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Sussex Express 31.3.05 Award for veggie chefs - AN Alfriston postie and a Litlington surveyor have scooped a prestigious award for their part-time new business. Diane Page, 39, from Falcon Way, Hailsham, and Pat Wilder, 50, from Litlington – both committed vegetarians – set up vegetarian and vegan catering company Veg-Out to plug a yawning gap in the professional food preparation market. Now the pair have been awarded the prestigious Cordon Vert diploma by the Vegetarian Society… (story)

Guardian 31.3.05 'Aquatic Eden Project' finds home in Beds - Paul Arendt - A disused brick pit in Bedfordshire has been chosen as the site for an aquatic life centre more than twice the size of the Eden Project. Nirah - the National Institute for Research into Aquatic Habitats - will combine tourism with scientific research… However, the Nirah project has become a target of protesters, who claim that keeping fish in captivity for research is cruel… Nirah scientists insist they won't be carrying out invasive testing…. (story)

Western Gazette 31.3.05 FRUSTRATED BY A LACK OF ACTION - New Labour in its first manifesto stated "New Britain new life for animals" to curry favour from the growing number of compassionate voters opposed to legal cruelty to animals. They promised "a Royal Commission to review the effectiveness and justification of animal experiments and examine the alternatives" also to "consider the ethical issues involved in the genetic engineering of animals" With compulsory labelling of animal tested products… Young thugs who terrorise and damage whole neighbourhoods are only moved elsewhere and most cannot be named. While new laws are now being drafted to imprison compassionate dedicated campaigners for five years for standing outside laboratories shouting and leafleting… Ian Atkinson, Bellevue Road, Bournemouth. (story)

Western Gazette 31.3.05 WANT VEGGIE PACK? - Animal Aid member, Dorset, name and full addess supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.3.05 TRY A TASTE OF VEGETARIANISM - I belong to the organisation Animal Aid, which campaigns peacefully against all animal abuse and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle. Every March this organisation celebrates Veggie Month, and this year has produced an eye-catching, cheerful and bright new leaflet entitled Choose Life - Go Veggie, giving some of the reasons for adopting a vegetarian diet… Miss Elizabeth Howe Yeovil Somerset (story)

West Briton 31.3.05 ANIMAL WELFARE SITE MAKES FRIGHTENING READING - The national dairy herd has never been so healthy, Have Your Say (Paul Carter), March 17 MR CARTER asserts that our national dairy herd is healthier than it has ever been. If everything is so rosy in the livestock industry one wonders why the government bothered to set up the Farm Animal Welfare Council, and why this body is so critical of health and welfare standards on many farms… When people are badly housed, poorly nourished and stressed they become susceptible to the human form of TB. Perhaps intensively farmed livestock become more susceptible to disease for similar reasons - or are badgers to blame? In biblical times, the sins of the people were laid on a "scapegoat" - is this to be the fate of our badgers today?... West Cornwall Badger Group, c/o Tredinnick Stack, Newmill, Penzance (story)

Guardian 31.3.05 320,000 will die in Canada's biggest seal cull for more than 50 years - Skin trade fuels government's quota increase - Paul Brown, environment correspondent - It was carnage on a scale the frozen ice floes of Newfoundland have not seen for more than half a century. The cull started early in the morning, with more than 70 boats disgorging hundreds of seal hunters on to the ice… Phyllis Campbell-McCrae, from the UK office of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), observed the start of the cull yesterday…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 31.3.05 Animal welfare a full-time concern - IT is welcoming news that Lothian and Borders Police have appointed Constable Jim McGovern as Scotland’s first full time wildlife crime officer… Hopefully this will also help bring to justice callous, cruel persons who harm animals. Mrs June Fleming Oxgangs Farm Gardens Edinburgh (letter)

Bolton Evening News 31.3.05 Animal magic? ONE of Britain's last animal circuses has arrived in Bolton, defying opposition from animal charities. Bobby Roberts' Super Circus will be in Farnworth until Sunday with 52-year-old Asian elephant Annie and a handful of horses and ponies. But the RSPCA said it continued to oppose animals being used for entertainment, despite circus bosses' assurances that their animals were well cared for…. (story in archive)

North Devon Journal 31.3.05 SALE WILL BENEFIT THE BEARS - A pile of pounds was raised at an event in Lynton to help rescue imprisoned bears in China. Wendy Cowan, of Hollerday Drive, put on a bric-a-brac sale on Easter Saturday to raise funds to help rescue stop bear farming in Asia…. (story)


Dundee Courier 30.3.05 SNP demand for new gun law By James Rougvie - THE Scottish National Party yesterday launched a public petition demanding that the Executive be given sweeping new powers to crack down on the sale and use of firearms and air weapons…. (story)

Glasgow Herald 30.3.05 The animals’ friend: constable targets crimes against wildlife - SARAH STUART - A POLICE force yesterday became the first in Scotland to appoint a full-time officer to combat wildlife crime. Jim McGovern, a 52-year-old PC, has taken up the post with Lothian and Borders police…. (story)

Horncastle News 30.3.05 I’ve seen inside an animal lab: Standards were a disgrace - RBA Johns (Mar 16) asks who’s seen inside an animal lab. Well, I’m a qualified lab animal technician and worked in some of the most prestigious London Medical Schools. The reality is the ‘strict government guidelines’ were routinely ignored and welfare standards were a disgrace…. CRIS ILES, CIAT (Certificate of the Institute of Animal Technicians), Camberley (story)

Western Daily Press 30.3.05 THE BEAR FACTS! - In just three weeks, Western Daily Press readers have raised an incredible £75,000 to rescue the terrified and tortured Moon bears from their tiny cages on bleak Chinese bile farms… THANK YOU, The Editor (story)
Western Daily Press 30.3.05 A NOBLE CAUSE - I would like to express my gratitude to the Western Daily Press for the campaign to highlight the suffering of the Moon Bears and the endeavour to rescue as many as possible….. Margot Willcox Frome Somerset (letter)


BBC News Online 29.3.05 Concerns over giant aquarium plan - Animal welfare activists are meeting on Wednesday night to discuss plans to build the world's largest freshwater aquarium near Bedford. The National Institute for Research into Aquatic Habitats (NIRAH) hope to build the £250m bio-dome at Stewartby… (story)
Bedfordshire on Sunday 27.3.05 Anti-Nirah lobby challenges Mayor - ANIMAL welfare campaigners have confronted the Mayor and council to take part in a public debate over their concerns about the Nirah development…. Now Bedford Animal Action has called a public meeting at which it will put forward two speakers against the development. Both Bedford Borough Council and Nirah have been invited to send representatives…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 29.3.05 FAIR PROMOTING GAME SHOOTING - Entertainment on offer at game fair, Echo, March 18, failed to mention that one aspect of this event is to promote the rearing of pheasants and other birds for 'sport' - shooting. Over a period of 18 months, investigators working for the League Against Cruel Sports infiltrated several game rearing farms. Their report, Killing for Sport (2004), tells of an industry built on killing… Y Nicola, Address withheld on request (letter)

Harrogate Advertiser 29.3.05 A show of strength? - THIS is one of the scenes which caused controversy in Harrogate on Saturday – in more ways than one. Police chiefs have defended their decision to station more than 100 officers at an animal rights march which attracted only 130 protesters, saying leaders of the Covance Campaign had originally expected nearer 200. They said the operation had been a "complete success"…. (story)

Western Daily Press 29.3.05 PLIGHT OF BEARS IS RUINING MY LIFE - Well done to your paper and readers for what has been done to save the Moon Bears…. Mr H Sunius Penzance Cornwall (letter)
Western Daily Press 29.3.05 WEALTHY SHOULD DIG DEEP AS WELL - With reference to the moon bears' rescue, I notice by your letters that it is mostly children, old age pensioners and ordinary working class people who are sending donations… But where are all the rich and famous people, millionaires, who could afford to send thousands of pounds to save these poor little bears?... Mr R Williams Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire (letter)

Mirror 29.3.05 ABRACANABRA! - Animal rights fanatic runs off with magician's rabbit By Paul Gallagher - A MAGICIAN'S rabbit was pinched during his act by an animal rights activist. The Great Velcro - Lynn Thomas - was distraught yesterday after Georgina was stolen at the Easter show. Lynn, 61, said: "I was in the middle of my act when I saw this shadow out the corner of my eye fumbling with my top hat. "Then someone from the audience came up to me and said 'Was that man supposed to run off with your rabbit?'" Some of the audience of 150 at Komedia, a club in Brighton, chased the dreadlocked thief but could not catch him… (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 29.3.05 KEEP VEG IN MIND - Your article (Health and Wellbeing, March 1) says there will be more vegetarians than meat eaters by 2050. All arguments against vegetarian diets have been shot down… I reject meat-eating religions. All the world should be veggie. You are what you eat. Eating pig makes you pig-headed. D. Pinder, Campion Street, Derby. (letter)


The Sentinel 28.3.05 HUMANS BEFORE ANIMALS PLEASE - I Would never dream of hurting or being cruel to an animal, but I think that animal testing should be done to save people's lives…. STEPHANIE HARGREAVES Aged nine Bursley CP School Bradwell (letter)

The Sentinel 28.3.05 ANIMAL TESTING SAVES LIVES - I Do think animal testing should be done. I love animals and never in my life would I hurt an animal but animal testing could help save many thousands of lives…. LINDSAY DAWN MOUNTFORD Bursley CP School Bradwell (letter)

Dundee Courier 28.3.05 Worse than birds of prey - I write in respect of the letter from the Scottish Homing Union…. While it is accepted by all sides that birds of prey do kill many racing pigeons in the UK, as usual no mention is made of the biggest killer of homing pigeons—the fanciers themselves. At the end of each racing season many healthy birds no longer considered good enough for racing are put down by their owners, who do not want the expense of feeding them through the winter…. When pigeon fanciers stop killing their own birds, then they may have cause for complaint against birds of prey. Steve Moyes. 32 Wyvis Avenue, Broughty Ferry. (letter)

Irish Examiner 28.3.05 Save Toby — and all other animals for slaughter - HOAX or not, the ‘Save Toby’ website has sparked outrage among people appalled at the thought of a bunny being killed for dinner… Each of us can save animals from a miserable life and agonising death not by sending someone money, but by making the healthy and humane decision to go vegetarian… Lindsay Pollard-Post PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 501 Front Street Norfolk Virginia USA (letter)
Irish Examiner 21.3.05 Website demands cash to save bunny from pot By Bill Dornan - ANIMAL rights activists are often derided as ‘bunny-huggers’ — well-meaning but foolish people — but one canny website operator in the US may have proved that there is something in this term. Outraged pet lovers have threatened an American website where the owner has said he will kill and eat his pet rabbit Toby unless he is given $50,000 (€38,000) by June 30 and may well have handed over large sums of money… People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has urged news organisations to ignore the site, while online payment service PayPal took the threats sufficiently seriously to disconnect the site's account… (story)

Western Daily Press 28.3.05 WHY DO THESE FOLK DECRY ANIMAL AID? - I have had to write in reply to a letter I have just read from Miss P M Greene. I am so incensed at this woman's comments regarding you caring more about bears than poor African people!... hy is it then, when caring, compassionate people show an interest in saving poor defenceless human abused animals, there is this pathetic outcry from a small minority that we therefore must then care more for animals than humans?... As long as these people continue having more and more babies, which incidentally they know they cannot feed, there will always be a problem in Africa…. Miss J Jones Tuffley Gloucestershire (letter)

The Sentinel 28.3.05 ANIMALS AREN'T ENTERTAINMENT - I Am almost certain that a lot of people will agree that using animals such as bears for entertainment etc, should be banned…. SARAH SHALLCROSS Aged 10 Seabridge Junior School Newcastle (letter)


Sunday Herald 27.3.05 Deer are not pests - SCOTTISH Natural Heritage may have threatened the Scottish Executive with court action over the issue of deer culling (News, March 20), but I hope they have considered the possibility of facing court action themselves over their stance on this matter. There is no doubt that decades of mismanagement on the part of greedy “sporting” estates has led to a severe overpopulation of deer which are damaging the natural environment and, through overgrazing, causing welfare problems to the deer themselves… John F Robins, Dumbarton (story)
Sunday Herald 20.3.05 Executive told: kill more deer or face court action By Rob Edwards - THE Scottish Executive has been warned it could end up in the European Court of Justice for failing to protect the nation’s nature conservation areas from vast herds of marauding deer. The government’s environmental adviser, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), has issued ministers with an uncharacteristically tough deadline. If there is no significant reduction in deer populations over the next three years, it says, it will demand new laws to combat the problem. Foraging deer are a major cause of environmental degradation in the Highlands…. But landowners who run sporting estates like to keep deer numbers artificially high, so there are plenty of stags available to be shot by paying visitors…. The commission has identified seven “priority areas” for reducing deer numbers, including Glenfeshie in the Cairngorms, where there has been vocal opposition from gamekeepers…. (story)

Observer 27.3.05 Largest seal cull in half a century reaches bloody climax - Mark Townsend, environment correspondent - A vast armada of trawlers will fan out among the ice floes off eastern Canada tomorrow as hunters embark on the final phase of the largest seal cull for half a century… the Canadian authorities appear to be on the verge of announcing a five-year culling plan which critics believe could involve the slaughter of more than a million animals. 'They have shown no sign of changing their stance or revising their position on this. We believe it will continue to increase,' said Rosa Hill of the International Fund for Animal Welfare… (story)

Observer 27.3.05 Pain and early death: the true cost of your Easter chicken - The falling cost of what was once a luxury meat has a terrible hidden price, says Lisa Bachelor… Animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming estimates that up to 88 million broilers die of heart failure in the EU each year. Leg disorders are also common, with 30 per cent of birds limping or severely lame, as are blisters, infections, cannibalism and heat stress. … (story)


Western Morning News 26.3.05 Invent a new test - I READ about the mounting pressure for a cull of infected badgers with dismay… As bovine TB obviously starts with cows, how did they get it originally? It has been present for decades. The vets should think again and get the farmers to clear their stables and check on all their transportation of clear or unclear cattle. Mrs V Riley, Plymouth (story)

The Sentinel 26.3.05 ANIMAL TESTING HAS HARMED US - In response to Eric Adams (Letters, March 24), Did Eric Adams see the horrific severed heads of live monkeys on the national news? Monkeys are also poisoned, electrically shocked, cut open and deprived of food and water…. MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (story)

Western Daily Press 26.3.05 OUR FIRST LADY OF THE BEARS - Ever since she discovered how cruelly they were treated - "like medieval torture victims" - Jill Robinson has been passionate about freeing China's caged Moon Bears… This slender, blonde woman and her small band of devoted colleagues at Animals Asia Foundation (AAF), which Jill set up in 1998, have pitted themselves against the vast Chinese state and all the weight of ancient tradition…. (story)
Western Daily Press 26.3.05 BEAR SANCTUARY WILL BE NO PICNIC FOR CHINESE - For campaigner Jill Robinson and her team, every bile bear rescued from its life of pain is a reason to celebrate. But Jill is hoping her legacy to these tortured creatures will have an even more far-reaching effect - a total change in China's treatment of bears. ALISON SHORT talks to Jill about her plans to create an education village allowing visitors a look into the terrible past of her beloved Moon Bears and ensuring a cruelty-free life for these kind creatures…. (story)

Northern Echo 26.3.05 ANIMAL WELFARE - I'VE just had a nightmare experience, travelling home from King's Cross on a packed commuter train, filled to overflowing with students breaking up for their holidays…. I had time to think: this must be a bit like being a battery hen, packed in together so tightly that she cannot move, flap her wings, forage or do any of her complex natural behaviours…. not one single hen would be kept in any cage, if the public did not buy battery eggs. - C Tweddle, York (letter in archive)

Northern Echo 26.3.05 FOLLOWING people's attendance at the open day at East Durham and Houghall Community College to see new born lambs (Echo, Mar 13), I would suggest that the next open day should portray the slaughter of the lambs. That is where most, if not all, of these little sentient beings are destined…. As a vegan and animal welfare/rights supporter, it appalled me to read about the visitors to the open day at Houghall. Apart from any fellow vegans or vegetarians, they are thorough hypocrites…. Susan Prescott, Northallerton. (letter in archive)


Western Morning News 25.3.05 LANDOWNERS' WARNING ON RURAL ENTERPRISE - Landowners are urging politicians to allow more affordable homes in villages, adopt a balanced approach to open access to the countryside and resist calls for more restrictions on game shooting. These messages and others on rural enterprise, renewable energy and tax changes are contained in a manifesto prepared by the Country Land and Business Association…. (story)


Dundee Courier 24.3.05 Launch of campaign to ‘get shot’ of air guns By Steve Bargeton, political editor - MINISTERS AND police chiefs yesterday called on people throughout Scotland to “get shot” of air guns. The plea comes in the wake of the death of Glasgow toddler Andrew Morton earlier this month in a shooting incident. Some 55 air weapons have already been handed in to police since First Minister Jack McConnell made an initial appeal two weeks ago. From today anyone can walk into any police station and hand in an air gun. They may be asked to give their name and address but are not obliged to do so…. (story)

Telegraph 24.3.05 Wildlife experts are baffled as fox attacks second dog By David Sapsted A second dog has been attacked by a fox in a village where an alsatian was fatally injured earlier this month. The daylight attacks have alarmed the villagers of Hilton, Cambs, and dumfounded wildlife experts who point out that foxes are normally loathe to confront any animal capable of putting up a fight…. the fox repeatedly went for a three-year-old, male labrador playing in the garden of its home on Tuesday afternoon. Fortunately, the snarling animal was unable to reach the dog through a substantial, wire mesh fence…. Nick Hammond, of the Wildlife Trust, described the fox's behaviour as "very strange", adding: "It is possible that the fox was eating and, instead of running away, stood and protected its food source. My only other theory is that the animal had been hand reared and then released and was having trouble coming to terms with life in the wild.'' (story)

Eastbourne Herald 24.3.05 FOX CUBS FOUND UNDER FLOORBOARDS - WORKMEN found two tiny fox cubs under floorboards while they were demolishing a house. As the building was virtually flattened, they thought it would be impossible to reunite the cubs with their mum and so called East Sussex WRAS rescuer Trevor Weeks…. New WRAS rescuers David and Shirley Clark from Pevensey Bay collected the cubs from the Cats Protection League shelter in Hailsham before transporting them to Trevor at Uckfield… (story)

Western Gazette 24.3.05 ALLIANCE GREETS RED TAPE VOW - The Countryside Alliance supports Gordon Brown's budget promise to cut the number of rural inspection agencies from 22 to five. This is an important step forward for small businesses. Currently, over 300 different kinds of inspections carry a right of entry into rural business premises. The Countryside Alliance has long campaigned for a reduction in the number of burdensome and unduly restrictive regulations that adversely affect rural businesses…. (story)

Glasgow Herald 24.3.05 New look at monkey experiments - CAMERON SIMPSON - BRITISH scientists are to take the world's first hard look at whether monkeys should continue to be used in medical experiments. The investigation, spearheaded by the Royal Society, the country's most prestigious science institute, follows a sometimes violent protest campaign by animal rights activists… (story)
Guardian 23.3.05 Researchers launch animal testing inquiry - Donald MacLeod - An inquiry into the use of monkeys in medical and biological research - and whether they can be replaced - was launched today by four leading UK research bodies. The wide-ranging inquiry, chaired by Sir David Weatherall, former Regius professor of medicine at Oxford, will gather evidence from animal rights campaigners as well as animal researchers, but is primarily aimed at establishing the scientific basis for using non-human primates in research in the light of recent rapid developments…. (story)
BBC News Online 23.3.05 Study will debate monkey future - A major study will examine what limits should be put on the continued use of non-human primates in UK experiments. The review is being undertaken by four of Britain's leading medical and scientific organizations… (story)

The Sentinel 24.3.05 ANIMAL ATTACKS ARE PROBLEMATIC - I saw recently that another case of abuse to wild animals was reported - this time it was foxes. Whenever this problem rears its ugly head it very soon goes quiet… The fact is animal attacks or mutilations are a very serious problem worldwide. You would have to be bordering on down right stupid if you believe the official version of the attacks, these range from witchcraft, pagan blood rites, or sadistic devil worshippers… ANIMAL LOVER Weston Coyney (story)

Liverpool Echo 24.3.05 Correct decision - The ECHO's decision to publish the shocking pictures of the two cats hanging from a window shutter, while being controversial, was the correct one Such barbaric acts need to be highlighted to ensure the public is aware of the mindless mentality that exists within the community…. John Dunne, Liverpool L16 (story)


Irish Examiner 23.3.05 Greens launch fur farming campaign By Harry McGee - THE Green Party last night launched a parliamentary campaign to ban fur farming, saying it was a “very clandestine activity” which was cruel to animals. However, as the debate on the party’s private members’ bill to prohibit the practice opened last night, it became immediately clear the Government was going to oppose it… (story)
Irish Examiner 22.3.05 TDs get toys in campaign to ban fur farming By Ray Ryan, Agribusiness Correspondent - EACH of the country’s 166 Dáil deputies will be given a miniature mink or fox toy today as part of the campaign to ban fur farming. Animal welfare groups, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) and Respect for Animals, will tag each of the toys with a written plea to the TDs to support a Green Party private members’ bill, which will be debated in the Dáil tonight and tomorrow. The groups said the bill, published by Cork South Central Deputy Dan Boyle, would, if passed, prohibit the rearing and killing of animals solely for their fur…. (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 23.3.05 Animal cruelty makes blood boil - I WAS horrified to read of the animals a pet shop owner left to die, after he boarded up his shop… I was brought up with animals and I am a real animal lover. To read what he did to those poor animals makes my blood boil. A O'SULLIVAN (Mrs), Booth Road, Waterfoot, Rossendale (letter in archive)


Aberdeen Press & Journal 22.3.05 Glen Feshie deer cull - SIR, - I find it hard to believe that an organisation such as the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) is permitted to abuse our assets and industry… The video of the Glen Feshie deer cull should be shown on national TV and the shooters of that day should forfeit their firearm certificates… The deer were being herded by a helicopter, like a collie dog with sheep… William A. Bain, retired deerstalker, 15 Balnellan Road, Braemar. (story)

Glasgow Evening Times 22.3.05 LETTERS: Politician's gun comments were off target - TORY leader Michael Howard shot himself, and his party's election chances in Scotland, in the foot metaphorically last week with his ill-judged and unfeeling comments on both airguns and the handgun ban introduced following the Dunblane tragedy. Perhaps Mr Howard, and his party's huntin', shootin' and fishin' supporters, would like to explain why anyone would need a handgun…. MARK NAPIER Via e-mail (story)

Torquay Herald Express 22.3.05 YET ANOTHER COUNTRY PURSUIT IN THEIR SIGHTS - Anglers and estuary nets have been using the same methods for 1,000 years and more and have never fished out a river! It is a fact that the average angler on the Teign or Dart catches about one third of one salmon in an angling season and 90 per cent of salmon anglers catch no salmon at all… where is there anything about Defra addressing the at-sea killing mechanisms (industrial fishing for sand eels; by catch of juvenile salmon in nets of mackerel/herring trawlers etc)? You've got it! There is no mention whatsoever, of the predominant, stock deterinant 'at-sea' mass killing mechanisms. Why? Because anglers/estuary nets are cheap. easy, minority targets and it produces a nice fiction for general pubic consumption to imply that government/Defra is doing something about salmon conservation… JOHN HILL, Seaway Lane, Torquay (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 22.3.05 Rescuer 'too kind to fox' - A FOX cub almost "killed by kindness" by a woman who found him is on the road to recovery, animal rescue workers said today. The ten-day-old cub, called Ollie by staff, is being treated at Wildlives rescue centre in Thorrington, Essex. Rosie Catford, who runs Wildlives, said: "The woman was well-meaning but did all the wrong things… " (story)
Essex Evening Gazette 21.3.05 Thorrington: Fox cub's plight prompts warning from rescue centre - A baby fox brought back from the brink of death has prompted a warning to well-meaning rescuers. A well-meaning passer-by picked up the newly-born fox cub, after it was dropped by the vixen while she was moving earths, and decided to have it as a pet. Rosie Catford, who runs Wildlives Rescue Centre at Frating Road, Thorrington, explained: "It was a well-meaning gesture but she gave it the wrong diet and when it was dying, she brought it to us…." (story in archive)

Western Morning New 22.3.05 DEFENCE OF BADGERS DRIVES ME UP THE POLE - Firstly, i must thank Martin Hesp for his article about the yellow signs on electricity poles (WMN, February 25). I laughed till I nearly cried. However, following the WMN's excellent reporting on TB in badgers and cattle the same day, I feel as if I have ignored one of these yellow signs after reading that Elaine King (chief executive of the National Federation of Badger Groups) blames TB on the unregulated movement of cattle around the country. Farmers have to fill in a Movement Record EVERY time that a SINGLE cow is moved from their premises. She cites the case of the farmer who was jailed for eight months after breaking this rule (he would have probably got a shorter sentence if he had killed someone driving while drunk)… As far as I know, no badger has ever had to fill in a form when passing from one farm to another (or carry a passport like a horse must now do or incur a big fine and jail sentence) so I think badger movements are unregulated - strange that this should not aggravate the spread of TB…. Marilyn Cooper, Inwardleigh, West Devon (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 22.3.05 Bird feed firm targeted by activists - JAMES GOFFIN - A bird feed manufacturer was last night at a loss to explain why it had apparently been targeted by animal liberation activists. Tom Van Der Louw, who runs Van Der L Feeds at Melton Constable, near Fakenham, turned up to work yesterday to find graffiti daubed over walls, doors and a lorry at the firm's Marriot Way premises. The vandals had spray-painted the word "scum" and "ALF" – apparently a reference to the Animal Liberation Front - in black aerosol paint in several places… Mr Van Der Louw said he could not understand why the firm had been targeted. "We are mostly a bird food manufacturers, so we work essentially as a grain merchant. We don't do anything to harm animals, we feed them," he said…. (story)

Western Morning New 22.3.05 MODELS IN FUR ARE FUELLING CRUELTY - Mark Glover, Campaign Director Respect for Animals (letter)
Western Mail 14.3.05 Fur reaction - I am sorry but Mark Glover of "Respect for Animals" is wrong about fur (Letters, March 2). What he failed to say is when the Labour Government banned fur farming in the UK, it paid out (of taxpayers' money) some £135m in compensation to the 11 fur farms/rural businesses who went to the wall. Ten of these took the money and ran, and the remaining fur farm relocated to France where it is producing more fur than all of them previously did before (due to choice and demand from a tolerant public); the 11th fur farmer is importing everything in larger quantities and quality into the UK… Mrs GERALDINE TURNER, Highlight Lane, Barry (letter)
North East Evening Gazette 3.3.05 The fur flies again - MARK GLOVER, Campaigns Director, Respect for Animals (story)
Western Mail 2.3.05 Fur isn't fashion - MARK GLOVER, Campaigns director, Respect for Animals, PO Box 6500, Nottingham (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 28.2.05 Badges of cruelty - Mark Glover, Campaigns Director, Respect for Animals, Front Street, Nottingham (letter in archive)
Bath Chronicle 28.2.05 ANIMAL FUR IS STILL AT THE VERY DEPTH OF FASHION - MARK GLOVER, Campaigns director Respect for Animals Nottingham (letter)
Worcester Evening News 28.2.05 Fur is just pure cruelty - MARK GLOVER, Campaigns Director, Respect for Animals. (letter in archive)
Ulster Herald 24.2.05 Animal fur is not OK for fashion - Like me, readers have probably noticed that real fur has been shown during London Fashion Week. It is not the first time and unfortunately, I doubt it will be the last that animal fur has been on display in this way…. If nobody bought any real fur and those wearing it were shunned the industry and suffering would end. It's that simple. The fur items worn by models during London Fashion Week should be seen for what they really are: badges of cruelty…. Mark Glover, Camapaigns Director Respect for Animals Nottingham (letter in archive)

The Sentinel 22.3.05 BOYCOTT SHOPS SELLING REAL FUR - In 2003, fur farming was banned in the UK, but it continues overseas. In yet another example of government hypocrisy, shops in this country are allowed to sell foreign fur…. Boycott shops that sell real fur, as they are financially supporting the trade. OAK Action Against Animal Cruelty Burslem (letter)

Worcester Evening News 22.3.05 Lobsters have feeling - UNFORTUNATELY, lobsters have an image problem in that they are neither cute nor cuddly. Nevertheless, like the millions of animals slaughtered every year for human consumption, lobsters are sentient creatures, capable of feeling pain…. Further information is available from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals…. M HANDY, Malvern. (letter in archive)

Belfast Telegraph 22.3.05 Psychopath fears for Derry's young - Arson and animal attacks 'warning sign' By Sarah Brett - Youths in one of Northern Ireland's most deprived wards are displaying early signs of extreme psychopathic behaviour, medical experts warned today. Arson attacks and acts of animal cruelty have blighted the Greater Shantallow area for years… A study of nine school shootings in the US from 1996 to 1999 reported that almost half of the 11 perpetrators had histories of alleged animal abuse… Many experts say it is a clear indicator of psychological issues that can and often do lead to more violent human crimes…. (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 22.3.05 NO NEED FOR ANIMAL ACTS - Reading the Viewpoint pages on March 11, I could hardly believe my eyes when I read the letter by Bruce Pickwell regarding animal acts in circuses. Where has he been for the past 10 years? Animal welfare institutions and the like had been campaigning for years to end the misery of performing animals in circuses… L Clarke, Address supplied. (letter)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 19.3.05 NO LOGICAL REASON TO BAN ANIMAL ACTS - I read with interest the letter from Mr Pickwell of Althorpe (Viewpoint, March 11) 'Where were the animal acts?', regarding the recent visit to Scunthorpe by Billy Smart's Circus. As a circus enthusiast, I think I am in a position to answer some of his points. Firstly, there are more circus shows around than Mr Pickwell may realise, with around 25 touring shows of varying sizes last season… Despite all the articles appearing in the media, stating circuses are cruel, how many court convictions has the industry received? With the exception of Mary Chipperfield, in the past 20 years, the answer is none…. A Lewis, King Edward Street, Scunthorpe. (letter)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 11.3.05 WHERE WERE ALL ANIMAL ACTS? - I was really pleased to read in the paper a circus was coming to town. There seems so few of them these days, so it is quite a rarity. I was looking forward to going until I read that there were to be no animals. I did not go…. Bruce Pickwell, Derrythorpe Road, Althorpe. (letter)


Northern Echo 21.3.05 Protestors target North research laboratory - ABOUT 100 animal rights protestors took to the streets on Saturday to campaign against an extension to a research laboratory. They met at the cenotaph in the centre of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, at noon, before marching to the premises of Covance, in Otley Road….(story in archive)

Lancashire Evening Post 21.3.05 'We have right to a peaceful protest' - A Lancashire animal rights activist has defended his right to protest peacefully outside a guinea pig farm. Dr Max Gastone was one of 13 animal rights protesters appearing at a High Court hearing that stepped back from giving the group ASBOs… Dr Gastone, from Lancaster, attended the court hearing on Thursday March 17. He said:: "I have attended peaceful protests there in the past and there is no reason why an ASBO should be granted against me…." Amanda Richards, of Save Newchurch Guinea Pigs, said the ruling from the High Court to step back from issuing ASBOs was a victory for the campaign group… (story)

Western Daily Press 21.3.05 A DISEASE THESE BEARS CANNOT WITHSTAND - Brutalised bears arrive at the Animals Asia Foundation's rescue centre in China with a wide range of ailments, and in need of tender loving care. As well as the mental scars and physical traumas, many bears suffer from a range of life-threatening illnesses including peritonitis….. (story)
Western Daily Press 21.3.05 JUST UNBEARABLE - I enclose a small postal order to help the bears in China…. Mrs M Carpenter Frome Somerset (letter)

Lytham St Annes Express 21.3.05 Lytham store targeted by animal rights group - ANIMAL Rights protestors made a peaceful protest outside a Lytham shop last week. Group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals staged a demonstration outside Benetton in Park Street, after the group decided to target shops that use Australian sheep wool, due to claims of cruelty…. The controversy surrounds a practice known as mulesing - where farmers cut loose flesh from sheep to stop infection. While Peta believe the practice to be cruel, Benetton believe it stops millions of sheep dying from infections every year…. (story)


Telegraph 19.3.05 Sport of shooting is in Labour's sights - Martin Salter, the Government's spokesman in Parliament for shooting and fishing (Letters, Mar 17), claimed that it has contributed to the wellbeing of the shooting sports in particular and country sports in general. The Labour Government, in 1997, made a great public fanfare of its "success" in "taking handguns off the streets"… Licensed shooters quietly pointed out that their guns had never been "on the streets" in the first place and that the criminals were not affected by the ban. Gun crime has increased ever since… I agree that we would benefit from a cross-party coalition of support for the shooting and country sports. A hung parliament after the election might achieve the same effect. Richard Malbon, Director, Sportsman's Association of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, Fulwood, Lancs
The gall of Martin Salter is unbelievable. The first act of this Government was to ban the Olympic sport of pistol shooting… Brian Henderson, Caterham, Surrey
The anti-field sports strategy of the Labour Party is clearly one of "divide and conquer". Hunting first, then shooting, then fishing. David Rothery, Silverstone, Northants
Martin Salter's vitriolic attack on the Countryside Alliance is neither accurate nor justified. As an ex-Labour MP, I accepted the position of chairman of the alliance's campaign for angling because of its politically neutral stance…. The alliance does not campaign for or against parties. It does encourage people to be part of the political process, and provides information to enable them to do that. Llin Golding, Chairman, Campaign for Angling, London SE11 (letters)

Leicester Mercury 19.3.05 DEMONSTRATION AT LAB - Animal rights campaigners have demonstrated outside an experimental laboratory.Members of Loughborough and Leicester Animal Concern (LLAC) gathered outside Harlan UK Ltd, in Dodgeford Lane, Belton…. LLAC spokeswoman Cathy Beck said: "We have held a local campaign against this company for six years primarily to speak up for the animals, which have no voice…." (story)

Bucks Free Press 19.3.05 Hate-mail investigation after research experts targeted - ANIMAL rights extremists have sent a flurry of hate-mail to people associated with medical research in South Buckinghamshire, falsely accusing them of a variety of criminal and sexual offences. Thames Valley Police's, Det Sgt Steve Convey, said: "The public can be assured these allegations are completely false. The letters are being investigated as part of a malicious intimidation campaign against those associated with the medical research industry."…. (story)

Times 19.3.05 Vegetarian starters - When she decided to bring up her child on a no-meat diet, Megan Mason found herself mired in controversy - I do understand why we vegetarians used to have a bad reputation. But you have to admit we have moved on from hemp trousers and “I can’t believe it’s not spam”. According to the Vegetarian Society, there are now more than three million vegetarians in the UK and most know not to start up on vivisection just as you bring the Sunday roast to the table… (story)

Western Daily Press 19.3.05 FIGHT GOES ON - The longer we continue with our campaign to save the Moon Bears, the more determined we become to close down these vile bile farms forever. Every time that we believe we have heard the worst, the most tear-jerking story, along comes another instance of still more brutal barbarity… (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 19.3.05 Stop this trade - PLEASE do all you can to make people aware that dog and cat fur from China is coming into this country…. R Downie, Elcombe (letter in archive)


Hexham Courant 18.3.05 HUNT LAW CHALLENGE GOES AHEAD - THE Government has done a U-turn on general shooting licences, after they were described as an “absolute disgrace” last week. The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation’s Northumberland and Durham chairman Stuart Riddell, from Hexham, welcomed the Government’s announcement that the flawed general licences issued by Defra on February 28 (for the control of pest birds) were being changed with immediate effect…. (story)

Vale Advertiser 18.3.05 Dead birds found at fishing pond - Vale Advertiser - NORTH Wales Police, the RSPCA and the Environment Agency have launched a joint investigation following the discovery of a number of dead cormorants at a popular Trefnant fishing spot. Police officers and RSPCA inspectors had received information indicating that up to 10 cormorants have been seen at the Brickfield Pond in Trefnant, where the pond holds a substantial amount of coarse fish…. (story)

Harrogate Advertiser 18.3.05 Animal rightsinvades town - HARROGATE is to be targeted by animal rights campaigners from across the continent who want to make Covance the centre of animal rights campaigning in the north of England. Around 200 campaigners are to converge on the town centre tomorow for a major demonstration against an £18m extension to the pharmaceutical company's Otley Road headquarters…. Speakers from the Animal Liberation Front and the Newchurch Guinea Pigs Campaign will address protesters tomorrow…. (story)

Birmingham Post 18.3.05 Villagers' no-go appeal fails By Sarah Probert, Rural Affairs Reporter - Villagers living near a Staffordshire farm which breeds guinea pigs for medical research have failed in their High Court attempt to ban animal rights activists from a 77 square-mile zone around their homes. But Mr Justice Owen, who heard their case, said the activists were conducting a "guerrilla campaign of terrorism" and warned that the exclusion zone would be imposed if they failed to obey court orders already in place to regulate their protests…. (story)
Burton Mail 18.3.05 ANIMAL RIGHTS BAN FOUNDERS by KIM BRISCOE - VILLAGERS living near a controversial guinea pig farm near Burton have failed in their High Court attempt to ban animal rights activists from a 77 square-mile zone around their homes… (story)
Independent 18.3.05 Farmers fail to win ban on animal rights group By Robert Verkaik, Legal Affairs Correspondent - Animal rights protesters mounting what a judge called a "guerrilla campaign''against guinea pig farmers have been ordered to obey the law or face a 77-square-mile exclusion zone….. In the High Court, Mr Justice Owen rejected an application by the Halls and villagers for the exclusion zone around Darley Oaks Farm, Newchurch, where guinea pigs are bred for medical research, saying it would be "draconian" but he would impose it if necessary. He said the claimants would be adequately protected by existing injunctions…. (story)
Guardian 18.3.05 Villagers lose plea for no-go zone - Mark Honigsbaum - Villagers near a Staffordshire farm that breeds guinea pigs for research yesterday failed to persuade a high court judge to grant a 77-sq mile "no go" zone around their homes to ward off animal rights protesters. But the judge said demonstrations near Darley Oaks farm, Newchurch, amounted to a "guerrilla campaign of terrorism" and he would impose a more "draconian" exclusion zone if activists failed to abide by court restrictions… His decision, which will let demonstrators continue weekly protests on the main road by the farm, was welcomed by Amanda Richards, a spokeswoman for Save Newchurch Guinea Pigs…. (story)
Times 18.3.05 No exclusion zone for activists - VILLAGERS living near a Staffordshire farm that breeds guinea pigs for medical research failed yesterday in their High Court attempt to ban animal-rights activists from a zone around their homes. But Mr Justice Owen said that the activists were conducting a “guerrilla campaign of terrorism” and that the exclusion zone would be imposed if they failed to obey court orders in place to regulate their protests…. (story)
BBC News Online 17.3.05 Activists 'no-go' zone rejected - A judge has refused to impose a 27 square mile (75 sq km) "no-go" zone against animal rights activists. The owners of Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffs, and their neighbours wanted the zone after a long-term campaign against guinea pig breeding. Mr Justice Owen, sitting at the High Court in London, turned down their bid. But he said protesters had conducted a "guerrilla campaign of terrorism" and said a zone may be imposed if orders to regulate protests were breached…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 17.3.05 NO BAN FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTESTERS - Villagers living near a farm which breeds guinea pigs for medical research failed today in their bid to ban animal rights activists from a 77 square-mile zone around their homes. But the judge who heard their case said at the High Court in London today that the activists were conducting a "guerrilla campaign of terrorism". He warned that the exclusion zone in Newchurch, Staffordshire, would be imposed if they failed to obey court orders already in place to regulate their protests…. Scotsman 17.3.05 Ruling Due on Animal Rights Biggest 'No-Go' Zone By Mike Taylor, PA - A High Court judge who has been asked to impose the biggest “no-go” zone sought against animal rights activists is to announce his decision today. Owners of a farm which breeds guinea pigs for medical research have accused alleged extremist elements of conducting a “campaign of terrorism” in the surrounding area…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 18.3.05 BODY SNATCH RELEASE - Three men arrested on suspicion of desecrating the grave of an 82-year-old woman and stealing her body have been released on bail, police said. The trio, who were being questioned in Burton, Staffordshire, were freed pending further inquiries but have been ordered to return to the police station on May 12… Yesterday a 32-year-old man and a woman, aged 30, were released after being detained at a house in Lysons Avenue, Gloucester (story)
Burton Mail 18.3.05 Grave robbery: three released - THREE men arrested on suspicion of stealing the body of an 82-year-old woman from a grave have been released on police bail… The men, one of whom was first arrested last year in connection with the theft of Gladys Hammond's body from St Peter's Churchyard, in Yoxall, were originally detained on Wednesday morning for questioning about alleged criminal damage in the Newchurch area. However, police confirmed on Wednesday the men had been rearrested, without being released from custody, in connection with the grave desecration…. (story)
Birmingham Post 18.3.05 Men bailed in body snatch inquiry - Three men arrested on suspicion of desecrating the grave of an 82-year-old woman and stealing her body were released on bail last night. The trio, who were being questioned in Burton, Staffordshire, were freed pending further inquiries, but have been ordered to return to the police station in two months' time…. (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 17.3.05 Arrests made in grave investigation - Two people have been arrested by police investigating the desecration of a woman's grave in Yoxall and the theft of her body. A man and a woman were arrested on Wednesday (March 15) at a house in Gloucester after 25 officers swooped on the property at 6am…. (story)
BBC News Online 17.3.05 Three men bailed over grave theft - Three men arrested on suspicion of desecrating the grave of an 82-year-old woman and stealing her body have been released on bail. The trio, in their 30s and from Birmingham and Wolverhampton, were being questioned in Staffordshire…. The men have been freed pending further inquiries and have been ordered to return to a police station on 12 May… (story)
Burton Mail 17.3.05 Body theft: two arrested and released by NERMIN OOMER - A COUPLE arrested on suspicion of stealing an elderly woman’s body from her grave have been released on police bail while three men also held in connection with the outrage today remained in custody. Detectives investigating the theft of the remains of Gladys Hammond, 82, from her grave at St Peter's Church, in Yoxall, were this morning granted an extra 12 hours to question three men arrested in the Newchurch area at 6am yesterday…. (story)
Western Daily Press 17.3.05 GRAVE ROBBER PROBE: WEST PAIR ARRESTED - The quiet of a West street was shattered yesterday morning when police swooped to arrest a man and a woman in connection with the desecration of an 82year-old woman's grave. About 25 officers from Staffordshire Police raided a house in Gloucester as part of their investigation into the macabre theft of Gladys Hammond's body last October… After the raid, a 32-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman were being questioned at Stafford police station last night. The couple, who lived at number 90, were often seen out walking their dogs, described as a German shepherd and a terrier cross. Neighbour Chantelle Bradshaw, 32, said she was woken at about 6am by the dogs…. (story)
Daily Mail 17.3.05 (Reuters) Bodysnatch police question three - Police investigating the desecration of an 82-year-old woman's grave have been granted an extra 12 hours to question three men arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage…. A 32-year-old man and a woman, aged 30, who were arrested and held yesterday at Stafford police station after officers executed a warrant at a house in Lysons Avenue, Gloucester, have been released on police bail. They have been bailed to return to Stafford police station on May 11…. (story)
Times 17.3.05 Five held over theft of body from grave BY SIMON DE BRUXELLES - FIVE people were being questioned yesterday in connection with the theft of an 82-year-old woman’s body from a Staffordshire cemetery… (story)
Guardian 17.3.05 Two held for desecrating woman's grave - Richard Jinman - Two people have been arrested on suspicion of desecrating the grave of 82-year-old Gladys Hammond, whose remains were removed from a Staffordshire church last year. A man of 32 and woman of 30 were taken into custody at a house in Gloucester at 6am yesterday by a team of 25 Staffordshire police officers. Search teams swept the house while the pair were taken to Stafford police station for questioning… The police said that three other men were arrested shortly before 6am yesterday in the Newchurch area on suspicion of causing criminal damage, after the car they were travelling in was stopped by uniformed officers… The arrests were made after a further appeal for information about the case was made on BBC1's Crimewatch on Tuesday night. The police said the programme had prompted a small number of calls to the studio, but that yesterday's arrests were a "separate development"…. (story)
Independent 17.3.05 Arrests made in grave robbery investigation By Jason Bennetto Crime Correspondent - Five people were being questioned last night by detectives investigating the desecration of a woman's grave last year. Two suspects, a man and a woman, were arrested on suspicion of digging up the remains of Gladys Hammond and removing them. Three other men were detained on suspicion of being extremists responsible for attacks on the farm owned by relatives of Mrs Hammond…. (story)
Telegraph 17.3.05 Five arrested by police hunting extremists who desecrated grave By Nick Britten - Police hunting animal rights extremists who dug up and stole the remains of an 82-year-old woman arrested five people yesterday in two dawn raids. A 32-year-old man and 30-year-old woman were seized at a house in Gloucester, while at the same time three men were stopped by police in their car in Newchurch, Staffs…. Neighbours of the pair said they had lived there for about four months and were renting the property. One, Chantelle Bradshaw, said: "I think they were both unemployed because they were almost always at home. They have two dogs, a German shepherd and a large bull terrier, and I often saw them taking them for walks."… Last October a prominent animal rights campaigner, John Curtin, 41, of Coventry, and a 34-year-old man from Wolverhampton were taken in for questioning. In December police arrested another well-known protester, Janet Tomlinson, 62. All three were released on bail…. (story)
BBC News Online 16.3.05 Five arrested over stolen body - Detectives investigating the desecration of an 82-year-old woman's grave have arrested five people…. A 32-year-old man and 30-year-old woman were arrested in Gloucester early on Wednesday and taken to Staffordshire to be questioned. Another three men were arrested in the Newchurch area later in the morning on suspicion of causing criminal damage…. (story)
Yahoo! 16.3.05 Arrests made over grave desecration - Police have arrested five people in connection with a series of attacks, including the desecration of a grave, related to a farm that has been targeted by animal rights activists. Three men were arrested on Wednesday for causing criminal damage in the area around Darley Oaks farm, which breeds guinea pigs for sale to researchers. Separately, two others were arrested in connection with the desecration of the grave of a woman, related to the farm's owners… Three other people have been on released on bail in connection with the attack on the grave…. (story)
Reuters 16.3.05 Two held in desecrated grave probe - Police have arrested two people in connection with the desecration of a woman's grave which detectives believe may be linked to animal rights protests. A 32-year-old man and a woman aged 30 were detained in Gloucester on suspicion of desecrating the grave of Gladys Hammond and removing her remains…. The two suspects, who were arrested early Wednesday morning, have been taken to Staffordshire…. (story)

The Sentinel 18.3.05 STOP CRUELTY NOW - NOT LATER - I just really want to have my say and make people aware about animal testing: it shouldn' t be happening. I am only 13 and I have written to my MP and Tony Blair because something needs to be done about it now - not later. Innocent animals are dying just because our Government can't be bothered to do anything about it…. JESSICA WEBB Endon (story)

Bristol Evening Post 18.3.05 'FOXES KILLED MY WALLABIES' - The owner a wildlife park near Bristol claims his five wallabies have been killed by foxes. John Douglas, who owns Avon Valley Country Park in Keynsham, said he believes that the wallabies, some of which have been there 16 years, were picked off over a month and a half…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 16.3.05 FOXES SHOT BY FARMER FOR WALLABIES' MASSACRE BY LUCY RUTHERFORD - Foxes have slaughtered a family of wallabies at a country park, its owner claims. John Douglas, the owner of Avon Valley Country Park near Keynsham, believes the clan of two babies and three fully- grown adults were killed by a pack of foxes…. At first, Mr Douglas said he thought the animals had died of natural causes and that a scavenging fox had picked at the remains. But when the last adult wallaby met a grisly end a week ago, he decided to ask a local farmer to sit up all night to find the culprits. The farmer saw two foxes enter the enclosure, a vixen and a male fox, who were hunting in a pair, but he shot them before they could strike again…. (story)

Northern Echo 18.3.05 ANIMAL WELFARE - HOW can people get away with doing awful things to other living creatures?... Are there lists available of where in this area I can purchase high animal welfare products? - A Stewart, Helmsley. (letter in archive)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 18.3.05 Seal bloodbath still continues - THIRTY-six years ago IFAW was founded to help stop Canadian hunters from the unregulated slaughter of seal pups for their fur. Last year over 353,000 seals were clubbed and shot, most of them days or weeks old… SHEILA BRENNAN (Mrs), Bombay Street, Blackburn. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 18.3.05 PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK - Please find enclosed cheque towards helping rescue these beautiful, helpless Moon Bears. Your reports have been heartbreaking and, sadly, yet again highlight man's inhumanity to defenceless creatures. We should be the guardians, not the destroyers, of this Earth… Mr and Mrs D P Broom Frome Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 18.3.05 THANK YOU FOR CARING SO MUCH -As an animal welfare and wildlife campaigner of many years, I cannot congratulate the Western Daily Press and editor Terry Manners enough on the exposure of yet another barbaric and disgusting sphere of animal abuse… We have taken stalls in towns exposing the cruelties of bile farming of moon bears, industrialised factory farming, the importation of wild, captured and specially bred animals for the vivisection industry, hunting with dogs and the exploitation and cruelty to all our wildlife…. M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)


Burton Mail 17.3.05 FARM'S FUTURE THE BALANCE by NERMIN OOMER - A GUINEA pig farm subjected to long-running campaign by animal rights protesters is facing an uncertain future after a High Court judge 's decision not impose a massive exclusion zone around the property. John Hall, who co-owns Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch with his brother Christopher, told the Mail today that `no decisions' had been made about whether the business would the business would continue, but expressed his disappointment at Thursday's ruling by Mr Justice Owen… Meanwhile, Burton animal rights campaigner, Janet Tomlinson, who attends weekly protests outside the farm claimed the `heavy-handed' actions of the police had made it difficult for campaigners to protest peacefully, but criminal acts against the Halls were not necessarily carried out by protesters…. (story)

Highland News 17.3.05 ANIMAL TRAGIC! - AN animal welfare centre in Inverness has been forced to shut up shop, creating a "truly horrific" knock-on effect for another local facility. The SSPCA's rescue home at Inshes closed its doors last week after a staff shortage left them in the lurch. But mystery surrounds rumours that a member of staff there has been suspended. An inspector at the unit said that among the problems faced by the facility was the fact that centre manager Caroline Dixon is "no longer employed by the society"…. (story)

17.3.05 AIRPORT FACES PROTEST OVER ANIMAL FLIGHTS - Stansted Airport has been targeted by animal rights activists as part of an offensive on the transportation of livestock. Campaigners Gateway to Hell, who have been set up since January, have drawn battle lines to fight the airport as part of a nationwide campaign against its operators, BAA…. (story)

Telegraph 17.3.05 Labour has done a lot for shooting and fishing - It would be refreshing if the chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, Simon Hart (Letters, Mar 12), acknowledged Labour achievements for the sports of shooting and fishing, all of which occurred outside the election period. Labour has done more for angling than any other party and is about to update its 1996 Charter for Angling. It is also about to become the first party to produce a charter for shooting with the co-operation of shooting's governing bodies…. Martin Salter MP, Parliamentary Spokesman for Shooting and Fishing, London SW1
Anyone who enjoys an afternoon of pigeon shooting will welcome the last-minute change of heart by the nature conservation minister, Ben Bradshaw (News, Mar 10). This sudden display of common sense means pigeon shooters are spared the ridiculous prospect of having to jump up and down and wave their arms in the air before opening fire on their already fast-disappearing targets… Anthony Cane, Senior Partner, Strutt & Parker, London W1 (letters)

Central Somerset Gazette 17.3.05 CAMPAIGN AGAINST ALLEGED CRUELTY - Ashock campaign against alleged animal cruelty has hit the doormats of hundreds of central Somerset homes. Families across the area are being urged to help stop the relaunch of greyhound racing at Glastonbury's Abbey Moor Stadium…. But now, Avon and Somerset Greyhound Action is hoping its latest crusade will send out one simple message: "Greyhounds are dying to entertain you, so if you love dogs don't bet on greyhound racing…. (story)

The Sentinel 17.3.05 ANIMAL TESTING IS FAR TOO DIFFERENT - Animal experimentation inevitably leads to human experimentation…. Even if we give animals a disease that is known to afflict them, the natural evolution of the disease is unlike its experimental induction. M RICHARDS Newcastle (story)

Western Daily Press 17.3.05 TEARS AT THE DEATH OF POOR SNIPER SAM . . . A BEAR WHO JUST WANTED TO HAVE FUN - Hundreds of children have gathered at a cemetery for bile bears to mourn the passing of Sam. Today, as our rescue fund soars ever closer to £65,000, TOM MORGAN tells the sad tale of one of the first bears rescued by the Animals Asia Foundation THE surgery fills with sadness as Animals Asia's medical team concedes that the adventures of Sam have reached the final chapter…. Jill explained that many visitors, both Westerners and Chinese, are brought to tears when they visit the area. "I am blown away by the people who come to the cemetery and cry when they see the graves, " she said. "We treat the bears with all the respect that we would a human when we bury them…" (story)
Western Daily Press 17.3.05 THE EDITOR - So many of you have written to me asking how long the sad, tortured bile bears will live once they are free in their tree and grass sanctuary. The truth is that I do not know. But I do know that the West charity pledged to give them hope and freedom, would rather give them a year of true life on our planet than leave them in the dark, dingy world of the cages in which they cannot even stand up…. Today we bring you another sad story - about Sam, a fuzzy cub who was one of the first bears to be rescued by this wonderful organisation. I am sorry if the story of this fun-loving animal of the wild is upsetting. It upsets me and my team too. For as Animal Asia's medical team fought to save him . . . they sobbed…. (story)

Argus 17.3.05 Letter: Research cannot exploit great apes - Two related issues sprang to mind while reading the comments of Rev John Webster (Letters, March 9). While I agree with his stance on euthanasia from a non-theist point of view, I do not support his implied notion that human beings are superior and apart from the other creatures we share the planet with…. However, the archaic paradigm of animal testing must be replaced if we expect to pursue scientific knowledge in accordance with rigorous standards to ensure scientific integrity while advancing scientific knowledge and improving the quality of human life. -David Hammond, Aniimal Rights Spokesman, Mid Sussex, Crawley and Horsham Green Party (letter)

Worcester Standard 17.3.05 Protesters strike at pub's lobster festival - A COUNTY pub has been targeted by animal activists for staging a Lobster Festival with protesters daubing slogans calling to Free The Lobsters on its walls. The Halfway Inn in Bastonford near Worcester had its front sprayed with the words Scum and Lobster Liberation in red and black paint around midnight last Thursday…. (story)
Worcester Evening News 14.3.05 Lobster pub to include mussels on menu - A PUB which has been targeted by animal rights activists for cooking live lobsters is to hold another event - this time featuring mussels and clams. The front wall of The Halfway House at Bastonford was daubed with the words Scum, Free the Lobsters, Lobster Liberation and ALF (Animal Liberation Front) in red and black paint last week. However, owner Steve Croft said the opposition, which included pickets outside the pub and protests inside, proved the old adage that any publicity is good publicity…. (story in archive)
Malvern Gazette 11.3.05 `Silly' protest is no joke for pub - GRAFFITI, including the words `Free the Lobsters', has been painted on a pub wall. The Halfway House, at Bastonford, has been targeted by animal rights activists since the launch of its Lobster Festival in January. Activists have picketed almost every day outside the pub and staged protests inside…. Dawn Carr, a spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), said it did not condone vandalism, but she added: "Cooking an animal alive is inherently cruel and violent and shouldn't be tolerated in a civilised society…. (story in archive)
BBC News Online 10.3.05 Graffiti daubed on 'lobster' pub - A pub has been daubed with graffiti linked to animal rights protesters. The words "lobster liberation" and "scum" were sprayed on The Halfway House at Bastonford, between Malvern and Worcester, early on Thursday. Animal rights activists recently demonstrated outside the pub in protest at a lobster festival which was held in celebration of seafood… (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 17.3.05 Help animals hit by the Tsunami - While our thoughts are still with the victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami, we are now hearing the good news that large aid agencies are no longer expecting donations for the Tsunami as they have reached their targets. May I make a suggestion to anyone still wanting to donate Animals Asia Foundation are collecting for the animal victims of the Tsunami…. Maxine Kaye, Lutton Grove, Westwood, Peterborough (letter)

Leicester Mercury 17.3.05 YOUR CASH KEEPS CIRCUSES GOING - I should like to respond to the article 'Circus is not cruel' (Mercury, March 11). Anyone who is planning to buy a ticket to see this pathetic form of so-called "entertainment" should be informed of some of the real facts behind the use of animals in circuses. … Circuses are a humiliating spectacle and it is hard to believe that, in the year 2005, we still hold on to this erroneous relic of the past…. Sue Chambers, Leicester. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 17.3.05 NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL ACTS - I Do not doubt Martin Lacey (animal trainer for the Great British Circus) that the animals "receive the best possible care", (March 5). But that still doesn't excuse the use of animals in a show aimed at providing entertainment for humans…. Tim Mickleburgh, Littlefield Lane, Grimsby. (story)


Telegraph 16.3.05 Another waste of time? Not content with seeing hunting with dogs banned throughout the country, the League Against Cruel Sports has - somewhat inevitably - now turned its attention to shooting. Their main source of ire, it seems, is the gratuitous rearing of millions of birds each year to provide fun for celebrity shooting enthusiasts such as Liz Hurley, Vinnie Jones and Marco Pierre White - citing Madonna's commercial shooting business as a prime example… (story)
Western Daily Press 15.3.05 MADONNA'S IN THE FIRING LINE - Animal welfare campaigners who successfully persuaded MPs to ban hunting are turning their attentions to the West's rich and famous, it was announced last night. Asthe traditional winter shooting season winds down for another year, West celebrity couple Madonna and Guy Ritchie are top of the League Against Cruel Sports' list in its latest campaign against what it calls a "bloody business" of shooting…. (story)
FemaleFirst 14.3.05 Madonna Attacked By Anti Hunt Protesters - ANTI-HUNT FANATICS ATTACK MADONNA - Pop superstar MADONNA has been attacked by anti-hunt campaigners for banning ramblers from her footpaths, but allowing clients to shoot gamebirds at her British country estate for £10,000 ($19,000). The LEAGUE AGAINST CRUEL SPORTS has dedicated a page on their website, LEAGUE.UK.COM to the MATERIAL GIRL, accusing her of encouraging gamekeepers to rear millions of birds in factory-farming conditions and inviting shooting enthusiasts to kill predators and release animals in large and unnatural numbers…. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 16.3.05 FOXY LADY IS A REAL HONEY - Animal lover Elesha Ambler was not foxed when pondering which pet she should enter for the Evening Telegraph's new competition. Her blind rescue fox Honey was the perfect candidate for Pet Idol, which will see one lucky owner winning £1,000 thanks to their pet…. Mrs Ambler, of Holme Lane, Spondon., said that Honey was blind when she took her in from the National Fox Society…. (story)

Shropshire Star 16.3.05 Cattle TB can't be blamed on bagers - Last week 324 vets signed an open letter to Margaret Beckett demanding a return to "strategic culling of infected badgers" as a means of resolving the growing problem of Bovine TB…. The significant upsurge in infection since 2001 has had nothing to do with badgers or any other wildlife source. Rather it has been due to the wholesale movement of entire herds of cattle throughout the country to fill the void left by foot and mouth and done with little or no pre-movement testing…. Jim Ashley, Chairman, Shropshire Badger Group (letter)

Horncastle News 16.3.05 Has anyone really seen what happens in research labs? - I had assumed that the recent correspondence on supposed cruelty to animals in research had been terminated but here comes Julia Holliday yet again, dismissing her opponents’ views as ‘emotive’ and ‘misleading’… could we at least be told which of your correspondents has witnessed at first hand, as I have, what really happens in medical research laboratories? R B A JOHNS, Wood Enderby (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 16.3.05 GREAT BRITISH CIRCUS HAS MANY REASONS TO FEEL PRIDE - I Write in reply to John Atter's letter on behalf of the RSPCA (Viewpoint, March 12). The Great British Circus has been twice voted the Best Circus with Animals. It is Britain's first educational circus and our animal trainers have received animal husbandry awards from our trade paper The World's Fair for maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare. Despite doing everything to the highest standards, Mr Atter indulges in emotive rhetoric and, I believe, is economic with the truth. We have never sought RSPCA approval nor has any other circus used the word approved. After caring for wild and domestic animals for 46 years, working as zoological adviser to two television companies, I believe RSPCA inspectors are simply not qualified to approve or disapprove the care of our animals…. Anybody with animal welfare concerns should visit our website and see a letter of apology from the RSPCA - Martin Lacey, Great British Circus, Laceby Road, Grimsby. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 12.3.05 APPROVAL IS NOT OUR POINT OF VIEW … We look forward to the day when performing animals in circuses are a thing of the past. The fact remains, however, that a small number of animal circuses continue in business. The RSPCA is concerned about the welfare of the animals involved because we believe the circuses do not provide a suitable environment where appropriate welfare standards can be maintained - particularly for wild and exotic animals…. John Atter, RSPCA East, Regional Manager. (letter)

Sun 16.3.05 Guard booty for Imogen - MODEL Imogen Bailey got this Grenadier Guard standing to attention yesterday as she stripped to demonstrate against animal cruelty…. Aussie Imogen was representing animal rights group Peta, which is campaigning against the famous bearskin hats worn by soldiers outside St James’s Palace in London. (story)

Western Daily Press 16.3.05 DON'T RESUME CRUEL EXPORTS Would the RSPCA like to explain why they said passports would benefit the welfare of horses? More and more horses will be abandoned, as the number of people who buy horses without a thought of the cost of keeping them or how to look after them properly, will get rid of the animal, rather than face a £5,000 fine. The passport is the means the Government is using to open up the export of live horses, for slaughter, to the Continent again. If this isn't the reason, why does the Government refuse to apply for our exemption policy to continue?... B Cooper Nether Stowey Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 16.3.05 BEARS BOYCOTT COULD FORCE CHINA'S HAND - Is anyone approaching the British Government to put pressure on China over its attitude to bears and also the practice of skinning of cats and dogs alive? How about some diplomatic blackmail?... Yvonne Whiteman Address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 16.3.05 APPALLED AT THESE CRUEL PRACTICES - I am appalled that China, a nation which suffered cruelty at the hands of the invading Japanese, now feels fit to pass on suffering and cruelty to bears and other animals in their country…. Name and address supplied (letter)

Louth Leader 16.3.05 Increase in pigeons down to humans throwing food away - I read with great sadness the letter from Mrs C Gosling regarding pigeons in the High Street, Sutton…. It is to be lamented that many fallacies have arisen about pigeons, when in fact, the real cause of disease in this world must be the human being, with our many unhygienic habits, such as discarding unwanted food in the streets instead of making sure it is placed into a litter bin!... Sandra Narraway, Wellington Road, Mablethorpe (letter)


Western Mail 15.3.05 Rules on pest bird shoots - Steve Dube, Western Mail - THERE has been considerable confusion recently in both the national and shooting press regarding changes in the wording of Open General Licences to control pest species birds. At the moment, these changes only affect England, but it is worth explaining them as similar changes may come into force in Wales in the next year…. If a duly authorised person is challenged by police he would simply state that what he was doing was a contribution to crop protection, protecting human health, etc, and cite the literature or experience that demonstrates non-lethal methods to be ineffective and impractical. Glynn Cook is director BASC Wales. (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 15.3.05 Cure for foxes - IF you see signs of sick foxes around looking like they may have mange, a remedy can be obtained quite easily by contacting the National Fox Welfare Society… Stanway Close, Park South, Swindon (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 15.3.05 WE HUMANS ARE THE REAL DISEASE - I am horrified at the latest revelation over badgers and bovine tuberculosis. I cannot believe that vets are promoting a cull. Can we not leave these precious animals in peace? How many more innocent creatures have to bear the brunt of mankind's greed?... Mrs R Thorne Yeovil Somerset (letter)

Scotsman 15.3.05 Seal cull protest at consulate - ANIMAL campaigners from across Scotland were today expected to protest outside Edinburgh’s Canadian Consulate in protest at seal hunting…. ANIMAL campaigners from across Scotland were today expected to protest outside Edinburgh’s Canadian Consulate in protest at seal hunting…. Advocates Campaigns Manager, Lynda Korimboccus, said: "This brutal cull is unjustified and its methods barbaric…" (story)

Gloucester Citizen 15.3.05 ANSWER IS TO GO VEGGIE - Watching the developing hysteria over bird flu is like watching a drunken juggler on a punctured unicycle trying to keep his balls in the air. Let's blame chickens, let's blame ducks, let's blame wild birds - in fact, let's blame anything but ourselves…. The answer to bird flu and foot-and-mouth, CJD and coronary heart disease, prions and poisoning, superbugs and salmonella is to go vegetarian. Viva will help anyone who wants to make the change… TONY WARDLE, Viva Press Office (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 15.3.05 RSPCA VISIT AT CIRCUS IS STOPPED - An Rspca inspector was stopped from checking on animals being used at the Great British Circus in Laceby after he followed the charity's policy and refused to sign a visitor book. Inspector Dean Astill-Dunseith was making a random check at the site, close to Morrison's supermarket on the A46, when he was asked to sign in. To do so would have contravened the animal welfare society's guidelines. But the circus ringmaster and tiger trainer Martin Lacey has hit back at the claim, saying it was a Health And Safety requirement for visitors to sign in… (story)

Glasgow Herald 15.3.05 Make pig farmers comply with the new laws - Charlie Allan seems to have missed the point of Advocates for Animals' recent investigation into Scottish pig farms (Pig tales that got a little bit twisted in the telling, March 14)…. The Scottish Executive has issued a code of practice, which advises farmers that they can "get round" the new law by using objects such as chains, provided that these are changed weekly. Advocates believes the advice in the executive's code to be unlawful, as the EU directive (on which the Scottish legislation is based) requires the use of a material "such as" straw – chains are in no way akin to straw… Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Glasgow Herald 14.3.05 Farmer's Diary - CHARLIE ALLAN - DID you see the latest exposé of the pig industry on the telly last week? Well, the piggery involved was one of our own. It belongs to Mossie's big brother. Mossie now calls Big Mossie "the criminal". Maybe he is, but there was nothing in this film, sneakily taken by Advocates for Animals, to suggest anything of the kind. If that is the worst thing that is happening to our farm animals then Scottish farmers can surely hold their heads high among the peasants of the world. The Farmer was astonished as the film ran on. There were these clean pigs wandering around unstressed, while Ross Minett of the animal rights organisation told us what a disgrace we were witnessing. While he was telling us that there was nothing for the pigs to root about in, we saw three of the toys in the pen for the pigs to play with…. (story)


Burton Mail 14.3.05 'Petrol bomb' was animal rights protest by CHERYL SMITH - A PETROL bomb left on the doorstep of a Burton home is being linked to animal rights protestors… The home-made bomb was deposited on Wednesday outside a house occupied by the daughter of David Hall, who part-owns Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, which breeds guinea pigs for scientific research…. (story)

The Sentinel 14.3.05 PEOPLE'S LIVES AT TESTING STAKE - I Love animals and I would never hurt an animal but I think that animals should be used for testing. My brother nearly died and he had drugs to keep him alive. But I'm sorry, if it was between me and an animal to die I would choose an animal. Animal testing has helped vaccines against diseases like rabies, polio, measles, mumps, rubella and TB…. N DOYLE Aged 10 Bursley CP School (letter)

The Sentinel 14.3.05 SMALL SACRIFICE FOR HUMAN LIFE - I Think animals should be used for testing products because it has saved many lives. Although I am an animal lover, I still think they should be tested on… HOLLY J MADELEY Bursley CP School (letter)

The Sentinel 14.3.05 LAB EXPERIMENTS HAVE HELPED ME - I Think animals should be used for testing medicines. I love my pets but if my parents were going to die I would rather my pets die…. KYLE RATCLIFFE Aged 9 Bursley CP School (letter)

Western Daily Press 14.3.05 VETS TO BLAME FOR A FAILED BADGER POLICY - The vets leading the campaign to kill more badgers are calling for a policy that some of them created in the 1970s. The Government's own Independent Scientific Group has shown that this policy failed to deliver a reduction in bovine TB… Dr Elaine King Chief Executive National Federation of Badger Groups (story)

Gloucester Citizen 14.3.05 PIGEONS FEED ON OUR RUBBISH - How heartily I agree with Ceiwen Smith's letter about the culling of the pigeons in Stroud…. Soon we shall have no wildlife left - all culled for human beings' gain…. ELIZABETH WOODHAM, Brimpsfield (story)


Sunday Times 13.3.05 Vegan bodybuilder funds animal extremists - NICK FIELDING AND GARETH WALSH - James Gorman, 57, a vegan bodybuilder, has pledged to give more than £1m to the movement and helps a group that raises funds for members who have been jailed. Inquiries by The Sunday Times have established that he is in regular contact with Keith Mann, an Animal Liberation Front (ALF) member and notorious activist. Gorman also regularly meets Greg and Natasha Avery, campaigners for the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) campaign, who were jailed in 2001 for causing a public nuisance…. Gorman said he had made his fortune as a property developer before becoming an osteopath based in London…. Gorman is the “nutritional adviser” to the Vegan Prisoners Support Group, which was formed to help Mann, who was given an 11-year prison sentence in 1994 for criminal damage and attempted arson. He is also in close contact with the group’s founder, Jo-Ann Brown, known as “Mother Brown”…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 13.3.05 Peta still fighting against fur trade - FIONA Leith can rest assured that Peta is still panning pelts as much as ever (‘It-girls and militants? For fur’s sake, no wonder we’re apathetic’, Comment, March 6). Peta activists have been busy attending Jennifer Lopez’s fashion shows and autograph signings, urging fans and J Lo to take a look at a newly-released video exposé of fur farms in China…. Yvonne Taylor, campaigns co-ordinator, Peta Europe, London (story)


Western Daily Press 12.3.05 DECLINE OF SONGBIRDS IS NOT CAUSED BY MAGPIES - Regarding the magpie/song- bird issue, people have to decide who to believe with regard to any decline in songbird numbers. On the one hand the gun lobby and the BBC Radio Four Today programme blame cats and magpies while ornithologists have the interest of the birds in mind rather than wanting something to shoot or blame for human faults…. More magpies means more songbirds.This is nature, something BBC Radio Four and the blood sports lobby cannot come to terms with… David Thomas, Hisomley, Near Westbury (letter)

Scotsman 12.3.05 A deer cull and a conundrum - ALISTAIR ROBERTSON - Last month the National Trust for Scotland embarked on a major cull of red deer on its Mar Lodge Estate, which went on for weeks. There was a helicopter and a tracked vehicle and armed marksmen and, for all I know, armed markswomen. In the end they killed 1,600 red deer and carted them off the hill using the helicopter…The other thing to emerge from the cull was that, although people have very strong views about these things, it took two weeks to come to public attention. When it did, the great British public yawned and went back to sleep. And those who did have a view were not extreme members of Bambi Huggers United, but simply people concerned that deer had had to be shot in such numbers, and the level of stress the operation had caused to the animals. All of which are entirely legitimate concerns… (story)


Hexham Courant 11.3.05 OUTRAGE AT GUN RULES By WILL GREEN - A LOCAL gamekeeper has attacked as unacceptable new gun licensing rules which, in effect, make shooting pigeons illegal. The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO) this week condemned the Government for changing the legal basis for the control of pest birds throughout England and Wales at just a few hours notice… Northumberland and Durham chairman of the NGO Stuart Riddell, from Hexham, said: “Changing laws that affect the daily lives of gamekeepers at a few hours notice is bad enough but imposing completely new legal requirements like this is quite unacceptable…." (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 11.3.05 Information on deer culls - I was interested to read (the Press and Journal, February 28) John Duff's remarks about "unintended consequences" and "videos should be viewed regarding deer culls"…. Mar, carrying only 1,650 deer and no other grazing animals on 72,000 acres, is undergrazed. It is a wasteful disgrace and will end up with the whole estate becoming so rank that there will be no birds or anything else - nothing but ticks… As for the video, I believe the Cairngorms National Park board should take a hand in this and arrange for the video to be shown, along with the gamekeepers and the conservationists' views, in every town and village hall in the area… D.W. Ross, Leault Farm, Kincraig (story)

Western Morning News 11.3.05 DEFRA CRITICISED FOR BADGER GROUP AWARD - The Government has been criticised for backing an award scheme that rewarded the National Federation of Badger Groups (NFBG), at a time when bovine TB is reaching epidemic proportions in Britain's cattle herds. The NFBG received the Defra-backed, Partner of the Year Award for its work against badger baiting earlier this week. It was presented at a ceremony attended by environment minister Elliot Morley, a decision that has been heavily criticised as "selling out" to the wildlife organisation…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 11.3.05 Badgers get sett for work on tram line - SAM HALSTEAD - BADGERS living along the proposed route of Edinburgh’s £473 million tram lines are to be rehomed by the city council…. Today, Tricia Alderson, spokes-woman for the Edinburgh and Lothians Badger Group, said: "In general, we are against trams going through the Roseburn corridor, but we are trying to get the best deal for the badgers."… (story)

BBC News Online 11.3.05 Guinea pig farm's family targeted A petrol bomb and death threats have been delivered to staff at a guinea pig farm and to the owners' family. Several workers at Darley Oaks Farm at Newchurch, Staffordshire, which breeds animals for medical research, have also received threatening letters…. (story)

The Sentinel 11.3.05 ANIMAL PROTEST LAW IS WRONG - I am concerned about two recently-tabled government amendments in The Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill. Clauses 142 and 143 are broadly-drawn amendments which will criminalise many forms of entirely peaceful protest…. The vast majority of anti-vivisection campaigners are peaceful and non-intimidatory. The only people to have been killed or seriously injured are animal activists themselves… M RICHARDS Newcastle (story)

Daily Record 11.3.05 DISGUSTING ACT - I WISH to express my utter disgust at the practice of 'spinning' a dog high in the air, as highlighted in the Record. I don't care if this is an ancient custom in Bulgaria… Matthew Jackson, Kirkfieldbank,Lanark
DISGUSTING ACT - I WAS absolutely horrified to see the suffering of that poor dog in Bulgaria. How can being cruel to animals bring anyone a prosperous future?... Isabelle Gillespie, Irvine,Ayrshire (story)

Western Daily Press 11.3.05 WHEN CHARITY CLOSES DOWN A BEAR FARM, IT STAYS SHUT - I would like to respond to Mrs Howe's recent letter in which she quite rightly expresses concern that Chinese farmers, on being paid off when their bear bile farms are closed, might simply start the vile practice again. I would like to reassure Mrs Howe and all your readers that since the Moon Bear rescue began in October 2000, all the 40 farms so far closed have not re-opened…. Mike Merrifield Moon Bear Rescue (story)
Western Daily Press 11.3.05 MEPS CAN HELP TO STOP TORTURE - The report of China's ambassador laughing off our concern about the plight of bears in China made my blood boil. China is hoping to persuade the European Union to remove a ban on exporting arms to China. I have written to MEP Graham Watson who is part of a delegation due to visit China shortly, expressing my view that we should not supply arms to a country that treats its animals this way or that has oppressed the people of Tibet for the last 55 years…. Barry Cash Bristol (story)
Western Daily Press 11.3.05 SICKENING CRUELTY - I read the article about those poor Asian bears, and it makes me feel sick and saddened that such cruelty can happen in the world today…. Rebecca Gill Coleford Somerset (story)


Dorking Advertiser 10.3.05 Couple's relief as gun rave hell ends - GAMEKEEPERS Jessica Allinson and Alexander Szyndel have just spent six weeks in jail after breaking up an illegal rave with shotguns. Reporter JOHN WILLIAMS found them remorseful but frustrated about law enforcement in a rural community that has shown them great support… (story)

Western Daily Press 10.3.05 SHOOTERS WIN IN PEST CONTROL ROW - The Government moved yesterday to end a row over the shooting of birds for pest control. Shooters were angry over guidance which came into force last week and which many of them believed required them, for the first time, to prove that birds such as crows or pigeons could not be dealt with by other means - such as scaring - before they were allowed to kill them…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 10.3.05 SNH TO TAKE ACTION OVER MULL'S KILLER MINK - MOIRA KERR - Scottish Natural Heritage is formulating an action plan to try and control the escalating problem of killer mink on the island of Mull. Farmers and landowners have voiced concerns about the number of mink attacking ground-nesting birds all over Mull and nearby islands such as Little Colonsay. They called on members of SNH's west area board, which met in Tobermory on Monday night, to take steps to alleviate the problem…. (story)

Western Gazette 10.3.05 BADGERS ARE NATIVE BEARS - I Am horrified at the latest revelation over badgers and bovine tuberculosis; I cannot believe that vets are promoting a cull. Can we not leave these precious animals in peace… Rebecca Thorne, Higher Kingston, Yeovil. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 10.3.05 MAN GUILTY OF CRUELTY TO PET PIGS - An Animal rights campaigner from Keynsham has been banned for life from keeping animals after causing "unnecessary suffering" to his pet pigs. Colin Davies's two pet pigs, Camilla and Wendy, were in such bad condition they had to be shot by vets. Davies, aged 41, was sentenced to a 150-hour community punishment order at a hearing at Bath Magistrates' Court yesterday…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 10.3.05 PIG CRUELTY MAN BANNED FROM KEEPING ANIMALS - A SELF-proclaimed animal rights campaigner has been banned from keeping any animals for life after causing "unnecessary suffering" to his two pet pigs. Colin Davies' two sows, Camilla and Wendy, had been left stuck in his muddy back garden, unable to stand, for days on end, Bath Magistrates Court heard….(story)
Western Daily Press 10.3.05 ANIMAL FAN'S CRUEL LAPSE - An animal rights campaigner was banned for life yesterday from keeping animals for causing unnecessary suffering to pigs. Colin Davies's two pet pigs Camilla and Wendy, had to be shot by vets because they were in such bad condition in his garden in Keynsham, near Bath…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 26.1.05 ANIMAL RIGHTS MAN LEFT PIGS STRANDED IN MUD - A SELF-proclaimed animal rights campaigner left his pet pigs stranded in a pit of mud for days on end. Vets had no other option but to put down the two sows to end their "unnecessary suffering" at the hands of owner Colin Davies, Bath Magistrates Court heard yesterday…. After seeing the conditions in the back garden in Kelston Road, Keynsham, the vet alerted the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the council trading standards department's animal health section…. Philip Hatvany, defending, said Davies was "a campaigner for animal rights". He had written letters campaigning for farm animal rights to DEFRA and Wansdyke MP Dan Norris…. Magistrates adjourned sentencing until March 9 for probation service reports. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 10.3.05 BARBARIC WAY TO TREAT PIGEONS - May I just be allowed to say how I most heartily agree with Mrs Smith of Tuffley, in her letter (The Citizen, March 3, 2005) about the killing of the pigeons in Stroud. What is the problem with people who can't seem to live with other creatures on this planet? Soon we shall have no wildlife left…. M. JOYNER (MRS), Hopewell Street, Gloucester (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 10.3.05 MP BAGS NEW ROLE IN ANIMAL WELFARE - North Lincolnshire MP Ian Cawsey has been appointed vice-president of the RSPCA for his animal welfare work. Mr Cawsey, who received a Parliamentarian of the Year award in 2004, which was voted by MPs and peers for his animal welfare work, said he was looking forward to supporting the charity. The Labour MP for Brigg and Goole piloted a Private Members' Bill through Parliament on the issue of animal sanctuaries, which will hopefully be incorporated in the Animal Welfare Bill. He has also supported the RSPCA on many of its campaigns such as laying hens, broiler chickens and hunting with dogs…. (story)

Kidderminster Shuttle 10.3.05 Tiger article offensive - AFTER recovering from the shock of your article concerning the Bengal tiger skin (March 3 issue), I feel compelled to express my distress. As a supporter of the World Wildlife Fund, who are campaigning tirelessly for the conservation or these now endangered species, I found this article particularly offensive. … MISS A WALSH, Claughton Street, Kidderminster (letter in archive)

Ilkley Gazette 10.3.05 I would like to report on a charity collection that took place in Waitrose in Otley last Friday and Saturday…. Mrs Heather Parry, 17 Westwood Rise, Ilkley (letter in archive)
Wharfedale Observer 10.3.05 Store praise - I am writing to report on a charity collection that took place in Waitrose in Otley last Friday and Saturday. The collection was for Compassion in World Farming Trust (CIWF)… Waitrose is actually the current holder of the CIWF award for `Compassionate Supermarket of the Year', and for very good reasons!... I would like to say a big thank you to Waitrose for allowing us to collect and to all the people who generously donated. We raised the sum of £505.07, every penny of which will help to make lives better for our farm animals…. Mrs Heather Parry, 17 Westwood Rise, Ilkley. (letter in archive)

Rugby Advertiser 10.3.05 RSPCA's circus plea - TO any readers seriously thinking of going to the circus at Brandon this week, the RSPCA would like to ask everybody to consider carefully the plight of animals used to ‘entertain’ the paying public…. Please boycott this ‘wild animal spectacular’ and so ensure that barbaric entertainment, such as animal circuses, have no part in our lives today. Jane Berry, Secretary, RSPCA Rugby Branch. (story)


Gloucester Citizen 9.3.05 BETTING BACKS CRUEL INDUSTRY - Betting on a horse race might seem like a harmless flutter but it's actually supporting a cruel industry. About 15,000 are bred every year, but only around 5,000 deemed suitable to make it to their first race. Those who do not make the grade are often killed as surplus to requirements…. ANTHONY BEE, Gloucester (story)

Horncastle News 9.3.05 Hare survey need your help - MAD March hares are at their most extrovert now but is the sight of their performances becoming a thing of the past? That is the question being asked by the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) partnership which has launched a survey to find out…. (story)

Louth Leader 9.3.05 Animal suffering concerns - JULIA HOLLIDAY, Horncastle

Horncastle News 9.3.05 Animal suffering concerns - I do not believe I am the only reader who is tired of Thomas Bromley (Letters February 17) trotting out the same emotive misleading arguments in favour of animal-based research… JULIA HOLLIDAY, Horncastle (story)

Western Daily Press 9.3.05 MY BEEF WITH CRITICS OF VEGAN ALTERNATIVE - It's extraordinary how some stories grab the headlines - Freddie Star Ate My Hamster and so on. We've just had another one which is every bit as incredible - Vegan Children Risk Damaging Their Health. For a minute, let's forget that it was part-funded by the National Cattleman's Beef Association of the US and commissioned by the US Department of Agriculture, which supports and promotes animal factory farming…. Tony Wardle Associate Director Viva Bristol BS2 8QH (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 9.3.05 ANIMAL WELFARE PROTEST GREETS CIRCUS - Protesters made their voices heard as the Great British Circus began its two-week stay in Laceby last night. Visitors arrived at the show - which attracts controversy because it uses live animals - to be handed animal rights posters by protesters waving placards. Many gracefully took the posters, while others shouted back before entering the big top next to Morrison's….. Afterwards, views from the audience were mixed about the show, with many people disappointed there were no tigers or lions…. (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 9.3.05 'NO TRUTH' IN CRUELTY CLAIMS - The deputy mayor of North East Lincolnshire, Coun Melanie Dickerson (Con, Wold), was among those protesting about the circus. Although not in an official role, Coun Dickerson handed out animal rights posters to those arriving for the shows, monitored by a police CCTV van… Sean Atkinson, of Welholme Road, Grimsby, said the protest wasn't planned but was a gathering of people with the same views…. (story)

Daily Post 9.3.05 Animal rights protest over resort's aquarium plans By Graham Davies Daily Post Staff - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner last night condemned plans for a sea life centre in Southport, saying it could attract protesters from around the country. Tony Moore of Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (FAACE), said the aquarium, which could form part of the resort's £50m seafront regeneration, would force marine life out of its natural habitat… (story)


Mid Devon Gazette 8.3.05 GAME FAIR CELEBRATES ITS 10TH ANNIVERSARY - This year sees the Westcountry Game Fair celebrate its 10th anniversary, with a stunning selection of countryside entertainment, shopping, feature areas, advice and education. The show will once again take place at the Bath & West Showground on Saturday and Sunday, March 19 and 20… A variety of associations will be on hand to offer education, advice an membership including: BASC, Countryside Alliance, National Gamekeepers' Organisation, RSPB to name a few, from all areas of the countryside and countryside sport…. (story)

Western Morning News 8.3.05 Don't blame the shooters - ONCE again Theo Hopkins (WMN, March 1) lays the blame for all the ills of the countryside on the shooting community. It is both illogical and perverse to attribute grey partridge decline on the changes in farming practices brought by "shooting countrymen". They are the one body of people least likely to do anything that would reduce the partridge population as surely they are the people who want to continue shooting them…. Eric Nicholls, Falmouth (letter)

Western Morning News 8.3.05 MAGPIES BEING DEMONISED - The wmn carried an article about the outrage over a shooting magazine's £500 competition to find who could shoot the most magpies. The magazine, Sporting Shooter, is targeted at the working man. This raises two points. Firstly, though the shooting world badmouths magpies as "killers of songbirds", the reality is it loathes magpies because they eat the eggs of gamebirds, such as pheasants. Shy of telling the public this, it hides behind the fluffy fiction of "a care for songbirds"…. Theo Hopkins, Lifton (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 8.3.05 'ANTI' BITES TOO EASILY - I Could not quite make out who it was who shouted across the car park in Scunthorpe, that 'fishing is next on the list', so it is pure conjecture that he meant 'after the hunting ban'. In any case, I do think that the antis will bite off more than they can chew if they start making trouble. Anglers, especially coarse-fish anglers, do not all kill their catch and take every precaution to return the fish unharmed to the water…. (story)

Guardian 8.3.05 Police 'offered cash in hunt for remains' - Mark Honigsbaum - An animal rights activist arrested last year on suspicion of desecrating the grave of an 82-year-old woman has filed a formal complaint against Staffordshire police, alleging officers offered him £10,000 for information leading to the return of the remains. John Curtin, 41, claims the the offer was made during conversations at his home in Coventry between October and December last year, following his arrest and questioning over the removal of Gladys Hammond's remains from a churchyard in Yoxall, Staffordshire… (story)

Burton Mail 8.3.05 JANET'S GRAVE ROBBERY HELL by DAVID POWLES - A BURTON animal rights activist has told of her "depressing" three-month ordeal subject to police bail over the theft of a dead woman’s remains. Janet Tomlinson, 62, was arrested in December at her home in Shobnall Close by detectives investigating the shocking theft of the remains of Gladys Hammond, 82, from a churchyard in Yoxall…. Today, Miss Tomlinson told how the case had led her to being recognised around the town and labelled "the grave woman" by people talking behind her back. However, she denies any wrong doing…. Miss Tomlinson, who continues to protest at the farm once a week despite recovering from chemotherapy drugs — which had been tested on animals — also claims the theft was 'fabricated' to discredit the Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs campaign…. (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 8.3.05 TRUCKER 'REPULSED' AT DEAD ANIMALS ON GATE - In a similar incident to one reported in the Gazette last week, two dead foxes and a rabbit were found hanging from a gate near Burlescombe. Last week the Gazette printed a picture of four foxes strung up in a tree near the Grand Western Canal car park at Beacon Hill… Now lorry driver Fred Knight visiting the quarry at Burlescombe spotted two foxes and a rabbit hanging from a farm gate. On the gate was a pro-hunting car sticker reading: "Say No to Unjust Law."… (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 8.3.05 ANGRY AT THE ARROGANCE OF POLITICIANS AND BRADSHAW - With reference to your correspondent, Nell Curran's letter regarding protests over hunting (Gazette 22.2.05) I would like to make the following points ... Ben Bradshaw is a DEFRA minister who has arrogantly refused to any debate with the Countryside Alliance nor will also take any notice of a petition by over 300 Vets together with the National Farmers Union who all state that badgers are responsible for the spread of TB in cattle…. Finally, how many people could the LACS, the RSPCA and IFWA put onto the streets of London in peaceful demonstration. I very much doubt that even with the so called 79 per cent of antis they could manage the nearly half a million of the Countryside Alliance in 2002! Peter Ward-Enticott, Canal Hill, Tiverton (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 8.3.05 NOW PROTESTERS WILL START THEIR DIRTY TRICKS TO HOUND THE HUNTERS - Here, here, let us move on from the subject of hunting. But will Mr Annetts and his colleagues against hunting let it be. I fear not, for they are trying to find fault with the hunts, by hounding them with cameras to catch the hunt hunting. It is quite probable that they will head the fox or deer back into hounds and thus get their proof that the Hunt was hunting… Mr Annetts' remarks on the barbaric picture in the Gazette, points the finger at the Hunting community… there are a large number of people who do not have any views one way or the other on hunting, thus it may have been a farmer or smallholder with no views just making the point that foxes still need to be controlled. Or maybe it is the hunt saboteurs as they will go to any length to give Hunts a bad name, legally or illegally…. Clive Russell, Potters Heron, Brook Street, Bampton (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 8.3.05 IVOR ANNETT SLAMMED FOR HUNTING 'LOWER END' COMMENT - I was disgusted to read the article in this week's Gazette (March 1) and see the photo of the four foxes hanging from the tree. But what sickened me also was the comment made by Ivor Annett from the League Against Cruel Sports Mid Devon branch… I hunt because I help to train point-to-point horses. We have to hunt four times a season in order to qualify to race at a point-to-point meeting. Does this then make me the lower end?... Name and address supplied (letter)

Yorkshire Post 8.3.05 From: David Russell, Shechita UK PR Office, Arcadia Avenue, London. DAVID Boyes (February 28) is wrong to crusade against shechita as it is a humane method of animal slaughter for food – a fact proven time and again by science…. Shechita is not a dispensable custom or an outdated rite or ceremony, but a divinely-ordained Jewish teaching given to Moses on Mount Sinai. Marked by compassion and consideration for the welfare of the animal, shechita has been a central pillar in the sustaining of Jewish life for millennia (letters)

Western Daily Press 8.3.05 DOES OUR CASH GO TO CRUEL FARMERS? - I am enclosing my modest contribution towards your laudable save-a-bear appeal, which I am very happy to support. However, I am concerned that we may in fact be encouraging these cruel Chinese farmers to continue this vile practice, if they realise they can make money by selling the bears to the appeal… Mrs G Howe Bristol
Editor's note: Dear Mrs Howe, please be assured that the money donated is always monitored by the West bear charities involved… (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.3.05 WE SHOULD TARGET THE MEDICINE MEN - Like the growing number of people across the West Country, I cannot believe that a human being (if they can be rated as human) can in this present time, still inflict such pain and suffering on an animal…. Mrs Z Hindley Wellington (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.3.05 KEEP ON REPORTING ABUSE OF ANIMALS - Please find enclosed a cheque to help towards freeing more bears… Mrs L Mountstephens Staplehay (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.3.05 BUY BRITISH, NOT CHINESE GOODS - With reference to your reports on the terrible suffering of the bile bears, would it not be a good idea, through your newspaper, to start a campaign to encourage people not to purchase any goods made in China, as most of these items are manufactured under slave labour conditions and are, in my opinion, inferior to British-made goods… J Hudson Monmouth (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.3.05 I WILL KEEP GIVING UNTIL IT IS STOPPED - Please find enclosed a cheque. I have been a member of Animals Asia Foundation (AAF) for two years now and have seen many images of the cruelty inflicted on these wonderful animals…. Mrs J Riva Yeovil (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.3.05 I THOUGHT THAT I WAS UNSHOCKABLE - Having been fully committed to animal welfare for most of my life, I thought that I was unshockable. How wrong can one be?... RM Morris Minehead (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.3.05 YOU ARE PREPARED TO DO SOMETHING - Please find enclosed a small donation towards rescuing the Western Daily Bear…. Mrs M Richings Thornbury (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.3.05 I AM DELIGHTED TO SPONSOR A BEAR - I enclose a cheque towards the fund for rescuing the moon bears - a worthy cause… Mrs E Longney Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.3.05 I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE CAN DO THIS - Thank goodness there are people that put in so much time and money to save these poor bears. They weren't put on this Earth to be treated like this and I'm sure some of these wicked people will get their comeuppance - which they deserve…. Mrs J Neale West-sub-Mendip (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 8.3.05 NATURE HITTING BACK AT CRUELTY - Surely, since we are living in the shadow of the notorious avian 'flu epidemic, the Government should immediately bring forward the banning of "battery hens' in this country. Because of the cruel and disgusting conditions these birds are kept, and their unnatural lifestyle, viruses are bound to appear and will be passed on rapidly, possibly through their eggs as well as their meat, human-to-human…. Let the hens run free, then they will be safer to eat, and avoid dangerous infection and a serious outbreak in this country…. G. BURSNALY, Address supplied (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 8.3.05 VACCINE PLEDGE LONG TIME AGO - I Write regarding the article, "Badgers are not to blame for cow TB" (The Citizen, March 4)…. Defra must do something about a vaccine to protect cattle, which has been promised for years. This seems only fair to farmers/badger groups…. PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 8.3.05 DON'T LET FUR CREEP BACK ON TO CATWALKS - I Agree with Jenni Murray's view (Jenni Murray on Tuesday February 22) that 'the aim of every woman is to own a fur coat' is, as she put it, an "old-fashioned" idea. However, forgive me for having no sympathy for her "broken heart" at having to give away her red fox coat due to the changing attitudes of the British public. Many people are now aware of the true horrors of fur production and, quite rightly, refuse to be involved in such cruelty…. RICHARD DE VILLE Research and campaigns officer, Respect of Animals, Nottingham (story)


Scunthorpe Telegraph 7.3.05 HARE TODAY - HOPEFULLY NOT GONE TOMORROW - Wildlife watchers are being urged to keep a track on hares they spot around the region…. Dog walkers, farm workers, ramblers and horse riders are all being urged to get involved with the scheme, which will help protect one of the region's most distinctive animals…. The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is co-ordinating the survey, which is taking place this month and throughout April…. (story)

Western Daily Press 7.3.05 TIME TO SET UP A CULL OF MAGPIES ALL OVER THE UK - Having been a reader of the Western Daily Press for many years, I find myself having to write to Your Say on plans to kill magpies. I live on the edge of woodland with nature buzzing all around us. I believe a massive cull of magpies would do nothing but good to our songbird population…. Graham Griffin Codrington Bristol (story)

Belfast Telegraph 7.3.05 Bird society's fury at magpie shooting prize By Chris Brennan - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in Belvoir have reacted with anger to the news that a shooting magazine has offered a £500 prize to whichever one of their readers shoots the most magpies in the next five months. Sporting Shooter, published by Archant, have claimed that magpies are a pest and have said readers should 'shoot, trap, or otherwise destroy' as many magpies as possible between now and July…. Stephanie Simm, the director of the RSPB in Northern Ireland, said: "This is not something I would be in favour of. It will eradicate magpies. This could be a major problem if the shooting of magpies becomes indiscriminate."… (story)

Western Daily Press 7.3.05 AMAZING - YOU SAVE 8 BEARS - A Staggering £40,000 has been raised by kindhearted Western Daily Press readers in the week since we asked you to help save Asian bears from a life of misery. Thanks to your amazing efforts we can now rescue eight bears…. (story)
Western Daily Press 7.3.05 £40,000 AND STILL MONEY POURS IN - Chinese leaders in the West yesterday praised "phenomenal" Western Daily Press readers who have raised £40,000 to save Asia's tortured and trembling Moon Bears… We have joined forces with the Animals Asia Foundation (AAF), which runs China's only sanctuary for rescued Moon Bears in the province of Sichuan. Just over a week ago, we asked readers to raise £5,000 to rescue just one bear and give it a new life on the foundation's sanctuary…. (story)


Sunday Telegraph 6.3.05 Why I funded the magpie slaughter - Sir, I am one of the group of people who put up the £500 bounty on the proposed magpie cull (News, February 27). This was done in an attempt to arrest the very serious decline in the small bird population presided over by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. I own a private bird sanctuary and take bird conservation seriously….We are portrayed as heartless slayers of magpies. We are trying to address a problem that the RSPB and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will not. The cull will go ahead, despite objections from the chattering classes. We country folk are sick of having our lives interfered with by know-nothing pseudo-conservationists making a lot of noise, and not knowing what they are talking about. R Brammer, Shillingford, Devon
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has got it wrong when it says magpies are not responsible for the decline in songbirds. They come into my garden and terrify the small birds. I have seen a fledgling ripped to pieces…. K G Betts, Loose, Kent (letters)

Scotland on Sunday 6.3.05 It-girls and militants? For fur's sake, no wonder we're apathetic - FIONA LEITH - IT would be too easy to dismiss, or have entirely missed, the most recent of a long line of publicity stunts from singer-cum-actress-cum-dancer-cum-chancer Jennifer Lopez…. she is now launching her clothing line, which rather pompously promotes fur as the latest bling thing in ‘urban’ wear. In any ethically active society this should mean a rapid resurgence of pioneering anti-fur campaigners, the likes of which we saw in the early 1990s… Let’s face it: there will be little outcry when swathes of fur fly into our shops again this season. And, let’s be honest about exactly why. The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Animal rights activists, the militant kind, such as those who dug up and stole the body of Gladys Hammond, the mother-in-law of a man who farmed guinea pigs for research in Staffordshire, have hijacked any semblance of reasonable action in this country. The general public has been scared off from lending its moderate voice of support and direct but non-violent action to these ethical causes. Violent attacks by animal rights extremists have put medical breakthroughs in areas such as Aids, cancer and Alzheimer's directly at risk. It seems that when push comes to shove we don’t want to be culpable for anything more than a little tut-tutting and finger-wagging session. … (story)


Cambridge Evening News 5.3.05 Cormorant cull From Bill Vincent - REGARDING the "Your View" picture of a heron at Grantchester Meadows (Letters, February 25). This photograph is clearly a cormorant drying its wings. I am an angler and proud of it. I get great pleasure from all the surrounding countryside and nature while out fishing…. Ignorance of nature and the countryside has caused lots of problems in the past and continues to do so. It should be made known that cormorants are a marine sea bird. In recent years these birds have taken over the good chain of predators on freshwater fish. As such they are causing untold damage to fish populations in both rivers and stillwaters…. I am sure the "antis" will say that as an angler I am biased. They are right. I am biased toward long-term sustainable nature in our British countryside. St Vincents Close, Girton, Cambridge (story)

Times 5.3.05 Gun law: don't shoot first, shout BY VALERIE ELLIOTT - Countryfolk must try to scare off their prey before opening fire - COUNTRY sportsmen keen on pigeon pie will need to put the cat among them first. Farmers and landowners will also need to hone their windmill gyrations and scarecrow impersonations if they are planning a potshot at crop-eating birds…. At this time of the year thousands of people pull on their camouflages for a day’s rough shooting. They are now acting unlawfully. They too must first engage in frightening techniques to disperse the birds. Only if their antics are ignored can they shoot legally… There was uproar from country organisations but the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs denied that there was any change of law and issued a clarification. This has only added to the confusion, for it underlines that scaring must always be a precursor to shooting and that records of scaring may be required…. (story)
Times 5.3.05 Never mind the birds, it scared me BY SIMON DE BRUXELLES - I DON’T know about the pigeons, but he certainly scared me. Charlie Jacoby, lanky contributing editor of Sporting Shooter magazine, did a jig dressed in a style the fashion writers might describe as Morris Man/Pearly Queen… Mr Jacoby said: “No one is quite sure how this is supposed to work. Is it all right to shoot the pigeon if it just looks scared, or do you have to wait until it’s actually flown away?” (story)
Western Morning News 4.3.05 BIRDS' ATTACK ON EWE FUELS FARMER'S FURY OVER LAW - New Government legislation governing the shooting of pest birds has been condemned as "ridiculous" by an incensed farmer who yesterday morning found a pregnant ewe that had been killed by ravens and crows. Maurice Scott, owner of Brendon Hills Farm on the edge of Exmoor, has slammed the new laws, which came into effect on Tuesday and require landowners to demonstrate that they have tried every alternative to cull problem birds before resorting to shooting….(story)
Warminster & Westbury Standard 3.3.05 ALLIANCE REACTS ANGRILY TO NEW SHOOTING RULES - Members of the Country Land and Business Alliance have reacted angrily to new legislation which they claim has been drafted in overnight and without consultation. According to the CLA, the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs has passed legislation about shooting pest birds for agricultural and other purposes. However, on the Defra website the reference to the changes in licence laws simply states that the agency is considering changing the licensing laws….. (story)
Newcastle Journal 3.3.05 New row erupts in the countryside - By Dave Black, The Journal - A new row has erupted in England's embattled countryside - this time over how farmers and gamekeepers are allowed to control pest birds like crows and pigeons. Angry rural organisations have attacked licensing reforms which they say mean people will have to prove they have tried non-lethal measures before shooting birds which attack crops, livestock or nests… The Defra legislative changes, which cover open general licences for the control of carrion crows, rooks, wood pigeons and other pest birds, came into force on Tuesday. The National Gamekeepers Organisation (NGO), the Country Landowners Association, the Countryside Alliance and other rural groups have condemned them, saying they include many completely new conditions…. (story)
Western Morning News 3.3.05 BIRD SHOOTING BAN IS 'TYPICAL LABOUR POLICY' - The government has hit back at claims by Westcountry farmers that new legislation governing the shooting of pest birds has been introduced "without warning"…. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) says that under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, farmers must prove they have tried all other forms of pest control before resorting to shooting. It claims this has always been a requirement - but farmers claim this is new red tape….(story)
Western Morning News 3.3.05 DEFRA GUIDANCE ON LAW - Defra has launched four new general licences, including one which has been issued to prevent disease and serious damage to livestock and crops. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981's "Licence to kill or take certain birds to prevent serious damage or disease" came into enforcement on Tuesday. It allows authorised people to kill a variety of birds including crows, jackdaws, magpies, feral pigeons, rooks and woodpigeons to prevent the spread of disease and serious damage to "livestock, foodstuffs for livestock, crops, vegetables, fruit, growing timber, fisheries or inland waters"…. (story)
Western Morning News 3.3.05 DEFRA'S POLICIES ARE BIRD-BRAINED -You're a farmer. Your valuable crop of peas is ready for harvesting. Then a flock of pigeons descends and threatens to destroy the whole lot within days. Until March 1 you would have gone out to the field with your 12-bore shotgun and protected the crop. The result would have been an agricultural asset saved and quite probably some delicious pigeon breast casserole for dinner - plus a few dozen birds sold on to the local game dealer. A good job all round. As of Tuesday, however, when new regulations from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs came into force, none of that is any longer so straightforward… While it remains unclear the lengths to which the farmer must go to prove he's checked out all the alternatives to shooting, it is clear that his own good judgment and common sense on such matters is no longer good enough. It is yet another case, in a depressingly long line of such examples, where this Government puts red tape, trip wires and other unnecessary hazards in front of ordinary country people trying to do a job and make a living… it is, sadly, no more than we have come to expect from this department and this Government where rural issues are concerned. (story)
Telegraph 2.3.05 Shooting, the next target - How far this Government stretches its tentacles into everyday life. As of yesterday, anyone rough-shooting in a remote part of the country will have to satisfy the terms of a general shooting licence, number WLF 18. Whenever they take a pot-shot at a pigeon, they’ll first have to think: “Have appropriate non-lethal methods of control such as scaring been either ineffective or impracticable in dealing with this bird?”…. After the hunt ban, saboteurs talked of spreading their net to shooting, which has the same wrongly conceived class connotations. The Government has shown few signs yet of backing a shooting ban; this licence is a straw in the wind (story)
Western Morning News 2.3.05 NOW YOU CAN'T SHOOT BIRDS - Farmers and landowners are angry at new rules which prevent them shooting birds regarded as pests, such as magpies, crows, rooks and pigeons…. (story)
Western Morning News 2.3.05 FARMERS' FURY AT BAN ON SHOOTING BIRDS - Farmers and landowners in the Westcountry are furious about "incredible, unmanageable" new rules governing the shooting of pest birds, which they claim came into force "without warning". The new laws, which came into effect yesterday, mean those who own land must be able to demonstrate they have explored every avenue for controlling nuisance birds before resorting to using firearms. John Mortimer, South West Director of the Country Land & Business Association, has condemned the move as an "arrogant and off-hand" approach to dealing with an important rural issue. He says it is "fundamentally flawed in both merit and process". Mr Mortimer said the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs had shown "no consultation, no reference and no consideration for the impact of their actions - and this from the Government department which is supposed to represent rural affairs"…. (story)

Western Morning News 5.3.05 NOW A CHARTER FOR GOLDFISH - Animal welfare Bill 'bonkers' says Stein - New animal welfare law proposals which could lead to goldfish owners facing prosecution have been described as "bonkers"…. (story)
(*)Western Morning News 5.3.05 'BONKERS' RULES TO GIVE RIGHTS TO FISH - New legislation that will afford new rights to pet and farmed fish has been condemned as the next step towards Britain becoming "a nanny state". People across the Westcountry yesterday castigated Thursday's confirmation by the Government that people who mistreat fish kept in aquariums and for "farming purposes" could be prosecuted. Although both the RSPCA and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) insisted plans to strengthen the animal protection laws were a necessity, businesses across the region labelled the proposals as "ludicrous"…. (story)

Western Daily Press 5.3.05 CHINA HAS TO FACE UP TO THIS SCANDAL - Please could you tell me if anyone is approaching the British Government to put pressure on China to end this sickening practice - and also the practice of skinning of cats and dogs alive?... Yvonne Whiteman, Widcombe, Bath (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.3.05 THIS TORTURE HAS TO END, NOW - I was saddened and horrified to read in your paper of the caged moon bear, who was put out of his terrible misery after having his paws hacked off. All these experiments only lead to disease in animals and people…. E A Smith, Ashton, Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.3.05 I'M SADDENED BEYOND WORDS I enclose a cheque and hope this will help the bears in a small way…. Joan Barr, Fishponds, Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.3.05 A CAUSE THAT DOES YOU CREDIT - Please find enclosed a cheque towards your Save The Bears appeal. My husband and I were both horrified to read of this barbaric practice… Gill Warren, Worle, Weston-super-Mare (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.3.05 NO FORGIVENESS - May God forgive for such evil torture of the beautiful animals. For myself, I would find it difficult to forgive them. John Ramming, Melksham, Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.3.05 CASH TO HELP THE BEARS, AND CHINA I would like to thank you for highlighting the horrendous suffering of these bears and your excellent coverage…. Joyce Povey, Bridport (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.3.05 YOUR READERS ARE BEHIND YOU - Please find a cheque enclosed to help rescue a Western Daily Bear in the Chinese bile farms…. Mrs B J Derrick and Mr B C Scrivin, Trowbridge, Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.3.05 OVERDUE RESCUE Thank God you have recognised the plight of these bears. The rescue of such animals is long overdue, as with many others around the world… Rosie Morgan, Chippenham, Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.3.05 WHY WE'LL FIGHT FOR EVERY ANIMAL - All I can do is express my gratitude, like so many others, to the Western Daily Press for taking up the fight to rescue the moon bears from their lives of degradation and torture… Lee Gibbins (Mrs) Moon Bear Rescue The Old Rectory Holford Bridgwater TA5 1RY (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.3.05 YOUR APPEAL IS INSPIRATIONAL - First of all I would just like to congratulate you on your inspirational appeal. I could not believe my eyes when I read your article and saw the heartbreaking images of those poor bears… Becky Viggers PA to Managing Director Cowlin Construction Ltd Yeovil Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.3.05 THANKS FOR TRYING It made me cry when I saw what those people were doing to the bears. How can they be so cruel?... Mrs M A Brice Taunton (letter)

Manchester Evening News 5.3.05 Veggies serve up food for thought - Rashid Razaq - A VEGETARIAN convention is being held in Manchester this month to promote the benefits of a meat-free diet. The Vegetarians' International Voice for Animals (Viva) is bringing cooks, nutritionists and vegan food manufacturers to the city centre to sell the benefits of veggie living…. A leading US nutritionist recently branded parents who refuse to feed their children meat as "unethical". Prof Lindsay Allen, of the University of California, said that growing children could be caused permanent damage as animal products contain nutrients not found anywhere else. But Mr Kerswell said: "The claims were based on deeply flawed research with malnourished children in Africa. It was not based on a Western family's diet and Sir Paul McCartney, who has been a vegetarian for 20 years, has gone public to say the claims were complete rubbish…." (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 5.3.05 Pigeon warden's fury over snub By Steve Castle - A woman who has rescued scores of injured birds across Walsall was spitting feathers after experts declared no confidence in her as the town's official pigeon warden. But officials at the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PICAS), who no longer want to work with popular Penny Tomlinson, have been told they do not have a leg to stand on. She will continue in the post with the backing of Walsall Council…. PICAS director Emma Haskell said: "This has been an extremely difficult situation to deal with and we are clearly loathe to extricate ourselves from an extremely positive and effective working relationship with Walsall Council."… But council head of communications Robert Blower said the "sacking" of Penny by PICAS would make little or no difference…."It is all to do with personalities at PICAS and as far as we are concerned Penny has the 100 per cent backing of the council." (story)

The Sentinel 5.3.05 THE SHOW MUST GO ON DESPITE BIRD FLU THREAT - SALLY WALMSLEY - An Aviary show in Stafford will go ahead tomorrow, despite growing concerns over the threat of bird flu and protests from welfare groups…. Bird welfare group Birds First has branded the show illegal as well as irresponsible… Shaun Smith, event organiser and member of The Central Bird Breeders Association, said the welfare group were creating problems that do not exist…. Greg Glendell, director of Birds First, said: "The welfare of the birds is our primary concern. I do not object to birds being kept as pets, I have parrots myself…." (story)


BBC News Online 3.3.05 Staff fears over graffiti attack - Staff at a pet food supply shop fear they are being targeted by animal rights activists following a graffiti attack at the premises. The words "we are killers" were daubed in red paint on GameKeepa Feeds Ltd's sign in Temple Grafton, near Stratford. The business supplies feed for all kinds of animals. It also sells oven-ready game birds such as pheasant…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 3.3.05 WILL IT BE A CASE OF HARE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW? - The number of mad March hares boxing in the fields of Lincolnshire could be on the decline - which is why wildlife fans are being asked to help count them. Dog walkers, farmers, horse riders and ramblers are being asked to log sightings of hares as part of a county campaign. The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is co-ordinating the survey, during this month and April, on how many hares live in the county…. (story)

Essex Chronicle 3.3.05 BID TO SAVE BROWN HARES - Stansted Airport has been selected as one of seven locations nationwide to help preserve the future of the brown hare. It will be providing an extra 20 hectares of land specifically for the vulnerable species. The project is being funded by a £39,690 grant from Biffaward, a multi-million pound fund managed by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, which uses landfill tax credits donated by Biffa Waste Services… (story)

BBC News Online 3.3.05 Animal rights group target Heathrow By Louise Scrivens - An anti-import campaign was launched in January called Gateway to Hell. John Milton from the campaign said they will hold constant protests until the west London airport stopped allowing animals to be imported…. Members of the group are also involved with Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) which has co-ordinated years of protests against Huntingdon Life Sciences, a medical testing company based near Cambridge…. Keith Mann, also from Gateway to Hell, said he did not categorise criminal damage as violence… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 3.3.05 THIS CRUELTY TO PIGEONS - Many years ago, when I was a child, I lived with my family in a village not far from Stroud. My mum and I used to shop at Stroud and our treat was always sitting outside the Subscription Rooms on one of the benches and eating our sandwiches and we always had a bag of breadcrumbs which we fed to the pigeons…. How very sad that Stroud has so changed in its attitude towards the dear pigeons. First they had to suffer the cruel death of glorified pliers being used on them, now we hear they've been shot… Shame on you Stroud. I'm glad I don't live there any more. Mrs CEINWEN SMITH, Tuffley (letter)

North East Evening Gazette 3.3.05 Down on the farm - Many of us were alarmed a few years ago when BSE and foot and mouth exposed the terrible problems of modern farming but, as these stories have fallen out of the headlines, it's easy to forget those problems are still there… Luckily each of us has the power to do something about this. By becoming vegetarian we slash the risk to our own health and help animals in the process. S BAKER, Eston (letter)

Argus 3.3.05 Letter: We are lucky in our urban wildlife - I opened my curtains Sunday morning and I was presented with one of Mother Nature's magical scenes… How lucky we are in Brighton and Hove to have such wonderful wildlife diversity. Long may it continue to thrive. -Gloria Wheatcroft, co-ordinator, Brighton and Hove Area Inner City Wildlife Concern (letter in archive)

News Letter 3.3.05 Think Long And Hard Before You Become Meat-Free - Rhonda Weir - March is 'Go Veggie Month' and the meat-eaters amongst us are being encouraged by animal welfare organisation, Animal Aid, to take the 'veggie pledge'…. The pros and cons of the vegetarian diet have been highlighted recently, thanks to a combination of research by the University of California and Sir Paul McCartney's angry reaction to the findings. The study, conducted on a group of malnourished African children, discovered that those kids whose diets were supplemented with just two ounces of meat every day 'were more active in the playground, more talkative and showed more leadership skills'. Sir Paul, in turn, branded the findings as ' rubbish', claiming that his children - raised on a meatfree diet - were no less healthy than their carnivorous counterparts (and, also rather bizarrely, 'no shorter than other children')…. (story)


Leicester Mercury 2.3.05 FOXES - SCOURGE OF HEDGEHOGS - For 15 years, I have been taking into care hedgehog casualties and so I read with interest the recent letters… As our urban fox population has soared, increasing numbers of hedgehogs have come to us with a crunched back leg. We spend a fortune at our vets on amputations - that's assuming we get the casualty soon enough…. I feel that we could do without such huge numbers of urban foxes, but then, I am biased. Colleen Powell, founder, Leicester Hedgehog Rescue (story)

Halesowen News 2.3.05 Even pigeons have the right to live here - Yes! Think twice before you throw carcasses out to the foxes, they too die a slow and painful death…. Also, the pigeons flock to little Halesowen town centre to be near humans to feed them. Most have been reared by humans and lost their way. So they need us to feed them or they would die…. Barbara Sifford, Halesowen (letter in archive)

Stroud News & Journal 2.3.05 Vets seek TB cull by David Gibbs - A CALL by more than 300 vets for a badger cull to control the spread of cattle TB has been dismissed by county conservationists. In an open letter to environment secretary Margaret Beckett last week the vets called for a strategic cull arguing badgers are mainly responsible for spreading bovine tuberculosis to cattle. But Tony Dean, Gloucestershire Badger Group chairman, said: "Farmers keep on about culling badgers. They've done nothing else over the past few years. It has never been the answer. They have been culling badgers since the 1970s, literally in their thousands all across the country, and it has not solved the problem of TB…." (story in archive)

Bath Chronicle 2.3.05 THE LOWDOWN ON PIGEONS - Trowbridge: Pigeons will be top of the agenda at a new round of talks involving senior councillors and officials in the town. A working group has been set up to consider the future of the 600 wild birds living in the centre of Trowbridge…. Among the recommendations made by PICAS - the Pigeon Control Advisory Service - are a number of controversial measures… (story)

Independent 2.3.05 When the fur flies - Covert operations, infiltrating crime gangs, stakeouts... these are the tactics used by the RSPCA's equivalent of the Special Branch. Rich Cookson joins a dawn raid… If uniformed inspectors are the RSPCA's bobbies on the beat, the SOU is its Special Branch, tasked with gathering intelligence and tracking down offenders in the battle against what the charity calls "serious, organised and commercial cruelty". Established in 1977, members of the 12-strong team conduct extensive surveillance operations (sometimes covertly following vehicles for thousands of miles), infiltrate criminal gangs, cultivate informants and spend painstaking hours building cases against suspected offenders…. The RSPCA is now the largest private prosecution agency in the UK, bringing about 1,000 cases a year, and the SOU is often behind prosecutions of the most disturbing…. (story)

Scotsman 2.3.05 Celebrity backing for EU dog-fur ban - KATHARINE HOPE - HEATHER Mills McCartney, the wife of pop superstar Paul McCartney, and the veteran rocker Rick Wakeman yesterday urged the European Parliament to ban trade in cat and dog fur… (story)

Irish Independent 2.3.05 One child's meat ... You report a study claiming that an entirely meat-free diet is inadequate for children ( News). Professor Lindsay Allen's research showed that "adding just two spoonfuls of meat to the diet of poverty-stricken children in Africa transformed them both physically and mentally"…. It merely shows that eating meat is better than eating the meagre diet of a poverty stricken child in Africa…. Geraldine Macken, Cowper Road, Dublin 6 (letter)
Times 1.3.05 Vegetarians' health - There are millions of vegetarians and vegan adults and children worldwide whose healthy lives gainsay Professor Lindsay Allen’s claims that such diets can be harmful… LYNDA KORIMBOCCUS, (Campaigns manager), Advocates for Animals, 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh EH2 4PG. (letter)
Scotsman 1.3.05 Do children need to eat meat? - MEDICAL NOTES - DR MARK PORTER - PARENTS of young children, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, should be warned off strict vegetarian diets, according to the author of a new study that suggests meat-eating children grow quicker and are more intelligent than their vegan peers. Professor Lindsay Allen believes "it is unethical" to withhold animal-based foods in such groups, a conclusion that many of Britain’s three million vegetarians will find hard to swallow. At first glance, Allen’s findings do seem worrying, but scratch the surface and her conclusions appear to be built on shaky foundations… (story)
Scotsman 28.2.05 Research suggesting children need to eat meat badly flawed - John McNeil (Letters, 24 February) is encouraged by "research that showed children need meat and dairy products", and searches for proof that children raised on a vegetarian diet can develop normally. He might consider the Indian subcontinent, where a vegetarian diet is the norm and the majority of the population appear to prosper. Closer to home, my own children were brought up on a vegetarian diet and seem to have survived… JAMES BOYLE, Eastwoodmains Road, Clarkston, Glasgow
John McNeil’s statement of "predictable" vegetarian protests about research alleging to "prove" vegan diets are harmful to children’s development was itself predictable. True, many vegetarians and vegans have become so by choice later in life, but there is a wealth of American and European study which proves that an animal-free diet more than adequately meets the demands of children…. LYNDA KORIMBOCCUS, Campaigns manager Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street Edinburgh (letters)
Irish Independent 25.2.05 Belief in veggie might - In response to the article 'Veggie Diet Warning' (News) we, as a family of four vegetarians, take great exception to the comments made as to the mental and physical development of vegetarian children. My children, aged 11 and 7, have been vegetarian all their lives (including their time spent in the womb) and are among the top scorers in their respective classes as well as being physically in line with their meat-eating counterparts…. Diane Murphy, Crettyard, Carlow (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 25.2.05 Expert hits out over vegan diet children - 'Unethical' to deny animal products By Andrea Clements - A local vegetarian representative today hit back at claims that denying young children animal products was "unethical"… Beth Gourley, for the Vegetarian Society of the UK, said she believed the majority of vegetarian parents were responsible and showed no neglect in regard to their children's diets…. (story)
Daily Post 24.2.05 Meat-free diet 'does children lasting damage' By Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - STRICT vegetarians who live by the maxim "meat is murder" could be harming their children, a leading nutrition expert believes. Denying growing children animal products during the critical first few years of life was "unethical" and could do permanent damage, said Prof Lindsay Allen, from the University of California…. (story)
Telegraph 22.2.05 Vegan diet 'harms children's health' By Nic Fleming, Science Correspondent, in Washington - Parents who bring their children up as vegans could be doing them permanent damage, scientists said yesterday. Prof Lindsay Allen, from the University of California, said that depriving young children of essential micronutrients available in concentrated form in meat and diary products – such as zinc, vitamin B12, calcium, iron and vitamin A – was "unethical"….(story)
Guardian 22.2.05 Without meat children are damaged, say scientists - Rubbish, reply vegetarians - led by Paul McCartney - David Adam and Tim Radford in Washington - Some say meat is murder, while others dismiss a meal without animal products as rabbit food. Now a leading US nutritionist has given both sides something to chew on with a claim that parents who refuse to feed children meat are acting unethically…. Alex Bourke, chair of the Vegan Society, dismissed Prof Allen's remarks as "propaganda" for the US meat and dairy industries. Prof Allen is director of a research centre run by the US Agricultural Research Service, part of the Department of Agriculture…. (story)
Guardian 22.2.05 'My children eat well and are very healthy' - Laura Smith - Lucy Barnett, 34, a classroom assistant, lives with her husband David, 41, a welder, and their children Daniel, 12, and Charlotte, 10, in Stuartfield, Aberdeenshire. The whole family became vegan eight years ago. "I became vegan before the rest of the family, mainly because of cruelty to animals…." (story)
Independent 22.2.05 Vegetarian diet 'harms children's growth' By Steve Connor, Science Editor, in Washington - A row erupted yesterday after an expert said youngsters brought up as strict vegetarians suffered mental and physical problems that could affect them for the rest of their lives. Nutritionists in Britain dismissed the findings of the US study as "rubbish", and the report prompted Sir Paul McCartney, whose first wife, Linda, put her name to a range of meat-free food, to telephone the BBC to dismiss the claim….(story)
Independent 21.2.05 Children on meat-free diets 'suffer impaired growth' By John von Radowitz, PA - Strict vegetarians who insist their children live by the same principles were criticised today by a leading nutrition expert. Denying growing children animal products in their diet during the critical first few years of life was "unethical" and could do permanent damage, said Professor Lindsay Allen, from the University of California at Davis…. (story)
Scotsman 22.2.05 Vegetarian diet 'bad for children' - JIM MCBETH - PARENTS who impose strict vegetarian diets on their children are doing them irreparable physical and mental harm, according to a study from the United States…. Robin Richards, two, is a vegan child, and so far his physical and mental development is indistinguishable from that of a child on a "normal" diet. His mother, Emily, 36, from Aberdeen, has been a vegetarian since her teens and a vegan, who eat no animal products whatsoever, for a decade….(story)
Glasgow Herald 22.2.05 Nutrition wars over vegan diet for children - ALISON CHIESA - STRICT vegetarians who insist that their children should live by the maxim "meat is murder" were criticised yesterday by a nutritional expert…(story)
Daily Record 22.2.05 VEG KIDS 'HARMED' - A SCIENTIST says bringing up kids as vegetarians is harmful and 'unethical'. Professor Lindsay Allen, from the University of California, conducted a study in Kenya, where children on a corn--and- beans diet were given two spoonfuls of meat a day… (story)
Irish Examiner 22.2.05 Strict vegetarians ‘are harming their children’ By John von Radowitz - STRICT vegetarians who insist their children live by the maxim “meat is murder” are doing them permanent damage, a leading nutrition expert said yesterday…. (story)
BBC News Online 21.2.05 Children 'harmed' by vegan diets By Michelle Roberts - Putting children on strict vegan diets is "unethical" and could harm their development, a US scientist has argued. Lindsay Allen, of the US Agricultural Research Service, attacked parents who insisted their children lived by the maxim "meat is murder"…. The Vegan Society dismissed the claims, saying its research showed vegans were often healthier than meat eaters… Professor Allen said: "There have been sufficient studies clearly showing that when women avoid all animal foods, their babies are born small, they grow very slowly and they are developmentally retarded, possibly permanently."…(story)
Edinburgh Evening News 21.2.05 Vegetarian diet 'can harm young children' - VEGETARIAN parents who deny growing children animal products in their diet during the critical first few years of life could be doing them permanent damage, a leading nutrition expert today claimed. Professor Lindsay Allen, from the University of California at Davis, conducted a study which showed that adding just two spoonfuls of meat to the diet of poverty-stricken children in Africa transformed them both physically and mentally… (story)
Manchester Evening News 21.2.05 Vegetarian diet 'can damage children' STRICT vegetarians who insist their children live by the maxim "meat is murder" came under fire today from a leading nutrition expert. Denying growing children animal products in their diet during the critical first few years of life was "unethical" and could do permanent damage, Professor Lindsay Allen, from California, said…. (story)

Western Daily Press 2.3.05 SAD SOME WEAR SKIN OF THE DEAD - I was sorry to read Jenni Murray in the paper promoting fur. Given the amount of cruelty behind its production, and your paper's usually excellent coverage of animal welfare issues, I was surprised you published it….. R Franklin Bridgwater Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 2.3.05 CATS AND DOGS SUFFER AS WELL - Ten out of 10, what amazing articles in Friday's and Saturday's papers. It is very exciting for us to read what we already knew, but thousands of other people probably didn't but certainly do now. You and your paper have done more to help the bears in China than you can imagine… Ginny and Adrian Apps China Bear Rescue North Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.3.05 THIS EVIL TRADE - Please find enclosed a cheque to help the Western Daily Press in the fight to save the bears. I wish I could afford to send more… S Stuckey Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.3.05 CAMPAIGN IS REALLY MONEY WELL SPENT - No money could be better spent than helping these poor, wretched creatures. I forced myself to read your article on them in the Western Daily Press…. Mrs J Webber Weston-super-Mare (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.3.05 A LIVING HELL - Please find enclosed my cheque to help rescue a bear. While I give the money willingly, my concern is that in rescuing one bear, we will be condemning its replacement to the same "living hell"…. Sue Matthews Forest Green Nailsworth Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.3.05 HERE'S MY CASH FOR YOUR CRUSADE - Please find cheque towards helping rescue the cruelly treated, helpless bears from such wicked people! How I'd love to put them in tiny cages for 20 years! I am an 87-year-old widow and have an adopted tiger called Rogue, rescued by Born Free…. Mrs Mary Handisyde East Brent Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.3.05 I'VE LOST TRUST - I am once again saddened to read of cruelty to animals. It is good to know someone is doing something about it…. Successive governments of all parties have taken us all backwards regarding hunting. I've lost trust in any of them. Best of luck. D G Woodward Weston-super-Mare Somerset (letter)


icSurreyOnline 1.3.05 Bid to stop 'safari trail' By Joan Mulcaster - A WILD animal charity is appealing to the public to oppose adventure park bosses' plans for a "safari trail" attraction. The Born Free Foundation claims the 22-acre area intended for the attraction at Chessington World of Adventures would be so inadequate for animals' needs that the company would be sacrificing animal welfare for money spinning "showbiz"…. (story)

Guardian 1.3.05 Hunting, shooting and spinning - Gamekeepers these days must learn about public relations and 'communication'. By Donald Hiscock - Samantha Edwards would not fit a townie's notion of gamekeeper. She is not a taciturn chap in a flat cap with uncanny night vision and a shoot-first attitude to poachers. Edwards belongs to a new breed of keepers, and not just because she is articulate and boasts a degree in geography from Newcastle University. She and her fellow students on the BTec in gamekeeping at Sparsholt College in Hampshire are learning to be PR savvy….(story)

The Sentinel 1.3.05 AN END TO ALL ANIMAL CRUELTY - The ban on hunting does not mean the end of all bloodsports. Every year 30 million pheasants are bred and shot for fun in the UK…. We should ban the factory farming and blasting of birds for fun. MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

News Shopper 1.3.05 To the point - I LIKE FOXES: In regard to the letter Take Action To Deal With Foxes In Towns (News Shopper, February 16), it is true foxes have a poor lifestyle in urban areas and are frequently killed on roads… Mrs Smith, Address supplied (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 1.3.05 Protection cost police £10m - CELIA WIGG - Protecting firms from animal rights protesters has cost the police more than £10m over the past five years. A huge chunk has gone towards policing controversial pharmaceutical company Huntingdon Life Sciences, the country's biggest research centre, which has laboratories at Huntingdon and Occold, near Eye…. Suffolk police have also had to foot a substantial bill. But unlike Cambridgeshire, which was given a Home Office grant of £1.1m towards the costs of policing animal rights protests, the Suffolk force has not received specific funding. The enormous drain on budgets has led some police chiefs to suggest that businesses should be partly liable for costs, in the same way that football clubs pay for policing matches…. (story)

Western Morning News 1.3.05 SUFFERING OF ANIMALS IS IMPORTANT ISSUE - Trevor Beer's Nature Watch expresses annoyance, quite rightly, over anti-seagull attitudes in the region and their persecution. However, it's not just seagulls. hat about the suggested culling of more goats in the Valley of Rocks - a suggested 45 to 50 animals? Then there is the "pay per kill shoots set up in the Westcountry" and gamekeepers poisoning with certain pesticides which they commonly use (WMN, January 25)…. Lack of respect and compassion for animals leads to the same for humans, so Pastor Hill is right when he calls this country "pagan Britain" - but he shouldn't knock concern for experimental animals, animal neglect and hunted animals. All suffering is important. Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.3.05 GREYHOUNDS DEFENDED AFTER ATTACK ON TERRIER - As a lifelong lover of greyhounds, I was very sad to read of the dreadful attack on Ben the terrier, Points of view, February 14, attacked by ex-racing greyhounds…. They are bred to chase small furry things and this is the only life they know when in racing kennels. When no longer able to race and win, they are abandoned in their thousands. The lucky ones end up in greyhound rescue organisations where hopefully they are rehabilitated before being re-homed. The unlucky ones frequently meet unspeakably cruel ends…. S Bailey, Linnet Close, Exeter (letter)