March 2007

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Guardian 31.3.07 I was a vivisectionist - It all started when I was an undergraduate doing a medical degree. We were introduced to it gently; we started by watching videos of experiments on anaesthetised rabbits and recording the results. Later we carried out experiments on frogs' legs and then hearts…. When I had done my three-year research degree, I left. I had become someone who thought it was normal to kill animals on a daily basis and not be affected by it, which was somehow not really the person I wanted to be… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 31.3.07 Food for thought for meat eaters By Ushma Mistry - GIVE vegetarianism a try - that's the message from University of Southampton student, Alexia Weekes, who will be hosting a Southampton Free Veg-Fest today. The event takes place at the Edmund Kell church hall, in Bellevue Road from 10am to 2pm…. Alexia, who became a vegan five years ago, is also a member of Students Against Animal Cruelty…. (story)

Sunderland Echo 31.3.07 Animals suffering greatly in zoos - Craig Redmond, Campaigns Manager, The Captive Animals' Protection Society, PO Box 4186, Manchester, M60 3ZA, UK (letter)
Bath Chronicle 27.3.07 SPARE ANIMALS THE MISERY OF A LIFE IN CAPTIVITY - CRAIG REDMOND, Campaigns Manager The Captive Animals' Protection Society, PO Box 4186, Manchester (letter)
Sun 27.3.07 THE plight of Knut the polar bear has reopened a timely debate about keeping animals in zoos… CRAIG REDMOND, Campaigns Manager, The Captive Animals' Protection Society, Manchester (letter)
Manchester Evening News 23.3.07 Should cute Knut live? THE plight of Knut the polar bear at Berlin Zoo has reopened a timely debate about the wide issues of keeping animals in zoos… While the best that this polar bear, and all animals in zoos, can ever hope for is an improvement in conditions, we must ensure that other animals are spared the misery of a life of captivity for entertainment… Craig Redmond, Campaigns Manager, Captive Animals’ Protection Society (letter)


Chester Chronicle 30.3.07 History made as man is fined for fox hunt By Tom Sieber, Chester Chronicle - A MAN has been convicted of using dogs to kill a fox in the first case under the Hunting Act to be brought to court by the RSPCA. Paul McMullen, 36, of Musker Drive, Bootle, Liverpool, was found guilty at Chester Magistrates Court of hunting a wild mammal with dogs…. (story)
Bootle Times 29.3.07 Fox hunter fined by Lyndsay Young, Bootle Time - A MAN from Netherton was convicted for setting dogs to maul a fox to death in the first prosecution brought by the RSPCA under the Hunting Act. Paul McMullen, 36, of Musker Drive, was sentenced at Chester Magistrates Court after helping flush the fox from a badger set before setting dogs on it to kill it… (story)
Western Morning News 27.3.07 HUNTING BAN CONVICTION COSTS DOG OWNER £6,000 - A man was ordered to pay almost £6,000 after he was found guilty of hunting a fox with dogs in breach of the hunting ban.Paul McMullan, 36, was sentenced at Chester Magistrates Court after he was convicted of using a dog on January 11 last year…. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 27.3.07 RSPCA hails £6000 hunting fine - THE RSPCA has said it is delighted that a man found guilty of breaching the hunting ban was ordered to pay almost £6000…. (story)
Wigan Post/Observer/Reporter 27.3.07 RSPCA welcomes sentence for hunting with dogs - The RSPCA has said it is delighted that a Merseyside man found guilty of breaching the hunting ban was ordered to pay almost £6,000 after he was found guilty of hunting a fox with dogs. Paul McMullan, 36, was sentenced at Chester Magistrates' Court after he was convicted of using a dog to flush out a fox from a badger sett on January 11 last year…. (story)
BBC News Online 26.3.07 Man convicted under hunting act - A man has been convicted of using his dogs to kill a fox in what is thought to be the first prosecution under the Hunting Act in the North West. Paul McMullen, of Bootle, Merseyside, was arrested after a woman reported a group of men with dogs digging into a badger set in the Cheshire countryside. He had denied hunting a wild mammal with a dog but was found guilty by magistrates in Chester…. The RSPCA, which spent about £12,000 to bring the prosecution, was satisfied with the outcome. Ch Insp Ian Briggs said: "We are extremely pleased with the awards that were given out by the court today… (story)

Western Morning News 30.3.07 MANY thanks to John Phelps (March 20) for his honesty. The reason for the Hunting Act, he tells us, is "distaste". Seven hundred hours of parliamentary time that might have been more profitably spent in furthering just about anything else… How can any society that calls itself liberal and tolerant survive if this is the basis of its legislative process? Jonathan Higgins, Totnes (letter)
Western Morning News 20.3.07 ANCIENT BUT WRONG - Half of your front page of March 12 was devoted to hunting with dogs in Ulster as a result of a statement on the website of the Northern Ireland Department saying: "Hunting with hounds is an ancient field sport".The statement may give the impression that the department is supportive of the sport…. The Northern Ireland Department is correct to say hunting with hounds is an ancient field sport, but it is disgraceful that abuse of wildlife continues in Ireland. John Phelps, Exeter (letter)

Great Yarmouth Mercury 30.3.07 Pay to fish plan slated - At long last the Government has come clean on its plans for making sea anglers pay to fish. In a White Paper up for discussion and consultation Labour's Environment Minister David Milliband has revealed he intends to introduce a whole range of sea fishing licences including one for beach anglers, boat anglers and charter boats, writes Roy Webster. The proposal has been universally criticised by the National Federation of Sea Anglers, the Sea Anglers' Matchmen's Federation and the Countryside Alliance…. (story)

Sheffield Star 30.3.07 Action is needed on fly-tipping now as it will only get worse. THE Countyside Alliance report on fly tipping has highlighted Sheffield's poor record on dealing with the problem of fly tipping. This, in my opinion is a well deserved record. Coun Bryan Lodge responds in typical bullish form by criticising the report for 'inconsistencies' in the way it gathered its information and is confident that future 'figures' will show a decrease… I would encourage those who see fly tipping on a regular basis to keep reporting these incidents to the council - only then will the scale of the problem be truly recognised by local politicians. Jim Flanagan, Coronation Road, Stocksbridge (letter)

York Press 30.3.07 MPs sign motion to ban foie gras from UK By Tom Stirling - YORK MP Hugh Bayley has backed a campaign to outlaw foie gras - by tabling a motion in Parliament. The Early Day Motion (EDM) reinforces a call from York councillor Paul Blanchard to ban the sale of foie gras in the UK entirely…. >(letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 30.3.07 KEEP CIRCUS TRADITION ALIVE - I Am writing in reply to the RSPCA letter printed in Viewpoint, Scunthorpe Telegraph. We took our grandchildren to the circus at Glanford Park last week.Firstly, the animals both in the big top and the animals on the park were very well cared for and much-loved…. I can't praise the circus staff enough - from the 'pooh cleaner' up to Martin Lacey himself…. Noreen Smith, Blackmoor Road, Haxey, Doncaster. (story)

Bath Chronicle 30.3.07 THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HUMANE SLAUGHTER OF ANIMALS - JUSTIN KERSWELL, Campaigns manager, Viva!, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 27.3.07 BE SCEPTICAL OVER VIEWS ON SLAUGHTER - As one of the people who attend the slaughter house featured in the BBC3 programme Kill It, Cook It, Eat, I must take issue with Justin Kerswell's letter No such thing as humane slaughter, Points of view, March 19.As he was not present at the time, he cannot use such controversial language if he wishes the general public to listen to what he has to say… Beware anyone who uses emotive terms to further their cause. Their comments cannot be trusted as being objective - treat all of them with extreme scepticism. David Soutter, Milwr, Holywell, North Wales (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 19.3.07 NO SUCH THING AS HUMANE SLAUGHTER - Justin Kerswell, Campaigns manager, Viva! Bristol (letter)
North East Evening Gazette 13.3.07 Bloody whitewash - JUSTIN KERSWELL, Campaigns Manager, Viva! (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 9.3.07 Go veggie to stop animal suffering - The way animals are killed in slaughterhouses is something most of us don't want to think about but the incredible fact that nearly two-and-a-half million are slaughtered in the UK each day means it is an issue we can't ignore…. . By going veggie we stop supporting this brutal business and reduce the number of animals enduring this fate… Justin Kerswell, Campaigns manager, Viva! Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)

Western Daily Press 30.3.07 SHOCKED BY THIS KILLING OF GOATS - I was shocked and saddened to hear about the 15 goats that the National Trust had shot…. A Palmer, Dursley (letter)

Western Daily Press 30.3.07 DON'T RESURRECT THIS CRUEL TRADE - Time is running out for the great whales, and in less than 100 days a decision will come which could seal their fate for good or ill, says FRAN MALLION, of the Wiltshire-based Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 30.3.07 ANIMAL CAMPAIGNER'S CIRCUS BOYCOTT PLEA - A Young animal rights campaigner is urging people to boycott the Great British Circus which rolls into town next week. Ryan Day (16), of Aylesby, and a group of other campaigners, will be protesting against the use of animals in the circus before each performance…. (story)

Sutton Coldfield Observer 30.3.07 READERS CAN HELP ANIMALS - Dr John Raines' recollection of the Chipperfields Circus in 1955 (Observer, March 23) shows just how much attitudes towards animals has progressed in the past half-decade…. Fortunately, our five decades of campaigns have encouraged the public to avoid animal circuses so that now most rely entirely on the skills of human performers…. Craig Redmond, campaigns manager, The Captive Animals' Protection Society (story)

Ham & High 30.3.07 Dark skies gather for Heath parakeets - ANIMAL rights campaigners have slammed plans that could lead to dead parrots and terrapins on Hampstead Heath… One possible solution being examined is Defra's own call to cull the African green parakeets that live on Hampstead Heath… Animal rights campaigner Angela Humphery from Willoughby Road said: "I can understand from an ornithological point of view why they would want to keep native species, but personally I think it is a shame to kill any birds. "I'm a supporter of the RSPB anyway and I fully support its views on this…. (story)


North Devon Journal 29.3.07 LEAGUE ACCUSES PARK AUTHORITY OF BEING HYPOCRITES - The league Against Cruel Sports has accused Exmoor National Park Authority of hypocrisy over its controls on dogs during the ground nesting season.A spokesman for the league said the authority was guilty of double standards after warning people to keep their dogs on short leads during the breeding season, between March 1 and July 31… he League argued that ironically, seven hunts have access to the park on a regular basis: the Devon and Somerset, Quantocks and Tiverton Staghounds, as well as the Exmoor, Dulverton West, Minehead Harriers and Dulverton Farmers Foxhounds… Authority spokeswoman Clare O'Connor said: "The hunt are exercising their rights over which we have no control…. (story)

Guardian 29.3.07 Wild magic - We usually think of urban foxes as pests - smelly scavengers that wreck our gardens and make it impossible to get a good night's sleep. But Blake Morrison has learned to live with them - and even love them… Why the fox came so high on the political agenda in the age of New Labour is as mysterious as the creature itself. As a contributor to the Guardian letters page in July 2003 put it, which wicked practice was it that finally roused Labour backbenchers to vote against the government? Fat-cat pay? Third world debt? Arms sales? The war in Iraq? The vilification of asylum seekers? The gap between rich and poor? No, fox-hunting - "the unreachable in pursuit of the immaterial", as the writer put it. One day, perhaps, historians will make sense of it. For now, the obvious conclusion is that Blair gave in on fox-hunting in order to get his way on issues that mattered more… (story)

Independent 29.3.07 Save our hares - It seems British brown hares will soon be extinct ("Open season on Britain's hares", 26 March). There are arguments for keeping fox numbers down because they kill poultry and can be seen as vermin, but a few hares grazing on arable pasture cannot be seen in the same light… . It's high time a hunting ban was introduced… CLARE MEIKLEJOHN, EXETER (letter)

Evesham Journal 29.3.07 Countryside - BASC welcomes shake-up of game laws - A MAJOR shake-up of the game laws, which will see the scrapping of game dealers' licences and permit game and venison to be sold all year round, comes into force on August 1. Steward Scull, head of gamekeeping and game shooting, for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, said: "This is fantastic news for everyone who shoots game and those who deal in game… (story)

Scotsman 29.3.07 Legal use of airguns - In my letter (27 March) on airguns, I missed out the word, "most". What I should have written was: "It is also illegal to use an airgun to shoot most wild, pet or farm animals or birds… JOHN F ROBINS, Animal Concern, PO Box 5178, Dumbarton (letter)
Scotsman 27.3.07 Scourge of airgun misuse - Jack McConnell, the First Minister, has decided to give Scottish police forces two years to prove that existing legislation is adequate to deal with the scourge of airgun misuse… If anyone sees someone misusing an airgun they have a duty to dial 999 and tell the police…. JOHN F ROBINS, Secretary Animal Concern Advice Line, PO Box 5178, Dumbarton
Living in a rural area, I strongly disagree with the view that airguns have no place outside gun clubs… ADAM STAVERT, Kersewell Avenue, Carnwath, Lanarkshire (letter)

Rutland Times 29.3.07 Anglers get hooked on clearing canal - Canal-side walks will soon be possible again thanks to the efforts of an angling group. Oakham Angling Society is spearheading a campaign to tidy up Oakham's canal to improve the area for fishermen and walkers…. (story)

Western Gazette 29.3.07 HORSE RACING DEATHS SPARK INVESTIGATION - The death of four horses at Wincanton has led to calls for horse racing to prioritise animal safety. The Horseracing Regulatory Authority has opened an investigation into the incidents on Monday at Wincanton Racecourse…. David Muir, a spokesman for the RSPCA, said: "We keep on saying it, racing has got to put fatalities at the top of its priorities… (story)

Bury Times 29.3.07 Trust 'sorry' after it culls 15 goats By Andy Davey - THE National Trust has apologised for distressing neighbours in Purbeck after culling 15 goats when a trial grazing project failed…. (story)
Western Daily Press 24.3.07 NATIONAL TRUST ORDERS GOATS TO BE GUNNED DOWN BY MARCUS DENBY WDNEWS@BEPP.CO.UK - There was outrage yesterday after the National Trust shot a herd of goats when an experiment to graze them on heathland failed. The Trust put the 18 goats on a patch of coastal scrubland in a trial to keep down growing gorse. Although the animals successfully kept the grass trim they repeatedly escaped from their pens, causing damage to nearby gardens and a golf course… Anita Singh, spokesman for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, called the culling stupid…. (story)

Bury Times 29.3.07 Sparks flew in Marks' protest By David Thomson - PLACARD-waving animal rights campaigners held a protest in Bury over Marks and Spencer's treatment of pregnant and mothering sows. The demonstration co-incided with a National Day of Action organised by supporters of welfare group Viva (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals)…. (story)

Norwich Evening News 29.3.07 Concerns grow over Animal Welfare Bill - DAVID POWLES - New measures to protect animals against abuse come into force next week - but fears have been raised that a lack of preparation means they will not be effective. The Animal Welfare Bill, the first overhaul of pet law in 94 years, includes harsher fines of up to £20,000 and maximum jail terms of 51 weeks, for animal cruelty… However, fears have been raised by bosses of Norfolk's animal sanctuaries that not enough preparation has gone into ensure the measure is a success… (story)

Guardian 29.3.07 Less squirrel, more seabass - Pet pelts sold as fake fur seem obscene, but we should be consistent in our condemnation - Zoe Williams - "It sounds too grotesque for words. But pelts from slaughtered cats and dogs are being passed off as 'ethical' fur to British shoppers"… I've made being anti-fur sound like adolescent posturing, when it isn't - there is something so uniquely poisonous about the message of this material, combining as it does cruelty, vanity and ostentatious wealth… But let's be honest. Why ban the sale of dog and cat pelts, and not fox? Because they are cuter…. (story)

Ripley & Heanor News 29.3.07 Street collection to help animal charity - A street collection in Ripley in aid of Respect for Animals on February 17, raised £139.83… (story)

North Devon Journal 29.3.07 CARING FOR YOUR BUNNIES - KATE FOWLER-REEVES, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)
Ulster Herald 29.3.07 Don't give rabbits as Easter gifts - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Animal Aid (letter)
Keighley News 29.3.07 Don't buy Easter bunnies - Kate Fowler-Reeves Animal Aid The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge Kent TN9 1AW (letter)
Wharfedale Observer 29.3.07 Easter warning - With Easter approaching, rabbit breeders may be hoping to boost their profits by capitalising on the holiday's theme… They require plenty of freedom to run, dig and play throughout the day, every day; companionship of their own kind; safety and security from attacks by dogs and foxes… It is more important than ever that people think twice before taking on a rabbit or any other pet. The new Animal Health and Welfare Act 2006 places a duty of care on pet owners to ensure that the needs of their animals are met… Kate Fowler-Reeves Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 28.3.07 A rabbit is for life, not just Easter - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 29.3.07 'WILL RSPCA GO BACK TO CHARITY ROOTS?' - The anti-circus venom surrounding the RSPCA seems to have followed me around. Perhaps this has something to do with me working at the Great British Circus…. If only the RSPCA would revert back to caring for sick dogs, cats, and horses etc - a true charity - instead of the political monster it now appears to be. David Bushell, Lincoln Road, Honington Junction, Grantham (letter)

Rugby Observer 29.3.07 Vegetarian diet better for health - I AM astounded to read the total ignorance of one of your readers, a Mr Leckie, in his flawed and somewhat narrow minded approach to a Vegetarian diet… In today’s climate of growing childhood obesity, it is by far and large proven time and time again that a meat free diet for children as well as adults is without doubt a more likely route to longevity, low blood pressure and reduced stress. Carl Roderick, Via email (letter)


Sussex Express 28.3.07 Bank switch stopped over fox hunting ban - A PARISH council has decided not to transfer its cash to the Co-operative Bank - because the bank is opposed to fox hunting. East Chilton Parish Council had planned to move its banking arrangements to the Co-operative Bank because it would be more convenient for the council. But councillors had second thoughts about the move and decided it would not be "appropriate" to go ahead with the switch, in light of the bank's stance on fox hunting…. (story)

Carmarthen Journal 28.3.07 CHARITY BOOSTED BY HUNT - Carmarthenshire Hunt celebrated its closing meet by donating money to charity.A total of £520 was raised by members for Wales Air Ambulance…. (story)

Western Daily Press 28.3.07 WHO NEEDS A HOUND PACK? - Having read Delly Everard's letter last week (Your Say, March 13), I agree that the hunting debates and subsequent law were a complete waste of time. Packs of hounds should have been banned altogether…. Drag-hunting is equally suspect at the very least. If hounds are following an artificial scent and disturb a fox, are they really going to ignore it…. Joan Bennett, Ashcott (letter)
Western Morning News 22.3.07 IT'S NOT SO EASY TO REPEAL A LAW - In response to the letter from Delly Everard on the hunt ban "Cameron repeal is all about stopping waste of resources" (Your Say, March 10), what a load of old tosh again…. A Palmer, Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 21.3.07 HUNTING ACT HAS POPULAR SUPPORT - Delly Everard, regional director of the Countryside Alliance, insults the intelligence of Western Daily Press readers. David Cameron is a paid-up member of Ms Everard's organisation and comes from a hunting background…. The Hunting Act is a clear and enforceable law, supported by people in town and country alike… Chris Gale, Chippenham (letter)
Western Daily Press 20.3.07 RESPECT BAN TO SAVE RESOURCES - Delly Everard, the spokesperson for bloodsports organisation the Countryside Alliance, informs us that David Cameron's desire to repeal the Hunting Act has nothing to do with the fact that he is a bloodsports enthusiast, but through a desire to save police resources "Cameron repeal is all about stopping waste of resources", (Your Say, March 10). Well, I have a much simpler way for Mr Cameron, leader of the Tory Party, to save police resources. He can tell his arrogant foxhunting friends to stop flouting the law… Helen Weeks, Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 17.3.07 REPEAL A GIFT TO LANDOWNERS - Does Delly Everard, "Cameron repeal is all about stopping waste of resources" (Your Say, March 10), think we are all brain-dead?It will take more than a letter stuffed full of Countryside Alliance dogma to convince people that David Cameron's pledge to repeal the Hunting Act is anything other than a Tory attempt to re-establish what they see as the natural order of things, ie, that landowners are the people who matter and must be allowed to do as they like, regardless of how repugnant their activities may be to the general population…. Penny Little Great Haseley Oxfordshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 10.3.07 CAMERON REPEAL IS ALL ABOUT STOPPING WASTE OF RESOURCES - In response to letters commenting on David Cameron and the repeal of the Hunting Act, it seems that readers have completely missed the point of his promise.He is not, in fact, pledging to allow a free vote based on his personal preferences towards field sports, but making a bold and long-overdue comment that it is a bad and unjust law, and should not be allowed to remain on the statute books…. Delly Everard Wessex regional director Marlborough Wiltshire (letter)

Droitwich Spa Advertiser 28.3.07 - Animal care - WILLIAM Wilberforce, currently remembered in the new film 'Amazing Grace', was not only involved in bringing the slave trade to an end - he was also a founder of the RSPCA…. The RSPCA works tirelessly for better treatment of animals - following the example set by William Wilberforce all those years ago… Jackie Ballard, Director General, RSPCA (letter)

Daelnet 28.3.07 Massive support for humane farming - MORE than half of British food shoppers - and even more in continental Europe - would be prepared to swap supermarkets to one which could prove it sold only meat and poultry produced in human conditions. A survey of EU countries conducted by the research company Eurobarometer that 56% of Britons and 62% of mainland Europeans would make the switch, says the animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)…. (story)

Argus 28.3.07 Newborn fox cub returned to its mother By Siobhan Ryan - A three-day old fox cub has been reunited with its mother by wildlife volunteers. The tiny cub, with its eyes still closed, was found at the bottom of a garden in Meadowlands Avenue, Hampden Park, near Eastbourne on Tuesday evening. The owners of the property called the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service for help…. (story)


Western Mail 27.3.07 Goat-shooting hunts challenged by RSPCA as trophy tourism - HUNTING holidays that offer enthusiasts the chance to shoot wild deer and goats in Wales and England have been branded "morally incomprehensible". The RSPCA, which opposes shooting animals for sport, said it was concerned about inexperienced people shooting animals during short breaks in Wales and England organised by the field sports company UK Custom Shop…. (story)
Birmingham Post 20.3.07 Firm fires back over hunting holidays - A Midland firm has defended its hunting holidays offering gun enthusiasts the chance to shoot wild deer and goats in the UK after they were branded "morally incomprehensible". Field sports company UK Custom Shop provides its clients with short breaks hunting six species of wild deer, as well as feral goats… Andrew Banner, who runs UK Custom Shop, which is based in Bromsgrove, Worcester-shire, said: "This is nothing new, the details have been on the website for the past s even years with no complaints… (story)
Birmingham Mail 19.3.07 Animal shooting holidays slammed - HUNTING holidays organised by a Midland firm which offer gun enthusiasts the chance to shoot wild deer and goats in the UK have been branded "morally incomprehensible"… (story)
Daily Post 19.3.07 Come and shoot goats in N.Wales by Hywel Trewyn, Daily Post - AN ENGLISH field sports company is offering holidays in North Wales for huntsmen to shoot and kill wild goats. The company based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, advertises trips for people of “all abilities and budgets” to come to Snowdonia and take potshots at the creatures. UK Custom Shop boasts that all the guns and ammunition needed to stalk the animals can be provided…. Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler, who disagrees with all goat culling, condemned the advert…. RSPCA spokeswoman Becky Hawkes said: “The RSPCA is opposed to shooting animals for sport… Tim Lander of UK Custom Shop, which has merged with Wildcat Custom Rifles, last night claimed the firm no longer offered goat-stalking as a service, despite the fact that it appears on the website… (story)
Daily Post 19.3.07 Goat cull is not job for gun-toting amateurs - FROM time to time, the authorities see a real need for humans to give the natural world a helping hand to keep the balance of nature in check… However, there is a point on the issue at which most right-thinking people agree – it is not okay to slaughter the animals in a way that causes unnecessary suffering. If it must be done, there are professionals who can cull goats instantly with a single bullet. This is the most humane way it can be carried out… (story)
Western Mail 19.3.07 RSPCA slam goat shooting holidays - Hunting holidays offering gun enthusiasts the chance to shoot wild deer and goats in the UK were today branded "morally incomprehensible". Field sports company UK Custom Shop provides its clients with short breaks hunting six species of wild deer as well as feral goats…. (story)

Western Mail 27.3.07 Piling more tax on 4x4s 'is another blow for farming and countryside' - Steve Dube, Western Mail - EXTRA road tax on Chelsea Tractors is a symbol of Gordon Brown's blind spot for farming and the countryside, say farming organisations. The farm unions, the Tenant Farmers Association and the Country Land and Business Association all pointed to the tax increase for gas-guzzling 4x4 vehicles as a blow for farmers struggling on low incomes…. The Countryside Alliance estimates that only about 250,000 of the UK's 1.6 million 4x4s are real working vehicles… (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 27.3.07 Animal rights activist in court - AN ANIMAL rights activist was taken back to court after breaching a high court injunction limiting protest activity at Huntingdon Life Sciences. Alan Buttle, 22, was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £200 towards prosecution costs by Huntingdson magistrates… (story)
Cambridge Evening News 27.3.07 Animal rights activist broke order - AN ANIMAL rights activist who breached a High Court injunction limiting protest activity at Huntingdon Life Sciences has been given a 12-month conditional discharge. Alan Buttle, of Meopham in Gravesend, Kent, was arrested in October during a protest outside HLS in Woolley Road, Huntingdon. The 22-year-old was warned about his behaviour, which breached a High Court injunction, but ignored the warning and continued to breach the court order…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 27.3.07 Action against grey squirrels - Aberdeen City Council's decision to trap and kill grey squirrels has to be one of the most inhumane and misguided actions taken by this council. Whoever told the officials that the red squirrels were being wiped out by their grey cousins must be clueless… In its wisdom, the council has destroyed the red squirrels' habitat by cutting down pine trees in the Hazlehead woods over the past four years…. Graeme and Angela Smith, 43 Binghill Road West, Milltimber, Aberdeen. (story)

Western Morning News 27.3.07 RECONSIDER SUPPORT FOR AQUARIUMS - It is clearly time to reassess whether any more public money should be pumped into Plymouth's National Marine Aquarium, given recent stories in the Press about its decline in visitor numbers…. Two years ago the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) commissioned a scientific study into aquariums in the UK, revealing for the first time the huge animal welfare problems created by confining aquatic animals for public display…. Craig Redmond, Campaigns Manager The Captive Animals' Protection Society Manchester (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 27.3.07 CAMPAIGNERS HOST CHARITY CURRY NIGHT - Animal lovers are being invited to tuck into a curry night feast to help moon bears. The South Devon Animals Asia Support Group is holding an Indian supper and talk at the Sharpham Buddhist Centre at Ashprington near Totnes on Saturday April 14 in aid of the campaign to rescue moon bears…. (story)

Western Daily Press 27.3.07 TALK TO PEOPLE WHO KNOW, CHRIS - It is about time that Chris Rundle stirred his loins and met some of the people who he writes about from the comfort of a chair. The article "Badger cull on the cards" he wrote on March 7 proves that he does not have a clue about the beliefs and motivation of animal rights activists… He should ask the Forestry Commission and private forestry concerns how many squirrel traps they have lost.He would be very surprised at the thousands of mole traps and fox traps that are destroyed every year. He should also find out how many ferrets disappear and how many times ferreting expeditions are stopped by animal rights activists…. P Richardson, South Cerney (story)

Southern Daily Echo 27.3.07 Help stop seal slaughter - CAN one imagine what it would be like to be skinned alive? This is what often happens to baby harp seals, born on the Canadian ice floes every spring… M MILLAR, Southampton. (letter)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 27.3.07 Wanted: good homes for 13,500 liberated hens - I was interested to read the article last week regarding the children from a Towcester school who had witnessed the hatching of some chickens in their school. While it is commendable that children are brought closer to nature with the opportunity that living eggs brought to them, I wonder if your readers could spare a thought for the millions of baby chicks that are born into captivity only to be condemned to a life of suffering…. At present there are 13,500 legally liberated hens that are no longer wanted by the poultry industry. These poor creatures are urgently looking for homes… Sarah Beagley, Northampton. (letter)


Aberdeen Press & Journal 26.3.07 Blaming deer for damage - I agree wholeheartedly with Robert Balfour, chairman of the Association of Deer Management Groups, that the widespread misinformation by conservation groups regarding damage to the environment by Scotland's deer population must end… Peter Fraser, East Auchallater, Braemar. (letter)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 17.3.07 CLAIMS OF TOO MANY DEER IN SCOTLAND ARE REJECTED - JOE WATSON - Deer managers have called for a greater degree of commonsense from the next Scottish Executive and for politicians to finally recognise the important economic contribution the sector makes to rural Scotland. The plea from Robert Balfour, chairman of the Association of Deer Management Groups, comes ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections…. "We know the contribution made by deer management to the Scottish economy. This has been estimated at £105million per annum. So will our ministers, MSPs and their advisers please kick the 'lairds at play' stereotype firmly into touch and accept that deer management, the business it sustains and the jobs it generates, are of real value to the rural economy….” (story)

Oxford Times 26.3.07 Animal demo - ALMOST 100 protesters demonstrated about animal rights in the city on Saturday. Campaigners waving placards and photographs of Felix, a monkey used in experiments, in a cage gathered at Martyrs' Memorial and later dispersed in groups to various parts of the city to broadcast their 'Fighting for Felix' campaign…. Amanda Richards, a member of campaign group Speak, said there was growing concern about the increasing use of animals for medical experiments…. (story)
Bicester Advertiser and Oxford Times 24.3.07 Speaking out - ANIMAL rights campaigners have been demonstrating this week to highlight the case of a monkey being used for medical research…. Protest group Speak is demanding the release of Felix, who was featured in a BBC2 documentary called Monkeys, Rats and Me. Campaigners will meet at noon today, at the Martyrs' Memorial, in St Giles…. (story) (story)

Plymouth Evening Herald 26.3.07 NO ANSWER ON GOAT SUB TESTS - Armed forces minister Adam Ingram has refused to give a detailed answer to a Parliamentary question about navy experiments involving live goats.Last month, the Herald revealed that privatised defence research firm QinetiQ was putting goats in chambers which were then depressurised to simulate an emergency aboard a submarine… (story)

Irish Independent 26.3.07 Group urges ban on animals in circuses - ANIMAL welfare campaigners are calling on the Arts Council to stop funding animal circuses amid mounting concerns about the conditions in which animals are kept…. Circus Watch Ireland, the Irish branch of the Captive Animals Protection Society, says the council should redirect funding to human act-only circuses and called for a ban on animals in circuses. “….hippos, rhinos, tigers and elephants can be dragged around the country and no licence is required." said spokeswoman Nuala Donlon… (story)

Irish Independent 26.3.07 Tommy Hilfiger turns his back on fur on the catwalk By Jonathan Owen - Designer Tommy Hilfiger has joined the likes of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein by turning his back on animal skins in his collections… demand for fur is such that more than 50 million animals will be killed for their fur this year, according to the charity Respect for Animals… (story)

Western Daily Press 26.3.07 HORRORS OF THE HARROWING CRATE - Pig ignorant is what pig farmers and people like Pauline Case would like consumers to be as far as pig- farming goes. Thanks to people like Heather McCartney, and organisations like Viva!, this vile practice of farrowing crates is being exposed…. Marie Denston, Highbridge (story)


Observer 25.3.07 Pendennis - Oliver Marre - Well, we always knew Sienna was a foxy lady - Sienna Miller should have seen this coming. Last week, she rode out with Bryan Ferry's son, Otis, and the South Shropshire Hunt, where he is master of foxhounds. Young Otis, you may remember, was one of those who stormed Parliament to protest about the hunting ban. Now, the animal-rights lobby group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals tells me: 'In a country which banned hunting with public support, Sienna is at risk of losing fans… (story)
Mirror 22.3.07 FOXY AND THE HOUNDS - EXCLUSIVE SIENNA GOES OUT HUNTING WITH ODIOUS OTIS FERRY - SIENNA Miller clearly has a gruesome idea of a bloody good time - as Odious Ferry takes her hunting. Mud-spattered Sienna, 25, flashed a smile as she turned her hand from Factory Girl to hideous country pursuits…. Odious, master of the South Shropshire hunt, is famous solely for being rocker Bryan's son and storming the Commons in 2004 over the hunting ban…. (story)

Wales on Sunday 25.3.07 WITH the Grand National just a few weeks away, the joint favourites to win the race have both been destroyed within days of each other… DENE STANSALL, horse racing consultant, Animal Aid, Kent (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 23.3.07 Racehorses at risk from punishing events - D Stansall. Horse racing consultant. Animal Aid. The Old Chapel. Bradford Street. Tonbridge. (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 21.3.07 Too many horses are racing to death - With the notorious Grand National just a few weeks away, the joint favourites to win the race have both been destroyed within days of each other. Both deaths pose important questions for the racing authorities… We now see that horses not only die while racing in the Grand National but they also perish as their owners prepare them for an event we believe should have been banned long ago. Dene Stansall, Horse racing consultant, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)


Bristol Evening Post 24.3.07 MILES OF FUN - A Fun ride covering about 10 miles of the countryside in the Berkeley Vale will be held tomorrow.The event at Frampton-on- Severn has been organised by the Berkeley Hunt Supporters' Club and starts at 10am… (story)
Western Daily Press 27.1.07 THIS RIDE IS JUST FOR FUN - Berkeley Hunt Supporters Club is holding a 10-mile fun ride on Sunday, March 25.The route will include optional jumps and for spectators there will be a barbecue and refreshments to stave off the winter chill… (story)
Western Daily Press 18.1.07 FUN RIDE - Berkeley Hunt Supporters Club is holding a 10-mile fun ride on Sunday, March 25… (story)

Western Daily Press 24.3.07 HUNTING BAN IS A FARCE! - Ms Widdecombe should stick to subjects she actually knows something about.Both criminals and members of the public are flouting just laws every minute of every day. Politicians who put their names to this type of socially divisive legislation have, in my opinion, forfeited all rights to any respect from the electorate, and I am a Conservative…. Andrew Banks North Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.3.07 PRO-BAN MPS MUST BACK LAW - As a long-time member of the Labour Party who hates cruelty to animals, I think Peter Hain is right to consider the Hunting Act as a proud achievement.The Hunting Act is an act of compassion against cruelty, and it is time more MPs who voted for the ban stood by it, by insisting it be enforced…. Helen Weeks West Coker Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.3.07 RESPECT DUE TO ALL ANIMALS - Now that Chris Rundle has vented his spleen "Badger cull on the cards" (Western Daily Press, March 7) he should be aware that some of us have respect for all wild animals and do care what happens to them… P M Holder Winscombe (letter)

York Press 24.3.07 Former Bond star backs call to ban foie gras By Gavin Aitchison - HE'S got a licence to kill - but it doesn't extend to birds. The pioneering York-based campaign to ban foie gras has received top level backing - from none other than James Bond. Former 007 Roger Moore has backed City of York councillor Paul Blanchard's drive to outlaw the sale of the controversial French delicacy…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 24.3.07 LET SAME RULES APPLY TO ANIMALS - I Have heard animal rights activists are campaigning for a baby polar bear to be destroyed because its mother has rejected it and to domesticate it is inter- fering with natural processes. I wonder if these people believe a child abandoned by its mother should be des- troyed instead of adopted?... GARY HUTCHINSON Newtoft. (letter)


Western Daily Press 23.3.07 BY MATTHEW GEORGE POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - A former Home Office Minister last night claimed the hunting ban was being "blatantly and deliberately" broken because police and prosecutors were failing to enforce the law. There have been just three known convictions since the controversial hunting ban was introduced, MPs were told last night. And only one of those was for hunting with a pack of hounds according to Tory MP Ann Widdecombe… Home Office Minister Joan Ryan rejected the attack on police and CPS performance. She said: "It's not for the Government to direct chief constables how to deploy their resources to deal with hunting…. (story)

Western Morning News 23.3.07 CHARITY RIDE ACROSS DARTMOOR FOR PAUL - An army of riders and six Devon hunts will ride out across Dartmoor on Sunday, April 15 in support of Paul Lewis' Son-Rise programme, which helps severely autistic children.Paul's father, Allen Lewis, a former hunt servant for the Spooners & West Dartmoor Hunt is organising the ride for the fourth year to help continue with the outreach sessions which are so crucial to Paul's progress…. Medals will be presented to all riders by Jeffrey Cox MP at the halfway stage. The six hunts taking part are the South Devon Hunt, Spooners and West Dartmoor Hunt, Lamerton Hunt, Mid Devon Hunt, Dartmoor Hunt, Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers. (story)

Western Morning News 23.3.07 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Yorkshire Post 23.3.07 Free choice From: Ken Holmes, South Duffield Road, Cliffe Common, Selby. LIKE thousands of others, I am a big believer in freedom of choice. I am a great supporter of foxhunting, although I don't hunt myself. I don't smoke but if people wish to with all its consequences, that is their choice…. (letter)

Scotsman 23.3.07 Top-down conservation management is failing Scotland and its wildlife - The Scottish Environment Link report loss is proof that the centralised, top-down, "command and control" structure of conservation management prevalent in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom and which protects only "key" habitats and species, is not working (your report, 19 March). Politicians and environmental decision-makers are ignoring the most powerful advocates for biodiversity - the people on the ground…. TONY ANDREWS, Chief executive, SCA, Ingliston, Midlothian (letter)

Norwich Evening News 23.3.07 RSPCA defends Freedom Food scheme - DAVID POWLES - The RSPCA is standing by its scheme designed to make sure animals reared for food are being treated properly - despite footage which showed alleged cruelty on three charity-approved farms in Norfolk….Jackie Ballard, the RSPCA's director general, said: “The RSPCA cannot monitor farms 24 hours a day and has never claimed to. Of course in rare cases individual farms or farmers can let us down, but for every animal shown on covertly-filmed video there are millions who have had a better life.”… (story)

Middlewich Guardian 23.3.07 Developers asked to look after badgers By Gina Bebbington - A COUPLE who live near the planned bypass will not fight the plans as long as developers look after their neighbours - a family of badgers. Ken and Margaret Roden regularly feed badgers in their back garden in Cledford Lane and last week told the Guardian they would not oppose the road if they and the Middlewich wildlife were looked after…. (story)

Manchester Evening News 23.3.07 Not animal lovers - THEY call themselves animal rights activists. They go around threatening, attacking and even stealing dead bodies from anyone remotely connected with anything which involves animals with which they disagree…. the news this week about their efforts to have the three-month-old hand-raised polar bear cub at Berlin zoo destroyed because it will never be able to form a natural relationship with other wild polar bears disgusts me.This sums them up… Animal Lover, Poynton (letter)

Western Daily Press 23.3.07 BETTER DEAL FOR ANIMALS - With an ever-burgeoning human population, it's time that more consideration was given to improving the lives of farm animals and, if that means free-range alternatives, I'm all for it… Wendy Beer, North Somerset (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 23.3.07 NEW RULES FOR CIRCUS NEEDED - Regarding the Great British Circus visiting Scunthorpe. The RSPCA would like to reassure readers it is opposed to exhibitions or presentations of all animals, of whatever species, in circuses and travelling menageries. We look forward to the day when performing animals in circuses are a thing of the past…. Sophie Wilkinson RSPCA East Regional Press Officer, RSPCA Regional Headquarters,Peterborough. (letter)

St Albans Observer 23.3.07 Circus defends use of Anne the elephant - BOBBY Roberts Super Circus has hit back at critics, including an animal rights group, over the treatment of its 54-year-old elephant, Anne. The Captive Animal's Protection Society (CAPS) had urged the public to boycott the circus, which will perform at Herts County Showground, in Dunstable Road, Redbourn, this week, over its use of animals…. However, circus manager Bobby Roberts refutes CAPS' and other critics' claims….(story)


Independent 22.3.07 Hunting: we've had the debate - Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance objects to the imposition of morality on those who wish to continue hunting. He calls for an honest debate (Letters, 20 March). But the debate is over…. KIT DAVIDSON, ANIMAL AID, TONBRIDGE, KENT
: Tim Bonner describes the Hunting Act as "imposing morality on people"…. Next thing, the enemies of liberty will be stopping badger baiting… CHRISTOPHER CLAYTON, WAVERTON, CHESHIRE (letters)
Independent 21.3.07 The challenge of deer stalking - While I abhor the concept of the computerised hunting of animals in compounds to which Terence Blacker refers (14 March) , deer stalking in the wild as both a skill, a challenge and a management tool is an essential part of what goes on in our managed countryside…. ROBERT BALFOUR, CHAIRMAN ASSOCIATION OF DEER MANAGEMENT GROUPS, FREUCHIE, FIFE (letter)
Independent 20.3.07 Letters: Hunting and morality - Anti-hunting laws seek to ban 'immoral' enjoyment - Terence Blacker's article "What is so thrilling about killing a deer?" (14 March) raises again the interesting debate of imposed morality in the management of wild animals…. Mr Blacker's argument is that he believes that an activity has an unacceptable impact on humans, or that humans gain unacceptable enjoyment from carrying it out; therefore they should not be allowed take part in it. The Hunting Act is the most prominent example of such thinking… The Hunting Act and Mr Blacker's views on stalking have absolutely nothing to do with the welfare of animals. They are about imposing morality on people. TIM BONNER, COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE, LONDON SE11 (letter)
Independent 14.3.07 Terence Blacker: What is so thrilling about killing a deer? An exciting new sport is becoming popular in America. Enterprising safari owners have realised that there is good money to be made from the internet and are bringing the joys of hunting animals into the home…Although there seems little likelihood that computerised hunting will reach these islands, it does point up why the new popularity of shooting here is cause for niggling concern. Last month we heard that ambitious, fun-loving business folk were increasingly becoming part of shooting syndicates, unwinding and networking with one another while they blast pheasants and partridges out of the sky. Now it is deer-stalking that is said to be all the rage…. I should confess a personal bias - I have shot a stag and disliked the experience… (story)

Evesham Journal 22.3.07 Hunt watch - AFTER the invasion of Batsford Falconry by Heythrop hounds, panicking rare birds off their nests, can we accept trail hunting as a genuine attempt to hunt within the law?... MISS KATHERINE WATSON, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire. (letter)

Western Gazette 22.3.07 GAME FAIR IS A GIANT SUCCESS - Thousands of visitors filled the Royal Bath and West Showground last weekend for the 12th West Country Game Fair…. (story)
Western Daily Press 19.3.07 FAIR GAME... AN EVERYDAY STORY OF THE COUNTRY FOLK - Dry and sunny weather at the weekend made the 12th West Country Game Fair a highly enjoyable event for all…. (story)
Western Morning News 16.3.07 12TH GAME FAIR SET - The Westcountry Game Fair, the region's biggest event dedicated to country sports, takes place at the Bath and West Showground, near Shepton Mallet, this weekend…. (story)
Cornishman or West Briton 15.3.07 SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF THE OPEN COUNTRYSIDE - The Westcountry Game Fair - billed as the ultimate countryside experience and the first of the great regional game fairs in the calendar - is set to visit the Royal Bath and West showground this weekend…. (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 13.3.07 GAME FAIR CHAMPIONS COUNTRY WAY OF LIFE - The Westcountry Game Fair, the first of the great regional game fairs in the calendar, is staged at the Royal Bath & andWest Showground, Shepton Mallet, on Saturday and Sunday, March 17 and 18…. on Sunday, several local hunts will parade in the outdoor arena. Culmstock Hunt, Cattistock Hunt, Ilminster Beagles, Purbeck and Bovington Beagles, Taunton Vale Harriers and the Wiltshire & Infantry Beagles will give displays…. (story)
Western Daily Press 10.3.07 HUNTS PARADE AT GAME FAIR - The twelfth West Country Game Fair will take place at the Bath & West Showground on Saturday and Sunday, March 17 and 18, featuring natural horsemanship and a hunt parade among its attractions…. It's the turn of several hunts to take centre stage in the outdoor arena on the Sunday at 1.30pm. They include the Cattistock, Culmstock, Ilminster Beagles, Purbeck & Bovington Beagles, Taunton Vale Harriers and the Wiltshire & Infantry Beagles… (story)
Western Gazette 8.3.07 CHANCE TO CHECK OUT DOGS AT GAME FAIR - The Westcountry Game Fair will be held at the Royal Bath And West Showground on Saturday and Sunday 17-18 March…. (story)
Westcountry Game Fair 1.3.07 Westcountry Game Fair – the Ultimate Countryside Experience! - The Westcountry Game Fair, billed as the Ultimate Countryside Experience and the first of the great regional game fairs in the calendar, is set to visit the Royal Bath & West Showground on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th March 2007…. The shooting activities are a popular aspect to the event and there is certainly a wide variety of shooting events and advice available at this year's show… (story)
Western Morning News 23.2.07 ALL SET FOR THE GAME FAIR SEASON - Country sports fans work to their own calendar. Just as farmers march in time to the seasons for ploughing, planting and harvesting, so the minds of those who take part in fishing, shooting, hunting and other rural sports are hard-wired into the seasons set down by law and tradition. Mid-March here in the Westcountry has, for the past 12 years at least, marked the start of the country show season, with the Westcountry Game Fair at the Bath and West Showground, near Shepton Mallet, always falling at roughly the same time each year…. (story)

Financial Times 22.3.07 Environment proposals fail to convince By Fiona Harvey and John Reed - The planning system must be streamlined if environmental measures outlined in the Budget are not to have the opposite of their intended effect, experts warned yesterday. The chancellor raised the standard rate of landfill tax by £8 a tonne to £32 from April 2008…. The Countryside Alliance warned the increase would lead to "an epidemic of fly-tipping" as people sought to avoid the tax…. (story)

Lichfield Mercury 22.3.07 FARM BLACKMAIL TRIO SEE SENTENCES UPHELD - Three animal rights extremists convicted for their part in a six-year campaign of terror against a farm breeding guinea pigs have had their sentences upheld by the Criminal Court of Appeal… (story)
Burton Mail 16.3.07 Body theft activists fail to get prison cut by Ed Hill- ANIMAL rights fanatics who stole a grandmother's body from her grave have failed in a bid to get their prison sentences reduced. Jon Ablewhite, 37, John Smith, 40, and Kerry Whitburn, 37, were caged for a total of 36 years in June last year for conspiracy to blackmail the owners of Darley Oaks Farm… Just weeks after being jailed the prisoners were boasting about their luxury life behind bars. Writing this week on the website, which bills itself as the voice of animal rights, Ablewhite — a vicar’s son and former teacher — said he had "all the luxuries I dreamed about" at Lowdham Grange prison… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 16.3.07 EXTREMISTS LOSE JAIL APPEAL - Jail terms of 12 years imposed on three animal rights extremists for their parts in a terror campaign against guinea pig breeders - in which an 82-year-old woman's body was stolen from her grave - were "fully merited", the Court of Appeal ruled yesterday…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 16.3.07 SENTENCES UPHELD FOR EXTREMISTS - Police have welcomed a decision to uphold prison sentences imposed on animal rights extremists who desecrated the grave of pensioner. Jon Ablewhite, John Smith and Kerry Whitburn, who waged a six-year campaign-of-terror against the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm to whom Gladys Hammond had links, appealed against their 12-year sentences…. (story)
Leek Post & Times 16.3.07 COURT OF APPEAL UPHOLDS ANIMAL RIGHTS PRISON SENTENCES - Staffordshire Police have welcomed a decision by the Court of Appeal in London yesterday, to uphold 12-year prison sentences given to three animal rights extremists.Jon Ablewhite, John Smith and Kerry Whitburn were jailed for a total of 36 years in May 2006, after admitting their role in a six-year campaign against David Hall and Partners, at Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch. Their crimes included the desecration of the grave of Gladys Hammond… (story)
Times 16.3.07 Sentences upheld - Three animal-rights extremists jailed for 12 years for conspiracy to blackmail had their sentences upheld…. (story)
Daily Record 16.3.07 BODY THEFT APPEAL LOST - APPEAL Court judges have upheld jail sentences for three animal rights extremists who stole a woman's body from her grave…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 15.3.07 ANIMAL RIGHTS EXTREMISTS' BID TO CUT JAIL TERMS - Three animal rights extremists involved in a six-year campaign of terror against the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm, which culminated in the theft of a body from a grave, today launched a bid to cut their jail terms. Jonathan Charles Ablewhite, Kerry Deanian Whitburn, and John Smith brought fear and misery to the Hall family, their friends and associates…. In 2004 they dug up the remains of Gladys Hammond, the 82-year-old mother-in-law of one of the co-owners. (story)
Wigan Observer 15.3.07 Animal extremists' jail sentences upheld - Manchester animal rights extremist who was jailed for 12 years after terrorising a Staffordshire guinea pig breeder has had his appeal rejected by the High Court. John Ablewhite, 37, of Hawley Street, was sentenced for his part in a hate campaign which saw an 82-year-old woman's body stolen from her grave… (story)
15.3.07 Grave-theft case sentences upheld - Three animal rights activists jailed for waging a terror campaign against a family have had their sentences upheld by the Court of Appeal…. Jon Ablewhite, 36, of Manchester, Kerry Whitburn, 36, and John Smith, 39, both of the West Midlands, were jailed for 12 years for conspiracy to blackmail. The campaign included digging up a grandmother's grave. The body of Gladys Hammond, the mother-in-law of one of the Hall brothers, was taken from her grave in Yoxall in October 2004…. (story)
Birmingham Evening Mail 15.3.07 Animal rights grave robbers sentences upheld - JAIL terms of 12 years imposed on three animal rights extremists for their parts in a terror campaign against guinea pig breeders - in which an 82-year-old woman's body was stolen from her grave - were "fully merited", the Court of Appeal ruled today. Three judges in London rejected sentence appeals by John Ablewhite, 37, of Hawley Street, Manchester, Kerry Whitburn, 37, of Summer Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, and John Smith, 40, of Leicester Street, Wolverhampton…. (story)
ViewLondon 15.3.07 Grave desecrators have sentences upheld - Three animal rights activists jailed for their part in a campaign of terror against a Staffordshire guinea pig farm have had their sentences upheld. Jon Ablewhite, John Smith and Kerry Whitburn are all serving 12-year jail sentences after being convicted in May last year for their role in the campaign against the David Hall and Partners at Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, near Burton…. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 22.3.07 VET BEARS UP AFTER MARATHON - Vet Andrew Smerdon completed a gruelling coastal marathon to raise cash for a South Devon support group that helps rescued bears. Andrew, 43, a Dartmoor-based veterinary surgeon, ran in the challenging Coastal Marathon and raised £750 for the South Devon Animals Asia Foundation Support Group… (story)

Western Daily Press 22.3.07 FIGHT THE SEAL-KILLERS BY NOT BUYING CANADIAN PRODUCTS - In a few weeks' time the Canadian government will begin the annual slaughter of harp seals, some only a few days old… When shopping, refuse to buy Canadian fish products… Mrs Pat Parkinson, Monmouth (story)

Central Somerset Gazette 22.3.07 FARMER INVESTIGATES 'TRESPASS' - A mid-Somerset farmer is reported to be alleging that his land has been trespassed by Heather Mills-McCartney during her recent protests on animal welfare. Michael Underhill only found out about the alleged trespass at his farm in Greylake, near Street, when it was reported in a national newspaper, but he is described as horrified that Mrs Mills McCartney walked on to his farm and starting filming his pigs without his permission… (story)
Bridgwater Mercury 20.3.07 Farmer fury over Mills' undercover protest By Dan Sales - A FURIOUS pig farmer has blasted the wife of Sir Paul McCartney after she filmed covert protest footage at the dead of the night in his buildings. On Thursday (March 15) it was revealed Heather Mills and a camera crew had snuck into Briarwood Farm at Greinton, near Bridgwater, to make a video highlighting the use of farrowing crates…. (story)
Independent on Sunday 18.3.07 Editor-At-Large: What did the poor old sow do to deserve Heather Mills? - Janet Street-Porter - You've got to feel sorry for the pig, haven't you? One minute the poor sow is standing there, minding her own business, feeding her litter of tiny piglets, when any chance of a peaceful night's sleep goes out of the window with the noisy arrival of Heather Mills McCartney wearing Wellingtons, an all-in-one suit, and a groovy peaked hat, spouting away about animal rights to a film crew under a blazing battery of lights…. I would like to ask the animal rights organisation Viva! - which got Heather to break into Briarwood Farm, near Bridgewater, illegally and film at night - what it thinks Mrs McCartney's true motives are…(story)
Western Morning News 16.3.07 PIG FARMERS CRITICISE HEATHER PUBLICITY STUNT - MARK CLOUGH - Pig farmers have condemned a publicity stunt by Heather Mills, the estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney, in which she raided a Westcountry pig farm. Miss Mills, who is currently undergoing a bitter divorce from Sir Paul, went to the farm near Bridgwater with activists from vegetarian group Viva! to highlight the use of farrowing crates, which she called "cages and prisons" and which are used for sows when they are giving birth and suckling their piglets. But farming leaders in the South West said that methods used by pig farmers in the UK complied with the law and offered higher animal welfare standards than in other EU countries…. (story)
Daily Mail 15.3.07 Heather Mills in pig farm raid to highlight 'cruelty' - Heather Mills has revealed she entered an industrial pig farm at the dead of night as part of a campaign to highlight alleged animal cruelty. She led a team from the vegetarian group Viva! in a raid on a Somerset farm two weeks ago…. And last night the owner of the farm she visited threatened to take her to court for trespass and suggested the Viva! team might have brought disease on to his property. Miss Mills will is launching a campaign calling for the Government to outlaw the crates. She will also make a specific attack on Marks & Spencer for accepting meat from farms which use the crates. She will use the message: "This is not just torture – this is M&S torture."… The filming took place at Briarwood Farm, at Greinton, near Bridgwater. But owner Michael Underhill knew nothing of it until contacted by the Daily Mail…. (story)
Sun 15.3.07 Mucca breaks into pig farm By BEN ASHFORD - HEATHER MILLS broke into a PIG FARM to highlight alleged animal cruelty, it emerged last night. Lady Mucca crept in under cover of darkness with a team of activists from vegetarian group Viva! to draw attention to the pigs’ “plight”… (story)

Rugby Observer 22.3.07 Computers could help stop cruelty of actions - I WOULD like to agree with Janet Cummings comments made in the Observer last week… Janet's suggestion to use computers for auctioneering seems ideal. Less stress for the animals and less risk to the public from a terrified animal making its last bid for freedom…. Mrs V Green, Pickard Close, Brownsover (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 22.3.07 RESCUED FROM CERTAIN DEATH - This shocking picture shows a swan entangled in discarded fishing tackle in a Scunthorpe lake… RSPCA volunteers found it in a highly distressed state and had to launch a rescue boat to retrieve it from the water…. The swan is now being nursed back to health by Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital based at Brandsby, near York. Dan Sidley, co-founder of the charity, said: "This could have been so easily avoided with a little common sense from anglers by taking their tackle home… (story)

Yorkshire Post 22.3.07 Evidence against culling of badgers From: Jean Langford, Lime Garth, Upper Poppleton , near York. The report by your agricultural correspondent Robert Benson (Yorkshire Post, March 17), that said that "most people would support a cull of badgers infected with TB" failed to point out that it is impossible to distinguish a badger that has TB from one without – unless you have already killed it…. The only way to stop the spread of bovine TB from herd to herd is to have very strict movement control on cattle. (letter)

Hemel Hempstead Gazette 22.3.07 Call to boycott 'unfair' circus By Louisa Felton - Animal rights campaigners are urging residents to boycott a circus at Redbourn showground this week because it uses a 54-year-old arthritic elephant. Anne the Asian elephant is the last touring circus elephant in the UK and was bought over from Sri Lanka by Bobby Roberts Circus 50 years ago…. Craig Redmond from the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) explains: "We are not opposed to circuses - only the use of animals…. (story)


Northern Echo 21.3.07 Annual ball raises £5,000 for local hunt - THE fundraising Bilsdale Hunt Ball has collected more than £5,000 to help cover the hunt's running costs…. The dogs are kennelled with the Hurworth Hunt's hounds, at West Rounton, near Northallerton, and the money from the ball covers the upkeep of the kennels and provides food for the hounds…. (story)

Western Morning News 21.3.07 ALISON HAWES (March 10) tells Western Morning News readers that the Hunting Act took 700 hours of parliamentary debate, and she then goes on to say that the legislation was motivated by pure prejudice…. only hunting with dogs for sport has been banned, as most people are no longer prepared to tolerate hunting wild animals to exhaustion and killing them for fun. John Phelps, Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 10.3.07 HUNTING ACT IS A BAD LAW - In response to the letter from Sheelagh Darling commenting on David Cameron and the repeal of the Hunting Act, it seems she has completely missed the point.He is not in fact pledging to allow a free vote based on his personal preferences towards field sports - he is making a bold and long overdue comment that it is a bad and unjust law, and should not be allowed to remain on the statute books…. Alison Hawes, Ivybridge (letter)
Western Morning News 6.3.07 DRAG HUNTING SEEMS TO BE SUCCESSFUL - Why does David Cameron want to repeal the Hunt Law? Drag hunting seems to be taking place quite successfully…. Sheelagh Darling, Marwood, North Devon (letter)

Bath Chronicle 21.3.07 ANTI-WAR, ANTI-HUNTING, ANTI-SPA, ANTI-ID CARDS . . . Keith Davis is actively involved in several major campaigns, both local and national, and is a vocal supporter of many more.At the top of the list is the ongoing protest against wars all over the world…. He's also a big anti-hunting activist…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 21.3.07 A BIG NOISE WHEREVER HE HAS LIVED - Born in London, Keith Davis has lived in many different parts of the country throughout his adult life, from Essex to the Lake District, and has played an active role in public life everywhere he has set up home.While living in Windermere he was an active animal rights campaigner, worked with a charity which found new homes for cats and was a volunteer with the local mountain rescue team…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 21.3.07 THE THOUGHTS OF KEITH DAVIS ON . . We aren't human if we can treat other creatures like that. It has all the overtones of black magic, daubing the newcomer's face with blood - Keith on hunting… (story)

Daily Post 21.3.07 Humane shoot - THE Daily Post has in my experience always reported on country sports issues in a fair and unbiased way. I believe you erred from this on Monday in your comment piece. Shooting sportsmen and women, amateur or professional, whether shooting for the pot or to control pests, pride themselves on their marksmanship…. Barry HendersonCountryside Alliance Regional Director North Wales & Cheshire (letter)

Wirral Globe 21.3.07 We don't go hunting polar bears - Exclusive By Justin Dunn - A WIRRAL man has denied tabloid newspaper claims that he runs polar bear safaris for wealthy hunters. Ex-policeman Robert "Bob" Glynn, 52, says a report in a Sunday newspaper that he offered rich businessmen the chance to shoot the endangered bears in Canada was the result of "a stitch up"…. The News of the World claimed on Sunday that he had offered an undercover reporter the chance to hunt polar bears on specially arranged trips to Canada… a spokesman for the League of Cruel Sports told the Globe: "It beggars belief that anyone can be so callous as to think it is perfectly acceptable to make money from the slaughter of wild animals." (story)

Telegraph 21.3.07 Tories and SNP back rural fight for services By Kate Devlin, Scottish Political Correspondent - Scotland's politicians clashed yesterday over whether rural communities should receive safeguards to ensure they do not lose local schools and hospitals…. Annabel Goldie, the Scottish Conservative leader, said that if elected in May her party would begin a "review" into the closure of local health and education services in rural areas. She told a pre-election hustings organised by the National Farmers Union Scotland and the Scottish Countryside Alliance that it was "ironic" that one of the results of devolution was that Scotland "has less local provision for health care than in 1999"…. (story)
Glasgow Herald 21.3.07 Rural lobbies outline agenda to politicians - MSPs took time out from Holyrood yesterday to attend an election husting in the nearby MacDonald Holyrood Hotel. Jointly organised by the Scottish Countryside Alliance, NFU Scotland and the Scottish Rural Property and Business Association in association with 20 other organisations with rural interests, the event was a rare opportunity to get the similar point of view across to politicians…. (story)
Scotsman 21.3.07 MSPs make play for the rural vote - DAN BUGLASS RURAL AFFAIRS EDITOR - IT WAS flagged up as a "hustings meeting" for the forthcoming elections to the Scottish Parliament on 3 May. No less than 23 rural organisations in Scotland yesterday convened at a gathering in Edinburgh where the very considerable audience was addressed by all of the main political parties who fancy their chances of having a major influence on the composition of the next administration, which will almost certainly be a coalition…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 20.3.07 Call for Scotland to generate 100% of electricity from renewables within 50 years - Scotland should generate 100% of its electricity from renewable sources within 50 years, according to the Scottish Countryside Alliance. Unveiling its 'manifesto' for the 2007 Holyrood elections, the SCA said climate change was a crucial issue for rural Scotland and its country sports, and called for a massive increase in Executive funding for research and development into all forms of renewable energy… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 14.3.07 Beat a path to see hustings on rural affairs - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners aim to put politicians on the spot at a pre-election hustings in Edinburgh next week. Representatives from Scotland's five biggest political parties are due to set out their rural policies at the event, organised jointly by National Farmers Union Scotland, the Scottish Countryside Alliance and the Scottish Rural Property and Business Association…. (story)

Bromley Times 21.3.07 Animal rights protest at M&S - PROTESTERS gathered outside a supermarket to campaign against animal cruelty. Members of the Bromley branch of Viva handed out leaflets and collected petition signatures outside the Marks & Spencer store in West Wickham on Saturday…. Viva supporter Jan Yarker said: "A company that claims to have animal welfare standards second to none should not be using a contraption that would look more at home in a medieval torture chamber…. (story)

Western Daily Press 21.3.07 CATS TARGETED WITHOUT CAUSE - Thousands of cats are being shot, a spiteful action fuelled by biased journalism like the three-day campaign of misinformation by the BBC Today programme… As usual, all Radio 4 has done is give the cruel- sports lobby an excuse to justify another quarry…. D Thomas, Near Westbury, Wiltshire (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 21.3.07 Giraffes are not endangered - SO Marwell is again breeding non-endangered species - yet more giraffes… Remember, animals will remain captive with sad eyes and empty lives only while people pay to see them… MRS S CLAYTON, Southampton United Animal Charities (story)

Reading Chronicle 21.3.07 Did you know your tax props up bullfighting - I HAVE received hundreds of emails in recent weeks asking me to support a declaration in the European Parliament calling for the abolition of bullfighting in Spain and Portugal… I believe, while we should not tell another country what to do, we should not be unwittingly subsidising bullfighting through our taxes. I would be eager to hear what your readers think… RICHARD ASHWORTH MEP, Conservative MEP for south east England European Parliament, Brussels (letter)


Western Morning News 20.3.07 KILLJOYS WILL STOP US ALL FROM DOING ANYTHING - Regarding the letter headed "All forms of motor sport should be banned" (name and address supplied), how small-minded and self- centred can some people be?I presume the author is a horse and dog racing supporter; both sports, to me, are cruel to animals…. Let people get on with doing what they enjoy and shut up before the let's-ban- everything mob join in. Ken Barker, Dartington (letter)

Sheerness Times Guardian 20.3.07 Demo as live animal exports switch to another port by Stuart Somers - A PROTEST demonstration was held at a Kent port handling live animal exports for the first time…. Angela Walder, chairman of the Isle of Sheppey branch of the RSPCA, presented the wreath which had a card on it stating "God Bless All Suffering Animals."… (story)

Western Mail 20.3.07 For the welfare of badgers, and cattle - Badger Trust Cymru would like to make it clear that bovine TB is not a "matter of welfare for the badger"… Evidence from England shows that better TB testing also stops cattle infecting badgers. That's a far more sensible approach to both cattle and badger welfare and one which all the public can support. Steve Clark, Spokesman for Badger Trust Cymru, Chepstow (letter)

Argus 20.3.07 We're so grateful - The Animal Protection Agency (APA), a Brighton-based organisation campaigning to stop the trade in exotic wildlife for the pet industry, would like to thank everyone who supported its street collection in Brighton city centre on Saturday, February 10… Greg Martin, development manager, Animal Protection Agency, Middle Street, Brighton (story)


Horse & Hound 19.3.07 DUKE OF BUCCLEUCH’S HUNT INVITED BACK TO SELKIRK - Anna Tyzack - The Duke of Buccleuch's News Year's Day meet in Selkirk Market Square could be re-instated after a 12 year break. Selkirk Community Council stopped inviting the hunt to the town on New Year's Day in the late seventies…. (story)
Selkirk Weekend Advertiser 16.3.07 Welcome mat to be rolled out for hunt - Andrew Keddie - AFTER a break of nearly 20 years, Selkirk could once again echo to the clatter of horses' hoofs and the baying of hounds on New Year's Day. This week community councillors voted 7-2 to invite the Buccleuch Hunt to re-instate their traditional January 1 Market Place meet…. (story)

Western Daily Press 19.3.07 WHY THIS CRUELTY? - Antony Brassey claims since the hunting ban, the fox is being poisoned, shot, wounded and trapped. Can he explain why this is happening and who is committing these acts of cruelty?... Paul Emrey, Midsomer Norton (story)
Western Daily Press 28.2.07 CLASS WAR RULING - The hunting ban was totally detrimental to the fox which is being poisoned, shot and wounded, run over and trapped. It was a piece of class-war legislation which Tony Banks admitted to in the Commons…. Antony Brassey, Bristol (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 19.3.07 BEWARE OF THE HARE - Walkers are being asked to tread carefully during the brown hare breeding season. The British Brown Hare Preservation Society said people would now start seeing leverets - baby hares - hidden in vegetation as the breeding season began…. (story)

Wigan Observer/Reporter/Post 19.3.07 Campaign against animal testing - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 2.3.07 No reason for animal cruelty - RE the letter Help stop animal experiments. I fully agree with Kate Fowler-Reeves' comments about cruel and useless experiments…. MRS J HULL, address supplied. (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 26.2.07 Stop monkeying with science - Kate Fowler-Reeves Head of campaigns, Animal Aid The Old Chapel, Bradford Street Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
York Press 26.2.07 End ape testing - Kate Fowler-Reeves Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 24.2.07 Testing on animals is unacceptable - KATE FOWLER-REEVES, head of campaigns, Animal Aid (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 24.2.07 Help stop animal experiments - ANIMAL Aid supporters were on the streets in 50 towns and cities across the UK last Saturday, building public support for a ban on monkey research…. KATE FOWLER-REEVES, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)

Bath Chronicle 19.3.07 M - Animal rights protesters wore plastic noses and carried a giant pig as part of a national day of protest against retail giant Marks and Spencer.Campaigners from the group Viva! gathered outside the company's Stall Street store on Saturday to demonstrate against what it claimed was the firm's use of metal cages to transport pregnant and mothering sows…. Viva! spokesman Justin Kerswll said: "We are calling on M &S to move all mothering pigs into the open air and consign the cruel farrowing crate to history, where it belongs…. (story)
ThisIsSomerset 15.3.07 - Protesters will be dressing as pigs in a demonstration outside Bristol's Marks and Spencer store this weekend.Campaigners from the animal welfare group, Viva, who are based in the city's Wilder Street, will be taking part in a protest outside the Broadmead store on Saturday… (story)

Scarborough Evening News 19.3.07 Protest at M&S caging of mothering pigs - A PROTEST was held outside Marks & Spencer in Scarborough on Saturday as part of a national day of action against cruelty to pigs… Nick Rennison said campaign organisers Viva! had singled out M&S because its new ethical image was at odds with the way much of its pork was produced. Fellow protester Helen Whitehead said: “We are calling on M&S to respect motherhood this Mother’s Day and move all mothering pigs into the open air and confine the farrowing crate to history, where it belongs.”… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 19.3.07 WE MUST STOP THE CANADIAN SEAL HUNT - The Canadian seal hunt looms just around the corner and hundreds of thousands of seal pups, as yet unborn, are doomed to die brutally… Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, Exeter (letter)

Liverpool Daily Post 19.3.07 Meat-free cuisine proves a hit as hungry visitors get a taste for vegan fare by Vicky Anderson, Liverpool Daily Post - LIVERPOOL’S Vegan Food Fayre spread its message of “have your cake, eat it, and love the planet” at Lark Lane’s Old Police Station this weekend. Organised by Merseyside Animal Rights, the free event, which was held on Saturday, promised samples of meat-free and dairy-free alternatives… (story)
Liverpool Daily Post 13.3.07 Try vegan dishes by Caroline Innes, Liverpool Daily Post - LIVERPOOL’S famous Vegan Food Fayre will be cooking up an irresistible banquet of ethical treats at Lark Lane’s Old Police Station on Saturday March 17. From 12noon to 4pm, visitors can try out free dishes in a relaxed environment and learn more about healthy eating and animal-free living from the chefs and local vegetarian and vegan groups… (story)


Independent on Sunday 18.3.07 Open season on Britain's hares By David Randall - Tens of thousands of hares will be shot across Britain this March in one of the country's last great wildlife scandals…. Professor Stephen Harris of Bristol University, one of Europe's leading experts on the hare, said: "It really is quite disgraceful. The hare is the only game animal in Britain that is not protected."… Backing for a close season for hare shooting is slow to materialise. A petition supporting one from February to September, drawn up by the British Brown Hare Preservation Society and put on the Downing Street website, attracted just 493 signatures… The one bright spot for hares this March concerns coursing, illegal since the 2005 Hunting Act…. police launched Operation Dornier in September 2004, with confidential hotlines, all-terrain vehicles and a helicopter. Within a year 191 people were facing court proceedings, and, by late summer 2006, incidents had been reduced by 96 per cent. (story)


Aberdeen Press & Journal 17.3.07 GREYHOUNDS DISPOSAL MAN FINED £2,000 - TOM WILKINSON - A Builder's merchant who admitted killing and burying sick and injured greyhounds on his allotment for £10 a time was fined £2,000 yesterday. A Builder's merchant who admitted killing and burying sick and injured greyhounds on his allotment for £10 a time was fined £2,000 yesterday…. Sentencing Smith, judge Armstrong said he had received 20 references from local people in support of the builders merchant, who also ran a newsagent's. Police officers also backed him, saying they would take injured animals to Smith for him to humanely destroy. (story)
Northern Echo 17.3.07 Greyhound killer given fine for disposing of bodies unlawfully - AFTER fining a businessman £2,000 for burying slaughtered dogs on his land without a permit, a judge said the case may prompt a change in the law…. Fining Smith £2,000 and ordering him to pay £2,000 costs, Judge Peter Armstrong said he would have imposed a prison sentence if it had been an animal cruelty case - but accepted that Smith's activities had been investigated both by police and the RSPCA…(story)
Northern Echo 17.3.07 A world of racing out of reach of rules to protect animals - With David Smith throwing the greyhound industry under the spotlight, attention has now turned to smaller, independent tracks with the sport's own regulatory body admitting it has no control over them. Stuart Arnold reports…. Janice Lakey, a North-East spokeswoman for the Greyhound Action Trust, said: "The same safety net for dogs at NGRC tracks doesn't apply to flapping tracks. They are totally unregulated… (story)
Newcastle Journal 17.3.07 Dog-killer fined for 'disposing of waste' By Neil Mckay, The Journal - A former champion dog breeder who caused national outrage when he admitted killing and burying sick and injured greyhounds on his allotment was spared jail yesterday. David Smith was fined £2,000 and ordered to pay the same amount in costs…. Jan Lakey, of Greyhound Action North East, said the exact number of greyhounds buried by Smith - estimated by some to run into thousands - had not been established… (story)
Sun 17.3.07 Anger as dog killer is let off By ROBIN PERRIE - ANIMAL rights protesters were furious after a man thought to have killed 10,000 greyhounds avoided jail. David Smith, 57, faced up to five years behind bars after admitting killing the former racing dogs for £10 a time and burying them on his land…. (story)
Sky News 16.3.07 Dog Killer Walks Free - A builder's merchant accused of killing more than 10,000 greyhounds at £10 a time has walked free from court. David Smith, nicknamed the 'Seaham Slaughterer', was fined £2,000. He had faced up to five years in jail…. Jan Lakey, of Greyhound Action North East, said: "The sentence is no deterrent and no punishment. I am extremely disappointed that the RSPCA did not prosecute…. (story)
BBC News Online 16.3.07 Racing 'strain' on animal welfare By James Lynn - The sheer number of sick or injured racing dogs is putting a strain on animal welfare organisations, according to a greyhound protection group. Greyhound Action said most are forced to retire by the age of three and about 15,000 dogs disappear each year…. The welfare of greyhounds has been placed in the spotlight by the case of David Smith… Spokeswoman Jan Lakey said the case was a "terrible way" to bring the problem to public attention…. (story)
Northern Echo 16.3.07 Man fined £2,000 over greyhound deaths - A RETIRED builders' merchant has been fined £2,000 for burying hundreds of greyhounds behind his home…. (story)
Sunderland Echo 16.3.07 Dog killer fined - A dog killer who said he was doing society a favour by slaughtering hundreds of greyhounds and burying them on his land has escaped jail. Newsagent and builders merchant David Smith was fined £2,000 and ordered to pay £2,000 costs after admitting breaching Environment Agency regulations by burying the dead dogs. Animal rights protesters in the packed court room at Durham Crown Court gasped in horror as the judge announced his sentence. But the court had heard how more than 20 people, including retired police officers and Smith's neighbours, had spoken out in the 47-year-old's support and that the RSPCA had found there was no case of animal cruelty to answer… Smith said he had disposed of the dead animals with the knowledge of the RSPCA, police and local council. Judge Peter Armstrong, sentencing, said: "Had you a permit, apparently his activity would have been perfectly lawful… (story)
Sunderland Echo 16.3.07 Dog protesters at court - Animal rights protesters gathered outside Durham Crown Court today where dog killer David Smith was due to be sentenced… (story)
Hartlepool Mail 15.3.07 Dog killer faces protest - DOG killer David Smith will face animal rights' protestors when he appears at crown court for sentencing…. The demonstrators will be lead by national pressure group Greyhound Action, which has formed a County Durham section since Smith's story made headlines (story)
Sunday Times 18.2.07 Greyhound killer faces long prison sentence - Daniel Foggo - A BUILDERS’ merchant exposed by The Sunday Times for slaughtering thousands of healthy greyhounds considered too slow to race is facing a lengthy jail sentence…. (story)
Northern Echo 17.2.07 Greyhound killer faces prison term - A GREYHOUND killer faces up to five years in prison after admitting he buried hundreds of dogs behind his home… (story)
Times 17.2.07 Man who made greyhound killing a business faces jail - JOANNA BALE - A builder’s merchant faces up to five years in jail for killing hundreds of unwanted greyhounds and burying them on land near his home. David Smith, 57, admitted one charge under the Pollution, Prevention and Control Regulations of burying the dogs without a permit… (story)
Telegraph 17.2.07 Trader admits burying hundreds of dogs - Protesters gathered outside a court yesterday as a builder's merchant pleaded guilty to killing and burying hundreds of greyhounds at his home. About 20 placard-bearing demonstrators from Greyhound Action gathered outside Durham magistrates' court to draw attention to the greyhound industry and to urge people away from it…. (story)
Telegraph 16.2.07 Dog killer to be sentenced in Crown Court By Richard Holt - A man who admitted killing and burying greyhounds on land near his home is to be sentenced at the Crown Court after magistrates said their sentencing powers were insufficient. Angry protesters gathered outside Durham Magistrates' Court where David Smith, 57, a builder’s merchant, pleaded guilty to breaching Environment Agency regulations…. (story)
Guardian 16.2.07 Greyhound killer to face tougher sentence - A builders' merchant who today admitted killing and burying thousands of former racing greyhounds on land near his home is to be sentenced at a crown court after magistrates said they could not impose a sufficiently severe penalty. David Smith, 57, admitted to one charge under the Pollution, Prevention and Control Regulations for burying the greyhounds without a permit…. (story)
Evening Standard 16.2.07 BUILDER SLAUGHTERED 10,000 GREYHOUNDS AT END OF THEIR CAREERS - A builders' merchant who was accused of killing and burying thousands of greyhounds on land at his home pleaded guilty today to breaching Environment Agency regulations…. (story)
Sunderland Echo 16.2.07 Dog killer could be jailed - DOG killer David Smith faces up to five years in jail for slaughtering and burying hundreds of animals at his County Durham home…. (story)
Northern Echo 16.2.07 Man pleads guilty over greyhound burials By Gavin Engelbrecht - MAGISTRATES today ruled that they did not have sufficient powers to sentence a builders' merchant who admitted killing and burying hundreds of greyhounds on land at his home. David Smith, 57, pleaded guilty before Durham magistrates to breaching Environment Agency regulations…. (story)
BBC News Online 16.2.07 Man admits illegally burying dogs - A builders' merchant has pleaded guilty to burying dead greyhounds at his County Durham home without a licence. David Smith, of Northdene Terrace, Seaham, appeared before magistrates at Durham, after the Environment Agency opted to bring a private prosecution…. (story)
Northern Echo 15.2.07 Greyhound campaigners to demonstrate at court - SUPPORTERS of the racing dog protection group Greyhound Action are planning to demonstrate outside a court tomorrow. The campaign group has timed its action to coincide with the appearance at Durham Magistrates' Court of David Smith, who is accused of depositing non-specific waste without a licence… (story)

BBC News Online 17.3.07 Animal protesters move to Sheppey - Animal rights protesters opposed to live exports have been holding their first-ever demonstration against the trade on the Isle of Sheppey. Kent Against Life Exports (Kale) is furious that shipments of live animals have been leaving Sheerness. "I am dead against Sheerness Docks accepting this barbaric trade," said campaigner Janet Cummings… (story)

Bath Chronicle 17.3.07 THE FACTS ON ANTI-FUR PROTEST - Firstly, I would like to thank you for covering the anti-fur campaign and reporting on the handing in of the petition to AH Moda on Friday, March 9.As one of the demonstrators, I would also like to make some corrections to the article printed in Saturday's Chronicle. At no point on Friday were we demonstrating inside the shopping centre…. RACHAEL RANCE, Haycombe Drive, Bath (story)
Bath Chronicle 10.3.07 ANTI-FUR CAMPAIGNERS STAGE ANOTHER SHOP PROTEST - Anti-fur campaigners targeted a Bath boutique again yesterday, urging its owners not to stock rabbit fur.Bath Animal Action staged a three-hour protest outside AH Moda in Shires Yard before handing an 800-signature petition and an anti-fur pledge over to staff. But owner Nigel Browne said he had no idea why he was being targeted as he had no real fur in stock. "I have no idea why we have been subjected to this outrageous intimidation," he said…. (story)

Western Daily Press 17.3.07 WILDLIFE AT RISK FROM THE FARMERS - It's no wonder the badgers need legal protection. Killing badgers and destroying their homes is illegal for good reason.Any farmer involved in this wicked activity should be prosecuted. Badger families existed on the land long before farmers and their TB-infected cattle herds arrived. Moles should also be a legally protected species, I'm appalled that they're trapped and poisoned by farmers… C Davies Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 17.3.07 WHAT HAPPENED TO VICTIM'S DOG? - Once again, a reporter has given a detailed account of a tragedy in which a dog was involved, "Pulled to his death as car hit his dog" (Western Daily Press, March 3) and, although we now know what happened to the human, we are left to wonder about the fate of the dog.Can the media not understand that many readers are deeply concerned about dogs and other animals?... Elsie van der Steen Paignton Devon (letter)

Dundee Courier 17.3.07 Unnecessary, cruel exercise - I find the scheme by Aberdeen City Council and the Forestry Commission Scotland to cull grey squirrels absolutely barbaric. How can they say they are “humanely destroyed” by a blow to the head?... S. Boyle. South Road, Dundee. (letter)

Channel 4 News 17.3.07 Shamrock bikini-clad demo - Animal rights campaigners donned shamrock bikinis to protest outside fast-food giant KFC…. The demonstration outside a KFC outlet in Liverpool city centre was organised by Peta - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals…. (story)


Belfast Telegraph 16.3.07 Stag hunts suspended for remainder of season - Stag hunts have been halted for the remainder of the season… The Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports is welcoming the stopping of the stag hunts, saying the development is a milestone to getting them banned completely (story)

Western Morning News 16.3.07 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Western Daily Press 16.3.07 EXCITED DOGS CAN ATTACK CHILDREN - Unfortunately, S Saunders is wrong that hunting dogs could never bite a child "Hunts are no threat to children" (Your Say, March 13). My own grandmother was savaged by hunting dogs, they took huge chunks out of her legs and she almost died…. Yvonne Sadler, Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 13.3.07 HOUNDS ARE NO THREAT TO CHILDREN - So Yvonne Sadler thinks foxhounds are bred to kill anything from a fox to a child (Your Say, March 7). If you were to see a hound parade at a country show, and all the children stroking and running around with them, you would know that foxhounds are not bred to kill or savage a child. S Saunders, Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 7.3.07 CONTROL HUNTS - It is appalling and inexcusable that the Blackmore Vale and Sparkfield Hunt allowed their hounds to kill a fox and attack pets in private gardens… Yvonne Sadler, Bristol (letter)

Independent 16.3.07 Back on the menu: the ultimate free-range food - It has traditionally been seen as the meat of the elite. But sales of venison are soaring - along with those of other game - as consumers turn away from mass-produced, factory-farmed products. Martin Hickman reports…. A campaign, Game to Eat, run by the Countryside Alliance, seeks to popularise the eating of game. Fearnley Whittingstall enthuses on its website, "Game is a top quality food - healthy and free range - and is very good value… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 16.3.07 SNH UNDER ATTACK OVER 'ECOLOGICAL VANDALISM' DEER CULL - TIM PAULING - Scottish Natural Heritage's plans for an extensive cull of the red deer herd on Rum was attacked as an act of ecological vandalism last night. MSPs from the major political parties said there was no need to slaughter the herd and animals had become household names thanks to the BBC's Autumn Watch programme with Bill Oddie and Kate Humble…. (story)

Louth Leader 16.3.07 ANIMAL CAMPAIGNERS URGE CIRCUS BOYCOTT - A CIRCUS heading to Manby has defied animal rights activists to visit the show and see it for themselves. The Great British Circus – which features lions, tigers, camels and horses – is at Manby Showground from March 28 to April 1. National animal rights group the Captive Animals' Protection Society has asked the public to boycott the circus…. (story)

Bolton Evening News 16.3.07 Please help to give bears a good home - MAY I beg the use of your Letters page to inform your readers of an appeal being supported by our Bolton group. The China Bear Rescue has embarked on a £130,000 project to build a bear "paradise" in its Chinese sanctuary… Graham Austin Treasurer Bear Rescue Group (Bolton) (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 16.3.07 BOOTIFUL RISE FOR NURSES - I Have written to Viewpoint about the appalling conditions Bernard Matthews' Turkeys were kept in and because of the bird flu a large number were destroyed. I was disgusted to read that the very rich man was to receive £665,000 in compensation for his loss…. Josephine Gibney, Manchester Street, Cleethorpes. (letter)

Ripley & Heanor News 16.3.07 Circus deny animal welfare complaints - CIRCUS Mondao has reacted angrily to criticisms of the use of animals in their show after a successful week long stay in Codnor. The circus arrived at the Codnor Miners' Welfare ground last Wednesday and performed every day until Sunday but some people complained about the use of animals in the show. Paul Brailsford of Eastfield Road in Ripley said: "This circus is one which continues to use animals for entertainment.These kind of travelling shows should be a thing of the past…. (story)


Sevenoaks Chronicle 15.3.07 'OAP THREATENED' AFTER COMPLAINT ABOUT HUNT DOGS - KRISTY BOURNE - A Woman from Brasted Chart has been left terrified after receiving a threatening phone call she believes was from hunt supporters. The 68-year-old, who was too frightened to be named, said she was verbally attacked after complaining about "frenzied, screaming hounds" bursting into her garden in pursuit of a fox. Shaken from the incident, she contacted Chartwell, the former home of Winston Churchill now owned by the National Trust, whose land the Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt was using. Later that day she received the abusive phone call… But joint master of the hunt, Graeme Worsley, said he was "totally perplexed" by the situation. He said: "No phone call of a threatening manner has come from any official capacity of the hunt. If it's someone who joins us then we will not hesitate in throwing them out on their ear…. (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 15.3.07 Hunting ban worthwhile, says MP By Anika Bourley - An MP who campaigned to end fox hunting has said it was a major step forward in improving animal rights in this country. Batley and Spen MP Mike Wood is among 100 MPs who have added their names to a statement marking the second anniversary of the implementation of the Hunting Act 2004…. (story)

West Briton 15.3.07 SHELTERBOX BOOST: DONATION FOR CHARITY FROM HUNT SUPPORTERS - The work of the Helston-based charity ShelterBox has been boosted by a £500 donation from Cury Hunt supporters' club… (story)

Shropshire Star 15.3.07 Hunting all a waste of our time - I was interested to read a recent letter in your pages regarding David Cameron’s pledge to allow a free vote on the repeal of the ill-contrived Hunting Act. In it, the writer questioned the ability of Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard to support a bill to protect wildlife while endorsing the Tory leader’s views. In fact, Mr Pritchard is entirely sincere in promoting animal welfare issues at the same time as supporting hunting…. B R Lewis, Shrewsbury (letter)
Shropshire Star 6.3.07 Questions on animal welfare - Back in 2005, during a Commons debate on the Animal Welfare Bill, the Wrekin MP called on Government to introduce a national animal welfare day. What puzzled me then however was how Mr Pritchard was going to square his sincere commitment to the safety and welfare of animals with his passionate support for hunting with dogs…. M Ion, Leegomery (letter)

Western Daily Press 15.3.07 UNWORKABLE LAW MUST BE REPEALED - I Am responding to A Palmer's letter "Cameron can't repeal the ban" (Your Say, March 7) regarding the Hunting Act. He obviously felt strongly that the Act was a good thing and that he was against repealing the Act.If he feels the Act was a good thing then why are so many people willing to turn up to go hunting every week?... Mike Llewellen Palmer Chippenham Wiltshire (story)

Daelnet 15.3.07 Rural crime concerns aired at national conference - THE head of a leading countryside campaign group has been giving his views on the scourge of crime in rural areas - a subject that rouses strong feelings in many country folk who feel sidelined by police forces that concentrate on urban areas. Simon Hart, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, used his speech to a major local government and Policing conference in Birmingham to outline the Alliance's views on tackling rural crime…. The Alliance is set to launch its "Fly-tipping - scrap it" campaign, and last month commissioned an independent poll, which has shown that 3 out of 4 people believe fly-tipping is the greatest abuse of the countryside…. (story)

Hendon & Finchley Times 15.3.07 Number of rats rising By Miriam Craig - A mild winter and a cull of urban foxes are being blamed for an increase in the number of rats spotted in Barnet in the past year… (story)

Irish Independent 15.3.07 Ireland may be first to ban tests on monkeys - AIDEEN SHEEHAN - IRELAND could become the first country in Europe to ban the use of monkeys in laboratory experiments. The Green Party yesterday published a Primate Bill in association with the Irish Anti-Vivisection Society (IAVS), which would completely prohibit the use and breeding of all primates for experimentation…. (story)

Western Gazette 15.3.07 BADGER-CULL OPPOSITION WARNING - Pro-badger groups have told the Government that allowing the animals to be killed to control tuberculosis would be a policy error of "catastrophic" proportions.The warning came from the Badger Trust after an announcement by Lord Rooker that farmers may be allowed to apply for licences to cull the animals from May…. spokesman Trevor Lawson warned any decision by the Government would be the start of an expensive conflict with the natural world…. (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 15.3.07 NOT A FAN OF CIRCUS - The circus is coming to town! Do people really want a circus with live animals? Do they prefer a circus without animals? I do not approve of live animals as they are usually kept in confined spaces and are on the move all the time…. P Nottingham, Orchid Rise, Scunthorpe. (letter)


Carmarthen Journal 14.3.07 VET CALLS FOR BAN ON TAIL DOCKING - VICKY DOUCH - A Carmarthen vet is supporting the campaign to ban the "barbaric" practice of tail docking dogs…. Louis Webb, of Ark Vets in Mansel Street, said he endorsed the advice given by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and agreed the practice was unnecessary…. (story)

Daily Post 14.3.07 It’s kinder to eat them - HYWEL Trewyn's article (Daily Post, March 13) informs us that river bailiffs are to clamp down on “illegal fishermen” plundering lakes and rivers… Surely a successful breeding programme is dependent on fish being allowed to live in a safe, peaceful environment, without the enormous stress of getting yanked out of the water, causing injury and pain, along with minutes of manhandling while they are photographed or weighed…. B.C. Webster, Northop (letter)

Bromsgrove Standard 14.3.07 - Our recent rally for the future for our post office at Upton Snodsbury, Worcestershire, part of National Post Office Week, was just the beginning of a campaign that must remain in politicians’ minds as we approach the local elections… Clare Rowson, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Argus 7.3.07 Defending the future of post offices - Our recent rally for the future for our post office at Seddlescombe Village Store and Post Office in East Sussex, which was part of National Post Office week, was just the beginning of a campaign that must remain in politicians' minds as we approach the local elections…. Michelle Nudds, regional director, Countryside Alliance, Arundel (letter)
Redditch Advertiser 5.3.07 Post offices a key election issue - THE Countryside Alliance's recent rally for the Future for our Post Office at Upton Snodsbury, Worcestershire, part of National Post Office week, was just the beginning of a campaign that must remain in politicians' minds as we approach the local elections…. CLARE ROWSON, Midlands Regional Director, Countryside Alliance. (letter)
Lancashire Evening Post 5.3.07 We must keep up Post Office pressure - Our recent rally at Askham Post Office near Penrith, part of National Post Office week, was just the beginning of a campaign that must remain in politicians' minds as we approach the local elections…. The Government's consultation on Post Offices closes on Thursday (March 8), but as a local issue this will continue to be a priority and we will keep the pressure on until a common-sense plan is secured. Richard Dodd, North of England Regional Director, Countryside Alliance, via email (letter)

Norwich Evening News 14.3.07 Fantastic Mr Fox caught on the run - PETER WALSH - The latest addition at a Norfolk animal sanctuary is fighting back to fitness after being found trying to get into people's homes for food. But while this friendly fox, dubbed Ray, is tame, he proved to be lame at foraging for food - and so he has been taken in by the People for Animal Care Trust… Pact spokesman Chris Rockingham said: “We're taking advice from various fox experts at the moment…. (story)

Cambrian News 14.3.07 Aber research centres targeted by extremists - ANIMAL rights extremists are targeting two of Aberystwyth’s major research centres. An anonymous group say that will continue to attack the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, IGER, until they receive a statement saying they will stop testing on animals….(story)
Wales on Sunday 11.3.07 Animal extremists target university - Marc Baker, Wales on Sunday - EXTREMISTS are waging war on a Welsh university over experiments on animals. The anonymous anti-vivisectionists have launched a campaign against the University of Wales in Aberystwyth, claiming the institution carries out "cruel and pointless" tests…. Action so far, they say, includes spreading highly destructive Japanese knotweed over parts of the university grounds and sending 1,000 letters of complaint to the university. They claim to have poured smelly acid into university toilets, changing rooms and a library, texted university staff with abusive messages and spray-painted red graffiti on the drives and gates of their homes…. (story)

Plymouth Evening Herald 14.3.07 STUDENT ON A MISSION FOR THE ANIMALS - GRAHAM BROACH HERALD REPORTER - A caring student from the University of Plymouth has launched an appeal for help to fund a mercy mission to Sri Lanka to help mistreated animals.Charlotte McNamara, aged 20, needs to raise more than £1,000 by summer 2008 to pay for her flight and living expenses for the six-week trip during July and August. She will join a group from England organised by Home and Abroad Animal Welfare…. The people there need education about animals having feelings too, because they do not treat animals as we do… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 14.3.07 ANIMAL BAN - Wild animals should be banned from all circuses, the Assembly has been told. The RSPCA and the Born Free Foundation say a poll showed 76 per cent of Welsh people would welcome it. (story)

Norwich Evening News 14.3.07 Shock video reveals new poultry farm cruelty outrage - DAVID POWLES - This is the moment a worker at a farm near Norwich punches a helpless duck about to be taken for slaughter. The incident was captured on camera during an undercover investigation which today reveals the grim conditions and alleged cruelty on four farms across the county…. The footage gathered by workers at the Hillside Animal Sanctuary, in Frettenham, and passed on to the Evening News shows: A duck being punched and others being treated roughly and violently grabbed round the neck before being thrown onto the back of a vehicle to be taken for slaughter…. Wendy Valentine, its founder, said: “It has not been hard to find footage like this because we have found that appalling conditions on farms are just so common… (story)


Blackpool Gazette 13.3.07 Two-legged runner out foxes hunt By Joe Robinson - HORSEBACK huntsmen have a new target in their sights – runners! The Vale of Lune Hunt in Wyre is now chasing a two-legged "victim" – 48-year-old cross-country runner Richard Davies…. The human target idea has become more and more popular since fox hunting was banned two years ago…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 13.3.07 MP UNDER FIRE FOR 'HYPOCRISY' - Neath Mp Peter Hain has been accused of hypocrisy over his department's stance on hunting.Mr Hain, who is both Welsh and Northern Ireland Secretary, recently said the hunting ban was "one of our proudest achievements since coming to power". But a statement on the Northern Ireland Department's website said: "Hunting with hounds is an ancient field sport which serves as a practical control of foxes, as well as the financial and productive advantages it creates for people in the countryside."… (story)
Western Morning News 12.3.07 HAIN ACCUSED OF HUNT HYPOCRISY - A government Minister has been accused of hypocrisy over his department's stance on hunting.Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain recently said the hunting ban was "one of our proudest achievements since coming to power". Yet a statement on the website of the Northern Ireland Department says: "Hunting with hounds is an ancient field sport which serves as a practical control of foxes as well as the financial and productive advantages it creates for people in the countryside…. Robin Nicholls, master of the Tetcott hunt at Kilkhampton in North Cornwall, said:… "It is hypocritical of Mr Hain to support a ban on hunting and yet for his department to be able to promote it in Northern Ireland…." Guy Morlock, master of the Spooner's and West Dartmoor Hunt in Tavistock, said: "That was the whole point of hunting - to flush out the weak or ill, leaving the fitter foxes to breed. If there was legislation brought in protecting the welfare of wild animals, then there would not be a problem…. And John Lucas, master of the Tiverton Staghounds said he believed the Minister "did not know what he was talking about"…. (story)
Western Morning News 12.3.07 GAFFE INFLAMES WEST'S ANGER - 'HUNTING with hounds is an ancient field sport which serves as a practical control of foxes as well as the financial and productive advantages it creates for people in the countryside…. It is perverse, therefore, that this eulogy to hunting is published not in a "Support Hunting" flyer but on the Government's own website for countryside matters in Northern Ireland. And even more perverse because the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Peter Hain, said just weeks ago that Labour's hunting ban was "one of our proudest achievements since coming to power."… (story)
Western Daily Press 12.3.07 PRAISE FOR BLOODSPORT ON WEBSITE 'HYPOCRISY' BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - The Government looked to have scored an own goal last night after appearing to champion fox hunting in Northern Ireland despite banning it in England and Wales.Pro-hunting groups claimed the blunder showed the Government was either guilty of "crass ignorance or blatant hypocrisy" after Northern Ireland minister Peter Hain hailed the banning of hunting but then allowed his own department's website to praise the bloodsport… (story)

Western Daily Press 13.3.07 BADGER GROUPS HIT OUT AT NEW CULL BID - Farmers' plans to cull sick badgers to try to arrest spread of TB would be a "grotesque slaughter", animal campaigners have warned.And, they say, remarks made by Animal Welfare Minister Ben Bradshaw merely underline the fact that it would be impossible to organise…. Spokesman Trevor Lawson said the Badger Trust welcomed Mr Bradshaw's clarification. "The vast majority of badgers, even in bovine TB hotspots, are not infected with bovine TB," he said…. (story)


Oxford Times 12.3.07 Race along to country day - THE annual Point-to-Point and Country Day is scheduled to be bigger and better than ever this year. In addition to the popular races and hound parade, the Easter Monday event on April 9 will include terrier racing, a birds of prey display, ferrets, and the chance to see many other animals…. (story)

Western Daily Press 12.3.07 WHY ARE HUNTS SO CAMERA-SHY? - In response to the letter by Jonathan Seed "Hunt debate is over pending repeal talks" (Your Say, February 28), hunt saboteurs do not spray hound but a false trail on the ground and by hedges to get the hounds off the scent of a fox, and blow horns only when the hounds are unlikely to go on the road…. A Williams, Bath (letter)
Western Daily Press 3.3.07 MONITORS ARE STILL NECESSARY - Jonathon Seed's assertion that anti-hunt monitors are no longer needed "Hunt debate is over pending appeal talks" (Your Say, February 28), is shown to be a complete misconception by your article "Pets attacked as hounds run amok", published on the same day, relating how a fox was torn to pieces and local residents and pets terrorised by these thugs posing as sportsmen… J Packer Address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 28.2.07 HUNT DEBATE IS OVER PENDING REPEAL TALKS - Mr Hain is quite correct that covert tactics are used and that desperation has crept into tactics in the hunting issue (Your Say, February 14) but this is entirely on the part of the anti-hunt brigade…. The antis have their ban in place and so it is curious that they continue to turn up and continue to spray hounds, blow their horns to attract hounds on to roads and commit their acts of aggravated trespass…. trespass and commit acts of aggravated trespass. It is high time that the hypocrisy of animal rights activists was exposed. I hope that the above facts will assist your readers to make up their own minds on this issue. Jonathon Seed, Wiltshire (letter)

Stornoway Gazette 12.3.07 Trappers help save birds in mink scheme - TRAPPERS in the Western Isles who have yet to complete their training are already helping protect ground nesting wader birds under threat from non native mink. Five American mink were caught during the training and tern colony protection phase of the Hebridean Mink Project(HMP) at Aird, Lewis, in the past two weeks… (story)

Sky News 12.3.07 Croccy Horror Shoe! - Sports kit giant Nike is under fire from animal rights groups after putting a special edition training shoe made from crocodile skin on sale… However, the move seems to have backfired, with the National Animal Welfare Society telling The Sun: "What a horrific and objectionable way of making money. They are croccy horrors."… (story)
Sun 12.3.07 Fury at croc-skin trainers By NEIL SYSON - ANIMAL rights groups were fuming last night after Nike unveiled £1,400 trainers made from CROCODILE skin…. Nick Rudge, of the National Animal Welfare Society, said last night: “What a horrific and objectionable way of making money… Poorva Joshipura, of ethical animal treatment group Peta, said: “Anyone buying them is supporting cruelty.” Andrew Tyler, director of campaign group Animal Aid, dismissed the shoes as “the height of decadence”…. (story)

Liverpool Daily Post 12.3.07 Anti-fur protesters at Coleen McLaughlin book signing by Caroline Innes, Liverpool Daily Post - ANIMAL rights activists demonstrated as Coleen McLoughlin signed her new book, Welcome to my World, in Liverpool…. The members of Merseyside Animal Rights (MAR) targeted McLoughlin, 20, after she was photographed shopping in Cricket, in Cavern Walks, which they claim has a record for selling fur, although the store says it removed fur from its collections in 2006…. Campaigner Katie Brown said: “It was an effective protest… (story)
Sunday Mirror 11.3.07 COLEEN IS IN FUR TROUBLE By James Harper - COLEEN McLoughlin is all smiles as she signs books of her autobiography - despite being met with a torrent of abuse yesterday by anti-fur protesters. The 20-year-old WAG was taken through the rear of Waterstone's in Liverpool by her security team after campaigners mobbed the entrance… (story)
Daily Star 10.3.07 Coleen's in fur a rough time - FASHION babe Coleen McLoughlin will run a gauntlet of hate today when she is targeted by animal rights extremists… The fiancée of England ace Wayne Rooney, 21, infuri-ated People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals by declaring: “Rabbits get killed for food, so why waste the skin?”… Today she will come face to face with protesters, spattered in fake blood, from Merseyside Animal Rights as she signs copies of her autobiography Welcome To My World at Waterstone’s in Liverpool…. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 12.3.07 SHAME OF OUR AGRICULTURE - The Eu is requiring larger and fewer slaughterhouses, so farm animals have the trauma of increasingly lengthy transport. In the wild, a cow lives for 25 years, but under our management, it's around five years… Mr C. Seal, Hinckley Road, Leicester. (letter)

Irish Independent 12.3.07 Pity the poor circus animal - The incident in Sligo last week in which a child was attacked and badly bitten by a circus dog brings an early reminder of the dangers to public safety posed by animal circuses…. NUALA DONLON, BALLYBODEN D16 (letter)

Mirror 12.3.07 EXCLUSIVE: LADY MACCA IN A MINK By Louise Male - VIDEO footage has today emerged of anti-fur campaigner Heather Mills wearing a mink coat. Heather, 39, will be horrified to be seen in the outfit, which she wore to a wedding…. (story)

South London Press 12.3.07 March of the vegetarians - Kelly Slade, Campaigns officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 5.3.07 Go veggie and benefit - March is veggie month! It's the perfect time to kick the meat habit. The vegetarian diet is so full of positive benefits - and easy too - that you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner…. Turn over a new leaf and order a free Go Veggie pack, full of shopping tips, nutritional advice and a fabulous recipe booklet with delicious dishes. Contact Animal Aid… KELLY SLADE, campaigns officer (letter)


Sunday Telegraph 11.3.07 Deer stalking is the new people's sport By Jasper Copping, Sunday Telegraph - Once the preserve of the landed aristocracy and royalty, deer stalking is now attracting everyone from housewives to HGV drivers. New figures reveal the birth of a £200 million a year industry, with the number of certificates for stalking up from 900 in 2001 to more than 1,300 last week. The burgeoning popularity comes as Parliament prepares to loosen regulations governing the sport. Unlike stag hunting on horseback and fox hunting, deer stalking is legal…. (story)


Hull Daily Mail 10.3.07 HOLDERNESS HUNT LEADER QUITS - Professional huntsman Robert Howarth says he has been forced to quit his job and become a lorry driver after the introduction of the ban on hunting foxes. The huntsman, who is a familiar figure in rural East Yorkshire, can no longer live with the frustration of not being able to do his job -- hunting foxes…. Senior hunt master William Bethell said in footballing terms Mr Howarth had taken the Holderness Hunt from the second division to the Premiership. Mr Howarth said the change of career to long-distance lorry driver was forced on him by the ban, which came into force on February 18, 2005… "I will be very sad to leave the Holderness Hunt, but what I am doing now to comply with the ban is not the job I know and love…”(story)

Western Daily Press 10.3.07 TORY PLEDGE TO KILL HUNT LAW - I Wish to take issue with Andrew Davison over his letter headed "Wasting Time" (Your Say, March 2). The hunting ban was one of the most important pieces of legislation to have been passed in recent years. It certainly was not unpopular (except to the minority of citizens who take pleasure from torturing wild animals) and it is supported by a large majority of UK voters…. Julian Brown Nailsworth Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Morning News 2.3.07 WASTING TIME - I hope our next elections are fought on something more important than hunting. The hunting ban was clearly unpopular and occupied much parliamentary time while both Iraqi and British lives were being lost…. Andrew Davison, Bristol (letter)

Yorkshire Post 10.3.07 Can March hare outrun its steady decline? - The hare is famous for going mad in March. But the population is in decline, and illegal coursing is reported in Yorkshire and beyond. Roger Ratcliffe reports…. the hare has been declining not just locally but nationally since the 1960s. In Yorkshire it has been said that the decline is due to modern agricultural practices, especially loss of hedgerow cover and the change from hay-making to silage production. It may well be that the increased fox population said to result from the ban on fox hunting with dogs will further impact on the number of hares. In Staffordshire, naturalists have found that some farmers have cleared the land of hares to prevent illegal coursers from trampling down their crops…. The so-called Blue Riband of hare coursing was the Waterloo Cup held every year since 1836 at the village of Great Altcar in Lancashire…. In East Yorkshire the police have now resurrected Farm Watch – originally set up with farmers and gamekeepers to keep an eye out for people who might steal livestock and crops – to look for anyone who might be hare coursing…. (story)

York Press 10.3.07 Is it time to go veggie? IT'S not always easy being a vegetarian. Tell people you don't eat meat and you will be greeted with a look of puzzlement or even disgust… This is Veggie Month, supported by the campaign group Animal Aid, during which people are encouraged to Go Veggie' for a week…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 10.3.07 'Perfect' dogs bred at a price - VIEWERS of Crufts 2007 will, no doubt, be entertained by the bizarre range of pedigree dog breeds on show. However, many people are unaware that pedigree dogs are increasingly paying the price for our obsession with creating the 'perfect dog'…. Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Western Daily Press 10.3.07 BADGERS USED AS SCAPEGOATS - Having worked and lived in the countryside for 40-odd years, I know what it is like to have your livelihood threatened. But using badgers as scapegoats in the TB debate is the quick fix that has not worked in the past.Having studied all the science and history, it shows that if we kill all the badgers, but do not have a different way of farming backed up by Government and big retail interest, TB will pop up over and over again…. David Thomas near Westbury Wiltshire (letter)


Western Morning News 9.3.07 HUNTS COUNT THE COST AS HEAVY RAIN TAKES ITS TOLL - Waterlogged conditions have been playing havoc with the point-to-point fixture list, which not only gives the hunt a headache but the trainers too.The unforgiving rain has led to three meetings in the Devon and Cornwall Area being cancelled, including all of last weekend's meets. The East Cornwall Foxhounds twice fell victim to the rain - having to abandon the February 25 meet at Great Trethew, near Liskeard, only to find themselves cancelling again for the rescheduled meet last Sunday… The East Devon Foxhounds had to abandon their meet on Saturday at Bishops Court, Ottery St Mary… The Wessex Region also saw their meet cancelled. The Taunton Vale Foxhounds point-to-point at Kingston St Mary was due to run on Sunday and was abandoned due to waterlogging… (story)

Western Morning News 9.3.07 DREAMING OF CYBER HUNTS - Urely, it was a dream. This isn't supposed to happen in the countryside any more. I was walking my lurcher this week when we were suddenly surrounded by a pack of hounds being followed by two men in hunting pink, cantering along on horseback. If my memory serves me correctly, hunting with dogs was banned - so I can only assume this was indeed a dream…. I don't give a hoot whether they hunt or not, but the fact that they continue despite whatever Westminster decrees is a simple illustration of how useless and out of touch governments are when it comes to country matters… (story)

Guardian 9.3.07 They're dirty and have no respect for property - Hampstead's had enough - Foxes are having such a hard time in the country it's no wonder they are flooding into town to make our lives a misery - Simon Jenkins - There is no species so precious that Britain's parliament cannot render it extinct. Be it song thrush, capercaillie or codfish, politicians will protect it, regulate it and probably subsidise it within an inch of its life. A year after the Hunting Act 2004 came into force banning hunting with dogs, Britain's fox, deer and hare populations are reputedly plummeting… I am no huntsman and I would not dream of killing for pleasure, but I found the Hunting Act 2004 stupid and illiberal … So is the British fox in mortal danger? Only if parliament persists in trying to save it. But the fox is putting up a last stand in the capital's streets, swarming over every part of town. It has found a firm friend in Camden council. (story)

Denbighshire Free Press 9.3.07 In defence of Judi Hewitt - I MUST respond to the two letters last week criticising Judi Hewitt concerning her animal welfare campaigns against hunting …. Judi and her husband Bob have undertaken long walks in the wild Welsh countryside in all weathers. She is an avid wildlife observer which includes regular fox watching and general wildlife life studies plus her hobby of photography… JEAN BENNINGTON, Prestatyn (letter)

Denbighshire Free Press 9.3.07 Natural law - THE age old arguments for or against fox hunting still goes on, but in the end it is merely a matter of free choice. I do not condone or support any such animal cruelty but personally I cannot be affected by what others choose to do, because it is my belief that anyone who knowingly harms another being in any way, be it man or animal, they bring upon themselves the consequences of their actions…. GARETH HUGHES, Corwen (letter)

Denbighshire Free Press 9.3.07 The balance of free speech and rights … , though your correspondent Emyr Ap Dafydd is entitled to his views - and, indeed, I would defend his right to express them – as one brought up on a Scottish hunting estate I cannot support him here. To re-introduce a Medieval blood 'sport', the thrill of which is to see a pack of hounds chase to death a solitary fox - when drag hunting is a humane and healthy option - is surely aptly termed 'blood lust'? …. REV JAMES THOMPSON, Holywell (letter)

Western Daily Press 9.3.07 PUNISH HUNT LAWBREAKERS - There seems to be a growing trend by some police officers to describe breaches of the Hunting Act as differences of opinion…. We are not interested in opinions of how emotive a law is - we just want the law enforced. Helen Weeks, Somerset (letter)

Irish Independent 9.3.07 People want a coursing ban - New independent marketing survey findings on attitudes to hare coursing in Ireland show that more than two thirds of people in the Republic favour a ban on this barbaric practise… Politicians of all parties should heed and respect the majority view on this issue and move quickly to protect the hare. JOHN FITZGERALD, CALLAN, CO KILKENNY (letter)

Waterford News & Star 9.3.07 ‘Greens’ pledge to ban blood sports From: John Tierney, Campaigns Director-Association of Hunt Saboteurs PO Box 4734 Dublin 1 (letter)
Galway Independent 7.3.07 Ban on all forms of live hunting now a viable achievement - The Green Party has pledged to ban blood sports in Ireland if they succeed in getting into government after the next general election…. Given that the 'Green tide' is washing up on Irish political shores, a ban on all forms of live hunting with dogs is a viable political achievement… Yours, John Tierney (story)

Independent 9.3.07 Lords insist on no exemptions to dog docking ban By Terry Kirby, Chief Reporter - Plans to ban the docking of dogs' tails were thrown into confusion after the House of Lords blocked the passage of proposals to exempt certain breeds from the new law. The delay could threaten implementation in England and Wales of sections of the Animal Welfare Act, covering the docking issue, which are due to come into force on 7 April, if there is insufficient parliamentary time for a full debate in the Lords before the Easter recess on 29 March… On Wednesday, the Government withdrew the regulations after the Countess of Mar, Margaret Alison, objected to them in the Lords Grand Committee, which has to have a consensus before passing any measure…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 9.3.07 TAIL DOCKING WRONG - Docking dogs' tails is unnecessary and purely cosmetic, a debate concluded. A seminar on the topic held at the University of Lincoln involved canine experts and animal charities. It ended with a vote of 70 against 27 in favour of legislation banning the practice this summer…. A vet, the Boxer Breed Council and a British Shooting and Conservation Association representative supported docking, but other vets and an ethics expert spoke against it…. (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 23.2.07 IS DOCKING DOGS' TAILS NECESSARY? Animal rights campaigners and dog breeders are holding a public debate in Lincoln on the pros and cons of docking dogs' tails…. the University of Lincoln has organised a debate to let dog lovers hear differing views from both sides of the argument… Representatives of the RSPCA will be among those making the case for the ban…. The Council for Docked Breeds will argue that the partial ban is a mistake for different reasons…. The debate will take place at the university's Jackson Lecture Theatre on the Brayford Campus at 7.30pm on Tuesday…. (story)

Daelnet 9.3.07 A TV champion for country ways, Jeremy Paxman - Our countryside and rural affairs commentator John Sheard delights in a very public row which has pitted the townies that run the British media up against one of their very own pit bulls, Jeremy Paxman… what gave me one of the biggest laughs of the New Year so far was a public fall out between BBC2 pit-bull Jeremy Paxman (known to his mates as Paxo) and one-time Radio 4 Today programme big-wig Ron Liddle. The bone of contention was a subject very close to my heart, fly fishing, and the fact that Yorkshireman Paxo had the temerity to write in praise of this, his favourite hobby, for a magazine produced by the Countryside Alliance, the outspoken voice of country sports…. (story)
Independent 7.3.07 PANDORA By Oliver Duff - When not feeding on the brains of politicians, Jeremy Paxman enjoys putting on a pair of shiny galoshes and sloping off to a riverbank for a day's fishing. Mr Paxman may have snagged his line on an overhanging branch, however. He has penned an article on angling for Countryside Alliance Update… "The Countryside Alliance is a campaigning political organisation and Jeremy's lending them support!" insists Rod Liddle… (story)

Croydon Advertiser 9.3.07 Animal rights grandmother sent to prison - A GRANDMOTHER has been jailed for 15 months for taking part in terrifying animal rights demonstrations. Theresa Portwine told the Advertiser three weeks ago she was not a fanatic and was ready for any sentence. The 48-year-old, from Dunley Drive, New Addington, became an activist six years ago when she was on a lunch-break and walked past a stand in Croydon publicising animal cruelty…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 9.3.07 Bill Carmichael: Animal rights thugs at bay - Shed no tears for animal-rights thug Mark Taylor who was jailed for four years this week for a vile campaign of intimidation against innocent people. For years, we've been woefully soft on these extremists on the spurious grounds that they can't be all bad if they are the sort of people who like hugging fluffy bunnies. But they are – nasty, aggressive, intolerant and frequently violent…. (story)
ITN 7.3.07 Four years for animal protest intimidation - Activist Mark Taylor has been jailed for a record four years for his part in a campaign to stop companies dealing with a firm doing animal experiments…. (story)
Life Style Extra 7.3.07 Animal Rights Activists Jailed - An animal rights extremist who tried to terrify companies into not trading with animal research firm Huntingdon Life Sciences has been jailed for four years. Activist Mark Taylor, 39, was a member of a masked gang of demonstrators group which screamed "murderer" and "killer" at innocent workers in a campaign of intimidation…. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 7.3.07 Terror demo trio jailed - A COUPLE who masterminded a series of terrifying demonstrations targeting firms that dealt with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) have been jailed. Mark Taylor, 39, and wife Susane, 35, spent the summer of 2005 involved in 24 protests across the country…. (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 7.3.07 'Skull mask' animalrights activists jailed By William Smith - A TRIO of animal rights activists whose group invaded a Peterborough business wearing skull masks were starting jail sentences today. Activist Mark Taylor was jailed for a record four years yesterday for his part in a campaign of intimidation to stop companies dealing with a firm doing animal experiments…. Taylor (39), his wife, Suzanne (35), both from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and Teresa Portwine (48), from New Addington, Surrey, were the first to be charged under new legislation…. (story)
Western Morning News 7.3.07 ANIMAL PROTESTER GETS FOUR YEARS - Activist Mark Taylor was jailed for a record four years yesterday for his part in a campaign of intimidation to stop companies dealing with a firm doing animal experiments… (story)
Mirror 7.3.07 4 YEARS FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS TERROR 'CHIEF' By Don Mackay - AN animal rights "ringleader" was jailed for four years yesterday for terrorising firms linked to a company doing live experiments. Mark Taylor, 39, tried to intimidate people who either supplied or dealt with Huntingdon Life Sciences, Cambs, into ending their links with them… Taylor and his wife Suzanne, 35, of Wakefield, West Yorks, and Teresa Portwine, 48, of New Addington, Surrey, were the first to be charged under new legislation, the Old Bailey heard…. (story)
Times 7.3.07 Jail for activists - Three animal rights activists who screamed abuse through megaphones at office workers have been jailed at the Old Bailey for economic sabotage… (story)
Guardian 7.3.07 Animal activists jailed under law on extremism - Audrey Gillan - A couple who campaigned for animal rights were jailed yesterday under new legislation which is aimed at deterring extremism and intimidation. Mark Taylor, 39, was sentenced to four years for his part in a campaign of intimidation. His wife Suzanne, 35, was given a sentence of two-and-a-half years in jail. Another activist, Teresa Portwine, 48, was sentenced to 15 months…. (story)
Telegraph 7.3.07 Campaign ends in jail for animal extremists By John Steele, Crime Correspondent - Last Updated: 7:30am GMT 07/03/2007 Three animal rights activists were jailed yesterday for their part in a campaign of intimidation against companies associated with a leading animal research organisation…. (story)
BBC News Online 6.3.07 Three 'violent' activists jailed - A man has been jailed for a record four years for a campaign of intimidation against an animal testing company. Mark Taylor, 39, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, targeted firms working with Huntingdon Life Sciences, in Cambridgeshire, the Old Bailey heard. His wife Suzanne, 35, was jailed for 30 months and Teresa Portwine, 48, of New Addington, Surrey, received 15 months…. (story)
Guardian 6.3.07 Animal rights activist jailed - Activist Mark Taylor has been jailed for a record four years for his part in a campaign of intimidation to stop companies dealing with a firm doing animal experiments. Mark Taylor drove protesters around the country to companies which either supplied or dealt with Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire…. (story)
Reuters 6.3.07 Animal rights activists jailed - Three animal rights activist were jailed on Tuesday for a total of more than seven years for their part in a campaign of intimidation to stop companies dealing with a firm conducting animal experiments…. (story)
Croydon Advertiser 6.3.07 Animal rights activist jailed - Activist Mark Taylor has been jailed for a record four years for his part in a campaign of intimidation to stop companies dealing with a firm doing animal experiments… (story)
Telegraph 6.3.07 Animal rights activist jailed for four years By Emma Henry and agencies - Activist Mark Taylor was jailed for a record four years today for his part in a campaign of intimidation to stop companies dealing with a firm doing animal experiments…(story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 6.3.07 Animal rights activist jailed By Shenai Raif - Activist Mark Taylor was jailed for a record four years today for his part in a campaign of intimidation to stop companies dealing with a firm doing animal experiments…. Housewife Suzanne Taylor was said to have taken part over three weeks of the campaign and had to care for her two teenage daughters. Portwine, a kitchen consultant and mother of five, was said to have quit the protests when police traced her…. (story)
icCroydon 7.2.07 Reign of terror by animal rights activists By Post Reporter - A NEW Addington animal rights activist faces a possible jail term for a series of frightening demonstrations aimed at destroying a controversial science laboratory. Theresa Portwine spent the summer of 2005 attending 11 protests across the country at firms that dealt with Huntington Life Sciences… (story)
Scotsman 6.3.07 Animal rights activists jailed - LONDON (Reuters) - Three animal rights activist were jailed on Tuesday for a total of more than seven years for their part in a campaign of intimidation to stop companies dealing with a firm conducting animal experiments… (story)
Croydon Advertiser 2.2.07 Animal activists in reign of terror By Hugo Daniel - A NEW Addington animal rights activist faces a possible jail term for a series of frightening demonstrations aimed at destroying a controversial science laboratory. Theresa Portwine spent the summer of 2005 attending 11 protests across the country at firms that dealt with Huntington Life Sciences (HLS)…. The Old Bailey heard last Friday that Portwine and fellow fanatics Mark and Susane Taylor, from York-shire, barged their way into company offices where they let off air horns…. The trio all admitted conspiracy to interfere with contractual relationships so as to harm an animal research organisation between June 30, 2005 and October 1, 2005. They could face up to five years in jail but were all bailed to be sentenced on a date to be fixed (story)
Cambridge Evening News 27.1.07 Extremist more than just a foot soldier, says judge - A SADISTIC animal rights extremist is facing jail after a judge ruled he masterminded a series of abusive demonstrations in a bid to drive Huntingdon Life Sciences out of business. Mark Taylor, 38, his wife Susane, 34, and Theresa Portwine, 46, were involved in two-dozen demonstrations by campaigners Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), targeting firms which dealt with the animal testing lab…. Taylor had tried to play down his role, claiming he was not a leader, but after studying videos of the demonstrations a judge at the Old Bailey ruled he was a "significant player"…. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 25.1.07 Activist denies 'Mr Big' label - AN ANIMAL rights extremist was the mastermind behind a campaign to bring terror to businesses dealing with Huntington Life Sciences, a court heard yesterday. Mark Taylor, 38, is attempting to minimise his role in the fanatical Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty group which threatened staff during demonstrations at 21 businesses across Britain… But prosecutor Mr Edward Brown said: "Witnesses refer to him at the scene as the orchestrator, the overseer, the organiser."… Taylor, 38, his wife Susane, 34, and Theresa Portwine, 46, have all admitted conspiracy to interfere with contractual relationships so as to harm an animal research organisation between June 30, 2005 and October 1, 2005…. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 24.1.07 Travel agent's staff targeted, court is told ANIMAL rights activists told travel agent customers their children would be infected with a tropical disease spread by monkeys if they flew with the company, a court heard today. Alleged ringleader Mark Taylor, 38, his wife Susane, 34, and Theresa Portwine, 46, were members of a group which targeted businesses because they worked with Huntingdon Life Sciences…. The workers gave evidence to the court from behind a screen, fearing reprisals from the extremists….(story)
Cambridge Evening News 23.1.07 'You'll get it' terror trio told workers - THREE animal rights extremists brought terror to firms dealing with a controversial science laboratory in a day of action they christened "Kick Ass Day 3", a court was told. Susane Taylor, 34, her husband Mark, 38, and Theresa Portwine, 46, set out to cripple Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) which tests products on animals. Wearing skull masks and carrying video cameras they barged into firms to vandalise property and abuse staff in protests planned with 'military precision'…. They are being prosecuted following an investigation by the National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit under new legislation to tackle animal rights extremism in the Serious and Organised Crime and Police Act 2005…. (story)
Times 23.1.07 Sabotage charges - Animal rights extremists who screamed abuse at office staff faced charges of economic sabotage yesterday. Mark Taylor, 39, his wife Suzanne, 34, and Teresa Portwine, 47, tried to storm the premises of 23 companies linked with Huntingdon Life Sciences, the animal testing laboratory, the Old Bailey was told.. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 23.12.06 Three activists admit affences - THREE activists pleaded guilty to being part of a campaign against a company experimenting on animals.... Mark Taylor, 39, his wife, Suzanne, 34, both of Henry Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and Teresa Portwine, 47, of Dunley Drive, New Addington, Surrey, were remanded on bail.... (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 22.12.06 Animal rights activists plead guilty By Rose_Taylor - THREE activists pleaded guilty to being part of a campaign against a Huntingdon company experimenting on animals.... Mark Taylor, 39, his wife, Suzanne, 34, both of Henry Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and Teresa Portwine, 47, of Dunley Drive, New Addington, Surrey, were remanded on bail.... (story)
Life Style Extra 22.12.06 Animal rights extremists admit intimidation - Three animal rights extremists have admitted they intimidated vivisection supply companies and their customers in a long running campaign to shut down animal research company Huntingdon Life Sciences. Husband and wife Suzanne, 34, and Mark Taylor, 39, and Theresa Portwine, 47, said they intimidated companies and individuals through a series of protests outside the companies premises and on occasions storming and occupying their offices. The trio are part of an animal rights extremist group SHAC - Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty - and admitted one charge under the Serious and organised Crime and Police Act 2005 relating to animal rights protest activity.... It is alleged the three, along with Gabriel Villeneuve, Camille Hankins, David Lambon, David Matthew Bertrand and other unknown individuals "to do or to threaten that they or somebody else would do a relevant act which would amount to criminal offence or tortious acts" causing Huntingdon Life Sciences loss or damage… (story)
BBC News Online 22.12.06 Campaigners admit threat offence - Three activists have pleaded guilty to making criminal threats in a campaign against an animal testing company... Mark Taylor, 39, and his wife Suzanne, 34, of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and Teresa Portwine, 47, of New Addington, south London, were remanded on bail.... (story)
Life Style Extra 26.11.06 Animal rights extremists to face trial - Three alleged animal rights extremists accuse of intimidating vivisection companies and their customers appeared at the Old Bailey last week to hear that they will stand trial in February next year. Husband and wife Suzanne and Mark Taylor, and Theresa Portwine are accused of intimidating companies and individuals doing work for Huntingdon Life Sciences - a firm that is involved in animal experiments... (story)
Croydon Advertiser 17.11.06 Animal rights protester to go on trial - A NEW Addington animal rights protester accused of plotting to financially cripple a laboratory will face trial in February. Theresa Portwine, 46, is accused of staging 13 UK-wide demonstrations at companies associated with Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire. Portwine stands accused alongside Susane Taylor, 34, and her husband Mark, 38, from West Yorkshire.... (story)
Times 18.7.06 Animal rights activists facing charges under new laws protecting businesses from intimidation appeared at the Old Bailey. Theresa Portwine, 47, of Croydon, Surrey, Susane Cunnane, 34, and Mark Taylor, 38, both from Wakefield, West Yorkshire were bailed and told to return to court in October (story)
Croydon Guardian 18.7.06 Trio of animal rights activists to appear in court - An alleged animal rights protestor from New Addington has appeared in court in connection with a plot to cause financial ruin to a laboratory which carries out tests on animals. Theresa Portwine, 46, of Dunley Drive, along with two people from West Yorkshire, is accused of staging 13 UK-wide demos at companies associated with Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire…. (story)
Scotsman 18.7.06 Animal rights activists face protest charges - THREE animal rights activists accused of targeting firms and people doing business with animal testing facilities appeared at the Old Bailey yesterday. Suzanne Cunnane, 34, and Mark Taylor, 38, both of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and Patricia Portwine, of Croydon, are charged under the Serious and Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 relating to animal rights protest activity. (story)
Life Style Extra 17.7.06 Animal rights extremists at Old Bailey - Three alleged animal rights extremists accused of targetting firms and people doing business with animal testing facilities appeared at the Old Bailey today (Mon). Suzanne Cunnane, 34, and Mark Taylor, 38, both of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and Patricia Portwine, of Croydon, south London, are charged under the Serious and organised Crime and Police Act 2005 relating to animal rights protest activity…. The trio are accused of trying to force those customers or suppliers to break their contracts with firms carrying out vivisection. They are also charged with intimidating people connected with animal research organisations. All three were released on police bail and are due to appear again at the Central Criminal Court for pleas and directions on October 30… (story)

Western Mail 9.3.07 Wound research pioneers end to tests on animals - Abbie Wightwick, Western Mail - Dr Phil Stephens from Cardiff University is trying to develop a model of wound healing using tissue donated by human patients. He said he hoped his work would bring to an end the suffering caused to animals in tests to improve treatment for chronic wounds… The research is being funded with a grant from the UK's leading non-animal research charity the Dr Hadwen Trust… (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 9.3.07 DON'T PAY TO VISIT DOLPHINS - Further to our holiday in Mexico and the article in The Daily Mail, Dolphin Killers In A Sea Of Blood, it confirms how I felt three years ago when we had an encounter with the dolphins in Mexico…. These dolphins are being exploited and hurt to perform to the public for a vast amount of money…. Susan Mary Bartlett, Mickleover Country Park, Derby. (letter)

Western Daily Press 9.3.07 PROMISING CALL FOR BARBARIC BEAR TRADE - Campaigners fighting for an end to the barbaric bear bile trade in Asia have welcomed a call by a prominent Chinese official to end the gruesome practice.Animals Asia Foundation (AAF) said it was delighted Madam Zhou Ping, the Chengdu representative at the National People's Congress has made a public call for the end of bear bile farming…. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 9.3.07 LIVE AND LET LIVE - I was saddened to read some of the heartless comments about the Canada geese on the Victoria Embankment. Why can't people live and let live and be happy to share the riverside with other creatures?... C A HARRISON Wetherlam Close The Meadows (letter)

The Shields Gazette 9.3.07 Pair in need of counselling - I WRITE further to your recent report on the jailing of Alan Price and David Moore for animal cruelty. I hope Price, 38, and Moore, 21, will receive much-needed counselling during the three months they're to spend in jail as punishment for their egregious acts of cruelty to animals…. In America, the FBI has found that a history of cruelty to animals is one of the traits that regularly appear in the records of serial rapists and murderers… Will Wright, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. (letter)


Daily Post 8.3.07 Bird reserve fox hunt fury - by Roland Hughes, Daily Post - CAMPAIGNERS last night urged the RSPB to ban fox hunts from their land in Wales. The call came after it emerged the bird charity told farmers they could hunt foxes on its Ynys Hir reserve, near Machynlleth, at the start of the lambing season. But the hunt was scrapped, pending a review, at the last minute… Dogs are usually banned from Ynys Hir, leading The League Against Cruel Sports to accuse the RSPB of “hypocrisy” for allowing hunting dogs onto their land…. (story)

Northern Echo 8.3.07 Author to give talk on hunting - HISTORIAN and author Richard Almond will give a talk on medieval hunting. The library at Kiplin Hall, Scorton, near Richmond, is the venue for the lecture at 7.30pm tonight, which concentrates on the years 1300 to 1600…. (story)

The Comet 8.3.07 Shooters don’t care for wildlife - Regarding the letter from a local Justice of the Peace, D E Pateman relating to the shooting of wild birds, I was very surprised by his failure to address the main point of A Collins' letter. The point which was made by A Collins was should a person hold a firearms certificate and not have 20/20 vision?... BRIAN THOMAS, Hitchin Road, Letchworth Garden City
Regarding the recent letters about shooting, I am sure I speak for many when I say shooting like hunting should be banned…. KIRSTY SMART, Bedford Road, Hitchin
I read your newspaper today (February 24) and was incensed by the letter from William Heal for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation. He is somewhat disingenuous in his claim that "all the conservation work is carried out by the shooting community". I am a regular volunteer who gives up his weekends on occasions to help the National Nature Reserve. I do not shoot birds and object at being included in this myth… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letters)
The Comet 1.3.07 No justifying death of birds - Regarding 'Birds are in the firing line' (Comet February 15); I read a recent letter from an A Collins of Hitchin and the subsequent response last week by Elizabeth Saxon of Stotfold. In her letter she tried to justify the completely random and wanton shooting of a magpie and a seagull as "altruistic to other birds". Her logic defies comprehension because if we were to continue her line of argument we would shoot sea eagles, golden eagles, buzzards, hawks… P THOMAS, Canterbury Way, Stevenage (letter)
The Comet 22.2.07 Is it right to kill our wildlife? - I would like to say how I can understand how Mrs Whitcomb feels regarding shooting parties. I too had a terrible incident involving a few fools shooting anything that moved… there's no great skill in shooting a lumbering slow low flying pheasant out of the sky - that is pathetic. Mrs JUNE SNELL, The Moat House, Pirton
From an old countryman, the pheasant shoot that A Collins witnessed did give rise to criticism for had this occurred on a shoot which I captained, shooting a seagull would have meant being requested to leave the field. I hope pheasant shoots will not be judged by this flagrant breach of our normal behaviour… D E PATEMAN, JP, Langley, Nr Hitchin
I respond to Mrs C. Whitcomb's letter which appeared in The Comet on the February 15 regarding pheasant shooting. One of the reasons why she is able to enjoy what she describes as the beautiful Wash is because of all the conservation work carried out by the shooting community. Also on The Wash, the wildfowling clubs help to warden the National Nature Reserve…. WILLIAM HEAL, Eastern Regional Director, The British Association for Shooting & Conservation, Kings Forest Office, Bury St Edmunds (letters)
The Comet 15.2.07 Birds are in the firing line - I have written this email after reading the letter from A Collins (Hitchin) in The Comet entitled 'Savagery of shooting party'. I too witnessed a shooting party while in Norfolk at my caravan on the beautiful Wash…. It is a pity that there are people that can do things like this, and fox hunting, for the fun of the sport just amazes me. I don't know how they can sleep at night after going out killing defenceless animals…. Mrs C Whitcomb, Sleaps Hyde, Stevenage
I do feel it is a shame that a viewpoint is so one-sided… I applaud the actions of the shooter, and thank them for having a much more comprehensive understanding of the countryside than the author of this letter. ELIZABETH SAXON, Regent St, Stotfold (letters)
The Comet 1.2.07 Savagery of shooting party - Last week I had the misfortune to witness a shooting party of men, all in their 70s out shooting what I thought were game birds. I was surprised by the fact that although I only watched them for 10 minutes, one of the party shot a pheasant, a magpie and a seagull… One can only guess that if these birds could shoot back at these old men, there would be precious few country sportsmen as they are bereft of morals and see life as one big opportunity to kill things…. A COLLINS, Hitchin (story)

Portsmouth News 8.3.07 Nurse's fight for animals By Victoria Taylor - She's 50 years old, a pet lover and a nurse, but Sarah Whitehead has just been convicted of terrorising employees at an animal testing lab. The News finds out why she has become an animal activist - By day she is a nurse helping to care for seriously ill patients. But once Sarah Whitehead is away from the hospital wards she turns into an angry animal rights protester. When not on shift most of her time is spent demonstrating outside animal testing laboratories across the south – the very ones that develop drugs to keep her patients alive. However her protests landed her in court this week following a hate-filled campaign against staff at Wickham Laboratories in Wickham… (story)

Western Gazette 8.3.07 BLACKMAIL CLAIMS ARE PROBED - A Woman from the Dorchester area has been released on police bail while investigations continue into alleged blackmail offences.The 34-year-old, who has not been named, was arrested by officers from Staffordshire Police Public Order and Protest Unit at 6.30am on Thursday… (story)
Lichfield Post 7.3.07 Two arrested in blackmail probe - Officers from Staffordshire Police's Public Order and Protest Unit arrested two people in Dorchester last Thursday (March 1) as part of an ongoing investigation into a series of blackmail offences linked to animal rights extremism. A 39-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman, both from Dorchester, were arrested at a residential address at 6.30am and taken to Weymouth police station for questioning by Staffordshire officers. The address where they were arrested was searched for evidence…. (story)
Burton Trader 6.3.07 Animal rights arrests - Officers from Staffordshire Police's Public Order and Protest Unit arrested two people in Dorchester last Thursday (March 1) as part of an ongoing investigation into a series of blackmail offences linked to animal rights extremism…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 2.3.07 ARRESTED PAIR FREED - Two people arrested in connection with a probe into animal rights extremists have been released… The man was released without charge and the woman was bailed until May 8 pending further inquiries… (story)
Post & Times 2.3.07 ANIMAL RIGHTS ARRESTS MADE - Two people were arrested yesterday by the special team investigating the activities of animal rights extremists near Uttoxeter.A 39-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman were arrested by officers from Staffordshire Police's public order and protest unit and taken to Weymouth police station for questioning…. (story)
Dorset Daily Echo 2.3.07 Dorset arrests linked to animal rights extremism By Ben Glass - TWO Dorchester people have been released after being questioned over a series of blackmail offences linked to animal rights extremism. A 39-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman were arrested after police officers went to their Dorchester home yesterday morning… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 1.3.07 PAIR HELD IN ANIMAL RIGHTS PROBE - Two people have been arrested in connection with an investigation into animal rights extremists… This morning, the Staffordshire force's public order and protest unit arrested a 39-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman from Dorchester, Dorset, in connection with blackmail offences…. (story)
Dorset Daily Echo 1.3.07 Two released after animal rights probe - POLICE have released two Dorchester residents after questioning them in connection with a series of blackmail allegations linked to animal rights extremism. A 39-year-old man was released without charge. A 34-year-old woman was released on police bail several hours later… (story)
Dorset Daily Echo 1.3.07 Two arrested in animal rights probe - POLICE arrested two people in Dorchester early today in connection with blackmail letters sent by animal rights extremists to research companies. A 39-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman, both from Dorchester, were taken to Weymouth police station for questioning after the swoop at 6.30am…. (story)
The Sentinel 1.3.07 BLACKMAIL ARREST - Two people were arrested today in connection with a series of blackmail offences linked to animal rights extremism.Staffordshire Police said a 39-year-old man and a woman aged 34 had been detained in Dorchester, Dorset…. (story)
BBC News Online 1.3.07 Woman bailed in blackmail inquiry - A woman arrested by detectives investigating an alleged blackmail campaign by animal rights extremists has been released on bail. The 34-year-old was arrested in Dorchester, Dorset, with a man, 39, who was later released without charge… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 8.3.07 CAMPAIGN PROTECTS CIRCUS ANIMALS - Well done Laurie Ellis for speaking out about cruelty to animals he saw while working in a circus in the 1950s (March 5). The Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) was founded in 1957, around the time that Mr Ellis was working in a circus. This year, our 50th anniversary, we are closer than ever to ending the cruelty of animal circuses because the public are voting with their feet and also telling their MPs that animal circuses should be banned under the new Animal Welfare Act… CRAIG REDMOND Campaigns Manager CAPS, PO Box 4186 (letter)

Essex Echo 8.3.07 Humans are a threat to our planet, not animals - Apparently, there are around 55million rats in the UK. We are confidently informed they are dirty, vicious and spread diseases… There is only one species whose numbers have reached almost plague proportions, threatening the equilibrium of the planet with forest clearance, animal farming and widespread poisoning of the environment and food supplies - the human race!... Val Hubert, Claybrick Avenue, Hockley (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 8.3.07 KIDS NEED VEGGIE OPTION - While I am pleased North Lincolnshire pupils are being shown real food 'Pupils' posh nosh cheap as chips', (Scunthorpe Telegraph, Tuesday), I am concerned the menus shown did not have a vegetarian option…. Carol Thornton, Thorn Lane, Goxhill. (letter)

Western Gazette 8.3.07 Real reason for cattle having TB - REGARDING the Western Gazette article, Farmers Take Badger Cull Into Own Hands, firstly, I would point out that the real reason for TB in cattle is the conditions in which the majority are kept. Intensive farming brings with it many an undesirable consequence. In my opinion, farmers should clean up their act…. Ms S Smith, Bruton (letter)


Western Daily Press 7.3.07 CAMERON CAN'T REPEAL THE BAN - I write regarding the comments of Donald Farquharson about the Hunting Act passed by Labour and Conservative MPs in the House of Commons. He says it is unworkable. Well, it will work if you leave the foxes alone and abide by the law which was voted for by both sides in the House…. A Palmer, Dursley (letter)

Irish Times 7.3.07 No hares found in coursing club accused of 'holding' - An investigation into allegations that a Co Carlow coursing club has been illegally holding hares on its grounds without a licence is being carried out by the Wildlife Service and the Garda Síochána… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 7.3.07 ANGER AFTER OFFICIAL SAYS DOG TAIL DOCKING BAN WILL CAUSE INJURIES - TIM PAULING - Gamekeepers have reacted angrily after a top civil servant admitted that the ban on docking dogs' tails will cause injuries to working animals…. Yesterday, Scottish Executive official Ian Strachan admitted the change to the law was bound to result in an increase in injuries to dogs' tails. "There is bound to be tail damage in working dogs. There is bound to be an increase in tail damage because you can't damage what you don't have," he said… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 7.3.07 BADGER SETT CHARGES - In an article which appeared in The Citizen on Monday, February 27, we stated four teenagers from Mountain Ash, South Wales, had been charged with badger baiting.This was not the case. All four individuals were in fact charged with interfering with badger setts…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 27.2.07 TEENAGERS FACE BADGER-BAITING CHARGE - A Gang of four teenagers, the youngest aged 15, appeared before Gloucester magistrates accused of badger-baiting.The four defendants, all from Mountain Ash, Glamorgan, South Wales, were charged with interfering with badger setts at Stroud at the beginning of January… (story)

Ross on Wye Journal 7.3.07 Badger group on standby for action - Protesters campaigning against threats to cull badgers accused of giving cattle TB are on standby for action in the Ross-on-Wye area after Food and Farming Minister Lord Rooker warned a decision to go ahead was “not far off”… “we will certainly be part of peaceful protests, ideally at wherever farmers are involved in culling, to make the public aware of what is happening”, said Herefordshire Badger Group press officer Andrew Field… (story)


Gloucestershire Echo 6.3.07 PACK OF DOGS SHOCK BIRDS - Breeding birds left their eggs in fright as hounds raced through Batsford Falconry.Dogs broke off from Heythrop Hunt as it went through the next-door arboretum, near Moreton-in-Marsh. Rare birds of prey including a milky owl and hawks, panicked…. Hunt joint master Liz Wills said she "deeply regretted" the incident… (story)
Cotswold Journal 1.3.07 Rare breed birds panic as hunt hounds invade By Anita Deshmukh NESTING birds at the Falconry Centre at Batsford scattered their eggs and were injured flying around cages in panic as hounds from the Heythrop Hunt tore through on Saturday. Families with young children in pushchairs and toddlers screamed in terror as the pack of around 20 hounds bounded through the centre and neighbouring Arboretum Garden Centre. … Hunt joint master Liz Wills said: "We deeply regret this happened. I can only assume that a fox must have crossed the trail the hounds were following and they veered off. We certainly didn't lay a trail through the arboretum… (story)

Liverpool Daily Echo 6.3.07 Eroding civil rights - HOW disingenuous of Geoff Edwards, of CAMRA, to suggest that women and bar staff don't smoke… We saw this before with the anti-hunt lobby and now again with the pro-road charging debate. Some drive, some smoke, some hunt, some eat veal, live with it…. Nicola Canning, L17 (story)

Western Morning News 6.3.07 ID CARD IS ORGANISED SPYING - I write in connection with Mr Hillier's letter (February 16, Hunt spying is detestable). I know where I stand on the hunting discussion but I don't intend to reveal my thoughts here… I am a "law-abiding section of society" but will, at present, be expected eventually to acquire an ID card, and will be watched constantly as a result. I call that organised spying and find it detestable. Adrian West, Teignmouth (letter)

Western Morning News 6.3.07 MORI IS AN EXPERT - In his letter, "These polls have long been suspect" (February 24), Patrick Ellis questions the credibility of the recent MORI poll… .MORI, an expert polling organisation with a long history and experience of surveys, undertake their polls in accordance with strict criteria… Una Farrell, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

Western Morning News 6.3.07 TELLS YOU A LOT ABOUT DAVE AND PALS - Alan Kirby Protect Our Wild Animals Plymouth (letter)
Western Daily Press 21.2.07 HUNT REPEAL IS TORY PRIORITY - David Cameron's recent confirmation that he would immediately repeal the ban on the hunting of live animals with dogs for "sport" tells us more about the real him - and his supportive colleagues - than all his highly skilled self-promotion ever could. Would a compassionate, modern "new man" - such as he pretends and projects himself to be - really support the wilful and prolonged harrying and slaughter of defenceless animals for fun?... Alan Kirby, Hayle, Cornwall (letter)

Western Morning News 6.3.07 HUNTING ACT IS NOT DEMOCRATIC - How appropriate and indeed refreshing to see the next Conservative government's pledge to honour their commitment to repeal the illogical Hunting Act displayed on the front page of the Western Morning News… W T Sweet, Mawgan, Helston (letter)

BBC News Online 6.3.07 MSPs support dog tail docking ban - MSPs have voted to ban the docking of all dogs' tails in Scotland, despite calls for a working dogs exemption. The environment and rural development committee voted five to one in favour of the new rules, with one abstention. The ban will now have to be approved by the parliament before coming into force on 30 April…. Alex Hogg, chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers' Association, said the executive was condemning working dogs to lives of "pain and misery". Libby Anderson, political director of Advocates for Animals, said: "We are delighted… (story)

Western Morning News 6.3.07 SHOULD YOU SEE ONE, LEAVE LEVERETS ALONE - Rodney Hale, Chairman - British Brown Hare Preservation Society Crediton (letter)
Western Daily Press 20.2.07 LEAVE LEVERETS IN PEACE IF THERE IS NO OBVIOUS DANGER - The Hares Preservation Act of 1892 made it illegal for any hare or leveret to be sold or offered for sale between March 1 and July 31. Also, hare must not be on the menu in restaurants during this period. Anyone suspecting a violation of the Act should contact the local trading standards authority…. Rodney Hale MSc, Chairman, British Brown Hare Preservation Society, Crediton Devon (letter)

Western Mail 6.3.07 We cannot allow post offices to disappear - Simon Hart, writing for the Western Mail - LAST week was National Post Office week and the Countryside Alliance, as part of the Future for our Post Office coalition, was at the forefront of the fight to maintain our post office network…. Simon Hart is chief executive of the Countryside Alliance (story)
Hexham Courant 2.3.07 Protesters rally round to save rural post offices - By GEMMA SOMERVILLE - CONCERNED residents from across the district united at a rally to protest against post office closures. A packed town hall at Wark was addressed by Hexham’s MP Peter Atkinson, as part of the nationwide campaign organised by Age Concern. The rally last Friday brought National Post Office week to a close…. North of England Countryside Alliance regional director Richard Dodd, of Belsay, said: “The Government has removed hundreds of millions of pounds of business from post offices in recent years, including the TV licences contract…. (story)
Cumberland & Westmorland Herald 2.3.07 Villagers rally in support of their post office - CLOSING rural post offices will destroy villages, alienate communities and increase greenhouse gases. That was the message from residents of Askham, who held a rally protesting against plans to close hundreds of rural post offices nationwide…. The rally was organised by the Future for Our Post Office Coalition — a national coalition of groups including the Countryside Alliance, Age Concern, National Federation of Subpostmasters and others — to mark National Post Office Week. (story)
Newark Advertiser 2.3.07 Plea for post offices By CHRIS KIRK - Protesters turned out in force to show their support for a campaign that is asking the government to reverse its decision to close 2,500 sub post offices. The rally, at Church Farm Shop and Post Office at South Scarle, was one of several hundred organised across the country by the Countryside Alliance to coincide with National Post Office Week…. (story may be in archive)
Hampshire Chronicle 2.3.07 Cooking up a storm of protest over PO closures - ONE fat lady' threw all her weight behind a campaign to save post offices in Hampshire threatened with closure. Clarissa Dickson Wright, one half of the TV cookery pair Two Fat Ladies, was among protesters in Winchester campaigning against proposals to close 2,500 post offices nationwide. Rural post offices are likely to be worst hit by the closures, and the Countryside Alliance, which organised the protest, claims this will cut the heart out of thousands of communities and sever lifelines to the vulnerable and elderly…. (story)
The Comet 22.2.07 MP backs fight to save Pos - AN MP spent a morning helping to kick off National Post Office Week in his constituency. Alistair Burt, MP for North East Bedfordshire, visited post offices in Upper Caldecote and Potton to see first hand the problems of rural post offices that are under threat of closure…. The coalition supporting the post offices consists of Age Concern, Citizens Advice Bureau, The Countryside Alliance, The Communication Workers Union and Local Works, The National Federation of Sub Postmasters, The National Pensioners' Convention and the Royal National Institute for the Blind…. (story)
Tavistock Times 1.3.07 United call to save rural post offices by Lindsay Bright - A MASS rally took place at Tavistock Post Office last week with campaigners fighting for the future of their local service. West Devon and Torridge MP Geoffrey Cox attended the event which was part of National Post Office Week, organised by the umbrella group ‘Future for our Post Office’, of which the Countryside Alliance is part…. (story in archive)
Plymouth Herald 26.2.07 CAMPAIGN FOR POST OFFICES IS INTENSIFIED - Politicians and pressure groups have come out in force to support the campaign to defend threatened rural post offices in the West Country. MPs, MEPs, councillors, members of the Devon Pensioners' Forum and the Countryside Alliance all waved their banners outside Tavistock Post Office on Friday in support of the campaign…. (story)
Southern Daily Echo 25.2.07 Heavyweight protest to save post offices - ONE fat lady threw all her weight behind a campaign to save post offices in Hampshire threatened with closure. Clarissa Dickson Wright, one half of the TV cookery pair Two Fat Ladies, was among protesters in Winchester campaigning against proposals to close down 2,500 post offices nationwide.Rural post offices are likely to be worst hit by the closures and the Countryside Alliance, which organised the protest, claims this will cut the heart out of thousands of communities and sever lifelines to the vulnerable and elderly… (story)
Western Daily Press 24.2.07 WE NEED OUR POST OFFICES ... THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT! BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - Rural campaigners fighting for local post offices staged rallies and demonstrations against Government cutbacks yesterday across the region as a host of organisations came together to call for more to be done to save them… The campaign week brought together groups such as the Countryside Alliance, Age Concern, union leaders and the Townswomen's Guild…. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 24.2.07 Rally to save Suffolk's post offices - CRAIG ROBINSON - CAMPAIGNERS fighting to secure the future of rural post offices have held a rally in a Suffolk village in a bid to highlight their importance to the local community. Around two dozen people were at Combs Ford Post Office, near Stowmarket, yesterday for the protest, organised by the Countryside Alliance. Among those backing the rally was Conservative MP David Ruffley, who represents the Bury St Edmunds constituency…. (story)
Cumberland News 23.2.07 Protesters gather to plead with government to save post offices By Phil Coleman and Dave Gudgeon - PLACARD-waving protesters, including many pensioners, sent a heartfelt message to the government yesterday: “Save our rural post offices.”… The demonstration was organised by the Countryside Alliance which claims the government wants to close up to 2,500 post offices because they are not financially viable…. (story)
Hastings Observer 23.2.07 SATURDAY POST OFFICE RALLY - POST Office protestors from across the South East are converging at Sedlescombe tomorrow (Saturday) to take part in a rally…. Organised by the Countryside Alliance, in partnership with several agencies, it will include representatives from Help The Aged, the Communication Workers Union and the RNIB, under the umbrella group Future For Our Post Office…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 23.2.07 HANDS OFF OUR POST OFFICES - Campaigners took to the streets of Cirencester yesterday to protest against the closure of village post offices.They waved placards and handed out leaflets outside the town's main post office in Castle Street. Members of the Communication Workers Union were joined by supporters from the WI, Countryside Alliance and National Pensioners Convention, who all oppose the Government's plans to axe more than 2,500 post offices across the UK….(story)
Daily Post 23.2.07 Campaigners rally to save post offices by Carl Butler, Daily Post A RALLY was staged outside Llandyrnog post office yesterday as part of a week-long campaign to save the post office network. Today the campaign will be taken to the Labour Party Conference, meeting in Llandudno… The Future for our Post Offices umbrella group has brought together organisations such as Countryside Alliance, Age Concern, Citizens Advice, Communication Workers Union, Local Works, National Federation of Sub-Postmasters, National Pensioners Convention and the Royal National Institute of the Blind and Townswomen’s Guild… (story)
Daelnet 22.2.07 Strange bedfellows in post office protest - REPRESENTATIVES of dozens of organisations which would not normally be seen as allies met in London this week to protest about Government proposals for close 2,500 rural post offices. They included people from trade unions and the Countryside Alliance, MPs from all parties, pensioners and the former socialist firebrand Tony Wedgewood-Benn… Simon Hart, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance said: "We all feel that the Government has missed the point on post Offices. Financial viability cannot be the only concern when considering whether to continue subsidising the Post Office Network…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 22.2.07 DOZENS TO PROTEST AT POST OFFICE CUTS THREAT - Dozens of people were expected to protest against post office cuts outside Cirencester Crown Post Office today…. The demonstration, organised by the Communication Workers' Union, will last for two hours from noon to 2pm. The Countryside Alliance, Age Concern and the Royal National Institute of the Blind will all be represented… (story)
Shropshire Star 21.2.07 Pressure on to halt PO cuts - The Government is coming under increasing pressure to minimise the proposed cutbacks in the post office network… Thousands of protesters attended yesterday’s rally to call on the Government not to press ahead with plans to shut 2,500 outlets. Countryside Alliance chief executive Simon Hart, who was brought up in Shifnal, gave a rousing speech (story)
South Wales Echo 21.2.07 Post office protest - Groups opposed to the closure of post offices will stage a national protest today…. (story)
Western Daily Press 21.2.07 BIG GUNS JOIN POST OFFICE BATTLE BY MATTHEW GEORGE POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - Those fighting to stop 200 post offices closing in the West converged on Westminster yesterday. The Future For Our Post Office group hopes to force the Government to listen to the four million people who backed the battle. The wide-ranging group covers the entire political spectrum, from veteran former Bristol Labour MP Tony Benn to the Countryside Alliance…. (story)
Western Morning News 21.2.07 CAMPAIGNERS FIGHT FOR POST OFFICES - Hundreds of campaigners, many from the Westcountry, descended on London yesterday to call on the Government to keep open threatened post office branches…. "The Government must stop using the Internet as an excuse for people not using post offices," she said. Alison Hawes, South West regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said last night: "There is genuine concern out there…. (story)
Carlisle News & Star 20.2.07 Post office campaign team’s Cumbria rally By Chris Story - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners fighting to stop the rising number of rural post office closures will bring their battle to Cumbria this week. They are planning a rally at Askham, near Penrith, on Thursday to highlight the challenges faced by isolated communities as part of National Post Office Week… National Post Office Week has been organised by the Future for our Post Office, of which the Countryside Alliance is a part, and started yesterday…. (story)
Wiltshire Times 19.2.07 Wiltshire Times 19.2.07 MP to attend post office rally - WEST Wilts MP Dr Andrew Murrison will be speaking to a rally of post office protesters on Friday. As part of National Post Office Week, he will join local people at the protest at Wren's Shop & Post Office in East Knoyle at 10am. The week of action, which began today, has been organised by the umbrella group Future for our Post Office, of which the Countryside Alliance is a part…. (story)
Shropshire Star 19.2.07 Move to save post offices - A nationwide week of action against the Government’s plans to axe 2,500 post offices across the country was launched today with North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson leading an all-party offensive to save the network… Age Concern, Countryside Alliance, National Pensions’ Convention, Women’s Institute, Citizens’ Advice Bureaux and the RNIB have joined forces with Mr Paterson and signalled their intent to battle the Government’s proposal… (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 6.3.07 PROTECTION FOR COMPANY DIRECTORS - Directors of private companies in Devon will soon be able to hide their home address, protecting them and their families from the attention of extremist activists and campaigners.According to Jordans, the UK's biggest provider of professional business services and information to companies and their advisers, this is a spin-off benefit from the biggest upheaval of company law for more than two decades…. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 6.3.07 DIRE RESULTS OF FARM METHODS - Yet again, another health scare - bird flu - which highlights the fact that factory farming of animals and birds is totally wrong. When will the farming industry and the public learn and realise that if nature is abused we will see dire consequences?... L. Birch, Chaddesden. (story)

Western Daily Press 6.3.07 WARNING OVER BADGER CULL - Pro-badger groups have told Ministers that allowing the animals to be killed to control TB would be a policy error of "catastrophic" proportions.The warning has come from the Badger Trust in the wake of an announcement by Lord Rooker that farmers may be allowed to apply for licences to cull the animals from May…. (story)

Northern Echo 6.3.07 Dolphins disgrace - ONE of the most shocking scenes ever witnessed on primetime TV was shown on ITV Evening News on February 27: the unspeakable cruelty with which a large number of helpless dolphins were slaughtered by gangs of Japanese butchers in what can only be termed an orgy of uninhibited blood-lust… Tony Kelly, Crook, Co Durham (letter)


Wantage & Grove Herald 5.3.07 Claim that hounds tore animal apart By Phil Clee - ANTI-hunt activists have called for police action after clashes at an outing of the Old Berkshire Hunt at Uffington. Members of the group Protect Our Wild Animals (Powa) monitoring an all-day meeting of the hunt on Saturday, February 24, claimed the hounds invaded a fenced nature reserve near the village and were filmed "tearing an animal apart"…. Jessica Leigh-Pemberton, Master of the Old Berks Hunt, insisted that while they had permission from the Woodland Trust to enter Uffington Gorse once during the hunting season, there was no kill of any animal by their hounds… (story)

Irish Times 5.3.07 68% want hare coursing ban – survey - More than two-thirds of the Irish public would support a ban on hare coursing, according to a survey released today. The opinion poll found 68 per cent in favour of a ban on the controversial sport, which sees wild hares trapped in a pen and pursued by muzzled greyhounds. Coursing enthusiasts complained the survey was commissioned by an anti-hunt group, but the League Against Cruel Sports said its research was carried out independently and polled nearly 1,000 people… (story)

Times 5.3.07 John Menzies - Former chairman and life president who transformed the family-owned newsagents business into an international brand… Though he did not hunt, he was a strong supporter of the Berwickshire Hunt all his life, and was a regular follower, whenever he could, with his thermos and sandwiches packed for the day…. (story)

Western Daily Press 5.3.07 LAW UNLIKELY TO BE CHANGED - The letter "At last some compassion" (Your Say, February 16) gives me hope. I think the majority of people do not like the thought of any animal being hunted…. Learn to live with it. Pamela Dean, Stroud, Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Mail 5.3.07 Tory blood lust - David Cameron's recent confirmation that he would immediately repeal the ban on the hunting of live animals with dogs for "sport" tells us more about the real him - and his supportive colleagues - than all his highly skilled self-promotion ever could… THE REV JAMES THOMPSON, Hafan Heddwch, Fron Park Rd, Holywell (letter)

Independent 5.3.07 How the spaniel lost his tail...and other shaggy dog stories - Next month, the practice of docking dogs' tails will - with some exceptions - become illegal across the UK. As the nation's biggest dog show prepares to open its doors this Thursday, Terry Kirby looks at what the new law will mean for Britain's canines - and their owners… (story)
Independent 5.3.07 Leading article: Tail end - Poodles will never look the same. Nor will the Queen's corgis, one imagines. Farewell familiar stubby tail, hallmark of a host of breeds for generations. From next month, the Animal Welfare Act will outlaw docking dog tails, with the exception of some "working" dogs in England and Wales…. The issue is divisive, and in some ways replicates the row over fox hunting, pitching townies versus "the country", or rather, the county, and politically correct supporters of animal welfare against traditionalists. Yet, it is only fair to note that the origins of docking have little to do with dogs and more to do with hard cash…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 5.3.07 TIME TO BAN THE BIG TOP BEASTS - At just 17 years old, Laurie Ellis ran off to join the circus in Brighton. But the bright-eyed teenager's career lasted just six weeks. He says he had to leave because he couldn't bear to see the harsh and excessive methods used against the animals. Now 68, Mr Ellis believes all circuses should be stopped from making animals perform… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 5.3.07 PERFORMERS THAT MADE THE NEWS FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS - Circuses have always been popular, but occasionally shows make the news for the wrong reasons. In January 1999, Mary Chipperfield was found guilty of 12 counts of cruelty… (story)

Western Morning News 5.3.07 TIME FARMERS MOVED ON - I cannot understand why the NFU spends so much time harping on about culling badgers. When the trials started in 1999, the NFU thought it was going to be the best thing since sliced bread; the Badger Trust resisted because of the badgers that were going to be killed…. Pauline Kidner Secret World Wildlife Rescue Burnham-on-Sea (story)


Scotland on Sunday 4.3.07 Heather grouse - DOUG McAdam's statement that managed heather moorland is rich in biodiversity has some validity… heather moorland that is managed, ie, for grouse shooting, is a useful contributor to biodiversity only if such species as hen harrier, golden eagle and peregrine, which of course are legally protected, are allowed to live and breed on it unmolested. Patrick Stirling-Aird, Secretary Scottish Raptor Study Groups (letter)
Scotland on Sunday 25.2.07 Grouse against Lodge protestors WHERE there is clear public benefit delivered by an estate, which is indisputable in the case of Mar Lodge which is effectively in public ownership, then it is perfectly reasonable that public funds can be applied to assist with its management… in criticising the decision to grant public funding for the management of Mar Lodge the League against Cruel Sports demonstrates a surprising ignorance about grouse moor management…. Doug McAdam, chief executive, Scottish Rural Property and Business Association, Musselburgh (letter)

Independent on Sunday 4.3.07 Fur flies on the catwalk By Paul Bignell - Fur is back. The fashionable will be draped in dead animal skins this autumn, ignoring the fury of opponents, judging by the catwalk offerings from the world's leading designers in Paris last week…. Anita Singh, campaigns manager for the animal rights organisation Peta, said: "Designers who use fur are heartless and shameless…. (story)


Western Daily Press 3.3.07 EXPOSING THE METHODS AND LIES OF COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE - I Hope that people reading the article "Anger at Alliance call to sabotage anti-hunt videos" (Western Daily Press, February 9) will now realise that the Countryside Alliance and the rest of the bloodsport brigade are complete strangers to the truth…. P Richardson South Cerney Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.3.07 A CAUTION NOT SEVERE ENOUGH - I Read in your newspaper that a woman hunter left a Mars bar with a large nail inside it by a hunt monitor's car… The woman hunter, in my opinion, should have been fined. If the police had caught anyone else doing this I'm sure they wouldn't have got off with just a caution…. Norah Pound Wroughton Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.3.07 LABOUR LEGACY IS MERE DRIVEL - The article by Peter Hain "Hunt ban will be a lasting legacy"(Western Daily Press, February 19) is yet another piece of Labour drivel and spin.More foxes are being killed than ever before, more people are going hunting, and the Act is unenforceable… Bethell Codrington Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.3.07 DAVE'S ON TO A SURE VOTE LOSER - David Cameron has made it clear that he intends to repeal the Hunting with Dogs Act if the Conservatives win the next General Election.Has he considered how many votes he will lose by taking this stance?... Robert Eade Warminster Wiltshire (letter)

Hartlepool 3.3.07 Hope of snaring culprit - WITH reference to the article 'Trapped Fox freed from snare' (Mail, February 23). The fox set free from an illegally set snare had a lucky escape. Many of your readers will be shocked to learn that snares are still legal in the UK…. The League Against Cruel Sports is campaigning for a complete ban on all snares… C Roberts, Campaigner (story)

Leicester Mercury 3.3.07 VEGETARIAN VIEW WAS VERY TOPICAL - In response the Mike Sneath's letter (Mailbox, February 24), I support the printing of Sue Daniels's letter…. interest in vegetarianism and veganism grows year on year… Leicestershire Vegetarians and Vegans started as a small group of friends meeting in people's houses. It now holds monthly meetings at a hall with speakers, refreshment and usually food-tasting, too…. VH Sheppard, Leicester. (story)


Western Morning News 2.3.07 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Western Morning News 2.3.07 PETS ATTACKED AS HOUNDS RUN AMOK (FEBRUARY 28) - On the Defra website there is an entire page devoted to legislation governing the control of dogs. There must be scope within these various Acts for charges to be brought against hunts whose hounds run out of control… Gill Purser, Cheltenham (letter)

Oxford Times 2.3.07 Starving foxes - May I use your column to ask readers to remember to put out food for the foxes, who may have difficulty opening the council's new green bins?... it would not be humane to let the foxes starve. Roger Moreton, Oxford (story)

Nelson Leader 2.3.07 Men fined for hunting rabbits with dogs - TWO Nelson men were arrested when they were found near a badger sett with three dogs, one with a blood-stained muzzle. But Blackburn magistrates heard the men had been hunting rabbits, a fact accepted by the prosecution after items of clothing and equipment were sent for forensic examination…. John Ryan Greenwood (29), of Hammond Street, and Daniel Frank Anness Graves (21), of Waidshouse Road, admitted hunting rabbits with dogs. Graves was fined £50 and Greenwood £100 and both were ordered to pay £95 costs…. Mr Rueley said the only thing that put his clients in breach of the rules was that they were not carrying written permission to be on the land hunting rabbits… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 2.3.07 Goats used in Navy tests for 'the bends' - ANIMAL rights campaigners have demanded an end to the use of goats in painful military experiments in Hampshire… Tom Harris, spokesman for Southern Animal Rights Coalition, said: "We are opposed to tests because they have been shown time and time again to have little relevance to human submarine disasters… (story)
Plymouth Evening Herald 8.2.07 'GOATS ARE VITAL TO N-SUB SAFETY' - NICK LESTER POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - Testing involving live goats is vital to ensure the safety of Plymouth submariners in the event of their having to make an underwater escape, according to defence officials.Researchers from the private firm QinetiQ - formerly the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency - place live goats in chambers which are then depressurised to simulate an emergency aboard a submarine… Responding to a parliamentary question on the issue of tests involving live goats, Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram said: "QinetiQ is contracted to carry out the research programme on behalf of MoD until March 2007…. (story)

Oxford Times 2.3.07 Rat work vital says scientist By Victoria Owen - AN OXFORD University researcher whose pictures of a beating rat's heart have been applauded in a national competition has highlighted the importance of animal research…. (story)
Oxford Mail 28.2.07 Rat work vital says scientist - An Oxford University researcher whose pictures of a beating rat's heart have been applauded in a national competition has highlighted the importance of animal research. The scientist, from the department of physiology, anatomy and genetics, wants people to understand that much of the work done within the city is non-invasive and that many studies involving games and exercise are enjoyed by animals… But Robert Cogswell, of anti-vivisection group Speak, accused the scientist of anthropomorphism - treating animals like humans…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 2.3.07 CALL FOR CHANGE TO 'OUTDATED' SEAL LAW - TIM PAULING - Animal welfare organisations are proposing new laws to protect seals in Scottish waters - because they claim the existing law is unenforceable…. Libby Anderson, director of Advocates for Animals, has written a paper that will be presented to today's meeting…. (story)

Post & Times 2.3.07 BADGER TRUST SET FOR FIGHT - Animal rights campaigners have warned they will do all they can to prevent the Uttoxeter district being chosen for one of two experimental badger culls planned by government scientists.Members of the Staffordshire branch of the Badger Trust say they will use 'any legal means' of protesting against and disrupting such activities…. (story)

Southern Daily Echo 2.3.07 What's Marwell Zoo's pupose? WE are sorry that John Knowles has felt obliged to resign as honorary director of Marwell Zoo. He set it up in good faith with just grazing and browsing animals, and although we have been at odds for many years with what it has become, he did personally assure me that he would never sell animals to circuses… Constant breeding, especially of non-endangered species, has sounded alarm bells with us for many years. What's it for, if not money-making, as few seem to be restored to the wild, just captive, with all the deprivations that entails, for life? MRS SHEILA CLAYTON, Southampton United Animal Charities (letter)

The Shields Gazette 2.3.07 Halal slaughter too cruel - I WRITE in response to the letter from D McCann in Tuesday's Gazette…. Halal food means animals have their throats slit and suffer a long, painful and terrifying death. In the 21st century, such cruelty should neither be allowed nor condoned…. . Malcolm Hardy, via e-mail. (letter)


Western Gazette 1.3.07 POLICE LAUNCH APPEAL AFTER HOUNDS ENTER GARDENS - Police in Sturminster Newton are appealing for witnesses and information into allegations that hounds chased a fox into the garden of a house and killed it…. (story)
Western Daily Press 28.2.07 PETS ATTACKED AS HOUNDS RUN AMOK BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - A foxhunt was under investigation by police yesterday after a pack of hounds chased and killed a fox before turning on pet rabbits and cats. People in Sturminster Newton called the police after hounds got into back gardens in the Dorset town last Tuesday. Officers found the mutilated body of the fox and are investigating what happened. It is understood the hunt involved was the Blackmore Vale and Sparkford hunt, which met near the town on Tuesday…. (story)
Times 28.2.07 Hunt complaint - Police are investigating a complaint that a hunt chased a fox into a pensioner’s garden where it was torn to pieces… (story)
Dorset Echo 27.2.07 Fox killed by hounds claim By Louise Dunderdale - POLICE have launched an investigation after a pack of hounds allegedly cornered and killed a fox in a domestic garden. They are also looking at claims that a pet rabbits and cats were also attacked. Police officers recovered the mutilated body of a fox in a rear garden of a house in Bath Road, Sturminster Newton, last Tuesday at 4.10pm…. (story)
Western Gazette 22.2.07 POLICE PROBE HOUNDS IN GARDENS CLAIM - Police are investigating claims a pack of hounds ran through people's gardens in Sturminster Newton on Tuesday and killed a fox.Police were called to the Bath Road area shortly after 4pm and found the dead fox in the garden of a property. Members of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt are believed to have been in the area at the time and the hunt has launched its own investigation into the incident… (story)

Western Daily Press 1.3.07 A CROOKED COPPER - I refer to the recent news item which reported that a serving police officer, a wildlife officer at that, gave advice to the Countryside Alliance on how to manufacture false evidence to damage the credibility of hunt monitors. This man has clearly broken the law and, because he is a serving policeman, the offence is made all the more serious…. Julian Brown, Nailsworth (letter)

Western Daily Press 1.3.07 LABOUR TRIES TO MASK FAILURES (FEBRUARY 27) Why did Mr Hain choose the Hunting Act as Labour's legacy?.. The Hunting Act has, in general, been ignored and is widely flouted with complete impunity. The fact is that Labour's true legacy is to have created a society where laws are made and simply ignored by the general public who see the politicians for the ludicrous puffed-up self-important figures that they really are…. Giles Bradshaw, Devon (story)

North Devon Journal 1.3.07 HUNT FRATERNITY SHOULD RETURN TO THEIR OLD WAYS - All the old familiar arguments in favour of hunting seem to have been put on the back burner since Kate Hoey, Labour MP, was appointed to the chairmanship of the Countryside Alliance and a new PR campaign of innuendo took shape in articles in the national and local press… The old arguments - ridding the countryside of pests, preserving farmers' fences from molestation by anti-social deer or their crops from being eaten by ravenous hares - have given way to talk of the suffering of wild animals at the hands of human do-gooders, unresponsive to the real facts of nature or the needs of the countryside…. Meanwhile, I suggest to the hunt fraternity and Kate Hoey that they return to their old ways. They weren't pleasant but at least they were honest. HVF WINSTONE, Riverbank Cottages, Bideford. (letter)

North Devon Journal 1.3.07 FEELING THE PAIN OF THE HUNTED - How can they be so cruel? For the sake of a sordid thrill. Why must they hurt the pheasant?... LORRAINE DRAKE, East Putford (letter)

Lichfield Mercury 1.3.07 OFFICERS COMMENDED FOR GRAVE CASE WORK - ANDY KERR - Detectives and staff have been commended for work which resulted in the jailing of four animal rights extremists following the desecration of the grave of Gladys Hammond… (story)
Burton Mail 28.2.07 DETECTIVES HONOURED by ANDY DONE-JOHNSON - INVESTIGATION methods devised by police who brought animal rights extremists to justice for terrorising a farming family look set to be shared with other forces. Detectives and staff whose work secured four convictions in the Yoxall grave desecration case received awards from Staffordshire Police this week…. (story)
Lichfield Post 28.2.07 Officers are commended - Detectives and police staff who cracked the Yoxall grave desecration case received commendations this week…. (story)
Burton Mail 27.2.07 Animal rights terror police are honoured by ADRIAN JENKINS - POLICE who brought animal rights extremists to justice for terrorising a farming family have been honoured for their 'robust and determined' work. Detectives and staff whose investigation secured four convictions in the Yoxall grave desecration case received awards from Staffordshire Police yesterday… (story)
Stafford Post 27.2.07 Grave robbery horror police honoured - POLICE responsible for solving one of Britain's most high profile and shocking animal rights cases have been honoured. A 19-strong Staffordshire Police team has received commendations from the force's Chief Constable David Swift for the part they played in the investigation into the Yoxall grave desecration… (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 27.2.07 Award for grave raid officers - Detectives who solved one of Staffordshire Police’s most high-profile investigations have been honoured.The desecration of Gladys Hammond’s grave shocked the nation…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 27.2.07 POLICE PRAISED FOR BRINGING ANIMAL EXTREMISTS TO BOOK BY PAUL BULL - Detectives and police staff have been commended for their work in bringing to justice the gang who desecrated the grave of pensioner Gladys Hammond. Mrs Hammond's remains were taken from her grave in Yoxall by animal rights extremists because of her links to a farm that bred guinea pigs for medical research. The incident was one of the most high-profile cases ever handled by Staffordshire Police and four people were jailed for a total of 40 years last May after a complex investigation… (story)
BBC News Online 26.2.07 Grave theft probe police praised Police officers have been honoured for their role in the conviction of four animal rights activists who waged a terror campaign against a family. The Hall family were targeted by activists who wanted to stop them breeding guinea pigs for research at Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffs… The 15 Staffordshire Police officers and four civilian staff received their commendations earlier. Chief Constable David Swift presented them with their awards at the force's headquarters in Stafford…. (story)

Daily Post 1.3.07 ‘Sheep suffer from turbines’ by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner claims sheep are being driven to distraction by the sound of wind turbines. Judi Hewitt, of North Wales Animal Rights, took photos of sheep near turbines on a hilltop near Hiraethog forest, Denbighshire. She said: “Not only do the sheep have to put up with the elements and all the suffering that awaits them at markets, in transit and at slaughterhouses, they also have to put up with noise from turbines…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 1.3.07 CIRCUS A CHANCE TO SEE 'HAPPY' ANIMALS PERFORM - I Visited the Great British Circus on the Lincolnshire Showground on Sunday to see for myself what the controversy was all about…. They were beautifully groomed and well fed. Moreover, they enjoyed their time in the ring. The trainers were excellent and it was obvious that they love their animals…. if the animal circus has to stop, so should horse racing, dog racing, donkey rides and any other such animal sport or entertainment also. P. A. CLIPSHAM Glebe Park, Lincoln
What on earth is all this rubbish beingtalked about the circus coming to the vicinity of Lincoln? Are we to lose all traditions because some ill-informed, busybody behaviour is against things that bring pleasure to many. Have things to be lost because these critics think it is wrong?... MICHAEL BULL Lincoln (letters)