May 2003

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Western Daily Press 31.5.03 RSPCA IS NOT LOSING SUPPORT - May I add my strong support to the views expressed by Helen Weeks in support of our wonderful RSPCA and the gutsy lady who now leads us, Jackie Ballard. Your article criticising the RSPCA and Mrs Ballard was obviously written by a hunt supporter... I help to raise funds for my local branch and I find total support for our work everywhere. So, may I add, is opposition to all forms of hunting.... Jean Turner Plympton Plymouth Devon (letter)
Western Daily Press 26.5.03 HUNTING'S NOT A QUESTION OF CLASS - The letter from Helen Weeks showed so graphically that people - or the perception of the people who hunt - are the real reason for wanting to see hunting banned. Animals are a secondary issue. In her letter, Ms Weeks said she wants Mr Blair to stop listening to the "rich and powerful". So do many thousands of people who support hunting.... How I wish we had someone who could cuddle up to the Blairs. Obviously there isn't anyone cool enough, or useful enough... Rosie Pocock Moorlinch Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 24.5.03 HUNTING IS BEST FOR PEST CONTROL - I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but Helen Weeks appears to have formed hers based on inaccurate information. If the Government fails to ban hunting with dogs, this will please many thousands of people from all walks of life. I shall be delighted and I am neither rich nor powerful... Joy Chapman, Bussage, Stroud, Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.5.03 BALLARD WORTH EVERY PENNY - I really must write in support of Jackie Ballard, the new chief executive of the RSPCA. Reports that members are leaving in droves must be wishful thinking by the supporters of blood sports. It seems to me that the members who are leaving are members of the hunting fraternity, who were bitterly disappointed at Jackie Ballard's appointment… As an active member of the RSPCA, I am pleased that we have someone of Jackie Ballard's calibre…Helen Weeks West Coker Somerset (letter)

Oxford Mail 31.5.03 Clarkson was cruel - I was shocked to read that Jeremy Clarkson had deliberately run over a fox (Oxford Mail, May 6)... I do hope he is charged and punished. I won't watch his programmes again. Animal cruelty should not be tolerated. ANN HINTON, Apley Way, Witney (letter in archive)
Oxford Mail 6.5.03 Clarkson faces fox police inquiry - Oxfordshire motoring journalist Jeremy Clarkson faces a police investigation after admitting on TV that he deliberately ran down a fox in his car.... The group Protect Our Wild Animals has formally asked the Metropolitan Police to investigate his claim... (story in archive)

Nottingham Evening News 31.5.03 HELP TO STOP TESTS ON ANIMALS Many Post readers will have heard of the World Wildlife Fund... I am sure than many other Post readers will be as shocked as I was to learn that the charity is actively supporting plans in the European Union and the USA to test thousands of chemicals on animals in laboratories... write to the WWF... contact People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals... ANDREW SAUNDERS Orchard Drive Calverton (letter)

Northern Echo 31.5.03 Helping Iraq war animal casualties - PEOPLE in the North-East are being asked to help Iraq's animal casualties of war. The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has set up an emergency appeal to raise £160,000 to help animals that are suffering through lack of basic medical supplies... Brian Faulkner, of WSPA, said: "Iraq's veterinary system is in dire need of life-saving medicines to help the animals of this war-torn country"… (story in archive)
Ananova 29.5.03 Medicines on way to looted Iraqi vets - A team of animal welfare campaigners is to travel to Iraq to deliver much-needed veterinary supplies. The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) plans to help injured and sick animals in the main agricultural regions of southern and central Iraq next month…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 31.5.03 Cockfighters sue over ban - COCKFIGHTERS and breeders in an American state are suing the federal government, claiming its ban on shipping fighting birds discriminates against Cajuns and Hispanics because cockfighting is integral to their culture... (story)

Northampton Evening Telegraph 30.5.03 Hunt assault appeal - POLICE want to speak to two men about an assault at a hunt meeting which left three hunt saboteurs injured. Several people were assaulted at the Woodland Pytchley Hunt in Lowick. One woman suffered head injuries and was knocked unconscious. She was taken to Kettering General Hospital for treatment and was released later the same day, Saturday, March 22... (story)

Western Morning News 30.5.03 SHOW ON COURSE TO SET NEW RECORD - PETER HALL FARMING EDITOR - An absolute winner - that's the 2003 Royal Bath & West of England Show, which, in sweltering heat, could break all previous attendance records. A total of 37,090 paying customers passed through the gates on the first day… As part of the rural message-spreading programme the Countryside Alliance paraded the Ytene Mink Hounds and the Chilmark and Clifton Foot Beagles in the country pursuits display area… (story)

Surrey Advertiser 30.5.03 Show gets the big shout - CROWD numbers at this year’s Surrey County Show on Monday were up by a quarter on last year, reaching more than 40,000… With a marching band, a pack of hounds, sports cars, “reverse” bungee jumping and a music sound stage all thrown in as well, one thing’s for sure – bank holiday Monday in Guildford was not a quiet occasion… (story)

Kent/Sussex Courier 30.5.03 PHEASANT SHOOTING CAMPAIGN IS HALTED - A TONBRIDGE-based animal rights group has been ordered to stop circulating 100,000 posters and leaflets which accuse pheasant shooting of causing wildlife destruction and cheating tax payers... the British Association for Shooting and Conservation complained to the advertising watchdog about Animal Aid's "Guilty!" campaign... It objected to four statements made by the national activists, three of which were upheld by the ASA... the agency did not object to the claim that the birds were abused, saying it was an expression of the advertisers' opinion... (story)
BBC News Online 21.5.03 Animal rights group criticised - An animal rights group based in Kent has been criticised for printing misleading leaflets about pheasant shooting. Animal Aid, based in Tonbridge, claimed the pheasant shooting and rearing industry was abusing millions of captive birds. The leaflet provoked criticism from the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) which complained to the Advertising Standards Authority. After an investigation the authority upheld three of four complaints from the associations…. (story)

John O Groats Journal 30.5.03 Pub food awards - Helen Szamuely, director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Honest Food, Kennington Road, London SE11 4PT. (letter)
South London Press 30.5.03 Local food is simply the best - Helen Szamuely, Director, Countryside Alliance, Campaign for Honest Food, Kennington Road, Kennington, London SE11 4PT (story)
Forres Gazette 28.5.03 Cheers to local food in pubs - HELEN SZAMUELY, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Honest Food, Kennington Road, London, SE11 4PT (letter)
Banff-shire Journal 28.5.03 Does your local support local food producers? - HELEN SZAMUELY, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Honest Food, Kennington Road, London, SE11 4PT (letter)
Keighley News 23.5.03 If your local pub serves local produce, then now is your chance to reward it! The Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Honest Food has launched Local to Locals, a competition to celebrate local produce and encourage pub visitors to take more interest in the food they eat. Visitors are asked to find out how much local produce is served and, if they are satisfied the pub is supporting local producers, can nominate the pub for an award. An overall winner will be announced later in the summer and a winner will also be picked for each region of the UK…. Helen Szamuely, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Honest Food, Kennington Road, London, SE11 4PT (letter in archive)
Cheshire Chronicle 23.5.03 IF your local pub serves local produce, now's your chance to reward it! The Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Honest Food has launched 'Local to Locals', a competition to celebrate local produce and encourage pub visitors to take more interest in the food they eat… HELEN SZAMUELY Director Campaign for Honest Food Countryside Alliance, Kennington Road London SE11 4PT (letter)

Burton Mail 30.5.03 Protestors' paint attack by ANDREW ANDERSON - A BURTON man says he has been left terrified after his property was daubed with paint by animal rights protesters… John Wright, of Greenway, Winshill, woke this morning to find paint splashed over his work van and a painted logo for the Animal Liberation Front on his garage door. Mr Wright works for David Hall and Partners, which runs the Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch... He described the attacks against him as acts of terrorism and questioned statements that the Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs group – which he alleged was involved – was a peaceful organisation... Members of the Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs group were unavailable for comment. (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 30.5.03 Trade rulings harm animals - MRS M HARRISON , Swindon (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 28.5.03 WTO PUT PROFIT AHEAD OF WELFARE - Most people will have heard of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) but many people are unaware how it is jeopardising vital animal welfare, environmental and human advances… , the European Union ban on the sale of cosmetics tested on animals and the EU ban on certain furs from countries using the leg-hold trap has not been brought into force because of fears of a WTO challenge. In addition, the EU is refusing to ban the trade in cat and dog fur for the same reason… Mrs M Harrison, Swindon Animal Concern, Toothill, Swindon (letter)

Blackpool Citizen 30.5.03 Activists call for boycott on Roberts circus by Steve Dunthorne - ANIMAL rights activists are calling for a boycott of a travelling circus which, they say, generates more complaints than any other. The Bobby Roberts Circus is at Rossall for ten nights until June 1, with a show which features dogs, ponies and an elephant. A demonstration, organised by the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) and Blackpool Animal Rights Coalition (BARC), took place outside the circus on Bank Holiday Monday… (story in archive)
Blackpool Gazette 27.5.03 Circus target of demonstrators - DOZENS of animal rights protesters descended on Fleetwood last night to protest against a touring circus which has pitched its Big Top on land near to Rossall School. The Bobby Roberts Super Circus is part way through a 10-day run on land at Broadway in Rossall… Organised by the Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) and the Blackpool Animal Rights Coalition (BARC), demonstrators carrying banners shouted their opposition to the circus outside the gates… (story)

Blackpool Citizen 30.5.03 Foundation should be out to abolish zoos - WHAT on earth are the Born Free Foundation doing by working with Grant Leisure and Blackpool Zoo?... In m y opinion zoos are animal prisons… Emma Bailey, St Leonards Road, Blackpool (letter in archive)
Blackpool Citizen 2.5.03 Zoo theatre's cautious welcome by Lori Hudson - ANIMAL welfare experts have welcomed a move to introduce a live 'theatre arena' by the controversial new owners of Blackpool Zoo… Daniel Turner, Zoo Check Co-ordinator for the Born Free Foundation, says the move could be a valuable addition and help establish an educational balance at the zoo… (story in archive)

Burnham Times 29.5.03 GARDEN CENTRE TO HELP BEARS - Staff at Sanders Garden Centre are so appalled by the cruel treatment of captive bears in China, they are holding a fundraising Gardeners' Question Time… (story)

Irish Examiner 29.5.03 Traditional sportsmen make a stand By Donal Hickey - A LOBBY group yesterday impressed on TDs from a number of parties the importance of traditional sports, such as angling, coursing and shooting in rural life… Represented in the group were the Federation of Irish Salmon and Sea Trout Anglers (FISSTA), National Association of Regional Game Councils (NARGC), Irish Coursing Club (ICC) and Countryside Alliance Ireland. The delegation met with representatives from the Progressive Democrats, Sinn Féin, Fine Gael and the Green Party to explain why country sports are so important in environmental, economic and social terms… Director of NARGC Desmond Crofton said his 24,000 members have been to the forefront of delivering conservation action for many years and had spent €600,000 on proficiency training and wildlife habitat improvements… Chief executive of Countryside Alliance Ireland Ronan Gorman said that, with more than half a million people throughout Ireland involved in some form of country sports, they were one of our most important participation sports…. (story)
Irish Independent 26.5.03 Anti-hunting body rounds on Rabbitte over 'backing' - THE Irish Council Against Blood Sports is outraged at Labour Party leader Pat Rabbitte's "apparent support" for fox and deer hunting and hare coursing. His recent endorsement of a proposed alliance between the British pro-hunting lobby Countryside Alliance and the Irish National Association of Regional Game Councils is "extraordinary", according to the council.... (story)
Irish Examiner 13.5.03 At each other’s throats over bloodsports - THE recent alignment of the National Association of Regional Game Councils (NARGC) and the UK-based Countryside Alliance has created the mother of all splits in Ireland’s bloodsports community… It is well-documented that within Ireland’s bloodsports community there is a culture of disharmony and distrust among dedicated animal abusers…. There is no place in modern Ireland for so called “fieldsports” which cause unnecessary suffering to animals each year… John Tierney, Campaigns Director, Association of Hunt Saboteurs PO Box 4734, Dublin 1 (letter)
Irish Independent 18.4.03 NARGC helps to promote gun safety - I refer to a letter by Tom Sullivan - 'Keeping guns under control'... As regards safety and security, the NARGC has been the leader by a long way in terms of addressing such concerns... National Association of Regional Game Councils, Sandford Road, Dublin 6 (letter)
Irish Independent 7.4.03 Keeping guns under control - In a recent issue you reported that the National Association of Regional Game Councils (NARGC) had established a partnership with the British Countryside Alliance for the purpose of preserving "country sports and rural life"... anybody with a little memory will recall that the NARGC took the Garda Commissioner all the way to the Supreme Court to ensure the defeat of his proposal that licences would be conditional on guns being kept in metal cabinets under lock and key... I wish to inquire whether the NARGC will now give top priority to future cooperation with the Garda Commissioner to protect human life, whether urban or rural. And will it expel members convicted of offences committed during hunting or shooting activity or who display blatant contempt for the environment. Tom Sullivan, Clooneybeirne, Co Roscommon (letter)
Irish Independent 31.3.03 Lobby group to defend country sports and rural life - Helen Bruce - FIREARMS regulations, hunting, rural employment and conservation will be the top priorities for a new, high profile lobby group. Ireland's National Association of Regional Game Councils (NARGC) has for the first time gone into official partnership with the UK's Countryside Alliance to speak out for country sports and rural life. Both organisations have signed up to a framework of action, which NARGC director Des Crofton said would pierce the heart of government…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 29.5.03 Fly fisherman's defence of the otter From: Stephen Cheetham, Aire Grove, Yeadon, Leeds. – In response to the letter from RC Dales ("Danger posed by bringing otters back", Yorkshire Post, May 24), the issue of depleting trout stocks can surely not be attributed solely to the increase in the numbers of otters in our rivers?... This creature is a native of our country and was hounded, literally, close to extinction… I am a very keen fly fisherman and I sympathise with the concerns expressed in Mr Dales's letter but not at the expense of the re-introduction of the otter which has every right to survive on our rivers…
From: Mrs C Greene, Kirklands Farm, Kirklands Lane, Baildon, Shipley - I really cannot let such an objectionable letter from RC Dales (May 24) go unanswered. Does he really think that our rivers, and countryside are here just for the exploitation by mankind.… Personally, I would have thought all decent people would be far more concerned about the existence of otters, than the few fly fishermen, and the fish farmers who, after all, are exploiting our rivers… (letters)

Argus 29.5.03 Retired greyhounds are really happy - How much knowledge do Adrien and Michaela Bischoff-Dyson have about the greyhound industry? Do they know, for example, the majority of people involved in greyhound racing - track owners, trainers, breeders, dog owners and the public - are mindful of the safety and welfare issues in the sport…. I argue strongly that greyhound racing is not "a barbaric sport" and the welfare of our dogs does not come "way down on the list" as suggested… -Arthur Hammond, chairman of Brighton Greyhound Owners' Association and director of the British Greyhound Racing Board, Riverside House, Swan Walk, Shepperton, Middlesex (letter in archive)

Accountancy Age 29.5.03 SHAC on trail of Huntingdon's next auditor By Paul Grant - Animal rights group SHAC has admitted it has been in contact with the US financial watchdog to get an early warning on who will be the next auditor of drug-testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences… 'We have been talking to the Securities and Exchange Commission over this and there are ways and means to find out the next auditor,' said SHAC co-ordinator Greg Avery. 'But there is no legal requirement to reveal their identity until the annual report and we expect HLS to keep it secret for as long as possible.'… (story)
Accountancy Magazine 23.5.03 EXCLUSIVE: Protestors vow to persecute errant auditors ... Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), the animal rights protest group, has vowed to target retrospectively any firm that completes an audit for Huntingdon Life Sciences…. ‘Any company that thinks they can step in and step out of working with HLS and avoid getting targeted is very much mistaken,’ SHAC’s spokesperson Natasha Avery exclusively told Accountancy…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 29.5.03 PIGEON-MAP COULD HELP BRING END TO BIRD CULLS BY TIM WALSH - A leading UK authority on pigeons has urged Leicester to launch a city-wide survey of the birds. Charity PICAS - Pigeon Control Advisory Service - has volunteered to draw up a "pigeon map" of Leicester if it means the city council calls off its controversial culls…. PICAS director Guy Merchant said the survey would help the local authority find more humane ways of controlling the city's pigeon population… (story)

Burnham Times 29.5.03 GARDEN CENTRE TO HELP BEARS - Staff at Sanders Garden Centre are so appalled by the cruel treatment of captive bears in China, they are holding a fundraising Gardeners' Question Time… (story)

Carmarthen Journal 28.5.03 LEADING HUNT BATTLER'S TOP JOB - A Former Carmarthen chartered surveyor, and huntsman, has been appointed the new chief executive of the Countryside Alliance. Simon Hart, 39, who lives in Narberth, was a chartered surveyor, with Messrs Llewellyn Humphreys, land agents, estate agents, and chartered surveyors, at Napier House in Spilman Street, Carmarthen, for eight years until he left in 1998… (story)
Horse & Hound 23.5.03 Hart to head Countryside Alliance By Jane Carley - The Countryside Alliance has named Simon Hart, director of the Campaign for Hunting, as the successor to current chief executive Richard Burge, who steps down in 2004… His late father, Anthony, was master of the Cotswold Vale Farmers hunt and secretary of the Masters of Foxhounds Association while Simon himself was master of the South Pembrokeshire for 10 seasons and maintains a keen interest in other country sports… (story)
Shropshire Star 19.5.03 Depressed by stories in the Star - I found three related articles in the Shropshire Star quite depressing. First we have news of someone battering a nesting swan to death. Then an announcement by a young man stating that becoming the leader of a small gang who ritually abuse animals is an important post… Phil Lawton Telford (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 16.5.03 County hunter is boss of Alliance - A Shropshire man is to become the new director of the Countryside Alliance, the pro-hunting group which organised last year's record-breaking march on London. Simon Hart, who was born in Shifnal and also worked as a chartered surveyor in Pitchford, near Shrewsbury, was appointed chief executive designate yesterday and will take over the high profile role by the end of the year… He said he had first developed an interest in hunting when his father had been master of the Albrighton Hunt in the 1960s… (story)
Western Daily Press 15.5.03 BATTLE FOR HUNTING - The new chief executive of the Countryside Alliance promised yesterday that saving hunting would be a central plank of his agenda. Simon Hart will take over at the helm of the campaigning rural group before the end of the year it was confirmed yesterday, as news of his appointment emerged…. (story)
Telegraph 14.5.03 Huntsman to take the reins at Countryside Alliance By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - The Countryside Alliance yesterday appointed a new chief executive designate, resolving a problem caused by its leadership planning to leave next year just as hunting is effectively banned by the Government's Hunting Bill. Simon Hart, 39, an active huntsman with a knowledge of all field sports, will replace Richard Burge, the present chief executive, who has said he wants to leave before June next year…. (story)

Waltham Forest Guardian 28.5.03 Dog demo - A PEACEFUL demonstration was held outside Walthamstow Dog Track on Saturday. Around half a dozen animal rights activists turned up to protest at the treatment of greyhound dogs for use in sporting activities… (story)

Bristol Evening Post VEGAN CAMPAIGNERS SEARCHING FOR NEW STAFF - An International animal rights and vegan organisation which shifted its headquarters to Bristol, is looking to expand. The Vegetarians International Voice for Animals, whose declared aim is to convert everyone into vegans, is looking for new staff at its new offices in the city. Viva!... is looking for an administration and merchandise assistant, an editorial and resources assistant, a sales and promotions executive as well as a health campaigner… (story)

Rhyl, Prestatyn & Abergele Journal 28.5.03 BAN FUR SAYS COUNCILLOR …A COMMUNITY leader has called for a ban on the sale of products made from cat and dog fur. Cllr Joan Butterfield told members of Rhyl Town Council she was appalled by news that cats and dogs were being farmed for their fur in some European countries to make blankets, coats, gloves and ornaments… (story may only be on website for a week)

Guardian 28.5.03 Albino has animal lovers in a lather - The staff at an animal rescue centre were showing off their latest arrival yesterday: a rare albino squirrel… Called Persil, like the soap powder, he and a brother - named Daz, despite being silver grey - were knocked out of their nest by a football kicked into a tree. A passerby found them in Peckham, south-east London, and took them to the London Wildcare Centre in Wallington, Surrey… Ted Burden, the centre's director, said: "Persil is a very happy chap. When he arrived he was a bit dazed and had a bloody nose…" (story)
Yorkshire Post 28.5.03 Rescued squirrel is all white (story)
BBC News Online 27.5.03 White squirrel dazzles animal lovers - A rare albino squirrel is recuperating at a wildlife centre after falling out of his tree in south-east London… a passer-by picked him up in Carlton Grove, Peckham, and took him to the London Wildcare Centre in Wallington, Surrey… Director Ted Burden said: "Persil is a very happy chap…" (story)
Ananova 27.5.03 Albino squirrel beats the odds - A rare albino squirrel has had a lucky escape after being knocked from its nest by a football… (story)

Western Morning News 27.5.03 FOLLOWERS OF HUNTS SHARE A BENEFICIAL AIM - Your correspondent Marjorie Bull's letter on deer hunting (WMN, May 13) contains several inaccuracies… The deer to be hunted is carefully selected as part of a well established management plan for the herd… The animal is not ripped to pieces by the hounds; it is brought to bay by them... . The deer is then humanely destroyed at close range by the huntsman using a specially designed firearm… Jonathan Higgins Totnes (letter)
Western Morning News 13.5.03 Cruel tradition - I AM a person who is against hunting animals with dogs. I have seen a beautiful terrified deer being chased on Exmoor by hunters (and their followers) who all get pleasure from being in on the kill when the poor animal is ripped to pieces by the hounds… Mrs Marjorie Bull, South Brent (letter)

Western Morning News 27.5.03 Duty to animals - RE the letter on the blessing used by the Rev Canon Rodney W G Bomford (WMN, April 29)… isn't it true that we have a duty and responsibility for our actions and that we should by now have progressed far enough to ban all cruelty - including hunting?.. Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)
Western Morning News 22.4.03 ALL GOD'S CREATURES SHOULD BE EQUALLY BLESSED - What a lovely rural scene depicted by the photo of Canon Rodney Bomford blessing the Modbury Harriers hounds (WMN, April 7). Would it be possible to have another photo, about the end of October when the autumn (cub) hunting ends, showing the Canon giving the last rites to the hounds that are deemed too old at seven or eight years, prior to them being shot?... Len Short, Torquay (letter)
Western Morning News 7.4.03 HOUNDS BLESSED WITH HOLY WATER - Holy water was sprinkled over a pack of Westcountry hounds on Saturday as one of the oldest fox hunts in Devon revived an age-old tradition. Canon Rodney Bomford carried out a special blessing on the Modbury Harriers who gathered in force to show their unity on the last meet of the season… (story)

Bath Chronicle 27.5.03 WOMANISING - Many blokes like to go out hunting, shooting, fishing and womanising. By doing all that, we are breaking no law of the land, so please leave us alone to get on with it. VICTOR HOUSE, Off Cricketts Lane, Chippenham (letter)

Western Morning News 27.5.03 ANIMAL CHARITY SHOULD GET ITS PRIORITIES STRAIGHT - As an animal lover who often donates to animal charities at local level, and who has not yet finalised my will, I am somewhat (no, extremely) shocked at the new RSPCA chief executive Jackie Ballard's salary… There must be many competent 50-plus retired or redundant animal-loving professionals out there who would welcome the post at half the salary. Secondly, why does the RSPCA spend so much time and money worrying about foxes?... Get your priorities right and leave politics alone. Ted Ivory, Gunnislake, Cornwall (letter)

Western Daily Press 27.5.03 NOTHING WRONG WITH WEST HATCH! - I was annoyed at the critical letter over the RSPCA centre at West Hatch, near Taunton, in the Western Daily Press on May 22… The RSPCA cannot ignore any form of abuse to animals. M G Hart Taunton Somerset (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 27.5.03 RIGHT TO ROAM WILL COST VILLAGES CASH - Villages in Gloucestershire will miss out on government cash because of the cost of right-to-roam mapping. The Cheltenham-based Countryside Agency, the Government's rural adviser, has suspended grants for rural community projects. The agency says, because the Countryside Rights of Way mapping process has run massively over budget, it can no longer afford to pay out and support rural communities… Richard Burge, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, the rural campaign group, said: "The whole point of the mapping process is to cater for visitors to the countryside rather than to help those who are living and working there. Now we find that scarce funding for rural regeneration schemes is being siphoned away merely to feed the burgeoning costs of this right-to-roam bureaucracy (story)

Bristol Evening Post 27.5.03 DEER VIRTUALLY EXTINCT? NOT AT TYNTESFIELD ESTATE - The National Trust has strongly denied claims that it is indiscriminately culling wild deer on the Tyntesfield estate at Wraxall. The denial follows claims by local residents that the deer were 'virtually extinct' on the estate following the employment of a new gamekeeper… (story)

Cambridge News 27.5.03 Bid to protect amimal testers from abuse By Julian Makey ….James Paice. MP for South East Cambridgeshire wants employees at centres like Huntingdon Life Sciences to be safeguarded by changes he has put forward to the Anti-Social Behaviour Bill… The new clauses to the Bill were designed to protect employees from protesters whose behaviour could be threatening and dangerous as well as anti-social… Mr Paice said he was pleased the Government had promised to review the new clauses and that it had given assurances that steps would be taken to strengthen the law. (story)

Burton Mail 27.5.03 OAP TERROR by SUZANNE HARROP - AN ELDERLY couple are pleading with animal rights protestors to 'leave them alone' after three front windows were smashed at their Burton home… Christine and Christopher Dolman believe the attack was the work of the Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs campaigners because their daughter’s partner works at the controversial Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch… The Guinea pig campaigners deny they are responsible for the incident saying they are a peaceful protest group. Spokesman Amanda Richards said: "We are a peaceful group… It is amazing the amount of things we get blamed for without any evidence or proof…" (story)

News Shopper 27.5.03 Drugs must be tested - Replying to P Campbell's claim penicillin was developed without testing on animals…If P Campbell thinks antibacterial activity in a glass dish is all you need to prove the safety and effectiveness of an antibiotic, then he or she should try drinking bleach it's much cheaper than antibiotics and "kills all known bacteria". John Parke PhD, Hayes Wood Avenue, Bromley (letter)

Times 27.5.03 Another rogue badger upsets families BY HELEN STUDD - DOZENS of families have been pestered by a second rogue badger in the South West. Many residents in the Tredworth area of Gloucester have been scared to go out at night for weeks since the bad-tempered male, nicknamed Trouble, went on the rampage... (story)
Gloucester Citizen 24.5.03 TERROR FOR FAMILIES AS BADGER GOES ON RAMPAGE - A Rogue badger is terrorising families living in an area of Gloucester. Residents in Tredworth say they are now too frightened to venture into their gardens at night because of the growling and snarling from the rampaging badger as it destroys their properties... Tony Dean, chairman and field officer for the Gloucestershire Badger Group, said: "There is a well-established sett near the railway line in Tredworth, and it sounds like he could well be a rogue male..." (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 27.5.03 HOW SAD TO LOSE BORIS THE BADGER - How refreshing to read Richard Howse's comments about the treatment of Boris, the badger from Vale Wildlife Rescue visitor centre who was put down after biting people (Letters, May 22). Boris' death has caused great pain to all who knew him… Mrs FR Jeynes, Tewkesbury (letter)
Gloucestershire Echo 22.5.03 BADGER DEALT WITH BADLY - I am a 13-year-old pupil from Tewkesbury Comprehensive School and I'm writing regarding the article with the headline 'Badger mauls OAP in garden' (Echo, May 14). I am unhappy with the way in which the badger was dealt with... Richard James Howse, Tewkesbury. (letter)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo/Evening Telegraph 19.5.03 Badger had become reliant on humans - THE recent report of a badger attack has highlighted once again man's ignorance and misunderstanding of wildlife… Any animal kept in captivity and used to human contact will become totally reliant on humans, which is highly likely to have been the case that brought about the tragic end to the badger in the news… Over the years we have introduced species that are best left in their country of origin The mink, the grey squirrel and the ruddy duck have devastated our wildlife. ANDY MEADS, Safewings, Isham (letter)
Birmingham Post 15.5.03 Ordeal of mad badger bite (story)
Guardian 14.5.03 Rampaging badger's reign of terror - Helen Carter - A badger named Boris went on a two-day rampage, attacking five people and leaving one man needing surgery for his bites, it emerged yesterday… The one-year-old badger had been hand-reared before he was taken in by Vale Wildlife Rescue. Staff there said he had never displayed any signs of aggression. He was stolen, or deliberately released, from the centre last week… (story)
Telegraph 14.5.03 Boris the badger sets about BBC man By Richard Alleyne …The badger, named Boris, which was hand reared and had no fear of humans, went on the rampage for two days after escaping from the Vale Wildlife Rescue Centre, in Evesham, Worcs… (story)
Times 14.5.03 Rampaging badger puts five people in hospital BY SAM LISTER …Boris, a 15-month-old male, is believed to have escaped, or to have been stolen, from a nearby wildlife centre, where he had been kept in an enclosure with another badger…. (story)
BBC News Online 14.5.03 Victim relives badger attack By Nicola McGann - A late night encounter with a badger outside his Evesham home seemed harmless at first to Michael Fitzgerald. But within minutes he was savagely attacked, leaving him with horrific injuries to his arm where his flesh was torn away and in need of skin grafts…. (story)
Scotsman 14.5.03 Badger attack leaves five injured - GEORGINA LOCK (story)
Western Daily Press 14.5.03 BORIS THE BADGER'S BLOODY RAMPAGE …The animal was known as Boris the badger, star of a local wildlife centre, until it was let out into the wild. Experts have called for increased regulations on keeping wild animals as pets… the badger was captured by Mike Weaver, chairman of the local badger society… Caroline Gould said the badge had been given to them by someone who had tried to rear it. It had been let loose by an intruder before going on the attack…. (story)
Worcester Evening News 14.5.03 Badger attack leaves victim scarred for life (story in archive)
Gloucester Citizen 14.5.03 FIVE INJURED BY BADGER! (story)
Northern Echo 14.5.03 Night of horror when badger attacked husband …Worcestershire Badger Society put down the badger after catching it in a trap laid on the Fitzgeralds' front lawn. It is thought it had escaped from a local visitor centre, where it had been kept in captivity…. (story in archive)
Gloucestershire Echo 14.5.03 BADGER MAULS OAP IN GARDEN (story)
Birmingham Post & Mail 13.5.03 Badger attack 'like a horror film' (story)
Worcester Evening News 13.5.03 Stolen Boris pays final price - BORIS the badger went on the rampage and attacked five people after he was stolen from a wildlife centre. It took two police officers and wildlife experts to capture the hand-reared year-old badger - but he was put down after the spate of attacks in the Greenhill area of Evesham… Boris was stolen from the Vale Wildlife Centre, at Twyford, Evesham, on Wednesday, May 7. "He was too tame for release," said Caroline Gould, of the Vale Wildlife Hospital in Beckford… "Two officers had to jump on the bonnet of their car," said Mike Weaver, of the Worcestershire Badger Society… (story in archive)
Ananova 13.5.03 Badger injures five people during 48hr rampage - Five people have been injured when a badger went on a 48-hour rampage in a suburb. The Worcestershire Badger Society said the creature, which has since been put down, left one victim needing skin grafts after launching the "unprecedented" attacks last Thursday and Friday… (story)
BBC News Online 13.5.03 Badger rampage injures five - rogue badger attacked five people during a 48-hour rampage in a quiet suburb. One man required two skin graft operations, after the badger woke him up and attacked him when he went outside to investigate…. Mr Weaver said it was extraordinary behaviour for an animal that is usually wary of people… "My belief is that this badger had been brought up from a cub with people. The evidence for that is it the fact that had no fear of humans at all."… (story)

Scotsman 27.5.03 Scorn over cull cost - Just how daft does Jeff Watson, Scottish Natural Heritage’s director for the north of Scotland, think the Scottish public is? In his letter (22 May), he tries to spin his way out of your report that it cost £1,800 to kill each of the 50 hedgehogs they caught in North Uist... ANGUS MACMILLAN, Meikle Boturich, Dunbartonshire (letter)
Scotsman 26.5.03 Whatever the costs per hedgehogs culled on the Uists, the fact remains that these perfectly healthy wild animals did not need to be killed in order to save the important breeding populations of wading birds.... ROSS MINETT Uist Hedgehog Rescue Queensferry Street Edinburgh (letter)
Sunday Herald 25.5.03 Hedgehog cull ends, dispute rages on By Samantha Haque - As THE sun set yesterday on the controversial Uist hedgehog cull, the war of words continued between Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and animal rights groups which dispute the cost and effectiveness of the scheme.... Rescue and other groups insist the six-week operation was a failure on a grand scale. Ross Minett, of Advocates for Animals, said the cull had been unnecessary.... (story)
Ananova 24.5.03 Record haul as hedgehog cull ends - A total of 66 hedgehogs have been rounded up in a spring culling programme on a remote group of Scottish islands... Uist Hedgehog Rescue have said the six-week operation by the Government nature agency's project was a waste of money. It claimed to have caught at least 140 hedgehogs and transported them to wildlife sanctuaries in Scotland and England to be released. But SNH have insisted that the proportion of saved and culled hedgehogs were not comparable, because the SNH team was only working on North Uist while the rescuers were also operating on Benbecula and South Uist… (story)
Telegraph 24.5.03 Campaigners first in Hebridean race to save hedgehogs By Auslan Cramb, Scotland Correspondent - declared. Rescuers attempting to save the animals transferred 160 to the mainland, while scientists caught and killed 58... the animal welfare charities succeeded in saving only one hedgehog on North Uist. All the rest were caught, and taken to new homes on the mainland, from the much bigger hedgehog populations on South Uist and Benbecula…. (story)
Times 24.5.03 North Uist hedgehog cull to be extended BY GILLIAN HARRIS, SCOTLAND CORRESPONDENT - THE first stage of the hedgehog cull in the Outer Hebrides ended last night with organisers promising to extend their search for the animals further afield next year... (story)
Scotsman 24.5.03 Hedgehog cull over for year - THE cull of hedgehogs in the Western Isles ended last night, with Scottish Natural Heritage declaring the project a success despite admitting that the number of animals in North Uist was much fewer than originally expected.... (story)
Ananova 23.5.03 Hedgehog cull ends - A cull of hedgehogs in the Western Isles is ending for the year. The controversial project is stopping because conservationists do not want to leave orphaned young by killing their mothers… (story)
BBC News Online 23.5.03 Hedgehog cull enters final day - A controversial cull of thousands of hedgehogs in the Western Isles is coming to a close for this year. As the operation entered its final day Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) had caught and killed 57 animals - little over a quarter of its target. Animal rights groups said they had rescued 130 hedgehogs and transferred them to the mainland... (story)
Western Daily Press 23.5.03 TECHNO HITCH FOR HEDGEHOGS - Bristol University has had to delay its research into rescued Scottish hedgehogs until August... because the company providing vital electronic collars says it cannot deliver until later in the summer... (story)
Guardian 22.5.03 How successful was the Scottish hedgehog cull? - Ian Sample - There is still a day to go, but Scottish Natural Heritage scientists are pretty pleased - although they killed far fewer than they planned to… (story)
Scotsman 22.5.03 Hedgehog cull costs - Your report (20 May) that it has cost £1,800 per animal to carry out the cull of hedgehogs on North Uist is incorrect. The budget for the project is £90,000. This pays for a whole year of conservation work, of which culling hedgehogs is only a small part. It also covers research, education, on-going initiatives, etc… (letter)
Guardian 20.5.03 Hedgehogs to be hoisted with their own pet hearts - Kirsty Scott - Conservationists are to resort to primal urges to snare the elusive Uist hedgehogs which have confounded attempts to catch and cull them. Only 50 were caught in the first stage of the cull on the Hebridean islands which ends this week…. (story)
Telegraph 20.5.03 Hebrides cull costs £1,800 a hedgehog By Tom Peterkin - A cull of hedgehogs in the Outer Hebrides has cost the taxpayer £1,800 per animal - more than seven times the estimated bill for relocating them, it was revealed yesterday… (story)
Scotsman 20.5.03 Island's hedgehog cull an expensive failure - CRAIG BROWN AND MIKE MERRIT- THE controversial culling of hedgehogs on the Outer Hebrides has failed to tackle the problem of their rising numbers, after it was revealed that there will be even more of them left than when the scheme began. With just five days left of the cull, Scottish Natural Heritage, which has led the scheme, has also admitted that it has cost taxpayers £1,800 for each of the 50 animals killed…. "We are in one sense glad so few hedgehogs have been killed - but one is too many," said Ross Minett from Uist Hedgehog Rescue. "This is a complete waste of public money. It is an absolute disgrace. Serious questions need to be asked about the people who made the decision."… (story)
Glasgow Herald 20.5.03 Sharp increase as island cull cost spirals to £1800 for every hedgehog killed - WILLIAM TINNING - THE cost of culling hedgehogs in the Western Isles was yesterday put at £1800 for each animal caught - more than seven times the amount estimated before the operation began… (story in archive)
Daily Record 20.5.03 CULL COST £1800 FOR EACH HOG - THE cull of hedgehogs in the Outer Hebrides has cost taxpayers £1800 for every creature killed so far…. (story)
BBC News Online 19.5.03 Cost of hedgehog cull defended - The cost of a cull of hedgehogs in the Western Isles has been defended by the government agency carrying it out. Scottish Natural Heritage's cull project in North Uist, which will end on Friday, is expected to cost £90,000… (story)
Sunday Herald 18.5.03 Fabulous England to home prickly refugees By Mike Merritt Backed by money from Absolutely Fabulous actress Joanna Lumley, the first Uist hedgehogs are to seek sanctuary in England this week... on Friday, 49 hedgehogs will be transported to Bristol. There they will be electronically tagged by students from Bristol University under the guidance of Professor Stephen Harris.... TV scriptwriter Carla Lane has also blasted the killings as 'barbaric'... (story)
Glasgow Herald 9.5.03 Rescued hedgehogs seem to be thriving - JAMES FREEMAN THE Uist Hedgehog Rescue group claimed yesterday that most of the first batch of animals to be relocated on the Scottish mainland from Uist and Benbecula four weeks ago had survived and appeared to be thriving... (story in archive)

Times 27.5.03 Meat protesters saved by pong arm of the law - ANIMAL rights activists praised police yesterday for cleaning out a truck which they had filled with manure for a demonstration. Three protesters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had hired the van and filled it with two tonnes of manure with the intention of dumping it at Thainstone Mart in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, the venue for Beef 2003... When the protesters were freed from police cells after more than four hours they were amazed to find that officers had dumped the van’s malodorous contents at an animal sanctuary and given the inside of the vehicle a thorough wash.... Sean Gifford, 28, one of those arrested, said: “They really got us out of a hole. We were facing a bill for hundreds of pounds from the van rental place..." A spokeswoman for the van hire firm, EuropCar, said that the company would not have rented the vehicle to Mr Gifford had it known what he was planning... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 22.5.03 THREE FREED AFTER DUNG ATTACK ON BEEF SHOW - JOE WATSON - Three people were released without charge last night after a protest outside the UK's national beef event at Inverurie. The three - all members of the animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) - were taken into custody after an attempt was made to dump a load of manure at the main entrance to Inverurie's Thainstone Centre, where Beef 2003 was being held… At about noon, a truck pulled up and started to tip up to unload the dung. Jim Wilken, of Grampian Security, then moved in and disconnected the trailer's hydraulic system before the tipper containing the dung reached its full height… A woman, understood to be a nurse from Edinburgh, was immediately arrested at the scene on a charge alleging breach of the peace. Two other Peta representatives, including a woman dressed in a cow costume, were also later detained on suspicion of breaking the peace… (story)

Western Mail 26.5.03 Politicians just can't pick bits off rural life by Patrick Fletcher, The Western Mail - The new chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, Simon Hart, from West Wales, unveils his vision for the future of one of Britain's biggest pressure groups... It annoys me that this is always seen as a town versus country debate whereas in fact the issues, problems and opportunities are often much more similar than people realise…. We remain completely committed to the defence of the rural way of life. That may mean having to prioritise our hunting campaign for a while yet - because hunting remains under active political attack. (story)

Western Daily Press 26.5.03 FAIR SALARY FOR DIRECTOR GENERAL - I am writing regarding Andrew and Jacqueline Fisher's letter suggesting the RSPCA should hunt for a cheaper chief.... The committee decided some years ago to place the director general's salary in the middle rank of salaries paid to equivalent incumbents in the country's top 20 charities.... Jackie Ballard's extensive experience and expertise in campaigning, combined with her life-long interest in all types of animal welfare - not just hunting - will stand us in good stead in the coming year... I am baffled at Mr and Mrs Fisher's assertion that we only care about hunting.... I very much hope Mr and Mrs Fisher will reconsider their decision not to support the RSPCA... Janet Kipling Regional Press Officer RSPCA South West (letter)

Irish Independent 26.5.03 Lobby group puts gun to minister's head over hunting rights - A POWERFUL gun lobby group has threatened Environment Minister Martin Cullen with legal action unless he allows them to shoot and hunt on State lands. The National Association of Regional Game Councils said the Minister should implement an independent scientific study which says there is no reason why shooting and hunting should not be allowed there... (story)

Plymouth Evening Echo 26.5.03 STOP CRUELTY - We have recently witnessed on news bulletins horrendous cruelty to animals being transported live for slaughter... I am not a vegetarian but would like to see the transportation of live animals banned. AVIS CROOK, Manadon (letter)

Luton on Sunday 25.5.03 What Andras Elek (17 May) hasn’t spotted about our local serial letter writers Richard Shaw, Derek Godfrey, Colin Brown, Judy King and John Saunders is that they are all members of the United Kingdom Independence Party who frequently co-ordinate or reply to each others letters. Have a laugh at the website ( and you will find a Far Right party which supports, among other things, fox hunting, hare coursing and the return of unelected lords... Peter Noble, Truncals, Sutherland Place, Luton (letter)

Telegraph 24.5.03 Costly corpse - On two occasions during the past two months I have been forced to use the Government's current scheme to collect fallen stock. It has taken up to 48 hours before the animal's body has been collected - the local hunt would have done it within four. The contractor had to come 60 miles to pick it up, take it 85 miles to the incinerator in Somerset, then return home - a round trip of about 200 miles, carrying a rotten corpse. The bill is paid by the taxpayer and, with every government department screaming for more money, it is a financial scandal.... John Lloyd, Pasture Farm, Upper Oddington, Glos (letter)

Western Morning News 24.5.03 People first - ANY charity that can afford to pay a £90,000 annual salary to its director is not in need of donations... RSPCA director Jackie Ballard should be advised to take a 50 per cent drop in salary... There are millions of people in the world living on less than £2 a day who deserve priority. Primrose Peacock, Truro (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 24.5.03 LOOK OUT FOR FOXES - Bristolians are being asked to look out for foxes in their neighbourhoods as researchers try to find out how many of the city's foxes are left after a devastating epidemic. Around 90 per cent of Bristol's foxes were killed in 1994 and 1996 during a mange epidemic... Carl Soulsbury, from the Bristol Fox Group at the University of Bristol, said recent research has shown some very interesting results... (story)

Newcastle Evening Chronicle 24.5.03 Protesters accuse firm on testing By Sara Wallis, The Evening Chronicle - Animal rights campaigners dressed as cats, dogs and rabbits in a protest outside a pharmaceutical company. Demonstrators converged outside Procter & Gamble's premises on the Cobalt Business Park, North Tyneside, yesterday… Activist Dan Lyons said: "Our mission is to represent the innocent victims of testing…" (story)

Bristol Evening Post or Western Daily Press 24.5.03 REPLACE ANIMALS WITH CRIMINALS - The use of animals in vivisection and intensive farming has proved pointless and cruel... Since tests on animals do not give the same results on people, I should like to see if criminals would like to volunteer. They should pay the penalty, not innocent animals. E A Smith (Miss), Ashton. (letter)

Western Morning News 24.5.03 RESCUERS IN FIGHT TO SAVE MINKE WHALE - Rescuers were last night desperately trying to refloat an 18ft minke whale stranded on rocks on the Westcountry coast. The Cornwall-based British Divers Marine Life Rescue team were alerted to the stricken whale yesterday afternoon.... Jo Trout, a member of the rescue team, who works at the Silver Dolphin Marine Conservation Centre at Porthleven, was one of those on the scene last night. "We've been keeping it wet and trying to keep it calm while monitoring its breathing and heart rate," she explained.... (story)

Scotsman 24.5.03 Opposed fur trade - As your obituary on Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan made clear (15 May) he was indeed a most exceptional person. However, while his environmental activities were mentioned, what was completely ignored was his interest in, and tireless efforts on behalf of, the welfare of animals. For example, he enthusiastically supported from the very beginning the campaign against the use of animals for the fur trade. He gave his backing to those who, in 1974, were successful in securing a ban on the hunting of wildlife in the canton of Geneva.... JEANNE MARCHIG Founder and Chairman Marchig Animal Welfare Trust Cologny Geneva, Switzerland (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 24.5.03 PETA SET TO PROTEST AT OUTLET - Campaigners are to stage a protest outside one of a fast-food chain's restaurants in Derby. Members of Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) will be outside Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Cornmarket, on Tuesday from noon to 2pm, handing out leaflets.... (story)

Northern Echo 24.5.03 Cat and dog skins trade is targeted - POLITICIANS stood up for animals by campaigning against the trading of cat and dog skins yesterday. Diana Wallis, Liberal Democrat MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, was joined by Fiona Hall, North-East Lib Dem European Parliamentary spokeswoman, in highlighting the issue at Palace Green, Durham City.... (story in archive)

Argus 24.5.03 Hopping mad - I am intrigued as to how the rabbits arrived in the Pavilion gardens... My guess is that irresponsible owners have dumped unwanted pets here. If these are released, they run the risk of being killed by wild rabbits... -Sue Baumgardt, Hove (letter in archive)
Argus 23.5.03 Pavillion cull - What a headline - bunnies on the lawn at the Royal Pavilion…. God bless the little darlings as they hop with glee… Would-be cullers p*** off please. -Rena Collins, Brighton (letter in archive)

Hexham Courant 23.5.03 FULL RANGE OF STOCK AGAIN AT COUNTY SHOW - The fame of the Northumberland County Show is scaling new heights this year, with a record number of the country's top stockmen exhibiting prize animals, from as far afield as Yorkshire, Cheshire, Cumbria and the Scottish Borders… Other highlights at this year's county show include the famous Bold Dog Ling Freestyle Team of Motocross Stunt riders; the RAF Falcons freefall parachute display team and military band, the Mellin family sheep and duck display and parade of the Haydon Hounds. (story)

Kent/Sussex Courier 23.5.03 VITAL FOR OUR CULTURE - Many thanks to all the Kent and East Sussex hunts for excellent point to ponts well supported by the public. There is yet to come a full programme of horse, terrier, and puppy shows as well as open days, rides and evening activities. These outside the season hunts bring country people together... James Shepherd, Grove Hill Gardens, Tunbridge Wells (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 23.5.03 Some people do not like to think that fish feel pain. Of course they feel pain! Why does it react to the hook through its mouth?... As there is no skill involved in hooking a fish, it cannot be called a sport. I think it's a pity that man/woman has to trespass in another environment for their pleasure when no challenge is involved as the fish is always the loser. Derek Wright (honorary member of the Interference Party), Westbury Street, Bradford 4. (letter in archive)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 3.5.03 "Fish feel pain" Whatever will we hear next? Is this another act of fiction by the Interference Party?... Should these faceless people ever be invited to form a government then it is a certainty that tyranny will prevail. Come on you sad plonkers, "Get a life!" Trevor Williams-Berry, Bredon Avenue, Wrose (letter in archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 23.5.03 LUNDY'S RAT CULL MAY PROVE TO BE UNECESSARY - I am writing to protest at the RSPB's defence of the slaughter of one of the rarest mammals in the UK - the black, ship rat, Echo May 5... Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, Exeter (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 8.5.03 HUMAN RATS IN PROTEST AT LUNDY CULLING - Protesters dressed as rats will rally outside the Exeter offices of the RSPB and English Nature today in protest at a cull of the animals. The campaigners, from Animal Aid, are complaining about a scheme to poison rats on the island of Lundy, off the North Devon coast… (story)
North Devon Gazette 7.5.03 Protest over Lundy rat cull - PROTESTERS against the killing of rats on Lundy are planning a demonstration on Bideford Quay tomorrow (Thursday). Members of UK animal rights organisation Animal Aid will be carrying banners and handling out leaflets to holidaymakers en route for Lundy aboard the island supply and passenger ship MS Oldenberg…. (story)
Western Morning News 6.5.03 RAT CULLING DECISION IS DEFENDED - Rspb Devon has defended its decision to eradicate rats on Lundy Island to protect the falling bird population… Among the rats killed were black rats, which are rare in Britain, but not rare globally (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.5.03 LUNDY ISLAND BLACK RAT CULL IS DEFENDED - Rspb Devon has defended its decision to eradicate rats on Lundy Island to protect the falling bird population... Animal rights organisation Animal Aid attacked the decision to kill the rats. Campaigns Officer Becky Lilly said they were unhappy that conservation groups were destroying wildlife instead of protecting it.... On Thursday the organisation will march in protest from Bideford to the RSPB's regional office in Exeter... (story)
Western Morning News 3.5.03 RAT CULL OPPONENTS WILL LOBBY VISITORS - Campaigners are getting ready to mount a last-ditch attempt to halt a cull of rats on Lundy.... Animal Aid campaigns officer Becky Lilly said: "Demonstrators wielding banners and placards aim to distribute leaflets to every holidaymaker on their way to Lundy..." (story)
Western Morning News 17.4.03 ISLAND RAT CULL IS A WILDLIFE 'THREAT' - MARK CLOUGH - An animal welfare organisation claimed yesterday that the controversial cull of black rats on the North Devon island of Lundy is not being carried out properly and could threaten other animals. The claim was made by the organisation Animal Aid… In its latest attack on the cull, Animal Aid said that 3,000 traps placed on the island were meant to be fitted with a wire to prevent "non-target" species getting into the traps. "However, the investigation reveals that this was not the case with 50 per cent of them," said an Animal Aid spokesman… (story)
Telegraph 8.4.03 Will puffins benefit from regime change? By Adam Nicolson ... In a campaign of ruthless and overwhelming efficiency, an act of beneficent animal imperialism has rid the island in the Bristol Channel of what those imperialists - a coalition of English Nature, the Landmark Trust, the National Trust and the RSPB - have long identified as the curse of Lundy and of the beautiful, lovable and freedom-loving puffins in particular: rats... (story)
BBC News Online Tuesday, 4 March, 2003, 07:20 GMT Protests at island's black rat cull - A protest is being staged against a cull of black rats on Lundy Island… Animal Aid claims that neither puffins nor shearwaters are endangered species worldwide and Lundy is home to one of the only remaining colonies of black rats…. (story)
Western Morning News 12.3.03 CALL FOR A RE-THINK OF ISLAND'S RAT CULL PLAN - North Devon Friends of the Earth has added its voice to concerns about the black rat eradication programme taking place on the island of Lundy… Peter Scott, of North Devon Friends of the Earth, said: "The decline of puffins and Manx shearwater may well be attributable to other factors than there being black rats about…" (story)
Western Daily Press 5.3.03 LUNDY RATS CULL PROTEST - Wildlife campaigners yesterday staged a protest against a cull of black rats on Lundy…. (story)
Western Morning News 3.3.03 PROTEST OVER CULL OF BLACK RATS ON LUNDY - Campaigners opposing a rat cull being carried out on Lundy to protect the island's birdlife will tomorrow protest outside the Exeter offices of English Nature, which has organised the cull. The protest is being held because members of animal rights groups Animal Aid and North Devon Animal Defence believe that the black rats on Lundy have been unfairly blamed for the decline in the island's puffin and Manx shearwater populations…. Sarah Chalkley, of North Devon Animal Defence, said: "Only a month ago, part of Lundy's waters were made the UK's first No Take Zone, with English Nature admitting serious worries about the levels of fish and marine life…" (story)
Bristol Evening Post 11.2.03 BIRD CHARITY SHOULD NOT KILL ISLAND'S RATS - As well as supporting the extermination of the Uist hedgehogs the Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds (RSPB) is now advocating the extermination of the Lundy island black rat. One cannot help wondering where this fanatical killing agenda will end… Angus Macmillan, by e-mail. (letter)
Bedfordshire on Sunday 9.2.03 Rat supporters spitting feathers - THE RSPB has been slammed for keeping even its own members in the dark over its support of a cull ing of rare rats. The mass slaughter is taking place on Lundy, a small island 11 miles off the coast of Devon, which is home to one of the only remaining colonies of black rats… Now the charity's reluctance to release the information has been criticised by campaigning organisation Animal Aid… (story)
Western Daily Press 16.1.03 PROTEST AT CULL OF BLACK RATS - Protesters are set to step up their campaign against the mass cull of rats on Lundy island with a vocal demonstration against English Nature today. The North Devon Animal Rights group plans to picket the charity's offices in Exeter, wielding placards and distributing leaflets protesting against the drive… North Devon animal rights campaigner Sarah Chalkley said: "It is absurd that organisations which profess to care about nature are even considering the massacre of any species."… (story)
Western Morning News 7.1.03 LUNDY'S BLACK RATS ARE PART OF WILDLIFE 'FAMILY' I was appalled to hear the plans of conservation organisations, namely English Nature, the National Trust, the RSPB and the Landmark Trust, to wipe out the black rat from Lundy. The rats have been an important part of the island's biodiversity for over 400 years, co-existing with puffin and Manx shearwater colonies within the ecosystem… Miss F Cresswell Braunton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 6.1.03 HELP SAVE ISLAND'S RARE RATS FROM EXTERMINATION - I am writing to request the urgent help of readers to stop the proposed cull of rats on Lundy Island. Rats are being blamed for the decline in the population of the puffin and the Manx shearwater. It is claimed the rats are eating their eggs…. The irony of the matter is that Lundy is hope to one of the only remaining colonies of the black ship rat (rattus rattus) - a creature which has been described as "one of the rarest mammals in the UK"… There is a growing tendency to attempt to restore ecological harmony through wholesale slaughter. This is not the way forward…. Mrs Frances Wicks 41 Alphington Road Exeter (letter)
Western Daily Press 10.12.02 RAT FANS CONDEMN RODENT CULL - Animal welfare activists yesterday condemned a planned rat cull on the isle of Lundy. The UK's largest animal protection group, Animal Aid, criticised plans by English Nature, National Trust, RSPB and the Landmark Trust to purge the island of rats to protect rare birds which breed there… Puffin numbers have dropped from more than 3,500 pairs in 1939 to fewer than 10 pairs in 2000 and tens of thousand of Manx shearwaters have been reduced to fewer than 200… But Animal Aid said the rats were an important part of the island's ecosystem… (story)

Irish Examiner 23.5.03 Ban on mink and fox fur farming urged By Evelyn Ring - YOU wouldn’t do it to a dog. That was the verdict of shocked shoppers in Dublin’s Grafton Street yesterday when a caged person dressed as a silver fox pleaded with them to support a postcard campaign to ban fur farming in Ireland…. CIWF director Mary-Anne Bartlett said the situation gave her nightmares.... (story)

Argus 23.5.03 MEP urges animal fur ban by Adam Trimingham - Sussex MEP Chris Huhne is campaigning to ban the use of cat and dog fur in products sold in the EU… (story in archive)
Crewe Chronicle 14.5.03 Euro MP in fur trade protests - SHOPPERS may be unwittingly encouraging a cruel trade in cat and dog skins when they buy fur-trimmed gloves or cuddly toys, warns the area's Euro MP… Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies called on the European Commission to ban the fraudulent sale of cat and dog fur… (story)
North West Evening Mail 10.5.03 EURO MP WARNS OF ANIMAL FUR DANGERS - A BARROW Euro MP has urged shoppers to think twice before buying fur trimmed gloves or cuddly toys. More than two million cats and dogs are killed in the Far East each year and much of this ends up as hats, coats and even children's toys in European stores. Speaking at an all-party press conference in Brussels yesterday Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies called on the Commission to ban the fraudulent sale of cat and dog fur... (story)
Bolton Evening News 9.5.03 Dog and cat fur trade scandal - BOLTON shoppers may be unwittingly encouraging a cruel trade in cat and dog skins when they purchase fur trimmed gloves or cuddly toys, warns Bolton Euro MP, Chris Davies… (story in archive)
Edinburgh Evening News 9.5.03 MEP leads fight to stop cat and dog fur trade - A SCOTS Euro MP is heading a campaign for a European Union-wide ban on the thriving trade in cat and dog fur. Struan Stevenson said he was horrified to find that the skins of domestic pets are being imported from the Far East and animals are even being farmed in Belgium… (story)
BBC News Online Thursday, 8 May, 2003, 13:59 GMT 14:59 UK Cats 'farmed for skins in EU' - BBC News has seen evidence which suggests that cats are being farmed for their skins in the European Union. It is thought that tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of cat and dog skins are traded in Europe each year… (story)

The Citizen (Lancaster) 23.5.03 Animal tests DO aid research - IT SEEMS from the letters in Citizen that the local do-gooders have switched their attention to animal cruelty now that the war in Iraq is over. Every one of their letters documents the cruelty of experiments on laboratory animals but not one discusses the plus points of lab testing on animals…. strict laws govern their keeping and manner of death, in order to limit suffering. The plus points of animal testing must be acknowledged and people should hear both sides of the story before they make a judgement…. Gareth Blackburn (address supplied). (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 23.5.03 STOP THIS CRUEL TRADE IN LOBSTERS - I write to inform your readers of the cruel sale of live lobsters that is taking place at Makro stores across the country. Animal Aid, the UK's largest animal rights organisation, is campaigning against this practice, on the basis that it can cause extreme suffering and distress to the lobsters... Becky Lilly Campaigns Officer Animal Aid (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 23.5.03 CHARITY WALKERS AIMING TO HELP FREE THE BEARS I am organising a sponsored walk for an international animal charity WSPA, on Sunday, June 29, at 2.30pm. WSPA is one of the world's biggest and fastest growing animal charities, funding conservation and welfare projects.... Lin Lambell, Woodwater Lane, Exeter (letter)

(possibly Bristol Evening Post) 23.5.03 SHOW TO AID CAGED BEARS - An exemption dog show being held near Axbridge will raise money to help release moon bears kept in barbaric conditions in China. The event at the Badgworth Arena tonight from 6pm has been organised by students on a BTEC animal care course at Weston College. The proceeds will go to the Animals Asia Foundation... (story)

Scotsman 23.5.03 Another thing - NO 4: PANTOMIME COWS - ANDREW EATON - A COW got arrested on Wednesday. Not a real cow, obviously - that would be a criminal waste of police resources (unless the cow had done something really bad). This was a comedy cow, an animal rights protester allegedly trying to dump two tonnes of manure outside Beef 2003, a meat industry event in Aberdeenshire… (story)

Wandsworth Guardian 23.5.03 End the misery of farmed bears - I would like to bring your attention to an issue about which I feel very passionate. There are 6,764 Asiatic moon bears imprisoned in bear-bile farms in China… Animals Asia has created a rescue centre in Chengdu, China, and more than 70 bears have been rescued… MRS DEBBIE COX Cardinal Avenue Morden (letter)

Northern Times 23.5.03 Walking for animal charities ... June Eagles, 24 Lothmore, will be participating in the Great Scottish Walk in Edinburgh on Sunday, June 22, taking a 12-mile circular route from the Meadowbank Stadium. The money raised will be split between the National Canine Defence League... and the International Wildlife Coalition Trust.... (story)

(Surrey Mirror) 22.5.03 Hunt does so much for countryside - I WOULD like to highlight the huge contribution made to preserving our countryside landscape by our local hunt, The Old Surrey and Burstow and West Kent…. Abigail Bernard, Address supplied (letter)

Bracknell News 22.5.03 Filo-fox shock for Gillian By James Ferguson, Bracknell News - WHEN Gillian Kingham's precious personal rganiser was stolen from her car, she thought it was lost forever. So imagine her surprise to find the personal organiser had been taken home by a fox as a treat for her four new cubs to play with… Martin Hemington, of the National Fox Welfare Society, said: "Foxes have a fetish for leather and if they see something they fancy they will pinch it for a plaything…" (story)

South Wales Evening Post 22.5.03 STOP TRADE IN CRUELTY - The horrific trade in cat and dog fur continues, exported mainly from China but also available in Belgium… Name and address supplied (letter)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 22.5.03 FOOD: Why living a meat-free lifestyle doesn't mean misery at meal time for vegetarians …IT WAS the sight of sheep carcasses, strung up on hooks every day, that made Kath Sharp first become a vegetarian… Mother-of-two Kath (33), of Pear Tree Walk, Yaxley, near Peterborough, has even gone that extra mile by becoming a vegan two years ago…. A CITY vegetarian married the son of a butcher – but her children still followed her example. Lesley Steward (46) had been a vegetarian since the age of 15, when she decided she hated the idea of animals being killed for her to eat…. (story)

St Albans Observer 22.5.03 Animal abuse talk By Paul Collins - REPRESENTATIVES from more than 40 animal welfare organisations will come together in Harpenden this week for a debate over cruelty to animals. The forum at the British Legion Hall in Leyton Road, Harpenden, has been organised by the voluntary organisation A Dog's Life… The talk takes place tomorrow (Friday, May 23) from 10.30pm to 4pm (story)

(Surrey Mirror) 22.5.03 Terrible suffering of Greek animals - Sonia Odds, Cheyne Walk, Horley (letter)
Western Morning News 22.4.03 EU ANIMAL SLAUGHTER METHODS INCONSISTENT We are regularly being told about the importance of common standards across the European Union… Compassion in World Farming has shown that in Greece the practice of pre-stunning is regularly ignored… Mrs Betty Mackay, Exeter (letter)
Stourbridge News 17.4.03 Animals are the main concern - in any country - I wish to support Karen Russell's letter April 3 `Show you Care' referring to Greek slaughter houses, and hope sincerely, she achieves more satisfaction than I have ever managed to with my campaigning in the past but has Karen any idea about what happens in the worst country of all - England? I have supported and campaigned for Hillside Animal Sanctuary… Marian Whittaker, Kingswinford (letter in archive)
Stourbridge News 3.4.03 Show you care - We are regularly told about the importance of common standards across the European Union… Karen Russell , Stourbridge (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 14.3.03 GREEKS SHOULD ABIDE BY THE LAW - We are regularly being told about the importance of common standards across the European Union... a recent video investigation from Compassion in World Farming has shown that in Greece the practice of pre-stunning is regularly ignored... B BURROWS, Wellswood Gardens, Torquay (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 13.3.03 SHAME THE CRUEL ANIMAL KILLERS - the Post) inspired by Compassion in World Farming, which outlines illegal slaughter methods used in Greece…. PHILLIP WHITEHEAD East Midlands MEP Gower Street Derby (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 12.3.03 SLAUGHTER METHODS MUST END - Like many of your readers, I was disturbed to see correspondence (Opinion, February 14) inspired by Compassion in World Farming (CWF), which outlines illegal slaughter methods used in Greece… It was to bring about common standards that the EU set up its Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) in Dublin a few years ago to patrol member states… I commend CWF for its vigilance…. Phillip Whitehead MEP, Abbots Hill Chambers, Gower Street, Derby (letter)
Western Morning News 25.2.03 Stop animal suffering - Adrian Cooper, Lostwithiel Cornwall (letter)
Scotsman 25.2.03 As is fast becoming the rule, rather than the exception, while Britain seeks to apply the common standards laid down for the European Union, other member countries flout them with impunity… ALAN HOWE Craigleith View, Edinburgh (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 20.2.03 STOP THIS ANIMAL CRUELTY - I was very interested to read S. Foulds' comments concerning the slaughter of animals in Greece (Letters, February 15)…. Our Government's lack of action to prevent this disgusting cruelty goes even further. Are Post readers aware that the live export of animals from the UK resumed after the holocaust that was the foot-and-mouth outbreak?... And so I agree with S. Foulds and urge anyone concerned about the welfare of animals to write to the Greek Government regarding the flouting of animal welfare regulations, or to their MPs and the Labour Government to demand that live exports be stopped. ANDREW SAUNDERS Calverton (letter)
Bromsgrove & Droitwich Spa Advertiser 19.2.03 - DEAR EDITOR - Mr Ford's reaction to the EU ruling that pig farmers must give their pigs an "enriched environment" may seem to him bizarre, but considering how long it has taken to get the EU to see all farm animals as "sentient beings" able to feel pain, fear and crushing boredom leading to aggression instead of "products" no different from a can of beans - I can only be thankful.... the conditions in which livestock are reared and slaughtered in some European countries are horrendous. Greece is one of them. Sadly, some of our own British livestock end up in their abattoirs... Margaret Danks, Wedgeberrow Close, Droitwich Spa. (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Post 19.2.03 Concern over Greek abattoir methods From: CF Philip, Devonshire Terrace, Stanwix, Carlisle. (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 15.2.03 WRITE TO STOP THE SUFFERING … A recent video investigation from Compassion in World Farming has shown that, in Greece, the practice of pre-stunning is regularly ignored. Some horrific footage of animals being slaughtered while fully conscious has been shown on European TV (although I haven't yet seen it on British TV)…. E Nichols, High Street, Boston (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 15.2.03 FURY OVER GREEK SLAUGHTER HORROR …We have stringent regulations that require all animals to be stunned before slaughter to avoid unnecessary suffering. However, a recent video investigation by Compassion in World Farming shows that in Greece stunning is regularly ignored… S. FOULDS Newstead Abbey Park (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 14.2.03 PROTEST AT GREEK CRUELTY …We have stringent regulations in this country that require all animals to be stunned before slaughter to avoid unnecessary suffering. However, a recent video investigation from Compassion in World Farming has shown that in Greece the practice of pre-stunning is regularly ignored… I shall be writing to the Greek embassy about this and I would encourage everyone else to do the same… Compassion In World Farming (telephone 01730 268 863) is working to improve the lot of farm animals. Elaine Jacklin, Breedon Street, Long Eaton. (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 21.5.03 BEST SCIENCE SHOWS FISH CAN'T FEEL PAIN - It is impossible for fish to feel pain or fear. Who says so? Professor James D. Rose (60), a professor of zoology and physiology at the University of Wyoming and the world's No.1 authority on fish biology…RODNEY COLDRON NFA, Eggintion Junction, Derbyshire, DE65 6GU
For some years now it seems scientists have, after extensive research, been telling us that fish feel no pain. But now, after some obscure research (from Scotland I believe), it's "let's jump on the fishermen bandwagon" time… Where after fishing? Horse racing, greyhounds perhaps, or pigeon fanciers? It seems to me all participants in these sports care about the animals, birds or fish that give us so much pleasure. TONY SMITH Earlsfield, Branston (letters)

Lincolnshire Echo 21.5.03 WARNING TO BIRD TRAPPERS - An animal welfare charity has issued a warning to people in Lincolnshire that they could face prosecution if they trap and kill magpies. The RSPCA is concerned that some people may set traps for magpies in the mistaken belief the bird is responsible for a decline in the British songbird population…. Although such traps are legal, strict controls relate to their use… (story)

Scotsman 21.5.03 Stop killing animals - Reports that legislation is being prepared to outlaw kosher and halal methods of killing animals will be contentious. People in both theJewish and Muslim communities will see it as an attack on their traditional religi-ous values, but it seems primitive and cruel to kill animals by cutting their throats when it is possible to stun them first… All forms of slaughter - halal, kosher or by stunning animals first - are morally indefensible. JAMES BOYLE Eastwoodmains Road Glasgow (letter)

Cambridge News 21.5.03 TESTED DRUGS ARE NO SAFER From Kathy Archibald, Europeans For Medical Advancement, PO Box 38604, London W13 0YR - The author of "Terrorist tactics" (Letters, May 10) is right that the Government requires all medicines to be tested on animals. But it is a mistake to think that makes them safe for consumers… For a chance to question the medical director of Europeans For Medical Advancement, Ray Greek MD, come to Borders bookshop on June 2 at 7.30pm (Starbucks cafe) – entrance free (letter)
Cambridge News 10.5.03 Terrorist tactics - I would like to comment on the recent SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) demonstration in Cambridge. Several protesters seemed surprised when I said SHAC was a terrorist organisation... I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion. It is reasonable to use discussion to try to get people to see your point of view. If you seek to change opinions with baseball bats, by burning people's cars or by violent demonstrations outside their houses, then you are a terrorist... I would appreciate your not printing my name. I would prefer to keep my car and my house windows whole! Name and address supplied (letter)

Western Morning News 20.5.03 'TOUGH DECISIONS BUT I AM NOT DAUNTED' - Jackie Ballard, the former Lib-Dem MP for Taunton and outspoken opponent of hunting, caused controversy when she was appointed chief executive of the RSPCA. But, as she tells Andrea Kuhn, she never ducks a challenge… she is still clearly disgusted by hunting and those who indulge it…. "People are cruel to people, to children, to animals and all of them are linked…" Ms Ballard's many critics argue that her stance on hunting is damaging to the organisation. It is a fine line. The Queen, the society's patron, is known to love field sports. But, she says, there is no conflict as the Queen does not hunt…. (interview)
Western Daily Press 19.5.03 FORMER WEST MP IS BLAMED OVER CRISIS AT RSPCA - The Rspca, the world's largest animal welfare charity, is in financial crisis, leaked documents revealed yesterday. Internal papers marked "strictly confidential" reveal an organisation almost paralysed by faction-fighting and that dozens of members are resigning and donors are deserting in droves… Opponents claim Mrs Ballard, a keen anti-hunt campaigner, lacks financial expertise and her appointment has led to donations being cancelled… (story)
Sunday Times 18.5.03 RSPCA donors quit in hunting battle - THE RSPCA, the world’s largest animal welfare charity, is in financial crisis and riven by internal divisions and allegations of mismanagement, according to leaked documents.... dozens of members and donors have deserted because of its new chief executive... Part of the anger is directed at the charity’s ruling council for deciding to spend £16m on new headquarters in Horsham... They complain that it has spent millions of pounds on its headquarters and on anti-hunt lobbying, instead of focusing on rescuing animals from abuse. Much of the bitterness is also aimed at the appointment of its £90,000-a-year chief executive, Jackie Ballard, a former Liberal Democrat MP and an anti-hunt campaigner who was given the post last October. Opponents say she lacks financial expertise.... (story)
Guardian 13.5.03 Animal charity plunges into conflict - Financial problems and infighting spark crisis at the RSPCA, writes Rae Brookes - One of Britain's best known charities has descended into fresh turmoil. Details leaked from a RSPCA council meeting last week paint a picture of a deeply divided organisation, facing a grassroots revolt and a financial crisis… It is still reeling from the controversial appointment of ex-Liberal Democrat MP Jackie Ballard as its director general last year, and a row over its plush new £16m headquarters in Horsham, Sussex… One head office source, who asked not to be named, said that many of the directors were "devastated" by the imbalance created by the cuts at headquarters, and said that dealing with the council was like "talking to lunatics in a madhouse"…. (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 20.5.03 RUDDY DUCKS ARE STILL A PAIN I See that the annual cull of cormorants to protect fish farms and anglers from losing valuable stocks has been ruled out by Scunthorpe MP and Fisheries Minister Elliot Morley in a pledge made in Parliament.... The galling thing is that there seems to be much less sympathy for the ruddy duck, which has been condemned for mating with other species of duck, and so it has been agreed that the ruddy duck should be culled by shooting and by egg pricking. Nobody argues that culling of the ruddy duck should be held off until a lot of money, time and effort has been expended to find non-lethal ways of doing the job, and fishery owners and anglers are naturally puzzled as to why some ducks should be shot, but not cormorants except in cases where it is proved to be the only solution after other methods have failed and the fish owners are broke... (story)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 20.5.03 NOT SO MUCH OF A DOG'S LIFE - Sir, - I read, with the utmost of horror and dismay, about the conditions of greyhounds reared and kept in abysmal, dirty racing stables (Sentinel, April 14)… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 14.5.03 STOKE WORST FOR CRUELTY? - In response to Mr S Lower's letter published on Saturday, April 26, I have to disagree that all greyhound owners love their dogs… Last year I was brought a greyhound pup, aged six days, smuggled out of the racing stables… I went to the racing kennels where the pup came from to see the parents. What I saw broke my heart… It's official, Stoke-on-Trent is the worst place for animal cruelty. NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)

Western Morning News 20.5.03 TB not catching - MR Horrell, (WMN, May 2), seems determined to ignore any evidence that disputes the imposed idea of "catching" TB from badgers… Animals and humans don't "catch" TB - it is caused by lack of correct nutrition… Elsie van der Steen, Paignton (letter)
Western Morning News 20.5.03 Getting the facts straight …TB of any type, in man or animals, is neither infectious nor contagious. The disease develops as a result of mineral deficiency…. If the old "cow doctors" heard someone say a cow could contract TB from a badger I'm sure they would roar with laughter. Terence MacManus London (letter)

Western Morning News 20.5.03 RSPCA IN URGENT PLEA FOR FUNDING …For more than six months, RSPCA officials in South Devon have been grappling with an acute funding shortage which they fear will paralyse part of their rescue work. A dramatic drop in legacy income has left volunteers at the Torquay and South East Devon branch with such a major financial headache that they are being forced to make a dramatic plea to the public for more donations… Some critics have also accused the charity's new chief executive, Jackie Ballard, a former Liberal Democrat MP for Taunton, of lacking financial expertise. They claim the £90,000-a-year job should never have been given to her…. One memo, written by John Rolls, the charity's director of communication, says the organisation received 180 complaints regarding the way Jackie Ballard was carrying out her responsibilities… (story)
Western Morning News 20.5.03 CHARITY'S CASH CRISIS HITS CATS AND DOGS - Animal rescuers at a Westcountry commercial kennel have expressed their worries about the future of scores of cats and dogs which might end up roaming the streets if the local RSPCA branch cannot afford to pay for their boarding bills. Workers at the Foredowne Kennels at Kingskerswell in South Devon, which used to home ten dogs on behalf of the Torquay and South East Devon centre, confirmed that the society had been hit by one of the worst crises in its history… (story)
Torquay Herald Express 14.5.03 CASH CRISIS HITS ANIMAL CHARITY BY COLLEEN SMITH - Animal rescuers in South Devon have been hit by the worst funding crisis in their history. Now they say they will no longer be able to find homes for stray cats and dogs. In the last year legacies to the local branch of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have inexplicably dried up… (story)

Telegraph 20.5.03 The woman who makes fur fly - For 20 years, Ingrid Newkirk has waged war against the fashion world and fast food chains. Marcus Warren meets her. If Ingrid Newkirk has her way, a perfectly stomach-turning event will take place at the Oxo Tower or Smithfield Market in London, or possibly at a butcher's shop in Hertfordshire at some point in the future. Activists from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have been given instructions to roast the ribs and chops of the Peta founder in public when she dies… (interview)

Shropshire Star 20.5.03 Activists' anger over ads for circus jobs By Adele Edmondson - Animal rights activists are outraged that a Shropshire-based circus has been allowed to advertise for people keen to take up jobs as clowns or grooms. Shropshire Animal Action has accused Job Centre Plus of double standards after it advertised vacancies for Peter Jolly's Circus in its Ludlow office, while maintaining it could not advertise jobs at sex shop chain Anne Summers… Kevin Leftman, spokesman for Shropshire Animal Action, said: "To say that a mainstream high street clothes outlet is off limits because it sells some sex toys, while advertising a job at an animal circus, opposed by groups such as the RSPCA, is complete double standards…" (story)

Irish Independent Get-rich-quick scheme lures hunting and riding set - A 'GET-RICH-QUICK' pyramid scheme is operating among well-to-do members of the Co Meath and Co Kilkenny farming, horse-riding and hunting set, the Irish Independent can reveal… A detailed list of existing participants, also seen by this newspaper, names local auctioneers, members of leading sheep farming families, members of horse trials organisation Eventing Ireland, and one of the largest landowners in Kilkenny as members at various levels…. (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 19.5.03 Rain fails to dampen Hadleigh Show By Alison Withers - RAIN failed to dampen the public's enthusiasm for the Hadleigh Show as about 11,000 people flocked to the annual event…. Children were much in evidence in the Grand Ring, when several hundred poured into the arena to get close to the hounds after the traditional parade of the Essex and Suffolk Foxhounds, the Stour Valley Beagles and the East Anglian Bloodhounds… (story)
Ipswich Evening Star 19.5.03 Thousands flock to the Hadleigh show - RAIN clouds couldn't deter more than 10,000 visitors to this year's 164th Hadleigh show… for the more traditional farmhands the Essex and Suffolk Foxhounds, dressed in red, galloped around the ring (story)
Ipswich Evening Star 16.5.03 Hadleigh Show 'to be best yet' By Amanda Cresswell - THOUSANDS of people will flock to the 164th Hadleigh Show tomorrow for a grand day out in the countryside…. Other attractions will be terrier racing, Essex and Suffolk Foxhounds, a show of vintage tractors plus show jumping… (story)

Glasgow Herald 19.5.03 Research on pain in fish is invalid, claims professor - JAMES FREEMAN and CATHERINE LYST - AN American zoologist has rebutted a conclusion by Scottish researchers that fish feel pain. James Rose, a professor at Wyoming University and an angler, said that rather than proving a capacity for pain the results of the Edinburgh experiments on rainbow trout "show a remarkable resistance to oral trauma". He also alleged the research used an "invalid and misleading" definition of pain, dealing only with nociception - unconscious responses to noxious stimuli… (story in archive)
Ellesmere Port Pioneer 15.5.03 Anglers are reeled into war of words - ANGLERS in the Ellesmere Port area have hit back at claims their sport is cruel to fish…. Richard Mountford, of Animal Aid, said: 'The evidence is clear and means that angling is cruel and unjustifiable…" (story)
Richmond Times/Dispatch 11.5.03 World Focus: Animal-Rights Activists Cast Own Line - Pain debate hooks anglers Is assertion of fish feelings all wet? BY ALAN COWELL - THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ... Eminent scientists have concluded that, despite anglers' long-standing protestations to the contrary, fish do indeed feel pain when hooked. Animal rights activists, who have fought a stubborn campaign against the hunting of foxes, hares and stags, now say they feel encouraged in their insistence that anglers should desist from their past... "You won't get any distinction" between the various disciplines, said Martin Salter, a Labor legislator who acts as the government's spokesman on angling. "The anti-fishing lobby," he said, "is a few extreme vegans. It's nothing we take seriously."... (story)
Reading Chronicle 8.5.03 MP shrugs off new research on fish pain - By James Osborne, Reading Chronicle - KEEN angler and Reading West MP Martin Salter has defiantly dismissed new scientific research which suggests fish can feel pain…. Mr Salter, parliamentary adviser on angling to Sports Minister Richard Caborn, said the study contradicts a recent University of Wyoming report that fish lack the brain capacity for pain….He added: "Richard Caborn is the most pro-angling Minister for Sport we've ever had and he's channelling a serious amount of money into angling. It'll take more than a few scientists to dent Richard's enthusiasm for fishing."… (story)
North West Evening Mail 5.5.03 SHOULD ANGLING BE BANNED IF FISH CAN FEEL PAIN? - vox pop (4 no, 1 yes) (story)
Sunday Times 4.5.03 Mean fields: Jonathan Miller: Little fishes, I feel your pain Fish feel pain, a study reveals. Animal activists have hailed this new scientific finding with enthusiasm... Put aside the curiosity that the activists have been completely silent about the animal tests involved — injecting bee venom into the lips of fish. This sort of research is apparently fine when it suits the animal rights activists. I have never seen such complacency as among the anglers in response to this news. I am certain they are going to lose their sport... The government has made clear its view in the case of foxes, where the tests are cruelty and utility. The case for banning angling is far stronger than the case against foxes... (story)
Irish Independent 3.5.03 Fish may feel pain ... but not like humans ... This week's 'new' research has been seized upon in predictable style by the abolitionists.... I accept fish experience trauma and stress as a result of being hooked and pulled about at the end of a line. But to use the term 'pain' is misleading to the point of meaninglessness... I know the abolitionists will never accept this assertion, but I make it anyway, confident of its truth: it is not they who are the fish's true friend, but the angler... I have never met any campaigners for the abolition of angling on a river cleaning the gravel of silt to aid spawning, or planting alders to give trout shelter... Their purpose is to impose their moral order, in all its intolerance, on us. If only for the sake of the fish, they should be resisted. Tom Fort (story)
Gloucester Citizen 3.5.03 PLEA ON FISH PAIN RESEARCH More research is needed on whether fish feel pain, says the Countryside Alliance. Following new research suggesting fish have pain receptors, the CA has called for more research rather than "emotional debate". Charles Jardine, director of the Alliance's Campaign for Angling, called for the debate to move on... (story)
Independent 3.5.03 You don't necessarily need to be an angler to harm fish By Annalisa Barbieri - It is fundamental human nature, I think, to seek justification for our actions... Whenever animals and sport are involved there are always two trains of thought: it's harmful to the animal/no it's not. The "animal rights" lobby never listen to the "sports" man, he in turn is too busy justifying what he does to listen to the opposing view.... There is no way anyone can tell me that sticking a hook in a fish's mouth is "good" for it... there are lots of supposed "animal rights" people who do things like release mink into an environment into which they don't belong to decimate the indigenous live-stock – all in the name of "helping". And anyway, why don't animal rights people tackle the subject of illegal trawling which is really harmful to fish?... (story)
Times 2.5.03 Fisherman’s tale turns on the problem of fun BY SIMON BARNES - WE HAVE a fascinating debate on our hands, and all about fish... But people go fishing for fun, and cruelty in the context of fun always brings out a strong kneejerk objection. There are dedicated veal-eaters who oppose foxhunting. Me, I’d sooner be a fox living a decent life with a violent end, rather than spend my entire existence as a chicken in a battery farm.... the moral of this story is the problem of fun. That’s one of the reasons why sport generates such high feelings: because people react very curiously to the whole idea of Other People’s Fun (story)
Evening News 2.5.03 Anglers unimpressed by 'fish pain' claim - ANXIOUS angling bosses, top fishery biologists and considerable numbers of the non-angling public who have digested the controversial report published by Drs Lynne Sneddon, Victoria Braithewaite and Michael Gentle at the Roslin Institute and Edinburgh University that fish do feel pain, are all asking the same question. Does poisoning a live trout by injecting it with bee venom or a toxic chemical prove that the poor creature is actually feeling pain rather than just simply feeling ill and consequently off its food?... Well-known UK fish scientist Dr Bruno Broughton, who is an adviser to the National Angling Alliance, remains totally unconvinced that this latest claim that fish can feel pain is well-founded scientifically… (story)
Times 1.5.03 We should ignore this codswallop hook, line and sinker BY ROSS CLARK ... When I hear anglers use the language of cod science — if you will pardon the expression — I know their sport is doomed... If anglers want to save their sport, they should say instead: “Fish can feel pain? So what?” The truth is that it impossible for us to go about our business without some little creature biting the dust... Once Peta has had its way and we are all leading impeccably vegan lives, it won’t take a minute for that organisation to transform itself into People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables. We have a choice... (story)
Times 1.5.03 Assault on angling will catch others in the net BY BRIAN CLARKE, FISHING CORRESPONDENT YESTERDAY’S news reports about fish allegedly feeling pain and the shock-horror headlines that accompanied them will have made uncomfortable reading for anyone picking over a breakfast kipper and — given the selective slant put on it by some — for anglers, especially... So many animal rights lobbyists climbed aboard the bandwagon that it was dragged down to its axles... In the protection of individual rights, lines have to be drawn carefully. To suggest that we end angling on the basis of anthropomorphism and speculation — more to the point, that we stop doing anything we want because someone else demands we do what they want — is no sensible place to begin. (story)
Yorkshire Post 1.5.03 'Fish feel pain' study brings calls for angling ban - The war between animal rights campaigners and anglers has been re-ignited, and now threatens to embroil the commercial fishing industry… Compassion in World Farming reacted to the report, in the biological journal of the Royal Society, by calling for an immediate ban on keeping fish in crowded conditions and a review of "inhumane slaughter practices"… The more militant group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), which is against all fishing, said the new findings vindicated its campaign for a ban on angling… (story)
Glasgow Herald 1.5.03 Research on fish feeling pain puts anglers on their guard - JAMES FREEMAN - ANGLING and countryside organisations were yesterday bracing themselves for a renewed onslaught against their sport by animal rights activists after new research showed that fish are capable of feeling pain. Max Gastone, director of the Campaign for the Abolition of Angling, said yesterday that the science, by researchers at Edinburgh University and the Roslin Institute, had given new impetus to an issue which had been overshadowed by the fox hunting legislation debate…. The Countryside Alliance said politicians would think twice before tackling angling… (story in archive)
Lincolnshire Echo 1.5.03 NEW LINE SURPRISES ANGLERS Animal rights activists and anglers are even more divided over fishing after new research suggests that fish can feel pain…. (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 1.5.03 Do fish feel pain? - ANGLERS in the city today dismissed claims that their sport causes pain to the fish…. Ken Wade (51), The Evening Telegraph angling correspondent and owner of tackle shop F Wade and Son, in High Street, Old Fletton, Peterborough, said: "There's no evidence that has been produced yet by anybody. It might be a genuine scientific study, but, so far, I have seen nothing to support the claims."… But vegan Richard Blant (33), from Eastfield, Peterborough, who is against fishing, said: "Of course fish feel pain. They get stressed from being pulled out of the water and trapped with hooks. Just imagine having a fish hook in your mouth. Our treatment of animals generally is shocking…" (story)
BBC News Online 30.4.03 Fish do feel pain, scientists say By Alex Kirby - The first conclusive evidence of pain perception in fish is said to have been found by UK scientists... The research, by a team from the Roslin Institute and the University of Edinburgh, is published in Proceedings B of the Royal Society, the UK's national academy of science... (story)
BBC News Online 30.4.03 Head-to-head: Feelings of fish …The National Angling Alliance's scientific adviser Dr Bruno Broughton disputes the research but animal welfare charity Peta's director of campaigns Sean Gifford says it reinforces its belief that fish do feel pain…. (story)
Ananova 30.4.03 Scientists claim proof that fish feel pain - Scientists say they have proof that fish can feel pain. A study on rainbow trout claims to have uncovered evidence they suffer stress and pain in the form of "trout trauma."… The latest research was carried out by Edinburgh University and the Roslin Institute in the city… "Anomalous behaviours were exhibited by trout subjected to bee venom and acetic acid," says Dr. Lynne Sneddon, who led the study…. (story)
Guardian 30.4.03 Ouch, that hurts - Alok Jha, science reporter - For years anglers have claimed that fish feel no pain when they are hooked. But now a new British study appears to provide evidence that fish do suffer... "Fish have a very similar stress response to us," said Lynne Sneddon, who carried out the research at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh. "Angling is likely to be painful because it causes tissue damage."... The National Angling Alliance called Dr Sneddon's conclusions "surprising". "These findings are in direct contrast to the recent work of Professor James D Rose of the University of Wyoming…" (story)
Independent 30.4.03 Anglers on the hook as study says fish feel pain - By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor - Three biologists claim today to have resolved the question at issue between anglers and animal rights activists – can fish feel pain? They can, the scientists say... (story)
Telegraph 30.4.03 Rainbow trout really do feel pain, study says By Roger Highfield, Science Editor - Evidence that fish do indeed feel pain is published today, a finding that will reopen hostilities that have raged for decades between anglers and animal rights activists.… This is the the first conclusive evidence indicating pain perception in bony fish such as trout, salmon, cod and haddock, according to one of the authors, Dr Lynne Sneddon, who led the research at the Roslin Institute, near Edinburgh, and is now working in Liverpool…. (story)
Independent 30.4.03 Anglers on the hook as study says fish feel pain By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor - Three biologists claim today to have resolved the question at issue between anglers and animal rights activists – can fish feel pain? They can, the scientists say… (story)
Times 30.4.03 The hook hurts - will anglers feel the pain? BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR AND HELEN RUMBELOW - BYRON described angling as “the cruellest of pretended sports”. Now, two centuries later, research has finally backed him up by declaring that fish can feel pain. If, as the study published yesterday by the Royal Society suggests, the cod in fish and chips, the salmon in sandwiches and the prize trout on the wall suffered to get there, then these islands’ most popular sport and a major industry may be in trouble... Dawn Carr, of Peta, said that the latest research strengthened the organisation’s position... Other groups have gone further, turning canals and riverbanks into something of a battleground. Clare Persey, an activist for the Campaign for the Abolition of Angling, snapped a competitor’s rod at the European angling championships in 2001 then jumped into the Trent to disrupt the competition... (story)
Scotsman 30.4.03 Anglers deny 'proof' fish feel pain - JAMES REYNOLDS ENVIRONMENT CORRESPONDENT - FISH do feel pain, according to new research which could set anglers and animal rights activists on a collision course... Earlier this year, research by Professor James Rose, of the University of Wyoming, claimed awareness of pain depended on the functions of the cerebral cortex - which fish do not possess. It was hailed by the 3.3 million anglers who participate in the country’s favourite sport as a vindication of their hobby, much to the chagrin of the campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)... Dr Victoria Braithwaite, a biologist at Edinburgh University and co-author of the research, said that after being subjected to bee venom or acetic acid, they observed "anomalous behaviour" in the fish... (story
Glasgow Herald 30.4.03 Scientists net evidence that fish feel pain - Findings may influence new legislation - JAMES FREEMAN - A THORNY issue that has divided animal rights activists and anglers for years may have finally been answered after scientists said they had proof fish could feel pain. Researchers at Edinburgh University and the Roslin Institute in Midlothian, where Dolly the sheep was created, said they had found evidence that fish had feelings, including stress and pain in the form of "trout trauma"... The National Angling Alliance called the scientists' conclusions "surprising"… The case for - Bruce Sandison is a writer, journalist, and angler from Sutherland who wrote The Angler's Complete Guide and Rivers and Lochs of Scotland. The case against - Dawn Carr is director of Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Europe, part of the world's largest animal rights group. (story in archive)
Glasgow Herald 30.4.03 Evidence of suffering in fish - Humane treatment is the key, not the end of angling .. Many of Britain's three million anglers, and the millions more who earn a living from fishing tourism, will wonder why there should be any argument. Even one of the scientists involved in the Edinburgh study says she is not against angling if it involves killing the fish quickly and humanely... Fishing may not benefit the fish, but it does help to keep the countryside alive. True anglers would consider themselves every bit as much a friend of the earth as any environmentalist... (story in archive)
Edinburgh Evening News 29.4.03 Experts say fish do have feelings too - ANIMAL rights activists and anglers were more divided than ever tonight after Edinburgh scientists declared they had proof that fish can feel pain… (story)
Daily Record 29.4.03 ANGLERS FACE PAIN CLAIMS - ANGLERS are facing fresh criticism after new evidence claims to show fish feel pain… (story)
Liverpool Echo 30.4.03 Fish feel pain by Claire Stoker, Liverpool Echo - FISH do feel pain, according to the latest research from a Liverpool university scientist…. But Charles Jardine, angling director of the Countryside Alliance, said nobody cares about what fish do or do not feel. He said: "When people are tucking into their fish and chips I think all they really care about is whether or not it tastes good." (story)
Channel 4 30.4.03 Fish feel pain, it's official - Animal rights activists and anglers are more divided than ever after scientists declared they had proof that fish can feel pain…. Dawn Carr, director of PETA (Europe), said: "It is certainly unfortunate that these animals were made to suffer for this study, because we've been saying for years that of course fish can suffer and feel pain, just as all animals do…" (story)
CNN 30.4.03 Anglers carp at 'fish pain' theory - EDINBURGH, Scotland -- Anglers and animal rights activists were further apart than ever on Wednesday after scientists said they had proved for the first time that fish feel pain. … (story)

Irish Independent 19.5.03 Stop abusing animals - - Your series of letters on 'Do fish feel pain?' make interesting reading. However, isn't it sad that we cannot enjoy ourselves without using and abusing weaker species than ourselves, whether it is hunting, fishing or I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here?... Maureen Walshe, Pembroke Road, Dublin 4 (letter)
Irish Independent 15.5.03 Hitting the bullseye - In response to Deidre O'Shaughnessy's letter on fish feeling pain, I find the example of leading a bull by a ring through its nose to be far from valid and rather fatuous... I wonder what the reaction of Ms O'Shaughnessy's bull would be if after having placed the rope through the nose ring she yanked the bull six feet into the air. I do not think that it would meekly follow to avoid discomfort. Denis Arkwright, Naas, Co. Kildare (letter)
Irish Independent 13.5.03 Missing the point - Denis Arkwright entirely misses the point of the current debate on the ability (or otherwise) of fish to feel pain (Letters)… the fact that a brown trout with a hook in its mouth will resist being pulled in the direction of the battling angler is testament to the lack of pain that a hooked lip causes the creature… Deidre O'Shaughnessy, Portumna, Co Galway (letter)
Irish Independent 9.5.03 Having just read FJ Gregan's letter about fish and pain, I am left with the following questions. If the fish is incapable of feeling pain when it is hooked through the lip, why is there the need then to lead the fish gently, like a dog on a lead?... Once again a fisherman is seeking arguments to protect his sport. Fishermen should just be honest about it and accept that pulling a fish out of the water with a hook and line is a fairly cruel thing to do... Denis Arkwright, Naas, Co Kildare (letter)
Irish Independent 7.5.03 Do fish feel pain (Weekend Review)? As an angler for 40 years, I find no difficulty in answering this question. When a fish is hooked in the lip, it feels nothing... F J Gregan, Clifden, Co Galway (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 19.5.03 WHY LEAVE FISH TO SUFFOCATE? In reply to G. L. Robinsons' letter (May 13), who says J. Skipton, J. Lewis (Post May 9) and A. Saunders would do well to learn a little about the subject of fishing… why do some of these so-called nature lover fishermen, when catching a fish allow it to die, flip-flapping for approximately two hours on the embankment steps or on the banks of the river?... F. MATLBY Acton Avenue Basford (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 13.5.03 IT'S YOU ZEALOTS WHO 'CARP ON' ABOUT FISHING - Where do these strange people get their even stranger ideas? What started out as an unprovoked and ill-informed attack on angling and anglers has now degenerated, with Jo Lewis's letter (Post, May 9), into a rant against blood sports in general and particularly against commercial fishing… One could be forgiven, on reading such letters, for believing that the angler sets out with a malevolent gleam in his eye, and the determination to wreak as much mayhem and havoc as possible against wildlife in general and fish in particular… G. L. ROBINSON Steedman Avenue Mapperley (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 13.5.03 Fish feel agony - I fully endorse the comments from A. Saunders (Letters, May 1) regarding the cruelty of angling and other blood 'sports'…. JO LEWIS Clumber Avenue Brinsley (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 10.5.03 ANGLERS: SLING YOUR HOOK! The Evening Post lead the national news by publishing a letter by Andrew Saunders on May 1. Congratulations, you were right Andrew! National TV news reported afterwards that the latest independent and impartial scientific studies prove that fish do feel pain... It's time fish were given the same protection as birds and mammals and that anglers were told to sling their hook. J. SKIPTON High Road Chilwell (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 1.5.03 TIME TO STOP THE CRUELTY OF ANGLING AND SHOOTING - I was very interested to read a letter from Mr Nicholas Booth (Evening Post, April 25)… He then goes on to ask if I will be campaigning to ban commercial fishing as well as the so-called sport of angling. Well, like thousands of others in this country, I already am… If Mr Booth would like to join the campaign to end the ecologically disastrous and unsustainable fishing industry he should contact People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals… Mr Booth simply cannot face up to the fact that the activity he defends is by its very nature cruel, destructive and damaging to birds and animals as well as fish… ANDREW SAUNDERS Orchard Drive Calverton (letter)
Nottingham Evening News 29.1.04 FISHING IS NO BLOOD SPORT - Thank you Mr Saunders (Letters, April 21) for your letter about injuries to swans. I think it was a rather bigoted sideswipe at angling by someone who knows nothing at all about the sport… if you and your blinkered friends cannot differentiate between a harmless pastime that has gone on for centuries, and real 'blood sports', you should try getting your head out of the sand. Name and address supplied (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 26.4.03 ANGLING CAN CREATE AN ARMY OF CONSERVATIONISTS Re Andrew Saunders' letter (Post, April 21) encouraging people to contact the Campaign for the Abolition of Angling (CAA). Firstly, can I correct the error in his letter about "fish feeling pain like all living creatures". There have been numerous credible research projects that have categorically proven this is not the case.... MIKE WOOD Gorse Close Calverton (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 25.4.03 IT'S A MINORITY OF ANGLERS TO BLAME FOR PROBLEMS … Will Mr Saunders be campaigning to ban commercial angling as well as angling for sport? Is he aware that just a minority of anglers (usually children) are responsible for discarded tackle and does he know that the majority of anglers are conservationists who take great care when fishing and who handle the fish they catch with respect so as to minimise any distress caused?... NICHOLAS BOOTH Reigate Drive Attenborough (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 21.4.03 NO PLACE FOR FISHING IN OUR CIVILISED SOCIETY - Re Joan Nowell's letter (Post, April 9). She described how she and her husband found a swan with a large fishing hook through its neck... Like a growing number of people in this country, I see angling as a blood sport and, as such, indefensible in a so-called civilised society.... Anyone sick and tired of reading reports of wildlife injured by fishing hooks and lines should contact the Campaign for the Abolition of Angling... ANDREW SAUNDERS Orchard Drive Calverton (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 9.4.03 FISHERMEN - TAKE HEED OF HOOKED SWAN'S PLIGHT - May I through your column thank the local RSPCA for their prompt care and response when, after taking our dog her usual walk, my husband saw one of the swans on the lily pond with a large hook and length of line through its neck… I appeal to fishermen not to leave hooks and line discarded in reeds or riverbanks. Animals feel pain just as humans do and discarded hooks etc, are lethal to these beautiful and friendly birds as well as other animals… JEAN NOWELL (Mrs) Cliff Crescent Radcliffe-on-Trent (letter)

Leicester Mercury 19.5.03 A MORE BALANCED VIEW - Like Linda Bodicoat (Postbag, May 13), our organisation supports any genuine efforts to find alternatives to using animals. The truth is nobody actually likes using them... When we hear of animal extremists refusing lifesaving treatments instead of resorting to propaganda, and sometimes violence, then perhaps we should sit up and take notice. We know that won't happen... Thomas Bromley, SIMR executive secretary. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 15.5.03 TESTING ON ANIMALS IS NECESSARY - Seriously Ill for Medical Research (SIMR) is a national patients' advocacy group that supports the humane use of animals in medical research… My 17-year-old daughter has cystic fibrosis (CF) and diabetes, and is alive today because the sort of research undertaken by companies such as AstraZeneca has successfully developed new treatments and drugs for both her life-threatening conditions… Vicky Cowell (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.5.03 THIS TESTING IS NECESSARY - My daughter suffers from asthma and, without the drugs developed by scientists at AstraZeneca, her quality of life would be much reduced and an asthmatic attack would be potentially fatal. All new medicines must be tested on animals so that we can be sure they are as safe as possible before they are tested on people… Dr E Griffiths (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.5.03 WE MUST NOT TORTURE ANIMALS - Accepting that disease causes terrible pain and suffering, I acknowledge the need for advances in medicine, but I will not knowingly give donations to any charity which perpetrates the trade in animals destined for research and the subsequent torture of them…. Linda J Bodicoat (letter)

Glasgow Evening Times 19.5.03 MSPs join battle for Scots pet centres - A CROSS-PARTY group of MSPs is to help thrash out a funding package to protect animal welfare centres across Scotland. The group will work with the cash-strapped Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 17.5.03 MSP URGES EXECUTIVE TO HELP SAVE ANIMAL WELFARE CENTRES - The Scottish Executive has been urged to intervene to help prevent the closure of animal welfare centres throughout Scotland... Dundee East MSP Shona Robison has tabled a parliamentary motion expressing concern about the prospect of the centres closing, and calling on the Executive to hold urgent discussions with the SSPCA in an effort to save them... Ms Robison's motion has been signed by nine MSPs so far, including North-east Tory Alex Johnstone... "Many constituents have expressed their annoyance to me that the SSPCA is planning to cut what are vital front-line services, instead of looking more closely at the bureaucracy of the organisation at higher levels." (story)
Highland News 15.5.03 ANIMAL protection experts have hit out at cost-cutting measures being put in place at a rescue centre in Inverness. Ian Graham, former superintendent for the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) and Iona Henderson, who runs Munlochy Animal Aid, are furious the neutering and spaying voucher schemes and round-the-clock inspector’s cover at the Inshes centre are to be suspended….He told the Highland News: “They are forgetting the ‘P’ in SSPCA…" Mr Graham insisted the SSPCA was now employing far too many people in management… (story in archive)
Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 15.5.03 SSPCA centre given breathing space - THE SSPCA animal welfare centre at Inverness, which also covers Badenoch and Strathspey, is safe at least for the time being. The charity announced this week that following a review of its activities and operations across Scotland, it is to make a number of cost-saving measures.... (story)
Lennox Herald 8.5.03 ANIMAL HOME WINS REPRIEVE By MARC McLEAN - MILTON Animal Home will stay open — for at least another six months. It was set to be axed along with six other welfare centres under drastic cuts by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA)…. (story in archive)
Ayrshire Post 7.5.03 ANIMAL CENTRE WINS REPRIEVE OVER CLOSURE - CHARITY chiefs have agreed to postpone making a decision over the future of Ayr Animal Welfare Centre… The decision was prompted by a massive 10,000 signature petition from Ayrshire Post readers, who rallied to support the centre run by the Scottish SPCA… (story in archive)
Sunday Mail 4.5.03 CHARITY IN FUNDS CRISIS - SCOTLAND'S leading animal welfare charity faces massive cutbacks - because donors are sending their cash to the wrong organisation... officials say the cuts would not be needed if donors realised they are a different body from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals... (story)
Shropshire Star 2.5.03 RSPCA drops plans to axe principality's HQ By Karen Evans - The Welsh headquarters of the RSPCA in Mid Wales and 25 jobs have been saved. The charity's governing council decided not to proceed with a threatened reorganisation, even though savings of more than £8m still have to be made… The council will decide on a cost-cutting package at its next meeting on June 11 (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 1.5.03 REPRIEVE FOR SSPCA CENTRES The threat of closure hanging over animal welfare centres in Dundee and Stirling was temporarily lifted by the Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals yesterday and plans for a new base in Aberdeen were put on hold. But SSPCA chief executive Ian Gardiner admitted that animals may die as a result of its cost-cutting package.... (story)
Northern Times 2.5.03 Animal welfare - On behalf of the Sutherland Branch of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), I would like to thank all the people from Helmsdale, Brora, Golspie, Dornoch, Rogart and further afield, who signed our petition to save the Balmore Animal Welfare Centre (AWC) in Caithness, which is under threat of closure… W P Faassen de Heer, Chairman, SSPCA Sutherland Branch, Sycamore Cottage, Mosshill, Brora (letter)
Glasgow Herald 1.5.03 Reprieve for animal welfare centres - SSPCA calls off closures after flood of public support, writes HELEN PUTTICK - ANIMAL welfare centres across Scotland received a six-month stay of execution yesterday after a flood of public support for the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals… after a four-hour meeting of the SSPCA board in Edinburgh yesterday, Ian Gardiner, chief executive, revealed there had been enough offers of support to postpone such drastic action… (story in archive)
Dundee Telegraph 1.5.03 ANIMAL CENTRES: ‘FIGHT NOT WON YET’ - A Tayside woman, who has battled tirelessly to save the threatened SSPCA centre at Petterden, today urged its supporters to continue the fight, saying they have "not won the battle yet", despite yesterday’s announcement that the decision on the future of the centre has been postponed, writes Vicki Birmingham… (story)
Dundee Courier 1.5.03 REPRIEVE FOR ANIMAL CENTRE - The SSPCA’s closure-threatened centre at Petterden was brought back from the brink yesterday as the charity postponed the decision on the future of the centre for six months… after a board meeting in Edinburgh yesterday, the charity announced an 11th hour reprieve for all centres, and a number of cost-saving measures… (story may only be on website for a day)
South Wales Argus 1.5.03 RSPCA centre is overrun - GWENT'S RSPCA animal sanctuary has been inundated with a variety of creatures after Cardiff's centre was closed down. The shelter in Ringland now has to cater for the whole of Cardiff and Mid Glamorgan as well as Gwent. The Cardiff centre was forced to close six weeks ago following the discovery of structural damage which was too expensive to repair… (story in archive)
BBC News Online 1.5.03 RSPCA jobs escape axe - The Welsh headquarters of the RSPCA has been saved. The charity's governing council decided not to proceed with a threatened reorganisation, even though savings of more than £8m still have to be made. Staff based at the headquarters in Brecon walked out on Tuesday in protest over proposals to close the office, with a loss of 25 jobs… (story)
BBC News Online 30.4.03 Animal centres await fate - Animal welfare centres whose future has been placed in doubt due to a multi-million pound shortfall faced by the SSPCA are waiting to learn their fate. The charity has warned that it may be forced to close six of its 13 centres, while three other projects may also be affected.... (story)
Caithness Courier 30.4.03 MP backs campaign to save Balmore animal centre - BALMORE Animal Welfare Centre delivers immense benefits to animal welfare in Caithness and all possible avenues must be explored to retain it, according to John Thurso… (story)
BBC News Online 29.4.03 Walkout over RSPCA closure - Staff at the RSPCA's Welsh headquarters walked out on Tuesday lunchtime in protest over proposals to close the office… After suffering heavy losses on the stock market, the RSPCA decided last October to freeze staff pay and all capital projects for 12 months… (story)
Dundee Courier 21.4.03 DOG LOVERS GATHER TO HELP SAVE SSPCA CENTRE - DOG LOVERS gathered in Dundee on Saturday to add to the 1200-signature petition to save the SSPCA centre at Petterden. The centre, which is the only SSPCA centre between Inverness and Glasgow, is facing closure due to cuts in funding... (story may only be on website for a day)
Shropshire Star 19.4.03 Jobs axe fear over future of RSPCA HQ - The RSPCA is considering closing the charity's Welsh headquarters at Brecon with the loss of up to 30 jobs. The proposal is among suggestions for reorganising the society's structure... (story)
BBC News Online Thursday, 17 April, 2003, 16:38 GMT 17:38 UK Jobs fears for RSPCA HQ - The RSPCA is considering closing the charity's Welsh headquarters at Brecon with the loss of up to 30 jobs. The proposal is among suggestions for reorganising the society's structure in the wake of financial problems caused by stock market losses... (story)
Highland News 17.4.03 MP voices animal centre concern - LOCAL MP David Stewart has written to SSPCA chief executive Ian Gardiner expressing his concern about the future of the Inverness Animal Welfare Centre. The move comes as the Highland News highlighted the concerns of staff at the closure-threatened facility…. (story in archive)
Caithness Courier 16.4.03 Balmore group steps up fight to retain centre - ANIMAL lovers were out in force in the Far North on Saturday campaigning to retain the animal welfare centre at Balmore. Supporters took to the streets of Thurso, Wick, Brora, Golspie and Dornoch seeking contributions for their fund and signatures for their petition calling for a reprieve…. (story)
Ayrshire Post 16.4.03 Animal centre could be saved from the axe - POLITICIANS have appealed to charity bosses to delay their decision over the future of the Ayr Animal Welfare Centre. A possible rescue package could include lottery cash if time is given to investigate alternative funding for the closure threatened home for abused and abandoned animals… The centre is owned and operated by the Scottish SPCA who revealed details of its proposed closure along with seven other centres across Scotland last month… (story in archive)
Stirling Observer 16.4.03 BID TO SAVE SSPCA FROM SHUTDOWN - SNP and Labour are backing a bid to save Stirling’s closure-threatened SSPCA centre By Lesley Pollock (story in archive)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 14.4.03 THURSO AND INVERNESS ANIMAL AID CENTRES' FIGHT FOR FUTURE LAUNCHED - CLIVE DENNIER AND IAIN GRANT - Moves are being made to remove uncertainty over the future of the SSPCA's centres in Inverness and near Thurso. David Stewart, MP for Inverness East, Nairn and Lochaber, has written to the chief executive of SSPCA in Edinburgh, Ian Gardiner, expressing his "real concern" over the society's review of its activities and operation… (story)
Highland News 10.4.03 Closure threat dogs SSPCA staff - STAFF at a closure-threatened animal centre in Inverness face an uncertain future after mammoth losses incurred by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA). The SSPCA has debts of £3.2 million after a disastrous slump on the stock market. and animal welfare centres across Scotland are set to close as the board of directors prepares a plan… Asked if staff at the centre were worried about their jobs, Chf Insp Brown, the Transport and General Workers’ Union official, replied: “I suppose they are. It’s just the fact that it’s been mentioned – this might be the start of a slippery slope.”… (story in archive)
Edinburgh Evening News 1.4.03 Charity living on borrowed time - Jill Stark … Iona is one of 18,000 animals in Scotland saved from a miserable fate each year by a charity perilously close to extinction. For after announcing a deficit of £3.2 million last week, the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is living on borrowed time…. Behind reports of imminent job losses and the proposed closure of a staggering three-quarters of the society’s welfare centres, there is an army of heartbroken staff. Within weeks, 60 of them could be out of a job and countless sick, abused or neglected animals will be desperately short of care. Diane Stewart has mixed emotions - as manager of the Lothian Centre in Balerno she knows her job is safe, if only in the short term…. (story)
Daily Record 31.3.03 Cash crisis I WAS sad to read about the SSPCA hospitals closing, as they do such good work for abandoned and stray animals... Mrs M. Cooper, Glasgow (letter)
Dundee Evening Telegraph 28.3.03 HUNDREDS OF ANIMALS WILL SUFFER IF CENTRE CLOSES, SAYS MANAGER - Hundreds of animals will suffer across Dundee, Angus, Fife and Perthshire if proposals to close the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ centre near Dundee go ahead, according to centre manager Sharon Fury. Today she met with SNP MSPs Shona Robison and Irene McGugan to discuss what can be done to save the centre…. (story may be in archive)
Berwickshire News 27.3.03 THREAT TO ANIMAL CENTRE - THE animal welfare centre at Mellerstain faces an uncertain future as the Scottish SPCA tries to find ways of reducing its running costs… (story in archive)
Ross-shire Journal 27.3.03 Hundreds of animals lives are at risk through lack of funds for charities due the steep economic downturn …One such charity is the well-known and renowned Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA). The National press claims that up to some 75 per cent of the society’s animal welfare centres will be forced to close due to an underfunding shortfall directly related to the increased costs… The SSPCA at present cares for some 17,000 animals yearly in their 13 centres but the future is bleak as around nine of the centres face closure. Not everyone agrees with the SSPCA’s policies and rightly so, but nevertheless animal welfare in Scotland is largely dependent on, not only the continuance of the society’s work, but also the expansion of its brief by public support, particularly financial… Euilleam Ross. Scottish Trust for Animals and Birds, Seacrest, Barbaraville West Delny (letter)
Ayrshire Post 27.3.03 SPCA may close Ayr animal shelter AYR’S animal welfare shelter could close — leaving hundreds of sick and injured animals out in the cold. (story in archive)
Caithness Courier 26.3.03 Balmore animal centre set for closure - THE animal welfare centre at Balmore is among those set to be closed as a result of the financial crisis faced by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 22.3.03 SSPCA cuts force rescue unit to close BY STEPHANIE TODD - AN internationally-renowned wild animal and bird rescue centre is to close under shock plans to save the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The Middlebank Centre at Inverkeithing in Fife - the only one of its kind in Scotland - will be among nine of 13 animal care facilities across the country to be wound up by the SSPCA. Drastic cuts are proposed for the society after chief executive Ian Gardiner today revealed that the collapse of the stock market and rocketing overheads had left an "irreparable hole" in its finances.... (story)
Aberdeen Evening Express 22.3.03 CUTS HIT ANIMAL RESCUE CHARITY - LEE MACKAY - Plans for an animal rescue centre in Aberdeen are hanging by a thread after swingeing cuts by the country's biggest animal charity. The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has announced the shock closure of nearly three-quarters of its welfare centres. The SSPCA will axe 60 of its 229 staff as part of the review.... (story)
Dundee Courier 21.3.03 SSPCA SET TO CLOSE PETTERDEN CENTRE - The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals confirmed today they are considering closing its centre just outside Dundee, writes Grant Hill. Following a review of its activities and operational procedures, the centre at Petterden looks set to be closed along with similar units in Ayr, Stirling, Balmore, Milton and Middlebank… (story may only be available from paper)

Guardian 19.5.03 Some are more equal - Why do we insist that rights to life, liberty and protection from torture be confined to humans? - Peter Singer (story)

Argus 19.5.03 Dirty deed - The final dirty deed has been done and we no longer have the West Pier…. Blackened bodies of pigeons drifted among pieces of pier wood (The Argus, May 13). I am positive starling bodies would also have been among the driftwood… -Gloria Wheatcroft, Hove. (letter in archive)

Bristol Evening Post 19.5.03 WILL WE ALL BE VEGETARIAN IN 50 YEARS' TIME? - The days are numbered for bacon butties, roast dinners, and full English breakfasts, as more and more people turn vegetarian, according to a survey conducted by Safeway. It found more than six per cent of the nation is vegetarian with 2,000 more people opting for the meat-free lifestyle each week... The news comes as controversial vegetarian campaign group Viva has announced it is moving to Bristol from Brighton.... To mark Viva's arrival in Bristol, a free vegan barbecue is being held at Wild Oats Natural Foods in Lower Redland Road next Friday. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 18.5.03 Canadian bears - AS A Canadian citizen, I object to comments made by a spokesman for the Defence Logistics Organisation... I can assure you that we continue to revere bears as a symbol of the natural beauty of our country and many of us object to them ending up as ceremonial headgear... Michael Manchester, Ontario (letter)
People (11.5.03) FURY AT BEAR MASSACRE FOR GUARDS' HATS - ANIMAL lovers were furious yesterday after it was revealed that 60 Canadian black bears are still slaughtered each year for Guards' headgear.... Tim Phillips, of Animal Defenders International, warned: "All bear species are endangered."... (story)
Scotland on Sunday 11.5.03 Animal lobby anger at army's bear necessities - BRIAN BRADY WESTMINSTER EDITOR ... New figures obtained by Scotland on Sunday reveal the full extent of the Ministry of Defence’s business with fur-traders to maintain a constant supply of traditional uniform items such as the distinctive bearskin hats worn by 2,500 of its guardsmen across five regiments.... Yesterday, MoD officials insisted that the bears from which the pelts are taken are neither ‘cuddly’ nor an endangered species, and that the skins used for ceremonial uniforms come from animals that have been culled under legitimate control schemes. They also revealed that the latest in a series of fruitless attempts to find a synthetic alternative to the traditional bearskin hats - each of which costs about £350 - will be tested out in the next few weeks, when the first guardsmen are fitted with headgear crafted from man-made fibres and "shorn fur".... (story)

Sunday Post 18.5.03 Greyhounds - RE KEVIN MUIR and his greyhound Raggazeus. I’m disgusted at this article. No dog, even a racing greyhound, should be treated like a commodity... David Melville, Lanark. (letter probably only on website for a week)

Scotland on Sunday 18.5.03 Warning over safety of soya milk for babies - JEREMY WATSON - HEALTH investigators have issued a warning about the safety of soya-based formula milk which could result in the products only being available on prescription. The Food Standards Agency fears the sexual development and future fertility of children could be affected by drinking the milk - rich in compounds called phytoestrogens - in their first few months of life... Another study of 8,000 babies in Avon showed that those born to vegetarian mothers, who consume the most phytoestrogens, were five times more likely to suffer genital abnormalities.... (story)

Times 17.5.03 Pain, cruelty and ritual slaughter - Sheep from my flock are given a precise appointment at a local small abbatoir (few remain after the EU regulations), they are stunned and dispatched with no waiting. The old ewes are shot in the pastures they have known all their lives, by the local hunt. If I was offered to be dispatched by a priest after having my neck anaesthetised, I would shoot myself. Yours sincerely, HUMPHREY PIGOTT, Stone House, Felsham Road, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 0HP
While Animal Aid regards religious slaughter as a vile and merciless way to treat animals, we also have concerns about the way bigots and racists jump on the “ritual” slaughter bandwagon…. There is no pretty way to mass-produce, transport and kill animals in order that we may eat their dead bodies. Yours sincerely, ANDREW TYLER, Director, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge TN9 1AW.
Your report suggests that the legal right to religious slaughter without prior stunning would be lost if that is the recommendation of the Farm Animal Welfare Council’s current consideration of the issue. FAWC is an independent advisory body to the Government but we do not have to accept all its recommendations…. ELLIOT MORLEY, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, SW1P 3JR. (letters)

Waltham Forest Guardian 17.5.03 Greens call for cruel animal trade ban - A BAN on the cruel trade in dog and cat fur must be put in place immediately, says London's Green MEP Jean Lambert… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 16.5.03 Hunters should show more consideration - DO the hunters I see chasing deer with dogs in the Donacloney/Banbridge area of Co Down understand the word manners? In recent years the uniformed hunters have shown total contempt for my wife's busy daily timetable by needlessly blocking roads with horses…Does it escape these "elite" members of society that it is their group much more than any of their various types of quarry that are now the real endangered species, certainly in the court of current public opinion… VOX POPULIS, Dromore, Co Down. (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 16.5.03 Confusion reins over group's wind farm stance - REGARDING the proposed wind farm off the North Antrim coast, Gordon Anderson, of the Countryside Alliance recently in the Belfast Telegraph, criticised wind farms but admitted that he and his organisation supported renewable energy… JOHN BARRY (Dr), Northern Ireland Green Party (letter)

Telegraph 16.5.03 Frank Johnson: Commons sketch …. Martin Salter (Lab, Reading W) wanted to know how much research the Government was doing into "predation of inland fisheries by cormorants… killing fish - known as angling - is the blood sport of Old Labour voters. Labour MPs are only against the blood sport of Old Conservative voters, which is hunting. So the Tories sensed hypocrisy… (story)

East Grinstead Courier 16.5.03 FISH do not feel pain, according to a leading light on this controversial subject … Since fish are unable to express any views of their own, maybe man should give them the benefit of the doubt. Mary McNulty Palmers Green Lane Brenchley (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 16.5.03 Trust defends deer cull - Norfolk Wildlife Trust last night stood by its decision to introduce a trial deer-culling programme at a popular woodland site after animal rights campaigners branded them "butchers"… members of Nabs (Norwich Anti-Bloodsports) and Safe (Saving Animals from Exploitation) leapt into action yesterday after rumours that culling was currently being carried out. Spokeswoman Tracy Green said their supporters would patrol the woods to stop any more shooting… (story)

Argus 16.5.03 Animal lovers praise badger reprieve by Karen Hoy - Wildlife lovers have welcomed a decision to save a family of badgers from execution…. Claire Price, who lives in Saltdean and whose family lives in the road where the badgers live, said: "That's brilliant news…" Lindy King, who works for an animal charity and lives in Telscombe Cliffs, said: "It's absolutely brilliant news, a great result…" Elliot Morley announced the decision yesterday but criticised the city council and badger groups for failing to offer funding. He said: "I am disappointed, however, that despite requests for financial contributions to fund this solution, none have been forthcoming from either the council or badger groups. Defra has no responsibility or budget to pay for such schemes."…. (story in archive)
Meridian TV 15.5.03 Sussex badgers win reprieve By Stuart Rumble - The Government has agreed to move a family of badgers from Sussex after threatening to have them culled... (story)
BBC News Online 15.5.03 Badgers saved from death …Trevor Weekes, from the South Downs Badger Group said: "The animal welfare groups are over the moon to say the least that Defra are now going to fund the relocation effort of these badgers… (story)

Guardian 15.5.03 Let them eat meat - John O'Farrell - It's always the same in every group, there's always one bloody lefty stirring things up and spoiling the atmosphere for everyone else… now a government-funded committee is expected to conclude that traditional Jewish and Islamic methods of slaughter are inhumane. The timing could not be better because, clearly, Britain's Muslims are nowhere near alienated enough at the moment… this impending report from the Farm Animal Welfare Council looks set to cause well-meaning Guardian readers to implode with liberal angst. "So, you're against the traditions of Islam, are you?" "No, of course not. The kids learn all about Eid at school." "Oh, so you're in favour of cruelty to animals, then?" "Er no, we're against fox-hunting." "But it's okay if it's done by Muslims?" "Um, yes. I mean, no…" We cannot call ourselves a multi-faith society and then only tolerate the aspects of other religions that match our western liberal values…. (story)

Dorking/Leatherhead Advertiser/Surrey Mirror 15.5.03 A day in the political life of Sir Paul - Sir Paul Beresford, MP for Mole Valley, plays a role in both local and national politics in this country. Reporter Alex Wright went to his offices in Westminster for the day... He said he typically receives 17,000 letters a year, an average of 50-60 per day, including a number on fox hunting and more recently the war in Iraq.... (story)

Guardian 15.5.03 Labour activists feel sold down the river - Middle-class supporters blame Blair for loss of faith - Sarah Hall, political correspondent …Criticisms of the prime minister in a note drawn up by the East Putney Labour party include:… Hunting… (story)

Ilkley Gazette 15.5.03 Curb on farmers - Sam Butler, Co-Chairman, Council of Hunting Associations (letter in archive)
Morpeth Herald 15.5.03 HUNTS WILL STILL OFFER STOCK SERVICE - SAM BUTLER, Co-Chairman, Council of Hunting Associations (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 15.5.03 CRUELTY HAS NO PLACE, WHETHER FOR CASH OR NOT - I would like to reply to Sam Butler's letter, Points of view, May 6, in which he states that in his opinion hunts perform a valuable service to farmers. I would just like to remind everyone that there is nothing quick or humane about the cruel practice of hunting.... Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, St Thomas, Exeter (letter)
Horncastle News 14.5.03 Turning a DEFRA ear to the needs of farmers - SAM BUTLER Co-Chairman Council of Hunting Associations (letter)
Western Morning News 13.5.03 VALUABLE SERVICE IS PROVIDED BY HUNTS - Sam Butler, Co-chairman Council of Hunting Associations (letter)
Chester Chronicle 9.5.03 AS OF May 1 farmers in this region will no longer be able to bury animals that die on their farms… SAM BUTLER Co-chairman, Council of Hunting Associations (letter)
The Citizen 9.5.03 Hunts will help disposal - Sam Butler, Council of Hunting Associations. (letter in archive)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 8.5.03 Hunts offer quick, humane service - Sam Butler Co-Chairman, Council of Hunting Associations (letter in archive)
Boston Standard 8.5.03 Hunting fraternity still wants carcasses - Sam Butler, Co-chairman, Council of Hunting Associations (letter)
Northumberland Gazette 8.5.03 Hunts will still provide this service - Sam Butler, Co-Chairman, Council of Hunting Associations (letter)
Shropshire Star 6.5.03 The future disposal of dead animals - Sam Butler, Co-Chairman, Council of Hunting Associations (letter in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 6.5.03 HUNTS PERFORM VALUABLE SERVICE FOR OUR FARMERS Sam Butler, Co-chairman, Council of Hunting Associations (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 5.5.03 HUNT KENNELS' IMPORTANT ROLE - SAM BUTLER, Co-chairman, Council of Hunting Associations (letter)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 5.5.03 AN IRONIC TWIST IN LEGISLATION - SAM BUTLER Council of Hunting Associations (letter)
Northern Echo 5.5.03 COUNTRYSIDE - FARMERS in this region will no longer be able bury animals that die on their farms, instead being required by law to get them transported away for incineration or rendering. The Government department responsible for implementing this change - Defra - has proposed a new scheme which requires farmers to pay a subscription for the future disposal of carcasses. Such a proposal has received a mixed reaction, due to location, cost, and the speed at which collection can be arranged…. Sam Butler, Co-Chairman, Council of Hunting Associations. (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Post 5.5.03 Carcass disposal pledge by hunts - From: Sam Butler, co-chairman, Council of Hunting Associations, Rissington, Cheltenham. As of May 1, farmers in this region are no longer able to bury animals that die on their farms, instead they are required by law to get them transported away for incineration or rendering.... On the published list of available outlets, DEFRA has acknowledged that the UK network of hunt kennels is an important part of this process – ironic given that the very same department is presiding over a hunting Bill that would put them out of business.... UK hunts intend to continue to offer this service – Government permitting – as it is recognised as being quick, cheap, and above all humane.... (letter)

Shropshire Star 15.5.03 Hunting is not right way of life - AlthoughI feel bound to reply to the influx of letters from Daniel Kawcynski, Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate as he constantly reminds us, I will confine comment, albeit late, to his published correspondence of April 16, headed: Hunt Bill destroys way of life… P Taffs, Telford (letter in archive)
Shropshire Star 16.4.03 Hunt Bill destroys way of life - I have met with families in Shropshire who would lose their homes and livelihoods if the Hunting Bill, supported by Paul Marsden, is enacted. I would like to urge Mr Marsden to spend a day of his time with one of these families before he votes to destroy their way of life… Daniel Kawcynski, Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Shrewsbury and Atcham (letter in archive)

Stourbridge News 15.5.03 No justification - I notice with interest in last week's letters the comments of a certain lady with reference to the fox as like an animal from hell… There is no doubt in my mind that you are trying to justify the barbaric pastime of hunting. B Middleton Stourbridge (letter in archive)
Stourbridge News 8.5.03 Keeping livestock safe is the farmer's problem - I feel I must comment on some of the remarks made in Barbara Aston's letter (May 1) and also refer to DJ Edwards' letter of the same date. Of course a fox will kill all the chickens in a hen house, just as most predators would. They are programmed to kill… I would doubt Mrs Aston has ever followed the hunt and witnessed the end result as I have, if she can call it humane… only humans kill purely for fun. Only we have the ability to make that conscious decision. A good example of this, strangely enough, is fox hunting. Susan Clarke Stourbridge (letter in archive)
Stourbridge News 8.5.03 They take pleasure in killing - In reply to Barbara Aston's letter about fox hunting I am surprised that the simple solution has not occurred to her, that is to make sure that chicken pens are fox proof… DW Roper Stourbridge (letter in archive)
Stourbridge News 8.5.03 Wild animals should be protected by law - DJ Edwards takes issue with a point I made in my recent letter in which I defended the view that hunting foxes is a cruel sport… When foxes are present being a pest to a farmer, hunting is an inefficient, and indeed expensive way of dealing with the problem… legislation must be passed to give wild animals the same legal protection as domestic ones. Where wild animals need to be managed it must be done as humanely as possible. Edward Davies Stourbridge (letter in archive)
Stourbridge News 1.5.03 It's all a question of balance - Further to Mr Davies' reply on field sports… He is advocating a system where the management of predators and prey and existing animals are left to their own devices. Unfortunately, this will not produce a varied and balanced community because of lack of intervention… The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (CBASC) and the Game Conservancy Trust would be delighted to offer their wisdom. DJ Edwards Stourbridge (letter in archive)
Stourbridge News 1.5.03 Foxes wreak havoc - What is Edward Davies talking about when he says that `hunting isn't about heritage - it's barbaric'. His mind is so clearly full of fluffy Basil Brush type images that he can't see the wood for the trees!... Barbara Aston, Stourbridge
Stourbridge News 17.4.03 Hunting isn't about heritage - it's barbaric - D Edwards puts forward several suggestions as to why hunting should be retained but they bear little understanding to the nature of and reasons for hunting and why it is bitterly opposed… There is nothing good about causing pain, suffering and death to animals for the sake of entertainment and enjoyment in the name of sport… Edward Davies, Wollaston (letter in archive)
Stourbridge News 4.4.03 It's our heritage - Activists from the International Fund for Animal Welfare claim to be concerned about animal welfare . It would be a bitter irony, for the animals that would be slaughtered unnecessarily, because of the enforced ban. Field sports are an important fabric of our heritage and countryside… D Edwards (letter)

Reading Chronicle 15.5.03 Fishy findings should be obvious - A FEW months ago Martin Salter was cock-a-hoop over research in America 'proving' that fish could not feel pain and that therefore angling was cruelty free. I immediately warned him that eventually another research team would reverse the previous findings… So, Martin Salter is keen to ban one form of sport - hunting with dogs - on the grounds of pain and suffering while enthusiastically endorsing the sport which he enjoys. Double standards is the mildest comment that springs to mind! R G SEYS, Lower Earley (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 15.5.03 CRUELTY IS A PAIN IN THE NECK - Recent news which confirms that fish feel pain, should prick the conscience of those involved in this so-called "sport".... J Holliday, Hemmingby Way, Horncastle. (letter)
Lincolnshire Echo 14.5.03 DO FISH HAVE TO SCREAM FOR THIS SPORT TO STOP? - The recent news which claimed that fish feel pain should awaken the conscience of those involved in this so-called "sport"…. Imagine that you had done nothing wrong and were happily minding your own business in your home and, being hungry, ate something to suddenly be impaled with a hook and dragged out of your house with your whole weight against you… J. HOLLIDAY Hemmingby Way, Horncastle (letter)

St Helens Star 15.5.03 Are cormorants real villains of the piece? - ONCE again I would like to respond to Mr Jones and his misconceptions concerning cormorants… A scientific study carried out in 1995 to assess the impact of cormorants at a small stocked lagoon, found the loss of fish due to cormorant depredation was actually quite low… I do not believe that the problem at Eccleston Mere is quite as bad as that perceived by a small element of the local angling community or expressed in the propaganda published in many angling magazines/websites. H ALISON Topping, West Park (full address supplied) (letter in archive)
St Helens Star 24.4.03 Angler's reply - CAN I reply to A Topping (Dear Star) who takes exception to my earlier letter. First of all, I take exception to anglers getting the blame for everything that happens on a water… there is no proof of harm to fish when being caught… R Jones, Windle (address supplied) (letter in archive)
St Helens Star 27.3.03 Do cormorants warrant a cull? I FEEL I must take exception to the tone of R Jones' letter to Mrs Appleton… I am not particularly anti-angling, but feel that the shooting of cormorants at Eccleston Mere is morally wrong… The point was made that "there is nothing more heart destroying to an angler to see fish dead or in distress because of this bird". Does being caught by a hook and being reeled in, not cause distress or long-term harm to fish also?... Alison Topping, West Park, St Helens (full address supplied) (letter in archive)

Oxford Mail 15.5.03 Move to tackle mink threat - A mink spotted in Letcombe Brook in Grove could be destroying the village's water vole population, parish councillors fear… (story in archive)

Argus 15.5.03 Death row badgers saved - by Karen Hoy - Animal welfare minister Elliot Morley today announced that the Saltdean badgers had been saved from death in a controversial cull. Mr Morley said his department, which in October last year issued a licence for the animals' slaughter, had now agreed to pay for the creatures to be moved to two new artificial setts…. (story in archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 15.5.03 HEALTHY DOG WAS PUT DOWN BY THE RSPCA - I see that the RSPCA has killed a perfectly healthy dog, a German Shepherd called Sparky, Echo, May 8. This is by no means the first time that they have done this. Their record in this respect (and not just in Exeter) is abysmal... NA Muir, Orchard Way, Lapford (letter)

Ananova 15.5.03 Court challenge over fast-growing chickens - An animal welfare organisation has launched a High Court challenge over the use of fast-growing broiler chickens. Compassion in World Farming is seeking judicial review of Government policies which they say breach EU law by permitting the production of birds… (story)

Wells Journal 15.5.03 CASH RAISED TO HELP ANIMALS A street collection in Wells, on Saturday, May 3, raised a total of £186.11, for the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA)... Lloyd Sheldon Organiser for SPANA Hannah's Lane Westbury-sub-Mendip (letter)

Welwyn & Hatfield Times 14.5.03 Protestors blast a noisy message - Intimidation complaint against animal rights group - ANIMAL rights activists staged a noisy and “intimidating” demonstration outside a village firm on Monday. Members of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) group screamed abuse, sounded hooters and bellowed through loudspeakers outside pharmaceutical company R W Unwin’s headquarters in Welwyn… SHAC demonstrator Gavin Hall said Unwin deals with Japanese companies that are major customers of Huntingdon… But a spokesman for Unwin said from the besieged building that the firm had nothing to do with Huntingdon. “They have the wrong end of the stick. We have absolutely zero links to them. We’ve tried to tell them this but there’s nothing we can say… I know it’s a peaceful protest in terms of physical violence but there certainly has been mental violence…" (story) (photo)

Edinburgh Evening News 14.5.03 Fur step too far - MANY readers will quite rightly have been appalled to learn of cats being farmed for their fur in the EU. But it is not just companion animals that suffer at the hands of this despicable trade. Every year, about 50 million animals are killed so that their fur can be used by the fashion industry… Fur coats used to turn heads - now they only turn stomachs. Ross Minett, campaigns director, Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

BBC News Online 14.5.03 Pigeons 'affecting town's business' - Traders and councillors say people are being put off shopping in Gravesend by pigeons.... The Pigeon Control Advisory Service says culling encourages more breeding and recommends a combination of deterrent spikes, removal of food left out for pigeons and taking eggs from specially-built pigeon cotes. Local animal charity North Kent Animal Welfare agrees with these ideas and wants the council to build cotes - small lofts in buildings where pigeons would be encouraged to lay eggs - so they can be removed regularly to stop them being hatched. But the council is adamant the only way forward is to stop people feeding the birds…. (story)
News Shopper 13.5.03 Feathers fly as cull debate takes off - By Toby Nation - PIGEONS in the town centre are causing a flap between the council, shopkeepers and animal rights activists. Traders in Market Square, angered at council inaction over the town's growing pigeon population, have been joined by North Kent Animal Welfare (NKAW) in calling for something to be done. Despite a meeting with pigeon control experts the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PICAS) in October last year, where they were offered a free assessment of the problem, Gravesham Borough Council have yet to act. Mark Johnson, founder of NKAW, said: "If the council do not do something people will take the law into their own hands and start killing the birds, which actually causes their numbers to grow."… (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 13.5.03 Once again the animal rights activists attempt to discredit angling, this time by commissioning a report which, using unproven and unreliable techniques, has concluded that fish do feel pain. Wrong. The lengthy and expensive study carried out by American scientists, with the backing of their Government, has proved conclusively that this is not the case…. The "ban everything" brigade would like to see us all given serial numbers and confined forever in our brick boxes, surfing the net and playing computer games! Jim Gladden, Ashbourne Way, King's Park, Bradford 2 (letter in archive)

Newcastle Journal 13.5.03 Pair fined over 'barbaric' trap - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has attacked fines given to gamekeepers for using a trap outlawed 99 years ago. Their 4ft-high moss-covered pole trap was used to kill birds on Stanhope Common in Weardale, County Durham. A court was told David Dixon, 50, of Keepers Cottage, Stanhope - head gamekeeper on the 7,000-acre Croglin Estate grouse moor - and underkeeper Ian Smith, 39, of Hope Level Cottages, Stanhope - used the trap to try and catch a hen harrier… (story)

Liverpool Echo 13.5.03 Swan cruelty - A SWAN has been shot in the head we read (ECHO, April 29). Airguns should be banned altogether…. J Rigby, Liverpool 13 (letter)

Independent 13.5.03 New test will save 200,000 rabbits from research lab By Geoff Meade - Two hundred thousand rabbits a year could be spared an untimely death, thanks to new methods of testing drugs, the European Commission announced yesterday… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 13.5.03 DEEP FLAWS IN ANIMAL TESTING - Frankly, i am amazed that the patients' group SIMR (letters April 26) have nothing original to say or show any inclination to enlighten your readers as to why they think experimenting on animals is so 'crucial' for medical progress in human diseases… JACQUELINE SHORTLAND, Northumberland Terrace, Plymouth (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 7.5.03 EXPERIMENTS ON ANIMALS DON'T IMPROVE DRUGS - In answer to Thomas Bromley (April 26) who, writing about animal experimentation (in so called medical-research) thinks "people should come first". I say that if we have no pity for the suffering of animals… we should be worrying about the state of our souls… LOUISE PIDDINGTON, Welsford Avenue, Stoke, Plymouth (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 13.5.03 ANIMAL TESTS - THE FORGOTTEN EVIDENCE - I Take issue with Thomas Bromley's claim that there are "thousands of people who would not be alive today" but for animal experimentation (Letters, May 8). What is the logic behind this half-baked statement?... Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 8.5.03 GOOD DOES COME FROM ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS - Aled Jones (Letters, May 3) claims his heart goes out to the three million animals used in medical research each year. We eat roughly eight million but he doesn't mention that in his letter… Thomas Bromley, SIMR Executive Secretary (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 3.5.03 BRUTAL TESTS ARE IGNORED - Once again, nobody mentioned vivisection in the local council elections. Not bad for a nation of animal lovers!.... Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington (letter)
Northern Echo 1.5.03 ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS - ONCE again, nobody has mentioned vivisection in the local council elections… Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington (story in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 13.5.03 PLEAS FOR FUR BAN - The County's Green Party has joined in calls to ban the trade of cat and dog fur… Philip Booth, Gloucestershire Green Party spokesperson said; "Many people who are buying this fur think it is fake and have no idea that it comes from a cat or dog…" (story)

Scarborough Evening News 13.5.03 HUMANS CAUSE THE PROBLEMS - RE Emma Capes' letter regarding seagulls needing to be culled. She thinks those of us who are against such barbaric practices "talk a load of cobblers"... So if you're feeling bloodthirsty go and "cull" the litter louts, who are the cause of the problem – and leave the seabirds to those of us who actually enjoy their company... Barbara J Hodgkins, Eskitt Hill, Sandybed, Scarborough (letter)

East Anglian Daily Times 12.5.03 Record crowds at South Suffolk Show BY SHEENA WALSHE - RECORD crowds and a host of new attractions helped make this year's South Suffolk Show one of the most successful ever… There was also a parade of hounds of the Suffolk Hunt and the De Burgh and North Essex Harehounds… (story)

North West Evening Mail 12.5.03 NO UNNECESSARY CRUELTY IN HUNTING WITH FERRETS …It is with much sorrow that I read about the laws to ban hunting. For as many years as I can remember I have enjoyed spending time on the fells with my ferrets and whippet and I do not consider that I am causing any unnecessary cruelty… B TODD, Foxfield Close, Askam (letter)

Western Daily Press 12.5.03 HUNTING FRATERNITY IS THE HUNTED NOW - Your article 'Outrage in West At First Illegal Hunting Charges' made amusing reading. Why outrage? If these people have broken the law, then why shouldn't they be taken to court?... Alison Hawes of the Countryside Alliance tells us that the hunt fraternity will be "out campaigning when the Hunt Bill comes up for its third reading". Does that mean even more of those interminable marches, blocking off roads and petrol stations, then civil unrest?... J Turner Plympton Plymouth (letter)

Northern Echo 12.5.03 Game on for rural festival - LOVERS of rural pursuits found plenty to keep them entertained at a two-day celebration over the weekend. The seventh Teesdale Game Fair attracted 15,000 people to the grounds of Witton Castle, near Bishop Auckland, on Saturday and Sunday…. (story in archive)

Argus 12.5.03 Animal hotline to blow lid on cruelty by Karen Hoy - A wildlife organisation has launched a campaign to get members of the public to blow the whistle on people who are cruel to animals or kill wildlife. Respect for the Countryside, a voluntary organisation which cares for and lobbies Parliament for animal rights, launched the phone line on Friday… June Christie, a volunteer with Respect for the Countryside, which is based in Littlehampton, said the campaign was launched after the organisation began receiving an increasing number of reports about cruelty… Andrew James, director of Respect for the Countryside, said: "We want to know the number of the vehicle in front that has just hit a badger or deer and left it to die…" (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 12.5.03 SHEER POISON OVER THE PLIGHT OF CATS - The report last Saturday regarding the poisoning of cats in Westbury, is just one example of many acts of cruelty or persecution inflicted on other species… It is time such people came of age and to terms with nature rather than abuse it and its wildlife for their own ego, profit or entertainment. D Thomas Westbury Wiltshire (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 12.5.03 ANIMAL CRUELTY ANGER - I have read with interest the survey that the RSPCA have reported concerning the on-going cruelty to animals… These people are nothing but cowards who inflict these animals in such horrendous ways… JAN BULLEN, Lords Place, Bronshill Road, Torquay (letter)

Western Mail 10.5.03 Angry farmers `will break law' - ANGRY Welsh farmers said last night they are ready to break the law over new EU regulations on the disposal of dead stock… Farmers' Union of Wales president Bob Parry said that farmers were still fuming at what he called a "totally unnecessary ban"…. "Burial in the UK is not yet illegal and because the collection scheme is not expected to be in place until at least August the authorities may be prepared to allow farmers who cannot have carcasses incinerated, or picked up by hunts or renderers, to continue to bury them as long as this is done sensibly and within current regulations," said NBA chief executive Robert Forster…. (story)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 2.5.03 Farm burials ban is a real pig of an idea - NEW Euro-rules banning farmers burying dead livestock on their land have been slammed by Tory MP James Gray… he predicted anger over a shortage of rendering plants to dispose of the animals and over a big rise in lorries on country roads… Mr Gray added: "The Government should encourage farmers to use hunt kennels. They don't want to do that because they don't like hunting."… (story in archive)
Telegraph 1.5.03 Chaos erupts as burial of farm stock is banned By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - Chaos surrounds a ban, due to come into force today, on the burial of fallen livestock with the Government admitting that it will be August before it has a working scheme... From today any of the six million livestock, including horses and poultry, that die each year on farms must, under EC law, be rendered or incinerated at farmers' expense or fed to hounds at hunt kennels.... (story)
BBC News Online 1.5.03 Meeting over fallen stock fears - Hundreds of farmers attended a meeting in mid Wales to discuss how they will dispose of their dead animals in future… Derek Morgan, chairman of the Farmers' Union of Wales farming committee, runs a 500 ewe farm at Llangurig and organised Wednesday's meeting… David Jones, huntsman of the David Davies Hunt, said kennels would need to make investments if they were to play a role in carcass disposal…. (story)
Shropshire Star 1.5.03 Carcass disposal meeting - Hundreds of farmers are expected to attend a meeting in Mid Wales to discuss how they will dispose of their dead animals in future… Derek Morgan, chairman of the Farmers' Union of Wales farming committee, r has organised the meeting… David Jones, huntsman of the David Davies Hunt, said kennels would need to make investments if they were to play a role in carcass disposal (story)
Western Morning News 1.5.03 BAN ON FARM BURIALS BEGINS - HALL FARMING EDITOR - From today all livestock burials on farms have been banned by the Government - a move labelled by a Westcountry farming leader as "absolutely barmy"… . In the meantime, farmers will have to arrange for renderers, knackers and hunt kennels to pick up fallen stock… (story)
BBC News Online 30.4.03 Meeting over fallen stock fears - Hundreds of farmers are expected to attend a meeting in mid Wales to discuss how they will dispose of their dead animals in future… Derek Morgan, chairman of the Farmers' Union of Wales farming committee, runs a 500 ewe farm at Llangurig and has organised Wednesday's meeting… Many mid Wales farmers have, over the years, taken their dead animals to the David Davies Hunt at Llandinam near Newtown for disposal…. David Jones, huntsman of the David Davies Hunt, said kennels would need to make investments if they were to play a role in carcass disposal… (story)
North West Evening Mail 30.4.03 MP SLAMS BURIAL RULES - STRICT new rules banning farmers from burying dead livestock on their land have been slammed by MP Tim Collins. The Westmorland and Lonsdale MP said Euro-pean Union regulations preventing Cumbrian livestock farmers from getting rid of the bodies of cattle, sheep and pigs by on-farm burial or burning were ludicrous. Under EU laws from tomorrow carcasses can only be disposed of by rendering, incineration or in hunt kennels… (story)
Western Daily Press 26.4.03 FARMS FACE CHAOS FROM FALLEN STOCK BURIAL BAN - Livestock farmers have been warned to expect "chaos" next Thursday when a Euro ban on on-farm burial of dead animals comes into force... But with nothing to replace it, farmers will face huge short-term costs for disposing of carcasses. And now hunt kennels, which might have taken many of the carcasses, have been told they cannot operate the scheme until their handling facilities have been improved.... Many hunt kennels have now been warned unless they have state-of-the art incinerators capable of destroying potentially BSE-infected offal, they won't be allowed to accept carcasses. Chris Burrows-Wood of Clifton-in-Teme kennels, Hereford and Worcester, said of 21 official disposal sites listed by Defra's Worcester office, at least five had been barred from accepting fallen stock. (story)
Western Morning News 23.4.03 SIGN-UP CALL FOR DEFRA STOCK COLLECTION SCHEME - Peter Hall reviews progress so far on a new fallen stock scheme and the appeal for as many farmers as possible to join it. Defra is contacting all livestock farmers to canvas support for a UK subscription scheme for the collection and disposal of fallen stock… The letter informs farmers about the new European Union Animal By-products Regulation, which will ban the routine on-farm burial and burning of animal carcasses in this country from May 1. From that date, the only legal methods of disposal will be rendering, incineration or hunt kennels… (story)
Worcester Evening News 23.4.03 Farmers warned of extra payment - FARMERS will have to pay up to £200 a year to join a Government scheme to dispose of dead livestock carcases… Under new European Union rules, carcases can only be disposed of by rendering, incineration or in hunt kennels…. (story in archive)
Newcastle Journal 23.4.03 NBA urges members to support new fallen livestock collection service - The National Beef Association has urged its members to take advantage of the new carcase collection service… "Businesses still able to use knackermen, or ring a hunt kennel, may need to examine the cost arithmetic more closely but for the vast majority the new collection arrangements should make the disposal of fallen stock both easier and cheaper…" (story)
Horse & Hound 22.4.03 Hunts to help remove carcasses By Ian Valentine - Hunt kennels have offered to play a vital role in the disposal of fallen stock when the European Union bans the farming community from burying or burning animal carcasses on 1 May. From that date onwards the only lawful methods of disposal will be rendering, incineration or through hunt kennels…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen, Western Daily Press or Gloucestershire Echo 22.4.03 NPA: SIGN UP TO DEFRA - All pig producers should consider joining the national collection scheme for fallen stock announced by Defra, says the National Pig Association… From May 1, the only legal methods of carcass disposal will be rendering, incineration or hunt kennels… (story)
Birmingham Post 21.4.03 Farmers 'forced' to dump carcasses By Sarah Probert, Birmingham Post - Farmers are dumping carcasses in parts of the Midlands as strict legislation comes into force prohibiting them from burying or burning animals on their land… The only legal methods of disposal will be rendering, incineration or at hunt kennels…. (story)
Birmingham Post 21.4.03 Farmers in fear of red-tape disaster By Sarah Probert, Birmingham Post - The farming industry is this week bracing itself for a fresh helping of EU legislation designed to tighten the spread of disease from rotting and burnt carcasses… From next Thursday farmers must find an alternative to disposing of cattle and the EU directive has already prompted many into panic buying incinerators to drive down the costs of disposing of animals. Under the new rules they will only be able to dispose of animals through incineration, rending or hunt kennels…. (story)
Shropshire Star 21.4.03 Animals' bodies are dumped By JAMES WHITTAKER - Cash-strapped Shropshire farmers are dumping animal carcasses on each other's land in a desperate bid to avoid punishing new disposal regulations... Clare Rowson, of the Countryside Alliance in Shropshire, said incidents of carcasses being dumped would increase as farmers became more desperate... (story)
Hexham Courant 18.4.03 HUNTS 'PROVIDE VITAL DISPOSAL SERVICE' - TENS of thousands of farmers will be left out of pockets thanks to the Government's "illogical" hunting bill, countryside campaigners have warned. The Countryside Alliance has criticised Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael's refusal to confirm in Parliament whether the implementation of regulations relating to disposal of fallen stock would be deferred.... (story)
Cumberland News & Star 17.4.03 NEW COST FOR FARMS TO REMOVE CARCASSES - FARMERS will pay up to 200 a year if they join a Government scheme to dispose of dead livestock carcasses… Under new European Union rules, carcasses can only be disposed of by rendering, incineration or in hunt kennels… (story)
Western Morning News 10.4.03 RELIEF GREETS SCHEME FOR CARCASS COLLECTION - PETER HALL FARMING EDITOR - A national carcass collection scheme will be set up to help farmers cope after on-farm burials of fallen stock are banned - but it will not be in place in time for the European deadline of May 1… Mr Morley said the Government hoped to subsidise the scheme by investing £30 million into it over three years… Alternatives are for farmers to opt for the existing collections by hunt kennels, or for small farms to deliver their few fallen stock to local knackers… (story)
Scotsman 10.4.03 Further delay over burial ban - FORDYCE MAXWELL - ALTHOUGH agreement seems to have been reached on how much farmers will pay for a UK scheme to collect fallen stock, the on-farm burial ban is now unlikely to start before August… A further twist is that the scheme is voluntary, to the extent that farmers can opt out if they want to use an existing approved collection service, such as that still offered at present by some hunt kennels…. (story)
Dundee Courier 8.4.03 RULE ON DEAD STOCK COULD PROVE COSTLY By Andrew Arbuckle, farming editor - THERE IS no exact figure but it is reckoned that up to 700,000 animals die on Scottish farms in any one year. This figure will become much more significant in the months ahead with the implementation of a European Union regulation that makes illegal any on-farm burial of dead stock… A large percentage of fallen stock in the south are disposed of through hunt kennels and farmers with contracts with these premises are expected to have derogation for their dead stock. Up in Scotland, hunt kennels are not major consumers of dead animals and John Kinnaird, the president of NFU Scotland, stated his preference was for the status quo where most of the animals that die of old age or disease on farm are buried in situ… (story probably on website only for a day)

Guardian 10.5.03 Hunting for a third way - I always doubted that New Labour would implement a total ban on hunting because it would offend sections of the rich and powerful... Stewart Perkins, Market Drayton, Shropshire
It is disturbing that countryside minister Alun Michael is telling MPs privately that the government may not use the Parliament Act to push the hunting bill through the Lords if they amend it to include a complete ban on fox hunting. This contradicts what he said last year... Richard Mountford, Animal Aid (letters)

Times 10.5.03 May 10, 2003 Do fish feel pain? - Mr K. C. Rothery (letter, May 7) informs us that because a salmon didn’t swim towards him to relieve the pain from a hook through its cheek, fish therefore don’t feel pain. That’s as credible as telling us that a dog enjoys being choked because it pulls incessantly on a lead around its throat.... ALAN BIRD, Foreign Language Department, Mudanjiang Teachers’ College, 19 Wenhua Street, Mudanjiang City, People’s Republic of China 157011. (letter)
Times 7.5.03 Do fish feel pain? - I believe that salmon certainly do not feel pain from the hook (Thunderer, May 1; letter, May 2). If they did, their behaviour when they have taken the fly or the lure would be quite different... KEITH ROTHERY, Fieldhead, Hinderton, South Wirral, Cheshire CH64 7UD (letter)

Yorkshire Post 10.5.03 Caught in debate on whether fish feel any pain From: RC Dales, environmental journalist, Church View, Brompton, Northallelrton. A headline and article in your May 1 issue raised the question of whether fish feel pain. Why do headline writers and journalists, whenever someone says they do, give maximum publicity to their views? And when scientists say fish do not feel pain, they give this no publicity at all.... Some time ago I wanted to make certain that my fishing was not cruel and I looked for a reliable, independent report after research, and found this, long before Professor Rose's, the report being prepared by the Institute of Fisheries Management: their conclusion was that fish do not feel pain when hooked, as we would... (letter)

Western Mail 10.5.03 Defra `failure' attacked - THE LEADER of the Countryside Alliance has delivered an attack on Defra's three-year plan for rural Britain. The CA's chief executive Richard Burge said the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs plan was full of promises but no action. Mr Burge said he was amazed at the report's lack of reference to the people of the countryside, their experience and the central role of farming and traditional livelihoods in helping get the whole economy of the countryside back onto its feet… (story)

Scotsman 10.5.03 Animal welfare - What is so "potty" about stopping goldfish being used as prizes at fairs... The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has been campaigning on this issue for years now, and we welcome its inclusion in the Green manifesto.... LIBBY ANDERSON Parliamentary Officer, SSPCA Queensferry Road Edinburgh (letter)

Kent/Sussex Courier 9.5.03 NIP IN NECK IS NOT PART OF ISSUE - James Shepherd and Mike McNally defended their position with regard to banning the hunting of wild animals with dogs... Causing unnecessary suffering, by pursuing an animal and terrifying it until it collapses with exhaustion, to the obvious glee of onlookers is why it should be banned. The nip in the neck is notwithstanding and forms no part of the argument... I agree with Katherine Watson. There is nothing noble, useful or heroic, in using dogs to hunt any wild animal. It should be consigned to our barbaric past... Tim Cooper, Langton Road, Langton Green (letter)
Kent/Sussex Courier 2.5.03 CALL TO BAN HUNTING WITH DOGS IS EASING Katherine Watson's letter (Courier, April 25) advances a number of arguments in support of a ban on all hunting with dogs... a foxhound weighs between four and five times more than a fox. It is perfectly capable of killing a fox instantly with a bite through the neck and this is usually how a hunted fox dies... After death, the hounds are allowed to tear up the carcase - but that is all it is: a carcase... There is no evidence to support her contention that a fox killed by the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray hounds had suffered "massive bruising and haemorrhaging before death"... The proportion of the public who wish to see hunting with dogs made a criminal offence has since fallen below 50 per cent and the most recent opinion polls such as the December 2002 NOP poll show that it has fallen to 36 per cent. M McNally, High Street, Tunbridge Wells
Katherine Watson's contention that a foxhound can only kill quickly an animal weighing less than 1kg is wrong (Courier, April 25). The power/weight ratio of the hound to the fox enables a kill to be swift and almost instantaneous.... Much of the damage to the carcases vets agreed occurred post mortem.... James Shepherd, Grove Hill Gardens, Tunbridge Wells (letters)

Western Daily Press 9.5.03 WHAT QUARRY ARE HUNTS PURSUING? - I am not convinced by J Higgins's explanation of why fox hunts, some hunt-supporting farmers and landowners build artificial earths. He states that they are built to manage the population and encourage foxes to live away from livestock… If those hunting foxes into April, and sometimes into May, are not out hunting pregnant or nursing vixen, or her supporting dog fox, I want to know what exactly are they hunting? J Hall Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Kent/Sussex Courier 9.5.03 FISH NOT HIGHLY REACTIVE TO ORAL NOXIOUS STIMULI - It is impossible for fish to feel pain or fear. Who says so? Prof James D. Rose, a professor of zoology and physiology at the University of Wyoming and the world's top authority on fish biology. He condemned the Medway Report and has criticised the Roslin/Edinburgh Report as "deeply flawed".... No one, with the exception of the angler, cares what goes on beneath the water and man's reluctance to keep rivers free from pollution means that organisations like the National Federation of Anglers are constantly fighting legal battles with uncaring polluters. Bob Clark, National Federation of Anglers, Halliday House, Egginton (letter)
Western Daily Press 9.5.03 KNEE-JERK REACTION - I have read Roger Tavener's comments on the report suggesting that fish feel pain, and it seems that it was done as a knee-jerk reaction to what TV and radio were saying. I happen to enjoy fishing, as does my son… I wish he hadn't referred to anglers as boneheads. It is offensive and gives the anti-fishing mob an excuse to go around threatening fishermen, women or children and damaging their equipment…. Name and address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 9.5.03 OFFENSIVE TO FISHERMEN - What Roger Tavener wrote about fishermen is offensive, ill-informed and just a blatant sounding-off… I have never harmed a fish on the bank. I am not a bonehead either. I have an honours degree in engineering from the University of Liverpool… Chris Hampson Address supplied (letter)

Daily Record 9.5.03 Reel issue - ALL of a sudden, someone has discovered that fish feel pain. I have never doubted they do, although I have been an angler for many years… If it was not for the likes of me paying for a permit to fish, stocks in our rivers and lochs would be a lot worse… - W. Brown, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire (letter)

Cambridge News 9.5.03 VINNIE IS GAME FOR NEW SPORT - A NEW kind of sport shooting has been given the Hollywood seal of approval. Vinnie Jones, former footballer turned actor, paid a visit to the Six Mile Bottom Shoot near Newmarket yesterday to take part in a day of simulated game bird shooting… (story)
Cambridge News 26.4.03 VINNIE WELCOMES GUN SPORT LAUNCH - HOLLYWOOD hard man Vinnie Jones is backing a new kind of sport shooting in which no birds or animals are killed. The former Premiership footballer, who found fame as an actor for his role in the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, is a keen game shooting enthusiast and is a regular visitor to the Six Mile Bottom Shoot, near Newmarket. He will be taking part in the launch, early next month, of a simulated game bird day which has been devised by Richard Clarke, who runs the shoot... (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 9.4.03 Hardman Vinnie to attend Suffolk shoot - FOOTBALLER-turned-actor Vinnie Jones will be in Suffolk next month to try his hand at a simulated game shoot. The Hollywood hard-man, who will be with the Six Mile Bottom Shoot, near Newmarket, has enjoyed game shooting for more than 10 years and been described as an "excellent shot"... Head keeper Richard Clarke, of Lark Hall, who is a friend of Jones and devised the bird-friendly sport, said he was sure the celebrity would approve. He said: "He'll love it. He comes out with us quite a lot and is a staunch supporter of field sports... (story)

BBC News Online 9.5.03 Animals 'are moral beings' - By Alex Kirby - Some animals can feel and think in ways not too dissimilar from us, welfare campaigners say.... The campaigners are from Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), a UK group which accepts that farm animals will be killed for their meat but argues they should be treated humanely. CIWF is holding a conference in London on 10 May entitled Understanding Animals. Its theme is animal awareness, emotions and intentions.... A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance told BBC News Online: "There seems to be a trend towards anthropomorphism throughout society..." (story)

Torquay Herald Express 9.5.03 INHUMANE SLAUGHTER - I find myself confused by Mr Grief's letter (Your View, April 16) relating to ritual killing (kosher or halal meat)... What is "humane" about slaughter?... BARRY RUSSELL Dartmouth Road, Paignton (letter)

BBC News Online Thursday, 8 May, 2003, 11:09 GMT 12:09 UK - Fox hunt master in court - A man accused of breaking Scotland's new anti-hunting laws has appeared in court. Trevor Adams, Master of the Buccleuch Hunt, had his case continued without plea at Jedburgh Sheriff Court… (story)
Guardian 30.4.03 Huntsmen charged under Scottish ban - Gerard Seenan - The Scottish ban on fox-hunting is set to face its first test in the criminal courts after two leading huntsmen were charged with breaking the controversial new legislation. Police confirmed yesterday that Trevor Adams, master of the foxhounds for the Buccleuch hunt, and Rory Innes, a former master of the Jedforest hunt, both held in the Scottish Borders, have been reported to the procurator fiscal, Scotland's prosecuting body, after being charged with deliberately hunting with dogs... (story)
Telegraph 30.4.03 Two Scottish hunt masters charged with breaking law By Auslan Cramb, Scotland Correspondent - Two leading huntsmen have been charged with breaching the ban on hunting with hounds in separate incidents in the Scottish Borders... Trevor Adams, 44, master of foxhounds for the Duke of Buccleuch's Hunt, has been charged in connection with an alleged incident on October 16, and Rory Innes, 26, former master of the Jedforest Hunt, after an alleged illegal hunt last month... (story)
Western Daily Press 30.4.03 OUTRAGE IN WEST AT FIRST ILLEGAL HUNTING CHARGES - Alarm bells were sounded for the West's hunting community yesterday with the news that the first prosecutions could be brought under Scotland's hunting ban… Alison Hawes, regional director for the Countryside Alliance South West, told the Western Daily Press yesterday: "There will be a lot of interest in the result from people down here…. Tim Bonner, spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, said: "The two hunts have both been hunting all season with a police presence and with the understanding they were working within the law. The fact that this could come to court shows how confusing the Bill is."… (story)
Daily Record 30.4.03 HUNTSMAN IN THE DOCK - A TOP huntsman faces prosecution in the first real test of Scotland's fox- hunting ban… (story)
Scotsman 29.4.03 Fox hunt masters facing charges over kills - PAUL GALLAGHER - SCOTLAND’S ban on fox hunting faces its first major tests in the criminal courts after two of the country’s leading huntsmen were reported to the procurator-fiscal under the new legislation. The Scotsman has learned that Trevor Adams, the master of the foxhounds for the Buccleuch hunt, and Rory Innes, the master of the Jedforest hunt, have both been accused of deliberately hunting a fox with dogs. The Scottish Countryside Alliance said it was "amazed" by the cases, which come as hunt supporters prepare a legal challenge to Lord Watson’s anti-foxhunting legislation, claiming it breaches their human rights… (story)
Scotsman 29.4.03 Ban that polarised a nation - PAUL GALLAGHER - THE Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act was arguably the most contentious piece of legislation passed in the first session of the Scottish Parliament. It was introduced by the culture minister, Lord Watson, as a private member’s bill in 1999 but was not passed until March 2002… The act polarised Scotland, but supporters and critics of fox hunting agreed on one thing - that the bill was unworkable…. no cases have been reported to the procurator-fiscal - until that of Trevor Adams, master of the foxhounds for the Buccleuch Hunt, and Rory Innes, master of the Jedforest Hunt, who are accused of deliberately hunting a fox with dogs. In the Grampian case in October last year, anti-hunt campaigners complained the Kincardineshire Foxhounds had allowed a dog to finish off a wounded fox rather than destroying it humanely…. (story)
BBC News Online Tuesday, 29 April, 2003, 08:44 GMT 09:44 UK Fox hunt masters charged - The masters of two Scottish fox hunts have been charged in connection with separate alleged incidents under the law which bans hunting with dogs…. The two men involved are the Master of the Buccleuch Hunt, Trevor Adams, and his former counterpart at the Jedforest Hunt, Rory Innes… (story)
Horse & Hound 29.4.03 Scottish Hunt Masters charged By Ian Valentine - The Scottish Executive's hunting ban faces its first serious test in the courts after two hunt masters are charged with deliberately hunting a fox with dogs… Trevor Adams, master of foxhounds for the Buccleuch hunt, and Rory Innes, master of the Jedburgh hunt, have both been told to appear before the procurator fiscal under new hunting legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament last August… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 8.4.03 CLAIM AND COUNTER CLAIM ON PAIN ISSUE - It came as no great surprise to the informed angling opinion that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) would quickly fund a project to counter the Professor James D. Rose conclusive report that fish do not feel pain... I am no scientist, but I would have thought that the practice of injecting poison into a fish is akin to vivisection, a practice which I am sure all anglers and PETA would oppose as I cannot see this being classed as ethical... (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 8.5.03 ANGLING IS FAR FROM BEING HARMLESS OR PAINLESS - A reader whose name and address is not printed writes "Fishing is a harmless pastime"… In match fishing the fish are kept in a keep net all day where some inevitably die of suffocation… In the sports columns of the Post large carp are held out of the water while the angler poses for the photo. If they don't suffer waiting for the angler to say "cheese" they certainly do from the handling which removes their protective slime and exposes them to disease…. There are worse things affecting the environment but don't be fooled into thinking fishing is a harmless pastime. T. SMALLEY Elford Rise Sneinton
Man was born to hunt - Being a keen angler for the past 70 years and reading in the media and on the TV that fish feel pain, would these so called experts explain to me the following?... trout eating sticklebacks which puncture and penetrate their stomachs does not stop them feeding on them year after year. Pain? I don't think so…. Get real, think. Our Lord fished and food multiplies in the sea for all. E. CHEETHAM Arnold (letters)

Lincolnshire Echo 8.5.03 RIGHT TO FISH - If we had to do all the animal rights protesters want, we would be overrun by rats, mice, foxes, rabbits and all sorts of vermin which damage crops and livestock. And now we've come to a man and woman's pleasure of fishing… Most anglers are very careful and it's nothing compared to being stung with bee venom… T. W. SMITH Newark (letter)

Argus 8.5.03 Cruel county - Brighton and Hove is noted for being a city of animal lovers…. Yet we are told by the RSPCA that animal cruelty goes on in Sussex more than anywhere else in the South East… I suggest anyone concerned about this growth in animal cruelty lobby their MP. Who can help with that step forward to change the way animal attackers think? -Gloria Wheatcroft, Hove (letter in archive)

Argus 8.5.03 Wild world - It was with concern I read the article about the fox cub being kept as a pet (The Argus, April 30). Trevor Weeks, of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue Ambulance, is right in pleading for this cub's welfare by asking the person concerned to hand it over for correct rearing and eventual release into the wild… -Roger Musselle, Roger's Wildlife Rescue, Woodingdean (letter in archive)

North Devon Journal 8.5.03 DEFRA 'TO KILL MORE BADGERS' - A group fighting to protect badgers has claimed that trapping and killing of the animals is due to start at a North Devon location in the coming week. The Coalition of Badger Action Groups said pre-baiting is already going on near Hartland in readiness for the next stage.... (story)

Argus 8.5.03 Free to fly - Brighton's animal rights queen, Rena Collins, has done it again. If it wasn't for her insistence on the Edward Street courthouse sending someone up to free a gull caught in netting on its roof (with a Bank Holiday looming), it would have died a slow, horrible death… -Sue, Brighton (letter in archive)

Western Gazette 8.5.03 USE OF DOLPHINS IN THE GULF WAS DEPLORABLE - The use of dolphins and seals by the US military in the war with Iraq must be unreservedly condemned… Alan Cooper, Cetacea Defence, PO Box 78, Shaftesbury (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 16.4.03 Leave the animals out of battle - JOHN COWEN (Letters, April 10) voiced the concern of many when he opposed the use of dolphins and sea lions by the US military in the war with Iraq… Craig Redmond, campaigns officer Captive Animals’ Protection Society PO Box 573, Preston, PR1 9WW (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 10.4.03 Leave animals out of military - I HAVE been against this Gulf War since the very beginning… But nothing has disgusted me more than reports that among the enforced recruits in the Gulf were dolphins and sea lions which were enlisted by the United States Navy to help clear mines… John Cowen Stewart Terrace, Edinburgh (letter)
Manchester Evening News 10.4.03 Deplorable to use dolphins - Craig Redmond, Captive Animals’ Protection Society, PO Box 573, Preston PR19WW (letter)
Horncastle News 9.4.03 American military’s use of seals and dolphins deserves to be condemned - The use of dolphins and seals by the US military in the war with Iraq must be unreservedly condemned…. JULIA HOLLIDAY Hemingby Way, Horncastle (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 5.4.03 DOLPHINS SHOULD NOT BE MACHINES OF WAR - Julia Holliday, Hemingby Way, Horncastle (letter)
Western Daily Press or Bristol Evening Post 5.4.03 AMERICAN MILITARY CRUEL TO USE DOLPHINS IN WAR ZONES - The use of dolphins and seals by the US military in the war with Iraq must be unreservedly condemned... Craig Redmond, Captive Animals' Protection Society (letter)
Telegraph 31.3.03 Animal abuse - The use of dolphins and sea lions by the American military in the war with Iraq must be unreservedly condemned.... Craig Redmond, Captive Animals' Protection Society, Liz Sandeman, The Marine Connection, and Alan Cooper, Cetacea Defence (letter)

Western Daily Press 8.5.03 HOMES PRICE BOOM IS WRECKING COUNTRYSIDE - The West countryside is dogged by unaffordable housing, closing post offices and is being left behind by the technological revolution, a report revealed yesterday. The Countryside Agency said residents of villages and hamlets faced an uphill financial struggle to maintain traditions and earn their livelihoods.... Richard Burge, of the Countryside Alliance, said: "It is becoming ever more difficult for the less well-off to live and work in the countryside and this could be very bad news for the upkeep of the land itself." (story)

Horncastle News 7.5.03 Hunting Bill should be ‘put in shredder - - Our prime minister will, I hope, be remembered in history as a modern Churchill of courage and resolve concerning Iraq. I hope he will see equal sense before the hunting bill goes to the House of Lords and put it where it belongs, in the shredder… H FOSTER, Woodhall Spa (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 7.5.03 Animals deserve our compassion - I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Helen Martin’s comments about how important it is that society treats its animals with respect and compassion (May 5). The previous Scottish Parliament made a great step forwards last year by introducing the historic Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act, which ended the barbaric practice of using dogs to chase, terrify, attack and kill wild animals in Scotland… So long as we condone cruelty towards our fellow animals there is not much hope that we can even begin to combat the increasing levels of violence humans inflict on other humans. Ross Minett campaigns director, Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 5.5.03 Saving the animals will save ourselves - HELEN MARTIN - I CLEAVE to the theory that you can measure the extent of a society’s civilisation by the way it treats its animals. Regardless of what the Bible, the Koran or even Beatrix Potter has to say on the subject, how we treat each other is less of a yardstick for compassion and open-mindedness than how we treat other species... In a country that can squander hundreds of millions on a parliament building which looks as hideous as ours (have you seen the shanty town-style, bamboo cane-effect windows?), it is unthinkable that we can’t come up with the paltry sum for animal homes from the public purse.... Because there is a strong case for the SSPCA being entirely government-funded and the legislation it helps to enforce toughened up. And, next time, my vote goes to the party which makes it happen. (story)

Newcastle Evening Chronicle 7.5.03 Countryside's champion dies By Peter Taylor, The Evening Chronicle - A country gent who devoted his life to conserving his beloved Northumberland has died. Former County High Sheriff, farmer and landowner Raleigh Trevelyan was famed for his traditional values and love of the North East countryside…. He hit the headlines in 1995 when he became Northumberland co-ordinator of the national Campaign for Shooting, launched to raise cash to defend the sport. The money was to be split between the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and the British Field Sports Society and Game Conservancy…. (story)

Glasgow Herald 7.5.03 £10,000 clay pigeon case against shooting star settled - GORDON CURRIE - EDITH Barnes, the Commonwealth Games star, has settled a £10,000 claim over a stray clay pigeon. The shooting star had been blamed for a safety lapse which led to a spectator being knocked out cold by the rogue clay pigeon... Mr Mitchell, of Dollings-town, County Armagh, claimed he was knocked off his feet by the force of the stray broken clay pigeon at the Scottish Conservancy Game Fair in July 2000... (story in archive)

Liverpool Echo 7.5.03 I WOULD like to voice my concerns over the recent and sustained attack on the angling community that seems to now have taken the place of campaigning against hunting… Mick McAloon,Angler and conservationist (letter)

Leicester Mercury 7.5.03 BUT WHAT ABOUT THE WORM? - Scientific "experts" have just issued a report claiming that fish suffer pain and emotional stress. This will, no doubt, soon be followed by a Private Member's Bill to ban angling, declaring the fishing rod an offensive weapon… John Haynes, Welford, Northants (letter)

Western Morning News 7.5.03 WILDLIFE GROUPS CALL FOR END TO BADGER CULL - Conservationists are calling for the cull of badgers to be suspended to prevent orphaned cubs starving to death. The National Federation of Badger Groups called on the Government to extend he "closed season" on culling at the 10 sites… Steve Jackson, chairman of the NFBG, said recent dry weather had led to a shortage of food like earthworms, with the result that many sows were still suckling their young… (story)

North East Evening Gazette 7.5.03 Badger baiting - three arrests - Three men have been arrested in connection with badger baiting at Teesside Retail Park. The three local men were arrested and then released on police bail after being caught allegedly setting dogs down badger holes yesterday…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 7.5.03 Circus Clash: Yes, I concur with readers' views on Mr Mackie's circus… M. BEKKER Lincoln. (letter)
Lincolnshire Echo 2.5.03 ANIMAL ERA IS OVER FOR CIRCUS OWNERS I Believe that using animals in the circus is completely wrong. Animals are not ours to use but have a right to lead their natural lives as nature intended.... Jeffrey Mackie (April 22) should give up trying to get taxpayers' money and start a circus with real entertainment ... S. BAKER Hastings, Sussex.
I do not feel the least bit of sympathy for the likes of Jeffrey Mackie. Circuses with performing animals should be a thing of the past, they are a sad spectacle, and yet another example of the way humans think they can use and abuse animals to make cold, hard cash... T. LEWIS Slough, Berkshire (letters)
Lincolnshire Echo 22.4.03 HOW CIRCUS OWNER FACING FINANCIAL RUIN WAS FORCED TO SELL OFF HIS ELEPHANTS - A Devastated circus owner is facing a bleak future after foot and mouth led to the destruction of his business. Jeffrey Mackie is angry after being forced to sell most of his beloved animals and equipment over the past two years to make ends meet. He believes the Government owes him around £300,000 in lost earnings caused by regulations restricting animal movements… Now he also has to pay £25,000 in income tax, surcharges and interest on earnings dating back to 1996… Jean Battersby, who runs Lincoln-based Animal Rights, said animals belonged in their natural habitats. "I have campaigned against circuses that feature animals for many years," she said…. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 7.5.03 THE SANCTUARY - Basking seals… BRENDA M. HADLEY Digby Avenue Mapperley (poem)

Sutton/Croydon Advertiser 8.5.03 A green queen for new mayor - THE NEW environmentally friendly Mayor has chosen a meat-free menu for her inaugural dinner - and converted the Mayoral Mercedes to gas. Cllr Jane Avis looks set to become Croydon's green queen when she takes up the Mayor's mantle on May 19… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 6.5.03 FARMERS TWIST STORIES TO FIT - Despite Mr Burrell (Letters, April 26) being given a lot of editorial space he still seemed to leave half his sentences unfinished. He lavishes praise on farmers and gamekeepers stating that, if not for their foresight, rabbits would have become extinct... Hedges have been destroyed, and were still being ripped out two years ago... Sparrow hawks should never have been reintroduced as Mr Burrell proudly states, but as he lives among the hunting fraternity his reasoning can be understood. Mink should not have been introduced either, but money wins any argument... S Broom, Apollo Walk, Hull (letter)

Yorkshire Post 6.5.03 Did fish sting make bees suffer? From: Marilynne Colbourne, Pearl's Cafe, Wakefield Road, South Elmsall, near Pontefract. - I write in response to the report concerning the study on the pain endured by rainbow trout... It is my understanding that when a bee stings it forfeits its life. I would be interested to know whether the scientists used live bees in their research, or if they humanely extracted the venom necessary for their work... (letter)

Times 6.5.03 Angling and the issue of cruelty - A new report suggests that fish may feel pain. Is this a good reason to ban Britain’s most popular pastime?
THE banning of angling is as preposterous an idea as the banning of foxhunting.... Fiona Cameron, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
Unlikely experiences - I STUDIED the behaviour of marine fish for many years in the 1960s and 1970s and I remain unconvinced that fish perceive pain in the sense that we understand it... Dr Colin Chapman, Milltimber, Aberdeenshire
Pain is not the issue THE issue at stake is not whether fish feel pain... The question is whether it is acceptable in a civilised society for animals to be hunted for sport.... On the other hand, if, as a society as a whole, we are not prepared for whatever reasons to ban all hunting, then we should not ban some forms of it only.... Kieran McCann, Brighton, East Sussex
Foregone conclusion? YOUR headline “The hook hurts — will anglers feel the pain?” and story content read as though you have already made up your mind... On the lower Severn we see fish habitat being destroyed by an irresponsible boating faction hell-bent on using the river as a motorway. It’s the anglers who have to urge the boats to keep to legal speed limits... Tony Marris, Hanley Swan, Worcestershire
Guarding the environment IF ANGLING had not been a pastime in recent history it is doubtful whether there would be any salmon or trout left in the rivers of the UK... John G. Marshall, Edinburgh
Pointless barbarity SO, scientists at the Roslin Institute have discovered that if you inject a poison into a fish, reactions will occur that may be detected with their scientific instruments... Will the so-called animal activists now be preparing to abandon their picket of Huntingdon Life Sciences and embark upon the long trek up to Edinburgh University? Probably not, as they know that the non-angling public would treat their efforts with apathy or derision. This is why it is always left to angling bodies to fight for the long-term preservation of the fishes’ habitat... Peter Sharpe, Bourne, Lincolnshire
Man the culprit ONE must question the real motive of the anti-hunting lobby. I suspect it has more to do with envy than humanitarian considerations, so it follows that angling must be the next target... Keith Douglas, Solihull
Life is cruel — live with it THE whole issue of animal cruelty has gone mad. Nature is cruel, life is cruel and we cannot expect to control cruelty in the natural world. All those people who wish to ban fishing should consider the issues before jumping to conclusions... Carl Eastwood, Banbury, Oxfordshire
Expert view IN early 1984 I read an article in which the author described in great detail the agony suffered by a fish while it was “played” after being hooked… It was published in The Field and was the considered view of that periodical’s angling correspondent and former editor. T. D. Thompson, Guildford, Surrey
Let’s end this suffering I HAVE always loathed the idea of a fish in its own environment suffering a sharp barbed hook in its mouth and being hauled to a death by suffocation, all in the name of sport.... Sylvia Ives, Brighton, East Sussex
Feeling remorse I AM an old man now and have spent 40 years of my earlier life killing aquatic animals and warm-blooded animals for sport and eating. After undergoing a review of my life, I now realise what a frightful sin I unknowingly committed against nature, which is no more than God visible…. Max Goar, Northridge, California
Poor science IF fish feel pain, how is it that a hooked fish will try to swim away from the angler rather than follow the pull of the line?... John West, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire (letters)

Western Morning News 6.5.03 FOALS PAY PRICE FOR INDUSTRY - Alison Hawes raises a good point in her letter on racehorses (WMN, April 15) which deserves an answer. She says: "Thoroughbred breeders and trainers would only want to have fit, healthy foals representing them."... more foals are having corrective surgery to get them on the track. But some practices are making legs predispose themselves to fractures. Ms Hawes accuses Animal Aid's horse racing report - for which I was the key researcher - as misrepresenting industry data.... Kareena Grey, Torquay (letter)
Western Morning News 6.5.03 EVERY PUNTER'S BET PUTS A RACEHORSE'S LIFE ON THE LINE - Horse racing is a bloody, ruthless business. Hundreds are raced to death and lots more suffer from permanent injuries.... The horses are simply treated like machines, and are not "athletes" as stated by Alison Hawes... F Cleaves, Par, Cornwall (letter)
Western Morning 15.4.03 RIDICULOUS ANTI-RACING VIEWS - Andrew Tyler's attack on horse racing comes as no surprise from the director of a group which campaigns against zoos, livestock markets and rat culls. While Mr Tyler has the right to put his radical arguments against racing, meat eating, or even wearing woolly sweaters (according to his organisation's website) he does not have the right to twist and distort data… Alison Hawes Countryside Alliance Devon (letter)
Bucks Free Press 4.4.03 The plight of race horse - Andrew Tyler Director Animal Aid The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge Kent TN9 1AW (letter)
Northern Echo 1.4.03 HORSE RACING - Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid. (letter in archive)
Western Morning News 1.4.03 DO THESE PRACTICES THREATEN WELLBEING OF RACE HORSES? Modern race horses are subjected to such extreme patterns of in-breeding, training and competition that their basic well being is now under threat. These are the findings of a major new report by my organisation, Animal Aid… Riding For A Fall: the genetic time bomb at the heart of racing, is published to coincide with the running of the Grand National… Please think about the kind of animal suffering you would be unwittingly supporting by betting on a horse Andrew Tyler. Director Animal Aid, The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge Kent TN9 1AW (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 6.5.03 ONLY COWARDS ABUSE ANIMALS - 'Help stop this cruelty to pets' says the headline of the article about the latest campaign by the RSPCA (Post, April 30). Does it help to realise that the laboratories, like those of our universities, are just as cruel - but they are protected by the law rather than prosecuted under it?... ROBERT MASSEY Willoughby Court Lenton (letter)

Telegraph 5.5.03 Free to do as you're told - It was most refreshing to hear a member of the Labour Government declare yesterday that he was opposed to the Government introducing unnecessary legislation and new bans.... you do not need to look hard to see further examples of his true attitude to freedom. For Mr Milburn has been a doughty supporter of the continuing campaign for a complete ban on hunting with dogs, in spite of solid popular opposition from the countryside (not much "true agreement" there)... (story)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 5.5.03 FARMER CALLS FOR BLOOD SPORTS ON PEAK - Clive Langford-Mycock, who is a member of the NFU's National Council, claims that since shooting was banned from the area by the National Park the moors are not being managed properly, which has lead to fires causing severe damage to the land and wildlife... "When the area was a famous grouse shooting ground there would be several game keepers patrolling the park and there would be regular controlled burns to stimulate the growth of new heather. "Heather needs to be burned every seven to 10 years or it will not grow. "Therefore controlled fires would not have been so disastrous, like the ones last weekend..." (story)

Hull Daily Mail 5.5.03 THOUSANDS FLOCK TO COUNTRY FAIR - East Riding: Thousands of people flocked to Driffield country fair this weekend to enjoy activities from falconry displays to gun dog demonstrations. And organisers were 'delighted' with the success of the annual event, which was almost cancelled earlier this year after the Country Sports Fair Committee decided to pull the plug... (story)

Bath Chronicle 5.5.03 IT'S TOO EASY TO BLAME ANIMALS FOR HUMAN ERROR - There are some media people who are encouraging comments made by certain vested interest groups that badgers are the prime cause of TB in cattle... Scientific evidence establishing that badgers pass on TB to cattle is flimsy to say the least... There is no clear link between the numbers of badgers and the frequency of outbreaks in cattle or between the prevalence of TB in badgers and outbreaks in herds... DAVID THOMAS Hisomley Westbury (letter)

Sunday Herald 4.5.03 Badger baiting returns as gangs destroy several setts By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor - THE barbaric sport of badger baiting is still with us. New evidence has emerged that the ancient and illegal game in which badgers are forced to fight to the death with dogs is still being practised across Scotland.... (story)

Telegraph 3.5.03 Pain? Or terror? - Whether fish feel pain or not is irrelevant. They certainly feel extreme terror... If it is immoral to hunt deer and foxes because their blood chemistry indicates that they are terrified, why is it not equally immoral to hunt fish other than for food? From: Anthony Hyett, Sevenoaks, Kent (letter)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 2.5.03 JOBS RELY ON FOX HUNTING - I Read Marie Belcher's letter on fox hunting and thought, 'it's all right for her'. My dad, as a photographer who relies on hunting for work, will lose nearly all his money if hunting is banned, just as he did during the foot and mouth outbreak... Rachel Heath, aged 13, of Audley (story)
The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 20.2.03 REGULATE THE FOX HUNTERS - Fox hunting comes up in many newspapers and I merely want to express my views. I, and many of my friends, believe it is a cruel way of killing foxes… If they do get at the chickens, the chickens can't be fenced in properly…. we could use regulation on how many hunts they do in a month and how many foxes they kill each time, eg two hunts a month and for the bigger hunts five foxes are allowed to be shot and for the smaller hunts three each time… MARIE BELCHER , aged 10, of Rode Heath (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 2.5.03 OUR COUNTRYSIDE HAS BEEN DAMAGED BY GREEDY TOWNIES, NOT TRADITIONAL FARMERS - I Can't believe Pete Allen (Letters, April 29) can be so blinkered about country folk. The damage to the countryside started as soon as the European agricultural policy started paying inflated prices for food. The greedy money from towns grabbed every farm they could, stripping hedges, chopping down trees, digging up whinnies where rabbits and foxes lived.... Wildlife moved into town because the townie money people stole their habitat. Tom Turner, Exmouth Street, Hull. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 29.4.03 COUNTRY FOLK CAN'T GO UNCHALLENGED - Peter Burnell (Letters, April 26) in his assertions that the countryside is safe in the hands of the farming community gives every reason why they are not to be trusted and need the intervention of us townies…. The urban fox has been around a long time but if you know of any person who has died because of the urban fox, let me know…. Pete Allen, Askew Avenue, Hull (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 26.4.03 SAVING NATURE IN THE COUNTRY - Mr Gough's reply to Tom Turner's article of April 5 on destruction of the countryside by townies. I read it with some trepidation, borne out of being a countryman for some many years…. When certain do-gooders from urban districts, mistakenly looking to animal welfare, make illegal entry into mink breeding establishments and liberate those ferocious predators from their confinement, then the resulting impact on the indigenous wildlife of the area is horrendous… Hares, rabbits, gamebirds and wildfowl would all have long since become extinct were it not for the foresight and dexterity of farmers, estate owners and gamekeepers whose dedicated husbandry is without question…. As for urban foxes, well, there goes a disease explosion waiting to happen…. Peter Burnell, Main Street, Lissett, near Bridlington.(letter)
Hull Daily Mail 12.4.03 NOT THE FAULT OF TOWNIES - Tom Turner blames us townies for the destruction of the countryside (Mail, April 5). What rubbish... Townies now have more chance of seeing songbirds and kestrels in towns than in the country. Foxes are thriving here as they are not being pestered by idiots in red coats with too much time on their hands... M. Gough, Hardy Street, Hull (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 5.4.03 INTOLERANT PEOPLE ARE RUINING WILDLIFE - I Was born and raised in Beeford and worked on a farm at 10 years old so I can claim to be a country lad. At the end of the Second World War I joined the Air Force to keep my country free... With regard to my knowledge of how to manage wildlife, (Letters, April 2) who let loose into the countryside grey squirrels and mink, for example? It was townie animal rights people who didn't realise how these introduced animals would, and are, killing indigenous wildlife animals and birds... My life is near its end but I want my grandchildren to see the wildlife of my youth, or is that asking to much of you intolerant people? Tom Turner, Exmouth Street, Hull (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 31.3.03 OUT OF TOUCH WITH WILDLIFE - Tom Turner (Mail, March 18) again states that town people should keep out of country matters. Which part of the countryside is Exmouth Street? Which I presume is where he resides. He appears to back the "if it moves, kill it" policy, but would it not be nice if we could let nature take its course?... S Broom, Ings Road Estate, Hull. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 28.3.03 IN A DEMOCRACY, LET OTHERS HAVE A SAY 09:30 - 28 March 2003 Tom Turner says: "I wish town people would stay out of country matters, which they know nothing about" (Letters). Who is he to decide what other people know?... Christopher W Fox, St Andrews Close, Middleton on the Wolds. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 18.3.03 WHY THE DUCKS HAD TO GO For the benefit of Mrs L Wright (Letters, March 10) the Rev Ray Yates had to get rid of those ducks because they are not native of this country. It is called "managing the countryside"... Country people have been looking after the land, crops, animals and wildlife for untold generations and have done a good job. Tom Turner, Exmouth Street, Hull. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 10.3.03 VICAR SHOULD HAVE HAD DUCK POPULATION REHOUSED - How can the Rev Ray Yates call himself a Christian? In the Bible, even a small duck is one of God's creatures... Mrs L Wright, Cherry Tree Lane, Beverley (letter)

Scotsman 2.5.03 Hunting Two court cases to challenge the vagueness of the hunting legislation are pending… will only those who are anti-field sports be allowed on the jury W Duncan ARMADALE, WEST LOTHIAN (story)

Southport Visiter 2.5.03 Attitude suggests a lack of humanity - DEAR Friend of Southport Zoo, How generous of you to make time in your no doubt hectic schedule to comment on the zoo protesters, whose 'empty lives' leave them little better to do than campaign for a cause they feel strongly about…. Our true colours, of course, are revealed in our actions, not our appearance, and you have shown yours… ALEXIS McNAY, St Luke's Road. (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 2.5.03 Delight over lab appeal failure by Siân Davies - CAMPAIGNERS and residents are celebrating the news that plans to move a controversial veterinary complex to a Hampshire village have been thrown out. As reported in yesterday's Daily Echo, Wickham Laboratories were hoping to overturn the decision of Winchester Council refusing them permission to move from Wickham to Lower Upham… Fareham and Gosport Animal Aid member Helen Nelson said: "I am absolutely delighted with the news… (story in archive)
Southern Daily Echo 28.4.03 Activists in protest outside animal labs by Clare Kennedy DETERMINED animal rights campaigners dressed up as rabbits, rats and mice outside Wickham Laboratories to stage a protest at animal testing… Animal Aid activist Helen Nelson said the protest had a double purpose this year following an appeal by Wickham Laboratories to move to a site in Scivier's Lane, Upham… Campaigners from groups in Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth joined together to form the action group - Stop Wickham Animal Testing…. (story in archive)
Hampshire Chronicle 21.3.03 Eggs lab test case - testing laboratory. Animal rights protesters and residents crammed into a small room in Winchester's Guildhall to hear Wickham Laboratories' case for moving its operations to Scivier's Lane, in Upham, near Bishop's Waltham…. (story in archive)
Southern Daily Echo 17.3.03 Wickham chickens bred for vaccine says boss - ANIMAL rights protesters and residents crammed into a small room in Winchester's Guildhall as Wickham Laboratories made its case for moving its operations to Scivier's Lane, Upham, near Bishop's Waltham… Protester Rick Beament, of Scivier's Lane, said it could set a dangerous precedent if hens laying eggs was deemed to be industrial… William Cartmell, Wickham Labs' managing director said: "This is not and never has been food production. This is an industrial process that provides media in which vaccinations are produced."… (story in archive)
Portsmouth News 15.3.03 RESIDENTS living near the proposed new site of a controversial laboratory fear it could ruin village life. People from Upham are worried the plans to move Wickham Laboratories to the village will bring traffic chaos to the area.... (story)
Southern Daily Echo 14.3.03 Inquiry told lab plan would improve site by Siân Davies - AN INQUIRY into whether an animal testing laboratory should be moved to Lower Upham opened yesterday with claims that the development would actually improve the appearance of the site…. The appeal, which is set to last two days, also drew a small police presence to prevent any disturbance by animal rights campaigners who regularly hold demonstrations outside the current premises… (story in archive)
Southern Daily Echo 13.3.03 Protesters fight animal lab's plans to move by Siân Davies - THE FUTURE of a controversial animal testing laboratory will be centre stage when an inquiry over whether to move it to a Hampshire village opens today. Animal rights protesters and villagers are set to pack Winchester Guildhall to hear evidence for and against plans to move Wickham Laboratories from Wickham several miles north to farmland in Lower Upham… Animal rights campaigners, including Animal Aid activist Helen Nelson, said supporters would be at the inquiry to register their objections to any plans to expand the laboratories' operation… (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 2.5.03 POLICE CORRAL PROTESTERS - Hundreds of protesters were penned in by police in Central London last night as a May Day demonstration threatened to erupt into violence.... Earlier, there was a protest by anti-fur campaigners outside the West End shop of Dolce & Gabbana, Victoria Beckham's favourite designers (story)
Times 2.5.03 March to nowhere for rebels with too many causes BY DAMIAN WHITWORTH - THE group of a dozen demonstrators swung out of the side street and spread across The Strand, fixing scarves over their faces as they jogged towards Trafalgar Square. They had a determined air about them. Perhaps this little band would finally ignite the crowd and unleash the anticipated mayhem. One lifted a megaphone to her mouth and issued the rallying cry: “Every day is May Day for battery chickens.”… with a coalition harbouring such diverse grievances as the “imperial occupation” of Iraq, globalisation, capitalism, animal experimentation, the fur trade, the arms trade, American handovers, student fees, prison labour and climate change, focus was always likely to be a problem… (story)
Glasgow Herald 2.5.03 Protest on the march for May Day - JAMES McKILLOP and CATHERINE LYST - Just nine protesters from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) turned up to protest against animal research firm Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire… (story in archive)
(Liverpool Echo) 1.5.03 May Day protests off to a quiet start Thousands of people were expected to take to the streets across the country today, but the May Day demonstrations got off to a muted start… Just nine protesters from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) turned up to protest against animal research firm Huntingdon Life Sciences… (story)
Ananova 1.5.03 May Day protests off to a quiet start - May Day demonstrations across the UK have got off to a muted start… Just nine protesters from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) turned up to protest against animal research firm Huntingdon Life Sciences… (story)
BBC News Online 1.5.03 May Day demo 'tame stuff' - By Dominic Casciani - While May Day morning had appeared quiet, the afternoon was to be the real test… Meanwhile, in the heart of London's West End, dozens more journalists were waiting for what had been billed as the first potential trouble spot of the day…. In the end and almost an hour late, a dozen anti-vivisectionists turned up, effectively outnumbered by the police… There was no trouble, only a small demonstration against the use of fur from London Animal Action (LAA). Among the group were protesters giving out leaflets in the name of Shac, one of the animal rights groups watched by the security services because of its actions against Huntingdon Life Sciences. (story)

Western Daily Press 2.5.03 WHY ANIMALS NEED FREEDOM - Pauline Nesbit claims we are misguided in our opposition to zoos and that as long as animals are fed and have space they will have a reasonably happy life.... The Captive Animals' Protection Society believes that protection of wild animals comes from saving their habitats. Craig Redmond The Captive Animals Protection Society (letter)
Western Daily Press 25.4.03 CAPTIVITY IS NOT ALWAYS CRUEL AND UNNATURAL It is commendable to discover that people care so deeply about the rights of animals that they are prepared to mount protests at Britain's zoos and safari parks, including Dartmoor and Bristol Zoo. But I fear their compassion may be misguided - they are barking up the wrong tree. Providing captive animals have plenty of space to wander around, are tended to by keepers and fed as regularly as need be, they should live a reasonably happy life…. Pauline Nesbit Farrington Gurney Somerset (letter)

Anglo-Celt 1.5.03 Ballymacad Hunt - THE Ballymacad Hunt held their Hunter-Trials in Bellview, Ballinlough near Oldcastle recently. Although the weather wasn’t quite as pleasant as it had been during the week it stayed bright and dry for the whole day…. (story)

Northern Echo 1.5.03 ANIMAL SNARES - REGARDING the article (Echo, Apr 25) which reported a poor cat which had died a slow, horrific, agonising death after being caught by its back legs in an illegal snare… As for whoever placed it there, pity someone doesn't do the same to them. - Brenda Scragg, Bishop Auckland (letter in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 1.5.03 STOP IMPORT OF EXOTIC ANIMALS - With reference to the article in The Citizen (April 17) "Protest over reptile display." We as farmers are quite regularly taken to task over chickens in cages by livid animal rights activists. It's now good to see them targeting the things that really matter, i.e. exotic animals like snakes, lizards and reptiles which should never be allowed in this country, let alone when they get here being cooped up in small cages… DON TINSEY, Cranham (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 30.4.03 CRUELTY TO ANIMALS? - I Am shocked and dismayed that Gloucester Docks allowed an exhibition of reptiles over the Easter holiday… On entering the exhibition over Easter I saw snakes and other creatures all in glass fronted tanks… This "exhibition" has put me off ever visiting Gloucester Docks again. PAULINE BURGESS Richmond Road, Malvern Link, Worcester (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 26.4.03 SNAKE LOVER BITES BACK ON SHOW - A City snake lover has hit back at claims that the reptiles can be dangerous to human health. Paul Cooke and his wife Carole, who own two snakes and a lizard as well as two rottweilers and a chinchilla, were angered at claims from animal rights charity Animal Aid… (story)
(Western Daily Press?) 1.5.03 ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTEST AT REPTILE SHOW - Animal rights activists yesterday urged people to boycott a reptile exhibition in Gloucester claiming it poses a threat to public health. Campaigners from Animal Aid say visitors to the Reptile Zoo at the city's docks say it is unacceptable to keep wild alligators, snakes and lizards in captivity… Animal Aid spokeswoman Elaine Toland said the six-day exhibition posed a "significant health and safety risk to the public"…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 1.5.03 PROTEST OVER REPTILE DISPLAY - Animal rights activists have hit out at a reptile exhibition due to be held in Gloucester. Animal Aid claims the Reptile Zoo, at Gloucester Docks, will harm the welfare of the alligators, snakes and lizards which will be on show… (story)

Worcester Evening News 1.5.03 Horrifying deaths of the baby seals - THE letter from Nicki Brookes about the slaughter of baby seals horrified me. I remember the outcry years ago and recall seeing a film of hunters operating on the ice floes… MRS M J LARGE, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Hartlepool Mail 22.4.03 Boycott Canada Now - Nicki Brooks, Director, Respect for Animals, PO Box 6500, Nottingham, NG4 3GB (letter)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 17.4.03 Seals in danger - NICKI BROOKS, Director Respect for Animals, Nottingham (letter in archive)
Bristol Evening Post 16.4.03 CRUELTY OF SEAL HUNTERS - I read with horror your article on the seal cull which is due to take place in Canada…Mary Drew Bradley Stoke Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 16.4.03 - I was absolutely sickened to read about the seal hunting in Canada… Miss E Phillips Chippenham Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.4.03 SHAME OF THIS KILLER TRADE - Thank you for exposing the horror of the yearly cull of seal pups in Canada (Western Daily Press, April 12). Many people thought this barbaric ritual had ended… until the fur trade is outlawed once again, I will boycott Canadian goods… P Rogers Swindon Wiltshire (letter)
Worcester Evening News 15.4.03 Cruel hunters shedding the blood of innocents NICKI BROOKS, Director, Respect of Animals. (letter in archive)
Western Morning News 15.4.03 STOP SLAUGHTER OF BABY SEALS Nicki Brooks Director Respect for Animals Nottingham (letter)
Daily Record 15.4.03 Stop the killing - Nicki Brooks, Respect for Animals (letter)
Bath Chronicle 14.4.03 TOURISTS HELP PAY FOR SEALS TO BE SKINNED ALIVE - NICKI BROOKS Director, Respect for Animals Nottingham (letter)
Leicester Mercury 12.4.03 HELP TO END CANADIAN SEAL CRUELTY - Nicki Brooks, director of Respect for Animals. (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 11.4.03 HELP TO STOP SEAL KILLINGS - Many of your readers will be unaware that, right now on the ice floes off Canada, hundreds of thousands of baby seals are cruelly clubbed and killed... Please register your disgust by pledging to boycott Canada... Nicki Brooks. Director, Respect for Animals, Fighting the International Fur Trade, PO Box 6500, Nottingham (letter)

Leicester Mercury 1.5.03 ZOOS ARE MERELY TOURIST ATTRACTIONS - Ken Schofield, of the RSPCA, rightly questions the keeping of elephants in zoos (Postbag, April 25). The Captive Animals' Protection Society would ask people to question the keeping of any wild animal in captivity… Craig Redmond, Captive Animals' Protection Society (letter)
Leicester Mercury 25.4.03 PLEA TO HELP ELEPHANTS Rspca research has revealed that elephants tend to die young in European zoos… The RSPCA believes elephants should be phased out of zoos, with an immediate end to imports and breeding… Ken Schofield, secretary, Leicestershire RSPCA (letter)

The Sentinel (Stoke on Trent) 1.5.03 NOT ALL CHILDREN ARE WILD ABOUT GOING TO THE ZOO Pupils at Milton Primary School debate whether or not animals should be kept in cages for the purpose of our entertainment - For Thomas Charlesworth and Jack Evans... AGAINST Oliver Rushden and Lauren Wedgwood... (story)

North West Evening Mail 1.5.03 HOW SHOULD WE PUNISH PEOPLE WHO ARE CRUEL TO ANIMALS? - vox pop (story)

Taunton Times 1.5.03 THANKS, TAUNTON, FOR HELPING TO SAVE THE MOON BEARS ….Jill Robinson, of the Animals Asia Foundation working in Chengdu, was emailed about the successful Easter eggs competition run at Jane Armour Trading in Bath Place, as winners lined up to receive their prizes. Lee Gibbins, of the local Moon Bear Rescue Group, told the Taunton Times: "I think it's a morale booster for her… (story)
Taunton Times 17.4.03 HELPING TO SAVE THE MOON BEARS - We had our bi-monthly meeting of the Moon Bear Rescue Group recently and I would like to pass on the committee's appreciation for the way the Taunton Times has got behind the Moon Bear Rescue... MIKE MERRIFIELD Moon Bear Rescue Group Taunton (letter)
Taunton Times 10.4.03 EGG AID FOR BEARS - An Easter egg competition to help rescue Asiatic Moon Bears in China is a cracking success at Taunton stationers Jane Armour Trading... (story)

Western & Worle News 1.5.03 HELP FOR BEARS - Animal lovers in North Somerset are hoping to raise funds towards rescuing moon bears from captivity in China by holding a car boot sale this month. China Bear Rescue North Somerset is holding the sale at St Mark's School, Worle, on Saturday, May 10… (story)

(*) Surrey/Hants Star 1.5.03 Circus animal ban for Hart - CIRCUSES with animal acts may soon be banned from performing in the Hart Council area. The council has agreed to consider imposing the ban following a call from Coun Carol Leversha... (story)