March 2017

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Farmers Weekly 31.3.17 Marks & Spencer backs farmer over activist calf hutch claims - Supermarket Marks & Spencer has said it will stand by one of its dairy suppliers after a series of media articles wrongly accused the farmer of cruelty. The retailer issued a strongly worded statement which stated no animal’s well-being had been compromised on the farm and reinforced its solidarity with UK agriculture and dairy farming, adding this was not the time for knee-jerk reactions. JF Cobb & Sons, who farm near Dorchester had been accused by charity, Animal Equality UK on Tuesday (28 March) of mistreating calves, which were housed in rows of pens... (story)
Farmers Guardian 31.3.17 Industry hits back after ‘battery calves’ media storm - Grange Dairy, East Chaldon, Dorset, hit back at the national press which this week targeted the farm for what it called ‘heartbreaking’ scenes. Activists accused owners JF Cobb & Sons of housing calves up to six-months-old in a ‘battery farm for calves’.... An M&S spokesman confirmed the retailer would continue sourcing its milk from the farm, despite calls from activists to drop the contract.... Responding to the public outcry, AHDB Dairy chairman Gwyn Jones said hutches were seen by experts as one of the best systems of rearing calves... Dorset County Council Trading Standards also confirmed no welfare standards were broken. A spokesman said: “Our animal health team has carefully considered all the allegations made, visited and inspected the premises concerned and are satisfied that there is no evidence of any breaches of welfare requirements.” (story)
Mirror 31.3.17 Marks & Spencer asks the RSPCA to monitor its dairy farms after outcry over 'battery calves' kept in cramped huts BY RUKI SAYID - Marks & Spencer is calling in the RSPCA to monitor all its diary farms following the outcry over “battery calves” found at one of its milk pools. The move comes as animal rights campaigners called on M&S to dump a Dorset farm after a probe revealed calves being kept in cramped, plastic huts... (story)

Mirror 28.3.17 Charity calls for M&S to break ties with dairy farm probed over pictures of calves in tiny pens BY RUKI SAYID - This is the dairy farm supplying Marks & Spencer that has been probed over footage of calves kept in tiny, solitary pens. Charity Animal Equality, which took the film, alleged that plastic huts for cattle up to eight weeks old were also housing older calves that should be in groups... Executive director Dr Toni Shephard said: “We are calling on M&S to break ties with this supplier immediately.”.. (story)
STV News 28.3.17 'Heartbreaking' footage of caged calves at M&S milk farm - An animal welfare group has released footage of calves caged in pens at a farm supplying Marks & Spencer with milk. The supermarket has apologised over claims the livestock were up to six months old despite rules banning such housing beyond eight weeks old. The farm, which Animal Equality named as Grange Dairy in East Chaldon, Dorset, belongs to J F Cobb & Sons and remains a supplier to M&S.... (story)
Standard 28.3.17 Shocking images show cows kept in tiny pens at dairy that supplies milk to M&S - MARK CHANDLER - Shocking footage has been released of cows being kept in tiny pens at a dairy which supplies Marks and Spencer with milk. Images released by Animal Equality UK of the Grange Dairy in East Chaldon, Dorset, show calves kept side by side in rows of small individual pens... (story)

City A.M. 31.3.17 Animal cruelty protesters cause a ruckus in the City on Friday afternoon calling for killer whale Lolita to be freed - Caitlin Morrison - Activists are making a splash in the Square Mile this afternoon with a march protesting against animal cruelty. The demo was carried out to draw attention to the plight of Lolita, a killer whale at the Miami Seaquarium... (story)

Bromsgrove Standard 31.3.17 Circus defends care of animals as it visits Bromsgrove for first time - Lorna Morris - A TRAVELLING circus visiting the area for the first time has hit out at claims made by an animal welfare group that their animals are not looked after properly. Circus Mondao, which includes a clown, acrobats, showgirls and performing animals, arrived in Upton Warren on Wednesday (March 28) and will be running shows until Sunday (April 2).... (story)
Bromsgrove Advertiser 28.3.17 Animal Defenders International condemns Circus Mondao, which opens in Bromsgrove tomorrow - AN animal rights group is calling on residents to avoid Circus Mondao, which opens in Bromsgrove tomorrow (March 29), claiming its animals are poorly cared for. Circus Mondao, which prides itself on being a ‘traditional family circus’, will be running in Upton Warren – its first ever visit to Bromsgrove – until April 2, bringing with it a host of acrobats, a clown, showgirls, jugglers and performing animals. But Animal Defenders International (ADI) has condemned the circus for its ‘outdated practice’ in incorporating ‘wild animals’ in its performances... (story)

Irish Times 31.3.17 John Rogers suggests that a vegan who consumes imported plant foods is contributing more to global warming than someone who consumes the flesh of an Irish cow. However, animal agriculture contributes more greenhouse gas emissions emissions than the entire transport sector combined... SANDRA HIGGINS, Director, Go Vegan World, Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary, Chamberstown House, Slane, Co Meath. (letter)


Daily Record 30.3.17 Cardross animal campaigner makes plea for snares ban - An animal campaigner is pleading with the Scottish Government to scrap the use of all snares. John Robins, from Cardross-based Animal Concern Advice Line has called on Roseanna Cunningham, the Scottish Government Minister with responsibility for animal welfare to ban the devices which cause “unnecessary suffering”, terminology used by government Department Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)... (story)


The Herald 28.3.17 Complete fox hunting ban would not ensure law adhered to, MSPs told - A blanket ban on fox hunting would not solve the problem of ensuring hunts adhere to the law, MSPs have heard. Lord Bonomy carried out a review of fox hunting laws in Scotland last year and recommended independent monitors to police hunts. His report said some aspects of the current legislation ''complicate unduly'' the detection, investigation and prosecution of offences and there were ''grounds to suspect'' fox hunting takes place illegally. Giving evidence to Holyrood's Environment Committee on Tuesday, he said he did not believe banning fox hunting and instead promoting drag hunting, where a hunt follows the artificial scent of a fox, would solve the issues with the legislation... (story)
Scotsman 28.3.17 Total ban on fox hunting ‘would not ensure adherence to law’ - A blanket ban on fox hunting would not solve the problem of ensuring hunts adhere to the law, MSPs have heard. Lord Bonomy carried out a review of fox hunting laws in Scotland last year and recommended independent monitors to police hunts. His report said some aspects of the current legislation ‘’complicate unduly’’ the detection, investigation and prosecution of offences and there were “grounds to suspect” fox hunting takes place illegally. Giving evidence to Holyrood’s environment committee yesterday, he said he did not believe banning fox hunting and instead promoting drag hunting, where a hunt follows the artificial scent of a fox, would solve the issues with the legislation... (story)

Northern Echo 28.3.17 Watch: Hunt saboteurs capture aftermath of collision which allegedly killed four hunting dogs - Emily Flanagan - POLICE are investigating after four hunting hounds allegedly died after being hit by a car.... North Yorkshire Police say the dogs were hit by a blue Ford Fiesta as they crossed the road at about 1.50pm on Saturday, March 25. The hounds are believed to have been part of the Middleton Hunt in North Yorkshire and were discovered by hunt saboteurs after crossing the road... (story)
Mail 27.3.17 Whimpering hounds 'die beside a grass verge after they are hit by cars as a hunt crosses a "busy" road' - Upsetting footage shows the moment three hounds allegedly died on a grass verge after they were hit by cars when a hunt crossed a 'busy' road. The dogs were allegedly discovered by hunt saboteurs after they crossed the road with horses from the Middleton Hunt near Norton in North Yorkshire on Saturday. Campaigners claim the dogs died at the side of the road and video shows them whimpering while being comforted by distraught activists... (story)
Yorkshire Post 27.3.17 WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Hunt dogs killed crossing road - Hunt saboteurs have posted a video online showing the aftermath of a crash between a car and some hounds. The video shows dogs, allegedly from the Middleton Hunt, lying in a road between Norton and Beverley over the weekend... (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 27.3.17 WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Hunt dogs killed crossing road. CARL GAVAGHAN - Hunt saboteurs have posted a video online showing the aftermath of a crash between a car and some hounds... (story)
Mirror 27.3.17 Three dying dogs whimper at side of road 'after crossing with hunt' leaving campaigners furious - BY JAMIE BULLEN - Upsetting footage captured the moment three hounds allegedly died after being hit by cars when a hunt crossed a "busy" road. Video taken by upset campaigners showed the dogs whimpering while being tended to by activists who claimed the dogs died at the scene. The hounds were allegedly discovered by hunt saboteurs after they had the crossed the road with horses from the Middleton Hunt... (story)

Third Sector 28.3.17 Countryside Alliance is refused charitable status - Andy Ricketts - The Charity Commission has refused an application for charitable status from the Countryside Alliance. The commission’s decision, published yesterday, says the regulator found that although some of the pro-hunting organisation’s purposes were exclusively charitable for the public benefit, not all were, so it could not be registered as a charity. The alliance said its legal advisers "interpreted the law very differently" from the regulator and it was considering an appeal.... (story)
Civil Society 28.3.17 Commission rejects Countryside Alliance application for charity status - Kirsty Weakley - The Charity Commission has said the Countryside Alliance does not meet the threshold for charitable status because it is not “established for exclusively charitable purposes”.... (story)

Labour List 28.3.17 The Fabians: Labour could be the party of the countryside again – with your help - In 1997 Labour declared itself the party of the countryside. It wasn’t empirically true, but it wasn’t entirely implausible.... To be a national party which can win in the country at large, Labour must develop a richer understanding of the lives of people in our small towns, villages and hamlets. To that end, the Fabian Society is today launching a project to explore Labour’s relationship with rural areas in England and Wales.... As part of this Fabian Society research, carried out in partnership with the Countryside Alliance, we are calling for written submissions from Labour activists in rural areas around the country. If you think you might have something to contribute, we want to hear from you. ... (story)

Bromley Times 28.3.17 Animal rights protestors urge shoppers to mooooove away from dairy - Emily King - A Bromley animal charity held a protest in the town centre on Mother’s Day in a bid to take action against ‘Britain’s hardest working mothers’ - the dairy cow. The activists from Passive Pressure, dressed up as cows and handed out leaflets revealing the fate of the animals to passers by.... (story)


Wimbledon Guardian 27.3.17 'Cruel and outdated' or demise of 'excellent' sport? Wimbledon Stadium holds final greyhound race in Plough Lane before building of AFC Wimbledon stadium - Pippa Allen-Kinross - The Wimbledon Stadium has held its final greyhound race as the Plough Lane site prepares for demolition. Greyhound fans swarmed to the stadium for the last time on Saturday, March 26, before the 89-year-old stadium is demolished to make way for a new football stadium for AFC Wimbledon... Chief executive for the League Against Cruel Sports, Eduardo Gonçalves, said: “We are delighted that a real sport with willing human participants will finally be replacing the cruel and outdated sport of greyhound racing at Wimbledon... (story)

Mail 27.3.17 Minister hoping for `major breakthrough´ with vaccine for badgers - Badgers could be infected with “something like a herpes virus” to help stop them spreading bovine tuberculous to cattle, a minister has said. Conservative frontbencher George Eustice said research is ongoing to establish if it is possible to insert a bovine TB vaccine into such a type of virus, thereby ensuring it can spread naturally among the badger population.... (story)

Mail 27.3.17 Why vegan mothers are more likely to have children who perform worse at school By Stephen Matthews For Mailonline - Vegan mothers are more likely to have children who perform worse at school, a new research suggests. They are preventing their infants from getting enough of a vital vitamin in the womb, scientists warn. This then affects their development when they are being brought up, according to the latest Norwegian study... (story)

Mail 27.3.17 Jermain Defoe is forever young... the England striker has used ice baths and a vegan diet to keep him in Three Lions contention ahead of the World Cup By Sam Cunningham for the Daily Mail - As the years have rolled by, Jermain Defoe has sought new ways to stay ahead of the game. The 34-year-old abstains from alcohol. He has regular sports massages... Attempting to force his way into one final England World Cup squad, the striker has turned to veganism.... (story)


Wolverhampton Express & Star 26.3.17 Stafford protest march over Gnosall rabbit farm plans - with VIDEO and PICTURES - Over a hundred protesters marched through Stafford to campaign against a rabbit farm which could be built in the borough. Campaigners from as far as Scotland descended on the county town calling for a proposed farm in Radmore Lane, Gnosall to be declined... (story)
Staffordshire Newsletter 26.3.17 Video: Protesters against Gnosall rabbit farm gather in Victoria Park By Dave_Broome - A CROWD gathered in Victoria Park yesterday to protest the controversial plans to build a rabbit farm in Gnosall. More than 75,000 people have signed a petition to object to the plans to build the farm, which would provide rabbit meat, just off Radmore Lane in Gnosall. And animal lovers from across the country gathered in the town centre park yesterday, waving banners and placards in the latest development in the long-running argument about the planned facility... (story)
The Sentinel 25.3.17 Protesters against plans for Gnosall rabbit farm gather in Victoria Park in Stafford By Tom_Burnett - Protesters have today gathered in a town to oppose controversial plans for a rabbit farm. People from across the country met in Victoria Park in Stafford to object to the plans to build the farm, which would provide rabbit meat, just off Radmore Lane in Gnosall... In a statement the group Stop Gnosall's Cruel Rabbit Farm said: "We need to act to ensure that the refusal is NOT overturned and this rabbit death camp will never come to fruition."... (story)

Bucks Free Press 18.3.17 EU helps bunnies - Euro MPs have just voted to #EndTheCageAge for farmed rabbits across Europe. This is great news for millions of rabbits and a great example of the EU taking a lead on animal welfare. Greens have always opposed factory farming and as the Green Party’s animals spokesperson I wholeheartedly welcome the vote.... Keith Taylor, Green Party MEP for the South East (story)


Mail 25.3.17 The dirty tricks used to stop a daughter overturning her estranged mother's will: Woman's 12-year court hell as charities use survelliance, secret filming and faceless accusers to stop her getting a penny from the £486,000 estate By Helen Weathers for the Daily Mail - Heather Ilott was just 17 when she left home to be with her future husband Nick. Her mother Melita Jackson, whose husband Thomas had died in an accident while she was pregnant, did not approve of him... To Heather, she left not one penny. Instead, she bequeathed her entire £486,000 estate to the Blue Cross, RSPB and RSPCA, despite having had no affiliation with any of the animal charities nor a noticeable concern for animal welfare when alive... In 2007 a district judge awarded Heather £50,000 on the grounds that her mother had acted in an ‘unreasonable, capricious and harsh’ way, a sum that grew to £163,000 at the Court of Appeal. Last week the Supreme Court reinstated the original £50,000 award, based on the Ilotts’ financial needs... (story)
Guardian 12.12.16 Charities in supreme court test case over woman's inheritance - Three animal charities are fighting to preserve almost £500,000 left to them by a woman, who cut her estranged daughter out of her will, in a test case being heard at the supreme court on Monday. The protracted dispute over Melita Jackson’s inheritance has made its way through the English courts since her death, at 70, in 2004. The final judgment, which is not expected until next year, will decide whether it is reasonable for parents to leave their wealth to charities if they fail to make adequate provision for their offspring. Jackson’s only child, Heather Ilott, was rejected by her mother at 17 after she left home in 1978 to live with her boyfriend, Nicholas Ilott, whom she later married… (story)


Gazette & Herald 22.3.17 Police probe assault claims after Middleton Hunt demo - POLICE are investigating following claims from anti-hunt protesters that they were hit with whips and suffered head injuries as they were following the Middleton Hunt. Hunt saboteurs say they were assaulted during a meeting of the hunt at Uncleby, on the Yorkshire Wolds, on Saturday. North Yorkshire Police say they are investigating an incident.... (story)


BBC News 21.3.17 Snaring hares unlikely to be permitted, says SNH - Licences for snaring mountain hares are unlikely to be issued in the future, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has said. The public body has carried out a review of wild animal snaring for the Scottish government... Colin Shedden, director of British Association for Shooting and Conservation Scotland, said snaring hares was no longer common practice.... (story)


Romford Recorder 20.3.17 OPINION: Andrew Rosindell, MP For Romford - It may come as a surprise to people outside of Havering, but Romford has a proud tradition of horse riding with many riding stables and livery centres located in the borough... So, you can imagine how concerned I was when news came through that riding stables could be at risk due to new business rates... Concerns that have been raised by the British Horse Society (BHS) and Countryside Alliance showed that the amount that riding schools and livery yards pay in business rates could go up by 300 per cent.... (story)

South Wales Echo 20.3.17 Horses will suffer if racing criminalised - In response to Jennifer White’s cry for horse racing to be outlawed (Echo letters, March 17), what would be the plan for these animals if this were to happen? While Peta does a large amount of “good work” in the exposure of cruelty and the protection of animals worldwide, I wonder if they have considered the implications of outlawing an industry that largely gives horses a quality of life unsurpassed by any other domesticated animal... Steve Denton Cardiff (story)
South Wales Echo 17.3.17 Horses suffer in the name of sport - Jennifer White Assistant Press Officer, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)
Western Mail 16.3.17 Race horses suffer for our frivolous pleasure - Most people in Britain care about horses, but when it comes to the Cheltenham Festival many tend to gloss over the animals’ plight and focus instead on the large, silly hats. But make no mistake, while women show off their finery, horses suffer on the track. They collapse, crash through railings, sustain broken legs and necks, and endure what the industry euphemistically calls “breakdown”... Jennifer White Assistant Press Officer, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)

The Ecologist 20.3.17 Badgered to Death? Now MPs have no excuse for ignorance - The badger cull is a clear failure on scientific, cost and humanity grounds, writes Dominic Dyer. Yet the government is planning a major extension of the cull in 2017. That's why he has just sent a copy of his acclaimed book to every British MP, before they debate the issue next week. Write to yours now demanding an end to the slaughter!... (story)

Oxford Mail 20.3.17 Grey squirrels are being scapegoated - OVER the last few weeks, grey squirrels have been scapegoated again for the decline of the red squirrel. Horrific plans to kill grey squirrels have even been announced. But it is people, and not grey squirrels, who are largely responsible for the decline in red squirrel numbers... Isobel Hutchinson Director, Animal Aid (letter)


Farming Life 19.3.17 CAI leads the way in deer management - Countryside Alliance Ireland (CAI) has just successfully run its first course in deer management in Ireland. Organised by CAI with the assistance of Derek Anderson from Blakiston Houston Estates the Deer Stalking Qualification (DSC) Level 1 is a basic qualification aimed at the newcomer to deer stalking and is open to everyone over the age of 18.... The instructor Jamie Stewart is director for the Scottish Countryside Alliance and has over 25 years’ experience stalking deer throughout the UK.... (story)

Sunday Post 19.3.17 Bullfight! Vegan animal rights campaigner rescues bullock ‘Prince’ from farm - A VEGAN animal rights campaigner has rescued a bullock from a community farm – fearing it would be “distressed” by the smell of beefburgers and bacon sandwiches. Two-year-old black and white bullock Prince was saved from going to slaughter by 47-year-old mother-of-one Lynn Jolly, who doesn’t eat or drink animal products.... “I didn’t want Prince to be distressed by the smell of his brothers and sisters cooking,” said Lynn. “Animals do sense when this is happening, and that is fact... (story)


Horse & Hound 17.3.17 Vile internet trolls condemned for comments on hunting death - Eleanor Jones - Vile anti-hunt internet trolls have been condemned for sickening comments made in relation to the death of a “popular and talented” horsewoman. A post on an anti-hunt Facebook page about Sue Webb (pictured), who died as a result of a fall while out with the Mid Surrey Farmers Draghounds on 4 March, has been removed, but only after the comments had been allowed to remain for “a number of days”.... (story)
Horse & Hound 6.3.17 Tributes to ‘outstanding horsewoman’ who died after hunting fall - A vice-chairman of the British Show Horse Association has died following a fall with the Mid-Surrey Farmers Draghounds on Saturday (4 March). Sue Webb, 64, and her horse Ron (pictured together on a different occasion) fell at the first fence of the day on Saturday. Mrs Webb, of Vines Cross, East Sussex, was secretary of the hunt; her husband Peter is its senior master... (story)


Holyrood 16.3.17 Scottish Government should consider Code of Practice on snaring, says Scottish Natural Heritage Written by Liam Kirkaldy - But the Scottish Greens back calls from the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland and OneKind for an outright ban on snares - A new report from Scottish Natural Heritage has recommended the Scottish Government consider how a code of practice on snaring can be better endorsed through legislation... (story)

Farmers Weekly 16.3.17 Minister reveals plans to promote British produce online - Lucinda Dann - Farming minister George Eustice has revealed the government is looking to give retailers the option to add a “British-only” search function online to promote home-grown produce... The Countryside Alliance, which has campaigned for better food labelling for many years and worked with Mr Sturdy ahead of the debate, said it was “disappointing” to hear it would be hard to extend country-of-origin labelling to all processed meats... (story)
Farming UK 16.3.17 Eustice treads carefully at MPs debate on subject of extending country of origin labelling - Farming Minister George Eustice has tread carefully on the subject of extending country of origin labelling once the UK leaves the EU... Commenting upon the debate, Head of Policy at the Countryside Alliance, Sarah Lee, said: “Following various food scares the British public are very concerned about the provenance of their food which is why we supported this important parliamentary debate on food labelling... (story)

Belfast Telegraph 16.3.17 The savage whipping of racehorses is barbaric and cruel and must be banned immediately - PHILIP KIERNAN By email (letter)
Irish Independent 16.3.17 We share in guilt at horse deaths - "Oh! Pray do not whip your good horse any more; I am sure he is doing all he can." So wrote Anna Sewell in her classic novel 'Black Beauty'. Now, 140 years on, the whipping of horses continues. Once condemned as barbaric and indefensible by racing pundit John McCririck, it can be seen this week in Cheltenham as horses are pushed to their limits and beyond, sometimes resulting in horrific injuries and deaths... Philip Kiernan Mullingar, Co Westmeath (letter)

Harborough Mail 16.3.17 A circus in town - but not everyone is happy... The circus has arrived in Market Harborough! Circus Mondao, which bills itself as a “traditional family circus”, is at Market Harborough Showground, from today (Thursday) until Sunday... . Members of Leicester Animal Rights had a stall in Market Harborough last weekend, to highlight the fact that the circus had animal acts. The group’s Dina Aherne said the aim was to “discourage people from attending”... Oh, but we’re not just picking on circuses” said Dina of Leicester Animal Rights. “If you’re asking ‘do we object to dressage events and showjumping events too?’, then yes, we absolutely do. “We also campaign outside betting shops, because we’re against horse and greyhound racing. “We’re against live reindeer being used at Christmas events. “We think the whole dairy industry is very exploitative. We’re certainly not just singling out circuses. We’re against any exploitation of animals.”... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 16.3.17 Spare a thought for the animals this Butchers’ Week - AS MANY of us celebrate National Butchers Week I would like to ask that people think of what they are eating and how the animal was killed in order to put food on their plate. There is no humane way of killing animals and some even have to go through the process of ritual slaughter... Mary Windebank, Address supplied (letter)


The Canary 15.3.17 Fox killers who showed ‘total disregard for the law’ get away with small fines - JOHN SHAFTHAUER - A court found three fox hunters guilty of hunting a fox with dogs on 14 March. Yet the punishment they received serves primarily as a reminder of why the Hunting Act is doing so little to deter the continuation of this barbaric practice. The three received fines... (story)
Mirror 15.3.17 Fox hunters found guilty of illegal hunting after they were filmed by two birdwatchers BY BEN GLAZE - Three members of a fox hunt have been found guilty of illegal hunting after being filmed by birdwatchers. Twitchers saw members of the Nottinghamshire-based Grove and Rufford Hunt chase and catch a fox before the carcass was removed... (story)
Horse & Hound 14.3.17 Hunt members consider appeal following guilty verdicts under Hunting Act - Lucy Elder - Three hunt members are considering an appeal after being found guilty of illegal hunting. The Grove and Rufford Hunt members — who denied the charges — are seeking legal advice and are considering appealing the decision to a higher court. The three-day trial at Mansfield Magistrates Court concluded today (Tuesday, 14 March). This is the first time in more than two years that there has been a successful prosecution of a registered hunt under the 2004 Hunting Act... (story)
Nottingham Post 14.3.17 Three members of Grove and Rufford Hunt fined for fox hunting By Tim Cunningham - Three members of a Nottinghamshire hunt have been fined after being found guilty of hunting a fox with dogs. The members of the Grove and Rufford Hunt said they were trail-hunting around Laneham, near Retford, which remains legal after fox hunting was banned in 2005, and the fox's death on January 30, 2016, was accidental. Birdwatchers Phillip Palmer and his partner Pauline Hogg filmed the fox being killed just after 1pm, in a field off Helenship Lane. Huntsman Paul Larby, 57, of The Kennels, Kennel Drive, Barnby Moor, trail-layer Peter White, 57, of Leyfields Farm, Redhill Lane, Kneesall, and the hunt's whipper-in Jane Wright, 63, of Town Street, Lound, each pleaded not guilty to offences under the Hunting Act... (story)
BBC News 14.3.17 Grove and Rufford Hunt members fined after illegal fox killing - Three people have been fined for illegal hunting after their actions were recorded by birdwatchers. Paul Larby, 58, Peter White, 57, and Jane Wright, 63, of the Grove and Rufford Hunt, insisted their dogs were on a trail when they stumbled on a fox. But the footage, taken at Laneham, Nottinghamshire in January 2016, showed no attempt to call the hounds off.... (story)
Eastwood Advertiser 7.3.17 Notts hunt members in court on fox hunting charges - Three members of the Grove and Rufford hunt have been charged with hunting a fox after pictures were taken by two keen birdwatchers. Huntsman Paul Larby, 57, of The Kennels, Kennel Drive, Barnby Moor, trail-layer Peter White, 57, of Leyfields Farm, Redhill Lane, Kneesall, and the hunt’s whipper-in Jane Wright, 63, of Town Street, Lound, each pleaded not guilty to offences under the Hunting Act. The hunt claimed it was trail-hunting, which is legal, after fox hunting was banned in 2005.... (story)

The Ecologist 15.3.17 Pity the poor hounds! Bovine TB, foxhounds and the biosecurity black hole - Lesley Docksey - The 25 TB-infected hounds of the Kimblewick hunt, all put down, remind us that the lot of hunting dogs is not a happy one, writes Lesley Docksey. Unloved and at constant risk of slaughter, they are prone to a host of diseases, from bovine TB to brucellosis, neospora and botulism, which they can pass on to farm stock, humans and other dogs. They deserve better!... (story)
Farmers Guardian 9.3.17 Fox hounds culled following Buckinghamshire bovine TB outbreak - OLIVIA MIDGLEY - Dogs belonging to a hunt in Buckinghamshire have been culled following an outbreak of bovine TB. The Kimblewick Hunt said it had been monitoring its 120 hounds since December when one dog was thought to have contracted the disease. his was later confirmed in post mortem results. Since then 25 hounds have been euthanised and testing on the rest of the pack is said to be ongoing, with all dogs being monitored closely... (story)
Bucks Herald 9.3.17 25 hounds euthanised after Bovine Tuberculosis outbreak - The Kimblewick Hunt have had to take drastic action to stop the spread of deadly bovine tuberculous as pack hounds are discovered with the rare disease. The Masters of Foxhounds Association [MFHA], the foxhunting governing body, said the hunt immediately suspended its activities to protect farmers and landowners... (story)
The Ecologist 9.3.17 Official cover-up - are hunting hounds the 'cryptic carrier' for bovine TB? - Jordi Casamitjana - Was the discovery of bovine TB in a pack of foxhounds in southern England covered up? Jordi Casamitjana asks if hunts bear much of the blame for the bTB epidemic, while Defra may have deliberately suppressed the evidence. The 25 bTB-infected hounds of the Kimblewick Hunt may just be the tip of an iceberg of diseased dogs spreading TB across the UK - while badgers take the blame.... (story)
The Ecologist 9.3.17 Bovine TB found in foxhounds - and nothing to do with badgers! Now what? - The news that the Kimblewick Hunt's hounds are infested with bovine TB has come as a shock to farmers and hunters, writes Lesley Docksey. But it's no surprise to campaigners against the badger cull, who have long complained about poor farm hygiene and the feeding by hunts of disease-ridden 'fallen cattle' carcasses to foxhounds - never mind that the cattle are likely bTB carriers!... (story)
Vet Times 8.3.17 Foxhounds euthanised after becoming infected with bTB - A number of foxhounds at a kennels in Buckinghamshire have been euthanised after contracting bTB. Dogs at the Kimblewick Hunt’s kennels were suspected of having the disease in December and the outbreak was confirmed a month later by animal health officials.... (story)
Bob FM 8.3.17 Campaigners in Buckinghamshire claim 'hunting dogs put down because of bovine TB infection' - Campaigners claim at least 40 hunting dogs have been put down - because they were infected with bovine TB... (story)
Huffington Post 8.3.17 Hounds At Kimblewick Hunt Killed After Bovine TB Outbreak In Buckinghamshire - Dozens of fox hounds have been killed following a suspected bovine tuberculosis (bTB) outbreak in Buckinghamshire, leading to calls for hunting to be “suspended indefinitely” nationwide... (story)
Bucks Free Press 8.3.17 Fox hounds at Kimblewick Hunt's kennels put down after contracting bovine TB - Fox hounds at a kennels in Bucks had to be put down after they contracted bovine tuberculosis. Dogs at the Kimblewick Hunt's kennels, around 14 miles outside of High Wycombe, were suspected of having the disease in December and the outbreak was confirmed a month later by animal health officials... (story)
Mix96 8.3.17 Hunting hounds found with TB near Aylesbury - Campaigners claim at least 40 hunting dogs have been put down near Aylesbury, because they were infected with bovine TB. They're linked with the Kimblewick Hunt.... (story)
Horse & Hound 7.3.17 Bovine TB confirmed in Kimblewick hounds - Catherine Austen - News has broken that bovine tuberculosis (bTB) has been confirmed in the Kimblewick hounds. The Kimblewick, whose kennels are near Aylesbury, Bucks, suspended hunting in December as soon as bTB was suspected to be present in the pack. Its country has been hunted by visiting packs since then, and its hounds have not come into contact with others. A statement from the Masters of Foxhounds Association said: “Bovine tuberculosis was suspected in hounds at the Kimblewick in December (and subsequently confirmed at the end of January). “Defra has not imposed any movement or other restrictions, as it does not consider that there is any increased risk to wildlife and farm stock. However, the hunt immediately suspended hunting in the interests of farmers and landowners and the wider hunting interest... (story)
Mirror 7.3.17 Top Tory's fox hunt kills off 25 of its own hounds after bovine TB outbreak BY BEN GLAZE - A fox hunt which counts the Tory Animal Welfare Minister among its members has killed up to 25 hounds following a suspected bovine TB outbreak. The Kimblewick Hunt, to which Lord Gardiner of Kimble belongs, culled the dogs and implemented biosecurity measures to prevent the disease spreading. Hunt officials said “it is most likely that the hounds contracted it from eating meat from a contaminated bovine”... League Against Cruel Sports chief executive Eduardo Goncalves said: “The implications of this outbreak are huge. It would be a farce if hunting was allowed to continue while bovine TB is rife.... (story)

Huffington Post 15.3.17 Cheltenham Festival: Horse Consul De Thaix Dies After Fatal Fall In Wednesday’s Race - A horse has died on the second day of the Cheltenham Festival. Consul De Thaix, trained by Nicky Henderson, suffered a fatal fall in Wednesday’s first race... Dene Stansall, Animal Aid’s horse racing consultant, said in a statement to The Huffington Post UK: “Consul De Thaix’s death was a harrowing sight... (story)


Third Force News 14.3.17 Missed chance to ban animal-maiming traps - Graham Martin - Urgent and meaningful action must be taken to outlaw “primitive and cruel” snare traps, say animal welfare charities. The League Against Cruel Sports Scotland and OneKind are urging the Scottish Government to ban snares following a review of the practice in Scotland. Carried out by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), the review supports the existing regulatory regime on snaring and did not even consider calls for a ban... (story)
Aberdeen Evening Express 14.3.17 SNARING BAN CALLS ISSUED AFTER REVIEW RECOMMENDS CHANGES TO LAW - Animal-rights campaigners are calling on the Scottish Government to consult on a ban on snaring after a review recommended changes to the law... (story)

Mail 14.3.17 Shotgun row farmer is allowed to keep his licence: Judge rules former banker is 'highly confrontational' but does not pose a risk to the public By Tom Witherow and Chris Brooke for the Daily Mail - An investment banker who turned his back on the City to become a hill farmer can keep his shotgun licence despite a string of aggressive clashes with day-trippers walking on his estate. Judge Peter Hughes QC ruled yesterday that Michael Wentworth Waites, 62, is 'highly confrontational' and 'easily provoked' but it does not pose a risk to the public for him to own a firearm... But the judge said Mr Wentworth Waites and his shotgun would only pose a risk if he happened to be carrying the firearm as he got involved in a confrontation. The farmer's decision to ban dog-walkers and the hunt from the 550-acre estate in Bampton, Cumbria, 'was hardly likely to endear him to the local community' and this may have been a cause of the upset, the judge noted... (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 14.3.17 Charity continues to monitor horse deaths - Ten years ago, this month, Animal Aid launched a new initiative, entitled Race Horse Deathwatch. The aim of the project was to monitor and publish detailed information on as many on-course race horse deaths as we could find out about, because the racing industry did not do so... This shocking number of fatalities is racing’s dirty secret. We continue our work to expose it – on behalf of all those horses who had nobody to speak out for them except us... Fiona Pereira, Campaign Manager, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)

Irish Independent 14.3.17 Zoos can't meet animals' needs - Even in the best circumstances, it's impossible for zoos to meet all the unique environmental, nutritional, climatic, and social needs of the various species they hold captive... Jennifer White Assistant press Officer, Peta UK London, UK (letter)


Huffington Post 13.3.17 ‘Staggering’ Death Toll Of British Racehorses Revealed Ahead Of Cheltenham Festival - Kathryn Snowdon - Campaigners have revealed that a “staggering” 1,500 horses died on racecourses across Britain in the last decade ahead of this week’s Cheltenham Festival. Animal Aid launched Horse Death Watch in 2007 to record every on-course thoroughbred fatality in Britain, after 11 horses died during the Cheltenham Festival in 2006.... (story)

About My Area 13.3.17 Rural sector in Ely warns Ofcom for immediate solutions to rural broadband woes - The Countryside Alliance calls for immediate solutions to rural broadband woes as it labels proposed BT Openreach separation a distraction... (story)
Farming UK 10.3.17 BT Openreach: Rural sector warns Ofcom for immediate solutions to rural broadband woes - Ofcom has today (March 10) announced that BT has agreed to separate legally from Openreach, with the rural community saying it should not distract from the rollout of broadband to rural areas... The Countryside Alliance is concerned that it could take several years for this separation to be completed and challenges Ofcom to ensure the separation is swift to ensure that Openreach can focus on broadband delivery in the countryside... (story)


Bedfordshire on Sunday 11.3.17 Bedfordshire police investigating reports of assault on hunt saboteurs - POLICE are investigating an alleged assault against an animal rights activist who claims they were attacked while tying to stop an 'illegal' hunt last weekend. The anti-hunting Beds and Bucks Hunt Sabs group first followed the Oakley hunt to Shelton Gorse last Saturday. A member of the group has reported an assault to Bedfordshire Police, which they claimed happened when they later followed the hunt onto private land in Penn Wood... (story)
Bedford Today 9.3.17 Pet killed in hunt on private Bedfordshire land - A woman has been left ‘devastated’ and ‘frightened’ after a hunt trespassed on her land and killed her pet rabbit. Mabel Blades owns Pennworley Wood in Melchbourne where she has planted 4,000 trees. She claims she has had problems in the past with various hunt groups trespassing on her land but says the incident on Saturday involving The Oakley Hunt, was the last straw.... (story)

Horse & Hound 11.3.17 Who will be crowned the best hunt horn-blower? - Catherine Austen - The names of those vying to win national horn-blowing competition the Horse & Hound Challenge Cup, at hunting’s ‘big night out’, the Dubarry Horn & Hound Ball, have been revealed.... The highly competitive horn-blowing competition, which is supported by the Kingston Blount Shoot, is the highlight of the Dubarry Horn & Hound Ball, which takes place at Cheltenham Racecourse on 22 April. The judges this year are Nigel Peel, joint-master and huntsman of the North Cotswold, and 2016 winner James Pearson of the Cury... (story)

Huffington Post 11.3.17 Could The Fox Hunting Ban Be Repealed? Supporters Want It Strengthened, Critics Want It Gone - Kathryn Snowdon - The Hunting Act banned fox hunting 12 years ago, yet every weekend hundreds of men and women place themselves between huntsmen, hounds and wildlife, fearing that the animals are still being killed. The hunting lobby claim the Act “lies in tatters” and say it should be revoked, while anti-hunt campaigners believe the legislation is “one of the most successful laws of its kind in the country” and say it should be strengthened... (story)


Western Morning News 10.3.17 BBC accused of double standards over censure of freelance contributors - The BBC has been accused of double standards over the way it treats freelance contributors who express personal views. Philip Bowern reports on a rural row - BBC wildlife presenter Chris Packham infuriates farmers, gamekeepers and country sports followers with frequent public attacks... Despite regular complaints about Mr Packham using his BBC licence fee funded position to attack people in the countryside, he has so far escaped censure... But an allegation of double standards has now been levelled at the Corporation after they took a rather different approach with another freelance BBC presenter... , a BBC spokesperson said: “Jenni Murray is a freelance journalist and these were her own views. However, we have reminded her that the presenters should remain impartial on controversial topics covered by BBC programmes.” The apparent double standards provoked an angry response from the Countryside Alliance.... (story)

Middlesbrough Gazette 10.3.17 Animals rights pressure group takes fight against animal cruelty to Norwich BY JAMES CAIN - An animals rights pressure group’s next step in its fight against animal cruelty is a direct message to the Secretary of State for Justice. Operation Frankish is an organisation set up to campaign against animal cruelty and to force politicians to take a stronger stand against abusers... (story)


Dundee Evening Telegraph 9.3.17 CONCERNS RAISED AFTER DISCOVERY OF ‘CRUEL’ ANIMAL SNARES By Hannah Dolman - Concerns have been raised by wildlife experts over the discovery of “barbaric” snares in Tayside woodlands. A snare was discovered by a member of the public in Blairgowrie, sparking fears that someone is deliberately targeting animals, including beavers. The member of the public — who did not want to be named for fear of reprisal — discovered the trap last week and has slammed those responsible, saying it was “absolutely vile”... (story)

The London Economic 9.3.17 Go Vegan World Hits Back At National Farmers’ Union For “Entirely Missing The Point” Of Vegan Campaign - Joe Mellor - Go Vegan World has accused the National Farmers’ Union of “entirely missing the point” in its recent criticism of the campaign which has been appearing across the UK and Ireland on billboards, taxis, motorways and at underground stations as well as full page adverts in national newspapers.... (story)

Newcastle Chronicle 9.3.17 Vegan beer in Newcastle: Three cheers for Super Natural as the city's eatery serves up a first BY BARBARA HODGSON - Popular Newcastle cafe Super Natural has pulled off a first by introducing vegan beer on draft... The vegetarian and vegan food it serves - such as spicy Mexican Burrito; chicken and mushroom-style pie and sandwiches with inspired salads - is a far cry from the old days of nut roast... (story)

Cornwall Live 9.3.17 Animal rights group Peta wants Hall for Cornwall to stop serving meat for run of Babe The Sheep-Pig By WBCaroline - An animal rights protest group has called on the Hall for Cornwall to take meat off its menu during its run of Babe, The Sheep-Pig. But will campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) request be a case of 'when pigs fly'? Peta said when it heard that the curtain was to going up on Babe, The Sheep-Pig it fired off a letter to the venue's director Julien Boast demanding it make its cafe meat-free... (story)

Irish Independent 9.3.17 Shame of animal cruelty - The recent report by the ISPCA is testament to the levels of abuse of animals across this country... We Irish may be famous for many things, but kindness to our animals is not one of them. Cath O'Leary Glanmire, Co Cork (letter)


Liverpool Echo 8.3.17 Anger over vet who is also hunt director BY OLIVER CLAY - Animal rights supporters have criticised a Runcorn vet for being the director of a leading Cheshire hunt. Elizabeth Gorse denied there was any conflict between the roles after hunting opponents pointed out that Companies House documents showed she holds directorships for Cheshire Forest Hunt and also Rose Cottage Veterinary Centre on Chester Road, Sutton Weaver. Among those to criticise her position was Stop The Cull badger hunt group, which posted a picture of a dead fox on its Facebook page on March 6 with links to Rose Cottage’s Facebook and Yell pages, suggesting opponents could post reviews... (story)

Midlothian Advertiser 8.3.17 Midlothian MSP marks hunting ban anniversary - Midlothian South MSP Christine Grahame has joined animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports and Fergus the Fox to mark the 15th anniversary of the legislation which protects wild mammals from being chased and hunted for sport... (story)


Belfast Telegraph 7.3.17 Kabul's cruel 'sport' mirrored in Ireland - JOHN FITZGERALD By email (letter)
Irish Independent 7.2.17 Twin Kabul with 'cruel' Clonmel - Kabul in Afghanistan has been dubbed the dog fighting capital of Central Asia, due to the prevalence of the 'sport' in the city… Sound familiar? It has echoes of the three-day 'festival' of hare coursing staged annually in Clonmel, Co Tipperary…. Kabul ought to be twinned with Clonmel, cruelty capital of Ireland. John Fitzgerald Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Eagle Radio 7.3.17 WATCH: Animal rights activists picket Guildford abattoir - A group is protesting outside an abattoir at the Slyfield industrial estate in Guildford as animals arrive for slaughter. More than 25 activists, who are members of vegan group Guildford Animal Save, are picketing. A representative says they are protesting the use of animals for food and by products... (story)
Surrey Advertiser 7.3.17 Animal rights group stages protest outside Guildford abattoir to raise awareness of livestock suffering BY TOM SMURTHWAITE - Animal rights activists staged a peaceful protest outside a Guildford abattoir to raise awareness of veganism and the use of animals for food consumption. Organised by Guildford Animal Save, around 30 campaigners gathered outside the ABP Food Group site on the Slyfield Industrial Estate on Tuesday (March 7). The group waved placards and intercepted trucks carrying livestock into the Moorfield Road beef processing plant to say their goodbyes to the animals... (story)

Telegraph 7.3.17 Student backlash at Cambridge University over fears of Canada geese cull - Harry Yorke - One of Cambridge University’s most prestigious colleges has provoked a backlash from students amid fears that the “sentient” Canadian geese living within its grounds might be culled - because their excrement has become a safety hazard. Having settled close to King’s College on the banks of the River Cam, the gaggle has been labelled a health and safety risk by staff, who warn that their droppings have made the college pathways dangerous and unsightly... (story)


Farming Life 5.3.17 Thanks as hunting season draws to a close - As hunting nears the end of another season, we must give thanks to the many personnel involved who ensure we can actively participate in our country sports activities. We are grateful to the farmers and landowners who allow us access on to their land and to the gamekeepers, huntsmen and the many volunteers who work tirelessly on our behalf... (story)

Irish Independent 5.3.17 Racing gets money as children suffer - In the past 15 years, successive Irish governments have given more than €1bn of taxpayers' money to the horse and greyhound racing industries. In this year's Budget alone, those who race horses and greyhounds are set to get €64m. Meanwhile, people suffering from cystic fibrosis are told there isn't enough money to provide them with a drug that would transform their quality of life... Nuala Donlon, Lanesborough, Co Longford (letter)


Huffington Post 4.3.17 ‘Balaclava-Clad Terrorists’ Or Saviours Of Britain’s Wildlife? On The Trail Of Britain’s Hunt Saboteurs - Kathryn Snowdon, Paco Anselmi - Every weekend, masked men and women trek across Britain’s countryside, scaling barbed wire fences, wading through bitterly cold streams and trawling through mud.... On the trail with the Croydon Hunt Sabs - The weekend The Huffington Post UK joined a sabbing raid was no exception. During the course of the next 13 hours, we would see escalating hostility between not only the sabs and hunt members but also the rising suspicions of the police.... The day begins at 8.30am, with sabs scouting out the local kennels to see if the hounds have been taken out for a hunt. Our group soon joins with neighbouring sabs who believe they have spotted the Crawley and Horsham Hunt just a few miles away... It is now 6pm and, although the hunt is drawing to a close, the sabs’ day isn’t quite over. A demonstration has been planned in Crawley, West Sussex, outside a local hotel, where the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt are holding their annual ball. About 60 demonstrators are in attendance, with a heavy police presence outside.... (story)

Dundee Courier 4.3.17 Protected birds must be allowed to thrive, gamekeepers told by Richard Burdge - Roseanna Cunningham has appealed directly to Scotland’s gamekeepers, stalkers and fishing ghillies to play their part in fighting wildlife crime. She told a gathering of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) at McDiarmid Park in Perth on Friday there would be no hiding place for those who killed protected species... (story)

North West Evening Mail 4.3.17 Thousands sign petition calling for closure of Dalton zoo By Kathy Giddins - THOUSANDS of people have signed an online petition calling for the closure of South Lakes Safari Zoo... Fiona Carruthers, who started the petition, has written on the site: "During the period between December 2013 - September 2016 there have been 486 deaths of animals in the care of South Lakes Safari Zoo."... (story)
Mail 2.3.17 A bloodied giraffe, penguins with no water and an emaciated kangaroo: Inside the zoo of shame where 500 animals have died in three years as campaigners demand it is shut down By James Tozer for the Daily Mail - An emaciated kangaroo, a badly injured giraffe, penguins without any water to swim in… They look like images from a third world zoo, but these animals are pictured at a safari park in Cumbria. Campaigners are calling for South Lakes Safari Zoo to be shut down after it was revealed that almost 500 exotic creatures have died there in less than three years... (story)
Guardian 28.2.17 Calls for Cumbrian zoo to be shut after 486 animals die in four years - South Lakes Safari zoo, whose licence is up for renewal, had a death rate of 12% of its inhabitants between 2013 and 2016 - Inspectors have called for the owner of a zoo to face prosecution after the revelation that nearly 500 animals in its care had died in less than four years... The Captive Animals Protection Society has called on the council to reject the application, describing the findings as “nothing short of shocking”. “Recent inspection reports have highlighted animals dying of hypothermia, exposure, emaciation and even being run over, and this is simply not acceptable,” said campaigns officer Maddy Taylor.... (story)
North West Evening Mail 28.2.17 THE FULL STORY: Harrowing animal death list revealed ahead of crunch meeting over zoo licence application By Caroline Barber - A HARROWING death list reveals for the first time how almost 500 animals - including tigers, lion cubs and giraffes - have died at a popular zoo in less than four years, the Evening Mail can exclusively reveal in a special investigation. Poor management, emaciation and hypothermia are among the reasons for the above-average mortality rate at South Lakes Safari Zoo in Dalton... The shocking log, which provides a distressing catalogue of injuries and illnesses endured by a wide range of species at the site between December 2013 and September last year, has been branded the worst seen in 60 years by national campaigning charity the Captive Animal Protection Society... (story)

Hertfordshire Mercury 4.3.17 Hertford town centre fills with animal activists aiming to educate public on 'barbaric' fur trade By Sam_Meadows - Animal rights activists were out in force in Hertford town centre to educate the public on the "barbaric" fur trade. Around 30 people turned up to the event today (March 4) - many travelling from as far afield as Lincoln and Nottingham - to make their feelings known. Organiser Mary Nesbitt-Larking, who lives in Hertford, said the event would have been worth the effort if they can open the eyes of one person.... Many participants had travelled a long way to be involved. Joanna Farr brought a car full of activists down from Lincoln, a two and a half hour drive.... (story)
Hertfordshire Mercury 4.3.17 Hertford 'fur education outreach' event to take place - but no longer targets The Ruby Room By Sam_Meadows - Animal rights activists are set to descend on Hertford this lunchtime for a "fur education outreach". Hertford native Mary Nesbitt-Larking has used her connections in the world of animal rights to gather an estimated 70 activists for the event.... (story)
Hertfordshire Mercury 28.2.17 Hertford shop The Ruby Room branded disgusting and vile by animal activists ahead of protest By Sam_Meadows - The owner of a Hertford shop targeted by animal rights activists fears for the safety of her staff. A protest is planned outside The Ruby Room on Saturday (March 4) after campaigners claimed management reneged on a promise to stop selling real fur products. But Vicki Thomas, the owner of the Railway Street store, said the company's new line would only use faux fur products. She has been sent a letter by the police telling her and her staff to be vigilant when they leave the shop, but she does not know how to guarantee their safety.... (story)
Hertfordshire Mercury 28.2.17 Hertford animal rights protest to go ahead despite The Ruby Room removing fur from shelves By Sam_Meadows - An animal rights protest at The Ruby Room in Hertford will go ahead despite the boutique clothing store removing real fur from its shelves. Organiser Mary Nesbitt-Larking said she was expecting about 70 activists at the event on Saturday (March 4) but, given the shop's decision, it would now be an "educational demonstration". The store's owner Vicki Thomas said she and her staff had been subjected to online abuse by activists and Miss Nesbitt-Larking strongly condemned this.... (story)
Hertfordshire Mercury 7.2.17 Hertford shop The Ruby Room to be picketed by animal rights activists in row over use of fur By Sam_Meadows - Animal rights activists are set to travel from as far as Wales and Lincoln to picket a women's fashion shop in Hertford. The group will be protesting The Ruby Room's use of fur in its clothes after organiser Mary Nesbitt-Larking claimed management at the shop reneged on a promise to remove the items from sale. A committed activist and vegan who holds monthly protests outside a slaughterhouse in Hemel Hempstead, Miss Nesbitt-Larking, 24, said she was shocked to see fur on sale and reached out to the shop on Facebook… (story)

3.3.17 3.3.17 BASC complaint secures Conservative Party backing - An anti-shooting campaign group has been ordered to stop attempting to affiliate itself with the Conservative Party following a complaint by BASC. The chairman of the Conservative Party has confirmed that the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation has been asked to withdraw use of the political party’s logo... (story) 21.2.17 BASC reports animal campaign group to Conservative Party - BASC has reported an animal campaign group for attempting to portray affiliation to the Conservative Party. The Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation has no official link to the political party despite also using its logo. The Foundation was co-founded last year by Lorraine Platt... The website makes no mention of her status as a trustee of the League Against Cruel Sports and founder or co-founder of several other organisations which take extremist positions against shooting... (story)

Western Morning News 3.3.17 Doctors' leaders clash with pro-shooting group over health checks on gun licence applicants By WMNPBowern - Apply for a firearms or shotgun licence and your family doctor will be asked by the police if he or she thinks there might any medical reason or ‘concerns’ to refuse to allow you to possess a gun. A change in the licensing regime last April meant new information sharing processes between GPs and the police were introduced in an attempt to ensure those licensed to possess firearm and shotgun certificates were medically fit to carry sporting guns. The British Medical Association expressed concerns at the time. This week it has gone further, advising doctors they can refuse to engage in the process if they have a conscientious objection to firearms and telling them if they do agree to provide information they should charge a fee... (story)

The Sentinel 3.3.17 Protest march planned as 'inhumane' rabbit farm to be reconsidered By Matt_Simpson - Thousands of angry objectors are planning a protest march after it was announced controversial proposals for a rabbit farm are set to be reconsidered. POE Limited had their application for the farm, situated off Radmore Lane in Gnosall, rejected by Stafford Borough Council in October. The application was refused planning permission on a number of grounds... Campaign group Stop Gnosall's Cruel Rabbit Farm will be holding a march through Stafford on March 25, starting at Victoria Park from 1pm.... The borough council received more than thousand objections to the plans – a record number – as well as a letter, backed by 17,773 people, submitted by animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).... (story)


Third Force News 2.3.17 TFN poll: should bloodsports be banned? by Graham Martin - There was anger this week after pictures emerged of the mass slaughter of mountain hares in the Highlands.... But we’re asking: is it now time to ban bloodsports? (story)

Northern Echo 2.3.17 Suffering of feral pigeons - DOES anyone care for pigeons? Can anyone stop the constant lost pigeons from ending up on the streets? It is about time the breeders of pigeons are forced to take some responsibility when some of the pigeons they race don’t return home. The pigeons get lost, are weak and end up in all our towns and streets... Hazel Pearson, Bishop Auckland (story)


Dunstable Gazette, Herald & Post 1.3.17 Furore over fox hunting after dog shot at Dunstable golf club - STEWART CARR - The shooting of a dog near a Dunstable golf club has escalated into a row over fox hunting – with allegations of threats and abuse. On February 4, a dog veered from the footpath through Dunstable Downs Golf Club and was accidentally shot by a licensed firearms user hunting foxes. When news of it was shared online, an anti-fox hunting campaign urged its members to contact Dunstable Down Golf Club. Club manager Duncan Mutton said: “The incident has led to threatening experiences for the staff here. “The vitriol and nastiness that has come through from the anti-fox hunt fraternity is frightening, it’s put me and my staff totally on edge.”... . A spokesman for Beds Bucks Hunt Sab said: “We encouraged people to politely contact the club and voice their concerns. We have certainly not threatened the club in any way and nor did we encourage anyone else to do so. “We cannot be held responsible for what the public have done in light of our Facebook post however we do not condone any abuse or threats. ... (story)

Western Morning News 1.3.17 Women recovering from breast cancer urged to apply for a place on this unique programme By WMNPBowern - The Countryside Alliance’s charitable arm, the Countryside Alliance Foundation, wants to hear from women profoundly affected by breast cancer who would like to give fly fishing a try. Learning to fish on the Casting for Recovery programme has been shown to help women recovering from breast cancer – and the all-expenses paid retreat, over a long weekend on the River Test in Hampshire, also includes counselling and medical advice... (story)

Northern Echo 1.3.17 Do animal cruelty cases now shock us more than stories of violence against people? - ARE we becoming a society that values the lives of pets above people? Two court cases which revealed examples of horrifying levels of cruelty ended on Wednesday morning in Middlesbrough.... Outside Teesside Magistrates Court animal rights campaigners cheered when the verdict came through that Michael Heathcock and Richard Finch had been given four months in jail for hammering a nail into the head of a terrier... While the Scamp case drew to its conclusion, on the other side of Victoria Square no crowds had gathered outside the Combined Court where a case was being heard inside that shocked even seasoned reporters and court officials. No one was campaigning on behalf of the victims of Michael Dunn, a paedophile whose crimes have drawn comparison with the infamous abuser Josef Fritzl.... What does it say about our society when people will stand outside for hours on a chilly March morning to protest about a dead dog but no one makes a similar stance in a case of violence against women?... (story)

Daily Mail 1.3.17 Crowds of protesters cheer outside court as two men are jailed for burying an elderly dog alive after trying to kill it by hammering a nail through its skull By Mark Duell for MailOnline - Protesters cheered outside court today after two men were jailed for burying an elderly dog alive after trying to kill it by hammering a nail through its skull. Michael Heathcock, 59, and Richard Finch, 60, were jailed for four months each for the horrifying cruelty they showed to 16-year-old terrier Scamp... When it was announced, the crowd - who had shouted 'scum' to the defendants as they walked inside to learn their fate - erupted with cheering and hugs. One, Louise Taylor, said: 'It was the result that we had wanted. But four months still isn't enough for what they did to that poor dog and something has to change... (story)

Diss Express 1.3.17 Suffolk Police defend amount of officers deployed to protest in Eye after fears of ‘wasted’ resources - ZACH WARD - Suffolk Police has defended the number of officers it deploys to protests. A pair of vigil events were staged by the Suffolk Animal Save Group in Eye on Monday, firstly outside C and K Meats at the Mid Suffolk Business Park, before the group moved on to 1Stop Halal in Magdalen Street, attracting about 20 activists... Tom Fenner, of Suffolk Animal Save, said: “Suffolk Constabulary have been hugely helpful in accommodating our events, ensuring the safety of attendees whilst aiding us in liaising with both slaughterhouses, although I think they would agree the number of officers involved on Monday exceeded that which was required for a peaceful, love-based protest... (story)