May 2014

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Western Morning News 30.5.14 Defra Secretary Owen Paterson calls on the police to support badger cull teams in eradicating disease - The police must uphold the rights of the badger cull teams to do their work when the Somerset and Gloucestershire marksmen re-start operations later this year, Defra Secretary Owen Paterson insisted yesterday… (story)

Western Daily Press 30.5.14 Let farmer pay their share of cull costs - After reading Monday's paper and seeing that it had awoken Mr Tuck I must say some of his comments seem to be the kettle calling the pot black… If the last cull was scientific why didn't they test the culled badgers for TB, probably because the results would be the same as previous culls which showed very few badgers had TB… N Vizor Malmesbury, Wiltshire (letter)

Hereford Times 30.5.14 Half-truths on badgers - THE recent letter from Ron Francis (Readers’ Times, May 15) about badgers and bTB contains so many inaccuracies and half-truths that a complete reply could fill the Hereford Times… Mr Francis claims that the links between badgers and TB infection are "well proven". Where does his proof come from?... His claim that badgers are “largely responsible” for the decline in hedgehog numbers is fanciful… (letter)

Cambridge News 30.5.14 Animal rights campaigner Lee Culley dives into River Cam to try and save dying duckling 'hit by rowers', who he says are 'wiping out' wildlife Written by GARETH MCPHERSON - An animal rights campaigner has promised to disrupt races if rowers do not slow down in nesting areas along the River Cam. Lee Culley, 45, dived into the river fully clothed in a failed attempt to save a dying duckling that he said was hit by a boat on Tuesday night, before taking the corpse to those he held responsible… Mr Culley, of Animal Rights Cambridge, said introducing speed limits in the nesting areas and putting spotters on the riverbank is all they are asking. The rowers say they are doing everything they can to protect the wildlife…. (story)


Derby Telegraph 29.5.14 Anger and negativity towards garden foxes is very sad - HOW sad I felt after reading the letter "Fox should be destroyed, but council do nothing"… What about the human race? They carry far more than a fox! I have lost chickens to a fox but I don't hate them; they are trying to survive from being shot, hunted for sport, trapping and digging them out – a despicable practice… S E T Kemp Egginton Road Hilton (letter)

Leicester Mercury 29.5.14 Race horses deserve better - Is it a surprise that one in every 37 horses who start a season's racing will have perished by the end of it?... In Animal Aid's monitoring of results, 12 horses have died at Oadby racecourse since 2007… Chris Seal, Beaumont Leys. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 29.5.14 Criminal charge dropped against only Gloucestershire badger cull protester accused of breaching injunction By EchoLauraC - A criminal charge against the only badger cull protestor in the UK accused of breaching an injunction has been dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service. Gloucester Crown Court heard the CPS would be offering no evidence against Cathy Scott… (story)
BBC News Online 29.5.14 Badger cull injunction breach case dropped - The case against the only person accused of breaching last year's badger cull injunction has been dropped. Cathy Scott, 38, of Pepys Corner, Tile Hill, Coventry was accused of breaching a High Court injunction taken out by the National Farmers' Union (NFU)… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 29.5.14 Charge against Coventry badger cull protester is dropped - The only person in the UK to be accused of breaching last year’s badger cull injunction has been cleared after the prosecution dropped the case… (story)
Western Daily Press 29.5.14 Only badger cull protester to be charged in UK is cleared of breaching injunction - The only badger cull protestor to be charged in the UK has been cleared of breeching an injunction now the case has been dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service. Gloucester Crown Court heard the CPS would be offering no evidence against Cathy Scott, who travelled to Gloucestershire last year in a bid to campaign against the controversial cull…. (story)
SouthWest Business (Gloucester Citizen/Gloucestershire Echo) 14.3.14 Protestor Cathy Scott attempts to have badger cull injunction charge dropped - A legal challenge is to be mounted to a charge brought against the only protestor in the UK accused of breaching last year’s badger cull injunction. Cathy Scott, 37, of Pepys Corner, Tile Hill, Coventry, is alleged to have run into a badger cull zone at Tibberton, near Gloucester, shouting and waving a torch on October 3 last year…. Yesterday, Judge William Hart was told the defence will be submitting a legal challenge to the charge at a hearing on May 29… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 16.12.13 Tile Hill protester only person in UK charged with badger cull disruption - Cathy Scott alleged to have breached injunction covering anti-cull protests in Gloucestershire… A court heard allegations that she ran into a field shouting and waving a torch… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 14.12.13 Woman facing New Year trial over Gloucestershire badger cull allegations - A Coventry woman accused of disrupting the badger cull in West Gloucestershire is to stand trial in the New Year. Cathy Scott, 37, of Pepys Court, Coventry, is the only person to be charged with breaching the injunction covering anti-cull protestors in Gloucestershire, a judge was told. Prosecutor Janine Wood told Gloucester Crown Court Ms Scott has 'strongly denied' breaching the injjunction on Oct 3rd at Tibberton, nr Newent, Glos…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 7.11.13 Badger cull protester accused of breaching injunction - BADGER cull protester Cathy Scott appeared in court charged with breaching a High Court injunction. Scott, from Coventry, appeared at Cheltenham Magistrates' Court yesterday charged with causing a disturbance on October 3 at Newent… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 6.11.13 Badger cull protestor breaches high court injunction in Newent - BAGDER cull protestor Cathy Scott appeared in court charged with breaching a High Court injunction. Scott appeared at Cheltenham Magistrates Court yesterday charging with causing a disturbance on October 3 at Newent. The court heard how she was seen shining a torch in woodland and started shouting after a bullet went off, in breach of the High Court injunction… (story)

Braintree & Witham Times 29.5.14 Group chant "meat is murder" at Tesco deli counter - Protesters from an unknown animal welfare group have staged a demonstration at a Tesco deli counter. Shoppers in Witham witnessed the peaceful protest from the group of about a dozen people while perusing the meat section of the Grove Centre store yesterday at around 2pm… (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 29.5.14 Wildlife sanctuary boss quizzed over 'missing' cash By Chris Tate - The founder of Keighley-based Wildlife Rescue Sanctuaries has been arrested on suspicion of theft of £12,000 from the charity, but has vowed to carry on fundraising and caring for animals. It has emerged that Marianne Crowley, who set up and runs WRS, was arrested earlier this month and is currently on police bail pending inquiries into the allegations…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 29.5.14 New Cheltenham vegan café will 'help cancer patients' – owner - Fitness instructor Dan Fivey and chef Jay Halford are opening a café with a twist – where everything on the menu is suitable for vegans… The restaurant, which is called Not Only Juice, will be based in the High Street, Cheltenham, opposite the Up and Running Store and Dan hopes to be serving his first customers within three weeks…. (story)


Telegraph 28.5.14 Hunt faced with £200,000 damages claim over badly fitting riding hat - Edwin Bailey, formerly employed as a first whip kennel huntsman, said he was left with a “significant traumatic brain injury” after he was thrown from his horse during a meet By Keith Perry - A huntsman who claims he was left disabled after falling from his horse while wearing a badly fitted riding hat is suing the hunt he was on for up to £200,000. Edwin Bailey, is seeking personal injury damages from the Western Hunt, which is based in Madron, a village on the outskirts of Penzance… (story)
Western Morning News 27.5.14 Hunt faced with £200,000 damages claim over badly fitting riding hat - A Westcountry hunt is being sued for up to £200,000 by a former employee who said he was left disabled following a fall from a horse while wearing a badly fitting riding hat. Edwin Bailey issued the claim in the High Court which seeks personal injury damages from the Western Hunt… Mr Bailey, who was employed as a first whip kennel huntsman, said he was left with a “significant traumatic brain injury” after his horse was spooked during a meet in October 2009 and he fell off. He is claiming between £150,000 and £200,000 over his injuries after he said the defendants, seven named members of the hunt, breached Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations by providing him with unsuitable protective equipment… (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 28.5.14 Suffolk Show: Day two - what you need to know before a visit to Trinity Park - The organisers have done a great job to nullify the effect of the torrential downpours… Apart from Prince Harry, what else can we look forward to on Day Two?... There is the Shetland Pony Grand National, show jumping events and the parade of hounds… (story)

Western Daily Press 28.5.14 Badger cull roll out 'will lose Tories votes' in Middle England, warn Tory group By TristanCork - The controversial badger cull is ‘despised’ and should be ditched by the Government or it will cost West Tory MPs votes at next election, a group of Conservatives have warned David Cameron. The ‘Blue Badger’ group of animal rights-supporting Conservatives in Westminster has told the Prime Minister that the Tories could ‘face a backlash of lost votes from Middle England’ if they were to include a roll out of the badger cull in the party’s manifesto for the 2015 General Election… (story)

BBC News Online 28.5.14 Motorway chicken crash inspires 'Justice for Hens' group - Two women who rescued thousands of chickens from a motorway lorry accident have started a campaign urging people to become vegetarian… Louise Fields and Emma Billington, from the nearby Dogs 4 Rescue, helped rescue some 3,000 surviving birds - and were still finding hens this week. The pair have now started the "Justice for Hens" campaign… (story)


Horse & Hound 27.5.14 Masses turn out for new masters’ course - Ellie Hughes - More than 50 of the 84 new masters enrolled for the upcoming season attended a course run by the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) to help prepare them for the coming season. The day, held at Stratford racecourse on 17 May, covered issues from running a hunt country to looking after hounds and hunt horses, and employment law…. (story)

Western Morning News 27.5.14 Odd choice of PR by pro-hunting royals - I wrote recently wondering what UKIP’s attitude was to the Hunting Act… For those of us wishing the Act to remain law, it strikes at the very core of what we consider should be the basic tenets of a civilised country…. Presumably the royal family are content to continue getting very bad PR as their positions are not dependent on votes. Or hunting must be such an intrinsic part of their lives they are nonetheless prepared to suffer lousy PR each time one of them is pictured next to some dead beast. Very odd…. by M Clark Camelford (letter)

Western Daily Press 27.5.14 Hunting Act loopholes - Graham Forsyth Chard, Somerset (letter)
Western Morning News 26.5.14 Loopholes in Hunting Act must be closed - The British public do not like to see animals suffering and with the case of hunting, the stag hunts have been using the same old excuse as Japanese used with its commercial whaling activity: namely the feeble "research and observation" excuse… Local Tory MPs should take note as come the general election hunting of foxes and stags is a big vote loser…. Graham Forsyth Chard, Somerset (letter)

Western Morning News 27.5.14 Animals must not die inhumanely - Mr Clemens seems a little confused – I’m not quite sure how a chicken flapping its wings after having its head cut off has any connection with a badger taking five minutes to die in the recent culls… by Janet Feasey Stratton (letter)

Western Morning News 2675.14 Need for objectivity on badger cull - Oh dear! I appear to have upset Mr Michael Ashton (WMN 20/5/14) ‘Sound advice on badger culling from Princess Anne’ some might say that anyone who disagrees with Mr Ashton upsets him… regarding the number of letters from Mr Ashton on this page, I am very surprised he finds time for farming. by Janet Feasey Stratton (letter)

Western Morning News 27.5.14 Invest in vaccination for badgers and cattle - I can understand that if badgers are infected with bovine TB there is a very good justification to cull them. However, it does appear that time and time again the call from many within the farming industry is to cull all the badgers whether or not they are affected with bovine TB…. by Christopher Tankard Newquay (letter)


Sunday Mirror 25.5.14 The Supergran who's been Open All hours for the last 40 years By Jeremy Armstrong - Tireless supergran May Stocks doesn’t know the meaning of shutting up shop. The unstoppable 74-year-old has scooped a top award for keeping one of Britain’s most remote shops open 14 hours a day, 364 days a year for 40 years…. After winning the Rural Hero award from the Countryside Alliance in recognition of her work, indomitable May said: “It was lovely to win the award and I am pleased my customers think so highly of me… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 13.5.14 Countryside Alliance award-winners, Eat Wild, to open a new restaurant in Cirencester By Lucy Parford - In just four years, Eat Wild has managed to grow from an idea about sharing knowledge of what you can do with game to being crowned regional food champions…. The business has just been named Local Food Champion for the Midland Region in the 2013 Countryside Alliance Awards… The new restaurant is due to open on Friday, May 23 at 4 Castle Street, Cirencester. (story)
Ilkley Gazette 13.5.14 National award for Ilkley rural business By Claire Lomax - Nidderdale butchers H Weatherhead & Sons, which has its own farm in Ilkley, have been crowned UK champions in the Countryside Alliance Awards…. (story)
News Post Leader 12.5.14 National recognition for county farm shop - A Northumberland Farm Shop has been highly commended in the nationally recognised ‘Rural Oscars’ after winning the regional title of ‘Best Local Butcher’ earlier this month. The Blagdon Farm Shop has been recognised in the Countryside Alliance awards as it was presented with a highly commended certificate at a ceremony in London…. (story)
Newcastle Journal 9.5.14 Blagdon Farm Shop glitters at Rural Oscars - Blagdon Farm Shop has received an award from Defra Secretary Owen Paterson for its success in the Countryside Alliance Awards… (story)
Morpeth Herald 9.5.14 Butcher wins high praise in Parliament - A Northumberland butcher has narrowly missed out on a national award. The Blagdon Farm Shop near Stannington has ben named a runner-up in the Butcher category of the Countryside Alliance Awards…. (story)
Darlington & Stockton Times 9.5.14 Butcher is a cut above the rest - A PATELEY Bridge butcher has been named the best in the UK in the Countryside Alliances "rural Oscars". H Weatherhead & Sons have been Yorkshire regional champions for two years and have now won the UK champion butcher title for 2013… (story)
Sheffield Star 7.5.14 Our Cow Molly is cream of the nation by Jo Davison - A family of Dungworth dairy farmers who turned ice cream-makers are officially the cream of Britain. The Our Cow Molly brand launched by Eddie Andrew, third generation of the family to run Cliffe House dairy farm, was named a national Countryside Champion in the ‘Rural Oscars’ on Wednesday…. (story)
Western Gazette 6.5.14 North Dorset stars travel to House of Lords for Countryside Alliance Awards ceremony By WG_StephenDO - A Stalbridge business has been rubbing shoulders with the country's decision makers during the Countryside Alliance Award’s Reception at the House of Lords - North Dorset MP Bob Walter met managing director of Stalbridge-based Dike & Sons Ltd Superstore, Andy Dike, Company Director Adam Vincent and Head of Marketing & Design Victoria McManus to congratulate them on their regional success and to root for them at the national award presentations… (story)
Salisbury Journal 7.5.14 Chalke Valley Stores is voted best in the land By Annie Riddle - CHALKE Valley residents are celebrating after their community-run shop and post office was voted the best in the land. A team from Chalke Valley Stores went to the House of Lords on Wednesday last week to receive a Countryside Alliance ‘Rural Oscars’ plaque from Environment Secretary Owen Paterson…. (story)
Meat Trades Journal 6.5.14 Yorkshire butcher takes ‘Rural Oscars’ award By Eleanor Mackay - British butchers were celebrated at the 2013 Countryside Alliance Awards, presented at the Houses of Parliament… The butchers’ category was won by H Weatherhead & Sons, from Pateley Bridge in Yorkshire…. (story)
Telegraph 3.5.14 Is this the best village shop in Britain? - As well as a village shop with West Country products, Chalke Valley Stores is also a police station and a place of worship. No wonder it's just won an award By Christopher Middleton - The phrase “convenience store” doesn’t really do justice to the pointy-roofed phenomenon that stands in the middle of Wiltshire’s Chalke Valley…. No wonder, then, that in this year’s Countryside Alliance Awards, it’s been voted the winner of the Daily Telegraph-sponsored Best Village Shop/Post Office category… (story)
Sheffield Star 3.5.14 Sheffield’s Our Cow Molly wins best Local Food award - Sheffield ice cream specialist Our Cow Molly won the best Local Food award at the Countryside Alliance Awards - also known as the rural Oscars…. (story)
North West Evening Mail 1.5.14 BARROW MARKET STALL HOLDER AWARDED RURAL OSCAR - CUMBRIAN farmers have been honoured as a countryside champion at the ‘Rural Oscars’. Wild boar farmers Peter and Christine Gott of Sillfield Farm, in Gatebeck, in the Lake District are the inaugural winners of the Clarissa Dickson Wright Award, presented in memory of the TV cook and champion of the countryside at the 2013 Countryside Alliance Awards yesterday (30 April).... (story)
1.5.14 Gatebeck farming couple win special Clarissa Dickson Wright Award in Rural Oscars - A SOUTH Lakeland farming couple won a special Clarissa Dickson Wright Award in the Countryside Alliance Awards. Peter and Christine Gott, who run Sillfield Farm at Gatebeck, near Kendal, were presented with the ‘Rural Oscar’ by the Secretary of State for Defra, Owen Paterson MP, at a ceremony at the Houses of Parliament.... (story)
Orcadian 1.5.14 Dounby butchers highly commended at ‘rural oscars’ - Orkney’s Dounby Butchers have won runner-up at 2013 Countryside Alliance Awards.... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 25.5.14 No alternative to animal research - I WAS appalled to note the untrue claims in the letter from PETA’s Ben Williamson about animal research… It is unclear whether Mr Williamson is deliberately misleading the public or genuinely doesn’t understand what he is talking about… Chris Magee, Understanding Animal Research (letter)
Scotsman 11.5.14 Millions wasted on animal tests - I WONDER how many readers know that every drug available has been tested on animals, because that’s still a legal requirement, and how many know that non-animal testing methods would have been better, since more than 90 per cent of drugs that pass animal tests fail in human trials… Ben Williamson, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, London (letter)

Sunday Telegraph 25.5.14 RSPCA accused of scaremongering over rabies - The government has accused the RSPCA of scaremongering over the threat of animal disease in Britain risking a "public panic" By Edward Malnick - The RSPCA is being accused of scaremongering over the threat of rabies in Britain. The charity is “talking up” the risk and threatening to cause a “public panic”, according to Alick Simmons, the Government’s deputy chief vet…. A report issued by the charity claimed that the changes had resulted in a “60-fold increase” in the risk of rabies arriving in the country. However, a Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs spokesman said: “To put this into perspective, this represents the chance of one rabies case in pets entering the UK in every 211 years.”… Mr Simmons said there were “many errors” in the charity’s report. He added: “I think it’s irresponsible on a number of people’s parts, in particular the RSPCA for conflating your ethical dislike of the trade in pets with disease risk… (story)


Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 24.5.14 Try shooting with help from Olympic gold medalist's coach - SHARPSHOOTERS can try their hand at clay pigeon shooting this week at the Ian Coley Shooting School in Andoversford. The school will be offering cut-price taster sessions as part of National Shooting Week 2014, which runs from May 24-31…. (story)
Reading Post 16.5.14 Countryside Alliance encourage people top try their hand at shooting - The Royal Berkshire Shooting School at Tomb Farm, Hook End Lane in Pangbourne, is holding have-a-go clay shooting sessions on Saturday, May 24…(story)
Stroud News & Journal 12.5.14 THE PUBLIC are invited to try clay pigeon shooting during National Shooting Week - National Shooting Week run from, Saturday, May 24 until Saturday, May 31 and offers the public a taste of the commonwealth games sports of clay pigeon and target shooting. The Ian Coley Shooting School in Andoversford, Gloucester will be offering have-a-go clay pigeon shooting at a reduced price each day… (story)
Dorset Echo 11.5.14 SHOOTING: Aiming to make national week a top target - CLUBS in Dorset are setting their sights on taking part in this year’s National Shooting Week. The event runs from May 24-31 and offers the public a have-a-go taste of the Commonwealth Games sports of clay pigeon and target shooting. Organised by the Countryside Alliance with the backing of the British Shooting Sports Council, this year will be the seventh National Shooting Week (NSW) and organisers are aiming to make it the best yet, with around 60 shooting grounds around the country having signed up… (story)
Shooting Gazette 4.2.14 National Shooting Week 2014 set for May 24 – 31 By Martin Puddifer - National Shooting Week 2014, run by the Countryside Alliance on behalf of the British Shooting Sports Council, seeks to welcome newcomers to shooting at shooting grounds across the UK…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 24.5.14 No 'attack' made - The strapline "Animal welfare group attacks family business" on the recent Mercury article on killing grey squirrels is unfortunate and misleading. Animal Aid did not "attack" the local business, but contested the reasons given for killing grey squirrels across the country… Kate Fowler, Animal Aid (letter)
BBC News Online 14.5.14 Old Dalby pie maker under fire over squirrel meat fillings - A firm that shoots grey squirrels to use in its pies has come under fire from animal rights campaigners. Leicestershire-based pie maker Phil Walmsley won a gold award for his squirrel pie at the British Pie Awards held in Melton Mowbray. Welfare group Animal Aid said it was inhumane to shoot grey squirrels and wrong to scapegoat them…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 14.5.14 Squirrel pie maker hits back at critics who claim shooting the creatures is inhumane By AlanThompson - A family business that shoots grey squirrels to use in its pies is defiant over claims by an animal welfare group that what it does is inhumane. Leicestershire-based pie maker Phil Walmsley won a gold award for his squirrel pie at the British Pie Awards held in Melton last month… But welfare group Animal Aid said it was inhumane to shoot grey squirrels and wrong to scapegoat them… A defiant Mr Walmsley said; “Grey squirrels are culled across the country, we are not the only place shooting grey squirrels…. “I am not surprised at the comments but they don’t bother me. At the end of the day 99 per cent of these people live in towns and have no idea about country lifestyle - I expect they’re vegetarians as well…. (story)

Western Mail 24.5.14 Death of animals as part of sport - The real irony is that pigeon racers are blaming birds of prey for killing pigeon populations when racers are the ones who are releasing tens of thousands of prey species into the sky for nothing more than a lark or a bet… Ben Williamson People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), London (letter)


Western Daily Press 23.5.14 Fox hunting appeal shows disservice - Pest control and fallen stock were the two main arguments to continue hunting with hounds given by fox hunters. But if the offal from the fallen stock was being used to feed foxes breeding in artificial earths then the hunts are offering a great disservice to many farmers and small holders in the countryside… Graham Forsyth Chard, Somerset (letter)

Scottish Farmer 23.5.14 Airgun clampdown 'disappointing' - Kelly Finlay - PROPOSALS TO license every airgun in Scotland have been described as 'disappointing' by the Scottish Countryside Alliance… (story)
Herald 16.5.14 Opponents claim new airgun laws will not cut crime - GAMEKEEPERS and countryside campaigners say plans to license the use of all airguns in Scotland will penalise law-abiding citizens and do nothing to cut misuse of the weapons by criminals. Representatives from the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) and the Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) spoke out yesterday as Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill announced new legislation… (story)
Express 16.5.14 Air gun fans enraged by Scottish Government bid for licensing - NEW licensing laws to crack down on air gun crime will affect legitimate users of the weapons more than criminals, critics claimed yesterday…. By: Rod Mills (story)
BBC News Online 15.5.14 Scottish airgun licensing bill introduced - Anyone who owns an airgun will need a licence under new measures proposed by the Scottish government. The licensing system is included in a new bill that has been laid with the Scottish Parliament to impose tighter controls on air weapons…. (story)
STV 15.5.14 New 'Andrew's Law' will mean Scots need licences to own airguns - Plans for a new licensing regime for air guns in Scotland were being announced by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill on Thursday. A new Bill giving details of the plans was set to published at the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Government has already carried out a consultation on setting up a licensing system for the weapons, asking people for their views in 2012…. (story)
The Extra 15.5.14 New air gun legislation 'robust' - New laws will give Scotland one of the most robust schemes for licensing air weapons anywhere in the world, the Justice Secretary said. Kenny MacAskill was speaking as legislation to introduce the scheme was published at Holyrood…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 23.5.14 Animal research has point – saving lives - I disagree that the anti-vivisection march through Nottingham city centre on April 26 ("Voices count on vivisection", Mailbox, May 14) has much to do with animal welfare. Caring for the welfare of animals in practical terms means having things such as vaccines, which can often only be developed through animal research. The badger TB vaccine is one such medicine…. Chris Magee, Understanding Animal Research, London (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 23.5.14 Cruelty charity to send out information to Bradford schools after RSPCA cat case By Julie Tickner - An animal welfare group said instilling empathy into Bradford’s young people is vital to help them become decent adults after a cruel attack on a cat. Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) made the statement after shocking video footage was released earlier this week showing two ruthless teenagers throwing a cat over a fence to be attacked by two dogs…. (story)


Telegraph 22.5.14 Equestrian bible Horse & Hound appoints editor who 'doesn't hunt' - Growing disquiet in the equestrian world as the editor of Horse & Hound is replaced with the magazine's brand development editor who is said not to hunt By Edward Malnick -


Southern Daily Echo 22.5.14 Don't expect much from EU over the shooting of birds - AS A nature lover and bird photographer I have always enjoyed wildlife programmes such as Springwatch… I was therefore very saddened (though not surprised) to hear of the troubles and confrontation Chris Packham has encountered with hunters in Malta… L A O’Bee, Southampton (letter)

Fishing Magic 22.5.14 Anglers Celebrate Welsh Canoe Victory - Anglers and countryside organisations are delighted that the Welsh Government has shelved its plans to impose universal access for canoes to rivers in Wales…. Rachel Evans, Director for Wales of the Countryside Alliance said: “I welcome the statement made by the Minister and am pleased that the voice of anglers has been heard loud and clear in Cardiff Bay… (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 22.5.14 Stop the secrecy - Jan Creamer, chief executive, National Anti-Vivisection Society, Millbank Tower, London (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 21.5.14 Have your say on secret animal experiments - JAN CREAMER chief executive, National Anti-Vivisection Society (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 17.5.14 Halt animal suffering - FOR more than a century, information on animal experiments has been kept secret. However this could be about to change, as the Government is reviewing the animal experiment ‘secrecy clause’ and has asked for your opinion… The National Anti-Vivisection Society is leading the call to repeal the secrecy clause and prevent needless animal suffering… Jan Creamer, Chief Executive, National Anti-Vivisection (letter)


Western Daily Press 21.5.14 Hunting Act - Hunting Act needs to be strengthened - D Thomas (Western Daily Press May 19) correctly states that fox hunting is likely to increase fox population. This is not just because of the widespread practice of hunts constructing artificial earths to encourage foxes to breed…. When criminals circumvent the law it should be strengthened to stop them not repealed to reward them. Alan Kirby Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)

Dundee Courier 21.5.14 We subsidise their “sport” - In the past month Westminster has almost doubled the subsidy to the owners of grouse moors in the UK…. The subsidies exist to provide landowners with our taxes to maintain great swathes of the highlands from the start of the year in the proper condition for the breeding, laying of eggs, feeding and fattening of chicks of game birds including grouse partridge and pheasant… Unfortunately, for these birds, they are released from their breeding pens on specific dates and then termed wildlife. Absentee landlords appear en masse on their estates with friends and customers and slaughter those defenceless birds for their own gratification… Jim Thompson. 6 Prospect Place, Dundee (letter)

Redditch Standard 21.5.14 Stop the cull campaign reaches County Hall By Gary Smee - CAMPAIGNERS calling for the "inhumane" cull of badgers to be prevented in parts of Worcestershire have handed in a petition to the county council. Members of Operation Badger, wearing full badger costumes, presented the 1,400 signature document at County Hall last Thursday (May 15)…. (story)

Western Morning News 21.5.14 WMN OPINION: Badger Trust rules itself out of serious debate on TB battle - The Badger Trust is, of course, free to spend its members’ and supporters’ money in whatever way it chooses. And given it is a single issue group, launching a legal bid to try to stop the badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire might seem like a logical step. Such a step does, however, call into serious question any role the Trust might have in the wider issue of tackling the scourge of bovine TB either on the farm or in the wild… Imagine if there were a Brown Cow Trust which agreed bovine TB was a terrible scourge and wanted it wiped out – so long as no brown cows were harmed? They would be dismissed as irrelevant and laughable… (story)


Western Morning News 20.5.14 Hunting is part of managing a healthy herd of red deer on the hills of Exmoor - Writer and country-lover Charlie Pye-Smith discovers why good management matters for Exmoor’s red deer on a day out on the moor with farmer Tom Yandle… “One of the reasons why there are so many deer on these farms is because the hunt doesn’t come here now,” said Tom, who has spent his life farming near Dulverton and hunting with the Devon and Somerset Staghounds… (story)

Western Morning News 20.5.14 Hunting isn't on voters' agenda - Martin Bell (In my opinion May 16) is very keen to tell us how well informed he is about all things political, but that image is rather ruined by two very clear errors in his piece. His first is to suggest that anyone outside Westminster shares some politicians obsession with hunting. The polling evidence is clear and consistent: it is absolutely irrelevant as an electoral issue…. by Tim Bonner Director of Campaigns Countryside Alliance (story)
Western Morning News 16.5.14 In my opinion: Repealing Hunting Act would be a vote-losing turkey By Martin Bell, Port Isaac - I’m not sure the WMN leader (“Political campaigners need repaying...”, May 6) is correct. The problem with single issue activists and grass roots party supporters is the wider public are inclined to think they are loony tunes or cranks and the last thing any political party wants to do is pander to their wishes if it hopes to hold the electoral centre ground… The Conservative leadership can read the polls and if David Cameron hasn’t worked out that promising to repeal the Hunting Act is a vote-losing turkey, I’m sure his Australian election guru Lynton Crosby will tell him… (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 20.5.14 May eyes moor estate in bid to stop badger cull - ANTI badger-cull campaigner and Queen lead guitarist Brian May is set to buy a £7m estate in a bid to stop the controversial slaughter…. It is thought he plans to turn the Chargot estate, in Exmoor National Park, into a nature reserve… (story)
Western Daily Press 19.5.14 Brian May animal charity plans to turn Exmoor shooting estate into nature reserve By Tina Rowe -Former Queen guitarist and anti-badger cull campaigner Brian May's wildlife conservation charity Save Me is eyeing up a £7 million West Country shooting estate, for sale in the heart of badger cull territory. Turning the 665-acre Chargot estate in Exmoor National Park into a nature reserve could dent plans by the Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs to continue the badger cull in West Somerset… The land, described as the 'jewel in the crown' of Somerset shooting estates, includes deep-sided valleys, a shooting lodge, two cottages, a farmhouse and three keepers' flats, and is said to employ around 100 people. It had been removed from the open market by the time Save Me expressed interest but it is understood it could be available through a private deal… (story)
Western Morning News 19.5.14 Queen guitarist Brian May wants to buy Exmoor's Chargot estate to prevent badger cull - Anti badger-cull campaigner and Queen guitarist Brian May is set to buy a £7 million estate in a bid to stop the controversial cull. The musician is eyeing up a 665-acre estate which is for sale, right in the heart of badger cull territory…. (story)
Express 19.5.14 Brian May plans animal sanctuary at hunting site – Rock star BRIAN MAY is planning to buy a huge plot of land used for hunting and turn it into an animal sanctuary. The Queen guitarist, a keen supporter of animal rights, wants to purchase the £7 million Chargot estate in the south-west of England, which is currently used for pheasant and deer hunting…(story)

Western Morning News 20.5.14 Legal bid to halt badger cull as Westcountry patrols begin - The resumption of badger culling in the Westcountry next month is in doubt after campaigners launched a legal challenge. The Badger Trust today said it has made an application for a judicial review at the High Court to question the legality of the Government decision to allow free shooting of the protected animals in two pilot zones…. As the policy headed for the courtroom, the Somerset Badger Patrol hit out at Bridgwater and West Somerset MP Ian Liddell-Grainger…. (story)

Western Daily Press 20.5.14 TB threat is at the border, not in cattle -Once again I ask why the pro-badger cull government is spending more millions killing cattle and badgers under the pretext of concern for human health, while ignoring and not spending anything on the real threat. The World Health Organisation is concerned about the increasing threat to human health from TB being carried by immigrants… D Thomas by email (story)

The Cambridge Student 20.5.14 Cambridge commits to greater transparency over animal testing - Megan Hughes - The University of Cambridge has signed the Concordat for Openness in Animal Research in the UK, bringing it into line with more than seventy other organisations… Isobel Hutchinson, a campaigner at Animal Aid, the UK’s largest animal rights group, expressed scepticism that the Concordat would change anything…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 20.5.14 Treaty on animal experiments is just a PR exercise - THIS week, 72 companies, university research departments and charities involved in animal experimentation signed a so-called "concordat on openness", but it will do little to combat the secrecy of vivisection…. Isobel Hutchinson Animal Aid Tonbridge (story)

Northern Echo 20.5.14 Animal charity criticises research - A CHARITY which campaigns against experiments on animals has criticised the use of monkeys by North-East scientists. Earlier this week scientists at Newcastle University, who were using two monkeys to research spinal cord stimulation, revealed they had restored the ability to grasp with a paralysed hand for the first time… The British Union Against Vivisection (BUAV) said the claim was the latest in a long line of celebrated ‘breakthroughs’ in animals – including monkeys – “almost all of which never result in human benefit, due to differences between animals and humans.”… (story)

Worcester News 20.5.14 Unnecessary animal suffering - Robin Walker MP is quite correct that "people should know the source of their meat and have as much information about it as possible"… They should also know that considerable suffering is caused in the transport of these animals to slaughterhouses and in the process of slaughter itself… Ronald Lee Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies (letter)

Manchester Evening News 20.5.14 PETA stencil Manchester streets with 'Meat is Still Murder' slogan in honour of Morrissey By Jack Crone - PETA workers have used stencils to wash away pavements of dirt and leave their latest slogan, inspired by The Smith’s 1985 album, to celebrate the singer's 55th birthday… (story)

Bristol Post 20.5.14 Special Treat for Bristol Nurses at VegfestUK Food and Music Fiesta - Hundreds of free tickets have been given out to a number of Bristol hospitals for one of Europe's biggest and most popular veggie food festivals VegfestUK Bristol on May 23rd 24th 25th at the Amphitheatre… (story)


Western Daily Press 19.5.14 Conservatives demand party drops 'worn-out' hunting reform vote for general election manifesto By Simon Copp - The "worn-out" issue of hunting should be dumped by the Conservatives in favour of a "modern manifesto" for mainstream society, a group of the party's supporters has said. Campaign group Conservatives Against Fox Hunting, known as Blue Fox said that the issue was sacrificing the party's wider appeal in order to chase votes in the countryside… (story)

Western Morning News 19.5.14 UKIP may back repeal of Hunting Act - In answer to recent correspondent M Clark’s question about UKIP’s stance on hunting, it is well known that Nigel Farage is keen on blood sports… by D Goodenough Crediton (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.5.14 Fox numbers have fallen since ban - Although Steve Pople (Western Daily Press May 2) was correct with his point about the fox hunting fraternities' mistreatment of hounds, may I correct him about his claim that foxes are a pest and need culling. The facts are that there is no evidence that fox numbers have increased since the ban in fact they are down and have remained stable since the ban… D Thomas by email (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 19.5.14 Cull operator in Gloucestershire badger cull zone last year speaks out after death threats By Michael_Yong - A marksman involved in last year’s badger cull has spoken out for the first time about the levels of intimidation he faced…. Speaking anonymously because he was worried about threats against his family, Charlie said he never expected such opposition to the badger cull…. “Some of it was unbelievable. They barricaded my hotel and surrounded my car, and started banging on my car’s windows…. “I will defend their right to peaceful protest, but this was anything but peaceful.”… (story)

Stroud News & Journal 19.5.14 ‘I will continue to cover my face’ says Gloucestershire badger cull protester - despite police commissioner's urge for a change in the law By Sarah Yates, Reporter - PROTESTERS against the badger cull in Gloucestershire have vowed to keep wearing balaclavas during this year’s cull…. But Jay Tiernan, from Stop the Cull, said he does not see the law changing and stopping people from any back ground wearing masks… (story)
Western Daily Press 17.5.14 Badger cull balaclava ban proposed by Gloucestershire police commissioner - A police chief has called for the wearing of balaclavas to be restricted in the countryside after they were worn both by protesters and marksmen during the South West badger culls. Gloucestershire's Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl is to write to Home Secretary Theresa May to urge for limits to the headgear, as is the case with crash helmets…. (story)
Western Morning News 15.5.14 "Intimidating" badger culls prompt police chief to demand curb on balaclavas By GDemianyk - A police chief has called for the wearing of balaclavas to be restricted in the countryside after they were worn both by protesters and marksmen during the South West badger culls. Gloucestershire's Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl is to write to Home Secretary Theresa May to urge for limits to the headgear, as is the case with crash helmets…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 14.5.14 Campaigners hit back after NFU claims increased police costs during badger cull was "entirely down" to protesters By Michael_Yong - Protesters against the badger cull in Gloucestershire have vowed to keep wearing balaclavas during this year’s cull. Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl is writing to Home Secretary Theresa May urging for a change in the law on face coverings… But Drew Pratten, from Stop the Cull, said the police had to fair to both sides – protesters and marksmen … Tina Martin, head of Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS) Police Liaison Team, said: "The police are still too hesitant to prosecute the culling contractors even when they have evidence such as the entrapment of a 14 year old girl…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 14.5.14 Face covering law should be changed after badger cull issues, says Gloucestershire's Police and Crime Commissioner - The law on face coverings should be changed after balaclavas raised tensions in last years' badger cull, according to Gloucestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl. Officers have told Mr Surl in a meeting on Monday that an atmosphere of intimidation was raised by people on both sides of the cull - both contractors carrying out the cull and those against it - wearing balaclavas. The Commissioner was told the Police received many claims of harassment and anti-social behaviour which they were unable to pursue because the alleged perpetrators could not be identified and witnesses were reluctant to come forward… (story)

Western Morning News 19.5.14 Debate on bovine TB says no to badger cull By Philip Bowern - A badger cull debate at the University of Bristol attended by speakers on both sides of the argument resulted in a vote against the cull as a means of eradicating bovine TB. Wildlife expert Simon King, Dominic Dyer of the Badger Trust and Care for the Wild, Adam Quinney of the National Farmers’ Union and Dr Lewis Thomas of the Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management debated the issue, in front of 83 people. The charity Care for the Wild described the audience as “pretty impartial” and 72 voted against the motion: “This House believes that culling badgers is necessary to eradicate bovine tuberculosis in the United Kingdom…. (story)

Western Daily Press 19.5.14 These expert reports need more respect - Once again we have Defra and Owen Paterson ignoring all the experts and pressing on with their obsessional misgivings over bovine TB… K P Taylor Cirencester, Gloucestershire (letter)

Yorkshire Post 19.5.14 No need to eat sentient beings From: Jenny Moxham, Moores Road, Monbulk, Victoria, Australia. SLAUGHTERING un-stunned animals obviously causes unimaginable terror and pain that will not be reduced by labelling… Isn’t it time we evolved and moved away from the brutal and needless custom of killing other life-loving, intelligent, sentient beings for flesh that we have no requirement for?... (letter)


Sunday Telegraph 18.5.14 Anger at quango’s shoo on sight plan for birds - Natural England, the government’s conservation body, is preparing to require farmers to take "non-lethal" steps such as shooing off birds before they shoot them By Edward Malnick - Farmers will have to take “non-lethal” steps such as shooing off pigeons and crows before they are allowed to shoot them, under official proposals. Natural England, the government’s conservation body, is preparing changes to the rules which allow licenced gun holders to kill birds which cause damage to crops… (story)

Farming Life 18.5.14 CAI attends wildlife crime meeting - Environment Minister Mark H Durkan MLA, has pledged to improve how Northern Ireland tackles wildlife crime. The minister recently hosted a summit attended by almost 30 organisations, including Countryside Alliance Ireland (CAI), to ensure a better way forward…. (story)


Swindon Advertiser 17.5.14 Wiping out badgers - NFU President Meurig Raymond says “we will never get rid of TB in cattle if it isn’t tackled in those populations where it is rife…. How do you know which are the ones who have TB?... Rev H W Jones, Summer House Road, Wroughton, Swindon (letter)

Guardian 17.5.14 Animal testing should not be shrouded in secrecy. We need real reform now - Millions of animals undergo secret scientific experiments, and a promised new era of openness and transparency is under threat - Ann Widdecombe - Behind closed doors, and out of the public eye, the number of animals used in experiments has been steadily rising… Proper scrutiny is the least the public expects while animal experiments are happening…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 17.5.14 Numbers wrong over vivisection - With reference to the letter by Elizabeth Allison ("End vivisection and all benefit", Mailbox, April 26) , she could have avoided spending her time on it if only she had read the letter by Simon Hope ("Writer repeated animal test myths", Mailbox, August 14, 2013) when responding to a similar letter more than adequately which answered all the points she raised… Ms Allison's claim of four million animals being experimented on is thereby reduced by 99 per cent at a stroke… RJ Staples, Sileby (letter)
Leicester Mercury 26.4.14 End vivisection and all benefit - Today is World Day for Animals in Labs and a national march and rally will take place in Nottingham. Every year, nearly four million animals are experimented on in British laboratories alone… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 17.5.14 How to feed the world - YOUR correspondent Des Morgan (letters 14 May) needs to look at the main problem with meat eating and not get himself tied into knots over religious controversy about methods of slaughter…. Bill Hughes, Goddard Avenue, Swindon (letter)

Bolton News 17.5.14 Both wrong on slaughter - I WON’T get too involved in the halal argument, but I would like to say one thing to either camp in this absurd debate…. According to the study, brain signals have shown that calves do appear to feel pain when slaughtered according to Jewish and Muslim religious law. It was recommended to the RSPCA a few years ago that this method is cruel and should be banned To the people on the other side of the debate, just because you stun an animal before killing it doesn’t make this method any more humane than halal, because a life is still being taken…. Steve Jones Morris Green (letter)


Western Daily Press 16.5.14 The Hunting Act - "Hunting could swing the election" was the Western Daily Press front page headline of May 6 explaining how pro-hunt lobbyists were out in numbers trying to motivate country dwellers to vote for MPs who are willing to toe the party line and get the Hunting Act repealed… As with slavery, the Hunting Act was a great blessing for the future of the human race. It should help us to live in harmony with this wonderful planet. G Timpson Radstock, Somerset (letter)

BreakingNews (Ireland) 16.5.14 Coveney: No plans to ban fox-hunting or hare-coursing - Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney has said there are no plans to ban fox-hunting and hare-coursing. Simon Coveney is addressing an animal welfare conference in Dublin this morning, which is being picketed by a small group of anti-bloodsport protesters… (story)

Irish Examiner 16.5.14 Fox-hunts are most destructive to countryside - John Fitzgerald Lower Coyne Street Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)
Irish Times 10.5.14 Hunting and rights - John Fitzgerald (May 6th) starts off innocuously enough in the guise of a defence of country rambling, but soon focuses on the hunting fraternity… Mr Fitzgerald refers to “the foxhunts that operate in the countryside in the winter months”. He later tell us that huntspeople can be seen “ripping up whole fields of crops”. One of the reasons that hunting takes place in the winter months is precisely because there are so few crops at that time and damage is kept to a minimum… Ultimately the key to these rural issues is courtesy, respect and good manners. – Yours, etc, LIAM MURRAY Sefton Hall, Kelston, Foxrock, Dublin 18 (letter)
Irish Times 6.5.14 Hunting and rights - The issue of rights for walkers is back in focus, with landowners and ramblers arguing the toss over whose rights should be uppermost…. Why is it that the worst trespassers of all in rural Ireland are so often overlooked in this controversy? I refer to the foxhunts that operate in the countryside in the winter months… JOHN FITZGERALD, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny. (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 16.5.14 Campaigners against badger cull in Gloucestershire condemn Defra after revelations of gassing trials By Michael_Yong - Protesters against a badger cull in Gloucestershire have condemned the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) after it admitted it had been undergoing gassing trials…. (story)

Worcester News 16.5.14 Badger cull protestors call for Worcestershire County Council ban By Tom Edwards - IMPASSIONED badger cull protestors made a grandstand appearance atWorcestershire County Council yesterday - desperately pleading for the controversial tactic to be outlawed…. Pauline Burgess called it "inhumane and unscientific" and urged County Hall's leadership to follow other parts of the country by banning it…. (story)


Western Morning News 15.5.14 To shoo or to shoot? Consultation on shake-up of bird control licences ends - On Monday Natural England’s consultation on a shake-up of the regulations governing the control of pest bird species ends. Philip Bowern wonders if we’ll end up with anything more workable than currently exist… (story)

Worcester News 15.5.14 Visitors flock to country fair - MORE than 1,500 people flocked to the Bredon school country fair & festival of shooting. The fair was held on bank holiday on Monday, May 5, in the grounds of Bredon School near Upton-upon-Severn…. (story)

York Press 15.5.14 Popular Thirsk hotel wins shooting award - FELIXKIRK'S Carpenters Arms has been highly commended as a Good Shoot Hotel in the GunsOnPegs Awards 2014…. (story)

Argus 15.5.14 Two horses die at Plumpton Racecourse By Ben James - An animal charity is calling for an urgent review into the safety of a racecourse following the deaths of two horses at the weekend. Horses Head Rush and Eastbury were put down within hours of each other during a meet at Plumpton Racecourse on Sunday (May 11). Dean Stansall, from Animal Aid, described the course's safety record as “awful” with 29 horse deaths since March 2007…. (story)

Stroud News & Journal 15.5.14 Get together to protect the badgers - Once again the powers that be have decided to slaughter hundreds of badgers in a misguided attempt to control bovine TB. As a former land worker I am convinced that modern intensive methods of animal husbandry, where lots of animals are enclosed in small areas, is responsible for the spread of various diseases in animals…. A J Bond Avening (letter)

Stroud News & Journal 15.5.14 Badger culls a waste of money - Recent ‘contributions’ to this 40-year fantasy debate from senior vets, The Princess Royal and former MP David Drew should have been entitled ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ – suggesting cull/gassing or vaccine magic solutions are pure nonsense… It is tragic that the two pilot badger culls are to be continued this autumn; a total waste of money. M Hancox (MA Oxon) Ex-government TB panel Stroud (letter)

Dorset Echo 15.5.14 Absurdity of badger cull - If random culling of 70% of the badgers in TB hot-spot areas will reduce TB in cattle as has been claimed, may I suggest via your pages that 70% of the cattle in Dorset be randomly culled to reduce TB in badgers?... Andy Hamilton High Street West Coker Yeovil (letter)

Western Morning News 15.5.14 Don't blame Brock for hedgehog decline - I should like to respond to the letter from Clive Swonnell. He seems to misunderstand the nature of our planet in saying that badgers are carnivores… His surprise that few hedgehogs are seen around might have been less had he read the many reports of the apparent decline of Mrs Tiggywinkle nationwide, and although the reasons are not clear, they are probably manifold… by Derek Courtnell Plymouth (letter)

Guardian 15.5.14 Openness on animal research - I cannot see that the pledge by researchers and charities to be more open about animal experiments will lead to very much, as they only plan to release the information that they want to release (Report, 14 May). They should instead call for the cancellation of their current exemption from the Freedom of Information Act…. Richard Mountford Development manager, Animal Aid (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 15.5.14 Celebrate National Vegetarian Week with Swansea Veg Fest By MarkRees - Do you think you could turn vegetarian . . . even if it’s just for a week? That’s the aim of National Vegetarian Week… And to get you in the mood locally, the first Swansea Veg Fest event will be held at The Environment Centre this Saturday… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 15.5.14 Compassion is needed in animal slaughtering - John Eoin Douglas' assertion (Write Back, May 12) that campaigning against the slaughtering of animals by halal and shechita means "is a transparent excuse to get away with showing the sort of prejudice against Muslims and Jews" is just lethargic rhetorical nonsense used to justify his own bias on the subject… Personally, I don't eat meat and it relates solely to my concerns regarding animal welfare…. ADRIENNE GARVEY By email (letter)


Western Morning News 14.5.14 What is UKIP policy on hunting ban? - I, and many others, would never vote Conservative…. because of the risk of their rescinding the Hunting Act… could we be told what are UKIP’s policies on hunting?... byM Clark Camelford (letter)

North Devon Gazette 14.5.14 Barnstaple badger campaigner takes cull-fight to Westminster - Andy Keeble - A BARNSTAPLE wildlife campaigner is embarking on a 114-mile march to Westminster to oppose the Government’s planned badger cull – on a mobility scooter. Nick White, who suffers from Parkinson’s, will be joining fellow protesters on the 10-day fundraising trek which sets off from Gloucester on May 22. The retired coach driver, 64, is taking part in the ‘Great Badger Trail’ with his boarder collie dogs Brodie and Buddy…. (story)

Mail 14.5.14 Rap for Body Shop and Lush over ethics claims: Shops criticised for implying some cosmetics are still tested on animals despite ban introduced last year By Fiona Macrae - The Body Shop and Lush have been criticised for implying some cosmetics are still tested on animals. Understanding Animal Research, which represents medical scientists, claimed the high street shops still use ethical claims to market cosmetics – despite the fact all make-up sold in Britain is now cruelty-free. Since last year, it has been illegal to sell make-up and toiletries in the EU which have been tested on animals anywhere in the world… (story)

Leicester Mercury 14.5.14 The national anti-vivisection march and rally in Nottingham city centre on April 26 was well-organised. I feel it made an impact on the public, contributing to raising awareness of this issue… Jonathan Barker, Birstall. (letter)


Bristol Post 13.5.14 Animal lovers hold protest outside zoo - A PROTEST against animals being kept in captivity was held outside Bristol Zoo… Staff from the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) are attending meetings in Bristol this week… Protesters in Clifton with megaphones and placards said they want WAZA to end the slaughter of bottlenose dolphins in Taiji, Japan… (story)

Farmers Guardian 13.5.14 RSPCA divisions over Freedom Food exposed By Alistair Driver - THE RSPCA has insisted it remains ‘fully behind’ its Freedom Food assurance scheme after it emerged some members want the scheme to be scrapped. Minutes from the charity’s last AGM in June 2013 show members discussed a motion calling for its ‘radical impetus’, under then chief executive Gavin Grant, ‘not be allowed to falter’. The motion’s proposer, Irene Barker, congratulated the RSPCA on its hunting prosecutions and campaigning in areas like live exports and the badger cull but described Freedom Food as a problem…. (story)

Bolton News 13.5.14 Cruelty of halal/kosher - REGARDING the debate on halal/kosher meat. I do not think any method of slaughter is humane, but halal/kosher is especially cruel…. Rita Biscoff Holmfield Green Bolton (letter)


Western Morning News 12.5.14 No living thing safe from human predation - Here we go again. Humans complaining about badgers eating hedgehogs, cats catching birds etc… Shooting estates make vast profits from breeding millions of birds to be driven straight into a phalanx of guns, being shot out of the sky to satisfy the blood lust of the “civilised” people below… No animal, bird, fish or even insect, is safe from the predations of the human race – not just for food but for any kind of profit from any kind of cruelty and exploitation… by Mrs M Roig (letter)

Western Morning News 12.5.14 No independent scrutiny of cull - I find it almost unbelievable that when the badger culls recommence in Gloucestershire and Somerset later this year, there will be no independent scrutiny for the four years they are taking place…. by Janet Feasey Stratton, Bude (letter)

Argus 12.5.14 If you really care about animal welfare, don’t eat meat - There has been a lot of press regarding the ritual slaughtering of animals for food, ie their throats being cut without pre-stunning…. I would say that as a person who has not eaten meat for decades for ethical reasons, yes, ban the cruel ritual slaughter of animals by all means… If you really care about animal welfare, don’t eat meat. Sylvia Harwood, Old Shoreham Road, Hove (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 12.5.14 Avoiding meat avoids scandal - WHEN it comes to showing respect for animals which are raised and killed for food, there is only one label that really matters: vegan…. BEN WILLIAMSON People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)


Sunday Express 11.5.14 Lift the ban and sweep back into power: Fox hunt lobby holds key to Conservative victory - DAVID Cameron will sweep to power with an ¬overall majority if he promises to lift the ban on fox hunting, lobbyists claimed last night. By: Caroline Wheeler - Pro-hunting group Vote-OK, which flooded marginal constituencies with an army of 15,000 volunteers at the last general election, says it helped the Tories win 36 seats. Now it is mobilising its troops again as the countdown begins to next year’s vote…. (story)


Cheddar Valley Gazette 10.5.14 Axbridge Vodafone phone mast plan 'a welcome message for rural customers' - THE Cheddar Valley could soon be joining the 4G revolution, if planning permission is given to a mobile communications provider…. The Countryside Alliance has welcomed the news that phone signal in the Cheddar Valley could see an improvement…. (story)


Surrey Mirror 9.5.14 Family fun at the Cowpie Country Show this weekend - THE popular Cowpie Country Show is moving to a new home this year. The event, which provides a venue for the Surrey Young Farmers' competitions and to raise money for the group's charity, will land at Blue Anchor Farm in Lingfield this weekend… On this year's bill in the main ring is Bob Hogg and his sheepdog display and lamb national, the Surrey Young Farmers' competitions, the Kent and Surrey Bloodhounds and the Vintage Vehicles…. (story)

Western Morning News 9.5.14 Judgment closes loophole in defence cases against 'aggravated trespass' - Tim Bonner, director of communications for the pro-country sports Countryside Alliance, says those who shoot might benefit from a new legal ruling. A recent judgment in the Supreme Court involving a demonstration at a beauty products shop in Covent Garden might not seem relevant to the world of shooting, but it has cleared up a long-running legal sore which has direct relevance to shoots. That is because the case involved “aggravated trespass” and a creative defence that had been used before by protesters, including in an infamous case involving seven saboteurs who had targeted the Brindle shoot in Lancashire in 2006 … (story)

The Sentinel 9.5.14 Halal meat must now be banned - I CANNOT believe that in this modern world that this practice of halal meat is still going on… SUZANNE J NIXON Leek (letter)

Worcester News 9.5.14 Halal meat - clear labelling is the key says Worcester's MP - CONVENTIONAL slaughterhouses can be as cruel as halal abattoirs says a leader from a Worcestershire group of veggies and vegans…. Ronald Lee, communications officer for Worcestershire vegans and veggies, said: "People claim that the halal slaughter method is crueller than the ordinary slaughter method. In some cases that may be the case but there is also a tremendous amount of cruelty in what is called conventional slaughter methods as well…. (story)


Lincolnshire Echo 8.5.14 Roger Helmer MEP: UKIP election candidates given a warm welcome - I’ve been in politics now for 15 years, including my misspent time in the Tory party… But in all those years I’ve never known such a positive response from voters as we’ve seen for UKIP in this Euro-campaign so far. People are not only taking leaflets, but coming up and asking for them…. A few weeks ago, at the Woodland Pytchley point-to-point at Dingley Dell, Northants, we took the Battle Bus, and we had a site that could not have been bettered….. For years, Countryside Alliance members have turned out to campaign for the Tories, hoping to get the hated Hunting Act repealed (or mitigated). I know these people. I’ve campaigned alongside them, and they work harder than many Conservative activists. Yet after election time the Tories send them off with hardly a thank-you, and they have made no moves on the Hunting Ac…. (story)

Western Morning News 8.5.14 Blood sports are killing the Tories - So following the failed badger culls, which are still haemorrhaging Tory votes, the selfish and relentless blood sports lobby has decided to bully the Conservative party into a complete overhaul of the Hunting Act and to give a manifesto pledge on the issue; is this a true blue vote winner in modern Britain?... by Graham Forsyth Chard (story)

Ilkley Gazette 8.5.14 Ilkley Moor gamekeeper tells of 20 traps to keep vermin down By Amanda Greaves, Reporter - The head gamekeeper of Ilkley Moor was quizzed about trapping vermin and the management of public access during grouse shoots at the Friends of Ilkley Moor’s annual meeting. Simon Nelson was interviewed about his work on the moor by Friends chairman John Stidworthy… (story)

Cambridge News 8.5.14 AstraZeneca in High Court battle with animal rights campaigners Written by LUCY ROSS-MILLAR - Giant pharmaceuticals company and hostile take-over target, AstraZeneca UK Ltd, shifted its focus to winning a High Court injunction against animal rights campaigners who it says pose a threat to construction of its new Cambridge HQ…. The judge granted an injunction against two alleged SHAC “leaders”, as well as persons unknown, banning protestors from encroachment onto the company’s land and from any harassment of the company’s staff… One of those named in the injunction, Aran Mathai, denied having any leadership role in SHAC and said he was involved only in peaceful protests… (story)

Independent 8.5.14 Animal rights come before religion - LUCY HUNTER JOHNSTON - We must end the barbaric practice of non-stun slaughter - You’d think there was little that as solidly respectable a chain as Pizza Express could do to offend, but with the realisation that it has been using halal chicken in its dishes without indicating so on their menu, it has managed to do exactly that… If we, as a society, have an obligation to ensure that we are not subjecting animals to avoidable cruelty and distress, and I firmly believe that we do, then this barbaric practice needs to be stopped…. (story)

Telegraph 8.5.14 All meat should be labelled with details of its slaughter - Comprehensive labelling would offer consumers genuine choice - Yet again, religious slaughter is in the headlines. If two chickens reared in exactly the same conditions are both electrocuted until they are unconscious and then one goes into an enormous machine which scalds, feathers and decapitates it, while the other goes to a Muslim who happens to be reciting a prayer, why are critics quite content with the former but up in arms about the latter?... Henry Grunwald Chairman, Shechita UK, Dr Shuja Shafi Deputy Secretary General, Muslim Council of Britain (letter)

Mail 8.5.14 'My SUPER RAT hell': Bill Oddie's home invaded by army of THIRTY giant rodents 'climbing, jumping, tumbling' in his garden... he has no qualms about killing them despite his animal-loving nature By RICHARD SPILLETT - Animal lover Bill Oddie has become the latest victim of the plague of so-called 'super rats' sweeping Britain. The BBC presenter revealed more than 30 of the creatures invaded the garden of his home in Hampstead, north London earlier this week. Despite being known for hosting wildlife programmes and recently condemning the killing of migrating birds, the 72-year-old called in pest controllers to get rid the creatures… (story)


East Grinstead Courier 7.5.14 PHOTOS: Blindley Heath Country Show Photography by Fergus Burnett - THOUSANDS enjoyed fun in the sun at the ever-popular Blindley Heath Country Show this bank holiday weekend. Pig racing, dancing dogs and falconry were among the spectacles eye-catching attractions on Sunday and Monday at Osney Lodge Farm in Byers Lane, South Godstone. The show, which celebrates all things rural, also had an appearance from the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt…. (story)
East Grinstead Courier 2.5.14 Rural country show returns this weekend - BLINDLEY Heath’s Country Show returns this weekend with show-stopping falconry and even racing pigs… Falconry, is one of the country’s leading display falconers and Old Surrey Burstow & West Kent Hunt will again be attending to give their ever popular display… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 7.5.14 Birds Packham’s business - I WOULD take issue with R Sibbald’s view of Chris Packham and Malta (“Shooting double standards,” Letters, May 3). Many of the birds that he and BirdLife Malta are trying to save are migrants on their way to the UK, thus they are very much our business…. C E LOCK, Everton (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 7.5.14 (3.5.14) Shooting double standards - QUITE touching, seeing Chris Packham (BBC’s Springwatch presenter) and his reaction, assisting in the euthanasia of a Montagu’s Harrier (migrant bird of prey) on TV in Malta the other day…. Let’s sort out the bird carnage in our own country before attacking other people R SIBBALD, Fareham (letter)

Independent 7.5.14 A different species of politician - Vanessa Hudson believes the fight against animal cruelty is as important as that against slavery – and now hopes to become an MEP to bolster it - ETAN SMALLMAN - Imagine you live in a world where more than 90 per cent of the population are cannibals… This might begin to give you an idea of what it must be like for Vanessa Hudson, the leader of Britain's Animal Welfare Party (AWP). Hudson, 41, campaigns against what she feels is the unspoken "ism" of our age, speciesism…. This month, the AWP will make history as part of the first pan-European movement featuring the animal parties of seven EU countries. They will be contesting the elections with a shared goal – getting the first dedicated representative for animals elected to the EU Parliament…. (story)


Western Daily Press 6.5.14 Hunting ban 'could win general election' in neglected rural seats By Graeme Demianyk - A pro-hunting group that could help secure a Tory majority has warned the countryside will be "hard to stir up" at the general election as rural issues have been "neglected"…. (story)
Western Daily Press 6.5.14 WDP opinion: Re-igniting the political flame - Never underestimate the power of the single-issue group. That, surely, must be the message from the interview today with George Bowyer, the national director of Vote OK, a pro-hunt organisation that helped at least 36 Conservative MPs win their seats at the last general election…. (story)
Western Morning News 6.5.14 Tories urged to back repeal to 'motivate' countryside vote - By Graeme Demianyk, WMN - A pro-hunting group that could help secure a Tory majority has warned that the countryside will be “hard to stir up” at the general election because rural issues have been neglected…. (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 6.5.14 Rural neglect 'will hit Tories' - A pro-hunting group that could help secure a Tory majority has warned that the countryside will be "hard to stir up" at the general election because rural issues have been neglected. Vote OK, which flooded marginal seats with an army of 15,000 volunteers at the last election, and believes it helped the Conservatives win 36 MPs, has told the Western Morning News a manifesto pledge to scrap the hunting ban will "motivate a lot more activists"…. (story)

Horse & Hound 6.5.14 Beginners’ guide to hunting leaflet launches at Badminton - Newcomers to hunting will find many of their questions answered in a new free leaflet from the Countryside Alliance. The pocket-sized document addresses typical issues for first-timers, such as etiquette and turn-out, and gives top tips to help people enjoy their first experience in the hunting field. It is suitable for adults and children… (story)

Western Morning News 6.5.14 Battle to end spring shooting of Maltese doves has political implications - Few could be unaware of wildlife broadcaster Chris Packham’s campaign against the Maltese spring shooting season. Philip Bowern wonders if his passionate fight to end the destruction of protected species on the Mediterranean island will succeed…. (story)

Southern Daily Echo 6.5.14 TV Wildlife presenter Chris Packham calls for Commons to act on bird slaughter By Rory McKeown - HAMPSHIRE wildlife presenter Chris Packham’s harrowing experience of witnessing the mass slaughter of migrating birds in Malta will be discussed in Parliament…. The debate was called by Sir John Randall, MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, who will host a briefing with Mr Packham at 3pm… (story)

Swindon Advertiser 6.5.14 Let’s hunt, not kill - NO surprise at what happened to Chris Packham in Malta, arrested and held for five hours because of filming evidence of how shooters are killing thousands of our migrating birds, the charge being it is infringing on their privacy. Sounds familiar, like the mounted fox killing fraternity in the UK still killing foxes yet claiming they are trail hunting, accusing anyone getting evidence of harassment…. David Thomas, Hisomley, Dilton Marsh (letter)

Western Daily Press 6.5.14 Panels need to toe the government line - Governments set up so-called consultations or commissions to give the appearance of listening to the concerns of the mere voter or experts in any particular field… The reality is badgers and hedgehogs and other wildlife have co-existed for thousands of years and it has been the humans with their lack of understanding of nature who have caused the problem but will not accept their responsibility so look for scapegoats. D Thomas by email (letter)


BBC News Online 5.5.14 Queen guitarist Brian May plays Guildford to celebrate wildlife - More than 4,000 people are expected to attend an event and concert in Surrey organised by Queen guitarist Brian May to celebrate nature and wildlife. May is performing at Wildlife Rocks in Guildford Cathedral, where actress and fellow animal welfare campaigner Virginia McKenna is also appearing. The musician, who lives in Surrey, has opposed both the government's badger cull and fox hunting…. (story)
Surrey Advertiser 5.5.14 WATCH: Brian May rocks Guildford to save wildlife By Amy De-Keyzer - Queen guitarist and music legend Brian May rocked the crowds at Guildford Cathedral on Bank Holiday Monday as his second Wildlife Rocks event took centrestage…. (story)
Surrey Advertiser 24.4.14 Brian May pledges to keep fighting those who threaten wildlife - Windlesham resident and legendary guitarist Brian May who founded the Save Me charity, spoke to Get Surrey ahead of Wildlife Rocks next month “We'll keep fighting day in, day out to combat those strong forces who want to perpetuate what is legalised abuse of our country’s most precious wild animals.” This is the message from legendary Queen guitarist and animal rights activist Brian May prior to the biennial Wildlife Rocks event in Guildford next month…. (story)

Farming Life 5.5.14 The importance of the European elections - On Thursday 22nd May, European Parliamentary elections are taking place. Countryside Alliance Ireland wish to acknowledge the support we have received from previous MEPs in Northern Ireland such as Diane Dodds of the DUP and Jim Nicholson of the UUP, in ensuring that our rural way of life and our rural activities are not unduly hindered by European legislation (story)

Bristol Post 5.5.14 Bristol team backing Chris Packham's bid to curb Malta bird hunters By Rachel Gardner - WILDLIFE presenter Chris Packham has been making national news headlines in his fight against the killing of migratory birds in Malta. But it is a team of Bristol conservationists and filmmakers who have helped him bring the issue to the public's attention…. (story)

The Sentinel 5.5.14 Shooting birds isn't a sport - JOHN Pointon and Sons Ltd in Cheddleton have come under a lot of criticism over the years, for example, smell, noise, etc, but give them credit, they have improved conditions enormously and have built a fitness centre for the workers. So I am amazed that they want to use land for rearing game birds… There is enough animal cruelty on this planet and the poor pheasant is very often forgotten about. I truly hope Staffordshire County Council will vote in the correct way… SUZANNE J NIXON Leek (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 5.5.14 Anti-cull protesters will buy thermal imaging cameras to protect badger By Aled Thomas - OPPONENTS of the badger cull believe they will be able to better prevent marksmen shooting badgers by investing in thermal imaging cameras. Campaign group Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting held its badger ball and raised more than £3,600 for its fighting fund which it will use to try to prevent the deaths of badgers. The money will go towards the purchase of thermal imaging equipment, which anti-culling patrols will use to try to locate badgers, particularly those wounded by any shooting… (story)


Western Morning News 4.5.14 OPINION: It's time for farmers to abandon cull in favour of vaccination programme By Dominic Dyer - Dominic Dyer argues that farmers must accept that the badger cull has been a failure and back calls for badger and cattle vaccination as the way forward…. (story)

Huffington Post 4.5.14 Why Everyone Is Falling in Love with Veganism - Jasmijn de Boo - CEO, The Vegan Society - Emmerdale star Roxy Shahidi loves to Kiss Vegan - but what did other vegans make of the main message from our latest campaign: "You don't have to be vegan to love vegan lipstick"? For members and supporters of The Vegan Society, the world's oldest and largest Vegan Society, this is unchartered territory…. (story)


Guardian 3.5.14 Why I wanted my children to be country people - John Jackson was a captain of industry but he wanted to raise his children as 'country people'. So he forged a lifestyle that makes Tom and Barbara in the Good Life look like part-timers - Patrick Barkham (story)
Mid Devon Star 30.4.14 MEMBURY AUTHOR CELEBRATES 35 YEARS OF THE GOOD LIFE - IT began back in 1979 with a bucket of nuts and a herring net… Now considered a classic of countryside literature, Membury resident John Jackson is celebrating the 35th anniversary of his first book, ‘A Little Piece of England.’… John, now 84, is a polymath. He is an established author, lawyer, businessman and political and constitutional campaigner, and is probably best known as a founder, and former chairman, of the Countryside Alliance…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 3.5.14 Sympathy
for Sasha From: Emma Warner, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), All Saints Street, London. TO receive a medal is small compensation for a life involuntarily sacrificed…. Dogs such as Sasha are not instruments of war and are not ours to use and toss away like empty ammunition shells (The Yorkshire Post, April 30). (letter)


Western Daily Press 2.5.14 Former RSPCA boss Gavin Grant wins Malmesbury town council by-election By TristanCork - The controversial former chief executive of the RSPCA, Gavin Grant, has successfully re-entered politics – after winning a hotly-contested council by-election in his hometown of Malmesbury…. It was not Mr Grant’s previous role with the RSPCA that caused the debate, but his ties with the local Liberal Democrat party. While the former charity boss maintained he was standing as an independent, the local party machine printed his election campaign materials… (story)

Western Daily Press 2.5.14 Hunting claim's hypocrisy - Having read the Wednesday's Western Daily Press, I was astounded by the apparent hypocrisy of the huntsman Shane Hocking. It is a shame if the hounds are killed but this would be only more of the normal killing of thousands of healthy hounds carried out by all hunt packs every year…. Steve Pople, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset (letter)

Western Morning News 2.5.14 Why the Maltese massacre is bad news for UK's threatened bird species - Thousands of migrating birds are being killed at one of Britain’s favourite holiday destinations. We explain why this is not just a disaster for Malta but bad news for some of the UK’s most threatened species… (story)

Hereford Times 2.5.14 Let’s debate the cull now - Open letter to councillors and members of the scrutiny committee, calling for a debate and a vote in the appropriate following a petition submitted to the council against Defra’s plans to roll out its culling policy. The petition stated: “We the undersigned petition the council to ban badger culling on Herefordshire council- owned land, and invest in local badger vaccination projects…. Please do what you can to stop this barbaric madness. I look forward to hearing from you with details of what specific support you can offer. SARA SILOKO Waggoner’s Way Hereford (letter)

Leicester Mercury 2.5.14 Explain 'discredited cliches' claim about my article - Could RJ Staples explain the criticism "discredited cliches" concerning my article on factory farms?... Factory farming began in 1947... Feeding 65 billion animals uses far more vegetable protein than feeding 9 billion people… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)


Horse & Hound 1.5.14 Prospects of Hunting Act vote shelved - Government plans to vote on overturning the hunting ban look likely to be abandoned. In the Coalition agreement, it was stated that MPs would be given a free vote on the Hunting Act. But senior Conservatives have now reportedly decided there is “no point” holding a vote before next year’s general election, as it is thought that most MPs support the ban… (story)

South Wales Echo 1.5.14 Shoo but don’t shoot wild boar - So wild boar farmer Greg Davies has advised people to shoot his wild boar on sight following a criminal incident at his farm that resulted in 42 of the animals escaping from his care... I suggest that in the unlikely event that anyone actually sees one of these beautiful animals, rather than phoning the police, you shoo them away into the forest where they can spend their lives happily grunting and nosing the soil in their search for food... Ralph Cook, Cardiff (letter)

Western Daily Press 1.5.14 Targeted badger cull is necessary - What next for the badger cull? Philip Bowern assesses new developments on a vexed issue - The badger cull has taken another lurch sideways with the news that when – or should that be if – the culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire continue, there will be no independent monitoring of the operation... (story)

Times Higher Education Supplement 1.5.14 Why animal researchers are ending their silence BY PAUL JUMP Extremists silenced institutions and scientists for years, but researchers are now willing to speak up for good practice and valuable results - Not long ago, those who carried out animal research in the UK were well advised to avoid secluded alleyways on moonless nights.... So what has changed? According to Tom Holder, founder of the advocacy organisation Speaking of Research and campaigns manager at Understanding Animal Research, one factor has been the hardening of public attitudes against the extremists since the notorious 2004 grave robbery of the body of Gladys Hammond... (story)