March 2012

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Gloucestershire Echo 31.3.12 Pensioner 'attacked' by Cotswold Vale hunt on own land - PENSIONER Jean Adams claims she was punched in the face by hunt followers as she tried to move hounds off her land…. But the hunt say they were only acting in self-defence. Mrs Adams claims she was trying to protect her son who she says was knocked to the ground when he confronted the Cotswold Vale Farmers' Hunt after dogs raced onto their property on Tuesday… "I fell back on the road and there was blood everywhere and some activists helped me."… She said: "I'm not an activist but an animal lover and feed foxes on our scrub land."… Countryside Alliance hunting office spokesman Tim Bonner said: "The hunt has been very happy to help police with inquiries. "It's our firm belief no one connected to or employed by the hunt has acted in any other way than in self-defence. "It is unfortunate the hounds were where they weren't meant to be but the hunt was only seeking to move them as fast as possible… (story)
Western Daily Press 31.3.12 Pensioner 'punched by hunt followers' - Pensioner Jean Adams claims she was punched in the face by hunt followers as she tried to drive hounds off her land. The 67-year-old said she had sprung to the defence of her son Tony who attempted to remonstrate with the Cotswold Vale Farmers' Hunt after dogs raced over their property… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 28.3.12 Fight after claims hunting hound struck - POLICE were called to reports of a fight which broke out between huntsmen and members of the public yesterday afternoon… A police spokesman confirmed officers arrived to find four or five people involved in an argument after claims one of the hounds had been hit by a passing car… (story)

Scotsman 31.3.12 Zoo outrage - I wonder how many other people have been as disappointed as I am that Edinburgh Zoo has recently made a sponsorship deal with Lynx, a product owned by Unilever which states on its website: “The vast majority of our products reach consumers without testing any of their ingredients on animals.” Please note the wording here – “the vast majority”– this means that some of its products are therefore still tested on animals… Ann Yourston Kirkhill Road Penicuik (story)

News Today 31.3.12 Fish banned as prizes - A KILLJOY council have banned traditional goldfish from being given out as prizes at an annual town fair. The popular goldfish-in-a-bag will no longer be handed out at the May Fair in the market town of Ludlow, Shrops, following complaints from residents that it is cruel to the fish… (story)
Shropshire Star 26.3.12 Ludlow Mayfar goldfish ban is welcomed - I was pleased to see the sensible decision by Ludlow Town Council to ban the use of live goldfish as prizes…. Sandra Jones, Ruyton-XI-Towns (letter)
Shropshire Star 13.3.12 Ludlow Mayfair goldfish prize bid opposed - Veronica Calderbank, clerk of Ludlow Town Council, said the authority had received a number of e-mails opposing stallholders giving goldfish away as prizes and praising the council for its stance….. (story)

Malvern Gazette 31.3.12 A trained animal is a happy one – circus By Tarik Al Rasheed - AS Malvern animal rights campaigners plan further protests, a circus that uses wild animals has said it has nothing to hide or answer for. Angry local campaigners and the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) could be seen and heard making their views known outside Circus Mondao as it started its fiveday run at the Three Counties Showground on Wednesday…. (story)
Malvern Gazette 28.3.12 Circus is in town – but not everyone’s pleased (ballot) -AS animal rights campaigners plan protests, a circus that uses wild animals has said it has nothing to hide or answer for ahead of its visit to Malvern this week. Angry local campaigners and the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) have contacted your Worcester News ahead of Circus Mondao’s five-day run at the Three Counties Showground, starting today… One of those planning to protest outside the big top is Roberta Balfour, of Malvern… Pauline Burgess, also of Malvern, said: “I was shock-ed to see the venue was welcoming this circus… (story)

Derby Telegraph 31.3.12 Terrible plight of baby gorilla makes me fume - IT was good to read about the baby gorilla who is being treated and well cared for after his mother was slaughtered for meat, ("Gorilla back on feet after city vets fly out to Africa, Derby Telegraph, March 20). How cruel it was, after all that trauma, to chain him to a bed and let kids torment him… H Whittamore Rosengrave Street Derby (letter)

Leicester Mercury 31.3.12 Charity jobs axe - The RSPCA has warned it will have to shed more than 130 jobs in the face of rising costs and increasing numbers of animals being abandoned during the economic downturn… (story)
Third Sector 30.3.12 RSPCA begins consultation over back-office staff cuts By Andy Ricketts - Animal welfare charity says a significant reduction in the number of administrative roles is inevitable - The RSPCA is starting a consultation with staff that is expected to lead to "significant" job losses among back-office staff… (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 30.3.12 RSPCA to axe more than 130 jobs - The RSPCA has warned that it will have to shed more than 130 jobs in the face of rising costs and increasing numbers of animals being abandoned during the economic downturn… (story)

Leicester Mercury 31.3.12 Slaughtering animals is not humane, however it is done - Trevor Waldrom wrote about the slaughtering of animals for meat and animal experiments and asked for views… My view is that no method of slaughtering animals can be considered humane. Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)

Irish Examiner 31.3.12 It’s time animal circuses were finally banned - Mimi Bekhechi Manager PETA UK London England (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 30.3.12 The dark side of our circuses - It's hardly surprising that poor Baby made a bid for freedom from the misery of her circus prison… Animal circuses are dangerous for people and a living hell for animals and it's high time that they were relegated to history, with cock-fighting, bear-baiting and other 'entertainment'. MIMI BEKHECHI Peta UK (letter)


Diss Express 30.3.12 Win tickets to game and country fair - A WEEKEND of rural pursuits is on offer on April 16 and 17 when the annual East Anglian Game and Country Fair makes a return to the Norfolk Showground…. The Diss Express has teamed up with the show’s organisers to offer readers the chance to win ten family tickets to the show, each worth £27… Norfolk Poultry Club will be attending the show for the first time with their exhibition of purebred poultry, waterfowl and eggs, and other attractions will include dock dogs leaping into a large pool of water, sheep dog and duck displays, dog and ferret shows, West Norfolk Hunt hound parade, the hilarious ‘Sheep Show’, fishing demonstrations and a forestry arena…. (story)

The Sentinel 30.3.12 Cute animals are not only sufferers - KILLING badgers will not stop the spread of bovine TB… The dairy cow, for example, is continually forcibly impregnated to produce milk… MARK RICHARDS, Newcastle (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 30.3.12 The dark side of our circuses - It's hardly surprising that poor Baby made a bid for freedom from the misery of her circus prison (News, March 28). As infants, elephants used in circuses are torn away from their mothers and beaten, whipped and shocked - repeatedly - to force them to perform tricks that are often painful and confusing…. MIMI BEKHECHI, Peta UK (letter)


Cornishman 29.3.12 Visitors delighted by hunt's day out - A HUNT based in Gloucestershire visited west Cornwall for the first time last weekend at the invitation of Penwith's Western Hunt. The Cotswold-based Duke of Beaufort Hunt joined a group of 80 or 90 riders on Saturday outside the Gurnard's Head Inn…. (story)

Southern Reporter 29.3.12 Hunting down a perfect day out - A REPEAT of last week’s weather will be welcomed on Sunday when the Berwickshire Hunt Point-to-point goes under starters orders at Friars Haugh, Kelso, with the first of seven races off at 1pm, writes Ben Culham…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 29.3.12 Well done on balanced tale - May I congratulate your reporter Fran with her very balanced and informative piece about the killing of the Axminster Fox. The needless savagery of it is quite frankly beneath contempt in my view. Hunting advocates always tend to trot out some condescending nonsense about preserving country traditions, rendering folk unemployed, pest control, etc etc. But by having the hunters able only legally to drag hunt, after all this time, I do not see that the fraternity of that ilk is diminished in any way… Name and address supplied (letter)

Galloway Gazette 29.3.12 Wildfowlers boost local economy - The way that the RSPB has behaved in its purchase of the Crook of Baldoon and subsequent treatment of both the local community and the wider community of visiting wildfowlers is a disgrace. For one of the richest charities in the country to use public money to fund the purchase and then propose to ban a perfectly legitimate and sustainable activity should lead to a public inquiry… Steve Brown, Member, Creetown Wildfowlers, Leicestershire. (letter)
Galloway Gazette 29.2.12 RSPB is ‘heavy-handed’ – I WRITE with regard to the heavy-handed way the RSPB appears to wish to manipulate shooters on the area adjacent to the Crook of Baldoon reserve and eventually abolish shooting on the bay. History shows that where there is RSPB presence, there is an erosion of local shooting practice and customs… Phil Matchett, Monreith Home Farm Cottage, Monreith Estate, Port William.
YOU report (“Shooters’ feathers ruffled”, The Galloway Gazette, February 24) the proposed integration of the Crook of Baldoon into the Wigtown Bay Local Nature Reserve…. In fact the minutes of the meeting on December 14 prove not only that 75% of the Crook foreshore was most definitely an option, but that it was an option clearly recommended by council officials…. Wildfowlers and birdwatchers co-exist on many reserves throughout the UK so the concerns at the Crook seem pre-emptive. Brian McAllister, 11 Main Street, Elrig. (letters)
Scotland on Sunday 5.2.12 RSPB not at war with wildfowlers - YOUR article concerning RSPB Scotland and wildfowling at the Crook of Baldoon (News, 22 January) supposed a conflict where there is none. RSPB Scotland recognises wildfowling as a legitimate countryside activity, and we are not in the business of stopping it at Wigtown Bay, …. The issue has been put before the Area Committee of Dumfries and Galloway Council and they have proposed that in addition to the already extensive areas managed for wildfowling, that wildfowling would also be retained on 25% of the tidal foreshore at Crook of Baldoon. We have accepted the council’s position and will work with all local interests to deliver our joint objectives. Stuart Housden, director, RSPB Scotland (letter)
Scotland on Sunday 22.1.12 Shooters up in arms as RSPB impose ban on wildfowling By Nick Drainey - IT HAS been used for centuries by wildfowlers pursuing the country tradition of bagging a bird for the pot. But plans by Scotland’s leading bird charity to ban shooting on land it recently acquired on the Solway Firth coast has brought it into conflict with followers of the ancient sport. RSPB Scotland bought a large area of saltmarsh and floodplain at the Crook of Baldoon on Wigtown Bay in 2010. They are urging the local council to introduce bylaws banning shooting along 75 per cent of the coastline it owns. But wildfowlers claim that because a £200,000 grant from Scottish Natural Heritage went towards the cost of buying and developing the land, the charity is using “public money to take away public rights”…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 29.3.12 Don't exaggerate foxes 'threat' - I AM replying to Tim Stanley's complaint on foxes (Evening Post March 10) and, in short, I would like to say that foxes do definitely not pose a serious threat. To garden wildlife perhaps, but certainly not to humans… Emilie Collins, 15 (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 16.3.12 They kill rats but not little children - I DISAGREE strongly with Tim Stanley's diatribe against foxes. Children are unlikely to be at risk from a wily but timid wild creature… It is true a few foxes have entered houses and have reacted from fear but have not caused serious injury. Foxes kill rats not small children… Margaret E Roden, Southville
IT is quite obvious from your letter Mr Stanley that most people do not agree with your opinion on foxes. Fox attacks on people are very rare… E A Smith, Ashton (letters)

Belfast Telegraph 29.3.12 Don't bet on cruelty this year - FIONA PEREIRA, Animal Aid (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 29.3.12 Don't bet on cruelty this year - With the hype surrounding the Grand National about to begin, now is a good time to remember the horror of last year's race… This year, rather than having a flutter on the cruel Grand National, why not donate the money to Animal Aid's two sanctuaries, both of which are desperate for funds to rescue horses in need?... Fiona Pereira, Animal Aid campaigner, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge TN9 1AW (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 29.3.12 Rally to stop animal cruelty - A NATIONAL rally to mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories will take place on Saturday, April 28 at 12noon in Victoria Square, Birmingham… Janet Cumming, Tower Street, Rugby (letter)

Sussex Express 29.3.12 Time to kick the meat habit - Kelly Slade, Veggie Month Coordinator, Tonbridge (letter)
York Press 16.3.12 Time to go veggie - Kelly Slade, Veggie Month Co-ordinator, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Liverpool Echo 15.3.12 Try a veggie diet - Kelly Slade, Veggie Month Coordinator (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 6.3.12 Meat-free diet benefits planet - Kelly Slade, Veggie Month Co-ordinator (letter)
Southern Reporter 2.3.12 Time to give veggie lifestyle food for thought - Kelly Slade (veggie month co-ordinator) Animal Aid Tonbridge Kent (letter)
Western Morning News 27.2.12 Do yourself a favour and go vegetarian - Kelly Slade, Veggie Month Co-ordinator. (letter)
Newcastle Chronicle 24.2.12 Go on, be a vegetarian - MARCH is designated National Veggie Month ... the perfect motivation for anyone who has been thinking about going vegetarian … And the good news is that it’s easy! Especially with the help of Animal Aid’s FREE Guide to Going Veggie … Kelly Slade, Veggie month co-ordinator (letter)

Yorkshire Post 29.3.12 Animal circus hit by boycott call - CAMPAIGNERS are calling for a boycott of one of the country’s few remaining animal circuses which opens at Driffield Showground today. Bobby Roberts’ Super Circus hit the headlines last year over the alleged mistreatment of Anne the elephant, who has since been re-homed. The circus owners face trial in June charged with causing unnecessary suffering to the elephant… (story)


York Press 28.3.12 More luxury than cruelty at the races - I CANNOT agree with the comments made about cruelty in horse racing… The lads and lasses who look after these equine heroes were heartbroken at losing their charges…. So long may this sport prosper. After all, it costs the public nothing, unless you are a compulsive gambler, who would soon find something else to waste their money on. Mr R Keeler, Rainsborough Way, York (letter)

Guardian 28.3.12 Planning reform revisions ease conservationists' fears for countryside - Slimmed-down national planning policy framework met with far more support than last year's draft version - Juliette Jowit, political correspondent …The Countryside Alliance, which broadly welcomed the revised document, warned there was no clear way for communities to object to developments that were not covered by their local plans… (story)
Guardian 28.3.12 Planning laws signal end of road for out-of-town shopping centres - Broad welcome for revised framework which favours 'sustainable development' and protection of green belt countryside - Juliette Jowit, political correspondent (story)
Western Morning News 28.3.12 New fears over revised 'developer's charter' - Fears remain of over-development in the rural Westcountry despite the Government bowing to pressure to alter its controversial planning reforms…. Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, added: "We remain concerned that there is still a lack of clear guidance for a local community if it has legitimate concerns about a new development."… (story)
Galloway Gazette 28.3.12 Controversy over new planning rules (story)
Farmers Weekly 28.3.12 Farmers affected by HS2 must get 'fair deal' - Farmers who are indirectly affected by the proposed High Speed Rail (HS2) link must be given a "fair deal", the NFU has insisted. Planning minister Greg Clark unveiled the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which has been cut from more than 1,000 to 50 pages to reduce red tape… Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, said: "The planning minister, Greg Clark, said that the new NPPF would provide for 'a local plan produced by local people', but we remain concerned that there is still a lack of clear guidance for a local community if it has legitimate concerns about a new development."… (story)
EAEM 28.3.12 Campaigners and developers welcome new planning framework - The government has made some concessions to popular pressure in its final version of the controversial National Planning Policy Framework, published yesterday… The Countryside Alliance has declared the NPPF "a much improved document" but cautioned that while Greg Clark said that the new NPPF would provide for 'a local plan produced by local people,' they "remain concerned that there is still a lack of clear guidance for a local community if it has legitimate concerns about a new development"… (story)
Huffington Post 28.3.12 The Quickest Way of Ending a War is to Lose It - Dylan Sharpe - Head of Media Relations, Countryside Alliance - In the end it was not with a bang but a whipped and chastened planning minister that the conflict over planning reform finally ceased. Countryside Armistice Day shall forever now be Tuesday 27 March 2012…. (story)
Metro 27.3.12 Planning system reforms will cause 'chaos and confusion' in countryside… Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, also said the first draft of reforms had been too vague on giving power to communities… (story)
Telegraph 27.3.12 Planning: is the Government about to unleash a culture war over the future of the countryside? By Daniel Knowles … David Cameron tells the Countryside Alliance that the countryside is in his blood, but George Osborne demands ever more construction… (story)
Manchester Evening News 27.3.12 GREEN BELT ?WILL BE PROTECTED? UNDER PLANNING REFORMS, SAY MINISTERS - The Government has insisted that the green belt will remain protected under long-awaited reforms to the planning system… Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, said the first draft of the reforms had been too vague on giving power to communities, and hoped that the Government had listened to local concerns before the final reforms…. (story)
Isle of Wight Radio 27.3.12 New Planning Guidelines To Be Unveiled - The new draft of the National Planning Policy Framework is expected to cut down the current 1,000 pages of planning regulation to just 50.. But others have sought to find a way to stem rural decline while maintaining regulatory oversight. Countryside Alliance executive chairman Barney White-Spunner said the first draft of the reforms had been too vague on giving power to communities, and hoped that the Government had listened to local concerns before the final reforms… (story)
Farmers Weekly 27.3.12 TFA: Protect farm tenants in planning reforms - Philip Case - Landlords could find it easier to serve farm tenants with notices to quit under new planning rules, the Tenants Farmers Association (TFA) has warned…. The Countryside Alliance said local people in the countryside needed affordable housing to help rural businesses to expand. (story)
Western Morning News 27.3.12 PM praises countryside as planning shake-up looms - David Cameron has paid tribute to Britain's "beautiful" countryside ahead of the Government today unveiling plans criticised for potentially ruining rural areas… Responding to the article, Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, said: "I think all who live in the countryside can be very heartened by David Cameron's words… (story)
Telegraph 25.3.12 Playing fields to get special protection from housing developments - School playing fields will be given special protection against being sold off for housing developments, after ministers agreed to water down their controversial planning reforms - Rowena Mason and Christopher Hope - The Government will today unveil a revised version of the policy following opposition from heritage charities, green groups and The Daily Telegraph’s Hands Off Our Land campaign…. Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, said he now has “renewed confidence… that the Prime Minister recognises the need for more rural housing but that he won’t place a countryside he clearly values under threat from unsuitable development.”… (story)
Mail on Sunday 25.3.12 Radical plan to create new Midlands city on green belt land to cope with population growth By Phil Vinter - Ministers want to use simplified planning powers to create a 100,000 home city in the Midlands countryside, according to the chief engineer for the high speed Birmingham to London rail link… Countryside organisations such as the National Trust and The Countryside Alliance have strongly protested against the new planning proposals despite a senior Whitehall source saying that 'assurances would be give to people concerned about the future of rural areas'…. (story)

Thanet Gazette 28.3.12 VIDEO: Animal rights campaigners protest at Ramsgate shipment – RhysGriffiths - ANIMAL rights campaigners have this morning staged a protest at the Port of Ramsgate as part oftheir ongoing battle against live exports…. (story)

Northern Echo 28.3.12 Activists' anger a pigeon netting at Darlington hospital - A ROW between hospital trust bosses and animal rights activists has broken out after nets have been installed to prevent a public health risk from pigeons which nest in hospital courtyards…. animal rights activists from as far afield as India have complained to the trust, claiming the nets are cruel… In an email to the trust, Angela Lockyer and Andrew LLoyd said: “It is incredibly inhumane and cruel to treat animals in this manner… (story)


Carlisle News & Star 27.3.12 POLICE PROBE ATTACK ON CARLISLE MAN DURING HUNT - Police are investigating an alleged assault on a Carlisle man that occurred during a hunt. It is alleged that the victim, who is a man in his 40s, was monitoring the Coniston Hunt on Saturday when he was assaulted by at least two men who hit him with sticks…. A spokeswoman for Cumbria police said: “A 72-year-old man from Windermere voluntarily attended Kendal police station yesterday to help officers with their enquiries. “He has been released from custody and investigations will continue and the evidence will be assessed.”… (story)

Halstead Gazette 27.3.12 Halstead: Campaigners blame hunt after badget sett destroyed - ANIMAL campaigners are blaming huntsmen after a badger sett was found dug into and destroyed. Police are investigating reports of a sett allegedly being destroyed by terriermen belonging to an Essex hunt, near to Sturmer Road, New England, in Halstead…. Renee Hockley Byam, of the North Essex Badger Group, said: “This is not the first time we have had reports like this, there have always been problems with the hunts but until we can catch someone red-handed, we will get nowhere…. Spokespeople for the East Essex Hunt and Essex Hunt said there has been no contact from police. (story)

Horse & Hound 27.3.12 Hunt goes Flat out for Sport Relief in charity race - Ellie Hughes - The HH point-to-point fixture at Hackwood Park (25 March) kicked off in unusual style with an invitational charity Flat race for members, riding their hunters, in aid of Sport Relief…. (story)

Western Morning News 27.3.12 MP calls for probe into rural fuel prices - An MP is demanding an investigation into fuel price "profiteering" against fears hard-pressed rural motorists are being exploited. Westcountry MP Sarah Newton wants the Office for Fair Trading (OfT) to run the rule over spiralling prices at the pump, and region-by-region differences…. Rural drivers pay 4p more for a litre of diesel compared to urban counterparts, a survey by the Countryside Alliance found earlier this month…. (story)

Tivyside Advertiser 27.3.12 AM slams badger cull decision - The decision to scrap the planned badger cull in north Pembrokeshire was a political one – and was not based on the independent scientific evidence. That’s the view of Ceredigion AM Elin Jones, who as rural affairs minister first introduced the plans for the cull in the bovine TB hotspot area, which includes parts of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire… (story)


Newtownabbey Times 26.3.12 ‘Rural Hero’ award for Michael - MALLUSK man Michael Martin has been hailed a ‘Rural Hero’ at the prestigious Countryside Alliance Awards in London. Michael, who runs the Six Mile Water Trust, recently attended the awards finals at the House of Commons and was delighted to receive a plaque and certificate from Countryside Alliance Chairman, Kate Hoey MP…. (story)
Harborough Mail 25.3.12 Field day for farm shop - A POPULAR farm shop in Harborough savoured a special moment among the stars of a glitzy ‘Rural Oscars’ event in London. The grand final of the prestigious Countryside Alliance Awards was held in the House of Lords…. Harborough’s Farndon Fields Farm Shop was among those taking centre stage… (story)
Midhurst & Petworth Observer 21.3.12 Kirdford shop gets a visit from MP - MP Nick Herbert has taken time out to visit the award-winning Kirdford Village Stores and discuss climate change with pupils at Duncton Junior School. The Kirdford shop was awarded a ‘Rural Oscar’ as South East winner for 2011 in the best village shop category of the prestigious Countryside Alliance awards…. (story)
The Grocer 15.3.12 Nolan's is best butcher bar none By Julia Glotz - Irish butcher Nolan’s of Kilcullen has been named the best butcher shop in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales at the Countryside Alliance’s annual awards in London. Nolan’s beat 3,000 other entries to secure the win… (story)
Ilkley Gazette 15.3.12 Beer and bangers on the menu for Princess Anne's visit to Ilkley - Two award-winning businesses have been selected for a royal visit next month… The Princess Royal will also see butcher David Lishman produce Yorkshire sausages on her visit to Ilkley on Tuesday, April 3… it was revealed the royal visitor has personally selected the two businesses to visit after a string of regional and national awards for the brewery and, for Lishman’s, a regional Countryside Alliance Awards win… (story)
Salisbury Journal 14.3.12 Crown for Ludwell stores - LUDWELL Stores has been crowned the UK and Ireland’s Village Shop/Post Office Champion of the Year… (story)
Horse and Country 13.3.12 And the Rural Oscar goes to… The Countryside Alliance held its yearly ‘Rural Oscars’, in recognition of the people that ensure the success and continuation of local businesses and communities…. (story)
Blackmore Vale Magazine 9.3.12 Ludwell Stores voted Village Shop of the Year - LUDWELL Stores has been named as Britain's best village shop, beating challengers from across the country. Judges in the 2012 Countryside Alliance Awards awarded the shop the title of British and Irish Overall Champion in the Daily Telegraph-sponsored Best Village Shop/Post Office category…. (story)
Western Daily Press 9.3.12 Dorset village store crowned UK's best in 'Rural Oscars' - A village shop and post office has been crowned the best in the country at the ‘Rural Oscars’. Ludwell Stores and Post Office at Ludwell near Shaftesbury in North Dorset was awarded ‘Best village shop or post office’ at the Countryside Alliance’s Awards at a prestigious Parliamentary reception…. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 8.3.12 Suffolk: Food Hall scoops prestigious ‘Rural Oscar’ in national awards - THE Suffolk Food Hall, which brings a host of the county’s best producers under one roof, has won a prestigious ‘Rural Oscar’ in the national Countryside Alliance Awards. The food hall, based at Wherstead near Ipswich, took Local Food crown at a special reception at Parliament - meaning it is now considered to be the best of its kind in the UK and Ireland…. (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 8.3.12 ‘Rural Oscars’ upset for city trio - A pair of butchers and a well-known farm shop have fallen at the final hurdle in their bids for victory at the ‘rural Oscars’…(story)
Telegraph 6.3.12 Countryside Alliance Awards: Britain’s best village shop - Christopher Middleton meets the owner of Ludwell Stores, winner of the Best Village Shop/Post Office category in the 2012 Countryside Alliance Awards… (story)
Leatherhead Advertiser 2.3.12 Medicine Garden wins 'rural Oscar' - N ENTERPRISING non-profit company has scooped a regional prize in the "rural Oscars". The Medicine Garden in Cobham won the South East Enterprise category in the Countryside Alliance Awards… (story)
Keighley News 28.2.12 Butchers scoop shop award - Ellisons Butchers at Cullingworth has scooped another top accolade. It has been named joint Yorkshire champion in the butchers shop category of the annual Countryside Alliance Awards… (story)
Yorkshire Post 28.2.12 Village sets out its stall for success - A village produce market has proved a roaring success – and is now in line for a ‘rural Oscar’. Jill Turton reports from Hovingham… Hovingham Village Market is a runaway success which continues to grow… Now it’s in the running for the Countryside Alliance’s “Rural Oscars”’, an award which “celebrates the character, skills and traditions of the countryside”… (story)
Lutterworth Mail 20.2.12 Farm shop wins regional awards - A FARM shop in Harborough has won the local foods category in a competition by the Countryside Alliance. Farndon Fields Farm Shop won the regional section for the category and is now in the running to win the national award at an awards ceremony in London… (story)
Inverurie Herald & Ellon Times 19.2.12 Leading rural honour for Store - An Aberdeenshire farm store and coffee shop has received a prestigious award at this year’s Countryside Alliance Awards. The Store at Foveran was awarded Highly Commended in the Scottish Countryside Alliance Local Food Award at a Holyrood reception earlier this month… (story) & (story)
Biggleswade Chronicle 18.2.12 High steaks for business at these finals - A FAMILY business has won the regional final of a foundation’s annual awards. Woburn Country Foods in Haynes was successful in the butcher category of the Countryside Alliance’s Rural Oscars award scheme for the company’s work during 2011…. Garden Friends Farm Shop in Roxton, which was nominated in the local food category, did not get through to the next round. But owner, Val Howson, said she was delighted to have got so far. (story)
Aberdeen Evening Express 18.2.12 Shop honoured at food awards - Praise for The Store in Foveran - A FARM shop business has been highly commended at a national awards ceremony at Holyrood… Its efforts have received the Highly Commended honour at the Scottish Countryside Alliance Local Food Awards… (story)
Redditch Standard 17.2.12 Butchering the opposition By Ian Dipple - ASTWOOD Bank butcher has won a 'rural oscar' making it officially the best in the Midlands. Pete the Meat was named the Midlands rural champion in the Countryside Alliance awards and will now go head-to-head with other regional champions from across the country for the national title at a ceremony at the House of Lords in March… (story)
Halifax Evening Courier 14.2.12 Farm shop in running for ‘rural oscar’ - Yorkshire’s rural Champions of 2011 have been revealed in the Countryside Alliance Awards…. Keelham Hall farm shop on Brighouse and Denholme Gate Road was nominated and has been named winner of local Food category champion…. (story)
Redditch Advertiser 14.2.12 Pete the Meat is the best in the Midlands - ASTWOOD Bank’s Pete The Meat is the best butcher’s shop in the Midlands, and that’s official. The Evesham Road shop is one of just 10 regional finalists in the Countryside Alliance Awards and staff will be off to the House of Lords for the finals on March 7… (story)
Hexham Courant 13.2.12 Farm shop wins national acclaim for local products By RUTH LOGNONNE - BLAGDON Farm Shop has long been regarded as a champion of all things local… The shop won the regional title in the local food category of the “rural Oscars” organised by The Countryside Alliance, and will now take on the rest of the country in the national final to be held at the House of Lords in March…. (story)
Sunderland Echo 13.2.12 Baaa-vellous - THESE little lambs have a real spring in their step despite the cold snap…. Catherine Weightman of the Houghton farm, which last month won a Countryside Alliance Award, said: “We opened for the new season on Saturday, and although it’s not spring yet we have lots of new life in the form of lambs and chicks… (story)
Birmingham Mail 11.2.12 Countryside Alliance announces contenders for 'Rural Oscars' by Jasbir Authi, Birmingham Mail - A HOST of Midlands businesses are in the running for a top prize in the ‘Rural Oscars’. The Countryside Alliance has revealed nominations from Staffordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire, for the awards… (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 10.2.12 Trio of businesses in line for rural excellence awards By Marc Meneaud - A pair of butchers and a well-known farm shop in Bradford district will be heading to the House of Lords after being named among the Yorkshire winners of the ‘rural Oscars’. Representatives from Ellisons butchers inCullingworth and Lishman’s of Ilkley will join a team from Keelham Farm Shop in Thornton, Bradford, at the Countryside Alliance Awards 2012… (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 9.2.12 Suffolk Food Hall among regional winners in Countryside Alliance Awards By Duncan Brodie - A RETAIL showcase for local food and drink, based just outside Ipswich, is among the winners in the East of England round of the Countryside Alliance Awards. The Suffolk Food Hall, at Wherstead, took top regional honours in the Local Food category, and will now go forward with three other winners from the region to the national finals next month…. (story)
Wetherby News 9.2.12 Accolade for village stores - The owners of Birstwith Village Store are celebrating after being named best village shop in the annual Countryside Alliance awards…. (story)
Somerset Guardian 9.2.12 Farm shop celebrates winning Retailer of Year award - Farrington's Farm Shop, in Farrington Gurney, has been named Retailer of the Year at the UK Farm Retail Awards… (story)
Ripon Gazette 8.2.12 Accolade for village stores - The owners of Birstwith Village Store are celebrating after being named best village shop in the annual Countryside Alliance awards…. (story)
Malton Gazette & Herald 8.2.12 Volunteers celebrate Hovingham Village Market’s latest award By Karen Darley - HOVINGHAM Village Market has been crowned winner of the Yorkshire Region Enterprise Award by the Countryside Alliance…. (story)
Northumberland Gazette 6.2.12 Businesses praised in rural Oscars - TWO north Northumberland businesses were highly commended in the seventh annual Rural Oscars. Doddington Dairy was commended in the enterprise section while R Green and Son Family Butcher, in Longframlington, was similarly awarded in the butcher’s category at the North East Countryside Alliance Awards 2011… (story)
Newbury Weekly News 5.2.12 Ashampstead butchers scoop regional title - Vickers Game staff celebrating after second consecutive win - STAFF at an Ashampstead butchers and farm shop were celebrating this week, after scooping a ‘Best Butcher in the South of England 2011 ’ regional title, for the second year in a row. Vickers Game, in Dog Lane, were pronounced winners of the title by the Countryside Alliance, after being nominated by customers… (story)
Midhurst & Petworth Observer 4.2.12 Kirdford shop nets itself a ‘rural Oscar’ in regional awards - KIRDFORD villagers are celebrating after hearing their community shop has won a ‘rural Oscar.’ The Countryside Alliance Awards are now in their seventh year of recognising the characters, skills, traditions and enterprise of the countryside through the people who work to make it tick…. (story)
Biggleswade Chronicle 3.2.12 Oscar hope is for meat and two veg - RURAL Oscars are in the wings for two local food outlets. Garden Friends Farm Shop in Roxton and Woburn Country Foods in Haynes have both been nominated for the Countryside Alliance’s Rural Oscars award scheme for their work during 2011…. (story)
West Sussex County Times 3.2.12 Village shop in line for an ‘Oscar’ - KIRDFORD Village Stores could be in line for a ‘Rural Oscar’ from The Countryside Alliance. The shop was voted south east finalist for the Village Shop or Post Office category finalists. It will now go head to head in the national competition featuring ten regional finalists across the UK…. (story)
Northwich Guardian 3.2.12 Antrobus Village Shop triumphs in regional awards By Gina Bebbington - A VILLAGE shop has been chosen to champion the north west in the Oscars of the rural world. Volunteers at Antrobus Community Shop are celebrating after it was named a regional champion in the Countryside Alliance Awards 2011… (story)
Leatherhead Advertiser 2.2.12 Medicine Garden wins 'rural Oscar' - AN ENTERPRISING non-profit company has scooped a regional prize in the "rural Oscars". The Medicine Garden in Cobham won the South East Enterprise category in the Countryside Alliance Awards, and staff will head to the House of Lords on March 7 to hear if they have won a national title…. (story)
Oxford Times 2.2.12 Farm shop wins gong at 'rural Oscars' - A farm shop is celebrating after winning a gong in ‘the rural Oscars’. The Brize Norton shop won the best local food business award in the South East region of the Countryside Alliance Awards…. Foxbury Farm owner Colin Dawes, pictured, said “We are all delighted…. (story)
Newcastle Journal 31.1.12 Humshaugh Village Shop branching out into orchard business - IT could be cider and honey on the doorstep for the North East’s most famous village shop. For the trailblazing Humshaugh Village Shop in Northumberland is set to branch out into the orchard business to supply locals with apple juice and cider…. Buoyed by a second successive victory in the regional Countryside Alliance Awards, the shop is again heading for the House of Lords to contest the national finals village shop category in March…. (story)
Salisbury Journal 30.1.12 Ludwell has the shop of the year By Annie Riddle - LUDWELL Stores has been voted the south west’s Village Shop/Post Office of the Year. It now goes forward to the national finals of the Countryside Alliance Awards, to be staged at the House of Lords in March…. (story)
Elmbridge Guardian 30.1.12 Medicine Garden, Cobham, in line for rural Oscar By Nazia Dewji - Cobham’s idyllic Medicine Garden has won the 2011 Countryside Alliance Enterprise Award for the south east of England…. (story)
Redhill & Reigate Life 29.1.12 Outwood Butcher's Shop commended in this year's "Rural Oscars" - Outwood Butcher's Shop in Outwood, has come close to winning a “Rural Oscar.” The shop in Brickfield Road has been commended by judges in the butcher category of the South-east heat of this year's Countryside Alliance Awards…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 28.1.12 Awards joy for community run Forest of Dean shop - STAFF and volunteers at a much-loved community shop have been rejoicing after their business was named the best in the country. Brockweir and Hewelsfield Village Shop picked up a prestigious BBC Radio 4 Food Award recently where it was named Best Retail Food Outlet… More glory could also come its way in next month's regional Countryside Alliance Awards. (story)
Northampton Telegraph 27.1.12 Three local shops gain top award nominations - Three local shops have been nominated to take home awards in the midlands heat of this year’s Countryside Alliance Awards …. Three local shops have been nominated to take home awards in the midlands heat of this year’s Countryside Alliance Awards …. (story)
Shropshire Star 24.1.12 Park Hill Farm in running for rural Oscar award - Farm bosses near Market Drayton are celebrating after edging closer to an enterprise award as part of a ceremony dubbed the ‘rural Oscars’. Park Hill Farm in Hales, between Loggerheads and Market Drayton, has been voted into the enterprise category of the Countryside Alliance Awards West Midlands regional finals. The farm, which is run by the Pimlott family, is up against three others in the race to be crowned the regional winner….. (story)
Belfast Telegraph 14.1.12 Game fair doyen in for award - The man behind Northern Ireland's game fairs has been nominated for the prestigious Ireland's Rural Hero award. Downpatrick businessman Albert Titterington has been shortlisted for the Countryside Alliance Ireland Awards, which celebrate the characters, skills, traditions and enterprise of the countryside… (story)
Daily Post 12.1.12 Bullseye for shooting school in Countryside Alliance awards by Andrew Forgrave - SHOOTING is often seen as a rich man’s sport, but Bob Valentine, who runs his own shooting school on the Lln peninsula, has few airs and graces… Bob Valentine Shooting School, Llanbedrog, has just celebrated its 25th anniversary… The business, which attracts some 3,000 enthusiasts each year, was last night crowned winner of the Welsh enterprise category of the 2011 Countryside Alliance (CA) awards. It will now go forward to the UK final at Westminster in March… (story)
Daily Post 12.1.12 2012 Countryside Alliance Welsh champions by Andrew Forgrave (story)
Nottingham Post 7.1.12 Rushcliffe/Vale of Belvoir: A community radio station is in line for a major regional award. 103 The Eye, which broadcasts in Rushcliffe and the Vale of Belvoir, has reached the regional finals of the Countryside Alliance Awards for rural enterprise… (story)
Knutsford Guardian 26.12.11 Politicians Christmas and New Year messages - KNUTSFORD’S prominent politicians have wished the town and the surrounding area all the best for the festive period in their annual New Year messages… George Osborne Tatton MP: “My family and I are looking forward to the excitement leading up to Christmas Day… “We can celebrate local success too. This year’s Knutsford Royal May Day was one of the best ever – the floats and costumes get more creative and colourful every year. Antrobus Village Shop has been nominated as a regional finalist in the Countryside Alliance Awards…. (story)
Newtownabbey Times 15.12.11 Michael shortlisted for ‘Rural Oscar’ - MALLUSK man Michael Martin has been shortlisted as a regional finalist in the 2011 Countryside Alliance Awards… (story)
IRN 6.12.11 High hopes for Hadley’s Ice Cream in 2012 - Following a fantastic year, Jane Hadley, owner of Hadley’s Dairy based in Colne Engaine, is hoping that 2012 will be the year she puts her Essex ices firmly on the map…. “We’ve really had a fantastic year. Back in September we picked up a multitude of Great Taste Awards (the Oscars of the food world), then we were crowned Best Essex Food Producer and, to top it all off, we’ve just been nominated for a Countryside Alliance Award!” explains Jane…(story)
Melton Times 4.12.11 Community radio station in running for top award - COMMUNITY radio station 103 The Eye has reached the Midlands finals of the Countryside Alliance Awards, known as ‘the Rural Oscars’…. (story)
Hull Daily Mail 3.12.11 EAST YORKS: Regional winners have been announced for prestigious countryside awards… They include farm crop marketing business Wholecrop Marketing Limited, of Kirkburn, near Driffield… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 1.12.11 Shops named as finalists in rural awards - ENTHUSIASM, innovation and dedication describe the qualities of the people behind two East Devon village shops that have become finalists in the Countryside Alliance Awards 2011. Broadhembury Village Stores and Dalwood Community Shop and Post Office, both near Honiton, are two of four South West finalists in the Village Shop/Post Office category of the competition. The other two finalists come from Dorset and Hampshire…. (story)
Surrey Mirror 1.12.11 Trio of businesses in the running for rural awards - A TRIO of East Surrey businesses are in the running to win a "rural Oscar". Outwood Butchers, Priory Farm and Limpsfield Village Store are all celebrating their place as finalists in the Countryside Alliance Awards, which recognise the best of rural traditions and businesses, locally and nationally… (story)
Carmarthen Journal 30.11.11 Shop in the running for Welsh rural title - A LLANSTEFFAN shop is in the running for a Welsh championship title. The Village Stores has been nominated by customers and supporters for the Countryside Alliance Awards — nicknamed the 'Rural Oscars'…. (story)
Henley Standard 28.11.11 Gallery honoured - BRIDGET FRASER, director of Barn Galleries in Aston, is a regional finalist in the rural enterprise section of the Countryside Alliance Awards… (story)
Blackmore Vale Magazine 25.11.11 Local rural businesses recognised - BUSINESSES from across the Blackmore Vale area have secured places in all categories of the regional finals of this year's Countryside Alliance Awards… Finalists are: Local Food - Mrs Macks Organic Poppy Seed Dressing, Semley; Village Shop/ Post Office - Ludwell Stores and Post Office, Ludwell, Shaftesbury; Enterprise - Warminster Maltings Ltd, Warminster; Butcher - Stuart Saunders Butchers, West Coker, T Buttling Butchers, Ludwell, Shaftesbury…. (story)
Northern Echo 25.11.11 Businesses in line for 'Rural Oscars' By Emily Flanagan - SEVERAL enterprising rural businesses in the region have been nominated for a prestigious award. The finalists in the Countryside Alliance Awards include a village market, a children's farm and several shops… In County Durham, Down at the Farm children’s farm in Houghton-le-Spring has been nominated in the enterprise category. Petch butchers in Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough is also in the running for an award. The six finalists from North Yorkshire include three Ryedale businesses: Hunters of Helmsley, Hovingham Village Market and Wardill Bros General Store in Thornton-le-Dale. There are also two farm shops near York in the running: Beningbrough Home Farm Shop and The Farmer’s Cart. Harrogate’s Dales Stores has been nominated… (story)
Western gazette 24.11.11 Butcher is top choice for a 'Rural Oscar' - CUSTOMERS impressed by the service and products from a West Coker butcher have got it shortlisted for the "Rural Oscars". Stuart Saunders and his wife Ann have run the village shop for 26 years, sourcing their meat locally and enhancing the range of cuts available by using it to create a range of home-made pies, sausages and faggots…. (story)
Sunderland Echo 24.11.11 Houghton farm up for rural Oscar - WILDLIFE attraction Down at the Farm is line for a prestigious award. It has been nominated as a finalist in the enterprise category of the Countryside Alliance Awards…. (story)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald 23.11.11 Three businesses make it to finals of Countryside Alliance Awards - THREE Ryedale businesses have been named as Yorkshire finalists in the Countryside Alliance Awards for 2011. Hunters, of Helmsley, is among four contenders in the local food category, while long-established Wardill Brothers General Store, atThornton-le-Dale, is in the village shop and post office group. In the enterprise section, Hovingham Village Market, which has already scooped several awards since it was established, is named… (story)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 23.11.11 Shop celebrates first year with award nomination By James Brindle - A PIONEERING village shop run by community volunteers has celebrated its first birthday with a nomination for a prestigious award. It was revealed that Marchington Village Shop has been named as a Midlands finalist in the 2011 Countryside Alliance Awards just as the shop’s committee held its first annual general meeting (AGM… (story)
Redhill & Reigate Life 21.11.11 South Nutfield farm in the running for a "rural oscar" - Priory Farm at South Nutfield is celebrating being one of the South-east's finalists for a “rural oscar.” The farm, a family-owned and managed business in Sandy Lane, which was recently praised by its own Oscar-winning and long-standing customer, Dame Judi Dench, who lives in the area, has reached the regional finals of the 2011 Countryside Alliance Awards…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 21.11.11 Shop run from a pub is up for an award - A VILLAGE shop which opened up in a pub, after the only other local store closed down, is in line for an award… Janet Gosling, landlady at The Sycamore, decided to open a new store up inside the pub. Now her hard work has been rewarded, with the shop being shortlisted in the 2011 Countryside Alliance awards…. (story)
Hull Daily Mail 19.11.11 EAST YORKS: Regional winners have been announced for leading country living awards. Organised by rural campaigner the Countryside Alliance, they celebrate communities, produce and enterprise. They include farm crop marketing business Wholecrop Marketing Limited, of Kirkburn, near Driffield…. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 17.11.11 Orford: Village store one of four rural Suffolk businesses competing for awards - A SHOP owner who fulfilled a lifetime ambition when she bought a store in the village of her dreams last year has been nominated for a business award. The Orford General Store is one of four Suffolk businesses to reach the regional finals in the Countryside Alliance’s annual awards. Owner Penny Teale, nominated in the village shop category, said: “It is really kind and nice of the villager to vote for us, it recognises a lot of hard work.”… (story)
Flintshire Chronicle 17.11.11 Hawarden Estate Farm Shop in line for national award by Kathryn Quayle - It has been named as a regional finalist in the Countryside Alliance Awards, which will be judged during a grand final at the Houses of Parliament early next year…. (story)
Somerset County Gazette 16.11.11 West Coker butchers make finals of Countryside Alliance Awards 2011 By Steve Sowden - STUART Saunders Butchers in West Coker have just been named as a South West finalist in this year's Countryside Alliance Awards. They will now go head-to-head with T. Buttling Butchers of Ludwell, Shaftesbury, and Thomas O'Keeffe and Father, of Looe, Cornwall, to win the regional category and the chance of national acclaim…. (story)
Swindon Advertiser 19.10.11 Caring shops in line to win rural Oscar - TWO shops at the heart of their communities have been nominated for top awards after going the extra mile for their customers. Nicknamed the Rural Oscars, the seventh annual Countryside Alliance Awards are now open to public nomination with the BlunsdonVillage Shop and Bloomfield’s Fine Foods, inHighworth, both in the running… (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 14.10.11 MP wants to see retail best in Countryside Alliance Awards - EAST YORKS: Graham Stuart, MP for Beverley and Holderness, is urging people to nominate examples of retailing excellence for the seventh annual Countryside Alliance Awards… (story)
AboutMyArea 12.10.11 “Let’s celebrate the best of what East Yorkshire has to offer” says MP - Graham Stuart, MP for Beverley and Holderness, is urging people to nominate examples of retailing excellence across the constituency for the Seventh Annual Countryside Alliance Awards…. (story) <
Midhurst & Petworth Observer 8.9.11 ‘Rural Oscars’ open for nominations - THE Countryside Alliance Awards, nicknamed the ‘rural Oscars’, have opened for nominations… (story)
Market Rasen Mail 6.9.11 Nominations for rural oscar open - The 2011 Countryside Alliance Awards, known as the Rural Oscars, are now open to nomination…. (story)
Horncastle News 6.9.11 Nominations for rural oscar open - The 2011 Countryside Alliance Awards, known as the Rural Oscars, are now open to nomination…. (story)
Daily Post 6.9.11 Rural heroes - THE annual Countryside Alliance Awards have opened to nominations… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 6.9.11 Nominate for awards - Awards dubbed the rural Oscars have opened for nomination… (story)
Melton Times 2.9.11 Nominate the best of rural Britain - THE Countryside Alliance Awards, known as the ‘Rural Oscars’, have opened to nominations… (story)
Western Morning News 1.9.11 Entries invited for rural 'Oscars' - Nominations are invited for the annual Countryside Alliance Awards, nicknamed Britain's "Rural Oscars"…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 30.8.11 Nominees invited for 'rural Oscars' - NOMINATIONS have been opened by the Countryside Alliance to find winners of "rural Oscars" in Devon… (story)
Horse & Hound 30.8.11 'The Rural Oscars' opens for nominations - Ben Scott, H&H newsdesk - The Countryside Alliance Awards, dubbed the "Rural Oscars", has opened to nominations. The awards are in their seventh year and the Countryside Alliance urges the public to nominate their favourites…. (story)
Hull Daily Mail 29.8.11 Grab a rural award - EAST YORKS: The cream of the East Riding could be in line to scoop a prize in this year's rural Oscars. The Countryside Alliance is inviting nominations for its annual awards and is looking for entries from this area…. (story)

Western Daily Press 26.3.12 Badger cull plans still on track for West Somerset - A decision to scrap plans for a badger cull in Wales will not deter pilot schemes for Tewkesbury and West Somerset, ministers have said…. (story)
Western Morning News 26.3.12 Trial cull of badgers will go ahead – Defra - Farming Editor - A decision to scrap plans for a badger cull in Wales will not deter pilot-cull schemes for England, with two scheduled in South West bovine TB hot-spot areas in September… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 26.3.12 Badger cull verdict joy - THE Wildlife Trust Wales has welcomed the Welsh Government's decision to focus on vaccination rather than a badger cull in the fight against bovine TB… (story)

Sunderland Echo 26.3.12 Farming for a better future - TO continue my mini series of letters highlighting the problems caused by a capitalist society, I’d like to introduce the reader to Compassion in World Farming (CWF)…. Allan Rowell, Wearside Friends of the Earth (letter)


Telegraph 25.3.12 Rural forecourts could be 'wiped out' by high petrol prices - The UK’s 1,900 rural petrol stations could be “completely wiped out” in a decade by rising fuel prices, experts have warned. By James Hall, Consumer Affairs Editor … The Countryside Alliance said that last week’s Budget had “overlooked” the rural economy… (story)

Sunday Mercury 25.3.12 Residents fear badger setts could cause houses to fall down by Jonny Greatrex, Sunday Mercury - TALK about being badgered. Families in a quiet Midland cul de sac fear their homes are about to fall down as more than a dozen setts of giant badgers plague their neighbourhood – digging up gardens and threatening building foundations… (story)

BBC News Online 25.3.12 Badger TB vaccinations must be tried, says Wales' chief vet, Christianne Glossop - Vaccinating the badger population in parts of Wales is a valid contribution to the aim of eradicating bovine TB, says Wales' chief vet. Christianne Glossop is known to have backed culling badgers to help prevent the infection spreading to cattle… (story)

Western Mail 23.3.12 Controlling badgers - I was very pleased to read that the Welsh National Assembly has cancelled their proposed cull of our Welsh badger population and put in place more humane and sensible long term plans to tackle the TB issue, but I cannot believe the remarks made by the Plaid Cymru AM Elin Jones… DEREK HANLIN, GIlfach Goch, RCT (letter)

Sunday Telegraph 25.3.12 Animal sanctuaries closing under pressure from the RSPCA - A growing number of animal sanctuaries are closing due to an inability to cope with an increase in abandoned pets and growing bureaucratic pressure from the RSPCA. By Jasper Copping, Ben Leach and Lynne Wallis - For 27 years, Veronica and Rye Mepham ran an animal sanctuary taking in thousands of abandoned pets, injured wild animals and unwanted livestock… But their life's work came to an abrupt end after the RSPCA visited on a routine inspection and accused them of animal cruelty…. On the one side are the small-scale animal sanctuaries – often run by couples, like the Mephams, on shoestring budgets and with rudimentary facilities. On the other is the RSPCA… (story)


Horse & Hound 24.3.12 Tim Bonner returns to the Countryside Alliance - Tim Bonner — who has worked for the Hunting Office for the past 18 months — is to return to theCountryside Alliance (CA), as director of campaigns… (story)
Farmers Guardian 15.3.12 CA appoints new campaign director By David Boderke - THE former head of media at the Countryside Alliance, Tim Bonner, is returning to the organisation as director of campaigns. Mr Bonner, who initially joined the CA in 2002, left in 2010 to become public affairs officer at the Hunting Office. He has rejoined the alliance to direct its campaigns for field sports and rural life under new executive chairman Sir Barney White-Spunner…. (story)

Independent 24.3.12 The Government is to sacrifice the sublime British countryside to the interests of big business. I profoundly hope that after this change to the planning laws, the first application for a large and sprawling housing estate centres on the lush and lovely countryside around Dean, Chadlington, Kingham, Sarsden and Churchill… . Such locals as Jeremy Clarkson and Charlie and Rebekah Brooks will surely have no objection, and of course the well-known Cotswold hunt, the Heythrop, will not mind their hunting activities being curtailed by a whacking great housing estate, will they? Penny Little, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letter)

Spectator 24.3.12 A moderate case for animal rights fanatics - MATTHEW PARRIS - My reaction last week, I suppose, will not be dissimilar from those of the majority of my readers. I growled. From my radio came a report about problems that British researchers were encountering with supplies of mice for medical experiments… I growled because I don’t like bullying and intimidation and don’t approve of ‘direct action’, and because I’m sure that some animal experimentation is necessary if we are to develop drugs, procedures and products that are safe for human use…. Three cheers, then, for the anti-vivisectionists. Three cheers for responsible animal experimentation. And two cheers for a compromise between them both (story)

Kent Online 24.3.12 Live exports campaigners get Europe backing by Jessica Banham - Kent campaigners who want to see a maximum eight-hour journey time brought in for live animal exports have now got the backing of Europe… The RSPCA intends to seek permission from the port authorities to allow its inspectors into the port to cut down on abuse…. (story)
farmers Weekly 23.3.12 Campaigners team up against live exports - Johann Tasker - Campaigners against livestock exports have pledged zero tolerance to animal welfare breaches at ports where the trade continue… (story)

Hinckley Times 24.3.12 Circus comes to Hinckley - but not everyone is happy about it - THE EXCITING sights and sounds of an family circus have made their way to Hinckley. Circus Mondao will be wowing crowds until Sunday after setting up next to the Dodwells roundabout on the A5… However not everyone is happy to see the circus in town with the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) asking the people of Hinckley to boycott Circus Mondao… (story)


Beaufort 23.3.12 Beaufort Hunt donates £1,500 to Bristol Urological Institute - HUNTSMEN and women from one of the region's most well known hunts have donated £1,500 to Bristol Urological Institute. At the last Beaufort Hunt meet of the season, which took place at Upper Chalkley on March 17, a cheque was presented by the Duke and Duchess of Beaufort to the institute… (story)

Horse & Hound 23.3.12 Bilsdale and Hurworth follower completes day bareback - Bilsdale and Hurworth supporter Peter Hunt is recovering after completing the last day of the season without a saddle. For the stunt, Peter and his wife’s horse Ron tackled the pre-meet Bilsdale “gallop” of four miles and 23 jumps, then a couple of hours’hunting — a total of 36 fences… his pain is the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Help for Heroes’ gain. Peter’s efforts have so far raised £2,000 for the charities… (story)
Horse & Hound 9.3.12 Follower to attend Bilsdale and Hurworth's joint meet bareback - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - It might not be considered correct hunting attire, but on the day of the Bilsdale and the Hurworth’s final joint meet of the season, Peter Hunt will turn up without a saddle. That’s if he survives the traditional Bilsdale “gallop” before the meet — covering a couple of miles and some 25 fences — which Peter will also tackle bareback. The stunt is in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Help for Heroes… (story)
Yorkshire Post 25.2.12 Hunt joins the hunt in bareback challenge to help forces heroes - THE Bilsdale and Hurworth Hunt’s final day of the season looks like being a memorable one for Peter Hunt… Peter will be riding without a saddle…. Firstly he wants to raise money for two favourite charities, Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Help for Heroes, and secondly, because he has confidence in Ron, the horse he will be riding… (story)

Guardian 23.3.12 A working life: the falconer - London's Eaton Square is too posh for pigeons, which is where falconer David Bishop and his hawk Emu come in - Jill Insley - Emu, a very handsome nine-year-old male harris hawk, is sitting on the roof of a flatbed truck in Eaton Square,… Bishop and Emu both work for Van Vynck Environmental, and every Thursday morning they can be found patrolling the square, giving the local pigeons a hard time… (story)

Argus 24.3.12 No fox problem - Once again The Argus Letters page is fox bashing (March 19). I am amazed at how the humble fox is portrayed generally in the press… I am happy to follow my 40 years of fox study and state there will not be more attacks on children in the future. Roger Musselle, Downs View Road, Woodingdean
I have proof that urban foxes do not kill domestic animals… Stuart Bower, Towers Road, Upper Beading
You have to hand it to Tom Keightley on a brilliant campaign to drum up more business for his pest control company. The Fieldsports website and the words “pest control” speak volumes about where this person’s true intentions lie…. Susan Funnell, Richardson Road, Hove (letters)
Argus 19.3.12 Could a fox really eat a human baby? - AS A pest control officer, I am always drawn to letters and stories in The Argus regarding urban foxes (March 6). A recent story referred to a “giant fox” in East Grinstead weighing 35lb. This is of particular interest to me as I often remove what I consider to be very large foxes from domestic gardens in the Eastbourne area… There was an article in a regular pest control journal recently which described an experiment carried out by a south London pest controller. He placed a dead piglet in a pushchair wearing baby clothes and played the sound of a crying baby. He filmed the results – the video can be viewed on the internet… The video emphasises their willingness to exploit any food source. The sound of a crying baby signalsweak or injured prey. My own view is that we will see more attacks on children in the coming years. Tom Keightley, Pest Company
CAN we blame foxes for growing larger because of food available from compost heaps? We certainly shouldn’t have to kill any fox for this reason… Let’s stop giving the fox a bad name. I believe we can live alongside urban foxes by giving them space and securing compost bins. Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove (letters)
Argus 13.3.12 A fox’s tale - I am writing regarding the giant fox story featured in The Argus on March 6. Here’s a little story for you. A mother and her litter of cubs are at home in their den. One of the cubs says he is hungry and his mother says daddy will not be long as he is out getting the supper…. Janet Young, Gordon Road, Buxted (letter)

Western Morning News 23.3.12 The sport of kings is about having fun - I’m writing to offer a more balanced opinion to Graham Forsyth’s obviously prejudiced attack on horse deaths at race meetings and gambling… The sole reason people go to meetings is not to gamble and squander money recklessly, but to have fun, something Mr Forsyth conveniently overlooks in his depiction of national hunt racing as a forerunner to the hunting season and blood sports. Here we have, I suspect, your true agenda, Mr Forsyth!... Jon Elson, Barnstaple. (letter)

Milford Mercury 23.3.12 Badger cull axe ‘a cowardly betrayal’ - A PROPOSED pilot badger cull in north Pembrokeshire has been axed by the Welsh Government. The decision has been branded “a cowardly betrayal of north Pembrokeshire farmers and the Welsh farming industry as a whole” by the Farmers Union of Wales… (story)

BBC News Online 23.3.12 Badger vaccination officers 'at risk' in Gloucestershire - Wildlife trust bosses fear there could be safety implications of officers vaccinating badgers being mistaken for those taking part in a cull. Dr Gordon McGlone said police had advised that Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust staff were "at risk" and should "take care" over badger vaccinations… (story)

North West Evening Mail 23.3.12 CANADA GEESE CAMPAIGNERS ‘ECSTATIC’ AFTER WINDERMERE GEESE CULL U-TURN - CAMPAIGNERS who fought to save the lives of up to 200 birds have said they are “ecstatic” a proposed cull has been called off. After weeks of campaigning by protesters, including celebrities Bill Oddie and Queen guitarist Brian May, the Windermere Geese Management Group has scrapped controversial plans to kill Canada geese…. After Wednesday’s climb down, group spokeswoman Yvonne Pinnington said: “We’re ecstatic. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I found out… (story)
North West Evening Mail 22.3.12 CONTROVERSIAL GEESE CULL SCRAPPED BY AUTHORITY - PLANS for a geese cull on Windermere have been scrapped. The Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) yesterday revealed it was no longer going ahead with controversial plans to kill up to 200 Canada Geese… (story)
Carlisle News & Star 21.3.12 Planned cull of Canada geese at Windermere is barbaric, says RSPCA By Victoria Brenan - The chief executive of the RSPCA said a proposed cull of 200 geese on Windermere wouldn’t work and was barbaric. Gavin Grant revealed they had asked to meet with the Geese Management Group from the Lake District National Park Authority but had been turned down… (story)
North West Evening Mail 17.3.12 GEESE CULL MAY PUT PUBLIC AT RISK, SAY CAMPAIGNERS - PUBLIC safety could be compromised if geese are culled in Windermere, campaigners have claimed… Kathy Musker, founder from Respect for Wildlife said: “The fact that the LDNPA refuses to tell the public who will be shooting the geese fills us with dread. Is it going to be a ranger with just one day's experience with guns? Or will it be a deer-stalker who has never shot a goose in his life? Who has approved these mysterious contractors? Is the public safe? Where are the risk assessments?”… (story)
North West Evening Mail 12.3.12 PROTESTERS GATHER IN BID TO SAVE WINDERMERE CANADA GEESE FROM CULL - The picturesque postcard setting of The Glebe at Bowness was swarmed by an army of placard-bearing protesters on Saturday. Campaigners fighting plans to shoot 200 Canada Geese this spring took to the town to voice their disgust at the Lake District National Park Authority’s Windermere Geese Management Group’s decision… (story)
Mail on Sunday 11.3.12 'Give geese a chance': 100 protest against cull on Lake Windermere - More than 100 people yesterday demonstrated against a planned cull of wild geese on Lake Windermere in the Lake District… Animal rights group Animal Aid claims the authority has not responded to requests for scientific evidence to justify the cull… Kathy Musker from Respect for Wildlife said: 'We will be asking our supporters to boycott the Lake District… (story)
Westmorland Gazette 10.3.12 Canada Geese cull protestors at Bowness Bay today - By Scott Kirk , Reporter - PROTESTORS against the culling of 200 Canada Geese gathered at Bowness Bay today. Between 50 and 100 campaigners chanted 'Kill the cull' and held up banners saying 'Peace for Geese' and 'Shafted by the LDNPA' to oppose the proposed culling this spring…. (story)
Carlisle News & Star 10.3.12 CULL OF CANADA GEESE ON WINDERMERE MAY NOT BE LEGAL – PROTESTERS - Campaigners battling to stop the shooting of 200 Canada geese on Windermere claim the cull may not be legal after all. Just a few days ago, the Lake District National Park Authority confirmed it is to kill the birds, on the grounds that the “non-native invasive species” is damaging the environment in and around the lake. Now Animal Action says it contacted the LDNPA almost three weeks ago requesting more information about the cull, but as yet, has not had a reply…. (story)
North West Evening Mail 9.3.12 BATTLE GOES ON TO SAVE CANADA GEESE FROM WINDERMERE SPRING CULL - CAMPAIGNERS say the “battle is on” to save the Windermere geese threatened with a cull…. Campaigners from Save Windermere Geese, Animal Aid, Respect For Wildlife, other wildlife organisations and individuals, will be descending on Bowness, tomorrow from noon to take part in a peaceful protest against the decision… (story)
Yorkshire Post 8.3.12 Lake cull of canada geese to go ahead - CANADA geese will be culled as they nest around Windermere this spring, it was confirmed yesterday…. (story)
Carlisle News & Star 8.3.12 CAMPAIGNERS CALL FOR LAKE DISTRICT BOYCOTT - Animal rights campaigners have launched a boycott of the Lake District after the national park confirmed it will go ahead with a controversial cull of Canada geese… (story)
Westmorland Gazette 8.3.12 Windermere Canada geese cull green light 'sickening' By Steven Bell , Reporter - TOURISTS are being urged to boycott the Lake District after it was announced plans to shoot Canada geese on Windermere will go ahead… (story)
Mirror 7.3.12 "Don't reach for the gun": Queen guitarist Brian May pleads for geese cull to be called off - A cull of Canada geese in the Lake District will go ahead despite opposition from animal rights activists. Queen guitarist Brian May has previously criticised the proposals to shoot 200 of the birds on Windermere…. (story)
Westmorland Gazette 7.3.12 Canada geese cull plan for Windermere to go ahead despite protests By Steven Bell , Reporter - CAMPAIGNERS’ hopes of forcing a U-turn on plans to shoot Canada geese on Windermere have been dashed after it was confirmed a cull will go ahead…. (story)
North West Evening Mail 7.3.12 ACTIVISTS PLEDGE TO BOYCOTT LAKES OVER BIRD CULL - ANIMAL welfare campaigners say they will boycott the Lake District after national park bosses pledged to go ahead with a controversial culling of Canada geese on Windermere… Kate Fowler, of Animal Aid, said: “Following its reaffirmation of this unpopular and unscientific decision, Animal Aid, working with other anti-cull groups and individuals, will today launch an official boycott of the Lake District.” Kathy Musker, of Respect for Wildlife said: ““The authority has not carried out non-lethal methods of control properly and, as such, could be leaving itself open to prosecution. This matter is far from over.”… (story)
Carlisle News & Star 7.3.12 CULL OF CANADA GEESE TO GO-AHEAD AT WINDERMERE - A cull of 200 Canada geese on Windermere will still go ahead, despite a review… (story)
BBC News Online 7.3.12 Windermere Canada geese cull to go ahead - A cull of 200 Canada geese is to go ahead in the Lake District, despite more than 2,500 people signing a petition against the move… (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 6.3.12 Canada geese cull set to go ahead - A cull of Canada geese in the Lake District is set to go ahead despite opposition from animal rights activists… (story)
Westmorland Gazette 1.3.12 Re-think hope over plans to cull Canada geese on Windermere - By Steven Bell , Reporter - GROWING condemnation over plans to cull 200 Canada geese on Windermere has sparked a re-think by national park bosses… LDNPA ranger Steve Tatlock this week revealed that the geese management group would ‘review its decision in light of presentations made to the authority’… (story)
North West Evening Mail 27.2.12 GROUPS STAGE PROTEST TO PREVENT GEESE ‘BLOODBATH’ - CONCERNED animal lovers and welfare groups joined forces to hand over a 2,600-strong petition against plans to cull Canada geese on Windermere. Peaceful protesters carrying placards pleaded with Lake District National Park Authority bosses to adopt an ethical approach to avoid a “bloodbath on Windermere”… The coalition of representatives from Respect for Wildlife, Animal Aid, Canada Geese Preservation Society and members of the public met Bob Cartwright, the park’s services director, in the hope that they would reconsider and opt for a ‘humane’ programme, such oiling unhatched eggs… Kathy Musker, founder of Respect for Wildlife said “We are hoping they take notice of public opinion…. (story)
BBC News Online 24.2.12 Windermere's Canada geese cull prompts petition - A petition protesting about the proposed cull of up to 200 Canada geese is being handed in to authorities in the Lake District…. Neil Ryding, who organised the petition, said he believed that wildlife was a large draw for visitors to the Lake District… (story)
North West Evening Mail 20.2.12 Anti-Windermere cull campaigner – Canada geese are being made pollution scapegoats -A CAMPAIGNER against the proposed cull of geese on Windermere says she would put her herself between the guns and the birds rather than see them shot. The “Save Windermere Canada Geese” group formed two weeks ago via Facebook, as soon as the Lake District National Park Authority announced its intention to shoot 200 Canadian geese this spring… Yvonne Pinnington, administrator of the campaign group, claimed she would be willing to put her own body between the shooters and the geese, should the cull be sanctioned…. The “Save Windermere Canada Geese” group has been working closely with animal welfare organisation, Animal Aid… Simon Hughes who set up the Facebook group said: “It breaks my heart every time I think of the geese being killed. The wildlife is what makes Windermere special.” (story)
Westmorland Gazette 20.2.12 Queen guitarist Brian May opposes Windermere goose cull By Steven Bell - AN international rock star has joined a growing chorus of opposition to plans to cull hundreds of Canada Geese on Windermere. Queen guitarist Brian May said the Lake District National Park Authority’s proposal ‘must be rescinded now’… National animal rights’ group, Animal Aid, said the real cause of pollution in the lake was sewage… Yvonne Pinnington, of Skipton, who co-ordinates the Save Windermere Canada Geese Facebook group, said the cull was ‘ridiculous’ and called on the LDNPA to listen to public opinion…. Kathy Musker, from Respect for Wildlife, said a protest demo against the plan would take place on March 10 at Bowness (story)
North West Evening Mail 15.2.12 QUEEN STAR MAY OPPOSES WINDERMERE GEESE CULL - LEGENDARY rock guitarist Brian May has today announced his opposition to the proposed cull of Canada geese on Windermere… (story)
North West Evening Mail 14.2.12 ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP HITS OUT AT PLANNED GEESE CULL - THE UK’s largest animal rights group has labelled the national park’s reasons for a planned cull on geese as “nonsensical”. The Lake District National Park Authority plans to shoot 200 Canadian geese, which are classified as a pest species, on Windermere this spring. Animal Aid claimed the decision – taken by the Windermere Goose Management Group, of which the LDNPA is a member – was taken to satisfy farmers… (story)


Broadband Expert 22.3.12 B4RN: UK Government “holding back rural fibre rollouts” BY RICHARD PATTERSON - The Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN) project is a community-based organisation that has recently called out the government for holding back rural broadband. B4RN isn’t exactly the first group to do this, as the Countryside Alliance has also called out the authorities to “get moving” on improving the state of rural broadband. Sarah Lee, who is the Head of Policy at the Countryside Alliance, stated: “Our members consistently tell us that having a poor or non-existent internet connection is a major problem for the countryside…. (story)

Western Morning News 22.3.12 Budget pain for Westcountry's over-65s, motorists and public sector also hit - Chancellor George Osborne yesterday delivered a “triple whammy” to the Westcountry in a punishing Budget that will hit pensioners, motorists and public sector workers…. Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, said: “By far the biggest slap in the face for hard-pressed rural families is the Chancellor’s decision not to freeze the rise in fuel duty…. (story)
ITV (Anglia) 21.3.12 How local MPs are reacting to the Chancellor's Budget by Emma Hutchinson - So after weeks of speculation we now know for sure the details of George Osborne’s budget. FUEL DUTY - The number one issue for many in our region, in the East we pay some of the highest fuel prices in the whole of Europe and research by the Countryside Alliance says fuel costs on average 4p more in rural areas… (story)
Telegraph 21.3.12 Budget 2012: Britain aims to be ‘Europe’s technology centre’ - Broadband upgrades for cities and rural areas along with tax breaks for video games formed a key part of Chancellor George Osborne’s budget. By Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor… Barney White-Spunner, Executive Chairman of the Countryside Alliance, claimed that "funding for ‘ultra-fast’ broadband for ten UK cities, ignores the plight of families and businesses in the countryside forced to rely on slow or non-existent broadband connections"…. (story)
Western Morning News 21.3.12 BUDGET: 100,000 set for tax-free earnings …. Last night, rural campaigners made a last-ditch plea to freeze fuel duty as filling up a family car has hit record levels. "Reversing the planned rise in duty in August would be a small token that would go a long way in the countryside," said Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance…. (story)
Huffington Post 21.3.12 A Tough Budget for the Countryside - Dylan Sharpe - Head of Media Relations, Countryside Alliance - A simple stat for you to start: there are four mentions of 'rural' in the Budget document released by the Treasury today (available here) and 13 for 'cities'. Although there is absolutely nothing empirical to derive from that fact, it does serve to highlight that the budget George Osborne delivered today was not one for the countryside… (story)

Herald 22.3.12 Anger at axing of badger cull in Welsh TB fight - Rog Wood Farming correspondent - The National Beef Association (NBA) and the British Veterinary Association (BVA) have expressed disappointment at the Welsh Government's decision to scrap a targeted badger cull to tackle bovine TB in the Intensive Action Area… (story)
Western Morning News 21.3.12 Badger cull in Wales called off in favour of vaccination scheme - A cull of badgers in a designated zone in west Wales will no longer go ahead…. (story)
BBC News Online 21.3.12 Badger cull: Queen's Brian May praises Welsh government for halting plan - Rock star Brian May has welcomed a Welsh government decision to shelve plans to cull badgers as part of an attempt to rid cattle of bovine TB…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 21.3.12 Vets condemn Welsh badger cull decision - Jonathan Riley - The Welsh Government’s decision not to cull badgers will set back by years the fight against bovine tuberculosis, according to vets…. BVA president Carl Padgett said: “This is clearly a political decision, rather than a scientific one, and it will potentially set back our efforts to tackle this devastating disease by many years…. (story)
Daily Post 21.3.12 Welsh farmers furious at badger cull U turn by Tom Bodden - THE Welsh Government was accused last night of a ‘cowardly betrayal’ of farmers by scrapping a planned cull of badgers to combat a bovine TB epidemic… (story)
Guardian 20.3.12 Badger cull in Wales scrapped for vaccination programme - The Welsh government has reconsidered its planned badger cull to slow the spread of TB in cattle, and will vaccinate instead - Damian Carrington and agencies - A controversial cull of badgers in Wales aimed at cutting TB in cattle will no longer go ahead, Welsh environment minister John Griffiths announced on Tuesday, with the plan replaced by a multimillion-pound vaccination programme… (story)
MSN News 20.3.12 Cull of badgers in Wales called off - A cull of badgers in a designated zone in west Wales will no longer go ahead, environment minister John Griffiths has confirmed. The Welsh Government announced it was dismissing the controversial move, as officials look to drive down bovine TB rates. In its place will be a multimillion-pound vaccination programme…. (story)
Farmers Guardian 20.3.12 Plaid Cymru accuses Welsh government of 'blind ignorance' By Barry Alston - PLAID CYMRU said that in cancelling a badger TB cull the Welsh Government had displayed blind ignorance of the scientific case for the package of measures, and accused it of twisting the truth in order to fall in line with Labour party bosses in London… (story)
Telegraph 20.3.12 English badger cull in doubt after Wales scraps plans - The badger cull in England is in doubt after the Welsh government dropped its plans to kill the woodland mammals in favour of a vaccination programme. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - John Griffiths, the Welsh Environment Minister, scrapped the plan after more than five years of debate, protests across the country and two court cases. Farmers, who wanted to kill badgers to stop the animals spreading the cattle disease bovine tuberculosis, were disappointed with the decision…. (story)
Western Mail 20.3.12 Badger cull scrapped in Wales, Welsh Government announces - The Welsh Government has scrapped a planned cull of badgers in Wales - and faced a wave of condemnation from the farming industry… (story)
BBC News Online 20.3.12 Welsh badger cull scrapped in favour of vaccination - The Welsh government has dropped plans to cull badgers as part of an attempt to wipe out bovine TB in cattle. Environment Minister John Griffiths said he had instead opted to vaccinate the animals after carefully considering the scientific evidence… The Farmers' Union of Wales attacked a "cowardly betrayal", while the RSPCA said it was "delighted and relieved"…. (story)
Western Telegraph 20.3.12 North Pembrokeshire farmers 'have been betrayed' - A DECISION to axe a pilot badger cull has been branded 'a cowardly betrayal of north Pembrokeshire farmers and the Welsh farming industry as a whole'…. (story)
Daily Post 20.3.12 Welsh badger cull ditched By Andrew Forgrave, Rural Affairs Editor - THE Welsh Government has made a U-turn on its bovine TB policy and confirmed it is not pressing ahead with a badger cull…. (story)
South Wales Argus 20.3.12 Wales badger cull rejected in favour of vaccination - BADGERS in Wales will be vaccinated instead of culled a minister said today… (story)

Stourbridge News 22.3.12 Battle against badgers goes to Westminster By Bev Holder - THE battle to stop bothersome badgers in Wordsley has made its way to Westminster. Residents in The Haven say they have been plagued by the burrowing beasts for years but they have now reached the end of their tether trying to stop the destructive creatures in their tracks. Having repeatedly called on Dudley Council and Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) to take action to try to resolve the situation, they have now enlisted help from Dudley South MP Chris Kelly who has waded into the war and contacted Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman about the matter… (story)

Huntingdon News & Crier/Cambridge News 22.3.12 Animal rights protesters rally in town - Animal rights activists marched in St Ives as part of a protest against the work of Harlan Laboratories site at nearby Wyton where animals are bred for research…. Dr Victoria Martindale, of Safer Medicines, who was one of the speakers at the rally in St Ives, said: “It is an industry where torture and murder goes on in secret…. Erica Barclay, from NAVA, said: “We welcome any local people who want to join us and our aim is to be friendly and approachable, contrary to the image the media and Harlan would like us to be portrayed as…. (story)
Hunts Post 19.3.12 VIDEO: Animal rights protesters march through St Ives - ANIMAL rights protesters marched through St Ives on Saturday (March 17) in a ‘peaceful’ demonstration. The National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA) was demonstrating against Harlan Laboratories, in Wyton, who breed beagles for research businesses… (story)
Cambridge News 19.3.12 Lab targeted in animal rights protest - Animal rights activists marched in St Ives as part of a protest against the work of Harlan Laboratories site at nearby Wyton where animals are bred for research… Dr Victoria Martindale, of Safer Medicines, who was one of the speakers at the rally in St Ives, said: “It is an industry where torture and murder goes on in secret… Erica Barclay, from NAVA, said: “We welcome any local people who want to join us and our aim is to be friendly and approachable, contrary to the image the media and Harlan would like us to be portrayed as… (story)
Hunts Post 16.3.12 St Ives shopkeepers fear animal protest march will affect trade - SHOP owners fear a protest march through the town on Saturday (March 17) will affect trade… (story)
Cambridge News 15.3.12 Animal rights protest in town centre - Disruption is expected in St Ives town centre on Saturday during a march by animal rights supporters.The National Anti Vivisection Alliance will protest in the town following a demonstration at the Harlan Laboratories breeding site in nearby Wyton… (story)
Cambridge News 12.3.12 Police warn of animal rights demo disruption - Julian Makey - Disruption is expected in St Ives town centre on Saturday during a march by animal rights supporters. The National Anti Vivisection Alliance will protest in the town following a demonstration at the Harlan Laboratories breeding site in nearby Wyton…. (story)

Daily Record 22.3.12 SSPCA worker Alan Grant celebrates 20 years caring for animals by Craig McQueen - WHEN Alan Grant was a teenager, he was so desperate to work with animals he got his mum to lie about his age. He was only 14 when he started volunteering at the Scottish SPCA’s Glasgow Rehoming Centre in Cardonald… Now he’s celebrating 20 years there, having helped rehome thousands of dogs and countless other animals of all descriptions… But Alan wasn’t in the job for the money and said: “I was well into animal rights and issues such as battery hens. “I wrote letters and took petitions round school and I’ve got replies from people like Margaret Thatcher and Irene Adams, who was my MP at the time…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 22.3.12 Date for set for veggie weekend - THE world's biggest veggie event is set to take place in Bristol again this year. Vegfest UK Bristol will take place on the harbourside from May 25 to May 27… (story)

Newark Advertiser 22.3.12 Animal behaviour - I wanted to express my frustration at what I felt were rather naive comments in the letter, Circus Support, by S. White… It is behind the scenes where animals can be subjected to forced training — performing acts that do not come naturally to them — to a timetable…. I also think the protesters are doing a lot of good, asking people to think long and hard before visiting a circus that uses animals. J. DOBB, Winstanley Drive, Newark (letter)


Cornish Guardian 21.3.12 Villagers to say cheers as pub is set to reopen - ST NEOT'S pub is to reopen on Friday, a year after its closure met with protests from villagers. The new owners of the London Inn are offering a free drink to everyone who comes to the opening night between 5pm and 9pm… "We had the last hunt of the season outside on Saturday. The hunts' master did a toast to us – it was really nice…. (story)

Tivyside Advertiser 21.3.12 Police issue ‘Hunt’ firearm etiquette - As part of its commitment to safeguarding the members of the public it serves, Dyfed-Powys Police would like to raise awareness among the ‘Hunt’ community. It centres around the lawful and correct use of shotguns while on hunts following a number of historic concerns in regard to persons walking in public areas – such as footpaths – carrying shotguns… (story)

Western Morning News 21.3.12 Derek Mead: If only the public knew more about bovine TB - We've heard it so many times: the vast majority of the British public has no idea of the realities of farming – and doesn't really care, either. Here, I believe, is where our leaders have failed us… Cows infected with TB are slaughtered to stop them suffering a slow and painful death. It's the obvious, humane thing to do. It's an equally humane act to destroy an infected badger which will otherwise be turned out of its social group, will be unable to forage effectively and will inevitably succumb to the effects of the disease – yet badger-lovers won't allow this to happen. The public should really be asking themselves which side cares more for the welfare of animals. In my mind there is only one possible answer… >(story)

Gloucester Citizen/Echo 21.3.12 Dappy joins fight against Gloucestershire badger cull - ROCK star Brian May has revealed rap star Dappy is against a proposed badger cull in Gloucester. The Queen guitarist, who is an outspoken critic of the proposed cull, has been working with former N-Dubz star Dappy on a single… (story)

Telegraph 21.3.12 Lady Justice Hallett: Judges are only human - A “constant barrage” of personal attacks could one day prevent judges from making “brave but just” decisions, a senior figure in the Appeal Court has warned. By Martin Beckford, Home Affairs Editor - Lady Justice Hallett, who presided over the 7/7 bombing inquests, insisted that members of the judiciary were not “delicate flowers” but said they were “only human” and that the “drip drip drip” of public criticism may affect them if it gets worse. She said that the internet in particular is being used to “defy and threaten” judges, claiming that animal rights activists had tried to intimidate her by putting her personal details and those of her relatives online, under the heading “their homes are not bomb-proof”…. (story)

Sheffield Star 21.3.12 In brief By Jo Davison - Diehard carnivores should perhaps prepare to eat their words... A host of keen cooks are preparing their tastiest meat and dairy-free food to tempt visitors into eating less meat at Sheffield’s vegan food fair this weekend. Chef Jonny Mears, 25, a cook at the Blue Moon Cafe, is amongst them. The Blue Moon is a city centre meat-free Mecca which has won over countless veggies, vegans and carnivores alike with its hand-cooked casseroles, quiches and cakes…. (story)

East Coast Target 21.3.12 Ringmaster defends use of animals as Great British Circus visits Skegness - A CIRCUS show featuring tigers, camels and horses has started in Skegness. The long-established Great British Circus started its performances on Tuesday and they will run until April 1. Animal rights campaigners have protested about the circus but ringmaster Barbara Howes spoke to the Target to defend the circus's use of animals in its performances…. The Captive Animals Society has confirmed that Lincoln Animal Friends will be holding demonstrations outside the circus on Saturday and Sunday (story)

Scotsman 21.3.12 Grateful for greys - I find more emotion than logic in the grey versus red squirrel debate… This is simply an instance of survival of the fittest in nature, and I question the right of humans to intervene…. Robert Dow, Ormiston, ranent, East Lothian
I fully agree that it is necessary to take action to protect our red squirrels… However, I remain unconvinced that wholesale extermination of the grey squirrels is called for… Derrick McClure, Rosehill Terrace, Aberdeen (letters)


Western Morning News 20.3.12 Chefs swap ranges to boost country sports and menus - The finest chefs in Cornwall swapped their kitchen knives for shotguns for a day, in a bid to highlight the delights of wild game meat. In the spirit of fun, but with serious questions in mind, 17 of the county's top chefs met near Bodmin for a clay pigeon shooting contest…. Organiser Annette Cole, of the Country Sports Project, said: "We hope to make both eating and shooting game a real draw for tourists and food-lovers in the South West."… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 20.3.12 New racing rules needed - FIVE race horses died recently at Cheltenham. These wonderful intelligent animals are driven too hard in training…. I would like to see an outside independent body, to control the welfare of race horses with a set of new rules to obey such as fewer horses, fewer jumps, and a total ban on the use of whips. Marlene Charles Hopkin Street, Brynhyfryd (letter)

Western Morning News 20.3.12 200,000 new homes to be built in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset - Councils want 200,000 new homes built across the Westcountry in the next two decades, the Western Morning News has found…. Sir Barney White- Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, said: “It is possible to build new homes while protecting our precious green spaces and heritage sites… (story)

TechWeek Europe 20.3.12 Broadband slow lane - Some believe the UK is heading towards a two-tier broadband network… In December, the Countryside Alliance warned of the growing digital divide when it said there had been a “underwhelming” amount of progress rolling out superfast broadband in rural areas… (story)

Independent 20.3.12 Once again we get a warning about antibiotic resistance caused by prodigal use of drugs on factory farms… Animal-welfare societies have been beating this drum for decades. Again and again they have seen squalor, injury, suffering and death and evidence of heavy drug use inside factory farms… Mike Maas, Sheffield (letter)


Horse & Hound 19.3.12 Denman to go team chasing and hunting in retirement - Emma Sewell - Denman may not have been at Cheltenham last week, but he is not standing down from competition for good. The Paul Nicholls-trained 2008 Gold Cup winner was retired from the racetrack after sustaining a tendon injury in December, but — provided he makes a full recovery — will go team chasing and hunting under Charlotte Alexander… Charlotte says she will take it slowly with “The Tank” and introduce him to hunting with the Duke of Beaufort’s once he is fit enough and has been cross-country schooled… (story)

Business Green 19.3.12 Osborne urged to free Green Investment Bank to unlock clean investment - Investors and NGOs add to flurry of letters to the Treasury with plea for Chancellor to relax borrowing restrictions on Green Investment Bank By James Murray …. Meanwhile, today saw a letter to the Telegraph from Friends of the Earth, Shelter, the Countryside Alliance, and the Town and Country Planning Association arguing that it is not "helpful or necessary to pitch the environment and the economy against each other"…. (story)

Western Morning News 19.3.12 Natural England content with Somerset badger cull plan - Natural England has insisted many of its concerns over the badger cull “have been addressed” by the Government after private documents expressed concern that entire clans of the animal could be destroyed in the South West… (story)
Western Morning News 17.3.12 Conservation group content with cull plan - Natural England has insisted many of its concerns over the badger cull "have been addressed" by the Government after private documents expressed concern that entire clans of the animal could be destroyed in the South West… (story)
Shropshire Star 12.3.12 Fear badger culling will not halt disease - Plans to kill thousands of badgers to help stop the spread of tuberculosis in cattle would actually make the problem worse, the Government’s own advisors have warned…. (story)
Western Morning News 12.3.12 Fears 'entire clans' may be wiped out with badger cull - The Government's plan to cull badgers could wipe out "entire clans" of the animals in their heartland in the South West, according to experts…. (story)
BBC News Online 11.3.12 Advisers warned government on badger cull By Richard Black Environment correspondent, BBC News - UK badger culling plans could kill tens of thousands of the animals, worsen the cattle tuberculosis problem, and put the country in breach of a European wildlife treaty, advisers have warned…. The Labour Party used Freedom of Information (FoI) laws to obtain advice given by Natural England…. (story)
Observer 11.3.12 Cull could wipe out badgers in some areas - Government wildlife advisers warn that plans to shoot the creatures to tackle bovine TB may break the law - Damian Carrington - The government's plan to cull badgers could wipe out up to 79% of the animals in their heartland of the west and south-west of England, according to documents seen by the Observer, and up to almost a third of the national population…. (story)

New Addington Advertiser 19.3.12 New Addington badgers 'costing residents a fortune' - A SETT of belligerent badgers are making residents' lives a misery – digging up flower beds, tearing down fences and attacking family pets… residents feel the council should be doing more to protect their property from the pests… A Croydon Council spokesman said: "As badgers are an endangered species the council cannot take action to disturb their habitats. They are not considered to be a pest and as such do not fall under our pest control services…. (story)

Telegraph 19.3.12 An airline with principles could really take off - British Airways' vacillations over crosses and animal testing are feeble, says Cristina Odone… my love affair with “the world’s favourite airline” risks coming to a bitter end: I care about faith and science, and I worry that BA is hostile to both… I see no moral dilemma here: on one side, a tiny lobby clamours for the rights of rats; on the other, millions of men, women and children affected by fatal or debilitating conditions stand a chance to be cured…. Show me an airline where staff can wear a cross and that dares carry lab animals, and I’ll go fly with it. (story)

Scotsman 19.3.12 Cull protest - Aberdeen City Council (ACC) has announced that it will soon begin culling the roe deer on Tullos Hill as part of its Tree for Every Citizen project. The creation of a forest and wildlife haven with benefits for all sounds commendable on paper. However, when you realise it involves the systematic slaughter of the resident roe deer and then the deer who will naturally migrate in to inhabit the newly vacant territory, the scheme is exposed as unethical and unjustifiable… Aberdeen Animal Rights; Animal Aid; Animal Concern; Animal Concern Advice Line; Ethical Voice for Animals; People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals; Scotland for Animals; The Scottish tree Trust (letter)

Northern Echo 19.3.12 Praise for humane pigeon measures - AN animal charity has praised Middlesbrough Council for deterring pigeons from defacing the town's listed buildings through the use of ultra-violet paint rather than culling. Rather than using traditional methods of pest control, such as metal spikes or netting, Middlesbrough Council is daubing buildings with an ultra-violet gel…. Kate Fowler, head of campaigns at Animal Aid, said: "We are delighted that Middlesborough Council has found a humane, non-lethal way to deter pigeons from listed buildings… (story)


Independent on Sunday 18.3.12 The Last Word: Kauto was a star but humanising him masks the inhumane side of racing - Horses are animals and National Hunt, though thrilling, exploits them mercilessly. So spare us the hypocrisy – Cheltenham has dark foundations - JAMES CORRIGAN (story)
Telegraph 17.3.12 A deadly week, but horse-racing needs risk - As in most sport, danger plays a part in the race game’s appeal. By Jim White - Like most of those arriving at Cheltenham racecourse, I was not aware I was about to engage in a blood sport. But that is what the woman handing out protest leaflets insisted. “You’re an accessory to institutionalised murder,” she told me. And I thought I was there merely to bid a fond farewell to my shirt…. while the racing aficionados are right to point out that horses enjoy an incredible lifestyle of care, welfare and exercise, the reality is that danger is central to National Hunt’s purpose. Racing is not a blood sport. Far from it. But Cheltenham would lose much of its appeal if all risk was expunged. (story)
Mail 16.3.12 RSPCA fury at carnage of Cheltenham horses as five die in bloodiest opening to festival for six years By Katherine Faulkner - The deaths of five horses at Cheltenham ‘simply cannot be justified’, the RSPCA said yesterday…. Animal Aid described Cheltenham as ‘a bloody and unforgiving event’ which should be scrapped, while the League Against Cruel Sports said ‘questions had to be asked whether this is a sport’…. (story)
Telegraph 15.3.12 Cheltenham Festival 2012: BHA to launch full inquiry after death toll reaches five - Cheltenham racecourse itself was the story on Wednesday after another day of high drama which resulted in another two dead horses and the Irish jockey Andrew Lynch in tears after a badly dolled-off final fence left Sizing Europe’s two-mile Queen Mother Champion Chase defence in tatters. The race was won by Finian’s Rainbow By HOTSPUR (J A McGrath) and Matt Scott … (story)
Huffington Post 15.3.12 Is There Really a Need to Ban Horse Racing? - Katie Jones - Three horses died after falling on the first day of the Cheltenham festival. It's a rare and tragic circumstance of National Hunt racing that owners, trainers and punters alike, would rather not watch… (story)
Guardian 15.3.12 RSPCA 'very concerned' about horse deaths at Cheltenham Festival - Chris Cook at Cheltenham - The RSPCA has described itself as "very concerned and upset" by the deaths of five racehorses during the first two days of the Cheltenham Festival… (story)
Guardian 14.3.12 Two more horses killed on Wednesday at the Cheltenham Festival - Chris Cook at Cheltenham - High drama is not unusual at the Cheltenham Festival but the organisers would much rather have avoided the kind that attended the action on Wednesday, when there were injuries to horses, jockeys and one unfortunate bystander. Two horses were killed, bringing the total for the week to five and prompting critics to describe the Festival as "a bloody and unforgiving event"…. (story)
Mail 13.3.12 Welfare groups denounce Cheltenham organisers after three horses die on first day - Animal welfare groups have reacted angrily after three horses tragically died on the first day's racing at the Cheltenham Festival… Animal Aid's Horse Racing Consultant, Dene Stansall said: 'The race in which Scotsirish and Garde Champetre were killed should never have taken place… 'Animal Aid protestors will be at Cheltenham Racecourse on Wednesday to remind race-goers of the heavy price paid by horses at this notorious event.'… (story)
BBC News Online 13.3.12 Three horses die on Cheltenham Festival opening day By Frank KeoghBBC Sport - Three racehorses have died on the opening day of the Cheltenham Festival… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 18.3.12 End of 'bobby on the beat' as third of police stations close - A third of police stations have closed or are set to close, most of them in small towns and villages. By Josie Ensor - Hundreds of thousands of residents living in rural areas will soon be left without a local station and will have to report crimes to officers based miles away… Jill Grieve, a spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance, said the closures sounded the “death knell for the bobby on the beat”…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 18.3.12 Reporting a crime? Go online - A third of police stations have closed or are due to close, most in small towns and villages, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without a local station. By Josie Ensor … Jill Grieve, a spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said the move sounded the “death knell for the bobby on the beat”. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 18.3.12 The animal rights 'lone wolf' feared by the ferry firms - A campaign which led ferry companies to stop importing animals for medical research was masterminded by a single animal rights militant backed by just a handful of supporters. By Patrick Sawer - Luke Steele managed to force ferry companies to stop carrying live animals destined for science laboratories simply by encouraging a small number of fellow activists to inundate the firms’ directors with emails and letters…. Mr Steele and his comrades at the National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA), which he launched in May 2010, now plan to intensify their campaign against airlines still willing to transport animals for medical research — chief among them Air France… He is now seen as a key militant who has turned the internet into a weapon for activists…. (story)

Kent on Sunday 18.3.12 Ferries refuse to carry live laboratory animals - despite risk to medical research By Marijke Cox, Reporter - Cross-Channel travel firms say controverisal loads spark outcry Kent’s cross-Channel travel industry has refused to back down over its decision to stop the transportation of live laboratory animals despite fears over the future of medical research. All three companies, including the new DFDS/LD Lines partnership, P&O Ferries and Eurotunnel, told KoS they would not overturn their decision…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 18.3.12 Preserving red squirrels means hunting their grey cousins - A pistol-packing wildlife control officer has grey squirrels in his sights… Rusty is a control officer for the Scottish Wildlife Trust. He has shot somewhere in the region of 2,000 grey squirrels… Where greys settle, red squirrels suffer. Greys are much bigger, they are better at storing food, and they appear to produce more and stronger young. Most importantly, say conservationists, the greys can carry a virus – squirrel pox – which causes them no harm but which is lethal to reds… I can’t give Rusty’s proper name. Nor can his face be shown. His employers are concerned that he might be a target for animal rights activists… “Someone once told me,” says the control officer, “that God put these creatures here. No, he didn’t. The Americans did. God put me here to catch them.” (story)


Horse & Hound 17.3.12 Lowther Hound Show returns this summer - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - After a three-year absence, Lowther Hound Show is to return this summer. Despite not being one of the five official hound shows, the event was popular for showcasing packs in the north-west… (story)

KentNews 17.3.12 Gangs of hare coursers continue illegal blood sport around Kent By Marijke Cox, Reporter - Farmers have spoken out about the widespread problem of hare coursing where gangs are trespassing onto land, threatening land owners and using dogs to slaughter hares for sport… (story)

Isle of Man Today 17.3.12 11,000 animals eaten - THE vegetarian diet is exotic, varied, full of flavour and will tantalise your taste-buds with a world of wonderful vegetables. This is the message that British campaign group Animal Aid is promoting in March – which is designated as National Veggie Month… (story)


York Press 16.3.12 End this cruelty - AT CHELTENHAM Races on Tuesday, we once again witnessed the sickening sight of horses being thrashed with whips, and three being killed. How can we condemn other countries for their cruelty to animals when we accept this treatment to our racehorses?... David Boultwood, Alma Court, York. (letter)

BBC News Online 16.3.12 Thousands of racing greyhounds 'vanish' each year - A BBC investigation has uncovered huge gaps in how greyhound racing is regulated in Northern Ireland… Julia Paul's investigation into the greyhound racing industry is on Radio Ulster on Sunday 18 March at 13:30 GMT (story)

Telegraph 16.3.12 Animal testing is still necessary, despite the claims of animal rights protesters - Tom Chivers - I've gone on once or twice before about elements of anti-scientific thought on the Right. So it's only fair to recognise that the Left has its fair share of nutty science-deniers – notably in the areas of nuclear power, genetic modification, and, of course, animal testing…. Here's the thing. Everyone's against unnecessary cruelty to animals. Of course we are. It's like being in favour of joy…. But, sadly, at the moment, animal testing is the only way to get drugs to market … (story)

Derby Telegraph 16.3.12 Ban on circus animals is still not a certainty - MANY people, after hearing the news that the Government is to ban animals in circuses, believe that victory for the animals has been achieved. Sadly this is not the case… Please write to your MP asking them to support a ban… Dawn Spencer, Dovedale Crescent, Belper (letter)

Liverpool Echo 16.3.12 An act of cruelty - I READ about the ‘barn owls in arson horror’, (ECHO, March 3). I felt so upset with the thought that anyone could do such an evil, sadistic thing… J. Rigby, L13 (letter)

Yorkshire Post 16.3.12 ‘Shun Lakes over bird cull’ From: Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)
Scotsman 13.3.12 Cull protest - Animal campaigners are urging would-be tourists to stay away from the Lake District this year in protest against the proposed mass cull of Canada geese on Windermere… Local bird experts and campaigners say the killing will be a “bloodbath”… Anyone who opposes the killing of these majestic birds should vote with their wallets and book a holiday elsewhere… Kate Fowler Head of campaigns Animal Aid (letter)


Exeter Express & Echo 15.3.12 Hunt avoids prosecution - THE people who tried to protect a fox from "ferocious" hounds in East Devon have expressed their disappointment and frustration that police were unable to prosecute the hunt responsible because of lack of evidence… Priscilla Lynch, 52, and her father from Sidmouth, witnessed the group's hounds enter her field and kill the fox. Alun Metcalf, 31, a student from Cardiff and his family who were driving past, also witnessed the incident… However, PC Speariett said that to prove the incident was deliberate police required evidence that a chase had happened over a few minutes rather than seconds… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 19.1.12 Fox's protector comes forward - THE "mystery" man who helped protect a fox from hounds in East Devon has come forward. Police are continuing to appeal for witnesses to the incident which happened on Boxing Day afternoon near Shute. Sidmouth resident Prescilla Lynch, 52, claims to have found herself in the middle of the pack of hunting hounds in her field when Alun Metcalf stopped to help. The psychology student at Cardiff University, had been to Sidmouth for the day with his family when he saw the hunt… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.1.12 Landowner tells how hunt dogs killed fox - A SIDMOUTH woman has spoken about the trauma of witnessing "ferocious" hounds kill a fox in East Devon. Priscilla Lynch, 52, found herself in the middle of a pack of hunting hounds in her field near Shute on Boxing Day afternoon. Police have been informed of the incident and a spokesman said they were keen to hear from a man who tried to protect the fox… Roy Williams, chairman of the Axe Vale Hunt, said he was not hunting on Boxing Day, but confirmed that the hunt was taking place in the area where the incident happened…. (story)
Sidmouth Herald 5.1.12 Police probe fox death at Boxing Day hunt - Chris Carson, Reporter - AN animal lover has spoken of her ‘nightmare’ battle to prevent a fox from being torn apart by hounds in a field. Priscilla Lynch, 52, from Sidmouth, and a young passer-by fought in vain to save the wounded animal from a pack of dogs after it sought refuge on land she owns at Shute…. Members of the Axe Vale Hunt have admitted being in the area at the time. A spokeswoman for the hunt said they had been legally hunting there, using a false scent trail as permitted under the law. But she it was possible one of the foxes living in the area might jump out and become an unintentional target for the hounds…. (story)

Shropshire Star 15.3.12 Hunting debate hit by class wars - I enjoy reading the Star’s letters page for the diversity and topicality of the issues covered. It’s good to hear a variety of opinions but I was saddened to notice that the anti-hunt chorus is back in good voice and still singing from the same tatty song-sheet. Nick Adkin (Letters, February 28) regales us with a description of ‘pink’ coated, blood-lusting toffs chasing terrified foxes across the countryside for the pleasure of seeing them killed…. B Lewis, Shrewsbury (letter)
Shropshire Star 28.2.12 Hunting is so barbaric - Could Tom Williams, who attempted to justify hunting with hounds in his letter of February 20, please explain to me how exactly a bunch of upper class, blood thirsty people on horseback, in their hunting ‘pink’, chasing exhausted and terrified foxes through the countryside (and often through people’s gardens) is in any way ‘natural’?... Nick Adkin, Ketley Bank (letter)


Sleaford Standard 14.3.12 Hunt takes a tumble to raise £1,250 - SUPPORTERS of the Blankney Hunt have raised £1,250 for charity by simply taking a tumble. The Hunt followers presented the cash to Dr Ian Hindle from the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance on Saturday at their final meet of the season at Coleby Lodge…. (story)

Worksop Guardian 14.3.12 Rufford Hunt will not be back - THE Grove and Rufford Hunt Ball will not be returning to Retford town centre for the annual Boxing Day Meet. Coun Wendy Quigley presented the motion on the grounds it would help boost tourism and trade in the town. But the proposal was met with fierce opposition from the room at Monday night’s budget meeting…. (story)

BBC News Online 14.3.12 Activists' pressure 'slowing animal imports' - Some leading scientists are warning pressure from animal rights activists is reducing the number of animals being brought into Britain for research. All ferry companies and all but two airlines have stopped importing animals destined for research laboratories…. Alistair Currie from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) said researchers should work harder to come up with alternatives to animal testing… Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, a geneticist at the National Institute for Medical Research, told the BBC it was vital scientists were able to import animals, so they could collaborate with colleagues abroad… (story)
BBC News Online 14.3.12 Is it right to experiment on animals for research? (story)
BBC News Online 14.3.12 Q&A: Animal research - Fergus Walsh - Medical correspondent - News that all ferry companies and all but two airlines have stopped importing animals destined for research laboratories has led to warnings that it could setback the search for new medicines. But how important are animals in medical research and what are they used for?... (story)
BBC News Online 14.3.12 Medical research 'hindered by campaigners' - Scientists are warning that a new campaign by animal rights activists, aimed at the companies involved in the transport of laboratory animals, threatens to undermine research into new cures and treatments for disease…. (story)
BBC News Online 14.3.12 Animal rights activists target transport sector - Tom Feilden - Science correspondent, Today (story)
Mail 14.3.12 British medical research under threat as ferries bow to activists and 'halt the import of animals' for laboratory testing By Mario Ledwith (story)
Independent 14.3.12 Animal rights activists halt transportation of laboratory animals (story)
Guardian 14.3.12 Animal rights activists 'choking off' medical research - Airlines and ferry companies no longer transporting animals for testing, former science minister says (story)
Guardian 14.3.12 We'll carry on making it hard for laboratories to obtain animals - Public opinion backs our anti-vivisection campaign, and airlines and ferry companies are being persuaded to get out of the trade - Michelle Thew (story)
Huffington Post 14.3.12 Not Importing Animals Is Harming UK Medical Research, Experts Say - Medical research in the U.K. is being jeopardized by activists who have persuaded transport companies to stop importing mice, rats and rabbits for scientific experiments, a former British science minister says…. (story)
Telegraph 14.3.12 Medical research "at risk due to animal rights activists" Medical research could be put at risk after British transport companies refused to carry live mice, rats and rabbits under pressure from animal rights activists, it has been claimed. By Hannah Furness (story)
Telegraph 14.3.12 Ministers seek deal to save animal testing imports being taken over by military - Ministers are urgently trying to broker a deal to allow the import of animals for testing to continue saying it would be a "pity" if they ended up having to be brought in on RAF aircraft because of pressure from activists. By John-Paul Ford Rojas (story)
Evening Standard 14.3.12 Patients ‘at risk’ as activists block transport of research animals on airlines and ferries - Rob Parsons (story)
Scotsman 14.3.12 Animal rights pressure undermining vital research (story)


BBC News Online 13.3.12 Mallalieu: Hunting vote soon please - Martyn Oates Political editor, South West - The Labour peer and QC Baroness Mallalieu dropped in to join us on theSunday Politics this week… I wanted to know whether she hoped the government would deliver on its pledge to offer a free vote on repealing the hunting ban in this Parliament… (story)

Plymouth Herald 13.3.12 Plymouth police target deer poachers - THE police have joined forces with gamekeepers, landowners and other agencies to tackle rural acquisitive crime. Carl Eve, The Herald’s Crime Reporter, joined them on an anti-poaching patrol…. (story)

Whitby Gazette 13.3.12 Top marks for school trip scheme - FARMS across the area are being encouraged to help youngsters learn about life on the farm… Figures from the Countryside Alliance show that 97% of teachers believe it’s important for pupils to learn about the countryside in the National Curriculum and 98% believe the countryside could play a greater role in cross–curricular learning…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 13.3.12 Apply now for farm visit funding - Philip Case - Farmers in England who want to help more children learn about life on a farm are being invited to apply for funding by Natural England. Environmental stewardship funding through the Higher Level Scheme (HLS) is available to help provide items to improve visitor access to farms ranging from kissing gates and benches to farm classrooms…. Yet less than half of all children aged between five and 16 years old went on a school trip to the countryside in 2008, according to the study by the Countryside Alliance in 2009…. (story)

Market Rasen Mail 13.3.12 Protesters target pigeon netting - ANIMAL rights protesters have already damaged the netting being erected under the railway bridge in Chapel Street, Market Rasen. Work to install netting under the bridge, designed to prevent pigeons roosting there, is not yet complete, but town councillors were told last Wednesday that protesters had scaled the structure and cut a hole in the net…. (story)

The Sentinel 13.3.12 Killing animals is human nature - IT IS good news that Dora, the seven-day old lamb, (pictured) has been nursed back to health after being mauled by dogs and left for dead in Kidsgrove. It is funny that we heal her ripped ears and neck wounds, yet pay someone to harm and kill other lambs so we can eat their corpses… MARK RICHARDS, Newcastle (letter)


Bicester Advertiser 12.3.12 A last Tally-ho of the season for hunt - The last hunt of the season in Bicester has taken place. The Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase, pictured, set off from Barrus in Launton Road on Saturday…. (story)

Horse & Hound 12.3.12 Stolen hound puppy found after Horse & Hound appeal - A beagle puppy stolen from the family who were walking her has been found safe and well, after an appeal in H&H. Marble, an eight-month-old bitch belonging to theSandhurst and Aldershot Beagles, was taken from the Bowdler family’s barn on 20 February. Laura-Jane Bowdler, of Mattingley, Hants, said Marble was found dumped in woods on the edge of a housing estate on Friday (9 March) and handed into Burghfield and Goring Vets. “She was hungry and exhausted and covered in fleas, but OK,”… (story)
Horse & Hound 23.2.12 Appeals made for safe return of stolen beagle puppy - Flora Watkins - Thieves have stolen a puppy — belonging to theSandhurst and Aldershot Beagles — which was being walked by a local family. Laura-Jane Bowdler, who lives near Mattingley, Hants, said their barn was broken into during the early hours of Monday. The thieves stole the eight-month-old tricolour puppy, Marble, who was kept in the barn, plus a large quantity of tack… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 12.3.12 Country sports fans flock to point-to-point - Thousands of country sports fans flocked to the county for the Holderness Hunt's point-to-point racing event…. Large crowds reflect hunting's enduring popularity, despite the continuing ban on hunting with dogs. Mr Sowersby said: "All the horses have to have been hunting horses to qualify. The future of the event is very much secure."… (story)

Mail 12.3.12 Having a barrel of laughs: Katie Price is trigger happy as she goes clay pigeon shooting with Leandro Penna as they indulge in some PDA By Kimberley Dadds - She's always shown a flair for targeting what she wants and getting it. And now Katie Price has demonstrated she's even a dab hand at flying targets as she was spotted at a clay pigeon shooting range this week. The glamour model looked trigger happy as she developed her skills for the sport, fooling around along with her family and on again boyfriend Leandro Penna. The pair appeared smitten as they kissed during the activity filled day at the Southdown Gun Club near her home in West Sussex… (story)

Western Morning News 12.3.12 Farmer fears TB comment led to arson - A dairy farmer who spoke out in favour of a badger cull believes animal rights campaigners burned down two of his barns and poisoned his milk…. (story)
Telegraph 9.3.12 Dairy farmer 'targeted by animal activists over badger cull support' - A dairy farmer, Stewart Thomas, who spoke out in support of the badger cull has condemned animal rights campaigners who he accused of burning down his barns and poisoned his milk. The 67 year-old believes he has become a target after suffering two arson attacks and two mysterious contaminations since supporting government moves to eradicate bovine tuberculosis in cattle…. (story)
Mail 8.3.12 Farmer who backed badger cull hits out at 'terrorist' animal campaigners who burned down his barn and tainted milk By Leon Watson - A farmer who spoke out in support of a badger cull has branded animal rights campaigners as 'terrorists' after two of his barns were burned down and his milk was poisoned. Stewart Thomas, 67, has suffered two arson attacks and two mysterious contaminations since giving an interview to a local newspaper… (story)
Western Daily Press 7.3.12 Badger cull protesters blamed for Somerset farm attacks - A dairy farmer has said he believes animal rights activists are behind a string of suspicious incidents on his Somerset farm. Stewart Thomas said there had been two fires at his farm and his milk had been contaminated since he publicly backed a cull on badgers… (story)
BBC News Online 6.3.12 Somerset farmer claims 'badger activists' are behind attacks - A Somerset dairy farmer has said he believes animal rights activists are behind a string of suspicious incidents on his farm… (story)
Farmers Weekly 1.3.12 Farm hit by arson attack after newspaper report - Rhian Price - A dairy farmer has suffered a string of attacks against his business, which began after he publicly backed the pilot badger culls. Stewart Thomas and his family are devastated after two suspected arson attacks caused around £60,000 worth of damage to their dairy farm, in Old Cleeve, Somerset… (story)

Express 12.3.12 NO MORE NIGHTS AT THE CIRCUS By Nigel Burke - CIRCUS animal acts were popular in the Fifties but in 2012 does our society need to gawp at exotic creatures in degrading situations? That’s what we have celebrities for. Many Daily Express readers will welcome the Government’s announcement that it plans to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses by 2015 and put in a new licensing regime in the meantime. But even people who are happy with this should feel uneasy about the way it has been conducted. Here comes another new law, put up by campaigners, heedless of the Government’s own expensively procured scientific evidence and played out with political grand- standing that would put any three- ring circus to shame… We shall be losing the right to expect that any future government will base animal welfare laws on evidence. instead we shall see policy-making surrendered to ani- mal rights lobbying groups… A study by animal behaviour expert Dr Marthe Kiley- Worthington for the RSPCA concluded that animal welfare at circuses compared favourably with zoos, farms and stables…. When campaigners cite a 94 per cent public approval for a ban they infer a tide of opinion, a national priority. Yet when a petition for a ban was posted on the Government e-petition website it gained just 294 signatures. By comparison a petition on a substantial issue – the shortage of NHS midwives – gained 32,000 signatures… Moving from the status quo through a new circus licensing system and then to a ban will take thousands of billable hours from lawyers, mandarins and Pr weasels, to say nothing of MPs’ expenses fact-finding at Cirque du Soleil. Meanwhile elderly people lie unwashed, unfed and thirsty in NHS beds – no Early Day Motion on that subject so far… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 12.3.12 Ban live animal export - THE live export trade that shames us all continues…. Please implore your MP/MEP to ban the cruel export of live animals now. Janet Cummings, Tower Street, Rugby (story)


Evesham Journal 11.3.12 Debbie will ride in aid of helicopter - - lifesavers - AN Evesham woman will be taking to the saddle to support a charity that came to her rescue. Debbie Barritt, of Northwick Road, is representing the North Cotswold Hunt in a charity flat race in aid of Midlands Air Ambulance at Warwick Racecourse on Sunday… (story)

Eastern Daily Press 11.3.12 £1.3bn Post Office investment ‘no good without more business’ - Subpostmasters in Norfolk have given a cautious welcome to news of a £1.3bn investment in the Post Office, and say the best present government could give them is extra business…. Sarah Lee, head of policy at the Countryside Alliance, said they welcomed the investment but were concerned that the Post Office locals model could see many rural communities lose their post office, or see a significant reduction in the number of services…. (story)
Newcastle Journal 10.3.12 No more rural post office closures promises Government - POST Office bosses last night said there would be no more closures of rural facilities after agreeing a £1.3bn investment with the Government to transform the network… The Countryside Alliance also welcomed the investment, but was concerned the locals model could see many rural communities lose their post office or see services cut – such as manual cash deposits and withdrawals, manual bill payment services and on-demand foreign currency (story)
Mirror 9.3.12 £1bn Post Office revamp: Branches converted and counters ditched - Around 6,000 post offices will be converted over the next three years in a "once-in-a-generation" opportunity to revitalise the network…Sarah Lee, head of policy at the Countryside Alliance, said: "While the Countryside Alliance welcomes the large new investment, we are concerned that the rollout of the Post Office Locals model could see many rural communities lose their post office, or see a significant reduction in the number of services to which they have access, such as manual cash deposits and withdrawals, manual bill payment services and on-demand foreign currency…. (story)


Independent 10.3.12 Pedigree chum: Is Alexander Armstrong the poshest man in comedy? - GERARD GILBERT - More so than Miranda Hart, Stephen Fry and David Mitchell, Alexander Armstrong seems to be the acceptable face of posh comedy… Armstrong also supports the rural campaigning group, the Countryside Alliance. "I shoot very occasionally... I grew up shooting... but because I do shoot I think it's important to stand up for it," he says. "And I'd like people to be honest about what they don't like about country sports, because if it's actually the people you don't like then I'd much rather they would actually just say that."… (story)


Faversham Times 9.3.12 Huntsmen blamed after East Kent hunt campaigners find savaged fox - ANTI-HUNT campaigners have discovered the mutilated body of a fox they claim was savaged during an illegal fox hunt. The disembowelled carcass was found after a joint meet of Faversham-based West Street and Tickham Hunt and East Kent Foxhounds on Saturday at Crundale estate, near Wye. East Kent Hunt Saboteurs secretly filmed the event after suspecting that foxes were being hunted illegally. But when the Times contacted the hunt, members said they had not seen any foxes and were trail hunting (following an artificially laid scent) which is legal…. (story)

Tivyside Advertiser 9.3.12 Free broadband campaign - Ceredigion has become the first area in Wales to be targeted by a national campaign aimed at bringing free broadband to badly connected rural areas using the latest mobile phone technology. Free gadgets and broadband connections are being given to 20 local families and businesses for a year, with the help of the county council and the Rural Broadband Working Group -- which consists of mobile phone operator Three UK, the Countryside Alliance and Race Online 2012…. (story)
Think Broadband 8.3.12 Three to take 3G mobile broadband to Ceredigion region of Wales by Andrew Ferguson - Three as part of its collaboration with The Countryside Alliance and Race Online 2012 has brought 3G mobile services to the Ceredigion region of Wales… (story)
Mobile Magazine 8.3.12 Three bringing 3G to rural Wales after upgrade - Three is bringing 3G broadband to rural Wales as part of a campaign to connect remote areas to the internet… It is the first time the Rural Broadband Working Group, a collaboration between Three, The Countryside Alliance and Race Online 2012, has brought broadband speeds to Wales…. (story)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 9.3.12 Exports of livestock are blamed for disease - AN ANIMAL welfare group claims a new virus infecting sheep across the South East could be linked to live exports from Ramsgate. Reg Bell from Thanet Against Live Export believes the spread of the Schmallenberg Virus (SBV) coincides with the resumption of live exports… (story)

Scotsman 9.3.12 Spare the seals - We are disappointed that your article ,“Seal killing: A vital part of preserving Scottish salmon” (7 March), appeared skewed in favour of the marksman’s view – regardless of his expressions of regret – that the killing of seals is somehow a necessary evil…. LIBBY ANDERSON OneKind Queensferry Street Edinburgh (letter)


Telegraph 8.3.12 15st man 'mugged by fox' - A fully-grown man has told how he was mugged by a fox, which cornered him and forced him into handing over his dinner. By Hannah Furness - - Seb Baker, 29, weighs 15 stone but was attacked by the common red fox as he walked home from the supermarket. The civil servant has revealed the wily fox, which had been sitting on a kerb at the side of the road, followed him into an alleyway…. (story)
Sun 8.3.12 By RACHEL DALE and FELIX ALLEN - BURLY Seb Baker told yesterday how he was mugged by a FOX — which nabbed garlic bread from his shopping… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 8.3.12 Martin Clunes' chicken eaten by fox - A chicken adopted by TV star Martin Clunes has been eaten by a fox…. (story)

Stratford upon Avon Herald 8.3.12 Protest as petrol price reaches a new high By Matt Wilson (story)
Somerset Guardian 8.3.12 Diesel costs highest in rural areas, says report (story)
Western Morning News 6.3.12 Minister kills hopes of West fuel duty cut (story)
Car Rentals 5.3.12 Petrol Hits Record 137.44p (story)
Plymouth Herald 5.3.12 Record petrol and diesel prices hurting everyone in Plymouth (story)
Sunday Sun 4.3.12 Why filling up the car is costing a fortune by Sara Nichol, Sunday Sun (story)
North Yorkshire Advertiser 4.3.12 Call for fuel rebate in rural district By Emily Flanagan (story)
Gloucester Citizen 3.3.12 Rocketing fuel prices are "disgusting" say Gloucester drivers (story)
Nottingham Post 3.3.12 Diesel costs more in the countryside (story)
Hertfordshire Mercury 3.3.12 Petrol price reaches record high (story)
Express 3.3.12 TAX CUT CALL AS RECORD FUEL PRICES HOLD US TO RANSOM By Alison Little (story)
Dorset Echo 3.3.12 Rural Dorset motorists worst off in postcode pricing lottery at petrol pumps By Samantha Harman (story)
Dorset Echo 2.3.12 Scandal of Dorset fuel rip-off: Purbeck is most expensive place in country to buy diesel (story)
South Wales Evening Post 2.3.12 Worry over diesel cost (story)
Shropshire Star 2.3.12 Soaring fuel cost is hitting Shropshire families (story)
Daily Mail 2.3.12 Petrol hits an all-time high: Cost of filling family car tops £96 today as pressure grows to freeze fuel duty... and AA warns it will get worse By Ray Massey … (story)
York Press 2.3.12 Ryedale diesel prices ‘costliest’ … (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 2.3.12 Suffolk: Rural drivers paying more for diesel, survey claims By Laurence Cawley … (story)
MyFinances 2.3.12 Petrol and diesel prices reach record levels … (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 2.3.12 MP’s warning over fuel prices By David Coates … (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 2.3.12 Petrol prices hit record high of 137.44p a litre By Cheryl Mullin … (story)
Pirate FM 2.3.12 Paying Through the Nozzle… (story)
Shropshire Life 2.3.12 Shropshire Motorists Suffer As Petrol Prices Reach Record High (story)
Eastern Daily Press 2.3.12 North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb calls for tighter energy industry regulation to ease fuel poverty By CHRIS HILL (story)
Western Daily Press 2.3.12 Scandal of the fuel rip-off as prices soar in rural Somerset (story)
Derby Telegraph 2.3.12 Dear diesel driving despair in the Dales (story)
Western Mail 2.3.12 Diesel costs 4p more in the country (story)
Western Morning News 2.3.12 Campaigners warn over spiralling price of diesel (story)
AOL 2.3.12 UK fuel prices set to break record By Adrian Holliday (story)
Sky News 2.3.12 Over A Barrel: Petrol Price Hits Record High (story)
Daily Record 2.3.12 George Osborne under pressure as fuel prices hit record high (story)
Yorkshire Post 2.3.12 Osborne urged to act over high fuel costs for rural motorists (story)
Telegraph 2.3.12 Price of unleaded to reach record high - The price of petrol is expected to reach a record high today as unleaded prices rise towards costing the average vehicle £100 to fill-up. By David Millward, Transport Editor - Unleaded petrol has already climbed to within a fraction of the record 137.43 per litre set in May last year…. The news came as the Countryside Alliance yesterday said that motorists in rural areas were paying four pence a litre more for diesel than their urban counterparts,…. (story)
Huffington Post 2.3.12 Diesel Costs 4p More A Litre In The Country - The price of diesel in rural filling stations is, on average, 4p more than in urban areas, a survey showed today…. Countryside Alliance executive chairman Barney White-Spunner said: "Not only do people living in rural areas have to drive further to go to work, further to access essential services like schools, doctors and the supermarket, but they have to pay a lot more for their diesel to do so…. (story)
Chester Chronicle 2.3.12 Diesel costs 4p more in the country - The price of diesel in rural filling stations is, on average, 4p more than in urban areas, a new survey has shown. Cars are becoming an "unaffordable necessity" for many living in rural communities, said the Countryside Alliance, which conducted the survey… (story)
Sheffield Star 2.3.12 Diesel costs 4p more in the country (story)

Boston Standard 8.3.12 Protest planned at touring circus - ANIMAL rights protesters are set to demonstrate at a travelling animal circus when it opens in Swineshead this week. Activists from the Captive Animals’ Protection Society will be making a stand outside Circus Mondao, which has been set up off the Bicker Bar roundabout, in a bid to convince people to boycott the traditional show…. (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 7.3.12 Animal charity urges public to boycott circus performing in Swineshead - AN animal charity is calling for the public to boycott a circus that is performing in Swineshead this week. Circus Mondao, which uses zebras, llamas, camels, horses, reindeer, ponies and dogs in its performances, is in the village from today to Sunday. But the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) has urged local people to stay away from the shows and also threatened to hold protests outside the site where the big top is pitched….(story)

Guardian 8.3.12 Final 100 ruddy ducks in the UK facing extermination - Cull has killed 6,500, at a cost of £5m, and the government is about to spend a further £200,000 on the remaining birds - John Vidal, environment editor - It's small, chestnut-brown and American, bobs around on lakes and ponds and has bred happily in Britain for 60 years. But bird lovers hoping to see the ruddy duck in a natural habitat should hurry because the government is about to spend a further £200,000 trying to shoot the last 100 in an attempt to finally exterminate the invasive species… (story)


Bridport News 7.3.12 Swyre: Cattistock Hunt supporter injured in collision By Catherine Bolado - A HUNT supporter suffered a broken foot after an accident on the coast road. The Cattistock Hunt were out between Swyre and Abbotsbury on Saturday afternoon when the incident unfolded…. (story)

BBC News Online 7.3.12 Are red foxes getting bigger? By Matt Walker and Ella Davies - A fox believed to be the biggest killed in Britain has been shot after attacking lambs on an Aberdeenshire farm. The fox led some commentators to suggest that food left by people is leading to more outsized red foxes. But are red foxes getting larger, and if so, why, asks the BBC within its Question of Nature series?.... (story)
BBC News Online 5.3.12 'Largest fox killed in UK' shot on Aberdeenshire farm - A fox believed to be the biggest killed in Britain was shot after attacking lambs on an Aberdeenshire farm…. (story)
Telegraph 5.3.12 'Britain's biggest fox' killed - A fox weighing more than 38lb is thought to be the biggest ever recorded in Britain. By Murray Wardrop - The huge specimen was bagged by Alan Hepworth near his home in Aberdeenshire and weighed 38lb 1oz…. (story)
Mail on Sunday 4.3.12 The biggest fox in Britain: Man kills 4ft9in monster which weighs 38lbs By David Baker - Much like Roald Dahl's protagonist in Fantastic Mr Fox the urban animal is known for its cunning as it searches for scraps of food…. Experts have suggested that the ever growing size and boldness of foxes is on the up as a result of easy access to food, while it is also believed that more and more people are leaving out dog food for them…. (story)

Aberdeen Evening Express 7.3.12 Warning over protesters’ plan to stop Aberdeen deer cull By Jennifer McKiernan political reporter - PROTESTERS will put themselves in the line of fire to stop deer being slaughtered in Aberdeen, a charity spokesman warned today… Animal Concern spokesman John Robbins said: “I know the protesters are prepared to take direct action when the cull gets under way. Guns, protesters and scrubland do not mix.” (story)

Scotsman 7.3.12 Pig tales - I AM saddened by the National Pig Association’s claims that Compassion in World Farming (CWF) is “threatening the welfare of pigs on British farms” (your report, 6 March). CWF is not campaigning to prevent pig producers from replacing worn-out housing… Joyce D’Silva Compassion in World Farming Mill Lane Godalming, Surrey (story)

Eastern Daily Press 7.3.12 Police release CCTV image after graffiti is sprayed on East Harling butcher’s shop front - Police have released an image of a man they would like to speak to in connection with an incident of graffiti at a butcher’s shop in East Harling, near Thetford…. (story)


Henley Standard 6.3.12 Ipsden plays host to charity hunt ball - On Friday, February, 24 line hunting took place, raising £500. This was followed by the first Kimblewick Hunt Ball the next day when more than 450 people packed the tithe barn at Ipsden, kindly loaned by the Ipsden Estate… (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 6.3.12 Private – keep out - MICHAEL Fay from Beaumont Park (Mailbag, March 1) sounds almost as if he is threatening the Colne Valley Beagles. I quote: “It’s not too late for the hunt to reconsider (the use of Butternab/Delves Woods for war games) and they should be urged to do so.” Do the residents think that they have the upper hand on the hunt and can tell them what they can and can’t do with their own land?... Lisa Hirst, Almondbury (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 1.3.12 War games in the wood - A PLAN by Colne Valley Beagles to use Butternab/Delves Wood for war games using air-powered replica firearms is seriously jeopardising the good relations which have existed for decades between local residents and the Hunt…. Michael Fay, Beaumont Park (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 25.2.12 Worries over plans for Butter Nab Wood to host air-gun games by Anne-Marie Senior- AN ANCIENT woodland could be transformed into a combat zone under plans to stage war games. A third of the historic Butter Nab Woods, at Beaumont Park, could be dedicated to airsofting – a game using air-powered replica firearms to fire plastic pellets. The private wood is owned by the Colne Valley Beagles. Under planning laws, the group is allowed to hold combat events for up to 28 days without seeking permission from Kirklees Council. But today residents raised concerns about the threat to the natural woodland, which is home to different species including birds, bats and other wildlife….. (story)

Dundee Courier 6.3.12 If predators aren't controlled they will starve to death as prey is annihilated - The perceptive letter of Michael C. Smith of Threapmuir (March 2) on the disappearance of so many bird species here was worth a close read. His condemnation of ongoing singular prejudice in favour of raptors by the RSPB is worthy of support… Alastair Harper. House of Gask, Lathalmond, by Dunfermline (letter)

Boston Standard 6.3.12 VIDEO: Circus Mondao animals - ANIMAL rights activists will be campaigning outside a touring circus when it performs in Swineshead this week. Members of the Captive Animals’ Protection Society plan to protest outside Circus Mondao during its run on land off Bicker Bar roundabout from tomorrow until Sunday… (story)

Blackpool Gazette 6.3.12 Circus animals veto welcomed By Elizabeth Broughton - A BAN on wild animals performing tricks in the circus was today welcomed by animal rights’ campaigners… Mandy Leigh, from Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary, in St Annes, has welcomed the proposals…. (story)


Yorkshire Post 5.3.12 Exclusive: Badger baiter calls in police after threats and intimidation - A MAN convicted of badger baiting has been subjected to a series of threats and is believed to be a major target of animal rights activists. Police are investigating after William Anderson, 26, from Pickering, claimed he was being harassed upon his release from prison after serving just one month of his 16-week jail sentence… (story)

Bristol 24/7 5.3.12 Nine released on bail after Bristol demonstrations - Nine people arrested over the weekend at two separate demonstrations in Bristol have been released on police bail, officers confirmed today. Six people were held at Bristol Airport on Saturday after a group believed to be animal rights activists threw red paint at the main terminal building. They were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and public order offences. One person was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 5.3.12 Trouble flares at animal rights protest near Bristol Airport - POLICE made a total of nine arrests after two separate demonstrations led to disorder in Bristol. The bulk of the arrests came at Bristol Airport, where officers were called at midday on Saturday after reports that a large animal rights protest was taking place close to the terminal… (story)
BBC News Online 4.3.12 Bristol Airport paint protest: Seven bailed - Seven people arrested after red paint was thrown in Bristol Airport's terminal have been released on bail. Police were called to the airport during Saturday lunchtime to a "large demonstration" against animal transportation… (story)

The Herald 5.3.12 Pandas are no gift, watchdog will say - ANIMAL welfare campaigners have welcomed a draft of a ruling by the UK's advertising watchdog that looks set to brand a Scottish Government advert misleading after it hailed the arrival of Giant pandas to Edinburgh Zoo as a "gift" from China. An Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruling is expected to reveal that the watchdog has upheld a complaint by animal rights group, Scotland for Animals, that the advert wrongly portrayed the exchange as free…. (story)

Independent 5.3.12 Dolphin deaths - "Murder is the deliberate, unlawful killing of another human being" (Letters, 3 March). Indeed, the dictionary would so define it. But dictionaries, being compiled by humans, reflect the opinion that only human death is significant…. Katherine Perlo, Edinburgh (letter)

West Sussex Gazette 5.3.12 Chicken campaigners have bone to pick with RSPCA - ANIMAL welfare activists swarmed to the RSPCA headquarters in Southwater last week to ‘express dissatisfaction’ at the Freedom Foods scheme. Campaigners known as the Essex Animal Defenders donned chicken outfits and wielded dead pig signs outside the Wilberforce Way office on Friday morning…. (story)
West Sussex County Times 2.3.12 Video: Protest at RSPCA - A PROTEST took place this morning outside the RSPCA Headquarters on Wilberforce Way in Southwater. A group of animal activists called Essex Animal Defenders gathered to express dissatisfaction at what they term the inefficacy of the RSPCA’s Freedom Foods scheme…. (story)

Argus 5.3.12 Video: Health officials act after animal welfare video posted on website - Health officials visited a farm after concerns of animal protesters about the welfare of livestock. Inspectors from the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA), an offshoot of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, made an emergency visit to Jessops Farm in Honeybridge Lane, Steyning, after a complaint was raised by the Animal Defence Society…. Jake Knight, an investigator with the Animal Defence Society, said he found the farm while monitoring a hunt…. (story)


Farming Life 4.3.12 Thrills and spills as Ards Drag Hunt Club meets up with Holestones - A FANTASTIC day was had with Ards Drag Hunt Club and Holestone Blood Hounds. The day was hosted by Gary Lowry at his yard in Newtownards. There was plenty of challenging fences and a few great runs then back to well earned refreshments… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 4.3.12 Battle of the Cotswold badger cull - Andrew Cozens, a dairy farmer all his life, loves his cows. He knows their names and recognises their foibles – perhaps not surprising, given almost every waking hour of every day is spent tending to their needs. By Robert Mendick, Chief reporter - But for the past 12 years, his herd of pedigree Holsteins have lived in the shadow of a killer disease. For in that time, about 100 of his prized cows have had to be slaughtered after contracting bovine tuberculosis, a virulent disease that kills between 30,000 and 40,000 cattle up and down the country every year….. Two miles outside Stroud, the campaign to save the badger is being orchestrated by a very ordinary married couple in their fifties. Jeanne and Nick Berry, retired civil servants and self-confessed cat lovers, are running a campaign group called the Stroud 100 which is collecting the names of local landowners opposed to a cull…. It is not the couple’s first clash with the area’s traditionalists. In 2006, following Mrs Berry’s campaigning, the local hunt was threatened with an anti social behaviour order on the grounds that the hounds might devour her cats. With other villagers, they created an Elcombe exclusion zone that kept the hunt at bay…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 4.3.12 Mark Carwardine: 'Douglas Adams and Stephen Fry were unbelievably similar' - Next weekend, legendary conservationist Mark Carwardine will be celebrating the life of Douglas Adams, with whom he did so much to help threatened wildlife. By Cole Moreton (story)

Mail on Sunday 4.3.12 £115m... isn't that enough to rescue a tortured dog? By Liz Jones - I first had my doubts about the RSPCA when I was visiting one of their centres, Millbrook Farm, in Chobham, Surrey…. It was my job to report on how brilliantly the horses and ponies had recovered from their ordeal, but I couldn’t help but wonder why the RSPCA had taken so long to intervene…So, yes, I could hold back from criticising the RSPCA, as at least they do something to help animals. But on behalf of every little old lady who picks up the phone over an animal in distress, or donates some of her pension each week, or leaves behind a legacy in her will, I really do feel it could do an awful lot better (story)


Southern Reporter 3.3.12 Tally ho –bids set to open at Hunt auction - ONE lucky bidder will get the chance to enjoy a fabulous eight/nine-day safari for two people in South Africa, thanks to the Berwickshire Hunt Auction, being held at Manderston House, Duns, tomorrow…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 3.3.12 Kenneth Green - THE skills demonstrated by Kenneth Green made him an exceptional Huntsman during the 21 years he served the Colne Valley Beagles in that capacity. Mr Green, who has died at the age of 80, was the only son of Norman and Lottie Green, and lived all his life in the Lindley area of Huddersfield… (story)

Western Morning news 2.3.12 Exempt hunting dates (story)

Scotsman 3.3.12 ‘Aggressive’ deer cull ruining livelihoods, claim gamekeepers - OVER-culling of deer to support forestry and conservation is putting rural livelihoods at risk, a report has warned. The Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) claimed in a study that pressure to cull increasing numbers of deer to support reforestation was causing Scotland to “lay its greatest wildlife assets to waste”…. (story)
BBC News Online 2.3.12 Deer culls aggressive Scottish Gamekeepers Association says - Deer culls in the name of conservation are "aggressive" and harm populations that support sporting estates, a gamekeepers body has said. The Scottish Gamekeepers Association suggests culls in parts of Sutherland are so excessive they threaten the economic stability of shooting estates… (story)
Queensferry Gazette 2.3.12 Deer culling 'putting jobs at risk' - The over-culling of deer is putting rural jobs and livelihoods at risk, gamekeepers have warned. The Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) said Scotland is "laying its greatest wildlife assets to waste" by increasing culling to support reforestation… (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 3.3.12 Leave fish alone - Could someone please tell me why ITV considers that the torture of innocent creatures is good family viewing? I refer to a certain person who appears to have nothing better to do than go all around the world being brutal to fish… I would like to say to Jeremy Wade: “Leave the fish to live in peace. You are a menace to God’s creatures.” HJ MAZZA, Cross Gates (letter)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 3.3.12 Board promotes animal welfare - HAVING observed the recent ill-informed correspondence on the proposed Greyhound track at Towcester and concerns on welfare, I strongly believe the facts need to be correctly stated! As a respected qualified animal physiotherapist for 41 years throughout Europe I can firmly state the British Racing Greyhound Board is without any doubt known worldwide as the leaders in promoting animal welfare… F Eastman, Padway Practice, Perth, and D J North, Hinckley, Leics. (letter)

Shropshire Star 3.3.12 Badger cull would be futile - I agree with previous correspondents about the futility of the badger cull…. J McDermott, Wellington (letter)

Leicester Mercury 3.3.12 Give up meat and help world's hungry people - It was recently reported that half a billion children in the world's poor countries are malnourished and described as "mentally and physically stunted"… Ninety per cent of the UK's animal feed protein concentrates come from poor countries. The message is clear. Raising animals for food contributes to world hunger… Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


Western Morning news 2.3.12 Exempt hunting dates - The Devon & Somerset Staghounds… The Four Burrow Hunt… (story)

Western Daily Press 2.3.12 Minister pledges a vote to repeal Hunting Act - Agriculture Minister Jim Paice yesterday repeated his pledge for a vote on axing the controversial Hunting Act – “when time allows”… (story)
Western Morning News 2.3.12 Minister reaffirms vote on Hunting Act repeal - The Government’s commitment to hold a vote among MPs on repealing the Hunting Act will happen “when time allows”, Environment Minister Jim Paice has said… (story)

Western Morning News 2.3.12 Hunts and TB link can't be ruled out - We believe that the question of whether hunts help spread TB is still a valid one and is one that deserves careful consideration by the Government (Hunts linked to spread of bovine TB, group claims, WMN Feb 25). The article doesn’t mention that Wales’ Chief Vet has acknowledged that hunting could be a vector – but, as of yet, there is no proof…. failure to at least consider that hunts – which churn up vast areas of land and over wide distances – is a vector is potentially selling farmers short…Perhaps the Countryside Alliance, the NFU and the Government should look at the whole picture rather than blaming British wildlife for the spread of TB in cattle. Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager, Bristol (letter)

Somerset County Gazette 2.3.12 HORSE RACING: Three fatalities at Taunton - THREE horses - including one owned by Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp - died while racing at Tauntonyesterday… A spokesman for the animal rights group Animal Aid said: "We call upon Harry Redknapp to turn his back on this ruthless business and instead, consider financially supporting hard-pressed animal sanctuaries that care for rejected race horses."… (story)

Broadband Expert 2.3.12 Rural businesses get a £60 million boost BY ROB WEBBER - Rural businesses have been complaining about poor broadband services and how it has affected their businesses for a while now… In this light, the Countryside Alliance has called on the involved parties and providers to “get moving” in introducing improvements to the broadband infrastructure and services of the UK… (story)
Broadband Choice 29.2.12 MP calls for 4G broadband rollout in Cumbria - MP Tim Farron has urged the county council to make super-fast broadband a priority in Cumbria… However, the Countryside Alliance criticised the lack of progress made by all four pilots in December 2011…. (story)
Cable 27.2.12 Savills says rural areas still struggling with slow broadband by Paul France - Unreliable and slow internet access is a problem in rural communities, Savills has said. His comments come just a matter of days after Countryside Alliance head of policy Sarah Lee told the Daily Telegraph that poor or non-existent broadband is a "major problem" for residents and businesses in rural communities. (story)
Broadband Expert 25.2.12 Countryside Alliance: ‘Get moving’ on improving rural broadband BY RICHARD PATTERSON - It’s no secret that rural areas have poorer broadband connections compared to what’s available in urban areas. The Countryside Alliance has already made its position clear a few months ago when it stated that the projects set for UK rural broadband was moving too slow…. (story)
Telegraph 24.2.12 Broadband speeds must improve, says Countryside Alliance - The Countryside Alliance has called on local government to “get moving” on improving rural broadband after a new study showed speeds continue to be substantially lower outside urban areas. By Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor - One in four Britons has broadband speeds below 4Mbps, a new survey claims… Sarah Lee, Head of Policy at the Countryside Alliance, said, “Our members consistently tell us that having a poor or non-existent internet connection is a major problem for the countryside. A fast, secure and reliable broadband network ought to be seen by local and central government as having the same importance as a reliable gas, electricity or water supply.”... (story)
Cable 24.2.12 Countryside Alliance criticises rural broadband by Paul France - Broadband speeds in rural areas are too slow, the Countryside Alliance has said…. (story)
Telappliant 24.2.12 Rural broadband 'must improve' - The government has been urged to step in to ensure business broadband in the UK's rural areas is given a much-needed boost. Sarah Lee, head of policy at the Countryside Alliance, said the organisation's members are reporting poor and non-existent connections across the country… (story)

Derby Telegraph 2.3.12 MP's delight at ban on circus animals - AN MP for Derby who has campaigned for animal rights says he is delighted the Government has decided to ban performing wild animals in circuses. Derby North MP Chris Williamson said: "Having been fighting for this ban for over 35 years, I am delighted to see that the Government has finally stopped procrastinating on this issue…. (story)

Independent 3.3.12 Lost chance to save circus animals - Despite the overwhelming public desire for a ban on the use of wild animals in travelling circuses in England… despite claims of being "minded to ban" as expressed by the Prime Minister, the Government intends to licence rather than ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses…. Virginia McKenna Joanna Lumley Jenny Seagrove Helen Worth Born Free Foundation Horsham, West Sussex (letter)

Argus 2.3.12 Insects have feelings too so treat them with compassion - IT WAS good to see The Argus highlighting the plight of some exotic pets… pet shops should actively discourage this practice by not selling them in the first place. Another reason for this is the often forgotten abhorrent trade in live insects, which is sadly necessary as they are often the main staple diet for exotic pets…. They are left to linger for days on end on shop shelves, crammed into tiny plastic boxes in the vague hope that a potential pet owner will eventually turn up to buy them… All creatures should be treated with compassion and respect, with no suffering being inflicted on them regardless of their size…. Nicole Pendlebury, Wilbury Villas, Hove (letter)


Hunts Post 1.3.12 Can fox hunting be educational? Yes - according to hunt master - Last week’s article about a planned school trip to take children to a hunt sparked a heated debate on The Hunts Post’s website, Here CATE MUNRO asks explores if a hunting trip has any educational value. GEORGE Bowyer believes it was wrong for a rural school to block its children from watching a fox hunt. But as the joint master of the Fitzwilliam Hunt, based in Peterborough, you would expect him to put forward this view…. (story)
Horse & Hound 24.2.12 School children denied chance to visit hunt meet - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Children at a Huntingdon primary school weredenied a visit to the Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chace hunt after complaints from a parent. Pupils from Ashbeach School in Ramsey St Marywere due to attend a meet at Ellington on 7 February. But the trip was cancelled after a parent threatened to turn up with a group of antis… (story)
Hunts Post 23.2.12 Parent pressure forces school to abandon plans to take children on fox hunt - A HUNTINGDONSHIRE primary school is at the centre of another controversy just three months after taking youngsters on a trip to see a duck shoot. Just three months after taking pupils to watch wildfowling – including a duck being shot – Ashbeach School, in Ramsey St Mary’s had planned to take Year 6 children, aged 10 and 11, to watch a hunt… Elaine Knighton, whose 10-year-old niece attends the school, said the letter failed to mention the word “fox”, just as the wildfowling trip letter failed to mention the words “duck shoot”. She said it was only after her brother, Ray Poolman, researched the details of the trip – which mentioned horse, hounds and an eagle – that they realised what the school had in mind…. One parent sent a letter to The Hunts Post which stated: “The school, which is fantastic, did arrange to take older children on another trip to a hunt. However, this has now had to be cancelled as the same parent who complained before has threatened that if the school took pupils on the trip he would turn up with anti-hunt demonstrators… (story)

Leicester Mercury 1.3.12 Hunt hopes high for house plan - An application by Fernie Hunt to build a three-bedroom house for an employee is set to be approved… (story)

Horse & Hound 1.3.12 Hunting stalwart Rodney Ellis dies aged 71 - Rodney Ellis — who devoted his life to hunt service — has died at the age of 71. In a career that spanned more than 55 seasons, Rodney fulfilled various hunting roles at the Zetland, Morpeth, Tiverton, West Norfolk, Old Berks and South Hereford. He was master and huntsman of the United Pack during the late 1980s and 1990s. He later hunted the Tedworth hounds for nine seasons from 1996… (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 29.2.12 'He was never happier than when riding in a hunt' - A MASTER huntsman and "loveable rogue" – who began his lifelong passion for hunting in Lincolnshire – has died, aged 72. Rodney Ellis, who was born in Ulceby and later travelled the country as master of various hunts, passed away in Shropshire after battling lung cancer…Mr Ellis's passion for all things equestrian began during his early teens when the family would care for the late Gladys Nuttall's seaside donkeys during the winter months. It was about the same time he began riding in the Brocklesby Hunt… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 1.3.12 Carcasses of protected buzzards found shot dead - AN INVESTIGATION is underway after a concerned bird watcher found the carcasses of multiple birds of prey… Retired teacher John Stockton, 65, of Kirkstead Crescent, Grimsby, said:… "In the Laceby area last year, a pair of buzzards reared a family of four young…. in October last year I found the carcass of one young buzzard that appeared to have been shot. "I noticed the parents now only had two young birds with them… (story)

Epsom Guardian 1.3.12 Second kitten mauled to death sparking fox fear By Lauren May - A second kitten has been mauled to death in a West Ewell road sparking fears that rogue foxes are developing a taste for family pets… (story)
Epsom Guardian 1.3.12 Experts divided over fox attacks - By Lauren May - Experts are deeply divided over what is responsible for the death of two kittens in a West Ewell road in the past three months, and whether foxes in the area are learning to kill family pets… David Moore from Ewell, a vet at the Corner Veterinary Clinic in Sutton who is documenting the attacks believes cubs could be learning to kill from their parents… A spokesperson for The Mammal Society said that it would be very unusual if this was happening and suspects that people feeding foxes may be attracting them into gardens…. Steven Harris, professor of environmental sciences at Bristol University with over 40 years experience in urban fox research thinks the pets are much more likely to be victims of cars or a dog… Simon Cowell, founder of Wildlife Aid Foundation in Leatherhead, is also sceptical and said he has never heard of someone seeing a fox definitively kill a cat, but admitted that is was possible… (story)

Farmers Guardian 1.3.12 Poll shows divided public opinion on badger culling By Alistair Driver - PUBLIC opinion over the merits of badger culling to control bovine TB appears to be fairy evenly split, according to a poll commissioned by an organisation campaigning against the policy. A YouGov poll commissioned by Humane Society International UK showed well under half of respondents actively opposed the policy… (story)

Wirral Globe 1.3.12 MP backs campaign to stop badger cull - A SOUTH Wirral MP has joined conservationist Bill Oddie to show support for a formal complaint against the British Government’s proposed slaughter of badgers… It comes as a new YouGov poll shows that only 12% of the public in England think shooting badgers should be the Government’s main focus to reduce tuberculosis in cattle (bovine TB). Sixty per cent favour developing vaccines, while only 31% of people explicitly support a badger cull. Ellesmere Port and Neston MP Andrew Miller said: “Badgers are supposed to be a protected species but it would appear that this Government is intent on riding rough-shod over this status… (story)

Evening Standard 1.3.12 William and I ride round palace gardens on Boris bike made for two, reveals Kate - Ross Lydall - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been riding their tandem "Boris bike" in the garden at Kensington Palace… as she visited Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly with the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall. The royals were at the store, said to be the Queen's favourite grocers, to mark a Diamond Jubilee gift to all members of the Armed Forces serving abroad… Animal rights campaigners from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals held up signs protesting at Fortnum's selling foie gras, with one dressed as a goose…. (story)

West Briton 1.3.12 Happy days for veggie café - PEA SOUK Café in Falmouth is celebrating a triple whammy. The prestigious National Vegetarian Society has approved the café for its Food and Drink Guild and has given Pea Souk's unique product the Happy Pig Porkless Pie its Seedling Symbol accreditation… (story)

Mail 1.3.12 Wild animals in circuses WILL be banned after ministers cave in to demands to launch crackdown By Kirsty Walker - Circuses will be banned from keeping wild animals within two years. Ministers will today announce the U-turn after coming under intense pressure from MPs and celebrities to implement the crackdown…. (story)
BBC News Online 1.3.12 Wild animals to be banned from circuses - The government has promised to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses "at the earliest opportunity"…. (story)
Telegraph 1.3.12 Tigers, camels and zebras to be banned from circuses by 2015, ministers to say - Tigers, camels, zebras and other wild animals will be banned from performing in Britain’s circuses within two years, ministers will pledge on Thursday…. (story)