May 2012

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Oxford Mail 31.5.12 Come and enjoy some country life - OXFORD’S urbanites can swap city life for a taste of the countryside on Sunday. The Young Farmers’ County Show and Rally is being hosted by the Witney branch of the Young Farmers this year, but will involve clubs across the county, including Abingdon, Bicester, Enstone, Faringdon and Henley… Miss Martin added: “We will have a main ring which will host a falconry display, Beagles and sheepdogs…. (story)

Western Gazette 31.5.12 Fun weekend for clubhouse appeal - SHERBORNE Rugby Club and the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt are hosting a weekend of events on the Terrace playing fields to raise funds. A "Pimms and beer" festival will take place on Friday, June 8, from 6pm, featuring live music and a hog roast…. (story)

East Grinstead Courier & Observer 31.5.12 It's lovely weather for horses and ducks! - THOUSANDS of residents went quackers as Lingfield Park kicked off its summer evening events – with ducks and dogs vying for a position in the winning stakes. The Countryside Evening on Saturday attracted a record crowd of more than 7,000 and most were local residents specially invited to sample a taste of what the Racecourse Road venue had to offer… The event raised more than £6,000 for the Countryside Alliance Foundation. The money was mainly from a charity race which kicked off the track action and featured amateur jockeys and horses which had all hunted during the last season… There was also a display from East Surrey beekeepers and a meet-the-hounds session courtesy of the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt…. (story)
Sussex Living 7.5.12 Lingfield goes Quackers for the Countryside - Racing with a difference is on the cards as Lingfield Park launches its Summer evening programme – with ducks and dogs vying for a position in the winning stakes. Countryside Evening on Saturday 26th May will feature a host of displays and family friendly entertainment as well as great racing action…. A charity race, in aid of the Countryside Alliance Foundation and featuring horses who have all hunted this season, will kick off the track action before the professionals take over to ride in the first of six races at 5.55pm*…. There will also be the opportunity to meet the hounds from two local packs - the Foxhounds of the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent and the Kent and Surrey Bloodhounds who will both be parading on the track… (story)

Western Morning News 31.5.12 Cameron will never give up his support for hunting - David Cameron may, as the "In My Opinion" by Martin Bell suggested (WMN May 28), have an inkling that pushing his support for hunting with dogs is not politically wise, but he won't be able, or want, to extricate himself from the policy of Hunting Act repeal. This is not just because his wife's stepfather, Lord Astor, is chairman of the Hunting Act Repeal Committee; nor because his close political friend Nick Herbert MP is an ex hare hunt master… No, it is also because he is a dyed-in-the-wool hunt supporter…. It is certainly not "absurd" to assert that people who abuse animals, whether wild, as in hunters' quarry, or domestic, as in the hounds, and sometimes horses, they exploit so pitilessly for their "sport", are more likely than most to be violent towards people… (story)

Broadband Expert 31.5.12 FSB: 60% of rural UK businesses suffer from slow broadband speeds BY RICHARD PATTERSON - Many people have a lot to say about the state of rural broadband in the UK, and they aren’t very positive or flattering words… The former head of the Countryside Alliance, Simon Hart, said: “Someone might want to make relatively minor modifications – minute improvements – to the infrastructure of their factory or depot… However, if they are in a national park or another sensitive area, they have to prepare themselves for a long and expensive fight with the local planning authority.”… (story)

Rugby Observer 31.5.12 Rugby to pilot badger vaccinations against TB By Dan Santy - BADGERS have been given a reprieve after it was decided Rugby would be the first place in Warwickshire to try vaccinating them in favour of controversial culls… Coun Noreen New, who earlier this year hit out against possible badger culls, said: "This is excellent news, not only for the badgers, but for animal lovers too… Chief executive of WWT, Stephen Trotter - who earlier this year said a cull would amount to 'unnecessary slaughter' - welcomed the decision…. (story)

Wells Journal 31.5.12 Report casts doubt on badger cull plan - Government plans to cull badgers in Somerset from this autumn to combat bovine TB may be based on flawed evidence, according to new government research… (story)
Western Daily Press 30.5.12 Rise in liver fluke is costing producers cash - The latest salvo from the Badger Trust – on its relentless campaign to stop the pilot badger culls – has taken the form of a scientific paper claiming liver fluke masks the results of TB cattle tests. So badgers are being scapegoated, says the trust. One way or the other, the issue raises the fact that liver fluke is on the increase… (story)
Western Morning News 30.5.12 Scourge of liver fluke in cattle must be tackled - The latest salvo from the Badger Trust – on its relentless campaign to stop the pilot badger culls – has taken the form of a scientific paper claiming liver fluke masks the results of TB cattle tests…. (story)
Western Morning News 25.5.12 Badger Trust says parasite hides TB infection in cows - Cattle with bovine tuberculosis could be passing vital tests to detect the disease – because they have a liver parasite that masks the TB. That is the claim by the Badger Trust, the environmental group combating Government plans for a pilot cull of badgers as part of a campaign to eradicate the disease…. (story)
Western Morning News 21.5.12 Research casts doubt on badger culls - Campaigners looking to halt proposed badger culls in the greater South West have been boosted after new research poured cold water on Government claims linking the creatures with the spread of bovine TB. Research, which comes from the Government’s own scientists, suggests that rather than the badgers spreading the disease, cows could be carrying TB for years without detection, spreading it to other members of their herds… (story)

Halesowen News 31.5.12 Animal rights complaints over "mistreated" lobsters in Halesowen - LIVE lobsters are being sold in a Halesowen superstore which has led to complaints of animal cruelty after accusations the creatures are being mistreated by customers. Due to increasing demand Makro reintroduced live lobsters into stores despite stopping selling the crustaceans several years ago after a successful animal rights campaign… Animal rights campaigners Animal Aid condemned the return of live lobsters for sale in Makro… (story)

Telegraph 31.5.12 Calf slaughter on television upsets viewers - A reality television programme showing calves being slaughtered was a little too real for some viewers. By Richard Alleyne - The Channel 4 documentary aired scenes of three newborn dairy calves being lined up and shot to highlight the grim reality of the dairy industry…. But the images proved too harrowing for some and the channel received 58 complaints from viewers for the first episode of Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket. The media regulator Ofcom also received more than 10…. (story)
Mail 31.5.12 Male dairy calves are killed, but why the surprise? People have no right to complain if they don't inform themselves about food By Clive Aslet - I am baffled by the response to the Channel 4 documentary showing the fate of male dairy calves. Why the shock? What did people think did happen to them? Most of the audience will drink milk. How did they think it was produced?... (story)
Mail 30.5.12 Viewers' outrage over harrowing scenes of day-old calves being lined up and shot DEAD just because they're male By Paul Revoir - Harrowing scenes of newly-born dairy calves being lined up and shot dead simply because they are male have left television viewers sickened…. The Channel 4 programme, featuring farmer Jimmy Doherty, was explaining how more than 90,000 male dairy calves are shot at birth every year because there is no market for them. But graphic scenes of a ‘knacker man’ pointing his gun to the head of the calves and shooting them in their brains was too gruesome for many…. (story)

BBC News Online 31.5.12 Charities call for boycott of Bobby Roberts Super Circus - Two animal protection charities are urging people to boycott a travelling circus which is arriving in Edinburgh next week. Bobby Roberts Super Circus will visit the Royal Highland Centre at Ingliston from 6 to 10 June. OneKind and the Captive Animals' Protection Society said the owners are due to appear in court in June accused of causing suffering to an elephant…. (story)


Scotsman 30.5.12 Airguns must go - I read with dismay the letter (28 May) from the British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC), which opposes Scottish Government plans to restrict ownership of airguns. BASC is an innovative name for a body which classes one animal as vermin because it survives by eating another animal which shooters kill for fun… John F Robins Animal Concern Advice Line Dumbarton (letter)

Western Morning News 30.5.12 Badger cull trial is our last chance to put right decades of inaction - With a legal challenge looming on pilot badger cull trials, Bill Harper, of the National Beef Association’s TB committee and a Cornish beef farmer, thinks the issue is clouded by falsehoods… (story)

Leicester Mercury 30.5.12 Eat less meat to help save planet - Gerald Danaher’s supportive letter was a welcome rarity!... Anyone who cares about the health of the Earth and those with insufficient food, as well as human health and animal welfare should adopt a plant-based diet or at the very least eat less animal-based food… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 25.5.12 If our world was a man, he’d be ill - Regarding Elizabeth Allison’s profound letter (“Profits are being put before Earth’s health”, Mailbox, May 19)… If the world was a man, he would be in hospital seriously ill. Gordon Newton, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 24.5.12 Elizabeth Allison's excellent review ("Profits are being put before Earth's health", Mailbox, May 19) of the damage done to the environment by the efforts of developed countries to maintain their standard of living is supported by the Royal Society's April 2012 report, People and the Planet…. Gerald Danaher, Ravenstone. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 19.5.12 Profits are being put before Earth's health - I wholeheartedly agree with Gordon Newton about respect for our Earth… Multi-national companies, greedy individuals and governments prioritise maximum profit, unsustainable growth and production at the expense of the health of the planet… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 30.5.12 Protect your pets from heat - Kate Fowler Head of campaigns, Animal Aid (letter)
Galloway Gazette 26.5.12 Pets suffer in hot weather - Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)
Lancashire Evening Post 25.5.12 It can be a dog’s life when it’s hot - Kate Fowler, Animal Aid (letter)
York Press 25.5.12 Warm weather warning - Kate Fowler, Head of campaigns, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)
Plymouth Herald 25.5.12 Heat advice - WITH the recent arrival of hot weather, we should be reminded that animals suffer and die when temperatures rise….. KATE FOWLER, Animal Aid (letter)


Shropshire Star 29.5.12 Bosses delighted as 16,000 flock to Shropshire County Show - Shropshire County Show bosses today revealed this year’s event was their ‘best ever’ – with nearly 16,000 people pouring through the gates…. Attractions included Monster Trucks, a display of vintage tractors, a parade of hounds from the North Shropshire Hunt and over 200 trade stands. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 29.5.12 Greyhounds excellent ambassadors - I AM writing in response to your heartwarming article and beautiful photos of Maggie, the retired greyhound helping childen to read at Whitmore Park Primary School… The public has become increasingly aware of the cruelty inherent in greyhound racing… Caryn Wood, Board of directors, GREY2K, USA (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 29.5.12 Young author is an animal rights heroine - A YOUNG author from Ringwood Waldorf School has made her mark in animal protection thanks to a gift for storytelling. Hannah Probyn-Duncan, 12, from Verwood penned the tale called Spirit about the adventures of a wild dolphin. And it impressed book publishers Paws and Claws so much they have included it in their book, Wild ’n’ Free… Every book sold includes a donation to the Born Free Foundation… (story)

Derby Telegraph 29.5.12 We veggies aren't just saving animals, we're saving ourselves - I MUST warn you that there may be a slightly more odorous whiff about town than usual; a somewhat eau de legume in the air. The reason for this is that May 21-27 was National Vegetarian Week. Yep, it's the week of the lentil-loving, cabbage-eating wind machines… There is good reason to spread a little love about. As a poor girl is left brain-damaged after eating a chicken twister, what could be a better time to celebrate the virtues of a meat-free diet?... So don't blame us if we look pretty fabulous in our bikinis or call us smug as we indulge in yummy treats that make our hair glossy and luxuriant and our skin youthfully smooth and clear. We'll be long outliving you, dear meat-eating mates… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 29.5.12 Cruel history of fur boots - I AM once more appealing to the general public, especially the younger generation; not to purchase any "fur" trimmed clothing, particularly ladies' boots. This fur is real, comes from China and involves horrific cruelty, particularly to dogs and foxes…. Marlene Charles Hopkin Street, Swansea (letter)


Belfast News Letter 28.5.12 Thousands enjoy taste of Ulster’s country life - ULSTER’S love for country sports and activities is alive and well on the evidence of the record number of people who converged on the Northern Ireland Countryside Festival in Moira at the weekend…. Jenny Copeland from the Countryside Alliance said the festival’s success was a clear indication of the level of interest in country sports in the Province… (story)

Yorkshire Post 28.5.12 Fur, ferrets and feathers steal the show - WORKING animals from whippets to ferrets took centre stage as thousands of country pursuits lovers enjoyed a two-day game fair. Among the professionals who gave presentations on their jobs at the Yorkshire Game Fair were ferreter and pest controller Simon Whitehead, from Suffolk, who promotes his work all over the country… (story)
Yorkshire Post 26.5.12 Fair game... hunting and shooting fans saddle up for show - THOUSANDS of country pursuits enthusiasts will descend on Stockeld Park near Wetherby today for the two-day Yorkshire Game Fair… (story)
Yorkshire Post 23.5.12 Video: Yorkshire Game Fair preview - ORGANISERS of the Yorkshire Game Fair say it is going from strength to strength as they finalise plans for the fifth annual event, which is moving to a new home in a picturesque country estate…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 15.5.12 Game Fair ready for move to new home - ORGANISERS of the Yorkshire Game Fair say it is going from strength to strength as they finalise plans for the fifth annual event, which is moving to a new home in a picturesque country estate. They 2012 fair is to be held in the grounds of Stockeld Park, near Wetherby, over the weekend of May 26 and 27, with admission and trade stand prices being held for the fourth year in a row… (story)

Western Daily Press 28.5.12 Nags to riches for saved foal - A severely neglected foal that was rescued from the brink of death has gone from nags to riches after being transformed into a successful race horse. Charity Rainbow, a thoroughbred horse, was found with six other malnourished animals in two stables owned by a former RSPCA worker in Monmouthshire… (story)
Mail 26.5.12 From nags to riches: Rescued foal on the brink of death becomes race horse with Grand National-winning trainer By John Hutchinson - A severely neglected foal that was rescued from the brink of death has gone from nags to riches after being transformed into a successful race horse. Charity Rainbow, a thoroughbred horse, was found with six other malnourished animals in two stables owned by a former RSPCA worker… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 28.5.12 Dark side of greyhound racing can't be ignored - IN December 2009 Brandon Stadium closed its doors to greyhound racing, many of us thought that would be the end of this “sport” in our area. Sadly that was not to be, on Sunday May 20 Brandon opened its doors again… “There is no cruelty within the racing industry.” Then Mr Findlay please explain the Seaham massacre in Durham where owners paid £10 to have their no longer useful racing dogs shot in the head… Kathryn Walmsley, The Chilterns, Allesley Park, Coventry. (letter)

Western Morning News 28.5.12 Badger Trust's cull challenge in court soon - The judicial review brought by the Badger Trust into the Government's decision to allow two trial badger culls in the South West in September, will be heard next month. It is listed for the Queen's Bench Divison on June 25 and 26… (story)
Western Daily Press 26.5.12 Badger legal review date announced - A date for the Badger Trust's judicial review on the decision to kill badgers in England has been announced. Two trial culls were to start this summer in Somerset and Gloucestershire, but have been delayed by the trust's legal action. The judicial review will be heard in the High Court of Justice, Queen's Bench Division, in the Administrative Court on June 25 and 26… (story)

BBC News Online 28.5.12 MPs want curbs on 'unacceptable' religious slaughter - The government is facing renewed calls to curb the slaughtering of animals that have not first been rendered unconscious - a debate that pits religious sensitivities against the convictions of animal welfare campaigners. Senior Conservative backbencher Greg Knight has told MPs that the practice of slaughtering cattle, lambs and chickens in this way is "rife"…. MPs were quick to point out flaws in Mr Davies's bill, before voting to consign it to the legislative scrap heap by a majority of just three… Sir Gerald Kaufman… accepted that Mr Davies had not the "tiniest anti-Semitic feeling in him", yet he had come forward with a bill that "picked on two small minorities"… (story)

Leicester Mercury 28.5.12 A focus on the bigger picture - Once again, half a page in Mailbox was taken up by a picture… Mrs C Davies’s letter concerned the inhumane system of factory farming. More than 80 per cent of animals farmed in the EU are intensively reared… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 23.5.12 Shaping the way people can farm - I am writing on behalf of Compassion in World Farming. The Common Agricultural Policy subsidies can shape the way in which people farm… The priority of CAP should be to move us towards more humane and sustainable farming…. Mrs C Davies, Leicester. (letter)


Midhurst & Petworth Observer 27.5.12 Hunt puppy show at Petworth park - CHIDDINGFOLD, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt’s puppy show is no longer the preserve of the few – anyone interested in hounds is welcome. The annual event at the kennels at Petworth Park is where the hunt’s new entry is on display and being judged for good hound conformation. Judges this year were Alistair Jackson, a frequent visitor and judge, and Charles Frampton, the newly-appointed MFH of the Heythrop…. (story)

Mail 27.5.12 Champion jockey has seen an incredible 20 mounts die during the last five years By Ian Garland - The world looked on in horror when Synchronised, ridden by top jockey AP McCoy fell and died during this year's Grand National. The Irish-bred thoroughbred was in fact just the 20th horse ridden by McCoy to have died during of after races in the past five years. The 38-year-old tops an ominous chart of jockeys whose mounts have died since 2012 - suffering an average of 1 fatality for every 199 rides. The list was put together by animals rights group Animal Aid to highlight how many horses are killed as a result of racing…. (story)


Western Morning News 25.5.12 Cameron needs to be told hunting is a major vote loser - Presumably there are enough readers interested in the Hunting Act saga to justify WMN reporting the two sides' spin merchants Sir Barney White-Spunner and Bill Oddie but I thought the implication that hunters are four times more likely to be rapists, headbutters or wife beaters was absurd. The few I have met from the St. Breward based North Cornwall Hunt are nice people, nuts about horses or respectable farming folk. Without a majority in Parliament for the repeal of the Hunting Act, Dave Cameron left it out of this session's Queen's Speech. It will be a vote loser for the Conservatives at the next General Election, particularly amongst 18-24 year old urban voters… (story)

East Grinstead Courier & Observer 25.5.12 Desperate rush to save horses after arsonists set fire to hunting stable - LUCK and bravery saved valuable horses from certain death when stables went up in flames in August 1988. Arsonists attacked the stables at the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt headquarters in Felbridge and police blamed animal rights campaigners. The culprits poured petrol over a car and succeeded in burning down two store rooms full of straw…. (story)

Argus 25.5.12 Fox hunting convictions are welcome - IT WAS good to see three people finally convicted for illegal fox hunting – the first prosecution of its kind in the county… Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drove, Hove (letter)

Mail 25.5.12 'We hope he is raped and murdered': What animal rights activists told family of 'framed' British big game hunter accused of mass killings By Rebecca Evans - The family of a British pilot imprisoned in Africa after discovering a massacre site have received hate mail from animal rights campaigners saying that they hope he is ‘raped and murdered’. David Simpson, 24, a manager for a big game hunter in the Central African Republic (CAR), has been in prison for two months after being charged with mass murder following his gruesome discovery of the mutilated bodies of 18 gold mine workers… During his time in a cramped and squalid cell in the capital Bangui, anonymous letters have been sent to his family’s pheasant farm in Yorkshire, saying they hope Mr Simpson ‘rots in hell’ for his work with the game company… (story)
Yorkshire Post 25.5.12 Hate mail sent to family of pilot jailed in Africa - ANIMAL rights campaigners have sent hate mail to the family of a Yorkshire pilot being held in an African prison on suspicion of murder after discovering a suspected massacre, telling him to “rot in hell”. David Simpson, 24, who left his family farm in Gillamoor, near Pickering, North Yorkshire, to work for a big game company in the Central African Republic (CAR), was arrested nearly two months ago after he stumbled upon the gruesome scene in the bush involving 18 bodies which had been horrifically mutilated…. (story)
York Press 24.5.12 ‘Sick’ letters sent to pilot's family - THE family of a North Yorkshire pilot locked up after finding massacred bodies in Africa have been stunned by “sick” letters suggesting he deserves to “rot in jail” because of his hunting connections… (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 25.5.12 Call to end use of snares after badger death By Richard Wright - THE need to ban snares was underlined by the agonising death of a badger, campaigners have said. Graham Lee, of the Badger Trust Isle of Wight, was called out to a dead badger in Hamstead Drive, near Shalfleet. He said he was horrified to find snares around the badger’s neck and abdomen… Simon Wild, of the National Anti Snaring Campaign, said: "This is the third badger that has been found dead or seriously injured in the last two years following snaring on the Island."… (story)

Runcorn & Widnes World 25.5.12 Widnes pet shop owner threatens legal action after show is cancelled By Gareth Dunning - A WIDNES pet shop owner is threatening legal action after a reptile show set for Walton Hall was cancelled by an animal rights group. Dave Hogg, who runs Reptile World in Gladstone Street, and organised the event, fears his losses could run into four figures…. Elaine Toland, director of the Animal Protection Agency praised the council. A similar show in London was also called off last week… (story)
Warrington Guardian 25.5.12 Row over reptile show as breeders and animal rights group clash - A REPTILE show set for Walton Hall on Sunday was cancelled due to an 11th hour intervention from an animal rights group. But organisers say they are now considering taking legal action against the council for their losses which could run into four figures… It was cancelled last Tuesday after officers at Warrington Borough Council spoke to the Animal Protection Agency – a group which says the activity is illegal. Dave Hogg runs Reptile World in Widnes and was the chief organiser. He claims the show is not illegal and that by calling it off, the council was actually doing more damage to animal welfare…. (story)


Western Daily Press 24.5.12 League Against Cruel Sports sees 'startling rise' in suspicious hunt activity - The number of suspicious incidents reported to anti-hunting campaigners more than doubled last year, a charity claimed yesterday. The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) said there was a “startling rise” of 121 per cent in cases referred to them in the 2011-12 hunting season…. But Tim Bonner, campaign director of the Countryside Alliance, yesterday hit back, saying: “This report is classic case of creating accounting, designed to reach conclusions that simply don’t exist.”… (story)
Western Morning News 24.5.12 Campaigners report rise in breaches of Hunting Act - Anti-cruelty campaigners have revealed a surge in reported breaches of the Hunting Act, which they claim proves the controversial legislation is outperforming other wildlife protection laws. The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) said it logged 295 reports of “suspicious activity” on its hotline last year, up from 133 during the previous season. It claims only 42% of these allegations were passed to the police and points to this as proof that wildlife crime is under-reported… (story)
Yorkshire Post 23.5.12 Rural body hits out at ‘desperate’ hunting law claims - A NEW report claiming to show rises in the number of incidents of “suspicious activity” surrounding organised hunting has been condemned as “desperate”. The League Against Cruel Sports has published a document which it claims shows that the controversial Hunting Act is working well and denouncing attempts to scrap it… However the Countryside Alliance, one of several groups which have opposed the ban since it was introduced in 2005 by Labour, claimed the league report should be “taken with a heavy pinch of salt”…. (story)

Western Gazette 24.5.12 I SUPPOSE that both Charlie and Rebekah Brooks will use the alibi that they were out following an artificial audit trail when they came across what they thought was a Fox News item…. David Cameron will probably add to his statement a few months ago about the law and hunting where he stated that the law has no business to be regulating hunting in the countryside; it's again a waste of police resources!... (letter)

Cumbernauld News 24.5.12 Residents’ concerns over fox attacks - DISORDER in Seafar has been well-documented of late - but one rogue element has four legs instead of two. We understand that a fox which darts in from surrounding woodland has savaged a number of local pets, leaving them bloodied and battered after a stealthily mounted onslaught. The News and Chronicle has been contacted by a number of concerned pet owners who are keeping cats and dogs under lock and key amid fears their treasured animal compaions will be killed…. (story)

Midweek Herald 24.5.12 Groups call for greater fairness for rural communities - Organisations have joined forces with the MP for Tiverton and Honiton to call for greater fairness for rural communities in shaping government energy and environmental policy. Representatives from Calor Gas Ltd, the Countryside Alliance, Action with Communities in Rural England, the Federation of Master Builders and the Rural Services Network met with MP Neil Parish to discuss the key topics… (story)

BBC News Online 24.5.12 University of Surrey reveals it tested 2,500 animals - More than 2,500 animals have been used in experiments in the last year at the University of Surrey, bosses have confirmed… The figures were released after a Freedom of Information request from animal rights activists Luke Beevers… (story)

Islington Gazette 24.5.12 Protests set to take place at Finsbury Park Zippo’s Circus by André Langlois - An animal rights group has called for a boycott of a circus heading to Finsbury Park because of its use of performing animals. Zippo’s Circus, which arrives today (Thursday), is one of only eight of its kind to continue to use animals – in this case horses and budgies – and the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) is set to stage protests outside…. (story)


Carmarthen Journal 23.5.12 Countryside day puts rural pursuits in focus - A LLANGADOG village shop owner was one of the attractions at a Countryside Alliance event bringing farming, fishing, shooting and hunting to Wales's political centre. The Welsh Assembly countryside day, which took place last week, saw large crowds turn up to experience some of the best-loved sights and sounds of the countryside…. (story)
Daily Post 10.5.12 Countryside comes to political heartland in Cardiff by Andrew Forgrave, DPW West - THE countryside will be brought to heart of the Welsh political establishment next Wednesday. Farming, fishing, shooting and hunting will be showcased in the Welsh Assembly building, Cardiff, on May 16, 10.30am-2.30pm. It’s being organised by the Countryside Alliance and Countryside Alliance Foundation to “educate and inform” politicians and the public about rural activities…. Also supporting the event are the FUW and the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation Educational Trust…. (story)

Norwich Evening News 23.5.12 Horserider’s thanks for East Anglian Air Ambulance care - Kim Briscoe, Health correspondent - Many people in Norfolk’s equestrian community have reason to be grateful to the East Anglian Air Ambulance service, and horserider Rachael Hall counts herself among them. The mother-of-four, who usually rides with the West Norfolk Hunt, was out with the Norfolk Norfolk Harriers near to Bayfield Hall on March 3…. The 999 call was made at 11.39am, the air ambulance was dispatched at 11.42am, had taken off by 11.45am, was overhead at 11.57am and the crew were with Rachael by midday…. The Evening News wants to help the EAAA raise funds for two baby ventilators, which will cost approximately £10,000 for both… (story)

Cambrian News 23.5.12 Outcry at slow death of seagull trapped in net - HANGING lifeless above Averystwyth’s main shopping street, the death of this seagull (pictured) has prompted an angry backlash from animal rights campaigners in the town… “Four or five have been trapped their in recent weeks,” said Aberystwyth man Mark Franchi, who campaigns for animal rights… (story)

Western Morning News 23.5.12 Animals are not human is an important message - The name of Matthew Chatfield will in all probability mean nothing to you. But he deserves to be recognised and thanked for being the voice of commonsense. Mr Chatfield is the parks, beaches and countryside manager for the Isle of Wight Council and he has told one local resident where to get off… . The resident in question is one Elaine Darlow who offered the council £100 to build a duck shelter in a local public park so that ducklings had somewhere to hide from the local crow population which was, not surprisingly, predating on them… Mrs Darlow's problem, like that afflicting millions of others, is that she has been watching too much TV. Particularly the wildlife reality programmes with their relentlessly enthusiastic and nauseatingly gushing presenters who, from the first frame, start anthropomorphizing the creatures they are observing in order that the viewer can identify with Sammy the squirrel, Freddie the fox or Sadie the stoat. It's a cuddly world out there all right… (story)

Nottingham Post 24.5.12 ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Nottingham for their generosity in raising £200 at a street collection on May 12. ROBERT MASSEY Willoughby Court Lenton (letter)


Western Daily Press 22.5.12 No probe into 'attack on huntsman' - Police say they are not investigating an alleged assault of a cyclist by a pedestrian on a Cotswolds country lane…. Officers say both have now been named but they would only pursue the incident if either one pressed charges… The woman, believed to be Emily Marsh, is known to be a member of Guildford Hunt Saboteurs. The cyclist is thought to be Major Christopher Cox, joint master of the Heythrop Hunt… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 22.5.12 No formal complaints over video attack - POLICE say they are not investigating an alleged assault of a cyclist by a pedestrian on a Cotswolds country lane which earned notoriety on video… (story)
Mail on Sunday 20.5.12 UNCOVERED: The foxy face of the irate hunt saboteur in THAT road rage attack... Nude model was the protagonist in last week's infamous YouTube hit By Ian Gallagher and Valerie Elliott - ON first viewing, it seemed like a bizarre case of rural road rage… The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the cyclist is Christopher Cox, a joint master of David Cameron’s local hunt and a descendant of William the Conqueror, while his red-haired assailant is 5ft 2ins saboteur Emily Marsh… It happened in January when Mr Cox was following the 176-year-old Heythrop hunt… (story)
ITV 15.5.12 Development in cycle rage video - New information has emerged about an attack on a cyclist on a country lane in Gloucestershire. The footage allegedly shows an anti-hunt protester confronting a hunt supporter on his bike… Police released the footage and say they need help identifying the people involved. The are already following up several calls since the footage was released…. (story)
Mirror 15.5.12 Video: Black-clad woman in bizarre road rage attack on cyclist who looks like Farmer Hoggett from Babe - Police probing a bizarre bike rage row have released footage of a man and woman coming to blows in a deserted country lane. A video shows a black-clad, red-haired woman in her 30s run up to a cyclist and push him off his bike before angrily kicking the wheel…. “Officers have made a number of inquiries to locate this woman but it appears the contact details she gave were incorrect.”… (story)
Western Daily Press 15.5.12 Woman filmed attacking cyclist on country lane - This is the moment a pedestrian attacked a cyclist on a country lane. Police are now releasing footage of the Cotswolds assault in an effort to locate the victim and his assailant… (story)
Telegraph 14.5.12 Police seek woman in black after assault on cyclist 'holding up traffic' - A furious woman has been caught on camera jogging up to a cyclist and assaulting him after he held up traffic on a country lane for over 10 minutes. A red-haired woman, clad in tight-fitting black trousers and sweatshirt, can be seen shouting at a man on bicycle and shoving him into the ditch in what appears to be a bout of road rage. The incident, which was shot by a following car and posted on YouTube, is believed to have happened at around 12.25pm on Jan 28, according to Gloucester police…. Meanwhile, the occupants of the car can be heard exclaiming in exasperation at the actions of the "arrogant" man, who they believe could be a hunt supporter attempting to hamper the progress of a vehicle monitoring it… (story)
Mail on Sunday 13.5.12 Caught on camera: The moment woman driver 'attacked slow cyclist after he held up traffic along country lane' By Lawrence Conway - An irate woman has been captured on camera chasing after and scuffling with a cyclist in a country lane. The video on YouTube shows the slim red head catching up with the cyclist and pushing him as the pair argue… A police spokesman said: 'On this day a woman called Gloucestershire Police to report that she had been assaulted by a cyclist who had been holding up traffic. Officers have made a number of enquiries to locate this woman but it appears that the contact details she gave were incorrect…. (story)

Grantham Journal 22.5.12 See Belvoir hounds and kennels - KENNELS belonging the Belvoir Hunt will open from 1pm on Sunday for an annual open day. As well as the chance to view the historic kennels by Belvoir Castle, visitors can see lurcher and terrier shows, a family dog show, a blacksmith’s display and browse more than 20 stalls and a refreshments tent…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 22.5.12 Protest demo greets resumed greyhound racing at Coventry Stadium by Hayley Draper, Coventry Telegraph - ANIMAL rights protesters have vowed to demonstrate outside Coventry Stadium in Brandon every week after dog racing resumed at the track on Sunday night. Around 20 members of local greyhound protection group Coventry Against Greyhound Exploitation (CAGE) gave out leaflets and held anti greyhound racing banners and placards at the demo on Sunday… CAGE co-ordinator Ann Casey said: “We will be protesting outside the track every week until it closes again…. Protester Tony Peters, from Action for Greyhounds, said thousands of greyhounds were injured during racing every year…. (story)

Western Morning News 22.5.12 VIDEO: TB killing fields are costing Britain its livestock gene pool, warns film maker - A Westcountry film-maker who this week has a You Tube hit on his hands says his new video focusing on the problem of TB is one he wished he'd never had to make. Mayday at Heolfawr Cross features the moving story of a well-known breeder of Longhorn cattle who looks set to lose his entire herd because of the disease. Dartmoor based film-maker Chris Chapman has told the Western Morning News that it is the increasing loss of the nation's all-important agricultural gene-pool that concerns him most… (story)


Western Daily Press 21.5.12 Wildfowling secure for next 15 years on Somerset coast - Wildfowling on part of the Somerset coast has been secured for 15 years with help from the UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). A sporting lease covering 435 acres and 15 miles of foreshore at the mouth of the River Parrett has been agreed between The Crown Estate and the Highbridge, Huntspill & Burnham District Wildfowlers’ Club. Natural England has also given consent for wildfowling to continue on Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) at Bridgwater Bay and the Severn Estuary…. (story)

Hexham Courant 21.5.12 Trust calls on Government for TB vaccinations By BRIAN TILLEY - THE culling of badgers to prevent the spread of bovine TB is not effective, according to the Northumberland Wildlife Trust. The trust is now calling on the Government to vaccinate badgers against the disease in the same way generations of schoolchildren have had the BCG jab…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 21.5.12 Shocking story of saved dogs - MORE than 500 dogs destined for the plate in Chinese restaurants were recently saved by animal welfarists who intercepted a truck carrying them to be slaughtered…. When will animal rights prevail in China? Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby. (letter)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 21.5.12 Protesters are defiant and ready to keep up their fight - WINDSWEPT and cold, Yvonne sits in her fold-up chair with a clipboard on her lap, her eyes fixed in the distance. "They are late today", she says as she taps the board with her pen. She is waiting for the man protesters call "Peter Z". Yvonne Birchall is a founder member of Kent Action Against Live Animals (KAALE) and for the last 12 months, she and her husband Ian have come to Ramsgate to watch the animals as they are taken abroad for slaughter… "Peter Z" is the man in the white van, the live exports trade shipping agent who arrives before the lorries to deal with the paperwork. When he comes, the angry shouts begin: "Animal abuser!", "Scum!", "Blood on your hands!". Sometimes the state of agitation is so high that any innocent white van man can get a torrent of angry abuse should he turn up at the wrong time…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 21.5.12 Despite receiving a leaflet and two £5 off each seat offers from the Great British Circus, I shall not be attending…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


Birmingham Mail 20.5.12 Bromsgrove huntswoman facing jail for burglary By Adam Aspinall - A POPULAR young huntswoman is facing time behind bars after pleading guilty to two burglaries. Victims of Natalie Tongue, 21, from Bromsgrove in Worcestershire, claim she stole thousands of pounds worth of jewellery and family heirlooms from their homes during a crime spree last year…. Tongue, who is a keen horse rider and is believed to have ridden with the respected Worcestershire Hunt, systematically stole priceless family heirlooms…. (story)

BBC News Online 20.5.12 Rally over anniversary of Ramsgate live animal exports - A rally has taken place at a Kent port to mark the first anniversary of the resumption of live animal exports…. (story)


Mark Avery 18.5.12 Guest Blog Don’t shoot! – by Giles Bradshaw. Giles Bradshaw owns a small farm near Exmoor. He campaigns for the law to be changed to allow for non-lethal dispersal of wildlife using dogs and for a wide-ranging ban on cruelty to wildlife. A gamekeeper was recently prosecuted for breaking the Hunting Act near Spalding. The court heard that he was found using terriers to flush foxes from their dens. Mr Bycroft’s actions were within the law except for one crucial aspect. He had written permission to flush the foxes and good reason to do so under the law. However he failed to kill the pregnant vixen but rather placed it in a small barrel in order to relocate it…. I am writing this blog to try and persuade people that it’s wrong for the law to require wildlife to be killed in these circumstances and also for law enforcers to allow me to break it due to its utter idiocy… (story)

Western Morning News 18.5.12 Hunt show attracts riders from all four counties - The popular East Devon Hunt Supporters Club Open Show, held in the beautiful parkland of Bluehayes, Broadclyst, on Saturday, attracted grassroots riders as well as the more serious competitor…. (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 18.5.12 Better education and enforcement answer to airgun incidents From Dan Reynolds, regional director, BASC South East: The UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), condemns the illegal use of airguns. There are some seven million airguns estimated to be owned in the UK. They have a legitimate role in pest control… BASC plays an important role in educating airgun users and publishes a code of practice. (letter)

Telegraph 18.5.12 A tax on our heritage - By removing the zero rate of VAT on alterations to listed buildings, the Government is making it harder to protect our heritage… Peter Anslow Managing Director, Listed Property Owners Club Brian Berry Chief Executive, Federation of Master Builders Steve Bratt Chief Executive, Electrical Contractors' Association Harry Cotterell President, Country Land and Business Association Julia Evans Chief Executive, National Federation of Builders Julia Goodwin Editor, House Beautiful Ray Horwood Chief Executive, National Federation of Roofing Contractors Dr Noël James Director, Historic Towns Forum Andrew Leech Executive Director, National Home Improvement Council Dr Seán O'Reilly Director, The Institute of Historic Building Conservation Yvonne Orgill Chief Executive, Bathroom Manufacturers Association John Pelan Acting Director, Built Environment Forum Scotland Kate Pugh Chief Executive, The Heritage Alliance Nigel Rees Chief Executive, Glass and Glazing Federation Neil Sinden Director of Policy and Campaigns, Campaign to Protect Rural England Sir Barney White-Spunner Executive Chairman, Countryside Alliance (letter)

Newark Advertiser 18.5.12 Badger numbers - I read the article by the Newark MP, Mr Patrick Mercer, about the control of bovine TB and badger culling… I assume that the target 70% of an area will be where the badger setts are located, so that’s 100% of of the relevant area, but why target only 70% of the badgers?... If you are leaving infected badgers anyway, why kill the others in the first place? — P. JONES, Farndon (Full address supplied). (letter)

Independent 18.5.12 Laboratory dog cages could be made smaller - NIGEL MORRIS - The size of cages holding beagles awaiting experiments could be reduced under new Government proposals, animal welfare campaigners warned yesterday. The Home Office published fresh plans for animal testing that it said would mean higher standards in Britain than in much of the European Union and would ensure special protection for primates, dogs and cats. But the RSPCA raised the alarm over suggestions that the minimum cage size for beagles could be reduced from 4.5 sq m to 4 sq m… (story)


North Devon Journal 17.5.12 Driving ban for farmer who drank after hunt - POLICE were lying in wait for a farmer who had enjoyed a couple of whiskies and then driven home after a day hunting a court has heard… Rod Ball, for the defence, said: "Mr Evans farms 50 acres in a glorious spot on the edge of Exmoor. It is four miles to the nearest shop and eight miles to feed supplies."… He said: "He was stopped only a mile or so from his farm. The police were lying in wait for him. Someone had tipped them off who was not particularly friendly with Mr Evans."… (story)

Oxford Mail 17.5.12 RSPCA defending rights of animals everywhere - Mr Newman (Oxford Mail, May 15) clearly has an axe to grind in attacking the RSPCA but, while I have reservations about the organisation, I applaud its prosecution of those accused of animal cruelty. Mr May states that if a breach of the Hunting Act had occurred, then “it would be a criminal offence which the police could have prosecuted. The fact they have not must be because of lack of viable evidence.” I suspect Mr May is aware that the state virtually never prosecutes any cases of animal cruelty, preferring the RSPCA to do it for them… PETER LANGLEY Windmill Road Headington (letter)

Wandsworth Guardian 17.5.12 Terrified mother finds fox in baby's bedroom in Tooting By Alexandra Rucki - A mother got the fright of her life when she found a fox hiding inside her baby's bedroom. Wanda Farrell,30, came back to her Tooting flat last week to find the intruder had trashed the place, causing £1,000 of damage…. (story)

Berwick Advertiser 16.5.12 Join fight to stop greyhound cruelty - I am writing regarding your in-depth article and beautiful photo, “Reston woman keen for people to take a chance on a breed she believes is often harshly misjudged by society”, May 9, 2012… The public’s increasing awareness of the cruelty inherent in greyhound racing is contributing to its decline…. CARYN WOOD Board of Directors Grey2K USA (letter)

Western Morning News 17.5.12 Badger cull will happen in 2012 - Ministers are optimistic of avoiding a costly delay to a badger cull caused by a legal challenge to the controversial decision. Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman, who sanctioned the plan to tackle tuberculosis in cattle, is “reasonably confident” two pilot culls will start this autumn…. Speaking to the Western Morning News ahead of attending the Devon County Show today, the minister said: “It was perfectly reasonable to anticipate a legal challenge, because the Welsh government was challenged. “We factored that into the time, and we’re reasonably confident we’ll come through this and that our pilots will remain on track for the autumn… (story)
Western Morning News 17.5.12 Minister's commitment is welcome - The news we report today, that Defra Secretary of State Caroline Spelman is pledging that the pilot badger culls to tackle bovine tuberculosis will go ahead, despite a judicial review, will be heartening for many farmers across the West of England… (story)
Western Morning News 17.5.12 WMN opinion: Warm welcome to Minister ready to act on bovine TB - Two Western Morning News columnists, Anthony Gibson on Monday and Anton Coaker today, have made reference this week to a short film made by Devon film maker Chris Chapman which tells the harrowing story of TB infecting a herd of Longhorn cattle owned by Carmarthenshire farmer Dai Evans…. So the fact that Defra Secretary of State Caroline Spelman, the only person who can realistically bring an end to the agony suffered by farmers like Dai Evans, is pledging that the pilot badger culls to try to tackle bovine TB will go ahead, despite a judicial review, is heartening… (story)


The Sentinel 16.5.12 I eat meat but am no hypocrite - I WAS interested to read the letter by Clive Domagalski of Madeley (Sentinel, May 5) and his attack on the anti-Grand National brigade (his words not mine), who he states are probably 85 per cent red meat eaters. I would just like to add that I am anti-fox hunting, anti-dog fighting, and just about anti everything else befitting, but it hardly makes me the hypocrite when I tuck into a beef burger…. PETER T RIDGWAY, Bradwell (letter)

Uttoxeter Advertiser 16.5.12 Call to lobby MPs about animal use in the circus - I WRITE with regard to the Circus Mondao who were resident in Uttoxeter for four days recently. It is my understanding that as part of their show they use two zebra and two camels. I am a vet and the East Midlands regional representative for the British Veterinary Association, our professional body. We are very clear in our position on animals in circuses — they should not be there… James Russell, BVetMed PGDip MRCVS (letter)

The Sentinel 16.5.12 Animal abuse is sadly no shock - NEWS of the torture of two horses in Goldenhill comes as no surprise…. People who enjoy harming people often begin by harming animals. It's very easy for them to start torturing animals as they will rarely get caught…. That's why banning animal cruelty helps protect people from abuse. We should also ban meat, dairy and egg production too… MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)


Argus 15.5.12 Guilty: three Crawley and Horsham hunters convicted of illegal fox hunting By Rebecca Evans - WITH VIDEO: Three people yesterday became the first to be convicted of illegal fox hunting in Sussex… (story)
ThisIsSussex 15.5.12 First successful fox hunting prosecution in Sussex - Three people were found guilty of illegal fox hunting, the first time such a sentence has been passed in Sussex. Andrew Philis, Neill Millard and Rachel Holdsworth, all members of the Crawley and Horsham hunt, were found guilty in a trial at Haywards Heath Magistrates' Court of hunting a wild mammal with dogs… (story)
Horse & Hound 14.5.12 Three members of Crawley and Horsham hunt convicted - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - Joint-master Neill Millard of Dragons Lane, Shipley, secretary Rachael Holdsworth, of Rock Road, Washington, and former huntsman — now master and huntsman of the Dart Vale Harriers — Andrew Phillis, of Halwell, Totnes, were found guilty on 14 May… “We are surprised and disappointed by this verdict, particularly because we do not believe there was sufficient evidence to sustain any of these prosecutions,” said the Countryside Alliance’s Tim Bonner. “We will continue to support the Crawley and Horsham defendants if they wish to appeal this verdict.”… (story)
Guardian 14.5.12 Hunt members found guilty of illegally pursuing fox with hounds - Verdict is triumph for animal rights groups as trio from Crawley and Horsham Hunt convicted and fined - Owen Bowcott, legal affairs correspondent - Three leading members of a Sussex hunt have been convicted of pursuing a fox illegally with hounds, in a case that will be seen a significant victory for animal rights activists… Simon Wild, of the West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group, gave evidence at the trial after filming the hunt. He said: "I'm very pleased with the verdicts. These sorts of things take a long time for the police to take them seriously. The next step is to go for hunts as corporate bodies so that there can be confiscation of their assets — like horseboxes and trailers."… (story)
BBC News Online 14.5.12 Three Sussex hunters guilty of illegal fox hunting - Three members of a West Sussex hunt have been found guilty of illegal fox hunting… (story)
West Sussex County Times 14.5.12 Guilty verdicts in Crawley and Horsham Hunt case - ALL THREE remaining defendants in the Crawley and Horsham Hunt court case have been found guilty of illegal foxhunting…. Andrew Phillis, 50, of Halwell, Totnes, Devon, was found guilty on two counts, but not guilty on a third. Rachael Holdsworth, 47, of Rock Road, Washington was found guilty on two counts, while Neill Millard, 45, of Dragons Lane, Shipley, was found guilty on one count… (story)
West Sussex County Times 1.5.12 Hunt trial: Day 7 - ANOTHER charge was thrown out today, before final arguments were made in the Crawley and Horsham Hunt court case… Henry James Hawksfield, 59, of Bines Road, Partridge Green, had the last charge against him dropped today. District Judge Stephen Nicholls ruled that he had no case to answer. After a day of detailed legal submissions from prosecution and defence, Judge Nicholls is now considering his verdicts…. (story)
Horse & Hound 1.5.12 Crawley and Horsham hunt trial judgement is reserved - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - After seven days of evidence, judgement has beenreserved until 14 May in the trial of four members of the Crawley and Horsham hunt at Horsham Magistrates Court, on charges of illegal hunting…. Yesterday four of the seven charges were dropped and at 11am this morning the magistrates announced that there was no case against Mr Hawksfield and all charges against him were dropped (story)
West Sussex County Times 30.4.12 Hunt trial: Day 6 - FOUR out of 11 charges have been withdrawn in the Crawley and Horsham Hunt court case… With the prosecution case finished, prosecutor Walton Hornsby said he would withdraw four of the counts because the evidence supporting them was not strong enough. Defence barrister David Perry QC went through the evidence for the remaining seven charges, asking the judge to drop them under a ‘no case to answer’ ruling… Mr Hornsby accepted that some of the evidence was circumstantial, but said it is ‘perfectly reasonable’ for the court to draw common sense conclusions from such evidence… (story)
West Sussex County Times 27.4.12 Hunt trial: Day 5 - EXPERT witness Professor Stephen Harris had his evidence come under attack today… defence barrister David Perry QC challenged Prof Harris’ claim that his report was ‘balanced and independent’. He said Prof Harris had been too willing to take evidence from hunt monitors - former hunt saboteurs - at face value… The professor accepted that, although he was present at many foxhunts in order to study foxes, he had never ridden with a hunt, or taken part in drag or trail hunting… (story)
West Sussex County Times 26.4.12 Hunt trial: Day 4 - MAMMAL expert Professor Stephen Harris gave evidence in the hunt trial today… Prof Harris said he had seen the videos, and believed they showed foxhunting rather than trail hunting… He is due to be cross-examined by the defence tomorrow…. (story)
Argus 26.4.12 Huntsman encouraged fox chase, court told - A huntsman encouraged his hounds to chase a fox, a court was told yesterday… Hunt saboteur Carole Tibbitts, who was monitoring the hunt, told the court she shouted to Mr Phillis to call off the hunt when a fox was spotted… Terry Hill, environmental and animal welfare researcher, who monitored the hunt at a February 15 meet, claimed Mr Phillis encouraged a pack of about 20 hounds to chase a fox… (story)
West Sussex Couny Times 25.4.12 Hunt Trial: Day 3 - MORE hunt monitors gave evidence today, in a case where four people are accused of illegal foxhunting…. Today hunt monitor Terry Hill was called to give evidence. He described following hounds and Crawley and Horsham Hunt members into a copse, then seeing a disemboweled fox being picked up and then taken away by huntsman Phillis… David Perry QC, representing the hunt members, challenged this evidence and said Mr Hill was misinterpreting the cries and horn signals which hunt riders and followers use to direct hounds… (story)
Horse & Hound 24.4.12 Crawley and Horsham hunt trial opens - Four members of the Crawley and Horsham hunt in West Sussex are appearing in court this week, accused of Hunting Act offences. The trial opened yesterday (Monday 23 April) at Horsham Magistrates Court… On the opening morning of the trial the court heard from the prosecutor Walton Hornsby and saw video evidence filmed by members of the animal rights group — including Simon and Jane Wild and Carole Tibbetts… In the afternoon a site visit to Southwater, Shermanbury and Twineham was arranged, where it is alleged unlawful hunting took place… (story)
West Sussex County Times 24.4.12 Hunt trial: Day 2 - A HUNT monitor has told a court he saw foxes being illegally hunted on three occasions…. Today hunt monitor Simon Wilde, giving evidence at Horsham Magistrates’ Court, described three incidents in which he claims the Crawley and Horsham Hunt members were illegally pursuing foxes. On February 15 last year, he said, he saw a dead fox being picked up by a huntsman before being taken by huntmaster Phillis… (story)
Telegraph 24.4.12 Hunting ban put to test as four face court in landmark case - Four members of the same hunt are set to appear in court charged with deliberately setting their dogs on foxes, in what will amount to the biggest test yet for the hunting ban. By John Bingham - Jamie Hawksfield, 58, and Neil Millard, 44, joint masters of the Crawley and Horsham Foxhounds in West Sussex, are set to face magistrates on Thursday alongside the hunt secretary Rachel Holdsworth, 47, and the former huntsman, Andrew Phillis, 50… (story)
Telegraph 23.4.12 Hunt master and riders charged with illegally killing foxes - A hunt master and four other hunt members will this week appear before magistrates charged with illegally killing foxes. (story)
ITV 23.4.12 Four on trial accused of illegal fox hunting - Malcolm Shaw reports (story)
West Sussex County Times 23.4.12 Crawley and Horsham Hunt members deny illegal foxhunting - FOUR people are on trial this week, accused of illegal foxhunting in Horsham District. Henry James Hawksfield, 59, of Bines Road, Partridge Green, Rachael Holdsworth of Rock Road, Washington, Neill Millard, 45, of Dragons Lane, Shipley, and Andrew Phillis, 50, of Halwell, Totnes, Devon, have been charged under the Hunting Act 2004. Prosecutor Walton Hornsby claimed in court that foxes were illegally hunted at three Crawley & Horsham Hunt meets in January and February last year… (story)
Horse & Hound 7.10.11 Four members of Crawley and Horsham hunt plea not guilty - Flora Watkins - All four members of the Crawley and Horsham accused of offences under the Hunting Act have pleaded not guilty… (story)
Crawley News 5.10.11 Hunt members deny criminality - FOUR members of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt accused of Hunting Act offences have pleaded not guilty to the charges. A hearing took place at Crawley Magistrates' Court last Thursday. The case was adjourned until November 10 for a case management hearing…. (story)
Argus 30.9.11 Fox hunting court hearing adjourned By Rebecca Evans - A court hearing for four people accused of illegal fox hunting has been adjourned. The quartet, who are all members of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt, are accused of hunting a fox with a dog contrary to the Hunting Act 2004… (story)
Daily Mail 17.9.11 Boys in blue keep marching to the Left By Quentin Letts - The Leftward drift of the police — pretty much conceded this week by former top copper Lord Blair — continues./… Exhibit two: in rural Sussex, members of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt were recently arrested by police officers who behaved as though they were in some sort of SWAT team. Dawn raids. Sirens. Skidding stops. Handcuffs in the home… Both these middle-class pillars would have happily reported to the local nick, but instead were treated like Al??Qaeda suspects. Actually, that’s not fair. If they had been bearded Jihadists, they would have been offered translation services and a prayer mat and other amenities…. (story)
Horse & Hound 25.8.11 Crawley and Horsham hunt trial opens today - The trial of four members of the Crawley and Horsham hunt opened today (25 August) at Crawley Magistrates Court, in West Sussex… (story)
Telegraph 24.8.11 Hunting ban put to test as four face court in landmark case - Four members of the same hunt are set to appear in court charged with deliberately setting their dogs on foxes, in what will amount to the biggest test yet for the hunting ban. Jamie Hawksfield, 58, and Neil Millard, 44, joint masters of the Crawley and Horsham Foxhounds in West Sussex, are set to face magistrates on Thursday alongside the hunt secretary Rachel Holdsworth, 47, and the former huntsman, Andrew Phillis, 50….. (story)
Telegraph 23.8.11 Hunt master and riders charged with illegally killing foxes - A hunt master and four other hunt members will this week appear before magistrates charged with illegally killing foxes. Henry Hawksfield, joint master of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt, West Sussex, was filmed by hunt saboteurs at three meets in January and February this year. The videos allegedly showed him using hounds to kill foxes and prompted a police investigation. The 58-year-old from Partridge Green, near Horsham, Neil Millard, 44, from nearby Shipley, Rachel Holdsworth, from Washington, near Storrington and Andrew Phillis, 50, from Totnes in Devon, will all make their first appearance at Crawley magistrates on Thursday… (story)
Argus 23.8.11 Fox hunters to appear in court By Rebecca Evans - Four people are to appear in court in the first fox hunting prosecution in Sussex. The quartet, who are all members of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt, are accused of illegally hunting a fox with a dog contrary to the Hunting Act 2004… Joint master of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt Henry James Hawksfield, 58, of Bines Road, Partridge Green, near Horsham, Rachel Holdsworth of Rock Road, Washington, near Storrington, Neil Millard, 44, of Dragons Lane, Shipley, near Horsham, and Andrew Phillis, 50, of Halwell, Totnes, in Devon, have been summonsed to appear at Crawley Magistrates' Court to face four charges under Section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004…. (story)

Press Association via Google 15.5.12 Badger cull delay for judge review - A badger cull ministers hope will stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis (TB) will be delayed until after a judicial review, the Government has confirmed…. agriculture minister Jim Paice said an ongoing legal fight by campaigners to block the cull will mean marksmen will not be granted licences to kill until a judge rules on its legality…. (story)

Daily Post 15.5.12 Stricter sentencing for dangerous dog offences welcomed by attack victims by Eryl Crump - STRICTER sentencing for dangerous dog offences have been welcomed by animal welfare charities and dog attack victims… The League Against Cruel Sports welcomed the new guidelines. Chief executive Joe Duckworth said: “This is a hugely positive step forward.” (story)


Economist 14.5.12 by H.D. | PETWORTH - EARLY to mid-summer in England’s rural shires brings an eccentric and arcane ritual: the foxhound puppy shows held by the country’s hunts. On May 13th it was the turn of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt, whose hounds are kenneled at Lord Egremont’s Petworth House in West Sussex, an idyllic spot framed by the rolling countryside of the South Downs National Park… Over tea discussion turns to the 2004 Hunting Act, which outlawed hunting with dogs. Almost all British hunts reported an increase in numbers during the most recent season, according to the Countryside Alliance. More than 300,000 people came out in support of hunting on Boxing Day 2011, the biggest turnout for six years. Despite the ban, hunts—and puppy shows—are thriving (story)

Bury Free Press 14.5.12 Great turn out at South Suffolk Show - THE SUN ensured a good turn out to Sunday’s South Suffolk Show… Events in the main ring kept visitors entertained, with spectacles ranging from a hunt display to a freestyle motorcross competition… (story)

BBC News Online 14.5.12 Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson 'arrested in Germany' - The founder of US-based anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson, has been arrested in Germany, the group says. In a statement, it said Mr Watson was detained in Frankfurt and now faces extradition to Costa Rica…. (story)
BBC News Online 14.5.12 Profile: Paul Watson, founder of environmental group Sea Shepherd - Paul Watson, the founder of US-based anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd, was introduced to the world of environmental activism at an early age. Born in Toronto in 1950 and brought up in a fishing village in New Bruswick, he was just nine years old when - according to the Sea Shepherd website - "trappers killed one of his beaver friends"…. (story)


Mail on Sunday 13.5.12 'An attack on country sports' ...anger at Wildfowl Trust's bid to ban lead shot By Valerie Elliott - A leading conservation charity is at loggerheads with its pro-shooting president, Prince Charles, after launching a campaign calling for a nationwide ban on lead shot. The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), which also has the Queen as patron, is calling for a ban on the shot used in game shooting… The British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Countryside Alliance have been angered by the move and insist there is no scientific justification for a lead shot ban. … Farmers are also concerned the higher price for non-lead shot will drive up the cost of controlling rabbits, foxes, pigeons and rooks on farmland…. The WWT denies it is anti-shooting but admits it has been concerned for some time about risks to human health from eating wild game shot with lead ammunition…. The Health Protection Agency and the Food Standards Agency are not aware of complaints from anyone who has become ill after eating game shot with lead. (story)

Ham & High 13.5.12 Boris Johnson’s deputy mayor declares war on urban foxes - Ben Bloom , Reporter - Urban foxes of Westminster better be aware: London’s Deputy Mayor is onto them…. after being re-elected to the London Assembly last Friday, Kit Malthouse declared his first priority is to crack down on the rise of the urban fox in Westminster…. Westminster residents have complained about gangs of foxes and Cllr Paul Dimoldenberg, leader of the opposition, has gathered an 81-signature petition calling for action…. (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 12.5.12 Stolen goods found thanks to badgers By Richard Wright - BADGERS have uncovered a cache of buried treasured memories. German shepherd Breez, helping Badger Trust IW monitor setts for a forthcoming TV documentary, brought to his handler’s attention a digital camera the badgers had uncovered at Hamstead. Trust sett officer Graham Lee said: "The camera was pretty well water-logged and caked in mud… (story)

Independent on Sunday 13.5.12 I have a somewhat jaundiced view of us Brits being a nation of animal "lovers" ("Pampered pets", 6 May). Animal owners yes – until the novelty wears off. That is why sanctuaries are filled to the gunnels with horses, cats, dogs, small mammals, birds and reptiles… Sara Starkey, Tonbridge, Kent (story)


Western Morning News 12.5.12 RIDING HIGH - Shooting sports - Bookings from the public are now being taken for National Shooting Week, organised by the Countryside Alliance between June 2 and June 10. Those who shoot are invited to take a newcomer along to an event. During the week, shooting clubs and grounds are offering discounted lessons to all newcomers… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 12.5.12 East Lancashire boost to grey partridge population - WILDLIFE experts are hoping East Lancashire can help to boost the UK’s wild grey partridge population. With the numbers of the bird taking a tumble over the last 40 years, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust is appealing for farmers, landowners and members of the public to take part in their latest count to see how the species is getting on… (story)


Wiltshire Times 11.5.12 Lacock stages Tudor falconry event - Lacock Abbey will be the setting for magnificent birds of prey on Sunday at a Tudor falconry event…. (story)

The Sentinel 11.5.12 Animal crimes need punishing - I WAS saddened to read the story of the two mares, Vienna and Honey Bee who were subjected to such despicable acts of butchery by some evil, mindless moron… It really is time justice was seen to serve up appropriate sentences to show that animal lives are just as important as human lives… JOHN RODEN Scholar Green (letter)

The Sentinel 11.5.12 Vicious act has saddened many - VERA Neat (former owner) loved her horses and she left her stables in the care of people who would look after them… It's about time the courts started to deal with animal cruelty properly and gave sentences which the scum responsible deserve… S LYTTLETON Fegg Hayes (letter)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 11.5.12 Animal export protester guilty of walking in road - ANIMAL rights activist Peter Nicholls has been found guilty of ignoring a police order forbidding him from intimidating lorry drivers transporting animals through the port of Ramsgate. On September 30 last year, officers issued Nicholls, 24, of Adrian Square, Westgate, with a written order forbidding him from stepping into roads used by lorries transporting sheep or doing anything that might intimidate drivers. He appeared at Folkestone Magistrates' Court on Tuesday, when he denied failing to comply with the order. He was found guilty after a two-day trial and, on Wednesday, was given a conditional discharge for six months…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 11.5.12 I agree with Ronnie Smith that compulsory micro-chipping of dogs will not prevent illegal dog breeding…. However, Mr Smith's final comment that my letters "bore the socks off him" was unnecessary. I assume he did not agree with my comments about Crufts and the suffering experienced by many pedigree dogs…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)

Macclesfield Express 11.5.12 Animal rights protest outside Circus Mondao in Bollington - Stuart Greer - Animal demonstrators gathered outside a circus big top in protest over the touring company's live performing animals. Stockport Animal Defenders, who have been campaigning for 17 years, waved banners and chanted outside the Circus Mondao, on Bollington Road, Bollington… Dave Brock, 61, from Stockport Animal Defenders, said the travelling show exploited its zebras, reindeer, camels, horses and dogs… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 11.5.12 Good reasons to give up meat - I enjoy reading the recipes in the food section of the Lancashire Telegraph, but why aren’t there more vegan recipes? By going vegan, an individual can help to end animal suffering, reduce their carbon footprint and boost their health… D Brown, Blackburn (letter)


Malton & Pickering Mercury 10.5.12 Game and Country Fair returns - THE annual Game and Country Fair is returning to Pickering Showground this Saturday and Sunday. Last year’s extravaganza pulled in more than 7,000 visitors and organisers are confident they will beat that figure this weekend once would-be visitors discover their line-up of attractions…. (story)

Western Morning News 10.5.12 WMN opinion: Queen's Speech fails to tackle the big issues - Of the 19 parliamentary Bills briefly outlined by Her Majesty the Queen in her lightning seven-minute speech yesterday, all but a couple could have easily waited for an outing in more settled times… Legislation to reverse the ban on hunting or crack down on rural littering would have had more of an effect on many people's day-to-day lives in the rural West Country than some of the so-called highlights of the Speech… (story)
Western Morning News 9.5.12 Rural issues off the agenda - MPs have been urged to push for laws to stop litter despoiling rural Britain amid warnings today's Queen's Speech will "bypass" the countryside… The Government will dodge any commitment to a repeal of the hunting ban in this session… The Countryside Alliance also wants rural areas to be given funding parity with urban communities. Sir Barney White-Spunner, executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance, warns the rural economy "remains in jeopardy" and wants to see a "level playing field" for rural enterprises and businesses… (story)

York Press 10.5.12 End this cruelty now - FOLLOWING the shocking deaths of two horses in last month’s Grand National, Animal Aid commissioned an NOP opinion poll to see if most British people agree with us that the race is cruel. The results show that they do…. The only solution is to ban the Grand National. In the meantime, please don’t bet on it… Richard Mountford, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Huffington Post 10.5.12 Buying British Should Begin at Home Mr Prime Minister - Dylan Sharpe - Head of Media Relations, Countryside Alliance - Much has already been written about Nick and Dave's Rose Garden Redux at a Tractor factory in Essex on Tuesday… In some respects this Government has been a good deal better than their predecessors, especially given that they are hamstrung by EU competition laws…. However when we asked the nation's schools and hospitals what proportion of their overall food budgets they spent on British food the results were very poor… Despite the Government imposing these high standards to improve the quality of British food, there is not enough of a concerted effort to ensure taxpayer money is spent on buying high quality British food for public institutions…. (story)

Western Morning News 10.5.12 Community can still force a u-turn over planning rules - The new Localism Act giving communities greater power to get what they want – or do not want – in terms of the number and type of new homes, green space or public gardens was good news for conservationists…. Fortunately, major lobbying organisations – including the National Trust, Countryside Alliance, The RSPB, The Town and Countryside Planning Association, Friends of the Earth and Civic Voice (a new group comprising hundreds of Civic Societies) – have all lobbied for amendments to the NPPF and having initially welcomed the Localism Act, the idea of pitching the need to protect the environment, against the need for our economy to grow at any cost, was never going to be simple…. (story)

Western Gazette 10.5.12 Overrun rescue centre in appeal for animal homes - A GROUP of moorland ponies were saved from probable slaughter by a rescue centre in Wincanton... The ponies have been given a home after staff at the Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue centre received a pleading call from a rescue centre on Dartmoor. Liz Stewart, who runs the Somerset and Dorset rescue centre, has been rehoming animals for 30 years and set up the sanctuary 12 years ago. But now she is asking members of the public to come forward and help offer a permanent home to any of the animals at the centre… (story)


Nottingham Evening Post 9.5.12 Newark & Notts County Show - MAIN RING - Saturday, May 12 …4.50pm: Blankney Hunt & parade of hounds followed by inter-hunt relay. MAIN RING - Sunday, May 13 …. 2pm: South Notts Hunt and parade of hounds… (story)

Westmorland Gazette 9.5.12 Black grouse breeding project is paying off By Scott Kirk - RARE black grouse numbers have doubled in just two years in some parts of northern England. The upsurge follows two successive breeding years, according to spring counts announced by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 1.5.12 Black grouse bounce back across the North - Rare black grouse have bounced back after three bad years to double their numbers in northern England, says the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT)…. (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 1.5.12 Project helps rare black grouse - Numbers of rare black grouse in the Yorkshire Dales have doubled in two years after the intervention of a wildlife charity. Figures from the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) show how the population began to fall in the 1990s, but now after two successive breeding years numbers are now up…. (story)

Bolton News 9.5.12 Time we banned ‘vile’ animal sports - THE recent spate of horse deaths has prompted me to write this letter. A recent survey has found that a total of 420 horses have been raced to their deaths in recent years. This is further evidence of our out-dated class system lusting after money and “pleasure” at the expense of the ill-treatment of the horses…. Mohammed Ismail Caithness Drive Ladybridge (letter)

Western Telegraph 9.5.12 Badger damage - Mr Michael Sharratt, of Badger Watch and Rescue, wrote a scathing letter this week, about the Pembrokeshire farmers and their hired "badger shooter". Firstly may those of us who have farming connections, and are faced with the serious problems of TB in cattle, ask Mr Sharratt what his group propose as a remedy for the cross infection from badgers to cattle… I would like Mr Sharratt and the experts from Badger Watch to visit St Davids City Golf Club and see how the greatly increased badger population has torn up whole areas of this beautiful golf course, ruining tees, fairways and even some of the greens… Peter Bellan, Upper Treleddyn, St Davids (letter)
Western Telegraph 2.5.12 Wildlife betrayed by farmers? - Michael Sharratt Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed Whitland (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 25.4.12 Who is carrying out the killings? - ON Tuesday night, April 17, ITV news and S4C revealed that some farmers are taking the law into their own hands on TB in cattle and carrying out a mass illegal slaughter of badgers. The local Badger Group, Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed was horrified when the man interviewed on television stated that he was being called in by farmers to wipe out badgers… The TV programmes should answer this question, who is the man on TV carrying out this illegal killing of a protected species, badgers? We are sure the police would be interested to know. Michael Sharratt Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed (letter)

Cambridge News 9.5.12 Dead birds 'everywhere' after geese shot in cull - Leanne Ehren - Horrified dog walkers called on police after geese were shot near a popular fishing lake. Concerned passers-by raised the alarm after hearing shotguns being fired near to Lenton Lakes, in Huntington, and spotting several dead geese on the ground. Andrew Walpole contacted the News to say he had seen “at least 50 dead geese”…. (story)

Brand Republic 9.5.12 Lush ad banned over claims that reptile trading was driving species to extinction By John Reynolds - An ad for cosmetics company Lush has been banned by the advertising watchdog after it ruled that its claim that reptile trading was driving the species to extinction was false…… In its defence, Lush and the Animal Protection Agency (APA) said sales promotion was part of a campaign to raise awareness of important animal welfare issues, so they did not believe judging the campaign was within the ASA's remit… The ASA ruled said the six of the eight complaints were deemed to have substance and in breach of advertising rules… (story)

Barking & Dagenham Post 9.5.12 Scientists campaign against exotic pet market coming to Dagenham - Sukran Sahin, Senior Reporter - Scientists campaigning against an exotic pet market coming to Dagenham have called for an EU-wide ban on such events over concerns about animal welfare and public health. Castle Green Sports Centre, Gale Street, will host a reptile and amphibian market on Saturday but the Animal Protection Agency last week released a report highlighting stress-related behaviours observed in animals at similar markets. The event is being organised by the British Reptile and Amphibian Society…. (story)

Falmouth Packet 9.5.12 Animal Aid street collection raised £515 - ANIMAL AID would like to thank the people of Falmouth for their generosity in raising £515 at a street collection on April 14…. Chris Rylatt, Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator (letter)


Horse & Hound 8.5.12 BBC star to conduct hunt auction - Silent Witness star Tom Ward will conduct the Sinnington hunt’s auction on Friday, 11 May at Duncombe Park in North Yorkshire…. (story)

The Sentinel 8.5.12 The animals had no choice at all - CLIVE Domagalski seems to love to see the horses in the Grand National, but he was upset at what happened to the ones that died and it spoiled his day. How sad… The horses are forced into it. GEOFF HILLYARD Sandbach (letter)

Western Morning News 8.5.12 Culling of badgers will make bovine TB worse - Killing badgers will not help anyone to "get a grip" on bovine tuberculosis (bTB), as Derek Mead, a former contender for the presidency of the National Farmers' Union, asserts… (story)

Wimbledon Guardian 8.5.12 Circus in Figges Marsh, Mitcham, draws protests from animal activists - An animal charity staged a demonstration outside Zippos circus this week – one of just seven UK circuses’ which still use animals in their show. Zippo’s big top arrived at Figge’s Marsh in Mitcham on Thursday, May 3, for a six day run… But the Captive Animal’s Protection Society has called on the public to boycott the event…. Mr Paul Joy, 31, who protested outside the circus on behalf of the charity, said: "It is legal for them to be kept in these conditions but we think it’s morally wrong."… (story)


On The Box 7.5.12 “Something Needs To Be Done” ..OTB Meets Foxes Live Attack Victim by Sean Marland - The second episode of Foxes Live: Wild in our Cities hits our screens tonight and as you may have gathered, the issues that Channel 4 are dealing with have divided the nation straight down the middle. But few members of the public have a better understanding of the topic than Natasha Davids, who appeared on the show last week. Two years ago she was attacked by a fox while sleeping in her house and as you can imagine, she’s now a relative expert on the subject…. (story)

Ledbury Reporter 7.5.12 Animals are fine - RATHER than rely on the opinions of protestors, I went to a performance of Circus Mondao, and visited the animals’ quarters afterwards. The animals were comfortable, settled, and in good condition… I do not like the way that the protestors twist facts to create a distorted impression about an organisation that didn’t apply in this case… C THOMPSON, Malvern (letter)
Ledbury Reporter 7.5.12 Misinformed - THE anti-circus correspondents clearly had good intentions, but seem sadly misinformed. Had they seen the show and spoken to the audience afterwards, they would have seen animals in excellent condition, without stress and well cared for… SUE DUDLEY, Malvern (letter)


Southern Reporter 6.5.12 Berwickshire Hunt auction raises £5,000 for palliative care unit - AN auction organised by the Berwickshire Hunt has resulted in a cheque for £5,000 being handed over to the Margaret Kerr Palliative Care Unit appeal…. (story)

Sunday Express 6.5.12 COALITION MARKED DOWN BY RSPCA SCHOOL REPORT By Stuart Winter - DAVID CAMERON promised to create the greenest government in history but the Coalition’s record on animal welfare is strongly criticised today in an RSPCA report…. E-grades have been given over the failure to ban animals in circuses and for overturning the Labour administration’s pledge to introduce a code of practice recommending against cages for breeding game birds such as pheasants… (story)

Huffington Post 6.5.12 Urban Foxes - To Cull or Keep? Nothing divides opinion in our north London street more passionately than the issue of neighbourhood foxes. To cull or keep, that is the question. When an email circular was sent out inviting support for bringing in a man to shoot the foxes on one side of the street, there was outcry… I speak as one whose family rabbit had its head ripped off by a fox and whose school guinea pig didn't return for the new term. Personally, I'd be happy if I never stared down another of the mangy creatures again… But now I realise the pointlessness of destroying them. Whatever's done will make no difference to the fox population. Perhaps we have to agree to live and let live. Not just with the foxes but also with those with views so radically opposed to one's own. (story)

Wales on Sunday 6.5.12 Youngster Lottie takes inspiration from parents to set up reindeer farm - No, your eyes are not deceiving you – this really is a reindeer out for a walk. And Lottie Sweet is not your average 12-year-old – for the last two years the youngster with entrepreneurial flair has been running her very own reindeer hire business…. She is a charity ambassador, Countryside Alliance award winner and shortlisted in the Young Achiever category in the IWA Inspire Wales Awards run in partnership with our sister paper, the Western Mail…. (story)


Horse & Hound 5.5.12 New beagles pack registers in time for next season - Catherine Austen - There is a new member of the Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles (AMHB) — after the South Wales-based Valley Beagles registered for the first time on 1 May. The pack, which belongs to sole master and huntsman Ceri Olsen, have been in existence since 2002, but have only just joined the governing body… Another new development in the beagling world is the amalgamation of the Stoke Hill Beagles and the North Dartmoor Beagles…. (story)

Dundee Courier 5.5.12 A balanced and pragmatic approach to conservation is most effective way - May I utilise the letters page of The Courier to openly invite Jim Crumley to the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust's Scottish Game Fair, June 29 - July 1, at Scone Palace? I think he would benefit from the wealth of information on display about all walks of rural life — particularly those which he writes emotively about, ie gamekeeping, land management and nature conservation…. Katrina Candy. Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, The Control Tower, Perth Airport, Scone. (letter)

BBC News Online 5.5.12 Leading vet criticises ritual slaughter of animals - A leading vet has criticised the "unacceptable" rise in the number of animals killed in ritual slaughter. Ritual slaughter is lawful in the UK and the EU to satisfy the dietary requirements of Jews and Muslims. Prof Bill Reilly, former president of the British Veterinary Association, said estimates suggested more animals were slaughtered than was necessary…. But Prof Reilly said he witnessed shechita slaughter in the 1970s and he wrote: "The distress, fear and pain were there for all to see in the abattoir." Prof Reilly said his own estimates suggested around two million animals, mostly poultry, were killed in the UK each year without stunning for the orthodox Jewish community… (story)

Northumberland Gazette 5.5.12 Leave the village’s trees and the rooks alone - THE suggestion by Coun Mark Gilson and his colleagues that the trees on Rothbury High Street be felled to rid our village of its rooks is totally unacceptable… The rooks of Rothbury are part of village life and were here before any of us… The idea that they present a health threat is laughable and a typically alarmist bit of nonsense by Coun Gilson… Jane and Alex Binda, Coquet Vale Mews, Station Road, Rothbury (letter)


Yorkshire Post 4.5.12 Marathon runners have a choice, horses don’t From: Mrs JE Wolfe, Sutherland Road, Lightcliffe, Halifax. OH how I disagree with Maureen Hunt when she compares running the London Marathon with the Grand National… Horses who run the Grand National have no choice. It is time it was stopped!
From: Caroline Davis, Otley. I FEEL I must respond to the letter by Maureen Hunt… Humans enter events such as these by their own choice and with full knowledge of potential risks, racehorses do not have the luxury of that choice and the majority of horse racing is about making money… (letters)

Gloucestershire Gazette 4.5.12 Badger cull will not take place in Stroud district - A BADGER cull will not be allowed to take place on any land owned by Stroud District Council, the authority has decided… (story)
Stroud Life 2.5.12 District signs up to block badger culling - OPPOSITION to badger culling is growing across the Five Valleys and Severn Vale. The district council has voted not to allow culling on its land, as has Stroud Town Council and 100 landowners who signed up to the Stroud 100 pledge… (story)
Stroud News & Journal 30.4.12 Badger cull banned by Stroud District Council By Chris Warne - A BADGER cull will not be allowed to take place on any land owned by Stroud District Council, the authority decided last week…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 27.4.12 Stroud council passes badger cull ban - Olivia Cooper - Stroud District Council has voted to ban any cull of badgers on its land after more than an hour of heated discussion at its latest meeting on Thursday (26 April). The motion, tabled by Labour councillor David Drew and Green Party councillor John Marjoram, called for a ban on all badger culling on land owned, managed and controlled by the council… (story)
Stroud Life 18.4.12 District land cull ban bid - A BID to ban badger culls on Stroud District Council land is to be put to the authority's next full meeting. The proposal from councillors David Drew (Lab, Farm-hill & Paganhill) and John Marjoram (Green, Trinity) asks members to recognise that the "terrible disease" of tuberculosis in cattle needs eradicating… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 14.4.12 Badger cull ban hopes - A BID to ban badger culls on Stroud District Council land is to be put at the authority's next full meeting… (story)

Daily Post 4.5.12 S4C programme angers badger group by Eryl Crump, DPW West - A TV programme about shooting badgers encouraged crime, a wildlife group claims. The Badger Trust has lodged a formal complaint with S4C officials claiming the channel breached Ofcom rules about broadcasting material likely to encourage crime or to lead to disorder… (story)

Croydon Advertiser 4.5.12 Give up animal products for a month - LONDON-BASED group Vegan Campaigns is inviting Londoners to take the Vegan Pledge – eliminating all animal foods from their diets – for one month…. (story)

Western Morning News 4.5.12 Animal charity worker jailed - An accountant has been jailed for ripping off almost £100,000 from an animal charity where she offered to become treasurer. Jennifer Colenso left the charity struggling to look after sick animals after she looted its accounts… (story)
Western Morning News 6.4.12 Treasurer faces jail for £100,000 charity fraud - An accountant is to be jailed after she stole almost £100,000 from an animal charity in Devon where she volunteered to be treasurer… (story)
North Devon Journal 5.4.12 North Devon charity fraudster facing jail term - A woman who defrauded a Devon animal charity out of nearly £100,000 is facing jail after being told by a judge her crimes were so serious a custodial sentence was unavoidable. While working as voluntary treasurer for the North Devon Animal Ambulance, Jennifer Colenso wrote out a number of cheques to her own accountancy consultancy firm… (story)
ThisIsDevon 6.3.12 North Devon charity worker guilty of £99k fraud - The former treasurer of the North Devon Animal Ambulance (NDAA) has admitted to defrauding the charity of around £99,000. Jennifer Colenso, aged 69, of West Yelland, Barnstaple, pleaded guilty to eight fraud by abuse of position charges and one of theft by an employee, at North Devon Magistrates’ Court on Monday… (story)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 4.5.12 Activists fear calves slaughtered cruelly - THE sight of baby cows peering out from cramped veal crates reveals the horror that may await animals leaving Ramsgate's port. Kent Action Against Live Exports (KAALE) is appealing to the European Union after carrying out an investigation into where animals finally end up… Mark Johnson, a spokesman from KAALE, said: "Although we cannot currently declare that live calves being exported from Ramsgate port are ending up in illegal fattening systems in Hungary, it is possible."… (story)


Spalding Guardian 3.5.12 £2,065 court bill for gamekeeper who put pregnant fox in tiny barrel - TWO men using terriers to flush foxes from underground dens put a live pregnant vixen in a tiny barrel because the gamekeeper “didn’t have the heart” to shoot her as the law required. Police were called by children’s home staff to investigate a report that shooting was taking place and men were in their field on April 25 last year, Spalding magistrates heard. Officers went to Fen Road, Holbeach, and found gamekeeper John Bycroft (67), who is the terrier man to the Fitzwilliam Hunt, and Jamie Round (24) nearby with an open horsebox with a plastic barrel inside. The barrel measured just 75cms high and 30cms across and contained a live fox… Magistrates found neither man breached the trespass element of Hunting Act law, but Bycroft alone breached the provision requiring him to shoot the fox as soon as reasonably practical… (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 3.5.12 Hunt terrier man fined over fox ‘in a barrel’ - A LEADING member of Peterborough’s Fitzwilliam Hunt has been fined for a breach of anti-hunting laws. Gamekeeper John Bycroft (67), who is the terrier man to the Fitzwilliam Hunt, was found with another man using terriers to flush foxes from underground dens. But he fell foul of the law after putting a live pregnant vixen in a tiny barrel because he “didn’t have the heart” to shoot her. The Hunting Act demands that foxes flushed out of their dens are immediately shot dead by a competent person…. (story)

BBC News Online 3.5.12 Grand National: RSPCA urges scrap Becher's Brook - The RSPCA is calling for the Becher's Brook fence to be scrapped from the Grand National course…. (story)
Guardian 2.5.12 BHA declines knee-jerk reaction to RSPCA Grand National attack - Greg Wood - The British Horseracing Authority said on Wednesday it would not be drawn into "any knee-jerk reactions or decisions" following a call by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for Becher's Brook, steeplechasing's most famous obstacle, to be removed from theGrand National course at Aintree…. (story)
York Press 1.5.12 Horse deaths at Grand National could not have been predicted, says report By Dan Bean - THE deaths of two horses, including one from North Yorkshire, at this year’s John Smith’s Grand National could not have been foreseen, an investigation has concluded…. Following the race, an investigation was launched by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), to look into the circumstances surrounding the deaths, and the problems at the start of the race. Jamie Stier, director of raceday operations and regulation for the BHA, said the review was conducted using veterinary evidence and detailed analysis of all available television footage. Mr Stier said: “In the case of both Synchronised and According To Pete, it was apparent that factors one could neither have foreseen nor prevented were prevalent in the events that led to the two horses sustaining their injuries… (story)
Guardian 1.5.12 RSPCA want removal of 'killer fence' Becher's Brook at Grand National - Chris Cook - The RSPCA has set itself in direct opposition to racing's ruling body by calling for a radical overhaul of the Grand National, despite a preliminary report from the British Horseracing Authority saying that the deaths of two horses in last month's race could not have been foreseen or prevented. The charity responded with its own report, calling for "seven key actions", including the removal of Becher's Brook, which it described as a "killer fence"…. (story)

Western Morning News 3.5.12 Pasty-stealing fox hampers Tors training - A rogue fox is causing problems for youngsters training for this year's Ten Tors after twice attacking the same campsite – stealing pasties from rucksacks and even gnawing through dozens of guy ropes. The animal first struck at the end of February when a group from Dartmouth had set up camp on a sheltered patch of ground near Sheepstor… (story)

Independent 3.5.12 TV study of the urban fox is bigger than Big Brother eviction night - A new TV programme tracking urban foxes has been a surprise hit - Adam Sherwin - Its stars already have a Facebook fan club and the web audience has beaten Big Brother. A Channel 4 live study of urban foxes has gripped viewers and helped challenge a perception that the creatures are little more than noisy, scavenging pests… (story)
Gloucester Citzen 1.5.12 Urban foxes in Gloucestershire - are they a friend or foe? FOXES are opportunist urban predators who can wreak havoc on farm stocks in the countryside, but love them or hate them they are here to stay. A Channel Four documentary tracking fox activity across Britain has launched, with viewers able to track tagged animal movements online, revealing a fascinating insight into their hunting and feeding habits in towns…. Martin Brooks, 48, has been working for charity Vale Wildlife Centre in Tewkesbury for 16-years and says the numbers of foxes needing rescue from urban areas has dropped…. (story)
Unreality TV 30.4.12 Foxes Live: Wild in the City tonight on Channel 4 by Lisa McGarry - Foxes Live: Wild in the City is a brand new live interactive natural history event carrying out the biggest ever nationwide study into urban foxes in the UK… (story)
Independent on Sunday 29.4.12 Tally ho! Everything you need to know about urban foxes - As the biggest national survey begins on Channel 4 tomorrow, Sarah Morrison separates reality from myth - Foxes are the animal kingdom's answer to Marmite – you either love them or hate them. And yet, with an estimated 27 foxes per square mile in some of our cities, it is no simple task to avoid them. Whether you want to feed them or flee from them, Channel 4 will make your life easier tomorrow when it launches what it hopes will be the biggest nationwide study of urban foxes in the UK…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 29.4.12 FOXCAM Secret Life of the urban fox - They bite each other playfully, frolic in their den — then grow up to become menaces. These images for a Channel 4 documentary show urban fox cubs captured on infra-red cameras more normally used for wildlife documentaries in the countryside…. (story)
Guardian 19.4.12 Channel 4 live shows to investigate urban foxes - Foxes Live: Wild in the City, airing across three nights, aims to take UK census of the animals involving interactive website - John Plunkett - Channel 4 will do for foxes what Springwatch did for blue tits with a live natural history show that promises the biggest ever nationwide study into urban foxes in the UK. Foxes Live: Wild in the City will air across three nights on Channel 4 and aims to give viewers a "fox eye view of our cities" with cutting-edge technology and user-generated content. Broadcasting live from London's Battersea power station it will presented by veterinary expert Mark Evans, from Channel 4's Inside Nature's Giants, and Four Rooms host Anita Rani… (story)

Essex Echo 3.5.12 Our cheek to criticise foxes - Many humans appear to be unable to get it into their heads overbreeding and requiring evermore of natural habitats for our own selfish greedy needs is where the problem lies… Capitalism is absolutely unsustainable. The fox population is utterly minuscule compared to the non-stop human expansion which is continuing unchecked… Les Lampert, Grange Park Drive, Leigh (letter)

Leatherhead Advertiser 3.5.12 Village shop takes pride in local food - L ocal, natural, ethical – that's the ethos behind Village Greens Farm Shop in Ockley, which has been in the village for five years, since the end of April 2007. It is owned and run by husband and wife team James and Catherine Dampier… Village Greens won the 2008 Countryside Alliance Award for Best Local Food Retailer in the South of East of England and was highly commended in the same category for 2010…. (story)

Construction Index 3.5.12 Builders join heritage lobby in calls for listed buildings VAT plan to be axed - A coalition of organisations has written to the chancellor of the exchequer urging him to drop plans for a 20% increase in VAT on approved alterations to listed buildings. The letter to the chancellor was signed by the Building & Engineering Services Association, the Campaign to Protect Rural England, the Country Land & Business Association, the Countryside Alliance, the Electrical Contractors' Association, the Federation of Master Builders, the Glass and Glazing Federation, the Historic Houses Association, the Institute of Historic Building Conservation, House Beautiful, the Listed Property Owners Club, the National Federation of Builders, the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, the National Home Improvement Council, the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and The Heritage Alliance (story)
Newcastle Journal 2.5.12 Chancellor under fire over listed buildings VAT increase - A BROAD coalition of organisations has written to the Chancellor urging him not to press ahead with a 20% increase in VAT on approved alterations to listed buildings…. The letter has been signed by the Building & Engineering Services Association, the Campaign to Protect Rural England, the Country Land & Business Association, the Countryside Alliance, the Electrical Contractors’ Association, the Federation of Master Builders, the Glass and Glazing Federation, the Historic Houses Association, the Institute of Historic Building Conservation, House Beautiful, the Listed Property Owners Club, the National Federation of Builders, the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, the National Home Improvement Council, the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and The Heritage Alliance. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.5.12 Badgers should be spared cull - I AM delighted that Wales has now abandoned a policy of killing badgers in favour of vaccination instead. England is now looking increasingly isolated in its policy of badger eradication… If your disgust that English badgers are still under threat is as profound as mine, please consider boycotting all English dairy products until they reverse the policy in England, and stop a barbaric and murderous slaughter of our beloved badgers…. Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, St Thomas, Exeter (letter)

Bath Chronicle 3.5.12 Store staff caged in animal-testing protest - The plight of animals used in cosmetics testing was highlighted by a stunt pulled at a Bath store…. Danny Rothschild, a sales assistant at Lush's Bath store, said: "On the most basic level, animal testing is so incredibly unnecessary and unethical… (story)
Financial Times 30.4.12 Stunt deconstructed: Lush’s animal tests on a human By Alexandra Stevenson - Lush is no stranger to controversy. For the past six years the cosmetics company has employed a range of shock tactics, such as displaying actors hanging from shark hooks to protest against animal abuses. Such campaigns are a relatively recent development in the company’s 17-year history. “Something changed in 2006,” it explains on its website. That was the year The Body Shop, a rival well-known for its anti-cruelty position, was bought by L’Oréal, a company that has come under pressure for animal testing. Thus, Lush’s recent shock campaign may gain it market share as well as petition signaturesThe company’s most recent stunt coincided with World Week for Animals in Laboratories… (story)
Guardian 27.4.12 Lush's human performance art was about animal cruelty not titillation - This was not a sexy version of the oppression of women. It was designed to challenge public apathy about animal testing - Tamsin Omond …Lush – as part of our Fighting Animal Testing campaign – allowed a performance artist to represent animal testing for the cosmetics industry in our shop window. The images were brutal, yet the representation is a fraction of the horror that occurs behind the closed doors of laboratories across the world. It was also a performance – at any moment Jacqui could communicate with us or walk out… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 26.4.12 Animal testing bugs bunny - AN animal rights activist in a bunny outfit proved an entertaining sight for two-year-old twins Adam and Yanis Kechida after squeezing into a cage to protest against animal testing. Lush Cosmetics and the Humane Society were making their point in Princes Street… (story)
Ecologist 25.4.12 Lush launches anti-animal testing campaign - Mark Briggs - To coincide with World Day for Laboratory Animals, Lush turned their Regent Street shop window into a human testing zone to highlight the plight of the millions of animals worldwide who suffer at the hands of the beauty industry… (story)
Sun 25.4.12 Woman's shocking 'animal testing' protest in shop window - AN animal rights campaigner has brought horror to a famous London street - by submitting to brutal ANIMAL TESTS in a shop window. Terrified Jacqueline Traide was force-fed and given injections in front of appalled shoppers at beauty store Lush on the capital's Regent Street…. (story)
Mirror 25.4.12 Treated like an animal: Demonstrator tortured in shop window in protest against animal testing - Jacqueline Traide, 24, was restrained, force-fed and injected with cosmetics in front of horrified shoppers in a bid to end the practise…. (story)
Mancunian Matters 25.4.12 Campaigner caged for the day at Manchester Arndale's Lush store in protest against animal testing - An animal rights campaigner staged a demonstration locked in a small cage in a Manchester Arndale cosmetics shop yesterday. Lush worker Simon Richards spent eight hours, his normal working shift, in the cramped conditions to highlight the Lush Fighting Animal Testing campaign…. This is one of several publicity stunts Lush stores staged across the country. The most high profile protest was staged at the Regent Street store in London which saw Oxford Brookes University student, Jacqueline Traide, ‘experimented’ on by performance artist Oliver Cronk… (story)
Mail 24.4.12 Is this the most extreme window display ever? Brutal treatment of woman, 24, as she is subjected to 'animal tests' in front of horrified shoppers By Paul Harris - They dragged her along with a rope around her neck and pushed her down on a bench. It was feeding time for Jacqueline Traide and you could tell from the look on her face she was terrified…. For the next ten hours, this attractive, 24-year-old artist was given injections, had her skin abraded and smothered in lotions and potions – then endured having a strip of her hair shaved off in front of stunned onlookers in one of Britain’s busiest streets… Dressed in nothing but a flesh-coloured body stocking, she was put on display in the shop window of Lush cosmetic store’s branch in Regent Street, London, to re-enact widely used tests. The ‘cruelty-free’ chain is helping to spearhead a Humane Society International campaign to end cosmetic testing on animals…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.5.12 Support available in month-long campaign to try animal-free diet - THE first Exeter Vegan Pledge has taken place to invite people to try an animal-free diet for a month. Around 30 people of all ages and backgrounds took part in the challenge, which was organised by Exeter Friends For Animals (EFFA) and was inspired by similar initiatives around the country… Pledgers attended free workshops at the beginning and end of the month, consisting of talks, films, discussions, nutritional advice from a registered dietician, cookery demonstrations, vegan cheese and chocolate samples and a vegan lunch. They were also each assigned a vegan "buddy" they could contact with any queries… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 3.5.12 Letter: Taste of their own medicine - I was pleased to read the Telegraph Comment (LT, April 20) which referred to louts and the cruelty involved in the killing and persecution of badgers…. A proper start should be made to punish these people by dishing the same treatment out that they have shown to both humans and animals… A James (Mrs), Brierfield. (letter)


Computer Business Review 2.5.12 Ofcom facing an Everything Everywhere PR blitz ahead of 4G decision - Allan Swann - Everything Everywhere is ramping up a PR blitz, to put pressure on Ofcom's looming decision next week on whether it can launch 4G in 2012… It has also launched 4GBritain, a website to raise awareness about the technology, which has partners including the Countryside Alliance, Huawei, National Farmer's Union, Student Beans, and Virgin Media, to name a few… (story)
Onlne News Today 1.5.12 Everything Everywhere’s 4G LTE network plans to provide internet to 10 million people and has the potential to add £75 billion to the British economy - According to Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile), its proposed 4G network will provide lightning-fast internet to at least 10 million people in the UK who previously do not have the luxury of internet access… Rural areas that normally do not get decent internet will benefit from 4G. Countryside Alliance’s Sarah Lee said, “A lack of mobile signal and broadband in the countryside continues to be one of the biggest headaches for households and businesses alike… (story)
Telegraph 30.4.12 Mobile operators row over 4G lobbying - Everything Everywhere, Britain's largest mobile operator, has stepped up its lobbying ahead of an Ofcom decision on a prime chunk of 4G spectrum. It has launched "4GBritain", a campaign which it says is designed to get stop Britain falling behind other countries such as Germany and the US… Rivals claim the new campaign is part of Everything Everywhere's effort to claim a licence to reuse its existing 1800MHz spectrum to deliver 4G… Everything Every said its latest campaign was designed to speed up the introduction of 4G services acrosss the board, however, citing support from the Countryside Alliance and Virgin Media, among others… (story)
CNet 30.4.12 4G to speed up the Web for 10m people, pump £75bn into UK By Rich Trenholm - 4G will give superfast broadband to at least 10 million people who can't get decent Internet speeds any other way, according to the people behind Orange and T-Mobile. The two phone companies are owned by Everything Everywhere, which plans to establish a superfast LTE mobile broadband network before the end of the year… Sarah Lee of the Countryside Alliance argues that: "A lack of mobile signal and broadband in the countryside continues to be one of the biggest headaches for households and businesses alike… (story)
Marketing Week 30.4.12 EE steps up lobbying for 4G rollout - Everything Everywhere has launched a website to educate brands and consumers about the benefits of 4G in a bid to speed up the roll out of the spectrum in the UK… 4GBritain claims to already be supported by Virgin Media, Huawei, The Countryside Alliance and…. (story)
V3 30.4.12 Everything Everywhere touts financial importance of 4G to UK economy by Dan Worth - Everything Everywhere has launched a campaign to highlight the importance of 4G networks to the UK in an effort to convince Ofcom it should be allowed to roll out LTE services on its existing 1800MHz network. The 4GBritain campaign, which is also backed by The Countryside Alliance, Virgin Media and Huawei, launched on Monday… (story)
Gizmodo 30.4.12 Everything Everywhere’s 4GBritain Campaign Provokes Wrath From Rival Networks (Updated With O2, Vodafone and Three Statements) - Kat Hannaford - More and more of the analogue spectrum is being switched off ahead of Ofcom’s 4G auction later this year. But Everything Everywhere, having previously decried the delayed roll-out of the faster data services, has stepped up its lobbying of the government, with the launch of their 4GBritain campaign today. And Vodafone isn’t happy — again… Gizmodo UK, and our sister-publications T3 and TechRadar have signed the campaign, in the consumers’ best interests of receiving 4G speeds sooner rather than later; along with Countryside Alliance, Huawei, Virgin Media and… (story)
Mobile Today 30.4.12 4G rollout could boost economy and jobs, says Everything Everywhere - The introduction of 4G services could boost GDP by £75bn by the end of the decade, according to new research commissioned by Everything Everywhere… Among the other organisations featured on the 4G Britain site are Virgin Mobile, an MVNO that uses Everything Everywhere's network, Huawei, and the Countryside Alliance… (story)
DTG 30.4.12 Everything Everywhere launches 4G Britain campaign - Everything Everywhere has set-up a website for organisations and individuals to learn more about 4G and say why they want it to be introduced in the UK…. Supporters of the website include 4GBritain Website Supporters include: Countryside Alliance, Gizmodo UK, Huawei, National Farmer's Union, and Virgin Media… (story)
RegHardware 30.4.12 Everything Everywhere rolls out the 4G Astroturf - Celebrities line up to deny involvement By Bill Ray - Everything Everywhere's attempt to garner public backing for its UK monopoly on 4G launched to angry responses today. EE has promised to inject £75bn into Blighty's economy if only the regulator would stand aside… We revealed the nature of the campaign 10 days ago in these very pages, but since thenThe Guardian has been chasing up rumours that everybody's favourite intellectual Stephen Fry was involved, along with Jonathan Ross, only for both celebs to deny it. In fact the campaign counts the Countryside Alliance and National Union of Farmers among its supporters, along with tech publications Gizmodo and T3… (story)
Guardian 27.4.12 Row over campaign for earlier launch of 4G mobile internet - Juliette Garside and Rupert Neate - Britain's largest mobile operator has set up a "not for profit" organisation which has been trying to recruit celebrities and entrepreneurs to back a change in regulation that rivals say would allow it to steal a march on competitors… An email dated 13 April to a prospective supporter from a member of EE claimed: "4G Britain is a not-for-profit group supported by organisations including Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile), eBay, Autonomy,, The Countryside Alliance and London First … (story)

South Wales Evening Post 2.5.12 Swansea Animal Rights Street Cellection - Swansea Animal Rights would like to thank the people of Swansea for their generosity. On the 14th April, 2012, Swansea Animal Rights held a street collection in the town centre of Swansea and raised £121.40…. (story)


Border Telegraph 1.5.12 Hound show returns to Kelso Races - KELSO Racecourse, a longstanding supporter of the Countryside and all Field Sports, will demonstrate their enthusiasm for country-life with a themed race day on Wednesday, May 2… Richard Landale, Managing Director of Kelso Racecourse, said… We are thrilled to announce our feature complimentary event will be a Hound Show that will take place before racing in the Parade Ring from approximately 4.15pm… Entries have been received from The Jedforest Hunt, Percy Hunt, West Percy Hunt and College Valley and North Northumberland all vying to take home the Prize money and perpetual John Manners trophy… (story)

Newslite 1.5.12 Paintball firm offers human fox hunting - Frustrated would-be fox hunters are being offered a wacky alternative by a paintballing company -- the chance to shoot at a 'human fox.' Bosses at say they came up with the idea -- which sees paintball gun totting 'hunters' chasing a man in a fox costume -- to help satisfy the urges of people after the 2005 hunting ban…. All participants don traditional hunting attire and there is even the sound of a bugle to start the hunt…. (story)

Bicester Advertiser 1.5.12 Greyhound welfare campaigners promise ongoing campaign at Towcester Racecourse - GREYHOUND owners who say the numbers of dogs treated cruelly for sport is heavily underestimate have promised an ongoing campaign at Towcester Racecourse. On Monday 10 protestors gathered at the racecourse entrance to highlight plans for a £1.25 million dog track… Amanda Richards from Brackley said they hope to have protestors at the entrance at every Saturday race night…. (story)

BBC News Online 1.5.12 Badger cull: Carwyn Jones says plan dropped 'because of law and science' - The decision to abandon a cull of badgers in Wales was based on science and the law, not politics, says First Minister Carwyn Jones… (story)