June 2017

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Dundee Courier 30.6.17 Cut number of pheasants - Much has been written of late about the rise in numbers of those who have contracted Lyme disease through being bitten by an infected tick... Research conducted in the late 1990s concluded that pheasants are an effective reservoir for these infective agents and potentially play an important part in their maintenance.... This gives rise to the distinct possibility that the unregulated release of these birds into our countryside has, by default, also greatly increased the number of people contracting Lyme disease... George Murdoch. Auchairnie Cottages, Laurencekirk (letter)

Cambridge News 30.6.17 Animal rights crusader wins fight to stop baa-baric Cambridgeshire sheep race - A vegan animal rights advocate says she is "over the moon" following the success of a campaign to scrap this year's annual Woodditton Sheep Run. Samantha Francis, 42, from St Ives, started a petition calling on Woodditton Parish Council to bring a halt to the "unnecessary and cruel" event which sees dozens of sheep being chased round a 70m grass track with stuffed teddy bear 'jockeys' on their backs. Sharing her petition with animal rights groups on Facebook last Sunday (June 30) she successfully rammed her point home, winning the support of nearly 40,000 people in three days and forcing the parish to call time on the historic event... (story)


BBC News 29.6.17 Huntsmen found guilty of Jedburgh fox-hunting charge - Two huntsmen from the Scottish Borders have been found guilty of breaching fox-hunting law... Johnny Riley, 24, and his father, John Clive Richardson, 67, of Bonchester Bridge, were fined £400 and £250 respectively for deliberately hunting a fox with dogs near Jedburgh last year. They plan to appeal against the decision.... (story)
ITV 29.6.17 Father and son found guilty of breaching fox hunting law - A father and son from the Jedforest Hunt have been found guilty of breaching Scotland's fox hunting laws. 67-year-old John Clive Richardson and his son, 24-year-old Johnny Riley, have been fined a total of £650... (story)
Southern Reporter 29.6.17 Borders huntsmen convicted of breaching fox-hunting laws Selkirk Sheriff Court - ROB FAIRBURN - Two Borders huntsmen have been convicted of breaching Scottish fox-hunting legislation in a landmark ruling at Selkirk Sheriff Court today. Father and son John Clive Richardson, 67, and Johnny Riley, 24, are the first members of a mounted hunt to be successfully prosecuted since the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act was introduced 15 years ago... (story)
Daily Record 29.6.17 Father and son convicted of breaking fox-hunting laws in Scotland's first successful prosecution BY GRAEME MURRAY - Two men have been convicted of breaching fox-hunting laws in the first successful prosecution of its kind in Scotland....(story)
STV 29.6.17 Father and son fined for foxhunting in Scots legal first - A father and son from the Borders have been found guilty of illegal mounted foxhunting in the first successful prosecution of its kind in Scotland.... (story)
Herald 29.6.17 Pair guilty of fox-hunting laws breach in first successful Scottish prosecution - Two men have been convicted of breaching fox-hunting laws in the first successful prosecution of its kind in Scotland. Father and son John Clive Richardson, 67 and Johnathan Riley, 24, from the Scottish Borders, both denied deliberately hunting a wild mammal on land surrounding Townfoothill near Jedburgh on February 18 2016... (story)
ITV 27.6.17 Closing statements due in Borders fox hunting trial - Closing statements are due to be heard today in the trial of two huntsmen accused of breaching Scotland's fox hunting laws. 67-year-old John Clive Richardson and his son, 24-year-old Johnny Riley, from the Jedforest Hunt, have denied the accusation after a video filmed by investigators showed a fox being dug out of a hole and then chased by a pack of hounds... (story)
Border Telegraph 27.6.17 Huntsmen accused of breaching legislation will discover their fates on Thursday - TWO huntsmen from the Borders accused of breaching Scotland's fox hunting legislation will discover their fates on Thursday.... (story)
BBC News Online 2.6.17 Borders fox-hunting trial hears shotgun evidence - A retired police wildlife crime officer has told the trial of two men accused of breaking Scots fox-hunting laws he was waiting in a gulley with a shotgun. Investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports said they saw no gunmen and heard no shots when they filmed the Jedforest Hunt in February 2016. However, Malcolm Henderson told a court he had been there with a shotgun... (story)
BBC News 1.6.17 Men on Borders fox-hunting charge acted 'within legislation' - Two huntsmen accused of breaching Scotland's fox-hunting laws were acting within the current legislation, it has been claimed at Jedburgh Sheriff Court. John Clive Richardson, 66, and his son Johnny Riley, 24, are charged with deliberately hunting a fox with hounds at a Borders farm... However, Mr Richardson told a trial at Jedburgh Sheriff Court that there was a gunman in the gulley who wounded the fox with a shot before it was "accounted for" by the hounds. He said that gunman Malcolm Henderson had been put in position in a deep gulley which was out of sight of the video being secretly filmed... (story)
Herald 29.4.17 Officer had doubts over legality of fox hunt - A VIDEO showing a fox being dug out of a hole and then chased by a pack of hounds breached Scotland’s fox hunting legislation, according to a wildlife crime police officer.... (story)
BBC News Online 28.4.17 Borders fox-hunting trial video footage 'showed law breach' - Video of a fox being dug out of a hole and chased by a pack of hounds showed a breach of Scots legislation, according to a wildlife crime police officer. James Hood, 52, told Jedburgh Sheriff Court that while it was illegal to deliberately hunt a wild mammal with a dog there were some exceptions. He was giving evidence at the trial of John Clive Richardson, 66, and Johnny Riley, 24, of the Jedforest Hunt...

Border Telegraph 28.4.17 Video footage shown in fox-hunting trial - VIDEO evidence showing a fox being dug out of a hole and then chased by a pack of hounds has been described as "appalling" at Jedburgh Sheriff Court. Witnesses claimed that the footage proved "traditional" fox hunting is still going on despite legislation being introduced 15 years ago.... Peter Cross filmed the incident on a video camera from a distance of 650 metres along with fellow investigator Terence Hill after they both set an observation point for a covert operation... (story)
Border Telegraph 27.4.17 Video footage shown in fox-hunting trial - VIDEO evidence showing a fox being dug out of a hole and then chased by a pack of hounds has been described as "appalling" at Jedburgh Sheriff Court... An investigator from the League Against Cruel Sports gave the court his verdict on two videos filming the activities of the Jedforest Hunt at Townfoothill Farm near Jedburgh, on February 18 last year. Peter Cross filmed the incident on a video camera from a distance of 650 metres along with fellow investigator Terence Hill after they both set an observation point for a covert operation.... (story)
Southern Reporter 21.3.17 Huntsmen ‘wanted hounds to kill fox’ - A father and son have gone on trial accused of breaching Scotland’s fox hunting legislation. John Clive Richardson, 66, and Johnny Riley, 24, from the Jedforest Hunt, deny deliberately hunting a fox with hounds – which has been illegal in Scotland since the introduction of the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002.... (story)
Border Telegraph 18.3.17 Legal row stalls foxhunting trial - THE trial of two Borders huntsmen accused of breaching Scotland's fox hunting legislation has been adjourned until next month. Legal reasons meant no evidence could be led on the second day of the trial of John Clive Richardson and his son Johnny Riley, who deny deliberately hunting a fox with hounds... (story)
Border Telegraph 17.3.17 Trial hears how fox is dug from hole before being chased by hound pack - A FATHER and son have gone on trial at Jedburgh Sheriff Court accused of breaching Scotland's fox hunting legislation. John Clive Richardson, who is 66, and 24-year-old Johnny Riley from the Jedforest Hunt deny deliberately hunting a fox with hounds - which has been illegal in Scotland since the introduction of the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002... League Against Cruel Sports investigator Terence Hill, 51, shot the video after setting up an observation point for a covert operation on gorse-covered land at Townfoothill near Jedburgh, on February 18 last year... (story)
Times 17.3.17 Father and son on trial for breach of fox hunting laws - Robert Fairburn - A father and son have gone on trial accused of breaching Scotland’s fox hunting legislation. John Clive Richardson, 66, and 24-year-old Johnny Riley, from the Jedforest Hunt in the Borders, deny deliberately hunting a fox with hounds, which has been illegal in Scotland since the introduction of the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002.... (story)
BBC News 16.3.17 Borders fox-hunting trial gets under way - Two men have gone on trial in the Scottish Borders accused of hunting foxes with hounds - illegal in Scotland since the Wild Mammals Act 2002. John Clive Richardson, 66, and Jonathan Riley, 24, of Bonchester Bridge, deny the charge. Jedburgh Sheriff Court saw footage filmed by an employee of the League Against Cruel Sports. Terence Hill told the court he had been observing hunts throughout the UK for 30 years. He described what he said he had filmed on 18 February 2016 which he said was the Jed Forest Hunt and how the two accused were taking part... (story)
ITV 16.3.17 Borders huntsmen deny breaking fox hunting laws - Two men have appeared at Jedburgh Sheriff Court accused of deliberately hunting a fox with a pack of dogs. The court heard that 66-year-old John Clive Richardson and 24-year-old Johnathan Riley, from Bonchester Bridge, were on a Jedforest Hunt in the Scottish Borders in 18 February 2016, when they were filmed by the League Against Cruel Sports... (story)

Liverpool Echo 29.6.17 Facebook storm after hunting group pose for wedding pictures at top hotel BY JOSH PARRY - A TOP Wirral hotel is at the centre of a social media storm after allowing a hunting group on to its grounds for a wedding reception. The Hillbark Hotel , based in Royden Park, Wirral has been widely criticised after images of a hunt group posing for wedding pictures were circulated online. Posts on the hotel’s Facebook page suggest the group, who campaigners say are the Cheshire Forest Hunt. were appearing at the venue as part of a wedding ceremony for two of their members on Saturday, June 24. The wedding venue defended the move and claimed they were “simply following a bride and groom’s wishes”.... (story)


Birmingham Mail 28.6.17 Atherstone Hunt probe dropped by police after fox ripped apart by dogs BYJORDAN COUSSINS JAMES RODGER - A police probe has been dropped after a pack of hunting dogs were captured savaging a fox to death.... (story)
Coventry Telegraph 28.6.17 Police drop investigation after fox killed by hunting dogs in Warwickshire BYJAMES RODGER - A police investigation launched after hunting dogs were filmed ripping a fox apart in Warwickshire has been dropped by officers, it has been revealed... (story)
Tamworth Herald 27.6.17 Police drop probe after fox ripped apart by Atherstone Hunt's hunting dogs near Tamworth By Jordan Coussins - A POLICE investigation launched after a pack of hunting dogs were captured savaging a fox to death near Tamworth has been dropped by officers, it has been revealed. The probe into illegal fox hunting began after members of hunt saboteurs filmed Atherstone Hunt hounds tearing into and killing a fox on a driveway in Shuttington on Saturday, January 14... (story)
Birmingham Mail 17.1.17 Fox eaten ALIVE by pack of hounds: Footage captured by protestors BY DAVID RAVEN BEN HURST - A bloodied fox is eaten alive by a pack of salivating hunting dogs in sickening footage captured by animal rights activists…. An exhausted fox then bolts into a family’s front garden while being chased by hounds and activists from screaming West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs desperate to save it…. (story)
BBC News 16.1.17 Police inquiry over fox 'killing' footage in Warwickshire - A hunt saboteurs group is claiming they saw hunt hounds on top of a fox, trying to kill it…. (story)
Tamworth Herald 16.1.17 Atherstone Hunt defends actions after fox mauled to death by dogs near Tamworth - A CONTROVERSIAL group has defended its actions after a pack of hunting dogs were filmed savaging a fox to death near Tamworth. Members from Atherstone Hunt have explained their side of the story after fox saboteurs captured sickening footage of the attack on Saturday, January 14, in Shuttington. A spokesperson from the Atherstone Hunt said: "We were acting within the law at the time by trail hunting. We were not fox hunting. "However, it appears some of the hounds strayed off the trail or the fox entered the path of the hunt. "The huntsman did not see the fox and as soon as he was aware what was going on he would have done his best to call the dogs off… (story)
Tamworth Herald 16.1.17 Fox ripped apart near Tamworth by pack of hunting dogs – police appeal for information - THIS is the sickening moment a pack of hunting dogs were captured savaging a fox to death in the street near Tamworth. Officers from Warwickshire Police have confirmed they are investigating after the harrowing footage was passed to them by anti-hunt protesters on Saturday, January 14… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 16.1.17 Sickening footage shows fox killed by hunting dogs in Warwickshire BY DAVID RAVEN SAM DIMMER - Animal rights activists have filmed a pack of hunting dogs killing a fox in a sickening incident in Warwickshire. The creature is shown on camera fleeing from hunters during an incident on Saturday in Shuttington, North Warwickshire, just a few miles from Twycross Zoo… (story)
Express 16.1.17 Horrifying moment fox is chased and mauled to death by vicious hunting dogs - OUTRAGEOUS footage has been captured by animal rights activists of a fox being killed and eaten by ravenous hunting dogs. By DARREN HUNT - The fox was eaten alive in the sickening clip which was captured by animal rights activists during the Atherstone Hunt in Warwickshire. .. (story)
Independent 16.1.17 Pack of dogs caught on video tearing fox apart during alleged hunt - Samuel Osborne - Footage has emerged of hounds tearing a fox to death during an alleged hunt. Members of the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs say they were attempting to stop the Atherstone Hunt when they captured footage of the attack… (story)
Sun 16.1.17 TORN TO SHREDS - Sickening moment pack of hunting dogs maul a fox to death in the front garden of a family house - A FOX was savaged to death by a pack of hunting dogs in the street – despite a law banning it 12 years ago. Harrowing footage filmed by anti-hunt protesters over the weekend shows the moment the fox was torn to shreds after being set upon by the hounds. Police have since confirmed they are investigating, but The Atherstone Hunt say it was an “accident” and they reported it to police themselves… (story)
Mail on Sunday 15.1.17 'They're killing it!' Fox is mauled to death by a pack of ferocious hounds in a shocking clip captured by anti-hunt campaigners By Alex Matthews - A fox is mauled to death by a group of ferocious hounds in a shocking clip captured by anti-hunt campaigners. Members of the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs claim they were tracking the Atherstone Hunt near Shuttington in Staffordshire, when they saw the attack in action. In the erratic video footage, a fox appears to make a dash into a nearby garden to make an escape when the pack strikes… A hunt member later arrives on horseback to disperse the hounds, ordering them 'leave it'… (story)
Mirror 15.1.17 Fox eaten alive by hunting dogs after being chased in sickening footage filmed by animal rights activists BY DAVID RAVEN - A bloodied fox is eaten alive by a pack of salivating hunting dogs in sickening footage captured by animal rights activists. The terrified farmyard pest flees from an area where hunters were dressed in their traditional bright red jackets. An exhausted fox then bolts into a family's front garden while being chased by hounds and activists from screaming West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs desperate to save it… (story)

New Statesman 28.6.17 Tail docking is described as “barbaric” – so why did the SNP vote to bring it back? - The decision by the SNP to permit the docking of puppies' tails seems bizarre - until you consider the party's divided loyalties. As Holyrood votes go, it probably doesn't get more emotive than the decision to lift the ban on tail docking... So why has the Scottish National Party, with its left-wing rhethoric and substantial block of left-leaning newer members, voted through such a deeply controversial proposal?... (story)

Independent 28.6.17 Hen harrier population crashes in UK as illegal killing takes its toll - Ian Johnston Environment Correspondent - Illegal killing of hen harriers has helped cause the population of this “most wonderful” bird of prey to crash by more than a quarter in just 12 years, conservationists have warned. A survey by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and other groups found the bird remained on the brink of extinction in England with just four known pairs last year, compared to 12 in 2010.... The RSPB said previous research had shown the main reason why the hen harrier population was falling was illegal killing associated with grouse moors in northern England and parts of Scotland. However it said other factors such as cold and wet weather over several breeding seasons, habitat changes and low numbers of their prey had also affected their numbers.... (story)
The Herald 28.6.17 Serious concern over huge fall in hen harrier numbers - HEN harriers numbers are falling in Scotland and the bird is on the brink of extinction in England.... Hen harriers are the most threatened birds of prey in the UK due to illegal killings and destruction of heather moorland and forestry, their natural habitat.... (story)


South Wales Echo 27.6.17 Foxes face another horror – culling - Tod Bradbury Campaigner, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Yorkshire Evening Post 27.6.17 Urban fox culling - Tod Bradbury, Campaigner, Animal Aid While fox hunting is a very relevant political topic at present, it is also important not to forget other horrors facing foxes in urban environments – namely culling by “pest” controllers. Animal Aid has been inundated by concerned members of the public who are horrified at news of urban foxes being culled near their homes... (letter)

Worcester News 27.6.17 'Save cattle, go vegan' - According to Richard Heath, secretary at the Hanbury Countryside Show: “It’s going to be pretty exciting......to see who is our first Three Shires Cattle Trophy Triple Crown winner” (Deadline looming for cattle entries, WN). Probably not quite so exciting for the cattle themselves though, when the competition is over! That’s because 2.5 million cattle are put to death in the UK every year, with the vast majority being killed as very young animals at less than one tenth of their natural lifespan.... Hector Roux Kidderminster (letter)


Cambrian News 26.6.17 Protest against pledge to re-legalise fox hunting By Caleb Spencer - A WOMAN dressed as a fox roamed the streets of Aberystwyth last weekend to protest the prime minister’s previous pledge to re-legalise fox hunting. Sian Owen, who describes herself as “vixen, Labour Party member, LGBTI and pro-animal rights campaigner”, donned a fox T-shirt and mask and took to the streets of Aberystwyth on Friday, 16 June, joined by fellow party members and animal rights campaigners... (story)

Malvern Herald 26.6.17 Protest against culling of badgers held outside Three Counties Showground - ANIMAL welfare protesters staged a demonstration against the culling of badgers outside the Three Counties Showground in Malvern. The protesters from the Worcestershire Vegan Action group carried placards and banners and several of them wore badger suits outside the showground urging showgoers to oppose the cull. Ronald Lee, communications officer for Worcestershire Vegan Action, said: “The demonstrators gave out hundreds of leaflets to people going into the show... (story)

Herald 26.6.17 Lord McConnell joins criticism over return of tail-docking for puppies - Tom Gordon - FORMER Labour First Minister Jack McConnell has joined the growing criticism of the Scottish Government’s decision to reinstate tail-docking for puppies.... (story)
Vet Times 23.6.17 Criticism as Scottish MSPs agree to tail docking amendment - The BVA says it is “appalled” at the vote by legislators to reintroduce the tail docking of certain classes of working dogs in Scotland.... (story)
The National 23.6.17 Tail docking legislation should be kept under review, says SNP MSP John Mason by Kathleen Nutt - An SNP MSP has said he wants to “keep under review” a controversial decision to relax a ban on docking puppies’ tails, less than a day after he voted it through. John Mason supported the Scottish Government’s proposal to allow vets to shorten the tails of spaniels and hunt point retrievers by up to a third before they are five days old.... But in an email to the animal welfare charity One Kind yesterday morning, Mason appears to have doubts: “I think we need to keep all this under review and if there is evidence in future of increased animal suffering, then we would need to look at it again,” he wrote.... (story)
The National 23.6.17 Mark Ruskell: Tail docking is a dangerous, anti-science step for the Scottish Government to take - GANDHI once said that: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”... Since devolution, there have been key moments where that reflection has taken place. The ban on foxhunting with dogs and the foot and mouth disease crisis caused us to think hard about our relationship and responsibilities to the animal world. This week’s vote at Holyrood to bring back tail amputations in healthy puppies destined to become working dogs shone another light on our values and how we treat scientific evidence.... Tail docking in a puppy is a painful amputation that has to be carried out without pain relief, given the age of the dog.... (story)

Aberdeen Evening Express 22.6.17 MSPS VOTE TO END OUTRIGHT BAN ON TAIL DOCKING FOR DOGS - MSPs have voted to end the outright ban on tail docking for dogs in Scotland. The parliament voted by a majority in favour of creating exemptions for two breeds, which would allow vets to shorten the tails of spaniels and hunt point retrievers by up to a third when they are puppies up to five days old.... Parliament voted by 86 to 29 in favour of the changes, with nine abstentions.... (story)
Cumnock Chronicle 22.6.17 MSP Colin Smyth hits out after Tories and SNP approve tail docking vote ... South Scotland MSP Colin Smyth criticised the seven members of the Scottish Parliament’s Environment Committee that voted in favour of the “outdated, unnecessary and painful practice”. The Conservative’s Finlay Carson and the SNP’s Emma Harper, representing South Scotland, voted to put the proposals to the full parliament. Only Labour, including South Scotland MSP Claudia Beamish, and the Greens voted against the proposals.... (story)
Herald 14.6.17 Scotland move to end outright ban on tail-docking for dogs - Fiona McKay - SCOTLAND has moved to end an outright ban on tail docking for dogs, allowing for vets to shorten the tails of specific breeds. Vets will be allowed to dock the tails of spaniels and hunt point retrievers by up to one-third when they are puppies, after MSPs voted on the legislation. Experts and animal rights campaigners have expressed outrage at the move, saying it represents a “retrograde step for animal welfare”... (story)
BBC News Online 13.6.17 Committee backs end to Scots puppy tail docking ban - The end of an outright ban on tail docking for dogs is a step closer after Holyrood's environment committee backed exemptions for specific breeds. The government wants to amend legislation to let vets shorten the tails of some working dogs. MSPs on the committee backed the plans by seven votes to three... (story)
Third Force News 13.6.17 MSPs in animal rights fury as tail docking is brought back by Graham Martin - Leading animal welfare charities claims a decision by MSPs to vote in favour of reintroducing tail-docking has failed Scotland’s dogs. .. (story)

Holyrood 26.6.17 Rural resilience in communities by Tom Freeman - Poverty and a lack of services are more keenly felt in remote locations... Ahead of the election the Countryside Alliance produced a manifesto which highlighted the challenges presented by Brexit.... (story)

Farming Life 26.6.17 New wildlife crime leaflet issued - Countryside Alliance Ireland were in Portrush on 20 June to attend the launch of a new leaflet to raise awareness about the Common Skate and to remind recreational sea anglers that it is a protected species in Northern Ireland. Part of the ongoing ‘Watch out for Wildlife Crime’ public awareness campaign by the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime NI (PAW NI), the new guidance aims to better protect the Common Skate... (story)

Horse & Hound 26.6.17 Change of chiefs at RSPCA as leader quits after a year - Lucy Elder - The head of the RSPCA has quit after just over a year in the role. Jeremy Cooper stepped down as chief executive this month. His resignation was revealed on 12 June, less than two weeks ahead of Friday’s (24 June) annual general meeting... (story)
Farmers Guardian 20.6.17 'Utterly dysfunctional' - RSPCA under attack again after resignation of chief executive - OLIVIA MIDGLEY - The RSPCA has once again come under attack following the resignation of its chief executive after just a year in the post. Jeremy Moody took on the role in April 2016 after a two-year gap following Gavin Grant’s departure on ill-health grounds in 2014. The Countryside Alliance rounded on the charity which it said had moved away from its remit of protecting the welfare of animals and instead favouring political campaigning... (story)
Mail 17.6.17 What's gone wrong with the RSPCA? How a cherished charity which symbolised Britain's love for animals has been hijacked by zealots who care more about pets than humans (and has now lost its third chief in five years) By GUY ADAMS FOR THE DAILY MAIL - This week has been tricky for Daphne Harris, the 72-year-old grandmother who is nominally in charge of Britain’s wealthiest animal charity, the RSPCA. On Monday, her troubled £140 million organisation admitted that it had parted company with its chief executive Jeremy Cooper, in mysterious circumstances, just 14 months after he took the job. Mr Cooper left days before what promises to be a fractious annual general meeting, and became the third CEO to go in just five years... Two days after Mr Cooper left, a second scandal came along. This one struck much closer to home for Mrs Harris... the RSPCA has paid almost £1 million in recent years on the purchase, conversion and running of a small cattery.... The full-time occupant of this desirable residence is one Katie Toms. Not only does she live there, rent-free, with a husband and child, she also happens to be Mrs Harris’s daughter... Shortly after taking office, Cooper admitted that the RSPCA had become too partisan and adversarial, telling an interviewer that fox-hunting prosecutions would be ‘very unlikely’ under his stewardship because ‘we are going to be a lot less political’. This pragmatic approach delighted the Charity Commission, whose chairman William Shawcross has criticised the RSPCA’s ‘zeal for prosecutions’. However, it caused instant outrage on the RSPCA’s 25-member ruling council, which Mrs Harris chairs.... Whatever occurred, the shambles highlights the dysfunctional nature of the charity’s ruling council, and the hardline views of its members.... The Charity Commission, for its part, now hopes that ‘improvements’ will be made to the RSPCA’s governance with ‘necessary urgency’ to prevent it having to take over day-to-day running of the entire organisation. But don’t hold your breath: for as long as it continues to be run by a cabal of obsessive animal rights activists, Britain’s wealthiest animal charity will inevitably remain its most dysfunctional.... (story)
Dog World 16.6.17 RSPCA ‘utterly dysfunctional,’ says Countryside Alliance chief executive - AFTER a week of being bashed in the media due to the resignation of its chief executive the RSPCA has come in for more harsh criticism, this time from Countryside Alliance chief executive Tim Bonner. Mr Bonner has penned a blog for the organisation’s website and newsletter which has described the tribulations of the RSPCA as becoming so commonplace that they have become ‘unremarkable...

Third Force News 17.6.17 Regulator threatens to take over charity after serious failings by Robert Armour - Regulatory action will be imposed on the RSPCA unless it makes urgent changes to the way it is being run. The Charity Commission, the regulator for England and Wales, says it may impose new management on the animal welfare charity over a series of failings which the organisation has failed to address.... (story)
Third Sector 14.6.17 Craig Dearden-Phillips: The RSPCA is turning into a dog's dinner - Another day, another charity governance disaster. This time it isn't about an outlandish founder and a lapdog chair but one of Britain's best loved brands: the animal charity the RSPCA. In case you haven't been watching the news, the RSPCA has just parted with its third chief executive in the past five years. The official line is that Jeremy Cooper has moved on to pursue other business opportunities, but there is a great deal of speculation that there has been another major bust-up among trustees... (story)
Civil Society 14.6.17 RSPCA faces 'further regulatory action' unless it reforms governance - Kirsty Weakley - The Charity Commission has warned the RSPCA that it must improve its governance with "necessary urgency" or face "further regulatory action", and said it will formally monitor the charity to ensure it makes changes... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 14.6.17 Charity Commission tells RSPCA to improve or face action - The RSPCA has been urged to improve the way it is run following the departure of its chief executive after just over a year in the role. The Charity Commission said governance of the RSPCA "remains below" what is expected of "a modern charity", adding that it was concerned about the impact on public confidence. It warned the animal welfare charity it could face "further regulatory action" unless necessary improvements were made... (story)
Heart 13.6.17 RSPCA in turmoil as chief executive Jeremy Cooper quits after 15 months - The chief executive of the RSPCA has resigned after little more than a year in the post, leaving the world's oldest animal welfare charity in turmoil. Jeremy Cooper was appointed to the £150,000 a year role last April, promising to restore the charity's damaged reputation, but has left before implementing a five-year recovery plan aimed at creating a "modern, transparent and efficient organisation"... (story)
Telegraph 13.6.17 RSPCA plunged into fresh turmoil after charity watchdog threatens action - Robert Mendick - The RSPCA is being so badly governed it is damaging public confidence, the official watchdog said yesterday in an unprecedented attack on one of Britain’s best known charities... The intervention of the Charity Commission follows the sudden departure of Jeremy Cooper, its chief executive, after a little over a year. Mr Cooper is understood to have clashed with members of its 25-strong governing council after apologising for the adversarial style of the previous management and saying future fox hunting prosecutions would be “very unlikely” in the future... Mr Cooper quit the charity suddenly on Friday without working out his notice period, according to sources. One source claimed he had been asked to leave ‘immediately’ - just a fortnight before the RSPCA’s annual general meeting on June 24... Penny Little, a prominent RSPCA member who began a petition to have Mr Cooper removed from his post a year ago, said she now hoped the RSPCA would take up more fox hunting prosecutions... (story)
Third Sector 13.6.17 RSPCA's governance must be brought up to standard, says regulator by Liam Kay - The Charity Commission was responding to the immediate departure of chief executive Jeremy Cooper, which was announced yesterday - The Charity Commission has said that the RSPCA’s governance should be "brought up to standard" after the charity’s chief executive departed with immediate effect... (story)

Worcetser News 26.6.17 'Toll of horse race deaths' - Well done to the animal protection campaigners who held a protest outside Worcester Racecourse on Ladies Day (Worcester News, June 10).... Peter Talbot Worcester (letter)


Morpeth Herald 25.6.17 HUNTING: A sop to the farmers? - When Mrs May recently indicated an intention to put the subject of fox hunting back on the agenda should the Conservative Government be returned to power, I assumed at the time that this was to appease the more right wing elements of the party prior to the general election. It occurs to me now that this may have been intended as a sop in advance of when the subject of farming subsidies inevitably rears its head again after the election.... Craig Harrison High Common Farm Morpeth (letter)


Stroud News & Journal 24.6.17 PICTURES: Badgers re-painted on fence posts in Slad to oppose the cull - Eddie Bisknell - FENCE posts in Slad have had whimsical badgers re-painted on them to oppose a cull. The posts, near The Batch in Swift's Hill, Slad, have been re-painted by a local artist. They are believed to have been painted to oppose the badger cull, with one picture depicted a badger playing Scrabble and spelling out the words 'stop the badger cull'... (story)

Mirror 24.6.17 "A vision of hell": Sickening scenes inside pig farm that shame Britain BY LEWIS PANTHER - Two porkers chomp on a dead hog in sickening ¬pictures which shame ¬Britain’s pig farming trade... Activists from animal welfare group VIVA found another rotting hog with a huge wound being eaten by one of 15,000 pigs crammed into a farm owned by father-of-two Brian Hobill.... VIVA founder Juliet Gellatley uncovered what she described as a “vision of hell” after a tip-off from a former employee.... (story)


International Business Times 23.6.17 Are Kate Middleton and the Royal Family glamourising animal cruelty by attending Royal Ascot? - PETA speak to IBTimes UK about the cruel nature of horse racing. By Lucia Binding - It's that time of year the Queen's face resembles the Cheshire Cat as she attends one of the biggest flat-racing events there is, but is Her Majesty's beloved Royal Ascot condoning animal cruelty?... On the Royal Family's association with horse racing, Elisa Allen, Director of PETA UK, told IBTimes UK: "Even dirty, old habits die hard, and it's doubtful that the Queen or any of the royals have been shown the sordid side of horse racing, such as the drugging, the deaths, or the horses slaughtered for meat... (story)

Belfast Telegraph 23.6.17 Assign bullfighting to the dustbin of history - The death of Spanish bullfighter Ivan Fandino, after being gored by a bull, must serve as yet another reminder of the extreme danger and gross inhumanity implicit in this so-called 'sport'.... JOHN FITZGERALD Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (letter)


Horse & Hound 22.6.17 County show confirms hound parades despite antis’ pressure - Eleanor Jones - A county show committee has stood firm despite “increasing pressure” by saboteurs to remove hound parades from its timetable. The West Midlands hunt saboteurs group and other activists had been lobbying Ashby Show (9 July) to ban the Atherstone Hunt, the North Warks Beagles and the Dove Valley Mink Hounds parades from its main ring, and from having trade stands at the event. But after a meeting on the issue last night, the committee released a statement saying the hound parades will go ahead.... (story)

Western Morning News 22.6.17 Tory candidate says hunting was not an issue at the polls By Tom Hunt - Does the decision to drop the free vote on hunting from the Queen's speech mean it was a vote loser? Tory candidate Tom Hunt says no.... A fuller version of this article appears on the Conservative Home website at sconservativehome.com (story)

Devon Live 22.6.17 Tory candidate says hunting was not an issue at the general election - Did Theresa May's decision to drop a free vote on hunting from the Queen's speech suggest it was unpopular? Conservative candidate Tom Hunt says no... (story)
Conservative Home 19.6.17 Tom Hunt: Fox hunting. I was a candidate in an urban seat. And I can tell you that it did no real damage to our support - Tom Hunt was parliamentary candidate for Doncaster Central at the last election, and is Media Relations Manager for the Countryside Alliance.... A number of factors have been flagged up to explain last week’s results, from a lack of a positive Conservative vision, through poor handling and communication of the Government’s social care proposals to the robotic and tedious nature of the Conservative campaign. As someone who spent the past five weeks knocking on doors in South Yorkshire urging people to vote Conservative, I would argue that there is an element of truth in all of these. Unlike the Labour Party, we didn’t have enough of a retail offer to voters, particularly the young... However, bizarrely, it is now claimed that “senior Conservatives” are suggesting that a key reason why the Conservative Party failed to secure a majority was that the manifesto was a commitment to hold a free vote on the future of the Hunting Act. I find this reasoning extremely questionable. Why would a pledge that was contained within the 2015 Party manifesto (a manifesto that led to us securing a majority) suddenly become a key factor in explaining why we failed to win a majority this time?... (story)

Conservative Home 22.6.17 Dan Watkins: What I learned as a Tory candidate in South West London - Dan Watkins was the Conservative Candidate for Tooting in both the 2015 and 2017 General Elections. Thursday was a particularly tough night for Conservatives in Southwest London, with all of us suffering large reversals. But collectively we put in a huge campaigning effort – in the case of Tooting, my team knocked on all 45,000 doors in the seat and delivered quarter of a million leaflets... Other than our Brexit plan, very little from the Conservative Manifesto was proactively raised by residents on the doorstep. Where objections were raised, I actually received more on fox hunting than social care (!), but possibly this reflects our younger demographic... (story)

Sun 22.6.17 FOR FOX SAKE - What has Theresa May said about fox hunting, is the sport illegal in the UK and could the ban be repealed? By Lauren Fruen - FOX hunting with dogs has been outlawed since legislation was passed by Tony Blair’s Labour government in 2004. But the issue hit the headlines again after PM Theresa May said she would allow a free vote on repealing the ban if she won the 2017 General Election.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 21.6.17 Why is Leicestershire associated with foxes? By Ellie Stringer - Leicester is known for a number of reasons including Walkers crisps, the Attenborough brothers and Premier League football. But the symbol that is most synonymous with the city and county is the red fox... Hugo Maynell, who lived in Quorn, is known as the father of fox hunting after establishing his pack of hounds here in the eighteenth century. Some of the most famous fox hunts in the UK have also taken place in our county. The Quorn Hunt, established in 1696, is one of the world's oldest fox hunting packs... (letter)

Gloucester Live 22.6.17 Animal rights demonstrators protest at Hartpury College over dead fox video - Animal rights demonstrators picketed the prize-giving day at Hartpury College amid accusations that some students play a game in which they dare each other to kill animals. Around a dozen protesters gathered at the entrance to the college which has more than 1,500 students.... Lynn Sawyer was sceptical about the college statement to say killing the fox was the most humane thing to do under the circumstances and questioned why it was not taken to the Vale Wildlife Hospital.... (story)

Argus 22.6.17 'There are too many foxes about' - Call for crackdown after pet rabbit killed - Amir Razavi - A FURIOUS mother is calling for a clampdown on foxes roaming the streets after the family’s pet rabbit was killed. Annette Conkleton, of Chelston Avenue, Hove, found the blood and fur of Peter the rabbit scattered around her garden on Sunday evening after he was let out to play. She said the family was distraught over the loss of Peter who was part of the family for five years. Mrs Conkleton, 47, said: “I feel awful and the children are so upset. “Peter can’t come back and the problem is there are too many foxes about.... (letter)
Gloucestershire Live 19.6.17 No evidence animals are being tortured and killed by Hartpury students for bizarre initiation game, police say BY JANET HUGHES - Police say they have not been able to uncover any evidence that animals are being tortured and killed in a bizarre student initiation ceremony at Hartpury College. Officers were called in after what appeared to be a video of a fox being butchered appeared on social media around the same time as a picture emerged of a student holding a dead cat by its tail.... Inquiries established the cat had been knocked down by a car and was already dead when it was pictured. However the investigation into the fox incident is not yet closed.... Today police issued a statement saying: "We are aware there has been concern over our handling of allegations relating to the killing of a fox cub near Hartpury. "We would like to clarify that officers are continuing a thorough and proportionate investigation into this matter. We are liaising closely with the RSPCA as part of this investigation... (story)
Sunday Express 11.6.17 Horror as warped college students ‘butcher fox, badger and cat in cruel initiation game’ By SIMON OSBORNE - POLICE are investigating allegations of animal cruelty at a top agricultural college after reports that students butchered a fox, a badger and a teacher's cat in a sick contest to kill the biggest animal... (story)
Bristol Post 9.6.17 Students who slaughtered fox cub on UWE campus suspended but police say it was NOT animal cruelty BY MELISSA JONES KRISHAN DAVIS - Students who filmed themselves brutally slaughtering a fox cub on a UWE campus have been banned from their college – but police say it was NOT an act of animal cruelty. The sickening video of the tiny fox cub writhing in agony as it was pinned down and stabbed with a large blade did the rounds on social media earlier this week.... (story)

Mirror 9.6.17 College students 'kill animals in sick initiation rite' as pictures and footage posted online BY LOUIE SMITH - A student has been expelled and others suspended from a posh college with animal care courses over claims they killed a fox and a cat. Pupils allegedly competed to kill the largest animal in a sick initiation rite. Police launched a probe after a stud¬ent posted footage of youngsters apparently stam¬p¬¬ing on a fox cub and slitting its throat... (story)
Gloucestershire Live 8.6.17 Students banned from Hartpury College after sick images of the slaughter of a fox and pet cat go viral BY MELISSA JONES - Students who allegedly butchered a fox and a pet cat have been banned from Hartpury College. Footage and pictures appeared on social media suggesting both animals had been killed. It is understood that the cat belonged to a member of staff, who initially thought his pet had gone missing in the gardens behind Hartpury house... (story)
Gloucestershire Live 7.6.17 Police satisfied fox cub death allegedly at the hands of students was not an act of animal cruelty BY MELISSA JONES - Police are satisfied that a fox cub being killed, allegedly by a group of students, was not an act of animal cruelty. A short and upsetting video shared on social media brought the incident to the public’s attention yesterday... “Following further enquiries into an incident involving a fox cub in Hartpury, officers are satisfied that it was not an act of animal cruelty,” said a force spokesman. The fox had been struck in a collision and the student, who is training to be a gamekeeper, acted to dispatch the animal to end its suffering.."(story)

Farmers Weekly 22 .6.17 Dairy sector accused of organised animal cruelty - Philip Clarke - Claims of orchestrated animal cruelty were directed at leading UK dairy sector representatives as they arrived for the annual Dairy UK dinner in London on Wednesday (21 June). Farmers and milk processors gathering for the event at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, were met with a barrage of noise and criticism from about 50 animal rights protesters and vegans on the pavement outside.... (story)


Independent 21.6.17 Theresa May's plan to overturn fox-hunting ban fails after being left out of Queen's Speech - Joe Watts Political Editor - Downing Street has confirmed that Theresa May's bid to overturn the fox-hunting ban has been firmly kicked into the long-grass. The issue was not mentioned in the Queen's Speech and Ms May's spokesman signalled it would not feature in this parliamentary session... (story)
Express 21.6.17 Fox hunting left OUT of Queen's Speech as animal rights campaigners remain 'vigilant' By STUART WINTER - A manifesto pledge to give MPs a free vote on overturning the Hunting Act was spectacularly dropped from the Queen's Speech today after becoming a toxic election issue for the Tories. Instead of celebrating the demise of fox hunting, anti blood sport campaigners say they are on guard to resist any attempts to weaken or repeal the hunt ban... (story)
Shropshire Star 21.6.17 Queen's Speech: Fox hunting return plans ‘kicked’ out - Downing Street has confirmed that Theresa May's bid to overturn the fox hunting ban has been firmly kicked into the long-grass. The issue was not mentioned in the Queen's Speech and Mrs May's spokesman signalled it would not feature in this parliamentary session.... (story)
North West Evening Mail 21.6.17 Chase for repeal of foxhunting ban still on in Cumbria after Queen's speech omission - FOXHUNTING was left out of the Queen's Speech, but in Cumbria the chase is still on for a repeal of the hunting ban. Prime minister Theresa May promised during the election campaign that she would allow a free vote on whether the ban on foxhunting should be repealed, but it didn't make it into the list of bills. Master of the Blencathra hunt, Michael Thompson, said he was not surprised: "The ban has been in place now for 12 years. We are just carrying on as before. It was not in Theresa May's manifesto, so we were not expecting it to be mentioned by the Queen."... (story)
North West Evening Mail 21.6.17 Mixed reactions in Cumbria to Queen's Speech as May prepares for Brexit - Cumbria's politicians have clashed over the the government's plan for new legislation, outlined in today's Queen's Speech.... The revival of grammar schools, a free vote on foxhunting, means-tested winter fuel payments, and the much maligned “dementia tax” to fund social care... none appear in the government’s legislative programme.... Workington MP Sue Hayman describes the Queen's Speech as “threadbare.”... (story)
North West Evening Mail 21.6.17 Cumbrian MPs weigh in on slimmed down Queen's Speech By Jonathan Rees - IT was the most talked about Queen's Speech for years - before and after it was delivered... Labour MP John Woodcock who represents the Barrow and Furness constituency levelled stinging criticism at the "arrogance" of the Conservatives. He said: "The fact the Tories have had to drop their obsession with fox hunting and grammar schools from the Queen's Speech shows how important it was to cut this arrogant, washed=up government down to size in the election... (story)
Sun 21.6.17 WHAT'S BEEN SCRAPPED? - Queen’s Speech contains watered-down, fudged or scrapped promises on social care, energy caps and grammar schools By Natasha Clark - THERESA MAY has been forced to scrap a whole host of promises in the Queen’s Speech after failing to win a majority in the election.... Foxhunting: Theresa May wanted to hold a free vote on repealling fox hunting. This got no mention in today’s Queen’s Speech... (story)
Liverpool Echo 21.6.17 7 controversial Tory policies that have been DROPPED after election disaster BY DAN BLOOM LIAM THORP - Theresa May’s plans for the next two years of Government were read out by the Queen this morning - with A LOT left out.... 2. Fox hunting vote The Tory manifesto said it would offer a free vote on whether to reverse Labour’s ban on the blood sport.... (story)

Worcester News 21.6.17 'Man is the biggest pest' - So many errors in Councillor Ken Pollock’s diatribe against wildlife (Foxes need to be controlled, Letters, June 1) that I really don’t know where to start! There’s no scientific or moral reason why foxes or badgers need to be “controlled” by humans. Yes, foxes sometimes do kill chickens etc., but the main threat to the lives of such farmed animals are humans, who kill them in their millions... Isobel Thorpe Worcester (letter)

Sheffield Star 21.6.17 Ban on importing foie gras to Britain - As Brexit negotiations get under way, I would like to appeal to your readers to support Animal Equality’s campaign calling for a ban on importing foie gras to the UK.... Peter Egan, Actor c/o Animal Equality (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 21.6.17 They have blood on their hands - Jennifer Bookbinder, Leeds I see that another bullfighter has met his death in France... The promoters of these ghastly bullfights must surely have blood on their hands. (letter)


New Scientist 20.6.17 UK foxes thankfully spared the baying pack, unlike Theresa May - One good outcome of the hung parliament chaos will be a Queen's speech devoid of an utterly unscientific vow to resume fox-hunting, says Stephen Harris... (story)


Western Morning News 19.6.17 Did Hunting Act issue play a part in Tory election failures? By Philip Bowern - Some commentators believe Theresa May’s pledge on a vote to repeal the Hunting Act cost her party vital votes in the election. Philip Bowern looks at the evidence. As the analysis into the General Election results continues, commentators have begun looking at some of the rural policy differences between Labour and Conservatives that may have played a part in the result.... Yet David Cameron – a former member of the Heythrop Hunt in Oxfordshire – had made the same pledge on a free vote in the run up to both the 2010 and 2015 elections. And the same promise, to give MPs a chance to debate and vote on the issue – was in the 2005 Conservative Party manifesto too. Any Conservative voter who had a problem with Mrs May’s stance on fox-hunting would have had a problem with the Conservatives long before she ever came to power – her pledge on a free vote was nothing new.... Liam Stokes, who stood for Labour in Wiltshire in last month’s county council election is Head of Shooting at the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance. He wrote in a Labour blog last week: “Animal rights issues are not the same thing as rural issues, yet instead of seeking to address the rural disconnect too often the Labour campaign simply defaulted to overemphasising the Conservative commitment to a free vote on the future of the Hunting Act. This commitment has appeared in every Tory manifesto since 2005 and simply isn’t interesting to rural voters.” (story)

Kent Live 19.6.17 Tonbridge charity claims victory after Sainsbury's says it will no longer kill foxes By Adam John - Sainsbury's has committed to using only humane, non-lethal methods to deter urban foxes from its stores after several animals were killed at a store near Dartford. Over 40,000 people signed a petition after three male foxes were reportedly trapped and shot outside the Crayford supermarket, with many people taking to Twitter to express their anger. Pressure mounted on the store by Tonbridge-based animal rights camapign group, Animal Aid, has since resulted in Sainsbury's committing to use humane methods to deter the animals should they approach their store again... (story)

Derby Telegraph 19.6.17 The shocking number of feared extremists in Derbyshire revealed By ICrowsonDT - Police have revealed that more than 100 Derbyshire people a year are being referred to them over fears they are extremists. Hate preachers are "grooming" vulnerable people in a bid to radicalise them... As well as Muslim extremism, the team also work hard to prevent far-right extremism and those views shared by animal rights activisits as well... (story)

Devon Live 19.6.17 Animal protest group say 'goodbye to 5,000 souls' of chickens outside giant meat factory By Colleen_Smith - A Devon animal rights group has held a vigil for the '5,000 souls' of chickens outside one of the country's biggest meat processing company's in Devon. The campaigners say they have an agreement to be allowed to spend one or two minutes with each lorry-load of chickens arriving at the 2 Sisters Food Group... "Devon Animal Save is a peaceful group, we are not there to offer anger and hate to the truck drivers or 2 Sisters on site employees, our hope is we can offer the chickens some comfort while we document their conditions and final journey," a spokesman said ahead of the vigil.... (story)


Irish Independent 18.6.17 Giving a free vote on ban hunting - Theresa May's support for the proposed repeal of Britain's 2004 Hunting Act, which banned fox hunting, hare coursing and stag hunting, was, according to many political analysts and media pundits, a huge factor in the Tories losing their parliamentary majority... Our party leaders should also allow a free vote... on a bill to give the fox and the hare (stag hunting is already prohibited) the legal protection accorded to those creatures in Britain. John Fitzgerald, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)


Swindon Advertiser 17.6.17 Fox hunting faux pas - I HAVE always been an animal lover... The Prime Minister of Great Britain decided to mention in her manifesto that she would encourage another vote on the despicable pursing the uneatable - namely fox hunting. Hunters are a crowd of jumped up toffs on horses... BILL WILLIAMS, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon (letter)

Peterborough Telegraph 17.6.17 LETTER: No way back for fox hunting - As a lifelong Conservative voter, I call upon the party to seriously and unselfishly review its support of foxhunting and other so-called blood sports, and to ditch its perceived links and obligations to the Countryside Alliance, in the wake of the election disaster.... Robin Jones Whattoff Way Baston (letter)

Kent Live 17.6.17 A Tonbridge charity has launched a campaign in a bid to change competitive horse racing By callumwilson - A Tonbridge charity has launched a campaign in a bid to put a halt to competitive horse racing, and to the cruelty of horses. Animal Aid is on a mission to end what it believes is a major problem within the animal rights community. The charity released a video taken by an animal rights group which they think reveals what the racing industry would rather keep quiet, and has prompted it to start the Race Horse Death Watch campaign.... (story)
Devon Live 16.6.17 RIP vigil to dead racehorse at Newton racecourse by animal rights protesters By Colleen_Smith - Animal rights protesters held a memorial vigil to a dead racehorse outside Newton Abbot races with 'RIP' gravestone messages. The group Devon Animal Save campaigns against horse racing and recently released a distressing video showing the last moments of a racehorse which had to be put down after being injured at the last meeting at the Kingsteignton course... Outside the racecourse protester Ross Mayhew said: "We get lots of support from passing cars who beep their horns and cheer and wave.... (story)
Devon Live 15.6.17 Distressing video shows horse being put to sleep at Newton Abbot racecourse By Colleen_Smith - A video showing the final moments of a racehorse at Newton Abbot racecourse has been released by animal rights group, Devon Animal Save. The six-year-old mare Tea in Transvaal was racing at Newton Abbot when she was injured, reportedly breaking her foreleg. The animal rights protesters who regularly campaign against the sport outside race meetings at the Kingsteignton course filmed from the footpath and cycle lane which runs alongside Newton Abbot racecourse... (story)

Bristol Post 17.6.17 Protesters chant outside Broadmead Debenhams against ‘pointless and cruel’ animal testing by MAC make-up - Animal rights demonstrators have been protesting against the use of “hypocritical” and “barbaric” make-up testing regimes outside the Debenhams department store. More than a dozen protesters descended on the Broadmead shop on Saturday afternoon in an attempt to dissuade shoppers from buying MAC Cosmetics make-up products... Protester Peter Blannan from Clifton said: “Animal testing is pointless and cruel... (story)


Daily Record 16.6.17 Irvine MSP reveals horror of rotting animal 'stink pits' used to snare predators BY ROSS DUNN - The discovery of rotting animal pits used for killing predators has disgusted Irvine and Kilwinning’s MSP. Ruth Maguire said she only recently found out about so-called ‘stink pits’ while researching for a debate on snares.... (story)

Belper News 16.6.17 Vegetarian beef farmer turns his farm vegan and moo-ves herd to animal sanctuary - A vegetarian beef farmer has made the incredible gesture of donating a herd of 59 cows to a vegan sanctuary and is working to convert his farm to a vegan one. Jay Wilde has been farming cows all his life but could no longer accept making money from them and decided to donate the herd to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk.... (story)


HOUNDS ACCUSED OF SPREADING BTBSmallholder 15.6.17 Drastic increase in disease outbreaks in hunting territory and potential Defra cover-up lead to call for independent inquiry - Evidence that bTB, the devastating disease which has caused thousands of cattle deaths and led to the controversial badger cull, could be spread by hunting hounds is mounting following the release of new government figures. An outbreak of bTB occurred at the Kimblewick Hunt kennels in Buckinghamshire in December 2016. Concerns that the hounds could have spread the disease into farms across the six counties covered by the hunt were quashed by Defra... (story)
Scottish Farmer 12.6.17 Hunts hounded over TB spread - Gordon Davidson - ANTI-HUNTING campaigners have cited new government figures as evidence that hounds may have helped create a spike in bovine TB infections across six English counties. The League Against Cruel Sports has highlighted an outbreak of bTB at the Kimblewick Hunt kennels in Buckinghamshire in December 2016, which resulted in the hounds being put down... LACS vet Dr Iain McGill, a former MAFF scientist, has called for all hunting to be suspended until an independent inquiry has taken place to discover if hunting hounds are spreading the disease.... (story)

Herald 15.6.17 Holyrood tail-docking decision cannot be justified - SO “tail shortening” for gundogs is to be allowed. What a silly euphemism for chopping off a puppy's tail without an anaesthetic ("Ban on tail-docking to be axed", The Herald, June 14) I have no doubt it suits the five SNP, four Tory, two Labour and one Green MSPs on the Environment Committee to use the phrase shortening rather than amputation of a puppy's tail without anaesthetic. It probablty eases their guilt.... George Leslie, North Glassock, Fenwick. (letter)

BBC News Online 15.6.17 Blindfolded racehorse death at Brighton to be investigated - An investigation has been launched into how a racehorse escaped from a starting stall still blindfolded. The mare, Just Marion, unseated its jockey before he could uncover the horse's eyes and crashed through side rails at Brighton Raceourse on Monday. It was later destroyed... A spokesman for Animal Aid said it has expressed concern over starting stall procedures before.... (story)

Wigan Observer/Post 15.6.17 Suffering behind horse racing - Video footage taken by a local animal rights group reveals what the racing industry would probably rather remained hidden behind screens – the final moments of a race horse named Tea In Transvaal (IRE) at Newton Abbot on June 5. Readers may think that such deaths are a rare occurrence, but, in fact, around 200 race horses are killed on British courses each year... Fiona Pereira Animal Aid (letter)
Oxford Mail 14.6.17 Witness the reality of horseracing industry - FIONA PEREIRA Horse Racing Campaigner Animal Aid Tonbridge (letter)


Third Sector 14.6.17 RSPCA lawyers write to The Sun about 'inaccurate article' - The newspaper today claimed that the charity spent £1m on a cattery that looks after only 12 felines - The RSPCA has filed a legal complaint against The Sun after the newspaper ran a front-page news story today claiming the charity spent £1m on a cattery that looks after only 12 cats... (story)
Sun 13.6.17 TAKING THE PUSS - RSPCA spends £1m looking after just 12 cats in posh house – where a boss’s daughter lives rent free By Ben Leo, Jake Ryan, Lauren Probert and Tess De La Mare - Katie Toms, daughter of RSPCA national council chairwoman Daphne Harris, lives at the house rent free with family - The cats live in a shelter in the spacious back garden in Headcorn, Kent... The Charity Commission yesterday said it would look into the case. The semi-detached four bedroom house in Headcorn, Kent, was bought in 2011 for £464,935 by the local branch of the RSPCA, which is run by Ms Harris.There were two further outlays of cash — £138,323 and £137,277... (story)

Mail 14.6.17 Restaurant bosses say they have been blackmailed into taking foie gras off the menu by animal rights protestors 'who compared them to London Bridge terrorists' By Rory Tingle For Mailonline - A gastropub's owners say they have been forced into removing foie gras from their menu after animal rights activists compared them to the London Bridge terrorists. David and Samantha McHattie, who run the Bridge Inn at Calver in the Peak District, claim protestors have subjected them to a campaign of 'intimidation'... (story)
Metro 14.6.17 Owners remove foie gras from restaurant’s menu after ‘bullying and intimidation’ by animal rights activists - Tom Towers - The owners of a restaurant have said they have been forced to remove foie gras from their menu after being ‘bullied and intimidated’ by animal rights activists. David and Samantha McHattie decided to axe the French delicacy after a customer was left ‘visibly shaken’ by a ‘torrent of intimidating abuse’ that saw police being called... (story)
BBC News Online 14.6.17 Derbyshire pub takes foie gras off menu after 'bullying' - Pub owners have removed foie gras from the menu after their family, friends and guests received abuse... (story)
Derbyshire Times 13.6.17 Foie gras removed from menu after ‘bullying and intimidation’ at Derbyshire restaurant - DAN HAYES - A Peak District restaurant says it has been ‘bullied and intimidated’ into removing a controversial French delicacy from its menu. The Bridge Inn at Calver started serving foie gras - a pate made from the livers of geese - in March this year. However, after four protests outside the restaurant in the last few months - the restaurant’s owners have reluctantly decided to change the menu. In a statement, joints owners, David and Samantha McHattie, said: “The activists will crow victory, but so be it. “We cannot and will not put our principles before our guests experience at The Bridge so we have decided to remove it from the menu. “Peaceful protest is fine but these people know the law exactly how far they can push it.”... (story)
Matlock Mercury 29.5.17 Animal rights activists continue their campaign against foie gras menu at Derbyshire restaurant - These photos show protestors gathered outside Calver Bridge’s Bridge Inn again yesterday (May 28) in protest at the restaurant’s refusal to take foie gras off its menu. The protest comes after an online row, with the restaurateurs and several customers accusing protesters of a Facebook bullying campaign during which some 175 bad reviews were left on their Facebook page.... (story)
Matlock Mercury 2.5.17 Protesters’ campaign continues - Animal cruelty activists are pictured here during their second protest in as many months outside Calver Bridge’s Bridge Inn. They gathered outside the restaurant on Monday May 1 in protest at the restaurateurs’ decision to continue serving foie gras following heated exchanges on Facebook between animal rights advocates and the owners of the Bridge Inn and its loyal customers... (story)
Derby Telegraph 19.4.17 Foie gras protesters at Bridge Inn in Calver Bridge, Derbyshire, vow to continue fight By George_Allen - Animals rights protesters have vowed to continue their campaign to force a Derbyshire gastropub to take foie gras off its menu. About 30 activists staged a demonstration outside the Bridge Inn restaurant, in Calver Bridge, on Sunday after its owners refused to stop serving the controversial dish... (story)
Matlock Mercury 17.4.17 We will not stop until foie gras is removed, say protestors - BEN MCVAY - A member of an animal rights group has said activists will continue to put pressure on a Derbyshire restaurant serving foie gras until its owners agree to remove the controversial dish from its menu. Activists gathered outside Calver Bridge’s Bridge Inn restaurant on Easter Sunday in protest at the restaurateurs’ decision to continue serving foie gras... (story)
BBC 16.4.17 Calver pub slams online foie gras 'mob attacks' - Owners of a pub have attacked activists who they claim were behind online "mob attacks" and abusive phone calls over their decision to sell foie gras. David and Samantha McHattie, who run The Bridge Inn in Derbyshire, said they have been "bombarded" with "fake reviews and hateful messages".... (story)
Derby Telegraph 12.4.17 Animal rights protest at Bridge Inn in Calver, Derbyshire, against choice to serve foie gras By George_Allen - Gastropub owners have hit back after an animal rights group revealed plans to protest against the restaurant's refusal to take foie gras off the menu. Anti-cruelty campaigners will gather at the Bridge Inn, in the Peak District, on Easter Sunday but the Tapas eatery's owners said they believed "value meats in the supermarkets are treated far crueller than any geese"... The East Midlands Animal Rights Coalition will stage the "peaceful demonstration" between 12.30pm and 3.30pm at the restaurant in Calver Bridge, Hope Valley.... (story)
Derbyshire Times 10.4.17 Animal rights activists set to gather outside Derbyshire restaurant in protest at foie gras dish this weekend - BEN MCVAY - Animal rights activists are gathering outside Calver’s Bridge Inn on Easter Sunday in protest at the restaurant’s refusal to take foie gras off its menu .. The protest comes amidst an online row, with the restaurateurs and several customers accusing protesters of a Facebook bullying campaign during which some 175 bad reviews were left on their Facebook page.... (story)
Morning Advertiser 5.4.17 Foie gras abuse prompts publicans to create a support group By Georgina Townshend - Two licensees have vowed to set up a support group for the hospitality trade after animal rights activists posted thousands of fake reviews and “abuse” on their Facebook page because the pub serves foie gras. David and Samatha McHattie, owners of the Bridge Inn in Calver, Derbyshire, have said they will “stand up to bullies” after the activists bombarded their site with false one-star reviews on its Facebook Page... (story)
Derbyshire Times 30.3.17 Poll backing for taking foie gras off Derbyshire menus - Poll backing for taking foie gras off Derbyshire menus Calver Bridge restaurant Our readers are overwhelmingly against seeing foie gras on the menu in Derbyshire, according to the results of our exclusive on-line poll. We asked visitors to our website what they thought of the controversial dish after owners of the Calver Bridge restaurant said they would continue to keep serving it - despite claims they have been subjected to a Facebook bullying campaign since animal rights activists...(story)
Derbyshire Times 29.3.17 Foie gras stays say restaurateurs - BEN MCVAY - The owners of a Calver Bridge restaurant which serves foie gras have confirmed they will not be removing the controversial dish from its menu. David and Samantha McHattie say they and their customers have been subjected to a Facebook bullying campaign since animal rights activists learned that the Bridge Inn was serving foie gras... (story)

Hertfordshire Mercury 14.6.17 Hertfordshire Vegan groups condemn 'Vegan Vandals' graffiti spree By Narbeh_M - Vegan groups from Hertfordshire have condemned the spate of graffiti carried out by a group calling itself the Vegan Vandals. Representatives from Hertfordshire Animal Rights, Herts Vegetarians & Vegans, and Hertfordshire Chicken Save have prepared a statement insisting the vigilantes do not represent the majority of vegans. The group has targeted nature reserves and open spaces, leaving messages such as 'not your mum, not your milk' and 'I stopped drinking cow's milk when I realised I wasn't a baby cow' and signing off as 'The Vegan Vandals'.... (story)


Yahoo 13.6.17 Theresa May's plan to bring back fox hunting ‘stands no chance’ after election humiliation, says ex-Tory chairman - Theresa May’s plan to bring back fox hunting ‘stands absolutely no chance’ after her general election humiliation, a former chairman of the Conservative Party has said... Former Tory chairman Grant Shapps said the fox hunting vow from Mrs May had been a ‘silly idea’ and now had no chance of becoming a reality... (story)

Express 13.6.17 Croydon Cat Killer WARNING: Crazed feline murderer 'has slaughtered more than 200 pets' By STIAN ALEXANDER - A CAT killer believed to have slaughtered more than 200 cats is now dumping body parts of animals around the south east. It is believed that the sick killer carries 'trophies' - like severed paws, heads and tails - around with him and dumps them if he does not find a victim... Bosses at the South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty charity (SNARL) - which is run by Boudicca Rising and partner Tony Jenkins and is leading the hunt for the killer - put a 'case update' on its Facebook page on Monday... The incident is being investigated under Operation Takahe, the Met's investigation in the cat killer, who is known as the Croydon Cat Killer, the M25 Cat Killer and the UK Cat Killer.... (story)


Wolverhampton Express & Star 12.6.17 Downton Abbey star speaks at Birmingham Wildlife Festival - review with pictures By Matthew Kong - An annual festival celebrating Britain’s diverse wildlife and how we can protect it for future generations returned this weekend to Birmingham's Victoria Square... Chris Luffingham from the League Against Cruel Sports kicked off the talks, discussing the Vote for Vinnie Campaign and its role in the election.... Unfortunately, it was not all smiles and sunshine. Besides the sun only making short, irregular appearances, animal activists and conservationists have plenty of bad news to share. From the fact overfishing means pigs eat more fish than puffins to loopholes in the Fox Hunting Ban, there is plenty to stop you in your tracks and ruin your good times... (story)

Farming Life 12.6.17 Exclusive Game Fair offer - Discounted Entry to Shane’s Castle and Birr Castle Game Fairs Exclusive Offer for CAI Members Countryside Alliance Ireland is delighted to announce that we have procured tickets on behalf of our members to attend the Game Fairs at Shane’s Castle (Saturday, June 24th and Sunday, June 25th, 2017) and Birr Castle (Saturday, August 26 and Sunday, August 27, 2017)... (story)

Mail 12.6.17 Animal rights activists slam Sainsbury's for selling KANGAROO meat in stores (but the supermarket says there's nothing controversial about the way its burgers are made) By Imogen Blake For Mailonline - Animal rights activists have slammed Sainsbury's after it began selling controversial kangaroo burgers in stores last week. Dozens of people have left angry comments on the supermarket's Facebook page with links to petitions and websites criticising the kangaroo meat trade... (story)

Ilkeston Advertiser 12.6.17 Animal rights activists protest Awsworth circus show - EDWARD DINGWALL - Animal rights activists were out in force in Awsworth last week as they sought to call public attention to the practices of a controversial circus. About 20 people gathered on Saturday, June 10, to peacefully protest against Peter Jolly’s Animal Circus at the Awsworth car boot site... David Smith from Nottingham Animal Rights said: “The life of a circus animal is a life constantly on the road... (story)


Mix96 10.6.17 Vegan festival comes to Aylesbury - A touring vegan festival is in Aylesbury today... The thriving organisation's schoolteacher founder, Jean Pink, was raised here. To mark the occasion, Aylesbury Vegans has organised a vegan bring and share party at Aylesbury Friends Meeting House, 4.30pm, to which both vegans and non-vegans are welcome. The Aylesbury event comes on the last day of an ambitious three-week festival that has been coordinated by Animal Aid to mark its landmark birthday and to celebrate its part in the phenomenal rise in interest in plant-based foods.... (story)


Kent News 9.6.17 Who is Rosie Duffield? Meet the Labour MP who has made history By vickycastle - In an astounding moment, Labour candidate Rosie Duffield made history by winning the Canterbury seat in the 2017 general election. Incredibly, the seat has been held by the Conservatives for 176 years and Rosie's win saw the end of Sir Julian Brazier's whopping 30-year tenure... Ms Duffield is an active animal rights campaigner, has demonstrated with PETA and attended anti-fox hunt protests. She also represents the Labour party on a pro-European forum, the Canterbury Amnesty International branch, on anti-racism forums and in environmental groups.... (story)


iNews 8.6.17 Foxhunting is the most egalitarian sport going Patrick Galbraith - It must have been a Monday. I woke up with one of those hangovers that’s so dire, you aren’t really sure you’re ever going to recover from it, and with vague notions of turning over a new leaf, I dragged myself off to the university gym. “A year’s membership comes in at just under £300.00” said the jolly northern girl behind the desk. A quick glance at my banking app confirmed I wouldn’t be throwing iron around the weights room for the foreseeable. The following afternoon I stood on the Somerset Levels watching a beagle pack tear across the ground in full cry. On my right was a bloke who sold second hand caravans, on my left there was a retired primary school teacher, and running across the field after the hounds was the Master of the Hunt, a man who turned to making cheese in his outhouse after he was made redundant. Being part of that wonderful day cost each of us the grand total of £3.00.... (story)

Bristol Post 8.6.17 Bristol Hunt Saboteurs are 'snowed under' with new members hoping to stop fox hunting BY JOE SMITH - With hunting firmly back on the agenda, a Bristol group who make it their business to disrupt fox hunts say they are ‘snowed under’ with new requests to join... Every weekend from August to March the Bristol Hunt Saboteurs take to the fields and woodlands around the city to stop hunters finding and killing foxes... (story)

Western Morning News 8.6.17 War begins on the invasive menace taking over Dartmoor - From the car window a hillside full of bracken might look quite attractive. Yet it is a menace for agriculture and wildlife. Philip Bowern reports... Much of the damaging bracken growth is in the north of England and Scotland, where the most dramatic attempts to kill it off will be used. Its impact on grouse moors, for example, can be devastating, which is one reason the Countryside Alliance and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation welcomed the approval for the use of Asulam to control it this year, following an EU ban in 2012.... (story)

Nottingham Post 8.6.17 Campaigners want to educate the public against controversial animal circus in Notts By SarahBryan1 - Campaigners are encouraging the public to boycott a controversial circus which is performing in Nottinghamshire this week. Peter Jolly's Circus is holding two shows a day until Sunday on Shilo Way, in Awsworth, but local and international animals rights groups have called on residents to boycott the shows. Nottingham Animal Rights (NAR) said they are against the conditions the animals live and train in, while Animal Defenders International (ADI) also has concerns over the welfare of the animals... (story)


Bristol Post 7.6.17 Where are all the fox hunts in the Bristol region? BYJOE SMITH - With fox hunting back in the news, we look at the hunts near Bristol... Avon Vale Hunt... South West and Wilts Hunt... The Duke of Beauforts Hunt... Mendip Farmers Hunt... Weston and Banwell Hunt... (story)

Mirror 7.6.17 Brian May: Theresa May's stance on fox hunting has proved she is a dangerous woman, hell-bent on establishing herself as a virtual dictator BY BRIAN MAY - I must admit my first reaction to the announcement from Theresa May that there was to be a snap general election was mild disgust... My hesitation turned into anger and resolve when I saw Theresa May’s shocking admission last week that she had “always been in favour of foxhunting”... (story)
Huffington Post 7.6.17 General Election 2017: 10 Forgotten Issues During The Campaign - Kathryn Snowdon, Graeme Demianyk - It was supposed to be the Brexit election, but in reality the niceties of quitting the European Union were barely discussed during the seven-week campaign... HuffPost UK has complied a list of just 10 of hundreds of issues few have grappled with... Second-Class Rural Broadband And Mobile - Arguably the only policy aired significantly during the campaign directly affecting rural areas was the Tory promise to hold a free vote on repealing the Hunting Act,... Tim Bonner, chief executive officer of the Countryside Alliance, tells HuffPost UK its “unacceptable” almost one million homes in rural areas still cannot access download speeds... (story)
Southport Visiter 7.6.17 General Election: West Lancashire candidates final message to voters BY JAMIE LOPEZ - Voters will head to the polls across the country for the General Election 2017 - There are five parties in the running for the West Lancashire constituency... Rosie Cooper (Labour) - Working families on average are set to be £1400 a worse off with the cost of living rising, wages falling in real terms. And yet the repeal of the fox hunting ban is a priority for this Conservative government.... Jo Barton (Liberal Democrat) ... I would stand against any moves to allow fox hunting to be legalised... (story)
The Conversation 7.6.17 Before you vote, read Mary Webb’s 1917 novel on the barbarism of fox hunting - Mary Webb’s classic novel Gone to Earth marks its 100th anniversary this year and remains extremely relevant. The novel has anti-fox hunting and anti-cruelty rhetoric at its core – so its centenary comes at a timely moment. Should the Conservative Party secure a majority after Theresa May’s snap election on June 8, the UK countryside could well be witnessing the return of hunting with hounds... (story)

Holyrood 7.6.17 Blood sport blindness afflicts our politicians - Tom Freeman = The blood sport lobby try to muddy the issues on animal rights, but it couldn't be more clear - cruelty is cruelty... What a shame, though, that there can’t be more compassion shown towards the animal kingdom at a time when the enjoyment of inflicting pain and death on fellow creatures is as popular as ever.... Perhaps less surprising is the indication that restrictions on fox hunting will be repealed.... And blood sport blindness is not exclusively a Tory pastime. The Scottish Government is considering ‘relaxing’ the ban on amputating puppies’ tails introduced in 2007... Will animal rights legislation ever recognise the culpability of the human in the equation?... (story)

Croydon Cat Killer 7.6.17 Croydon Cat Killer believed to have murdered squirrels in Croydon and Beckenham - Two dead squirrels have been found in and around the heart of Croydon, leading to fears that the Croydon Cat Killer has struck once more. Animal welfare group South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) were first called out to Lower Addiscombe Road on Sunday (June 4) where a tail had been found in the middle of the pavement.... (story)


Ecologist 5.6.17 Ecologist Exclusive: Theresa May's views on fox hunting lack scientific validity - Theresa May's suggestion that she was going to allow a free vote in Parliament on repealing the Hunting Act met with howls of outrage , not least from vets concerned about animal welfare. Dr Iain McGill (who spoke at the recent Keep the Ban protest) and his colleagues write here about her ignorance on hunting and, given the Kimblewick hounds issue, the danger posed by making hunting legal again.... This letter, released today, coincides with the publications of an article by this author and some 20 of his colleagues in the Veterinary Times (see ref. 11 above) and was offered exclusively to the Ecologist for online publication today (story)
The Comet 5.6.17 GENERAL ELECTION INTERVIEW: Hitchin and Harpenden Liberal Democrat candidate Hugh Annand - Layth Yousif ...There are a number of concerns that have been raised from constituents. The number one issue is fox hunting of all things – that is the single issue that I’ve had the most emails about... What’s your view on fox hunting? The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable.... (story)

Sunday Post 5.6.17 Anger as animal cruelty charges against gamekeeper dropped due to paperwork blunders by Gordon Blackstock - A GAMEKEEPER accused of catching foxes in illegal traps has had charges against him dropped because of a paperwork blunder. John Goodenough, 32, who worked on an estate owned by one of the UK’s richest families, had been accused of using illegal traps on foxes on a farm in Ayrshire... Legal sources at the court say the Crown abandoned the case two days before it was to be heard after getting the dates wrong on its paperwork.... (story)

Rural Services Network 5.6.17 'Make Brexit work for countryside' - Politicians are being urged to ensure that Brexit works for the countryside when negotiations start after this month's general election. The call was made in a rural charter published by the Countryside Alliance ahead of voting on Thursday, 8 June... (story)


York Press 4.6.17 Anti-fox hunting protesters to stage sit-down rally and vigil - A PLANNED anti-fox hunting rally will now be a sit-down protest after the events in London last night. Labour campaigners had intended on staging a demonstration in St Helen's Square at 5pm today, but said they have altered it to include a vigil and minute's silence.... (story)
York Press 4.6.17 Minute's silence held in York for London terror attack victims - Alex Ross - YORK residents paid their respects to the victims of the London terrorist attack by holding a minutes silence in the city centre. Around 100 people fell silent in St Helen's Square as part of a protest against fox hunting. Protesters had come from all over the country to march through the streets, but organisers decided to cancel the march and pay their respects to the seven victims instead... (story)

Mail on Sunday 4.6.17 Gamekeeper, 23, working on estate owned by Prince William's friends set 'barbaric' illegal bird traps - but is let off with a police caution By Andrew Young For The Mail On Sunday - A gamekeeper on an estate owned by close friends of the Royal Family who set illegal traps to kill protected birds was spared prosecution thanks to a police blunder. Three pole traps were found in an area where a rare hen harrier had been seen hours earlier on the Mossdale grouse shooting moor in North Yorkshire, which is part-owned by the Van Cutsem family. A 23-year-old gamekeeper was caught in May last year when a camera hidden by the RSPB filmed him checking the ‘barbaric’ traps, which have been illegal since 1904. RSPB investigators expected the man to be charged under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, which carries a maximum penalty of six months’ imprisonment and a £5,000 fine. But the junior gamekeeper, who has not been named, was instead given a police caution after he admitted his guilt... (story)


Conservative Home 3.6.17 James Barrington: Why advocates of the Hunting Act are running scared of repeal - James Barrington is a former Executive Director of the League Against Cruel Sports. He is now an animal welfare consultant to Countryside Alliance, Council of Hunting Associations and the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group. The sight of John Prescott, with his leader Jeremy Corbyn in the background, pulling a toy fox out of a sack at Labour rally and shouting, “Theresa May wants to tear this apart” showed just how ridiculous and desperate he really is... The sole reason anti-hunting groups oppose the Conservative proposal to debate the future of the Hunting Act is because any proper scrutiny of their law is likely to show that a hunting ban is detrimental to wild animal welfare. But for others, like John Prescott, all this is irrelevant; if you think a fake fox can gain you votes, why worry about the real ones? (story)
BBC News 3.6.17 Is fox hunting an election issue? By Brian Wheeler - Theresa May will give MPs a free vote on repealing the ban on fox hunting if her party wins the general election. The policy appears to have come as a surprise to many, despite the fact that it was in the last two Conservative manifestos. Will it affect the way people vote?... (story)

York Press 3.6.17 Animals should not be treated as exhibits - Jennifer White, Media and partnerships co-ordinator, PETA UK, London (letter)
South Wales Echo 1.6.17 Don’t treat wild animals as exhibits - How many more people have to be hurt or killed by wild animals kept in confinement before we accept these animals do not belong in captivity? - Jennifer White Media and Partnerships Coordinator, Peta UK (letter)


Shropshire Star 2.6.17 Corbyn recalls Shropshire fox hunting debate - and pledges to keep ban - Jeremy Corbyn recalled his youth in rural Shropshire as he delivered a speech in which he branded fox hunting as barbaric. The Labour leader told supporters at a rally how the first speech he ever gave while at Adams Grammar School in Newport was in a debate about bloodsports.... (story)


Express 1.6.17 Fox hunting: Three out of four voters 'are AGAINST overturning the ban' By STUART WINTER - Conservative strategists are bound to be troubled by a new poll that reveals how half of all voters are less likely to vote for a candidate who wants to legalise fox hunting... A new poll commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports published today shows that 78 per cent of voters say fox hunting should not be re-legalised, while only three out of 100 voters say they are more likely to support a candidate who supports its return... (story)
Independent 1.6.17 Jeremy Corbyn says fox hunting is ‘barbarity’ and pledges to keep it banned - Jon Stone - Jeremy Corbyn has branded fox hunting “barbarity” and pledged to keep blood sports banned on animal welfare grounds... (story)

Morpeth Herald 1.6.17 HUNTING: Give freedom to choose - The President of the League Against Cruel Sports tells us that 84 per cent of people in England and Wales want fox hunting to remain illegal, (Morpeth Herald, May 18). It would be interesting to learn the source of that information.... Norman Bateman Low Espley (letter)