered frequent bouts of depression… (story)
Ham & High 8.3.12 Highgate poet and animal rights activist found dead on Hampstead Heath by Josh Pettitt, Reporter - A 61-year-old Highgate poet and animal rights activist who battled mental illness for more than 40 years has been found dead on Hampstead Heath. Emerald McKenty’s body was discovered by joggers in Athlone House Gardens at 10.50am on Friday (March 2). Police found a note, tablets and alcohol on the ground next to her. Her partner and full-time carer Rick Ferry, 60, who lived with Ms McKenty in Holmesdale Road, said she had tried to slash her wrists with scissors just days before she was found at the beauty spot… Birmingham-born Ms McKenty was an animal rights activist in the 1980s, campaigning against the wearing of fur… She also made national headlines in 1983 when she and Mr Ferry stormed the stage at a Miss United Kingdom event to protest against the show’s sponsor… (story)

Coventry News 18.6.12 Farming image way off reality - WHAT a pity the British countryside falls far short of “a green and pleasant land and something to be really proud of”, as stated by film director Danny Boyle. The opening ceremony of the Olympics needs to show real farming in the UK, like live sheep exports into southern Europe and animals taken on journeys covering thousands of miles to be slaughtered in abbatoirs where conditions are unacceptable…. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby. (letter)


Kent on Sunday 17.6.12 Kent County Show promises fun for all the family - The Kent County Show is promising something for everyone, with spectacular arena displays, food, prize-winning livestock, a feast of flowers and even the chance to fly with a Spitfire… Arena displays will include the Bolddog Lings motorcycle display team, an historic vehicle display, the Band of the 24th Invicta Rifles, and parades of bloodhounds and beagles… (story)

Observer 17.6.12 What does it mean to be British – and does it still matter? It is a summer for celebrating Britishness, but in many ways our identity has never been more complex. In the wake of the Queen's diamond jubilee and before the Olympics, we asked five young people to debate the issue - Yvonne Roberts … THE PANEL: Shazia Awan, 29… Rajeeb Dey, 26… Charlie Woodworth, 30…. Rowenna Davis, 27… David Taylor, 29 - He is shooting campaign manager for the Countryside Alliance. Born in Leicester, he worked in property, banking and finance, but left to pursue his passion for shooting and the countryside… (story)

Independent on Sunday 17.6.12 The Olympic Committee seeks [in the Games' opening ceremony] to give the impression that farm animals still graze peacefully in the fields of rural England. In reality only a minority, mainly sheep and some cattle, enjoy this way of life compared to the thousands confined indoors in a barren environment…. (Bishop) Dominic Walker (Bishop) Richard Llewellin President and chairman, Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (letter)

Guardian 17.6.12 Animal cruelty and circuses don't always go hand-in-hand - Roll up, roll up for a ringside seat as the circus steps into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, yet again. This week, it's the trial of Bobby and Moira Roberts, the owners of Bobby Roberts Super Circus, who are accused of causing Anne, Britain's last circus elephant, unnecessary suffering… Is it time we consigned the spectacle of performing animals to history? A couple of years ago I would have said yes… . But when research for my book Circus Mania! in 2009 took me to a show at the Great British Circus, the UK's last circus with wild animals, to my surprise I came away with a different point of view…. (story)

West Sussex Gazette 17.6.12 Ode to gulls - ‘Firefighters Rescue Seagulls’ (West Sussex Gazette May 23), this is a poem in appreciation of gulls. As a species they are often misunderstood. I have had close contact with these lovely birds and admire them greatly… Liz Taylor, Seeden House, High Salvington (letter)


Grimsby Telegraph 16.6.12 Win VIP tickets for this year's Brocklesby Country Fair - WIN VIP tickets to see Galloping Acrobatic fun and much more at this year's Brocklesby Country Fair. Grimsby and Scunthorpe Media Group have joined forces with the Brocklesby Country Fair to offertwo lucky readers four VIP tickets for the fair on Sunday, June 24… The main arena will host Britain's largest motorcycle display team – The Imps – made up of 38 highly-trained young people performing complex routines and breathtaking fire jumps. Also in the main arena will be Ben Potter's Bird of Prey displays, with a focus on the natural behaviour of the birds, and the Galloping Acrobatics horse display will perform for the first time. Other attractions in the arena will include adrenaline-packed terrier racing, gundog displays, vintage cars and tractors and an impressive parade of the Brocklesby hounds… (story)

Yorkshire Post 16.6.12 Never mind the veal From: Trisha Scott, West Park Terrace, Scarborough. I HAVE just read Jill Turton’s review of The Old Deanery restaurant (Yorkshire Post, June 9), and felt compelled to put pen to paper regarding some of her comments. I found it mind-blowing that, while worrying about the origin of the veal, she seemed to have no problem whatsoever consuming what is one of the most barbaric and inhumanely produced meats – foie gras… (letter)

Leicester Mercury 16.6.12 Ceremony will terrify animals - It has been revealed that the opening ceremony of the London Olympics will feature a live rural scene… Why not have a horse race with the customary fatality? Will the sheep have their lambs with them or have they already been slaughtered?... The ceremony will be terrifying for the animals. It is another example of cruel exploitation and a publicity stunt perpetuating a pastoral myth. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


Malton Mercury 15.6.12 Clay shoot is a big hit - A CLAY pigeon shoot was a sure fire hit for local charities – raising more than £150,000. Raisthorpe Flyers, run by Raisthorpe Manor’s Julia and David Medforth, provided more than 33,000 clays for the fundraising event at Harewood House, which saw 51 teams cock their guns for good causes…. (story)

Irish Independent 15.6.12 Animal rights - I refer to Mark Keenan's article of May 30, 2012. As part of the animal-rights community I was shocked to read that Dublin Zoo now has the approval of rights groups… Bernie Wright Alliance for Animal Rights Po Box 4734, Dublin 1 (letter)

Kent & Sussex Courier 15.6.12 Protest at circus over use of wild animals - PROTESTERS from a Tonbridge animal welfare group are urging the public to boycott a circus that arrived in town this week. The Great British Circus – one of the last in the country to include wild animals such as tigers, zebra and camels – arrived at Mabledon Farm near Southborough on Tuesday. Campaigners from Tonbridge-based Animal Aid have been picketing near the big top in London Road, urging the public to boycott the show. Animal Aid's head of education, Mark White, said the animal circus was "outdated"…. (story)


Somerset Guardian 14.6.12 Expert advice for shooters - Organisers of the Mells Clay Shoot have offered tuition at this year's event in order to encourage more beginners to attend. Anyone who has never shot before or who wants to improve their existing technique is invited to take advantage of the offer at Snatch Bottom, Mells Park, on Saturday, June 23, from 11am-3pm. Expert instruction will be provided by BASC and CPSA instructors, including Mells Village Shop manager Mike Phypers… (story)

Western Gazette 14.6.12 Experts urge suspension of badger cull - A PAIR of scientists have heaped pressure on the Government to suspend a planned badger cull in Somerset – warning it could cause extinction in some areas. In an article published in the respected journal Nature, Christl Donnelly and Rosie Woodroffe argue that a target of a 70 per cent cull in some areas risks completely wiping out the badger population… (story)
Western Morning News 4.6.12 'Extinction' warning over pilot badger cull - A pair of scientists have heaped pressure on the Government to suspend a planned badger cull after warning that it could cause the extinction of some local populations. In an article published in the respected journal Nature, Christl Donnelly and Rosie Woodroffe argue that Defra's target of a 70 per cent cull in some areas will in fact wipe out badgers… (story)

Argus 14.6.12 Brighton MP makes bombing claim By Siobhan Ryan - An undercover policeman firebombed a department store to infiltrate a group of animal rights campaigners, MP Caroline Lucas yesterday claimed…. (story)
Belfast Telegraph 14.6.12 Undercover police officer who infiltrated animal rights extremists 'bombed shop' By Nigel Morris - Ministers have been urged to investigate claims that an undercover police officer who had infiltrated a group of animal rights extremists planted a fire bomb in a department store… (story)
Mirror 14.6.12 Undercover cop was 'behind bomb plot', claims MP - Green Party leader ¬Caroline Lucas told Parliament that Bob Lambert was involved in a plot to blow up the sit… (story)
Scotsman 14.6.12 Undercover officer alleged to have planted fire bomb in Debenhams store - AN UNDERCOVER police officer left a fire bomb in a department store as part of his efforts to infiltrate a group of animal rights campaigners, an MP has claimed…. (story)
BBC News Online 13.6.12 Undercover policeman 'fire-bombed shop,' MPs told – An MP has used parliamentary privilege to name an undercover police officer who allegedly planted a fire bomb at a London department store in 1987 - Green MP Caroline Lucas said a jailed man, Geoff Sheppard, believed police officer Bob Lambert planted a device. Mr Lambert infiltrated the Animal Liberation Front and his evidence helped convict two men of fire-bombing three Debenhams stores…. (story)
Guardian 13.6.12 Call for police links to animal rights firebombing to be investigated - MP claims that undercover police officer may have 'crossed the line' during animal rights activists' bombing of department store - Rob Evans and Paul Lewis - Ministers have been asked to investigate the police infiltration of a cell of animal rights activists responsible for a firebombing campaign, after questions were raised about the ethics of an operation that, it was alleged, may have involved an undercover spy planting an incendiary device in a department store… Caroline Lucas, parliament's only Green MP, used a Westminster Hall debate into the rules governing undercover policing to raise the case under parliamentary privilege, and add to the mounting calls for a public inquiry into the use of police spies… Lambert infiltrated a cell of activists from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), who detonated a total of three incendiary devices at three Debenhams branches in London in July 1987 as part of a campaign against the sale of fur. Two activists – Geoff Sheppard and Andrew Clarke – were caught red-handed months later as they prepared for a second wave of arson attacks…. "Sheppard and Clarke were tried and found guilty – but the culprit who planted the incendiary device in the Harrow store was never caught," Lucas said… The MP relayed comments from Sheppard in which the convicted activist said… There's absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Bob Lambert placed the incendiary device at the Debenhams store in Harrow… (story)
Guardian 13.6.12 Police spies: the questions still to be answered - An undercover operation 25 years ago that led to the jailing of two animal rights activists now appears shrouded in mystery - Paul Lewis and Rob Evans - It seemed like - and may well have been - a heroic police triumph that thwarted a campaign to firebomb department stores… But on Wednesday, 25 years after an audacious police investigation led to the jailing of two activists for inflicting damage totalling £9m on three Debenhams stores, new questions have been raised in parliament about the ethics of the operation and the conduct of one particular police spy…. Sheppard said he did not doubt the motives of the man he knew as 'Bob Robinson' until his true identity was revealed in the Guardian…. Clarke declined to talk about his role in the arson campaign but his lawyer, Mike Schwarz, said: "These allegations are very serious. If true, they cast doubt on the safety of my client's convictions… (story)
Guardian 13.6.12 Undercover police aren't above the law - Why have no police officers ever been prosecuted for breaking the law while undercover? We need a truly independent inquiry - Ellie Mae O'Hagan - Indulge me for a moment as I take you through a hypothetical scenario. Imagine that I deliberately set fire to a big department store. The police know I've done it, but instead of arresting me, they protect me. In fact, they knew beforehand that I was going to do it and turned a blind eye…. This issue is about every person living in this country – about the sort of society we want to build. I want to live in a society where everyone is equal under the law, not where a certain job title makes the difference between receiving an MBE and being sent to jail. (story)
Huffington Post 13.6.12 Caroline Lucas Exposes Allegations Ex-Undercover Cop Bob Lambert Firebombed Debenhams London Store - By Dina Rickman - Green MP Caroline Lucas has exposed allegations a former undercover police officer planted a firebomb in a branch of Debenhams to "bolster" his credibility… (story)
Telegraph 13.6.12 Undercover police officer left firebomb in Debenhams, claims MP - An undercover police officer left a firebomb in a department store as part of his efforts to infiltrate a group of animal rights campaigners, an MP has claimed. By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent (story)
New Statesman 13.6.12 Caroline Lucas alleges that an undercover police officer planted an incendiary device in Harrow Debenhams BY ALEX HERN - Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP, has alleged in a debate in Westminster Hall that Bob Lambert, a former undercover police officer, placed an incendiary device in Harrow Debenhams in 1987 in order to ingratiate himself with a cell of the Animal Liberation Front. He would later provide intelligence leading to the arrest and conviction of two members of that cell, Jeff Shepherd and Andrew Clark…. (story)
Mail 13.6.12 Undercover policeman 'planted FIREBOMB' in Debenhams store to prove worth to animal rights group he was infiltrating' - By Rob Cooper - An undercover police officer set off a firebomb in a Debenhams store causing thousands of pounds worth of damage as he infiltrated a group of animal rights activists, an MP claimed today. Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party, said Bob Lambert - who went under the alias Bob Robinson - carried out the attack to prove his worth to the Animal Liberation Front… (story)


Grimsby Telegraph 13.6.12 Clay pigeon shooters have a blast raising cash for first responders and air ambulance - CLAY pigeon shooters had a blast at an annual charity fundraiser in Nettleton. Held at the village's Lodge Game Farm, more than 60 shooters grabbed their guns to raise vital funds for the Nettleton LIVES First Responders and the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance…. (story)

Independent 13.6.12 Safeguard our birds of prey - As organisations that care deeply about our rich and beautiful countryside and wildlife we were horrified recently to learn of the proposals to use taxpayers' money to imprison buzzards and destroy their nests for the purposes of protecting pheasants… Martin Harper Director of Conservation, RSPB Simon Pryor Natural Environment Director, National Trust Douglas Parr Policy Director, Greenpeace UK Paul de Zylva Head of Nature, Friends of the Earth Deborah Pain Conservation Director, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Barbara Handley Chairman, Hawk and Owl Trust And seven others (letter)

Argus 13.6.12 The threat of an airgun belongs in a gun club, not on our streets - HOW refreshing it was to read David Gibbons’s honest and accurate description of the cowardly lowlife who shot a brooding herring gull as it nurtured her young… If airguns, like all other guns, were restricted to gun clubs, the maiming and destruction of any animal with these weapons would be lessened… David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks (letter)

Western Morning News 13.6.12 How strong is resolve on bovine TB badger culls? - Trawling around the three big Westcountry county shows in the past few weeks I was surprised (shocked even) to hear, more than once, the opinion that the Government would actually be relieved if the High Court chucked out plans for the trial bovine TB badger culls… For while Farming Minister Jim Paice has worked like a Trojan to get the pilot culls going, how many of the other Tories and LibDems in our brilliant Coalition Government are truly on board?... (story)

Carmarthen Journal 13.6.12 Disease must be eradicated - LAST week's edition of the Carmarthen Journal carried a front page headline 'Why are badgers more important?... where a film about culling of Dai Bevan's longhorn cattle, Mayday at Heolfawr Cross, was highlighted. No scientific evidence was provided in the film of the source of the bTB outbreak and in the absence of such evidence can I suggest that it was as a result of cattle to cattle transmission?... David Petersen, St Clears (letter)


Carmarthen Journal 12.6.12 Game fair in Carmarthen for first time - ANGLERS and country sports enthusiasts in West Wales will be focusing on this weekend's Welsh Game Fair, which for the first time is being held in Carmarthen at the Nantyci Showground off the A40… (story)

Western Daily Press 12.6.12 We aim to seize the opportunity offered by the Olympics - While some of the Olympic disciplines on show at this summer's Games are seen as being inaccessible (rightly or wrongly), competitive shooting shouldn't be one of them… Despite this, at the Countryside Alliance we know from our own research that public perception is the biggest barrier to entry into shooting sports…. It is for this reason that each year, the Countryside Alliance puts on National Shooting Week… (story)

Western Morning News 12.6.12 Summer work on the shoot proves it is not all about pulling the trigger - Ask the man in the street about pheasant shooting and he will as likely tell you it is a rich man's pastime practised on country estates by plummy-voiced chaps in tweeds who employ beaters and loaders to take as much of the effort out of the process as possible… Yet the British Association of Shooting and Conservation – Britain's biggest shooting organisation – says the vast majority of its members who take part in game-shooting are members of DIY syndicates, renting land, buying pheasant poults and doing most of the game-keeping and land management themselves… Some people still struggle to get their heads around the concept of shooting being good for conservation. But small syndicate shoots, which expect to put down relatively modest numbers of pheasants have been shown to have a beneficial impact on wildlife in general…. (story)

Shropshire Star 12.6.12 Badger cull is not the answer - TB is a respiratory disease, so the usual transmission is breath to breath… The proposed badger cull will not eradicate TB in cattle… Badger protection was originally introduced in 1973 to deal with badger digging and baiting and the original Act was then enshrined in later legislation. More information is available from Shropshire Badger Group… Jim Ashley, Whitchurch (letter)

The Sentinel 12.6.12 Call to boycott animal circus - A CHARITY is calling on families to boycott a circus featuring animals. Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) is urging residents in Congleton not to attend Peter Jolly's Circus when it arrives in Congleton tomorrow… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 12.6.12 Total ban for circus animals - A 2010 public consultation by Defra found that 94.5 per cent of people are in favour of banning the use of wild animals in circuses. Yet Defra – the ministry responsible – is still refusing to take decisive action… Please write to your MP asking for a complete ban on a cruel and outdated practice once and for all. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby. (letter)

Blackpool Gazette 12.6.12 - YOU may be surprised to know that more than 900 million animals are farmed for food each year in the UK… MIKE HOGG, RSPCA North regional manager (letter)
Coventry Telegraph 11.6.12 Help improve animal welfare - MORE than 900 million animals are farmed for food each year in the UK – that’s about 56 times the number of pet dogs and cats… Next week is Farm Animal Week which is run by the RSPCA’s Freedom Food labelling scheme… For selected Freedom Food labelled products bought in store during the week, Sainsbury’s will donate 5p to the RSPCA to help improve the lives of farm animals… Dr Marc Cooper RSPCA farm animal scientist, Southwater. (letter)


Durham Times 11.6.12 Estate's clay pigeon shoot success - A CLAY pigeon shoot on Chester-le-Street’s Lambton Estate could become an annual event. More than 100 teams of four people fom across the country took part in the weekend-long Lambton Team Shoot that raised almost £10,000 for various charities… (story)

Leicester Mercury 11.6.12 Research is an obscene waste - I refer to the letter from the Leicesteshire & Rutland Wildlife Trusts (Mercury, June 4) that the Government should leave buzzards alone and completely agree…. I cannot believe that in the 21st century people are still shooting for fun disguised as sport…. Susan Eppel, Leicester. (letter)


Independent on Sunday 10.6.12 I have no problem with teaching children to understand the horrors of firearms in the wrong hands, and to eschew violence ("Inner-city pupils take shooting lessons", 3 June). But showing pupils how to shoot in order to understand the countryside has nothing to do with the rural life that most cherish… Clay-pigeon shooting is environmental vandalism… Adrian Winstanley, Tadworth, Surrey (letter)

Bromsgrove Advertiser 10.6.12 Falconry fun for Father's Day - HANBURY Hall is set to hold a day of falconry fun this Father’s Day. Trevor Hill, Worcestershire’s falconry expert, will be at the National Trust property with his beautiful birds of prey on Sunday, June 17. The event runs 11am – 4pm and normal admission prices apply…. (story)

Observer 10.6.12 For the record …We were wrong to describe the animal rights group Animal Aid as a charity in "Racehorses destroyed as recession costs bite" (News). (story)

Observer 10.6.12 So Peter Kendall recognises that we need "a complete rethink" about food production… I've just rethought and turned vegan. Madeleine Longhurst Liverpool (letter)


Argus 9.6.12 South of England show crowds defy weather - Country-lovers have braved the elements to turn up in their droves for the first two days of the South of England show…. Displays: Cattle and livestock parade, Inter hunt relay, Horse shoeing competitions, The Bolddog Lings Motorcycle Display Team, Titan the Robot, The Royal British Legion Youth Band, Agricultural machinery, The Sheep show, Hunt parade and pageant… (story)

Midhurst & Petworth Observer 9.6.12 Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt at Suury Union Hunt hound show - FOLLOWING the success of their own puppy show, the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt have moved on to more success at the Surrey Union Hunt hound show. The judges at the Surrey Union were Polly Portwin, MFH at the Bicester with Whaddon Chase, and David Edwards, huntsman with The Fernie…. (story)

Western Morning News 9.6.12 Royal show bounces back with sunshine and a big splash - Farming editor - Bright sunshine, a stiff breeze whipping thousands of flags from their masts, and a 51-year-old American belly-flopping from a 30ft-high tower into a bath full of milk. It was the second day of the Royal Cornwall Show at Wadebridge… As usual there was an impressive main arena programme, including trick riding by the Devil's Horsemen Cossacks, a motorcycle stunt show, and parades of hunts from throughout Cornwall… (story)

Western Morning News 9.6.12 Shooting is an accessible sport that teaches discipline -While some of the Olympic disciplines on show at this summer's Games are seen as being inaccessible (rightly or wrongly), competitive shooting shouldn't be one of them. It is for this reason that each year, the Countryside Alliance puts on National Shooting Week – a week-long event offering reduced lessons to first-time shots at shooting grounds across the country… (story)

South Wales Echo 9.6.12 Do you know which charities fund experiments on animals? Today is Victims of Charity Day of Action. Medical charities play an important role when it comes to human health but many use our contributions to conduct or fund invasive research on animals despite the fact that 82% of the British public say they would not donate to charities that fund experiments on animals…. you can contact Animal Aid… to receive further information, including a list of charities that do not fund experiments on animals. Dom Spens, Cardiff Animal Rights; Nigel George, Cardiff Animal Network (letter)

Ledbury Reporter 9.6.12 No meat is nice - I AM outraged after reading a letter saying that St Ann’s Well Cafe is ‘focused on vegan and vegetarian food which isn’t to everybody's taste’. Being a vegetarian myself, it is such a pleasure being able to go somewhere which doesn’t have meat… MEGAN OXTOBY Malvern (letter)


Horse & Hound 8.6.12 MFHA tells hunts they must record evidence of legal activities - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - Hunting within the law is not enough — hunts must make sure they carefully record evidence of their legal activities. That was the central message from this year’s Master of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) annual meeting(29 May) in the light of recent prosecutions and efforts by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) to step up its campaign against hunting…. (story)

Western Morning News 8.6.12 The elements fail to curb enthusiasm in popular horse classes - The wind and lashing rain at the County Showground was the worst possible combination for horse owners all keen to show off their animals at their best – but in true British style, they just got on with the job…. Cornish rider Michelle Sanders, who won the local hunter class, battled with the elements before she even got to the venue… Michelle, who hunts with the North Cornwall, went one better this year with her bay mare One Vision to land the spoils and then go on to stand champion of regularly hunted…. (story)

Droitwich Spa Advertiser 8.6.12 Women's only shooting club is going great guns - THE strange combination of guns and buns is proving a huge hit with women in Droitwich Spa and surrounding villages… The group, called The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club, is run by Cutnall Green woman Victoria Knowles-Lacks and aims to introduce women to the sport…. It has now grown into a national club and boasts groups that meet on a regular basis from High Wycombe to North Yorkshire…. (story)

Newmarket Journal 8.6.12 McFly ‘excited’ to be rocking at the races - A SUMMER of music gets under way at Newmarket Racecourses on Saturday when rock band, McFly, are in concert after the racing…. Tomorrow is Countryside Day, which includes a charity race for the Countryside Alliance at 1pm… (story)


Western Gazette 7.6.12 Young farmers host clay shoot - WINCANTON Young Farmers Club is holding a charity clay pigeon shoot on Sunday, June 17. This year the club is raising money for the Polycystic Kidney Disease Charity at the event… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 7.6.12 ADRIAN SANDERS: Importance of thinking ahead … I met Bill Oddie for the second time at a Commons event last week where we were both speaking in favour of retaining the hunting act in our joint capacities as vice presidents of the League Against Cruel Sports… (story)

Hertfordshire Mercury 7.6.12 Brent Pelham woman, 63, in the saddle once more after two broken neck falls By Ciaran Gold - A WOMAN who broke her neck twice in riding accidents will be back in the saddle once more to raise funds for The Countryside Alliance. Master of the Puckeridge Hunt Di Pyper, of Brent Pelham, will tackle an eight furlong flat race at Newmarket race course on Saturday… (story)

Wells Journal 7.6.12 Flowers, farming and food take centre stage - The Bath and West Show is all about showing off the very best in the world of farming and winning prizes for great aptitude, talent, accomplishment and effort… Two legged celebrities at the show included NFU president Peter Kendal, Harry Cotterell, president of the Country Land and Business Association, DEFRA Minister Lord Taylor, and Sir Barney White-Spunner of the Countryside Alliance addressing issues ranging from new sources of fuel for energy, reforms to the planning system and the TB issue…. (story)
Western Daily Press 30.5.12 2012 Royal Bath & West Show: A packed four days at biggest farming show - All roads lead to Shepton Mallet today for the opening day of the 2012 Royal Bath & West of England Show…. Countryside politics will be top of the agenda at the show with prominent speakers Peter Kendal, the NFU President; Harry Cotterell, President of the Country Land and Business Association; Lord Taylor, the Defra Minister; and Sir Barney White-Spunner, of the Countryside Alliance – addressing issues ranging from new sources of fuel for energy, reforms to the planning system and the bovine TB problem… (story)
30.5.12 Royal Bath & West breaks records even before the four-day show opens - All roads lead to Shepton Mallet today, for the opening day of the 2012 Royal Bath & West of England Show… (story)
Western Morning News 28.5.12 Royal Bath and West Show 2012: Primp, preen and shine – it's showtime! The Royal Bath and West Show starts this Wednesday and runs until Saturday at the showground, near Shepton Mallet…. Countryside politics will be top of the agenda, with NFU president Peter Kendall, Harry Cotterell, president of the Country Land and Business Association, Defra minister Lord Taylor and Sir Barney White-Spunner of The Countryside Alliance all addressing sources of energy, planning reforms and, of course, TB…. (story)

Guardian 7.6.12 Stop hounding Britain's urban foxes - Stephen Harris - They are as big as Alsatians and getting bigger. Their numbers are increasing and are out of control. They foul our gardens, they rip cats apart, they are getting bolder. It is simply a matter of time before they kill a baby. City-dwellers cannot let toddlers play in the garden for fear they will be mauled or killed. It's incredible how much hysteria the British press can generate about such a small, and largely inoffensive, animal as the fox… influencing public opinion on the need to kill foxes has been a key goal of the hunting lobby… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 7.6.12 Rape victim 'shunned by community' - A WOMAN who was raped by a former hunt master has waived her right to anonymity to describe the ordeal and her subsequent treatment in their small rural community…. (story)
North Devon Journal 7.6.12 Rape victim still suffers as lies tarnish her reputation - A FARMER'S wife who was raped by a huntsman has waived her right to anonymity to talk about the ordeal…(story)
Western Morning News 4.6.12 'I have been shunned by community', reveals rape victim of ex-hunt master - A woman who was raped by a former Devon hunt master has waived her right to anonymity to describe the ordeal and her subsequent treatment in their small rural community…. (story)
Western Daily Press 4.6.12 I'm shunned: victim of rape at hunt ball - A woman who was raped by a former hunt master has bravely waived her right to anonymity to describe the ordeal and her subsequent treatment in their small rural community…. (story)
Mail 2.6.12 I'm furious I got so drunk, but I didn't deserve to be raped by that disgusting, vile man: Wife attacked at hunt ball reveals why she's angry with herself By Barbara Davies - Jenni Southwood shudders when she recalls the night she was raped by a huntsman of the Tiverton Staghounds. She feels anger towards the man who brutalised her. But she is also angry with herself…. (story)
Telegraph 2.6.12 'Our rural community has shunned me': farmer's wife raped by former hunt master speaks out - The woman who was raped by a former hunt master has spoken publicly of her anger, and described how some members of their close-knit rural community have roundly shunned her. By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 29.5.12 Rape victim tells of her attack nightmare - THE victim of a hunt ball rape has told how the ordeal plunged her into a 10-month nightmare. The 33-year-old farmer's wife said she had not only had to cope with the trauma of John Norrish's attack but also hostility in the close-knit rural community… (story)
Northdevon Journal 24.5.12 Former hunt master gets four years in jail for raping passenger - A FORMER hunt master has been jailed for four years after being convicted of raping a hunt ball guest he was giving a lift home… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.5.12 Hunt boss is jailed for rape - A FORMER hunt master has been jailed for four years for raping a ball guest after offering to give her a lift home…. (story)
Western Morning News 22.5.12 Devon hunt master, 68, is jailed for rape of woman in car - A former hunt master has been jailed for four years for raping a ball guest as he gave her a lift home. John Norrish, 68, took advantage of the 33-year-old who was too drunk to resist after downing around 20 glasses of wine or vodka at the black tie event…. (story)
Western Morning News 22.5.12 Hunt ball rape victim: 'Sentence will help me move on' - The victim of a hunt ball rape said the ordeal has plunged her into a ten-month-long nightmare…. (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 22.5.12 Huntsman's four-year jail term for after-ball rape - A HUNTSMAN has been jailed for four years for raping a married hunt ball guest half his age after offering her a lift home. John Norrish, 68, former huntmaster with Tiverton Staghounds, took advantage of the 33-year-old woman, who was too drunk to resist, having had around 20 glasses of wine or vodka at the black-tie event last July…. (story)
Telegraph 22.5.12 My ordeal at the hands of the hunt master John Norrish - A married woman who was raped by a former hunt master said yesterday that she had been “violated in the most horrendous way”. By Victoria Ward, Martin Evans and Donna Bowater (story)
Express 22.5.12 HUNT MASTER GETS FOUR YEARS FOR RAPING DRUNK WOMAN AT BLACK-TIE BALL By Mark Reynolds - A HUNT master was yesterday jailed for four years for raping a drunken woman after a black-tie ball…. (story)
Mirror 22.5.12 "A grave abuse of a vulnerable woman": Gasps in the court as huntsmaster convicted of rape - John Norrish stood in the dock with head bowed as the judge passed sentence after he was convicted of the sex attack… (story)
Mail 22.5.12 Rapist in a scarlet jacket: Whisky-swilling grandfather with an eye for young women whose drunken attack at a black-tie ball sparked civil war in the society stag hunt that revered him By Barbara Davies - A Huntsman was beginning a four-year jail sentence last night after he was found guilty of raping a drunken woman after a black-tie ball…. (story)
Metro 21.5.12 Huntsman guilty of raping drunk party mother in car - Huntsman John Norrish who raped a drunk woman in his car after a ball was jailed for four years…. (story)
BBC News Online 21.5.12 Tiverton huntsman John Norrish jailed for four years for party rape - A former huntmaster has been jailed for four years for raping a guest as he gave her a lift home following a ball. John Norrish, 68, of East Worlington, near Tiverton denied rape but was found guilty by a jury…. (story)
Telegraph 21.5.12 Huntsman who raped a drunk woman after a hunt ball jailed for four years - A huntsman who raped a drunk woman after a hunt ball was jailed for four years today. Former huntsmaster John Norrish took advantage of the 33 year old married mother when he offered to give her a lift home in the early hours of the morning. Yesterday after a jury took more than eleven hours in their deliberations, they found Norrish, 68, guilty of rape by a majority of ten to two…. (story)
Mail 21.5.12 BREAKING NEWS: Huntsman who raped drunk woman after black tie ball is jailed for four years - John Norrish, 67, claimed the married woman consented to sex in his vehicle - A huntsman who raped a drunk woman after a black-tie ball was jailed for four years today. Former huntsmaster John Norrish took advantage of the 33-year-old married mother when he offered to give her a lift home in the early hours of the morning…. (story)
North Devon Journal 21.5.12 BREAKING NEWS: Devon huntsman jailed for hunt ball rape - A former huntmaster has been jailed for four years for raping a hunt ball guest as he gave her a lift home. John Norrish, 68, former huntmaster with Tiverton Staghounds, took advantage of the 33-year-old who was too drunk to resist after downing around 20 glasses of wine or vodka at the black tie event… (story)
Western Daily Press 18.5.12 Jury out in huntsman 'rape' trial - The jury has been sent out to consider their verdict in the case of huntsman John Norrish who is accused of raping a 33-year-old married woman in his car after the ball…. (story)
Express 18.5.12 HUNT MASTER IS A FOOL NOT A RAPIST, JURY HEARS AS IT CONSIDERS VERDICT By Mark Reynolds - A JUDGE yesterday warned a jury hearing a rape charge against a former hunt master to put aside their feelings on drunkenness and extra- marital sex. The jury will retire today to consider its verdict over whether married John Norrish, 68, raped a 33-year-old mother after a black tie hunt ball last July… (story)
Express 17.5.12 BALL GUEST WANTED SEX, SAYS HUNTSMAN JOHN NORRISH By Mark Reynolds - A HUNTMASTER accused of raping a guest after a black-tie ball said he acted as a “Good Samaritan” in offering her a lift home before they had sex “like a normal couple”…. (story)
North Devon Journal 17.5.12 Court hears of 'rape' by hunt master - A HUNT ball guest has told a jury she was raped by a former hunt master after accepting a lift home in his car…. (story)
Telegraph 16.5.12 Hunt master: I was being 'good Samaritan' to alleged rape victim - A former hunt master accused of rape denied today that there was anything odd about a married stranger choosing to have sex and said he was simply being a "good Samaritan" by offering her a lift home. By Victoria Ward (story)
Mail 16.5.12 'We never spoke to each other, we were too busy kissing': Huntmaster accused of raping a woman after a black tie ball says she consented to sex in his car By Rob Cooper (story)
Western Morning News 16.5.12 Woman denies making up hunt ball rape claim - A hunt ball guest has told a court how she was raped by a former hunt master after accepting a lift home in his car…. (story)
Horse & Hound 15.5.12 Former Tiverton Staghounds huntsman accused of rape - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - A former huntsman of the Tiverton Staghounds appeared in court yesterday (14 May) accused of rape… (story)
Western Morning News 15.5.12 Devon hunt master, 67, denies rape charge - An experienced Devon hunt master has gone on trial accused of raping a woman half his age at the annual ball…. (story)
Western Morning News 15.5.12 Hunt veteran accused of raping woman, 33 - A hunt master forced a drunken partygoer to have sex in his car after offering her a lift home from a black tie hunt ball, a court heard…. Sean Brunton, prosecuting, said the woman accepted an offer of a lift home because her husband had gone to fetch their car and not returned…. (story)
Express 15.5.12 HUNTSMAN IS ACCUSED OF RAPE By Kate Cunningham - A HUNT master raped a married woman after offering her a lift home from the hunt ball, a court heard yesterday…. (story)
Mail 15.5.12 Huntmaster 'raped married woman, 33, in car after she had TWENTY drinks at black tie ball' By Rob Cooper and Richard Hartley-parkinson - A married woman who accused a huntmaster of raping her following a black tie ball drank 20 drinks before the alleged attack, a court heard today… She said she only escaped from the car when Norrish was disturbed by the lights of another car, but his defence lawyers said they believe sex was consensual and she made the story up to protect her marriage…. The alleged rape happened after the black tie hunt ball organised by the Tiverton Staghounds at Cobley Farm, West Worlington, Devon… (story)
Mail 15.5.12 Huntmaster, 67, 'raped pretty married partygoer, 33, in car after offering her lift home from black tie ball' - A huntmaster raped a married woman after offering her a lift home from a black tie ball, a court heard…. (story)
Mirror 15.5.12 Hunt master 'raped mum' after posh ball: He pounced in 4x4 in field, court told - John Norrish, 67, is accused of attacking the woman, 33, in his 4x4 after the boozy black-tie event… (story)
Telegraph 15.5.12 Hunt ball guest describes 'attack' in hunt master's car - A hunt ball guest has told a court how she was raped by former hunt master John Norrish after accepting a lift home in his car… (story)
Telegraph 15.5.12 Wife who accused former hunt master of rape admitted she took of high heels in his car - A married woman who was allegedly raped by a former hunt master sobbed in court yesterday as she denied consensually taking off her high heels and underwear in his car. By Victoria Ward … (story)
Telegraph 15.5.12 Huntsman 'raped married woman after black tie ball', court heard A former hunt master raped a married woman less than half his age after offering her a lift home from a black tie ball, a court has heard. By Hannah Furness - John Norrish, 67, described in court as a “man of some importance and a well known local character”, allegedly assaulted the 33-year-old woman when she got into his car without her husband…. When he was disturbed by the headlights from another car, the court heard she ran screaming across the carpark and collapsed into the arms of her husband… Mr Norrish, a former master of the Tiverton Staghounds from East Worlington, near Tiverton, Devon, has claimed she had consented after kissing him in the car park…. (story)
Mail 14.5.12 Huntmaster, 67, 'raped pretty married partygoer, 33, in car after offering her lift home from black tie ball' By James Titcomb - A hunt master raped an attractive married partygoer half his age after offering her a lift home from a black tie hunt ball, a court heard…. John Norrish, 67, the former master of the Tiverton Staghounds, denies raping the 33-year-old married woman after the hunt’s annual ball at Cobley Farm, between Exeter and Barnstaple, last July…. (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 10.1.12 Alleged rape at hunt ball denied - A HUNTSMAN has pleaded not guilty to raping a woman at a hunt ball last summer. John Norrish, 67, and a member of the Tiverton Staghounds, denied the charge during a brief hearing at Exeter Crown Court…. (story)
Western Daily Press 6.1.12 Hunt ball rape charge denied by accused - A huntsman has pleaded not guilty to raping a woman at a hunt ball last summer. John Norrish, 67, a member of the Tiverton Staghounds, denied the charge during a hearing at Exeter Crown Court… (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 18.10.11 Huntsman will contest sexual assault allegation - A three-day trial will be held next year over allegations that a huntsman raped a woman at a ball. John Norrish, 67, did not offer a plea but Exeter Crown Court was told he is contesting the charge he faces and it will go to trial… (story)
Western Morning News 12.10.11 Huntsman accused of raping woman at ball - A huntsman has appeared in court accused of raping a woman at a ball. John Norrish, 67, who is a member of the Tiverton Staghounds, did not offer a plea but Exeter Crown Court was told the charge is being contested… (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 27.9.11 Rape allegation levelled at staghounds huntsman - A HUNTSMAN with the Tiverton Staghounds has been charged with raping a woman. John Norrish, 67, from Mouseberry Farm, East Worlington, is due to appear in front of magistrates in Exeter today. The offence is alleged to have happened on Saturday, July 2, at a property in the Crediton area…. (story)

Guardian 7.6.12 Attacks on landowners – and a tax on their land - George Monbiot (Our countryside has become a playground for the rich, 5 June)questions why Natural England ended its legal action at Walshaw Moor and withdrew its Vital Uplands document. We believe there are very sound environmental reasons for doing both. At Walshaw, we have now entered into a 25-year agreement that provides improved environmental protection for the moors while allowing the estate to conduct its business activities… Andrew Wood Executive director, Natural England
George Monbiot has hit the spot again. Natural England has been emasculated and, as part of the "Defra family", it has also apparently been told not to get in the way of landowners and other government bodies… Professor John Shepherd Chair, Friends of Latchmore
George Monbiot notes how the landed classes increase their holdings while the rest of us pay them to do so. Wouldn't it be better to reverse the flow of cash so that the landowners pay us for their privileges?... John Digney Aberfoyle, Stirling
If George Monbiot's account of Richard Benyon's departmental actions were describing an emergent African nation or a post-Soviet state, there would be outraged cries about cronyism… J Oldaker Nuneaton, Warwickshire
George Monbiot is absolutely right (Our countryside has become a playground for the rich, 5 June), but it wouldn't be possible without the willing connivance of the not-so-rich – the rich aren't beaters. The increase in shooting over the past 10 years has been obvious to the casual observer and offensive to the regular walker… Rod White Uley, Gloucestershire (letters)
Guardian 7.6.12 Natural England has become a gopher of the landed classes - Stand up for England's wildlife instead of capitulating to the lords of the land and their business interests - (George Monbiot’s Blog) - Listening to the National Farmers' Union, the Countryside Alliance and the Country Land and Business Association, you could be forgiven for believing that the only people who live in the countryside are farmers and landowners… There is no better illustration of this than the letter from Natural England in the Guardian today…. Under Cameron, Natural England has been reduced from a semi-independent voice, sporadically defending wildlife and habitats, to a gopher for the landed classes… (story)
Guardian 4.6.12 Our countryside has once again become a playground for the rich - Anything that can't be shot and eaten is shot and hung from a gibbet. The aristocracy is back in charge, destroying Britain's wildlife - George Monbiot - I might have solved a minor mystery. Last week, after a public outcry, thegovernment dropped its proposal to spend our money on capturing buzzards and destroying their nests to help pheasant shoots. The scheme was championed by Richard Benyon – the minister charged, as one of David Cameron's little jokes, with protecting wildlife and biodiversity. Benyon is the owner of a huge stately home calledEnglefield House, and the 20,000-acre walled estate that surrounds it. The estate employs gamekeepers to stock it with pheasants and kill the animals that might eat them… (story)

West Briton 7.6.12 Flap over buzzards leads to new U-turn - CONTROVERSIAL research into buzzards has been scrapped… (story)
Independent 5.6.12 Mark Avery: When Tory shooters call the shots - It was a revelation to discover Mr Cameron's closeness to the shooting community - There is a fascinating possible explanation for the abruptness of the Government's U-turn last week over plans to fund £350,000 of research into controlling our native buzzards by destroying their nests. Every year, the buzzards eat some of the 35 million pheasants reared and then released into the countryside by shooting estates. The volte-face on this issue was forced by a public outcry, but it is possible that its sheer suddenness was also related to the revelation the previous day in The Independent – something I previously had missed – of David Cameron's closeness to the shooting community. Mr Cameron has been a regular shooter in the past, and this would obviously make it very embarrassing for him to be questioned about the nest-destruction plan in the Commons, as would surely have happened after the recess… (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 2.6.12 East Lancashire wildlife groups back buzzard cull u-turn - EAST Lancashire wildlife groups have welcomed a Government u-turn on plans to control buzzard numbers… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 1.6.12 Plan to capture buzzards dropped after outrage from Warwickshire wildlife experts by Mary Griffin, Coventry Telegraph - CONTROVERSIAL plans to capture buzzards have been dropped following outrage from Warwickshire wildlife experts…. (story)
Independent 31.5.12 Buzzards free to nest in peace as minister drops shooting plans - Protected birds earn reprieve after sudden U-turn - MICHAEL MCCARTHY - Controversial plans to blast the nests of buzzards to help out pheasant shooters were abruptly dropped by the Government yesterday, 24 hours after they were extensively highlighted and criticised in The Independent…. (story)
Newcastle Journal 31.5.12 Northumberland buzzards nest destruction threat lifted by Tony Henderson, The Journal - NATURE organisations in the North East last night welcomed a Government U-turn on plans to destroy the nests of protected buzzards…. (story)
Guardian 31.5.12 In praise of ... buzzards - One of Britain's most striking birds of prey has been saved from a Defra scheme that would have seen its nests destroyed – Editorial … (story)
Carlisle News & Star 31.5.12 Defra scraps plans for action against buzzards - Controversial plans to take buzzards into captivity and destroy their nests to protect pheasant shoots have been dropped… (story)
Western Morning News 31.5.12 Alliance fury at Defra's U-turn on Buzzard research - The Government yesterday scrapped its controversial buzzard research – its third U-turn in a week – amid claims that ministers would now "give in to whoever shouts the loudest"…. The decision was lambasted by the Countryside Alliance, which said it was "bitterly disappointed by Defra's U-turn" on what was a "sensible, proportionate, study into buzzard control"…. (story)
Western Morning News 31.5.12 Nature lovers' outcry prompts speedy U-turn on the cull that never was - Controversial Government plans to research measures to control buzzards on pheasant shooting estates were scrapped yesterday. Philip Bowern explores the background to the issue of birds of prey and their protection… (story)
Birmingham Mail 31.5.12 Government drops plan to capture buzzards by Mary Griffin, Birmingham Mail - OUTRAGE from wildlife experts has led to plans to capture buzzards being dropped…. (story)
Huffington Post 30.5.12 Buzzard U-Turn Cameron's Latest 'Environmental Blunder', Say Labour - Pasties, caravans, secret justice and now buzzards - the government has made its fourth U-turn in just three days. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) had announced plans to look at "non-lethal" methods of controlling buzzards amid fears the birds were targeting pheasants. However on Wednesday wildlife minister Richard Benyon said the government had changed its mind in light of "public concerns" expressed in recent days… “The Countryside Alliance is bitterly disappointed by Defra’s U-turn on this sensible, proportionate, study into buzzard control," it said… (story)
Telegraph 30.5.12 Buzzard nest cull shelved in latest Coalition u-turn - Plans to destroy the nests of buzzards and imprison the birds of prey have been ditched in an embarrassing u-turn for the Government. By Louise Gray - The Department for the Environment (Defra) was offering 400,000 to research the control of buzzards around shooting estates, including removing nests and taking birds into captivity…. After less than a week, Richard Benyon, the Wildlife Minister, said the research project has been scrapped, although he was hopeful work could continue into alternative forms of control… (story)
Independent 30.5.12 Buzzard 'capture' scheme dropped - The Government has dropped a controversial scheme allowing buzzards to be taken into captivity and their nests destroyed to protect pheasant shoots…. (story)
Metro 30.5.12 Government backtracks over plans to get rid of buzzard nests - Plans to destroy buzzard nests have been dropped in yet another embarrassing government U-turn…. (story)
New Statesman 30.5.12 Tories U-turn on plan to appear like eccentric aristocrats - Buzzards will no longer be captured and have their nests destroyed to protect pheasants, says DEFRA… (story)
Guardian 30.5.12 Buzzard trapping plan abandoned as government U-turns again - Defra's controversial scheme to destroy protected species' nests to protect pheasant shoots dropped after public outcry - Damian Carrington - A controversial plan to trap buzzards and destroy their nests to protect pheasant shoots has been abandoned by the government, the latest in aseries of U-turns…. (story)
BBC News Online 30.5.12 Buzzard capture plans abandoned after 'public concerns' - Plans which could have allowed some gamekeepers in England to capture buzzards and destroy their nests in order to stop them eating pheasants have been abandoned…. (story)
Newcastle Journal 30.5.12 Ministers U-turn on Northumberland buzzard plans By Adrian Pearson - MINISTERS have dropped plans to use a Northumberland estate as a national test area to destroy nests of a bird of prey. The Government today announced its latest U-turn, which sees the environment department Defra reversing a plan to spend up to £375,000 nationwide researching ways to keep buzzards from targeting non-native pheasants, which are reared in captivity and released for shooting in their millions…. (story)
Birdwatch 30.5.12 Government U-turn on buzzards - Public outrage at the proposals for DEFRA to spend public money on spurious research into Common Buzzard control has forced the Wildlife Minister to back down…. (story)
Grough 30.5.12 Government u-turn on buzzard-capture scheme in face of public outcry - Liz Roberts, Reporter - The coalition Government has performed a u-turn on its plans to capture birds of prey and blast their nests with shotguns. Wildlife minister Richard Benyon had planned to spend £375,000 of taxpayers’ money on a research project that would have involved capturing buzzards and destroying their nests… (story)
North West Evening Mail 30.5.12 SHOCK AT BUZZARD NEST PLAN - AN animal welfare charity has spoken out against plans to destroy buzzard nests in a bid to protect game stocks. The RSPB slammed the proposals from the Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs to destroy the nests and to permit the capture of the birds to remove them from shooting estates…. (story)
Westmorland Gazette 30.5.12 Outrage over plan to curb buzzards By Scott Kirk, Reporter - PLANS to allow the destruction of buzzard nests and permit birds to be taken into captivity will set a ‘terrible precedent’, according to a leading bird charity…. (story)
Independent 29.5.12 Minister sanctions buzzard nest blasting for 'research' - From the end of this week, Britain's minister for wildlife is sending men to destroy the nests of wild buzzards by blasting them with shotguns. Believe it or not, from Friday, a project will begin to destroy buzzard nests in the interest of protecting pheasant shooting estates, which has been personally sanctioned by Richard Benyon, pictured, the minister responsible for wildlife protection at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)…. (story)
Independent 29.5.12 Leading article: No possible excuse for destroying buzzard nests - Game shooting – the blasting of large numbers of pheasants and other birds out of the sky for enjoyment – has so far escaped the widespread opprobrium attached to fox hunting, largely because it takes place out of the public gaze. But that may be about to change. It is as outrageous as it is incredible that the Wildlife minister, wealthy landowner and keen shot Richard Benyon, has sanctioned the blasting to bits of buzzards' nests in the interests of the owners of pheasant-shooting estates… (story)
Independent 29.5.12 Richard Benyon: An aristocrat whose enthusiasms have clouded his judgement - In his Who's Who entry, Richard Benyon, the minister responsible for wildlife, lists two of his interests side by side: conservation and shooting. If ever there were to be a conflict of interest between them, it has just surfaced…. (story)
Birmingham Mail 29.5.12 Anger at Government plan to capture buzzards and destroy nests - by Mary Griffin, Birmingham Mail - WILDLIFE experts have hit out over government plans to capture or destroy the nests of buzzards so that gamekeepers’ pheasant shoots can be protected…. the RSPB has labelled the news “totally unacceptable” while Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust say the money could be better spent… (story)
Sunday Express 27.5.12 BUZZARDGATE TURNING INTO A TORY TOFFS ROW By Stuart Winter - CONTROVERSIAL plans to protect pheasants from buzzards have blown up into a “Tory toffs” row with ministers being accused of kowtowing to the huntin’ and shootin’ set, writes Stuart Winter. Angry Opposition politicians and conservationists gave Defra ministers both barrels over a £375,000 research project that could see the magnificent birds of prey being captured and their empty nests destroyed. The row has been labelled “Buzzardgate” after it was revealed two Tory ministers at Defra both enjoy shooting… (story)
Eastern Daily Press 25.5.12 RSPB angered by Defra proposals to control buzzards By CHRIS HILL, Rural Affairs Correspondent - Conservationists and bird charities in Norfolk have criticised government proposals to control the population of buzzards in order to protect pheasant shoots…. Paul Forecast, regional director for the RSPB in the East, said: “Buzzards are a bird of prey that have been particularly vulnerable historically…. David Taylor, shooting campaign manager for the Countryside Alliance, said: “While we welcome the study, it is a shame the government has had to commission this expensive exercise simply is to appease a group of people who believe that raptors have a greater significance than any other bird…. (story)
Coventry Telegraph 25.5.12 Wildlife experts in Warwickshire slam government to capture birds of prey by Mary Griffin, Coventry Telegraph - WILDLIFE experts have slammed government plans to capture wild birds of prey so that gamekeepers’ pheasant shoots can be protected…. (story)
Birdwatch 25.5.12 Downloadable buzzard protest letter - Birdwatch has uploaded a protest letter for readers to print off and send to DEFRA to protest about the proposed control of the endangered Common Buzzard…. (story)
Grough 24.5.12 Dismay at plans to blast buzzard nests and capture raptors - Liz Roberts, Reporter - Britain’s biggest bird conservation charity has condemned the coalition Government’s plans to trap buzzards and destroy their nests. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said the move, by minister Richard Benyon, was in response to lobbying from the pheasant shooting industry, which maintains its young birds are being killed by the raptors…. (story)
Telegraph 24.5.12 Government plan to 'imprison' buzzards a 'scandalous waste of money' - Buzzards on shooting estates could be taken into captivity and their nests destroyed as part of Government plans to control escalating numbers of the birds of prey in England. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - The buzzard is now the UK’s most common bird of prey and is blamed for decimating pheasant populations on shooting estates, as well as killing songbirds. Shooting organisations welcomed the opportunity to ‘save’ rural communities that rely on shooting estates by controlling birds of prey. However the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) said the plan was cruel and a “scandalous waste of public money”…. (story)
Guardian 24.5.12 Stop this mad move to capture buzzards and destroy their nests | George Monbiot - The government has no responsibility to protect pheasant shoots from our native wildlife, so why is Defra pushing a plan that will damage a protected species?... (story)
Independent 24.5.12 RSPB voices shock at buzzard plans - Conservationists have condemned plans that would allow buzzard nests to be destroyed and the birds of prey taken into captivity to protect pheasant shoots…. The RSPB said the idea of taking wild buzzards into captivity or destroying their nests was "totally unacceptable", and criticised Defra for spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on the project when money was tight for conservation measures…. (story)
Bournemouth Echo 24.5.12 Don't persecute buzzards, RSPB pleads - Conservationists have condemned plans that would allow buzzard nests to be destroyed and the birds of prey taken into captivity to protect pheasant shoots.DEFRA is looking at plans to destroy nests to prevent birds breeding. It is also considering catching buzzards and moving them to falconry centres to keep them from targeting captive-reared young pheasants. The RSPB said the idea of taking wild buzzards into captivity or destroying their nests was "totally unacceptable"… (story)
Western Morning News 24.5.12 Rural bodies clash over plan to destroy buzzards' nests - Conservationists have locked horns with the Government over “shocking” plans that would allow buzzard nests to be destroyed to protect pheasant shoots. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is to spend up to £375,000 researching ways to keep buzzards from targeting captive-reared pheasants, which are not native to the UK…. RSPB conservation director Martin Harper said: “Destroying nests is completely unjustified… The Countryside Alliance welcomed the study although its shooting campaign manager David Taylor, added that the study had been “an expensive exercise” commissioned “to appease a group of people who believe that raptors have a greater significance than any other bird”…. (story)
Western Daily Press 24.5.12 Shooting row puts buzzards in peril - Conservationists have reacted angrily to plans that would allow buzzard nests to be destroyed to protect pheasant shoots. Bird lovers accused the Government of caving in to the shooting industry, at the risk of destroying a West conservation success story. But shooting supporters claimed ministers were wasting taxpayers' money on appeasing pressure groups – and urged them to move faster…. (story)

Scotsman 7.6.12 Snare point - YOUR report (5 June) of a deer found dead in a snare makes depressingly familiar reading. It appears that this poor animal was the victim of an illegal snare. However, legal snares also catch deer and many other non-target animals…. Libby Anderson Policy officer, OneKind Craighill Gardens Edinburgh (letter)

Argus 7.6.12 Seagulls must be expected, and accepted, on the coast - In response to the story about police being called after a seagull shooting (The Argus, May 29), I totally condemn this cowardly act of cruelty… Alongside local wildlife rescuer Roger Musselle I too would like to see a prosecution for offences such as this… Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove (letter)


Cable 6.6.12 Graham Jones MP questions need for rural broadband funding - Farmers do not need faster broadband access, according to Graham Jones MP. Labour MP Graham Jones has questioned the need for rural broadband investment by arguing that farming has existed "for eternity" without access to the technology…. His comments drew criticism from the Countryside Alliance, which noted that farmers use the internet for 90 per cent of their administration…. (story)
TechEye 4.6.12 Farmers don't need broadband by Nick Farrell - The Labour Party's knowledge of farming appears to be on a par with its information about technology. Graham Jones, MP for Haslingden and Hyndburn, hit the headlines over the weekend with his claims that rural broadband funding should be spent elsewhere because "farming has existed without the internet for eternity."… Since we wrote this, Jones' post has mysteriously disappeared. We guess the Labour Party Central office is still hoping that the countryside voters will get hacked off that the Tory party is taking them out of the EU, and away from their salary meal tickets. (story)
Telegraph 1.6.12 Rural broadband would only benefit the rich, says Labour MP Graham Jones - Upgrading rural broadband is a waste of money because it will only bring faster internet shopping to the rich people who live in the countryside, the Labour MP for Hyndburn, Lancashire has claimed. By Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor - Mr Jones, who has previously suggested that money upgrading Britain’s broadband would be better spent on new roads, claimed the deprived or poor “do not live in rural Lancashire.”… Sarah Lee, Head of Policy for the Countryside Alliance, condemned the MP's attitude… (story)
Farmers Weekly 1.6.12 Farmers don't need fast broadband, says Labour MP - Johann Tasker - Rural broadband funding should be spent elsewhere because "farming has existed without the internet for eternity," a Labour MP has claimed. Graham Jones, MP for Haslingden and Hyndburn, suggested public funding for faster broadband in rural Lancashire would be better spent in "industrial areas where the benefits would have been far greater"…. (story)
TechWeek Europe 1.6.12 Labour MP Claims Rural Broadband Only For Rich - A Labour MP courts controversy after claiming a rural broadband deployment in Lancashire will only benefit the rich by Tom Jowitt - A Labour MP has ignited fury in the agrarian community after he controversially suggested that rural broadbandbenefited only the rich, and even questioned the economic benefits associated with superfast broadband. The Labour MP in question is Graham Jones, the MP for Haslingden and Hyndburn, who reportedly made his controversial remarks as part of the Whitsun Recess in Parliament last week. He said rural broadband funding should be spent elsewhere and even questioned the need for farmers to have access to the internet…. (story)
PC Pro 1.6.12 MP: farmers don't need broadband By Stewart Mitchell - A Labour MP that is campaigning against rural broadband investment has claimed that farmers don't need broadband, sparking angry criticism from countryside groups. Graham Jones ruffled feathers when he said in parliament that rural broadband investment of £32 million in Lancashire would only benefit the rich…. (story)
USwitch 1.6.12 'Farmers don't need broadband' comment causes outrage by Ewan Taylor-Gibson - A Labour MP's claims that farmers do not need super-fast broadband and providers should focus their attentions on urban regions have caused outrage… (story)
Digital Spy 1.6.12 Rural broadband will just benefit the rich, says Labour MP By Andrew Laughlin - Upgrading fixed line broadband access in rural areas is a waste of money because it will only benefit the "wealthy", a Labour MP has claimed. Graham Jones, the MP for Haslingden and Hyndburn, said that deprived and poor people "do not live in rural Lancashire"…. (story)

Stroud Life 6.6.12 Queen star joins badger plea - ROCK legend Brian May said he doesn't want the Gloucestershire countryside "stained in blood" as he backed the anti-badger cull campaign… (story)
Stroud News & Journal 5.6.12 Queen guitarist Brian May slams government proposals for badger cull - LEGENDARY Queen guitarist and veteran animal welfare campaigner Brian May blasted government plans for a badger cull at a public meeting in Stroud over the weekend…. (story)
Gloucestershire Citizen 5.6.12 Queen guitarist Brian May urges 'stop the badger cull' - QUEEN legend Brian May visited Stroud on Saturday to attend a meeting about a proposed cull of badgers in Gloucestershire. Here the guitarist explains why he is passionately opposed to such a cull… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 4.6.12 Queen guitarist Brian May backs the badgers in Stroud - ROCK legend Brian May said he doesn't want the Gloucestershire countryside "stained in blood" as he backed the anti-badger cull campaign. The Queen guitarist was the centre of attention at a packed public meeting in the Old Town Hall in Stroud on Saturday, convened by the Badger Trust…. (story)
Western Daily Press 4.6.12 Queen star in West to oppose badger cull - Rock legend Brian May said he doesn't want the Gloucestershire countryside "stained in blood" as he backed the anti-badger cull campaign… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 2.6.12 Queen rock legend Brian May stands up for badgers - Rock legend Brian May said he doesn’t want the countryside “stained in blood” as he dropped into Stroud to lend support to an anti-cull campaign. The Queen guitarist was the centre of attention at a public meeting in the Old Town Hall today, convened by the Badger Trust to gather backing for their bid to protect the species… (story)
BBC News Online 2.6.12 Brian May in Stroud to speak against badger cull - Queen guitarist Brian May has been speaking out against a proposed cull of badgers in England during a visit to Gloucestershire. The rock star was attending a public meeting in Stroud organised by campaigners against the cull…. (story)
Western Daily Press 24.5.12 Rock royalty to attend badger cull meeting - Queen guitarist Brian May, left, will visit the West as part of a campaign against a planned badger cull…. (story)
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 23.5.12 Legendary rocker Brian May to attend Stroud badger meeting By Ian Craig - ROCK legend Brian May will be taking a break from composing ear-shattering guitar riffs to attend an animal welfare meeting in Stroud next week. The Queen guitarist and animal rights campaigner, famous for iconic hits including We Will Rock You and Fat Bottomed Girls, will be attending the open meeting held by the Badger Trust to discuss the government’s plans to cull the badger population to stop the spread of tuberculosis in cattle… (story)

Carmarthen Journal 6.6.12 'Why is the life of a diseased animal worth more than the life of a diseased cow?' - A FARMER who has lost his herd of rare cattle to Bovine Tuberculosis wants to know why badgers are "worth more" than his cows. Dai Bevan spent his life building up his herd of Longhorn Cattle — but dozens were shot last month after testing positive for TB.The cull has left the 50-year-old Llanarthne farmer angry and at a loss for what to do next… Mr Bevan is expecting most of his remaining stock to be slaughtered this week…. "I can't go and be anything else," he said, but added: "There's no way I can go out and buy pedigree cows because the wildlife is still going to harbour a residual source of infection…. Mr Bevan said the badger was protected in 1980s to stop badger baiting and nobody wanted the return of baiting. But he argued the problem of TB has grown up since then and "no one has the balls to stop it"… (story)

ContactMusic 6.6.12 Peta Bosses To Launch Xxx Site - Animal rights bosses at People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals have set up a saucy new website featuring naked porn stars and vegetarian sex tips… (story)
Independent 24.9.11 PETA goes wild in porn-for-animal-rights bid - Animal rights campaigners PETA will go wild later this year - with a pornography website. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has long deployed nearly-nude street activists to promote its campaign against the wearing of leather, fur, or make-up tested on animals. But a sex site called peta.xxx, due to be launched sometime between November and December, will finally show campaigners in their entire natural glory, says associate director of campaigns Lindsay Rajit…. (story)
Guardian 21.9.11 Fur flies in California - West Hollywood council has banned fur sales. Well, thank heaven they didn't make a porn movie about it – Peta has - Hadley Freeman - What is the best way to guilt-trip people into having more empathy for animals?... But before you over-enthusiastically ally yourself with the American anti-fur brigade, wait until you hear about the porn. Peta, an organisation that has never shied away from the ridiculous, has announced that it is to launch a porn website with the not especially erotic sounding address of peta.xxx. Stifling down as best one can the images this sparks of naked people sitting around eating tofu, one has to ask whether branching out into porn is really the best way for an organisation to convince the masses that caring about animal rights is not proof that one is, to quote Keith Kaplan, "special interest" or "extremist"…. (story)
The First Post 20.9.11 Peta provokes scandal with ‘animal rights porn’ - ANIMAL rights group Peta is coming under fire for its controversial decision to launch an .xxx porn site. Peta believes the "graphic, uncensored material" will draw attention to animal abuse, a claim that has been ridiculed by feminists and academics. "Exploiting porn to get people's juices going seems lame," says Jill Dolan, director of gender and sexuality studies at Princeton University, told Reuters… (story)
Telegraph 18.9.11 Animal rights group PETA to launch pornography website - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), no stranger to attention-grabbing campaigns featuring nude women, plans to launch a pornography website in the name of animal rights…. (story)
Guardian 24.8.11 Pass notes No 3,332: Peta - The animal rights group plans to launch a vegan porn site…. (story)
STV 24.8.11 PETA's porn site? - Animal rights charity PETA is reportedly planning to launch a porn site with a .xxx domain name…. (story)
Mail on Sunday 21.8.11 Warning graphic content: Animal rights group PETA to launch bizarre porn website.. that will also show animal mistreatment By Hannah Roberts - Their racy campaigns featuring nude celebrities and unsubtle innuendos, have already raised eyebrows. Now, animal rights group PETA has gone a step further into the world of adult entertainment-by announcing it is to launch its own porn website. The bizarre site will aim to raise awareness of veganism by offering pornographic material alongside graphic footage of animal mistreatment…. (story)

Tamworth Herald 6.6.12 Circus boss hits back and says his tigers are part of family - THE director of a circus which has performed in the Tamworth area for over ten years has defended his use of animals in its shows. Martin Lacey was responding to fierce criticism from an animal protection charity which was calling on residents to boycott the circus which is currently based at Lea Marston near Kingsbury. The Great British Circus uses camels, llamas, reindeer, Fresian horses, Falabella, zebra, ponies, dogs and donkeys in its performances and is the last remaining circus in the country to also include tigers…. But the Captive Animals' Protection Society has called on the public not to attend the circus which is performing in the village until June 10… (story)

TV Newsroom 6.6.12 Big Brother 2012 Housemate: Victoria Eisermann - The 41-year-old Plus Size Model and animal rights campaigner is a former glamour model, who has appeared in countless publications and over 10 TV commercials… She is very clear why she wants to win Big Brother “I want the money, I want to start a vegan handbag and shoe company.” (story)

Irish Examiner 6.6.12 Animal Welfare Bill is long overdue - I fully support John Fitzgerald’s letter (May 4) and his abhorrence of the barbaric activities of cock fighting and badger baiting…. Catherine O’Brien St Margaret’s Rd Finglas Dublin 11 (letter)
Irish Examiner 4.6.12 Animal Welfare Bill deserves some attention - With the focus on our economic woes and the fiscal treaty referendum, the Animal Health and Welfare Bill has been virtually overlooked by the media… the draft bill contains many welcome provisions, such as stiffer penalties for acts of cruelty and a hotline for reporting offences. The problem is that the bill, in its present wording, seems to regard some forms of animal cruelty as heinous crimes and others as activities to be condoned and even encouraged in our society….. it contains special exemptions for hare coursing and fox hunting, referring to these as field sports with "traditional codes" of practice…. John Fitzgerald, Lower Coyne St, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)


Isle of Wight County Press 5.6.12 Ray meets Island’s badgers By Richard Wright - BADGER dog Breez helped sniff out wildlife for TV survival expert and naturalist Ray Mears. While the presenter was recently filming on the Isle of Wight for a future show, he was helped by the German shepherd, Breez, at one of them. Graham Lee, of the Badger Trust Isle of Wight, and Breez have been monitoring activity at a badger set for the show… (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 5.6.12 Circus for store was a bad idea - Well done the people of Preston for refusing to have an animal circus on the doorstep!... So, who are Asda to try to go against all this? I suggest they stick to selling food. Sue Berry, Penwortham (letter)


Hartlepool Mail 4.6.12 Tributes to Alderman - HEARTFELT tributes have been paid to a Hartlepool Alderman and former town mayor who served as a councillor for more than 30 years. Douglas Ferriday, who was the town’s last non-elected mayor, from 2001-2002, passed away aged 85 on Thursday… Mr Ferriday came to Hartlepool to manage a photography studio in 1950 and had been a lecturer at Stockton and Billingham Technical College, as well as a former chairman of the League Against Cruel Sports… (story)

Leicester Mercury 4.6.12 Government should leave buzzards alone - The buzzard is a magnificent bird of prey and its return to lowland England after a long absence following intense persecution by people concerned with game shooting is one of the great conservation successes in this country. Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust is therefore appalled to learn that the Government, through the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), is proposing to spend nearly £400,000 on research on the alleged impact of buzzards on pheasants that will involve measures such as removing buzzards from some places and destroying their nests…. Beverley Heath, Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust. (letter)

Sheffield Star 4.6.12 Circus animal rights concern - CIRCUS performers are coming to Sheffield - but the shows have caused controversy with animal rights activists. Zippo’s Circus is setting up its big top at Endcliffe Park and will be putting on shows from Thursday until Tuesday, June 12. But campaign group Animal Defenders International has called for a boycott due to the use of animals…. (story)

Argus 4.6.12 Making a meal out of llamas - I WAS horrified to read that llama sausages were being sold at the Foodies Festival in Hove… Sylvia Harwood, Old Shoreham Road, Hove (letter)


Horse & Hound 3.6.12 Former master and huntsman of the Belvoir to hunt hounds in Australia - Michael Clayton - Former master and huntsman of the BelvoirRupert Inglesant is taking up a new role inAustralia. He will hunt foxhounds as a professional for theOaklands Hunt Club, north of Melbourne…. (story)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 3.6.12 Hundreds visit Rutland County Show - THE spirit of people in Rutland was not dampened by the weather this morning (Sunday) as hundreds turned out to support the annual Rutland County Show… Attractions in the main ring and dotted around the showground included The Sheep Show, Cottesmore Hunt, the Dog and Duck display and Leicester Tigers…. (story)

Independent on Sunday 3.6.12 Inner-city pupils take shooting lessons - Schoolchildren from south London are taught how to handle shotguns as guests of Countryside Alliance - SANCHEZ MANNING - Take a bunch of inner-city school children. Break out the shotguns and let them take turns. What sounds like a recipe for disaster is actually a novel plan aimed at giving urban children a taste of rural living. A group of 11-year-olds from Stockwell, south London, invited to a range at West Kent Shooting School in Tonbridge, Kent, by the Countryside Alliance, are learning about shooting – an Olympic event – as a sport… (story)

Independent on Sunday 3.6.12 Fantastic, Mr Fox: Britain loves urban wildlife - Farmers may not be fans, but a survey shows many townies enjoy a brush with nature - They prowl the streets late at night, rifle through our rubbish and leave a quite distinctive stink – yet we love them. Or at least nearly 90 per cent of city dwellers said they do in what is thought to be Britain's largest survey of public attitudes towards the urban fox. Weeks after Channel 4 launched Britain's first unofficial "fox census" as part of its interactive live broadcast, Foxes Live: Wild in the City, the results are in. More women than men like them, and the creature is most popular among youngsters and the people of Northern Ireland , where 92 per cent of respondents admitted having a fondness for the fox. This is in contrast with London, where 19 per cent of people voiced a positive dislike… (story)

Irish Independent 3.6.12 Greyhounds badly treated - I am writing to commend Fiona O'Connell on her most accurate portrayal of life for the average greyhound in Ireland (Sunday Independent, May 27, 2012). Whether it is throwing a cowering and frightened greyhound into a river to clean him, shooting and dumping dead greyhounds in a quarry or handing "slow greyhounds" into the pound condemning them to certain death, these activities sadly typify the attitude of far too many owners/breeders… Steven O'Leary, Mahon, Cork (letter)
Irish Independent 3.6.12 Highest standards in care of our dogs - Re Fiona O'Connell's article (Sunday Independent, May 27, 2012) about the Irish Greyhound Board and our world-leading industry of which we are so proud. Greyhound welfare and regulation, which has an annual budget of €2m, is a hugely important element of how we conduct our work and without which we do not have a business…. Adrian Neilan, Chief Executive Officer, Irish Greyhound Board (letter)


East Anglian Daily Times 2.6.12 Essex: Crowds enjoy sunshine at YFC County Show - We held our annual Country Show on May 20 at Roxwell, near Chelmsford. The sun shone throughout the day and drew the crowds in; it was a great success with more than 12,000 people in attendance – one of the biggest events of its kind in Essex…. The Game Fair area was popular once again with demonstrations from a local chef cooking a number of game dishes on an AGA including a rabbit pasta dish and a number of game pies. The Essex Hunt also drew the crowds to both the main ring and the Game Fair area with their hounds and young hound puppies along with the Trinity Foot Beagles and Eastern Counties Mink Hounds…. (story)

Sun 2.6.12 Councillor slammed for animal shootings By ANDREW SNELL - A GREEN Party councillor is under fire after shooting animals dead in his back yard and posting the gruesome pictures on an online blog. Mark Haworth-Booth — who stood as a Green candidate in last year’s local elections — boasts about his prowess with a shotgun alongside images of squirrels, rabbits and jackdaw birds…. (story)
Mail 31.5.12 Is that eco-friendly? RSPB supporting Green Party member uses his website to display all the animals he's shot and skinned at home By Martin Robinson - A Green Party member who supports the RSPB has been branded a hypocrite after he went on a killing spree which included a bird, a rabbit and squirrels. Mark Haworth-Booth, who stood to be a councillor in North Devon, has been displaying the bodies of animals he shot in his garden on his personal blog. Proudly, on the same page, he also says he supports the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Birds, despite admitting shooting dead a Jackdaw… (story)
North Devon Journal 31.5.12 Green Party member blogs animal killings - A MEMBER of the North Devon Green Party has come under fire after it emerged that he used his personal blog to boast about shooting squirrels, rabbits and birds. Mark Haworth-Booth, who stood as a Green candidate in Swimbridge, Landkey and Taw in the 2011 North Devon Council elections, used his blog to post pictures of animals he has shot and writes about his prowess with his gun — not something some people say they expect from a green campaigner…. (story)
Western Daily Press 31.5.12 Green campaigner's shooting boast blog - A member of the Green Party has come under fire after it emerged that he used his personal blog to boast about shooting squirrels, rabbits and birds. Mark Haworth-Booth… (story)


Western Morning News 1.6.12 Top turnout and springy turf the order of the day at Treborough - The timing couldn’t have been better for the Hunter Trial at Treborough Cross Country run by Chipstable Hunt. Being high up on the edge of Exmoor, the rain had drained well and the springy turf was just right for competitors who were keen to get going after a month of cancellations… Main organiser, Pam Roffe- Silvester was thrilled with the day and all the support. She said: “The Chipstable Hunt, which has a very small country based around Wiveliscombe and the surrounding countryside is very fortunate to have lots of supporters who have been so generous in sponsoring or helping… (story)

Western Morning News 1.6.12 My safari adventure across the moor where the wild deer roam free - Sarah Pitt joins a Landrover safari, and falls Exmoor…. We've set out from the White Horse Inn in the village of Exford in Eddie Welford's Landrover, for this figure-of-eight meander over Exmoor's high, bare peaks… Deer numbers are still controlled by the hunt, which each year cull some of the older stags. The Devon and Somerset Staghounds have their stables in Exford. While hunting with a pack of hounds is now illegal, the riders are permitted to give chase with two hounds to round up a stag to cull, which is then shot at close range. Hunting is, he says, "almost a religion on Exmoor", and its spirit survives, despite the ban on fox hunting… (story)

Western Morning News 1.6.12 Put away the computer games this half- term and give real shooting a try - Last month the head of the Countryside Alliance, Sir Barney White-Spunner, suggested teaching children to shoot and fish would be the best way to get them off the sofa and out into the real world. National Shooting week, from June 2-10, offers them the opportunity… During National Shooting Week – which is open to all, not just the young – discounted tuition is provided for first-time shots at selected clay pigeon shooting grounds…. (story)

Southern Daily Echo 1.6.12 Slaughter or sport? THE story of yobs attacking defenceless ducks was appalling, but what’s the difference between this dreadful incident and the slaughter of grouse and pheasants in the Exbury area every Saturday in the name of sport? KEVIN MIDDLETON, Holbury. (letter)

Western Morning News 1.6.12 Badger cull targeted in Euro parliament - Plans to shoot badgers could be blocked by the "heavy hand" of Brussels after campaigners enlisted the European Parliament in the battle to halt a cull in the Westcountry. The Humane Society International (HSI) has lodged a "serious complaint" against the UK government proposals to license two trial culls in September…. Mark Jones, vet and executive director of HSI UK, said "indiscriminately" shooting badgers at night was a "clear abuse" of protection measures… Intergroup chairman Dan Jørgensen, a socialist MEP, and UK Green MEP for South East England, Keith Taylor, have co-signed a letter to the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention) urging it to give serious consideration…. (story)

Xperedon Charity News 1.6.12 DIAMOND JUBILEE: HRH charity row - Queen embroiled in animal welfare charity row over her patronage of leading cancer research charity - The Queen is Patron of the popular charity Cancer Research UK. With the Diamond Jubilee celebrations fast approaching with numerous fundraising events for charity planned across the country, the charity Animal Aid has called on Queen Elizabeth to relinquish her position as patron of Cancer Research UK... (story)

Gainsborough Target 1.6.12 Most Satanists today are vegetarian animal lovers - We must express our profound disgust regarding the misrepresentation of Satanists in your article 'Pregnant horse left to die after horror attack' in the Gainsborough Target of last Friday, May 11…. Satanists today are mostly animal lovers and, indeed, many are vegetarian out of respect for the animal kingdom…. L Fairlight (Mrs), by e-mail (letter)