March 2004

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Info Shop 31.3.04 Interview with an ALF Activist - Bite Back: When you got into the animal rights movement did you go straight into direct action? John Curtin: Just about. I knew I wanted to do something for animals.... One of the things you are most famous for is helping to form the Hunt Retribution Squad (HRS) and participating in the action of digging up the Duke of Beaufort’s grave... (story)

Western Morning News 31.3.04 HUNTING BAN WILL BE LAW THIS YEAR - MP - PAUL ANDREWS - A CONTROVERSIAL Labour MP has said he is "confident" new laws banning hunting with dogs will be in place before the end of the year. Tony Banks, the former sports minister, says he and other anti-hunt MPs have been given "private assurances" that legislation banning the blood sport will be introduced in the summer…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 31.3.04 HUNTS DO NOT PLAY FAIR - I Have heard that people are paid by huntsmen to catch foxes and take them back to an area where the hunts operate… To decrease the foxes slim chances further, huntsmen cut the fox's ear to enable a small blood scent trail…. Name and address supplied (letter) p>Peterborough Evening Telegraph 31.3.04 Take heed of what anglers are saying - Ken Wade can only mention the winners in his column, who have had the luck to sit on one of the rapidly diminishing schools of fish. He does not have room to mention the hundreds of anglers who also turned up and caught next to nothing. You may also note from his column that the fish are only caught in shallow rivers in built-up areas and under moored boats, where the cormorants cannot get at them… The pike and zander eventually eat each other, and the cormorants will clear off back to the sea when there's nothing left for them to eat here ' but not in my lifetime, so we must give nature a hand and remove the problem before it's too late… Mick Bailey, Chairman, Brotherhoods Angling Association, Peterborough (letter)

Guardian 31.3.04 Whipped horses 'have bad track record' - Paul Kelso - Whipping horses in the closing stages of races is counter-productive and likely to reduce the chance of winning, according to research published yesterday by the animal welfare campaign group Animal Aid. The group, which campaigns for racing to be banned on the grounds of cruelty, has written to the Jockey Club demanding a total ban on whips. The group examined 161 races staged between October and November 2003, and found that whipping had a negative impact on performance in the bulk of the races…. though the report does not address the fact that horses travelling well are the least likely to require "encouragement"… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 31.3.04 DEVON RIDES ON WHIP LIST BY NICHOLAS RANDALL - A controversial study claiming that whipping racehorses does not help them to win has cited two rides at a Devon course as among the seven worst witnessed by the authors of the report. Animal Aid carried out a study of 161 races last year, analysing the use made of the whip… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 31.3.04 GREYHOUND RESCUE BID BY GLENN PRICE - A campaign to halt the cruelty inflicted on thousands of greyhounds every year has been launched in Devon. Greyhound Compassion, a charity established four years ago, has started a fundraising appeal to create kennels that will give temporary shelter to greyhounds while they wait to be adopted by new owners… Sally Slater, who runs the charity, said: "Thousands of greyhounds in this country are killed every year because they're no longer able to race…. It is estimated that around 20,000 are put to sleep each year, and we are determined to do all we can to cut that number down while this sport is still in existence."… (letter)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 31.3.04 Dogs protesters vow nightly demos By Annette Morgan - Campaigners against the revival of greyhound racing at Brandon are set to stage a protest over several days if Coventry Stadium bosses win a betting licence… members of protest group Cage - Coventry Against Greyhound Exploitation - have vowed to stage peaceful protests outside the stadium every night of its opening week, April 10-17. Cage spokesman John Curtis said: “We are disappointed this has got as far as it has…" Animal rights supporter Janet Cummings, of Tower Road, Rugby, said she was delighted that Cage had backed local campaigners… (story)
Rugby Advertiser 1.3.04 Approval bitter blow for greyhound protesters - ANTI-GREYHOUND racing protesters were dealt a blow last week when council bosses approved plans for Coventry Stadium…. Campaigner Abigail Jones brought her two rescued dogs to the protest… After the meeting Janet Cummings said: "This is appalling…." (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 19.2.04 Greyhounds plan let out of traps - Protestors who gathered outside a planning meeting to demonstrate against plans to reinstate greyhound racing at Brandon stadium were dealt a blow when councillors approved the first phase of the controversial application last night. About 20 animal rights campaigners with dogs and placards waited outside Rugby town hall to protest against plans from bosses at Coventry Stadium to reintroduce the sport to the track in spring… protester Janet Cummings, of Tower Road, Rugby, branded the decision "appalling"…. Fellow campaigner Abigail Jones, 24, of Coundon, Coventry, who took her rescued greyhounds Milly and Rory to the protest, said the decision had been expected…. Brandon parish councillor Heather Timms, who was at the protest, said she was disgusted at the decision…. (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 9.2.04 Dog racing protestors plan rally - Animal rights campaigners fighting plans to reinstate greyhound racing at Brandon Stadium are inviting supporters to join them in a mass rally. The protest, outside Rugby Town Hall next week, has been rescheduled from January 28… Janet Cummings, the organiser, invited supporters across the area to take part…. (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 16.1.04 Town hall dogs demo - Animal rights campaigners are gearing up for another protest against plans to reinstate greyhound racing at Brandon. Protesters are set to demonstrate outside Rugby Town Hall at 5pm on January 28, to coincide with a debate on a proposed scheme for kennels at Coventry Stadium in Rugby Road, Brandon…. Protester Janet Cummings, of Tower Road, Rugby, said: "That greyhound racing should be introduced here is unthinkable - it is a horrendous sport which causes so much pain…." (story)

Western Morning News 31.3.04 NOW STOP IT - Campaigners pressing for British horses to be spared the horror of live export yesterday won a major battle in Europe. Now if horses are to escape this cruel trade, the British government must forge ahead with a ban. Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg voted to support Westcountry MEP Neil Parish's amendment to a draft EU regulation on animal welfare during transport. It allows Britain and other member states to apply their own rules regarding the transportation of any species across national borders…. (story)
Western Morning News 31.3.04 NOW IT'S UP TO YOU DEFRA - Meps yesterday paved the way for the UK to ban live animal exports. WMN reporter Sarah Pitt joined animal welfare campaigners in Strasbourg. The Western Morning News' campaign to prevent a cruel trade in live horses, ponies and donkeys for slaughter on the Continent was backed by the European Parliament yesterday… (story)
Western Morning News 31.3.04 WE MUST KEEP UP THE FIGHT - For South West MEP Neil Parish, a Somerset farmer and Conservative spokesman for agriculture, animal welfare is a crucial issue - which is why he has backed the WMN's campaign to prevent live horse exports starting up again… (story)
Western Morning News 31.3.04 BECKETT MUST NOW WIN BACKING FOR UK OPT-OUT An amendment to the EU Regulation on animal transportation, which would allow the UK to keep its ban on the export of live horses, ponies and donkeys has been passed. Now the pressure is on the UK Government to press its fellow agriculture ministers to ensure that amendment becomes law…. (story)
Western Morning News 31.3.04 MP RIDES INTO TOWN FOR COMMONS SHOWDOWN - A senior Tory will ride his horse into the grounds of Parliament today in protest against live exports. At 1.30pm James Gray, Conservative MP for North Wiltshire, will enter the courtyard underneath Big Ben through Carriage Gates. In doing so he will become the first MP to exercise his right to ride a horse into Parliament since the beginning of the last century. Mr Gray is supporting the WMN campaign against horse and pony exports and is staging the event to bring attention to a Commons debate on the issue which he will lead… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 31.3.04 Ponies off the menu by Chris Yandell - ANIMAL welfare campaigners are celebrating a major victory in their battle to prevent New Forest ponies ending up on dinner plates across Europe. The animals are said to be safe after the European Parliament ruled that Britain can retain its ban on the live export of horses. The Council of Agricultural Ministers is likely to ratify the decision at the end of next month…. (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 31.3.04 JOY AS CRUEL EXPORT BAN IS APPROVED - Campaigners in the West last night hailed a ban on long-distance live animal exports from the UK. Euro MPs voted yesterday for a nine-hour journey limit on livestock heading for slaughter…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 31.3.04 Lothian Euro MP in probe over expenses - IAN SWANSON - SCOTTISH POLITICAL EDITOR - SCOTLAND’S senior Euro MP David Martin was today facing an investigation into "very serious allegations" about his financial arrangements. The probe by the European Parliament was requested by the Labour Party after it was handed documentation about the accusations on Monday…. He worked as a stockbroker’s assistant and an animal rights campaigner before going into elected politics…. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 31.3.04 TALKING OF ANIMAL WELFARE - Animal lovers have been grilling MPs on the plans for the first animal welfare Bill in more than a century. Ben Bradshaw, the minister with responsibility for animal welfare, was at Bramcote Leisure Centre as a guest of Broxtowe MP Nick Palmer… as part of the Government's Big Conversation consultation scheme. Yesterday's event concerned issues such as transportation of animals, their use in circuses, vivisection, licensing of pet shops and satellite monitoring of animals in transit…. (story)

South Wales Guardian 31.3.04 Shotgun farmer chased animal activists - A Manordeilo farmer who used a shotgun to frighten away animal rights activists has been "let off" by a judge with warning not to do it again. David Brian Davies, aged 45, found his "well run, professional" puppy business targetted by two men who used decoys to keep him busy while they crept onto his farm… Mr Phillips said it was not clear what the activists had intended doing but they "were up to no good." Later, he heard they had turned their attention to yet another farm. Judge Edwards told Davies that if he had not called the police the matter would not have come to light… (story in archive)
Western Mail 26.3.04 Farmer in court after chasing away animal rights activists - Robin Turner, The Western Mail - A FARMER who used a shotgun to frighten away animal rights activists was "let off" by a judge yesterday with a written warning not to do it again. David Brian Davies, 45, found his "well-run and professional" puppy business targeted by two men who used decoys to keep his sheep busy while they crept onto his farmland… After challenging the activists he fired a shot into the air…. By now they had been joined by the two women who had acted as decoys and had driven off in a van. He also called the police who stopped both vehicles a few miles away. Mr Riordan said, "When the police officers tried to speak to the people in the van they were extremely abusive. "Two of them had previous convictions for assaulting police and were known animal rights activists."… Judge Edwards told Davies if he had not telephoned the police the matter would never have come to light…. "I accept you meant no physical harm but you must be careful when you discharge a gun. You are a man of impeccable character so don't do it again"… (story)


Western Morning News 30.3.04 BREEDING BIRDS WAS MAIN JOB OF KEEPER - When my father was a young man before the First World War he was employed as a gamekeeper on the North Molton Estate. His employer, the Third Baron Poltimore, head of the Bampfylde family, was not a hunting man - it was his son, the Fourth Baron Poltimore, who set up and ran the locally famous Dulverton West Foxhound pack. A gamekeeper's job then was to breed pheasants and partridges for the guns. Incubation of millions of chicks to underpin the sport was unheard of then… A Watts, South Molton, Devon (letter)

Western Daily Press 30.3.04 LORDS BLOCKING HUNTING CONTROLS - Pictures like the ones in your paper make me question the House of Lords because the reason hunting remains is down to them. Parliament made their view known a long time ago…. I for one want to be rid of this so-called 'sport'. Pamela Dean Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Daily Press 30.3.04 HELP STOP ALL LIVE ANIMAL EXPORTS - As an animal welfare campaigner I have followed the debate on the reintroduction of horses and ponies to the live export trade but am totally bemused by the hunting-farming community throwing up their hands in horror at this thought… I find it very difficult to comprehend these people and their thought processes…. James Gray MP supports this campaign but kills other mammals for fun and pleasure by hunting with dogs…. M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Morning News 30.3.04 NO LIVE EXPORTS LOBBY TAKES FIGHT TO EUROPE Today the Western Morning News' campaign against the live export of horses ponies and donkeys will beat on the door of the European Parliament. As MEPs meet for a crunch vote on an amendment which would allow Britain to legally ban the cruel trade, a deputation from the Western Morning News and the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) will make Europe aware of the depth of public anger over the issue… (story)

Independent 30.3.04 Bullfighting, Europe and others - Bullfighting is not cruel but a beautiful, thrilling spectacle.... Outsiders should not seek to prohibit something simply because it is alien to their own culture. N MARTINEZ London W6
The RSPCA welcomes the move by Barcelona Council to declare itself a bullfight free city. It is ironic that at a time when popular opinion is moving against bullfighting, the European Commission has agreed to subsidise the promotion of bullfights under the aegis of cultural activities.... DAVID BOWLES Head of Campaigns, RSPCA Southwater, West Sussex (letters)


Leicester Mercury 29.3.04 CUTTING TO THE CHASE - Might I add some further relevant information not covered in your articles on the hunting debate? The Government set up an inquiry under Lord Burns in order to establish the facts prior to drawing up a Hunting Bill as promised in their manifesto…. The most important conclusion from this review period was that Lord Burns found no evidence to support the view that fox-hunting was cruel… Why is the Government spending more parliamentary time on an issue where there is no evidence to justify change and is of such low public priority? Could it be perceived class prejudice or the donations which the Labour Party are widely reported to have received from the animal-rights organisations?... Ian Kilgour, Thurcaston (letter)

East Anglian Daily Times 29.3.04 Farmers urge action on hare coursers - FED-UP farmers have called for a police crackdown on gangs of hare coursers who have targeted their land for the illegal sport. Dick Strachan, of Little Oakely Hall farm, near Dovercourt, said the intimidation his family had faced from hare coursers was becoming so bad that he feared someone could soon be hurt.... (story)

Evening Standard 29.3.04 £10m 'bounty' for animal rights protesters By Nigel Rosser And Chris Millar, Evening Standard - They look like any other residents of a quiet suburban street. The two women and a man share a £500,000 19th century house in Surrey's stockbroker belt, where they fit in easily among their affluent neighbours… Backed by millionaire benefactors - one of whom donated the cottage - Greg Avery, his wife Natasha and ex-wife Heather James have turned their group, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac), into a powerful organisation with thousands of members across the world…. Now the City is striking back by offering rewards of up to £10 million for the prosecution of activists who campaign against companies such as HLS…. (story)

Western Daily Press 29.3.04 30 YEARS OF USELESS KILLING - In response to the letter by David Moreton about Bovine TB. I have researched the subject for the last 16 years and the only incorrect and emotive data comes from the farmers, via Defra, who refuse to accept the fact that there is no scientific proof that badgers pass Bovine TB on to cattle…. A Williams West Country Badger Patrol Group Bath (letter)

Country Smallholding 29.3.04 Live Export- Until recently, Dover and Hull were the only UK ports through which live farm animals left the country. Compassion in World Farming are outraged by the news that Dart Line Limited have commenced live animal exports through Dartford Europort…. CIWF is calling for acceptance of the principle that animals should be slaughtered as near as possible to point of rearing and that there should be a maximum journey limit of eight hours… (story)

Western Morning News 29.3.04 Horses championed - REGARDING the transport of live horses from the UK for slaughter, thank you so much for championing the cause of our horses and ponies now facing the imminent renewal of live transport to indefinite destinations…. Miss Susan Stoneham, Perran-ar-Worthal, Truro (letter)

Independent 29.3.04 Islanders offered £20 to save hedgehogs from extermination By Paul Kelbie, Scotland Correspondent - Hedgehogs facing government-controlled extermination on the Outer Hebrides could win a last-minute reprieve because of £20 bounties being offered to islanders for each animal snatched from death. For the second year running animal rights campaigners are to launch a search and rescue operation on the islands of Uist in an attempt to relocate as many animals to the mainland as possible before Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) begins round two of its controversial cull of the prickly creatures on 5 April…. (story)
Telegraph 29.3.04 £20-a-head bounty to save island hedgehogs By Auslan Cramb, Scotland Correspondent - Islanders in the Outer Hebrides are hoping for a "hedgehogs galore" spring after rescuers offered them £20 for every animal saved from a cull. Animal charities aim to rescue dozens of hedgehogs facing a death sentence on Benbecula and South Uist over the next two months by flying them to new homes on the mainland.... Scottish Natural Heritage, the government environment agency, plans to catch and kill the animals because of their effect on rare ground-nesting birds... Six rescuers from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and the Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Centre in Ayrshire will travel to the islands this week to launch the latest operation... (story)
Scotland on Sunday 7.3.04 Hedgehog bounty rises to £20 a head - JEREMY WATSON - HEDGEHOG hunters are to be offered an increased bounty of £20 per head to catch the spiky animals in advance of a government-backed cull on the Western Isles…. Ross Minnett, the head of Advocates for Animals, said: "We thought we did well last year but we are increasing the money available because we want to get more local people involved…" (story)

Sunderland Echo 29.3.04 Greatest veggie - Ajaye Curry, Campaigns Officer (letter)
Ilkley Gazette 25.3.04 Veggie vote - Ajaye Curry, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter in archive)
Belfast Telegraph 18.3.04 Vote To Find Best Vegetarian - Ajaye Curry, campaigns officer, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge,Kent TN1 1LL (letter)
Lancaster Citizen 18.3.04 Who's the greatest? - Ajaye Curry, Animal Aid (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 15.3.04 WHO'S THE TOP VEGGIE EVER? AJAYE CURRY, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Keighley News 12.3.04 As part of its annual Veggie Month, Animal Aid is holding a light-hearted poll throughout March to find out 'who is the greatest vegetarian ever'? We invite your readers -- vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike -- to choose between twelve famous men and women… Ajaye Curry, Campaigns Officer (letter in archive)

Bath Chronicle 29.3.04 PROTESTERS CRY FOWL AT FAST FOOD PRACTICES BY TOM BRADSHAW - Animal rights protesters mounted a protest outside a fast food restaurant in Bath at the weekend A team of activists belonging to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) handed out leaflets to people walking into the KFC fast-food restaurant in Henry Street on Saturday…. Joey Lennon, who co-ordinated the protest, said: "The demo was part of a worldwide campaign organised by PETA protesting against the appalling and, quite frankly, horrifying conditions that chickens in KFC farms find themselves in…Not as many people turned up for the protest as we hoped…" (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 29.3.04 Eating animals is not clever or funny - Mr C Crowther is absolutely correct, farmers do not keep animals of any kind in their fields because they look cute…. So the obvious conclusion is that if people didn't eat them, they wouldn't be bred in such numbers! Like Mr C Crowther, I too have grown tired but, in this case, of people who want to eat themselves into all kinds of illnesses from obesity to heart attack, cancer and so much more…. Denis Harrison, Toothill (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 23.3.04 What happens to livestock in vision of vegan utopia? - I SEE M Harrison (letters, March 18) is back on her soapbox, to convert us all to vegetarianism/veganism. I have grown tired of the diatribe towards anyone who so much as passes a kebab van. You are entitled to your opinions: This is a free country but please keep it that way.... Mr C Crowther Wayside Close (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 18.3.04 Cows' milk was never intended for people - The finding that organic milk is better than ordinary milk (EA, March 12) is not surprising….Cow's milk is often described as a natural product, and it is for the calf. Mammals produce milk for their young until they are weaned. However, the poor dairy calf is taken from its mother at just a few days old, and there is nothing natural about one species consuming the milk of another species at any stage of its development… (Mrs) M Harrison, Toothill (letter in archive)

Eastern Daily Press 29.3.04 Options to curb birds considered - PETER WILLIAMSON - Civic leaders have called in experts for advice on problems being caused by increasing numbers of ducks and pigeons in Swaffham... A cull has been ruled out on humanitarian grounds and councillors have put on hold an offer from local expert Fabian Eagle to remove the ducks while they consider other options.... at a meeting with Guy Merchant, of the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PICAS), councillors were told the enforced Northwell Pool clean-out could prove to be "a blessing in disguise."... Town clerk Richard Bishop said the session with PICAS, a non-profit-making organisation based in Ely, had been very helpful. "We now have a number of options to consider." < target=main href="">(story)


Observer 28.3.04 Revealed: UK zoos caught in rare wildlife trade with dealer - Antony Barnett and Andrew Wasley - British zoos are trading in some of the world's most endangered species with a controversial wildlife dealer who has been condemned by European animal welfare groups. An Observer investigation can reveal how Chris Bienvenue, a notorious Belgian dealer in rare and exotic creatures, has been regularly travelling to Britain to trade in endangered species with at least three zoos... (story)


Western Morning News 27.3.04 HORSES CAMPAIGN GOES TO EUROPE The Western Morning News campaign against the live export of horses, ponies and donkeys goes to Europe next week as MEPs meet for a crunch vote on an amendment which would allow Britain to legally ban the cruel trade.... A deputation from the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) and the Western Morning News are travelling to Strasbourg to make MEPs aware of the depth of public anger about the issue.... Defra Minister Alun Michael is expected to face tough questions in the Commons on Wednesday afternoon from Tory countryside spokesman James Gray, who will arrive at the Houses of Parliament on horseback, about why he will not back an opt-out... (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 27.3.04 Animals need our protection WE must care for the welfare of all animals. Without organisations to protect them millions of innocent animals will be killed for their fur. Living creatures are mutilated and sprayed with toxic chemicals in commercial and government supported laboratories... Without such organisations, demonstrations and petitions to shed light on animal suffering would not take place.... SHEILA BRENNAN (Mrs), Bombay Street, Blackburn. (letter in archive)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 27.3.04 CLAMOUR OVER GRISLY DISPLAY The Sight of several dead rooks strung up by their wings and lined across a North Lincolnshire field has sickened animal enthusiasts. Motorist Gillian Donegan said she was 'horrified' when she saw the birds' carcasses, held up with their wings stretched out, in the field on the outskirts of Belton... "The school bus goes along there and it must leave children frightened. I have never seen anything like it in my life."... (story)


Hawick News 26.3.04 HAWICK MAN RUN TO EARTH OVER HUNTING OFFENCES - A HAWICK man has become the second person to be convicted under the controversial fox-hunting act. Stephen Scott, who was the first to face charges under the 18-month-old legislation, was fined £300 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court last Friday… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 25.3.04 Innocence lost - IT’S a pity Stephen Scott, the man whose dogs were sent down a fox hole deliberately to flush out a fox, was only fined £300 (News, March 20). The fox most certainly would have suffered a painful and slow death. In my opinion, Scott is a cruel man for committing such an appalling offence…. Mrs J Fleming, Carnethy Avenue, Penicuik, Midlothian (letter)
Daily Record 20.3.04 FOXHUNT BAN NETS FIRST FINE - THE first person to be charged with fox-hunting since it was banned in Scotland was yesterday fined £300. Stephen Scott, 21, admitted deliberately setting his dogs on a fox while walking them on a farm.... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 20.3.04 Hunter fined for using dogs to flush out fox A HUNTER whose dogs subjected a fox to a slow, agonising death was convicted yesterday under controversial anti-hunting laws. Stephen Scott, 21, is believed to be only the second person to be convicted since the anti-hunting with dogs law came into force in Scotland in August last year.... (story)
Scotsman 20.3.04 Hunter fined £300 after dogs kill fox - WILLIAM CHISHOLM - THE first man to be charged with an offence after hunting with dogs was outlawed in Scotland under the controversial Protection of Wild Mammals Act was fined £300 yesterday. Jedburgh Sheriff Court heard how Stephen Scott sent terriers into a foxhole on a farm near Hawick, and, when two foxes bolted, one of them was grabbed by the throat by Scott’s lurcher.... Speaking after yesterday’s court hearing, PC Mark Rafferty, a wildlife liaison officer with Lothian and Borders Police, said he was satisfied there had been a successful conviction in the case.... he said monitoring of the region’s foxhunting packs, which still participate in fox control, had shown they were sticking to the law and had co-operated fully with the police.... (story)
BBC News Online 19.3.04 Man is fined over killing of fox - A Borders forestry worker has become the second person to be convicted under Scotland's fox-hunting legislation. Stephen Scott, 20, was fined £300 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court…. Scott had pleaded guilty to sending a lurcher and two terriers into a fox's den near his home town of Hawick last January. His two co-accused, brothers Ian and Paul Marshall, both walked free after prosecutor Graham Fraser accepted not guilty pleas. The court was told that two foxes had fled the den at Flex Farm but one was caught and killed by the lurcher… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 26.3.04 No Leeway Over Hare Coursing - I REFER to Mervyn Pauley's article on Hare Coursing in Northern Ireland, March 22…. This 'sport', in common will all blood sports, is undoubtedly a cruel practice which should be subject to an outright ban both in Northern Ireland and elsewhere…. Co Down reader, (Name and address supplied) (letter)

Newark Advertiser 26.3.04 In a spin - The call by the MP for Newark, Mr Patrick Mercer, for young people in rural areas to be taught and allowed to carry guns is wrong and tempting fate…. The Countryside Alliance supports Mr Mercer but, of course, it has to. Why? Well, to use the country term, one good turn deserves another, Mr Mercer did not support the anti-foxhunting bill, he would sooner have the fox savagely killed…. VIC HALL, Queen Street, Balderton. (letter may only be on website for a week)

Cumberland & Westmorlan Herald 26.3.04 Marked? Don't you mean killed?- As somebody who considers the hunting reports in your paper to be a total waste of newsprint, I do occasionally read them to see what euphemisms will be used to indicate that a fox has been killed… Are these hunting types so frightened to say they killed foxes because it may offend people like myself who are against the so-called sport?... PETER SCRIVEN, Appleby. (letter may only be on website for a month)

Times 26.3.04 Wild birds killed on Scottish estate BY SHIRLEY ENGLISH - THE bodies of 25 protected birds were found during a dawn raid on a Borders sporting estate which is owned by a prominent Scottish aristocratic family.... Police, acting on a tip-off from the public, launched a 12-hour search on Monday of the Barns Estate, near Peebles, which is held in trust for Lady Elizabeth Benson, daughter of the 8th Earl of Wemyss and March.... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 26.3.04 Poisoning is 'Scotland's worst case' - A MASS poisoning of rare birds has been dubbed Scotland’s worst wildlife crime case. Following a tip-off from a member of the public, wildlife officers discovered the bodies of 25 birds belonging to protected species in a search of a sporting estate in the Borders… (story)
Scotsman 26.3.04 Poison kills 25 raptors on estate - WILLIAM CHISHOLM AND JAMES REYNOLDS - ONE of Scotland’s premier sporting estates is at the centre of a major wildlife crime investigation, after the carcases of 25 protected birds and a number of suspected poisoned baits were found. In a joint operation, investigators from RSPB Scotland, accompanied by police officers, concentrated their search on an area of open countryside in Peeblesshire’s Manor Valley. The investigation scene near Peebles is part of the vast Wemyss & March Estates, and the raid was staged following a tip-off from a member of the public.... As inquiries went on yesterday, there was condemnation, too, from Alex Hogg, the chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association (SGA), who said he was sickened by the latest allegation... (story)
Selkirk Weekend Advertiser 26.3.04 LANDOWNER SLAMS BIRD CARNAGE - A SELKIRK landowner has hit out at the suspicious deaths of 25 rare birds of prey near Peebles, writes David Knox. Sir Michael Strang Steel, who owns the vast Philiphaugh Estate, told the Wee Paper: "We totally condemn these deaths. "Philiphaugh is doing its best to preserve all wildlife, and we work very closely with organizations like the RSPB…. (story)
Glasgow Herald 26.3.04 Poisoners sought after birds of prey found dead - ROB CRILLY, Environment Correspondent - THE remains of 25 protected birds of prey have been found on a country estate in what conservationists yesterday described as one of Scotland's worst wildlife crimes. A joint operation by Lothian and Borders Police, RSPB Scotland and the Scottish Executive's environment and rural affairs department led to the grim discovery at an undisclosed location in Peeblesshire.... (story)
Southern Reporter 25.3.04 ESTATE RAID YIELDS GRISLY TOLL - A DAWN raid on a Peeblesshire estate has uncovered one of the biggest ever hauls of dead birds of prey in Scotland. Animal welfare officers and police swooped on Monday morning. And by the end of the day, more than 20 dead buzzards had been found.... (story)

Northern Echo 26.3.04 ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS - IN 1990 a professor who had experimented for years on animals noted that there were over 450 methods available to replace animal experiments… They have been tested and found to provide more valuable information than animal tests… - Michael Edwards, Harrogate. (letter in archive)

Belfast Telegraph 26.3.04 Animal Suffering Is Sick Profit - IT was with great disgust that I watched the Insight programme about puppy farming. As an animal lover I find it incomprehensible that this practice is allowed to prosper in Northern Ireland…. Mrs Jennifer Neill (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 26.3.04 Toughen Laws To End Animal Cruelty - Now - I AM constantly astounded at the cruelty of man to not only his fellow humans but also towards animals…. Alderman Jim Shannon, MLA DUP, Strangford (letter)

Jersey Evening Post 26.3.04 `Why should people have a choice on docking dog's tails? The dogs don't! From Maurice Le Cocq, 2 Sydenham Villas, Janvrin Road, St Helier - YES, Deputy Bob Hill (JEP, 20 March) is right when he says I am not clear about what his amendment is intended to do. I am still unclear on what the implications are. Is it that he wishes laymen to be able to dock puppies under the age of six days?... Two wrongs do not make a right and yes, of course the docking of pigs' and lambs' tails, as well as debeaking chicks, should be banned - no one in their right mind denies that. These are practices that are used by bad farmers to try to make cruel, inhumane factory farming work…. (letter may be in archive)
Jersey Evening Post 24.3.04 What are the arguments for docking dogs' tails? From Mark Whiteley, Le Grenier d'Haut, Rue de Samarès, St Clement. I WAS very pleased to read the letter from Maurice Le Cocq (JEP, 17 March) regarding tail-docking…. I totally agree with him that docking tails is an outrageous practice… Perhaps one of those responsible for tail-docking in the Island would like to come forward with their side of this discussion. (letter may be in archive)
Jersey Evening Post 17.3.04 There's no defence for this cruel and barbaric practice From Maurice Le Cocq 2 Sydenham Villas, Janvrin Road, St Helier - I AM writing to say that I am absolutely disgusted that Deputy Bob Hill has brought forward an amendment to the new Animals Bill to try to legalise the docking of new-born puppies. This is a disgustingly cruel and barbaric practice, without any justification, and I cannot see how anyone can defend it. Whether with or without anaesthetic, it is wrong…. (letter may be in archive)

Cambridge Evening News 26.3.04 Cull the number-crunchers From Doreen Bennett, Haslingfield Road, Harlton, Cambridge - What is it that the government has against animals? Not content with having sanctioned the killing of millions of perfectly healthy cattle and sheep during the foot and mouth epidemic, they now wish to cull the deer population.... The poor old badgers are likely to go the same way although the case is far from proven that they are responsible for spreading TB in cattle. Ken Livingstone wants to rid Trafalgar Square of the pigeons... (letter)


Horse & Hound 25.3.04 RSPCA rejects veterinary advisor - The RSPCA has refused to allow Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon (RCVS) president, Prof Richard Halliwell, a place on its council after he refused to declare his opposition to hunting. The RSPCA council has 25 members elected by RSPCA members, plus two honorary advisors — of which one has traditionally been an RCVS representative…. "Prof Halliwell confirmed his personal views on the subject as being neutral," explains Ian Holloway, RCVS external affairs officer. "As a regulatory rather than a representative body, the RCVS has not taken a view on foxhunting."… The RSPCA has released the following statement: "The council feels that, at the present time, the post should be taken up by an individual who opposes hunting. Therefore the council took its decision solely in regards to Mr Halliwell’s stance on hunting." (story)

Hereford Times 25.3.04 Clarissa on a quad bike storms into the county - PRO-HUNT campaigner and celebrity chef Clarissa Dickson Wright encouraged county huntsmen to `keep the faith' after joining them in the field last Saturday. The former Two Fat Ladies star got up early to cook breakfast for supporters at Huntington village hall, near Kington, before following the Radnor and West Hereford Hunt on a quad bike… She spent the day with huntsman David Morgan and the Radnor hounds, flanked by 60 horses and 200 supporters on foot… (story)

Western Telegraph 25.3.04 Get me to the meet on time by Debbie James - The groom wore red and the bride looked elegant in an old-fashioned riding habit. Conventional wedding outfits these were not, but then neither was the big day itself. Richard Goldsworthy and Linda Parry are keen fox hunting supporters and didn't want to miss the closing meet of the season when it fell on their wedding day. So, instead of the traditional champagne reception, they were joined by family and friends for an invigorating afternoon's hunting with the South Pembrokeshire Hunt after their 8am wedding ceremony…. (story in archive)

Grimsby Telegraph 25.3.04 WE MUST STOP BARBARIC SPORT - Why is this barbaric so-called sport allowed to continue? Countless animals are chased by packs of dogs causing enormous unnecessary suffering. Many deer and foxes are driven to exhaustion, only to be finished off by being torn apart. Yes, they are torn apart alive, not a quick nip to the throat as the hunters claim. The hounds grab the first part of the fox - the tail… Ifaw supporter, (name and address supplied). (letter)

Surrey Mirror 25.3.04 Game shoots must disturb wildlife - I AM intrigued by Mrs SJ Hill's letter (February 26) While I can accept that wildlife such as deer, small mammals etc are easily disturbed by human activity, can she explain how game shoots manage to avoid disturbing them during the four months of the shooting season… Mary Hickman, Carlton Road, Redhill (letter)
Surrey Mirror 26.2.04 Game shooting benefits woodlands - REGARDING: "No benefit from game shooting" (Letters, February 19). It is extraordinarily naive for Mr and Mrs Osborne to compare the countryside of the late 1940s with present-day woodland and associated management objectives. But for the enormous investment by those individuals actively involved with country sports interests over the past half-century our woodlands would have already been bulldozed and ploughed…. Though Mr and Mrs Osborne and others might have difficulty coming to terms with this, I can categorically state that the wider Tandridge Shoot has undoubtedly done a great service in terms of wildlife conservation, the benefits of which the rising and future generations will derive positive benefit from. Alan Hill, Sandy Lane, Old Oxted (letter)
Surrey Mirror 26.2.04 Consider welfare of the wildlife - FOLLOWING on from Patrick Devismes' letter, "Pastoral idyll is not evident here" (February 12). While I sympathise with Mr Devismes being denied the use of the previously open woods to exercise his dogs in, I do feel he has not considered the welfare of the wildlife. Birds, deer and small mammals are easily disturbed by human activity and by dogs that are allowed to run free and the new shooting tenant has therefore acted in a positive manner by fencing off the woodland to ensure the wildlife can now breed and rear young in relative peace…. Mrs SJ Hill, Sandy Lane, Old Oxted (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 26.2.04 SHOOTING PHEASANTS ISN'T SHOWING THEM 'RESPECT' - I have just come across the letter by Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance… I have always found it hard to understand the thinking of these Countryside Alliance people, but their assertion that to shoot a few million pheasants is treating the birds with consideration takes a bit of beating…. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.2.04 PUBLIC OPINION WILL TRIUMPH - On the back of land management and conservation, Mr Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, attempts to justify the blood sport of shooting... I find it amusing that Mr S Hart expects the public to report such wildlife crimes to the Countryside Alliance, instead of the correct legal channels. Mr S Hart can rest assured that I, and all other animal welfare campaigners, will continue to expose animal cruelty to the police and relevant organisations... M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)
Surrey Mirror 19.2.04 No benefits from game shooting - WE WOULD beg to differ with Mr Hart of the Countryside Alliance when he says that game shooting brings significant conservation benefits. When we moved to Crowhurst in 1948, the local woods were coppiced and properly managed... However, coppicing has long since ceased and the woods are gradually being desecrated in order to accommodate pheasant shooting... Mr and Mrs R. Osborne, Crowhurst Lane, Crowhurst (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.2.04 HEARTBROKEN OVER SHOOTING - I also challenge Simon Hart, chief executive, Countryside Alliance, in his view that shooting makes an environmental contribution to the countryside. Last August I spent the day in the stunningly beautiful Ozleworth Bottom valley, Gloucestershire. I came away heartbroken, disillusioned and very angry. What should have been a day spent observing and enjoying Britain's wildlife shocked me instead. Apart from one buzzard, a smattering of birds, two horse riders and about 20 sheep, the only living beings in that beautiful valley were thousands of pheasants waiting to be shot for sport… Janet Hall Cirencester Gloucestershire (story)
Surrey Mirror 12.2.04 Pastoral idyll is not evident here - WHILE Mr Hart of the Countryside Alliance may well wax lyrical about the benefits of game shooting, the idyllic sylvan paradise he portrays is far removed from the reality of life here in Crowhurst. The local woods and fields, property of the not-so-local Northampton Estate, have recently been let to a new shoot... Walkers have been ordered to keep to the public footpaths with their dogs on leads... The pastoral idyll he paints, where the organised killing of game results in a landscape rich in wildlife and biodiversity, is not evident in Crowhurst. Patrick Devismes, Crowhurst Lane, Oxted (letter)
Western Daily Press 12.2.04 OBSESSION THAT CLOUDS THE REAL RURAL ISSUES In his letter of January 27, Mr M H Haines directs a number of allegations against game shooting… Strict laws exist with regard to the trapping of wild mammals, examples of which Mr Haines puts forward. The law already forbids misuse of this kind of activity, so it is unclear what point he is making…. What is certain is that you cannot make something illegal which is already illegal. What is required in those circumstances is proper enforcement through the usual channels… Simon Hart Chief executive Countryside Alliance (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 12.2.04 CONSERVATION IS A BIZARRE EXCUSE FOR KILLING BIRDS Simon Hart, of the Countryside Alliance, Points of view, February 7, portrays the killing of our wildlife as socially acceptable, as their aim is to conserve the countryside - how bizarre. Firstly, he claims pheasants are eaten, but surely we all know that shoots provide sport and excess carcasses are buried in pits…. Mrs J Cook, Tale Common Head, Honiton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 12.2.04 ALLIANCE ONLY INTERESTED IN NATURE WHEN IT SERVES I read the letter by Simon Hart, Points of view, February 7, with interest and feel the Countryside Alliance is supported by a load of pompous idiots, who with their own interests at heart, are destroying just what they like…. The Countryside Alliance is only interested in preserving parts of nature to satisfy its supporters' lust for killing. Tony Parsons, Haymans Close, Cullompton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 7.2.04 SHOOTERS INVESTING CASH IN WILDLIFE CONSERVATION - Kathy Moyle's letter, Points of view, January 20, challenging the Countryside Alliance's position on shooting, raises some important points... We agree that we should strive for a society which cares for the environment and respects animals. That is why we have invested large amounts of money in environmental and conservation projects and research, and it is why the alliance supports Lord Donoughue's Bill currently in Parliament, which makes it an offence to cause undue suffering to any animal (oddly the RSPCA does not)... All of this is at no cost whatsoever to the taxpayer, but considerable financial and social benefit to rural areas.... Simon Hart, Chief executive, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Bucks Free Press 6.2.04 Pheasants and others die too - ACCORDING to the Countryside Alliance, (Letters, January 23) game shooting is a fast growing sport. Shameful for Britain that more than 12,000 animals are killed by gamekeepers every day in largely unreported and frequently illegal programmes of predator control…. Judy Gilbert Beacons Bottom (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 3.2.04 LAW SHOULD BE CHANGED TO HALT SLAUGHTER OF BIRDS - I have much sympathy with Kathy Moyle, Points of view January 30, who complains about game birds being bred and shot for fun. I feel sure most readers of the Echo also strongly disapprove of this needless slaughter…. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 30.1.04 IS KILLING ANY MORE RIGHT WHEN IT'S OUT OF SIGHT? - I found Simon Hart's letter, Points of view, January 22, rather repugnant…. The fact that these birds had been bred to be killed for fun is not something that sits comfortably with the values we are trying to teach our children about it being wrong to be cruel to animals…. Far from being conservators, the shoots manage a wholesale slaughter of wildlife for sport…. Cruelty is about what people do, not about what animals do, Simon! Kathy Moyle Collins Park East Budleigh (letter)
Surrey Mirror 29.1.04 Game shooting brings conservation benefits - Simon Hart, chief executive, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Lakeland Echo 27.1.04 Public need to be aware of benefits of shooting - Simon Hart, Chief executive Countryside Alliance (letter)
Western Daily Press 27.1.04 TRAPPINGS OF DESTRUCTION - Recently, on my country walks I have found many traps in pheasant shooting and breeding woodlands… On this point I have several questions for Simon Hart in his capacity as chief executive of the Countryside Alliance:… Is this balancing sport and conservation?... M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)
Bucks Free Press 23.1.04 Killing pheasants is more popular - Simon Hart CEO, Countryside Alliance London (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 22.1.04 GAME SHOOTING IS GOOD FOR THE RURAL ECONOMY - Simon Hart, Chief executive, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Western Morning News 19.1.04 AIMING FOR HIGH STANDARDS - Simon Hart Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.1.04 BALANCING SPORT AND CONSERVATION - Recent media reports concerning a pheasant shoot taking place within earshot of a school in Norfolk have brought into sharp focus the important, but sometimes difficult, balance that needs to be struck between valuable countryside activities and the careful consideration of other land users and visitors. Game shooting in this country is one of Britain's fastest growing sports… An increasing number of shooting enthusiasts have willingly signed up to the Code Of Good Shooting Practice, a comprehensive guide which has the support of all the major land use and field sports organisations in the UK…. Simon Hart Chief Executive Countryside Alliance (letter)

Western Gazette 25.3.04 IS THIS JUST ANOTHER BLOODY BUSINESS? - If trophy hunting in Africa is the same as stalking as suggested by Mr Gray (Letters, 11 March) then it's a bloody shame all round. If he fears I have been misinformed then maybe he should dispute the figures given out by the United Nations which state that, since 1996 big game hunters from EU countries have slaughtered tens of thousands of animals listed by the UN as vulnerable, threatened or endangered… P. Griffiths, full address supplied. (letter)
Western Gazette 11.3.04 GREAT LETTER FROM PETER - The letter "Trophy hunting makes me sick" was a great letter by Peter Griffiths. I would like to add more about how sick the Countryside Alliance are. They have been campaigning against new laws to try to stop youngsters using air guns to kill animals. They campaign so that youngsters can go out killing with shot guns, go out doing terrier work, follow and ride with hunts. In fact they seem to me to say that at any age you can kill any animal…. Neal, Dorset Anti-Bloodsports and Animal Action, PO Box 1119, Dorchester (letter)
Western Gazette 11.3.04 HUNTING IN AFRICA SAME AS STALKING I Read with interest the letter from Mr.Griffiths (12 February) in respect of trophy hunting. However, I feel he is misinformed and, having worked and travelled extensively in Africa over the past 20 years, hope that the following facts will put his mind at rest. Trophy hunting as practised in Africa is, in fact, the same principle as stalking which is a widely practised sport in the UK… This process has proved enormously successful with all revenues accruing being passed back to the authorities to fund further aspects of conservation… P. Gray, Springhead Farm, Fontmell Magna (letter)
Western Gazette 12.2.04 TROPHY HUNTING MAKES ME SICK - The sickening truth that is the Countryside Alliance is no more evident than in the horrific story of so-called "trophy hunting" of wild animals as shown on Richard and Judy recently… and, organising this holiday mayhem, is a chairman within the Countryside Alliance. If fox hunting is banned don't worry chaps, just book your next holiday for killing through the Countryside Alliance…. Peter R. Griffiths, Dorset, full address supplied (letter)

Accountancy Age 25.3.04 Huntingdon to protect its auditor By Paul Grant - Controversial biotechnology company Huntingdon Life Sciences may have found a way to protect its auditor from the kind of animal rights protest action that saw Big Four firm Deloitte drop the company as a client… (story)

Scotsman 25.3.04 Egg producers face caged birds battle - VIC ROBERTSON - EGG producers will have to lobby hard against animal welfare protesters if they are to retain caged bird production systems after 2012, according to a senior civil servant. It was up to the industry to try to change public attitudes, said Andy Lebrecht, director general for food and farming at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs…. (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 25.3.04 Cruelty Bill is long overdue - HOW pleased I was to read about a Bill due to come before Parliament in May which will shame and name brutal animal owners. Anyone who is convicted of cruelty to animals or banned from keeping pets or farm animals will have their name included on a national register like sex fiends…. L M JACKSON (Mrs), Haslingden Road, Blackburn (letter in archive)

Clevedon Mercury 25.3.04 BIRD KILLERS Reading about the three teenage boys in the Mercury last week who killed a blackbird and a pigeon in an act of deliberate cruelty leaves me wondering if civilisation is going backwards?... Wendy Beer Walton Bay Clevedon (letter)

Weston & Worle News 25.3.04 CHINA BEARS The charity China Bear Rescue, North Somerset, would like to thank everyone who attended its fashion show in Worle. We made £385 to support the rescued Moonbears from a life of torment on bile farms in China… (letter)


Swindon Evening Advertiser 24.3.04 Cruelty-free hunt - I READ Heather Cochrane's letter in the Evening Advertiser regarding drag hunting (Wed, March 17) with interest…. Any one interested in the Berks and Bucks Draghounds should contact Mrs Hobby on 01488 638289 or website, for further details. MAGGIE GODDARD Wroughton (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 17.3.04 Drag hunts are fun and cruelty-free - I WAS very fortunate to receive a very favourable report of a drag hunt attended last week near Newbury (Berks & Bucks Draghunt). What struck me was the genuine enjoyment the day, the health of the hounds (hunting hounds are starved before chasing a fox, and get badly injured) and the lack of cruelty involved…. Also, because the event was organised, there was no danger to wildlife or risk of injury. The horses themselves did not suffer as the stress is taken away. As a member of the League Against Cruel Sports, I would ask that a member of your paper come and make a report of this fine alternative… HEATHER J COCHRANE Pewsey (letter in archive)

Newcastle Journal 24.3.04 Why our grouse is not with the farmers By Andy Bunten, The Journal - Last week Charles Cresswell accused of RSPB of running a campaign to protect the hen harrier as part of a 'recruitment campaign' and of being hostile to farmers and landowners. Here, Andy Bunten, North of England Regional Director for the RSPB, respond… (story)
Newcastle Journal 18.3.04 The wrong culprits By Charles Cresswell, The Journal - Harrying the wrong people - how the press and the public are fed the wrong story by the RSPB and the police, by Charles Cresswell. The police are being drawn into an unprecedented campaign to help in yet another recruiting programme by the RSPB. This time the bird that has been selected by headquarters of the RSPB as "the bait" to entice public support is the hen harrier…. It succeeds primarily through the "blame tactic" - "pay us your money, and we will protect our beautiful birds from threats posed by the ENEMY" - and the enemy is invariably: * Farmers * Landowners * Shooters * Gamekeepers… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 24.3.04 Scotland must kill off snares - THE roe deer killed using a snare must have suffered terribly (News, March 19). Advocates for Animals is campaigning for a ban on all snares in Scotland. This could easily have been achieved during the recent amendment stage of the new Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill. Unless such legislation is introduced, disgracefully, Scotland will remain one of only five European countries that still allow these barbaric devices to be used…. Ross Minett, Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 23.3.04 It's animal tragic - SHAME on whoever set the snare in which a pregnant roe deer died in woodland in West Lothian… Snares should be banned altogether… Mrs J Fleming, Carnethy Avenue, Penicuik. (letter)

Telegraph 24.3.04 Why was Stella at Cheltenham? Fans of jump racing came to Cheltenham in their hundreds of thousands for last week's festival, their sport's annual showpiece. All the usual suspects were there, including Zara Phillips and the Princess Royal. But tucked away in the crowds of Barbour and tweed was a little-known, and very unlikely, National Hunt supporter: Stella McCartney.... It's a bizarre move, given that McCartney is a fervent animal "rights" activist and supporter of the organisations Peta and Animal Aid, both of which campaign against horse racing.... "Stella went to the festival as an animal lover, to have a diplomatic meeting with an industry insider in conjunction with the upcoming Horse Racing Awareness Week," I'm told.... (story)
Vogue 24.3.04 STELLA'S DAY AT THE RACES - STELLA MCCARTNEY was a surprise sighting at the Cheltenham races this week. The fashion designer and staunch animal rights activist apparently booked her friends a last-minute corporate box on Gold Cup day. Given her work for PeTA and Animal Aid as well as the latter's Horse Racing Awareness Week - planned for next month to campaign against the sport, McCartney's appearance amidst the Barbours and green wellies crowd was something of a shock…. (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 24.3.04 Badger Bare's off to work with mum - A RYEDALE wildlife saviour is taking her latest find to work with her…. Lecturer Jean Thorpe, who teaches wildlife and practical animal handling at the college, has looked after Bare since he was first born…. they were taken in by Jean, who is chairman of the Ryedale Badger Group and runs a wildlife rehabilitation unit from her home in Norton. Sadly, the other badger did not survive, but Bare is thriving… (story in archive)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 24.3.04 Don't let our horses be turned into sausages, says MP - THE Government is being urged by North Wiltshire MP James Gray to stand up to the EU in a row over the export of live horses for slaughter…. Conservative Mr Gray, who is Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs, said: "This practice has been banned for the last 70 years with good reason…." (story in archive)

Shropshire Star 24.3.04 Long way over well-being of animals - In reply to Mr G Povall of Telford. We are actually proud to be associated to an organisation that promotes vegetarianism and campaigns on animal welfare…. The UK farmer may well be ahead of the rest of the EU in animal welfare but factory farmed animals today generally do not fare much better than in the 60s. Paul & Elaine Evans, Welshpool (letter)
Shropshire Star 23.3.04 Dark side of the meat industry - MG Povall (letters, March 11) writes in defence of the British pig industry after you published a letter from Viva! supporters Paul and Elaine Evans highlighting poor standards on UK factory farms... Eating animals does not promote their welfare: it kills them. It is time people realised that the cause of animal suffering is not a minority of bad farmers, but a majority of good people who simply don't think through the consequences of buying meat.... Alistair Currie, Campaigns Office, Bristol (letter)
Shropshire Star 11.3.04 UK farmers ahead on animal welfare - I am writing to you after reading the letter from Paul and Elaine Evans, published on February 27, as the last line of the letter was missing. It should have read "For information on factory farming and vegetarianism contact Viva!..." If the last line of the letter had been included then we would have known that it had emanated from an organisation that promotes vegetarianism and that campaigns on animal welfare…. The intensive production of pig meat may not be perfect, but on this one the UK farmer is ahead of the rest of the EU in terms of animal welfare. M G Povall, Telford (letter)
Shropshire Star 27.2.04 The cruelty of factory farming - Paul and Elaine Evans, Welshpool (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 26.2.04 PROFIT PUT BEFORE PIG WELFARE - I would like to draw readers' attention to the widespread use of the pig furrowing crate used in factory farming… MICHAEL N CORKERY Watcombe, Torquay (letter)


Western Morning News 23.3.04 Red deer benefit from benevolence - IN his response to my letter, Peter Anderson challenges my "unsubstantiated assumptions" (WMN February 24) by making four points... The ineffective land and deer management of the League Against Cruel Sports in the Bampton and Dulverton areas is already demonstrating what the alternative to traditional deer management might be. It will be to the detriment of everyone if such people and their anthropomorphic ideologies are allowed to prevail. Fred Reynolds Tiverton (letter)
Western Morning News 24.2.04 ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT DEER DON'T ADD UP - In his letter (February 3), Fred Reynolds makes a number of unsubstantiated assumptions regarding hunting and red deer on Exmoor which should not go unchallenged…. In the South West as a whole, the contribution hunting makes to the number of pre-breeding red deer killed is less than 3 per cent… Peter Anderson, League Against Cruel Sports, Plymouth (letter)
Western Morning News 3.2.04 CHANGE OF MANAGEMENT THREATENS DEER The only management of red deer of any note is undertaken by the farmers and huntsmen/women of the areas they populate… Douglas Batchelor speaks of the need for a sophisticated approach to their management (WMN, January 27). Unfortunately I don't think there will be enough deer left to manage… Fred Reynolds, Cove, Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 3.2.04 LEAGUE HOLDS OPPOSING POSITIONS Douglas Batchelor, the chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, writes that the argument that deer populations need to be managed through culling is "utter rubbish". Presumably then he would dismiss as utter rubbish the following statement: "It is clear that deer must be subject to control management... Annually across the nation at least 80,000 deer are killed by shooting…." The statement I have quoted above is taken from the website of the League Against Cruel Sports. That venerable organisation appears to be trying to hold two directly opposing positions at the same time…. Richard Hall, Director, Working Hound Defence Campaign London (letter)
Western Morning News 27.1.04 MOVE AWAY FROM KILLING TO MANAGE DEER STOCK - We hear from yet more experts of the case for "deer management". But when we ask why killing deer is essential, all we are told there are too many and that they have no natural predators…. Deer management needs a far more sophisticated approach than resorting to "management by death"… To help facilitate this and a new approach to "working for wildlife", the League Against Cruel Sports established a new charity last year called Working for Wildlife to help demonstrate new ways of working with wildlife, for public benefit. Douglas Batchelor, Secretary Working for Wildlife (letter)

Western Morning News 23.3.04 WHY BLAME FOXES FOR DEATH OF LAMBS? - The remains of seven newborn lambs are found in the far north of Scotland. They are, of course, all killed and torn to pieces by a fox says Ms Blackwood. (WMN, March 16). No other possible cause of death is given... consistency is not evident in Ms Blackwood's letter. Not least because those lambs will be equally "helpless" four months on when waiting with the sound of death at the slaughterhouse... This is the fate for which, we all know, the lambs are being "saved". Rose Dalziel, Tavistock, (letter)
Western Morning News 16.3.04 NEWBORN LAMBS NEED OUR PROTECTION I agree with Hubert N Snowden's letter (WMN, February 19). The powers that be are far from consistent in their approach to vermin control and fox hunting etc. But then neither are the animal rights activists consistent in what they say and believe… The fox doesn't only kill for food. It also kills for fun, much as a cat does…. Joan Blackwood, Camborne (letter)
Western Morning News 27.2.04 Supporting townies - HUBERT Snowdon points out that the food that urban people eat, who are the bulk of the anti-hunting lobby, is grown in the countryside. True. But were it not for townies buying lamb and chicken, and often willingly supporting British farming, especially our small farmers, with their taxes, farmers would be paupered peasants… Peta Hopkins, Lifton, Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 19.2.04 Fox is a 'pest' THE belief is that all creatures have sanctity, that it is a natural right to try to live. Yet, the human species finds it convenient to name creatures that annoy them as "pests". Recently a news photo showed a town "pest" officer hunting rats with terrier dogs. Why, then, is the just as wily predator, the fox, so sacred that it should not be hunted, especially by dogs?... Our food grows in farmers' fields, the nation's larder, and the farmer is producer and guardian by hunting if necessary. To fall out with a farmer is to fall out with your dinner - a poor policy… Hubert N Snowdon, Ashburton (letter)

Western Morning News 23.3.04 POPULAR POINT-TO-POINT RACES UNDER THREAT - I would like to thank the Western Morning News for the excellent coverage given to the South Pool Harriers point-to-point race meeting held at Buckfastleigh on February 14.... Unfortunately, if the Government has its way and bans hunting, this country sporting activity stands to disappear too. Mrs E Ashby Kingsbridge (letter)

Western Morning News 23.3.04 No middle way JAMES Barrington (WMN, March 10) says alleged cruelty in hunting could be tested in court in exactly the same way as domestic animal cases are heard. Is he suggesting that a court case should be conducted for every deer, fox, and hare killed?... Sorry Mr Barrington, but suffering needlessly inflicted on quarry for sport is animal abuse - there is no middle-way... John Phelps, Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 9.3.04 ANTI-HUNTING ARGUMENTS WOULD NOT WIN IN COURT - James Barrington, Consultant to the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group London (letter)
Bath Chronicle 4.3.04 KEEP LETTERS PAGES FOR PEOPLE WHO BUY THE CHRONICLE - I Write re 'Animal suffering' (Letters, February 21). The comments of Brian Kirby regarding the rejection by MPs of Lembit Opik's Middle Way Bill are, as usual, the same old cry 'ban hunting'. Until people like Mr Kirby can come up with a realistic alternative - and I really mean an alternative, not the claptrap expounded by the anti-hunting lobby, I suggest he crawls back into his warren…. Why are local readers bombarded with comments from people living in out of the way places far removed from the distribution areas of the Chronicle?... It is my belief Letters should be confined to local residents who purchase the Chronicle. DUNCAN WARRINER, Neston Road, Corsham (letter)
Western Morning News 2.3.04 GOVERNMENT MUST STICK TO GUNS - Alan Kirby, Protect Our Wild Animals, Hayle (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 27.2.04 THERE IS NO MIDDLE WAY WHERE CRUELTY IS ISSUE - James Barrington, consultant to the All-party Parliamentary Middle Way Group, Points of view February 23, says alleged cruelty in hunting could be tested in court… court proceedings would be many and prove far too laborious and costly to even contemplate. Cruelty needlessly inflicted on quarry for sport is animal abuse: there is no middle way…. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Shropshire Star 26.2.04 Lembit's Bill is good for animals - James Barrington, Consultant to the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (letter)
Western Daily Press 26.2.04 WOUND RATE RAISES DOUBTS - James Barrington Consultant to the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.2.04 DEMOCRACY MUST ENSURE THE HUNT BILL IS ENACTED Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, Points of view, February 20, steadfastly refuses to accept the hunting debate is over and Members of Parliament have decided to ban the sport.... John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Worcester Evening News 25.2.04 The hypocrisy of hunt supporters ALAN KIRBY, Protect Our Wild Animals. (letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.2.04 BILL'S BID WAS TO PROTECT ALL OUR WILD ANIMALS - It is odd how often people who claim to care about the suffering of wild mammals can see this only in terms of hunting with dogs. Alan Kirby, Points of view, February 17, ignores the benefits that Lembit Opik's Bill to amend the Wild Mammals Protection Act 1996 would have brought because of his obsession with banning hunting with dogs.... By opposing this Bill, which is clearly good for the welfare of wild mammals, those opposed to hunting are admitting that their arguments would not stand up in a court of law. James Barrington, Consultant to the All-Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group(letter)
Shropshire Star 23.2.04 Claims will not help the animals - Simon Hart, Chief Executive Countryside Alliance (letter)
Bath Chronicle 21.2.04 ANIMAL SUFFERING - ALAN KIRBY, Protect Our Wild Animals, Churchtown Road, Phillack Hayle, Cornwall (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 20.2.04 OPIK'S BILL WOULD HAVE PROTECTED WILD ANIMALS - Echo readers should not be taken in by Alan Kirby's letter against Lembit Opik's Bill to amend the Wild Mammals Protection Act, Points of view, February 17. It is a sure sign of desperation when someone who claims to be interested in protecting wild animals speaks out against legislation which would do just that…. I know what I would rather that Parliament concentrated on, but then Mr Kirby is part of a minority as well - according to the latest NOP poll he is one of just two per cent of people who think hunting should be a Government priority. Simon Hart, Chief executive, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Kingston Guardian/Surrey Comet 20.2.04 Cynical attempt to quash hunt ban deplorable - ALAN KIRBY Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)
Western Daily Press 19.2.04 PEERS BARRACK DEMOCRACY Alan Kirby Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)
Lancaster & Morecambe Citizen 19.2.04 Write now to bring back Hunting Bill - Alan Kirby, Press Officer, Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA). (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.2.04 'MIDDLE WAY' BILL WOULD HAVE SAVED BLOODSPORT - Alan Kirby, Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)
Shropshire Star 17.2.04 Demand return of hunt bill - It is pure hypocrisy for hunt supporters to slate the recent rejection by MPs of Lembit Opik's "middle way" bill on wild animal suffering. It was a desperate, cynical attempt to pre-empt a hunt ban, for which elected MPs have voted six times by massive majorities… Alan Kirby, Press Officer, Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)

Western Morning News 23.3.04 BIG SHOOTS ARE LIKE A COMPUTER GAME Phillip Milton takes Mr F Cleaves to task about his anti-shooting letter and suggests he should go and visit a shoot. (WMN, March 1). Visiting a shoot of the sort that Mr Cleaves wrote about is not easy. Were he to ask the British Association for Shooting and Conservation for an introduction, he would be sent to a small farmer-run shoot where maybe ten men shoot 20 birds of a day, which will be carried home and eagerly eaten. However, if he wanted to see one of the big-bag commercial shoots now mushrooming in Devon, he would meet problems... Modern big-bag industrial pheasant shooting is akin to a live version of a kid's alien-zapping computer game and something the PR side of shooting wants to keep hidden... Theo Hopkins, Lifton, West Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 2.3.04 Rational debate - I RESPECT people's opportunity to have different views to my own and for them to be able to vent these. However, I was "entertained" by the misinformed vitriol of F Cleaves (WMN, February 24). As someone who supports country pursuits and the invaluable benefits secured for the countryside, I appreciated the letter. However, this is because that type of misguided, emotionally charged lambasting helps normal people realise how sad and out of touch with the real countryside this vociferous minority actually is and so it strengthens our true cause…. Philip Milton, Braunton (letter)
Western Morning News 24.2.04 FUNNY WAY OF SHOWING LOVE FOR ANIMALS - Firstly, i feel nauseated by Mark Daniel's comments regarding the children who were upset by having to witness the carnage perpetrated by the shooting party on the Sandringham Estate, led by Prince Philip. These people have ice for blood and warped brains when it comes to valuing life. The Windsors don't care if children have to see such cruelty when they drag their own kids off to the fields when they are very young and order them to lose their killing virginity by pumping lead into anything with fur or feathers that moves… F Cleaves, Par (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 23.3.04 POLICE WARN 'DON'T INTERFERE WITH BIRD TRAPS' - GORDON LYON - Members of the public have been warned by police not to interfere with legal traps set for pest birds following recent incidences of vandalism. A Larsen trap and a crow cage on a Deeside estate were damaged recently when passers-by attempted to free trapped birds. Grampian Police has joined forces with the Scottish Gamekeepers Association to encourage members of the public not to tamper with traps - and warned that to do so could result in criminal charges.... (story)

The Sentinel 23.3.04 THE RACE TO CASH-IN IS A NATIONAL DISGRACE - Well the Grand National is nearly upon us again. Everyone from grannies to youngsters will be squandering money on this race… we call ourselves a nation of animal lovers. How can this be when millions are spent each year on the Grand National - a race which results in so many horses dying each year it should be sponsored by a dog food company… M DAVIES Blythe Bridge (letter)

Western Daily Press 23.3.04 ANIMAL LOVERS ATTACK PLAN TO TRAIN SURGEONS ON PIGS Plans for trainee surgeons to practise on live animals were condemned by West animal rights campaigners yesterday. Bristol-based vegetarian group Viva slammed the news as the "exploitation of poor defenceless animals". And the South West branch of Britain's leading animal welfare charity the RSPCA said the matter was of "serious concern"... (story)

Western Daily Press 23.3.04 STOP THE SLAUGHTER OF WEST PONIES, MR BLAIR - Campaigners yesterday stepped up pressure on Tony Blair to stop British ponies and donkeys being turned into salami. The Prime Minister said the Government hopes to improve animal welfare right across the continent and does not believe changes in the rules will have a major impact.... (story)

Western Daily Press 23.3.04 VILE TRADE IN HORSES IS ALIVE AND KICKING - I am in full support of the efforts by the International League for the Protection of Horses to oppose the proposed new EU rules to allow the export of live horses, ponies and donkeys from this country to the various EU member states. However, the article by Jo White of the above organisation which appeared in the February 19 2004 issue of your paper, under the heading "Horrific trade cannot begin", implies that the export of live horses, ponies and donkeys has not yet begun. But let us not be under any illusion about this. Such a trade does exist... Name and address supplied (letter)

Isle of Thanet Extra 23.3.04 MP's fears over export of live horses by Peter Barnett - NORTH Thanet MP Roger Gale has accused government ministers of preparing to give way to Europe over the export of live horses for slaughter for human consumption... (story)

Irish Examiner 23.3.04 Should lobster liberators end up in a hot pot? YOU reported (Irish Examiner, March 13) a proposal that Cork county council introduce a bye-law banning the boiling of live lobsters for the purpose of eating them. Many foods such as veal or foie gras can seem to be produced by brutal and sadistic means, but some of these practices date back to ancient Egypt and have been perfected so as to ensure that these animals do not suffer too much.... Should we not be spending taxpayers’ money trying to solve those issues instead of voting on whether a lobster should be thrown into a pot like it has been done for hundreds of years? Conor S MacAlonan, Dunbogue, Nohoval, Belgooly, Co Cork. (letter)
Irish Examiner 13.3.04 Call for ban on boiling lobsters alive By Seán O'Riordan - DEIRDRE FORD has eaten lobster only once and if she knew how it was cooked the Fianna Fáil councillor would have ordered something else. Now she wants Cork County Council to introduce bye-laws preventing restaurants from boiling lobsters alive because she feels it is cruel…. (story)

Western Mail 23.3.04 Fur flies as Euro-MPs claim dogs and cats are bred in EU for pelts - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - THE cruel trade in cat and dog fur has spread to farms in Europe. Conservative Euro-MPs are renewing calls for an EU-wide ban on the production and trade of cat and dog fur and skins and say the problem is no longer confined to the Far East.... (story)

Western Morning News 23.3.04 SHOCKING CRUELTY IN NAME OF SO-CALLED TRADITION - I am shocked by the revelation by Paul Svendsen about the cruelty to donkeys which is still perpetrated at festivals in Spain.... Mrs A P Brooks, Kingsbridge (letter)

Derbyshire Evening Telegraph 22.4.03 BIRD LOVERS' FURY OVER PIGEON CULL BY LUCY REES Animal rights activists are to demonstrate at the offices of a council after claiming its pigeon-culling methods are needlessly cruel. Derbyshire Dales District Council, based in Matlock, carried out a "limited cull" of pigeons last month, to the distress of bird lovers... Pigeon Campaigns, based in Manchester, has threatened the council with protest action unless it contacts the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PICAS) to find alternative cull methods... Emma Haskell, campaign manager for Pigeon Campaigns, said: "We contacted the council, but were told that it doesn't cull pigeons. However, after more pressure, it eventually admitted to culling six in February... Youlgreave resident Jane Whitehead (60) first contacted the council when she found a shot pigeon last year... (story)
Derbyshire Times 19.3.04 PIGEON CULL IN FIRING LINE Animal rights campaigners are spitting feathers, following a pigeon cull which they claim was inhumane. A number of birds were shot in Bakewell by Derbyshire Dales District Council marksmen last month, in order to keep the numbers down. Now members of the pressure group Pigeon Campaign UK are demanding the council adopts more humane methods of pest control. Group spokeswoman Catherine Green said she had received complaints from distressed residents... Jane `, who lives at Youlgreave, discovered some of the culled pigeons in Bakewell and said she and other residents are appalled.... (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 23.3.04 STANDING UP FOR CHICKENS - Animal rights activists gathered outside a city centre fast food chain yesterday to campaign for better living conditions for chickens. The protest was organised by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals... Activist Lesley Carley, 21, a development administrator from Arnold, said: "For me it's all about educating people and that's why I am here today."... (story)

BBC News Online 23.3.04 Firm stops export of live animals - A Kent shipping company has decided to stop the live export of animals from Dartford. Over the past few months, Dartline had sent trial shipments through the Thames Europort in the town amid anger from animal rights campaigners... Angie Petro, from Kent Action Against Live Exports, said the company's decision was all down to the pressure the group had put on it.... (story)


Birmingham Post 22.3.04 Ferry's son hunting for a career By Jessica Stephens, The Birmingham Post - It has divided rural and urban communities, spawned endless debates and led to violent encounters. Otis Ferry, however, has no doubts about which side he is on when it comes to fox hunting…. At present, he works for the Middleton Hunt in Yorkshire where he is an active member of the pro-hunting lobby. From May 1, Otis will be the newly-crowned joint master of the South Shropshire Hunt… (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 22.3.04 Happy hunters are so sadistic - IF killing a fox or a stag or a hare gives pleasure why not give up hunting and coursing and arrange 'meets' at abattoirs, you would be ecstatic…. Its all about killing and self gratification then? Come back, don't walk away. D PRATT (Mr), Plantation Street, Accrington. (letter in archive)

Grimsby Telegraph 22.3.04 MAN MUST LEAVE WILDLIFE ALONE - Replying to the letter (Viewpoint, March 12) written by the Fork Truck Driver - he dare not leave his name… The only evidence I witnessed where the environment and wildlife were under threat was as a result of the destructive influence of mankind. Ian Gray, (address supplied). (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 18.3.04 ONLY GAMES FOR THE GUTLESS It Appears that the forktruck driver known for his pro-hunt views, has been stung into action and has appeared in print again… Consequently, he subjects us to yet another regurgitation of worn out myths and tired excuses in a vain attempt to change the course of progress. Foxhunters not only kill foxes, hounds, horses, livestock, wildlife and people's pets, but also they "bore" people to death…. Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 12.3.04 HUNTING IS BEST FOR SOME WILD ANIMALS - Over the last couple of weeks, there have been three letters from "animal lovers", namely Messrs Wellings, James and Gray, all pleading for the abolition of fox hunting, but, again, completely missing the point, by only spouting cliched sentimentality… Wellings asks if anyone has heard the "excited shouting and screaming" of hunting people when a fox is killed? No, I haven't, but maybe I don't have superhuman hearing, or such a fertile imagination. As for the accusation of hungry dogs (hounds) that made me laugh out loud…. I say to them, wake up and stop playing with the fairies, because like your misguided visions, they don't exist. That Ford Truck Driver. (Name and address supplied) (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 9.3.04 DRIVEN TO KILL BY THE DESIRE FOR BIG CASH In reply to T Hall's letter on fox hunting (Viewpoint, February 5), can I ask the question, why does a tradition of cruelty made by man for his pleasure and profit have to be upheld?... I do not expect farmers to lose their livelihoods, but this barbaric sport should be placed in the past where it belongs…. Helen Lewis, Cheapside, Waltham, Grimsby (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 24.2.04 TO SAY WE'RE ANIMAL LOVERS IS A BIG JOKE - For A nation of supposed animal lovers, we do not do much to support that extravagant and misguided claim…. some wild boar have escaped from captivity… So what happens? Government and farmers announce: "Cull them, kill them and destroy them". One of our more interesting animal species, the badger, is suspected (not proven) of passing on TB to our cattle. Our Government's answer? Cull them and kill the deer too, just in case they happen to be passing on TB to our cattle…. Beautiful foxes (who some of the miserable, whingeing locals in Grimsby refer to as vermin) are chased by pompous individuals on horseback before being tortured and torn to pieces - in the name of sport, for God's sake!... Ian Gray, (Address supplied). (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 19.2.04 NO EXCUSE FOR CRUELTY I Have just read yet another letter about townspeople not being able to understand fox hunting. What I would like to know is what has living in town got to do with anything? You don't need to be living in a town to recognise cruelty when it is staring you in the face… Have you ever heard them shout and scream with excitement when some poor exhausted fox is being ripped apart by a pack of hungry dogs?... L Wellings, Grove Cottages, Riby. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 19.2.04 CAN THIS REALLY BE MUCH FUN? In reply to T Hall regarding hunting (Viewpoint, February 5). Firstly, didn't the Americans bring out drag hunting where they drag a sack behind a horse then let the dogs track it? Well why can't we do the same thing over here? Secondly, if we keep hunting would T Hall take the place of the fox and let the hounds chase him?... Mr E A James, Westwood Road, Healing. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 5.2.04 HOLD TONGUES ON HUNT May I make one or two points regarding fox hunting. Firstly, you cannot just ban a tradition of this country that has been going since the 1700's and that is more than 300-years-old… I have lived in the country for most of my life and have seen the damage that the fox can do - they can wipe out a complete poultry flock in one night… T Hall, Willing Way, Grimsby. (letter)

Glasgow Herald 22.3.04 Field sports vision of Cairngorms chief - DAVID ROSS, Highland Correspondent - FIELD sports have a legitimate and important role in the newly established Cairngorm National Park, the authority's convener said yesterday. Andrew Thin revealed his vision while addressing the Scottish Gamekeepers' Association in Perth... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 22.3.04 PARK CHIEF HIGHLIGHTS THE ROLE FOR HUNTING - CLAIRE STEWART - The head of the Cairngorm National Park has called for the public to recognise the importance of hunting for the future of the region. But convener of the park's authority, Andrew Thin, also admitted that many members of the public oppose the killing of wild animals in national parkland. Mr Thin, who heads the Cairngorm National Park Authority, made the comments at the annual general meeting of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association in Perth… (story)

Basingstoke Gazette 22.3.04 Anglers thanked - I wish to acknowledge a generous donation… On an extremely wet, cold and miserable day in October, about 30 anglers took part in an annual charity match, organised by the Basingstoke Canal Angling Association, near Crookham. Cancer Research UK benefited, as did the Winchester Children's Holiday Trust, of which I am chairman…. We received a magnificent £700 which will help us to continue with our work… Dave Pearcey, e-mail. (letter in archive)

Telegraph 22.4.03 Animal rights protest to target Oxford lab By Stewart Payne - Animal rights protesters said yesterday that they plan to target a new research laboratory at Oxford University as an extension to their campaign which forced primate experimentation at Cambridge to be scrapped.... Mel Broughton, of the Stop Primate Experimentation at Cambridge (Speac) coalition, said: "We have successfully taken on Cambridge and now we are targeting Oxford's proposals.".... (story)

BBC News Online 22.3.04 Grant funds non-animal testing - A Bristol scientist has been awarded a grant for research into alternatives to animal-testing. Dr Alison Gray of the University of the West of England is an expert in the use of cell culture…. The grant from the Fund for Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments will be used for her research into lung irritants like smoke and asbestors…. (story)

Western Morning News 22.3.04 Inappropriate drugs - ASK any vet who specialises in horse racing to treat a rare parrot and the answer will be a firm "no", because there is a world of difference between these animals when it comes to treating them with medical drugs… Animal experimentation has no place in an era of human genome studies, molecular biology and functional MRI. Andre Menache, BSc (Hons) BVSc MRCVS Scientific Consultant Animal Aid Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 22.3.04 GIVE VIEWS ON ANIMAL EXPORTS - I Read with great concern Mrs P. Bell's letter (The Citizen, March 3) about the change in EU proposals for live exports which if implemented will now include horses…. If anyone hasn't yet been in touch with the ILPH to say no to live exports, our nearest Member of the European Parliament, South West of England, is Glyn Ford… JEAN CLARKE, Westgate Street, Gloucester (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 22.3.04 VEGGIES ARE NOT BEING CATERED FOR IN PUBS AND CAFES - Following my recent letter to Open Lines on rude shop and cafe staff, and people in general, I would like to draw readers' attention to the issue of provision for vegetarians in shops and cafes… I am sure other veggies would agree that we are not being catered for - something needs to be done. Wendy Day, Dove Street, Kingsdown. (letter)


Sunday Times 21.3.04 Comment: Jenny Hjul: here’s something fishy about snubbing of angling - This has been a good week if you are a fish. It started with two Scottish-based scientists “discovering” that fish feel pain, just like any other creature, and therefore must have rights, which the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) has vowed to defend. Then, fish were found to be very important to the Scottish economy, more important even than golf, with angling contributing £112.5m a year to the tourism industry... However, instead of exciting the superlatives you would expect from a guaranteed money-spinner, fish seem to leave the Scottish executive cold.... Is it that all quarry sports are lumped together as undesirable in the new Scotland, image spoilers that attract the wrong kind of tourists, incompatible with the MTV crowds with whom we would prefer to be identified?... (story)
Dundee Courier 16.3.04 Angling worth £113m a year: survey By Ken Bell, angling correspondent - BRITAIN’S MAJOR participant sport, angling, is worth an estimated £113 million to the Scottish economy and supports almost 3000 jobs, many of them in remote or rural areas. This is the finding of a year-long survey carried out by Glasgow Caledonian University on behalf of the Scottish Executive. Had the survey taken in sea angling as well as the freshwater branches, salmon and sea trout, brown trout, rainbow and coarse angling, the figure would have been much higher....(story)
Times 16.3.04 Anglers bringing in £113m a year BY ANGUS MACLEOD, SCOTTISH POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - THE importance of angling to the Scottish economy was revealed yesterday as a study showed that it contributed £113 million a year and supported nearly 3,000 jobs. The sport also generates £50 million a year in wages, salaries and self-employed income, according to the research by Glasgow Caledonian University and Cogentsi Research International.... (story)
Scotsman 16.3.04 Anglers hope economic might will boost call to end drift-net fishing - JAMES REYNOLDS - ENVIRONMENT CORRESPONDENT - ANGLERS have called on the Scottish Executive to do more to bring an end to coastal drift-net fishing, after a new report revealed their sport brings in £113 million annually to the country’s economy. Almost 3,000 jobs are also supported by angling for salmon, trout and coarse fish, according to the research commissioned by the Executive…. (story)
Dundee Courier 15.3.04 Angling worth over £100m to Scotland - ON THE opening day of the trout-fishing season, the Executive is expected to announce just how valuable angling is to the Scottish economy, writes Ken Bell, angling correspondent. For the past year researchers from Caledonian University have undertaken a survey of all aspects of angling to work out the value, both monetary and in jobs, that angling brings to mainly rural areas.... (story)
BBC News Online 15.3.04 Angling is worth £113m a year to the Scottish economy, according to a study. The research also found that the sport supports 2,800 jobs north of the border and generates almost £50m in wages and self-employment income… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 21.3.04 Badgering, baiting - Your correspondent, Dr Elaine King of the National Federation of Badger Groups (letter, March 14), describes the reports of "sabotaged traps, intimidation and damage to farmers and farmland and translocated badgers" during the Krebs trials, as "nonsense"... out of 15,666 cage traps laid in the Krebs areas 8,981 suffered "interference" and 1,827 "disappeared"... Our own farm was subject to criminal damage, cage traps stolen or smashed, and our neighbours suffered intimidation and a vicious poster campaign... (Mrs) Pat Bird, Bude, Cornwall (letter)
Sunday Telegraph 14.3.04 In defence of badgers - One of your correspondents accuses badger groups of "sabotaging" the Krebs trials on bovine TB and intimidating those carrying it out... Your correspondent also claims that infected badgers are being released to create new TB hot spots in cattle. This is nonsense... (Dr) Elaine King, Chief Executive National Federation of Badger Groups, London, SW11 (letter)


Times 20.3.04 Fox on the run - ROBIN LANE FOX - The fox-hunting season is now ending and most of our pack’s huntsmen have blown for home... There were actually a few bets, but not many, that the Chancellor would tax foxhounds. I wish he had come to our meet instead. Several hundred foot-followers turned out for a free drink with more than 100 horses and 18 couples of the Heythrop’s best bitches, the four-legged kind.... (story)

Banbury Guardian 20.3.04 RIDING ROUGHSHOD THROUGH VILLAGE LIFE - HUNTERS and hounds damaged gardens and disrupted traffic as they chased a fox through Broughton last week. The chase by the Warwickshire Hunt, based at Little Kineton, rampaged into the village streets at around 2pm from the direction of Broughton Grange. The scenes were captured on camera by anti-hunt group Protect Our Wild Animals... Wendy Nikolaides, 48, lives in Main Road in Broughton, and said the scene was 'extraordinary.'... Hunt master Sharmian Green played down the actions of the hounds, saying it took their huntsman only a few moments to get across from the other side of the village.... "It is the first time in the 22 seasons I have been hunting that we have gone over into people's gardens and I have been to apologise to the people involved...." (story)

Torquay Herald Express 20.3.04 HUNT SURVIVOR'S TALE - In 1999 West Sussex hunt saboteurs rescued a fox from a hunt and got it to a vet. It is believed to be the first time a vet examined a fox that survived a hunt.... Based on this I can't agree with Alan Griffey (Your View, March 8), hunting of a live quarry is never acceptable. The tradition could be carried on equally well with drag hunting... R GAGIE Paignton (story)
Torquay Herald Express 8.3.04 CONCERN FOR THE EARTH, ABOVE AND BELOW GROUND - As the (Ban On) Fox Hunting Bill flounders in Parliament, and the GM Crops debate goes on, I'd like to have a go at clarifying these two topics for myself and others. First the Fox Hunting Bill. If I were a fox I'd rather take my chances in a chase with the hounds than have my lair destroyed by housing development, or being shot…. the building of false lairs and traps must cease, and terrier dogs no longer be employed in any part of the hunt. If people knew the hunt was more humane and that the fox had a better than even chance of getting back home, they'd be sympathetic to it, and the jobs and colourfulness of the tradition could be maintained…. ALAN GRIFFEY (for Torbay & South Devon Friends of the Earth) Chatto Road, Torquay (letter)

Oxford Mail 20.3.04 Two arrested over break-in - Two women have been arrested on suspicion of burglary after a break-in at an Oxford college in which taps were turned on, causing a ceiling to collapse. The women, aged 33 and 36, have been released on police bail until April 8… The burglary followed a protest earlier in the day by between 50 and 100 anti-vivisection campaigners… (story)

Times 20.3.04 Junk medicine: Anti-vivisection campaigners BY MARK HENDERSON - The anti-vivisection lobby, or at least its law-abiding element, has had something of an epiphany. It seems finally to have grasped that it is not about to convince the public of the moral rectitude of its case... What is changing, however, is the campaigners’ plan of attack. Their primary argument against animal research is no longer that it is ethically unsound for humans to inflict death, pain and suffering on other creatures for our own benefit. Instead, they make the claim that such research does not do any good.... This is a specious argument, as close analysis of the most recent paper to put it makes clear. The article in the British Medical Journal, by a group of anti-vivisectionists led by Pandora Pound of Bristol University, asks a rhetorical question: “Where is the evidence that animal research benefits humans?”... There is a principled argument to be made that killing animals for the benefit of humans is always wrong, whether for food, clothing or medical research. But the canard that animal experimentation does not benefit human health needsto be nailed for good. It simply isn’t true (story)

Scotsman 20.3.04 Harvey Nichols bans rabbit fur from stores - FRANK O’DONNELL - CONSUMER AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT - THE department store Harvey Nichols banned fur from all of its UK outlets yesterday following protests from animal rights activists. A national day of action against the retailer had been organised for today, with plans for demonstrations at its stores in Edinburgh, London, Manchester and Birmingham... Yvonne Taylor, the spokeswoman for Advocates for Animals, which has now cancelled plans for today’s demonstration, said: "The fur trade is trying to claim that fur is back, but in the past few months animal rights activists nationwide, co-ordinated by the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade, have persuaded many of the few high-street chains still selling fur to go fur-free..." (story)
Daily Record 20.3.04 POSH SHOP DUMP FUR - HARVEY Nichols have finally cleared their shelves of fur following a snub from customers. The shop.... announced this week they would no longer sell rabbit fur because no one was buying it. (story)

Northern Echo 20.3.04 FARMING - J HESLOP (HAS, Mar 15) claims modern farmers benefit the countryside... True, some small family farmers are caring and responsible... It's the obscene cruelty of the factory farmers and the equally obscene greed of the agro-barons that win for their practitioners all the perks, all the subsidies... T Kelly, Crook (letter in archive)


Westmorland Gazette 19.3.04 Hunt sticker row erupts By Ellis Butcher - FOX hunters and their opponents clashed this week after the Coniston Foxhounds were accused of showing support for a pro-hunting organisation described as extremist, reports Ellis Butcher. The North West League Against Cruel Sports said the Coniston hunt uses a trailer to transport hounds, which bears a sticker issued by a group called the Real Countryside Alliance. But the Coniston hunt laughed of the claims, accusing the league of "scraping the bottom of the barrel" and said it should consider the behaviour of hunt saboteurs before making accusations…. Ernie Shepherd, of the Coniston hunt, said he did not support the Real CA and suggested the incident was mischief making…. Alison Bolt, of the North Lonsdale Foxhounds, said: "The Real CA have been very quiet lately. A lot of their protests were designed to irritate more than anything and raise the profile of the fox hunting debate. But they never set out to cause personal harm to anyone." (story)

Harrogate Advertiser 19.3.04 Would law be as tough on badger baiters? - From: Luke Tippins, St Johns Crescent, Harrogate THE front page of the Advertiser made me very angry last week, when I read about an animal rights campaigner getting a five year prison sentence. Yet on the same page the police are advising anyone witnessing badger baiting to contact them. It seems to me that while badger baiting is deservedly seen as vile, laboratory experiments on animals are somehow respectable… (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 19.3.04 MEP CALLS FOR HORSE PROTECTION MEASURE - South West MEP Neil Parish is campaigning to stop live horses being exported for slaughter. For 70 years the UK has prevented the live export of horses, but this could change if a new European Union law is passed… (story)

Western Mail 19.3.04 Animal welfare group cries fowl over KFC - Aled Blake, The Western Mail - A PROTEST against fast-food giant KFC came to Wales yesterday. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) for the deep-fried chicken specialist to improve its animal welfare record. Protestors in Cardiff dressed up as a giant crippled chicken and showed video footage of birds living in squalid conditions. Andrew Butler, of Peta, said, "KFC can reform their industry because they are such a large buyer of chickens…. (story)


Melton Times 18.3.04 A HUNTING BAN COULD COST US £400,000 A HUNTING ban could cost Melton £400,000 a year – and the borough is prepared to put in a compensation claim…. Three hunts – Quorn, Belvoir and Cottesmore – put around £400,000 a year into the Melton area. Borough council officer Margaret Cameron said: "The hunts employ 25 people between them – that's 25 jobs which would be lost as a direct result of a ban… She said compensation was now being considered and added: "I think it will prove crucial to the Bill's progress."… (story)

Horse & Hound 18.3.04 Foxhunting on the up in America - Isobel Walsh - As the future of hunting with dogs continues to be debated in Britain, hunting in America is enjoying a surge in popularity with 30 new hunts established during the last decade… The number of hunts in the US has risen by more than 25%, from 140 to 170, during the last decade. Lieutenant Dennis Foster, director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America, attributes the sport's popularity to a variety of causes…. (story)

Hunts Post 18.3.04 MP bids to beat terrorism - Report by PAUL RICHARDSON and IAN MacKELLAR - HUNTINGDON MP, Jonathan Djanogly today uses The Hunts Post to launch a campaign against animal rights terrorists who are threatening local businesses…. Since January, Mr Djanogly has been contacted by a variety of local firms - ranging from a public relations company to a waste contractor - saying they had been targeted by SHAC… Inspector Dave Sumner, of Cambridgeshire police, told The Hunts Post: "We are in the business of facilitating lawful and peaceful protests. Obviously, we will look into any allegations of criminal offence, whether against individuals, companies or suppliers"…. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 18.3.04 END THIS CRUELTY You will never be able to see the inside of an animal experiment laboratory. This is a good thing as you would never be able to erase the nightmare of suffering from your mind… Thankfully there are now an increasing number of MPs who are beginning to realise that primate research is so terribly cruel and should be banned and as there are now alternative technologies these abhorrent experiments are unnecessary… B JONES, Brixham (letter)

Totally Jewish 18.4.03 Shechita Ban by Justin Cohen - The government is set to launch its consultation on calls to ban religious slaughter without pre-stunning within days, it has emerged. Britain’s Jewish and Muslim communities will be given 12 weeks to put forward their responses to the document, triggered by recommendations made by the Farm Animal Welfare Council last year… (story)

Okehampton Times 18.3.04 Please help to stop slaughter of horses - READERS may already be aware that horses are exported live from Poland to Italy to be slaughtered for meat on arrival. When animal welfare group Viva! first went to Poland to start campaigning against the live export of horses for meat to the EU nearly 100,000 animals were being transported every year…. Poles do not eat horses and are keen to see a ban on live horse exports. We have to keep up the pressure to stop this trade. Please support Viva! and help end this cruelty… Ms L Harley, Steps House, Webber Hill, Okehampton (letter in archive)


Irish Examiner 17.3.04 Cullen calls the shots - IT IS not often that a Fianna Fáil minister deserves to be praised for decisive action on an issue, but Environment Minister Martin Cullen deserves a pat on the back for refusing to give the shooting fraternity the right to hunt over national parks and nature reserves… John Tierney, Campaigns Director, Association of Hunt Saboteurs, PO Box 4734, Dublin 1. (letter)
Irish Examiner 10.3.04 Cullen spikes the guns - CONGRATULATIONS to Environment Minister Martin Cullen on his decision not to lift the ban on game shooting over State lands… John Fitzgerald, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)
Irish Independent 5.3.04 No shooting in State parks, Cullen decrees - GUN clubs have not been given permission to hunt in State owned national parks and wildlife properties, Environment Minister Martin Cullen told the Dail. He has decided not to change the long-standing policy despite representations from the Association of Regional Game Councils…. (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 17.3.04 Firm targeted by animal rights group By Ted Jeory - A HAULAGE company is being targeted by animal rights activists who claimed to have seen it making a delivery to a business involved in vivisection. Campaigners from the People Against Cruelty to Animals (PACA) have published the name and address of Colchester-based hauliers B and E Hamblion (Transport) Ltd on the internet…. But the company's owner, Paul Hamblion, said he was against animal testing and added he “just wants to earn a living”…. (story)

BBC News Online 17.3.04 Activists vow to stop animal work - Campaigners have vowed to stop the completion of a university facility housing animals destined for research. A total of £18m is to be spent on the facility at Oxford University's South Parks Road science area…. But Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, said the plans suggest clear implications that the total volume of animal research is to be stepped up… (story)
Oxford Mail 16.3.04 University: We WILL be testing animals - Anti-vivisection campaigners have pledged to do "everything within the law" to prevent the opening of a laboratory which will be used for experiments on primates. Oxford University had previously claimed the £18m facility, to be built in the South Parks Road science area, would be used only to house animals, but it has now admitted it will include laboratories for animal experiments... Speac spokesman Mel Broughton said: "We've successfully taken on Cambridge and now we're targeting Oxford's proposals."... (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 17.3.04 BADGERS BLAMED FOR CATTLE'S TB DESPITE FLIMSY EVIDENCE Some media people are encouraging comments made by certain vested interests, that badgers are the prime cause of TB in cattle. Such comments are opinions, and not facts…. Farmers and government officials should not forget there are elements in our society who look for any excuse to persecute the badger or any of our wildlife… David Thomas Westbury Wiltshire (letter)

Fife Free Press 17.3.04 VOLES V MINK - NATIVE animals at a Fife beauty spot could be under threat from rising numbers of aggressive foreign predators. Officials are calling for a cull of American minks around Kilconquhar Loch before they get a chance to destroy its bird and water vole population… The loch last witnessed a cull in 1999, as a result of a government action plan to thin out the Northern American ruddy duck population. Animal rights activists slammed the plan, but conservationists feared the native white-headed duck would become extinct because of the ruddy duck's more dominant mating habits… (story)

Scotsman 17.3.04 Debt and feud spell the end for pork producer - JOHN ROBERTSON and FRANK URQUHART - SCOTPIGS, Scotland’s second largest pork producer which has been plagued for years by allegations of appalling standards of animal welfare, was finally wound up yesterday following a bitter feud between the company’s leading directors…. The decision was last night welcomed by Advocates for Animals, the organisation which first produced the video evidence uncovering the appalling conditions in which pigs were being kept at Scotpigs’ farms. Yvonne Taylor, the organisation’s campaigns manager, said: "Whilst Advocates for Animals welcomes the news that Scotpigs is closing, it is a shocking indictment on our legislation that Scotpigs is being closed purely on financial grounds."… (story)


Crediton, Culm Valley & Tiverton Gazettes 16.3.04 DEAD STOCK DISPOSAL ONLY DONE THROUGH HUNTS - ALLIANCE CLAIM - Hunts in Mid Devon and Exmoor are now the only way farmers in the area can dispose of dead stock, claims the Countryside Alliance…. The alliance said Defra had postponed a national scheme to collect the carcasses, leaving farmers with few options on disposal…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 16.3.04 THE LABOUR LEADERSHIP IS IGNORING MPS OVER HUNTS I have to agree with hunt supporter C Dunstan, Points of view, March 5, questioning the Labour brand of democracy. This is why I left the Labour Party four or five years ago and joined the Liberal Democrats… What is the point of the electorate giving their votes to Labour members of Parliament if the votes of MPs are not respected by the Prime Minister? John Phelps Argyll Road Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.3.04 DEMOCRACY NOT SERVED BY A BAN ON HUNTING - John Phelps, Points of view, February 25, enlists democracy in his argument to have the Hunting Bill enacted without delay. I think he is on a sticky wicket… Tony Blair has had plenty of opportunity to ban hunting in the last seven years but the strength of opposition has stopped him. This is real democracy in action…. Labour MPs secured only 25 per cent vote of the total electorate at the 2001 General Election, so perhaps they do not care about public opinion or democracy… C Dunstan, Old Tiverton Road, Crediton (letter)

Western Mail 16.3.04 SIR - It's hard to believe an event as barbaric as the Waterloo Cup is still allowed to take place in 2004 - despite a massive public outcry against the brutality…. All those out there, who feel as outraged as I do by these gross acts of violence against defenceless animals, please for pity sake, write a letter of protest to Tony Blair… JUDI HEWITT, North Wales area contact, The League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

Glasgow Evening Times 16.3.04 Bid to hook kids on angling - BOTANIST David Bellamy and broadcaster Jimmie MacGregor helped a new scheme cast-off which aims to cut crime by getting kids into fishing. Angling for Youth Development led by Strathclyde Police and East Renfrewshire Council is a course of 10 evening classes in angling techniques, green issues, species identification and health and safety.... (story)

Western Morning News 16.3.04 OPPOSITION TO LIVE EXPORTS ON MORAL GROUNDS IS VALID ENOUGH - Swep members have been pursuing a very active campaign to persuade the Government to secure an opt-out clause or ban on the live export of horses, ponies and donkeys… Charles Lovell, South West Equine Protection Princetown (letter)

Western Morning News 16.3.04 AFFECTION PROVES A TWO-WAY STREET - When i hung a petition on my gate asking passers-by for support against the resumption of the live equine trade for Europe for slaughter, I was astounded by the response. Just about every passer-by gave their signature and their address and the same happened on two successive days…. I for one cannot vote again for a Labour government which ignores this very special English sensitivity… N J Hollow, Calstock (letter)

Western Daily Press 16.3.04 MILKING CYCLE ABUSES CATTLE - Dairy farmer Michael Weaver is being disingenuous when he claims that dairy cows would stop producing milk if they were ill or unhappy. This is not true. Mammals continue to lactate after birth even when cruelly treated. Do battered women cease to be able to breast feed if they are beaten? Of course not. So it is with cows… Name and address supplied (letter)

News Shopper 16.3.04 Boycott products made of real fur - RACHEL Bradman is right to highlight the cruelty caused by the trend for wearing fur (He Says/She Says, February 18).... Richard De Ville Research and campaigns officer Respect for Animals (letter)
News Shopper 4.3.04 Rupert wrong on fur trade - I BELIEVE Rupert Smythe should go back to living in primal times if he still thinks the same way our ancestors did. Surely we are educated enough to realise killing animals for their pelts is wrong…. Laura Guiver, Beckenham (letter)
News Shopper 2.3.04 The truth behind the fur trade - RE: ANIMAL fur (He Says/She Says, February 18). Rupert Smythe says it is illogical to talk about anything vaguely approaching equality between humans and animals. Words such as inequality were used by the Nazis to justify their extermination of mentally and physically handicapped adults and children, homosexuals, Jews, Poles, gipsies and other categories of people they considered to be below them… Pamela Kinnunen Email address supplied (letter)
News Shopper 2.3.04 Save our animals? What about the veg?. The debate on whether animals should be killed for food and clothing reminds me of a song from my schooldays. It went like this: There's a new society, called the RSPCV To protect spring greens and the garden beans from undue cruelty…. J Doust King Henry Mews Orpington (letter)
News Shopper 2.3.04 No need for fur killings I simply cannot understand why we need to kill any animal simply to use its fur…. Linda Orme Email address supplied (letter)
News Shopper 2.3.04 Smythe is very ignorant - Having read Rupert Smythe's view, words don't exactly fail me but there is not much point in trying to speak for the animals to someone who wears his ignorance on his sleeve trimmed with fur, of course… Jan Yarker Email address supplied (letter)

Bexley News Shopper 18.2.04 Is wearing fur acceptable or an unnecessary cruelty? Animal rights are back on the agenda with newspapers reporting huge rises in people buying real fur… this week our columnists RUPERT SMYTHE and RACHEL BRADMAN debate the controversial issue
DO NOT FOLLOW FASHION TREND By Rachel Bradman (story)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 16.3.04 Circus pleads for horse go-ahead - A CIRCUS with two performing horses and a TV crew in tow may be on the way to Corby. Robert Brothers Famous Circus wants to bring two stallions to Corby as part of a big-top display in May at a council-owned site in Cockerell Road. Officers have recommended councillors approve a one-off change in policy to allow the horses to be shown. The authority banned performing animals in 1999…. (story)


Sheffield Star 15.3.04 Violence flares at fox hunt - FIVE people were injured when animal rights protesters clashed with fox hunters in North Derbyshire. Police - already at the hunt because of previous problems - had to call in extra officers to cope with the disturbance. One hunt member was arrested and has been bailed while investigations continue…. Demonstrators claimed a disabled man in his 40s was hurt in a collision with a huntsman on horseback and a teenager received a cut from a rider's whip. But members of the Barlow Hunt, near Chesterfield, claim saboteurs assaulted three of their group, injured a horse and threatened children at the meet, at Rumbling Farm on Saturday…. (story)

Worcester Evening News 15.3.04 Foxes' death preferences - K FLEMMING (You Say, Saturday, March 6) is one more glaring example of the impractical attitude of those with an anti-hunting viewpoint. Wondering whether foxes should be balloted over hunting adds nothing to this serious debate. If K Flemming did arrange voting rights for the fox then the hound should also be enfranchised to decide the future of hunting…. JON BURGESS, Malvern (letter in archive)

Lancashire Evening Post 15.3.04 Foxes do damge, too - I FEEL a moral obligation to comment on Mr D Ashton's letter about fox hunting and hare coursing. Mr Ashton refers to foxes as innocent and poor creatures. I don't believe he can have come into contact with the callous damage a fox can do to new-born lambs or chickens. Are these animals not the poor and innocent creatures?... JAMES R WALTON (age 17), Woodbury Avenue, Fence (letter in archive)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 10.3.04 Let's put an end to this evil animal cruelty - IN my opinion hare coursing should be banned and so should fox hunting…. D ASHTON, Piccadilly Road, Burnley. (letter in archive)

Oxford Mail 15.3.03 Police at hunt: What a waste - In reply to George Finn Police are wasted on trivial duties (Oxford Mail, March 6), may I draw attention to the inconsistency of policing hunting?... The presence of five officers throughout the day with the Vale of Aylesbury Hunt on Saturday, March 6, would surely not be considered by the average council taxpayer as efficient management of resources… BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter in archive)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 15.3.04 MOCK FOX HUNT RAISES £2,000 - Pockets of snow provided an extra challenge for the 22 riders taking part in a mock fox hunt at Rothienorman to raise £2,000 for charity yesterday. The melting ice served as a reminder of the poor weather which had seen the popular Anthony Nolan Trust event postponed twice since December…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 23.2.04 Weather hits hunt - POOR weather has seen the Anthony Nolan Trust mock fox hunt postponed for a second time. The charity event is now due to take place at Westertown Farm, near Rothienorman, on Sunday, March 14... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 29.12.03 NEW DATE SET FOR CHARITY MOCK HUNT AS EVENT RAINED OFF Riding enthusiasts were stopped in their tracks when wet weather forced the cancellation of an annual charity mock fox hunt . The Anthony Nolan Trust event, which was scheduled to take place at Westertown Farm, near Rothienorman yesterday, has become a seasonal highlight in recent years... The event, which raised more than £1,500 for the UK's cancer victims last year, is now scheduled for February 22.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal/Evening Express 10.12.03 RIDERS' CHANCE TO REIN IN SOME CASH …Rothienorman will be the December 28 setting for a fundraising mock fox hunt, which has become a seasonal highlight over recent years and annually brought in a substantial sum for the Anthony Nolan Trust… "The mock hunt allows riders to work off their Christmas pudding, and experience the thrill of the hunt without harming any wild animal," said trust organiser George Walker…. (story)

Telegraph 15.3.04 Pheasant rationale - I am not an animal rights activist, but Christopher Graffius's reasoning (letter, Mar 12) is enough to turn me into one…. Does Mr Graffius really think that a bird that is shot by people enjoying a male-bonding day is better off than the bird shot by an embittered, lonely poacher? Joyce Glasser, London NW3 (letter)
Telegraph 12.3.04 Sadists must stay indoors - Peter Kilfoyle is to be congratulated for taking up BBC2's challenge to experience a week on a shoot, but he needs to think more about the issues of "cruelty" and "thrill in the kill"… I have never met anyone who shoots who enjoyed the kill for the suffering it might involve. That would be sadism and such a person has no place on a shoot. Christopher Graffius, British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Rossett, Denbighshire (letter)
Telegraph 9.3.04 Cruelty to any creature diminishes our humanity By Peter Kilfoyle - When the BBC initially approached me to spend, in their words, a week in the real world, I was not very impressed…. Nevertheless, I was subconsciously hooked on the idea…. Tony Banks was far more flexible about the distinction between hunting with dogs and shooting than I had imagined. Colin Pickthall - bane of the Waterloo Cup hare coursing - shared Tony's subtlety of approach…. The gamekeepers feel under threat because their whole livelihood depends on shooting - not just their wages, but their tied houses as well. They are not cruel people, but eminently practical in their jobs…. What I cannot live with is cruelty…. I am certain that the people with whom I dealt would never dream of hurting their nearest and dearest, nor anyone else. Yet there is a perversity in a certain view of animals that fails to recognise that cruelty to any living creature is a diminution of our humanity…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 7.3.04 Labour MP turns gamekeeper - and discovers the 'benefits' of shooting By Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor - One of Labour's most outspoken opponents of field sports has become an advocate for the social and economic benefits of shooting after swapping his sedentary Westminster life for a week as a gamekeeper. Peter Kilfoyle now admits that shooting is a classless pursuit with "huge" economic benefits after his experience with beaters at Shieldhill Castle in Biggar, south Lanarkshire, one of the oldest shooting estates in Scotland... Mr Kilfoyle was initiated into country ways for a BBC television programme, My Week In The Real World, to be broadcast this week... Last night Mr Kilfoyle insisted that he remained implacably opposed to hunting with hounds. He told the Telegraph: "I would not have gone foxhunting because I can see no rational justification for it...." (story)
Liverpool Echo 9.1.04 Anti-hunt MP joins shoot By Mike Hornby, Liverpool Echo - PETER Kilfoyle is one of the govern-ment's most outspoken opponents to bloodsports. So the Walton MP is the last person you would expect to see organising a shoot, learning to set animal traps and plucking a pheasant … He spent a week working on the estate, as part of a new programme called My Week in the Real World, which will be shown in the spring… "That is how the game-keeper makes his living and I don't deny him that right, but they never changed my views on hunting with dogs. I simply don't understand the perverse pleasure people get from cruelty to animals and whenever the opportunity comes up, I will continue to vote against it."… (story)

Sutton Guardian/Comet 15.3.04 Circus ban turned down - More than 400 animal rights protesters this week called on the council to introduce a blanket ban on circuses with animals coming to the borough. Sutton and Croydon Animal Aid's case was heard by members of the strategy committee, who received a petition containing hundreds of signatures and were addressed by a representative from the group. Petitioner Tracey Mills urged councillors to adopt a new policy of refusing to allow entry to circuses with animals following last month's visit by Zippos to Beddington Park…. (story)

BBC News Online 15.3.04 Animal activists hold fast food protest - Animal activists protesting against what they claim to be cruel conditions in the fast food trade held a rally in Southampton on Monday. The group from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were protesting over conditions faced by chickens supplied to the industry… (story)


Sunday Times 16.3.04 Minister claims shotgun lessons are better for children than video games - JASON ALLARDYCE - A SENIOR minister has been condemned for suggesting that it is preferable for children to be taught to use shotguns and rifles rather than to play video games. Speaking on Friday, the eve of the eighth anniversary of the Dunblane massacre, rural affairs minister Alun Michael said learning to use guns for clay-pigeon shooting or vermin control on farms promoted discipline and responsibility among young people… (story)

Sunday Times 14.3.04 Anglers to face RSPCA checks - JONATHAN LEAKE, ENVIRONMENT EDITOR - FISH farms and anglers face checks by inspectors from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) amid new scientific claims that fish can feel pain. It has confirmed it will now investigate complaints alleging cruelty and is prepared to prosecute whenever appropriate… (story)
Sunday Times 14.3.04 Anglers to face cruelty checks by SSPCA - JONATHAN LEAKE AND KARIN GOODWIN - FISH farms and anglers face checks by inspectors from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) amid new scientific claims that fish can feel pain…. Dr Victoria Braithwaite, of Edinburgh University’s school of biological sciences, studied the type of pain receptors in fish and concluded they were similar to those of mammals. She and her co-author, Professor Felicity Huntingford of Glasgow University’s institute of biomedical and life sciences, also studied how fish reacted to unpleasant stimuli and found that their responses were no different from more “advanced” creatures.... (story)

Irish Sunday Independent 14.3.04 Prime Time expose on stag hunting - John Fitzgerald, Animal welfare campaigner (letter)
Irish Examiner 13.3.04 Time to end thisbarbaric 'sport' - RTE's Primetime recently screened a hard-hitting expose of carted stag hunting… The programme revealed for the first time the findings of an official report on this bloody 'sport'…. The stags hunted in Ireland are farmed and raised in captivity for the specific purpose of hunting them… The Government should ban stag hunting. If it fails to act, it will be up to a private citizen to take a High Court action to prevent the granting of future stag hunt licenses. John Fitzgerald, Lr Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny. (letter)


Sun 13.3.04 Clarkson on Saturday - www.wrong!.com - SO, a group of animal rights activists have put my name, address and home phone number on their website saying that I’m not immortal and that my house isn’t fireproof…. I’m not entirely sure what my crime is. I grow organic vegetables which I feed to my donkeys…. Maybe they want to kill my children because I was spotted in the butcher’s shop last week buying a pork pie… But if… you are interested in firebombing my house, I’d like to say my proper address is 10 Downing Street, London SW1. My phone number is 020 7270 3000 and I answer to my real name, which is Tony Blair. (story)
Western Daily Press 13.3.04 FIREBOMB THREATS - I read with horror the claim that animal rights activists are planning to firebomb celebrities. This sort of thing does nothing to help bring about the end of hunting… Personally, I find any form of hunting repulsive and disgusting … S Lloyd, Okehampton, Devon (letter)
Sun 8.3.04 Animal sickos: Harm stars By ALISTAIR TAYLOR - A “HIT-LIST” urging attacks on up to 100 celebrities has been put on the internet by a militant animal rights group. Stars targeted include Billy Connolly, Sting, Anne Robinson, Ian Botham and Sun columnist Jeremy Clarkson…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 8.3.04 POLICE PROBE 'SCUM' TAUNT - Special branch detectives are investigating an animal rights website which has targeted Foresters. The website is the work of a group called Badgers Unknown and has accused several people in the district of being "celebrety bloodsport scum."… (story)
Sunday Sun 7.3.04 Sting on hit list By Zoe Burn, Sunday Sun - Pop legend and environmentalist Sting has been put on a hit list of celebrity targets by militant animal rights activists... because of his love of fishing. The Tyneside-born singer is one of 100 British stars, including cricket legend Ian Botham, whose home addresses and telephone numbers have been put on an internet website…. (story)
Independent 6.3.04 Animal rights and the wrong prey - Annalisa Barbieri - So this week some animal rights group has posted the names, addresses and telephone numbers of various celebrities who fish or hunt. Inciting their members to, no doubt, do something really big and intelligent like starting a conversation that puts their point of view across in a calm, considered manner. Extreme animal rights people really frustrate me. Just as much as huntin', shootin' and fishin' people who won't listen to anyone else's point of view do, too… I've fished with some remarkable men and women who fish, for sport, but also have done more to conserve fish stocks than any "animal-lover" I've ever met… So much easier to publish a list of celebrity names and addresses and encourage fire-bombing their homes. Best make sure they don't have pets in the house at the time though, eh? (story)
Forester 4.3.04 ANIMAL RIGHTS SITE TARGETS FORESTERS - Gloucestershire police say they are aware of an animal rights website that names Foresters as 'celebrity bloodsport scum'… "We have been aware of this website since December," said Police spokeswoman Kate Nelmes. "So far no offences have been committed - any that are will be investigated thoroughly." (story)
Worcester Evening News 4.3.04 Website attacks famous - ANIMAL rights activists have posted the names and home addresses of high-profile personalities on a website in a bid to incite violence against them. The former Bishop of Hereford, the Rt Rev John Oliver, and former commanding officer of the SAS, General Sir Peter de la Billiere, are two of more than 100 famous people targeted because of their perceived support for countryside pursuits such as hunting, shooting or fishing… (story in archive)
BBC News Online 4.3.04 Bishop threatened by extremists - The former Bishop of Hereford is being threatened by animal rights extremists because of his support for hunting. Campaigners have named the Right Reverend John Oliver, along with more than 100 public figures, as the targets of a possible fire-bombing campaign…. (story)
Daily Record 4.3.04 BIG YIN'S BAD LIFESTYLE - PERHAPS it is Billy Connolly's lifestyle that has perpetuated these extreme threats. I'm afraid many celebrities whoown large estates to pursue blood sports are not admired by animal lovers. How different is the outlook of Paul McCartney and family… Jean Bennington, Prestatyn
BIG YIN'S BAD LIFESTYLE - IT'S unfair that Billy Connolly is being targeted by animal rights' activists. I do not believe that violence is acceptable in fighting for any cause… Donna Easton,via e-mail (letters)
Hereford Times 3.3.04 Activist website targets celebrities - HIGH-profile personalities have condemned animal rights activists who posted their names and home addresses on a website in a bid to incite violence against them…. (story in archive)
York Evening Press 3.3.04 Activitists target hunt supporters by Chris Greenwood - ANIMAL rights activists have posted the names, addresses and phone numbers of several prominent North Yorkshire hunting supporters on the internet…. The list targets company director Edward Duke, of Stillington, near York. He headed the Countryside Alliance in 1997…. Former England cricketer Ian Botham, who has a home near Richmond, University of York graduate Harry Enfield, and Bryan Ferry, whose son, Otis, was a whipper-in for the Middleton Hunt, based at Birdsall, near Malton, are also listed…. (story in archive)
Western Daily Press 3.3.04 WE'RE GOING TO FIREBOMB HOMES OF STARS IN WEST - Stars from the West smeared on a sick celebrity hit-list last night slammed the campaign as the work of "despicable" cowards and terrorists. They spoke after being targeted by animal rights extremists who are urging activists to carry out intimidation and firebomb attacks. Details of famous people who support hunting, shooting and fishing have been posted on a sinister Internet site, under the heading "Celebrity Bloodsports Scum"…. The site is the work of a self-styled faction which calls itself Badgers Unknown…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 3.3.04 'WE'LL FIREBOMB HOMES OF COUNTY CELEBRITIES' - County celebrities have been warned by police after their names appeared on an anti-hunt internet site calling for people to firebomb their homes. They have been targeted by animal rights extremists, who describe them as "Celebrity Bloodsports Scum"…. (story)
Evening Standard 3.3.04 Animal rights activists 'make threats to stars' By Alexis Akwagyiram, Evening Standard - Police are investigating claims that animal rights activists are inciting violence and firebomb attacks on several high-profile figures involved in country sports. Jamie Oliver, Sting and Billy Connolly are among 100 celebrities whose names, addresses and phone numbers have been posted on the internet by extremists… (story)
Independent 2.3.04 Animal rights activists are accused of inciting violence against celebrities By Paul Kelbie, Scotland Correspondent - Animal rights activists have posted the names, home addresses and telephone numbers of more than 100 famous people on a website inciting fellow activists to carry out firebomb attacks. The celebrities, who include Billy Connolly, Harry Enfield and Jeremy Irons, have been targeted because of their support for hunting, shooting or fishing. Special Branch officers are understood to have been in contact with a number of people on the list warning them of the dangers... (story)
Wales on Sunday 29.2.04 Gareth Edwards on anti-bloodsport hitlist - Lucy Ballinger, Wales on Sunday - RUGBY legend Gareth Edwards has been named on a hitlist of potential targets by animal rights extremists. The 56-year-old former Wales captain is one of four Welsh men whose home addresses and telephone numbers have been exposed on three internet sites run by a militant group of activists, who we have chosen not to name for security reasons... The extremists also name ex-Wales football skipper Vinnie Jones, who this week entered a greyhound in Britain's controversial hare-coursing event the Waterloo Cup, Cardiff South and Penarth MP Alun Michael, who is Minister for Rural Affairs, and Simon Hart, the chief executive of pro-hunting group the Countryside Alliance.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 13.3.04 PRO-HUNTING LETTER ROT! - Mr W Lewis's letter in defence of hunting… what a load of rubbish! Jennie Cook, Tale Common Head, Honiton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.3.04 WHERE'S THE EVIDENCE TO CLAIM JESUS ATE FOXES? - I suspect that anyone who read Mr W Lewis's letter, Points of view, February 25, would be puzzled by the gigantic leaps in logic… It is in fact an entirely unnatural act for hounds to kill foxes, quite the reverse of Mr Lewis's oft-repeated argument!... If hounds were trained to tear apart puppies there would be an outcry but the same process within fox hunting has been going on for years mainly because the hunting fraternity like to keep it quiet by calling it 'early season hunting' rather than cub hunting. Dr John Pamment, Clyst Heath, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 3.3.04 OPPONENTS OF HUNTING WEREN'T THOSE SWEARING - Yvonne Nicola, Points of view February 24, refers to the video made by the League Against Cruel Sports in 2001… The language is unprintable, but I wish to make it clear that all the verbal abuse was from the hunters and terriermen directed at the camera crews and hunt monitors. Those opposed to hunting appearing in the video conducted themselves, at all times, in an entirely proper manner. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 26.2.04 HUNT SUPPORTER SHOULD APOLOGISE OVER CLAIMS Jonathan Marshall, Points of view, February 12, claimed what I said about the video Chaos in the Countryside, which shows some of the terrible abuse and cruelty associated with hunting, was untrue… The British Board of Film Classification's comments include "frequent animal horror" as well as strong language and occasional, moderate violence…. Kathy Moyle, Collins Park, East Budleigh (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.2.04 YOU CAN'T TELL ANIMALS NOT TO EAT EACH OTHER From the earliest times on this planet animals, including reptiles and insects, have cared for their young and killed other creatures in order to urvive... John Phelps, Points of view, February 9, fails to understand this fact and that it is necessary to cause pain and suffering... Finally, as for a Government proposing to ban animals from attacking other animals, this would be the most bizarre Act in parliament's history. W Lewis Rackenford near Tiverton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 12.2.04 VERBAL ABUSE REASON FOR AWARDING 18 CERTIFICATE - Kathy Moyle, Points of view, January 26, in promoting the anti-hunting propaganda video Chaos in the Countryside claims that it can only be viewed by over 18s because "the abuse and cruelty associated with hunting is so terrible". This is untrue… British Board of Film Classification has pointed out that the only reason it was given an 18 certificate was because of the large amount of very strong swearing the video contains… Jonathan Marshall, Handy Cross, Lydeard St Lawrence, near Taunton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 12.2.04 NOBODY HAS RIGHT TO END LIFE OF A LIVING CREATURE With reference to Frank Farr's letter condemning the mink, Points of view, February 4, let us remember that man has no right to destroy any living creature because he judges that it's a killer, or because it's not useful, or because he does not like it…. The sooner hunters go, the better for all wildlife. We can't stop all suffering but that doesn't mean we shouldn't stop any…. Hunting is terribly cruel and the bottom line is that it is wrong… Mrs Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, St Thomas, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 11.2.04 PREDATORS KILL TO EAT, NOT IN PURSUANCE OF SPORT - In a bizarre fashion, Echo correspondent Mr W Lewis, Points of view, February 3, appears to seek to justify hunting with hounds by linking it to the suffering of prey at the hands of predators in the natural world…. It is for these reasons, among others, that I am both Christian and a hunt saboteur. Hayden Macey, Aller Park Road, Newton Abbot (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.2.04 A KINGFISHER ISN'T BEING CRUEL WHEN IT HAS TO EAT - Mr w Lewis, Points of view February 3, says the natural world is full of cruelty and asks when this fact is going to be realised by those opposed to hunting… Mr Lewis fails to understand that these Acts, as with most laws, concern persons. Our legislature cannot enact laws to be observed by cats and dogs or birds and fish…. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 6.2.04 CONSEQUENCES OF A BAN OR TOUTING FOR SYMPATHY? Writing to support fox-hunting, Points of view, February 3, Mr Lewis said: "There are thousands of examples of 'cruelty' by predators... Surely he is not touting for sympathy? I think we should be told. David Carder, Pennsylvania, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 4.2.04 THE SOONER MINK GO, THE BETTER FOR ALL WILDLIFE With reference to Mrs K Moyles on hunting, Points of view, January 26, let us remember mink were brought into this country for their pelts. Mink are the greatest killer of all wildlife. These animals broke the natural chain of our own predators: weasels, stoats, foxes and badgers… Frank Farr, East Budleigh (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 3.2.04 WHO WOULD WANT TO SEE ANIMALS TORN APART? Kathy Moyle, Points of view, January 26, writes: "To those who think hunting is not cruel, please watch a video called Chaos in the Countryside, the Secret Face of Hunting Exposed…. the video to which she refers is totally inadequate… The natural world is full of cruelty. When is this fact going to be realised by all the 'do-gooders' who consider themselves to have a monopoly on kindness. W Lewis Rackenford, near Tiverton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 26.1.04 VIDEO SHOWS THE CRUELTY ASSOCIATED WITH HUNTING - To those who think hunting is not cruel, please view a video called Chaos in the Countryside, the Secret Face of Hunting Exposed. The abuse and cruelty associated with hunting is so terrible, it can only be viewed by over 18s…. Kathy Moyle, Collins Park, East Budleigh (letter)

Western Morning News 13.3.04 Why no progress? - I CANNOT believe we are still with our backs to the wall over the export of live horses to the Continent… The hypocrisy of banning hunting and allowing this awful trade to resume is beyond belief. Mrs M G Brooks, Wheddon Cross Somerset (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 13.3.04 DON'T BET ON THEIR LIVES - As next month heralds another Grand National, which is portrayed as the "jewel in the crown" of the horse racing world, it behoves us to remember, that far from indulging in a harmless flutter when we place our bets, we are, in reality, supporting an industry that ruthlessly produces, consumes and disposes of thousands of horses annually, whose fate is undocumented… When it comes to gambling with horses' lives, Animal Aid maintains, there is only one thing that you can guarantee, that it is always the horses who are the ultimate losers…. Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)

Western Daily Press 13.3.04 COWS 'SUFFER' GIVING MILK - Sir - J Price has missed the point in his letter. Cows' milk should be boycotted because it is cruelly produced. Most soya milks are not GM crops but cows' milk is the product of cruelty… Name and address supplied (letter)


Horse & Hound 12.3.04 Welsh appointment vetoed on hunting stance - Isobel Walsh - A leading Welsh barrister has been prevented from taking up the post of Counsel General in Wales because of his place on the Independent Supervisory Authority for Hunting First Minister of the National Assembly for Wales has blocked the appointment of a leading Welsh barrister to the post of Counsel General on the grounds of his hunting connections. Gerard Elias, QC, had been recommended for the £140,000-a-year-post as the National Assembly's leading legal adviser by an independent panel of civil service commissioners. But Assembly First Minister Rhodri Morgan vetoed the appointment, using Elias’ hunting and freemasonry connections as primary reasons…. (story)

Somerset County Gazette 12.3.04 Hunts step in to help farmers - SIX hunts in Somerset have stepped in to help farmers comply with new legislation banning the burial of carcasses on farms. The move has come after the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has postponed the launch of a proposed national fallen stock collection scheme…. (story in archive)

Hertfordshire Mercury 12.3.04 Anti-hunt activist's £3,000 Commons win - Former Broxbourne animal rights activist Niel Hansen, founder of the National Anti-Hunt Campaign, has won £3,000 damages after allegedly being attacked in the House of Commons SIX years ago. The long-running saga started after Mr Hansen claimed he was removed from the Commons public gallery in March 1998 by the Sergeant-at-Arms' internal security staff when he tried to "remind" Prime Minister Tony Blair of his promise to ban hunting…. He alleges he suffered a cut nose and temporarily lost consciousness... A House of Commons spokesman said it was an out-of-court settlement and should not be regarded as any acceptance of liability on their part… He is now earnestly pursuing another campaign to save the Trafalgar Square pigeons. (story may only be on website for a week)

Newcastle Evening Chronicle 12.3.04 Protester's green light for demos By Rob Kennedy, The Evening Chronicle - A hunt saboteur is to continue claim-ing top Tyneside judges are corrupt - after being given the go-ahead by the courts. John Gill was arrested after protesting outside Newcastle Crown Court with placards, some of which alleged five judges were 'bent'… magistrates in the city have ruled it would contravene Mr Gill's human rights to stop him and found him not guilty… (story)

Western Daily Press 12.3.04 CULL-CRAZY MAN IS THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE MAMMAL OF ALL - Over the past year I have noticed the mass killing of many species of wildlife. Some examples are as follows: Various councils calling for a cull of pigeons… The mass cull of 500,000 deer due to road accidents… Dairy farmers calling for a cull of badgers to try to placate owners of TB diseaseridden herds… Now we hear of the Countryside Alliance calling for a cull of cormorants, calling them the "black plague" because they are damaging freshwater fishing…. To me it seems we are culling every other species but the right one. I will leave this one to your imagination, needless to say the most destructive mammal ever to walk the face of this Earth. M Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Mail 12.3.04 I was misquoted, says Tory criticised over gun stance - Daniel Davies, The Western Mail - A CONSERVATIVE candidate for the European elections in Wales has answered critics of his stance towards gun laws. The Labour party has said Albie Fox thinks children should be exposed to hand guns. Mr Fox has hit back saying he was misquoted by a Scottish newspaper on the issue of armed security on planes at the Conservative party conference in Harrogate last weekend…. (story)
Evening Leader 11.3.04 RESIGN CALL TO MP OVER GUN LESSONS COMMENTS - A FAMILY who lost their son in a shooting accident are demanding an apology from a Tory MP who said children should have firearm lessons. Jayne Atkinson, of Pontblyddyn, lost son George in a devastating accident five years ago, and is demanding an apology from Newark MP Patrick Mercer after his comments about guns last weekend… (story in archive)
Scotsman 11.3.04 Gun training for children would improve safety - With reference to your report "Tory MP faces calls to resign over gun-training speech" (10 March), I believe the spokeswoman for Mothers against Murder and Aggression, is wrong in her approach to gun violence, but her point of view is valid and understandable…. Teaching children to shoot safely from an early age will remove the glamour from the gun and will also reduce the incidence of tragic mistakes in gun handling that occur when people whose only knowledge of guns comes from watching films, etc, come across them…. My association is campaigning for fair and effective fire-arms law. At present, the law meets neither objective. RICHARD V MALBON Sportsman’s Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Musbury Axminster, Devon
Patrick Mercer, MP, is to be congratulated on his call for young people to be educated in the use of guns, as firearms (legal and otherwise) will always be with us…. COLIN McKELVIE Culbokie Ross-shire
The proposal by Patrick Mercer that children should be taught to use guns is wrong-headed. And he is in error when he describes the handgun ban imposed after the Dunblane massacre, as "shortsighted"… SAMUEL T ANDERSON King Street, Stenhousemuir Stirlingshire (letters)
Newcastle Journal 10.3.04 Teach children to handle guns By Robert Brooks, The Journal - Children in rural communities should be taught how to use guns to teach them "respect" for firearms in later life, claims a senior Conservative MP. Patrick Mercer, the Tory front bench spokesman for home security, also said the handgun ban in the wake of the 1996 massacre of schoolchildren at Dunblane has had "no effect" on the nation's spiralling gun crime rates…. Yesterday, Mr Mercer's claims were hailed as "common sense" by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation… But a spokeswoman from pressure group Gun Control Network said: "Parents around the country are expressing their concern about the prospect of their children being invited to shoot and to develop an interest in guns…" (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 10.3.04 TEACH CHILDREN TO USE GUNS, SAYS MP Police and teachers have united in criticism of an MP who said children should be taught how to use handguns. Mp for Newark Patrick Mercer made the comments in an interview on Scottish TV yesterday… Lincoln's Priory LSST deputy head, Steve Davies, said that the MP's idea was flawed… (story)
Dundee Courier 10.3.04 Calls to sack MP for gun claim By Steve Bargeton, political editor - THERE WERE calls last night for Conservative leader Michael Howard to sack one of his frontbench spokesmen for “insulting” the memory of the children killed at Dunblane. Former army officer Patrick Mercer, the party’s home security spokesman, said a ban on handguns introduced after Dunblane had “no effect” on spiralling gun crime… Last night Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Bruce Crawford tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament calling for Mr Mercer to be removed…. Calls for Mr Mercer to be sacked were echoed by Mothers Against Murder and Aggression spokesperson Dee Warner…. (story)
Western Mail 10.3.04 Tory wants gun laws relaxed - Duncan Higgitt, The Western Mail - A CONSERVATIVE candidate for the European elections in Wales has called for handgun laws to be reviewed. Albie Fox said his pistol shooting club cannot teach children to use guns properly because of laws introduced after the Dunblane massacre. His comments came in support of a Scottish Tory…. (story)
Scotsman 9.3.04 Children should be taught to use guns, says Tory - ALISON HARDIE POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - A MEMBER of Michael Howard’s shadow Cabinet has described a handgun ban brought in after the Dunblane massacre as shortsighted and said children should be taught how to use guns. Patrick Mercer, the Conservative spokesman on homeland security, likened the ban to outlawing cars because of deaths in road accidents…. The fringe meeting of the Conservative Way Forward group at which he spoke was also attended by Albie Fox, a pro-gun campaigner …. (story)

Petersfield Post 12.3.04 Activist attack elderly couple - A RETIRED Petersfield couple have hit out at animal rights activists who have attacked their home twice in a month. The couple from Bell Hill were at home on Saturday afternoon when a hooded mob converged on their property, chanting and shouting at them through windows…. While his wife, who suffers from angina, remained indoors, the husband confronted the mob and told them they had got the wrong address (story)

Burton Mail 12.3.04 Activists 'will not beat us' by DAVID POWLES - A COUPLE have refused to give into animal rights activists despite being falsely branded as paedophiles in the latest in a series of attacks. Campaigners against a controversial guinea pig farm near Burton are thought to be behind abusive graffiti daubed on road surfaces in Barton under Needwood last weekend…. The campaigners have been responsible for paedophile smears in the past, having circulated false allegations about another Darley Oaks worker in the Horninglow area last year… (story)

Western Daily Press 12.3.04 ANIMAL TESTING IS TOTALLY ILLOGICAL - J Shortland Plymouth (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 9.3.04 SIR - At the beginning of 2003 the EC issued its plans to test 100,000 chemicals on millions of animals… The Alliance for Responsible Science, comprising eminent scientists, toxicologists, doctors and lawyers from around the world, have set up a Scientific Toxicology Programme with plans to create a laboratory especially for testing chemicals… For information please write to DLRM, PO Box 302, London N8 9HD… Jacqueline Shortland, Central Road, West Ho, Plymouth. (letter in archive)

Chester Chronicle 12.3.04 I WOULD very much like to respond to the article in the Chronicle about the live export of horses and ponies to the continent. The European Commissioner responsible, David Byrne, published his proposals for a new legislation in July. My Labour colleague Robert Evans has already met Mr Byrne to express our concern at the weakness of the proposals…. I have been lobbying the European Commission for the past 14 years on this issue, as well as other animal welfare issues, and will continue to do so in my capacity as an MEP for the Chester area of the North West region. BRIAN SIMPSON MEP (letter)

Surrey Comet 12.3.04 Walk on the wild side with badgers and foxes … Freelance photographer Laurent Geslin claims Ham is one of the best badger-spotting sites in the country…. His latest assignment is to get pictures of badgers and foxes in urban environments, close to houses and in family gardens…. Warwick Reynolds, badger expert and founder of East Surrey Badger Protection Society, said badgers arrived in Ham from Richmond Park, but now seem to prefer setting up home in gardens…. (story)


Western Daily Press 11.3.04 HUNT FLOUTS RULE TO STAY OUT OF FOREST - An investigation has been launched after hunters illegally chased animals through banned Forestry Commission land, it was revealed yesterday. Dog walkers claim they saw dozens of riders from Quantock Staghounds charging through Wind Down Forest on Monday morning, flouting the commission's ban on stag hunting on its land… Yesterday Anne Heritage, a film studies student from Bridgwater, said the incident has put her off walking her dog Dreadlock on the hills… Anne, 44, who was walking with friend Roy Franklin, said they spotted a herd of 20 deer running towards them. The pair claim they then spoke to two female riders who said they were with the hunt and as they left to telephone the Forestry Commission, passed two hunt outriders on motorbikes…. Yesterday huntmaster Enid Baker admitted the group had trespassed on the commission land, but said it had only been one or two riders chasing errant hounds…. (story)

Cotswold Journal 11.3.04 Budget's back on the trail after car injury - A FOXHOUND that was tossed in the air when it was hit by a car is safe and well and back hunting. Budget, a three-year-old foxhound bitch, was out with the Heythrop Hunt this week after apparently suffering no long-term ill effects from the accident last month. As reported in the Journal, anti-hunting group Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA) filmed the incident, which happened on Wednesday, February 18 on the A429 near Stow…. Penny Little admitted she was surprised to hear that the hound was all right but said the hunt had nothing to crow about…. (story in archive)
Evesham Journal 4.3.04 Get your own house in order before hunt - In response to the comment made by Ms Penny Little in the recent article regarding Fox Hunting: "The hunt are an absolute disgrace, and are not fit to be in charge of any animals." Please may I bring to your attention the recent article in the Sunday Telegraph about the terrible conditions that the wild red dear on the League Against Cruel Sports Baronsdown deer farm have to endure… So please Ms Little, put your own house in order before pointing the finger. Phil Clayton, Stretton on Fosse, Moreton in Marsh. (letter in archive)
Evesham Journal 4.3.04 Benefit of field sport - THE photograph of a dog in full hunting mode being bowled over by a motor car in the last issue of the Cotswold Journal was a sad sight…. As motorists we all need to be very aware of the hazards of modern driving. Thankfully though, through good husbandry and management, there are sufficient number of roe, muntac, fox, badger and indeed foxhounds to survive this daily carnage…. KERRY JOHNSON, The Folly, Longborough. (letter in archive)
Evesham Journal 4.3.04 Sign of the times? ….may I point out that if Ms Little and her cohorts had any regard for animal welfare they would have signalled to oncoming traffic of possible danger instead of standing there videoing in the hope a tragedy may happen… MRS J DIGWEED, Stretton Close, Stretton-on-Fosse, Moreton. (letter in archive)
Cotswold Journal 26.2.04 Hunt drama as car hits hound - THE Heythrop Hunt has been reported to the police and the RSPCA over an incident on the A429 road near Stow, when a hound was in collision with a car. Penny Little, spokeswoman for Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA), a group which monitors hunts in the Cotswolds area, said it was a "horrible" incident. POWA monitors filmed the incident, which happened at 3.30pm last Wednesday, near Broadwell…. (story in archive)

Western Gazette 11.3.04 MIDDLE WAY IS BEST WAY - Jeremy Cusden, Wyke Road, Gillingham (letter)
Western Daily Press 11.3.04 DRAG HUNTING IS ANSWER TO A BAN - It would seem the obvious answer in the fox-hunting debate is to have drag-hunting. The traditional meet, in traditional dress with wine, would then be maintained… As with so many issues, the best way is the middle way, which avoids the extremes of both sides… Mr J Cusden Gillingham Dorset (letter)

Western Daily Press 11.3.04 GETTING THE FACTS STRAIGHT IN HUNTS - Once again Kevin Hill has been economical with the truth regarding hind hunting. He states that heavily pregnant hinds are hunted. Under no stretch of the imagination can this be true… A point that he does not make is that the hunting fraternity observes a close season so that the hinds can calve in peace… Allen Lysaght Galway Ireland (letter)

Lancashire Evening Post 11.3.04 Well done, Rebecca! - THE letter from 13-year-old Rebecca Norris (March 2) regarding hare coursing shows concern for animal welfare from young people…. SHEILA BRENNAN (Mrs), Bombay Street, Blackburn (letter in archive)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 2.3.04 How can such cruelty be called a sport? - AFTER seeing the news showing 'shocking' images of hare coursing, I think it is appalling that Lancashire could hold this alleged 'sport' event…. REBECCA NORRIS (aged 13), St Charles Road, Rishton. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 11.3.04 WE'RE EATING DARTMOOR PONIES IN OUR SALAMI - West Country ponies could be sent on 1,000-mile journeys to slaughter and returned to Britain as salami if action is not taken now, Tony Blair heard yesterday…. Tory MP Desmond Swayne, who represents part of the New Forest famous for its ponies, used Prime Minister's Questions to highlight the problem yesterday…. (story)
Southern Daily Echo 11.3.04 PONIES ON ROAD TO DEATH by Chris Yandell - THOUSANDS of New Forest ponies will end up on dinner plates across Europe because of changes to European law…. Now Prime Minister Tony Blair has been asked by animal welfare campaigners to step in. He was also challenged by New Forest West MP Desmond Swayne during Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons…. (story in archive)

York Evening Press 11.3.04 York shops `trading in ivory' claim - HUGE amounts of ivory are being sold illegally from shops in York, a top animal welfare charity has claimed… the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW) claims ivory stockpile sales will lead to a surge in the killing of wild elephants…. Jenny Hawley, the IFAW's York-based wildlife trade campaigner, said: "If the ivory trade is so poorly controlled within the UK, where we have some of the world's best enforcement systems to protect endangered species, what hope is there in countries with much fewer resources?..." (story in archive)
Bournemouth Daily Echo 11.3.04 Ivory sales prompt illegal trade fears - IVORY is being sold illegally in Bournemouth and the New Forest, a report claims. Antique dealers in both areas are flouting laws intended to protect elephants from being slaughtered for their tusks, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (Ifaw)…. (story in archive)

North Devon Journal 11.3.04 SLAUGHTER NOT RIGHT - In reply to David Russell's letter in last week's Journal, not that I need reminding why I became first vegetarian and then for the past eight or so years a vegan, it is when I read letters about so-called humane slaughter. Does Mr Russell really believe any slaughterhouse is humane?... Anyone thinking of going vegetarian, there is a good organisation called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, they will send out free vegetarian starter packs... MRS PHAIR, Amyas Way, Northam (letter)


Boston Standard 10.3.04 FARMERS THREATEN VIGILANTE ACTION - AN ENORMOUS dossier of evidence gathered against hundreds of illegal hare coursers has failed to lead to a single conviction. A group of landowners, all against hare coursing, showed The Standard a file cataloguing 144 incidents of illegal coursing – including vehicle registration numbers and descriptions – which has taken place locally. Mark Leggott, joint chairman of Boston and District Hare Group, is furious no police action has been taken despite all the evidence…. (story)

Scotsman 10.3.04 Judge Continues Animal Rights Protest Injunction By Cathy Gordon, PA News - A High Court judge today continued an injunction granted to UK employees of a global pharmaceutical company to protect them from harassment by animal rights protesters. The order covers around 900 employees of the Chiron Corporation and places exclusion zones around their homes and company premises… The judge ruled: “There is abundant evidence which shows that Shac embarked on a campaign against the Chiron Group and its employees which will amount to unlawful harassment unless restrained.”… The competing interests, he said, were between the rights of Chiron employees not to be subjected to unlawful harassment and the protesters’ rights of freedom of speech and assembly. He ruled that the “balance comes down firmly on continuation of this interim injunction until trial or further order”. (story)
Liverpool Echo 10.3.04 Animal rights ban at plant By Neil Hodgson, Liverpool Echo - AN injunction protecting staff at Speke's Chiron Vaccines plant has been extended by a high court judge. A temporary injunction was granted against animal rights protest group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty by Mrs Justice Hallett at London's Law Courts on February 9. Another judge, Mr Justice Royce, has now ruled the order should continue…. Mr Justice Royce said that Huntingdon Life Sciences, which has research centres in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, had been the subject of a "ruthless" campaign targeted against them by Shac… (story)
BBC News Online 9.3.04 Workers granted harrassment protection - Employees at the Oxford Science Park will continue to be protected from possible harrassment by animal rights protestors. On Tueday, a High Court judge ruled that an injunction granted last month would remain in place... (story)
Ananova 9.2.04 Drugs firm granted protection from protesters - UK-based employees of a global pharmaceutical company have won a High Court injunction to protect them from harassment by animal rights protesters. The order, granted by a judge in London, covers around 900 employees of the Chiron Corporation and places exclusion zones around their homes and company premises. Mrs Justice Hallett granted a temporary injunction until March 9… (story)
Scotsman 9.2.04 Drugs Firm Granted Protection from Protesters By Cathy Gordon, PA News - UK-based employees of a global pharmaceutical company won a High Court injunction today to protect them from harassment by animal rights protesters…. (story)
BBC News Online 9.2.04 Protesters banned at staff homes - Staff at a pharmaceutical company have been granted exclusion zones around their homes and workplace to keep out animal rights protesters. The Chiron Corporation says protesters want the company to stop working with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS)…. Chiron's solicitor Tim Lawson-Cruttenden said the company's Liverpool premises had been "invaded" on 20 January… (story)
Financial Times 9.2.04 NATIONAL NEWS: Biotech company seeks curbs on activists By Nikki Tait, Law Courts Correspondent - About 900 employees of Chiron Corporation, the US-based biotechnology company that produces flu vaccines in the UK, will today ask a High Court judge for protection under anti-harassment laws from animal rights activists. Chiron, which has been the focus of attacks by animal rights campaigners in both the US and UK because of its links with the controversial Huntingdon Life Sciences group, is the latest in a lengthening list of companies seeking to use anti-harassment protections to keep protesters at bay… (story)

BBC News Online 10.3.04 Scientists' neighbours targeted - Scientists are being targeted by animal rights activists, the University of Nottingham says. Letters are being sent to their neighbours advising them to put pressure on the scientists to stop experiments on guinea pigs… University spokesman Philip Dalling said: "The university deplores this tactic which is a crude, inaccurate attempt at intimidation…." Robin Webb, press officer, Animal Liberation Front (ALF) said: "If these scientists are proud of what they do, then this gives them the opportunity to stand up and defend it. "If they are ashamed of what they do, then it gives their neighbours the opportunity to say 'we don't like what you are doing and we don't like you living next door to us'…. (letter)

Hendon Times 10.3.04 Greens host debate probing the value of vivisection By Ian Lloyd - The merits of animal testing at places such as the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) in Mill Hill will come under the microscope during a Green Party conference this month. Noel Lynch, a Green Party London Assembly member from East Finchley, will be joined by a host of top scientists at the meeting, entitled Establishing London as a Leading Centre for Non-animal Medical Research… The Green Party conference is on March 19 from 2pm until 4.30pm at City Hall in Southwark… (story)

Irish Independent 10.3.04 Shipping crisis to hit Irish trade in live meat - IRELAND'S €200m annual trade in live animal exports was in crisis last night following a Supreme Court decision allowing the only shipping company carrying livestock abroad to close up shop… The former subsidiary of P&O Line ferries, Pandoro Ltd, has been trying to get out of live export shipping since 1997 for "commercial and reputational" reasons. Industry sources say these are closely linked to mounting pressure from animal rights groups, which have branded the practice "inhumane"…. (story)

Evening Star 10.3.04 Horses could die in passport row - NEW compulsory horse passports could result in ponies being put down, a Suffolk riding school owner claimed today. Under European Commission regulations, passports have to be bought for every horse, pony or donkey in England…. But Ann Withey, who owns Copdock Riding Centre in Wenham Road, Copdock, attacked the scheme, which will see owners paying around £20 for each passport…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 10.3.04 ANGER ON ELEPHANT GIFT OFFER - A WILDLIFE charity is urging a town council not to accept the gift of an elephant. Skegness Town Council was considering whether to accept the gift from Dr Rao Kodali, who lives in the town, at a meeting today. But Daniel Turner, a spokesman for the wildlife charity Born Free, said accepting the gift would be cruel and impractical… (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 16.2.04 ELEPHANTS OFFER CAUSES CONCERN - An animal welfare charity has hit out at a plan that could result in an elephant being brought to a Lincolnshire seaside resort. A businessman's offer to donate an elephant as a tourist attraction is currently being considered by Skegness councillors. But the Preston-based Captive Animals' Protection Society has warned elephants in captivity suffer arthritis and foot ailments, plus mental problems… (story)
BBC News Online 9.2.04 Elephant gift upsets charity - A man who wants to give Skegness an elephant is being urged to withdraw his offer by an animal welfare charity. Dr Rao Kodali, who runs a nursing home in the town, believes his "thank-you" gift could be a tourist attraction. But the Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) says it wants him to provide a more appropriate present… (story)


Western Morning News 9.3.04 TAKING BREAKFAST WITH THE HUNTSMEN - Last week, I came across the East Devon hunt - horn sounding and hounds baying. My heart was in my mouth, mind racing - being an animal lover how would I react? They stopped to speak, each and everyone of them friendly and courteous. The Master of the hunt introduced himself and invited me to join them at their annual hunt breakfast the following Saturday…. As I entered the barn a warm welcome awaited me and the cold morning air was filled with the delicious aroma of eggs, bacon and other culinary delights… It was now apparent to me that these were a group of decent country folk fighting for their beliefs and survival, and that without them, the lifeblood of the countryside would disappear, and Britain would be a sadder place… Leonie Rees, Torbay (letter)

Scotsman 9.3.04 Actresses urge Executive to introduce snaring ban - ANGUS HOWARTH - THE actresses Jenny Seagrove and Annette Crosbie and the scriptwriter Carla Lane have written to the Scottish Executive in a plea to have snaring in the Scottish countryside banned…. (story)
Scotland on Sunday 7.3.04 Stars call for ban on snares - MIKE MERRITT - ACTRESSES Jenny Seagrove and Annette Crosbie have written to the Scottish Executive in a last-ditch bid to get snaring in the Scottish countryside banned. They want MSPs to reject the part of the new Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill which will allow the "barbaric" trapping to remain legal…. (story)
BBC News Online 1.3.04 Showbiz stars call for snare ban - A trio of showbiz stars have written to the Scottish Executive in a last ditch plea to ban snaring from the Scottish countryside. Actresses Jenny Seagrove and Annette Crosbie and scriptwriter Carla Lane are appealing to MSPs to reject a law to allow trapping to remain legal… (story)

Northern Echo 9.3.04 GREYHOUNDS - IN support of the letter (HAS, Mar 2), I entirely agree that there should be greater responsibility over racing greyhounds… It is about time money is put aside from the people who make plenty out of them, while racing, for their future…. Ellen Carlin, Carrville (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 2.3.04 GREYHOUNDS - YOUR recent article concerning greyhounds neglected to mention that bookies take £2bn annually in greyhound bets. Each year, about 10,000 greyhounds retire and 2,000 young dogs fail to make the grade. Only 20 per cent are recorded; the other 80 per cent effectively vanish. Some end up shot, drowned, hung from trees or thrown from moving cars with their ears chopped off (both dead and alive) to remove their identification tattoo… The League Against Cruel Sports is urging people to boycott the bookmakers until they give a penny in the pound to ensure a 'greyhound retirement fund'... Name and address supplied. (letter in archive)

Camberley News & Mail 9.3.04 Camberley News & Mail 9.3.04 Animal rights protestors arrested - HARDLINE animal rights protesters were arrested outside pharmaceutical research centre Eli Lilly in Windlesham on Saturday. A splinter group of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) broke away from a peaceful demonstration in Egham and Staines to protest outside the offices in Windlesham. A 17-year-old youth was amongst 18 people arrested for public order offences after Surrey police were alerted to the incident at the Earl Wood site off the A30 just after 2pm… All 17 adult activists will appear at Woking magistrates court on Monday March 15 at 10pm, with the juvenile at Woking youth court tomorrow (Wednesday). (story)

Western Morning News 9.3.04 TEST TUBE IS NO HELP ON BLOOD PRESSURE - Richard Mountford of Animal Aid (WMN, March 2) is right to point out that the use of animals is only one way of conducting medical research but they play a vital role in acting as a bridge between the test tube and the patient… As one of our patrons Stephen Hawking points out: "Why is it worse to use animal experiments to save lives than to eat them, which the majority of the population are happy to do?"… Thomas Bromley, SIMR Executive Secretary Dunstable (letter)
Western Morning News 2.3.04 Focus on research THOMAS Bromley of SIMR criticizes my letter and claims that animal experimentation is vital for medical research (WMN, January 27). However, experimenting on animals is only one way of carrying out medical research and definitely not the best one… Richard Mountford, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Western Morning News 27.1.04 RESEARCH SCIENTISTS DISPLAY COURAGE - As my mother is alive today because of medical research involving the humane use of animals I cannot allow Derek Mountford of Animal Aid (WMN, January 14) to go unchallenged…. Whether we approve of it or not, it is a fact that some animals need to be used, when necessary, in medical research - until suitable alternative methods are found - in order to develop new drugs and therapies to help combat life-threatening conditions affecting both humans and animals…. Thomas Bromley, SIMR Executive Secretary (letter)
Lancaster & Morecambe Citizen 8.1.04 Professor deserves an honour - IN reply to Richard Mountford's letter in Citizen last week, Prof Blakemore's chance of a New Year's Honour should not have been affected by the nature of his work because the Government actively and rightly supports animal research…. Personally I am proud to work in a laboratory to assist diagnosis and relieve suffering. Claire Scott, Lancaster. (letter)
Yorkshire Evening Post 7.1.04 Animals essential to medical science - Thomas Bromley, executive secretary, SIMR, Dunstable (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 7.1.04 Humane use of animals essential - AS my mother is alive today because of medical research involving the humane use of animals, I cannot allow Derek Mountford of Animal Aid (Lancashire Evening Telegraph, December 27) to go unchallenged. I think the work of Professor Colin Blakemore, a neuroscientist and Chief Executive of the Medical Research Council deserves to be honoured and recognised… THOMAS BROMLEY, SIMR Executive Secretary, PO Box 504, Dunstable, Beds. (letter in archive)
Bristol Evening Post 30.12.03 VIVISECTION DOES NOT BENEFIT US Richard Mountford, Development Manager, Animal Aid. (letter)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 27.12.03 Experiments on animals must stop - PROFESSOR Colin Blakemore is concerned that he has been denied a New Year's Honour because of his controversial involvement in experimenting on animals (vivisection). Animal Aid would certainly argue against awards being given for vivisection, not only because it is cruel, but because it does not benefit human health... RICHARD MOUNTFORD, Development Manager, Animal Aid. (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Evening Post 29.12.03 Animal testing is not reliable - Richard Mountford, Development Manager, Animal Aid (letter)

Western Morning News 9.3.04 UNIVERSITIES ARE JUST PUPPETS OF SCIENTIST - What sheer arrogant and unjustifiable nonsense in Mark Daniel's article "Craven surrender of academic freedom" (WMN, February 6). Whatever gives him the notion that universities have much, if any, say at all in the work they do? In actuality, because of lack of funding, many have become merely the puppets and pawns of the vivisection (pharmaceutical/Porton Down) industry… We have seen many angry uprisings in recent years simply because all avenues of legitimate protest have been systematically restricted and eroded: for vested interest a true, public, reasoned debate would be unthinkable. Is it so surprising some protesters will resort to more desperate measures to make their voices heard? Jacqueline Shortland, Plymouth (letter)

Western Morning News 9.3.04 No live exports … It should be the law that no animals should be exported alive. Humane slaughter should be carried out in this country and meat exported. Yvonne Ford, Bodmin (letter)

Worcester Evening News 9.3.04 Fur sales not acceptable - RICHARD DE VILLE, Research and Campaigns Officer, PO Box 6500, Nottingham, NG4 3GB (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 9.3.04 Crassness of those in fur trade is dreadful - Recent reports that 100 hamsters were killed to make one fur coat ("Fury over hamster fur coats", March 2) once again highlight the callousness of the fur trade and the crass nature of those shops willing to profit from such cruelty…. To ensure that you are not supporting such cruelty Respect for Animals urges readers not to buy any fur products…. Richard De Ville, Research & Campaigns Officer (letter)


Northern Echo 8.3.04 Hunt facing uncertain future - FOX hunt supporters set off on the last event of the season at the weekend, hoping it would not be their last. Membership of the South Durham Hunt, based in Prime Minister Tony Blair's Sedgefield constituency, has doubled in the past year, making it bigger than any of the surrounding hunts. Members gathered at the Red Lion pub, in Trimdon Village, on Saturday, ahead of the last of about 40 hunts that have taken place this season…. (story in archive)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 8.3.04 'Angler's story sounds a bit fishy' - RE your recent article regarding ex-Angling Times editor Peter Collins and further correspondence on the letters page. This 79-year-old gentleman was spotted staking down a fishing line in the region of Holme Fen, a very bleak and sparsely populated area. He then claimed to have done it to generate publicity for the culling (killing) of cormorants and zander (fish), which he claims have caused a fall in the population of native coarse fish… The recent letter of support for Mr Collins seems to want to blame everyone from the river authority to the Animal Liberation Front for an alleged reduction in fish stocks…. The Hunt Saboteurs Association has existed for 40 years. We remain dedicated to saving the lives of hunted animals by non-violent action… JOHN KNOWLES, Peterborough Hunt Saboteurs, c/o PO Box 5254, Hunt Saboteurs Association, Northampton NN1 3ZA (letter)

Western Morning News 8.3.04 Ignore the diktats - MAY I offer once again the whole-hearted support of the three UKIP MEPs in endeavouring to stop the export of live horses to the EU?... Graham Booth, SW UKIP Paignton (letter)

East Kent Mercury 8.3.04 Live animal exporters under renewed pressure - CAMPAIGNERS against live animal exports say they are stepping up their campaign in the county (Natalie Ebden writes)… Members of Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) held their demonstration at Dover’s Eastern Docks, while protestors from Kent Against Live Exports (KALE) targeted the freight company in Dartford…. (story)

Scotsman 8.3.04 No elites in nature - If, as Alastair Harper says (Letters, 3 March), nature is elitist, we should have no anxieties about the deaths of a few predatory birds as a result of wind turbines…. There are no elites in nature, only survivors; elitism is a human construct, conferred on those organisms that appear to display some aspect of behavi-our we deem to be admirable. It is disturbing that we ap-pear to find predation in the natural world an admirable trait. JAMES BOYLE Eastwoodmains Road Clarkston, Glasgow (letter)
Scotsman 3.3.04 Threat to raptors - It does appear that the most majestic of birds are most risk from that other elite - the kind that hunts, shoots and fishes…. CHARLES BROWN Garelochhead Helensburgh
James Boyle (Letters, 26 February) is anguished at the thought that there may be admiration among humans for the noble aspect of predatory birds. But he is unrealistic if he does not recognise that all nature is a struggle for existence… Nature is essentially elitist. ALASTAIR HARPER Lathalmond By Dunfermline (letters)
Scotsman 26.2.04 Elitist view of birds - Charles Brown (Letters, 21 February) is right to cast doubt on the idea that wind turbines kill more raptors than other birds… the suggestion, which others have made, that raptors are in some way superior to other bird species is elitist and wrong. JAMES BOYLE Eastwoodmains Road Clarkston, Glasgow (letter)


Western Daily Press 6.3.04 SICKENED BY CRUEL GREED - I feel I must reply to Chris Hull. I have never held with hunting, having ordered hunt members off my farm. I have shot a fox which they had chased to exhaustion and also one killing point-of-lay hens and another one inside a fowls' house. Another one I just let go as it was hoping only to spend the night in our barns…. As I had a good dog I was once asked to beat game out of the woods. What I saw of the greed and cruelty was why I gave my guns away never to shoot again. W R Applegate Norton St Philip Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 24.2.04 HUMANS TO BLAME I find a strong touch of the hunting and shooting fraternity in W Applegate's letter… the reason for decline and extinction of creatures throughout the past centuries has been the cruel human animal. Chris Hull Yetminster Dorset (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 6.3.04 OUR JOB IS PURELY FOR BIRD WELFARE - I Write with reference to the letter written by Pamela Dean regarding owls (March 1). For the protection of birds at the Barn Owl Centre, we were very pleased that the rogue mink was killed outright by one of our eagle owls. If the eagle owl had not caught the mink, it could have easily made its way into the barn owl aviaries and the mink would have easily killed them all…. Having being handed yet another article from The Citizen's letters page this evening by one of our volunteers, it amazes me how uneducated some people can be are on issues relating barn owls that have been bred in captivity…. To be criticised for what we do in support of these beautiful birds and the sanctuary we offer them can be very hurtful indeed…. VINCENT JONES, Director, The Barn Owl Centre (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 1.3.04 I'D LOVE TO SEE BARN OWLS FLY Having not visited the Barn Owl Centre, I cannot comment on Mr Fletcher's view. However, the RSPB says the low number of our very beautiful barn owls is down to the Government change in vermin control… By the way, the eagle owl killer of mink is also not a "native" owl. Like Mr Fletcher, I think it would be great to see barn owls flying free. PAMELA DEAN, Whiteshill, Stroud (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 23.2.04 IT'S THE ACTIVISTS HARMING NATURE - I Read the letter by Philip Fletcher (February 10) with a mixture of incredulity and anger.... Doesn't he know most of the owls in captivity have been bred in captivity and if released would probably die?... As for Mr Fletcher's statement that he didn't believe a protester would release mink into the wild, where has he been these last few years?... So I say, good of the eagle owl for dispatching an alien creature to this country. ANNE HILL, Innsworth Lane, Gloucester (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 23.2.04 CHECK OUT OWL WORK YOURSELF I Was quite surprised by the recent attack on Vince Jones on your letters page (February 10). As anyone who has visited the Barn Owl Centre would know, its primary objective is conservation of species in the wild. It also campaigns against the captive breeding of owls and other birds of prey... PAUL SCHOFIELD, Abbotswood Road, Brockworth (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 18.2.04 ATTACKED OWLS SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN CAGED - I Consider that a little plain speaking, common sense and lateral thinking are required regarding the story of Vincent James' eagle owl and its mink victim…. I suspect that the mink was not released into the wild by any protest group, but more likely by a breeder who had kept them for breeding and profit…. I find it odd that anybody would want to cage fauna. Mr Jones and his kind have only themselves to blame for upsetting nature. PHILIP FLETCHER, Wotton Elms Court, Gloucester (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 9.2.04 MINK ALERT AS EAGLE POUNCES - When a wild mink decided to break into an aviary to find some food, it got more than it bargained for this weekend. The aviary in question belongs to the Barn Owl Centre in Brockworth, and is inhabited by a fearsome eagle owl, named Eagle. Eagle, naturally being eagle-eyed, spotted the intruder immediately and, within seconds, a rather one-sided tussle had reached its inevitable conclusion… The incident has left Vincent Jones both relieved and concerned that more mink may be living in the surrounding countryside… (story)

Western Morning News 6.3.04 JUST 0.1P PER HEAD WILL SAVE HORSES - Pressure was mounting on ministers to block the resumption of the "vile" export trade in live horses and ponies last night, after it emerged that retaining the ban would cost only about £40,000 a year. In answers to Parliamentary questions from MPs, the Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael revealed that the cost of implementing the existing "minimum values" legislation, which prevents live exports, had been around £40,000 a year for each of the past three years…. Charles Lovell, of South West Equine Protection, described the cost of retaining the ban as "peanuts"…. (story)

Dundee Courier 6.3.04 Retailer withdraws “coats of death” By Mike Donachie - A PERTHSHIRE retailer which caused fury by selling “coats of death” made from dozens of hamster pelts has withdrawn all fur from sale. Blair Atholl-based department store House of Bruar is dropping the £1750 Austrian jackets and will not order any more, following protests from animal rights activists.... (story)
Daily Record 6.3.04 FUR FACTS - THE hamsters used by the fur trade mentioned in the Record recently are known as field hamsters. They are not farmed for their fur… To the best of our knowledge methods of capture follow the same principle as the common mousetrap and local families, living on subsistence incomeearn some extra money. Andrea Martin,British Fur Trade Association,London (letter)
BBC News Online 5.3.05 Fur coats cleared in hamster row - A row over the use of hamster fur has led a Scottish store to clear its rails of all fur garments. The House of Bruar in Perthshire said it was responding to opinions expressed by its customers… (story)
Sun 5.3.04 Hamster coats withdrawn - A POSH clothes store has withdrawn all its fur products following a row over the sale of coats made from HAMSTERS…. A statement on the company's website said: "Having listened to our customer feedback the House of Bruar has taken the decision to withdraw the fur-lined Loden coats from sale…." Yvonne Taylor, of pressure group Advocates for Animals, welcomed the store's decision…. (story)
Guardian 3.3.04 'I'd like to buy 100 hamsters, please' - When Lucy Mangan heard a Scottish shop was selling a hamster coat, she thought she'd make her own. But first she had to buy the rodents ... (story)
Sky News 2.3.04 HAMPSTER COAT OUTRAGE- The sale of hamster fur coats at an upmarket Scottish clothing store has sparked fury from animal rights groups…. (story)
Independent 2.3.04 Protests over jackets made from hamster fur By Paul Kelbie - Animal rights campaigners are protesting over the first sales in Britain of fur coats made from hamsters. The coats, made from the skins of more than 100 hamsters, cost £1,750 each and are on sale at The House of Bruar near Blair Atholl, Perthshire... (story)
Guardian 2.3.04 100 hamsters gassed to make each coat - David Ward - A hamster fur coat is not, as some might think, a covering designed to protect a small rodent from sub-zero temperatures... The coats are on sale at the House of Bruar, a shop on the tourist route near Blair Atholl in Perthshire. But there were signs yesterday that they may be withdrawn after campaigners urged a boycott of the store, protesting at the pain endured by the hamsters... (story)
BBC News Online 2.3.04 Hamster coats boycott call - Campaigners have called for a boycott of a Scottish store selling hamster fur coats.... (story)
Evening Standard 1.3.04 Fury at sale of hamster coats - The sale of hamster fur coats at an upmarket clothing store today sparked fury from animal rights groups. Campaigners estimate at least 100 hamsters are gassed to make each of the garments, which carry a price tag of £1,750 at House of Bruar in Perthshire… Advocates for Animals spokeswoman Yvonne Taylor said: "This is horrifying…" (story)


Western Daily Press 5.3.04 COULD ROBOT OUTFOX A HUNT BAN? - A Tiny robot which can hunt foxes better than hounds was unveiled by a Serb inventor yesterday. Zoran Kostic, 43, hopes to market his fox-hunting robot in the UK…. (story)
Ananova 4.3.04 Inventor designs fox-hunting robot - A Serb inventor claims he has designed a tiny robot which he claims can hunt foxes better than hounds…. Kostic refused to reveal more details of the robot but said he was investigating options for export to the UK where he believed there was a "huge market" for the device (story)

Harrogate Advertiser 5.3.04 Grisly discovery prompts badger baiting fears - THE gruesome discovery of the mauled corpse of a badger has sparked fears that badger baiting gangs may be targeting Harrogate…. The Harrogate and District Badger Group is calling on members of the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity…. Group chairman, Nick Brookes, appealed to local people to help stop the baiters…. (story)

Argus 5.3.04 Spring brings road danger A dead badger on the roadside (Letters, March 1) is a familiar sight but it's not just badgers that die in this way. March is also the worst month for foxes, hedgehogs and other small creatures as spring arrives... A Voice For Wildlife Brighton and Hove (letter)
Argus 4.3.04 Blame the baiters - Poor, naive Roger Musselle, suggesting that dead badgers on the roadside are killed by speeding motorists (Letters, March 1))… Get real Mr Musselle. Badgers are dumped on the side of the road by badger-baiters after their evening's "sport."... Bob Metson. Chestnut Way, -Henfield (letter)
Argus 1.3.04 Kill your speed, not another badger Every year badgers are slaughtered on our roads. Tens of thousands meet their early deaths due to the motor vehicle and spring is the worst time for them.... -Roger Musselle, Roger's Wildlife Rescue, Downs Valley Road, Woodingdean (letter)

Henley Standard 5.3.04 Ban could be challenged Sir, — Margaret Drage argues in your paper that the Treaty of Rome allows the British Government to ban the export of live horses destined for human consumption, as being “against national custom and morally repugnant”… any ban on the trade in live animals imposed by our Government could be challenged before the European Court of Justice, which has long ago declared that it will always bias its decisions towards greater European integration … Dr. D. R. Cooper, Belmont Park Avenue, Maidenhead. (letter may be in archive)

Post & Times 5.3.04 ANIMALS' SUFFERING - Many meat-eaters prefer to remain in ignorance of what happens to their meal when it is still an animal. The horrors of intensive farming may be well-known, but appear easy to overlook when ordering one's bacon butty or chicken korma… surely the ultimate, pointless cruelty is to send sheep, calves and pigs on journeys to foreign slaughterhouses which can last up to 50, 70 or even 90 hours…. More information and the video And Still the Trade Goes On are available from Compassion in World Farming… Mrs C Lubacz Abbey Green Road Leek (letter)

Western Daily Press 5.3.04 BACK STREET SHAME OF THE DONKEY TORTURERS Those of us who belong to the Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth have been well aware for years of the proceedings at Villaneuva de la Vera regarding the beating and abuse of the annual donkey fun day…. Spain is well known for its abuse of all animals, large and small, and I urge your readers, not for the first time, to refrain from travelling to, or buying anything from, this country which regards living creatures as little more than entertainment and objects on which to inflict terrible cruelty… Jane Somerset Bridgwater Somerset >(letter)
Western Morning News 4.3.04 OVERWHELMING RESPONSE TO DONKEY CRUELTY - Equine charities and Western Morning News readers have voiced their outrage over the horrific abuse to donkeys during an annual Spanish festival…. Richard and Linda Harvey, from Carnon Downs near Truro, said the abuse was "abhorrent to civilised people."… Nanette Tonkin, from St Austell, said she was "horrified and saddened" to learn about the barbaric treatment of donkeys during the festival… (story)
Western Daily Press 1.3.04 MY CRUSADE TO STOP THIS SHAMEFUL RITUAL OF DONKEY CRUELTY - A Campaigner told last night how he plans to take a Spanish village to court for cruelty to a donkey in a bizarre street festival. Paul Svendsen called on Western Daily Press readers to join his protest by writing to the Spanish Ambassador in London. For the human population of Villaneuva de la Vera, the traditional festival of Pero Palo is simply a jolly celebration. But it is a different story for the beast of burden at its heart…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 29.2.04 I'll sue Spanish for donkey cruelty, says animal lover By David Harrison - A British animal welfare campaigner intends to take a Spanish village to court for subjecting a donkey to horrific abuse at an annual festival. Paul Svendsen, who runs the 400-acre Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon, said he was sickened by the way the animal was pushed, pulled and kicked around by a drunken mob last week while being ridden by the village's heaviest man.... (story)


North Devon Journal 4.3.04 FOR ONCE A FOX IS SAVED - The story of the man who stopped on a dark evening to pick up a fox in distress, was heartwarming… But isn't it ironic that the fox may soon be trying to escape the hunt. Better that, I suppose, than ending its days as a road accident victim (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 4.3.04 WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR A BAN ON HUNTING, MR BLAIR - It must be about three years ago now that many of us heard the Prime Minister say on a TV interview - "Believe me, in six months' time hunting with dogs in this country will be banned."… I support all those letters and the majority of vets in wishing this barbarous sport to be committed to history with bear-baiting, cock fighting and dog fighting. Cruelty should be a thing of the past, wherever possible. The Rev David Apps, Walnut Close, Exminster (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 4.3.04 HUNT TRESPASS IS SHAMEFUL - I Am writing to say I would like to comment on the article: "Land owner hits out at huntsmen" (Thursday, February 26). I would like to start by saying I know Gary Ginger, as me and my husband used to help him by raising money and collecting animal food to help with their animal rescue, so I know the cat Blackie. The Cotswold Vale Hunt should be ashamed of themselves, letting their hounds chase the cat…. JILL BROWN, Highfield Road, Ruardean (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 26.2.04 LANDOWNER HITS OUT AT HUNTSMEN - A Forest of Dean man has hit out at huntsmen who he claims have repeatedly trespassed on his land. Gary Ginger, 34, of Common Grove Cottage, English Bicknor, a nurse, said the Cotswold Vale Hunt went across his land on January 27 despite being told they were not wanted. He watched in horror as hounds chased his elderly cat Blackie around the field…. (story)

Buxton Advertiser 4.3.04 BIRD CASE MAN 'SHOULD APPEAL' - The Countryside Alliance will back any court appeal by a Bamford gamekeeper who was convicted last week of harming bird eggs. John Cripps was given a three-month suspended jail sentence for tampering with Goshawk eggs, near Derwent Reservoir in April 2002. But the Countryside Alliance claim he was wrongly convicted of the offence at High Peak Magistrates Court and if Cripps appeals they will support him… (story)
Manchester Evening News 3.2.04 Vow as gamekeeper is found guilty - WILDLIFE campaigners today promised to protect birds of prey after a gamekeeper was convicted of smashing eggs. John Cripps faces up to six months in jail when he is sentenced later this month…. The RSPB said it would "go to the ends of the world" to convict wildlife criminals and promised new measures to protect birds…. (story)
Sheffield Star 30.1.04 Gamekeeper guilty of smashing eggs - A Peak District gamekeeper faces prison after being found guilty of using climbing spikes to destroy the eggs of protected birds of prey. John Cripps, aged 60, of Ronksley, near Bamford, Hope Valley, could be jailed for up to six months for destroying the eggs of a goshawk he claimed were killing grouse on his estate…. Another 16 charges against Cripps, including 12 of killing peregrine falcons and sparrowhawks, and those connected with the alleged possession 170 wild eggs at his home were dismissed yesterday…. (story)
Sheffield Star 27.1.04 'Rare birds killed by gamekeeper' - A PEAK District gamekeeper has gone on trial accused of killing rare birds of prey and destroying their eggs and nests. John Cripps, aged 60, of Ronksley, near Bamford in the Hope Valley, told a police officer the species needed culling because they were attacking grouse…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 27.1.04 Gamekeeper accused of killing rare birds - Robert Bottomley - A GAMEKEEPER accused of slaughtering rare birds of prey kept a diary in code detailing his killings, a court heard. Buxton's magistrates court also heard that when police searched John Cripps's cottage in the Derwent Valley they found 171 wild bird eggs and equipment for climbing trees…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 4.3.04 GAME SHOOTERS MAKE A VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION - Kathy Moyle Points of view, February 20, should spend more time with her poetry, awful though it is if the example in her letter is any guide. However, it is certainly of a higher calibre than her grasp of the issues surrounding pheasant shooting. To claim that 75,000 metric tons of lead shot may be deposited annually on the British countryside is ludicrous…. Simon Clarke, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 20.2.04 PHEASANT INDUSTRY IS A THREAT TO ENVIRONMENT - Pheasant rearing and shooting is a multi-million pound business in Britain that subjects millions of artificially hatched birds to the rigours of intensive farming; threatens the environment; and kills nearly five million birds and mammals in predatory control programmes each year…. Kathy Moyle, Collins Park, East Budleigh (letter)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 4.3.04 KILLING IS IN OUR NATURE - There is something familiar in the demands of certain sections of society for the killing of animals and birds. Protection of game birds resulted in the decimation of the European wild cat in the country, along with the pine marten, polecat, weasel and stoat. Various birds of prey were cut down for the same reason…. OWEN NUGENT Tittensor (letter)

West Briton 4.3.04 BLACK PLAGUE WHICH IS DESTROYING OUR FISHERIES CHARLES JARDINE, Director, Countryside Alliance, Campaign for Angling, 367 Kennington Road, London SE11 4PT (letter)
Yorkshire Post 28.2.04 Bird pests - From: RC Dales, Church View, Brompton, Northallerton. - I hope your correspondent JL Pringle (February 21) has not missed the point raised by Charles Jardine (February 16) about cormorants. The problem is that they have now invaded our inland waters in such numbers that the population of fish – and indeed, local economies – are threatened....(letter)
Yorkshire Post 21.2.04 From: JL Pringle, Harden Close, Pogmoor, Barnsley - CHARLES JARDINE'S attack (Letters, February 16) on the cormorant as a destroyer of our fisheries cannot go unchallenged. The cormorant is not a "European interloper". It has existed in Britain since the Middle pleistocene Age... (letter)
Lancaster & Morecambe Citizen 26.2.04 Black plague must be stopped - Charles Jardine, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, London (letter)
News Post Leader 19.2.04 ONE KEY MESSAGE - CHARLES JARDINE, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, 367 Kennington Road, London (letter)
Yorkshire Post 16.2.04 Protect our rivers from invading cormorants From: Charles Jardine, director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling, Kennington Road, London. (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 14.2.04 ALLIANCE NOW TRYING TO DEMONISE CORMORANTS - Charles Jardine's comments, Time to control black plague destroying fish, Points of view, February 12, had a familiar ring. His reference to cormorants - protected birds - as a "black plague" that "rape our water of vital fish stocks" is similar to the way in which gamekeepers speak... His letter is exclusively in support of killing in the countryside, so that further killing may continue. Yvonne Nicola, Address withheld on request (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 12.2.04 TIME TO CONTROL 'BLACK PLAGUE' DESTROYING FISH - At a recent Countryside Alliance angling conference, one key message emerged from the assembled angling representatives: cormorants are destroying our fisheries… This is not just about angling, but also about our river and lake environments that support a huge diversity of wildlife from water-boatmen to kingfishers… We must take responsibility for seeking a solution to this problem and I urge all anglers to support Lord Mason's call for a realistic look by Government at the serious impact these birds are having. Charles Jardine, Countryside Alliance, Campaign for Angling (letter)

Ely Standard 4.3.04 Angry farmers urged to work with police - FARMERS, battling to prevent illegal hare coursers wrecking their crops, have been urged to work closely with the police and not take the law into their own hands… at a meeting of National Farmers' Union members in Ely, by last week, attended by Ely Police Sector Commander, Inspector Richard Douce, calls were made for more co-operation with the police… (story)

Times 4.3.04 Phytopharm protest protection BY JON ASHWORTH - PHYTOPHARM, the drugs company known for its use of natural plant remedies, has won a High Court injunction protecting staff from animal rights activists…. (story)
Independent 4.3.04 Phytopharm wins animal rights ban By Stephen Foley - Phytopharm, THE drugs group developing treatments for obesity and Alzheimer's disease, went to the High Court yesterday in an attempt to halt a two-week campaign of intimidation by animal rights campaigners. The company was granted injunctions against members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, which has targeted Phytopharm because it works with Yamanouchi, a Japanese pharmaceuticals group that uses the controversial animal-testing laboratories at Huntingdon Life Science… (story)
Guardian 4.3.04 Phytopharm quells protest - The biotechnology sector fought back against animal rights activists yesterday when Phytopharm won a high court injunction against the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty group.... "We don't expect anything else from the high court - it's rightwing, draconian judges handing out rightwing, draconian judgments," said Greg Avery, Shac press spokesman, named in the injunction (story)
This Is Money 3.3.04 Phytopharm seeks ban on protestors - Malcolm Withers, Evening Standard - DRUG discovery group Phytopharm is seeking an injunction in the High Court that would make it the first quoted British biotech trying to protect staff from alleged harassment. Pressure group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) claims that because Phytopharm has a licensing agreement with Japanese giant Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical, a client of animal-testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences, it is a legitimate target… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 4.3.04 OPT OUT TO STOP HORSES' EXPORT - It Is likely that in the next few weeks there will be an increasing level of concern on the subject of the live export of horses from the UK for slaughter for human consumption on the continent…. The Conservative Shadow Environment Minister, James Gray MP, is working with the International League for the Protection of Horses and is urging all MPs to sign his Early Day Motion 517, which calls on the Government to seek to extend the existing ban on the export of live horses. MARK HARPER, via e-mail (letter)

Western Gazette 4.3.04 ANIMAL SUFFERING SHOWS OUR SYSTEM IS SO WRONG - R. Ashton Brown, Shaftesbury, full address supplied (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 31.1.04 Pigs in misery - From Margaret Hunter, High Street, Meldreth (letter)
Epsom Guardian 29.1.04 Fury at pig farm scandal - E M LAMBLE Epsom (letter)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 27.1.04 Horrified at cruelty to pigs - Kevin Webster, Longfellow Road, Dudley. (letter)
Blackpool Citizen 23.1.04 I'd have expected more from chain than this - Lesley Bosworth, Haig Rd, Blackpool (letter in archive)
Sutton Guardian 16.1.04 Bad attitude to animal welfare E M LAMBLE Epsom (letter)
Kent/Sussex Courier 9.1.04 FOOD FARMS LEAVE ME FULL OF DOUBT D Allchorne, Willow Crescent, Five Oak Green (letter)
Western Daily Press 9.1.04 HORRIFIED BY PIG SUFFERING Anne Clifford Address supplied (letter)
Bath Chronicle 7.1.04 ANIMAL SUFFERING WAS UNCOVERED - I Was absolutely horrified to read in a national newspaper recently that an investigation into a pig farm supplying Tesco has uncovered horrendous and shocking scenes of animal suffering. The investigation, by animal welfare group Viva!, found pigs with deep wounds and severe infections… BERYL CLIFTON, Russel Street, Bath (letter)

Western Daily Press 4.3.04 HITLER OUTED AS OFFAL MAN - Adolf Hitler, long-described as the 20th century's most famous vegetarian, was yesterday outed as a meat eater. Ryan Berry, a vegetarian historian, has unearthed evidence that Hitler frequently strayed from his diet…. (story)

Irish Examiner 4.3.04 Freedom of choice - HAVING just told the area's Green candidate in the forthcoming local elections of my disgust with that group's support for the availability of abortion, it came as no great surprise to read of their plans to try to outlaw fur farming in Ireland (Irish Examiner, February 27). It is hard to comprehend the logic behind giving support to a woman's right to an abortion in spite of the consequences for her unborn child, while simultaneously opposing the same woman's right to choose to wear a fur garment because of the consequences for an animal… Rory O'Donovan, 111 Sunday's Well Rd, Cork (letter)
Irish Examiner 27.2.04 Greens wage war on fur farming By Ray Ryan, Agribusiness Correspondent - MORE than 140,000 mink and several thousand foxes are killed in Ireland each year and their pelts exported, the Green Party claimed yesterday.Launching a bill to outlaw fur farming, the party said Ireland is out of step with other countries that have banned the practice…. Mary White, Green Party Agriculture spokesperson urged the Government to get in line with the wishes of Irish people by supporting this Bill. Mary-Anne Bartlett, director, Compassion in World Farming said the Bill marks the beginning of a legal process that will remove a type of farming that is inhumane, unnecessary and damaging to our agricultural image…. (story)


Irish Independent 3.3.04 The stag-hunt scourge - Well done to Lady Dunsany, who ran the Ward Union Stag Hunt from her lands in Meath… Aidan Mooney, Dunmore, Co Galway (letter)

Daily Record 3.3.04 BARBARIC SPORT - THE picture of the terrified hare, about to be torn to pieces by a hound, sickened and saddened me… James Cowe,Edinburgh (letter)

Liverpool Echo 3.3.04 WITH reference to the Waterloo Cup and Clarissa Dickson Wright's remarks. I suggest Clarissa puts her money where her mouth is and get out there on the field in Altcar, and I'll send some lions to chase her… Miss G. Morris,Maghull
I JUST don't now how anyone can callously watch harmless hares being chased by hounds and torn to pieces…. J. Rigby, L13 (letters)

Birmingham Post 3.3.04 MP's fury at attack by 'animal terrorists' By Jonathan Walker, Birmingham Post - Animal rights protesters who attacked a home linked to a guinea pig breeding centre have been dubbed "terrorists" by a Midland MP. Michael Fabricant (Con Lichfield) called on the security services to deal with threats such as activists who have targeted David Hall & Partners, which breeds the animals for medical research, at Newchurch, near Lichfield, Staffordshire… (story)


Liverpool Echo 2.3.04 IT'S that time of year when that so called barbaric sport called hare coursing is here again and Tony Blair is still dithering over a decision…. Mrs J. Bushell, Bootle (letter)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 2.3.04 Meet was no trouble at all - I should like to respond to Mr Knowles, who wrote to question the amount of policing at the New Year's Day Meet of the Fitzwilliam Hunt at Wansford. I was there from the start, and there was a minimal police presence. Certainly no riot police or airborne police were seen or required for the six protestors and 600 hunt supporters… It is exaggeration of this nature that damages the cause of those who make the case against hunting…. A Stabler, Farcet, Near Peterborough (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 16.2.04 Why were there so many officers at hunt meet? RECENTLY The ET has had a number of contributors complaining of lack of police presence in the city and local towns, especially their apparent refusal to undertake traffic control at Queensgate. I attended the New Year's Day meet of the Fitzwilliam Hunt at Wansford. In spite of the hunt's claim that only six protesters were present, there was a number of police vehicles present all day…. The hunt appears to get this level of police support free. Why, when it's needed in the city and towns locally. JOHN KNOWLES, Peterborough Hunt Saboteurs, c/o Hunt Saboteurs Association, PO Box 5254, NN1 32A (letter)

Guardian 2.3.04 Superiority complex - Despite the view of pro-vivisectionists, there is no rational basis for always putting humans' interests first - John Gray - John Gray is the author of Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals (story)

Western Morning News 2.3.04 TAKING BEGGING BOWL TO EUROPE IS DISGRACE Every time I read an article on the live export of horses and donkeys to Europe for meat, I feel angry and frustrated. When I read that Tory MEP Neil Parish is hopeful that his lobbying for a British ban on live exports will be successful, my blood positively boiled (WMN, February 20). It beggars believe that any British politician whatever his/her party has to beg (sorry, lobby) an unelected foreign power i.e the EU Commission to ask it not to force Britain to lift a ban put in place by a British government to prevent the disgusting live export trade for slaughter of horses and donkeys… Neil Kernick, Newton Abbot (letter)

Western Morning News 2.3.04 Misguided advice I OFTEN wonder why no one sees through the common sense messages the RSPCA puts out. Last week a local woman found a captive-bred, close-rung barn owl with jesses (leather straps). She rang the RSPCA and was told to release it. Had she followed this advice, it would have been sent to its death… It is against the law to release a barn owl into the wild, with a maximun penalty of £5,000 or six months in prison… We all think of animal cruelty as dogs and cats being mistreated, but as bad is ignorance and incompetance, especially when endorsed by an animal welfare charity. Andy Meads, Safewings Wildlife Conservation Projects Isham, Northants NN14 1HP (letter)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 2.3.04 TV PROMOTES ANIMAL CRUELTY - So-called reality TV programmes, such as Back to Reality and I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! are unethical: contestants eat live animals; and they can easily harm animals when they move around in confined spaces with them…. MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 2.3.04 No-meat king of beat in line for top veggie accolade - BENJAMIN Zephaniah, who will be visiting Swindon for this year's Festival of Literature, has been shortlisted for the title of greatest-ever vegetarian… If you would like to take part, forms will be available at the Animal Aid display in Swindon Central Library from today until Saturday, March 20… (story in archive)

Daily Record 2.3.04 TUSK, TUSK - BECAUSE of the illegal trade in ivory, the elephant is in great danger of being hunted to extinction. After an appeal by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, I wrote to myMP, John Barrett, asking him to support measures in the Commons to stop this illegal trade… A.Delahoy, Edinburgh (letter)


Tunbridge Wells Extra 1.3.04 Foxhunters hassled at annual ball by Nigel Jarrett and Jane Waghorn - MEMBERS and supporters of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt were picketed by anti-blood sports protestors as they arrived for their annual ball… The anti-hunt campaigners gathered at the gates to wave placards and shout slogans as guests drove in. One of them, Heather Nicholson, 37, from Woking, was arrested by police and charged with a public order offence. She was released on bail and is due to appear before magistrates at Sevenoaks on Wednesday (March 3)…. (story)

Western Morning News 1.3.04 WILL 'HORSE CZAR' SEE SENSE ON HUNT BAN? It should not take long for the newly appointed "horse czar", or "Official for the Horse", to come to the conclusion that a ban on hunting would be of far greater disbenefit to an important section of the equestrian world than it would be of unqualifiable benefit to an unquantifiable number of foxes…. J Ward-Hayne, Modbury Devon (letter)

Western Daily Press 1.3.04 CULLING NOT THE SAME AS HUNTING FOR A QUARRY The person who claimed on February 14 that deer would suffer more when deer hunting with dogs is made illegal is right. The cruel sports fraternity will make sure of it… Culling, if and when necessary, and done in the most humane way is not the same as the demand for a quarry species. David Thomas Hisomley Wiltshire (letter)

Shropshire Star 1.3.04 Hunting is just wrong - Sorry Mrs B R Lewis, of Shrewsbury (Shropshire Star letters, February 20). I think it's you that has got it wrong and so have a lot more hunt supporters…. B Banks, Ludlow (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 1.3.04 RID US OF BLOOD SPORTS - When three fox hunts decide to hold a joint meeting at County Hall, Llandrindod Wells making public and councillors' car parks inaccessible and attracting more than 30 horseback riders in an urban environment on a trunk road (A483) can they expect people to sympathise with their liberty and livelihood cause?... Katherine Watson, Rushton Drive, Bramnall, Stockport (letter)

Liverpool Echo 1.3.04 Disgraceful event - IT IS a really dismal state of affairs when Vinnie Jones of all people defends the most shameful aspect of Merseyside culture - the Waterloo Cup… Neil Lea, address supplied (letter)

The Lawyer 1.3.04 Special Branch warns lawyers to carry personal attack alarms - Lawyers have been forced to take extreme measures to protect themselves against attacks from animal activists, including carrying personal attack alarms and taking alternative routes home. Law firm Lawson-Cruttenden & Co is making interim injunction applications on behalf of companies including Huntingdon Life Sciences and Bayer to stop harassment from animal activists. The firm has introduced the measures after being advised to do so by Special Branch…. (story)

Irish Independent 1.3.04 Time to end puppy farms - I have just read the report about the puppy farms in Wexford and was moved to tears. How shameful it is that we have puppy farms in our country. How cruel and heartless we are to poor defenceless animals.... Paula McGettigan, Lisgarode, Nenagh, Co Tipperary (letter)

Western Daily Press 1.3.04 LET'S NOT RESUME EXPORT OF HORSES Regarding the live export of horses from the UK for slaughter for human consumption on the Continent…. This exemption is under threat and the Government seem to be colluding in the resumption of the live export of low value horses for salami… Mark Harper Forest of Dean (letter)

Oxford Mail 1.3.04 Rabbits deserve to live - Oxford Preservation Trust's decision to destroy rabbits at Boars Hill is typical of those who wield power in a dictatorial manner. The trust has shown that in killing rabbits and possibly foxes and badgers, it has not translated the word 'preservation' into wholehearted action… DAVID SCOTT Bayswater Road, Barton, Oxford (letter in archive)