March 2008

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Western Daily Press 31.3.08 CULL 'NOT SOLUTION' - A Conservation group urged the Welsh Assembly not to "sleep-walk" into accepting a proposal to cull badgers in a bid to eradicate tuberculosis in cattle. A new report by the Badger Trust Cymru said Northern Ireland had a similar TB situation to Wales but halved its problem in four years without killing a single badger... (story)

Western Daily Press 31.3.08 NFU ISOLATED ON TB VIEWS - It is alarming, to put in mildly, to see Anthony Gibson from the National Farmers Union misleading farmers about the realities of TB in cattle... Your readers should not be fooled by the crocodile tears that Mr Gibson sheds for infected badgers, either. These badgers would not catch TB if there was an effective cattle-testing regime in place... The Badger Trust, along with Secret World Wildlife Rescue, the RSPCA, the National Trust, the RSPB, the Woodland Trust, the wildlife trusts and many other respected organisa- tions with, between them, millions of supporters, want the best solution for bovine TB and animal welfare. None believes killing badgers is part of that solution... Pauline KidnerSecret World Wildlife RescueSomerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 31.3.08 COULD A CULL BE POINTLESS? - Anthony Gibson may wish to worm the NFU's way out of the truth relating to the bovine TB debate by arguing the science, but he should not ignore the reality of what has happened in Ireland in recent years.... In the north, the strict pre-movement testing regime has reduced overdue testing by 90 per cent, and since 2002 has virtually halved the number of TB reactors. As there are virtually no badgers left in the four counties of the south, the increase is certainly not being caused by badgers... Malcolm ClarkWiltshire Badger GroupDevizesWiltshire (letter)

Evening Leader 31.3.08 Badger baiting - £1k reward to help stop this barbaric practice - EVIDENCE has emerged that a barbaric and illegal practice is taking place near Llangollen. Betty Lee, who undertakes badger sett recording for the Clwyd and Vale badger groups, said that illegal badger digging is taking place on moorland between Llangollen and Llandegla.... Clwyd Badger Group is offering a £1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person or persons committing offences under the Badger's Act.... (story)

South Wales Echo 31.3.08 Chicken picket at supermarket - THREE protesters picketed a supermarket to campaign about the treatment of chickens. The Compassion in World Farming trio waved placards outside Cardiff Tesco Express stores in Canton and Roath. Protester Emily Durrant said: “We had lots of support.”... (story)

Guardian 31.3.08 Campaigners see red over seal hunt - Every year in Canada, up to 5,000 fishermen break through the ice-encrusted Gulf of St Lawrence for a five-day-long commercial seal slaughter. Every year helicopters carrying press and anti-hunt campaigners circle overhead to collect footage. But this year the skies have been unusually silent: the Canadian authorities and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans are refusing to issue access permits to observers. Mark Glover, director of England-based charity Respect for Animals as well as UK director of America's Humane Society, talks to us from Nova Scotia about what he believes is a national cover up.... (story)

Glasgow Herald 31.3.08 Be aware of seal-fur products in Scotland - The cruel annual slaughter of hundreds of thousands of seals in Canada has resumed... Many countries around the world have either legislated to ban the import of seal products, or have taken steps towards a ban.... Until then, readers should be aware that such seal fur will be used to make products on sale here including sporrans. Synthetic alternatives to real animal fur are increasingly available. Ross Minett, Advocates for Animals, 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Scotsman 21.3.08 Ban products of slaughter - David Martin MEP reminds us the cruel slaughter of hundreds of thousands of seals in Canada is shortly to resume (Platform, 19 March) and calls on the UK government to ban the import of seal skins.... Our government should introduce a national trade ban until an EU ban comes into force.... ROSS MINETT, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 31.3.08 Respect for people and animals is key - CONTRARY to the incorrect claim by John Cowen (letters, March 27), Advocates for Animals was of course appalled by the lethal shooting of the Barbary macaque who escaped in Edinburgh Zoo earlier this year and we expressed our concerns clearly in the media.... Ross Minett, campaigns director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)
Edinburgh Evening Nes 27.3.08 Laws must change to protect animals - I WISH to express my disgust at farm owner Keith Herdman's abhorrent behaviour in shooting dead the huskies, at Southside Farm, Gorebridge, (News, March 24) because they were allegedly harassing the sheep owned by a leaseholder of his farm.... Laws must be altered so the wilful killing of animals is stopped, and those bereaved by the loss of pets must have better resources to bring the guilty to justice. John Cowen, Stewart Terrace, Edinburgh (letter)


Oxford Mail 30.3.08 Appalling treatment of hunt monitors - I have just watched a short programme on BBC1 in which a camera crew recorded hunt monitors following the Heythrop Hunt. The intimidating manner of the hunters and their underlings towards the hunt monitors was incredible.... George Morton, The Moors, Kidlington (letter)

Observer 30.3.08 French hunters go on warpath to stem invasion of wild boars - Jason Burke in Rambouillet - It is a national icon, immortalised on the heraldic crests of the aristocracy, the favourite dish of Asterix and Obelix, and the target of tens of thousands of hunters in the hills and forests of la France profonde for more than a thousand years. But now French boars have a problem: there are too many of them. .... This weekend the National Hunting Fair is held in the French kings' old hunting forest of Rambouillet, an hour's drive south-west of Paris. Yesterday the woods echoed to the sound of shotguns.... (story)


Western Daily Press 29.3.08 INCIDENT ECHOES BULL-BAITING CASE - I Recently received a letter through the post from a hunt supporter threatening violence against me unless I stopped speaking out against hunting.The letter is in the hands of Gloucestershire CID for forensic testing. Meanwhile, it reminded me of a letter published in the Bury Post in 1843 after the law to ban bull baiting had been enacted. The similarities between the disgruntled, vicious bull-baiters and today's hunt supporters are striking and I am cheered by the fact that the victim in this letter is regarded as the hero... Gill PurserCheltenham (story)

Independent 29.3.08 Hindu monks sue RSPCA over slaughter of sacred cow Gangotri By Emily Dugan - Hindu monks are to sue the RSPCA in protest over the killing of a sacred cow. A group of monks from Bhaktivedanta Manor Hindu temple, in Hertfordshire, yesterday served legal papers on the animal welfare charity for trespassing when they put down the temple's sacred cow Gangotri on 13 December last year... (story)
Times 28.3.08 Hindu monks serve papers on RSPCA over killing of sacred cow Gangotri - HANNAH STRANGE - A delegation of saffron-robed Hindu monks marched on the RSPCA’s headquarters today to serve legal papers over the charity's slaughter of one of their sacred cows..... (story)
Argus 28.3.08 Monks to serve legal papers on RSPCA By Andy Whelan - Saffron-robed monks will serve legal papers on the RSPCA today as part of an ongoing dispute over the charity's slaughter of a sacred cow. Monks from Bhaktivedanta Manor, the largest Hindu temple in Europe, are to serve legal papers to the RSPCA with a view to suing the organisation over the killing of Gangotri, a sacred cow.... (story)
Daily Mail 28.3.08 Hindu monks from Watford sue RSPCA for killing 'suffering' sacred cow - Saffron-robed monks will serve legal papers on the RSPCA today as part of an ongoing dispute over the charity's slaughter of a sacred cow. Gangotri, a 13-year-old Belgian blue-jersey cross, was put down on welfare grounds in December by vets from the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA). But campaigners claim the "mercy killing" was illegal... (story)
Guardian 28.3.08 Hindu temple sues RSPCA - Angela Balakrishnan and agencies - Monks from the largest Hindu temple in Europe, angered by the RSPCA's slaughter of its sacred cow, will serve the charity with legal papers today... (story)


Grimsby Telegraph 28.3.08 BEING ENGLISH - The heading, True Colours, which accompanied the letter from Pat Wickham, Caistor (Viewpoint, March 17), is in retrospect one per cent true, the other 99 per cent, as seen from a true countryside view, is somewhat different. The so-called entertainment is, in fact, a man-managed effort between men and women, which has worked for hundreds of years to keep the population of the fox in order.It has nothing to do with fun. Killing isn't a fun game, but hunting is by far the best method, and those who have it in their heads that the fox is ripped to shreds by the hounds, are talking nonsense.... Mr N Hoblyn, North Street, Caistor (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 17.3.08 TRUE COLOURS - Regarding the letter The Hunting Act is a waste of everyone's time (Viewpoint March 3). The Countryside Alliance should call themselves the Huntingside Alliance, the amount of time they spend trying to breath life into now defunct bloodsports.Showing themselves in their true colours, the supporters of foxhunting make repeated futile attempts to resurrect the discredited propaganda of the past, which was used to justify foxhunting and other cruel sports... Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 3.3.08 THE HUNTING ACT IS A WASTE OF EVERYONE'S TIME - I Would like to thank the Grimsby Telegraph for highlighting the Home Office's figures revealing that no member of a hunt in Humberside has been found guilty of breaking the Hunting Act laws... Two in Somerset pleaded guilty when, out with hounds, they came upon a fox and the hounds started to chase.On realising this, the huntsmen stopped and recalled the hounds, but technically, they had been hunting, so they pleaded guilty. Hardly an earth shattering moment in legal history, was it?.... A third huntsman from Exmoor, was initially found guilty but won his case on appeal.... Maybe now the League Against Cruel Sports will admit it is wrong, but, there are none so deaf as those who refuse to hear. That fork truck driver. (Name and address supplied). (letter)

Western Daily Press 28.3.08 OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND IS NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY - If hunt supporter Charles Henry really believes a natural scene depicting a wild animal hunting for food is comparable to the engineered "pastime" of hunting foxes with hounds, then I assume he must be wearing the blinkers instead of his horse..... Gill Purser, Cheltenham (letter)
Western Daily Press 8.3.08 HUNTING TO EAT - Charles Henry again seizes an opportunity to justify fox-hunting by using the dramatic picture of the sparrowhawk finding food.It is a wonderful photo of raw nature at work, as opposed to a bunch of men and women on horses with dogs chasing an animal they don't want to eat.... Ed Russell Bath (story)
Western Daily Press 5.3.08 HUNTING QUESTIONS RAISED BY COLD EYE OF THE SPARROWHAWK - The picture of the sparrowhawk with a starling at its mercy in Saturday's paper (March 1), showed once again just how "cruel" life often appears to be.... I do not think those who spend days waiting to capture hours of film footage of "nature's slaughter" for home "entertainment", or those who then watch it all, should be criticising or objecting to fox hunting.... Charles HenryNorth Somerset (letter)

Hexham Courant 28.3.08 Grouse wins its race for survival - BLACK grouse, which were once found in almost every English county, were until recently thought to be one of the most likely bird species to become extinct in this country. However, new research paper reveals that a 10-year partnership project in the North Pennines has helped the bird buck this trend and the battle is now on to replicate this success in other areas to extend their range.... Dr David Baines, from the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust said: “Having identified the reasons for their decline, including the loss of suitable habitats through overgrazing by sheep, an increase in the number of generalist predators such as red fox and carrion crow, and a reduction of key insects needed by young chicks, we have been able to accurately target a recovery programme that has resulted in this dramatic increase in numbers in the north Pennines.”... (story)

Ham & High 28.3.08 Swans will suffer as more ponds are opened to Heath anglers - Having just received the news that the Heath consultative committee has approved the proposal to remove protection from cygnets on Hampstead Heath waters, we as swan rescuers have to ask why... It is obvious the committee has given no consideration to the increased suffering this will undoubtedly cause.... E KERSHAW, Swan Rescue, South Wales
SO the City of London Corporation is set to license anglers to fish in the Hampstead Heath ponds when the swans are breeding and they have recruited David Bellamy to chant some ecological mantras over this licence to kill.... DAVID FORBES, Lamble Street, NW5
ANGLERS and swans do not mix, and nearly all my rescues which are other than 'crash landings' involve fishing litter... Such is the power of the angling lobby that the interests of wildlife always come second. JUDITH SMITH, Ashton, Wigan, Lancs (letters)
Ham & High 20.3.08 Heath move is fine for anglers, but what about the swans? - THE Heath consultative committee has approved the proposal to remove protection from cygnets, as anticipated in last week's article.... Desperately seeking praise, the report noted that fishing is very popular, providing 'a quality recreational experience' - for the fisher if not for the fish.... SKIP MURPHY, Prince of Wales Road, NW1
Anglers already have six out of nine large Heath ponds. Does this mean more tents, lost hooks and more wildlife killed in angling-related accidents? Lifting the ban when swans are breeding is disgusting... RON VESTER, Belsize Park, NW3 (letters)

Carlisle News & Star 28.3.08 Right decision for track - VERY many thanks for publishing all the information regarding the proposed new greyhound stadium at Cockermouth which has been turned down by the local council. The “discards” from the greyhound racing industry is still appalling… MRS FRANCES BROWN, BromeswellSuffolk (letter)

Hexham Courant 28.3.08 PO closures will wreck rural life By ROBERT GIBSON - TYNEDALE is bracing itself for a widespread closure of village post offices, a move which many claim could threaten the core of rural life in the district... The Countryside Alliance’s regional director Richard Dodd said: “This is not just about post offices, it’s about what they are part of.... (story)

Irish Examiner 28.3.08 The cattle I eat are killed humanely — seals are not - AS an enthusiastic carnivore I take an interest in where the meat I am eating comes from and how it got there. I can be reasonably sure Irish meat comes from animals that are treated humanely. I can be sure the cattle or lambs that end up on my plate haven’t been chased around the field by a frenzied group of farmers wielding bats or herded into a corner and frightened half to death before being beaten senseless or shot... Daniel J Lettice, Great William O’Brien Street, Blackpool, Cork (letter)

Sheffield Star 28.3.08 Stores targeted in chicken protest By Sarah Dunn - PROTESTERS are set to take to the streets outside Tesco stores in Sheffield calling for improved animal welfare policies to be introduced by the supermarket giant. The 'Stop Being Rotten To Chickens' protest is being brought to the city by Compassion in World Farming campaigners, who will demonstrate at three different stores next Wednesday... (story)


Somerset Guardian 27.3.08 PRAISE FOR MP'S STANCE ON HUNTING - I totally agree with MP Dan Norris for his commitment to the hunt ban.... JEAN BENNINGTON Prestatyn , Denbighshire
Big thanks go to Dan Norris for speaking out for the hunting ban and, as it's now over three years old, let's hope the police realise that it's here to stay and maybe start to enforce it. We cannot allow a minority group from the rural community to place themselves above the law.... GRAHAM FORSYTH Chard Somerset (letters)

Daily Post 27.3.08 Rural events for the week ahead by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post – APRIL - 2: BASC Young Shots activity day, Holland Arms Shooting Ground (story)
Daily Post 20.3.08 Young guns - A COUNTRYSIDE activity day is being held for youngsters who want to try shooting sports. The BASC Young Shots day at the Holland Arms Shooting Ground, near Colwyn Bay, on April 2, includes clay targets, air rifles, falconry, gamekeeping and gundog handling... (story)

North Devon Journal 27.3.08 GREAT DAY OUT THANKS TO YOU - I write with reference to the prize I won through the Journal.Thank you for your letter, February 21, 2008, enclosing the family ticket prize to the Westcountry Game Fair. We went on Saturday, March 15, and enjoyed the day despite torrential rain for most of it!.... I R WILLIAMS, Londonderry Farm Estate, Bideford. (letter)

Daily Post 27.3.08 Rural events for the week ahead by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post – APRIL - 4: Countryside Alliance social evening with angler Charles Jardine, Tafarn-y-Gors, Holland Arms (story)
Daily Post 20.3.08 Angling talk - ANGLING expert Charles Jardine is guest speaker at a social evening organised by the Countryside Alliance’s Ynys Môn branch at Tafarn y Gors, Holland Arms, on April 4... (story)

North East Evening Gazette 27.3.08 Probe into Sedgefield racecourse horse deaths by Ron Livingstone, Evening Gazette - A TOP level probe is to be launched into the deaths of 12 racehorses in 18 race meetings at Sedgefield. The course is the most lethal in the country and more dangerous than the Grand National at Aintree, according to charity Animal Aid... (story)
Hartlepool Mail 26.3.08 Horse dies on day of race protest - ANOTHER horse died on the day that animal rights campaigners gathered at Sedgefield Racecourse to protest at the number of horse deaths. A report by the charity, Animal Aid, had shown that 11 animals had died on the track since March 2007 and as they gathered to call for improved conditions at the County Durham course another animal, Star of the Desert died in the 3.30pm novice handicap hurdle, bringing the total to 12.... (story)
BBC News Online 25.3.08 Horse deaths demo at racecourse - A racecourse in County Durham has one of the highest number of horse deaths in Britain, according to an animal rights group. Animal Aid says 11 horses have died at Sedgefield Racecourse in just 17 days of racing since March 2007... (story)
Northern Echo 25.3.08 Racecourse named worst in country for horse deaths By Chris Fay - A RACECOURSE in the North-East has been named as the most lethal in the country - with 11 horses dying in the past year. Sedgefield Racecourse has been highlighted by charity Animal Aid as part of its Race Horse Death Watch campaign.... Dene Stansall, Animal Aid's horseracing consultant, said: "Sedgefield is the worst course in the country, with an appalling record.... (story)

West Cumberland Times & Star 27.3.08 Well done for saying no to dog track - AS AN international greyhound protection organisation, we would like to congratulate Cockermouth councillors on their decision not to allow a greyhound track to be built in the town... TONY PETERS, UK co-ordinator, Greyhound Action, Kidderminster (letter)

Bolton News 27.3.08 Greyhound racing to return to Bolton? By News Editor James Higgins - THE glory days of greyhound racing could soon be back in Bolton. A group of enthusiasts will meet next week to launch a fresh bid to revive the sport in the area. They will debate a number of potential sites for a new racing track with the input of experts from Belle Vue Speedway... (story)

Bury Free Press 27.3.08 'Shocking, shameful devastating' action - Anger erupts as Post Office announces 61 more closures By Mark Beaumont - Saddened, stunned and simply appalled – villagers' reactions this week after the proposed closure of 61 post offices was announced... Alice Barnard, regional director for the Countryside Alliance, said: "This is sad news and will come as a shock to all those sub-postmasters on the list, but the fight certainly doesn't end here.... (story)
Cambridge Evening News 27.3.08 Stepping up the battle to save Post Offices - THE fight to save our post offices from the swing of the Government axe is stepping up.... Richard Spring, MP for West Suffolk, said: "I am bitterly disappointed that eight post offices in my constituency have been proposed for closure.... Alice Barnard, Countryside Alliance eastern regional director, said: "The fight certainly does not end here. We feel the Government has missed the point on post offices.... (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 27.3.08 Fury as axe falls on 50 post offices - DAVE GOODERHAM - SAVAGE cuts will decimate the number of post offices across Suffolk by 50 branches - mainly in already fragile rural communities, angry protesters claimed last night.... MP Richard Spring, who faces losing eight post offices in his West Suffolk constituency - including the branch in his own village, said: “The closures would cause a real hardship to local residents and businesses and will have a devastating impact on elderly people and those who have difficulty travelling to other areas.”... There will now be a ten-week period of consultation, ending on June 2, and the Countryside Alliance urged postmasters and customers to continue fighting.,... (story)
Haverhill Echo 26.3.08 Closure threat to estate's post office - MP Richard Spring is urging members of the public to join the fight to save eight post offices earmarked for closure in his west Suffolk constituency... The Countryside Alliance is also urging communities affected by the closures to contact the Post Office and prime minister Gordon Brown and make their feelings known.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 27.3.08 ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP APPLIES FOR COLLECTION - An animal rights organisation is applying for a permit to collect money in the streets. Uncaged Campaigns says the proceeds of the collection will be used to provide funds to end animal experiments and other animal cruelty. The organisation wants to carry out the collection on September 20 in the city centre.... Last year, the sub-committee decided to refuse a similar application from the same organisation.... (story)

Haverhill Echo 27.3.08 Girl who is spokeswoman for animal rights charity stands up for vegetarians By Derek Bish - YOUNG veggie Robyn Jackson is hoping to persuade other children in Suffolk not to eat meat and to understand why she doesn't. At the age of nine Robyn believes she has already saved the lives of many animals since making the decision to stop eating meat when she was five. And now Robyn, the daughter of Eco-Echo columnist Lisa Jackson, has become a spokeswoman for Animal Aid, the UK's largest animal rights organisation.... (story)

Argus 27.3.08 Elephant hit me as I tried to free it from 'prison' By Ruth Lumley - An animal lover's bid to help an elephant escape its truck and say goodbye to the circus almost ended in disaster. Jenny Wilkins, 45, was in Dieppe celebrating her best friend's birthday over the Easter weekend, staying in a hotel opposite a circus. On Good Friday she noticed a lot of the animals were tied up in trucks and cages and were not able to move very far.... "I went over to the circus very early in the morning, about 5.30am, and I unbolted the catch on the door and the elephant was right there in the doorway. He grabbed me round the waist with his trunk and pulled me against the truck. It was quite tight and I was scared. I stroked its trunk and asked it to let me go and it hit me with its trunk in my back, quite hard, and I thought the poor elephant needs to be out.".... (story)

Yorkshire Post 27.3.08 On a plate From: Su Taylor, The Vegetarian Society, Dunham Road, Altrincham - I AM writing about your recent article "You don't need to skip a meal... just find your meal in a skip"... A vegetarian is someone who does not eat animals. Vegetarians do not eat any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or crustacea. I think the "meagans" would more accurately be described as omnivores (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 27.3.08 PROTESTERS' ZOO CLAIMS COUNTERED - Regular inspections are made at a Cleethorpes zoo targeted by protestors, according to officials. As reported, visitors to The Jungle Zoo were greeted by a small band of animal rights protesters campaigning for the abolition of zoos on Monday. It had been organised by the Captive Animals' Protection Society (Caps). But a North East Lincolnshire Council spokesman said today: "Regular inspections are made at the zoo by officers from NELC, the enforcing authority which issues the licence to the owners of the premises.... (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 26.3.08 PROTESTERS PICKET CLEETHORPES' JUNGLE ZOO - Protesters picketed Cleethorpes' Jungle Zoo, on Easter Monday, as part of a national campaign. The small protest was organised by the Captive Animals' Protection Society (Caps). One protester, 25-year-old Oliver Dean, claimed the Jungle Zoo was unsuitable for animals.... (story)

Bolton News 27.3.08 Help endangered trapped tigers - Sara Lee Bury Old Road Whitefield (letter)
Manchester Evening News 26.3.08 Save the tiger - TIGERS in the USA, their claws and teeth cruelly removed, are chained to the ground to be used as props for tourist photo opportunities. In China they are kept on farms... Time is running out for these beleaguered animals..... Sara Lee, Whitefield (letter)


Western Morning News 26.3.08 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 26.3.08 Wildlife crime moved further up pecking order in north patch By Nichola Workman - Police recruits in the Highlands and Islands will receive specialised training in dealing with wildlife crime, the Press and Journal can reveal. Under plans being drawn up by Northern Constabulary, probationers will be taught how to deal with crimes such as poaching, poisoning and trapping.... The news comes less than a week after the north force embarked on dramatic dawn raids on properties connected with a Highland estate, as part of an investigation into the illegal poisoning of birds... (story)

Northern Echo 26.3.08 Airguns - I'M sorry to say that Tony Kelly, in calling for a ban on airguns (HAS, Mar 18), has fallen into the trap of believing that if an item is banned in law then it ceases to exist, and that people who break the law will suddenly obey if just one more law is passed. Since banning pistols, the proportion of pistols used to kill and injure people has doubled, yet it has always been against the law to kill or injure people.... Mike Eveleigh, Senior Firearms Officer, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Rossett, Wrexham
THANK you, Tony Kelly, for calling me a thug. In his letter calling for a ban on airguns (HAS, Mar 18) he said such weapons were no use to anyone but thugs.... Blame the idiots that do the terrible things Mr Kelly referred to, not the thousands of respectable airgun shooters. Ken Simpson, Almeria, Spain (letters)
Northern Echo 18.3.08 Ban airguns now - RECENT attacks on swans and cats, some involving air-guns, leave you sickened and depressed... Ban airguns. Such weapons are no use to anyone but thugs. Their availability is inexcusable.... Tony Kelly, Crook, Co Durham (letter)

Argus 26.3.08 Protecting animals - The Animal Protection Agency (APA), a Brighton-based organisation which campaigns to stop the trade in exotic wildlife for the pet industry, would like to thank everyone who supported its street collection in Brighton town centre on Saturday, February 23. A total of £118.60 was raised on the day... Greg Martin, development manager, Animal Protection Agency, Middle Street, Brighton (letter)

Sheffield Star 26.3.08 Circus facing boycott call By Tony Belshaw - ANIMAL rights group, the Captive Animals' Protection Society is calling on the public to boycott an animal circus that is performing in Dronfield this week. Circus Mondao is one of just nine circuses still to use animals, touring with zebras, horses, goats, llamas, camels and dogs.... (story)

Cambridge Evening News 26.3.08 Call to boycott circus over use of elephant - ANIMAL rights campaigners are urging people to boycott performances of Bobby Roberts' Super Circus at Huntingdon Racecourse over the presence of an elderly elephant.... Aran Mathai, spokesman for Animal Rights Cambridge, said: "Although Bobby Roberts claim Anne is retired the fact is she is still kept as a publicity stunt.... (story)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 26.3.08 What is best for Anne the elephant? Animal welfare groups including the RSPCA are opposed to the use of animals in circuses... Is Anne better off spending the rest of her life travelling with her human and animal companions with Bobby Roberts Super Circus (even though this means the stress and discomfort of repeated transportation), or would she be better off making new human and animal friends in a retirement care environment?... Cliff Goodman, Hamsterly Park, Southfields, Northampton (story)

Wiltshire Times 26.3.08 By Charley Morgan - THE eyes of the world will focus on China this summer as the Olympics take place in Beijing, but a west Wiltshire couple are trying to shine a light on some of the less-than-pleasant practices going on within the country. Val Coyne and her husband Matt, of Meadowfield in Bradford on Avon, are visiting China next month en route to Hong Kong to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary... (story)


Horse & Hound 25.3.08 Holcombe Point-to-Point is reinstated after a tide of support - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - THE Holcombe Harriers point-to-point is back on the calendar thanks to the help of supporters. Point-to-point secretary Charles Birch had announced that the meeting on 19 April would have to be abandoned due to financial constraints, but thanks to the North West Point-to-Point Owners and Riders Association representative Tim Garton and a number of other supporters the fixture has been reinstated... (story)

Western Daily Press 25.3.08 CAN YOU GIVE US A DOG'S LIFE? BY LIZ WEBSTER - With bright eyes, pricked-up ears and a wagging tail, at first glance Sandy the greyhound is a picture of health.But when he starts to walk his awkward limp holds a darker truth. Sandy was rescued from a pound by Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE). ... Jan Lake, one of the trustees at GRWE, said: "He was in a very bad state when we first got him.... "We have tragic stories. Each dog has an identification tattoo in its ear. Sometimes trainers cut the ears off and dump the dogs, who often bleed to death."... (story)

Western Morning News 25.3.08 ANIMAL WELFARE ACTION IS OVERDUE - I understand Gordon Brown is enthusiastic in backing a proposed major new medical research facility in London which will back animal research. Shame on him!The latest statistics (2006) for scientific procedures on living animals in Great Britain show a rise of about 115,800 (4 per cent) on 2005. So much for the vote-grabbing manoeuvres pre-1997... Labour should not be involved in the promotion of game bird production and shooting - it's disgusting and heartless - nor continued financial and political support for ever more extreme methods of farmed animal production. Give animals a break! Louise Piddington, Plymouth (story)

Times 25.3.08 Chinese animals - China is rightly in the spotlight for its human rights abuses. Its regard for animals is even worse... Chris Morris, St Martin, Jersey (letter)

Western Daily Press 25.3.08 CULLING BADGERS IS NOT A SOLUTION - Badgers are caught in a loop passing on disease to Britain's herds of cattle. But is the answer to cull Mr Brock? TREVOR LAWSON, from protection group the Badger Trust, argues there are other ways to handle the crisis which is now hitting farming.... (story)

Western Morning News 25.3.08 BLAME THE CHANGES IN FARMING FOR TB - I reply to Michael Ashton's letter of March 13, "Badgers a factor", in which he asks if I have a solution to the problem of bovine TB in view of the fact that I believe a mass cull of badgers to be morally and scientifically wrong... Jenny Wren, Holne (letter)


Carlisle News & Star 24.3.08 Joy as council rejects dog racing By Kelly Eve - ANIMAL campaigners have welcomed news that Cockermouth town council has dropped plans for a greyhound track in the town. The town council agreed to abandon the idea for a new track at Tarn Close after being inundated with a barrage of emails, calls and letters from across the world criticising the move... Helen Stevens, from the action group Greyhound Crusaders, opposed the idea. The group also campaigned on its website calling on members to take action.... She said: “It is a cruel sport and we had written to the town council and our supporters about the plans for a track in Cockermouth.... (story)
West Cumberland Times & Star 21.3.08 Greyhound racing is an odious relic - THE comments from Lord Lipsey, chairman of the British Greyhound Racing Board, following the worldwide protest against a possible new dog track at Cockermouth, come as no surprise. Lord Lipsey is part of the racing industry, and no doubt makes a financial livelihood from it. I find it offensive that the racing industry is mostly responsible for the suffering and death of greyhounds, and that Lord Lipsey states that figures quoted are 'misleading'... This is the 21st century, and time to end the unnecessary odious relic of using greyhounds as disposable objects. CHRISTINE HAMLIN, Action for Greyhounds UK, Norwich (letter)
West Cumberland Times & Star 21.3.08 Racing certainty - AS A GREYHOUND enthusiast, could I support what Cockermouth Council are trying to do by hopefully starting up a new track for us to race our dogs.... JIM HUCKNALL, Clifton Lodge, Great Clifton (letter)
West Cumberland Times & Star 14.3.08 Happy greyhounds - IT WAS with some concern that I read about a worldwide protest at a greyhound track plan which refers to a letter from a Judith Swain of Swansea. It would seem Ms Swain is attempting to sway the council and the public in Cockermouth against supporting a new greyhound track in the town by making a series of highly offensive and misleading claims.... If Ms Swain really has evidence of greyhounds that have been "cruelly killed by drowning in rivers after heavy weights have been attached to them or abandoned without food or water" then I trust she has provided it to the relevant authorities to investigate since it would constitute a serious offence under the Animal Welfare Act... LORD DAVID LIPSEY, Chairman, British Greyhound Racing Board (letter)
West Cumberland Times & Star 13.3.08 Plans for greyhound race track in town bring global protest - COCKERMOUTH Town Council’s talks over putting a greyhound stadium in the town have been condemned by protesters concerned for the animals’ welfare.... In a letter, Judith Swain, of Swansea, said: “I am disappointed that Cockermouth Town Council is discussing the possibility of a new greyhound stadium in Cumbria.... But Lord David Lipsey, chairman of the British Greyhound Racing Board said Mrs Swain’s claims were misleading.... (story)
Carlisle News & Star 11.3.08 Worldwide protest at greyhound track plan By Daniel Cattanach - Last week the council discussed the possibility of turning the running track around the rugby ground, Tarn Close, into a greyhound course. However, the move has been criticised by campaigners from as far away as America and New Zealand for promoting a “barbaric” sport, amid claims that thousands of greyhounds are killed or abandoned once they pass their prime. In a letter to the News & Star, Judith Swain, of Swansea, says: “I am very disappointed that Cockermouth Town Council is discussing the possibility of a new greyhound stadium in Cumbria.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 24.3.08 ANIMAL ACTIVIST WINS £2.3M CASH WAR - The last remaining member of a league of animal activists has won the right to keep the society's £2.3 million instead of handing it over to the Treasury.And now Kathleen Hanchett-Stamford, from Sidmouth, intends to give it all away to the Born Free Foundation..... (story)
Times 22.3.08 Kathleen Hanchett-Stamford wins £2.3m and gives it away - DAVID THORLEY AND DAVID BROWN - They were the grandparents of today’s animal rights militants, with a reputation for law-breaking and political activism that scandalised the Establishment. But after 90 years of trouble-making, membership of the Performing and Captive Animals Defence League had shrunk to one - Kathleen Hanchett-Stamford. In a final act of defiance, the 88-year-old widow has won ownership of the league’s assets of more than £2.3 million after defeating a government attempt to seize the money. She intends to give it all away.... Virginia McKenna, the actress and chairwoman of the Born Free Foundation trustees, said: “We are delighted that the league, following extensive research, decided that Born Free is the charity that most closely matched its aspirations.” (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 24.3.08 'DISTASTEFUL AND OFFENSIVE TO US' - A Group of people would like to thank the local traders and businesses for their understanding and co-operation in the removal of posters which advertise the arrival of the forthcoming circus, which uses animals for entertainment... Concerned animal lovers. Full names and addresses supplied (story)


Evening Echo 23.3.08 Animal-rights activists to protest in Kildare - Animal-rights activists will gather to protest at the Irish Greyhound Board's annual awards ceremony in Kildare later this afternoon. The members of Greyhound Action are calling for an end to greyhound racing here... (story)
Irish Independent 23.3.08 Protests to be staged at Greyhound Board awards today Animal rights activists will gather to protest at the Irish Greyhound Board's annual awards ceremony in Kildare later this afternoon. The members of Greyhound Action are calling for an end to greyhound racing here.... (story)


Manchester Evening News 22.3.08 Let it be Sir Paul - SIR Paul McCartney is quoted as saying (MEN, March 13): “Many years ago I was fishing and as I was reeling in the poor fish, I realised I am killing him.” As a keen angler and, with all due respect, may I put the record straight and explain that fish caught with rod and line are returned to the water. We do not kill fish..... Chris Burke, Newton Heath? (story)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 22.3.08 Campaign against poachers who kill 50,000 deer a year By Fiona Pendlebury - A CHARITY is to launch a major anti-poaching campaign following shocking findings that up to 50,000 deer each year are killed by poachers. Increasing numbers of the animals are illegally killed by night-time poachers and also illegal bloodsports fanatics, according to the Fordingbridge- based British Deer Society which monitors attacks on herds... Nick Ridge, of Dorset Wildlife Rescue in Poole, has heard reports of poaching around Arne and in Corfe Mullen.... Bruce Friedrich of PETA said that police should devote "all necessary resources" to catching poachers... (story)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 22.3.08 Big top protests in Northampton over circus elephant - Animal rights protestors have launched a series of demonstrations outside a circus in Northampton, angered by the presence of a 55-year-old elephant named Anne. Members of Bedford Animal Action have complained to Northampton Borough Council about Anne travelling with the Bobby Roberts Super Circus, despite a long-standing council ban on animal circus performers.... Justina McLennan, of Bedford Animal Action, said: "We are against the use of animals in circuses full stop, so we would have carried out these demonstrations anyway.... (story)

South Wales Evening Post 22.3.08 CHARITY FOR ANIMALS' BID FOR CHANGE - An animal rights charity is hoping a flatulent cow will fan the winds of change among shoppers.Wendy the Windy Cow pitched up in Swansea's Oxford Street.. The stunt was part of vegetarian charity Animal Aid's message about the impact of livestock on the world's carbon emissions.... (story)
South Wales Evening Post 17.3.08 WENDY THE WINDY COW TO MAKE TOWN VISIT - A Flatulent cow is coming to Swansea.Wendy the Windy Cow will appear outside Marks & Spencer in Oxford Street tomorrow lunchtime.... Mark Gold, of charity Animal Aid, which is organising the Windy Wendy tour, said: "Wendy will put a smile on people's faces and at the same time try to raise awareness about the key role of dietary change in the fight against global warming.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.3.08 WINDY WENDY IN CITY TO SPREAD CLIMATE MESSAGE - Most would be embarrassed by their flatulence - but not Wendy, who disobeyed all the usual social niceties and spent the morning loudly breaking wind in front of hundreds of Exeter shoppers.... Charity Animal Aid is taking Wendy the Windy Cow on tour around the country to illustrate its claims of the massive contribution made to climate change by methane gas emissions from livestock.... Teenagers Bex Mackenzie and Abbie Brewer were among those who came to meet Wendy and agreed to turn vegetarian for a week. The 15-year-olds, from Wiveliscombe, also had their picture taken with the cow.... (story)


Aberdeen Press & Journal 21.3.08 Police raid estate over bird poisonings - DOZENS of police officers investigating the illegal poisoning of birds of prey swooped on a Highland estate yesterday in the largest operation of its kind carried out in the north. In dramatic dawn raids on properties connected with the massive estate in the Badenoch and Strathspey area, police officers from the Highlands, Grampian and Tayside hunted for evidence of poison and banned traps.... (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 21.3.08 Tail of mutilation proves law needed - EVENING News writer John Gibson is of course entitled to his opinion that a cocker spaniel which has not has its tail cut off looks "downright daft"... A recent poll showed that nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) of people were unaware that millions of young farmed animals were subjected to mutilations in Scotland each year, without pain relief.... This legislation, prohibiting a painful and unnecessary procedure, was welcomed by animal welfare organisations, vets and veterinary bodies and was overwhelmingly supported by the Scottish Parliament. Ross Minett, campaigns director, Advocates for Animals, 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Western Morning News 21.3.08 SEA ANGLING LICENCES DITCHED - MATT CHORLEY LONDON EDITOR - Plans to force a million sea anglers to pay to fish have been ditched by ministers in the face of fierce opposition.... The National Federation of Sea Anglers (NFSA), based in Buckfastleigh, South Devon, welcomed the news.... The Countryside Alliance also campaigned against the proposals for a sea angling licence, and previously branded the legislation "unenforceable, bureaucratic and with no obvious benefit to the recreational sea angler".... (story)

Express 21.3.08 PETROL PRICE OUTRAGE By Louise Barnett - Motorists hitting the road this Easter are in for a shock as fuel prices at the pumps reach record levels... The Countryside Alliance said: “Many rural working vehicles run on diesel, so the recent rises will affect families and businesses in the countryside far more than they will people living in towns.... (story)


Hull Daily Mail 20.3.08 SUCCESS FOR POINT-TO-POINT DESPITE WEATHER - Thousands of people braved cold and windy weather for a day out at the horse races. Country sports fans marked more than 50 years of point-to-point racing at Dalton Park, near Beverley. Excellent races and exciting finishes made it a day to remember for the Holderness Hunt, which runs the annual event... Chris Richardson, hunt master of fox hounds, said: "It was a good day's racing and everybody had a marvellous time... Mr Richardson said since the hunting ban they had been getting excellent support..... (story)
Hull Daily Mail 11.3.08 HOLDERNESS HUNT TO CAP GOOD SEASON - Country sports fans are under starter's orders to celebrate a big day in East Yorkshire's hunting calendar. The Holderness Hunt's point to point races are more popular than ever, despite the ban on hunting with dogs.... Hunt officials are expecting a crowd of about 6,000 enthusiasts after supporters rallied for their twice-weekly hunts following the controversial ban.... (story)

Western Daily Press 20.3.08 HUNTERS HURT HUMANS, TOO - In response to Mrs R Beck, "We should learn to live and let live" (Your Say, March 19), I, too, have lived in the countryside all my life. I am 60 years old. I am a member of the League Against Cruel Sports... Jane Somerset, Cannington, Somerset (letter)

Independent 20.3.08 Breeding hares need protection - Your report of 13 March gave an inaccurate view of the benefits to hares of set-aside.... A close season from February to September is needed on welfare and conservation grounds. But this is resisted by government because in spite of its claim to be "committed to improving the welfare of animals" it openly encourages shooting for sport..... Rodney Hale, Chairman, Hare Preservation Trust, Crediton, Devon (story)

Hertfordshire Advertiser 20.3.08 Hare coursers chased - A GANG of suspected hare coursers were trapped on Monday after a high-speed police chase involving two helicopters across two counties.... (story)

Western Daily Press 20.3.08 MARKET FORCES SPREADING TB - The debate on TB in cattle is focused on the wrong issue. It's not the disease itself which is the problem but the fact that the current export rules mean this country is obliged to implement strict controls on TB in order to be able to export cattle.... Farmers and their representatives should be pushing the powers-that-be to open a dialogue with other countries in order to revisit and amend the rules on the export of cattle to reflect the advances that will have taken place since the rules were first imposed.... Gill Purser, Cheltenham (letter)

Kent Messenger 20.3.08 Enjoy Easter without cruelty, animal rights group urges - Easter is traditionally a time for lashings of chocolate goodies, spring eggs and roast lamb – but a Kent firm is reminding families they don’t need to enjoy the holiday at the expense of our furry friends.Tonbridge-based Animal Aid is encouraging people to try a vegan Easter this year, with dairy-free chocolate eggs and bunnies and other ‘animal-free’ food products..... (story)

Wigan Evening Post 20.3.08 Cull of ducks costs £1.4m - The controversial cull of ruddy ducks has cost a staggering £1.4m - the European Union has set aside that sum to fund the killing programme on Pearson's Flash in Wigan and other waters in the North West and Midlands. An investigation by the United Kingdom Independence Party discovered that the cash has been allocated by Brussels as part of a programme attempting to eradicate the "feral" North American birds which are threatening the globally endangered white-headed duck in Spain..... (story)

Woking News & Mail 20.3.08 Meat-free and green - With climate change making headlines and many people unsure of what they can do to help, giving up meat is a positive choice. Your readers may be interested to know that farmed animals produce more greenhouse gas emmissions (18%) than the world’s entire transport system (13.5%)…. David Rainford, Candlerush Close, Maybury (letter)


Guardian 19.3.08 Cut to the chase - The Isle of Wight Foxhounds used to be known for never knowingly catching a fox. Now it is the first to have its licence to hunt suspended by the Forestry Commission following claims by the League Against Cruel Sports that there has been illegal hunting... (story)
Horse & Hound 15.3.08 Isle of Wight hunt agrees to stay off Foresty Commission land - The Isle of Wight hunt has voluntarily agreed to suspend hunting on Forestry Commission (FC) land until the end of the season following allegations of a breach of FC licence conditions. The agreement was reached after the League Against Cruel Sports sent footage to the FC of the hunt on its land during January and February.... (story)
Isle of Wight County Press 13.3.08 HUNT EMBROILED IN BADGER DIG CLAIM - THE IW Hunt has denied it was banned from Forestry Commission land following allegations it chased a fox and disturbed a badger set. Investigations have begun into claims by the League Against Cruel Sports the hunt chased a fox and allowed hounds to dig out a badger set on commission land at Combley Great Wood, near Mersley Down. The incidents are said to have taken place this year and resulted in an agreement between the commission and the hunt it would not operate on commission land on the Island until the matter had been investigated. However, the commission confirmed it was now investigating footage from the League Against Cruel Sports that appeared to show the hunt breaching that agreement by hunting on its land... (story)

Western Morning News 19.3.08 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Western Daily Press 19.3.08 WE SHOULD LEARN TO LIVE AND LET LIVE - Having lived in the countryside all of my 77 years and been brought up to appreciate the country way of life, I find it very sad that both town and country folk are unable to live and let live. When people are so incensed about fox hunting, we don't see those same people writing to condemn their own kind who attack, kill and maim other humans for whatever reason - a grudge or their own pleasure.... Mrs R Beck, Salisbury, Wiltshire (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 19.3.08 CROWD PROTEST BUT THE CIRCUS GOES ON - "DON'T be intimidated - refuse false propaganda and come to the show." These were the words greeting visitors to The Great British Circus, which roared into life last night. But as the big tent located on the A46 at Laceby, next to Morrisons opened to the public, a small band of protesters gathered... One protester, Mark Atkinson, said it was his fifth year campaigning against the circus..... Another protester, Mandy Day of Aylesby, was joined at the protest by her 17-year-old son, Ryan.... (story)

Argus 19.3.08 Brighton campaigners seek new homes for chickens - As Easter approaches and shoppers are bombarded with pictures of cute chicks, animal rights campaigners in Brighton are looking for help to save thousands of chickens from slaughter. Chicken Liberation 2008, which is organised by Brighton Animal Action, will give up to 13,500 "end of lay" birds a chance to have an extended life, by finding them homes... Sue Baumgardt, a spokeswoman for the group, said: "This year there are 13,500 and we would love to rehome them all but we would have to have guaranteed homes for them and it would be a massive project.... (story)


Western Morning News 18.3.08 APOCRYPHAL POULTRY - I was amused to read (March 8) your correspondent Carole Rimmer resurrecting the hoary old 20 chickens story that used to appear all the time in the run-up to the hunting ban - John Miller, Porlock (letter)

Western Daily Press 18.3.08 BADGER CULL MAY BE UNNECESSARY - I write regarding a recent article by Chris Rundle.... Perhaps, if "the one clear outcome" had been that badgers spread bovine TB, many objectors would now have to think again... Christopher Stowe, Ross-on-Wye (letter)

Western Daily Press 18.3.08 BADGER CULL MAY BE UNNECESSARY - I write regarding a recent article by Chris Rundle which stated: "In the decade since licences to kill badgers were suspended, there have been trials, studies, scientific reports and endless meetings of scientific minds. There is just one clear outcome - TB is not under control."... I would urge as many people as possible to object to this tentative, "last resort" method of hoping that bovine TB can be eradicated..... Christopher Stowe, Ross-on-Wye (letter)


Edinburgh Evening News 17.3.08 Gray right to back ban on snares - I WOULD like to thank local MSP Iain Gray for supporting a campaign for a ban on snares.... I am delighted that animal welfare organisations Advocates for Animals and the League Against Cruel Sports have pledged to continue their campaign until these primitive devices are finally removed from our countryside... Edna Elliot-McColl, Tanderlane Cottages, Haddington (letter)

Halifax Evening Courier 17.3.08 Happy retirement for racing dogs - YOUR article headlined "10 years on... new homes for 1,400 dogs" (Courier, March, 4) highlighted the commendable work of Deb Lowrie, whose Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue Centre rehomes retired racing greyhounds. However, it is a great shame that the article was also used to propagate fiction about what happens to greyhounds when they retire from racing.Parts of the article were inaccurate, highly offensive and misrepresentative of the vast majority of people in greyhound racing, who love dogs.... Lord David Lipsey, (Chairman, British Greyhound Racing Board) Warwick Row, London. (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 4.3.08 New homes for 1,400 dogs after 10 years of greyhound rescue centre - Reporter Megan Featherstone looks back on a decade of greyhound rescues, a milestone marked with a special book - AS THE dogs at Deb Lowrie's centre run and play, it is hard to imagine them as anything but a picture of health.... Each year around 40,000 greyhounds are bred for racing in the UK. Those that don't make the grade or get injured can face a shocking end, according to Deb. That includes drowning, stabbing, poisoning, shooting, and even hanging.... (story)

Dunstable Gazette 17.3.08 Animal rights group holds Luton protests - Activists protesting against animal testing were moved on by police as they tried to hold demonstrations outside two businesses on Friday. Beds Animal Action held planned demonstrations outside AstraZeneca, in Capability Green, and the Staples store in Castle Street, but were moved on after a short period... Protestor Justina Mclennan said she was unhappy at the way the five protestors were dealt with by the police. She said: "They said we were intimidating people but we were just holding a peaceful demo.".... (story)

Times 17.3.08 Ban on broadcast political advertising is justified - Regina (Animal Defenders International) v Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport - Before Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Lord Scott of Foscote, Baroness Hale of Richmond, Lord Carswell and Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury. The prohibition on political advertising in broadcast media was necessary in a democratic society and not incompatible with the freedom of expression guaranteed by article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The House of Lords dismissed an appeal by the claimant, Animal Defenders International, from the dismissal by the Queen’s Bench Divisional Court (Lord Justice Auld and Mr Justice Ouseley) ([2007] HRLR 9; [2007] EMLR 158) of its application for judicial review.... (story)
Financial Times 13.3.08 Monkey advert blow to activists By Megan Murphy - An animal rights group fighting to broadcast advertisements about the exploitation of monkeys lost a challenge to the ban on "political" advertisements. The House of Lords rejected Animal Defenders International's argument that the restrictions violated its free speech rights under European human rights laws... (story)

Times 17.3.08 Pickets back after foie gras failure - Animal welfare protesters are returning to Selfridges in Oxford Street after the store failed to honour a promise to introduce an ethical foie gras product (Valerie Elliott writes). The organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) halted its protests after the store said that it would be selling an alternative to traditional foie gras, which is made by force-feeding geese until their livers swell, by Christmas last year. But the store’s plans to use paté made from the livers of Spanish geese that had fattened naturally in time for winter migration were scuppered when the autumn weather was too hot and the geese failed to fatten up.... (story)


Horse & Hound 16.3.08 The Quorn hunt returns to Stanford Hall for first time in 50 years - For the first time in over 50 years the Quorn hunt met at Stanford Hall in Loughborough on 25 February.... (story)

Western Mail 16.3.08 MUST we accept the Amman Valley Fox Control group’s excuses about "exercising hounds" and "two hounds broke away in pursuit of a fox" in relation to their recent invasion of a quiet residential area... KATHERINE WATSON, Stockport (letter)

Irish Sunday Independent 16.3.08 Ireland must ban beagling - John Fitzgerald, Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports, Callan, Co. Kilkenny (letter)
Irish Independent 11.3.08 Irish hare is thrown lifeline - I am delighted to learn that Environment Minister John Gormley has moved to protect Ireland's hare population during the month of March... In previous years the country's 22 registered beagling clubs, not content with five full months of organised bloodletting, requested and received government approval to pursue their obsessive killing of hares into March... John Fitzgerald, CALLAN, CO KILKENNY (letter)


Independent 15.3.08 Shooting to blame for hares' decline - I read with concern Michael McCarthy's article on the decline of the brown hare population in England (13 March). However, Dr Stephen Tapper of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust omits to mention that hares are still classed as "game" and, while it is now illegal to kill them with dogs, it is perfectly legal to shoot them between August and the end of February. While most people might find it very hard to believe that anyone could gain pleasure by shooting these beautiful animals, it undoubtedly still happens and must be one of the prime reasons for their decline.... Simon W Yorke, Truro, Cornwall (letter)
Independent 13.3.08 Why the sight of brown hares boxing may become a rarity in Britain By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor - The sight of brown hares "boxing" is one of the most arresting spectacles of the countryside.... But the behaviour that gave rise to the legend of "mad March hares" is likely to become a less common sight in future, conservationists believe, because of a change in European Union rules about how farms are managed. They fear the animals may start to decline after the abolition of a Brussels scheme from which hares and other farmland wildlife have benefited greatly.... The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust fears this means that the future for brown hares is now in the balance. "There is little doubt that set-aside has benefited brown hares, and we suspect that numbers of farmland birds and mammals which had stabilised or increased over the last decade, including hares, could now begin to fall again," said Dr Stephen Tapper.... (story)

Dundee Courier 15.3.08 Farmer second to fall foul of tail docking ban By Dave Lord - A PERTHSHIRE farmer has become only the second person in Scotland to be prosecuted for docking dogs’ tails. William Fotheringham arranged for tails to be docked on five three-day-old Jack Russell puppies at his Forteviot farm on September 14 last year. Last night the Scottish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) said they were “delighted” by the conviction... Solicitor Rosie Scott said Fotheringham, of Bankhead Farm, had acted out of legislative ignorance. “He was unaware it was an offence…the legislation had only come in fairly recently,” she said..... (story)

Western Morning News 15.3.08 REPRIEVE FOR WILD BOAR FARMER - A wild boar farmer targeted by animal rights activists has been told he can continue to keep the animals after a court ruled they were not considered dangerous. Alan Dedames faced having to slaughter his entire boar stock after animal activists released them in December 2005, in an act which saw the animals escape across the Westcountry.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 14.3.08 FARMER TOLD HE CAN KEEP HIS WILD BOAR - A farmer has been told he can continue to keep wild boar after a court ruled they were not considered dangerous.Alan Dedames was faced with having to slaughter his entire boar stock after animal activists released them in 2005. The incident saw North Devon District Council raise a number of concerns about the way the boar were being kept and the potential danger they posed to the public. The district council prosecuted Mr Dedames for keeping dangerous wild animals without a licence, contrary to the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976. But North Devon magistrates yesterday concluded that Mr Dedames, who had denied the offence, could keep his remaining boar... (story)
North Devon Journal 13.3.08 WILD YES, DANGEROUS NO COURT RULES IN BOAR WAR - ANDREA FOSTER - They may be wild - but farmer Alan Desdames' boar are not dangerous.That was the verdict of magistrates in Barnstaple last week... (story)
Daily Mail 12.9.07 Farmer forced to kill massive wild boar after animal rights protestors released his herd - Standing next to his monster kill, Alan Dedames looks like a big-game hunter.... It is one of up to 175 wild boar which have been roaming the countryside in Devon and Somerset, breeding scores of boarlets, tearing up crops and terrorising dog walkers. Two years ago Mr Dedames, who farms the beasts at East Anstey, North Devon, was the victim of animal rights activists who mounted a series of attacks on his property, destroying fencing and setting free 100 of his stock.... (story)
Western Daily Press 12.9.07 FARMER SHOOTS RUNAWAY BOAR, NOW HE'S AIMING FOR CIVIC CHIEFS - A giant boar roaming wild has been shot by his former owner to appease worried locals. The animal, which weighed 44 stone, was one of 100 farmed wild boar released by animal rights activists from Al Dedames' farm at West Anstey, North Devon, in 2005 and 2006... He now has only three wild boar and said the 22 new conditions which North Devon District Council wanted to impose as part of the licence were unfair. They included a £10,000 alarm system which he said the council admitted would not guarantee that activists would not strike again... (story)
Sun 10.9.07 Boar war breaks out in Devon By VIRGINIA WHEELER - HUNDREDS of giant boar are running wild after some were freed from a farm by animal rights nuts and started breeding.... Farmer Al Dedames, of East Anstey, lost 100 boar when extremists freed them in 2005 — and numbers have soared as they bred.... (story)
BBC News Online 7.9.07 Boar farmer loses licence appeal - A wild boar breeder whose Devon farm was attacked by suspected animal rights activists has lost his appeal to continue farming the animals. More than 100 boar have been freed from Allan Dedames' South Molton farm. North Devon District Council said the farm was not safe for keeping the animals and a magistrate rejected an appeal by Mr Dedames.... (story)
North Devon Journal 6.9.07 FARMER TELLS COURT HIS BOAR ARE MILD, NOT WILD - RUPERT SIMS - A farmer who claims his wild boar are just hairy pigs has failed in a legal challenge.Alan Dedames went to court in a dispute over keeping the beasts at his West Anstey farm. He challenged North Devon District Council's decision not to renew his dangerous wild animals licence. His farm was at the centre of national news headlines in 2005 and 2006, when animal rights activists broke down sections of fencing - releasing 100 boar …. He said: "I can't help feeling this is exactly what the animal rights activists want…" (story)

Independent 15.3.08 Wearers of bearskin -"The brutal trade behind the Army's headwear" (11 March) makes no reference to the Canadian Governor General's Foot Guards, who wear the same bearskin hats... The bears are killed using cruel traps, so that the pelts will not be damaged; bullet holes would decrease their value. George V Clements Director, Fur-Bearer Defenders,Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 15.3.08 DON'T SUPPORT BIRD TRAPPERS Since my letter in The Citizen about the imprisonment of caged animals, I have had some adverse remarks about exotic birds and their survival in our cold climate. hould they be let free.May I reply, through The Citizen, that all exotic birds captured from overseas should be made illegal. By purchasing these birds we encourage the predators who trap them, box them up and export them to this country, and others too.... GEORGE W. LANSBURY, Hucclecote (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 15.3.08 Animal neglect - I AM involved with animal welfare in the Hampshire area. The pictures of the horses suffering such neglect and distress were appalling... I hope there will be a ban on keeping animals in the future. MRS J WILKINSON, Salisbury (letter)


Cumberland News 14.3.08 Hunts warned to obey the law - CUMBRIAN hunts have been warned to stay within the law when on Forestry Commission land. The warning follows the suspension of hunting on the Isle of Wight by the Forestry Commission as it investigates allegations made by the League Against Cruel Sports. Now Carlisle MP Eric Martlew has warned Cumbrian hunters that they must obey laws when hunting with hounds on Forestry Commission land.... John Lowthian, master of Ullswater Fox Hunt, said: “We try to be desperately careful but when you have hunts going out many times a week as we do then who knows what can happen.... (story)

BBC News Online 14.3.08 Deer remains dumped near shrine - The mutilated remains of a deer were dumped near a woodland shrine devoted to Sir Paul's McCartney's late wife Linda, police have confirmed... (story)
Western Daily Press 14.3.08 POACHER TARGETS WOOD DEDICATED TO VEGETARIAN ICON LINDA - It is a haven bought by the arch-vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney in honour of his late wife Linda.But now animal rights campaigners who manage the wood named after Linda McCartney say it has been desecrated by a sadistic poacher who targeted it. Linda's Wood forms part of the League Against Cruel Sports sanctuary on Exmoor, which is run in an attempt to protect deer from the staghunts in the area... (story)
Western Morning News 12.3.08 'SADISTIC' ATTACK ON MCCARTNEY SANCTUARY - Sir Paul McCartney's woodland shrine to his dead wife Linda has been desecrated in an attack on his Somerset estate. The League Against Cruel Sports yesterday blamed a "sadistic poacher" for the offence, after the head, legs and intestines of a deer were dumped on the roadside in Post Lane, which runs alongside the woods, at Bampton... (story)
Daily Mail 12.3.08 Paul McCartney's shrine to wife Linda is 'desecrated' by dumped deer remains after 'sadistic' killing - Sir Paul McCartney's woodland shrine to his dead wife, Linda McCartney, has been "desecrated" today after the macabre discovery of deer remains found dumped there.... (story)

Hexham Courant 14.3.08 Post offices face another hurdle By ROBERT GIBSON - NORTHUMBRIAN Water has been accused of placing another nail in the coffin of threatened village post offices in Tynedale. The company has announced that from April 1, customers will have to pay a £2.20 charge to clear their bills by Giro at the post office.... The Countryside Alliance’s regional director Richard Dodd said: “I don’t know what percentage of people pay there, but what matters is the message it sends. It’s not a vote of confidence in the post office... (story)

Worcester News 14.3.08 Rullo Di Spinacle Ricotta - Old jokes about vegetarian food being boring, tasteless and overflowing with lentils were long ago booted into touch as top chefs began turning out dishes so mouth-wateringly delicious even ardent carnivores were converted... Experimenting with veggie cuisine is even easier in March as it's Veggie Month - a time when you are encouraged to find out more about the many benefits of switching to a meat-free diet. It's sponsored by Animal Aid.... (story)

Worthing Herald 14.3.08 'Animal rights' attack on firm - A business which puts down and cremates animals has been targeted by vandals. The victims believe it could be animal rights activists. Intruders broke into Charles Diplock Animal Casualty and Cremation services in Ringmer and attacked four vans. Slogans were daubed on walls and vehicle windscreens.... (story)

The Sentinel 14.3.08 VEGGIE GUIDE EASY TO SWALLOW - As a vegetarian of approximately 20 years, I am delighted to support Animal Aid's high profile initiative Veggie Month, which runs throughout every March.... Dave Spikey, comedian (letter)
Bury Times 13.3.08 Switch to a meat-free diet - DAVE SPIKEY (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 12.3.08 Why do we kill and eat animals? - AS a vegetarian for about I am delighted to support Animal Aid's high-profile initiative Veggie Month, which runs throughout every March…. Why do so few of us ever stop to consider the horrors that those beautiful, sentient, living creatures have to suffer throughout their short painful lives?... Dave Spikey (letter)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 14.3.08 Protect the badgers - I attended the recent badger/TB meeting in Devizes and heard that 88 per cent of bovine tuberculosis infections to cattle are from cattle... Years ago it was believed a farmer's role was to maintain the countryside's flora and fauna besides making a reasonable profit... Keith Wicks, Cuckoos Knob, Wootton Rivers (letter)


Plymouth Evening Herald 13.3.08 WIFE SWAP'S MICHELLE ENJOYING HER NEW-FOUND CELEBRITY STATUS - ELEANOR RADFORD HERALD REPORTER - A dartmoor falconer has become a local celebrity after appearing on a primetime television show. Michelle Buncle, who runs a falconry business in Peter Tavy with husband David, took part in Channel 4 programme Wife Swap earlier this year.... (story)
Plymouth Evening Herald 13.3.08 FALCONER SWAPS WIFE FOR X-RATED GLAMOUR MODE - LIZ PARKS, HANNAH WOOD AND ELEANOR RADFORD - What do you get when you swap an idyllic existence on a West Devon farm with that of a glamour model blazing a trail through the London party scene? According to the Buncle family of Higher Willsworthy Farm, near Peter Tavy, the answer is a pretty interesting episode of the Channel Four programme Wife Swap. David and Michelle Buncle and their six children signed up for the programme after seeing an advert by the TV company appealing for families living unusual lives. At the time, they didn't know it was an advert from the makers of Wife Swap - where the wives of two very different families swap places and try to live by each other's rules.... (story)

Bath Chronicle 13.3.08 ANIMAL RIGHTS - The opposition in Parliament, some Government back benchers and Liberty are getting upset about the human rights of suspected terrorists, because the Government wants to have the chance to hold a suspect for longer than the current 28-day limit.Yet not a whisper from those, so concerned about "human rights" when the Government under the National Police Plan 2006-7 are given extra funding and resources to tackle so called animal rights extremists.... DAVID THOMAS Hisomley, Nr Westbury (letter)

Northumberland Gazette 13.3.08 Poultry treatment is disgusting - MY letter is in response to the television programme a few weeks ago which showed us all what we knew already which was the cruel and disgusting way that 'chicken farms' operate and this filthy business of providing cheap chicken... yet I hear no campaigns from church leaders to stop it, nor have I been deafened by the uproar from MPs and Government... Stan Thompson, West Acres, Alnwick (letter)


Nottingham Evening Post 12.3.08 LETTER: LABOUR IGNORING PEOPLE'S FEARS ON IMMIGRATION – As a mere elderly female, who was never particularly politically minded, I have noted the increasing number of letters to the Evening Post regarding immigration.... Always a Labour supporter in the past, I am now sadly disillusioned, so come the next election, who to vote for? The Conservatives? So medieval they want to rescind the Hunting with Dogs Act!... If there is an English Democrat, UKIP, or BNP candidate, maybe I will consider a visit to the polling station... JANET WENSKE (Mrs) Gardenia Grove Nottingham (letter)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 12.3.08 Lampers blamed for death - NIGHT-TIME poachers, known as lampers, have been blamed for the death of a badger. Jean Thorpe, who runs a wildlife sanctuary in Norton, said she had been called to a field between Welham Road, Norton, and Stamford Bridge, on Monday night where the animal had been found. It had been bludgeoned on the head with a blunt instrument... (story)

Farmers Weekly 12.3.08 Farming unions dismiss Alistair Darling's first budget - Farming and small business organisations have dismissed Alistair Darling's first budget as a missed opportunity and criticised his renewed attack on the owners of large vehicles.... Countryside Alliance Chief Executive Simon Hart said: "A week after the Government's own rural adviser, Dr Stuart Burgess of the Commission for Rural Communities, reported to the Prime Minister on the appalling rate of poverty in the countryside, this is not a budget of joined-up thinking from Government.... (story)

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 12.3.08 Research conference 'outstanding success' By Gavin Musgrove - ORGANISERS of a conference in Aviemore which was at the centre of a hate campaign on the web in the lead-up to the event have described the gathering as an "outstanding success". The three-day scientific congress of the Institute of Animal Technology at Macdonald Aviemore Resort, which started last Tuesday (March 4), had been expected to attract demonstrations by anti-vivisection campaigners. However, only a handful of protestors turned up in the end, and Northern Constabulary reported that no arrests were made and that those who did come were well-behaved on the whole... One of the most vocal anti-vivisection campaigners who lobbied the gathering throughout the event was Inverness man Andrew Kirk, who used a megaphone to get his message across.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 6.3.08 EXTRA POLICE FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS DEMO - Extra police officers were patrolling Aviemore this week as animal rights protesters demonstrated against a conference in the village... The protesters claimed that some of those attending the three-day conference, which ends today, are involved in vivisection - a claim denied by the IAT, who represent animal laboratory technicians... (story)
Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 5.3.08 Conference prompts animal rights protest By Laurence Ford - DELEGATES at a controversial conference currently taking place in Aviemore have found themselves the target of animal rights protesters following an Internet hate campaign. Macdonald Aviemore Highland Resort are hosting the Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) Congress 2008, but campaigners have accused the IAT of being involved in vivi-section... One of the campaigners, Helena Forsyth, a member of "Edinburgh-the Fur Free City', said: "We don't agree with violence towards anyone, and we don't condone it in our cause.... SHAC offered advice on obtaining leaflets, and asked supporters to write to the hotel group, providing them with a sample letter which they should copy. One local animal rights campaigner, Mr Andrew Kirk, visited the resort last week to register his protest... Demonstrating against the conference are (left to right) Alastair Beveridge, Helena Forsyth, Laura Porter and Vorda Mehotra... (story)

Yorkshire Post 12.3.08 Don't forget the real issues about research on animals From: Wendy Higgins, Communications Director, Dr Hadwen Trust For Humane Research, Tilehouse Street, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. IN the vital debate about animal experiments, balance is paramount. With its pre-occupation with animal rights activism, your piece "Public opinion test for animal research"(Yorkshire Post, March 7) fell short of that goal. Kirk Leech of the Research Defence Society (RDS) concedes thatextremist activity is at a 30-year low... Let's be under no illusions about what animal research actually is, the legal infliction of suffering on nearly three million animals in British laboratories each year... (letter)
Yorkshire Post 7.3.08 Public opinion test for animal research By Sarah Freeman - It's a controversial subject guaranteed to split opinion, but is it finally time to celebrate animal testing? Sarah Freeman reports.... "The fear was that if you put your head above the parapet then you were a sitting target and very few people were prepared to take that risk," says Kirk Leech, from the Research Defence Society, who is trying to lure scientists out of their labs. "Universities worried about reprisals used to erase any mention of animal testing from research papers and academics had to really fight to get their work into the public domain."... However, it was the six-year campaign against the Newchurch guinea pig farm, which ended in the remains of Gladys Hall being stolen from a churchyard, which some believe proved the turning point. Gladys, was mother-in-law to Christopher Hall, part-owner of the farm, and while the theft, which came after a series of death threats, malicious phone calls, hoax bombs, did force the closure of the farm, it also caused a backlash among even those previously sympathetic to the cause... The Research Defence Society believes testing will result in further advances in the treatment of cancer, cystic fibrosis and crippling joint disease... (story)

Western Daily Press 12.3.08 TB EXISTS WHERE NO BADGERS DO - Jennie Cook, Minehead, Somerset (letter)
Western Morning News 11.3.08 BADGER QUERIES - Please could I ask any reader who supports a badger cull to answer two points I would like to bring to this emotive issue? If, for example, there is still TB in cattle in places where there are no badgers - the Isle of Man, for one - how so? Second, the farmers here have been "muck spreading"... Could this spread disease?... Awaiting replies. Jennie Cook Minehead (letter)

Newcastle Chronicle 12.3.08 Stop the sale of dog meat - MAY I appeal to readers over the plight of thousands of stolen pet dogs in the Philippines. After being stolen by illegal meat traders, their suffering is unimaginable. Together we can stop this abhorrent cruelty... Network for Animals is tirelessly working with authorities in the Philippines to bring illegal traders before the courts... C HOPKINS (letter)


Birmingham Post 11.3.08 Hunt organisers told to put their dogs on leads By Emma Brady - The North Shropshire Hunt has been told of a local law which requires that all dogs on public roads must be kept on leads.... After it emerged at Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council's full meeting last month that their dogs were not exempt, the Masters of Foxhounds Association's lawyers are trying to get the decision reversed... (story)
Times 10.3.08 Atticus - ROLAND WHITE - Proof that health and safety has gone going barking mad. Labour-controlled Shrewsbury and Atcham borough council has sent a letter to the North Shropshire hunt reminding it that hounds must be put on leads to cross the road after it adopted a new bylaw... (story)
Horse & Hound 2.3.08 COUNCIL ORDERS NORTH SHROPSHIRE HOUNDS TO BE PUT ON LEADS - Hounds of the North Shropshire hunt must be put on leads when they are on roads. The barmy move was agreed at a meeting of Shrewsbury and Altcham Borough Council on Tuesday, 13 February, after a mischievous councillor asked how the council's new dog control orders applied to hounds.... However, the councillor responsible for the by-law, Judith Williams, herself a keen foot-follower of the North and South Shropshire hunts, says the regulation was not meant to include hunting dogs... (story)
Shropshire Star 18.2.08 Hunt expert hits out at dogs rule - A hunt expert today hit out at new laws which mean hounds used in hunts in Shrewsbury will have to be kept on leads when they are on public roads…. Brian Fanshawe, a consultant for the Council of Hunting Associations, said he was surprised the new dog control orders had been implemented. Last week it emerged that hounds were not exempt from the orders… (story)
Shropshire Star 14.2.08 Hunt hounds ‘must have leads’ - Hounds being used on hunts in Shrewsbury will have to be kept on leads when they are on public highways, councillors have confirmed. The issue was raised by Labour group leader Danny Moore at last night’s full meeting of Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council.... Portfolio holder Councillor Judith Williams last night confirmed hounds were not exempt from the rules.... “They should be kept on a lead on all public roads, carriageways, adjoining pavements and verges managed by a highway authority, local authority or a housing association.”.... (story)

Dundee Courier 11.3.08 Do we eat or do we not? - I think Bob Beveridge is being disingenuous if he really thinks Mr Pringle thought his letter was about ‘meat and wearing shoes’... If Mr Pringle and his ilk have a mind to shoot a pheasant or deer, rabbit etc, and eat it, who am I to object? Far healthier meat than beef and pork, so I’m told. It won’t find its way onto his, or anyone else’s, plate other-wise. Whichever way you look at it, it is farming. Nothing more, nothing less. Farmer/ gamekeeper buys in or rears stock, fattens it, it gets killed and humans eat it.... K. Melville. 7 Moray Park, Dalgety Bay. (letter)
Dundee Courier 9.3.08 Predictable response - Mr Pringle’s letter regarding my criticism of killing animals for “sport” is a predictable, but unconvincing response from someone who obviously enjoys this unnecessary pastime. My letter had nothing to do with people eating meat or wearing leather shoes. Animals were not placed on this planet for target practice... Bob Beveridge. Old Townhouse, Falkland (letter)

Western Mail 11.3.08 Casting for Recovery proves a big winner by Simon Hart, Western Mail - I WROTE about the wonderful Casting for Recovery project at the beginning of last autumn; an initiative that seeks to help women who are suffering from, or who have suffered with, breast cancer using the technique of fly-fishing to aid their recovery and offer a tranquil setting to learn the necessary skills. Casting for Recovery UK and Ireland is a non-profit organisation that has been working tirelessly for the past few years; its first ever patient retreat, funded by the Countryside Alliance, was a great success, and the work of director Sue Hunter and her ever-willing volunteers meant that 11 women benefited from the weekend.... (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 11.3.08 It's a dog's life for unwanted hounds - THERE should not be a greyhound racing track at Almondvale Stadium (News, March 7). It cannot be morally justifiable in a so-called civilised society, for thousands of dogs to be bred for slaughter just so that a minority of people can bet money on them and a group of unscrupulous characters can line their pockets with the proceeds... (story)

BBC News Online 11.3.08 Whale hunt protester 'fired on' - A protester has said Japanese Coast guards opened fire on his anti-whaling ship, but officials have denied the accusation. Dan Bebawi, 28, from Nottingham, was on the Sea Shepherd vessel "Steve Irwin" on its mission to stop whale hunting. He said the coastguard crew threw incendiary devices and fired live bullets onto the ship.... (story)
Times 7.3.08 Anti-whaling skipper Paul Watson claims he was shot during clash - PHILIPPE NAUGHTON - The world's most prominent anti-whaling skipper, the Canadian Paul Watson, claimed today to have been shot in the chest in a clash with a Japanese whaler in the Antarctic. Mr Watson, captain of the Sea Shepherd vessel the Steve Irwin, said that he had been saved from injury by his bulletproof vest but two members of his crew were injured by flash grenades thrown from the whaler Nisshin Maru early today.... Last month a British activist Giles Lane, 35, from Brighton, was among two people held on Japanese whaling boat Yushin Maru 2 for several days after boarding it from the Steve Irwin. Closer to home, a Sea Shepherd protester was arrested for trespass yesterday after scaling the Japanese embassy in London to lower their flag to half-mast and unfurl a banner in protest against the “sham” of claiming its hunt was for research. Martin Wyness, 50, from Hereford said his protest was timed to coincide with the IWC meeting to urge the commission to encourage Japan to “start behaving like a responsible nation”. (story)
Argus 18.1.08 Anti-whaling protester 'feared being thrown overboard' - By Miles Godfrey - A Sussex activist held captive for two days on a Japanese whaling ship said today he feared he would be thrown into the sea after boarding the vessel. Giles Lane said he knew there was a risk he would be detained before he boarded the harpoon boat Yushin Maru 2 on Tuesday, but said he had no regrets about what he had done... (story)
Mid Sussex Times 18.1.08 Mum delighted activist "wasn't harpooned" - The relieved mother of freed ship captive Giles Lane joked today: "I am glad he wasn't harpooned" - Sarina Lane spoke after son Giles, 35, rang her to say he was safe after being transferred from the Japanese whaler Yushin Maru 2, after being kept there since Tuesday... Giles, one of two sons, has served in Northern Ireland in the Parachute Regiment and is a trained mountaineer.... (story)
Mid Sussex Times 17.1.08 Giles Lane supporters stage demonstration - Supporters of a man from Cuckfield held on a whaling ship are hoping he will handed over to Australian officials soon. Friend Jo Middleton, from Brighton, was one of a group who staged a demonstation outside the Japanese embassy in London yesterday calling for the release of Giles Lane, 35.... (story)

Aberden Press & Journal 11.3.08 MP hits out over guards’ hats - MP ANN Widdecombe yesterday unveiled undercover video footage of bear hunting in Canada as part of a campaign to urge the Ministry of Defence to stop using the animals’ fur in guardsmen’s hats. The former Tory minister said she backed the drive by animal rights group PETA to get the MoD to switch to synthetic alternatives in ceremonial military uniforms because of the “horrendous cruelty” involved in obtaining the bear skins... (story)
Daily Mail 10.3.08 Revealed: The shocking video images which show the cruelty behind the Army's bearskin hats - Animal rights campaigners yesterday claimed to have exposed the cruelty behind the traditional Guardsmen's bearskin. The Campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released covertly gathered images, which they say show bears in Canada being lured with food and shot “in cold blood”, leaving their cubs orphaned... Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe backed the campaign and called on the Ministry of Defence to phase out real bearskin and replace it with high-quality fake fur.... (story)

York Press 11.3.08 Animal rights pair held By Mike Laycock - TWO animal rights campaigners thought to be involved in protests against a York restaurant have been arrested on suspicion of harassment. North Yorkshire Police said today that a number of items were also seized as part of an investigation. A spokeswoman said that the two people who were arrested were a 40-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman.... A number of allegations have been made on the Animal Liberation Front's (ALF) website about police officers' alleged conduct during the arrests.... Postings on the site claim the arrests related to the sustained campaign by YAFA (York Action for Animals) against the sale of foie gras by the Blue Bicycle restaurant in Fossgate organised a series of demonstrations outside the restaurant, which it said was the last in York to sell the controversial paté... Alan Swain, spokesperson for YAFA, said today that news of the arrests had come as a shock. "YAFA is a peaceful, law-abiding organisation committed to bringing about change through the democratic process," he said... (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 11.3.08 Case for banning 'delicacy' - After reading your article 'Foie gras driven off our menus' (YEP, March 7), I think it would be useful to mention why it is that people are currently campaigning against this dish. As some people may know, the violent truth of the industry is that at birth geese and ducks are sexed, and the female birds which don't grow so quickly are discarded immediately, either they are gassed or minced alive.... Rupert Stevens
I for one won't mind foie gras being taken off the menu – force feeding ducks and geese is a horrible way to get a 'delicacy'.... Stephanie Goodyer, Hessle Mount, Leeds
I cannot understand why it is that some people would want to put animals through this sort of suffering, except of course, if it is worth it financially, or whether they think there is some prestige in going to these lengths to provide for their customers... Kieran Adam, Leeds (letters)

Western Morning News 11.3.08 GRIM REALITY OF THE ABATTOIR IS IGNORED - The sanitised, even sedate, versions of animal slaughter shown on BBC TV's "Kill It, Cook It, Eat It" had no parallel with the realities of the commercial slaughterhouse, where time is money and everything is rush and go... In the real world the smell of fear inside a busy abattoir is indescribable, the noise deafening, as the conveyor belt of hapless creatures are led, often protesting and fearful, to the slaughterman's knife... Jacqueline Shortland, Plymouth (letter)


Western Morning News 10.3.08 HUNTING HOUND KILLED ON ROAD - A pack of fox hounds caused traffic chaos as they ran across a busy dual carriageway on Saturday.One dog was hit by a vehicle and killed in the incident, which happened at about 1pm, on the A380 at Ideford Dip, near Newton Abbot, South Devon. The dogs, which form part of the Britannia Beagles in South Devon, broke away from a trail hunt and ran across both sides of the carriageway... (story)

Dundee Courier 10.3.08 Boost to wildlife and the economy - Mr David Pringle (Letters, March 7) suggested Mr Bob Beveridge should ‘do a little research’ before blaming sportsmen for our ‘dwindling wildlife.’ This is an excellent idea. What Mr Beveridge may not be aware of is that thousands of hectares of game crop and thousands of tonnes of grain put out for pheasants and partridges each year help many songbirds over-winter... Katrina J. Candy. Media & Education (Scotland) Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust. Couston, Newtyle. (letter)
Dundee Courier 7.3.08 Unfair to sportsmen - Mr Bob Beveridge (Letters, March 5) makes a good point regarding the lack of prosecutions in relation to the poisoning of golden eagles and wildcats and I would support his stance in this area. Unfortunately, his letter then deteriorates into an emotive rant; “so-called ‘sportsmen’ blasting their way through the countryside’s dwindling wildlife . . . ” is both emotive and misleading and I would ask Mr Beveridge to state exactly which game species sought by sportsmen are “dwindling”.... If Mr Beveridge does not agree with hunting then I am sure he will not partake in such activities. However, before he takes his next pop at the shooting fraternity, perhaps he could at least do a little research prior to making sweeping, emotive and unsubstantiated statements. David Pringle. Colliston, Arbroath. (letter)
Dundee Courier 5.3.08 It is not for us to decide - Employers can be legally responsible for the behaviour of their employees and this should also apply to landlords. Too often it is being reported that golden eagles, wildcats and other threatened species are being found poisoned by gamekeepers, but in the end there are no prosecutions. So-called “sportsmen” blasting their way through the countryside’s dwindling wildlife does not justify the cruel and painful poisoning of other species... Bob Beveridge. Old Townhouse, Falkland (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 10.3.08 HELP STOP THIS ANIMAL TRADE - Readers will be shocked to learn that an ongoing illegal trade in pet animals is going on right under our noses. The commercial sale of pet animals in markets and public places was banned in 1983. But dealers still travel the length and breadth of the country to sell stressed and suffering animals and birds, often ill and in pain.... The Animal Protection Agency has spearheaded a campaign to persuade the Government to carry forward the ban on commercial pet sales at markets into new legislation... L. Birch, Chaddesden (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 10.3.08 BADGERS NOT TO BLAME FOR TB - TONY DEAN, Field Officer, Gloucestershire Badger Group (letter)
Western Daily Press 7.3.08 BADGER CULL IS NOT SCIENTIFIC - It is time for farmers to take notice of all the scientific surveys carried out in Britain and Ireland, instead of calling for mass badger slaughter. Where is their scientific evidence?... Tony Dean, Field officer, Gloucestershire Badger Group (letter)

Western Daily Press 10.3.08 DISEASE RISK EXAGGERATED - Yet again Chris Rundle fills his column with sweeping statements without research to back his argument. Foxes and badgers have never moved into towns but towns have grown and taken over their territory.... So foxes, Mr Rundle do not carry disease ? Saracoptic mange is one disease/parasite that foxes carry that can be caught by dogs and also, I mention through bitter experience, humans, too. Hedgehogs carry ringworm, garden birds carry salmonella and which animal carries more disease than any other in the world? The human being.... Pauline Kidner, Secret World Wildlife Rescue, Somerset (letter)


Wales on Sunday 9.3.08 Campaigners probe ‘fox in street hunt’ claim by James McCarthy, Wales On Sunday - LEAGUE Against Cruel Sports campaigners are probing allegations that 30 hounds chased a fox down a street, amid claims that police did not properly investigate complaints of illegal hunting. Residents in Llwuncelyn Road, Glanaman, say they were “distressed” after dozens of dogs pursued the animal past their homes. It is believed the fox escaped... Emyr Jenkins, a Glanaman town councillor and member of Amman Valley Fox Control, claimed they were legally exercising dogs on land they had permission to use... >(story)

Scotland on Sunday 9.3.08 The big squ££ze By Eddie Barnes - The SNP is promising the biggest tax cut in a generation, but can it work, and will you be worse off? TREVOR Adams talks music to the ears of Alex Salmond. The master of the Buccleuch Hunt in the Borders is used to heaping scorn on the Scottish Parliament after it banned fox-hunting. But this week, he is waxing with praise for Holyrood. According to the SNP, Adams will be better off under Alex...(story)

Sunday Telegraph 9.3.08 The fox is the farmer's friend - I see no reason why a fox is killed at all, either by hounds or a shotgun (Letters, March 2). The fox plays a vital role in countryside management as the ultimate pest controller because his diet is mainly small rodents and rabbits. Yes, they take lambs too, but my hill farmer friend in Cumbria who loses about seven lambs a year to foxes regards this as small change to the rats that the foxes control.... David Kiely, Lanchester, Durham (letter)

Tipperary Star 9.3.08 The curtain falls for Jerry Desmond on long service at the helm of National Coursing Meeting By Eamonn Wynne - The man who has been central to the success of the National Coursing Meeting in Clonmel for the past number of years this week presided over his 22nd and final meeting as Chief Executive and Secretary of the Irish Coursing Club. Jerry Desmond, who will retire next October, stated on Monday afternoon that he was relieved that the first day of the meeting had gone so well....(story)

Sunday Times 9.3.08 A Life in the Day: Jill Robinson, bear rescuer - The founder and CEO of Animals Asia, Jill Robinson, MBE, 49, divides her time between her home in Hong Kong, where she has nine cats and six dogs, and the bear sanctuary that she founded in 2000, in Sichuan province, southwest China... (story)


Scotsman 8.3.08 How to win the rural vote By Alastair Robertson - Shooting & fishing - I am beginning to worry about Mike Russell, minister for bogs and badgers, aka the environment. He has now made several entirely reasonable statements or decisions about life and death in the countryside. My neighbour, faced with a sunny day, cannot help but intone the dreaded words, "Aye, but it winna last." But might it?... The day was when any animal rights organisation calling for a ban, especially if it was to affect field sports, could be almost guaranteed a full hearing and support of the minister – particularly if he or she was Labour – whose rural remit ran no further than Strathclyde Country Park.... Apart from the animal rights people and a few of the more rabid anti-field sports class warriors lurking within Scottish Natural Heritage, a great chunk of the population is not really very concerned about what goes on in the sticks, provided the countryside is available and looks nice.... Russell and co are in danger of becoming re-electable. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 8.3.08 GOURMET VEGGIE - Old jokes about vegetarian food being boring, tasteless and overflowing with lentils were long ago booted into touch as top chefs began turning out dishes so mouthwateringly delicious that even ardent carnivores were converted... Experimenting with veggie cuisine is even easier in March as it's Veggie Month - a time when you are encouraged to find out more about the many benefits of switching to a meat-free diet. It's sponsored by Animal Aid, which opposes animals being killed for food, and there are events throughout the country... (story)


Cumberland News 7.3.08 Hunting more popular than ever - THE number of people attending hunts has increased since a Government ban was introduced, according to figures released this week by the Countryside Alliance... Nationally, the League Against Cruel Sports admit membership has dropped by 1,000 from 5,500 to 4,500. However, anti-hunt campaigners in the county say the protest lobby is as strong as ever. Elaine Milbourn, Cumbria co-ordinator of the League, said: “What we are seeing in local hunts in this area is certainly different to the nationwide picture... Peter Wybergh, hunt master with the Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds at Welton, said: “The ban hasn’t hurt our numbers at all.... (story)

Western Morning News 7.3.08 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Daily Post 7.3.08 Anglers say no to sea fishing permit by Eryl Crump, Daily Post - ANGLERS in North Wales have criticised the Westminster Government’s controversial plans to introduce a licence for sea fishing.... (story)
Whitehaven News 6.3.08 Sea anglers face licence charge By Andrew Clarke - WEST Cumbria’s sea angling community has criticised the government’s controversial plans to introduce a licence for the activity. The proposal for the recreational sea angling licence, which would operate in a similar way to the freshwater angling licence, is expected to be included in the government’s draft Marine Bill this Easter, as proposed by fisheries minister Jonathan Shaw..... (story)

Telegraph 7.3.08 Fox website aims to educate public and media By Brian Unwin - Frustration over media and some public attitudes to foxes is what lies behind a new website packed with scientifically-based, no-punches-pulled facts. The main concern of Stephen Harris, professor of environmental sciences at Bristol University, and his research group is that when controversy erupts around the UK's top mammalian predator, arguments should be rooted in accurate information rather than popular misconception. So is designed as a compendium of knowledge that will keep on growing... Yet another section focuses on the history of hunting. Professor Harris points out that while he doesn't agree with the views of the Countryside Alliance he was happy to include a link to that organisation's website. So far, he notes, the gesture has not been reciprocated. (story)

Northallerton Thirsk & Bedale Times 7.3.08 Hague joins post office protest - LOCAL MP William Hague joined the protest against post office closures when he attended a meeting in Northallerton last Friday. The MP for Richmond joined more than 200 protesters fighting to save North End post office in Northallerton, which is facing closure. Countryside Alliance Yorkshire spokesman James Bates said: “The rally is the first event in the campaign across Yorkshire to protect the rural post office network which provides an essential service and point of contact for thousands of people.... (story)

Farmers' Guardian 7.3.08 Recipe booklets box-set - THE Countryside Alliance’s Game-to-Eat’s annual recipe booklets have been such a success with butchers and pubs that all six editions have been combined into a box-set.... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 7.3.08 CULL DEBATE - ARE WE WISER? - We appear to be back on the "let's cull the badger" issue.It would be interesting to know how many years we have been hearing this and of course the cost of it.... Pamela Dean, Whiteshill (letter)

Western Mail 7.3.08 Call for Henry the Hexapus to be freed - A SIX-LEGGED octopus found off the coast of Anglesey should be returned to the wild and not held as a “side-show freak”, an animal rights group said yesterday. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) said keeping Henry the hexapus – who was discovered in a lobster pot with two legs fewer than usual was, “exceedingly cruel”.... (story)
Daily Post 7.3.08 ‘Send Henry back to the sea’ by Eryl Crump, Daily Post - AN ANIMAL rights group has called for a six-legged octopus found off the North Wales coast to be released from his “exceedingly cruel” environment.... a spokesman for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), issued an open letter to Blackpool Sea Life bosses claiming he is being turned into a “sideshow freak”.... (story)
North Wales Chronicle 6.3.08 BREAKING NEWS - Free Henry the Hexapus! By Matt Warner - AN ANIMAL rights group has called for a six-legged octopus kept in a tank to be released from his "exceedingly cruel" environment and returned to the sea near Anglesey where he was found.... A spokesman for Peta - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - issued an open letter to Blackpool Sea Life bosses. Special campaigns manager Anita Singh said: "On behalf of Peta and our more than 1.8 million members and supporters, I am writing to ask that you spare Henry - the six-legged octopus who was snatched from the sea by anglers - a life in captivity and immediately return him to his natural habitat... Carey Duckhouse, the centre's display supervisor, said Henry seems happy in his new home. "Basically, we couldn't reintroduce him in the wild because octopuses are very territorial," she said... (story)
BBC News Online 6.3.08 Group calls for 'hexapus' freedom - A row has broken out over the fate of a rare six-legged octopus pulling in the crowds at Blackpool Sea Life centre. Henry the "hexapus", which experts say probably has a birth defect, was found in a lobster pot off the coast of Anglesey, north Wales, two weeks ago. Animal rights campaigners say Henry's new home at a Blackpool exhibition called Suckers is cruel and has turned him into a "sideshow freak"..... (story)

Yorkshire Post 7.3.08 Foie gras driven off Leeds menus By Nick Laurence - Foie gras – the liver of a fattened duck or goose – is being driven from Leeds menus. Animal rights group Foie Gras Free North (FGFN) is targeting restaurants in West Yorkshire which offer what campaigners call "the delicacy of despair... But Chino Latino's, part of the Park Plaza Hotel, defended their decision to serve the delicacy and declined to comment further. Rupert Stevens from FGFN said: "Campaigners have been incredibly effective in Leeds, and have received nationwide support their efforts. This is a difficult situation.... (story)


Bury Times 6.3.08 RSPCA slam animal airgun attacks - THE scourge of airgun attacks on animals in which many domestic pets and wild birds are being maimed or killed is causing grave concern to the RSPCA. Now, the society has launched a regional campaign to raise awareness of the dangers airguns pose and halt their widespread abuse of animals... (story)
Tamworth Times 6.3.08 RSPCA backs campaign to rid town of guns - One of Britain's largest animal charities is backing a campaign to get air weapons off Tamworth's streets. The RSPCA has thrown its support behind Staffordshire Police's No Butts - Hand Them In campaign, which aims to reduce injuries and anti-social behaviour through the misuse of both air weapons and BB guns. Martyn Hubbard, regional RSPCA superintendent, said there were serious consequences to people taking pot-shots at pets and wildlife... (story)

Bury Times 6.3.08 Councillor on walk to aid animal fund By Gaynor Clarke - RADCLIFFE East councillor Catherine Berry will be putting her best foot forward to raise money for charity. The 33-year-old is already in training for a sponsored walk set to take place later this year.... They plan to raise money for Animals Asia, an animal welfare charity which aims to stop cruelty to animals in the region. Dave Neale, the charity's UK director, visited Bury Town Hall last week to tell the walkers about how the money will be spent... (story)

Bury Times 6.3.08 Pushing for a ban on seal imports - EACH year sealers shoot and club to death thousands of harp seal pups,some as young as three weeks old, in Canada's infamous seal hunt.... I am therefore urging readers to write a polite letter of protest to Gareth Thomas, MP... Sara Lee Bury Old Road Whitefield (letter)

Bath Chronicle 6.3.08 JAPANESE WHALING MUST STOP - ALAN COOPER Cetacea Defence UK Dorset (letter)
Western Daily Press 1.3.08 BOYCOTT JAPAN CALL - Many of your readers will be appalled about the ongoing commercial killing of whales by Japan under the thinly disguised label of "scientific research".Japan is completely intent on continuing to ignore inter-national condemnation. Cetacea Defence is asking people to consider not buying anything made and exported by Japan... Alan CooperCetacea Defence UKBlandford Dorset (letter)

Bath Chronicle 6.3.08 FANCY WINNING A VEGGIE MEAL? - Bath-based vegetarian restaurant Demuth's is supporting Animal Aid's Veggie Month by offering one lucky person a FREE meal for two. All you have to do is say why you should win!... KELLY SLADE, Animal Aid (letter)

The Sentinel 6.3.08 ESTATE CALLS FOR CALM OVER 'UPSETTING' DEER CULL - Wildlife managers have reassured dog walkers alarmed by deer culling on the Trentham estate.The annual killing of surplus animals in the black fallow herd which inhabits the 400 acres of woodland was conducted yesterday morning.... Dog walker Janine Leadbetter, aged 38, was shocked by the culling... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 6.3.08 WHY ALL THIS FUSS ABOUT BOAR? I Find it astonishing that some people make such a fuss about the boar and wish them to be culled because they make such a mess, or might attack somebody... Marilyn Jones, Cinderford (letter)

Argus 6.3.08 Dead dog’s life - With regard to the story about the rottweiller that bit a child and was then stabbed to death by its owner (The Argus, March 1), I wonder what sort of life this unfortunate animal had before it stepped out of line. How was it treated? Did it have any training? Did it deserve to live with an owner like Andrew Davis?.... Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive Hove (letter)

BBC News Online 6.3.08 Submarine pigeon traps criticised - A Hampshire museum has been accused of animal cruelty after setting up nets to trap a flock of 100 pigeons living inside one of its prize exhibits. The birds are in HMS Alliance, a submarine from World War II which has been at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport for 25 years... Once their entrance holes have been blocked, the birds will be shooed out of the hull. Emma Haskell, from Pigeon Control Advisory Service, said in the meantime the birds were suffering... (story)
Portsmouth News 5.3.08 Coo! They've got a real problem with pigeons down at museum - MUSEUM workers are having to feed and water pigeons that are trapped inside one of their exhibits. The birds have flown inside netting put up inside the submarine HMS Alliance at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport... Nicci Tapping, member of the Southern Animal Rights Coalition, said: 'We've heard reports the pigeons are frantically bashing themselves against the nylon netting in an attempt to escape.... (story)

Daily Post 6.3.08 Anti-dairy protest by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - ANIMAL welfare campaigners took to the streets of North Wales on Mother’s Day – to protest over “Britain's hardest working mother”, the dairy cow. Members of veggie group VIVA! donned cow masks in Prestatyn and Mold to urge shoppers to boycott dairy products (story)

Blackpool Gazette 6.3.08 Combat this cruel practice - Some readers will be aware of the terrible cruelty involved in the production of foie gras... Anyone wishing to know more and help stop animal suffering can contact VIVA!... Josephine Harwood, Moor Park Avenue, Bispham (letter)


Cornish Guardian 5.3.08 A strong contingent of Cornish farriers converged on Trenoweth Manor Farm, St Columb for their annual meet held by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Biddick and daughter Verity and hosted by the Four Burrow Hunt... (story)
Western Morning News 29.2.08 CORNISH FARRIERS SHOW SUPPORT FOR HUNTING - Cornish farriers downed tools last week to gather for their traditional annual meet in support of hunting.It was first decided to hold a meet in 1999 when hunting came under threat from the Government to show their solidarity for the sport and the freedom of choice. The concept was born by Michael Stevens who whips in for The Cury and now it has become an annual event. "As farriers we said a hunting ban would affect our business and so we wanted to publicise it. We have kept the meet going ever since," says organiser Simon Moore who was joined by 14 other farriers and apprentices who met at Trenoweth Manor Farm, St Columb with the Four Burrow Hounds... The week before the Devon Farriers hosted a meet for a second year, with the Mid Devon at Chagford which was arranged by Louise Tribe who is a shoe supplier and wife to farrier Malcolm Tribe.... (story)

Galway Independent 5.3.08 Massive majority want ban on blood sports - 'When I was in charge of the Wildlife Service, I got constant letters from the Irish Council Against Blood Sports to ban hunting and only ever got one letter pro-hunting,' Noel Treacy, TD was quoted as saying in the Galway Independent of 23 January 2008.... The more likely explanation for Deputy Treacy's anti-blood sports postbag towering over a solitary letter is that a massive majority in this country want a ban on activities involving animal cruelty. ... Philip Kiernan, Irish Council Against Blood Sports, PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath (letter)

North Devon Gazette 5.3.08 Game Fair ticket winners - LUCKY winners of the Westcountry Game Fair competition run in the Gazette during February are... (story)
Bristol Evening Post 23.2.08 HORSEMANSHIP EXPERT'S GAME FAIR MASTERCLASS - Horse behaviourist Charlotte Dennis and the breeders of Pippa Funnell's top event horse Primmore's Pride will give demonstrations at the Westcountry Game Fair next month.... (story)
Western Morning News 22.2.08 A ROBUST CELEBRATION OF BEST IN RURAL LIVING - Country sports enthusiasts will be flocking to the Shepton Mallet showground next month for the 12th annual Westcountry Game Fair, by tradition the first event of the show season for supporters of shooting, fishing, hunting and related activities... Shooting - among the fastest growing participation sports in the country - is always well-represented. The opportunity to learn clay pigeon shooting, breaking fast-moving targets with a shotgun, is on offer with coaches from the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC) on hand to give advice and improvement tips to participants at all levels of ability.... (story)
Somerset County Gazette 28.1.08 Shooting stars at game fair - The Westcountry Game Fair - now in its 13th year - attracts around 18,000 visitors each year who are passionate about the rural way of life and creates the ideal opportunity for like-minded people to celebrate this special way of life.... (letter)
Western Morning News 19.1.08 FAIR GIVES ULTIMATE COUNTRYSIDE EXPERIENCE - Billed as the ultimate countryside experience, the Westcountry Game Fair, is set to visit the Royal Bath & West Showground on March 15 and 16, 2008... There will be a wide variety of shooting activities... The BASC will host a wide variety of gundog scurries including Two Dummy Scurry with Distraction, Pick & Mix, Bulldog and many more. The show will also feature a variety of demonstrations including Wildfowling with Chris Green; falconry; and a hunt parade on Sunday (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.1.08 GAME FAIR DATE - The Westcountry Game Fair, the first of the great regional game fairs on the calendar, will visit the Royal Bath & West Showground on March 15 and 16.... (letter)

Independent 5.3.08 Decline of an exotic pheasant - Your article "End of the line for Lady Amherst's pheasant" (25 February) was misleading in its attempt to blame foxes for the decline of this bird... Chris Gale, Chippenham, Wiltshire
The bizarre statement that a feral ornamental bird is being driven to "extinction" by gamekeepers "who believe they endanger fox hunts because they run rather than fly" made us check the calendar to see whether it was 1 April... Alasdair Mitchell, National Gamekeepers Organisation, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham (story)
Independent 25.2.08 End of the line for Lady Amherst's pheasant By Amol Rajan - One of the country's most beautiful creatures is almost certain to become the first bird to become extinct in Britain since 1840. The glamorous Lady Amherst's pheasant is destined to disappear from the countryside after years of steadily decline.... Its gradual demise over the past decade is thought to be related to a steadily expanding fox population. Another factor may be culling by gamekeepers who believe they endanger fox hunts because they run rather than fly... (story)

Scotsman 5.3.08 Anti-snare campaigners in Holyrood plea By rhiannon Edward - ANIMAL-RIGHTS campaigners have accused ministers of ignoring public opinion when they rejected calls for a ban on snares. Those demanding a total ban took their case – and a petition of nearly 8,000 names – to the Scottish Parliament yesterday. Louise Robertson, of the League Against Cruel Sports, told MSPs only a complete ban would "stop the suffering which is caused by the use of snares". She appeared before Holyrood's public petitions committee less than two weeks after Mike Russell, the environment minister, ruled out a ban... (story)
Daily Record 5.3.08 Plea On Snares ANIMAL rights campaigners yesterday asked the government to think again over a ban snares.... Louise Robertson, of the League Against Cruel Sports, told MSPs snares often-caught pets, farm animals and protected wildlife... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 5.3.08 MINISTERS CRITICISED OVER SNARE BAN SNUB - Animal campaigners yesterday accused ministers of ignoring public opinion as they rejected calls for banning snares. Those demanding a ban took their case to the Scottish Parliament yesterday, with almost 8,000 people signing a petition of support. Louise Robertson, of the League Against Cruel Sports, told MSPs only a complete ban would "stop the suffering caused by the use of snares".... Ms Robertson appeared alongside Libby Anderson, of the campaign group Advocates for Animals... (story)

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 5.3.08 Decision contradicts support for ban - We read with interest the article in the Strathspey and Badenoch Herald (February 27) entitled "Police probe use of wildcat as 'poisoned bait', which included reaction to the Scottish Government's decision earlier that week to allow snaring to continue. The decision contradicts overwhelming public support for a ban on these cruel and indiscriminate traps, and follows an official public consultation which revealed a majority of more than 2:1 in favour of a ban.... ROSS MINETT, Advocates for Animals, 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4PG (story)

Morpeth Herald 5.3.08 Hare today, gone tomorrow? Spring is the time of year when the boxing antics of the 'mad March hare' are a fascinating sight on farmland across lowland Britain and according to the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, (formerly The Game Conservancy Trust) the introduction of set-aside 15 years ago has helped to dramatically increase the declining hare population in many parts of the country. However, prospects look gloomy again for some farm wildlife, particularly brown hares following the announcement last summer that set-aside would be set to zero... (story)

Dorset Echo 5.3.08 Charity’s fears over welfare of greyhounds By Dee Adcock - A DORCHESTER-based dog welfare charity is calling for an end to greyhound racing. Wendy Hassell, chairman of Sighthound Welfare Trust, said she was stunned to read a newspaper story claiming that the Royal Veterinary College paid a greyhound clinic for dog body parts... She said: "More needs to be done and self-regulation doesn't work. Ultimately, greyhound racing should be phased out... (story)

Western Daily Press 5.3.08 STEP UP PRESSURE FOR TB VACCINE - I Would be against a badger cull, and I fully understand the serious issue of bovine TB.... Where is the vaccine now promised decades ago? It should be to protect the cattle. How many times must it be said? Please can your paper press for this. Pamela DeanStroudGloucestershire (letter)


Horse & Hound 4.3.08 Fundraisers to cycle from John O'Groats to Lands End - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - A cycle ride from John O'Groats to Lands End will be taking place in July to raise money for the Countryside Air Ambulance Appeal (CAAA). The CAAA was set up by Wayne Clark to raise funds for the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulances and the Countryside Alliance.... (story)

Yorkshire Post 4.3.08 Greed that threatens my market town - Greed that threatens my market town - From: Nicola Pearce, Helmsley, North Yorkshire AS a local, I found Julian Pilling's views (Magazine, Yorkshire Post, February 16) on Helmsley and its future an interesting read, with many valid points being made.... There has also been an explosion of shoots and pheasant management areas in recent years – footpaths, woodlands and trails have been fenced or blocked off and aggressive signs put up to keep others out. The effect on "natural" wildlife is catastrophic – shoots do not tolerate anything that conflicts with the pheasants – which are everywhere..... Nicola Pearce, Helmsley, North Yorkshire (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 4.3.08 Animal groups in fresh calls to ban snares - ANIMAL campaigners will renew their demand for a total ban on snares when they take their case to the Scottish Parliament today. It comes just two weeks after Environment Minister Mike Russell ruled out a total ban.... Louise Robertson, of the League Against Cruel Sports, and Libby Anderson, of Advocates for Animals, argue the measures the Scottish Government is introducing do not go far enough .... (story)

Western Morning News 4.3.08 BADGER CULL IS MORALLY WRONG - I wish to reply to Theo Hopkins' letter of February 22 headed "Bottling out on badgers". I have been a lifelong supporter of the hunt, having hunted myself in my younger days. I back the Countryside Alliance in its fight for the rights of country sports.... Jenny Wren, Holne, Devon (letter)

Independent 4.3.08 Misguided attempts to 'balance' nature - Christopher Hughes' observations on the trail of "destruction" left behind by elephants (letter, 3 March) raises some interesting comparisons... It is time humanity started to look at nature through more humble eyes. Adele Brand, Caterham, Surrey (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 4.3.08 HAVE A TRY AT GOING VEGGIE - March is Animal Aid's Veggie Month - a time when people are encouraged to find out more about the many benefits of switching to a meat-free diet. Choosing to go vegetarian is easy... Contact Animal Aid for a free guide to going veggie, including top tips on shopping, cooking and eating and delicious recipes... ANIMAL AID Bradford Street The Old Chapel Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)


BBC News Online 3.3.08 Poll Watch: February 2008 - In the latest monthly Poll Watch, the BBC's political research editor, David Cowling, reviews the political opinion polls published in the UK in February.... MORI, in two surveys (sampled between 1-14 February) on behalf of several animal welfare organisations, found 71% who disagreed that people should be allowed to break the law banning hunting with dogs. They also found that 73% thought fox hunting should not be made legal again, compared with 96% who thought the same about dog fighting, 93% about badger baiting, 82% about hare hunting and coursing and 81% about deer hunting (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 3.3.08 Humane ways with foxes - I HAVE been operating a humane urban wildlife deterrence service in London and the South-East for 10 years and have studied foxes for 40. It is rare, but not entirely unknown, for foxes to attack very small dogs and even cats if they perceive them as a threat to newborn cubs or rivals for valuable features within their territory.... Unfortunately Maureen is out of my call-out area, but if she cares to call me.... 357355 I can perhaps provide her with some useful free advice on how to deter foxes without resorting to cruel or lethal action. John Bryant Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence, 6 Royal Avenue, Tonbridge. Kent TN9 2DA (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 29.2.08 Animal playmates - MAUREEN DONNELLY shouldn’t worry that those “frightening foxes” are going to kill her dogs (Mailbag February 27). I’ve seen my cats “playing” with a fox for goodness sake.... Bob Hewitt, Rhyl, Denbighshire (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 29.2.08 Completely foxed - YOUR story teller has got it the wrong way round about the “frightening foxes.” It’s the leading dog that gives the fox a quick nip on the back of its neck, those hunt supporters can’t get anything right. M Stoneman, Suffolk (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 27.2.08 Those frightening foxes . . . by Andrew Flynn, Huddersfield Daily Examiner - WE are over-run with foxes in our garden. They come every night – sometimes two or three times – and at times there are two or three at a time. Last Tuesday one of our dogs was in the garden. She is a miniature Yorkshire terrier aged 13 and is totally deaf. I heard her crying, so I ran to the patio doors to find a fox had her by the scruff of her neck, dragging her like she was a toy.... Any ideas how we can get rid of them before they kill my dogs? Maureen Donnelly, Dalton (letter)

Times 3.3.08 Tide for unity is finally flowing strongly - BRIAN CLARKE - I promised myself years ago that I would never again write about the prospects for unity in angling. The next time I wrote about discussions among angling’s disparate bodies on the value of forming a single, coherent organisation would, I told myself, be only when the deed had been done... And yet here I am, reporting moves instigated by the sport’s lobbying arm, the Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA)) and its pollution-fighting arm, the Anglers’ Conservation Association (ACA), to try to make a full merger happen. Why? Mostly because this time I believe that there is a chance of success, partly because this issue is too important to leave alone.... (story)

Telegraph 3.3.08 Government tax cut row over rural housing By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - The Government's rural tsar has attacked Treasury plans to cut the tax paid on second homes from next month warning it would lead to more local people being unable to afford a home in picturesque parts of Britain... Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance, said: "It is extraordinary that the Government is considering a policy which is bound to create even more demand for housing in the countryside when successive Government reports have highlighted the crisis in rural affordable housing and rural areas have some of the highest house price to income ratios in the country.... (story)
BBC News Online 3.3.08 Poverty 'blights 1m rural homes' - Almost one million households in rural England live in poverty, a study says. The report, by the government's rural advocate, Stuart Burgess, says many people living and working in the countryside have prosperous lifestyles. But the picture is "not so rosy" for more than 928,000 households with incomes below the official poverty line of £16,492, he adds.... Tim Bonner, of campaign group the Countryside Alliance, said the government was not listening to the views of people living in the countryside... (story)

Western Daily Press 3.3.08 POOR HUSBANDRY IS TO BLAME FOR FARMERS' MANY PROBLEMS - Here we go again. Another killer wants to be let loose on the badger population. The connection between disease in cattle and badgers has never been proved. What's wrong with farmers? Are they only happy when they're killing something and blaming the poor victim for their own failings?.... Gill Redman, Warminster, Wiltshire (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 3.3.08 PROTESTERS TARGET ANIMAL USE IN CIRCUS - Campaigners in Lincolnshire have staged a protest against the use of animals in circuses. About 10 protesters gathered at the gates of the site of Circus Mondao in Skellingthorpe, near Lincoln, on Saturday.... (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 3.3.08 PROTEST AGAINST CIRCUS - Animal rights campaigners descended on a circus at the weekend to stage a protest.... Protester Emma Broadhead (37), a member of Lincoln Animal Rights, who lives in Skellingthorpe, said: "It's unnecessary and wrong to use animals for our entertainment... (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 27.2.08 ANIMAL TRAGIC OR JUST FUN? - The ringmaster of an animal circus which opens today has hit back at criticism from campaigners. Circus Mondao, which will be performing in Skellingthorpe, just outside Lincoln, has been attacked by protesters who say using animals is unethical. And the Captive Animals' Protection Society has urged people to boycott performances there..... Sophie Wilkinson, regional RSPCA spokesman, said: Animals in circuses are being forced to perform things that are not natural to them." And Captive Animals' Protection Society spokesman Paul Thomas said: "These animals should be in their natural environment."... (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 26.2.08 BREAKING NEWS: ANIMAL CIRCUS IN 'BOYCOTT' STORM - Animal rights campaigners are calling on people to boycott a circus performing near Lincoln. Circus Mondao will open its big top tomorrow at the Daisymade Ice Cream premises on Lincoln Road in Skellingthorpe, and performances will continue until Sunday... (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 3.3.08 Pigs deserve better conditions - JUSTIN KERSWELL, Viva! York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.2.08 PIG CAMPAIGN NOT TELLING WHOLE STORY - A new campaign to save British pig farming is not telling consumers the whole story.This industry should be regarded with anything but pride. Animal campaigning group Viva! has filmed in dozens of British pig farms across the UK in the last few years. Everywhere we pointed the camera, we found overcrowding, neglect and misery.... Justin Kerswell, Campaigns manager, Viva! (letter)


Sunday Sun 2.3.08 Tally-ho tally up by Phil Doherty, Sunday Sun - THE number of people attending hunts in the North has increased since fox-hunting was banned by the Government. At the same time, the membership of anti-hunt group the League Against Cruel Sports has plummeted by around 20 per cent... Mark Shotton, master of the South Durham Hunt said: “There have been a lot more people coming out and supporting the hunts since the ban... Barry Hugill, spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports, revealed that its membership had fallen from 5500 to 4500 . . . before saying he was not surprised that hunts were still going strong... “The reason why more people than ever are supporting the hunts is because they have removed the cruelty by going drag hunting rather than killing foxes and stags.” But according to Simon Hart, of the Countryside Alliance, one of the main reasons people are flocking to support the hunts is because the anti-hunt legislation has put the sport firmly in the spotlight.... (story)

Sunday Telegraph 2.3.08 Posthumous tears - Contrary to a hunted fox dying "in terrible suffering" (Letters, February 24), the kill is executed by the alpha dog in less than a second by a single bite to the neck. The hound pack will tear the fox to pieces, but by then it is dead... John Marshall, Tetford, Lincolnshire (story)
Sunday Telegraph 24.2.08 Hunting brutality - Nowhere in your report on the hunting laws (News, February 17) do you mention the terrible suffering to foxes meted out by those with nothing better to do than torture them to death.... Bob Hewitt, Rhyl, Denbighshire (letter)

Sunday Mail 2.3.08 Calls For Scottish Airgun Ban Rejected - CALLS for an airgun ban in Scotland have been rejected by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. The Scottish Government want to impose restrictions on the weapons north of the border... But Smith has rejected a review to consider an outright ban on the sale and use of airguns in Scotland.... (story)

Sunday Post 2.3.08 A Piece of My Mind - SO THE Scottish Government has decided to allow animal snaring to continue. The decision contradicts overwhelming public support for a ban on these cruel and indiscriminate traps.... We’d like to thank the thousands of supporters in Scotland and beyond who’ve supported our campaign by helping to raise the profile of snaring in the Scottish Parliament and the media, and the large number of supportive MSPs from all parties. Readers can continue to support our campaign at Ross Minett, Advocates for Animals, Edinburgh (letter only on website for a week)

Sunday Telegraph 2.3.08 Victims of RSPCA bite back By Christopher Booker - Parliament Square saw a highly unusual demonstration on February 13. Robed Hindu priests joined with farmers and animal lovers to protest at the killing by the RSPCA of a sacred cow, Gangotri, at a Hindu temple in Hertfordshire... As Gangotri's ashes were being scattered on the Ganges, the demonstration in London widened into a general protest against what many people, including specialist lawyers and vets, regard as the high-handed actions of RSPCA officials... in a succession of recent cases, the courts have severely criticised the methods used by the RSPCA to mount such prosecutions, against people who were wholly innocent of the serious charges brought against them.... The Self-Help Group of farmers and others has existed for nearly two decades to put anyone experiencing difficulty with the RSPCA in touch with specialist welfare lawyers and vets. They have never been busier and cite scores of other instances in recent years.... (story)


Telegraph 1.3.08 Spanish King 'meddling' in hunting law row By Graham Keeley in Barcelona - King Juan Carlos of Spain has been accused of meddling in politics after interfering in a row over the Left-wing government’s controversial new anti-hunting laws. The King, a keen partridge shooter, questioned a government minister about a ban on the use of lead ammunition in wetlands.... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 1.3.08 Golf plans following dead geese to Ireland? - It was interesting watching Mr Ford making reference to the geese flying overhead and how they would be affected by the golfers. He should have been in the area a few weeks ago when teams of shooters were blasting the geese from the sky and exporting the carcases to Ireland... Brian Gray, Hill of Menie, Balmedie (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 1.3.08 Failure to outlaw snaring means cruelty goes on By Doreen Graham - THE recent decision not to outlaw snaring disappointed the Scottish SPCA, as there had been overwhelming support for a ban from the public and several politicians. However, all of the new regulations should aid enforcement.... (story)

Oxford Times 1.3.08 Animal rights graffiti causes upset - AN ANIMAL rights protester has sprayed graffiti along a row of fencing in a quiet Oxford street. Messages including "Ban Vivisection Now" and "Stop the Animal Lab" were sprayed in black paint along a row of fencing behind Reliance Way overnight on Thursday, along with the ALF, Animal Liberation Front, tag.... (story)
Oxford Mail 29.2.08 Animal rights graffiti angers residents - An animal rights protester has sprayed graffiti along a row of fencing in a quiet Oxford street. Messages including "Ban Vivisection Now" and "Stop the Animal Lab" were sprayed in black paint along a row of fencing behind Reliance Way overnight yesterday, along with the ALF, Animal Liberation Front, tag. Residents were shocked and angry that they had been targeted... (story)

Gloucestershire Gazette 1.3.08 Badger protection group hits out at MPs, By Liza-Jane Gillespie - A BADGER protection group has slammed MPs who have supported claims that a cull on the animal could help stop the spread of TB. Simon Hacker, spokesman for Stop War on Badgers, an animal welfare group based in Wotton-under-Edge, said: "Agriculture needs to clean up its act. The suffering caused to cows through TB, a known 80 per cent of which is generated within and between herds, is just part of a far broader picture of profiteering and exploitation of animals, the environment and the consumers' credibility.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 1.3.08 MAILBOX: MILKING IT FOR ALL IT'S WORTH - I read with concern about how a representative from Kirby and West had recently spoken to children in schools (Mercury, February 12). Kirby and West is a commercial enterprise, not an educational charity.... I hope that in the spirit of providing balance the schools that have already received talks will also be inviting a speaker from and not-for-profit organisation such, as the Vegan Society, Animal Aid, or the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation... V Sheppard, Leicester (letter)

Western Daily Press 1.3.08 WRONG TO SHOOT THE WILD BOAR - I Think there has been a great deal of panic over the wild boar.... Can we try not to keep killing everything? We really do have a problem, and it concerns man always having to be number one. Pamela DeanStroud (letter)

Manchester Evening News 1.3.08 Foie gras off the menu - Steven Cunliffe - TWO top restaurants have taken foie gras off the menu after a campaign by animal activists. Restaurateur Matthew Mooney was advised by police to either remove the speciality dish or install internal CCTV cameras at his Cheshire restaurants La Belle Epoque in Knutsford and The Duke of Portland in Lach Dennis, Northwich. He had been bombarded with e-mails from animal welfare groups such as The Foie Gras Free North campaign, which has published a list of places to boycott... (story)