May 2009

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Horse & Hound 31.5.09 Hunts urged to keep talking to police - Abi Butcher, H&H news editor - THE Countryside Alliance (CA) wants police to assure hunts that meet information will not be passed to animal rights activists through requests under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. In an interview two weeks ago with The Times, Richard Brunstrom, rural affairs spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and chief constable of north Wales, said hunts no longer needed to provide advance details of meets, as they have done since the introduction of the Hunting Act in 2005. The same article stated that "senior police officers" were concerned that their neutrality had been compromised by being "forced to release details of meets through FOI requests to activists who had gone on to disrupt hunts"…. Tim Bonner added: "We will be advising hunts to continue to liaise with their local police and to provide information about hunting activity where there is an assurance that it will be exempt from an FOI request." … (story)

Horse & Hound 31.5.09 Is the League Against Cruel Sports lacking support? - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - THE popularity of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has hit a new low with the news it is still looking for a tenant to share its Godalming HQ, almost a year after moving there from London… Accounts at the 2007 LACS AGM showed a £1million hole in the charity's coffers and membership stands at just 7,000 this year. The plan was to buy the Guildford building — New Sparling House in Holloway Hill — and rent out half the space. But the "to let" signs are still there nine months on…. (story)

Sunday Times 31.5.09 Letting beavers loose in Scotland is dam foolery - I have this advice for Scotland’s eco-ists: don’t try to manage nature. Embrace it. Make it a part of you. Eat it - JEREMY CLARKSON - As we know, the economy is stagnant, we are up to our shoulders in debt and things are likely to get worse. So imagine my surprise to find the government has decided to spend £275,000 on 11 Norwegian beavers that will be freed to roam wild in Scotland… Then we have foxy woxy. Now that the hunt is not allowed to (legally) kill them, everyone’s chicken run is full of nothing but feathers and feet. Mine looks like a voodoo preacher’s wet dream. And that means we have to buy our eggs from the supermarket, which means we’ll all catch salmonella and die in great pain…. (story)

Sunday Times 31.5.09 Nicola and Teena Collins: Lock, stock and two smoking sisters - Guy Ritchie set the Collins twins on the road to fame. But what happened when the Essex girls decided to make their own gangster film — about their underworld dad? A nervous John-Paul Flintoff finds out. Portraits: Mark Read - A cafe in Buckhurst Hill, Essex. I’m talking to Nicola and Teena Collins in a quiet corner and wondering whether their father might be driving slowly past outside, his beady eyes fixed on my back…. “We turned him into a vegetarian,” Nicola explains. “We were both animal activists, and I’d been a veggie for years. I was campaigning to ban fox-hunting, and one day he said, ‘What is all this crap?’ I explained, and he became a vegetarian… (story)

Sunday Times 31.5.09 Hunting holidays organised by conservation rangers are under investigation - Wildlife park staff compromise their position as conservation rangers by organising hunts for foreign tourists - JOHN MOONEY - The Department of the Environment has launched an internal investigation into allegations that some conservation rangers are organising shooting holidays for tourists. The inquiry was ordered after The Sunday Times discovered that rangers employed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) are involved in the organisation of hunting holidays, even though they are prohibited from doing this under the Civil Service Code of Standards and Behaviour. Mark Byrne, a conservation ranger who patrols the north Galway region, offers deer-stalking holidays and accommodation for foreign clients. He has circulated material which states that he has brought hunters to remote land in Galway to stalk deer at a cost of between €150 and €700 each…. (story)

Wales on Sunday 31.5.09 Actor Owain Yeoman in vegetarian campaign - HOLLYWOOD pin-up Owain Yeoman has stripped for the cameras as part of a pro-vegetarian campaign. The Welsh-born star of hit US drama The Mentalist is one of a number of celebrities supporting PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Yeoman, who is from Chepstow but now lives in Los Angeles, says that since becoming a vegetarian he’s felt better than ever… (story)


Times 30.5.09 Pass the shotgun - your time is up, Mr Fox - With the hunting ban dead and unmourned, now is the perfect moment to run my urban serial killer to ground - JANICE TURNER - Just as I'd discovered the second body, neck broken, eviscerated, feet tragi-comically poking skywards, I turned to see the fox leg it over the back fence. My kingdom for a weapon… But then I read that the Association of Chief Police Officers has decided that it will no longer enforce the ban on fox hunting: it has better things to do, apparently, than trail over moorland after wide-bottomed men. Imagine that, a piece of legislation that took 700 parliamentary hours, a multimillion-pound public inquiry, caused years of fury and anguish, dragged our mildest, tweediest citizens into civil disobedience and made a hero out of Bryan Ferry's idiot son, just hanging in mid-air… , the anti-hunt law now looks like the first signs of a national disconnection from the political process: the feeling that something that matters to you deeply is being determined by those to whom it matters not at all. I felt it in Sipson, meeting villagers whose schools and homes will be demolished for Heathrow's third runway… I felt it at a protest last Friday against a lap-dancing club that opened, to the horror of residents, close to three primary schools… The hunt ban was an act of political triumphalism, a random kick in the crotch of the Tory shires. To save the lives of a few foxes - and only three cases have ever been prosecuted - cost a deep and lasting social division… Perhaps you need to own chickens to understand foxes. So pass me the stirrup cup, unleash the hounds, I'm going hunting. (story)

Western Morning News 30.5.09 Bovine TB idea 'bound to backfire' - GOVERNMENT plans to vaccinate badgers against bovine tuberculosis are "guaranteed to backfire", according to a leading independent expert. Ueli Zellweger, who was trained in Switzerland but is now based at Minehead in Somerset, has become the latest in a long line of experts to hit out at Government plans to vaccinate badgers against TB…. (story)
Farmers Guardian 28.5.09 Badger vaccination plan ‘guaranteed to backfire’ By Joanne Pugh - VACCINATING badgers against TB was not only impractical, but could promote the spread of the disease, according to independent TB adviser, Ueli Zellweger, speaking at Beef Expo last week. The Swiss-trained vet, now based in South West England, said Defra’s plan to inject badgers was ‘guaranteed to backfire’, as there were only two ‘golden rules’ regarding vaccination – and this would break both of them. The first rule was to ‘never, never vaccinate a stressed or weakened animal’, but trapping and manually injecting badgers would do just that, he said… The second rule was to never vaccinate against a disease when you have ‘even the slightest suspicion’ the animal already had it….. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 30.5.09 The Bristol Vegan Fayre to draw big turnout - A season of food kicks off tomorrow with The Bristol Vegan Fayre. Now in its seventh year, the event, which claims to be the world's biggest vegan event, is set to draw 10,000 people to the Amphitheatre and Waterfront square… (story)

Wikinews 30.5.09 Protesters against police violence surround London's Scotland Yard - Protesters against police violence marched Saturday, May 23, from Trafalgar Square to New Scotland Yard in central London. The protest, organized by the United Campaign Against Police Violence (UCAPV) and with the support of several UK trade unions and activist groups, including from the 6th largest UK trade union; the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)…. Three protesters were arrested during the event. Wikinews learned from an anonymous legal observer from the Legal Defence and Monitoring Group on 28 May that one man arrested was believed to have an outstanding warrant following an animal rights activism related offense. A woman, believed to be his girlfriend, was reported to have been arrested for pushing and swearing at police after the male was arrested, and was arrested under section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, for causing the police intentional harassment… (story)


Daily Mail 29.5.09 Hunting for a taste of her old life - She is the blonde who wed Britain's second richest landlord, only to be subjected to a medieval-style inquisition by Roman Catholic officials as he pursued a nine-year battle to have their marriage annulled - all so he could marry someone else… Jenny's dream of sharing her life travelling the world with wealthy Cheshire industrialist Alan Taylor has proved unexpectedly arduous. Just 16 months after she discarded her aristocratic handle to become plain Mrs Taylor, Jenny, 52, has been telling friends she has become a golf widow… In addition, Jenny was ordered to stop hunting, not least because Alan's children do not approve of bloodsports. And before their marriage, Taylor's son ordered her to take her fox brush off the wall of her loo… Instead, Jenny will leave Taylor in Portugal this autumn and return to their house in Cheshire, where she has bought a horse called Pearl which is being kept in livery with Robert Walker, one of the Masters of the Cheshire Hunt… (story)

Western Gazette 29.5.09 No one cares for the Hunting Act - SO Helen Weeks is angry that the police have put the Hunting Act in the bin where it belongs. In her letter she claims that the Hunting Act is a very popular piece of legislation. I would like to meet someone else who takes this view… Where are all the MPs who voted for the Act? Funny, they have all gone quiet on the subject, probably more interested in covering the corrupt claims they have been making… Does Helen Weeks really expect grown policemen to stand in a field with a camera to see if a hound chases a fox or not and would the people of the UK really want them to? I can remember Helen Weeks' call for a police helicopter to be at every hunt meet. Does she still stand by that statement?... (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 29.5.09 Why barbaric snares should be outlawed - Ivor Annetts, League Against Cruel Sports Tiverton (by email) (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 28.5.09 Support bid to outlaw snares - MUCH-loved pets, endangered species, protected animals like badgers and otters, and even sheep have all been found dead or injured in snares… The horrors associated with the use of snares are catalogued in a new report recently published by the League Against Cruel Sports, entitled War on Wildlife. Copies have been sent to MPs… I urge your readers to write to their MPs asking them to support EDM 1473. IVOR ANNETTS League Against Cruel Sports Tiverton (letter)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 29.5.09 Country estate ‘torture’ - Katy Roberts, Shooting Campaigner, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Uttoxeter Post & Times 25.5.09 Sign up to stop cruelty of snares - Katy Roberts, Shooting Campaigner, League Against Cruel Sports, Surrey (letter)
The Shields Gazette 18.5.09 Rid countryside of snares - Katy Roberts, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 15.5.09 Put an end to these primitive traps - Is the countryside around you safe? The most likely answer to this is probably not, as revealed in a new report by the League Against Cruel Sports. War on Wildlife, released this week, highlights the shameful tactics being carried out on many sporting estates up and down the country where wildlife is being systematically slaughtered to protect gamebirds being reared for shooting. Over the last two years League investigators have found sickening evidence of animal suffering and death on many estates with snares being responsible for much of the torture… Katy Roberts, Shooting Campaigner, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter)
Buckinghamshire Advertiser 14.5.09 Wildlife dies for game birds - KATY ROBERTS, League Against Cruel Sports Godalming Surrey (letter)

Basingstoke Gazette 29.5.09 All the fun of the country fair By Lucie Richards - RECORD crowds turned out in the sunshine at this year’s Highclere Country Fair – and plenty of people tried their hand at countryside pursuits. Dog shows, clay shooting and birds of prey were among the highlights at this year’s show, which was held in the beautiful grounds at Highclere Castle, in Highclere, and pulled in a record 21,400 visitors… (story)

Epping Forest Guardian 29.5.09 DISTRICT: Gangs of hunters destroying farm land - GANGS of hunters are trespassing onto farmers land to go hare coursing. The sport, where dogs are used to chase hares, is ruining farm crops across the district. Police said there are around 15 cases reported in the Epping Forest District every month, but admit it is difficult to catch the culprits… (story)

Guardian 29.5.09 An EU vote for animal welfare - Many people have complained that the European parliament can only exert its power over issues that are not at the heart of public concerns… Your article (Lab monkey passes on glow-in-the-dark gene, 28 May) illustrates once more the grotesque depths to which experimentation on our closest animal relatives can descend… Animal welfare is one of the many areas where the EU can take a lead and all those who care about the issue can make their feelings known at the polls next week. David Martin MEP, Lab, Scotland (letter)
Scottish Herald 29.5.09 Animal welfare can be influenced by voting in European elections - Cynics would have us believe that the European Parliament has no power, or that the issues over which it can exert power are not at the heart of the general public, hence there is no point in voting on June 4…. Your report ("Glowing monkeys spark ethics storm", The Herald, May 28) illustrates the grotesque depths to which the use of our closest living relatives for experimentation can descend… The promotion of animal welfare is one of the many areas in which the EU can take a lead. David Martin Labour MEP Midlothian Innovation Centre Pentlandfield Midlothian (letter)

Times 29.5.09 How to make a monkey out of an activist - It's easy to refute the arguments of the animal rights lobby - HUGO RIFKIND - I've only ever had one proper screaming argument with an animal rights activist. That was a great night. It was at a student party. She told me she believed animal lives to be worth just as much as human lives. I told her she was the most apathetically selfish person I'd ever met… Thereafter, the screaming began. It was a lesson for me, though. Until then, I'd always assumed that people who passionately cared about stuff must have actually thought about it, too. Not so. And I thought about this yesterday morning, when I read about those monkeys with luminous feet… Animal rights activists believe it is a bad thing…. The thing is, everybody thinks a human is worth more than a monkey. Some people just pretend not to. They'll campaign and firebomb and dig up people's grandmothers, sure, but when push comes to shove, they still think that their own lives are worth more than monkey lives. Because if they didn't, why wouldn't they just offer to take the monkeys' place?... (story)

York Press 29.5.09 Animal activists target promotion of Zippos Circus in York By Mark Stead - ANIMAL rights campaigners have demanded tourism staff stop selling tickets for a circus which is due to arrive in York next week. Zippos Circus, which includes horses and budgies among its attractions, will set up camp for a four-day stay in the city, but organisers say they have become the target of activists who want to see it stopped. Tourism body Visit York has confirmed campaigners claiming to be members of the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) – which denies any involvement – arrived at the visitor information centre at the De Grey Rooms, where tickets for the event are being sold, asking them to stop sales and take down posters advertising Zippos… (story)

Northumberland Gazette 29.5.09 Call for circus boycott - AN animal rights charity is calling for a circus to be boycotted because it features an elephant. The Bobby Roberts Circus is visiting Amble's Little Shore on Saturday and Sunday. But the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) is calling for the boycott because it features Anne, an elephant that has been with the circus for 51 years…. (story)

Kent & Sussex Courier 29.5.09 Protest plan over animal circus - PROTESTORS have appealed to the public to boycott a controversial travelling animal circus. Three newly imported elephants will perform for the thousands of people expected to visit the Great British Circus when it comes to the Southborough/Tonbridge border this week. Lis Key of International Animal Rescue in Uckfield is preparing to protest outside the big top on opening night this Wednesday: "We do not believe there is any way you can keep an animal like an elephant in a circus…. (story)


Western Morning News 28.5.09 EXCLUSIVE: Clegg backs badger cull - LIBERAL Democrat leader Nick Clegg is calling for a targeted cull of badgers in the Westcountry in a bid to tackle the spread of TB in cattle herds. In an apparent U-turn since dismissing calls for a cull a year ago, Mr Clegg told a panel of WMN readers that something must be done "irrespective" of advice from scientists or ministers… (story)

Farmers Guardian 28.5.09 Cameron and Clegg call for badger cull - THE leaders of the two main Opposition parties have both stated that they would implement a badger cull to control the spread of bovine TB (bTB). Conservative leader David Cameron said he would sanction a cull, if the Tories win the General Election…. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has also stated his Party’s support for a ‘pilot badger cull’ during a visit to the South West… (story)

Loughborough Echo 28.5.09 Animal rights protesters target cancer charity event - A KEGWORTH woman claims animal rights protesters have tried to scare her off from holding a charity dance to raise money for a leading cancer charity. Amanda Locke is to hold the event to raise money for Cancer Research UK after she and her husband Richard recently lost three relatives and friends to the disease… The event will go ahead at the Yew Lodge Hotel in Kegworth on July 18. Mrs Locke said: The suggestion was that we should not hold an event to raise money for the charity because they carry out testing on animals. I could not believe it. I feel like whoever sent this is trying to intimidate me into not carrying on with the event… (story)

Middlewich Guardian 28.5.09 Vandals smash windows at Middlewich Cancer Research store By David Morgan - VANDALS caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to a Middlewich store which raises money for people with cancer. One window was smashed and another cracked beyond repair at the Cancer Research charity shop, on Wheelock Street, last weekend… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 28.5.09 Nicola McLean inspired by Pammy - Nicola McLean has revealed that Pamela Anderson inspired her to take part in a campaign against foie gras. The model had to stomach all kinds of horrors in the I'm A Celebrity jungle, but she draws the line at eating the duck pate, and is working with animal rights charity Peta to stop London department store Selfridges from selling it…. (story)
Celebrity Gossip 26.5.09 Nicola McLean: PETA Protester - She attracts attention wherever she goes, and earlier today Nicola McLean was spotted holding a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) protest in London, England. The curvaceous cutie stationed herself outside the Selfridges store on Oxford Street with a cake that read “Unhappy Birthday Selfridges! Drop Cruel Foie Gras,” while sporting a sexy yellow two-piece bikini…. (story)

Ilford Recorder 28.5.09 Council behind the times on circus - ONCE again, our council are permitting a performing animal circus to bring its captive, exotic animals to perform tricks and raise a few guffaws in the name of acceptable entertainment. I wonder why Redbridge Council are so far behind the times when local authorities up and down this country have refused to continue permitting this sort of entertainment within their boundaries… PETER FOLEY, Aberdour Road, Goodmayes (letter)

Bath Chronicle 28.5.09 Life in a vegetarian Britain? - Stan Frith raises an interesting point about what would happen to all the animals if we all went vegetarian… Sadly, farmed animals live a controlled, distorted life, often filled with pain and fear… In a vegetarian world animals would not be kept for profit and greed but would be allowed to exist in their natural state and live their life in freedom. This is in the long-term, but as people cut down on meat and, as a nation, we are, there will be fewer animals bred and less suffering… JUSTIN KERSWELL Campaigns Manager Viva! (letter)
Bath Chronicle 21.5.09 Pigs would be extinct if we gave up pork - I was interested to read the letter from Justin Kerswell of Viva! in last week's Chronicle… In his letter, however, Justin claims that if we all went vegetarian it would save animals – in this instance – pigs. Since pigs do not make very good pets I would suggest that if we did as he asked, and stopped consuming pork, ham, bacon, all pigs, whether the result of intensive animal farming or free-range farming, would have no value, serve no purpose and would all be slaughtered… STAN FRITH Prior Park Road Bath (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 15.5.09 Letter: Be safer, go veggie - JUSTIN KERSWELL Campaigns Manager, Viva! Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 8.5.09 Veggie option to help halt viruses - Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva! 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol, BS2 8QH. (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 7.5.09 Cut out meat to halt disease - JUSTIN KERSWELL Campaigns Manager Viva! (letter)
Bath Chronicle 7.5.09 If we all went vegetarian we could resist the chances of global pandemics taking hold - JUSTIN KERSWELL Campaigns Manager, Viva! Bristol (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 6.5.09 Intensive farming is cause of health risks - So, the world is on the precipice of a pandemic as fears grow over the swine flu outbreak. Authorities are quick to point out the disease can't be caught by eating pork but that is rather missing the point. The finger of blame is increasingly pointing towards intensive animal farming — factory farming… As a nation we are at last eating less meat, with 50 million fewer animals slaughtered each year than three years ago. This is the way to go if we want to save animals and protect ourselves and our families… Justin Kerswell Campaigns manager Viva! (by email) (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 28.5.09 Fishing pot sabotage 'will harm conservation effort' - DIVERS are regularly sabotaging fishermen's pots around the South Devon in a bid to free cuttlefish, it has been revealed But experts have warned that action is damaging and not helping the cuttlefish Divers have been cutting holes in cuttlefish traps and releasing the animals in the belief they are benefiting the cuttlefish… (story)

Guardian 28.5.09 Dan Mathews of Peta: 'I've always been drawn to extremes' - Dan Mathews is the man behind some of animal rights group Peta's most shocking campaigns. But is he motivated by a need to transform society's views – or is he driven by something darker? - Emma Brockes - One of the main advantages of growing up "fat, gay and punk", says Dan Mathews, is that he has a very high embarrassment threshold, something he has sought over the years to extend… (story)

Swindon Advertiser 28.5.09 Letter from Kelly Slade - JUNE 5 is World Environment Day and this year's theme is Your Planet Needs You - Unite to Combat Climate Change…. World Environment Day was established by the United Nations, which estimated in a recent report, that animal farming is responsible for more global greenhouse gas emissions than the entire worldwide transport system… In fact, a vegan driving a 4x4 actually does less damage to the planet than a meat-eater on a bicycle… With one simple step, you can protect the planet, help end animal suffering and boost your health…. KELLY SLADE Campaigns Officer Animal Aid (letter)

Oxford Times 28.5.09 Simple meat-free plan - A small dreamy university city of spires, bicycles . . . prospering since the Middle Ages”. No, not Oxford, you will be sad to hear, but Ghent, Belgium, which “may be on to something”, it was reported recently in the Guardian… The first town in Europe, and probably the Western world, to try to make the entire place vegetarian for one day every week…. So how about it Oxford? Here’s a dramatic and simple way we can eat our way to a reduced carbon footprint. I, for one, am up for it. Clive Lindley-Jones Oxford (letter)


Exeter Express & Echo 27.5.09 I'm holding out for a new party to support - IS the high drama and turmoil at the Houses of Parliament leading to any real change that the British public deserve so much?... One only has to look around the countryside to see the sea of Conservative posters springing up with the message Vote for Change, presumably with an army of fox-hunting supporters out to help swing this change to the past… I will be looking for new parties and new people to vote for, if only to start the thought process of moving away from the failed parties we were once forced to support. Graham Forsyth, Fairway Rise, Chard (by email) (letter)

Hunts Post 27.5.09 Sharp-shooters invited for taster sessions at St Ives - ST IVES District Rifle and Pistol Club are encouraging people to try taster sessions at the club as part of National Shooting Week. The country-wide event, which will involve more than 100 shooting schools and clubs, is running from Saturday May 23 until Sunday May 31…. (story)
Swindon Advertiser 26.5.09 Giving National Shooting Week a shot By Jaine Blackman - IF YOU think shooting is just for country types in tweed jackets or the criminal fraternity - you’d be wrong. And the third annual National Shooting Week, which began yesterday, hopes to change those kinds of preconceptions. More than 100 shooting schools and clubs are opening their doors to give people an opportunity to try what the British Shooting Sports Council claims is one of the most exciting and inclusive sports in the country… (story)
Blackmore Vale Magazine 22.5.09 Field and Stream - Shooting week special - PEOPLE of all ages are being encouraged to break some clays as part of a special offer to mark National Shooting Week. The DBW Shooting Company, based on the Crichel Estate near Blandford, is offering everyone from the age of nine a chance to experience the thrill of shooting clays. Shooting will be carried out under the supervision of a qualified CPSA instructor and all equipment will be provided… (story)
Luton News 21.5.09 Take aim for National Shooting Week - Broomhills Shooting Ground is getting prepared to play its part in National Shooting Week. From Saturday, May 23, to Sunday, May 31, more than 100 shooting schools and clubs across Britain will open their doors to the public to encourage people to give the sport a try. Speaking about the initiative, which is in its third year, Brownhills' Phil Brown said: "Shooting is a very popular sport as more people shoot than take part in athletics, rugby and hockey…. (story)
Telegraph 21.5.09 National Shooting Week: shooting dames - A London school aims to get more women firing guns. By Christopher Middleton - It’s a sunlit May morning at the West London Shooting School in Northolt. Except today, there’s something unusual in the air. For amid all the noise of gunshots and exploding clay pigeons, you can hear the sound of female voices… Today’s attendees are very much in the latter category. One’s an admin assistant, one’s a riding instructor, one’s a PR executive, and they’ve all been persuaded by their friend Chloe Finch, who works for the Countryside Alliance, that they’ll love every minute. On top of which, today is the start of the National Shooting Week, when 200 clubs all over the country are opening their doors to the public…. (story)

Farmers Guardian 27.5.09 Badger Watch leaflet 'untruthful' claims FUW By Barry Alston - PEOPLE across Wales are being urged not to be hoodwinked by a leaflet entitled 'Stop the barbaric and senseless badger cull'. Responding angrily to a Badger Watch publication, Farmers Union of Wales vice-president, Brian Walters, says the claims are so wildly inaccurate they beg the question of whether they were either drawn up by people 'incapable of understanding simple facts or deliberately dishonest'. Following numerous complaints about the leaflet – published by Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed – the FUW has posted a three-page factsheet on its website highlighting why it believes claims made in the document are 'untruthful'… (story)

Scotsman 27.5.09 Wildlife crime - PC Charles Everitt's call for a crackdown on wildlife crime (your report, 25 May) is to be welcomed. Clearly, such cruel crime is the sign of a coward and bully, and shows a total disrespect for the beauty of nature and the essential balance between humanity and animals… KEVIN HUTCHENS, Woodview Court, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire (story)

Banbury Guardian 27.5.09 Abandoned pets soaring - Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (story)
News Shopper 19.5.09 Animal appeal - KELLY SLADE, Animal Aid Tonbridge (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 14.5.09 Don't abandon the family pet - KELLY SLADE Campaigns Officer Animal Aid Tonbridge Kent (letter)
Ilkley Gazette 8.5.09 Thousands of animals are waiting for new homes - Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)
8.5.09 Thousands of animals are waiting for new homes - Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)
Bolton News 8.5.09 So cruel to abandon pets - Kelly Slade Campaigns Officer Animal Aid (letter)
Worksop Guardian 8.5.09 Animals in need of help - Kelly Slade, Animal Aid (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 7.5.09 Dumping family pet is cruel and selfish - Kelly Slade Campaigns officer Animal Aid (letter)
Sunday Sun 3.5.09 Animals suffering - IN the economic crisis, times are hard for households, but abandoning the family cat, dog or other animal to save money is cruel and selfish…. If you can offer an animal a loving forever home, please adopt one of the thousands waiting in rescue shelters. – KELLY SLADE, campaigns officer, Animal Aid. (letter)


Southern Daily Echo 26.5.09 Hunting Act is the law of the land - Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 22.5.09 Letter from Douglas Batchelor - Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, Holloway Hill, Godalming, Surrey - READING recent newspaper reports on new national guidelines for police enforcement of the Hunting Act made me wonder how many journalists actually read the guidelines before simply re-hashing the pro hunting spin released by the Countryside Alliance and other bloodsports fanatics… The bottom line is that the Hunting Act is the law of the land and no-one - not even a hunter - is above that (letter)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 21.5.09 No-one is above the hunting laws - Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)


Coventry Telegraph 25.5.09 Let’s protect non-human primates - WE RECENTLY joined more than 1,000 protestors marching from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square calling for an end to primate experiments. This peaceful demonstration was to highlight brain damage and poisoning of primates inside laboratories… Please write to Altiero Spinelli Building, European Parliament, 60 Rue Wiertz, B-1047 Brussels, Belgium, calling for an end to the use of apes and wild-caught primates without exemptions. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)

South Wales Echo 25.5.09 Meat-free diet is more natural to us - THANKS to the Echo for supporting National Vegetarian Week… I know your vegan contributor Lorraine Parker and can testify that she has a very healthy appetite, having eaten with my family many times… I now come to your third contributor, the meat eater, Andrew Walker. I must take issue with his statement that humans are omnivores naturally. The opposite is the truth… To conclude, if animals were meant to be part of the food chain, why did the animal come first and man evolve much later? Derek Hector, Whitchurch (letter)


Mid Devon Star 24.5.09 Campaign highlights poisoning in the countryside - A CAMPAIGN group is asking people to be more aware of the possible poisoning of animals in the countryside. A spokesperson for the Campaign against Accidental or Illegal Poisoning (CAIP) said: “Many people who spend recreational time in the countryside occasionally come across dead animals but few know what to do if the cause of death appears suspicious… (story)


Horse & Hound 23.5.09 Thames Valley hunts to 'monitor the monitors' - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - Hunts in the Thames Valley area are being urged to "monitor the monitors", following a second meeting between the Countryside Alliance (CA) and Thames Valley Police (TVP)…. The CA and Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) requested meetings with TVP following the alleged murder of Warwickshire hunt supporter Trevor Morse in March, an incident to which Midlands-based animal rights group Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA) has been linked…. "The police are very aware that Trevor's death and the involvement of POWA with hard core animal rights activists has changed the [hunt monitoring] situation significantly."… (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 23.5.09 Master of the hunt, we are undone - I was just penning something on those MPs who seem to see themselves as country squires when along comes George Bowyer, Master of the Fitzwilliam Hunt. Into the constitutional mire he gaily trots: paradoxically declaring himself defender of the parliamentary expenses system: "the system that we have now"! What a character! Straight out of the pages of a Jane Austen novel, Bowyer appears to be walking, talking proof that some of our local Tories might still be living in the 18th century…. (story)

Scottish Herald 23.5.09 Feathered friends - Your article on Stravaigin diners relishing Scottish rooks made me feel quite sick ("Murder most fowl as rook hits the menu", The Herald, May 21). When will the appetite of diners queuing up for the "culinary originality" of such delicacies as squirrel, ostrich and buffalo have their appetites satisfied?... . The thought of someone picking off the baby rooks as they dance about on the branches on their quest for flight is truly appalling… Susan Martin, Rutherglen, Glasgow. (letter)

South Wales Echo 23.5.09 Animals – stop trying to kill us - A SHORT time ago the world faced the bird flu pandemic: now we are in the grip of a swine flu (virus, above) pandemic – will these animals never learn? What will they achieve by wiping us off the face of the earth?... Derek Hanlin, Gelli Areal Road, Gilfach Goch, Porth (letter)


Darlington & Stockton Times 22.5.09 Keeping quiet – On a Question Time programme, Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party, said that foxhounds would savage a fox and then leave it to die a lingering death in agony for two to three hours. I wrote to her, pointing out that when chased, a fox would either get away or be killed instantly. I got a reply on recycled cardboard with a box ticked to say my letter had been noted. There had been nationwide discussion about hunting and the assumption must be that either her research was pathetic or that she was economical with the truth… DAVID CRUMMACK Sinnington, York. (letter)

Norwich Evening News 22.5.09 Theft alert to shooting industry - Gamekeepers raising valuable stocks of pheasants and partridges for the shooting season were warned to be wary of thieves as police relaunched a rural crime initiative. Operation Cockerel was first devised in 2007 after more than £60,000 of pheasant poults, partridge chicks and feeding equipment were reported stolen from suppliers and landowners across Norfolk…. (story)

Epping Forest Guardian 22.5.09 LOUGHTON: New animal-friendly party launchs from district By Edmund Tobin - A NEW animal-friendly party fighting in the European elections for the first time is to launch its manifesto from the Epping Forest District. Animals Count has chosen the Kings Oak, in Forest Road, Loughton as the launchpad for its election push and party president, and vet Andrew Knight will host a free dog consultation and animal health care advice session there this Sunday, (May 24) from 12pm to 3pm… Leader Jasmijn de Boo said: “We wanted to launch in a nice outdoor area because Animals Count supports animals and the environment… (story)


Evening Leader 21.5.09 Richard Brunstrom says 'policing hunting is not my priority' - HAVE YOUR SAY - NORTH Wales police chief Richard Brunstrom has come under fire after admitting that policing the ban on fox-hunting is "definitely not a priority"…. The comments have prompted furious reactions from many hunt monitors, who have fought for the abolition of the bloodsport for many years. Among them is Judi Hewitt, a member of Wales Against Animal Cruelty, who is a hunt monitor in Wrexham, Flintshire and Denbighshire. She has written a letter to Mr Brunstrom accusing him of not caring about wildlife and being "on the wrong side of justice"…. (story)
News Wales 20.5.09 Wales police urged to stop fox hunting - A Labour Assembly Member is urging Welsh police forces to uphold and enforce the 2004 Hunting Act, which bans fox hunting with dogs. Wrexham AM, Lesley Griffiths, made her remarks following news that under new guidance issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), police forces could stop monitoring hunts - which could leave the door open for hunts to act illegally… (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 18.5.09 Decision could be end for hunt ban - The master of a hunt in Northamptonshire has welcomed new guidelines that mean police will no longer have to monitor meets, and said it could mean the end for the hunting ban…. Richard Brunstrom, Acpo spokesman on rural affairs, said breaching the Hunting Act was not a serious offence and needed "sophisticated" operations to enforce. Colin Richmond-Watson, joint master of the Grafton Hunt in Northamptonshire, agreed and said the hunting fraternity was moving towards its own code of conduct to replace the law… (story)
Sunday Times 17.5.09 The hunt ban: a bad law with nowhere to run - PENNY MORTIMER - Thank God for our sensible police forces. At a time when our parliament is in complete disarray, the Association of Chief Police Officers has announced that the ban on hunting is hard to enforce and chief constables have more pressing priorities. To force the ban through, more than 700 hours of parliamentary time and the Parliament Act were used to introduce a ridiculous and badly drafted bill. Since then there have been eight prosecutions of hunts, of which only three have been successful…. The Hunting Act has done nothing to improve animal welfare but has, in fact, harmed it. The rights and wrongs of hunting have been debated ad nauseam for decades. It has to be accepted that legislation cannot change the predatory instincts of foxes or the views of farmers who seek to protect their pigs, sheep and poultry… (story)
Sunday Times 17.5.09 Message Board: Hunt ban goes to the dogs - Now that police forces have decided to stop monitoring the activity, has Tony Blair’s 2004 ban on hunting with dogs run its course?... (story)
Western Morning News 16.5.09 Hunt ban is 'unenforceable' - NEW national guidelines for police on enforcing the controversial Hunting Act effectively undermine the hunt ban. The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has developed new advice which emphasises that officers have other, more important, priorities…. (story)
Eastern Daily Press 16.5.09 Mixed response as police plan to stop monitoring hunts - LORNA MARSH - Hunters last night welcomed the news that police forces would stop monitoring their activities - while animal rights groups vowed to continue campaigning for tougher legal action… Rupert Read, anti-hunt campaigner and Green Party councillor, said: “This new guidance is unfortunate because the practice of hunting for pleasure is cruel and outdated and it was quite clear the majority of people wanted it outlawed…. David Hunter, of the Norfolk Country Land and Business Association and managing director of Fakenham racecourse, said he hoped the move paved the way for a full repeal of the act…. (story)
Norwich Evening News 16.5.09 Police to stop monitoring hunting - Hunters welcomed the news that police forces would stop monitoring their activities - while animal rights groups vowed to continue campaigning for tougher legal action…. photo: The West Norfolk Hunt meeting at Fakenham Race Course for their Boxing Day Meeting 2008. (story)
Mirror 16.5.09 Illegal fox hunting 'not a priority' for police By Bob Roberts - Police chiefs have provoked fury by saying their officers will not target illegal fox hunting. The Association of Chief Police Officers said there were more pressing priorities because gathering evidence of illegal hunting is difficult and it is hard to enforce the Government's ban… a spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports said the police had a duty to enforce the law. He added: "We fought for 80 years for the hunting ban…. (story)
Telegraph 15.5.09 Is it just me? - Gerald Warner - The writing is very clearly on the wall for the ridiculous Hunting Act, with the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) advising police forces to end monitoring of hunts. In the words of Richard Brunstrom, Chief Constable of North Wales, "Hunting is definitely not a policing priority." One would hope not, considering the state of law and order in this country. Diverting police officers to monitor hunts, to appease a small group of anti-hunting fanatics, is an indefensible waste of law enforcement resources… (story)
Mail 15.5.09 Hunting ban collapses as police abandon monitoring operations By Fay Schlesinger - Police are to stop monitoring hunts in a policy change that effectively marks the collapse of the hunting ban, it emerged last night…. Organised hunts will no longer be required to inform police in advance of the time and place of meets and their planned route, The Times reported…. (story)
Horse & Hound 15.5.09 Police are advised to stop monitoring hunts - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - Police have been advised to stop monitoring hunts in guidelines drawn up by ACPO. The new guidelines by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) recognise that the "gathering of evidence of offending behaviour has proved a difficult task for the police, and with available resources it is likely to remain so"…. (story)
Country Life 15.5.09 Police to stop monitoring hunts - Marianka Swain - Police forces will stop monitoring hunts in a change of policy that could seriously undermine the controversial hunting ban. The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has admitted that gathering evidence of illegal hunting is difficult, that the ban is hard to enforce and that chief constables have more pressing priorities…. (story)
Evening Standard 15.5.09 Police forces told to stop wasting time chasing hunts - Anna Davis - Police have been told to stop monitoring hunts and concentrate on more important priorities. In a move that undermines the ban, hunts will also no longer be required to tell police of the time and place of planned meets. The new guidance from the Association of Chief Police Officers states police should rely on anti-hunt activists to produce information instead…. (story)
Times 15.5.09 Death knell for hunting ban as police abandon monitoring operations - Valerie Elliott, Countryside Editor - Police forces are to stop monitoring hunts in a change of policy that sounds the death knell for the hunting ban, The Times has learnt. New guidance from the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) states that gathering evidence of illegal hunting is difficult, that the ban is hard to enforce and that chief constables have more pressing priorities. In future, forces should rely on anti-hunt activists to produce information, it says. But they should also be “very cautious” of such groups and recognise that hunting is an “emotionally charged” subject… Richard Brunstrom, Chie f Constable of North Wales and the Acpo spokesman on rural affairs, said: “Hunting is definitely not a policing priority. It is not illegal to wear a red coat and ride a horse in a public place.” The new guidance undermines one of the most controversial pieces of legislation introduced by the Labour Government, which took up 700 hours of parliamentary time… Mr Brunstrom said that forces needed a consistent approach in dealing with reports of unlawful hunting.He also raised concerns about militants becoming involved with anti-hunt organisations and said that police had to be cautious when people made complaints to them…. (story)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 21.5.09 Hunt master fond of the absurd - Colin Richmond-Watson, joint master of the Grafton Hunt in Northamptonshire, is quoted (Police advised to stop monitoring, May 18) as saying the hunting fraternity is moving towards its own code of conduct to replace the Hunting Act. Could this be the same Colin Richmond-Watson who on February 12, 2008 was quoted in your paper as saying, "It's just one of those things"?... Matt Fox, Hunting Campaigner, League Against Cruel Sports, Holloway Hill, Godalming, Surrey. (letter)

Country Life 21.5.09 Hunting, shooting and fishing for schools - Alice Cooke - As part of plans to teach children more about the countryside and rural life, the Countryside Alliance (CA) are lobbying for an increase in ‘outdoor education’ in schools. The idea is ultimately to increase awareness in young people, and provide an invaluable insight into what our ‘green and pleasant land’ has to offer… (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 21.5.09 Manifesto has practical aims - KATE HOEY MP Chairman Countryside Alliance London (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 21.5.09 Letter from Douglas Batchelor - AT a time when public confidence in elected Members of Parliament has taken a battering it seems as though Kate Hoey MP has seriously underestimated her priorities in using her time to garner support for the Countryside Alliance…. The Countryside Alliance may dress up its rural manifesto as a blueprint for putting the countryside at the heart of the future Government's policy but behind the gloss we all know it is a blatant plug for repeal of the Hunting Act… At best this has been a case of poor timing, at worst it shows how out of touch she is with the majority of the electorate who abhor hunting. DOUGLAS BATCHELOR Chief Executive Officer League Against Cruel Sports (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 15.5.09 Speaking up for the countryside - Kate Hoey MP, chairman, Countryside Alliance, 367 Kennington Road, London (letter)
Western Morning News 15.5.09 Ride, don't drive - THE Countryside Alliance has published its "Manifesto for the Countryside" and speaks very effectively for those who enjoy field sports. But it has failed to make a serious analysis for the reduction of carbon emissions to mitigate climate change… Any observer of a hunt meeting will see that many riders arrive with horses that are either towed by large 4x4s or carried in furniture removal-sized lorries… Theo Hopkins, Lifton (letter)
Buckinghamshire Advertiser 14.5.09 Sign up to the rural manifesto - KATE HOEY MP, Chairman Countryside Alliance (letter)
Keighley News 14.5.09 Town and country focus - Kate Hoey MP, Chairman, Countryside Alliance, London (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 13.5.09 Letter from Kate Hoey MP - THE Countryside Alliance has launched its Rural Manifesto, our campaigning focus up to the General Election… KATE HOEY MP Chairman - Countryside Alliance Kennington Road London (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 13.5.09 Letter: Manifesto that has our countryside at heart - 13/05/09 - The Countryside Alliance has launched its Rural Manifesto, our campaigning focus up to the General Election. The manifesto identifies five key areas, and is urging supporters to sign up to its aims. As Britain's best-known and most effective rural campaigning group, we are offering the next Government a blueprint for putting the countryside at the heart of its policy. The manifesto promotes changes in five key areas that will make a real and lasting difference to the countryside: housing, education, farming, country pursuits and services…. Kate Hoey MP, Chairman, Countryside Alliance (letter)

Bath Chronicle 21.5.09 Deconstructing the 'myths' surrounding fox hunting - I want to look at some of the myths about fox hunting. Firstly, fox hunting was devised as a pastime, never a means of controlling fox population for any other purpose than that of making sure there are enough foxes for the hunting season… DAVID THOMAS Hisomley Near Westbury (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 21.5.09 Defy MEPs on animal testing - RARELY can politicians have been so out-of-step with public opinion as with the European Parliament vote this week on the new animal experiments law…. MICHELLE THEW Chief Executive British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 21.5.09 UK pigs don't present a risk - WE cannot allow to go unchallenged the arrant nonsense published under the name of Kate Fowler, head of campaigns for Animal Aid… IAN JOHNSON National Farmers' Union South West, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 13.5.09 Farming industry's not to blame for flu - WE cannot allow to go unchallenged the arrant nonsense published under the name of Kate Fowler, head of campaigns for Animal Aid, Farming industry to blame for swine flu, Points of view, April 30. To quote from the Government's own leaflet just distributed to every household: "Swine flu is a respiratory disease and has some elements of a virus found in pigs. There is no evidence of this disease circulating in pigs in the UK and scientists are investigating its origins."… The blatantly propagandist attempts by this animal rights group — whose primary function is to encourage young people not to eat meat — to link this illness with farming can, at the very least, be characterised as opportunist mischief-making…. Ian Johnson, National Farmers' Union South West, Exeter (by email) (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 5.5.09 Stop farming animals! - Kate Fowler, head of campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 30.4.09 Farming industry to blame for swine flu - SWINE influenza A (H1N1) has now killed more than 150 people in Mexico and is spreading around the world. This virus — which contains segments of both avian flu and human flu — is the latest in a long line of devastating diseases caused by farming animals…. That this outbreak of swine flu has the potential to cause another human pandemic is a serious wake-up call. To prevent future disease outbreaks and the deaths of millions more people, the only sane answer is to stop farming animals… Kate Fowler, Head of campaigns, Animal Aid (by email) (letter)

Maghull & Aintree Star 21.5.09 New Mayor of Sefton installed at special ceremony by Lyndsay Young, Maghull and Aintree Star - MUSIC has been selected as the theme of the year by the new Mayor of Sefton. Formby councillor Alf Doran was installed as Mayor of Sefton at a ceremony at Southport Town Hall attended by councillors, council officers and friends…. Fur has been returned to the Mayoral robe, after it was removed last year at the request of Cllr Paul Tweed, whose wife Claire is an animal rights supporter…. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 21.5.09 Animal charity thanks donors - THE Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) would like to thank those who donated money during a charity street collection in Derby on Saturday, April 25, when £22.36 was collected…. Garry Sheen, Captive Animals' Protection Society, Manchester (letter)

Charity Times 21.5.09 ASA rules in favour of Compassion in World Farming ad - The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled in favour of a national press advert from Compassion in World Farming, the farm animal welfare charity after a complaint challenged the advert as misleading. The advert asks: “What noise does a piglet make when its teeth are cut off without anaesthetic? Same as you” with an image of a piglet next to the text. The ASA upheld the advert, ruling that it was not in breach of CAP clauses 3.1 (Substantiation) and 7.1 (Truthfulness)…. (story)


Country Life 20.5.09 Huntsmen become drag queens for a night - Tutus, tights and long curly wigs abounded as the Duke of Beaufort’s took on the VWH in a battle of the dancefloor. Octavia Pollock shook off the sequins to tell the tale, images by Emma Farquhar… There are some things that are just wrong, and huntsmen in tutus definitely fall into that category. Yet, somehow, it seemed to work at the Duke of Beaufort’s v VWH Strictly Drag night at Ian Carling’s Barn Theatre, Ingleside, Cirencester, and caused mass hysteria. Hunting folk need to do something to while away the long evenings after the end of the season, and these two Gloucestershire hunts rose to the challenge in boisterous style… (story)

Farmers Weekly 20.5.09 Tories promise badger cull in TB battle - The Conservative Party has given its backing to implementing a badger cull to tackle bovine TB if it wins the next election… (story)
Farmers Guardian 19.5.09 Conservatives commit to badger cull By Alistair Driver - THE Conservatives have given their unequivocal commitment to implementing a badger cull, if they win the next General Election. Shadow Defra Secretary Nick Herbert issued a statement today (Tuesday, May 19), ‘renewing the Conservatives’ commitment to tackling bovine TB’, following meetings with local farmers in Devon… (story)
North Devon Gazette & Advertiser 19.5.09 Shadow minister backs badger cull in fight against bovine TB - NICK Herbert MP, the shadow secretary of state for DEFRA, has visited Holsowrthy to meet farmers. His visit was described by Torridge and Westt Devon MP Geoffrey Cox as "useful and important" in developing a future Conservative government's policy towards the control of bovine TB… (story)

Independent 20.5.09 Restaurant supplier ditches kangaroo meat By Martin Hickman - Skippy is off the menu at restaurants in Britain after the last major British retailer that sold kangaroo meat pledged to stop. Makro, a cash-and-carry chain that supplies the catering trade, told The Independent there were "a number of reasons" for removing the steaks, including a new meat-sourcing policy…. Viva!, the vegetarian group, had warned Makro that it would call for a customer boycott unless it joined supermarket groups and rival cash-and-carry chain Booker by refusing to stock kangaroo meat… Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager, said: "It is fantastic that this so-called 'exotic meat' cannot now be purchased from any major cash-and-carry firm in this country… (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 20.5.09 Britain will be all veggie by 2076 - Justin Kerswell, Viva! York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 15.5.09 Veggie Brits saving the world - Britain is going veggie – it is official. If current trends published recently by the Government continue, the UK will be fully vegetarian by 2076. Figures from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) show that last year over 13 million fewer farmed land animals were slaughtered in the UK than the year before. The trend is continuing downwards, with nearly 50 million fewer killed in 2008 than in 2005… Justin Kerswell, Campaigns manager, Viva, Bristol. (letter)

New Scientist 20.5.09 Circus captivity is beastly for wild animals by Andy Coghlan - Stars of the show they may be, but elephants, lions and tigers are the wild animals least suited to life in a circus, concludes the first global study of animal welfare in circuses. "It's no one single factor," says Stephen Harris of the University of Bristol, UK, and lead researcher of the study. "Whether it's lack of space and exercise, or lack of social contact, all factors combined show it's a poor quality of life compared with the wild," he says… (story)

Newham Recorder 18.5.09 The tragic silence of the lambs - FIONA GALBRAITH, Youth Campaigner, Viva! (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 23.4.09 The other side of life on farm - FIONA Galbraith, Keep animals out of shops, Postbag, April 14, is obviously very concerned about animal welfare and that is a good thing… However, I found it offensive that she complained of millions of lambs freezing to death in Britain when most of the farmers I know lamb their sheep inside and go to great lengths to keep their sheep alive, to the benefit of the sheep's welfare and the farmers' livelihood…. ANDREW BRANTON Uplowman (letter)
Bath Chronicle 23.4.09 Boycott wool, says activist - FIONA GALBRAITH Youth Campaigner Viva! Wilder Street Bristol (letter)
Hartlepool Mail 21.4.09 Campaign for lambs - Fiona Galbraith, Youth Campaigner,Viva! York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 16.4.09 Treatment of lambs is not so adorable - Fiona Galbraith Youth Campaigner, Viva! (letter)
Birmingham Post 16.4.09 Spare a thought for lambs and join boycott on wool - At this time of year, the British countryside is filled with lambs gamboling in the fields. I am sure many people do not even stop to consider why the lambs are there or where they will end up. Unfortunately, the seemingly idyllic scene covers some nasty truths. Most sheep suffer throughout their short lives and are slaughtered while still young… Metal clippers used for shearing the wool often hurt the sheep; it is common for the animals to be clipped by the blades… People mistakenly believe that the wool in their jumper comes from live sheep, whereas in fact some wool is stripped from dead sheep at the slaughterhouse. If you enjoy seeing the adorable lambs playing in the field each spring, please spare a thought for them and boycott wool… Fiona Galbraith, Youth Campaigner, Viva! (letter)


Evening Standard 19.5.09 Londoner's Diary - Hoey barred by BBC from Farming Today - KATE Hoey may be one of the few MPs to emerge with her reputation enhanced from the expenses scandal… . An almighty row is now brewing between the BBC and the Countryside Alliance over Aunty's decision to veto an interview with its Chairman, Labour MP Hoey, on Farming Today. The Countryside Alliance has launched a new rural manifesto… "Not interested," came the Beeb's reply…. "We are not blind to the fact that rural policy is not everyone's idea of excitement," says Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, "But this was Farming Today…" Could this be anything to do with the fact that Hoey supports hunting, a very unpopular stance at the BBC? (story)

Ealing Gazette 19.5.09 Ealing MP slams gun club by school By Michael Russell - MP Steve Pound has spoken out against a noisy gun club which disrupts youngsters' education at nearby schools. He wrote to the Ealing Gazette following a letter from the Countryside Alliance last week praising shooting as inclusive and rewarding sport. The Ealing North MP said: "I don't have a major dispute with properly controlled gun clubs but I do have a real problem with the fact that primary schools like St Raphael's and Downe Manor have to spend every single day with a ceaseless staccato soundtrack of gunshots echoing from the West London Shooting Grounds… (story)

Sun 19.5.09 IF schools really want to show children “where meat comes from”, having a pets corner of pigs is misleading… ROBBIE LeBLANC, People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (letter)

Irish Independent 19.5.09 Animal cruelty a slippery slope - As a long-time animal campaigner I collect and research acts of violations against animals as part of my work. Lately I have found it almost impossible to keep up with the number of acts of violence against animals here in Ireland, both domestic and wild… Numerous research studies have reported that childhood cruelty involving animals may be the first serious warning sign of later problems… Bernie Wright, Dublin (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 19.5.09 Vegetarianism is a step towards sanity - The Vegetarian Society is celebrating National Vegetarian Week from May 18-24 May… The world seems increasingly to be going mad. Going vegetarian is one step towards more sanity. Harry Mather, Dean Park Road, Bournemouth (letter)

Plymouth Herald 19.5.09 Plymouth man dedicates his life to global animal protection - AN ANIMAL lover from Plymouth is dedicating his life to the protection of animals across the world. Glyn Roberts, aged 40, worked for the RSPCA for 18 years and now he is using his wealth of animal experience to go it alone. He recently launched Global Animal Welfare Solutions (GAWS), a consultancy company which has seen him travel to Malaysia…. (story)


Lancashire Telegraph 18.5.09 Visually-impaired East Lancashire people given chance to try shooting - VISUALLY-impaired people have been proving they are spot on when it comes to shooting practice… The event was open to visually-impaired people from across East Lancashire and was organised by Ken Nash, chairman of shooting for British Blind Sport… Some of those having a go proved they were such a good shot they hit the 11 millimetre bullseye first time at the event hosted by Blackburn Rifle and Pistol Club, Dickens Street… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 18.5.09 Protesters urge shoppers to boycott hair care firm - WELFARE group Exeter Friends for Animals staged a protest in the city urging shoppers to boycott a major shampoo brand. The protest took place on Saturday, asking shoppers to sign a pledge to boycott the hair care range Herbal Essences until alleged animal testing stops. Two members of the group dressed up as a rabbit and a mad scientist to hand out postcards to passers-by…. Local campaigner Sharon Howe said: "It's inexcusable to inflict pain and suffering on animals for the sake of trivial products… (story)


Nottingham Evening Post 17.5.09 Vegetarian Week events in city centre - NOTTINGHAM Animal Rights group is celebrating National Vegetarian Week with a number of events. It are due to hold a free food giveaway to promote veggie lifestyle in Old Market Square today. From 1pm tomorrow Its members are holding a chili-dog-eating contest in Old Market Square. They will be back in the square from 2pm on Saturday with an environmental display to show how much grain, water, land and C02 it takes to produce a beef burger. (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 5.5.09 Fuddle will celebrate Vegetarian Week - A PUBLIC "fuddle" is being held in the Arboretum Park to celebrate this year's National Vegetarian Week. People are invited to bring vegetarian and vegan food along to the event, which will start at 2pm on Sunday, May 24. The Big Meet (Without Meat) has been organised by Notting-ham Animal Rights… (story)

Oxford Mail 17.5.09 Horse horrors - THE whole country must now be familiar with the name James Gray – the owner of Spindles Farm, Buckinghamshire…. Those convicted should face a stiff sentence and never be allowed to keep another living creature again. Justice must prevail. LILIAN BUCKNER, St Joseph’s, Souldern, Bicester (letter)


Scottish Herald 16.5.09 Animal welfare group demand GrandNational favourite be retired - The trainer of this year's Grand National favourite, Butler's Cabin, has said that the horse might be retired after Animal Aid warned him that he and Butler's Cabin's owner faced prosecution should the horse require medical treatment immediately after any future race. The horse ran in last month's Grand National, at the end of which he collapsed in a distressed state and required oxygen. It was not the first time the nine-year-old, which has won more than £180,000 in prize money, has needed oxygen or medical treatment after a race… Butler's Cabin is now in Ireland where, says O'Neill, he will undergo a detailed veterinary examination. Animal Aid will be requesting a clear-cut assurance that Butler's Cabin will not race again. The group will also ask that he is retired "with all his comforts and health needs fully provided for", rather than being sent for slaughter or sold on to an uncertain future… (story)

Mirror 16.5.09 Heather Mills shares cooking tips - Heather Mills demonstrated the art of vegan cooking to help mark the launch of her new restaurant. Sir Paul McCartney's ex-wife gave a live culinary "masterclass" inside a packed marquee at the Brighton Foodies Festival in East Sussex. Mills, an animal rights campaigner, is preparing to open her own vegan cafe VBites at Hove Lagoon this July after refurbishing a former fish cafe… (story)
South Wales Evening Post 16.5.09 Heather Mills to hold masterclass - Heather Mills will hold a culinary "masterclass" alongside head chefs to mark the launch of her new vegan restaurant. Sir Paul McCartney's ex-wife will give a live vegan cookery demonstration at the Brighton Foodies Festival in East Sussex… (story)

South Wales Echo 16.5.09 Badger cull is unscientific - I HAD a letter published (Viewpoints, April 3) concerning the badger cull and poor uptake of bluetongue vaccine in Wales for sheep and cattle…. The Welsh Assembly Government as a sop to farmers has adopted a cavalier and unscientific approach to animal welfare and the trial will not contribute to a scientific approach to lessen bovine TB…. Derek Hector (Member of Animals Count)Whitchurch, Cardiff (story)


Durham Times 15.5.09 Documentary images of the hunt - PHOTOGRAPHER Kirstie Handley, of Eaglescliffe, documented fox hunting before, during and after the controversial Bill was passed four years ago. Some of these pictures are included in this weekend’s mixed exhibition at Spectrum Framing and Gallery, Thirsk, In November, 2004, Ms Handley, 37, followed the Bilsdale Farmers and West of Yore hunts to present the sport from a genuine and honest perspective – capturing the community spirit and rural life behind it…. (story)

Worcester News 15.5.09 Falcons kill in order to survive - May I reply to M Wainwright (May 6). Peregrine falcons, like all predators, kill in order that they themselves may live. In the wild, all creatures must look to their own survival… The pleasure, apparently derived by some humans, by killing other life forms for its own sake has been the subject of controversy in the columns of the Worcester News. D E MARGRETT, Worcester. (letter)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 15.5.09 Group wants ban on animal circus - AN ANIMAL circus is coming to Northamptonshire amid a welfare campaign to boycott all performances featuring animals. Peter Jolly’s Circus will be performing at Newnham Turn Farm in Dodford, near Daventry, on Wednesday, May 20, through to Sunday, May 24. But the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) released a statement asking people to boycott all animal circuses, claiming that travelling circuses can never meet the needs of any animals due to the constant moving between performance venues and confinement… (story)

BBC News Online 15.5.09 Do I still want world peace? By Denise Winterman - A new Miss Great Britain was crowned this week, but what do former beauty queens do once they've healed humanity of all its ills? Taxi drivers and children. They still ask for Brooke Johnston's autograph when they find out who she was. But during her reign as Miss UK Universe 2005 she was mobbed by hundreds of fans in the Phillipines and met the likes of Bill Clinton… "I still do charity work as a former Miss UK, it still gets publicity," says Ms Johnston, who campaigns on behalf of animal rights charity Peta…. (story)

Bucks Free Press 15.5.09 Leave animals alone - RE: Wycombe District Council’s recent decision to lift the ban on animal circuses performing on council-owned land. TWO thirds of the British public want to see an end to all circuses with animals… Join our “Stop the Circus Coming to High Wycombe” Facebook Group… Kim Pearce, address supplied, High Wycombe (letter)

Hawkinge Gazette 15.5.09 Campaigns: Folkestone baby seal campaigners jubilant over Russian clubbing ban - This spring, newborn baby seals will no longer look directly at their killers, who have in previous years used their bloody clubs to smash the fragile skulls of the white-coated pups in the White Sea region of Russia… European Animal Welfare (EAW) set itself up sixteen years ago to protest against this barbarianism… Former Kent Messenger reporter and Hawkinge Gazette editor, Sue Scott, in the very early days working at the Folkestone Extra Sandgate Road office never turned down EAW’s request for badly needed publicity for the plight of the baby seals… We must also thank the public of Folkestone and surrounding areas who responded so positively to our cause and should share in our delight that commonsense has prevailed. Once again, thank you to The Hawkinge Gazette and its online readers. Robert Mouland (letter)

Cumberland News 15.5.09 Cumbrian red squirrel supporters angry after traps for greys crushed By Linzi Watson - Campaigners working to preserve the population of red squirrels around Brampton and Castle Carrock have had their efforts sabotaged. The volunteers have been working for months to trap and kill greys – believed to be to blame for the diminishing numbers of native reds. But the traps set in woodland in the Castle Carrock area have been crushed and vandalised. This is the second time that traps have been destroyed and one volunteer has branded the culprits “misguided idiots”…. (story)


North Devon Journal 14.5.09 Fox tail is a sign of support for political party - A FOX TAIL has been attached to a roadside Conservative Party billboard. The bushy attachment was spotted this week on a road between Wembworthy and Eggesford, near Chulmleigh. A woman at Eggesford Hunt Kennels said the tail was attached to the sign as a way of showing opposition to the hunting ban…. League Against Cruel Sports campaigner Alan Briggs, from Bideford, said: "I think it's disgraceful, in very bad taste. I've not heard of anything like this happening before."… (story)

Western Morning News 14.5.09 Morley suspended from Labour party - Elliot Morley has been suspended from the Labour party. The former farming minister once angered farmers when he claimed there was "no evidence that hunting" makes any significant impact on fox populations. It seems the Telegraph hunt through his receipts and bank statements is having a very significant impact on MPs indeed (story)

Essex Echo 14.5.09 Tracking the real vermin - Those concerned by the suffering of a fox cub trapped for two weeks in a legal snare might care to contemplate glue mouse traps. These contentiously cruel, though equally legal contraptions, also indiscriminately ensnare birds…. John Haran, Broadway West, Leigh (letter)

Evesham Journal 14.5.09 Free fishing practice ahead of Evesham Angling Festival - A PERSHORE business is offering people the chance to learn new angling skills and get some vital practice in ahead of the Evesham Angling Festival in August. George Ford, who owns Fordy’s Gear Fishing Tackle on the High Street in Pershore, is opening up a lake in Beckford for two days of free fishing practice with professionals on the weekends of Saturday, June 6 and 13. The taster sessions are for anyone who fancies having a go and fishing but doesn’t know where to start… (story)

Country Life 14.5.09 Five-point plan for a ‘vibrant’ countryside - Kate Green - Changes in five key areas are needed for a ‘vibrant’ countryside, according to the Countryside Alliance (CA), which has launched a rural manifesto as a prelude to the next General Election. It cites as areas for improvement affordable rural housing, children’s countryside education, support of British farming, the repeal of the Huntng Act, and transport….(story)
Telegraph 8.5.09 You need the British countryside, and it needs you By Charlie Brooks - At first glance, it might appear something of an anomaly that the Labour MP for inner-city Vauxhall should be the chairman of the Countryside Alliance. But whether Kate Hoey's passion for the countryside comes from growing up on a farm in Northern Ireland, or the fact that there are more Countryside Alliance than Labour Party members in her constituency, she hits the nail on the head in the foreword to the alliance's recently published rural manifesto: "Those who live and work in the countryside," she observes, "can be forgiven for feeling at times that it does not receive the political support it deserves…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 6.5.09 Countryside Alliance launches rural manifesto - The Countryside Alliance has launched its rural manifesto, calling on politicians to back British farmers and food producers. The document will be the focus of the alliance's campaigning in the run-up to the next general election, due to take place before June 2010…. (story)
Western Morning News 5.5.09 Give rural Britain a boost - TAX breaks for landowners, investment in farming and low VAT on repairs to disused houses should be introduced to breathe new life into the rural economy. The policies are part of a package of measures proposed by the Countryside Alliance to increase understanding of rural issues affecting areas like Devon and Cornwall and narrow the wealth gap between town and country… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 3.5.09 Kate Hoey: I would not be devastated if the Conservatives won the election By Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor - An MP for 20 years this month, the former Sports Minister has repeatedly confounded the Labour hierarchy… Now a backbencher, she is working with Boris Johnson as an Olympics adviser and is chair of the Countryside Alliance, the voice of rural Britain. Even so, the strength of her criticism of Gordon Brown in an interview over lunch at Millbank's Atrium restaurant will sting the Prime Minister…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 3.5.09 Countryside Alliance manifesto to rejuvenate rural Britain - The Countryside Alliance is calling for a range of measures to end what it sees as an increasing gap in wealth and understanding between town and country. Launching the rural manifesto, Kate Hoey, the chair of the Countryside Alliance, said: "Our countryside is a national treasure admired around the world but it is also a home and workplace for millions of Britons. Yet those who live and work there can be forgiven for feeling at times that it does not receive the political support it deserves… (story)

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 14.5.09 Dog kicked to death 'did not suffer' RSPCA claim Exclusive By Emma Tilley - A CALLOUS animal killer will not face cruelty charges from the RSPCA - because the dog he kicked to death did not suffer, according to inspectors… Animal loving author Jilly Cooper, who lives in Bisley, branded the decision not to prosecute in this case "pathetic."… Cotswold MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown said the law needed changing with harsher penalties to deter similar incidents…. Cirencester animal rights activist Joyce Moss said she was sickened by the "illogical" decision not to prosecute… (story)

Bucks Free Press 14.5.09 Animal graffiti group: attack "justified" By Oliver Evans - A SPOKESMAN for an animal rights group whose calling card was sprayed on animal circus advertisements said such actions are “just strategies”. The Animal Liberation Front’s Robin Webb said the defacement of eight Zippos Circus adverts on The Rye, High Wycombe with “ALF” was consistent with the group’s principles. Yet he said he had no knowledge of the attacks as activists work in “cells”…. (story)
Bucks Free Press 12.5.09 Extremists thought to have targeted High Wycombe circus signs By Oliver Evans - SIGNS have been vandalised advertising the first animal circus on High Wycombe council land since the lifting of a 17-year ban. A circus boss suspects animal rights extremists targeted the eight signs, placed on The Rye on Friday, over the weekend. The acronym ALF was sprayed on the signs… Zippos circus spokesman Chris Barltrop called the attack “pathetic and childish”…. (story)

Keighley News 14.5.09 Backing for animal charter considered By Lisa Campbell - The town council should “commit” to animal welfare, a councillor has said. National campaign group Animal Aid has contacted every town and city council across the country asking them to adopt an eight-point “Compassionate Charter”. … Councillor Siobhan Alderson has already stated her support for the document… Cllr Gerald Newton said that a company address was printed on the back page of the document. He said: “All right they are going to do something but they are going to make money out of it.” But Cllr Kathrine Roberts said she had been a member of the BUAV for 15 years and knew it was not a “money-making thing”… (story)

Staffordshire Newsletter 14.5.09 Action call over farming - Felicity Norman, Green Party European Election Candidate, Birmingham, B18 6JY (letter)
Birmingham Post 7.5.09 Investigate intensive farming’s role in flu outbreak - While attention is understandably focused on preparing to treat people who have caught swine flu it is vital that governments put serious resources into examining its causes as well…. Evidence is mounting of how intensive pig and poultry farming can make it more likely that flu viruses dangerous to human health will develop. The Green Party called on the Government to commission a study into the causes years ago when fears over avian flu appeared…. Felicity Norman Green Party European Election Candidate, Vyse Street, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 14.5.09 Call for action over chickens - MARTIN PARKER Torrington (letter)
News Guardian 30.4.09 Chicken welfare - SHIRLEY FORD, South Shields. (letter)
Wales on Sunday 26.4.09 I AM writing to Defra about the EU bBroiler directive on meat chicken welfare… CORAL RAVEN Barry (letter)
Littlehampton Gazette 23.4.09 Disappointing if chicken welfare standards lowered - David Sawers, Seaview Avenue, East Preston (letter)
Western Mail 20.4.09 Think of the chickens - I am writing to Defra about the EU Broiler Directive on meat chicken welfare. It would be extremely disappointing for the UK Government to lower chicken welfare standards despite soaring sales of higher welfare chicken, major shifts in retailer policies and high-profile campaigns by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Compassion in World Farming…. DAVID McGOWAN, Bridgend (letter)


Southern Daily Echo 13.5.09 Fox hunting ban is a correct law - IF AS he has suggested in his last two letter, Pete Lacy (Echo April 29) states that 50,000 foxes are eating British lamb (one fifth of the estimated total fox population of 250,000), I am tempted to add that this is a pin-prick when compared with the estimated 60-plus million human population of this country most of who enjoy a plate of lamb at least once (maybe twice) a week…. Lacy you’ll never convince me that the ban is not the correct law that gives protection not only to the fox but most other wildlife to enhance the countryside for the benefit of the majority, not just the ‘Tally Ho'’brigade. L A O'BEE, Southampton (letter)

Malton & Pickering Mercury 13.5.09 Gundog trials to be held in June - KIRKBYMOORSIDE will host the Yorkshire heats of this year's Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and Skinners Gundog trials. Entries are being welcomed for the competition to be held at Spaunton Quarry on June 6 with the winners heading to the national finals in Shropshire in September… (story)

Scotsman 13.5.09 Safer snares - Louise Robertson (Letters, 11 May) can rest assured; the wildcat will be safe from snares. Following research and recommendations from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, the Scottish Government intends to make safety stops on snares a legal requirement… (DR) ADAM SMITH, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (letter)
Scotsman 11.5.09 Snaring policies - WHILE it is encouraging that the Scottish Government is endorsing a new campaign to help save the Scottish wildcat (your report, 6 May) I find it staggering that at the same time it is also adding to the problem. With estimates on population numbers as low as around 400, we should be doing everything we can to save this iconic species from extinction, yet the government has chosen to allow snaring to continue in this country… LOUISE ROBERTSON, League Against Cruel Sports, Limekilns, Fife (letter)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 13.5.09 Meltham woman’s appeal to end greyhound cruelty - A MELTHAM dog lover has raised more than £10,000 in just a year as part of a mission to stop cruelty to greyhounds. Susan Dawson set up The Blue Greyhound in 2008 to raise vital cash for dog charities Greyhounds Galore, Greyhound Action, and Whitehall Dog Rescue…. “Greyhounds are bred for racing in puppy farms and three-quarters of them can be destroyed because they just don’t make the grade as racing dogs. “It is such a horrible industry. A lot of people just don’t realise the true horror of it all…. (story)

Teesdale Mercury 13.5.09 Police say badgers may have been poisoned - POLICE say poison could be to blame after several badgers were found dead near a Teesdale village…. Lesley McNaughton, chairman of Durham County Badger Group, which works alongside Durham Wildlife Trust, said she felt the deaths were suspicious… (story)

Enfield Independent 13.5.09 Performing animals circus blasted by campaigners - A CIRCUS opening in Cuffley this week featuring acts from endangered species has been blasted by animal rights campaigners. The Great British Circus has come under fire for using elephants, which have not been a part of British circuses for a decade…. Chris Draper, senior scientific researcher for the Born Free Foundation, said: "We are very concerned about the welfare of the animals in the Great British Circus, and shocked about the circus's recent importation of three elephants for use in their performances…. Craig Redmond, campaigns director for the Captive Animals' Protection Society, said: "We strongly urge the public to avoid this circus and wait for one of the many excellent all-human shows to visit town." Alexandra Cardenas, of Animal Defenders International, added her concerns… (story)


Northumberland Gazette 12.5.09 Shoot is bang on target for charity - THE West Percy Clay Pigeon Shoot is to be held in the Ingram Valley to help raise funds for local causes. The event, on Saturday, May 16, is open to the public and organisers are hoping to attract both experienced shots and complete beginners… (story)
Sunday Sun 10.5.09 Aiming high to boost charity by Roger Domeneghetti, Sunday Sun - THERE will be a big pull for outdoor enthusiasts on Saturday as competitors raise funds for charity. The West Percy Hunt is holding a clay pigeon shoot which is open to the public. Organisers are hoping to attract both experienced shots and beginners who would like to have a go… (story)

Click Lancashire 12.5.09 Harsh punishments for illegal Lancashire hunters by Danny Daily - Two men have been ordered to pay thousands of pounds for illegally hunting with dogs on farmland in Lancashire. Robert MacIntyre, and Zachary Robinson-O'Connor were both arrested at their homes following an RSPCA led investigation into hare coursing in the scenic Winmarleigh area near Garstang… Information gathered by the RSPCA led police to raid both the men's homes in December 2008 where hunting paraphernalia, rabbit carcasses, maps, lamps, and DVDs on hunting were seized… a target=main href="">(story)
Lancashire Evening Post 12.5.09 Hare coursers hit with huge bill after raids By Stef Hall, Crime Reporter - Two men arrested during an RSPCA investigation into hare coursing in Lancashire have been ordered to pay thousands of pounds in costs and fines. Police and RSPCA officers mounted a probe following calls from farmers around Out Rawcliffe and Winmarleigh, near Garstang, who reported an increase in illegal hunting. One of the defendants, Robert MacIntyre, was seen by a member of the public releasing two lurcher-type dogs to pursue a hare on farmland in Bradshaw Lane, Eagland Hill, in Pilling, on November 23 last year. Further information gathered by the RSPCA and police led to a raid on both his and co-defendant Zachary Robinson-O'Connor's properties on December 8, 2008… (story)

Times 12.5.09 Trouble with foxes - With regard to urban foxes (Simon Barnes, May 9), I beg to differ: they are increasing, at least in our garden…. They have taken the pet guinea-pig from a neighbour and we cannot let our cats out after the foxes had a real go at one of them… . I have seen how they are “trying to make a living”, but I see no reason why they should do so at my expense. Richard Taylor Cheltenham, Glos (letter)
Times 9.5.09 Cherish your foxes as status symbols - These urban animals are not mangy and diseased, they are mean, lean survival machines - Simon Barnes - I went for a pee and had a vision of transcendent beauty… The outlook was wonderfully and suburbanly verdant, my sister's garden playing a full part in the landscape of intricately compartmented green. And there, on the roof of the neat little shed that stood hard against the wall - just before it disappeared behind the branches of a stupendous lilac in full purple bloom - a fox… . Now hear a strange fact: just about everything you know about urban foxes is a myth. They are not “coming in”. They are not increasing, either. They have an established and stable population in most towns and cities in this country… The talk of mangy foxes mostly comes from sightings of foxes during their annual moult, when they do indeed look deeply unprepossessing. But the point is that a thriving and stable population of any creature cannot be dominated by sick, ill-fed and diseased animals. There are plenty of urban foxes, therefore they must be healthy. If they weren't, they would die out… (story)

Worcester News 12.5.09 Fox enjoyed the bones I threw out - 1.40am, April 27. I heard a noise, looked down from my balcony and saw a large fox crunching some chicken bones I had thrown down earlier. The fox looked me in the eyes, could sense I was no threat and calmly carried on crunching the bones. GEORGE COWLEY, Worcester. (letter)

Tewkesbury Admag 12.5.09 The circus wk20 - I READ the report in last week’s Journal (7) about the Animal Rights people who tried to cancel the circus. I would like to say that I saw them tearing down banners and shouting abuse at parents with children and people in wheelchairs. I was there on Wednesday evening and watched the whole performance in the arena and I also looked round the site generally and saw no signs of cruelty or abuse. The animals (mainly horses and ponies) were well looked after… John Rafferty, Evesham (letter)

News Shopper 12.5.09 Animal aid - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Woolwich, Eltham and Bexleyheath for their generosity in raising £600, including personal donations from members, at street collections on April 25… SYLVIA BROWNING Eltham (letter)


Bristol Evening Post 11.5.09 Foxes do not harm cats, they kill rats - According to the minority of your readers, horses, dogs and cats have no rights. Firstly, the majority of horse owners are careful and police horses undergo very strict training on how to behave in public life…. However, hunters on horses with their hounds are a law unto themselves. The law should be strongly enforced on these people who kill wildlife and domestic animals… Miss E A Smith, Ashton, Bristol (letter)

Wharfedale & Airedale Observer 11.5.09 Harewood hits back at wildlife slaughter claim By Annette McIntyre - A Yorkshire estate which is home to a cousin of the Queen has been lambasted in a report by the League Against Cruel Sports… it drew an angry response from Harewood's resident land agent, Christopher Ussher, who questioned why the league had waited eight months to publish its allegations. He stressed that Harewood did not have an animal shoot, and that all gamekeepers and outside staff were given a strict code of conduct they were expected to adhere to. "This is nonsense," he said. "Apart from the fact that we don't have an animal shoot, how on earth can I possibly investigate this eight months after it is supposed to have happened. It is ridiculous."… (story)
Wharfedale & Airedale Observer 11.5.09 Harewood under fire for killing wildlife By Annette McIntyre - A Yorkshire estate which is home to a cousin of the Queen has been lambasted in a report by the League Against Cruel Sports. The league has accused the Harewood estate of being one of the worst offenders among a number of estates which it claims are killing wildlife at an unprecedented rate in order to protect valuable game bird stocks for commercial shooting…. The league's shooting campaigner, Katy Roberts, said: "The lack of regard with which some estate owners and gamekeepers treat our wildlife is nothing short of despicable… (story)
Yorkshire Post 11.5.09 Harewood House estate angrily denies 'animal death pit' allegations By Mark Casci - ALLEGATIONS of animal cruelty at a Yorkshire estate have been strenuously denied by its managers after an animal rights organisation accused it of the "systematic slaughter of wildlife". Harewood House has furiously rejected claims made by the League Against Cruel Sports that it was engaged in the persecution of wildlife and was in breach of industry codes of practice. In its War on Wildlife report, published today, the league claims its investigators found more than 100 rotting animal carcasses in what it describes as a "death pit" on the estate. Among the animals found caught up in the so-called "death pit" were foxes, squirrels, pigeons and rabbits… But Christopher Ussher, resident land agent for the estate, said it was standard practice for all landowners to bury any dead animals they came across and branded the league's allegations, which date back to autumn 2008, as "scurrilous"…. (story)
Wiltshire Times 11.5.09 Illegal snares claim at Neston Park Estate angers estate owner By Rachel Allen - The owner of a country estate near Corsham is fuming after being named and shamed in a report exposing cruel and inhumane methods of animal control. The League Against Cruel Sports has claimed the 4,500-acre Neston Park Estate, owned by Sir James Fuller, was using dozens of snares, many set on dragpoles and attached to barbed wire fences, which breaches guidelines set by the British Association of Shooting and Conservation. The allegations, made in the pressure group’s War on Wildlife report due to be published on Monday, have been refuted by Sir James, who said he was angered and hurt and claimed it would tarnish the estate’s reputation… “Nobody has approached us to highlight anything and I have no idea where these things have supposed to have taken place… (story)

Yorkshire Post 11.5.09 On Ilkley Moor... they're spending £1m on conservation By Brian Dooks - THE windswept beauty of Yorkshire's heather moorland is one of the area's defining characteristics. Now Ilkley Moor, where hundreds of acres were destroyed by a week-long fire in 2006, and Danby Common in the North York Moors National Park are to receive £3m to look after wildlife, heather and public access… Chairman of the Moorland Association and member of Bingley Moor Partnership Edward Bromet said: "The Moorland Association's approach to managing moors ensures that farming, grouse shooting, access and conservation all work hand in hand."… (story)

Telegraph 11.5.09 Village life 'will die within a generation' as costs force young people to cities - Traditional village life could be eradicated within a generation as the cost of country living drives young people into cities, a housing group has warned By Alastair Jamieson - More than 100,000 rural residents aged under 35 are expected to migrate from villages and market towns across England to urban areas by 2012 because of a "chronic shortage" of affordable places to live, according to the National Housing Federation…. "These figures shed light on the scale of the problem facing rural areas," said Tim Bonner, spokesman for the Countryside Alliancel… (story)

Leicester Mercury 11.5.09 It's time to ban animal circuses - I'm glad that Lynda Johnson came out of the circus feeling glad to be alive (Mailbox, May 4) – that's OK then is it? But I wonder what the elephants and tigers felt…. Susan Eppel, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 11.5.09 We need to move on from this outdated exploitation - Lynda Johnson should not make assumptions (Mailbox, May 4) – I was taken to see traditional animal circuses as a child. As an adult I am more aware of animal welfare and I do not consider watching sentient creatures performing tricks in circuses is an appropriate form of entertainment… (letter)
Leicester Mercury 6.5.09 Getting a false view of animals - Elizabeth Allison is correct in saying that the only thing children learn from visiting an animal circus is how humans dominate animals for profit (Mailbox, April 28). Seeing three elephants (of two species that would never meet in the wild) perform tricks in the circus ring, or tigers jumping through hoops, will teach people nothing about how these animals live in the wild… Craig Redmond, The Captive Animals' Protection Society. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 4.5.09 Roll up, roll up, for a magical show - It is obvious from Ms Allison's letter on the Great British Circus (Mailbox, April 28) that she was never taken to see a traditional animal circus as a child, or she would know the magic of the circus is a show that, once seen by a child, is never forgotten…. Thank you, Mr Lacey, for bringing the traditional animal circus back to Leicester again. I recommend everyone to take this chance to see the unique show before it goes on May 10. Miss Lynda Johnson, Leicester. (story)
Leicester Mercury 28.4.09 Making money from manipulation - I was dismayed at the Mercury for giving half a page of what I presume is free publicity to the Great British Circus… I agree with Paul Thomas ("Call to boycott animal circuses", Mailbox, April 21), and his comment "Circuses: Yes. Animals: No". Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 11.5.09 Circus life is no fun for animals - I'M SURE many readers are shocked that Belper Town Council is happy to allow controversial animal circuses on public land… Craig Redmond, The Captive Animals' Protection Society, Manchester (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 11.5.09 Happy with a loving home - I TOOK my five-year-old daughter to see Circus Mondao in Skellingthorpe and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. The animals were beautiful and obviously well kept. They also appeared quite happy to perform…. L. McCORMICK Lincoln (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 11.5.09 Circuses will never be the place for animals - THERE are several problems with animals being used by circuses which make Circus Mondao's offer of viewing its premises irrelevant. They are the following: First, much of distress that animals used by circuses suffer is due the length of time they are kept caged while travelling from one venue to another… The second point is to ask what is the justification for carting these creatures around the country at all. Clearly profit is the only motive here… PAUL THOMAS Campaigns assistant, Captive Animals' Protection Society, Manchester. (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 11.5.09 PROTESTERS' MESSAGE ON ANIMAL RIGHTS - ANIMAL rights protesters have staged a demonstration outside a visiting circus. Members of the Lincoln Animal Rights group held up banners saying "Your fun is their misery" to visitors to Circus Mondao on Saturday…. Around 10 activists urged visitors to boycott the show… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 7.5.09 Undefined Headline - Around 10 campaigners are expected to be there to urge visitors to Circus Mondao to boycott the event because the organisers use animals in their show. The protesters are all members of the Lincoln Animal Rights group… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 6.5.09 Protesters snub circus owners' offer - Protesters from Lincoln say they will campaign against the "exploitation" of circus animals – despite an offer to view the premises. Activist group Lincoln Animal Rights has hit out at travelling entertainment company Circus Mondao for using a selection of animals in its show… protest group member Nicola O'Brien (22) has still urged people to boycott the show. "I could see for myself that circus animals live in nice conditions, are well fed and cared for, but it wouldn't change my opinion that what they are doing is wrong," said Miss O'Brien, an animal management and welfare student at Riseholme Park campus of the University of Lincoln… (story)

Redbridge Guardian 11.5.09 BARKINGSIDE: Circus comes to town amid more protests By Charlie Campbell - A CONTROVERSIAL circus with performing wild animals returns to the borough next week. The Great British Circus will be putting on a show featuring lions, tigers, horses, reindeer, zebra, camels and elephants in Barkingside from Tuesday… Wanstead and Woodford Friends of the Earth campaigner Ann Williams, of Gordon Road, Wanstead, said: "It's absolutely disgusting and certainly should be stopped. It's outrageous that they're allowed in town and I think the council should ban it…. (story)


Observer 10.5.09 One man's meat - As a life-long vegetarian, I find Barbara Ellen's arguments ("We veggies can learn from meat eaters like Hugh'', Comment, last week) illogical and even mildly offensive… Do you mean to say that someone who contributes to an industry that mistreats animals yet tries to raise awareness of these terrible conditions has anything to teach someone who doesn't contribute to this industry in the first place?... Nikki Jones, Moreton, Wirral (letter)


Horse & Hound 9.5.09 Hunt apprentice Jack Burgess commited suicide, says coroner - Grafton hunt apprentice Jack Burgess, 16, commited suicide at the kennels in Northamptonshire, a coroner has recorded. An inquest, at Northampton General Hospital on 29 April, heard how the NVQ student shot himself on 27 October 2008, after learning he could not go hunting that day (news, 6 November 2008)… (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 30.4.09 Jack left a note before suicide at hunt kennel - A young huntsman shot himself at the Grafton Hunt kennels in Northamptonshire after writing a suicide note to his parents, an inquest has heard.… Coroner Anne Pember recorded a verdict of suicide. (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 29.4.09 Stable lad killed himself: Inquest - A YOUNG huntsman shot himself at the Grafton Hunt kennels in Northamptonshire after writing a suicide note to his parents, an inquest heard today - Jack Burgess, aged just 16, was described by his mother Margaret Connolly as "a wonderful son" who had a love of the countryside and a promising future with the hunt before his death in October last year. The former Kingsbrook College student killed himself with a .32 pistol - normally used to destroy animals at the Paulerspury kennels - after being told by huntsman Mick Wills that he would not be allowed to go hunting that morning… Ms Connolly said the family "in no way blamed" Mr Wills for their son's death. She added: "Mick always had Jack's interests at heart. He was trying to do the best for him because he wanted to bring on Jack's talent."… (story)
BBC News Online 18.11.08 Service to mark hunt boy's death - Family and friends have marked the death of a teenager found shot dead in a Northamptonshire hunt's kennels. Jack Burgess, 16, of Longcroft Lane, Paulerspury, Northamptonshire, died of a shotgun wound to the head at the Grafton Hunt's kennels last month. Flowers lined the path to St James the Great Church in Paulerspury where mourners gathered for a service of thanksgiving for his life… (story)
BBC News Online 4.11.08 Hunt boy died from gunshot wound - A teenager whose body was found at a Northamptonshire hunt's kennels died from a gunshot wound to the head a post mortem examination has shown. Jack Burgess, 16, died last week at Grafton Hunt in Paulerspury, near Towcester, where he was an apprentice… (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 4.11.08 Teenager Jack died of gunshot wound to head - A post-mortem has revealed that teenager Jack Burgess, who died in an incident at the Grafton Hunt Kennels in Northamptonshire, died of a single gunshot wound to the head. A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police has confirmed an inquest is due to open following the 16-year-old's death, which took place at the kennels in Paulerspury last week…. (story)
Northampton Evening Telegraph 4.11.08 Kennels death: Teenager died from gunshot - A teenager found dead at a hunt kennels died from a gunshot wound to the head, police said today. Jack Burgess, 16, was found at the Grafton Hunt's kennels in Paulerspury, Northamptonshire, last Monday… (story)
Horse & Hound 31.10.08 Grafton hunt to meet despite death of 16-year-old apprentice - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - The Grafton hunt will go ahead with its opening meet tomorrow in remembrance of apprentice Jack Burgess… Hunt secretary Phillippa White said the hunt had decided to go ahead with its opening meet at Greens Park after "considerable reflection". "This is fully supported by Jack Burgess's family, who firmly believe this would be what Jack would have expected," said Miss White in a statement… (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 31.10.08 Family lead hunt's tribute to Jack - The family of Jack Burgess will lead an emotional tribute to the 16-year-old when they attend the opening meet of Grafton Hunt tomorrow, just five days after he died from a gunshot wound. Following lengthy discussions between the family and leaders of the hunt, Jack's parents will be among dozens of mourners at the meet near Towcester. Chairman of Grafton Hunt, Lewis Garfield, said: "The meet will be going ahead as planned and both of Jack's parents will be there. We believe it is what he would have wanted… (story)
Telegraph 30.10.08 Budding huntsman, 16, found shot dead at kennels - A teenage boy training with one of Britain's leading hunts has been found shot dead in the kennels where he worked. By Nigel Bunyan - Jack Burgess, 16, who had been involved in the Grafton Hunt from the age of eight, is thought to have committed suicide. Police have confirmed that he died from a single gunshot wound and that they are not treating his death as suspicious. However, officers are investigating further so they can determine how and why he was able to get hold of a shotgun…. The hunt cancelled a Pony Club meet as a mark of respect… Miss White said Jack's family had given their blessing for the hunt's opening meet to go ahead on Saturday…. (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 30.10.08 Investigation launched after death of teenage hunt worker - An investigation has been launched after a teenage boy died while working at the Grafton Hunt's kennels in Northamptonshire. Jack Burgess, 16, died at the hunt's Paulerspury headquarters, while he was working a shift at the kennels. It is believed he died from a gunshot wound. Police were called to the scene, but later confirmed the death was not being treated as suspicious… (story)
BBC News Online 30.10.08 Teenager dies at hunt's kennels - A 16-year-old boy has died from a gunshot wound at a Northamptonshire hunt's kennels. Jack Burgess was working in the kennels at Grafton Hunt, Paulersbury, near Towcester, when the incident happened… (story)
Daily Mail 30.10.08 Trainee huntsman, 16, killed in shooting accident at exclusive fox hunt HQ - A 16-year-old trainee huntsman has been killed in a shooting accident at the headquarters of an exclusive fox hunt. Jack Burgess died instantly when a loaded shotgun used to kill pheasants went off in his hands…. (story)
Buckingham Advertiser 29.10.08 Teenager dies in Paulerspury - OFFICERS from Northants Police have confirmed the sudden death of a teenager on Monday. The body of a teenage boy, believed to be 16, was found at the Grafton Hunt Kennels, on High Street, Paulerspury, at around 2.45pm…. (story)

Shropshire Star 9.5.09 Minister defends badgers decision - Environment Secretary Hilary Benn has defended his decision not to order a badger cull to tackle the spread of bovine TB which has savaged the livestock of farmers across Shropshire. He told the Shropshire Star: “I went with the science. We have tried culling - that’s what the Krebs trial did…. (story)

Sheffield Star 9.5.09 Write to MEPs on animal research - THE respected animal-protection society Animal Aid reports that MEPs in full session are revising their "Directive" ( i.e. law ) on animal research next week. This is a rare chance to reduce the number of animals in all European labs and limit their suffering, and it may not recur for decades… Mike Maas, Bingley Seat, Woodbank Road, Rivelin (story)

Western Mail 9.5.09 Fur trade isn’t all bad - I note that Michael Sheen has asked the Prime Minister to place a ban on bearskins imported from Canada and worn by members of the Guards regiments. Mr Sheen is a very fine actor and his role as PM Tony Blair in the film The Queen will be remembered for a very long time…. I however cannot agree with Mr Sheen in this instance because the livelihoods of too many native Americans are dependent on the fur trade. What is the difference in ethical terms between a bearskin worn at one end of a Guardsman’s uniform and the leather boots worn at the other?... JAMES SAMUEL COLE,Ffordd yr Orsaf, Capel, Coelbren, Castell Nedd (letter)
Western Mail 1.5.09 Michael Sheen calls for ban on bearskins by Clare Hutchinson, Western Mail - ACTOR Michael Sheen has asked Gordon Brown to call for an immediate end to the killing of black bears for Welsh Guards’ bearskin hats. The Port Talbot leading man, who has portrayed former Prime Minister Tony Blair in the 2006 film The Queen and on television in The Deal, wrote to the PM on behalf of animal charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals…. (story)


Hexham Courant 8.5.09 Aiming high at Whitfield Shoot By REBECCA DIXON - SHOOTING enthusiasts put the credit crunch behind them for the bank holiday weekend to raise funds for charity at the annual Whitfield Shoot. Recognised nationally as one of the biggest clay pigeon shooting events of its kind in the country, Whitfield Shoot raises thousands of pounds each year and attracts huge numbers of teams… And, once all the costs were stripped out, the event still raised in the region of £55,000. The money will be split amongst several organisations and charities, notably the Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, the Percy Hedley Foundation and the Wildlife Conservation Trust…. (story)

Southend Standard 8.5.09 Fox club trapped in snare is kept alive by its mother - A FOX cub that was trapped in a snare for up to two weeks was kept alive as his mother brought him food each day. The RSPCA is hunting the person responsible for laying the wire trap, which left the three-month-old cub with horrific injuries… RSPCA inspector Sam Garvey, who helped rescue the terrified fox, said: “Due to the amount of time we believe he was there, we think he must have been fed by his mother because he was still quite chubby… (story)

Western Morning News 8.5.09 Massive leap in animal TB cases - FEARS are growing that TB could become a greater threat to human health after the reported number of infected pets, domestic animals and deer rose four-fold in a year. Campaigners say the Government figures are proof that the infection is "out of control", and that action must now be taken. And vets say the risk of animal-to-human transmission is increased when pets are the carriers, because they are not routinely monitored, and there is more regular close contact between species… Jilly Greed, South West spokesman for the National Beef Association, said she was "shocked" by the sharp increase in the number of cases… But Jack Reedy, vice-chairman of the Badger Trust, said: "There is no doubt that the massively greater reservoir of bovine TB lies in the small proportion of the national cattle population affected…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 8.5.09 Student cleared of rabbit farm raid - An animal rights protester accused of taking part in a "reconnaissance raid" at a Lincolnshire rabbit farm has walked free from court after a judge stopped the case. Manchester student Victoria Waterhouse-Taylor had admitted travelling to Highgate Farm, near Normanby-by Spital, with three other activists during the night of October 13 last year…. But Judge Robert Alan Brown, sitting at Lincoln Crown Court, directed the jury to return a not guilty verdict on Miss Waterhouse-Taylor after ruling there was no evidence of any loss or damage to the farm…. (story)
Market Rasen Mail 8.5.09 Animal Rights protester walks free - AN ANIMAL rights protester accused of taking part in a "reconnaisance raid" at a Lincolnshire rabbit farm has walked free from court after a judge stopped the case…. (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 7.5.09 Protesters visited farm 'just to look around' - An animal rights protester accused of taking part in a "reconnaissance raid" at a Lincolnshire rabbit farm has denied she intended to cause damage there in the future. Student Victoria Waterhouse-Taylor admitted travelling to Highgate Farm, near Normanby-by Spital, north of Lincoln, with three other activists during the night of October 13 last year… Waterhouse-Taylor (18) insisted during her visit there she had no intention of "intimidating" the farmer – who bred the animals for research – by deliberately letting him know of their presence on the property… Waterhouse-Taylor denied a prosecution suggestion that the group were engaged in a "reconnaissance raid" on the farm in preparation to cause future damage. She told the jury: "We wore dark clothing, we didn't have any intention of making our presence known, we did not want the farmer to know we there…. (story)
North West Evening Mail 1.5.09 Raid court told: animal activist swayed by men By Nicola Park - AN alleged animal rights activist accused of taking part in a reconnaissance raid at a rabbit farm with her Ulverston boyfriend seemed “quite impressionable,” according to her former housemate. Victoria Waterhouse-Taylor is alleged to have gone to Highgate Farm, near Normanby-by Spital, Lincolnshire, with her boyfriend, Dean Cain, and two other activists during the middle of the night on October 13 last year… Giving evidence at Lincoln Crown Court, Sam Birkett, who shared a house with Waterhouse-Taylor, said he was aware she went on various animal protests… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 1.5.09 Rabbit farm raid accused 'quite impressionable' - An alleged animal rights activist accused of taking part in a "reconnaissance" raid at a Lincolnshire rabbit farm seemed "quite impressionable", according to her former house mate. Manchester student Victoria Waterhouse-Taylor is alleged to have gone to Highgate Farm, near Normanby-by-Spital, north of Lincoln, with three other activists during the middle of the night on October 13 last year…. Waterhouse-Taylor's former housemate Sam Birkett said: "It sounds a little patronising, for which I apologise, but it did seem if these guys put an idea in her head she was more likely to do it."… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 30.4.09 Rabbit breeder 'felt sick' at campaign - A farmer who bred rabbits for an animal testing firm told a court he almost gave up his business after being targeted by animal rights activists… Dean Cain (27) of King Street, Ulverston, Cumbria, Luke Steele (18) of Woodside View, Leeds, and a 17-year-old boy from Urmston, Manchester, had previously admitted conspiracy to interfere with a contractual relationship. However Cain's girlfriend Victoria Waterhouse-Taylor (18) of Eva Street, Rusholme, Manchester, denies the same charge… (story)
North West Evening Mail 30.4.09 Rabbit breeder ‘sick’ after activists’ attack - A FARMER who bred rabbits for Huntingdon Life Sciences has told a court how he almost gave up his business after being targeted by animal rights activists…. (story)
North West Evening Mail 29.4.09 Man joined raid on farm – court - AN Ulverston man was among animal rights activists who carried out a “reconnaissance” raid on a rabbit farm with links to the Huntingdon Life Sciences research company, a jury heard yesterday… Miss Felicity Gerry, prosecuting, said the four, including Dean Cain, 27, of King Street, Ulverston, had all travelled from the north of England, and were intending to frighten the farmer into stopping supplying rabbits for research…. (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 29.4.09 Animal rights raiders in court - Animal rights activists carried out a "reconnaissance" raid on a Lincolnshire rabbit farm with links to the Huntingdon Life Sciences research company, a jury heard…. (story)
Market Rasen Mail 28.4.09 Animal rights rabbit farm recce trial begins - Animal rights activists carried out a "reconnaissance" raid on a Lincolnshire rabbit farm with links to the Huntingdon Life Sciences research company, a jury was told today, Tuesday. The four arrived at Highgate Farm near Normanby by Spital, in the middle of the night on October 13 last year… The jury has been told that three men in the car have already admitted a charge of conspiracy to interfere with a contractual relationship so as to harm an animal research establishment. They are Dean Cain ,27, of King Street, Ulverston, Cumbria; Luke Steele ,18, of Woodside View, Leeds 4; and a 17 year old boy from Urmston, Manchester; Cain's girlfriend Victoria Waterhouse-Taylor ,18 , of Eva Street, Rusholme, Manchester, denies the same charge…. (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 20.12.08 Activists deny farm raid charge - FOUR animal rights activists denied charges connected to a raid at a Lincolnshire farm. The farm was targeted because of its links to the Huntingdon Life Sciences research company, Lincoln Crown Court heard. The group are Dean Cain (27) of King Street, Ulverston, Cumbria, Luke Steele (18) of Woodside View, Leeds, Victoria Waterhouse-Taylor (18) of Eva Street, Rusholme, Manchester, and a 17-year- old boy from Manchester, who cannot be named for legal reasons. All four pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to cause damage at Highgate Farm, Normanby-by- Spital, north of Lincoln, between April 13 and October 13…. (story)
Gainsborough Standard 27.10.08 Animal rights activists accused of involvement in raid - FOUR animal rights activists have appeared in court accused of being involved in a raid on a farm…. Victoria Waterhouse-Taylor, 18, of Eva Street, Rusholme, Manchester; and a 17-year-old boy from Urmston, Manchester, along with Dean Cain, 27, of King Street, Ulverston, Cumbria; and Luke Steele, 18, of Woodside View, Leeds are accused of conspiracy to cause damage at Highgate Farm…. (story)
North West Evening Mail 25.10.08 Animal rights activist in court accused of raid on farm - AN Ulverston man has appeared in court accused of being involved in a raid on a Lincolnshire farm. Dean Cain was among four animal rights activists arrested on October 13 at Caenby Corner, near Lincoln, which is close to Highgate Farm in the village of Normanby by Spital. Cain, 27, of King Street, Luke Steele, 18, of Woodside View, Leeds, Victoria Waterhouse-Taylor, 18, of Eva Street, Rusholme, Manchester and a 17-year-old boy from Urmston, Manchester, are accused of committing conspiracy to cause damage at Highgate Farm… (story)
Market Rasen Mail 24.10.08 Animal rights activists in court - FOUR animal rights activists have appeared in court accused of being involved in a raid on a farm at Normanby by Spital…. The four were arrested in the early hours of October 13 at Caenby Corner,near Lincoln, which is close to Highgate Farm in the village of Normanby by Spital. Victoria Waterhouse-Taylor,18, of Eva Street, Rusholme, Manchester; and a 17-year-old boy from Urmston, Manchester, along with Dean Cain,27, of King Street, Ulverston, Cumbria; and Luke Steele,18, of Woodside View, Leeds are accused of conspiracy to cause damage at Highgate Farm…. (story)
North West Evening Mail 24.10.08 Animal rights activist in court - AN Ulverston man was among four animal rights activists who appeared in court today accused of being involved in a raid on a Lincolnshire farm. The farm was targeted because of its links to the Huntingdon Life Sciences research company, Lincoln Crown Court was told. The four were arrested in the early hours of October 13 at Caenby Corner,near Lincoln, which is close to Highgate Farm in the village of Normanby by Spital. Dean Cain, 27, of King Street, Ulverston, Cumbria, Luke Steele, 18, of Woodside View, Leeds, Victoria Waterhouse-Taylor, 18, of Eva Street, Rusholme, Manchester and a 17-year-old boy from Urmston, Manchester, are accused of conspiracy to cause damage at Highgate Farm. They also face further charges of interfering with a contractual relationship so as to harm an animal research establishment and a further charge of conspiracy. Highgate Farm was previously raided by animal rights activists in January when 129 rabbits were stolen and £100,000 damage caused by a group claiming to be connected to the Animal Liberation Front. (story)

Telegraph 8.5.09 Wildlife charity appeals to Government after death of elephant at zoo - A wildlife charity has called on the Government to improve the welfare of elephants in UK zoos following the death of a one-year-old calf at Whipsnade Zoo. The Born Free Foundation said it was "deeply saddened" by the death of male Asian elephant calf, Donaldson, at the zoo in Dunstable on Saturday. A post-mortem confirmed Donaldson died from elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus (EEHV), a generally fatal haemorrhagic disease. It is now calling on Defra, the Government department responsible for animal welfare and zoos, to take the risks of EEHV seriously and implement effective measures to improve the welfare of elephants remaining in UK zoos… (story)

Evesham Journal 8.5.09 Police investigating spate of unexplained cat deaths - POLICE are investigating a spate of cat deaths in Honeybourne after two of the animals were confirmed as having been poisoned… Evesham resident and animal rights campaigner Lynn Sawyer, aged 42, is a friend of the owner of two of the cats who died. She said: “I got a phone call from my friend saying his cats had been poisoned, so I drove over to Honeybourne straight away… (story)
Worcester News 4.5.09 Why are our poor cats being poisoned? By Jack Blanchard - POLICE are investigating after a spate of mysterious cat deaths in a Worcestershire village were blamed on a lethal household poison. Officers were called to Honeybourne, near Evesham, after two pets died in suspicious circumstances…. Evesham resident and animal rights campaigner Lynn Sawyer, aged 42, is a friend of the owner of two of the cats who died. She said: “I got a phone call from my friend saying his cats had been poisoned, so I drove over to Honeybourne straight away… (story)

Liverpool Echo 8.5.09 Sir Paul McCartney's vegetarian plan to save the planet by Jade Wright, Liverpool Echo - SIR Paul McCartney has said it, the UN are saying it, and now a Nobel prize-winning scientist is saying it. Cutting back on meat could wipe trillions off the cost of fighting climate change. The scientist in question, Elke Stehfest, says that cutting down on meat in our diets could shave $20 trillion off the cost of managing climate change…. Liz O’Neill of the Vegetarian Society said: ”Everyone’s talking about the environment and sustainability these days, but what many still fail to recognise is that a person’s diet is one of the biggest factors in their personal environmental footprint…. (story)


Telegraph 7.5.09 Huntsman cautioned for chasing hare in first case of its kind under Hunting Act - A huntsman has been given a police caution for illegally hunting a hare – the first case of its kind dealt with under the controversial Hunting Act. Nigel Bell, 53, from the Wick and District Beagles, admitted the breach after he was filmed chasing the animal by anti-hunt monitors in February this year. It is the first time anti-hunt campaigners have successfully brought a case against a hare hunt under the Act which was introduced in 2004, the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) claimed….. (story)

Mirror 7.5.09 Is Kate Hoey really a Tory? By Brian Reade - While everyone gets in a lather about Hazel Blears, another highprofile Labour woman MP is gleefully savaging the party's chances of re-election… She advises Boris Johnson and chairs The Countryside Alliance, a pressure group which fights for the right to rip foxes apart for fun and let farmers, aristocrats and chinless wonders live off the fat of the land… (story)

Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser 7.5.09 Jack takes emotional journey back in time By Adrian Kibbler - THE years rolled away for Jack South when he returned to his boyhood haunts in Ludlow after more than 80 years away. Jack was brought back to south Shropshire by his family as a 92nd birthday treat and spent three nostalgic days recalling days of long ago…. He was born in the kitchen of the huntsman’s cottage in Cayn-ham, where his father Claude was head of the Ludlow Hunt… David Finlay, who now lives in the house with his partner, showed them around and also presented Jack with a Ludlow Hunt tie. The visit also included the hunt kennels, where Jack met the hounds – some of which were direct descendents of the dogs that he used to know as a boy… (story)

Bexley Times 7.5.09 Boycott the Olympics urges sports group - SHOOTING fans should boycott London's 2012 Olympics because temporary facilities will leave no legacy to the sport, according to a sporting body. The Sportsman's Association wants the gun events to be moved from Woolwich Arsenal to Bisley, in Surrey, which has been the traditional home of shooting for nearly 150 years or its members will not help run the events. Bisley was originally going to hold the Olympic events but plans were changed when it emerged the facilities needed to be refurbished. Now a temporary 7,500 seat structure at Woolwich Royal Artillery Barracks will host the shooting at a costing between £30 and £42 million, before being dismantled at the end of the Games…. (story)

North Devon Gazette 7.5.09 Hunt incident could put off visitors - With reference to the letter Hunt 'ruined ride along Tarka Trail.' Alexis Lockhart and her family are old friends who called in to visit me after the above incident and they were all most upset by what had happened. I agree with her that, regardless of your views on hunting, no one should have to come across this scene when out for a pleasant cycle ride or walk…. Sally Kingham, Landkey. (story)
North Devon Gazette 24.4.09 Hunt 'ruined ride along Tarka Trail' - Every year we spend the February half-term in North Devon … However, on Wednesday, February 18 we hired four bikes from Torrington and set off on what started out as a very pleasant bike ride along the Tarka Trail… Suddenly, without warning in the field to our left, we could hear the bone chilling sound of the huntsmen's bugle accompanied by the frantic enthusiastic yapping of hounds. What was that? asked my daughter. Without being overly descriptive I was forced to answer my daughter's questions and concerns… Having caught up with my husband and son, my husband had spoken to the quad bike driver who stated they were hunting a deer that my husband saw on the far side of the field…. Those people who take pleasure in chasing a defenceless deer for miles until it falls to its knees should appreciate that not everyone is of like mind and should have a greater respect and consideration for others…. Alexis Lockhart, Flackwell Heath, Bucks (letter)

Craven Herald & Pioneer 7.5.09 Abandoned badger cub is rescued - An abandoned badger cub has been found in Malham. The animal was found weak and near death in the village by a resident, who contacted Liz Groves, of the Craven Badger Group… “The main thing I want to say is that the badger was tested for TB and was negative. This is good news for farmers in Craven as well as other wildlife. We don’t have a TB problem among badgers here,” she said… (letter)

Independent 7.5.09 Animal crackers - The Government should immediately shelve the crassly irresponsible plan to ease the rules on keeping exotic animals (report, 6 May). The Government should work with the experts in animal welfare organisations to strengthen and extend laws to protect animals… Chris Gale, Chippenham, Wiltshire (letter)

Leicester Mercury 7.5.09 Veggie claims are challenged - In response to Elizabeth Allison's letter (Mailbox, May 2), my sources of information regarding human anatomy come from a degree in palaeobiology (which featured an awful lot of comparative anatomy) and plain common sense. Humans have pointy canine teeth for a reason. And if we are supposed to be pure vegetarians, why then have we been consuming meat for a quarter-of-a-million years?... L Swift, Coalville. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 27.4.09 Mass slaughter - G Steans, who is a vegetarian, says we all have the right to choices – please respect that (Mailbox, April 13). I do respect that right… I also care about animals and do wonder why, as yet, I have never read one letter from a vegetarian condemning the killing of animals, without stunning, on religious grounds – something which happens every day in this country…. G A Wright, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.4.09 A caring view - I am a vegetarian because I do care about animals. When I do eat eggs, I always make sure they are 100 per cent free range. You do not have to kill a chicken to eat an egg…. A Steans, Melton Mowbray. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 22.4.09 Healthy diet - Elizabeth Allison (Mailbox, April 15) claims she is passing on "information" to let people decide on vegetarianism, but sadly her information is largely false. Human digestive systems are not "in common" with herbivores… L Swift, Coalville. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 15.4.09 I'm just passing on the facts about meat-eating - Wendy Warren suggests that because vegetarians eat eggs and dairy produce they don't care about animal welfare (Mailbox April 3). What nonsense!... I do not criticise meat-eaters. I pass on information to enable people to make educated choices… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.4.09 Meat diet didn't harm my family - Elizabeth Allison (Mailbox, Mailbox, March 30) says vegetarians have a lower rate of obesity, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, large bowel disorders, cancers and gallstones. I can only speak about those whose diets I know. My dad did die young – he was only 81!... Animals are God's creatures, I agree. So what do we do with all the animals if we go vegetarian? They still have to eat. G A Wright, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.4.09 Horrific cruelty - While Wendy Warren and Sheila Pegg (Mailbox, April 3 and 5) are exercising their right to eat meat, some of us are in despair at the poor standards of farm animal welfare within the EU and around the world…. One can only hope that, in their eagerness to continue to satisfy their desire for meat, Wendy Warren and Sheila Pegg are not actively adding to the relentless misery of farm animals. Linda J Bodicoat, Earl Shilton (letter)
Leicester Mercury 11.4.09 Vegetarians – stop preaching! - I write in support of the recent correspondents who are getting just a little fed up with being lectured on what they should and should not be eating. There is nothing quite like being lectured to make people feel like doing the exact opposite of what they are being told to do…. Some of the smug opinionated letters printed recently have even made me feel like reaching for a bacon butty and I have been a vegetarian for 30 years!... Karin Fall, Oadby (letter)
Leicester Mercury 8.4.09 Smug veggies - How refreshing to read the letter from Wendy Warren (Mailbox, April 3) extolling the rights of people to choose for themselves whether they eat meat or not. My experience with vegetarians either in the flesh or in print is that they are so smug and self-righteous in their attitude to us meat-eaters…. Sheila Pegg, Glenfield (letter)
Leicester Mercury 3.4.09 Let us meat-eaters unite - It is only necessary to address one point in Ms Allison's letter (Mailbox, March 30) touting the cause of vegetarianism – that of the overwhelming hypocrisy of their claim of compassion for animals… If you don't like meat, don't eat it, but please don't claim to care about animal welfare… As for "the Government has stated that our diet will have to change". Tell the Government to go and take a running jump… Wendy Warren, South Kilworth (letter)
Leicester Mercury 30.3.09 Why we should be vegetarians - Rather than argue the details in G A Wright's letter (Mailbox, March 24), the main reasons in favour of a vegetarian diet are as follows: Giving up meat is a healthier way of eating….. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 24.3.09 Vegetarians' view on meat-eaters challenged - VH Sheppard and Elizabeth Allison both wrote letters (Mailbox, March 2) extolling the virtues of vegetarians and decrying those who eat meat. I would certainly question the claim by VH Sheppard that the global livestock industry contributes more green house gases than all the world's transport systems combined. If that was the case, how come we have always had livestock farming?... One more point. As farm animals are herbivorous/vegetarian and that's why they produce these gases to pollute the environment, surely the human vegetarians are doing the same. So maybe meat eaters are helping the planet after all. G A Wright, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 2.3.09 Why vegetarian diet is best way - While animal welfare standards are higher in the UK than many other countries, the conditions of intensively-farmed animals leave much to be desired…. The World Cancer Research Fund advises plant foods should be the focal point of our dinner plate, not meat and dairy. One wonders why. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)


Kent & Sussex Courier 6.5.09 Around 11,000 lap up Blindley Heath Country Show - THE SUNNY bank holiday weather saw around 11,000 people attend what has become one of the area's most popular summer events. The Blindley Heath Country Show was this weekend held for the fourth year at Osney Lodge Farm, South Godstone… On Monday, the Old Surrey and Burstow and West Kent Hunt arrived in the main ring while in a side arena there was a pig agility demonstration and ferret racing… (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 6.5.09 Hunting laws need a rethink - LABOUR Group leader Chris Williamson's letter (Derby Telegraph, April 28) is remarkable for what he omits, rather than what he says. As one of four former executive directors of the League Against Cruel Sports (an organisation of which Mr Williamson is a committee member) who have changed their minds on banning hunting with dogs, I feel it is important to give a fuller picture to this debate. It is claimed 100,000 animals have not been chased by packs of hounds since the Hunting Act was introduced – but now these animals are being shot or snared instead, with the very real likelihood of increased wounding. But we do not see that, so presumably this is fine in Mr Williamson's politically correct world… James Barrington, Consultant to the Middle Way Group and Countryside Alliance. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 5.5.09 Wrong time for hunting debate - WHY is Chris Williamson raising the subject of fox hunting (Letters, Apr 28) at a time when it's the last thing on anyone's mind? I suspect it's because the things people are genuinely concerned about are suffering the stifling consequences of a decade of Labour rule. Why isn't he talking about new ways to overcome the "poverty of aspiration" that so many children of this city suffer?... Were I a fox, I'd be deeply concerned at the prospect of him and his calamitous group coming to my rescue – I think I'd rather take my chances with the hounds! Jack Perschke, Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 28.4.09 Hunting-fixated Tories are 'nasty' - THE future of hunting wild animals for sport could finally be determined by the outcome of the next general election, which must be called within the next 15 months…. Since the ban came into effect, over 100,000 foxes, a thousand deer and 100,000 hares have not been legally chased by packs of hounds for sport… Meanwhile, organisations like the League Against Cruel Sports are working hard with the police and prosecutors to clamp down on those who continue to break the law. And some hunters have been successfully prosecuted after being caught out by hunt monitors who videoed their illegal activities… The big question is, will enough people vote for a "nasty party" to propel it into government? Chris Williamson, Labour Group Leader, Derby City Council, Council House (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 5.5.09 Wrong time for hunting debate - WHY is Chris Williamson raising the subject of fox hunting (Letters, Apr 28) at a time when it's the last thing on anyone's mind? I suspect it's because the things people are genuinely concerned about are suffering the stifling consequences of a decade of Labour rule. Why isn't he talking about new ways to overcome the "poverty of aspiration" that so many children of this city suffer?... Were I a fox, I'd be deeply concerned at the prospect of him and his calamitous group coming to my rescue – I think I'd rather take my chances with the hounds! Jack Perschke, Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 28.4.09 Hunting-fixated Tories are 'nasty' - THE future of hunting wild animals for sport could finally be determined by the outcome of the next general election, which must be called within the next 15 months…. Since the ban came into effect, over 100,000 foxes, a thousand deer and 100,000 hares have not been legally chased by packs of hounds for sport… Meanwhile, organisations like the League Against Cruel Sports are working hard with the police and prosecutors to clamp down on those who continue to break the law. And some hunters have been successfully prosecuted after being caught out by hunt monitors who videoed their illegal activities… The big question is, will enough people vote for a "nasty party" to propel it into government? Chris Williamson, Labour Group Leader, Derby City Council, Council House (letter)

Worcester News 6.5.09 Time for minority to accept the Act - In response to Jon Burgess’ letter (April 27) ‘Repeal of the Act needed immediately’, I think it is worth pointing out that the League Against Cruel Sports’ decision to discontinue with our prosecution against huntsmen from the Isle of Wight does not indicate a flaw in the Hunting Act but was in fact a decision which was taken after much legal deliberation… The league felt that it would be wrong to pursue a prosecution where the defendants would be disadvantaged by the new criteria…. DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter)

Land Gazette 6.5.09 Public supports predator control Written by Alf Maxwell - New independent research published by a coalition of rural and conservation groups shows that the public supports the control of predators to protect threatened species. The survey carried out by ORB for the Countryside Alliance, Moorland Association and National Gamekeepers Organisation, made a number of finds…. (story)

Scotsman 6.5.09 European law spells end for traditional Scottish sporran By Jenny Haworth, Environment Correspondent - EUROPEAN politicians yesterday spelled the end of the traditional Scottish sporran by voting to ban the sale of seal products across the continent. The move will mean the manufacture and sale of sealskin sporrans will be illegal from next autumn. This will affect existing unsold stock and also the second-hand trade…. Josey Sharrad, a campaigner from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, said: "There are lots of cruelty-free alternatives that we would recommend to sporran makers. I think most people buying sporrans don't realise they come from seals."… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 6.5.09 Notts activists welcome EU seal fur trade ban - NOTTS animal rights activists are celebrating the creation of new EU laws aimed at protecting the world's seals. Members from Nottingham-based Respect for Animals were in the European Parliament in Strasbourg to hear MEPs vote in favour of a ban on the sale of seal products… Mark Glover, campaign director of Respect for Animals, said: "EU citizens will no longer have the blood of those beautiful, innocent creatures on their hands.'' (story)

The Sentinel 6.5.09 Thanks for the donations - The Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) would like to thank those who donated money during a charity street collection in Hanley on Saturday, April 11… GARRY SHEEN Captive Animals' Protection Society, Manchester (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 6.5.09 Please don’t be trigger happy - Perhaps your correspondent who was happy to see rabbits being shot in Pleasington Cemetery because they eat floral tributes would also like to see deer being shot. They too have been witnessed browsing on the flowers… E M Eastham (by email) (letter)


Leicester Mercury 5.5.09 Damp fails to curb show's success - Hunting dogs, showjumping horses and exotic animals kept the crowds entertained on the second day of the Leicestershire County Show… Among the highlights of the show at Melton Airfield was a display by the Quorn Hunt, who charged around the main display area with a pack of hounds. Three-year-old Jemima Cosby from Countesthorpe, was among dozens of children who met the hounds. She said: "They're lovely. They're funny too. I really like dogs and I'm not scared of them."… (story)
Leicester Mercury 4.5.09 Thousands enjoy county show - Thousands of people have been soaking up the sun, sights and sounds of the annual Leicestershire County Show… Highlights have included show jumping, sheepdog trials, farming machinery exhibits, traditional farmyard animals, hunting dogs and ferret racing… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 5.5.09 Airgun registration scheme is overdue - I MUST take issue with Helen Shuker from the British Association for Shooting and Conservation that the criminal use of air weapons is "comparatively rare", Points of view, April 25. More than 8,000 airgun offences were committed in Great Britain in 2007/08, hardly a rarity, in fact almost half of all firearm offences… Dr Mick North, Gun Control Network, (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.4.09 Strict airgun laws must be enforced - IN response to the article Pet cat loses leg after being shot in air rifle attack, Echo, April 15, I would like to add the British Association for Shooting and Conservation's (BASC) voice to those who have condemed the shooting of a cat in Exmouth. However, it is important to remember that there are an estimated six million air rifles in the UK, and that millions of people use them responsibly and safely. The incidence of criminal misuse, while always shocking, is comparatively rare… For more information on the safe and legal use of air rifles, visit BASC's website… Helen Shuker Press Officer The British Association for Shooting and Conservation Marford Mill Rossett, Wrexham (by email) (letter)

Plymouth Evening Echo 5.5.09 Comsetic shop targets animal cruelty - THE Lush cosmetics shop at Drake's Circus in Plymouth will feature a "Wanted" poster in its window this weekend as part of its campaign to end animal cruelty. The poster "names and shames" Neil Parish, the Conservative Member of the European Parliament who represents Plymouth and the South West. The ethical retailer is offering a £1,000 reward for anyone who can "bring him to his senses". Lush Cosmetics claims that Mr Parish is failing to stop some of the worst suffering endured by animals in laboratories…. (story)

Independent 5.5.09 Dan Mathews: PETA's fight against fur - Supermodels pose nude for him. Catwalk shows are halted by him. But PETA’s Dan Mathews says his proudest moment in the war on fur was the day he took on one of fashion’s biggest names – and won. One fine day, just after I had been put in charge of PETA's anti-fur campaign, someone sent me a page torn from Vogue. It was about designers who use fur, their bold names circled in red ink and "Get 'em" scribbled in the margin. The suggestion had potential, so I pinned the frayed cutting to the wall beside my desk for inspiration… (story)


Scottish Herald 4.5.09 EU challenged over testing on primates - Animal welfare campaigners have accused the European Commission of producing a "scientifically flawed" and biased report on the need for tougher laws to safeguard live animals used in research. The EU-wide European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) will submit the 26-page dossier to the European Ombudsman today alleging that Brussels has ignored evidence on the threat facing primates…. (story)
Irish Examiner 3.5.09 EU criticised over animal experimentation report - Animal welfare campaigners have accused the European Commission of producing a “scientifically flawed” and biased report on the need for tougher laws to safeguard live animals used in research. The EU-wide European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) will submit the 26-page dossier to the European Ombudsman tomorrow alleging that Brussels has ignored evidence on the threat facing primates… (story)

Guardian 4.5.09 Hounding MPs on animal testing - Euro MPs voting on animal experiments must resist aggressive pro-vivisection lobbying and embrace science without suffering. In a few days, Euro MPs will vote on proposals that will affect Europe's approach to scientific research for decades to come… one by one, MEPs have been persuaded by aggressive industry lobbying in Brussels to reject anything likely to improve the lives of animals. Even attempts to set reasonable limits on animal pain have been thwarted. By bowing to such extreme and retrograde demands, many MEPs have failed in their duty to represent both the interests of their constituents and those of millions of vulnerable animals whose very lives depend on the actions of EU policymakers… Emily McIvor is policy director at Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research (story)

Independent 4.5.09 Foie gras cruelty - Selfridges has turned 100, but the birds and geese force-fed and killed for the foie gras they sell do not even reach their first birthday. The foie gras industry that Selfridges supports is so cruel that foie gras production is banned in the United Kingdom and more than a dozen other countries… Alexia Weeks, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, London SE1 (letter)


Northern Echo 3.5.09 Pickering prepares for game fair - A VINTAGE fairground and a packed programme of arena events will be part of the fun at the annual Pickering Game and Country Fair. The event, now in its sixth year, is being held on next weekend (MAY 9 and 10) at the Ryedale Arena and Pickering Showground - one mile south of Pickering on the A169. Each day from 10am a varied arena programme will offer entertainment for the whole family including sheepdog shows, gundog demonstrations, a parade of hounds, heavy horses and the Mounted Games Association of Great Britain… (story)

Horse & Hound 3.5.09 Royal Windsor dedicates a day to hunting - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - For the first time this year the Royal Windsor Horse Show (13-17 May) will have a day dedicated to hunting, with a discount for hunt members. Hunt Day, on Thursday, 14 May, will include an inter-hunt relay competition in the main Castle Arena, show hunter classes and a parade of hounds. … (story)

Sunday Telegraph 3.5.09 Engels, the Red who rode to hounds - Friedrich Engels, friend of Karl Marx and one of the architects of communism, was dedicated to the overthrow of the ruling classes, yet he also harboured a lifelong passion for hunting, finds Tristram Hunt - "On Saturday, I went out fox-hunting – seven hours in the saddle,” Friedrich Engels wrote to his great friend Karl Marx in 1857. “That sort of thing always keeps me in a state of devilish excitement for several days; it’s the greatest physical pleasure I know. I saw only two out of the whole field who were better horsemen than myself, but then they were also better mounted… . Engels went to the art galleries, patronised the gentleman’s clubs, and chaired the Schiller Institute, but his greatest happiness was to be found with the Cheshire Hunt… (story)
Manchester Evening News 9.3.09 Revealed: the playboy communist - Exclusive Yakub Qureshi - HE MAY be the father of working class revolution but Friedrich Engels liked nothing better than hunting foxes and rubbing shoulders with toffs. Engels, co-author of the Communist Manifesto, was a leading member of the Cheshire Hunt, according to a top historian. Tristram Hunt also discovered the German-born merchant went to great lengths to hide his affairs with two mill worker sisters…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 3.5.09 Fishes’ feelings - I know from waterside experience that fish can detect a temperature change of even one degree… They do this with a sensitive lateral line, an organ used to detect movement and vibration. The real question is whether they have feeling in their mouth parts, which are mainly bone, kytin and skin, and which are not connected by nerves to the lateral line at all. Peter White, St Albans, Hertfordshire (story)
Sunday Telegraph 26.4.09 Goldfish can feel pain, say scientists - It is a question that has puzzled scientists – and anglers – for generations, but now a team of researchers claims to have demonstrated that fish do feel pain. By Roger Dobson - Whilst the creatures can clearly be seen to react to a jab or blow, experts have disagreed over whether the reaction indicates a sensation of pain, or is little more than a basic reflex. Researchers set out to establish the truth with an experiment in which goldfish were exposed to painful heat… "The results show that it could not have been a simple reflex action," said Dr Joseph Garner. "The fact that their behaviour changed so much really strongly suggests there is something going on with their memory and experience of that event that is not a reflex. I believe it does show that fish feel pain."… (story)
Mail on Sunday 26.4.09 Calls for angling to be banned after study shows... fish DO feel pain By David Wilkes - A new study suggesting fish do feel pain has prompted fresh calls for angling to be banned. But as animal rights campaigners hailed the experiment - based on heating up goldfish in a lab - as evidence of the 'barbaric cruelty' of the nation's most popular participant sport, fishermen cast off their argument. 'This research doesn't really demonstrate anything about angling as we don't fish with toasters,' pointed out Mark Lloyd, chief executive of the Angling Trust…. The work was carried out by Janicke Nordgreen with colleagues at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science and Purdue University. The findings are reported in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science. Andrew Tyler, director of animal rights group Animal Aid, said: 'Fish are probably the most abused group of animals in our culture. Fishing is seen as a poetic, meditative practice, but it's barbaric, cruel and should be banned. How much more research do they need?'… (story)


Horse & Hound 2.5.09 Thames Valley police meet with Masters of Foxhounds Association - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) director Alastair Jackson described a meeting last week with Thames Valley Police as "constructive". The meeting, between Mr Jackson and head of hunt policing for Thames Valley, Superintendent Graham Bell, took place on 24 April, after five requests from the MFHA. Countryside Alliance (CA) communications director Tim Bonner was also present… The relationship between Thames Valley and local hunts has been strained this season, fuelled by claims the force did nothing to stop anti-hunt groups using a gyrocopter for "monitoring" the Heythrop and Warwickshire in March despite repeated complaints from the hunts… (story)
Horse & Hound 4.4.09 Thames Valley Police set to meet Masters of Foxhounds Association - THAMES Valley Police has agreed to a meeting with the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) on Friday, 24 April. In a statement to H&H, Thames Valley said: "As was always his intention, Supt Graham Bell has arranged to meet Alastair Jackson [MFHA director] to debrief any issues that could inform the policing strategy for the next hunting season." A spokesman said the force was "co-operating fully" with Warwickshire Police and the Civil Aviation Authority following the death of Trevor Morse… (story)

Wilts & 'Gloucestershire Standard 2.5.09 Hunting club to stage anniversary cricket match - THE Inn at Fossebridge is to sponsor a special cricket match to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cotswold Hunt Supporters Club. The match will also recall last year's 150th anniversary of the hunt itself. The inn's sponsorship will pay a challenge cup to be warded to the winning team in a 20-20 cricket match between hunstpeople and supporters… (story)

Scotsman 2.5.09 Shooting and fishing: A shot at digital By Alastair Robertson - "I don't think we are going to be a threat to gritty urban dramas," says Charlie Jacoby, the new face of digital field sports. At least I suppose that's what he is. Jacoby used to be editor of Sporting Rifle and before that Sporting Shooter and before that he is said to have been angling correspondent for the East African Standard. He is now to be front man for the Field Sports Channel… (story)

Sidmouth Herald 2.5.09 Sidmouth author praised by Tony Benn - KNOWN for his award-winning guide Living Without Cruelty, Sidmouth author Mark Gold has ventured into the world of fiction for his latest book Cranks and Revolutions…. "I would describe it as equal to a drama documentary. There are a lot of factual passages and drama attached," said Mark, who for years worked in animal welfare through Animal Aid and is still involved now. Mark, 56 who lives in Fortescue Road with animal rights campaigner Sharon Howe, turned to Merlin Press, who published his first book, Assault and Battery, in 1983, which exposed the world of factory farming, to produce his novel…. (story)


Exeter Express & Echo 1.5.09 Animal experiments of no medical worth - I AM writing to support Jan Creamer's letter which Paul Browne, EU animal research law finds a balance, Points of view, April 24, so vehemently condemns. It is alarming that the pro-vivisection lobby is trying to weaken the commission's proposals for the revision of the new EU Directive on animal experiments… Frances Wicks Alphington Road, Exeter (by post) (letter)
Bo'ness Journal 24.4.09 Animal wrong - JAN CREAMER, Chief Executive NAVS/ADI (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.4.09 EU animal research law finds a balance - JAN Creamer incorrectly claims, Points of view, April 6, that amendments to the new EU laws governing animal research that the European Parliament's agriculture committee has voted through would seriously weaken proposals from the European Commission… Paul Browne, Pro-Test, Oxford (by email) (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.4.09 Strengthening rules on animal research - I CAN assure Jan Creamer, Measures could set animal rights back, Points of view, April 6, that I am, and always have been, a passionate defender of laboratory animals. The European Parliament report I authored will significantly toughen up the European rules surrounding animal research…. My report, far from achieving very little, sets the framework for animal experiments to be phased out as soon as we have alternatives in place. I believe that this is the most sensible way to deal with this immensely difficult and emotional subject. Neil Parish, MEP for the Westcountry (by email) (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 9.4.09 Animals and public let down - JAN CREAMER National Anti-Vivisection Society London (letter)
Witney Gazette 7.4.09 Animal testing - Jan Creamer, Chief Executive, National Anti-Vivisection Society/Animal Defenders International, London (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 6.4.09 Measures could set animal rights back - MEPs have backed a series of measures that could set animal protection back decades. Members of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee voted through a number of amendments that seriously weaken proposals from the European Commission to regulate animal testing across Europe…. Animals and members of the public have been badly let down. Jan Creamer, National Anti-Vivisection Society, London (by email) (letter)
Derry Journal 3.4.09 MEPs fail to protect animals - Jan Creamer, Chief Executive, NAVS/ADI (letter)

Leicester Mercury 1.5.09 Cruelty ignored - The slaughter of animals without pre-stunning is something I would imagine all persons with regard for animal welfare would object to, whether or not they eat meat… While all other animal cruelty seems, quite rightly, to receive adequate attention, this seems to be swept under the carpet to avoid injuring religious sensibilities… KarinFall, Oadby (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.5.09 Government cannot ignore animal rights - THE Government has disappointed people who care about animal welfare yet again — this time by refusing to ban slaughter without stunning. Animals killed for Muslim halal and Jewish kosher meat are exempt from the rule that ensures all animals are stunned before being slaughtered… While I believe that respect for other people's cultures and religions is very important, the suffering faced by these animals is unimaginable and the law should be changed to make this practice illegal…. W Blackledge, Lark Rise, Newton Poppleford, (by email) (letter)

Somerset County Gazette 1.5.09 Trumpet call for elephant lovers - A CAMPAIGNER for elephants and other wild animals kept in captivity is planning to set up a local action group. The first meeting will be held at the Albermarle Centre in Albemarle Road, Taunton on June 9 at 7.30pm. For more details contact Theodore Poole… (story)

York Press 1.5.09 Shot swan released back onto River Ouse at York By Jennifer Bell - A SWAN that was seriously wounded when it was shot in the head and neck has been released back into the wild after surviving “against all odds”…. Dan Sidley, co-founder of the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital, at Brandsby, near York, said he was delighted that the bird had made such a miraculous recovery… (story)
York Press 23.4.09 Casting doubt on cause of injuries - Referring to the item regarding the incidence of injuries to swans, said to be 27 cases this month (Plea to anglers as swan injuries soar, The Press, April 21), I find it rather hard to believe that this can be attributed to anglers. This is due to the fact that since March 15 no angling activity has taken place on the Rivers Ouse or Derwent… The swan pictured in the article appears to be suffering from the effects of items of “sea” fishing tackle, the line strength and “weight” used being indicative of this. It is, however, nice to note that the owner of the Swan Rescue Centre is now appreciating that the majority of anglers are responsible for their tackle… R Hutchinson, General secretary, York & District Amalgamation of Anglers, St Clement’s Club, Count de Burgh Terrace, York (letter)
York Press 21.4.09 Plea to anglers as swan injuries soar By Jennifer Bell - A WILDLIFE rehabilitation charity is appealing for anglers to take more care after seeing a sharp rise in swan casualties caused by discarded fishing tackle. Dedicated volunteers and veterinary surgeons at the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital, based at Brandsby, near York, have seen 27 swans injured so far this month as a result of dumped fishermen’s lines and hooks in the River Ouse… The co-founder of the charity, Dan Sidley, said: “We understand that amounts of hooks and line are lost accidentally, but it is extremely important for people using the waterways to understand that they alone are responsible for their litter.”… (story)

Evesham Journal 1.5.09 Protestors clash with circus staff in Evesham - POLICE were called when animal rights protesters clashed with circus staff. About nine protesters gathered outside Peter Jolly’s Circus in Evesham on Wednesday… Owner Peter Jolly said the protesters had put up a large banner on the main road saying: Circus Cancelled – Sorry and were abusive to staff and customers…. The protesters insist they were peaceful and felt intimidated by some members of circus staff. Lynn Sawyer, aged 42, of Evesham, said: “The circus people came out and confronted us. I’ve been on a number of circus protests but I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Fellow protester Chris Williams, 18, said: “It was actually really terrifying… (story)

Hastings & St Leonards Observer 1.5.09 Call for action on shooting gulls By Juliet Perry - AN ANIMAL charity is calling on police to take urgent action after seagull shootings in Eastbourne. Tim McKenzie, casualty care manager at East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS), says seagulls being shot with airguns has become a big problem in Eastbourne and Pevensey… (story)