May 2013

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Independent 31.5.13 Badger cull: Companies and marksmen in shoot have their identities protected amid fear of reprisal from opponents - TOM BAWDEN - The farmers and marksmen involved in the badger culls are so fearful of reprisals from opponents of the trial that they are being protected by an iron cloak of anonymity, according to the director of the company running the programme in Gloucestershire… (story)

Independent 31.5.13 Chief vet: We need badger cull to prevent spread of TB to humans - Infected wild animals pose ‘a risk to health’, says Nigel Gibbens, as population control trials begin - TOM BAWDEN - Tuberculosis in cattle could spread to humans unless the UK takes bold action to curb of the disease in the country’s badger population, Britain’s chief vet warned today. With the Government’s highly controversial badger cull season due to start on Saturday, its highest ranking vet, Nigel Gibbens, said there is “no doubt” that badgers are partially responsible for spreading bovine TB through cattle, posing a risk to pets and, in turn, human health… (story)

Independent 31.5.13 Editorial: These badger culls represent the triumph of politics over science - Scientist after eminent scientist has concluded that there is little hard research to justify the decimation of badger populations. So why is the Government going ahead?... (story)

ITV 31.5.13 NFU: Badger cull is not about 'wiping them out' - The vice president of the National Farmers' Union, Adam Quinney, said the badger cull is not about "wiping out badgers" but reducing TB in "areas where it is endemic"…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 31.5.13 Badger cull: what do you think? Culling of badgers begins this weekend, to try to tackle the spread of TB in cattle…. (story)

Huffington Post 31.5.13 Badger Cull Starts This Weekend Despite Protests Led By Brian May - Controversial culling of badgers as part of efforts to tackle TB in cattle goes ahead from this weekend, in the face of protests from animal welfare campaigners…. (story)

Food Manufacture 31.5.13 BADGER CULL – RSPCA AGAIN ACCUSED OF “BULLYING AND HYPOCRISY” By Mike Stones - The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has again been accused of “bullying and hypocrisy”, after Freedom Food – its wholly owned subsidiary – wrote to farmers in the new badger cull areas, warning those who allowed the cull on their land would be in breach of contract and ineligible to use its logo…. (story)

Argus 31.5.13 Protesting against the Government's badger cull - Public opinion polls routinely show decisive opposition to the idea of a badger cull… David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks (letter)

Stroud News & Journal 31.5.13 Badger cull is an outrage - I AM already dreading June because our un-elected government are going to kill our Gloucestershire badgers… These are the same people who hunt foxes having killed cubs and blocked up the foxes holes so that there is no refuge for Raynard if he does escape the snarling hounds and the even more disgusting hunters…. Jacqueline Peacey Stroud (letter)

BBC News Online 31.5.13 Wrexham's new mayor ditches fur robes - The new mayor of Wrexham says he is ditching his current ceremonial robes after discovering they contain real animal fur. Stansty councillor I David Bithell was alerted by an animal rights supporter after being installed in his new post last week…. His decision followed an approach by David Price, a supporter of the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta… (story)
Wrexham News 29.5.13 Wrexham’s Mayor To Stop Wearing Fur Written by Rob Taylor - Readers of the forums will have been aware of a debatestarted by a forum user a week ago about the use of fur on the Mayor’s robes after our Mayor Making coverage. This afternoon The Mayor of Wrexham, Cllr I. David Bithell MBE said: “As a supporter of animal welfare it would go against my principles and morals to continue wearing the ceremonial robe.”… (story)

Mancunian Matters 31.5.13 Animal cruelty reform requires constant government lobbying, says Save the Harlan Beagles’ Manchester founder - Cruelty to animals should see custodial sentences of up to two years and lifetime bans imposed for persistent offenders, according to an online petition due to close tomorrow. Alex Irving, 56, the Manchester founder of campaign group Save the Harlan Beagles says petitions to the government such as this are vital in raising awareness for animal rights… (story)

Mancunian Matters 31.5.13 'Just a money-making venture': Campaigners fail to stop opening of Trafford Centre Sea Life aquarium - Animal rights groups have failed to stop a controversial Sea Life aquarium from opening in Manchester’s Trafford Centre next week…. Manchester Animal Action, who campaign locally against all forms of animal exploitation, said the public have the wrong idea about the work of aquariums…. (story)

iDigital Times 31.5.13 Anonymous Attacks PETA for Demanding Identities of Online Commenters By Vanilla Sharma - Hacking group Anonymous has condemned PETA for demanding the identities of online commenters who have said harsh things about the animal rights organisation…. (story) 28.5.13 PETA wants to sue web opponents - Stop calling us Dr Death for puppies by Nick Farrell in Rome - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is so angry that it has been caught out euthanising animals in one Virginia shelter that it wants to sue the online magazine that revealed it… (story)


Western Morning News 30.5.13 Solicitor calls on farmers threatened over badger cull not to be intimidated Most protests against the badger cull have been legal, above board, and perfectly proper. Some, however, have resorted to sinister threats – and it could get worse. Philip Bowern reports on how farmers can defend themselves… Westcountry-based solicitors Clarke Willmott, however, suggest a different course. The Taunton practice, specialists in rural law and looking after the interests of farmers, landowners and country sportsmen and women, say there are regulations in place that those who feel threatened can use to protect themselves… (story)

Bristol Post 30.5.13 We seem to be intent on killing - WE face another badger cull without listening to experts… Man seems intent on killing. Do we really want our children growing up to only see a badger on TV or in a book? Beth Sheppard Bedminster (story)

Oxford Times 29.5.13 Badger ‘slaughter’ - Julia Hammett, Oxfordshire Badger Group (letter)
Oxford Mail 24.5.13 Badger cull bad science - JULIA Hammett (ViewPoints, May 22) hit the nail on the head in exposing the corrupt nature of this Government’s decision to pander to amoral dairy farmers in giving the go-ahead to the massacre of our badgers… M PRITCHARD Linkside Avenue Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 22.5.13 Badger cull inhumane - On June 1, badgers out on their nightly forage for food in areas of the West Country will be shot. Many of them will not be killed outright but be badly injured to crawl off and die a slow and painful death. How can this be happening to one of the best-loved wild animals in the country?... JULIA HAMMETT Oxfordshire Badger Group Hurst Rise Oxford (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 30.5.13 Halal slaughterhouse protest - Anti-Islamic campaigners are planning to protest against a Halal slaughterhouse opening in Skegness. The East Anglian Patriots are organising the demo for July 6… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 30.5.13 Tigers are only safe in the wild - BEN WILLIAMSON People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)
Western Mail 30.5.13 Life sentences in zoos - We were saddened to hear of the passing of Sarah McClay when she was mauled by a tiger in a Cumbrian wildlife park.. Keeping wild animals in captivity and denying them the opportunity to fulfil even their most basic needs, such as selecting a mate and leading a life without human domination at every turn, can lead to neurotic behaviour and depression… BEN WILLIAMSON, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) (letter)

Newark Advertiser 30.5.13 End live transport - With reference to live animals being exported, I feel no standard would be too high for these poor creatures, and I’m very aware that this is not the case…. (Mrs) M. S. CLARKE, Main Street, Balderton. (letter)


The Sentinel 29.5.13 Fur and feathers are all set to fly - FERRET racing, falconry , fly-casting and farm animals can all be found among the attractions at the Country Pursuits Arena at the 2013 Staffordshire County Show…. (story)

Guardian 29.5.13 I read Chris Packham's article (Britain's paradise has been lost, 25 May) with interest…. The war against protected raptors continues unabated. The fact that much of this activity is illegal is no deterrent… Gordon Woodroffe York
Sad to read that Natural England has granted a licence to destroy buzzard nests and eggs to protect pheasants…. I would prefer them to grant a licence to destroy the halfwits who present the greatest threat to pheasants. The winter months are ruined around here by the sound of incessant shooting. Rod White Uley, Gloucestershire (letters)

Western Mail 29.5.13 Rescue greyhounds - GARY LEWIS Maesteg, Bridgend (letter)
South Wales Echo 29.5.13 Please help save the greyhounds - THIS week is national Greyhound Awareness Week in the UK, when greyhound campaigners hold events in their local areas to highlight the cruel plight of the racing greyhound… Have a heart for the greyhounds – please don’t bet on or attend greyhound racing, that way this industry will fall into further demise…. Gary Lewis Maesteg (letter)

Channel 4 News 29.5.13 Cold culling: will protesters stop the badger cull? - Just days before a controversial cull of badgers can begin, opponents claim government agencies are still trying to recruit workers for the scheme…. Jay Tiernan from Stop the Cull told Channel 4 News: "We expect to have hundreds of people out in the countryside as soon we find out that culling has begun… (story)

Bournemouth Echo 29.5.13 Queen star’s plea to stop the badger cull in Dorset By Joanna Davis - EMOTIONS ran high as rock star Brian May spoke at a Dorset meeting against government plans to cull badgers… (story)
BBC News Online 25.5.13 Dorchester badger cull campaigners 'on same side'- About 350 people packed Dorchester's Corn Exchange to hear Queen guitarist Dr Brian May talk about the forthcoming badger cull…. (story)
Dorset Echo 25.5.13 Full house in Dorchester for rock star's badger plea By Joanna Davis - EMOTIONS ran high as rock star Brian May spoke at a Dorchestermeeting against government plans to cull badgers. It was standing room only at the Corn Exchange as the Queen guitarist pleaded with residents to help join the fight against the cull… (story)
Western Daily Press/Western Gazette 24.5.13 Queen guitarist Brian May to speak at anti badger cull meeting in Dorchester - QUEEN guitarist Brian May is speaking at a meeting in Dorset against the badger cull tonight. The Team Badger public meeting takes place in the Corn Exchange, East High Street, Dorchester from 7pm to 9pm… (story)
BBC News Online 24.5.13 Brian May to speak at Dorset badger cull meeting - Former Queen guitarist and vice-president of the RSPCA Dr Brian May is to speak at a public meeting in Dorset about the forthcoming badger cull… (story)
Western Morning News 23.5.13 Anti-badger cull rock star Brian May to speak at meeting in region - Rock star and RSPCA vice-president Brian May, left, is to speak at a public meeting in Dorchester tomorrow to oppose plans to kill thousands of badgers…. (story)
Dorset Daily Echo 23.5.13 Fears Dorset badgers could be wiped out - MANY of the county’s badgers could be wiped out if an “unscientific” cull goes ahead, a top vet has warned. Mark Jones, who is also the UK director of the Humane Society International, will speak at a local Team Badger meeting tomorrow… (story)
Dorset Echo 20.5.13 Queen legend joins badger cull fight in Dorset - ROCK star Brian May is headlining a public meeting in Dorchester to fight plans for a badger cull. The Queen guitarist will be among the speakers at Team Badger's Stop the Cull event at the Corn Exchange on Friday May 24… (story)

County Gazette 29.5.13 Somerset badger cull protesters demonstrate in Taunton - ANTI-BADGER cull protesters staged a demonstration in Taunton town centre this afternoon (May 29). Members of the Somerset Against the Badger Cull group donned badger costumes and handed out leaflets to shoppers…. (story)

Guardian 29.5.13 I cannot understand why reports on the findings of the independent scientific group on cattle TB concentrate on only one of its two key conclusions – that badger culling could make no meaningful contribution to control of TB in cattle. Sir John Bourne, in his covering letter to the secretary of state in June 2007, stated: "Scientific findings indicate that the rising incidence of disease can be reversed, and geographical spread contained, by the rigid application of cattle-based control measures alone… Ivor Annetts, Tiverton, Devon (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 29.5.13 Animal-free research - I AM very pleased for Jean Bayliss (Daily Echo, May 20) that she has recovered from cancer due, she says, to Cancer Research UK’s work. But I know that many worry about the number of animals used by CR UK and other vivisection charities in Britain… So may I point out please that a number of charities sponsor only research using the many alternatives to animals…. S CLAYTON, Southampton (letter)


Gazette & Herald 28.5.13 Annual May Bank Holiday celebrations held at Duncombe Park By Mark Stead - STUNTS, costumes and horses were all part of the fun at a North Yorkshire stately home’s annual May Bank Holiday celebration… Photo: Sam Brown gives hounds Winner and Wenlock, from the Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt, a treat (story)

Guardian 28.5.13 'Drones are changing the face of conservation' - The use of 'eye in the sky' drones has become a cost-effective way for conservationists to track suspected illegal activity - John Vidal - Anti-hunting groups in Britain, conservationists on African game reserves and US animal welfare groups have started using drones to combat poaching and to monitor suspected illegal activities. The cost of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has dropped so fast in the past year that it has now become cost-effective for civilians, rather than only the military, to use them widely, says Steve Roest, former chief executive of the Sea Shepherd conservation society… Roest and the former Dutch policeman Laurens de Groot have set up a new charity called ShadowView to enable environment groups to observe activities such as illegal forestry, cruelty to animals and factory farming. During 2012, ShadowView worked with the League Against Cruel Sports to monitor suspected illegal hunting in the UK and in the next few weeks they will begin work with marine watchdog group The Black Fish in the Mediterranean… (story)

Mail 28.5.13 Does the RSPCA care more about foxes than the family pets they savage? Believe it or not, the charity doesn't want to be seen as 'species-ist' By Vincent Graff - The more I hear about Chico, the pedigree chihuahua on the sofa next to me, the more I fall in love with him… The weekend before last, just after dark, the family was enjoying a peaceful evening at home when suddenly they heard a piercing, screaming noise from the garden. They rushed to the French windows at the back of their flat to see an appalling sight: their beloved pet — a gentle, playful dog smaller than a tabby cat — dangling from the jaws of a fox… But what made matters worse for her and the family was the attitude they say they found when they took the animal to their local RSPCA branch in Putney, South-West London. While the Brewsters are grateful the vet saved their dog’s life, they are angry and bemused by the way Britain’s premier animal charity treats the threat from urban foxes…. (story)

ContactMusic 28.5.13 Queen - Brian May Backing Badger Rally - Queen rocker Brian May is urging his fans to take to the streets of London on Saturday (01Jun13) to demonstrate against a planned badger cull in his native Britain…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 28.5.13 Queen star ?adds guitar ?to badger cull song - A PROTEST song penned by a Bridlington piano teacher has been released – with rock legend Brian May on guitar. Shirley Highton wrote the anti-badger cull tune Badger Boys between teaching students – and ended up being invited by Dr May, who is spearheading the protest, for a recording session at his home studio in Surrey… (story)

Western Daily Press 28.5.13 Environment Minister: badger cull could last 25 years - A badger cull to reduce TB in cattle could go on for 25 years and eventually include “routine” shooting by farmers, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has warned, ahead of two pilot schemes due to start this week… (story)

The Sentinel 28.5.13 Badger TB jab call nets cash - A CONSERVATION charity has raised nearly £7,500 in an appeal to vaccinate badgers against bovine tuberculosis. Staffordshire Wildlife Trust wants to raise £25,000 for the programme… (story)

Western Daily Press 28.5.13 Cull scientists have paymasters in mind - In response to your editorial ("There is no satisfactory alternative. Culls must go ahead", Western Daily Press, May 22) about the proposed badger cull, the only science that is dubious comes from vets or scientists who tow the party or firms' line who happen to be their paymasters… Andrew Williams West Country Badger Patrol Group (letter)

Argus 28.5.13 Protest against the badger cull - How many of us have seen a real, live badger around Brighton?... This Saturday, June 1, Brightonians will join many from around the country in a family-friendly gathering in London to say “Save our badgers”…. Chris Pitt, Care For The Wild (letter)

Shropshire Star 28.5.13 Letter: Badger cull must be halted - We support the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and other wildlife experts such as David Attenborough, Chris Packham and Bill Odie, who are opposed to killing wildlife…. Lorraine Parker Shropshire against the cull Much Wenlock (lette)

Sunderland Echo 28.5.13 A vegetarian life is a healthier option - IT was good to see the feature on National Vegetarian Week in last Monday’s Echo. It is by far a healthier way to live…. Amelia Wilkinson, Sunderland. (letter)

Derby Telegraph 28.5.13 Victoria Martindale: Protect animals with transparent medical research By Victoria Martindale - THE British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) has exposed the appalling plight of animals in medical research in an undercover investigation at Imperial College London. Whenever the animal cruelty involved in medical research is exposed, the debate is all about delivering health advancement…. A few months ago, Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone trotted out the official venerable mantra: "This government expects and requires the highest standards in animal research in the UK"…. A simple way to remedy this outrageous scandal and regain public trust would be to remove the secrecy clause on animal research and ensure true transparency and accountability here after… (story)

Ashbourne Telegraph 28.5.13 Pig farm plans 'have only been tweaked' Written by GARETH BUTTERFIELD - PLANS for a pig farm near Ashbourne which could house more than 25,000 pigs on a 70-acre site have been amended… However, protesters against the plans, including Derby Animal Rights and the Foston and Scropton Action Group, say MPP has ignored years of opposition from residents by not making any significant alterations to their plans, claiming they have just been ‘tweaked’…. (story)


Horse & Hound 27.5.13 Drones threat to monitor hunts ‘a PR stunt’ - Earlier this year, the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) announced it would deploy surveillance drones to monitor hunts next season. So should hunts be worried or is it just a scare tactic? According to the Countryside Alliance (CA), this is nothing but a “PR stunt”…. (story)

Ashbourne News Telegraph 27.5.13 A chance to try clay pigeon shooting Written by GARETH BUTTERFIELD - A SHOOTING centre near Ashbourne is holding a series of events this week to introduce people to the sport. Doveridge Clay Sports and Corporate Leisure, at Eaton Hall Farm, in Upwoods Road in Doveridge, is planning to carry on the momentum of the interest following the London 2012 Olympic Games… British Association for Shooting and Conservation coach and Guild of Shooting Instructor Ann Litchfield will be holding introductory courses. The events co-incide with National Shooting Week, which is run by the Countryside Alliance… (story)
Dorset Echo 22.5.13 Olympic gold star Wilson sets his sights on raising profile of shooting By David Williams, Sports Reporter - OLYMPIC double trap champion Peter Wilson believes that taking up shooting can make youngsters better people and has challenged any sceptics to give the sport a go before passing judgement…. Wilson was speaking at Southern Coun-ties Shooting in Evershot, the place he learnt to shoot and still uses to train, to aid the launch of the Countryside Alliance’s National Shooting Week, which runs from May 25 to June 2…. (story)
Farming Life 19.5.13 Plans well advanced for 2013 National Shooting Week - National Shooting Week will be held from 25 May until 2 June 2013…. CAI chief executive, Lyall Plant, commented: “I am delighted that this year, Countryside Alliance Ireland is participating in National Shooting Week…. (story)
Dorset Echo 18.5.13 London gold is the pinnacle for shooting star Wilson By David Williams - PETER Wilson has conceded that nothing he achieves during the rest of his shooting career will beat winning Olympic gold last year. Speaking at the Southern Counties Shooting Ground to help launch National Shooting Week, the double trap champion from Dorchester described his success at London 2012 as the “pinnacle” of his sport…. (story)
Western Morning News 17.5.13 Is teaching our children to use guns safely a force for good – or ill? - It was, no one can deny, a shocking story. A five-year-old boy in Kentucky cleaning his rifle… accidentally shot and killed his two-year-old sister…. More than 7,000 under-18s received shotgun certificates between 2008 and 2010, a handful of them were just ten years old…. So what are these young people doing with their shotguns? Many are trying to emulating British Olympic clay-pigeon shooter Peter Wilson of Sherborne, Dorset… Saturday, May 25) sees the start of National Shooting Week, organised by the Countryside Alliance. On June 30, BASC and the National Trust are holding a Young Shots day to introduce children to a range of shooting and countryside activities. Children in Britain can get to handle and use guns – but safely…. (story)
Western Morning News 16.5.13 Week of events to showcase shooting sports gets under way soon - National Shooting Week, the annual event to get more people interested in shooting sports, runs from May 25 to June 2 this year…. Organisers the Countryside Alliance said of shooting week: "Its main aims are to enable anyone to try shooting for the first time and to promote respect for and understanding of legal firearms and airguns… (story)

Telegraph 27.5.13 Activists in squatting threat over badger cull - Animal-rights activists are threatening to squat at the French holiday home of Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, in protests against the imminent badger cull. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - Mr Paterson has given the go ahead for two badger culls this summer in Gloucestershire and Somerset… The latest threat is to occupy the minister’s holiday hope in Drôme, France, according to The Independent. Squat the Cull are also threatening to occupy farm buildings. A separate protest group Stop the Cull were ordered to take down the address of the holiday home from their website when protests started last year…. (story)
Independent 27.5.13 Environment Secretary Owen Paterson faces squatting threat over badger cull - Radical animal rights activists plan to squat at Owen Paterson’s house in southern France - Charlie Cooper - Animal-rights activists are threatening to squat at the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson’s second home in southern France as opposition to the imminent badger cull becomes increasingly personal and vitriolic…. The threat comes from a group called Squat the Cull, which has also vowed to set up protest camps on farms within the cull zone in Somerset and Gloucestershire…. (story)

Western Morning News 27.5.13 Four more 'hard' years of culls to control bovine tuberculosis By Phil Goodwin - Westcountry farmers hope bovine tuberculosis in cattle could be controlled within four years, amid Government claims the badger cull may drag on until 2038… (story)

Guardian 27.5.13 Culls risk illegally exterminating badgers, animal expert warns - Campaigners for badgers are mobilising to disrupt night-time shoots, as the 1 June start date approaches - Damian Carrington … The culls, intended to curb tuberculosis in cattle, are authorised to begin on 1 June but could prove unworkable because of the uncertainty over badger numbers, said Prof Rosie Woodroffe, at the Zoological Society of London… (story)

Burton Mail 27.5.13 Pig protesters accused of scaremongering - AN action group against controversial proposals for a pig farm have accused the applicant of merely ‘tweaking’ it plans. Plans for a pig farm in Foston which could house more than 25,000 pigs on a 70-acre site near the prison have been amended…. Jim Davies, of the Foston and Scropton Action Group, said: “MPP have not properly addressed concerns that harmful bio-aerosols, endotoxins and antibiotic resistant bacteria will affect the health of local residents… (story)


Mail on Sunday 26.5.13 Cameron vetoed my peerage because I opposed foxhunting, claims Ann Widdecombe By Simon Walters, Mail on Sunday Political Editor - David Cameron blocked a peerage for Ann Widdecombe allegedly because of her opposition to fox hunting, the former Tory MP says. In a new book, serialised in The Mail on Sunday, she says that as a former Minister she ‘had a strong probability’ of joining the House of Lords when she left the Commons in 2010. But she says Mr Cameron, a supporter of hunting, was determined to stop it… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 26.5.13 Ann Widdecombe says her peerage was blocked by David Cameron because of her opposition to fox hunting - David Cameron allegedly blocked a peerage for Ann Widdecombe allegedly because of her opposition to fox hunting, the former Tory MP has said. By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 26.5.13 Wild lynx to be brought back to British countryside - Wild lynx could be allowed to roam the British countryside for the first time in almost 1,000 years under plans by a group of leading wildlife experts. By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent - Senior biologists and cat specialists are this week due to apply for a license to reintroduce the cats, which can grow up to four feet in length, into an area of forest on the west coast of Scotland… Jamie Stewart, director of the Countryside Alliance in Scotland, added: “There are some concerns surrounding lynx as they do predominantly take ground birds and small mammals. “Scottish wildcat numbers are already struggling, so I think we should be concentrating on improving the numbers of those rather than trying to reintroduce a new predator to the environment.”… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 26.5.13 £4 million bill and rising to police badger cull Taxpayers face a mounting bill for next month’s badger cull because of fears over the scale of militant action by animal rights activists. By Patrick Sawer - Police forces in south-west England fear the cost of ensuring the cull can proceed in the face of determined efforts to sabotage it will be higher than originally anticipated. New estimates in Whitehall suggest that the cull, due to start on June 1, will cost £4 million to police, which comes on top of the £1 million already spent on last summer’s aborted culling trials… (story)

Independent on Sunday 26.5.13 Planned mega-farms for salmon, pigs and cows would cause massive environmental damage, both in terms of their immediate environs and also the costs of shipping large amounts of food supplies into them, and waste away… Natalie Bennett Leader, Green Party (letter)


Western Morning News 25.5.13 All politicians must do more to appease dissatisfied rural voters - Last week the Countryside Alliance published polling carried out in the same week as the local elections. The results should be a wake-up call for the Government and the political class in general. They showed that nearly three-quarters of people (73%) think politicians are more interested in the views and values of people living in towns and cities rather than those living in rural areas, and nearly two-thirds (64%) of people living in the countryside do not believe that the coalition government's policies are helping rural Britain…. The Hunting Act: hunting is a minority activity even in the countryside, but it is a totemic issue and nothing illustrated the last Government's strange attitude towards the countryside better than the long, costly and divisive road to the hunting ban… Tim Bonner is Director of Campaigns at the Countryside Alliance (story)

The Grocer 25.5.13 Badger cull? Shoppers think low milk prices matter more by Julia Glotz (story)

Hull Daily Mail 25.5.13 Why is Defra so sett on badger slaughter - A cull of badgers is once more on Defra's agenda. If Sir David Attenborough has expressed sadness and concern at the Government's plans to shoot badgers in England, then I, and thousands other, will go along with Sir David's views…. Mary Kingston, Anlaby (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 25.5.13 Badger cull is not sensible - DAVID AND FRAN CARPENTER, Barton-on-Sea (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 23.5.13 This badger cull is a ‘cruel experiment’ - AS members of the local Conservative Party in New Forest West, we are in a dilemma – and it’s not about gay marriage or the EU! We are incredibly distressed at our own party’s decision to forge ahead with a badger cull in the hope that it will stop bovine TB… DAVID & FRAN CARPENTER, Barton-on-Sea (letter)

Surrey Comet 25.5.13 Moon bears help Cobham artist on to shortlist By Zia Weise - A Cobham wildlife artist has been shortlisted for a national competition. Jo Maynard’s drawing of a moon bear was selected to feature in the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition… (story)

Mancunian Matters 25.5.13 No wet lettuces here! PETA uses bikini-clad women to urge Manchester residents to go veggie - Animal rights charity PETA encouraged ‘salad dressing’ in Piccadilly Gardens on Thursday – by sending women wearing only lettuce leaves to convert Mancunians to vegetarianism. The sexy ‘Lettuce Ladies’ waved signs and handed out meat-free sausages – enough to make anyone want to turnip their nose to meat…. (story)


Blackmore Vale Magazine 24.5.13 Police say ignore Dorset hoax badger cull posters - FAKE warning signs and threats of squatting protests are cropping up across Dorset in the lead-up to trial badger culls. Dorset Police is urging local residents not to be alarmed by the hoax warning signs, which state that children, pets and livestock should be kept inside while live firing takes place through the hours of darkness from June. Although the posters carry contact information for Natural England, the organisation says they are fake and no culls have been licensed in the county… (story)

Wakefield Express 24.5.13 Letter - Can you help avert the badger slaughter? - Saturday 1 June will rank as a black day in the history of animal welfare. On that day, unless public opinion or good sense prevents it, the government will begin its assault on the badger population… Successive polls show a large majority opposed to the planned cull and over 215,000 people have signed the e-petition organised by Queen guitarist Brian May. I urge your readers to add their names to the petition… Christopher Pritchard, First Avenue, Newton Hill (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 24.5.13 Horse lover fury at abuse claims - A TEENAGE horse trainer claims she has been left devastated after her beloved charge was removed by the Scottish SPCA over allegations of abuse. Allana Evans, 15, was returning from the Currie Riding of the Marches earlier this month when Scottish SPCA officers demanded to examine Humphrey, a retired racehorse, on the grounds of a report she had been witnessed “abusing” the animal. It is claimed officers later removed him from his stables without providing the necessary documentation or consulting the animal’s usual vet…. (story)


East Anglian Daily Times 23.5.13 Stowmarket: Animal rights group slams £150 fine for men convicted of fox hunting with dogs - An animal rights group has called for tougher penalties after a court punished two men found guilty of fox hunting with dogs with £150 fines. On October 23 last year, Nicholas Harris, 44, of Violet Hill Road, Stowmarket, and Anthony Laflin, 50, of Barretts Lane, Needham Market, went to Green Meadows, in Stowmarket, with dogs, a high-powered lamp, a spade and a knife. .. A spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals branded the sentence as “measly” and labelled the crime as “unforgivable”… (story)

Somerset Standard 23.5.13 MP enjoys a day out with successful shoot - Frome MP David Heath visited a Somerset shoot to find out more about British Association for Shooting and Conservation Country Sports South West project. The project is being run to see how it is increasing the economic benefit of shooting in the South West…. (story)

Northern Echo 23.5.13 Government considers extending rural fuel rebate scheme - THE Government is examining whether to ask the EU to extend a scheme offering discounted fuel in rural areas… Last year, the Countryside Alliance found that motorists in the North York Moors area of Ryedale are paying 146.9p per litre - 7p more than drivers in Sunderland and Newcastle… (story)

Sun 23.5.13 Denise’s dog attacked by kitchen fox By NAFEESA SHAN and RICHARD MORIARTY - LOOSE Women star Denise Welch spoke of her horror yesterday after her pet dog was attacked by a fox in her home. The wild animal sneaked into the ex-Corrie actress’s kitchen and set upon beloved pooch Pip. The terrified boxer dog was found shaking and foaming at the mouth by Welch’s fiancé Lincoln Townley, 40… (story)
Mirror 23.5.13 Denise Welch's dog savaged by fox which had strayed into her kitchen - Pip, an eight-year-old bulldog, was left foaming at the mouth and struggling for air following the attack yesterday - The beloved pet dog of Loose Woman Denise Welch was savaged in the star’s kitchen by a stray fox… A pest control worker rushed to Denise’s £2million home in South London and shot the male fox twice using a rifle…. (story)

Western Daily Press 23.5.13 Probe into badger cull supermarket milk contamination threat - An internet claim that badger cull protesters have contaminated supermarket milk in Somerset and Gloucestershire where culls are planned is under investigation by police and national agencies…. (story)
Stroud News & Journal 22.5.13 Anti badger cull protestors threaten milk supply By Hayley Mortimer, Reporter - MILK has been contaminated at some of the county's supermarkets according to an animal rights group opposed to the proposed badger cull… A group calling itself the Animal Rights Militia posted a message on American protest website Bite Back stating that supplies of milk have been contaminated with 'an undisclosed substance ' at stores across Gloucestershire and Somerset… (story)
Sun 17.5.13 Badger cull sickos’ threats to milk By ALEX WEST - COPS are probing a threat from sick badger cull protesters who claim to have contaminated supermarket milk. Supplies at Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s have been tampered with, according to a message posted online. The group, calling itself the Animal Rights Militia, claimed to “have no intention of hurting people, only profits”…. (story)

Western Mail 23.5.13 Anyone who cares for poor badgers can help change this By Helen Stevens - I am very concerned and distressed about the Government's cruel and needless proposed badger cull next month in order to tackle Bovine TB in cattle… (story)
Plymouth Herald 22.5.13 Alternatives to cruel culling of badgers - AS co-ordinator of national animal protection group, South West Animal Protection, I am very concerned and distressed about the Government's cruel and needless proposed badger cull next month in order to tackle bovine TB in cattle… HELEN STEVENS South West Animal Protection Plymouth (story)

Kidderminster Shuttle 23.5.13 BB star backs Vegetarian Week - Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton looks a picture as she is turned into a Renaissance beauty for National Vegetarian Week… (story)


Western Morning News 22.5.13 Beware coming of the 'spy in the sky' drones - Over the last 10 years unmanned aerial vehicles – or drones – have become a regular sight on the news in military operations. The recent news that anti-hunt protesters are going to take up drones to follow hunts… has given rise to the prospect of UAVs becoming a regular sight in the countryside… Drones must comply with the law as well… Joel Woolf is partner and head of agriculture and rural business at regional law firm Foot Anstey (story)

Hexham Courant 22.5.13 WHITFIELD SHOOT HITS ITS CHARITY FUND-RAISING TARGET By ROSALIND SAUL - THE silence of Whitfield’s picturesque landscape was shattered at the weekend by the sound of over 600 shot guns. Competitors and keen shots descended on Whitfield Estate for one of the UK’s biggest clay shooting events of the year, with teams travelling the length and breadth of the country to take part. Organised by the Whitfield Clay Shoot committee, in partnership with the Countryside Alliance and the Game Conservancy Trust, the shoot has been running for over 15 years… This year the event raised in excess of £50,000, with donations being made to various charities, including Hexham General Hospital and Marie Curie Cancer Care. (story)

Carmarthen Journal 22.5.13 TB answers are all so simple - The FUW View article by Catherine Nakielny "Searching far and wide in TB battle" (Journal May 15) appears to show that the FUW have yet again missed the main Bovine TB point… Michael Sharratt Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed Cwm Coile Whitland (letter)

Herts & Essex Observer 22.5.13 Stansted barrister 'hounded' by RSPCA over allegations of unprofessional conduct - ELEANOR PATMORE - A STANSTED councillor and leading barrister claims he was forced to stop defending cases involving the RSPCA after the charity hounded him with spurious complaints. Jonathan 'Joe' Rich, who defended hundreds of clients including vets and dog breeders against the animal welfare organisation over 20 years, said he has spent almost £1million fighting allegations about his professional conduct… (story)
Mail 20.5.13 The RSPCA tried to ruin my life, says top barrister: A decade of accusations - and a £1m legal bill to defend his good name By Liz Hull - A leading barrister yesterday claimed he had been forced to stop working on cases involving the RSPCA because the charity tried to ‘ruin’ his life with spurious complaints. Cambridge-educated Jonathan Rich, who defended hundreds of people against the RSPCA over 20 years, said he has spent almost £1million defending professional allegations made by the charity about his conduct. He was a friend of Dawn Aubrey-Ward, 43, an RSPCA inspector turned whistleblower who also accused the charity of destroying her character… (story)

Plymouth Herald 22.5.13 Vegetarian couple Joe Wadge and Becca Speare set up a restaurant after help from Outset programme - VEGETARIAN couple Joe Wadge and Becca Speare set up a restaurant specialising in non-meat dishes – despite their request for a £21,500 loan being turned down by their bank. Undaunted, the 23-year-olds, who live in Milehouse, joined the Outset programme and now the Samphire Brasserie is serving vegetarian and vegan meals in Mayflower Street… (story)

Bolton News 22.5.13 Bolton celebrates National Vegetarian Week By Dale Haslam, Reporter - This week has been declared National Vegetarian Week by The Vegetarian Society. Reporter Dale Haslam found out what is happening in Bolton for non-meat-eaters…. (story)

Malton & Pickering Mercury 22.5.13 True figures of animal deaths - The Mercury headline ‘New figures showing 3,125 cows slaughtered’ (May 1) may have been intended to shock. However the correct figures are truly horrifying. In March alone this year, 148,000 perfectly healthy cows, 895,000 perfectly healthy sheep and 767,000 perfectly healthy pigs were slaughtered in the UK… So please can farmers and the like stop crying crocodile tears over 3,125 sick cows being slaughtered in one month in the UK… Just remember, those 3,125 cows would have been slaughtered anyway! Tommy Woodward Ruffa Lane Pickering (letter)


Horse & Hound 23.5.13 Money raised for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance in memory of Fiona Vigar - Friends of the the late Cattistock field master Fiona Vigar have raised over £15,000 for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance in her memory, by completing a coast-to-coast cycle-ride…. Rupert Rees — who hunts with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale — persuaded 15 of her friends to take part in the 54-mile cycle-ride… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 21.5.13 Badger cull in Gloucestershire scuppered by filled in setts? - CLAIMS that badger setts on one of the county's biggest country estates have been filled in could put the controversial cull on hold. Police officers are investigating a complaint about setts being disturbed at Forthampton, near Tewkesbury… The complaint was filed by Jay Tiernan, from Stop the Cull, who discovered the allegedly filled in setts. If the allegations prove true, the badger cull in Gloucestershire could potentially collapse…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 21.5.13 Investigations carried out after complaints about badger setts being filled in Forthampton Estate By MICHAEL YONG - CLAIMS that badger setts on one of the county's biggest country estates have been filled in could put the controversial cull on hold…. (story)

Oxford Mail 21.5.13 Dangers of eating meat - IT HAS become apparent that regardless of regular reports from the cancer research charities that eating meat is not a good idea, the message appears to be falling on deaf ears…. VERNON MORRIS, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford (letter)


Yorkshire Post 20.5.13 ‘I love hunting, once it’s in you it’s like a drug’ - The spirit of the hunt will be manifested next weekend when the Yorkshire Game and County Fair comes to Ripon, as Chris Berry reports…. Albert Hickson has been in hunt service for over 30 years and has been senior master of the Claro Beagles for the past five… He’s seen what has happened to hunting first hand and at one time was master of the Radley College Beagles, which he describes as being like Eton. He educated schoolboys of 13-18 on countryside activities from farming to hunting and although he is saddened about it he is philosophical too. “I love hunting. I always have and always will. Once it’s in you it is like a drug and you can’t shift it. I’m from a farming family and we were all involved in it, my grandparents, parents and sisters. We were all passionate about it but now the buzz for me has gone…. (story)

New Scientist 20.5.13 'Self-aiming' rifle turns novices into expert snipers by Paul Marks - First time firing a gun? There's help at hand – a new "self-aiming" rifle can help even a novice hit the target at long range on the first go. But the technology has its critics, who see it as a serious threat to public safety…. some US military veterans say a device that, in essence, de-skills sharpshooting should not be on sale to civilians. And some hunters claim it removes the "fair chase" element that they say makes hunting a sport.,,, But David Taylor of the UK Countryside Alliance, which campaigns in favour of hunting and shooting, says this innovation is to be expected. "In target shooting, this interesting new development just represents the evolution of shooting technology and should not be resisted because a few believe it could get into the wrong hands."… (story)

ContactMusic 20.5.13 Brian Blessed - Brian Blessed Urges Fans To Sign Petition Against Badger Cull - Veteran actor Brian Blessed has stepped up his involvement in rocker pal Brian May's campaign against a planned badger cull in their native Britain by calling on fans to sign a petition to show their support…. (story)

Western Mail 20.5.13 Number of animals used in Welsh university experiments rises 83% over three years - Campaigners raise concerns as figures show 180,000 animals have been used in scientific experiments at universities in Wales since 2010… Cardiff council’s deputy leader Ralph Cook, who is against any form of vivisection, was given a guided tour of Cardiff University’s animal laboratory two weeks ago…. Coun Cook said whatever the reason for the increased use of animals, the statistics were “going in the wrong direction”… (story)

Leicester Mercury 20.5.13 Recently in a supermarket I stood behind a woman who needed 20 plastic bags in which to pack her groceries…. Plastic waste is responsible for the deaths of many wild and domestic animals when they either eat it or become entangled with it…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)

Derby Telegraph 20.5.13 Despicable to launch a cull of forest's wild boar - IT has been announced that there is to be a cull of wild boar around the Forest of Dean. How despicable. The badgers are getting it, now wild boar… C M Stone Berkshire Street Chaddesden (letter)


BBC News Online 19.5.13 Badger cull v vaccines in Wales and England TB fight - In a few weeks' time the government in England will press ahead with trials of badger culls in parts of Gloucestershire and Somerset as part of its strategy to eradicate TB in cattle…. STEPHEN JAMES - NFU Cymru's TB spokesman… STEVE CLARK - Lives in Chepstow. A director of the Badger Trust national charity…. TONY DEAN - Chairman of the Gloucestershire Badger Group…. JAN ROWE - The NFU's TB spokesman, he has a beef and arable farm near Cheltenham… (story)

Independent on Sunday 19.5.13 Sir Roger Moore describes large-scale farms as "concentration camps for animals", which they are… If people choose to eat animals, they should face up to the unnecessary cruelty and suffering animals are forced to endure, as well as learning about the other issues involved. Sandra Busell Edinburgh (letter)


East Anglian Daily Times 18.5.13 Gallery: Thousands enjoy a bumper Hadleigh Show - Emma Brennan - Organisers of one of the UK’s longest running one-day agricultural shows are celebrating a bumper year… The rain held off making it perfect under foot for the 157 classes and varied programme of events in the grand ring. These ranged from traditional show jumping and parades by the Essex & Suffolk Foxhounds, Stour Valley Beagles and East Anglian Bloodhounds, to motorcycle stunt riding and a display by the East Anglian Fire & Rescue team… (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 18.5.13 Dorset falconer brings wild side to Sherborne's Riverside Nursing Home - FALCONER Naomi Clayton brought nature’s wild side inside this week for the residents at Sherborne’s Riverside Nursing Home - with a showcase of her three birds of prey. Naomi, who has worked with birds of prey for 16 years, and lectures at Kingston Maurward College, regularly gives educational talks about her birds, which she has raised since they were weeks old… (story)


Horse & Hound 17.5.13 RSPCA’s case against Avon Vale hunt collapses - Another judge has criticised the RSPCA for wasting public time and money prosecuting a hunt, in a case that collapsed at the last moment. The RSPCA abandoned its Hunting Act prosecution of the Avon Vale on 7 May — in a case the Countryside Alliance (CA)estimates cost £50,000 — after two members of the hunt, Stuart Radbourne and Ben Pethers, pleaded guilty to interfering with a badger sett while trying to rescue a terrier… (story)
Third Sector 13.5.13 RSPCA defends decision to drop prosecution against hunt members By Ian Griggs - The animal welfare charity successfully prosecuted two members of Avon Vale Hunt but dropped its case against five others The RSPCA has refuted the accusation from critics that it wasted court time in a partially successful prosecution of hunt members last week…. (story)
Third Sector 9.5.13 RSPCA accused of political motivation for Wiltshire prosecution By Ian Griggs - The animal welfare charity successfully prosecuted two members of the Avon Vale Hunt for interfering with a badger sett, but dropped case against five others - The RSPCA has again been forced to defend itself from allegations of bringing politically motivated prosecutions after a partially successful case at Chippenham Magistrates’ Court in Wiltshire yesterday…. (story)
Western Daily Press 8.5.13 Outrage as RSPCA drops £50,000 hunting case - A joint hunt master and a terrierman pleaded guilty to interfering with a badger sett yesterday after they caused the “most severe” damage an RSPCA officer had seen in 25 years…. They were charged with the badger sett attack and jointly charged with breaching the Hunting Act along with Jonathon Seed, 54, the former master of the Avon Vale Hunt, and two other hunt staff, Paul Tylee-Hinder, 58, and Josh Charlesworth, 18. But yesterday, at North Wiltshire Magistrates Court in Chippenham, the RSPCA dropped the hunt charges after Radborne and Pethers pleaded guilty to interfering with a badger sett… (story)
Telegraph 7.5.13 RSPCA criticised by judge for wasting 'valuable' court time by calling off Hunting Act prosecution at 11th hour - The RSPCA has been criticised by a judge for wasting "valuable" court time and tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' and donors money by calling off a hunting prosecution at the 11th hour. By Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent - A joint hunt master and a terrierman pleaded guilty to interfering with a badger sett after they caused the “most severe” damage an RSPCA officer had seen in 25 years… But another prosecution at North Wiltshire Magistrates Court against five members of the Vale of Avon hunt under the Hunting Act was dropped at the 11th hour…. He said: “It has taken a long time to get to this point, I’m disappointed that seven days of valuable court time have been set aside for this trial only for it not to happen. That is denying so many other defendants their chance to court time and prove their innocence…. (story)
Mail 7.5.13 Hunt master and friend caught digging up a badger sett as they tried to free a lost terrier are fined £300 By KERRY MCDERMOTT - A joint hunt master and a terrierman pleaded guilty to interfering with a badger sett today after they caused the 'most severe' damage an RSPCA officer had seen in 25 years. Stuart Radborne, 28, was caught 'waist-deep' in the sett as he and Ben Pethers, 29, frantically excavated the animals' home to try and find a lost terrier called Jimmy… They were charged with the badger set attack and jointly charged with breaching the Hunting Act along with Jonathon Seed, 54, the former master of the Avon Vale Hunt, and two other hunt staff… But today, at North Wiltshire Magistrates Court in Wiltshire, the RSPCA dropped the hunt charges after Radborne and Pethers pleaded guilty to interfering with a badger sett. Outside court an outraged Mr Seed condemned the RSPCA prosecution as a 'complete outrage' and a 'disgrace'…. (story)
Wiltshire Times 7.5.13 RSPCA under fire as hunt pair are fined for interfering with a badger sett - A joint hunt master and a terrierman pleaded guilty to interfering with a badger sett today after they caused the "most severe" damage an RSPCA officer had seen in 25 years… The court was told the inexperienced terrier, Jimmy, escaped, ran off and disappeared. The huntsmen located the dog in the set after they heard barking from below the ground. They tried to use a location collar to pull him out but when that failed they began digging at the ground to free him, the court was told… Clive Rees, defending Radbourne, told the court: "It was certainly a badger sett and it was accepted that he had been the one who was up to his waist in it and he took full responsibility for that. "But it was out of concern for the terrier… (story)
Horse & Hound 10.10.12 Avon Vale hunt supporters in court - Five Avon Vale hunt supporters, including former joint-master Jonathon Seed and current joint-master Stuart Radbourne, have appeared in court, accused ofunlawful hunting... (story)
Horse & Hound 27.9.12 Avon Vale hunt supporters deny Hunting Act charges - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Five Avon Vale hunt supporters, including former joint-master Jonathon Seed and current joint-master Stuart Radbourne, have appeared in court, accused of unlawful hunting and interfering with a badger sett…. (story)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 25.9.12 Former huntmaster vows to fight Hunting Act charges - Five members of the Avon Vale Hunt, including a Wiltshire councillor, have appeared in court charged with breaching the Hunting Act 2004. Joshua Charlesworth, 18, from East Tytherton; Benjamin Pethers, 28, from Hoopers Pool, Southwick; Stuart Radbourne, 28, from The Common, Bromham; Paul Tylee-Hinder, 58, of Quemerford, Calne and Jonathon Seed, 54, of Chittoe Heath, Bromham all denied the breach when they appeared before magistrates in Chippenham on Tuesday… (story)
Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 8.3.12 Hunt denies disturbing sett at Stockley By Tom Mooney - Police were called to Stockley after reports that members of the Avon Vale Hunt were digging at a badger sett… (story)

Oxford Times 17.5.13 Angling causes harm - The Angling Trust’s stated position on hydroelectric power is, ‘we do not believe it is up to us to prove damage, but that the hydro-operator should prove that they are not causing damage… In contrast, angling does cause damage to fish and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds can provide figures for the damage done to swans and other waterfowl…. Richard Riggs, Abingdon (letter)

Telegraph 17.5.13 Capital and country – Britain needs both - The regional towns and cities continue to be left floundering in London’s wake - The regional towns and cities continue to be left floundering in London’s wake… This gulf was reflected recently in a poll conducted for the Countryside Alliance by ComRes. It showed that fewer than one in five people living in rural areas think government policies are helping them…. (story)

Bournemouth Echo 17.5.13 Money wasted over cull issue - LEE Connor (Letters, May 10) is absolutely correct about the badger cull. This government has spent and wasted £50million of taxpayers’ money on research, the findings of which they are now choosing to deliberately ignore in order to curry favour with their farming supporters… ROBERT TUCK, Pardy’s Hill, Corfe Mullen (letter)
Bournemouth Echo 10.5.13 Badgers cull is a big mistake - I WOULD like to inform wildlife-loving readers of the Daily Echo of the government’s plans to use Dorset as a ‘reserve’ in their planned cull of badgers… I hope nature lovers countywide make their feelings known before the badger has to pay the ultimate price all for the sake of a few politicians’ pride. LEE CONNOR, West Parley, Dorset (story)

Redditch Advertiser 17.5.13 Pop down to LUSH in Redditch this weekend and support an animal charity - THIS Saturday and Sunday, May 18 and 19, LUSH Redditch is hosting a Charity Pot Party for local charity Wonky Pets Rescue… Sales of the Charity Pot hand and body lotion have previously gone to other groups such as the Sumatran Orangutan Society; Plane Stupid; Reprieve; Sea Shepherd and The Animal Protection Agency. (story)


Western Gazette 16.5.13 Trust patron stands down - THE West's richest woman has been forced to stand down from her position as patron of her county's Wildlife Trust as the battle over the controversial badger cull intensifies…. (story)
Bridport News 14.5.13 Wildlife patron quits after being targeted by badger activists - LANDOWNER Charlotte Townshend has stepped down as the patron of Dorset Wildlife Trust after being targeted by animal rights activists… (story)
BBC News Online 14.5.13 Dorset Wildlife Trust patron quits in badger cull row - One of Britain's richest women has quit her post as patron of Dorset Wildlife Trust after the charity was targeted by animal rights activists…. (story)
Bournemouth Daily Echo 14.5.13 Dorset Wildlife Trust patron Charlotte Townshend quits after being targeted by badger activists - LANDOWNER Charlotte Townshend has stepped down as the patron of Dorset Wildlife Trust after being targeted by animal rights activists… (story)
Western Daily Press 13.5.13 Trust's patron to stand down over badger cull issue … Dorset Wildlife Trust announced that its patron of more than a decade, Charlotte Townshend, was standing down after the charity was “targeted by animal rights activists” over the Government’s proposed cull of badgers to try to combat bovine TB…. She owns land in the West Country, including the Ilminster Estate and the famous Abbotsbury swan sanctuary, and has long been a target of animal rights campaigners in her position as joint master of the Cattistock Hunt…. (story)
Dorset Echo 13.5.13 Charlotte Townshend forced to resign as Dorset Wildlife Trust patron - LANDOWNER Charlotte Townshend has stepped down as the patron of Dorset Wildlife Trust after being targeted by animal rights activists… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 12.5.13 Charity patron driven out by badger extremists - One of Britain’s richest women has been forced to step down as patron of a wildlife charity founded by her grandfather after a campaign of threats and intimidation by animal rights militants. By Patrick Sawer - Charlotte Townshend became a target after she was accused of planning to allow the culling of badgers on her extensive Dorset estate. As a result she has taken what friends have described as a “painful decision” to step down as patron of the Dorset Wildlife Trust (DWT), fearing that the work of the charity, founded by her grandfather more than half a century ago, would be compromised by her continued presence as its figurehead…. In a statement, Stop the Cull said: “Many, many people were horrified to learn that Dorset Wildlife Trust had Charlotte Townshend as their patron. "The fact that she was joint master of the Cattistock hunt was bad enough, but to find out that she was also allowing the badger cull on her land was, for most people, outrageous.”… The website is run by Jay Tiernan, an activist who leads Stop the Cull and is a spokesman for the wider Coalition of Badger Action Groups…. (story)

BBC News Online 16.5.13 Gloucestershire County Council votes 'no' to badger cull - Gloucestershire County Council is to write to the government objecting to a badger cull due to take place from next month…. At a full council meeting on Wednesday, 25 politicians voted for a motion to object to the cull, with 19 voting against and seven abstentions… (story)

Sussex Courier 16.5.13 Help stamp out cruelty - EAST Sussex, will you say NOTODOGMEAT? We need representatives to be the voice of the voiceless. My aim is to spread awareness, along with a wonderful group of people, about the truth behind the illegal dog and cat meat trade in South East Asia. We are a coalition of committed individuals who believe that dog and cat meat has no place in the new millennium…. (story)


Horse & Hound 15.5.13 Hunts donate £32,000 to air ambulances - Air ambulance charities are to benefit from a £32,000 donation, raised by hunts around the country last season. Twenty-eight packs raised funds for their rescue services, which attend hundreds of riding accidents each year. James Stuart of the Four Burrow hunt, which raised £2,000 for the Cornwall Air Ambulance said: “We donate something to them most years as, unfortunately, they have come to the rescue fairly frequently.” And Major Reg Hanbury of the South Dorset hunt, said: “If there had been no Air Ambulance, I would not be alive… (story)

Horse & Hound 15.5.13 New booklet to introduce young people to hunting - The Countryside Alliance has published a free booklet designed to introduce young people to hunting. An Introduction to Fox Hunting is a 16-page document targeted at secondary-school children. It covers a range of topics, such as facts about the fox as a species, a guide to a day’s hunting and important hunting terms…. (story)

Andover Advertiser 15.5.13 Angling sessions - TWO free events to help amateur anglers learn to fish will take place this summer. Learn 2 Fish will take place on Saturday, 1 June, at Charlie’s Lake in Charlton, with bookings being taken from Saturday. A further event will go ahead on Saturday, 27 July, at Foxcotte Lake in Charlton, with bookings from 6 July. They are organised by the Environment Agency and Angling Trust, with support from Test Valley Borough Council and with qualified instructors from Andover Angling Club, Charlie’s Lake and Browning Andover Match Group… (story)

Dorset Echo 15.5.13 Badger cull fight gathers support By Harry Hogger - THE CAMPAIGN against a mass culling of badger populations has hit the streets of Dorchester…. Elizabeth James from the newly formed Dorset Mammal Group said their representatives were joined by members of the Somerset Badger Group and the Badger Night Walkers as they set up a stand in South Street in Dorchester to talk to shoppers… (story)

Essex Chronicle & Gazette 15.5.13 VIDEO: Pet shop protesters told 'to get some jobs' - Animal rights campaigners staged a protest outside a pet shop in Chelmsford yesterday - leaving the owner stunned. Michele Pawsey, owner of Aquapets in Moulsham Street, contacted police after she ran into members of Essex Animal Defenders, who formed a picket line outside her store. Clearly shocked by the commotion outside, she even called police, but three officers decided the peaceful protest could continue… Group spokesperson Marcia Hagon, from Romford, said: “We’ve had people for some reason or another saying they’re uncomfortable about this particular pet shop…. Jane Callow, 41, a dog sitter from Southend and member of the group, added: “Animals are getting euthanised because too many are getting bred … (story)


Mid Devon Gazette 14.5.13 Last hurrah for retiring Huntmasters - EXMOOR'S red deer are key to the future of the hills. That was the final retirement message from a long-standing master of local staghounds who has been in charge of culling the wild creatures for the best part of 30 years. Diana Scott – who with husband Maurice has been joint-master of the biggest stag-hunt on the planet for more than half-a-century – made the claim after standing down from the post recently… (story)
Western Morning News 6.5.13 Record of 58 years joint masters of one of England's last staghound packs 'is nothing to be proud of' - I fail to see why we are supposed to applaud and tug our forelocks in true feudal style as Maurice and Diana Scott climb down from the saddle after a combined total of 58 years as masters of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds… Wildlife programmes featuring tribesmen chasing wild animals are invariably cleaned up to avoid upsetting viewers with graphic details of the kill, but what happened at the end of many stag hunts was just as sickening… (story)
Western Morning News 29.4.13 Exmoor staghound couple bow out in record style at hunt Exmoor's red deer are key to the future of the hills… that was the final retirement message from a long-standing master of local staghounds who has been in charge of culling the wild creatures for the best part of 30 years. Diana Scott – who collectively with her husband Maurice has been joint-master of the biggest stag-hunt on the planet for more than a quarter of a century – was addressing one of the largest gatherings to take place inside the national park in a decade on Saturday. More than 1,000 hunt supporters and over 200 mounted hunt enthusiasts descended on Hawkridge to attend the special retirement meet of the pair as they prepared to lead hounds out one final time… (story)
Western Daily Press 29.4.13 Red deer are key to future of Exmoor hills, say retiring hunt masters -Exmoor’s red deer are key to the future of the hills. That was the final retirement message from a long-standing master of local staghounds who has been in charge of culling the wild creatures for the best part of 30 years. Diana Scott – who with husband Maurice has been joint-master of the biggest stag-hunt on the planet for more than half-a-century – was addressing one of the largest gatherings in the national park in a decade on Saturday… (story)
Horse & Hound 5.4.13 Renowned masters of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds retire - Victoria Marston - Maurice and Diana Scott, senior master and joint-master of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds (D&S), are retiring after almost half a lifetime of service…. (story)

Milton Keynes Citizen 14.5.13 Bletchley Badger Day to oppose cull plans By Emma Woolford - A young environmentalist is leading opposition to the Government’s proposed badger cull… young Green Party member, Lydia Jones, is organising a protest against the proposals, opposed nationally by the likes of former Queen star Brian May. MK’s Young Greens will be running a stall in Bletchley on ‘Badger Day’, May 18, stocked with petitions for members of the public to sign to show their support… (story)

Bolton News 14.5.13 Vaccination not culling - PUBLIC opinion polls routinely show decisive opposition to the badger cull…. Ignoring the views of the public, scientists and wildlife experts will only damage the government. Badgers have friends . . . and those friends have votes. Alison Yates Union Street Bolton (letter)


Horse & Hound 13.5.13 Antis must uncover their faces to protect hunt followers - Countryside Alliance chairman Sir Barney White-Spunner has written to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), following serious assaults at a Badsworth and Bramham Moor meet and the High Peak kennels… “We ask you please to write to police forces across the country, reminding officers of their powers under Section 60AA of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 [the power to remove disguises].” Crawley and Horsham senior master Antony Sandeman told H&H he believes Sussex is “a soft target”, drawing sabs in balaclavas from many areas because they know the police will not challenge them. “Surrey Police [the neighbouring force] do enforce Section 60, but Sussex won’t unless there’s a direct threat of violence,” said Mr Sandeman…. (story)

Horse & Hound 13.5.13 New beagle pack to hunt next season - Nigel Bell, who was involved with the Wick and District for 30 years, is restarting the pack under the new name, the Severn Vale Beagles…. The pack will be kenneled with the Berkeley Foxhounds from 1 May and Nigel expects they will be “up and running for September”…. (story)

Independent “i” 13.5.13 Page 3 Profile: Alexander Armstrong, comedian - What-ho! Someone giving Armstrong a rough time? - The comedian yesterday spoke out against “posh-bashing”. No giggling at the back, this is a serious issue… He can’t help it that he’s able to trace his lineage back to William the Conqueror, that he went up to Cambridge, joined Footlights and lives in a ‘lovely’ 1612 vicarage in Oxfordshire, just over from Chipping Norton. Nor can he help that he’s an active supporter of the Countryside Alliance, appearing in adverts to promote shooting, or that he has ‘personal connections’ with a certain Gideon Oliver Osborne… (story)

Somerset County Gazette 13.5.13 'Badger battle bus' campaign against West Somerset cull By Hannah Green - AN UNUSUAL vehicle has been out and about around the area campaigning against the upcoming badger cull, due to start in West Somerset sometime after June 1. Animal Aid's 'badger battle bus' is a converted ambulance with black and white artwork with the message: 'Badgers have friends...and those friends have votes'… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 3.5.13 Riders on the bus to support badgers - WRITER Jilly Cooper jumped on a bus as she gave her support to those opposing a badger cull in Gloucestershire. The best-selling author joined the Badger Battle Bus campaign on Wednesday. She met up with the Animal Aid and Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS) vehicle, which is touring the county this week to garner support opposing the culls… (story)
Stroud News & Journal 21.4.13 Badger bus hit the road to campaign against cull By Kate Wilson - ANIMAL rights activists toured Gloucestershire in a bus this week to try and highlight the issue of the badger cull at the county council election. Animal Aid opposes the trial shooting of badgers which are due to begin in parts of the county this summer in a bid to combat TB in cattle. So it has teamed up with Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting to ensure the cull remains at the forefront of the issues in the run-up to the elections on May 2… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 17.4.13 Pushing badgers to prominence - ANIMAL rights activists will tour Gloucestershire in a bus to try to highlight the issue of the badger cull at the county council election. Animal Aid opposes the trial shooting of badgers, due to begin in parts of the county this summer in a bid to combat TB in cattle… Its 'battle bus' will be in Quedgeley, Coleford and Lydney on Friday and in Tewkesbury and Cheltenham on Saturday… (story)

Independent 13.5.13 Forget badgers. If we really care about animal welfare, it's time to put a stop to mega-farms - Terence Blacker - Proposals for what are called mega-farms have been rejected in the past, but now a significant change of attitude seems to be taking place. There has been hectic activity in the animal activists’ warren. The Coalition of Badger Action Groups has forced a patron of the Dorset Wildlife Trust to step down, on the grounds – mistaken, as it happens – that she supports the Government’s badger cull. The RSPCA has vowed to continue its campaign of bringing errant hunt servants to court… Meanwhile, an incomparably greater menace to animal – and many would argue, human – welfare is creeping forward without much more than a squeak or bark of protest. Industrial-scale farms, massive factories where animals are units of production, are on their way… It might be tricky, in political and PR terms, for the RSPCA and animal rights bodies to take a stand on this issue, but the fight is more important than the plight of a few badgers and foxes (story)

Irish Times 13.5.13 Culling badgers - I see that the Department of Agriculture will continue to issue licences to cull badgers in the belief that this will control bovine TB. The methods used to achieve this are cruel and barbaric and inflict great suffering on these animals… JOHN MADDEN, Stameen, Drogheda, Co Louth (letter)

Argus 13.5.13 Vegan response to web comments - Thank you for publishing my letter advocating a vegan diet (May 3), which attracted many comments on your website. Some say that consuming animal products is legal and hence irreproachable. Slavery, marital rape and child labour were legal. Therefore, I am puzzled how anyone can equate what is legal with what is right… Emma Richards, Halland Road, Brighton (letter)


Horse & Hound 12.5.13 Record numbers for new masters’ course, run by Hunting Office - A record 51 people took part in the recent new masters’ course, run by the Hunting Office to prepare them for the new season… (story)

Folkestone Herald 12.5.13 Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt horse and fun dog show (photos)

Wiltshire Times 12.5.13 Fundraising for charity was a blast - A CHARITY clay shoot event at Wylye Valley Shooting Ground in Warminster on Sunday for the Forever Friends Appeal in aid of a new cancer unit at the Royal United Hospital, Bath… (story)

Observer 12.5.13 Postal union seeks unholy alliance of left and right to block Royal Mail sale - CWU seeks help of rural Tory MPs, Countryside Alliance and even Ukip as the prospect of privatisation looms - Rupert Neate - More than 100 postboxes were painted gold to celebrate Britain's medal haul at the 2012 Olympics, but those vivid symbols and thousands of others may not be British for much longer… The Royal Mail's army of more than 130,000 postal workers has committed itself to fight the government every step of the way against aprivatisation that the union claims will "hurt staff, customers and thousands of small businesses". In an unprecedentedly provocative move, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) is trying to get rural Tory MPs and other traditionally rightwing, small-government proponents, including the Countryside Alliance, to join an "unholy alliance" against the most ambitious privatisation since British Gas 26 years ago…. (story)


Western Morning News 11.5.13 From stalk to fork – hunting down a delicious breakfast in the oak woods - Chris stopped, gently raised his hand for me to do likewise… Chris Perkins, hunter, butcher, market stall proprietor and accomplished cook, would be back however. The buck still had to be culled… Chris is the one-man-band behind the Cornish Venison Company and a regular at farmers markets and food fairs across Cornwall. He is, almost single-handedly, introducing hundreds of people to the delights of eating game… (story)
Western Morning News 11.5.13 Dexter the pointer has a vital role in the stalking - Chris Perkins' relatively recently acquired secret weapon in the process of deer-stalking is his German short-haired pointer, Dexter, who acts way beyond his 20 months when it comes to finding deer…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 11.5.13 Pitfalls when buying a puppy - From: Will Wright, Four Paws, London. Since animal charity Four Paws was founded 25 years ago we have helped many thousands of animals all over the world… Four Paws is urging people in Yorkshire not to buy puppies from the boot of a car or van, and to always arrange to meet the puppy with its parents at the breeder’s home… (story)


Channel 4 10.5.13 Action urged to protect brown hares from further decline - ASHA TANNA - The brown hare population has been falling for many years as a result of shooting parties and habitat loss. Now conservationists are calling on the government to do more to protect the species… Defra has rebuffed calls by a coalition of conservation groups (Hare Preservation Trust, Care for the Wild International, Conservatives Against Fox Hunting, and Humane Society International) to change the hunting law…. John Rimington, from the Hare Preservation Trust, told Channel 4 News: "Right now this is the main breeding season, these animals need to be protected … (story)

Norwich Evening News 10.5.13 Angling must find ways of enticing people to tackle up by Roy Webster - Angling must reach out to non-fishing families and emphasise the benefits and pleasures of connecting with nature if the sport is to survive in its present form. That was the compelling message from Tony Gibbons, chairman of the influential Norwich and District AA at the annual get together between its officers and representatives of landowners, the tackle trade and EDP sport… (story)

ContactMusic 10.5.13 Morrissey - Morrissey Backs Probe Over Animal Testing Lab - Vegetarian rocker Morrissey is calling for an official inquiry into allegations of mistreatment at a leading animal testing laboratory in the U.K. The former The Smiths star, a longtime animal rights campaigner, has put his name to a petition demanding an independent probe into goings-on at a department at the respected Imperial College London… (story)


Shropshire Star 9.5.13 Suicide verdict over Albrighton huntsman's gun death - An experienced member of the Albrighton Hunt died after shooting himself, an inquest ruled this afternoon. Ray Shaw, aged 45, was found dead in his home on December 11 last year by two members of the hunt. South Shropshire coroner John Ellery returned the verdict that Mr Shaw had killed himself… (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 9.5.13 Veteran of Albrighton Hunt shot himself, inquest told - An experienced member of the Albrighton Hunt shot himself in the head at his home, an inquest has ruled. Ray Shaw was found dead on December 11 last year after failing to turn up for a hunt… (story)
Horse & Hound 20.12.12 Albrighton huntsman found dead at kennels - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Albrighton huntsman Ray Shaw was found dead at the hunt kennels near Shifnall, on Tuesday 11 December… Hunting was cancelled on Saturday 15 December as a mark of respect… (story)
Shropshire Star 14.12.12 Albrighton Hunt meeting cancelled in respect to Ray Shaw - A meeting of the Albrighton Hunt due to take place tomorrow has been cancelled as a mark of respect for huntsman Ray Shaw, who was found dead at his home…. (story)
Shropshire Star 13.12.12 Shock as huntsman found dead at Albrighton home - A respected member of a hunting group has been found dead at his home in Albrighton. Huntsman Ray Shaw was discovered at his property in Kennels Lane after failing to turn up to a meet. Colleagues at the Albrighton Hunt today spoke of their shock and paid tribute to a ‘very hardworking huntsman’…. (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 13.12.12 Huntsman is found dead at Albrighton home - - A respected member of a hunting group has been found dead at his home in Albrighton. Huntsman Ray Shaw was discovered at his property in Kennels Lane after failing to turn up to a meet…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 9.5.13 Wildlife law needs changing - it has good gums but no teeth - It has been a while since my last column in which I was talking about the indiscriminate use of chemicals to control so-called predators of game birds and how a local 'game keeper' had been convicted of illegal baiting with carbofuran…. One good thing to come out of all of this is the arrival of the Vicarious Liability Act in Scotland, which means that estate owners can be prosecuted for a myriad of offences that are undertaken on their estates by their agents or employees on their behalf whether it is with or without their knowledge, this is fine but as long as the punishment matches the crime… (story)

Western Morning News 9.5.13 Breakthrough for shooting sports' conservation work - Shooting and conservation seem like unlikely bedfellows to the uninitiated… But the British Association of Shooting and Conservation, (BASC) shooting sports' biggest membership organisation, has long promoted the link between good quality habitat that both works for shooting sports and benefits the wider environment… BASC's Green Shoots Mapping programme is a secure online system that records species and habitats of national importance found on land managed for shooting… (story)

Hartlepool Mail 9.5.13 ‘New gun laws needed’ after Horden shootings says shadow home secretary - THE shadow home secretary used an East Durham shooting as a leading reason to change gun laws. Yvette Cooper said the fatal shootings in Horden by Michael Atherton showed the need of a change in licensing policy…. (story)

Cambridgeshire News 9.5.13 Badger found in snare in Fenland village prompts plea from animal welfare campaigners - ANIMAL welfare campaigners are urging people in the Fens be on the lookout for snares after a badger was found caught in a trap in Doddington. Snarewatch, a data collecting web site formed by OneKind charity, is asking anyone who finds a trapped animal to report it on their website as part of plans to build up a national picture of trapping cruelty… (story)

Western Mail 9.5.13 Merthyr backpacker praised for rescuing eight-foot shark on Bondi Beach - A backpacker from Merthyr became a local hero after rescuing an eight foot shark on Bondi Beach. Richard O’Malley, 22, from Pen-y-Darren, was relaxing on the beach in Sydney, Australia, when a fisherman pulled in the shark…. After seeing the animal become distressed, Richard, who is a big animal rights campaigner, decided to step in and take action…. (story)

Western Gazette 9.5.13 Speculation over badger cull quashed - CLAIMS Sherborne has been identified as a reserve badger cull zone if case pilot schemes in other counties are jeopardised have been dismissed by the Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs…. Badger cull pilots will take place in Somerset and Gloucestershire, but activist group Stop the Cull has released maps purporting to reveal two designated cull zones. These include Sherborne and surrounding villages as well as the wider part of West Dorset. Group spokesman Jay Tiernan claimed the Sherborne zone could be used as a fall-back if the pilots this autumn fall through…. (story)

Wells Journal 9.5.13 As gunsights home in on the badgers, cull debate rages on - Time is running out for Somerset's badgers. A pilot badger cull will take place in West Somerset and Gloucestershire in June. Adrian Coward, chair of the Somerset Badger Group, says that the according to the Government the cull will result in a 16 per cent reduction in incidence of Bovine TB in cattle over nine years. Mr Coward does not believe this level of reduction justifies shooting 70 per cent of the badger population…. (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 9.5.13 Support fight against cull - Public opinion polls routinely show decisive opposition to the badger cull… Badgers have friends... and those friends have votes. Alison Yates, Bolton (letter)

Oxford Mail 9.5.13 War on wildlife - I WONDER how much of the Conservatives’ loss of support in the recent election is due to their intended massacre of our badgers, due to take place very soon…. M PRITCHARD Linkside Avenue Oxford (letter)

Express 9.5.13 'End this cruel and outdated spectacle': Fresh appeal to end bullfighting in Spain By: Charlotte Meredith - Animal welfare groups have joined forces as a petition to protect bullfighting by giving it special cultural status is set to be considered by Spain's parliament…. Any move to protect bullfighting would be a huge step backwards, animal wefare group PETA said, having teamed up with groups including Humane Society International and the League Against Cruel Sports…. (story)

Huffington Post 9.5.13 Ban Puppy Farms, Campaigners Call On Government - Animal welfare campaigners have launched an e-petition calling on the Government to ban puppy and kitten farming in the UK. Pup Aid, founded by television vet Marc Abraham, said that hundreds of thousands of puppies are bred in horrific conditions… Pup Aid has won the backing of Ricky Gervais, Liam Gallagher, Brian May and Joanna Page among others. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.5.13 First vegan bake sale to be held - EXETER'S first ever vegan bake sale will take place on Saturday, May 11…. Stalls include Fleecehaven Animal Sanctuary, Animal Aid, Exeter Friends For Animals, local vegan ice cream company Razzle Dazzle, Bookcycle and Lush…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 9.5.13 Taking the hard work out of a meat free life - When Jane Marshall woke up one morning she had an idea for a new one-stop shop for vegetarians. Despite a few ups and downs, Planet V is now a reality. Catherine Scott reports. ane Marshall was just ten years old when she decided to become a vegetarian and she hasn’t eaten meat since… Having spent years searching for vegetarian products, it occurred to Jane that there was a gap in the market. And in March she launched a new website, Planet V, aimed at helping vegetarians and vegans to find vegetarian products and services…. (story)

West Sussex Gazette 9.5.13 Farmer says pig kicking accusation is damaging A Bramber farmer who rears pigs to the ‘highest welfare standards’ says an animal abuse accusation is damaging to his farm’s reputation. Sussex Police said officers were called to Red Gate Farm, located on the crest of Annington Hill, on Tuesday, May 7, after receiving a call from an informant who claimed to have witnessed a person kicking and swearing at pigs. Farmer Joe Leddra, who works on the organic farm with his father Tom and younger brother Jack, said the accusations were damaging to their reputation as farmers… Animal Welfare Enforcement Agency (AWEA) chief inspector Jake Knight stated that its inspector who claimed to see the person was off duty at the time and hiking through the South Downs… (story)


Scotsman 10.5.13 Illegal snaring condemned by Scottish gamekeepers - THE Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) has spoken out against illegal snaring, claiming the selfish actions of one individual had brought the industry into disrepute… Brian Petrie, 66, of Woodhead, Dunphail, near Forres, appeared at Elgin Sheriff Court and pled guilty to three charges including setting snares likely to cause unnecessary suffering… A SGA spokesman said: “The Scottish Gamekeepers Association will not tolerate illegal snare use… (story)
Scotsman 7.5.13 Moray gamekeeper who set illegal snares fined By FRANK URQUHART - A MORAY gamekeeper has been fined a total of £1,500 after being convicted of setting illegal snares in a manner likely to cause animals unnecessary suffering. Brian Petrie, 66, of Woodhead, Dunphail, near Forres, appeared at Elgin Sheriff Court today when he pled guilty to three charges including setting snares likely to cause unnecessary suffering by partially or wholly suspending animals, and failing to release or remove an animal from a snare, contrary to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981… (story)

Stroud Life 8.5.13 Time to keep stand by your election vows - WE are calling on the newly-elected politicians in Shire Hall in Gloucester to fulfil their pre-election promises to help protect badgers in the county and help stop the planned cull which is due to start after June 1… Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (letter)

Nature 8.5.13 Voice of Pro-Test - Confidence is rising among scientists defending animal research. It should be encouraged. The name Pro-Test is becoming a rallying point for scientists standing up to animal-rights extremists… (story)

Oxford Mail 8.5.13 Animals deserve better - I wonder if the readers of the Oxford Mail are aware that the UK still exports live animals…. I would urge all your readers to sign the petition calling on MPs to amend this outdated act and stop this trade from all UK ports. The petition can be found on the CIWF website… JEN MARKS Foxburrow Lane Hailey, nr Witney (letter)


Banwen Miners 7.5.13 Record crowds at Banwen Miners Hunt's annual Neath Valley Point-to-Point - A FAVOURITE May Day event attracted record crowds and entries to the Neath Valley. Banwen Miners Hunt held its annual point-to-point at Pentreclwydau yesterday… (story)
South Wales Evening Post 1.5.13 Banwen Miners Hunt point-to-point returns to Pentreclwydau on Bank Holiday Monday - A DAY at the races will be on offer in the Neath Valley on next week's Bank Holiday Monday. The Banwen Miners Hunt is celebrating 50 years of existence, but it isn't just about running with hounds. Every year since 1976 it has staged point-to-point steeplechase meetings in the Neath area… (story)

Derby Telegraph 7.5.13 Controversial badger cull is opposed by the public - IN June the "trial culls" of badgers are set to take place in Gloucestershire and Somerset… In October 2012, MPs voted to abandon a cull by 147 to 28. VIVA and Ani8mal Aid want the Government to stop the cull and follow the Welsh example of trapping and vaccinating badgers… Dawn Spencer Dovedale Crescent Belper (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 7.5.13 Letter: Don’t ignore voices over cull - Public opinion polls routinely show decisive opposition to the badger cull… A Yates, Bolton (letter)

Dorset Echo 7.5.13 Co-founder of Dorset Wildlife Rescue loses battle with cancer - THE co-founder of Dorset Wildlife Rescue has lost his battle with cancer. Nick Ridge co-founded the organisation with his wife Sandi…. (story)

Sheffield Star 7.5.13 Punishment for animal cruelty is inadequate - The RSPCA has released its annual animal cruelty figures and I am sickened to see that again there has been a substantial increase, this time a third more than last year, with dozens of cases being dealt with in the Sheffield area alone… Susan Richardson Westminster Crescent, S10 4EZ (story)


Western Morning News 6.5.13 Video showing child 'playing' near mutilated deer joins battleground over hunting - The battleground over fox and stag hunting in the West involved children this week after anti-hunt monitors controversially published a video of a child “playing” near a mutilated deer that it claims had just been killed by a Somerset hunt…. League Against Cruel Sports monitors said they filmed the video footage of a hunt chasing a deer while they stood in their own sanctuary land on Exmoor at Baronsdown…. Meanwhile, the Countryside Alliance said it was actively encouraging school pupils to get its side of the argument on hunting… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 6.5.13 'Enormous' urban fox on the loose and terrorising chickens in Tredworth - WANTED! Huge urban fox terrorising chickens in Barton and Tredworth. The not so fantastic Mr Fox has been eating chickens at will, with some reports suggesting he has gobbled up to 25 in one night… (story)

Western Morning News 6.5.13 Badger cull planners prepare for action as protests go on - Many aspects of rural life are a mystery to those not directly engaged with them… The arguments put out for broad public consumption by the anti-cull campaigners have, in the main, been emotional rather than scientific. Dr Brian May, formerly a guitarist with the rock band Queen but probably better known to a new generation as a pro-badger campaigner, may know his stuff. But he and others in the anti-cull lobby have concentrated on the widespread appeal of the badger as a fascinating, often beautiful and rather 'magical' creature, to drive home their advantage… (story)

Burton Mail 6.5.13 Animal cruelty 'can be solved in the classroom' Written byRICH GUTTRIDGE - ANIMAL rights campaigners have reacted with concern to figures showing the number of cruelty convictions in the region. Following the release of the figures for Staffordshire and Derbyshire last week, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has called for more educational measures on the subject to be introduced in schools… (story)


Stroud News & Journal 5.5.13 Badger cull is senseless - Many of your readers will know that the government is planning to cull 2,500 badgers in Gloucestershire starting in June…. I hope that your readers will wish to consider the need to protect our farmers, cattle and wildlife with an effective and sustainable solution when voting starts. Alexa Forbes Selsley (letter)


Nelson Leader, Barnoldswick, Earby & Nelson Times 3.5.13 LETTER: What a load of bull in animal welfare debate - Having read Justin Kerswell’s column on March 8th on animal welfare and the British farmer, I have never heard such a load of bull and untruths in all my life. Has he ever been on a farm in his life?... P. Wolfenden Barrowford (letter)

Argus 3.5.13 Go the vegan way - It is funny the RSPCA condemns the increase in cruelty cases yet simultaneously says it’s fine to eat animal products…. The RSPCA should be condemning all animal cruelty and promoting a vegan diet. This would also benefit our health and the planet. Emma Richards, Halland Road, Brighton (letter)


Dundee Courier 2.5.13 Cat’s leg amputated after attack by urban fox - An urban fox attack in a garden left a pet cat needing its leg amputated and sparked a warning for other pet owners. Graham and Ingrid Meade rushed outside their home in Clayhills Grove, near Ninewells Hospital, after hearing the screams of nine-year-old Tiddles during the attack on Sunday. They were able to chase away the male fox, which was trying to carry her off, but the cat was left with severe injuries… (story)

Spectator 2.5.13 Is vaccination a workable alternative to a badger cull? - Camilla Swift - Brian May dressed in a badger suit, singing a specially-composed ‘badger song’? That’s what we were promised on Wednesday morning, but alas, the stunt never pulled through… So what, exactly, were they protesting about? Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) is currently the greatest threat to British cattle farmers, as the number of affected cattle has risen drastically in the UK over the last 25 years… (story)

Nelson Leader, Barnoldswick, Earby & Nelson Times 2.5.13 LETTER: Public opposed to badger cull - The badger cull is due to start sometime after June 1st in Gloucestershire and Somerset. Eminent scientists are queuing up to denounce the proposed killing. And so are wildlife experts like David Attenborough, Bill Oddie and Chris Packham… Badgers have friends… and those friends have votes. Kate Fowler Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid (letter)

Wiltshire Times 2.5.13 Face wildlife truths - The source of bovine TB is farmed animals like our milking cows, which have infected wildlife; cows confined to barns, where coughed up, aerosolized sputum can spread TB, but swallowed and then as fecal contaminated dust is more potent…. It’s all about money/profit. Animal welfare and the environment are secondary at the best. David Thomas, Hisomley, near Westbury. (letter)

Derby Telegraph 2.5.13 Soapbox Chris Magee: Animal research claims have been plucked from thin air - I WAS bemused to read Victoria Martindale's Soapbox piece about animal research (April 23), which stands as a masterclass of belief over fact. Aside from dragging up old myths about animal medicine safety tests being no more reliable than "a toss of a coin", something debunked as pseudoscience here, her claims lack something rather important to science: evidence… (story)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 2.5.13 Warning of the regulations around keeping wild-caught and domestically raised exotic animals - Chronicle & Echo readers inspired by Liam Andrews’ bedroom menagerie should note that both wild-caught and domestically raised exotic animals suffer immensely in captivity… Ben Williamson People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) (letter)

ITV 2.5.13 Protests as animal exports resume - Protesters turned out as live animal exports resumed at the Port of Dover amid renewed calls for an end to the controversial trade…. But Emma Slawinski, head of campaigns and advocacy at Compassion in World Farming, said the resumption of such exports represented a "dark day" for animal welfare… (story)
BBC News Online 2.5.13 Protests as live animal exports resume at Port of Dover - Live animal exports have resumed from the Port of Dover in Kent amid protests calling for an end to the trade. About 25 activists with banners and placards met a lorry loaded with sheep as it arrived at the port on Thursday… However Dil Peeling, director of campaigns at Compassion in World Farming, said it was a "dark day" for animal welfare in the UK… (story)

Rutherglen Reformer 2.5.13 Protesters hit out at Rutherglen zoo plans by Will Henshaw - An animal rights group hit the streets of Rutherglen to protest at the proposed wildlife centre at Cuningar Loop. Scotland for Animals were at Rutherglen Town Hall as they feel wild animals such as lions and gorillas being held in captivity is a form of abuse… John Patrick (38), from Cathkin, is convener of the group and has been a member for 13 years…. (story)

Nottingham Post 2.5.13 City cinema praised for its vegan meals - THE Broadway Cinema in Nottingham has been named as one of the UK's top five most vegan-friendly. Animal rights charity Peta has hailed the cinema, in Broad Street, Hockley, for the range of meat-free and healthy meals and snacks… (story)


Lutterworth Mail 1.5.13 Disabled riders to benefit from Fernie’s fundraising activities - Members of the Fernie Hunt presented the Riding for the Disabled Assocation with a cheque for £1,030 at the Fernie Point-to-Point racing at Dingley on Sunday… (story)

Barnet & Whetstone Times 1.5.13 Fox attacks lambs at city farm By Koos Couvée - CHILDREN and volunteers at a Mill Hill children's farm were left distraught after two eight-day old lambs were killed in a savage fox attack. The two lambs at Belmont Children's farm in The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, were among a flock of 233 born at the farm since April 1…. (story)

Farmers Weekly 1.5.13 Brian May pulls out of badger cull protest - Philip Case - Rock star Brian May has failed to turn up for a planned protest against the badger cull. The Queen guitarist had been booked to dress up as a badger with a black stripe in his hair for "May Day", a demonstration outside DEFRA's London offices today… A spokesman for Lush said: "He hasn't given us any reason (for his non-appearance). You'd be better off talking to his press office. We're all very disappointed."… (story)
Independent 1.5.13 Badger flash mob targets Defra in protest against cull soundtracked by Brian May - A badger flash-mob protested today against a Government-led cull of the animals, outside the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra)…. (story)
Western Morning News 1.5.13 Badger 'flash mob' protest against cull outside Defra's London offices - A badger flash-mob protested today against a Government-led cull of the animals, outside the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra)… Mr May, who did not appear contrary to expectations, said: “The Government’s determination to go ahead with the badger cull this summer once again proves how misguided and out of step with scientific fact and public opinion it is on this issue…. Photo: Mark Phillips from Animal Aid (centre) joins other protestors with their faces painted as badgers as they protest against badger culling outside the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), central London (story)
Metro 1.5.13 Brian May-inspired badger flash mob protests against culls outside Defra - An impromptu flash mob involving people dressed as badgers has taken place outside the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra) in protest at the government-led cull of the animals. Fifty ‘badgers’ danced along to a version of the Queen-inspired ‘Badgers’ tune performed by the band’s guitarist Brian May… (story)
Sun (Scottish edition) 30.4.13 Brian May invited to dress up as a badger for flashmob protest? By JO SAYER - QUEEN guitarist Brian May is in talks to attend a flashmob protesting against the planned cull of badgers in London tomorrow. The legendary rocker is supporting an Animal Aid campaign calling for vaccination as a viable alternative to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis that has devastated many cattle farms in Cornwall. A 50-strong group dressed as badgers will stage a flashmob outside the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in London’s Smith Square at 12noon… (story)
ContactMusic 30.4.13 Brian May - Brian May To Lead Badger Flashmob In London This May Day (Wednesday 1st May) a badger flash mob will descend on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), protesting the Coalition's Government's mass killing of badgers… It is not known if Brian May will be present with the flash-mob as they dance and call for the badger cull to be replaced by badger vaccination. Fifty badgers - styled as New Romantics - will spend the morning site-seeing in London before emerging onto Smith Square at 12 noon exactly… (story)
ThisIsCornwall 30.4.13 Brian May to dress up as badger in cull protest - Rock star Brian May will dress up as a badger to front a protest against the proposed cull of the animal. Mr May, lead guitarist with Queen, will descend on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), to protest against the badger cull due to start this summer… (story)

Nelson Leader/Colne Times/Barnoldswick & Earby Times 1.5.13 LETTER: Animal Aid says thanks for your cash - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Burnley for their generosity in raising £226 at a street collection on April 6th… Clare Powell and supporters Animal Aid (letter)