March 2016

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Guardian 31.3.16 Handing animal welfare to the farming industry is a big backward step - The UK government will tell you that we have some of the best animal welfare standards in the world….“Deregulation” is an ugly word, with an uglier meaning: Liz Truss, the environment secretary, is overseeing moves to scrap the statutory codes on farm animal welfare and move towards “industry-led” guidance instead. A government that prides itself on how much it cares for our animals wants to hand over animal welfare regulation to the very people who threaten it – while vigorously patting itself on the back for coming up with such an ingenious plan…. (story)

Champion 31.3.16 Vegan 'Carrot club' appeal for new members - A VEGAN food lovers group from Southport are appealing for more members to swell their ranks. The Crazi-Carrott Club, hosted by Alwynne Cartmell, regularly meet in various restaurants across Merseyside and are eager to have more vegetarian and vegan members join their group…We are people who are concerned about the rights of animals to live free of cruelty and exploitation and the rights of people to live in a healthy environment…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 31.3.16 Mailbox: I, too, am an animal lover - I think Anne and John Shaw ("We would put animals first", Mailbox, March 12) do not quite get my point, with regards to my Mailbox reply… I detest cruelty, so please read between the lines before judging me. Shelagh Armstrong, Knighton (letter)


Mail 30.3.16 Animal charity paid its boss's £12,000 legal fees out of donations after he was involved in a pub brawl By LYDIA WILLGRESS - An animal rights charity allegedly paid its chief executive's £12,000 legal fees out of donations after he was involved in a pub brawl. The League Against Cruel Sports decided to support Joe Duckworth after he was involved in a row with Russell Granby at the Lincoln Arms in Dorking in October 2014. Records from a meeting held two months after the incident allegedly showed trustees 'unanimously agreed' charitable funds would be used to meet 'reasonable legal costs' for Mr Duckworth, who was at the time earning £105,000… (story)
Horse & Hound 30.3.16 League Against Cruel Sports’ spending in the spotlight - Lucy Elder - Questions have been raised about the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) spending following an investigation. The Times published an investigation into the charity’s spending yesterday (March 29). It accused the organisation of “squandering cash on a failed prosecution, foreign travel, hotel bills and pay rises” — which the charity denies…. (story)
Western Daily Press 30.3.16 League Against Cruel Sports accused over squandering will proceeds on failed prosecution - An animal rights charity which spent £25,000 on a failed prosecution of a West Country hunt has been accused by critics of squandering part of a £3.5million fortune left in a well-wisher's will. According to financial documents leaked to The Times, the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) spent thousands on flying Bill Oddie to Malta, backdated pay rises for staff and the failed court case against six members of the Devon-based Lamerton… (story)
Third Sector 30.3.16 League Against Cruel Sports 'used charity funds' to defend chief executive Joe Duckworth by Rebecca Cooney - The League Against Cruel Sports has been accused of using £12,000 of charity funds on legal defence for its chief executive after he was reportedly involved in a fight in a pub. According to a report published in The Times newspaper today, Joe Duckworth, who stepped down from his role at the head of the charity last year, was involved in an altercation in a Surrey pub in 2014, which the league decided had occurred only because of his position at the charity…. (story)
Mail 29.3.16 Animal rights charity left £3.5million by industrialist 'blew cash on flying Bill Oddie abroad, backdated pay rises and a failed court case' By LYDIA WILLGRESS FOR MAILONLINE - An animal rights charity which was left £3.5million by an industrialist has allegedly spent thousands on flying Bill Oddie to Malta, backdated pay rises and a failed court case. The League Against Cruel Sports, which wants to end animal cruelty, was left the money by Stan Hales, who died in 2013. At the time, the charity was thought to be struggling financially. Around 40 staff allegedly later received minimum 10 per cent pay rises and spent £25,000 on a failed private prosecution, which was brought against members of the Lamerton Hunt in Devon after police dropped their investigation… (story)
International Business Times 29.3.16 The League Against Cruel Sports charity allegedly squandered cash after it was left £3.5m in a will By Rachel Middleton - One of the UK's oldest animal welfare charities has been accused of going on a spending spree after it was left £3.5m in a will. In addition to a backdated pay hike for all staff, the funds also went on a failed prosecution, foreign travel and hotel bills. The League Against Cruel Sports, which led the campaign to ban hunting in the country, had received a bequest from Stan Hales, an industrialist who died in 2013. The Times reported that the charity gave its entire staff a minimum 10% pay rise which was backdated… (story)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 29.3.16 League Against Cruel Sports denies blowing £3.5m bequest flying Bill Oddie to Malta and on failed court case against Devon hunt By WMNDavidWells - An animal rights charity which spent £25,000 on a failed prosecution of a Westcountry hunt has been accused by critics of squandering part of a £3.5 million fortune left in a well-wishers' will. According to financial documents leaked to The Times, the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) spent thousands on flying Bill Oddie to Malta, backdated pay rises for staff and the failed court case against six members of the Devon-based Lamerton…. (story) 29.3.16 BASC statement on today’s The Times article: ‘Animal rights charity exposed over squandered fortune’ - BASC chief executive Richard Ali said: “BASC has long called for charities to be transparent and accountable on how they spend the money donated by hard working people…. (story)
Third Force News 29.3.16 National newspaper accused of spreading malicious nonsense about charity by Susan Smith - Accusations in the Times newspaper that the League Against Cruel Sports has misspent a £3.5 million legacy are malicious nonsense, the charity has claimed. In a strongly worded rebuttal, the animal rights organisation said it has not yet spent a penny of the bequest from Stan Hales, an industrialist who died in 2013… "The Times story is a mishmash of exaggerations, half-truths and claims that are plainly incorrect," it states. "We were able to rebut every single accusation but none of our responses have been used which suggests that the journalist was after a cheap headline, and not actually interested in accuracy."… (story)
Third Sector 29.3.16 League Against Cruel Sports criticises Times article as 'shameful' and 'politically motivated' by Susannah Birkwood - The League Against Cruel Sports has described a Times article accusing it of spending a £3.5m legacy on pay rises for staff as a "shameful, politically motivated and unfounded attack"…. (story)
Civil Society 29.3.16 League Against Cruel Sports dismisses critical Times front page as 'malicious nonsense' - Emily Corfe - The League Against Cruel Sports has denied front-page allegations in The Times today that it squandered a £3.5m legacy, describing the article as a “mishmash of exaggerations, half-truths and malicious nonsense”…. (story)

BBC News 30.3.16 Video 'shows hunt law breached' By David Miller - The BBC has obtained secret video footage of a fox hunt in the Scottish Borders, which has led to two men being charged with wildlife offences…. The Jedforest Hunt was secretly filmed by the League Against Cruel Sports in February. The men who have been charged are due to appear at Jedburgh Sheriff Court at a later date… (story)
Daily Record 30.3.16 Two men charged with wildlife offences after footage appears to show illegal fox hunting in the Borders - TWO men have been charged with wildlife offences after video footage emerged of a hunt in the Scottish Borders.... Robbie Marsland, director of League Against Cruel Sports in Scotland, said: "Our latest footage strongly suggests that many of Scotland's hunts are trying to pull the wool over our eyes… (story)
Huffington Post 30.3.16 Two Men Charged After Fox Hunt Footage Recorded By League Against Cruel Sports Is Handed To Police Scotland - Kathryn Snowdon - Two men have been charged with wildlife offences after video footage was passed to police appearing to show hounds chasing foxes. The footage, recorded by the League Against Cruel Sports, features the Jed Forest Hunt in the Scottish Borders. The charity has previously claimed at least half of Scotland’s registered hunts continue to flout the 2002 ban on fox hunting with dogs…. (story)
Scottish Legal News 30.3.16 Secret footage allegedly shows flouting of fox hunting ban - Two men have been charged with wildlife offences after the BBC obtained footage of a fox hunt in the Scottish Borders. The news comes as campaigners claim the ban on fox hunting with dogs is routinely flouted while supporters say they take care to abide by the law. The Jedforest Hunt was filmed by the League Against Cruel Sports last month, with two men due to appear at Jedburgh Sheriff Court at a later date… (story)
STV 30.3.16 Two men arrested after footage of fox hunt handed to police - Two men have been charged after video footage of a hunt in the Scottish Borders was passed on to police. The League Against Cruel Sports alleged that the film of the Jed Forest Hunt shows hounds in pursuit of fleeing foxes… (story)
Border Telegraph 30.3.16 Fox hunt staff charged with breaching laws - David Knox - STAFF at the Jed Forest Hunt have been charged with illegal hunting practices. The move comes after the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland filmed the Jed Forest Hunt recently…. (story)
Charity Today 30.3.16 Police charge Jed Forest hunt staff with illegal hunting - POLICE in the Scottish Borders have arrested and charged two men from the Jed Forest Hunt with illegal hunting after viewing shocking new video footage filmed by the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland…. (story) 30.3.16 Shooting saves lives, says BASC - SHOOTING saves lives, according to BASC in the wake of a Natural England (NE) study which highlights links between good health and access to the outdoors… (story)

Surrey Advertiser 30.3.16 Fox kills endangered species at Busbridge Lakes in Storm Katie rampage BY BETH DUFFELL - Endangered species have been killed by a fox on a rampage at Busbridge Lakes. Devastation was found at the nature reserve on Monday (March 28) after a tree fell on a fence during Storm Katie, allowing the fox to sneak in. The fox remains at large on the vast site and is still carrying out attacks…. (story)

Independent 30.3.16 'Vegetarian gene' linked to heart disease and cancer risk, scientists find - Kashmira Gander - Populations with vegetarian diets have a gene which can raise the risk of heart disease and cancer, scientists believe. US researchers have found that people who have lead vegetarian lifestyles for generations in areas of India, Africa and East Asia have evolved a “vegetarian gene” variation, or allele… However, the vegetarian gene variation could also cause a spike in the production of arachidonic acid, which makes the body prone to inflammation and has been linked to heart disease and cancer, The Telegraph reported… (story)
Telegraph 30.3.16 Vegetarians: get over yourselves and eat a burger – it might save your lives By Brendan O'Neill - So, not only are vegetarians irritants who will bore you stiff with sob stories about jailed cows and tortured chickens — they’re also mutants. That’s according to a new study, which says long-term vegetarianism can lead to genetic mutations that ratchet up the risk of heart disease and cancer in future generations. Yes, meat-dodgers, burger-avoiders: you think your eating habits are helping to save the world, when in fact they’re condemning the unborn to disease… I do like a veggie-knocking study. I still smirk now at a headline I read a few years back: “Does Vegetarianism Make You Dumber?” Apparently some studies suggest veggies have impaired memory function…. (story)
Telegraph 29.3.16 Long term vegetarian diet changes human DNA raising risk of cancer and heart disease By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor - Long term vegetarianism can lead to genetic mutations which raise the risk of heart disease and cancer, scientists have found. Populations who have had a primarily vegetarian diet for generations were found to be far more likely to carry DNA which makes them susceptible to inflammation. Scientists in the US believe that the mutation occured to make it easier for vegetarians to absorb essential fatty acids from plants…. (story)

Telegraph 30.3.16 Is veganism the key to superhuman strength? - Jonathan Wells - "The world's strongest animals are plant-eaters. Gorillas, buffaloes, elephants and me". It was with these words that, earlier this week, Barnabas du Plessis revealed himself to be the new spokesperson for animal rights and vegan advocacy organisation PETA. A world-renowned body-builder and former Mr Universe, du Plessis cut meat, fish, eggs and all dairy products from his diet almost one year ago – and says he hasn't looked back since… (story)
Mail 27.3.16 Bodybuilder reveals how she and her Mr Universe fiance maintain their bulging muscles on a VEGAN diet - eating up to 4,500 calories a day By SIOFRA BRENNAN FOR MAILONLINE - He's been crowned Mr Universe and weighs a massive 107kg of pure muscle, while she has won the UK's strongest woman contest and flip a 300kg tyre and dead lift 165 kg. But while you might imagine professional bodybuilder Barny Du Plessis, 41, and his fiance Josie Beck, 42, from Norfolk, existing on a diet of chicken breasts and egg whites to fuel their training, the couple have been entirely vegan for the past year. Barny who was crowned Mr Universe in 2014 is the world's first professional vegan bodybuilder and is starring in a new ad campaign for the animal rights charity PETA to encourage others to adopt a plant based diet… 'I'm very outspoken about veganism on Twitter. "Vegan warriors" is a phrase we use much like "henchman for the animals", "defenders of the realm", "vegan muscle mafia", "Mother Nature's bodyguards" and "planet protectors"… (story)


Radio Times 29.3.16 The Archers: "I'm evil personified," says Rob Titchener actor Timothy Watson By David Brown - The Archers actor Timothy Watson has spoken out about the chilling effect his character Rob Titchener has on listeners… Thankfully, the 53-year-old actor made is plain that his real personality is a world away from the wicked Rob's: "I support Compassion in World Farming. I hate mega dairies, they’re appalling things. I’ve got no interest in country pursuits… "And I hate hunting. I would probably have been standing with the hunt saboteurs instead of falsely accusing one of assaulting me. So the real me probably wouldn’t fare too well in Ambridge." (story)

Coventry Telegraph 29.3.16 Horse racing - Bryan Griffiths (CT letters March 23) has missed the point. These horses are bred to run and jump. What is he saying is the option? Not letting them do what is natural would lead to more horse meat on French tables…. Simon Whitehead, Cannon Park, Coventry (letter)

Spectator 29.3.16 Can the RSPCA’s new CEO reform the ailing charity? - Camilla Swift - The RSPCA have been in a fair pickle for a while now. It had been without a CEO for two years – after their last one, Gavin Grant, stepped down citing health reasons – until two weeks ago when they announced that Jeremy Cooper, (formerly chief executive of the charity’s ethical food label) would be taking on the role. This comes after reports at the end of last year that three candidates had pulled out, apparently due to concerns over finances, and the fact anyone in the job would be accountable to the charity’s council… (story)

Maldon Standard 29.3.16 Pet shop owner baffled by animal rights activists' protest outside his store - Ellis Whitehouse - THE owner of a new pet store in Maldon High Street targeted by a protest from animal rights activists says his customers have “nothing but praise” for him. A group called the Essex Animal Defenders held banners and sang chants outside the Aquatic Pet and Reptile Centre on Tuesday last week…. Kerry Beney, who opened the centre last November, said he was baffled by the protest as he had not received any complaints before…. (story)


Leicester Mercury 28.3.16 Petition to keep Quorn Hunt out of Outwoods By Tom_Mack - A consultation is under way to determine whether the Quorn Hunt should beto pass through the Outwoods, after permission was suspended last year… Since then, nearly 3,000 people have signed an online petition calling for the ban on mounted huntsmen and hounds passing through the Outwoods to be made permanent. The petition, on behalf of Leicester Animal Rights, has been submitted to the Outwoods Management Committee, which manages the woods and is made up of councillors and trustees…. (story)
Loughborough Echo 23.3.16 Consultation on allowing Quorn Hunt in Outwoods BY MATT JARRAM - A CONSULTATION is underway to determine whether the Quorn Hunt’s horses and hounds should be allowed to pass through the Outwoods in Loughborough after it was suspended last year. An online petition on behalf of Leicester Animal Rights has been submitted to the Outwoods Management Committee, which manages the woods and is made up of local councillors and trustees… (story)
Leicester Mercury 11.1.16 Petition calls for permanent ban on Quorn Hunt passing through Outwoods By Tom_Mack - More than 1,000 people have signed a petition calling for a ban on mounted huntsmen and hounds passing through Outwoods being made permanent. The Quorn Hunt was told in November that it would not be able to pass through the ancient woodland near Loughborough this winter because it had left it too late in applying… Now campaign group Leicester Animal Rights have set up a petition on the Government's website, calling for the management committee to keep the ban permanent because now that hunting is illegal groups such as the Quorn Hunt should not be encouraged…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 4.1.16 No need for hunt to enter Outwoods - Mercury Mailbox - At our meeting on December 9, in response to a request by the Quorn Hunt, a proposal was made that the "apparent permission" be suspended until our next meeting in March. This proposal had only one vote against, Mr Thomas's.... I do not believe there is any need for the Quorn Hunt, or any other horse to enter the Outwoods for any purpose, as there is a perfectly suitable bridle path to get from one side of the Outwoods to the other. I am not a member of any organisation "for" or "against" hunting and have a single objective, to preserve, protect and maintain the Outwoods as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and wonderful open space for the enjoyment of the people to whom it was left "in trust". Richard L Smith. (story)
Leicester Mercury 24.12.15 Hunt banned from Outwoods over the winter after making their request late By Tom_Mack - A hunt has been banned from riding through ancient woodland over the winter. The Outwoods, near Loughborough, were a gift to the people of Loughborough by Allan Moss and George Harry Bowler in 1946 and since then the Quorn Hunt has regularly been given permission to pass through them with horses and hounds. The wood is looked after by a management committee and the members are currently split on whether the hunt should continue to use it. At their meeting on December 9, the committee declined the hunt's latest request to use the woods over Christmas because the request - received on November 18 - had not been made early enough…. (story)

Mail 28.3.16 Naturalist Bill Oddie slams Prince William over trophy killing and says future heir's remarks could lead to him returning his OBE By SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE FOR THE DAILY MAIL - Just two weeks after Prince William was attacked for claiming the killing of wild animals could be justified — despite his work to help protect endangered species — I can reveal he has now received his most damning criticism yet from one of Britain’s leading naturalists. Former BBC Springwatch host Bill Oddie has condemned the future heir to the throne for his remarks and admits they made him consider returning his OBE, which he received 13 years ago for services to wildlife conservation…. (story)

Hereford Times 28.3.16 Demonstration held in Hereford to oppose return of 'cruel' horse racing to the city and against Grand National - A DEMONSTRATION was held in Hereford to oppose the return of horse racing to the city and the Grand National. Members of Hereford Animal Protection League met in the city centre on Saturday to hand out leaflets to members of the public about why they are opposed to horse racing… Pauline Burgess, who was one of the Hereford demonstrators, said around 500 leaflets were given out and many people signed a petition calling for the Grand National, which takes place on April 9 this year, to be banned… (story)

Sheffield Star 25.3.16 Help racing cast-offs - Seven horses were killed as a result of racing at this year’s Cheltenham Festival, the highest death rate in more than 10 years. Shamefully, there was scarcely any public discussion of the deaths, and the little that did occur was prompted by Animal Aid’s vigilance and energetic briefing of the media…. Fiona Pereira Campaign manager, Animal Aid (letter)


Sunday Herald 27.3.16 New moves to ban grouse shooting in Scotland - Rob Edwards - A new campaign to ban landowners from mass shooting grouse on sporting estates is now backed by over 10,000 people, including TV naturalists, conservationists and animal welfare groups…. One of the first to sign was Chris Packham, presenter of the BBC’s Springwatch, Autumwatch and Winterwatch programmes. “Real conservationists have run out of patience with the illegal persecution of raptors and the continued abuse of our uplands which are drained, burned and denuded of life,” he said… (story)

Sunday Herald 27.3.16 A landowner's defence of culling mountain hares - Douglas McAdam - Culling is a word that conjures up all sorts of images and, for most people, none of them very attractive. The mere mention of a seal, badger or even deer cull – perhaps the most emotive examples - understandably unleashes passionate debate…. Mountain hare populations move in cycles and they have always been managed by periodic culling when numbers are high. This is still done for the purpose of keeping numbers at a sustainable level, as hares can affect fragile habitats through grazing pressure, can spread sheep tick which also affects red grouse, and can cause the failure of tree-planting schemes…. (story)

Sunday Herald 27.3.16 Topic of the week: the 'culling' of mountain hares - Reports of further extensive culling of mountain hares, including at the Balmoral Estate, make disturbing reading, and have met with widespread concern and condemnation… Will the guns fall silent only when these iconic creatures have been exterminated? Marion O'Neil Hare Preservation Trust Dunfermline
Following protests about the killing of hares, those who lurk around Scottish Land and Estates dismiss Dr Adam Watson's claims about the mass "culls" as "misleading and inaccurate". This ignores what is, without doubt, misleading and inaccurate and that is the use of the word "cull"…. Culling of animals means selecting those who are supposedly "inferior", unhealthy or weak, a Nazi-style type of selection…. Sandra Busell Edinburgh >(letters)

Epsom Guardian 27.3.16 The Epsom Derby is often considered the 'pinnacle of horseracing' but is the sport inherently cruel? - Craig Richard - The death of six horses during this month’s Cheltenham Festival has bought horseracing and its welfare practices into the spotlight…. Despite this, figures show 1,500 horses have died in British horseracing since March 2007, according to the animal rights group Animal Aid…. (story)

Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 27.3.16 End deplorable cruelty of badger cull - ON SATURDAY, March 19, I went on the anti-cull badger protest/march. It was good to see so many people there especially as it was a cold day…. KAREN GAMBLE Plymouth (letter)
BBC News Online 19.3.16 Hundreds protest against planned Devon badger culls - Hundreds of people have taken part in a protest in Devon against badger culls planned for the summer… About 200 protestors gathered in Plymouth to oppose the cull, which could start in Devon and Cornwall this year, the Badger Trust said…. (story)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 19.3.16 VIDEO AND PICTURES: Hundreds of badger cull protesters make voices heard at Plymouth march By WMN_Athwenna - Hundreds of anti-badger cull protesters gathered on Plymouth Hoe today to make their voices heard on proposals to extend the shooting of the mammals to parts of Devon and Cornwall. The demonstration, organised by the Badger Trust, saw more than 200 people of all ages bearing a variety of masks and banners meet in front of the city’s war memorial before marching through the streets… (story)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 19.3.16 Live coverage of today's badger cull protest in Plymouth By NeilShaw - Anti-badger cull protesters are gathering in Plymouth ahead of proposals to extend the shooting of the animals to parts of Devon and Cornwall. The demonstration organised by the Badger Trust, brings those opposed to badger culling to Plymouth Hoe, as farmers and marksmen in other parts of the Westcountry finalise plans to begin new culls later this year… (story)
ITV 19.3.16 Badger cull protest in Plymouth - Hundreds of people turned out in Plymouth earlier to protest against the government's badger culling programme… (story)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 15.3.16 Badger cull protesters' march coming to Plymouth this weekend By WMN_Athwenna - Anti-badger cull protesters will be gathering in Plymouth this weekend - in advance of proposals to extend the shooting of the mammals to parts of Devon and Cornwall. The demonstration, planned for March 19 and organised by the Badger Trust, will bring those opposed to badger culling to Plymouth Hoe, as farmers and marksmen in other parts of the Westcountry finalise plans to begin new culls later this year... (story)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 1.3.16 Save the badger march comes to Plymouth - as farmers in West prepare for more culls By WMNPBowern - Anti-badger cull protesters are to stage a march in Plymouth – in advance of proposals to extend the shooting of the mammals to parts of Devon and Cornwall. The demonstration, planned for March 19, will bring those opposed to badger culling to Plymouth Hoe, as farmers and marksmen in other parts of the Westcountry finalise plans to begin new culls later this year… (story)


Daily Mail 26.3.16 What our love of Countryfile tells us about the real Britain: QUENTIN LETTS says the show's timeless appeal represents everything the metropolitan clever clogs sneer at… Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, has described the disconnect between Westminster and the realities of country life. As an example, he says successive governments have made life more difficult for private motorists, but don’t realise how difficult it is to get about by public transport when you live halfway up a mountain in Wales or need to recharge the battery on an electric car in the middle of Exmoor…. (story)

Farming UK 26.3.16 Rural organisations issue warning: 'Use the code, or lose the fox snare' - Unless the sensible and practical guidelines contained in the Welsh Government Code of best practice on the use of snares in fox control are followed to the letter, the legal entitlement to snare foxes in Wales will be consigned to the history books. This is the unprecedented, collective warning being issued by rural organisations, which helped to draw up and endorsed the code. The message is, in short: “use the code or lose the fox snare”…. Director for the Countryside Alliance in Wales, Rachel Evans, said: “Having spent a lot of time getting the code to the point at where it is now was not an easy task with the opposition fighting hard for an outright ban. I cannot emphasise enough the importance for snare users to familiarise themselves with the code and to use code-compliant snares.”… (story)

Mirror 26.3.16 Savage wolf pack slaughter herd of 17 elk in chilling act of "sport killing" BY ALEX WELLMAN - A wolf pack has slaughtered an entire herd of elk in a chilling act of "sport killing". United States wildlife officials made the remarkable discovery on Tuesday night after discovering the bodies of 17 elk near the Wyoming town of Bondurant. None of the 17 calves and two cows had been eaten by the pack - merely killed… (story)


ITV 25.3.16 Hunt saboteurs attacked by masked quad bike riders - Hunt saboteurs trying to gather evidence of illegal fox hunting were attacked by masked quad bike riders. Members of North East Hunt Saboteurs were at the Middleton Hunt, east of York, when their vehicle was surrounded by the masked attackers… (story)
Sunderland Echo 25.3.16 WATCH: Chilling video shows masked men attacking anti-hunt campaigners' car with spades - Ross Robertson - This was the horrifying moment anti-hunt campaigners were attacked by masked men wielding spades. Members of the North East Hunt Saboteurs say they were on a day of action when their vehicle came under “a cowardly attack on a female driver and their passenger”…. (story)
York Press 24.3.16 We were viciously attacked while opposing hunt, say saboteurs - Dan Bean - HUNT saboteurs say they were attacked during an event in North Yorkshire. Members of the North East Hunt Saboteurs… say they were at a Middleton Hunt event near York, when windows of a car they were using were attacked in what they called “a cowardly attack on a female driver and their passenger”. A spokesman for the North East Hunt Saboteurs said attackers “used spades to smash the windscreen and a side window whilst a red coat from the hunt blocked the road”… (story)
Northern Echo 24.3.16 Police investigate spade attack by masked men on hunt saboteurs' car - HUNT saboteurs trying to gather evidence of alleged illegal fox hunting had the car they were in smashed up by masked quad bike riders. Members of North East Hunt Saboteurs were at the Middleton Hunt, east of York, when their vehicle was surrounded by the masked attackers, who used spades to smash a rear window, and the windscreen, as the female driver and her passenger tried to get away… (story)

Sheffield Star 25.3.16 Help racing cast-offs - Seven horses were killed as a result of racing at this year’s Cheltenham Festival, the highest death rate in more than 10 years. Shamefully, there was scarcely any public discussion of the deaths, and the little that did occur was prompted by Animal Aid’s vigilance and energetic briefing of the media…. Fiona Pereira Campaign manager, Animal Aid (letter)

Western Daily Press 25.3.16 Dismay over leaked badger cull farmers list By Philip Bowern - The Country Land and Business Association has expressed its concern for the safety of farmers whose names appear on a leaked list of those apparently signed up for the next round of badger culling… (story)
Guardian 23.3.16 Badger cull: animal rights group publishes names of farmers - An animal rights group that champions direct action is publishing details of farmers believed to have signed up for the next phase of the badger cull. Police are investigating how the list of landowners in Devon, one of the counties where culling may take place this year, came to be leaked. The Stop the Cull group said it believed the list was accurate and would publish the details of one farmer or landowner on it every day… (story)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 23.3.16 Landowners condemn animal rights group who are 'outing' farmers allegedly signed up to badger cull By WMNPBowern - The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has expressed its concern for the safety of farmers whose names appear on a leaked list of those apprently signed up for the next round of badger culling…. (letter)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 22.3.16 Police urge farmers named on badger cull list who are intimidated by animal rights extremists to call them By WMNPBowern - Police have urged farmers who feel threatened by anti-badger cull protesters to contact them, after a list of those signed up to a new cull was leaked and names and address started to appear on an anti-cull Facebook page…. Officers pledged to act after animal rights extremists vowed to “expose one farmer every day” from a leaked list of names of those who have allegedly signed up for a badger cull in Devon. The anti-cull Badger Trust was anonymously sent the list, which also went to its Devon and Cornwall branch, on Monday… And yesterday the extremist group Stop the Cull began posting the names of farmers on its website… (story)
Cornish Guardian 22.3.16 Police called after badger cull farmers' details leaked By wbchris - Police have been called in amid fears the badger cull could be abandoned due to safety fears - after a list of farmers taking part was leaked. Anti-badger cull protesters have been anonymously handed the names of farmers who have signed up for a cull later this year… (story)



Leicester Mercury 24.3.16 Retired police officer suffers fractured neck in attack while monitoring hunt activity By AlanThompson - A retired Leicestershire Police officer attacked by four men while monitoring the Belvoir Hunt is recovering from a neck fracture he suffered in the incident… (story)
Independent 14.3.16 Violence against hunt monitors 'could result in someone's death' - Tom Bawden - Violence against animal rights campaigners who monitor hunts is growing so bad that it could result in someone’s death, warned an observer who was beaten by hunt supporters at the weekend. Roger Swaine and Darryl Cunnington, both hunt monitors for the League Against Cruel Sports, were allegedly assaulted and had their cameras stolen by a masked group on quad bikes at a Leicestershire hunt on Saturday…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 14.3.16 Two men arrested after animal rights charity's monitors allegedly assaulted at Belvoir Hunt By DavidWOwen - An animal rights charity says that two of its monitors were assaulted while observing a meeting of Leicestershire's Belvoir Hunt. The League Against Cruel Sports, which campaigns against hunting, said the incident happened during an event organised near Melton on Saturday. Leicestershire Police confirmed it was investigating and said that two people were arrested in connection after the report of an assault at around 3.50pm on Saturday on land off Tofts Lane, Stathern However, a Leicestershire Police spokeswoman said: "Two victims sustained minor injuries in the incident. One was taken to hospital but has since been discharged."… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 13.3.16 Two anti-hunt campaigners 'attacked' while monitoring meet By Martin Evans, Crime Correspondent - A police investigation has been launched after two men were allegedly attacked while monitoring the historic Belvoir hunt. Former police officer, Darryl Cunnington, 58, suffered a fractured neck after he claimed a group of masked men riding quad bikes attacked him and threw him off a 14ft ledge…. The alleged incident occurred when the men, who are members of the League Against Cruel Sports, were monitoring the Belvoir Hunt… (story)
Independent on Sunday 13.3.16 Animal rights charity claims foxhunters riding quad bikes 'seriously assaulted staff' - An animal welfare charity has said its staff were “seriously assaulted and robbed of their cameras” while monitoring a foxhunt. The League Against Cruel Sports claims two of their employees were attacked by a “gang of hunt followers”, some riding quad bikes and wearing masks, at Leicestershire’s Belvoir Hunt on Saturday. Darryl Cunnington sustained neck and leg injuries and his colleague Roger Swaine suffered from severe bleeding after sustaining blows to the head, according to the BBC… (story)
Mail on Sunday 13.3.16 Two anti-hunt monitors watching foxhunters say they were injured in attack by masked group on quadbikes By AMIE GORDON - A masked group on quadbikes allegedly attacked two animal welfare monitors while they were observing Leicestershire's Belvoir Hunt on Saturday. Leicestershire Police said they were called to land off Toft's Lane, Stathern, Leicestershire, around 3.50pm and confirmed two men had been arrested on suspicion of assault. The League Against Cruel Sports said two of its members were attacked by a group of men, some of whom had been on quad bikes and wearing masks…. (story)
Observer 13.3.16 Two men arrested after attack on animal welfare activists at hunt - Two men have been arrested on suspicion of assault after two anti-huntingcampaigners were attacked while monitoring the Belvoir Hunt in Leicestershire. Darryl Cunnington, a campaigner for the League Against Cruel Sports – an animal welfare charity – and his colleague Roger Swaine were allegedly assaulted and had their cameras stolen by a masked group on quad bikes. Cunnington was seriously injured and taken to hospital while Swaine sustained blows to the head and was bleeding heavily following the attack in Stathern, Leicestershire, according to a statement from campaigners…. (story)
BBC News Online 13.3.16 Two men 'attacked' at Belvoir Hunt, says charity - An animal welfare charity said two of its staff were assaulted while monitoring the Belvoir Hunt. The League Against Cruel Sports said they were attacked by a group of men, some of whom were masked and on quad bikes. Two men were arrested on suspicion of assault after police were called to Stathern, near Melton Mowbray, in Leicestershire, on Saturday…. (story)
Grantham Journal 13.3.16 UPDATE: Anti-hunt group claims members assaulted by Belvoir Hunt followers at Stathern - Two men have been arrested following reports of assaults in Stathern yesterday. The League Against Cruel Sports says two of its members were seriously assaulted and their cameras taken off them at a meeting of the Belvoir Hunt in Stathern… (story)
Mirror 13.3.16 Belvoir Hunt 'attack': Animal welfare charity claim two monitoring staff 'seriously assaulted by masked quad bike gang' BY STEVE ROBSON - The two men were attacked by a group, including some on quad bikes and wearing masks, The League Against Cruel Sports says Two staff monitoring the Belvoir foxhunt in Leicestershire have suffered serious injuries after being attacked, an animal welfare charity claims. The two men were assaulted by a group, including some on quad bikes and wearing masks, The League Against Cruel Sports says. The League said the injured men are Darryl Cunnington, who sustained neck and leg injuries, and his colleague Roger Swaine suffered from severe bleeding…. (story)

Dorset Echo 24.3.16 Dorset youngsters can shoot for success at country sports event - YOUNG people with an interest in country sport have the chance to give it a shot at a special event in Dorset. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has partnered with the Blackmore Vale Shooting and Conservation Society to provide a 'Young Shots' taster day for young people with an interest in country sports such as clay pigeon shooting…. (story)

Worcester News 24.3.16 Cruelty free fair great idea - I was delighted to read that a “Cruelty Free Fair, showcasing products that animals have not been harmed to create”, is to take place on Worcester High Street on April 2… Isobel Thorpe Worcester (letter)

Worcester News 24.3.16 Animal study is not ‘vital’ - Simon Gillespie of the British Heart Foundation tells us that “the majority of life-saving medical advances ... involved animal research” and that it “is vital to future breakthroughs”… The BHF was established in 1961. It’s 2016 now and they’re still only “bringing us closer to new medicines to prevent the deadly blood clots that cause heart attacks and strokes.”… If they’re so dependent on animal experiments why is there absolutely no mention of them on their website? Roberta Balfour Malvern (letter)

Breaking 24.3.16 ISPCA calls for ban on use of animals after six arrested at circus protest - The ISPCA is today calling for an immediate ban on the use of wild animals in circuses on welfare and ethical grounds. Six people were arrested and several brought to hospital yesterday after fight broke out between animal rights' protesters and workers at Circus Belly Wien in Tallaght in Dublin…. (story)

Telegraph 24.3.16 Vegan student claims victory after University of Manchester launches vegan-friendly menu - A vegan student at the University of Manchester has won a battle to convince her hall of residence to drop animal products from its menu. Aless Donebauer, 18, is currently the only vegan student out of the 300 living in the catered Tree Court halls. Her food has however become popular across the university…. (story)


Worcester News 23.3.16 No need to catch fish - I was interested to read your article about “community-spirited volunteers” rallying round to enhance Stackpool in Springfield Park, Kidderminster. What a pity, however, that the pool will continue to be used for angling. Fish are sensitive, aware creatures who experience pain and there is nothing sporting about spearing living animals on a hook, dragging them out of the water and leaving them struggling for life as they suffocate…. (story)

Worcester News 23.3.16 'Spare a thought for chicks' - AS THE shops are filled with images of cute, fluffy chicks, Animal Aid is highlighting the terrible suffering that these animals endure…. Isobel Hutchinson Campaign Manager (Animal Farming and Slaughter) Kent (letter)

Worcester News 23.3.16 Vegans will not save us - MR BURGESS is wrong. What I read struck me as ‘cobblers’, specifically “livestock and their products account for 51 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions”. Agriculture apparently accounts for around 12.5 per cent. So, not the 51 per cent claimed…. (letter)


Harborough Mail 22.3.16 Wildlife police officer resigns after it emerged she went fox hunting - A police officer has resigned from her role investigating animal abuse in Leicestershire - after it emerged that she went fox hunting. Pc Sharon Roscoe, the wildlife officer for Leicestershire Police, was also a member of the Belvoir Hunt… (story)
Grantham Journal 21.3.16 Pc quits wildlife officer position - A Leicestershire Police officer has voluntarily stepped down from her role investigating wildlife crime after anti-hunting campaigners had highlighted her now former links with the Belvoir Hunt…. (letter)
Mirror 21.3.16 Police wildlife officer with links to world famous FOX HUNT quits after threats from online trolls BY MARTIN FRICKER - Pc Sharon Roscoe was former member of the Belvoir Hunt in Leicestershire, which has attracted members of the Royal Family, including Prince Charles - A police wildlife officer with links to one of Britain’s most prestigious fox hunts has quit after receiving threats from online trolls… (story)
Leicester Mercury 21.3.16 Police officer and ex-hunt member leaves wildlife crime post after "malicious" threats By Ciaranfagan - A police officer has stepped down from her role investigating wildlife crime after activists highlighted her links with a Leicestershire hunt. Pc Sharon Roscoe resigned from the voluntary and part-time post of Leicestershire Police's wildlife officer after threatening posts on social media made her fear for her safety, senior officers said. A former member of the Belvoir Hunt, she took on the job last year of investigating incidents of illegal hunting, trapping, poaching and badger baiting and other issues of animal welfare… A spokesman for the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs said: "We believe putting the officer into the post called the police's judgement into question….(story)
Metro 21.3.16 Officer who polices foxhunts quits after being outed as member of a hunt - Nicole Morley - A police wildlife officer has stepped down from her post after being ‘outed’ as a member of one of Britain’s biggest fox-hunting groups. Pc Sharon Roscoe resigned from the voluntary and part-time animal welfare post over abuse and fears for her safety, according to senior officers…. (story)
East Lindsey Target 14.2.16 Campaigners call for police wildlife officer 'who is also hunt member' to be replaced - Anti-hunt activists have launched a petition calling for a wildlife officer to be removed from her post, claiming she is also a member of a hunt close to Lincolnshire. Pc Sharon Roscoe's role as rural crimes officer for Leicestershire Police involves investigating incidents of illegal traps, game poaching and badger baiting, as well as numerous other breaches of wildlife law…. However, campaigners from the Hunt Saboteurs Association are claiming that Pc Roscoe's position is compromised by being a member of Belvoir Hunt Club….(story)
Mail 13.2.16 Revealed: Policewoman who is tasked with investigating illegal foxhunting is a member of a hunt By ALEXANDER ROBERTSON FOR MAILONLINE - A female police officer responsible for animal welfare is coming under pressure to quit - over claims she regularly goes hunting… (story)
Guardian 12.2.16 Wildlife officer who regularly attends foxhunts should lose post, says petition - Campaigners says PC Sharon Roscoe’s role investigating ill-treatment of animals ‘untenable’ with membership of one of UK’s biggest hunting clubs - Thousands of people have signed a petition calling on police chiefs to reassign a wildlife officer with an environmental remit after it emerged she is a member of one of Britain’s biggest hunting clubs. PC Sharon Roscoe, 46, is a wildlife officer for Leicestershire police… But it has emerged that she is also an active member of the Duke of Rutland’s Belvoir Hunt in Lincolnshire. Campaigners from the Hunt Saboteurs Association claim that although Roscoe is not doing anything illegal, her position is “completely untenable” and she should be stripped of her rural and wildlife investigation duties….. (story)
Western Daily Press 12.2.16 Police wildlife officer Pc Sharon Roscoe slammed after it is revealed she goes hunting - A female police officer responsible for investigating illegal fox hunting is coming under pressure to quit - over claims she regularly goes HUNTING. Pc Sharon Roscoe is a wildlife officer for Leicestershire Police and part of her role is to probe allegations of illegal fox hunting, trapping animals, game poaching and badger baiting. But it has emerged Pc Roscoe, 46, is also a keen member of the Duke of Rutland's Belvoir Hunt in Lincolnshire….(story)
Mirror 12.2.16 Police wildlife officer is 'outed' as member of one of Britain's biggest hunts BY TOM DAVIS , PETER WARZYNSKI - Animal rights groups have launched a petition demanding Pc Sharon Roscoe is removed from wildlife crime duties over what they claim is a conflict of interest… (story)
Metro 12.2.16 It turns out this police wildlife officer is really into hunting - Harry Readhead - Animal rights groups have called for the immediate dismissal of a police officer charged with investigating illegal fox hunting after it emerged that she quite likes a bit of hunting herself… (story)
Leicester Mercury 12.2.16 Campaigners call for Leicestershire Police wildlife officer 'who is also hunt member' to be replaced By PA_Warzynski - Anti-hunt activists have launched a petition calling for a Leicestershire Police wildlife officer to be removed from her post, claiming she is also a member of the Belvoir Hunt Club… (story)

Irish Examiner 22.3.16 Drag-hunting would save foxes and farmers - Another fox-hunting season has ended and, apart from the suffering inflicted on these beautiful wild dogs, hunts have also been cruel to farmers. The tally-ho brigades continue to encroach on lands that host expensive farm enterprises. Many farmers are eking out a livelihood, and few of them can afford to allow this indiscriminate vandalism of their property…. John Fitzgerald Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 22.3.16 To end racing would be disaster - Jennifer White (Write Back, March 18) says that 400 horses die racing in the UK every year and suggests that racing should be put out to pasture…. If horses were not allowed to race there would be no need for them and several thousand would die. If I were a horse and had a choice of being pampered all year, but risking injuring myself by racing six times a year, or being shot, I think it would be worthwhile taking a risk. MALCOLM HOWARD By email (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 22.3.16 Poll: Were Lincolnshire Police right to destroy police dog Falco? - An animal rights group claims is questioning why a Lincolnshire Police dog which mauled a Yorkshire terrier was put to sleep before an independent investigation has ended. The force revealed it took the difficult decision to put police dog Falco to sleep after it mauled a Yorkshire Terrier called Barbie while being exercised at Fishtoft on February 29… But Andrew Tyler, director of the animal rights group Animal Aid said the force should have waited until the end of the IPCC before making a decision to end PD Falco's life… (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 22.3.16 Campaigner heckles council leader over animal welfare concerns at travellers' site - THERE were dramatic scenes in City Hall tonight as an animal welfare campaigner shouted at council leader David Green over concerns about dogs and horses at a travellers' site… A group of campaigners had presented councillors with a petition calling for them to take action to protect dogs and horses at Esholt travellers' site. Petitioner Beverley Wilson called for a resident of the site to be evicted… (story)

Worcester News 22.3.16 No lambs for slaughter - Many readers will have been delighted to see the lovely picture of four lambs born to one ewe on a Vale of Evesham farm (“Farmer’s lamb surprise”, Worcester News, March 3) However, I do wonder how long these beautiful animals, and all the other lambs born this spring, will be allowed to live… PETER TALBOT Worcester (letter)


Mirror 21.3.16 Hunting hound is abandoned in agony after getting his paw stuck in a pheasant fence BY SIOBHAN MCFADYEN - This distressing footage shows a hunting dog left by his owners after he disappeared from a pack and ended up trapped and caught up in a fence. Representatives from the Somerset Anti Blood Sports group met at Lyneham House near Yealmpton to discuss their ongoing protests against hunting. But they say an uneventful day turned into a rescue operation when they stumbled across a desperate hound, abandoned by the hunt, trapped in a pheasant fence…. (story)

Irish Examiner 21.3.16 Cruelty of bloodsports must be recognised - Disturbing photos have surfaced this month which show the desperate measures Irish wildlife is forced to take during hunts… The next government must recognise the cruelty of bloodsports and the damage they do to the country’s image. A ban is long overdue - Philip Kiernan Irish Council Against Blood Sports Mullingar Co Westmeath (letter)

Shooting UK 21.3.16 Shooting Industry has little to fear from Brexit, say experts - Mark Layton - A “Brexit” would have little or no major impact on UK firearms ownership, according to shooting industry leaders. While the 23 June in-out referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union (EU) could have consequences for the agricultural industry and the environment the shooting industry has less to worry about… (story)

Mirror 20.3.16 There are 4 MILLION guns on UK streets – and 4,000 youngsters have shotgun licences BY ADAM ASPINALL - A Mirror probe into firearms in the UK found there are 1.3million legal shotguns in England and Wales alone - and around 500,000 illegal guns - Nearly 4,000 British youngsters have shotgun licences, a Mirror investigation has found. The figure was revealed as part of a probe into the true extent of gun ownership in the UK… While most youngsters have the certificates for clay pigeon shooting or gamekeeping, Gun Control Network’s Gill Marshall-Andrews said: “Youngsters with access to shotguns should always be worrying.”… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 21.3.16 Put horse racing out to pasture now - JENNIFER WHITE By email (letter)
Irish Times 21.3.16 Horse deaths at Cheltenham - Jennifer White’s letter (Letters, March 17th) is the first I have seen in a long time in your columns that draws proper attention to the cruelty involved in horseracing… IVOR SHORTS, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16 (letter)
Irish Times 19.3.16 Horseracing beyond the glitz - Jennifer White (Letters, March 17th) wonders when will horseracing be banned due to the deaths of horses when racing. Their present death toll would pale into insignificance compared to the lines of horse lorries outside knackeries if they could not race to earn their keep… JOHN ROGERS Rathowen, Westmeath (letter)
Irish Times 19.3.16 Deaths at Cheltenham Festival - JENNIFER WHITE All Saints Street, London. (letter)
Northern Echo 18.3.16 Ban horse racing? THIS week we saw the sad, but very predictable, death of three horses at the Cheltenham Festival… Just how many more must die before horse racing is put out to pasture once and for all? Jennifer White, London. (letter)

Daily Post 21.3.16 Fresh calls for badger culling in Wales after 27% hike in TB cases BY ANDREW FORGRAVE - A surge in TB-infected cattle slaughterings in Wales has prompted fresh calls for a badger cull. Latest figures from Defra, the UK rural ministry, show that 8,103 Welsh cattle were slaughtered in 2015 as a result of bovine TB. This is a massive hike of 27% on the 2014 figures, when 6,378 cattle were destroyed in Wales…. (story)

Irish Examiner 21.3.16 Go vegan to combat climate change - If you truly want to combat climate change, cross off meat, eggs, and dairy foods from your shopping list… Jennifer White Society Building 8 All Saints St London (letter)


East Grinstead Courier 20.3.16 Animal welfare charity denounces local hunt after comments by hunt leader in the Courier - AN ANIMAL welfare charity has denounced the comments of a rider in a local hunt as the ramblings of "blood sport fanatics", after comments made by a hunt leader in the Courier two weeks ago. The League Against Cruel Sports spoke out after comments appeared from a the member of Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent Hunt… (story)
East Grinstead Courier 7.3.16 Fox hunting should "never have been banned" says hunt leader after Dormansland hunt (poll attached) By Jo Gilbert - HOW do you go fox hunting without any foxes? That is a question which is often asked of hunts across the UK since the Labour government banned fox hunting in 2004. Richard Gurney, master of fox hounds of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt which was in Dormansland earlier this month, has the answer…. (story)

Horse & Hound 20.3.16 25 signs you’re addicted to hunting - Lucy Pearson - You visualise Britain as hunt countries rather than counties, dream of holidaying in Ireland and have a chronic fear of blackthorns. Sound familiar? You may well be addicted to hunting... (story)


Huffington Post 19.3.16 Cheltenham Festival 2016 Horse Deaths Hit 10-Year High - George Bowden - The number of horses killed at the Cheltenham Festival 2016 has hit a ten-year high. Seven horses reportedly died during this year’s event in Gloucestershire, including three horses on a single day…. Dene Stansall, a horse racing consultant with the group Animal Aid, said: “The horses, who are supposedly cherished by the world of racing, are merely disposable commodities, as we have seen this week.”… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 10.3.16 Festival's equine deaths shocking - With a few days until the Cheltenham Festival, campaign group Animal Aid has turned its fire on the racing industry with the launch of cartoon postcards. They lampoon the festival and its equine death-toll and will be distributed to potential punters by Animal Aid supporters…. FIONA PEREIRA Animal Aid (story)

The Lincolnite 19.3.16 Animal rights activists stage Lincoln city centre demo - Stefan Pidluznyj - Animal rights activists campaigning for “a cruelty free lifestyle” have descended on Lincoln city centre for a lunchtime demonstration. The Lincoln Animal Rights Group organised the ‘Awakening Compassion Demo’ from noon on Saturday, March 19, outside Lush in the Cornhill Quarter… One of the protesters, Amanda Kingston, said: “We are hoping to awaken people’s compassion and make the connection between what they are eating and the beautiful sentient being that was killed for their palate.” (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 17.3.16 'End this terrible suffering': Animal rights protest in Lincoln city centre - Animal rights protesters are to stage a demonstration in Lincoln this weekend. Lincoln Animal Rights group will be holding an awakening compassion demo on Saturday, March 19, in the Cornhill in Lincoln… (story)


Western Daily Press 18.3.16 VIDEO: Moment masked hunt supporter steals sab's radio in Somerset - police appeal to ID him By TristanCork - Police have appealed for help to identify a masked man who was filmed allegedly stealing a radio from a hunt saboteur who was trying to disrupt a hunt in Somerset. It is believed the man stole the radio during a confrontation between the Dorset Hunt Saboteurs group and supporters and 'stewards' from the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale hunt in south Somerset…. (story)
Shepton Mallet Journal 18.3.16 VIDEO: Do you know this man? Hunt saboteurs' radio stolen in fracas with hunt supporters - POLICE are appealing for help after the alleged theft of a radio during a hunt in Somerset. The force is asking for help to identify the man pictured in relation to the the alleged theft of a radio which belonged to an anti-hunt group and was taken during a confrontation between them and hunt supporters on February 20 in Hockley Lane, Compton Pauncefoot, Yeovil… (story)

Independent 18.3.16 Prince William is talking sense – trophy hunting is crucial to conservation - Richard Emslie, Michael Knight - Well done, Prince William. He is talking sense. As hard as it is to comprehend that killing animals can be integral to their survival, the fact remains: without trophy hunting, many of Africa’s iconic species would be worse off. In South Africa and Namibia hunting has played a role in the significant expansion of wildlife outside Parks. Limited hunting has been credited with helping to encourage the increase in southern white rhino range and numbers… (story)

South Wales Argus 18.3.16 Animal hunting - I WATCHED Prince William’s interview on TV the other night and was very impressed by his concern for wild animals namely the rhinos and elephants nearing extinction. Then he contradicted himself and condoned trophy hunting “in some circumstances” if the animal is old. Is the hunter supposed to ask the animal its age now before he murders it to satisfy his blood lust…. W A Moore Pottery Road Newport (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 18.3.16 Vegan diet the best way to fight climate change ¬- TOMORROW, many of us will be turning off the lights for Earth Hour. While this will make for a nice romantic meal, if you truly want to combat climate change cross off meat, eggs and dairy foods from your shopping list…. JENNIFER WHITE People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)


Denbighshire Free Press 17.3.16 Retired gamekeeper lands second Crufts title - Shane Brennan - RETIRED gamekeeper Dylan Thomas was celebrating after taking the top trophy as the overall winner of the BASC Gamekeepers’ classes at Crufts for the second time in eight years. Dylan, from Llandderfel, lifted the Northesk Memorial Trophy with 15-month-old Welsh Springer Spaniel Ben after qualifying to the main ring for the 19th time in 23 visits to the world’s biggest dog show…. Dylan and Ben, who has the kennel name Glenbrows Fire Starter, have spent the season working the Berwyn Shoot near Bala but are now lined up for a hectic summer show season… (story)

Sheffield Star 17.3.16 It’s the dogs who pay - If ever there were an event in which winning really meant losing, it would have to be Crufts…it’s not just Westies who suffer. Lori, the lame German shepherd who could barely get herself around the ring and who was still awarded Best of Breed… it is always the dogs who pay the real price. Jennifer White by email (story)

Female First 17.3.16 Exclusive interview with Sascha Camilli from PETA by Lucy Moore - Sascha Camilli is the PR Liason Officer at the PETA Foundation. We caught up with her to ask he about working for PETA and her personal journey to a more compassionate life… (story)


Mail 16.3.16 'He just hit me at full power': Dramatic footage shows hunt saboteurs being driven at by men in balaclavas on a quad bike who threaten to shoot them By STEPHANIE LINNING - This dramatic video captures the moment a group of campaigners were driven at by masked men on quad bikes as they attempted to disrupt a nearby hunt. The saboteurs had gone to visit Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hounds Hunt on the last meet of the season in Womersley, North Yorkshire, according to a social media post by the campaigners. .. But the campaigners said the day 'turned nasty' when they were ambushed by a masked quad bike rider as they crossed a field towards an area of woodland…. (story)

Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 16.3.16 National Parks' survey is biased against shooting warns Countryside Alliance By Philip Bowern - National Parks have a range of functions but some people fear a new survey is biased against rural sports in places like Exmoor. Philip Bowern reports…. The arguments have come to the fore again this week with the publication of an online survey aimed at finding out what the general public feel about Britain’s National Parks. The questionnaire is weighted against country sports, campaigners for shooting fear, and are urging those who shoot to make sure their voice is heard before the survey closes. Leading the charge is the Countryside Alliance which is asking all people who understand and appreciate shooting’s enormous contribution to National Parks to respond to what it calls “an unfortunately biased survey”… (story)

Farmers Guardian 16.3.16 CHANCELLOR CUTS CORPORATION TAX AND EARMARKS £700M FLOOD DEFENCE BOOST BY JOEL DURKIN - An absence of support for the farming industry was criticised, as the food commodity crisis continues… But sections of the farming community hit out at the Budget, which failed to provide any concrete support for the industry as it faces one of the most severe commodity downturns in recent times…. The cut to business rates was welcomed by the Countryside Alliance, which claimed small businesses were the backbone of the rural economy… (story)


Dundee Courier 15.3.16 Huntsman accused of pointing gun at saboteur in Fife may yet face firearms charge - A huntsman accused of pointing a shotgun at a hunt saboteur could yet face court – despite prosecutors dropping the case on the day of his trial. Ian Dickson was due to stand trial last month accused of pointing a shotgun at Lawrie Thomson on Findas Farm, near Cupar, Fife, on December 17 2014. A video purporting to show the incident was posted on the Grampian Hunt Saboteurs website… (story)
Dundee Courier 26.12.14 Police investigate Fife fox hunt stand-off By MICHAEL ALEXANDER - Police are working with the Scottish Badger Association to find out if a live badger sett was put at risk during a tense stand-off between anti-hunt saboteurs and huntsmen on Fife farmland. Wildlife crime officer Lindsay Kerr has confirmed there is a large badger sett yards from where a heated confrontation took place between members of the self-styled Perthshire Hunt Sabs and the Fife Foxhounds on farmland near Cupar…. (story)
Dundee Courier 26.12.14 VIDEO: Police called to tense stand-off between huntsmen and saboteurs in Fife By MICHAEL ALEXANDER - Police were called to a Fife farm after anti-hunt saboteurs were involved in a tense stand-off with shotgun-carrying huntsmen. The encounter between members of the self-styled Perthshire Hunt Sabs and the Fife Foxhounds took place near Cupar…. Fife Foxhounds insisted the video had been “carefully edited” and the objectors had “blown the whole thing out of proportion”… (story)

Horse & Hound 15.3.16 Hunt allowed back on to National Trust land - Polly Portwin - The Minehead Harriers can once again follow hounds on National Trust land after the temporary suspension of the hunt’s annual licence allowing trail-hunting was lifted… (story)
Western Daily Press 10.3.16 BREAKING: Somerset fox hunt wins back its licence to go on National Trust estate By TristanCork - The National Trust have lifted the suspension of a prominent Somerset foxhunt, and allowed them back on to the Holnicote Estate on Exmoor after a row about their conduct there. The Minehead Harriers have been given back their licence to follow hounds on the Holnicote Estate after they reassured the National Trust's estate bosses that they can operate within the terms of the licence agreement in the future…. (story)
Plymouth Herald 9.3.16 'We won't hit huntsmen with sticks', pledge saboteurs - 'even if we're provoked' By WMNPBowern - Two groups of arch rivals on the hunting field have drawn up codes of conduct – in an effort to take the sting out of any clashes on a National Trust estate in the Westcountry. The Minehead Harriers, seeking to overturn a ban on hunting on Somerset’s Holnicote Estate, have pledged to treat anti-hunt protesters with “courtesy” – even if they engage in “provocative and offensive behaviour”. And the Somerset Hunt Saboteurs Group have undertaken to respond in kind to courteous behaviour and resist the urge to retaliate, even if they are met with any aggression from hunt supporters…. (story)
Western Daily Press 8.3.16 No terriermen, no quad bikes: Somerset hunt's new 'Code of Conduct' to regain National Trust licence By TristanCork - A prominent West foxhunt has agreed to ditch its own terriermen, and ordered its supporters to stop blocking roads, in a bid to be allowed to ride once again on one of Somerset's biggest National Trust estates. The Minehead Harriers have agreed to a series of stringent conditions on its own behaviour and conduct, including a pledge to keep 'strictly to all licence conditions', after they were unceremoniously banned by the National Trust from a huge swathe of their own hunting area on Exmoor…. (story)
ThisIsTheWestcountry 18.2.16 Minehead Harriers suspended from Holinicote Estate by National Trust - A HUNT has had its hunting licence on Exmoor suspended by the National Trust after the group was found to have breached its licence several times…. (story)
Horse & Hound 15.2.16 Hunt banned from National Trust land - A temporary ban from trail hunting on National Trust property has been handed to a Somerset hunt. The Minehead Harriers was suspended from its annual licence on 28 January following alleged breaches of the terms of the contract. The 12,000 acre Holnicote Estate, which lies in Minehead Harriers hunt country, is owned by the National Trust… The National Trust has agreed to lift the suspension — potentially from 1 March — provided a mutually agreed “code of conduct” is written and made available to the hunt’s members and followers... (story)
Western Daily Press 12.2.16 Somerset hunt banned from National Trust estate on Exmoor for 'significant breaches' of licence By TristanCork - after a prominent fox hunt was banned by Trust bosses for more than a month for "a significant number of breaches" of its licence. The Minehead Harriers was told it would not be allowed on the vast National Trust-owned Holnicote Estate in west Somerset in January following repeated complaints that the hunt was illegally hunting. The hunt's suspension has lasted more than three weeks, and will continue into March unless the hunt agree to a new 'code of practice' for meets is agreed with the Trust… (story)

Independent 15.3.16 Violence against hunt monitors - As a hunt monitor who regularly experiences bullying and harassment by hunt supporters and members, I am shocked but not surprised by the reported attack on the two League Against Cruel Sports monitors at the Belvoir Hunt…Penny Little Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letter)

Mansfield Chad 15.3.16 MP’s game bird shoot trip blasted - A petition calling for Hucknall MP Mark Spencer to refuse luxury gifts from grouse shooting lobbyists has been launched amid fears the industry’s land management increases flooding risks. The campaign by Richard Bissett was started on the 38 Degrees website after it emerged the MP recently received a £772 shooting weekend, courtesy of lobbying group British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). The petition, which has already gathered over 100 signatures, is also calling for the MP to lend his support to a national campaign to ban driven grouse shooting... (story)

Scotsman 15.3.16 Fury as animal cruelty charges dropped against gamekeeper - FURIOUS animal welfare chiefs have hit out at the Crown Office after it dropped the case against a gamekeeper accused of killing animals with cruel snare traps... A video and a catalogue of “extremely graphic” images were obtained by animal welfare charity OneKind during a visit to Glenogil Estate, in Angus, on 26 September 2014... Libby Anderson of OneKind said: “We are appalled that this case is not to proceed given the eyewitness evidence, the horrific video footage and the detailed follow-up investigation carried out by the Scottish SPCA.... (story)

Dundee Courier 15.3.16 Man daubed paint on Montrose hairdresser shop after seeing red over fox fur display By RICHARD WATT - A 58-year-old Angus man daubed a hairdresser’s shop in red paint after he was incensed by a fox fur display. Simon Drahony from Montrose appeared in court following the attack on February 1. He admitted spreading red gloss across the front of the town’s 3sixty salon just days after he had warned staff to take the fur down... (story)


Mail 14.3.16 Astonishing moment hunt saboteurs' Land Rover is rammed into DITCH by tractor during 'dispute with farmer' By STEPHANIE LINNING - This shocking video shows the moment a tractor rammed a Land Rover off the road and into a ditch during a reported stand-off over fox hunting. The 4x4 is understood to have driven on to the private lane on Saturday while trying to disrupt a nearby Hunt. But a farmer reportedly parked his tractor across the only exit, blocking the way out. When the Land Rover tried to drive past the tractor it was driven off the narrow road and ended up with its wheels in a ditch. Its bumper was also ripped off in the process… The footage was posted online by campaign group Croydon Hunt Saboteurs, whose members appear to own the damaged Land Rover… (story)
Mirror 14.3.16 Tractor 'drives Land Rover off road and rips off bumper in battle with fox hunt saboteurs' BY KARA O'NEILL - A shocking video has appeared online that appears to show the moment a tractor rammed a Land Rover off the road during a battle with fox hunt saboteurs . The large farm vehicle is seen ramming into the 4x4 vehicle until it ends up in a ditch. A passenger gets out of the car and holds his phone up in front of the tractor, which continues to edge forwards towards the man. Eventually, the tractor manages to edge past the Land Rover and continues driving down the narrow country road… (story)

Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 14.3.16 Comment: RSPCA must drop prosecution role By Tim Bonner - Four years ago, when the Countryside Alliance faced the prospect of an extended battle with the RSPCA with trepidation, the current state of the society would have been unthinkable. Earlier this month the Charity Commission announced that it had instructed the charity to carry out an independent review of its governance following the resignation of two trustees and its inability to recruit a chief executive for two years… Private prosecutions were commonplace before the creation of the Crown Prosecution Service in the 1980s when the principle of prosecution by the state and the separation of investigation and prosecution became accepted throughout the criminal justice system… Only the RSPCA maintained its primary prosecuting role and has become the second biggest criminal prosecutor in the country after the CPS….It seems so obvious that the RSPCA’s first step on the road to redemption should be to drop the private prosecution model in favour of a 21st century relationship with the police, other statutory bodies such as local authorities and the CPS… Thus far the society has refused to contemplate this step, even excluding any discussion of its prosecuting role from the review of its prosecutions… (story)

Farmers Weekly 14.3.16 Activists slammed for poultry farm break in - Jake Davies - Poultry farmer and UKIP spokesman for agriculture Stuart Agnew has branded animal rights activists who broke into his free-range hen farm to take covert footage as “irresponsible” and “wilfully inconsiderate”. He has linked the break in with a peak in mortality and an egg drop that happened around the same time… (story)
Farmers Guardian 14.3.16 ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS BLASTED OVER BREAK-IN 'WHICH LED TO BIRD DEATHS' - Poultry farmer and UKIP spokesman for agriculture Stuart Agnew said it was likely the break-in led to a drop in egg production and an increase in bird mortality… (story)
Mail on Sunday 13.3.16 And they call this free range: What's more disturbing? These images of 16,000 'free range' hens crammed into a shed...or the fact their conditions have been approved by the RSPCA? By OLGA CRAIG - Packed tightly in the darkness, the squawking hens slither and slide amid their own faeces, some of them packed so tight they clamber on top of each another. This shocking picture was taken covertly inside a long, narrow shed housing 16,000 hens. ‘In an instant, I was reaching for my handkerchief, so eye-stinging was the stench,’ says the photographer, an animal rights investigator… the footage – filmed at night by a volunteer from Norfolk’s Hillside Animal Sanctuary in January this year – is a disturbing insight into what the poultry industry allows… (story)


Sunday Herald 13.3.16 Foxes are animals, not pests - In Billy Briggs' article regarding fox hunting and the law, we were reminded that "as it stands, the legislation allows hunts to pursue foxes with dogs for pest control… Although it is commendable that the Sunday Herald spent a whole year investigating alleged illegal hunting and police bias, the truth is that foxes are not "pests"… they do that very well themselves by controlling their own numbers. Sandra Busell, Edinburgh (letter)


Horse & Hound 12.3.16 Charitable horse lovers take on London Marathon - Rachael Hook - Riders up and down the country will be running the London Marathon next month for equestrian charities and good causes….Rider Georgie Armstrong will be running the marathon for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. “The Air Ambulance is something really close to my heart,” she told H&H. “I had an accident out hunting four years ago where I broke my back and pelvis — the air ambulance were absolutely amazing… Eight runners, Thomas Eyles, Emma Larminie, Eleanor Martin, Rachael Ward, Sophie Dale, Penny Middleton Burn, Mark Simpson and Phoebe Taylor, will be raising funds for the Countryside Alliance… (story)

Dorset Echo 12.3.16 Petition calling for an end to badger cull in Dorset attracts 3,000 signatures - Tom Beasley - A PETITION calling for an end to badger culling in Dorset has attracted more than 3,000 online signatures in less than a fortnight. The "Stop the badger cull in Dorset" petition, launched through campaigning website 38 Degrees, hit 3,000 signatures after only being online for ten days… Karin Snellock, press officer for campaign group Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare, said that she was "very pleased" to see this petition take off… (story)

Farmers Weekly 12.3.16 Activists target pig farms seeking to expand - Philip Case - Animal rights activists are employing a new set of tactics to try to stop the expansion of UK pig farms. Animal Aid released footage and pictures on Thursday (10 March) targeting farms run by York Wold Pig Pro, which is applying to build a new farm in East Riding of Yorkshire. The pig company, owned by the Dewhirst family, is currently applying to build a new pig-rearing facility at Warren House Farm, near Middleton on the Wolds…. (story)


Rhyl, Prestatyn & Abergele Journal 11.3.16 Rhyl Campaigner’s fox terrier petition nears 50,000 mark - Suzanne Jordan - A CAMPAIGN calling for a ban on fox flushing and terrier work is gaining momentum. The petition on Care2 - launched by Judi Hewitt, an animal welfare campaigner from Rhyl - has been signed by more than 48,000 people… (story)

Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 11.3.16 Dog owner pleads for return of his beloved pet dogs seized by RSPCA By Alex Wood - A DOG-OWNER is battling to get back his beloved pets which were seized by the RSPCA three years ago amid cruelty claims and an ongoing legal battle. Nathan Barker, from Horrabridge near Plymouth, was one of six people accused of offences relating to dog fighting and animal fighting during a three-year joint investigation by Devon and Cornwall Police and the RSPCA. Two dogs belonging to the 23-year-old were seized in January 2013 as part of the investigation. Despite being cleared of all charges in November last year, Mr Barker says he is yet to be reunited with his dogs and claims the RSPCA and police have ignored his pleas for them to be returned…. He says he was allowed to visit them just once, for 20 minutes, during the course of the investigation and said they were in a poor condition. "They were in a state," Nathan said. "One of them was whining. His gums were black and sore and the other was dragging his rear along the floor, which would indicate something wrong with his anal gland… (story)

Leicester Mercury 11.3.16 Alleged attack on hunt saboteurs reported to police By Tom_Mack - Police are investigating after two hunt saboteurs allege they were attacked in a field during a meet. Members of the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs say they were following the Atherstone Hunt in Leicestershire. The two male hunt saboteurs had been videoing hunters on horseback…. (story)

Telegraph 11.3.16 Badger lobby accuses BBC of 'institutional bias' for broadcasting interview with farmer By Victoria Ward - Animal rights campaigners have accused the BBC of "grossly misrepresenting the truth" after a dairy farmer condemned badgers for infecting his cattle during a wildlife documentary. The opinion, that happens to shared by hundreds of other dairy farmers, is said to have so infuriated the Badger Trust that it wrote to Lord Hall of Birkenhead, the BBC director-general, accusing the corporation of "institutional bias"…. The offending interview with Maurice Durbin, a 70-year-old Somerset farmer, was broadcast as part of a documentary called Land of Hope and Glory — British Country Life on BBC Two last week…. (story)

Guardian 11.3.16 Paul Gravett distributes leaflets in McDonald’s with undercover police officer, Bob Lambert, 1986 -I met Bob Lambert at my first London Greenpeace meeting in 1985, when I was in my early 20s. We got chatting about animal rights and quickly became friends; he was charismatic and like the older brother I never had… A friend with a good SLR camera took pictures, to have a record of the demo. In this shot, we’re picketing McDonald’s on Oxford Street. There were about 10 of us, handing out leaflets and talking to people…. (story)


The Journal (Ireland) 10.3.16 Hundreds sign petition protesting against fox-hunting internship on JobBridge - The petition was started by the Irish Council Against Bloodsports - HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE have signed an online petition calling for the removal of a fox-hunting internship from the JobBridge website. A position for “first whipper-in” appeared on the Department of Social Protection’s Job Bridge website at the beginning of the month. The position is available with Waterford Hunt Foxhounds, based in Kilmacthomas, Co Waterford…. (story)

Cambridge News 10.3.16 Charity offers 'vegan chicken' to Jesus College, as it agrees to return controverisal cockerel - An animal rights charity has offered to send "delicious vegan chicken" to Cambridge's Jesus College, after it agreed to remove a controversial cockerel sculpture. This week the college said the bronze 'Okukor' would be removed from its dining hall, after the student union asked to 'repatriate' it to Nigeria, where it was taken from over a century ago. Now activist group Peta has written to the students' union asking it to go a step further, suggesting it remove all chicken from the menu…. (story)

Independent 10.3.16 The EU fought cosmetic tests on animals, battery hens and elephant poaching gangs. Brexit could end that - Last year the EU's crime-fighting body Europol supported the world's largest ever international operation against wildlife crime. All of this could be reversed if we leave - Catherine Bearder MEP is chair of the Liberal Democrat EU Referendum Campaign (story)

Irish Times 10.3.16 Vegan champion - note with some amusement Calum Proctor’s letter (March 9th) regarding the defeat of Conor McGregor by Nate Diaz. In the world of science and medicine, it’s very important to note that there is a world of difference between correlation and causation… Dr DÁIBHÉAD Ó DORÁIN, Portmarnock, Co Dublin. (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 9.3.16 Fighting cause of a meat-free diet - Anyone still dubious about the benefits of a plant-based diet need look no further than vegan mixed martial artist Nate Diaz, who stopped Irish powerhouse Conor McGregor in his tracks… CALUM PROCTOR Peta (letter)


Worcester News 9.3.16 Wednesday's letters including 'Cute, but what happens to them afterwards? ' - So families will have “the chance to meet and make friends with a host of animals” at this Easter’s CountryTastic event at the Three Counties Showground (“All the fun of the farmyard at show”, Worcester News, February 4). One wonders, however, how long many of these animals will be allowed to live once the show is over… RONALD LEE Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies (letter)

Evening Standard 9.3.16 Anthony Gardner: Tally ho! Let’s saddle up and help rid London of its foxy pests ANTHONY GARDNER - London is full of unwanted incomers. They steal through our gardens at night, ransack our rubbish bins and generally make a nuisance of themselves. They’ve got long noses and pointy ears and the Government is doing nothing to control them — which is why we need urban foxhunters… (story)

Daily Post 9.3.16 Wales opposed to greater countryside access, polling reveals BY ANDREW FORGRAVE - Wales doesn’t want further rights to roam the countryside, according to polling carried out for the Countryside Alliance. It found that 52% of people feel there is “about the right amount” of access land in Wales, and a further 5% thought that there is “too much”… (story)
Farmers Weekly 7.3.16 Wales doesn’t want further rights to roam the countryside, poll says - Philip Case - Polling carried out for the Countryside Alliance found that 52% of people asked feel there is “about the right amount” of access land in Wales, and a further 5% thought that there is “too much”…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 9.3.16 Animal rights can benefit humanity - What better day than International Women’s Day to celebrate the remarkable progress that the women’s movement has made. Even so, we need to acknowledge that much remains to be done — and we all need to be part of the solution. One simple way we can help end the exploitation — of both humans and non-humans — is by choosing vegan… SASCHA CAMILLI By email (letter)

BT 9.3.16 Animal rights group targets Crufts ahead of big opening - An animal rights group has launched an eve-of-show attack on Crufts, claiming its "twisted" emphasis on appearance encourages owners to breed deformed animals… People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) targeted last year's Crufts with direct action after claiming in-bred dogs are "suffering and dying" from hereditary and congenital conditions. Speaking at a protest in Birmingham city centre, Peta's campaign coordinator, Kirsty Henderson, refused to rule out a repeat of scenes which saw one of its supporters disrupt the 2015 Best-in-Show presentation…. (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 9.3.16 Man’s behaviour seems so absurd - Isn’t man an amazing animal? He kills wildlife – birds, kangaroos, deer, all kinds of cats, coyotes, beavers, groundhogs, mice, foxes and dingoes – by the million in order to protect his domestic animals and their feed. Then he kills domestic animals by the billion and eats them!... JOHN KAMPF, Clacton-on-Sea. (story)

Worcester News 9.3.16 Papers do support call for us to eat less meat - Louis Stephen of Worcester Green Party is absolutely correct that there are plenty of academic papers to support the assertion that eating less meat would reduce the impact of climate change… GEORGE RICHARDSON Malvern (letter)


Hereford Times 8.3.16 Hunt saboteurs' vehicle damaged - A VEHICLE belonging to the Hunt Saboteurs Association was damaged near Ross-on-Wye at the weekend. Members of South Wales Hunt Saboteurs, as well as other groups, were monitoring the Ross Harriers Hunt on Saturday . Police were called at 1.33pm on Saturday to reports of criminal damage on a Land Rover Defender in Sellack…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 8.3.16 Fox Hunting - Peter Gibson argues for the return of fox hunting, because a fox attacked his chickens (CT letters February 20). Of course this happens sometimes, but the return of fox hunting would not prevent it because hunting never controlled fox numbers…. Richard Mountford, Development Manager for Animal Aid (letter)

Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 8.3.16 OPINION: Why the Badger Trust's claims of BBC bias on the badger cull don't stack up By Western Morning News - The BBC is capable of making mistakes, like any media organisation. But to suggest it has been guilty of ‘institutional bias’ in its coverage of badgers and bovine TB over four years, since the start of the pilot badger culls, is frankly preposterous. The Western Morning News has no links with the corporation and no agenda to support its broadcast journalism or documentary making… (story)

Metro 8.3.16 Masked animal rights activists show brutal slaughter footage to unsuspecting commuters - Nicholas Reilly for - A group of animal rights activists have shocked unsuspecting commuters on the London Underground by showing them graphic videos of animal testing and slaughter. In a series of photos, the masked activists can be seen sitting inside a tube carriage while the brutal footage plays out on laptops perched on their laps. The footage, from 2005 documentary Earthlings, is said to contain harrowing footage of animal slaughter and was shown to commuters who boarded the Northern Line at Balham…. (story)

JMU Journalism 8.3.16 Campaign warning on dog fighting cruelty By Kamara Samuels, JMU Journalism - An anti-dog fighting campaign is being launched by a cosmetics store in Liverpool to highlight the mistreatment of dogs across Merseyside. The Liverpool branch of international beauty brand, Lush, will be organising the campaign which promotes the protection of animals and raises awareness of the large number of dog-fighting offences.. Becki Currie, Campaigns Representative of Lush Liverpool, told JMU Journalism fighting animal cruelty is at the top of the brand’s ethics list…. The cosmetics store is working on building a relationship with League Against Cruel Sports, a national charity that brings together people who want to stop cruelty to animals in the name of sport…. (story)


Yorkshire Evening Post 7.3.16 Leeds nostalgia: Fox hunt film show 1930s Yorkshire hunt - Neil Hudson - This week’s film, available to view on the Yorkshire Film Archive website, documents fox hunting which takes place in the Malton and the surrounding area during the late 1930s. The film includes many shots of the hunters and the hounds, both in town and country settings including Malton Market Place… (story)

Horse & Hound 7.3.16 Hunting’s ‘big night out’: Horn & Hound entrants revealed - Polly Portwin - The names of those taking part in a national horn-blowing competition vying to win the prestigious Horn & Hound Cup have been revealed. The event will take place at the Dubarry Horn & Hound Ball at Cheltenham racecourse on 23 April. Coming from all over the country to raise funds for the Hunt Staff Benefit Society… (story)

Farming Life 7.3.16 Animal Welfare Legislation review launched - Countryside Alliance Ireland attended the launch of the Report of the Review of the Implementation of Animal Welfare Legislation in Belfast last Monday… (story)

Spectator 7.3.16 Morrissey is ‘considering’ standing for Mayor of London - For those uninspired by the current London mayoral race, there is still hope that things will get more interesting. Morrissey, the Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now singer, is said to be pondering entering the running. The Animal Welfare Party have asked The Smiths frontman to consider standing as their candidate in the election, while his fan website claims he is ‘considering the contest very seriously’… (story)

Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 7.3.16 Vegans v meat eaters: Our response to reader's anger over article on name-the-calf competition - Last week's story about the 100 angry Facebook posts from vegans that were aimed at a Devon farm shop offering a joint of beef as prize in a name-the-calf competition prompted a good deal of reaction. Below we publish the WMN Opinion column... and, first, a readers' letter taking a pro-vegan view… I am writing to register my complaint… The article defames the numerous commenters by labelling them 'militant vegans'… Whilst I understand that this farm in particular has been praised for it's high 'welfare' standards, this disconnect is grossly harmful for animal welfare as a whole… Diane Atherton Blenkiron, LLB. MA. PhD.
WMN OPINION - One of the many advantages of living in a free society is the choice it gives all of us about the way we live our lives. Providing we stay within the law, respect the views and the rights of others and behave responsibility, there is nothing to stop anyone from behaving in a way that is entirely in tune with personal beliefs, even if they diverge quite radically from what would be considered mainstream…. The police had to advise the farm shop owners to remove details of their name-the-calf competition from their Facebook page. Families, including the mother of a four-year-old, were on the receiving end of distressing abuse. We accept the words of the Vegan Society who distance themselves from violence or threats. But we wonder at the mentality of those who, under the cloak of posts on social media, think this behaviour is acceptable. It is not and never will be…. (story)
Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 4.3.16 Haters bombard farm shop's Facebook page...over innocent name-the-calf competition By WMNPBowern - Militant vegans have swamped a farm shop’s Facebook page with abusive and threatening comments after it invited customers to win a joint of beef by coming up with names for a new-born calf. Award-winning Lifton Farm Shop, near Okehampton, prides itself on the high welfare standards in its 80-strong herd of South Devon cattle and sells the top-quality beef in its shop. When the first calf of the new season was born, staff put a competition on the social media website, inviting followers to come up with names. However, alongside the suggestions and positive comments from customers there was an avalanche of abuse contained in around 100 negative online posts, including some accusing customers of being “murderers” for eating meat and several abusive posts aimed at children… (story)


Mail on Sunday 6.3.16 MPs in battle to unmask brutal hunt saboteurs: Police 'need new powers' as thugs get away with wave of attacks By VALERIE ELLIOTT FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - Hunt saboteurs will have to remove their masks if police receive new powers demanded by MPs after a spate of countryside attacks. Animal rights activists often disguise themselves with hoods, masks or balaclavas at hunts and pheasant shoots. There have been several incidents where people have been injured but no prosecutions as victims cannot identify assailants… Tory MPs are demanding change. Victoria Prentice, MP for Banbury, will raise the issue at tomorrow’s Commons debate on the Police and Crime Bill… It follows an incident three weeks ago at the 2,000-acre Cubley Estate in Derbyshire, when gamekeeper Kim Robinson, 55, was savagely beaten by a gang of masked hunt saboteurs, including two women. The activists were protesting against the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt… Last January Mike Lane, joint master of the Tedworth Hunt in Wiltshire, was beaten unconscious with iron bars by unidentified protesters in balaclavas. And in 2012 Charles Warde-Adam, a supporter of the Badsworth and Bramham Moor hunt, was attacked by masked men who broke his nose, cheekbone and fractured his skull in three places… (story)

Scottish Herald 6.3.16 Questions remain over policing of hunts - Some things don’t change (Animal rights groups accuse Scottish police of pro-fox hunting bias, News, February 28). In the 1980s, police acted like private security guards engaged to protect fox hunts and suppress legal protest… John F Robins, Animal Concern
The deliberate hunting of wild mammals with dogs has been illegal in Scotland since the introduction of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002. The gun packs operating throughout Scotland do so under exemptions within the act which allow the use of dogs to flush specific wild mammals from cover to be shot. This has been practised in Scotland for more than 13 years with very few complaints… Jamie Stewart Director, Scottish Countryside Alliance Edinburgh (letter)
Sunday Herald 28.2.16 Animal rights groups accuse Scottish police of pro-fox hunting bias Exclusive by Billy Briggs - THE Sunday Herald has uncovered what appears to be the systematic harassment of animal rights activists by Police Scotland and an apparent bias towards fox hunts allegedly involved in illegal activity. Our investigation can reveal that Police Scotland told members of the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) they could not monitor fox hunts, and that officers have detained activists and threatened them with arrest while they were trying to monitor hunts… In footage taken near Leuchars, Fife, on Sunday, September 20, 2015, a wildlife police officer tells animal rights activists they are not allowed to monitor local hunt coordinators Fife Foxhounds. He asks the HSA to stop filming but is unaware that his voice is still being recorded… LACS’s investigators secretly filmed five hunts between December 2014 and March 2015 and saw no shotguns on 16 separate outings. They also secretly filmed the Duke of Buccleuch’s Hunt and alleged their video revealed “illegal hunting”…. (story)

BBC News Online 6.3.16 New EU rule 'could damage Welsh angling industry' - Anglers and conservationists claim EU rules to protect bass are failing to conserve stocks and are damaging the Welsh angling industry. Overfishing in seas has seen the number of bass in Welsh waters decline dramatically. A six-month ban introduced by the EU in January means anglers have to throw back any bass they catch. But commercial boats are still allowed to catch 1,300kg of bass for four months of the ban… (story)

Huffington Post 6.3.16 iAnimal: Virtual Immersion Into the Reality of Factory Farming - Dr Toni Shephard - Paul McCartney once famously said 'If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarians'... This week we launched our iAnimal project, a virtual reality experience filmed over the past 18 months inside pig farms in the UK, Germany and Italy as well as a slaughterhouse in Spain… (story)

Mail on Sunday 6.3.16 RSPCA in crisis as a THIRD trustee quits claiming the animal charity is so badly run it is damaging her reputation By VALERIE ELLIOTT and NICK CONSTABLE FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - The RSPCA was plunged deeper into chaos last night as a third trustee quit in frustration amid claims that the charity is being badly run. Accountant Karen Harley resigned from the ruling council of Britain’s biggest animal charity as an internal review demanded by the Charity Commission gets under way. The Mail on Sunday understands that treasurer Ms Harley told friends she feared her reputation would be damaged by internal wrangling… (story)
Telegraph 1.3.16 RSPCA crisis deepens as trustees ordered by Charity Commission to carry out independent governance review - The crisis at RSPCA has deepened after its trustees were told by the charity regulator to hire auditors to conduct an inquiry into its organisation and structure. The Charity Commission said it wants the RSPCA to carry out the review "to regularise current governance issues with the charity"…. (story)
Third Sector 29.2.16 Two RSPCA trustees resign over management and governance concerns by Andy Hillier and Andy Ricketts - Two RSPCA trustees have resigned citing concerns about the management and governance of the charity. Resignation letters from Christopher Laurence and Sally Phillips, seen by Third Sector, express concern about the running of the animal charity, which has been without a chief executive since the resignation on medical grounds of Gavin Grant in February 2014. David Canavan, vice chair of the charity, has been acting chief executive while a permanent replacement for Grant is found… (story)
Telegraph 29.2.16 Two RSPCA trustees quit citing concerns over how the charity is run - The news is a further blow to the charity which has been battling a slew of negative headlines about its animal welfare work and pursuit of hunts for alleged breaches of the hunting ban By Christopher Hope, Chief Political Correspondent - Two long serving trustees at the RSPCA have resigned, with one attacking the longstanding animal charity for its "appalling" decision to allow a trustee to continue as acting chief executive for the past two years. Christopher Laurence and Sally Phillips have both quit in the past five months, expressing concern about how the animal charity - one of the oldest in the world - is being run. The news is a further blow to the charity which has been battling a slew of negative headlines about its animal welfare work and pursuit of hunts for alleged breaches of the hunting ban…. (story)


Telegraph 4.3.16 Country Life isn't snobbish – it's just right By Clive Aslet - One of the challenges for the editor of Country Life, a post I occupied for 13 years, is to choose what we call the frontispiece portrait, but everybody else knows as the Girl in Pearls… When for a few seasons I went hunting, I found that a sport that makes some egalitarians see red is open to anyone who can ride; you are much more likely to be judged on your riding ability – and the danger that you lack of it may pose to others – than the size of your bank balance…. (story)

Western Mail 4.3.16 Shooting’s economic benefits exaggerated - Rachel E vans of the Countryside Alliance can’t seem to acknowledge (Letters, February 27) that the production and release in Britain every year of some 40 million pheasants and partridges is a heavily industrialised process – epitomised by the widespread use of metal battery cages for egg-producing birds… Andrew Tyler Director Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (story)
Western Mail 29.2.16 The truth about shooting revealed - It is a shame the article “The unseen suffering caused by shooting birds for sport on public land in Wales” was published without any comment from the shooting community. There are many inaccuracies in the piece, which is unsurprising given that Animal Aid is attempting to curtail a legal activity that has considerable ecological and economic benefits, and so is forced to rely on misinformation…. Rachel Evans Director of the Countryside Alliance in Wales (letter)

Worcester News 4.3.16 I’d refuse treatment tested on animals - As one of the protesters outside The British Heart Foundation last week. I would like to answer the person who asked (February 24) if I had a heart condition would I refuse treatment if it was tested on animals. The answer is yes. I have an hereditary heart condition. Members of my family had side effects from the drugs they were given. I stick to a healthy lifestyle and naturopathic tablets… MAX BURGESS Malvern (letter)


Westmorland Gazette 3.3.16 Coniston Foxhounds celebrate the annual Mayor’s Hunt - Andrew Thomas - The Coniston Foxhounds met at the Mortal Man Inn in Troutbeck to celebrate the annual Mayor’s Hunt… This year’s Mayor is Neil Salisbury, who has been a life long supporter of the Coniston Foxhounds. He succeeds Nick Mowbray, a Joint Master of the Hunt who has held the position previously… (story)

Plymouth Herald/Western Morning News 3.3.16 Hunting fall underlines the importance of wearing the right hat By WMN_Athwenna - As of January 1 2016 new riding hat regulations were introduced to the UK, ensuring competitive riders benefit from the maximum head protection. Last year Vicky Smith, a full time PE teacher and Mole Valley Farmers’ amateur sponsored rider was professional fitted for a new Champion Ventair deluxe jockey skull PAS 015, courtesy of the business. She had occasion to be particularly pleased with this decision while hunting recently. Vicky explained: “I was thoroughly enjoying a day with the Cheshire Drag Hunt – a fast paced day where hounds follow a scent laid by runner – when I unfortunately had a crashing fall after my horse left a leg in the hedge…. (story)

Burton Mail 3.3.16 Top chef to visit for fishing exhibition in Tutbury - FANS of fly fishing are in for a treat as a renowned game chef is to visit Tutbury Castle… Ralph Skripek, known as 'the Wild Chef', will be attending, along with fishing coach John Blewitt, for the fly fishing show at the castle…. He regularly demonstrates throughout the country, including working with both the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Countryside Alliance… (story)

South Wales Argus 3.3.16 Protect horses - HOPE, the racehorse who was found in a field, barely standing, emaciated and covered with sores (“Retired Racehorse Put Down in ‘Worst Case’ Seen by Animal Charity”, 29 Feb), is a sad reminder that even industry “winners” are often discarded like used betting slips once they are no longer profitable… Jennifer White, Society Building, London (letter)


York Press 2.3.16 Police investigate after hunt damages property in Easingwold - POLICE and the RSPCA are investigating after a North Yorkshire hunt damaged private property while chasing a fox. Hounds from the York and Ainsty Hunt chased a fox through the gardens of homes in Oulston Road in Easingwold at about midday on Saturday, causing damage to fences and garden furniture.. One resident, who asked not to be named, said: "The dogs had bolted after the fox and come down through the woods into a residential area, completely out of control and clearly hunting foxes which is against the law… They had rampaged through three gardens, breaking garden furniture and fencing. The fox bolted to our neighbour's garage where we secured it and left it in there until dusk. The master of the hunt came down and saw the damage, accepted responsibility for the damage… (story)

Female First 2.3.16 Vegetarian turned vegan- Clare took the vegan pledge and never looked back by Lucy Moore - Clare Brice from Cardiff has been a vegetarian since approximately the age of 13, then in 2015 after signing petitions concerned with the dairy industry, she decided to look into it more and it came as quite a shock… (story)


Daily Record 1.3.16 Perthshire's air gun owners will need to get permits for their weapons as new laws come into force BY JOHNATHON MENZIES - Air gun owners have been urged to obtain certificates for their weapons before new laws come into force. Scottish Government Justice Minister Michael Matheson last week laid an order in parliament setting out dates for the new air weapons licensing regime to take effect in Scotland. Anybody who wants to use or own an air weapon will be able to apply to Police Scotland for an air weapon certificate, or a permit in some circumstances, from July 1…. (story)

Guardian 1.3.16 UK's wildlife crime unit wins late reprieve from closure - The UK’s national wildlife crime unit (NWCU) has won a late reprieve from closure after the government announced new funding on Tuesday. The specialist unit tackles wildlife crime from the killing of birds of prey and poaching of deer in the UK to the smuggling of endangered reptiles, birds and elephant ivory across the globe. It was set to close at the end of March, but environment minister Rory Stewart announced funding for four years in a statement to parliament… (story)
Express 1.3.16 Victory for animal lovers as Britain's wildlife crime unit SAVED with £1.2m fund By STUART WINTER, EXCLUSIVE - Ministers have agreed £1.2million funding for the National Wildlife Crime Unit over the next four years for it to continue its battle in protecting creatures great and small from organised gangsters and determined lawbreakers… Josh Kaile, head of public affairs at World Animal Protection which has campaigned heavily for the unit, said it was “fantastic news for British wildlife”… (story)
Mirror 1.3.16 Victory for animal welfare campaigners after National Wildlife Crime Unit is saved - A crack squad of wildlife detectives has been saved after the Mirror warned it was threatened with the axe … (story)
Mirror 2.2.16 Wildlife crime squad faces axe due to Government cuts leaving animals at greater risk of harm BY BEN GLAZE - A crack squad of wildlife detectives could be axed within weeks because of Government funding cuts. Animals will be at greater risk of harm if the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) is scrapped, experts warned… (story)
Leicester Mercury 20.1.16 There is plenty of cash for killing animals - The Government has shown little or no concern for animals so it is hardly surprising that funding for the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) may end… The future of the NWCU is apparently subject to a spending review. However, I haven't heard that a spending review is on the cards for the shooting industry which receives millions of pounds every year in subsidies… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 20.1.16 The UK has one of the world's leading policing teams tackling wildlife crime, the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU)… Philip Mansbridge, UK Director of International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), London. (letter)
Western Morning News 20.1.16 Help save wildlife crime unit - The UK has one of the world’s leading policing teams tackling wildlife crime; the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU). owever, its funding is due to run out in March 2016. When asked about this during Prime Minister’s Question Time, David Cameron replied that a decision was “still to be made about the future”. It is vital the Government continues to fund the unit so it can maintain its battle against domestic wildlife crime and serious international organised crime. It helps police forces combat wildlife crimes like badger persecution, and hare coursing… by Philip Mansbridge UK Director of IFAW, London (letter)

Luton News/Herald & Post 1.3.16 Horrific injuries and then ripped apart for fun -Luton has been selected as a pilot area for a project aimed at ending dog fighting in the UK. And dog-loving Lutonians could earn themselves up to £1,000 for passing on tip-offs about the cruel pastime… Project Bloodline has been developed by animal welfare campaigners League Against Cruel Sports (LACS). Initially being piloted in Luton, the project focuses on the ‘street’ level category of the activity, which usually involves dogs being forced to fight against each other in urban areas such as local parks…. Mark Randell, from LACS, said: “Dog fighting is barbaric and repugnant and betrays the trust of the human/dog relationship. It’s got to be stopped… (story)