May 2006

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Guardian 31.5.06 The shame of our silence - Instead of being cowed by activists, scientists should trumpet the virtues of animal testing - Robert Winston - How disgraceful that a 16-year-old boy has put the medical and scientific establishment, drug companies and universities to shame… Some so-called anti-vivisection organisations would have people believe that animal research does not work. This is simply a lie. Animals do not give information that is 100% accurate when applied to humans, but they do provide invaluable information that cannot be replaced by computer modelling, cell culture or human experimentation…. All British universities doing worthwhile research use animals, and, instead of hiding, they should be boasting of their achievements. Pharmaceutical companies could do far more to promote investigations that are humane, ethical and legal. Scientists should demonstrate the care taken in their research and the benefits it brings to society. And government? Shockingly, my family feels nervous because I speak out on animal research. So politicians have a duty to pursue animal extremists with vigour…. (story)

Mirror 31.5.06 ANIMALS EXTREMIST TO APPEAL - THE jailed ringleader of an extremist animal rights gang blamed for grave robbing is to appeal. Jon Ablewhite got 12 years last month for his hate campaign against a family which bred guinea pigs for medical research…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 20.5.06 JAILED ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST TO APPEAL AGAINST HIS CONVICTION - One of the animal rights activists jailed for conducting a hate campaign against the owners of a guinea pig farm has said he plans to appeal. Jon Ablewhite (pictured) was sentenced to 12 years for his part in blackmailing the Hall family, of Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, by Judge Michael Pert at Nottingham Crown Court last week…. (story)
Burton Mail 19.5.06 JAILED ANIMAL RIGHTS GANG SET TO APPEAL by David Powles - A GANG of animal rights activists jailed for 40 years between them for waging a "campaign of terror" against a farm near Burton plan to appeal against their sentences, it has been revealed. In a letter written from his prison cell, Jon Ablewhite, one of four activists convicted last week of criminal activity related to Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, says they will try to get their sentences reduced…. He said: "It was made absolutely clear to me that if I didn't comply with a guilty plea then I would receive the maximum 14 years after trial, irrespective of the truth. The labelling and stereotyping of individuals as 'leaders' of 'organised criminal networks' is a contrived political and semantic tool. It can be used to justify such umbrella conspiracy charges and outrageous sentences…. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 31.5.06 MICE AND MEN - Jo tanner, chief executive of the Coalition for Medical Progress (HE May 22) may have a grandiose title but she is merely a spokesperson for the pharmaceutical industry! It is no good having a belief that animals are essential in medical research when there is no proof to back up this ridiculous claim… LEN SHORT, "Animal Voices", St James Road, Upton, Torquay (letter)
Worcester Evening News 23.5.06 Shut vile animal torture camps - I could not disagree more with Jo Tanner in her defence of vivisection. Humane alternatives exist in the form of National Anti-vivisection Society and the Lord Dowding fund for Humane Research…. MAL BROWN, Great Witley (letter in archive)
Torquay Herald Express 22.5.06 VOICE FOR THE SILENT MAJORITY ON RESEARCH ISSUE - JO TANNER, Chief Executive, Coalition for Medical Progress, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London (story)
Gloucester Citizen 9.5.06 SIGN TO SUPPORT MEDICAL TESTING - JO TANNER, Chief Executive, Coalition for Medical Progress, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BB (letter)
Worcester Evening News 9.5.06 Experiments are vital for research - JO TANNER, Coalition for Medical Progress, London (letter in archive)
Northern Echo 6.5.06 ANIMAL RESEARCH - FOR all the answers to disease we've found in the past 50 years, there are still so many for which we have no solution. Researchers are working around the clock and the globe to find effective treatments and cures for conditions from Alzheimer's to asthma. At the heart of that work is the use of animals, which continue to provide the best possible model for medical research… Last month, the Coalition for Medical Progress, an alliance of organisations with an interest in medical research, launched its online People's Petition to give the silent majority a voice… Within 48 hours of its launch, it had been signed by 10,000 people. To sign, go to Jo Tanner, Chief Executive, Coalition for Medical Progress, London (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 31.5.06 WAR CASUALTIES - At the Porton Down DERA and CAMR research establishment, I believe that chemical weapons are tested on animals in the name of warfare, using taxpayers' money. This is evil…. A Williams Bath Somerset (story)

Salisbury Journal 31.5.06 Animal research - WE learn that prime minister Tony Blair gives his backing to the use of animals in medical research. It would seem that he is giving way to a backlash against the stupid extremes of some so-called animal rights activists. In his overreaction, he is forgetting the ever-rowing number of scientists and doctors who say that vivisection is a dangerous science… JENNIFER POTHECARY, Salisbury Animal Friends, Amesbury Road, Newton Toney, RICHARD HARVEY, Folkestone Road, Salisbury (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 31.5.06 SHEEP IN TRANSIT - Re Olivia Azen's letter re sheep in transit (Your View, May 24). Surely she realises this is only part of the process involved in order to have meat on our plate. It appears that, like the majority of the population nowadays, in order to satisfy her own needs she prefers to close her mind to animal suffering, be it in the laboratory or for the meat trade, from factory farming through to the slaughter house … LINDSAY BARRY, South Furzeham Road, Brixham (letter)


York Evening Press 30.5.06 Foxhunting is alien to millions of people - I USUALLY ignore Mike Bentley's weekly outpouring of right-wing bile. However, I must respond to his column of May 27 (Cross about taxi flag ban). It seems that three items in the recently-published list of English icons cause Mr Bentley grief. They are all connected with black or Asian Britons, and he simply can't believe the "Great British Public" would vote for them rather than for foxhunting. For your information, Mr Bentley, the Great British Public no longer consists solely of white, Anglo-Saxon, forelock-tugging rustics or landed gentry…. If you can bear to drag yourself away from your rural time-warp and visit the capital, try it. You never know, you might find you like it. Lesley Jefferis, Lynwood View, Copmanthorpe, York. (story)

Western Mail 30.5.06 Farmers left with half a minister - Simon Hart writing for the Western Mail - Could any of us have anticipated so many wheels coming off the Government machine in one go?... A few years ago we used to have a department for farming, now the number of ministers with responsibility for farming has been reduced to a part-timer - albeit a very good one…. Among all this debris, lies the career of Alun Michael, relegated (at last some would say) to the backbenches. Few will regret his removal from office. He had little empathy with rural issues and fundamentally botched the saga of hunting. He was also one of Nick Brown's team which oversaw the chaos of foot-and-mouth…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 30.5.06 ANIMAL RIGHTS - Animal rights extremists have begun targeting shareholders of GlaxoSmithKline. It represents the first time that individual shareholders in the pharmaceuticals industry have been targeted by militants…. (story)

Western Morning News 30.5.06 DRUG TEST SHOCK IS A DIVINE JUDGMENT - Mr l Short (May 2) states there were no birth defects when thalidomide was tested on animals at ten times the dose given to humans…. Humankind is made differently from the animal kingdom. We are special, made in God's likeness. Maybe a lesson has been learned by the manufacturers of new drugs and those volunteers taking them. John Lewis, Langport, Somerset (letter)

Glasgow Herald 30.5.06 Fur sporrans and sable boots fall foul of bank - ALAN MacDERMID - MAKERS of sporrans and kinky boots were among the firms who were turned away last year by the bank that sometimes likes to say "No". The Co-operative Bank said it turned away almost £10m worth of business last year in order to maintain its ethical standards…. (story)
Guardian 30.5.06 Furry sporrans turned down as Co-op banks on ethical profit - Fiona Walsh - The Co-operative Bank turned away almost £10m of business on ethical grounds last year, including a company that makes sporrans from fox pelts and a shoe firm that trims high-heeled boots with sable. The bank refuses to do business with companies involved in the fur trade and rejects clients with poor labour practices or ecologically unsound policies…. (story)
Independent 30.5.06 Co-op Bank turns £10m away in ethical stance By James Daley - The Co-operative Bank turned away about £10m of business on ethical grounds last year, it has revealed, refusing dozens of companies that did not stand up to its screening tests. More than half of those turned away were refused on grounds of environmental concerns, mainly the levels of pollution generated by the businesses. About a fifth of companies were refused because of their neglect of animal welfare, while a further 20 per cent were turned away over human rights abuses… (story)

Argus 30.5.06 Protect habitat - Unfortunately for the seals and otters, places such as Brighton's Sea Life Centre are the only places left for them to go…. Maybe the various animal rights groups should be campaigning to save the natural habitat they currently live in, instead of wasting their time outside Brighton Sea Life Centre. -Jo Silby, Hove (letter in archive)

Argus 30.5.06 No valid ground - Your correspondents who have written to criticise the decision of the city planning applications sub-committee to give consent to the recent Sea Life Centre application may know something about animal welfare. Unfortunately, their knowledge of planning procedures is a lot less well-informed… As a regular contributor to animal charities, I, too, would have concerns for the welfare of animals in the proposed pools. However, I have to vote on planning policies, not on sentiment or my personal viewpoint. Several of my colleagues who supported the application no doubt came to the same conclusion. -Councillor Les Hamilton, Councillor, South Portslade, chair, planning applications subcommittee, Nursery Close, Portslade (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 30.5.06 JOHN Gallagher continues to spout about killing yet more badgers. He and the likes of the NFU's Anthony Gibson won't be happy until practically all the badgers have been exterminated. TB is on the increase in people - are badgers to blame for this also?... Anne Shaw, Penzance (story)

Western Morning News 30.5.06 USE OF SNARES AN ABOMINATION - As chairperson of South Yorkshire Badger Group, I receive all the information about bovine TB forwarded by the Badger Trust, so I am very aware of the terrible situation many farmers find themselves in due to TB… every farmer I talk to mentions it when I say who I am.They are naturally very concerned to keep South Yorkshire free of this dreaded disease, but 99 per cent of them still allow us to protect badgers on their land from badger diggers, because even if they do not actually welcome badgers, they certainly abhor the cruelty inflicted by badger baiters. Therefore I am not surprised that Devon farmers are against snaring as a way of destroying badgers if a badger cull policy is implemented…. If the Government endorses snaring of any type it will effectively be undoing the many years of campaigning to ban snares carried out by the Badger Trust and the RSPCA. Monica Ward, Penistone, Sheffield (letter)

Western Daily Press 30.5.06 IT'S THE VEGGIES WHO LIVE LONGER - Wendy Plummer (Your Say, May 10) would do well to do a little research regarding the ill-effects of dairy produce….Wendy concludes meat-eaters live longer and are healthier than vegetarians, but unbiased research tells us the opposite, hence preventative health campaigns encourage us to eat less animal fat and more fruit and vegetables… Sheila Edwards Dubai (story)
Western Daily Press 23.5.06 MEAT-EATING IS EXPLOITATION - In answer to the question asked by Wendy Plummer (Your Say, May 10): what is it about vegetarians that makes them think they know best when it comes to eating? They know that by not eating the flesh of dead animals they are not involved in any abuse or exploitation of animals. Vegans go further by not using any animal product at all…. P Richardson Cirencester Gloucestershire (story)
Western Daily Press 10.5.06 DON'T PERPETUATE THESE LIES ABOUT MODERN DAIRY FARMS - What is it about vegetarians that they think they know best when it comes to eating?... My dairy farmer daughter is furious with the likes of Roy Franklin (Your Say, May 3) perpetuating lies about farming. We in this country do not use growth hormones in our cattle. The practice was banned years ago. The Americans use them but we do not…. Wendy Plummer Bridport Dorset (letter)
Western Daily Press 3.5.06 BAD NUTRITION ADVICE A CRIME - Why isn't encouraging people to take their own lives via a circuitous route a crime? I refer to the practice of dairy and meat industry propaganda being peddled as "nutrition"… Both dairy products and meat are mostly full of chemicals ingested by the animals through medication and growth hormones. Roy Franklin Bridgwater Somerset (letter)

Guernsey Press & Star 30.5.06 Stop ‘killer’ balloon races, charities told by Phil Henderson - CHARITIES have been urged not to hold balloon races. The Environment Department said that the fund-raising events posed a danger to animals and fish…. It advised Justice for Animals not to release balloons outside the court buildings as part of a demonstration tomorrow. ‘We just wanted to end the protest with a few balloons with the Animals for Justice logo on,’ said coordinator Pamela Le Page…. (story)


Wolverhampton Express & Star 29.5.06 Pair try shooting fish By Lyndsey Hunt - Two anglers were arrested after they became bored with using their rods at a Walsall pool - and tried to shoot the fish instead…. The pair were questioned about having an air weapon in a public place and cautioned. They were released without charge and their air rifles and pellets were confiscated…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 29.5.06 PROTESTERS MOVED ON WITHIN MINUTES - Animal rights protesters were moved on by police within minutes of arriving at the gates of an East Riding business. Protesters from across the north of England met in Grimston, near Aldbrough, to campaign outside B &K Universal… The group from the Northern Animal Rights Network (Narn) said on Saturday the aim was to close down the company and prevent it supplying animals for testing. Protester Eric Chorley, 17, said: "We are mainly targeting B &K at the moment because they are one of the main breeders. … (story)

Northern Echo 29.5.06 ANIMAL TESTING - WRITER M Embling complains that Tony Blair has backed the use of animals in drug testing (HAS, May 22). This is what the vast majority of the population believe, surely, that the use of animals in the testing of drugs is an unfortunate necessity…. Eric Gendle, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough (letter)
Northern Echo 22.5.06 ANIMAL TESTING - LABOUR'S manifesto in 1997 promised a review into animal testing for medical research. Not only has that pledge being broken, the number of animals used has increased…. I have always supported the Prime Minister and think he has done a good job, especially with Northern Ireland, but I am incensed he has backed animal testing and signed the online petition… M Embling, Crook. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 29.5.06 MEDIA INFLUENCE ANIMAL TREATMENT - Mark Simmonds (Your Say, May 20) highlights what many of us have been pointing out for years. We should try to understand and respect other species, not sentimentalise or demonise them, which plays into the hands of those trying to justify the right to inflict unnecessary suffering and wanton cruelty on to them for fun, profit or religious rituals… David Thomas Hisomley Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 20.5.06 'SOCIABLE' DOLPHINS RISK BEING HARMED - With the summer holiday months fast approaching and people increasingly heading for the seaside, I write to issue an urgent warning about the dangers of interacting with "friendly" dolphins…. Unfortunately, it has now become very clear that the more dolphins learn to interact with people, the more at risk of being harmed they become. We must make every effort not to "socialise" dolphins and, in particular, not feed them…. Mark Simmonds Director of science, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 29.5.06 FARMING HAS LOST ITS WAY - The pig farmers highlighted by vegetarian group Viva (May 24) have something to hide… Depicting Viva as 'extremists' won't detract from the truth that farming has largely lost its way…. SIMON HACKER Gloucester. (letter)

Shetland News 29.5.06 THE SCOTTISH based Salmon Farm Protest Group have announced plans to hold a UK wide "Action Hour” outside supermarkets in October, as part of a worldwide campaign against fish farming… Supporters have been asked to register their interest in participating in the event by emailing SFPG chairman Bruce Sandison at saying which supermarket they will visit…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 29.5.06 HEDGEHOG CULL TOTAL REACHES JUST 148 - The latest £190,000 cull of hedgehogs in the Outer Hebrides ended at the weekend with a toll of 148 - five more than the number rescued and brought to the mainland…. Rescuers, who are supported by celebrities including Sir Paul McCartney, Sting and Queen guitarist Brian May, are mystified that so few were caught this year. It was the lowest total so far. Ross Minett of Uist Hedgehog Rescue said: Since we started our rescue operation in 2003, UHR has now removed a total of over 700 hedgehogs from the islands…. (story)

York Evening Press 29.5.06 Fur trade ban - JUST before Christmas I wrote asking the people of Yorkshire and Humberside not to be tempted to buy gifts that could encourage the deplorable trade in dog and cat fur. Following pressure from the European Union (EU), I am delighted to say that senior officials in the Chinese government have vowed to stamp out this trade, which they described as "illegal and barbaric"…. Timothy Kirkhope, Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, (MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber), Beechwood Farm, Main Street, Scotton, North Yorkshire. (letter)


Sunday Telegraph 28.5.06 Blair gave credibility to animal extremists, claims Hoey By Melissa Kite and Andrew Alderson - A Labour MP has accused Tony Blair of granting "credibility" to extremists who target medical research. Kate Hoey claimed that, by accepting large donations from animal rights groups and giving in to the anti-hunting lobby, Mr Blair had fuelled the problem facing scientific companies. Miss Hoey, the MP for Vauxhall and the chairman of the Countryside Alliance, said:… "It is no coincidence that, while a hard core of fanatics remains, the number of anti-hunting activists has fallen considerably as the anti-vivisection campaign has grown. These are the same people and they use the same tactics: intimidation, violence and grave robbery."… (story)

Independent on Sunday 28.5.06 Animal research: We live in fear every day - Families linked to animal research describe the constant terror of death threats, hoax bombs and paint attacks By Karen McVeigh (story)


Irish Independent 27.5.06 Blood sports spin doctor - The blood sports enthusiasts are not content with the fact that, shamefully and to our disgrace as a supposedly civilised country, they are allowed to carry on hounding foxes, hares and tame deer for "sport". Now they want the general public to like them as well! According to UK hunting magazine, 'Horse and Hound', the hunters are about to launch a "charm offensive" on the Irish nation… Their ex-government spin doctor may charm the public for all he is worth, but he won't succeed in fooling people…. AIDEEN YOURELL, IRISH COUNCIL AGAINST BLOOD SPORTS, PO BOX 88 MULLINGAR, CO WESTMEATH (letter)

Scotsman 27.5.06 Something to grouse about - ALASTAIR ROBERTSON - ANYONE who owns, lets or manages a grouse moor in the East Highlands had better sharpen up. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the bobbies are after you. The message contained in the latest diktat to estates from the RSPB is pretty clear: you are responsible for wiping out raptors in the north-east of Scotland and if we don't see an increase over the next three years we'll want to know why. And if you haven't got a decent quota of raptors you had better get one smartish…. According to the RSPB, there is a decline in raptor numbers in the East Highlands. This "often coincides with areas of heather moorland managed for sport shooting of Red Grouse… The RSPB is convinced it is mainly the fault of keepers for illegally bumping off birds or stomping on their nests…. Could it be harriers simply don't like carefully managed grouse moors and naturally push off to somewhere more inviting? Just a thought. (story)

Western Morning News or Torquay Herald Express 27.5.06 SHARPENING THE SENSES - As a BREEd, foxes are loners, opportunists and born survivors, capable of adapting to changing situations and circumstances as cunningly and competently as any human…. (story)

Oxford Mail 27.5.06 Extension to animal lab exclusion zone By Monica Sloan - Oxford University has won an extension of its injunction against activists opposed to the planned animal research laboratory…. Robert Cogswell, a spokesman for Speak, said: "There's been a limited extension but we are very happy with the order. We consider their injunction a dismal failure of their legal team…. (story)
Telegraph 27.5.06 Oxford wins new animal rights protest injunction - Animal rights protesters in Oxford were denied the right to loiter or protest within 100 yards of colleges or university residential buildings yesterday after the university obtained a new High Court injunction…. (story)
Guardian 27.5.06 Oxford wins stiffer curbs on animal protests - Audrey Gillan - Oxford University yesterday won an extension to its injunction banning animal rights activists from protesting against the building of a £20m biomedical research laboratory… (story)
Times 27.5.06 Judge tightens restrictions on Oxford animal lab protesters BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - A STRICT injunction protecting Oxford University from animal rights activists was further tightened by the High Court in London yesterday…. Those covered by the injunction include all members of Speak, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty and the Animal Liberation Front, plus John Curtin and Max Gastone. (story)
Telegraph 26.5.06 Animal rights activists curbed - Oxford University has won a court battle to limit the freedom of protestors against animal testing to demonstrate near its research centre. Mr Justice Holland ruled to extend an existing injunction, in the latest round of an ongoing battle over a new £20 million biomedical research laboratory site in South Parks Road….The judge, sitting at London's High Court, agreed that the present exclusion zone was too small and should be "moderately" increased in size. He also banned the use of a megaphone during the weekly demonstration on Thursday… (story)
Oxford Mail 26.5.06 University wins lab ban battle - Oxford University today won an extension of its existing injunction against animal rights activists…. (story)
Guardian 26.5.06 Oxford wins extension to animal activists ban - Press Association - Oxford University today won an extension to its existing injunction against animal rights activists…. (story)
Sun 26.5.06 Uni beats animal campaign By SUN ONLINE REPORTER - OXFORD University today won a court ruling protecting it from animal rights activists…. (story)
BBC News Online 26.5.06 Oxford lab injunction tightened - Oxford University has been granted an extension to its existing injunction against animal rights activists…. (story)
The Lawyer 26.5.06 Animal rights activists lose University case - Tim Lawson-Cruttenden, the scourge of animal rights activists, has won another victory for Oxford University against protestors seeking to disrupt the construction of a new biomedical research centre…. (story)
Reuters 26.5.06 Oxford University awaits animal rights judgement - LONDON (Reuters) - Oxford University learns on Friday if it has won a wider ban on protesters demonstrating against a new animal research centre being built in the city…. (story)
Oxford Mail 20.5.06 Lab complaints ‘exaggerated’ - Oxford University's complaints that contractors at its new £20m animal research lab were being harassed and intimidated were "exaggerated", a judge heard yesterday. Robert Cogswell, one of the founding members of campaign group Speak, said all he and the group's members wanted was to peacefully protest against what he termed the "animal abuse lab". Mr Cogswell was giving evidence at the High Court in London against the university's bid to extend current injunctions over protests against the building of the research lab in South Parks Road…. (story)
Guardian 20.5.06 Corrections and clarifications - We incorrectly named LC Services Limited as being the steel company that had withdrawn from working for Oxford University because of fears of harassment and intimidation by animal-rights extremists… (story)
Oxford Mail 19.5.06 Judge hears of lab intimidation - A major steel supplier was frightened off working for Oxford University because of the campaign by animal rights activists, a High Court judge was told yesterday. Oxford University returned to court in London to extend its existing injunction against activists opposed to the building of its £20m biomedical research lab in South Parks Road… The individuals involved in the proceedings are: Mel Broughton, John Curtin, Robert Cogswell, Max Gastone, Robin Webb, Amanda Richards, Greg Avery and Natasha Avery, plus several named groups. The hearing continues. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 19.5.06 Oxford in move to block animal protest - OXFORD University has applied to the High Court for an injunction against animal rights protesters… (story)
Guardian 19.5.06 Intimidation fears prompt firm to quit university - Sandra Laville - A major contractor has withdrawn from working for Oxford University because of fears of harassment and intimidation by animal rights extremists, it emerged yesterday. The steel company, named in court documents as LC Services, said it would stop working at the university because of the targeting by animal rights activists last week of shareholders in the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline and after the case of the desecration of the grave of an old woman whose family ran a guinea pig farm in Staffordshire…. (story)
BBC News Online 18.5.06 'Clear threats' to new Oxford lab - Oxford University has applied to the High Court for an injunction against animal rights protesters who campaign against its biomedical research centre…. a target=main href="">(story)
Oxford Student 18.5.06 University in fresh attempt to silence anti-lab activists By Andy Heath Oxford University has today launched a campaign to straightjacket animal rights protests in the city. Lawyers for the University are seeking a new injunction against activists opposing the construction of the biomedical research laboratory in the city….(story)
ITV 18.5.06 Oxford Uni bid to ban animal rights protesters - Oxford University has gone to the High Court to try and ban animal rights protesters from its new £20 million biomedical research laboratory… The individuals currently involved in the proceedings are: Mel Broughton; John Curtin; Robert Cogswell; Max Gastone; Robin Webb; Amanda Richards; Greg Avery and Natasha Avery plus a number of named groups. Stephanie Harrison, counsel for Mr Webb, a spokesperson for the Animal Liberation Front, applied for an adjournment of the case against him so that he could properly answer it. Mr Flint argued that Mr Webb had made a "clear threat" against the university in that he had stated to the media that student accommodation was a legitimate target. He had also been caught on camera showing an undercover journalist how to make a bomb…. (story)
Times 18.5.06 Oxford seeks greater limits on animal rights protests BY SIMON FREEMAN - Oxford University returned to the High Court today to apply for an existing injunction against animal rights activists to be extended across the city…. The individuals named in the proceedings are: Mel Broughton; John Curtin; Robert Cogswell; Max Gastone; Robin Webb; Amanda Richards; Greg Avery and Natasha Avery plus a number of named groups… (story)
BBC News Online 18.5.06 Oxford seeks animal protests ban - Oxford University is seeking an injunction against animal rights protesters who campaign against its biomedical research centre… (story)
Oxford Mail 18.5.06 University seeks to extend injunction against animal lab protesters By Andrew Ffrench - Oxford University was today seeking to extend an injunction against animal rights protesters campaigning against its new animal research laboratory…. (story)

Bath Chronicle 27.5.06 SORRY, BUT THERE ARE NO RIGHTS FOR THESE ANIMALS - Unlike David Thomas (Letters, May 24) I would like to applaud Tony Blair for signing a petition in favour of responsible animal research. It is time we stood up to the emotional propaganda of animal extremists and put patients' rights on the map…. THOMAS BROMLEY, Dunstable, Beds (letter)
Bath Chronicle 24.5.06 BLAIR'S ANIMAL STANCE IS WRONG - Tony Blair and his media pals have isolated decent, intelligent compassionate people, by pandering to political correctness and liberal elitism regarding ethnic minorities, immigrants and the yob culture. Now they think they can gain credibility by persecuting the anti-vivisectionist, under the guise of concern for our health and environment. But, in reality, this is because anti-vivisectionists threaten the vast profits of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry…. David Thomas, Hisomley, Nr Westbury (letter)

Scotsman 27.5.06 Rigorous inspections - As a farmer and vet, I invite Heather Mills McCartney (Focus, 23 May) to visit a dairy farm to see the pride farmers and their families take in caring for their cattle. Rather than repeat the myths about the live export of cattle to Europe, she should join the vets on farms and at ports to see how rigorously vehicles and cattle are inspected…. NIGEL MILLER, Stagehall, Stow, Selkirkshire
Having digested, with some difficulty, Heather Mills McCartney's scaremongering article on milk production, I considered myself lucky to be still around to read it…. JOHN R MURDOCH, Murthly, Perthshire (letters)

Halifax Courier 27.5.06 ANIMAL RIGHTS THREAT TO EXPORTS OF BRITISH BEEF - C. J. Horsman, Rochdale Road, Halifax. THE news that the export of British beef to EU countries has begun again following the 10-year ban due to the BSE crisis is good news not only for our hard-working farmers but also for the economy as a whole…. There is, however, a fly in the ointment in that some animal rights groups are planning protests if and when the export of live stock starts on a regular basis. The main plank of their argument against this trade is that it causes stress to the animals being transported. Apparently a screaming mob banging on the sides of a lorry does not…. (letter)


Gloucestershire Echo 26.5.06 CLAIM MADE OVER FARMER WAS UNJUST - I really must protest about your article "Dead sheep set alight"…I am Mr Jeynes' closest neighbour, living next door to the farm, and on the night in question I was totally unaware of any problem until I took the dog out and saw the flashing lights of the fire engine… Mr Jeynes, being mainly a sheep farmer, suffers from his lambs being attacked and killed by that bundle of joy, the fox, which is on the increase since the banning of hunting…. M. Marshall, Deerhurst Walton. (letter)

Hexham Courant 26.5.06 Equilibrium - BILL Richardson (Courant Letters, May 19) effectively compares birds of prey (raptors) with rapists and house breakers. If this is the case, what are the people who stand behind butts on a grouse moor blasting inoffensive birds out of the sky as they are driven towards them by beaters – all in the name of sport?... TREVOR BRIDGES, Ovington (letter)
Hexham Courant 26.5.06 Nest guard - SOME rational thought is needed to temper the rhetoric which surrounds anything to do with hen harrier nests… Bill Richardson (Courant Letters, May 19) is wrong in stating that "people who own cultivated grouse moors” will greet the loss of the Corbridge harrier with relief. However, Bill Richardson is right to point out the damage that harriers can do to a whole range of protected moorland birds… TIM BAYNES, Moorland Policy Officer, The Countryside Alliance, Barnard Castle. (letter)
Hexham Courant 26.5.06 Criminal act - BILL Richardson’s remarks about the suspicious disappearance of a nesting hen harrier (Courant Letters, May 19) are more deplorable and nonsensical than usual. I sincerely hope that Mr Richardson is not condoning a suspected illegal act… DAVID HIRST RSPB, North England Regional Office, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. (letter)
Hexham Courant 19.5.06 Food supply - SO, Bill Richardson thinks the shooting of a hen harrier near Corbridge, was to be commended (Courant Letters, May 12). The people he talks about, who cultivate grouse moors, only do it to invite those who pay obscene amounts of money to blast the aforementioned grouse out of the sky… Mrs AVRIL DICKINSON, Eastwood Grange Road, Hexham (letter)
Hexham Courant 12.5.06 Hen harrier - THE disappearance of a hen harrier in the Northumberland countryside will be greeted by people with cultivated grouse moors with some relief…. BILL RICHARDSON, Rothbury (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 26.5.06 ANGER AFTER SNARE KILLS SKYE OTTER - EILIDH DAVIES - An Otter killed by a snare on a popular Skye footpath is the fifth to meet such a fate on the island in the past five years. Now animal rights groups are calling on the Scottish Executive to strenuously enforce laws on the use of the traps…. Grace Yoxon, director of the International Otter Survival Fund, said Percy had suffered horrendously from the injury before it died…. Ross Minett of Adovocates for Animals said: "We are concerned yet sadly not surprised to learn that yet another otter has been caught in a snare….(story)

Western Daily Press 26.5.06 ARE THE SNARE TRIALS ILLEGAL? - It's difficult to find words to describe the horror I felt on reading "Snared in badger row" (Western Daily Press, May 18) about Defra's intention to run trials on body snares for badgers, and leave them caught for up to eight hours while researchers study them for injuries…. Helen Weeks West Coker Somerset (letter)

Western Mail 26.5.06 Animal rights wrong - I must disagree with Lorraine Parker's views on animal rights (Western Mail, letters, May 20). Consistently since the '70s these people have intimidated, bombed, stolen, burgled, beaten, desecrated and committed vile acts against people. To support, and thereby finance the animal rights cult is wholly sinister and it is just the same as committing those acts oneself… DEREK BLACKWELL, Maes-y-Afon, Pontyclun, Mid Glamorgan (letter)
Western Mail 24.5.06 Labs save lives - Unlike Lorraine Parker (Letters, May 20) I would like to applaud our Prime Minister Tony Blair for publicly signing a petition in support of responsible animal research. It is time we stood up to the emotional propaganda of animal extremists and put patients' rights on the map…. THOMAS BROMLEY, Patients' Voice, Dunstable, Beds (letter)
Western Mail 20.5.06 PM fails animals - When will Tony Blair stop lumping together groups of people under headings? Being interested and campaigning for animal rights does not make a person an extremist… We were promised a Royal Commission to look into alternatives to vivisection. Instead Mr Blair has recently given the go-ahead for more animal suffering…. LORRAINE PARKER, Whitchurch Road, Cardiff (letter)

Jersey Evening Post 26.5.06 The Island should be proud of this Trust From Robert Oliver. 41 Sandhill Road, Vernon, New Jersey - I REFER to the letter of 16 May from David Spratt and can only comment, in line with John Yates, that I also found it ill-informed and a gross distortion of what the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is all about… (letter may be in archive)
Jersey Evening Post 20.5.06 Gerry Durrell's amazing legacy From Dr Mark Stanley Price, chief executive, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust - I REFER to the letter (JEP, 16 May) from David Spratt and the response from John Yates on 18 May. Thank you to Mr Yates for his letter, which summarises precisely our conservation role and ethos. As an international charity, our headquarters in Jersey plays a vital role in our conservation strategy to learn more from the animals under conservation care. The animals at Durrell are also ambassadors for their relatives in the wild. They educate our visitors and supporters to their increasing plight due to the continued environmental issues the world faces… (Ietter may be in archive)
Jersey Evening Post 18.5.06 The trust is not a 'zoo' - THE letter from David Spratt (JEP, 16 May) indicates that he has a somewhat warped view of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. I have been associated with the BUAV and other animal welfare organisations for many years. Also, I have campaigned against zoos, circuses with performing animals and other activities which exploit or demean animals for the curiosity or amusement of humans. How come then that my wife and I are members of the Wildlife Conservation Trust? The answer simply is that the trust is just what it says it is. Wildlife conservation… From John Yates. 2 Sunnyside Cottage, Litton Cheney, Dorset. (letter may be in archive)
Jersey Evening Post 16.5.06 Spin on a name From David Spratt, scientific consultant, Captive Animals Protection Society. HOW enlightening that Jersey Zoo no longer wants to be called a zoo. Mark Stanley Price's spin on a name demonstrates how the public have turned against the zoo concept - thus reducing the money that these places make from using animals as entertainment… So come on, Mr Stanley Price, try to show us that you are really committed to conservation and shut down your animal entertainment business; after all, it is built on the legacy of Gerald Durrell - the man who made his first business the capturing of animals for zoos. (letter may be in archive)

South Wales Echo 26.5.06 Dad attacks RSPCA as cruelty conviction is overturned - A family wrongly accused of being cruel to their pet dog have condemned the RSPCA for taking action against them. Shopowners Daniel and Trudie Logue, whose 14-month-long ordeal ended when a judge quashed a conviction earlier this week, say they will never donate money to the animal charity again. Their problems began in March 2005 when Mac, their Irish Wolfhound puppy, escaped… The charity had argued that Mac was in unnecessary pain for four days between vet visits…. The dad-of-three said: 'The five months from the time they seized Mac until we were actually charged only prolonged the agony and he was away from us for nine months until the magistrates themselves ruled we should have him back…. arget=main href="">(story)

West Cumberland Times & Star 26.5.06 MARRA the dolphin is certainly a very special dolphin to the people of Cumbria. This showed through at Marra’s recent stranding at Beckfoot near Silloth. British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) or Marra could not have wanted a more dedicated team of people helping to save Marra for a second time… TREVOR WEEKS, National Co-ordinator, British Divers Marine Life Rescue, Uckfield, East Sussex (letter)

Manchester Evening News 26.5.06 Mozza buys out butcher - MORRISSEY'S manager has bought up a butcher's entire stock to avoid offending the vegetarian singer. According to, the former Smiths singer, whose albums include Meat Is Murder, had stipulated that his concert venue in Truro, Cornwall, was meat free. But his manager spotted butcher Chris Barrow's stall at the hall… Mr Barrow said: "When the manager said he would buy the whole lot I thought he was joking…. (story)


Edinburgh Evening News 25.5.06 Shamed peer has burning desire to volunteer - SHAMED peer Lord Watson today revealed he wanted to work in the voluntary sector…. (story)
Dundee Courier 24.5.06 Shamed peer freed after eight months By Steve Bargeton, political editor - DISGRACED PEER Lord Mike Watson of Invergowrie was released from prison yesterday after serving eight months for starting a fire in a top Edinburgh hotel… (story)
Scotsman 24.5.06 Hotel blaze peer walks out of prison into row over newspaper diary deal - GETHIN CHAMBERLAIN CHIEF NEWS CORRESPONDENT - THE shamed peer Lord Watson walked free from prison yesterday morning and straight into a fresh row over claims that he will make a profit as a result of his criminal behaviour. The former Scottish culture minister and MSP for Glasgow Cathcart intends to move to London to take up his seat again in the House of Lords and is understood to be planning to publish a diary of his time behind bars…. (story)
icScotland 23.5.06 Fire-raising Labour peer released - Shamed Labour peer Mike Watson is expected to be freed from prison after serving eight months for starting a fire at an upmarket hotel… (story)
Daily Record 23.5.06 WATSON OUT OF JAIL - SHAMED Labour peer Mike Watson is set to be freed from prison today after serving eight months - half his sentence - for starting a fire at a hotel…. (story)
Glasgow Evening Times 23.5.06 Shamed firebug peer freed after 8 months by Deborah Anderson - SHAMED former Labour peer Mike Watson was freed from prison today after spending eight months behind bars. Lord Watson, 57, was jailed in September for starting a fire at an upmarket Edinburgh hotel in 2004… (story)
BBC News Online 23.5.06 Peer set free after eight months - Former Labour MSP Mike Watson has been freed from prison after serving eight months behind bars for starting a fire at an Edinburgh hotel….(story)
Edinburgh Evening News 23.5.06 Shamed peer Watson dodges question time as he goes free - JOANNA VALLELY - DISGRACED peer Mike Watson was freed from Edinburgh's Saughton Prison today after spending eight months behind bars…. (story)

Western Daily Press 25.5.06 ABSURDITY OF AN ACT THAT FAILS TO OFFER DEER ANY PROTECTION - I'm sorry that Jenny Land is "sickened and saddened" by my activities (Your Say, May 23). I walk my dogs through the woods which flush out the deer in them… I have never killed a deer in my life and if the dogs chase a deer I call them off… Defra insist that any deer I flush out must now be shot in order to stop them being persistently flushed out. They insist that the Government has a right to stop me walking my dogs in my woods because they say that scaring deer away is cruel unless the deer are shot. I am not prepared to shoot the deer… The Hunting Act needs to be replaced with a sensible law prohibiting cruelty to wild animals. I would not be breaking such a law as I am not being cruel. Giles Bradshaw Rose Ash Devon (story)
Western Daily Press 23.5.06 INCOMPREHENSIBLE - Giles Bradshaw's letter has sickened and saddened me, indeed it has. How he can take such obvious enjoyment, illegally hunting deer with his dogs, is beyond my comprehension. Does he kill the deer? Does he need to eat venison?... Jenny Land Dursley Gloucestershire (letter)

South Wales Argus 25.5.06 Game fair sunk by weather - ONE of this Bank Holiday's biggest events is off because the continuing downpours have left the Gwent venue under water. About 12,000 visitors were expected to attend the two-day BASC Wales and Border Counties Game and Country Fair at Usk showground…. (story)
Western Mail 16.5.06 Country pursuits - The Usk showground, Monmouthshire, is the venue for the 2006 Wales & Border Counties Game and Country Fair on Sunday May 28 and Monday May 29. The fair features continuous arena events such as displays of falcons and hounds, gundog and gun safety demonstrations, deer stalking, long netting and decoy calling, and whippet racing…. The two-day event is co-organised by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation…. (story)

Guardian 25.5.06 Cells on a chip to cut animal tests - Ian Sample - Scientists are recreating the human body on a microchip - using clumps of cells from different organs linked by fluid-filled channels - to reduce the amount of animal testing for drugs. The "human-on-a-chip" mimics the body's physiology on a miniature scale, including how each organ reacts to drugs and other chemicals… (story)

Oxford Student 25.5.06 Oxford activists to attend global ‘terror camp’ By Ed Hancox - British animal rights groups plan to export their tactics overseas at a global training camp next month. Oxford lab pressure group Speak will be attending the gathering, according to the organisers. Also attending will be prominent UK activist groups Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty (SHAC) and Gateway to Hell, and campaigners from Europe and beyond… (story)
Telegraph 20.5.06 Animal rights camp to export terror By Rosie Murray-West - British animal rights activists are planning to use a training camp next month to export their violent tactics to Europe and beyond. The AR2006 camp will be held in an undisclosed location on the weekend of June 23 and will feature classes in potentially lethal physical techniques that are described as "self-defence". The police National Extremism Technical Co-ordination Unit (NETCU), which investigates animal rights extremism, is aware of the event….(story)

Oxford Student 25.5.06 Full extent of lab threats revealed By Andy Heath Annie Modermott - Contractors working on the new animal labs on South Parks Road have been stalked and spied on by animal rights activists, it has emerged. The Oxford Student has learnt that on thirteen separate incidents in the past five months, intimidation of individuals has been reported….
Lab contractors quit over fears of harassment - Two contractors have pulled out of work for the University due to fears of becoming a target for animal rights extremists. A steel company, who The Oxford Student has decided not to name for security reasons, has withdrawn from the tendering process. In a letter to the University the company explained that they had pulled out so they could "sleep easily at night”…. (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 25.5.06 Testing cruelty - After years of reading the letters in the T&A, I have come to the conclusion we are very selective regarding the views of scientists…. The Humane Research Trust and the Dr Hadwen Trust are two of the charities funding research in universities and hospitals which use different approaches in studying a whole range of medical conditions including cancer…. Cynthia Trasi, Kirkgate, Shipley (letter)

Oxford Student 25.5.06 Anim-osity - The media coverage of the on going confrontation between pro-animal testing, and extremist animal rights factions has been inescapable of late, and perhaps rightly so. But presenting the debate as an evenly matched discussion between two legitimate sides seems entirely ridiculous when considering the violent and unconstitutional intimidation tactics used by certain animal rights cells… Name withheld, Pembroke College (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 25.5.06 ANIMAL RIGHTS THREATS PROBED - RHIANNON BEACHAM - Police are investigating after four people in Swansea received threatening letters from animal rights extremists. The letters were sent out across the UK to investors in the drugs group GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), which carries out work with an animal testing firm… (story)
Hounslow Guardian 19.5.06 Animal extremists target investors - Brentford-based pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has obtained a High Court injunction to protect their private shareholders from intimidation by animal rights activists… (story)
Plymouth Evening Herald 16.5.06 16.5.06 HATE CAMPAIGN TARGETS REGION - Animal rights fanatics are targeting Plymouth and South Hams people with shares in pharmaceutical giants GlaxoSmithKline, it emerged today…. (story)
Western Morning News or Torquay Herald Express 13.5.06 - South Hams shareholders have been caught up in the latest animal rights campaign aimed at investors in the GlaxoSmithKline company. So far five local shareholders in the company have reported receiving letters from the activists threatening to publish their names on the internet unless they sell their shares… (story)
Northern Echo 13.5.06 Police inquiry into letter threats to shareholders - POLICE are investigating threatening letters sent by animal rights extremists to GlaxoSmithKline shareholders in the North. Investors across the region have been targeted by the activists, who warned them their names would be made public unless they sold their shares…. Stockbroker groups also denounced the campaign as terrorism, while medical researchers have defended animal testing as a small but vital part of their work that had saved millions of lives. … (story in archive)
Financial Times 12.5.06 Funds defy animal rights attack on GSK By Andrew Jack in London - Efforts by animal rights extremists to blackmail GlaxoSmithKline shareholders into selling their stakes have prompted leading institutional investors into a rare show of public defiance. The pledge by seven leading international financial institutions with billions of pounds invested in the health sector to stand by the UK-based pharmaceutical group is a sign of the new-found readiness of business and the City to fight back against the animal rights extremists…. (story)
South Wales Echo 12.5.06 Glaxo shareholders receive threat letter - David James, South Wales Echo - South Wales Police are investigating threatening letters sent by animal rights activists to shareholders in a pharmaceutical giant… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 12.5.06 A moral duty to keep on testing - BRIAN MONTEITH - THE domestic terrorism conducted by animal rights activists took a new twist this week when small shareholders of GlaxoSmithKline were sent letters telling them to sell their stake within two weeks or face the prospect of their names and addresses being published on a website…. Glaxo showed admirable resolve by immediately and successfully seeking a court injunction against the anonymous authors that means that the publication of any shareholders details will now be in contempt of court, for which the punishment includes prison…. So, more power to Glaxo and their like. I might even buy some shares. (story)
The Comet 11.5.06 Extremists target GSK shareholders - SHAREHOLDERS of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline living in Comet country have received threatening letters from animal rights extremists. The company, which has a large research site in Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, confirmed a woman from the town had contacted them and the police after receiving a threatening letter…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 11.5.06 INJUNCTION WILL STOP PROTEST AGAINST GLAXO - Pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline has secured a High Court injunction to prevent animal rights extremists publishing details of its shareholders. The action was taken after campaigners threatened to list people who refuse to sell their shares on the internet. Glaxo, which makes Lucozade and Ribena at its Coleford factory and employs 260 staff at its distribution depot in Brockworth, was targeted because of its links with medical research group Huntingdon Life Sciences…. (story)
Irish Examiner 11.5.06 Shareholders threatened by animal rights group By Catherine Shanahan - IRISH shareholders of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), who received a letter from an animal rights group demanding they sell their shares, have been advised to report the matter to the gardaí….(story)
Guardian 10.5.06 Glaxo gains injunction against animal activists - Sam Jones - Europe's biggest drug-maker, Glaxo-SmithKline, last night won a high court injunction to stop an unknown group of animal rights activists sending more letters to its small shareholders or publishing their names and addresses…. (story)
Telegraph 10.5.06 Glaxo wins court order to protect investors GlaxoSmithKline has secured a High Court injunction to stop animal rights extremists from publishing details of its shareholders, it has been reported… (story)
Telegraph 10.5.06 Personal view: Illegal threats do not provide any alternative to vital animal research By JP Garnier - On Monday, animal extremists committed another cowardly act. Thousands of GSK private shareholders received unwelcome letters demanding that they sell their shares because of our continued use of Huntingdon Life Sciences. As a company, we have become used to these offensive gestures, as have many of the large institutions, but this attack on private shareholders represents a new variety of intimidation and harassment. I have, though, been heartened by the response of our shareholders…. (story)
Times 10.5.06 GSK gets order against activists - GlaxoSmithKline obtained an unprecedented High Court injunction last night against the animal rights protesters who sent threatening letters to the company’s shareholders…. (story)
Sky 10.5.06 Extremists' Plan Is Foiled - GlaxoSmithKline has secured a High Court injunction to prevent animal rights extremists publishing details of its shareholders…. (story)
Scotsman 10.5.06 Extremists barred - GLAXOSmithKline (GSK) has obtained an emergency injunction against animal rights extremists who sent threatening letters to the drug group's investors…. (story)
North West Evening Mail 10.5.06 FIRM MOVES TO STOP WEB NAMING - GLAXO has won a High Court injunction to prevent animal rights extremists publishing details of its shareholders. Threat letters have been received by current and former employees of GlaxoSmithKline in Ulverston…. (story)
Hunts Post 10.5.06 Shares ultimatum by animal protesters - A PREVIOUSLY unknown group - the Campaign Against Huntingdon Life Sciences - has targeted a national drugs company for its dealings with Huntingdon Life Sciences…. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 10.5.06 Glaxo gets injunction on animal extremists - GLAXOSMITHKLINE has secured a High Court injunction to prevent animal rights extremists from publishing details of its shareholders…. (story)
Hull Daily Mail 10.5.06 DRUG FIRM WINS - Glaxosmithkline has secured a High Court injunction to prevent animal rights extremists from publishing details of its shareholders…. (story)
Mirror 10.5.06 GLAXO HIT BY THREAT - ANIMAL rights fanatics have threatened people who hold shares in drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline… (story)
BBC News Online 9.5.06 Glaxo wins injunction over threat - GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has obtained a High Court emergency injunction against animal rights extremists who threatened the drugs group's investors…. However, animal rights groups, such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, have defended the campaign. "If you invest in a company that is involved in animal torture, then you should expect - it's a public limited company - that information is open to the public," one campaigner, John Curtin, said…. (story)
Guardian 9.5.06 Animal rights activists tell drug firm's small investors to sell up or else - Police are investigating threatening letters posted to scores of small shareholders who have been told their names and addresses will be published on the internet if they do not sell their stakes in GlaxoSmithKline. An anonymous animal rights group claims to be writing to every one of the pharmaceutical giant's 170,000 small investors warning them to sell up as part of an increasingly violent campaign against the Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory in Cambridgeshire…. (story)
Guardian 9.5.06 Glaxo and a point of honour - Nils Pratley - The first thing to say to any GlaxoSmithKline shareholder who received a cowardly letter of intimidation from animal rights extremists yesterday is that the company's advice is good. If you transfer your shares into Glaxo's nominee account, your identity and privacy should be protected. The system generally works smoothly and efficiently and is free of charge. The second point is that Glaxo has behaved impeccably over the years in its dealings with Huntingdon Life Sciences…. (story)
Independent 9.5.06 Animal rights group switches attack to private investors By Julia Kollewe, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent - Animal rights activists have begun targeting private investors for the first time in their campaign of intimidation against the medical testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). The drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), which uses HLS to carry out toxicology tests on animals, was inundated with calls from small shareholders yesterday, who received threatening letters from a previously unheard-of animal rights group… The animal rights group, which calls itself Campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences, threatened to publicise shareholders' personal details on the internet unless they sold their holdings in GSK. The letter ends with the words: "The choice is yours."… (story)
Independent 9.5.06 Jeremy Warner's Outlook - Time for action on animal rights activists- Animal rights activists have taken their campaign to a new and more sinister level by writing threatening letters to private shareholders in GlaxoSmithKline alongside big institutional investors…. The authorities must act swiftly against the perpetrators of this letter. Those who consider animal life just as important as that of humans deserve the highest possible respect. Yet they won't win the argument by discouraging investment in GSK and others that must test their products on animals for efficacy and safety…. (story)
Telegraph 9.5.06 Extremists target Glaxo shareholders By Rosie Murray-West - Animal rights activists threatened small shareholders in GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical company, with public exposure yesterday unless they sold their shares within two weeks…. Simon Festing, the head of the Research Defence Society, described the letters as "bully boy tactics"… (story)
Times 9.5.06 Animal rights activists target investors in GlaxoSmithKline BY TOM BAWDEN AND LIZ CHONG - GLAXOSMITHKLINE shareholders were left shaken last night after receiving threatening letters from animal rights activists and doubtful advice from the company on protecting their identities… In response to the letter, which has not yet been received by institutional shareholders, the company advised shareholders to instruct their broker to hold their shares in a nominee account… An 80-year-old grandmother in West London who has held Glaxo shares for more than a decade said that she was shocked and angered by the letter. The former scientist, who declined to be named, said: "It’s blackmail and I don’t like being blackmailed.”… (story)
Times 9.5.06 Tactics that scare away investors BY TOM BAWDEN - ALTHOUGH the anonymous letter sent to GlaxoSmithKline’s shareholders did not threaten violence, the implication of investors’ details being made public was clear enough. It is a tactic that the extremists have used before, most famously with Montpelier, the construction group that was building a new drugs research laboratory for Oxford University…. (story)
Western Daily Press 9.5.06 ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP TARGETS GLAXO INVESTORS - Drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline yesterday said it had called in the police after animal rights extremists wrote to investors threatening to make their names public if they did not sell their shares in the company… (story)
Yorkshire Post 9.5.06 LETTER FURY AS SHAREHOLDERS ARE TARGETED - Rob Waugh - ANIMAL rights extremists have launched a campaign of intimidation against shareholders of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline by threatening to "out" them if they refuse to sell their stake in the company…. (story)
Northern Echo 9.5.06 Workers alerted to extremist threats - EMPLOYEES of a pharmaceutical company have been warned to be on their guard against animal rights extremists. The warning for the 1,150 staff at GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) Barnard Castle site, in County Durham, comes after extremists launched a campaign against its shareholders... (letter in archive)
ITN 9.5.06 Activists threaten GlaxoSmithKline shareholders - Animal rights extremists have threatened to publish the personal details of GlaxoSmithKline shareholders… (story)
BBC News Online 9.5.06 Glaxo investors get threat letter - Animal rights extremists have sent intimidating letters to small investors in drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline, warning them to sell their shares…. (story)
Guardian 8.5.06 Animal rights group targets Glaxo shareholders - Animal rights extremists have launched a campaign against GlaxoSmithKline over the pharmaceutical giant's continued use of medical research group Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), the company said today. Glaxo said letters had been sent to shareholders around the country urging them to sell Glaxo shares to "target its financial vulnerability"…. (story)
Reuters 8.5.06 Animal rights activists target Glaxo shareholders By Ben Hirschler - Shareholders in GlaxoSmithKline have received menacing letters from an animal rights group demanding they sell their shares in the company or face having their names made public within the next 14 days. Europe's biggest pharmaceuticals manufacturer said on Monday it had called in the police over the letter campaign, which targets the firm's continued use of animal research laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS)…. (story)

Independent 25.5.06 MEPs act against animal testing - Jackie Ballard of the RSPCA is right to call for more priority to be given to the development of alternatives to animal testing (letter, May 20). These were given a major stimulus three years ago when MEPs set a timetable to restrict the marketing across Europe of new cosmetic products containing ingredients tested on animals, thereby encouraging major manufacturers to invest in research… CHRIS DAVIES MEP, (LIB DEM, NORTH WEST OF ENGLAND) EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT BRUSSELS… (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 25.5.06 animal testing - Don’t deny us democracy - THIS government more than any has supported those who use animals in research. This is the same government that 10 years ago promised a royal commission on vivisection, only to go back on their word when they were in power…. ANDRE WATSON, Carlisle (letter)

Manchester Evening News 25.5.06 Bullies - IT IS disgraceful that animal activists have been allowed to dictate the way science and innovation are going in this country…. It’s time for the country to stand up to these people. If we stand together, the bullies will soon fade away. Antony Wall, Reddish (letter)

Worcester Evening News 25.5.06 Hassled by police for speaking freely - nteresting anomaly? At the same time as our Government wanted to add British culture - of which the primary component is apparently the right to freedom of speech - to the school curriculum,West Mercia Constabulary devoted 120 officers to the harrassment of 11 peaceful animal rights campaigners (May 12) who were merely using that supposed right to freedom of speech… Roberta Balfour, Aberystwyth (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 25.5.06 DELICIOUS TASTE OF EXPLOITATION - I am an animal, I enjoy eating the flesh of other animals. There is nothing right or wrong in this basic human instinct. Neither is there anything right or wrong with being a vegetarian or vegan. I don't feel any guilt over the keeping of livestock for human consummation… Matt Day Bristol (letter)

Irish Examiner 25.5.06 Deadly experiment - YOU carried a report on the gassing of 12,000 chickens as a Department of Agriculture experiment… Carbon dioxide, the department’s method of choice for the experiment, is an "aversive” gas causing distress, panic and gasping… The veterinary inspector is quoted as saying the exercise had been humane and was a success. Perhaps he would explain how such a procedure can be described as "humane”. Margaret Baker, Carrigaloe, Cobh, Co Cork. (letter)

Argus 25.5.06 Letter: Cruel exposure - I protested at Hove Town Hall against the proposal for planning permission by the Sea Life Centre for two tanks, covered by a thin fabric roof, to house seals and otters. This is in the busiest, noisiest, most polluted area of Brighton. I am devastated this planning permission has been granted… -Gemma Millwood, Saltdean (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 25.5.06 INDUSTRY CONDEMNS DANGER OF ANTI-MILK CAMPAIGN - Farmers and health experts have united to condemn a "dangerous" celebrity-endorsed campaign to label milk a health hazard. Heather Mills McCartney yesterday called on the Government to issue "health warnings" over what she claims are links between milk and serious diseases… Lady McCartney, who was speaking as patron of the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation, urged mothers to turn to soya as an alternative to milk for feeding babies…. (story)
Western Morning News 25.5.06 ANTI-MILK BID IS FOOD TERRORISM - Heather Mills - the soon-to-be ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney - is spouting dangerous nonsense in proclaiming that milk and dairy products pose a risk to health. The truth, as almost any professional nutritionist would testify, is that milk and the products made from it provide essential calcium in the diet and are especially important to children as they grow and develop…. (story)

Essex Evening Gazette 25.5.06 Colchester: Circus criticised for misleading By Gareth Palmer - A CIRCUS currently in Colchester has been criticised for suggesting that the RSPCA had inspected and approved the show. The Great British Circus, one of only three still touring the country with animals, was criticised by the Advertising Standards Authority for a "misleading" leaflet. The RSPCA, which has long campaigned against animals in circuses, had complained about an advert which showed two performers giving a thumbs up sign above the words "This circus has been RSPCA inspected"….(story)

Solihull Observer 25.5.06 It's Christian Aid week again and, in addition to adverts on our TV screens, envelopes are being put through our doors asking us to support sending live animals to Africa. Apart from compassion for the animals involved, livestock animals are a very inefficient provider of food when compared to plants… I would ask readers please to support charities that will really help African people rather than encouraging them to rely on raising livestock which can ultimately only exacerbate their situation…. Ursula Bates (letter)

Solihull Observer 25.5.06 There seems to be an increase in cruelty to dumb animals. Recently a baby fox was kicked like a football by children on a housing estate… What makes some people so cruel to defenceless animals, who do not harm them? D. Davies, Solihull (letter)

Milton Keynes News 28.5.06 - Replying to P Lawrenson’s letter last week, I would like to say firstly that I do not consider around 100 people to be a ‘teeny-weeny’ number of protesters. We now have the added fight on our hands of the resumption of the export of calves in veal crates from Dover despite pre-election promises in 1997 by the Labour Government that it would ban this vile trade. Many may oppose the Nirah project because it is morally and ethically wrong… Mary Turner Jacks Lane, Turvey (letter)
Milton Keynes News 21.5.06 Wave of protest – hardly a ripple - Two of my most popular misconceptions about Bedford were shattered today (Saturday May 13). These were lack of policing and popularity of the anti-Nirah group. I could not help but chuckle when I saw a teeny-weeny protest march shouting along River Street, preceded by a flashing police car, with loads and loads of police at every junction and zebra crossing…. P Lawrenson by email
Where were you? I was amazed and very disappointed that BoSgave its readers no coverage of the substantial anti-Nirah demonstration that wound its way through the town centre on Saturday…. Mark Steinhardt Green Party
You published a letter claiming that Nirah would ‘probably be good for Bedfordshire in the same way as the Eden Project is to Cornwall’…. virtually all visitors to Nirah will be day trippers, contributing little more to Bedfordshire than traffic congestion and pollution. Saul Keyworth, Green Party Dudley Street, Bedford (letter)


BBC News Online 24.5.06 Farmer admits threatening monitor - A farmer has admitted threatening a hunt monitor during an angry confrontation at a meet in Devon. John Poole, 66, was bound over by Exeter magistrates after the incident at the Eggesford Hunt…. Poole, of Broadclyst Station, Exeter, threatened hunt monitors who had moved their vehicle after blocking an entrance to a field….Alison Hawes of the Countryside Alliance, said: "This was a farmer who was going about his daily business. He was not a hunt follower and he was trying to get access to his land which was being blocked by animal rights vigilantes… (story)

Daily Ireland 24.5.06 Animal rights ‘terrorism’ - Threats from animal rights groups are becoming a daily occurrence. In his letter printed in Daily Ireland on May 9, under the heading "Bloodsport charity sham”, John Tierney concludes by saying: "Charities risk losing the support of people if they persist in accepting money from bloodsports groups.” We, who participate in foxhunting, do so with a clear conscience, in the knowledge that we not only treat animals humanely but we, by establishing and maintaining covert, do more to preserve a healthy fox population than any other organisation in Ireland…. I can’t imagine any fox-hunting person objecting if those worthy charities were to accept money from the multi-billion dollar wealth of the global animal rights movement. I am not aware that any support has been offered from that source to date… I can only conclude that they have an ethical problem with how those charities might spend the money. Isn’t that the real point, Mr Tierney? Brian Munn, Address supplied (letter)
Daily Ireland 9.5.06 Blood sport charity sham - John Tierney, Campaigns director with Association of Hunt Saboteurs, PO Box 4734, Dublin 1 (letter)
Irish Examiner 8.5.06 Charities used for bloodsports PR - John Tierney Campaigns Director Association of Hunt Saboteurs PO Box 4734 Dublin 1 (letter)
Irish Independent 4.5.06 A donation from the Hunt - One of the more disgusting elements of the pro-bloodsports campaign is the use of charities by hunt organisations as part of their public relations efforts. Each year around the country, bloodsports groups organise quaint sounding events like fun rides and cross-country treks to raise funds for local charities… A recent example of this was the presentation of a financial donation to two charities at the recent point-to-point fixture of the Waterford Foxhounds. Given a financial donation by the hunt were the South Eastern Cancer Foundation and the Waterford branch of the Alzheimer's Society… Charities risk losing the support of people if they persist in accepting money from bloodsports groups…. JOHN TIERNEY, CAMPAIGNS DIRECTOR ASSOCIATION OF HUNT SABOTEURS, PO BOX 4734, DUBLIN 1 (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.5.06 CLAIMS MISLEADING - Giles Bradshaw claims he regularly flushes wild deer with his four collie dogs (Western Daily Press, May 17). I find this very hard to believe. I doubt if he would get within half a mile of a wild deer, especially with four collie dogs… D Roberts Bridgwater (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.5.06 DEFRA TRIAL PLANS ARE SIMPLY CRUEL - The article about snaring badgers for Defra trials in your May 18 edition has horrified us. We are the National Anti-Snaring Campaign… There are enough of these illegal snares around at present, littering the country, without Defra causing more heartache. Tina Phillips Littlehampton West Sussex (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 24.5.06 STEEN WILL NOT GIVE UP SHARES - A defiant South Devon MP has ruled out selling his shares in a pharmaceutical company targeted by animal rights extremists. Veteran Tory MP for Totnes Anthony Steen declares in the public register of MPs interests that he is a shareholder in the drugs firm GlaxoSmithKline… (story)

BBC News Online 24.5.06 Injunction protects shareholders - A pharmaceutical giant has been granted an injunction to protect shareholders threatened by animal rights activists. The High Court ruled that the activists cannot publish GlaxoSmithKline's shareholders' details on the internet…. (story)
Northern Echo 24.5.06 Court extends Glaxo injunction - A COMPANY at the centre of a campaign of terror from animal rights activists has secured a continuation of an injunction preventing shareholders' details being made public…. (story)

Scotsman 24.5.06 Drug firm wins gag on details of shareholders - GLAXOSMITHKLINE yesterday secured a continuation of a High Court injunction preventing animal rights activists from publishing its shareholders' details…. (story)
Times 23.5.06 Glaxo's 'mystery injunction' continued - GlaxoSmithKline today secured a continuation of a High Court injunction preventing animal rights activists from publishing details of its shareholders…. (story)

Oxford Mail 24.5.06 'Label animal-tested drugs' - The Government has agreed to give further consideration to a proposal by Evan Harris, Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, to label medicines tested on animals. Health Minister Andy Burnham made the pledge following a speech by Dr Harris yesterday. Dr Harris said labelling was a way of educating the public about the importance of animal research… (story)
Telegraph 24.5.06 MP calls for drug labels to promote animal tests By George Jones, Political Editor - The Government indicated yesterday that it was prepared to look at putting labels marked "tested on animals" on medicines to educate users about the importance of scientific research. Andy Burnham, the health minister, told MPs he had an "open mind" on the idea and backed any measure that would increase public awareness of the benefits of animal research… (story)
Scotsman 24.5.06 Call for animal testing awareness - Medicines should be labelled "tested on animals" to educate consumers about the value of scientific research, the Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris said yesterday. … (story)
BBC News Online 23.5.06 'Tested on animals' labels urged - Labels marked "tested on animals" should be placed on medicines to educate users about the value of scientific research, a Lib Dem MP says. Evan Harris, a former hospital doctor, says he believes the tags would counter the claims of animal rights protesters… (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 24.5.06 'USE PRISONERS FOR DRUG TESTS' - Re Animal testing: I believe there is no need to put these poor innocent creatures through this torture, when our prisons are full of a better source of testing material, ie murderers, child molesters, terrorists - the list is endless… S Maw, Earlsgate, Winterton (letter)

Manchester Evening News 24.5.06 It’s about greed - THE comments by the Glaxo SmithKline chief executive ("Action call on animal activists”, M.E.N., May 17) were misleading…. His company makes huge profits and relies on farms where animals are specially bred in order to have cruel experiments performed on them…. We ought to be grateful that we have people who will stand up for the rights of animals and expose the greed of large pharmaceutical companies. B McAlinden, Crumpsall (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 24.5.06 ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS TARGET COUNTY PIG FARMS - Pig farmers in Lincolnshire have been targeted by animal rights campaigners who broke into their farms to film footage of their animals for a pro-vegetarian campaign. Three farms in Branston, Boothby Graffoe and Colsterworth, near Grantham, were targeted by activists from the vegetarian and vegan group Viva, whose members claim their pictures raise serious concerns about animal welfare. Viva has now released a video apparently showing footage secretly taken on eight farms to launch its Piggles campaign, which aims to persuade consumers to go veggie… "It's time people woke up to the gruesome reality of pig production in Britain," said campaigner Toni Vernelli…. (story)
Sunday Mercury 21.5.06 We're pig sick - Exclusive By Adam Aspinall - MIDLAND farmers have branded an animal rights group 'terrorists' after protesters carried out under-cover raids on their properties. Pig farmers have called in the police after Viva!, the UK vegetarian campaigning charity, released secretly-shot videos of their animals. The group claims that the footage shows the terrible conditions the porkers are forced to live in. But on a visit to one Midland farm accused of cruelty, the Sunday Mercury found no evidence of over-crowding or neglect…. But Viva! spokeswoman Toni Vernelli defended her group's actions, and denied that breaking into the farms was a criminal offence…. (story)
Sunday Mercury 21.5.06 They're beasts - Sunday Mercury Comment - IT is often stated that the camera never lies. Which is a lie in itself. Video can be edited, scenes deleted, images distorted. That is why footage released by Viva!, purporting to show pigs being poorly treated, should be viewed with a cynical eye… That is why footage released by Viva!, purporting to show pigs being poorly treated, should be viewed with a cynical eye (story)

Argus 24.5.06 Letter: Brighton Animal Charter is ignored - How sad it was to witness the planning committee passing the application to house seals and otters in the aquarium at Brighton's Sea Life Centre…. -R Edwards, Shoreham (letter in archive)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 24.5.06 Animal Aid's flu scare tactics - Kate Fowler-Reeves' letter ("Is threat being taken seriously?", ET Letters, Saturday, May 13) regarding the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) issuing guidelines about handling raw poultry products is clearly a transparent attempt to garner publicity for her cause….Chicken is perfectly safe to eat and the real reason for Kate's letter is because her organisation does not want us to! People in the UK will continue to eat chicken, and scare tactics in the name of Animal Aid will not change that. Angus Brown Welbourne, Werrington, Peterborough (letter)
Western Morning News 23.5.06 - AMID fears of avian influenza (AI) arriving in America, the US Department of Agriculture has issued clear guidelines about handling raw poultry products… The British Government has issued no such warning…. By refusing to acknowledge both the potential risks of handling infected carcasses and the source and transmission routes of the highly virulent bird flu strains - intensive farming practices and the worldwide trade in poultry products - the Government sends the message that it cares more about protecting the poultry industry than safeguarding the nation's health. Kate Fowler-Reeves, Animal Aid (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 13.5.06 Is threat being taken seriously? - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Animal Aid campaigner (letter)


Western Mail 23.5.06 Friendly chat brokers a deal - Sally Williams, Western Mail - I WAS once accosted by some animal rights activists in Brighton. It was during the party conference season and at a fringe meeting which was serving, as advertised, "politically incorrect food."… First through the door came the anti-countryside mob. Beforehand the police asked if it was wise to let them in. "Oh yes!", came the organiser's reply. "Everyone has to understand before informed debate can commence"…. Within less than 30 seconds I had a university student in front of me spitting venom about all sorts of issues. In one long breath she rattled off her entire knowledge on farming, rural life, exports, vivisection, hunting, milk, environment and so forth. I did not speak but listened with interest…. What was clear was that everything she knew she had "read about" and had been propaganda driven, not the rallying kind of propaganda, but the sinister type of propaganda. In fact she also admitted that the "anti lobby" paid her to go on demos including that evening's function… Mark Hinge is director, The Bay Public Affairs, (story)

Western Morning News 23.5.06 EXMOOR ENJOYS COLOURFUL PAST - Dulverton. "Hunting, hunting, hunting," said a local councillor once when I asked him what I could write about Dulverton. Back in Lordy Holcombe's day the answer could have been: "Poaching, poaching, poaching." But you get the underlying message - Dulverton is surrounded by deer, deer, deer. Exmoor is home to England's last large herd of wild red deer and Dulverton is capital of the hills. As such, deer - and the killing of deer, legal or otherwise - has been the town's central theme for centuries. It still is, despite the so-called hunting ban… (story)

Newbury Weekly News 23.5.06 Countryside Alliance concert - The League Against Cruel Sports comments on the Countryside Alliance concert: "How the Countryside Alliance thinks it can repeal a law by getting Eric Clapton to sing 'I shot the Sheriff' is puzzling…. Una Farrell, London (letter in archive)

Bath Chronicle 23.5.06 ANTI-HUNT THANKS - Bath Hunt Saboteurs would like to thank their supporters in Bath who helped them to raise £126.94 on the afternoon of Saturday, May 6. Hunting has not disappeared. The methods of hunting allowed under the partial ban need to be closely monitored and we will continue to go out and watch hunts next season…. BARBARA DICKINSON, Corston View, Bath (letter)

Western Daily Press 23.5.06 YOUR CALL - VIEWS IN BRIEF FROM OUR WEBSITE - The case against the quad-bikers (May 17) My own local hunt, the Beaufort, often has a half-mile's worth of car and quad-bike followers in tow. Add the horse trailers and 4x4s of the riders themselves and you have a carbon footprint as big as Richmond (an apt comparison as, funnily enough, that's where half of these so-say countryside lovers descend from)…. Simon Hacker, Hillesley (letter)

Western Mail 23.5.06 Call for affordable housing - Sally Williams, Western Mail - THE Countryside Alliance has welcomed the Affordable Rural Housing Commission's call for 11,000 affordable homes to be built each year…. (story)

Times 23.5.06 Animal extremists can no longer hide behind a web of secrecy - BY DAN TENCH - An order that protected Harry Potter is now safeguarding shareholders - WHEN animal rights activists recently wrote anonymously to shareholders of GlaxoSmithKline threatening to post their details on the internet if they did not disinvest in the company, they must have thought that they could make their threats with little risk of legal action being taken against them. However, the court order obtained by the drugs company has made the approach look considerably more risky. The order means that if the activists were to repeat or carry out the threat, they would be in contempt of court and potentially face a large fine or even imprisonment… (story)

Scotsman 23.5.06 Wildlife park culls pack of wolves 'to stop them killing each other' - JOHN ROSS - A WILDLIFE park has culled a pack of wolves because it feared the animals would eventually kill each other. A pack of Mackenzie River wolves, normally found in North America, had been a feature at the Highland Wildlife Park, Kincraig, near Aviemore, since 1972…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 22.5.06 ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS DISGUSTED AT WOLVES CULLING - EILIDH DAVIES - The killing of six wolves at a Highland wildlife park has provoked outrage from animal-rights groups. The owner of the Highland Wildlife Park near Kingussie, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, confirmed that six male mackenzie river wolves, aged seven and eight had been put down painlessly on January 26…. Advocates for Animals director Ross Minett said they were disgusted by the news. He said: "It typifies the way zoos and these kind of parks treat animals, as disposable commodities…. (story)

Western Daily Press 23.5.06 MEET THE BEARS' ANGEL - Here is your chance to meet the angel of the moon bears. Jill Robinson, the founder of the Animals Asia Foundation, is appearing at two West events as part of the UK roadshow 2006… (story)
Western Daily Press 23.5.06 FINISH THIS CRUEL TRADE ONCE AND FOR ALL - Chinese government officials will this week be implored to set a date for the end of bear bile farming by a West politician who is travelling 6,000 miles to meet them. A year after the Western Daily Press embarked on a campaign to stop the torture of Asia's captive moon bears, South West MEP Neil Parish is travelling to China to face decision makers…. (story)

Western Morning News 23.5.06 'NO NEED FOR BADGER CULL' AS TB CASES FALL - Animal welfare campaigners last night urged the Government to abandon plans for a cull of badgers in the Westcountry as it emerged that the number of bovine TB cases has fallen sharply this year…. Trevor Lawson, spokesman for the Badger Trust, said improvements in the testing regime last year led to more cases being picked up and more infected cattle being removed…. (story)

Aberdeen Evening Express 23.5.06 SAVE OUR SQUIRRELS - KATRINA MCCLINTOCK - An Animal protection group has hit out at Aberdeen City Council over plans to kill grey squirrels. The radical scheme was due to go before councillors on the environment and infrastructure committee today… But Ross Minett, director of Advocates for Animals, believes killing grey squirrels will not help the reds… (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 23.5.06 Suffering for milk - Toni Vernelli, Campaigns Manager, Viva! Bristol (letter)
Worcester Evening News 11.5.06 Cattle condemned to more suffering - After a 10-year hiatus, Europe's lifting of the ban on British beef imports means our infant dairy calves will once again be making the long and terrifying journey to veal farms of Europe… TONY VERNELLI, Viva! Bristol. (letter in archive)

Yorkshire Evening Post 23.5.06 Fur the love of dog! I wasn't impressed, but amazed when the Rolling Stones were requested not to sing certain songs while touring China… Then we hear that China continues the cruel and inhumane practice of using cats and dogs for their fur and skinning alive these and other animals to supply the fur trade… C WEATHERILL, Middleton, Leeds (letter)

Argus 23.5.06 Letter: Keep animal welfare in mind - It is with sadness we hear Paul and Heather McCartney are to part after such a short marriage. Let us hope they will individually continue their wonderful work in the field of animal welfare… -Sylvia Harwood, Hove (letter in archive)

Argus 23.5.06 Letter: Seal of approval? - I am absolutely disgusted with Brighton and Hove City Council's decision to approve Sealife's application for a seal pool…. -Pat Thomas, Brighton(letter in archive)


BBC News Online 22.5.06 First deer hunting law conviction - A Borders teenager is the first person in Scotland to be convicted of hunting deer under the 2002 anti-hunting laws. Andrew Barron, 17, of Fraser Avenue, Hawick, was found guilty of deliberately hunting the deer with a dog near his home town last year…. when four deer broke from the woods, a lurcher which was in Barron's company was let off the lead…. The conviction was welcomed by the League Against Cruel Sports. "The hunting and shooting fraternity are spreading black propaganda that the act is unenforceable," a spokeswoman said. "This is a clear warning to them that it is not." (story)

Irish Independent 22.5.06 IFA accused of 'selling out' its anti-hunt members - Breda Heffernan - THE main farmers' group has been accused of 'selling out' its members after inviting foxhunters to join its offshoot, IFA Countryside… Philip Lynch, a Kilkenny farmer and chairman of Farmers Against Foxhunting and Trespass, said farmers who were trying to protect their lands and livestock from "vandalising" hunters are relying on the IFA to help them…. (story)

Western Morning News 22.5.06 MAN JAILED FOR 'VICIOUS' ATTACK ON HUNTSMAN - A man who intervened in an argument about hunting was left with part of his nose hanging off after a vicious attack at last year's Devon County Show. Anthony Pearce, 32, of Farlecombe Farm, Bickington, Newton Abbot, was jailed for 15 months at Exeter Crown Court on Thursday for carrying out the assault… The argument started when Pearce accused Ian Pearse, master of the South Devon Hunt, of being too soft on anti-hunt supporters…. (story)
Torquay Herald Express 19.5.06 NOSE BITING HUNTSMAN JAILED - A hunt terrier man bit off part of a fencing contractor's nose when he intervened in an argument he was having with the master of the South Devon Hunt at last year's Devon County Show. Exeter Crown Court heard the victim, Gavin Aplin had spent the day at the Westpoint show and was in a group of people which included South Devon Hunt master Ian Pearce and his eight-year-old daughter. Prosecutor Nigel Wraith said Anthony Pearce (no relation) approached the hunt master in an aggressive manner and started having a go at him for being too soft on anti-hunt protesters…. The prosecutor said Mr Aplin intervened and told Pearce to calm down and stop swearing… "At that stage the defendant moved his face towards Mr Aplin and bit him on the nose," said Mr Wraith…. Pearce, a share fisherman of Farlecombe Farm, Bickington, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and was jailed for 15 months… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 19.5.06 SHOW FIGHT MAN JAILED FOR BITING VICTIM'S NOSE - A man who intervened in an argument about hunting was left with part of his nose hanging off after a vicious attack at Devon County Show. Anthony Pearce, 32, of Farlecombe Farm, Bickington, Newton Abbot, was jailed for 15 months at Exeter Crown Court yesterday following the assault at last year's show…. (story)
Mirror 19.5.06 HUNTER JAILED - A DRUNKEN huntsman was jailed for 15 months yesterday for biting off part of a hunt supporter's nose. Anthony Pearce, 32, attacked Gavin Aplin for intervening in a row about being too soft on protesters which was scaring the huntmaster's daughter, eight… (story)

Glasgow Herald 22.5.06 First prosecution under anti-hunting act - YOU report on May 20 that a teenager was found guilty at Jedburgh Sherriff Court of "deliberately hunting a deer with a dog" and was the first person in Scotland to be found guilty under the Protection of Wild Mammals Act… Surely the world has gone mad.… it seems to demonstrate that a person walking their dog in the country and who allows their dog to chase (hunt) a deer, or a hare, or a rabbit or a squirrel is in danger of being prosecuted under this new act. Meanwhile, a bunch of mentally deficient nutcases mounted on expensive horses can follow a pack of hounds chasing (hunting) a fox and the Protection of Wild Mammals Act can do nothing about it. George Leslie, North Glassock Farm, Fenwick (letter)

South Shropshire 22.5.06 Shooting industry flu threat - The next few months will see the release of up to 35 million "factory farmed” gamebirds. There are plans to import more than 10 million pheasant chicks to the UK from countries where bird flu has been confirmed. What will happen to these birds if there is an outbreak of bird flu and the Government is forced to take measures to curb it?... Paul and Elaine Evans, Powys, Montgomery Voice For Animals (letter)

Glasgow Herald 22.5.06 Should fatalities and risks for runners and riders outweigh our need to go racing? - JAMES MORGAN - Barbaro's bid for American horse racing's triple crown may have been derailed by the broken leg sustained by the champion thoroughbred in Saturday's Preakness Stakes – but at least the stallion is likely to spend his remaining days producing Little Baby Barbaros…. Even for the most cynical of racegoers the statistics make uncomfortable reading: the approximate number of horses killed on racecourses in the last year is 180 while Animal Aid, an organisation which has led the calls for a ban on the sport, claims that around 375 horses are "raced to death" each year….(story)

Western Daily Press 22.5.06 BARE TACTICS MARK PALACE HAT PROTEST - Dozens of nude animal rights supporters yesterday staged a "die-in" in protest at the use of bearskin to make hats for the Queen's palace guards… They wore nothing but bear masks and chanted slogans and held up banners during the protest, organised by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta)…. Protester Sara Ronneke, 24, of Norwich, said: "It is so old-fashioned and has no place today."…(story)
Daily Record 22.5.06 BEAR NAKED - Activists held a naked protest in London yesterday calling on the Queen and MoD to stop the killing of black bears…(story)
Mirror 22.5.06 BARE SKINS ON PARADE - ANIMAL rights protesters strip naked yesterday to stage a demo about bearskin hats worn by guardsmen at Buckingham Palace… Anita Singh, of animal group Peta, said: "The naked truth is tradition does not justify cruelty." (story)
Sun 22.5.06 Protest's bear-face cheek - NAKED animal campaigners display their bare skin yesterday — to protest about bearskins worn by the Queen’s Palace guards… (story)
Times 22.5.06 Bare-skin protest over Guards - About 70 nude animal rights supporters staged a "die in” to protest at The Queen’s Guard wearing bearskins… People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which organised the protest, said that more than 170 MPs had signed an early day motion calling for fake fur to be used…. (story)
Irish Independent 22.5.06 Bare skin protest against bearskin hats - DOZENS of nude animal rights supporters yesterday staged a "die-in" to protest at the use of bearskin to make hats for Queen Elizabeth's Palace guards, writes John-Paul Ford Rojas in London….(story)
Scotsman 22.5.06 Nude protesters aim to stop bear killing for guards' hats - JOHN-PAUL FORD ROJAS - DOZENS of nude animal rights supporters staged a protest yesterday against the use of bearskin to make hats for the Queen's palace guards…. (story)
BBC News Online 21.5.06 Naked demo against bearskin hats - Animal welfare activists have staged a naked protest against the bearskin hats worn by Buckingham Palace guards. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) were calling for the Queen and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to end the "massacre of black bears"….. (story)
Sky News 21.5.06 Baring All To Save Bears - Dozens of naked animal rights supporters staged a "die-in" to protest the use of bearskin in hats for the Queen's Palace guards. In drizzling weather around 70 men and women lay on a set of steps near St Paul's Cathedral in central London to show their anger about the killing of black bears in Canada… (story)

Western Daily Press 22.5.06 VEAL LAWS HAVE COME TOO LATE - - Richard Haddock, South West chairman of the National Farmers' Union, promotes the resumption of the veal calf export trade (Comment, May 8), stating that the whole live export trade has changed beyond recognition… This may be so, but in my opinion it's too late in the days of live animal export for Richard Haddock to try to convince readers that the NFU has any genuine concern for the welfare of exported calves…. J Hall Cirencester Gloucestershire (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 22.5.06 A BAD PRESS FOR ANIMALS - The Evening Telegraph stepped beyond the bounds of decency with the headline "Animals" on May 12… I am sure I speak for hundreds, maybe thousands, who take exception to your headline. Animals do not conduct their lives like humans, who are supposed to be the higher order - intelligent and civilised. Animals live orderly and civilised lives. They only kill for food, do not rob, do not rape, and only partake in sexual activity for the procreation of their species…. Please would journalists in future refrain from using the word "animals" when reporting on the depths of crime and depravity; there are many truer words available. Brian Myring, The Bancroft, Etwall. (letter)

Bath Chronicle 22.5.06 GO VEGGIE NOW (letter)
Manchester Evening News 19.5.06 Go veggie - IT’S an amazing fact that the average Brit eats around 4,022 animals in their lifetime… Ahead of National Vegetarian Week (May 22-28), Viva! is pushing the message that by going veggie you could save that many animals…. Justin Kerswell, Viva! (letter)

Worcester Evening News 22.5.06 Risk of closure to city RSPCA branch - A VITAL charity that looks after the welfare of Worcester's neglected animals could close if people don't increase their donations. The Worcester and Mid-Worcestershire branch of the RSPCA is more than £28,000 in debt, partly because of a big drop in the amount left to it in people's wills…. (story in archive)


Observer 21.5.06 Animal rights protesters are right on one thing - there's no middle way on drug testing - Nick Cohen - …Last Thursday, Oxford University applied to the High Court for an injunction to stop protests against its new biomedical research centre…. The mainstream animal rights charities have no time for violence. Indeed, they believe there's no need for conflict of any sort. At the star-studded launch of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection's campaign against testing on primates, Alexei Sayle, Jenny Seagrove and Helen Chamberlain lent their names to the comforting claim that experiments weren't just cruel but pointless. They quoted what Dr Mark Feinberg, a leading Aids researcher at the Emory Vaccine Centre in Georgia, had told the Atlanta Journal in 1997: 'What good does it do you to test something in a monkey?... you wouldn't find Feinberg on the picket line. He did say what the animal rights groups say he said in 1997, but then added: 'Animal models are incredibly important, but we need the human trials as well.' In other words, his message was that drugs still need testing on humans even if they have worked on animals. Strangely, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection and all the rest of them cut out his caveat… (story)

BBC News Online 21.5.06 Council bans animal-tested items - An animal-friendly purchasing policy which sources products not tested on animals has been put in place by Leicester City Council….(story)
Leicester Mercury 18.5.06 COUNCIL TO PHASE OUT ANIMAL-TESTED PRODUCTS - Campaigners have welcomed a council's decision to phase out products which have been tested on animals. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection believes Leicester City Council is the first local authority in the country to take a stand against animal testing… The council set up a working group, chaired by Liberal Democrat councillor Carlym Sandringham, which developed the policy over eight months…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 21.5.06 GSK investors are barking up wrong tree - TERESA Hunter's justifications for supporting GSK ('Why I'm buying into GSK despite threats from animal rights extremists', May 14) are built on a number of false premises, assumptions and perverse logic. Of course we all support medical research, but most anti-vivisectionists are against animal experiments because both humans and animals suffer…. Sheila Edwards, Dubai (story)

Sunday Post 21.5.06 Unscrupulous ANIMAL RIGHTS activists have to resort to drastic measures because no-one listens to them. They’re only trying to protect dumb animals from being exploited by unscrupulous people. Mrs M. Simpson, Blackpool. (letter probably only on site for a week)

Scotland on Sunday 21.5.06 Heather no self-publicist says friend - NICHOLAS CHRISTIAN - A FRIEND of Heather Mills McCartney has defended her against accusations that she was a "self-publicist". Juliet Gellatley said the ex-model had been subjected to "outpourings of spite" since the announcement of her split from husband Sir Paul McCartney. Gellatley, director of Vegetarian International Voice For Animals (Viva) and the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation (VVF), paid tribute to Mills McCartney's campaigning work…. (story)

Observer 21.5.06 Pooh pooh these bear hunters - We expect American hunter Jim Martell (News briefing, last week) must be feeling very proud of himself…. We are disgusted that such idiots in 2006 are still able to indulge in this mindless activity…. Bruce and Renate Milner, Cambridge (story)


Scotsman 20.5.06 I swear it's a good idea - ALASTAIR ROBERTSON - You can see why Craig Stevenson gets on so well with Gordon Ramsay restaurant chefs; it's all passion and expletives deleted. Stevenson runs Braehead Foods at Kilmarnock, an operation that should be close to everyone's heart. He buys, processes and sells the game we shoot or catch…. Stevenson, who started the Scottish Food Scholarship to encourage young chefs, has now dreamed up What's Your Game? a competition to encourage Scottish restaurants to try out different game and methods of cooking it and persuade their clientele to try something new. Everyone is in on the act. The Scottish Countryside Alliance, Highland Venison from Dundee, EatScotland - which sounds faintly cannibalistic - and an organisation I am sure I should have heard of, The Scottish Small Game Group…. (story)

Independent 20.5.06 Let's find alternatives to animal testing - The RSPCA agrees with Tony Blair that the use of intimidation and violence in the name of animal rights is completely unacceptable. However, we must not lose sight of legitimate ethical and animal welfare concerns that make the use of animals in experiments such a grave moral dilemma and create public unease….The Society is disappointed that the Prime Minister has not recognised this as an opportunity to encourage the investment of significant research effort, financial resources and political will into the development and use of alternatives to animal use. JACKIE BALLARD, DIRECTOR GENERAL, RSPCA, SOUTHWATER WEST SUSSEX
So Mr Blair has signed a petition supporting the use of animals in the testing of drugs…. We might all suspect that animal testing is wrong because of the secrecy. Let's be more open: label everything that is tested on animals as to the species, number and manner of testing and death… CATHY GOODMAN, LEWES, EAST SUSSEX
Alistair Currie of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (letter, 18 May) appears to imply that it is the Government's responsibility to take into account people's choice to take extreme action against animal testing…. ANTHONY HOPKINS, MEDICAL STUDENT BARTS AND THE LONDON LONDON E1 (letters)

Daily Record 20.5.06 YOUR VIEW - ALL TALK - HOW I laughed with irony when I read that Tony Blair has once again gone on the offensive against the animal rights movement, describing tactics used by campaigners as reaching deplorable depths… This is the same man whose cheery face gazes out of the 1996 pre-election leaflet "New Labour - New Life for Animals" which even called for a full independent inquiry into the validity of animal experiments… James Davis, Todmorden, W. Yorkshire (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 20.5.06 TESTING ON ANIMALS - Most people do not realise that medical drugs from animal testing have dozens of side effects! The liver and kidneys are damaged…. Much safer to take herbal remedies, homeopathy, healing and don't eat chemical food! P DYER, Cannington, Somerset (story)


Malvern Gazette 19.5.06 Hunt history - PLEASE can your readers help. I am doing the history of the Croome Hunt and any information and pictures would help to put together a book and also any memories from any hunt people would help…. MRS SALLY ROBINSON, St John's. Worcester. (letter in archive)

Yorkshire Post 19.5.06 Animal magic From: PV Hetherington, Monkhill Drive, Pontefract. THE Animal Rights Support Goup must be rubbing their hands with glee now that Tony Blair has given his support to animal testing, given that most of the other things he as supported have been a disaster or failed (letter)

York Evening Press 19.5.06 Alternative tests - THERE are alternatives to animal testing that produce more accurate results which would benefit the health of people like Mr Reeson and his wife… The higher the cost of the research they undertake, the less chance a drug manufacturer has of staying in business. They are there for profit. They don't care about you or your wife's health - only their bank balance…. Mr S McLean, Prune Park Lane, Allerton, Bradford. (letter in archive)
York Evening Press 19.5.06 Medical myths - IT took hundreds of years for people to accept the world was round because they had been brought up to believe it was flat. The same is true with animal experiments…. AG Reeson's letter uses the same old argument which we are all brought up to believe - animal experiments are absolutely essential if we are to have effective drugs, yet it was known as far back as in the 17th century, the days of Galileo (one of the first men to partake in vivisection), that experimenting on animals contributed nothing to understanding the workings and problems of the human body…. Darren Shaw, Gordon Street, York. (letter in archive)
York Evening Press 16.5.06 Worth the sacrifice - I LOVE animals. I hate cruelty to all animals. However, I take issue with the so-called animal rights activists. I should like to ask these fanatics if they can be certain that they, or their family, have never had to use medicaments which have been tested on animals…. Mr A G Reeson, Huntington Road, York. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 19.5.06 RESEARCH OR SELF INTEREST? - Are we to be impressed because Mr Blair has signed up to Colin Blakemore's petition to allow humans to do exactly what they want to other creatures because they can? The college which pays Professor Blakemore's salary will benefit greatly by the animal experimental laboratory in Oxford. Mr Blair's old college? Guess… Rosemary Davies Wiltshire (letter)

Glasgow Herald 19.5.06 So what’s wrong with being red in tooth and claw? - Alison Rowat - Does Max Clifford represent animals?... It has not been a good few days at the human-animal interface. Three women eaten by alligators in Florida. Bears devouring a monkey in a Dutch zoo. In Swindon, an inquest heard how a 61-year-old window fitter contracted blood poisoning after a cat scratch and died… might these animal antics be due to creatures behaving like, er, creatures?... Human nature being what it is, someone has to take the blame for these errors. I nominate Walt Disney. Before Walt, mankind had a healthy respect for animals. They existed to be killed, eaten or avoided. Then uncle Walt came along and gave animals voices and personalities. Nature, red in tooth and claw, was rendered in pastel tones. Entire generations fell head over heels in love with them as a result. The upshot of this rampant anthropomorphism was that millions of us lost the plot about animals… (story)

Independent 19.5.06 Our veal calves are well cared for - While we respect, and indeed share, Julia Stephenson's concern for the welfare of calves (18 May), we must point out that there is nothing inherently "barbaric" either about rearing calves for veal or about moving them from one part of Europe to another - provided that they are well cared for in transit and in the rearing units…. ANTHONY GIBSON, DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS, NATIONAL FARMERS UNION STONELEIGH, WARWICKSHIRE (letter)

Aberdeen Evening Express 19.5.06 DON'T KILL THE GREY SQUIRRELS - It Is to be hoped that the city council will kick out any idea of allowing grey squirrels to be trapped and killed (Evening Express, May 17). No matter how humane those behind the plans claim it will be, inevitably animals will suffer… S Hadden Banchory (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.5.06 VEG AND VEGAN - I found Chris Rundle's article "Don't perpetuate these lies about modern dairy farms" (May 10), and the letter from Wendy Plummer of Bridport, interesting. However, they should both know there is a difference between vegetarians and vegans… Janet Hall Cirencester (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.5.06 ELEPHANT TO DRAW PROTESTERS - Animal rights activists are expected to be out in force in Chepstow this weekend to protest against the only British circus to use a live elephant…. The Captive Animals' Protection Society campaign manager Craig Redmond, said: "We would encourage people to avoid those circuses that still use animals… (story)

Gloucestershire Gazette 19.5.06 Badgers to blame - I refer to last week's letter from Simon Hacker which presented a very one sided view of the issue of badgers…. Badgers infected with TB are more likely to become road casualties…. Does Mr Hacker believe that a badger dying of a bacillus, identical to that found in these cattle, is somehow magically incapable of transmitting the infection…. Richard Lampard Goldwick Farm Lower Wick, (story)
Gloucestershire Gazette 12.5.06 Badger link to TB is a total myth - LAST WEEK'S "Cattle farmer defends badgers" was hardly, if you'll permit the pun, a deeply dug story. Speaking on behalf of my brother-in-law, farmer Len Ballinger, and for our action group,, we felt the story suggests both Len and his arguments might be isolated. Far from it. Len's stance on the proposed badger cull has triggered much support within the farming community… Simon Hacker Spokesman, Kilcott Road Hillesley (story)


Essex Chronicle 18.5.06 ANGER AS HUNTMASTER WALKS FREE FROM COURT - Hunt saboteur Sally Mitchell has expressed disgust that West Hanningfield huntmaster Douglas Hill was not jailed for spitting blood and saliva at a police officer. Hill, 63, joint master of the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt, walked free from Chelmsford Magistrates Court on Monday. Judge Margaret Dodd ordered Hill to carry out 220 hours unpaid community work, saying it was a better option than custody…. (story)
Western Daily Press 16.5.06 HUNT BOSS FINED FOR WHIPPING PROTESTERS - A Huntmaster who spat in the face of a policeman and hit two hunt protesters with a whip was spared a jail term yesterday. District Judge Margaret Dodd at Witham Magistrates' Court in Essex ordered farmer Douglas Hill to carry out 220 hours of community work and pay a £250 fine after his barrister told her: "He is precisely not the type of person that should go to prison." One of Hill's victims said outside court that she was "bitterly disappointed" and said the judge had let the police and the public down… (story)
Western Mail 16.5.06 Huntmaster spat at policeman - A huntmaster who spat in the face of a policeman and hit two hunt protesters with a whip when trouble flared at a hunt meeting, yesterday walked free from court after being fined and ordered to carry out unpaid community work…. (story)
Telegraph 16.5.06 Hunt master spared jail for 'disgraceful' assault on Pc and protesters By David Sapsted - A hunt master who hit two saboteurs with his riding crop and spat blood at a policeman was spared jail yesterday. Douglas Hill, 63, joint master of the Essex Farmers' and Union Hunt, was told that his "most disgraceful behaviour" - particularly, the assault on a Pc - would normally have merited a jail sentence… But the judge said that she was sparing him prison after putting aside her personal views on hunting and hunt protesting, and after taking into account his previous good character…. (story)
Guardian 16.5.06 Hunt master sprayed police officer with blood - David Ward - Essex hunt master Douglas Hill, 63, who was found guilty of spraying blood from his nose into the face of a police officer and hitting two hunt protesters with his riding whip, was yesterday ordered to do 220 hours' community service…. (story)
Times 16.5.06 Huntsman fined for whip attack - A huntmaster who spat in the face of a policeman and hit two protesters with a whip has been ordered to carry out 220 hours of community work and pay a fine of £250…. (story)
Mirror 16.5.06 JAIL LET-OFF FOR HUNTER - A FOX hunter who spat blood in a policeman's face and hit two protesters with his riding whip escaped jail yesterday. Douglas Hill whipped Sally Mitchell, 26, as she filmed him on an illegal hunt and sprayed blood from his bleeding nose at PC Craig Bolton after he was allegedly attacked… (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 16.5.06 Huntmaster avoids jail for assault - RODDY ASHWORTH - A HUNTMASTER who spat in the face of policeman and hit two hunting protesters with a whip walked free from court after being fined and ordered to carry out unpaid community work yesterday. Farmer Douglas Hill, 63, of West Hanningfield, near Chelmsford, had been warned he could be jailed after being convicted of assault, criminal damage and harassment after a trial at Witham magistrates' court in March…. But one of Hill's victims - hunting protester Sally Mitchell, 26, of Camden, London - said the judge had let down the public and the police by not jailing him… Hill told the court that he and his horse Boris had been surrounded by saboteurs and attacked. He said he had tried to get away from the crowd and had not intentionally hit anyone and had not spat at Pc Bolton or wiped blood on the officer's coat…. Yesterday Liz Mort, eastern eegional director of the Countryside Alliance, said: "I am delighted that Mr Hill did not get a custodial sentence, he did not deserve one… The original judgement found Doug Hill guilty, but we should remember that he was also a victim…” (story)
BBC News Online 15.5.06 Huntsman spared jail over assault - A hunt master who spat blood at a police officer and hit two hunt protesters with a whip has been spared jail by a judge. Farmer Douglas Hill, 63, of West Hanningfield, Essex, was ordered to do 250 hours of community work and pay a £250 fine by Witham magistrates… Hill, who is joint master of the Essex Farmers' and Union Hunt, had denied any offence… Ms Mitchell said outside court she was "bitterly disappointed" and complained the judge had let the police and the public down (story)
Essex Chronicle 13.4.06 MASTER OF HUNT SPAT AT OFFICER - A West Hanningfield farmer faces jail after being convicted of spitting blood and saliva at a police officer and attacking two saboteurs with a whip while fox hunting. Douglas Hill, 63, joint master of the Essex Farmers' and Union Hunt, that they were "serious assaults" and custody could be an option… (story)
Essex Evening Gazette 11.4.06 West Hanningfield, Woodham Walter: Huntsmaster told he faces jail term - A huntsmaster has been warned he faces prison after being found guilty of spitting blood in a police officer's face and smearing blood on his jacket…. (story in archive)
Telegraph 11.4.06 Hunt master facing jail over attacks on saboteurs and Pc By David Sapsted - A hunt master is facing jail after being convicted of attacking two saboteurs and spitting blood at a policeman during a violent confrontation at a meet last year. Douglas Hill, the joint master of the Essex Farmers' and Union Hunt, was found guilty of striking two protesters, one of whom was a woman, with his whip and of assaulting the policeman during the meeting at Maldon in March last year…. (story)
Times 11.4.06 Hunt assault - A hunt master faces jail after being convicted of assaulting a police officer and two anti-hunt protesters… (story)
Mirror 11.4.06 BLOOD NASTY - Farmer who spat blood over cop faces jail for hunt assaults By Victoria Bone - A HUNT master who hit two protesters with a whip and spat blood in a policeman's face is facing jail. Farmer Douglas Hill, 63, lashed out after his hunt clashed with an animal rights group. In a video shown in court yesterday Hill was seen yelling that the protesters were going to "cop it" before striking Geoffrey Bradford and Sally Mitchell…. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 11.4.06 Hunt master guilty of assaults - A HUNT master from Essex who assaulted a policeman and two anti-hunt activists is facing a possible jail term, a judge has warned… Hill, joint master of the Essex Farmers' and Union Hunt, was released on bail yesterday pending reports but told that he could go to prison…. (story)
Western Daily Press 11.4.06 HUNTER HIT PROTESTERS AND SPAT BLOOD INTO FACE OF POLICEMAN - A Hunt master was yesterday facing a possible jail sentence after being convicted of hitting two anti-hunt protesters and spitting blood into the face of a policeman. Farmer Douglas Hill, 63, of West Hanningfield, was also convicted of damaging property and harassment after trouble flared at a hunt meeting near Danbury, Essex, in March last year… The judge was told that Hill had struck protesters Geoffrey Bradford, 20, and Sally Mitchell, 26, with his whip. He had also threatened protesters…. Outside court, Ms Mitchell, a drama student who lives in London but comes from Sileby, Leicestershire, said: "He should go to jail. A fine would mean nothing to him because he is a rich farmer." (story) 10.4.06 Hunt master faces jail for assaulting policeman - A 63-year-old hunt master was today facing a possible jail term after being convicted of assaulting a policeman and two anti-hunt protesters. Farmer Douglas Hill, of West Hanningfield, was also convicted of damaging property and harassment after trouble flared at a hunt meeting near Danbury, Essex, in March 2005…. (story)
BBC News Online 10.4.06 Hunt master convicted of assaults - A 63-year-old hunt master has been warned he could go to prison after being convicted of assaulting a policeman and two anti-hunt protesters. Farmer Douglas Hill, of West Hanningfield, Essex, was also convicted of damaging property and harassment at a hunt meeting in March 2005….(story)
Sky News 10.4.06 Huntsman Attacked Sabs - A 63-year-old hunt master is facing a possible jail term after being convicted of assaulting a policeman and two anti-hunt protesters. Farmer Douglas Hill, of West Hanningfield, was said to have spat blood in the face of the policeman…. The joint master with the Essex Farmers' and Union Hunt was released on bail pending reports but warned by a district judge that he could go to prison…. (story)
Essex Chronicle 23.3.06 HUNTMASTER 'SPAT BLOOD AT OFFICER' - STEVE CLOW - An Essex huntmaster has denied spitting blood and saliva into a police officer's face during a foxhunt on Maldon farmland last March. West Hanningfield farmer Douglas Hill, 63, told a court he neither spat nor flicked blood from his nose at Pc Craig Bolton, of the Essex Police force support unit. The red-coated senior joint master with Essex Farmers and Union Hunt also denied assaulting two saboteurs, one a woman, with his riding crop…. Pc Bolton said that Hill pointed out a saboteur, saying: "He has assaulted me, now you arrest him." Instead, the officer tried to arrest Hill, having seen him lift saboteur James Delnegra off the ground by his dreadlocks…. Sally Mitchell, an active member of North East London Saboteurs (NELS) said Hill hit her three times as she filmed with a video camera… (story)
BBC News Online 20.3.06 Hunt master 'trying to get away' - A hunt master denied spitting at a policeman when told he was being arrested at a hunt, a court has heard. Douglas Hill, 63, of West Hanningfield, Essex, also denied wiping a bloodied hand on the Pc's jacket and hitting two protesters with his whip. At Chelmsford magistrates, he said he had not intentionally hit anyone as he tried to get away on his horse from a "vicious" crowd of hunt saboteurs. … The hearing was adjourned until 10 April when it will resume at Witham Magistrates Court. (story)
Mirror 18.3.06 HUNT PC: HE SPAT - A POLICEMAN told yesterday of the moment a hunt master allegedly spat blood in his face during a clash with animal rights protesters. PC Craig Bolton claimed Douglas Hill, 63, showered him as he tried to arrest the hunter for attacking two saboteurs… (story)
Essex Evening Gazette 17.3.06 West Hanningfield, maldon: Hunt man denies spitting on PC - A huntsmaster spat blood in a police officer's face and attacked saboteurs with his riding crop at a meet near Maldon, a court heard. Douglas Hill, 63, of Church Road, West Hanningfield, near Chelmsford, denies assaulting PC Craig Bolton. He also denies causing criminal damage to the officer's jacket, assaulting saboteurs Sally Mitchell and Geoffrey Bradford, and causing alarm and distress by using threatening behaviour... Tim Thomas, prosecuting, said Hill received a blow to the nose and was involved in a dispute with saboteur, James Dallenegra... (story in archive)
East Anglian Daily Times 17.3.06 Huntmaster 'spat blood in PC's face' - A HUNTMASTER spat blood in the face of a policeman after trouble flared at a hunt meeting, a court heard yesterday. Farmer Douglas Hill, 63, of West Hanningfield, Essex, also wiped his bloody hand on Pc Craig Bolton's fluorescent jacket, a magistrates' court hearing in Witham was told…. (story)
Sun 17.3.06 Hunter in 'blood attack' By JOHN TROUP - A HUNTMASTER was yesterday accused of spitting blood in a cop’s face and hitting two protesters with a riding whip. Douglas Hill, 63, allegedly spat out blood from his bleeding nose into the face of PC Craig Bolton after a clash with protesters at a meet….(story)
Mirror 17.3.06 'SABS HIT BY HUNT MASTER' By Aidan Mcgurran - A HUNT master hit two protesters with his riding whip and spat blood in a policeman's face, a court was told yesterday. Douglas Hill sprayed blood from his bleeding nose at PC Craig Bolton as hunters and saboteurs clashed, it was said…. The court heard Hill, 63, joint master of Essex Farmers and Union Hunt, hit Sally Mitchell, 20, on the head and arm with his whip as she filmed him. Geoffrey Bradford, 20, said Hill also attacked him with a whip…. (story)
Telegraph 17.3.06 Hunt master 'spat blood and smeared it on Pc's uniform' By Stewart Payne - A master of hounds spat blood at a police officer and hit two hunt protesters with his riding crop, a court was told yesterday. Douglas Hill, 63, who is the joint master of the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt, was involved in a clash with members of the North East London Saboteurs, at Maldon, Essex, last March, a month after the ban on hunting with dogs was introduced…. Appearing at Witham magistrates' court, Essex, Hill denied assaulting the officer, two charges of common assault on protesters, criminal damage and threatening behaviour. He is alleged to have hit Sally Mitchell, a protester, on the head and arm with a riding whip as she tried to film him…. Geoffrey Bradford, 20, another saboteur, said that Hill attacked him with a whip…. (story)
BBC News Online 16.3.06 Hunt master denies meeting attack - A hunt master charged with assault during a meeting spat blood at a police officer, a court heard. Douglas Hill, of West Hanningfield, Essex, also struck a hunt protester with a whip and another with his hand, Witham magistrates were told. The 63-year-old was joint master of Essex and Farmers Union Hunt when the alleged incidents happened at Maldon in March 2005…. (story)
Essex Chronicle 1.9.05 HUNTMASTER TRIAL - Essex huntmaster Douglas Hill denied assaulting three people, including a police officer, during a fox hunt when he faced Chelmsford magistrates last Thursday… (story)
BBC News Online 25.8.05 Hunt master facing meet charges - A hunt master is due in court to face a string of offences including assault of a police officer after trouble flared at a meet earlier this year. Douglas Hill, 62, joint master of Essex and Farmers Union Hunt, is also charged with criminal damage…. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 25.8.05 Hunt master charged with assault BY RODDY ASHWORTH - A HUNT master has been charged with a string of offences – including the assault of a police officer – after trouble flared at a meet earlier this year. Douglas Hill, 62, joint master of the Essex and Farmers Union Hunt, also faces two further charges of assault, a charge of criminal damage and two public order offences. He will appear at Chelmsford Magistrates' Court this morning…. (story)
Essex Chronicle 17.3.05 POLICE SLAMMED AS HUNT MASTER ARRESTED BY CHRIS RUNECKLES - Huntsmen have critic- ised police over the handling of a meet near Danbury in which a huntsman was arrest- ed. Joint master of the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt Mervyn Clarke has said officers failed to prevent violence which led to the arrest of the huntsman and a 23-year-old anti-hunt protestor. He said: "We are lodging an official complaint with the police. "We felt they did not adequately protect the members of the hunt who were engaging in completely lawful act… (story)
Essex Evening Gazette 14.3.05 Danbury: Two arrested after violence at hunt - Police have made two of the first arrests since the hunting ban kicked in. About 40 anti-hunt protesters and 50 supporters turned up at a meeting of the Essex Farmers' Union hunt, which met at Runsell Green, Danbury, on Saturday… It has been reported that a woman was hit with a riding whip during the fracas but police were unable to confirm this…. (story in archive)
East Anglian Daily Times 14.3.05 Hunt master arrested at meet - A HUNT master was arrested along with a saboteur after trouble flared at a meeting in Essex. Douglas Hill, 62, joint master of the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt, was arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm following an incident at the meet at Runsell Green, near Danbury, on Saturday. A 23-year-old anti-hunt supporter was also questioned on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm, although police stressed the two arrests related to separate allegations…. Liz Mort, eastern regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said: "Doug Hill, the joint master of the hunt, was surrounded by saboteurs and two of them tried to pull him off his horse…." Colin Bell, of the North and East London Hunt Saboteurs said: "I read that the hunts are blaming the police for not taking care of the situation but the police are in a difficult position…." (story)
BBC News Online 13.3.05 Pair held after hunt disturbance - Two people have been arrested on suspicion of assault during a meeting of the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt. A 62-year-old hunt master from Essex and a 23-year-old anti-hunt supporter from London were quizzed on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm…. (story)

Western Daily Press 16.5.06 YOUR CALL - VIEWS FROM OUR WEBSITE - Farmers are just too busy (May 13) Here's a little tip for Mr Pullen which, it seems, his father hadn't heard about. Fix a layer of wire mesh flat on the ground at the base of, and at right angles to, your henhouse and/or run. If the fox tries to dig his way in, then it will be in the angle where the house/run meets the ground, so the mesh will stop him in his tracks…. Gill Purser, Cheltenham
I'm so sorry to hear Mr Pullen's late father had to expend so much of his valuable hatred on mere foxes…. C K Yoe, Middlesex (letters)
Western Daily Press 13.5.06 FARMERS ARE JUST TOO BUSY - Gill Purser (Your Say, May 10) infuriates me. If she has time to sit around in front of her stock with her laptop, dreaming up criticisms of Ray Bird and Helen Weeks, good luck to her. Most small farmers I know are too busy filling in multi-page forms to try and get next year's single farm payment sorted ahead of this year's, due to Defra's almighty cock-up…. Not all farmers hunt, but most are glad when the hunt kills or disperses predators… Mr B Pullen, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire (letter)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 18.5.06 Plants for sale in historic setting - GARDENERS will be flocking to a major event this weekend. An plant sale and open day will take place in the grounds of historic Sherbourne Park, in Sherbourne, near Warwick, on Sunday. Gates open at 10am. Proceeds from the event will be divided between the air ambulance appeal, the Countryside Alliance and Sherbourne's All Saints Church. Organiser Clare Rowson said: "It will be a good fun day. We're just keeping our fingers crossed for good weather… (story)

Eastern Daily Press 18.5.06 Getting a slice of rural life - Youngsters from across the county made the most of the open air classroom on a traditional Norfolk estate to get a taste of food, farming and the countryside yesterday. The 380 pupils were each given a large loaf of bread to mark their visit to the Lexham Hall estate, near Litcham, which grows quality wheat as part of its arable cropping… Youngsters from the city, towns and villages were invited to the estate by Anthea and Neil Foster, who welcomed visitors on behalf of the Norfolk branch of the Countryside Alliance… Gamekeeper John Phelps and colleagues Gerald Gray, Eddie Hassell and Bob Moore talked about the range of game birds on the estate and also how vermin and pests are controlled. There were also briefings about conservation, landscape, arable farming and falconry. (story)

Western Daily Press 18.5.06 JOINT SHOW IS A MISALLIANCE - I was extremely concerned to read that the St John Ambulance Brigade is holding a "countryside day" on May 21 at Heale House, Middle Woodford, in conjunction with the Countryside Alliance. The public image of St John Ambulance could be seriously damaged by this event, as the CA is an organisation dedicated to blood sports… Chris Gale Chippenham Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 18.5.06 FOOD DICTATING FOX POPULATION - Ray Bird (Your Say, May 9) says that there is no reliable evidence that fox numbers are self-regulating. That is nonsense. There is much reliable evidence that the fox population, and that of other animals, is determined by availability of food and territory…. Hunting is unequivocally just a blood sport. Peter Bunce Haddenham Bucks (letter)
Western Daily Press 9.5.06 NO EVIDENCE THAT WILD FOXES WILL SELF-REGULATE NUMBERS - With regard to whether foxes self-regulate their numbers or need to be culled, as with most animal-related issues, one must sieve sentiment from reality. The "do-gooders" brigade that opposes all culling, and those that are genuinely unaware of any culling in their area, will claim they do self-regulate. In reality, in the wild, there is no reliable evidence to support that claim… To briefly pick up on one of the points in M J Haines's letter (Your Say, April 29), given how much he detests hunting people, I found it rather bizarre, that he feels "control of life should be left to environmentalists". Does he not know that among their most high-profile personnel are keen fox - hunters? Ray Bird Acton Turville Gloucestershire (letter)

Telegraph 18.5.06 Wildlife fears as foxes are sighted on islands By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent - Foxes have been seen for the first time in what was one of the remaining fox-free areas of Britain, a chain of islands 40 miles from the mainland. Several recent sightings have been reported on Lewis and Harris in the Western Isles, where their presence could threaten rare birds and other wildlife…. Islanders have been asked to report sightings to the environment agency Scottish Natural Heritage, which is mystified by the appearance of the animal…. "It is impossible for them to have reached here under their own steam. They were either brought in, or managed to hide on a lorry bringing, for instance, hay. We just don't know."… (story)
Scotsman 18.5.06 After hedgehogs and mink, new invader poses threat to isles - JOHN ROSS - ONE of the last fox-free environments in the UK has been put on high alert after the predators were spotted roaming through the Western Isles…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 18.5.06 GLAXOSMITHKLINE CHIEF VOWS TO STAY IN UK BUT WANTS MORE POLICE PROTECTION - Greg Wright - THE head of a pharmaceutical giant targeted by animal rights activists yesterday called for tougher police action to protect firms. GlaxoSmithKline chief executive Jean-Pierre Garnier insisted that it would not be forced out of the UK by anti-vivisection "extremists"…. (story)
Western Daily Press 18.5.06 GLAXO UNITES OVER THREATS BY ACTIVISTS - Shareholders and directors of GlaxoSmithKline insisted yesterday they would not be deterred by animal rights extremists who targeted the pharmaceutical giant last week. Glaxo chairman Sir Christopher Gent and chief executive Jean-Pierre Garnier hit out at anti-vivisection fanatics after shareholders were sent threatening letters last week… (story)
Times 18.5.06 'Do not give in to these extremists' BY RICHARD IRVING - J.-P. GARNIER vowed that animal extremists would not drive his company out of the country despite admitting for the first time yesterday that his children had been targeted by activists. The GlaxoSmithKline chief executive said that he would show courage and character to defy what he described as a very small group of extremists who had targeted the company and other drugmakers. "We will continue to do significant research in this country. We have no intention of changing that,” he said… (story)
Times 18.5.06 Protesters fail to put ring of steel to the test BY RICHARD IRVING - THE dozen or so burly security men guarding the lobby of the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, just a stone’s throw from Westminster, were clearly not there to protect delegates shuffling into a conference on volatility in the currency markets. But to judge from the absence of animal rights protesters, neither were they needed to ensure that shareholders attending GlaxoSmithKline’s annual meeting avoided any further unpleasantries….(story)
Guardian 18.5.06 Animal protests have kept firms out of UK, says Glaxo chief David Teather - Annabel Holt's protest outside the annual meeting of GlaxoSmithKline was destined to be short-lived. Barely had the 64-year-old with an abundance of white hair set up her anti-vivisection placards when three police wandered up through the drizzle and told her to move on…. The only other protester was Sylvia Bailey, a softly spoken elderly member of the Stevenage Ladies, a perennial protest group at GSK events whose ranks had been depleted by illness…. Poorva Joshipura, director of the animal rights group Peta, said investors remained a legitimate target: "Shareholders are part-owners of companies, they share in its profits and losses and, as such, they share accountability for its practices." (story)
Telegraph 18.5.06 Animal activists 'could keep drug firms away from Britain' By Rosie Murray-West and Dominic White - Animal rights activists could deprive Britain of much-needed investment in medical research, Jean-Pierre Garnier, the chief executive of the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, said yesterday. Speaking before the company's annual general meeting, he said that, although GSK was committed to Britain, violent anti-vivisectionists were a deciding factor when other companies thought about investing here…. (story)
Scotsman 18.5.06 GSK defiance - GLAXOSMITHKLINE shareholders stood defiantly against animal rights extremists at the group's AGM yesterday… (story)

Telegraph 18.5.06 City big guns condemn threats by animal rights extremists By Dominic White - Four of the City's most powerful institutions have expressed support for the small shareholders targeted with blackmail attempts last week and condemned the animal rights extremists that made the threats. The Daily Telegraph asked GlaxoSmithKline's largest 10 investors to pledge support for those who had been told to sell their shares or have their names published on a website. Four of the institutions gave positive responses: Standard Life Investments, Morley Fund Management, Threadneedle Asset Management and Insight Investment Management…. (story)

Guardian 18.5.06 Extremists are not an excuse to ignore animal welfare - Science must engage with the ethics and reality of experimenting on animals, says Jackie Ballard - A powerful spotlight has been cast on the perceived rights and wrongs of using animals in research by the prime minister, who has signed a petition declaring support for animal experiments… (story)

Esher 18.5.06 RABBITS ARE BITING BACK IN PROTEST By CHANTAL HARRIS - PROTESTORS dressed as giant rabbits stormed Weybridge High Street on Monday to protest against animal testing at Procter & Gamble. Animal rights group Uncaged brought its peaceful protest to the town, where the headquarters of the company is based, as part of a wider campaign against animal testing…. Natalie Fadni-Tehrani is a student from St George’s Hill in Weybridge, and said although she bought cosmetics and toiletries from Procter & Gamble, she had not realised they were tested on animals…. (story)

Oxford Student 18.5.06 Blair speaks out in support of Pro-Test By Andy Heath - The Prime Minister has entered the controversy over the Oxford animal laboratory by adding his name to the People’s Petition in favour of animal testing…. (story)
Burton Mail 17.5.06 MP WELCOMES GET TOUGH RESPONSE by David Powles - A PLEDGE by the Prime Minister to come down hard on animal rights campaigners who use illegal tactics has been welcomed by an opposition MP - along with a warning that more should have been done before…. Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant, whose constituency includes the farm and the village of Yoxall, where the body of Gladys Hammond was stolen from her grave by the protesters, supported Mr Blair's action but hit out at the Government for failing to act sooner…. (story)
Oxford Mail 16.5.06 PM's pro-test stance welcomed - Oxford lobby group Pro-Test has welcomed Tony Blair's decision to sign an online petition in support of animal testing…. (story)
Birmingham Mail 16.5.06 MP praises Blair's animal testing support - LICHFIELD Tory MP Michael Fabricant has welcomed PM Tony Blair's decision to sign an online petition in support of animal testing for medical research…. (story)
Telegraph 15.5.06 Blair does his bit - Tony Blair is to be commended for expressing, in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph, his clear support for scientific research that involves testing on live animals, within the rigorous regulatory framework that obtains in this country; and his condemnation of criminal "animal rights" activism is also most welcome…. (story)
Telegraph 15.5.06 Do more to combat the animal rights fanatics, Blair told By Graeme Wilson - Tony Blair was urged to do more to target animal rights extremists yesterday after signing a petition defending medical research. The Prime Minister took the unusual step of adding his name to the People's Petition, which voices support for properly regulated animal testing by medical researchers…. (story)
Guardian 15.5.06 Blair backs secrecy law to thwart animal activists - Will Woodward, Sandra Laville and Steven Morris - Companies with links to animal testing might be allowed to hide the identities of their shareholders, Tony Blair said yesterday as he moved to reinforce what he believes is a hardening of public attitudes against the anti-vivisection lobby. The prime minister took the rare step of promising to sign up to the online "People's petition"… (story)
Times 15.5.06 Blair backing for animal experiments REPORT BY DAVID CHARTER - The Prime Minister wants a new law to hide identity of those involved in the vivisection business… Mr Blair also pledged to sign the People’s Petition, affirming his support for the right of scientists to conduct legitimate animal experiments… (story)
Times 15.5.06 Testing times - The pressure must be kept up on animal rights extremists - It is, as Tony Blair admits, extremely unusual for a serving prime minister to add his name to a public petition…. Testing on great apes is not permitted, and in 1998 the Government outlawed the testing of cosmetics on animals. No animal procedures are allowed unless an independent panel can first be convinced that it is necessary. With these safeguards in place, however, it is essential that vital tests on possible scientific breakthroughs go ahead. Those who, purporting to defend animals, would deny the chance of life or recovery to millions suffering from debilitating disease threaten not simply our laboratories; they threaten our very humanity. (story)
Independent 15.5.06 Blair's hard line on animal testing will backfire, say campaigners By Terry Kirby, Chief Reporter - The new, hard-line stance by Tony Blair and big business against animal rights extremists will only increase the threat of violent action, campaigners warn. Mr Blair's public support for animal testing where necessary prompted Alistair Currie, the campaigns director for the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, to say: "This creates a real danger of reinforcing the activities of extremists.''… (story)
Mirror 15.5.06 BLAIR: NO TO ANIMAL TERRORISM By Rosa Prince - TONY Blair yesterday took a personal stand against the activists who intimidate people linked to animal testing. The Prime Minister signed an online petition condemning extremists and hinted at measures to tackle the harassment… (story)
Mirror 15.5.06 The Voice of the Mirror - STRANGE SIGN - TONY Blair must have forgotten he's Prime Minister after signing a petition defending medical experiments on animals instead of using his position to combat extremists. Next he'll be joining demonstrations against his own government… (story may be in archive)
Glasgow Herald 15.5.06 Blair defends animal tests by signing petition - CATHERINE MacLEOD, UK Political Editor - Tony Blair declared war against militant animal rights campaigners yesterday as senior British business figures accused the government and the City of allowing the animal rights movement to spiral out of control…. (story)
Daily Record 15.5.06 BLAIR: I'M BACKING TESTS ON ANIMALS - TONY Blair yesterday pledged to sign a petition backing animal testing. The Prime Minister made public his support and attacked I the "appalling" activities of some of those opposed to it… (story)
Scotsman 15.5.06 Testing time as Blair targets human rights - JAMES KIRKUP POLITICAL EDITOR - TONY Blair attempted to shift political attention away from his own future yesterday, with new government pledges on scientific research and human rights… Leading scientists yesterday praised his decision to sign a petition backing the right of scientists to conduct medical research using animals… (story)
Oxford Mail 15.5.06 PM hits out at lab protests By Andrew Ffrench - Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday declared his support for animal testing and attacked protesters trying to stop the building of a controversial Oxford University laboratory… Mel Broughton, a spokesman for Speak, which is campaigning against the construction of the laboratory, said: "This is simply grandstanding by Blair to deflect from his own troubles…. (story)
Oxford Mail 15.5.06 Pro-animal testing group welcomes PM's decision to sign petition By Andrew Ffrench - Oxford lobby group Pro-Test today welcomed Tony Blair's decision to sign an online petition in support of animal testing…. (story)
Swindon Advertiser 15.5.06 PM backs animal testing campaign - TEENAGE campaigner Laurie Pycroft is delighted Prime Minister Tony Blair is backing animal testing. Laurie, 16, who runs the pro animal testing organisation Pro-Test, said it was "brilliant" that the Prime Minister had come out defending animal testing…. (story)
Western Daily Press 15.5.06 JOIN US ON OUR MARCH TO KEEP ANIMAL TESTING - A Schoolboy from Swindon is calling on Tony Blair to prove his commitment to animal testing by attending a pro-experiments march. The Prime Minister yesterday condemned the "appalling" activities of animal rights extremists and said he planned to sign a petition supporting animal testing.But Laurie Pycroft, the teenage founder of pressure group Pro-Test, said Mr Blair should go further…. (story)
Cambridge Evening News 15.5.06 Blair backs HLS and animal experiments - THE Prime Minister has hit out at the "extremist and criminal" behaviour of animal rights protesters and pledged his personal commitment to the work of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Tony Blair, right, said he would sign the People's Petition in support of animal testing which, he said, was giving a voice to the silent majority in favour of properly regulated research…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 15.5.06 PM BACKS ANIMAL-TESTING AND CONDEMNS EXTREMISTS' TERROR CAMPAIGN - Prime Minister Tony Blair has given his backing to animal-testing following the imprisonment of extremists who ran a terror campaign against a farm near Burton…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 15.5.06 HUMAN RIGHTS AND WRONGS - Blair must back talk with action - HARDLY for the first time in his premiership, Tony Blair is talking tough. The Prime Minister has promised a crackdown on animal-rights extremists, signing a petition in support of the use of animals in medical research…. It might, however, be easier to invest confidence in Mr Blair's commitments if they did not have the smack of a headline-grabbing reaction to recent events, made by a Prime Minister on the ropes…. The public will be behind Mr Blair all the way when he condemns animal-rights terrorism and says that judgments such as that on the Afghan asylum-seekers defy all notions of common sense. But the voters have long since tired of empty words and vacuous promises. If the Prime Minister really wants the law-abiding majority to live without fear, then it is high time that he proved it (story)
Belfast Telegraph 15.5.06 Blair's hard line on animal testing will backfire, say campaigners By Terry Kirby, Chief Reporter - The new, hard-line stance by Tony Blair and big business against animal rights extremists will only increase the threat of violent action, campaigners warn. Mr Blair's public support for animal testing where necessary prompted Alistair Currie, the campaigns director for the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, to say: "This creates a real danger of reinforcing the activities of extremists.'… (story)
Burton Mail 15.5.06 BLAIR WELCOMES TOUGH ANIMAL RIGHTS SENTENCES by David Powles - PRIME Minister Tony Blair has condemned animal rights fanatics who carried out a six-year campaign of terror to close down a farm near Burton….(story)
BBC News Online 14.5.06 PM criticised over animal testing - Anti-vivisectionists have criticised Tony Blair's pledge to sign an online petition which backs animal testing… the National Anti-Vivisection Society described Mr Blair's commitment as "hugely irresponsible"… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 14.5.06 PM gives lead on animal testing By Patrick Hennessy and Andrew Alderson - Tony Blair today accuses anti-vivisection extremists of "stooping to appalling depths" as he launches an impassioned defence of animal testing…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 14.5.06 Tony Blair: Time to act against animal rights protesters - Writing for The Sunday Telegraph, Tony Blair explains why it is time for the silent majority to act against animal rights protesters who hinder medical research… (story)
Independent on Sunday 14.5.06 Blair targets human - and animal rights By Daniel Bentley, PA Political Correspondent - Tony Blair was trying to reclaim the political agenda today with major initiatives on human rights laws and the fight against animal rights extremism… Mr Blair also today condemned the "appalling" activities of the criminal minority of animal rights campaigners… (story)
Reuters 14.5.06 Blair pledges support for animal testing By Tim Castle - Prime Minister Tony Blair declared his support for the country's key drugs industry on Sunday by announcing he would sign an online petition supporting the use of animals for medical research…. (story)
ITV 14.5.06 Blair condemns animal rights extremists - Tony Blair has condemned the "appalling" activities of animal rights extremists and pledged his support to animal testing…. (story)
BBC News Online 14.5.06 Blair takes stand on animal tests - Tony Blair has defended animal testing and accused anti-vivisection extremists of stooping to "appalling" depths. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, he said companies with links to animal testing may be allowed to keep details of their shareholders secret. … (story)
BBC News Online 14.5.06 Head to head: Animal testing Tony Blair has publicly defended animal testing and accused anti-vivisection extremists of stooping to "appalling" depths. His comments have been applauded by scientists, but criticised by animal rights campaigners. Here, two people from each side give their views. PROFESSOR CHRIS HIGGINS, DIRECTOR OF THE MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL CLINICAL FINANCES CENTRE… ALISTAIR CURRIE, CAMPAIGN DIRECTOR FOR THE BRITISH UNION FOR THE ABOLITION OF VIVISECTION… (story)
BBC News Online 14.5.06 Is Blair right to defend testing on animals? … Is the PM right to defend testing on animals? Should the identity of shareholders, at risk of intimidation, be protected? Do the actions of animal rights extremists overshadow the message of animal welfare? Send us your comments. (story)
Sunday Times 14.5.06 Blair plan to protect animal test shareholders - ISABEL OAKESHOTT, DEPUTY POLITICAL EDITOR - NEW moves to protect people who buy shares in companies targeted by animal rights activists are being proposed by the prime minister. Tony Blair has announced plans to consult on exempting some firms from providing full public details of shareholders in future. It follows threats to shareholders in the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline…. (story)

Lichfield Post 18.5.06 Damning evidence of relentless persecution - The four animal rights activists left behind a trail of evidence that linked them to a SIX YEAR terror campaign that culminated in the desecration of pensioner Gladys Hammond's grave…. (story)
Lichfield Post 18.5.06 Rights extremists are 'nice people' - A close friend of the four animal rights extremists has hailed them as 'some of the nicest people you could ever to meet'. John Curtin a long-term animal rights campaigner who knows the four well, said he hoped they would not be 'dehumanised' following the case… (story)
Lichfield Mercury 18.5.06 FOUR ARE JAILED FOR 40 YEARS - The Full horror of a six-year hate campaign against the owners of a guinea pig farm has been revealed as four animal rights activists were jailed for a total of 40 years at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday…. Sentencing John Ablewhite, John Smith, and Kerry Whitburn to 12 years' imprisonment each, and Josephine Mayo to four years, Judge Michael Pert said the foursome went far beyond legal protest… (story)
Lichfield Mercury 18.5.06 MISTAKES THAT WERE THE ACTIVISTS' UNDOING - When He was called to the scene at Yoxall churchyard in October 29004, Detective Chief Inspector Nick Baker, who led the investigation, admitted: "It isn't the type of incident you expect to be investigating in 21st century Britain. "The pre-planned desecration of a grandmother's grave, in the dead of night, was both shocking and devastating…. (story)
Lichfield Mercury 18.5.06 CAMPAIGNERS' INTIMIDATION ACROSS THE AREA - John Hall's daughter, Sally-Ann Hall, 28, was targeted by activists, who used threatening letters, bird-scarer pyrotechnics and threw paint at her house… (story)
Lichfield Mercury 18.5.06 NIGHTMARE BROUGHT A VILLAGE CLOSER - Imagine a vicar's horror at finding a sacred place desecrated. It happened to Yoxall rector Jenny Lister, who told CARL ROACHE how the quiet village has been coping at the centre of attention…. (story)
Walsall Advertiser 18.5.06 ANIMAL ACTIVIST JAILED FOR 12 YEARS - The son of a former vicar from Aldridge has been jailed for 12 years for his part in a terror campaign which culminated in the desecration of an elderly woman's grave. Jon Ablewhite, who now lives in Manchester, was sentenced with three others at Nottingham Crown Court last week for a six-year terror campaign against the owners of Darley Oaks Farm, Yoxall… (story)
Telegraph 12.5.06 Animal rights gang jailed for 12 years to deter 'lunatics' By Nick Britten - Four animal rights extremists who conducted a six-year campaign of terror against the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm, which culminated in the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave, were jailed yesterday. Jon Ablewhite, 36, Kerry Whitburn, 36, John Smith, 39, and Josephine Mayo, 38, brought fear and misery to the Hall family, their friends and associates, wrecking their businesses and ruining their lives. Judge Michael Pert imposed the 12-year maximum sentences available on the men…. With the issue of animal rights riding high on the political agenda, and after the targeting of GlaxoSmithKline shareholders and a controversial new testing laboratory being built at Oxford university, Ken Macdonald, the Director of Public Prosecutions, said it used the case to set a precedent. It specifically chose a wide-encompassing charge of conspiracy to blackmail because it carried a stiff maximum jail sentence of 14 years if the case went to trial…. (story)
Telegraph 12.5.06 Animal rights grave-robbers wrecked my family By Nick Britten - The daughter of Gladys Hammond told last night of her devastation after her mother's grave was robbed by animal rights protesters….(story)
Times 12.5.06 Animal rights grave-robbers are jailed for 12 years each BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - THREE animal rights extremists were jailed for twelve years each yesterday for waging a six-year hate campaign that included the desecration of a grandmother’s grave. Jon Ablewhite, John Smith and Kerry Whitburn admitted their leading roles in intimidating and attacking the owners of Darley Oaks guinea-pig farm in Staffordshire only two weeks before they were due to stand trial…. (story)
Times 12.5.06 'It was unbelievable . . . so gruesome' BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - THE Hall family spoke for the first time yesterday about the horror of learning that the remains of Gladys Hammond had been dug up and stolen. It was, they said, "the most horrendous thing you can ever imagine”… (story)
Guardian 12.5.06 Jail for animal rights extremists who stole body of elderly woman from her grave - Steven Morris, David Ward and Riazat Butt - Three animal rights extremists involved in the theft of the body of an elderly woman from her grave were yesterday jailed for 12 years each in what is seen by police and prosecutors as a groundbreaking case…. (story)
Independent 12.5.06 Animal rights protesters are jailed over stolen remains By Ian Herbert - Three members of a "lunatic fringe" animal rights group have been jailed for 12 years each for their role in a terror campaign, during which the body of an 82-year-old woman was stolen from her grave…. (story)
Sun 12.5.06 Animal activists are caged By JOHN SCOTT - FOUR ruthless animal rights fanatics were jailed yesterday for waging a vicious terror campaign against a family who bred guinea pigs. A vicar’s son who masterminded the twisted six-year crusade, which resulted in the snatching of a woman’s body from her grave, got 12 years… (story)
Birmingham Post 12.5.06 How could they do it? By Emma Pinch - Four animal rights extremists were behind bars today after waging a terror campaign in which a pensioner's body was stolen from a grave . The quartet - branded wicked and totally outrageous - were handed prison terms totalling 40 years for conspiring to blackmail the Hall family who owned a guinea pig breeding farm in Staffordshire…. (story)
Irish Independent 12.5.06 Guinea pig terrorists are jailed for 12 years - Ian Herbertin - THREE members of a "lunatic fringe" animal rights group were jailed for 12 years each yesterday for their role in a terror campaign, during which the body of an 82-year-old woman was stolen from her grave…. (story)
Scotsman 12.5.06 40 years for animal rights group who stole body - ANDREW BARROW AND ALEXANDRA CORNELIUS - THREE members of a "lunatic fringe" animal rights group were jailed for 12 years each yesterday for their parts in a terror campaign in which the body of an 82-year-old woman was stolen from her grave…. (story)
Western Daily Press 12.5.06 40 YEARS' JAIL FOR GRAVE ROBBERS - The farming family at the centre of an animal rights protest in which extremists robbed the grave of an elderly relative said last night they were looking forward to leading a "normal life" again. A judge handed lengthy jail terms to the three leading figures in the case… (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 12.5.06 Grave case gang jailed By Victoria Hoe - Four animal rights militants involved in a terror campaign which peaked with the desecration of a grandmother's grave near Lichfield were today starting jail terms totalling 40 years - as it emerged the FBI helped bring them down…. (story)
Burton Mail 12.5.06 40 YEARS JAIL FOR ANIMAL ACTIVISTS by David Powles - FOUR animal rights activists who waged a 'campaign of terror' against scores of people living in and around Burton have been jailed for a total of 40 years. Jon Ablewhite, John Smith, Kerry Whitburn and Josephine Mayo played a 'leading role' in the criminal efforts to close down the Darley Oaks Guinea Pig Farm, in Newchurch. … (story)
Burton Mail 12.5.06 SENTENCES WELCOMED BY THE HALL FAMILY by David Powles - THE HALL family today welcomed the lengthy sentences handed out to four activists behind the horrific campaign of terror against them, which culminated in the theft of a relative's remains…. (story)
Burton Mail 12.5.06 BRINGING THE GANG TO JUSTICE by David Powles - ON SEPTEMBER 2, 1999, the campaign against Darley Oaks farm was launched when around 600 guinea pigs and business documents were stolen… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 12.5.06 ANIMALS! BY PAULA FENTIMAN - The full horror of a six-year hate campaign against the owners of a guinea pig farm has been revealed as four animal rights activists were jailed for a total of 40 years… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 12.5.06 DEADLY CALLING CARDS OF THE FANATICS WHO PUT ANIMAL RIGHTS ABOVE HUMAN LIVES BY PAULA FENTIMAN - The theft of pensioner Gladys Hammond's body from her grave shocked the nation. Yesterday, the four people responsible for the outrage and for a six-year campaign of terror against Mrs Hammond's family were jailed after pleading guilty to blackmail…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 12.5.06 THE WICKED PEOPLE WHO STOLE MUM'S BODY FILLED ME WITH ANGER AND REVULSION BY PAULA FENTIMAN - Gladys Hammond's daughter has spoken of the anguish that she suffered after animal rights activists snatched her mother's body from her grave…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 12.5.06 THEFT FROM GRAVE WAS THE FINAL STRAW FOR TERRORISED BROTHERS - BY PAULA FENTIMAN - The desecration of Gladys Hammond's grave left the Hall family terrified that one of their living relatives or friends could be the protesters' next target and resigned to the fact that the time had come to give in and close their farm… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 12.5.06 REV'S PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED BY PAULA FENTIMAN - The communities in Newchurch and Yoxall were horrified by the desecration of Gladys Hammond's grave… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 12.5.06 HOW LEGACY OF 9/11 HELPED POLICE TO END THE 'HOLOCAUST' AGAINST HALLS BY PAULA FENTIMAN - A law introduced in the United States to investigate terrorism helped police collect vital evidence from Jon Ablewhite's e-mail account. Officers leading the investigation into the six-year hate campaign against the Hall family worked with the FBI to use powers under the Patriot Act, brought in following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. The law, which is used to help detectives intercept terrorist activity, meant that police could use the act to ask Microsoft to access Ablewhite's Hotmail account and, as a result, officers found explosive pieces of evidence… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 12.5.06 NOT A DAY TOO LONG - Don't let any apologist for the four animal activists convicted yesterday even begin to try to argue they are not dangerous criminals. Their campaign to shut down the guinea pig business of the Hall family was not just mischief. Their actions amounted to fully-fledged terrorism, and could very easily have cost lives in the same way that terrorists in Ulster or the Middle East strive to achieve their aims…. Maybe the authorities should treat them in the same way as their beloved guinea pigs. Put their food and water in a bowl and shove it under their cage bars - and let them get their exercise inside a big wheel in their cells. (story)
Daily Record 12.5.06 ANIMAL PLOTTERS SENT TO PRISON - FOUR animal rights protesters who stole the body of a grandmother from her grave as part of a "vicious" hate campaign have been jailed… (story)
Mirror 12.5.06 ANIMAL FANATICS WHO STOLE BODY IN HATE CAMPAIGN ARE JAILED By Rod Chaytor - FOUR animal rights fanatics who stole a grandmother's body in a terror campaign against a guinea pig farm were jailed yesterday…. (story)
Mirror 12.5.06 A SICK PROTEST - THE evil animal right protesters jailed yesterday only betray the cause they try to champion…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 12.5.06 Grave robbing fanatics are caged - A MANCHESTER man was among three members of a "lunatic fringe" animal rights group jailed for 12 years each over a terror campaign in which the body of an 82-year-old woman was stolen from her grave. John Ablewhite, with Kerry Whitburn from Birmingham and John Smith from Wolverhampton, admitted conspiring to blackmail the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm in Staffordshire…. (story)
Staffordshire Newsletter 11.5.06 Family's ordeal comes to an end with Chase find - EIGHTEEN months of heartache ended for a Staffordshire family when police confirmed human bones discovered on Cannock Chase were the stolen remains of Gladys Hammond… (story)
Guardian 11.5.06 Four animal rights activists jailed - Three members of an animal rights group were jailed for 12 years each today for their role in stealing the body of an 82-year-old woman from her grave… (story)
Telegraph 11.5.06 Animal rights grave robbers jailed for 12 years - Three members of a "lunatic fringe" animal rights group have each been jailed for 12 years for their parts in a terror campaign, during which the body of an 82-year-old woman was stolen from her grave…. (story)
Times 11.5.06 Animal rights activists jailed for 12 years BY LEE GLENDINNING AND AGENCIES - Three animal rights fanatics who subjected the owners of a guinea-pig farm to a six-year campaign of intimidation, which culminated in the desecration of an 82-year-old woman's grave, were today jailed for 12 years each. John Ablewhite, 36, a teacher from Manchester, Kerry Whitburn, 36, a nurse from Edgbaston, Birmingham, and John Smith, 39, a veteran activist from Wolverhampton, were each handed 12-year prison terms at Nottingham Crown Court after pleading guilty to a charge of conspiring to blackmail. Josephine Mayo, 36, Whitburn's girlfriend, was sentenced to four years behind bars for a lesser role in the group's mission to shut down the Darley Oaks Guinea Pig Farm in Staffordshire, which bred the animals for medical research…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 11.5.06 BREAKING NEWS: ANIMAL RIGHTS BLACKMAILERS JAILED - Three animal rights extremists were jailed for 12 years each today for their parts in a terror campaign which culminated in the theft of pensioner Gladys Hammond's body from her grave…. (story)
BBC News Online 11.5.06 Four jailed in grave theft case - Four animal rights activists have been jailed for waging a campaign of terror against a family which included digging up a grandmother's grave…. Jon Ablewhite, 36, of Manchester, Kerry Whitburn, 36, and John Smith, 39, both of the West Mids, were jailed for 12 years for conspiracy to blackmail. Josephine Mayo, 38, of Birmingham, was jailed for four years…. (story)
Sky News 11.5.06 Grave Robbers Jailed - Four animal rights activists who stole a body from a grave as part of a hate campaign have been jailed. John Ablewhite, John Smith and Kerry Whitburn each received 12-year sentences for their part in a blackmail plot to close down a farm that bred animals for research. Josephine Mayo was given four years… (story)
Sun 11.5.06 Animal rights crew jailed - Three members of a "lunatic fringe” animal rights have been jailed for r 12 years each for their parts in a terror campaign… John Ablewhite, from Manchester, Kerry Whitburn, from Edgbaston, Birmingham, and John Smith, of Wolverhampton pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiring to blackmail the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm in Staffordshire. A fourth defendant Josephine Mayo, also from Edgbaston, was jailed for four years… (story)
BBC News Online 11.5.06 Villages try to 'pull together' - Three picturesque villages in the Staffordshire countryside are the unlikely backdrop for an animal rights extremist campaign…. The Reverend Jenny Lister, the rector at St Peter's Church in Yoxall where Gladys Hammond's grave was disturbed in 2004, said the desecration forced villagers to "pull together"…. (story)
BBC News Online 11.5.06 'A terrible and sickening crime' - Police carried out a major inquiry into the campaign against David Hall and Partners and people associated with their guinea pig farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire…. Ch Insp Nick Baker, who led the investigation, tells his story… (story)
BBC News Online 11.5.06 Animal lovers who turned to crime - Four animal rights activists have been jailed for conspiracy to blackmail the owners of a farm where guinea pigs were bred for medical research. The four were members of the Save The Newchurch Guinea Pigs (SNGP) group which aimed to shut down David Hall and Partners… JON ABLEWHITE - Jon Ablewhite, 36, from Levenshulme in Manchester, had previously served a prison sentence for animal rights offences and also used the names John Holmes and Andrew Davidson…. JOHN SMITH - John Smith, 39, of Leicester Street, Wolverhampton, also had previous convictions linked to animal rights extremism…. KERRY WHITBURN - Kerry Whitburn, 36, from Edgbaston in Birmingham, has also previously served time in prison for offences linked to animal rights campaigning…. JOSEPHINE MAYO - Josephine Mayo, 37, also from Edgbaston in Birmingham, was the only one of the four defendants not to have previously been in jail for offences linked to animal rights extremism…. (story)
BBC News Online 11.5.06 Case 'did not help animal rights' By Sarah Portlock - The planned desecration of Gladys Hammond's grave in the dead of night in October 2004 stunned and appalled the nation…. Speaking after four extremists pleaded guilty to conspiracy to blackmail, Alistair Currie of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection condemned intimidation and violence…. A spokeswoman for Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), a group which campaigns against the use of animals in testing at Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire, said she did not believe the media interest in the case had harmed their cause… (story)
BBC News Online 11.5.06 Entire community became a target - Four animal rights activists have been jailed for conspiracy to blackmail the owners of a farm which bred guinea pigs for medical research. In a six-year campaign of terror anyone associated with the farm, however slimly, became a target for them. Farm employees, the local golf club, the village pub and a local newsagents all suffered at the hands of the extremists…. (story)
Reuters 11.5.06 Britain still centre of animal rights "terrorism" By Michael Holden and Matthew Jones - Cars fire-bombed, constant death threats and even a grave desecrated -- the tactics of Britain's animal rights militants have earned them a reputation as the world's most extreme. One security analyst told Reuters the UK was like "the Afghanistan of animal rights extremism" and the government has branded the more extreme elements "thugs and terrorists." … (story)
Reuters 11.5.06 FACTBOX-UK's most extreme animal rights protests - Four Britons were jailed on Thursday for conspiracy to blackmail the owners of a farm that bred guinea pigs for medical research. Here are details of some of the most significant events involving animal rights groups in Britain… (story)
Daily Mail 11.5.06 Animal rights 'grave robbers' jailed - Three animal rights extremists were jailed for 12 years each at Nottingham Crown Court today… John Ablewhite, John Smith and Kerry Whitburn were all sentenced for their part in the blackmail plot, which included robbing a grave of the remains of one of the family. A fourth defendant, Josephine Mayo, was jailed for four years… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 11.5.06 ACTIVIST TOLD POLICE WHERE BODY WAS, COURT HEARS BY PAULA FENTIMAN - One of four animal rights activists accused of blackmailing the owners of a guinea pig farm told police where they could find the body of Gladys Hammond, whose grave was desecrated, a court heard today. John Smith, one of three men and four women being sentenced for their part in a six-year blackmail campaign against the Hall family, told police that the 82-year-old's remains were on Cannock Chase. Mrs Hammond's grave in St Peter's Churchyard, Yoxall, was desecrated in October 2004 - following years of action against her son-in-law's breeding farm in Newchurch…. (story)
Lichfield Mercury 11.5.06 GRAVE CASE BLACKMAILERS TO HEAR JAIL TERMS TODAY - CARL ROACHE - The Four animal rights extremists linked to the Yoxall grave desecration will be sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court today and tomorrow, May 11 and 12…. (story)
Reuters 11.5.06 Animal rights activists face sentencing - LONDON (Reuters) - Four British animal rights protesters will appear in court on Thursday to be sentenced after admitting plotting to blackmail the owners of a farm that bred guinea pigs for medical research. Jon Ablewhite, 36, Kerry Whitburn, 36, John Smith, 39, and Josephine Mayo, 38, all admitted conspiracy charges at hearings at Nottingham Crown Court earlier this year…. (story)
Sky 11.5.06 Extremists To Be Jailed - Four animal rights fanatics are to be sentenced today and tomorrow for their part in a terror campaign which culminated in the theft of a pensioner's body from her grave… (story)
Lichfield Post 10.5.06 Yoxall grave case - sentencing decision - Animal rights terrorists who horrified the nation by stealing the remains of a Lichfield pensioner from a Yoxall graveyard are due to be sentenced today. Jon Ablewhite, John Smith, Kerry Whitburn and Josephine Mayo, who remorsely waged a six-year hate campaign against Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, near Lichfield, are due back before judges today to receive sentence for their role in a drawn out campaign of terror toward owners and workers at the farm, which bred guinea pigs for medical research…. (story)
Lichfield Post 10.5.06 MP condemns animal rights activists - Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant has condemned the behaviour of animal rights activists who stole the body of pensioner Gladys Hammond, whose remains were found on Cannock Chase last week…. (story)

Independent 18.5.06 Why science has to use animals - Alistair Currie, Director of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection is quoted as saying (15 May) "Animal experimentation is old-fashioned science - it may have been useful 50 years ago but in the 21st century we have a lot of techniques that we can use instead." He omitted to mention a number of salient facts. The vast majority of biomedical research is indeed carried out without animals, using the very alternative techniques he espouses. However, there remain a few situations where there is no alternative to studying a living animal…. PROFESSOR CHRIS HIGGINS, DIRECTOR, MRC CLINICAL SCIENCES CENTRE, LONDON W12
I cannot possibly convey to you how strongly I am offended by being referred to as "the respectable face of intimidation" by Thomas Sutcliffe (16 May). Both the BUAV and myself are implacably opposed to violence and intimidation on moral grounds and if Mr Sutcliffe had troubled to read our full statements on both Mr Blair and the Gladys Hammond case that would have been clear to him…. ALISTAIR CURRIE, CAMPAIGNS DIRECTOR, BRITISH UNION FOR THE ABOLITION OF VIVISECTION, LONDON N7 (letters)

Guernsey Press & Star 18.5.06 Protest aims to speed up new cruelty law by Phil Henderson - ANIMAL welfare laws are working, despite a three-year wait for updated ones to be drafted… Dog owners Pamela Le Page, 61, and Janet Gambier, 63, have said they will protest outside the Magistrate’s Court on Thursday in an effort to speed up the process… Mrs Vidamour said that she would back lawful and peaceful action to support animals… (story)
BBC News Online 18.5.06 Protest to bring in animal laws - Protestors have staged a demonstration outside Guernsey's Royal Court calling for new animal welfare laws to be introduced in the island. The States agreed to introduce new legislation to protect pets three years ago, but no progress has been made… (story)

Guardian 18.5.06 People - Maev Kennedy - The singer Pink has written to the Queen… Pink, a spokeswoman for the animal rights organisation Peta, turned down an invitation three years ago to sing at a party for Prince William's 21st birthday, because of his support for hunting. She has now written pleading with the Queen to use imitation instead of real fur for the bearskin hats worn by her guards on duty at Buckingham Palace…. (story)

BBC News Online 18.5.06 Demo set for live calves shipment - Protests are planned for Thursday against shipments of live calves and cull cattle expected through Dover. Kent Against Live Exports (Kale) have planned a demonstration to start late on Wednesday at the harbour entrance…. (story)
Kent Mercury 17.5.06 Second shipment of live veal calves by Graham Tutthill - HUNDREDS more British-born dairy calves are due to be shipped from Dover to the continent tonight to be reared in veal farms… Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) say they are deeply concerned by this continuation of the calf export trade, despite the clear health and welfare risks it poses to calves…. (story)

Liverpool Daily Post 18.5.06 Protester calls for Euro ban on rodeos By Graham Davies Daily Post Staff - A MERSEYSIDE animal rights campaigner yesterdayurged the European Parliament to ban all rodeos across the continent. Tony Moore, chairman of Southport-based Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (FAACE), flew out to Strasbourg to address MEPs about the "barbaric practices" used in the shows… Mr Moore and his partner, Matilda Mench, vice president of Germany's Animal 2000 group, have spent years filming undercover at rodeos around Europe…. (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 18.5.06 Animal kindness - I am writing on behalf of Animal Aid to thank the people of Leeds for their generosity in donating £279 at street collections we held on April 29, in the city centre… EMMA BROWN, Street Collection Co-ordinator, Animal Aid (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 18.5.06 IT'S A DOG'S LIFE (OR MIGHT THAT BE DEATH?) AT SHELTER BY CATHERINE OAKES - The Derby branch of the RSPCA could be forced to close sooner than already feared if funds dry up. The animal shelter was aiming to raise £100,000 by the end of August but is having to use money already donated to stay afloat…. Centre manager Sophie Longdon says that, if no more money is raised, the £30,000 will soon run out, leaving the centre unable to pay the bills…. (story)

Western Daily Press 18.5.06 SNARED IN BADGER ROW - Government tests that leave badgers in snares for up to eight hours have been condemned as "absolutely appalling" by a leading charity. The Badger Trust says the capturing programme of the much-loved mammals, being carried out by Defra, is completely unacceptable…. (story)

Argus 18.5.06 Outrage as Sea Life plan goes through by Jan Melrose - Tanks for seals and otters, condemned by animal rights activists, will be built at an aquarium. Slips of paper with the word "shame" printed on them rained down moments after Brighton and Hove city councillors approved plans for the two enclosures to be built at the Sea Life Centre in Madeira Drive, Brighton… Green party councillor Sue Paskins said: "The idea of having people, especially children, viewing moving animals from a flight of steps is highly dangerous. It is asking for trouble…. Sue Baumgardt, of Brighton Animal Action, said: "It is because of this ridiculous law that animal welfare cannot be considered by the planning committee. Who made this law? It is not set in stone and it needs to be changed…. (story in archive)
BBC News Online 17.5.06 Sea centre mammal pools approved - Plans for two mammal pools at the Sea Life Centre, Brighton, that sparked anger in the city have been approved. Campaigners had said the tanks planned for the bottom of steps in the entrance could be targeted by drunken revellers…. Protest groups involved in the demonstrations were Brighton Animal Action, the Bornfree Foundation, International Marine Rescue, the Captive Animal Protection Society, and the Green Party…. (story)
BBC News Online 14.5.06 Animal pool debate reaches climax - A final protest has been staged ahead of a council meeting to consider a planning application for two new animal pools at the Brighton Sea Life Centre. Members of Brighton Animal Action were protesting with a petition, banners and speakers on Saturday. … (story)

Blackpool Citizen 18.5.06 Landau use is a move backwards - As a fairly newcomer to Blackpool (four years) and a keen horsewoman, I have been following the landau debate closely…. I was shocked to learn that a ban to keep landaus off the Prom on Illuminations weekends imposed in 1955 was lifted. This does not make good horse sense to me.. Clare Weston. Blackpool (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 18.5.06 Circus and the RSPCA - John Hancock of the RSPCA bases his claims on a report which the RSPCA chose to accept simply because it told them what they wanted to hear. The in-depth scientific study "Animals in Circuses and Zoos", which was originally funded by the RSPCA and authored by Dr Marthe Kiley-Worthington, the world renowned ethologist, came to a very different conclusion…. This is not the only report that the RSPCA has tried to bury when the scientists came to conclusions the RSPCA did not like. Anne Kasica, Self Help Group for Farmers, Pet Owners and Others Experiencing Difficulties with the RSPCA, Llandyssul, Wales. (story)
Shropshire Star 3.5.06 Animals in circus treated well - So John Hancock, the RSPCA regional manager, would like to see all animals banned from performing in a circus (Letters, April 25). There was hardly a whimper from the RSPCA when nine horses died at the Cheltenham horse-jumping season…. I worked on farms for nearly 25 years and I spent a summer season with a small circus in 1980 and I can assure readers that there is far more cruelty in farming (especially factory farming) than there is in the circus…. (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 1.5.06 Circus ban is essential - The start of the circus touring season provides an opportune time to appeal to readers to think carefully about the issues involving circuses that tour with performing animals…. The RSPCA is calling for an end to all wild animals in circuses as soon as possible. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 12.4.06 CIRCUS ANIMALS SHOULD BE FREE - LET'S HELP THEM - The Easter holidays herald the start of the circus touring season and provide an opportune time to appeal to readers to think carefully about the issues involving circuses that tour with performing animals…. John Hancock, (letter)


Western Morning News 17.5.06 HUNTING MISSED FROM LIST OF ENGLISH 'ICONS' - The sight of a foxhunt in full cry on a winter morning is one that arouses strong passions in the Westcountry and beyond. But, love it or loathe it, there is little doubt that hunting is one of the quintessential images of England. So when it emerged yesterday that hunting had been left off a Government-sponsored list of English "cultural icons" despite significant public support, there were immediate suspicions that the list might have been subject to some politically-motivated tampering…. (story)
Western Morning News 17.5.06 Hunting icons - SUPPORT for democracy and a sense of fair play are English attributes. But they seem to have been overlooked by the Icons Online project, set up to find the most inconic symbols of Englishness, as chosen by the English themselves…. Whatever is at work here, the decision to leave hunting off the list, when it is so patently an icon of rural England, seems at best perverse and at worst an attempt to airbrush English culture to match some sort of New Labour ideal…. (story)

Western Daily Press 17.5.06 IT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST TO PROSECUTE HUNTSMAN, SAY POLICE - A Farmer is claiming he has been given the all-clear by police to break the controversial hunting with dogs ban. Landowner Giles Bradshaw said he was told by senior officers at Devon and Cornwall Police that they and the Crown Prosecution Service would not prosecute him if he continues to break the hunt ban on his land in Devon…. The Countryside Alliance said the letter showed how badly-drafted the hunting law was. Spokesman Tim Bonner said: "This law doesn't make any differentiation between a mouse, a squirrel, a fox or a deer, nor does it differentiate between Mr Bradshaw and his four dogs and a hunt pack with 40 dogs…. (story)

Western Daily Press 17.5.06 THE CASE AGAINST THE QUAD-BIKERS - Robin Dunn (Your Say, May 6) has the audacity to accuse the League Against Cruel Sports of contributing to global warning by hiring a helicopter to monitor the activities of stag-hunters. Yet he makes no mention of the fact that on a typical weekend day during the season, hunt supporters block country roads with their "Chelsea tractors" and quad-bikes…. Douglas Batchelor League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.5.06 NOT OUR HELICOPTER - What a pathetic attempt Robin Dunn (Your Say, May 6) made to blacken the name of the League Against Cruel Sports. The helicopter hovering above Exmoor was a military aircraft, absolutely nothing at all to do with LACS, but totally essential to our country's safety and welfare… R Morris Chapel Cleeve Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 13.5.06 CRUEL TREATMENT - Robin Dunn (Your Say, May 6) is still making the sad, desperate attempt to divert attention away from the real issue, of trying to justify the inflicting of cruelty, torment and death on our wildlife for entertainment…. David Thomas, Westbury, Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 6.5.06 LEAGUE SHOWED IRRESPONSIBILITY - On April 27, a helicopter chartered by the League Against Cruel Sports hovered for several hours over that part of Exmoor where the Devon and Somerset Staghounds had met that morning…. at a time when we are all being urged to reduce the use of our cars to avoid global warming, this deliberate and unnecessary pollution of the atmosphere by aircraft is an example of the irresponsibility of the League and its disregard of the environment. Robin Dunn, Minehead (letter)

Galway Independent 17.5.06 Shameful lack of concern for plight of animals - When questioned in the D? recently about a report on shady dealings within the greyhound industry, Sports Minister John O?Donoghue cracked a joke about the deputy who asked the question ?raising hares? and went on to make silly references to coursing. This attitude to hare coursing among members of the present government is typical of their utter callousness towards this barbarism that passes itself off as sport. They laugh at the very idea of standing up for defenceless animals…. John Fitzgerald, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co. Kilkenny (letter)

Chorley Citizen 17.5.06 ‘Boycott the Tower’ - Re: Demonstration over duck shoot at Tower (Citizen, May 3)… the Tower Preservation Trust is reluctant to listen to the majority compared to the minority with money who pay vast sums to kill and injure ducks in the name of sport…. I shall not take my family there and I will encourage my friends to do the same until this unnecessary slaughter ends…. I Richards, Preston (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 17.5.06 SO DO FISH FEEL PAIN OR NOT? - FRED BURTON - I See the Government are going to carry out research into that old adage 'do fish feel pain'…. You might as well ask if flies feel pain? Do they have the finances to carry out research when there are more important issues at stake? (story)

Times 17.5.06 Glaxo braced for animal rights protest at AGM BY SIMON FREEMAN AND MILES COSTELLO - GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is bracing itself for protests by animal rights extremists at its AGM today which is taking place amid tight security in London a week after investors received sinister letters ordering them to dump their shares…. (story)

BBC News Online 17.5.06 Glaxo 'won't be driven out of UK' - GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has insisted the company will not be driven overseas by animal rights campaigners. Chief executive Jean-Pierre Garnier warned that the UK economy needs more than one international player in the drugs market…. (story)
Daily Mail 17.5.06 Glaxo 'undeterred' by animal extremists - Shareholders and the board of GlaxoSmithKline insisted today they would not be deterred by animal rights extremists who targeted the pharmaceutical giant last week. Glaxo chairman Sir Christopher Gent and chief executive Jean-Pierre Garnier hit out at anti-vivisection fanatics after shareholders were sent threatening letters last week…. (story)

Daily Record 17.5.06 TEST FAILURE - EARLIER this year new drugs that had been carefully and thoroughly tested on animals almost killed the humans they came in to contact with in the London drug trial disaster. Yet now Tony Blair decides animal experiments are the correct way to test medicines… Ewen Bland, Glasgow (letter)

Leicester Mercury 17.5.06 WE MUST FIND BETTER WAYS OF TESTING DRUGS - Too many animals are harmed for too little human benefit, argues Andrea Smith - The danger with a backlash is that it inevitably goes too far. We are seeing an example par excellence this week with Tony Blair's championing of the animal experimentation industry. I am no animal rights extremist. I was sickened by the removal of a corpse in the name of animal rights. I am against thuggery masquerading as legitimate protest against medical research. But that does not mean that I don't think that animal experimentation cannot be reduced or is even wrong…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 17.5.06 ARE TESTS ACCURATE FOR US? - Are drugs really safe for humans after animal testing? When researchers say that laboratory animals don't suffer, are they speaking the truth?... (letter)

Welwyn & Hatfield Times 17.5.06 Animal research needed - Gill Langley (Letters, May 4) missed some important points in discussing the recent TGN 1412 clinical trial. Animal research is not done in isolation - it is one of several strands of research, all of which are important…. When we have studied more drugs of this type - and this will include animal studies - we will have information to better predict their action, and better computer modelling of their effects. Until then, for the safety of human volunteers, we must use all the tools available including animal research. Robin Wilkinson, Science communications officer, RDS: Understanding Animal Research in Medicine, London. (story)

Western Daily Press 17.5.06 YOUR CALL - VIEWS IN BRIEF FROM OUR WEBSITE - Why stop at farm visits? (May 13) I completely agree with Mrs Ingram. Let's do guided tours around abattoirs… L Cartmell, Lancs (story)
Western Daily Press 13.5.06 WHY STOP AT FARM VISITS? - In his article "A taste of life in the real world" (Western Daily Press, May 10), Chris Rundle gives full marks to the farmer who last week gave 1,000 schoolchildren the opportunity to look around his dairy farm. Fine - now, how about abattoirs offering to similarly show schoolchildren (and adults too, for that matter) around their establishments?.... Mrs E Ingram, Woolavington, Somerset (letter)

Argus 17.5.06 Last dance in sight for bears - A Sussex-based charity is winning the fight to bring an end to the dancing bear trade in India. International Animal Rescue, which supports the work of Indian animal welfare charity Wildlife SOS, has helped to open a third bear sanctuary in Bhopal, central India…. Chief executive of Uckfield-based International Animal Rescue Alan Knight said: "We are now seeing an exciting breakthrough in our campaign to free the bears…. (story in archive)


Western Morning News 16.5.06 IT was with much dismay that I learned that your frequent correspondent, Tess Nash, is the chairman of the local UKIP branch. Is this the Tess Nash who frequently makes vitriolic attacks on our much respected RSPCA? Or is such a staunch supporter of all forms of slaughter of our wildlife, masquerading in the name of "country sports"…. Lena Holgate, Newton Abbot (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 16.5.06 Give boredom the bullet and enjoy some clay time - JULIA HORTON - 'REMEMBER: Good shooting is no accident." The snappy safety slogan is writ large on a poster before me as I pick up a gun for the first time . . . Luckily, my new acquaintances at Claymore Shooting School near Gorebridge are all safely out of range, otherwise I wouldn't have done much good for the nationwide effort by clay pigeon shooting clubs and the Scottish Countryside Alliance to encourage more women to take up the traditionally male-dominated sport…. (story)

Western Mail 16.5.06 'Now it seems farming is only worth half a junior minister' - Steve Dube, Western Mail - THE appointment of a part-time Defra Minister with responsibility for food and farming in a "catalogue of chaos and confusion" has drawn fire from opposition parties and the Countryside Alliance. They say it is evidence of the contempt of the Government towards rural communities, farming and the production of food in the UK… (story)
Independent 15.5.06 PANDORA by Guy Adams - Prezza's parting shot at the shires - The decision to let John Prescott keep his £133k salary and perks has meant one final insult for his long-standing class enemies. Because governments can only legally employ 109 paid ministers, Prezza's continued existence on the payroll means that (for the first time in history) Britain has no full-time Minister for Agriculture… With some justification, the Countryside Alliance describes this as a two-fingered salute to rural Britain,… (story)

Yorkshire Post 16.5.06 CASTLE PLANT SALE AIMS TO TEMPT GARDENERS - Paul Jeeves - FOR more than four decades, Lady Clarissa Collin has transformed eight acres of fields into stunning gardens overlooking the North York Moors. Now she is planning to give fellow enthusiasts a chance to own a little piece of her labour of love, when she sells off more than 1,000 plants from Wytherstone Gardens, near Helmsley…. The money raised will be split between the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, the Countryside Alliance and Candlelighters, a charity which supports children with cancer… (story)

The Times 16.5.06 Going to extremes for animal rights Last night's TV by Joe Joseph - Were you looking to exercise your mental muscles with some intellectual debate, you might wonder if it wouldn’t pay to give the extreme wing of the animal liberation movement a miss; at least if David Modell’s film, Dispatches: Mad About Animals (Channel 4), is anything to go by. When told by a female passer-by how animal-tested drugs helped to cure her brother, a woman animal rights protester shrieks at her to read a leaflet about how animals are treated in research laboratories. "I’ve read the leaflet,” the passer-by explains. "Then I suggest,” hisses the protester, frisking her brain for a counter-argument, and failing, "you read it again.”… (story)
The Sentinel 15.5.06 CAMERAS UNDERCOVER WITH ANIMAL ACTIVISTS - Jon Ablewhite recently pleaded guilty to conspiracy to blackmail the owners of a guinea pig farm in Newchurch, in south Staffordshire. The campaign included the theft of the body of Gladys Hammond from a graveyard in Yoxall. Unaware of his criminal activities, film-maker David Modell began working with Ablewhite in September 2004, while the plans for the grave robbery were in the final stages. Indeed, just two weeks before the body is stolen, we see Ablewhite playing with a friend's pet guinea pigs, stoking and caressing them. Later, he tells Modell that the removal of the body was simply "creative extremism, and it's worked"…. (story)

Times 16.5.06 Does your life lack meaning? Dig up a grave THEODORE DALRYMPLE - One-issue fanatics get their kicks from feeling morally superior while doing evil - IT IS GOOD news, of course, that Tony Blair is willing to sign a petition in favour of animal testing, but one cannot help wondering to whom such a petition, once signed, would be addressed. To himself, perhaps, or to Gordon Brown?... Now I know that physiognomy is not an exact science, that one cannot tell a book by its cover, and so on and so forth, but when I saw the mugshots of the four animal rights activists who were sentenced last week to long terms of imprisonment for having terrorised a family of animal breeders, eventually digging up the body of a deceased relative as part of their campaign of intimidation, I understood at once that they did not so much love our furry friends as hate humanity…. hatred is a much more powerful political emotion than love, and is therefore also a stronger motive for action… Not every monomaniac goes as far as the four animal rights activists, but their behaviour was illustrative of the psychology of modern monomania. Their activity gave an illusion of transcendence to their lives, which might otherwise have been mired in the banality of an ordinary existence…. (story)

Independent 16.5.06 Thomas Sutcliffe: The respectable face of intimidation - I felt a faint sense of déjà vu when I read Alistair Currie's response to the news that the Prime Minister had declared his intention to sign an online petition supporting animal testing. Mr Currie is the campaigns director for the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection… Mr Currie's response raised the threat of non-peaceful protest by means - if you'll forgive the phrase - of a cat's paw. "They cannot simply ignore public concern about testing on animals", he said. "It will only reinforce the desire of some people to take a more extremist line." Something about this line of attack - with its implication that a lawful course of action is effectively to blame for unlawful ones - struck me as familiar… (story)

Telegraph 16.5.06 Debate vivisection - That Tony Blair has signed the People's Petition in support of animal research highlights the strong feelings that this topic attracts in Britain… What is needed is genuine dialogue about the purpose of and justification for the many different kinds of animal research. Declarations for and against can be only a stepping stone in this process. Prof Sandy Thomas, Director, Nuffield Council on Bioethics, London WC1
In your leading article "Blair does his bit" (May 15), you say that, since animals have no civic responsibilities, they can have no rights. This is surely a dangerous precedent. Babies, the mentally handicapped and the senile do not have civic responsibilities; do they therefore have no rights?... Sheenagh Pugh, Cardiff
Mr Blair has shown courage with his open support of animal testing. David Cameron would do well to follow his example. Eric Worrall, Shalford, Surrey
If the petition-signing Prime Minister is so concerned with animal welfare, why did he not sign any anti-hunting petition? Geoff Wright, Doncaster (letters)

Daily Record 16.5.06 HOW much evidence does Tony Blair need before he realises that animal experiments do not advance science but hold it back?... Gemma, Ayr (letter)

York Evening Press 16.5.06 Worth the sacrifice - I LOVE animals. I hate cruelty to all animals. However, I take issue with the so-called animal rights activists. I should like to ask these fanatics if they can be certain that they, or their family, have never had to use medicaments which have been tested on animals…. Mr A G Reeson, Huntington Road, York. (letter in archive)

Yorkshire Post 16.5.06 Animal rights and wrongs From: Les Fincham, Warrels Road, Bramley, Leeds. YEARS ago we had the "anti-vivisection" protesters who have evolved into masked and hooded thugs, but to all those who wish to protest on behalf of animal rights, I suggest they are fighting against the wrong people. In this country, animal testing is subject to the most rigorous controls in the world, and those who carry out the experiments do so on behalf of humanity. There are plenty of other more worthy targets, such as cruel or thoughtless pet owners who collect 235 cats in a small council house or neglect unwanted horses left to rot in a small barren field, and the criminals who engage in badger baiting and organise dog fights…. (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 16.5.06 Stop this slaughter now - LAST year 329,000 seal pups were killed. Hunting at this level has contributed less than one percent to the Newfoundland economy. Nobody makes a living from the hunt…. We have to show the Canadian Government the world cares and will no longer stand for such cruelty. Every year thousands of seals are skinned alive on the Canadian ice. MRS SHEILA BRENNAN, Bombay Street, Blackburn. (letter)

Hastings Observer 16.5.06 BADGER CHARITY DENIES CLAIMS OF HARASSMENT - ANGRY residents claim they are being harassed and victimised by a conservation group. People living in Bexhill Road are furious with Hastings Badger Protection Society as it wants to do up a driveway behind their properties - and make them pay for the work…. Animosity towards the charity flared up last year when it built Badger Kingdom, a nature reserve, without planning permission. Bob Knight, 78, said: "We have had so much harassment from the society. It threatened to take us to court because our apple tree was hanging over the driveway…. Jeremy Lambert, 40, said: "Badgers come into my garden and uproot the trees. It's happened dozens of times since Badger Kingdom was set up… But Ray King, of Bexhill Road, said: "The badger society is a responsible charity with a duty of care to ensure safe passage for all users…. "Badgers do dig holes in my garden but it is a very small price to pay for the privilege of seeing wild animals running free. This would not be possible without the dedicated selfless work of Don Wise."… (story)

Leicester Mercury 16.5.06 CRUEL TRADE COULD BEGIN AGAIN - We are concerned that the lifting of the EU ban on exports of British beef has raised the possibility of a resumption of the live export of young male dairy calves… D K and L A Gibson, Leicester. (story)

Western Morning News 16.5.06 YOUR editorial (May 3) seems to have lost the plot about calves on boats… You berate the British for not eating home-produced veal; well, perhaps we consider that raising baby mammals like mushrooms in the dark is unethical and cruel, like fois gras, for a few more pence per kilo. Protesters are not knee-jerkers, they are thinkers … Murray Duff, Plymouth (letter)

Daily Record 16.5.06 GET A GRIP - I'M glad reader Andrew Kelly is happy in himself by finding our 'fuss' over animal cruelty amusing. However, I amoffended by the way he compares such things as flies and spiders unknowingly squashed every day and also bacteria scrubbed off our hands to the pain and suffering that animals killed for their fur have to go through… Dave, Barrhead, Renfrewshire (letter)
Daily Record 15.5.06 YOURVIEW - SMALL COMFORT - I'M amused by all this fuss over animal cruelty, as only cruelty to "cute" animals, such as sheep, dogs, cats or anything furry, seems to count. Where is the campaign against cruelty to the billions of flies and spiders squashed every day or the trillions of bacteria killed when people wash their hands?.. Andrew Kelly, Kilbirnie, Ayrshire (letter)


East Anglian Daily Times 15.5.06 Thousands enjoy South Suffolk Show - DANIELLE NUTTALL - MORE than 15,000 people flocked to an annual agricultural show, making it one of the most successful ever…. Show organisers had been unable to sell alcohol due to a delay in St Edmundsbury Borough Council receiving the application…. Other events at this year's show were the horse showing classes, including workers and private driving, a parade of hounds and a modern machinery display, all in the grand ring… (story)

Irish Independent 15.5.06 We should ban dog racing - Each year well over 25,000 greyhounds are bred in Ireland, mostly to supply the demands of the Irish racing industry. The vast majority of these dogs will be disposed of by the industry before they are three years old…. Greyhound Action believes that the only real solution to this horrific state of affairs is for commercial greyhound racing to be ended…. BERNIE WRIGHT, GREYHOUND ACTION IRELAND, PO BOX 4734.,DUBLIN 1 (story)

Burton Mail 15.5.06 TERROR HUNT TO CONTINUE by David Powles - AS HEAD of the environmental protest unit within Staffordshire Police, Inspector Dave Bird spent most of his time between 1999 and 2005 dealing with incidents related to the Newchurch farm. However, when the campaign of terror against its owners, their employees, relatives, friends and associates, culminated in the depraved theft of the remains of Gladys Hammond, the crime was treated in the same way as a murder, with a special investigation unit set up…. Despite the four being jailed, for the Hall family there was a massive price to pay. As the perpetrators stepped up their campaign and goaded them about Mrs Hammond’s remains, they decided enough was enough…. DCI Baker, meanwhile, will go wherever he is next needed. He knows he will never forget his role in investigating one of the most sickening crimes in modern British history…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 15.5.06 ANIMAL FRIENDS TO HOLD PROTEST - Anti-cruelty campaigners are planning a colourful protest in Exeter city centre next weekend. The demonstration, in Bedford Square between 11am and 3pm on Saturday, will involve banners, posters, animal costumes, "mad scientists", a cage and a giant syringe. The event has been organised by the Exeter Friends For Animals to urge shoppers to dump certain brands of merchandise, which they claim are made by companies that use animal testing. (story)

Western Daily Press 15.5.06 EXPERIMENT RISE 'HORRIFYING' - Animal rights activists and politicians say they are 'horrified' at a sharp increase in the number of animal experiments carried out at the secret Wiltshire military base Porton Down. Last year alone more than 21,000 animals, including monkeys, ferrets and pigs, were used in experiments, many to do with research into biological and chemical weapons. That represents a rise of 76 per cent from 2000…. (story)
Independent on Sunday 14.5.06 Military lab tests on live animals double in five years By Marie Woolf, Political Editor - The number of animals used in British military experiments, including biological and chemical warfare tests, has doubled in the past five years, prompting protests from MPs who fear that the live animal tests are being conducted on behalf of foreign powers…. (story)
Scotsman 10.5.06 MoD tests on animals have doubled to 21,000 a year - JAMES KIRKUP POLITICAL EDITOR - BRITAIN's military use of animal testing has almost doubled in five years, official figures have revealed… Mike Hancock, the Liberal Democrat MP whose parliamentary questions exposed the testing figures last night, said he was "horrified"… People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a campaign group, also condemned the military use of animal testing…. (story)

Western Daily Press 15.5.06 EXPERIMENT RISE 'HORRIFYING' - Animal rights activists and politicians say they are 'horrified' at a sharp increase in the number of animal experiments carried out at the secret Wiltshire military base Porton Down. Last year alone more than 21,000 animals, including monkeys, ferrets and pigs, were used in experiments, many to do with research into biological and chemical weapons. That represents a rise of 76 per cent from 2000…. (story)

Telegraph 15.5.06 Animal testing - The news that Tony Blair intends to sign the silent majority pro-animal testing petition is depressing news for all truly compassionate people…. John Brown, Stockport, Cheshire
Could I register my thanks to Tony Blair for his latest public endorsement of the practice of vivisection? The anti-vivisection movement is grateful for all the help that it receives. Pat Rattigan, Director, British Anti-Vivisection Association, Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Tony Blair has declared war on the animal rights terrorists by signing a petition… Why not sign a few arrest warrants instead? B. Cashman, Royston, Herts (letters)

Northern Echo 15.5.06 Activists blamed for fence damage by Brian Redhead - ANIMAL rights activists are being blamed after a farmer was left with thousands of pounds worth of damage to miles of fencing. Police are investigating the incident at Thornton Steward, between Bedale and Leyburn, North Yorkshire, where Lewis Booton has 300 acres next to a wild boar farm targeted by campaigners last month. The Animal Liberation Front has admitted in an entry on a US-run website that it pulled down fences, opened gates and made holes in enclosures allowing animals to escape from the Wensleydale Wild Boar site on the night of April 23…. Mr Booton, of Manor Farm, said yesterday: "I have been here for seven years and have had no trouble until now. "I just cannot understand why they have targeted me for all this damage. "I know I am next door to the boar farm, but I have nothing to do with it…. "I try to run a very environmentally friendly farm. "These people want things to run wild and wonderful, and they do this to someone who is doing just what they want."… (story in archive)
Northern Echo 15.5.06 Comment from The Northern Echo: Damaging rights cause - LEWIS Booton, an innocent farmer, is this morning faced with a bill running into several thousands of pounds for damaged fencing carried out by animal rights extremists. His crime? He happens to farm 300 acres next door to a wild boar farm in North Yorkshire targeted by the Animal Liberation Front. Only days before Mr Booton's farm was attacked, animal rights activists launched a new offensive. They targeted shareholders of GlaxoSmithKline, Europe's biggest drugs company and a customer of Huntington Life Sciences, the controversial Cambridgeshire medical research group… No doubt militants who take the law into their own hands will justify the damage they do and the misery they cause as a means to an end. But the damage they are doing to the cause of legitimate animal rights campaigners is far worse. (story in archive)


Sunday Times 14.5.06 Be brave, JP Garnier urges City - PAUL DURMAN - THE chief executive of Glaxo Smith Kline this weekend called on the financial institutions that abandoned Huntingdon Life Sciences for the sake of an easy life to show some courage and work for the animal-testing firm once again. Glaxo’s Jean-Pierre Garnier was speaking after Huntingdon was once again the catalyst for an attack on the pharmaceutical industry…. (story)

Independent on Sunday 14.5.06 Expert View: Time for the law to defend Glaxo's shareholders By Chris Walker - The potential dangers for small investors of holding shares expanded beyond financial loss this week. Letters were sent to random shareholders of Glaxo by the Campaign Against Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) threatening to publish the individual's "details" on a hosted website… Individuals are being targeted more and more. In 2001, the HLS boss, Brian Cass, was beaten up by three men wielding baseball bats. There were 89 "home visits" in 2004 (most in the dead of night) to employees of various companies. In the same year, there were 177 attacks on private property…. Why on earth should small shareholders' names be public, let alone their addresses?... It is to prevent the boilerrooms that Lord Sainsbury is bringing in legislation. The Glaxo case suggests he should have a greater sense of urgency. (story)

Observer 14.5.06 City hits back on animal rights - Investors' body demands change in law to protect members' anonymity as activists turn on pharmaceuticals shareholders - Conal Walsh - The body representing institutional investors in the City is set to demand that the government gives shareholders the legal right to remain anonymous. The call from the Investment Management Association will be made following consultations with its members this week and comes after shareholders in the drugs giant GlaxoSmithkline received menacing letters from animal rights activists… (story)

Observer 14.5.06 Animal rights militants face tougher bans - University asks court to limit laboratory protest and to protect all former staff and students - Mark Townsend, crime correspondent - Oxford university is to seek an unprecedented injunction against animal rights activists this week amid evidence that extremists are launching a fresh campaign of violence…. Lawyers for the university are hoping that the court will grant an extension of an exclusion zone around the university, will ban megaphones near campuses and limit the number of people who can attend a weekly protest from a current maximum of 50 people to 12… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 14.5.06 Labour 'has allowed Britain to be bullied by animal rights terrorists' By Andrew Alderson and Sylvia Pfeifer - Two prominent businessmen have fiercely criticised the Government and the City for "abandoning" research companies and allowing the animal rights movement to spiral out of control. Andrew Baker, the chairman of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), and Jean-Pierre Garnier, the chief executive of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), believe that the inability to quash the activities of a small group of "terrorists" has seriously harmed Britain…. The main target of Mr Baker's anger are business leaders who have given in to the threats from Shac. Even Securicor severed its links with HLS two years ago when its staff were targeted. "What sort of signal does this send out?" said Mr Baker. "Securicor should have said: 'We are the biggest security company in the country and we will not tolerate this sort of behaviour'."… (story)

Scotland on Sunday 14.5.06 Why I'm buying into GSK despite threats from animal rights extremists - TERESA HUNTER - IT CAN be a very dangerous game for journalists to divulge their own investment decisions, which is why I never do it…. I bought some shares last week and, as they may well be one of the best investments I ever make, I have decided to let you in on the secret. I instructed my broker to buy stock in the drugs company GlaxoSmithKline after animal rights protesters attempted to destabilise it… I shall not be losing any sleep over the threats of a few extremists. Neither do I care how GSK's shares perform in the short term. I will sleep soundly in the knowledge that if I have in any way helped maintain research into the deadliest curses that plague mankind then my money has been well spent…. (story)

Sunday Times 14.5.06 A daily battle with fear, down on the farm - Peace has returned to Happy Valley, the gently winding vale along the eastern border of Staffordshire that provided an idyllic backdrop to a six-year campaign of terror culminating in grave-robbing. The curse was lifted last week when four animal rights extremists were incarcerated for blackmailing a family who bred guinea pigs. But as one community finds closure, another sinister chapter has opened. Only days before the sentencing, animal rights activists launched a new offensive, targeting shareholders of GlaxoSmithKline, Europe’s biggest drug company and a customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences… The dark tale of Happy Valley is an eloquent illustration of the activists’ modus operandi, characterised by ruthless implementation of painstaking research — and the inept mistakes which left such a clear trail that they had little option but to plead guilty…. The celebrations are muted. The bottom line is that Darley Oaks Farm has stopped breeding guinea pigs and the threat to Glaxo shareholders has cast a pall of uncertainty. Yet some believe that the era of harassment has ended, notably Simon Festing, head of the Research Defence Society which represents doctors and scientists in the vivisection debate. … Another key factor, he claims, is that the animal rights movement is experiencing difficulty in gaining young recruits: "It’s significant that all the defendants in this case are approaching their forties. It is an increasingly ageing movement.”… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 14.5.06 Just deserts - In response to the animal rights extremists threatening the GlaxoSmithKline shareholders, why not compile a list of the activists and deny them the benefits of the NHS? R S Galliano, Marlow, Buckinghamshire (letter)

Sunday Mirror 14.5.06 SEAL BAN GO-AHEAD By Vincent Moss, Acting Political Editor - MINISTERS are to back a Europe-wide ban on the import of seal skins. The move comes after a Sunday Mirror investigation in March highlighted the horrific slaughter of thousands of seals during the annual cull in Canada…. (story)


Derby Evening Telegraph 11.5.06 FOX ALERT FOR RABBIT OWNERS - I refer to your report of how police are hunting cruel thugs who beheaded a little girl's beloved pet rabbits and left one of the bodies next to her garden swing. It might be worth knowing that it is common for foxes to treat rabbits in this fashion… Steve Fraser, Derby. (letter)

Times 13.5.06 Don’t allow crooks to close our share registers BY GRAEME SEARJEANT, PERSONAL INVESTOR - Glaxosmithkline is one of the world’s top multinationals, dedicated to profiting from developing drugs to fight disease… There seems no reason, however, why anyone should be ashamed of owning shares in GSK. Yet many investors have been sent anonymous letters threatening to publish their names and addresses on a website if they do not sell within 14 days…. The perceived threat was that shareholders might be terrorised by animal rights fanatics. If that is the case, those who obtained GSK’s share register and wrote the letters were engaged in a conspiracy to frighten…. A generation ago, the rule that directors’ addresses must be in company prospectuses was dropped for security reasons. Shareholders’ rights were sacrificed because they could be abused by the aggrieved, by burglars and by all manner of bad people. In the heat of the moment, with a Companies Bill in Parliament, business groups are demanding and ministers are offering to stop share registers being publicly available…. Catching muggers is always better than people locking themselves in their homes. If restrictions must be made, they could be modest…. (story)

Independent 13.5.06 Private Investor: Proud to be a 'big pharma' shareholder By Sean O'Grady - Allow me to save the animal rights extremists some time and effort. I own Glaxo-SmithKline shares. Not that many, for I am not a wealthy man, but I presume it only takes one share to qualify for vilification, or worse. Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty knows about me and can send me its literature…. However, I hope that the animal-rights lobby will also note that I'm a member of the RSPCA and the League Against Cruel Sports, which I've supported for years. Now, I suppose, I'll get hate mail from the pro- fox-hunting lobby…. But I'm buggered if I'm going to sell my shares just because someone's threatened to "out" me as a member of a legal and morally worthy organisation…. (story)

Western Daily Press 13.5.06 RSPCA CALLS FOR PEACE - Animal activists like the four starting jail sentences yesterday for a six-year hate campaign against the owners of a guinea pig farm only damage the animal welfare cause, the RSPCA said. Protesters who resort to extreme action have reduced the animal rights debate to a "slanging match between someone in a lab coat and someone in a balaclava", the organisation said…. (story)
BBC News Online 12.5.06 RSPCA condemns animal extremists - The activities of animal rights extremists involved in desecrating a grave has only damaged the animal welfare cause, the RSPCA has said…. (story)

Dundee Courier 13.5.06 Not really a ‘revelation’ - Frances Robb (May 11) says she has been ‘under the belief that no animal testing was carried out on behalf of GSK’ and says the news that GSK carries out such research is a ‘revelation’. The only ‘revelation’ to me is that anyone would actually believe that one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies does not carry out proper trials in the development of their life-saving drugs!... (Dr) Steven Renwick. Flat 6, 442 Banbury Road, Oxford. (letter)
Dundee Courier 11.5.06 Can we trust this company? - After reading your article about GSK share-holders being sent threatening letters and the comment made by GSK about continuing to use medical research company HLS, a research company that uses animals, I found it hard to believe as for the last 20 plus years I and many others have been under the belief that no animal testing was carried out on behalf of GSK… Frances Robb. 3 Antiquary Gardens, Arbroath. (letter)


Lancashire Evening Telegraph 12.5.06 Duck protest people were easy target - WITH regard to the article on the Hoghton Tower duck shoot protest by the North West Animal Rights campaigners (LET, May 1). How reassuring to be told by Lancashire Police: "We have the capacity to deal appropriately with anyone who engages in any unlawful conduct" as they went mob-handed to deal with a handful of shoot protesters, who had the ducks' welfare at heart. Would a bit of conflict against these Colonel Blimps have been such a bad thing?... M CRAGG, Wyresdale Ave, Accrington. (letter)

Hexham Courant 12.5.06 On the look-out for gamekeepers By WILL GREEN - THE hunt is on to flush out some of Tynedale’s longest serving gamekeepers. The search has been launched by the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) to find the gamekeepers who have dedicated their lives to the management of the countryside, its habitats and wildlife… For details of the awards and how to nominate someone, email or write to the CLA Game Fair office, PO Box 6452, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG25 2XQ (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 12.5.06 SCOTS BACK BAN ON TAIL DOCKING, SURVEY SHOWS - TIM PAULING - The majority of Scots back Scottish Executive plans to ban the docking of dogs' tails, according to a survey carried out for an animal welfare group… A thousand people were interviewed for the survey for Advocates Animals. Just 8% said tail docking should continue and 4% were "don't knows"…. (story)

Hounslow Guardian 12.5.06 Peaceful protest for animal rights - Banner waving animal rights campaigners targetted the Brentford-based GlaxoSmithKlein building on the Great West Road on Friday. The campaigners, who are part of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty Group, protested peacefully and were watched closely by police…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 12.5.06 What does the pharmaceutical industry have to hide? From: Dr Jarrod Bailey, Europeans for Medical Progress, London. AS deplorable as the actions of a few extremists are against GlaxoSmithKline's shareholders, it's a shame that the media have devoted considerable column inches to them, instead of the more pressing issue of the scientific justification of animal testing itself… MPs agree that the Government should scientifically evaluate these animal tests. Some 83 per cent of GPs and 234 MPs agree – yet pressure groups funded by the pharmaceutical industry are doing their all to block it. Why? Could it be that they serve to protect their profits, rather than human health? (letter)

The Lennox 12.5.06 FUR FLIES OVER OTTER FAMILY FOR AQUARIUM - A NEW aquarium attraction at Loch Lomond is set to defy animal welfare campaigners — and introduce three Asian otters. The UK-bred otters — two young sisters and their mother — will take up residence this summer at the brand new £3.5 million Loch Lomond Aquarium at Drumkinnon Tower, Balloch… Animal welfare groups, who opposed Merlin’s successful application for a zoo licence from West Dunbartonshire Council, have criticised the new Loch Lomond Aquarium…. John Robins of Animal Concern said: "Displaying an exotic species of otter in unnatural surroundings does not teach people anything, it creates confusion and misinformation…. (story)

Harborough Mail 12.5.06 Women join Dover protest - TWO Harborough women travelled to Dover to join protesters as the first consignment of live veal calves was exported from the UK in ten years. Jean Bird and Vivienne Fenton, of Harborough Animal Concern, did the eight-hour round trip by train on Saturday…. (story)
Western Mail 9.5.06 'Violent, frightening protest' at Dover - THE transport of live calves to the continent reopened last week to protests and demonstrations…. A Kent police spokesman confirmed that a 30-year-old man from Brighton, East Sussex, was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and detained until 9am when he was issued with an £80 fixed penalty notice…. (story)
Dover Mercury 8.5.06 Fresh protests over export of live veal calves by Natalie Ebden - PLACARD waving animal rights campaigners descended on Dover at the weekend to protest against the export of live veal calves which resumed this week after a 10-year ban… The protest was organised by vegetarian group Viva! with the RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) joining the demo along with local campaigners Kent Against Live Exports (Kale)…. (story)
Sunday Mirror 7.5.06 PROTEST AT CALF TRADE - THREE hundred people protested against live calf exports yesterday, three days after a decade-long ban on exporting British beef was lifted… (story)
Wales on Sunday 7.5.06 Live calf export protest - HUNDREDS of people protested yesterday against live calf exports, three days after a decade-long ban on exporting British beef was lifted. Waving placards, blowing whistles and beating drums, the demonstrators marched through Dover, Kent, to the Eastern Docks where the first consignment of cattle is understood to have been shipped out…. (story)
BBC News Online 6.5.06 Protest march over calf exports - Hundreds of animal rights campaigners have marched through Dover to protest against the export of live veal calves, after the lifting of a 10-year ban… (story)
BBC News Online 6.5.06 Protest march over calf exports - Hundreds of animal rights campaigners are in Dover to protest against the export of live veal calves, which resumed on Friday after a 10-year ban. Bristol-based vegetarian group Viva! is organising the protest, with coaches travelling to Kent from across the UK…. "We are constantly hearing British farmers claim that they care deeply about their animals," said Viva! Campaign manger Toni Vernelli. "Their eagerness to condemn calves to one of the most barbaric and cruel systems ever devised gives the lie to that."… (story) 6.5.06 Animal rights marchers protest against live calf exports - Several hundred people protested today against live calf exports, three days after a decade-long ban on exporting British beef was lifted…. Among the group, which included representatives from Compassion In World Farming (CIWF), the RSPCA and vegetarian campaign group Viva!, was former MEP Stanley Johnson, and screenwriter Carla Lane…. Viva!, which organised today's event, said it was concerned that the animals suffer during long journeys… Campaign manager Toni Vernelli told protesters: "It's a miserable fate and it's obviously why we have come out today to show the government and the public that we are disgusted that this trade has started again."… One member of the crowd was nine-year-old Emma Bennett Noble, from Steyning, West Sussex, who had designed her own poster for the event depicting a crying animal…. Her mother, 45-year-old Annie Noble, met Emma's father at a similar protest in Shoreham, West Sussex, in 1995… (story)
BBC News Online 4.5.06 Campaigners monitor calf shipment - Animal rights campaigners will be at the Port of Dover to monitor the first consignment of live calves to be exported from the UK for 10 years. The cargo ship the MV Toucan is due to be loaded with animals and set sail for Boulogne in the early hours of Friday…. (story)
Hawkinge Gazette 1.5.06 DOVER DOCKS TARGETED BY ANIMAL WELFARE GROUPS - Just days before the end of a 10 year ban on the export of live calves and cattle to the European continent, two leading animal welfare organisations are planning to descend on Dover docks to once again demand change. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) have united to call for a range alternatives before the exportation trade is resumed on May 3… (story)

Glasgow Evening Times 12.5.06 Speak up for animals - I DETEST all cruelty to animals. All animals should be able to enjoy freedom from fear, pain and suffering whether in the name of science or sport, fashion or food…. M YUILL Glasgow (letter)

Hastings Observer 19.5.06 Feral raiders - Re: N FOWLER of Hailsham’s letter headed Appalled in which he says badgers are harmless. Yes, most certainly, when they are in their natural environment – the woods and fields. But in over-built towns and building estates they are not. The damage they cause with tunnelling and digging is definitely not harmless in my garden… VIC CHALCROFT, Aldborough Gardens, St Leonards (letter)
Hastings Observer 12.5.06 Appalled - DURING a recent stay with a friend and as a badger lover and someone who is considering moving to your area, I recently contacted Don Wise of the Hastings Badger Protection Society who very kindly showed me over Badger Kingdom… I also attended out of interest the recent planning meeting and was appalled by the conduct of some of these same people verbally abusing and intimidating Don Wise and have offered myself as a witness should he wish to take the matter further… N FOWLER, Hailsham (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 12.5.06 City badgers 'facing wipe-out' - ALAN RODEN ENVIRONMENT REPORTER - BADGERS in the west of the city face being wiped out by a series of major construction projects, conservationists warned today…. Tricia Alderson, area co-ordinator for the Edinburgh and Lothians Badger Group, said: "The M8 is a killer. There was a very vibrant population of badgers in the area, but they have been put under a lot pressure - to the point of being eradicated…. (story)

Hackney Gazette 12.5.06 Busby bear - WITH regards to the article in the Gazette on April 27, "Bear facts of Queen's Guards' helmets."Other regiments wear fur hats, including the Scots and Welsh Fusiliers and Scots Greys, but the significance of the Guards has escaped Ms Abbott…. Napoleon tried to conquer the world… he stormed countries with his giant Imperial Guards wearing hats made of bear fur, called Busbys… Eventually, at the Battle of Waterloo when all seemed lost, the First Regiment of Foot, all small men, made one final effort. They lit their grenades and threw them. As they shot through the air, they charged. After the carnage, the Imperial Guards all lay dead. The First Regiment of Foot picked up the bearskin hats and put them on. The regiment were renamed the Grenadier Guards by Queen Victoria and given the fur hat as a commemoration of the way they saved the world…. Dr J. Pope-de-Locksley, Bakers Hill, Upper Clapton. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 12.5.06 Boycott animal show says pressure group - A TOURING circus featuring animals is coming to town - prompting calls for the public to boycott it. Circus Mondao has arrived on East Fen Common, Soham. … The Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) has urged the public to stay away, citing animal cruelty…. (story)


Torquay Herald Express 11.5.06 SENDING A MESSAGE TO THE TORIES - Local councillor Trevor Pennington continues the usual Tory tactics of personal attacks on the Prime Minister while completely ignoring the progressive policies delivered by the Labour Government… New Labour started the reform of the undemocratic House of Lords, banned the cruel 'sport' of hunting with hounds, established a new Disability Rights Act and introduced the Freedom of Information Act…. DR DAVID PEDRICK-FRIEND, Sunbury Road, Paignton (letter)

13.5.06 LIVING HELL FOR TERROR VICTIMS by David Powles - THE INNOCENT victims of a terrifying six-year animal rights terror campaign have spoken today of their horrific and often heart breaking ordeals… In a four-page special, the victims tell how they were put through a dreadful ordeal including death threats against them and their families, having explosive devices let off outside their homes and under cars, vandal attacks, smear campaigns and highly offensive letters…. (story)
Burton Mail 13.5.06 END OF NIGHTMARE AFTER YEARS OF HELL - THE FARMER by David Powles - A MOVING statement given in court by Chris Hall, one of the owners of the farm, highlighted just how terrible their six-year ordeal had been. "My family and I feel like we might as well have been in a prison, but it was not just us, but our family, friends and associates too. "These activists are terrorists, they have run a terrorist campaign against us." … (story)
Burton Mail 13.5.06 THE NIGHTMARE ENDS AFTER YEARS OF HELL - THE DELIVERY MAN - by David Powles - DELIVERY driver John Wright knew he had to stop working for the Hall family after he had suffered two heart attacks and a stroke. He said: "My doctor, who I had known for years, just asked me 'is it really worth it John?' "He said that if I didn’t stop working for my own health, he would make sure I could not carry on working there by saying I was not fit to drive. He knew if I couldn’t drive I couldn’t carry on working there. "They had also threatened my grandchildren, which made me so angry, because they had nothing to do with it."… (story)

Guardian 13.5.06 Support for Glaxo on animal rights - Leading institutional investors have supported GlaxoSmithKline in its battle with animal rights extremists…. In a letter to the Financial Times, seven leading international companies vowed to maintain substantial shareholdings in firms that are "legitimately engaged in lawful research to the benefit of society"…. (story)
BBC News Online 13.5.06 Firms back 'bullied' shareholders - Seven big investment firms have voiced support for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) after animal rights extremists tried to pressure shareholders into selling up…. (story)

Oxford Student 11.5.06 Speak vs Pro-Test: ‘a symbolic clash of minds’ By Robert Cookson - Fears of extremist violence forced the first meeting between the leaders of Speak and Pro-Test out of University buildings. The debate, organised by Isis magazine and filmed by the BBC, had to take place in a small room above the Mitre pub. Radical opinions were exchanged between prominent figureheads on both sides of the animal rights divide. Professor Tipu Aziz, a University neurophysiologist who has used primates in his research in Parkinson’s disease, told the audience, "People have been terrified of speaking vocally about their research…. Founder of Pro-Test Laurie Pycroft told The Oxford Student: "As I understand it nowhere in the University could be found to facilitate the debate. It’s a great shame. It would be better if people within the University could come out in support of debate and of their own lab.”… Pycroft and Aziz argued for the freedom to perform research on animals, while Speak co-founder Mel Broughton and Kathy Archibald, Director of Europeans for Medical Progress, argued against animal experimentation on both ethical and scientific grounds. After the speeches an audience member asked all four speakers to publicly condemn all violence committed in the name of animal rights. Aziz, Pycroft and Archibald did so, but Broughton refused… After the debate Broughton refused to shake hands with Pycroft or Aziz…. (story)
Oxford Student 4.5.06 Packed Union chamber backs testing - Members of the Oxford Union voted emphatically in support of animal testing at a record-breaking debate last Thursday. In the biggest turn out for a Trinity debate for six years, the chamber filled to its full 450 capacity and voted by 85 per cent against the motion "This House Would Not Test on Animals”. Founder of Pro-Test Laurie Pycroft was met with applause as he rose to speak first for the opposition… SPEAK spokesman Mel Broughton was invited to the event, but declined as he felt he was invited with insufficient notice… When questioned about the result of the vote, Broughton said, "If you look at the types of people invited to speak on our side, Uri Gellar for example, it was clearly a set-up.”… (story)
BBC News Online 4.5.06 Debate in animal laboratory row - The founder of a student movement supporting animal testing at Oxford University will hold a debate with animal activists. Laurie Pycroft, 16, said he established Pro-Test because he felt that "it was about time to speak out in support of scientific research". On Friday, he is set to discuss animal research with Mel Broughton, spokesman of animal rights group Speak. The event at the Mitre Pub in Oxford was set up by student magazine, Isis…. (story)
Oxford Student 4.5.06 Animal Jesting - What should have been one of the most intellectual public debates about animal testing in years, turned out to be a deeply disappointing mockery of the serious concerns of the animal protection movement by the opposition… If only this debate was set in an animal lab, instead of the Union, the animals would have spoken for themselves, and nobody would have laughed. Jasmijn de Boo BSc. (Hons), MSc., DipEd. London SE11 4NR. >(story)
BBC News Online 27.4.06 Debate to focus on animal testing - The controversial subject of animal testing will be debated by scientists and campaigners at the Oxford Union. Lord Robert Winston and Professor Colin Blakemore, chief executive of the British Medical Research Council, will speak in support of testing. Among those opposing them will be Uri Gellar and Alistair Currie from the British Union of Anti-Vivisectionists…. (story)

Eastern Daily Press 11.5.06 Twarted activists hogging the spotlight - Threatening letters posted to scores of small shareholders in GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have once again brought the issue of animal rights - and the conduct of extremists - into the spotlight…. The Animal Liberation Front launched a series of violent actions against GSK in recent months including, last September, the partial detonation of a bomb on the porch of the Buckinghamshire home of GSK's corporate controller - but the group has so far not commented on the letter campaign… However, even activists with a history of peaceful protest acknowledge the media and the government will only sit up and listen when more extreme action is taken. Diane Marshall, of Ipswich Animal Rights which staged peaceful demos outside the HLS laboratories at Occold, near Eye, said there needed to be basic law changes when it came to drugs testing…. (story)

Glasgow Herald 11.5.06 Fighting back against animal-rights bullies - Melanie Reid - Maybe you're one of the Glaxo small share-holders who has received a threatening letter telling you to sell your holding. Maybe you believe that testing on animals to save human life is acceptable until a better method is devised. Or maybe you just don't enjoy being bullied. Whichever category you fall into, there are remedies to deal with the outbreak of animal-rights activity and none of them involves giving in to blackmail…. MSN, the Hotmail service operator, has said that the people who have sent the menacing e-mails to Glaxo shareholders may have their e-mail accounts suspended… The successful prosecution of John Smith, John Ablewhite, Kerry Whitburn and Josephine Mayo came about because, since last July, the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act has allowed police to act on the cumulative effect of incidents, rather than treating them as one-offs…. The silent majority is in the ascendancy in other ways. Late last month the Coalition for Medical Progress launched the confidential on-line petition, enabling ordinary citizens to show their support for medical research using animals…. One does not have to be brave to go on-line anonymously, of course, unlike 16-year-old Laurie Pycroft, who has emerged as the champion of the scientific movement… The schoolboy has set up a campaigning group,, and in support of research laboratories has organised marches through Oxford, which have attracted hundreds, if not thousands, in the name of the fight-back… (story)

Argus 11.5.06 Fear for animal safety in new Sea Life plans by Jan Melrose - Animal rights protesters have stepped up their campaign against an aquarium's plans to create two seal and otter pools. They say the Sea Life Centre's revised proposals, which give more detail about the canopies and railings to protect the creatures, are "wholly inadequate"…. Sue Baumgardt, of Brighton Animal Action, said the proposed railings would not stop drunken revellers throwing rubbish into the enclosures. Ms Baumgardt, 60, of Stoneham Road, Hove, said: "I don't know how they are going to stop yobs climbing in… Denise Friend, 50, of Brighton Animal Action, said: "I am surprised the police are now in support…. (story in archive)

Ilford Recorder 11.5.06 Circus protesters hit by egg attack - ANIMAL rights activists were pelted with eggs from a passing vehicle during a protest in Barkingside on Sunday. Placard-waving protesters from Essex Animal Freedom had gathered by the Great British Circus in Forest Road to campaign against the use of wild animals in the shows, run by Martin Lacey…. (story) Ilford Recorder 4.5.06 Protest over animal circus - ANIMAL rights activists descended on Barkingside on Sunday when a controversial circus came to town. Members of Essex Animal Freedom gathered in Forest Road to protest against the use of wild animals by Great British Circus, which is putting on shows on land off Forest Road until Sunday… Gary Sheen, of Essex Animal Freedom, said: "We handed out leaflets to people as well as using a megaphone to get our message across… (story)

Ilford Recorder 11.5.06 Animal circuses belong in bad old days - YES, it is absolutely time to ban all animal circuses forever!... JOANNA CRIDLIN, Geraldine Road, Wandsworth (story)

Daily Record 11.5.06 YOURVIEW - HUMAN SHAME - TO Ann Marie McGladrigan: I've never tortured an animal, so I am not just as bad as those who do. Since we can't solve all problems all the time, surely it makes sense to deal with the biggest problems first? I simply cannot get upset if I see a fur coat when I know that people are being raped and tortured every day… Frank Wallace, Glasgow (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 11.5.06 Disgust over fur - I WATCHED with utter dismay and disgust the BBC TV programme on the fur trade…. MRS G FAWCETT, Richmond Street, Accrington. (story)


Carmarthen Journal 10.5.06 FARMERS QUIZZED OVER FOXES - With lambing well underway, a questionnaire will look at farmers' ability to protect their new-born lambs and other livestock from foxes. The questionnaire has been launched jointly by NFU Cymru, FUW, County Landowners Association Wales and the National Sheep Association…. (letter)
Western Mail 2.5.06 Has Hunting Act hurt livestock? - Steve Dube, Western Mail - WITH lambing well under way a questionnaire that aims to establish the effect of the Hunting Act on livestock farmers is being sent out to farms across Wales. The questionnaire, launched jointly by NFU Cymru, FUW, CLA Wales and the National Sheep Association, will look at farmers' ability to protect their newly-born lambs and other livestock from foxes…. (story)
Carmarthen Journal 29.3.06 HUNTING ACTION - Farming organisations have launched a campaign to show that new hunting laws are not working… The Farmers' Union of Wales, NFU Cymru, National Sheep Association and Country Land and Business Group Wales have renewed concerns that the act does allow for effective pest control and is detrimental to sheep farming in Wales (story)
Daily Post 16.3.06 Call for hunt act to be adapted for Wales - WALES' major farming organisations are to quiz its members prior to a renewed bid to bring about changes to the hunting ban…. NFU Cymru, the Farmers' Union of Wales, National Sheep Association (NSA) and CLA Wales all claim the Hunting Act isn't working. They will demand that elements of the Act are devolved to Wales to allow the use of terriers below ground and the use of more than two hounds to flush foxes to guns…. (story)
Western Mail 14.3.06 Quiz to discover impact on foxes - Steve Dube, Western Mail - THE major farming organisations in Wales have marked the start of the lambing season by launching a questionnaire on the effects of the ban on hunting. The Farmers' Union of Wales, the National Sheep Association, the Country Land and Business Association Wales and NFU Cymru suspect that the Hunting Act of 2004, which came into effect in February last year, does not allow for effective pest control and is detrimental to sheep farming in Wales…. (story)

Western Daily Press 10.5.06 WHY PERMIT THIS CRUELTY? - I am sorry, but I find it so difficult to comprehend the difference in species cruelty. We are all utterly appalled by the disgusting cruelty of people to puppies, and yet accept without questioning equally barbaric cruelty in, for example, blood sports, with snares, traps, shooting, and even now accidentally-on-pur pose hunting foxes, hare, deer, mink, with so-called well-trained dogs. Equally in the vivisection industry, poisoning, gassing, burning and mutilating many other species…. M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Morning News 10.5.06 IN response to Gill Odell's letter (WMN, April 4): yes, of course pack animals such as wild dogs will kill for other reasons than to eat and stay alive, but humans are capable of so much more…. F J Farleigh (WMN March 31) asks, "Why show such horror?", but then mentions 'our hunts'; what decent person wants to be associated with hunting - or vivisection, come to that… Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Scotsman 10.5.06 Callous slaughter of seal - Sammy the seal was shot by the Annan Fisheries Board because he was eating too many fish… Sadly, this "grab a gun" mentality is all too common when animals interfere with human money-making business such as the fishing and shooting industries. ROSS MINETT Director, Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street Edinburgh (letter)

Western Daily Press 10.5.06 Grave raid remains to be reburied - Arrangements are being made for the body of a woman removed by animal rights activists to be reburied. Gladys Hammond's remains were taken from St Peters Church in Yoxall, Staffs, in October 2004. They were recovered from Cannock Chase on 2 May…. (story)

Telegraph 10.5.06 Bunny-lovers abhor the rights of man By Andrew O'Hagan - The Church of England has stood up this week to say that young people between 15 and 25 no longer have a sense of sin… most young people want to believe that anything goes, and that right and wrong is just a matter of what you think yourself. This attitude would be fine if it weren't for the fact that it connects so deeply with a certain faux-liberal spirit in British governance… But there is something sinful, something wrong, something stupid, and something that contradicts any normal account of core British values, and that is the recent behaviour of the animal rights lobby. I don't know what stratum of British youth the Church had in mind, but to me the most sin-illiterate crowd are the bunny-lovers, these new hoodie thugs, full of a dictatorial sense of their own views, bent on ignoring every civilised form of debate, only to dig up an old lady's body from a graveyard and now to terrorise GlaxoSmithKline employees, daubing their houses with the words "paedo scum" and threatening them with violence and accusing them of rape. This Government loves chasing terrorists, and has been willing to send young men and women halfway round the world to die in the attempt to protect foreign populations against questionable threats, but they won't take seriously the threats made now on a regular basis against British citizens going about their work…. (story)

Daily Record 10.5.06 YOUR VIEW - ANIMAL VOICE - TO Frank Wallace, I'd say murderers and child molesters should be resources used for experiment, not animals. Lily Burnett, Musselburgh, East Lothian (letter)
Daily Record 9.5.06 COMPASSION - I WAS disgusted to read the questionable logic of reader Frank Wallace on animal cruelty. The sheer ignorance of his attitude towards animals is appalling, and exemplifies precisely why welfare organisations, such as PETA, the Scottish SPCA and many others, exist… Marie Darling, Crawford, Biggar, Lanarkshire (letter)
Daily Record 8.5.06 YOUR VIEW - ANIMAL CRUELTY - I HAD to write in response to Frank Wallace who said people are "so obsessed" with animals. I don't deny that the world has many problems such as murders and abuse but that doesn't mean we should ignore cruelty to animals…. Ann Marie McGladrigan, Glasgow (letter)

Lancaster & Morecambe & Citizen 10.5.06 There is a safer way - THE dreadful effect on human volunteers of the new drug TGN1412 covered in many national news reports is yet more evidence to show that experiments on animals are not only cruel to animals but useless too…. For more information and to do something about it, contact Animal defenders International… Emily Chadwick, Morecambe. (story)

Fenland Citizen 10.5.06 Public platform: Spikes are very cruel - I AM writing to express my disgust at the absolute cruelty of the local council. On Tuesday I had to go into Wisbech to pay my rates and on my return to the Horse Fair, I happened to notice that a young man was rescuing a pigeon which had got itself impaled upon one of the different spikes fixed onto the brackets of the hanging shop signs. These spikes are very cruel. The pigeons might be a nuisance, but there really is no need for such a wicked system… Shirley de Groome, Fen Road, Newton (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 10.5.06 Appalled at animal cruelty - I was absolutely appalled and horrified at the sight of turkeys being treated as footballs on a Bernard Matthews turkey farm recently, although not entirely surprised…. W J Heathcock, Kingham Close, Lower Gornal (letter)

Leicester Mercury 10.5.06 NEW REGIME IS NEEDED TO END THIS AWFUL TRADE - Live exports resumed last week, but Andrea Smith does not share dairy farmers' satisfaction An awful trade resumed last week: The export of live, young cattle…. A decade ago, I reported on the protests that erupted when Dover and the other big ports stopped exporting animals… Since the protests, transportation standards for animals have improved and there is no doubt that animal-welfare standards in the UK are among the highest in the world, but the fact remains that calves must endure stressful journeys of up 20 hours for no better reason than some nationalities' love for veal…. (story)

Bath Chronicle 10.5.06 ANIMAL CRUELTY MUST BE ENDED - These animals, especially the little veal calves, will suffer appallingly. They will travel thousands of miles, often without food and water, through extremes of climate, from extremely cold weather to blistering heat. Then they will be killed in cruel conditions. I have never eaten veal, or never will. I won't eat lobster or crab which are boiled alive to satisfy gourmet appetites. I am too old to go on protest marches and I admire the young people who are passionate and caring enough to do so… (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 10.5.06 Ban animal circuses, says MP - DARWEN and Rossendale MP, Janet Anderson has signed an early day motion (EDM) in parliament calling for a ban on animals in travelling circuses… (story)


Western Morning News 9.5.06 HUNT BEHAVES RESPONSIBLY ON DARTMOOR - In response to Sue Halpin's letter (Lawless hunters, April 18), bylaws in respect of Dartmoor National Park are made under Section 90 of the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act, 1949… I would estimate that fewer hounds cause annoyance and disturbance after running riot than domestic dogs which have escaped the control of their owners, including those kept on a lead…. Far from believing itself "superior" and "above the rules", the South Devon Hunt acts responsibly, within the law and with the blessing of the Dartmoor Commons Owners Committee and the park authority, both of whom acknowledge the considerable benefits of hunting to the area. Tom Hayman, Ipswich (letter)

Western Daily Press 9.5.06 CHARLES'S DEER HUNT PRIZE SETS OFF STORM - Animal rights campaigners condemned the Prince of Wales for offering a deer stalking trip to a charity auction… (story)
Times 8.5.06 Prince sparks row over stag do BY WILL PAVIA - The offer to a charity auction of a day’s deer hunting on the Balmoral estate has angered animal lovers… Animal rights activists are outraged. "The Royal Family are clearly out of touch with the compassionate majority of the country if they equate murder with giving,” said Karen Chisholm, of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta)…. (story)
Scotsman 8.5.06 Fury as Prince Wales offers deer hunt as charity prize - PRINCE Charles has been criticised by animal rights campaigners for offering a day of hunting red deer at the Queen's Balmoral Estate to raise money for charity… (story)
Sunday Mirror 7.5.06 CHARLES ROW OVER DEER KILLS By Sarah Bruce - PRINCE Charles has infuriated animals rights activists by offering the chance to shoot a deer as a prize in a charity auction. The Prince has pledged a day hunting red deer on the Queen's Balmoral estate in Scotland to raise money for motor neurone and breast cancer sufferers…. But Karen Chisolm of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals described the prize as "ridiculous"…. (story)

Daily Record 9.5.06 BEEF BAN - THE worst thing the Government could have done is lift the beef ban… The rules may have been improved, but these calves will still have to spend months in awful conditions until they are slaughtered. Angela Dalrymple, Leven, Fife (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.5.06 ANIMAL GROUP CAMPAIGNING - Campaigners against animal cruelty got their message across to the people of Honiton. Volunteers from the group Exeter Friends For Animals were fundraising in the town's High Street on Saturday… Volunteers Sandra Lohmann and Rolanda Ware, from Exeter, and Sharon Howe, from Sidmouth, were also calling on passers-by to urge their MP to support an Early Day Motion aimed at questioning the use of animals for drug testing. (story)

Western Morning News 9.5.06 YOU published a letter on June 6, 2004 from John Beresford, medical statistician (retired) headed "Drug trials never risk-free"…. We are not all deceived by the devious and convenient excuses for using animals in so called "medical research". Vivisection makes craven cowards out of some humans. Why do some think animal suffering is less important than human? It is selfishly motivated and immoral…. Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 9.5.06 Viewers are all in a flutter after pigeon killed on TV - ANIMAL welfare groups today said they had been inundated with complaints after a TV programme showed pigeons in Edinburgh being culled by the council…. Guy Merchant, director of the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS) said his organisation had received a flood of e-mails and phone calls from people flocking to complain about the cull…. The city council said it had received no complaints following the programme. A spokeswoman added: "The humane killing of birds has proved to be a successful method of removing any nuisance." (story)

Scotsman 9.5.06 Pets - Robert McNeil's piece on the Danish Prince who likes to eat dog flesh but is also a dog lover (5 May) was amusing… The enslavement of animals is no different to human enslavement. David Gibbon, Edinburgh (letter)


Edinburgh Evening News 8.5.06 Charity leads charge to halt airgun attacks on animals - GARETH EDWARDS - A HARD-HITTING new campaign has been launched in a bid to cut the number of animals left horrifically injured by airguns. The Scottish SPCA says more than 20 animals were shot and injured in the Lothians alone last year…. (story)

Western Daily Press 8.5.06 IS IT TIME TO HALT LIVE CALF EXPORTS? - With the lifting of the export ban on British beef after 10 long years in the wilderness also comes the resumption of the trade in live calves for Europe's veal markets - which is far more contentious. Actress JOANNA LUMLEY explains why she is backing the Compassion In World Farming group, while RICHARD HADDOCK, South West chairman of the National Farmers' Union, argues that sentiment can blind people to reality… (story)

Western Daily Press 8.5.06 MOST PEOPLE ARE ANTI-VEAL TRADE - Chris Rundle (Western Daily Press, May 3) is very wrong to suggest that the animal rights nut-munching bunny-huggers are the only people who are against live animal export of veal calves…. To be honest, I have never spoken with anyone who agrees with the veal calf trade. If there is anyone out there who does, Sir, bring 'em on. Janet Hall Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 3.5.06 DON'T TURN BACK CLOCK TO BAD OLD DAYS OF PROTESTS - Tomorrow may well be National Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you - sorry) but it's today which will really signal some quiet celebration among the farming community as the 10-year ban on beef exports is lifted…. Given the emotion surrounding the whole business the NFU is asking potential calf exporters to give written assurances the animals will only be exported to rearing units that comply with the new EU calf welfare regulations, in the hope of heading off the inevitable protests… Try telling that to a bunch of screaming, nutmunching bunny-huggers for whom every farmer is a hate figure, every aspect of the livestock industry a criminal activity. These people, of course, are the architects of the very situation they now complain about, having stigmatised even the most humane form of veal production to the point where it has virtually ceased in this country, so obliging British farmers to find markets in countries where even the fanatics are more tolerant. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 8.5.06 Festival to be proud of - ADVOCATES for Animals is delighted that the first ever Edinburgh International Fashion Festival was an entirely fur-free event… Ross Minett MSc BSc, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Argus 8.5.06 Poison fears for dog owners by Adrian Kwintner - People who walk their dogs are shunning a footpath after a number of dead foxes were found, feared to have been poisoned…. Judy Way, of Overhill, Southwick, walks her six-year-old lurcher Freddie around the nearby fields and on the South Downs but has stopped using the footpath…. (story in archive)

Argus 8.5.06 Letter: Who will pay? With regards to the poor dogs and cats who were so sadly neglected, why should animal charities have to use their precious funds to pick up the pieces?... -Mrs J. Madgwick, Northfleet, Gravesend (letter in archive)


Sunday Herald 7.5.06 Animal testing - IT should be noted that it is not just the general public who are kept in the dark by the Home Office regarding animal experiments conducted in Scottish research facilities (News, April 30). The Holyrood parliament, Scottish local authorities and our health boards are also denied any information on animal laboratories in Scotland… John F Robins, For Animal Concern
As long as even a few animal activists are prepared to be violent and vicious in their actions directed against doctors and scientists who experiment on animals, how can they possibly expect full disclosure of information about these experiments and the personnel who carry them out… Name and address supplied (letters)

Sunday Post 7.5.06 Testing - I CAN see some sense on both sides of the animal testing argument, but if those against testing on animals are really so passionate, why don’t they volunteer for drugs trials themselves? Mrs P. Gow, Stevenston (letter only on site for a week)

Sunday Telegraph 7.5.06 Who's sexier? The star or the salad? By Rebecca Tyrrel - There are acceptable, non-criminal ways to campaign for animal rights… I am in no way comparing the crime perpetrated by members of the Animal Rights Militia, to some other, less extremist activities going on over at Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.) The crime that the latter has committed - and although there is, I would like to re-emphasise, a cavernous difference between them, a crime is still how I would describe it - lies in the instigation of a Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Contest. Campaigning for animals on the basis that there are some celebrity vegetarians who are sexy is, surely, criminally spurious…. (story)

Observer 7.5.06 Bull cry - I am outraged that a bullfighting picture (Snapshot, April) won a sports photography award…. Shahin Popple, Via email (letter)


Western Morning News 6.5.06 DAUNTING TASK AHEAD FOR NEW SECRETARY OF STATE FOR RURAL AFFAIRS - David Miliband has been nicknamed "Brains" at Westminster for his intellectual prowess, but he will need charm and understanding too if he is to rebuild trust with rural communities in the Westcountry… The Countryside Alliance said the Government now had an opportunity to "reconnect with rural communities"… (story)

Yorkshire Post 6.5.06 ANIMAL TESTING COMPANY OPENS LARGE EXTENSION Protest-hit research firm expands - Chris Benfield - A MEDICAL research company which is under attack by animal rights campaigners has opened a big extension to its premises at Harrogate. Covance Laboratories has just completed the addition of 93,000sq ft of working space to its 32-year-old complex at Beckwith Knowle, on the outskirts of Harrogate and says the £43m involved, over the past three years, is "the single biggest private sector investment in the town's history"…. Demonstrations at Beckwith Knowle have been intermittent and mainly peaceful, but there have been a few serious threats. Lately there has been agitation on the internet to step up the protests… (story)

Burton Mail 6.5.06 ANIMAL RIGHTS ANGER VOICED by David Powles - ANIMAL rights activists who dug up a grandmother's grave and hid her remains for 18 months have been condemned as 'hypocrites' in Parliament. Politicians from both Labour and the Conservatives agreed during a House of Commons debate that activists who targeted the owners of the Darley Oaks Guinea Pig Farm, in Newchurch, were 'hypocrites of the worst kind'…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 5.5.06 'DISGUST' AT THEFT OF BODY BY DAVID BYERS - The Government has condemned the behaviour of animal rights activists who were responsible for the theft of a pensioner's body in Staffordshire as "nothing short of disgusting". The comments by Leader of the House of Commons, Geoff Hoon, came after it was revealed that remains found this week were those of 82-year-old Gladys Hammond…. During questions on future business in the Commons, Conservative MP Michael Fabricant, whose constituency includes the graveyard in Yoxall where her body was originally buried, condemned animal rights activists as "hypocrites in the extreme"…. Mr Hoon replied: "I do agree with you, I think you put it very well…." (story)
Burton Mail 5.5.06 'No leniency' plea after stolen body is recovered by David Powles - PLEAS went out today for a gang of animal rights activists not to be given lighter sentences now the stolen remains of Gladys Hammond have been returned…. Jon Ablewhite, Kerry Whitburn, John Smith have been warned they could face up to 12 years behind bars after admitting being behind a criminal hate campaign against farm owners the Hall family, and their associates, while co-accused Josephine Mayo could face six years' imprisonment. Although police could not prove the four actually dug up the grave and stole Mrs Hammond's remains from St Peter’s Church, in Yoxall, they believe they played some part in the act and capitalised on it to force the Halls to give up their business…. (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 5.5.06 Chase body was Gladys By Duncan Tift - Human remains found in woodland on Cannock Chase have been confirmed as those of Gladys Hammond, whose body was stolen from a churchyard by animal rights protesters… (story)
Mirror 5.5.06 BODY FIND IS GLADYS - DENTAL records proved the human remains found buried in woods are those of Gladys Hammond, whose body was snatched by animal rights protesters, police said yesterday… (story)
Western Daily Press 5.5.06 GLADYS BODY FIND IS CONFIRMED - Human remains found buried in woodland are those of a pensioner whose body was stolen from a graveyard, police said…. (story)
Staffordshire Newsletter 4.5.06 Human bones found on the Chase by David Powles - THE REMAINS of an 82-year-old woman stolen from a rural Staffordshire graveyard are believed to have been discovered dumped in woodland on Cannock Chase…. (story)
Birmingham Post 4.5.06 Police confirm Gladys body find - The vicar of the church where the remains of Gladys Hammond were stolen said her prayers had been answered as police today confirmed they had found the 82-year-old's body. The Rev Jenny Lister, Rector of Yoxall, said she hoped the bones discovered on Cannock Chase on Monday night would prove to be those of Mrs Hammond so that her family could finally lay her to rest…. (story)
Birmingham Post 5.5.06 Minister condemns 'disgusting' activists By Neil Connor - The Government yesterday condemned the behaviour of animal rights activists as the police confirmed that remains found on Cannock Chase were those of Gladys Hammond. Leader of the House Geoff Hoon described the act as "nothing short of disgusting" after police said they were satisfied that the bones were those of the 82-year-old, whose body was stolen from a Staffordshire graveyard two years ago…. (story)
BBC News Online 4.5.06 Police identify grave theft body - Remains found by officers investigating the desecration of a grave in Staffordshire have been confirmed as those of Gladys Hammond…. (story)
ITV 4.5.06 Remains are grave theft body - Human remains found in Staffordshire woodland are those of an elderly woman whose body was robbed from her grave by animal rights extremists, police have confirmed. The body of Gladys Hammond, 82, was found after Police received new information on its location…. (story)
Burton Mail 4.5.06 THE END OF THE AGONY By David Powles - THE FAMILY of Gladys Hammond were today being comforted as their long ordeal finally came to an end. Shortly before 10am today officers from Staffordshire Police delivered the news that Mrs Hammond’s relatives had been waiting for. Eighteen months after the grandmother’s body was taken from her grave in Yoxall in the name of animal rights, police have confirmed they are now 'satisfied' that human bones found in Cannock Chase are Mrs Hammond's…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 4.5.06 WOODS BODY: IT IS GLADYS BY PAULA FENTIMAN - Human remains found buried in woodland are those of a pensioner whose body was stolen from a graveyard, police said today. Gladys Hammond's body was removed from her grave at St Peter's cemetery, in Yoxall, Staffordshire, in October 2004…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 4.5.06 NOW CAN GLADYS FINALLY REST IN PEACE? BY PAULA FENTIMAN - Undertakers had the task of transporting remains believed to be those stolen from a Yoxall grave 18 months ago to a mortuary yesterday afternoon…. It is not known how the police came about the information which led them to woodland near the cemetery at Broadhurst Green, although it is understood that the details pointed officers to a specific location (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 4.5.06 'COLD-BLOODED' ACTIVISTS DUE TO BE SENTENCED - Four animal rights activists pleaded guilty last month to taking part in a six-month campaign of terror against Darley Oaks farm, which culminated in the theft of Gladys Hammond's body. Kerry Whitburn, John Smith, John Ablewhite and Josephine Mayo were described as "determined and cold-blooded defenders of their perceived cause" by a judge… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 4.5.06 LENIENCY WOULD BE AN AFFRONT - As Staffordshire police rightly point out, sentencing in court is a matter for a judge and nobody else. But there is no question that bartering does go on - though it may not be given so common a name by the legal profession…. So the consternation voiced by Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant and others in the case of the stolen remains of Gladys Hammond is understandable and justifiable…. as this newspaper argued last month, the accent should not be on rewarding them for any belated information they have offered, but on further punishing them for any delay in coming forward with it… (story)
Mirror 4.5.06 HAVE GRAVE ROBBER COPS FOUND GLADYS? By Rod Chaytor - POLICE searching for a pensioner's body stolen from a graveyard were yesterday studying human remains found at a beauty spot…. (story)
Guardian 4.5.06 Police hunting theft of body stolen in animals protest find bones in wood - Riazat Butt and David Ward - Detectives investigating the theft of a pensioner's body that was dug up from a grave by animal rights activists, yesterday discovered a set of bones in woodland. … (story)
Times 4.5.06 Animal rights activists surrender stolen body BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - THE body of an elderly woman stolen by animal rights extremists was found in woodland yesterday, 18 months after it was removed from her grave. The precise location of Gladys Hammond’s remains was provided by one of the activists who faces a jail term when sentenced next week in connection with the offence…. Jon Smith, John Ablewhite and Kerry Whitburn originally faced up to 12 years in jail, while Whitburn’s girlfriend, Josephine Mayo, was expected to receive a six-year sentence…. Police received the information on Tuesday that led them to the location, near a German war cemetery. They found a rectangular depression near a footpath and, after digging, discovered human remains several feet underground. Dozens of officers, wearing white paper suits, resumed their search of a 50sq ft area early yesterday… (story)
Independent 4.5.06 Body stolen during farm protest is found By Ian Herbert - Police investigating the theft of a pensioner's body from a graveyard have discovered remains buried in woodland that are believed to be her…. The police breakthrough came 10 days before four people are due to be sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court for conspiracy to blackmail the Darley Oaks Farm at Newchurch, near Yoxall… (story)
Telegraph 4.5.06 Pensioner's body stolen by animal rights group is found By Nick Britten - The remains of a pensioner removed from her grave by animal rights extremists have been found after 19 months. Police believe that bones discovered buried at a beauty spot are those of Gladys Hammond, 82, whose grave was desecrated in October 2004…. (story)
Scotsman 4.5.06 Grim find in hunt for body stolen from grave - THE body of a pensioner that was stolen from a graveyard more than 18 months ago may have been found…. (story)
Lichfield Mercury 4.5.06 REMAINS FOUND IN GRAVE THEFT SEARCH - ANDY KERR - Police are hoping human remains found on Cannock Chase this week will prove to be those of Gladys Hammond, the relative of a family of guinea pig farmers whose grave was desecrated by animal rights activists as part of their campaign of terror…. (story)
Stafford Post 4.5.06 Relief as body is finally located - RESIDENTS living under siege for six years by animal rights activists welcomed the discovery of what appear to be the remains of Gladys Hammond's body… (story)
Tamworth Herald 4.5.06 REMAINS FOUND IN GRAVE THEFT SEARCH - ANDY KERR - Police are hoping human remains found on Cannock Chase this week will prove to be those of Gladys Hammond, the relative of a family of guinea pig farmers whose grave was desecrated by animal rights activists as part of their campaign of terror…. (story)
BBC News Online 4.5.06 Timeline: Farm under siege - Since taking the decision to breed guinea pigs for medical research at Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire, the Hall family have suffered a five year campaign of abuse and intimidation…. (story)
Post & Times 3.5.06 POLICE FIND HUMAN REMAINS ON CHASE - Detectives searching for the body of a pensioner that was stolen from a graveyard by animal rights activists have discovered human remains near a war cemetery… (story)
BBC News Online 3.5.06 Hammond police discover remains - Officers investigating the desecration of the grave of a woman connected to a family of guinea pig farmers have found what they believe to be a body…. Forensic teams and Staffordshire detectives are at the scene which has been cordoned off. The discovery was made on Tuesday…(story)
Reuters 3.5.06 Remains found in search for stolen body - Police searching for the body of a pensioner dug up by animal rights activists said on Wednesday they had found what they believed were human remains. The grave of Gladys Hammond, related to the owners of a guinea pig farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire, was desecrated in October 2004 in a long running campaign of intimidation…. (story)
Daily Mail 3.5.06 Snatched body 'found near cemetery' - Detectives searching for the body of a pensioner which was stolen from a graveyard by animal rights activists have discovered human remains near a war cemetery. Officers investigating the desecration of the grave of Gladys Hammond in Yoxall in October 2004 made the discovery after fresh information was received by the investigation team, Staffordshire Police said… Kerry Whitburn, John Smith, John Ablewhite and Josephine Mayo were described as "determined and cold-blooded defenders of their perceived cause" by a judge for their part in a six-year crusade against Darley Oaks Farm…. (story)
Birmingham Mail 3.5.06 Remains found in hunt for missing body - DETECTIVES searching for the body of a Staffordshire pensioner which was stolen from a graveyard by animal rights activists have discovered human remains on Cannock Chase. Officers investigating the desecration of the grave of Gladys Hammond in Yoxall in October 2004 made the discovery after fresh information was received by the investigation team, Staffordshire Police said… (story)
Times Online 3.5.06 Remains could be pensioner's 'snatched body' - Detectives searching for the body of Gladys Hammond, the pensioner whose corpse was stolen from a graveyard by animal rights activists, have discovered human remains near a war cemetery on Cannock Chase… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 3.5.06 Remains discovered in search for stolen body - DETECTIVES searching for the body of a pensioner stolen from a graveyard by animal rights activists have discovered human remains near a war cemetery…. (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 3.5.06 Grave raid: body found on Chase - Detectives searching for the body of a pensioner which was stolen from a graveyard by animal rights activists have discovered human remains on Cannock Chase…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 3.5.06 WAS OAP'S BODY BURIED HERE? BY PAULA FENTIMAN - Detectives searching for the body of a pensioner stolen from a graveyard have discovered human remains. Officers investigating the desecration of the grave of Gladys Hammond began searching in a woodland near a war cemetery yesterday night… (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 3.5.06 COUNTDOWN TO GRIM DISCOVERY (story)
Guardian 3.5.06 Police find human remains in stolen body search - Detectives searching for the body of a pensioner stolen by animal rights activists today said they had found human remains…. (story)
Burton Mail 3.5.06 GLADYS: COPS FIND REMAINS by David Powles - THE STOLEN remains of Gladys Hammond are believed to have been discovered dumped in woodland in Cannock Chase…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 6.5.06 Animal study is cruel - IT IS appalling that scientists from Edinburgh University's Medical Research Council are using marmosets to study the effects of soya milk on the health of baby boys… Mrs June Fleming, Gibraltar Gardens, Dalkeith (letter)

Scotsman 6.5.06 Protests as exports of veal calves resume - FORDYCE MAXWELL RURAL AFFAIRS EDITOR - THE first live calves to be exported from Britain for more than ten years left Dover yesterday to be reared for veal in Holland and Belgium…. Ross Minett of Advocates for Animals said: "Research shows that young calves are simply unable to cope with such long journeys and suffer relatively high rates of illness and mortality…. Rowen West-Henzell of Compassion in World Farming said: "This shipment has been organised by the same people who used to run Farmers' Ferry…. (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 6.5.06 FUR TRADE HORRORS KEEP ME AWAKE - In reply to S. Holmes (Post, April 28), I also saw the programme on the fur trade and understand how S. Holmes feels… J. BAILEY (Mrs) Shelton (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 4.5.06 STOP CRUELTY TO SEALS - I 100% agree with S. Holmes (Letters, April 28), who was horrified by the revelations made by Paul and Heather McCartney about the skinning of live seals in Canada. But there's something that readers may not have realised - the campaign against this is actually based here in Notts. It's run by Respect for Animals, in Gedling… NICK PALMER MP Labour, Broxtowe House of Commons London (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 28.4.06 STOP THIS VILE FUR TRADE - I am writing to ask if anyone watched that short horror movie on TV, The McCartneys Vs The Fur Trade. If you did then you must be feeling the same way as I do - sick. If you didn't and you're an animal lover then you did the right thing not to watch it, as I haven't slept since…. S. HOLMES Bowlwell Avenue, Heronridge (story)

Independent 6.5.06 Animal suffering - In listing "cruelty to animals" under "imprisonable offences" (4 May) you seem to imply that such an offence is negligible and not viable as a custodial offence. Worth noting in this regard are the words of the philosopher Jeremy Bentham: "The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But, can they suffer?... JAN HOSSIENZADEH, ABERYSTWYTH (letter)

Daily Record 6.5.06 FOR THE RECORD - IN reply to the letter 'Calf Exports Crying Shame', I ama farmer's wife and I often wonder if the people who write these letters have any idea what they are talking about…. I wish all the animal rights people spent more time worrying about the children who are being abused or starved. Farmer's wife, Lanarkshire (letter)
Daily Record 5.5.06 YOURVIEW - CALF EXPORTS A CRYING SHAME - YESTERDAY the European Union's decade-long ban on UK live calf exports was lifted. This cruel trade has begun again in the pursuit of greed and profit…. Scott Reid, Glasgow (letter)


Westmorland Gazette 5.5.06 Fear for Lake District lambs as foxes thrive By Ruth Lythe - LAKE district lambs may be at greater risk of being devoured by foxes costing farmers thousands of pounds a year following the controversial ban on hunting with dogs. A House of Lords debate on fox-hunting heard that, following the introduction of the Hunting Act 2004, it was now more difficult to control foxes in upland parts of the country. Liberal Democrat Peer Lord Livsey of Talgarth said that foxes were thriving in upland areas such as the Lake District because the legal methods of fox control were ineffective…. (story)
Carlisle News & Star 28.4.06 Hunt ban ‘has put farming at mercy of foxes’ claims By Maureen Hodges - LAKE District farmers are losing thousands of pounds as lambs are killed by foxes no longer controlled by packs of hounds, it is claimed…. (story)
Cumberland News 28.4.06 Hunt ban ‘has put farmers at mercy of foxes’ By Maureen Hodges - LAKE District farmers are losing thousands of pounds as lambs are killed by foxes no longer controlled by packs of hounds, it is claimed. With lambing on upland farms in full swing, farmers are reporting they are losing 10 per cent of their lambs to foxes…. James Bates of the Countryside Alliance said upland farmers had been put in a "ridiculous position”…. (story)
Western Mail 25.4.06 Lords dig in over fox hunting law - Steve Dube, Western Mail - CALLS for a change in the law on hunting have been rejected by the Government amid protests that upland farmers are losing out because their lambs are being killed by foxes. Junior Environment Minister Lord Bach said there was "minimal" prospect of any changes to the legislation banning hunting with hounds… Conservative peer Baroness Byford said the Farmers Union of Wales had reported that fox control was now all but impossible'…. Lord Harrison, who opened the debate, said that some hunts, including the Royal Artillery Fox Hunt in Wiltshire, had converted to drag hunts since the ban… (story)
Horse & Hound 24.4.06 No compensation for Hunting Act loses - Anna Tyzack - Farmers in the uplands are losing around 10% of their lambs to foxes but the Government is satisfied that the Hunting Act has been a success. According to junior environment minister Lord Bach, the rural economy will not be compensated for loses, as its predictions about the impact of the ban on the rural economy have failed to materialise…. (story)
Western Morning News 22.4.06 HUNTS 'WILL NEVER GET COMPENSATION' - The determination of Westcountry hunts to continue in the wake of the controversial Hunting Act means they will never qualify for government compensation, Farming Minister Lord Bach has warned… Diana Scott, joint master of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, said Lord Bach was wrong to suggest the ban had had no impact…. (story)

Henley Standard 5.5.06 Erosion on Ridgeway …If I may also refer to another matter: a letter printed on April 7th from a resident of Shiplake Bottom, who rightly bemoans the cruel fate of a vixen that died of gunshot wounds in her rump. He is mistaken to conclude that hunting with hounds provides a less cruel method of killing foxes, added to which, before the ban on hunting, there were ample instances recorded every year, both during and outside hunting seasons, where foxes were killed in many seemingly deliberate and cruel ways…. Bea Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington. (letter may be in archive
Henley Standard 7.4.06 The new foxhunting - While we were out a vixen tucked herself into the corner of our courtyard to die. She could not have been dumped there. She appears to have been shot three times with an automatic weapon… Although we were never supporters of foxhunting as a sport, anything is better than this ‘improved’ method of culling them. — Yours faithfully, Michael C. K. Oldridge, Shiplake Bottom, Peppard Common (letter may be in archive)

Hexham Courant 5.5.06 Shooters aim even higher for charity By WILL GREEN - LAST minute preparations are under way for one of the country’s biggest clay-pigeon shooting events which will take place this weekend. The Whitfield Clay Shoot plays host to 130 teams over two days and raises thousands of pounds for local charities… Two of this year’s nominated charities – which will be given £1,500 each – are the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) and the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity…. The event, organised by the Whitfield Clay Shoot Committee, the Game Conservancy and the Countryside Alliance, includes eight simulated game flushes, including the recently added rough shoot and new woodcock stand… (story)

Richmond & Twickenham Times 5.5.06 Campaigners fight for the rights of all animals By Chris Briddon - Banner waving animal rights campaigners targetted the Brentford based GlaxoSmithKlein building on the Great West Road on Friday (April, 28). The campaigners, who are part of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty Group, protested peacefully and were watched closely by police…. (story)

Maidenhead Advertiser 5.5.06 Protesters target lab - ANIMAL rights protestors descended on Maidenhead to show their objections to a local laboratory. Placard-waving protestors picketed the back and front entrances of Abbott Laboratories in Norden Road at about 4.30pm on Friday… One protester from animal rights group SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty), who did not wish to be named, said: "We are protesting against Abbott because we believe they are customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) in Cambridge.”… (story)

Guardian 5.5.06 It's time to test the testers - Over-reliance on the accuracy of animal testing is dangerously misleading and puts human life at risk, writes Kathy Archibald. In her article People power, Sophie Petit-Zeman falsely equates the whole of medical research with animal experimentation and misrepresents animal testing opponents as "anti-science"….. (story)
Guardian 5.5.06 People power - A new petition is giving those who support animal testing a louder and more united voice, writes Sophie Petit-Zeman… (story)

Bury Times 5.5.06 Laboratory animals 'not protected by law' - ALISTAIR CURRIE, Campaigns Director, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (letter)
The Shields Gazette 24.4.06 Help stop animal testing - NEXT week is National Pet Week. Owners of cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits will be reminded to look after them in a responsible way, and to repay them for making a positive difference to their lives by treating them with kindness, respect, and ensuring they stay healthy and well. Unfortunately, though, for the tens of thousands of cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and horses used in UK laboratories each year, National Pet Week doesn't apply…. Find out how you can help them by contacting the BUAV… Alistair Currie, Campaigns Director, BUAV. (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 5.5.06 PROTECTION FOR VEAL FARMERS - Devon farmers involved in the controversial export of live veal calves will receive the full protection of the law, Farming Minister Lord Bach has said… (story)
Western Morning News 4.5.06 ACTIVISTS WARNED ON LIVE FARM EXPORTS - Westcountry farmers involved in the controversial export of live veal calves will receive the full protection of the law, the Farming Minister Lord Bach said last night - as he warned animal rights activists to keep their protests peaceful. Speaking as the ten-year export ban on British beef was finally lifted yesterday, Lord Bach acknowledged that ministers would prefer to see beef exported on the hook rather than in the form of live calves. But he warned the Government would not tolerate a return to the scenes of a decade ago when animal rights campaigners clashed with police on a nightly basis in a bid to prevent live exports from Plymouth's Millbay Docks… (story)

Bolton Evening News 5.5.06 Vandals are the real pests - IN response to all the pigeon haters. They are not vermin, but part of our natural wildlife. The human race spreads far more diseases…. Mrs P Grimshaw, Halliwell Road, Bolton (letter)

Bolton Evening News 5.5.06 Wartime bird power - JUST a few words regarding the pigeons… I cannot see why they should not be left to do what they want to do. Mrs Alice Sefton, Lime Street, Farnworth (letter)

Bolton Evening News 5.5.06 Pigeons do not carry fatal diseases - IN response to V Slater, Bromley Cross, and their concern as to the threat from the feral pigeon with all its diseases (some fatal) that it can impose on mankind. I have to report there are no recorded deaths past or present that have been caused by the feral pigeon. They are not guilty… Arnold Harrison, Manchester Road West, Little Hulton (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 5.5.06 Protests at animal circus By Elizabeth Joyce - A controversial animal circus that tours with a 53-year-old elephant may be the last of its kind to come to Walsall after the council was flooded with complaints. Walsall Council is to review its policy on big tops after the Bobby Roberts Super Circus brought scores of animal rights campaigners to the Arboretum…. Lucy Hayreh-Power from the RSPCA Walsall branch said: "We are trying to make the council aware of the mistake they are making by allowing the circus to appear on council land…. Despite calls for Walsall people to boycott the circus, more than 70 residents had to be turned away on Monday. The show is running at the Arboretum until Sunday. (story)
Birmingham Mail 2.5.06 Campaign to free arthritic circus elephant - A 52-YEAR-OLD arthritic circus elephant called Annie is at the centre of an animal rights protest. The elderly elephant is the last to tour with a British circus, which arrived this weekend at Walsall Aboretum for a week-long run of shows…. (story)
Birmingham Post 2.5.06 Tug-of-love row erupts over circus elephant By Emma Pinch - A 52-year-old arthritic circus elephant called Anne was at the centre of an animal rights protest in Walsall last night. The elderly elephant is the last to tour with a British circus and this weekend it arrived at Walsall Aboretum for a week-long run of shows. The RSPCA and the Born Free Foundation are campaigning to have Anne retired from Bobby Roberts Circus, and yesterday about a dozen protesters arrived to demonstrate at its opening night…(story)
Walsall Advertiser 27.4.06 RSPCA 'SICKENED' BY THIS CIRCUS ELEPHANT - The decision to allow a circus with a live elephant to perform in Walsall Arboretum has been defended by Walsall Council because it is not illegal. The RSPCA and councillors say they are incensed that Walsall Council has granted permission for Bobby Robert's Super Circus - which has a 54-year-old elephant called Anne - to set up camp in Walsall Arboretum…. Lucy Hayreh from Walsall RSPCA said she is disgusted the circus is coming to Walsall from May 1 to 7… (story)

Post & Times 5.5.06 MP IN CULL PROTEST - Charlotte Atkins has put her name to a Parliamentary motion which "notes with grave concern the Canadian government's decision to increase the quota of seal pups to be killed in this year's commercial seal hunt on Canada's east coast to 325,000… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 14.4.06 MP IN CALL TO BOYCOTT FISH - Stroud Mp David Drew is urging county supermarkets to refuse to stock Canadian fish products in protest at the country's "massacre" of seals… (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 29.3.06 MP IN BID TO HALT SEAL HUNT - Broxtowe Mp Nick Palmer is supporting the fight for a UK trade ban on seal products. He joined the International Fund for Animal Welfare for the parliamentary launch of its report Importing Cruelty, which highlights Canada's commercial seal hunt… (story)
Bristol Evening 29.3.06 MP BACKS BAN ON SEAL PRODUCTS TRADE - A Bristol MP has put his weight behind a campaign to create a nationwide ban on the trade in seal products. Doug Naysmith, MP for Bristol North West, is backing the International Fund for Animal Welfare's report called Importing Cruelty, which documents the conditions of Canada's commercial seal hunt… (story)

Western Daily Press 5.5.06 WHY ARE OTHER SPECIES IMMUNE? - How very refreshing to read that a farmer, Len Ballinger, can see beyond the end of his nose and realise that the most likely source of bovine TB in badgers comes from the cattle themselves… Richard Osborne Swindon Wiltshire (story)


Daily Post 4.5.06 Hunting law made our numbers soar By Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - THE government's ban on hunting with hounds gave the pastime a valuable publicity boost, according to the outgoing Master of the Flint & Denbigh Hunt. Rikki Proffitt, 51 today, said numbers of riders and followers have soared since the Hunting Act was introduced…. This week Mr Proffitt stepped down as joint Master after 18 seasons at the helm. When he began there were five joint Masters, but for the past decade there have been just two…. (story)

Western Daily Press 4.5.06 HUNTER'S ATTACK - A 22-year-old has been fined £80 for attacking a property on an estate owned by the League Against Cruel Sports in Somerset. Robert Chiplin, of West Bagborough, who has long-standing involvement with hunting, received the fixed penalty notice for criminal damage at the LACS sanctuary near Dulverton on Exmoor, on Saturday morning… (story)

Western Daily Press 4.5.06 HUNT BAN A PLOY TO APPEASE PUBLIC - It is clear that Labour never intended police to waste their precious time following hunts. It was only ever a ploy to quieten the minority… Although I am an ardent animal lover, I want humans put first. B Floyd Wellington Somerset (letter)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 4.5.06 Animal lovers blamed for attacks on bird traps - MISGUIDED animal lovers could be behind a spate of vandalism attacks on bird traps across North Yorkshire. Police have warned that many traps are used legally and humanely and smashing them up could see gamekeepers resorting to much crueller methods of trapping birds…. Christopher Graffius, a spokesman for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, told the Gazette & Herald: "These are legal traps set in accordance with the law for the purpose of controlling pest species that predate on other wildlife…. (story in archive)

Clitheroe Advertiser & Times 4.5.06 No significant flu risk from any gamebirds - JOHN MAYNARD (Letters April 13th) is mistaken about the potential risks of gamebirds contributing to the spread of avian flu. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has more than 123,000 members and as a representative body for shooting, can speak from a position of knowledge and experience. BASC is working with Defra as a consultant stakeholder on avian flu. Gamebirds do not represent a significant additional risk. Any eggs or pheasant chicks imported from Europe during the breeding season are subject to inspections and an EU directive prevents all movement of birds and eggs from an area affected by avian flu…. HELEN SHUKER, Press Officer, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham LL12 OHL (letter)
Clitheroe Advertiser & Times 4.5.06 Bird flu – act now before it is too late - I AM concerned that the DEFRA Exotic Animal Disease Contingency Plan, insofar as it relates to Avian Influenza, only concerns itself with domestic poultry and pheasants and partridges reared or kept in captivity. Animal Aid ( says that 35 million pheasants are released into the UK countryside each year. These pheasants, once released from their pens, provide an extra pathway for the transmission of H5 N1 Avian Influenza that is now present in the UK… JOHN MAYNARD B.Sc., M.Sc., LLM, MIOSH, MIEMA, C.Env., Chatburn Nab Road, Grindleton (letter)

North Devon Journal 4.5.06 VIVISECTION NO ANSWER - The horrific story of the six human volunteers in the disastrous TGN1412 drug trial has forced some scientists to concede that a non-animal alternative should have been used…. LORRAINE DRAKE, Holsworthy (letter)

Western Morning News 4.5.06 FARMER'S BLOW AS INSURERS REFUSE WILD BOAR CLAIM - A Westcountry wild boar farmer whose herd was released by animal rights activists has suffered a further setback after his insurers refused to pay out. Alan Dedames' 100-strong herd of wild boar had been insured for a total of £300,000, which was meant to cover the value of the stock they would produce in the future. NFU Mutual, which insured Mr Dedames, have now told him they will not be paying out…. (story)
Western Daily Press 3.5.06 BOAR FARMER HIT BY ATTACKS FACING RUIN - A Wild boar farmer says he has been left ruined after insurers told him they will not pay out for animals freed in raids by animal rights activists. Alan Dedames lost all but eight of his 100-strong stock of boar when his farm near the Somerset-Devon border was broken into twice in the space of six weeks. Effectively bankrupt, he has been living off the boar meat in his freezer since before Christmas, nervously waiting for the outcome of his claim on the animals which had been insured to the tune of £300,000. But now he has been dealt the devastating news that NFU Mutual, the specialist farming insurance offshoot of the National Farmers Union, will not pay out…. (story)

Saffron Walden Reporter 4.5.06 THE Tiger's Lament; Little children stare in awe but do not understand, That tigers, bears and elephants belong in far off lands. Conservation has no place inside a barren cage, One isolated animal puts heaven in a rage… Name and address supplied (letter)

Daily Record 4.5.06 YOURVIEW - DON'T BE CRUEL - IN our class we have been discussing newspaper reports about animal cruelty and so we decided to do something about it. People who are cruel to animals should be sent to jail and, if they do it again, they should pay £3000 and go to jail for half their lives. Primary Four, Thorntree Primary School, Greenfields, Glasgow (letter)

Bolton Evening News 4.5.06 Pigeon cull at market under fire By Anna Youssef - AN expert in controlling pigeon populations has slammed Bolton Council's decision to shoot roosting birds in Farnworth Market… But Emma Haskell, director of the Pigeon Control Advisory Service, says culling birds using this method is ineffective and a waste of tax payers' money, predicting that the pigeon population will be back to strength within the next four to six weeks…. (story)

Dundee Evening Telegraph 4.5.06 Cruel trade RE THE McCartneys’ fur trade TV documentary, I think it is disgusting what is happening to these poor animals in China…. Animal Lover (letter)


Western Daily Press 3.5.06 FOX IS BY NATURE A BORN PREDATOR - I find the attitude of Helen Capel infuriating (Foxes kill indiscriminately, Your Say, April 26). It is another example of so-called farming folk who think because they want to keep poultry, or farm sheep, the rest of the natural world must stop in its tracks…. Gill Purser Cheltenham Gloucestershire (letter)

Chorley Citizen 3.5.06 Demonstration over duck shoot - Demonstrators who staged a protest against duck and pheasant shoot at a Lancashire stately home have claimed strong public support for their action. But the Hoghton Tower Preservation Trust said Sunday's protest by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) could hinder its attempts to preserve the building…. (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 2.5.06 ANIMAL ACTIVISTS CAMPAIGN AGAINST SHOOTINGS - ANIMAL rights campaigners turned people away from historic Hoghton Tower as they staged a three hour protest against duck and pheasant shooting. More than fifty supporters of the North West League Against Cruel Sports (NWLACS) and other animal welfare groups turned up on Sunday for the first of a series of demonstrations…. Jeanne Young of the NWLACS said: "It's clear from the public reaction today that the barbaric duck and pheasant shoot is starting to damage the de Hoghton family name and Hoghton Tower in general… (story)
Chorley Citizen 26.4.06 Protest at duck shoot - Animal welfare campaigners are to step up their campaign against duck and pheasant shooting at Hoghton Tower. A protest will be held outside the tower on Sunday, April 30, to bring attention to the fact that the new stock of ducks and pheasants being introduced to the estate could be shot later in the year…. Gregg Metcalf, from the North West League Against Cruel Sports (NWLACS), is calling for animal welfare campaigners to be allowed to observe and film the next Hoghton Tower duck shoot…. (story)

Dublin People (3.5.06) Bloody sports - Disgusted visitors to a popular Southside park have been sickened by a series of horrific incidents involving cruelty to defenseless animals…. The Irish Council Against Blood Sports wants the council to install CCTV cameras and assign a parks superintendent to patrol St Cuthbert’s Park… The most recent incident in the park involved a group of teenagers who took a live hare out of a carrier bag before unleashing a greyhound to catch the animal – an act known as ‘blooding’. It involves the feeding of live hares, rabbits or kittens to greyhounds in order to psyche them up prior to racing and coursing meetings…. (story)

Irish Independent 3.5.06 Cruel side of dog industry - With all due respect to Gordon Kennedy (Irish Independent, April 28), the failure of what he calls a "brilliantly vibrant" greyhound industry to look after retired or unwanted greyhounds is hardly the most offensive downside to this industry. This is the industry that harbours enclosed hare coursing, a practice that involves snatching thousands of hares from their habitats every year for use as live bait…People who engage in the destruction and horrific exploitation of part of Ireland's wildlife heritage are not likely to care about the welfare of the under-performing puppies and elderly hounds that Mr Gordan refers to in his letter… JOHN FITZGERALD, LOWER COYNE STREET, CALLAN, CO KILKENNY (story)

Dublin People (3.5.06) Sickness at heart of society - John Tierney Campaigns Director Association of Hunt Saboteurs Dublin 1 (letter)
Daily Ireland 24.4.06 Animal abuse allowed in form of hunting - John Tierney, Campaigns director, Association of Hunt Saboteurs, PO Box 4734, Dublin 1 (letter)
Waterford News & Star 21.4.06 Abuse of greyhound a wake up call - From: John Tierney, Chairperson,-Waterford Animal Concern Waterford (letter)
Irish Independent 19.4.06 Animal abuse is a sickness - Your report of the greyhound abuse story is further evidence that there is a sickness at the heart of our society… Chopping off the ears of a greyhound is illegal but the chopping off the tail or pads of a fox in foxhunting is legal because the animal receives no protection under our wildlife legislation. Two identical acts of animal abuse, yet one act is glorified as a legal sporting activity…. JOHN TIERNEY, CHAIRPERSON, ANIMAL CONCERN, WATERFORD >(letter)

Galway Independent 3.5.06 Greyhound blooding continues - Philip Kiernan, Irish Council Against Blood Sports (letter)
Irish Examiner 17.4.06 Bloody business - THE current investigation by gardaí into a greyhound blooding incident in a Dublin park is a numbing reminder that the practice continues despite being highly illegal. While the blooding of greyhounds is illegal, the blooding of foxhounds has not been outlawed. Before the start of every foxhunting season, packs of inexperienced hounds are brought to fox earths and goaded into attacking and ripping apart defenceless cubs… Philip Kiernan, Irish Council Against Blood Sports, PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co Westmeath (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 3.5.06 Activists go ape over city milk tests on monkeys - ANIMAL rights activists today hit out at Edinburgh University for using monkeys for research into the long-term effects of soy milk on the health of baby boys…. But animal rights activists, including the Vegan Society and the National Anti-Vivisection Society (Navs), as well as fashion designer Stella McCartney, have condemned the research… (story)

Welwyn & Hatfield Times 3.5.06 Drug testing rules need an overhaul - Dr Gill Langley, Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research, 84A Tilehouse Street, Hitchin, SG5 2DY. (story)
North East Evening Gazette 4.4.06 Animal tests are crackers - DR GILL LANGLEY, Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research (letter)
Staines Guardian 31.3.06 Animal testing failing to work - Dr Gill Langley Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research (letter)
Bath Chronicle 27.3.06 DRUG DEVELOPMENT NOW NEEDS AN URGENT OVERHAUL - DR GILL LANGLEY, Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research (Reg. Charity 261096), Tilehouse Street, Hitchin, Herts (letter)
Western Daily Press 24.3.06 NEW TESTS NEEDED - When animal tests don't consistently predict drug effects from one species of animal to another, why should anyone be surprised when they don't predict effects in people?... Dr Gill Langley Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research Hitchin, Herts (letter)

Western Morning News 3.5.06 CALF EXPORTS BATTLE LOOMS - Animal rights activists last night pledged a return to dockyard clashes in protest at the resumption of the export of live calves for veal production. Mass protests are being organised by activists and pickets are expected to appear in ports across the country as the first exports take place following today's official lifting of the ban on exporting British beef and beef animals… Toni Vernelli, of Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (VIVA), which has organised mass protests in Dover, said: "We are constantly hearing British farmers claim that they care deeply about their animals. Their eagerness to condemn calves to one of the most barbaric and cruel systems ever devised gives lie to that…. Chris Deacon, from Animal Concern Today in Plymouth, said that his group would be closely monitoring the situation in the South West…. Phil Lymbery, CIWF's chief executive, said: "We are calling on Defra to change the fate of thousands of calves doomed for export and suffering… (story)
Times Online 3.5.06 Protest threat to live calf exports - Mass protests by animal rights activists are feared, as exports of live calves to the Continent resume ten years after after the ban on British beef. The first ferry, carrying 3,200 calves, is expected to sail from Dover to Calais early on Friday… (story)

Western Daily Press 3.5.06 AB FAB STAR PROTESTS AT LIFT OF CALF BAN - Actress Joanna Lumley yesterday spearheaded a protest against the return of live calf exports from Britain. The Absolutely Fabulous star said the trade caused "horrific" suffering to animals… Joanna Lumley and other members of the campaign group yesterday presented a petition to Agriculture Minister Ben Bradshaw at Defra's London headquar ters…. (story)
Guardian 3.5.06 Lumley leads protest over veal calf exports - James Meikle - The actor Joanna Lumley yesterday led a protest against the return of veal calf exports from Britain as the farming industry prepared for unfettered trade in beef and live animals to resume after a 10-year ban because of BSE. … (story)
Birmingham Post 2.5.06 Beef exports bringing new hope to farmers - After ten years of poor returns, beef farmers hope the re-opening of the export market tomorrow, will be their light at the end of a very long tunnel. Rural Affairs Reporter Sarah Probert investigates... Today, actress Joanna Lumley and Dover MP Gwyn Prosser are calling on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for last minute action to save British calves from being exported. She is presenting a post-card to Defra on behalf of Compassion in World Farm-ing (CIWF), claiming the calves will endure immense suffering on long journeys by land and sea…. (story)
Independent 1.5.06 Joanna Lumley to lead protest against export of veal calves By Terri Judd, and Jonathan Brown - Joanna Lumley will spearhead a protest calling on the Government to keep a ban on live veal calf exports, 10 years after the practice prompted angry demonstrations across Britain… Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), which is organising tomorrow's presentation, is adamant that the practice will lead to half-a-million calves a year enduring immense suffering and conditions in other countries which would be illegal in Britain… (story)
Hawkinge Gazette 1.5.06 TOP TV STAR JOINS DOVER MP IN LIVE EXPORTS FIGHT - Dover can expect more animal rights demonstrations following news that Joanna Lumley and local MP Gwyn Prosser will be spearheading a protest calling on the Government to keep a ban on live veal calf exports, 10 years after the practice prompted angry demonstrations across Britain… (story)

Scotsman 3.5.06 Views polarised on exports - FORDYCE MAXWELL RURAL AFFAIRS EDITOR - AS MOST of the Scottish beef industry prepares to party today when the decade-long beef export ban is finally lifted, animal rights campaigners are protesting about any resumption of live exports. Joanna Lumley made her protest yesterday in London in support of Compassion in World Farming while Advocates for Animals make their protest in Edinburgh today…. (story)

Scotsman 3.5.06 Shipping of livestock - The European Union's ban on beef exports from the United Kingdom ends today. Animal welfare organisations fear we will once again witness the pitiful sight of live calves being exported to be reared for veal on the continent…. ROSS MINETT Director, Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street Edinburgh
I was saddened to read about the plans to resume the shipping of live calves… CONCHITA PINTO Keir Street Edinburgh (letters)

Bolton Evening News 3.5.06 Show pigeons compassion - Farnworth is my home town but I now live in Leicestershire. and I have to say I am appalled and ashamed that innocent pigeons have been killed… Mrs Jean Bird, Cedar Close, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire (letter)

Bolton Evening News 3.5.06 Let the pigeons be free to fly - REGARDING the killing, sorry culling, of the pigeons at Farnworth, I wonder where were the RSPCA when this sadistic vendetta organised by Bolton Council reached its culmination in the "slaughter of the innocents"…. Mrs J Hilton, Glendevon Close, Ladybridge (letter)

Uttoxeter Advertiser 3.5.06 Circus protest leads to arrest by Ed Hill - AN ANIMAL rights activist has been arrested outside a circus dogged by controversy during its week in Uttoxeter. The protester, one of half a dozen at Bobby Roberts Circus at Uttoxeter Racecourse on Saturday, was detained by officers on a public order offence during a demonstration against the use of animals in circuses…. Protester Roger Swaine, from Derby, said: "The first thing Staffordshire Police did was stick a video camera in our faces — they were very provocative."… (story)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 26.4.06 Call for animal circus boycott by Ed Hill - AN ANIMAL welfare group has called for a boycott of a circus in Uttoxeter this week. Bobby Roberts Circus, which is pitched at Uttoxeter Racecourse until Sunday, was the subject of a campaign by a national newspaper last year to stop its 53-year-old elephant, Anne, from touring. Now the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS), which opposes the use of all animals in circus acts — domestic as well as wild — has called on people to stay away from Wood Lane venue in protest…. (story)

Argus 3.5.06 Letter: Ban the fur trade -Like many others, I watched the BBC documentary which showed the ill-treatment of animals in China where dogs and cats are skinned alive for their fur. As an animal lover, I will no longer buy any goods made in China…-Mr N D Wells, Brighton (letter in archive)

Argus 3.5.06 Letter: Let seals and otters live free - I am astounded Brighton Sealife Centre is considering plans to house seals and otters in its marine zoo… Furthermore I must disagree with the statement made by Toby Forer, senior general manager of Brighton Sealife Centre (The Argus, April 11), in which he claimed the Sealife Centre orchestrated the rescue of the Brighton Aquaria dolphins and their release into the Caribbean. This is simply not the case…. I hope the compassionate public of Brighton and Hove will join me in opposing the proposed plans by the Sea Life Centre to house seals and otters. -Virginia McKenna OBE, Daniel Turner BSc (Hons) CBiol MIBiol, senior programme officer Zoo Check Programme, Born Free Foundation (letter in archive)


Western Daily Press 2.5.06 MAN KILLS MOST OF FARM ANIMALS - Helen Capel (Your Say, April 28) forgets to mention the other animal that kills the majority of the free-range hens, ducks, guinea fowl, chickens and geese, the day-old chicks, the lambs in the fields, the animals in the slaughterhouses, the cow that is no longer capable of producing calves…. That animal is, of course, man. Pamela Kinnunen London (letter)
Western Daily Press 28.4.06 FOXES WILL KILL INDISCRIMINATELY - I felt, as a working farmer's wife of more than 45 years and, unfortunately, with a lot of experience of the killing habits of foxes, I needed to reply to Helen Weeks' letter (Your Say, April 24). They do eat the small animals she mentioned, but as farmers know, they also kill lambs and poultry of all kinds. It is in their nature to do so… Helen Capel Winscombe North Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 28.4.06 YOUR CALL - VIEWS IN BRIEF FROM OUR WEBSITE - Fox is the farmer's friend (April 24) It seems to have escaped Mr Presland's notice that Mother Nature makes the contest between fox and rabbit fair… Gill Purser, Cheltenham (letter)
Western Daily Press 27.4.06 DOUBLE STANDARDS - Helen Weeks describes the fox as "the farmer's friend" because it helps control rabbits. Perhaps she would care to explain why relying on foxes to help control rabbits is OK but relying on hounds to help control foxes is not… Peter Presland Westonzoyland Somerset (letter)

Western Morning News 2.5.06 VOLUNTEERS RUN HIGH RISKS IN DRUG TRIALS - The recent tragedy of the six volunteers hospitalised after experiencing serious side-effects in drugs trials has not only concerned much of the nation, but thrown into the spotlight the hidden dangers for the human guinea pig in clinical trials… Ironically, a patients' group once told its readers: "The only alternative to using animals is to use human beings, and that we are not prepared to do" (Arthritis News, summer 1991). Well, you could have fooled me. Jacqueline Shortland, Plymouth (letter)

Western Morning News 2.5.06 DEADLY SIDEEFFECTSOF DRUGS - Richard e Gore-Lloyd (Remember Thalidomide, March 3) says many people have forgotten Thalidomide - I doubt it! Especially those animal rights "freaks" he refers to so disparagingly; they also remember Eraldin, Opren, Smon (a new drug-induced disease), DEG, Amiodarone, Osmosin, Zomax, Manoplax, Viagra, Vidxx etc. Obviously Mr Gore-Lloyd doesn't, or the hundreds of thousands of fatalities and millions of serious side effects (ADRs) the above and countless other drugs have caused, and still cause, despite stringent animal testing, supposedly to protect human patients and healthy volunteers in clinical trials…. L Short, Torquay (letter)

Western Daily Press 2.5.06 KEEP UP FUR FIGHT - Congratulations to Sir Paul and Lady McCartney on their fight about fur farming… Joan Tiley Somerset (letter)

Western Morning News 2.5.06 I AM so pleased that Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather made the BBC TV programme exposing the fur trade… V Hircock, Boscastle (letter)

Western Morning News 2.5.06 TOO MANY BADGER 'EXPERTS' - The badger/bovine TB debate is descending into the same pathetic farce as did the hunting debate. Ministers insist on accepting the biased rantings of self-appointed "experts", rather than the balanced opinions of people with a lifetime's hands-on experience and well-established fact… Institutions like the RSPCA have ceased to be notably concerned with animal welfare issues and have become animal rights activists buying their way into politics, using charitable funds… W T Sweet, Mawgan, Helston
ALTHOUGH bovine TB is a distressing disease for farmers, you should put it into context…. Cattle therefore are at little risk from pasture contaminated with faeces from badgers. (Animal Aid, February 18, 2006), and perhaps keeping cattle locked up over the winter is more dangerous. Your main problem is to forget that this is bovine TB - not badger TB. David Stevens, Wells (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 2.5.06 A CUNNING PLAN - BUT FOR WHAT? - John Coysh does not tell the whole story of the number of animals that, according to Genesis, went into the Ark… LEN SHORT, St James Road, Upton, Torquay (letter)

BBC News Online 2.5.06 Protest against live calf exports - Animal rights activists are set to protest against a resumption of live calf exports from Scotland… Advocates for Animals will demonstrate outside the Scottish Executive headquarters on Tuesday morning… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 1.5.06 Animal rights demo aims to cow ministers into calf ban - ANIMAL rights campaigners will gather outside the Scottish Executive's office at St Andrew's House on Wednesday to protest about plans to resume live calf exports from Scotland. Advocates for Animals supporters, sporting cow masks, will hand the Scottish Executive a giant postcard calling for the Government to maintain a ban that has been in place since the BSE crisis in 1996…. (story)

Argus 2.5.06 Dora takes on turkey baron by Sara Wallis - Award-winning actress a1331090 Dora Bryan launched a stinging attack on millionaire turkey magnate Bernard Matthews following revelations of animal cruelty in his factory…. Miss Bryan, of Marine Parade, Brighton, said: "I am sure if I met Bernard Matthews he would be charm itself and say he was doing a lot of work for a lot of people. "But he must know what's going on in his own factory. Doesn't he have inspectors going round to make sure everything is done humanely?... (story in archive)

Argus 2.5.06 Anger at Sea Life Centre's turtles - Animal rights groups have criticised an aquarium for taking in turtles bred on a farm in the Cayman Islands. Brighton Sea Life Centre in Marine Parade has been housing turtles from the Cayman Turtle Farm. Activists claim the turtles have been bred using practices that could pose a threat to natural populations…. (story in archive)

Bolton Evening News 2.5.06 Killing is no solution to pigeon problem - I AM horrified to discover Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council is causing suffering and death to the pigeons in the area…. Instead, please contact who will be able to help with over population not only humanely, but also effectively… I most certainly will not visit Bolton until such cruelty is stopped and compassion and logic replace it. Kerry Lewis, via email (letter)


Western Daily Press 1.5.06 STAR BEAGLE 'WILL LIVE ON' - The only surviving beagle from the 47 stolen by animal rights extremists five years ago has died. Sextant was the only hound recovered after the raid on a student pack in Wales. During his ordeal he was castrated, and distinguishing marks removed from his ear. He lived to the grand old age of 14, and was the Wye Beagles' most celebrated hound…. (story)
Kentish Express 27.4.06 Sextant slips away by Mike Bennett - At the grand old age of 14 Wye Beagles' Sextant, their most celebrated hound, has died but his bloodline hunts on. From what started as a traditional way of life for a working hound, his world was turned upside down when he and 46 other hounds were stolen in January, 2001…. Sextant's progeny can be seen at The Wye Beagles public Dog Show on Sunday, May 7, at Brook, and at other events during the summer. (story)

Western Morning News 1.5.06 SUPERMARKET REPORTS HUNTER TO THE POLICE - A Westcountry hunter was reported to the police by a supermarket chain after it processed photographs of the man with a deer he had shot. The shooting enthusiast found himself questioned by the police days after taking negatives of himself with a gun and his quarry to Tesco in Barnstaple… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 30.4.06 Tesco gets both barrels for giving hunt snaps too much exposure By Roya Nikkhah - A deer hunter who took his photographs to a supermarket for processing was shocked to find himself reported to police. Although the sport is legal, Tesco gave his details to officers who questioned him for several hours. … Simon Hart, the chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, which campaigns on rural issues, said: "This is one of the most disturbing and ridiculous examples of ignorance and demonisation, of which Tesco should be ashamed."… The BASC said that Tesco's "sinister and shocking overreaction" caused a "total waste of police time"…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 1.5.06 BADGER CULL: REPORT DELAY - A Delay in publishing the public's views on badger culling could be good news, say campaigners… Tony Dean, chairman of Gloucestershire Badger Group, said: "The overwhelming response is in favour of the badger…. (story)