June 2013

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Telegraph 29.6.13 The RSPCA made US feel like criminals - Heavy-handed prosecutions by the animal welfare charity are leaving many innocent pet owners devastated By Andrew Gilligan …The RSPCA is by some distance the largest private prosecutor in England, bringing criminal charges against 30 new people every week. Most, of course, are entirely justified, involving often sickening mistreatment or neglect. But vets, lawyers and other professionals handling the defence of these cases say they are seeing more and more of the other kind – where caring owners, with the best of intentions and unblemished records, are dragged into the dock when simple advice or assistance would be more appropriate…. (story)

Horse & Hound 29.6.13 Hunting world says farewell to side saddle rider Lady Margaret Fortescue - Hundreds attended the funeral of popular side saddle rider Lady Margaret Fortescue earlier this month (7 June). Lady Margaret, who died on 25 May aged 89, was a much admired rider who crossed the Quorn country with skill and dash before and after the second world war… (story)

Hereford Times 29.6.13 Police vow to be fair during cull - POLICE dealing with a six-week badger cull which is believed to include the Newent area said it will be “independent, impartial, even-handed and fair to everyone” during the scheme…. West Mercia Police will be on standy as part of the proposed culling area is in the county. Spokesman Toby Shergold said: “As such, West Mercia Police is undertaking a combined operation with Gloucestershire Constabulary to police any cull activity in these bordering areas…. (story)

Western Daily Press 29.6.13 Hypocrisy in your columnist's criticism In response to the article by Chris Rundle (Western Daily Press, June 26) about badgers allegedly killing his hens. Anyone who tucks into their roast chicken or any meat for that matter, and then criticises animals for raiding their property and doing the same thing is a hypocrite. Andrew Williams West Country Badger Patrol Group (letter)

Western Daily Press 29.6.13 Badgers are just a convenient target - In response to the letter and article by Ian Johnson, of the NFU (Western Daily Press, Wednesday), anything on four legs that farmers can't make a profit out of is considered a pest by the hunting and shooting brigade… Andrew Williams West Country Badger Patrol Group (letter)

Derby Telegraph 29.6.13 If cull was a success, why do we have problem? THE recent correspondence about the killing of badgers to prevent the spread of Bovine TB, culminating in Andrew Critchlow's inaccurate statements ("More cattle slaughtered as TB decimates herds", Letters, June 19), can all be dealt with by asking a simple question. Killing badgers has been tried before… If it was successful, there would be no need for further killing. If it was not, then why repeat a tactic which was proved to be a failure?... Roy Wheatley Nottingham Road Chaddesden (letter)

Leicester Mercury 29.6.13 Free food for turning veggie - An animal campaign group is offering free food to two schools if they make their switch to vegetarian meals permanent. St Barnabas CofE Primary, in Evington, and Highfields Primary – both Leicester – have been serving vegetarian meals because of concerns about potential contamination of halal food. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has written to the head teachers to offer free vegetarian sausage rolls for every student if they make the meals a permanent fixture…. (story)


BBC News Online 28.6.13 Undercover policeman 'said he was in love with me' - Eight women are suing the Metropolitan Police after men with whom they had relationships turned out to be undercover officers. The Met says it is conducting a review into the allegations. Here two of the women tell their stories. Helen Steel, who had a relationship with John Dines… Belinda Harvey, who had a relationship with Bob Lambert… (story)
Guardian 25.6.13 Trauma of spy's girlfriend: 'like being raped by the state' - Woman says she now knows that the weekend she went into labour, the undercover policeman was with his wife and children - Paul Lewis, Rob Evans and Sorcha Pollak - A woman who had a child with an undercover police officer who was spying on her says she feels she was "raped by the state" and has been deeply traumatised after discovering his real identity… (story)
Mail 22.6.13 Police spymaster who posed as an environmental activist 'co-wrote McLibel leaflet which triggered longest civil trial in English history' By Jaymi Mccann - An undercover police officer who posed as an environmental activist reportedly co-wrote a libellous leaflet that attacked McDonald’s and triggered the longest civil trial in English history… (story)
Guardian 22.6.13 Undercover policemen, undercover lovers - How does it feel to discover your child's father doesn't exist? Or that the man you live with has a wife and children? Four women deceived for years by undercover policemen tell their stories - Rob Evans and Paul Lewis (story)
Guardian 21.6.13 McLibel leaflet was co-written by undercover police officer Bob Lambert - Exclusive: McDonald's sued green activists in long-running David v Goliath legal battle, but police role only now exposed - Paul Lewis and Rob Evans - An undercover police officer posing for years as an environmental activist co-wrote a libellous leaflet that was highly critical of McDonald's, and which led to the longest civil trial in English history, costing the fast-food chain millions of pounds in fees…. (story)
Scottish Herald 21.6.13 Book claims Scottish university lecturer was undercover cop who wrote McLibel leaflet - A St Andrews University lecturer has been accused of being the undercover police officer who posed for years as an environmental activist and co-wrote a libellous leaflet that attacked McDonald's and triggered the longest civil trial in English history. A book on undercover policing by Guardian journalists Paul Lewis and Rob Evans claims one of the authors of the so-called McLibel leaflet is former police officer Bob Lambert…. (story)


Farmers Guardian 27.6.13 Great Yorkshire Show preview: Rural life showcase - A snapshot of rural life will be on offer in the Country Pursuits Area where the aim is to showcase the many different aspects and in particular how elements such as fishing, hunting, shooting and wildlife management play such a vital part in the conservation of our valuable rural areas… there will be hounds from The Catterick Beagles as well as from the Northern Counties Mink Hounds…. (story)

Western Daily Press 27.6.13 My fears for deer after land is sold - What I feared has finally taken place – the selling off of the League Against Cruel Sports' sanctuaries at Alfoxton Park at Holford… Whatever the reasons for selling off the land, the deer are going to suffer…. JH Rowbrey, Minehead, Somerset (letter)

Somerset County Gazette 27.6.13 Clay pigeon shoot for charity - A CHARITY clay pigeon shoot will be held at the Dillington Estate on Sunday, July 7, to raise money for good causes. Funds raised will be shared between the NSPCC, Cancer Research and Somerset Disabled Cricket Club… (story)

Daily Post 27.6.13 Mobile phone users asked to help map signal strength in rural areas (story)
BBC News Online 26.6.13 Broadband roll-out: Councils 'yet to get' government cash By Ross Hawkins - A survey of English councils that are commissioning high-speed broadband access in rural areas has found many have yet to receive their share of a half billion pound government fund…. The Countryside Alliance submitted Freedom of Information requests to every English local authority and received responses from all but six of the groups of councils responsible for delivering rural broadband…. (story)
Cable 26.6.13 Govt rural broadband cash 'received by just two councils' - Only two councils in England have so far been given government funding to support the rollout of super-fast broadband in rural areas…. The Countryside Alliance submitted freedom of information requests to every English council in a bid to assess the progress of the coalition's £530 million Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme… a target=main href="http://www.cable.co.uk/news/govt-rural-broadband-cash-received-by-just-two-councils-801604106/">(story)
TechWeek Europe 26.6.13 English Councils Receive Just £3m In BDUK Funding To Date - Countryside Alliance says only two councils have received BDUK funding so far ahead of potential project overhaul by Steve McCaskill (story)
ITProPortal 26.6.13 Councils still waiting for £530m promised by government for UK broadband scheme by Aatif Sulleyman - Only two English councils have confirmed they have received any money from the government as part of the rural high-speed broadband scheme, according to the BBC… (story)
PC Pro 26.6.13 Government's paid only 1% of rural broadband funding By Nicole Kobie - Only £3 million of a £530 million state funding programme for rural broadband has been paid out, despite looming deadlines… "It has been three years since the chancellor announced the project, and yet only £3 million of government money has been spent," said Sir Barney White-Spunner, Countryside Alliance executive chairman. "For rural people still struggling with no or an unreliable internet connection, this is simply not good enough."… (story)

Western Daily Press 27.6.13 Foxes shouldn't be encouraged into town - Reading the article on urban fox behaviour, I was shocked to learn that university students are wasting time watching foxes. It is time the urban councils found a way of getting rid of these animals… Mrs E J Wilbourne Laverstock, Wiltshire (letter)

Somerset County Gazette 27.6.13 Police chief Nick Gargan denies West Somerset badger cull start date - POLICE say a date for the badger cull to begin in West Somerset has not been set…. (story)
BBC News Online 26.6.13 Badger cull August start date denied by police - Police have denied that a start date has been revealed for the badger cull in the west of England. At a meeting on Tuesday, Avon and Somerset Chief Constable Nick Gargan said it would start "in August". But on Wednesday he said the mention was "indicative of a start during the summer rather than a specific date"… (story)

South West Farmer 27.6.13 Glastonbury's Eavis backs badger culls - Michael Eavis, the founder of Glastonbury festival and the best-known dairy farmer in Britain, has spoken in support of the badger cull… (story)
Western Morning News 22.6.13 Michael Eavis 'not on the side of the badger' - Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis has said he is "not on the side of the badger" when it comes to the cull and fighting bovine tuberculosis… (story)
Guardian 21.6.13 Michael Eavis throws support behind badger cull - Glastonbury festival founder and dairy farmer says he is 'not on the side of badgers' and supports a cull in certain circumstances - Simon Hattenstone and Patrick Barkham (story)

North Devon Journal 27.6.13 Poll finds cull is not a big issue - A national survey has shown that the badger cull is not an important issue for the general public. The survey by YouGov showed 29 per cent in favour of a cull, 34 per cent against and more than 33 percent "don't know"…. (story)
Shropshire Star 10.6.13 Badger cull not a high priority for the public - Despite the high-profile protests against the badger cull which started in Gloucestershire and Somerset this month, a new poll has revealed that the majority of the British public is not really bothered about the issue. The YouGov survey showed that while 34 per cent of people oppose a badger cull, the remaining 66 per cent either support (29 per cent), don’t know (22 per cent) or have no strong feelings (15 per cent) about a cull… (story)
Western Morning News 31.5.13 Badger cull has few opponents says NFU chief - There is absolutely no chance that the two pilot culls of badgers in the South West will be scrapped – and will be seen through to completion, a senior farm leader asserted at the Royal Bath & West of England Show…. He quoted from a new YouGov poll – which showed that while 34% opposed the badger cull the remaining 66% either support it (29%), don't care (22%) or have no strong feelings (15%). Mr Raymond questioned the real amount of support there was for protests against the culls. "I don't believe there are the numbers of people against the cull that were at first forecast," he said. "There was the demo in Smith Square in London with Brian May, which was supposed to be attended by hundreds, and it ended up with us seeing just 35."… (story)
Western Daily Press 31.5.13 Public opinion split as badger cull D-Day looms in Somerset - The controversial badger cull can get under way across the West from tomorrow – with public opinion split, farmers determined and police preparing to quell any trouble…. the latest opinion poll revealed the nation is split on whether it should go ahead. More than a third – some 34 per cent of people asked – said they were against it, while 29 per cent support it, 22 per cent don’t care and the remaining 15 per cent said they had no strong feelings. Those poll results were held up by farmers’ leaders at the Royal Bath & West Show as showing that only a minority were against the cull… (story)
ITV 31.5.13 Public opinion divided over badger cull - 1,763 people in England and Wales have been asked for their views in a YouGov poll on the two badger cull trials that can begin in Gloucestershire and Somerset on Saturday… (story)
Farmers Weekly 31.5.13 Poll shows badger cull not big issue for public - Jonathan Riley - Only 2% of people consider a badger cull to control bovine TB to be one of the most important issues facing the country, a survey by YouGov has revealed…. (story)

Stroud News & Journal 27.6.13 Some badger cull facts - MADAM - I would like to respond to some of the inaccuracies in Martin Hancox's letter printed in your June 12 edition titled 'Blaming Brock is not answer'… I am passionate about cattle and the small non-intense farms and farmers of this area. If we do not do something about this disease they will all eventually die out and leave intense large farms with cattle housed all year round behind badger-proof barriers…. Mary Wood Brimscombe (story)
Stroud News & Journal 19.6.13 TB? Badgers are not to blame - Parliament's emergency debate on the proposed pilot culls, was according to ministers aimed at trying to stop the spread of bovine TB… It is utterly beyond belief that he, and farmers/ vets cannot seem to see that it is not badgers rushing across the width and length of Devon, but the current cattle crisis boosted by no testing during foot and mouth, has simply been spread amongst cattle…. M Hancox MA Oxon Ex-gov TB panel Stroud (letter)

Meat Trades Journal 27.6.13 ASA bans PETA anti-meat ad By Nicholas Robinson - An anti-meat ad, that likened the risks of meat consumption to the risks of smoking, has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)…. (story)

Western Gazette 27.6.13 Bakery picks up award for animal welfare - A BAKERY near Sherborne has been recognised for its commitment to high standards of animal welfare. Honeybuns bakery in Holwell has been given an award by international animal charity Compassion in World Farming…. (story)

Cotswold Journal 27.6.13 Alternative diet - CONGRATULATIONS to youngsters Grace and Maxim Plowright for urging Wychavon District Council to reject plans for an intensive chicken farm in the nearby village of Upton Snodsbury… There is no need for any creatures to be reared and slaughtered for human consumption, as we can live perfectly well on a diet free from animal products, which would also benefit the environment and our own health… RONALD LEE Communications Officer Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies (letter)


Farmers Guardian 26.6.13 Complaints flood in over RSPCA badger cull advert By Alistair Driver - AN ADVERT by the RSPCA claiming the English badger cull pilots will ‘exterminate’ badgers has prompted 80 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority…. (story)
Western Morning News 26.6.13 RSPCA cull ad sparks Defra broadside - A row has broken out between the Government and the RSPCA after a full-page newspaper advert criticising the badger cull was branded a "disgrace" by a minister… (story)
Farmers Weekly 25.6.13 DEFRA fury over 'misleading' RSPCA badger cull ad - Philip Case - DEFRA has criticised the RSPCA for placing a full page advert in a national newspaper suggesting the government will "exterminate" badgers in the pilot culls…. (story)
The Grocer 25.6.13 RSPCA badger cull advert draws complaints - By Julia Glotz - The RSPCA’s badger cull ad appeared in the Metro newspaper - The Advertising Standards Authority has received 80 complaints in the past 24 hours about an anti-badger cull advert run by the RSPCA… (story)
Farmers Guardian 24.6.13 Defra Minister brands RSPCA a 'disgrace' over badger advert By Alistair Driver - DEFRA Minister Richard Benyon has branded the RSPCA a ‘disgrace’ for running for what he claims is an ‘inaccurate advert’ on the Government’s plans for a badger cull. Over the past few days, the animal welfare charity has been running a full page advert in the Metro newspaper under the headline ‘Vaccinate or Exterminate?’… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 26.6.13 Decision on cull due in early 2014 - A DECISION on rolling out the badger cull being piloted in Gloucestershire will be made early next year, said the Government… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 25.6.13 Decision on rolling out badger cull to be made in early 2014 - A DECISION on rolling-out of the badger cull being piloted in Gloucestershire aimed at tackling the spread of TB in cattle will be made early next year says the Government…. (story)

Western Daily Press 26.6.13 Cull marksmen need to be well trained - Like Janet Hall (Western Daily Press, June 19), I am very concerned about the skills of the 'marksmen' chosen to cull our badgers and just hope that they are not from the police, who have shown to be sadly lacking in the required skill… Michael Dearden by email (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 26.6.13 Vaccination is the only real solution - GARETH Richards in the NFU view under Country Life Farming in the Carmarthen Journal asked a question about badger culling: 'Why isn't Wales going down same route as England'?... Vaccination of both badgers and cattle is the real solution and following England would be highly unwise for farmers. Michael Sharratt Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed Badger Trust Cymru Whitland (letter)

Western Morning News 26.6.13 I'm trying vaccination but it will be a waste of time - I would like to respond to the very misleading, inaccurate, unsubstantiated and totally unjustified claims made by Graham Forsyth in his letter of June 20…. It is perfectly clear that Mr. Forsyth has an agenda & has very little knowledge, if any, of the facts. If farmers have become disconnected from the public this is probably due to all the propaganda and complete rubbish churned out by people like him… (letter)

Dorset Echo 26.6.13 Let's give our badgers a chance - The business of the countryside does seem to be suffering greatly…. I would just like it raise the subject of bovine TB, and the calls for a mass slaughter of badgers. Years ago , a wise uncle told me that animals do suffer vitamin deficiencies the same as we do… Mrs Maggie Snook, The Chalet, Chalkpit Lane, Wool (letter)

Oxford Mail 26.6.13 This cull of badgers is criminal and must stop - ANDREW Linzey, Professor of Divinity at Oxford University, has called on the RSPCA to prosecute those currently slaughtering our badger population, since this is in contravention of the Bern Convention… the only reason farmers choose to shoot badgers, instead of vaccinating them, is that the former option is cheaper… These are the same people who caused BSE by feeding their stock on the corpses of other animals… MARK PRITCHARD, Linkside Avenue, Oxford (letter)

Civil Society 26.6.13 Peta smoking baby ad is banned - Niki May Young - Animal welfare charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has been told not to use a poster showing a baby smoking a cigar and linking eating meat to cancer again… (story)

Leatherhead Advertiser 26.6.13 Wildlife charity objects to cycle race road closure - “Animal lives will be lost” because of road closures for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 this August, according to a wildlife charity. The Wildlife Aid Foundation (WAF), which deals with more than 20,000 wildlife emergencies every year, says it has tried to persuade Ride London to find an alternative route for this year’s event, without success… (story)


Horse & Hound 25.6.13 Hunt Saboteurs Association complains about police officer’s conflict of interest - A police wildlife officer responsible for monitoring hunting in North Yorkshire has been forced to adapt her job remit after it emerged she had followed hounds. North Yorkshire Police received a complaint about a conflict of interest from the Hunt Saboteurs Association — after the group discovered that PC Sarah Ward had hunted with the Badsworth and Bramham Moor…. (story)

Newtownabbey Times 25.6.13 Animal rights lobby slam circus - Animal rights groups have urged people to boycott Tom Duffy’s Circus when it visits Loughshore from June 19 - 23. Animal Defenders International and Animal Rights Action Network claim that some circus animals suffer “horrific abuses” during training, but admit that they have no evidence of such practices at Tom Duffy’s Circus…. (story)


AmmoLand 24.6.13 Merger of the Irish Game Protection Association with Countryside Alliance Ireland - A decision has been made by the Executive Committee of the Irish Game Protection Association (IGPA) to merge with Countryside Alliance Ireland (CAI)…. (story)

Western Morning News 24.6.13 Defra scans Twitter and Facebook to monitor badger protest plans - The Government's country-side department, Defra, is monitoring social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to help tackle badger cull protests. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is seen as being at the forefront of so-called "horizon scanning" software, which gains "early warning" of public protests… (story)

Derby Telegraph 24.6.13 Badger vaccination fund in Derbyshire already tops £22k - DERBYSHIRE Wildlife Trust is delighted by the successful start to its appeal to raise £50,000 to vaccinate badgers in the county against bovine tuberculosis…. (story)


Sunday Express 23.6.13 Hunters have conservation role - THE British countryside has never been so divided. Like Cavaliers and Roundheads, the huntin' and shootin' set and conservationists are lined up in battle formations and letting loose fusillades of invective By: Stuart Winter - Badger culls, buzzard controls and calls to repeal fox hunting laws are some of the divisive issues that make the Battle of Naseby look like a tea party. After the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds was critical of Natural England for allowing buzzard nests to be destroyed to protect pheasant chicks, the Countryside Alliance was quick to counter… Here I must make an admission. I am an RSPB member and ardent supporter of both the League Against Cruel Sports and the RSPCA…. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust are vital players in keeping green places not only green but biodiversity-rich. They shoot but they want to preserve. Together we can save the countryside. (story)

Farmers Weekly 23.6.13 PETA protest highlights Fortnum's foie gras production - Jake Davies - PETA supporters have staged a protest outside Fortnum & Mason - one of the few UK retailers that still sells foie gras - after the release of a film depicting the force-feeding of geese for its production in France… (story)


Western Morning News 22.6.13 Ann's stepped back from politics, but there's little retirement on show here … You have to admire Ann's independence of spirit, even if you disagree with her anti-abortion, pro-death penalty, anti-benefit-scroungers stance. She's a textbook right-winger in almost every respect, except one; she's fervently anti-hunting and became an unlikely ally for the campaign of Labour backbenchers to get the sport banned during Tony Blair's tenure at No 10…. (story)

Brechin Advertiser 22.6.13 Special guest at Games Fair - The Game Wildlife Conservation Trust’s (GWCT) are pulling out all the stops for their Scottish Game Fair 2012 and it promises to be their best event… (story)

Stroud News & Journal 22.6.13 Police will approach the badger cull in an 'unbiased way' - GLOUCESTERSHIRE police have unveiled its tailor-made operation that it will use to handle incidents before, during and after the impending badger cull. Operation Themis will see police approach the badger cull in an 'unbiased way that will deal with both parties equally'…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 22.6.13 Police say they're ready to deal with badger cull in Gloucestershire - ANTI-BADGER cull campaigners will be allowed to protest peacefully – even if they are technically breaking the law, officers in the county's force have said…. (story)
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 21.6.13 Gloucestershire Police unveil Operation Themis that gives details on how the upcoming badger cull in West Gloucestershire will be policed By Shaun Dix - GLOUCSTERSHIRE Police has unveiled its tailor-made operation that it will use to handle incidents before, during and after the impending badger cull…. (story)
Guardian 13.6.13 Badger cull activists can 'bend the rules' during protests, say police - Police preparing for peaceful protests carried out wargames with activists and the cullers to simulate confrontations - Officers policing the imminent badger culls in England will allow protesters to "bend the rules" to ensure peaceful protests can take place, while working to enable the marksmen to carry out their task.Police have also carried out wargames with both animal rights activists and the cullers to simulate heated night-time confrontations between vuvuzela-blowing protesters and armed shooters…. (story)

Independent 22.6.13 Badger culling: the farmer’s view... I am one of tens of thousands of farmers living with the devastating impact of bovine TB on my family and business… James Small, Charterhouse-on-Mendip, Somerset
...and the protester’s view - We have seen letters recently from farmers’ representatives and even vets attempting to justify the horrific and imminent wholesale slaughter of badgers… It is time we all realised that the only thing that will stop this appalling action is to hit farmers in their pockets. It’s simple: if you oppose the cull, stop buying British beef and dairy products… Penny Little, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letters)

Leicester Mercury 22.6.13 Boycott farmers involved in cull - The letter from Kate Fowler of Animal Aid about the badger cull ("Still time to stop cull of badgers," Mailbox, June 19), its pointlessness and cruelty, was a glimmer of hope for those of us who blame not badgers but the modern farming practice of moving cows around… I would be grateful if Animal Aid, the RSPCA or one of the other protesting groups would research and publish a list of brands of milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt, beef and processed beef meals which are supplied by these farmers, so people like me who are inclined to protest at the tills can boycott them…. H Edwards, Leicester
I have no idea whether there needs to be a badger cull or not, but Kate Fowler doesn't help me. "This remains highly unpopular," she states in her letter, but she has no real evidence of how many people find it unpopular so should drop the "highly"…. Callum Collier, Leicester. (letters)
Southern Daily Echo 21.6.13 Badger cull process is hopelessly flawed - KATE FOWLER, Animal Aid, Kent. (letter)
Buckinghamshire Advertiser 20.6.13 Badger cull policy hopelessly flawed - KATE FOWLER Head of campaigns Animal Aid Tonbridge (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 20.6.13 Help stop the cull - Kate Fowler, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Northern Echo 18.6.13 THE killing of badgers has not begun and may not take place for some months yet. The cull remains a highly unpopular policy, and the recent vote in parliament (Echo, June 6), where MPs were heavily whipped to turn up and vote along party lines, was both undemocratic and an indicator of how desperate the Government is not to perform another U-turn…. The entire process is hopelessly flawed. Thankfully, there is still time to stop the cull. Kate Fowler, Animal Aid. (letter)

BBC News Online 22.6.13 New life in Kent for Albanian laboratory test dog - A dog previously used for medical experiments in an Albanian laboratory has been brought over to the UK to be rehomed by a woman living in Kent. Hope arrived at the Port of Dover earlier and was met by her new owner, Mandy Flisher, before being taken to her home in Deal. Her release from medical testing was brokered by Vicky Fraser, who runs the animal campaign body, Unite To Care… (story)
Mancunian Matters 22.6.13 Manchester animal rights group turns to MPs for help after protests fail to succeed in lab dog release By Matt Simpson -A Manchester animal rights group has turned to MPs to change laws regarding testing after a series of unsuccessful protests against a pharmaceutical company. Unite to Care has been one of several groups campaigning for several months outside AstraZeneca’s Alderley Edge HQ for the release of beagles used in laboratories… Unite to Care’s founder Victoria Fraser, 36, has produced a petition calling for the compulsory retirement of lab dogs… (story)


Scottish Farmer 21.6.13 Conservation bird killers - THE RSPB has been branded 'hypocritical' after admitting to killing hundreds of birds on its own reserves. Barely a month after the bird charity criticised the legally-sanctioned destruction of a buzzard nest to protect a pheasant shoot, it conceded that it has used the same licensed control system to kill and destroy nests of a variety of birds…. (story)
Guardian 13.6.13 RSPB accused of hypocrisy for killing hundreds of birds on its reserves - Countryside Alliance says charity's actions look 'extraordinarily hypocritical' in light of its recent comments on other culls - Damian Carrington - The RSPB has admitted killing hundreds of birds on its reserves, prompting an accusation of "extraordinary hypocrisy" from the Countryside Alliance. The RSPB recently criticised the licenced destruction of buzzard eggs and nests to protect a pheasant shoot and said a cull of lesser black-backed gulls should be halted. But on Thursday the charity revealed it too had destroyed lesser black backed gulls and other birds that were harming native species… (story)
Telegraph 13.6.13 RSPB accused of hypocrisy - The RSPB has been accused of hypocrisy for killing hundreds of birds. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - In a blog Martin Harper, Director of Conservation, revealed that the charity killed three lesser black-backed gulls and 292 carrion crows last year... But Tim Bonner, director of campaigns Countryside Alliance director of campaigns, pointed out that in recent weeks the RSPB has criticised shooting estates for killing buzzards to protect other birds…. (story)

Scottish Farmer 21.6.13 Gamekeepers hound Holyrood - Gordon Davidson - A PROMISE to review Scotland's ban on taildocking working dogs seems to have been forgotten – and more and more vets are encountering 'distressing' tail injuries in undocked dogs. In a bid to push the subject back onto the political agenda, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association this week urged government to stop procrastinating over tail docking, and deliver the evidence-based review that it promised last November…. (story)
Scotsman 14.6.13 Gamekeepers call for end to dog tail docking ban By ALISTAIR MUNRO - SCOTS gamekeepers are calling on an end to the ban on docking of working dogs’ tails. The Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) is urging the government to “stop procrastinating” over tail docking, with a leading vet claiming the ban should overturned. TV vet Neil McIntosh had never witnessed spaniel tail injuries in his west coast practice until tail docking was outlawed in Scotland in 2006… (story)

Surrey Advertiser 21.6.13 Animal hospital asked to take on French court row fox By Jennifer Morris - GODALMING has become embroiled in a bizarre saga concerning an orphaned French fox, whose fate has become a cause celebre across the channel. In 2011 a French court ordered a couple from the Dordogne region to give up male wild fox Zouzou, who they had adopted after they found him on the side of a road lying under his dead mother… French campaigners have asked Hydestile Resident Animals, an animal hospital in New Road, Godalming, to take in Zouzou. Owner Graham Cornick is happy to oblige but is waiting to hear from the French courts as to whether they will permit the three-year-old fox to travel to England… (story)

Stroud News & Journal 19.6.13 Poem in support of badgers in the English countryside - Brock Sets Home WE all live in a mellow subtarine Sun shines in when we leave for the latrine… We have striped faces is that reason to persecute?... Jane Gadd Cainscross (letter)

Stroud News & Journal 19.6.13 Test more widely in TB uproar - I have to confess that I don't pretend to be an expert on TB but was interested to note that even Defra states that cow TB can infect 'badgers, deer, goats, pigs, camelids (llamas and alpacas), dogs and cats, as well as many other mammals'…. Which raises the question about why all of the effort is placed on blaming the badger… Chas Townley Uplands (letter)

Express 21.6.13 Food giants accused of 'cruel and sickening' experiments in animal testing scandal - "CRUEL and unnecessary" experiments on heavily pregnant animals have been pursued by leading food companies to demonstrate the health benefits of their products, it has been claimed. By: Charlotte Meredith - The animals, including rabbits, rats and piglets, endured "sickening" suffering because of the growing fascination with "superfoods", according to the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)… (story)


Evening Standard 20.6.13 Fur flies over RSPCA chief’s snap at guest - Look who’s back in the doghouse. Gavin Grant, chief executive of the RSPCA, has caused offence by snubbing John Cooper QC, president of the League Against Cruel Sports, at a parliamentary reception for the charity…. , Cooper approached his host, Grant, to ask if he would clarify the RSPCA’s policy on putting down canines… “I was asking in a personal capacity…. Yet I just got the rude rebuff that ‘this was neither the time nor the place’. It was patronising.”… (story)

East Grinstead Courier & Observer 20.6.13 UK's first Shire horse race attracts thousands - Gemma Angell Photos: Sean Aiden - THE sound of pounding hooves was louder than usual at Lingfield Park Racecourse over the weekend. More than 7,500 race-goers turned out on Saturday to the Countryside Evening to watch the UK's first official Shire horse race… Local huntsmen from the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt staged a 'meet the hounds' session on the track… (story)
Surrey Advertiser 20.6.13 Lingfield Park shire horse race grabs global attention By Amy De-Keyzer - THOUSANDS of horse-lovers and racing fans turned out to watch the UK's first official shire horse race at Lingfield Park Racecourse at the weekend… As well as the popular race, the event also featured lots of fun family activities, including a petting farm, terrier racing and a meet-and-greet with the fox hounds from the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt…. (story)
Surrey Advertiser 14.6.13 Lingfield Park race to raise profile of Shire horses By Amy De-Keyzer - LINGFIELD Park Racecourse plays host to a UK first this weekend when eight Shire horses line up on the track to battle it out to become the fastest gentle giant. The horses, from nearby Hurst Green Shires, are taking part in the country's first ever heavy horse race on Saturday (June 15) - the venue's annual Countryside Raceday… (story)
Horse & Country 30.4.13 Lingfield to hold UK's first Shire horse race By Victoria Spicer - Lingfield Park racecourse is set to hear the sound of thundering hooves when it stages the UK’s first ever Shire Horse race… (story)
Surrey Mirror 26.4.13 First ever Shire horse race to be held at Lingfield Park - THE sound of hooves thundering down the track is nothing new at Lingfield Park, but race-goers may need to get their earplugs out when the racecourse stages the UK's first ever Shire Horse race…. Professional jump jockeys will take up the reins and cajole these larger than life equines, provided by neighbouring Hurst Green Shires, over a distance of two furlongs, whilst raising the profile of this threatened breed, as well as raise money for the Countryside Alliance Foundation… (story)

Western Gazette 20.6.13 Sheep racing proved big draw - SHEEP racing proved the star attraction at a charity jamboree in Sherborne which raised £3,000. The Midsummer Jamboree was held at Sherborne Rugby and Football Club to raise funds for both the sports club and Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt… (story)
Western Gazette 6.6.13 Sherborne RFC, Blackmore Vale and Sparkford Hunt mid-summer Jamboree, The Terraces, from 1pm to 5pm… (story)

Cornishman 20.6.13 Annual Penwith country sporting event overcomes rain to hold successful show - AN ANNUAL Penwith country sporting show battled early rain to hold a successful event at the weekend…. There was a parade of the Western Hunt, dog exhibition, parades and showjumping throughout the day… (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 20.6.13 Bury St Edmunds: Launch of new advisory service to help shoot owners - Sarah Chambers - Shoot owners across East Anglia can take advantage of a new practical advisory service to make their sport more productive and profitable…. Farmer’s son Charlie Mack, of Brown & Co, property agents with offices in Bury St Edmunds, and colleague Henry Barringer, will lead the new shooting and conservation service…. (story)

Scotsman 20.6.13 Gamekeeper fined for poisoning bird of prey - A gamekeeper who poisoned a bird of prey and owned illegal pesticides has been fined £4,450… Peter Bell, 62, also found guilty of owning illegal pesticides… The full-time gamekeeper is responsible for rearing pheasants and organising shooting on Glasserton and Phsygill Estates which includes land on the farm… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 20.6.13 Killing of badgers has "got to be wrong", says county farmer By ROBIN JENKINS - FARMER Dave Purser believes killing badgers in the imminent trial cull has got to be wrong. With his wife Gill, he runs a 48-hectare beef and sheep operation near Bourton-on-the- Water… He is bitterly opposed to the badger cull and believes that instead of "blasting away at thousands of badgers with high powered rifles", the Government and farming bodies should urgently be looking towards a programme of cattle vaccine trials… (story)

Derby Telegraph 20.6.13 Tory MP is ducking the issue on badger culling - REGARDING badger culling and Mid Derbyshire MP Pauline Latham: she was elected to carry out the wishes of the people who elected her, not the Government line, as she has said. That's ducking the issue…. A Warner Denby Lane Denby village (letter)


Gloucestershire Echo 19.6.13 Ledbury Hunt Open and Family Fun day - Sunday 30th June 12.30pm to 5pm Come and join us for a fun afternoon out at the kennels… (story)

Gloucesteshre Echo 19.6.13 Fun-packed day at country fair - FAMILIES gathered for fun in the sun as they flocked to the Heythrop Country Fair. The day kicked off with hound racing, with packs from four different hunts coming together… (story)

Carmarthen Journal 19.6.13 Welsh Game Fair a hit even in the rain - VISITORS to an annual Carmarthenshire event donned their wellies and raincoats to enjoy the day. The Welsh Game Fair 2013 was held once again at Nantyci Showground, Carmarthen, at the weekend, and saw people turn out to watch a variety of animal and motorsport demonstrations… (story)
South Wales Evening Post 17.6.13 Visitors brave the weather for annual Welsh Game Fair in Carmarthenshire - VISITORS to an annual Carmarthenshire event donned their wellies and raincoats to enjoy the day. The Welsh Game Fair 2013 was held once again at Nantyci Showground… (story)

Western Daily Press 19.6.13 Lord Krebs warning on badger cull credibility - A former government scientific adviser has warned that plans for a national cull of badgers to control TB in cattle were not credible. Independent crossbencher Lord Krebs told the House of Lords that culling badgers had a “modest effect” in reducing the incidence of TB, and thus “rolling out culling as a national policy to control TB in cattle is not really credible.”… (story)

Bristol Post 19.6.13 Vaccination has to be way forward - I WOULD like to add my support to the letter by Dr Lucy Rogers, slaughtering thousands of mainly healthy badgers is not going to reduce the incidents of TB in cattle… Mrs S J Dudley Staffordshire (story)

York Press 19.6.13 Pickering farmers Phil and Carol Cockerill hit by attacks in neglect case mix-up By Victoria Prest… (story)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald 19.6.13 Farm couple hit by attacks in neglect case mix-up By Victoria Prest - A RYEDALE couple have suffered abuse and vandalism and seen their businesses suffer after being mistaken for a farmer convicted of neglecting animals. Phil and Carol Cockerill, of Ashgrove Farm near Pickering, have had their home pelted with eggs, received hate mail, been confronted in the street and seen trade for their dog breeding and farming businesses plummet after animal rights activists mistook them for a Rosedale man convicted of keeping cattle in “hazardous conditions”…. (story)


Northern Echo 18.6.13 Animal cruelty - IT was good to see Judge Adrian Lower expressing his opinion on the cruelty inflicted on a fox by two Stockton men who turned their dogs on it… Can, therefore, some member of the hunting lobby please explain to me, a soft townie, the subtle difference between this and setting, not two dogs, but a whole pack, on to a fox, as they wish to do again… Bill Bartle, Barnard Castle (letter)

Telegraph 18.6.13 Country diary: badgers are out of control - Two pilot badger culling schemes are under way, but the BBC still won’t face the truth: our badger population is causing havoc. By Robin Page - I have a very strange Diary this week. It starts off with an alliance between the BBC and badgers, and casts doubt on both the BBC’s objectivity and its impartiality… My story begins with a member of the Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT), living in Lowestoft, complaining to Countryfile that he never sees the CRT on that programme – a valid moan… Then came an angry telephone call from a Devonian CRT farming member… “You must see it. I have just seen John Craven interview a woman from Ely. They did an item on hedgehogs. The woman blamed the decline of hedgehogs on road casualties and the removal of hedgerows. They made no mention of predation by the booming badger population.”… (story)

Ecologist 18.6.13 Wildlife in the firing line in global war against bovine TB - Sarah Stirk - Where there are cattle, there is the threat of bovine Tuberculosis (TB). The farming methods may differ greatly, but from the dairy farms of Ethiopia to the beef herds of Canada the race is on to find the best way to tackle the disease… A spokesman for the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine says that: 'there has been a very significant improvement in the Bovine TB situation in Ireland since the introduction of an enhanced programme in the early part of the last decade... (story)
Ecologist 18.6.13 COMMENT: Boycotting organic farms over badger cull is 'counter-productive' - Helen Browning - Buying organic food is an important choice for everyone concerned about animal welfare, wildlife and conservation. It would not make sense for consumers to stop buying organic if they disagree with badger culling, says Helen Browning…. As far as farmers licensed by the Soil Association are concerned, our standards cover all aspects of production, but not other things that happen on farms such as public access or controlling populations of animals like rats, rabbits, foxes or deer. We will not be making changes to our certification standards and decisions on whether to allow badgers to be culled on their land is something individual organic farmers will need to decide. Helen Browning is head of the Soil Association (story)
Ecologist 18.6.13 COMMENT: Why the organic movement's badger cull stance threatens its image - Dominic Dyer - If the Soil Association joined those opposing the cull it would be able to brand its organic milk and dairy products 'badger friendly'- no doubt leading to a much needed boost in sales, says Dominic Dyer… the wildlife friendly image of organic farmers is about to be seriously undermined by the Soil Association’s support for the highly controversial badger cull… It’s now time for the Soil Association to urgently review its policy on the badger cull, a good step would be to align their position with the Wildlife Trusts… Dominic Dyer is a policy adviser to Care for the Wild (story)
Ecologist 18.6.13 News investigation Badger cull a PR disaster for UK countryside, warn 'dissident' farmers - Andrew Wasley and Sarah Stirk - Plans to shoot badgers to curtail TB in cattle are fruitless and risk a furious consumer backlash following the horsemeat scandal, say a growing number of farmers. Poor biosecurity and factory farming should be tackled instead. Andrew Wasley and Sarah Stirk report …'I find it difficult that for me to farm I have to rape the countryside. It's got to be wrong,' says Dave Purser, sitting in the kitchen of his quintessential Cotswolds farmhouse. The farmer, who, along with his wife Gill, runs a 48-hectare beef and sheep operation not far from Bourton-On-The-Water, is bitterly opposed to the badger cull… (story)

Farmers Weekly 18.6.13 Ecotricity risks farmer backlash with cull stance - Philip Case - A Gloucestershire green energy company is risking a potential backlash from farmers by speaking out against the badger cull. Ecotricity in Stroud has pledged its support to Team Badger's efforts to stop the pilot badger culls, which are due to start any time now as part of government plans to curb bovine TB…. (story)

Argus 18.6.13 What sort of person shoots pigeons with a bow and arrow? After reading your news about a pigeon that was shot by someone with an arrow, I just had to write to say how disgusted I was that someone could do this to a defenceless animal… Marion Skinner, Broyleside, Ringmer (letter)
Argus 11.6.13 Police to investigate after pigeon hit by an arrow in Lewes - By Anna Roberts, Crime reporter - A pigeon has died after being shot with an arrow…. Carrie Grace, founder of Seahaven Bird Rescue, was called to the bird by a member of the public and said the bird had to be put down…. Animal rights campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is offering a reward of up to £1,000 for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for killing the bird… (story)

Petbusinessworld 18.6.13 Doncaster Council U-turn against reptile breeder by Tony Jones - Doncaster Borough Council has discontinued its intended prosecution of reptile breeder Adam Wilford after months of legal action. Adam was targeted during a crackdown by the council after pressure from animal rights groups opposed to the keeping of reptile pets… (story)


Yorkshire Post 17.6.13 N Yorks County Show bounces back from disaster - SUNSHINE and smiles rather than sogginess and scowls were the order of the day as the North Yorkshire County Show bounced back from last year’s cancellation in fine fashion… Livestock judging got under way and the crowds thickened before a bmx stunt display and then hunting horses and dogs from the Hurworth Hounds and Claro Beagles circled the main arena, with children and their parents invited into the ring to see the excitable pack of hounds at close quarters… (story)

Telegraph 17.6.13 RSPCA raises money through prosecutions - The animal welfare charity has almost doubled its court cases in the last two years in a bid to raise funds. By Radhika Sanghani - The RSPCA uses court cases to raise funds and publicity, it has been revealed… The Times found an unnamed RSPCA official told the Charity Commission: “The prosecutions taken forward are in no way influenced by any campaigns the charity is running, however they would of course use successful prosecutions as part of their campaigns after they had won."… It highlights their recent £330,000 prosecution of David Cameron’s former hunt, Heythrop Hunt, for illegal hunting…. (story)

Matt Ridley (blog) 17.6.13 In the absence of predators to control lesser predators, people have a role (Published in the Times 13.6.13) We are as gods and have to get good at it,” the Californian ecologist and writer Stewart Brand said recently… There is little doubt that the forthcoming badger cull will work. It will drastically reduce tuberculosis among cattle, but only if the fanatics opposing it let it achieve its targets… Similar culls of wildlife dramatically reduced TB in cattle in New Zealand, Australia, the US and other countries. Ireland has reduced TB in cattle by badger culling over the very period when disease incidence has been rising steeply among cattle in Northern Ireland… In places where the return of wolves and bears is impractical — Gloucestershire, for example — we humans must adopt the role of apex predator ourselves. It is no good saying we don’t want to interfere. We already have…. (story)

Western Daily Press 17.6.13 Badger culls not on National Trust land - The National Trust is stressing that none of the badger culls approved by the Government for West Somerset will take place on its land… (story)

Scotsman 17.6.13 Cruel experiments - ACCORDING to reports a recent study by scientists at Queen Mary, University of London found that cockroaches are social beings who “talk” to one another about food and prefer to dine in groups… Performing amateur surgery on insects is cruel and exactly the opposite of progressive science… Ben Williamson People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)

Epsom Guardian 17.6.13 VIDEO: Protests stop live penguin fun day at Ashley Centre in Epsom By Hardeep Matharu - A shopping centre has put plans to bring in live penguins for a fun day on ice following outraged protests from animal rights activists and customers. The Ashley Centre, in Epsom, announced last Wednesday that visitors would have the chance to meet penguins as part of an "educational encounter" at the mall on June 29… But international wildlife charity, The Born Free Foundation, urged The Ashley Centre to reconsider the move…. (story)

Blackpool Guardian 17.6.13 Dairy-free plea in ethical group’s breakfast appeal by Katie Upton - The world’s largest animal rights organisation has approached Blackpool Council asking it to consider the use of non-animal products in its free breakfast scheme. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has written to council leader Simon Blackburn asking him to consider providing dairy-free products for children… (story)

Mancunian Matters 17.6.13 Meat-eaters 19% more likely to die of heart disease than vegetarians: PETA hit home message to Mancunians By Reece Lawrence - Meat-eaters are 19% more likely to die from heart disease than vegetarians, according to a recent study – and animal rights charity PETA is hammering home that message in Manchester… (story)


Horse & Hound 16.6.13 Tories must ‘repay the rural community’ - Time is running out for the Conservative high command to repay the rural community for its efforts in 2010, was the warning delivered to the Government at the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) AGM on 4 June… (story)

Hereford Times 16.6.13 Show hailed a right royal success By Mike Pryce - THE first Royal Three Counties Show - co-incidentally held over the weekend of The Queen's official birthday - is being hailed as a right royal success… A threatened protest again the Government plans for a badger cull to combat Bovine TB failed to materialise. There were no protestors to greet Environment Minister Owen Paterson during his visit on Friday, while on Saturday only two people dressed as badgers turned up to hand out leaflets at the showground's south gate…. (story)

Bournemouth Echo 16.6.13 Brian May on kicking off his tour in Bournemouth, Queen and being the figurehead for Team Badger By Faith Eckersall - In our noisy open-plan office you can always tell when someone is interviewing someone important. Because everyone else goes really quiet as they furiously ear-wig on the conversation. And so it was when I got to call up Dr Brian May… (story)
Oxford Times 13.6.13 Brian May is born to be wild By Tim Hughes, Music Editor - Tim Hughes talks to Queen’s Brian May about his passion for protecting animals and his upcoming Oxford show… (story)
Newcastle Journal 5.6.13 The return of rock royalty by Barbara Hodgson - When he isn’t trying to save badgers, Brian May is busy with science, history and Victorian 3D photography. Oh, and he still finds time for a bit of music too – with North East fans in for a special double-date this month. The legendary Queen guitarist talks to BARBARA HODGSON… (story)


Weston, Worle & Somerset Mercury 15.6.13 Secret World puts badgers in the picture - Alex Evans, Reporter- WILDLIFE lovers from across Somerset joined forces to make their voices heard on culling – by forming a giant badger’s face visible from the sky. Secret World in East Huntspill organised the photo, which was taken by The Badger Trust, after people formed a face using black and white t-shirts and cards, which was then snapped by a helicopter…. (story)
County Gazette 3.6.13 Secret World anti-badger cull video goes live By Kirsty James - A VIDEO filmed at Secret World Wildlife Rescue as part of a national campaign against the badger cull has launched today (June 3). Around 500 people helped form the cast of the Badger Trust video, filmed at Secret World’s East Huntspill centre on May 19... Secret World founder Pauline Kidner told the Weekly News: “We had a fantastic response and I’d like to thank everyone involved… (story)
Somerset County Gazette 16.5.13 Secret World film opposes Somerset badger cull - CAMPAIGNERS opposed to the upcoming badger cull in Somerset are being urged to take part in a film opposing it…. (story)
Somerset County Gazette 16.5.13 TV star Chris Packham visits Secret World ahead of badger cull film screening - TV wildlife expert Chris Packham spoke out against the upcoming badger cull in Somerset when he visited the Secret World Rescue Centre near Highbridge. Chris, best known for his role on BBC show Springwatch, visited the centre ahead of the recording of an anti-cull film at the centre this weekend (May 19)… (story)
Nailsea People 15.5.13 Be a badger film extra at Secret World - An urgent appeal has been made to hundreds of wildlife lovers from all over North Somerset including Nailsea People to don black or white t-shirts so that they can play their part in an anti cull film by forming a giant badger face… (story)
Western Morning News 13.5.13 Badger Trust urges people to join in advert - Campaigners against the badger cull are preparing to issue another rallying cry. The Badger Trust is urging people opposed to the Government-backed cull to join it as it films an advert at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre in Somerset… (story)
Western Daily Press 9.5.13 Extras needed for Badger Trust movie ahead of cull - Animal lovers are being asked to wear black and white tops to star as extras in a film being shot at an animal rescue centre in support of the Badger Trust. Secret World Wildlife Rescue, in East Huntspill, is the setting for filming on May 19… (story)
Somerset County Gazette 7.5.13 Public called to star in 'anti-badger cull' advert By Kirsty James - SECRET World Wildlife Rescue is calling for people to star in an advert this month. An advert will be filmed at the East Huntspill rescue centre on May 19 to show people’s opposition to the badger cull in Somerset and Gloucestershire… (story)

ITV 15.6.13 Badger petition started by Brian May reaches 250,000 signatures - An online petition against the cull of badgers which was started by Queen guitarist Brian May has secured more than 250,000 signatures. It is the highest ranking active petition on the Government e-petitions website and has 100,000 more names than the petition which comes in second, about immigration rules…. (story)
Western Morning News 15.6.13 Anti-badger cull petition gets 250,000 signatures - An online petition against the cull of badgers which was started by Queen guitarist Brian May has secured more than 250,000 signatures…. (story)

Mail 15.6.13 Fury over Cambridge students killing ducklings during traditional rowing race - Residents say boats 'ploughed through' groups of young ducks… By John Stevens - Rowers at Cambridge University have been accused of killing three-week-old ducklings with their oars during their ‘May Bumps’ college races… Lee Culley, 44, who lives in a boat on the river claims he witnessed at least two ducklings being killed during one race…. (story)
Cambridge News 14.6.13 Cambridge University students accused of killing ducklings during college rowing races Written by RAYMOND BROWN - Rowers in Cambridge have been accused of causing the deaths of ducklings during the May Bumps. Lee Culley, 44, a boater who lives on the River Cam, watched in horror as the blades of female rowers from Cambridge University struck through a brood of ducks – killing at least two…. (story)

Mail 15.6.13 Would you eat a Lidl kangaroo steak? Exotic meat soars in popularity because it's half the price of beef By SEAN POULTER, CONSUMER AFFAIRS EDITOR - It certainly beats throwing another prawn on the barbie. Diners with a taste for the exotic can now hop down to Lidl and stock up on kangaroo steaks… But wildlife campaigners Viva say the cull is cruel and have urged shoppers to boycott kangaroo meat and lobby Lidl to get them to stop selling it. Its campaigns manager, Justin Kerswell, said: ‘Lidl are making a cheap buck by selling dead wildlife to misguided, thrill-seeking customers…. (story)


Independent 14.6.13 Cull saboteurs: 'We will put ourselves between the bullets and the badgers' - Sarah Morrison delves inside the secret world of the people trying to stop the mass shootings - Lynn, a 46-year-old midwife, finds a novel way to fill her days off. The one-time hunter is now a hunt saboteur who finds herself at the centre of the Government’s controversial badger cull…. Elaine, a 49-year-old social care worker, who has volunteered as a hunting sab for over 25 years, said saboteurs “were not aggressors”…. Michael, who is in his late sixties and has seven grandchildren, wants to help stop the cull. The retired builder lives in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, and has been involved in animal rights for 50 years… (story)

Derby Telegraph 14.6.13 Soapbox Tim Bonner: Don't overlook concerns of people in the countryside and the grass roots - POLLING for the Countryside Alliance in the week of the local elections showed that nearly three quarters of people (73%) think politicians are more interested in the views and values of people in towns and cities rather than those living in rural areas… Hunting is a minority activity but it is a totemic issue in the countryside and nothing illustrated the last Government's attitude towards country matters better than the long, costly and divisive road to the hunting ban… (story)

Western Morning News 14.6.13 Relay team riding high after Royal Cornwall Show - The South Tetcott Hunt Relay Team finished first out of eight teams in their heat on Friday at the Royal Cornwall Show… (story)
Western Morning News 7.6.13 Nicky betters professionals to clinch her HOYS ticket - An amateur Westcountry rider produced the only clear round in the open working hunter class at the Royal Cornwall Show yesterday to make her "dream come true" – clinching a ticket to this year's Horse of the Year show (HOYS). Nicky Turriff, of Padstow, was riding her own Lux O'Neill in their third-ever working hunter class… Lux O'Neill, an eight-year-old chestnut gelding, was bought from Ash Bealby in June 2011 and been hunted with the Four Burrow Hunt. "He doesn't look at anything out hunting and is a saint," said Nicky… (story)
Cornish Guardian 27.5.13 Crowds set to flock to this year's Royal Cornwall Show in Wadebridge - This year’s Royal Cornwall Show, featuring everything from a Princess to parachutes and prize pigs, will be one of the best yet, organisers have said…. Show jumping, the fast and furious inter-hunt relay, grand parades of cattle, sheep, goats and horses, and the massed hounds of local hunts complete a great, all-action line up in the main arena…. (story)

Newmarket Journal 14.6.13 Video: Watch Lawson perform at Newmarket Nights - The Saturdays were not the only band to take to the stage at Newmarket Nights on Saturday… Twenty four hours before both The Saturdays and Lawson took to the stage 5,000 people basked in the sunshine for the track’s opening fixture which was staged in association with the Countryside Alliance…. (story)

Farmers Guardian 14.6.13 Funding question mark for badger vaccination scheme in Wales - While England once again prepares for a badger cull, Wales is well into the second year of its badger vaccination policy. But will it secure enough funding to be rolled out nationally?... (story)

Farming UK 14.6.13 Freedom Food repeats badger cull warning - Freedom Food has repeated its warning that any of its farmers who take part in the Government’s badger culling programme could be suspended…. In its statement to the Ranger, Freedom Food said that, as the RSPCA’s farmed animal welfare assurance scheme, it set the standards for farmed animals and for treatment of wildlife that interacts with those animals on land farmed by Freedom Food members…. (story)

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 14.6.13 Gloucestershire Badger Defenders issue a warning that they will be there when the badgers are getting shot. WE ARE the Gloucestershire Badger Defenders - a 300 strong group dedicated to saving our badgers from unnecessary slaughter. We have read the science, we have read the reports. We know that this cull is a pointless exercise deigned to keep the farmers quiet… Farmers have long said they are guardians of the countryside. If they aren't up to the job anymore: we are. GLOUCESTERSHIRE BADGER DEFENDERS (letter)


Telegraph 13.6.13 Let's have fox hunting in London, says Boris - Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has said he would like to introduce fox hunting in London to deal with the growing problem. By Steven Swinford, Senior Political Correspondent - The Mayor of London said he knew the idea would cause "massive unpopularity" among animal lovers but said "I don't care". He described how he had recently been left so angry after his cat was attacked that he was tempted to go out and "blaze away" with his air rifle…. (story)
Metro 13.6.13 Boris Johnson calls for fox hunting in London to help keep numbers under control - Boris Johnson has called for fox hunts in London to deal with the problem of increased numbers of the animals in the capital… (story)

Eastern Daily Press 13.6.13 Dereham offers to host Boxing Day hunt By Chris Hill - A Boxing Day hunt could potentially come to Dereham this year after councillors agreed to invite the West Norfolk Foxhounds to hold their annual meeting in the Market Place…. Mayor Kate Millbank said it was a historic spectacle which would encourage visitors and businesses to the town. But deputy mayor Tim Birt – the only councillor to vote against the idea – said he thought townspeople would be put off by the countryside sport’s past practices of hunting foxes with dogs – banned by the government in 2005… (story)

Durham Times 13.6.13 Thanks for collection donations - THE League Against Cruel Sports held a street collection in Chester-le-Street on June 1 that raised £163… (story)

Stroud Life 13.6.13 Life story to aid injured riflemen - EX-SOLDIER Jeremy Keyte is on target to help injured riflemen and women… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 12.6.13 Retired soldier aims to raise £1,000 for Rifles charity with his life story - EX-SOLDIER Jeremy Keyte is on target to help injured riflemen and women. Retired Mr Keyte, 78, from Amberley, served 35 years in the Army. Now he's written a booklet about his career with the aim of raising money for Care for Casualties, the charity of his successor regiment The Rifles…. "Having served in the Army at varied and interesting places I decided, 12 years after leaving the Army, to write a small, light-hearted and amusing book, including all the places where I have served," Mr Keyte said. "It included two years with the Royal Navy and two years with the Royal Air Force. "It covers my childhood and there is a short piece at the end about my time spent as a regional recruiter with the Countryside Alliance.".. (story)

Newbury & Thatcham Chronicle 13.6.13 Richard Benyon's Westminster Diary: June 13 2013 - BOVINE TB has reached West Berkshire. It is ravaging herds in the Lambourn Valley and now has hit Greenham Common. We had a debate in Parliament last week on the rights or wrongs of the proposed cull pilots which are taking place in Gloucestershire and Somerset. While it received a thumping majority in favour of the Government's balanced approach, of which the cull is just part, it exposed the absence of an alternative to dealing with the disease… (story)

Stroud News & Journal 13.6.13 It's just carrot for farmers MADAM - With regard to the continued 'culling' of thousands of beautiful healthy badgers, turned into vermin by the NFU, the following quote from Professor John Bourne (chairman of the Independent Scientific Group on bovine TB), should be more widely known: "I think the most interesting observation was made to me by a senior politician who said, "Fine John, we accept your science, but we have to offer the farmers a carrot… Tony Meeuwissen, Amberley (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 13.6.13 Badger cull will not be effective - AS co-ordinator of national animal protection group South West Animal Protection, I am very concerned and distressed about the Government's cruel and needless proposed badger cull this June in order to tackle bovine TB in cattle… Helen Stevens (Co-ordinator) South West Animal Protection PO Box 129, Plymouth (letter)

Dover Express 13.6.13 United to oppose live export trade By Phil Hayes - POLITICAL rivals were united in their opposition to live exports returning to the port at a well-attended meeting in Dover on Friday. More than 200 residents piled into the town hall to voice their concerns about the unpopular trade… A panel that included Dover MP Charlie Elphicke and RSCPA chief executive Gavin Grant gave speeches at the town hall meeting, which was chaired by Bishop Richard Llewellin…. Labour parliamentary candidate Clair Hawkins agreed with the need for cross-party consensus, although she was "disappointed" that she had not been included on the panel, made up of seven men…. (story)

Wells Journal 13.6.13 Call to join vegetarian group - THE Wells-based Mendip Vegetarian Group is keen to attract new members and become more of a campaigning group… "The group is about building solidarity and finding out about other people who are vegetarian," explained one member of the group, Jennifer Linsdell… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 13.6.13 Animal Aid thanks after street collection - ANIMAL AID would like to thank the people of Shirley, Southampton for their generosity in raising £86.57 at a street collection on Saturday, May 11 2013… MRS M KEMISH, Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator, Romsey (letter)


Western Daily Press 12.6.13 Animal rights activists: 'We've hacked badger cull supporters' - Animal rights activists claim to have hacked in to an insurance company, which has many farmers among its customers, to steal financial data on badger-cull supporters… (story)
Telegraph 11.6.13 Anti-badger cull protesters claim NFU Mutual hacking attack - Animal rights activists have claimed to have hacked into NFU Mutual, the insurance company linked to the National Farmers Union, and had stolen financial data to use against people involved in the badger cull By Sam Marsden, and Louise Gray … The claim that NFU Mutual’s computers had been hacked was made in an anonymous statement posted on Bite Back, an American animal rights website…. An NFU Mutual spokesman said that NFU Mutual had very strong systems and controls in place to protect against malicious behaviour of this type and there was no sign of customers’ records being tampered with…. (story)
Mail 11.6.13 Animal activists claim to have hacked into insurance company to steal financial data on badger cull supporters By SARA MALM - Animal rights activists claim to have hacked in to an insurance company linked to the National Farmers Union to steal financial date on badge cull supporters. The hackers state that they have broken into the systems of NFU Mutual and have been extracting and modifying customer accounts since last month. NFU Mutual are investigating the claims but say there are no signs of data intrusion… (story)

Derby Telegraph 12.6.13 MP Latham 'will not be intimidated' by badger-cull activists - MID Derbyshire MP Pauline Latham has told the Derby Telegraph that she "will not be intimidated" after animal rights activists posted her address online… (story)
Ilkeston Advertiser 12.6.13 Animal activists target MP - West Hallam’s MP Pauline Latham has increased security at her home after her address was posted online by animal rights activists…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 11.6.13 MP to protect her home from activists By PAUL WHYATT - MID Derbyshire MP Pauline Latham has been advised by police to step up security at her home after her address was posted online by animal activists…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 11.6.13 Own goal by the 'activists' - WHAT a misguided act by the so-called "badger activists" in their latest move in the controversy over culling of the animal. They have posted online the home address and telephone number of Mid Derbyshire MP Pauline Latham. Even if they did not categorically spell out their motive for doing so, it is plain – to encourage their more extreme supporters to make a nuisance of themselves to the MP…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 11.6.13 MP 'singled out' by anti-badger cull activists - Philip Case - A Conservative MP who voted in favour of the badger cull has been advised by police to step up security at her home after anti-badger cull activists posted her contact details online… (story)
Belper News 11.6.13 Activists target town’s MP over badger cull - Belper’s MP Pauline Latham has increased security at her home after her address was posted online by animal activists…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 10.6.13 Activists target MP over badger row - POLICE have confirmed they have advised Mid Derbyshire MP Pauline Latham to step up security at her home after her address was posted online by animal activists… (story)

Whitchurch Herald 12.6.13 Trust opposes badger cull - Gill Broad - CHESHIRE Wildlife Trust is disappointed that the Government is going ahead with its controversial badger cull, but has vowed to continue with its programme of badger vaccination in Cheshire…. (story)

Matlock Mercury 12.6.13 Mercury readers vote against badger culls - Mercury readers do not support the Government’s badger culling programme, an exclusive poll on our website reveals. We asked readers if they supported the planned cull of badgers to try to stop the spread of bovine TB in a poll last week. A total of 118 people voted in the survey and opinion was split 45 per cent in favour of the culls and 55 per cent against…. (story)
Matlock Mercury 7.6.13 YOUR VOTE: Debate rages over badger cull plan - As debate continues over controversial plans to cull badgers to stop the spread of TB in cattle, Derbyshire campaigners aim to raise £50,000 to vaccinate the county’s badger population... Edd Green, of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, believes the Government is “misguided” and is taking a stand against the policy…. (story)
Matlock Mercury 7.6.13 Badger cull: the arguments for - The National Farmer’s Union (NFU), is in support of the cull in a bid to reduce the suffering of farmers affected by bTB…. (story)
Matlock Mercury 7.6.13 Badger cull: the arguments against - Campaigners are calling for vaccination of badgers, rather than a cull. Debbie Bailey of the The High Peak Badger Group, who joined Queen guitarist Brian May on an recent anti-cull demonstration, said: “The Government is saying ‘anything to do something for the farmers’…. (story)
Derbyshire Times 5.6.13 Badger cull – argument against - The High Peak Badger Group (HPBG) is campaigning against the cull and member Debbie Bailey, of Furness Vale, joined Brian May to protest in London at the weekend…. Fellow HPBG member David Brock, of Chapel–en–le–Frith, blamed modern intensive farming practices, such as artificial insemination and the way cattle is moved around for the spread of the illness…. (story)

Cambrian News 12.6.13 Badger cull protesters make their voices heard - A MACHYNLLETH-based badger group held a peaceful protest against the planned cull in England ahead of the recording of BBC radio show Any Questions. Broadcast from the Centre for Alternative Technology just outside Machynlleth on Friday, the show included Environment Secretary Owen Patterson who was the primary target of the group…. around a dozen members of the Dyfi Badger Group waving placards protested outside CAT de-manding the cull be stopped…. (story)

Stroud News & Journal 12.6.13 Badger campaigners claim Defra whisteblower has leaked times of shoots By Kate Wilson, Reporter - WILDLIFE campaign group Gloucestershire Badger Defenders has promised to publish the names of farmers who allow their land to be used in the controversial pilot cull… The group also claims a whistleblower at Defra has given out inside knowledge about when the shooting is going to happen. However, this claim has been vehemently denied by Defra, which said the times when the shooting will take place is determined by individual companies carrying out the cull… (story)
Western Daily Press 11.6.13 Badger cull protesters vow to 'name and shame' farmers - An animal welfare group says it is already watching badger setts which may be the sites of culling – and it will ‘name and shame’ anyone involved… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 11.6.13 'Badger Defenders' to 'name and shame' shooters in cull - AN animal welfare group says it is already watching badger setts which may be the sites of culling – and it will 'name and shame' anyone involved. The Gloucestershire Badger Defenders describe themselves as a 300-strong group dedicated to "saving badgers from unnecessary slaughter.""We have surveyed every sett in West Gloucestershire cull zone. We know where they are," said a spokesman for the group, who refused to give his name… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 12.6.13 Hundreds sign animal cruelty petition - E YORKS: A petition launched as part of a campaign to increase penalties for those found guilty of animal cruelty has received more than 350 signatures… Kim Hepple, of animal charity Pet Respect, is calling for tougher sentences… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 7.6.13 'Get tougher on animal cruelty' - A HULL animal worker has launched a petition as part of a campaign to increase penalties for those found guilty of animal cruelty…. Kim Hepple, of animal education charity Pet Respect, is calling for tougher sentences…. (story)


Grantham Journal 11.6.13 Lincolnshire Show promises to be a great family day out - From a Red Arrows flypast to chainsaw sculptures, from ferreting to a Royal visit...this year’s Lincolnshire Show (June 19-20) promises to be one of the best ever…. Other attractions include an appearance by rugby legend Mike Catt, entertainment by the British Scurry and Trials Driving and a parade of hounds with the region’s premier packs of hounds… (story)
Louth Leader 26.5.13 Organisers promise one of best Lincolnshire Show’s ever, with Royal visit also expected From a Red Arrows fly past to chainsaw sculptures, from ‘ferreting’ to a Royal visit - the organisers behind this year’s Lincolnshire Show are promising it looks set to be one of the best ever!... There will also be the Parade of Hounds with the region’s premier packs of hounds from old English Foxhounds, to Basset hounds and Beagles… (story)

Somerset County Gazette 11.6.13 Anti badger cull campaigners claim Starbucks victory - Stop The Cull, one of the groups campaigning against the badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire, says it has prevented Starbucks sourcing milk from farms involved in the culls. The group's website says :"Last year we found out Arla a major supplier of milk only had 1 supplier inside the Glos cull zone, we knew then we had to get them out, so when we found out Starbucks were going over to Arla for milk supplies to all their shops, we knew it was time to ramp up the campaign…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 11.6.13 'Disappointment' over vote for culls - WILDLIFE experts in Derbyshire say they are "extremely disappointed" after MPs voted to support pilot culls of badgers…. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust conservation manager Tim Birch said: "We are extremely disappointed that MPs have voted to support the cull…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 8.6.13 Badger cull will be unmitigated failure, warns Labour MP - ANIMAL rights campaigner and Derby North Labour MP Chris Williamson has warned the Government it would be held to account for its decision to ignore professional scientific advice and insist on a national badger cull… (story)
Mancunian Matters 8.6.13 ‘No scientific basis’: Badgers must not be culled regardless of Government vote, warns Greater Manchester MP By Paddy von Behr - Badgers must not be culled, a Greater Manchester MP is warning the government – despite winning a parliamentary vote on the issue… Andrew Gwynne, Labour MP for Denton and Reddish, has not given up the fight…. (story)
Morecambe Visitor 7.6.13 Morecambe MP’s reluctance over badger cull vote - The MP for Morecambe has voted for a cull of badgers but says he did so “through gritted teeth.” David Morris MP also told the Commons he had contacted rock star and pro-badger campaigner Brian May about the issue…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 6.6.13 Cotswold MP warns of dangers of halting badger cull By NICK LESTER - FAILING to tackle the spread of TB in cattle could lead to a European ban on meat exports which would cause a "catastrophic economic loss" to farmers, a Gloucestershire MP has warned. With badgers being a reservoir for the disease it would be "simply foolish" not to take action with a cull, according to Cotswold MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown… (story)
Matlock Mercury 6.6.13 Derbyshire wildlife organisations speak out as badger cull gets MP backing - Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and local badger groups have expressed their dismay after MPs voted to support pilot culls of badgers… Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Conservation Manager Tim Birch said:”We are extremely disappointed that MPs have voted to support the cull… Irene Brierton, Chair of the Mid Derbyshire Badger Group added: “We urge the Government to rethink its misguided policy of culling badgers and instead move rapidly to a vaccination programme… (story)
Wirral Globe 6.6.13 Birkenhead MP Frank Field blasts mass badger cull as 'reckless' - Frank Field has blasted the Government’s “reckless” badger cull. Labour opposition to the cull was defeated in a vote at the Commons yesterday… (story)
Kent News 6.6.13 MP Tracey Crouch defies party whip in battle against badger cull - Chris Britcher - Defeated in vote, but Chatham MP goes against her party - MP Tracey Crouch failed in her bid to prevent a mass cull of badgers - despite an empassioned plea in the House of Commons yesterday… (story)
Mirror 6.6.13 Mass badger cull to go ahead after Labour motion is defeated in Parliament - Labour had called for the killing to be halted, saying there was no scientific evidence to back the slaughter - The mass cull of badgers will go ahead, despite a failed rebellion by Lib Dems and Tories to stop the slaughter… (story)
BBC News Online 5.6.13 Bovine TB: Parliament backs plans for trial badger culls - MPs have rejected Labour calls for trial badger culls to be abandoned…. (story)
Guardian 5.6.13 Labour fails in attempt to stop badger cull with Commons vote - Three-line whip ensures victory for ministers after previous vote saw MPs oppose imminent cull of badgers in England - Damian Carrington - A Labour motion calling for an imminent cull of badgers in England to be abandoned was defeated in the House of Commons on Wednesday by 49 votes. Government whips ensured a victory for ministers after a previous vote, prompted by a public petition, had seen MPs vote against the cull…. (story)
Express 5.6.13 Labour to force vote over 'crazy, untested and risky' badger cull - LABOUR plans to force a vote in the House of Commons today calling on the Government to scrap its "crazy" plans to slaughter thousands of badgers. The motion - which states that "this House believes the badger cull should not go ahead" - has been tabled by Labour leader Ed Miliband and shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh… (story)
Nottingham Post 5.6.13 MP calls badger cull barbaric and futile - NOTTINGHAM North MP Graham Allen has said he will vote against the planned badger cull… (story)
Western Morning News 1.6.13 Labour to force vote on pilot badger cull which can start today - MPs will next week vote on whether they support the controversial cull of badgers that is permitted to start in the South West from today. Labour, which opposes the Government-sanctioned plan, has tabled an Opposition Day debate on badger culling to control tuberculosis (TB) in cows. They will vote on Wednesday… (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 11.6.13 Town councillor's car searched near cull area By David Shepherd - A COUNCILLOR has complained that he felt victimised by police who searched his car after finding it near a badger cull area with a report on TB control measures in it. Cllr Lewis Clarke left the keys in his Renault Megane at Wimbleball Lake and returned after a five-hour walk to find it surrounded by Avon & Somerset police officers… (story) Shropshire Star 11.6.13 Badger cull not a high priority for the public Despite the high-profile protests against the badger cull which started in Gloucestershire and Somerset this month, a new poll has revealed that the majority of the British public is not really bothered about the issue. The YouGov survey showed that while 34 per cent of people oppose a badger cull, the remaining 66 per cent either support (29 per cent), don’t know (22 per cent) or have no strong feelings (15 per cent) about a cull. The survey also revealed that more than a quarter of people opposed to a cull would change their mind if it meant TB did not spread to other areas of the country. Only two per cent of 1,763 people asked considered a badger cull to be one of the most important issues facing the UK at the moment. “The findings of this survey by YouGov show that the badger cull is not a big issue for the vast majority of the British public but to the thousands of farming families living with the constant threat of TB and its devastating effects on their businesses and families, tackling this disease is the most important issue in their lives,” said NFU vice-president Adam Quinney. “More than 38,000 cattle were compulsorily slaughtered in Great Britain in 2012 in the fight against TB and we must take action now. A cull is not about wiping out badgers. It is about reducing TB in areas where it is endemic. This will ensure this terrible disease doesn’t spread to areas of the country that are currently clear of it. “Farmers are already playing their part in tackling TB. Robust new on-farm rules were introduced in January 2013 as part of the Government’s TB eradication plan, which aims to tackle all aspects of TB infection in the countryside. These rules followed the introduction of additional cattle controls, more pre-movement testing and increased on-farm biosecurity measures last July. “But if we are to successfully tackle TB action has to be taken to deal with the reservoir of disease in our wildlife. Evidence from countries such as Ireland and New Zealand shows that when all fronts of the disease are tackled at the same time a significant reduction in TB can be achieved.” Defra minister Owen Paterson said if the trial is deemed successful and safe then it will be extended. “We will roll out 10 new cull zones next year, and 10 more in each of the three years after that,” he said. The YouGov poll result was backed up by a separate survey for The Grocer which showed that 55 per cent of consumers accept the cull is necessary or support it as long as it is done humanely. http://www.shropshirestar.com/business/the-farmer/2013/06/10/badger-cull-not-a-high-priority-for-the-public/

Southend Echo 11.6.13 VIDEO: Local rapper Sonny teams up with Slash and Brian May - IT’S AN unlikely line up... but Southend rapper Sonny Green has teamed up with Sir David Attenborough, Queen guitarist Brian May, and Slash from Guns N’ Roses to release a single! Badger Swagger, as it has been entitled, has been created by the musical greats to campaign against the cull of badgers…. (story)
Guardian 4.6.13 Slash and David Attenborough join Brian May in pro-badger supergroup - Artful Badger and Friends campaign against this summer's badger culls with the release of a song called Badger Swagger - Sean Michaels - Slash, Shara Nelson and David Attenborough have joined Brian May on a new song dedicated to badgers. Badger Swagger, out today, is part of the England-wide campaign against this summer's badger culls…. (story)
West Briton 4.6.13 Queen guitarist Brian May's badger rap - featuring Sir David Attenborough and Slash - Queen guitarist Brian May has brought the fight against the badger cull to the digital generation and released a rap song - featuring Slash and Sir David Attenborough… (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 11.6.13 Stop cruel and needless cull - I AM writing as a concerned and distressed reader about the Government's cruel and needless proposed badger cull in order to tackle bovine TB in cattle…. S MARTIN Crediton (letter)

Shropshire Star 11.6.13 Letter: Badger cull issue is complex so check all the facts - John Mercer states the Government’s policy on badger culling is science-led when it is clearly not…. The aim is to shoot 70 per cent of badgers of which there will be no testing to check whether they have TB or not. How is this in any way or form scientific?... Chris Cooke, All Stretton (letter)

Worcester News 11.6.13 Stop ‘appalling’ chicken farm, says veggie group - A HUMANE food group has joined the fight against plans to build a broiler farm for 80,000 chicken’s in the Worcestershire countryside – and urged opponents of the plan to stop eating chicken at all… Now Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies (WVV) has posted leaflets through houses in the villages surrounding the proposed farm’s location, calling for people to not only back the campaign but to stop eating chicken altogether… Ronald Lee of WVV said: “We wanted to highlight the appalling suffering caused to chickens by such broiler units, where these birds are condemned to a miserable, short life in horrific conditions…. (story)


Irish Examiner 10.6.13 Hares should have the same rights as pet rabbits - We have disturbing anomalies in our animal-welfare code. A few days ago, the alleged killing of a rabbit on a Dublin housing estate drew a swift police response… But it’s perverse that the same legislation that obliges gardaí to clamp down on cruelty to a pet rabbit permits the organised ill-treatment of its country cousin, the hare… coursing clubs are free to net thousands of hares, in our countryside, each year, to serve as live bait for greyhounds…. John Fitzgerald Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)

Shropshire Star 10.6.13 Campaign to remove MP Owen Paterson from Environment Secretary role - Animal rights campaigners have launched a petition on the 10 Downing Street website calling for north Shropshire MP Owen Paterson to be removed from his role as Environment Secretary. Campaigner Chris Kemp has launched the e-petition in protest to Mr Paterson’s commitment to roll-out badger culling across Britain in a bid to eradicate bovine TB… (story)

Farmers Weekly 10.6.13 Activists target badger cull estates - Johann Tasker - Animal rights activists are targeting wealthy landowners by visiting areas where a badger cull is due to take place later this summer…. A group of hunt saboteurs opposed to the cull said they visited the Orchard Wyndham estate, near Williton, Somerset, on Saturday (8 June)…. The saboteurs also visited the Chargot shooting estate, Exmoor. "Some people may wonder 'what is the point of sabs walking around shooting estates?' " said the website post. "The answer is simple - they need to know we are watching them and we are many."… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 10.6.13 Wildlife expert’s fury at gull cull in Carlisle By Phil Coleman - A wildlife expert is “disgusted” by a decision to allow the shooting of a dozen gulls at an industrial estate on the edge of Carlisle…. The move has infuriated George Scott, the founder of the Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Centre near Wigton, who says he has already received calls from the public… (story)


Horse & Hound 9.6.13 Cornish foxhound pack seeks draft bitches - One of Britain’s smallest packs of foxhounds is appealing for draft bitches, after their last few litters produced a surfeit of doghounds. Cury huntsman Adam Tiffin and his wife Rachel only breed one litter a year, but this has resulted in just one couple of bitches being entered in 2011 and 2012…. (story)

Independent on Sunday 9.6.13 Clash over badger cull turning into 'class war': Activists set sights on 'landed gentry' - SARAH MORRISON, TOM BAWDEN - John Yorke can trace his family's roots back to the Normans. Like his ancestors, 74-year-old Mr Yorke farms the 3,000 acres of prime Gloucestershire agricultural land that forms the Forthampton Court estate… Jay Tiernan, of Stop the Cull, said that Mr Yorke's background as a member of the "landed gentry" helped activists garner support… Drew Pratten, a 45-year-old management consultant who lives 20 minutes from the estate, is another cull opponent watching events closely… (story)

Mansfield Chad 9.6.13 Ashfield MP Gloria de Piero column: Badger cull is the wrong decision - I’ve had almost a hundred letters from passionate Ashfield folk about the proposed cull of badgers…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 9.6.13 Slaughter and cull not the same - THAT the so-called badger cull cannot be justified is bad enough, but is made all the worse given that Ryan Hooper and Neil Lancefield remind us that the badger is supposedly a protected animal… Sandra Busell, Edinburgh (letter)

Independent on Sunday 7.6.13 TB threat from badgers is real - Some of your correspondents have misunderstood my comments on the risk of bovine TB spreading to humans (“Badger cull has no basis in science”, 5 June). Bovine TB led to the slaughter of 28,000 cattle last year and cost farmers and taxpayers close to £100m. We want to eradicate this disease to protect the health of our cattle and welfare of our dairy and beef industries… Nigel Gibbens, UK Chief Veterinary Officer, Defra, London SW1
In response to Wendy Irvine (Letters, 30 May), it puzzles me that if I suggest monitoring hedgehog numbers in the badger-cull areas, I am shouted down by the supposedly pro-wildlife lobby. I’m not saying badgers are definitely responsible for the dramatic decline in hedgehog numbers, but they might be, and no one yet knows for sure… Patrick Cosgrove, Chapel Lawn, Shropshire (story)


Western Morning News 8.6.13 Make game a regular feature of your summer outdoor barbecue this year - It's fair to say that game suffers from a couple of persistent preconceptions. For some, it immediately conjures up a banquet image of lavish and rich feasting, whilst others can't get past the idea of eating Bambi. Despite these obstacles, Scott Martin and Marc Dennis, the two men behind Duchy Game, are finding customers increasingly passionate about eating birds and animals that have thrived in the wilds of the Cornish countryside…. (story)

Sheffield Star 8.6.13 Letters: Boycott farmers taking part in mass badger cull - Now that the badger cull is to take place starting in the next few days, perhaps it would be relevant if someone could explain how an animal which is a protected species in law can be slaughtered in this inhumane way… Paul Ratcliffe Richmond, Sheffield S13 (letter)


Telegraph 7.6.13 Cameron fox hunt judge criticised for questioning RSPCA - A judge who questioned the “staggering” amount of money the RSPCA spent prosecuting David Cameron’s local hunt has been slapped down by the judicial authorities. By John Bingham - District judge Tim Pattinson told a court he thought the charity’s resources might have been more “usefully employed” than on the case against the Heythrop hunt, based in the Prime Minister’s constituency in Oxfordshire. .. The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, and Lord Chancellor, Chris Grayling, ruled out disciplinary action against District judge Tim Pattinson. But they recommended that he be given “informal advice” over expressing what appeared to be “personal opinions” in court… (story)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 7.6.13 Countryside day at The Manor House in Apethorpe will support forces - A day in the country will raise funds for a forces charity. Lady Brassey is hosting the countryside event at her home The Manor House in Apethorpe, which will be held on Armed Forces Day Saturday, June 29, between 10.30am and 3pm… (story)

Littlehampton Gazette 7.6.13 Arun’s anglers warned after endangered bird is injured - WEST Sussex Wildlife Protection has issued a stern warning to amateur anglers in the area to take more care when disposing of their fishing lines, after an endangered bird needed to be rescued in East Preston… Simon Wild, of West Sussex Wildlife Protection, said this was a “perennial” problem in the area, although he estimated that his organisation received only around three or four reports a year, on average, of this sort of incident… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 7.6.13 Urban foxes are killing cats in Gloucester - CATS are being targeted by large urban foxes in Abbeymead… (story)

Belper News 7.6.13 Wildlife group plans to vaccinate badgers - A wildlife group is calling for action to save badgers from being culled in order to prevent the further spread of bovine tuberculosis (bTB). The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is appealing to the public to help raise funds for a vaccination programme for badgers, which are believed to carry the disease and transfer it to cattle… (story)
Derby Telegraph 4.6.13 Vaccines appeal to stop badger cull By PAUL WHYATT - WILDLIFE experts say they want to prevent the culling of badgers in Derbyshire by raising funds for a five-year vaccination programme. About 5,000 badgers are set to be killed in pilot culls in south west England in a bid to halt the spread of tuberculosis to cattle… Derbyshire Wildlife Trust says it is strongly against such action and wants to raise £50,000 so badgers can be vaccinated…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 7.6.13 'Bloodthirsty sport' may wipe out badgers, warns councillor - By PAUL WHYATT - A LABOUR councillor and animal welfare activist claims there is a danger that badgers will become extinct in England if culls continue… County councillor Michelle Booth, who represents Ilkeston West… argued there was no justification for shooting badgers and insisted culls amounted to "little more than a bloodthirsty sport"… (story)
Derby Telegraph 7.6.13 Derby Telegraph comment: Tell us the true costs of vaccination and culling - WHEN it comes to matters of science, most of us have to concede that we do not know enough to contradict or debate with the experts… It is difficult to tell a farmer that his or her interests should take second place behind those of the badger, a creature which most of us will not see from one year to the next. But we would feel a lot more comfortable about the whole business if we could be assured that culling was the only practical solution to the problem. But we do not have that assurance… (story)

Western Morning News 7.6.13 Badger culls could take place in Cornwall next year By Peter Hall - A cull of badgers could take place in Cornwall this time next year, if the pilot culls in two bovine TB hotspot areas, prove successful. Environment Secretary Owen Paterson told an audience of more than 200 at the start of the Royal Cornwall Show that the campaign to target badgers as part of the drive to stamp out TB would be rolled out to ten other areas in 2014, depending on the findings of the current six-week cull in West Somerset and West Gloucestershire…. (story)

Western Morning News 7.6.13 Legal protection is the cause of rising badger numbers - We normally commemorate D-Day on June 6, but this year the farmers' own D-Day fell last weekend – signalling the start of a long-overdue offensive against badgers…. The fact that the numbers have reached such proportions is all down to the legal protection the badgers were afforded and to the fact that they have no natural predators…. (story)
Western Morning News 7.6.13 The harsh realities of life - and death - in grip of TB epidemic - As the countryside watches and waits for the badger cull to start, one dairy farmer explains how it looks from his personal perspective…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 7.6.13 To cull or not to cull? That was the question at the Cheltenham Science Festival By JOE LANE - IS there any hard scientific proof that badger culling will stop the spread of bovine TB among cattle? That was the thorny issue debated by farming and veterinary experts during a talk at the Cheltenham Science Festival… (story)

Bristol Post 7.6.13 Badger culling: We have always been opposed - Avon Wildlife Trust's Director of Conservation Programmes, Dr Lucy Rogers… (story)
Bristol Post 7.6.13 Badger culling: There's clear evidence that it works - This week I attended a talk in Parliament that was given by Professor Ian Boyd, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The briefing was on badger culling, which the government is proposing to implement in order to remove bovine tuberculosis (TB) from the countryside… (story)

Somerset County Gazette 7.6.13 Secret World vows to fight badger cull following Commons debate By Kirsty James - A WILDLIFE charity in East Huntspill has vowed to continue fighting after MPs rejected calls for the culling of thousands of badgers to be abandoned…. Speaking after the decision Pauline Kidner, founder of Secret World Wildlife Rescue, said: “Despite the vote in Parliament, which was expected as it was a three whip line, we continue to make people aware of the 5,000 badgers that are due to be killed in Somerset and Gloucestershire any time from now…. (story)

Argus 7.6.13 Call off the badger cull – scrutinise farming practices instead - The Government is all set for open season on badgers. The excuse for this half-cocked policy of shooting badgers is a belief that this will decrease the amount of TB in cattle. And that is what it is: a belief. No independent science on the issue supports this… J Hinman, Normandy Road, Worthing
I am horrified that thousands of badgers are due to be killed in two areas of England this summer. It is a needless massacre driven by farmers and politicians… My disgust that English badgers are still under threat is so profound that I am boycotting all English dairy products, and I would encourage all those with a love of our indigenous wildlife to do the same… Jane Funnell, Millfield, Sompting (letter)

Dundee Courier 7.6.13 Vegan food defended after travel article slams Dundee By Jenny Thomson - Vegan food in Dundee has been defended after a travel magazine named the city one of the worst places in Europe to eat out. Strict vegan Rosie Driffill listed Dundee second in her article, 7 Tricky European Cities for Vegans, which was published on Wanderlust website…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 7.6.13 Puppy protest planned - ANIMAL welfare campaigners are due to take part in a rally outside the Senedd in Cardiff on June 25. Cariad Campaign wants its voice to be heard on the issue of puppy farming and what it termed indiscriminate dog breeding… (story)

Farmers Weekly 7.6.13 Jones lands food business director role at Compassion - Philip Clarke - Dr Tracey Jones has been appointed director of food business at Compassion in World Farming to help the charity reach its target of positively impacting the lives of one billion farm animals by 2017…. (story)

Tamworth Herald 7.6.13 Campaign for farm welfare - LOCAL volunteers took to the streets of Tamworth on April 20 to raise money for Compassion in World Farming… Lisa Willmot, Compassion in World Farming (letter)


The Sentinel 6.6.13 Deer hunters caught 'poaching' by police By PHIL CORRIGAN - POLICE caught three men with a dead deer in their van during an anti-poaching operation. Officers arrested the trio on suspicion of hunting with dogs after they were found driving across Cannock Chase late at night. James Harvey, Kyle Rodgers and James Morgan, all from Stoke-on-Trent, received fines after admitting two counts of illegally hunting with dogs at Stafford Magistrates' Court yesterday… (story)

Nature 6.6.13 UK official defends badger cull - Daniel Cressey - England’s badgers are once again in the firing line, as pilot culls to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis begin. As protesters descended on the nation’s capital last week, the chief scientific adviser of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Ian Boyd, talked to Nature about why he thinks the cull is scientifically sound, what else will be needed to control this disease and what happened when he got the country’s leading experts together for a workshop meeting on this subject at the end of April…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 6.6.13 No magic bullet over bovine BT - - VACCINATION is no magic bullet in the search for a solution to bovine TB, MPs have said. The cross-party Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has warned that vaccination is expensive, offers no guarantee of protection and will provide little benefit in the immediate future. Committee chairwoman Anne McIntosh MP said: "While progress to develop vaccines is clearly being made, debate on this subject has been characterised by lack of clarity leading to poor public understanding… (story)

Cornishman 6.6.13 Pendle: one sexy vegan - HIDDEN on the tip of Cornwall is one of the country's sexiest vegans. Pendle Hill beat other entrants to become one of four male finalists in the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Sexiest Vegan in the UK and Ireland competition…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 6.6.13 Time to ditch meat-eating - Two of this week's top stories tell us to eat less meat (to ease the food crisis in the developing world) and that a vegetarian diet can help us to live longer…. BEN WILLIAMSON People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)

Peterborough Telegraph 6.6.13 Letter: Diet is key to a longer life - A vegetarian diet can be the key to living a longer and healthier life, according to new research… A diverse plant based whole foods delivers all nutrients required by the body to sustain health and vitality. Harmesh Lakhanpaul OBE “Happiness, Peace, Love & harmony” Ledbury Road, Peterborough (letter)


Eastern Daily Press 5.6.13 Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Last week’s Angler’s Mail was full of news that the RSPB is once again defending the right of foreign cormorants to do as they wish on our rivers and stillwaters. I have long been a member of the RSPB because I love my birding so I will remain in the organisation, but I do despair of its rigid, blinkered and militant stance on so many issues… (story)

Stroud News & Journal 5.6.13 By Chris Warne - Document reveals badgers may endure suffering because of cull - FEARS have been raised that badgers will endure suffering and horrific injuries during the forthcoming pilot culls, after an official Defra document was obtained by an advocacy group… (story)
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 31.5.13 Proposed Gloucestershire badger cull labelled 'inhumane' by Humane Society International/UK By Shaun Dix - GLOUCESTERSHIRE badgers will be exposed to excruciating injuries and immense suffering if the proposed cull goes ahead, new information reveals. With the pilot cull due to start any time from June 1 at undisclosed locations in West Gloucestershire and Somerset, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has revealed that some animals are likely to be shot but not instantly killed… (story)
Gloucestershire Gazette 31.5.13 DEFRA responds to claims made by Humane Society International/UK that proposed badger cull in Gloucestershire and Somerset is 'inhumane' amid criticisms from RSPCA - BADGERS in Gloucestershire are to be exposed to excruciating injuries and immense suffering if the proposed cull goes ahead, new information reveals…. DEFRA was also keen to dispute claims made by HSI UK that the cull would be carried out by inexperienced huntsmen, resulting in a lack of clean badger kills…. (story)
Guardian 30.5.13 Humaneness of badger cull to be judged on noise of dying animals - Document reveals measures UK government will use to assess humaneness of badger culls that will begin shortly in England - Damian Carrington - The noises made by shot badgers and comparisons with the behaviour of harpooned whales will be among the measures used to assess the humaneness of badger culls that will begin shortly in England, a document seen by the Guardian reveals… (story)

Stroud News & Journal 5.6.13 Wildlife campaigners will try and save badgers wounded during the pilot cull By Kate Wilson - WILDLIFE campaigners are planning to walk along footpaths in Gloucestershire looking for badgers which have been wounded but not killed as part of the controversial cull which came into force on Saturday… (story)
BBC News Online 24.5.13 Wounded badger patrols set up in Gloucestershire - Hundreds of people have signed up for "wounded badger patrols" ahead of a planned cull in Gloucestershire. Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting said it wanted to rescue any badgers that were injured but not killed… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 23.5.13 "Wounded badger patrol" appeals for volunteers - A campaign group held a meeting this evening to encourage people to sign up for “wounded badger patrols”. Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS) has invited people to go on patrol when the expected government badger cull begins in June… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 23.5.13 Wounded badger patrols could stop cull - CAMPAIGNERS have denied that encouraging people to walk in areas close to a planned badger cull could put them at risk of harm. The Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS) group met on Thursday evening to invite volunteers to sign up for 'Wounded Badger Patrols'…. (story)

Stroud News & Journal 5.6.13 'Stop the cull' stickers placed on supermarket milk cartons By Hayley Mortimer, Reporter - BADGER lovers have been targeting supermarket milk by posting 'Stop the Cull' stickers on cartons. The stickers have been seen on plastic cartons at Tesco stores telling customers not to buy the product because it has come from badger cull zones… (story)

Guardian 5.6.13 'Badger-friendly' milk to be sold in just three UK supermarkets - Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Asda say they will not sell milk that has come from dairy farms inside cull zones - Damian Carrington - Only three UK supermarkets – Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Asda – can guarantee they will sell milk that does not come from dairy farms inside zones where badger culls are due to take place, according to a survey by campaigners… (story)

Guardian 5.6.13 Why the celebrity status of badgers is a problem - I fear this pilot cull will be marred by intimidation of anyone who dares suggest you may have to control bovine TB in wildlife - Sarah Wollaston… (story)

Sheffield Star 5.6.13 Wildlife experts hit out at cull of badgers - The Wildlife Trust for Sheffield and Rotherham has criticised a badger cull which could result in thousands of animals being killed…. (story)

Western Daily Press 5.6.13 Chris Rundle: Keep calm and carry on - Put that light out, there's a cull on - Welcome to the war zone. Well, we're not actually in it but the boundary of one of the two badger culling areas runs along the road not far away… Brian May. You know the one: he's the academic who's a stranger to the barber's chair and who says there's no need to cull the badgers and that we can solve the problem by vaccinating them. Which is a real joke since the current badger vaccine is only partly effective, and won't touch already infected badgers, while the Welsh vaccination programme, should he care to ask anyone, is turning into a costly and unmitigated disaster with the same badgers returning to the traps time after time because they have acquired a taste for the bait and no one is remotely sure of the percentage that have been injected… (story)

Derby Telegraph 5.6.13 `Do not shoot badgers' plea By PAUL WHYATT - KILLING badgers to tackle disease is both unnecessary and inhumane, according to the leader of Derbyshire County Council. Labour's Anne Western said she was against pilot culls in south west England in a bid to halt the spread of bovine tuberculosis among cattle… (story)

Independent 5.6.13 Badger cull is based on science - Your report on the letter from a small group of veterinary surgeons regarding bovine TB and the badger cull (5 June) suggests that the signatories are members of our Association and that they accuse BVA of not consulting the membership before taking a position on the badger cull. In fact only a third of the signatories are BVA members and those that are members have had plenty of opportunity to contribute to our policy on bovine TB, which has been in development for many years… Peter Jones, President, British Veterinary Association, London W1 (letter)
Independent 4.6.13 Vets: Professional body is ‘too close to industry’ on badger cull - In letter to The Independent, group of vets says Veterinary Association did not consult them - Tom Bawden - The professional body for vets has cast a “dark shadow” over the profession by supporting the Government’s badger cull, according to a group of veterinarians who claim its senior officials are too close to the farming industry. Members of the British Veterinary Association (BVA) have launched a fierce attack on their representative body for failing to consult its full membership before endorsing the cull… “That some vets in positions of influence appear to have abandoned precaution for the sake of what appears to be political and perceived economic expedience casts a dark shadow over our profession,” says the letter, which is also signed by Caroline Allen, a practising vet and spokesperson for the Green Party and Mark Jones, executive director of Humane Society International, the animal protection group…. (story)
Independent 4.6.13 Letters: Badger cull has no basis in science The badger cull is proving to be a highly contentious issue, not least within the veterinary profession in Britain, of which we are members… We are saddened that this episode brings shame upon the profession we studied so hard to join. That some vets in positions of influence appear to have abandoned precaution for the sake of what appears to be political and perceived economic expedience, casts a dark shadow over our profession… Caroline Allen; Heather Bacon; Fiona Dalzell; Bronwen Eastwood; Richard Edwards; Mark Jones; Andrew Knight; J Lewis; Alastair MacMillan; Iain McGill; Andre Menache; Paul Torgerson Humane Society International/UK, London N1 (letter)

Bristol Post 5.6.13 It is not based on solid evidence - AT least we know where the Liberal Democrats stand on the badger cull - they are in favour of it… the coalition government's cull is not being done on the basis of scientific evidence but for political reasons, namely to curry favour with farmers, who are desperate to see something done, and to keep their political allegiance with the Tories. Robert Craig All The South Party (letter)

Bristol Post 5.6.13 AT last the badger cull gets the go ahead, hopefully less cattle will be needlessly destroyed because of contracting TB from these animals. Kevin Hill (letter)


Gloucester Citizen 4.6.13 My life in Gloucestershire: Charles Mann, chairman of NFU Gloucestershire - What's your favourite Gloucestershire day out? A day with Vale of the White Horse Hunt in the hills around Sapperton… (story)

Farming Life 4.6.13 Consultation begins on ban on the sale of rod caught salmon - Fisheries Minister Carál Ní Chuilín has announced the introduction of new regulations which will ban the sale of rod caught salmon in Northern Ireland… Countryside Alliance Ireland Chief Executive, Lyall Plant, commented: “Countryside Alliance Ireland welcomes any measure which will help protect the stocks of Atlantic salmon. CAI work closely with the UlsterAngling Federation, DCAL and other like minded bodies for the benefit of Atlantic salmon and indeed, angling in general… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 4.6.13 Marksmen in dark glasses spotted in badger cull zone - ACTIVISTS fighting the badger cull claimed to have spotted convoy of marksmen over an estate in the cull zone. Campaigners said armed men wearing dark glasses were circling Forthampton Estate, near Tewkesbury in their vehicles. And around 30 campaigners went to patrol the area after claims were made on social media…. (story)

Western Daily Press 4.6.13 Badger cull protesters hit social media heights - The fight against the badger cull is being waged in the fields of Gloucestershire and Somerset – and also on global social media networks. Thousands of anti-cull campaigners sent the tag line “badgermonday” to be the top trending phrase on Twitter yesterday, while the saboteurs who pledged to disrupt the cull have been using the social network to co-ordinate their actions…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen/Echo 3.6.13 Twitter users slam badger cull as #badgermonday goes viral - A fight to stop the south west badger cull has today moved online, with Twitter users across the UK discussing the “massacre” and thousands putting their name to an e-petition against the move…. (story)

BBC News Online 4.6.13 Cornish badgers 'may be vaccinated against TB' - Plans have been put forward to vaccinate badgers in west Cornwall to prevent them catching tuberculosis and passing it on to cows, an MP says. If approved, the £2m scheme would mean badgers being caught in traps and then vaccinated, St Ives Liberal Democrat Andrew George said… (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 4.6.13 Activists pledge to disrupt the cull on badgers - THE controversial badger cull to halt the spread of a deadly disease in cattle has officially begun – but with little sign of any action…. Stop the Cull warned it may blacklist landowners who grant permission for teams to kill badgers in an attempt to disrupt the cull…. (story)
Western Morning News 3.6.13 Badger culling pilots begin with little action - The controversial badger cull to halt the spread of a deadly disease in cattle has officially begun – but with little sign of any action… Jay Tiernan, a spokesman for Stop the Cull, said: "We are aiming to bring a stop to the cull and we are confident we can achieve that. In order to go ahead, the cull needs 70 per cent participation from landowners in the area so our plan is to put pressure on those landowners to stop them from taking part."… (story)
Western Morning News 3.6.13 Trying to stop the badger cull – with vuvuzelas and loud music - The spokesman for the anti-badger cull protesters, could not have been clearer. "The moment we know the cull is happening," Jay Tiernan told last week's Farmer's Guardian, "we would expect 200 or 300 people in the cull zone. I expect it to last for a couple of weeks." "It", in this case, will be the shining of flashlights, the playing of vuvuzelas and the broadcasting of loud music… (story)
Western Daily Press 3.6.13 Badger cull protests set to target land owners - An anti-cull group intends to blackmail landowners on whose land badgers are shot in the latest attempt to bring a halt to the trial…. Jay Tiernan, a spokesman for Stop the Cull, said: “We are aiming to bring a stop to the cull and we are confident we can achieve that… (story)
SouthWest Business 3.6.13 Cull protests set to target land owners - An anti-cull group intends to blackmail landowners on whose land badgers are shot in the latest attempt to bring a halt to the trial…. (story)
SouthWest Business 3.6.13 Blackmail may be used to stop badger cull by Joe Lane, reporter, Gloucestershire Echo - Landowners in Gloucester shire could face blackmail attempts by saboteurs hoping to halt the badger cull…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 3.6.13 Badger cull saboteurs threaten to blackmail farmers By Joe Lane - Alerts have been raised by animal rights activists that the badger cull has begun in Gloucestershire…. Vaccinating Our Badgers, Cornwall, raised the alarm on Sunday night via Facebook…. (story)
BBC Radio 4 Newsbeat 3.6.13 Confrontation expected in south-west badger cull zones By Dave Howard - Animal rights activists say they will take direct action to stop thousands of badgers being shot… Jay Tiernan from the Bristol-based group Stop the Cull says farmers in the cull-zones should expect a "bloody war"… (story)

Bristol Post 4.6.13 Why can't we vaccinate cows? - WE do not vaccinate our cows so it is no wonder they catch Bovine TB. It is not badgers at fault here it is Defra Minister Owen Paterson and farmers for not pursuing this. We vaccinate our children, we even vaccinate badgers why can we not vaccinate our cows?.. Ann Browne Oldland Common (letter)

Independent 4.6.13 To prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis, the government in England is planning to cull badgers, based on science; while the government in Wales is planning to vaccinate badgers, based on science. Could someone explain why the science is so very different in two adjacent countries? Rose Davies, Swansea (letter)

York Press 4.6.13 Topsy-turvy world for badgers - I will never, ever, understand our laws and how they work. On Page 4 of The Press on June 1 I read a small paragraph about the threatened slaughter of badgers in Gloucestershire and Somerset, noting that the policing costs involved against potential disruption from activists will be about £4m… I pray that there is enough disruption by activists to have this slaughter called off. The £4m that would be saved could help compensate farmers for the loss of cattle with TB – better still, used to vaccinate cattle, the proved and sane way to protect them. Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York (letter)

Guardian 4.6.13 Blame intensive farming for TB in cows, not badgers - Farmers are hopeful that a badger cull will save their animals(Humaneness of badger cull to be judged on noise of dying animals, 30 May) and the slaughter of cattle is a terrible waste, but the badger cull is an equally terrible, and cruel, waste… Dr Jacqueline Sarsby Uley, Gloucestershire
Why do humans demand milk from cows? Two million of these poor milk machines are artificially inseminated yearly, their calves taken from them soon after birth so the dairy cows can spurt out a liquid humans wish to steal… Sara Starkey Tonbridge, Kent
If it is indeed the case that badger culls will involve untested killing methods, it is a very serious issue. As someone familiar with guns of all types and calibres for around 50 years, I do hope A&E departments in Somerset and Gloucestershire are up to the mark… Andrew Gamble Sheffield
Some figures from Defra: 5,094 badgers are to be shot in west Gloucestershire and west Somerset… That is 26 dead badgers for each animal saved from TB. Is that a worthwhile result? Harvey Cole Winchester, Hampshire
Canada controls the spread of rabies in their vast populations of skunks, raccoons and foxes by dropping vaccine baits both by hand and by air… Lizzie Hill Guildford, Surrey (letters)

Chesterfield Post 4.6.13 Derbyshire PCC Alan Charles Shows His Support To Stop Animal Cruelty - Alan Charles, Derbyshire's police and crime commissioner (PCC) (left) is showing his support for work against animal cruelty by spending a day on the road with one of the county’s RSPCA inspectors on Thursday 6th June…. (story)


Northumberland Gazette 3.6.13 Wildlife chief cries foul over planned ‘buzzard barbarism’ - Government agency Natural England has licensed the destruction of the eggs and nests of buzzards to protect a pheasant shoot and poultry farm.. The decision comes a year after Defra halted plans to spend up to £375,000 researching ways to keep buzzards from targeting captive-reared pheasants following a public outcry. At the time, Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s chief executive Mike Pratt said: “After years of persecution, people have welcomed the return of the buzzard to our countryside.”… (story)

Horse Mart 3.6.13 Animal Aid concerned after three deaths in one day at Wetherby Racecourse - National campaign group Animal Aid have raised their concerns after three horses died on a single day at Wetherby Racecourse on 23rd May 2013. .. Dene Stansall, Animal Aid’s Horseracing Consultant, travelled to the course on the 30th May 2013 to remind those who attended the event were aware of the risk posed to horses in racing… (story)
Horse Mart 3.6.13 Three horse deaths on a single day at Wetherby Racecourse - Milano Supreme, Distant Memories and David’s Folly were all killed after falling and sustaining fatal injuries in separate hurdle races during the afternoon… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 3.6.13 Campaigners from East Lancashire join London badger cull protest - CAMPAIGNERS travelled to London on Saturday to join a protest against the Government’s badger cull…. Jo Bates-Keegan, who lives in Blackburn and chairs Lancashire Badger Group, said: “Lancashire Badger Group is hugely sympathetic to the plight of farmers. However we are convinced, as are the vast majority of the wildlife and conservation organisations in the country and indeed scientists in this field, that this badger cull will only be to the detriment of farmers and badgers.” (story)
Farmers Weekly 3.6.13 Anti-badger cull rally held in London - Philip Case - Hundreds of animal rights supporters turned out in London over the weekend to protest against the badger cull, which could begin any time now…. Between 1,500 and 2,000 protesters, many dressed in black and white, chanted "Your cull, your lies, your greed", "Stop the Cull" and "Shame on DEFRA" during the march to Westminster… (story)
BBC News Online 1.6.13 Anti-badger cull rally held in London as pilot culls begin - Several hundred people have held a rally in London as licences to cull badgers came into force in two areas…. Campaigner Paul Hornsby said: "Yes I live in a city, but I have a family of foxes living in my back garden and I believe it's their world too…. (story)
Express 1.6.13 Brian May leads anti-badger culling protest in London as pilots begin in two counties - QUEEN guitarist Brian May took to the streets of London today to lead a protest against a planned introduction of badger culling. The 65-year-old musician joined with about 2,000 animal welfare supporters on the march through Westminster to show their opposition to the cull, which the Government says is necessary to tackle bovine tuberculosis (TB)…. (story)
International Business Times 1.6.13 Far-Right Extremists Chased Through London by Women Dressed as Badgers - A rally by extremists from the British National Party and the English Defence League was dwarfed by opposition campaigners staging rival protests in London on Saturday 1 June… But in the event, both groups were upstaged by agitators of a different stripe. Decked out from head to toe in black and white, the group that won the day were campaigning for neither for race war nor ethnic equality, but an end to the government's cull on badgers. And it was the pro-badger campaigners who appeared to steal a march on the political activists. Young women dressed in fake fur were seen chasing doughty nationalist supporters down London's Whitehall… (story)
Telegraph 1.6.13 Badger cull makes no economic sense, claims Brian May - Brian May, the Queen guitarist, has renewed calls for the Government to abort plans to cull thousands of badgers in the bid to tackle bovine tuburculosis. The musician, 65, met with animal welfare supporters for a march through Westminster in protest of two pilot culls that can officially start from today in west Gloucestershire and west Somerset, two bovine TB hot spots… (story)
Channel 4 News 1.6.13 More than 1,000 march in London against badger cull - More than 1,000 demonstrators wearing badger masks protest against planned badger culls, which are due to begin from this weekend in an effort to tackle bovine TB… (story)
Evening Standard 1.6.13 Rock star Brian May leads anti-badger cull protestors to Westminster - Queen guitarist Brian May led about 2,000 animal welfare supporters dressed in black and white to call for an end to plans for a badger cull. They chanted "stop the cull" in protest at pilots in west Gloucestershire and west Somerset due to start from today…. (story)
Mail 1.6.13 Wildlife protesters call on Government to abandon badger cull as Queen guitarist Brian May leads London march - Police called after newspapers set on fire near Houses of Parliament… They chanted 'your cull, your lies, your greed' and 'shame on Defra'. Police officers arrived after a few minutes to put the fire out…. (story)
ITV 1.6.13 Midlands protesters against badger cull travel to London - Coach loads of campaigners from the Midlands are travelling to London today to protest against the proposed culling of badgers… (story)
ITV 1.6.13 Protesters off to London as badger cull begins - The controversial badger cull is due to begin today in parts of Somerset and Gloucestershire. It is an attempt to halt the spread of TB in cattle. An anti-cull protest is planned for Central London this lunchtime (Saturday 1 June)… (story)
Eagle Radio 1.6.13 Surrey charity marches against badger cull - The controversial badger cull has started…. Leatherhead based Wildlife Aid will be joining a protest in London later. It's being organised by Brian May. Simon Cowell from the charity says the cull won't help: "I'm furious at the Government's intransigence and pig-headedness over the proposed slaughter of thousands of badgers…. (story)
Mirror 31.5.13 Badger cull protesters led by Brian May and Bill Oddie to march in London - The ex-Queen guitarist and the TV naturalist plan to hand over a 228,000 signature petition after the march - Rock star Brian May will lead protesters in a march against controversial plans to start culling thousands of badgers… (story)

Express 3.6.13 Cull or cure? Badger debate divides Britain By: Stuart Winter - Night sights, rifles and 12-bore shotguns are primed for action…. Increasingly bitter divisions are carving battle lines across the landscape. Vets are pitched against veterinary associations, farmers against fellow farmers… (story)

Newcastle Journal 3.6.13 North East expert claims badger cull will not stop diseases - A controversial badger cull starting this weekend will not solve the problem of tuberculosis in cattle, claims a North East expert. Professor Peter Atkins, from Durham University’s Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience, believes a cull could even exacerbate the problem… (story)

Guardian 3.6.13 Badger vaccination 'would be cheaper to implement than cull' - Expert analysis shows the high cost of policing the expected protests means the expense of the cull now exceeds vaccination - Damian Carrington - Vaccinating badgers to curb the rise of tuberculosis in cattle would cost less than culling them, according to a new analysis of the government's own data… the high cost of policing the expected protests against the night-time shoots – due to begin at any time this summer – means the expense of the cull now exceeds vaccination, according to the UK's top badger expert, Prof Rosie Woodroffe… (story)

Huffington Post 3.6.13 The Little-Known Cruelty of 'Puppy Farming' Hurting Our Pets - Marc Lee Abraham - For our beloved four legged friends these are potentially very exciting times. As a full time vet and animal welfare campaigner I meet and treat sick puppies and kittens every day…. So a few years ago I set up PupAid a campaign and annual fun dog show run by volunteers designed to raise awareness of puppy farming and how to best choose a new pet… (story)

Scottish Express 3.6.13 EU bullfighting subsidy - TENS of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been used to fund “barbaric” bullfighting in Spain, according to a Scottish MEP. By: Paula Murray - Alyn Smith said the EU had given at least £110million in subsidies to Spanish fighting bull breeders, mainly through the controversial Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)…. The League Against Cruel Sports said it was “completely against” taxpayers’ money being used to fund bullfighting. Jennifer Dunn, of the organisation’s Scottish arm, said: “We are very pleased that Alyn Smith, along with MEPs of many different nationalities and political persuasions, is backing the campaign to stop CAP subsidies being used to rear bulls for fighting…. (story)

Herald Scotland 3.6.13 Harrods wins legal fight with fur trade protesters over Lady Gaga perfume visit - One of the world's most famous department stores today won a legal fight with fur trade protesters after complaining that families were "harassed" when pop star Lady Gaga visited to advertise perfume. A High Court judge tightened restrictions on protests outside Harrods in Knightsbridge, London, after being told that demonstrators had caused a "nuisance" during Lady Gaga's appearance in October 2012… Harrods took legal action against animal rights campaigner Brendan McNally and the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade… (story)

Peterborough Telegraph 3.6.13 Dogsthorpe pupils receive a lesson in vegetarianism - Children at a Peterborough school had the chance to eat their greens - and only their greens - as part of a week of dedicated to vegetarianism. To coincide with National Vegetarian Week, Dogsthorpe Junior School, in Central Avenue, held a number of activities based on the dietary lifestyle… School secretary Rose Croft (26), member of the Peterborough Vegetarian Group, who organised the event, said “The aim was to get children thinking about their food a little bit more… (letter)


Observer 2.6.13 Why the lynx effect would send Scotland wild - Rather than spending millions on pandas, we need to save the wild animals that are integral to the Highlands' character - Kevin McKenna - As Edinburgh Zoo's panda freakshow continues to captivate the witless and the infantile, a real Scottish animal has been allowed to die. Under the noses of Scottish Natural Heritage, which likes to be known as the nation's leading conservation body, the Scottish wildcat has all but been extinguished from the Highlands… Thus we allow golden eagles and our other great predators routinely to be executed by gamekeepers and farmers all over the Highlands… I suppose, therefore, we should all be thankful that there appear to be advanced moves to reintroduce the lynx after a 700-year absence. This would be a grand move for this creature is also beautiful, ferocious and created by God to reside in the Highlands… Predictably, the National Farmers' Union and the Scottish Gamekeepers Association have raised concerns about threats to their beloved coos and sheep.. . The Countryside Alliance also has worries, but these can be dismissed as coming from a body solely concerned in preserving the interests of the tiny minority who received their land windfalls through theft, murder and deception…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 2.6.13 Badger cull: A tearful farmer, an angry rock star and a nation divided - They are one of Britain’s favourite animals, featured in children’s books and cartoons — but Jan Rowe knows only too well what real damage badgers can do. By Patrick Sawer - The Gloucestershire farmer has been forced to slaughter more than 180 of his dairy and beef herd in the past two decades because they had became infected with bovine TB… (story)


Scotsman 1.6.13 Angling protest - By not questioning private ownership of the right to fish, the Fisheries and Aquaculture Bill passed on 15 May continued the effective pricing out of working- and middle-class Scots from many of their own waters… Scotland’s angling laws, in comparison to the former colonies, are archaic, with sycophantic ministers doffing their hat to Victorian exploitation whilst they glowingly crow of the equality achieved via free-bus passes… Daibhidh Rothach, Scottish Anglers for Change, Kilwinning, Ayrshire (letter)

Shropshire Star 1.6.13 Shropshire protesters ask for change of heart over badger cull - Protesters have staged a demonstration in Shrewsbury town centre over the Government’s controversial badger cull plans. Trial culls were getting underway today. Protest group Shropshire Against the Cull gathered in the Square, yesterday afternoon. Up to a dozen gathered for around four hours and the group ran out of the 300 campaign posters they brought to hand out to passers-by. Lorraine Parker, one of the organisers of the event, said the group should have printed off another 200 but had been surprised by the response… (story)

Telegraph 1.6.13 Activists 'won’t blame’ anyone who harasses badger cull marksmen - Animal rights activists plan to publish photographs of marksmen involved in the badger cull and said they “would not blame” people who harass them and destroy their property. By Steven Swinford and Rowena Mason - From Saturday, up to 70 badgers a day are expected to be shot in an attempt to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis in parts of Somerset and Gloucestershire. A group called Stop the Cull plans to use vuvuzelas, strobe lighting and loud music to scare the animals away, before taking photos of the marksmen to publish on the internet along with images of landowners who support the cull…. (story)

Mail 1.6.13 Controversial badger cull begins this weekend as activists vow to sabotage efforts to fight TB By FIONA MACRAE - Animal rights activists are poised to sabotage the controversial cull of thousands of badgers which is set to begin tonight…. The Hunt Saboteurs Organisation said it has already surveyed the cull site and has people in the area. More will be brought in as needed…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 1.6.13 Farmer in favour of badger cull explains stance - Charles Mann, chairman of the NFU in Gloucestershire, is in favour of the cull…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 1.6.13 Bovine TB pensioner against badger cull - PENSIONER Eileen Johnson has spoken out against the badger cull in Gloucestershire, despite having had Bovine TB as a child…. (story)

Western Morning News 1.6.13 Veterinary surgeons back pilot culls as protesters gear up for direct action - Britain's vets have thrown their support behind the pilot badger cull, which can officially begin from today. The cull, which has been delayed to avoid the risk that badgers nursing cubs might be shot, has the full backing of the British Veterinary Association (BVA)… (story)

Local Government Chronicle 1.6.13 Councils seek to block badger slaughter - Two southwest authorities are banning badger culls on their land as the government-endorsed slaughter gets underway. Forest of Dean (NOC) and Stroud DCs (NOC) have both decided to forbid the shooting of the burrowing creatures on their land…. (story)

Spectator 1.6.13 The madness of culling badgers - Rod Liddle - Good luck to all the animal rights activists setting off this weekend to harass the members of the Game and Wildlife “Conservancy” Trust shooting blameless badgers… (story)

Independent 1.6.13 There is no alternative, chief scientist tells badger protesters, as cull begins - Those who are opposed to the shooting ‘need to come up with some viable alternative' - Defra’s chief scientist has launched a thinly veiled attack on opponents of the Government’s highly controversial badger cull – saying they have failed to come up with any effective alternatives. In a letter to The Independent Professor Ian Boyd says it is crucial to reverse the rapid spread of tuberculosis through cattle, in part by culling the badgers that help spread the disease… (story)
Independent 1.6.13 Scientific research does support the decision to cull badgers to control TB in cattle (leading article, 31 May). Analysis shows the negative effects of culling in the Randomised Badger Culling Trial disappeared within 18 months after the last cull and that there are lasting benefits up to six years later… Professor Ian Boyd, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, London SW1
The results of the badger culling experiment did not show that culling “only exacerbated the problem” as you state (leading article, 31 May). Within the cull areas, there was a substantial and sustained reduction in the incidence of disease on cattle farms, which lasted for some years longer than the culling programme itself… James Wood, Alborada Professor of Equine and Farm Animal Science, University of Cambridge
The National Farmers Union is not leading the farming community to slaughter without giving the issue of a badger cull any debate (letter, 30 May). We support the Government’s policy to help control TB by using measures including rigorous TB testing for cattle, movement controls, and a cull of badgers in areas where TB is endemic…. Tom Hind, Director of Corporate Affairs, National Farmers’ Union, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire (letters)

Western Daily Press 1.6.13 Permission to shoot: The moment badger cull became serious - The shotguns are cleaned, the cages are set and the marksmen are prepared for the most controversial action in the West’s countryside since the ban on hunting almost ten years ago…. (story)

Financial Times 1.6.13 The badger, the guitar legend – and 150 vuvuzelas By Hannah Kuchler and Pilita Clark - The battle for the badger has begun: it pitches marksmen armed with peanuts, molasses and bullets against animal rights activists blowing 150 vuvuzelas in the West Country and Queen’s guitarist leading a march on Whitehall…. (story)

Huffington Post 1.6.13 Why the Badger Cull Is Worth Marching Against - Philip Mansbridge - Q. What's black and white and red all over? . An innocent, disease-free badger slaughtered by the government… We need to speak out, and we're proudly supporting the National March Against the Badger Cull in Central London on 1st June. We'll be there with banners, leaflets and even woolly badger hats (kindly knitted by one of our team members at the weekend)… (story)

Chichester Observer 1.6.13 Controversial badger cull painting will stay in Sidlesham - A DEAD badger painted on a Sidlesham wall has divided opinion in the parish. The painting, placed in a rural area, is a statement against the badger culls. At the council’s annual parish meeting last Wednesday (May 22), a resident asked the council: “What will be done about the graffiti on the tyre centre?”… Owner of the building Nigel Dutton said: “I thought it was a good idea, something interesting for the area. I was enthusiastic about the idea… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 1.6.13 The Badger Cull in Gloucestershire: For and Against - THE badger cull pilot in Gloucestershire is allowed to begin from today. Here, Charles Mann, chairman of NFU Gloucestershire, and Steve Jones, dairy consultant and campaigner, argue for and against. CHARLES MANN - chairman of NFU Gloucestershire… STEVE JONES - dairy consultant and campaigner… (story)

Western Daily Press 1.6.13 Dangers of cull have been underestimated - For many years farmers have injected all types of chemicals into cattle and I have yet to read any reply to the press letters from the Lydbrook ex-farm worker who raised the question of filthy, disease-ridden cattle drinking troughs…. Dave Browning, Broadwell. (letter)

Western Daily Press 1.6.13 Help change minds over badger cull - K Medlyn, Plympton, Devon (letter)
Plymouth Herald 31.5.13 Sign petition against the badger cull - I AM writing as a very concerned and distressed reader about the Government's cruel and needless proposed Badger cull this June in order to tackle Bovine TB in cattle… K MEDLYN, Plympton (letter)

Mail 1.6.13 SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Five suicides. One common thread: They all fell foul of the RSPCA By GUY ADAMS - The last person to speak to Clwyd Davies was his best friend, Michelle Crowther… It was just two days after the 69-year-old horse breeder had stood before a magistrate for sentencing at the end of a long, harrowing and high-profile court battle with the RSPCA… ‘Clwyd didn’t need to be prosecuted, he needed help,’ says Michelle. ‘My work with him showed that. But the RSPCA seemed to treat the courts as a first, rather than a last, resort. From the moment it dealt with him, it was gathering evidence.’… Whatever its rights and wrongs, the Clwyd Davies case certainly throws an unforgiving spotlight on the RSPCA at a time of increasing scrutiny over its pursuit of expensive and high-profile legal cases and PR campaigns. In May, for example, the charity faced a public image crisis following the death of Dawn Aubrey-Ward, a former RSPCA officer found hanged at her home in Somerset… Last year, for example, a Norfolk pig farmer called Stephen Brown shot himself in the head three days after the media was informed that the charity was investigating cases of animal cruelty on his property… Also that year, a gamekeeper called Graham Key killed himself after being found guilty of firearms offences following an RSPCA and police raid on his home. And, in 2008, a Cornish farmer called Richard Barrett died in what police called a suicide, the day after RSPCA and vets from the Department for the Environment, Food and Agriculture visited his property…. (story)

Western Daily Press 1.6.13 Contradictions everywhere in world of animal rights - There's something very appealing about pigeons…. racing pigeons are on the decline like never before. The number of fanciers is down from 100,000 in the Eighties to about 40,000 now and there must be a proportionate fall in stock. This otherwise bad news will be greeted with glee, I'm sure, by animal rights group Peta – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – who in January started a campaign to outlaw the sport…. Peta always come across not so much as a gang of folk who love animals but more as an organisation who hate people who have anything to do with them. Keep a pet, admit to once having sucked on a lamb chop or stick £5 each way on the 2.30 at Newton Abbot and you are quite obviously evil… (story)

Kent Messenger 1.6.13 Purple haze in live animal exports fight in Dover by Graham Tutthill - Purple ribbons, the symbol against animal cruelty, will return to the streets of Dover today after a 10-year absence as part of the campaign against live exports through the port. In a day of action, Clair Hawkins - Labour's parliamentary candidate for Dover and Deal - will join local campaigners tying the ribbons on trees along Jubilee Way…. (story)
Kent Online 29.5.13 Tie a purple ribbon around your trees, say campaigners by Graham Tutthill - Purple ribbons, the symbol against animal cruelty, will return to the streets of Dover after a 10-year absence as part of the campaign against live animal exports through the port. In a day of action on Saturday, Clair Hawkins, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Dover and Deal will join local campaigners will be tying the ribbons on trees along Jubilee Way… (story)