June 2015

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Kent Online 30.6.15 Dartford MP Gareth Johnson under pressure to change stance on fox hunting ban in online petition by Jamie Bullen - Campaigners have called on Dartford MP Gareth Johnson to change his stance on fox hunting after he told a resident he planned to scrap legislation… In Dartford, the campaign launched after Natalie Boorman, of Brent Lane, received a letter from the MP informing her he intended to "keep his word" by helping to scrap the act…. (story)

Western Daily Press 30.6.15 MP Neil Parish is right to challenge RSPCA - For an MP to raise concerns about the way the RSPCA is being run is rare to say the least. But Environment Committee chairman Neil Parish is worried enough not only to voice his fears but also to consider bringing the charity before his committee. His is anxious about the way the RSPCA is being managed and even fears a power struggle taking place within its ranks…. Mr Parish has got it right when he says his House of Commons committee will be on the side of farmers… Surely the RSPCA needs to be on the side of farmers recognising its importance to feeding the nation…. (story)
Western Daily Press 30.6.15 RSPCA could face inquiry over a 'power struggle' within the charity - The RSPCA could be ordered to face a grilling by MPs when the House of Commons Environment Committee meets under the chairmanship of West MP Neil Parish next month. Mr Parish, MP for Honiton and Tiverton, is said to be concerned at the way the charity is being governed…. (story)
Mail on Sunday 28.6.15 RSPCA faces grilling by MPs after animal rights fanatics who compare farming to the holocaust and want people to take a test before getting a pet hijack key posts By VALERIE ELLIOTT FOR MAIL ON SUNDAY - RSPCA chiefs face a grilling by MPs over the way animal rights zealots have gained a stronghold on the charity’s ruling council…. Peta Watson-Smith, a vegan from Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, has compared farming with the Nazi Holocaust while Dan Lyons, an academic from Sheffield, wants people to pass an exam before being allowed to own a pet. MPs fear their appointments have shifted the balance on the charity’s 23-man council and that the RSPCA will now step up contentious political campaigns instead of concentrating on its traditional role rescuing neglected and sick animals from cruel owners…. Neil Parish, Conservative MP and new chairman of the Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select committee, said he believed the RSPCA needed new governance procedures…. (story)
Western Morning News 28.6.15 MPs ready to demand RSPCA explains the way it's being governed as hardliners are elected to council By WMNPBowern - Leaders of an increasingly hard-line RSPCA could be ordered to face a grilling by MPs when the House of Commons Environment Committee meets under the chairmanship of Westcountry MP Neil Parish next month. Mr Parish, MP for Honiton and Tiverton, is said to be concerned at the way the charity is being governed… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 28.6.15 Reform or face 'disaster', government warns RSPCA By Ben Riley-Smith, Political Correspondent - The RSPCA must purge radical animal rights activists from its board or face "disaster", a government source has told The Telegraph amid fears the charity could be taken over by hardliners. In a clear warning shot, the Environment Department source told this newspaper the charity risks “eroding its credibility” by prioritising contentious political campaigns over animal welfare…. (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 30.6.15 Catholics deny animal rights - Virginia Bell (via email) (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 30.6.15 Church harmed animals - Pope Francis' recent encyclical on the environment is very much to be welcomed. For 2000 years, the Catholic Church has denied animals their right to our sense of justice and morality…. My online petition, which is asking the Bishops' Conference to set up a Committee 'on matters of responsibility and justice towards our fellow creatures', would, if successful, bring animals into the official province of the Catholic Church… Virginia Bell Milton Keynes (letter)

Mirror 30.6.15 Morrissey left 'incandescent' after meat served during his concert in New York's Madison Square Garden - Singer Morrissey was left "incandescent" after he discovered the owners of Madison Square Garden had gone against his wishes and served meat during his recent concert….While the vast majority of ticket holders were stuck with veggie hot dogs thanks to the staunch animal-rights activist’s edict that the Garden go meat-free for his performance, those watching from corporate suites were treated to a spread that included meatball sandwiches, chicken fingers and spicy tuna rolls… (story)

Thanet Gazette 30.6.15 Former Thanet councillor accused of assault set to go on trial - FORMER Green councillor Ian Driver will stand trial this week accused of assault by beating and wilfully obstructing a highway. The trial will take place at Margate Magistrates Court on Wednesday July 1. An additional day has scheduled for Friday July 3 if required. The ex-councillor, who denies all charges, is alleged to have committed the offences during a protest against live animal exports at the Port of Ramsgate in May 2014… (story)
Isle of Thanet Gazette 9.10.14 Animal rights campaigners fill court to support Thanet councillor By Rebecca_Pike - ANIMAL rights campaigners filled the public gallery in court this morning to support a Thanet councillor arrested at a protest earlier this year. Thanet’s Green Party councillor Ian Driver was charged with assault by beating and being in a restricted area in a port facility. Around 20 protesters turned up to hear his case at Thanet Magistrates Court and the cases of two other campaigners, who had been charged with wilfully obstructing a highway at a protest in September…. (story)
Thanet Gazette 9.9.14 Thanet councillor Ian Driver charged with assault - Thanet councillor Ian Driver has been charged with assault of a Thanet council officer after an incident at the Port of Ramsgate. Cllr Driver, who represents Northwood for the Green Party, is also accused of unlawful entry to the port on May 6…. (story)
Isle of Thanet Gazette 7.5.14 VIDEO: Councillor accused of assault at port protest - Police are are investigating an allegation that Green Party councillor Ian Driver assaulted a member of Thanet council staff at the Port of Ramsgate today (Tuesday)… (story)


BBC News Online 29.6.15 Gamekeeper cleared of trapping birds as video evidence dismissed - A gamekeeper has been cleared of trying to trap wild birds, after a judge ruled RSPB video evidence gained by trespassing could not be used in court. District Judge Kevin Grego, at Telford Magistrates' Court, excluded the covert footage showing Neil Wainwright…. RSPB investigator Howard Jones saw a pheasant run and a cage with birds in and trespassed on to land to investigate further, the court heard…. When Mr Jones trespassed the first time to take a closer look he was "well meaning", but his return to set up covert recording equipment was "disproportionate", the judge said. He said even when trespassers acted with the best motives, that did not allow their conduct to be "unfettered"…. (story)

Worcester News 29.6.15 'There's no need for legal fishing either' - I was very pleased to read that police have been checking rod licences as part of an operation to stop illegal fishing across the region… However, it is fishing as a whole, not just the illegal variety, that we should be concerned about. Fish are sensitive, aware creatures who experience pain and there is nothing sporting about spearing living animals on a hook, dragging them out of the water and leaving them struggling for life as they suffocate…. Communications Officer Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies Kidderminster (letter)

Belfast Newsletter 29.6.15 Petition calls for ban on circus animals - NI Green Party leader Steven Agnew has spearheaded a move to deny an entertainment licence to operations which use them. He submitted a petition at the Assembly. David Duffy, who owns Duffy’s Circus, said health checks by vets were rigorous and vowed to contest such an “extreme” change in court… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 29.6.15 Circus animals petition submitted - Almost 2,000 people have signed a petition calling for a ban on circus animals. Green Party leader Steven Agnew has spearheaded a move to deny an entertainment licence to operations which use them. He submitted a petition at the Assembly… Mr Agnew said Stormont had protected the "five freedoms" of animals through a code of practice and those should be met in all aspects of society… (story)


Sunday Telegraph 28.6.15 Contrary to the assertions of your correspondents (Letters, June 21),hunting with hounds is neither cruel nor barbaric…. David Rothery Towcester, Northamptonshire
It puzzles me that shooting should be accepted as a humane way of controlling foxes but not of culling badgers. Peter Gregory Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire (letters)


Western Daily Press 27.6.15 Hunting Act prosecutions 'mostly for poachers' - Pro-hunt supporters yesterday rejected claims from the League Against Cruel Sports that latest prosecution figures proved the value of the Hunting Act…. the Countryside Alliance, which campaigns for the repeal of the Act and a return to hunting, said just 12 successful convictions related to members of registered hunts – the rest, it said, were poachers, many of whom could have been dealt with under previous legislation…. (story)
Western Morning News 26.6.15 Hunt campaigners reject League Against Cruel Sports claim on 'success of ban' By WMNPBowern - Pro-hunt supporters have rubbished claims from the League Against Cruel Sports that latest prosecution figures prove the value of the Hunting Act. New figures from the Ministry of Justice show that during the ten years of the legislation banning hunting with dogs, 378 people have been prosecuted under the Act. But the Countryside Alliance, which campaigns for the repeal of the Act and a return to hunting, said just 12 successful convictions related to members of registered hunts – the rest were poachers, many of whom could have been dealt with under previous legislation… (story)

Worcester Observer 27.6.15 GROUP WANTS RACECOURSE TO BE CLOSED - ANIMAL rights campaigners have reiterated their calls for Worcester Racecourse to be shut after another horse died there at the weekend. Captain Knock, a 12-year-old gelding, had to be destroyed after falling on Sunday (June 21) and breaking his foreleg during a race. Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies (WVV’s) are pushing for the grounds to be turned into another amenity for the city such as a park…. (story)
Worcester News 23.6.15 Campaigners call for closure of Worcester Racecourse after horse dies at latest race meet - AN ANIMAL protection group has said it is "outrageous" that Worcester Racecourse is continuing to stage races after the death of a horse at the latest meet. Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies have renewed their call for the course to be shut down, following the news 12-year-old gelding Captain Knock was destroyed after falling and breaking a foreleg during a race on Sunday… communications officer Ronald Lee said: "It is outrageous that horse racing is continuing to take place at Worcester, which is now one of the most dangerous in the country for horses… (story)

Western Morning News 27.6.15 Rural profit and wildlife can work together, says Liz Truss - Defra Secretary Liz Truss suggested in a speech, in London on Thursday, she is on the same page as Britain’s wildlife trusts in promoting the countryside and conservation – but she wants economic growth too…. (story)

Express 27.6.15 REVEALED: Defence chiefs' animal testing shame as thousands suffer with EBOLA and PLAGUE - THOUSANDS of animals have been infected with deadly diseases including Ebola and the plague in "grotesque" experiments funded by the British government, it can be revealed. By Helen Barnett, Exclusive - Ministry of Defence (MoD) researchers have tested on 4,124 monkeys, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents in the last year alone… Animal rights group Cruelty Free International claim details of these warfare experiments are not included in annual animal-testing statistics published by the Home Office meaning many people will have no idea the suffering is taking place…. (story)


Kent News 26.6.15 POLL RESULTS: Where does Kent stand on fox hunting? - Maria Chiorando - Thousands responded to our poll - we finally reveal what they thought about this issue… In a poll posted this week, KN asked: Should fox hunting remain illegal? Readers came out in their droves to respond and share the poll on social media, and the results were comprehensive: 63 per cent would like to see hunting remain illegal, with just 37 per cent believing it should not be a crime…. Tim Bonner, head of campaigns at the Countryside Alliance said: “We take the position we have always taken. Polls often show the majority of people may not be in favour of fox hunting, but we are not saying it should be compulsory… (story)
Kent News 22.6.15 POLL: Should fox hunting remain illegal? - Maria Chiorando - The Tories have promised a free vote on whether to repeal the 2004 legislation that outlawed hunting wild animals with dogs… Charlotte Cooper is a spokeswoman for pro-hunting organisation the Countryside Alliance, a controversial group which was formed to fight the hunting ban … Damian Green is the MP for Ashford. He said: “I have never hunted, and I never will hunt, but I voted against abolishing it in 2004, and have not changed my position since…. Tom Quinn is the campaigns director for the League Against Cruel Sports, an animal welfare charity. He believes not raising the issue was a calculated move…. (story)

Western Mail 26.6.15 Animal lovers? It’s time we proved it - I am deeply angered by the UK Royal Family members purporting to care about wildlife in many parts of the world and representing the World Wildlife Fund. Yet various members of the Royal Family still go hunting, shooting and fishing. How can the WWF have hypocrites represent them on conservation?... T S Trevaskiss, Colwyn Bay (letter)

Dundee Courier 26.6.15 Airgun laws would deplete police resources - It appears that the Scottish Government are to push ahead with the licensing of airguns and that 76% of Courier readers who took part in your poll last week are in favour of this. Have our elected representatives not given any thought to the fact that gun crime in the UK actually rose after the last amendment to the Firearms Act in which handguns were banned? Do they not realise that criminals intent on using airguns for non-sporting purposes are highly unlikely to take part in a licensing scheme…. All this act will do is punish law-abiding shooters who will be forced to apply for a licence or give up their chosen pastime… Mike Hibberd. 9 Meadowbank Gardens, Wellbank (letter)

Shooting UK 26.6.15 Shooting groups write new lead ammunition report - Mark Layton - Countryside organisations submit their own findings to DEFRA in response to John Swift’s “flawed” report on lead ammunition - A second report on the possible health risks posed by the use of lead ammunition was submitted to DEFRA two weeks ago, authored by the four organisations that have been most closely involved in the lead ammunition debate…It was written by the Countryside Alliance (CA), the Gun Trade Association (GTA), the National Game Dealers Association (NGDA) and the CLA and details their own findings and recommendations….BASC also signed the letter and helped the organisations with the report, though the shooting group was not a member of the LAG. Members of the four organisations — all of whom were brought into the group for expertise in their particular field, rather than to represent their groups — resigned from the LAG (News, 27 May and 17 June) citing a lack of confidence in its process and in group chairman, and former chief executive of BASC, John Swift, after he circulated a draft of his planned report…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 26.6.15 Cruelty to birds must be stopped - Animal Aid has gathered new disturbing footage of partridges and pheasants used to produce eggs for the shooting industry being imprisoned in bleak cages… Animal Aid has fought for many years to ban the production of birds for "sport" shooting. An urgent interim goal is to outlaw the cruel and oppressive cages for birds used for breeding. FIONA PEREIRA Animal Aid (letter)

Oxford Mail 26.6.15 Thank you for not eating meat – it helps the planet - COULD I thank everyone who took part in Meat Free Week recently, and to the Oxford Mail for covering the event…. I’m sure Meat Free Week 2016 will be even bigger and better. Cllr ANDREW COLES Witney Central ward West Oxfordshire District Council Farmington Drive Witney (letter)


Basingstoke Gazette 25.6.15 Basingstoke MP Maria Miller backs fox hunting - Chris Gregory - BASINGSTOKE MP Maria Miller said she would vote to get rid of the ban on fox hunting. She told The Gazette that the current Hunting Act has made things worse for animal welfare, because of the methods now used to control the rural fox population… The Gazette approached the offices of Ranil Jayawardena, MP for North East Hampshire, and Kit Malthouse, MP for North West Hampshire, to ask for their views. Mr Jayawardena said that he did not have “particularly strenuous views” about hunting and will listen carefully to all the arguments before deciding which way to vote…. The office for Mr Malthouse's office said he would vote to repeal the act, but did not provide a reason. (story)

Western Gazette 25.6.15 Hare Preservation Trust calls on Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh to support hunting ban By WG_StephenDO - AN impassioned plea has been made to Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh calling on him not to vote in favour of overturning the hunting ban. Members of the Hare Preservation Trust have called on Mr Fysh to support the current hunting ban when the matter comes before MPs in the House of Commons…. member of the Hare Preservation Trust John Rimington has called on Mr Fysh to vote in favour of keeping the ban…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 25.6.15 Pope must now take a stand against blood sports - While welcoming the Pope's encyclical slamming humanity's irresponsible destruction of our global environment and his forthright warning of what he called a veritable "hell on Earth" resulting from climate change, I hope he will now also take a strong stand on the horrific ill treatment of animals in the name of "sport"…. John Fitzgerald (Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports) (letter)

Scotsman 25.6.15 Mother backs new airgun licence law passed by MSPs - SCOTT MACNAB - THE MOTHER of a toddler whose airgun death prompted a national campaign has spoken of her “delight” after MSPs passed new laws requiring owners to hold a licence. Sharon McMillan’s two-year-old son Andrew Morton was killed ten years ago in Glasgow in a shooting which shocked the nation and marked the start of a drive for a crackdown. The licensing regime stops short of the wider ban – the so-called Andrew’s Law – which the family had campaigned for… Ms McMillan said she would like to see the crackdown go further and said she did not understand the need for gun clubs to have them. “I don’t understand why anybody would want to use a gun in the first place, never mind go to a gun clubs,” she said…. (story)
Glasgow Evening Times 25.6.15 Airgun crackdown passed by MSPs - MSPs have voted to introduce a compulsory licence scheme to crack down on air guns. Calls for action were made following the death of two year-old Andrew Morton in Easterhouse in 2005. His mother Sharon McMillan was in the Scottish Parliament to hear the debate and vote which passed the Air Weapons and Licensing Scotland Bill…. (story)
Herald 25.6.15 Every airgun owner in Scotland must have a licence 10 years after toddler's death - A new law has been passed requiring airgun owners to hold a licence, a decade after young boy was shot dead with one. The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill also places tougher regulations on pubs, strip bars, taxi firms and scrap dealers…. (story)
Scotsman 25.6.15 MSPs set to vote on new airgun regulations Bill - MARK MCLAUGHLIN - Airgun owners will soon require a licence under a wide-ranging new law which can also be used to crack down on unwelcome pubs, strip bars, taxi firms and scrap dealers - The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill is expected to be passed at Holyrood today…. (story)
Daily Record 25.6.15 MSPs back new airgun laws which require owners to have a licence for their weapon - MSPs have backed new laws requiring airgun owners to hold a licence… (story)

Echo 25.6.15 Fancy dress meat protesters target Wickford shops for second time in two weeks - ANIMAL rights protesters dressed in costumes targeted meat traders in Wickford High Street for the second time in two weeks. A group of about 12 people gathered outside J Clark and Sons on Tuesday morning, including some dressed as chickens. Earlier this month, protesters stood outside Iceland supermarket, opposite the butcher’s shop, to voice their opposition to the sale of “exotic” animal meat…. (story)

Cambrian News 25.6.15 Circus hits back after claims of animal abuse - A CIRCUS visiting Meirionnydd has hit back after an animal rights group accused them of “terribly abusing” their animals. Circus Mondao is currently in Tywyn and features a wide variety of animals in its menagerie, including reindeer, llamas, camels and a zebra. Animal Defenders International (ADI) has issued a press release urging potential customers to stay away from the circus as they suggest the animals are cruelly treated — a claim the circus vehemently denies…. (story)


Telegraph 24.6.15 Foxhunting ban: MPs are not keen to propose a law for repeal - A clever Government wheeze to avoid taking sides on a controversial repeal of the ban appears to have failed By James Kirkup - "We will protect hunting, shooting and fishing, for all the benefits to individuals, the environment and the rural economy that they bring…. So said the Conservative manifesto at the general election... Unfortunately for the Conservative leadership, that view is not uniform across the party: a significant number of Tories, including a fair few newly-elected in 2015, are quite happy to let the ban stand…. So Government people hatched a cunning plan to avoid ministers taking sides on the ban. Instead of a Government bill, formally proposed by ministers, they would instead help a backbench MP bring a repeal proposal before the Commons… Sadly for ministers, however, the clever plan has hit a snag. Of the 20 MPs who drew top places in the private members’ bill ballot, none has opted to bring forward a bill repealing the hunting ban… (story)

The National 24.6.15 Land reform: radical proposals unveiled by Scottish Government - ANDREW LEARMONTH - ‘RADICAL” proposals that change the way land is managed and owned in Scotland were unveiled by the Scottish Government yesterday. Scottish Government ministers claim the Bill will allow more people in Scotland to benefit from the land and will see a vast increase in the amount of land owned by communities. Tory politicians called the new proposals an “ideologically driven” land-grab… Jennifer Dunn, from the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, welcome the end of the rates exemption on shooting estates... Scottish Gamekeepers Association chairman Alex Hogg warned that the move could result in job losses: “We know what we do benefits Scotland’s countryside, its wildlife and communities and we know the integral part we play, in the public interest.... (story)

Western Morning News 24.6.15 Ordinary people object to badger cull - Re the letter from Ann Amos ‘Anti-cull brigade ignore farmers’ pain” WMN June 10. I am sure she knows a great deal about farming matters, but I fear she knows little about the ordinary anti-cull protesters. I am not talking about the activists or Animal Rights people whose behaviour at times appalling, but the 99.9% of anti-cull people who have a deep concern for wildlife and in particular for badgers… They are not ‘a mob’ but just ordinary people, including doctors, nurses, teachers, lorry drivers, even vets who would view threatening or intimidating behaviour with the distaste…. by Janet Feasey Stratton (letter)


Western Morning News 23.6.15 New book aims to inform debate on managing countryside as wildlife faces new challenges By WMNPBowern - A call has gone out for better management of Britain’s wildlife, as politicians wrestle with culling badgers, the potential return of fox-hunting and a dramatic loss of species of all kinds. Author Charlie Pye-Smith launched a new book, The Facts of Rural Life at a reception in London. Country sports supporting Labour MP Kate Hoey and Tory Sir Nicholas Soames spoke at the event, which sponsors hope will prompt a new debate on countryside management…. (story)
Western Morning News 23.6.15 WMN opinion: It's our job, as humans, to manage the countryside - Entrenched views on animal welfare, shooting and hunting mean many people will make an instant judgment about a new book, featured in today’s Western Morning News and reject outright its central premise without even opening the covers. Yet The Facts of Rural Life, by Charlie Pye-Smith deserves a wider readership than the farmers, gamekeepers and country sports followers who are its natural supporters. One of the individuals who helped to get the project off the ground is Jim Barrington… He, along with author Charlie Pye-Smith and countryman Brian Fanshawe travelled up and down Britain talking to gamekeepers, farmers, scientists and conservationists…. (story)

Western Daily Press 23.6.15 Further badgers culls would mean betrayal - Given that Defra will have to make savings of £83 million in the current round of cuts, it will be a betrayal of farmers and taxpayers if any further badger culls/vaccination go ahead this year….Badgers as 'the main spreaders of TB' – sadly, another blunder by vets. All these new herd breakdowns allegedly 'due to badgers', because there did not seem to be any confirmed cattle TB source, are in fact caused by, and first identified by reactors… Badger vaccination – this is as utterly meaningless as culls, since badgers are not the main spreaders of TB… Martin Hancox, ex-government TB Panel, Stroud (letter)

Nottingham Post 23.6.15 Investigation reveals University of Nottingham used rats in ecstasy experiments By EllieCullen - The University of Nottingham has defended its stance on animal testing after an investigation revealed it had injected rats with class A and B drugs during a series of experiments. Campaign group Animal Justice Project discovered – through a freedom of information request – that scientists had used the animals to test the effects of ecstasy and amphetamines… (story)
Argus 22.6.15 Campaigners angered by cocaine mice - ANIMAL rights campaigners have criticised cocaine experiments on mice at the University of Sussex. Animal Justice Project, a pressure group that campaigns against vivisection, has revealed the university used mice in cocaine experiments between 2012 and 2014…. (story)

Mail 23.6.15 Think you could never go vegan? One VERY passionate animal-lover reveals how a film about the horrors of factory farming made her shun meat and dairy forever By ANNABEL FENWICK ELLIOTT FOR MAILONLINE - After decades of being relegated to the 'weird hippy' category of diet fads, veganism has been enjoying something of a re-brand of late. .. I was an absolute slave to steak, bacon and sharp Cheddar cheese, but four years ago I gave it all up for good. Why? Because I discovered that you absolutely cannot call yourself an animal lover if you chew on their flesh and drink their milk, no matter which way you spin it. And here's why... (story)

Mid Sussex Times 23.6.15 Rescue home needed for dog from ‘kill shelter’ - A dog fosterer is looking for a loving home for a dog rescued from a Romanian ‘kill shelter’ Pat Kaye, from Lindfield, and a Haywards Heath music school have pooled funds to foster Pearl, a Romanian dog who was cast out on the streets of Romania… ‘Romanian Rescue Appeal’ said it saved Pearl hours before she was to be euthanised, then Pat discovered her on Facebook…. “This is what I did for Pearl. Rok Skool and I then talked it over and decided to jointly bring her over to the U.K. in order to find her a forever home… (story)


Western Morning News 22.6.15 OPINION: MPs should stand up for what they believe in - and vote to scrap a bad law on hunting By Jamie Foster - Solicitor Jamie Foster suggests MPs make their own minds up about issues - rather than trying to second guess what they think voters want - My advice to MPs, as they begin the work of a new parliament, is to disregard everything the experts who so spectacularly failed to guess the public mood before the election, are saying… You have an excellent opportunity coming up in the free vote on the repeal of the Hunting Act. Be aware, there will be many siren voices seeking to mislead you on this issue. Many of them will claim public support for their position. That will be no truer than any of the other hucksters assuring you they have their finger on the public pulse… (story)
Western Daily Press 22.6.15 Hunting act is a waste of money and doesn't stop cruelty to animals - Something truly extraordinary happened on May 7. It wasn't that a political party won a small majority, which was in itself unremarkable in a democracy, it was the fact that all the conventional wisdom from all the acknowledged sources was completely and utterly wrong…. My advice to MPs, as they begin the work of a new parliament, is to disregard everything the experts who so spectacularly failed to guess the public mood before the election, are saying… Between the Act coming into force in February 2005 and March 2015 only 22 individuals associated with registered hunts were convicted. Just over two each year. This is despite the fact hunts across the country have participated in more than 150,000 hunting days in that period. Anti-hunt organisations will remind you that there were 341 convictions to date. Apart from the 22 I describe, the rest were all convictions for poaching and had nothing to do with traditional hunting… Hunting Act trials involve multiple days of court time, expert witnesses and DVD evidence being played and replayed; all to determine if someone committed an offence that carries a maximum fine of £500 and doesn't involve cruelty. At a time of austerity this is an appalling misuse of scarce public resources…. (story)

Western Daily Press 22.6.15 Hunt Act 'misused' for trials since the hunting ban came into force - Nearly 400 people have been prosecuted since the hunting ban came into force, according to new figures which are fuelling demands for a Commons vote…. Now fox hunting campaigners are using the figures to put pressure on David Cameron to live up to his manifesto commitment and let MPs vote on repealing the legislation…. Campaign groups claimed the law was being misused to target poachers. "It is ironic that whilst Labour MPs spent 700 hours of parliamentary time pursuing red coated fox hunters the vast majority of prosecutions under the Hunting Act have nothing to do with hunts," said Tim Bonner, director of Countryside Alliance… (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 22.6.15 Lincolnshire Show 2015: Thousands to enjoy 2-day spectacle - THOUSANDS of people will flock to the Lincolnshire Show this week for two days of fun, food and drink…. Other things to look out for at the show include chainsaw sculptures, gymnastics, the parade of hounds and the RAF Falcons display team…. (story)

Mail 22.6.15 Vegan who said farming is like the Holocaust elected as top new RSPCA official prompting fears charity could alienate its supporters By VANESSA ALLEN FOR THE DAILY MAIL - A vegan who compared farming to the Holocaust has been elected to the RSPCA’s ruling council, prompting warnings the charity risks alienating its supporters. Peta Watson-Smith, 62, who said animals were treated ‘abysmally’ on farms, gained a seat on the 23-strong board following a vote by the RPSCA’s 22,000 members… (story)
International Business Times 20.6.15 Vegan who said farming is a 'Holocaust' elected to RSPCA's ruling council By Peter Carty - A hardline vegan who has compared farming to the Holocaust has been elected to the RSPCA's ruling council. Peta Watson-Smith's comments distressed leaders of the Jewish comunity. Nevertheless, she has been elected in a poll of the charity's 22,000 members. Another hardliner who gained a seat on the 23-strong council is Dan Lyons… In her election address she said that hunting turned people into sadists: "There is a scientific psychological link between cruelty to animals in early childhood and delinquency and sadistic behaviour in later years."… (story)

Argus 22.6.15 Campaigners angered by cocaine mice - ANIMAL rights campaigners have criticised cocaine experiments on mice at the University of Sussex. Animal Justice Project, a pressure group that campaigns against vivisection, has revealed the university used mice in cocaine experiments between 2012 and 2014…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 22.6.15 VIDEO: Animal rights activists release hard-hitting seal shooting footage by Joshua King - Animal rights activists operating in the north-east have released shocking images of marksmen shooting dead a seal…. Today the conservation group’s operations boss Robert Read – who is co-ordinating almost 70 international volunteers at sites across Scotland – said: “The following is a video release from Sea Shepherd UK to raise public awareness of the hidden cost of Scottish Salmon – hundreds of Scotland’s seals shot dead under permits issued by Marine Scotland… (story)


Ecologist 21.6.15 Kidnapped fox cubs explode the myth that hunting is ‘wildlife management' - Dr Toni Shephard - The discovery of a secret 'fox farm' apparently linked to the Middleton Hunt exposes the lie that is used to justify fox hunting, writes, Dr Toni Shephard: that it's a legitimate means of wildlife control. On the contrary, foxes are deliberately fattened up for the kill, also indicating possible violations of the 2004 Hunting Act, which prohibits the hunting of wild animals, including foxes, with dogs…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 21.6.15 Someone convicted under Hunting Act every fortnight By Ben Riley-Smith, Political Correspondent - Every fortnight someone is found guilty of breaking the Hunting Act and given a criminal sentence since the law came into force, new figures have revealed…. The findings have triggered renewed calls from fox hunting campaigners for David Cameron to live up to his manifesto commitment and let MPs vote on repealing the legislation…. “It is ironic that whilst Labour MPs spent 700 hours of parliamentary time pursuing red coated fox hunters the vast majority of prosecutions under the Hunting Act have nothing to do with hunts,” said Tim Bonner, director of campaign of Countryside Alliance. He added: “Many of those convicted are poachers, such as those using lurchers to hunt hares, and could have been prosecuted under legislation that predates the Hunting Act.”… (story)

Independent on Sunday 21.6.15 In your article on the disappearance of the hen harrier from the English uplands (“Fight or flight? Rare hen harriers are disappearing from their nests near grouse-shooting estates’,” 14 June) the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust is quoted as calling on the RSPB to sign up to the draft Hen Harrier Recovery Plan, with the implication that it is intransigence on the part of the RSPB that is somehow responsible for the crisis facing this beautiful bird…. We do not normally allow criminals to dictate terms for giving up crime and it would be immoral and unacceptable for the RSPB to do so in this case. Jonathan Wallace Newcastle upon Tyne (letter)


Dundee Courier 20.6.15 Airgun licensing will punish thousands - Nicolle Hamilton. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Trochry, Dunkeld. (letter)
Scotsman 18.6.15 Gun control - The most recent set of statistical data on Recorded Crimes and Offences Involving Firearms in Scotland for 2013-14 has finally been published. Firearms in Scotland for 2013-14 has finally been published. This follows pressure from the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) pushing the government to publish the data in advance of the forthcoming Stage 3 debate on the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill on 25 June. The bill, if passed, will make it a legal requirement for all airgun owners in Scotland to apply for a licence. The official figures show that airgun crime remains low, at its second-lowest level in the ten-year period of 2004-2014…. BASC has been contesting these proposals as there is no evidence to support a licensing scheme following the 73 per cent reduction in airgun crime since 2006/07… Airgun shooting is a low-risk, low-cost sport enjoyed by tens of thousands of people across Scotland every day…. Nicolle Hamilton The British Association for Shooting and Conservation Trochry Dunkeld (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 20.6.15 Stretched police resources meant officers could not deal with illegal hare coursers near Stroud - Stretched police resources meant officers could not deal with illegal hare coursers near Stroud. Gloucestershire Constabulary has admitted that it did not have the manpower to act on a tip-off that hare coursers would be meeting outside Bisley on Sunday morning. Hunting hares with dogs, usually lurchers, is illegal and animal rights advocates said when they arrived at the site where the coursing was going to take place, those they suspected of being involved left the area… (story)

Frome Standard 20.6.15 Contract rules could speed up rural broadband - New measures that will allow customers to cancel their broadband contract if speeds fall below an acceptable level are a welcome step for rural people, the Countryside Alliance has said…. (story)
Fibre Broadband 16.6.15 Campaigners welcome telecoms contract changes - The Countryside Alliance has welcomed new rights for broadband users across the UK. The Countryside Alliance has highlighted its pleasure at the introduction of new rules to enable broadband customers to more easily switch suppliers if their received level of service does not match up to what was promised to them…. (story)
Portsmouth News 14.6.15 Broadband rules good news for rural areas - RURAL people will benefit from new broadband rules according to an advocacy group. New measures that allow customers to cancel broadband contracts if speeds fall below an acceptable level and make it easier to change broadband providers are a welcome step, says the Countryside Alliance…. (story)

Southern Reporter 14.6.15 Rural broadband customers get more flexibility - New measures that will allow customers to cancel their broadband contract if speeds fall below an acceptable level and make it easier to change providers have been welcomed in the Borders….Sarah Lee, head of policy for the Countryside Alliance, said: “This is very good news for rural people… (story)
Kent & Sussex Courier 11.6.15 Ofcom to allow customers to quit broadband contracts - Phone and broadband customers will no longer have to wait until the end of their contract to cancel it. Broadcasting and telecoms regulator Ofcom will today announce new rules, which mean companies must let customers cancel their contract with no additional fees if they receive inadequate or slow service… The Countryside Alliance has said the plans are a welcome step for rural communities…. (story)
Western Morning News 11.6.15 Ofcom gives broadband users more power to switch - but rural areas will miss out By WMNPBowern - Most rural broadband users will be unable to benefit from changes to consumer rules designed to help customers ensure they are getting the best and fastest service, one expert claimed today. Ofcom, the communications watchdog, has strengthened the Code of Practice on broadband speeds, allowing customers to exit a contract should speeds fall below acceptable levels… Rural groups campaigning for better broadband, including the Countryside Alliance and the Country Land and Business Association, broadly welcomed the move – although both called for more to be done…. (story)


Western Morning News 19.6.15 League brands government pledge on hunt ban repeal 'a mistake' By WMNPBowern - Anti-hunt campaigners have hit back after Defra Secretary Liz Truss insisted the government remained committed to a free vote on repealing the hunt ban… Tom Quinn, director of campaigns for the League Against Cruel Sports said: “It would be a mistake to hold a vote to bring back hunting as opposition to this cruel sport remains as high as ever…. (story)
Western Daily Press 19.6.15 Conservatives say repeal of the hunting act back on cards - The Government has reaffirmed its commitment to bringing forward legislation to repeal the Hunting Act. Environment Secretary Liz Truss said the Conservatives would keep their manifesto commitment over the bill…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 19.6.15 Government remains committed to repealing the Hunting Act - The Government is committed to seeing the Hunting Act repealed. Environment Secretary Liz Truss said the Conservatives would keep their manifesto commitment over the bill and has promised a free vote will continue to go ahead. Bath's recently elected MP Ben Howlett is backing a repeal of the hunting act…. (story)
Western Morning News 18.6.15 Hunting Act repeal legislation to be brought forward confirms Environment Secretary Liz Truss - The Government has reaffirmed its commitment to bringing forward legislation to repeal the Hunting Act. Environment Secretary Liz Truss said the Conservatives would keep their manifesto commitment with a government bill in government time. During Defra questions in the Commons, she said: “As we have said in our manifesto, we will give Parliament the opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act on a free vote with a government bill in government time…. (story)
Western Daily Press 18.6.15 Defra Secretary Liz Truss confirms legislation to repeal the Hunting Act will be brought forward - The Government has reaffirmed its commitment to bringing forward legislation to repeal the Hunting Act. Environment Secretary Liz Truss said the Conservatives would keep their manifesto commitment with a government bill in government time… (story)

Western Gazette 19.6.15 Vandals strike farm near Sherborne - POLICE in Dorset are asking farmers to report any suspicious activity after antisocial behaviour at a farm near Sherborne. Vandals struck at a farm near Sherborne, damaging pheasant pens and removing several galvanised steel gates from their hinges…. (story)

Worcester News 19.6.15 Spare a thought for poor Bathwick Man - We saw in Worcester News (Monday) ladies in grand hats and people enjoying themselves at Worcester Racecourse Ladies’ Day event. I notice, however, there was no mention of the poor horse “Bathwick Man” who died on the course after he fell and broke his neck… MAXINE BURGESS, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 17.6.15 Wednesday's letters round-up, including 'Are hats more important than horses' lives?' - At Ladies Day on June 6, I wonder how many of the punters cheered as the horse Bathwick Boy fell and died in front of them? I wonder how much the local media will report on this cruelty, or prefer to focus on the clearly more important matter of some hats?... PAUL CROUCH St Peter’s, Worcester (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 19.6.15 Stop the Cull protesters target Sainsbury's in Cheltenham High Street By EchoLisa - A group of protesters targetted Sainsbury's Local store on Cheltenham's High Street this evening, to raise awareness about milk sold from areas of the country within the badger cull zone. Around a dozen people, wearing badger masks and holding protest banners gave out leaflets to passers-by and customers entering and leaving the store, between around 7pm and 7.40pm. Spokesman, Jay Tiernan, from Stop The Cull said the retail giant was one of a number of big companies which sold milk from farms within the badger cull zone…. (story)

Telegraph 19.6.15 Minister attacks coffee chain for bowing to activists over 'cull milk' By Ben Riley-Smith, Political Correspondent - Caffè Nero’s policy not to stock milk from farms in the badger cull area because of pressure from animal rights activists was “utterly unacceptable”, a Cabinet minister has said. Chris Grayling, the leader of the House of Commons, said the coffee shop chain was wrong to make the decision and had “damaged the livelihood” of people unconnected to the row… Last week Caffè Nero initially said it had “instructed its partners supplying to stores which are situated around the cull zone areas to supply milk from farms outside of the zone”…. However after reports of the controversy were published over the weekend the company reportedly reversed its policy of alternative milk sources…. (story)
Western Daily Press 18.6.15 Chris Grayling brands Caffe Nero's boycott of badger cull zone milk "utterly unacceptable" - A Government minister has branded Caffe Nero's decision to boycott milk from dairy farms in badger cull zones as "utterly unacceptable". Leader of the House of Commons Chris Grayling said he was glad the coffee chain had ultimately changed its mind after being targeted by anti-cull activists. But he criticised the company for taking the decision in the first place… (story)
Western Morning News 18.6.15 Minister slams Caffe Nero over ban on milk from badger cull zone By Lindsay Watling - A Government minister has branded Caffe Nero’s decision to boycott milk from dairy farms in badger cull zones as “utterly unacceptable”…. (story)


Isle of Wight County Press 18.6.15 Call for Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner to re-think fox hunting stance By Matthew Mckew - ISLE of Wight MP Andrew Turner will vote to repeal the fox hunting ban should the government press ahead with proposals outlined in the Conservative Party manifesto. The revelation, which came after Tory prime minister David Cameron vowed to bring the issue back before parliament, has sparked outrage from some Isle of Wight residents. A petition calling for Mr Turner to change his mind was set up at the weekend on www.change.org and has gained more than 1,500 signatures in less than a week…. The act was unpopular with groups, such as the Isle of Wight Hunt. In a letter to a constituent, Amy Charlotte, Mr Turner said: "I appreciate the strong feelings many people have on this issue and I share your concern for the welfare of all animals, including wild mammals. "I have always been clear that in the event of the free vote, I would vote to repeal the Hunting Act… (story)

Herts Advertiser 18.6.15 Fur flies over sale of badger skins at St Albans medieval market - Debbie White - The sale of badger hides and fox tails at the 800th anniversary celebrations of Magna Carta in St Albans over the weekend has been condemned by a local councillor and animal rights campaign group. Unbeknown to St Albans district council, when it agreed to a medieval themed market as part of city-wide celebrations for the celebrations, a stall had hides and tails for sale. The director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Mimi Bekhechi said: “The organisers of the market have taken the medieval theme a bit too literally…. And a disgusted London Colney councillor, Dreda Gordon, said: “I saw a stall there selling animal hides, including fox tails and badger hides. It was obvious it was real fur, as I could feel it. “They were being sold at a Bavarian-style stall and there was hunting paraphernalia there…. (story)

Southern Daily Echo 18.6.15 Southampton's Chalk Valley Burger manager Jay McIlwain cycled to Brussels to deliver a letter demanding stricter laws on farming by Maxwell Kusi-Obodum - A RESTAURANT manager from Hampshire has completed an epic cross-European cycle ride in a bid to end factory farming. Jay McIlwain travelled to the EU Parliament in Brussels on two-wheels after a gruelling 322 mile journey from Southampton. The manager of Chalk Valley Burgers delivered a letter demanding MEPs impose stricter laws on farming methods amongst union members… The father-of-three from Lockerley, rode on behalf of charity, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) charity and has already raised £1,135 for the group campaigning for animal welfare…. (story)


Western Daily Press 17.6.15 Hunts have not saved foxes from extinction - "Extinction would have been the fate of the fox had it not been hunted by hounds," claims Henry Harington. However, he does not produce any evidence to back up his claim… Len Short, Torquay (letter)
Western Morning News 13.6.15 In My Opinion - Foxes are essential predators vital to ecosystems' health By Philip Mansbridge, UK director of IFAW - I read with interest and a certain amount of incredulity Henry Harington’s intriguing attempt to defend fox hunting with the claim that the act of pursuing foxes with hounds, often for the exhausted animal to then be ripped to pieces, is a positive thing for the fox as it saves the species from becoming extinct. The arguments which followed this claim were equally wide of the mark and failed to convince me that this now illegal blood sport favoured by a minority has ever been carried out as a charitable act… (letter)

Western Morning News 8.6.15 Hunting has saved fox population - Extinction would have been the fate of the fox had it not been hunted by hounds. Those who “dress up to hunt” as Trevor Beer writes (WMN, June 5) have no less love or admiration of the fox than those who oppose hunting with hounds…. by Henry Harington Widecombe-in-the-Moor (story)

Mail 17.6.15 Tesco-owned garden centre Dobbies under fire for selling REAL fur hats labelled as 'faux'... but only admits it after animal rights' organisation carries out DNA testing By ANNABEL FENWICK ELLIOTT FOR MAILONLINE - A garden centre chain owned by Tesco has come under fire after it was found to be selling real fur hats that were labelled as 'faux'. Emma de Loseby, from Edinburgh, complained to her local Dobbies after suspecting the trim of the £5.99 item wasn't synthetic as stated on its label, but the store denied using real fur and continued to sell them. The 40-year-old informed animal rights activists PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - which obtained one of the hats and ran DNA tests on it proving it contained animal fur, and the company was forced to admit its mistake… (story)

Ely News 17.6.15 Soham vegan Emily Keates' campaign to get comedian Ricky Gervais to visit her house pig, Fella By Jordan Day - Emily Keates – the owner of Fella the infamous Soham house pig – has launched a campaign to get comedian and animal lover Ricky Gervais to visit her handsome hog. Emily, 25, and Fella, a crossbreed pig which she rescued from a meat farm in Essex, hit the headlines earlier this year as Fella thinks he's more dog than hog… (story)


Blackmore Vale Magazine 16.6.15 Field and Stream - Rural Foxy Ladies pose for charity calendar By Dadcock - A group of friends from the Blackmore Vale with a passion for country sports have turned their hand to glamour modelling in support of two very deserving causes. Ann Harris from Hilfield, near Sherborne, said she was determined to raise as much money as possible for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and Fortuneswell Ward at Dorchester County Hospital after losing close friend Richard Vickery in October last year. With the support of loyal friends, Ann formed the Rural Foxy Ladies - a group of have-a-go calendar girls who will appear in their very own 2016 calendar and diary… (story)


Horse & Hound 15.6.15 Countryside Alliance ‘confident’ no connection between hunt and fox cubs - The Countryside Alliance (CA) has told H&H it is “confident” that there is no connection between the Middleton Hunt and video footage of fox cubs being found in a barn in North Yorkshire…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 12.6.15 VIDEO: Foxes are being kept in captivity so they can he hunted illegally, charity claims - Young foxes are being taken from the wild and kept in captivity so they can be hunted illegally, a charity has claimed. Covert video evident taken by the League Against Cruel Sports shows 16 fox cubs, some as young as three months, locked in a dark shed on land near Malton… The charity’s investigation also claims that more than 20 hunts allowed captured foxes to be hunted in the last 15 months…. Further video, provided by the Hunt Saboteurs Association, is also reported to show foxes being fed by members of a hunt… (story)
Independent 12.6.15 Foxes filmed being kept in captivity ‘to be used in illegal hunts’ - KIRAN MOODLEY - Undercover filming has revealed 16 foxes being kept in captivity in order to be hunted illegally, according to the League Against Cruel Sports. The animal charity's investigation found 16 fox cubs, some as young as three months, being held in a dark shed near Malton in North Yorkshire… The local hunt, the Middleton Hunt directed the BBC to the Countryside Alliance, which said the barn was not owned by the Hunt…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 12.6.15 Fox cubs found in barn linked to hunt - More than a dozen fox cubs were found alive in a barn linked to a hunt in North Yorkshire. The animals were found on the Birdsall Estate near Malton…. (story)
North Devon Journal 12.6.15 Man arrested after allegedly rearing fox cubs for foxhunt - A MAN has been arrested after 16 fox cubs found in a barn were thought to be reared for prey for a foxhunt. The animals were aged between six and eight weeks and were rescued in an undercover operation by activists from The League Against Cruel Sports…. (story)
Closer 12.6.15 WATCH: Shocking footage reveals fox cubs imprisoned by hunters for 'constant supply' By Ellie Hooper - An animal rights charity has made a shocking revelation, after discovering fox hunters were capturing live cubs and keeping them in captivity so they have a ‘constant supply’ for their sport. Young foxes are being taken from the wild and kept so they can be hunted illegally at a later date, the League against Cruel Sports claims, after they uncovered 16 terrified cubs being kept in a barn linked to a high-profile hunt…. (story)
BBC News Online 11.6.15 Police investigate fox cubs video filmed near hunt kennels - Police are investigating after footage of 16 fox cubs held in a barn near to hunt kennels emerged…. The Middleton Hunt said it was confident that no-one connected with the hunt had committed any offence…. Dr Toni Shephard, from the LACS, said: "This footage shows 16 fox cubs being kept in a barn without any sign of a vixen or parents. "We believe that they're being kept to ensure that there are plenty of foxes to hunt this coming season when they go out…. The masters from the Middleton Hunt referred the BBC to the Countryside Alliance, which said the barn entered by police was not owned by the Middleton Hunt and was not part of its lease. "The Middleton Hunt has assisted the police with their inquiries, and is confident that no-one employed by or associated with the hunt has committed any offence," it said in a statement….(story)
Western Daily Press 11.6.15 VIDEO: Why were 16 orphaned fox cubs being secretly raised next to a hunt kennels? By TristanCork - Anti-hunt campaigners claim the main tenet of the pro-hunt argument has been proven false after the discovery of 16 fox cubs being apparently hand-reared in a barn next to a hunt kennels… (story)
Mirror 11.6.15 Man arrested after 'snatched' fox cubs raised 'to be slaughtered in a hunt' BY BEN GLAZE - The animals, aged between six and eight weeks, were rescued following an undercover operation by worried activists A man has been arrested after 16 fox cubs were found in a barn linked to a fox hunt. The animals, aged between six and eight weeks, were rescued following an undercover … operation by worried activists. Video footage shot last month shows a man entering a barn on land linked to the Middleton Foxhounds Hunt in North Yorkshire…. (story)
Channel 4 11.6.15 Fox cubs 'kept in captivity to be hunted illegally' - Foxes as young as three months are being taken from the wild and kept in captivity to be hunted illegally, according to the League Against Cruel Sports, an animal welfare charity…. The film (see above) shows a building which LACS says is near Malton, in North Yorkshire - a building which the charity had been watching. LACS entered the building during the night. The footage reveals what they found. "Put bluntly, these foxes were kidnapped for cruelty," claims Dr Toni Shephard, LACS head of policy and research…. (story)
Northern Echo 11.6.15 Animal rights group release video footage of fox cubs it claims were being reared for hunting - Ashley Barnard, Reporter - AN ANIMAL rights group has released footage of 16 fox cubs being kept in an outbuilding which it claims were being illegally reared for hunting. The League Against Cruel Sports took covert video evidence as part of an investigation in May of the young foxes being held in outbuildings on land near Birdsall Estates, near Malton, North Yorkshire… A solicitor representing Middleton Foxhounds Hunt, which is based close to where the foxes were discovered, told The Northern Echo that the outbuildings are not owned by the hunt or leased by them. He stressed that there is no link between the hunt and the cubs… (story)
Northern Echo 5.6.15 Fox cubs found in drain in barn - Mark Foster - SIXTEEN fox cubs have been rescued after police swooped on a North Yorkshire barn. The animals, all aged between six to eight weeks, were found during a search of an outbuilding on the Birdsall Estates, near Malton…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 4.6.15 Mystery as police seize 16 fox cubs from North Yorkshire barn - POLICE have seized 16 fox cubs discovered in a barn near Malton and have launched an investigation into how they got there. Acting on a tip, officers searched an outbuilding on the Birdsall Estate on Sunday morning... A man has been arrested and released on police bail. (story)
Ryedale Gazette 4.6.15 Police launch investigation after finding fox cubs in a Ryedale barn by Hannah Bryan - POLICE have launched an investigation after finding 16 fox cubs in a barn near Malton... (story)
Keighley News 4.6.15 Arrest after 16 Fox Cubs Found In Barn - Police are appealing for information and witnesses after finding sixteen fox cubs in a barn. Acting on intelligence, North Yorkshire Police officers conducted a search of an outbuilding on the Birdsall Estate, in Malton, on Sunday morning... (story)
BBC News Online 4.6.15 Fox cubs found in barn spark animal cruelty arrest - A man has been arrested in an investigation into animal cruelty after 16 fox cubs were found in a barn... (story)
Cumbria Crack 4.6.15 Sixteen fox cubs rescued from barn By Carl Fallowfield - Police are appealing for information and witnesses after finding sixteen fox cubs in a barn near Malton. Acting on intelligence, North Yorkshire Police officers conducted a search of an outbuilding on the Birdsall Estate on Sunday morning, under the Animal Welfare Act.... (story)

Irish Examiner 15.6.15 Irish should sign petition to ban the brutal, needless hunting of foxes - A petition on the Care 2 website calls on the European Parliament and Commission to ban fox hunting throughout the European Union. The petition is worthy of our support, because Ireland permits this cruel and indefensible blood sport… John Fitzgerald, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Closer 15.6.15 Whipping and dying horses: The truth about Ascot and Ladies' Day By Fiona Day - A shocking video has been released online highlighting the plight of racing horses around the world. But how much do you know about Ascot and Ladies' Day?... Though many attend in order to participate in a glamorous day out, little do they know they are participating in a sport that has claimed the lives of hundreds of horses on UK racecourses alone. Over two hundred deaths a year to be exact… the League Against Cruel Sports reveals racehorses remain the only animals in Britain who can be legally beaten in public for the purpose of entertainment…. When the horses eventually ‘retire’, they are often sold to slaughterhouses. Animal Aid reports that over 1,000 race horses are killed for meat every year and turned into dog food…. (story)

Oxford Mail 15.6.15 Whale slaughter that degrades all of humanity - ON the morning of Saturday, June 6, a large pod of pilot whales was slaughtered in the first grindadráp (grind) of the year, on the island of Vágar in the northwest of the Faroe Islands archipelago… ON the morning of Saturday, June 6, a large pod of pilot whales was slaughtered in the first grindadráp (grind) of the year, on the island of Vágar in the northwest of the Faroe Islands archipelago… SUSAN SMITH Banbury Road Oxford (letter)


Spalding Guardian 14.6.15 Badger cull is a needless massacre - I am horrified that the policy to kill badgers in England is continuing and could even be expanded. It is a needless massacre driven by farmers and politicians. In protest, I am boycotting English dairy products and would like to encourage others to do likewise…. Christine Williams Coningsby (story)


Dundee Courier 13.6.15 Concern after signs of hare coursing in Perthshire By Steven Dinnie - Brutal, banned bloodsports have made a return to Tayside, with reports of hare coursing at Longforgan. Local police officer PC Mark Stewart issued a stark warning after signs were found that the vicious sport had taken place around Longforgan at 10pm on June 3…. (story)


Horse & Hound 12.6.15 AP McCoy and Andrew Nicholson take on hunts in Barbury challenge - Rachael Hook - Riders from hunts across the country could have the chance to go up against their heroes of the racing and eventing worlds in a challenge at Barbury Horse Trials next month (11 July). Twenty-time champion jockey AP McCoy is getting back into the saddle for his first public appearance on horseback since he retired in April. AP will be leading a team of jockeys to take on a team of eventers, lead by New Zealand Olympian Andrew Nicholson. And the two professional teams will also be taking on the hunts.... (story)

Irish Examiner 12.6.15 There is little consideration for animals in Health and Welfare Act - The continuing prevalence of underground puppy farming in Ireland shows how weak our animal welfare legislation is… Sadly, this is not the only inadequacy our animal welfare legislation. Though it was hailed by the Minister as the harbinger of a new era for animals in Ireland, the Animal Health and Welfare Act failed to address the cruelties of hare coursing and fox hunting…. Far from enhancing the short, humble life of the gentle hare, the Act permits people to capture these animals and set them up to be terrorised, mauled, tossed up into the air, or otherwise injured by greyhounds at coursing events…. John Fitzgerald Lower Coyne Street Callan Co Kilkenny (story)

Plymouth Echo 12.6.15 Good for Cafe Nero on the badger cull - I USUALLY have great respect for Gary Streeter, but I am amazed he has asked people to boycott Cafe Nero because they are not serving milk from farms in the badger cull area…. I say good for Cafe Nero! VALERIE NICHOLLS Plympton (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 12.6.15 City Buzz: Vegan food festival in Leeds this weekend - FOOD has been the main focus in Leeds recently…The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival is back with a bang for its second year running... The festival is run voluntarily in aid of animal welfare charities... (story)


Keighley News 11.6.15 Keighley councillor shocked by MP's support for hunting - A LONG-SERVING Keighley politician has expressed shock that the town’s MP plans to help overturn a ban on foxhunting. Labour councillor Barry Thorne is angry that MP Kris Hopkins has vowed to vote in favour of repealing the controversial Hunting Act… (story)

Western Mornign News 11.6.15 Game meat among top 50 fastest growing consumer products in year ahead - In business everyone wants to spot the ‘next big thing’ and to share in its success. Philip Bowern reports on a respected research company backing game meat - Food is big business…. But which part of the food industry stands on the cusp of greatest growth? According to Mintel, the well-regarded research company with the inside track on consumer trends, it is game meat. In the company’s report, entitled ‘The Fifty’ in which it identifies the top fifty markets around the world, it suggests the 9% increase in game meat sales between 2013 and 2014 indicates that there is further positive potential in the marketplace…. (story)

Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser 11.6.15 Animal cruelty row over circus’ arrival - A travelling circus has come under fire after it opened up in Awsworth this week. Peter Jolly’s Circus, which features wild animals, opened up on Wednesday but animal rights group Animal Defenders International (ADI), has urged people to stay away…. (story)

Meat Trades Journal 11.6.15 Petition against pig farm gathers momentum By Michelle Perrett - More than 137,000 people have signed a petition in Northern Ireland opposing plans for a giant pig farm in Mossley. Co Antrim. The Hall family, who are the applicants for the Reahill Road plans, are looking to expand their existing Old Carrick Road-based pig farm business… The ‘Stop the biggest ever UK pig factory being built - Say NO to 30,000 pigs behind bars’ petition, started by animal rights campaigner Polly Folley now has nearly 140,000 signatures…. (story)

New Statement 11.6.15 Have we passed “peak vegetarianism”? - The vegetarian movement has ground to a halt. It is 173 years since the first recorded use of the word “vegetarian” in Britain…. It is hard to say precisely how many people are vegetarian. Government data suggests that no more than 2 to 3 per cent of the population eschews meat, while groups with a vested interest bump this up to roughly 5 per cent. Yet, whatever measure you use, it is clear the number of vegetarians has not been rising over recent decades on either side of the Atlantic. What’s more, studies suggest that anything between half and 84 per cent of those who give up meat eventually go back to being carnivores… (story)


Farming Life 10.6.15 NI CountrySports Fair ‘hits the bullseye’ at Scarvagh House! - The Northern Ireland CountrySports Fair reached its climax at Scarvagh House at the weekend (6th – 7th June) with over 170 exhibitors, 1000 plus competitors and 18,000 visitors passing through the gates to celebrate top country sports and pursuits… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 8.6.15 House of fun as thousands enjoy Northern Ireland Countrysports Fair - BY CATE MCCURRY - From Scruff's dog show to a birds of prey display and ferret racing - it's all in a weekend event celebrating country sport and pursuits…. (story)
Farming Life 3.6.15 Country Sports extravaganza heads for Scarvagh House - Momentum is building for The Northern Ireland CountrySports Fair, with just a few days to go until the main event in Scarvagh House, Banbridge (6th-7th June)…. (story)

Belfast Life 10.6.15 Horses being dumped on land across Northern Ireland in practice dubbed 'fly grazing' BY MAURICE FITZMAURICE - Horses are being dumped on fields across Northern Ireland but no one has any powers to tackle the problem dubbed ‘fly grazing’, it was warned on Wednesday…. Janice Watt, Northern Ireland Senior Public Affairs Officer with the League Against Cruel Sports, has been pressing the Department of Agriculture to introduce legislation to tackle the problem…. (story)

Western Morning News 10.6.15 National Trust says badger culling must be part of battle against bTB By WMNPBowern - The National Trust is committed to the battle against bovine TB to help its many livestock farming tenants, the man behind the Trust’s five year badger vaccination programme insisted this week. Alex Raeder, the Trust’s Natural Environment lead in the South West, said he accepted that culling badgers would have to be part of that fight, as he announced the results of the five year vaccination trial on the Killerton Estate, near Exeter… (story)

Western Daily Press 10.6.15 Caffè Nero was not named after emperor - Jacob Rees-Mogg has shown his ignorance of European languages in his article about Caffè Nero (Western Daily Press June 6). "Caffè Nero" means nothing more than "Black Coffee"… The editor of the Western Daily Press need to realise that the paper is not a farmers or Countryside Alliance newspaper… Roger Hillier Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Daily Press 10.6.15 Dog lovers must act over this festival where they are slaughtered - Philip Mansbridge UK Director of IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 8.6.15 Help ban China's dog slaughter - Dog lovers will be horrified to learn of the needless slaughter and mass consumption of thousands of dogs at an annual event in the Chinese city of Yulin… PHILIP MANSBRIDGE UK director, International Fund for Animal Welfare (letter)


Somerset Guardian 9.6.15 North East Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg on repealing the hunting ban (story)
Western Daily Press 6.6.15 'Fox hunting offers the quickest kill' - The debate on fox hunting has resurfaced because of the promise in the Conservative Party manifesto to hold a free vote… In deciding how to vote there are two questions that need to be answered. The first is: do fox numbers need to be controlled?... The Burns Report, carried out by Lord Burns for the Labour government in 2000, looked at the whole issue of hunting and covered pest control. It estimated at that time that most foxes were killed by methods not including dogs except in the upland areas of Wales. This leads on to the second question: is hunting more or less cruel than other methods of control?... It is this certainty of death that provides convincing evidence that hunting with hounds is less cruel than any other means of control. Trapping or shooting cannot have this level of guarantee leaving wounded foxes that may die over hours rather than seconds. This is also a strong indicator that the ban was introduced for dislike of the people who hunt rather than the welfare of foxes. As the former Labour MP Peter Bradley said: "This is not about the politics of envy, but of power. Ultimately it's about who governs Britain"…. (story)

Argus 9.6.15 Retain the hunting act - I am writing in defence of retaining the Hunting Act that resulted from an 80-year campaign to bring about a ban on blood sports… The truth is that over 400 convictions have been meted out so far, making it the most successful piece of wild animal welfare legislation. Repeal would be a giant step backwards for animal welfare and would pose a serious threat to British wildlife… David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks (story)

Southend Standard 9.6.15 Police called to kangaroo meat protest outside supermarket by Matthew Porter - PROTESTERS were moved along by police after gathering outside a Wickford supermarket to oppose the sale of kangaroo meat. Officers were called to Iceland, in High Street, at about 12.30pm today after reports of a group gathered outside… At 1.20pm they were given a direction to leave the area by police, due to the disturbance they were causing to neighbouring shops. It is understood the protests related to Iceland’s sale of exotic animal meat, including kangaroo, ostrich and buffalo… (story)


Horse & Hound 8.6.15 Lost foxhound found safe and well after 10 days on the run - Polly Portwin - A foxhound from the Suffolk Hunt has been found safe and well after 10 days of being on the run. Foreman had escaped from the Suffolk Show showground after being startled while waiting to parade on Wednesday 27 May… While they were waiting for the in-hand harness horses to exit the ring, a horse nearby kicked a stable door. The loud noise made two hounds suddenly leave the rest of the pack. One of the missing hounds was Garland 09 who later returned to the hound lorry, however her son Foreman 12 (by Duke of Beaufort’s Farrier 07) was nowhere to be found… (story)

Western Daily Press 8.6.15 Sainsbury's milk latest target of badger cull activists - Animal activists are poised to send photographs of dead and dying animals to Sainsbury's shareholders to try and stop the supermarket selling milk from badger cull areas in the West Country… (story)
Bristol Post 8.6.15 Tory MP says threats to Caffe Nero are a "disgrace" By Laura Hughes, Parliamentary Reporter - A TORY MP has said threats to coffee shop chain Caffe Nero, for using cows milk from farms in the badger cull zone, are a "disgrace". Dr Liam Fox, who represents North Somerset, spoke out after the company said it would stop using milk from farms in Somerset and Gloucestershire which were part of a pilot scheme to kill badgers in an attempt to reduce spread of TB in cows…. (story)
Western Morning News 8.6.15 Support farmers and boycott Caffe Nero - I am outraged to be held to ransom by some loonies that have no idea about the dangers of TB. I will boycott Caffe Nero, if it can’t stand up for itself against a few animal activists, then frankly it is a laughing stock…. by Lynn Hiscox Torquay (story)
Mail on Sunday 7.6.15 Sainsbury's shareholders targeted by badger cull extremists who have pledged to hijack its AGM By JONATHAN PETRE AND VALERIE ELLIOTT and JONATHAN PETRE AND VALERIE ELLIOTT FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - Animal rights fanatics are planning to inundate Sainsbury’s shareholders with pictures of dead badgers in an escalation of its campaign to halt the cull… Stop The Cull protesters are targeting the supermarket by pledging to hijack its annual general meeting next month, as well as sending many of its 100,000 shareholders leaflets showing blood-covered badgers that have been shot to try to stop the spread of bovine TB to cattle…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 7.6.15 Activists plan to storm Sainsbury's HQ in protest at milk from badger cull areas By Patrick Sawer - Animal rights militants are planning to target the headquarters of Sainsbury’s this month in protest at the supermarket giant selling milk from parts of Britain where badgers are being culled… Jay Tiernan, the spokesman of the Stop the Cull group – which masterminded the campaign against Caffe Nero – insists the protests will be non-violent, but says he understand the “frustration” of those who object to badgers being killed… A veteran animal rights campaigner with a long history of militant activity against firms and individuals which he accuses of causing animal cruelty, Mr Tiernan is a former soldier and one-time hunt saboteur. He was also founder member of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac), whose tactics were likened to “terrorism” by a judge in 2009, when he jailed seven members for their campaign of intimidation against the animal research firm Huntingdon Life Sciences… (story)
Telegraph 6.6.15 Police say they received no complaints over Caffe Nero badger cull threats claims - Coffee chain Caffè Nero accused of misleading customers over badger cull actions after police reveal they received no complaints about threats the firm claimed it was sent by protestors By Camilla Turner and Gordon Rayner - When the coffee chain Caffè Nero said it would stop using milk from badger cull areas, it claimed it was doing so to protect its staff and customers following threats from animal rights campaigners. But there are now question marks over the company’s motives, with some farmers suspecting the firm was doing it to appeal to city-dwelling “hipsters” opposed to the cull…. (story)
Western Daily Press 6.6.15 Coffee chain's ban unpleasant - The Emperor Nero, against some pretty stiff competition, was one of the most evil Roman rulers… It has, therefore, always seemed rather peculiar to name a chain of coffee shops in his honour. Café Stalin or Café Pol Pot would be the modern equivalent. Perhaps the owners of Caffè Nero have a warped sense of humour or moral code. Certainly their treatment of Somerset farmers is disgraceful…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 6.6.15 Unity call after retailer buckles to activist threats - FARMING LEADERS have called for the whole of the supply chain to stand together in the face of a backlash from animal rights campaigners over the badger culls. It comes after high street coffee chain Caffè Nero announced that it will not use milk from farms in the Gloucestershire and Somerset badger cull areas following “threats” against its staff by activists…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.6.15 Devon farmers call for a 'united front' against anti-badger cull protesters - FARMERS and landowners are being urged to hit back a coffee chain - whose branches includes those in Exeter - after its decision to refuse to buy milk from the badger cull zones following threats from animal rights campaigners… Ross Murray, vice-president of the CLA and Minette Batters and deputy president of the National Farmers Union, presented a united front in the face of intimidation from anti-badger cull protesters… Mr Murray said the decision taken by the coffee chain, which has branches in Exeter, Plymouth and Truro, showed a lack of moral courage. He said: “They are not Caffe Nero; they are Caffe Zero…." (story)
Mail 5.6.15 Apologise to farmers? Don't be pathetic, says Caffe Nero boss: Multi-millionaire ignores questions about boycott of milk from farms in badger cull areas By TOM KELLY - The boss of Caffe Nero yesterday refused to discuss his boycott of milk from badger cull areas – saying questions about the plight of West Country farmers were ‘pathetic’. Millionaire chief executive Gerry Ford blanked inquiries about his decision to cave in to threats from animal rights activists and stop buying milk from Gloucestershire and Somerset, where a badger cull pilot scheme is taking place…. (story)
Mail 4.6.15 MPs rage at the 'spineless' Caffe Nero cowards: £1.2billion in sales but company hasn't paid corporation tax since 2007 By LOUISE ECCLES and TOM KELLY FOR THE DAILY MAIL - Furious MPs have branded Caffe Nero bosses ‘spineless’ after the company gave in to threats by animal rights activists. It agreed to protesters’ demands for a boycott of milk from badger cull areas, penalising farmers already suffering from the impact of bovine tuberculosis.... (story)
Western Morning News 3.6.15 WMN opinion: Help beat TB, by standing up for the dairy farmers - It is, of course, up to the coffee chain Caffe Nero where it buys its milk. And if it wants to take a stand against the badger cull – as many individuals do – then it is perfectly entitled to tell its suppliers to avoid milk from the cull zones of Somerset and Gloucestershire. But that’s not what has happened… Caffe Nero doesn’t engage with any of that, however. It has chosen to switch milk suppliers away from the Westcountry bovine TB hotspots because of threats from an animal rights group to make the coffee chain and its stores a target as part of an unrelated protest planned for later this month against austerity… (story)
Farming Guardian 3.6.15 Caffe Nero acted on badger cull milk after 'serious and credible threats' to staff BY Alistair Driver - The coffee chain said it has asked the authorities for support and assistance ’against these threats of violence and disruption’. Caffe Nero has revealed its members of staff received ‘serious and credible threats’ from activists protesting against the badger cull as it seeks to justify its controversial stance on the policy…. (story)
Mail 3.6.15 Those cowards at Caffe Nero are helping to ruin cattle farmers like me, writes West Country farmer OLIVER EDWARDS By OLIVER EDWARDS FOR THE DAILY MAIL - Life as a farmer in the West Country has been a back-breaking struggle over the past few years…. Farming is my way of life. I love my cows, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect their welfare… And now — just when a badger cull was showing signs of success in my part of the world — the animal rights activists are back, trying to stop us making a living. How sad it is that the management of Caffe Nero has bowed under pressure from a tiny group of these activists…. (story)
Guardian 3.6.15 The natural world is not a Disneyland of cuteness. Just look at the badger - Anne Perkins - Caffè Nero has pledged to stop buying milk from areas where badgers are being culled. But in our rush to protect ‘cuddly’ animals, we ignore nature’s brutal hierarchies… (story)
Mail 2.6.15 Badger protesters target Sainsbury's on milk sales: Leader of animal rights group threatens 'mayhem' if chain sells milk from areas where culls are planned By ROSIE TAYLOR and COLIN FERNANDEZ FOR THE DAILY MAIL - Animal rights fanatics are threatening to create 'havoc' in Sainsbury's supermarkets in an attempt to halt the badger cull. They have already forced the Caffe Nero coffee shop chain to stop using milk from two counties where badgers are being slaughtered to prevent the spread of tuberculosis. Now protest group Stop The Cull says that it will target Sainsbury's during an 'anti-austerity' protest this month. Jay Tiernan, the group's spokesman, said it would disrupt stores, create 'mayhem' at the supermarket's AGM, and bombard its chief executive with messages until it stopped selling milk from areas where badger culls are planned…. (story)
Mail 2.6.15 Caffe Nero fiddles while cows burn: RICHARD LITTLEJOHN cannot understand coffee chain's craven surrender after it was threatened by 200 people to stop using milk from areas where badgers are being culled - How bonkers is this? A coffee chain has caved in to intimidation from militant animal rights sentimentalists and is no longer using milk from farms taking part in the badger cull. Caffe Nero's craven surrender comes after it was threatened on Facebook. All it took was 200 people sharing a page called 'Stop The Cull'. Yep, 200. Not 2,000 or two million. They didn't even have to take to the streets, just 'like' something on the internet… the mere threat that one of the great unwashed might heave a brick through the front window of a Caffe Nero was enough to force a shameful capitulation from the company's chairman Gerry Ford. After receiving an email from two 'activists', known only as Steve and Rose, Ford ordered all his pretentious New Age caffs to stop selling milk from West Devon, which is within the zone… These are the same scumbags and soap-dodgers who defaced the Women in War memorial in Whitehall a couple of weeks ago… (story)
Western Morning News 2.6.15 Farmers hit back in battle over milk from badger cull zones By WMNPBowern - Farming leaders have angrily denounced coffee shop chain Caffe Nero for caving in to pressure from animal campaigners who threatened them over milk from the badger cull zones. National Farmers’ Union Deputy President Minette Batters, a South West livestock farmer, said it was “extremely disappointing” the coffee chain had agreed to stop buying milk from Somerset and Gloucestershire after protests from an animal rights group… The Badger Trust, led by Chief Executive Dominic Dyer, has distanced itself from the intimidation tactics…. (story)
Independent 2.6.15 Caffè Nero’s craven cowardice over badger culling has made me tear up my loyalty card - I cannot support a company that caves in to a mob - Jane Merrick - Boycotts are funny things. When it’s a small number of individuals railing against a company that refuses to pay corporation tax, say, not much happens…. Caffè Nero has done to milk suppliers from farms in Somerset and Gloucestershire – two counties where badger culling is taking place – then things get serious. Nero, which has 600 high street coffee shops in the UK and its headquarters in Luxembourg, has caved into animal rights protesters… The effect of Nero’s boycott of Somerset and Gloucestershire milk could be punishing to farmers in those counties, whose livelihoods are already at risk because of the very reason the badger cull is taking place: the spread of tuberculosis through cattle…. I cannot support a company that caves in to a mob, so I will be joining those farmers who are boycotting Nero over its decision. My loyalty card will go unstamped. Our boycott may not be as powerful or as damaging as Nero’s, but I believe it is the right thing to do… (story)
Bath Chronicle 2.6.15 National: Caffe Nero at the centre of a row over milk and the badger cull By Tristan Cork - Caffe Nero is being boycotted by animal rights activists and criticised by farmers in a bizarre row over milk. After being targeted by animal rights activists, the coffee shop chain said it would stop souring milk from dairy farmers within badger cull zones…. Now Caffe Nero is facing a backlash from countryside campaigners and farmers' support groups accusing it of bowing to threats from animal rights extremists… (story)
BBC News Online 2.6.15 Caffe Nero badger farm milk threats 'unacceptable' - Threats to a coffee shop chain for using cows milk from farms in the badger cull zone is unacceptable, the government has said… (story)
ITV 2.6.15 Government accuses badger cull activists of "threatening" Caffe Nero - The government has accused animal rights activists of "intimidating and threatening" Caffe Nero into boycotting milk from badger cull areas… (story)
ITV 2.6.15 Caffe Nero boycotting badger cull milk, faces boycott from farmers - Caffe Nero says it has stopped stocking milk from farms in badger cull areas, after animal rights activists said they would protest - leading to anger from farmers. The coffee shop chain now faces a possible boycott from farmers in Gloucestershire and Somerset, including the President of the National Farmers' Union…. (story)
Western Daily Press 1.6.15 Caffe Nero, milky coffee, the badger cull and a bizarre PR disaster By TristanCork - A bizarre public relations battle has erupted after global coffee shop chain Caffe Nero appeared to say had stopped sourcing its milk from dairy farmers based within the badger cull zones of Gloucestershire and Somerset. In a PR disaster for Britain's third biggest coffee shop chain, it faced a boycott and protests from animal rights activists unless it pledged to stop buying milk from badger cull areas – and then a boycott and protests from farmers and countryside supporters when it did…. (story)
Western Daily Press 1.6.15 The Badger Trust distances itself from Caffe Nero 'boycott' of badger cull zone milk - The Badger Trust has distanced itself from threats by other sections of the anti-badger cull movement that have forced Caffe Nero to reject milk from farmers in the badger cull zones in Gloucestershire and West Somerset…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 1.6.15 Caffè Nero bans 'badger cull' milk after animal rights threats - Caffè Nero has stopped serving milk from farms in Gloucestershire's badger cull areas following intimidation from animal-rights activists. The coffee chain is believed to have implemented the ban after learning that activists planned to stage protests at Caffè Nero outlets on an anti-austerity march in London later this month…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 31.5.15 Activists turn fire on Sainsbury's in war over badger cull milk - Caffe Nero says it will not serve milk from badger cull areas after threats from activists who say their next target is Sainsbury's By Ben Farmer - Animal rights activists have warned Sainsbury’s they will invade its stores to carry out protests and food fights during an anti-austerity demonstration, in an attempt to stop the supermarket buying milk from areas where badgers are being culled…. Farmers leaders last night said they were “very disappointed” by Caffe Nero’s decision to stop sourcing milk from Gloucestershire and Somerset… cafés could be targeted during anti-austerity protests on June 20. Jay Tiernan, an anti-cull spokesman, said it was not clear if the chain's decision was due to objections to the cull, “or the threat of angry protesters storming their cafés in Central London”… (story)
Mail on Sunday 31.5.15 Caffè Nero bows to animal rights threats and bans 'badger cull' milk after learning that activists planned to stage protests at outlets forthcoming anti-austerity marches By VALERIE ELLIOTT and JABER MOHAMED FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - Caffè Nero has stopped serving milk from farms in badger cull areas following intimidation from animal-rights activists. The high street coffee chain is believed to have implemented the ban after learning that activists planned to stage protests at Caffè Nero outlets on an anti-austerity march in London on June 20…. (story)


Western Daily Press 6.6.15 Adam Henson: My generation forgot the value of food By Corrie Bond-French - When Adam Henson was younger, his dad had a dream, and that dream was to ensure that no more rare breeds became extinct… And Mr Henson Jnr will be continuing the family line in educating the next generation when he appears at the Royal Three Counties Show this month…. The first ever hound show in the history of the show will take place on Saturday, featuring hounds used by hunts in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire…. (story)

Mail 6.6.15 Rape threats and the truth about the badger thugs who blackmailed Caffe Nero over its use of milk from cull areas By ANDREW MALONE FOR THE DAILY MAIL - Nature is cruel. Cradling a hedgehog at a rescue centre, a lady volunteer this week demonstrated how these little creatures cannot protect themselves even by rolling into a tight, spiky ball when they encounter the only animal able to kill them…. Yet this kind-hearted animal lover does not want to be named nor the location disclosed of her hedgehog hospital, where she feeds more than 100 sickly creatures every three hours. The reason is simple: fear. Fear of the Badger Army, the group of hard-core ‘animal rights’ activists behind a wave of intimidation towards anyone who dares suggest there may be an upside to culling Britain’s booming badger population…. This week, the coffee chain Caffè Nero announced it was refusing to use milk from farms within the area of the cull in Gloucester and Somerset due to start later this year…. Now, these same activists have turned their sights on Sainsbury’s and are trying to discover if milk supplied to the stores comes from inside the cull zone… Both ‘Rose’ and ‘Steve’ are associates of Jay Tiernan, a former soldier and leader of a group called Stop The Badger Cull, who was invited this week to appear on BBC Newsnight, once the Corporation’s most respected news programme… His real name is Gamal Eboe… One of his closest associates was Debbie Vincent, another former soldier from a wealthy background, who changed her name from Peter Vincent Rogers after a sex change operation… With gangs of anarchists rampaging through the country during the last cull, police in Gloucestershire dealt with 180 incidents and recorded 30 crimes including theft, criminal damage, harassment, assault and witness intimidation…. (story)
Mail 4.6.15 CONVICTED FRAUDSTER BEHIND GROUP FIGHTING BADGER CULL - A leader of the anti-cull movement is a convicted fraudster, it emerged last night. Jay Tiernan, one of the founders of Stop The Cull, has presented himself as the respectable front of animal activism, promoting his cause on BBC Newsnight.... But the 44-year-old is really Gamal Eboe, an activist who once defrauded the Government out of thousands of pounds... In 2003, he was handed an eight-month suspended sentence after submitting claims for £3,000 to the Department for Education for training students when he was actually on holiday in Greece.... (story)

Glasgow Evening Times 6.6.15 55,000 animals used in experiments at Glasgow universities - MORE than 55,000 animals have been used in experiments at universities in Glasgow in a year, according to new figures. Victoria Brenan - The details were revealed in a Freedom of Information request this month which showed the vast proportion were used at Glasgow University in medical testing and research…. Cruelty Free International (CFI) - formerly known as the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) - hit out at "a large increase" in the number of animal experiments taking place at Glasgow University…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 6.6.15 Island star Bear Grylls has talk interrupted by Peta activists protesting against pig and crocodile killings BY GARY FENNELLY - A talk by Bear Grylls, at the The Royal Institution in London, has been interrupted by Peta activists accusing the TV adventurer's show 'The Island' of engaging in animal cruelty. It comes after producers of Grylls' Channel 4 series admitted that they recently shipped a pig to Panama for contestants who then killed and ate it…. (story)


Western Morning News 5.6.15 Remarkable fox should not be hunted - I was deeply disappointed to read the recent attack by one letter writer against the fox as being a malicious and horrible animal. It is high time such attacks on native wild predators ceased. It is quite obvious we will read “anti-fox” letters from those wanting to see the return of fox hunting but the reality is the fox is a predator who hunts to survive and kills and eats many creatures such as rats, mice and voles, for example, that many landowners regard as pests and vermin, so it is surely doing them a favour!... by Trevor Beer WMN Nature Writer (letter)

Malvern Gazette 5.6.15 Prisoners in our countryside - THOSE of us who drive around the countryside may fail to notice the many hidden prisoners. Many farm dogs, guard dogs and even so-called pet dogs are being kept in yards or in small pens with completely inadequate shelter and little or no bedding… If you see dogs being kept like this please report them to the RSPCA or the police and also write to your MP asking for better animal welfare laws to be tabled. PAULINE BURGESS Malvern (letter)


Horse & Hound 4.6.15 Mixed reaction after Hunting Act not mentioned in The Queen’s Speech - There was a mixed reaction to the fact there was no reference to the Hunting Act in The Queen’s Speech delivered at the State Opening of Parliament on 27 May from those on both sides of the hunting debate. Some anti-hunting campaigners expressed satisfaction that David Cameron’s outlined programme for the coming session did not mention his manifesto pledge to offer a vote on repeal of the act. The RSPCA heralded it “a victory for foxes”… Tim Bonner, the director of campaigns at the Countryside Alliance told H&H: “There was never any expectation that a repeal Bill would be part of The Queen’s Speech.... (story)

Metro 4.6.15 We should never bring back hunting with dogs – and here’s why - Debate is currently raging about whether hunting with dogs should be made legal once again. How depressing, says Chris Pitt of the League Against Cruel Sports.... (story)

Western Morning News 4.6.15 Dump hunting in the dustbin of history - As human beings we have the ability to treat all creatures as humanely as possible, however low or worthless these creatures may appear to us. Surely therefore the majority of MPs will have the humanity to want the hunting of defenseless animals relegated to the dustbin of history.... by Rosemary Wills Exeter (story)

York Press 4.6.15 Respect for all animals wanted - IN answer to D Welburn's letter about magpies "It's nature", which was in answer to Heather Causnett's letter, one answer might be for all adults to respect all sentient beings... The Tory's are the cruel party. Don't forget, they will try to sneak in a vote on repealing the hunting ban. Let's keep fox hunting where it belongs - in the past. D Fillingham, The Crossway, York (letter)
York Press 28.5.15 How can we prevent cruelty to animals? - I WAS saddened and sickened at the story about the poor hedgehog being used as a football by young thugs… Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 4.6.15 The lowest of the low - PETER RHODES on obit-trolls, overpriced wine and the suffering of unwanted greyhounds. THE report on appalling cruelty to greyhounds in Australia is horrifying but you don't have to go all the way to Oz to find it. Every year in Britain thousands of greyhounds, having reached the end of their career or failed to win races, are allegedly slaughtered or abandoned... (story)

Western Morning News 4.6.15 Farming leaders urge 'united front' against intimidation from anti-badger cull protesters By WMNPBowern - Farmers and landowners must hit back at the coffee chain Caffe Nero and its decision to refuse to buy milk from the badger cull zones following threats from animal rights campaigners, the opening day of the Royal Cornwall Show heard today. Ross Murray, vice-president of the CLA and Minette Batters, deputy president of the National Farmers Union, presented a united front in the face of intimidation from anti-badger cull protesters who’s threats are beginning to influence businesses and their buying policies.... (story)

Independent 4.6.15 Coffee chain’s stand against the badger cull - There are two reasons why so many members of the public are applauding Caffè Nero for deciding to avoid milk from farms in the badger cull zones... we should not be killing wildlife in response to a disease in cattle when there are vaccines available... any cull of a protected species such as the badger, at the top of its food chain, must be targeted... We can thank the NFU, their cull companies and Defra for this ecological vandalism and unethical barbarism... G Purser Clapton-on-the-Hill, Gloucestershire
I am surprised that anyone would choose to boycott their favourite coffee shop without first doing a bit more research into the background of the case. The badger cull is not science-driven. Rather it is strongly contested by the majority of eminent scientists... Julia Lovelle London SE3 (letters)


Surrey Advertiser 3.6.15 Philip Hammond will not vote in favour of keeping fox hunting ban - The Foreign Secretary and Runnymede and Weybridge MP said he believes the ban was politically motivated, but has not yet decided whether to vote for its abolition - The Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says he will not vote in favour of keeping the ban on fox hunting… “I did not support the introduction of the 2004 Act, which I believe is flawed in several respects, and was motivated by political, rather than animal welfare concerns,” said Mr Hammond. “I will not, therefore, be voting in favour of retention of the Hunting Act, although I have not yet finally decided whether to vote for its abolition or whether to abstain…. (story)

Telegraph 3.6.15 racey Crouch, minister for sport and an opponent of hunting, says: “I don’t enjoy the sight of one animal tearing another animal to pieces”. I am a member of a farming family which, among other things, produces free-range eggs. It is a constant battle, with foxes tearing the chickens to pieces at every opportunity…. Cllr Howard Lockey (Con) Maulden, Bedfordshire (letter)

Leicester Mercury 3.6.15 Things aren't looking good - Well said, Penny Little: the next five years certainly look bleak for animals (Mailbox, May 18). We are still waiting for some of the promises made at the last election to be fulfilled. They include a reduction in vivisection and for the ban on wild animals in circuses to be made law. Mr Cameron, a member of the Heythrop Hunt, believes in the "freedom to hunt"… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 18.5.15 A bad result for animals - PENNY LITTLE Protect Our Wild Animals www.powa.org.uk (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 18.5.15 Benefiting from Tories’ win (letter)
Western Daily Press 11.5.15 Election 2015 – winners and losers - So who's pleased the Tories won? Well, there's the bankers, Rupert Murdoch, the fox hunters, the hare coursers and the terrier men, non doms, very rich people, Jeremy Clarkson and Tory newspaper proprietors…. Penny Little Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 3.6.15 No justification to lift fox ban - Many people pass off fox hunting as pest control, which is totally untrue… The majority of people do not want the hunting ban lifted. Mr Cameron wanting to make his friends happy is not a due cause. He needs to remember that the majority of the country did not want a Tory government and they will not stand for this injustice - Fiona Procter (via email) (letter)

Mail 3.6.15 Mother's horror as she finds giant two-inch hornet as wide as an iPhone in her garden By SAM TONKIN FOR MAILONLINE.. Joy Dehany, 43, was taking a photo of her four-year-old daughter Rosie in the garden of their home in Tile Hill, Coventry, when the queen landed nearby looking for somewhere to nest. She was given quite a fright by the unexpected arrival – but said her daughter 'loved it'… Ms Dehany, a vegan and animal rights supporter, decided the best thing to do was move the hornet to a safer part of the garden away from her house… (story)
Mirror 3.6.15 Invasion of the giant hornets? Huge European insect spotted in the UK … Joy Dehany, 43, was taking a photo of her four-year-old daughter Rosie in the garden of his Coventry home when the queen landed nearby looking for somewhere to nest…. Joy, a vegan and animal rights supporter, decided the best thing to do was move the hornet to a safer part of the garden away from her house…. (story)


Scotsman 2.6.15 Intolerably cruel - As people involved in hunting in Scotland, we are writing to counter the offensive suggestion from the League Against Cruel Sport’s “exposé” filmed earlier this year that hunts have no regard for the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002 and are routinely flouting the law… The League states that on the occasions it monitored hunts no guns were present, however in two of its clips featuring the Lauderdale Hunt quad bikes carrying the guns are clearly visible moving on in front of the huntsman and hounds…. whilst the League is correct to state that hunting a fox in the open after it has left cover is an offence, it is not an offence to do so if that fox is believed to be injured or diseased during the course of being flushed… Finally, an independent study was carried out two years ago where… Two hounds took on average twice as long to locate a fox in cover compared to a full pack, and on average three times longer to get the fox into a position where it could be dispatched by a gun. In other words prolonging the chase, thus a failure on both utility and welfare ground… Ronan Brown
Jedforest Hunt, Richard Holman-Baird
Kincardineshire Hunt (story)

Cambridge News 2.6.15 Getting to grips with the art of falconry - Cambridge Town & Country Show, which takes place on Parker's Piece every June, is part and parcel of summer in the city… Lisa Millard tries her hand - or rather her gloved fist - at falconry…. I'm spending the afternoon with Stephen Langley, a falconer who is part of the Oakleigh Fairs Totally Falconry event display team. He cares for the raptors at Oakleigh's base – a lovely plot of land on the Suffolk border – and wows the crowds, flying barn owls Percy, Sally and Jackson, Harris hawks Willow, May, Juniper and the male Shadow, red-tailed hawk Ruby, and, of course, Bianca, at fairs and shows across the country…. (story)

BBC News Online 2.6.15 Bristol man pleads guilty over Ledbury badger incident - A Bristol man has pleaded guilty to aggravated trespass during a protest against last year's badger cull. Joseph Hilton, from Lakeside, was detained following an incident at a farm in Bromsberrow Heath, near Ledbury in Herefordshire on 22 September 2014… He was fined £300 and ordered to pay £400 in costs at Cheltenham Magistrates' Court. (story)
Hereford Times 20.11.14 Badger cull charges by Gary Bills-Geddes - Three men, who appeared in court charged with aggravated trespass last week, in connection to offences alleged to have take place during the Gloucestershire badger cull, have been bailed to reappear at court in April next year…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 12.11.14 Three men to appear in court charged with aggravated assault in connection to badger cull in Gloucestershire By Michael_Yong - Three men will appear before magistrates next year in connection to the badger cull in Gloucestershire. Joseph Hilton, 30, from Lakeside, Bristol, appeared before Cheltenham Magistrates Court last Thursday after being charged with aggravated trespass and common assault. Karl Garside, a 48-year-old from Salford in Greater Manchester, and Edward Watson, 25 from Lakeside, Bristol both also appeared before magistrates last Thursday, both charged with aggravated trespass. All three have been bailed to reappear in court in April next year… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 23.10.14 Gloucestershire badger cull protester denies assault and trespassing charges in Cheltenham Magistrates' Court By Impeyecho - A protester who allegedly assaulted a worker during the badger cull this year has been bailed before trial. Joseph Hilton, 30, of Lakeside, Avon, will appear in Cheltenham Magistrates' Court for trial on November 6 charged with assault by beating and also aggravated trespassing. He denies both charges…. Mr Hilton will stand trial alongside a co-defendant, 48-year-old Karl Garside, from Manchester, who is also charged with aggravated trespassing at the same time and location…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 30.9.14 Only two arrests in Gloucestershire so far as badger cull reaches half way point By Michael_Yong - Only two arrests have been made so far in this year’s badger cull in Gloucestershire…. So far two people have been arrested as part of the operation with one man, a 48-year-old man from Salford in Greater Manchester arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass and common assault…. The second man, 30-year-old Joseph Hilton of Lakeside in Bristol has been charged with common assault and aggravated trespass and will appear before Cheltenham Magistrates on October 23…. (story)
Ludlow Advertiser 30.9.14 Badger Cull Police Praise Behaviour. by Gary Bills-Geddes - GLOUCESTERSHIRE police have praised the behaviour of both sides during this year's badger cull, while acknowledging a few arrests in the Ledbury area, and reports of intimidation…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 26.9.14 Police arrest second man in badger cull zone in Gloucestershire By Michael_Yong - Police investigating an incident at a farm on the Gloucestershire-Herefordshire border have arrested a second man in relation to the badger cull. The man, a 48-year-old from Salford in Greater Manchester was arrested yesterday on suspicion of common assault and aggravated trespass and has been released on police bail pending further enquiries until October 7…. (story)
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 24.9.14 Man arrested as part of badger cull operation - A 30-year-old man from the Bristol area has been arrested on suspicion of common assault as part of a badger cull police operation…. (story)
Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser 24.9.14 Badger Cull Police Arrest Man. by Gary Bills-Geddes - A BRISTOL man has been charged with aggravated trespass and common assault following an incident at a Bromsberrow Heath farm, near Ledbury. The man, aged 30, was arrested Monday evening, September 22, by Gloucestershire Constabulary police officers… The man arrested has been bailed to appear before Cheltenham Magistrate’s court, on Thursday October 23 (story)
Stroud News & Journal 24.9.14 Badger cull arrest - man, 30, charged with common assault - A 30-YEAR-OLD man from the Bristol area has now been charged with common assault. The man has been charged with aggravated trespass and common assault and has been bailed to appear before Cheltenham Magistrates' Court on Thursday, October 23… (story)

Western Morning News 2.6.15 Badger culls waste life and money - It is rather hilariously silly that John Blackwell, president of the British Vet. Association, is now engaged in a “furious” debate with Minister George Eustice as to whether shooting free-running badgers is a humane and sensible way to tackle the “badger problem”. Ministers have surprisingly not confirmed continuing the two Gloucestershire /Somerset pilot culls, plus the two in Devon/Dorset. Perhaps my messages to chief vet, Nigel Gibbens, and Defra chief scientist Ian Boyd actually gave them pause to check the lack of any “sound science” base for costly and pointless culls…. by Martin Hancox Stroud (letter)

Cambridge News 2.6.15 Rower’s ‘absolute disgust’ at Cambridge University college crews killing two ducklings on River Cam By Gareth McPherson - A rower has expressed her disgust at seeing fellow athletes plough into a family of ducks on the River Cam. Katie Matthews, who rows for town club Cambridge '99, said she witnessed two ducklings drown after being hit by two training teams from Cambridge colleges… A Cambridge University spokesman said: "Every effort is made to mitigate disturbance… The wildlife guidelines were drawn up and agreed by the Cam River Users Group (CRUG) and are displayed on the Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs website. CRUG is made up of the rowing community, the Cam Conservators, residential boaters and Cambridge Animal Rights…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 2.6.15 Turn veggie - Ben Martin, Animal Aid. (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 1.6.15 Think of all the animals - BEN MARTIN (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 1.6.15 Rabbit's killing is food for thought - The on-air killing of a rabbit by a Danish radio presenter, who then cooked and ate the animal, has caused a global outcry. While I agree that animals should never have to suffer for entertainment, millions of rabbits are farmed and killed for meat in the UK every year…. If people are upset, I would urge them to think of all of those other animals, too, and consider dropping meat from their diet. BEN MARTIN Animal Aid (letter)


Western Morning News 1.6.15 Westcountry Conservatives welcome absence of hunting in Queen's Speech - Westcountry Conservative MPs have praised the Government’s decision not to include a repeal of the hunting ban in the Queen’s speech. Dr Sarah Wollaston, MP for Totnes, and Kevin Foster, of Torbay, have both reaffirmed their opposition to overturning the ban, dismissing the issues as outdated and divisive…. (story)

Western Daily Press 1.6.15 Missing Beaufort Hunt horse Josh, a huge gelding, found after 10-day hunt - A famous horse from one of Britain's oldest hunts has been found safe and well after it went missing for ten days, surviving on bark and rain water. Josh, a huge gelding, has been ridden for years by Nigel Maidment, secretary of the Beaufort Hunt in the Cotswolds…. Hayley Godwin, who helps run a neighbouring farm, was following up a possible lead of "sounds being heard" as she returned to a steep and almost impossible-to-access area. To her amazement, she could just see the old horse standing there, and unable to find his way out from the steep bank…. (story)
Western Daily Press 31.5.15 Josh the famous Beaufort Hunt horse found trapped after ten day search By Tina_Rowe - Josh, the famous old horse owned by Beaufort Hunt Secretary, Nigel Maidment has been found safe and sound after being missing for ten days. Despite going completely viral on every form of social media far and wide, Facebook, Twitter, Horse and Hound and the local papers - together with intensive organised search parties across the farm no trace was found of the 28 year old, 17.2 h.h. gelding… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 31.5.15 Famous Beaufort Hunt horse Josh found safe after going missing for 10 days - Josh - the famous horse owned by Beaufort Hunt secretary Nigel Maidment - has been found after a massive search. The gelding, who stands 17.2 hands tall, was found this morning "right under the nose" of one of those who had been looking for him since he mysteriously vanished from his field in the village of Sherston 10 days ago…. A vet has checked over the old horse and apart from a few scratches he is relatively unscathed…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 24.5.15 Large scale search after Beaufort Hunt's best-known horse mysteriously disappears… (story)
Bath Chronicle 24.5.15 Regional: Well-known Beaufort Hunt horse feared stolen By amandacameron - A well-known hunting horse has gone missing from a field a few miles from the Beaufort Hunt base…. (story)
Horse & Hound 23.5.15 Search goes on for missing 28-year-old horse - Polly Portwin - A mass-organised local search took place on Saturday 23 May to look for a former hunter that has been missing in unexplained circumstances since Wednesday 20 May. Twenty-eight-year-old Josh went missing from his field in Sherston, near Malmesbury, Wiltshire, and despite a large-scale search by local volunteers, there is still no sign of the 17.2hh bay gelding… (story)
Western Daily Press 22.5.15 Mystery disappearance of Josh, the West's best-known hunting horse By TristanCork - One of the most distinctive and well-known horses in the West – the huge gelding ridden by the secretary of the Beaufort Hunt – has mysteriously disappeared from his field, and sparked a campaign among the region's horse owners…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 22.5.15 Search for missing hunt horse Josh goes viral but he is not yet found - Josh the dark bay gelding went missing on Wednesday, May 20 from his field in Sherston, near Malmesbury in Wilstshire, and an appeal to find him has gone viral. The 17.2 h.h. 28-year-old horse is now retired and the mount of Beaufort Hunt Secretary Nigel Maidment…. If anyone has information they should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 (story)

Irish Examiner 1.6.15 Coursing candidate missed his chance - When yet another of Mr John Fitzgerald’s very many letters was once more published in your newspaper, it was difficult not to conclude what an excellent single-issue election candidate he would make. There is not a topic, from lobsters to gay marriage, that he has not distilled into the single issue of coursing… Eamonn Kiely Blackrock Cork (letter)

Press Association via Yahoo! 1.6.15 Merger of animal rights groups - One of Britain's best known animal rights organisations, the BUAV, has sacrificed its identity after merging with a sister group. The newly formed body will now be known by the name of the other organisation, Cruelty Free International…. (story)