March 2002

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Scotland on Sunday 31.3.02 DUNCAN HAMILTON: The choice facing Holyrood: reform or stagnate - Duncan Hamilton is SNP MSP for the Highlands and Islands ... It is a good system but we need to make it work better. Take the vexed passage of the fox-hunting bill as a case in point... I sat on the rural affairs committee and along with colleagues from all parties read and listened to weeks of evidence. A majority of my colleagues on the committee felt the evidence did not justify the legislation and the committee recommended the bill should not be passed. This part of the process was a massive step forward from Westminster - a credit to our new institution. Parliament then rejected this recommendation and voted for the bill. In doing so, it rejected the conclusions reached in the pre-legislative scrutiny and raised a question as to whether the current system contains the necessary checks and balances to ensure robust and effective scrutiny of legislation. Irrespective of whether you supported or opposed the bill, it is a lamentable piece of legislation. If it is the will of parliament that we ban fox-hunting, then fine; but so badly drafted was this bill that after the vote MSPs were still unclear as to whether hunting had indeed been technically banned... story

Sunday Telegraph 31.3.02 The hunt goes on - YOU were wrong to suggest that the New Forest Draghunt has collapsed (Report, March 24). It will continue to hunt in the New Forest but on private land... I explained to your reporter that I have withdrawn from drag-hunting on the New Forest for reasons of health and safety and because Commoners do not want it. Michael Thomas, Master, New Forest Draghunt, Harbridge, Hampshire (letter)

Scotland on Sunday 31.3.02 Storm in the water over new super trout - FRANK HURLEY - A BREED of genetically-modified ‘super trout’ is being introduced to Scottish lochs and ponds to cut down on the annual cost of restocking fish... People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is opposed to any form of fishing. Spokeswoman Dawn Carr said yesterday: "What they are doing is encouraging interference with nature simply for the so-called fun of impaling a trout in the mouth and dragging it through the water.... (story)

Times 30.3.02 Where next for Lord Mancroft? Pro-hunting peer - TOM CHESSHYRE - q/a interview (story)

Times 30.3.02 Hunting Lords ... I was staggered to hear Lord Whitty, the Food and Rural Affairs Minister, on Radio 4’s Farming Today this morning blame a handful of “hereditary hunters” for scuppering the Government’s controversial Animal Health Bill... Is blaming the supporters of hunting whenever something goes the wrong way for this urban-biased Government the shape of things to come?... MARK SANDERS, 5-6 The Crescent, Taunton, Somerset TA1 4EA. (letter)

Guardian 30.3.02 Ministers seek compromise on hunting - Anne Perkins, political correspondent - Ministers are still working on a compromise over fox hunting despite the huge majority of MPs voting that it should be banned. The rural affairs minister, Alun Michael, told the Guardian: "The class war on red coats and mounted followers needs to be put on one side. I don't want a bill representing the views of one interest group. What I want is a practical and effective piece of legislation."... Mr Michael said the alliance's plans for a march - which it launched after his statement last week - were "not terribly helpful". He said the alliance would have an opportunity to contribute to thinking on the government's legislation, and so would those in favour of a ban.... (story)

Times 30.3.02 Gathering views on foxhunting - FROM LORD DONOUGHUE AND OTHERS - Sir, The Government’s statement on how the hunting issue is to be handled, following the debates in both Houses last week, includes reference to a six-month consultation period... The establishment of a joint select committee of both Houses, which would call for evidence and take evidence in public, would give the consultative period a framework most likely to command public confidence.... BERNARD DONOUGHUE, (Minister for Farming, 1997-99), ALEX CARLILE, CARRINGTON, CRAIG of RADLEY, Bishop JOHN HEREFORD, DOUGLAS HURD, KING of BRIDGWATER, IVOR RICHARD, House of Lords. March 28. (letter)

Western Morning News 30.3.02 HUNT SABOTEUR CLAIMS HER CAR WAS ATTACKED - ROBERT JOBSON - A hunt saboteur has complained to police that her car was severely damaged in a country lane by three men wielding a pick-axe, an iron bar and a hammer… She alleged her Vauxhall Astra was ambushed by men who jumped out of a van on Wednesday after a day's hunting involving the Cury and Western Hunts… The woman phoned the WMN yesterday to say that she was called Jo and lived in Somerset but said that she preferred not to give any further details… Ben Sparrow, Master of the Western Hunt, said… "I saw hunt saboteurs, including a Cornwall woman with a tape recorder. Because she has no local support, she has to get them down from Somerset.".. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 30.3.02 RIDER DIES AT HUNT - There was a largely attended meet of the Burton and Rufford Hunts, the latter attending by invitation, at Langworth on Saturday. Unfortunately, at the very outset, the day's pleasure was marred by a serious accident. Mr. Hebb, of Goltho, well-known in Wragby and district was thrown from his horse... Yesterday morning Mr. Hebb lost consciousness and in the afternoon passed quietly away... (story)

Western Daily Press 30.3.02 A NEW SLANT ON THE HUNT PROPAGANDA - How wonderful it must have been for letter writer "Name and Address Supplied" to stroll through the countryside and see 14-year-olds with guns shooting everything that moved... (letter)

Western Daily Press 30.3.02 WE'RE PLEASED TO LIVE IN EXMOOR TIMEWARP - I took exception to the letter on feudal Exmoor. I have lived on Exmoor for 53 years.Yes, you could say we are in a timewarp, if caring and helping and feeling relatively safe are apparently things of the past. As regards Mrs Ballard, she might have been a good MP for the town, but we in the country, who of course don't matter, felt we were without an MP... Also would someone please tell me what is a kind way to kill a fox? I have seen a fox shot and it didn't look that pleased. (letter)
Western Daily Press 26.3.02 EXMOOR'S STILL FEUDAL FOR JACKIE - I was very interested to see Jackie Ballard's comments in your paper recently... Hunting people did treat Mrs Ballard in a very extraordinary and savage fashion.... Name and address supplied. (letter)

Worcester Evening News 30.3.02 What does this say about MPs? I REALLY cannot believe what I have just witnessed on Westminster Live (Thursday, March 21). I was anxious to hear the next saga that this Government had in store for us persecuted country folk when I was confronted with Tony Banks' comments about the legalisation of drugs.... AUDREY STEEL, Inkberrow (letter in archive)

Cambridge News 30.3.02 Don't ban fox hunting From Robert Sturdy MEP, St Neots Road, Hardwick ... This proposed attack on a way of life is not an animal welfare issue (about which I care deeply), but an attack on the environment and rural economy from vocal urban lobbyists....
From Harriet Thurston High Street, Chesterton - FOX hunting should not be banned. Foxes are cruel to other animals and anyone who doesn't like fox hunting does not have to do it. It is part of a tradition in British country life...
From Pat Griffin, Bakers Lane, Linton - THE argument for a total ban on hunting with dogs was won by the vast majority of the British public many years ago... (letters may be in archive)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Torquay Herald Express, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal, Plymouth Evening Herald) 30.3.02 LABOUR GOVERNMENT IS SHOWING INCOMPETENCE ... Hours were spent discussing a ban on hunting. Within a few hours, authorised by Tony Blair and presumably backed by the Cabinet, 1,700 troops were committed to a highly dangerous operation, where significant casualties can be expected. Yet when Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon made a statement on this important matter to the House, not one Cabinet minister was present. As for Mr Blair, who authorised the operation, he was absent, meeting Labour MPs to discuss hunting.... Gordon F Edwards, Third Avenue, Heavitree, Exeter (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 30.3.02 NOTHING COMPARES WITH ATROCITIES OF HUMANS - R. Streets (Letters, March 20) claims the fox population will increase if hunting is banned. This isn't true. Hunts encourage the fox to breed by not hunting during the breeding season. Indeed, some hunts build earths for them to breed in!.. . In the words of Jesus Christ: "If you have men who exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men." MRS M. A. THOMPSON Farleys Lane Hucknall
Royalty, aristocracy, wealthy landowners supported by elements of the "intelligentsia" such as John Mortimer and Baroness Mallalieu. When the Commons votes against their privileges they turn to the unelected Lords to overrule the will of the people... NORMAN ELSDON Oakdale Road Carlton
Like Andrew Saunders saying foxes don't kill fowl and lambs. I've seen it. I lived in the country for years. At one place I worked they had between 30 and 50 hens. The fox visited one night, got into the pens and bit all their heads off... MRS COWELL Westerham Close Bilborough
Firstly, the fox is not vermin... Foxes DO NOT kill for pleasure... It is proven that fox numbers do not escalate when no form of control is evident... The facts are irrefutable and available from the National Fox Welfare Society... SAMANTHA CADE Co-ordinator, National Fox Welfare Society Higham Road Rushden, Northants
Why all this fuss? D. GROOM (Mrs) Chandos Street, Netherfield (letters)

Hartlepool Mail 30.3.02 Richard wrong to attack king - IN Richard’s Ratings (or is it rantings?), a predictable swipe was taken at THE REAL GEORGE V and country sports (March 22)... that at Sandringham the king and his upper-class friends shot over one million grouse, fattened up so they could hardly fly. Sandringham is in Norfolk, not known for its heather and grouse moors! ... Before you try to be a smart a**e get your facts right or the joke falls flat on its face. Like most of the consistent tosh from the anti brigade. A P Abbott, Sheraton, Castle Eden. (letter)

Times 30.3.02 Animal research in search of cures ... Many eminent doctors and lawyers agree that animal models do not predict the response in humans of drugs, because of the insurmountable problem of species differences... PAMELA KINNUNEN, 50 Purley Avenue, NW2 1SB.
While the tactics of animal rights activists could sometimes be brought into question, the very idea that animal based research is directly responsible for so many cures is erroneous... PAUL WARD, Chairman, Europeans For Medical Advancement, PO Box 38604, London W13 0YR. (letters)

Northern Echo 30.3.02 Don't be cruel for sake of football says Kylie ...Campaigners yesterday joined Kylie the kangaroo at the main entrance of St James's Park, to call on Newcastle fans to boycott kangaroo leather football boots. The Kick Cruelty out of Football campaign is being run by international animal charity Viva!.. Newcastle Animal Rights Coalition spokeswoman Louise Stevenson said: "Kangaroo leather means a slow, agonising death for millions of kangaroos and joeys every year..."
Western Daily Press 23.3.02 THOSE WHO SPOIL THEIR OWN CAUSE - The letter from Elizabeth Howe concerning kangaroos would have been better if she had got it right... They have been slaughtered for years and if we don't buy football boots made from kangaroo skin - I don't buy football boots made from anything - it will not stop one kangaroo from being killed... There are those who want to stop anyone having anything to do with animals. They do not want us to eat animals, so no farm animals. They don't want anyone to have pets, so no budgie, cat or dog, let alone anything else... Their increasing bile has turned me from an ardent supporter of those who want to stop animal abuse to someone who will no longer donate to any of them. (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.3.02 FOOTBALL PUTS THE BOOT INTO KANGAROOS - I am sure that many WDP readers will be shocked to learn that Britain's favourite sport, football, plays a major role in a wildlife massacre... (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 12.3.02 Soccer 'killing' the kangaroos …More than seven million kangaroos and their babies are to be slaughtered this year in Australia for meat and skins, which will be used to make many top brands of football boots…The exposure by the animal rights group Viva! of this horrific suffering caused huge public outcry and all of the major supermarkets pulled kangaroo meat from their shelves, but the kangaroo leather industry shares equal responsibility for this sickening massacre… A EDWARDS (Mrs), Whalley New Road, Blackburn (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 16.1.02 Beckham puts 'roos on the hop KANGAROOS are fast becoming an endangered species - thanks to British footballers... Animal rights group Viva say the kangaroos are often beaten to death and their off-spring left to fend for themselves in the wild... (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Hull Daily Mail 30.3.02 HABITS REFLECT CLIMATE - Becky Smith (Letters, March 26) missed the point of my letter... Changing to vegetarian alternatives would mean most items of food would need to be imported at great financial and environmental cost. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 23.2.02 GOING VEGGIE IS NOT NATURAL FOR US ALL - I KNOW it is very easy to be a vegetarian today, thanks to a huge variety of produce available... The case for vegetarianism seems to rest upon it being natural. Natural for who? An inhabitant of the Mediterranean? Possibly. An inhabitant of the Arctic? Hardly. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 11.2.02 A NATURAL LIFESTYLE - I READ with interest that Christ was a vegetarian. Maybe so, yet that doesn't mean we all have to be... (letter)

Edinburgh News 29.3.02 Pro-hunters seek leader - PRO-HUNT campaigner, the Scottish Countryside Alliance, is looking to recruit a chief executive to help fight for rural rights... (story)

Western Morning News 29.3.02 100,000 COULD JOIN PRO-HUNTING MARCH - JAMIE MCGINNES - Up TO 100,000 hunt supporters from the Westcountry are to march on London in a last-ditch attempt to save the tradition, it was claimed yesterday.... (story)

Western Daily Press 29.3.02 HUNT SUPPORTERS WANT GIANT DEMO - Hunt supporters are preparing to take part in the largest peacetime march ever held in Europe... Richard Burge, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said he believed it was important the march influenced the Government's consultation process over hunting...(story)

Southern Daily Echo 29.3.02 Hunters confident they'll ride again - MEMBERS of the New Forest Hounds will stage their final foxhunt of the season tomorrow...(story in archive)

Shropshire Star 29.3.02 Alliance fighting battle for freedom - I respond to Mr Ray Williams' letter of 13th March where he asks the question: "Do you have to be in favour of hunting with dogs to be a member of the Countryside Alliance?" The answer is, no you don't. However, I stress that to be a member of the Countryside Alliance you must be against the principle of a ban on hunting... E Foster, Chairman of Shropshire Countryside Alliance (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 13.3.02 Views on hunting changed - When I read D G Morris's letter concerning a fox attacking a child in an urban area I among many others was very sceptical of this claim - for I have never heard of a child being attacked by a fox... I was pro-hunting when I started work on a farm in 1955, and I filled the fox earths to prevent them going to ground. But I changed my views over the years after witnessing the attitude of some members of the hunt... I support many of the aims of the Countryside Alliance but I still have not been given an answer to the question: Do you have to be in favour of hunting with dogs to be a member of the CA? Ray Williams, Shifnal (letter in archive)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 29.3.02 Campaign to halt Forest hunt goes on by Rachel Read - CAMPAIGNERS have vowed not to give up their fight to try to ban the New Forest Hounds from ever hunting again. The Forestry Commission in Lyndhurst has confirmed it is to take no action against the hunt after a pregnant vixen and her unborn cubs were killed last Saturday... Bruce Rothnie, the Commission's recreation manager, said that after examining reports from the animal protection group, the hunt and its own staff, no warning would be issued to the New Forest Hounds.... Ken James, of the New Forest Animal Protection Group, said: "I am disgusted and disappointed by this decision - we have proof that the hunt contravened its licence... New Forest Hounds spokesman Nick Smith criticised the group for wasting everybody's time...
Southern Daily Echo 25.3.02 HUNTING SETBACK by Peter East - HUNTING in the New Forest was today reeling from a stunning double blow. The recently-formed draghunt announced at the weekend that it was riding away from the Forest for ever - and the foxhunt was rocked by a "yellow card" warning from the Forestry Commission... Mr Thomas told the commission's senior New Forest officer, Donald Thompson: "The New Forest Drag Hounds, as the New Forest Buck Hounds before us, have decided that the New Forest does not any longer offer a suitable environment for draghunting..." His announcement followed strong criticism of the draghunt by the Commoners' Defence Association, which represents the owners of the Forest's grazing animals, that a hound had got out of control at a recent trial meet and had chased three deer. But Mr Thomas said he had not ruled out the possibility that a herd of about 30 red deer had been driven towards the draghunt by people wanting to sabotage his efforts... the Forestry Commission announced it had given the New Forest hounds a "yellow card" after investigating an incident where hounds got out of control during a hunt at Telegraph Hill, between Godshill and Brook last Tuesday... A complaint had been lodged with the commission by the New Forest Animal Protection Group, which alleged that "six hounds were lost to the hunt for a considerable length of time"... Frankie Horan, of the New Forest Animal Protection Group, said: "One of our members has found remains, including an unborn cub..." The hunt's licence agreement demands that they clear any remains from the forest... hunt spokesman Nick Smith said "It seems that someone has removed a piece of fox before our huntsmen had the chance to get it away..." (story in archive)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 29.3.02 HUNT BATTLE UNDER WAY by Rachel Read - HUNT supporters in Dorset are living on borrowed time - and they have just six months to fight for their way of life and prevent it from becoming extinct... quotes from New Forest Animal Protection Group spokesman Ken James, Countryside Agency spokesman for the South, Alison Hawes, New Forest Hunt Master Nick Smith, Hugo Busby of the North Dorset-based Portman Hunt (story in archive)

West Cumberland Times & Star 29.3.02 HUNT CONSULTATION WILL BE A WASTE OF TIME SAY PACKS A SIX month consultation on fox hunting announced by the Government last week will probably be a waste of time, say the Cumbrian fell packs - quotes from John Jackson, secretary of Melbreak Foxhounds, Barry Todhunter, huntsman of Threlkeld-based Blencathra Foxhounds - it is feared that an outright ban elsewhere in the country would cause horrendous problems in the Lake District. It is believed that followers, perhaps in their hundreds, would travel to the Cumbria fells to watch the few remaining hunts in action. "What could kill us off," says Mr Todhunter, "is the villages saying they don't want that many people descending on them."...(story in archive)

Darlington & Stockton Times 29.3.02 Hunts face tense wait as consultation period begins - A FRUSTRATING and stressful six months lie ahead for 17 hunts in the region, which are still no clearer about their future... Only upland hunts such as the Wensleydale Foxhounds have some cause for hope, as foxes are almost impossible to track down on the fells. The members follow on foot, not on horseback, and they may be able to continue under licence. Quotes from Maurice Bell, Wensleydale master, Joe Townsend, huntsman with the Bedale (story in archive)

Northern Echo/Darlington & Stockton Times 29.3.02 Hunt remembers dedicated follower - WENSLEYDALE Foxhounds have held a special hunt to celebrate the life of one of its greatest followers, Eric Chilton, who has died aged 88. His family later scattered his ashes on the fells he loved so much. He was chairman of the foxhounds for 20 years and followed it on foot until he was 80... (story in archive)

York Evening Press 29.3.02 Cruel irony - HOW many MPs or peers who voted to ban fox hunting yet eat foie gras or veal can justify their selfish pleasure while seeking to criminalise a countryside pursuit which serves a useful purpose and provides employment? R A Stansfield, Main Street, Welburn, York. (letter in archive)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald, North Devon Journal, Western Morning News) 29.3.02 DREADFUL PASTIME - I WRITE to congratulate R A Gagie on a great letter about fox hunting. I thought I knew all that went on during this barbaric sport, but it certainly opened my eyes... JUNE RICHARDS Southfield Avenue Preston, Paignton (letter)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald, North Devon Journal, Western Morning News) 29.3.02 HUNTING DEBATE IS ISSUE OF FREEDOM NOT CRUELTY - The real issue in the fox hunting debate isn't foxes at all, but is about one group of people imposing their views on another... David Challice, UK Independence Party, Holland Road, Exeter (letter)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald, North Devon Journal, Western Morning News) 29.3.02 THE KENNELS SHOULD STOP BREEDING HOUNDS NOW - May we ask the hunting kennels to stop breeding hounds now that there's a hunting ban imminent? Mrs Jennifer Cook, Payhembury, near Honiton letter)

Western Morning News 29.3.02 KNEE-JERK REACTION LEADS TO BAD LAWS The recent letter from Jonathan Higgins is one of the very few concerning hunting which goes directly to the heart of the matter. John Phelps' argument that a majority of MPs' votes should decide this issue without reference to the second chamber tends towards the elective dictatorship that Lord Hailsham warned against in 1976… J Ward-Hayne, Modbury (letter)
Western Morning News 19.3.02 True spirit of Parliament - JOHN Phelps (WMN, March 12) has obviously spent much time and effort in studying the technicalities of Parliamentary procedure. What a pity it is then that the true spirit of the place seems to have eluded him altogether… Jonathan Higgins, Totnes (letter)
Western Morning News 12.3.02 DEBATE IS TOO SIMPLISTIC - Even those with no direct interest in the hunting debate would do well to heed the implications of John Phelps' letter (WMN, February 12)… Parliament's primary role is to safeguard our liberties, not to remove them… He seems to think that the feelings of the anti-hunting lobby are better than reason… Jonathan Higgins, Totnes (letter)
Western Morning News 12.3.02 LORDS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO OBSTRUCT BILL …no commoner should allow the Government of Her Majesty, their Lordships and Bishops, to disregard the will of the people and their democratically elected representatives. John Phelps, Council member Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)

Worcester Evening News 29.3.02 Spilling blood as a source of pleasure ... As a trade unionist, I have sympathy for skilled and trained workers whose livelihood is taken away from them... However, to define the health of the rural economy as centred around hunting with dogs is to ignore wider economic issues that the countryside shares with towns and cities.... It's a line that we draw and improve as civilised human beings in rejecting the exploitation of the human and the animal world in the spilling of blood as a source of pleasure. PETER NIELSEN, Worcester. (letter in archive)

Newark Advertiser 29.3.02 Modern view - It appears Dr Sullivan (Hunting Threat, News Views, March 1) has either not considered or chooses to ignore the cruelty element of the sport that she has avidly followed for ten years... RICHARD KENT, (address supplied.) (letter may be in archive)
Newark Advertiser 15.3.02 Hunting threat - We presume that we live in a liberal democracy, where an individual's rights and freedoms are held dear. Having hunted regularly for ten years, I've found the hunting fraternity immensely loyal, disciplined, courteous and respectful of the countryside… The country is in danger of becoming a colourless, nanny state, where minorities are overridden; we may not realise it until it's too late. - Dr CHRISTOBEL SULLIVAN, Elston Hall, Top Street, Elston (letter may be in archive)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 29.3.02 Hunting out truth of the fox and hounds ... This Bill has consistently gained support from the public, many of whom voted Labour in order to get this barbaric and medieval practice banned... The fox is a beautiful natural British wild animal... The hounds themselves are not kept for more than five or six years, then are shot by their keepers... It is sickening the way children are made to take part, are "bloodied" in their first hunt blood from a killed fox smeared on their faces... I am myself a hunt saboteur so I know what really happens, not what hunters want people to see on TV.... NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter in archive)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald/Chippenham News 29.3.02 RSPCA probes attack on deer - THE RSPCA has launched an investigation after a landowner found a deer dying in woods near Lacock. Patrick Goley, 45, of Bowden Hill House, claims he saw hounds from the Avon Vale Hunt in the woods shortly before finding the dying deer with neck wounds. But Jonathan Seed, joint master of the Avon Vale Hunt, categorically denied his hounds were responsible for attacking the deer... (story in archive)

Clitheroe Advertiser & Times 29.3.02 Let's have a little honesty IT is about time everyone started to be honest over the hunting debate. We all know it is done as a social occasion. Those against, use the cruelty aspect when, if they were truthful, they would admit it is a class battle.... why did the Prime Minister not attend the debate on our brave Commandos going out to Afghanistan to finish off the job the Yanks can't hack? Yet he found time to speak about fox hunting. Do we take it his Governement puts foxes before the lives of our fighting men who are the best in the world? MARTIN JAMES, Grindleton. (letter)

Scotsman 29.3.02 Protected species - Callum Campbell (Letters, 22 March) is wrong to claim that foxes should be regarded as vermin... SARAH BRUCE, The Causeway, Edinburgh (letter)
Scotsman 22.3.02 - Dr Gavin TD Greig (Letters, 16 March) fails to understand a simple analogy. Given that it is agreed by most in both camps of the hunting debate that foxes are vermin and their numbers need to be controlled, just how does he suggest we do this?... CALLUM CAMPBELL, Grange of Lindores, Fife (letter)
Scotsman 21.3.02 Battle Dr Gavin TD Greig’s response (Letters, 16 March) to Callum Campbell’s letter (14 March) has all the makings of an intellectual battle between two Fifers. It could be worth watching. Nick Aitken KINGUSSIE (letter)
Scotsman 16.3.02 ... he can’t spot a few fundamental differences between a boat and a fox! (Dr) Gavin TD Greig KINGSBARNS, FIFE (letter)
Scotsman 14.3.02 I think the Boat Race on the Thames should be banned, as it is cruel to boats.... CALLUM CAMPBELL, Grange of Lindores, Fife (letter)

Worcester Evening News 29.3.02 Preying on the fear of illness or death - IN reply to Thomas Bromley (You Say, March 14), I would point out that the vivisection industry itself uses "emotional propaganda", preying on the fear of illness and death to generate support for cruel and unreliable animal experiments that are at best useless and, at worse, harmful to human health... H HANDY, West Malvern Road, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 14.3.02 Exposing anti-vivisection groups - THE emotional propaganda machine of anti-vivisection groups threatens to deny patients essential medical treatments that rely on the continued use of animals in medical research... We have just published a new leaflet called Anti-Vivisection Unmasked which aims to expose the truth about anti-vivisection groups... To become a "Friend Of SIMR" (free of charge) or for an information pack please write to SIMR, PO Box 504, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 2LU. or e-mail us at THOMAS BROMLEY, SIMR Member, Littlehampton, West Sussex. (letter in archive)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Torquay Herald Express, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal, Plymouth Evening Herald) 29.3.02 WHY BUILD ANOTHER ZOO? ... How can we justify placing wild creature's in a so-called marine aviary for us to gape at for our entertainment?... NORMA RITCHIE Marlborough Avenue Torquay (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 29.3.02 It's animal tragic . . . Sandra Hutton! Do you remember the polar bears at Dudley Zoo, who displayed totally deranged behaviour?... Animals are not ours to use for entertainment... What a selfish attitude you have. Rose Golding, Rowley Regis. (letter may be in archive)

Westmorland Gazette 28.3.02 Hunt Supporters Left In Limbo - HUNT supporters in South Lakeland have been left in limbo for a further six months after the Government's decision to delay a decision on the centuries old sport until autumn, reports Victoria Clark…. Doreen Westmoreland, of Coniston Foxhounds, said: "We have got this six months consultation and it is quite worrying what will happen after that…. David Stocker, of the Countryside Alliance, said he really had no idea what would be contained in the bill the government put forward in six months time…. (story)

Telegraph 28.3.02 Alliance plans London march By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - THE Countryside Alliance warned the Government last night that it intends to stage a large protest march in London in the autumn against the possibility of a ban on hunting with hounds... (story
Times 28.3.02 Pro-hunt march to pull in 500,000 protesters By Valerie Elliott, Countryside Editor - THE Countryside Alliance is to mobilise hunt supporters to prepare for the largest peacetime march ever to take place in Europe... More than 500,000 people are expected to join a protest through London in defence of hunting, civil rights and the future viability of many rural communities... The Government reacted angrily last night to the plans for a march. A spokesman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said: “A summer of discontent would hardly be an appropriate reaction to a rational response which was set up last week.”.. (story)
Western Morning News 28.3.02 ALLIANCE THREAT OF 'SUMMER OF DISCONTENT' - The Countryside Alliance warned the Government yesterday that they are to face a "summer of discontent" for failing to heed rural pleas for fairness over debates about hunting... South West spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, Mal Treharne, has welcomed the protests which will take place both locally and nationally... (story)

Southampton Daily Echo 28.3.02 Southern Daily Echo 28.3.02 Hunt supporters in defiant mood - NEARLY 200 hunt supporters turned out in a defiant mood to give their backing to the hounded country sport at the last meeting in Burley of the season for New Forest Hounds... (story in archive)
Bournemouth Daily Echo 27.3.02 Rally for Forest hunt - HUNDREDS of hunt supporters turned out in a defiant mood to give their backing to the hounded country sport. In what has been one of the most difficult weeks in the New Forest Hounds' history scores of people turned out to support the hunt at its last meet of the season in Burley.... But the New Forest Animal Protection Group slammed the supporters' defiant protest. Spokesman Ken James said: "Just because something is traditional is not a reason for its continuation. But the New Forest Animal Protection Group slammed the supporters' defiant protest. Spokesman Ken James said: "Just because something is traditional is not a reason for its continuation. Hunting is antiquated, it's wrong and it's barbaric. This was proved on Saturday when that poor pregnant vixen was torn apart by the hounds, her unborn cubs spilled to the ground..." (story in archive)

Guardian 28.3.02 The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable - We think of hunting as something newly controversial. But painters have long portrayed it as a hobby for rich sadists, says Jonathan Jones... the carefully contrived visual spectacle of the mass hunt that was invented in the 18th century and popularised by such paintings, have shaped our feelings about hunting. Would there be the same demand for a ban on hunting if it had a better image in art?.. . Angling is imagined as pastoral and democratic - which is why, when the foxes are reprieved, British fish will still be squirming on hooks. (story)

Malvern Gazette 28.3.02 Hunt mood still defiant over ban - Members of the Ledbury Hunt say they will defy the law and go to prison if foxhunting is banned... Don Haden, Joint-Master of the Ledbury Hunt, said: "If hunting were to be banned, there would be a huge outcry. I and people in the Ledbury Hunt would be prepared to go to prison, and shame the Government into thinking again."... Animal rights protester Tony Peters, who co-ordinates protests in Ledbury, said: "Hunting should have been banned years ago, and foxhunters should be in prison anyway, for what they do."... North Ledbury Hunt's Joint Master Valerie Allfrey has declined to comment... (story in archive)

Western Morning News 28.3.02 PROTEST SPELLS OUT MESSAGE ON HUNTS - Anti-hunt campaigners staged a peaceful protest at one of the Westcountry's biggest annual hunt's yesterday - in a bid to reinforce the message that it could be the last time the event is held. The League Against Cruel Sports, which is lobbying Government for a total ban on hunting with hounds in the UK, turned up to a meeting of the Spooners & West Dartmoor, Dartmoor, Mid Devon and South Devon hunts at Two Bridges, Princetown, yesterday... quote from Mid Devon LACS co-ordinator, Ivor Annetts (story)

Bury Times 28.3.02 Hunt hopes to survive "compromise" ban ... Members of Holcombe Hunt said they can live with a ruling that fox-hunting will be only be allowed if it can be proved that it is the only means of pest control... Alex Sneddon, joint master of the hunt, told the Bury Times: "The Holcombe Hunt is for pest control. The farmer invites us on the land to kill vermin. Without the farmer's permission, we would not be allowed on the land." (story in archive)

(The Sentinel?) 28.3.02 I am concerned about fox hunting… I think this is an awful way of dealing with foxes… By Hannah Wheway, age 11, of Ryecroft Middle School (story)

Berwickshire News 28.3.02 Is hunting ban more important than surrender of freedom ... BBC TV main news broadcast did not mention at all the passage through the Commons and Lords of ratification of the Treaty of Nice.... Is Fox Hunting of greater importance to British viewers than the surrender of their freedom and democracy?.. 20 Touch Wards, Dunfermline, Fife, KY12 7TG. (letter)
Daily Record 26.3.02 Foxes v freedom ... the Treaty of Nice... Treaty was a massive surrender of further UK powers to the EU... Is fox hunting of greater importance to British viewers than the surrender of their freedom and democracy? - John Greer-Spencer, Dunfermline. (letter may be in archive)
Scotsman 25.3.02 BBC Television rightly gave considerable coverage to the banning of fox-hunting debate in Parliament.... John G Greer-Spencer DUNFERMLINE (letter)

Berwick Advertiser 28.3.02 If only as much effort went into sorting out problems of our Health Service - Our MPs and MSPs waxed eloquent and passionate on the cruelty of foxhunting yet seem ready to acknowledge that the number of foxes in the wild must be controlled. Shooting appears to be acceptable to them although no marksman can guarantee a 100% success rate... W W SCOTT, St Baldred's Road, North Berwick, East Lothian. (letter)
Border Telegraph 26.3.02 Foxes or hospital patients question? Sir, — Our MPs and MSPs waxed eloquent and passionate on the cruelty of fox-hunting, yet seem ready to acknowledge that the number of foxes in the wild must be controlled... Would that as much effort was put into sorting out the problems of the Health Service.... If there is a black, homosexual fox out there, it is truly a favoured creature. — I am, etc., William W. Scott. St Baldred’s Road, North Berwick (letter)

Basingstoke Gazette 28.3.02 Hunting protesters may make their point at Hackwood meet by Anita Smith ... The Vine and Craven point-to-point meeting is taking place on Easter Monday at Hackwood New Park. As it is organised by a local hunt group, anti-bloodsport protesters have always gathered at the park with their placards to demonstrate peacefully.... Hackwood Park's estate manager Oliver Lister is worried protesters might target the wrong part of the estate.... Having had problems in previous years, Mr Lister is putting up signs around the property and at the front gates to disassociate Hackwood House from the event.... (story in archive)
Southern Daily Echo 22.3.02 Hunt ban threat to historic meet by Anita Smith - A BAN on hunting would sound the death knell for the historic annual Hackwood Park point-to-point meeting which attracts nearly 10,000 people to Basingstoke… Robin Mackenzie, chairman of the Basingstoke point-to-point event, said the Hackwood Park meet - which has been the target of protests by anti-hunt campaigners - would go if "draconian legislation" hits hunting… Mr Mackenzie, who runs a sheep farm near Andover, is also joint master of the Vine and Craven Hunt which has kennels in Hannington. The hunt covers an area including Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire… (story)

Worcester Evening News 28.3.02 Ban might pose threat to jobs - reply to Jonathan Heath, 8.3.02 - there's the possibility that many people who will be made redundant through the banning of hunting with hounds, will have to find alternative paid occupation or be paid by the state. PETER ALCOCK, Upton Snodsbury, Worcestershire. (letter in archive)

Worcester Evening News 28.3.02 Destroying more rural livelihoods - A YEAR to the day since the biggest public demonstration that London would ever have seen - had it not been cancelled due to the foot-and-mouth epidemic - MPs devoted an entire day of parliamentary time to the same issue that ignited that march, namely a hunting ban... DAVID STOCKER, Countryside Alliance, West Midlands. (letter in archive)

Worcester Evening News 28.3.02 Greater interest in hunting's social life ... Over the past 50 years, there have been numerous Government enquiries into this whole matter. None has concluded that hunting needed to be banned on the grounds of cruelty... The old obsession with the `'stirrup cup'' remains - should offering a guest a warming drink be something to be so despised in a free society?.. JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)

Shropshire Star 28.3.02 Crisis mistakes and now hunt ban - The Government admits that it mishandled the foot and mouth epidemic... And now it intends to ban hunting. In the future, perhaps the Government will admit that wildlife welfare has suffered, the rural economy has suffered, new jobs have not miraculously appeared... And no doubt we'll be told that the ban was "a success". Who will protect us from this Government's failures? Janet George, Stottesdon (letter in archive)

Shropshire Star 28.3.02 Hunt ban and future of Ireland - With its proposed hunting ban the Labour Party is going to do what it seems to be good at, hitting the poorer people who have often been their supporters... Of course the "better off" will still be able to enjoy hunting if they wish, all they will need to do is cross the sea to Ireland... If the ban is to apply to Northern Ireland could it hasten the day of a United Ireland? J Francis, Broseley (letter in archive)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 28.3.02 We must teach care of animals In reply to Brian Sedgley's letter about Mr Blair getting his priorities wrong in trying to ban fox hunting... I admire Mr Blair's courage and humanity to try to ban foxhunting. I care and I believe a lot of others do too. I also trust Tony Blair enough to believe that he is gradually sorting out the problems with the NHS and education that have accumulated over the years. Are you, Mr Sedgley, by any chance a fox hunting, privileged Tory? I apologise if I am wrong, but that is the picture you conveyed in your letter. (Mrs) MARY PACY, Conisborough, Toothill, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 14.3.02 Priorities all wrong - SO Mr Blair is going to spend a lot of time trying to ban fox-hunting again. I do not think that the average person in the street could care less about fox-hunting... BRIAN SEDGLEY Berwick Bassett, Swindon (letter in archive)

Northern Echo 28.3.02 HUNTING - WHEN the Government should be concerned with the devastated state of the rural economy after foot-and-mouth, it seeks instead to destroy a part of rural life that brings money and jobs to the countryside by banning fox hunting... - Peter Troy, Darlington Branch Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses, Maunby, North Yorkshire.
THE letters (HAS, Mar 22) said: "There are many important things the Government should be concentrating on." ...The majority of people want a ban on hunting. The majority of elected Members of Parliament want a ban. Where is the problem? - Barry Wood, Edmondsley.
SO where were all these animal-loving Labour backbenchers last year? The majority of cattle and sheep need not have died during the foot-and-mouth outbreak. Could they not find Tow Law?.. Jim Tague, Bishop Auckland. subject any animal to this sport is downright premeditated cruelty and all in the name of entertainment. - Fiona Rolfe, Willington.
...The would-be green wellies want the choice of looking ridiculous in country squire red and quaffing atop a gee-gee, looking down on the below-stairs serfs who stubbornly refuse to doff their hats and acknowledge their lowly place in society. In other words, it is all about status... F Atkinson, Shincliffe.
...If the so-called moderate countryside leaders have any decency, they would call it a day and look for more useful ways of leading their lives... John Young, Crook.
THE Tories say the Government should get on with more important business. Well, fox hunting is very important to a very large majority of people in this country who want it stopped... - John and Evelyn Thompson, Crook.
I BELIEVE that most of the anti-hunt feeling is engendered not by concern for the fox, but by social spite and class hatred.... Jim Ross, Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear.

Congleton Guardian 28.3.02 MP blasts anti-hunt campaign - BANNING hunting would have a disastrous impact on the rural economy, Congleton MP Ann Winterton told the House of Commons... (story in archive)

Tavistock Times 28.3.02 Nitty gritty of Burns Report - LET’S get it right please, Mr Morlock (Letters, March 21), if you are going to quote the Burns Report. It did not conclude that hunting was as humane as other methods. Chap.6, para 6.49: ‘ . . . we are satisfied, nevertheless that this experience (sic hunting with dogs) seriously compromises the welfare of the fox’... G P Falvey, 10 Lopes Road, Dousland
WE are writing to point out an anomaly regarding the use of the Dartmoor National Park. At the entrance to the moor there are notices concerning dogs on leads due to lambing and nesting birds... Why, we ask, are dog owners required to keep their dogs on leads, when the hunt is allowed free access to the moor with some 30 dogs running free and many horses?.. Peter and Carol Barnes, 8 Barkers Way, North Tawton (letters in archive)
Tavistock Times 21.3.02 Freedom of choice heart of hunting ...Ms Rebecca Richards-Mole wishes to live in a civilised society. Surely the test of a democracy is how it treats its minorities and a civilised society tolerates people holding opposing views on moral issues without criminalising them except in circumstances where their actions have a deleterious effect on other members of society... Guy Morlock MFH Spooner’s and West Dartmoor Foxhounds
IN reply to the letter from the Labour Party chairman Rebecca Richards-Mole, why is it that the only time we hear from the Labour Party in West Devon is when fox hunting appears?.. Fox hunting is a smokescreen, intended to draw attention away from the lies, scandal and sleaze of an inefficient Labour Government that promises the earth and delivers little... James McInnes, Association chairman West Devon and Torridge Conservatives
MAY I suggest to Rebecca Richards-Mole that if she really wants a civilised country to live in she could try pressurising her government to banish crime from the streets of our towns and cities rather than urging her MP to vote to ban hunting the fox... Barbara Atherton, Springfield Park, Bridestowe
Tavistock Times 14.3.02 ‘Weak’ position on hunting ... Foxhunting is barbaric and inhumane, moreover the Burns Report states that only six per cent of the fox population are killed in this way.... come on, Mr Burnett, do what is right for those of us who want to live in a civilised society and vote to ban foxhunting. Rebecca Richards-Mole, Constituency chair Torridge and West Devon Labour Party, 1 White Tor Close, Okehampton
Tavistock Times 7.3.02 Burnett maintains his opposition to hunting ban …AS THE House of Commons prepares to vote once more on the controversial issue of fox hunting, West Devon and Torridge MP John Burnett says his position on hunting has not changed at all… (story in archive, incorrectly dated 14.3.02)

Buckingham Advertiser 28.3.02 BAN IS AN INFRINGEMENT - THE Burns Report, commissioned by the Government, found no clear grounds for a ban on hunting and that, in our usually tolerant society, a ban would be an infringement of people’s liberty, the imposition of prejudice on a significant minority... Becky Adams, Stratton Audley.
HELP RURAL LIFE PROSPER ... almost a year since the horrors of foot-and-mouth disease, which has destroyed livelihoods across the country, many MPs have been voting on a fox hunting ban, which could destroy more jobs... Is this the beginning of the Government’s much-vaunted Rural Recovery Initiative? Jeremy Adams, Stratton Audley. (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 28.3.02 'BAN COULD RUIN MY LIVELIHOOD' - Professional huntsman Robert Howarth stands among his pack of faithful hounds amid fears that one day they may have be put to death. His beloved hounds at the Holderness Hunt are bred purely to hunt foxes, and will have to be put down if they can no longer hunt them across East Riding farmland... Mr Howarth said fox hunting was not about "rich people tearing around on horseback", but something that was enjoyed by a cross-section of the community. (story)

Western Daily Press 28.3.02 LUDICROUS CLAIMS BY PRO-HUNTERS ... Mary Tapping claims that hunt saboteurs lay razor wire to ambush horses and call hounds onto roads to be hit by cars. Does she or anyone else really believe that animal rights people risk arrest, injury and even death to save one animal but would be prepared to injure others in the process?.. Pull the other one - let's have some proof of what you tell us. P Richardson Woodmancote Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Daily Press 28.3.02 - On March 18 the House of Commons, by a very large majority, voted for a ban regarding hunting... Why do we now have a six months'wait? The House of Commons is an elected chamber, the Lords is not... Pamela Dean Whiteshill Nr Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Daily Press 28.3.02 PEERS 'WRECKED FARM BILL TO GET REVENGE' War broke out at Westminster yesterday over claims that prohunting peers wrecked a key Government Bill in revenge for hunting proposals... Farming minister Lord Whitty said the surprise defeat was plotted by aristocratic peers who wanted vengeance over their fears all bloodsports will soon be banned... (letter)
Telegraph 27.3.02 Peers thwart new cattle cull powers - GOVERNMENT legislation giving ministers greater powers to cull cattle in the event of another foot and mouth outbreak was blocked in the House of Lords last night... Lord Whitty, the junior environment minister, blamed the defeat on annoyance in the Lords at last week's announcement that the Government would push through a Bill potentially banning hunting. He said: "There was a very high attendance of backbench Conservative and cross-bench hereditary peers, most of whom hardly ever vote."... (story)
Ananova 26.3.02 Ministers angry after peers ambush animal bill - Ministers have attacked peers after the House of Lords unexpectedly blocked legislation giving the Government new powers to tackle animal diseases like foot-and-mouth. Farming minister Lord Whitty accused pro-fox hunting peers of wreaking revenge on the Animal Health Bill after last week's massive Commons vote in favour of a hunting ban... (story)

East Cleveland Advertiser 28.3.02 Riders welcomed by hunt group - Cleveland Hunt Supporters is inviting anyone with a horse or pony to join a pleasure ride on Sunday... The ride costs £10 for adults and £5 for children. For details, call Susan Perkins on 07867 787341. (story in archive)

Richmond & Twickenham Times 28.3.02 What about human rights? - ,-I was interested to read the letter from Mrs Frances Russell (March 22nd) in which she claims that Animal Rights supporters have empathy and compassion for all God's creatures'. Unfortunately, God's creatures' do not apparently include human beings, as we have clearly seen in recent weeks, with an elderly lady in the Richmond area being terrorised and abused, her house sprayed with obscene graffiti and death threats issued against her, because she happens to own shares in Huntingdon Life Sciences… -Louise O'Connor, Vancouver Road, Ham. (letter)
Richmond & Twickenham Times 25.3.02 Foxes in my garden love tofu, ...and after foot and mouth... ,-Louise O'Connor sounds almost desperate in her attempt to discuss vegetarians and animal welfare organisations. Once again she vilifies the poor old fox who can out match nature's greatest killing machine, man… Ms O Connor snipes at Animal Rights supporters who in fact have the highest regard for nature and its downside, their goal is to prevent the abuse of animals and the environment from greedy, uncaring humans, Long may they live… Ms Frances Russell, Kingston Road, Teddington. (letter)

Northern Echo 27.3.02 A poignant but inevitable demise by Harry Mead - DRIVING around my local countryside, I often witness a benefit of foxhunting that is rarely recognised and has nothing to do with fox control. Strung out on the road verge are groups of hunt supporters. I recognise some of them - mainly elderly men. Taken as a whole, they are not cruel people but honest-to-goodness country folk for whom foxhunting has always been part of life…. A lifelong opponent of hunting, I confess to a misgiving that, through my share in the groundswell of opinion that will sweep away hunting, I will also bear responsibility for denying these hunt supporters a reason to get out and about in their countryside… Even so, hunting must go… (story)

Yorkshire Post 27.3.02 The huntsman who gave up fishing From: John Florence, Denby Dale, Huddersfield - Sir, – I ceased fishing in my teens because of the destruction of river banks, and bird life with discarded hooks and line. I ceased shooting in my twenties after blowing the hind leg off a fox in a fox drive although I was known as a fine shot. I carried on hunting believing that the healthy strong fox escaped and wounded/poisoned foxes are caught....
From: John Morley, Thornton Dale, Pickering - Sir, – It is important to myself and also to my family and friends that hunting should not be banned. Many people I know are employed in an area related to hunting, ranging from grooms to farriers... (letters)

Scotsman 29.4.02 Hunting - Dr Alex Moseley’s claim (Letters, 27 March) that "there is no greater cruelty" than taking away a man’s liberty to participate in bloodsports, displays remarkable ignorance about very real human rights abuses, including torture and genocide... Lynne Mitchell DOLLAR (letter)
Scotsman 27.3.02 In response to Jimmy Reid’s comments on hunting (Opinion, 25 March) there is no greater cruelty than to take a man’s liberty from him... (Dr) Alex Moseley MELTON MOWBRAY (letter)
Scotsman 25.3.02 JIMMY REID on how foxhunting must degrade the human spirit - FOXHUNTING is bad for the fox. Getting chased for your life and, when caught, being torn to pieces by slavering hounds can he nobody’s idea of a nice day in the country. Yet foxhunting must he much more detrimental for the human involved... (story)

Western Daily Press 27.3.02 MY EXPERIENCE SUPPORTS HUNT - May I defend my reputation and clarify the obvious misunderstanding of Saturday's contributor who wrote about the destructive fox. I fear he confuses me with the vociferous, anti-hunting, Tony Banks MP.... (letter)
Western Daily Press 27.3.02 FOX IS USED AS A SCAPEGOAT - I'm sick of reading letters from those who use the fox, as a scapegoat for their own shortcomings.... (letter)
Western Daily Press 27.3.02 DEMOCRACY MUST BE USED TO FORCE THE HUNT BAN ISSUE - Instead of printing a sample of letters showing both sides of the debate the page managed to give virtually 100 per cent coverage to the loud tones of those bleating about the potential loss of their freedom to do whatever they like.... (letter)

Horncastle News 27.3.02 MP’s ignored hunting report - EDITOR - Parliament seems determined to undermine the rights of country people, paying no attention whatsoever to the Burns Report... CAROLINE LOWES, Aunby Manor, Stamford (letter)

Market Rasen Mail 27.3.02 HUNTING BAN IS ´MADNESS´ - THE LATEST attempt to ban hunting has been branded as ´madness´ by local MP Edward Leigh... (story)

Fermanagh Herald 27.3.02 End of hunting with hounds in Scotland - Words to mark the historic outlawing of hunting with hounds in Scotland.... No wonder prime minister Blair was wearing a fearful frown, For the gallant MSP's had shown him the way, And he said 'I'll do the same myself - some other day' Jim Brown, 7 Creamery Park, Lisbellaw. (letter probably only on website for a week)

Times 26.3.02 Supporters defiant as last Scots hunt rides out BY GILLIAN HARRIS, SCOTLAND CORRESPONDENT - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners vowed to press ahead with a legal challenge to the ban on field sports in Scotland yesterday as they gathered on the Duke of Buccleuch’s estate for the last legal foxhunt north of the border... quotes from The Duke of Buccleuch, Alan Murray, director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, Trevor Adams, joint Master of the Buccleuch Hunt (story)
Scotsman 26.3.02 Duke in pledge to save his hunt - EDWARD BLACK - IN THE warm spring sunshine, they came in their hundreds to the Scottish Borders - sad, defiant and angry. At precisely 11am at Bowhill in Selkirkshire, the stirrup cup was handed round to fortify the riders at the final meet of the Duke of Buccleuch’s Hunt... (story)
Telegraph 26.3.02 Battle cry as duke leads pursuit of 'enemy within' By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent - THE last legal fox hunt in Scotland began yesterday with the cry "Let battle begin". The 200 riders who responded to the call outside the Duke of Buccleuch's home in the Borders were in defiant mood... The 78-year-old duke, who was confined to a wheelchair 30 years ago by a hunting accident, issued the battle cry beneath a replica of the banner that his ancestors used to rally the Borderers to repel invading forces from England... (story)
The Herald (Glasgow) 26.3.02 Has the hunt's final tally-ho been heard? - ANNETTE McCANN - THE Duke of Buccleuch is in an invidious position. Does playing host to the last fox hunt in Scotland make him a man with hunting in his blood or a man with the latter on his hands?.. (story in archive)
Ananova 25.3.02 Defiant huntsmen plan legal challenge to ban - Fox hunting supporters in Scotland have vowed to fight a ban on the sport as they took part in the final meeting of the season. The Duke of Buccleuch, one of the UK's biggest landowners, urged the pro-hunt lobby to use every legal way to challenge the proposed ban north of the border. The defiant call came as more than 150 horses and riders set off from the Duke's country home in the Scottish Borders for the traditional end-of season meet of the Buccleuch Hunt... (story)
Scotsman 25.3.02 Hunt prepares to ride into history - EDWARD BLACK - WHEN Trevor Adams, joint master of the Duke of Buccleuch’s hunt, blows his horn to rally his horses and hounds this morning, he will also be sounding the death-knell of hundreds of years of tradition. Following the successful passage of the Protection of Wild Mammals Bill in the Edinburgh parliament last month, all 200 of today’s expected field know that by participating in the final meet of the Scottish season, they are also riding into history... A spokesman for Lothian and Borders Police said: "We are very much reviewing the new legislation to see how it will work, but what is certain is that next season we will be policing the hunt when we’ve been used to dealing with saboteurs breaking the law."... (story)
Border Telegraph 26.3.02 The end of the hunt! - FINAL MEET? — The Duke of Buccleuch Hunt met for the last time yesterday... (story), (photo)

Kent/Sussex Courier 26.3.02 VOTE FAILS TO FIND CLEAR RESOLUTION ON HUNTING - With MPs voting overwhelmingly on Monday to ban hunting with dogs the whole issue was thrown into confusion just 24 hours later when the vote was turned on its head in the House of Lords... quotes from Richard Burge, Countryside Alliance, John Rolls, of the RSPCA, Ashford Valley Hunt supporter Sue Palmer, Jillie Rogers, joint-master of the Ashford Valley Hunt, Brian Perring, chairman of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt Association (story)

Argus 26.3.02 What about the hunting dogs? - DO we read or hear a word about the masses of hounds and harriers due to be slaughtered because of the fox-hunting legislation? The RSPCA is completely silent on this.-J S Clarke, Sharpthorne (letter in archive)

Worcester Evening News 26.3.02 Vermin fox - I WONDER if all of the ban-hunting crowd will help MP Mike Foster to dig big holes and pits to bury all of the hounds and horses no longer needed. BILLY WILLIAMS, Drakes Broughton, Worcestershire (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 26.3.02 HUNTERS WHO BREED THE PREY ... Artificial earths... if foxes are pests, why do landowners and hunts breed them and why do hunts have a 16-week closed season?Janet Hall Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 26.3.02 ANSWER CAN'T BE JUST TO KILL ... I have fed badgers and foxes at the back door for 15 years and have had many visitors to see these creatures... As for hunting, it appears we are ruled by the House of Lords, not the elected parliament. How can the bishops be in favour of one of God's creatures being cruelly torn to death?mName and address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 26.3.02 THE HUNT DEBATE IS A MATTER OF TOP PRIORITY ... To those who hunt I say a pox on all your houses - Roy Franklin Bridgwater Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 26.3.02 REASONS TO GET RID OF LORDS - Having seen the pathetic display of self-interest expressed by the great majority of members of the House of Lords in their recent vote on the future of hunting with dogs, it is more than clear why Tony Blair is so intent on getting rid of so many of them... Mr D Wheeler Burnham-on-Sea Somerset (letter)

Mirror 26.3.02 Lords fox the voters ... By appeasing the bloodthirsty morons in the Lords, Mr Blair has shown himself to be gutless .I have news for him - no ban, no vote Mrs Jennifer Cook, Honiton, Devon (letter in archive)

The Shields Gazette 26.3.02 Dogged for too long ... The issue of hunting with hounds has been going on for five years and in my view, the time has now arrived for Parliament to sound the last tally-ho.... Mr N. Wilson, College Road, Hebburn (letter)

Leicester Mercury 26.3.02 NO PREDATORS - Surely any ban on fox hunting should be decided by the farming community as these are the people who are immediately affected by fox predation and not the Government... John M Cox, Leicester (letter)

Western Morning News 26.3.02 Licensed cruelty - A SPOKESMAN for the Countryside Alliance, Simon Hart, is quoted as saying: "If people really care about the welfare of animals, they should go for the middle ground solution." I presume this means licensed cruelty instead of the kind that exists now… Mrs Joan Jones, Chudleigh Knighton (letter)

Western Morning News 26.3.02 HALAL METHOD IS HORRIFIC WAY FOR LIVE FOOD ANIMALS TO DIE - I have seen the arguments for and against foxhunting in the WMN recently. I would like to add another aspect for everyone to be thinking very hard indeed about. I read that a certain "dealer" in live food animals, has been "building his business" by supplying 2,000 ewes and 700 lambs a week for Halal slaughter in Wiltshire. I was sickened… Let us, therefore, be realistic about the fox. Beautiful he certainly is. Lazy, he undoubtedly also is. My smallholding teems with rabbits for him to catch. Yet he will steal a lamb just being birthed right from its mother's birth canal; or rob a run full of chickens unable to escape, rather than bother to run after a rabbit for his supper. He is an efficient and deadly killing machine. Tess Nash, Helston (letter)

Western Morning News 26.3.02 No more bureaucracy - WHAT is the outlook for foxhunting? Is there going to be a new Government department employing a fresh army of civil servants… If foxhunting is banned, we will save all the bureaucracy… They know it is wrong to give licences out to falconers to hawk skylarks, blackbirds and so on, but they work on the principle of "jobs for the boys". Albert Langslow, Newquay (letter)

ThisIsDevon (Western Morning News, Exeter Express & Echo, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, North Devon Journal) 26.3.02 I HAVE MY LIST READY FOR ROOM 101 CONSIGNMENT - Recently, watching Room 101 on television, it occurred to me that I also could consign many things that irritate or disgust me to that fate:…5. Camilla Parker Bowles…. 10. Hunting with hounds… Jennifer Cook, Tale Common Head, Payhembury (letter)

ThisIsDevon (Western Morning News, Exeter Express & Echo, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, North Devon Journal) 26.3.02 I RESPECT TRADITIONS BUT NOT CRUELTY OF HUNTING …What I cannot understand, is how anyone of sound mind can deny that fox and deer hunting with dogs is anything other than manifestly cruel and barbaric and should, like the former traditions of bear-baiting and cock-fighting, be banished to the darker corners of human history… Derrick Kroll, West Garth Road, Exeter (letter)

Western Morning News 26.3.02 WHAT WILL NEXT TARGET BE? - Jennifer Cook is probably correct in saying (WMN, March 12) that fishing is not the next activity the antis would like to go should hunting be criminalised. Shooting would almost certainly be their next target… Mrs Cook makes much of the fact that the League's emblem consists only of a fox, a stag and a hare. If hunting were to be made illegal, none of these animals would be hunted; may we therefore assume that in that case that the league would voluntarily disband? I await Mrs Cook's response with considerable interest. Jonathan Marshall, Taunton (letter)
Western Morning News 12.3.02 NO TRUTH IN CLAIM THAT GROUP WANTS FISHING BAN NEXT - D swift of Exeter (WMN, February 21) stated that at a recent League Against Cruel Sports stall in Exeter's city centre he had a conversation stating that a fishing ban was the next thing we wanted banned. What rubbish. I was there all day and was certainly not privy to any such exchange… Jennifer Cook (Mrs), Honiton (letter)
Western Morning News 12.3.02 SOLE AIM IS TO END ABUSE - D swift's recollection of our conversation, at our campaign street stall in Exeter, (WMN, February 19) differs somewhat from my own. A variety of views was expressed but at no time was it said that the League Against Cruel Sports had lined up fishing as next on its campaign agenda… Ivor Annetts, Member, Executive Committee League Against Cruel Sports Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 21.2.02 I WAS speaking recently to members of the League Against Cruel Sports at their pitch in Exeter Town Centre. They informed me in no uncertain terms that angling would be next on their "banning agenda"…. The League against Cruel Sports should be renamed - The League against the Environment. D Swift, Exeter (letter)

Western Morning News 26.3.02 HUNTING BAN THREAT TO CONTROL OF RABBITS As I understand it, when the time comes our MPs won't be voting for a ban on foxhunting with hounds but for a complete ban on hunting wild animals with dogs. As an unpaid pastime from early autumn to early spring, I catch rabbits with ferrets, nets and, dare I say, a dog. I am invited by farmers and landowners to control their rabbits and I cover land from the tip of Land's End to Perranporth. I was brought up with this pursuit and I have 40 years experience... If, in the future, you have rats under your garden shed, don't send for me and my terrier - our MP will have voted hunting them out in this manner unlawful. Geoff James, Camborne (letter)
Western Morning News 26.3.02 SO-CALLED 'SPORT' SATISFIES BLOODLUST - I can't believe it! Martin Hesp's article on stag hunting (WMN, March 2) asks "Can we afford to lose this vibrant country spectacle"... Red deer have died out before on Exmoor but were reintroduced merely so they could be hunted, not as a tourist attraction. Of course, hunters will shoot the deer if hunting is banned. This proves that hunting with hounds is entirely irrelevant and purely done to satisfy a blood lust. Len Short, Torquay
Looking after moor - I WAS interested to hear that areas of Dartmoor that have suffered most from too many people walking over them have recovered considerably. It did rather amuse me to see that walkers were being thanked for keeping off the moors in order to assist in their regeneration... Michael Ashton, Torrington
Listen to the facts - THE Government is struggling to deal with its own serious problems so what does dear Tony decide to do? Why give those country types another kicking... Gary Burgess, Exeter (letters)
Western Morning News 26.3.02 Missing ministers - MR Blair may not be concerned about what is likely to happen to the troops he is sending to war, but like many others, I am. I was horrified to see how few MPs were in the chamber to discuss this very important issue and it turns out that Blair and most of his Cabinet were preoccupied with fox hunting... Michael Ashton, Torrington (letter)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Western Morning News, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald, North Devon Journal) 26.3.02 HUNT SUPPORTER SHOULD BE AWARE OF THE FACTS - I claimed in Points of view, March 20, that pro-hunting letters were now only being written by an ill-informed fringe, the real hunting fraternity having given up in the face of an impending ban or curtailment of the sport. The case was proved for me admirably by the publication, immediately below mine, of a letter from G Paddon.... Dr John Pamment, Clyst Heath, Exeter (letter)
ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Western Morning News, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald, North Devon Journal) 26.3.02 KILLING FOR KILLING'S SAKE NOT CIVILISED BEHAVIOUR - In reply to Tim Faulkner, Points of view, March 9, on shooting, how can he say that those who oppose hunting are ignorant or sentimental.... Mrs Liz Spry, Bodley Close, Exeter (letter)
ThisIsDevon ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal) 12.3.02 GAME SHOOTING SHOULD BE SEEN AS MANAGEMENT - I would like to add my voice to that of Tim Faulkner's, Points of view, March 9... Anyone who would ban game shooting but continues to buy their meat from the supermarket should take a long hard look at their ethics... Pip Bowhay, Kenton, Exeter (letter)
ThisIsDevon ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal) 9.3.02 NOT LIKING HUNTING IS NO REASON TO CRIMINALISE IT - Having had a recent conversation with a woman who disapproves of shooting because she does not agree that we should kill or eat any animals, I have been forcibly struck by the wildly opposing views that we as a society hold.... However, it is worth remembering that in an NOP poll in April 2001, 36 per cent voted for hunting to be controlled by licensing, 22 per cent wanted the existing self-regulation to remain and only 37 per cent opted for it to be made a criminal offence. Tim Faulkner, Mamhead, Exeter (letter)

Manchester Evening Post 26.3.02 - THE Lords will never pass a total ban on hunting as long as the royals participate in it.... Live And Let Live, Burnage. (letter may be in archive)

Bath Chronicle 26.3.02 DO MPS ONLY CARE FOR ANIMALS WHEN IT SUITS THEM? - I was pleasantly surprised to see the wide majority that the vote on a ban on hunting with dogs received... SUE BRADLEY Bath Green Party Bath (letter)

Irish Times 26.3.02 DECLINE OF THE HARE - Sir, - As a small landowner in Co Meath, I am concerned at how wild, lowland hares appear to be disappearing from the Irish countryside... If no immediate Government action is taken to control, and preferably stop, the widespread netting (and use) of hares for coursing here, I expect the situation to get progressively worse... (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 26.3.02 HELICOPTER SCRAMBLED - An 'eye in the sky' has been used Lincolnshire Police for the first time in the fight against illegal hare coursing gangs... (story)

Edinburgh News 26.3.02 Urban mink makes fur fly at farm By GARETH MACKIE and STEPHANIE TODD - As well as the the city’s urban foxes, urban mink have now made an appearance - and a family of the aggressive predators are thought to be on the prowl after a rabbit was attacked at Gorgie City Farm. The public have been warned not to approach mink...(story)
Ananova 26.3.02 Rabbit becomes prey of urban mink in Edinburgh - A rabbit on an Edinburgh city farm has been attacked by a wild mink. It the first recorded case of a mink attacking domestic animals or pets in urban Edinburgh...(story)

Ananova 26.3.02 'Sheep' squeeze into tube carriage for protest - More than 150 protesters have crammed into a Tube carriage dressed as sheep to campaign against the live export of animals... Joyce D'Silva, director of CIWF, said: "We chose a 72-hour period as this is the time it can take for British lambs to be transported from this country to Italy or Spain where they are often slaughtered in appalling conditions." (story)

Cambridge News 26.3.02 Protest lock-out by NFU - ANIMAL rights protesters in Saffron Walden were barred from entering the National Farmers' Union (NFU) offices in Fairycroft Road when they staged a demonstration protesting at live animal exports. Sue Hughes, of Comp-assion in World Farming (CWF), said: "I think locking all the doors and windows was pathetic." (story in archive)

Scotsman 25.3.02 FRASER NELSON'S WEEK IN POLITICS: The growl that tells us the Commons is coming alive again - FOR THE first time in maybe nine years, the House of Commons is becoming dangerous. Whispers of mutiny are becoming audible; the awkward squad is recruiting. For a Prime Minister, it is an ugly sight... there are Establishment figures such as Gerald Kaufman, the former Labour minister, who is now promising to "rebel with a vengeance" if foxhunting is not banned outright. He would, he says, withdraw his support for other legislation... (story)

Glasgow Herald 25.3.02 Fox hunt lobby vows to fight on - ANNETTE McCANN - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners at an event billed as the blood sport's swan song will issue a defiant warning to the Scottish Executive today when they signal their determination to push ahead with a legal challenge to the new law banning fox hunting. More than 140 riders are expected to gather for the Duke of Buccleuch Hunt in the Borders, which under the new legislation is likely to be the last fox hunt in Scotland before the act comes into force next season... (story in archive)

Guardian 25.3.02 Comment - Endpiece - Labour must decide whether it backs the haves or the have-nots - Roy Hattersley - Huntsmen of the world unite. You fight for more than the right to pursue small furry animals to the death. The battle over the wildlife bill is the last stand of the aristocracy. We have the Earl of Onslow's word for it... (story)
Guardian 25.3.02 Swimming losing fight against a tidal wave of ineptitude - Kate Hoey - Last week I was in the same voting lobby as the Conservative MP Anne Winterton to oppose a ban on hunting. It wasn't the first time we had cooperated. Just over 10 years ago I was a sponsor to a bill she introduced in parliament to make swimming a compulsory element in the national curriculum for all primary school children... If only foxes would use local pools then maybe government would treat swimming as a priority (story)

Yorkshire Post 25.3.02 Middle way move on hunting is a poor compromise From: J Toulson-Clarke, Oaktree House, Egton Bridge, Whitby. Sir, – As a former master of foxhunt, I hope that body and the Countryside Alliance don't fall for the suggestion that the Government might back a middle way to allow hunting to continue under licence, provided stag hunting and hare coursing are sacrificed... (story)

Newcastle Journal 25.3.02 Good times are galloping back after foot-and-mouth ... The Duke of Northumberland threw open the gates to Hulne Park, Alnwick, to benefit regional charities as the annual Percy Ride drew in enthusiasts from the North-East and Borders... Also out was Martin Claxton, huntsman for the Percy Hunt, who said: "It's always a pleasure to ride here, especially after such a poor year for horseriding."... (story)
Western Daily Press 25.3.02 BADGERS 'DIE IN HUNT BAN DELAY' - Scores of badgers will be killed because a ban on fox hunting has been delayed, campaigners said last night... Dr Elaine King, chief executive of the National Federation of Badger Groups, said: "Legal hunting of foxes with terriers and lurchers also provides many unscrupulous people with a cover for illegal hunting of badgers."... (story)

Western Daily Press 25.3.02 WRONG TO DO A DEAL ON HUNTING - PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill, Nr Stroud (letter)
Western Daily Press 25.3.02 KILLING FIELDS WILL HAVE TO GO ... My stepfather was a whipper-in for several hunts, so my early life was spent in hunting communities... Farmers are paid for looking after foxes, cubs are bred and looked after for cub hunting and as regards stag hunting, it's terrible... F E Hopkins Melksham Wiltshire (story)
Western Daily Press 25.3.02 YOUR LOSS IF THE HUNTS DISAPPEAR - Before people leap off the sofa to vote for a ban on fox hunting, here are a few things they may like to consider... Polly Whittaker, aged 13 Address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 25.3.02 OUT OF TOUCH WITH REAL PROBLEMS - What is more important to our country, hunting foxes or our elderly citizens?.. I'm not for hunting, but with the state of the NHS and the care of our elderly I would like to see the Government doing more to protect and help pensioners... P Stoodley Shepton Mallet Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 25.3.02 FOOD FOR THOUGHT - What nonsense of R Pitman on March 15 to suggest that Tony Banks should ban hawks... The hunting fraternity kills for pleasure and a day's sport... R Brown Ston Easton Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 25.3.02 WHAT ABOUT OUR PRIORITIES? We have an NHS which is falling apart, a railway network which equals something from a Third World country, street crime and antisocial behaviour at an all-time high, drugs dealers operating with seeming impunity... And what is this Government and the do-gooders worried about? Banning the hunting of animals with dogs. I do wish people would get their priorities right. Gerald Board Weston-super-Mare (letter)

Worcester Evening News 25.3.02 How can hunts help improve hare's welfare? - I SEE that J Burgess is once again attempting to belittle Anita Knittel by trotting out so-called facts and figures supposedly applauding cruelty to the hare population... MARION LARGE, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 16.3.02 She doesn't understand wildlife or rural scene - A KNITTEL queries J Burgess' statement on hare coursing and hunting (You Say, March 6)... Where legal hare coursing takes place, landowners preserve the required habitat to encourage the hare population, of which only a small percentage are killed... G HARTWRIGHT, Crowle, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 13.3.02 Hare coursing a force for good - ANITA Knittel (You Say, March 6) displays her confusion about conservation of the hare and coursing. The Government sponsored Game Conservancy Trust have made quite clear that neither hunting nor coursing pose a threat to the hare population... JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 6.3.02 He's running with the hare - IT seems somewhat bizarre for J Burgess to claim that hare coursing and hunting is responsible for an increase in the hare population (You Say, February 4) when on the other hand the blood sports brigade says that fox hunting is necessary to keep fox numbers under control… A KNITTEL, Worcester. (letter in archive)

North Devon Journal 25.3.02 HUNTING DEBATE: STARK CHOICES - A middle-way or a "war of attrition" could now be the stark choices in the hunting debate, the MP for North Devon said yesterday... Nick Harvey, who voted in the House of Commons against a total ban, but in favour of the status quo and licensed hunting, felt the change in the House of Lords was significant.... (story)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald) 25.3.02 HUNT THREAT 'ARMY' WAITS IN THE WINGS - BY PHIL LAVER - SOUTH Devon hunt enthusiasts have vowed to join a march of a million countryside supporters following the latest threat to the future of the sport... The South Devon Hunt has been accused of endangering the lives of pregnant animals on a smallholding near Haytor. But the hunt was quick to insist it was not aware of any incident and no complaints had been received... (story)
ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald) 25.3.02 FOX TOOK MINUTES TO DIE IN ATTACK BY HOUNDS - Let's have an end to unnecessary suffering to animals as described by an RSPCA inspector on the post-mortem of a fox by a vet... Basically this animal took minutes to die. It wasn't killed immediately as the hunts say they often are. M Waycott, Littleham, Exmouth (letter)

North Devon Journal 25.3.02 POETIC THOUGHTS ON HOW THE POACHERS MIGHT MOVE IN - If HUNTING were to be banned, we are very worried about the activities of poachers. In that context, I thought Journal readers might be interested in this poem by my son Sean... ALBERT BEER, Stoke Rivers. (letter)

Bolton Evening News 25.3.02 Forget foxes and go after the gangs - ALTHOUGH fox hunting is not something I would ever endorse, I can't help thinking that the current time is not a good one for our elected representatives to be discussing the matter... A matter of much more concern is that in areas of this town and many others, many people, especially the elderly are scared to leave their houses after night fall... Also if it is banned, who is going to police this ban, when the police force already struggles to enforce the laws we already have. John Maher, Loweswater Rd, Farnworth, Bolton (letter in archive)

Shropshire Star 25.3.02 We know priorities of Labour - The Government has refused to have a public enquiry on the foot and mouth crisis... It has consistently underfunded residential and nursing beds for the elderly... 1,700 troops are being sent to fight in Afghanistan with no debate in Parliament, and why? Because for five hours Labour MPs were expressing their class war credentials in a debate on hunting... Kath Owen, Shrewsbury (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 25.3.02 Scrap hunt and love all animals - With reference to Georgina Hirst's opinion on banning the hunt. She writes: "I have learnt so much from it." Can I ask: What exactly do you learn from killing that defenceless fox?.. B Glaze, Woodside, Telford (letter in archive)

Barnet & Potters Bar Citizen 25.3.02 Why can't MP Sir Sydney support his constituents? The Tory MP for Chipping Barnet, Sir Sydney Chapman, has once again defied the wishes of the majority of the population and of his constituents by voting to support the cruel sport of hunting with hounds... Brian M Jacobs, Chairman, Animal Aid, Great Bushey Drive, Totteridge (letter in archive)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 25.3.02 People do care about animals ... We cannot call ourselves a compassionate society if we continue to allow a minority of people to carry on rampaging around our countryside, causing havoc and getting away with inflicting cruelty on animals in the name of sport. M HOOPER, Freshbrook Wa, Swindon (letter in archive)

Manchester Evening Post 25.3.02 ... If fox hunting is allowed to remain within the law, it just becomes licensed cruelty... Observer, Prestwich (letter may be in archive)

North West Evening Mail 25.3.02 HUNTING OF FOXES IS FOR POSH PEOPLE ... Labour is right to kick it in the rubbish bin of history. Fox-hunting is for the posh, not us. CLIFFORD POSTLETHWAITE, Brathay Crescent, Barrow (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 25.3.02 Common ground - It seems that the only subject on which assembly members are totally agreed is the right to hunt with dogs (belfast telegraph, march 10). We are told that there is no majority in favour of a ban on this type of hunting, by a member of the Countryside Alliance. I would point out that most of the voters are in favour of a ban... R. STEELE, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim.(letter)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 25.3.02 POETRY: Fox-hunters' fury at anti-sport verse - THE city´s poet laureate has provoked outrage among fox-hunters by launching a scathing attack on their pursuit. But today George Bowyer, the joint master of the Fitzwilliam Hunt, accused Mr Wright of stepping outside his brief by using his position to air his personal views... (story in archive)

North West Evening Mail 25.3.02 EURO-MP WARNS OF ANIMAL SLAUGHTER TAXATION - EURO-MP is warning Barrow taxpayers that they are unknowingly paying for animals to be cruelly treated and slaughtered. Liberal Democrat Chris Davies wants to make his constituents aware that taxes are spent on the export of live cattle to countries where they may brutally slaughtered... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 25.3.02 LIVESTOCK MARKET TARGET FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTESTERS BY CATHERINE JONES - Animal rights campaigners were mounting a demonstration at Exeter Livestock Market today. The rally is part of 72 hours of action across Britain to protest against the resumption of the live animal export trade... The Exeter protest is being organised by the Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) group, which launched its national action on Saturday. Devon organiser Margaret Gibbins said many people were expected to join in... (story)

Richmond & Twickenham Times 25.3.02 Sir,-The welcome end of the foot and mouth epidemic brings with it one real danger - the resumption of the cruel live animal export trade… Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) investigations have revealed that animals suffer terribly during the long journeys to southern Europe…. Diana Preddle, Church Avenue, East Sheen. (letter)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 25.3.02 WE NEEDN'T BE PIG IGNORANT - Sir, - British industrial pig farmers try to have us believe that they meet high welfare standards, but this is far from the truth. The vegetarian and animal charity Viva! has over the past year filmed inside pig farms, and has revealed shocking images of cruelty... PAUL CLARKSON Address supplied (letter)

Sunday Telegraph 24.3.02 Drag hunts in the New Forest end in fiasco by Daniel Foggo - A FLAGSHIP drag hunt in the New Forest, which has been praised by ministers and anti-hunting campaigners, has collapsed in chaos after organisers admitted that the hounds could not be prevented from chasing deer. The drag hunt, in which hounds are supposed to follow an aniseed trail instead of an animal, was sponsored by the RSPCA and backed by Elliot Morley, the agriculture minister, when trials were launched three years ago... Michael Thomas, the joint master of the New Forest Draghounds, however, has now said that the hunt will no longer continue to operate in the New Forest because trials had ended in chaos and the area is often crowded with picnickers and walkers... One observer present at the recent trial said "...The drag had become a farce, with the hounds so uninterested in the aniseed trail left for them they sometimes had to be led by the huntsmen on horseback, which is completely the wrong way around. All along the trials have been a failure because so few people turned up or took an interest."(story)

Scotland on Sunday 24.3.02 Football, fishing and fiscal decisions - over a fine malt whisky - Notebook - By charlie Whelan ... THE WESTMINSTER parliament is now going through all the traumas the Scottish parliament went through a few months ago. They now want to ban fox hunting in England and Wales... I still can’t understand why so many MPs who live in the towns are so keen to stop a county pursuit. One London MP told me that it was because the majority of his constituents wanted fox hunting banned. When I pointed out that they also wanted to bring back hanging he quickly changed the subject.... (story)

Sunday Times 24.3.02 Europe wants vets to go on grouse shoots - Martin Jay - BLOOD SPORTS enthusiasts may have to take veterinary surgeons on pheasant and grouse shoots under controversial new health and hygiene rules planned by the European Union... quotes from Robert Goodwill, a Conservative MEP and gamekeeper, Tim Hogarth, of the Countryside Alliance, John Swift, of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (story)

People 24.3.02 WRITE PEOPLE: BRITS JUST AS CRUEL AS US AS a Korean national I was very disturbed by the letters in Pets And Their People about my country's practice of boiling cats. People in Britain boil alive shellfish and I find your experiments with live animals abhorrent. In Europe legs are pulled off live frogs to eat. Are these practices so very different? Ahn Meng Kyung, Grouville, Jersey (letter in archive)

Sunday Sun 24.3.02 Docks hit by animal rights protest - More than 200 animal rights campaigners have begun a 72-hour vigil in a bid to have live animal exports banned... (story)
Scotland on Sunday 24.3.02 Animal rights vigil - MORE than 200 animal rights campaigners yesterday began a 72-hour vigil in Dover in a bid to ban live animal exports... Compassion in World Farming said the movement of animals could resume as soon as Tuesday... (story)
Ananova 23.3.02 Protest over live animal exports stepped up - More than 200 animal rights campaigners have begun a 72-hour vigil in a bid to have live animal exports banned. The protest at Dover Eastern Docks, in Kent, follows a tip-off that the trade could restart this week... Joyce D'Silva, director of Compassion in World Farming, says the 72 hours of events throughout the UK are to represent the amount of time some animals are forced to travel across Europe in cramped conditions... (story)

Guardian 23.3.02 March madness - Blair holds the cards despite Tory revival - Leader ... The combination of Mittalgate, the Byers affair, and above all a sequence of real or perceived crises in health, transport, and law and order, have taken a huge toll on Labour's already damaged reputation for probity and competence. Mr Blair's handling of the post-September 11 crisis, which had seemed to make him impregnable in the autumn, could now be the very issue which has begun to turn both party and country against him in the spring. The momentum of events has clearly shifted, with every fresh issue - hunting is the latest example - fuelling the sense that this is a government that has lost its confidence and grasp... (story)
Guardian 23.3.02 Toff hunting - Just as Mr Blair was heading a forum to address the overwhelming crime problem in this country, his backbenchers were pushing for legislation that would swell the ranks of criminals... Jessica Leigh-Pemberton, Faringdon, Oxonm (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 23.3.02 ISN'T IT TIME TO BLOW WHISTLE ON HUNTING? - Parliament has a rare ability to turn what should be interesting subjects into incomprehensible political goobledegook. Take hunting. A straightforward issue, most of us think... It has become this Government's equivalent of a well chewed slipper, faithfully carried around, occasionally dropped, losing bits along the way, but ultimately finding its way back home... (story)

Western Morning News 23.3.02 PROTESTERS PREPARING TO TAKE TO THE STREETS - Residents of Exford, who saw their march on London postponed last year because of the foot and mouth crisis, are preparing to descend on the capital to defend their way of life... (story)
Western Morning News 23.3.02 HUNT BAN ROW HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN - Whatever one thinks of the merits of the Government's case for banning hunting with dogs, the manner in which this issue has been handled in recent weeks has been appalling - and almost certainly damaging to New Labour... (story)

Worcester Evening News 23.3.02 Ex-huntsman backs bloodsports ban - A FORMER huntsman turned anti-hunt protester helped drum up support for a bloodsport ban when he held a demonstration in Worcester. Richard Britton said scores of people signed leaflets in protest against foxhunting when he set up a stall outside the Guildhall yesterday... "I was around 24 when I stopped hunting," said Mr Britton, of Martley... (story in archive)
Worcester Evening News 23.3.02 Credit to Mr Foster ... I have a go at him because he wasted of a great opportunity to do something really good for our country. Instead, he has advocated a ban on hunting. However, it's a credit to him that he is now doing something about trying to get extra funding for the less well off areas of Worcester... PETER ALCOCK, Upton Snodsbury. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 23.3.02 Why not use the law? ... The foxhunting issue comes up again and again with arguments on both sides. The solution is this - the powers held by RSPCA at the moment allows prosecution for cruelty to animals, so why are these powers not used? If foxes are so cruelly treated, then the hunts should be prosecuted.... KEN NASON, Cradley, near Malvern. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 23.3.02 SHRILL DEBATE ALREADY SOLVED ... No one seems to care that the Burns Report, commissioned by the Government, found no clear grounds for a ban on hunting and that in our usually tolerant society a ban would be an infringement of people's liberty, the imposition of prejudice on a significant minority.... (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.3.02 BEWARE LONG TERM EFFECTS ... The countryside is a living working beast, it must not be put in jeopardy. Please be aware of the dreadful results of tampering with an ecosystem that works (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.3.02 ANY KIND OF HUNT BAN WILL NOT SOLVE PROBLEMS ... With recent opinion polls showing ever decreasing support for a ban on hunting with dogs, the rural community and the Countryside Alliance look to Parliament to settle this issue once and for all, and in such a way that reconciles both human rights and animal welfare. (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.3.02 NO ROOM FOR SYMPATHY TOWARDS DESTRUCTIVE FOX - I agree wholeheartedly with R Pitman's letter in the WDP on March 11. WT Corbett, Andrew Banks and the like know nothing about country life.A pity they don't turn their thoughts and energy towards protecting young children and old folk from thugs, perverts and thieves... Name and address supplied (letter)

ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Echo, Gloucester Citizen) 23.3.02 HORSE AND HOUND DESERVE A THOUGHT - In all the arguments for and against fox hunting and hunting with dogs, I have never heard anybody put forward the question about cruelty to the hounds and horses. Don't the animal rights protectors realise that all the hounds and some of the horses will have to be put down? They are trained to hunt and kill and cannot be re-homed as pets... B Savidge Gloucestershire (letter)

Leicestershire Mercury 23.3.02 IT'S ANIMAL CRUELTY - With regard to hunting, Jim Bradshaw stated it is not the sport most antis are against, it is just left-wing envy... if the hunters were not pursuing a live creature as opposed to drag hunting no one would give a rap. G A Wright, Leicester (letter)

Cumberland News & Star 23.3.02 SHOULD HUNTING CONTINUE ON THE FELLS? - vox pop (story may be in archive)

Yorkshire Evening Post 23.3.03 Time to kill hunting debate ... This is democracy, the will of the people. However, the hunting fraternity have tried various misleading statements to support their despicable pastime, such as the need to cull vermin (the fox), but in all cases their examples have been found false... A G GOLDSBOROUGH, Fieldway, Ilkley (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 23.3.02 FEEDBACK . . . FOX HUNTING DEBATE
Anyone who cared about animal welfare would ban factory farming before fox hunting. The hunted fox has one bad day, his last. Factory farmed animals live entire lives of misery. But that's business, and New Labour won't hurt it.... Eamonn Murphy, Creswicke Road, Bristol.
WHERE are the spokesepeople wo stand up for human rights... Do not country folk and their associates also qualify as human and in need of their support? M Hendy, Brislington.
IT is high time that HM Government devoted its energies to matters of national importance, such as crime, healthcare, transport and the increasing loss of jobs in Gloucestershire... Michael Houghton, Dell Farm, Painswick, Gloucestershire.
THE hunting debate gets more shrill - leaks and spin about a deal to allow Tony to bomb Iran, or save Byers, or is it designed to disguise the U-turn on workers rights? Chris Kirby, by e-mail (letters)

South Wales Evening Post 23.3.02 CRUEL CHARITIES DO RESEARCH ON ANIMALS - Would you pay to have a rabbit's leg broken?... The Good Charities Guide 2002 is a guide to medical research and care charities which do not fund animal experiments and those which do... National Anti-Vivisection Society, 261 Goldhawk Road, London, W12 9PE (letter)

Edinburgh News 23.3.02 Tailed and held against my will By JASON CUMMING - A CONTROVERSIAL animal experimentation conference in the city came under fire today amid claims that a university researcher was held against his will by security guards involved in the event... Lothian and Borders Police were also called in to grill the academic before he was freed without being charged... Mr Whitaker said: "They tailed me and asked who I was and if I worked there. "I explained I was on the staff and only interested in what was going on at the conference centre...." Yvonne Taylor, campaigns officer with city-based Advocates for Animals, said: "This sounds very sinister. It’s disgraceful that this poor man was treated in this way but it goes to show how paranoid these people are..." (story)
Edinburgh News 20.3.02 Protest pledge at animal test talks By GRAHAM DIGGINES - AN animal experimentation trade fair was today due to start in Edinburgh with campaigners set to mount a noisy protest outside... Yvonne Taylor, campaigns officer for Advocates for Animals, said protesters were going to dress in animal outfits... (story)

Times 23.3.02 Animal rights 'delay lifesaving drugs' By Helen Rumbelow - WOMEN with breast cancer will suffer needlessly because animal rights protesters have made research more expensive and more time-consuming, experts said yesterday. Tests on humans have also been restricted by bureaucracy, said the leaders of the European Breast Cancer Conference and as a result doctors are being put off from engaging in research in this field... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 23.3.02 Live-lobster sales - SIR, - When we first heard about Makro Aberdeen selling live lobsters, we were horrified. But we are doubly appalled after seeing the tank that they're in and seeing that their claws are tied. How sadistic can you get?.. Veronica and John Cook, 32 Braecroft Avenue, Westhill, Aberdeen (letter)

Express 22.3.02 Hunting: Government wants more debate (story)

Guardian 22.3.02 Furious peers lose last chance to veto hunt ban - Patrick Wintour, chief political correspondent - The government painfully edged its way towards a total ban on hunting yesterday after Alun Michael, the rural affairs minister, said it would, if necessary, force through such a ban against the wishes of the Lords. The announcement received a stormy response from peers who accused the government of betrayal and double dealing... (story)
Guardian 22.3.02 Comment - Closing in for the kill - The government has at last made a commitment to end hunting with dogs. Now let's make it law - Gerald Kaufman - Gerald Kaufman is Labour MP for Manchester Gorton. (story)
Guardian 22.3.02 Diary - Matthew Norman ... Perhaps it won't be long before a statuette featuring Jesus in hunting pinks, blowing a bugle while sharing a saddle with two winsome children, is available. If so, we will buy one for the Rev Robert Block of Clergy In Field Sports whose discourse on why killing foxes is a way of glorifying God featured yesterday.... (story)
Guardian 22.3.02 Sketch - Rolling out the megabits and pieces - Simon Hoggart - MPs were discussing fox hunting again yesterday. They usually are. It's a comforting topic. Everyone seems to have very strong opinions, but deep down it doesn't matter, except to foxes. This makes it the opposite of most subjects which are hard to cope with, susceptible of many views and matter a great deal... (story)
Guardian 22.3.02 They think it's all over - Tory MP David Cameron sees red during this week's hunting debate and looks forward to a fierce battle against the introduction of a ban... Sitting in parliament involves hours of listening to opinions with which you profoundly disagree. I am usually able to do this without shouting, but as soon as I hear Labour members calling for hunting to be banned, I completely lose it... The most real moment was when I opened a letter from the kennel master of the Heythrop Hunt, based at Chipping Norton in my constituency: "We are not cruel people, quite the opposite, and we have thirty-eight seasons of animal welfare at the heart of everything we do. With animals you have the heartache as well as the good times and we just cannot contemplate life without our hounds, horses and all that goes with them. Please do your best." And that's what makes me really angry. (story)

Independent 22.3.02 Fury after anti-hunt Bill is delayed another six months By Ben Russell, Political Correspondent - A bill to ban almost all fox hunting will not be brought forward for another six months, the Government announced yesterday in a move that enraged backbench Labour MPs opposed to blood sports...(story)
Independent 22.3.02 The Sketch: A law-making process so twisted and devious that no one can be satisfied - Simon Carr - Jorrocks declared hunting had "all the excitement of war and only five and twenty per cent of the danger." He meant that as a good thing. It has a certain admirable dash to it, quite at odds with the Government's timorous, rather cowering approach to the practice... (story)

Telegraph 22.3.02 Labour goes in for the kill By George Jones, Political Editor - THE Government yesterday sounded the death knell for hunting. By early 2004 only a few hunts in upland areas are likely to survive and, if Labour MPs have their way, there will be a total ban on all forms of hunting with hounds... (story)
Telegraph 22.3.02 The hounding of liberty - YESTERDAY the Government said that it would ban foxhunting. The suggestion that this way of life may still be licensed in some upland districts does not represent a "middle way". What is being proposed is a ban, with only the odd exemption here and there, and nobody should be under any illusion about that... It has been a part of Mr Blair's appeal that he is not a divisive figure. On hunting, he threatens to alienate a whole section of society from the Government and the legal system under which they have to live. He has picked the wrong issue on which to show leadership. He must be stopped.(story)
Telegraph 22.3.02 Hunts prepare for the marching season By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - IT appears that the marching season is with us again. The Government's so-called compromise package on the future of hunting announced to the Commons by Alun Michael, the rural affairs minister, yesterday made grimmer reading than supporters of field sports had been hoping... Simon Hart, the director of the alliance's campaign for hunting, was putting a brave face on it yesterday, saying he was "willing to be a participant in a two-year process towards a fair and just outcome". But he added: "If at any stage during the process it looks like MPs with sinister motives attempt to derail the process the marching season is back on."... The alliance's trump card may yet be to denounce the Government's solution as unworkable and dare it to implement total prohibition, which as we all learned never did much to stop drinking in America.(story)
Telegraph 22.3.02 Countryside threatens a rebellion By Richard Savill - TONY BLAIR'S attempts to restrict hunting with dogs to upland areas was "unworkable" and could lead to widespread protests in the countryside, hunters, farmers, and their supporters warned last night... TONY BLAIR'S attempts to restrict hunting with dogs to upland areas was "unworkable" and could lead to widespread protests in the countryside, hunters, farmers, and their supporters warned last night.... (story)
Telegraph 22.3.02 Supporters will have to fight in European court By Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor - SUPPORTERS of hunting will do all they can to fight a ban in the courts but ultimately they may be run to ground by the sovereignty of Parliament.... Legislation from Westminster can also be challenged as incompatible with the Human Rights Convention but English courts have no power to overturn it. That is because the Human Rights Act was designed to preserve Parliament's sovereignty. The most that the courts can do with an Act of Westminster is to declare it incompatible with the convention... (story)
Telegraph 22.3.02 Minister's statement on hunting - THIS is an edited version of yesterday's statement to the Commons by Alun Michael, the rural affairs minister... (story)
Telegraph 22.3.02 Yesterday in Parliament - Reports by Michael Kallenbach, Parliamentary Correspondent - Tories attack 'black day for freedom' (story)

Times 22.3.02 Consultation can only delay death of fox-hunting By Philip Webster, Political Editor FOXHUNTING will end in most parts of Britain within two years after the Government outraged countryside groups yesterday by promising to force through a ban before the next general election... (story)
Times 22.3.02 Labour MPs scent blood but impatient for the kill By Greg Hurst, Parliamentary Correspondent (story)
Times 22.3.02 Stag hunt ban 'will hurt red deer' By Valerie Elliott, Countryside Editor - A BAN on stag hunting would create an open season for trophy hunters paying up to £1,000 to shoot red deer in Somerset and Devon, it was claimed last night...(story)
Times 22.3.02 Pro-hunt lobby will harry Blair over Bill By Andrew Norfolk - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners attacked the Government’s pledge to force a hunting Bill through Parliament last night and vowed to fight tooth and nail in defence of hunting with hounds... George Bowyer, joint master of the Fitzwilliam Hunt, in Cambridgeshire, said that the protests would be the biggest yet seen against the Government’s “unfair and unjust” plans. (story)
Times 22.3.02 The muddle way - Blair has set himself up for more trouble on hunting ... The Government has chosen to invite a series of massive demonstrations, the charge that it is insensitive towards and intolerant of countryside sentiment and a parliamentary struggle over the Bill concerned, in order to change the method by which foxes are exterminated from horse and hound to shotgun and bullet. It will provoke otherwise law-abiding citizens into civil disobedience. It cannot even be sure that the result will be a reduction in cruelty. It is a truly bizarre outcome... The Prime Minister would have been better advised to have announced his “conversion” to regulated hunting and put up with short-term abuse from his own backbenchers. He is instead destined for long-term trouble and from a section of especially aggrieved voters.(story)
Times 22.3.02 Is there any thrill without a kill? by Stefanie Marsh and Carol Midgley - Fox-hunting could be replaced by a bloodless alternative. But will it catch on?.. draghunting with the Lincolnshire bloodhounds (story)

Scotsman 22.3.02 Cruel hunt practices will be illegal in six months Alison Hardie political correspondent - HUNTS which cannot meet new rules to prevent cruelty to animals will be banned in England and Wales, the government said yesterday...(story)

Yorkshire Post 22.3.02 Commons to have final say on hunt ban ... Tory Shadow agriculture spokesman Ann Winterton predicted that the countryside would campaign virulently to maintain its traditions. She said: "The message must go out the length and breadth of this land – we must fight for our country traditions and values. That fight begins today for freedom and liberty." (story)

The Herald (Glasgow) 22.3.02 Parliament Act to be used for Hunting Bill DEBORAH SUMMERS (story in archive)

Worcester Evening News 22.3.02 Labour will force through hunt law - MINISTERS have promised six months of consultation before introducing legislation which would ban lowland hunting with dogs in Worcestershire and Herefordshire... (story in archive)
Worcester Evening News 22.3.02 `Ban to mean more cruelty' ... Bob Brierley, of the Worcestershire Hunt, also accused the Government of trying to bring in a law that would be unenforcable and create mass unemployment in the countryside... (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 22.3.02 MPS FOXED AS HUNT ISSUE GOES ON HOLD - Labour's reputation for spin at all costs was reinforced yesterday as Minister of Muddle Alun Michael tried to bewitch, bewilder and befuddle MPs over hunting... (story)

Western Daily Press 22.3.02 MARCH OF A MILLION TO FIGHT HUNT BAN - JASON GROVES - The Government was last night threatened with a march of a million countryside supporters after it sounded the death knell for hunting... quotes from Mal Treharne, South West spokesman for the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance, Gary Streeter, Conservative MP for South West Devon, Linda Gilroy, Labour MP for Plymouth Sutton (story)
Western Daily Press 22.3.02 HUGE GULF BETWEEN THE LORDS AND COMMONS, SAYS MINISTER - Alun Michael yesterday said the votes on hunting had left the Commons and the Lords "diametrically opposed"... (story)

Western Mail 22.3.02 Hunting may continue in upland Wales - Toby Mason, The Western Mail - HUNTING could continue across large parts of Wales under the "com-mon ground" compromise being proposed by the Government... (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 22.3.02 HUNTING: Anger over hunt Bill delay - THERE was a mixed reaction today to the announcement that there is to be a further wait before any announcement is made on the future of fox hunting... while George Bowyer, joint-master of the Fitzwilliam Hunt celebrated the decision, the city´s MP Helen Clark - who is opposed to hunting - accused Mr Michael of "fudging" the issue... (story in archive)

Hertfordshire Mercury 22.3.02 Campaigner confident of outright hunt ban ... Niel Hansen, formerly chairman of Broxbourne Animal Rights and now head of the National Anti-Hunt Campaign (NAHC), has been fighting for 20 years to outlaw fox hunting... Joint master of the Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chace Hunt, Keith Newland, said he was "disappointed" with the Commons vote... (story probably only on website for a week)

Newark Advertiser 22.3.02 Fox control ... Foxes would be poisoned, gassed or trapped indiscriminately. The cry would surely go up to reinstate hunting... I love the fox as a fit and thriving wild animal and a master of its own environment, not a victim of man's bureaucracy and political wrangling. - RAY STREETS, (Address supplied.)
Respect for life ... It is part of the evolution of a civilised society to gradually eliminate cruel and inhumane practices... JANET NUNN, (Address supplied).
Broken bond ...The MP for Newark, Mr Patrick Mercer, made a promise, and in doing so gave us his word as a gentleman... He blatantly refused to consider constituents' requests for him to vote for a ban, and in doing so, he did renege on his promise of fair representation... J. CLARK, Newark (Full address supplied.)

Hexham Courant 22.3.02 HUNT FOLLOWERS LEFT CONFUSED - FOLLOWERS OF TYNEDALE'S six packs of hounds were left shrouded in confusion this week after the latest attempt by Parliament to outlaw their sport... quotes from Joint master of the Tynedale Hunt Richard Tyacke, Richard Dodd, who farms near Belsay and is North East regional director of the Countryside Alliance, Alan Chapman, chairman and acting master of the Braes of Derwent Hunt... (story)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Western Morning News, Plymouth Evening Herald, North Devon Journal, Torquay Herald Express) 22.3.02 MPS WARN OF LARGE MARCH TO PROTEST AGAINST HUNT BAN BY JESSICA BOMFORD, POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - Devon MPs have warned of a massive march of countryside supporters after the Government sounded the death knell for hunting… quotes from Angela Browning, Hugo Swire, East Devon Hunt Master, Michael Moore, Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw, Ivor Annetts, Devon spokesman for The League Against Cruel Sports (story)

Malvern Gazette 22.3.02 Hunt mood still defiant over ban - Members of the Ledbury Hunt say they will defy the law and go to prison if foxhunting is banned... quotes from Don Haden, Joint-Master of the Ledbury Hunt, Animal rights protester Tony Peters, who co-ordinates protests in Ledbury, North Ledbury Hunt's Joint Master Valerie Allfrey (story in archive)

Newcastle Journal 22.3.02 Hunting debate set to drag on for two years - The bitter debate over hunting looked set to continue for at least two more years as the Government's latest attempt to resolve the issue came under fire from all sides yesterday... quotes from Richard Dodd, North-East director for the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance, David Wallace, vice-chairman of the Tynedale Hunt, Diane Sanderson of the National Anti-Hunt Campaign (story)

Shropshire Star 22.3.02 Huntsmen pledge to fight plans By John Hipwood and James Whittaker... Miles Salmon, master of the Wheatland Hunt, said the battle would continue until sense prevailed... (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 22.3.02 IF YOU AGREE, TELL BLAIR - ONCE again the House of Commons has voted by a large majority to ban hunting. I would ask all the people who are in agreement to write a letter to Tony Blair... Don Banks, Blenheim Place, Cleethorpes. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 22.3.02 DOES VOTE COUNT FOR ANYTHING? ... we have a situation where a majority of our elected representatives, 211, voted for an outright ban on fox-hunting. Yet this is vetoed by the unelected second chamber and a "compromise" deal (in fact on one where it is impossible to have a compromise - it's either yes or no) is mooted when, in fact, no such mandate from the people for this solution exists... (story)

Northern Echo 22.3.02 Tally hopeless! by Stuart Arnold - THE Government last night stood accused of a feeble fudge as critics ridiculed another failure to take a final decision on hunting with hounds... (story in archive)
Northern Echo 22.3.02 Comment from The Northern Echo; Running away from the chase - THE Government has a duty to listen to all sides and consult widely before taking major decisions - particularly one as controversial as a potential ban on fox hunting. But it is difficult to see what will be gained by the six-month consultation period about fox hunting announced yesterday... As it is, yesterday's delay means the next few years could be dogged by this single issue which, although animal welfare and personal liberty are important concepts, is not central to a majority of people's everyday lives...
Northern Echo 22.3.02 HUNTING - EVEN if a majority of those living in rural areas were in favour of a ban on hunting with dogs, which is clearly not the case as the results of opinion polls are continually telling us, there are many more important things that the Government should be concentrating its efforts on... - Angela Vaux, Barton, North Yorkshire.
... Having seen a fox dead in a snare after struggling for most of the night before strangling itself, I realised, for it, death by the hounds would have been more merciful. If hunting is banned, how many more foxes will receive this fate?... People I have talked to who have followed hunts for most of their lives all agree that, when the fox has entertained them for a good spell and eluded them by going to ground, he should be left to fight another day... - Douglas Punchard, Kirkbymoorside. (letters in archive)

Bucks Free Press 22.3.02 The hunt's on say our MPs in Commons vote ... All four of the county's parliamentary representatives voted against a ban... quotes from LACS South Bucks representative Judy Gilbert who said: "They are all Tories and hunt apologists. I completely expected them to vote against the ban." Regional director for the Countryside Alliance Tracy Bramley said she was 'disappointed', but added she would continue to lobby MPs to support the traditional country pursuit. (story in archive)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 22.3.02 HUNT BATTLE UNDER WAY by Rachel Read - HUNT supporters in the New Forest and Dorset are living on borrowed time - and they have just six months to fight for their way of life and prevent it from becoming extinct... quotes from New Forest Animal Protection Group spokesman Ken James, Countryside Agency spokesman for the South, Alison Hawes, New Forest Hunt Master Nick Smith, Hugo Busby of the North Dorset-based Portman Hunt (story in archive)

Morpeth Herald 22.3.02 HUNTING: TRUTH IS OUT THERE - SIR, — The Government commissioned Burns Report found no grounds for a ban on hunting and that in our usually tolerant society a ban would be an infringement of people's liberty, the imposition of prejudice on a significant minority... ROGER BELL Via e-mail (letter)

Craven Herald 22.3.02 Hunt row resumes SIR - By the time this letter is published, Parliament will have voted yet again on the hunting issue, an activity which I do not pursue. It defies belief that time is being found to debate this again when the country is in chaos with little sign of improvements in education and health provision, transport or the fight against crime... As a keen conservationist I have rejoiced in the increased numbers of hares on the land which we have made more suitable for their needs. Even these magnificent animals, however, must be controlled. Newly planted evergreen trees do not survive when hares eat their bark, leading in our case to hundreds having to be replaced... I am also - with others - a breeder of racehorses... There is a threat to this sport too from Animal Rights activists.... John D Clark, Lumb Mill Farm, Cross Hills (letter in archive)

Kent/Sussex Courier 22.3.02 FURY AT FIVE-HOUR HUNTING DEBATE By Sheila Gow - ANGRY Sussex MPs who voted against a total ban on hunting with dogs on Monday have accused the Government of being out-of-touch with rural affairs and slammed the decision to devote five hours to the debate ahead of more important issues... quotes from Nicholas Soames, Charles Hendry, Brian Perring, chairman of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt association, Wendy Peckham of the Countryside Alliance, Peter Ainsworth, (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 22.3.02 HUNT SHOWDOWN DELAY THE final showdown over fox hunting has been delayed for six months after Ministers announced another round of consultation… Cleethorpes MP Shona McIsaac was unavailable for comment but Brigg and Goole MP Ian Cawsey, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Animal Welfare, described Mr Michael's way forward as "very fair"… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 22.3.02 FOX-HUNTING BAN A 'MOB RULE VICTORY' - The Government has been accused of "going back to square one" after it announced that a further six months will be spent deciding whether to ban hunting… Tory Sleaford and North Hykeham MP Douglas Hogg warned Mr Michael that any move to ban hunting would be seen as a victory for "mob rule"… For the Liberal Democrats, Norman Baker told Mr Michael: "You have taken us by your statement back to square one when all are options open, particularly if you have now changed the method of dealing with matters, moving away from discussing particular bans to looking at issues of utility and cruelty."… (story)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 22.3.02 FUTURE OF FOX HUNTING STILL REMAINS UNCERTAIN ... The Rutland Mercury spoke Rutlanders at Oakham market on Wednesday and views were divided... (vox pop) (story in archive)

Somerset County Gazette 22.3.02 Hunting: you can vote now - THE Government wants up to six months more consultation on the future of hunting... (story in archive)

Worksop Guardian 22.3.02 FOXHUNTING BANNED IN CLUMBER PARK - FOXHUNTING will be banned in Clumber Park after visitors told the Guardian about their horror over the blood sport. Currently, the Grove and Rufford hunt have a one-day licence for Clumber, but this is to be revoked following park users complaints. This week, a joint statement by the RSPCA and League Against Cruel Sports, said that Clumber will become a no-go area for hounds... The National Trust refused to confirm that the licence would be revoked, saying they were waiting for a Government decision on hunting... (story)
Worksop Guardian 12.2.02 Outrage as foxhunt rides in Clumber Park - A DOG lover was terrified when snarling hounds and horsemen disrupted her peaceful walk through Clumber Park... The lady and her sister turned and ran with their pets when they crossed paths with the Grove and Rufford Hunt at around 11am last Thursday... "We were both furious with what we saw, because we are both animal lovers," said the woman,who does not wish to be named... "It should not be allowed in a park where there are families with pets and children," said Delyse Tummon, 63, from Rotherham. "It s appalling." (story in archive)

Argus 22.3.02 Feedback, with Simon Bradshaw - Readers have been quick to point out an error in the letter last Wednesday from R Edwards, of Shoreham… In fact, hunting has a closed season to allow newborn fox cubs to reach maturity and, anyway, expectant vixens have no scent. G Stovold says: "Hunting is about many things and one of them is population management, not extinction… Thanks to the other people who responded in similar vein, including Cathie Hawkins, Pip Waites, V Bunn, Mrs AC Haig McVitty, from Crowborough, G Fraser, from Sayers Common, Ginni Beard, from Copthorne, and Sarah Smithers, from Seaford… (story)
Argus 20.3.02 Hunt ban will ruin the rural economy - R Edwards' comments (Letters, March 13) were a typical example of the misinformed rubbish that seems to permeate many of the arguments put forward by the no doubt well-meaning animal lovers wanting to stop hunting on the single grounds that it is a "cruel and barbarous sport"... Being an animal lover, I would not take an active part in a hunt but I defend my democratic right to make that decision myself. -Mrs A C Haig McVitty, Crowborough (letter in archive)
Argus 20.3.02 Quick death - I read R Edwards' letter with interest and some incredulity because, although I do not hunt myself, I understand hunting finishes well before foxes breed... -Name and address supplied (letter in archive)
Argus 20.3.02 Best method ... Foxes do not mate for life and both dog and vixen will copulate with a number of partners during their season, Once the cubs are born, the vixen is the breadwinner, leaving her cubs for many hours while searching for food. A pregnant vixen carries no scent and hounds find it nigh impossible to hunt her... -S Baker, Billingshurst (letter in archive)
Argus 16.3.02 Hunt rules - I feel sure people will have pointed out to Mr Edwards that he is wide of the mark with his criticisms of fox-hunting (Letters, March 13)... I feel sure people will have pointed out to Mr Edwards that he is wide of the mark with his criticisms of fox-hunting (Letters, March 13). -Ginni Beard, Copthorne (letter in archive)
Argus 13.3.02 Ancient wrong …Maybe, to some, the right to continue to take part in an ancient ritual is far more important than that of the cruelty involved but that does not make it right. -R Edwards, Shoreham-by-Sea (letter in archive)

Argus 22.3.02 Man jailed for bomb hoaxes - A Sussex animal rights activist has been jailed for a series of bomb hoaxes which brought chaos to London. Neil Bartlett, 28, of Bewley Road, Angmering, was jailed for four years for making the hoax calls, one of which caused the London Eye big wheel to be evacuated. Bartlett targeted companies he alleged had links to animal testing laboratory Huntington Life Sciences and firms he accused of polluting the planet... (story in archive)
Ananova 22.3.02 Man jailed for London bomb hoaxes An animal rights activist has been jailed for four years for a series of bomb hoaxes in London. Neil Bartlett's hoaxes brought chaos to the capital and even caused the London Eye to be evacuated... (story)
Argus 13.12.01 Bomb hoaxer pleads guilty - Neil Bartlett, 28, of Beweley Road, Angmering pleaded guilty at Chichester Crown Court yesterday to making hoax bomb threats including to Shell HQ in London which led to the closure of the London Eye & streets around Waterloo. Other targets were pharmaceutical companies & Berwick on Tweed Council because of a decision to cull seagulls. He was arrested after surveillance of a phone box, and was carrying scripts for two further calls, one to Islington Council which had a farm and Hove because it had been the venue for a circus. A search of his home found material sympathetic to animal rights. Had no previous convictions. Remanded in custody for reports until February 1. (story in archive)

Redditch Advertiser/Alcester Chronicle 21.3.02 MP votes to ban hunting with dogs - REDDITCH MP Jacqui Smith voted in favour of a ban on hunting with dogs... (story in archive)

Redditch Advertiser/Alcester Chronicle 21.3.02 Letter from Westminster By Jacqui Smith MP ...Finally, on Monday there was a debate on the future of hunting with dogs in England and Wales... I stood for election twice with this position and I have not changed my mind. We now wait to see what the final proposals from the government are and how quickly a ban can be brought in. (story in archive)

Evening Standard 21.3.02 Hunting: Government wants more debate - Ministers have begun a six-month consultation process on foxhunting - with a pledge that MPs will have the final say on whether it will be banned... (story)

Cotswold Journal 21.3.02 MPs vote against ban on hunting - ALL three MPs whose constituencies cover the Cotswolds voted against moves to ban hunting this week. (story in archive)

Tamworth Herald 21.3.02 HUNT FUTURE HANGS IN THE BALANCE - THE future of the Atherstone Hunt was thrown into question this week as MPs in the Commons voted for an outright ban... Joint Master of the Atherstone Hunt Penny Tyacke expressed her concern over the future of the sport... (story)

Ananova 21.3.02 Government vows to consult on new hunting law - The Government has announced another consultation period lasting no more than six months before legislating on the issue of hunting with hounds. Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael threatened to use the Parliament Act to force through a Bill if it was opposed in the Lords... (story)

BBC News Online Thursday, 21 March, 2002, 16:45 GMT Hunting decision put on hold (story)

Guardian 21.3.02 Diary - Matthew Norman - A shock new contender enters the betting for the Canterbury Stakes. Those who like their Christianity on the muscular side will adore the Rev Robert Block, of Clergy in Field Sports, a delightful outfit whose circular (with handwritten letter from Rev Block attached) reaches us via the Lords.... (story)
Guardian 21.3.02 Bans, bars and buggies - Scotland has a ban on hunting (Peers back middle way, March 20). Scotland is a democracy. Is England? Christopher Clayton, Chester
If banning hunting with dogs is not a class issue, why is the banning of hunting with ferrets not in the bill ? Robert Pierson, Kemsing, Kent (letters)

Telegraph 21.3.02 Blair absent from debate on sending in Marines By George Jones, Political Editor - TONY BLAIR was absent from last night's emergency Commons debate on sending 1,700 Royal Marines to fight in Afghanistan because he gave priority to reaching a deal with Labour MPs over banning foxhunting... Instead of attending the debate and giving a visible demonstration of his support for a mission that could result in British casualties, Mr Blair went to a meeting of Labour's parliamentary committee... (story)
Telegraph 21.3.02 Feedback - Hunting for votes - Roger Carter - SIR - How dare New Labour's scottish MPs take part and vote on potential hunting legislation affecting England and Wales as they did on Monday evening in Parliament... (letter)

Times 21.3.02 Foxhunting 'will end before the next election' By Philip Webster, Political Editor - FOXHUNTING will disappear in most parts of England and Wales before the next general election, ministers will promise today. Alun Michael, the Rural Affairs Minister, will try to convince Labour MPs that the will of the Commons has prevailed when he promises a Bill in the next session of Parliament to outlaw the “cruelty of hunting with dogs”. The minister, who must find a way forward after the conflicting votes of Lords and Commons, will in effect reject the “middle way” proposal of licensed hunting. But his package will mean that foxhunting with hounds would survive in a few uplands, such as Cumbria, where other methods of killing foxes are deemed to be more cruel... (story)
Times 21.3.02 Welfare of foxes in a ban on hunting From Mrs Sally Baker Well Farm, Billingshurst, West Sussex RH14 9JG. - Sir, Drag hunting (letters, March 19 and 20; report, March 20) is not an alternative to quarry hunting...
From Mrs Dawne Sharples 5 Curlews Close, New Oscott, West Midlands B23 5XQ. I know that the drag works well as our three daughters were all members...
Times 21.3.02 From Mr Richard Charles The Stables, Ellel Grange, Bay Horse, nr Lancaster LA2 0HN. Sir, What those opposed to hunting don’t realise or, if they do, choose to ignore, is that if foxhunting is banned the fox population will decline to levels that could necessitate this vermin becoming a protected species.... (letters)

Watford Observer 21.3.02 MP wins praise for anti-hunt stance By Philip Sands - WATFORD MP Claire Ward won the praise of anti-hunt campaigners for promising there can be "no compromise" in forcing through a ban on fox hunting… (story)

Eastern Daily Press 21.3.02 Fury over hunt vote fudge - Three East Anglian hunts united last night to accuse Tony Blair of running scared of the rural backlash of a ban on foxhunting... quotes from Sidney Harris, chairman of Dunston Harriers, Roger Bradbury, joint master of the North Norfolk Harriers, Roger Lyles, joint Master of West Norfolk Foxhounds, Labour MP Ian Gibson, Tory MP Gillian Shephard, Niel Hansen, chairman of the National Anti-Hunt Campaign, Simon Hart, director of the Campaign for Hunting at the Countryside Alliance, Liz Mort, eastern regional director of the Countryside Alliance (story)

Hitchin Comet 21.3.02 MPs follow the lead in hunt vote - THE great hunting debate had local MPs following their masters into the same lobby... Barbara Follett: anti, Oliver Heald, Peter Lilley , Jonathan Sayeed for status quo & middle way (story in archive)

Denbighshire Free Press 21.3.02 RUANE VOTES FOR BAN ON FOX HUNTING ... Vale of Clwyd MP Chris Ruane voted in favour of an outright ban on hunting with dogs, while Clwyd West MP Gareth Thomas backed the third option of a tough new licensing scheme for the blood sport... (story in archive)

Melton Times 21.3.02 'TOUCH AND GO WHETHER HUNTING CAN BE SAVED' - IS IT THE END? The countryside is seething with anger at the bid to end hunting. FOXHUNTERS and their supporters say they will fight all the way to stop the sport being banned. Quotes from Rutland and Melton MP Alan Duncan, Joint-master of the Cottes-more Hunt, James Barclay, Joint-master of the Quorn Hunt, Richard Hunnisett (story in archive)

Worcester Evening News 21.3.02 COUNTIES' HUNTS FACE BEING KILLED OFF - TRADITIONAL lowland hunting in Worcestershire and Herefordshire will be outlawed under proposals due to be unveiled by Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael today... (story in archive)

ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 21.3.02 LOAD OF OINKERS IN GOVERNMENT - IT is high time that HM Government devoted its energies to matters of national importance, such as crime, healthcare, transport and the increasing loss of jobs in Gloucestershire, rather than wasting many people's time and money trying to impose a politically-motivated ban on the way farmers conserve and control wildlife in Gloucestersshire... MICHAEL HOUGHTON Dell Farm, Painswick (letter)

Western Daily Press 21.3.02 NATURE'S WAY IS NO EXCUSE FOR CRUELTY (story)

Western Morning News 21.3.02 HUNTING COMPROMISE MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE - With the Commons and Lords still deeply divided on the vexed issue of hunting the Government is set to come forward with proposals to 'resolve' the issue... (story)

ThisIsCornwall ThisIsCornwall (Cornish Guardian, West Briton, Cornishman) 21.3.02 HUNT SUPPORTERS AWAIT BAN DECISION - MARK BINNERSLEY FOX hunting supporters across mid and west Cornwall were today waiting anxiously for a Government announcement on the future of their sport after MPs overwhelmingly voted for a ban this week.... quotes from Joint master of the Four Burrows hunt David Latham, Joint master of the Cury Hunt Lyn Anderson (story)

Leicester Mercury 21.3.02 PEST CLAIM FALSE - It is high time this barbaric pastime was relegated to history. Janet Gee, Lubenham (letter)

Harborough Mail 21.3.02 No need to control foxes ... The fox does not need controlling – it controls its own population according to the availability of food/territories... If they really believe foxes need controlling, why do hunts maintain artificial earths and feed them to encourage large litters of cubs? Janet Gee, Tower Court, Lubenham (letter)

Harborough Mail 21.3.02 Such awful folk - I WRITE in response to Vicki Hart’s letter (March 7) about traffic being illegally stopped by a hunt and the abuse motorists received when they tried to proceed. A similar incident happened to me near Newark... The sooner this pastime is outlawed and these awful people find something better to do with their time the better. S Spencer, Alvington Way, Harborough.
Harborough Mail 21.3.02 Call for tolerance - SAD that Vicki Hart is so prejudiced about country sports. Her comment epitomises the attitude of urban road users though, who have to ‘get on’ whatever the delay... Most rural locals know that just as a bouncing football is sure to be followed by a skidding child, a fox in the afternoon is bound to be followed by an unstoppable pack of hounds and some energetic heavy hunters... JP Coy, Keythorpe. (letter)

Scotsman 21.3.02 Legal action ... Our faith in the strength of our arguments is such we are prepared to pursue this legal action all the way to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg if necessary... ALLAN MURRAY Scottish Countryside Alliance, Ingliston, Midlothian (letter)

ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 21.3.02 'IMPORTANT FOR LIVES IN THE COUNTRY' - I don't hunt and I never have. I was born in a town and lived in an urban environment for 33 years. I therefore knew little about hunting when I came to Tewkesbury, but, because it seemed to be so important to a great many people here, I started to look into the matter. Having listened to both sides of the argument, it became obvious to me that hunting is important to the countryside... In short, although I do not partake in hunting, I believe that it is in the wider interests of the countryside that it should continue, which is why I voted against a ban. (story)

Shropshire Star 21.3.02 Hunt ban set to cause outrage (story)
Shropshire Star 21.3.02 Hunting solution ... If the hounds were muzzled in such a way that their ability to follow a scent was retained, but they could not savage the fox the main objection would be removed, and the Master of Hounds could dispose of the fox humanely... DA Middleton, Four Crosses (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 21.3.02 MP voted in favour of cruelty ... I feel it is very important that his constituents should know that on Tuesday, March 19, our MP voted in favour of institutionalised animal cruelty... Richard Crowley, Ludlow (letter in archive)

York Evening Press 21.3.02 Minister reveals lowland hunting ban ...Frank Houghton Brown, master of the Middleton Hunt, which meets in Ryedale, said the consultation would be a waste of time if a decision had already been taken. "If they do decide on a ban they can expect up to half a million people from the countryside marching through London," he said. (story in archive)

Cumberland News & Star 21.3.02 HUNTING ON LAKES FELLS ESCAPES BAN FOXHUNTING will be allowed to continue in upland areas of Cumbria despite a controversial national ban announced by the Government today... the Cumbrian fell packs - the Bewcastle, Blencathra, Coniston, Eskdale and Ennerdale, Melbreak, and Ullswater - will escape the blanket ban... The move has not been universally welcomed, even among those huntsmen who stand to benefit... quotes from Dr Jim Cox, master of the Blencathra Hunt, Tim Brockbank, joint master of the Cumberland Foxhounds (story may be in archive)
Cumberland News & Star 21.3.02 Why hunts must stop YOUR comment "Our fox hunts are unique" (News & Star, March 19) advocates a concession to Cumbria's pro hunting lobby... This ignores the simple fact that all hunting with dogs, whatever the motivation is cruel... MIKE BAKER, Etterby Street, Stanwix, Carlisle (letter may be in archive)

North West Evening Mail 21.3.02 HUNTS TO GO ON - FOXHUNTING will be saved in the Lake District, the Evening Mail can reveal... Only a handful of Britain's 184 hunts will survive under the government's proposals... Alan Bolt, of Leece, the joint master of the North Lonsdale fell pack, said... a bias against horse packs was cynical snobbery by Labour... (story in archive)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 20.3.02 Hunters happy to be licensed ... Today Jenny Jackson-Stops, one of five joint masters of the Grafton Hunt, said: “We would have preferred for the status quo to have continued . . . we regulate our own sport. But if the alternative is to have the sport banned, I’m happy for the sport to be licensed.”... Annette Tibbles, an anti-hunt campaigner from Northampton, said she did not think hunting would be outlawed... Michael Bletsoe-Brown, joint master of the Pytchley Hunt, said the hunt would be happy to be subject to licensing... (story)

Western Mail 21.3.02 Alun Michael's hunt for solution - ALUN Michael could be forgiven for experiencing a sense of déjà vu as he dashed around Westminster from one meeting to the next between the various camps in the hunting debate... (story)
Western Mail 21.3.02 Government vows to consult on new hunting law (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 21.3.02 GOVERNMENT: Hunting jobs hanging in the balance ... GEORGE Bowyer and the riders from the Fitzwilliam Hunt took part in their last outing of the season yesterday... interviews with hunt staff & members... John Johnson, a former city councillor and member of the League Against Cruel Sports, is not a hunt saboteur, but he regularly follows hunts armed with a video camera to record their actions.... (story in archive)

Cornishman 21.3.02 'LORDS' FOX-HUNTING VOTE AN ISSUE OF DEMOCRACY' - JOYCE CHANNON, CHIEF REPORTER - THE House of Lords vote on Tuesday night to continue fox-hunting under licence, has ruffled MPs, not least of all St Ives MP, Andrew George who says vexed question of hunting has now become an issue of "defending democracy."...quote from Ben Sparrow MFH (story)

Hereford Times 21.3.02 Wiggin sees hunting vote as `smokescreen' by Bill Tanner - LEOMINSTER MP Bill Wiggin has blasted the hunting debate as a `smokescreen' for attack on Iraq - the issue that he says is set to split the Government... (story in archive)

Berwickshire News 21.3.02 Hunting Bill costing Scotland a considerable amount of money - SIR — When I first read Richard Walthew's letter last week, I thought he was missing the point.... Lord Watson introduced his anti hunting bill and the Rural Affairs Committee (which had an anti hunting majority and was later to become the Rural Affairs Development Committee) was appointed to look into the matter. They spent 18 months examining the bill in detail and then recommended the bill should not proceed. Parliament met again, in theory to hear this recommendation and debate the issue. In reality very few MSPs attended the debate, which took around 3 hours, and then they all rushed into parliament to vote to reject the RADC's 18 months work... (letter)
Berwickshire News 14.3.02 Rural Rebels should join Borders Action Group - Jeremy Whaley's spirited response to 'Halidon's' comments about the Rural Rebels was rather black and white, whereas real life has many shades of grey. True, the Rebels were not around when thousands of farm workers lost their jobs, but almost certainly some Rebels will also be members of the National Farmers Union and Scottish Landowners Federation, which were around... Hunting with hounds will go because there is not one sustainable argument for its retention... RICHARD WALTHEW, Whitsome Crofts, Duns. (letter)

Berwickshire News 21.3.02 Any Bill questioning legitimacy of Scottish Parliament will end in shredder - Many members who sit in the upper house are not interested in our education, transport or health. But they do want to stop any Acts banning foxhunting or land reform going through the Scottish Parliament... RICHARD WALTHEW, Whitsome Crofts, Duns (letter)

Wharfedale Observer 21.3.02 Defence misplaced - SIR, - As a countryside lover, the authentic Wharfedale farmer's voice of Stanley Flesher, is a compelling weekly read for me... However, I do believe his nostalgic defence of foxhunting with horse and hound is misplaced... Thus, I stand four square behind MP Harold Best if he is given the opportunity in Parliament to vote for a Bill banning hunting with dogs. Mr G Wordsworth, 38 Long Meadows, Bramhope. (letter in archive)

Ananova 21.3.02 Bryan Ferry's son suspended from Eton - Bryan Ferry's 16-year-old son has been suspended from Eton for allegedly sending an offensive email to an anti-hunting campaigner... Simon Wild, of West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group, lodged complaints with both the police and the school... (story)
Newcastle Evening Chronicle 21.3.02 Eton bans rock star's son - Singer Bryan Ferry's son has been suspended from his top public school for sending an abusive email to an anti-hunt campaigner... Isaac rides to the Chiddingfold, Laconfield and Cowdray Hunt (story)
Surrey Mirror 14.2.02 Ferry nasty email - Exclusive By Nic North, The Mirror - Pop star Bryan Ferry's son Isaac was last night being investigated by police over an abusive email sent to an anti-bloodsports campaigner... The message appeared to be sent from Eton College where 16-year-old Isaac is a pupil, to Simon Wild... He said last night he complained to police about the email because of "concerns for my safety"... (story)

Western Mail 21.3.02 Hunt enthusiast jailed for having illegal gun - A HUNT enthusiast was jailed yesterday for having an illegal gun to kill foxes. James Hearne, 26, admitted swapping his terrier dog for the illegal gun to kill the animals. But the court heard his experience being in jail on remand means he will never go hunting again. After four months custody, Hearne told how he felt like a "caged animal" - and he will never touch another weapon. (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 21.3.02 The evidence is there - MR STACEY (letters, March 8) questions the facts I give on various animal cruelty issues. He is particularly annoyed that I speak out against his pastime of greyhound racing. However, all the facts are easily checked and photographic and video evidence is available, should he want it... M HARRISON, Beaulieu Crescent, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 14.3.02 Many are concerned - YOUR letters pages last week prominently featured two attacks on Marilyn Harrison of Swindon Animal Concern... Where do they think the horses and greyhounds go when they are not up to scratch or when they retire?.. PHILIP BEAVEN, Merton Avenue, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 8.3.02 Watch out for cruelty labels - In response to Mr Harrison's letter in the Adver regarding horseracing, I take it this is the same Mr Harrison and his little band of followers who wrote in not five months ago complaining about the cruelty of greyhound racing… I notice your anti-greyhound stall wasn't too busy in town a few weeks ago in fact there was a bigger queue for Mcilroys ( and that's been closed now for two years)… Tim Stacey, Yeovil Close, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 4.3.02 Let us enjoy the racing - REGARDING M Harrison's letter (Mon Feb 25)… Why do these boring whingers always appear before the Cheltenham Festival and Grand National? If you have those views, keep them to yourself and let us enjoy the sport… ANDREW WARREN Islandsmead, Eldene, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 25.2.02 No such thing as a `harmless flutter' …Don't support this cruelty, don't support horse racing. M HARRISON, Swindon Animal Concern, Toothill, Swindon (story)

Western Daily Press 21.3.02 WE MUST CLEAN OUT THE BADGERS, SAYS MP Somerset MP Ian Liddell Grainger has backed calls for an organised cull of badgers in areas where cattle herds are going down with TB. (story)

Bolton Evening News 21.3.02 RSPCA position on experiments - THE RSPCA welcomes the praise for its Inspectors from Sheila Edwards, but was very surprised to read that she believes the RSPCA "supports animal experiments"... The RSPCA is opposed to all experiments that cause animals pain, suffering or distress and campaigns for the replacement of animal experiments with humane alternatives. Penny Hawkins, Deputy Head, Research Animals Department (story in archive)
Bolton Evening News 15.3.02 Critical of the animal charity …I wonder how many members of the public are aware that the RSPCA supports animal experiments?.. Sheila Edwards, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (letter in archive)

Ananova 20.3.02 Ministers weigh up options after Lords hunting vote - (story)
Ananova 20.3.02 Designer and MP deliver anti-hunting plea - Stella McCartney and Tony Banks have delivered a letter to 10 Downing Street... (story)
Ananova 19.3.02 Peers vote against hunting ban - The House of Lords has rejected a move to ban hunting with dogs by a majority of 257. They did vote in favour of the "Middle Way", hunting under licence, by 366 to 59... (story)

BBC News Online 20.3.02 Ministers weigh hunting ban options (story)

Express 20.3.02 Ministers analyse Lords hunting vote (story)

Guardian 20.3.02 Hunt supporters offer an olive branch - Tory peers drop hard line to urge licensing in face of Commons vote for ban - Patrick Wintour (story)
Guardian 20.3.02 Peers back middle way - Hunt retreat unlikely to derail Labour plan for ban - Patrick Wintour, chief political correspondent ... Lord Onslow predicted a million on the streets if the government rejected licensed hunting. Labour peer, Lady Mallalieu, claimed a full ban "would criminalise half a million of some of our most law abiding citizens"... (story)
Guardian 20.3.02 Sketch - Lords take each-way bet on endangered vermin - Simon Hoggart - Over in the House of Lords, they were debating fox hunting, as peers tried to bugger up the decision made by the House of Commons on Monday. In the House of Commons they were debating ways to bugger up the House of Lords. Robin Cook was answering questions - or, rather, making swallowing noises from which the answers could, with some difficulty, be tugged out, like matted hair from a plughole... (story)
Guardian 20.3.02 Hello and goodbye - The hunt supporter "doffing his cap in deference" on your front page (March 19) was doing nothing of the sort. To us rural people, it's known as greeting someone... Desmond Hobson, Wantage, Oxon (letter)

Independent 20.3.02 Lords back 'middle way' in vote on hunting ban By Ben Russell, Political Correspondent - Labour MPs will demand today that Tony Blair force through a ban on fox hunting after peers provoked a clash with the Commons by giving overwhelming backing to a compromise allowing hunting with hounds to continue... (story)
Independent 20.3.02 Delay on hunting is not an option, peers are warned - By Ben Russell, Political Correspondent - Peers were warned yesterday not to create "deadlock or delay" to prevent a conclusion of the hugely controversial issue of hunting... (story)
Independent 20.3.02 Sean O'Grady: There can be no middle way in the face of cruelty - 'If we fail now to ban fox hunting, animals will die in circumstances that shame a civilised society' - It's always good to know where people are coming from, so I should declare now that I am a card-carrying member of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, of the League Against Cruel Sports and of the Liberal Democrats... (story)

Telegraph 20.3.02 Lords rejects MPs' vote for hunting ban By George Jones, Political Editor (story)
Telegraph 20.3.02 Peer warns of a war with countryside By Michael Kallenbach, Parliamentary Correspondent - The warning came from Lord Donoughue, a former Labour agriculture minister... (story)
Telegraph 20.3.02 Frank Johnson: Parliamentary sketch - A SUCCESSION of Tory peers yesterday called for a ban on the hunting of toffs by Left-wingers... Lord Weatherill, former Commons Speaker, now a crossbencher in the Upper House, was wise and witty as usual. He had made hunting garments when serving an apprenticeship in his family tailoring firm. He therefore knew that "hunting is not just for the toffs"... (story)
Telegraph 20.3.02 Labour's hatred of the countryside - SIR - I got home late on Monday after spending the afternoon and evening in the Public Gallery of the House of Commons. I would not have believed that the government back benches could have been filled with so much bigotry, ignorance, intolerance and impatience... (letter)

Times 20.3.02 Peers' vote sets scene for battle with MPs - By Greg Hurst and David Charter (story)
Times 20.3.02 Foxy survivors revel in the good old days of yore - parliamentary sketch by ben macintyre (story)
Times 20.3.02 Remember, there is more than one way to kill a fox By Valerie Elliott, Countryside Editor - IF HUNTING is banned farmers will remain as anxious as ever to rid their land of foxes, but will have to turn to other methods... The alternatives available to farmers, however, have their own problems... (story)
Times 20.3.02 RSPCA backs less deadly alternatives By Valerie Elliott - THE RSPCA is to promote draghunting and bloodhound hunting if foxhunting is banned... (story)
Times 20.3.02 Let us chase the foxes and cull the planners - simon jenkins - So that is it then. The nation has spoken. Killing animals with dogs for sport is to join bear-baiting and cock-fighting on the roster of things Britons cannot stand. Having thus cleared the decks, the Mother of Parliaments can face other national crises, such as pigeon-fancying, ferret-molesting and trout-tickling... Having banned hunting, Mr Blair will doubtless feel he must compensate rural landowners by allowing them to sell their farms for development. This collapse of rural control is the talk of every planning department in the land... There is now nothing to stop Mr Blair laying a carpet of “business friendly” concrete across Middle England. The foxes will not thank him, for it. The huntsmen may have been abolished, but they will re-emerge as Whitehall’s domestic vermin suppression operatives... (story)
Times 20.3.02 Hunting's replacement
Sir, If the day comes when man and his dogs no longer hunt do not expect to see fox, hare and deer populations rise inexorably... Nature always keeps a balance... disease and starvation being among her favourites S. J. GREATOREX-DAVIES, The Poplars, Whitelye, Catbrook, Chepstow, Monmouthshire NP16 6NP
Sir, Isn’t Mr Blair’s “third way” compromise on foxhunting — like much of the Third Way — the notorious middle way between good and evil? HELGA HARRISON, 3 Westfield Lane, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7NE. (letters)

Worcester Evening News 20.3.02 Luff hails hunt middle way vote (story in archive)

Warwick Courier 20.3.02 MPS PLASKITT & KING VOTE FOR HUNTING BAN ... James Plaskitt, member for Warwick and Leamington, and Rugby and Kenilworth MP Andy King both signalled their wishes to end the practice in a Commons vote on Monday. The house voted overwhelmingly in favour of banning hunting... Stratford MP John Maples voted against a ban, preferring to licence the practice... (story in archive)

Horncastle News 20.3.02 Hunt and hounds provided such a thrilling spectacle - On March 2 at Harrington Hall, the Southwold Hunt met at 11am. Spontaneously I remarked, ‘Isn’t this glorious, I shall go to prison if necessary’... HENRY H. FOSTER, Woodhall Spa (letter)

ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucestershire Echo, Gloucester Citizen) 20.3.02 WHY IS HUNTING BACK IN THE HEADLINES AGAIN? - The Government promised MPs and peers a free vote on hunting in its election manifesto of 1997 and 2002. But many believe the timing is to distract attention from Tony Blair's problems - especially the flak Stephen Byers is getting over the railways... (story)

ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucestershire Echo, Gloucester Citizen) 20.3.02 FARMS REGARD FOX AS SPECIES OF PEST - Most MPs want to make hunting a criminal offence - but why, asks Nicky Driver from the Campaign for Hunting. Is it because they want to save foxes and improve animal welfare or is to inflict some kind of "social revenge" on those who choose to hunt?.. (story)

Newcastle Journal 20.3.02 Hunt ban revolt warning for PM (story)
Newcastle Journal 20.3.02 Ministers weigh up options after Lords hunting vote (story)

Scotsman 20.3.02 Lords vote to license hunting - ALISON HARDIE (story)

Shropshire Star 20.3.02 D-Day on hunting is tomorrow By London Editor John Hipwood - The Government will announce tomorrow whether it proposes to ban hunting with dogs completely or whether it will try to get a drastic reduction of the country sport through Parliament... (story)
Shropshire Star 20.3.02 A positive side to the hunt ... I have been involved with the local hunt for the past seven years and I have learnt so much from it, as well as experiencing a great sense of community... Georgina Hirst, Meifod, Powys (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 20.3.02 HUNTING MAY SURVIVE BY 'PEST-CONTROL' RULE BY TIM WALSH - Fox hunts in Leicestershire believe they would survive if a licensing system is introduced requiring them to prove they act as pest controllers... (story)

Bolton Evening News 20.3.02 Hunt vote welcomed - HOLCOMBE Hunt supporters have welcomed the decision of the House of Lords to vote in favour of a "middle way" option on fox hunting... (story in archive)

The Herald (Glasgow) 20.3.02 Peers clash with MPs in hunting vote - DEBORAH SUMMERS - PEERS last night rejected a move to ban foxhunting, backing instead a "middle way" option to allow hunting under licence. (story in archive)

Belfast Telegraph 20.3.02 Ulster peer joins vote for ban on hunting LORD Laird of Artigarvan today said he believes he was the only unionist peer to vote totally against hunting in the Lords last night... (story)

Northern Echo 20.3.02 Lords back hunting 'middle way' THE House of Lords clashed with MPs last night by voting to continue fox-hunting under licence - the so-called "middle way" option. (story in archive)
Northern Echo 20.3.02 A LOT of people may think the Government is trying to ban cruelty to foxes - this is not the case... William Snaith, High Coniscliffe, Darlington.
ONCE again the democratic House of Commons has voted overwhelmingly for a total ban on the hunting of wild animals with dogs... J Ashdown, League Against Cruel Sports, Willington. (letters in archive)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 20.3.02 Riding out, but for how long? THEY set off for their Tuesday meet as usual yesterday but the New Forest Hounds went out under a cloud, knowing that an overwhelming majority of MPs had only hours earlier backed a ban on their sport. Meanwhile the New Forest Animal Protection Group - which for years has monitored the New Forest hunt and campaigned vigorously for its extinction - was hoping that the Government would at long last listen to the powerful wish of its backbenchers... (story in archive)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 20.3.02 HUNT BAN ROW SET TO CONTINUE (story)

North West Evening Mail 20.3.02 SHOULD THEY BAN FOXHUNTING? vox pop (story)

Western Mail 20.3.02 `Middle way' the most likely option - Nick Speed, The Western Mail - ALUN MICHAEL faces the daunting task of finding a solution to the fox hunting question after the House of Lords last night put itself on a collision course with MPs.... (story)

Knutsford Guardian 20.3.02 Attack on MPs over hunt ban - A MEMBER of Cheshire Forest Hunt claimed MPs ignored the facts when they voted to ban fox-hunting on Monday. Joint master Alex Park, who looks after 70 hounds in Over Peover, said nothing new was raised in the Commons even though hunts had changed their ways... (story in archive)

Ludlow Advertiser 20.3.02 MPs unite in condemning `bad law' on foxhunting - LUDLOW Lib Dem and Leominster Conservative MPs have united in condemning as "bad law" a ban on fox hunting with hounds... (story in archvie)

Ashbourne News Telegraph 20.3.02 Hunt confrontation Report by Tom Bradshaw - AN "INCENSED" Kirk Langley mother has spoken of an alleged road attack by fox hunting saboteurs which she claims left her young daughters terrified. Heather Edge, 45, was following the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt on foot when she claims a protester’s Land Rover accelerated towards her and almost knocked her over…. Mrs Edge, who received death threats from anti-hunt protesters when she was a member of the Meynell’s committee 15 years ago, said she had been embroiled in another incident with the protesters a week earlier…. "If the protesters are decent folk why are they covering up their faces with balaclavas? Why are they carrying short lengths of rope with them? They are deliberately antagonising people."… The disputed incidents occurred on Saturday, February 23, and Saturday, March 2… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 4.3.02 IN THE SADDLE - Prince Charles made a surprise visit to Derbyshire on Saturday to ride in a fox hunt… the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt in the fields surrounding Norbury, five miles south west of Ashbourne… (story)
Ashbourne News Telegraph 20.3.02 Prince rides with hunt - PRINCE Charles has visited Ashbourne and district less than three weeks after he was forced to cancel his trip to the town to turn up the Shrovetide ball. The Prince rode with the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt on Saturday in the fields surrounding Norbury. Seven members of Derby Hunt Saboteurs shadowed the hunt but failed to disrupt it… (story)

Mirror 20.3.02 Hunt devoid of humanity - To inflict unnecessary cruelty and suffering on a healthy animal and then choose to kill it for fun is as far removed from "humane" as I can imagine.. E Boyles, Bridgend Mid Glam (letter in archive)

Scotsman 20.3.02 ... it is only a few weeks since some English hunts were telling us that they would be unable to prevent their hounds from pursuing foxes over the Border into Scotland. A ban on English hunts should solve this thorny problem... Lynne Mitchell DOLLAR (letter)

Argus 20.3.02 Class war - Edmund Greenwood (Letters, March 13) argued that the last thing the countryside needs is a ban on hunting... I feel I have more in common with any socialist town dweller in Finland or Greece than those in Upper Dicker who support hunting... -Roger Boniface, Woodpecker Drive, Hailsham (letter in archive)
Argus 13.3.02 Foxy tactics - I am sorry the Government has decided to press ahead with its plans to ban hunting… Edmund Greenwood, Upper Dicker, Hailsham (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 20.3.02 ANTI-HUNTERS CAN BE RIGHT! I feel I have to respond to the letter by Jim Bradshaw (Case of left wing envy? Postbag, March 11)... Sam Verity, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 11.3.02 CASE OF LEFT WING ENVY? - I am neither for nor against hunting… Mr Blair was only voted into power on the back of about 25 per cent of those eligible to vote. That in anyone's imagination is not a positive mandate… If the truth was known it's not the sport that most antis are against, it's just left wing envy of those who take part. Jim Bradshaw, Ratby. (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 20.3.02 HUNT DRESS - LINCOLN Shaw's article "Shunned for being Smart?" (Herald Express, March 13) indicates so well the urban population's conception of hunt following... Although I am not a follower myself, I well understand the reasons for this activity... TONY SYKES Meadfoot Lane Torquay (letter)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal) 20.3.02 DEVIL COULD MAKE WORK FOR IDLE HUNTING HANDS ... I am in support of fox hunting with dogs as a means of controlling the numbers of a creature that is, in itself, a hunter and equally capable of going on a killing spree just for the fun of it.... To have a blanket ban on hunting with dogs is, therefore, wrong, risking the livelihood and economy of the countryside and affecting the whole British way of life and its traditions... Graham Ward, Pound Lane, Topsham (letter)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal) 20.3.02 ANYTHING DONE TO CUT VIOLENCE HAS TO BE GOOD - In reply to H Lewis.. It states in the Bible any man killing an animal will be treated the same as if he had killed a man. Tony Parsons, Haymans Close, Cullompton (letter)
ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal) 20.3.02 ANGLING IS THE COUNTRY'S BIGGEST PARTICIPATORY SPORT - I agree with H Lewis' letter... Angling is the biggest participatory sport in the country. Mrs G Gilbert, Exeter Hill, Cullompton (letter)
ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Western Morning News, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, North Devon Journal) 15.3.02 LET THE MINORITY PURSUE RECREATIONAL INTERESTS - Anti-hunt protesters say hunting is cruel and the majority in the country are in favour of a ban… why should any majority be allowed to prevent any minority from pursuing their recreational activities?... H Lewis, South Molton (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 20.3.02 BLOOD ON THE HANDS OF PRO-HUNTING LOBBY - Your letters page has recently exposed once again the pro-hunting lobby for what it truly is, namely a bunch of idiots... ANDREW SAUNDERS Orchard Drive Calverton
Foxes must be culled - The fox would be poisoned, gassed or trapped indiscriminately. The cry would surely go up to reinstate hunting. RAY STREETS Nursery Drive Carlton
Ignorant city residents ... When a fox has the opportunity it will decimate chickens, lambs or any other vulnerable animal, and very often just for the hell of it... DON PADLEY Rivergreen Clifton
Sad example to children ... People who enjoy this so-called sport must lead very sad lives indeed. Isn't there enough killing in the world today without setting this kind of example to young children?.. M. RICHARD Waltham Close West Bridgford
Hunting critics are wrong - When remonstrating with these people on what their so-called pets are doing, you receive a load of abuse. Yet these same people are criticising fox-hunting.... DAVID B. MITCHELL Lynmouth Crescent Bobbers Mill
How can they enjoy it? How anyone can use the word "joy" in the context of such a sickening pastime is beyond my comprehension... CARL ENEVER Clumber Avenue Chilwell (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 20.3.02 CAMERAS FOCUS IN ON HOW FOX CUBS FIGHT FOR THEIR SURVIVAL ... Film crews for Channel 4's Pet Rescue show spent a day filming at Weirfield Wildlife Hospital in Rookery Lane because staff at the centre are currently looking after a litter of abandoned fox cubs... (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 20.3.02 No need for more testing - IT IS time to put an end to animal testing just for the sole purpose of putting even more 'new and improved' products like shampoo and anti-wrinkle cream on the market... DAVID A HINCHCLIFFE, RSPCA Wakefield and District branch, Wakefield. (letter)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 21.3.02 BURGERS TURN YOU VEGGIE ... Every year, millions of cattle, pigs and chickens are brutally slaughtered just to satisfy our junk food habit. Most of these animals will have spent much of their short, sad lives in stinking, over-crowded factory sheds... Check out Animal Aid's website... REBECCA SKERRATT Wedgwood Farm Estate (letter)

Scunthorphe Telegraph 20.3.02 CASH FOR ANIMALS ... £15-million had been bequeathed to various children charities within the past year... £30-million had been donated to animal charities within the same period. What does this tell us about the society we live in today? Neil Poole, (letter)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 20.3.02 Ban on hunting opposed by MP - HUDDERSFIELD'S MP today told how he wants hunting with hounds to be licensed. Barry Sheerman spoke out after being one of just five Labour MPs to vote in the Commons against an outright ban... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 20.3.02 'LICENCE TO KILL' IS FAVOURED - Ministers were today deciding whether to bow to pressure from Labour MPs for an outright ban on fox-hunting after the House of Lords last night backed a compromise deal... John Green, joint master of the Lincolnshire-based Burton Hunt, accepts that the Lords' stance effectively throws out a lifeline but much depended on the detail which would be revealed tomorrow.... (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 20.3.02 HOUNDS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS … Landowner Sylvia Marden, from Edge, near Stroud, said hunting should be banned as it was barbaric… She was recently shocked when hunting dogs descended on her land, tearing through her garden and even entering her house… "Hounds can be really dangerous and I thought they would tear the cats limb from limb and I was quite hysterical. The kittens were okay but I had been petrified - the hounds are not nice doggie woggies, they are killers…" Mrs Marden said she was a country person and had lived at her farm for 35 years. She said it made her cross that pro-hunters characterised the debate as a town versus country issue when she said most in the country were against hunting as well… (story)

Guardian 19.3.02 Blair's vote for ban leaves backbenchers bemused - Nicholas Watt - Tony Blair put in a rare appearance in the House of Commons division lobbies last night when he voted to ban fox hunting for the first time since becoming prime minister… Despite their anger, some anti-hunting MPs hope that the prime minister's stance will strengthen their hand as they campaign against any hint of a compromise. They were quick to point out that Downing Street's lobbying in favour of the "middle way" appeared to have backfired when support for the compromise fell last night… (story)

Independent 19.3.02 Labour MPs reject compromise with overwhelming vote to ban fox-hunting By Ben Russell, Political Correspondent - MPs voted overwhelmingly for an outright ban on fox hunting last night, rebuffing compromise proposals backed by Tony Blair. They supported the ban by 386 votes to 175. The majority of 211 was almost identical to the vote for a ban last year when MPs were debating the Hunting Bill, which failed because of a lack of parliamentary time… (story)
Independent 19.3.02 Law on hunting may be forced through Lords By Ben Russell and Nigel Morris - The Government is threatening to use the Parliament Act to force through legislation on hunting if the House of Lords defies the Commons. Alun Michael, the Rural Affairs minister, opened a highly charged debate on fox hunting last night by insisting that ministers had an open mind on the issue. There was no behind-the-scenes deal to secure a compromise "middle way"… (story)
Independent 19.3.02 Hunting vote: 'Middle way' deal would satisfy neither side and will haunt the Government at the ballot box By Nigel Morris, Political Correspondent - Althought Tony Blair voted for an outright ban on fox hunting last night, there is little doubt where his true sympathies lie. The Prime Minister is preparing to support a compromise that will allow the bloodsport to continue under tight controls, with the more obscure pastimes of hare coursing and stag hunting outlawed… (story)

Sun 19.3.02 MPs vote to ban hunting - MPs last night voted by a massive majority for a ban on foxhunting. But the House of Lords will debate the controversial subject tonight — and are expected to reject the ban and opt for the so-called “middle way” of licensing hunts… (story)

Express 19.3.02 MPs demand ban on hunting with hounds (story)

Telegraph 19.3.02 Hopes for hunting compromise confused as Blair votes for ban - By George Jones, Political Editor - HE Commons voted overwhelmingly for an outright ban on hunting last night, dealing a severe blow to hopes of a compromise allowing it to continue under strict licensing… (story)
Telegraph 19.3.02 'Why is this minority being picked on?' - MPs sat through five-hour debate as ministers threaten to use the Parliament Act to force the issue through, reports Michael Kallenbach - MPs were urged by William Hague, the former Tory leader, last night to respect the rights of those who hunt and allow a culture of diversity to continue to exist… (story)
Telegraph 19.3.02 Opposing packs take protests to Westminster By Malcolm Moore - DEMONSTRATORS from both sides of the debate gathered in Westminster yesterday before the vote. After meeting beneath the statue of Winston Churchill, pro-hunting activists spilled through barriers outside the Houses of Parliament and staged a sit-down protest in the road, bringing traffic to a standstill. "There was a spontaneous decision to show the Government how angry we are," said Janet George, a member of the Countryside Action Network… Deborah Sparkes, a member of the League against Cruel Sports, said: "What they have got away with is unbelievable…" (story)
Telegraph 19.3.02 Yesterday in Parliament - Frank Johnson: Commons Sketch (story)

Times 19.3.02 Hunting lobby's hopes of reprieve dashed BY PHILIP WEBSTER AND GREG HURST - THE end of foxhunting in its present form drew closer last night as MPs voted by a huge majority for an outright ban — this time with the support of Tony Blair… (story)
Times 19.3.02 Pest control may be last hurrah for foxhunters BY PHILIP WEBSTER - SUPPORTERS of foxhunting will be told this week that they have one last chance to save their pursuit as a means of pest control, it emerged last night as MPs voted on banning hunting with dogs. Alun Michael, the minister charged by Tony Blair with reconciling the opposing positions of the Lords and Commons, is expected on Thursday to promise a Bill in the next session of Parliament banning the hunting of animals by cruel methods. (story)
Times 19.3.02 Anti-hunt MPs rule out deal to appease Lords BY GREG HURST, PARLIAMENTARY CORRESPONDENT - MPS WHO want to outlaw hunting warned the Government yesterday that they would not accept any attempt to seek a compromise between the Commons and Lords that fell short of a ban… (story)
Times 19.3.02 Compromise backers – who voted for the Middle Way option (story)
Times 19.3.02 Peers to give deal a chance BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - HUNTING peers are to show goodwill towards the Government today and accept the opportunity to find a compromise to save their sport… (story)
Times 19.3.02 Old Tory vixen leads hounds on the scent once more - PARLIAMENTARY SKETCH BY BEN MACINTYRE (story)
Times 19.3.02 Parliamentary votes and the proposed ban on hunting – letters from:
CHARLES WILSON, Foxhills, 70 Long Road, Framingham Earl NR14 7RZ. …If huntsmen want to hunt, and I fully support the character-building of equestrian sports, doesn’t drag-hunting offer all the thrills, tumbles and one-upmanship of foxhunting?
MARK LOMAS, Littleton Chambers, 3 King’s Bench Walk North, Temple, EC4Y 7HR. …. This is not a debate about cruelty or killing animals but about a way of life that, for whatever reason, some passionately oppose and others equally passionately support….
MARY BRILL, Higher Barn, Ashburton, Devon TQ13 7JY.Sir, I have just read Mick Hume’s account (Weekend, March 16) of his time with the Warwickshire foxhounds, and am delighted with his honesty…
J. R. CARROLL, 55 Cromer Road, North Walsham, Norfolk NR28 0HB Sir, It is surely an abuse of democratic power for the majority to suppress a minority on any matter unless in the national interest…
SALLY MERISON (Chairman, The National Coursing Club), Bransbury Mill, Barton Stacey, Winchester SO21 3QJ. Sir, I feel strongly that the Countryside Alliance should and will stand by all hunting with hounds… (letters)

Ananova 19.3.02 Hunting debate moves to the Lords (story)
Ananova 18.3.02 MPs vote by 211 majority for hunting ban (story)
Ananova 18.3.02 JUST IN: MPs vote for outright hunting ban (story)

BBC News Online Tuesday, 19 March, 2002, 17:07 GMT Peer pressure for hunting deal - The House of Lords is under pressure to resolve the contentious issue of hunting with dogs after MPs voted overwhelming for a ban… (story)
BBC News Online Tuesday, 19 March, 2002, 11:30 GMT Saboteur turned stag hunter - In the eyes of her former hunt saboteur friends, Liz White has committed the ultimate treachery - she has become a committed hunter. Here, she speaks candidly of her dramatic U-turn… (story)
BBC News Online Tuesday, 19 March, 2002, 06:30 GMT - Hunting debate moves to Lords (story)
BBC News Online Tuesday, 19 March, 2002, 05:52 GMT Hunting: What are the options? So what were the options on hunting considered by MPs? (story)
BBC News Online Tuesday, 19 March, 2002, 00:18 GMT How the MPs voted on hunting – full list (story)
BBC News Online Monday, 18 March, 2002, 23:47 GMT - MPs back hunting ban (story)
BBC News Online Monday, 18 March, 2002, 22:00 GMT Hunting is 'a way of life' By the BBC's North of England correspondent Kevin Bocquet - It was a ruthless morning for the Ullswater Hunt… (story)
BBC News Online Monday, 18 March, 2002, 15:44 GMT Blair hunts a way out - Anti-hunting protesters unlikely to get their way By Nick Assinder BBC News Online political correspondent (story)

ITV.COM 6.57AM GMT, 19 Mar 2002 Lords to vote on hunting ban (story)
ITV.COM MPs vote for outright hunting ban (story)

Evening Standard 19.3.02 Peers try to save Middle Way Ben Leapman Political Reporter - Peers are voting on foxhunting tonight with the Government struggling to get its compromise proposals back on track... (story)
Evening Standard 19.3.02 How the London MPs voted (story may be in archive)

Mirror 18.3.02 BLAIR SELLS OUT FOXES By Paul Gilfeather, Whitehall Editor - TONY Blair voted for a ban on foxhunting last night then hatched a deal with the Lords to license it... (story)

Belfast Telegraph 19.3.02 Not enough support for Ulster hunt ban By Chris Thornton - ANY move to outlaw fox hunting in Northern Ireland would be short of Assembly votes, the Countryside Alliance said today after MPs voted for a ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales... (story)

Scotsman 19.3.02 Scots MPs queue up to vote for foxhunt ban south of the Border - Fraser Nelson Westminster Editor... Scores of Scottish MPs swelled the ranks of the anti-hunt lobby, to the fury of their English counterparts who argued they should have no say in legislation applying south of the Border.... (story)

Western Daily Press 19.3.02 HUNTERS GO TO GROUND AT WESTMINSTER - Hunt supporters yesterday gave a hint of the confrontation to come when they blocked the road outside Parliament… (story)

Yorkshire Post 19.3.02 MPs demand outright ban on hunting with hounds - Brendan Carlin, Political Editor and Mark Branagan - MPs sent a resounding message to peers and Government Ministers last night that they want a ban on hunting with hounds... (story)

Daily Record 19.3.02 ANGER OVER SCOTS' HUNT BAN VOTING IN ENGLAND .. SCOTS Labour MPs came under fire yesterday for voting on a ban on fox- hunting in England.... SNP Chief Whip Pete Wishart said the Nationalist MPs would not be voting on the issue of fox-hunting in England since this was a matter wholly devolved to the Scottish Parliament, over which Westminster MPs had no say. He said: "It is totally wrong for Scots Labour MPs to impose their views and votes on an English domestic issue..." (story)

Irish Times 19.3.02 Peers close in for the kill on hunting From Rachel Donnelly, in London (story)

Irish Independent 19.3.02 Call to follow UK lead and ban hunting - THE Irish Council Against Bloodsports last night called on Irish Government Ministers to introduce legislation outlawing the hunting of wild animals with dogs following similar British moves... (story)

Ipswich Evening Star 19.3.02 MPs vote for hunting with hounds ban - HUNT supporters in East Anglia vowed last night to fight to save their sport after MPs voted by a huge majority of 211 for a ban on hunting with hounds... quote from James Buckle, joint master of the Essex and Suffolk Hunt and master of the Essex and Suffolk Foxhounds, Liz Mort, eastern region spokesperson for the Countryside Alliance, Lawrie Payne, regional representative League Against Cruel Sport... Barry Sheerman, Labour chairman of the education select committee, a consistent supporter of a ban on hunting, said he now supported the middle way.... (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 19.3.02 Hunt supporters: 'We will not give up' BY DANIELLE NUTTALL (same story) (story)

Western Mail 19.3.02 MPs scent victory and vote for hunting ban Nick Speed, The Western Mail (story)
Western Mail 19.3.02 Fox hunting ban `would hit farmers' - Sheila Coleman Farming Editor Sheila.Coleman@Wme.Co.Uk, The Western Mail - AS MPs last night voted over-whelmingly to ban hunting, farming and rural organisations warned of the dire effect such a ban would have on an already beleaguered rural economy. There are nearly 50 hunts registered with Federation of Welsh Packs, with many more smaller unaffiliated packs across Wales... (story)
Western Mail 19.3.02 Licensing may be the only realistic option left - Leigh Roberts Nfu, The Western Mail - FUNNY that the latest proposal on the future of hunting with dogs has resurfaced out of the blue isn't it? Could it be that the prolonged furore over Steven Byers and his beleaguered transport department meant something new was needed to distract the media?.. (story)

Worcester Evening News 19.3.02 Luff to fight on for `middle way' - MP Peter Luff today vowed to fight on after his hopes of staving off a ban on hunting suffered a hammer blow in the House of Commons... (story in archive)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 19.3.02 OUR MPS VOTE FOR FOX HUNTING BAN (story)

Newcastle Journal 19.3.02 Hunting debate moves to the Lords (story)
Newcastle Journal 19.3.02 Anti-hunt win but betrayal scented - quotes from Michael Jeans, joint master of the Morpeth Hunt; Tynedale Hunt joint master Richard Tyacke, Veteran anti-hunt campaigner and former hunt saboteur Hazel Jordan, Jeremy Ashdown, League Against Cruel Sports regional organiser (story)
Newcastle Journal 18.3.02 MPs vote by 211 majority for hunting ban (story)

Western Daily Press 19.3.02 BLAIR VOTES FOR BAN ON HUNTING (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 19.3.02 HUNTING BAN SPLITS LOCAL MPS (story)

Torquay Herald Express 19.3.02 FOX HUNTING FACES TIGHTER REINS AFTER MPS VOTING BY KATINA READ AND TIM PLATT - quotes from local MPs (story)

Western Morning News 19.3.02 MPS VOTE FOR TOTAL HUNTING BAN - JASON GROVES (story)
Western Morning News 19.3.02 'PRIORITIES OF GOVERNMENT ARE WRONG' - In LAST night's debate, Shadow agriculture minister Ann Winterton said the Government should be concentrating on other priorities. She said a hunting ban would be an act of "spiteful vandalism" which would destroy thousands of rural jobs... (story)
Western Morning News 19.3.02 PROTESTERS BLOCK WESTMINSTER TRAFFIC - Hunt supporters blocked the traffic in Parliament Square yesterday afternoon with an impromptu demonstration that took police by surprise. Around 300 hunt supporters - many of them from the Westcountry - poured into the road outside the Palace of Westminster for around 50 minutes yesterday... A number of MPs were unable to get in to the House of Commons while the protest lasted... (story)

Leicester Mercury 19.3.02 MPS IN VOTE TO BAN HUNTING BY TIM WALSH AND JESSICA BOMFORD - quotes from local MPs, Clive Richardson, of the Hunt Saboteurs' Association, James Barclay, of the Cottesmore Hunt, Richard Carden, senior joint master of the Quorn, Joe Cowen, joint master of the Fernie Hunt, Michael Clayton, East Midlands Countryside Alliance chairman (story)

Bolton Evening News 19.3.02 Hunters defiant: We'll carry on - HOLCOMBE hunt supporters remain confident that foxhunting will continue despite an overwhelming vote in favour of an outright ban in the House of Commons... quotes from George Dickinson, joint master of the local Holcombe Hunt, local MPs (story in archive)

Lincolnshire Echo 19.3.02 IS THIS THE LAST POST FOR HUNTING? - local MPs (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 19.3.02 MPS VOTE ALONG PARTY LINES - Lincolnshire's MPs stuck firmly to party lines during the free vote... (story)

Shropshire Star 19.3.02 Pressure over hunting ban (story)

York Evening Press 19.3.02 Hunting ban vote goes to the Lords by James Slack and Simon Horsborough - HUNTS in North Yorkshire vowed to fight on today as Britain moved a step closer to a ban on hunting with dogs... quotes from Jeremy Timm, joint master of the York and Ainsty Hunt, Sarah Morley, joint master of the Derwent Hunt (story in archive)

East Anglian Daily Times 19.3.02 Hunt supporters defiant as MPs vote MEMBERS of the 200 year-old Essex and Suffolk Hunt were in defiant mood as they gathered in the pouring rain for the penultimate meet of this season... James Buckle, 37, master of the hunt, said he expected the Commons vote to be the same as on previous occasions... (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 19.3.02 OUTRIGHT HUNTING BAN CALL BY MPS (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 19.3.02 MPS VOTE TO BAN FOX HUNTING - Every Derbyshire MP bar one voted to ban hunting with hounds after a debate in the House of Commons last night... (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 19.3.02 IS IT POSSIBLE TO FIND HUNT COMPROMISE? Foxhunting is an emotive issue on which many people hold very strong views - either for or against a sport which has a tradition in this country stretching back at least to the arrival of William the Conqueror in 1066... (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 19.3.02 YOU EITHER LOVE IT OR YOU LOATHE IT.. Many people hold strong views on hunting - either for or against the ancient sport... vox pop, streets of Derby (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 19.3.02 'THE GOVERNMENT WOULD DO BETTER TO SORT OUT SADDAM' ... Many people in Ashbourne were very aware of the vote on hunting taking place in the House of Commons last night... vox pop (story)

Cumberland News & Star 19.3.02 OUR FOX HUNTS ARE UNIQUE ... Last night's Commons vote in favour of an outright ban was entirely predictable. But, as we've argued before, this does not address the particular problems associated with keeping fox numbers down in the mountainous Lakeland terrain... (story may be in archive)
Cumberland News & Star 19.3.02 OUR MPS VOTE 3 - 1 FOR FOX HUNT BAN - CUMBRIA'S MPs stuck to their party lines - and their seats - last night as the House of Commons voted overwhelmingly to outlaw fox hunting... (story may be in archive)

Manchester Evening News 19.3.02 Peers may back deal on hunting (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 19.3.02 Peer pressure BY HUGH LAWRENCE - PEERS in the Lords were today trying to rescue some future for fox hunting after MPs renewed a big vote for a ban... (story in archive)

Northern Echo 19.3.02 MPs vote again for end to fox hunting (story in archive)
Northern Echo 19.3.02 Who's moving in for the kill? by Nick Morrison - Last night the House of Commons had its say on hunting with hounds, and today the House of Lords gets its chance. Nick Morrison looks at the latest twists in the long-running debate... quotes from Niel Hansen, chairman of the National Anti-Hunt Campaign, David Robinson, joint master of the Zetland Hunt, Darren Hughes, of the Campaign for Hunting, Paul Saiger, County Durham-based secretary of the Association of Lurcher Clubs, Charles Blanning, secretary of the National Coursing Club. (story in archive)
Northern Echo 19.3.02 Comment from The Northern Echo; Middle way out of a hole ..There are some in the sticks who believe Britain is in fact two separate nations, the townies and the rurals. This is nonsense. We are one, and although the renewed debate on hunting has again allowed irrational prejudices to surface, it is pleasing that moderate countryside leaders are quietly speaking of the need to compromise... (story in archive)

Nottingham Evening Post 19.3.02 HOW MPS VOTED ON FOX-HUNTING BY JESSICA BROMFORD (story)

Bristol Evening Post 19.3.02 MPSVOTE TO KILL OFF HUNTING (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 19.3.02 Safe in their hands, Mr Brush? LEADER COLUMN - As Jo Moore might say, if you're a British fox, today is a very good day for making plans to emigrate... Be afraid - be very afraid... This is the government which pledged to save the health service, but seven years on is still presiding over hospital corridors full of patients on trolleys... If hunting is to be banned, the stark fact is the Prime Minister will have to invoke the Parliament Act to overrule the Lords. Alternatively, may we suggest a Fourth Way? It's called getting on with the job - the health service, transport, police reform, pensions. Remember them, Mr Blair? (story may be in archive)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald/Evening Press 19.3.02 Ryedale reaction to hunt ban vote - HUNTS in North Yorkshire vowed to fight on today as Britain moved a step closer to a ban on hunting with dogs... (same as York Evening Press) (story in archive)

Essex Evening Echo 19.3.02 South Essex: MPs join in hunt ban vote (story in archive)

Southern Daily Echo 19.3.02 MPs in vote for total hunt ban by Peter East (story in archive)
Southern Daily Echo 19.3.02 IS THIS IT FOR THE HUNT? by Peter East and Chris Yandell - AN outright ban on foxhunting in the New Forest and the rest of Britain was a step nearer today after MPs voted for a total ban on the sport... Richard Manley, chairman of the Commoners' Defence Association, said: "It's still early days. "But our major concern as commoners is the service we receive from the New Forest Hounds, who collect the ponies killed in road accidents. If hunting is banned we must ensure that an alternative stock collection system is put in place. "Government minister Elliot Morley has assured us that will happen - and we will hold him to his word..." The Commons debate was watched by New Forest anti-hunting campaigner Ken James, who was sitting in the public gallery... (story in archive)
Southern Daily Echo 19.3.02 D-DAY FOR THE HUNT by Peter East ... members of the New Forest Hounds were today bracing themselves for a Parliamentary defeat... New Forest Animal Protection Group chairman Ken James was travelling to London confident that he would see a vote in favour of a ban... (story in archive)

Liverpool Echo 19.3.02 Lords to defy hunting vote By Emma Gunby, Liverpool Echo, quote from Waterloo Cup official Liz Mort (story)

North East Evening Gazette 19.3.02 Aim is a total ban on hunts - Bill Doult - A total ban on fox hunting within months is now the aim of the majority of Tees Valley MPs... (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 19.3.02 Hunt supporters dismiss vote - quotes from Penny Tyacke, joint master of the Atherstone Hunt, Robin Smith-Ryland, of Sherbourne, near Warwick, of the Warwickshire Hunt (story)

Cumberland News & Star 19.3.02 CARNAGE OF THE FREE RANGE FOX
DEAR Mrs Robinson (Letters, March 14), what a pity that you weren't present earlier this week to gather Up the dismembered bodies of 20 of my friend's hens... J HAGGAR, Curthwaite, Wigton
IF hunting should be banned because of cruelty to the fox, then surely it would make even more sense to ban keeping pet cats which are let out to torture and then kill birds... L DAVIS Scalegate Road, Carlisle (letters may be in archive)
Cumberland News & Star 14.3.02 Disgusting 'sport' ... I think the fox-hunting fraternity are running out of excuses for supporting a sport that tmost British people find disgusting. MRS P ROBINSON, Cleator, Cumbria (letter may be in archive)

Western Morning News 19.3.02 WE TAKE NO PLEASURE IN CREATURES' SUFFERING - I feel compelled to respond to Jean Turner's letter (WMN, February 18)… We also have an instinct to preserve our way of life, which can only be appreciated by somebody who has lived it and felt passionately about it. So please Jean Turner, tear yourself away from the "misinformation" that you have obviously been subjected to. Get out and experience someone else's view of life for yourself. You might find that we are all very similar. Gary Willcocks, Plymouth (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.3.02 LET HUNT LOOK AFTER ITS HUNTERS ... I suggest that hunting people take responsibility for their fox, deer, hare, and hunting dogs. They should continue to pay full subscription fees for their membership with the hunts, as they do now, thus ensuring the natural lifespan of the dogs, the jobs of kennel staff, and the continued picking up of fallen stock... (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.3.02 WE MUST NOT TAKE THE MIDDLE ROAD ON PAIN (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.3.02 ATTENTION WHERE ATTENTION IS DUE - Reading the various and opposing views of hunting, I am amazed at illinformed, so called animal lovers with tunnel vision... (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.3.02 ODD PRIORITIES - My partner and I, looking for a dog from the RSPCA, had a home visit... But there was concern because I was a groom and maybe worked for the Beaufort Hunt... (letter)
Western Daily Press 16.3.02 HEALTHY FOXES USUALLY SURVIVE ... I have been farming all my life. I was born in 1931 and have two sons and a daughter, and we all enjoy country sports as our way of life... A hunted fox gets up in the morning, he is either killed or fit for another day.But a healthy fox more often sees another day. (letter)
Western Daily Press HUNTING DEBATE NEEDS A BALANCED VIEWPOINT ... A couple of weeks ago I listened to a three-sided argument on hunting on Radio 4. It was balanced and informative (though I already knew most of the arguments), and I was very glad that one of the debaters had changed his views on hunting... This man had been the president of the League Against Cruel Sports, and after taking it upon himself to inform himself on hunting, had come to the conclusion that hunting was a better way of controlling fox populations... So I say to hunt supporters: put your argument across.Rumour and misinformation can hurt.And I say to anti-hunt people: listen to argument, don't be blind to fact - make a balanced decision. (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.3.02 ODD VIEW OF CUDDLY FOXES - Someone should inform countryman W T Corbett that foxes mostly ignore rabbits - that's why myxomatosis was introduced… (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.3.02 …I think most people who live in the countryside are fed up seeing Tony Banks in the media yakking on about foxes being torn apart. It's OK to tear songbirds apart but not foxes. The day they ban foxhounds they need to ban hawks… (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.3.02 MODERN WAYS TO BEAT PESTS …This leads on to how farmers now deal with a problem fox. I have to take the word of a farmer that they can and do shoot them… (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.3.02 SNARES WOULD BE WORSE THAN HUNT - The alternative to fox-hunting would be snares and gassing, not shooting, as a round-the-clock watch wouldn't often happen... (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.3.02 OH DEER, THEY WERE ALL WRONG! Thank God the selfappointed so-called experts from both sides of the hunting argument have once again been proved wrong when after weeks and months of speculation and gloom and doom forecast, we find that far from being almost extinct, the Quantock deer herd count has recorded the highest total since the survey began 12 years ago... (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.3.02 NOTE THE FACTS ABOUT FOXES ... A fox doesn't stay a cute and cuddly cub. It turns into a fierce, vicious, and violent killer. It will kill any amount of chickens or lambs and not even take one home for supper... (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.3.02 LET'S ALL HAVE A JOLLY NICE DAY OUT IN THE COUNTRY... Over the course of the coming Easter week-end I am organising a day out for like-minded people... We will be accompanied on our outing by a large pack of dogs, none of which will be on a lead. I will control them using a horn. We reserve the right to deposit noxious substances over our chosen route, with no liability for its removal... What are we doing ? Oh sorry, didn't I say? We're going hunting... (letter)
(Western Daily Press?) 8.3.02 A SOBERING TALE OF WILDLIFE DEATH …We had over 1,000 free-range poultry on. It got to the stage where we lost a lot during the day to foxes. I could not ask the hunt for help as it was out of season, so I asked the council pest officer if he could help…my wife told me the man from the ministry had been, and told her he had dealt with the problem, but to keep our sheepdog in. I soon found out why. There were dead foxes, badgers, rats, magpies, jays, owls, pheasants, crows and a number of small birds around us… Yes, it is illegal to use poisons now, but believe me, many farmers will use it to protect their income. That will mean large areas of countryside bereft of wildlife, and when this happens it will be the fault of the LACS, RSPCA, and all the antihunt groups… L Thomas Williton Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.3.02 FIRE WITH FIRE ...The outburst from former Liberal Democrat MP, Jackie Ballard, alleging "a deliberate campaign of intimidation" by stag hunters shows how unsuitable she was to represent a West Country Constituency. The Anti-Hunting fraternity have labelled entire communities as "barbaric" and try to criminalise generations of West Country families... (letter)
BBC News Online Saturday, 16 March, 2002, 02:07 GMT Hunt lobby 'forced MP out' - A former Liberal Democrat MP says she was hounded out of parliament by stag-hunters, who waged a "deliberate campaign of intimidation" against her. Jackie Ballard now studies in Iran after losing her seat in Taunton, Somerset, at the last election... (story)
Ananova 16.3.02 Hunters 'forced me out of Parliament' - A former Liberal Democrat MP claims she was forced out of Parliament by a deliberate campaign of intimidation by stag-hunters... Jackie Ballard, who lost her Taunton seat in last year's General Election, said that the Exmoor area of Somerset was like "a feudal society", where ordinary people were scared to voice their sympathy for her anti-hunting stance... (story)

Western Morning News 19.3.02 Let's get numbers straight - HOW funny to read Terry Hooper quibbling about the number of sheep saved by Dan Sidley (WMN, February 5). If he is so concerned about accuracy in figures quoted, then how about informing us of the exact number of hounds killed each year when they are considered to be too old for the job at the ripe old age of six?... F Cleaves, Par (letter)
Western Morning News 21.2.02 Winning the battle? MAY I reply to the letter from Terry Hooper (WMN, February 11), regarding my comments on hunting with hounds… What a surprise that Terry Hooper did not reply on my comments regarding hunts breeding foxes, or my comment on foxes not needing to be controlled at all… Dan Sidley, Cornwall Hunt Saboteurs Bodmin (letter)
Western Morning News 5.2.02 FOX POPULATION DOES NOT NEED TO BE CONTROLLED - letter in reply to E J Thomas from Dan Sidley, Cornwall Hunt Saboteurs member Bodmin ...For about ten years, myself and my grandfather had a flock of sheep (around 100), which were rescued from their fate of the slaughterhouse. During these years, not once did a fox take one of the sheep... (letter)

Western Morning News 19.3.02 DRAG HUNTING OFFERS A VIABLE ALTERNATIVE - I am a qualified animal keeper by trade for domestic and companion animals. I have been following the hunting debate since about 20 years... Paul Bryant, Ashburton
Language of disguise - PERPETRATORS of abusive behaviour towards animals attempt to distance themselves from their victims by using inaccurate words to describe parts of their bodies... Mrs Carol Baily, Paignton
A rural GP's view - AS long ago as the 18th century the Scottish poet Robert Burns saw that it is wrong to attribute human emotions to animals... Dr Christopher Maycock, Neopardy, Crediton (letter)
Western Morning News 19.3.02 NATURAL INSTINCTS IN USE - In a recent letter Peggy Garvey complains about a fox decimating her hens and ducks. If she is going to let her hens and ducks range around within reach of the fox, what does she expect?.. I am not against hunting in the pure sense of the word. It is as natural an instinct in the human species as in the fox! It is the method employed and the "gung-ho" spirit in which it is carried out that is giving rise to the problem. Eric Higgs, Bodmin (letter)
Western Morning News 19.3.02 FOX CAN'T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUNG LAMB DEATHS - In Peggy Garvey's letter (WMN, March 6) she raises a new argument in favour of hunting - that of revenge. She calls for the Lamerton Hunt to take revenge against the fox for having killed her chickens and ducks... Lis Wallace, Whimple (letter)
Western Morning News 18.3.02 CARS CULLING FOXES - G bull of Somerset thinks hunting should continue, to keep the fox numbers down... We, the motorists, keep the fox numbers down. So who needs hunting? The countryside belongs to the animals not us. MICK QUINN Shiphay Lane, Torquay (letter)
Western Morning News 12.3.02 HUNTING SHOULD NOT BE THE TOP PRIORITY ISSUE …Possibly overall, foxes will suffer less if hunting is not banned. Basically little is gained either way anyway, so whatever is all the fuss about? It's as simple as that… I presume chickens are animals, perhaps they should be brought into the vote on foxhunting? G Bull, Bishops Lydeard, Taunton (letter)
Western Morning News 12.3.02 Consider the alternatives - I WAS saddened to hear of a possible ban on foxhunting in Scotland… Please, before you push for a ban, think of the alternative - our lovely countryside over-run with people carrying guns. How else will fox and deer control be managed, or should I say mis-managed, as I can't see the Government providing money for pest control, can you? Kate Rogers, Bodmin (letter)
Western Morning News 12.3.02 Why this outrage? …The present uproar is contrived by the Opposition and the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance, but it should not be encouraged by the Western Morning News. B MacDonald (Mrs), Moretonhampstead (letter)
Western Morning News 12.3.02 FOXES DIE A SLOW DEATH AT THE HANDS OF THE HUNT …Fox hounds were bred to be slower than the fox so they must hunt the fox to exhaustion before they can catch and kill it; this provides the sport element of the hunt. If the hounds were bred to be faster, the hunt would be over too quickly… Dr John Pamment, Clyst Heath, Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 12.3.02 DON'T INTERFERE WITH A WAY OF LIFE - I do not hunt, and have never hunted, although I do shoot. My father, during my childhood, was secretary of the Mid Cornwall Hunt. This was a hunt that used people with shotguns strategically placed to shoot the foxes as they were flushed from cover by the hounds… Our Government should spend more time on reversing the trend of a rapidly deteriorating health service, transport, law and care for our elderly instead of messing about with the way of life of honest, law-abiding country folk - Humphrey Clemens, Dawlish
Keeping up traditions …When all the foxes are killed what do the hunters do? They breed more foxes so that there are always some to hunt. Why do they need so many dogs to hunt one small fox? That is the way of sportsmen of the countryside... demonstrating their love and animals. By killing them and tearing them to pieces?... F Clark, Bude (letters)
Western Morning News 6.3.02 WITNESSING CARNAGE INFLICTED BY A FOX - …I wonder if Mr Higgs of Bodmin has ever entered a hen house in the morning and seen hens with their heads torn off and blood and feathers everywhere?.. I have hunted for 50 years, and was at one time employed by the Lamerton hunt. During that time I have never heard a fox scream in agony when being killed by hounds… Peggy Garvey, Okehampton
YOUR reporter Andrea Kuhn (WMN March 1) says hunts are ready to fight any ban "tooth and nail". This primeval form of combat is typical of the medieval mentality of the huntsmen!.. John Phelps, Exeter (letters)
Western Morning News 5.3.02 End of 'sport' is nigh - THOUSANDS of people in Devon and Cornwall and millions nationwide must be over the moon at the news that the Scottish Parliament have legislated to ban the sadistic practice of hunting… The animal abusers must not be compensated for losing the right to torture wildlife… Mrs Y Blackmore, Newton Abbot (letter)
Western Morning News 5.3.02 GOVERNMENT NERVES MAY DELAY AN INEVITABLE BAN ON HUNTING …I found W T Sweet's remarks (WMN, January 19) to be outrageous… I am confident that an eventual ban is inevitable… R F Jenkinson, Looe
Evidence of fox's suffering - E J THOMAS (WMN, January 29) says hunting kills quickly. On the website of the North West Hunt Saboteurs Association ( he will find a veterinary post-mortem report undertaken on December 20, 2001… John Phelps, Council Member, Protect Our Wild Animals Exeter (letters)
Western Morning News 5.3.02 LAST 'TALLY-HO' MAY NOT BE FAR AWAY - WHAT a joy to read the letter from Simon Griffiths (WMN, January 29) telling us of the great success of Robofox and the introduction of another computer game for huntsmen - Hunt Station II… Lena Holgate, Newton Abbot (letter)
Western Morning News 5.3.02 DEJA VU OVER HUNTING BAN …Killing animals for fun is morally wrong. Unfortunately though the matter is in the hands of politicians…R A GAGIE All Hallows Road Paignton (letter)
Western Morning News 5.3.02 NO DELAY …We animal rights campaigners want hunting banned, no middle way. One does not settle for regulations, codes of conduct…LOUISE PIDDINGTON Plymouth (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 19.3.02 VIEWS OFF TARGET - MAY I be allowed to answer the letter with the heading Shotgun Users Love Animals Too? A strange letter this - and a little suspicious... there are many shooters from this neck of the woods and most certainly, the ones I know shoot both game and clays and obviously, the letter writer must mix with them. However, I do know three that shoot clays only, but they are certainly not anti-field sports.... I agree with you on tarring everybody with the same brush. After all, the two depraved killers Ryan and Hamilton didn't shoot game - they were target shooters... M Green, Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 1.3.02 TIME FOR ACTION - MAY I answer Andrew Tyler's offensive letter (February 23)… If you really want to get out and help animals, help to get rid of chemicals, get the hedgerows back and clean up the verges. Just do something instead of moaning and criticising all the time… A G Brown, Taylors Avenue, Cleethorpes. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 28.2.02 I WISH I WAS GENTRY - I HAD to smile to myself when I read the letter from a Miss MF Bellamy calling shooting men gentry… I wish I was gentry, I bet you do as well madam... Come on, be honest, I bet you don't know at which end of a cow its tail is. J Slater, Tetney Road, Humberston.(letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 26.2.02 SHOTGUN USERS CAN LOVE ANIMALS TOO - I FEEL I must reply to the letter from Andrew Tyler (Viewpoint, February 23)… The killing of animals (any creature) for pleasure or under the excuse of culling, is wrong… To deliberately rear a creature just to be hunted and killed in the name of sport or any other name, is disgusting and the thought of such repulses me... All shotgun owners are not killers, some of us do appreciate, respect and have a deep love of all animal life, but, of course, this is only my personal opinion which we should all be allowed… Name and address supplied. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 25.2.02 HUNTING AND SHOOTING IS GOOD FOR WILDLIFE …Hunting does not take place during the breeding season… Pheasants are raised, then released in the summer time to finish growing and become wild. With the land managed for them, numerous other birds, mammals and insects benefit as well… I am only a fork truck driver in a Humber bank factory… (Name and address supplied) (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 23.2.02 FACE FACTS ON SHOOTING - JOHN Gray's letter warning about anti-hunt "propaganda" (February 19) is so loaded with falsehoods and distortions it's difficult to know where to begin rebutting it… Gun ownership in Britain has fallen by 275,000 in 15 years as a result of public disgust over the Hungerford and Dunblane massacres… about 35-million pheasants are reared in sheds. Following their release, half of them die before they can be shot - killed by disease, exposure, malnutrition and under the wheels of vehicles… Andrew Tyler, director Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 19.2.02 BEWARE THE PROPAGANDA OF THE ANTI-HUNTING LOBBY - I SEE once again the Telegraph has been seduced by another evocative letter written by the relatively new Animal Aid organisation and penned by a Mrs Wickham of Caistor… Video footage, as proved in the national press of late, can be rigged… On shooting estates, there are far more songbirds per acre than on public land or intense agriculture prairies… Illegal badger baiting is a nasty business and I know of several shooting men who have stayed out all night in an effort to catch these people. I don't know of any antis doing that… John D Gray, Tetney Road, Humberston. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 18.2.02 ON TARGET THIS TIME? - IN response to 'name and address supplied', writing about anti field sport supporters (Saturday, February 10)… what I should have written was something like 'you gentry put creatures to death, in a kind, humane way with your big 12-bore…' Miss M F Bellamy, Macaulay Street, Grimsby. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 9.2.02 ANTIS NOT THE ONLY ONES TO LOVE THE COUNTRYSIDE - IN answer to M F Bellamy's letter Blinkered Way Of Looking At The World… You are quite right to say that Mr Atkin should not have "told you to mind your own business"… I do a lot of fishing and a little shooting, and I can assure you I, along with millions of other people who take to the field, care passionately about everything and anything to do with the countryside… Name and address supplied (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.3.02 NO RIOT POLICE FOR POLICE PROTEST - After years of harassing and intimidating animal rights demonstrators who march and demonstrate against cruelty and abuse of innocent animals, the police have now decided to demonstrate for themselves... (letter)


Channel 4 18.3.02 Hunting as pest control - Reporter: Elinor Goodman - Parliament is likely to witness a rare event tonight: the presence of Tony Blair in the Commons division lobby - as he joins MPs to vote to outlaw fox hunting... (story)

Guardian 18.3.02 MPs to vote on hunt ban options - Patrick Wintour - Downing Street's chances of assembling a compromise on fox hunting will be tested today when Labour MPs reveal whether their hard line support for a ban has been eroded by repeated signals that Tony Blair no longer backs a ban, but instead supports some form of licenced hunting... (story)

Independent 18.3.02 Minister denies secret deal for fox-hunting compromise By Ben Russell - The Government is "standing neutral" on the eve of a major debate on the future of fox hunting, Alun Michael, the Minister for Rural Affairs, insisted last night... (story)

Telegraph 18.3.02 Blunkett is backing the middle way to cut strife By Sarah Womack, Political Correspondent - DAVID BLUNKETT, the Home Secretary, gave his strongest backing yet to a "middle way" compromise on foxhunting... (story)
Telegraph 18.3.02 'We are fed up and want to be left in peace' - MICHAEL KALLENBACH judges the mood as he rides out on Salisbury Plain with the Royal Artillery hunt... (story)
Telegraph 18.3.02 Meat eaters shouldn't criticise hunting ... I find it hard to accept that there are so many people in Britain who are so arrogant that they feel able to dictate to other people how they should live their lives... Allan Fowke, Cambridge (letter)
Telegraph 18.3.02 Rich hunters destroy countryside for ordinary folk ... The reason that I support the ban is that I see it as the first stage in returning the countryside to the people who either work or live there, and to the many visitors who do not partake in hunting... Ian Boyes, Glenrothes, Fife (letter)
Telegraph 18.3.02 Make foxes protected species... This gets over all that nonsense about pet dogs chasing squirrels, while ensuring that foxes that have to be culled are dispatched by the most humane available method. Ray Woodgate, Hailsham, E Sussex (letter)
Telegraph 18.3.02 They shoot horses don't they? Each year, about 140,000 live horses are imported to the EU from eastern Europe for slaughter. If the hauliers had made the mistake of wearing recognisable uniforms and spoke with supposedly posh accents, then maybe Parliament would have shown the same vigour with which it is now currently pursuing a hunting ban... Anna Hales, Castle Cary, Somerset (letter)
Telegraph 18.3.02 March anniversary ... Why can't people who do not understand the countryside leave it to people whose livelihood it is to look after it? Edward Clifton-Brown, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos (letter)
Telegraph 18.3.02 Kipling verse Kipling wrote a poem on hunting in 1933. The last verse said: When men grew shy of hunting stag for fear the Law might try 'em... I suggest the Government has got its priorities wrong. Major Hugh Baker, Andover, Hants (letter)

Times 18.3.02 Blair to vote for hunting ban while he seeks compromise BY PHILIP WEBSTER AND VALERIE ELLIOTT - TONY BLAIR is expected to vote for an outright ban on foxhunting today in his first vote on the issue since Labour were re-elected... (story)
Times 18.3.02 The voice of authority looking for compromise BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - A MAN who does not hunt, shoot or fish is likely to have the most influence in shaping any government Bill intended to shape a compromise on hunting with dogs. Sir Ronald Waterhouse nevertheless regards himself as a countryman. If Parliament votes for a licensing system, Sir Ronald, chairman of the Independent Supervisory Authority on Hunting (ISAH), will be a key figure... (story)
Times 18.3.02 Fife hounds stream away in pursuit of their last fox - MAGNUS LINKLATER SEES THE END OF AN ERA - THE clouds hung heavy over the brown fields and overflowing burns of the Scottish countryside this weekend. The prospects for the Fife Hunt were even gloomier. This was not just the last meet of the season. It was their last meet ever, a sad and bitter end to 216 years of unbroken tradition... (story)
Times 18.3.02 'The prospect of losing it all is frightening. Where would we go?' BY VALERIE ELLIOTT - JULIAN BARNSFIELD, who has been huntsman for the Cotswold for 11 years, admits that he has been “living on the edge”... At the weekend he tried to press his case with Parmjit Dhanda, Labour MP for Gloucester, when he came to watch the hunt. Mr Barnsfield was very disappointed. The MP “was tunnel-visioned and just wants a ban”, he said yesterday. “He has not even read the Government’s inquiry report on hunting by Lord Burns. Yet he is willing to vote against the way we live. I am angry and I do not know why these people should be holding what we do in judgment..." (story)
Times 18.3.02 This is why I will not vote to ban hunting - WILLIAM REES-MOGG ... Britain is committed to a pluralist society; we have many different communities, some with their own faiths, some with ritual methods of slaughter, all with their own pattern of life, all with their own values. The only way this can be made to work is by mutual respect, community to community, majority to minorities. A nation which refuses respect to the community of the countryside will not be able to hold together all the other communities of modern Britain. (story)

BBC News Online Monday, 18 March, 2002, 08:20 GMT - 'No compromise' on hunting - MPs are in no mood to compromise on proposals to ban hunting with hounds in England and Wales, according to former sports minister Tony Banks... (story)

Ananova 18.3.02 Hunt supporters in Commons protest as MPs cast vote - Hunting supporters are expected to protest outside Parliament as MPs vote for the third time on proposals to outlaw their sport.... (story)
Ananova 18.3.02 Huntsmen defiant as MPs vote on ban - A hunt with a 200-year history have gathered in defiant mood as the Commons prepares to vote on a hunting with hounds ban. Around 20 members of the Essex and Suffolk Fox Hounds gathered outside the Crown pub in Bildeston, Suffolk, for their regular meet... (story)
Ananova 18.3.02 Blair backs hunting ban - Tony Blair has given his personal backing to an outright ban on hunting as Parliament begins two days of voting on the issue... (story)

ITV.COM 18.3.02 MPs vote on hunting ban - Hunting supporters are expected to protest outside Parliament as MPs vote for the third time on proposals to outlaw their sport. Meanwhile, the Government has denied it is negotiating a behind-the-scenes deal to save fox hunting from the ban... (story)

Mirror 18.3.02 It's time to rein in hunt-loving Lords - THE House of Commons is due to vote on hunting with dogs today and is expected to agree by a big majority to ban it. Which would be great news if only the bill didn't then have to go to the "Tally-Ho Brigade" at the House of Lords, who are expected to call for restrictions and not a complete ban... Mr N Jones, Liverpool (letter in archive)

Scotsman 18.3.02 Scottish MPs to vote on hunt ban - Fraser Nelson and Jason Beattie - SCOTTISH MPs will infuriate their English colleagues today by voting on fox-hunting legislation which can only be imposed south of the Border... Tam Dalyell, the Labour MP for Linlithgow and the Father of the House, has called for the 72 MPs in Scotland to abstain from today’s debate in Westminster. "There is not a scintilla of Scottish interest in this piece of legislation," said Mr Dalyell. "I will not be voting..." (story)
Scotsman 18.3.02 Frazer Nelson's Week in Politics - THE long-awaited Westminster fox hunt starts today, as Labour MPs take their chance to ban hunting with dogs. For Scotland, the fox-hunting debate should be a spectator sport only. Our MSPs, with their sharper sense of priority, have already rid Scotland of this important social scourge. So it’s now a purely English matter - and a textbook case of a debate which, post devolution, Scottish MPs should not attempt to influence... (story)

Yorkshire Post 18.3.02 Minister denies 'deal' on hunting - THE Government last night categorically denied it was seeking a compromise deal on fox-hunting. On the eve of Parliamentary votes on options for the future of hunting with hounds, Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael said he had not been involved in any bid to find a new solution... (story)
Yorkshire Post 18.3.02 Fox and hounds - NOT for the first time, Labour's slavering back-bench hounds have had the scent of a full-blown fox hunting ban in their nostrils only to find at the next turn that their quarry has eluded them... The danger to Mr Blair is that, having tempted his own people with the prospect of a ban, he now risks alienating them by being seen to withdraw the treat... But such hubris – as Margaret Thatcher found to her cost – could be Mr Blair's undoing. If John Prescott, for instance, were to quit over the way his empire has been colonised by Tony's cronies, the Hull MP might become a bugle blower for the rebels and try to turn the wrath of the anti-fox hunting brigade on to the scent of an altogether more celebrated quarry – the party leader himself. (story)
Yorkshire Post 18.3.02 Fiasco of campaign against hunting From: Dr Carole Smith, Yew Tree, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield. ... I am convinced that hunting is not cruel, and is certainly preferable to shooting, trapping or snaring, and that is has much to commend it in social and economic terms. I am fed up with the arrogance and ignorance of those MPs who wish to ban hunting, rather than getting on with something that might enhance rather than curtail the freedom and well-being of this country's citizens. (letter)
Yorkshire Post 18.3.02 Debate will mask bad news on railways From: Peter Neal, Mill Road, Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire. Sir, – So today is set aside for yet another unnecessary Commons debate on the future of fox hunting. Why March 18? It is the day when the next set of rail figures are due to be released... (letter)

East Anglian Daily Times 18.3.02 Hunt supporters fight to save sport BY DANIELLE NUTTALL - HUNT supporters in East Anglia last night vowed to "fight to the end" to save their sport, even if MPs vote to ban hunting with hounds later today... quotes from James Aldous, master of the Suffolk Foxhounds, James Buckle, joint master of the Essex and Suffolk hunt, Liz Mort, eastern region spokesperson for the Countryside Alliance, Lawrie Payne, regional representative of the League Against Cruel Sports (story)

Western Mail 18.3.02 Defra denies deal to save fox hunts - Tomos Livingstone, The Western Mail - THE Government last night denied speculation that a deal was being arranged to save fox hunting in England and Wales... (story)

Western Mail 18.3.02 Hunt supporters in Commons protest as MPs cast vote - Hunting supporters are expected to protest outside Parliament as MPs vote for the third time on proposals to outlaw their sport. The Government denies it is negotiating a behind-the-scenes deal to save fox hunting from the ban expected to be demanded by MPs... (story)

Evening Standard 18.3.02 Blair in muddle on hunt ban vote by Charles Reiss, Political Editor - Tony Blair today plunged the Government into a new depth of muddle over hunting after Downing Street announced that the Prime Minister will tonight vote in favour of a total ban - but made clear he would prefer a compromise deal... (story)
Evening Standard 18.3.02 Banks protests over hunt ban fudge ... Tony Banks is refusing to accept a compromise deal which could save hunting by licensing the blood sport.... (story)

Daily Post 18.3.02 Should hunting with dogs be banned? THE issue of hunting with dogs is back in the headlines again, as the House of Commons considers its future tonight (Monday, March 18 )... To have your say, why not use our special online vote panel? (story)

Belfast Telegraph 18.3.02 Hunting lobby in protest as MPs vote - HUNTING supporters were expected to protest outside Parliament today as MPs vote for the third time on proposals to outlaw their sport... (story)

Northern Echo 18.3.02 Pro-hunt lobby marches on Parliament - HUNT supporters from across the region are expected to gather outside Parliament today to voice their anger at moves to outlaw their sport. The protest by farmers, vets, dog handlers, kennelmaids and grooms comes as MPs and peers begin two days of debate on options over the future of the traditional countryside pursuit... (story in archive)

Western Morning News 18.3.02 HUNT SUPPORTERS READY TO MARCH - Hunt supporters from the Westcountry will march on London if MPs vote to ban hunting with hounds, it was revealed yesterday... Mal Treharne, of the Countryside Alliance in the South West, said members from the region were always the most passionate about countryside sports.... Peter Anderson of the League Against Cruel Sports said: "Downing Street has denied that it is going in for such a compromise, which is to be welcomed... (story)

Edinburgh News 18.3.02 Pro-hunt protest set for Parliament - HUNTING supporters were expected to protest outside the Westminster Parliament today as MPs vote for the third time on proposals to outlaw the sport... (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 18.3.02 HUNT BAN FIGHT GATHERS PACE - NOTTS MPs have taken urgent action in an attempt to push through a crucial vote in the Commons on hunting with dogs... with speculation that there is growing support for a 'middle way' - regulating hunting rather than banning it - more than 170 MPs have signed a motion backing a complete ban... Among those who signed were Notts MPs Graham Allen, Paddy Tipping, Alan Simpson and Alan Meale, as well as Amber Valley MP Judy Mallaber... (story)

Shropshire Star 18.3.02 MPs set to vote for foxhunting ban - MPs will vote overwhelmingly tonight to ban hunting with dogs, setting up the prospect of a summer of protests from foxhunting supporters and countryside campaigners... North Shropshire Tory MP Owen Paterson and Matthew Green, Liberal Democrat MP for Ludlow, will vote against a ban. Lembit Opik, Liberal Democrat MP for Montgomeryshire, has been a campaigner for the middle way, and Mr Green will also vote for the middle way proposal as a second best choice. Labour MPs Peter Bradley (The Wrekin) and David Wright (Telford) will vote in favour of an outright ban. Paul Marsden, Liberal Democrat MP for Shrewsbury & Atcham, will not be at Westminster for the vote because of a prior family engagement. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 18.3.02 MPS TO VOTE ON HUNT BAN - Mps were today due to vote for the third time on whether to introduce an outright ban on hunting with dogs... (story)

York Evening Press 18.3.02 Hunt supporters slam vote on ban - NORTH Yorkshire hunt supporters have reacted angrily to a vote by MPs today which was expected to bring a ban on their sport closer to reality... Frank Houghton Brown, master of the Middleton Hunt, backed the protesters, though none of his members planned to join the protest... (story in archive)

South Wales Evening Post 18.3.02 MPS IN NEW VOTE ON BAN FOR FOX HUNTING - Mps were voting today on a possible ban for fox hunting. Those backing the move include top Labour politicians from across South West Wales. Neath MP and Europe Minister Peter Hain, Gower MP Martin Caton, Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire MP Nick Ainger and AM Christine Gwyther were among the first to announce their support... (story)

Worcester Evening News 18.3.02 A load of boneheads rather than bravehearts - THE letter (You Say, March 7) from Max Nottingham, claims that too much fuss is being made about the hunting ban in Scotland... Apart from wasting time on this unworkable, unenforcable and cruel law, a good many MSPs have treated their own people with total contempt... ALAN COOKE, Bishops Frome. (letter in archive)

Grimsby Telegraph 18.3.02 DRIVING ME NUTS - I have been following with interest the debates in your columns regarding field sports and also the opinions of our veggy friends and a number of questions spring to mind. 1. If hunting and shooting are so detrimental to the desired prey, then how come on my travels I have never seen so many foxes, pheasants, pigeons, partridges etc when the anti-hunting lobby would have us believe otherwise?... I for one will be anxiously awaiting any forthcoming answers, in the meantime I'm off for my nut cutlets, organic mouse and lead shot. Yours, tongue firmly in cheek, BJ Taylor, Poplar Road, Cleethorpes (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 18.3.02 WE MUST ERADICATE CRUELTY - IN response to Mrs Scrivener's letter, Speak to real people about hunting, (Viewpoint, February 22), I would suggest that cruelty is cruelty whether the recipient be a human or an animal... The fact the abuse of animals for "sport" is lawful shames and demeans us all and puts humanity itself at risk. There can be no greater priority than the eradication of cruelty. Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 18.3.02 ATTACK ON FOX HUNTERS IS ALL ABOUT VOTES - L. Teare asks the pro-hunting fraternity to come clean on the true nature of their supposed sport and says fox hunters would have people believe they are conservationists, vermin controllers and knights errant of the countryside. Having been involved in rural issues all my working life, I would say that is precisely what they are... D. SEYMOUR Mansfield Lane Calverton (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 16.3.02 I PREFER HUNTERS TO ROAD SPEEDERS ... I am afraid that I do not hold any strong anti or pro-hunt views. I would sooner have a person on a horse chasing a fox in the middle of a field than one who drives through our village at 60 miles per hour. JEFF REDSHAW Stella Avenue Tollerton (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 15.3.02 YOU'RE SO WRONG ABOUT THE BEAUTIFUL FOX - I am writing in reply to the ridiculous letter from David Cope… The hunting fraternity regard the fox as a 'quarry species' and have admitted they breed them to provide the sport… JOHN A. COOPER Church Lane Plumtree
Liberty is the issue - I hope politicians in both Houses will consider carefully the options and vote in a sensible and fair manner so that hunting remains an integral part of the rural way of life for many years to come - NICK THOMPSON Belvoir Avenue Bottesford (letters)
Nottingham Evening Post 13.3.02 A MATTER OF FREEDOM - Whatever Government we vote in, we don't vote them in to dictate to us how we live our lives, especially our leisure time... The great debate has nothing to do with Mr Fox. It is a class problem... I have no wish to go fox hunting but let those who want to, do so.... S. SIMPSON Cramwell Field Farm Hickling (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 13.3.02 TAKING A STAND - I, Frank Shelton, of the address below, vote for a complete ban on fox hunting, at the earliest possible date. Frank SHELTON Foxhill Road Carlton (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 13.3.02 KEEP OUT OF OUR GARDEN! I strongly support the move to ban fox hunting... over the years there have been many instances of hounds tearing through our garden... S. FOX Colston Bassett (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 13.3.02 'HEARTLESS AND ARROGANT' ... It is a barbaric and unnecessary practice. These lovely creatures have as much right to life as anyone... G. BIRD (Miss) Dale Avenue Carlton (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 13.3.02 FOX HUNTING IS NO LONGER A RICH GENTLEMAN'S SPORT - I am all in favour of hunting remaining in its present form... There are too many political and city folk trying to run the countryside who frankly just don't understand the country codes or the way of life of country people... NAME & ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 12.3.02 WE NEED TO KEEP THE FOX POPULATION UNDER CONTROL - While I am not involved in fox-hunting, I do feel that a traditional method of controlling these vermin should not be banned... DAVID COPE Bramcote Lane Wollaton
Time to ban this sport ... It's just a load of rich people with nothing better to do with their time and money I. DOWD Heron Way Balderton, Newark
Who are we to judge? ... How, in heaven's name, can we condemn Canada for skinning seal pups alive... while we continue to allow our brave and fearless hunt persons to enjoy themselves by watching terrified foxes being torn to pieces... VERA RUSSELL The Downs Silverdale (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 12.3.02 IT'S SO BARBARIC AND NOT SPORT ... These barbarians who are from the elite, take great pleasure to go and hunt, chase and savagely rip to pieces a wild animal and have the gall to call it sport... KENNETH BARNABY Porchester Road Bingham
We're spineless ... we are losing too many of our English traditions and gradually turning into spineless people... B. IONS Belvoir Close Kirk Hallam
It baffles me... People, or excuses for people, who can watch an animal being torn to pieces are not worthy of being called human beings MICK SIMPSON Gedling (letters)
Nottingham Evening Post 9.3.02 DOES A MAJORITY EVER COUNT? ... If all those who are in favour of banning hunting truly believe that majorities in any debate are what count, then I suggest they look at the current poll being conducted by (what I assume to be an independent body) - the BBC... Of 13,891 votes cast so far 30.68% were in favour of a ban while 69.32% were against... DENNIS A. YATES The Hewarths Sandiacre
It's just a ploy ... We have a country falling apart before our eyes: A crime epidemic, a shortage of police officers, teachers and nurses... What's Blair's response to all this? He pushes a Bill through Parliament to ban the hunting of vermin with dogs... R. COPE Dunkirk Road Dunkirk
What courage ... what would give them the greatest thrill - to see a fox disembowelled, to see a fox have its legs removed while in its death throes or to see a fox's head removed while it is still alive?... M. LOWE Rolleston Drive, Arnold (letters)
Nottingham Evening Post 5.3.02 LEAVE THE COUNTRY FOLK ALONE TO LIVE THEIR LIVES ... Country people are fed up, they have taken away our transport systems, they have unnecessarily killed cattle in the foot-and-mouth crisis and are crippling our small farmers, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet. Labour only seems to want big business and big farms, and is using hunting to cover up its inadequacies. S.M. Vaulkhard Nottingham
Barbaric act 'not sport' ... After a hunt removed a gate to get through my field and worked my horses into a frenzy, the members were unapologetic, so blood-hungry for the fox that they disregarded the well-being of other animals... S. Hedley Leivers Avenue Arnold
A question of freedom - Whether you are for or against hunting, surely you have to recognise and defend the rights of any minority within our democracy. If not, where will it end?.. After the devastation caused to the countryside by foot-and-mouth last year, I'm incredulous at the insensitivity.. Russell Leach Bathley Newark
Consign it to history ... This savage "sport" must be abandoned and thrown into the dustbin of history with cock fighting, bear baiting and badger baiting CHRISTINE HARRIS Protect Our Wild Animals Loughborough It has no place anymore - ANNE TERZZA (Mrs) Hall Drive Cropwell Bishop (letters)

North East Evening Gazette 18.3.02 Fears hare won't grow - A campaign has been launched in Hartlepool to try to increase the brown hare population in rural areas... Through the campaign farmers and authorised shooters will be asked to observe a voluntary close season until the end of August... (story)

Irish Independent 18.3.02 Horrified by fur coats - Sir How repulsive it was to see four middle-aged women wearing fur coats in your fashion picture... Angela Madden, Beechwood Ave, Dublin 6 (letter)

Bolton Evening News 18.3.02 A CAMPAIGN against bull fighting in Spain is being headed by Bolton North East MP David Crausby... The MP has tabled a motion in Parliament to call for the bullrings to be closed. (story in archive)

Ananova 17.3.02 No compromise deal over fox hunting The Government has categorically denied it is seeking a compromise deal on fox hunting... (story)

BBC News Online Sunday, 17 March, 2002, 16:24 GMT - Stage set for hunting battle - MPs vote on Monday on whether to ban hunting - Home Secretary David Blunkett has backed the "middle way" option of a licensed system of fox hunting - as MPs and peers prepare to debate once again plans to ban the activity... (story)
BBC News Online Thursday, 28 February, 2002, 11:30 GMT - Head-to-head: Hunting with dogs - Government plans to name the date for a vote on banning hunting with dogs have reignited the controversial debate. Labour peer Baroness Mallalieu, president of the Countryside Alliance, and Labour MP Mike Foster, who introduced his own bill to ban hunting, gave their views to BBC Radio 4's Today programme... (story)

Independent on Sunday 17.3.02 Blair to back the 'hunt ban' that isn't By Jo Dillon, Political Correspondent - Tony Blair will tomorrow vote to ban fox-hunting – but his symbolic gesture is expected to precede his retreat to a compromise position on the issue just days later... Labour MPs including Gordon Prentice, Tony Banks and Mike O'Brien, the former Home Office minister who steered the last hunting Bill through the Commons, are trying to secure a vote on an amendment that would bring back the existing hunting Bill... If the existing Bill were brought back, a ban on hunting would almost automatically become law under the Parliament Act. The Government has let it be known that this option is unlikely to be accepted... (story)
Independent on Sunday 17.3.02 A bad day for foxes and our 'straight-talking' PM - The outlook for foxes does not look so bright after all. Several times, usually when his government has been in some unrelated difficulty or other, Tony Blair has raised the prospect of a fox-hunting ban... Mr Blair would be perfectly entitled to feel frustration about the way a relatively minor issue commands the headlines if he himself had not sought to make the front pages by hinting at a ban. He is also entitled to argue for his compromise. There is a case to be made for the package he apparently supports. But Mr Blair has never publicly made it... (story)

Sunday Mirror 17.3.02 MPS TO REBEL ON HUNTING - REBEL MPs will vote to ban fox-hunting tomorrow - despite a last-minute compromise by Tony Blair... (story in archive)

Sunday Telegraph 17.3.02 Blair silent over deal on hunting By Daniel Foggo and Joe Murphy - TONY BLAIR refused to comment last night on reports that the Government was preparing to introduce a compromise deal on foxhunting... The Prime Minister declined to state his intentions when asked during a press conference at the Barcelona EU summit, saying: "I don't want to get into that..." a survey of public attitudes towards foxhunting shows that more people favour its continuance. The poll, carried out by NOP Solutions for the Countryside Alliance, reveals that 49 per cent believe hunting should continue in its present form or under a licensing regime. While 48 per cent said that hunting should be outlawed, 22 per cent said it should continue in its present form while 27 per cent favoured a licensing regime... (story)

Observer 17.3.02 The only thing sillier than this would be banning it - Euan Ferguson ... The Cotswold Hunt started shortly after 10am yesterday with some port and cake at Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe... There's much to find fault with about them, depending on how snotty you want to get... but Nazi death doctors they are not... It's the hounds which kill the foxes, of course... the rest have no effect whatsoever, which was, for me, a blinding revelation, mainly of my stupidity... the riders are what this is really about... we can sneer behind our hands for a while - rude not to really - but if they become part of the most memorable legislation of two terms of Tony Blair's government then he will have succeeded, astonishingly, in making yesterday's hunt look only the second silliest thing about Britain today (story)
Observer 17.3.02 Blair triggers hunt ban revolt - Kamal Ahmed, political editor - Tony Blair was facing a major rebellion from Labour MPs and animal welfare groups yesterday after signalling that he wanted a compromise deal on a hunting ban which would avoid a war with countryside interests... Labour MP Gordon Prentice warned that the party's credibility with voters was 'slipping away' because of the delay in banning hunting. He has tabled an amendment backed by 174 MPs which would force Ministers to bring back last Parliament's failed Bill - an outright ban on hunting - and thus prevent them creating a new, watered-down Bill based on the 'middle way' compromise... (story)
Observer 17.3.02 A fox isn't a chicken. Is it? - Terry Jones - Personally I don't eat fox. I don't know why - perhaps I just don't go to the right restaurants... But if there are people who want to eat it and who are prepared to go to the lengths of dressing up and chasing the creatures over hill, dale and farmers' fields, then good luck to them... Without wishing to come down on either side of the debate, perhaps I could suggest an alternative. My suggestion is that they deal with foxes in the humane way in which we deal with most other of God's creatures. Keeping them in little cages, for example, stacked up in huge sheds where no daylight can get in, and feed them minced bits of their own manure and the carcasses of the ones who die... Unlike the ugly scenes with which every fox-hunt seems to conclude, the factory-farmed fox is simply lowered, cleanly and efficiently, head-first into a vat of water with an electric current running through it. How grateful those foxes will feel. They will probably be lifting up fox-prayers to the goodness of these humans who have enabled them to die like chickens... . For goodness sake, let's turn the whole thing into a proper business, with industrial safeguards and standards, so that the Great British Public can rest assured that any fox that appears on its supermarket shelves has been reared in a scientifically controlled environment and has been killed as humanely as supermarket chickens. (story)

People 17.3.02 PETS AND THEIR PEOPLE: REASONS TO STOP SLAUGHTER - THE Sunday People today reveals 18,532 horrifying reasons why the barbaric "sport" of hunting with dogs must be outlawed RIGHT NOW. That is the number of terrified animals that have been slaughtered and ripped apart by packs of vicious hounds THIS YEAR ALONE... -Fax us your letters on 020 7293 3517 or email cathryn.kemp@ (story in archive)

Sunday Times 17.3.02 Saboteurs turn tail to side with hunting classes - JONATHAN LEAKE AND DAVID CRACKNELL ... As parliament prepares to vote on the future of hunting with hound this week, former hunt saboteurs and protesters who have joined the hunters have spoken out to warn against a ban. Their switching of sides reflects a wider shift in public opinion, suggests a new poll... Among the converts is Liz White, 29, who lives in Devon where she spent her teenage years as a protester chasing local hunts around Exmoor... White, a chef, now has her own horse and hunts stags on Exmoor regularly. She has also started her own catering business cooking roast dinners for pheasant shoots... Mark Halford spent much of his late teens and early twenties pursuing hunts in Warwickshire... and served on the national committee of the Hunt Saboteurs Association. Now he owns four horses and rides with the Quorn... (story)

Sunday Telegraph 17.3.02 Pensioner terrorised by ALF acid attack By Macer Hall - A 76-YEAR-OLD grandmother has become the latest victim of anti-vivisection activists in their campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences... Acid was poured on Jean Hall's car last week and offensive graffiti daubed on the walls of her house, because she owns HLS shares... "It took me over four and half hours to scrape the mess off the car," said Mrs Hall, who is unwilling to pay the £2,500 estimated for the respray of the car. "I don't think it is worth doing, because you never know when these idiots are going to come back. I won't mind driving around in a piebald car." Within hours of the attack, details of the vandalism were published on the Shac website along with the warning: "These attacks will continue against anyone with financial interest in Huntingdon Life Science. For the animals. ALF."... (story)

People 17.3.02 PETS AND THEIR PEOPLE: FREE THE BEARS CRUSADE WINS HUGE SUPPORT - HUNDREDS of outraged readers swamped us with letters last week after we launched our Free the Bears campaign to save seven polar bears forced to perform circus tricks... letters from Michelle Cahill, St Leonards, Sussex, Patricia Jackson, Haverhill, Suffolk, Megan Lewis, Tywyn, Gwynedd, D Basford, Address supplied, David Murray, Goole, East Yorks, Gwen Jackson, Saltburn-By-The-Sea, Cleveland, L Williams, Swansea, South Wales, I Pover, Sussex, Donna Williams, Neath, West Glamorgan, Pam Cox, Walsall, West Midlands (story in archive)

Times 16.3.02 Fox hunt deal will outlaw hare coursing BY PHILIP WEBSTER AND TOM BALDWIN - TONY BLAIR is backing a last-minute compromise plan to allow fox-hunting to survive where it is proven to serve a need for pest control. Three-year licences would be issued to hunts, but these could be withdrawn at any time if there were evidence of cruelty. Hare coursing would be abolished... (story)
Times 16.3.02 Hare-coursers take the rap as fox-hunters show their teeth BY SIMON BARNES ... There are two types of hare coursing. In Ireland, you can find “park coursing”, which takes place in an enclosed space and the hare never gets away. In England and Scotland, you find “open coursing”... But hare-coursing has to go, probably because hares are so much more cuddly than foxes... For my money, hunting is a lot like vegetarianism: the most boring subject in the world: an incoherent debate washed with sentimentality and aggression on both sides. I would not choose to have vegetarianism laid down by law: and hunting too should be matter of individual choice.... There is more cruelty in ten minutes in a battery farm — debeaking machine and all — than in an entire day of hare-coursing or for that matter, hunting. But chickens — well, it’s not a terribly sexy target, is it? (story)
Times 16.3.02 Hunting world mobilises to fight hare coursing ban BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR ... Charles Blanning, NCC secretary, said he expected the Countryside Alliance to order the entire hunting movement to turn out for a march if there were a specific threat to coursing. He said: “We have had reassurances from the alliance and the Campaign for Hunting that they will not allow us to be the sacrificial lamb in this debate. It is the practice of bullies to prey on the weak and the small. Well, I think that the Government would find a much greater struggle than they bargained for if they went down this route...." (story)
Times 16.3.02 Breeder of champion is baffled - JACKIE TEAL was angry and afraid last night after learning that the Government was preparing to take away her livelihood (Valerie Elliott writes)... (story)
Times 16.3.02 Obstacle course - The latest attempt to secure a compromise on hunting - The saga over hunting has lasted for almost five years now and it may well continue into the next Parliament.... Bad law should never be constructed because it makes for convenient politics. In the end, as the strange story of hunting since 1997 shows, ill-considered legislation of a populist bent invariably comes back to haunt its authors (story)

BBC News Online Saturday, 16 March, 2002, 12:28 GMT Downing Street denies hunting deal - The government has denied it is working on a compromise deal to allow fox hunting to continue... (story)
BBC News Online Saturday, 16 March, 2002, 05:48 GMT - Papers scent blood over hunt vote - The Times claims Tony Blair is backing last minute plans to allow fox-hunting to continue by promoting the argument that it acts as a pest control.... The Daily Mail argues that Labour is using Monday's vote as a ploy to boost party membership... (story)

Telegraph 16.3.02 Blair, not votes, will decide hunting's fate By Charles Clover - WHATEVER the result of the votes in Parliament next week on the future of hunting with hounds, the outcome will not be an immediate ban on hunting in England and Wales... it will be the Countryside Action Network, and not the alliance, demonstrating in Parliament Square on Monday. Countryside marches are off, according to Mr Butler, until there is something to demonstrate against. Pro-hunters are doing everything possible to avoid provoking a ban. (story)
Telegraph 16.3.02 Clergymen tell MPs and peers that field sports are moral pursuits - A GROUP of 50 clergymen who participate in field sports has circulated MPs and peers with a paper arguing that hunting is a moral act, not an immoral one, andtherefore should not be banned. Clergy in Field Sports is led by the Rev Robert Block, who is based on the White City Estate in London and hunts foxes on foot with the Vale of Aylesbury... (story)
Telegraph 16.3.02 Don't give an inch on hunting ... It is absolutely right that the Countryside Alliance and parliamentary supporters of hunting in both Houses should talk to the Government, and it is also right that they listen to all reasonable suggestions for the reform of the sport. But it is a great mistake for any of the campaigners for liberty to offer any concessions at this stage... Lobby both Houses of Parliament by all the usual methods. And if you can, turn up in Parliament Square on Monday. (story)

Ananova 16.3.02 Blair 'backs deal to save fox hunting' There is speculation the Government is drawing up a compromise deal to allow fox hunting to survive, as Parliament prepares to vote on the future of hunting with dogs. The Times reports that Tony Blair has given his backing to a deal which will ban hare coursing, but allow fox hunting to continue under the control of a new regulatory body.... (story)
Ananova 16.3.02 What The Papers Say - Daily Mail - Labour is using Monday's vote on fox hunting as a ploy to boost party membership, it emerged last night. (story) 7.36AM GMT, 16 Mar 2002 - It is being reported that the Government is drawing up a compromise deal to allow fox hunting to survive, as Parliament prepares to vote on the future of hunting with dogs.... (story)

Western Morning News 16.3.02 MAJORITY SAY 'NO' TO HUNT BAN - THE pro-hunting lobby have carried the day in the Western Morning News vote on hunting. A total of 67 per cent of votes cast in our poll were in favour of allowing hunting to continue... A total of 7035 people submitted polling forms. Of that total 4,738 felt that hunting should be allowed to continue as it is. The licensing of hunts was backed by 1,119 people -16 per cent of votes cast- while 1,178 people, or 17 per cent of voters, felt there should be a total ban... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 16.3.02 MPS 'EXPECTED TO BACK BAN ON HUNTING' ... yesterday 174 mainly Labour MPs signed an Early Day Motion supporting a hunting ban and rejecting the middle way as continuing to "enshrine licensed cruelty"... (story)

York Evening Press 16.3.02 Labour MPs turn up heat on hunting by James Slack - LABOUR MPs Hugh Bayley and John Grogan have turned up the heat ahead of next week's vote on controversial proposals to ban hunting with dogs. York MP Mr Bayley and his Selby colleague have signed a House of Commons motion which slams the "compromise" Middle Way option... (story in archive)

Western Mail 16.3.02 AM anti-hunt supporter's birthday plea - ALL Lorraine Barrett wants for her birthday next week is a ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales... (story)

Leicester Mercury 16.3.02 HUNTING VOTE LOOMS ... It is expected county MPs will be split along party lines on this issue, with Leicestershire's five Labour MPs backing a ban and its five Conservative MPs in favour of maintaining the status quo... (story)

Scotsman 16.3.02 Blair ‘backs’ moves to keep fox hunting By JANE HAMILTON - TONY BLAIR is backing last-minute plans to allow fox hunting to survive south of the Border by proving that it serves a need for pest control, according to reports today... SNP MSP Margo MacDonald said the prospect of Scotland and England having different rules over fox-hunting would "make an ass of the law"... (story)

Scotsman 16.3.02 Foxhunting may survive in England - John Innes- AS the Queen signed a Bill to ban hunting with dogs in Scotland, it was reported that Prime Minister Tony Blair had given his backing to allow foxhunting to continue in England and Wales under the control of a new regulatory body...

Times 16.3.02 Disputed Bill becomes law - THE Queen signed a controversial Bill yesterday to ban hunting with dogs in Scotland, paving the way for foxhunting to be outlawed before the next hunting season... (story)

Worcester Evening News 16.3.02 Will Mike Foster explain? - "WELL done, Mike Foster", is the heading to a letter in the Voice of Worcester. I read it expecting that he has put his back into getting the NHS, the railways and the transport difficulties solved. But no - the letter was about foxhunting!.. And what about our MP's favourite sport, fishing?.. JEAN M TURNER, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 8.3.02 Well done, Mike Foster - MAY I congratulate the Government for their step forward in banning hunting with dogs (Evening News, February 28) and offer Mike Foster my full support in this issue… RICHARD EVANS, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 28.2.02 CONFLICT OVER HUNT VOTE - DEFIANT Worcester MP Mike Foster has defended the Government's decision to hold a vote to ban hunting before Easter… (story in archive)

Yorkshire Evening Post 16.3.02 Sorry John, you're on the wrong trail - Having read Thorpe's Thoughts (March 11) I wonder why he is so bigoted? His attitude to link "Toffs" and fox hunting stinks of a "Them and Us" attitude... Incidentally, my view is that hunts should use a scented trail thus satisfying both camps. Mr J Perry, Holbeck, Leeds. (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 16.3.02 BLOODY HUNTS ... : "Fox hunting and other such bloody pursuits are not cruel or unnatural - they are just unworthy of a civilised and sensitive man."... I don't think many women indulge in "such bloody pursuits". Ronald Gill, Amber Road,c Allestree. (letter)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, North Devon Journal, Western Morning News, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald) 16.3.02 OBVIOUS CRUELTY - TONY North's assertion that Louise Piddington and myself are no more than political pawns because we disagree with the obvious cruelty involved in hunting can be dismissed with one word - rubbish... R A GAGIE All Hallows Road Paignton (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 16.3.02 FOX DEATH PROMPTS HUMAN FEARS OVER TRAPS - The horrific death of a fox caught in an illegal trap in Ashton Court has led the RSPCA to issue a warning about the dangers of traps to people as well as animals... The fox was not killed and spent days dragging the trap around the 50-acre wood as it bled and starved to death... (story)

Western Mail 16.3.02 Closed-door Government warned of revolt - James Pritchard London Reporter James.Pritchard@Wme.Cco.Uk Sheila Coleman Farming Editor Sheila.Coleman@Wme.Co.Uk, The Western Mail - THE Government was warned last night that it was facing a rural revolt at the ballot box after judges rejected a High Court move to force a public inquiry into the foot-and-mouth crisis... quotes from Farmers' Union of Wales president Bob Parry, National Farmers' Union Cymru spokeswoman Leigh Roberts, Countryside Alliance's political director for Wales, Mark Hinge... (story)

Telegraph 15.3.02 Accusation of contempt for Queen - THE Government showed little regard for the Queen when it arranged a debate on hunting with hounds next Monday to coincide with a Buckingham Palace reception for the Golden Jubilee, a Tory MP said yesterday… (story)

Ananova 15.3.02 Anger at Philip pro-shooting lecture - Animal rights campaigners have criticised the Duke of Edinburgh after he hosted a lecture supporting field sports days before MPs vote on fox hunting… the League Against Cruel Sports said it was "inappropriate" for a member of the Royal Family to host an event supporting field sport at such a sensitive time. (story)
Observer 10.3.02 Anti-hunt pack hounds Philip - The Duke of Edinburgh has angered protesters by wading into the debate on fox hunting - Vanessa Thorpe - Animal rights campaigners are demanding that the Duke of Edinburgh cancel a lecture in support of field sports to be delivered four days before the House of Commons votes on fox hunting... A spokesman for the Duke at Buckingham Palace told The Observer that the lecture would go ahead, in spite of protests at a member of the royal family aligning himself with a political view on the eve of an important Commons vote... (story)

ThisIsBristol (Bristol Evening Post, Western Daily Press) 15.3.02 TALLY HO! OR ISTHAT TALLY NO? Hunting: the case in favour... interview with Jo Aldridge, spokesman for the Duke of Beaufort's Hunt
Hunting: the case against - Anti-hunt campaigner ROGER HUTCHINSON is a Labour member of South Gloucestershire Council and treasurer of the Labour Animal Welfare Society... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 15.3.02 POLITICIANS BACK ON THE SCENT OF A BILL TO BAN FOX HUNTING - Huntsmen and women will meet for the final time of the season knowing that county MPs are gearing up for another battle of the countryside... Lincoln MP Gillian Merron is following Labour colleagues and voting for an outright ban... But Tory opponents Douglas Hogg and Edward Leigh say that it is a waste of time and a sign of warped priorities given other more pressing concerns.... END OF THE HUNT ROAD? Professional hunter Jim Lang and his hounds at the Burton Hunt. John Green, joint-master of the hunt, said: "Our season ends tomorrow and then it's a question of wait and see what comes out before Easter." (story)

Worksop Guardian 15.3.02 MP MANN VOTES TO BAN HUNTING - BASSETLAW MP John Mann will be backing a ban on hunting when Parliament votes on the issue on Monday… (story in archive)

ThisIsBath (Bath Chronicle, Western Gazette, Western Daily Press) 15.3.02 DORSET MPS SPLIT OVER PROPOSED BAN ON HUNTING - Dorset's MPs are split on which way they will vote on a proposed ban on hunting with dogs on Monday - quotes from Oliver Letwin, Jim Knight, Bob Walter (letter)

Harlow Star 15.3.02 MP vows to back ban on fox hunting in open vote …MP Bill Rammell said: "I will be voting for a complete ban on hunting with dogs because I believe it is a cruel and unnecessary sport…" (story may only be on website for a week)

Newark Advertiser 15.3.02 Tallying view on hunt ban - Camera: ANTONY KELLY Report: SHARON HODKIN - The return of the hunting debate to Parliament has been criticised by Newark's Tory MP, Mr Patrick Mercer… Sherwood's Labour MP, Mr Paddy Tipping, backs a ban… ABOVE: The hounds of the South Notts Hunt clear a fence at Epperstone on Monday. (story & photo in archive)

Scotsman 15.3.02 Pro-hunt fundraising - CAMPAIGNERS launched a major fundraising campaign yesterday to fight the law banning hunting, which was passed by the Scottish parliament last month… quote from Scottish Countryside Alliance (story)

Edinburgh News 15.3.02 Our MSPs’ dance with intolerance - A WEEK doesn’t seem to pass in the Scottish Parliament without another MSP attempting to ban something he or she doesn’t like. For two years the issue of fox-hunting dominated our rural affairs committee, and after all that time we have passed a bill that will not prevent fox-hunting or save the life of a single fox. Indeed, it will ensure many foxes will die a slower, more excruciatingly painful death… The latest attempt to ban something comes from an SNP MSP, Sandra White, who wants to end table dancing in Scotland… (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 15.3.02 BAN ON HUNTING IS KILLING FOXES, DECLARES FARMER - ARE the bodies of two malnourished fox cubs the best argument in support of hunting? A gloucestershire farmer found the emaciated bodies huddled under a flimsy covering of straw. Phil Wheeler, of May Hill, near Newent, said it was the tragic consequences of reduced fox hunting - stopped during the foot-and-mouth outbreak… But the RSPCA and the League Against Cruel Sports said it was not true that the fox population had increased during the ban… (story)

Cumberland & Westmorland Herald 15.3.02 HUNT FOLLOWER DIES ON FELLS - A VETERAN supporter of the Ullswater Foxhounds, Harold Milburn, aged 69, from Penrith, collapsed and died as he followed the pack at Artlecrag Pike on the fells above Haweswater (story may be in archive)

Western Morning News 15.3.02 HUNTSMAN TELLS HOW HE FOUND BODY - Huntsman John Stone last night talked exclusively to the Western Morning News about how he discovered a badly decomposed body in bin bags at his place of work. Mr Stone, first whip at the Devon and Somerset Stag Hounds, was working in the slaughterhouse at the hunt's kennels at around 3pm on Wednesday when he made the discovery… (story)
Western Daily Press 15.3.02 MOORS CORPSE FOUND IN BIN BAG - A park ranger found the remains on Exmoor National Park last week but did not realise what they were until he went to dispose of them yesterday… the ranger who, believing them to be the remains of a deer carcass, delivered them to the Devon and Somerset Stag Hounds kennels at Exford… (story)
Somerset County Gazette 15.3.02 Horror find on Exmoor - A MASSIVE police investigation was underway on Exmoor yesterday (Thursday, March 14) after the gruesome discovery of badly decomposed human remains by kennel staff from the Devon and Somerset Staghounds… (story in archive)

ThisIsGloucestershire ThisIsGloucesershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 15.3.02 - BAN ON HUNTING IS KILLING FOXES, DECLARES FARMER …Mr Wheeler, who owns Hollybush Farm at May Hill, said the number of foxes in the Newent area had increased since the foot-and-mouth crisis, causing problems for local farmers…(story)

Western Gazette 15.3.02 ANTI-HUNT FOLK COME OUT OF WOODWORK - Having had a year off sniping at hunting we have all the antis coming out of the woodwork (Western Gazette, 24 January)... Just for the record there are 12 packs of hounds who hunt wholly or partly in Dorset going out two, three or four times a week - not quite such a minority pastime. It has a lot more going for it than golf. Rose Whitcomb, Master of Hounds, Toller Porcorum (letter)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Western Morning News, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, North Devon Journal) 15.3.02 HUNTING FRATERNITY RIDE ROUGHSHOD OVER MOOR - Recently Dartmoor National Park Authority rightly praised the public for showing respect and restraint when visiting the moor… What a shame then that the hunting fraternity do ride roughshod over these very same areas straying from pathways with their ghoulish followers… Mrs Jennifer Cook, Payhembury (letter)

Yorkshire Post 15.3.02 Hunting: the logical conclusion From: K Cox, Ancholme Gardens, Brigg, Lincolnshire - Sir, – If hunting foxes with dogs is banned, can we than expect foxes to be banned from hunting rabbits, poultry and other creatures?...
Settle the issue now - From: S Knox, Clayton, Bradford. …It is time this matter was settled once and for all. The idea of licensing would be fine; a complete ban would quite likely lose him many votes from middle England. Killing any living creature for enjoyment and thrill is barbaric and uncivilized…
Moderate the rules From: John Hughes, Easdale Crescent, Leeds 14. Sir, – As a supporter of a Yorkshire fox hunt, I welcome the debate/vote on hunting… (letter)

Sussex Express 15.3.02 I AM sorry that the government has now decided to press ahead with its plans to ban hunting… E.Greenwood, Hailsham
…I have seen enough of prolonged suffering inflicted on the fox by gassing, snaring and being peppered by shot to realise that a quick death by hunting is a preferable alternative… B Wenham, Herstmonceux (letters)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 15.3.02 Soaking hares a pitiful sight …pitiful sights at this year's Waterloo Cup…hares were forced to flee from the dogs through these fields, often losing all their momentum as they hit the water, while other hares could be seen desperately struggling through it with water flying up… G METCALFE, Moorhey Crescent, Bamber Bridge (letter in archive)
Derby Evening Telegraph 15.3.02 BLOOD SPORT CAN NEVER BE JUSTIFIED - Well done, Sandra Barker and friends, for having the courage to attend the recent Waterloo Cup meeting… Doreen Hatton,Beeley Close,Allestree (letter)
Scotland on Sunday 10.3.02 Hunting or coursing - it’s still killing (letters in response to Katie Grant's article)
KATIE Grant (‘Barking up wrong tree on coursing’, March 3) stated that "while hunting has an obvious purpose, the point of coursing is more questionable". Sorry Katie, but both these "sports" have the same obvious purpose - to watch dogs chase and kill an animal... John F Robins, Dumbarton
ROBERT Burns must be writhing in his grave at Katie Grant’s attempts at defending hare-coursing... Marion O'Neil, Dunfermline (letters)
Derby Evening Telegraph 8.3.02 IS COURSING SPORT OR ANIMAL CRUELTY?
I am writing in reply to Sandra Barker's letter of March 1 regarding her visit to the Waterloo Cup. She was one of only 60 protesters who attended on Tuesday, February 26 - set against 7,000 coursing supporters…The real threat to the hare is from modern farming methods, prolonged wet weather, foxes and misinformed people like Sandra Barker…
END 'SPORT': I sympathise with Sandra Barker (Opinion, March 1) for her terrible experience at the Waterloo Cup last week. I did not attend, but, as an animal welfare campaigner, I know of this horrific so-called sport of hare coursing… Emma Newcombe, Nottingham Road, Derby. (letters)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald/Evening Press 7.3.02 Couple claims hare coursing triumph …A NORTON couple has won the Waterloo Cup at a prestigious hare coursing event at Altcar near Liverpool. John and Jackie Teal's blue brindle bitch, Petite Glory, came first in the national competition, which attracts competitors from all over England and Ireland… (story in archive)
Derby Evening Telegraph 7.3.02 OBJECT OF COURSING IS NOT TO KILL HARES I read with interest (Opinion, Friday, March 1) the letter on hare coursing… she says that the hares are transported in specifically for the three days coursing at the Waterloo Cup meeting… I have been to numerous Waterloo Cup meetings and know this to be untrue because on some days, part of the day's coursing has had to be abandoned through lack of hares… I want the coursing to continue. However, I feel that the sport should move into the 21st century and muzzle the greyhounds… L. Fielding, Derby. (letter)
Mirror 7.3.02 A hideous 'sport' - IT was no surprise that so many readers were appalled by the picture of a hare being torn apart (Mirror Mailbox, March 1). I drove 300 miles to witness for myself the Waterloo Cup for hare coursing… Simon Wright Pulborough, W Sussex (letter in archive)
Mirror 1.3.02 'Sport' is barbaric - OUR picture on Wednesday of two hunting dogs ripping apart a hare they had run to ground triggered an avalanche of letters from readers… The so-called human beings who enjoy this unspeakable cruelty are, in my book, only one rung away from paedophiles on the ladder of humanity. S Jones, Walsall, West Mids (story)
Scotland on Sunday 3.3.02 KATIE GRANT: Barking up wrong tree on coursing - at the Waterloo Cup (story)
Liverpool Echo/Daily Post 1.3.02 10,000 watch Waterloo Cup By Tariq Tahir Political Correspondent - WATERLOO CUP opponent Labour MP Colin Pickthall has welcomed the Government's decision to press ahead with a ban on hunting with dogs… As coursers left the Cup field, they issued a defiant message that they will be back for many years to come… Liz Mort, spokesman for the Waterloo Cup committee, said: "They will never win. The issue has been raised by back benchers looking to further their own causes but the countryside will not allow it to happen… (story)
Star 1.3.02 Z-list animal plea - TERRY HUNT - CELEBRITY no-marks Jamie and Louise Redknapp are urging the Prime Minister to outlaw hare coursing. In a move that is in no way tied to their lack of publicity, exposure or celebrity kudos, the couple have pledged to stop the floppy-eared furry sorts from being slaughtered... (story may be in archive)
Derby Evening Telegraph 1.3.02 DEATH COUNT AT THE FIELDS OF WATERLOO - On Tuesday, I attended the Waterloo Cup, an annual event held on farmland in Lancashire. The Waterloo Cup is enjoyed by people who watch or participate in the blood sport of hare coursing… We also suffered continuous taunting from the coursing supporters, many of whom thought it was extremely funny to shout insults at us whilst they drank strong beer and waved the body parts of dead animals, in particular foxes' tails, at the protesters… Sandra Barker,Bridge View,Milford. (letter)
BBC News Online Thursday, 28 February, 2002, 14:36 GMT In pictures: Hare coursing - With the Waterloo Cup continuing at Great Altcar in Lancashire BBC News Online presents pictures from a typical hare coursing event. (story)
Times 28.2.02 A bad hare day by Carol Midgley - Scottish MPs have voted to ban hare coursing. South of the border, though our correspondent finds coursers defiant – feature about the Waterloo Cup (story)
Western Daily Press 27.2.02 COURSING'S CLASSIC EVENT FACES PROTEST - ANIMAL rights supporters held a peaceful protest at the country's largest harecoursing event yesterday… (story)
Yorkshire Post 27.2.02 Blood sports battle resumes with return of Waterloo Cup …More than 60 animal rights protesters carrying placards and banners marched to the entrance of the coursing field surrounded by about 25 police officers… (story)
Mirror 27.2.02 Er, didn't we put you in power to ban this barbarity, Mr Blair? - FURY AT HARE COURSE EVENT - By John Kelly - LOCKED in a sickening tug-of-war, two dogs rip apart a helpless hare they have just run to ground… (story)
Daily Post 27.2.02 Nothing could stop the Waterloo Cup by Jennifer Wildman Daily Post Staff - ANIMAL rights protesters held a peaceful demonstration yesterday at the country's largest hare coursing event… quotes from Sam Butler, chairman of the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Hunting, Colin Pickthall, MP for West Lancashire (story)
Liverpool Echo 27.2.02 Class war on killing fields By Paddy Shennan, Liverpool Echo - THINGS become a lot clearer when you've spent a few hours on The Killing Fields of Altcar. It might have something to do with being just yards away when two greyhounds, scenting blood, catch a hare - and tear it to pieces... Perhaps I'd be better off if I had the miniscule mind-set of the dimwit from Derbyshire... Anyone, incidentally, who believes The Waterloo Cup is a classless sport is seriously deluded. Class-riddled, more like... The Waterloo Cup? I think it's a blot on the West Lancashire landscape. And I think it brings shame on our so-called civilised society... (story)
Daily Post 26.2.02 Confusion but Cup starts on time by Jennifer Wildman, Liverpool Echo - The "FA Cup" of the hare coursing world got underway as scheduled this morning (Tuesday, February 26) - despite fears rain would force cancellation… Unfortunately for the protestors the new arrangements did not reach them in time and they postponed their protest until late morning… (story)
BBC News Online 26.2.02 Protest at hare coursing cup - Animal rights protesters have held a peaceful demonstration at the country's largest hare coursing event.... (story)
Ananova 26.2.02 Peaceful protest targets hare killers - Animal welfare protesters have held a peaceful demonstration at the country's largest hare coursing event…@ 60 protesters, quotes from protester, Kevin Edwards, Sam Butler, chairman of the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Hunting. (story)
Manchester Evening News 26.2.02 Big demo against hare coursers - The League Against Cruel Sports confirmed it would be staging a demonstration… (story)
Ananova 26.2.02 Campaigners set to protest at hare coursing cup - Animal welfare protesters and hare coursing enthusiasts are expected to come face to face at the start of the annual Waterloo Cup… (story)
Liverpool Echo 26.2.02 Waterloo Cup expected to start today by Jennifer Wildman, Liverpool Echo - THE Waterloo Cup was expected to go ahead this afternoon after constant rainfall and high winds delayed the event this morning… Protesters staged their annual march from the new causeway shortly after 10 am. Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (FAACE) chairman Tony Moore was confident the march and subsequent protests would be well supported… (story)
Liverpool Daily Post 26.2.02 'Waterlogged Cup' may be called off By Jennifer Wildman Daily Post Staff - ORGANISERS are today expected to decide whether to press ahead with the rainthreatened Waterloo Cup hare coursing competition… quote from David Stocker, of the Countryside Alliance …Supporters include television cook Clarissa Dickson-Wright and writer and broadcaster Sir Clement Freud who are both expected to attend… (story)
Edinburgh News 26.2.02 Demo at hare coursing cup - ANIMAL rights activists and hare coursing enthusiasts were expected to come face to face today at the Waterloo Cup… (story)
Ananova 25.2.02 Star couple urge Blair to ban hare coursing - Jamie and Louise Redknapp have joined anti-hunt campaigners to urge the Prime Minister to outlaw hare coursing… The Redknapps are backing Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals (CPHA) in calling for the Government to follow Scotland's lead and ban hunting with dogs… (story)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 23.2.02 Cry of hare in peaceful fields - TOMORROW, the North West, once again, is the reluctant host of the notorious hare coursing event -- The Waterloo Cup... G METCALFE (Mr), Moorhey Crescent, Bamber Bridge. (letter in archive)
Liverpool Daily Post 5.2.02 Battlelines drawn up over Waterloo Cup - By Jennifer Wildman Daily Post Staff - ILLEGAL hare coursing is on the increase across the North West... Politicians and animal welfare workers claim instances of gangs trespassing on land near to the course have been on the rise in the run-up to this year's Waterloo Cup event... according to West Lancashire MP Colin Pickthall legitimate coursing has attracted increasing interest from illegal coursers... Countryside Alliance spokesman Adrian Yalland said both his group and the National Coursing Club condemned illegal hare coursing... (story)
Liverpool Echo 2.2.02 Controversial Cup set to run by Jennifer Wildman, Liverpool Echo - THE Waterloo Cup is set to go ahead this year and will take place at the Withins, Altcar, on February 26, 27 and 28... Today the ECHO explores the traditions of the cup and the views of various people who attend the event for very different reasons... (history of sport, interview with courser & Tony Moore of Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe, also opinion poll at end of article) (story)

Telegraph 15.3.02 Let the fur fly - Maureen Plimmer, ... It would be disastrous for society if every human in this world were allowed 'freedom of choice' no matter how much pain or suffering their personal choice caused another living being.... (letter in archive)

Telegraph 14.3.02 Inside politics By Rachel Sylvester - Blair hunts around for a compromise on foxes - THE former racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart recently slipped unnoticed into Number 10 for tea with Tony Blair. Officially he was there to discuss the future of the Silverstone race track but, as a strong supporter of country sports, he also took the opportunity to ask what the Government intended to do about foxhunting. Although the Prime Minister chose his words carefully, he made clear that he had no interest in forcing through a ban... (story)

Stamford Herald 14.3.02 FOX HUNTING FACES AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE - quotes from James Barclay, joint master of the Cottesmore Hunt, Alan Duncan MP for Rutland and Melton, RSPCA regional manager, John Atter (story in archive)

Kent/Sussex Courier 14.3.02 SABOTEURS STAGE PROTEST DURING HUNT'S ANNUAL BALL - Two DOZEN hunt saboteurs mounted a peaceful protest outside High Rocks Inn, Tunbridge Wells, on Saturday as the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt held its annual Hunt Ball.. Sab spokesman Martina Shaw said: "If they host the hunt ball, then they are not simply showing their contempt for the vast majority of opinion in this country, but they are actively supporting this particular hunt and all it represents..." (story)

Stratford upon Avon News 14.3.02 Rate relief for hunt despite criticism - STRATFORD district councillors are sticking by their decision to grant rate relief to the Warwickshire Hunt despite a debate at the council's overview and scrutiny committee... (story in archive)
Stratford Journal 8.3.02 Anger at tax relief for Warwick hunt by MARK JESSOP - A DECISION by Stratford District Council's executive to approve business rate relief for the Warwickshire Hunt Club has been branded "scandalous" by anti-hunt campaigners… The decision, which was made in private and did not become known until this week, has been condemned by the League Against Cruel Sports… (story in archive)

South Wales Evening Post 14.3.02 TWO SIDES BATTLE OVER THE FUTURE OF HUNTING - Case for a ban by Elin Davies RSPCA; Case against by George Guntrip - George Guntrip is a staunch supporter of hunts in the Carmarthenshire area. (story)

Tamworth Herald 14.3.02 FIGHTING FOR THE ATHERSTONE HUNT ... Fox hunting of course has a long tradition in this area with one of the major hunts - the Atherstone Hunt - right on our doorsteps... interview with Joint Master, Mrs Penny Tyacke ... "The Atherstone Hunt employs four people but including farriers, vets, feed merchants, grooms and livery yards, so many people will be affected..." (story)
Tamworth Herald 14.3.02 FOX HUNTING - THE CASE AGAINST - SUPPORT by people in the area who want an outright ban on fox hunting is overwhelming, argues Diane Smith of Lichfield Animal Aid... quote from Heath Thomson, group co-ordinator of the Warwickshire League Against Cruel Sports (story)

Tamworth Herald 14.3.02 CALL FOR TOWN HUNT DEBATE - THE decision on whether the Atherstone Hunt can meet in the town square should be made by councillors not officers, a North Warwickshire Borough councillor said this week... Conservative councillor Les Smith: "I feel so strongly against blood sports," ... The Herald would like to point out that in last week's page five story 'Hunt ban for Town Square?' we attributed quotes to Polesworth's Labour councillor Alan Smith when they were actually made by Cllr Les Smith (Conservative). (story)
Tamworth Herald 7.3.02 HUNT BAN FOR TOWN SQUARE? - THE use of Atherstone's Market Square as a meeting place for the Boxing Day hunt could be in jeopardy after strong anti-blood sports views were aired at North Warwickshire Borough Council last week. Polesworth Cllr Alan Smith (Labour) called for future decisions on whether Market Square can be used as a meeting place for the Atherstone Hunt go to a vote before the full council… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 14.3.02 BAD BLOOD FOLLOWS COUNTRYSIDE MERGER - Recently, the National Angling Alliance announced that after years of deliberation they had finally decided that they would join forces with the Countryside Alliance... This move was always going to be highly contentious and divide angling organisations and anglers with those who support the move and those who are vehemently opposed to it... The National Federation of Anglers, one of the founder members of the National Angling Alliance has always been very wary of being allied and identified with the supporters of Fox Hunting... The National Angling Alliance and the Countryside Alliance have signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" and this move signifies the merger... The recent parliamentary moves in Scotland and at Westminster appear to confirm that the days of Fox Hunting as we know it are numbered and angling bodies and anglers cannot afford to be complacent (story)

Argus 14.3.02 MP joins anti-hunt campaign by Martha Buckley ... Speaking after a presentation held by the Political Animal Lobby and Protect Our Wild Animals at the House of Commons, Hastings MP Michael Foster said: "I have welcomed the announcement there is to be a debate but the suggestion there may be a compromise is unacceptable..." (story in archive)

West Sussex County Times 14.3.02 CLASH OVER HUNTING 'POLITICS' THE joint master of Crawley and Horsham Hunt has attacked the Government over the hunting ban issue… Leslie Weller said: "It's been brought in at a time, when the Transport Minister's under so much pressure, to draw fire away from him…." (story)

Dumfries & Galloway News 14.3.02 Ignorance was on display says MSP - Sir — Charles Douglas displays considerable ignorance of the duties of the convener of a Scottish Parliamentary Committee when he accuses me of gross incompetence over the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill... Alex Fergusson MSP, St Johns Town of Dalry (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 15.3.02 ARE WE REALLY CIVILISED? ... Bear baiting, cock fighting, bull fighting, badger baiting, hare coursing, stag hunting, fox hunting, cub hunting - some of these "sports" have been outlawed, all of them ought to be.... Mrs C Claxton, Sewerby Road, Bridlington (letter)

Harborough Mail 14.3.02 Future of thousands at stake ... If this ploy succeeds it will not end with hunting. Whatever interest you may have and however intense it may be, one day the politicians may have it in their sights. Watch out, you have been warned! Democracy in this country is dying on its feet JC Stephenson, Sywell Road, Holcot. (letter)

Shropshire Star 14.3.02 The health service and railways are in crisis, police forces undermanned and prisons overcrowded... It is appalling that this Government can waste all this time debating fox hunting but perhaps foxes are more important to our MPs. M Morris, Wem (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 14.3.02 Civilised society is just a lie - Sid Jones's letter of 27/2/2002 talks about our civilised society of this country. In my opinion that is debatable... D G Morris, Newport (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 12.3.02 Search for truth in hunting debate - With reference to the "Hunting banned in Wartime" letter in Monday's Star… Which is the truth - few foxes are caught or if the hunt is banned we shall be overrun with foxes? - A searcher of the truth (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 4.3.02 We must fight hunting ban …Legislation of a contentious issue is being brought back to the limelight by the Blair administration in order to act as a smokescreen for all the recent government disasters and failings… Daniel Kawczynski, Ullingswick, Herefordshire (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 4.3.02 Hunting banned in wartime …During the war hunting was banned. After a few years, this caused such a problem with fox numbers that huntsmen were recalled from the army to deal with this problem… Name and address supplied (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 1.3.02 Nonsense about fox hunting - Why don't people stop whingeing about fox-hunting and spouting nonsense. There are far more important issues at stake like the corrupt Labour government that is trying to ride roughshod over us… Ron Atkins, Wellington (letter in archive)

Buckingham Advertiser 14.3.02 PRESS RELEASE FOR HUNTING LOBBY - IN all the recent debates on hunting, I haven’t read such a one-sided article as Hunting Under Threat (Advertiser & Review, March 8)... H Baxter, Robin Close, Buckingham. (letter)
Buckingham Advertiser 7.3.02 HUNTS' WHITEHALL FEARS - FOX HUNTING supporters in Advertiser and Review area are waiting for politicians to decide on the future of the sport… quote from Jenny Jackson-Stops, one of five masters of Grafton Hunt, Heather Tyler & Patrick Martin of the Bicester (story in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 14.3.02 HOUNDS WERE LEFT TO BLEED ... I can plough a straight furrow, lay a hedge, dag a ewe, calve a cow, scythe and make hay by hand with the best... With regard to cruelty, perhaps Mr Green should have seen the hounds caught and bleeding in my neighbour's fencing for well over half-an-hour with not a single huntsman in sight! PAUL GRIFFITHS, Stockend, Edge (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 8.3.02 THEY ENJOYED COCK FIGHTS, TOO! - OH dear, Mr Green, not that old chestnut - cuddly rats and cuddly foxes (The Citizen, February 3). If you were older than you are now you perhaps would have enjoyed bear baiting, dog fighting, cock fighting and otter hunting… TONY SHORTT, Belle Vue Road, Stroud (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 4.3.02 IGNORANT OF THE COUNTRY LIFESTYLE - IN reply to your article, February 16, on hunting, people like Paul Griffiths know nothing about country life…. why do people like Paul worry about vermin when there are so many good people dying because they can't get treatment with the NHS. Perhaps he'd like a few rats in his bedroom. H. GREEN, Newmarket, Nailsworth (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 16.2.02 'FOLLOW THE SCOTS IN VOTING FOR HUNT BAN' - ANTI-hunt campaigners in Gloucestershire have called on politicians in England and Wales to follow Scotland's lead and ban hunting with dogs. Veteran anti-hunt campaigner Paul Griffiths, 57, described the practice as "barbaric"... "We know the Berkeley Hunt actually goes and traps foxes and takes them away with them so they have enough to hunt." ... Henry Berkeley, a master of the Berkeley Hunt, said it was necessary to control the population of foxes which were pests and carried diseases... (story)

Leicester Mercury 14.3.02 GET ON WITH HUNTING BAN ... So far, pro-hunting arguments have ranged from the absurd (pest-control) to the cynical (infringement of human rights) and have all been discredited... Chris Housden, Leicester (letter)

Stourbridge News 14.3.02 Annual race is a national disgrace - You can contact Animal Aid on 01732 364546 or e-mail: Becky Lilly Campaigns Officer (letter in archive)
Morpeth Herald 8.3.02 NOT SO HARMLESS - BECKY LILLY, Campaigns Officer (letter)
Wharfedale Observer 7.3.02 Call to ban race - BECKY LILLY, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW.
ThisIsBath ANIMAL PROTEST - BECKY LILLY Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Worcester Evening News 5.3.02 They gamble with the lives of horses - BECKY LILLY, Campaigns Officer.
ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Torquay Herald Express, Western Morning News, North Devon Journal, Plymouth Evening Herald) 22.2.02 NATIONAL DISGRACE THE Grand National this year falls on April 6 and many people will place their bets, safe in the belief that it is simply a 'harmless flutter'… This year Animal Aid has organised a peaceful protest at the Aintree Racetrack in Liverpool… BECKY LILLY Animal Aid Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)

Kentish Gazette 14.3.02 McDonald's arsonists caught on film - DETECTIVES are studying charred CCTV footage of balaclava clad arsonists starting a fire which destroyed a McDonald's takeaway at Sturry, near Canterbury… "We have also examined the possibility that it may have been started by an organisation like the Animal Liberation Front, but there is no evidence of that…" (story)

North West Evening Mail 14.3.02 ON KEEPING ANIMALS IN ZOOS - vox pop - 3 pro, 1 iffy, 1 anti (story)

Mirror 14.3.02 BUTCHERED FOR VANITY - I CRIED after reading your article on how mink fur coats are made… Mrs E Hobbs, Plumstead, S E London (letter in archive)
Mirror 14.3.02 Help Mike to end this evil - IS there anything the public can do to stamp out this dreadful trade? Diane Lewin, by email (letter in archive)
Mirror 6.3.02 COAT TO DIE FOR Suffering behind the new fur fad By Sally Brook (story)
Mirror 6.3.02 FUR-RIOUS MARK IS ANIMAL WINNER - Mark Glover has spent 15 years campaigning for a ban on fur farms and to change attitudes on animal welfare By Jon Clements …Mr Glover, 48, was given the animal welfare award for successfully seeing nine out of 10 fur shops close and fur farming outlawed in 2000 after years of organising peaceful protests… (story)
Mirror 6.3.02 BOYCOTT FUR EVIL - THE fur trade involves appalling and unnecessary cruelty to animals… R Mountford, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Llantwit Major Gem 13.3.02 Hunt prepares to fight ‘every inch of the way’ - GLAMORGAN Hunt members ended their season recently with the claim that they would “fight every inch of the way” against a possible Government ban on hunting (story in archive)

Harlow Citizen 13.3.02 MP to vote for hunting ban - Harlow MP Bill Rammell will be voting for a complete ban on hunting with dogs in a Government vote on Monday (story in archive)

East Grinstead Courier 13.3.02 Fruit farm attacked by 'anti-hunt gang' By Will Green, East Grinstead Observer (story)
Tandridge Mirror 7.3.02 Pro-hunting farmer suffers £10,000 of 'malicious damage' …Dudley Pinney says it could cost up to £10,000 in repairs and labour to restore East Bysshe fruit farm, on the A22 at Blindley Heath, after it was attacked twice last week… The incidents came just days after he allowed the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt to park vehicles on his land… (story)

Scotsman 13.3.02 Burgh may lose hall over 50p rent - Frank Urquhart - A ROYAL burgh could be left without its town hall following the failure of the local council to pay a peppercorn rent of 50 pence a year, it was revealed last night. The local laird, Richard Holman-Baird, the Master of the Kincardine Hunt, is threatening to offer the historic building in Stonehaven for lease to potential retail developers unless cash-strapped Aberdeenshire Council meets his demands for a realistic review of the rent… (story)

Scotsman 13.3.02 Banned blood sports - GH Black (Letters, 11 March) leaves out badger baiting from his list of blood sports… How can he claim fox hunting is being singled out… LYNNE MITCHELL, Lower Mains, Dollar, Clackmannanshire (letter)

Worcester Evening News 13.3.02 There's no poll majority - SO John Lewis of Bradford tells us (You Say, March 7) that this Government was elected by a majority… , 75 per cent of the electorate voted against them. It is not the "will of the people", just the tail wagging the dog, or if you prefer, the brush wagging the fox - M COLDICOTT, Worcester (letter in archive)

Worcester Evening News 13.3.02 Hunting ban will cost country dear - I SEE it has started. I refer to the letter from Becky Lilly (You Say, March 5) about the Grand National… But if hunting is banned, (another Labour cock-up, thanks to MP Mike Foster), then later on there will be no point-to-points, no race courses, no racing or other forms of horse riding… PETER ALCOCK, Upton Snodsbury. (letter in archive)

Croydon Guardian 13.3.02 Sympathy for the animals ... Run little fox as fast as you can - the big brave' human is after you - as the great steel monster - destroys your little lair .... W K Williams, New Addington (letter)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Torquay Herald Express, Plymouth Evening Herald, Wester Morning News, North Devon Journal) 13.3.02 SEAGULL BASHING - Now we have entered the "seagull bashing" season, reference recent letters, we should remember that these much unloved birds were here long before we came along and invaded their territory... RICHARD MULLIN Redburn Road Paignton (letter)

Guardian 12.3.02 Scent of compromise solution on hunting puts pressure on peers - Michael White and Anne Perkins - Peers are under pressure to abandon their hardline position on hunting in the hope that a compromise will help Tony Blair to persuade anti-hunting MPs to back down too… Labour MP Gordon Prentice, a fierce opponent of hunting, last night tabled a motion for the weekly meeting of the parliamentary Labour party (PLP) on Wednesday week, urging colleagues to stand firm and insist that ministers reintroduce the stalled bill to ban hunting outright… Downing Street is keen to avoid having to use the Parliament Act to force contentious laws through the Lords and is believed to want a compromise (story)

Manchester Evening News 12.3.02 BY Ian Craig - Plea to ignore Lords on hunting - MANCHESTER MP Gerald Kaufman has asked the government to force through a ban on hunting with hounds, despite opposition from the House of Lords… Mr Cook said the government would put forward proposals after the vote but before the Easter recess. "That will involve legislation at some time," he said (story)

Western Mail 12.3.02 Decision can only be made by understanding the issue - Mark Hinge Political Director Countryside Alliance Wales, The Western Mail (story)Western Mail 12.3.02 Let the Assembly debate hunting - Peter Robert Fuw, The Western Mail - THE result of last month's Scottish Parliament debate which decided to ban fox-hunting was a huge disappointment for the vast majority of farmers and country folk throughout the UK… now that Welsh Rural Affairs Minister Carwyn Jones has just taken on the additional role of Business Manager he could be instrumental in arranging an urgent debate at the Assembly which would still show Westminster the strength of feeling prevailing within Welsh farming circles against an outright ban on hunting with dogs…
Western Mail 12.3.02 Time to put an end to Britain's last blood `sports' - Elin-Angharad Davies Rspca Cymru, The Western Mail (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 12.3.02 HUNT SABOTEURS ARE NOT SAVING THE FOXES - I am writing to tell you about the alarming treatment myself and daughters (aged nine and 11) suffered at the hands of so-called hunt saboteurs. These men in balaclavas, clad in combat gear in a manner more akin to a criminal heist or bank robbery, attempted to drive round my car in a lane near Longford. When I refused to go faster, one of them dashed off to a police officer and asked him to arrest me under 'Section 14'… My daughters were terrified. A fortnight later, near Cubley, they drove straight at me as I was walking up a lane… Heather Edge,Poyser Lane, Kirk Langley. (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 12.3.02 Barbarism of the arms trage - I have never participated in blood sports, but I do recognise the benefits of country… perhaps all our representatives in parliament can also have a vote on our current arms trade,and the export of weapons to kill and maim, particularly in under developed countries… A J Hickling, Swindon (letter may be in archive)

Belfast Telegraph 12.3.02 Hunting debate alive and kicking - BERT CARLISLE, chairman of the Countryside Alliance in Northern Ireland (Belfast Telegraph, February 18) dismisses the ban in Scotland on hunting with dogs... I think Bert Carlisle and his colleagues should face the fact that hunting with dogs is living on borrowed time STEPHEN PHILPOT, Chief Executive, USPCA. (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 18.2.02 Ulster hunting ban ruled out - THE Assembly seems unlikely to follow Scotland's lead by adopting a ban on hunting with dogs... (story)

Leicester Mercury 12.3.02 TELL THE 'TRUTH' ABOUT HUNTING - I am against foxhunting. My reason is not that the sport is cruel, unjust or evil. I simply have a problem with people who do not tell the truth... If the hunting fraternity were to have the guts to say what they felt about the hunt I might throw my lot in with them. I find it easier to stomach the death of an animal that was killed inhumanely than one that is snuffed out for the seemingly benign jaws of the food industry... Samuel Goddard, Wigston Magna, (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 12.3.02 Plight of hare was sad to see - IWAS saddened to see an item about hare coursing on TV showing two large dogs about to catch and rip to pieces a terrified hare… C DEAN (Mrs), Borrowdale Avenue, Blackburn. (letter in archive)

Kent/East Sussex Courier 12.3.02 STOP THE CRUELTY OF HORSE RACING - A tonbridge-based animal rights group is calling for the Grand National to be banned. AnimalAid, in Bradford Street, believes the four-mile race is cruel and is urging people nationwide to take part in the demonstration at Aintree in Liverpool on April 6… (story)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Western Morning News, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, North Devon Journal) 11.3.02 HUNTING IS VITAL FOR COUNTRYSIDE - BRIAN MITCHELL - I have lived in the countryside all my life and I have a huge respect for the wildlife which lives there. Everyone who lives in the countryside believes the same and hunting is the best way of preserving the wildlife; if it wasn't for hunting very soon we'd have no red deer left on Exmoor… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 11.3.02 TIME TO STOP THIS HUNTING PRACTICE - I AM writing in reply to the letter that stated I was talking unadulterated drivel, with regard to my letter about fox cubs being ripped from their mothers' stomachs… Helen Lewis (address supplied). (letter)

North West Evening Mail 11.3.02 MOST NOT INTERESTED IN BAN - I WAS interested to read the report in this evening's Evening Mail "Hunting not a top priority for most". It confirmed my own belief that the vast majority of the population do not have particularly strong views on this subject… ALISON BOLT Downfield House, Leece (letter)

Worcester Evening News 11.3.02 I just hope the English law to ban hunting is watertight - I READ Tim Pinney's letter... To call "evil" a government that wishes to listen to the majority of people and outlaw hunting with dogs to stop the cruel slaughter of foxes and hares for the amusement of the minority is beyond belief... MARION J LARGE, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 28.2.02 Actually, hunting is still legal in Scotland - JOHN Lewis writes (You Say, February 20) that the Scottish Parliament has hammered the final nail in the coffin for foxhunting… One of Scotland's senior criminal QCs has recently stated that this is probably the worst piece of legislation that he has ever seen and calls it a farce…. TIM PINNEY, Peopleton, near Pershore. (letter in archive)

Manchester Evening News 11.3.02 But why is hunting so important? OUR railway system has collapsed, the National Health Service is in an indescribable state, street violence is out of hand, the police service is in a turmoil… Why is the subject of hunting taking priority over everything else? E D Salem, Bury (letter may be in archive)

Observer 10.3.02 Foxes are not pests... nor vegetarians (letters in response to Cristina Odone's article)
...We decided cock fighting, badger-baiting, otter and stag hunting are barbaric. It is surely time that fox hunting (and hare coursing) are added to the list? - Mary-Anne Morel, Teddington, Middlesex
...That people derive amusement by causing distress to a wild animal, and make a carnival of it, is morally indefensible. W Grant, Norwich
... What we find stomach-churning, however, is that fellow human beings gain excitement and pleasure from the pursuit and destruction of another creature... Beverley Trounce, Hove, East Sussex
Whenever I read self-righteous pro-hunting nonsense written by the likes of Cristina Odone, I always ask myself, where is their campaign to legalise badger-baiting? John Dixon, Kent
After reading Cristina Odone on fox hunting I had to check the date to ensure it wasn't 1 April... A T Henderson Cullercoats, Tyne & Wear (letters)
Observer 3.3.02 Shabby deal over hunting - My Minister for your fox... in Mr Blair's trade-off, we are all losers - Cristina Odone ... Tony Blair has made it clear that his government is happy to do away with the rites and rituals that connect a minority - look at David Blunkett's attack on arranged marriages. But to threaten the way of life cherished by certain communities simply because he owes a bunch of MPs - surely that is to subscribe to a Machiavellian world-view where principles are luxuries and betrayals the norm... (story)

Sunday Telegraph 10.3.02 Continuing atrocities - The letter from Malta's High Commissioner (Letters, March 3) in (apparent) defence of the so-called hunters of Malta is trying to deflect the real problem... The new killing season is about to begin and these people are preparing for migrating birds to arrive because they've none of their own left to shoot. Shame on you Malta GC... B J Simmons, Birchington, Kent (letter)
Sunday Telegraph 10.3.02 Unacceptable practice - We cannot let the Maltese High Commissioner's letter go unchallenged. Bird trapping certainly does continue quite openly on Malta... Peter and Margaret Statham, Derby (letter)

Sunday Mirror 10.3.02 LAB TEST HELL ...THE number of animal experiments carried out at a secret British defence base has soared to a 20-year high in the wake of the global terror alert... The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection also joined the call for urgent action. Chief executive Michelle Thaw said: "The Ministry of Defence should be ashamed of its track record...." (story in archive)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Western Morning News, Plymouth Evening Herald, Torquay Herald Express, North Devon Journal) 9.3.02 HUNTING GENERATES VITAL CASH - I used to run a small farm in Dartmoor and let hunts go across my land. I was glad they did as we had a big problem with foxes killing baby lambs…It is wrong that hunting is once again used as a political football, I just hope that common sense prevails and we are allowed to continue making a living in the countryside. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 9.3.02 HOUNDING OUT THE QUARRY... HUNTING. You can see the gleam in their eyes as they sight their quarry. They move in for the kill, to rip the poor beast apart. And the victim? Stephen Byers MP, the beleaguered Transport Secretary… At the end of the day, fox hunting, deer hunting and hare coursing are about enjoyment. People taking enjoyment in the cruel death of a living creature. Banning this cruel activity is long overdue and I shall be supporting a total ban – again… (story)

Telegraph 9.3.02 Speak up for hunting (leader) - On Monday week, the House of Commons will yet again debate hunting... On the one hand, there are some rural protesters so incensed by the threat to their way of life that they threaten types of action that would alienate public support. On the other, there are some sections of the Countryside Alliance that risk being too complacent about the possibility of reaching a deal with the Government in which some sort of "Middle Way" emerges... The first step, therefore, should be a vigorous lobby of Parliament on and before March 18. Write, email, turn up in Parliament Square on the day. Be good-natured, but don't be silent. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 9.3.02 HARE COURSING CALLS - Sleaford and North Hykeham MP Douglas Hogg has called on Home Secretary David Blunkett to increase fines to £5,000 and give police more powers to deal with hare coursers... Mr Hogg is also calling for supporters of hare coursing to be included in any extended legislation, rather than just the people who release the dogs... (story)

Scotsman 9.3.02 A good, clean kill …new regulations may mean the Scottish wildfowler will find his time-honoured pastime considerably more expensive than before…The Scottish executive is considering more than 60 submissions on a possible ban on the use of lead shot on environmentally sensitive wetland habitats, bringing Scotland into line with England… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 9.3.02 EATING CATS AND DOGS NOT LEGAL - In reply to the letter dated February 9, cats and dogs are not legitimate to eat as they are not included in Korea's list of livestock... many people find it a disgrace is the undescribable pain that is being inflicted upon these animals before death MRS WORLEY Beckhampton Road Bestwood (letter)

Basingstoke Gazette 8.3.02 Hunting faces extinction by Sarah Lefebve - A VOTE on banning hunting with hounds, set to take place in Parliament within a month, could change the face of the countryside forever… If MPs vote in favour of banning hunting with hounds, several jobs would be lost at the Vine and Craven Hunt, based in Hannington. Three full-time staff are employed at the kennels as well as part-time grooms, farriers, horsebox manufacturers and feed merchants - and their services would no longer be required. A ban would also mean some 80 dogs would have to be destroyed…. (story)

ThisIsBath (Bath Chronicle, Western Gazette, Western Daily Press) 8.3.02 CAMPAIGNER HUNTING THE HUNTERS WITH CAMERAS - Last week Tony Blair promised MPs a new chance on March 18, to ban hunting with dogs. Pete White, an anti-hunt campaigner who lives in Glastonbury and works for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), was among those celebrating. As one of four full-time hunt monitors employed in the UK... "I come from an ordinary background. I was born in the country, in the New Forest, and I went out to see for myself what hunting was all about. What I saw was horrendous. I was terrified..." (story)

ThisIsBath (Bath Chronicle, Western Gazette, Western Daily Press) 8.3.02 'JOBS WILL BE LOST' IF BAN GOES AHEAD - Michael Chamberlain - Hundreds of people will lose their jobs if fox hunting is banned, according to the Master of Mendip Fox Hounds, Ken Osborne... (story)

Harlow Star 8.3.02 MP vows to back ban on fox hunting in open vote - MP Bill Rammell said: "I will be voting for a complete ban on hunting with dogs because I believe it is a cruel and unnecessary sport…" (story probably on website for only a week)

Guardian 8.3.02 Why Blair is out of tune with young, by Billy Bragg - Anne Perkins, political correspondent - Billy Bragg yesterday accused the prime minister of sending "a wholly negative message to the voter"… In an iconoclastic appearance before a Commons committee yesterday… He attacked the government's equivocation on hunting despite overwhelming support for a ban in the Commons… (story)

Northern Echo 8.3.02 FOX HUNTING - ONCE again fox hunting rears its ugly head. It is time this barbaric sport was banned once and for all… Many years ago I enjoyed drag hunting… Fiona Rolfe, Crook (letter may be in archive)

Bucks Free Press 8.3.02 These hunters are disgusting - THE pro-hunting William Thom has to realise that the majority of readers probably believe that chasing and killing wild animals for fun is simply disgusting… March 8, 2002 10:00 (letter in archive)
Bucks Free Press 8.3.02 Being rude about my hunting views - MY first reaction on reading AR Turner's letter on February 22 was to contact my solicitor, but I suppose I must get used to my generally objective letters about hunting being answered by objectionable ones… I happen to believe that hunting is an integral part of the environment and history of rural Britain and am quite happy for Mr Turner and anyone else to hold opposite views to me. But there is absolutely no reason for rudeness… William Thom, Westmead, Princes Risborough (letter in archive)
Bucks Free Press 22.2.02 Killing animals for enjoyment …I feel my anger rising every time some misguided person quite wrongly states that foxhunting is a necessary practice in the countryside (such as William Thom in BFP letters on January 25)… A R Turner, Kenton Close, Marlow (letter in archive)
Bucks Free Press 14.2.02 Reading up on bloodsports - Penny Little (identical to letter 8.2.02)
Bucks Free Press 8.2.02 WILLIAM Thom goes too far in his letter about bloodsports, particularly hunting with hounds. (Letters, January 25)... he could perhaps admit that his narrow view of the countryside as an attractive sports arena for killing animals by insensitive and/or sadistic thugs was hardly an widespread literary perception. Penny Little, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letter in archive)
Bucks Free Press 1.2.02 Read unbiased facts on foxes - reply to William Thom from Bea Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington ...false statements put out by "experts" such as R W F Poole are too often accepted without question... read instead unbiased experts such as Dr David Macdonald's "Running with the fox"... (letter in archive)
Bucks Free Press 25.1.02 Those who back bloodsports - THERE is not space in these pages to answer the charges of both your anti-hunting correspondents in their January 18 letters so I will concentrate on Ms Bradley's letter as it was the more personal and condescending... William Thom, Westmead, Princes Risborough (letter in archive)
Bucks Free Press 18.1.02 letters in reply to one from William Thom 1.11.02:
We know what hunting involves... Hounds, having served their masters well, will be executed when they can no longer hunt... Hunting is cruel and is carried out by cruel people.... Matthew Billsborough, Clifford Road, Princes Risborough (letter)
People who kill foxes for fun ...high time to stop playing cruel games with foxes, deer, hare and mink. Bea Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter)

IN the week that The Cumberland News led with the headline "Help Me, Pleads Cancer Doc" we also read that Carlisle MP Eric Martlew visited Downing Street to discuss... banning hunting!.. A WYBERGH, Welton
…I have no doubt that 80 per cent of the public do not support hunting but that does not mean they want to see legislation to ban it… JO GRIFFIN, Raughton Head, Carlisle (letters may be in archive)
Cumberland News 1.3.02 MP SEES HUNT BAN WITHIN 18 MONTHS …Carlisle MP Eric Martlew said he is confident that bloodsports will be banned within 18 months… (story may be in archive)

Worcester Evening News 8.3.02 Child gun licences supported - SHOOTING supporters have welcomed news that children as young as nine are being given shotgun licences… Simon Clarke, spokesman for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, said the younger children were, the better they could be educated on how to handle the weapons… (story in archive)
Cotswold Journal 8.3.02 County tops the child gun table by MATHEW MARTIN - A SURVEY has shown that Gloucestershire has the most children licensed to use shot-guns among 18 constabularies in the country… The finding follows a campaign launched by Labour MP Steve McCabe to raise the age limit for holding a shotgun licence to 14. His campaign is supported by 50 MPs, including Conservative minister Ann Widdicombe… Cotswolds MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown said: "I think we already have some of the strictest controls in the World… (story in archive)
Gloucester Citizen 7.3.02 DISGUST AT GUN LICENCES FOR KIDS …Forest of Dean MP Diana Organ said she was "disgusted" to hear 27 13-year-olds have licences to carry the weapons in Gloucestershire… Gloucester MP Parmjit Dhanda backed Ms Organ's campaign and said he would bring the subject up in a meeting with Mr Brain… (story)

Malvern Gazette 8.3.02 Lab firm plans security tower - LEDBURY'S animal-testing laboratory Sequani is beefing up its security as it continues to be the focus for demonstrations by animal rights protesters… Tony Peters, a spokesman for the Stop Sequani Animal Torture group, said: "The more money that goes into this tower, the less they'll have to spend on animal experiments…" (story in archive)

Argus 8.3.02 Feedback, with Simon Bradshaw - Peter Allen, from Worthing, suggests people wishing to hide their identity must do it through childishness and probably vindictiveness towards those who disagree with them. A regular writer on the issue of animal welfare, he says he has received unwanted mail as a result... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 8.3.02 ANIMAL AID WORKER IS ACID ATTACK TARGET … Iona Henderson, who runs Munlochy Animal Aid on the Black Isle, was reluctant to speak about the incident on Monday night, where acid was poured over her car, for fear that she might provoke further attacks on her animals… Mrs Henderson had previously suggested that the attack might have had something to do with her speaking out on animal rights issues in the past… (story)

Stratford Journal 8.3.02 Farms target of animal protests - ANIMAL rights campaigners were out in strength in Stratford last Saturday to voice concern over factory farming… About 150 protestors marched through the town carrying banners, blowing whistles and banging drums. The marchers, who were supporting Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (Viva), held a one minute's silence in Bancroft Gardens in memory of animals that have suffered… Ursula Bates of Viva Midlands said Saturday's protest had been a success… (story in archive)

(Western Daily Press?) 8.3.02 LET'S PUT A STOP TO THE KILLING - With reference to the Edmund Marriage letter and your page three report on the last call of the cuckoo - I wish people would tell the whole truth, not just part of it… pesticides… intensive farming… mass killing of migratory birds… Let us put a stop to killing our natural flora and fauna. M Haines North Home Road Cirencester Gloucestershire (story)

Worcester Evening News 7.3.02 HUNTING: MP prepares for fresh clash with anti-hunt lobby Hope that `middle way' will become new law - MID Worcestershire Peter Luff is preparing for a fresh clash with the anti-hunt lobby after reviving his proposals to allow hunting with dogs to continue under strict rules… City MP Mike Foster, who attempted to ban hunting with a Private Member's Bill in the last Parliament, said the middle way was doomed to failure… (story in archive)

(North Devon Journal?) 7.3.02 MIDDLE GROUND HOPE ON HUNTS - Three options will be available to MPs and peers when they vote on the future of hunting later this month - and in North Devon there are hopes that a 'middle ground' will put an end to the controversy surrounding the sport… Rory Knight Bruce, Master and huntsman of the Torrington Farmers' Hunt said: "We favour a middle way, which permits hunting with hounds, to ensure the future of the sport and the community it serves, with the proviso that nothing is brought in which makes it unworkable…." (story)

Wilts & Gloucester Standard 6.3.02 Hunt ban to go to the vote by Tamash Lal - THE FUTURE of hunting is once again hanging in the balance after it was announced that a vote on a ban will be held in Parliament later this month… quotes from John Rolls, of the anti-hunt umbrella group Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals, the Countryside Alliance, Paul Richardson, of Cirencester Animal Rights, Gill Purser, of the Cotswold Support Group for the Abolition of Hunting, Ian Farquhar of the Beaufort, Biddy Brickell, a Cotswold Hunt joint master (story in archive)

Melton Times 7.3.02 FURY AT NEW MOVES TO BAN FOXHUNTING - MP Alan Duncan speaks out over ban on foxhunting - quotes from David Manning, huntsman and joint-master of Oakley Foot Beagles and soon-to-be a joint-master of the Cottesmore Hunt, Belvoir Hunt chairman Tor Owen (story)

West Briton 7.3.02 HUNT GIVES ASSURANCE DEER WAS NOT HURT IN WOODLAND - A HUNT has given assurances it did not pursue a deer on Saturday in a wood near Truro. Four Burrow Hunt master Paul Hancock said complainants had completely misinterpreted the distressing death of a horse. St Austell mother Cathy Jones wrote to The West Briton claiming she and her children had been upset after seeing dogs chasing a deer through St Clement Woods at Idless… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 7.3.02 GLAD THEY'RE VOTING ON HUNTING …I was surprised at the result of the hunt phone in… How this 'sport' can be justified in order to 'test the speed of the greyhound or lurcher' is beyond me. PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill, Nr Stroud (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 2.3.02 'NO' TO HUNTING BAN SAY CALLERS - HUNTING should not be banned - that was the view of the majority of the calls received by The Citizen in its exclusive phone poll. More than 63% of the calls said hunting should not be banned, compared to just 36% saying the blood sport should be outlawed… (story)

Leicester Mercury 7.3.02 David Davidson stated that the art of irony is a long lost one and inferred that the best way to control the fox population is by hunting with hounds… G A Wright, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 2.3.02 WHY ALL THE HORSEMEN? - Regarding David Davidson's recent letter, I had not studied the Burns Report at all until the contents of it were pointed out to me by the RSPCA... G A Wright, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 4.2.02 ADMIT TO ENJOYING HUNTING - reply to David Davidson from S Daniels, Leicestershire ...I happened to look out of the window and there was a young fox looking in at me, he was wet and tired and I wondered what on earth was wrong? I went upstairs to look out of the window and I was shocked to see the hunt in the fields beyond. It was then I prayed to my God that the fox would not be killed in this dreadful way... (letter)
Leicester Mercury 25.1.02 HUNTING PEOPLE 'RESPECT AND LOVE THEIR QUARRY' - David Davidson (letter)

ThisIsDevon (Exeter Express & Echo, Western Morning News, Plymouth Evening Herald, North Devon Journal, Torquay Herald Express) 7.3.02 CRUEL TO LET FOXES SUFFER A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH - I LOVE my homeland and I find it very sad as I see it being endlessly smothered in concrete… I am not going to 'throw a wobbly' over fox hunting, but what a hue and cry there is over this!... Possibly, overall, foxes will suffer less if hunting is allowed to continue. Basically, there's little gained either way. So, what is all the fuss about?... G Bull, Fouracre Mead, Bishops Lydeard, Taunton (letter)

Cumberland News & Star 7.3.02 LETTERS/BLOODSPORTS - Bring back cockfights, stoning and hanging!.. reply to pro-hunt letter from Ellie Logan 28.2.02 from BILL GOLDSMITH, Hesket Newmarket (letter may be in archive)

Berwick Advertiser 7.3.02 Bil provides no benefit to the fox - SIR, — Lord Watson's Bill is feted by supporters as providing vital benefit to the fox. It does precisely the opposite… Lord Watson's Bill is a travesty, not so much because of its drafting absurdities but because, for its wildness' sake, the fox NEEDS hunting! CHARLES DRURY, Director, … for wildness' sake©, Skyrrid Farm, Pontrilas, Herefordshire (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 7.3.02 …how about the sick morons who delight in watching dogs rip a hare to pieces, change places… L PASSMORE, Poplar Avenue, Swindon (letter in archive)

Spalding Guardian/Lincs Free Press 7.3.02 HARE COURSER ADMITS ILLEGAL HUNTING WITH DOGS - AN ILLEGAL hare courser has been fined £420 after admitting trespassing and hunting with dogs on farmland. Reuben Butler was in a party of three men, two of whom had dogs, Spalding magistrates heard on Tuesday… (story in archive)

Western Mail 7.3.02 RSPCA launch probe to find TV fox killer By Emma Pearson, PA - The RSPCA today launched an investigation into the "horrific" killing of a fox shown on a BBC television documentary this week. BBC Wales's Week In Week Out programme exploring the alternatives to hunting with dogs and the impact of a ban on fox hunting with dogs, which was broadcast on Tuesday, showed a man shooting a fox in cub and then kicking her… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 8.3.02 Anger as live exports resume at Belfast port - BELFAST Port was today branded 'the port of shame' by animal welfare activists protesting at the resumption of live animal exports from Belfast to the Continent. Members of farm animal welfare organisation Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) gathered at the Harbour Office for the demonstration… quote from CIWF's Richard Hardy (story)
Irish Times 7.3.02 Animal welfare protest in Belfast By Sean MacConnell, Agriculture Correspondent - Compassion in World Farming, the animal welfare organisation, will take its protest against the live export of animals to Belfast later today when it pickets Belfast port… (story)

Dover Mercury 7.3.02 Dockside battle over live animal exports recommences - LIVE animal exports are poised to return to Dover Eastern Docks and moves to bring an end what Dover and Deal MP Gwyn Prosser calls an "evil trade" will recommence… On Saturday, March 23, Mr Prosser and campaigners with the Compassion in World Farming movement will lay a wreath at Dover Eastern Docks as a symbol of all the animals who have passed through the port to their deaths. (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 7.3.02 COMPASSION in World Farming would like to thank the people of Devizes for raising £36.25 in a street collection on January 26, 2002… KAREN MANSELL, Street Collection Co-ordinator, CWF, Petersfield (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 7.3.02 A criminal investigation was under way today after a badger was found dead near an excavated sett. The animal's head had been split during what police believe was a badger-baiting incident. (story)

Manchester Evening News 7.3.02 Drama on animal testing - THE use of animals in medical research was the subject of a science-drama festival in Manchester… The event was part of an initiative by the medical research charity, the Wellcome Trust, to encourage UK students to explore on stage the social and ethical questions of bio-medicine… (story may be in archive)

New Post Leader 7.3.02 CONCERN OVER NEW PET LEGISLATION - PLANS to overhaul the laws on keeping pets in Britain will effect thousands of pet owners, and could possibly see hundreds of thousands of pet birds and animals being destroyed… The DEFRA minister Elliot Morley, a keen ornithologist, a member of the RSPB and British Trust for Ornithology and a supporter of the League Against Cruel Sports is likely to lend a sympathetic ear to many of the animal activist pressure groups… BILL DOHERTY (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 6.3.02 FLAMES REKINDLED IN ROW OVER HUNTING BAN - FARMERS leaders say the new possibility of a hunting ban will threaten jobs and the rural countryside... (story)

Wilts & Gloucester Standard 6.3.02 Man fined after hunt fracas - A MAN who drove his Landrover at a crowd of hunt supporters, grabbing a woman by the arm as he went, has been fined a total of £160 by magistrates at Cheltenham…
ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 2.3.02 DRIVER ADMITS PROTEST ASSAULT - MOTORIST Matthew Cadle drove his Land Rover into a crowd of pro-hunt demonstrators, a court heard… At Cheltenham Magistrates' Court Cadle was ordered to pay £330 after admitting common assault and threatening behaviour… Gavin Collett, prosecuting, said 120 pro-hunt supporters had gathered in February 2001…"Witnesses said they saw the defendant behind the wheel drive towards the crowd deliberately… (story)

Ledbury Reporter 6.3.02 Warning over hunt ban …joint master of the Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt Rob Adams warned against a total ban… Donald Haden, one of the joint masters of the Ledbury Hunt, said: "We would prefer the option of keeping the status quo but it's possible they will go for one of the other options and we would obviously have to live with it." (story in archive)

Western Morning News 6.3.02 HUNTING BALANCES EQUATION - THE League Against Cruel Sports began buying land in the Westcountry in 1959, with the intention of creating barriers to hunting and providing safe places for hunted animals… The league's wildlife sanctuaries on the Quantock Hills have proved particularly effective at curtailing the activities of the Quantock Staghounds… (story)

Yorkshire Post 6.3.02 Bedale Hunt 'sorry' for damaging treasured limestone pasture - David Garner …The Bedale Hunt galloped onto Leyburn Shawl, which was bought four years ago using a £43,800 Heritage Lottery grant and been turned into a public open space…the land was churned up by riders and followers of the Bedale Hunt in pursuit of a fox last Saturday… Mayor of Leyburn Trixie Walker is demanding compensation…the Master of the Bedale Hunt, David Ford, said the hunt had been on the edge of its range and had been unaware of the arrangement to keep off the Shawl…"…The followers went into the field to get them off the main road. There were young children on ponies with us and I didn't want them milling around on the road because of the speed cars go along there," he said…(story)

Western Morning News 6.3.02 WILDLIFE SANCTUARY IS SUCCESS - I ENJOY looking at and watching a fox as much as the next person, but you can't have a fox in isolation from his surroundings…. I believe that the best way of controlling foxes in moderation is hunting. With shooting, nobody else knows what anyone else is up to. Any marksman who says he has never missed is lying… A lot of the opposition to hunting is to do with the opponents of hunting being against the people who do hunting… (story)

ThisIsBath (Bath Chronicle, Western Daily Press, Western Gazette) 6.3.02 LET'S GET ON WITH A FAIR DEBATE - AS a regular listener to Today in Parliament, Radio 4, I was dismayed to hear comments from pro-hunting MPs... I appreciate it would be difficult to change, or even explain to a prohunting MP how strongly I feel about the issue... Pamela Dean Whiteshill Gloucestershire (letter)

Yorkshire Post 6.3.02 Snags over Scottish version of anti-hunting Bill From: J W Buckley, Aketon, Pontefract …a rabbit is not a wild mammal for these purposes. Why? Quite simply, to ensure that all dog owners are not to become criminals when their dog chases a rabbit, and all local authorities (as landowners) are not to be liable when that happens on their land (as it surely does)…(letter)

Bolton Evening News 6.3.02 Spare time can be better spent - IN reply to Dorothy M Waters' letter in the BEN, March 2, about fox hunting… I realise that if the fox is over populated it has to be exterminated. But not by barbaric hunting, but in a humane way, quick and not painful… As for the question regarding Diana. No, I didn't bring her into the case to bring colours to the cause. I brought her in because like myself and many others she abhorred cruelty. She spent her short time in life helping, loving, and caring, and never joined in blood sports… S Kirkham, Queensgate, Bolton. (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News A question of fox hunting - THE letter from S Kirkham makes one think of dogs and foxes… Blood sports are condemned as barbaric -- what is more barbaric than animal to animal -- they kill as a way of life and are trained from birth in this way of life. The fox is one of the most cunning animals in this direction… Dorothy M Waters, Winifred Road, Farnworth
Bolton Evening News 9.2.02 Let's see Charles join in campaign - HAVING read the letter in the BEN, February 5, from Mrs K M Kay, RSPCA, I wonder if, as well as writing to Tony Blair, we could get Prince Charles to champion our campaign... we should never allow barbaric antiquated medieval so-called traditions to ever be tolerated again S Kirkham, Queensgate, Bolton (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 5.2.02 Pledge on hunting must be honoured - IT is now one year since the fall of the Bill to ban hunting, and the Campaign to Protect Hunted Animals involving the RSPCA, IFAW, and League Against Cruel Sports, are asking that the public write to the Government, requesting it to honour its pledge to hold a free vote... Mrs K M Kay, Branch Administrator, RSPCA, St George's Road, Bolton (letter in archive)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 6.3.02 Hunting should die naturally …why don't the politically correct brigade, under the leadership of Tony Banks let fox-hunting die a natural death? Especially when there are a lot more important subjects, like the NHS, hospitals, schools, roads and rail, transport, crime law and order, pensions, elderly care (homes closing through lack of funding) children's welfare, the list goes on… J G Whitehouse, Wombourne. (letter may be in archive)

Leicester Mercury 6.3.02 WILL THERE BE ANY WILDLIFE? …Surely there must be some law regarding killing birds, pheasants, partridges, badgers, rabbits and ducks etc… The men who do the shooting must feel very manly, proud, and brave, when they retrieve their small defenceless dead prey… R J Kent, Sileby (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 6.3.02 Shooting is anything but child's play ...Children learn by example, and unfortunately some adults take pleasure in shooting wildlife and encourage their children to shoot birds and wild animals. This disregard for other lives produces a callous attitude in children towards all life. It is then a short step to shooting pets… The indoctrination and desensitisation involved in getting children to kill animals for pleasure is very disturbing… Marilyn Harrison, Beaulieu Close, Toothill, Swindon (letter in archive)

East Anglian Daily Times 6.3.02 Mink trapping scheme to protect wildlife BY DAVID GREEN - FARMERS and other landowners are being urged to help trap mink in order to save populations of "endangered" water voles and ground-nesting birds… Some animals have also been released from fur farms by animal welfare activists… The Suffolk Wildlife Trust is holding a training evening to discuss proposed trapping programme at Playford Village Hall, near Ipswich, tomorrow at 7pm… (story)

Argus 6.3.02 I'm still protesting - I am disgusted with the small number of Shoreham animal rights activists who go on protests now - not even a full coachload... -M Frankel, Hove (letter)

Daily Record 6.3.02 Fur shock effect - FAR from being back in fashion, as suggested by those Cindy Crawford pictures, fur is still seen by the majority of people as a cruel and barbaric relic from the past… Ross Minett, Advocates for Animals, Edinburgh. (letter may be in archive)

Ananova 6.3.02 Cindy Crawford denies anti-fur stance in catwalk coat row …Cindy Crawford and animal rights group Peta are at loggerheads after the supermodel wore a fur coat on the catwalk. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals accuse Crawford of deserting their cause after appearing in its "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign… Annett Wolf, Crawford's spokeswoman, claimed the supermodel had never given her permission to appear in the 1994 campaign and did not believe in the anti-fur campaign anyway… (story)

Ananova 6.3.02 Graphic anti-fur ad planned for UK cinemas - A graphic advert showing a woman being clubbed to death for her fur coat may be run in UK cinemas. The advert is for an anti-fur campaign run by animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals… (story)

Western Morning News 6.3.02 Dolphin slaughter - HOW can we with dignity promote our unique coastline to the whole world - and yet at the same time allow the ugly slaughter of dolphins to continue just offshore?.. Mrs Patricia A Winslow, Sidmouth (letter)

Liverpool Echo 6.3.02 Resort's zoo slammed by Jenny Wildman, Liverpool Echo - SOUTHPORT Zoo has been told it has until July to improve conditions for its chimpanzees or they could be forcibly removed, animal campaigners claimed today. The Captive Animals Protection Society is campaigning for better conditions for two chimps at the zoo… (story)

Edinburgh News 6.3.02 Vegetarians to show they know their onions at city conference …More than 400 delegates will attend the World Vegetarian Congress, which begins on July 8 at Heriot-Watt… (story)

Ananova 5.3.02 Two-thirds think hunting ban not top priority - poll ... A total of 81% of Tory voters, 64% of Labour and 73% of Liberal Democrat believe Parliament should concentrate on other priorities... (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 5.3.02 Two-thirds think hunting ban not top priority - poll (story)
Western Mail 5.3.02 Two-thirds think hunting ban not top priority - poll (story)

Scotsman 5.3.02 Hidden rural economy worth £41m to Borders - Fordyce Maxwell rural affairs editor - DETAILS of a "hidden" rural economy in the Borders, worth up to an estimated £41 million a year and more than 4,000 part-time jobs, were revealed yesterday. That hidden economy includes angling, lowland game shooting, grouse shooting, stalking, fox hunting and falconry, other countryside-based tourism and countryside maintenance work by farmers… Countryside sports, activities and trades were worth an estimated £22.3-£29.6 million and 730 to 895 full-time equivalent jobs. Other forms of countryside-based tourism produced £3.5-£6.3 million and 240 full-time equivalent jobs… (story)

Edinburgh News 5.3.02 WEEK IN WESTMINSTER: Rebels’ yells deafen Blair as the docile army revolts …His attempt to buy off backbenchers who supported beleaguered Transport Secretary Stephen Byers during his Commons statement last week, by offering a new vote on banning hunting in England and Wales, has backfired. The Anti-Blood Sports Lobby - encompassing much of Labour’s backbenchers, not to mention a significant proportion of the Cabinet - wants immediate legislation, not another free vote on the issue. (story)

Western Morning News 5.3.02 MINISTERS 'READY FOR SHOWDOWN' - JASON GROVES - RURAL Affairs Secretary Margaret Beckett yesterday gave the clearest indication yet that Ministers are preparing for a showdown with the foxhunting lobby which could eventually end in a ban on the controversial activity… in an interview yesterday Mrs Beckett - whose department would pilot any Government legislation on hunting - indicated that Ministers were now serious about tackling the issue once and for all… (story)
Western Morning News 5.3.02 THREAT TO OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES - THE new vote on hunting on Monday 18 is the latest in a long line of attempts on the part of the Government to outlaw the hunting of foxes with packs of hounds… The timing of this latest attempt to ban foxhunting is also despicable in another sense. It is blatantly obvious that the Government sees nothing wrong in robbing thousands of UK citizens of their right to hunt in an attempt to deflect attention from the Stephen Byers scandal and the "Mittelgate" affair… (story)
Western Morning News 5.3.02 TIME TO END THIS CRUELTY - CHRIS DEACON, Westcountry hunt monitor for the League Against Cruel Sports, says hunting foxes with dogs is barbaric… (story)

Western Mail 5.3.02 We will oppose hunting ban - Nfu Cymru Leighroberts - ALMOST a year after foot-and-mouth disease hit the UK, the farming community has started to get back to normality… Against this background, it seems incredible that the government have chosen this time to resurrect the threat of a ban on hunting with dogs… NFU Cymru will continue to oppose any proposed legislation to ban hunting with dogs… (story)

ThisIsBath (Bath Chronicle, Western Gazette, Western Daily Press) 5.3.02 DISTURBING FACTS ON HUNT PROTESTS - I FOUND the letter from Denis Harrison about hunt protest violence quite disturbing... At the time, I was in a position to know about the facts of both deaths referred to and your readers should be made aware that official investigations placed absolutely no blame whatsoever on the drivers of the two vehicles concerned.Mr Harrison also appears to have conveniently forgotten that following one of the tragic deaths, the huntsman's house was attacked and burned down... T Selwood Chippenham Wiltshire (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 5.3.02 Brought on themselves - IF Martin Wood, new fox hunt master, and John Crew, need to whinge about the anti-blood sport demonstration… they should be complaining to Alex Mason, the event organizer… event was continually broadcast in national and local press… JANET HALL, North Home Road, Cirencester (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 4.3.02 I was spat on - PHILIP Beaven's letter may well be titled Shame-faced… Intimidating, kicking, hitting and even harassing a girl in a wheelchair sorry, should we have acknowledged the protesters?.. C MANN, Oxleaze Farm, Lechlade (letter in archive)
ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 1.3.02 CATALOGUE OF VIOLENCE SPOILS PRO-HUNT CASE - IN reference to the letters, concerning the Cirencester protest. The Cirencester police view of the protest, on Saturday 16 Feb 2002, was that though noisy, the protest was legal, and no arrests were made. This boisterousness is in contrast to the deadly violence of hunt supporters (Thomas Worby, Steve Christmas incidents listed though sabs not named) …the event in Cirencester was almost an exercise in restraint. (letter)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 28.2.02 Do not judge Ms Robinson …I dislike the program The Weakest Link, but met Anne a few years ago, and found her to be very pleasant. I am anti-blood sports however… Behaving in the disgusting way some of the protesters did or slating someone for their views has never been the answer… (Mrs) W Chandler, Edinburgh Street, Swindon (letter in archive)
ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 28.2.02 IS TV QUEEN ANNE THE HUNT'S STRONGEST LINK? - Bev Hawes …to her neighbours deep in the heart of the Cotswolds she is nothing short of a heroine after throwing herself into a personal crusade - to help save fox hunting… (story)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 27.2.02 Hunting worm ready to turn - UP until now supporters of hunting have suppressed the anger and frustration felt at attacks both physical and verbal on their way of life… Having seen the arrogance and ignorance demonstrated by the Scottish Parliament over the Hunting Bill a defiant mood south of the border is building… CHIPPS MAN, Filkins, Lechlade (letter in archive)
ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 26.2.02 DANGER OF A FANATICAL CAUSE …About 450 people were in the Bingham Hall where Anne Robinson hosted a special The Strongest Link to help raise funds for the VWH Hunt and for the new home day care centre for the physically disabled. Some 80 anti-hunt protesters were outside, spitting, taunting, kicking, and intimidating those going about an evening's entertainment… C. MANN, Oxleaze Farm, Lechlade (letter)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 26.2.02 Shame-faced - I WAS one of the anti hunt protesters at Cirencester, reported on in your article about Anne Robinson… PHILIP BEAVEN, Merton Avenue, Swindon (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 25.2.02 Vicious creature HAS your correspondent D Plummer ever witnessed the result of a fox's visit to a chicken house/run?..Never a great fan of Anne Robinson, I do admire her sticking up for her principles… Name and address supplied
ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 25.2.02 HUNT SUPPORTERS ARE CRUELLEST LINK - …Having been at the anti-Anne Robinson protest, outside the Bingham Hall, Cirencester, I witnessed a totally different version of events to those quoted by Mr. Wood… Such exaggeration by the hunters was shown to exist time and again in their evidence to the Burns Inquiry and was decisively rubbished once the facts were established… (name not given) (letter)
ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 23.2.02 EXTREMELY GOOD FUNDRAISING EVENT …Shouts of "scum" and spitting in the face was not particularly pleasant but nor was it very threatening. I was slightly taken aback by the woman who shoved her face close to mine and said "an ugly old bat like you needs a facelift". She is undoubtedly right and, were I not spending all my money keeping my old racehorse in the lap of luxury, I might take her advice…(name not given)(letter)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 21.2.02 letters re: protest against Anne Robinson:
Resolve stronger - Unfortunately protesters were there, behaving badly by spitting, shouting abuse, jostling and spoiling people's food. Cars were plastered in stickers and tyres were let down… MR & MRS ASH, Knapp Farm, Cirencester
Shame on Anne - I AM really disgusted with Anne Robinson supporting blood sports… D PLUMMER, Radnor Street, Swindon (letters in archive)
ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 20.2.02 HUNT HATERS SPOIL THEIR OWN CAUSE - Martin Wood Minety Wiltshire (letter)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 20.2.02 letters re: demo against Anne Robinson:
Protesters are the weakest link - ON Saturday night Cirencester played host to an appalling demonstration outside the Bingham Hall… people, including the old and those in wheelchairs, were subjected to a torrent of abuse, spat on, jostled and had food and drink stolen off them as they tried to enter the hall… cannot see why people should be bullied by thugs, the very worst of whom were women. MARTIN WOOD, Summerhouse, Farm, Minety, Swindon
…I was extremely fortunate to gain entrance to the hall despite being kicked, pushed and abused by the protesters outside the hall… JOHN CREW, Ewen, Cirencester (letters in archive)
Gloucestershire Echo 18.2.02 MISSILE HITS ANNE'S CAR - QUIZ show queen Anne Robinson ran a gauntlet of protesters when she turned out to support a local hunt… Earlier in the evening, hunt members - some with children - say they were spat at and assaulted by the banner-waving crowd… Lady Sara Apsley, of Cirencester Park, says she was hit on the back of the head as she arrived… The protests were led by the League Against Cruel Sports, which denied its members had anything to do with violent activity – quotes from Malcolm Clark, LACS & Paul Richardson, of the independent group Cirencester Animal Rights (story)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 18.2.02 Foxy lady - WEAKEST link star Anne Robinson was greeted by dozens of hostile lookalikes when she arrived to host a special version of her show in aid of fox hunting… quote from Miranda White, of the League Against Cruel Sports (story in archive)
Daily Post 18.2.02 Anne told: You are the Weakest Link - SHARP-tongued television quiz master Anne Robinson had to be escorted by police into a side entrance for a hunt fund-raising event to avoid more than 100 anti-hunting protesters… The league spokeswoman said a couple of protesters had reported to police that they had been attacked by hunt supporters… (story)
BBC News Online 17.2.02 Police escort for Robinson at hunt event ...Police had to escort quiz-show host Anne Robinson into a hunt fund-raising event following protests from anti-hunting demonstrators... The event was to raise money for the Vale of the White Horse Foxhounds... Police reportedly held back protesters from the League Against Cruel Sports... (story)
Ananova 16.2.02 Hunt protesters tell Anne: You are the weakest link - More than 100 anti-hunting protesters have demonstrated outside a hunt fund-raising event hosted by Anne Robinson, calling her a "ginger fool"... The protesters from the League Against Cruel Sports wore Anne Robinson masks and black T-shirts with the slogan "Anne, you are the weakest link, goodbye"... (story)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 16.2.02 Anne's makes link - Quiz show queen Anne Robinson is to host a version of hit TV show the Weakest Link in the Bingham Hall, Cirencester, tonight to raise money for fox hunting… (story)
Ananova 16.2.02 Protest planned as Anne Robinson comes out to support hunt - Anti-hunting protesters are holding a demonstration over a hunt fund-raising event being hosted by Anne Robinson... It will help raise money for the hunt, the Vale of the White Horse Foxhounds... The League Against Cruel Sports is angry that Ms Robinson is attending the event... (story)
Edinburgh News 16.2.02 Protesters set to hunt down Anne Robinson - ANTI-HUNTING protesters were today holding a demonstration to protest against a hunt fundraising event being hosted by television personality Anne Robinson… (story)
Telegraph 19.1.02 The rural link - As the presenter of 'The Weakest Link', Anne Robinson is renowned as the Queen of Mean, but to her farming neighbours and friends in the Cotswolds, she is respected for the warmth of her support for the countryside and its way of life. She tells Adrian Dangar why she is adamant that the Government should not ride roughshod over the rural community ...will be quiz mistress at a special fund-raising event in support of the Vale of White Horse (VWH) Hunt... (story)

Manchester Evening News 5.3.02 …I have urged all my American friends to avoid taking holidays in Britain, because this country supports hare-coursing and foxhunting. D Mills, Wigan

Bristol Evening Post 5.3.02 SOAPBOX: FOX HUNTING - TOdiscover that our local MPs, with the exception of Liam Fox, all quote public opinion as a major concern of theirs is very enlightening… If public opinion was so important to them we would still have capital punishment, a ban on immigration and would leave the European Union… (story)

Irish Independent 5.3.02 Ban cruel animal sport - Sir I am totally disgusted with the front page picture on coursing… I urge national newspapers to point out to the people of Ireland the negative impacts of this sport and also endeavour to ensure more is done to prevent cruelty to animals. Marie O'Reilly, Rathkeale, Co Limerick (letter)

Times 5.3.02 Protest at animal test lab's insurer ... Protesters demonstrated yesterday at branches of Marsh UK, part of the multinational Marsh and McLennan group based in New York, to persuade the company to cancel cover for HLS... the latest ploy in a three-year campaign by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac)... In Glasgow, a group from Clydeside Animal Action demonstrated outside Marsh UK’s city centre offices - quotes from organiser Helen Robinson; David Dawson, a Shac spokesman (story)

Cambridge News 5.3.02 Eleven arrests during protest - ELEVEN people are listed to appear before Huntingdon magistrates tomorrow in connection with a series of animal rights protests over the weekend. Police were called to Harlan UK, at King's Ripton, at about 2.20pm on Sunday… (story in archive)

Belfast Telegraph 5.3.02 Badger killed in sickening attack …The tiny creature died in a badger digging incident last week at Ballygoskin Road in the Crossgar area… (story)

Lewisham News Shopper 5.3.02 Use of real fur is cruel and promotes cruelty - RE: Ships' cats made from real fur, Let sleeping cats lie, That's fur enough. The fact is these items are made with real fur and the use of real fur is cruel and promotes cruelty… Mark Glover, Campaigns Director, Respect for Animals (letter)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 5.3.02 THE ARMCHAIR ACTIVIST - THE majority of Britons want the export of live animals banned and all bloodsports done away with, according to a Compassion in World Farming poll published this week… there are those, like Hilary Ball, who say they should never be slaughtered in the first place. From her home on the outskirts of Uttoxeter, Hilary runs the 4 Paws 1 Planet Animal Welfare and Environmental Information Centre, acting as a contact for anyone wanting information on vegetarianism or animal rights. She does all of this despite suffering from a chronic form of the debilitating illness, ME, as RICHARD FIRTH discovered… (story)

Western Mail 4.3.02 MPs warn against compromise with Lords - Gavin Cordon - LABOUR MPs opposed to foxhunting last night warned ministers against trying to broker a compromise solution on a hunting ban with the House of Lords… (story)
Yorkshire Post 4.3.02 Bloodsports compromise not acceptable – Banks - THERE can be no compromise over banning hunting, former Sports Minister and leading anti-hunt campaigner Tony Banks said yesterday... "The so-called middle way is licensed killing," he told BBC1's Breakfast with Frost programme... Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy said he was reconsidering his backing for a total ban... (story)
Ananova 3.3.02 Hunt ban compromise 'unacceptable' - ex-minister Former Sports Minister Tony Banks says any compromise over banning hunting would be unacceptable.... (story)
BBC News Online 3.3.02 'Hunting compromise impossible' ...There can be no compromise over a complete ban on hunting with dogs, former Sports Minister Tony Banks has said.... (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 4.3.02 MP welcomes news of hunting debates ...Batley and Spen's Mike Wood said he was delighted at the Government's announcement that both houses of Parliament will be given the chance of debates. He is a long-time supporter of a complete ban...(story)

Daily Echo 4.3.02 A hunting we will go - for free – New Forest Hounds commoners & farmers meet – quotes from Nick Smith, & Ken James, chairman of the New Forest Animal Protection Group. (story in archive)

York Evening Press 4.3.02 Protester hit by hunt horse by Tony Tierney …Police said the man suffered minor injuries in the incident, which happened at Byram Park, near Monk Fryston, Selby, as demonstrators tried to sabotage a joint hunt by the Bramham Moor and Badsworth hunts… An air ambulance was called to scene but the man was not taken to hospital in it. Police said the he had been able to walk to an ordinary ambulance which had taken him to Pontefract General Infirmary for treatment… (story in archive)
Yorkshire Post 4.3.02 Hunt saboteur injured by master's horse - Brian Dooks - A saboteur was injured by a horse when a group of protesters confronted 120 riders travelling at speed during a joint meet of the Bramham Moor and Bads-worth hunts on Saturday... The saboteurs were on a piece of land which the owner had asked them to leave on two occasions. Mr Rigal said: "The police were on their way to try to defuse the situation when the incident happened..." But a spokesman for Leeds Hunt Saboteurs, who was standing next to the injured man when he was struck, said they were at one end of a large open field and claimed the hunters had plenty of opportunity to avoid them... (story)
(Western Mail) 3.3.02 Hunt saboteur injured by horse (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 3.3.02 Hunt saboteur injured by horse story
Western Mail 2.3.02 Hunt saboteur injured by horse (story)
Teletext 2.3.02 HUNT SABOTEUR INJURED BY HORSE - The man and his anti-hunting colleagues tried to form a line in front of up to 120 horses in open countryside... the Bramham Moor and Badsworth Hunts... The injuries are not serious.
Scotsman 2.3.02 Hunt Saboteur Injured by Horse By Paul Watson, PA News- A hunt saboteur was today injured after being struck by a horse while protesting against the controversial sport... Field Master Peter Rigal whose 17-hand high horse struck the protester told PA News ... : “I was taking the field at a canter and the anti-hunt protesters were walking along the side and then formed a line in front of me. “I had nowhere to go with 120 horses behind me and although my horse tried to jump over him it caught his shoulder..." (story)
Ananova 2.3.02 Hunt saboteur injured by horse - A hunt saboteur has been injured after being struck by a horse... The West Yorkshire Air Ambulance and an ambulance were scrambled to the scene and the man was taken to York District Hospital for checks. A spokesman for the ambulance service said his injuries were not thought to be serious... (story)

Telegraph 4.3.02 Fox no 'gentleman' - letter about fox attack on pet hens from Katie Watson, Pulborough, W Sussex (letter)

The Herald (Glasgow) 4.3.02 Latest gaffe - IT seems that advancing years haven't yet cured the Duke of Edinburgh of his chronic foot-in-mouth disease... And what a pity the chap wasn't brave enough to answer: "...we spend our leisure time shooting birds out of the sky, killing deer on the mountains, and riding all over the countryside chasing foxes with a pack of dogs..." Iain A D Mann, 9 Arnwood Drive, Glasgow. (letter may be in archive)

Ananova 4.3.02 Vixens could control population - Experts may put female foxes permanently on heat to control their numbers in an Australian state… The vixens would have their ovaries removed and be given an oestrogen implant to ensure they're permanently in season… Victoria's Institute of Animal Science vertebrate pest research head, Clive Marks, who has collaborated with Professor Short in the past, says foxes "could be the environmental disaster of this century". (story)

ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 4.3.02 JOCKEYS HOLD THE WHIP HAND - I SEE letters are still being sent in regarding fox hunting, but no one ever objects to the way jockeys use their whips to urge horses ever nearer the winning post when they are already doing their utmost… I don't want to start a fresh issue regarding fox hunting, but not everyone is against it. And I have seen a whole flock of chickens lying dead after a visit from Reynard. B Anstee Chippenham (letter)

Bolton Evening News 4.3.02 MP is a true sport - I AM delighted that Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle is pressing the Spanish Government to end the hideous practice of bullfighting… Mrs Irene Fogarty, Chorley. (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 21.2.02 Let's put a stop to such cruelty …I would like to applaud Lindsay Hoyle MP for his efforts in stopping bull fighting in Spain… S Kirkham, Queensgate, Bolton (letter in archive)
Bolton Evening News 19.2.02 Seeing red over bullfighting - Lindsay Hoyle MP has demanded an end to the practice of bull fighting and sponsored an early day motion to put pressure on the Spanish Government to take action… (story in archive)

Ananova 3.3.02 Lib Dem leader reconsiders backing ban on hunting - Charles Kennedy is reconsidering his backing for a total ban on hunting. He says he has previously voted for an outright ban. But he is now considering the Middle Way option... (story)

Sunday Telegraph 3.3.02 Scottish hunts to drive foxes to the line of fire By Jenny Booth - HUNTS in Scotland are to shoot foxes after the chase in an attempt to exploit a loophole in the ban imposed by the Scottish Parliament... Under their plan, riders will continue to pursue foxes with a pack of hounds but instead of the dogs killing the fox they will drive it towards a line of guns... quotes from Jeremy Whaley, the master of the Berwickshire Hunt, Trevor James, the joint master and huntsman of the Duke of Buccleuch's Hunt... Libby Anderson, of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said the hunts' plan would be opposed because chasing the fox was bad for it and stray shots could endanger dogs and riders... (story)
Ananova 3.3.02 Scottish hunts plan to exploit loophole in law to shoot foxes ... The plan involves pursuing foxes with a pack of hounds but instead of the dogs killing the fox they will drive it towards a line of guns. Jeremy Whaley, master of the Berwickshire Hunt, told The Sunday Telegraph the new method of hunting would be more cruel as more foxes would escape wounded than be killed outright... (story)

Independent on Sunday 3.3.02 Eye witness: With the hounds and the horn in the morning - Cole Moreton - with the Blencathra (story)

Independent on Sunday 3.3.02 English hunt vote is 'no business for Scots MPs' By Colin Brown, Political Editor - A call for Scottish MPs to be excluded from the landmark vote to ban foxhunting in England and Wales has been made by Tam Dalyell, the Father of the Commons... (story)

Independent on Sunday 3.3.02 Barking up the wrong tree (leader) For most people, fox-hunting is an activity viewed from a distance, if it is viewed at all... There are more humane ways of controlling the fox population, and there is no conclusive evidence that the rural economy will suffer in the absence of fox-hunting. Mr Blair has said he is personally in favour. Most MPs agree with him. He should stop playing games and legislate for a ban. (story)

Independent on Sunday 3.3.02 Tally ho! A debate on foxhunting is a sure sign that Blair is running scared By Steve Richards - The Government must be in trouble. It has dangled the enticing prospect of a vote on fox-hunting in front of Labour MPs... This is the Government's own destructive contribution to the cynicism surrounding politics... (story)

Sunday Times 3.3.02 Mean Fields: Jonathan Miller: Tally-ho, time to hunt the toffs: It was inevitable that the infinitely cynical Blair regime would pick its moment to throw a hunting bill, like a fresh-risen vixen, to its mangy pack of backbenchers... They are already busy re-launching foot and mouth disease to keep the peasants at home... The RSPCA, which is at the forefront of the campaign to ban hunting, has asked for a meeting to discuss my contempt for them... Please come with answers to the following queries: Why not campaign for rats? Why is hunting with horses so much more dreadful than hunting with cats? Why not ban sushi?.. (story)

Ananova 3.3.02 What The Papers Say - Sunday Express FOX-HUNTERS SET TO GRIDLOCK CAPITAL - More than 10,000 militant hunt supporters could bring London to a standstill later this month when MPs vote on a possible ban. (story)

Sunday Independent 3.3.02 Badgers blamed for TB increase by John Collings - THE spread of Bovine TB throughout the West Country in the past year has reached almost crisis levels... Farmers do get compensated for the loss of stock but not for the cost of production potential, and with overheads and staff to pay, it's a deficit hard to quantify but almost certainly significant... (story in archive)

Western Morning News 2.3.02 CAN WE AFFORD TO LOSE THIS VIBRANT COUNTRY SPECTACLE? - Stag-hunting provokes strong emotions - both for and against. But the issue is much more complex than that, says (name not supplied) …You must either love it or hate it - or so everyone says. I'm not so sure. I am a fully paid-up member of the sit-on-the-fence mob. The "don't-want-to-kill-deer-myself-but- don't-particularly-mind-if-you-do" brigade…"Yes, they hunted with hounds. They used to blood the children. But those were the old days when wild deer lived in these hills - before the countryside became an empty, tidy, place where city-folk roam." (story)

Guardian 2.3.02 A dog's life for foxes - John O'Farrell ... If "country sports" really are a sport, how come the same side always wins?... The practice is barbaric, it's opposed by a huge majority of the British people and the people who do it are a bunch of snobby Tories with stupid posh accents. Oh damn, I didn't say that, damn what a giveaway... (story)

ThisIsBath (Bath Chronicle, Western Gazette, Western Daily Press) 4.3.02 PENSIONER FIRES TO SAVE TAME FOX ... A FURIOUS retired farmer claims he was forced to fire his rifle in an attempt to get a pack of hounds off his land. Ken Goulding, aged 65, of Rylands Farm, Holnest, said the hounds of the Blackmore Vale Hunt invaded his garden on Tuesday despite earlier warnings that they were unwelcome... Huntmaster Peter Wade of Poyntington admitted the hounds had gone onto Mr Goulding's property but insisted he had apologised for the incident and remained on good terms with the former farmer.... He also dismissed Mr Goulding's row with one of his huntsmen, saying: "There is another story behind that as well. These things get said." (story)

Guardian 2.3.02 Foxed by the middle way (letters)
Stefanie Schrader - Hove, E Sussex (take up drag hunting)
Janni V Sorensen, Gitte Elgaard, Dorthe F Dahlgaard (drag hunting)
Angela Ashwin Hexham, Northumberland (beagling & coursing are just as bad)
Oliver Stanley Bath Hunting has no place in the Britain of the new millennium. It has failed to attract corporate sporting sponsorship... (letters)

Times 2.3.02 Letting the dogs slip (leader) Tony Blair breaks his word on fast-track extradition ... Mr Blair evidently believes that remaining parliamentary time is better devoted to the hunting Bill. This does nothing to bolster Britain’s security or catch terrorists. Declaring war on the hunting hounds culpably lets slip the terrorist dogs of war (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 2.3.02 FOX-HUNTING MAY FACE LAST TALLY-HO - AFTER several false starts it seems that the Government will finally honour its pledge to get rid of Britain's 300-year-old hunting tradition... To most of us this is a black and white issue - you either support hunting or you don't. No amount of debate is likely to change most of our views. So why is the Government wasting time?... To call time on 300 years of hunting would probably have the support of the majority of people. But it would upset - and possibly damage - a significant minority.... (story)

Times 2.3.02 Byers effect on foxhunting Bill (letters)
SIMON EDWARDS, 1 Isabella Place, 79 Church Road, Combe Down, Bath, Somerset BA2 5JQ: Sir, What a privilege it is to be living in a democracy where, while our transport infrastructure is crumbling... our MPs can waste valuable parliamentary time pursuing legislation that has more to do with personal vindictiveness than animal welfare
JOHN ACLAND, Sowton Farm, Buckerell, Nr Honiton, Devon EX14 3EH. ... How much more trivial and cynical can Government get? No wonder the public is disillusioned with its so-called representatives
BRIAN HUGHES, 57 Leckhampton Road, Leckhampton, Gloucestershire GL53 0BJ. ...Compromise... is unlikely to satisfy anyone and risks extending the tedious wrangling for many more years (letters)

Cambridge News 2.3.02 Shame of hunting From A J Lawrence, Willow Close, Reed ... When is this Government going to keep its promise to stop hunting with dogs? (letter in archive)

Cambridge News 2.3.02 'Stop violent hare gangs' - VIOLENT and intimidating illegal hare coursers must be stopped, warn farmers who have reached the end of their tethers after being plagued by the gangs. One famer was hospitalised after being badly beaten by thugs... (story in archive)

Daily Echo (Bournemouth) 2.3.02 Animal rights protest at bank - ANIMAL rights protestors clambered on to the roof of... merchant bank, JP Morgan, to protest against the company's alleged involvement with Huntingdon Life Sciences. Four members of Dorset Animal Action... (story in archive)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 2.3.02 WE WANT GOOD HEALTH, TOO - SIR, - I feel compelled to reply to the letter from the pro-vivisection group Seriously Ill for Medical Research member Thomas Bromley (February 22)… MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 28.2.02 WE'RE THE REAL GUINEA PIGS … Mr Bromley (Emotional Propaganda) seems to have a problem comprehending the fundamental facts of "Bad Science" and is using his own emotional "that mouse or your child" propaganda… Remember Thalidomide, Mr Bromley? What is beneficial to one person, however, can be fatal to another… PAT FOSTER Parkhall(letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 22.2.02 EMOTIONAL PROPAGANDA - SIR, - Mark Richards, The Sentinel, February 11, is presumably healthy and can therefore afford to campaign against the use of animals in medical research… THOMAS BROMLEY SIMR member (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 11.2.02 ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION MUST BE BANNED - It beggars belief that our so-called civilised society can condemn such acts of wanton cruelty - "Animal torture", February 2 - yet turn a blind eye to acts of deliberate poisoning and force-feeding in laboratories... MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

Westmorland Gazette 1.3.02 Hunt Attracts 140 Fans - THE traditional Troutbeck hunt led by the Coniston Foxhounds attracted a turn out of around 140 people who endured some "wicked" Lake District weather on Saturday…. (story)

Independent 1.3.02 Ministers 'dragging heels on hunt ban' By Marie Woolf, Chief Political Correspondent - Labour MPs reacted angrily last night after the Government announced plans to allow a free vote on the future of hunting but stopped short of introducing a Bill banning the sport. Ministers gave their strong-est indication yet that they would back the middle-way option... (story)
Independent 1.3.02 Should this be the last post for fox hunting? Before Parliament decides, we asked eminent scientists and philosophers for their opinions on the pursuit of the uneatable: Richard Dawkins, the bestselling author and Oxford zoologist; Patrick Bateson, the provost of King's College, Cambridge, who has investigated the welfare of hunted stags; Lord Winston, a fertility expert who is based at Hammersmith Hospital; Martin Rees, who is the Astronomer Royal and a Cambridge scientist; Steve Jones, a professor of genetics at University College London and a best-selling science author; Peter Singer, author of the book 'Animal Liberation' and Professor at Princeton College, New Jersey; Dr A C Grayling, a liberal who has written essays on animal rights. A Reader in philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London; David Conway, who is a professor of philosophy at Middlesex University; Jonathan Glover, Head of medical law and ethics at King's College London; Timothy Sprigge, the Vice-Chairman of the Advocates for Animals Society in Scotland. Also a professor at the University of Edinburgh... (story)
Independent 1.3.02 It will take more than this cynical fix to outfox your critics, Mr Blair - Tony Blair is engaged in low politics on fox-hunting. The timing of this, his third initiative, seems to have been influenced by the need to get Stephen Byers through his trial by ordeal in the House of Commons on Tuesday... It would be better if the Prime Minister and all those MPs who vote for a ban simply to earn easy applause from a vocal and passionate minority of their constituents were courageous enough to explain to the voters that, while some activities may offend our sensibilities, they should not all be banned... (story)
Independent 1.3.02 Throw some red meat at the baying pack. That will keep them quiet... 'The next time a minister is caught lying, Labour MPs will be more willing to run him to earth' - Michael Brown - "Support Byers in the chamber and chew the socialist red meat of banning fox-hunting." Only the deeply cynical would suggest that this was actually the pager message by which government whips summoned Labour MPs to cheer the beleaguered transport secretary. But this has been a week where cynicism is the only response to a government that no longer believes that ministers who are caught lying should resign... (story)

Guardian 1.3.02 MPs fear 'middle way' deal on hunting - Blair heading for showdown with backbenchers as government inclines to compromise solution - Nicholas Watt and Anne Perkins (story)
Guardian 1.3.02 Square deal for the fox - A whiff of compromise is in the air - A whiff of compromise is in the air - Leader - Robin Cook blew the horn yesterday for the resumption of the most passionate parliamentary argument of modern times... The hunting debate calls for less mutual sanctimony and more mutual respect. It is time that the two sides each gave a little ground to each other in pursuit not of a outright kill but of a principled compromise. (story)

Sun 1.3.02 Circus moves on but the droppings are still steaming - Richard Littlejohn - ONCE again, Tony Blair has shown his willingness to throw the countryside to the wolves to get himself off the hook... it emerged that the Government had struck a grubby deal with Labour backbenchers to revive the twice-rejected ban on fox-hunting in exchange for backing Byers. This was unveiled at the end of Blair’s shameless performance at Prime Minister’s Questions, during which he further debased his office, insulted Parliament and the intelligence of the electorate and demonstrated yet again his two-faced hypocrisy and total lack of integrity... (story may be in archive)

Telegraph 1.3.02 Flagship Bill on justice is scrapped By George Jones, Political Editor - THREE major Bills, including plans to scrap the double jeopardy rule preventing people being tried twice for murder, have been shelved because of a legislative logjam at Westminster... Completion of House of Lords reform and new moves to streamline extradition will also have to wait... The Tories accused the Government of mismanaging the parliamentary programme and giving priority to divisive issues such as banning foxhunting rather than to essential reforms... (story)O
Telegraph 1.3.02 Labour MPs will wreck any hunt compromise - By Andy McSmith, Chief Political Correspondent - FOXHUNTING'S future was hanging in the balance yesterday as Labour MPs angrily threatened to wreck any Government attempt to find a compromise which might allow the sport to survive... (story)
Telegraph 1.3.02 Yesterday in Parliament - Frank Johnson: Commons Sketch (story)
Telegraph 1.3.02 How Blair may try to outfox the peers By Andy McSmith, Chief Political Correspondent - CAUGHT between those who hunt and those who want the sport banned, the Government released enough ambiguities to give both sides a cause for hope yesterday... "The Prime Minister's views are well known," he said. "His voting record speaks for itself." Mr Blair's record is that each time the Commons has voted on foxhunting since 1997, he had been too busy elsewhere to vote... (story)
Telegraph 1.3.02 The freedom to hunt - TONY BLAIR has chosen an insensitive moment to return to the hunting debate, only a week after the first anniversary of the foot and mouth outbreak, the greatest blow to the rural economy in recent history... if hunting is banished, a very wide door will have been opened, through which those who dislike other men's customs will seek eagerly to march.(story)

Times 1.3.02 Dodging the pack - Blair and the Tories need to compromise on hunting ... If hunting with hounds were to be banned, it would be all but impossible, practically and politically, ever to legalise it again. The sport would be lost for ever, a prospect most of the Parliamentary Labour Party relishes. It is not only the Government that has to beware using this issue as a political football(story)
Times 1.3.02 Blair willing to strike a deal on foxhunting BY PHILIP WEBSTER, POLITICAL EDITOR - PEERS and countryside groups were preparing to compromise in the hope of saving foxhunting last night as Tony Blair confirmed his readiness to do a deal. (story)
Times 1.3.02 The time for talking is over, say Labour backbenchers BY GREG HURST, PARLIAMENTARY CORRESPONDENT - LABOUR MPs criticised the Government’s decision to hold parliamentary votes on banning hunting with dogs and urged ministers yesterday to reintroduce legislation instead... (story)
Times 1.3.02 Countryside Alliance shifts support behind statutory licensing system BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - THE Countryside Alliance has dramatically shifted its stance on hunting and no longer believes that the sport can continue in its present form... John Jackson, the alliance’s chairman, said: “Our position has moved. We acknowledge there is a question of public confidence that has to be addressed. We need a licensing system so that unregulated hunting is a criminal office with sanctions.” (story)

Evening Standard 1.3.02 Evening Standard editorial comment - Tony's trade-off - The Prime Minister's decision to allow an early Commons debate on foxhunting has been welcomed by Labour MPs as well as by the anti-hunt lobby. They should, however, beware. The timing and wording of the announcement suggests that it is no more than a cheap gesture to Government backbenchers for closing ranks behind Mr Stephen Byers, the beleaguered Transport Secretary... (story)

BBC News Online 1.3.02 Bills 'shelved for hunting debate' - The government has confirmed it is delaying the introduction of three key bills to Parliament… " This is a worrying indication of the government's incompetence and sense of priorities " Oliver Letwin, Shadow Home Secretary… (story)

Scotsman 1.3.02 Ministers branded ‘incompetent’ as hunt vote takes priority - THE Government was today accused of "incompetence" as it delayed key bills at Westminster including the reform of the House of Lords to consider banning fox hunting in England and Wales… (story)
Scotsman 1.3.02 Hunting vote revived - Alison Hardie political correspondent - THE government yesterday denied claims that its move to give MPs another chance to ban hunting with dogs in England and Wales was a tactic to deflect attention away from the row over spin… (story)

Newcastle Evening Chronicle 1.3.02 Blood Sport - MPs are to be given a fresh chance this month to vote for a ban on hunting with hounds in England and Wales. Today the Chronicle asks a North East supporter and opponent of the ban to explain their views: Supt Dave Millard, RSPCA North East, said: "I am strongly opposed to the hunting of foxes, deer and hares with dogs… Richard Dodd, says few country people want to see the fox eliminated, especially farmers like him… (story)

Western Morning News 1.3.02 OUTRAGE OVER 'CYNICAL' PLAN FOR A NEW HUNT BAN VOTE - WESTCOUNTRY hunt supporters last night pledged to "resist totally" any attempt to bring in a ban on hunting with hounds… The WMN will be conducting its own poll on the three choices to be placed before Parliament. Details will be given in Monday's edition. Readers will be able to let the Government know the Westcountry's view on the issue (story)
Western Morning News 1.3.02 MPS TO DEBATE ISSUE AT HEART OF RURAL POLITICS - THE hunting debate it has now been announced will be reopened in Parliament later this month probably has greater significance for MPs from the Westcountry than their counterparts in most other parts of the country… interviews with WC MPs (story)
Western Morning News 1.3.02 WE'LL FIGHT 'TOOTH AND NAIL' TO SAVE OUR TRADITION - AS the East Devon Hunt rode out yesterday, many supporters were confident the tradition of more than 100 years was not under threat… quotes from Paul Hancock, Joint Master of the Four Burrow Hunt, Ben Sparrow, Master of the Western Hunt, John Parker, also a joint master of the East Devon Hunt, John Billingsly, of the East Dulverton Hunt (story)
Western Morning News 1.3.02 LET DEMOCRACY RUN ITS COURSE - Public opinion will be behind this latest attempt to end hunting, and the Government is right to allow a vote, says… (name not disclosed) (story)
Western Morning News 1.3.02 BAN WOULD KILL OUR VILLAGE - NATHAN PYNN - THE quaint village of Exford, in the centre of Exmoor has lived and breathed hunting for more than a century.THE quaint village of Exford, in the centre of Exmoor has lived and breathed hunting for more than a century. The stables and kennels of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds are based there, and much of the village's workforce provide services for the hunt… (story)
Western Morning News 1.3.02 NEW LABOUR SINKS TO CYNICAL NEW LOW - POLITICS is a dirty business. But it surely doesn't get much more scheming or cynical than offering your MPs the chance of a free vote on hunting as a "thank you" for saving the skin of a Minister who has been less than completely honest… (story)

ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 1.3.02 HUNTING'S THE QUARRY AGAIN - MPs will get a new chance to ban hunting this month, just weeks after the sport was outlawed in Scotland… (story)
ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 1.3.02 'SPECTACLE' OF HUNT MAY VANISH FOREVER - THE sight and sounds of fox hunting could vanish from the Gloucestershire countryside by autumn 2003. Hunting horns, the baying of hounds, the scurrying of a terrified fox, would all become part of England's past… quotes from local MPs Diana Organ, David Drew, Nigel Jones, Parmjit Dhanda, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Cotswolds) and Laurence Robertson (Tewkesbury); Henry Berkeley, a master of the Berkeley Hunt; veteran anti-hunt campaigner Paul Griffiths from Stockend, near Edge (story)

Yorkshire Post 1.3.02 Campaign hunts for support in MPs' votes - Brendan Carlin Political Editor - Tony Blair will face a huge campaign of "military precision" if he tries to rip the heart out of the countryside and ban fox-hunting, campaigners yesterday warned… Steve Clark – joint master of the Barlow Hunt on the South Yorkshire/Derbyshire border – warned that faced with an outright ban, pro-hunting campaigners could muster "half a million" protestors to take to London… (story)

Leicester Mercury 1.3.02 HUNTERS VOW TO FIGHT NEW BID TO BAN SPORT BY MEL ATKINSON AND JESSICA BOMFORD - Leicestershire fox hunters today vowed to fight moves in Parliament to abolish their sport… quotes from Joe Cowen, master of the Fernie Hunt, Ian Hemington, a farmer from Stonton Wyville, near Harborough, and a member of the Fernie Hunt, Clive Richardson, of the Hunt Saboteurs' Association (story)
Leicester Mercury 1.3.02 PROS AND CONS OF ABOLITION EXPLORED - Abolishing hunting would change country life in Leicestershire forever. Hunt supporters claim rural jobs and customs would be shattered - hunt opponents say centuries of cruelty would be swept away... arguments from Joe Cowen & Clive Richardson (story)

Bolton Evening News 1.3.02 MPs unite in call for total hunting ban - THE town's three MPs are to support a total ban on fox hunting with dogs… (story in archive)

The Herald (Glasgow) 1.3.02 MPs urged to compromise on fox hunting - CATHERINE MacLEOD - The government signalled its readiness for a bitter battle with animal rights campaigners over fox hunting in England and Wales yesterday as Robin Cook, the leader of the Commons, declared his emphatic support for a compromise to allow the controversial pursuit to survive… (story in archive)

Kent/Sussex Courier 1.3.02 HUNTING BAN 'WOULD HIT US' - ANY BAN on hunting in England would have a serious knock-on effect on the Weald economy, claimed a spokeswoman for the Campaign for Hunting. Wendy Peckham claimed a Scottish Bill passed by parliament last month banning hare coursing, fox hunting and baiting had been rushed through… (story)

Cumberland News & Star 1.3.02 SHOULD FOXHUNTING FINALLY BE BANNED? – vox pop – all 6 anti hunt (story in archive)

North West Evening Mail 1.3.02 ON A BAN ON HUNTING WITH DOGS – vox pop – 4 anti, 1 pro (story)

Somerset County Gazette 1.3.02 Hunt ban vote - HUNT supporters yesterday (Thursday) attempted to play down the threat of a total ban on their sport... (story in archive)

Irish Times 1.3.02 March date set for latest attempt to ban hunting From Rachel Donnelly, in London - For the third time during the present Labour government in Britain, MPs and peers will vote on a ban on hunting with dogs, setting the stage for another spectacular clash at Westminster… (story)

Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph 1.3.02 FREE VOTE ON HUNTING BAN - ANIMAL welfare campaigner Ian Cawsey has welcomed moves to offer MPs a free vote on banning hunting with dogs… Cleethorpes MP Shona McIsaac, today gave her full backing to the proposals to bring forward a ban on hunting with dogs… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 1.3.02 HUNT FOES SCENT AN END TO BLOOD SPORT …Sherwood Labour MP Paddy Tipping said he would be voting to ban hunting and claimed that 80% of his constituents supported his stance…Newark Tory MP Patrick Mercer will be opposing any ban on hunting… (story)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 1.3.02 Promise makes no scents - by Robin Thompkins - THE government promise of an early end to hunting with dogs is being viewed as another false scent by both hunt supporters and their animal welfare opponents… quotes from New Forest Hounds spokesman Nick Smith, Frankie Horan of the New Forest Animal Protection Group… (story in archive)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 1.3.02 LAW: Hunt enthusiasts' plea to Government …George Bowyer, joint-master of the Fitzwilliam Hunt, based in Milton Park, near Bretton, Peterborough, said he hoped hunting with dogs would be allowed to continue… (story in archive)

Shropshire Star 1.3.02 Vow over hunt ban battle By Nathan Rous- Defiant Shropshire hunts today vowed to fight tooth and nail against a Commons vote which looks certain to overwhelmingly support a total ban on hunting with dogs… quotes from Myles Salmon, master and huntsman of the Wheatland Hunt, Ann Carding, joint master of the North Shropshire Hunt, Philip Jones, of the Tanatside Hunt. Survey of MPs opinions. (story)

Cumberland News 1.3.02 'More are backing pro-hunt lobby' - ELAINE Milbourn is incorrect in stating that most people in both rural and urban areas in Scotland and England wish to see the total abolition of foxhunting… DAVID PARKER, Inch Farm, Longtown (letter may be in archive)

Dumfries & Galloway News 1.3.02 The Scottish Parliament to be congratulated - Sir — In response to Mr Jamie Gilroy’s letter to the Galloway News, February 21, may I point out that yet again the arguments in favour of retaining hunting do not stand up to scrutiny… Berti Moss, Woodcroft, Kippford (letter may be in archive)
Dumfries & Galloway News 22.2.02 Is anyone better off after foxhunting ban, reader asks …Who is going to be better off by one penny piece by banning foxhunting? Not those who will lose their jobs and homes, not the many, many more who will lose substantial vital winter income… Jamie Gilroy, Kirkcarswell, Dundrennan (letter in archive)

Northern Scot 1.3.02 Raw deal for rural Scotland - Madam, – I read with amazement and disbelief the present MSP for Moray’s column in your paper last week. Her justification for abstaining from the vote on The Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill was incomprehensible… You would have thought that an MSP who represents a rural community would have fought tooth and nail against a Bill that was nothing more than a blatant attack on rural Scotland… ROBBIE ROWANTREE, Scottish Conservative PSPC, Moray Conservative and Unionist Association, Brumley Brae, Elgin. (letter in archive)

Bury Times 1.3.02 Time England followed suit - I WAS overjoyed to hear that the Scottish Parliament had voted overwhelmingly to ban hunting with dogs… WINNIE LEE (Mrs), Bury Old Road, Whitefield. (letter in archive)

Grimsby Telegraph 1.3.02 BORDERLINE CASE - WHEN fox hunting is banned in England, I trust we will make less fuss than the "jocks" are making over their democratic ban... Fox hunting has only lasted so long because it has had rich, powerful supporters… Max Nottingham, Lincoln. (letter)

Northern Echo 1.3.02 Inquiry into death of former show president by Stuart Mackintosh …Villagers are speculating that last week's high winds may have caused the death of 75-year-old Robert James Cass, of Sutton-on-the-Forest, near Easingwold, North Yorkshire… Local people yesterday paid tribute to Mr Cass, a lifelong farmer, former president of the Huby and Sutton Show and field master of the York and Ainsty South Hunt… (story)

ThisIsGloucestershire (Western Daily Press, Gloucester Citizen, Gloucestershire Echo) 1.3.02 FORGOTTEN INQURIES INTO CULLING - THE anniversary of the 2001 outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease is upon us, so now might be the time to inquire about the RSPCA and MAFF/DEFRA investigations into cruelty to animals during the culling operations…If sheep were foxes... ERIC NICHOLLS via e-mail (story)

Bolton Evening News 1.3.02 I AM writing to highlight the plight of seven polar bears, which are currently being kept in the most appalling conditions in a circus in Puerto Rico… Sara Lee, Bury Old Road, Whitefield. (letter in archive)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 1.3.02 I READ with horror of the cat being shot in the head… Yobs like this are the violent criminals of the future, as a link between animal cruelty and cruelty to children has been proven… PAM CLARKE Mollys Ark Rescue, Cambridgeshire (letter in archive)

Kent/Sussex Courier 1.3.02 TRIBUTES FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST SPIKE - AN ANIMAL rights group based in Tonbridge has paid tribute to its patron Spike Milligan who died on Wednesday… had been Animal Aid's patron from soon after its launch in 1977… Director Andrew Tyler said: "Spike was no mere figurehead patron but active in his advocacy for animal rights…" (story)