May 2016

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Southern Daily Echo 31.5.16 Pack training - I REFER to the article in the Daily Echo regarding the hunt oil painting. The hounds you refer to were known as “tufters” and not “tutters”. Although you are correct to say these particular hounds were 'coupled', this was not the primary purpose of these collars… Chris Anderson (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 26.5.16 John Emms' 19th century painting of New Forest hunt dogs sells for £113,000 - AN OIL painting of New Forest buckhounds by Hampshire artist John Emms has sold for 162,500 dollars (£112,519) at an auction in America. The 24 inches by 30 inches picture, entitled New Forest Buckhounds And A Terrier In Their Lodges After The Hunt, was sold at Sotheby’s in New York. It has been expected to fetch between 150,000 and 250,000 dollars… (story)

Irish Examiner 31.5.16 Coursing worse than circuses - I welcome entertainment manager, Louis Walsh’s appeal to the Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creedon, to ban the exploitation of wild animals in circuses… But if we ban wild-animal circuses, we must also be consistent, and outlaw hare-coursing, a far worse abuse of wild animals for entertainment… John Fitzgerald Callan Co. Kilkenny (letter)

Derry News 31.5.16 Animal circuses banned from council lands in Derry - Circuses which use performing animals will no longer be allowed to set up on council owned lands in Derry…. The proposal bar such circuses from council owned lands was made by the independent councillor Gary Donnelly… In attendance at the meeting were members of the Northern Ireland Says No to Animal Cruelty. Speaking at the meeting, the Waterside Sinn Fein councillor Christopher Jackson said his party supported the proposals… (story)

Independent 31.5.16 I was so upset by the report about poachers using cyanide to kill elephants, I shed tears of fury and hopelessness… Lynne Clark Tunbridge Wells (letter)


Mid Sussex Times 30.5.16 LETTER: Ban the snares - Bill Oddie OBE - Wildlife campaigner and Vice President of the League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Morpeth Herald 15.5.16 SNARES: Watch out for pet friends - Bill Oddie OBE Wildlife campaigner and Vice President of the League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Western Mail 2.5.16 Beware the danger of wire snares - Lock up your pets! Of course it shouldn’t be necessary, but at this time of the year a shocking number of dogs and cats are mutilated – or suffer a long and painful death – when they are caught in wire snares set by game keepers on the shooting estates of Wales... Every 20 seconds somewhere an animal is caught in a snare, but only a quarter of them are the intended quarry (foxes). The majority are hares, badgers, deer, otters and perhaps most distressingly pet dogs and cats... Bill Oddie Wildlife campaigner and Vice President of the League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

Telegraph 30.5.16 3,000 local chemists could close this year after £170m subsidy cut prompts fears for elderly and rural dwellers - Christopher Hope - Thousands of local chemists could close after the Government said it would withdraw a vital subsidy prompting rural and elderly campaign groups, as well MPs from all parties to warn that pensioners and vulnerable people could have to travel further to get vital medicines… Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: "We have real concerns that the Government has not fully considered the potential impact of pharmacy closures on rural areas…. (story)

Sheffield Star 30.5.16 Vegan diet - Jennifer White People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)
York Press 25.5.16 Vegan benefits are just a knockout - Jennifer White, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Society, All Saints Street, London (letter)
Northern Echo 25.5.16 David "The Vegan" Haye - ANYONE still dubious about the benefits of a plant-based diet need look no further than vegan boxing world champion David Haye, whose fight on Saturday was a knockout – literally…. Jennifer White, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)


Bournemouth Daily Echo 28.5.16 "Who wants to go on holiday to the middle of a bloodbath?" Plans for new badger cull licences slammed - DORSET residents have spoken out against the badger cull as part of a new public consultation… Natural England received 81 responses from Dorset. Concerns were raised about the potential impact on business and tourism due to people avoiding cull areas…. (story)
Western Morning News 27.5.16 Badger cull consultation raises concerns over public safety - A public consultation on applications for badger culling licenses across nine counties in England has gathered nearly 1,000 responses, revealing widespread public concern about risks to public safety and negative impacts on tourism. Natural England, the badger culling licensee, said it had received a total of 939 responses to the 29 new applications for badger culling licenses, which include Devon and Cornwall along with Dorset and Somerset… (story)
Western Morning News 27.5.16 People in badger cull zones have nothing to fear - WMN OPINION: No one disputes that the badger cull is a difficult and unwelcome rural activity… There is, of course, no room for complacency. But the safety of the badger culls has been rigorously tested over three years in two areas… (story)
Farmers Weekly 26.5.16 Badger cull consultation attracts nearly 1,000 responses - Philip Case - A public consultation (PDF) to gather information on 29 applications for badger culling licences across nine counties in England attracted almost 1,000 responses. Natural England, the badger culling licensee, said it received 939 responses concerning industry-led proposals to extend culling to more counties, as part of efforts to tackle bovine TB. More than two-thirds (661) of the responses raised concerns that a badger cull in their area could have a negative impact on local businesses due to people avoiding the area…. (story)


Islington Tribune 27.5.16 ‘U-turn’ as parents claim school was set to kill foxes living near classrooms by KOOS COUVÉE - THE story of Fantastic Mr Fox has mesmerised primary school children for decades.. Following claims that Vittoria School in Half Moon Crescent was preparing to bring in the exterminators for a family of redheads who had, rather unwisely, made a den in its grounds, campaigners bombarded its switchboard and email inbox demanding clemency… The apparent change of heart came after a Facebook campaign was launched by Karen Heath of the Mama Cat Trust animal rescue group which gathered more than 200 supporters overnight on Tuesday – many of whom contacted the school in protest… (story)

The Ecologist 27.5.16 Alas poor Brock! The insanity of the badger cull - Martin Hancox - The lives of all the thousands of badgers slaughtered in the name of TB eradication have been lost in vain, writes Martin Hancox. The cryptic reservoir of bovine TB is the cattle themselves, and no amount of badger killing will make the slightest difference to the problem. Once we have grasped this reality the solution is astonishingly simple: improved TB testing that picks up all infected cattle… (story)

Guardian 27.5.16 The rise of vegan teenagers: 'More people are into it because of Instagram' - The number of vegans in the UK has risen by 350% in the past decade – a movement driven by the young. Here, teens explain why they are ditching meat and dairy - Sarah Marsh and Guardian readers (story)

Metro 27.5.16 Vegan teens: Why are so many young people dropping animal products? - Ashitha Nagesh - Veganism was once considered a fringe movement – but things are rapidly changing. Vegans used to be plagued by unfair stereotypes of being preachy and malnourished, and spent most of their time negotiating a lack of food options… According to Laura, from the volunteer-led organisation Teen Vgn, the prominence of vegan role models and appetising meals on Instagram has made the movement more accessible…. (story)

Isington Gazette 27.5.16 Pop-up bunny cafe cancelled after threats - Zoah Hedges-Stocks - The pop-up bunny cafe that stoked the fury of animal rights campaigners this week has been cancelled after controversy and alleged threats. Bunny Blossom Cafe was scheduled to take place in Islington’s Chapel Market from June 5 until early July, but the Facebook page has now been taken down, with the organisers stating that the event will not be going ahead due to worries about safety… (story)
Evening Standard 26.5.16 Islington Bunny Cafe sparks massive backlash amid fears rabbits will 'die of fright' - TOM MARSHALL - Plans to open a rabbit-filled cafe in north London have sparked a huge backlash from animal-lovers who fear the creatures may “die of fright”. Organisers Bunny Blossom, who claim to be a “privately run rabbit shelter”, have announced plans for a pop-up in Islington where customers can enjoy afternoon tea in the company of the freely-roaming animals… But animal welfare activists have reacted with horror and a petition calling on Islington council to block the Bunny Cafe has quickly attracted more than 1,500 supporters.... (story)


FarmingUK 26.5.16 Norfolk Countryside Classroom day teaches children about the food they eat and the great outdoors - Who puts the malt in Maltesers? How are potato crisps produced and what’s the buzz about honey? These and many other questions were answered for primary school children from across Norfolk at a Countryside Classroom day on 18 May. More than 400 children visited the Salle Estate in Reepham by kind permission of its owner Sir John White, for the bi-annual event run by the Norfolk branch of the Countryside Alliance… The Countryside Alliance’s education charities – Fishing 4 Schools and Falconry for Schools – were on hand to introduce the children to fly-tying and casting and birds of prey with the help of Out on a Wing Falconry of Watton, and the hounds of the North Norfolk Harriers also put in an appearance (story)

Mail 26.5.16 Number of dogs saved by RSPCA halves in a year and membership drops after radicals are elected to animal charity's ruling council By JENNIFER NEWTON FOR MAILONLINE - The RSPCA has seen a drop in membership and the number of dogs rescued in a year halved after the charity become embroiled in controversy when it elected radicals to the ruling council. New figures released in the animal welfare organisation's trustees report and accounts for 2015 reveal that membership subscriptions have fallen by a third over the past 10 years to just £500,000…. Previous chief executive Gavin Grant stood down from the RSPCA in February due to medical concerns and after pursuing high-profile political campaigns against hunting, the badger cull and the Grand National…. (story)

Third Sector 26.5.16 Jeremy Cooper looks beyond the crisis at the RSPCA - Stephen Cook speaks to the new chief at the animal charity about his plans to rescue the charity's reputation - In what has seemed like an open season on charities, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has probably suffered most. It has come under intense fire from the countryside lobby, various politicians and the right-leaning media over foxhunting prosecutions, opposition to the culling of badgers and the euthanisation of pets... (story)
Third Sector 26.5.16 A promising start at the RSPCA is undermined by a media mis-step - New chief executive Jeremy Cooper appears more emollient than his predecessor, but an interview with The Daily Telegraph has thrown him a little off course, writes Stephen Cook, contributing editor of Third Sector… (story)
Western Morning News 24.5.16 RSPCA denies U-turn on fox-hunting prosecutions and opposition to the badger cull after interview with new boss prompts a backlash By WMNPBowern - The RSPCA is trying to dispel any suggestion it is going ‘soft’ on fox-hunting or the badger cull. Philip Bowern reports on an organisation apparently wrestling with internal conflict - A week ago, things could hardly have been clearer. The RSPCA, losing support and credibility for mounting what many saw as increasingly extreme campaigns against farmers and pet owners, was turning over a new leaf… Cue the backlash. A petition demanding newly installed Mr Cooper be sacked was initiated and gathered thousands of signatures…. The RSPCA now insists it will still take legal action against illegal hunting, if the Crown Prosecution Service decides not to act when evidence is presented… (story)
Telegraph 20.5.16 RSPCA accused of giving in to activists on foxhunting - Robert Mendick - The RSPCA has been accused of caving in to bullying after promising animal rights activists that it will continue to prosecute illegal foxhunting. The reassurance by the charity’s vice-chairman led to the withdrawal of a petition from an activist demanding the sacking of its new chief executive, Jeremy Cooper… His comments led Penny Little, an RSPCA member and veteran animal rights activist, to set up a petition demanding he be dismissed “for his deplorable capitulation to the bullying of the hunting fraternity”. However, it has been withdrawn by Miss Little, who wrote on social media: “I have been contacted by the vice-chairman of the RSPCA and his sincere sentiments expressed to me are very reassuring. Your support for the hunted animals has been heard loud and clear.”… (story)
Western Daily Press 19.5.16 New boss Jeremy Cooper says 'I'm proud' of RSPCA prosecuting hunts - and we'll do it again By TristanCork - The new chief executive of the RSPCA confirmed last night that the charity could still prosecute hunts for breaking the Hunting Act – and said he was 'extremely proud' that it helped force through the controversial ban. Jeremy Cooper moved to 'correct some misinterpretation' of comments made in his first major interview since taking over as the boss of the organisation at the weekend – comments which sparked a furious outcry from animal rights activists. In a backtrack, he appeared to pledge the RSPCA's support for an anti-hunt stance, and moved to reassure the charity's supporters that his 'apology' for the RSPCA's previous actions did not mean a change in its position on the hunting issue… (story)
Farmers Guardian 18.5.16 RSPCA CLARIFIES STANCE ON BADGER CULL AFTER NEW CHIEF EXEC APOLOGISES FOR PAST MISTAKES - The RSPCA has moved to clarify its position on the badger cull after new chief executive Jeremy Cooper said the charity did not ’have an issue with the need to manage badgers’. The RSPCA has insisted it remains opposed to the badger cull after its new chief executive apologised for the charity’s behaviour in recent years and hinted at a change of approach on the policy.... (story)
Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 16.5.16 New RSPCA boss says no more politics or 'misguided' prosecutions By WMN_PGoodwin - Years of misguided prosecutions, politicised campaigns and adversarial leadership at the RSPCA were a mistake, its new head has admitted. Jeremy Cooper said his arrival heralds a new direction for the charity that will in future try to "make friends and influence people" and depart from the fiery rhetoric deployed in the past…. (story)
Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 16.5.16 RSPCA accused of giving in to political pressure over fox-hunting and the badger cull By WMNPBowern - Wildlife campaigners have criticised the RSPCA’s new chief executive for what they say looks like ‘capitulation’ over opposition to the badger cull… Dominic Dyer, CEO of the Badger Trust said: “We fully recognise the extraordinary pressure being put on the RSPCA to drop its opposition to badger culling by the government and their supporters in the farming and countryside lobby. “But the Badger Trust is a much smaller charity and we have taken a far more robust stance… (story)
Guardian 16.5.16 RSPCA to step back from launching prosecutions for hunting - New chief executive Jeremy Cooper has outraged animal welfare campaigners with policy of leaving prosecution decisions to the police and CPS… The controversy over the hunt’s activities has focused on the private prosecution it brought in 2012 against the Heythrop Hunt… But Penny Little of Protect our Wild Animals, who was one of the hunt monitors who collected evidence for the Heythrop prosecution, responded to Cooper’s earlier interview in the Daily Telegraph by launching an online petition calling for his removal…. (story)
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 16.5.16 New RSPCA boss sparks controversy with comments about Malmesbury councillor's former leadership of the charity - Callum Chaplin - THE new chief executive of the RSPCA’s recent comments about the management of the charity under a now Malmesbury Town Council member, has sparked an online petition appealing for his resignation from the role…. (story)
Third Sector 16.5.16 RSPCA made mistakes, says new chief executive Jeremy Cooper by Stephen Cook - The RSPCA is changing into a "modern, open and transparent" charity after making mistakes that have attracted criticism in recent years, according to its new chief executive, Jeremy Cooper… (story)
Western Daily Press 15.5.16 New RSPCA boss Jeremy Cooper 'has betrayed us' say anti-hunt campaign By TristanCork - The new chief executive of the RSPCA has sparked huge controversy after he talked of the 'mistakes' the charity made when it began prosecuting organised fox hunts. Jeremy Cooper said his arrival heralds a new direction for the charity… Within a day of Mr Cooper's first public interview, an online petition was started calling for his sacking, with animal rights activists saying he had 'betrayed' the causes the RSPCA was set up for. The petition was started by Penny Little, the Gloucestershire hunt monitor who is a member of Protect Our Wild Animals and monitors hunts in the Cotswolds… (story)
Argus 15.5.16 RSPCA will no longer fight fox hunting or badger culling, new boss says - Emily Walker - THE RSPCA will stop being an "animal rights organisation", and will no longer fight fox hunting or badger culling, its new boss has said. Jeremy Cooper said his arrival heralds a new direction for the charity… (story)
Mail on Sunday 15.5.16 Yes, the Mail on Sunday's victory over the RSPCA is sweet. But let me tell you why 'sorry' is NOT enough By MELISSA KITE FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - An RSPCA trustee once likened the treatment of farm animals to the Holocaust. Knowing what I know now, the irony of that statement blows me away. After three years investigating the most gut-wrenching evidence showing the wholesale killing of domestic pets by the RSPCA, the word that keeps coming to me is precisely that…. Like those living in rural communities, I have long suspected the RSPCA is not the cuddly organisation it paints itself to be. They would never come if you called them to an injured deer. And yet they began this bizarre attempt to stop all vermin being harmed by prosecuting hunts and shoots… (story)
Mail on Sunday 15.5.16 Big step for the RSPCA - The Mail on Sunday wholeheartedly welcomes a major apology and climbdown at the RSPCA. Its new chief, Jeremy Cooper, has admitted – not a moment too soon – that the charity had become too political and too heavy-handed…. (story)
Sunday Express 15.5.16 RSPCA U-turn 'does not go far enough' - AN apology by the RSPCA over the way it handled prosecutions in the past is “too little, too late”, said owners whose pets were destroyed by the charity. By MARCO GIANNANGELI (story)
Telegraph 14.5.16 RSPCA boss says sorry for blunders and admits charity was too political - Robert Mendick - The new head of the RSPCA has made a dramatic, public apology for the charity’s past mistakes and vowed to be less political and bring fewer prosecutions in the future. In his first interview since taking over as chief executive, Jeremy Cooper admitted the RSPCA had become “too adversarial” and dragged too many people through the courts under its previous leadership… The charity has been attacked for bringing a prosecution, costing £330,000, against the Heythrop Hunt, which is David Cameron’s local hunt in Oxfordshire; and for demanding that farmers who participated in the Government’s badger cull be ‘named and shamed’…. (story)
Telegraph 14.5.16 There is hope at last for the RSPCA - In 2013, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) seized a 16-year-old cat called Claude… RSPCA ignored Richard and Samantha Byrnes’ explanation that their pet disliked being groomed and had to be put under anaesthetic to have a trim, and told them he had to be destroyed… and his owners were informed that they would be charged with animal cruelty…. We sincerely hope that the charity goes back to its roots in championing animal welfare and drops these absurd, wildly inappropriate definitions of animal rights… (story)
Yorkshire Post 14.5.16 RSPCA not an ‘animal rights organisation’, says new chief - Years of misguided prosecutions, politicised campaigns and adversarial leadership at the RSPCA were a mistake, its new head has admitted…. (story)
Belfast Telegraph 14.5.16 New RSPCA chief admits charity's past mistakes - Years of misguided prosecutions, politicised campaigns and adversarial leadership at the RSPCA were a mistake, its new head has admitted. Jeremy Cooper said his arrival heralds a new direction for the charity that will in future try to "make friends and influence people" and depart from the fiery rhetoric deployed in the past… (story)
Independent 14.5.16 New RSPCA boss makes public apology and promises charity will be less political - New chief executive, Jeremy Cooper, made a public announcement distancing the organisation from its previous actions - Rebecca Flood - The new boss of the RSPCA has vowed to be less political and bring fewer prosecutions as he apologised for the charity’s past mistakes…. (story)
ITV 14.5.16 New RSPCA boss says sorry for 'adversarial' approach - The RSPCA's incoming boss has said that politicised campaigns, adversarial leadership and misguided prosecutions by the charity in recent years were a mistake…. (story)
BBC News 14.5.16 RSPCA to become 'less adversarial' under new boss - The new chief of the RSPCA, Jeremy Cooper, has said the animal welfare charity had become "too adversarial" and will now be "a lot less political"… (story)
Guardian 14.5.16 New RSPCA chief promises less adversarial approach - Jeremy Cooper says group made mistakes in past and often drifted into political activism rather than supportive, animal welfare society… The RSPCA infamously prosecuted the Heythrop, David Cameron’s local hunt, with success coming after huge sums were spent…. (story)
Metro 14.5.16 New RSPCA boss apologises for ‘misguided prosecutions’ and losing its way - Richard Hartley-Parkinson - Years of misguided prosecutions, politicised campaigns and adversarial leadership at the RSPCA were a mistake, its new head has admitted… (story)
Spectator 14.5.16 A hopeful sign that that RSPCA is thinking about animal welfare again - Camilla Swift - The RSPCA over the last decade has – many would say – lost its way, bogged down in a mess of private prosecutions against honest members of the public instead of focusing on real animal welfare issues. But could the charity be about to do a U-turn? In an interview with the Telegraph their new chief executive, Jeremy Cooper, has admitted that the charity has become too political in recent years, accepting that they have ‘made mistakes in the past’, including over the badger cull and in its prosecution of hunts, and says it is ‘very unlikely’ that the charity will bring any private prosecutions against hunts in future…. (story)
Sun 14.5.16 RSPCA boss apologises for charity's past mistakes and vows to be less political in future - THE new head of the RSPCA has said sorry for past mistakes and vowed to be less political in the future…. (story)
Mail 14.5.16 New RSPCA boss apologises after admitting the charity has become 'too political' and says he won't prosecute hunters in future By KATIE STRICK FOR THE DAILY MAIL - The new head of the RSPCA apologised last night for the charity becoming too political. Jeremy Cooper, who took over as chief executive last month, said the organisation had become too partisan and its previous leader had taken on too many prosecutions… (story)

Shooting News 26.5.16 Essex Police to cut licensing backlog - Mark Layton - Essex police force has made significant changes to its licensing system, including the introduction of a postal renewal service, in a bid to reduce the time that is taken to process firearms licence applications and renewals… (story)

Hereford Times 26.5.16 Award winning community shop aims to give more money to community projects than ever before - Louise Mair - WITH over £2000 to award to projects within the Parish of Yarpole, Yarpole Community Shop (The Shop in the Church) is proving a real benefit to the local community… Yarpole Community Shop was the winner of the Countryside Alliance award for Best Village Shop and Post Office in the UK in 2010…. (story)

Argus 26.5.16 School: We will not kill vixen and her cubs - A SUSSEX primary school has assured animal campaigners it will not shoot a family of foxes which have set up home in its grounds. Brighton Hunt Saboteurs claimed on social media that St. Andrew's Church of England School in Winchelsea Road, Eastbourne, was considering whether to kill a vixen and her cubs that have been seen at the school… (story)

Hereford Times 26.5.16 Badge cull in Herefordshire is not the right way forward - HEREFORDSHIRE has now been selected as one of the next counties to be included in the government’s misguided policy of culling badgers in the forlorn hope that this end bovine TB in cattle… So far the government has wasted over £25 million of public money killing many badgers which were perfectly healthy. Far better that the money had been used to support farmers with regular free testing of their herds and funding for gates to prevent interaction between wildlife and cattle. Herefordshire Badger Group will have a stall on the Grange in Leominster on May 30, from midday onwards. Please do come along and support the anti-cull lobby. DR L E HARDY Leominster (story)

Metro 26.5.16 Rylan Clark-Neal admits cringeworthy error during naked PETA photoshoot - Caroline Westbrook - This Morning had no shortage of embarrassing stories on Thursday morning thanks to its phone-in – but Rylan Clark-Neal also weighed in with a little tale of his own. In the wake of Amanda Holden stripping off for a PETA photoshoot, the showbiz reporter turned talk show host regaled Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby with his story of the time he also did a naked shoot for the organisation…‘Meg Matthews got me to do the shoot, she’s a lovely woman,’ Rylan began, ‘and I turned up to the shoot not realising, in UGG boots.’ He insisted: ‘I didn’t realise they’re sheep!... (story)

Mirror 26.5.16 Amanda Holden strips totally naked - but it's all in the name of charity BY HALINA WATTS - She's not shy about flashing the flesh so it’s no surprise to see Amanda Holden stripping off for charity. The 45-year-old posed naked for her latest project in a bid to promote a vegetarian lifestyle as part of PETA ’s new campaign… (story)


Horse & Hound 25.5.16 Katie Price ditches the bling for a day with the bloodhounds - Polly Portwin - A pack of hounds has raised over £4,000 for charity while filming with reality TV star Katie Price. The Cheshire Bloodhounds organised a days’ hunting to be shown as part of a new series called Katie Price’s Pony Club that will be aired over the summer. The donations and day caps taken on the day were all put towards the fundraising effort and a cheque was recently presented to representatives from Cancer Research UK…. (story)

Express 25.5.16 Cat attacks: Time to target the air gun maniacs with new laws - SADISTS getting their kicks from killing cats with air guns have sparked calls for a major clampdown on the powerful weapons. By STUART WINTER - Animal welfare campaigners want the deadly guns licenced to stop the trail of pet carnage across the country… Leading feline charity Cats Protection today echoed the calls, revealing the horrifying impact of air gun attacks on animals over the past 20 years… (story)

Smallholder 25.5.16 More safeguards needed in Land Registry privatisation, warns Countryside Alliance by Paul Armstrong - The Countryside Alliance has warned the Government that the proposed privatisation of the Land Registry needs to have better safeguards to protect land-based rural businesses…. (story)


Guardian 24.5.16 Wildlife shows not reflecting reality of natural world – Springwatch presenters - The presenters of BBC2’s Springwatch have warned that wildlife programmes are failing to reflect the reality of the natural world. Chris Packham said there was a danger that nature reserves such as the RSPB’s Minsmere in Suffolk, where the new series of Springwatch is based, “become a bit like art galleries or museums where we go to get our fix” when much of the countryside is “largely sterile, too intensively farmed and with very poor biodiversity”…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 24.5.16 Home-schooled pupils try their hand at falconry - CHILDREN were given the chance to try their hand at the sport of kings during a special lesson recently. Home-schooled children from across the Swindon area enjoyed a taste of the wild life when Judith Wrighte of Falconry for Schools ran a Meet the Birds day at All Saints’ Church Hall on Southbrook Street…. Judith Wrighte runs Alula Falconry in Hampshire and is one of several experts who run sessions at schools through the Countryside Alliance’s Falconry for Schools programme… (story)


Horse & Hound 23.5.16 Treasured hunting horn lost in river found after three months - Polly Portwin - A hunting horn that was lost in a river over three months ago has been found after a long search. Tom Roberts, master and huntsman of the Sinnington Hunt in Yorkshire was crossing a dyke in February when his horse fell as he was trying to clamber out over the banks. This resulted in Tom letting go of his much-treasured horn… After spending “many hours” searching for the horn, and using a metal detector, the horn was found muddy but in tact on Wednesday, 18 May… (story)

Horse & Hound 23.5.16 All you’ve ever wanted to know about puppy shows, but were too afraid to ask - Polly Portwin - Now is the season for packs of hounds to hold their annual puppy show…. For anyone who has been invited for the first time, those who are just curious about what goes on or people who have perhaps been before but might even have been slightly confused at the goings-on, H&H answers some of the most frequently asked questions about this special event in each pack’s summer calendar…. (story)

Northumberland Gazette 23.5.16 Thousands of pounds raised at fishing event - James Willoughby - Around £5,000 was raised at a fly-fishing event, in aid of a military charity which supports veterans suffering from problems relating to active service. Organised by angler Lucy Bowden, from Alnwick, the event was staged at Thrunton Long Crag Trout Fishery earlier this month…. The successful event – the fourth of its kind – helped raise thousands of pounds for Fishing for Heroes, which provides fully-expensed fly-fishing courses as part of a therapy package for veterans who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder… (story)

Bedford Citizen 23.5.16 VIDEO: Animal charity Viva! shows the reality of pig farming to Bedford residents - The harsh realities of pig farming are being brought into the open in Bedford tomorrow, courtesy of Vegan charity Viva! The charity is inviting people to take the ‘Face Off Challenge’ by watching an undercover investigative film of pig farms in the area. Viva will record the responses of viewers… (story)

The Comet 23.5.16 Circus defends its treatment of animals ahead of Stevenage visit - Martin Elvery - Zippos Circus has hit back at claims made by an animal rights group which has called for it to be banned from Stevenage…. Hertfordshire Animal Rights has written to Stevenage Borough Council demanding the circus does not come to town, because it does not provide for the ‘physical and psychological’ needs of animals. But the circus has posted a report on its website made by Oxfordshire-based veterinary surgeon Stephen Ware, who visited the circus at South Park, Oxford, last month…. (story)

The Comet 23.5.16 Circus should not come to town in Stevenage says animal rights group - Martin Elvery - Animal rights campaigners have written to Stevenage Borough Council calling for the plug to be pulled on next week’s planned visit of Zippos Circus… Hertfordshire Animal Rights has written to council leader Sharon Taylor arguing circuses cannot cater for the complex physiological or psychological needs of animals and calling on the council to cancel the circus… HAR spokesman Tod Bradbury said: “Stevenage Borough Council has a longstanding policy against the use of certain wild animals being used in circuses and it is time for them to extend this policy to include all animals… (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 23.5.16 The horror of puppy farms - I was shocked, but not really surprised, by the hard-hitting Panorama programme on Monday evening, exposing puppy breeders…. Jennifer Bookbinder, Address supplied (letter)


West Briton 22.5.16 Grey partridge to be re-introduced to Cornwall By CG_Oscar - The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust is launching a project to re-introduce the grey partridge to Cornwall… GWCT's director of research, Professor Nick Sotherton, said: "This project is extremely important to our native grey partridges…. (story)

STV 22.5.16 Controversial history of airguns in Scotland as law tightened - Airguns will require a licence from the end of 2016 as new government legislation cracks down on weapon ownership. Unlicensed weapons will be outlawed, and police have urged those who have unwanted guns to hand them in to police stations from Monday…. (story)
Daily Record 17.5.16 Police launch amnesty on air guns ahead of deadline for new licence laws BY MARK MCLAUGHLIN - OWNERS who don't want to pay the new licence fee to keep an air gun can hand their weapons over at selected police stations next week to avoid a fine or even imprisonment for holding an illegal weapon…. (story)
Scotsman 17.5.16 Police urge surrender of air guns ahead of new licence fee - AIR GUN owners seeking to avoid the new licence fee - or a fine and possibly imprisonment for an unlicensed gun - can surrender their weapon to the police next week…The Scottish Government is raising awareness of its new law with a kitten called Fizz, who lost a leg when her thigh bone was shattered by an air gun pellet near her Renfrewshire home in 2014…. (story)
Paisley Gazette 17.5.16 Renfrew mum backs new airgun legislation after cruel attack on pet kitten - A RENFREW mum is supporting a campaign to raise awareness of new air weapons legislation. Elaine Boyle, whose beloved pet cat was shot with a pellet from an airgun, joined forces with the Scottish Government and animal charity Scottish SPCA to launch the campaign at Glasgow Green this morning… (story)


Bristol Post 21.5.16 Let the meat-free good times roll at Bristol's VegFest By GeoffBennett - MORE foodies than you could shake a celery stick at are assembling at Bristol Amphitheatre for Vegfest… Vegfest, now in its 14th year, promotes veganism as a lifestyle choice by offering an array of foods combined with education, talks and cookery demonstrations…. (story)
Metro 20.5.16 First ever vegan billboard campaign hits Bristol with hard-hitting messages ahead of Vegfest - Deni Kirkova - The UK’s first vegan billboard campaign has gone live in Bristol ahead of this weekend’s Vegfest. The team behind the poster campaign, which sees hard-hitting pro-vegan messages across buses and billboards, say it’s the first of its kind in Britain… (story)

Huddersfield Examiner 21.5.16 What are the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle? We asked some Huddersfield experts BY CHLOE GLOVER - They considered the health, ethics and the environment - It is National Vegetarian Week. We spoke to three figures well-read on the diet about the benefits and thoughts on a meat-free lifestyle… (story)


Western Morning News 19.5.16 Alpacas, hounds and a giant snail - everything you would have seen at Devon County Show Day One By WMNHFinch - Devon County Show has got off to a great start and there's lots more fun to come. Hardy exhibitors and visitors shook off one heavy downpour and got down to the business of celebrating the best Devon has to offer…. Another highlight of the day was the chance to meet the hounds after the Hound Display. Local hunts let the hounds meet eager youngsters for some tickling behind the ears…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 19.5.16 Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting holding vigil for badgers killed in cull - Wildlife enthusiasts and members of badger protection groups will be undertaking a peaceful walk through Winchcombe and around the Sudeley Castle area… The event is organised by the volunteers of Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting to commemorate the 3,640 badgers already allegedly killed in Gloucestershire (1,414), West Somerset (1,470) and Dorset (756). The vigil will take place at 7.30 pm on Thursday, May 26…. (story)

Shropshire Star 19.5.16 Letter: Pigs deserve better than the grim life ahead in barren sheds - Pigs, apparently, love to play football and investigate their environment; to do, in short, the things that give them pleasure, just as we do. Not much hope of that, in the proposed pig farm near Market Drayton… We fought so hard in this country for the banning of live animal exports and won that battle… If we really want to break free from the shackles of Brussels, perhaps we should allow other creatures some of the freedoms we expect for ourselves. N Jones, Shrewsbury (letter)


Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 18.5.16 Hunting Act repeal looks unlikely... but a long, slow death? By Philip Bowern - With a weariness that probably reflects the range of problems he currently faces, David Cameron last week batted away a question about something that must fall pretty low on his list of priorities at the moment. He was asked at a briefing for the regional press when he would give MPs the chance to vote on repealing the 2004 Hunting Act… his reluctance is surely based on the fact that a handful of anti-hunting Tories, a 50-strong group of mischievous Scottish Nationalists, and a majority of Labour MPs, mean the chance of successfully reversing the ban at the moment is vanishingly small…. But there is, perhaps, another way. A quick scout around the dusty books on English law reveals a whole host of legislation barely enforced today, but never repealed… Rules about longbow practice, armour-wearing and the discharging of cannon still litter the law books; few, if any, are ever enforced. Could the same thing happen to hunting?... (story)

Worcester News 18.5.16 It’s better as a vegetarian - I was pleased to read that an angler who caught fish illegally in Severn Stoke has been ordered to pay nearly £600 (“Angler illegally fished in river “, Worcester News, May 13). However, there is no place in a so-called civilised society for any form of angling... Ronald Lee Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies (letter)

Mail 18.5.16 Hereford urged not to parade bull around Wembley by animal rights group PETA ahead of FA Vase final with Morpeth Town By SAM CUNNINGHAM FOR MAILONLINE - A leading animal rights group is demanding that the Football Association block Hereford FC from parading a bull around Wembley at the FA Vase final on Sunday. The Midland Football League side — nicknamed the Bulls — were granted permission to lead their mascot, Hawkesbury Ronaldo, around the stadium for 30 minutes leading up to the match against Morpeth Town.... PETA campaigns coordinator Kirsty Henderson said. ‘We urge FA CEO Martin Glenn to use his influence to spare this bull the stress and misery of being paraded in front of thousands of screaming football fans on Sunday.’... (story)
Express 18.5.16 'Not ours for entertainment' Animal campaigners call for Ronaldo the bull ban at Wembley - ANIMAL campaigners are crying foul play over plans to parade a prize bull at a Wembley cup final this weekend. By STUART WINTER - The huge beast called Hawkesbury 1 Ronaldo – named after the Real Madrid superstar – is due to make an appearance before kick off at Sunday’s FA Vase final.... PETA campaigns coordinator Kirsty Henderson: “Hawkesbury Ronaldo will likely be terrified and alarmed when subjected to the crowds of shouting football fans... (story)
BBC News 18.5.16 Ronaldo the bull Wembley parade plan criticised - An animal rights group is calling to stop a bull being paraded at Wembley Stadium ahead of the FA Vase final.... (story)

Guardian 18.5.16 Fit, macho, sexy: the reinvention of vegans - Veganism is losing its hippy image and being embraced by everyone from Beyoncé to UFC fighters. Could the movement go mainstream – and what do committed ‘real’ vegans make of the newcomers? Emine Saner (story)

Huffington Post 18.5.16 Number Of Vegans In Britain Soars In Past Decade, Here’s Why - Rachel Moss - There are now over half a million vegans in Britain, according to new research that highlights how many people avoid food derived from animals in the UK. The research, commissioned by The Vegan Society in partnership with Vegan Life magazine, found at least 542,000 people in Britain are now following a vegan diet. This is an increase of over 350% over the past decade, making veganism one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle movements.... (story)

Telegraph 18.5.16 Wave of veganism inspired by a fashionable 'new food puritanism' warns diet expert - Henry Bodkin - A surge of veganism inspired by Instagram and Gwyneth Paltrowis harming the health of people who “don’t know what they’re doing”, one of the country’s leading dietitians warned yesterday. Catherine Collins of the British Association of Dieticians, said the dramatic rise in the number of people choosing not to eat meat, fish or dairy was based largely on “fashion”... (story)

Manchester Evening News 18.5.16 Watch: Fox cub found 'lifeless' near Oldham factory nursed back to health by animal expert BY NATHAN HYDE - A man who saved a 'lifeless' fox cub he found outside an Oldham factory has nursed it back to health... and now plans to release it back into the wild. Animal rescue worker Paul McDonald was called out after concerned factory employees found the wounded fox lying motionless on the ground.... after two days of treatment at a vet surgery in Formby, the cub's condition gradually improved and Paul was able to transport the feeble fox to Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre in Blundell, which he set up and manages... (story)


Exeter Express & Echo 17.5.16 Devon police not making hunt "sabs" take off masks - New research by the Countryside Alliance shows police powers to remove face coverings from hunt saboteurs are not being used by Devon and Cornwall Police. A Freedom of Information (FOI) request by the Countryside Alliance has shown that the existing powers have only been used three times in the past three years by Devon and Cornwall Police, despite numerous incidents of hunt saboteurs wearing balaclavas and other face coverings to break the law without fear of being identified… (story)
Western Daily Press 18.5.16 Somerset police not using powers to unmask hunt saboteurs, claims Countryside Alliance By Daniel Mumby - POLICE officers in Somerset are not using powers to remove face coverings from hunt saboteurs, according to the Countryside Alliance. A Freedom of Information (FOI) request by the pressure group has revealed that existing powers have only been used by Avon and Somerset Constabulary on two occasions in the last three years… (story)
Horse & Hound 29.4.16 Police powers to unmask hunt saboteurs used just once in past three years - Lucy Elder - Police powers to unmask violent hunt saboteurs have been used just once in the past three years, according to research by the Countryside Alliance (CA)…. (story)
Sussex Express 28.4.16 Mask removal powers not used against Sussex hunt protestors - Hunt protestors have never had their masks removed in Sussex since 2013 by police despite having the power to do so, according to new research…. (story)
Berwick Advertiser 26.4.16 Police powers are not being used rurally - Ben O’Connell - New research by the Countryside Alliance shows police powers to remove face coverings have only been used against hunt saboteurs once in the past three years – and the majority of forces have never used the power… (story)
Northumberland Gazette 26.4.16 Police powers are not being used rurally - Ben O’Connell - New research by the Countryside Alliance shows police powers to remove face coverings have only been used against hunt saboteurs once in the past three years – and the majority of forces have never used the power…. (story)
Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 25.4.16 New powers may force hunt saboteurs to be unmasked By Philip Bowern - Countryside campaigners are stepping up efforts to stop rural protesters from hiding behind face masks – after it was revealed Devon and Cornwall Police officers have never used their powers against hunt saboteurs. An amendment to the Policing and Crime Bill, to be heard this week, will attempt to insert a clause giving police constables the right to insist demonstrators are stripped of face coverings, if a PC believes they are trying to hide their identity while committing a crime. At the moment such action can be taken only on the written say so of a senior officer on the ground… (story)
Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 25.4.16 WMN opinion: Give police more powers to unmask rural criminals - Criminals of all kinds try to conceal their identity, which means anyone covering their face – unless it is for religious or medical reasons – falls under suspicion. So it is not unreasonable to give police officers the power to insist they unmask if they are suspected of being involved in a crime. That is why this week’s efforts to amend the law – in a relative minor but significant way – should be supported. It would prevent those who set out to avoid arrest and prosecution by covering up from getting away with it, whatever cause they support…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 24.4.16 MPs demand change in the law to unmask violent hunt saboteurs - Martin Evans, CRIME CORRESPONDENT - A group of MPs are seeking to amend the law to give the police more powers to force violent hunt saboteurs who try to hide their identity to remove their masks. At the moment officers can only legally request protestors remove their face coverings if they have prior written permission from a senior officer… Now a group of MPs are seeking to introduce an amendment to the Policing and Crime Bill which will make it easier to unmask potentially violent protestors at spontaneous events in the countryside… (story)

Kidderminster Shuttle 17.5.16 Campaigners seek support in Ledbury against feared badger cull - Gary Bills-Geddes - CAMPAIGNERS against the possible killing of badgers in Herefordshire held a stall in Ledbury town centre last Saturday, May 14, to gather support for their efforts to stop any cull… Ronald Lee, Communications Officer for Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies, whose members assisted the No Herefordshire Cull Group at the stall, said: "We were delighted at the positive response from the public… (story)


Politics 16.5.16 BASC urges Scottish government to act on tail-docking ban - BASC is urging the newly-elected Scottish government to show it cares about animal welfare by ending the nine-year ban on tail-docking. BASC Scotland insists restrictions on working gundogs imposed in 2007 have no basis on welfare grounds or in science… (story)

Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 16.5.16 Calls for a ban on lead ammunition stepped up as game sales soar By WMNJBayley - Pressure over the continuing use of lead in shotgun cartridges and rifle bullets is intensifying. Philip Bowern reports on the latest development in a crucial issue for country sports and conservation. Marks & Spencer is promising grouse in its chiller cabinets from August 12 this year… Blogger Mark Avery, a former senior official with the RSPB now an author and scourge of the shooting industry, is attempting, via social media, to embarrass the company with warnings about the so-called “risks” to its customers of consuming game birds shot using lead. It is part of a wider campaign to ban grouse shooting…. (story)

Worcester News 11.5.16 UK abuses animals too - Carole Roberts is right to be concerned about the cruelty to captive polar bears in Russia. Sadly, however, the abuse of wild animals in captivity doesn’t just occur in other countries. Here in the UK, animals in conventional zoos, and even in safari parks, are kept in enclosures on average 100 times smaller than their minimum home range in the wild and such establishments exist primarily for profit rather than conservation… Peter Talbot Worcester (letter)

Mirror 16.5.16 A quarter of the nation will be vegetarian within 25 years, research claims BY NICOLA BARTLETT - A quarter of the nation will be vegetarian within the next 25 years, research claims… The research was carried out by Linda McCartney foods , marking 25 years since the vegetarian range was launched by the late wife of ex-Beatle Sir Paul…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 16.5.16 Pet lovers in big Belfast rally for stiffer penalties on cruelty By Angela Rainey - Hundreds of pet lovers staged a protest outside Belfast's main court complex to demand stiffer sentences in animal cruelty cases. More than 500 people gathered on Saturday to call for the "full extent of sentencing powers" to be meted out to offenders… Daniel Barclay, who runs the Facebook page Northern Ireland Says No To Animal Cruelty (NISNTAC), said he was pleased to see such a turnout to support the call for stiffer sentences… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 16.5.16 Animal cruelty: 'There's no excuse, it makes me angry' - Stella Jarvis (8) was there with dog Poppy and mum Helen Jarvis (46) from Lisburn. She said: "I feel very strongly about animal cruelty and the lack of jail time these people get… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 14.5.16 Hundreds gathered at Belfast Royal Courts of Justice to campaign for stiffer sentences for convicted animal abusers BY JILLY BEATTIE - An animal welfare charity welcomed hundreds of protesters to Royal Courts of Justice to campaign for stiffer sentences for convicted abusers. A spokesperson for Northern Ireland Says No To Animal Cruelty, said: "In January this year we shared this story of two people who were convicted of causing unnecessary suffering and failing to meet the needs of three dogs in their joint care… These animal abusers walked away with suspended sentences of three months and two months month and a five year ban on keeping animals…. As long as these pathetic sentences continue, so will this kind of abuse. There is no deterrent and soft justice is no justice…. (story)
Irish News 12.5.16 Animal rights group to hold demonstration in Belfast - Jennifer Maloney - A PUBLIC demostration is to take place this Saturday to call for longer jail sentences to be handed out to animal abusers.The campaign group Northern Ireland Says NO to Animal Cruelty (NISNTAC) is calling on animal-lovers to join the event at 11am outside the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast…. (story)
Belfast Live 8.5.16 Animal rights campaigners plan demo against what they say are lenient sentences “handed down by the courts to convicted animal abusers” BY MAURICE FITZMAURICE - Animal rights campaigners are organising a mass demonstration against what they say are lenient sentences “handed down by the courts to convicted animal abusers”. The Northern Ireland Says No to Animal Cruelty group (NISNTAC) says around 16 people have been convicted for causing unnecessary suffering to animals so far this year but not one has been jailed... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 8.5.16 Protest for animal cruelty convictions to be punished with harsher sentences - Animal rights campaigners are preparing to protest outside Belfast's High Court demanding harsher sentences in cruelty cases.... The demonstration is due to take place on Saturday May 14 at 11am outside the Royal Courts of Justice. (story)


Mail on Sunday 15.5.16 Nurse whose animals were removed by the RSPCA speaks of her joy after charity's boss admits it is too aggressive By MARTIN DELGADO and MELISSA KITE FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - The new head of the RSPCA has admitted it has lost its way after a sustained campaign by The Mail on Sunday to expose how the charity had become politicised and strayed far from its traditional role of caring for animals…. Earlier this month we reported how retired nurse Irene Brown, 68, had returned home after two weeks in hospital to find her beloved cats had been taken away by the RSPCA while she was ill… yesterday a delighted Miss Brown welcomed the return of three of her cats in a victory for The Mail on Sunday… But Miss Brown, 68, is still battling to get her other two cats back…. (story)
Mail on Sunday 1.5.16 How low can the RSPCA go? Animal charity seizes nurse's cats while she's in hospital and looks on as her pet sheep are slaughtered to feed hunting dogs By NICK CRAVEN and MELISSA KITE FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - A retired nurse rushed to hospital with a serious illness returned home two weeks later to discover that her cats had been rehomed by the RSPCA and her pet sheep had been shot… A sixth cat was put down due to its age. Her three sheep were shot the next day in the presence of an RSPCA inspector and their remains fed to the hounds of a local hunt… The charity insists it did not ‘authorise’ the killing of the sheep, but witnesses said an RSPCA inspector stood by as they were killed… The hunt has since apologised to Miss Brown and, as a gesture of goodwill, bought her three replacement sheep. But no such apology has come from the RSPCA and there has been no offer to return her cats… (story)

Derry Journal 15.5.16 Move to ban circuses using animals by Derry Council - A Derry & Strabane Council Committee have unanimously backed a proposal to ban circuses which use animals from council property. The move was proposed by Independent Councillor Gary Donnelly during a discussion on the council’s role and responsibility around animal welfare issues at the monthly meeting of the council’s Health and Community Committee…. (story)
Derry Now 13.5.16 Derry's council to consider banning circuses with animal acts from its land By John Gill - Derry’s council is to consider banning circuses which feature animal acts from council owned property…Speaking at the meeting, the independent councillor Gary Donnelly said that it was the ‘widespread public view’ that circuses which use performing animals were engaging in ‘outright cruelty’ by placing the animals in an ‘unnatural setting’ and causing them ‘stress’… (story)


Western Morning News 14.5.16 Prime Minister refuses to commit on hunting vote amid threat of SNP rebellion By WMNKLangston - Pro-hunt campaigners have expressed frustration at the unchecked influence of Scottish MPs, as the Prime Ministers remains unwilling to commit to a vote on hunting reforms. Countryside Alliance (CA) head, Tim Bonner, said he "understands" that the Government is in a "difficult situation" when it comes to delivering on its manifesto pledge… His comments come as the Government once again failed to commit to a date for a free vote on amending the ban. It has been almost a year since ministers withdrew a first attempt at reform, following the threat of rebellion from SNP MPs…. (story)

Mail 14.5.16 QC who represented under-fire police at the Hillsborough inquest backed a gang of violent animal rights extremists By JAMES TOZER AND LIZ HULL FOR THE DAILY MAIL - The QC who led the police fightback aimed at showing Liverpool fans contributed to the Hillsborough disaster was a member of a violent animal liberation group in the 1980s, it has emerged. John Beggs, regarded as the 'go-to' barrister for 'a police force in a tight spot', represented retired officers at the new inquests into Britain's worst sporting disaster… Now it has emerged that as a law student in the 1980s, Mr Beggs was press officer for the South East Animal Liberation League – despite reputedly not liking animals. He appeared regularly on TV defending the group, which targeted those accused of experimenting on animals. There is no suggestion he was involved in violence or illegal activities himself. But he was quoted in a 1989 book, Animal Warfare, saying he wouldn't shed many tears if a scientist was shot by anti-vivisectionists… (story)


Eastern Daily Press 13.5.16 Could fishing for schools secure our angling – and our society? - John Bailey - Just the other week, I forsook filming on the riverbank for an hour or so to make my way to the Assembly House in Norwich city centre to see what this Fishing for Schools is all about. The pioneering event had been set up by that most enlightened of Wensum Valley riparian owners, Sally Acloque and the guest of honour was Charles Jardine. The name will resonate with many of you, especially the game anglers. I’ve worked with Charles for the BBC, at Game Fairs and at all manner of shows and I’ve yet to meet a more talented and genuine character… Fishing for Schools (F4S) is sorely needed both in terms of our sport and perhaps in terms of our society. It is run under the egis of the Countryside Alliance Foundation and the idea is to go into schools and adapt angling to the curriculum… (story)

Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 13.5.16 32 bank branches closed in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall in one year - The Westcountry has been hit hard by a wave of bank closures with 32 branches shut in a year… Countryside Alliance head of policy Sarah Lee said access to money and financial services in rural areas has never been so difficult…. (story)


Politics 12.5.16 BASC calls for sense on snares - BASC has warned against an emotive and inaccurate campaign by the League Against Cruel Sports to ban snares, an important tool for conservation and food security… (story)

Mirror 12.5.16 Springwatch host Chris Packham branded "nut job" by hunting firm after Asperger admission BY NICOLA METHVEN - After speaking about his autism and depression, Chris Packham has been labelled a “nut job” by a hunting firm. The rant on Twitter follows BBC presenter Chris slamming grouse shooting for “sport”…. Posting the insults during Mental Health Awareness Week, Merseyside firm Hunting Solutions, which sells hunting and shooting equipment, tweeted: “Truth Avoider @MarkAvery and self confessed nutjob @ChrisGPackham continue to peddle their lies however...” (story)

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 12.5.16 BT's delayed broadband roll-out hampering business in Malmesbury - Callum Chaplin - BUSINESSES in Malmesbury and surrounding areas are being hindered by slow internet, it has been claimed…. Slow internet plagues many rural areas, a problem that needs to be addressed according to Countryside Alliance head of policy Sarah Lee… (story)

Mirror 12.5.16 Fury as protesters storm airport over fears '24 greyhounds heading to China may be fed to humans' BY JOSHUA NEVETT - Animal rights protesters stormed Manchester Airport over fears greyhounds being shipping to China may be fed to humans. Protesters from Caged North West descended on the Swissport Cargo freight terminal in the early hours of this morning in a bid to block a van supposedly carrying 24 greyhounds… Michael James, 35, co-founder of Caged North West said: "We received information 24 greyhounds are coming to Manchester from Ireland, they travelled on a ferry from Holyhead. "We managed to intercept the vehicle at Lymm services. They are Manchester bound to Manchester Airport, the flight destination is China."… (story)
Manchester Evening News 12.5.16 Manchester Airport dismisses claims greyhounds are being shipped to China through its cargo centre BY TODD FITZGERALD - Manchester Airport bosses have rejected ‘false’ claims greyhounds are being transported to China from the city after animal rights activists staged a demonstration. ampaigners from the Caged North West group believed the dogs were taken by ferry from Ireland to Manchester to be flown abroad on Thursday evening. But airport chiefs say there are no scheduled cargo flights to China from Manchester on Thursday. And in statement, they said the ‘rumours’ were untrue… (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 12.5.16 Campaigners protest at Manchester Airport over claim of greyhounds being transported to China BY LAUREN BALLINGER - Animal rights activists are protesting at Manchester Airport over claims 24 greyhounds are being transported to China to be used in the meat trade or for racing. The campaigners, from the group Caged North West, believe the dogs will be sent from Manchester to Germany, then to Macau in China to be used for greyhound racing or the meat trade… (story)

Metro 12.5.16 #FarmsNotFactories will challenge how you eat meat - Toby Meyjes - If you’re partial to the odd sausage or bit of bacon, how much do you really know about the pork you’re eating before it’s made its way to your plate? A celebrity-endorsed campaign is look to challenge us on this very point by encouraging shoppers to opt for high-welfare pork instead of that which may have come from so-called pig factories. Dominic West, Rupert Everett, Jon Snow, Jeremy Irons and Vivienne Westwood are amongst those to have lent their support to Farms Not Factories’ Turn Your Nose Up campaign… (story)
Mail 12.5.16 Pity the poor little piggies! First luvvies forced themselves on fish in the name of animal rights. Now they've pounced on porkers By SEAN POULTER - Plucked from obscurity, posing under studio lights and cuddling up to the likes of Jeremy Irons... it's no life for a pig. Not that these poor little fellows had any say in the matter. They are mere accessories in the latest celebrity animal welfare campaign… The piglets posed with celebrities including Dominic West, Rupert Everett, Helen McCrory, Leslie Ash, Sadie Frost, Dame Vivienne Westwood and Jon Snow to highlight conditions on some factory farms. Others supporting the Turn Your Nose Up campaign against intensive pig farming include Sting, Trudie Styler, Stephen Fry, Jamie Oliver and Hugh Grant… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 12.5.16 Highlighting risks of petting farms - Parents take note: the recent outbreak of E. coli and cryptosporidiosis at Swithens Farm in Rothwell, in which dozens are said to have fallen ill, should come as no surprise since petting farms are recognised hotbeds of communicable diseases… Aside from posing a threat to human health, these farms contribute to a cruel cycle of animal breeding and slaughter…. JENNIFER WHITE People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (letter)


Western Daily Press 11.5.16 Badger campaigner Brian May forced out of London home by 'Chelsea Badgers' hell By TristanCork - Queen guitarist and anti-badger cull campaigner Brian May claims he is being forced out of his home in the exclusive Kensington area of London by the misery of basement extensions turning it into a "hellhole". The musician, who also has a home in Dorset, has hit out at residents in his plush residential street for blighting the area with noise and causing "unbearable disruption" to his quality of life… (story)

Larne Times 11.5.16 Protesters demand circus animal act ban - An animal welfare group has held a protest calling for animal acts in circuses to be banned in Northern Ireland after a circus visited Glynn. The Northern Ireland Says No to Animal Cruelty (NISNTAC) Facebook group organised protest events on May 4,5 and 6 after Tom Duffy’s Circus pitched on ground belonging to Larne Rugby Club in Glynn…. (story)

Kidderminster Shuttle 11.5.16 Lions’ documentary screening in Kidderminster raises hundreds for charity - A DELIGHTED animal rights campaigner from Kidderminster helped raise more than £400 for a lion charity following the screening of a documentary about trophy hunting and captive lions. Deb Pollard arranged a showing of the ‘Blood Lions’ to be shown at Kidderminster Town Hall and followed a mercy mission she herself went on in South Africa…. (story)


Guardian 10.5.16 How badger bombs and politics brought Lush sales of £500m - Lush likes to cause a stink. As well as its smelly shops and package-free produce, a large chunk of the handmade cosmetics company’s time and money is spent on political activism. Far from carefully choosing a few business-friendly good causes, Lush has backed a plethora of controversial causes from Guantanamo prisoners, to hunt saboteurs and the anti-fracking campaign... (story)

Express 10.5.16 CRUELTY CRUSADE: MPs move to ban 'landmines of the British countryside' - animal snares - ANTI-CRUELTY campaigners have launched a drive to ban deadly animal snares in the countryside. Pets and wildlife are suffering appalling, torturous deaths after becoming caught by the wire nooses, they warn. The League Against Cruel Sports claims that 1.7 million animals are being trapped by wire snares every year, with many set by the game-shooting industry.... Up to 80 MPs across the political divide, led by Labour’s Jim Dowd, today called for a Parliamentary debate on why snares remain legal. “Snaring is a cruel and ineffectual way to stop predators,” says Mr Dowd, MP for Lewisham West and Penge... (story)

Belfast Live 10.5.16 Animal welfare group slams 'indiscriminate' killing of animals by snares 'at NI estate' BY MAURICE FITZMAURICE - Stormont is facing fresh pressure to introduce a ban on the use of snares after an animal welfare group blamed them for the deaths of wildlife at a Northern Ireland estate. The League Against Cruel Sports says an investigation by an undercover unit uncovered evidence of snares killing animals “indiscriminately” at the Northern Ireland property... (story)

The Ecologist 10.5.16 Snares - a barbaric relic whose time is up - Bill Oddie - Snares are one of humankind's earliest inventions, writes Bill Oddie, once essential to our survival as hunters. But their modern use by gamekeepers seeking to protect game birds on shooting estates from predators is a cruel and barbaric practice, with most of the victims non-target species like hares, badgers and deer... (story)

2015 COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE AWARDS (continued from December 2015)
Blackmore Vale 10.5.16 Lord Fellowes visits Motcombe community shop - finalist in the Countryside Alliance Rural Oscars By fdart - Motcombe Community Shop was delighted and proud to be one of 13 finalists in the Village Shop/Post Office category of this year's Countryside Alliance Rural Oscars Awards. Following the awards ceremony at the House of Lords the shop held a celebration party at Motcombe Memorial Hall to toast the success of the shop. Lord and Lady Fellowes, Dorset residents, lent their support by visiting the shop and officially opening the party... (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 6.5.16 Rural Hero award for Haughley postmistress Heather Cooper - Callum Maclean - A Suffolk postmistress has received a prestigious award for her tireless work in the community she serves. Heather Cooper, who single-handedly runs Haughley post office six days a week, was presented with the Countryside Alliance’s ‘rural hero’ award at Parliament.... (story)
Shropshire Star 4.5.16 Shrewsbury Food Festival organisers get a taste of victory with rural Oscar - ‘Should I wear this dress or that one?’ ‘Should I be smart casual or formal?’ Beth Heath, the co-creator and co-owner of Shrewsbury Food Festival, had been invited to the House of Lords to receive a rural Oscar... (story)
Kent & Sussex Courier 4.5.16 Horsmonden village shop crowned best in Britain By Will Harrison - A Horsmonden shop dubbed by customers as "the Selfridges of Kent" was named Britain's best village shop at The Rural Oscars in the House of Lords. Heath Stores battled 12 other finalists from around the UK to be crowned British Village Shop of the Year at the Westminster ceremony organised by Countryside Alliance... (story)
Cornish Guardian 3.5.16 National award for farm shop - A FARM shop owner from Padstow who picked up a national award last week promptly launched a broadside at the Government for failing to back rural business. Environment Secretary Liz Truss presented the Countryside Alliance's Clarissa Dickson Wright Award for food, farming, conservation, campaigning and education to Charlie Watson Smyth, who runs Padstow Farm Shop with his family.... (story)
Western Gazette 3.5.16 Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes to visit shop in Motcombe - THE creator of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes, will visit a shop in Motcombe this weekend to mark its success. Motcombe Community shop made it to the final 13 of the Countryside Alliance's "Rural Oscars" this year in the best village shop/post office category... (story)
Fenland Citizen 3.5.16 Upwell firm was a finalist in Rural Oscars - An Upwell entrepreneur is celebrating after being a finalist in the ‘Rural Oscars’ just a year after starting her river cruise firm. Sheena Hartley was inspired by the picturesque riverside outside her home in Upwell to start up Narrow Boat Adventures.... (story)
ThisIsTheWestcountry 2.5.16 Burnham on Sea Food and Drink Festival win Highly Commended at Rural Oscars: FULL STORY - Congratulations are in order, as the the Burnham on Sea Food and Drink Festival scooped Highly Commended at the Countryside Alliance Awards ceremony... (story)
Dorset Echo 2.5.16 Farm shop scoops gold - A TINY farm shop has won a prestigious gold Taste of the West award. Bride Valley Farm Shop is on the tight bend in Abbotsbury, it sells all sorts of local produce including pork and lamb from local farms, but it’s the Longhorn beef from the shop’s farm in the nearby Valley of the Stones, that they are most proud of... the shop has also been nominated for a Countryside Alliance Award for local food.... (story)
GetReading 30.4.16 Bubbly and balloons for Beech Hill's 'shop in a church' managers BY JULIE SPENCER - A community store that operates from the aisles of a listed church has narrowly missed being named Britain's best village shop. The Village Shop at Beech Hill was one of 13 finalists selected from 4,500 entries in the village shop category of the Countryside Alliance Awards, known as the Rural Oscars... (story)
Wisbech Standard 30.4.16 Upwell narrow boat cruises firm is a finalist in the ‘Rural Oscars’ - Sarah Cliss - Upwell-based Narrow Waters Luxury Cruises is celebrating after being a finalist in the eleventh annual Countryside Alliance Awards, nicknamed the Rural Oscars... (story)
Kent Messenger 29.4.16 The Heath Stores, Horsmonden, named best in Britain by Ed McConnell - A Weald village shop has been named best in the country at a ceremony dubbed the Rural Oscars. The Heath Stores in Horsmonden was awarded the title at the Countryside Alliance Awards… (story)
Sussex Express 28.4.16 Harveys Brewery crowned champion at ‘Rural Oscars’ - Harveys Brewery has been crowned champion in the Tourism Enterprise category at the eleventh annual Countryside Alliance Awards…. (story)
Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 27.4.16 Cornwall farm shop picks up Rural Oscar - but warns rural businesses need more support By WMNPBowern - A farm shop owner from Cornwall picked up a top national award – and promptly launched a broadside at local and national government for failing to back rural business. Defra Secretary Liz Truss presented the Countryside Alliance’s Clarissa Dickson Wright Award for food, farming, conservation, campaigning and education to Charlie Watson Smyth, who runs the Padstow Farm Shop with his family. But in his acceptance speech he told guests, at the ceremony at the Houses of Parliament that in a decade of operation he had never been offered help or encouragement from any authority. “Not once in 10 years has government or a local authority visited or asked what they could do to help,” he said. Ms Truss assured him she would try to visit soon… (story)
Ross Gazette 27.4.16 Woods of Whitchurch finalists for Best Village Shop of the Year By Catherine Barkley - Lucy Gardner and Charlotte Williams from Woods of Whitchurch went to the House of Lords today (Wednesday, April 27th) to find out whether their shop won a Countryside Alliance Rural Oscar, for the Best Village Shop of The Year. Although Woods of Whitchurch were not crowned Best Village Shop, the title instead went to Heath Stores in Kent, Lucy and Charlotte had a lovely afternoon. On Facebook, Lucy wrote: “Although we didn’t win, it was a pleasure to be amongst so many like minded people. It reminds us again of how important a village shop is…. (story)
Burnham & Highbridge Weekly News 27.4.16 Burnham on Sea Food & Drink Festival scoops a runners up prize at Rural Oscars - The Burnham on Sea Food & Drink Festival scooped a runners up highly commended prize at the rural Oscars in London on April 27… (story) 25.4.16 Burnham-On-Sea Food Festival organisers bid for 'Rural Oscar' - Burnham-On-Sea Food and Drink Festival organisers Bev & Sarah Milner Simonds are hoping to be celebrating this Wednesday (April 27th) when they take a trip to the House of Lords for the 'Rural Oscars'…. (story)
Burnham & Highbridge Weekly 25.4.16 Burnham on Sea Food & Drink Festival to visit House of Lords for Rural Oscars - The Burnham on Sea Food and Drink Festival organisers, Bev & Sarah Milner Simonds, are hoping to be celebrating on Wednesday April 27 when they take a trip to the House of Lords for the "Rural Oscars". The festival is shortlisted in the Countryside Alliance Awards, aka the #RuralOscars, for their contribution to Tourism in the region… (story)
Telegraph 23.4.16 In praise of a Great British institution: the village shop - Harry Wallop - Sarah Ingamells says: “On days like this, we feel so blessed to be doing this job.”… Ingamells and her partner Yvonne Blankley run the Sherborne Village Shop…. No wonder, then, that in this year’sCountryside Alliance Awards, it has been shortlisted as one of the finalists in Daily Telegraph-sponsored Best Village Shop/Post Office category… (story)
Stratford upon Avon Herald 19.4.16 Village shops vie for national accolades By Simon Woodings - BARFORD Village Shop and Lower Clopton Farm Shop are among the finalists in the 2015 Countryside Alliance Awards (aka the Rural Oscars) which will be announced at the House of Lords on 27th April… (story)
Leamington Observer 10.4.16 Warwickshire shops in running for Rural Oscars - BARFORD Village Shop is in the running for a Rural Oscar… (story)
Weston Mercury 10.4.16 Food festival up for Rural Oscar - Burnham’s food festival has made it through to the finals of the Countryside Alliance awards – more affectionately known as the Rural Oscars… (story)
Ledbury Reporter 24.3.16 Village shop to launch new cafe in Whitchurch - A VILLAGE shop which is a finalist in national Rural Oscars is opening a cafe to become a community and arts hub. Woods of Whitchurch in south Herefordshire is opening Woodys above the shop to sell lunches and cakes, but will also run community events…. (story)
The Comet 2.3.16 House of Lords visit in store for King’s Walden shop owner in Countryside Alliance Awards final - The owner of a village shop is counting down the days until a reception at the House of Lords where she will discover if she has won a national award. Amanda Thompson, who runs King’s Walden Stores, will be visited by judges later this month before finding out at Westminster in April if the team have been crowned the Best Village Shop and Post Office in the Countryside Alliance Awards…. (story)
Minuteman Press 28.2.16 Rural enterprises honoured at awards ceremony by Lyndon - Two businesses based in the vicinity of Wrexham have attended the Countryside Alliance Awards as finalists. Glyn Ceiriog Post Office (GCPO) and Llangollen Brewery both achieved recognition in the category for village retail outlets. Newsletter printing from Wrexham-based marketing services might be used to celebrate what the two firms have accomplished…. (story)
Border Counties Advertiser 27.2.16 Glyn Valley Post Office is praised in 'Rural Oscars' - Glyn Ceiriog Post Office was commended in the final stages of a recent rural business awards show in Cardiff. The post office was named among the finalists in the Village Shop category of the Countryside Alliance Awards at the Senedd building in the Welsh capital…. (story)
Shropshire Star 23.2.16 Shrewsbury Food Festival organisers nominated for award - The organisers of one of Shropshire’s biggest food festivals have been invited to the House of Lords after being nominated for a rural Oscar. Shrewsbury Food Festival has become a huge event in the three years since its inception… They are lined for a Countryside Alliance Award and will attend a ceremony backed by the Farmers Guardian, Hunter, the Countryside Alliance and the Daily Telegraph…. (story)
Wrexham News 14.2.16 Wrexham Produce Celebrated at Awards Ceremony - Two rural Wrexham businesses have been celebrated after reaching the finals of the Countryside Alliance Awards last week. Llangollen Brewery reached the finals in the Local Food Category, and Glyn Ceiriog Post Office were finalists in the Village Shop category… (story)
Tenby Observer 13.2.16 Pembrokeshire politicians attend rural Oscars - Pembrokeshire Assembly Members Paul Davies and Angela Burns recently attended the 2015 Countryside Alliance Awards, with businesses from across the country vying for a ‘Rural Oscar.’.. (story)
Daily Post 11.2.16 Denbighshire village store scoops 'rural Oscar' BY ANDREW FORGRAVE - Pwllglas Community Shop impressed judges in this year's Countryside Alliance awards with its entrepreneurial spirit… (story)
Co-operative News 3.2.16 ‘Rural Oscars’ recognise community co-ops by James Sullivan - Community shops run as co-operative enterprises are included in the finalists of the 11thannual Countryside Alliance Awards…. (story)
Henley Standard 1.2.16 Farm shop in line for award - A FARM shop in Ipsden has been nominated for an award. Blue Tin Produce, which is based on Garsdon Farm, is a finalist in the local food category of the Countryside Alliance Awards after being put forward by a customer.... (story)
Western Daily Press 21.1.16 Porlock butcher's shop is one of the 10 best in the UK By Andy Greenwood - There are just over 6,000 independent butcher shops in the UK so being named one of the top ten in England would be a great boon for any purveyor of meat – let alone one that has a single small shop in a remote West village. But that is exactly what has happened to a high street butcher in the Exmoor coastal community of Porlock. Clive Downs has been named one of the finalists in the annual competition known as the 'Rural Oscars'. The Countryside Alliance, which stages the competition, has short-listed ten butchers for its 2015 awards – and Mr Downs is now waiting to hear if he might reign victorious in the finals which will be held in April…. (story)
Bedfordshire on Sunday 2.1.16 Biggleswade river hub is no run of the mill venture - A HISTORIC mill has been nominated for a prestigious national award. Jordan's Mill in Broom, near Biggleswade, was praised as an 'outstanding development' by the organisers of the Countryside Alliance Awards, which will take place at the House of Lords in April... (story)

FarmingUK 10.5.16 NFU releases new broadband report asking government to 'prioritise rural areas' - With only 4 per cent of farmers having access to superfast broadband, the roll-out of complete mobile networks and affordable reliable superfast broadband to rural areas "must now be prioritised by Government."... Countryside Alliance Head of Policy Sarah Lee said: "We welcome the announcement but must still point out that the improvement figure will only extend to 95% of areas... (story)

Kent Messenger 10.5.16 South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay to introduce bill on animal exports at Ramsgate port to House of Commons today by Connor Dunn - A bill is being introduced to the House of Commons today in an attempt to change the law and allow councils to ban live animal exports from ports that they own... South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay (Cons) will present his Ten Minute Rule Bill to the House of Commons today.... (story)

Worcester News 10.5.16 Vegan diet is greener - N Taylor criticises the claim of a previous correspondent that “livestock and their by-products account for 51 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions”... So a vegan diet is not only much kinder for other animals, but much kinder for the environment, too. Isobel Thorpe Worcester (letter)


PR Week 9.5.16 Trio of PR and comms pros newly elected to Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly by Jonathan Owen - A number of PR and comms professionals have enjoyed success in the elections for the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament.... There were also a number of unsuccessful candidates from the world of PR, including... Jennifer Dunn, an SNP candidate for Ayr, a senior public affairs officer for Scotland at the League Against Cruel Sports (story)

USwitch 9.5.16 Telegraph launches Better Broadband campaign - The Daily Telegraph has launched a campaign to push the case for high-quality broadband connections in rural locations... Ministers argued that an automatic rollout would be extremely costly and would represent poor value as it is "unlikely everyone will want to be connected". The move has been met with a negative response by the Countryside Alliance and other stakeholders, while many media outlets have also criticised the decision... (story)
USwitch 9.5.16 Broadband not an automatic right for rural communities, says government - Homes and businesses in rural communities will have to request high-quality broadband connectivity, the government has confirmed.... The Countryside Alliance has criticised the decision and accused the government of showing a "casually metropolitan sentiment"... (story)
Rural Services Network 8.5.16 Rural broadband 'by request only' - FASTER broadband connections will not be automatically rolled out to isolated rural areas, the government has confirmed... But the Countryside Alliance warned that more must be done in rural areas to ensure the "final 5%" were not disadvantaged... (story)
Telegraph 7.5.16 This rural broadband betrayal is devastating for Tory heartlands - SARAH LEE HEAD OF POLICY AT COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE - The roll-out of broadband to the countryside is one of the most contentious issues facing this Government. With rural communities telling us they believe broadband is essential to life in the 21st Century, it is a slap in the face to Conservative heartlands that ministers are planning to halt broadband roll-out for rural families under the spurious misapprehension that “not everyone wants to be connected”.... (story)
Telegraph 6.5.16 Ministers halt automatic broadband roll-out for rural families because 'not everyone wants to be connected' - Christopher Hope - High speed internet will not be automatically delivered to countryside homes after ministers claimed some people living in rural areas do not "want to be connected"... Countryside Alliance head of policy Sarah Lee added: “This is very disappointing. “The whole point of a universal service obligation is that it applies to everyone, and this one was suggested specifically to ensure that the most rural, hard-to-reach properties will enjoy workable broadband speeds.... (story)
Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 6.5.16 Government branded 'arrogant' over rural broadband snub By WMN_PGoodwin - Countryside campaigners have branded the Government "arrogant" after it emerged that superfast broadband will not be automatically delivered to tens of thousands of remote homes... Countryside Alliance head of policy Sarah Lee said the move was "disappointing"... (story)
USwitch 23.4.16 Countryside Alliance 'disappointed' after Minister fails to guarantee adequate broadband for rural areas - The Countryside Alliance has expressed concern after the government suggested rural areas might miss out on taxpayer-funded broadband…. (story)

Worcester News 9.5.16 Shoppers in Malvern respond to animal experiment protest - ANIMAL protection campaigners raised £148 for the National Anti-Vivisection Society at a street collection in Malvern on Saturday. Members of Worcester Vegans and Veggies (WVV) wore animal costumes and distributed leaflets as they collected for the society, which campaigns against animal experiments.... (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 9.5.16 Animal campaigners gather for rally outside Yorkshire travellers’ site (story)
Yorkshire Post 9.5.16 Animal campaigners gather for rally outside Yorkshire travellers’ site - Dozens of animal lovers have held a protest outside a Yorkshire travellers’ site facing widespread local opposition over claims of “appalling” treatment of dogs and horses... On Saturday, some 50 people attended a protest rally at the site, where allegations of illegal dog breeding are being investigated by the RSPCA... (story)
Wharfedale Observer 9.5.16 Protesters march to travellers' site - Steve Wright - ANIMAL rights protesters marched to a traveller's site at the centre of claims about maltreatment of dogs and horses. Around 50 animal lovers held a peaceful protest outside the Bradford Council-owned site in Esholt on Saturday.... Protest organiser Bev Wilson, of Rawdon, addressing the crowd, said: "This treatment of animals is inhumane and barbaric and has no place in today's society... (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 7.5.16 Animal rights protesters and travellers in clash of words at Esholt site - ANIMAL rights protesters and gipsies traded insults at a Bradford traveller's site at the centre of claims of maltreatment of dogs and horses. Around 50 animal lovers marched to the entrance of the Esholt site on Saturday to hold a peaceful protest about the way animals had been treated... Protest organiser Bev Wilson, of Rawdon, addressing the crowd, said: "This treatment of animals is inhumane and barbaric and has no place in today's society. We are here to be the voice of those animals.... (story)


Telegraph 7.5.16 Why we love keeping foxes at home - despite the smell - Lucy Jones - The first thing that hits me when I enter Richard Bowler’s living room is the smell. It is a strange, musky, deep aroma that suggests we are in the presence of something wild. I am in North Wales to visit the wildlife photographer and his animals.. Bowler is one of a growing number of people in Britain who look after foxes at home. He is adamant that they are not pets: he cares for them, rather than keeping them.... (story)


Western Morning News/Plymouth Herald 6.5.16 Why grouse shooting is best way to manage moorlands for the benefit of rare upland birds - By Liam Stokes, Countryside Alliance - There is no grouse shooting on the moors of the Westcountry but, says Liam Stokes of the Countryside Alliance, calls for a ban have wider rural implications - The fanaticism with which the campaign against grouse shooting is being prosecuted by a small but vociferous minority is detrimental to the cause of conservation in the UK... (story)

FarmingUK 6.5.16 BT invests £6bn to roll out superfast broadband amid warnings that more must be done in rural areas - BT has said that it is investing £6bn on Superfast Broadband Roll-out and 4G. The Countryside Alliance has welcomed the moved, but warns that more must be done in rural areas to ensure the 'final 5%' is not disadvantaged... (story)

Irish Examiner 6.5.16 Exporting greyhounds part of shameful industry - The export of greyhounds from Ireland to China has shocked animal lovers nationwide and beyond our shores. Unfortunately, the present plight of unwanted Irish greyhounds is part of the bigger shameful picture of a greyhound industry that encompasses the scandal of live hare coursing, a practise outlawed in many jurisdictions, including Northern Ireland.... John Fitzgerald Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (letter)


Irish Examiner 5.5.16 Be compassionate, stop using animal products - Animals bred on factory farms for their flesh endure violent and cruel treatment, all in the name of profit... Bernie Wright Shallon Co Dublin (letter)

Independent 5.5.16 Why doesn’t everyone go vegetarian? - Jared Piazza - "I’m vegetarian." "I’m vegan." These statements typically will be met with a range of reactions, varying from bafflement to praise. But what makes people adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet? How are vegetarians and vegans viewed by the rest of society? And why don’t more people become vegetarian?... (story)


HoldTheFrontPage 4.5.16 Watchdog rejects animal rights campaigner’s complaint against daily by David Sharman - An animal rights campaigner who claimed a regional daily wrongly attributed quotes to him has had his complaint thrown out by the press watchdog. The campaigner, who uses the nom-de-plume Lewis Foxhall although it is not his real name, complained to the Independent Press Standards Organisation over the Express & Star’s coverage of a protest against the use of animals in circuses.... Mr Foxhall complained to IPSO that the story breached Clause 1 (Accuracy), claiming that he had not made the comments attributed to him in the article, and that he was not 22 years old as reported. He said it was also inaccurate to report that a group of protesters had “followed” the circus around – instead a number of local groups had organised separate demonstrations as the circus moved... (story)


The Ecologist 3.5.16 Fair game? Hunting lobby's attacks on the RSPCA are proof of its effectiveness - Lesley Docksey - Lacking an official body to investigate and prosecute illegal cruelty to wildlife a unique charity, the RSPCA, took on that role almost 200 years ago, writes Lesley Docksey. But now it has ruffled high-ranking feathers by pursuing cases of illegal fox-hunting, and has been forced to leave prosecutions of such cases to the Crown Prosecution Service. But will the CPS do its job?... (story)

Shooting Times 3.5.16 Quality of licensing service is a “postcode lottery”, says CA - Mark Layton - Freedom of information request reveals the quality of service legal gun owners receive varies dramatically depending on where in the country their licensing team is based. The Countryside Alliance (CA) has said the quality of service a legal gun owner is likely to receive is a “real postcode lottery”... (story)
Buckinghamshire Examiner 26.4.16 Police issue more temporary gun permits in 2015 than previous five years combined - An FoI request by the Countyside Alliance has revealed it to be the third highest number of those police forces that responded… (story)
Shropshire Star 21.4.16 Delays over Shropshire and Mid Wales gun permits is revealed - More than 3,000 temporary gun licences have been dished out by police in Shropshire and Mid Wales in the past five years, new figures have revealed… A licensing department failing to process a firearm certificate renewal in the allotted time results in the police having to issue a Section 7 Temporary Permit…. (story)

Irish Examiner 3.5.16 Row over greyhound exports to China - Dan Buckley - Protests are to be held in Dublin and London tomorrow against the export of Irish greyhounds to China. The Irish Council Against Blood Sports (ICABS) will hold a demonstration outside the Department of Agriculture at lunchtime while the Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (CACS) and other groups will hold simultaneous protests in Dublin and outside the Irish embassy in London.... (story)

Nottingham Post 3.5.16 Giant chicken factory could be built near Nottinghamshire village By TRACY WALKER - Villagers are fighting plans to build a huge factory housing 250,000 chickens. If given the go-ahead, the factory would be built on agricultural land in a rural part of Nottinghamshire.... Animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has already collected a 2,500-signature petition against the plan on the outskirts of Staunton in the Vale, south of Newark.... (story)


2.5.16 People love Chris Packham because he isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers - Nicholas Milton - Love him or loathe him Chris Packham is a hard man to ignore. Recently returned from Malta, where he has been for a second time to highlight themassacre of thousands of birds on migration by Maltese hunters, he came up with the hash tag #wheredovesdie... Now 54, Packham has just published his autobiography, Fingers in the Sparkle Jar. In it he reveals for the first time that he has Asperger syndrome, a form of autism, and twice contemplated suicide following the death of his former dog Fish... (story)

Torquay Herald Express 2.5.16 RSPCA vows to lobby parliament after losing Devon 'animal fighting' court case By HEPaulGreaves - THE RSPCA says it will campaign to change the law after losing a legal battle to convict five Devon men of setting their dogs on wild animals... (story)
North Devon Journal 29.4.16 RSPCA vows to seek change in law as dogs are returned to owner - THE RSPCA has vowed to lobby Parliament for a change in the law as a dog-owner celebrates getting his beloved pets back after they were seized by the charity. In January 2013 his two young dogs, Chase and Willow, were taken after a police raid. Nathan Baker was one of five people accused of offences relating to dog fighting during a three-year joint investigation by Devon and Cornwall Police and the RSPCA… They stood trial at Newton Abbott magistrates court in October last year, charged with keeping or training dogs for "animal fighting"…. Ruling on the case, Mrs Justice Carr said: "If the activities alleged did indeed occur, they can only be described as abhorrent and offensive to all right-thinking members of the public". But she upheld Judge Gray's ruling on the legal definition of animal fighting and confirmed the five's acquittal…. (story)
Telegraph 29.4.16 RSPCA could be blocked from using animal welfare rules to prosecute hunts as High Court rules it has been wrongly applying law - Kevin Dowling - A High Court ruling rejecting an appeal by the RSPCA has dealt a major blow to the charity's fight for tougher sentences against people who hunt foxes and other animals with dogs and could lead to previous convictions in such cases being overturned. The ruling is a setback to the charity which has routinely brought cases against country sports enthusiasts using the Animal Welfare Act - which allows for much stiffer penalties including imprisonment and the seizure of animals - rather than the Hunting Act.... Judge Gray concluded that taking a dog into the countryside “does not constitute fighting as defined in the Animal Welfare Act” even if the intention is to kill another animal... (story)

Belfast Telegraph 2.5.16 Macau greyhound misery must end - I've lost count of how often I’ve heard coursing and track racing fans tell us how much they love their dogs. The Irish Greyhound Board and the Irish Coursing Club are supposedly committed to “the highest standard of dog welfare” and both organisations claim to cherish the role of these wonderful dogs in rural life, sport and culture. Yet how silent they are when greyhounds are condemned to a miserable end beyond our shores... The Canidrome racing track at Macau, China, is badly maintained, far too long and narrow and is extremely accident-prone. But our so-called “greyhound industry” seems to think it’s fine for dogs to run on... JOHN FITZGERALD Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (letter)

FarmingUK 2.5.16 'Anti-meat campaigners disrupt planning process', pig association tells government - British pig-keepers are increasingly encountering misinformation campaigns by vegan anti-farming groups when they apply for planning permission, says the National Pig Association (NPA) in its evidence to Government's rural planning review.... (story)

Newcastle Chronicle 2.5.16 Vegan festivals in Sunderland and Newcastle are expected to attract a large turnout BY HATTIE BISHOP - Why is it that an increasing number of people seem to be joining Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and others in a vegan lifestyle?... Veganism is on the rise in the North East as people are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of unhealthy eating.... The Stadium of Light in Sunderland will play host in May to the North East Vegan Festival (Nevfest), which highlights the sheer scale of the operation and the expected attendance.... (story)


Daily Post 1.5.16 Photos of spectacular pratfalls highlight dangers of hunting on horseback BY ANDREW FORGRAVE - A series of spectacular equine pratfalls and heroic failures has revealed the potential dangers of the horse-borne chase. A photographic competition for the 2015-16 hunt season, run by the Countryside AllianceHunt Tumblers’ Club, depicts some disastrous falls in which dignity and pride are unseated along with the rider. Miraculously, all those depicted in the pictures walked away without major injury. According to Henrietta Rutgers of the Alliance’s hunting campaign, the images recognised the “bravery in the field” of those taking part... (story)