March 2006

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Shropshire Magazine 31.3.06 The chase goes on By SALLY JONES - Picture the scene. It's a sunny Easter Saturday, the crowds are gathering, trade stalls are bustling, food and drink is flowing and jockeys are mounted ready for an exhilarating steeple-chase…. "Support for hunting has never been better," says senior hunt master Ann Carding, of the North Shropshire Hunt. "The spirit of hunting is alive and kicking and will not be put down."… Mrs Knowles has been planning this year's Bitterley Point-to-Point for the past nine months, ensuring that the Ludlow Hunt's event on Easter Saturday goes with a swing and pulls in the crowds… (story)

Telegraph 31.3.06 Farmer attacked groom in his tack room By Richard Savill - A prominent Dorset farmer pulled the hair of a woman groom during a row in his tack room after she resigned from her job, a court heard. Richard Fry, 55, a senior member of the Cattistock Hunt, was fined £1,100 after magistrates found him guilty of common assault on Melanie Rich, 43. Fry, who provided a character reference from the High Sheriff of Dorset, Charlotte Townshend, was also ordered to pay court costs of £946 and compensation of £500 to Mrs Rich… (story)
Western Gazette 30.3.06 FARMER FINED FOR PULLING GROOM'S HAIR - A Prominent farmer and businessman has been convicted of assaulting a former groom by pulling her hair. Cattistock Hunt member Richard Alan Fry of Halstock appeared in court for a two-day trial last week and denied assaulting Melanie Rich by pulling her hair during an altercation in the farm's tack room on 8 January 2005…. (story)
Western Gazette 30.3.06 TACK ROOM ATTACK COSTS BOSS £2,500 - A Mendip woman, who was assaulted by her well-known farming boss in front of her young daughter, has spoken exclusively to the Western Gazette about the attack… Afterwards, Mrs Rich, who now works at the Dorset Fire and Chimney Centre in Bridport, said: "I was very intimidated by the whole process, Mr Fry had a lot of character references, the court was like a who's who of Dorset hunting… (story)

Wiltshire Times 31.3.06 Hunting cruelty - SO Basil Ash, March 10, thinks the tradition of chasing tormenting, baiting and killing foxes with dogs or any persecution of our wildlife for fun is one we should all want to maintain. This is the reality of what happens, not the rosy picture painted by certain media supporters, and why they try to hide what they do… D Thomas, Westbury (letter)
Wiltshire Times 13.3.06 Next for a ban? - THE discriminatory law that prevents hunting with dogs, I believe, had more to do with class than cruelty and has yet to be proved workable. Shooting and fishing are the pending targets of the Antis…. B Ash, Holt (letter)

Western Morning News 31.3.06 CONSERVATION BODY WANTS MORE WOMEN TO TAKE UP SHOOTING - The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is encouraging more women to take up shooting by expanding its provision of women-only shooting days, one of which will be held in the Westcountry. Shooting is already a popular sport with thousands of women, but the BASC believes that some are put off because they do not know how to get started… (story)

Selkirk Weekend Advertiser 31.3.06 Borders hosts deer event - Andrew Keddie - HARTWOODMYRES, on the Bowhill Estate, near Selkirk, hosted a major national event, attracting deer management interests from across the UK. Stalkers and gamekeepers mingled with dog handlers and estate owners in a special 'best practice' weekend, organised by the Deer Commission for Scotland…. These agencies, represented at Bowhill, included the Forestry Commission (Scotland), the Scottish Gamekeepers' Association, the British Deer Society, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the land-based training agency Lantra… (story)

Jersey Evening Post 31.3.06 Shots in the dark From Daniel Richardson - THE JEP is to be commended for its recent efforts in bringing to light the extent of firearms ownership in the Island…. I own two target rifles… I assume that Helier Clement therefore would most likely associate me with the 'gun lobby' that he spoke of in his Monday column. I do not, however, share all of the views expressed by those who feel that shooters have been unfairly targeted, but rather feel that certain things may have been misrepresented…. My own gripe is thus not with the calls for tougher legislation, but with how this newspaper has represented some of its findings. As many can appreciate, articles about shooting are extremely sensitive, and it is of the utmost importance that facts are not muddled with opinion or, even worse, hearsay…. (letter may be in archive)

UTV 31.3.06 New planning restrictions 'threaten rural communities' - Rural communities in Northern Ireland will face a grim future if the government persists with policies on planning and education reform, it has been claimed. Countryside Alliance Ireland (CAI) attacked moves earlier this month by Northern Ireland Office Environment Minister Lord Rooker to tighten up rural planning regulations…. (story)

Guardian 31.3.06 Barnett unruffled by Festival rivalries at home and abroad - Greg Wood - Charles Barnett, the managing director of Aintree racecourse, has invited everyone to his grand annual event at Aintree next week but he has not, as yet, received all that many replies…. Only yesterday, the animal rights group Animal Aid issued a press release describing the races as "an infamous killing field that exposes the increasing fragility of the thoroughbred."… (story)

West Lothian Courier 31.3.06 HATE MESSAGES IN DAMAGE SPREE AT SPORTS STADIUM By Marjorie Kerr - THOUSANDS of pounds in damage has been caused to a dog track in a suspected animal rights attack. Around £10,000 of vandalism was caused at Armadale Stadium — which is used for greyhound racing and motorbike speedway — including electric cables cut, three tractors damaged and graffiti….(story)
Scotland Today 28.3.06 Animal rights extremists thought behind dog track attack - It is thought animal rights extremists are behind an attack on a West Lothian dog track causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. Power cables were cut and course vehicles immobilised in a night raid on the Armadale site which hosts greyhound and speedway races…. (story)
icScotland 28.3.06 Animal activists target dog track - Animal rights protesters are thought to be behind £10,000 of damage at a dog track, police have said. Vandals targeted the Armadale Greyhound Stadium in Armadale, West Lothian, daubing spray paint on buildings, cutting electric cables and damaging three vehicles at the site…. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 28.3.06 Greyhound track hit by activist raid - ALAN MCEWEN CRIME REPORTER - ANIMAL rights activists are believed to be behind a vandal attack at a Lothian greyhound track which caused more than £10,000 worth of damage. The protesters targeted the Armadale Stadium in West Lothian, owned by former Hibs chairman Kenny Waugh, where speedway team Edinburgh Monarchs are also based. Graffiti sprayed around the ground refers to the Animal Liberation Front, while scrawled messages contained threats such as "we'll be back" and "we'll shut you down"….
Animal rights extremists are suspected to be behind attempts to firebomb a private home, police said today. The targeted occupants are said to have links with animal testing group, Huntingdon Life Sciences…. (story)

International Herald Tribune 31.3.06 A British youth takes on animal rights By Alan Cowell The New York Times - OXFORD, England With his baggy, black clothes, his lank, black, center-parted hair and black-framed spectacles offsetting a moon-pale face, Laurie Pycroft knows how he is likely to be described…. (story)

Independent 31.3.06 David Holmes: We are besieged by hatred and vitriol - An issue such as the use of animals in research should be the subject of reasoned debate - Freedom of expression is the best-qualified midwife for delivering advances in human knowledge and understanding… It is precisely because we recognise both the importance of freedom of expression and the importance of exercising it in a way that does not unfairly constrain the freedom of others that Oxford is seeking a fresh legal ruling over the activities of animal extremists…. Far from recognising the case for reasonable limits on their activities, extremists have sought to extend their intimidation to anyone and everyone with any connection to the University….(story)

Kenilworth Weekly News 31.3.06 YOUR SAY: ANIMAL RIGHTS AND KENILWORTH CIRCUS - Readers have responded to letters criticising those who spoke out about an elephant at the Kenilworth circus. FROM: Ursula Bates,, wrote:… as someone who campaigns (peacefully!) against all forms of animal abuse, including animals exploited in circuses, zoos, at bird fayres, pet sales etc., I do object to being labelled as an 'animal rights fanatic' by the author of your second letter who chose to write anonymously and sees nothing wrong with bird fayres
FROM: Chris, - I was wondering why you consider the issue of animals in circuses a lower priority than that of an animal affected by fireworks. In my experience, people who tell others how to prioritise their campaign efforts have never campaigned for anything in there lives. I am a firm believer that animals do have rights and I therefore campaign for animal rights in the same way I campaign for human rights…(letters)
Kenilworth Weekly News 28.3.06 YOUR SAY: DON'T TARGET CIRCUS OVER ANIMAL RIGHTS - It is very sad when the animal rights issue clouds and in my opinion distorts animal welfare, writes Thomas Rainey of Queen's Road, Kenilworth. West Midlands Animal Action should address the real issues where animal cruelty is rife. Rightly or wrongly, there are a few remaining circuses that have live animals, but the RSPCA spent £40,000 on a scientific investigation into circus animals, namely the Martha Kiley-Wothington, report then discarded it, simply because it did not give the evidence they wanted…. (letter)

West Sussex County Times 31.3.06 Council rethink over veggie couple's foster bid - A VEGETARIAN couple who were told they could not foster children have persuaded the county council to change its guidelines. Paul and Dolly Saunders's hopes of caring were dashed because they refused to cook meat in their Kirdford home. But West Sussex County Council has since revised its policy and is reassessing their application…. (story)
Argus 27.3.06 We are not allowed to foster because we are vegetarians by Rachel Pegg - A couple have been turned down as foster parents - because they are vegetarians. Dolly and Paul Saunders, of Kirdford, near Billingshurst, were told by social workers their home was not suitable for a child because they would not be willing to cook meat… (story in archive)

Fife Herald 31.3.06 DEER FARM ATTACKED BY ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS - MORE than £5000 worth of damage was caused when a local deer farm was attacked last week, apparently by animal rights activists. Hundreds of metres of fencing at Reediehill deer farm in Auchtermuchty was cut down in an attempt to set around 500 deer free…. (story)
Glasgow Herald 28.3.06 Deer shot dead after being ‘set free by animal rights activists’ - RAYMOND DUNCAN and KIRSTY TAYLOR - Eight pet deer have been shot dead after animal rights activists claimed to have set them free. In their second attack north of the border in less than a week, the Animal Liberation Front said it destroyed £10,000 worth of fencing at a site in Lanarkshire – believing it was a deer-farming operation. However, that element of the Newmill trout fishery business near Lanark closed six years ago and the 18 red deer retained there were treated as pets as well as being a visitor attraction…. Dave Buchanan, who works with his brother Sandy at the farm, described the activists' actions as "madness"…. "We had to shoot them because someone could have been killed if their car struck one. And they could be the victims of poachers. There are many people out there with dogs."… An ALF spokesman yesterday claimed the group was behind both recent incidents. He insisted it did not matter that the Lanark premises was no longer deer farm. "The activists may have been slightly influenced if they had known the deer were not farmed but they are still in captivity," the spokesman said….
Meanwhile, it is also believed that animal rights activists were behind vandalism at the Armadale dog and speedway track in West Lothian. Thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused to electrical systems, vehicles and safety fencing. A spokesman said: "The extensive graffiti indicates the culprits are animal rights activists…" (story)

Oxford Mail 31.3.06 Circus suffering - I saw a copy of your paper while staying with my friend in Oxford, and was disappointed to see a picture of a tethered circus camel featured prominently in the 'Events Listings' section… These unfortunate creatures are carted from location to location in beast wagons, then chained or tethered, their nightly performance often being the only 'exercise' they receive…. So I urge you and your readers to respond to the plight of animals in circuses. Please don't continue to perpetuate the myth that, somehow, this can be acceptable in a modern society. We know too much to bury our heads in the sand. We have to oppose this suffering and help to end it once and for all… Emma Bailey, Bournemouth (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 31.3.06 SHOULD WE FREE OUR CIRCUS ELEPHANT? - She's 53, she's got arthritis and loves apples. But should Anne, Britain's last touring circus elephant, be sent back to the jungle? At the moment she's at Cheltenham racecourse and animal campaigners say she should be set free. But owner Bobby Roberts says she is better off in the environment she's known all her life. He says leaving him would be so traumatic she would pine away and die…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 31.3.06 END INTENSIVE ANIMAL BREEDING - With regard to Tony Vernelli's letter, I think a vegan/vegetarian world is a long way off, although many people became so after BSE. But consideration should be given to improving the lot of the dairy cows by returning to more traditional ways of farming. These poor animals are nothing more than milking machines… The Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals believes animals are put here by God for our use and not to be abused…. JEAN CLARKE, Westgate Street (letter)

Worcester Evening News 31.3.06 Police action over `seals' excessive - I read with interest your article about Saturday's seal cull protest, which I witnessed. One of the things that perplexed many passers-by was the presence of seven police officers at a small, good-natured and peaceful demonstration…. T COLLINS, Malvern.(letter in archive)

Sutton Guardian 31.3.06 Art helps protect mistreated animals By Vikki Thomas - A Worcester Park artist has been supporting mistreated and threatened species of wild animals through the sale of her artwork. Julie Rhodes displayed some of her drawings at a six-day exhibition, hosted by actress Virginia McKenna and the chief executive of the Born Free Foundation, Will Travers, at London's Royal Geographic Society…. (story)

The Shields Gazette 31.3.06 Fear of bird flu killing spree - Kelly Slade, Campaigns officer. (letter)
Preston Citizen 23.3.06 Real reason for bird flu - Kelly Slade Campaigns Officer Animal Aid (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 17.3.06 Fears of bird flu killing spree - As bird flu rapidly approaches our shores, national campaign group Animal Aid fears an irrational killing spree will unfold…. Avian flu is a disease of the intensive poultry industry. It is as a result of the industrialised and pitiless conditions in which poultry are reared that diseases such as bird flu develop and spread. The only way to avoid similar diseases from occurring, prevent animals from suffering and to protect our health, is to put an end to such exploitation. KELLY SLADE, Campaigns officer, Animal Aid (letter)

30.3.06 30.3.06 'Don't turn countryside into massive concrete dormitory' - The Government is today being warned not to turn green fields into "a massive concrete dormitory" in its battle to meet demand for affordable housing. Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, has backed MPs on the all-party Commons Environmental Audit Committee in calling on Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott to ensure that basic infrastructure is in place before building begins… (story)

North Devon Journal 30.3.06 CASE AGAINST BADGERS IS 'WEAKENED BY IGNORANCE' - It was interesting to read the case for badger culling as put by George Mudge in his letter of March 16. His case was considerably weakened however not only by his apparent ignorance of the findings of the exhaustive research done over the last eight years… ROBERT CORNISH, Summerland Street, Barnstaple (letter)

Cornishman 30.3.06 Why cull the badgers? - Reg McAllister, St Just. - WHY cull the badgers?/They mean no harm… (poem)

Weston Mercury 30.3.06 MOTHER'S DAY DAIRY PROTEST - Animal rights campaigners dressed as cows at the weekend to protest against the dairy industry. Three members of North Somerset 4 Animals promoting the benefits of a vegan diet handed out leaflets in Weston High Street on Saturday, claiming the dairy industry is cruel. The event was held to coincide with Mother's Day, as campaigner Pat Sommer explained…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 28.3.06 COW PROTEST TO SUPPORT 'BEST MOTHERS' - Mothers of a different kind were remembered at an animal rights rally in the city centre. The Bristol-based animal charity Viva! took to Bath's streets on Saturday to highlight the processes used to keep up with the country's demand for cows' milk…. Campaigner Toni Vernelli said: "It is the height of hypocrisy for a nation which pays homage to motherly love and affection on Mother's Day…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 30.3.06 NO REASON TO CELEBRATE - Welsh farmers are celebrating the lifting of the ban on British beef; but there is nothing to celebrate in the live exportation of calves. It is bad enough that they are ripped from their mothers, even worse that they are sent to Europe for slaughter, where welfare standards are even worse than our own…. Heather Davies, Devon Place, Mumbles (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 30.3.06 CIRCUS ANIMAL PROTEST - The Captive Animals' Protection Society (Caps) is protesting against the Bobby Roberts Circus, which is appearing at Cheltenham Racecourse this week. The circus is one of the only circuses left that still has an elephant as part of its troupe…. (story)

Scotsman 30.3.06 Lobster pots damaged in protest - Animal rights activists yesterday claimed responsibility for an attack on lobster pots at a harbour near Stranraer… (story)
BBC News Online 29.3.06 Lobster liberation claims probed - Police are investigating claims a lobster pot attack near Stranraer was carried out by an animal rights group. Graffiti painted in the incident at Port Logan attributed the action to the Lobster Liberation Front…. (story)

Scotsman 30.3.06 Animals should be banned from circus says Holyrood - Travelling circuses should be banned from showing wild animals in the ring in Scotland, MSPs agreed yesterday… (story)

Blackpool Citizen 30.3.06 Think of the landau horses - There's a seaside town called Blackpool that's noted for fresh air and fun, but for the army of Blackpool landau horses who will shortly be starting their long summer season it will be anything but fresh air and fun…. I am not alone in thinking that Blackpool's landaus should become a thing of the past for humane reasons. Pat Price, Lytham Road, Blackpool (letter)

Argus 30.3.06 Letter: The skin trade It's a pity western governments try to brainwash us into thinking we need to compete, and trade, with countries such as China. It's a little known fact that cats, dogs and seals are skinned alive in these countries for no better purpose than to make money…. -Donald Harris, Worthing (letter)


Western Mail 29.3.06 Hunt supporter fined for protest - Robin Turner, Western Mail - A HUNT supporter was fined yesterday for his part in a violent protest outside a Labour Party dinner. Glazier Simon Evans was one of 250 protesting against the Government's hunting ban outside Cardiff's Holland House Hotel… (story)
Western Mail 27.11.04 Pro-hunt lobby criticises violence, but warns of more - Kirsty Buchanan, Western Mail - THE Countryside Alliance in Wales has condemned the violence of pro-hunt demonstrators in Cardiff - but warned more could follow as Labour's hunting ban looms… Rhondda MP Chris Bryant says he was subjected to homophobic taunts… Adrian Simpson, campaign director for the Countryside Alliance Wales, said the event was not organised by the group and insisted only eggs were thrown… (story)
Western Morning News 27.11.04 PROTESTERS TARGET CABINET MINISTERS - More than 200 pro-hunt protesters gathered last night outside a Labour party event attended by three Cabinet ministers. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Alan Milburn, Leader of the House Peter Hain and Northern Ireland Secretary Paul Murphy were all at the fundraising event in Cardiff…. (story)
BBC News Online 26.11.04 Police condemn pro-hunt protest A senior South Wales Police officer has condemned tactics used by pro-hunt demonstrators after clashes in Cardiff. Three police officers were injured and three people were arrested during a protest outside an hotel where a Labour Party dinner was being held… Brian Hughes, of Llangeinor Hunt based near Bridgend, was one of those who took part in the demonstration. He said demonstrators would go to every event attended by government ministers in the run-up to the general election. (story)
BBC News Online 25.11.04 Three arrests at pro-hunt protest - Pro-hunt protesters have clashed with police outside a hotel in Cardiff where a Labour party fund-raising dinner was being held. Three people were arrested after eggs were thrown and three officers were injured in the confrontation at the Holland House Hotel on Thursday night. At one point, demonstrators ran towards the hotel steps but were driven back by mounted police… One of the protesters, Brian Hughes, of Llangeinor Hunt based near Bridgend, said demonstrators would go to every event that ministers attended until a general election was held… Welsh Secretary Peter Hain, who has previously been a target for protests, said: "I condemn the violence and thuggery and appalling attacks on police…." (story)
Guardian 26.11.04 Hunting protest at Labour meeting - Steven Shukor - Two people were arrested after a pro-hunting protest outside a Labour party meeting attended by three Cabinet ministers turned violent last night. Police on horseback quelled the demonstration by about 250 people in Cardiff, in which two officers suffered minor injuries…. (story)
Scotsman 26.11.04 Hunt supporter hurt as protesters clash with police - RUSSELL JACKSON - AT LEAST one hunt supporter was hurt last night during clashes with police outside a Labour Party event being attended by three Cabinet ministers. About 200 Countryside Alliance supporters gathered outside the fund-raising dinner in Cardiff attended by Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Alan Milburn, Leader of the House Peter Hain and Northern Ireland Secretary Paul Murphy…. (story)
Western Mail 26.11.04 Hunt demo shows new dynamic, say police - PRO-HUNT protesters clashed with police outside the Labour Party dinner (writes Daniel Davies). Cardiff's police chief said the violence marked a "new dynamic" in the hunting movement…. Chief Superintendent Bob Evans said, "At one stage missiles were thrown and previously unseen levels of aggression were shown to police officers…. (story)
Western Mail 26.11.04 Pro-hunt protesters arrested at Labour event By Vicky Shaw and Tomos Livingstone Three people were arrested as hundreds of pro-hunt protesters gathered outside a Labour party event attended by three Cabinet ministers…. (story)
Daily Post 26.11.04 Two held as hunt protest turns violent - SCUFFLES broke out last night as pro-hunt protesters tried to storm a Welsh meeting attended by three Cabinet ministers… (story)
Western Morning News 26.11.04 PROTESTERS TARGET CABINET MINISTERS - More than 200 pro-hunt protesters gathered last night outside a Labour party event attended by three Cabinet ministers. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Alan Milburn, Leader of the House Peter Hain and Northern Ireland Secretary Paul Murphy were all at the fundraising event in Cardiff…. (story)
South Wales Echo 26.11.04 Protesters warn, 'We'll go to war' - Lauren Turner, South Wales Echo - PRO-HUNT protesters have warned they are ready for a "civil war" after a stormy demonstration in Cardiff left four police officers injured…. Wayne Morgan, 37, from Pontlottyn, said: "This is meant to be a democratic country, but what the Government did is not democratic. I work all my week just to hunt - it's all I do."… (story)
The Sentinel 26.11.04 PROTEST ARRESTS - Three people were arrested last night as pro-hunt protesters gathered outside a Labour party event in Cardiff, attended by three Cabinet ministers…. (story)
Shropshire Star 26.11.04 Hunt supporters hurl missiles - About 250 pro-hunt demonstrators, including several from Mid Wales, gathered outside a hotel and hurled abuse and missiles at Labour Party members attending a fundraising event…. (story)

Telegraph 29.3.06 Deep in the country - Rory Knight Bruce recalls a cleaner who pursued an unusual sideline - Much is made of how people survive in what remains of our shrinking real countryside…. Not only did Marie save enough money to get her own van, proudly announcing her "Soap Suds" cleaning business on its sides, but she also worked as an Ann Summers party organiser by night….But one day, when she was helping with our meet at the farm for the local foxhounds, her two worlds came together. Two of my friends were bundled into the back of the van - one a top Scottish lawyer - the other a London media figure, to follow the hounds. They found a full range of Ann Summer's "accessories" in the back of the van. "It was surreal, going around the Devon countryside following the hunt in a cleaning van full of vibrators," my media friend said later. For once, Marie was more forthcoming. "One of them bought a Rampant Rabbit," she told me… (story)

Yorkshire Post 29.3.06 Challenge to Defra on hunting - From: Rosalynn Maxwell, Brandesburton, Driffield. Can anyone please explain why Defra is challenging the Countryside Alliance and pro-hunt campaigners in our fight to overturn the law banning hunting with dogs? What is it to do with Defra?... (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 29.3.06 BADGER CULL PROPAGANDA AN EMOTIVE CRY FOR HELP - Culling badgers (March 22) will not work unless they are eradicated nationally…. Reform is hard, because supermarkets control farm gate prices, and have an unassailable cartel, and customers buy as cheap as they can, because most people live on fairly tight budgets. Badger culling propaganda is an emotive cry for help from an industry in chaos. ROBERT GORE, Lincoln.
With all this talk of having badger culls to contain and prevent the spread of bovine TB, I can't help wondering if we will be having human culls should bird flu eventually spread to humans… s this what is called species fascism? Just a thought. S. CRAWFORD West Parade, Lincoln (letters)

Oxford Mail 29.3.06 A drugs challenge - Why do some people conclude that because animal testing does not accurately predict an effect in humans, it is not worth doing at all? Surely some information is better than no information?... Alison Eden, Lime Walk, Headington, Oxford (letter)

Guardian 29.3.06 Ban on seal products would knock sense into Canada - Robbie Marsland - I am well used to seeing graphic photographs each March of hunters using clubs and guns to kill more than 300,000 young seals before they are skinned for their pelts. But last week I went to Canada to see it for myself, for the first time… Robbie Marsland is UK director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (story)

Independent 29.3.06 Vegetarian option - Over two billion tons of methane is produced annually from farm animals… Anyone serious about helping the environment should be vegetarian, or better still vegan. MARILYN HARRISON, SWINDON (story)

Galway Independent 29.3.06 Speak out against the Canadian seal massacre - Only a couple of weeks ago the ice floes of Eastern Canada were a breathtaking vision… But now the hunting ships have arrived. What was once a scene of peace and innocence is now a makeshift factory of terror and cruelty as the ice becomes covered in blood… Alison Herbert, Ballybrit Heights, Galway, Ireland (story)

Liverpool Echo 29.3.06 Proud of Paul - WHILE watching the national news it was good to see Scouser Paul McCartney and his wife Heather in Canada urging people to contact Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the fight to stop the barbaric slaughter of baby seals which are killed for their skins… C Traynor, Kirkby (letter)

Scotsman 29.3.06 Warning on animal rights attacks - ALISON HARDIE - SCOTLAND has been warned to brace itself for a campaign of action by the Animal Liberation Front, in the wake of a fresh attack by the extremist organisation. Robin Webb, a spokesman for the ALF, told The Scotsman he "would not be surprised" if a rash of similar actions were executed by its members as the group tried to highlight animal cruelty north of the Border…. Lothian and Borders Police revealed yesterday that they were hunting animal rights campaigners after an attack on a dog-racing track in Armadale, West Lothian. They said the group was separate from those responsible for attacks on deer farms in Lanarkshire and Fife….(story)

Exeter Express & Echo 29.3.06 WHALE APPEAL - Bicton College students are campaigning for a continued ban on hunting whales… Jonathon Dymond, an environmental arts and crafts student who lives in Exmouth, said: "If people agree with us and would wish to see whaling banned, they can sign our whale-shaped petitions… (story)

Bath Chronicle 29.3.06 BEWARE OF OILY FISH AND EAT PLANT FOR OMEGA THREES - I Write with reference to the letter saying that fish is not a health food. The Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation has been warning people for years that most fish and fish oil supplements are contaminated with toxic poisons such as mercury and dioxins…. DR JUSTINE BUTLER, Vegan and Vegetarian Foundation, London (story)

Swindon Advertiser 29.3.06 Halt the halal slaughter - AS our MP, Mr Michael Wills, is interested in animal welfare matters and has spoken in the House of Commons on the subject, I wrote to him asking his views on the cruelty involved in the halal slaughter of animals… I object, not on racial or religious grounds, but purely on a matter of animal welfare and I wonder how many of your readers agree with the views of Mr Wills or how many think that I am right when I say that halal killing should be banned immediately. RW SELWAY Swindon (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 29.3.06 ANIMALS' INTERESTS AT HEART - Iwould just like to comment on all the aggravation surrounding the circus and draw awareness to protestors from a scientific prospective…. I understand people have an opinion on circuses, but I have actually been to, and observed, this circus in town and observed the animal behaviours. I did not observe any abnormal behaviours of the cats (which I would like to add that I have worked with in various zoos in the UK)… (letter)

Western Daily Press 29.3.06 YOUR CALL - VIEWS IN BRIEF FROM OUR WEBSITE - China's canine torture shame - The animals in Asia suffer beyond words, and unfortunately this is not common enough knowledge…. Jemma Soper, Isle of Wight
When I first saw Chinese fur farmers skinning animals alive, I couldn't believe they were not immediately arrested!... Lisa Everton, Staffordshire (letters)


Mid Devon Gazette 28.3.06 WORKING DOGS CAN HAVE TAILS DOCKED - David Fursdon, from Cadbury, the president of the Country Landowners' Association, has welcomed the decision to exempt working dogs from Animal Welfare Bill's ban on tail-docking… (story)

Birmingham Post 28.3.06 RSPCA blasted over ad campaign - The RSPCA has come under fire over an advertising campaign appealing to the Government not to introduce a cull of badgers in a bid to eradicate bovine TB. Herefordshire farmer David Morgan accused the charity of being selective in its concern in the newspaper advertising campaign, which depicts a pointing badger, with the words "we need you" - a take on the wartime Lord Kitchener poster…. (story)
Daily Post 16.3.06 RSPCA INVESTIGATED - THE RSPCA is being investigated by the Charity Commission over claims it abused its charitable status by launching a "political" campaign against Defra's proposed badger cull…. (story)
Western Morning News 16.3.06 BADGER STANCE OF RSPCA ANGERS VET - A leading vet and a lifelong member of the RSPCA have voiced their disappointment on the charity's stance against badger culls to combat bovine TB. More than 25,000 people responded to a Government consultation on whether badgers should be killed to stop TB spreading to cattle, after the animal charity launched an expensive, high profile campaign. The move sparked complaints to the Charity Commission that the organisation is becoming too political. The commission is considering whether to investigate… Dr John Gallagher, a retired state vet with more than 30 years' experience of dealing with TB in badgers, said he and many of his peers were deeply disappointed in the RSPCA… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 12.3.06 RSPCA investigated over 'political' badgers campaign By Jasper Copping - The RSPCA is being investigated over claims that it has abused its charitable status with a controversial 'political' campaign against a proposed badger cull. The Charity Commission, which regulates charities, is looking into allegations that the society has breached guidelines by getting too involved in political activities… (story)

News Shopper 28.3.06 Deal or no veal WE NOW learn the EU has lifted its ban on the import of British beef. One of the sad consequences of this ruling is thousands of two-week-old calves will again face arduous and distressing journeys to the cruel veal farms of France, Belgium and the Netherlands, when their natural and proper place is their mothers… CHRIS POPE, Erith (letter)

Daily Record 28.3.06 HORRIFIED BY SEAL PUP CULL - THE seal cull in Canada is barbaric and I was disgusted to hear this sort of thing is happening today… Ann Steel, Glasgow (letter)

Guardian 28.3.06 Canada's cruel slaughter on ice - In the next few weeks the ice off Canada's eastern coast will be stained red as hundreds of thousands of seal pups are viciously clubbed to death, shot and skinned alive by hunters… Paul McCartney, environmental groups such as International Fund for Animal Welfare and Respect for Animals, as well as hundreds of MPs of all parties all want Canada to see sense. That is why we seek a trade ban on Canadian products here in the UK, and are spearheading the campaign on behalf of Respect for Animals and Humane Society International to convince British supermarkets to boycott Canadian fish and seafood products…. Sally Banks, London, Ann Widdecombe MP, Con, Maidstone and The Weald, Glenys Thornton, Chair, All party retail industry group (letter)

Western Morning News (or Torquay Herald Express) 28.3.06 CAMPAIGNERS TARGET FISH TRAWLERS - The animal aid charity, which promotes a vegetarian diet, has claimed commercial fishing is a "the biggest animal welfare scandal of our time"…. (story)

Reuters 28.3.06 Go vegetarian to avoid bird flu, says rights group - BEIJING (Reuters) - Scared about bird flu? Then the only really safe way to protect yourself is to go vegetarian, an animal rights group said on Tuesday… "Avian flu is just one symptom of a very sick and cruel industry," it quoted PETA Asia-Pacific director Jason Baker as saying… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 28.3.06 animal cruelty - Contact the police - OLIVIA Abbott said that the RSPCA did not take action to prevent animal suffering… Under the current legislation, the Protection of Animals Act 1911, it is not the RSPCA who are empowered to investigate animal welfare cases but the police. … I hope that anyone who has any problem with the RSPCA will contact our helpline on 0870 072 6689, or visit our web site: for further information, because we help people who are being investigated and/or prosecuted by the RSPCA. ANNE KASICA, Self Help Group for Farmers, Pet Owners and Others experiencing difficulties with the RSPCA Llandyssul, Carms (story)


Leicester Mercury 27.3.06 HUNT BAN RULING - Hunt supporters face an anxious wait to find out whether the Court of Appeal will declare the Government's decision to ban the blood sport unlawful. Lawyers for the Countryside Alliance and individual hunt followers - including Joe Cowen, from the Fernie Hunt in Harborough - have argued the Hunting Act 2004 is incompatible with human rights…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 24.3.06 LESLEY FACES WAIT OVER HER HUNT APPEAL - A hunt supporter's livelihood hangs in the balance as she awaits a Court of Appeal ruling. Lesley Drage is waiting to hear if the Government's decision to ban the blood sport will be declared unlawful…. Lesley's livery business at Eyford Hill Farm, near Stow-on- the-Wold, depends on foxhunts for its survival. She looks after 18 horses and employs four people…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.3.06 HUNT SUPPORTERS AWAIT CASE RESULT - Hunt supporters in the Westcountry face an anxious wait to find out whether the Court of Appeal will declare the Government's decision to ban the blood sport as unlawful. Lawyers for the Countryside Alliance and individual hunt followers have been arguing for more than a week that the Hunting Act 2004 is incompatible with human rights…. Among the individuals who have joined the challenge are Colin Dayment, from South Molton and Giles Bradshaw from Rose Ash in North Devon. (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 16.3.06 CASE HINGES ON HUNTING ETHICS - The ethics of hunting with hounds was at the centre of debate at the Court of Appeal yesterday. Last year Lord Justice May and Mr Justice Moses threw out a judicial review challenge brought by dozens of hunt supporters, including Lesley Drage from Eyford Hill Farm, near Stow-on-the-Wold, who said their human rights were being violated by the ban on hunting…. (story)
North Devon Journal 16.3.06 DEVON HUNTERS BACK IN COURT TO OVERTURN BAN - Hunt supporters from North Devon have joined a battle at the Court of Appeal to overturn the hunting ban. The Countryside Alliance is challenging the Hunting Act 2004 and has been joined by Colin Dayment from South Molton, Giles Bradshaw from Rose Ash, and Donald Summersgill from Exford…. Mr Bradshaw owns a farm and allows the Tiverton Staghounds, Tiverton Foxhounds and the Taw Vale Beagles to cross his land three or four times a year. Mr Summersgill is a professional huntsman with the Devon and Somerset Staghounds and he has never worked outside hunting…. (story)
Western Gazette 16.3.06 FARMER JOINS HUNT BATTLE AT APPEAL COURT - A Gillingham farmer has joined a battle at the Court of Appeal in London to overturn the Government's hunting ban amid claims it will ruin the livelihoods of thousands of countryside dwellers. Farmer Jason Vickery is one of several individuals who have joined a challenge launched by the Countryside Alliance against the Hunting Act 2004…. (story)
Birmingham Post 14.3.06 Fresh bid to declare hunt ban unlawful - A fresh attempt was launched yesterday to have the Government's ban on hunting with dogs declared unlawful…. (story)
Western Daily Press 14.3.06 PRO-HUNTERS RENEW APPEAL - A Fresh attempt was launched yesterday to have the Government's ban on hunting with dogs declared unlawful. The Countryside Alliance and other pro-hunt campaigners asked the Court of Appeal to rule that the ban breaches the European Convention on Human Rights and infringes EU trading and employment l aw s… (story)
Guardian 14.3.06 Countryside Alliance tries to overturn ban - Owen Bowcott - The Countryside Alliance yesterday launched a fresh appeal to try to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs. Lawyers for the organisation said the 2004 Hunting Act breached the European convention on human rights and infringed EU trading and employment laws…. (story)
Western Mail 14.3.06 Hunting's last stand? - Steve Dube, Western Mail - A WELSH farmer's right to protect his livelihood is being argued before three senior judges in the Appeal Court in London. Ken Jones, who farms sheep and cattle on 750 acres near Llanwrtyd Wells, is one of 10 people claiming their human rights under European law have been compromised by the ban on hunting…. Mr Jones, who has been Master of the Irfon and Towy Hunt for 22 years, said farmers would not stand by and see their livelihoods "ripped away because of some ignorant law"…. (story)
Western Mail 14.3.06 New move to outlaw government hunting ban - A fresh attempt was launched today to have the Government’s ban on hunting with dogs declared unlawful. The Countryside Alliance and other pro-hunt campaigners asked the Court of Appeal to rule that the ban breaches the European Convention on Human Rights and infringes EU trading and employment laws….(story)
Farmers Weekly 13.3.06 Countryside Alliance takes Human Rights case to Court of Appeal by Andrew Watts - The Countryside Alliance’s challenge to the Hunting Act 2004 under European Human Rights law and European Union law will be heard in the Appeal Court this week…. (story)
Scotsman 13.3.06 Court challenge over hunting ban (story)
Daily Mail 13.3.06 Human rights challenge to hunting ban (story)
Ananova 13.3.06 Court challenge over hunting ban - The legal row over the ban on hunting with dogs is returning to the Court of Appeal…. (story) 12.3.06 Pro fox-hunting campaigners appeal against 'divisive sectarian measure' - The legal row over the ban on hunting with dogs re-emerges in the Court of Appeal tomorrow…. (story)
Sky 12.3.06 Ban 'Infringes Euro Law' - Pro-hunting campaigners are going back to court in their fight to have the ban on hunting with dogs overturned. The Court of Appeal is being asked to consider their latest challenge to the 2004 Hunting Act… The Countryside Alliance has branded the legislation "a divisive sectarian measure"…. (story)
Horse & Hound 10.3.06 Hunting Act to reach Court of Appeal - Anna Tyzack - The Hunting Act 2005 is to be challenged in the Court of Appeal next week. The High Court rejected the challenge brought by the Countryside Alliance (CA) last July under the Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights, but the CA decided to appeal. Both cases will be heard by the Court of Appeal in a five-day appeal hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice, London from 13th – 15th March and 20 – 21 March. Sir Anthony Clarke (the Master of the Rolls), Lord Justice Buxton and Lord Justice Brooke will hear the appeal…. (story)

Western Daily Press 27.3.06 HUNT MEMBERS SET FOR CHASING HUMANS! - The Mendip Farmers' hunt chase takes place on Saturday (April 1) over two miles of open farmland…. The other hunts to have entered are Blackmore & Sparkford Vale, Beaufort, Taunton Vale, Axe Vale and Berkeley…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 27.3.06 ANIMAL WELFARE POORLY SERVED - Regarding the story Hunt supporters await case result, Echo, March 23, if the judges rule against the claimants then it will be a blow to animal welfare. The Hunting Act stipulates that flushed out animals should be shot rather than allowed to escape unharmed…. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, near Witheridge (letter)

Western Daily Press 27.3.06 THOSE WHO PROFIT FROM HORSES OUGHT TO GIVE SOMETHING BACK - Back in the 1960s my wife and I worked for and helped out at the Bristol Rest Home for Horses, now called Horse World. Although now pensioners, we are still involved and working with rescued and retired equines. We feel that when £50million can be made at Cheltenham, and people like Prince Charles and his bloodsports friends receive or earn millions of pounds annually, more could be done by those who use and abuse equines…. D Thomas Westbury Wiltshire (letter)

Oxford Mail 27.3.06 Animal campaigners keep the peace By Phil Clee - Animal rights campaigners made their voices heard in Oxford on Saturday (March 25) despite the restrictions on noisy protests. About 150 people gathered in St Giles for a monthly rally against the construction of the £18m Oxford University animal research laboratory, before marching to the building site, in South Parks Road, where they are banned from using megaphones, sirens and klaxons under a High Court injunction…. Mel Broughton, of animal rights group Speak, told fellow protesters prior to setting off on a march to the building site: "Please, don't use whistles, megaphones or drums…." (story)

Western Daily Press 27.3.06 VIVA! FIGHTS FOR IMPROVEMENTS - Good old British farmers. They condemn groups such as Viva! for campaigning against cruel farming practices and boast of their high animal welfare standards. There's just one thing wrong. Any improvement in standards that has been achieved over recent years - and they are pitifully few - have come about precisely because of our campaigning…. Despite the attempts to portray veal production as kind, it is barbaric, with crates still allowed for the first eight weeks and concrete cells with no bedding after that…. Toni Vernelli Campaigns manager Viva! Bristol (letter)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 27.3.06 No benefit from eating oily fish - KELLY SLADE, Campaigns officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Independent 25.3.06 A new study reveals that there is no clear benefit from eating oily fish as a source of omega 3 essential fats…. Other studies have found that eating fish can also be associated with other health risks, as fish fats act like a sponge, soaking up chemicals such as dioxins and mercury that are present in our planet's polluted oceans…. KELLY SLADE, CAMPAIGNS OFFICER ANIMAL AID TONBRIDGE, KENT (story)

Guardian 27.3.06 Seal hunt gets off to a bloody start - Hunters in Canada hurled the innards of slaughtered seals at animal rights activists in the Gulf of St Lawrence yesterday as tempers flared on the first day of the world's largest seal hunt. "At one point a sealer flung intestines towards us," said Mark Glover of the Humane Society, who was on a boat trying to approach the hunt… (story)

Bath Chronicle 27.3.06 YOU CAN HELP PUT AN END TO THIS ANNUAL SEAL BLOODBATH - The annual Canadian seal hunt, which has seen almost one million seals slaughtered over the past three years, 97 per cent of them less than three months of age, is due to take place now… If, like the majority of UK citizens, you believe this hunt should end, please support our campaign by writing the new Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, pledging not to buy Canadian seafood and fish products and withholding any planned holidays in Canada, until the hunt is banned…. MARK GLOVER, Respect for Animals, PO Box 6500, Nottingham (letter)

Irish Independent 27.3.06 First mines, then fur - now Heather wants to ban milk - SHE HAS made her name as a vociferous campaigner against landmines and the fur trade, but this week Heather Mills McCartney will warn of a danger lurking closer to home - the humble British pinta…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 26.3.06 First mines, then fur … now Mills McCartney wants to ban milk By Beezy Marsh, Health Correspondent - She has made her name as a vociferous campaigner against landmines and the fur trade, but this week Heather Mills McCartney will warn of a danger lurking closer to home - the humble British pinta. At an event organised by the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation, the wife of Sir Paul McCartney, the former Beatle, will call for milk to be dropped from the nation's diet…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 27.3.06 Stop talking and take some action on animal abuse - The Government was told today to stop talking and actually do something about finally getting tough on animal abusers in Northern Ireland. The USPCA said animals are still suffering needlessly while the Government considers plans to beef up penalties - action that has been under review for more than a decade…. NIO Minister Angela Smith told Mr McCrea that the Government will "consult stakeholders after Easter on proposals to strengthen animal welfare legislation in Northern Ireland"… (story)


Sunday Times 26.3.06 Failing animal testing - INDIA KNIGHT points to the drug test disaster of TGN1412 as an example of the necessity of animal testing for human health… Rather than serving as an example of the validity of animal research, this demonstrates the unreliability of animal results when applied to humans… Mary Jo Gibbons,, Kilmessan, Co Meath (story)


Shropshire Star 25.3.06 Farmers apt to kill anything - Well I think it’s pretty obvious where the Star’s allegiances lie in the badger culling debate. By choosing John C. Bournes letter as Letter of the Week you have come down firmly on the side of the kill ‘em all brigade. What is it about farmers that makes them so intent on destroying everything that does not make a profit? … J Mapp, Telford (letter)
Shropshire Star 25.3.06 Disease is not spread by badgers - I was amazed to read your “Star letter” regarding the culling of badgers — the facts are both out of date and misleading…Not all landowners and farmers would agree with a cull and would roundly condemn slaughtering these animals; every survey carried out has failed to identify badgers as being the cause of spreading bovine TB. They will not gain entry onto my land! Maureen Parry, Shrewsbury (letter)

Western Mail 25.3.06 Destroying wildlife - It has recently come to my attention that there will soon be a mass cull of badgers in the UK. I am totally opposed to this unnecessary action that is pandering to the whims of farmers yet again. When will this Government start protecting the environment instead of destroying it to appease a handful of businessmen?... LORRAINE PARKER, Whitchurch Road, Cardiff (letter)

Dundee Courier 25.3.06 Attack threat from animal extremists - By Cheryl Wood - EXTREMIST GROUP the Animal Liberation Front has warned activists may carry out further attacks in Scotland, after claiming responsibility for extensive damage to a north-east Fife deer farm… Although press officer Robin Webb claimed groups acted autonomously, he said, “This has been claimed by ALF activists and it certainly falls within our policy guidelines. The owner of this farm says the deer are reared humanely but that doesn’t change the fact that they are born merely to be killed for profit….(story)
Scotsman 24.3.06 Animal rights activists in first attack on Scottish target - TIM BUGLER - ANTI-TERRORISM police are investigating an attack by animal liberation activists on Britain's first commercial deer farm in what is thought to be the first incident of its kind in Scotland…(story)
Glasgow Herald 24.3.06 Animal rights activists in deer farm raid - RAYMOND DUNCAN - Animal rights activists have struck at a family-run commercial deer farm in the first attack of its kind in Scotland. Slogans which included "scum" as well as a threat that the protesters would return were sprayed in paint on the road leading to Reediehill deer farm in Fife and on a sign to the premises a mile and a half from Auchtermuchty. Hundreds of metres of fencing were destroyed but none of the 450 or so animals was found to be missing. The raid is believed to have been carried out by the Animal Liberation Front…. (story)
Dundee Courier 24.3.06 Animal activists’ “scum” attack By Cheryl Wood - DEER FARM in north-east Fife has been targeted by campaigners apparently linked to the extremist Animal Liberation Front. Fences were cut in four fields at Reediehill Deer Farm near Auchtermuchty and graffiti including “Scum” was spray-painted on the ground….(story)
Scotland Today 23.3.06 Animal rights activists hunted following deer farm attack - Police in Fife are hunting animal rights activists who vandalised a deer farm in Auchtermuchty overnight… (story)
icScotland 23.3.06 Protesters break into deer farm - A deer farm has been attacked by animal rights activists, it has emerged…. (story)
BBC News Online 23.3.06 Deer farm 'attack by protesters' Police are investigating an alleged attack by animal rights protesters on a family-run deer farm in Fife. The owners of Reediehill deer farm in Auchtermuchty said hundreds of metres of fencing had been destroyed in an apparent bid to let the deer escape. Slogans including "Scum" and "This is a wildlife prison" were also left in paint on the farm property…. (story)

Bath Chronicle 25.3.06 ANIMAL CRUELTY IS ALIVE AND WELL - I Feel I must write a passionate letter about animal cruelty. Animals have feelings, are loyal and have far more intelligence than many human beings who are, after all, only 'animals' that can talk judging by the behaviour of many on this planet, torturing and abusing their fellow men… C ARMSTRONG-GREEN, Derwent Grove, Keynsham (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 25.3.06 Plan to ban circus animals - A BAN on animals performing in circuses is being considered by the Scottish Executive. The move follows calls from Advocates for Animals and the Born Free Foundation to ban all wild animals in circuses…. (story)
BBC News Online 24.3.06 Scotland plans circus animal ban - Animal groups are urging the Scottish Executive to include all wild animals in a ban which would prevent them performing in circuses. Rural Affairs Minister Ross Finnie has confirmed that the executive is planning to introduce a ban, based on the animals' welfare needs. However, the public will be consulted on which animals are included… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 25.3.06 WHAT WILL BE BANNED NEXT? - So if wild animals are banned from circuses, what will happen next? "There is talk in the Government bill of static circuses," said Mr Lacey. "I think we could open a national circus somewhere which could become a major tourist attraction. "Last year the protesters were against fox hunting, this year it's circuses with wild animals, next year it will be circuses with horses, then fishing, then greyhound racing…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 25.3.06 ANIMALS NOT MADE FOR US - As a protester against the Great British Circus, I felt compelled to write and air my views on this subject…. Examples of controversial issues which are confined to history include the slave trade, capital punishment and fox hunting and, hopefully, within the near future we will see animal circuses joining them. As Alice Walker states: "Animals of the world exist for themselves. They were not made for humans"…. Mandy Day, Main Road, Aylesby
WE went to the circus, and I have to say what a fantastic educational show. At first I was weary with what the protestors were saying, now I'm thinking what are these people talking about. The animals were wonderful - whatever fool thinks you can beat a tiger into performing, needs a doctor…. Lisa, Grimsby
I HAVE never written to the newspaper before but after reading Phil from Laceby's comments on the tigers in the circus, I had to… My husband and I recently had a fantastic holiday in Africa and witnessed many different species (no tigers though) including lions, elephants and many more and if he thinks these animals are better off in a circus he must be stupid… Sue, Healing.
I HAVE just taken my two young boys to watch The Great British Circus currently performing next to Morrison's and felt compelled to write. To get into the circus grounds we had to drive past a number of protestors. To be fair to them, they didn't act in any intimidating way and in view of the freezing weather it was obvious that they must have felt strongly about their cause. Their placards suggested that the circus animals were being treated cruelly but I saw absolutely no evidence of this. On the contrary, the animals I saw were in superb condition and better than any I have seen in safari parks or zoos…. Name and address supplied. (letters)

Swindon Advertiser 25.3.06 Calves must not suffer - I AM concerned that the lifting of the EU ban on exports of British beef has opened up the possibility of a resumption of the live export of young male dairy calves to the EU…. (Mrs) H REED. Swindon (letter)


West Cumberland Times & Star 24.3.06 DRAG HUNTING A SUCCESS (story)
Cumberland News 24.3.06 Hunt success in ban’s first year By Ross Brewster (story)
Carlisle News & Star 23.3.06 Drag hunt hailed as a major hit By Ross Brewster - A CUMBRIAN hunt says that its first season of drag hunting, since the ban on hunting foxes with dogs, has been a “remarkable” success. Bob Fell, who is secretary of the historic Blencathra Foxhounds at Threlkeld, said support had actually grown during the months since the ban came into force. Mr Fell said: “Hounds are still going out hunting within the law. We have fulfilled fixtures twice and sometimes three times a week. The support has been overwhelming.”… (story)

Northumberland Gazette 24.3.06 Invasion disgrace - AFTER the invasion of Newton by the Sea by ten Percy Hunt members, riding horses and quad bikes and driving 4x4s, on March 6, and the invasion of a private housing estate by Tynedale hounds on January 9, can Countryside Alliance chairman Kate Hoey honestly claim to represent the interest of "law abiding citizens". If these people were engaged in a properly conducted drag hunt, with a line of artificial aniseed-based scent laid across fields or open country away from fox hounds and vulnerable areas, these havoc incidents would not have occurred…. Katherine Watson (Miss), Rushton Drive, Stockport (letter)

Independent 24.3.06 Spectacular returns for hunting and fishing estates By Paul Kelbie, Scotland Correspondent - Outdated playgrounds for the rich or an expensive burden for landowners - many assumed Scotland's sporting estates had had their day. However, research shows that the estates so beloved of the hunting, shooting and fishing sets are better investments than the stock market. According to the property consultants CKD Galbraith, the value of sporting estates has increased spectacularly over the past 20 years, outperforming the FTSE 100 index in some cases by almost twice as much….(story)

Southport Visiter 24.3.06 Appeal over tail docking fails - AN APPEAL to British MPs by Southport actress, Miranda Richardson to totally outlaw the tail docking of dogs has failed…. (story)

Keighley News 24.3.06 I am researching "The History Of Angling in Yorkshire", with a view of hopefully writing a book on the subject, and in so doing I am asking for the assistance of you and your readers. At the moment I am looking for information on the following: The Aire Fishing Club, (no longer in existence). The Bradford Eagle Angling Club, The Bingley Angling Club, The Saltaire Angling Association, The Kilnsey Angling Club, The Leeds and County Association, (according to records going back over 100 years, this is the oldest legitimate club in Leeds), The Holbeck Angling Society and The Yorkshire Angling Society… RONNIE NOBLE, 3 Uplands, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 1BJ (letter in archive)

Carlisle News & Star 24.3.06 Hound trailing in desperate need of young blood By Julie Armstrong - THE future of the traditional Cumbrian sport of hound trailing is under threat – because of a decline in supporters… The Border Hound Trailing Association (BHTA) started its season at Anthorn on March 1. It has 150 members across Cumbria, Northumbria and south-west Scotland. President Jenny Horn said: “The average age of our members is about 40. It is difficult attracting new members and our older ones are sadly passing away…. (story)

Daily Ireland 24.3.06 Racing scandal - What justification is there for the recent Cheltenham carnage with no less than eight equine fatalities?... JA Barnwell, Dublin (letter)

Kenilworth Weekly News 24.3.06 JUMBO PROTEST AGAINST ELEPHANT - Animal rights campaigners protested when the circus came to Kenilworth. Members of West Midlands Animal Action were due to hand out leaflets at Bobby Roberts' Super Circus's first performance yesterday evening (Thursday)… Animal Action member Steve Williams said: "There is absolutely no reason for any circus to provide entertainment using animals….(story)
Kenilworth Weekly News 24.3.06 SHOULD KENILWORTH CIRCUS KEEP ITS ELEPHANT? …WHAT DO YOU THINK? Email your view to us now…. (story)

Western Daily Press 24.3.06 BOYCOTT CANADIAN GOODS TO END CULL - The annual Canadian seal hunt, which has seen almost one million seals slaughtered over the last three years, is due to take place this week…. please write to the new Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, pledging not to buy Canadian seafood and fish products, and withholding any planned holidays in Canada until the hunt is banned. Mark Glover Bristol (letter)

Irish Independent 24.3.06 Slaughter of seals begins - In just a few weeks, the largest slaughter of marine mammals is set to begin on the ice off Canada's East Coast…. IFAW experts concluded the slaughter to be inherently cruel and horrific. PAUL KINSELLA, LORCAN GROVE, DUBLIN 9 (story)

Independent 24.3.06 Brigitte Bardot's crusade to save Canada's seals - Brigitte Bardot was famous as the original sex kitten, but since then she has devoted herself to animal rights. Now she is back in Canada, where she began the fight against seal culls. David Usborne reports - Famous people usually worry about their legacies. But not Brigitte Bardot, the erstwhile sex kitten of France…. Bardot has successfully parlayed her celebrity to become Europe's most indefatigable - and controversial - saviour of the animal kingdom, relentlessly campaigning for the end of mistreatment of animals. While the US-based PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is an organisation that repeatedly recruits film-stars and models as ambassadors to the causearound the globe, she has been a one-woman band…. In 2003, she published a book entitled 'A Scream in the Silence', that brought more accusations of both anti-Muslim and anti-gay bigotry. She denounced interracial marriage, called homosexuals "fairground freaks" and assaulted the government for being over-generous to the unemployed and to immigrants…(story)

Malvern Gazette 24.3.06 Pub sign slashed - Animal rights activists have again targeted The Halfway House pub in Bastonford in protest at its lobster festival. Last year the pub was daubed with graffiti and this weekend the sign for the festival was slashed in the middle of the night… Julie Roxburgh, from the animal welfare Shellfish Network, said: "There's absolutely no doubt in my mind, and most scientists minds, that boiling lobsters causes them pain…. (story in archive)

Edinburgh Evening News 24.3.06 Elephant plans 'a big mistake' - KATIE EMSLIE - ONE of the world's leading animal rights campaigners has hit out at Edinburgh Zoo's plans to bring elephants back into captivity. Will Travers, chief executive of the Born Free Foundation which he set up with his parents Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna - stars of the film Born Free - said he was appalled that the zoo's £58 million expansion vision considered reintroducing elephants…. (story)

Scotsman 24.3.06 Squirrels In reply to GM Lindsay (Letters, 16 March), grey squirrels born here are as Scottish as people born here, irrespective of their origins…. Intolerance against wildlife is but a step away from intolerance towards humans. Angus Macmillan, Meikle Boturich, Dunbartonshire (letter)


Western Morning News 23.3.06 DRAMATIC STAG PICTURE A WINNER FOR RICHARD - Richard Austin's now famous picture of an Exmoor stag butting a huntsman from his horse has just been voted UK News Photograph of the Year by a distinguished panel of his fellow press photographers…. The picture was taken last year while Richard was working on a WMN series taking a behind-the-scenes look at the Devon and Somerset Staghounds. He and I were following the action when, from our vantage point, we watched in horror as Devon and Somerset Staghound whipper-in John Stone found himself on a collision course with the careering stag….(story)

Eastern Daily Press 23.3.06 Horseriding no longer seen as elitist - MICHAEL POLLITT, RURAL AFFAIRS EDITOR - Riders and horse owners are spending £4bn a year on the country's fastest growing leisure pursuit, according to the latest National Equestrian Survey… Hunting has attracted more followers, with the number increasing from 10pc to 18pc of regular riders over the last six years. (story)

Whitehaven News 23.3.06 A man for all seasons - ON Saturdays, Les Moore was a big hitter — one of the best and strongest rugby forwards in England. On Sundays, the Whitehaven and Workington Town juggernaut liked nothing better than to don an apron and cook up some of the tastiest ham and eggs West Cumberland had to offer…. on the table was a book about the Eskdale & Ennerdale Foxhounds: “I used to go out with them a bit, it stemmed from the time when the pack used to stop at Fleming Hall and hunt from there. “What of the foxhunting ban? — “I think it’s terrible. Country folk should be allowed to do what country folk want to do. Hunting is not cruel, it’s the best way of controlling foxes. I am a countryman and I like all country sports as well.”… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 23.3.06 COUNTY HUNTS WORKING WITHIN THE ACT - David Drew has signed a parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act… DELLY EVERARD, Wessex Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Leicester Mercury 20.3.06 YOUR PRIORITIES ARE WRONG - Claire Rawson, of the Countryside Alliance, accuses Keith Vaz of getting his priorities wrong because he signed a Parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act (Mercury Mailbox, March 4). Yet, farmers are being paid a pittance for milk… If the Countryside Alliance had been half as vociferous and pestered the Government on these matters over the past 30 years, as they have in complaining about the hunting ban, perhaps farming would be in better shape today… G A Wright, Leicester. (letter)
Post & Times 15.3.06 HUNT FINE WITH NO FOX - Clare Rowson writes about the Hunting Act (Post & Times, March 9) 12 months on, so would she mind being reminded of the Countryside Alliance's views before the Act?Thousands of hounds to be put down, horses sent to the knacker yards… , but now a twinkle has returned after talking to my fox chasing friends. Hounds which had been bred for generations could never be taught to hunt a drag suddenly, in three days, could be taken out on a drag hunt… N SeatonMarston BankRocester (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.3.06 WASTE OF TIME TO APPLY HUNT LAW - Don Foster has signed a parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act, and calling on the police to rigorously enforce and make prosecutions under the Act…. Delly Everard Wessex regional director Countryside Alliance (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.3.06 MP HAS GOT HIS PRIORITIES RIGHT - I refer Ms Rowson ("MP's priorities are wrong", Mailbox, March 6) to the text of the motion about hunting… I will continue to work on the issues that matter most to the people of Leicester, such as the Pathway project, expansion of Nema and the proliferation of telephone masts. Keith Vaz, MP. (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 11.3.06 SHE'S RIGHT, I'M FIGHTING CRIME - Delly Everard is absolutely right that my time is better spent dealing with issues such as cutting crime. That is why I have been working with residents from a Stroud hamlet who have had their lives turned upside down by two terrifying incursions by the local hunt. This has resulted in police time being wasted and the possibility of strong action having to be taken against that hunt…. DAVID DREW, MP for Stroud (letter)
Post & Times 10.3.06 12 MONTHS ON AND THE BAN'S STILL WRONG - Clare Rowson,West Midlands regional director,Countryside Alliance (letter)
Cheddar Valley Gazette 9.3.06 OPPOSITE TO A WELFARE ADVANCE - Bath MP Don Foster has signed a Parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act… Delly Everard, Wessex regional director, Countryside Alliance (story)
Delly Everard 9.3.06 OFFENCE TO HUNT MICE WITH DOGS - Don Foster has signed a parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act… DELLY EVERARD, Wessex regional director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Western Morning News 9.3.06 DON Foster has signed a parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act and calling on police to rigorously enforce it…. (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 9.3.06 HUNT BAN LAW IS STRAIGHTFORWARD - In response to the letter from Delly Everard (Better things to do, The Citizen, March 7), I fail to understand her confusion about the ban on hunting. The clear objective of the Hunting Act is to prevent the unnecessary suffering caused when a wild animal is hounded to death for the sake of amusement…. GILL PURSER, via e-mail (letter)
Leicester Mercury 7.3.06 MP'S PRIORITIES ARE WRONG - Keith Vaz has signed a parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act… Clare Rowson, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 7.3.06 BETTER THINGS TO BE DONE - David Drew has signed a parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act... DELLY EVERARD, Wessex Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Manchester Evening News 6.3.06 Forget hunting, let’s tackle crime... Mr Heyes should focus on sorting out things that matter to the people of Ashton, such as cutting crime… Tom Fell, North West Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
The Sentinel 4.3.06 THE HUNTING LAW IS AN ASS - Uttoxeter MP Janet Dean has signed a Parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act… (letter)
Ilford Recorder 2.3.06 Townies, too, should have say in animal welfare - Unlike Darren Hughes of the Countryside Alliance, I think Parliament has a perfect right to legislate to protect animals (Recorder, last week)…. Frankly, I am sick of their ridiculous arguments and everlasting bleating about how hard done to these country folk are. We townies pay heavily to subsidise the country…. PAULA GRIFFIN, Broadmead Road, South Woodford (letter)
Bolton Evening News 28.2.06 Unworkable Hunting Act - BRIAN Iddon has signed a parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act and calling on the police to rigorously enforce and make prosecutions under the Act…. Tom Fell, North West Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (letter in archive)
Carlisle News & Star 27.2.06 Hunting laws are vindictive - ERIC Martlew has signed a parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act and calling on the police to rigorously enforce and make prosecutions under the Act…. TOM FELL, North West Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Western Daily Press 27.2.06 HUNTS MOTION WASTE OF TIME - Stephen Williams has signed a parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act and calling on the police to rigorously enforce and make prosecutions under the Act…. Alison Hawes Countryside Alliance Regional Director (letter)
Keighley News 24.2.06 Ann Cryer has signed a parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act and calling on the police to rigorously enforce and make prosecutions under the Act…. John Haigh, Countryside Alliance Regional Director (letter in archive)
South Wales Evening Post 24.2.06 BAN DIVERTS RESOURCES - Mps Hywel Francis and Martin Caton have signed a parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act and calling on the police to rigorously enforce and make prosecutions under the act…. Adrian Simpson, Countryside Alliance Regional Director, South Wales (letter)
Ilford Recorder 23.2.06 Harry hunting wrong game - HARRY Cohen has signed a parliamentary motion celebrating the first anniversary of the Hunting Act and calling on the police to rigorously enforce and make prosecutions under the act. Hunts in Essex are working within the exemptions contained within the act… Mr Cohen should focus on sorting out things that matter to the people of Essex and the surrounding areas…. By signing a motion such as this, he is putting pressure on the police to divert resources from frontline policing activities and to go into the countryside with "rigorous vigilance" to get prosecutions under this unnecessary, unclear and unworkable legislation…. DARREN HUGHES, Campaigns Co-ordinator, Countryside Alliance (letter)

The Forester 23.3.06 'OPEN SEASON ON WILD BOAR COULD BE DEADLY' - News that wild boar hunting looks set to return to the British countryside has been met with mixed feelings…. A spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front said: "People will be outraged because it was the hunting of wild boar which drove them into extinction in the first place."… (story)
Western Daily Press 20.3.06 GREEN LIGHT FOR WILD BOAR SHOOT - Wild boar hunting looks set to return to the British countryside for the first time in 300 years…. (story)
Western Daily Press 20.3.06 IT'S A FAIR GAME TO GET OUR WILD BOAR IN HUNTERS' RIFLE SIGHTS - Ministers are poised to provoke another long-running battle with animal rights activists by bringing back wild boar hunting in British woodlands for the first time in 300 years. Whitehall sources suggest the Government is on the verge of legalising the sport in a bid to control the numbers of boar roaming the West…. But suggestions that the Government is set to reclassify boars as game just a year after fox hunting was banned has provoked an angry reaction from animal rights activists… "People will be outraged because it was the hunting of wild boar which drove them into extinction in the first place, " said a spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF)…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 23.3.06 PIGEON HUNTER'S SHOCK AT ARMED ALERT - Police launched a full terrorist alert in Llanelli when a man was seen putting a gun into his car. Dyfed-Powys Police helicopter was sent up and police cars tailed the car from Morfa to Trostre. While the helicopter hovered above the vehicle, the armed response and attack dog unit was mobilised… Property developer Gerald Fuller (pictured right), had the fright of his life when he was confronted by half a dozen police officers wearing flack jackets. He said: "They told me I had been seen loading a gun into my car. "When I told them I had borrowed an airgun to try to get rid of pigeons in an old chapel I was converting into flats, they immediately called off the troops."… (story)

Scotsman 23.3.06 Total ban on docking dogs' tails looks certain - HAMISH MACDONELL SCOTTISH POLITICAL EDITOR - A COMPLETE ban on the docking of dogs' tails in Scotland came a step closer last night after MSPs voted overwhelmingly for the move….(story)

Independent 23.3.06 Animal health - David Harris asks (letter, 22 March) why it is acceptable to neuter animals but not to dock their tails. Apart from the thousands of unwanted animals there would be above what we already have, there is the irrefutable evidence that neutering prevents uterine infections, mammary tumours… EMMA MILNE BVSC MRCVS, FOUNDER, VETS AGAINST DOCKING YORK (letter)
Independent 22.3.06 Acceptable alteration - Sir: Every year, thousands of dogs and cats are neutered. There is no public outcry over this… Why is docking puppies' tails to be outlawed? Like neutering, it can be painful, but usually is not, if carried out correctly. Like neutering, it is done solely for human gratification. Unlike neutering, it does not permanently affect the animal's hormonal balance,… DAVID HARRIS, LONDON SW13 (letter)

Western Mail 23.3.06 'Government has failed to protect people living in the countryside' - Steve Dube, Western Mail - CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown was last night accused of abandoning the Government's commitment to rural Britain. Countryside Alliance chief executive Simon Hart said the Government had promised "rural proofing" of legislative and tax measures back in 2000, but had once again failed to protect people living in the countryside…. (story)
Independent 23.3.06 Motoring Duties: Brown targets the 'Chelsea tractor' set By Barrie Clement, Transport Editor - Owners of gas-guzzling cars with the highest carbon dioxide emissions will have to pay a new higher rate of Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) in an environmentally-friendly move by Chancellor…. Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, however said he feared the increase vehicle duty "directly discriminates against rural Britain with no significant environmental impact"… (story)
Scotsman 23.3.06 4x4s penalised to save planet - but move is 'token gesture' - ALASTAIR DALTON TRANSPORT CORRESPONDENT - DRIVERS of the most polluting cars will be penalised while the greenest are rewarded - but opposition parties dismissed the introduction of new car tax bands as a token gesture, and claimed the government's environmental record was derisory…. Simon Hart, the chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said he feared the increase "directly discriminates against rural Britain, with no significant environmental impact"… (story)
Daily Mail 23.3.06 Anger over Brown's 'phoney war' on the 4x4 By RAY MASSEY - He claimed he was declaring war on gas-guzzling 4x4s. But Gordon Brown's tinkering with the road taxes yesterday during his annual budget statement pleased no one and left both motoring groups and environmentalists fuming…. Countryside Alliance chief executive Simon Hart said increase on 4x4s "directly discriminated against rural Britain with no significant environmental impact"…. (story)
MonstersandCritics 22.3.06 Clampdown on 'Chelsea tractors' - The most-polluting cars on Britain's roads are to be subject to increased duty payments, the chancellor has announced today…. Countryside Alliance chief executive Simon Hart said: 'While we welcome the concept of environmental care which the government is trying to address, we are extremely concerned that this measure directly discriminates against rural Britain with no significant environmental impact.' He added: 'An extra £45 on a tax bill will make no difference to those in urban areas who can fork out £50,000 on a leisure vehicle.'…(story)
Horse & Hound 22.3.06 4X4 tax part of Budget measures - Holly Kirkwood - The Chancellor Gordon Brown has introduced a new level of tax on the worst polluting vehicles as part of his latest Budget, prompting criticism from rural campaigners… Countryside Alliance Chief Executive Simon Hart said: "This vehicle tax 'superband' is merely paying lip service to the environmental lobby, and ignores the needs of the rural community, who put four-wheel drives to their proper use…. CLA Chairman David Furston said: "On the higher taxation of high polluting cars, the CLA notes from the budget documents that this tax raising measure will only apply to new vehicles and so farmers and those working and living in rural areas who currently have four-wheel drives will not be immediately affected… (story)

Somerset Guardian 23.3.06 SPORT OF KINGS FILLS ME WITH DISGUST AND ANGER - Take one promising young horse. Feed and nurture it. Groom it to perfection. Train it to run like the wind. Fete it and show it off at a race meeting such as Cheltenham. Parade it around for all to see it beauty, its gleaming coat, its lovely lines, its sheer perfection. Then, when it is killed or badly injured in a race - as eight horses were in three days at Cheltenham - it becomes dog meat. I find this obscene and unacceptable… DAWN ROBINSON, Mill Lane, Lower Writhlington (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 23.3.06 IT'S ALL OVER - FOR THE HORSES - We have been told the four-day Cheltenham Festival was a great success. It was interesting to note the numbers that attended and the amount of Guinness and champagne consumed but it was over- shadowed by the deaths of nine horses. Five of these animals died in one day, which is unacceptable…. Peter G Malyon, (letter)

Irish Examiner 23.3.06 Death by horse racing WITH no less than eight equine fatalities at Cheltenham this year, what justification is there for the next carnage? JA Barnwell, 5 St Patrick's Rd, Dublin 9 (letter)

Daily Record 23.3.06 TESTING TIMES - RE the drug trial mishap, yet again we hear that the product was tested on rabbits and primates. As human research now exists, with little funding required compared to the big pharmaceutical animal research labs, are we to continue living in the dark ages?... E. Brown, Johnstone, Renfrewshire (letter)

Sevenoaks Chronicle 23.3.06 MANY ANIMALS WOUNDED BY BULLETS - I Felt I have to respond to Sue Souch's letter last week about squirrels… I strongly disagree with the comments about shooting squirrels. It is certainly not always the case that after one shot they are dead. I work at a wildlife rescue centre and we have around 4,000 cases a year, a large percentage of which have been wounded by bullets…. M Hampton, Seal (story)

Evening Echo 23.3.06 Dublin demo backs Bardot over seal slaughter - Irish animal rights activists will back French actress Brigitte Bardot’s call to ban Canada’s annual seal hunt today. The Animal Rights Action Network (Aran) is to stage a demo outside the Canadian embassy in St Stephen’s Green, Dublin…(story)

Brighton Argus 23.3.06 Letter: Bird waste should not be dumped - Letter: Bird waste should not be dumped - It is all too easy to scapegoat wild birds for a potential bird (human) flu pandemic. Let's look where the real problem lies. It is, as Elizabeth Taylor (Letters, March 20) says, with the 900 million birds bred and slaughtered in the UK each year, whose many tonnes of waste is dumped on fields….-Sara Starkey, Tonbridge, Kent (letter in archive)
Brighton Argus 20.3.06 Letter: Bird flu ñ who is at fault? I agree with Michael James and M Forrest there should be a debate (Letters, March 11). However, three or four letters in your pages against wild birds have had no counter argument and Michael James favours a cull, perish the thought…. After all, there are some 900 million factory-farmed birds in Britain whose remains are ground up with their faeces for use as fertilisers, spread on fields, where many species of wild bird land to feed. Why is this potential health hazard not being condemned?... -Elizabeth Taylor, High Salvington (letter)


Galway Independent 22.3.06 High time law applied on use of whip in racing - Aideen Yourell, Spokesperson, Irish Council Against Blood Sports, PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co Westmeath (letter)
Irish Independent 18.3.06 Take the whip out of racing - AIDEEN YOURELL, IRISH COUNCIL AGAINST BLOOD SPORTS, MULLINGAR, CO WESTMEATH (story)
Irish Examiner 16.3.06 Using a whip on a horse is against the law - WE fully agree with racing pundit John McCririck, who has roundly condemned the use of the whip in horseracing…. The 1911 Protection of Animals Act states that it is an offence to beat an animal. Yet, for some inexplicable and inexcusable reason, horses can be beaten during racing, in contravention of animal welfare legislation…. Aileen Yourell, Irish Council Against Blood Sports, PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co Westmeath. (letter)

Western Morning News 22.3.06 CULL - OR EXTERMINATION? - I disagree with the editorial posing as an open letter on page four of the WMN (10/3/06) on badgers and bovine TB. In the first place you, like everyone, misuse the word "cull". It means to kill selectively, not to slaughter indiscriminately or wipe out or exterminate. You say "We are not suggesting a cull of healthy badgers" yet that is precisely what would happen if a whole sett were to be gassed… Michael GrayExeter (story)

Horncastle News 22.3.06 Badger culling is futile - I would like to respond to the readers’ letters supporting the Badger Cull… To purport that badgers pose a threat to human health is pure scaremongering. The Health Protection Agency states the risk of bovine TB being transferred to humans is “negligible.”… JULIA HOLLIDAY, Horncastle
Badgers aren’t the problem - it’s intensive farming - The proponents of the gassing of badgers seem to be selective with the facts. As a member of the public against the proposed cull of badgers, this does not make me an animal rights activist, but someone who believes the animals of our countryside should be protected and not persecuted…. NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (story)

Brentwood Gazette 22.3.06 GRIM FOR BADGERS - This Government plans to grant itself dispensation from the 1973 Protection of Badgers Act to carry out a programme of culling in the belief that it will stop TB spreading from badgers to cattle…. So, between the Government and sadistic, brutal badger baiters, the future for this harmless and beautiful little animal is grim. MRS G E FITZGERALD, Summerdale, Billericay (letter)

Scotsman 22.3.06 PETA 'misled' public over animal tests - ads watchdog - IAN JOHNSTON - ANTI-VIVISECTION campaigners are deceiving the public about animal testing to raise funds, a pro-research group said, as the Advertising Standards Authority upheld five complaints against the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The Research Defence Society also published a dossier detailing "15 years of lies, distortions and half-truths attacking the scientific basis of animal research" by animal rights groups…. (story)
Guardian 22.3.06 Rights group misled public over animal testing, watchdog says - Alok Jha, science correspondent - The world's largest animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has been criticised by the Advertising Standards Authority for misrepresenting the science behind animal experiments and unfairly denigrating scientists who use animals in their work. The ASA upheld five complaints by a pro-vivisection group, the Research Defence Society, about a leaflet issued by Peta, which featured "facts" on animal experiments and invited readers to fill in a questionnaire and donate money to the organisation…. (story)
Guardian 22.3.06 Animal rights group censured by ad watchdog - David Connett - Animal rights group Peta has been rebuked by the advertising watchdog over a direct mail campaign that claimed that 3 million animals are killed in painful experiments in the UK each year. The Advertising Standards Authority warned People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals not to repeat the claim, which it said could "denigrate those carrying out animal experimentation"…. (story)

Burton Mail 22.3.06 Guinea pig blackmail suspect in court by PETER RICHARDSON - A 27-YEAR-OLD woman charged with blackmailing the owners of a guinea pig farm at the centre of an animal rights hate campaign has appeared before Burton magistrates. Madeline Buckler is accused of three counts of blackmail and one of attempted blackmail relating to letters sent to owners and associates of Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, in November. Buckler, of Leicester Street, Wolverhampton, is accused of sending the letters to David Hall and Partners, which bred guinea pigs for medical research at the farm, along with several others connected to the breeding centre…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 22.3.06 COURT TOLD OF THREAT LETTERS - A woman appeared in court yesterday charged with blackmailing the owners of a guinea pig farm, which was at the centre of a hate campaign by animal rights activists. Madeline Buckler is accused of three counts of blackmail and one of attempted blackmail relating to letters sent to the owners and associates of Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, in November… (story)
BBC News Online 21.3.06 Farm blackmail suspect in court A woman has appeared in court charged with blackmailing the owners of a Staffordshire guinea pig farm targeted by animal rights activists. Madeline Buckler, 24, of Leicester Street, Wolverhampton, is accused of three counts of blackmail and one of attempted blackmail…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 11.3.06 WOMAN IS CHARGED OVER FARM HATE MAIL - A Woman has been charged with blackmailing the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm which was subjected to a long-running hate campaign. The 24-year-old, who has not been named but is known to be from Wolverhampton, has been charged with four offences relating to letters sent to the owners of Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch. She has been bailed to appear before magistrates in Burton on March 21… (story)
BBC News Online 11.3.06 New charge over guinea pig farm - Police investigating the desecration of the grave of a guinea pig farm owner's relative have charged a woman with blackmail and attempted blackmail. The Wolverhampton woman, aged 24, will appear before magistrates in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, on 21 March…. A Gloucester woman, aged 31, arrested on 1 March, has been released from bail without charge… (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 3.3.06 Women are held in farm enquiry - Two women were arrested this week on suspicion of conspiracy to blackmail the owners of a guinea pig farm near Lichfield…. (letter)
Lichfield Mercury 2.3.06 NEW ARRESTS MADE IN YOXALL GRAVE ROBBERY CASE - Two women have been arrested this week in connection with the desecration of Gladys Hammond's grave by animal rights extremists…. (story)
Burton Mail 2.3.06 Body theft case: suspect bailed by Ed Hill - DETECTIVES investigating the theft of a grandmother's body from her grave in Yoxall have released a 31-year-old suspect on bail. The woman was detained by police during a 7am raid at her home in Gloucester on yesterday…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 2.3.06 WOMAN RELEASED ON BAIL - A woman arrested by police investigating a hate campaign against the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm has been released on police bail. The 31-year-old was detained at her Gloucester home yesterday morning by officers investigating the removal of a pensioner's body from a graveyard in Yoxall, Staffordshire, in 2004, and freed pending further inquiries…. (story)
Western Daily Press 2.3.06 WEST WOMAN IS HELD IN HUNT FOR GRAVE ROBBERS - The hunt for animal rights activists who have run a hate campaign against guinea pig farmers centred on the West yesterday. A 31-year-old woman was arrested at her home in Gloucester by officers investigating the theft of a pensioner's body from a graveyard in Yoxall, Staffordshire, in October 2004… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 2.3.06 WOMAN OUT ON BAIL - A woman arrested by police investigating the desecration of a grave has been bailed. The 31-year-old was arrested at her home in Gloucester yesterday on suspicion of conspiracy to blackmail David Hall and Partners… (story)
Times 2.3.06 Animals pair held - Two women were arrested on suspicion of conspiring to blackmail the owner of a Staffordshire guinea-pig farm whose relative’s body was stolen… (story)
BBC News Online 2.3.06 Woman bailed over body theft case - Police investigating the desecration of a Staffordshire grave have released a woman on bail. A Gloucester woman, 31, was held on Wednesday on suspicion of conspiracy to blackmail and later freed on bail. Four people have been charged over the case. A Wolverhampton woman, 24, was arrested as part of the same inquiry and released on bail on Tuesday…. (story)
BBC News Online 1.3.06 Woman arrested in body theft case - Police investigating the desecration of a Staffordshire grave have made a further arrest. A Gloucester woman, 31 was held on Wednesday on suspicion of conspiracy to blackmail. Four people already face similar charges…. (story)
BBC News Online 1.3.06 Woman released in body theft case - Detectives investigating the desecration of a grave in Staffordshire have released a Wolverhampton woman who was arrested on Tuesday. The 24-year-old was held on suspicion of conspiracy to blackmail. She was released later in the day on bail…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 1.3.06 WOMAN QUESTIONED IN PROBE INTO DESECRATION OF GRAVE - A woman was arrested today by police investigating the desecration of a pensioner's grave in Yoxall. The 31-year-old woman was arrested at her home in Gloucester at about 7am… (story)
Burton Mail 1.3.06 Second arrest in two days by Ed Hill - DETECTIVES investigating the theft of a grandmother's body from her grave in Yoxall have arrested a second suspect in the space of two days. In a pre-planned operation carried out at 7am today, Staffordshire Police arrested a 31-year-old woman at her home in Gloucester. She was due to be interviewed by detectives this afternoon…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 1.3.06 CITY ARREST OVER THEFT OF BODY - A 31-year-old Gloucester woman was arrested today by detectives investigating a hate campaign waged against the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm. The woman was detained at her home in the city by officers investigating the theft of a pensioner's body from a graveyard in Yoxall, Staffordshire, in 2004…. Her detention follows the arrest yesterday of a 24-year-old Wolverhampton woman, who was taken into custody by officers investigating the desecration and released on police bail earlier this morning…. (story)
Western Daily Press 1.3.06 24-YEAR-OLD QUIZZED OVER GRAVE SNATCH - A Woman of 24 was arrested yesterday by detectives investigating a hate campaign waged against the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm… (story)
BBC News Online 28.2.06 Further arrest in body theft case - Detectives investigating the desecration of a grave in Staffordshire have made another arrest. A Wolverhampton woman, aged 24, was held on suspicion of conspiracy to blackmail on Tuesday. Four people already face similar charges…. (story)
Burton Mail 28.2.06 Further arrest over body theft by David Powles - DETECTIVES investigating the theft of a grandmother's body from her grave in Yoxall made another arrest this morning. In a pre-planned operation carried out at 7am, police in Wolverhampton arrested a 24-year-old woman on suspicion of conspiracy to blackmail David Hall and Partners, the owners of the Darley Oaks guinea pig farm which closed last year…. (story)

Scotsman 22.3.06 RHIANNON EDWARD - PRINCE William's girlfriend, Kate Middleton, was criticised by anti-fur campaigners yesterday after being pictured wearing what appeared to be a mink hat at the Cheltenham Gold Cup… The animal rights campaigners People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said it would be appalled if the hat was made from fur… (story)

Irish Examiner 22.3.06 Telling the truth about seal hunting - IN just a few weeks, the largest slaughter of marine mammals is set to begin on the ice off Canada's east coast. Over 300,000 seals, mostly pups, will be bludgeoned or shot to death for their fur…. Paul Kinsella, 53 Lorcan Grove, Santry, Dublin 9 (letter)

Yorkshire Post 22.3.06 Cruel fate of veal calves From: Francis Smith, Peckmill View, Kiveton Park Station, near Sheffield. I would like to ask why farmers are so upset about shooting male calves at a few days old, yet they are quite happy to load them on to transporters to go to be fattened in veal crates abroad, a really cruel system?... (story)

Western Morning News 22.3.06 FURY AS REPORT BRANDS OCEAN FISHING 'SCANDAL' - Fishing leaders in the Westcountry have reacted with fury at a report which brands ocean fishing "the biggest welfare scandal of our time". Fishermen and industry leaders across Devon and Cornwall have called the report "damaging" and voiced fears it would confuse consumers. Their reaction has been sparked by a report by Animal Aid, which is out today… Dave Hurford, skipper of a Brixham trawler and recently retired coxswain of the Torbay Lifeboat, said: "Things are getting more extreme for hunting, shooting and now for angling and fishing. But we are trying to earn a living and it's part of feeding the country. It's like farming. the question is, where will all this end?" (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 21.3.06 OCEAN FISHING 'A WELFARE SCANDAL' - A New report on the fishing industry by campaign group Animal Aid will describe ocean fishing as possibly "the greatest welfare scandal of our time"… (story)

Western Daily Press 22.3.06 SHOW MISLEADING - How many people viewed the misleading and inaccurate report on Channel 4 TV on circuses on March 14, where a one-sided point of view was put, all the sympathy being with the person wanting to retain the suffering of big cats?... David Thomas Hisomley Nr Westbury (letter)

Western Daily Press 22.3.06 VIVA! TARGETING THE WRONG GROUP - Animal rights campaigners are limbering up for a rematch against the animal export sector with Dover the expected venue for what promises to be a bitter and even bloody encounter… What they will perhaps omit to tell their supporters is the fact that veal crates will be abandoned by the end of the year and that already 90 per cent of veal calves in the EU are reared in open pens, with the proportion growing month by month. If ending animal suffering really is the name of the game then Viva! would do better to direct its attention to the Dutch and Danish producers who are still rearing sows using the stall-and-tether system - long since abandoned here - and are exporting the pork so produced to Britain, undercutting our own pig farmers…. (story)

BBC News Online 22.3.06 Seals removed to prevent distress - Animal rights protesters said police over-reacted when they were told to hide seal toys covered with red dye as part of a protest in Worcester… Lynn Sawyer, from Evesham, said Worcester was picked as it was local to the eight protestors but they found police were "heavy-handed"…(story)
Worcester Evening News 21.3.06 COPS GET TOUGH ON CUDDLY TOYS - BEMUSED animal rights campaigners were told to end their protest by police because their cuddly toys were offending passers-by. The demonstrators were dressed as seals and waving placards outside the Guildhall on Saturday to highlight the annual Canadian seal cull…. Lynn Sawyer, of Boat Lane, Evesham, said: "When we arrived at 12.30pm we were told by police that we were causing a disturbance and they threatened to arrest us under Section 5 of the Public Order Act…. Staff at Barratts shoe shop said the police handled it well and the demonstrators were out of order. One staff member said: "I think the people with seals covered in blood were way over the top and thought they went about it the wrong way…. (story in archive)

Hunts Post 22.3.06 Circus ban backed - YOUR article about the Bobby Roberts Circus (March 8) performing at Brampton Racecourse claimed that the circus had no wild animals. This is not correct. The circus is the last in the country to have an elephant, a 53-year-old female who suffers from arthritis yet is carted from town to town each week for nine months of the year simply so that people can pay to have their photo taken with her…. CRAIG REDMOND, The Captive Animals', Protection Society, Preston (letter)


Western Mail 21.3.06 Writer puts focus on welfare of wild animals - Steve Dube, Western Mail - "IT requires very little knowledge to care passionately about animals. It requires a great deal of understanding to care properly for them." The words were written in 1994 by John Webster… Rural Rites, Hunting and the Politics of Prejudice, by the environmental writer and broadcaster Charlie Pye-Smith, also quotes the 18th-century political philosopher Edmund Burke, "Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny." The two quotations sum up the findings of Pye-Smith's investi-gation into the attitudes that created an Act of Parliament that appears impossible to enforce and that works against the very principle it was supposed to stand for - animal welfare…. Lembit Opik once supported a hunting ban, but came to realise that it would increase animal suffering. He was helped by conversations with his neighbour David Jones, huntsman of the David Davies Hunt, a former plumber born and brought up in Merthyr Tydfil….'I came to realise that it was not the direction we should be taking,' said Mr Opik, who is co-chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group, which favours regulation…. (story)
Western Mail 14.2.06 Hunting down the politics of prejudice - Steve Dube, Western Mail - EMOTION, ignorance and bigotry informed the legislation that banned hunting with hounds in Wales and England, according to a new book, published on the first anniversary of the ban. Rural Rites: The Politics of Prejudice, written by environmental journalist Charlie Pye-Smith, claims to track the path that anti-hunting legislation followed before coming into force in February 2005…. Rural Rites: The Politics of Prejudice by Charlie Pye-Smith is published by the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (story)

Bucks Free Press 21.3.06 Against the Act - MRS Barnicle is hopelessly misinformed if she believes that hunts are now "draghunting" in her letter on March 10. Exempt hunting, including fox control for farmers, is now being carried out. However, regrettably more foxes are by necessity now being killed by crueller, less selective methods. How, Mrs Barnicle, does this advance animal welfare… Alison Latham, Bletchley (letter)
Bucks Free Press 13.3.06 The lust to kill - IN response to the letter from Alison Latham, I think it is she who has a warped view of the, in her opinion (failed) Hunting Act…. May I suggest she finds a better use for her time? Mrs MJ Barnicle, Holmer Green (letter)

Irish Independent 21.3.06 Murky, cruel world of the badger baiter - Efforts to tackle the heinous activity of badger baiting are hampered by the fact that a legal bloodsport known as working terrier is allowed to take place…. Working terrier is legal so long as the hunters have permission to be on the land which is being hunted over and that the animal being hunted is not protected under the 1976 Wildlife Act…. Badger baiters do not come into being overnight. Their apprenticeship is served by providing working terrier services to local packs of mounted fox or harrier hounds…. There is well proven cross over traffic of legal hunt followers operating in the constituency of illegal bloodsports… JOHN TIERNEY, CAMPAIGNS DIRECTOR, ASS. OF HUNT SABOTEURS, PO BOX 4734, D1 (letter)

Western Mail 21.3.06 Docking of working dogs' tails to continue - Steve Dube, Western Mail - MPs have voted overwhelmingly to ban the docking of dogs' tails - except for working dogs like those used by the armed forces and for emergency and rescue, pest control and sport shooting… (story)

Bucks Free Press 21.3.06 For working dogs - I WRITE in response to Sophie Wilkinson's letter on March 3 headed "'Puppies in Pain". As so often is the case with animal welfare issues, it would appear that Ms Wilkinson hasn't really grasped the issue with full understanding. … The RSPCA in their animal welfare work carry out tens of thousands of neutering and speying operations on dogs and cats purely for the benefit of the owners….It is total hypocrisy that Ms Wilkinson chooses to focus on an issue which would have a negative impact on animal welfare, yet continue to support mutilation of male and female cats and dogs, whatever their future. Sara Rutherford, Countryside Alliance, Romsey, Hants (letter)
Harrogate Advertiser 17.3.06 Docking of tails painful - From: Heather Holmes, RSPCA Regional Press Officer for the North. I WRITE in response to your correspondent, John Haigh (Docking tails is beneficial, Friday, February 17). Mr Haigh suggests that ceasing to dock dogs’ tails will cause suffering, rather than alleviate it… (story)
Bucks Free Press 7.3.06 Puppies in pain - I WRITE in response to your correspondent Sara Rutherford (Keep on docking, Bucks and Marlow Free Press, February 10). Ms Rutherford suggests that ceasing to dock dogs' tails will cause suffering rather than alleviate it. Yet, docking dogs' tails for cosmetic purposes is painful, unnecessary, unethical and must be outlawed…. Sophie Wilkinson, RSPCA regional press officer for the East (letter)
Wiltshire Times 3.3.06 Docking is good - D EVERARD. Wessex Regional Director. Countryside Alliance (letter)
Harrogate Advertiser 3.3.06 Doubts over tail docking From: Ms M Oxley, Bogs Lane, Harrogate - I REFER to the letter from Mr John Haigh, Countryside Alliance Regional Director. He refers to the docking of tails of 'working dogs such as spaniels… I can only assume he refers to Spaniels who are trained to retrieve dead or maimed birds which have been 'beaten' out of the undergrowth and shot at by a few people in the name of 'Sport'…. I find Mr Haigh's referral to animal welfare organisations very rude and offensive and I sincerely hope the Animal Welfare Bill will soon be in force. The Countryside Alliance will probably treat it with the same disrespect as it has treated the Hunting Laws (letter)
Harrogate Advertiser 3.3.06 Sneering by Alliance From: Kevin Davies, Wedderburn Avenue, Harrogate - I READ with interest the letter from Mr Kelly some two weeks ago regarding the practice of 'tail docking', and the response last week from Mr Haigh of the Countryside Alliance, defending said practice…. Might I be so bold as to suggest that, where the welfare of animals is concerned, we should be more inclined to trust the judgement of a member of the veterinary profession, such as Mr Kelly, over that of a political lobbyist? (letter)
Hunts Post 22.2.06 Postbag: ...but not gun dogs - LIZ MORT, Eastern Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Harrogate Advertiser 17.2.06 Docking tails is beneficial From: John Haigh, Countryside Alliance Regional Director, Firethorn House, Northallerton Rd, Thirsk…. (letter)
Somerset Guardian 16.2.06 BILL COULD PUT WORKING DOGS AT RISK OF INJURY - DELLY EVERARD, Wessex regional director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Western Gazette 16.2.06 Docking tails is important - Delly Everard, Wessex Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Clitheroe Advertiser & Times 15.2.06 All dog tail-docking must be banned - I WRITE in response to your correspondent Tom Fell. He suggests that ceasing to dock dogs' tails will cause suffering rather than alleviate it. Yet, docking dogs' tails for cosmetic purposes is painful, unnecessary, unethical and must be outlawed… The Animal Welfare Bill provides the perfect vehicle through which Parliament can finally act upon sound advice from the veterinary profession and animal welfare organisations and ban the brutal and outmoded practice of amputating a dog's tail for fashion. HEATHER HOLMES, RSPCA, Regional Press Officer for the North (letter)
Leicester Mercury 11.2.06 MARKS DOCKED - I would like to ask Clare Rowson, of the Countryside Alliance, how not mutilating a dog, by removing an important part of its body, can cause pain, injury and complications… Ruth Povey, Leicester. (letter)
Bath Chronicle 8.2.06 IT'S A SORRY TAIL OF ANIMAL MUTILATION - The impending Animal Welfare Bill will outlaw the gratuitous cutting-off of dogs' tails and other indefensible practices. Meanwhile, the Countryside Alliance continues to employ the pretence of protecting animals in its own cause of committing actual harm to them for pleasure and profit, with the scurrilous suggestion that the Bill will actually cause them suffering…. LEN LIECHTI, Newbridge Road, Bath (letter)
Cumberland & Westmorland Herald 7.2.06 Tail docking protects working dogs - TOM FELL (Regional director, Countryside Alliance) Grange-over-Sands. (letter probably on site for a week)
Leicester Mercury 6.2.06 TAIL-DOCKING IS OF BENEFIT TO DOGS - Clare Rowson, Countryside Alliance. (letter)
Wales on Sunday 5.2.06 MPs will find themselves in an increasingly bizarre position during the Animal Welfare Bill's progress through Parliament…. Adrian Simpson, Director for Wales, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Wiltshire Times 3.2.06 Docking is good - D EVERARD. Wessex Regional Director. Countryside Alliance (letter)
Western Gazette 2.2.06 Docking tails is important - Delly Everard, Wessex Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Bath Chronicle 2.2.06 HARM TO ANIMALS - DELLY EVERARD, Wessex Regional Director Countryside Alliance (letter)
Clitheroe Advertiser & Times 1.2.06 Make sure we don't harm our dogs later - TOM FELL, North West Regional Director, Countryside Alliance, Allithwaite, Grange-over-Sands (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 1.2.06 BILL COULD HARM ANIMALS - Adrian Simpson, Director, Wales Countryside Alliance (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 31.1.06 BILL IS MORE HARM THAN GOOD - Liz Mort, Eastern Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 27.1.06 LET VETS DO KIND THING - Adrian Simpson, Director for Wales, Countryside Alliance, Carmarthen (story)
Western Daily Press 27.1.06 DOCK TAILS OF WORKING DOGS - MPs will find themselves in an increasingly bizarre position during the Animal Welfare Bill's progress through parliament. They are being asked by the RSPCA, and other so-called animal welfare organisations, to support a measure that would actually harm animals…. The Countryside Alliance recommends that vets should be allowed to continue to dock the tails of working dogs and, if this is ignored, Parliament will be going against the whole point of the Bill - to improve the lot of animals…. Adrian Simpson Countryside Alliance Carmarthen (letter)

Guardian 21.3.06 Does tinkering with bloodline increase equine mortality rate? - Richard Williams - Their names were briefly recorded in the racing press, accorded much less prominence than stories about a jockey suffering a few bruise… the promise of an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the nine fatalities in the four days of the National Hunt festival, and a demand - predictable, some may say - from animal rights activists for an end to horse racing…. Andrew Tyler could see a pattern, all right. Tyler, whom I first met more than 30 years ago when he wrote about pop stars for the long-since defunct Disc and Music Echo, is the director of Animal Aid, which campaigns against fox hunting, pheasant shooting, badger baiting, angling, zoos, circuses and the fur trade…. (story)
Times 20.3.06 Inquiry into deaths focuses on oldest race - The National Hunt Chase, in which three horses died, is a risky cocktail and its 136th running could well be its last, writes Racing Correspondent Alan Lee - THE future of Cheltenham’s oldest race is in jeopardy as an inquiry begins into the unprecedented number of equine fatalities that overshadowed the Festival’s third day… Webbon, reflecting on the attrition rate on Thursday, said: “It’s a far higher number than we would expect but there is no obvious reason for it and it would be wrong to speculate without going into all the cases individually.” This reasoned approach was supported by David Muir, equine consultant of the RSPCA. Muir, who has been at the Festival all week, distanced himself from the more hysterical reactions of extremist groups such as Animal Aid…. (story) 20.3.06 Probe into Cheltenham death toll - Organisers have revealed that there will be an investigation into the "very regrettable" death toll at this year's Cheltenham Festival. Seven horses died during the first three days of the Festival, prompting an animal rights group calling on the the public to withdraw support from the prestigious four-day National Hunt meeting… (story)
Western Daily Press 20.3.06 DEATH TOLL AT CHELTENHAM FESTIVAL HITS 20-YEAR HIGH - With horse deaths at Cheltenham Festival hitting a 20-year high this season, questions are now being asked about the numbers of thoroughbreds of all racing ages who die every year…. (story)
Western Daily Press 20.3.06 ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP URGES BOYCOTT - Animal rights campaigners called for a boycott of the Cheltenham Festival after the unusually high number of horse deaths… Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, also urged the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, who were visiting Cheltenham on Friday, to stay away…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 18.3.06 ROYAL COUPLE HEAD TO THE RACES DESPITE GROUP'S CALL FOR BOYCOTT - The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall arrived at the Cheltenham Festival yesterday, despite calls for a boycott by an animal rights group after eight horses died at the event…. (story)
BBC News Online 18.3.06 Head to head: horse race deaths - Nine horses are dead after the final race at this year's Cheltenham Festival - the highest toll for 10 years. Animal welfare campaigners want high risk races to be banned and are calling for the organisers to resign, but the racing industry insists horses are well-treated and enjoy the events. DEAN STANSELL - Horse racing consultant from animal charity Animal Aid…. DR PETER WEBBON, Veterinary Director for the Jockey Club… (story)
Daily Record 18.3.06 ROYALS ROASTED FOR DAY AT RACES - PRINCE CHARLES and Camilla were rapped yesterday for attending the Cheltenham Festival after nine horses died at the event… (story)
Irish Independent 18.3.06 Investigation ordered as horse death toll hits nine - Animal rights campaigners call on the public to withdraw support - Grainne Cunningham - CONTROVERSY marred the Irish hat-trick at Cheltenham yesterday as the death toll of racehorses rose to nine over the four days of the festival…. Animal Aid, which said it had 20,000 supporters, called for bans on Cheltenham and the three-day Grand National meeting at Aintree which takes place in April…. (story)
Evening Standard 17.3.06 Royals urged to boycott Cheltenham - The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have been urged by an animal rights group to stay away from the Cheltenham Festival after eight horses died at the event…. Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, said the Royal family should stop endorsing the sport…. (story)
BBC News Online 17.3.06 Cheltenham to investigate deaths - Organizers of the Cheltenham Festival insisted the course was safe despite the deaths of nine horses over four days of racing…. Animal rights group Animal Aid called for the public to boycott the meeting and suggested that Prince Charles and his wife Camilla should stay away on Friday "out of respect for the horses that have died"…. (story)
Telegraph 17.3.06 Royals ignore call to boycott Cheltenham - The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have ignored calls from animal rights groups to boycott the Cheltenham Festival after eight horses died during the event…. Earlier today, Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, asked the couple to boycott the event as a "mark of respect" to the dead horses. (story)
Scotsman 17.3.06 Cheltenham horse deaths at 20-year high - SEVEN horses have died so far in this year's Cheltenham Festival, organisers confirmed last night. An animal welfare group called for a boycott as it emerged that yesterday's racing claimed more horses' lives than any day in the past 20 year… Animal Aid called for the public to withdraw support from the meeting…. (story)
UTV 17.3.06 HORSERACING: Race boycott call after horse death toll reaches eight - Animal rights campaigners called for a boycott of the Cheltenham Festival today after the death toll of racehorses rose again…. Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, also urged the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, who were visiting Cheltenham today, to stay away…. (story)

Western Daily Press 21.3.06 CARE STANDARDS FOR DOGS ARE HIGH - Referring to the closure of the greyhound racing track at Glastonbury, I feel I must express the feelings of myself and other greyhound owners and trainers. The animal welfare went well beyond a civil way of protesting… I hope Mr Dave Garland realises that 150-200 greyhounds will now need new homes. B Miles Headley Park Bristol (letter)

Western Daily Press 21.3.06 BADGERS USED AS SCAPEGOATS - In response to the letter by F Johnson (Your Say, March 14) and general correspondence about bovine tuberculosis and badger culling, research has shown that almost 90 per cent of badgers are entirely free of bovine TB…The fact that after 30 years of killing badgers and blaming them for spreading bovine TB in cows, without proof, has not got rid of the disease surely speaks for itself. A Williams West Country Badger Patrol Group Bath (letter)

Portsmouth News 21.3.06 Residents tormented by badger rampage - Neighbours today told of their torment after a sett of five rampaging badgers wreaked havoc with their gardens. The badgers have dug dozens of holes in gardens, pushed up concrete, destroyed a brick shed and undermined an alleyway used by children during the desperate homeowners' four-year battle to defend their properties…. The residents have had several visits from Gosport Borough Council, which owns the footpath, but officials said their hands are tied by the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, which outlaws interference with setts. (story)

Leicester Mercury 21.3.06 WE MUST AVOID USING ANIMALS IN RESEARCH - While acknowledging the need for a better understanding of modern-day diseases, I am sure that, like me, many of your readers will be angered and distressed by the vast numbers of animals used in medical research… Linda J Bodicoat, Earl Shilton (letter)

Western Daily Press 21.3.06 UNNECESSARY PAIN - What a tragedy, hearing six men are seriously ill in a London hospital after taking a drug which was not tested on humans before… It makes one ask how many hundreds of animals have died in possibly very painful circumstances… Mrs G Penny Marnhull Dorset (letter)

Times 21.3.06 Drug testing on animals - As is so often the case with arguments from the anti-vivisection lobby, Bob Wright (letter, Mar 18) is highly selective in his choice of evidence…. Were it not for their proven efficacy in animals and consequent use for human disease, many of these drugs would not be available and the tens of thousands of patients for whom they are prescribed would still be living with unacceptable levels of pain and disability. DR TOBY GARROOD, Clinical Research Fellow in Rheumatology, King’s College London
The normal justification for animal testing is that harmful effects observed in animals will prevent similar effects being repeated in humans. Yet this hypothesis can never be verified or falsified, because the drug in question will not be given to humans if it fails the animal test…. The justification of animal testing, then, seems to be as questionable logically as it is ethically. DR ROGER STRAUGHAN, Newbury, Berks (letters)

Gloucester Citizen 21.3.06 GLAD TO SEE BAN - How grand to read that the Government is going to ban the use of animals in circuses in Britain…. J. TILY, Regent Street, Gloucester (letter)

Western Daily Press 21.3.06 BAN FISHY BUSINESS - Supermarkets are under pressure to boycott Canadian fish and seafood until there is a halt to the slaughter of baby seals. The plea came from Lady Stratford, the widow of former Sports Minister and leading animal welfare campaigner Lord Stratford - Tony Banks… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 21.3.06 Fresh plea not to resume live cattle exports - FORDYCE MAXWELL AND JIM BUCHAN - ANIMAL-RIGHTS campaigners are determined to keep resistance to live exports high on the agenda as farmers and the meat trade look forward to the resumption of beef exports…. Hard-pressed UK dairy farmers now see export of live calves for the veal trade, particularly in France and the Netherlands, at more than £50 a head, as a potential income booster. But Ross Minett, director of Edinburgh-based Advocates for Animals, condemned the idea yesterday…. (story)


Leicester Mercury 20.3.06 HORSEBACK UNION AS HUNT IS OVER FOR MR RIGHT BY NADEEM HANIF - Like all newlyweds, huntsmen Mark Halford and Rob Boswijk wanted their big day to be a real occasion. So, inspired by their love of riding, they decided to turn up to their wedding on horseback in full hunting attire - and celebrated by riding out to join the Cottesmore Hunt. Crowds clapped as they rode into Oakham to the town's register office for Saturday's "gay marriage" service…. They rode off to Brooke, to join the Cottesmore Hunt where members greeted them with champagne and cakes. About 60 guests attended the service at Oakham. Mark has been a hunt member for 15 years, and said their decision to marry had been supported by most of their colleagues…. Claire Bell, Cottesmore Hunt secretary, said: "I've known them both for about a year and they are wonderful people. I am very happy for them and wish them all the best for the future." (story)
Sun 20.3.06 Hunting pink pair marry By JOHN ASKILL - A GAY former anti-hunt protester has swapped sides — and married a huntsman. Mark Holford, 35, became interested in the blood-sport while hounding his local fox hunt. After he switched to riding with them, he fell for new pal Rob Boswijk…. They celebrated their union by riding with the Cottesmore Hunt… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 20.3.06 POLICE PROBE HUNT THREATS ALLEGATIONS - Police are investigating allegations by two hunt monitors that they were held against their will and feared for their safety while observing a Devon meet. A 55-year-old woman from St Thomas, Exeter, and her 22-year-old daughter, neither of whom wanted to be named, claim they were blocked inside their car in a country lane by followers of the Silverton Hunt…. Police have confirmed they are investigating an incident reported to them at Tiverton police station on March 4, when it was alleged that three people were blocked in their car and harassed. No one from the Silverton Hunt was available to comment. (story)

BBC News Online 20.3.06 Police probe 'anti-hunt attacks' Police are investigating an alleged assault on eight anti-hunt supporters in Gloucestershire which left two requiring hospital treatment. The Hunt Saboteurs' Association said their members were attacked on Saturday at a meeting of the Cotswold Vale Farmers' hunt in Sandhurst…. (story)
Western Daily Press 20.3.06 POLICE PROBE ATTACK ON HUNT PROTEST - Claims a group of hunt saboteurs were attacked by members of a West hunt are being investigated by police. Two anti-hunt campaigners said they needed hospital treatment following a confrontation with at least a dozen men linked to the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt…. (story)
Western Daily Press 20.3.06 PROTESTERS 'BEATEN UP' - A Police investigation was under way yesterday after a group of hunt saboteurs claimed they were at t acked by a dozen huntsmen in Gloucestershire. On what, for most hunts, was the final meeting of the season across the West, two saboteurs required hospital treatment after what they claimed was a "vicious beating" at the hands of the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt… Two saboteurs had to have medical staples inserted into head wounds after suffering concussion. One also suffered broken ribs and the other a fractured cheekbone… A huntsman who was out on Saturday said: "I didn't see anything like this happening but, then again, I wouldn't be surprised if it was blown out of proportion by the sabs." Speaking on behalf of the Cotswold Vale Farmers' Hunt, Delly Everard, from the Countryside Alliance, said: "It seems the main reason for the hunt saboteurs to be there was to incite public disorder…." (story)
Gloucester Citizen 20.3.06 PROTEST AT HUNT: TWO ARE INJURED - Hunt protesters claim they were attacked by a dozen huntsmen on Saturday. The hunt saboteurs say they were attacked by both hunt staff and supporters of the Cotswold Vale Farmers hunt. Two saboteurs were taken to hospital, one with suspected broken ribs and severe concussion, the other with a suspected broken cheekbone and concussion…. (story)

Telegraph 20.3.06 Counties of Britain: Shropshire by Otis Ferry - The hunt protester and pop star's son fears for the wild beauty of a forgotten corner of the country. It may soon be lost in a growing rush to tame and mollycoddle, he warns… I first took to hunting when I was 15 or 16 and I have channelled my love of nature and adrenaline into the sport. When I was approached to be master of foxhounds with the South Shropshire Hunt, I had never been to the county before and it sounded like an uncharted island. When I saw how quiet and beautiful it was I accepted immediately… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 20.3.06 CRUEL FOR FAILING TO KILL ANIMALS? - The Hunting Act does nothing to protect animals. Indeed it actually insists that flushed out animals be shot. I've been breaking the law by refusing to shoot the deer my dogs flush out. Whenever I make this fact public I am slated by John Phelps and others for being 'cruel'. How is not shooting animals cruel?... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 20.3.06 NATURE IN THE RAW? NO WAY - I'd like M Lewis, Are huntsmen really the prey? Points of view, March 14, to picture this: an omnivore sitting astride a herbivore, running hell for leather after a carnivore. His companion animal is an omnivore, a natural scavenger who has to be trained to kill and if he doesn't shape up is likely to get a bullet in the head…. G Holwill, Stoke Hill Crescent, Exeter (letter)

Jersey Evening Post 20.3.06 Pheasant shooting 'morally wrong' By Diane Simon - A WOMAN distressed by the shooting of wildlife taking place on a nearby farm in St Ouen is asking if others living nearby are being affected in the same way. Pilot Miranda Collett, who lives with her husband Mike on Chemin du Moulin, said she finds noise from the shooting of pheasants, rabbits and pigeons on the farm owned by Arthur Le Blancq, of Spion Kop, a great disturbance. In her view, the practice is 'morally wrong'…. (story in archive)

Grimsby Telegraph 20.3.06 FEWER MARCH HARES - The future looks uncertain for Lincolnshire's hare population. March is traditionally the month to see groups of "mad" hares boxing in open countryside. But this year, they have been inconspicuous - especially in the fields alongside the A16 between Grimsby and Louth…. Hare coursing - now illegal under legislation banning hunting with dogs - is thought to have had a negligible impact on numbers. The downward spiral since the Second World War is more likely to be the result of modern farming methods and the increase in foxes which eat young hares, known as leverets…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 20.3.06 GREYHOUND FEAR AFTER CLOSURE - Devon greyhound trainers have been urged to contact dog rescue centres if they have been affected by the closure of the Westcountry's last independent racetrack. The end of dog racing at the Glastonbury track, following in the wake of the recent closure at Newton Abbot, has been welcomed by campaigners South Devon Greyhound Action…. (story)
Western Gazette 16.3.06 GREYHOUNDS MAY DIE AS RACES END - Campaigners bidding to stop greyhound racing in Glastonbury achieved their aim this week. But bosses at the Abbey Moor Stadium warned that the protesters' actions could lead to the deaths of hundreds of dogs…(story)
Western Gazette 9.3.06 GREYHOUNDS MAY DIE AS RACES END - Campaigners bidding to stop greyhound racing in Glastonbury achieved their aim this week. But bosses at the Abbey Moor Stadium warned that the protesters' actions could lead to the deaths of hundreds of dogs…. The news was welcomed by the Avon and Somerset Greyhound Action group, which had led many of the protests. But the group agreed everything had to be done to stop trainers from putting down their dogs. Spokesman Dave Garland said: "We are delighted that Mr Toogood has decided to call a halt to greyhound racing at the Abbey Moor stadium. This is a great victory for animal welfare in the West Country….(story)
Western Daily Press 8.3.06 FINISHING LINE FOR GREYHOUND RACING - Campaigners are celebrating the closure of Glastonbury's revived greyhound race track, the last independent "flapping" track in the South West. But they fear that some trainers will now put their dogs to sleep because they will have nowhere to race them…. Derren Sealey, co-organiser of the races, said yesterday that he too fears that dogs could be put down. He said: "I think what these people have done is disgusting… Dave Garland, spokesman for ASGA, said yesterday: "We are delighted that Mr Toogood has decided to call a halt to greyhound racing at the Abbey Moor stadium. This is a great victory for animal welfare in the West Country…. (story)
k9 Magazine 8.3.06 Greyhound Lovers Celebrate Closure of Glastonbury Track - Campaigners are celebrating today following the announcement that Glastonbury's Abbey Moor stadium will no longer host greyhound racing….(story)

Gloucester Citizen 20.3.06 WAITING FOR THE BADGER DECISION - Throughout Gloucestershire and the rest of the UK, the 25,000 people who responded to the Government's proposals to kill badgers are now waiting with baited breath for the final decision… Greens recognise that TB is a significant problem for farmers, but instead of a cull we need less intensive dairy farming plus a combination of improved testing, movement controls and biosecurity measures… Greens urge people to write to the OFT and call for an end to the supermarkets' stranglehold on producers and their bullying behaviour - without a fair price for their produce, farmers will increasingly be unable to survive. PHILIP BOOTH Stroud District Green Party Bread Street Ruscombe Stroud (letter)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 20.3.06 BADGER CULL ISN'T THE ANSWER TO TB - Britain's badgers could be killed but it won't solve the blight of bovine TB, says a wildlife expert. Gordon McGlone has spoken out as the Government could be on the brink of ordering a mass cull to control the disease. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, which has 20,000 members, says this would be the wrong solution and could spell disaster. Badger expert and Trust chief executive Mr McGlone says there is no quick-fix solution. He wants the Government to develop a long-term, more sustainable strategy…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 20.3.06 ‘This is why we need testing’ By Lyndsay Scanlan - TEENAGE campaigner Laurie Pycroft says that without animal research hundreds of people testing new medicine would be putting their lives in danger. His claims come after six men became gravely ill after taking part in a drugs trial at Northwick Park Hospital in north west London… "What happened goes to show that the only reason it was such a big story was because it was so rare," said Laurie. "Without animal research people in drug trials would regularly become ill…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 20.3.06 Animals would love evil carers - I WRITE in response to a letter published on Thursday, March 16. The letter was from a Geraldine Walker, who was protesting vehemently about medical research carried out on animals…. As for hoping that animal rights extremists "can be as extreme as they possibly can," I don't think I've heard such an irresponsible comment for a long time. M NICHOLLS. Abbey Meads. Swindon (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 16.3.06 Animal tests are so wrong - IN answer to Cathy Gibbs' letter (SA, March 8), how on earth can any human being in their right mind allow or sanction any form of research carried out on animals? Legislation or not, would you, Mrs Gibbs, like to be subjected to some of the terrible things that some animals have to endure, just because they can't speak like we can?... GERALDINE WALKER, Swindon (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 8.3.06 In support - PLEASE pass on my support to Laurie Pycroft in his stand against Animal Rights extremists. I do support limited use of animals in medical (not cosmetic) research under the stringent legislation in this country, understanding that the results also help veterinary medicine…. (Mrs) CATHY GIBBS, Swindon (letter)

Northern Echo 20.3.06 HUMAN TRIALS - YOUR readers will have read about the healthy volunteers who became seriously ill after being tested with a new anti-inflammatory drug (Echo, Mar 16) - a timely reminder about the shortcomings of using animals to develop new pharmaceutical drugs…. Animal experiments tell us about animals, not about people. The results of animal studies can never guarantee the safety of human medicines or other products because of the fundamental biological, anatomical and biochemical differences between the species…. Alistair Currie, Campaigns Director, The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. (letter in archive)

Oxford Mail 20.3.06 Activists claim attacks on masts - Mobile firm giant Vodafone was last night (March 19) investigating claims by animal rights activists that they had put one of its masts out of action in Banbury. According to a posting on the Animal Liberation Front Bite Back website, activists cut fencing around the mast last week, then "rendered the mast inactive by cutting all the telecommunications wiring"…. Vodafone is being targeted for providing money for medical research projects at Oxford University, but the projects do not involve animal testing…. (story in archive)
Sunday Times 19.3.06 Animal activists turn on Vodafone - GARETH WALSH - ANIMAL rights extremists have attacked mobile phone masts in the latest escalation of their campaign against a medical research facility at Oxford University. Activists cut the wiring and wrecked the cooling systems on transmitters owned by Vodafone. The company is being targeted for providing money to projects at Oxford, although the work does not involve animals…. Vodafone was one of almost 100 donors to Oxford that received letters from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) warning them to cut ties with the university… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 20.3.06 TIME TO FIND ALTERNATIVES TO HUMAN DRUG TRIALS - The current tragedy involving human trials of the drug TGN1412 highlights the dangers caused by the use of unreliable animal testing. TGN1412 has been developed over nine years, with numerous experiments and tests on animals, yet serious and life-threatening side-effects only came to light at the human trial stage…. It's time for the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry to be less secretive and arrogant, admit their mistakes, accept that vivisection is fundamentally flawed and start using more reliable alternatives. STEVE BROWN North Sherwood Street Nottingham (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 20.3.06 CALVES SET FOR ARDUOUS TRIPS - Toni Vernelli, Campaigns manager, Viva! Bristol. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 17.3.06 CUT OUT DAIRY PRODUCTS TO COMBAT CRUELTY - TONI VERNELLI, Campaigns Manager, Viva! (letter)
Bath Chronicle 16.3.06 GO DAIRY FREE TO END THE SUFFERING - After a ten-year hiatus, Europe's lifting of the ban on British beef imports means we will once again be seeing our infant dairy calves making the long and terrifying journey to the veal farms of Europe… The Government supports this cruel and callous trade and has missed every opportunity to end it. However, consumers have the power to stop live exports. For people cutting cruelty from their diet dairy should be the first to go.TONI VERNELLI, Viva!, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)

Independent 20.3.06 Letters: Killing seal pups The Canadian authorities have long played fast and loose with the facts of their cruel slaughter of Newfoundland seals (report, 16 March). They claim the hunt is humane, despite clear evidence that baby seals are skinned alive. They also misrepresent the real scale of the slaughter and greatly exaggerate the economic necessity of the hunt…. SALLY BANKS, LADY STRATFORD, LONDON E7 (story)

Telegraph 20.3.06 Born Free star presents a jumbo fund-raiser By Sam Parkhouse - Virginia McKenna, the actress and star of the film Born Free, is hoping to sell a life-size painting of an elephant to raise funds to lobby for a ban on animals in circuses. Her Born Free charity, which is backing the Animal Welfare Bill making its way through Parliament, is trying to raise "at least £50,000" from the jumbo artwork…. (story)


Independent on Sunday 19.3.06 Rifles at the ready as Britain prepares to blast the boar - Pursuing foxes may be banned but hunting of boars allowed for first time in 300 years in effort to curb their rising numbers By Marie Woolf - Wild boar are to be hunted again in England, some 300 years after they were rendered extinct here. Hunters will be allowed to shoot the boar as game in a change to the law designed to control burgeoning numbers of the animals….(story)

Independent on Sunday 19.3.06 Canada defends seal cull while world calls for a trade boycott The annual slaughter of cubs, shot or clubbed to death, faces the strongest protests for decades, report Geoffrey Lean, Jonathan Owen and Marie Woolf - Hunters are preparing to kill more than 300,000 baby seals this week despite growing international protests against the world's largest massacre of marine mammals and a new threat to the animals from global warming…. Major supermarkets will tomorrow receive letters urging them to stop stocking Canadian produce, and vigils will start outside travel agencies in 20 cities, trying to persuade Britons not to holiday in the country. The supermarket campaign is being led by Lady (Sally) Stratford, widow of the former Labour minister Tony Banks, who was an ardent opponent of the cull….(story)

Sunday Herald 19.3.06 Law should set code - IT does not surprise me that there is disappointment in the voluntary environmental protection policies introduced by some in the salmon farming industry (News, March 12)…. It is time to put an end to talking shops and put proper controls in place to force fish farmers to stop abusing our natural heritage. John F Robins, Campaigns consultant, Animal Concern (story)

Scotland on Sunday 19.3.06 Facts behind salmon farming - WHILE Claudia Tarry of Animal Aid is entitled to hold her own opinions on salmon farming, there is no excuse for providing yet another platform for misinformation on the industry… Ms Tarry's attempt to alarm the public by implying links with the bird flu crisis is both ill-informed and cynical. Fiona Cameron, External Liaison Officer, Pan Fish Scotland, Cairndow (story)
Western Morning News 14.3.06 THE Marine Conservation Society has produced a guide to which fish one should buy to protect endangered species… Claudia Tarry, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid (letter)
Scotland on Sunday 12.3.06 Fish farming hits wild populations - THE Marine Conservation Society has produced a guide to which fish one should purchase in order to protect endangered species…Far from alleviating the problem, the farming of carnivorous fish, such as salmon, adds to the pressure on wild fish population Far from alleviating the problem, the farming of carnivorous fish, such as salmon, adds to the pressure on wild fish populations… Intensive fish farming may be sustainable, but it is not healthy, environmentally-friendly or ethical. Claudia Tarry, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Kent (letter)


Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 18.3.06 HUNTING HOUNDS - Sculptor Georgie Welch has unveiled a set of miniatures capturing the hounds of the Duke of Beaufort's Hunt in their element. RACHAEL HARRISON finds out more THE future of hunting may look uncertain but the country's oldest and most prestigious pack of hounds has been preserved for eternity thanks to sculptor Georgie Welch. Georgie has produced a collection of bronze and silver dogs, modelled on hounds from the Duke of Beaufort's hunt, which capture their playful moods and powerful movement. Each finely-detailed sculpture fits into the palm of a hand and can be bought individually, for £395 each, or as a set….(story)

Guardian 18.3.06 Hunting could save our butterflies - A study has found that seven in 10 British butterfly species are declining dramatically as a result of intensive farming, habitat loss and climate change (Report, March 16) - just as a different peer-reviewed scientific study has defined the contribution of fox hunts to the management of woodland and other habitats, and found that butterflies thrive in woodland managed by hunts… Simon Hart, Chief executive, Countryside Alliance (letter)

Western Daily Press 18.3.06 HELPING TO RE-HOME THE GLASTONBURY GREYHOUNDS - Now that the Glastonbury race track has gone, the question on many people's lips is "what will happen to the greyhounds"? There are allegedly 200 dogs racing at Glastonbury. We have already been approached by trainers asking for help with their dogs and we have readily taken them in…. There is no reason for dogs to be put to sleep because the track has closed, and we would urge you to contact us. Jan Lake, Trustee, Greyhound Rescue West of England (letter)

Yorkshire Post 18.3.06 From: J Richmond, Harrogate Road, Ripon. IT is surely necessary for Chris Berry to provide conclusive evidence that "bovine tuberculosis (TB) has risen alarmingly since the mid-1980s, killing thousands of cattle" (Yorkshire Post, March 10)…. I find it impossible to believe that the relative small increase in the badger population has much to do with the issue, but rather a Countryside Alliance propaganda sensationalism. (story)

Western Daily Press 18.3.06 TB DUE TO POOR CATTLE WELFARE - I am appalled at the number of farmers calling for a cull on badgers… J M Leach, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire (letter)

Scotsman 18.3.06 Body Shop founder Roddick accused of a sell-out after £650m cosmetics deal - ALASTAIR JAMIESON CONSUMER AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT - IT WAS the company that pioneered a new era of ethical shopping on Britain's high streets, paving the way for an end to the testing of cosmetics on animals. But businesswoman Dame Anita Roddick has been accused of selling out after agreeing to sell the Body Shop chain she founded to global giant L'Oreal…. The anti-fur campaign group PETA welcomed the sale and said L'Oreal could learn from the Body Shop. But others will be harder to convince….(story)
Argus 18.3.06 Animal rights groups to boycott Body Shop by James Lancaster - Dame Anita Roddick has refuted claims The Body Shop is "getting into bed with the enemy" after backing a decision to sell the cosmetics chain to L'Oreal. Animal rights groups including Naturewatch and Uncaged have pledged to boycott the Littlehampton-based firm following the £652 million deal…(story in archive)
Independent 18.3.06 Anita's £652m sell-out Body Shop founder is condemned for sale to controversial cosmetics giant By Jonathan Brown and Simon English - Dame Anita Roddick, once hailed as the champion of ethical consumerism and the darling of capitalism-with-a-conscience, has been forced to defend herself against allegations of abandoning her principles after the Body Shop was sold to L'Oréal, the world's largest cosmetic company…. the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) said many within the animal rights movement believe L'Oréal had lobbied the French government to press for a delay in imposing a European-wide ban on the sale of cosmetics tested on animals…(story)
Guardian 18.3.06 Anita, are they worth it? - Campaigner falls for French charms … L'Oréal, Roddick insisted, was not the enemy. But she seems to have compromised many of her values by tying up with the company…. It is difficult to see that as anything other than naive. Roddick yesterday told how she had fallen for the Gallic charms of the executives at L'Oréal. Let's just hope she wasn't blinded by love (story)
Guardian 18.3.06 Roddick nets £130m from Body Shop sale - David Teather - Anita Roddick, the campaigning businesswoman behind the Body Shop, made £130m yesterday when she agreed to sell the high street cosmetics chain to L'Oréal, the French beauty group… Ruth Rosselson, at Ethical Consumer Magazine, said: "I for one will certainly not be shopping at Body Shop again. L'Oréal has yet to show its commitment to any ethical issues at all." Other animal protection groups called for a boycott…. (story)
Times 18.3.06 Body Shop founders sell up in £652m deal BY RAJEEV SYAL AND CARL MORTISHED - THE three founders of the Body Shop celebrated an unprecedented windfall yesterday as they agreed to sell the company for £652 million to L’Oréal, the French cosmetics giant….(story)
Times 18.3.06 Keeping it ethical can still work for Roddick BY ANTONIA SENIOR - PITY poor Anita Roddick. It’s hard enough being the pin-up woman of compassionate capitalism without being lumbered with £117 million to nurture…(story)
Telegraph 18.3.06 L'Oréal chief considers Body Shop well worth it By Harry Wallop Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones, L'Oréal's chief executive and chairman, has promised he will "steward" the "original, powerful, beautiful" Body Shop brand after paying £652m for the company….(story)

Guardian 18.3.06 Who'd be ... If the ethics don't trouble you, the secrecy, the boredom and the protesters might, says John Crace - Imagine an MI5 agent in a white coat and you've got the rough idea. Unmarked cars, varied journeys to work, anonymous offices and close relatives who believe you work for the Inland Revenue. A stint in animal research is not for the faint-hearted…. At the very least, what you're doing can't be as cruel as keeping battery hens, and is probably roughly equivalent to raising organic pigs. And how many people do you get protesting outside the Soil Association offices? You can't be picky about your species, either. It might feel worse from an anthropomorphic angle to shoot up some monkeys with anthrax rather than try out vaccines on mice, but a life is a life is a life. Only vegans in plastic sandals have any moral high ground from which to point the finger… (story)

Times 18.3.06 Politics for humans - Lobster is off the animal welfare menu BY ALICE MILES - PERHAPS this column should be renamed Politics for Humans and Animals, in a week that involved an uncomfortable crossover between the two. While six human guinea-pigs suffered the kind of grotesque effects normally confined to animals in scientific experiments, domestic pets were winning from Parliament a greater range of rights than human beings…. MPs spent as long debating animal welfare, and in particular the rights of working dogs not to have their tails docked, as they did the Education and Inspections Bill. Despite this obsession with the rights of domestic pets — at one point in the debate on Tuesday MPs began discussing whether lobsters should be included in the Bill — the Commons fights shy of serious debate about animal experimentation. … (story)

Times 18.3.06 Animal testing in the spotlight after the drugs trial debacle - The current tragic case of the serious illness to six volunteers of the anti-arthritic drug TGN1412, though unusual in the intensity of its negative effects, nonetheless highlights an argument that has been gaining credibility as evidence mounts: that animal tests do not give us information which we can readily apply to humans…. BOB WRIGHT, London NW2 (letter)

Daily Record 18.3.06 - YOURVIEW - TESTING TIMES - I HAVE every sympathy with the families of those who are suffering as a result of the drug trial mishap. However, these same tests are administered to helpless animals every day who experience fear and pain the same as any human…. Name and address supplied (letter)

Western Daily Press 18.3.06 NO BENEFIT IN ANIMAL TESTS - Pro-animal testing proponents march because they claim to believe that vivisection in animals saves human lives. Vivisection is a big con, as drug side effects kill many more people than they help…. Roy Franklin, Bridgwater, Somerset (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 18.3.06 - CIRCUS WHIPS UP A RANGE OF VIEWS - When the circus rolled into town again this week - bringing live animal acts with it - Telegraph readers' reactions were mixed. Protestors peacefully demonstrated outside the Great British Circus, near Morrison's, Laceby Road, Grimsby, where it will be until next Sunday, but visitors gave it the thumbs-up for entertainment. Also this week, the Government debated the Animal Welfare Bill, confirming that some wild animals would be banned from performing in travelling circuses if it is brought into law. Here are a selection of your views. Post your own to this and other local stories on (story)

Leicester Mercury 18.3.06 ANIMAL CRUELTY - On Mother's Day, please spare a thought for the others who will never see their offspring except for a few hours after they are born - dairy cows that give birth to male offspring…. Heather Johnson, Leicester. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 18.3.06 HEDGEHOG RESEARCH INTERESTING, BUT FLAWED - I refer to your coverage of the recent study by Bristol University into the movement of hedgehogs from the Western Isles to the mainland (Press and Journal, March 15). While an interesting piece of research, the study does not adequately address previous concerns about the welfare and survival issues associated with this approach…. The sample sizes were, in SNH's view, too small (fewer than 60 per test) for the results to be statistically valid. Accepting these limitations, the study indicated that six out of 10 animals translocated and directly released died within eight weeks. It is SNH's view that these mortality rates, probably involving a cruel and lingering death for many of the animals, are unacceptably high and the current method of putting the animals down in a controlled environment by humane lethal injection is more appropriate for the Uist Wader Project…. Professor Colin A. Galbraith, Director of Scientific and Advisory Services, Scottish Natural Heritage. (story)

Western Daily Press 18.3.06 LIFTING OF BAN IS NOT ALL GOOD NEWS - I have recently read in the media that the EU has finally lifted the ban on British beef to be exported to the Continent and other countries. While this may be good news for the farmers' bank balances, I fear for the welfare of the animals who will be transported in the most inhumane manner possible… Mr R H Clissold, Gloucester (letter)

Western Daily Press 18.3.06 ANIMALS ARE STILL PERFORMING ACTS - Your article regarding the plight of the last elephant in a British circus ("Anne the elephant deserves a happy retirement", March 15) repeats a comment from the circus that "claims that Anne is still performing are entirely fictional". Anne does still perform, although at 53 years old and suffering from arthritis… CAPS continues to campaign for a total ban on using animals in circuses to ensure that all animals are provided with a better life. Craig Redmond, The Captive Animals' Protection Society, Preston (letter)


Northern Echo 17.3.06 HUNTING ACT - VIOLATIONS of the Hunting Act are numerous. The Vale of the White Horse Hunt in Gloucestershire has admitted on TV they are hunting as they did prior to the ban. Are the police acting on this guilty plea I wonder?... Name and address supplied. (letter in archive)

Sutton Coldfield Observer 17.3.06 ANIMAL RIGHTS ON AGENDA - Mr Mitchell met with Sutton Coldfield resident and chairman of the Midland Lakeland Terrier Club, Joseph Ashe, at Crufts this week. The breeder approves Midland Lakeland Terrier Club's objection to the Animal Welfare Bill's provision to potentially outlaw tail-docking. Mr Mitchell said parts of the bill did need clarity…. (story)

Worcester Evening News 17.3.06 Docking is vital for dog's welfare - In reply to the recent correspondence from M Billingham on the subject of tail docking for working dogs, the most important reason for tail-docking is the welfare of the dog. After this, the decision is based on the breed of dog and the work it will undertake… JON BURGESS, Malvern. (letter in archive)
Lincolnshire Echo 8.3.06 INTENSE PAIN IS CAUSED TO PUPPIES WHEN TAILS DOCKED - The Rspca would like to clarify various points raised by Mrs Audrey Tong in 'Dogged by the politics' (February 20). The RSPCA is an animal welfare organisation and improving animal welfare is our primary concern. In relation to tail docking, the RSPCA is asking readers to contact MPs to lobby for a total ban of tail docking in dogs for cosmetic and so-called 'prophylactic' purposes…. SOPHIE WILKINSON RSPCA East Regional Press Officer (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 6.3.06 CALL TO LOBBY MPS ON TAILS - Simon Clarke, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham (letter)
Worcester Evening News 22.2.06 Dogs' tails should not be removed - With reference to the letter from Simon Clarke regarding tail-docking on dogs, could he please explain why labradors, golden retrievers, St Bernards, border collies (sheep dogs) and I am sure other working breeds, do not have their tails docked?... M BILLINGHAM, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Lincolnshire Echo 20.2.06 DOGGED BY THE POLITICS - After targeting hunting, the hunting fraternity and meat eaters, Rachel Astill-Dunseith has a new cause, the docking of dogs' tails (linked to the established practice of the British Association of Shooting and Conservation). Her argument is, I think, irrational, ill-founded and politically biased. She knows perfectly well tails of some breeds are docked, and have been for generations, for the comfort of the dog and as the breed demands… MRS AUDREY TONG High Street, Navenby (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 10.2.06 A RIGHT TO A TAIL - The practice of docking dogs' tails (February 3) is not performed in the interests of the dogs, but simply for business interests…. I am not in the least bit surprised that the British Association for Shooting and Conservation wants all and sundry to be permitted by law to chop off the tails of "working dogs" without so much as a thought about the animals concerned or their best interests…. RACHEL ASTILL-DUNSEITH Lincoln. (letter)
Western Mail 9.2.06 Need for docking - SIMON CLARKE - The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Rossett, Wrexham (letter)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 9.2.06 Tails must be docked - Simon Clarke, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation. (letter)
Northern Echo 2.2.06 TAIL DOCKING - Simon Clarke, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation. (letter in archive)
Grimsby Telegraph 2.2.06 DOUBLE TRAGEDY - Simon Clarke, of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, writing in Viewpoint, January 27, opposes the proposed ban in the Animal Welfare Bill on tail docking for working dogs…. (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.2.06 CROCODILE TEARS - So Simon Clarke of the shooting brigade still wants dogs to have their tails docked on the grounds of animal welfare (Your Say, January 28). Oh! please spare us the crocodile tears, since when has the country sports lobby ever considered the plight of animals?... Mrs Jennie Cook Honiton Devon (letter)
Western Daily Press 28.1.06 DOCKING IS IN A DOG'S INTERESTS - Simon Clarke, British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Wrexham (letter)
Manchester Evening News 26.1.06 Dogs' interests - Simon Clarke, Wrexham (story)
Halifax Courier 25.1.06 DISTRESS OVER TAIL DOCKING - NONE of our MPs would deliberately smash a dog's tail and leave it a bloodied mess. Yet a proposal to ban tail docking for working dogs threatens exactly that for hundreds of thousands of animals….Hundreds of thousands of working dogs are used to flush and retrieve game birds and to track injured deer. Spaniels and pointers are particularly vulnerable to tail injuries which can leave dog and owner distraught and the animal facing amputation… Simon Clarke, (British Association for Shooting and Conservation (letter)

Essex Echo 17.3.06 Orphaned fox cubs' brush with death - TWO families of fox cubs are recuperating at an animal sanctuary after being orphaned when their mothers were chased from gardens…. They were cut free and rescued by Veronica Mepham at the Rescuers Wildlife Sanctuary, in Thundersley (story in archive)

Western Morning News 17.3.06 - THOUSANDS of badgers in the Westcountry are subjected to horrendous pain and suffering as a result of the Government's prevarication in culling the TB-infected badgers… George Mudge, Chairman, Torridge and West Devon Branch, United Kingdom Independence Party (letter)

Guardian 17.3.06 Activists call Body Shop boycott - Robert Booth - Animal welfare activists have called for a boycott of the Body Shop after its founder Anita Roddick and fellow shareholders sold out to French cosmetics giant L'Oreal for £652m. The boycott was called by Naturewatch and backed by Uncaged… The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection said it would question the Body Shop about how it could retain its cruelty-free status under L'Oreal ownership… (story)

Guardian 17.3.06 When drugs don't work - If this is pharmacology's 9/11, we'll have to choose between animal testing or more patient deaths - Mark Lawson - News moves fast but there can rarely have been such starkly contrasting front-page splashes as two within 24 hours this week. Tuesday: One pill a day to beat heart disease. Wednesday: Drug trial axed after patients poisoned…. So unless CCTV finds a malevolent or incompetent interloper creeping between the beds of the triallists, the lesson from Northwick Park is that we are all about to take part in a psychological and ethical trial: forced either towards a greater acceptance of the deaths of patients with chronic conditions, or a higher tolerance of something (more animal testing) or someone (triallists in the developing world) having to die to extend our lives…. (story)

Guardian 17.3.06 The limits of medical testing - Professor Clive Coen (Letters, March 15) is right to argue there are times, however rare, when whole-body research needs to be done. But he ignores numerous examples of whole-body research on animals which has had disastrous effects on humans… Bob Wright, London
… Instead of extrapolating misleading animal data to humans, researchers should be embracing new innovative technologies that predict human reactions. Helen Rosser, Australian Association for Humane Research
… This poses serious questions for animal rights groups who suggest that missing out the animal testing step altogether would make drugs safer. Given the "trial and error" process in all drug development, exactly how many human lives would be considered appropriate before drug development was halted? Prof David McAlpine, University College London (letters)

Glasgow Evening Times 17.3.06 No safety in animal testing - THE tragedy of the London drug tests shows that animal experiments do not give any guarantee of safety in humans…. JOHN F ROBINS Campaigns Consultant to Animal Concern, Dumbarton (letter)

Western Daily Press 17.3.06 HEATHERS FUR VICTORY - Sir Paul McCartney's wife Heather Mills McCartney has claimed a victory over fashion house Burberry in her protest against Chinese fur. The firm's ready-to-wear autumn-winter 2006 collection included fur from a Chinese racoon dog, according to Mrs Mills McCartney. She said Burberry had pulled the offending garments and agreed to stop using fur from China due to animal welfare concerns…. (story)

Keighley News 17.3.06 I was very interested in the letter from Frank Morris in The Keighley News re non meat eaters,… the reason for me stopping eating meat was I got fed up with reading about farmers and others being in court for the mistreatment of animals. The last straw for me was a nasty case where a slaughterhouse was fined for cruelty. George Watmough, Carr Lane, Shipley
Mr Frank Morris asserts that meat is an essential part of the diet for persons needing strength to do their work. He then tells us that he shod eight or ten horses a day for thirty years. He must surely have noticed that these gentle creatures get through a lot of hard graft in a lifetime, and they're all vegetarians…. R E SWINDELLS, Spring Row, Denholme Road, Oxenhope
Frank Morris misses the point when he explains that eating meat has been good for him…. It boils down to what you think about animals; are they things or objects without feeling, put on the earth for the unrestricted use of man? Or are they sentient creatures, capable of feeling stress, pain and fear?... Martyn Johnson, Lumbfoot, Stanbury
The people who are being brain washed are the people who have animals cut up for them to eat…. S MOSS, Thornhill Avenue, Oakworth (letters in archive)

Croydon Advertiser 17.3.06 Protesters lose fight to close pet shop - A PET shop owner has been given the go-ahead to continue his business despite the protests of animal rights activists who claim pets in his store are being treated inhumanely. Barry Boyes was given permission on Monday to continue selling puppies, kittens, reptiles, parrots, budgies, ducks and rodents over the counter of his shop, Petsville International, in Sutton High Street. The decision by Sutton Council's licensing sub committee was met with boos by South East Animal Rights members who gathered a 2,170-name petition asking for him to be refused another licence…. Protest organiser Helen Roberts said: "We will continue our battle and are taking legal advice over the manner in which our petition and complaints were treated…” (story)

Leicester Mercury 17.3.06 VEGGIE DEBATE - Young Hindus are staging a debate about vegetarian food. The event, Turkey or Tofu, will take place at the Shree Sanatan Mandir, in Weymouth Street, off Catherine Street, Leicester, on Saturday at 7pm (story)


Daily Post 16.3.06 Race meeting - NEW Countryside Alliance chairman Kate Hoey and chief executive Simon Hart will visit Bangor on Dee Racecourse on April 20, 7.30pm, to update members on the alliance's campaigning work and plans for 2006. (story)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 16.3.06 Foxes and badgers blamed for sheep death - FARMER John Burrows says that, for the first time in 25 years farming, he has had a number of lambs taken by foxes or badgers…. Mr Burrows said there had been a huge increase in the number of badgers in recent years and in foxes since hunting was discontinued in that part of the Kennet Valley. He said the Vine and Craven Hunt used to keep down the foxes and in the past farmers had been allowed to control badgers by destroying setts. Mr Burrows said he was not a particular advocate of hunting and was against killing for killing's sake. But, he said: "We should be managing the countryside better."… (story)

Western Gazette 16.3.06 SUPPORTERS HONOUR HUNTSMAN'S EFFORTS - A Huntsman's 25-year involvement with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt was celebrated this month. Chris Bowld of Charlton Horethorne started hunting at the age of eight in the Cotswolds, where he grew up…. (story)

The Forester 16.3.06 POLICE CALLED IN AFTER HUNT FEARS - Police cars and the force helicopter swooped in on a fox hunt in Tibberton when it was feared huntsmen and saboteurs would come to blows. Members of the Cotswold Vale Farmers' Hunt rang 999 last Saturday when two vanloads of protesters turned up to a legal hunt. Huntmaster Geoff Peters, from Gloucester, said the saboteurs were confrontational and abusive…. Chris Moor, who was out with the Forest of Dean Hunt Saboteurs, said that if the group had not intervened then a fox would have been killed…. Gloucestershire police spokeswoman Zoe Young said: "We had a call at around 2pm on Saturday from someone on horseback in Clifford's Mesne who said protesters were trying to distract the hunt using loudhailers…. (story)

Epping Forest Guardian 12.3.06 Fencing out foxes - A PLAN to protect wildlife and keep out foxes has been implemented at the Roding Valley Meadows Nature Reserve. New warden Patrick Bailly and a team of volunteers have put up a 130m section of hedgerow to protect the reserve and its inhabitants. The reserve borders the Oakwood Hill Estate, Loughton, which has been experiencing delays in refuse collection, and there has been a knock-on effect. Foxes were ripping open bin bags and dragging the contents into the reserve…. (story)

Western Daily Press 16.3.06 REVIEW HUNT ACT - Despite all the important ongoing issues mentioned in letters over the new hunting legislation, it does not mean the legislation should not be reviewed or amended. Meets, as they all agree, still enjoy their get-togethers under the new legislation, which was never meant to disband the meets, but to stop anybody using certain methods of killing wildlife…. D Roberts Bridgwater Somerset (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 16.3.06 MP unable to stop docking of young working dog tails - ANNE Snelgrove's campaign for a blanket-ban on the docking of dogs' tails has failed. MPs narrowly rejected an attempt to impose a total ban on removing dogs' tails in England and Wales by 11 votes… (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 16.3.06 Commons backs ban on docking - DOG owners in Northampton seem set to follow the lead of MPs after a vote in the House of Commons this week to ban dog docking…. (story)
Daily Post 16.3.06 All-out tail docking ban fails - AN attempt to ban all tail docking failed by 11 votes in the House of Commons on Tuesday night… (story)
Western Gazette 16.3.06 MPS VOTE TO BAN DOG TAIL DOCKING - Mps voted on Tuesday by 476 to 63 to ban what the RSPCA sees as outdated, unwarranted practice of cosmetic tail docking of dogs during the report stage and third reading of the Animal Welfare Bill…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 15.3.06 MPs approve tail docking exemption - MPs voted on Tuesday (14 March) in favour of an exemption to allow the tail docking of dogs destined for a working life…. (story)
Times 15.3.06 Cosmetic docking of dogs' tails gets chop BY DAVID CHARTER, CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - DOCKING dogs’ tails for cosmetic reasons was banned last night by MPs. But the practice will still be allowed for working dogs after the Commons rejected a complete ban by a narrow margin…. (story)
Times 15.3.06 It's cruel to MPs to yap on so long PARLIAMENTARY SKETCH BY ANN TRENEMAN - MPs debated puppy dog tails for two hours and could have gone on all night. Did I say talk? Most of the time it actually sounded more like barking but, then, MPs and dogs have that in common anyway. Some actually seemed to have been chatting to dogs. One Labour MP confided that she had been persuaded to change her vote after she had a chance meeting with a cocker spaniel. I am not making that up but I wish I were… A Labour MP named Shona McIsaac gave an extremely long speech about why there should be a total ban. She was so pedantic and so tiresome that even those who agreed with her began to look distressed by her sheer indefatigability…. Ms McIsaac did not want to talk about humans. She wanted to talk about dogs. And talk she did. In the end, a total ban was lost by 11 votes. I think Ms McIsaac may be the reason. (story)
Independent 15.3.06 MPs vote to ban docking of dogs' tails By Geneviève Roberts - The docking of dogs' tails will be banned following a vote by MPs last night, but working dogs, including those in the police service, will be exempt from the law. An attempt to impose a total ban on tail-docking of dogs in England and Wales was narrowly rejected by 11 votes…. Animal charities said they would continue to fight for a full ban against the "mutilation". Mike Hobday, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "This is a scandalous and shabby compromise that will lead to unnecessary suffering for large numbers of dogs in the shooting industry….” (story)
BBC News Online 15.3.06 MPs vote for dog tail docking ban - MPs have voted to ban the docking of dogs' tails - but the restriction will not apply to working dogs, such as those used by the police or Army…. (story)

Northern Echo 16.3.06 TAIL DOCKING - TAIL docking of dogs is a cruel and unnecessary mutilation. The pro-docking lobby are claiming that shooting dogs must be docked in case they damage their tails in thick cover. However, anecdotal evidence is equally available of gundog owners with undocked working dogs that have never suffered tail injuries…. - Name and address supplied. (letter in archive)

Gloucestershire Echo 16.3.06 JOCKEYS - BE GENTLE - I must congratulate Pamela Armstrong on her courageous article on racehorses (Echo, March 9). I have always loved horses and it grieves me to see them run into the ground…. Joy Everett, Charlton Kings (letter)
Gloucestershire Echo 16.3.06 HORSES AREN'T FORCED TO RACE - Pamela Armstrong was unfortunate in her choice of Best Mate as the subject of her racing article (Echo, March 9). Best Mate was probably the most cosseted and well looked after horse that has ever been raced… I believe our GPs would be delighted if we all followed the diet and training regime of a racehorse…. Happy horses win races, which is why the racing community employs decades of knowledge combined with the most up to date scientific research in caring for these athletes. Anna Bates, Cleeve Hill. (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 9.3.06 IS THIS ANY WAY TO TREAT A BEST MATE? - Pamela Armstrong - What I am about to say has to be said this week. If I say it next week, I'll get lynched. The Gold Cup is hard upon us…. There are some who say the price we pay, or rather that horses pay, for the thrills and spills of this sport are too high. It is hard to get figures of death and injury to horses because the Jockey Club is understandably coy about such things. But for the past few years the charity Animal Aid has been examining thousands of pages of racing returns and veterinary journals and they reckon one active racehorse is killed every day in Britain, either on a racecourse or in training. These horses die mostly from broken necks, broken backs and shattered legs…. (story)

Western Gazette 16.3.06 HELP STOP BADGER CULL - One of the questions contained in a document Controlling the Spread of Bovine Tuberculosis in Cattle in High Incidence Areas in England: Badger Culling. In the light of the evidence presented as part of this consultation, on balance I wonder whether, like me, your readers think a policy to cull badgers should be part of the approach to help control the disease in cattle high incidence areas?... Mrs M. Shone, address supplied (letter)

Western Gazette 16.3.06 WILDLIFE IS SOURCE OF INFECTION - I Have seen two letters you have published in recent weeks by Helen Weeks of Protect Our Wild Animals calling on any plan to cull badgers by Defra to be rescinded and I would like to respond to a number of claims that she had made. As your former farming correspondent, I wrote a number of articles on bovine tuberculosis and if you will forgive the pun, it is not a black-and-white issue as Helen has been trying to argue in your countryside letters column…. Has Helen ever visited a dairy farm? Has she ever been to the Royal Bath and West Show, the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show or the Melplash Show and asked dairy farmers about their profession face to face? If she hasn't been invited before it is probably because she is campaigning in your letters column to have them shut down and has made numerous allegations in the past…. Matthew Bell, address provided.(story)

North Devon Journal 16.3.06 WOULD BADGER CULL PRECEDE ONE OF BIRDS? - Throughout North Devon and the rest of the UK, the twenty-five thousand people who responded to the government's proposals to kill badgers are now waiting with bated breath for the final decision. Last month I travelled to Exeter alongside other Green Party members and animal welfare groups to deliver our Green Party statement on Bovine Tuberculosis & Badgers directly to Animal Welfare Minister Ben Bradshaw. As the Minister failed to show at his surgery and we were instead greeted by police with video cameras, I've now sent our statement by post… JON HOOPER, Green Party Candidate, Lovacott (letter)

Glasgow Herald 16.3.06 Drug-trial rethink - The terrible outcome of the London clinical drug trial highlights the need for a rethink on the way we evaluate medicines in the UK. Assuming human error and sabotage are ruled out, this case dramatically shows that we cannot rely on animal tests to give any guarantee of safety in humans… John F Robins, campaigns consultant, Animal Concern, PO Box 5178, Dumbarton G82 5YJ (letter)

Newcastle Journal 16.3.06 Animal rights protest lights Angel - Animal rights protesters last night projected a giant message on the Angel of the North. Members of the peaceful protest group Uncaged lit up the wings of the Angel in a campaign against animal testing by global pharmaceuticals company Procter and Gamble, which has a base in North Tyneside… (story)
Northern Echo 16.3.06 Animal rights campaigners use Angel to send a message - THE Angel of the North last night became the focus of a protest by animal rights activists against a multinational company's use of animal testing. The campaigning group Uncaged projected the slogan "Procter and Gamble test on animals" across the wings of the Angel - seen by thousands of motorists passing by on the A1 Western Bypass at Gateshead…. (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 16.3.06 WARNING ON SEAL CULL - Hunters will be allowed to cull 325,000 seals in Canada this year despite claims by Bristol scientists that the cull threatens the animals with extinction. In a report released yesterday, Professor Stephen Harris and his team at Bristol University concluded the Canadian projections and permission for the cull "threatens the survival of seal populations" (story)

Independent 16.3.06 Britain told to sever links with 'cruel' seal cull must be ended' By Martin Hickman Consumer Affairs Correspondent - Pressure is building on the British Government to ban the import of fur from seals clubbed to death during the bloody annual hunt on Canada's east coast… A new report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said the seal cull was bigger than ever and called for an end to Britain's contribution to it… (story)

Independent 16.3.06 Fur trade thrives despite protests - Britain is the biggest trader of fur in the world and plays a major role in the European trade in seal fur. According to the British Fur Trade Association (BFTA) the UK trade in animal furs is worth between £400m and £500m a year…. The International Fund for Animal Welfare has discovered seal penises on sale as traditional Chinese medicine, which prizes them as aphrodisiacs. (story)

Argus 16.3.06 Seal pool plans delayed by Jan Melrose - Animal rights campaigners yesterday won a partial victory after plans for seal and penguin pools were put on hold. Brighton and Hove city councillors deferred making a decision on the £250,000 proposals for the Sea Life Centre in Marine Parade, Brighton, while details about railings around enclosures and disabled access are finalised…. Protesters gathered outside Hove Town Hall as councillors made their way into yesterday's meeting. A petition signed by 1,200 people was handed over. Campaigners jeered while aquarium manager Toby Forer spoke in favour of the plans. Protesters said the busy and noisy site would be unsuitable for the animals…. (story in archive)
BBC News Online 15.3.06 Revellers 'may target pool seals' - Drunken revellers could target a planned new seal enclosure at a seaside tourist attraction, animal welfare protesters fear. Campaigners want to block a planning application made by the Sea Life Centre in Brighton, East Sussex, which goes before the city council on Wednesday. Green Party councillor Georgia Wrighton said a new seal pool would be close to main roads and nearby nightlife…. (story)


Western Gazette 15.3.06 HUNT MEMBERS HONOUR PAULA - More than 250 members of the Seavington and the Cotley Hunts gathered at the Windwhistle Inn near Chard last week to remember life-long supporter Paula Burrough. Paula, who lived at Tytherleigh, lost her battle with cancer in October. The meet was an opportunity for family and friends to honour her memory… (story)

Argus 15.3.06 Police use up 1,300 hours on fox-hunting by Andy Dickenson - MORE than a thousand hours have been spent policing the fox-hunting ban - and not one prosecution has been made…. Christopher Wysock Wright, South-East chairman of the Countryside Alliance, said: "Hunts are now hunting legally and every hunt lets the police know when it is meeting and where…” Nigel Yeo, Assistant Chief Constable of Sussex Police, said the majority of time had been spent on ensuring safety rather than policing breaches of the new laws. Seven men have been charged with violent disorder following an attack on a hunter during the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt, two weeks ago…. Simon Wild, of the West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group, said he had twice called police out for breaches of the Hunting Act. In one incident he claims a fox was chased into a pensioner's garden in Southwater. Hounds then caught the fox and killed it in front of a small child, he said… (story in archive)

Brentwood Gazette 15.3.06 PROTECTION LAW - What a load of prejudiced nonsense Liz Mort spouts (Gazette Letters, March 1) to try to justify the sadistic pursuit followed by British Field Sports - whoops! Countryside Alliance!... The majority of the population holding the same views as myself will continue to be watchful and continue our campaign as the sensible evidence-based act it is. MARGARET HABBERSHAW, Warley Hill, Brentwood (letter)
Warminster & Westbury Standard 2.3.06 ONLY A FEW WANT HUNTS - What a misleading letter from the pro-hunting pressure group the Countryside Alliance (Warminster & Westbury Standard, February 23). The real issue is about sickening cruelty to animals for the selfish enjoyment of a few…. JOHN BOWLEY, Teichman Close, Warminster (letter)
Warminster & Westbury Standard 23.2.06 NEW HUNTING LAW WON'T STAND THE TEST OF TIME - DELLY EVERARD, Wessex director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 2.3.06 HUNTING LAW IS DEEPLY FLAWED - Alison Hawes, Regional Director, Countryside Alliance, Ermington (letter)
Brentwood Gazette 1.3.06 HUNTING ACT IS SHOWN AS BEING FLAWED - LIZ MORT, Eastern Regional Director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Central Somerset Gazette 23.2.06 HUNTING ACT IS A 'DEEPLY FLAWED' PRODUCT OF 'WEAK GOVERNMENT' - Delly Everard, Wessex director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Ely Standard 23.2.06 Nobody benefits from Hunting Act - FEBRUARY 18 was the anniversary of the Hunting Act coming into force. Hundreds of hunts around the country have been going out to hunt within the law since the law came into force. One year on, the Hunting Act has been shown up as a deeply flawed and prejudiced piece of legislation… We will continue our campaign to see it replaced with sensible, evidence-based solution which protects our wildlife and our environment. LIZ MORT, Eastern regional director, Countryside Alliance (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 15.3.06 Farmers praise blitz on coursing - FARMERS have hailed a police operation to stop illegal hare coursing in Cambridgeshire as a major success. The National Farmers' Union (NFU) said a survey of farmers across the county found almost all thought Operation Dornier, launched by Cambridgeshire police in 2004, had made a real difference…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 15.3.06 DOCKING OPPOSITION BASED ON EMOTIVE OPINIONS, NOT FACTS - Rachel Astill-Dunseith's assertions that docking of dogs' tails is needless are hopelessly astray and to blame the British Association for Shooting and Conservation for its support of the practice merely proves an appalling lack of knowledge… Mrs Astill-Dunseith contradicts my statement about the release of mink by animal rights activists. She obviously has a different hymn sheet to the rest of us or a conveniently wayward memory. MRS AUDREY TONGHigh Street, Navenby. (letter)

BBC News Online 15.3.06 …Tail docking - Before Wednesday's meeting, Green MSPs and members of Advocates for Animals staged a demonstration outside the parliament in support of a complete ban on tail docking…. Mr Ruskell, who was among the campaigners said: "Removal of a dog's tail not only causes acute pain to puppies, but may also reduce the strength of the dog's back and compromise its balance and agility…. (story)

Western Morning News 15.3.06 GOVERNMENT 'HAS ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA' ABOUT BADGER CULL - Animal Health Minister Ben Bradshaw was last night accused of ignoring the advice of his own scientists in pressing ahead with a consultation on badger culling. In a report on the controversial consultation, which closed last week, MPs on the Commons rural affairs committee yesterday highlighted a series of concerns about the lack of "scientific underpinning" for the proposed cull of badgers to control the spread of bovine TB…. The committee's findings were seized on last night by the Badger Trust, which is campaigning against a cull. Spokesman Trevor Lawson said it was becoming clear that the Government had "absolutely no idea" how an effective cull might be carried out…. (story)
Western Morning News 15.3.06 GREENS CONDEMN CULL OF BADGERS TO COMBAT TB - Green Party members in the Westcountry have condemned plans for a cull of badgers to halt the spread of bovine tuberculosis. The party's South West branch has voted to oppose the move, recommended by government scientists last week. The idea is supported by farmers in the region but opposed by animal rights groups…. Lindsay Southcombe, a Cornwall Green Party activist, said pressure needed to be applied to supermarkets to encourage them to help curb the spread of TB…. (story)

Western Daily Press 15.3.06 BADGERS DO GOOD - I am writing to say I am against culling badgers as I do not think they cause TB in cattle… E Turner Hereford (letter)

Hunts Post 15.3.06 Malicious mail man sentenced - An animal rights activist jailed for sending malicious mail which branded a Huntingdon Life Sciences site an "Auschwitz Laboratory" has had his sentence and conviction upheld. Andrew Kirk, of Telford Road, Inverness, was jailed for three months in February after a jury at Birmingham Crown Court convicted him of sending an obscene or indecent package last November…. Kirk's conviction appeal was dismissed by Mr Justice Stanley Burnton - sitting with Lord Justice Rose and Mr Justice Hedley - along with his sentence challenge…. (story)
Burton Trader 14.2.06 Man gets jail for hate mail - An animal rights extremist is starting a threemonth jail sentence for sending malicious mail. Andrew Kirk (46), from Middlesbrough, was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court last week…. (story)
North East Evening Gazette 9.2.06 Activist is jailed - Gareth Lightfoot, Evening Gazette - An animal rights activist from Middlesbrough has been given a three-month jail sentence for sending malicious mail to a scientific testing firm. Andrew Kirk, formerly of Swanage Close, Middlesbrough, was convicted last November of one offence of sending an obscene or indecent postal package…. (story)
BBC News Online 8.2.06 Activist jailed for swastika mail - An animal rights activist has been jailed for sending malicious mail. Jurors convicted Andrew Kirk, 46, of one count of sending malicious mail, including a swastika, to Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire. Kirk, of Swanage Close, Middlesbrough, was jailed for three months. He was cleared of 15 other offences…. (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 10.11.05 COURT: Activist found guilty AN animal rights activist has been found guilty of sending a "shocking and offensive'' package to Huntingdon Life Sciences. A jury at Birmingham Crown Court found Andrew Kirk, of no fixed abode, formerly from Middlesex, guilty of a single count of sending an obscene or indecent postal package…. (story)
NewsLetter 10.11.05 Animal Rights Activist Sent Swastika Package - An animal rights activist was convicted yesterday of sending a "shocking and offensive" package emblazoned with a swastika to Huntingdon Life Sciences. A Birmingham jury found Andrew Kirk guilty of sending an obscene or indecent postal package…. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 10.11.05 Animal activist's racist package - AN ANIMAL rights activist has been convicted of sending a "shocking and offensive" package, which was emblazoned with a swastika, to Huntingdon Life Sciences. A jury at Birmingham Crown Court took three hours yesterday (Wednesday, 09 November) to find Andrew Kirk guilty of a single count of sending an obscene or indecent postal package…. (story)
BBC News Online 9.11.05 Offensive package man convicted - A man has been found guilty of sending a "shocking and offensive" package to Huntingdon Life Sciences. A jury at Birmingham Crown Court took three hours to find Andrew Kirk, 46, of no fixed address, guilty of sending an obscene or indecent postal package. Kirk, who was cleared of 17 other counts of the same offence, was given conditional bail until December…. The jury accepted Kirk's argument that none of the letters was indecent or obscene, but decided that an envelope emblazoned with a swastika in which one of the letters was sent had been in breach of the law…. (story)
Birmingham Post 9.11.05 Activist in court over 'offensive' letters - An animal rights activist sent "shocking and offensive" letters to an employee at Huntingdon Life Sciences and a parish councillor living near a Staffordshire farm breeding guinea pigs for medical research, a court heard yesterday. Birmingham Crown Court heard that Andrew Kirk sent a total of nine packages containing insults and graphic images of animals, including one delivered to the MP for Huntingdon, Jonathan Djanogly, and others to the Chief Crown Prosecutors in Durham, Humberside and Staffordshire…. The court heard that Kirk, formerly of Middlesbrough but now of no fixed abode, sent a letter to a parish councillor living near a guinea pig farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire, and also used images of a swastika on the outside of another letter which compared Huntingdon Life Sciences to Auschwitz…. (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 9.11.05 TRIAL: MP sent 'shocking' letter by activist, court told - AN animal rights activist sent "shocking and offensive" letters to an employee at Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) and a parish councillor living near a farm breeding guinea pigs for medical research, a court heard. Birmingham Crown Court was told that that Andrew Kirk sent a total of nine packages containing insults and graphic images of animals, including one delivered to the MP for Huntingdon, Jonathan Djanogly, and others to the Chief Crown Prosecutors in Durham, Humberside and Staffordshire…. (story)
Northern Echo 31.10.05 Man in court charged with sending obscene material through post - A 46-year-old man has appeared in court charged with sending ``indecent or obscene'' material through the post, including to people connected with animal testing for medical research. Andrew Patrick Kirk, from Swanage Close, Middlesbrough, pleaded not guilty to a total of 18 charges under the Postal Services Act 2000 when he appeared at Birmingham Crown Court… (story in archive)
BBC News Online 31.10.05 Man sent out 'indecent' letters - A man has been accused of posting "indecent or obscene" material to people, including those connected with animal testing for medical research. Andrew Kirk, 46, from Middlesbrough, denied 18 charges when he appeared at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday… (story)
Scotsman 9.5.05 Man Denies Sending Obscene Post to Research Farm - A 46-year-old man appeared in court today charged with sending allegedly “obscene” material through the post, including to people connected to a farm that breeds guinea pigs for research. Andrew Patrick Kirk, from Swanage Close, Middlesbrough, pleaded not guilty to a total of 15 charges under the Malicious Communications Act and Postal Services Act when he appeared at Birmingham Magistrates Court…. (story)
Times 15.4.05 Guinea pig trial - A Middlesbrough man, 46, charged with attempting to interfere with a witness and with sending threatening mail to the owners and nearby residents of Darley Oaks Farm, Newchurch, Staffordshire, will appear before magistrates in Birmingham today…. (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 15.3.06 Hypocrisy on research - Congratulations to the protesters in Oxford, demonstrating their support for essential medical research using animals…. My wife and I lost our beloved daughter, Angela, at the age of nine in 1974 from a form of muscular dystrophy, for which their is still no cure, although research is ongoing. We can categorically state that if a cure was to be found at that time and it involved using several thousand fluffy puppies, providing it did not involve any unnecessary suffering, we would have our Angela with us now. Mind you, knowing the "logic" of these terrorists she would no doubt be a target of their anger for allowing herself to be cured as a result of research. John Coyle, Wombourne Park, Wombourne (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 15.3.06 Animals help save our lives - In response to M Hooper (March 9) who cannot accept that animals have to be used in research. You do have a choice, you could refuse a life-saving treatment developed using animals or prevent a loved one from benefiting… In response to M Hooper (March 9) who cannot accept that animals have to be used in research. You do have a choice, you could refuse a life-saving treatment developed using animals or prevent a loved one from benefiting… T Bromley Executive secretary Patients Choice (story)
Swindon Advertiser 9.3.06 Is it right to test on living creatures? - I HAVE been looking at the Pro-Test website after hearing what they have had to say about animal testing. And have a few comments. Speaking after the recent demonstration L Pycroft states the suffering of a few animals is ok if it improves the lives of humans. Have you looked at the Pro-Test website Mr Pycroft? It states on there that 50 million animals are used worldwide in experiments. Is that what you call a few?... M HOOPER Swindon (letter)

Guardian 15.3.06 In the quest for cures, animal-based research is indispensable - Sharon Howe is "keen to see a cure" for Parkinson's disease without recourse to what she calls "outdated and misleading animal-based research" (We're not terrorists, and we're not against progress, March 10). But the animal-based research in Oxford, which she dismisses, has already generated a successful treatment for the symptoms of that disease… Professor Clive Coen, King's College London
Timothy Garton Ash (Comment, March 2) makes a fetish of science, but ignores the fact that it is science that makes it impossible to deny that the sentience of other animals is not very different from our own… Eric Rosenbloom, East Hardwick, Vermont, USA (letters)

Times 15.3.06 Drug trial axed after patients poisoned BY SAM LISTER, HEALTH CORRESPONDENT - SIX healthy volunteers have been rushed into intensive care after suddenly falling ill while participating in the trial of a new drug. The six men, who were paid volunteers, are understood to have taken an oral preparation of the drug, being developed to treat inflammatory conditions and leukaemia, at a private research facility in Harrow, northwest London…. A MHRA spokeswoman added that the product had gone through the usual strict procedures before coming to the clinical trial stage, including MHRA and ethics committee approval. She said that, as with all new drugs, the product had been tested on animals and there was nothing to suggest it should not be used by humans…. (story)
Guardian 15.3.06 Six men in intensive care after drug trial goes wrong - Sarah Boseley, health editor - Six men were in intensive care in a north London hospital last night after a pharmaceutical company's trial went wrong…. (story)
Guardian 15.3.06 Three-stage process that sanctions medicines - New medicines have to go through a testing process, firstly on animals and then through three trials involving people. A dossier of results goes to the drug licensing body, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA), which decides whether it is effective and safe enough to be on the market…. (story)

Independent 15.3.06 An ethical diet: The joy of being vegan - Its followers claim they look and feel healthier than ever - and have a clear conscience too. Martin Hickman examines the arguments for taking up a meat-free diet - Wendy Higgins is pleased that her beliefs, her most passionate beliefs, are ridiculed by comedians. At least the gibes about vegans are evidence that vegetarians are now so numerous that they represent a substantial part of the audience….(story)

Scotsman 15.3.06 Rocker against hedgehog cull - ROCK legend Brian May has added his voice to calls for an end to the hedgehog cull in the Western Isles…. (story)
Glasgow Herald 15.3.06 Islands hedgehog cull to be extended - VICKY COLLINS - A controversial cull of hedgehogs in the Outer Hebrides will continue, it was confirmed yesterday. Scottish Natural Heritage, the Scottish Executive's environmental adviser, said that it would continue killing hedgehogs to protect wading bird populations in North Uist and Benbecula, as well as extending the cull to South Uist…. (story)

Western Daily Press 15.3.06 ANNE THE ELEPHANT DESERVES A HAPPY RETIREMENT - Campaigners were last night hoping new Government legislation would finally signal the retirement of an ageing circus elephant at the centre of a long-running custody battle between her owners and animal welfare organisations. Groups campaigning for Anne, a 53-year-old elephant said to be riddled with arthritis, want her to live her last days at a sanctuary…. (story)

Worcester Evening News 15.3.06 It's time to try a veggie alternative - KELLY SLADE, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter in archive)
Nottingham Evening Post 6.3.06 CELEBRATE THE MONTH OF VEG - March is Veggie Month! A time to celebrate the vegetarian diet, which is not only ethical but healthy and easy too. In the UK alone, almost 1,000 million animals are slaughtered for food every year. Most will have been raised in factory farms in crowded, filthy, disease-ridden conditions, before meeting a brutal end in a slaughterhouse…. KELLY SLADE Campaigns officer Animal Aid (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 15.3.06 FEW ATTEND CIRCUS AMID PROTEST - The circus has rolled into town - but the threat of protesters proved stronger than the draw of animals on its first day. Only a handful of people watched the first evening performance of the Great British Circus near Morrison's, Laceby Road, Grimsby, last night…. Ringmaster Martin Lacey (pictured) was sure news of the two dozen protesters outside the entrance of his circus had put families off coming… Protestor Sean Atkinson (38), of Welholme Road, Grimsby, said: "Using animals in circuses is old-fashioned and outdated… (story)
BBC News Online 14.3.06 Protest plan over circus animals - A group of animal activists say they will protest outside a circus in Grimsby which features live animals. The demonstration, on Tuesday night, comes as local MP Shona McIsaac joins a Parliamentary debate urging a ban. Animal Defenders International are to demonstrate at the Great British Circus's visit to Laceby Road, Grimsby…. (story)

Coventry Observer 15.3.06 Campaigners offer reward to catch cat killer - Dolores Cowburn - ANIMAL rights campaigners have offered a £1,000 reward in a bid to catch the killer of a city school girl's pet cat…. this week animal rights organisation PETA offered a £1,000 reward for information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the killer…. (story)


Western Mail 14.3.06 - Fun for all at West Country game fair - COUNTRYSIDE entertainment and education will feature in the West Country Game Fair at the Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, on March 18 and 19…. >(story)
Western Daily Press 13.3.06 GAME FAIR WEEKEND - Don't forget this weekend's West Country Game Fair at the Royal Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet, from March 18-19. On Sunday there will be the chance to see a stunning display of hounds from local hunts, who are keen to keep their sport in the public eye despite last year's ban…. (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 7.2.06 GUNDOGS ARE GAME FOR THE FAIR - Gundogs will be well represented at this year's Westcountry Game Fair. A gundog parade will provide the ideal opportunity to learn about the many breeds of working dog, and the BASC will provide a wide variety of gundog scurries with prizes. In addition, Gamegoer will provide entertainment and education in the arenas…. BASC will host a wide selection of Gundog Scurries at this year's event with a range of fantastic prizes… For those interested in cookery, the Westcountry Game Fair will once again host the Game Cookery Theatre, with a range of mouth-watering game recipes by Chefs from the Countryside Alliance Game to Eat Programme… (story)
Western Daily Press 2.2.06 FETCHING DISPLAY OF DOGS' SKILLS - Gundogs will be well represented at this year's Westcountry Game Fair with a gundog parade providing the ideal opportunity to learn about the many breeds of working dog. BASC (British Association for Shooting and Conservation) is also providing a variety of gundog scurries with prizes…. (story)
Western Daily Press 26.1.06 SHOW IS FAIR GAME - The countdown has begun for this year's Westcountry Game Fair which takes place at the Royal Bath & West showground, Shepton Mallet, on Saturday and Sunday, March 18-19. With its theme "The Essence of the Countryside", the fair has country pursuits demonstrations, education activities, shopping and have-a-go activities for all the family. Purbeck Shooting will provide a clay shoot using fibre wads only, while the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) will provide clay shoot coaching, advice and gun-fitting… For cooks, the Game Fair will once again host the Game Cookery Theatre with a range of mouth-watering game recipes by chefs from the Countryside Alliance "Game to Eat" programme…. (story)

Western Mail 14.3.06 I was shocked to read a letter from Judi Hewitt (League Against Cruel Sports) on February 21, stating that a bill for £500,000 had been written off by Royal Mail for postal services that they had provided for the organisation. I am not interested in whether this was a "scam" or not. What I am interested in is that taxpayers' money has been used to bail out her organisation when that could have been put to good use to keep open post offices, not only in rural areas, but urban areas as well… Fred Davies, Whitchurch, Cardiff (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 14.3.06 Alternative view of The Hunting Act - IVOR Annetts misrepresents the law in his recent letter What Hunters 'May' do is no Obligation"… The police position is that the law should be obeyed and all flushed animals should be shot. I have contacted Devon and Cornwall police to say that I am failing to shoot the deer my dogs flush out and they have demanded I obey the law. If Mr Annetts is against shooting deer he should campaign against the law that requires it rather than trying to misrepresent it. A law supposedly against hunting which requires animals to be shot is clearly wrong…. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash. (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 7.3.06 What hunters 'may' do is no obligation - T LAMAN of Tiverton Staghounds (Gazette, February 28) wrote: "We are now supposed to line the area which is to be flushed with two hounds or dogs and shoot our quarry as soon as safely possible." Sorry Mr Laman, you are not 'supposed to' do any such thing…. If the hunt allows any number of hounds to chase the deer until it is brought to bay so that it may be shot safely, then that is an infringement of the Hunting Act. I am confident that the police will have informed the stag hunts of these facts… Ivor Annetts, Tiverton
Editor: The Devon and Cornwall Constabulary has said in response to this that meetings have been held recently with the Countryside Alliance and hunt groups in Devon, during which the force's policy was made clear…. (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 14.3.06 ARE HUNTSMEN REALLY THE PREY? - In John Phelps letter, Protect our wild animals, Points of View, March 7, the only wild animals he seems to be concerned about are foxes, deer and hares… He must be aware of millions of wild animals attacking each other - crocodiles grabbing wildebeest as they attempt to cross a river only to be drowned before being eaten, snakes swallowing mammals whole, packs of wolves tearing apart other animals…. So how is Mr Phelps suggesting a means of protecting our wild animals? By writing to the governments of each country in the world to legislate against the killing of all animals? Methinks Mr Phelps' prey is the human animal - the huntsman. M Lewis Rackenford, near Tiverton (by post) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 7.3.06 HUNTING ACT IS WELL DRAFTED - I suspect that Leanne Lee, Points of view, March 2, has never read the Hunting Act. Under this legislation: "A person commits an offence if he hunts a wild mammal with a dog, unless his hunting is exempt."… Illegal hunters will be caught and prosecuted in due course, but it is not possible to secure a 100 per cent conviction rate of all transgressors. John Phelps, Protect Our Wild Animals, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 2.3.06 FOXES HARM OUR FARMERS' LIVING - I am a 23-year-old female and I have lived in a small village on the edge of Dartmoor all my life. I am disgusted when I hear comments of city people telling me that fox hunting is cruel. I would like someone from the city to live with me for a month or so, so that they can see the effect a fox has on your livelihood…. Leanne Lee, Hennock, near Bovey Tracey (letter)

Western Morning News 14.3.06 I AM in total agreement with Mr Paul Tucker, of Pelynt, regarding the extravagances of the RSPCA, and have cancelled my support…. Those who have witnessed the horror of a chicken pen after the fox has visited, and seen the hens strewn around with their heads bitten off, would realise that foxes are vermin and should be exterminated. K Godbeer, Colyford, Colyton (letter)
Western Morning News 21.2.06 Sound bite - I READ with disbelief the story of the RSPCA spending £2,000 on a sound system to entertain dogs. I am so disgruntled with this waste, that I will withdraw my support and redirect a legacy to the League Against Cruel Sports…. Paul Tucker, Pelynt (letter)

Western Daily Press 14.3.06 GIVE PRIORITY TO SERIOUS OFFENCES - On reading Dan Norris's report on hunting in your paper, I felt compelled to write this letter. I am amazed that he feels that one of the most important issues that this Government has done is the banning of hunting…. J E Wedmore Gurney Slade (letter)
Western Daily Press 13.3.06 FOXES SLAUGHTERED - If Dan Norris would revisit the Hunting Bill in order to allow hunts to monitor and control the fox population, and stop the wholesale shooting and slaughter of foxes that is now taking place all year round, no-one would object…. Caroline Appleby Malmesbury Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 11.3.06 IT'S A MUDDLED MIXTURE INDEED - In criticising their MP for prolonging the hunting debate, your correspondents of March 4 edition are being very naive. The Bill has nothing really to do with hunting. It is a class warfare issue. There are two things on which the British can be relied for muddled thinking, class and animals… J W Alexander, Corsley, Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 11.3.06 LOOPHOLES MUST BE CLOSED IN LAW - Dan Norris MP is absolutely right to say the Hunting Act must be looked at again. Otherwise, the hundreds of hours, and taxpayers' money spent on the parliamentary debates, inquiries and committees to end the terrible cruelty of hunting a wild mammal with a pack of dogs, will have been in vain… Thankyou, Dan Norris, for standing up for the law - someone's got to. If we cannot rely on the police authorities, or our elected representatives to see that the law of the land is enforced, then what on Earth are we supposed to do? Helen Weeks, West Coker, Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 11.3.06 BRAVE AND VITAL STAND BY NORRIS - Dan Norris is right to take a stand against hunters who use dogs to chase wildlife into a terrified state and then disembowel the animal for fun. The hunters even breed foxes and deer for this very pur pose. Such practices are an abomination, not a culture. Dan Norris and his staff were very brave to go to Badminton to try to reason with the hunters last year…. Yvonne Sadler, Fishponds, Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 9.3.06 WHY IT WAS RIGHT TO BAN THE HUNT - West MP DAN NORRIS has been criticised by the country sports lobby for suggesting that Parliament revisits the Hunting Act if no prosecutions are brought against hunts. But here he argues that the ban has already begun reshaping the face of the countryside SO here we are, a year down the line, and it is time to ask what impact the hunting ban has actually had…. Ever since I can remember, pro-hunters have said absolutely anything to try and justify and prolong their uncivilised pursuit of deriving pleasure from the chasing and killing of animals…. WITHOUT doubt, banning hunting was the right thing to do. In a generation's time, people will look back completely amazed that anyone could have kept a straight face while trying to justify the obtaining of pleasure and enjoyment from the deliberate chasing and killing of animals like the fox. (story)
Western Daily Press 9.3.06 MP'S PARTY IS OUT OF TOUCH I read Dan Norris's comments in your paper. I simply ask what sort of an MP, having spent 700 hours debating hunting, votes for the Bill to ban it, then passes the buck for its catastrophic failure onto the police and prosecutors. His is a classic example of a party out of touch with ordinary people's interests, such as hospitals and services, and completely obsessed with what he still believes is a class war, showing complete ignorance of animal welfare…. Antony Brassey Director Country Acquisitions Cirencester (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.3.06 DAN'S DIGNITY AND COURAGE - With regard to recent correspondence about Dan Norris MP revisiting the hunting issue in parliament. Dan will obviously take no lessons about debates in parliament from those who don't believe in democracy and free speech as witnessed by the attack on him in Badminton during a TV interview…. Chris Gale Chippenham (letter)
Western Daily Press 6.3.06 AMBIGUITY OF THE HUNT LAWS - I've only just got my breath back after reading what Dan Norris had to say about the Hunting Act. Why will he not accept that there have not been any prosecutions because people are not breaking the law?... Trevor Selwood. Chippenham, Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 4.3.06 CYNICISM OF CPS - I think it is unbelievable that Dan Norris is returning to a subject that has already used more than 700 hours of Parliamentary time on a minority issue. The fact that the hunts are still running, despite the best efforts of Mr Norris and his associates, only exemplifies the resolve they have… Philip Hall, Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 4.3.06 PUT HUMANITY FIRST - When my husband was sent to the Gulf in 2003 to risk his life, MPs spent three hours debating the issue. Dan Norris has so far wasted 700 hours on banning fox-hunting…. E Fletcher, Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 4.3.06 DON'T WASTE TIME - It was Dan Norris's party that changed the Government Bill into the farce that it has become. Instead they tried to stop a group of people which clearly has not worked… Martin Scott, Dorset (letter)
Western Daily Press 4.3.06 END HUNT DEBATE - I read that Dan Norris contemplates spending more time in Parliament on hunting with dogs. In spite of the Act being an obviously bad Iaw… Andrew Davison, Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 4.3.06 POLICE PRIORITIES Does it not occur to Dan Norris that there are no prosecutions because hunts are operating within the law (Western Daily Press, March 2)? Does it not occur to him that, even if there is an odd transgression, the police and Crown Prosecution Service have more important duties?.... John Rushton, Chippenham, Wiltshire (letter)

Western Mail 14.3.06 THE BRITISH Association for Shooting and Conservation has launched a dedi-cated helpline number for people wanting to know more about avian flu and its potential effects on shooting and other technical issues… (story)

Western Daily Press 14.3.06 CELEBS IN PLEA OVER DOCKING DOGS' TAILS - Celebrity campaigners against tail-docking have made an 11th-hour plea to MPs to outlaw the practice when they vote today. West TV vets Trude Mostue, Emma Milne and actress Miranda Richardson, who has a Wiltshire home, joined the RSPCA in calling for a ban. MPs will discuss the issue during a debate on the Animal Welfare Bill, and there will be a free vote…. (letter)
Scotsman 14.3.06 Actress joins tail docking protest - Actress Miranda Richardson has joined TV vets Trudie Mostue and Emma Milne in calling on MPs to ban the practice of tail docking of dogs. The RSPCA said MPs will be voting during the Animal Welfare Bill, on the "brutal and unwarranted mutilation which has been traditionally performed on dogs of certain breeds for the breeders' personal aesthetic preference, or to prevent future tail damage in gun dogs or working dogs."… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 14.3.06 Call to cut out tail docking - ANIMAL rights activists will take their campaign to ban tail docking of dogs to the Scottish Parliament tomorrow. Green MSP Robin Harper will join campaigners from Advocates for Animals to lobby parliament to get a stop to the process of removing tails from puppies…. (story)

Halifax Courier 14.3.06 HALT CRUEL OPERATIONS ON PUPPY DOGS' TAILS - Tim Miles (RSPCA Chief Veterinary Adviser) (letter)
North East Evening Gazette 2.3.06 Stop brutality and let dog wag its tail - TIM MILES, RSPCA chief veterinary advisor (story)
Western Mail 28.2.06 Ban all docking - Tim Miles, RSPCA Chief Veterinary Adviser (letter)
Hunts Post 22.2.06 Postbag: End docking... UNDER the Animal Welfare Bill, MPs will soon be voting on whether to ban the tail docking of dogs. They may vote for an exemption on the tail docking of gundogs - at which the RSPCA, British Veterinary Association and other animal welfare groups are outraged…. Readers who want to see an end to this unnecessary and painful practice should contact their MP… TIM MILES, RSPCA chief veterinary adviser (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 14.3.06 FARMER - I WILL NOT KILL BADGERS - Gloucestershire farmer Andrew Cozens says he does not want blood on his hands if a badger cull is approved. Saturday was the deadline for the consultation on a cull to stop the spread of bovine TB. Eastington farmer Mr Cozens fears Defra could licence landowners and farmers to do the culling themselves… Tony Dean, of Gloucestershire Badger Group, believes a cull would achieve nothing…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 14.3.06 SPARE THE BADGERS - Let's make my position clear right away. I like badgers. It's something that goes back to childhood days when I was brought up on tales of loveable, folksy animal characters with names like "Old Brock" or "Stripey"… I must confess that I don't feel competent to take up the cudgels on one side or another. But it remains a divisive issue. As for me, I would be sorry to see a slaughter of our badger population, particularly if another solution could be found. (story)

Western Daily Press 14.3.06 TB OR NOT TB: IS BROCK TO BLAME? - Mps are to discuss proposals for a badger cull today, a question which has split the countryside and conservationists alike. Here, Green Party Euro-MP CAROLINE LUCAS warns that culling badgers may increase spread of bovine TB, while Cotswolds farmer JAN ROWE argues that only a comprehensive cull will save Britain's badgers and cattle alike… (letter)

Guardian 14.3.06 Tim Roper: Animals' advocate - Badgers need all the friends they can get just now. Chris Arnot meets one of their most vocal supporters… The real question facing the agriculture minister, Ben Bradshaw, is whether drastically reducing the rural badger population will go a long way towards eliminating the disease…. Caught somewhere in between is a scientific community that knows this is not, ahem, a black and white issue. Among the letters in Bradshaw's packed in-tray should be couple carrying the signature of Professor Tim Roper from the biology department at Sussex University. One was sent as a private individual, the other as part of a submission from the Mammal Society, whose scientific committee he chairs…. (story)

Western Mail 14.3.06 Cattle-to-cattle to blame, not badgers - I write in response to your article (RSPCA ignoring badger suffering and allowing disease to spread, Feb 21). The Farmers Union of Wales' assertion that infected badgers are the main cause of TB in cows does not tally with recent scientific evidence…. Gethin Russell-Jones, RSPCA Cymru Wales (story)

Western Morning News 14.3.06 TRUST MUST DO MORE TO HELP BADGERS - Please could Devon Wildlife Trust explain why a badger is on its logo, yet it seems not to be doing anything to help the badger population threatened in case TB is being transmitted by them to cattle. In all probability, it is the other way round…. Mrs Jan Martin, Dartington
I WAS amazed to see the inaccuracies in your report "Badger cull campaigners fail to see Minister" (February 25). There was certainly more than a "handful" of protesters - 52 to be exact - and there were two dressed as badgers…. J Peachy, St Austell (letter)

Western Morning News 14.3.06 CATTLE MOVEMENT IS LIKELY CAUSE OF TB - From what I have heard it is the movement of cattle that is causing the spread of TB - not the badgers. Equally, much of this movement is unnecessary, but it is part of EU regulations. However, instead of concentrating on the spreading of this disease, surely we need to look into why our cattle are so vulnerable to it. Healthy animals rarely get sick… Jackie Edwards, Somerset (letter)

The Sentinel 14.3.06 MUST WE CULL BRITAIN'S BADGERS? - I was horrified to read your article about the proposed cull (slaughter) of badgers within the Staffordshire Moorlands simply because they have been accused of spreading Bovine TB by a handful of expert witnesses. Surely our wildlife deserves more than this?... (story)

Guardian 14.3.06 Actors make the fur fly - A new educational play on animal testing has backing from all sides of the debate - James Randerson, science correspondent … This is a snapshot of the rowdy and combative discussion that followed the premiere of a play on animal testing last Monday at Waverley School in Peckham Rye, south London. Every Breath, by Judith Johnson, explores vivisection through the characters in a dysfunctional family. The play, which will be watched by 15,000 schoolchildren across the country and theatregoers at the Edinburgh festival, is aimed at taking the animal rights debate out of the hands of the extremists…. (story)

Western Morning News 14.3.06 THE article "Remember Thalidomide" (March 3) was misleading… Many modern drugs, including widely used anti-depressants, can cause human birth defects. The anti-depressants have been heavily animal tested, but still the human is the ultimate guinea pig… Gillian Russell, Aberdeen (letter)

Plymouth Herald 14.3.06 MORE LIVE EXPORT DEMOS AT DOCKS? - An animal rights pressure group in Plymouth will stage 'peaceful' demonstrations if live cattle exports from Millbay Docks resume, its leader said today. Chris Deacon, of action group Animal Concern Today, was among hundreds of protesters who tried to stop trucks carrying livestock entering the docks during the 1990s. And he warned that more protests could be expected if traders used Plymouth when proposals to lift a ban on live exports came into effect…. (story)

Daily Record 14.3.06 YOURVIEW - WHY KILL SEALS? - IN reply to Scott Reid's letter about the baby seal cull, we also think this practice is abhorrent and astonishing…. Sally and Ruth Stevens, Ardrishaig, Argyll (story)
Daily Record 8.3.06 SEAL CULL - WE are just weeks away from the annual Canadian seal hunt when the white ice floes of Eastern Canada are turned red with the blood of thousands of newborn harp seal pups, clubbed to death for their fur…. Scott Reid, Moodiesburn, Glasgow (letter)

Western Mail 14.3.06 Global trade reopened along with old wounds - THE END of the beef export ban has not only reopened a global trade that was worth an estimated £675m a year a decade ago, it has also reprised the confrontation between the farming industry and animal welfare campaigners over the live transport of veal calves to the Continent…. CIWF transport campaigner Rowen West-Henzell said the trade was brutal and pointless….(story)

Worcester Evening News 14.3.06 Depressing toll of animal cruelty - Cruelty against animals is on the rise. If it isn't horses, its dogs, cats, kittens. The A to Z of suffering species splashed across our newspapers and frequently reported in regional broadcasts…. But are courts sometimes too forgiving? The cruelty case involving the youth who broke the back leg of a puppy and attacked his girlfriend's sister in Malvern shows astonishing leniency on the part of the Magistrate…. ANDREW BROWN, Worcester. (letter in archive)

Scotsman 14.3.06 Rock star calls for end to cull - Rock legend Brian May has added his voice to calls for an end to an island's hedgehog cull. More than 500 of the creatures have been killed by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) because they pose a threat to ground-nesting birds and their eggs. The operation is due to resume again in the Outer Hebrides this year. Animal rights campaigners, including Uist Hedgehog Rescue, who have saved some of the animals from previous culls, claim the killings are inhumane…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 14.3.06 VEGGIE APPEAL - A vegetarian diet is better for you, animals and the planet. By going veggie, you'll save animals' lives, you'll improve your health and stay slimmer, you'll help feed the world and reduce pollution…. Sue Daniels, Leicestershire Vegetarian/Vegan Group. (story)


Shropshire Star 13.3.06 Series of injuries at hunt meeting - Three people and a horse were injured in a series of freak accidents on South Shropshire Hunt’s last meet of the season. Two riders were airlifted to hospital after falling off their horses, including a 14-year-old who was dragged along the ground…. (story)

News Wales 13.3.06 Hunting ban endangers sheep, says Tory - Glyn Davies, Welsh Conservative AM for Mid and West Wales has repeated his long standing calls for elements of the Hunting with Dogs Act to be devolved from Westminster to the National Assembly. He made his call in response to the launch of a questionnaire by all the major farming organisations to collect evidence which is expected to show that the ban on hunting with dogs is preventing sheep farmers from protecting their animals…. (story)

Scotsman 13.3.06 How gamekeeping helps environment - FORDYCE MAXWELL RURAL AFFAIRS EDITOR - A REPORT that claims game management has enriched the British countryside and its wildlife habitats will be presented to a conference at Perth today by its author. Stephen Tapper, director of policy for the Game Conservancy Trust, an independent wildlife conservation charity that invests £2 million a year in research, said before the trust's Scottish conference: "With a history of more than 150 years, game shooting interests have been conserving wildlife habitats far longer than the conservation movement…." (story)

Times 13.3.06 Still no firearms register a decade after Dunblane BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR, FOR TIMES ONLINE - Ten years ago to the day since the Dunblane shootings, when 16 primary school children and their teacher were killed by Thomas Hamilton in the school gym, the Government has still failed to create a national firearms register… The British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Countryside Alliance have been calling for years for a consistent approach by police forces when dealing with applications for firearms and shotgun licences…. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 13.3.06 Watch for hares From John Rimington, Eastern Region Press Officer, British Brown Hare Preservation, Society, Golden Riddy, Leighton Buzzard - THE 1892 Hares Preservation Act bans the sale of hare or leveret meat during the period March 1 to July 31, by butchers, game dealers or restaurants. Anyone observing a breach of the Act should please report the matter immediately to the local Trading Standards department or to the police... (story)

Independent 13.3.06 Pros and cons on the badger cull - Your article on the spread of tuberculosis in cattle ("Judgment day looms for 100,000 badgers facing cull", 10 March) is extremely misleading. Scientific trials have consistently shown a definitive link between badgers and the spread of TB, and the Irish Four Areas Trial has shown that measures to eliminate the disease from wildlife have a positive and widespread effect in reducing the incidence of this debilitating disease across the board…. MEURIG RAYMOND, NFU DEPUTY PRESIDENT STONELEIGH PARK, WARWICKSHIRE (letter)

Independent 13.3.06 Pros and cons on the badger cull - I write as an ex-member who served for three years on the Government's Badgers and Bovine TB Consultative Panel…. DR RICHARD MEYER, PETERS MARLAND, TORRINGTON, DEVON (letter)
Guardian 9.3.06 I write as an ex-member who served for three years on the government's badgers and bovine TB consultative panel. For anyone interested in the apparent intention of this government, egged on by farmers, to eradicate badgers, there is a stack of scientific literature…. Dr Richard Meyer, Torrington, Devon (story)

Sidmouth Herald 13.3.06 Sharon shuns Oxford degree - SIDMOUTH woman Sharon Howe has returned her Oxford degree in protest to the institution's plans to build an £18m animal testing laboratory. Sharon, 37, of Lymebourne Avenue, Sidmouth, has become something of a minor celebrity, since she sent back her first-class Modern Languages MA degree from St Hilda's College, where she studied French and German…. (story)
Guardian 10.3.06 We're not terrorists, and we're not against progress - Protesters against animal experimentation should not be caricatured as anti-science, says Sharon Howe - Despite his Orwellian imagery, Timothy Garton Ash's stereotypical presentation of an enlightened pro-vivisection elite versus an ignorant and destructive bunch of "antis" is hardly consistent with his declared belief in the "pursuit of truth and the defence of reason"… It may make for better headlines to portray anti-vivisectionists as terrorists bent on obstructing medical progress, but it couldn't be further from the truth…. (story)
Oxford Mail 7.3.06 Graduate gives her degree back - A lecturer has sent her first class degree back to Oxford University in protest at the building of an animal testing laboratory. Sharon Howe, 37, pictured, has posted her modern languages degree certificate to Vice Chancellor John Hood, with a letter explaining she no longer wants to be associated with the institution. The translator and part-time lecturer at Plymouth University, who lives in Sidmouth, believes animal research is unnecessary in the search for treatments for diseases such as Parkinson's, which her 82-year-old mother Eileen suffers from…. (story in archive)
Independent 6.3.06 Sharon Howe: Animal testing is both cruel and unnecessary - No one could be keener to see a cure for Parkinson's than I: my mother suffers from it - The privilege of studying at Oxford is not something I have ever taken for granted…It is therefore with great regret that I now find myself forced to return that degree to an institution of which I can no longer be proud. I simply cannot continue my association with a university which persists in building a new laboratory to perpetuate the morally repugnant and scientifically outdated practice of animal testing… (story)

Western Daily Press 13.3.06 IT'S JUST SO CRUEL - It always saddens me how badly people treat animals. I was appalled to read the article 'Jail for thug who threw puppy 100 foot to its death' (March 10). I was disgusted to read that he had only been given six months imprisonment but worst of all, only banned from keeping dogs for 10 years… Sarah Bennett-Milne Dursley, Gloucestershire (letter)

Scotsman 13.3.06 MSP aims to ban use of wild animals in circuses - KATRINE BUSSEY - AN MSP is launching an attempt to ban wild animals from being used in circus performances. Mark Ruskell said the use of creatures such as lions and elephants in travelling circuses was a "medieval practice" and he is hoping the Scottish Parliament will back his move to outlaw it…. (story)
Scotland on Sunday 12.3.06 Bid to ban wild animals in circuses - A bid is being launched to ban wild animals from performing under the circus big top. Green MSP Mark Ruskell said the tradition of creatures such as lions and elephants being used in travelling circuses was a "medieval practice"… (story)
BBC News Online 12.3.06 Circus ban call for wild animals - A bid is being launched to stop wild animals from performing in circuses. Green MSP Mark Ruskell said the tradition of creatures such as lions and elephants being used in travelling circuses was a "medieval practice". He has proposed an amendment to the Animal Health and Welfare Bill which is going through the Scottish Parliament and is hopeful that MSPs will back it… (story)

BBC News Online 13.3.06 Ice figure protest at seal hunt - A huge ice sculpture of a Canadian seal hunter and seal is to be unveiled in London's Trafalgar Square in protest at the hunting season in Canada…. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) commissioned the 10ft sculpture to raise awareness about the seal hunt…. (story)


Observer 12.3.06 Pendennis - Oliver Marre - Last week, Margaret Beckett appeared on radio and made a statement that has, thanks to Jowellgate, gone unreported - until now….'Many Labour opinion-formers, particularly those favoured by Gordon Brown, saw foxhunting as the first step. There are ongoing private discussions about how to stop the fishing and shooting,' says a lobby source. 'They're terrified, though, of losing four million fishermen's votes in one fell swoop, so are proceeding with great caution.'…. When she appeared on the Today programme, she announced, unchecked: 'When we get rid of all the other blood sports, there will still be the House of Commons.'… Meanwhile, my lobby source adds: 'We fear that Beckett's off-the-cuff remark is a true representation of her government's intent, waiting to manifest itself as policy once Brown takes over from Blair.' (story)

Observer 12.3.06 MPs' committee - Ned Temko - A Commons committee will this week query whether moves to cull badgers to halt bovine TB are a waste of time, accusing the government of 'asking the wrong questions' in its 12-week inquiry…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 12.3.06 Blair vow to tackle animal activists By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter - Tony Blair has personally pledged to crack down on animal rights "terrorists" who try to "hold the country to ransom". At a secret meeting with industry leaders, he promised "more determined" efforts to prosecute activists who terrorise staff from companies involved in, or linked to, vivisection. Such harassment and the need for legal action to combat it cost British companies millions of pounds a year…. (story)

Sunday Herald 12.3.06 The Mild Bunch - Threats of violence, the desecration of graves, incendiary devices … this is the stuff of headlines. But are animal rights activists really the obsessive extremists that such stories suggest? Vicky Allan went on the anti-vivisection campaign trail to find out…At lunchtime on a wintry Saturday, a man dressed in a chicken suit stands outside KFC on Glasgow’s Argyle Street. He stamps the ground, feet and legs numbed by cold inside the clownish striped tights and plastic claw. Has he worn the suit before? “Do you think I would do this twice?” he replies. Ashby McGowan, school lab technician, is a vegan Buddhist… As an ALF activist during the early 1980s, McGowan once attempted to liberate dogs from a laboratory…. Helen Robinson, a driving force behind Clydeside Animal Action, shows me a leaflet which features a photograph of a cat undergoing experimentation and the slogan: “Born to die at Hillgrove Farm.”… Yvonne Taylor, an Edinburgh-based full-time anti-fur campaigner with Peta, has taken part in numerous publicity stunts… Julie McCheyne, actress, stands with her placard. This is how she thinks change happens. At 10 years old, she walked past a stall, picked up a leaflet and decided that from that day forward, she wouldn’t eat meat…. (story)

Sunday Times 12.3.06 Cruel to animals - IT seems Professor Tipu Aziz is confusing issues… Dreadful, unnecessary experiments have been carried out, for example, essentially to get scientists’ names in print…. Dr Angus Souter, Glasgow (letter)

Independent on Sunday 12.3.06 Anne: Britain's last circus elephant - She's 53 years old, has arthritis and her muscles are wasting away. Now campaigners want her to retire with dignity By Jonathan Owen …Anne has been travelling with the Bobby Roberts Super Circus since she was a calf. Campaigners say the time has come for her to be sent to a home in the United States, where there are two that specialise in rescuing elderly elephants…. (story)


Irish Examiner 11.3.06 If we mourn dead animals, what about humans? - JEAN BENNINGTON (Irish Examiner February 27) laments the fact that fox hunting is still legal in Ireland… I wonder how she feels living in the UK where thousands of living unborn children are aborted every week. Rory O’Donovan, 11 Sunday’s Well Road, Cork (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 11.3.06 TORIES' HUNTING BAN POLICY MUST CHANGE- When David Cameron's Conservative Party talks in terms of upholding values, surely he should see the sense in respecting the Hunting Act and the majority of the population who welcome and support it…. Name and address supplied. (letter)

Scotsman 11.3.06 Cross-border trade fears as Holyrood and London split over tail-dock plan - PETER MACMAHON SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT EDITOR - PUPPIES could be transported across the Border to have their tails docked if Holyrood and Westminster adopt different positions on new animal cruelty laws, the Executive admitted last night…. (story)

Northern Echo 11.3.06 TAIL DOCKING - AS a professional dog groomer for some 40 years I feel competent enough to give an informed opinion regarding the docking of dogs' tails…. I hope MPs vote for a blanket ban on tail docking with no exceptions. Marjorie Embling, Crook. (letter in archive)

Bristol Evening Post 11.3.06 MPS SHOULD END THIS DOG CRUELTY - Crufts will be showcasing some of the most beautiful dogs in the world this weekend. Yet two dozen breeds are displayed with docked - amputated - tails, which the RSPCA's chief veterinary adviser TIM MILES claims is the ugliest side of the dog show circuit MPS are to vote next week on whether to prohibit the brutal practice of docking dogs' tails. Alhough there will be a free vote on the issue, Rural Affairs Secretary Margaret Beckett and her junior ministers, Ben Bradshaw and Jim Knight, have tabled an amendment to the Animal Welfare Bill…. Tail-docking is brutal and unnecessary. We are calling on every right-minded animal lover to lobby their MP right now to call for a total ban on tail-docking. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 11.3.06 INHUMANE TREATMENT OF ANIMALS NOT ACCEPTABLE - In answer to Mrs Tong and her comments about tail docking small pups (February 20) can I ask how she knows it is, in her words, 'relatively painless'?... I think people should get out there and research such things as bovine TB, and not just assume the farmers and Defra are right all the time… I applaud Rachel Astill-Dunseith for her continuing stand against man's inhumane treatment of the other animals. JACQUELINE BURLISONLincoln (story)

Scotsman 11.3.06 Dogs used to illegally hunt deer and hares in Lothians - ALAN MCEWEN CRIME REPORTER - PACKS of dogs are being used to illegally hunt wild deer and hares in growing numbers in the Lothians, police warned today… Reports have also been made of gangs of hunters fleeing rural locations after being spotted by suspicious farmers or passersby…(story)

Scotsman 11.3.06 Old greyhounds, gone to the dogs - ALASTAIR ROBERTSON - THE LAST TIME I followed my betting instincts was when I put £10 to win on a nag that had spent much of its life, I later discovered, in a coal merchant's yard near Lesmahagow….Normally I would not give greyhounds a thought, but you may have noticed that our Parliament is in the middle of anguishing over animal health and welfare, and greyhounds are right up there. This is because greyhounds are not a lot of use for racing after they are about five years old and the lower end of the market tends to get rid of its old dogs in a number of not always terribly nice ways… But it is all going to come to a head again when a £9.6 million stadium is opened at Wallyford near Musselburgh…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 11.3.06 25,000 PUT VIEW ON CULL - More than 25,000 responses have been received in a Government consultation which ended yesterday on a proposed badger cull in a move to curb TB in cattle…. Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett has revealed a "fair amount" of representations had been received from animal welfare groups opposed to any cull…. (story)

Western Morning News 11.3.06 PUBLIC FURY AT BADGER CULL PLANS - Plans for a mass cull of badgers in the Westcountry have provoked a huge public backlash. As the Government consultation on the issue closed yesterday, more than 25,000 people had sent in their views - four times the response seen during the debate on hunting with dogs… (story)

Western Daily Press 11.3.06 NFU UNDER ATTACK OVER BADGER RISK - Pro-badger campaigners have accused the NFU of engaging in desperate and disgraceful scaremongering by claiming that people and domestic pets are increasingly at risk from bovine TB…. Trevor Lawson, spokesman for the Badger Trust, dismissed the NFU's demands. "The Health Protection Agency states on its website that the risk of bovine TB infecting humans in Britain is 'negligible, " he said….(story)

Cambridge Evening News 11.3.06 Brave Pro-Test From Diane Gracey, Carrick Close, Cambridge - I WAS very pleased to read about Professor Stephen Hawking's support for biomedical research using animals (News, March 6). Your report quotes him as applauding those who have the courage to stand up to extremists. No doubt he had in mind the young 16-year-old and his friends who founded Pro-Test… I looked up Speak's site on the internet and was appalled to read the nasty, dirty filth they think is quite in order to write about the perfectly normal, if very bright and brave 16-year-old who founded Pro-Test. To me, and any other sane person who reads it, it said a great deal more about the unpleasant characters behind the animal rights movement than it did about the young person they thought they were attacking… (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 11.3.06 Animals suffer From Joan Court, Sturton Street, Cambridge - THE medical arguments about the value of animal experiments continue to obscure the moral and ethical reasons which many of us believe to be fundamental…. Prof Hawking, who "backs animal test lab" (News, March 7), may know that Bernard Shaw refuted the arguments of a famous biologist who stated vivisection was a "cruel necessity" by responding that if it was cruel, it was not a necessity…. (letter)

Oxford Mail 11.3.06 Lab ban fight may cost £20k - Taxpayers may have to foot a legal bill of up to £20,000 to allow animal rights' campaigners to fight Oxford University's injunction…. And its barristers will return to the High Court next month to try to place further restrictions on demonstrations against the lab, claiming the protests intimidate students, lecturers, builders and others associated with the university… If the case goes to trial, the bill could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Speak spokesman Robert Cogswell said: "The problem we had before was that we were not entitled to legal aid, but since the EDO ruling, we are hoping to go down that road this time."… (story in archive)

Sheffield Star 11.3.06 Animal activists in Crufts protest - ANIMAL rights campaigners from Sheffield are to protest at Crufts tomorrow over claims a pet food company conducts harmful tests. Members of city-based national anti-vivisection group Uncaged will be at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre calling for USA food producer Iams to be barred from Crufts… Uncaged campaigns co-ordinator Max Newton, of Binfield Road, Meersbrook, said: "The Kennel Club's promotion of Iams is a shocking betrayal of animals…. (story)

Sunderland Echo 11.3.06 Seal cull petition - I AM greatly concerned about the yearly "Canadian Seal Hunt" so I was overjoyed to see another reader letting Echo readers know all about it…. There is a petition which I have got so if anyone would like one, to get friends and family to sign please let me know…. RhysThompson, Martindale Avenue, Seaburn Dene, Sunderland (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 11.3.06 PROTESTS EXPECTED AS CIRCUS NEARS - PAUL DONOVAN - The circus rolls to town next week, but the most ferocious roars could be those of the protesters. The Great British Circus will bring tigers, lions, camels, reindeer, horses and dogs as well as clowns, strong men and acrobats to the field near Morrison's, Laceby Road, Grimsby. But it will be met with anger by some. Sean Atkinson (38), of Welholme Road, Grimsby, said: "Wild animals, whether they have been bred in captivity or wherever, should live in the wild….(story)

Belfast Telegraph 11.3.06 Circus animals move is welcomed By Fiona McIlwaine Biggins - A NORTHERN Ireland animal welfare campaign has welcomed news that the Government is planning to ban certain wild animals from performing in travelling circuses. Vivienne Rhodes, of Northern Ireland Against Animal Cruelty, said she was delighted with the news that plans are afoot to ban "certain non-domesticated species" from circuses… (story)


Western Daily Press 10.3.06 LAWS ARE FOR US ALL - Trevor Selwood (Your Say, March 6) claims that there have been no prosecutions under the Hunting Act because people are not breaking the law. On a number of occasions I have heard hunt masters claiming they are breaking the law, and that they intend to carry on doing so… Rev H W Jones, Swindon, Wiltshire (letter)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 10.3.06 A duty to not prolong suffering - I feel that Andrew Brown of Caldecott is not doing his cause any favours… Most people only use pest control where necessary and I believe the majority will choose the most humane method possible… Catherine Moubray, Church Street, Empingham (letter)
Rutland & Stamford Mercury 3.3.06 This bad law should not stand test of time - IT is now 12 months since the banning of hunting with dogs. But despite this more people are hunting than ever before, and the same number if not more foxes are being killed, albeit in ways which are worse for the welfare of the fox, for example, shooting and snaring…. The largest prohunting rally attracted more than 400,000 protesters to London but the largest anti-hunt rally managed only 20,000…. If this Act was designed to improve the welfare of foxes or prevent people from riding to hounds, then it has failed on both accounts and bad law must not be allowed to stand the test of time. Andrew Brown, Lyddington Road, Caldecott (letter)

South London Press 10.3.06 Foxy friend - I DON'T think it's morally right to kill animals. They are all part of life and God's creation. I have a fox that comes to sleep in my garden every Sunday and that's been going on for a year…. Mrs C Fowell-Boston, Stockwell Park Road, Stockwell (letter)

BBC News Online 10.3.06 Campaign against dog tail docking - A campaign opposing the practice of docking puppies' tails has got under way in the Highlands. Advocates for Animals were in Inverness to begin a Scotland-wide tour to gather public support for an end to the shortening of dogs' tails…. Campaigner Alexis Lacy said: "All dogs are born with tails and they are born with tails for a reason…. (story)

Telegraph 10.3.06 Beckett wants deal on dog tail docking By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - Working dogs would be exempted from a ban on tail docking under an amendment to the Animal Welfare Bill proposed yesterday by Margaret Beckett, the Environment Secretary. Shooting bodies, which have been lobbying hard for an exemption, claimed to have received assurances that ministers would support the amendment when it comes to the vote next Tuesday…. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation welcomed the compromise proposed by Mrs Beckett and said her support was highly significant…. (story)
Times 10.3.06 Rethink on docking has sting in tail BY VALERIE ELLIOTT - Working animals may be exempt from a ban that will prevent dogs with shortened tails - POLICE, rescue and working dogs used for pest control and shooting may continue to have their tails docked in a second about-turn by the Government. Margaret Beckett, the Rural Affairs Secretary, and Ben Bradshaw and Jim Knight, her junior ministers, have tabled an amendment to the Animal Welfare Bill allowing this exemption for welfare reasons… The latest change of policy comes after intensive lobbying from groups such as the Association of Chief Police Officers, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and the Countryside Alliance…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 10.3.06 Let's put this cruel practice in the dock - LEONORA MERRY … What I am referring to is the practice of docking the tails of dogs - a practice discussed at length last week (and hotly) in the Scottish Parliament… At the crux of the debate is that politicians are being asked by those in favour of docking to rely on evidence that simply does not exist - because the tails in question have been cut off before any potential injury (and evidence for their case) could occur…. Leonora Merry is Parliamentary Officer for the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 10.3.06 SNH ERROR MAY SCUPPER MINK CULL - IAIN RAMAGE - An ELEVEN-year mission to cull American mink to preserve native wildlife in the Western Isles may have been wrecked by a quango's office blunder. Scottish Natural Heritage's bungling of an application for more European Commission funds could jeopardise a project which has already cost taxpayers £1.65million. A failure to complete an application form for further EC funding has left SNH £1.2m short of its targeted budget for the next five-year stage of the project….(story)

Independent 10.3.06 Judgement day looms for 100,000 badgers facing cull By Jonathan Brown - They may be one of our most ancient creatures, but today could prove crucial for the future of Britain's badgers. Wildlife and animal welfare groups are issuing an urgent call to arms in a last-minute attempt to save up to 100,000 of the mammals from being culled…. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and other leading groups are urging badger lovers to e-mail the Government today to demand Mr Bradshaw does not make the mammal the "scapegoat" for decades of failure to deal with the rise of TB…. The Badger Trust, the Mammal Society, the National Trust, the Wildlife Trusts and the Woodland Trust all now oppose the cull…(story)

Guardian 10.3.06 Bovine TB is a problem, but a badger cull is not the answer - The Wildlife Trusts understands the importance of farming to the economy and the maintenance of a biodiverse countryside…. Any badger cull carried out in a similar way to its predecessors is unlikely to decrease significantly the incidence of TB in cattle, and may make it worse… Prof Aubrey Manning, David Attenborough, Prof David Macdonald, The Wildlife Trusts (letter)

Independent 10.3.06 Case for badger cull far from proven - I write as a past principal of a mixed veterinary practice in Devon, to add to the badger-cull debate. … I carried out numerous post-mortem examinations on badgers killed in road accidents: I only found "open" TB in one old badger… Cattle movements have increased enormously to 14 million annually; cattle harbouring bTB are ideal vectors. Rigorous testing of all cattle would reduce this risk…. NELSON L R BOWDEN, YELVERTON, DEVON (story)

Gloucester Citizen 10.3.06 BADGERS ARE THE SCAPEGOATS - I Write to The Citizen, to defend the badgers. Like so many mysteries, there is always, as in this TB case, a scapegoat. So the poor badger gets the blame. Farmers blame the badger, but they can't, or won't say, where TB originates from?... NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 10.3.06 BADGERS ARE NOT TO BLAME - How sick I am of seeing the badger used as a scapegoat. There are areas of farmland which have been free of TB for years and have had badgers for all that time. Why should it surface there now?... Sue Crookes, School Lane, Brackenfield. (letter)

Times 10.3.06 Oxford silences animal activists BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK Injunction bans campaigners against new research from using megaphones to harass students - OXFORD University served an unprecedentedly strict injunction yesterday to protect students and staff by banning animal rights activists from screaming through megaphones or taking photographs… The High Court order was granted at a hearing behind closed doors on Monday but kept secret from activists until they arrived at the university to protest yesterday. They reacted with outrage, ripping up copies of the order but complying with its demands…. The emergency order was served on Speak, the group campaigning against the research facility, and the veteran activists Mel Broughton, John Curtin, Robert Cogswell and Max Gastone. The papers also name Robin Webb, as a representative of the Animal Liberation Front, and Amanda Richards, the former leader of Save Newchurch Guinea Pigs. Greg and Natasha Avery, co-founders of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, are also named…. (story)
Oxford Mail 9.3.06 Megaphones banned at lab site - Protesters have been banned from using megaphones, sirens and whistles outside Oxford's animal testing lab under a new injunction, it emerged this afternoon. Oxford University won an interim order at the High Court against animal rights protesters because it claimed the demonstrations were "deeply unpleasant and stressful and is affecting the research and study of our staff and students"… (story in archive)

Cambridge Evening News 10.3.06 Circus elephant Anne sparks 'shun show' call - ANNE the circus elephant is in town - but an animal welfare group is urging people to boycott the show. Bobby Roberts Super Circus opened in Brampton last night, with jugglers, clowns, ponies and dogs set to entertain the crowds until Sunday. But the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS), which opposes the use of all animals in the ring, wants Bobby Roberts to let Anne pack her trunk and say goodbye to the circus…. (story)

Harborough Mail 10.3.06 So cruel to man’s best friend - JANUARY 29 this year heralded the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Dog… Every year in China dogs are beaten to death before they are eaten; they are brutally killed for their fur which is reaching all the countries of the world… A charity that is addressing the problem is Animals Asia Foundation… Jean Bird, Harborough Animal Concern, 7 Cedar Close, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leics LE8 0KY. (letter)

Harborough Mail 10.3.06 Palm off such menacing products - A FEW years ago consumer pressure resulted in ethical producers stating that their tinned tuna was “dolphin friendly”. We now need to put pressure on manufacturers of soap, lipstick, margarine, biscuits and candles to state whether they are “orang-utan friendly”… Janet Gee, Tower Court, Lubenham. (letter)

Scotsman 10.3.06 Ethnic squirrel cleansing - I must take issue with Clark Cross's letter (7 March) condemning grey squirrels. Individual grey squirrels are as native to Scotland as humans from ethnic minorities. Referring to them as "aliens" because of their ethnic origin is an unfair and concerted campaign by those who want to control nature… ANGUS MACMILLAN, Meikle Boturich, nr Balloch, Dunbartonshire (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 10.3.06 Extermination not the answer - THERE were several things about the letter from Clark Cross ("No grey area over controlling squirrel levels", March 7) that I found disturbing. The first thing was that he said the "culprit" responsible for the red squirrels' decline is the grey squirrel. The word culprit implies some sort of guilt. If there is to be a culprit it must be humans… William Mackenzie, Eildon Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Malvern Gazette 10.3.06 Abuse has to stop - I was appalled to read (Malvern Gazette, February 24) about the disgusting attack by a teenage boy on a small puppy. What was even more disgusting was that the boy's punishment was a ban from keeping dogs for two years… I then went on to read about another persecution - this time a Government approved one - the mass culling of badgers…. Malvern Hills Conservators seem to be considering using donkeys to pull lazy tourists up our beautiful hills…. Lisa Bonomini, Worcester Road, Malvern (letter in archive)

Worcester Evening News 10.3.06 Cruelty to a dog - I am writing about the boy who broke the Staffordshire bull terrier's leg. It's time the law was changed. A two-year ban from owning an animal is not enough… MRS LINDA NASH, Malvern. (letter in archive)

Gloucestershire Echo 10.3.06 FROG CRUELTY - PUB GAMES ARE NOT FAIR - I saw an article in the Echo two or three weeks ago advertising an event in a pub at Blockley. As always, when I read about creatures like frogs, toads, snails being used to provide entertainment, my stomach turns over. I sincerely hope the frogs referred to are going to be made of plastic and are not real…. Miss S Shaw, (letter)

Sutton Advertiser 10.3.06 Contractors accused of driving badgers out of woodland - FURIOUS residents claim council contractors are driving badgers away from Kenley so that the land can be built on…. Warwick Reynolds, field officer for East Surrey Badger Protection Society, fears for the future of badgers living in the numerous setts on the site…. (story)


Guardian 9.3.06 The abortion row in the US is not about babies. It's about power-mad grown-ups who despise each other - Lionel Shriver - I've suffered a dizzy sensation this week because my native United States is hurtling backwards through time. South Dakota has just passed a total ban on abortion and half a dozen other states have similar legislation in the pipeline… Lofty rhetoric. But I have studied the eyes of the fanatics who regularly picket abortion clinics in the US and I do not see love of tiny unborn babies. I see hatred…. I spot exactly the same hypocrisy in the animal rights movement, which is also driven by hatred of fellow bipeds, and which appears to have very little to do with beagles that are punched in the nose…. In kind, the fastidious urbanites who successfully outlawed fox-hunting never struck me as especially fussed about foxes. Oh, they talked about the poor little foxes, but the foxes themselves were mere rhetorical pawns…. The fox-hunting debate has always been about people - people you don't like and people who will bolster your own sense of victorious domination once you get to ruin their weekends. (story)

Helston Packet 9.3.06 Cury hunt club holds hornblowing contest By Laura Parsons - THE Cury Hunt Supporters Club held its annual hornblowing, hollaing and whipcracking competition at the Gweek gig club headquarters on Saturday. The MC for the competition was former hunt master Andrew Richards, who also demonstrated the various calls to the other competitors - some of whom had never blown a horn or cracked a hunting whip before the evening…. (story)

Western Gazette 9.3.06 SUPPORTERS HONOUR HUNTSMAN'S EFFORTS - A Huntsman's 25-year involvement with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt was celebrated at the weekend. Chris Bowld of Charlton Horethorne started hunting at the age of eight in the Cotswolds, where he grew up. When he left school, aged 15, he worked at the North Cotswold Hunt kennels, then for the Quorn as first whipper-in until 1978… (story)

Western Daily Press 9.3.06 HUNTERS ARE MOCKING LAW The hunting law should most definitely be rewritten. It isn't working, never has done. Hunters are making absolute mockery of the law…. The Countryside Alliance keep telling us they have more and more supporters. Rubbish - there are far more people who abhor the cruelty that's inflicted upon these animals…. Norah Pound Wroughton Wiltshire (letter)

Sussex Express 9.3.06 DOG LOVERS LOBBY MP - CONCERNED dog owners visited Lewes MP Norman Baker on Saturday to lobby against a measure in the forthcoming Animal Welfare Bill which, they claim, could result in long term damage to certain breeds of dog… Peter Setterfield, regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said: 'The purpose of tail docking in certain types of working dogs such as spaniels and terriers is to prevent injuries caused to the tips of their tails as they work in thick cover…" (story)

Western Gazette 9.3.06 VETS BACK BAN ON TAIL DOCKING FOR DOGS - The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has joined the RSPCA and other leading veterinary and welfare bodies in calling on Parliament to ban the practice of tail docking - unless it is for therapeutic reasons, when a vet deems it necessary following injury or disease… (story)

Bucks Free Press 9.3.06 Costume campaigners hit the streets to save badgers from cull - THE Bucks' badger reared its stripy head in Wycombe on Friday but this time it was not the county's oldest recipe that was on show. Rather than the traditional pastry dish enjoyed by Bucks residents for centuries these badgers were actually RSPCA campaigners dressed up as the elusive wild creatures in a bid to save them from being slaughtered…. Linda Rimington, south Bucks RSPCA chairman, said: "The RSPCA believes that badgers are being made the scapegoats for a rise in bovine TB in cattle… Mike Collard, of the Buckinghamshire Badger Group, agrees…. (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 9.3.06 Badger cull is horrific - Under intense pressure from the National Farmers' Union, the Government has agreed to a cull of thousands of badgers in an attempt to reduce or eradicate bovine tuberculosis…. The word "cull" seems to suggest controlled, humane killing of animals. Not so. In fact almost any method of killing the farmers care to use seems to be permissible. Poison, gassing, shooting and even the horrific, slow torture and death by wire snare could be used. Trevor Howard, Melverton Avenue, Wolverhampton. (letter)

Cornishman 9.3.06 Badger culling - Roland Gurney, via e-mail - THE 12-week public consultation on a possible badger killing policy in areas of high TB incidence in cattle ends on March 10…. Longer term the problem should be solved by improved cattle testing, control of cattle and development of a bTB vaccine. I find it appalling that much greater resources have gone into badger culling and related scientific inquiry than into developing such a vaccine…. (letter)

Guardian 9.3.06 Crucial questions must be answered before a badger cull - Libby Brooks (In black and white, March 7) alluded only briefly to the alternatives to killing badgers…. It is imperative that Defra investigates such models further as an alternative to the mass killing of a native British animal over a wide area for many years. Dr Christopher Chesney, Exeter, Devon
Your emotive and one-sided article on bovine TB and badgers did not make a serious attempt to answer the question your headline posed: "To cull or not to cull?"… Ben Bradshaw MP, Minister for animal health
Here in Britanny, where there is extensive dairy farming, the notion that badgers spread TB is not known…. Léo Burton, France (letters)
Guardian 7.3.06 In black and white - They are among Britain's best-loved animals: furry, sociable, and a feature of our woodlands for thousands of years. Now the government plans to wipe out a third of them at a stroke - in a cull that might achieve nothing. Libby Brooks reports… (story)

Daily Post 9.3.06 Continental rift over live calf exports By Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - A NEW farm co-operative is inviting dairy farmers to sign up to a new ferry scheme for exporting calves to the continent. Anglo European Farmers Ltd has circulated its prospectus to dairy producers inviting them to secure an initial six-month ferry berth… Vegan campaign group Viva! yesterday condemned the impending resumption of and said mass public demonstrations against live calf exports were likely to resume. It is now urging people to stop consuming milk, yoghurt and cheese as a way of damaging calf exports…. "Seventy-five per cent of the British public claim to be against live exports," said Viva! campaigner, Toni Vernelli…. (story)

Guardian 9.3.06 Farmers hope to rebuild fortunes as beef ban ends - James Meikle - Farmers' leaders said yesterday that they hoped the lifting of the 10-year export ban on British beef and live cattle spelled the end of the BSE crisis and would allow them to rebuild an industry which at one point was almost brought to its knees…. In 2000 more than 1 million live sheep were exported; last year there were just 30,000, watched closely by groups such as Kent Against Live Exports (Kale). They fear the return of live cattle exports will spark a resurgence in the sheep trade too. "We shall be writing to MPs , Mrs Beckett, doing everything we can to protest," said Ian Birchall, Kale's chairman. Rowen West-Henzell, of Compassion in World Farming, said that unless farmers voluntarily abstained from exporting calves up to 500,000 calves a year might be sent to other veal markets that fell short of UK standards. (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 9.3.06 Campaigners vow to fight animal exports - ANIMAL welfare campaigners who fought live animal exports in Essex a decade ago have vowed to take action once again if veal calves are sent for slaughter abroad… Sue Wheeler, Olive Allum and Val Oliver took part in nearly every demonstration against live animal exports in Brightlingsea for ten months in 1995….(story)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.3.06 FARMERS WELCOME LIFTING OF BEEF BAN - An end to the 10-year ban on exports of British beef has been applauded by Devon farmers…. Not everyone welcomed the end to the ban - both the RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming voiced concern about the resumption of lengthy journeys across Europe for exported live cattle and veal calves… (story)

Scotsman 9.3.06 Sir Paul plea over animal test lab - Sir Paul McCartney has written a letter to the governor of Arizona, saying he does not want drug developer Covance to open an animal testing lab in the state where he owns a ranch…. Laurene Isip, a spokeswoman for Covance, responded to Sir Paul's letter with a statement. "It is unfortunate that Peta is using Mr McCartney to spread their false allegations against our company. Covance conducts government required medical research to find medicines for diseases like breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and many others," the statement read. (story)

Western Daily Press 9.3.06 STOP DRUG TESTS ON THE ANIMALS - I would like to make a few comments to the people who support experiments on animals. Have any of them been inside a laboratory where animals are used for research, or have they seen the documentaries shown on television? I doubt it very much…. H Nicholson Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 9.3.06 Standing up for humans - WELL done Laurie Pycroft. At last someone has had the guts to stand up to these animal rights terrorists. Unfortunately my weekend was pre-booked, otherwise I would have attended the rally in Oxford…. A RACHNID Walcot, Swindon (letter)

Bedford Times & Citizen 9.3.06 Nirah boss pledges: 'We'll raise the money - The financial brains behind plans to build the planet's largest freshwater aquarium at Stewartby said this week: "We will raise the money." Peter May, chairman of Nirah Holdings Ltd, told the Times & Citizen he still expects the project to get enough backing from private investors, despite the budget increasing from £250 million to £375 million…. (story)

Guardian 9.3.06 Circuses face curb on use of wild animals - James Meikle - England's three travelling circuses will be banned from using some wild animals, the government said yesterday….(story)
Guardian 8.3.06 Wild animals banned from circuses - Matt Weaver - Wild animals will be banned from travelling circuses after the government bowed to pressure from animal welfare campaigners. There are at least 33 performing wild animals touring with circuses in Britain, including seven tigers, five lions, eight camels and a 52-year-old elephant. Animal welfare minister Ben Bradshaw told MPs today that he would introduce regulations to ban the use of certain "non-domestic" species from travelling circuses… (story)
BBC News Online 8.3.06 Wild animals 'to face circus ban' - The government is to ban certain wild animals from performing in travelling circuses, Animal Health Minister Ben Bradshaw has announced. He said the use of some animals in circuses was "not compatible" with their welfare needs. The RSPCA and Born Free Foundation have campaigned hard for a ban to be included in the Animal Welfare Bill…. (story)

Western Daily Press 9.3.06 LET'S STOP THIS WICKED TREATMENT OF ANIMALS - It's probably one of the last bastions of legalised cruelty left in this country but, if campaigners get their way, the use of animals in travelling circuses could soon be a thing of the past. It can't come soon enough, in my view, and I still find it impossible to comprehend the wicked and callous treatment meted out to generations of circus animals in the name of enter tainment…. (letter)

Western Daily Press 9.3.06 CHINA'S CANINE TORTURE SHAME - With the start of Crufts today, a popular West television presenter begins his crusade to stop the "barbaric slaughter" of less fortunate dogs in China. Paul Martin, who hosts the antiques show Flog It, has joined forces with the Animals Asia Foundation to raise awareness of the 10million dogs killed for food and two million destroyed for fur every year in the Communist state… (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 9.3.06 Killing greys not the answer - IT is over-simplistic and misleading to claim that grey squirrels are to blame for the decline in red squirrels (Letters, March 7)… An effective long-term solution does not need to involve needlessly killing our wildlife. Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Sevenoaks Chronicle 9.3.06 PLEASE LEAVE THE POOR LITTLE CREATURES ALONE - In Relation to the letter sent into the Chronicle ('Trap the squirrels', Letters, March 2) by Mr Alan G Smithers, I find his way of getting rid of the squirrels in his back yard offending and sickening…. I was really upset to read what Mr Smithers does. I hope he will consider what I have put in this letter. Amy Critcher, aged 12, Dunton Green (letter)

Cornishman 9.3.06 Sad day for 'veggies' - Marion Whybrow, via e-mail - MARCH is 'Veggie month' and there surely couldn't be a worse time for a planning appeal to be turned down, to change a sad and neglected building, into a vegetarian restaurant. The Lamplighter is the last remaining pilchard cellar in St Ives and, as a restaurant, I believe it would have been open to the public with many features of a fish cellar retained and its history highlighted. It would have been the only vegetarian restaurant in St Ives…
Vegetarian restaurant J Grimble, Tremelling Barn, Tremelling Lane, St Erth, Hayle TR27 6EY. WITH reference to the Lamplighter article in last week's paper, I was one of the 30-odd artists/veggie supporters of Denny Long's Veggie Cafe/Art Gallery, who attended the inquiry…. Sad, as this is 'Veggie Month', this diet I believe being better for humans, animals, and the planet. (letters)

Lincolnshire Echo 9.3.06 SENSE HAS PREVAILED - In the High Court Malcolm Haynes, an animal rights campaigner, tried to get the Stafford Spring Show stopped (March 2) stating it could create a breeding ground for spreading avian flu. I am glad the judge saw fit to throw out the case. It was based on misinformation and I'm surprised it actually got to the court…. DI BOULTON Luton, Bedfordshire. (story)

9.3.06 No veal flights from Coventry By Fiona Scott - VEAL calves won't be flown abroad from Coventry Airport again, the airport's new executive chairman has pledged… When animal rights protester Jill Phipps died in 1995 during a protest against veal flights, Coventry Airport had a public licence…. Jill's mother Nancy Phipps, 79, said, from her Hillfields flat, she was too unwell to join any protests against live exports out of Britain. She said: "I'm so angry. I keep trying to exercise and I keep trying to hope that I will be able to, but so far, nothing. I'm so weak…." (story)


Hull Daily Mail 8.3.06 POINT TO POINT RACE SURVIVES HUNT BAN - Country sports fans are under starter's orders for a tradition that could have died out with the ban on hunting with dogs…. Thousands of people will mark the end of the first hunting season under the controversial ban by flocking to point to point racing at stately Dalton Park, South Dalton, near Beverley, on Sunday. The Holderness Hunt has made the picturesque parkland setting home for its annual race meeting, which is also a social event and one of East Yorkshire's big days out…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 8.3.06 Hunts are a village attraction - It is sad that anti-blood sports protesters have cited road congestion to further attack the hunting fraternity. The real truth of the matter is that these people would appear to be against all things rural and would like to see all forms of country sports abandoned…. BRIAN TURTLE Ballymena, Co Antrim (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 6.3.06 Hunts must not be free to block roads … Motorists passing through hunt country continue to suffer delays as the moving road block of hunters, horses and hounds lead to lengthy tailbacks. Road users also find themselves being exposed to danger…. PHILIP KIERNAN Irish Council Against Blood Sports, Mullingar, Co Westmeath (letter)

Worcester Evening News 8.3.06 Hunts' predictions scaremongering - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter in archive)
Ross-shire Journal 3.3.06 Spin can't disguise hunting ban is silly - Re the letter in the Ross-shire of last week from Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the London-based League Against Cruel Sports. I'd like to correct some of his inaccurate 'spin' when he states that people who like horse riding can now attend hunting as no foxes etc are killed. Nice try, Douglas, but it is true to say that although more people started going hunting both before and after the ban, it certainly wasn't because animal rights gurus such as yourself told them they were allowed to - it was to stick two fingers up at the ridiculous ban and the social fascists who bribed the Labour party to bring it in!... Buenaventura Durruti, Strathpeffer (Full name and address supplied) (letter)
Brentwood Gazette 1.3.06 WARNINGS JUST SCAREMONGERING - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Warminster & Westbury Standard 23.2.06 BAN TAKES CRUELTY OUT OF TRADITION - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Bucks Free Press 27.2.06 Now more come - Douglas Batchelor, Chief executive League Against Cruel Sports, Sparling House, Union Street, London SE1 (letter)
Dunmow Broadcast 23.2.06 Postbag: Hunting lobby’s black propaganda is shown to be false - Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
North Devon Journal 23.2.06 YEAR SINCE HUNT BAN CAME IN - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Somerset Guardian 23.2.06 BAN TAKES CRUELTY OUT OF TRADITION - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Saffron Walden Reporter 23.2.06 Stop these hunt extremists from breaking the law - Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 22.2.06 HUNTING - Follow the law - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Western Morning News 22.2.06 HUNTING ACT MUST BE OBEYED BY ALL - Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Bath Chronicle 21.2.06 HUNTERS ARE STILL BREAKING THE LAW - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 21.2.06 HUNTING BAN CLAIMS WERE SIMPLY SCAREMONGERING - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR Chief Executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Northern Echo 18.2.06 HUNTING ACT - IT is a year now since the implementation of the Hunting Act 2004 and an appropriate time to take stock…. A year on and it has become increasingly clear that the black propaganda of the hunting lobby warning of a collapse of the rural economy and the slaughter of hounds and horses was scaremongering…. Unfortunately, there are those who believe they are above the law. There are credible repo rts that some hunts are behaving illegally…. Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 8.3.06 WHY DO POLICE NOT ACT ON HUNT? - I am concerned by the attitude of Wiltshire Police with regard to the activities of the Avon Vale Hunt. Why has no action been taken against them when it appears they openly flout the law on hunting with dogs?... Mrs A V Ridge Malmesbury (letter)

Worcester Evening News 8.3.06 Protesters in costume voice view on badgers - PROTESTERS badgered the Government in Worcester yesterday over new measures to tackle bovine TB. The animal rights demonstrators, some donning badger costumes, voiced their views outside Defra offices, Whittington Road, Worcester…. Protester Pauline Burgess said: "Since 1997, Defra has undertaken an ineffective caged operation against the protected badger population. We hope the public will support us against animal cruelty…. (story in archive)

Horncastle News 8.3.06 Badgers are not pests and belong here whereas most cattle don’t - I strongly object to the proposed mass culling of badgers in an effort to prevent the spread of bovine TB… TERRY SAMMONS (letter)

Hunts Post 8.3.06 Animal rights activists face jail - SIX animal rights activists face jail sentences of up to 14 years in the US for their part in a campaign against Woolley-based biomedical research company, Huntingdon Life Sciences….
One of Shac's founder members in the UK, Heather Avery (who also calls herself Nicholson, Barwick and James) was given a four-month prison sentence by Oxford Crown Court last week for breaching an Anti-Social Behaviour Order banning her from going near Oxford University, HLS and the pharmaceutical firm Phytopharm or contacting employees or their families. She admitted the offence (story)
Cambridge Evening News 6.3.06 Animal rights activists face jail - THE bitter battle between animal rights activists and a controversial lab has taken a new twist. Six extremist members of SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) were found guilty by a federal jury in New Jersey after a three-week court case and three days of deliberation…. (story)
Times 4.3.06 Animal rights activists convicted in the US of terrorising British lab BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - SIX animal rights extremists were convicted yesterday in the United States of inciting terrorism during their violent campaign against a British research laboratory. Although all are American, one of the group was a key player in the movement in Britain and controlled Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) while its British leaders were in prison…. Joshua Harper, 31, Lauren Gazzola, 26, Jacob Conroy, 30, Andrew Stepanian, 27, Darius Fullmer, 29, and Kevin Kjonaas, 28, were convicted of animal enterprise terrorism after the three-week trial in New Jersey. Kjonaas, Gazzola and Conroy were convicted of multiple counts of conspiring and committing interstate stalking and of telephone harassment. Harper was also found guilty of telephone harassment… Kjonaas, the former president of Shac America, came to Britain in 2001 to work alongside British activists…. One of Shac’s founder members was jailed yesterday for breaching an anti social behaviour order. Heather Nicholson, who also uses the surnames Avery, Barwick and James, was given a four-month prison sentence by Oxford Crown Court… (story)
Cambridge Evening News 3.3.06 Animal rights group lose trial - A US jury has found an animal rights group with a base in Britain and six of its members guilty of inciting violence and terror during an ongoing campaign to shut down a firm that tests on animals…. (story)
Guardian 3.3.06 Animal rights activists convicted of inciting violence - A US court today convicted an animal rights group and six of its members of using its website to incite threats, harassment and vandalism against a company testing drugs on animals…. (story)
Scotsman 3.3.06 - Animal rights group guilty - A JURY in the United States yesterday found an animal rights group which has a base in Britain and six of its members guilty of inciting violence and terror. The group, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, which has a branch in Worcestershire, maintained its actions constituted free speech protected by the US Constitution. But the six members and SHAC were found guilty of animal enterprise terrorism… (story)
BBC News Online 3.3.06 US animal campaigners convicted - A US jury has convicted an animal rights group and six of its members of inciting violence and terror against a UK firm involved in animal testing. The six from the Shac group were charged with offences against Huntingdon Life Sciences…(story)
Independent 3.3.06 Animal activists convicted in US of inciting terror - UK business leaders fail to back campaign against extremists as SHAC protesters found guilty By Julia Kollewe, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent and Amy Frizell - A US court convicted an animal rights group and six of its members yesterday of using violence and terror in their campaign against the animal testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences… One defendant, Joshua Harper, told the court he opposed injuring any life form, including human beings, but said he thought it all right to throw rocks through someone's window if they were not home…. (story)

Guardian 8.3.06 Testing time for medical research - We applaud calls for a balanced and rational discussion about the use of animals in research, in which extremism has no part to play…. Dr Vicky Robinson Chief executive, National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research, Dr Simon Festing, Executive director, RDS (formerly the Research Defence Society)
I find it absolutely incredible that protesters claiming to oppose violence towards animals try to get across their views by using threatening and violent behaviour…. Katy Yelland, Somerville College, Oxford
Any attempt to insist that cosmetics should continue to be tested on animals will be fiercely resisted by the European parliament… Chris Davies MEP, Leader, British Liberal Democrat MEPs
Alan Thomas's Lear counter-example to speciesism seems disingenuous… Given that it is widely believed that many great apes have the mental and emotional level of a small human child or, until it is acceptable for adult humans to perform medical experiments on children in cages, there seem to be no acceptable arguments to perform them on other great apes. Dr Aly-Khan Kassam, London (letters)

Independent 8.3.06 Why we need animal testing - One must of course congratulate Sharon Howe (Opinion, 6 March) on her first-class Oxford degree. Unfortunately her degree does not appear to be in a subject that gives her any authority to express an informed opinion on animal testing… Who is going to take responsibility for an untried treatment in man? Who is going to be the first to prove that by its use no other unknown process is involved ? Will it be Sharon Howe? The Oxford laboratory, together with many others, will be trying to disentangle these problems. Sharon Howe should ask for her degree back. MALCOLM GREGORY MSC (TOXICOLOGY) DEAL, KENT
Colin Blakemore and Woody Caan claim to be appalled by the "oppressive violence" of anti-vivisectionists (Letters, 7 March). So does that mean they feel it isn't oppressively violent for research scientists to inflict deliberate injury on the brains of macaque monkeys?... MATTHEW WITHEY, SALTAIRE, WEST YORKSHIRE (letters)

Hunts Post 8.3.06 Animal rights activists face jail - A spokesman for Bobby Roberts Circus, at Brampton Race Course from tomorrow (Thursday) to Sunday said the whole of Rushden High Street and some shops in Huntingdon had been targeted by animal rightists who said the circus had been cancelled and posters should be taken down…. (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 8.3.06 Animal rights campaigner devestated at EU decision By Fiona Scott Political Editor - ANIMAL rights campaigner Nancy Phipps is heart-broken that farmers can now restart the trade which led to the death of her daughter Jill while protesting against it…. (story)

Argus 8.3.06 Opponents of seal pens stage final protest by Rachel Pegg - Protesters are to make a final attempt to block an aqua zoo from building pools for seals and penguins. Brighton Sea Life Centre has applied for planning permission to create the pools at its site in Marine Parade next to Palace Pier. Campaigners will stage a demonstration ahead of the planning meeting to decide the application at Hove Town Hall next Wednesday….(story in archive)


Newcastle Journal 7.3.06 Villagers furious after 'invasion' by huntsmen - Furious families in a seaside village said last night claimed huntsmen broke rules to cross National Trust land. Villagers said up to 10 members of the Percy Hunt gathered in Newton-by-the-Sea, near Embleton, Northumberland, last week, and stayed there all day although they were not licensed to be there. They said the huntsmen had been abusive and when National Trust wardens asked them to leave, they refused… Chair of the Percy Hunt Charlie Bucknall said he would be "extremely disappointed" if one of his members had shouted abuse at villagers, and said the members had moved to nearby agricultural land when they were told of the problem…. (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 7.3.06 BE OUR GUEST AT POPULAR WESTCOUNTRY GAME FAIR - The Westountry Game Fair is the spirit of the countryside with a variety of country-related demonstrations, static displays and country shopping. There is certainly something for everyone at the Westcountry Game Fair at the Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet, on Saturday 18 and Sunday, March 19…. The BASC stand, based on the Showering Pavilion balcony, will host Clevedon & Bridgwater Bay Wildfowling Associations, Wildlife Taxidermist, Animal Artist Dawn Warr, Chris Green and the BASC SW regional team all offering advice and education. BASC will also be hosting Gundog Scurries, a shooting school and air rifles…. A variety of local hunts will feature on Sunday, March 19. Ilminster Beagles, Culmstock Hunt, Purbeck & Bovington Beagles, Taunton Vale Harriers and Wiltshire and Infantry Beagles will feature in the outdoor arena…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 7.3.06 Yes to foxes - IN answer to Frank Jurge's letter regarding the murder of ants. Yes, Frank, the life of a fox is more important than the life of an ant…. If people with poultry do not take sufficient precautions Brer Fox will devour them, but only if the opportunity is there…. L FOX Blunsdon (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 1.3.06 Are foxes worth more than ants? - I WRITE in response to Graham Carter's latest column. I enjoy reading his writing and I fell upon the piece where he remarked how pleased he was that the fox hunting ban was on the statute books… To my mind I find it astonishing that so much time and effort has been expended to stop a very small minority of people with their hunting activity when there are so many more creature-related activities that require our attention. I think it is atrocious that there is no national movement to stop people murdering millions of innocent ants each summer…. Frank Jurga, Swindon (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 7.3.06 MAKE WILD BOAR FAIR GAME SAYS SCIENTIST - Farming leaders have backed a scientist's call for wild boar to be classified as game, so they can be controlled humanely… A spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports said it would oppose any move to classify boar as game… A spokesman for the Game Conservancy Trust, a scientific research organisation, said the animals should be removed from the countryside altogether… (story)

Worcester Evening News 7.3.06 Docking tails an outdated practice - The traditional docking of dogs' tails in some breeds is now outdated. Many breeds of hunting/gun dogs are not customarily docked, and in those that are the lengths vary according to custom… KAREN ROCK, Bromyard. (letter in archive)

Cambridge Evening News 7.3.06 Hawking backs animal test labs - PROF Stephen Hawking has spoken out in favour of animal testing. The celebrity scientist, giving a lecture in Oxford, praised people who stood up to animal rights extremists…. (story)

Guardian 7.3.06 Our duty to animals - A commitment to avoid harm to non-human life doesn't mean we should value a rat over a person - Alan Thomas - Demonstrations for and against Oxford University's proposed animal research laboratory have polarised opinion on the ethical treatment of animals. Given the actions of a small number of extremists, the choice seems to be between those who value the lives of people over the lives of animals and those who do not. That, however, is deeply misleading…. (story)

Independent 7.3.06 Animal research: bring on the debate - It is good to see The Independent (leading article, 4 March) condemning "cowardly and bullying extremists"who have deprived the public of a proper debate on the use of animals in medical research….. COLIN BLAKEMORE, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL, LONDON W1
Steve Connor is right in claiming intelligent debate is long overdue on the subject of animal experiments. How sorely his arguments could do with some. To claim that animal tests protect us against harmful effects from new drugs and chemicals defies the statistics… DR JARROD BAILEY, SCIENCE DIRECTOR, EUROPEANS FOR MEDICAL PROGRESS, LONDON W13
Dr Barker and his bioscience colleagues (letter, 2 March) ask for people from other sectors "to stand alongside them"…. So, as a community practitioner, I support democracy at all levels and oppose oppressive violence. I also know that comprehensive knowledge is much better than ignorance, in addressing disabling conditions. Solidarity, then, with the biologists. WOODY CAAN, PROFESSOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH ANGLIA RUSKIN UNIVERSITY CAMBRIDGE (letters)

Nottingham Evening Post 7.3.06 SUFFERING FOR NO REASON - The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection is producing a comprehensive and authoritative report to support the scientific and ethical arguments against the use of primates in animal experimentation… ELAINE JACKLIN Breedon Street Long Eaton (letter)

Western Morning News 7.3.06 - I AM not entirely sure what Shelly Willetts ("Question validity of animal research", February 14) has been reading about the new REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) legislation which was recently backed at first reading in the European Parliament. Far from getting the mass animal test Ms Low suggests under way, REACH actually provides for mandatory data sharing which should cut down the number of animal tests needed…. Graham Watson, Liberal Democrat MEP South West England and Gibraltar (story)

The Shields Gazette 7.3.06 Plea to stop animal testing - How encouraging it is to see that some politicians have a sensible attitude about animal testing. So far 150 MPs have signed Early Day Motion 92 – "Animal testing of Drugs"… (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 7.3.06 HEALTH SHOULD BE TOP PRIORITY - I Write in response to the criticism of my letter (January 25) regarding milk being provided in schools. Firstly, I am not at all surprised to see such comments from someone with something to sell. I think Charles Holt, from the farm consultancy group, has a clearly-defined agenda and, in my opinion, it has nothing to do with what is best for our children…. Rachel Astill-DunseithLincoln (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 27.2.06 COUNTRYSIDE LOVE CAN'T MEAN HARM - I Am not sure what Michelle Brown (February 15) expected when she attended the hunt; presumably they were not murdering a fox at the time (after all they would then have been breaking the law). I am sure she was made most welcome as she attended, I think, with an already established bias. She presumes I have never attended. I have been to many, and been threatened from horseback and also by Terrier men…. On another point, mink were released by fur farmers when their industry was in tatters, not by animal rights people. RACHEL ASTILL-DUNSEITH Lincoln.
If everyone became vegan we would lose much of our countryside, there would be no need for any of the fields and hedges we so treasure… GILES BRADSHAW Lincoln
The hunt ban has made a difference - it has blown the issue wide open! Just 900 foxes have died since it came in, compared with 2,000+ each previous season… K. WATSON Stockport. (letters)
Lincolnshire Echo 15.2.06 WELCOMED BY THE HUNT - I WONDER about the crusade of Rachael Astill-Dunseith (January 17) against fox hunting. I am sure if she went down to her local hunt, as incidentally I did for the first time on Boxing Day to see what all the fuss is about, she would find, as I did, not the bloodthirsty raving lunatics she portrays but genuine people who care passionately about the countryside and preserving it… MICHELLE BROWN Hykeham Road, Lincoln (letter)
Lincolnshire Echo 17.1.06 FOX HUNTING IS FINISHED SO STOP YOUR WHINING - The selfish pens are out once again. Derek Smith claims that poor fox cubs get killed by being starved to death when their mothers are gassed instead of being quickly dispatched by the hunters…. Wayne Cox is of the same ilk as Mr Smith. He wants toddlers to grow up having their cherubic faces bloodied with the blood of an animal which has been recently torn to pieces… Fox hunting is illegal, it is finished. It is not, as Mr Cox states, "unassailable and secure". If only these people would realise this, then perhaps they could perform some useful role in their community and stop their perpetual and self-pitying collective whine. RACHEL ASTILL-DUNSEITH Lincoln. (letter)

Argus 7.3.06 Shops in pledge not to sell fur - Two women's designer clothes shops targeted by animal rights activists say they no longer selling animal fur. In recent weeks members of Brighton Animal Rights Campaign have set up stalls near Profile, in Dukes Lane, and Froggett, in North Street, to collect signatures against the fur trade… Mike Nunn, from Seaford, a spokesman for Brighton Animal Rights Campaign, said the campaign welcomed the shops' pledges not to sell fur…. (story in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 7.3.06 CALL FOR BAN ON CIRCUS ANIMALS - A motion calling for a ban on circus animals has been signed by local MPs. Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock has proposed the ban be included in the Animal Welfare Bill, due before the Commons next Tuesday. So far, Burton Labour MP Janet Dean and Paul Holmes, the Liberal Democrat member for Chesterfield, are among 47 MPs to have signed the motion…. (story)
Portsmouth News 6.3.06 MP backs ban on circus animals - A campaign to ban the cruel practice of using live animals in circuses has been boosted. Lib Dem Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock has tabled an early-day motion in parliament for Animal Defenders International calling for the Animal Welfare Bill to include a ban on the use of animals in circuses…. (story)


Scotsman 6.3.06 Tail-docking pain - Alastair Robertson seems to have misunderstood the Scottish Executive's plans to legislate on the tail-docking of dogs… It is in fact simple and strongly supported by animal welfare organisations and the major veterinary bodies…. ROSS MINETT Director, Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street Edinburgh (story)

The Sentinel 6.3.06 SOUND OF GUNS MAKES ME CRY - The thing that annoys me most is people shooting and hurting animals for fun. Take shooting birds for an example, what do they do that for? Nothing. I find it horrible even to watch them do it. It makes me want to cry. Another thing is going hunting and hurting deer for fun and shooting foxes… (letter)

k9 magazine 6.3.06 Demo To Close Glastonbury Track To Be Staged By Locals - Supporters of Avon & Somerset Greyhound Action will be staging a demonstration next Monday (March 6th) outside the Salisbury offices of Peter Toogood, the owner of Glastonbury's Abbey Moor Stadium, calling on him to close the greyhound track there…. "Mr Toogood brought greyhound racing back to Abbey Moor Stadium last October and, since then, there have been many reports of injuries to dogs on the track, culminating a few weeks ago with the tragic death of a greyhound during a race," said Tony Peters, spokesperson for Greyhound Action… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 6.3.06 'BADGERING' IN PROTEST AT CULL - A Giant "badger" joined Green Party campaigners who handed out 500 leaflets to Stroud shoppers. Inside the costume and keen to highlight the anti-badger-cull message, was local party member Philip Booth… A Giant "badger" joined Green Party campaigners who handed out 500 leaflets to Stroud shoppers. Inside the costume and keen to highlight the anti-badger-cull message, was local party member Philip Booth… (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 3.3.06 GREENS SEEK VIEWS ON BADGER KILLINGS - A man-sized badger will be taking to the streets of Stroud tomorrow to urge people to register their views on proposed culls of the animal. He will be joined by members of the Stroud District Green Party who will be handing out leaflets on the issue…. Chris Keppie, who helped research the Green party's submission to Defra on bovine tuberculosis and badgers, said: "A cull of badgers makes no scientific or economic sense….” (story)

Independent 6.3.06 A mouse could save your life - The recent pro-vivisection demonstrations are prompting many in the green movement to rethink their stance on animal testing. Steve Connor argues that an intelligent debate is long overdue - If you are confused about the rights and wrongs of animal experiments, you can be forgiven. Protests on the streets of Oxford for and against the university's new scientific research centre have done little to dispel the smog of propaganda that has descended over the animal debate…. (story)

Times 6.3.06 New York is next target of animal rights group BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK AND PATRICK FOSTER - ANIMAL rights activists targeting Oxford University are taking their campaign to America, where extremists were last week convicted of inciting terrorism. Protesters will single out clubs and restaurants hosting reunion events arranged by the Oxford Alumni Association of New York. It is the first time that Speak, a group opposed to the construction of a £20 million research facility at the university, has taken its protest abroad. Pro-Test, a group in favour of animal testing, could also take its message across the Atlantic. The organisation, founded by Laurie Pycroft, a 16-year-old schoolboy from Swindon, to show support for the Oxford laboratory, has been invited to speak in the US… (story)

Guardian 6.3.06 Bravo Tipu Aziz (Test driven, March 4)! With a few well-chosen words, you have done more to further the cause of the animal rights lobby, than years of campaigning by its activists. G. Griffin Fyvie, Aberdeenshire
"I have no problems about what I do. I know it is right," says Prof Aziz. Religious and political fanatics say the same thing. Peter Mackridge Oxford (letters)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 6.3.06 THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE IN - I Believe animal testing is wrong. I believe this because it is cruel…. Emily Goodhand (12), Teanby Drive, Winterton. (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 6.3.06 Noisy minority - THE headline in Wednesday's Advertiser says "Readers divided over animal tests." Underneath it says that 55 per cent vote to ban experiments. I do not call that divided…. It seems like Laurie Pycroft's silent majority is in fact a noisy minority. P BEAVEN. Swindon (letter)

Oxford Mail 6.3.06 No alternative - The letters from Gillian Whitty and Chrissie Lake (Oxford Mail, February 22) illustrate how littered with half truths and pseudo science the debate about using animals in medical research really is and how issues about drug testing and medical research get mixed up. Ms Whitty quotes Europeans for Medical Advancement (a pressure group against animal testing and therefore not independent)… Ms Lake seems to be confusing clinical trials, where people are used, and pre-clinical trials where animals may be used, to understand some of the whole body effects of the drug… I have yet to see any convincing scientific argument against the use of animals in all medical research. Lawrence Kelly Trinity Road Headington Quarry Oxford (letter in archive)

Hull Daily Mail 6.3.06 'DON'T ROLL UP FOR THE ANIMAL CIRCUS' - Animal rights campaigners have mounted a peaceful protest against a circus visiting Hull. The Great British Circus has brought camels, tigers, lions and other animals to entertain audiences at Craven Park in east Hull after a successful run in the city last year… Catherine Smith, a 41-year-old district nurse from Hessle, brought her twin daughters Charlotte and Georgianna to join the campaigners… Fellow protester Margaret Bardsley, 56, from Preston, said: "I don't agree with having animals in circuses - it's disgusting… (story)

Guardian 6.3.06 Animal rights protest puts £375m aquatic centre at risk - Owen Bowcott - The Mekong delta will sweep through vast aquatic biospheres along with the river Amazon…. The National Institute for Research into Aquatic Habitats (Nirah) is due to open in 2011 … The campaign by animal rights groups, however, has raised objections to the involvement of drug companies, proposed research into fish farming and the removal of fish from their natural environment…."It is claimed the central purpose of Nirah is conservation," Animal Aid says… Another group, the Captive Animals Protection Society, says: "We believe that zoos, including aquariums, exist primarily to serve tourists… (story)

The Sentinel 6.3.06 FEAR OF AVIAN FLU FAILS TO GROUND BIRD SHOW - Thousands flocked to an international bird show despite growing fears over the spread of avian flu…. Wildlife campaigner Malcolm Haynes last week failed in a legal bid to halt the bird show on the grounds that it created a risk of spreading avian flu…. (story)
The Sentinel 4.3.06 EXOTIC BIRD FAIR IS WRONG - I write to express my shock and disbelief that DEFRA allowed a giant bird fair to go ahead at the Staffordshire County Showground. The H5N1 virus, or bird flu as many of us know it, has unlimited chances of escaping and mutating… Although there will be captive-bred birds for sale, there will also be a number of wild-caught birds which will die from the stress and disease that is associated with every stage of their harrowing journey…. (letter)
Staffordshire Newsletter 2.3.06 Bird show injunction fails - ANIMAL welfare campaigners have failed in an 11th hour high court bid to halt a controversial bird show in Stafford. The Animal Protection Agency backed an injunction bid by Staffordshire man Malcolm Haynes yesterday to stop the event at the County Showground on Sunday… (story)
BBC News Online 1.3.06 Bird event injunction bid fails - The High Court has refused to grant an injunction banning a major bird show in Staffs from being held this weekend. The ban was sought by an animal welfare worker, pending further action against Stafford Borough Council's policy of allowing the sale of birds at the show…. Lawyers for Malcolm Haynes, from Great Wyrley, in Staffordshire, argued that licensing bird shows is unlawful because of the suffering caused to the birds; that imported birds could raise the risk of avian flu; and that bird shows pose a risk to human and animal health…. Mr Justice McCombe refused to grant Wednesday's injunction imposing a ban pending a full hearing later in March…. (story)
BBC News Online 22.2.06 Call for bird show cancellation - Pressure group the Animal Protection Agency (APA) says it wants next month's Spring Bird Show in Staffordshire to be cancelled due to fears over bird flu… (story)


Sunday Times 5.3.06 The top 10 sporting politicians - JOHN AIZLEWOOD - Kate Hoey … Possibly the only person alive whose CV includes stints as Arsenal’s educational adviser, a PE teacher and membership of the Trotskyite Spartacus League. Last spotted batting against our Olympic bid and, as head of the Countryside Alliance, the ban on this farmer’s daughter’s favourite pastime — hunting. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 5.3.06 Pollock quietly prepares to scale the heights By Brough Scott - The sky could be the limit. Every day Ben Pollock gallops his horses up to the 600ft top of Crow Hill in deepest Leicestershire with the green fields of the Welland Valley behind him…."Three weeks before the Skybet Chase," says Ben, "Glass In Thyme went hunting for four hours with the Fernie, stood at the meet, jumped everything in front of him. If horses fall apart doing that, they will fall apart anyway….” (story)

Observer 5.3.06 Hunting isn't in the pink - If anti-hunters weren't trying to protect foxes but to punish the hunter with a red coat ('Labour's fatuous war against the countryside has been an abject failure', Nick Cohen, last week), then why have we never heard demands for drag hunts to be banned?.... Gill Purser Cheltenham Gloucestershire
To say that the Hunting Act is a failure because some hunts break the law is as silly as calling for a repeal of the Theft Act because it hasn't ended burglary… Douglas Batchelor League Against Cruel Sports London SE1 (letters)

Sunday Times 5.3.06 The animals, the madmen, and me - A surgeon tells Bryan Appleyard why he has decided to join the tiny number of scientists openly opposing the animal terrorists… Professor Tipu Aziz, consultant neurosurgeon at Oxford’s Radcliffe Infirmary, will not talk about his family. “I am happy to be targeted personally, but not anyone else around me.” Aziz has spoken out regularly in favour of testing — his own work with macaque monkeys laid the foundations of his astonishingly successful procedure for controlling Parkinson’s disease — but, by addressing last weekend’s demo, he did a lot more than stick his head above the parapet. He stood on top of it and waved his arms about. Now, along with John Stein, brother of TV chef Rick and Oxford professor of physiology, and Colin Blakemore, chief executive of the Medical Research Council, he is classed in activist e-mails as a target of the highest value. He reckons about 30 people are after him… (story)

Sunday Times 5.3.06 Animals are paying price of human greed - YOUR editorial (Standing up to thugs, last week) denies the fact that there is a growing number of ordinary people who feel very uneasy about our continued reliance on the torture and abuse of animals to correct what are, in the main, self-inflicted health problems… Colin Evans Thames Ditton, Surrey
VITAL RESISTANCE: Pro-Test is to be congratulated on standing up to the animal rights terrorists…. Fred Henley, York
LACK OF FEELING? The nub of the animal “rights” issue is hinted at in Jasper Gerard’s final sentence on the subject: “These people are lower than animals”… Tom Kemp Brimscombe, Gloucestershire
INSIDER DEALINGS: Your leader does not address the failure of the police to deal with the thugs… Ronald Bertrand Cambridge
ATROCITY: The argument of pro-vivisectionists comes down to this: we are superior, therefore we have the right to inflict suffering on the inferior… John Davison, London SW9
PAIN AND GAIN: I will not have my moral compass set by a 16-year-old self-publicist (Focus, last week) and a bunch of students who will march in any cause… Edward Wheatley, Hunstanton, Norfolk
NOT CUDDLY: Not all animal right supporters are extremists. And many scientists do not experiment with animals… Lola Carrillo, Edinburgh (letters)

Observer 5.3.06 Super furry animals - Why don't animal rights protesters volunteer to take the place of test animals in the new Oxford research laboratory… Merryl Cook Stockport Cheshire
Perhaps Observer staff could demonstrate their 'unflinching ... support for animal experiments' (leader, last week) by donating their pets for experiments… Stephen Dorril Holmfirth West Yorkshire (letters)

Sunday Times 5.3.06 Animal rights fanatics threaten to target Scottish Enterprise - MARC HORNE - ANIMAL rights extremists are to target Scottish Enterprise staff as part of their campaign against the reintroduction of elephants at Edinburgh Zoo. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) has said it considers the workers legitimate targets after the quango pledged £1.8m towards a big upgrade of the zoo….(story)

Independent on Sunday 5.3.06 Macca & Mills: The seal pup tour - Tensions run high as Paul and Heather McCartney argue on TV with a Canadian politician over the seal hunt By Anthony Barnes, Arts and Media Correspondent - Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills-McCartney were involved in a television row with a senior Canadian politician about the country's "brutal" commercial seal hunt. The McCartneys frequently interrupted Newfoundland's Premier Danny Williams during CNN's Larry King Live, after Sir Paul had highlighted the issue of seal-clubbing with a high-profile visit to the ice floes of Canada hours earlier…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 5.3.06 End the needless hedgehog cull - THE Scottish Executive's Conservation quango, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), has always claimed that it would reconsider its ongoing slaughter of hedgehogs on the Uists if new scientific evidence showed that they could be successfully relocated to the mainland. Scientists from Bristol University have now released exactly such research, backing up the findings of an existing wealth of previous studies conducted by hedgehog experts from around the world….Unless SNH's planned slaughter is called off, UHR intends to return to the Uists to rescue more animals this spring. Surely now it is time for SNH to face the facts and end this ridiculous farce by calling off its imminent slaughter of hedgehogs on the Uists. Ross Minett, director Advocates for Animals, Edinburgh (letter)

Milton Keynes News 5.3.06 Underwater zoo - So finally they are admitting what Greens knew all along : Nirah is no Eden Project. It isn't about real research into ecosystems and habitats. It is about building a ¡®water adventure park' that includes a big aquarium to mistreat fish for tourists' amusement… Ben Foley Green Party election agent for Bedford Borough, Spenser Road, Bedford (letter)


Burnham & Highbridge Times 4.3.06 CHOPPER CAUGHT BY THE QUANTOCKS - The air ambulance and its crew are well known for their lifesaving heroics, but there was more than a touch of role reversal in the Somerset hills when they swooped to the aid of a stricken huntsman…. (story)
Western Daily Press 25.2.06 STRANDED IN THE SNOW - The air ambulance and its crew are well known for their lifesaving heroics, but there was a more than a touch of role reversal in the Somerset hills when they swooped to the aid of a stricken huntsman… As temperatures plummeted and conditions worsened, they were forced to abandon the helicopter altogether, leaving an unfortunate security guard with the bone-chilling task of staying with it overnight… As they stayed with their stranded chopper, the crew found themselves inundated with hot drinks, soup and sandwiches and even whisky from both the Quantock Staghounds and passing residents. "The hospitality was fantastic, " said Somerset paramedic Andrew Ransom. "It wasn't lifesaving but it was certainly life-enhancing."… (story)

Western Daily Press 4.3.06 BEWARE THE HAIRY TWEED IMPOSTERS - Tales of town and country mouse have made me look at people in a different light - I try to define who is what…. Agricultural shows like the Devon County or Bath and West are happy hunting grounds for fake-spotting. The ones wearing brand new, very, very hairy tweed when the temperature is around 85F are TMs. CMs wear boiler suits with tractor logos…. It beats counting sheep when estimating the size of the overdraft at 3am. (story)

Western Morning News 4.3.06 SHOOTING BODY TO TEST DEAD BIRDS FOR FLU - The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is setting up a monitoring programme to test shot crows, magpies and similar birds for avian flu. The programme is being set up in co-operation with the Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and follows a successful programme of monitoring migratory ducks during the wildfowling season…. (story)

Oxford Mail 4.3.06 'Terror thugs won't prevail' - The Chancellor of Oxford University, Lord Patten, has said a "wicked minority of terrorists" will not prevent an £18m animal research laboratory from opening…. in an exclusive interview with the Oxford Mail, Lord Patten said: "I draw a strong distinction between people who put their arguments peacefully and democratically and a wicked minority who, in effect, use terrorist tactics against citizens of a liberal society -- that sort of terrorism is despicable….” (story in archive)

Independent 4.3.06 Leading article: A welcome stand against these cowardly and bullying extremists - The campaign founded a month ago in the bedroom of a Swindon teenager to face down animal rights extremists is already yielding results. Last weekend a rally organised by 16-year-old Laurie Pycroft to support a £20m Oxford animal research laboratory attracted the support of 1,000 people, ranging from eminent scientists and MPs to ordinary members of the public… (story)

Guardian 4.3.06 Scientist backs animal testing for cosmetics - Alok Jha and Paul Lewis - An Oxford-based neurosurgeon who last week became one of the first scientists to publicly champion the use of animals in medical research goes further today by condoning their use to test cosmetics. In an interview with the Guardian, Tipu Aziz said: "People talk about cosmetics being the ultimate evil. But beautifying oneself has been going on since we were cavemen. If it's proven to reduce suffering through animals tests, it's not wrong to use them. To say cosmetics is an absolute evil is absurd."… (story)
Guardian 4.3.06 Test driven - Tipu Aziz sparked a furore last week when he spoke out for vivisection. Now he has gone a step further, defending animal testing in the cosmetics industry - Interview by Stuart Jeffries - (story)

Western Daily Press 4.3.06 ANIMAL TESTS UNSUCCESSFUL - Barbara Davies (Your Say, February 27) gave examples of cures that she says came about through animal experiments. However, the truth is that animal experiments provided misleading results that, when applied to humans, proved tragic or fatal and delayed progress towards human cures… Marilyn Harrison, Swindon, Wiltshire (letter)


Grantham Journal 3.3.06 'BAN ON HUNTING A FARCE' - Hunt supporters say the ban on hunting with hounds imposed just one year ago is proving to be a farce. Belvoir Hunt Joint Master Victoria Westropp said flaws in the law allowed hunting to continue with fewer safeguards for their quarry…. (story)

Mid Wales Journal 3.3.06 Defiant Hunts more determined than ever - February saw the first anniversary of the Hunting Act coming into force…. In a defiant tone, the Master of the Irfon and Towy Hunt and chairman of the Federation of Welsh Packs, Ken Jones of Llanwrtyd Wells, said: “Things are looking more hopeful than they were this time last year. They are not going to wear us down as simply as that. We will fight on…" Last year huntsmen in the Radnor and West Hunt were depressed, ‘rock bottom’ and could not imagine life without traditional hunting. Twelve months later, the hunt is still in business and on a recent Saturday, the sound of the hounds and the horn, and the sight of red coats, were as visible as ever…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 3.3.06 HUNT LAW'S ONE OF MOST ABSURD - I Was shocked, but not at all surprised, at the comments made by the master of the Berkeley Hunt that the law against fox hunting is not working. The Hunting Act is one of the most absurd laws ever to be on the statute book. That is why it is not enforced…. GILES BRADSHAW, via e-mail (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 3.3.06 MPS WON'T STOP THIS HOUNDING Over the past year or so our MPs across the city and county have relentlessly pursued with great zeal the hunting community in order that foxes should enjoy a pleasant, equable life. I would like them all now to imagine that the local council taxpayers are foxes, hounded constantly by the city and county councils. May we anticipate them all swinging into action, lobbying on our behalf? Not on your life. P. B. GREGG Langdale Road Bakersfield (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 3.3.06 WORDS MISINTERPRETED - Mr Mann (Letters, February 24) is typical of the pro-hunt lobby who deliberately misinterpret the words of the League Against Cruel Sports member Douglas Batchelor. The pro-hunt brigade panicked at the thought of a ban on their disgusting hobby…. D. P. TORR Barnfield Wilford (letter)

Argus 3.3.06 Letter: Let our foxes be - In reponse to the pest controller's letter (The Argus, February 25), probably more than any other British mammal, the fox suffers through a misunderstanding of its way of life…. The best way he can treat the fox with sensitivity and in a humane manner, which is what he suggests he wishes to do, is for him to leave well alone. -Gloria Wheatcroft, Co-ordinator Inner City Wildlife Concern, Hove (letter in archive)

Stourbridge News 3.3.06 Consider impact of ban on jobs - IN reply to Peter Swan's inference concerning the loss of jobs as a result of the ban on hunting with dogs, I must admit it prompted in me a concern for healthy scepticism which may be shared by others… Edward Davies, Stourbridge (letter in archive)

Swindon Advertiser 3.3.06 Save badgers - DOES the public not care that badgers are being unfairly blamed as the hosts of Bovine TB?... The proposed badger cull has no scientific justification…. If readers would like to support the campaign to stop the cull, information and an online petition can be found at Miss M Smith. Wanborough (letter)

Cambridgeshire Times 3.3.06 Friday focus - Brave lad's protest puts yobs aside - I have always accepted - even supported - the right to protest in this country. But it is sad that the public perception of protest is that it is a vehicle of the left… Until Saturday, that is. For on that day 16-year-old Laurie Pycroft hit back . . . and hit the headlines. He has formed Pro-Test, a pro-vivisection movement… Is it too much to hope that the actions of this teenager, who hopes to become a doctor, can spawn a new order within which the public does not feel obliged to believe the propaganda of those who snarl the loudest and threaten (and in many cases carry out) acts of violence? (story)

Guardian 3.3.06 Experiments in protest - For years, protests by animal rights extremists have closed laboratories and intimidated scientists. Now, for the first time, a student campaign in favour of animal testing is gaining momentum. Steve Boggan talks to its unlikely founders… I meet five of the students behind Pro-Test at the Mitre pub in Oxford. Perhaps predictably, given the historical reluctance of the establishment to combat the issue head on, a university room for our meeting has been withdrawn at the last minute. They are scruffy, in jeans and T-shirts; they are young and palpably idealistic… (story)

Telegraph 3.3.06 Oxford demo shows what citizens can do By W F Deedes - I hope the Cameroons took note of what happened in Oxford, when some 800 people marched in protest against animal rights extremists who are threatening the £18 million research laboratory being built there. It was no big show, but it symbolised something important to Conservatives. Here were citizens who were not calling feebly for government to act, but demonstrating, at a certain risk, that they had a role to play in what the Home Office rather grandly calls "keeping the Queen's peace". It was a march against this deadly belief that only ministers can sort out society's problems, that only the man in Whitehall can protect us….(story)

Swindon Advertiser 3.3.06 Not violent - SATURDAY'S Oxford demonstration in favour of animal research was yet another opportunity for vivisection proponents to shut off all intelligent assessment of their cruel and scientifically bogus activities. This was accomplished by invoking the spectre of an irrational, violent and extremist enemy…. the vast majority of us are unequivocally opposed to this kind of aggressive tactic and tired of such minority activities being used as an excuse to invalidate a rational and heartfelt objection to animal research. A TYLER. Animal Aid. Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Scotsman 3.3.06 Sir Paul and Heather take to the ice in attempt to stop seal cull - RACHEL WILLIAMS IN PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA - SIR Paul McCartney and his wife Heather braved the freezing Canadian ice floes yesterday to beg the country's government to stop the "brutal" annual seal cull there…. The Humane Society International, which organised the McCartneys' visit, together with British group Respect For Animals, said in many cases the seals - who can be killed from the age of just 12 days old - are still alive when they are skinned so their pelts can be sold to the fashion industry…. (story)

Northern Echo 3.3.06 CIRCUS ANIMALS - PLEASE help end the misery of circus animals by writing to your MP asking them to support recommendations to the Animal Welfare Bill to bring about a ban on the use of animals in circuses…. Please contact Animal Defenders International… L Edwards, Durham. (letter in archive)

Argus 3.3.06 Letter: Prevent pooch purloining - I am horrified that people steal dogs and ship them to Ireland. Who on earth in their right minds could do such a wicked thing?... -J Adams, Brighton letter in archive)

Bristol Evening Post 3.3.06 VEGAN FAIR WON'T MISS OUT ON THE WORLD CUP - Organisers of Bristol's fourth annual Vegan Fair, which coincides with England's opening World Cup match, are screening the beautiful game live on the day…. (story)

Keighley News 3.3.06 I am writing to state the fact that March is National Veggie Month, supported by the organisation `Animal Aid' and its under 16s group called `Youth 4 Animals' and I believe that Keighley, as a community, should get more involved in helping cut down on animal cruelty…. ROBYN HOLMES (age 12), Ingrow Lane, Keighley (letter in archive)


Western Morning News 2.3.06 PROTESTORS' ANGER AS HUNTING CASE IS DROPPED - Anti-hunt campaigners have slammed a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to drop a case against a Westcountry hunt, writes Duncan Sandes. Protesters fear the controversial hunting ban, introduced last year, could prove toothless after the CPS revealed it would not be bringing charges against the Cattistock Hunt in Dorset because it did not think a conviction was "likely"…. Hunt monitor Kevin Hill, of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), said he filmed hounds from the Cattistock chasing a fox. Now he says he cannot see how any prosecution can be successful…. (story)
Western Daily Press 1.3.06 HAS HUNT BAN BEEN A WASTE OF TIME? - Prosecutors have dropped a case against a West hunt, raising fresh questions over the law, we can reveal. Protesters fear Britain's hunting ban will never see any prosecutions after the Crime Prosecution Service revealed it would not be bringing charges against the Cattistock Hunt in Dorset because it did not think a conviction was likely…. (story)
Western Daily Press 1.3.06 WEST HUNT LET OFF THE HOOK - It was the closest a hunt has come yet to ending up in a dock, but a decision to drop a case against a West hunt has raised doubts about the likelihood of any being taken to court. Claims that the Cattistock Hunt in Dorset breached the hunt ban on two separate days were sent by police to the Crown Prosecution Service, the first time in England a possible prosecution had got that far. But yesterday, the CPS revealed it was dropping the cases because prosecutors were not convinced a conviction was likely…. (story)
Western Daily Press 1.3.06 PROVING INTENT IS THORNY PROBLEM FOR PROSECUTORS - The Cps considered four separate incidents of an alleged breach of the ban by the Cattistock Hunt on two separate days this season. One was based around video footage captured by IFAW monitor Kevin Hill, the other from residents' witness statements. But while the CPS would not confirm the reasons for dropping the cases, it is understood problems with proving the intent of the huntsmen were crucial to the decision. There were also issues with identification of those in control of the hounds, and whether the dogs were under control at all…. (story)
Western Gazette 23.2.06 HUNT VIDEO IS FOCUS OF POLICE PROBE - A Local hunt could be the first in England to face prosecution for breaching the hunting with dogs law. The Cattistock Hunt could be taken to court if the Crown Prosecution Service decides next week that there is enough evidence suggesting it has broken the law. It is believed the case centres on a video relating to a hunt meet in Abbotsbury on 17 December showing hounds chasing foxes, which has been illegal under the Hunting Act since last February…. Hunt monitor Kevin Hill of Drimpton follows hunts thought to be acting illegally and has attended Cattistock meetings, as well as others in the county. He says he has seen many hunts search for foxes since the ban became law…. Neal Buckoke of Dorchester, an anti-hunt protester for 15 years, wants to see heftier fines and prison sentences imposed on hunts that chase and kill foxes… (story)

Western Gazette 2.3.06 OFFICER CLEARED OF HITTING WOMAN AT PRO-HUNT RALLY - A Policeman has been cleared of hitting a rider with the South Dorset Hunt around the face with a baton. Pro-hunt protester Kate Lovelace, aged 29, of Marlborough, Wiltshire, said she was struck around the face with a truncheon during a pro-hunt demonstration in Parliament Square, London, on 15 September 2004…. (story)
Swindon Advertiser 25.2.06 Policeman cleared of hitting pro-hunt supporter - A POLICE officer has been cleared of hitting a pro-hunt supporter with a baton during a march against the hunting ban. Tim Grant was acquitted at Southwark Crown Court of striking Kate Lovelace, of Marlborough, during the demonstration attended by about 10,000 people… (story)
BBC News Online 24.2.06 Pc cleared of attack on protester - A policeman has been cleared of hitting a woman with a baton during a rowdy pro-hunt protest outside Parliament…. He left court without comment, but was said to be very happy with the result. Miss Lovelace, 29, from Wiltshire, who rides with the South Dorset hunt, was left with a bloody nose and cut lip after the huge protest turned violent…. (story)
Telegraph 23.2.06 Pc 'smashed baton into hunt woman's face' By Andrew Davies - A policeman smashed his baton "hard" into the face of a young woman during a pro-hunt rally, a court was told yesterday. Pc Tim Grant, 38, is said to have lashed out at a demonstrator, Kate Lovelace, leaving her with a cut lip and bloodied nose…. Miss Lovelace, a racehorse insurance agent from Marlborough, Wilts, who rides with the South Dorset hunt, was part of a demonstration against Labour's anti-hunt legislation in Parliament Square in September 2004…. (story)
Western Daily Press 23.2.06 PC DENIES ATTACKING FEMALE HUNT PROTESTER - A Policeman yesterday denied smashing his baton into the face of young West huntswoman Kate Lovelace during the infamous Battle of Parliament Square. But PC Tim Grant said he was "very frightened" by the violence of hunt protesters, who fought pitched battles with police for two hours on the day that the hunt ban was passed by MPs…. (story)

Western Gazette 2.3.06 Trespass risk was obvious - AT last the police recognise that foxhounds are dangerous dogs - far more so than the well-behaved German Shepherd Dogs and Rottweilers I have met this week. The Cattistock Hunt says the hounds were doing what comes naturally - in fact they created a dangerous situation by failing to control hounds and letting them go for a fox knowing full well there was a risk of trespass…. K. Watson, Bramhall, Stockport. (letter)

South London Press 2.3.06 Not right to shoot foxes - I READ your story about the foxes that were shot dead by a marksman for digging holes on Charlton Athletic's football ground… This does not seem right when people who have foxes that are digging holes in their gardens are told they must not harm the animals as they are urban foxes, never mind about the people and children living nearby. Name and address supplied
This does not seem right when people who have foxes that are digging holes in their gardens are told they must not harm the animals as they are urban foxes, never mind about the people and children living nearby. Name and address supplied… I THINK it is wrong to kill eight foxes because I like foxes so much I want one for my pet…. Holly, 10 Aylesbury Estate Walworth (letters)
South London Press 23.2.06 Marksman called in to kill foxes at football ground By Gareth Dorrian - A TERMINATOR was called in to kill foxes causing damage and posing a health risk at Charlton Athletic's ground…. Sharp-shooting pest controller Bruce Lindsay-Smith was asked to deal with the foxes when they threatened to devastate the club's sprinkler system and pitch. Mr Lindsay-Smith said the animals were caught in traps last month but someone set them free. This "educated" the foxes about cages and they had to be picked off in the dead of night using a rifle with infrared technology…. He said: "It was unfortunate that this do-gooder who released the foxes thought he was doing them a favour. He actually signed their death warrant…. (story)

Daily Post 2.3.06 Yes to docking - A MAJORITY of the public thinks tail-docking of working dogs should be allowed to continue, according to a Countryside Alliance poll…. (letter)

Central Somerset Gazette 2.3.06 GREYHOUND RACING IS INHERENTLY CRUEL - Greyhound racing death. I think the attitude that this greyhound's death was purely an accident is appalling. If it had already been involved in a previous race it is no accident that it got entered for another. Good, or should I say fast, greyhounds may cost their owners thousands of pounds, but if they don't live up to expectations there is no mercy or compassion, they are out…. Wendy Hassell (letter)

Burnham & Highbridge Weekly News 2.3.06 Website deluged by messages of support for badgers - KEEP trying is the message from East Huntspill charity Secret World Wildlife Rescue for people trying to get access to its White and Black campaign on-line…. (story in archive)

Kidderminster Shuttle 2.3.06 Joining bid to save badgers by SARAH COUSIN - A VETERINARY nurse from Bewdley is campaigning against Government proposals for a mass badger cull as it bids to halt the spread of TB in cattle… Emily George - who has been passionate about badgers all her life - said, however, a cull would be inhumane and would not solve the problem. Badgers are a protected species and Miss George is promoting the anti-culling Black and White Campaign, set up by Wildlife Aid, Care for the Wild International and Secret World Wildlife Rescue… (story in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 2.3.06 PUBLIC URGED TO HELP STOP BADGER CULL PLAN - Animal lovers in Derbyshire are being asked to help prevent the mass extermination of badgers… Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is urging people to stand up for the protected species by writing to animal health minister Ben Bradshaw and their local MPs by responding to the Government's consultation before the March 10 deadline…. (story)

Burton Mail 2.3.06 FEARS VOICED THE FOR FUTURE OF BADGERS by Keith Bull - A CONSERVATION charity is urging nature lovers in Burton and South Derbyshire to stand up and be counted in a campaign to prevent a mass extermination of badgers… If the campaign fails to change the Government's mind before Friday, March 10, when the period of consultation comes to an end, then the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is warning that one of the UK’s most protected creatures could be wiped out. Sue Lawley, conservation manager at the trust, said: "A cull would certainly be a bad move for badgers and is never going to be a simple solution to a complex problem….” (story)

Oxford Student 2.3.06 Oxford comes out in protest By goodman - Last Saturday around 1000 people took to the streets of Oxford, with a groundbreaking march supporting the building of the South Parks Road animal lab, and a counter-protest by animal rights activists taking place on the same day….(story)

Oxford Student 2.3.06 Death threats for 16 year-old Pro-Test leader By Felicity King - The founder of Pro-Test, 16 year old Laurie Pycroft, has received regular death threats from extreme animal rights activists since setting up the group, it was revealed this week…. (story)

Guardian 2.3.06 Oxford reunion venues - Alexandra Smith - Animal rights activists have said they will target several US restaurants and bars hosting Oxford University alumni reunion events next month, warning their businesses would be directly contributing to the institution's £20m animal research laboratory. In the latest move to stop the laboratory at Oxford, the protest group Speak is circulating a full list of the restaurants, bars, hotels and clubs in New York that are due to hold reunion events organised by the city's alumni chapter…. (story)

Guardian 2.3.06 We must stand up to the creeping tyranny of the group veto - The arguments around animal rights, Danish cartoons, Livingstone and Irving have more in common than you think - Timothy Garton Ash - It was a bright cold day in February, and the digital watches were blinking thirteen. Across the street from the concrete skeleton of a large building, a noisy crowd was repetitively chanting "Stop the Oxford animal lab! Stop the Oxford animal lab!" Just around the corner, at least 500 demonstrators, among them many Oxford university students, gave their vocal reply: "Stand up for science! Stand up for research! No more threats, no more fear!... Here the animal rights campaign has something in common with the extremist reaction to the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, as seen in the attacks on Danish embassies. In both cases, a particular group says: "We feel so strongly about this that we are going to do everything we can to stop it. We recognise no moral limits. The end justifies the means. Continue on this path and you must fear for your life."… (story)

Guardian 2.3.06 The sceptic - Do we still need animal testing in medical research? - Druin Burch - Ethically, as the battle over Oxford university's controversial new bio-medical research centre has shown, it depends which side of the argument you are on. But morals aside, now we can do all sorts of clever things with cell cultures and computer simulations, do we need to use living creatures to drive medical science forwards?... (story)

Independent 2.3.06 Call to arms over animal activists - Pharmaceutical industry challenges business leaders to join fight back against 'extremists' By Julia Kollewe, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent - Business leaders are being challenged to follow the example of an Oxfordshire teenager and support the fight back against animal rights activists rather than cave in to their demands. In an open letter published today in The Independent, the UK's pharmaceuticals industry delivers an impassioned plea for all businesses that have been targeted by the animal rights movement in the past to stand together and "banish these extremists to the margins of society"…. (story)
Independent 2.3.06 Letters: Animal extremists - Time to stand together against the animal extremists - Led by a 16-year-old and supported by large numbers of students and members of the public in Oxford and across the country, a grassroots movement is growing to defy those who threaten and intimidate in the cause of animal extremism…. By standing together, we can banish these extremists to the margins of society, not because we reject their professed concern for animal welfare, which everyone should share, but because of their indifference to human suffering, their rejection of the democratic process and their recourse to violence. DR RICHARD W BARKER, DIRECTOR GENERAL, THE ASSOCIATION OF THE BRITISH PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY, AISLING BURNAND, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, THE BIOINDUSTRY ASSOCIATION JOHN WILKINSON, DIRECTOR GENERAL THE ASSOCIATION OF BRITISH HEALTH-CARE INDUSTRIES PROFESSOR JULIA GOODFELLOW, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, THE BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES RESEARCH COUNCIL SIR RICHARD SYKES, RECTOR, IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON DR SIMON FESTING, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, RESEARCH DEFENCE SOCIETY, PROFESSOR COLIN BLAKEMORE, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL DR MARK WALPORT DIRECTOR, THE WELLCOME TRUST, LONDON SW1

Glasgow Herald 2.3.06 Animal experiments - Ross Minett of Advocates for Animals wants a "rational debate" but then plunges into an emotive denunciation of animals being "mutilated, starved and burned" and says: "Were anyone other than scientists to abuse animals in this way, they would be prosecuted for cruelty" (March 1). Of course, because that would be harming animals for no proper reason and without the legal and ethical constraints that apply to scientists… SPEAK also claims about the two demonstrations in Oxford on February 25: "The counter demonstration just about matched SPEAK's in numbers." My own eyes, TV footage and press photographs show that those supporting the Oxford lab outnumbered SPEAK by at least three to one. If they tell such a blatant lie, why should I believe anything else they say?... Dr Bob Purdie, 28 Slade Close, Oxford (letter)
Glasgow Herald 1.3.06 We need a genuinely independent investigation into the scientific merits of animal research - I agree with Dr Bob Purdie that more rational discussion and debate on the use of animals in experiments are needed (Letters, February 27). Perhaps a good starting point would be for the government to commission a genuinely independent investigation into the scientific merits of animal research…. Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)
Glasgow Herald 27.2.06 Against extremists - ON February 25 I attended the "Pro-Test" demonstration in Oxford, in support of the new medical laboratory and against the extremists who have used threats and violence against it. I hope many people in Scotland will take a similar stand…. Dr Bob Purdie, 28 Slade Close, Oxford. (letter)

Western Mail 2.3.06 Pig issue - SIAN MEREDUDD, Montpelier Park, Llandrindod Wells (letter)
Western Daily Press 1.3.06 A WAY TO GO FOR HUMANE FARMS - Mary Pollard Weston-super-Mare Somerset (letter)
Worcester Evening News 1.2.06 Compassion for animals we eat - D SINCLAIR, Castlemorton (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 31.1.06 SUPERMARKETS ARE IMPROVING - Elizabeth Howe Yeovil Somerset (letter)
Welwyn & Hatfield Times 25.1.06 Shops lead the way in farm welfare - Philip Harvey, Sycamore Avenue, Hatfield (letter)
Wiltshire Times 13.1.06 Eat kind meat - DR R G CHALLONER GREEN Wingfield (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 12.1.06 Animal cruelty and your supermarket - KARAN BROWN, Adel, Leeds (story)
Western Gazette 5.1.06 SURVEY SHOWS IMPROVEMENT - Compassion In World Farming has made public the overall results of its exhaustive two-yearly survey into how well animals are reared, transported and slaughtered for the UK's leading supermarkets. The results show that Britain's supermarkets are continuing to make good progress in many aspects for farm animal welfare and give a clear indication of supermarkets' commitment to improve animal welfare in response to rapidly-growing consumer demand… However, the survey also reveals that supermarkets still permit some alarming farming practises that leave farmed animals open to suffering. It is unacceptable that imported pig meat from stall systems that are banned on cruelty grounds in the UK is being sold here… Frank Wilson, The Old Chapel, Kingsdon. (letter)

South Wales Echo 2.3.06 St David was a vegetarian - St David's Day celebrations are the talk of the media… I spent that very day in Bridgend town centre inviting the public into the York Cafe bar. We invited people to enjoy free vegan alternatives to burgers, sausages, cheese, fish, ice cream and much more…. Our patron saint, Dewi, was renowned for abstaining from animal food…. June Holder, Castle Drive, Dinas Powys (letter)


Guardian 1.3.06 Animal instincts - In a rare interview with the Guardian, Kate Hoey MP tears into 'hypocrites' who support supermarkets but are against fox hunting… Owen Bowcott and James Meikle (story)

Western Daily Press 1.3.06 ESCAPED BOAR MAY NOT BE QUITE AS WILD AS THEY SEEM - I was interested in your report on a herd of wild boar which had been freed a second time from a West farm by animal rights campaigners (Daily Press, February 15). I was listening to a farming programme when they interviewed another boar farmer who was asked what he would do if his herd escaped. His answer was very encouraging because he explained… he would have no trouble simply calling them back with a bucket of grub. How much more sympathetic we all would be to Mr Dedames if his reaction had been the same, rather than see him create chaos and mayhem by calling in the local hunts. Gill Purser Cheltenham Gloucestershire (letter)

Galway Independent 1.3.06 Inhumane animal traps flooding Irish market - Philip Kiernan, Irish Council Against Blood Sports (letter)
Galway Independent 11.1.06 Inhumane animal traps flooding Irish market - Philip Kiernan, Irish Council Against Blood Sports (story)
Irish Examiner 30.11.05 Glue trap is a slow killer and should be banned - ONE of the most inhumane animal traps ever devised has recently been flooding into the Irish market. Available in discount stores and hardware shops all around the country, the rat and mouse glue trap aims not to kill its victims outright but to catch them in a sticky base where they will suffer a slow, lingering death…. Philip Kiernan, Irish Council Against Blood Sports, PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co Westmeath (letter)

Hunts Post 1.3.06 Animal rights group in horse racing protest - A FEMALE animal rights protester dressed in Victorian funeral attire and a man dressed as an undertaker protested outside Huntingdon racecourse on Thursday…. Animal Aid is calling for openness and accountability within the industry with full details of horse deaths being made public. Dene Stansall, a campaigner said: "The horse racing industry is concealing from the public the fact that hundreds of horses are injured and killed each year…. (story)
Cambridge Evneing News 28.2.06 'Funeral' staged by protesters - AN UNUSUAL protest at Huntingdon Racecourse highlighted to racegoers the "scandalously high" number of racehorse deaths on UK courses. Animal Aid staged a mock Victorian funeral procession with "undertaker" Claudia Tarry wearing a hat with a dead horse above the letters RIP…. Campaigner Dene Stansall said: "The horseracing industry deliberately conceals from the public the fact that hundreds of horses are killed each year…. (story)

Worcester Evening News 1.3.06 Plea to MPs to ward off badger cull - CULLING badgers is not the way to protect cattle against bovine TB and it could even make the problem worse, according to Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. "A cull would be bad for badgers and bad for farmers," said the trust's director Colin Raven…. (story in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 1.3.06 LITTLE TIME TO SAVE BADGER - HELEN WEEKS, for Protect Our Wild Animals (Powa), via e-mail (letter)
Western Mail 28.2.06 Boycott for badgers - Helen Weeks, for Protect Our Wild Animals, Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.2.06 FOR BADGERS, BOYCOTT BUTTER - Badger supporters have just a few short weeks in which to save these animals. Defra's consultation period ends on March 10. Protect Our Wild Animals fears that the consultation will lead to the widespread gassing, snaring or shooting of badgers, for up to a period of five years, unless badger supporters do all they can to stop this cruel and unnecessary slaughter…. So, we are calling on all badger supporters to go a step further and boycott British butter. If the killing does go ahead POWA will step up its campaign to include all dairy products. Helen Weeks West Coker Somerset (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 1.3.06 Readers are divided over animal tests By Kevin Burchall - TEENAGE campaigner Laurie Pycroft hailed it as a victory for the "silent majority" as several hundred protesters took to the streets of Oxford to support the building of a new £18m animal research centre in the university city. But Adver readers are divided about the 16-year-old's Pro-Test stance. Fifty-five per cent have voted against experimenting on animals for scientific research in our latest poll…. Marilyn Harrison, a member of Speak as well as Swindon Animal Concern, said: "I don't find it surprising that a lot of people believe animal experiments are necessary because their PR is very good…. (story)

Western Daily Press 1.3.06 FEARLESS TEEN GETS DEATH THREATS AFTER ANIMAL TEST SUPPORT - Fearless West schoolboy Laurie Pycroft has vowed to continue campaigning in favour of vivisection for medical research despite receiving a string of death threats from animal rights activists. Laurie, 16, is the founder of a movement called Pro-Test. Last weekend he led about 800 people on a march through Oxford in support of plans for an £18million biomedical research facility in the city…. (story)

Independent 1.3.06 Let us hear the case for animal testing - I am pleased to see the pro-animal testing lobby come out on the streets. Not because I agree with them, but because the debate has been for so long one-sided, the research community either standing aloof from public debate or simplifying the arguments for animal studies to ridiculous soundbites… DR FRANCIS SEDGEMORE, LONDON SE3
In "Militants meet their match" (27 February), it is said that "all primates should be included in the 1986 ban on vivisection that applies to chimpanzees". Many of the most effective treatments for debilitating degenerative diseases of the brain have come from research in non-human primates done since 1986… PROFESSOR ROGER LEMON, DIRECTOR, UCL INSTITUTE OF NEUROLOGY, LONDON WC1 (letters)

Western Daily Press 1.3.06 TERRORIST TREATMENT - So, animal rights extremists have threatened attacks on nearly 100 companies that donated money to Oxford University. This is nothing short of terrorism and should be dealt with as such… Linda Smith Bristol (letter)

Guardian 1.3.06 Edinburgh plans £47m animal welfare research centre - Debbie Andalo - A new £47m research centre that will focus on animal welfare and diseases transmitted between animals and humans is being planned by Edinburgh University…. The announcement comes less than a week after animal rights activists and pro-vivisection supporters clashed in demonstrations at Oxford University over the building of a new animal testing laboratory. John Savill, the head of Edinburgh's college of medicine and veterinary medicine, said he was confident the university would not become the focus of anti or pro-animal rights protesters as the Scottish development was devoted to animal welfare…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 1.3.06 Zoo should not add to its animal 'collection' - WE are dismayed that Edinburgh Zoo is planning to add animals such as elephants, orangutans and manatees to its collection as part of its new 20-year masterplan… Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 1.3.06 Squirrels' right to life - I was interested in a recent reader's letter in which a gentleman concerned for animal welfare was sticking up for grey squirrels. I fully agree with him. They were introduced to this country by Man, so why should they be penalised for it?... Cynthia Howard, The Square, Wolverhampton. (letter)