March 2010

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North West Evening Mail 31.3.10 HUNTING SUPPORTERS RALLYING BEHIND TORY BARROW MP HOPEFUL GOUGH - PRO-HUNTING groups are under orders to get behind Tory candidates in marginal seats in a bid to get the hunting ban overturned…. Documents seen by a national newspaper claim the North Lonsdale Foxhounds have been directed to back Barrow and Furness Tory hopeful John Gough… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 31.3.10 Hunt supporters urged to throw weight behind Tories - Hunt supporters have been ordered to get out on the streets in marginal seats in the Bristol region to canvass support for the Tories. A secret hit-list names Bristol East and Wansdyke, set to become North East Somerset, as top priorities for campaigners desperate for a Conservative victory… Richard Standing, Master of the Mendip Farmers Hunt, has thrown his weight behind Tory candidate Jacob Rees Mogg, whose family's land is used by the hunt… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 31.3.10 Protesters call for circus animal ban - THE Great British Circus has rolled into Grimsby – with a roar of opposition from protesters… Protester Mark Atkinson said: "We say 'yes' to circuses but 'no' to using animals in the shows. "Being a juggler with the Earthbound Misfits I see just as much entertainment in circus skills…. (story)

East Coast Target 31.3.10 Great British Circus could be under threat - THE future of a locally-based circus could be under threat following an announcement by a DEFRA minister. The Great British Circus, based near Spilsby, ended its run of shows in Skegness at the weekend and has hit back at the findings of a Government consultation… (story)


Guardian 30.3.10 Foxhunting supporters target key marginal seats at general election - Owen Bowcott - Supporters of hunting with dogs are targeting key marginal seats in an attempt to boost the chances of repealing the 2004 ban on the sport. The pro-hunting organisation Vote OK claims it will mobilise well over 10,000 supporters and have an impact on far more constituencies than it did at the last general election…. Nicky Sadler, the coordinator of Vote OK and a follower of the Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt, said: "At the last election, in 2005, we were involved in 60 seats; this time around we are organised in 140 constituencies… (story) 30.3.10 Levitt condemns interference from outside High Peak on Fox Hunting vote - Tom Levitt MP has demanded openness and transparency about the activities of a group called Vote OK. This is a national organisation of people who support hunting with dogs which is backing pro-hunt Conservatives in 26 seats at the general election. “It should be the people of High Peak who decide which candidate to support. My record on fox hunting is clear: I oppose hunting with hounds, hare coursing and stag hunting and I always have. I am glad that they are now banned and I believe that the Conservatives are out of step with public opinion for wanting to bring it back.”… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 30.3.10 Hunt supporters target Exeter MP - PLANS by hunt supporters to campaign for the Tories in the forthcoming General Election to unseat Exeter’s Labour MP Ben Bradshaw will fail, opponents claim…. The pressure group Vote-OK, which seeks to punish MPs who voted to ban fox hunting, is said to be behind the campaign… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 30.3.10 Tally Ho! Tories ride into town for election - The Tories are bringing in the fox-hunting cavalry to help them clinch crucial marginal seats. Hunt supporters are champing at the bit to support Conservative candidates, including those in Gloucester and Stroud…. Last June, a leaked memo from Richard Graham, Tory prospective parliamentary candidate for Gloucester, held by Labour MP Parmjit Dhanda, revealed he had thanked members of the Oxfordshire-based Heythrop Hunt for delivering leaflets for the county elections… Countryside Alliance Wessex regional director Delly Everard added: “It’s democracy in action. “But it’s not just hunting people, it’s people campaigning for candidates who support the countryside as a whole, whatever their political colour.”… (story)

Western Morning News 30.3.10 'It's a case of choosing least worst option' - Labour may be heading for an electoral bloodbath, but on Day Two of the Marginal Mystery Tour, Matt Chorley discovers that in their Westcountry bolt holes there is little enthusiasm for anyone… Labour strategists in Exeter are this week poring over the returns from a voters’ survey. They are particularly buoyed by data that two-thirds of respondents are more likely to back an anti-hunting candidate… (story)

Western Morning News 30.3.10 Winning formula - WITH election fever mounting and the usual suspects primping and preening their electoral feathers, may I suggest a "guaranteed" agenda for a party to win the next election? Stand on only three issues! 1. Withdraw ALL British troops immediately from Afghanistan (we will never win it). 2. Provide a full and free national vote on hunting with dogs against any wildlife… Bob Gelder, Pyworthy, Holsworthy (story)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 30.3.10 Concerns about the fair - I am writing regarding the Stamford Fair which I attended last Tuesday with my daughter and some friends…. but I do have two particular concerns which I feel it is important to highlight. The first is the continued practice by some of the stalls to offer goldfish as prizes. This is completely unacceptable… Vanessa Brown Southorpe, near Stamford (letter)


Independent 29.3.10 Tally ho! 'Barbour cavalry' rides to Tories' rescue - Fox-hunting 'Barbour cavalry' prepares to ride to the rescue of Tories in key marginal seats By Andy McSmith - Hundreds of hunt supporters are under orders to ride into action in key marginal seats within hours of a general election being called, in the knowledge that David Cameron will allow a return to hunting with dogs if he gets to Downing Street. Documents seen by The Independent show that hunt masters have been rounding up supporters and sending them to the most fiercely contested seats, ahead of a big push planned for the first 72 hours of campaigning… . A message to members of the Avon Vale Hunt, which has operated in Wiltshire for 122 years, warns that it could soon cease to exist unless the Tories secure an outright majority… Members of the Heythrop Hunt, which operates in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, have been organised to help Richard Graham, a businessman who recently gave up his job to be a full-time Conservative candidate in Gloucester… The East Kent Hunt, operating south of Canterbury, urged its supporters to "do everything in their power" to help the Conservative candidate in Dover, Charlie Elphicke… The North Lonsdale Foxhounds, in Cumbria, have been directed to back the Tory candidate in Barrow and Furness… The Ledbury Hunt in Herefordshire, close to the county's border with Gloucestershire, has set up a database of volunteers "to visit constituencies to distribute leaflets…" The pressure group Vote-OK, which seeks to exact revenge on MPs (predominantly Labour) who voted to ban fox-hunting, is behind the campaign… (story)
Independent 29.3.10 Leading article: The hunt for MPs - The news, which we report today, that hunt supporters plan to mobilise supporters in the election campaign to unseat Labour friends of foxes, conjures up a fascinating image of men in Barbours, brandishing whips and tally ho-ing through various towns and villages in hot pursuit of the 140 MPs on their electoral hit list. Unfortunately for the hunt supporters, their apparent keenness to campaign for the Tories is unlikely to do the latter many favours… Indeed, the beneficiary of all this looks likely to the Environment minister, Hilary Benn, now launching a counter-appeal to defend the ban. Election advice for hunters: let sleeping dogs lie (story)

Western Morning News 29.3.10 Election battle gets personal - Matt Chorley - THE election contest gets personal today, as an increasingly desperate Tory party steps up its drive to win crucial Westcountry seats… Hundreds of hunt supporters are reportedly under orders to ride into action in key marginal seats within hours of the General Election being called, in the knowledge that David Cameron will allow a return to hunting with dogs if he gets to Downing Street… (story)

Western Morning News 29.3.10 Day Two: Labour heartlands Exeter and Plymouth - MARGINAL MYSTERY TOUR: Since the end of the Second World War, Exeter has been a Tory seat for all but 16 years. Yet since being swept in by Tony Blair’s New Labour landslide in 1997, Ben Bradshaw has turned the city into a near-safe seat, an isolated red island in a sea of Tory blue and Liberal Democrat gold… News emerged yesterday morning of a direct attempt by hundreds of hunt supporters to swing into action in key marginal seats. Mr Bradshaw is convinced that in an area like Exeter, this tactic will backfire, though he may underestimate the sheer numbers of boots pounding the streets the pro-hunt lobby could muster…. (story)

Irish Examiner 29.3.10 Pro-hunting protesters vow to put pressure on Fianna Fáil By Mary Regan, Political Reporter - PRO-HUNTING groups have promised a campaign of major protests aimed at pressurising rural Fianna Fáil TDs to block what they say are attempts by the Green Party to "attack the lifestyle of the ordinary people of the countryside"…. Up to 6,000 protesters took part in a demonstration at the weekend organised by RISE (Rural Ireland Says Enough) – outside the Green Party’s annual convention in Waterford.... (story)

Irish Times 29.3.10 Greens propose NI hunting ban - The Green Party is to introduce a hunting ban Bill in the Northern Ireland Assembly, it was revealed today. Fox and stag hunting and hare coursing could be ended under the plans, which will be unveiled in a consultation document to be launched on Wednesday…. A group called Rural Ireland Says Enough (Rise) opposes Mr Gormley’s plan to ban the Ward Union Stag hunt in counties Meath and Dublin…. Up to 5,000 people - led by six riders on horseback - turned out to protest in Waterford on Saturday.... (story)

Western Morning News 29.3.10 Beaufort Hunt visits moor - THE Duke of Beaufort's Hunt, one of the nation's top foxhound packs, is on a visit to Cornwall as guest of the East Cornwall Hunt. On Saturday, in a scene that would warm the cockles of a tourist board executive's heart, they met in the sunshine on the green at Minions, Cornwall's highest village and on the fringe of Bodmin Moor… (story)

Irish Times 29.3.10 Proposed ban on stag hunting - I question the motivation of John Gormley in proposing a ban on stag hunting. A Green Party agenda on animal rights is understandable, but a simple ban on stag hunting independent of broader legislation for hunting is dubious… Surely, considering hunting’s important role in the horse-racing industry, now is not the time to propose a logically inconsistent Bill apparently motivated by vindictiveness? – Yours, etc, CONOR O’HANLON, Leopardstown Drive, Blackrock, Co Dublin. (letter)

South Wales Echo 29.3.10 Tories straining at the leash - I WOULD like to thank Lorraine Parker for summarising political parties’ views on animal welfare… One promise the Conservatives will surely keep if elected is to reintroduce fox hunting and force a badger cull in England… Tom Butler, Merthyr Tydfil (letter)
South Wales Echo 16.3.10 Animal appeal for polling day - WHEN voting in the upcoming elections, please spare a thought for which party will do the most for animal welfare… While the Conservatives express support for the banning of battery cages for egg-laying hens, it comes out as the worst party for animals. Firstly it plans on repealing the hunting ban… Lorraine Parker, Old Church Road, Cardiff (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 29.3.10 How can we be so cruel to animals? - I am so sickened at the treatment of animals by human beings that I felt compelled to write. I heard in the news that a man bludgeoned three of his dogs to death with a hammer in front of his other dogs … I also heard that due to the recent bad weather in Scotland… deer in the highlands are struggling to find food ….It has been decided that the solution to this is that some of them should be culled! … Then there is the case of the killer whale in America's Disneyworld which killed its trainer …. Also in Canada they are due to start their annual seal cull… T BILLHAM, Leeds (letter)

Irish Times 29.3.10 Surge in live cattle exports - Good news for farmers usually means bad news for farm animals. So it is with the report that live cattle exports in 2009 were up 94 per cent on the previous year (Home News, March 16th). This is a vile trade… The Green Party, which has argued successfully for animal welfare reform to be part of the Programme for Government, and is to be congratulated for doing so, must face up to the fact that the live export trade is incompatible with sound animal welfare practice… GERRY BOLAND, Animals in Crisis, Keadue, Co Roscommon (letter)

Argus 29.3.10 Meaty issues - Livestock not only produces half of global human-made greenhouse gases, but also places a very heavy burden on the planet’s resources… Switching to a meat-free diet would significantly reduce our carbon footprint and dramatically improve our health. Mark Richards, Halland Road, Brighton (letter)


Irish Times 27.3.10 Up to 5,000 attend pro-hunting rally - Up to 5,000 people attended a pro-hunting demonstration at the Green Party’s conference in Waterford today. Organisers from the Rural Ireland Says Enough (RISE) campaign claimed the Government was discriminating against country sports and warned it risked losing country seats in the next elections… The demonstration was led by three riders from Waterford and three from the Ward Union Hunt in Meath and Dublin, which they claimed Minister for the Environment John Gormley wants to ban… (story)

Independent 27.3.10 Spare the badgers - The Conservatives' desire to cull badgers should they be elected is illogical… . Culling increases the incidence and spread of the disease. Mark Richards, Brighton, East Sussex (letter)
Argus 24.3.10 Badger trap - The Conservatives’ desire to cull badgers in England should they be elected is illogical: the Independent Scientific Group announced in June 2007 that killing badgers would not reduce bovine TB… Mark Richards, Halland Road, Brighton (letter)

Oxford Mail 27.3.10 Big Top boss opposes plan for animal ban By Andrew Ffrench - A CIRCUS boss whose Big Top arrived in Oxford this week does not believe the public is against wild animals performing in the travelling shows… Animal Welfare Minister Jim Fitzpatrick said the clear view emerging from the Government’s consultation was that keeping wild animals to perform in travelling circuses was no longer acceptable…. However, Martin Burton, who runs Zippo’s Circus which is in South Park until Tuesday, does not believe it truly reflects how the public feels…. Jane Alexander, from Headington, Oxford, dressed as a clown to protest against the use of any animals at circuses… (story)

Mirror 27.3.10 Former actress relieved at government moves to ban wild animals from circuses - Campaigner Virginia McKenna last night welcomed government moves to ban all wild animals from circuses…Ex-actress McKenna, 77, co-founder of wildlife charity Born Free, said: "Finally, the days of seeing elephants, tigers and other exotic animals being carted round the country in small beast wagons and being made to perform undignified tricks could soon be over."… (story)


Skegness Standard 26.3.10 Police probe Skegness beach hunt dog chase By Lynne Harrison - POLICE are investigating complaints after hounds from an organised hunt chased a cocker spaniel across Skegness beach and into the boating lake. Eye-witnesses said horses and riders pursued the hounds and some onlookers were so angry they tried to pull a huntsman from his horse. Police inspector Terry Ball said police are looking into a complaint from the dog's owner that she and her six-month-old baby were at one time surrounded by the hounds. He believes The Cranwell Bloodhounds have an annual outing to Skegness where they go into the sea and along the beach…. (story)

Western Morning News 26.3.10 Cameron backs hunting veto - CONSERVATIVE leader David Cameron has vowed he would vote to overturn a hunting ban as he tried to woo the "absolutely vital" Westcountry vote… Mr Cameron went further than ever before on hunting, one of the political battle grounds which has seen Labour alienate many rural residents… (story)

Ipswich Evening Star 26.3.10 Police probe hunt 'chase' claims - POLICE are investigating claims that a pack of hounds chased a fox through village streets in an alleged “flagrant” breach of the controversial law against hunting. Frightened residents reported the incident after hounds belonging to the Essex and Suffolk Hunt are said to have pursued their quarry through gardens and past a primary school at Bildeston, near Hadleigh… Another resident, writer Judy Rumbold, said: “We saw the fox being chased and the next minute our garden was full of hounds…. “We often see foxes in fields around the village and I am against hunting and this is one of the reasons why…. Joint master of the hunt, local landowner James Buckle, said: “The hounds did pick up the scent and were chasing a fox and we tried very hard to stop them… (story)

Guardian 26.3.10 Irish Greens risk rift with coalition partners over hunt ban - Attempt to ban Ireland's only stag hunt sparks anger among Fianna Fáil's rural supporters and piles pressure on government - Owen Bowcott - Ireland's Green party is attempting to ban the country's only stag hunt, triggering an animal rights row with rural communities, the traditional supporters of its coalition partners in the Dublin government. Hunt supporters will gather later tomorrow to vent their wrath outside the Greens' annual conference in Waterford, opening a political rift that could add to pressures on the coalition with Fianna Fáil. Those defending the 150-year-old Ward Union stag hunt, which operates in north County Dublin and County Meath, claim the proposed ban is the thin end of a legislative wedge that will undermine Ireland's entire hunting community and damage its lucrative horse racing industry…. (story)

Worcester News 26.3.10 Well intentioned but naive ideas - Worcester Green Party candidate Louis Stephens (Letters March 12) has some interesting ideas on how we produce our food and conserve the countryside. Well intentioned, but naive, they unfortunately lack the necessary joined-up thinking needed, leaving many people to wonder what experience Mr Stephen has to comment seriously on rural matters…. Jon Burgess, Malvern >(letter)
Worcester News 12.3.10 Go online to keep cruelty in the past - As the opinion polls narrow, the Tories will be fighting for every vote in marginal constituencies like Worcester… The Green Party is big on animal welfare, campaigning to curb factory farming, would ban live animal exports and supports the ban on fox hunting with dogs. Louis Stephen, Green Party parliamentary candidate (letter)

Times 26.3.10 Fox cubs abandoned by their mother take comfort in a Basil Brush lookalike - Abandoned by their mother when just a few days old after their den was disturbed, these three fox cubs seem to find comfort in a Basil Brush lookalike. The cuddly toy and a teddy bear are helping to rehabilitate the cubs at the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service…. Animal rescue volunteer, hairdresser Monica Russell, takes the cubs to work with her at the Definitions salon in Hailsham (story)

Telegraph 26.3.10 Britons back circus animal ban - Campaigners have called on the government to introduce legislation against circus animals, with research showing that more than ninety per cent of Brits would support a ban….Animal Welfare Minister Jim Fitzpatrick, said: "I agree with the clear view emerging from the huge response to the Government's consultation that keeping wild animals to perform in travelling circuses is no longer acceptable… (story)
Daily Mail 26.3.10 Wild animals to be banned from travelling circuses By GERRI PEEV - Elephants, tigers and other wild animals will be banned from the family circuses under new animal welfare rules….(story)
BBC News Online 26.3.10 Circuses facing ban on wild animals - Wild animals in circuses face being banned after a government consultation showed widespread public concern. Ministers said they were "minded" to bar animals like lions and tigers from big tops in England and campaigners hope the rest of the UK will follow… (story)
Independent 26.3.10 Minister signals ban on circus wild animals By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent - Wild animals are to be banned from circuses, ending hundreds of years of performing elephants, tigers and lions in the big top, the Government will say today. In response to a public consultation. Environment minister Jim Fitpatrick said he was ‘minded’ to bring in a ban after 94 per cent of people backed the idea… (story)
ITN 25.3.10 Circuses face ban on using wild animals - The use of wild animals in circuses looks set to be outlawed after the results of a public consultation published on Friday revealed overwhelming backing for a ban…. (story)

Market Rasen Mail 26.3.10 Demo expected at Normanby farm on Easter Saturday - ANTI-vivisection campaigners are expected at Highgate Farm at Normanby by Spital on Easter Saturday. Campaigners fighting to close Huntingdon Life Sciences, have called for a demonstration at Highgate, which supplied animals for, amongst other things, the vivisection industry…. (story)


Western Morning News 25.3.10 Heavyweight jockeys to race over fences - FOR the first time ever, heavyweight horsemen with a desire to ride at speed over fences will be given the opportunity to do just that when the Taunton Vale Foxhounds stages a special race for those carrying an extra few pounds at its point-to-point on Easter Monday. The meeting is a highlight of the racing calendar in Somerset and with other attractions including a 12 furlong charity race, a parade of hounds, entertainment for children, a hog roast, an array of trade stands, a licensed bar and the chance to bet, all roads will lead to Kingston St Mary…. (story)

Kent Courier 25.3.10 Don't miss out on a Countryside treat this weekend at Detling Showground - THE ever-popular Kent Game and Equine Festival will be at the Kent Showground, Detling this weekend (March 27th and 28th). … This important countryside event, which is supported by the Countryman’s Weekly and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), will be welcoming international show jumper Geoff Billington to the new indoor equine arena… Terrier & Lurcher Show's will be happening over the whole weekend as well as a Hunt Pack Parade (Sunday Only) - a stunning display of regional Hunts… (story)

Yorkshire Post 26.3.10 Coursing toll on hares From Robert Farmer, Brancroft Farm, Austerfield - IN reply to your article about the brown hare (Yorkshire Post, March 15), it is politically correct in a lot of circles to blame modern agriculture for the demise of certain species of wildlife.…. Hares are becoming extinct in areas and there is only one reason for this... illegal hare coursing, which is rampant all over the country. When the hunting ban came into force, the hares lost the only friends they had. (letter)

Birmingham Post 25.3.10 Monitoring an illegal sport - not protesting - Your report about the anti-hunt campaigner who was cleared of killing a hunt supporter with the blade of a gyrocopter gives the wrong impression starting with the title ‘Hunt clashes will go on, protesters warn after manslaughter trial ends’, (Post March 18). Hunt monitors are not ‘protesters’… Your report also implies that both monitors and hunt supporters are equally aggressive to each other but where is the evidence to support this suggestion?... The pertinent fact reported in your article and elsewhere is that a Warwickshire hunt master admitted to previously hatching a plan with the deceased man and other hunt members to ambush the gyrocopter… G E Purser, Clapton-on-the-Hill, Cheltenham. (letter)

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 25.3.10 Did this hunt break the law- I HAVE lived in Royal Gloucestershire all my life... as I stumbled upon a spectacle I hadn't observed before; a real, live, genuine fox hunt, complete with huntsmen resplendent in their red and black jackets. Only this wasn't any run-of-the-mill fox hunt. This was a hunt of a differing variety; a hunt that was taking place exclusively on Her Majesty's tarmac highway…. DAVE BUNTING Northfield Road Tetbury (letter)

Oxford Mail 25.3.10 Diet of religion - Bea Bradley asked why religious leaders aren’t rallying against the ‘blasphemy of blood sports’ because ...all life was created by a loving God”. She’s illogical in thinking God sides with her. “Thou shalt not kill” was for humans, not animals; otherwise he wouldn’t have given us carnivorous abilities… Mick Heavey Oxford Road Old Marston Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 2.2.10 True civilisation - BEA Bradley asks the challenging question: “Why are religious leaders not railing against the blasphemy of bloodsports?”. … For my part, I could not adhere to any faith which does not regard all creatures, however humble, as possessing a divine spark…. GRAHAM BUTLER, Banbury Road, Bicester (letter)
Oxford Mail Many good things about the snow - THERE were many good things about the snow… It also brought a temporary halt to hunting, with the victims of this vile sport permitted to forage unmolested for their meagre rations in the frozen countryside… Why are religious leaders not railing against the blasphemy of bloodsports. Can anyone answer? BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter)

Irish Independent 25.3.10 Hunters in denial over cruelty - Listening to the RTE 'Frontline' debate on hunting (Monday, March 22), I was incredulous to hear one lifelong foxhunter claim that he could, "with hand on heart", say that he didn't believe hunted foxes were frightened by the experience. An apologist for stag hunting on the same programme claimed that the deer were well cared for and didn't suffer unduly as a result of this "rural pastime". I know that the bloodsport fraternity is getting pretty desperate in the face of an upcoming government ban on carted stag hunting, but this claim makes one wonder if hunters are living in a parallel universe… John Fitzgerald Co Kilkenny (letter)

Times 25.3.10 Mink — menace or native? By Peter Barrington » - Life is beginning to change for the American mink on the riverbanks of the Upper Thames and its tributaries in Oxfordshire. For decades the mink has been dominant — if officially an intrusive — mammal in the wildlife of Britain… (story)

ThisIsSomerset 25.3.10 Silence over horse deaths has been 'cynical and deliberate' - The Cheltenham Racing Festival is over for another year, and as punters and racing correspondents mull over the surprise win of Imperial Commander, readers should spare a thought for the real losers of the Festival. On the first day of racing, Irish horse Casey Jones was killed …. In the afternoon's penultimate race, the chestnut mare Fairyland fell heavily. Her death brought to four the total number of fatalities at the four-day meeting…. Animal Aid will continue to expose the deaths at Cheltenham as well as the 220-plus equine fatalities that occur annually on British racecourses… Fiona Pereira Campaigner Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)

Derby Telegraph 25.3.10 Help to end cruel bloodbath on ice - THERE is hardly any time before the annual slaughter of seals, mostly pups, will take place in Canada…. Express your concern by writing to James R. Wright, Canadian High Commissioner to the UK… For more details contact Respect for Animals… L. Birch, Buxton Road, Chaddesden (letter)


Western Mail 24.3.10 Minister signs death sentence for badgers - – The people of Wales need to realise that there is about to be the start of the biggest change to our natural world in many a decade. The Welsh Assembly Government has through the Minister for Rural Affairs, Elin Jones, set in motion the eradication of one of the few remaining large mammals indigenous to this country…. BARRY HEARTH, Carreg Pentwyn, Mynydd Allt Y Grug, Ystalyfera (letter)

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 24.3.10 Disgusting Duck Farms - I HAVE recently become aware of the shameful conditions on duck farms supplying major supermarkets. Animal group Viva! has filmed ducks crammed into dirty, stinking sheds in their thousands, dead and dying birds… Anyone who has seen the pictures of how these pathetic animals are mistreated knows just how hollow are the supermarkets’ claims of caring about animal welfare. Don’t be fooled and don’t buy duck meat….. JOYCE MOSS, Melmore Gardens, Cirencester (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 24.3.10 Turn out the lights to help save planet - Amy Carpenter, Mossop Close, Ottery St Mary (letter)
Scotsman 22.3.10 Vegan message - IT'S Earth Hour on Saturday when for an hour, from 8:30pm, hundreds of millions of people will turn out their lights to raise awareness about climate change… participants should be encouraged to prepare a low-carbon evening meal, with organic, local produce if possible, but, more importantly, to prepare a meal without animal products… AMY CARPENTER Mossop Close Ottery St Mary Devon (letter)


Worcester News 23.3.10 Huntsman built chalet to protect her horses By James Connell - A MASTER huntsman allowed her mum to build a chalet on her land without planning permission so she could help protect the family’s horses from gun and knife attacks. Natasha Wheeler admitted breaching an enforcement notice which asked her to remove the chalet, built on her land north of Charlton Lane, Torton, near Hartlebury, when she appeared before magistrates in Worcester…. (story)

Sun 23.3.10 Sex ban for birds just not fair game By TOM NEWTON DUNN - KILLJOY ministers have come under fire for BANNING pheasants from having sex. Under the year-long embargo, tens of thousands of imported male pheasants are prevented from mating with British hens…. Shooting industry bosses, who rely on the birds for their sport, claim it will cause hundreds of job losses… the Countryside Alliance says pheasant-rearing will move to Belgium and France, which have no such restrictions… (story)

Guardian 23.3.10 My battle for Welsh badgers - The planned cull of thousands of Welsh badgers to curb bovine TB is unscientific and inhumane – so I decided to help fight it - Brian May - It was a 4.30am wake-up call. Three hours in the car did it – I had the luxury of being driven, so I was able to do a couple of phone interviews in the car on the way, publicising the fact that I cared enough about Welsh badgers to travel to Wales to sit in on a judicial review… So we arrived at the little courthouse in Swansea. What was at stake? Badgers, yes, but much more; the whole question of how we treat the other animals on our planet. In farming, animals are routinely treated as nothing more than commodities: millions of them are confined in hideous containers, deprived of light or movement, never to see the light of day, force-fed, chained up, and then often killed in a degrading and painful way. Wild animals fare just a shade better, but in areas where hunts flourish – despite the hunting ban – packs of brutalised hounds are let loose on foxes, who have often been kept in bags. In laboratories in the UK mice, rats, cats, dogs and even monkeys are routinely subjected to appalling pain and indignity in the name of scientific knowledge, medicine and developing cosmetics. The more I learn of how we behave, the less I can sleep at night… (story)
Times 23.3.10 Queen guitarist Brian May calls proposed badger cull ‘genocide’ - Valerie Elliott, Countryside Editor - Brian May, the Queen guitarist, gave his support yesterday to a legal challenge by protesters who want to halt a cull of badgers in west Wales to protect cattle from the threat of bovine TB…. (story)
Western Mail 23.3.10 Queen guitarist Brian May joins badger fight - The legendary guitarist with rock group Queen has thrown his weight behind opponents mounting a legal challenge to the plan. The Badger Trust charity is fighting to get a controversial TB Eradication Order (Wales) 2009 quashed…. (story)
South Wales Evening Post 22.3.10 Queen star Brian May in Swansea for badger cull meeting - QUEEN guitarist and astrophysicist Brian May was due in Swansea today for a legal hearing about badgers. The veteran rocker opposes the Assembly's proposed badger cull, which aims to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis… (story)
BBC News Online 22.3.10 Queen guitarist Brian May joins fight over badger cull - Queen guitarist Brian May has joined a legal challenge in Swansea to try to stop a plan to cull badgers in parts of mid and west Wales… >(story)
Wales on Sunday 21.3.10 Welsh badgers won’t bite the dust, vow’s Queen guitarist by Graham Henry, Wales On Sunday - QUEEN legend Brian May has vowed to fight to “the bitter end” to stop thousands of Welsh badgers being culled. In an exclusive interview with Wales on Sunday, the superstar guitarist condemned Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones’ decision to cull the animals to halt the spread of bovine TB as “immoral and unthinkable.”… (story)

Telegraph 23.3.10 Lord Drayson: Winning the war on animal testing - Lord Drayson, the Science Minister, talks to Richard Gray about the clear shift in public understanding of the need for animal testing. By Richard Gray - Lord Drayson says he owes a debt of thanks to animal rights extremists…. “Animal rights extremism is what truly got me interested in politics,” he explained. “I wouldn’t be sitting here today as the UK’s Science Minister if it hadn’t been for this. “I was the chief executive of a biotechnology company in the UK when animal rights extremism reached quite nasty levels. Seeing the way individual researchers and companies were targeted by these extremists politicised me as I felt it wasn’t right.”… (story)


Halstead Gazette 22.3.10 Injury allegation after hunt meet By Anna Faro - Police are investigating an alleged assault during a drag fox hunt. The incident happened on Saturday during a meet of the East Essex Hunt in Great Yeldham… Police spokesman Bill Stock said: “We are investigating allegations of assault made by a woman who was protesting at a hunt meeting in Great Yeldham." (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 22.3.10 Good turnout for last hunt - Jodhpurs, jackets and black velvet riding hats were the dress code of the day as 83 riders joined the Albrighton Hunt for the last meet of the season. Up to 300 spectators turned out to witness the centuries-old tradition as riders gathered at Whiston Cross, near Albrighton, for Saturday’s sporting spectacle… (story)

Mirror 22.3.10 Pilot in fear after death - The animal rights enthusiast who killed a hunt supporter with his gyrocopter is living in fear of reprisals…. (story)
Birmingham Post 22.3.10 Hunt protester cleared of manslaughter fears reprisals - An animal rights enthusiast who piloted a gyrocopter that killed a hunt supporter has spoken of his fear of reprisals following his acquittal for manslaughter… Mr Griffiths installed CCTV at his home in Bedworth, Warwickshire, a while ago and is on a police list of priority callers…. Sam Butler, a Warwickshire Hunt master, said: “At no stage has anyone in the Warwickshire Hunt ever discussed using any form of physical action against hunt monitors.”… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 22.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot fears attacks by hunt supporters - AN animal rights enthusiast who piloted a gyrocopter that killed a hunt supporter spoke today of his fear of reprisals following his acquittal for manslaughter… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 21.3.10 The deepening countryside 'war' over the hunting ban - Tensions between anti-hunt protestors and hunt supporters have been exacerbated in the run-up to the general election following the acquittal of an animal rights campigner accused of killing a huntsman with a gyrocopter. By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter - It is the court case that revealed the bitterness and hatred being regularly played out in the countryside because of the hunting ban… It can also be disclosed that John Curtin, 47, who was a passenger in the gyrocopter when Mr Morse died, is an animal rights' extremist with a string of convictions… Yet the jury at Birmingham crown court heard nothing about Mr Curtin's criminal past when it was ruled, after legal discussions that were not held in front of the jury, that his past record meant he should not give evidence…. (story)
Sunday Mercury 21.3.10 EXCLUSIVE: Animal rights gyrocopter pilot fears reprisals by Nick McCarthy, Sunday Mercury - THE Gyrocopter pilot who was cleared of killing a hunt supporter in the Midlands says he fears reprisal attacks, and believes that his family might have been safer had he gone to prison… Speaking for the first time of his year of hell, animal rights enthusiast Mr Griffiths, talks to the Sunday Mercury about the accident, his time in prison and his opposition to fox hunting…. (story)
Guardian 21.3.10 Activist who was cleared of hunt supporter's death fears reprisals - Press Association - An animal rights activist who piloted a gyrocopter that killed a hunt supporter spoke yesterday of his fear of reprisals following his acquittal for manslaughter… Griffiths, 55, was cleared of manslaughter by gross negligence at Birmingham crown court on Wednesday. He is worried about reprisal attacks by hunt supporters who, he said, may feel he has not been made to pay for Mr Morse's death… (story)
BBC News Online 20.3.10 Woodland memorial for dead Warwickshire huntsman - Hunt supporters have raised £20,000 in memory of a Warwickshire huntsman who died after being struck by the blade of a gyrocopter propeller…. The money will be given to Mr Morse's family to help them buy and maintain a wooded covert in his memory… (story)
Mirror 20.3.10 REGRET OF FOX PILOT By Graham Brough - The pilot whose gyrocopter propellor sliced a fox huntsman's head in two during a confrontation has suffered sleepless nights and says he is "deeply saddened" by what happened. Bryan Griffiths was charged with the manslaughter of Trevor Morse, 48, but cleared this week at Birmingham crown court. He said: "I've had a lot of sleepless nights. It's something I shall live with for the rest of my life… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 19.3.10 Tribute to 'kind, gentle' hunt supporter Trevor Morse killed by gyrocopter By Sam Dimmer - A MASTER of the Warwickshire Hunt has paid tribute to hunt supporter Trevor Morse after a Bedworth gyrocopter pilot was cleared of his manslaughter. Sam Butler, a leading member of the hunt, was speaking after the not guilty verdict was delivered at the end of Bryan Griffith’s 13-day trial at Birmingham Crown Court on Tuesday. Mr Butler said the hunting community in Warwickshire had been brought closer together by the death of “kind, gentle” Mr Morse, who was 48… (story)
Birmingham Post 18.3.10 Hunt clashes will go on, protesters warn after manslaughter trial ends By Nick McCarthy - Protesters have vowed to continue their fight against a Midland hunt after an anti-hunt campaigner was cleared of killing a hunt supporter with the blade of a gyrocopter. As animal rights enthusiast Bryan Griffiths walked free from Birmingham Crown Court cleared of the manslaughter of hunt supporter Trevor Morse, his colleagues said the war they had waged against the Warwickshire Hunt was far from over….Judy Gilbert has been a volunteer hunt monitor for 12 years and had monitored with Mr Griffiths in the gyrocopter prior to March 9. The 63-year-old grandmother from Buckinghamshire, said: “The Warwickshire Hunt has always treated us appallingly and we had warned police that the atmosphere was very unpleasant and was getting worse… (story)
Times 18.3.10 Pilot Bryan Griffithsis cleared over death of huntsman Trevor Morse hit by gyrocopter - STEVE BIRD - In a case that highlighted the passions and entrenched attitudes on both sides of the hunting debate, an animal rights campaigner who had been at the controls of a gyrocopter when it cleaved open a huntsman’s head was cleared of manslaughter yesterday…. The Times can reveal today that Mr Griffiths’s passenger was a convicted animal rights extremist. The jury was not told that John Curtin, 49 had been jailed for two years for planning to dig up the remains of the 10th Duke of Beaufort and send the head to the Princess Royal. His part in the 1980s plot was intended, he said, to give fox hunters, whom he called “blood junkies”, a “taste of their own violent medicine”. Mr Griffiths’s defence team said Mr Morse tried to grab Mr Curtin shortly before take-off, raising the possibility that he had been recognised… (story)
Independent 18.3.10 Protester Bryan Griffiths is cleared of killing hunt supporter Trevor Morse By Jerome Taylor - An animal rights activist who piloted a gyrocopter that decapitated a hunt supporter was cleared of manslaughter yesterday…. An experienced gyrocopter pilot who had strong anti-hunting sympathies, Mr Griffiths showed no emotion as the verdict was read out. But there were angry gasps and smatterings of applause from spectators in the public gallery… (story)
Mirror 18.3.10 Animal rights protester cleared of killing hunt supporter with gyrocopter By Rod Chaytor - An animal rights protester whose gyrocopter sliced a hunt supporter's head in two was yesterday cleared of killing him… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 18.3.10 Partner of hunt man Trevor Morse speaks of devastation at pilot trial not guilty verdict By Sam Dimmer - A JURY has cleared gyrocopter pilot Bryan Griffiths of the manslaughter by gross negligence of hunt follower Trevor Morse… In a statement issued after the verdict, Mr Morse’s partner of 23 years, Caroline Morse, said: “I am absolutely devastated by this result…. (story)
Tewkesbury Admag18.3.10 Pilot cleared over gyrocopter death - PILOT Bryan Griffiths has been cleared of manslaughter following the death of a Warwickshire hunt supporter who was struck by the blades of a gyrocopter…. (story)
Express 18.3.10 PILOT IS CLEARED OF KILLING HUNTSMAN WITH COPTER By John Chapman - AN animal rights enthusiast who piloted a light aircraft that killed a hunt supporter was yesterday cleared of manslaughter. Bryan Griffiths, 55, walked free after a two-week trial in which the horrific injuries inflicted on Trevor Morse were described to the jury… (story)
Guardian 17.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot cleared of hunt supporter's manslaughter - Martin Wainwright - The pilot of a gyrocopter whose rotor sliced through the head of a hunt supporter during an angry confrontation as he refuelled was cleared of manslaughter today… (story)
Times 17.3.10 Pilot Bryan Griffiths cleared over decapitation of Trevor Morse - Steve Bird - A pilot and animal rights campaigner who drove a gyrocopter at a member of a fox hunt, cleaving his head from top to bottom with its blades, was cleared of manslaughter today. Bryan Griffiths, 55, had claimed that he feared being beaten up by members of the Warwickshire Hunt after one of its members, Trevor Morse, blocked his aircraft from taking off because it was involved in monitoring whether foxes were being killed illegally…. (story)
Guardian 17.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot cleared of manslaughter over hunt member's death - Anti-hunt protester Bryan Griffiths walks free from court over death of Trevor Morse, who was killed by aircraft's blade… (story)
Guardian 17.3.10 How hunting dispute led Trevor Morse to fatal encounter with gyrocopter - Martin Wainwright - The terrible death of Trevor Morse was much the worst incident in the truculent standoff that has existed between hunt supporters and opponents since the chasing of foxes for sport was supposedly outlawed in 2004…. Witness accounts of the death suggested intransigence on both sides, with Morse standing obdurately in front of the moving gyrocopter after his colleague had taken refuge in the Land Rover. Video and detailed descriptions left the jury to decide whether Griffiths was aiming carefully for a gap to avoid danger, as he told police, or whether mutual anger saw things spiral out of control… (story)
Independent 17.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot Bryan Griffiths cleared over hunt supporter Trevor Morse's death By Danielle Dwyer, Press Association - An animal rights enthusiast who piloted a gyrocopter which killed a hunt supporter was today cleared of manslaughter… (story)
BBC News Online 17.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot cleared over huntsman death - A gyrocopter pilot has been found not guilty of killing a hunt supporter who was struck by the machine's propeller. Bryan Griffiths, 55, was acquitted of the manslaughter by gross negligence of Warwickshire Hunt member Trevor Morse at Long Marston airfield in March 2009…. (story)
BBC News Online 17.3.10 Hunt monitoring - stalking or civic duty? By Sitala Peek - Hunt monitor Bryan Griffiths has been acquitted of the manslaughter of a Warwickshire Hunt member. But the debate over the methods used by those opposed to hunting rages on…. Daniel Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), said: "It's not a personal thing, good God, we don't wish them dead…. The CA said its members always informed police of hunt meetings and had "nothing to hide" but objected to monitors such as Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA) using gyrocopters…. "If someone was flying a gyrocopter above your house every Saturday and followed you to the football stadium and back just in case you turned out to be a football hooligan, even though you had no prior convictions or charges for hooliganism, you would find it intimidating and frustrating. "That is what these people are doing in effect and that is stalking."… (story)
Horse & Hound 17.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot Bryan Griffiths found not guilty of manslaughter - Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news - Gyrocopter pilot Bryan Griffiths has been found not guilty of the manslaughter by gross negligence of Warwickshire hunt supporter Trevor Morse…. (story)
Coventry Telegraph 17.3.10 Pilot Bryan Griffiths cleared of manslaughter of hunt supporter Trevor Morse - ANIMAL rights enthusiast Bryan Griffiths was today cleared at Birmingham Crown Court of the manslaughter of Warwickshire Hunt member Trevor Morse, who was killed when he was struck by the blade of a gyrocopter…. (story)
Birmingham Post 17.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot not guilty of manslaughter of Warwickshire Hunt supporter - An animal rights enthusiast from Warwickshire who piloted a gyrocopter which killed a hunt supporter has been cleared of manslaughter…. Speaking outside the court, Judy Gilbert, a hunt monitor and friend of Mr Griffiths, said: "We just wanted to say how absolutely delighted and relieved we are that Mr Griffiths has been found not guilty… (story)
Mirror 17.3.10 Pilot cleared over gyrocopter death - An animal rights enthusiast who piloted a gyrocopter which killed a hunt supporter has been cleared of manslaughter… (story)
Sky 17.3.10 Gyrocopter Pilot Not Guilty Over Man's Death - Adam Arnold, Sky News Online - An animal rights enthusiast has been cleared of manslaughter after his gyrocopter struck and killed a hunt member… Griffiths, 55, showed no reaction as the verdict was delivered but there were gasps and some applause from supporters in the public gallery… (story)
Sun 17.3.10 Man cleared of chopper death - AN animal rights enthusiast who piloted a gyrocopter which killed a hunt supporter was today cleared of manslaughter…. (story)
Mail 17.3.10 Animal rights enthusiast cleared of killing hunt supporter with gyrocopter blade By FAY SCHLESINGER - An animal rights activist who killed a fox hunt supporter by driving a gyrocopter at his head walked free from court today after being cleared of manslaughter… (story)
Stratford on Avon Herald 17.3.10 GYRO PILOT CLEARED OF MANSLAUGHTER OF HUNT SUPPORTER - HUNT monitor Bryan Griffiths was today cleared of the manslaughter of Warwickshire Hunt supporter Trevor Morse, who was killed by a gyrocopter at Long Marston airfield… (story)
Northern Echo 17.3.10 Pilot cleared over gyrocopter death - An animal rights enthusiast who piloted a gyrocopter which killed a hunt supporter has been cleared of manslaughter… (story)
Birmingham Mail 17.3.10 Jury begins second day of deliberations in gyrocopter death trial - The jury in the case of an animal rights enthusiast who piloted a gyrocopter which killed a hunt supporter near Stratford-upon-Avon has begun its second day of deliberations… (story)
BBC News Online 16.3.10 Jury retires in gyrocopter case - A jury in the case of an animal rights enthusiast who piloted a gyrocopter which killed a hunt supporter has retired to consider its verdict. (story)
Birmingham Post 16.3.10 Jury considers verdict in Warwickshire Hunt gyrocopter death case - The jury in the case of a Warwickshire animal rights enthusiast who piloted a gyrocopter which killed a hunt supporter will meet again on Wednesday to consider its verdict…The jury retired on Tuesday afternoon. After a few hours, the case was adjourned until 10.30am Wednesday (story)
Birmingham Mail 16.3.10 Jury retires in gyrocopter death trial - The jury in the case of an animal rights enthusiast who piloted a gyrocopter which killed a hunt supporter near Stratford-upon-Avon has retired to consider its verdict… (story)
Horse & Hound 16.3.10 Jury out to consider verdict in Trevor Morse-gyrocopter case - Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news - A jury is considering their verdict in the case of Trevor Morse, the hunt supporter killed by a gyrocopter last year… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 12.3.10 Pilot who killed hunt supporter with propellor blade had 'poor attitude' By Sam Dimmer - A PILOT who killed a hunt supporter with a gyrocopter propellor blade had been reprimanded for risky flying just three days before the tragedy. Bryan Griffiths, 55, from Bedworth, touched down without permission at an airstrip used by a gliding club while monitoring another hunt on March 6 last year. After landing at Shenington airfield, near Banbury, he was approached by two or three people who accused him of flying over cables used to pull gliders into the air… During his second day on the witness stand at Birmingham Crown Court Griffiths admitted that he had been reported to CAA once before in 2007 and had twice been reprimanded during his initial training in Wellesbourne. His instructor reported he had a “poor attitude” in the aftermath of one incident… (story)
Mirror 12.3.10 Gyrocopter horror 'not pilot's fault' - A pilot accused of flying his gyrocopter at a foxhunt marshall, splitting his head from top to bottom, yesterday said he was not responsible for the man's death…. (story)
BBC News Online 11.3.10 Warwickshire gyrocopter pilot 'feared danger' - An animal rights supporter accused of killing a hunt supporter in a gyrocopter felt "there was imminent danger" to himself, a court heard. Bryan Griffiths, 55, from Bedworth, Warwickshire, said Trevor Morse was speaking on a mobile and he feared severe injury "if others turned up"… (story)
Horse & Hound 11.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot says Trevor Morse had 'ample opportunity' to move - Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news - The gyrocopter pilot who killed Trevor Morse has told Birmingham Crown Court he had no intention of hurting the Warwickshire hunt supporter. Pilot Bryan Griffiths, 55, of Bedworth, Warwickshire, is accused of the manslaughter by gross negligence of Trevor Morse — a charge he denies. Griffiths said in evidence to the court that he gave Mr Morse "ample opportunity" to move out of the way of the propeller blades on his gyrocopter…. (story)
Times 10.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot feared fox hunter Trevor Morse 'intent on harming him' - Steve Bird - A pilot helping animal rights activists told a jury he was “extremely frightened” when a fox hunt supporter hemmed in his gyrocopter just minutes before his head was cleaved from top to bottom by its rotors…. (story)
Stratford upon Avon Herald 10.3.10 GYRO PILOT WHO KILLED HUNT WORKER ‘DIDN’T INTEND TO HURT HIM’ - AN animal rights enthusiast accused of killing a Warwickshire Hunt supporter in a gyrocopter at Long Marston airfield told police he had “no intention” of hurting him, a court has heard…. Police interviews were read out at Birmingham Crown Court this week in which Mr Griffiths maintained his actions were borne out of desperation to flee the scene… (story)
BBC News Online 9.3.10 Hunt supporter killed by gyrocopter 'had time to move' - A hunt supporter who was killed by a gyrocopter propeller was given "ample opportunity" to move out of the way, Birmingham Crown Court has heard… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 9.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot 'did not intend to hurt hunt supporter' by Sam Dimmer, Coventry Telegraph - A PILOT who killed a hunt supporter in an incident at Long Marston airfield told police he had “no intention” of hurting him. Trevor Morse, 48, died in March last year after the blade of a gyrocopter piloted by Bryan Griffiths, 55, of Bedworth, struck him on the head…. (story)
Horse & Hound 8.3.10 Trevor Morse court case: gyrocopter pilot to give evidence today - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - The pilot of the gyrocopter that killed Warwickshire hunt supporter Trevor Morse is giving evidence in court today (Monday 8 March)…. (story)
Coventry Telegraph 5.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot's frantic 999 call played in court - THE GYROCOPTER pilot whose aircraft‘s propeller blade “cleaved off” part of a hunt supporter’s head made a series of frantic 999 calls in the aftermath of the tragedy. Bryan Griffiths, 55, from Wiltshire Close in Bedworth spoke to the emergency services three times after Trevor Morse, 48, was killed on Long Marston airfield, near Stratford, last March… (story)
Telegraph 5.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot 'feared attack from hunt gang', court told - An animal rights enthusiast who piloted a gyrocopter which killed a hunt supporter believed he had been shot at from the ground and feared a ''gang'' was on its way to attack him, a court heard. Bryan Griffiths, 55, is charged with the manslaughter by gross negligence of Warwickshire Hunt member Trevor Morse at Long Marston airfield on March 9 last year…. (story)
BBC News Online 4.3.10 Warwickshire gyrocopter pilot 'feared hunt attack' - An animal rights supporter accused of killing a hunt supporter in a gyrocopter thought he had been shot at and could be attacked, a court heard. Bryan Griffiths, 55, of Wiltshire Close, Bedworth, Warwickshire, denies the manslaughter by gross negligence of Trevor Morse in March last year… Before Mr Morse arrived in his vehicle, with the intention of parking in front of the gyrocopter, Mr Griffiths had been speaking to "aviation fanatic" Michael Tipping, the court was told. Mr Tipping said Mr Morse was "intrusive and aggressive" when he got out of his vehicle and started taking photographs…. (story)
Coventry Telegraph 4.3.10 Star's son at Long Marston airfield on day hunt supporter killed by gyrocopter By Sam Dimmer - THE SON of pop legend Bryan Ferry was seen at a Warwickshire airfield on the day hunt supporter Trevor Morse was killed by a propellor blade rotating at nearly 200 mph. Otis Ferry, 27, who has links to the south Shropshire hunt, was reported to have spoken to Mr Morse, 48, an hour before the horrific stand-off that led to his death…. (story)
Cotswold Journal 4.3.10 Man in court following gyrocopter death of hunt supporter - A MAN has appeared at Birmingham Crown Court following the death of a fox hunt supporter who was killed when his head was struck by the blades of a gyrocopter. Bryan Griffiths, aged 55, has denied a charge for the manslaughter by gross negligence of Warwickshire Hunt supporter Trevor Morse at Long Marston Airfield on March 9 last year… (story)
Stratford upon Avon Herald 4.3.10 JURY HEARS OF HUNT WORKER’S DEATH - A GYROCOPTER pilot drove towards a hunt supporter,who was trying to stop him from taking off at Long Marston airfield, killing him with a propellor blade, a court heard this week… … (story)
Birmingham Post 4.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot feared he was under attack from Hunt supporters - An animal rights enthusiast who piloted a gyrocopter which killed a Warwickshire Hunt supporter believed he had been shot at from the ground and feared a "gang" was on its way to attack him, a court heard. Bryan Griffiths, 55, is charged with the manslaughter by gross negligence of Warwickshire Hunt member Trevor Morse at Long Marston airfield on March 9 last year… Michael Tipping, who describes himself as an "aviation fanatic", was at the scene of the stand-off and had chatted to Griffiths about his gyrocopter before Mr Morse arrived at the airfield, near Stratford-upon-Avon. He told the court that when Mr Morse arrived in his blue Land Rover, which he parked at the nose of the gyrocopter, and began taking pictures, his manner was "intrusive and aggressive"…. (story)
Times 4.3.10 Fox hunter Trevor Morse died 'after tense stand-off' - Steve Bird - A fox hunter who watched a man’s head being sliced in two by a gyrocopter propeller wept today as she told how she feared trouble would “kick off” during a tense stand-off with animal rights activists. Julie Sargeant said that she and Trevor Morse had driven to an airfield to challenge Bryan Griffiths for flying an anti-hunt campaigner over the Warwickshire Hunt to see if they were breaking the law by hunting foxes… (story)
Times 4.3.10 Bryan Ferry's son was at scene of gyrocopter decapitation - Otis Ferry, the pro-hunt activist and son of a pop star, was at the scene where a huntsman’s head was cleaved from top to bottom by a gyrocopter after a tense stand-off with animal rights activists, a court was told yesterday… Birmingham Crown Court was told that Mr Morse, 48, and other key members of the Warwickshire Hunt had met in a pub to hatch an “illegal plan” to stop the gyrocopter from flying over the hunt to see if they were illegally killing foxes… James Wood, QC, defending Mr Griffiths, said that Mr Morse and Anthony Spencer, one of the masters of the Warwickshire Hunt, had decided to “take the law into their own hands” by planning to stop the gyrocopter from its lawful take-off… Peter Bunce, a 70-year-old anti-hunt activist who was delivering fuel for the gyrocopter and filmed the death, said Mr Griffiths had appeared “frightened” by Mr Morse and had only managed to half fill his aircraft before trying to leave. He said that since the 2005 ban on fox hunting huntsmen had become “more and more aggressive” with those filming their hunts to see if the law was being upheld… (story)
Express 4.3.10 COPTER HORROR WITNESS BREAKS DOWN IN COURT By John Chapman - A WITNESS sobbed in court yesterday as she described the moment a hunt supporter’s head was split in half by a ¬gyrocopter propeller. Julie Sargeant broke down as she recalled the horrific death of Trevor Morse, 48, who she described as a Mr Nice Guy. She said she got out of the way of the ¬gyrocopter’s 200mph propeller during a tense stand-off with the pilot Bryan Griffiths… (story)
BBC News Online 3.3.10 Propeller victim 'did not move' away from gyrocopter - A woman who saw her companion's head split by the rear propeller of a gyrocopter has told a court how he did not move out of the way…. Julie Sargeant said Mr Morse was trying to stop the machine from taking off. Mr Griffiths had been monitoring the Warwickshire Hunt, of which Mr Morse was a committee member, from the air. The court has heard hunt master Anthony Spencer and Mr Morse had a plan to stop the gyrocopter from taking off when it landed to refuel so they could confront the pilot. When the pilot did stop at the airfield near Stratford-upon-Avon Mr Morse parked a Land Rover "right up to the nose" of the gyrocopter, Ms Sargeant said… She said Mr Morse had stood in front of the gyrocopter, to the left hand side of it…. "It (the engine) started and then it moved forward and hit Trevor," she said… (story)
Guardian 3.3.10 Hunt supporter killed after 'attempt to stop gyrocopter taking off' - Martin Wainwright - A hunt master told a court today he was trying to set up a blockade against a gyrocopter that was monitoring a hunt when the aircraft's rotor blade sliced into a supporter's head. Anthony Spencer said he had arranged for cars to be parked next to the gyrocopter to prevent it taking off. Trevor Morse, a 48-year-old landscape gardener, who was helping him, was killed instantly…. "All we were trying to do was prevent the aircraft from taking off for long enough to get some evidence of who the pilots were," he said. Another hunt supporter, Julie Sargeant, broke down in tears as she described how she had initially stood in front of the aircraft with Morse…. (story)
Metro 3.3.10 Bystander weeps: 'My horror as gyrocopter blades killed man' - A bystander who saw a hunt supporter’s head cleaved ‘from top to bottom’ by a gyrocopter blade broke down yesterday as she recalled the moment in court… (story)
Sunday Mercury 3.3.10 Hunt supporter killed after refusing to move away from gyrocopter – court - A woman who watched as a Warwickshire Hunt supporter died in the propeller blades of a gyrocopter broke down as she recalled the moment in court…. (story)
Coventry Telegraph 3.3.10 Trial sees Long Marston gyrocopter death video horror By Sam Dimmer - A CHILLING video showing the moments before a hunt supporter’s head was “cleaved off” by a gyrocopter propellor has been shown during the trial of the Bedworth man accused of his manslaughter… (story)
Sun 3.3.10 Gyro pilot ‘cut off hunt chief’s head’ By ANDREW PARKER - A FOX hunt marshall was decapitated when he attempted to stop a gyrocopter taking off, a court heard yesterday. Trevor Morse, 48, died instantly as the 200mph rear blade "cleaved his head from top to bottom". Pilot Bryan Griffiths used the gyrocopter to film hunts but said he was not an animal rights activist…. (story)
Mirror 3.3.10 Chopper blade ripped out hunt man's brain By Rod Chaytor - A hunt supporter was killed by the blade of a protester's gyrocopter, a court heard yesterday. Trevor Morse had his brain ripped out when the craft being taxied by Bryan Griffiths hit him. The 200mph rear rotor "cleaved his head from top to bottom" after the gyrocopter was allegedly driven straight at him on purpose during a confrontation… (story)
Daily Record 3.3.10 Hunt supporter's head was chopped in two by gyrocopter rotor, court hears By Rod Chaytor - A HUNT supporter had his head cut in half when he tried to stop a gyrocopter flown by an anti-hunting pilot from taking off, a court heard yesterday…. (story)
Metro 3.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot ‘sliced hunt man’s head open’ - A pilot who was helping animal rights activists drove his gyrocopter at a hunt supporter – slicing open his head ‘from top to bottom’ with its blades, a court has heard…. (story)
Express 3.3.10 PILOT ‘USED HIS COPTER BLADES TO KILL HUNTING FAN’ By John Chapman - A HUNT supporter died when his head was cleaved “from top to -bottom” by the blades of a gyro-copter, a court heard yesterday. Trevor Morse, 48, died instantly when the rear propeller of the aircraft, rotating at 200mph, hit him as he confronted a pilot who was ¬tracking the hunt… (story)
BBC News Online 2.3.10 Hunt supporter died 'instantly' from gyrocopter blade - A hunt supporter was killed instantly when he was hit by a gyrocopter's propeller blade spinning at 200mph, a court heard. Bryan Griffiths, 54, of Bedworth, has pleaded not guilty of the manslaughter of Trevor Morse by gross negligence…. Prosecuting, Gareth Evans QC said Mr Morse had been deliberately trying to stop the gyrocopter from taking off…. "We say the defendant deliberately chose to drive quickly at Mr Morse and face the consequences, when he could have driven slowly towards Mr Morse until he had a gap."… (story)
Times 2.3.10 Hunt supporter died after pilot Bryan Griffiths drove gyrocopter at him - STEVE BIRD - A pilot who was helping animal rights activists drove a gyrocopter at a hunt supporter, "cleaving his head from top to bottom" with its blades, a court heard today. Jurors watched in horror as the “brutal” 90-second video was played of Trevor Morse’s final moments before he was struck by the rear propellers, which were spinning at 200mph. The aircraft was being flown by Bryan Griffiths, 55, who is accused of killing the 48-year-old Warwickshire Hunt member during a tense stand-off at an airfield… Peter Bunce, an anti-hunt sympathiser, made the video when he went to the airfield in the Cotswolds to help with the refuelling… The video had been edited so that the moment of impact was not shown. The clip resumed showing the aftermath, with Mr Morse lying motionless on the ground as a man is heard sighing and then saying: “Oh dear. The twat didn’t stand clear of it. I just...”… (story)
Telegraph 2.3.10 Gyrocopter pilot 'cleaved hunt supporter's head from top to bottom' - A gyrocopter pilot drove towards a hunt supporter who was trying to stop him from taking off, cleaving his head ''from top to bottom'', a court heard. Bryan Griffiths, 55, is charged with the manslaughter by gross negligence of Warwickshire Hunt member Trevor Morse at Long Marston airfield, near Stratford-upon-Avon, on March 9 last year…. ''The prosecution say that this man, the defendant, is criminally liable for this death. We say that he is guilty of manslaughter, we say that he caused Trevor Morse's death by his own gross negligence.'' Mr Evans said Griffiths deliberately drove the gyrocopter at Mr Morse, with the rear propeller spinning at a speed approaching 200mph. He said: "Doing so, we say, was reckless in the extreme because the manoeuvre carried with it a very, very real risk that Mr Morse would come into contact with the revolving, unguarded rear propeller blades of the gyrocopter."… (story)
Daily Mail 2.3.10 Hunt supporter died after 'his head was struck by gyrocopter propeller blade during row with pilot' - A fox hunting supporter's head was cleaved from 'top to bottom' by the blades of a gyrocopter after he tried to confront the pilot for tracking his hunt, a court heard today. Jurors watched in horror as a gruesome video showing the last seconds of Trevor Morse's life were played to a hushed courtroom… (story)
Guardian 2.3.10 Gyrocopter rotor blade killed hunt supporter instantly, court told – Martin Wainwright - A hunt supporter trying to stop a pilot from taking off in a gyrocopter had his head sliced open by the machine's tail rotor blade, a court heard today. Trevor Morse, 48, was flung aside by the force of the blow, which ripped out part of his brain, killing him instantly, a jury at Birmingham crown court was told…. (story)
Horse & Hound 2.3.10 Court shown shocking video of gyrocopter decapitation - A hunt marshall was decapitated when he tried to stop a gyrocopter from taking off, a court has heard. Trevor Morse died instantly when the rear propellor blade of the aircraft, rotating at 200mph, "cleaved his head from top to bottom" which "dramatically removed a portion of his brain", a jury was told… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 2.3.10 Jury sworn in for Long Marston gyrocopter case - A JURY was sworn in yesterday for the trial of a man accused of killing a hunt supporter who died after he was hit by a gyrocopter’s rotor blade. Bryan Griffiths, 55, is charged with the manslaughter of Warwickshire Hunt member Trevor Morse on March 9 last year… (story)
Birmingham Post 2.3.10 Warwickshire Hunt supporter killed when gyrocopter blades hit his head court told - A gyrocopter pilot drove towards a Warwickshire Hunt supporter who was trying to stop him from taking off, cleaving his head "from top to bottom" with a propeller blade, a court has been told… (story)
BBC News Online 1.3.10 Man denies killing hunt supporter with gyrocopter - A man has denied killing a hunt supporter by flying a gyrocopter towards him at speed. Bryan Griffiths, 54, of Bedworth, Warwickshire, pleaded not guilty to a new charge of the manslaughter of Trevor Morse by gross negligence. Mr Morse, a committee member with the Warwickshire Hunt, died at Long Marston Airfield, Stratford-upon-Avon, on 9 March… (story)
Birmingham Post 1.3.10 Trial starts for Warwickshire man accused of killing hunt supporter - A 55-year-old Warwickshire man is to go on trial charged with killing a hunt supporter who died after being struck by the rotor blades of a gyrocopter. Bryan Griffiths, whose trial will take place at Birmingham Crown Court, denies the manslaughter of Warwickshire Hunt member Trevor Morse… (story)
Horse & Hound 1.3.10 PIlot of hunting death gyrocopter in court for manslaughter - Abigail Butcher - Bryan Griffiths, the man accused of themanslaughter of hunt supporter Trevor Morse, appears court today. Griffiths, of Bedworth, Warwickshire, will appear in Birmingham Crown Court in a case that is scheduled to last between two and three weeks but may be over much sooner… Countryside Alliance spokesman Chloe Finch said witnesses for the prosecution will include Warwickshire master Antony Spencer and the female hunt supporter who was with Trevor when he was killed. "We also expect both Peter Bunce of the POWA [Protect Our Wild Animals campaign] who filmed the whole incident and convicted animal rights extremist John Curtin, who was Griffiths' co-pilot, to appear as witnesses," she said… (story)

Guardian 22.3.10 Badger charity challenges Welsh cull - Steven Morris - An animal welfare charity is today challenging a decision to cull badgers in parts of Wales. The Badger Trust is seeking a judicial review of the Welsh assembly's decision to begin a trial cull of badgers as part of an attempt to eradicate bovine TB…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 22.3.10 Now ducks are treated cruelly - Have our food producers learnt nothing? After bringing us BSE, Salmonella, E.coli and antibiotic resistant killer bugs, they've done it again. They're promoting duck meat, but not letting on to consumers exactly how those ducks are treated. In fact it is almost all factory farmed and unbelievably cruel… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)

Hackney Gazette 22.3.10 Stoke Newington dog in PETA competition - A Stoke Newington dog owner is hoping her mutt will be crowned the "cutest rescue dog in the UK." Lynne Cornwall entered Johnny Sunshine in animal charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)'s online competition to find the UK's cutest mixed-breed rescue dog… (story)


Aberdeen Press & Journal 20.3.10 Delegates gather for rural affairs event - ENVIRONMENT Minister Richard Lochhead was yesterday in Inverness to address the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust’s Scottish conference…. (story)

Independent 20.3.10 Save the tuna - Many people will be disappointed to learn that proposals to safeguard the future of species on the brink of extinction, such as the bluefin tuna, were rejected at the recent Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species meeting… The best way to save the animals in our oceans is to simply stop eating them. Kelly Slade Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Irish Examiner 20.3.10 ‘Factory’ chickens can be a threat to health - ACCORDING to the latest report of the European Food Safety Authority, 83% of chickens entering Irish slaughterhouses are infected with campylobacter, a major source of gastroenteritis in humans…. Animals are complex, sentient beings, yet we treat them as if they had no rights at all. We shouldn’t be surprised when the system develops serious cracks. Gerry Boland Keadue Co Roscommon (letter)


Telegraph 19.3.10 Lady Sarah McCorquodale, sister of Diana, Princess of Wales, becomes a master of the hunt - Tim Walker. Edited by Richard Eden - When the Labour Government banned fox hunting, the Prince of Wales and other members of the Royal family reluctantly accepted that they could no longer ride to hounds. There is no such restriction on Prince William's aunt Lady Sarah McCorquodale, who, Mandrake can disclose, is to become a master of the Belvoir Hunt. "Lady Sarah will become a master of the hunt in May," says Nina Camm, the secretary of the Belvoir Hunt Supporters' Club. "She has been a member of the hunt for many years."… (story)

Kent Courier 19.3.10 Ramsgate protest over fox hunting - PROTESTORS concerned about a possible repeal of the ban on fox hunting by a future Tory government protested yesterday outside a Conservative office in Ramsgate. Animal lover Barbara Woodruff, 70, led the 30-strong crowd, waving banners and holding a large poster of a bloodied fox at headquarters used by Conservative parliamentary candidate for South Thanet Laura Sandys…. (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 19.3.10 All the fun of the game fair - A RECORD turnout of more than 18,000 people enjoyed a sunny celebration of country life at the Westcountry Game Fair last weekend. Organisers attribute the bumper crowd at the Bath and West Showground to a packed programme of family attractions and two days a fine spring weather. They also said the massive show of support reflects the popularity of country sports, traditional crafts and locally produced food… (story)
Blackmore Vale Magazine 12.3.10 A celebration of country life - THE region's annual showcase of countryside sports is coming to the Royal Bath and West Showground this weekend. The Westcountry Game Fair takes place this Saturday and Sunday, and organisers promise something for all the family. There will also be lots of canine competitions, covering everything from pampered pets to hard working dogs. For the first time at the fair, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) will be running a Hurry…. Charles Jardine will be giving fly-fishing demonstrations, and will also be putting in an appearance at the cookery theatre - demonstrating how to transform freshly caught trout into a delicious feast…. (story)
Western Daily Press "Riders" 4.3.10 What's on at the Westcountry Game Fair? Next weekend, March 13-14, the ever-popular Westcountry Game Fair comes to the Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet…. The Westcountry Game Fair is a full day out for the whole family, with a wonderful mix of have-a-go activities, fascinating demonstrations and educational insight. There is falconry, ferrets, cookery, dogs and shopping opportunities… There will be gundog training and advice from Gamegoer Gundogs as well as a Samsalin dog crèche for visitors who would like to enjoy the show's other attractions. Terrier and lurcher classes will be held too, as well as a parade of local hunt packs on Sunday…. (story)

Henley Standard 19.3.10 I care for all living beings - What right does Mark Watt presume to hold in order to judge my compassion for humans and non-humans that inhabit this planet? (Standard, March 5)…. The exploitation of wild animals for sport is uncivilised, ungodly and an affront to our nation…. Bea Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter on website for a week)
Henley Standard 12.3.10 Foxes are not my priority — I read Bea Bradley’s letter about the pro-hunting lobby with interest (Standard, February 19). There are terrorists trying to blow up innocent men, women and children. We are at war in two countries with our troops being killed or maimed almost every day…. These are the types of issues concerning most of us but it seems Ms Bradley is far more concerned about foxes… Mark P Hatt, Broad Street Farm, South Stoke Road, Woodcote (letter on website for only a week)
Henley Standard 19.2.10 Hunters are determined - It is, regrettably, an indisputable fact that the hunting fraternity are determined to restore their primitive sport to legality by the election of a Conservative government. They will utilise whatever means at their disposal to bring that about. Expect unsurpassed quantities of pre-election material from that quarter, extolling the insuperable qualities possessed by David Cameron et al, with nary a hint at their avowed intention to annul the Hunting Act… Bea Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter on website for a week)

Henley Standard 19.3.10 Cruelty at the races - Fiona Pereira, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter on website for a week)
Belper News 17.3.10 Concern for festival horses - As the 2010 Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival will take place soon, readers may wish to consider the consequences that the event has had on horses over the last decade…. The 2010 festival also coincides with the third anniversary of Animal Aid's Race Horse Deathwatch – a unique online database that monitors all thoroughbred deaths on Britain's racecourses…. Please don't back the cruelty…. Fiona Pereira, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (story)

Sunderland Echo 19.3.10 Animal rights protestors campaign to get frogs legs off chip shop menu By David Allison - A frog chorus of animal rights protesters croaked their disapproval about a Wearside chip shop's sale of the French delicacy. Demonstrators from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) stood outside Katie Mac's Fish Bar at Pennywell shopping centre, to try to persuade the shop's owners to stop selling the unusual treat…. Peta claims that the majority of frogs' legs sold in the UK come from Indonesia, where they say villagers snatch the amphibians from swamps before cramming them into sacks and killing them in a cruel manner. The group's special projects co-ordinator, Rose Glover, said: "The protest has gone really well…. Despite the protest attracting much media coverage and a small gathering on onlookers, people were seen leaving Katie Mac's with frogs' legs meals…. (story)
BBC News Online 18.3.10 Protest over frogs legs on sale at Sunderland chippy - Animal rights campaigners have staged a protest outside a fish and chip shop which serves battered frogs' legs. Katie Macs in Pennywell, Sunderland, put the delicacy on its menu after requests from customers who had eaten the dish in France. But People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), which organised the demonstration, said the slaughter process was "immensely cruel."… (story)
BBC News Online 11.3.10 Protest over 'cruel' frogs' legs chippy in Sunderland - Animal rights campaigners are to protest outside a fish and chip shop which serves battered frogs' legs. Katie Macs in Pennywell, Sunderland, put the delicacy on its menu after requests from customers who had eaten the dish in France… Rose Glover of Peta said: "Frogs may not be as cute or cuddly as cats or dogs but they still have the same capacity to feel pain… (story)
Sunderland Echo 9.3.10 Hop it! Campaigners fight frogs' legs sale By Jessica Forster - Animal rights activists have launched a campaign against a Sunderland chip shop which sells battered frogs' legs. Members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) are planning a demonstration outside Katie Mac's, in Pennywell… The charity's special projects co-ordinator, Rose Glover, has been rounding up support for the Sunderland protest, which is due to take place in the next few weeks… Peta supporter Carol O'Brien, from the Sunderland charity Animal Crackers, will join the protest…. (story)


Guardian 18.3.10 Votes for dogs appeals, but giving animals rights is moral chaos - Better to assert the human qualities of kindness to all creatures and avoid unnecessary pain to any of them - Simon Jenkins - Should animals get the vote? If they are said to have rights, surely they should have representation; and if representation, then the vote… Country Life magazine this week goes a step further. If animals did vote, it asks, which party would they support?... Thus, rural foxes vote Conservative to go back to simple hunting and end the present carnage of shooting, snaring and poisoning. Urban foxes vote Labour thanks to the demise of weekly rubbish collection. Hounds vote Conservative, fed up with trying to work out what they are or are not allowed to chase. Badgers and bats vote Labour for their ever wider statutory protection. In other words, animals behave just like humans… (story)

Evening Standard 18.3.10 Fox digs up baby in paupers' grave in London - David Cohen - The shocking practice of burying children in mass graves led to a fox stealing the body of a baby, an Evening Standard investigation has found. The newborn boy's remains were snatched from Battersea New Cemetery after he was put in an open paupers' grave with up to 12 other infants. His body has never been found and the authorities assume it was eaten by a fox… (story)
Independent 18.3.10 Animals snatched baby's body from London grave - Press Association - Wild animals are thought to have snatched the body of a baby from a mass grave, police said today. The newborn baby's remains had been buried with up to 12 other infants in Battersea New Cemetery, south London. An investigation was launched after the grave was disturbed and it was realised the boy's body was missing…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 18.3.10 Letter from Kelly Slade - ANIMAL AID - the UK’s largest organisation campaigning on behalf of animals - is looking for young, creative and imaginative people to enter its second nationwide youth art and poetry competition… KELLY SLADE Animal Aid (letter)


Daelnet 17.3.10 Blow to Yorkshire shooting estates - London-based officials at the environment department Defra have struck a major blow against North Yorkshire’s important game-shooting industry by introducing new cage sizes for the rearing of baby pheasants and other birds. By applying the most stringent “animal welfare” standards in Europe, falsely comparing such birds to battery chickens, they will force shoot owners to import most of their stock from France at great expense…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 17.3.10 We don't want the circus back - MY fiancée and I, along with the help of several residents, campaigned against the animal circus in Waddington…. KIM CRAWFORD Hobart Close, Waddington (letter)


Ripon Gazette 16.3.10 Country estate prepares for fundraising shoot - A PROMINENT North Yorkshire landmark is the setting for a charity clay pigeon shoot that is aiming to raise thousands of pounds for sick children. Four traps will fire clays from the roof of a Victorian folly on the 1,500-acre Azerley country estate, near Ripon, as part of an event next month to raise cash for two charities – the Leeds-based Sick Children's Trust and the Child Development Centre at Harrogate District Hospital…. The inspiration for the charity shoot is two-year-old Molly Birch, who attends the Child Development Centre for weekly sessions after complications when she was born. Her father, Kevin Birch, gamekeeper for the estate, has organised the charity clay pigeon shoot for the last two years and almost £10,000 has been raised since the event was first held… (story)


Western Gazette 15.3.10 Hunt monitor: 'I'll not be intimidated' - A CHARD campaigner against bloodsports believes he is being intimidated when out monitoring hunt activity. In the latest incident Graham Forsyth, 55, claims he was approached by a balaclava-clad individual. His car has also been damaged. The Cattistock Hunt has distanced itself from the incidents and said it does not condone them "… After monitoring the Cattistock Hunt on Saturday, at Puncknowle, we returned to my vehicle, having left it unattended for just over five minutes in a remote location, and found that all four tyres had been slashed."…"(story)

Bristol Evening Post 15.3.10 Berkeley Hunt fallers "fined" in aid of charity - Berkeley Hunt supporters who have made a habit of falling off this season are feeling good about their misfortune because it has helped raise £1,000 for the Great Western Air Ambulance charity. The Berkeley Hunt Supporters Club handed over the money at its inaugural Tumble Club party on March 5…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 15.3.10 Labour's priorities seem so wrong - THE pound plunged in value again this week as news was released about a fall in UK factory output, adding to the concern that our balance of trade has lurched wildly into the red and our current level of government borrowing is worse than that of any other comparable country. Yet the only thing Labour's letter-writing panel wants to talk about is Lord Ashcroft and fox hunting…. Cllr Jeff Coates, Conservative city councillor for Cowick, Exeter (letter)

Guardian 15.3.10 Animal rights activist using FOI laws to target universities - Luke Steele, spokesman for Stop Animal Experiments at Bradford is forcing institutions to reveal vivisection details - David Adam - A convicted animal rights activist is using freedom of information laws to force universities to reveal details of their animal experiments, raising fears that scientists involved could suffer renewed intimidation… The requests were sent by Luke Steele, an animal rights activist based in Yorkshire. He was last year convicted of conspiracy to interfere with a contractual relationship… Steele said the information gathered would be used to publicise research and target demonstrations, some of which are planned for next month… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 15.3.10 Animal logic - FULL marks to Dr Tom Smith for pointing out that frultis, a chemical in sundried tomatoes, has not been proved to prevent the growth of prostate cancer in humans, although it does in laboratory rats… it is naive to think that drugs testing in animals will benefit in humans… M E BYSH, Knowlesley Road, Darwen (letter)


Bristol Evening Post 13.3.10 Horses and hounds in art exhibition at VWH point-to-point - Gloucestershire artist Lucinda Roper will be holding an informal art exhibition at the Vale of the White Horse Hunt point-to-point at Siddington, Gloucestershire, on Saturday, March 20… (story)

Worcester News 13.3.10 Hunting comments were contradictory - Wendy Hands (Letters, March 2) complains about a few people watching trail hunting from the verge of a country road. From what Ms Hands describes, the hunt followers had parked their vehicles on the grass keeping the lane clear for other road users and the riders were also avoiding any traffic…. Jon Burgess, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 10.3.10 Wellies rule here - Again we hear from Wendy Hands re hunting (Letters, March 2). It shows she is losing the argument as she now has to launch an attack on grass verges to further her cause… P Hine, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 2.3.10 Hunters were very anti-social group - Driving between Upton and Tewkesbury last week, between the Welland Road junction and Longdon, I had to pass the riders and audience of a hunt. The grass verges were largely churned up by vehicles and hooves and one side of the road covered in mud. I found this inconsiderate and anti-social… WENDY HANDS, Upton-upon-Severn (letter)

Worcester News 13.3.10 Halal killing is cruel - – So, the Australian RSPCA sued ITV for killing a rat by cutting its head off, taking it one-and-a-half minutes to die in I’m A Celebrity. Is no one bothered about the thousands of cattle that are killed in this country for halal meat? … A TONGUE, Worcester (letter)


Bristol Evening Post 12.3.10 Beaufort Hunt raises £2,500 for armed forces charity - A cheque for £2,500 was presented to the armed forces charity Help for Heroes last Saturday by the Duchess of Beaufort. The hand-over took place at the Beaufort Hunt's annual point-to-point meeting at Didmarton and the cheque was accepted by Col Michael Bromley-Gardner…. (story)

Harrow Times 12.3.10 Berkshire fox hunters campaigning for the Tories in Harrow By Tristan Kirk - FOX hunters from Aylesbury are campaigning for the Tories in Harrow in a bid to get the hunting ban repealed. Thousands of leaflets have already been distributed in Harrow East by members of the Vale of Aylesbury with Garth and South Berks Hunt (VAGSBH), who are backing Conservative candidate Bob Blackman. And an email from hunt organisers to supporters, seen by the Harrow Times, reveals the campaigning in Harrow is part of a push across the south of England to help foxhunting supporting candidates get elected…. (story)

The Sentinel 12.3.10 Leave the hunt ban in place … On Saturday evening the great social event of the Staffordshire Moorland calendar, the Moorland hunt ball, filled the Three Horse Shoes at Blackshaw Moor to capacity… I was pleased that yet again senior master Edward Upton had kept the event in the Moorlands and we returned for the second year in succession to the Three Horse Shoes at Blackshaw… The Moorland hunt has now been going for more than 30 years and it will be interesting to see, if we get a change of government, whether or not there will be a lifting on the current restrictions that ban the hunting of foxes by packs of hounds… I can tell you chatting to a good number of hunting folk on Saturday evening there are strong feelings that it would be better to leave the status quo and this whole subject of lifting the hunting ban be left well alone… (story)

Melton Times 12.3.10 Melton Hunt Club annual ride goes ahead at second attempt - The oldest of all hunt club rides this year broke with tradition and was held on a Sunday for the first time with no hunting afterwards. The original ride, scheduled for a week earlier, was cancelled by snow, meaning six-time former Badminton champion Lucinda Green and leading National Hunt jockey Robert 'Choc' Thornton could not attend…. (story)

Cumberland News 12.3.10 Hunt supporting politicians have no place representing decent people - Polls consistently show that more than 75 per cent of the British people want the Hunting Act to remain as law but should John Stevenson be elected as Conservative MP for Carlisle, he intends to vote for repeal of this Act… Most people do not want to live in a country where a minority of thugs are allowed to torture and abuse wild animals but David Cameron and his Conservative candidates, including John Stevenson, think that is acceptable… ELAINE MILBOURN, Torpenhow (letter)

Hexham Courant 12.3.10 Predators in the firing line By BRIAN TILLEY - CARRION crows and foxes should be culled in Tynedale, according to a nine-year study on Otterburn Moors…. Scientists from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, a leading research charity, spent nine years looking into the effects of predator control on the breeding success of threatened moorland wading birds. The Upland Predation Experiment is one of the longest running studies of its kind ever undertaken… (story)

Carnoustie Guide & Gazette 12.3.10 CASTING FOR RECOVERY NETS £5,000 BOOST - A CHARITY auction held at Forbes of Kingennie at the end of February has raised £5,000 for Casting for Recovery, the unique fly fishing programme for women who have, or have had, breast cancer. Casting for Recovery provides fly fishing programmes at idyllic retreats around the UK and Ireland. It enjoys the financial backing of the Countryside Alliance and all fishing equipment is provided by Orvis UK, but the generosity of supporters such as Mike and Gail Forbes at Kingennie make a massive difference to the initiative's ability to provide unforgettable weekends for its lady participants…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 12.3.10 Elephants could be joining the animals at Noah's Ark - Elephants could soon be setting up home in a specially built enclosure at a Noah's Ark Zoo Farm…. Members of the Bristol Animal Rights Collective (BARC) say they are planning another protest at the zoo farm this Saturday to object to the news that elephants could soon arrive at the centre…(story)
BBC News Online 12.3.10 Zoo plans to introduce elephants - A privately-owned zoo in North Somerset says it wants to bring elephants to the Wraxall-based attraction. Noah's Ark Zoo Farm has applied to planers for permission to build an elephant house and outdoor enclosure…. Jo Penny from Bristol Animal Rights Collective (BARC) says they believe the zoo should not take on something as large or as specialised as elephants… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 12.3.10 Protesters cast shadow over Crufts opening By Morag Lindsay - THE opening day of Crufts was marred by demonstrations from animal rights protesters claiming pedigree breeders are “creating a Frankenstein’s monster of a dog”. Campaigners from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) gathered outside Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre, where the four-day event is being held, with banners bearing the slogan “Hitler Would Be Proud” and posters featuring a white Maltese dog with a black comb across its upper lip… (story)
Independent 11.3.10 Crufts opens amid controversey - Crufts dog show started today amid claims that pedigree breeders are "creating a Frankenstein's monster of a dog". Protesters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) gathered outside Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre, where the four-day event is held, with banners bearing the slogan: "Hitler Would Be Proud"…. (story)
Birmingham Mail 10.3.10 Animal rights group Peta launches poster campaign in Birmingham ahead of Crufts - A provocative poster that draws parallels between pedigree dog breeding and Hitler's ambitions for a "master race" has been launched by an animal rights group ahead of next week's Crufts. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has placed the ad at a bus shelter in Birmingham, the city that will be hosting the dog show from tomorrow… The caption on the ad reads: "Master Race? Wrong for People. Wrong for Dogs. Boycott Breeders. Adopt!"… (story)

Argus 12.3.10 Brighton man furious after RSPCA put down his cat By Tim Ridgway - An animal lover said his “blood is boiling” after his cat was put down by the RSPCA - without his knowledge. John Edwards said his beloved Gizmo had been missing for two weeks when he learned he had been mistaken for a stray and picked up by the animal charity. The white puss, described as a “fluffy furball”, was put down the same day… (story)


Western Morning News 11.3.10 Freedom for foxes - WHAT a contrast between two letters (WMN, March 2) about the Hunting Act. Heidi Stephenson's letter was wonderful, full of compassion for these poor exploited creatures… On the other side of the fence is Martin Bell, who says "I hate foxes" and can't wait to kill the one that has killed two of his hens recently…. Mrs Angela Tregunna, Hayle (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 11.3.10 Was red deer being chased? - ON Saturday, February 27, in the afternoon, my wife was driving towards Bampton with myself seated in the back seat and my partially sighted disabled mother-in-law in the front. Just past the Stoodleigh turning, my wife suddenly had to brake hard and swerve to avoid a collision with a red deer crossing the road looking very distressed…. We noticed just along the road several four-wheeled drive vehicles parked, and a motorbike and a rider, right where the incident happened… Therefore, one can only assume the so-called sport of hunting has now sunk to an all-time low by trying to force deer on to a main road used by numerous vehicles on Saturday afternoons. Your thoughts, readers, please. PETER MOORE Bickleigh, Tiverton (letter)

Daelnet 11.3.10 Moorland birds need predator protection - Some of the rarest birds on Britain’s wild uplands are under threat from predators like foxes and crows, according to one of the longest scientific surveys ever undertaken into avian problems. The results of the nine-year survey, released today show that if upland managers controlled such predators, the breeding success of the curlew, lapwing and golden plover – all threatened species – could be increased a staggering three-fold. Results of the survey, the Upland Predation Experiment, are published in the Journal of Applied Ecology and backed by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust… (story)


Gloucestershire Echo 10.3.10 Cotswold Hunt returns to old stomping ground - History was made as a hunt returned to its old stamping ground after 36 years. Hunters, horses and hounds of the Cotswold Hunt met at the Colesbourne Inn, midway between Cheltenham and Cirencester, to ride out yesterday at 10.30am…. (story)

Wirral Globe 10.3.10 Killing for 'sport' - Having read your article regarding the burning of a fox in your edition of February 26, I am convinced that mankind’s moral turpitude knows no bounds… It is indeed a sick society in which we live when we have people who wish to reintroduce hunting with dogs, who delight in attempting to blast pheasants out of the sky… Mike Devlin, Mynydd Isa, Flintshire (letter)

Plymouth Herald 10.3.10 True supporter - MICHAEL FOOT, above, who died last Wednesday at the age of 96, was a passionate supporter of the League Against Cruel Sports and became a patron of the organisation in 1984… CHRIS DEACON, Plymouth (letter)

The Linc 10.3.10 Country bumpkim: a day in the life of BY ALEX COLMAN - With the Conservatives’ pledge to legalise fox hunting, the tranquillity could soon be disturbed with protests and controversy once again. What many people fail to realise is that fox hunting is, in fact, still carried out legally across the UK, as the law only states that dogs cannot be used to kill the animal. On top of this there are other types of hunting, such as bird shooting, which still continue. At 9am on a snowy, mid-January morning, I travelled to Bethlem Farm in Friskney to investigate the truth behind the shoot… (story)

Lincolnshhire Echo 10.3.10 Welfare of animals is top priority for circus trainers - I HAVE followed the Echo's articles about the Great British Circus over the last few weeks and cannot help thinking, what great publicity for the circus. I am not 100 per cent in favour of wild animals being in a circus but the likes of camels and horses are, after all, domestic creatures. The life these animals lead is no different to the world's top show jumpers who spend most of the year travelling and at horse shows…. R. PONDER Lincoln
Much has been said over the past few weeks on the subject of animal cruelty, mostly because of the circus and the training of animals. It begs the question, do any of these objectors have cats, dogs, budgies, pet mice, even rats?... To round off, may I remind those animal rights activists that, because of the dedication of these people who train animals, many lives have been saved. A. BADDILEY North Hykeham
I think the circus is really good; they look after their animals… I think the animal protesters should look at all the animals in the world that are being abandoned and cruelly treated. The circus is doing nothing wrong JEMMA PUTT Calder Road, Lincoln (letters)

Edinburgh Evening News 10.3.10 Post-mortem on cow 'must be stopped' - ANIMAL rights campaigners have called for the live post-mortem examination of a cow to be dropped from Edinburgh's Science Festival programme. Edinburgh animal rights group Ethical Voice for Animals (EVA), said the autopsy – which will be carried out by vets at Edinburgh Zoo on 13 April – would be like "going back to the Dark Ages"… (story)


Worcester News 9.3.10 Fox hunting can eliminate suffering - – Wendy Hands (Letters, February 24) posed some questions on hunting which deserve an honest answer…. it is supported by the widest spectrum of society. Rarely will they see a fox killed but they know that when it happens it’s over in seconds…. Jon Burgess, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 24.2.10 Hunting is hardly a sporting event - Mr Burgess once again strains to justify hunting, this time by describing it as an authentic sport… I can see nothing to justify this gruesome behaviour although I am floundering when I consider that two of the most personable people I know practise and love it. WENDY HANDS, Upton-upon-Severn (letter)
Worcester News 22.2.10 Now time for him to give evidence - Labour Councillor Alan Amos (Letters, January 28) accuses the Worcestershire Hunt of breaking the Hunting Act. He also claimed the police are conspiring to allow this to happen. Councillor Amos must now produce his evidence so action may be taken by the authorities. Should he fail to do so he must consider apologising to the chief constable…. Jon Burgess, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 10.2.10 No one’s going to take hunting away from me - Again we see in the Worcester News – letters page of Thursday, January 28 – another completely un-educated comment from the ranks of the totally out-of-touch public servants regarding the hunting debate. Who from this time you ask? None other than Councillor Alan Amos… For your information Coun Amos, I am and always will be a working class kid (raised in the very ward you serve) and I hunt and support hunting, and no one will take that away from me…. Mr and Mrs T Shenton, (hunting in Costswold Vale farmers’country), Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire (letter)
Worcester News 28.1.10 Tories are sure to bring back hunting - – Fox hunting is illegal and the Worcestershire Hunt have been caught red-handed. As usual, the police will turn a blind eye to the activities of these county set snobs, who are obsessed with getting grotesque pleasure from seeing live animals torn apart… Alan Amos, City and County Councillor, Warndon and Gorse Hill (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.3.10 Why should Labour have another term? - RECENTLY, Labour councillors, members and sympathisers have queried the funding of the Conservative election campaign, the position of the party on fox hunting, the unitary bid and have delved back into history — well over 13 years ago in fact — to find reasons for people to vote Labour… Labour has no policies; there are no positive reasons to vote for them. It admits as much by trying to make the debate one about sources of campaign funding, fox hunting and by fighting the battles of yesteryear… James Taghdissian, Conservative councillor for Polsloe, Exeter (letter)

Lancashire Evening Post 9.3.10 Save our excellent shooting sessions - I have just read with absolute disbelief that my local shooting club may have restrictions put on it, or even be closed due to noise levels. Shooting may not be everyone's sport and to many conjures up visions of killing animals, but clay pigeon shooting is completely harmless and strictly governed on safety…. Chris Hunt, Longridge, via email (letter)

Irish Independent 9.3.10 Greyhounds are deprived of care - As a lover of man's best friend, and especially greyhounds, I take issue with the opinions expressed in an article on the exclusion of the greyhound industry in the new Dog Breeding Bill… Throughout this country many greyhounds are kept in horrendous conditions, confined to sheds and barns, without light, heating, proper bedding and care… Greyhound racing is a commercial business; the welfare of the animals is incidental. John Daly New Ross, Co Wexford (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 9.3.10 Letter from Juliet Gellatley - WITH Mother's Day (March 14) fast approaching, thoughts rightly turn to all those hard working mums. Well, please spare a thought for Britain's hardest working mother - the dairy cow…. Give Britain's hardest working mother a break this year - say "No!" to dairy… JULIET GELLATLEY Founder and director Viva! York Court Wilder Street Bristol (story)
Belper News 8.3.10 Dairy cows are overworked - With Mother's Day fast approaching, thoughts rightly turn to all those hard working mums. Well, please spare a thought for Britain's hardest working mother – the dairy cow. She suffers the dual burden of being milked while pregnant seven months of the year… Give Britain's hardest working mother a break this year – say "No!" to dairy… Juliet Gellatley, Viva! (letter)


Horse & Hound 8.3.10 Irish opposition party fight against staghunting ban - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Irish opposition party Fine Gael has promised to repeal any staghunting ban if it gets into government. A proposal to ban staghunting — and close down Ireland's only staghounds, the Ward Union hunt — was announced by the Irish coalition government last autumn…. (story)

Northern Echo 8.3.10 Priorities - THIS present Labour Government spent 700-plus hours of parliamentary time to bring in an imperfect law banning hunting with dogs. If that time had instead been used debating and considering an energy policy for this country we would not now be facing the disastrous prospect of power cuts and blackouts in a few short years’ time…. John Routledge, Witton Gilbert, Durham. (letter)

Bolton News 8.3.10 How will MPs vote on the fox hunt ban? NOW that an election is close it seems noticeable that the Countryside Alliance has stopped their antics to bring back hunting and has gone remarkably silent. Have they been told to keep quiet?... Unfortunately one party has decided that if elected it would give priority to the matter and reverse the present situation… David Roberts Horwich (letter)

BBC News Online 8.3.10 Protesters - badger cull 'would bring shame on Wales' - Protestors have called on the assembly government to abandon a cull of badgers in Wales, saying it will bring "shame" on the country…. around 200 protestors gathered at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay on Monday to voice their opposition to the plans… They include the Badger Trust, Animals Count and Secret World Wildlife Rescue, who brought a bus full of people from Somerset… Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager for Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (Viva!), who was present, said: "It's brilliant to see so many people from Wales and beyond united against this decision that will decimate Wales' wildlife…. (story)


Sunday Express 7.3.10 WILD MONKEYS ‘SENT TO BRITISH LABORATORIES’ - WILD monkeys are being illegally trapped and plundered from the forests of south east Asia for use in British research laboratory experiments, fear animal welfare -campaigners. Campaigners and MPs are calling on the Home Office to examine allegations that wild-caught macaques are being sourced from the jungles of Laos and Cambodia in breach of international conservation regulations. Undercover investigators from the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) found “appalling” conditions at one primate centre in Laos where the “factory farming of macaques takes place on an industrial scale”…. (story)

Mail on Sunday 7.3.10 Do fish have feelings too? It's a slippery question for science By MICHAEL HANLON - To many, the notion that we should care about the suffering of fish seems absurd. For most, fish amount to little more than swimming protein, a healthy food to be plucked from rivers and seas. But, as a disturbing new book shows, scientists are now confident that fish, once symbolic of dumb, primitive stupidity, do not only feel pain, but have a complex emotional life, too…. Do Fish Feel Pain? was written not by a militant vegan, but by a dispassionate marine biologist - who eats fish. But Victoria Braithwaite's conclusion is particularly surprising, because we are not used to thinking about fish as sentient at all… (story)

Sunday Times 7.3.10 Don’t mock my lentils: vegans to get discrimination rights - Marie Woolf, Whitehall Editor - VEGANS and teetotallers are to be given the same protection against discrimination as religious groups, under legislation championed by Harriet Harman, the equalities minister…. The code, drawn up by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, singles out vegans, who do not eat any animal products or wear leather, as meriting protection from religious discrimination… (story)

BBC News Online 7.3.10 Switzerland rejects move to provide lawyers for animals By Imogen Foulkes - Voters in Switzerland have rejected a proposal to introduce a nationwide system of state-funded lawyers to represent animals in court. Animal rights groups had proposed the move, saying that without lawyers to argue the animals' case, many instances of cruelty were going unpunished. But the measure was rejected by around 70% of voters in a referendum… (story)


Horse & Hound 6.3.10 Quorn huntsman breaks neck in fall - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Quorn whipper-in Daniel Cherriman is carrying the horn after huntsman Peter Collins broke his neck in a fall. Mr Collins was airlifted to hospital on 20 February after his horse slipped and landed on top of him while hunting at Saxelbye… "I won't be riding again this season and have to wear a neck brace."… (story)

Leicester Mercury 6.3.10 The veggie message - I was amazed that a suggestion to eliminate or reduce meat and dairy consumption for a mere six weeks would cause such a furore!... Mr Herbert didn't mention the suffering and slaughter of billions of sentient animals or the human health issue… It is widely accepted that diets dependent on animal products contribute to global warming, environmental destruction and pollution, world hunger and ill health; not to mention the treatment of the animals involved…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone.(letter)


North West Evening Mail 5.3.10 South Lakes MP Tim Farron backs hunting foxes with hounds - SOUTH LAKES MP Tim Farron has revealed he is in favour of bringing back fox hunting with hounds. Mr Farron gave his view on the controversial subject in an Evening Mail webchat last night. The Liberal Democrat MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale also spoke about a range of other issues…. (story)

Tribune 5.3.10 Hunting is the Tories’ Achilles heel - When Gordon Brown spoke at last year’s Labour Party conference and reeled off the list of the Government’s achievements since 1997, I felt proud to be a part of the labour movement. Some of these achievements have been seismic: the Human Rights Act, the national minimum wage, the repeal of Section 28 and winter fuel payments. But there was something missing from the Prime Minister’s list and it is a massive Labour achievement: the Hunting Act. This is a landmark piece of legislation. As we mark its fifth anniversary, Labour should be proud of it and should promote it as evidence of the importance the party attaches to animal welfare…. Chris Williamson is Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Derby North. He is a trustee and former chair of the League Against Cruel Sports. The League is an independent charity and does not support any political party or candidate (story)

The Shields Gazette 5.3.10 Right time to go veggie - Kelly Slade, veggie month coordinator, Animal Aid. (letter)
Buckinghamshire Advertiser 4.3.10 Now is the time to be a veggie - KELLY SLADE Veggie Month Co-ordinator, Animal Aid Via email (letter)
The Shields Gazette 4.3.10 Right time to go veggie - Kelly Slade, veggie month coordinator, Animal Aid (letter)
Wharfedale Observer 25.2.10 Veggie campaign says now is perfect time to kick meat habit - March is Veggie Month! So, if you, or someone you know, has been thinking about going veggie, this is the perfect time to kick the meat habit and open your mind, body and taste buds to the possibilities of new foods and improved health… Kelly Slade, Veggie Month Coordinator (letter)

Guardian 5.3.10 The lawyer who defends animals - Are fish sentient beings? Can invertebrates suffer pain? These are the questions that regularly exercise the world's top animal lawyer, Antoine Goetschel - Leo Hickman - When Patrick Giger, a 34-year-old angler from the Swiss village of Horgen, cast his baited line into Lake Zurich's storm-swollen waters on an icy February morning last year, he could not have forecast the trouble he would end up reeling in alongside the 22lb pike which was soon to snare itself on his hook… Antoine Goetschel, Zurich's animal advocate since 2007, acted in court on behalf of the pike two weeks ago when Giger's trial finally came before a judge. Giger was subsequently acquitted, but Goetschel is still hopeful that when the judge finally submits his written summary of the trial in the coming weeks he will clarify what time-length is acceptable for a fisherman to land a fish… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 5.3.10 Animal circus sets a poor example to our children - NOT so many decades ago, people generally thought that animals were mere automatons, without feelings…. In those years gone by, wild animals were kept in cages and made to perform in circuses…. Sadly, some circuses still exist, such as the Great British Circus (March 3 and 4), where large wild animals are still kept in cages and made to perform… I have no doubt that the circus owner is very fond of his wild animals, and even, perhaps, sees them as something more than a means to make a living, but the question is does he love them enough to give them up to a better, more enriched and stable life in a wild animal park or sanctuary? Lesley and Nick Rodgers Station Road, Waddington
I am pleased to see the recreation ground being used. I had some concerns about the animal welfare but, as it is backed by DEFRA, and there are vets "on call" I shall look forward to going to the circus… G. Pass Brant Road, Waddington.
There's nothing nicer than the old fashioned circus with animals performing in it. What's the matter with these people who are objecting to it?... It's like riders on horseback taking dogs out after foxes. People object to that, which is wrong. Foxes are unpleasant creatures which kill chickens. Mrs Crawford North Hykeham (letters)


Independent 4.3.10 Pandora: Tories under pressure: May turns lobbyist By Alice-Azania Jarvis - Regulars at Portcullis House were last week treated to the unlikely sight of Brian May in deep conversation with Nick Herbert, the Conservative's Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs… May, never one to approach a subject without enthusiasm, is in the process of refiguring himself as an animal rights activist… "David Cameron is promising that if he gets in, he will repeal the hunting act, which means it will be legal to tear foxes apart with dogs. So, I regard it as my duty to try and make sure we don't go back into the dark ages." Herbert, of course, has leant his hearty support to his party's plans to have a free vote on the subject. Alas, it seems any efforts on May's part to change his mind are likely to be in vain… (story)

Newark Advertiser 4.3.10 Hunting view - Since the hunting ban more people are following the activity than before (On The Scent Of A Change To Hunting Law, Advertiser, February 26). Could this be because they feel the cruelty has been removed and they are ready to take an interest?... JOE PHILLIPS, Windsor Court, Bingham (letter)

Berwickshire News 4.3.10 Last week marked five years since the cruelty of hunting with dogs was made illegal in this country… JOHN COOPER, Chairman, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 2.3.10 Ban is still rock-solid - John Cooper, chairman, League Against Cruel Sport (letter)
Wiltshire Times 27.2.10 Hooray for ban - John Cooper, Chairman, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Surrey Herald 26.2.10 Hunting ban has been a success - JOHN COOPER, Chairman League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 24.2.10 Hunting is no longer acceptable - John Cooper, Chairman, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Blackpool Gazette 20.2.10 Hunt ban working - This week marks five years since the cruelty of hunting with dogs was made illegal in this country…. This is legislation which is clearly workable and effective and five years on it is time to send a clear message to politicians who wish to repeal the Act that they must not go against the will of the vast majority of the public… John Cooper, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

North Devon Journal 4.3.10 Ridiculous hunting law - IN the Journal 's recent article on the Hunting Act it correctly states that the law bans people from stalking and flushing out wild mammals. However these activities are allowed if certain conditions are met… I wrote to the Chief Constable asking what would happen if I continue to flush and pursue wild mammals with my dogs and he was kind enough to get his force legal advisor to reply confirming that no action would be taken… GILES BRADWSHAW, Rose Hill. (letter)

Oxford Times 4.3.10 Vindictive claim - In her diatribe against fox hunting (Letters, February 11), Bea Bradley implies that the sole reason anyone would want to vote Conservative is to see the ban on this ‘sport’ removed. However, whilst I personally abhor blood sports and would prefer the ban to remain (the fact that it is virtually unenforceable is another matter), this issue is surely one of the very least of the Tories’ priorities… Lee Graham, Headington (letter)

Oxford Mail 4.3.10 A bloody motive - IT is, regrettably, an indisputable fact that the hunting fraternity are determined to restore their primitive sport to legality by the election of a Tory Government, and they will utilise whatever means at their disposal to bring that about….. BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter)

Western Mail 4.3.10 Three matters of animal welfare have come up in recent correspondence.One writer expressed belief that the fox hunting ban had been effective in improving the welfare of our furry friend. Well, most rural residents will find this laughable, with hunting being as popular as ever… On a related point, the Welsh Assembly Government in its wisdom is allowing a cull of another of our favourite countryside creatures, the badger…. Where is the opposition to this cruel and needless murder from our animal-friendly public and politicians? Could it be that because it won’t be carried out by riders in red coats it won’t gain any political points?... D W BETHELL Penderyn, Aberdare 4.3.10 (letter)

Scotsman 4.3.10 Bird poisoning - Stuart Housden, (Opinion, 2 March), lays bare the ongoing illegal poisoning of birds of prey largely in the east of the country, where shooting interests predominate. Sadly, despite years of soothing words from the shooting industry, this continues, with early indications suggesting 2009 is another record year for poisonings…. LOGAN D STEELE, Bridgewater Avenue, Auchterarder (letter)

Lancashire Evening Post 4.3.10 Clay pigeon shooting is harmless hobby - I am a regular clay target shooter at Toplands in Woodplumpton. The ground is well run and safe. Sometimes it is quite busy and sometimes not, as shooters tend to drift around other clay shoots in the area at Churchtown, Longton, Greenhalgh and Scorton…. Considering the huge amount of clay shooting in the UK, the sport makes a significant contribution to the economy of local communities…. DG, Preston, via email (full name and address supplied) (letter)


Exeter Express & Echo 3.3.10 People wising up to the Conservatives I SEE from the recent YouGov poll that the lead the Conservatives have over Labour has been reduced to just two points… Will the Tories waste time on repealing the 2004 Hunting Act? Yes…. Paul Harding, Alphington, Exeter (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 3.3.10 Letter: Flawed look at hunt ban - I READ Daniel Mottishaw's letter "Flaws in case for fox hunting ban" (Your Views, February 24), and consider that his own contribution to the debate was pretty flawed itself… Whilst I agree with Mr Mottishaw that the countryside has to be controlled, that is only in terms of controlling the depredations of over-exploitative farmers and landowners and does not include the extermination of indigenous wildlife. JOHN TRUSCOTT Kent Road Mapperley (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 22.2.10 Flaws in case for fox-hunting ban - I READ with interest the article on fox-hunting in the Nottingham Evening Post on Friday 19th Feb… I would like to point out two quite major flaws in Chris Williamson's case. He states that there has been no case of "wholesale unemployment"…. The fox either dies or escapes. It is as simple as that… DANIEL MOTTISHAW Maid Marian Drive Edwinstowe (letter)

Oxford Mail 3.3.10 God did not seem so concerned about animals - ANIMAL-lovers Bea Bradley (Oxford Mail, January 22) and Mr Butler (February 3) would be better advised to support the victims of the Haiti earthquake…. By the way, what was God doing at the time of the earthquake? Was he “monitoring” a hunt? Or was he, or on a journey? (1 Kings XVIII). RALPH LEAVIS, Blackbird Leys, Oxford (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 3.3.10 Treatment of tigers so cruel - WITH all the hype going on about the year of the tiger and encouraging trade with China, are people aware of the atrocities going on there? 1,500 tigers are being bred in captivity in Guilin, not for the tiger’s benefit, in the most appalling conditions and left to die of malnutrition, all for the sake of medicine and tiger wine… Gill Dawkins, Westmorland Road, Wyken. (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 3.3.10 Disregarding study - I WRITE in response to Pat Wickham's letter Proven Case For An Outright Ban regarding the use of wild animals in British circuses. Ms Wickham is correct in stating that Defra is currently holding a public consultation on the use of wild animals performing in British touring circuses. However, which members of the British public are Defra actually consulting? Have you been asked? Despite a closing date of March 15, the only people who are aware of this consultation are the British circus industry and its supporters and the opposing Animal Rights groups and their supporters… , the Circus Working Group was set up. This comprised three experts to represent UK circuses and three experts to represent the opposing animal welfare lobby. After a lengthy study period, which included numerous visits, detailed documents and evidence from both sides of the argument, the Radford report concluded that the welfare needs of animals currently working in UK circuses was being met and was no more inferior to that of the welfare of animals within other animal husbandry systems in the UK… Don't let the minority killjoys dictate to the majority. Andrew Lewis, King Edward Street, Scunthorpe (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 9.2.10 Proven case for an outright ban - A PUBLIC consultation on the use of wild animals in travelling circuses is being carried out by Defra, the UK Government Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Animal Defenders International (ADI) believes this may be the last chance to eradicate a cruel and barbaric practice and may even pave the way for stronger measures on the use of animals in the wider entertainment industry… Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor. (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 3.3.10 'Our circus animals are perfectly happy' - The organisers of an animal circus that will open its doors in Lincolnshire today have hit out at critics who do not want them there. The Great British Circus begins a new season in Waddington amid expectations of thousands of visitors over the next two weeks… They say opponents of the circus are few in number – while around 10,000 people will come along between now and March 14… (story)


Western Morning News 2.3.10 Civilised choice - WITH the election looming and increasing difficulty in distinguishing any difference in policy between the three main parties, information I have just received may be of interest to members of the majority of voters – 75 per cent according to latest opinion polls – who agree with the League Against Cruel Sports' aim to "Make Cruelty History" by supporting the Hunting Act; I am a life member of the league… I am not a bigot or an animal rights fanatic – I just think hunting is one of those things civilised people don't do, and would prefer a civilised person as my MP. Mrs M Withers, Launceston (letter)

Northern Echo 2.3.10 Hunting - CAMPAIGN for Decency is a group that crosses all political parties and social levels; it supports humane pest control, but not the right to inflict cruelty on animals in the name of sport…. If you believe the hunting ban should never be repealed you need do nothing except show your support of the ban by registering your name on the Campaign for Decency website… Barbara Bates, North-East Team Leader, Campaign for Decency (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 2.3.10 Gamekeepers attack longer deer-cull call By Jane Candlish - A CALL from the Scottish Wildlife Trust to extend the deer culling season has been branded “ignorant and misguided” by gamekeepers. The Scottish Gamekeepers Association rejected claims by the trust that an extension would prevent inhumane suffering among red deer…. (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 2.3.10 Plan is 'hate crime against shooters' By Stef Hall, Crime Reporter - A row has erupted after a popular clay pigeon shooting site was ordered to slash its sessions by half. Supporters of the shoot at Toplands Farm in Woodplumpton, Preston, claim it has been singled out and blamed for noise from other clay pigeon shoots. Residents in Broughton, Fulwood and other areas say they are fed up with the Sunday morning shoots, which see between 4,000 and 6,000 shots discharged in a four-hour period…. (story)

Daily Mail 2.3.10 Rooster's revenge: Three hens and cockerel named Dude peck fox to death after it breaks into coop - It was a real case of fowl play. Three plucky chickens led by a cockerel named Dude fought off and killed a fox which broke into their hen coop…. Owner Michelle Cordell, 43, was gobsmacked when she went to collect eggs from her brood in her garden in Langdon Hills, Basildon, Essex, and found the dead fox lying in their midst… (story)

Somerset County Gazette 2.3.10 Secret World in badger culling protest By David Hemming - VOLUNTEERS from Secret World Animal Rescue in East Huntspill will be protesting against badger culling on Monday (March 8). The charity is organising a coach for anyone who wishes to join the protest outside the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff… (story)
Weston & Somerset Mercury 1.3.10 Protestors to lobby Welsh Assembly - PROTESTORS from Somerset will be campaigning outside the Welsh Assembly next week. A coach will be leaving from Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill on Monday to campaign in front of politicians… (story)

Daily Post 2.3.10 Badger cull - ANSWERING the letter from Mark Franchi (March 1): do you and all your group eat cereals with milk? Drink drinks with milk in? Do you all work? Unless the badgers are culled, there will be no cows to produce the milk and there will be huge unemployment, as men who milk the cows and care for them will be made redundant…. Margaret Evans address supplied (letter)

BBC News Online 2.3.10 RSPCA loss after Caernarfon pet is put down - The RSPCA has lost out on part of a£400,000 legacy after a pet dog was put down. Blackie's owner Claude Atack, 80, from Caernarfon, Gwynedd, had specified that any charity which found his pet a home would get a large part of his estate. Solicitor Dewi Pritchard Jones thought the dog was in good health and was shocked he had been put down…. Mr Pritchard Jones said that a couple, who do not wish to be named but who knew Mr Atack, came forward to offer Blackie a home on 8 February. They traced him to an RSPCA kennel at Shrewsbury, but were told he had already been put down on the day he was handed in… (story)
Sun 2.3.10 Animal charity loses £400k By GUY PATRICK - A TOP animal charity missed out on a potential £400,000 pay-day after they put down a dog — unaware that his dead owner had set up a huge fund to look after him…. RSPCA officials told Mr Jones that Blackie was put down because of his age and poor health — but this is disputed by the solicitor. He added: "The dog was ten years old but definitely not in poor health, as Mr Atack would regularly take the dog to a vet and would spare no expense over its health…. (story)
Daily Post 2.3.10 RSPCA misses out on thousands after putting Caernarfon man's dog down - AN animal charity has lost out on thousands of pounds because it put down a much-loved pet after its elderly owner died… Last night it emerged the RSPCA’s actions may cost the charity dearly – Mr Atack’s will stipulated his estate be distributed to worthy causes with at least a fifth allocated to an animal charity…. (story)


Horse & Hound 1.3.10 Historic Belvoir hunting horn found in Zimbabwe - Glenye Cain Oakford - When Denise and James Davies bought an old copper hunting horn for a few dollars at an auction near their home in Harare, Zimbabwe, little did they know they had come across an important piece of British foxhunting history. The horn is engraved with the name of a great 19th-century huntsman, "Will Goodall, Belvoir Kennels"… (story)

Malvern Gazette 1.3.10 Malvern Green Party candidate visits Westminster By Robert Hale - GREEN Party parliamentary candidate Malcolm Victory, of Malvern Wells, will be visiting Parliament on Monday (March 8) to support a campaign on animal welfare. Mr Victory is attending a dinner hosted by MP Bob Russell for Vote Cruelty Free… Mr Victory has already pledged to support the campaign that challenges industrial animal rearing for food and fur, resists attempts to abandon the hunting ban… (story)

Yorkshire Post 1.3.10 From: John Grice, The Close, Durkar, Wakefield. I AM not going to get into an argument about the Hunting Bill with JW Smith (Yorkshire Post, February 22). Suffice to say, the Government and the House of Lords were trying to go down the road of compromise and regulation. The anti-hunting backbenchers did not want that; it was too good a chance of upsetting people they did not like, both them and their lifestyle…
From: C Horsman, Coppergate, Nafferton, East Yorkshire. I REFER to the excellent letter from William Snowden (Yorkshire Post, February 25). If the Tories decide to repeal the Hunting Act, they will lose the next election… (letters)
Yorkshire Post 25.2.10 Killing for pleasure From: William Snowden, Butterbowl Gardens, Farnley Ring Road, Leeds. JOHN Grice (Yorkshire Post, February 10) bitterly denounces the parliamentary procedures that facilitated the hunting ban. And yet, he would thwart the will of the people, which is the very essence of democracy: most people, in town and country, are opposed to hunting… (letter)
Yorkshire Post 22.2.10 Claims about fox hunting repeat popular myth From: JW Smith, Sutton-on-Sea. JOHN Grice in his letter (Yorkshire Post, February 10) questions the efficacy of and the way on which the law against hunting with dogs was put into effect using the Parliament Act. He should remember this went through the Commons on a free vote with many Conservatives voting in favour. It was then faced with the prospect of being thrown out by the unelected "toffs" in the House of Lords who had an in-built majority…. (letter)
Yorkshire Post 22.2.10 Claims about fox hunting repeat popular myth From: JW Smith, Sutton-on-Sea. JOHN Grice in his letter (Yorkshire Post, February 10) questions the efficacy of and the way on which the law against hunting with dogs was put into effect using the Parliament Act. He should remember this went through the Commons on a free vote with many Conservatives voting in favour…(letter)
Yorkshire Post 10.2.10 Hunting Bill was badly thought out and unworkable From: John Grice, The Close, Durkar, Wakefield - I READ the letter from Steve Taylor, the spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports (Yorkshire Post, February 3) on the report by the "Better Government Initiative" criticising these "retired mandarins" (by which he means older people who are not "with it"). What they did was include the Hunting Bill among a group of Bills, which, in their opinion, were badly thought out, unworkable, and wasted a great deal of Parliamentary time….
From: CI Jackson, Adel, Leeds. I SEE that the League Against Cruel Sports is still writing its claptrap. They would like the public to think that a fox is one of Beatrix Potter's cuddly animals when it is really a vicious killer…. (letters)
Yorkshire Post 2.2.10 Public back keeping law on fox hunts From: Steve Taylor, head of campaigns and communications, LeagueAgainst Cruel Sports. The story (Yorkshire Post, January 28) on the report published by the "Better Government Initiative", in which several retired mandarins attack the Government for "unnecessary" lawmaking, including the fox hunting ban, missed one rather crucial point, and it is that the public elect politicians to make decisions, not civil servants…. (letter)

Northern Echo 1.3.10 Foxes and the hunting ban - PERHAPS correspondents Aled Jones and Marjorie Embling (HAS, both Feb 24) wouldn’t be so fond of foxes if they had had all their chickens’ heads bitten off by one, or were small farmers losing half their crop of lambs…. There’s far more cruelty than hunting which, incidentally, was enjoyed by peasants as well as toffs. Yvonne Rowe, Darlington (letter)
Northern Echo 24.2.10 Hunting - DAVID Cameron’s General Election slogan should be “Bring back hunting with dogs” because, if his party is elected, there’s a massive chance of a vote to repeal the humane Hunting Act… Filthy rich pro-hunters will pour so much dough into the Tories’ coffers that it will be extremely difficult to say “No” to them. Add to that the likelihood of increased pressure from royal circles (the Queen is a fanatical huntswoman) and you can bet that Mr Cameron will marshal every resource at his disposal to make it legal to hunt wild animals with packs of dogs… Aled Jones, Bridlington, East Yorkshire.
THE fight has started to retain the Hunting Act 2004. No more do I want terror inflicted by hounds, huntsmen and women on the wild animals of our countryside… Marjorie Embling (letters)

Western Morning News 1.3.10 Benn a vote-winner - WE will be voting for Labour. We agree with Hilary Benn and all he stands for against the cruelty of tearing wild animals to pieces for "sport"…. Monica Thorne, Plymouth (letter)

Croydon Advertiser 1.3.10 Pensioner battles with angry fox in woodland attack - A pensioner found himself trapped in a 10-minute stand-off with an angry fox in woodland near New Addington last week. Gerry Weston-White, 76, growled at the "crazy" animal and waved a stick to keep it at bay after it bit his trouser leg… (story)

Western Telegraph 1.3.10 ‘Barbaric’ badger cull - I refer to the proposed badger cull in Wales, supposedly set up to lessen bovine TB. I am surprised that Elin Jones AM and Christianne Glossop, the Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales, can set up a scheme without any controls and therefore unscientific and worthless… Derek Hector Whitchurch Cardiff CF14 1BA (story)

Daily Mail 1.3.10 Battery farm for cows: 8,000 animals to be housed in milk factory By David Derbyshire - A factory farm housing more than 8,000 'battery cows' will be built in the English countryside…. Justin Kerswell, of animal rights group Viva, said: 'This is factory farming… . Linda Wardale, of the group Vegan Lincs, said the conditions would be akin to ' battery farming for cows'… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 28.2.10 ‘Battery’ dairy of 8,000 cows sparks protests - Jon Ungoed-Thomas - A GIANT factory farm for “battery cows” is being planned for the British countryside with an 8,000-strong herd… Animal rights supporters, however, will mount strong opposition. “It’s absolutely atrocious,” said Linda Wardle, who walks in the countryside where the dairy will be built. “It’s wrong that so many cattle will be kept inside.” Justin Kerswell, the campaigns manager for Viva, an animal rights organisation, said: “This is factory farming… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 1.3.10 Council enters circus row arena - Council officials have become involved in a row over the arrival of a controversial animal circus in Lincolnshire. Officials at Lincolnshire County Council say that the installation of a standpipe to provide water for the Great British Circus is "unacceptable" because it is blocking a footpath beside a busy road…. But they were later forced to admit they had no power to make such a demand after the water provider refused to move it… Shirley Rooke, a resident on nearby Station Road, said: "They have put the pipe in the middle of the footpath…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 1.3.10 More regulations needed to control this total circus - COUNCILLOR Tony Baxter's letter ('We've been denied rights to object to visit of circus', February 25) highlights the serious lack of regulation that animal circuses face… CRAIG REDMOND Campaigns Director, The Captive Animals' Protection Society, Manchester.
Your picture accompanying Tony Baxter's letter (February 25) about the Great British Circus was a real delight, summing up in one shot the real qualities of this outdated entertainment…. The only really pathetic looking figure in this picture however, is the one who is standing and holding the stick. ALISON MOORE Lecturer in media, culture and communications, University of Lincoln (letters)
Lincolnshire Echo 25.2.10 We've been denied rights to object to visit of circus - THE recent coverage by the Echo of the Great British Circus's visit to Waddington has appeared to be centred on animal rights issues. What about human rights? The residents of Waddington have not been consulted on their playing field being turned over to the circus, nor do they appear to have the right to formally object…. Tony Baxter NKDC councillor, Waddington West ROGER PRING Waddington parish councillor. (letter)