November 2001

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Newark Advertiser 30.11.01 Hundreds mourn hunt founder - funeral of Peter Boddy, owner and founder of the Readyfield Bloodhounds and a former secretary and member of the Grove and Rufford Hunt. Pallbearers came from both hunts, cortege led by Paul Larby, huntsman of the Meynell Hunt (story in archive)

Glasgow Herald 30.11.01 Not an invasion – letter from Allan Murray, director, Scottish Countryside Alliance, East Gate, Ingliston in reply to story 29.11.01 (letter may be in archive)
Glasgow Herald 30.11.01 letter from Lynne Mitchell, 12 Lower Mains, Dollar. “Congratulations on your excellent exposé”...”(letter may be in archive)
Glasgow Herald 29.11.01 English invasion on hunt march by IAIN WILSON – “Thousands of people from England are threatening to hijack a march in Edinburgh to highlight rural concerns in Scotland and turn it into a demonstration against a ban on fox-hunting... Les Ward, of the Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs, said: "It is clear the vast majority of people on this march will now come from south of the border. "It will be the biggest English army to march in Scotland since Culloden....””

North West Evening Mail 30.11.01 KEEPING QUIET ABOUT AUCTION - North Lonsdale Foxhounds is holding a Silent Auction on Sunday at Greenodd Village Hall when bidding will take place between 3pm and 4pm. (story may be in archive)

Irish News 30.11.01 The Hooray Henrys are back in the saddle – letter from JOHN FITZGERALD, Co Kilkenny complaining about hunt display “...the remnants of a long dead aristocracy that turned up at Dublin’s RDS to show off the lighter side of fox hunting...” (letter may be in archive)

Hull Daily Mail 30.11.01 FARMERS WANT VIRUS INQUIRY ... The Countryside Alliance was collecting the last signatures from people in towns as well as rural people for its 300,000-name petition today (story)
Wharfedale Observer 30.11.01 - Robert Goodwill Conservative MEP (and farmer), Yorkshire and the Humber, C Southwood Farm Terrington York. (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Post 29.11.01 Imported food still poses a risk to health – letter supporting Robert Goodwill from Fred Henley, Southfield Lane, Seaton Ross, York. (letter)
North East Evening Gazette 27.11.01 Truth will out - MARTIN CALLANAN MEP (Conservative, North East) and ROBERT GOODWILL MEP (Conservative, Yorkshire & The Humber) (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Post 27.11.01 Call the Government to account from Dr K Swann, High Street, Thornhill, Dewsbury. One can only support the case made by Robert Goodwill MEP in his letter "Petition plea on foot and mouth"... (letter)
Northern Echo 23.11.01 FOOT-AND-MOUTH - from Martin Callanan MEP (Conservative, North East) and Robert Goodwill MEP (Conservative, Yorkshire and The Humber). (letter in archive)
Ilkley Gazette 22.11.01 Support call for foot and mouth inquiry - Robert Goodwill (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Post 14.11.01 Letter from Robert Goodwill MEP), Yorkshire and The Humber, Conservative, Terrington, York - please sign petition calling for independent inquiry into foot & mouth crisis - supported by Countryside Alliance, BASC & NFU - for copy call RG on 01653 648459 or email (letter)

Wandsworth Guardian/Wandsworth Comet 30.11.01 Getting fox facts straight – letter from The National Fox Welfare Society, 135 Higham Road, Rushden, Northants. NN10 6DS, no proof that foxes kill cats etc (& note from editor, no more letters about foxes please)
Wandsworth Guardian & Wandsworth Comet 23.11.01 Better 10 foxes than one dirty rat - AJT, SW16 (letter in archive)
Wandsworth Guardian & Wandsworth Comet 16.11.01 Foxes invading my garden - letter complaining about urban foxes from MRS M WHITE Lynwood Road Tooting (letter in archive)
Wandsworth Guardian & Wandsworth Comet 9.11.01 letter from MRS E CHAMBERS Airedale Road Balham advising people with fox problems to get in touch with the Fox Project, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge Kent, TN9 1AW (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 30.11.01 letter re: polar bear in zoo from Miss E A Smith Ashton Drive Ashton, Bristol (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Harborough Mail 29.11.01 hunts hope to be back in weeks “...The Fernie, Pytchley and Woodland Pytchley hunts have a busy month ahead now as they apply for the licences and get permission from the farming community to use its land. Harborough MP Edward Garnier hit out at the further bureaucratic burdens being foisted on the countryside... Kettering MP Phil Sawford has been anti-hunting for more than 20 years...” quotes from Fernie joint master, Joe Cowen, Woodland Pytchley Hunt master David Reynolds, Pytchley Hunt master Michael Bletsoe-Brown (story in archive)

Scotsman 29.11.01 Appointment puts fox hunt bill in confusion by David Scott Scottish Government Editor – “As the promoter of the private bill, Mr Watson is responsible for piloting it through parliamentary committees, but he will no longer be able to do that now he is a minister... the lead role could fall to the bill’s co-sponsor, Tricia Marwick...” quote from Allan Murray, director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance (story)

Edinburgh News 29.11.01 Rural campaigners plan Capital invasion by Jason Cumming re: the Scottish Countryside Alliance’s March on the Mound

Yorkshire Post 29.11.01 Call to Blair to ban hunting – anti hunt letter from TB Woodward, High Street, Thornton Dale, Pickering. (letter)

Ellesmere Port Pioneer 29.11.01 Action was worth it, says animal campaigner – trial of 24 arrested at anti-HLS protest at Shell refinery, Oil Sites Road on September 6 – Oliver Finch, 21, of Balham was the only one to appear in court, admitted a charge of compelling another to abstain from doing any act that they have a legal right to do, under the Trade Union & Labour Relations Act 1992, conditionally discharged for a year and must pay £50 costs. The others were all adjourned to January 8 - Tracey Jo Gray of Sheffield; Terence Hindley of Wigan; Gray Littlewood of Stockport; Matthew Nott of Wolverhampton; Claire Hildreth of Manchester; Stuart Forrest of Cirencester; John Codd of Nottingham; Lucas Christodoulou of Barnet; Katrina Somers of Liverpool; Nadine Hughes of Liverpool; Dawn Hurst of Bolton; Debbie Vincent of Devon; Gemma Barnes of Sheffield; Julie Ross of Liverpool; Gamel Eboe of Brighton; Serena Rowlands of Liverpool; Stephanie Fry of Wigan; Carey Jurczyk of Swansea; Michael Maher of Dorset; Kevin White of Redditch; Tiffany Clelland of Sheffield; and Rae Newlands of Seven Oaks, who all face obstructing the highway-type charges (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 29.11.01 Meat eating is unnecessary – letter in reply to Adrian Grady (19.11) from VERNON STUTTARD, Millbrook, Fence in Pendle. “Meat eating, not unlike fox hunting, is killing for pleasure, it isn't necessary.”

Western Daily Press 29.11.01 Police investigate badger-sett damage Report by Nicci Brown - Eric Williams used a digger to level a field with a badger sett in it. Badger Protection Group member Val Bridge was called to scene by police. (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Harborough Mail 29.11.01 Don’t panic over prowling beasts ...sorry, pigeons! – letter defending pigeons from Angela Mitchell, Ridgeway West, Market Harborough. (letter may be in archive)

North Devon Journal 29.11.01 Leave the gulls alone - letter defending seagulls from calls to cull them from M. MEAD, Ilfracombe. (letter)

East Grinstead Observer 28.11.01 Anti-hunt woman 'punched in face' By Jon Keeble, East Grinstead Observer ...The woman, who does not want to be named, said she was setting up a banner with a handful of others when a man from the Old Surrey Burstow & West Kent Hunt attacked ...The 32-year-old claims she was hit outside the Footfollowers Annual Dinner at the Ark in Turners Hill on Friday night... Wendy Peckham, of the Countryside Alliance said "The protesters deliberately attempted to intimidate an elderly gentleman and then set about his helper." (story)

Leicester Mercury 28.11.01 HUNT TO RESUME - quote from Quorn Joint hunt master Richard Carden (story)

Bolton Evening News 28.11.01 Hunt clubs targeted - The League Against Cruel Sports wants Govt to change the business rates rules giving "right of sporting relief" to hunting, shooting and fishing clubs (story in archive)

Edinburgh News 27.11.01 WATSON - NEW MINISTER A FIGURE OF HATE FOR HUNTSMEN by Joe Quinn, Scottish Political Editor, PA News - profile of Mike Watson (story) HUNTING CORRESPONDENCE, SCOTSMAN
Scotsman 27.11.01 Fox numbers - letter in reply to Hilary Hughes from SARAH BRUCE The Causeway Edinburgh ...A three-year study of fox predation on lambs in Scotland by R Hewson, of the Department of Zoology, University of Aberdeen (1990) found that leaving foxes in peace did not result in an increase in fox numbers." (letter)
Scotsman 22.11.01 Barbaric method - reply to Hilary Hughes from LYNNE MITCHELL Lower Mains Dollar, Clackmannanshire (story in archive)
Scotsman 19.11.01 Sporting chance - letters from James Pringle & HILARY HUGHES Foulden Berwickshire in reply to Lynne Mitchell & Sarah Bruce "Lynne Mitchell and Sarah Bruce are so partisan in their thinking on hunting that they distort the facts to feed their bias" (letters)
Scotsman 14.11.01 Hunting foxes - reply to James Pringle from D MACDONELL-SANDERSON Shore Road, South Queensferry, West Lothian (letter)
Scotsman 12.11.01 Food availability - letter from SARAH BRUCE, The Causeway Edinburgh in reply to James Pringle 8.11.01 (letter)
Scotsman 12.11.01 Hoary wolf myths - letter from LYNNE MITCHELL Lower Mains Dollar, Clackmannanshire in reply to James Pringle 8.11.01 (story)
Scotsman 8.11.01 Natural culling - letter from JAMES PRINGLE Torwoodlee Galashiels in reply to Yvonne Taylor, 1.11.01 (letter)
Scotsman 1.11.01 anti hunt letters from YVONNE TAYLOR, Laverock Drive, Penicuik, Midlothian "The Scottish Countryside Alliance, whose advertising campaign..." and Peter Hastie, Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs (letters)

Plymouth Evening Herald 27.11.01 Terror of hunt returns - letter from JEAN TURNER Colebrook "The peace will soon be gone from the countryside. The hunts will be back any day now, bringing with them their own particular brand of terror and chaos" (story in archive)
Torquay Herald Express 21.11.01 Another excuse - letter attacking Government for not banning hunting from JEAN TURNER Plympton (letter in archive)

Yorkshire Evening Post 27.11.01 Campaign to stop the suffering - letter from DAVE HINCHCLIFFE, RSPCA Wakefield and District Branch, Garden Street, Wakefield re: RSPCA's broiler chicken campaign (letter)

Telegraph 26.11.01 Country 'army' to march on The Mound By Auslan Cramb (story)

Cambridge News 26.11.01 Shameful 'sport' From M Michalak Swaffham Road Burwell "...Thousands of foxes, many bred in artificial earths, will die a terrible death to satisfy a sickening quest for fun..." (letter in archive)

Worcester Evening News 26.11.01 They've failed to prove their case - reply to Marion Large's letter from Jon Burgess, Malvern "...Contrary to the claim by Ms Large I have never `'attacked'' Maurice Brett for his deeply-held views about hunting. I have met Maurice on more than one occasion and found him to be both intelligent and polite..." (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 20.11.01 Bottom line is that this is a cruel death - reply to Jon Burgess from MARION J LARGE, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 7.11.01 Terrier work pest control - "IN reply to Maurice Brett (You Say, October 22)"... letter from JON BURGESS, Malvern (letter in archive)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 26.11.01 Nothing humane about fox hunting - letter in reply to Janet Kirkham from R CUTTING (Mr), Summerville Walk, Blackburn "...YET again we have a pro-hunting person saying hunting with dogs to kill a fox is humane..." (letter in archive)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 19.11.01 Hunting foxes is the humane way - letter from JANET KIRKHAM, Butterworth Brow, Brinscall attacking Sheila Brennan's anti hunt letter of 7.11.01; No reason to kill for sport - letter from ADRIAN GRADY, Lemonius Street, Accrington in support of SB (letters in archive)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 7.11.01 Blair going back on promise anti hunt letter from MRS SHEILA BRENNAN, Bombay Street, Blackburn - Blair has gone back on promise (letter in archive)

Gloucestershire Echo & Citizen 26.11.01 Foxes killed just for kicks - Organic farmer Sue Newman has confronted groups close to her home in Chargrove Lane, Up Hatherley, Cheltenham, shooting foxes with shotguns. (story)

Western Mail 26.11.01 RSPCA dangles a £1,000 reward to trap badger killers by Emma James Crime Reporter ...More than 10,000 (badgers) are caught, tortured and killed in the UK each year by huntsmen with terriers... Chief Inspector Terry Spamer, of the RSPCA's special operations unit, said "...Usually they start with foxes and go onto badgers later..." (story)

Bolton Evening News 26.11.01 Euro MP welcomes animal welfare moves - NORTH-WEST Euro MP David Sumberg
Manchester Evening News 22.11.01 MEP backs animal welfare plea - EURO MP Chris Davies has welcomed moves to protect transported farm animals (story)
Harrow Times 21.11.01 The law must protect animals Theresa Villiers Conservative MEP London (letter in archive)
Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph 21.11.01 Kinder animal transport - North Lincolnshire MEP, David Bowe (story in archive)

Edinburgh News 25.11.01 COUNTRY CAMPAIGNERS PLAN MASS PROTEST By Kim Munro, PA News ...Tens of thousands of people from rural communities and their supporters are expected to take part in the march in Edinburgh on December 16 to protest about a range of countryside issues. (story)
Scotland on Sunday 25.11.01 Marchers to raise profile of rural crisis by MURDO MACLEOD POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners have pledged to stage Scotland’s biggest protest march since the poll tax next month, with tens of thousands descending on Edinburgh - quote from Allan Murray, director, Scottish Countryside Alliance (story)

Scotland on Sunday 25.11.01 If it’s Tuesday, it must be... by CLARISSA DICKSON WRIGHT "WHAT do you call people who send letter bombs, trespass on other people’s land with the avowed intention of mutilating their livestock, frightening their children, burning their barns or even their houses and using noxious substances to hinder people in their lawful pursuits? Might you, do you think, give them the appellation of terrorist?.." (story)

Bridgwater Times 24.11.01 (no website) Pigeon 'cull' protest plan by Dan Mountain . ANIMAL rights campaigners are planning a High Street protest in Bridgwater today (Saturday) against culling of pigeons and seagulls. Quote from Animal rights campaigner Anne Heritage, of Bridgwater. (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Newark Advertiser 23.11.01 Hunting set to resume By DAVID ROGERS - quotes from secretary of the Grove and Rufford Hunt, Mr Bill Eastwood, secretary of the South Notts Hunt, Miss Anne Jepson, Mr Tim Rogers, the master and huntsman of the Per Ardua Beagles (story in archive)

Southern Reporter 23.11.01 letter from CLAIRE AUSTIN Tweedbank re: animals frightened by fireworks "Where are the animal rights now? All the people who feel that fox hunting, fishing, shooting, farming etc is cruel and barbarous, where are they now?.. Why politicians are wasting time over banning fox hunting I do not know" (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 23.11.01 CRIME: 'HLS boss's address should be kept secret' ...The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) wants addresses of all company directors to be kept secret in a bid to safeguard senior staff from attacks by "violent extremists", such as the one on Brian Cass, the managing director of Huntingdon Life Sciences (story in archive)
Western Daily Press 21.11.01 Directors want to keep details safe from extremists (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Western Daily Press 23.11.01 Scandal of the hens who live just 6 weeks ...The RSPCA is calling on shoppers to put pressure on supermarkets by boycotting intensively reared broiler chickens (story in Bristol Evening Press archive)

Lancaster Guardian 23.11.01 Fur-ious Animal Rights protesters by Gayle Rouncivell - Lancaster Animal Rights Group demonstrated outside Rene's and Lapelle in Common Garden Street on Tuesday morning accusing shop of selling fur. Fur trimmed garments were removed from sale, shop said it would not sell fur in future. (story)

Cambridge News 23.11.01 Sheep have feelings too - letter from Susan Hughes, Compassion in World Farming High Street Linton welcoming research which shows that sheep have intelligence (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 22.11.01 MPs call for 'Middle Way' in the big hunting debate - 6 senior MPs are trying to revive their Middle Way proposals (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Wiltshire Times 22.11.01 Hunting may resume - quotes from Sarah Hellier, Countryside Alliance, Philip Amery, the master of the Wiltshire and Infantry Beagles, David Thompson, chairman of Wiltshire LACS branch, Lucy Clark, a spokesman for the RSPCA in Wiltshire (story in archive)

Kent Messenger 22.11.01 Fox hunting ban may soon be lifted Quotes from Master of the East Kent Hunt, David Potter, Master of the West Street Tickham Hunt, Stuart Ross (story)

Melton Times 22.11.01 HUNTS RELIEVED AS BAN IS LIFTED ...The Belvoir, Quorn and Cottesmore Hunts have been unable to hunt this season, but now Leicestershire has been given the all-clear because no new cases of the disease have been found anywhere in the UK since September 30... Rutland and Melton MP, Alan Duncan, said: "They (the hunts) should be congratulated for the concern and respect they are showing for local landowners..." (story)

Western Gazette 22.11.01 Vixen foxes townies with friendly visits - fox is visiting residents in broad daylight, quote from John Bryant, a fox expert who was born and bred in Yeovil who now runs a consultancy which devises humane solutions for dealing with wildlife problems in urban areas. He can be contacted on 0208 316 7852 (story in archive)

Newcastle Journal 22.11.01 Blair is `Countryside Villain of the Year' - Country Life magazine "awards" dinner (story)

Worcester Evening News 22.11.01 Act places pets at risk - letter protesting against Animal Health (Amendment) Bill from BECKY SMITH, Viva!, 12 Queen Square, Brighton BN1 3FD, Tel: 01273 777688 "If you feel strongly that pet and sanctuary animals should be exempt from death under the Animal Health Act, please write to your MP" (letter in archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 21.11.01 Huntsman cleared of attack charge (story)
Ananova 20.11.01 Huntsman cleared of assaulting saboteur (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 20.11.01 Huntsman denies assaulting man trying to save fox (story) (photo)
Times 20.11.01 Hunt saboteur bitten by fox and hounds BY SIMON DE BRUXELLES ... John Hazeltine denies assaulting Sydney Thomas during a meeting of the East Devon hunt at Crammer Barton, near Cullompton, in February. Thomas said he picked up fox which was being attacked by hounds, and Hazeltine hit and kicked him. Hazeltine says he tried to make Thomas let go because he feared the hounds might bite him. (story in archive)

Denbighshire Free Press 21.11.01 DENBIGH AND FLINT HUNT HOPES FOR FESTIVE RETURN ...The Master of the Denbigh and Flint Hunt, Ricky Proffitt, welcomed the easing of restrictions by the National Assembly (story in archive)

Torquay Herald Express 21.11.01 Running scared? letter supporting Adrian Sanders' signing of anti hunt EDM from CAROL BAILY Cliff Road Paignton (letter in archive)

Plymouth Evening Herald 21.11.01 Netter hasn't caught dolphins - letter from D CUTHBERT Ivybridge defending netters from Paul Chow (letter in archive)
Plymouth Evening Herald 14.11.01 letter from PAUL CHOW Chairman of Plymouth Federation Sea Angling Club Mainstone calling for a complete ban on the use and indeed the sale of 'gill nets' (letter in archive)

Edinburgh News 21.11.01 Animal horrors - letter from John Cowen Stewart Terrace, Edinburgh defending animal activists from accusations by Inveresk Research Company (story)

Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 21.11.01 Reward offer over abattoir arson - An abattoir company managing director yesterday offered a £1000 reward to catch arsonists responsible for a £4 million fire (story)
Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 14.11.01 Blaze at abattoir caused by arsonists - animal rights activists among those suspected for fire at the RS Baker premises at Elsing early on Monday morning

Scotsman 20.11.01 No blood-lust - letters from W DUNCAN St Margaret's Drive Armadale, West Lothian & MARION O'NEIL Halbeath Road Dunfermline in support of Katie Grant (letters)
Scotsman 15.11.01 Disturbing view - letter re: Katie Grant's article "ridiculous and quite disturbing" from KIRSTY MAY St Lenard's Hill Edinburgh (letter)
Scotsman 14.11.01 History and logic are on the side of hunting - article by KATIE GRANT (story)

Western Mail 20.11.01 Ban on hunting lifted in time for Boxing Day Sheila Coleman - quotes from Chairman of the Campaign for Hunting Sam Butler, National Farmers' Union Cymru policy adviser Dafydd Jarrett, LACS Chairman John Cooper (story)

Northampton Chronicle 20.11.01 My beagle owes its life to folk like Barry - letter from June Barrett, Hollowell "THE elderly beagle featured in your report on the funeral of animal rightsactivist Barry Horne (17.11.01) owes his life to people like Barry. At four months old his destiny was to be tortured and butchered by vivisectionistS (now 12 years old)... We buried good when Barry Horne was laid to rest" story)
Guardian 16.11.01 Animal rights activist buried, by John Vidal. Barry Horne's body carried through Northampton yesterday before his burial. "They are going to kill us. The fight starts now," said Keith Mann... quote from John Curtin (story)
Times 16.11.01 Animal rights activist saluted as a martyr BY OLIVER WRIGHT, quote from Nancy Phipps. His son, Christy, and his former wife, Aileen were absent (story)
Northampton Chronicle 15.11.01 Police preparing for animal rights march - INTELLIGENCE was today being gathered by police in the lead-up to an animal rights demonstration when the body of firebomber Barry Horne will be paraded through Northampton. Supporters from across Britain are expected to arrive tomorrow to stage the march through the town centre... (story)
Manchester Evening News 15.11.01 "I FEEL sadness and anger over the death of Barry Horne... B Naylor, Manchester (letter may be in archive)
Isle of Wight County Press 9.11.01 REVENGE FEAR AS BOOTS BOMBER HORNE DIES POLICE have issued warnings that the Island could be a target for animal rights revenge attacks after the death of Barry Horne (story)
Bristol Evening Post 8.11.01 Inquest on hunger striker - ANinquest into the death of animal rights activist Barry Horne was opened and adjourned yesterday (story in archive)
Scotsman 7.11.01 Animal rights hunger striker's death may increase violent protests
York Evening Press 7.11.01 letter defending Barry Horne from Ray Slaughter, Fossway, Stamford Bridge, York. (letter in archive)
Financial Times 6.11.01 Drug companies on alert after death of activist By David Firn and Jimmy Burns: quote from Kevin Jonas of SHAC - Barry Horne is a martyr (story)
Glasgow Herald 6.11.10 Scientists on alert after hunger striker dies JIM McKILLOP (story in archive)
Daily Record 6.11.01 (story may be in archive)
Guardian 6.11.01 Animal activists mourn their martyr Sarah Hall... Carla Lane last night said he would be "revered by those he would want to be revered by". (story)
Independent 6.11.01 Animal rights activist dies after hunger strike By Ian Burrell Home Affairs Correspondent... Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, said he could not condone arson but regarded Horne as a "thoroughly dedicated anti-vivisectionist"(story)
Mirror 6.11.01 ANIMAL TERRORIST STARVES TO DEATH By Rod Chaytor... Carla Lane, who sent Horne letters of support, said: "I don't believe in violence or arson but I believe in why Barry did what he did." (story)
Telegraph 6.11.01 Bomber dies on hunger strike By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor - quotes from Ronnie Lee, Robin Webb, ALF (story)
Times 6.11.01 Police alert after protester death BY RICHARD FORD, HOME CORRESPONDENT quotes from Ronnie Lee, Carla Lane (story) Fanatic who revelled in his notoriety BY RICHARD FORD AND VALERIE ELLIOT (background & record) (story)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 6.10.01 Animal rights man dies during protest (story in archive)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 6.11.01 Fire-bomber dies in prison hunger strike - ANIMAL rights activist Barry Horne has died in hospital of liver failure after his latest hunger strike... quote from Keith Mann, spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front (story)
Daily Post 6.11.01 Bomber dies on hunger strike (story)
Lancashire Evening Post 6.11.01 'Dolphin' man dies By Sonja Karlsen - he once tried to steal a dolphin from a Lancashire theme park (story)
Western Daily Press 6.11.01 Animal rights activist dies on hunger strike (story in Bristol Evening Post archive
Animal rights activist Barry Horne died on a prison hunger strike today. Found guilty at Bristol Crown Court of 4 charges of arson at shops on the Isle of Wight August 1994, also of 5 charges of attempted arson & 1 of possessing bomb-making equipment in Swindon in 1995. Quote from Ronnie Lee, ALF
Edinburgh News 5.11.01(story)
Ananova 5.11.01(story)(photo)
Evening Standard 5.11.01(story)

Warrington Guardian 20.11.01 Animal lovers awards launch - IFAW is looking for nominations for "Animal Action" award (story in archive)

Irish Independent 19.11.01 Foes of fox hunt planning boycott by Ralph Riegel - ICABS abandoned its non-confrontation policy and vowed to use protests, boycotts and a shame campaign to force the authorities to mirror proposed hunt bans in Scotland and England, quote from spokesman Pat Phelan

Cumberland News & Star 19.11.01 SHOULD HUNTING RETURN TO CUMBRIA? vox pop - 3 for, 2 anti, 1 - it's too soon (story may be in archive)

North East Evening Gazette 19.11.01 MPs are outfoxed " I would have thought Teesside MPs would have more important things to be concerned about than fox hunting..." MR R WALTERS, Sandsend (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 19.11.01 Mink farmer slams animal activists - Terence Smith has slammed the actions of animal rights' activists who released hundreds of the creatures into the neighbouring countryside (story in archive)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 19.11.01 ANIMAL RIGHTS - 'We don't condone extremist action' Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty spokesman Joseph Dawson said it has nothing to do with a new group calling itself The Provisional HLS Campaign (story in archive)
Cambridge News 17.11.01 Group urges direct action - A group calling itself The Provisional HLS Campaign has sent a newsletter to Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) supporters announcing a change of tactics, urging supporters "take inspiration from those working outside the law" (story in archive)

Aberdeen Press & Journal/Evening Express 17.11.01 RETAILER RAISES CASH TO FIGHT BAN ON FOX HUNTING SIMONE SINCLAIR - Richard Holman-Baird accepted a donation from Millers of Midmar, proceeds of a raffle, on behalf of Countryside Alliance. Partner Marion Miller: "We employ 50 full-time staff and more than 20 part-time and casual staff and so we rely on this to make a living" (story in archive)

Nottingham Evening Post 17.11.01 MP backs hunt ban - Nottingham South MP Alan Simpson today urged the Government to find time to ban hunting with dogs. (story)

Kent/East Sussex Courier 16.11.01 HUNT AWAITS VETS' VIEW BEFORE GETTING BACK TO CHASE - ALTHOUGH THE government this week lifted the ban on hunting in some areas, supporters of the Ashford Valley Hunt were not pinning their hopes on an early return to the chase. Jillie Rogers, joint master, said she had spoken on Wednesday to the Master of Foxhounds Association which was not lifting its self-imposed ban until the veterinary assessment report was published... (story)

Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 16.10.01 New delay angers hunt supporters... Roger Lyles, joint master of the West Norfolk Hunt, said the decision was "awful", quotes from WNH huntsman Ian Higgs, John Ibbott, joint master of the Waveney Harriers, Liz Mort, Countryside Alliance (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 16.11.01 Hunting rules under fire A new regime to control foxhunting has been dismissed as "farcical" by Anne Jepson, hunt secretary for the South Notts Hunt (story)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 16.11.01 Hunting is back - Both the Blandford-based Portman Hunt and the New Forest Hounds have welcomed the government's decision to allow hunting to begin again on December 17 (story in archive)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 16.11.01 Drag-hunting 'not new sport' records show - Drag-hunting enthusiasts have uncovered evidence that the sport was a popular pursuit in the Forest in the early 1900s. (story in archive)

Yorkshire Post 16.11.01 Government paves way for restart after disease crisis the joint master of the Middleton hunt in North and East Yorkshire, Frank Haughton-Brown, said it was obvious the Government had been sitting on the issue for some time... The secretary of the York and Ainsty South hunt in Selby, Nick Procter, said: "If farmers aren't happy to have us, we will not hunt." (story)

Western Daily Press 16.11.01 Backdoor bid to ban hunting by Matthew George and Chris Rundle - quotes from Countryside Alliance spokesman Mal Treharne & Kevin Hill, spokesman for South West Deer Protection (story in archive & Bristol Evening Post archive)

Leicester Mercury 16.11.01 HUNTS ARE NEEDED TO CURB FOX 'EXPLOSION' - Joe Cowen, master of the Fernie hunt, said: "There are more foxes as a result of them not being culled and it has caused problems for the farming community." (story)

Argus 16.11.01 Ban lifted on hunting with dogs by our news team (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 16.11.01 Disease fears give saboteurs chance to run riot, warns vet. A senior Government vet said there was a risk of hunt saboteurs spreading foot-and-mouth, if they tried to disrupt meets. He said: "They pose a very real risk, and if the hunts cannot control saboteurs together with the police, that is one of things we will have to look at when we consider their permits." (story in Bristol Evening Press archive)

Western Mail 16.11.01 Moves afoot to lift disease ban on hunting with dogs Sue Goddard - quotes from Chairman of the Campaign for Hunting Sam Butler, National Farmers' Union Cymru policy adviser Dafydd Jarrett, LACS Chairman John Cooper, Robin Webb, ALF (story)

Western Mail 16.11.01 Hunting brings in £12m to economy INDEPENDENT research for the Countryside Alliance has shown that hunting is worth an estimated £10m to £12m to the Welsh economy (story may be in archive)

East Anglian Daily Times 15.11.01 (16.10.01) Ban lifted on hunting with dogs BY JIM DRAISEY quotes from Countryside Alliance spokeswoman Liz Mort, James Buckle, joint master of the Essex and Suffolk Hunt, Norma Dinnie-Weall, of the Hunt Saboteurs' Association (story)

Argus 16.11.01 It will, a cur - letter from -Simon Wild, West Sussex Wildlife Protection, Littlehampton - if foot & mouth disease occurs on farms crossed by hunts the farmers concerned should not be compensated - hunts feed hounds on fallen stock (letter in archive)

Daily Record 16.11.01 Bloody pursuit - I AM utterly disgusted that fox hunting has resumed in England and Wales - letter from Grant Liddell, Johnstone, Renfrewshire (letter)

Northern Echo 16.11.01 Scenting a fight to survive by Nick Morrison - interview with Joe Townsend, Hurworth Hunt huntsman (story in archive)

Hull Daily Mail 16.10.10 Hunters to face a rocky ride - If approved, the moves will allow the Holderness Hunt and the Middleton Hunt to ride out in disease-free East Yorkshire... but Frank Hougthon-Brown, of the Middleton Hunt, accused Ministers of forcing draconian measures on hunts not faced by other countryside pursuits... (story)

Bristol Evening Post 16.11.01 Tally ho for fox hunters by Rob Merrick - local hunts, including the Berkeley and the Beaufort, based at Badminton, will have to convince the district vet that they pose no risk...

Morpeth Herald 16.11.01 HAVING A MILLENNIUM BALL - THE Morpeth Hunt Millennium Ball was held at Whalton by permission of Sir Richard and Lady Caroline Renwick... (story)

Guardian 16.11.01 Hunts take legal advice to fight saboteur loophole John Vidal (story)
Telegraph 16.11.01 Saboteurs offered the chance to halt hunting By Sandra Barwick (story)
Times 16.11.01 Strict controls on hunting as ban is lifted BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR (story)

Independent 16.11.01 Racing: Paddy's Return to hunt down his rivals By Greg Wood ..."The one consolation for those who object to huntin' types hitching their wagon to a perfectly good day's racing is that if the Government retains even a shred of honesty (and the latest betting is about 6-4 against) then this may be the last, or at least the penultimate, Countryside day..." (story)

Argus 16.11.01 Hard-up? - anti hunt anti farmer letter from Peter Allen, Chute Avenue, Worthing - "I am glad I made no contribution to so-called farmers' hardship appeals." (letter in archive)

York Evening Press 16.11.01 Let's debate shooting - letter from Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent in reply to Simon Clarke (letter in archive)
Hampshire Chronicle 2.11.01 anti shooting letter from Marjorie Pooley, Winchester Animal Concern in reply to Simon Clarke, BASC: "One must expect both the Countryside Alliance and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation to defend their interest in the pheasant shooting industry."(letter)
York Evening Press 1.11.01 (letter in archive)
Dunmow Broadcast 1.11.01 (letter may be in archive)
Berwick Advertiser 1.11.01 (letter)
Simon Clarke, BASC replies to anti shooting letters from Yvonne Taylor, Animal Aid & others
York Evening Press 30.10.01 "Pity the `factory-raised' pheasants" letter from T B Woodward, High Street, Thornton Dale, Pickering "They are either left where they fall, or are buried or fed to foxes being raised in artificial earths by the hunting set" (letter available in archive)

Kent & Sussex Courier 16.11.01 THREE ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTESTERS FACE HARASSMENT CHARGE Beverley Garside, 43, of Ashley River Barge, Scotland Bridge Lock, Newhall, Surrey; Sonia Haywood, 34, of Woodside Road, Tonbridge, and Rae Newlands, 49, of Station Road, Otford, Sevenoaks, are alleged to have conspired together between April and October this year to cause harassment to George Whittaker by attempting to discover the time, date and location of a wedding which he would be attending. Next hearing 11.12.01. Garside & Haywood bailed, "a heavily-pierced Newlands" remanded in custody & had to be led away (story)

Ledbury Reporter 16.11.01 Protest targets Shell - Homend Garage in Ledbury picketed by animal rights activists on Saturday re: HLS, quote from Pauline Burgess of Malvern (story in archive)

Daily Record 16.11.01 BAN THESE CRUEL ANIMAL CIRCUSES letter from Julie McCheyne, Glasgow. Cornishman/Cornish Guardian/West Briton/Cornwall Today 16.11.01 Ready for spring badger cull - quote from West Cornwall Badger Group's Roger Driver

Shropshire Star 15.11.01 Green light to begin hunting again - Fox hunting with dogs will resume in Shropshire and Staffordshire a week before Christmas... quotes from Mrs Jean Gow, secretary, Tanatside Hunt, members of the Ludlow Hunt (story in archive)

Western Mail 15.11.01 Two hunting polls get two answers - Phil Davies - The NOP poll, commissioned by pro-hunting organisation Caw, the Countryside Alliance in Wales found rural Wales wanted hunting to continue and politicians to concentrate on other social issues. A Mori poll commissioned by Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals found that 87pc of interviewees chose willingly to use negative terms when describing hunting. (story)

Ananova 15.10.01 Hunting ban 'to be partially lifted' (story)
Western Daily Press 15.10.01 Fox hunting ban could end (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Western Mail 15.11.01 Hunting ban 'to be partially lifted'... Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael admitted vets had given the go-ahead back in September but denied 'sitting on their report'. (story)
Evening Standard 15.11.01 Hunting ban ends next month (story in archive)
Express 15.11.01 Hunting ban to be "partially lifted" (story)

Ananova 15.10.01 Fox-hunting disease risk study to be published (story)

Leamington Observer (15.11.01) Farmers call for an end to hunt ban quotes from Robin Smith-Ryland of Countryside Alliance & Douglas Batchelor, LACS (story in archive)

Wells Journal 15.11.01 (no website) Unfair attack on anti-hunt lobby - letter in reply to Pamela Arnold from Maggie Baker Abbey Meads Glastonbury ..."As a member of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) for many years... I never attend or support any firework activity and can state that many of my LACS colleagues are of the same opinion..." (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Wells Journal 8.11.01 (no website) Animal torture - letter from Pamela M Arnold (Mrs) Orchard Rise Stone Allerton Axbridge attacking firework displays for their effect on animals "I wonder how many of the supporters of the anti-hunt lobby endorse firework displays?..." (letter in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Western Daily Press 15.11.01 letter from P Richardson Woodmancote Cirencester defending PETA from criticisms in letter from M Robinson, 10.11.01 (letter in archive)

Evesham Journal 15.11.01 Stella's pad is the height of fashion... Janet Taylor, who runs the Farm Animal Sanctuary in Middle Littleton, is delighted with the prospect... quote from Rob Adams, joint master of the Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt (story in archive)
Worcester Evening News 13.11.01 Villagers ready to rock with Stella - CLOSE-knit villagers say they are pleased millionaire fashion designer Stella McCartney has bought a farm near their homes, but they fear her anti-fox hunting views will not be welcomed by some. (story in archive)
Worcester Evening News 12.11.01 Stella's pad - Stella McCartney has bought bought a 277-acre farm near Pershore - and is expected to ban fox hunting on her land. Quote from Rob Adams, joint master, Croome and West Warwickshire & Peter Luff MP (story in archive)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 15.11.01 A CRACKDOWN is on to fight back against gangs of poachers... poacher-watch scheme, backed by police, had its first meeting on Wednesday included representatives from the police & the RSPCA. Simon Williams, chairman of the Lincolnshire deer group, is spearheading the scheme (story may be in archive)

Cambridge News 15.11.01 Hate campaign leaders jailed - Gregg Avery, 35, of Coventry, Heather Avery, 34, of Streetly, West Midlands, and Natasha Dallemagne, 33, of Enfield, London, all of SHAC, all pleaded guilty at Basildon Crown Court to conspiracy to incite a public nuisance. Sent newsletters to subscribers urging readers to send letters, fax, phone shareholders & staff of HLS, order unwanted goods etc. All three defendants had previous convictions and Gregg Avery had been jailed for his activities. In mitigation for former nanny Heather Avery, Henry Blaxland said she grew up in a family which believed in animal rights. All 3 jailed for 12 months with 6 months suspended. SHAC spokesman Kevin Jones said the sentence was "a travesty''... HLS boss welcomes prison sentences - reaction from HLS MD Brian Cass (both stories in archive)
Scotsman 15.11.01 Animal rights trio jailed for campaign (story)
Birmingham Post 15.11.01 Animal activists jailed for harassment By Alun Thorne, Birmingham Post... one HLS employee spent every Saturday returning piles of unwanted packages, anxious not lose his credit rating... Gregg Avery (35), of Brackley Close, Coundon, Coventry; Heather Avery (34), of Church Road, Streetly, Walsall, and Dallemagne (33), formerly of Eve-sham, Worcestershire, but now living in Enfield, north London, were each jailed for 12 months, with six months suspended. (story)
Independent 15.11.01 Animal rights trio jailed for inciting lab harassment By Jason Bennetto, Crime Correspondent... Greg and Heather Avery, longstanding animal rights campaigners, have previous similar convictions. Last year, he was jailed for four months for threatening to kill a member of HLS staff (story)
Times 15.11.01 Animal rights activists jailed for harassment (story)
Ananova 15.11.01 Animal rights activists jailed over Huntingdon Life Sciences campaign (story)
Financial Times 5.11.01 Animal rights protesters' crown court trial: The three principal co-ordinators of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty - Greg Avery, Natasha Taylor and Heather James - have been charged by Cambridgeshire police with conspiracy to incite a public nuisance, conspiracy to cause a public nuisance and conspiracy to incite criminal damage.
Max Gastone, an animal rights protester from Sussex, is bringing a case against HLS for failing to call an AGM (story)

Edinburgh News 15.11.01 EU WANTS TO TEST 'EVERYDAY' CHEMICALS IN ANIMAL LABS By Geoff Meade, European Editor, PA News in Brussels Animal rights campaigners are against the plan, with the RSPCA demanding that other ways be found to check the safety of chemicals (story)

Westmorland Gazette 15.11.01 Animal Rights Display Angers - AN ANIMAL rights display was swiftly removed from a library 24 hours after it went up amid accusations that it was too political. Retired school head Mary Silver saw red after chancing on the exhibition at Kendal library…. "We live in a livestock area, yet there were leaflets urging us to be vegetarians and criticising farming methods…." Exhibition organiser Penny Pullen said she had been amazed by the protest. Promoting the work of CWF - Compassion in World Farming - the display had already been staged successfully at both Barrow-in-Furness and Grange-over-Sands libraries, said Mrs Pullen…. (story)

Lewisham News Shopper 15.11.01 Dairy products are not healthy for you - IT IS not surprising the Dairy Council is against discouraging people from drinking milk its job is to promote milk consumption for the benefit of farmers... letter from Robert Roach Hickin Close Charlton (letter)

Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph 15.11.01 A local policy is needed - letter re: localisation v globalisation in food production from Philippa Mayo, East Midlands APRO, Countryside Alliance, Wood Farm, Tilton-on-the-Hill, Leicestershire (letter in archive)

North West Evening Mail 14.10.01 HUNTING BAN REMAINS - THE ban on fox hunting in Cumbria will remain while most of the country may have its ban lifted... A veterinary risk assessment has recommended that hunting resumes in areas cleared of foot-and-mouth. Quotes from joint master of the Lonsdale hunt Alan Bolt & LACS (story)

Scotsman 14.11.01 Fox hunting bill debate rages on A SERIES of changes to the planned bill to ban fox hunting was approved yesterday by a parliamentary committee in the face of opposition from... Mike Watson (story)

Argus 14.11.01 The huntsman's friend - letter from Nigel Baker, Vale Road, Portslade in reply to letter from David Gold (letter in archive)
Argus 12.11.01 Hunting isn't a city priority - letter from David Gold, Brighton Pavilion Conservative Executive Council criticising David Lepper MP for support for anti hunt cause (letter in archive)

Cambridge News 14.11.01 letter in reply to Tom Bromley from Gillian D Russell DCR, Pinewood Avenue Aberdeen (letter in archive)
Cambridge News 13.11.01 Animal tests are futile - letter in reply to Thomas Bromley, 30.10.01, from Mark Ellwod Church Lane Elsworth (letter in archive)
Cambridge News 30.10.01 letter from Thomas Bromley, SIMR, "I WOULD like to respond to Eve Steadman (Letters, October 18) who opposes the use of animals in medical research" (letter available in archive)

The Citizen 14.10.01 letter from Mrs J Harwood, Moor Park Ave, Bispham, Blackpool - don't buy cosmetics for Christmas which have been tested on animals (letter in archive)

Eastern Daily Press/Evening News 13.11.01 Hunt ban could be lifted The first hunt in East Anglia for more than 10 months could take place on December 3 if the Government lifts its foot-and-mouth ban on the sport. Quotes from Roger Lyles, joint-master of the West Norfolk Hunt, Liz Mort, East Anglian spokesman for the Countryside Alliance, Sidney Harris, chairman of the Dunston Harriers, Roger Bradbury, joint master of the North Norfolk Harriers & The League Against Cruel Sports (story)

Argus 13.11.01 anti hunt letter from Ms C M Pratt, "Foxhounds' hard lives" (foxhounds are shot at @ 5 years old) (letter in archive)

Argus 13.11.01 True cruelty - How I agree with Mark Bycroft's sentiments (Letters, November 8)... one local hunt has even been found to have artificial earths on its land... Emma Cartwright, Brighton (letter)
Argus 8.11.01 EVEN though it is a long time since I was a young person, I noticed a debate on fox hunting on The Argus's C4Y'Self youngsters' page. It is incredible how the pro-hunting lobby repeatedly accuse animal rights protesters and hunt saboteurs of acts of cruelty to hounds and horses... Mark Bycroft, Queens Road, Brighton. (letter in archive) NB this name is false

Northern Echo 13.11.01 New hearing in badger case - MAGISTRATES decided not to accept a farmer's guilty plea when he appeared in court yesterday to answer charges of interfering with a badger sett on his land - were not convinced that the prosecution had done enough to prove the tunnels led to an occupied sett & ordered Mark Simpson to plead not guilty at a new hearing at a later date. He had co-operated with Badger Watch organisation who regularly visited the farm, but had not realised holes were entrances to a sett. Nevertheless, charges were brought against him after inspections by the RSPCA and Badger Watch team suggested otherwise. (story in archive)

Cambridge News 13.11.01 Shame on scientists - letter from Joan Court, Sturton Street Cambridge re: the experiments on mice conducted at the University of Cambridge Pharmaceutical Department (letter in archive)

Enfield & Haringey Independent 13.11.01 Animal Lovers Called To Meeting - A REPRESENTATIVE from Compassion in World Farming will be the guest speaker at the annual meeting of the Animal Hostel Trust… (story)

Ananova 12.11.01 Fox hunting 'could resume next month' - interview with Alastair Jackson, director of the MFHA (story)

Shropshire Star 12.11.01 Hunt fans welcome lifting of ban - quote from Myles Salmon, master huntsman of the Wheatland Hunt (story may be in archive)

Edinburgh News 12.11.01 FOX HUNTING 'COULD RESUME NEXT MONTH' By Graham Hiscott, Consumer Affairs Correspondent, PA News, interview with Alastair Jackson, director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) (story)

The Times 12.11.01 Hunting set to resume next month BY VALERIE ELLIOTT due to "a higher degree of foot-and-mouth disease risk" hunting should take place from December 3 and only in the strictest conditions (story)

Telegraph 12.11.01 Hunting with dogs to resume next month By David Millward HUNTING with dogs is expected to resume from Dec 3... (story)

Chester Evening Leader 12.11.01 HUNT SABOTEURS COULD HIT PUBS ... Hunt saboteurs are threatening to launch a new campaign targeting landlords who allow their premises as a base for fox hunting... quote from Northwest Hunt Saboteur Association (story may be in archive)

Independent on Sunday 11.11.01 Beckett drags feet on lifting hunt ban By Colin Brown, Political Editor - Mrs Beckett has sought legal advice on whether to go ahead with lifting the ban because she fears possible compensation claims from farmers... quote from Simon Hart, Countryside Alliance (story)

Scotsman 10.11.01 hounded out? - major feature about the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences, interviews with Brian Cass, managing director, & other HLS employees, & Greg Avery & Natasha Taylor of SHAC. (story)

Shropshire Star 9.11.01 Hunt crisis as ban goes on - Members of the United Pack should have held their first official opening meet of the season last Saturday... interviews with Lindsay Hill wife of huntsman and joint master & other hunt supporters (story may be in archive)

Bath Chronicle 9.11.01 We must ban this cruelty to animals - letter attacking Beaufort Hunt from MISS KATHERINE WATSON, Rushton Drive Bramhall Stockport Cheshire (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)

Glasgow Herald 9.11.01 reply to Ruth Wishart from Allan Murray, director, Scottish Countryside Alliance, East Gate, Ingliston.
Glasgow Herald 8.11.01 Hunt propagandists in a battle with the truth - article by Ruth Wishart criticising Countryside Alliance advertising campaign (story in archive)

Cumberland News & Star 9.11.01 Hunting decision may seem sinister (contact paper for copy of letter)
North West Evening Mail 31.10.01 BRING BACK HUNTSMEN "...A Veterinary Risk Assessment was completed in September and passed to Defra. The time that has elapsed in publishing the report and the silence from the Minister of State is sending a loud message to the rural/farming community of intolerance and victimisation..." KATHERINE NICHOLSON, Nook Lane, Ambleside (contact paper for copy of letter)

Oxford Mail 9.11.01 Hare coursers are hunted - 6 arrests for illegal hare coursing in the Wantage area (story in archive)

Cambridge News 9.11.01 HLS did not hold AGM ­ court told - Max Gastone, 28, from Sussex took Huntingdon Life Sciences to court for failing to hold an annual general meeting. Although Huntingdon magistrates found there had been a technical breach of the law, they granted HLS an absolute discharge and did not award Mr Gastone the costs of £528.75 he asked for & said they accepted HLS' concerns about security as mitigation for failing to hold an AGM (story in archive)

Cambridge News 9.11.01 Brother of HLS boss has house attacked... The retired 72-year-old was at his Yorkshire home with his wife when bricks were thrown through the windows. Red paint was also splashed on to walls and the front door. He is a former railway worker with no connection to the animal testing company other than through his brother, whom he rarely sees... 3 people from the Midlands have been charged with causing criminal damage in connection with the attack, which happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning...They appeared before Northallerton magistrates. case adjourned for a week and they were released on bail...(story in archive)

Scotsman 9.11.01 Humans to blame - letter about seal culling from ROSS MINETT Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Manchester Evening News 9.11.01 There's no sport in this barbaric ritual - "I MUST admit to sadistic satisfaction seeing Salford matador Frank Evans (MEN, Oct 29) upended by the poor, tortured bull." - letter from B Naylor, Manchester (letter probably only available from paper direct)

Western Daily Press 9.11.01 CIA catastrophe - "I was appalled to read of CIA's Acoustic Kitty (CIA Spy Cat That Only Lived Once, WDP, November 5)" from Pamela Dean Whiteshill Stroud, Gloucestershire (letter in archive & in Bristol Evening Press archive)

Loughborough Echo 8.11.01 F&M hits hunt opening meet - THE traditional start of the Quorn Hunt season has been marked with a ceremonial gathering... Philippa Mayo, spokesperson for the East Midlands Countryside Alliance, said: "We are calling for DEFRA to publish the results of the risk assessment on fox hunting..." (story probably only available from paper itself)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 8.11.01 Capercaillie concerns - letter from David Macleod, Glen Gloy Estate, Spean Bridge, Inverness-shire re: ban on capercaillie shooting (letter probably only available from paper itself)

Grantham Journal 8.11.01 deer group combat poaching - Lincolnshire Deer Group is forming a Poacher Watch scheme to help estates in the Grantham area combat the problem of rural crime - meeting 3pm on November 14 at the Old Coach House, Grimsthorpe Castle. (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 8.11.01 MAFF's naff science has slipped through the net - letter about Defra badger culling from M Hancox Stroud, Gloucestershire (story in WDP and Bristol Evening Post archive

Bucks Free Press 8.11.01 It's time to go veggie - A BRAVO to Julia Boulton for her letter in the Star speaking out for the animals. I too have supported VIVA for years, and I think their founder, Juliet Gellatley, is a very courageous person… Mrs HC Moore, Beaconsfield (letter in archive)
Bucks Free Press 4.10.01 Go vegetarian in effort to end animal brutality FEW of us like to contemplate the reality of animal slaughter. However I've just found out about a practice so horrific that I feel that readers must be informed. Viva!'s new investigation reveals that heavily pregnant animals are routinely sent to slaughterhouses… Julia Boulton, Coningsby Road, High Wycombe (letter in archive)

Luton & Dunstable Herald & Post 8.11.01 CALL TO CULL BEDFORD'S GEESE... The RSPCA said a cull is not the best way forward and would need a Government licence as Canada Geese are protected by law... Guy Merchant, director of the Pigeon Control Advisory Service said "If the council goes out slaughtering geese, that won't be acceptable and animal rights activists will be down its throat indefinitely..." (story in archive)

Stourbridge News 8.11.01 Boycott circus call - Diane Westwood of Captive Animals Protection Society wants people to boycott Bobby Roberts' Super Circus because it has performing animals (story in archive)

Rutland & Stamford Mercury 8.11.01 Why food should be produced locally - letter from PHILIPPA MAYO, Countryside Alliance, Tilton-on-the-Hill (letter in archive)

Hull Daily Mail 7.11.01 Fox hunt back on... the Holderness Hunt has been given the all-clear from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to restart hunting from December 3 (NB THIS STORY HAS BEEN DENIED BY THE HUNT (story in archive)

Llantwit Major Gem 7.11.01 Hunt held their opening meet at Flemingstone on Monday, but were not able to hunt due to the Foot and Mouth restrictions, still in force. (story in archive)

Scotsman 7.11.01 Workers attack hunt proposals, John Innes - Ronnie Rose, from the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, Tom Parker, representing the National Working Terriers Federation, evidence to Rural Affairs Committee (story)

Scotsman 7.11.01 Flushing of foxes - letter about terrier work from LIBBY ANDERSON, Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (letter)

Scotsman 7.11.01 Assistance for bill - letter replying to Lynne Mitchell, 30.10.01, from WILLIAM BROWN, Forfar Road, Dundee (letter)
Scotsman 5.11.01 "Workable laws" reply to Lynne Mitchell's letter from (DR) EOIN McINTYRE, Struan Drive, Inverkeithing, Fife (letter)
Scotsman 30.10.01 "The Countryside Alliance, aided and abetted on this occasion by Bill Wallace..." letter from LYNNE MITCHELL, Lower Mains, Dollar, Clackmannanshire (letter)

Scotsman 7.11.01 letter re: hunt job losses from James Denne BEMERSYDE, ROXBURGHSHIRE (letter)

Scotsman 7.11.01 letter replying to Alex Hogg, of the Scottish Gamekeepers' Association from MARTIN COLLINSON Tippet Knowes Park Winchburgh, West Lothian (letter)
Scotsman 1.11.01 The Scottish Gamekeepers' Association is appalled to learn that a red kite has been found poison-ed in Dumfries and Galloway - Alex Hogg, Chairman, Scottish Gamekeepers' Association (letter)

Chester Evening Leader 7.11.01 KEEPER LAUNCHES HIS BOOK OF TALES - FORMER gamekeeper at the Duke of Westminster's Eaton Hall estate, Norman Mursell staging a special signing session on Saturday at Booklands in Bridge Street. (story in archive)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 7.11.10 letter about deer culling from Tom Watson, Stalkers House, Attadale, Strathcarron. (letter probably only available from paper)

Carmarthen Journal 7.11.01 Horse export protest - ANIMAL rights protesters were delighted by public support for a campaign in Carmarthen on Saturday... quote from local Viva campaigner, Ruth Goldberg (story in archive)
Carmarthen Journal 24.10.01 "Horse export demo... members of the animal rights group, VIVA, are hoping to garner support from the rural community to halt what they say is a 'barbaric' trade. Viva member Ruth Goldberg, from Trelech, said..." (story in archive)

Edinburgh News 7.11.01 ZOO ANGRY OVER ANIMAL WELFARE CRITICISM By Chris Court, PA News - Captive Animal Welfare Society investigator Craig Armstrong attacks Dartmoor Wildlife Park, Sparkwell (story)

Essex Evening Gazette 7.11.01 badger rescued by North East Essex Badger Group & Wildlives Rescue Centre given osteopathy by Lindsey Robinson (story in archive)

Ananova 6.11.01 Hunting Bill 'could kill off capercaillie' - Ronnie Rose, from the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, evidence to Rural Affairs Committee (story)

North West Evening Mail 6.11.01 HUNTING SEASON REQUEST SLAMMED Douglas Batchelor, LACS chief executive, condemned the Countryside Alliance for calling for hunt ban to be lifted. (story)

Western Daily Press 6.11.01 Hunt ban over epidemic set to end... Beaufort master Captain Ian Farquhar said: "It is now time for a decision to be made, we have been waiting long enough." (story in Bristol Evening Post archive)
Bristol Evening Post 5.11.01 Call to lift foot and mouth ban on hunting... Captain Ian Farquhar, joint master of the Beaufort Hunt, was speaking on what should have been the first day of the hunt season (story in archive)
Western Mail 3.11.01 Captain Ian Farquhar, joint master of the Beaufort Hunt called for the foot-and-mouth ban on hunting to be lifted. (story)

Telegraph 6.11.01 Truth about foxes - reply to Douglas Batchelor by D P Marchessini, London SW1 (letter)

Telegraph 5.11.01 reply to Douglas Batchelor from Lindsay Hill, Bishop's Castle, Shrops (letter)
Telegraph 3.11.01 Recreational pursuits.. SIR - Long may the hunting ban continue. I am encouraged by the new social activities being pursued by people who hunt (Weekend, Oct. 27)... Douglas Batchelor, League Against Cruel Sports, London SE1 (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 6.11.01 Huge support for inquiry plea... Residents turned out in force to back a campaign calling on the Government to hold an independent inquiry into foot and mouth disease... Members of the Haltemprice and Howden Conservative Association joined a national campaign headed by the Countryside Alliance to ask the Government to research the causes of the disease... (story available in archive)

Cambridge News 6.11.01 Crackdown on illegal coursing... Eight officers from Hertfordshire Constabulary and an inspector from the RSPCA are to step up weekend patrols on the areas where illegal coursing is believed to be taking place... (story available in archive)

Times 6.11.01 Activists in jail: Rae Newlands, Kerry Whitburn, Neil Bartlett, Dave Blenkinsop, Mel Broughton (story)

Irish Examiner 6.11.01 Foxhunting is outdated, cruel and inhumane - THE hard facts in the foxhunting debate must be stated. Foxhunting with hounds is not a form of animal control and never has been… A ban on foxhunting would be a major step for the campaign to drag Ireland from the Dark Ages mentality in its treatment of animals to a modern progressive era where the rights of animals are accepted, protected and defended… John Tierney, Hunt Saboteurs Association, PO Box 4734, Dublin 1 (letter)

Essex Evening Gazette 5.11 01 Burnham: Conviction of hunt master overturned... Anne Hull, 40, of Maldon Road, Burnham was found guilty in April of aiding and abetting interference with a badger sett in Bradwell, near Maldon. But Chelmsford Crown Court overturned the conviction at an appeal hearing on Friday after ruling there was no direct evidence (story available in archive)

Western Mail 5.11.01 Tory attacks new hunting ban demands... Renewed calls to ban hunting with dogs were 'damaging and utterly insulting' to farmers, Welsh Tory leader Nick Bourne said today.(story)

East Anglian Daily Times 5.11.01 "Hunt targeted by saboteurs... POLICE are investigating after saboteurs targeted the Essex and Suffolk Hunt's first gathering of the season - hurling abuse at hunt members and allegedly attacking a car containing three young children..." quote from Liz Mort, eastern region spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance, hunt's joint master, James Buckle, Denis Clark , joint hunt master from the Essex side "Lawrie Payne, spokesman for the League against Cruel Sports, said the protesters had not been sent by his organisation and condemned their tactics" (story)

Yorkshire Post 5.11.01 All dressed up and nowhere to hunt... The opening meet of North Yorkshire's Zetland Hunt went ahead on Saturday, minus most of the horses and without a hope of catching a fox (story)

Scotsman 5.11.01 Hunt compromise bid... Elaine Murray, the MSP for Dumfries, who opposed Lord Watson's controversial bill before it recently won first stage approval from the parliament, is preparing private legislation that would make "unnecessary suffering" the legal definition of cruelty to a wild mammal... (story)

Scotsman 5.11.01 Strasbourg to hold public inquiry into FMD... James Provan, MEP for South East England and a member of the European Parliament's Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee... was speaking at the British Deer Farmers Association annual meeting in Sussex on the day of the official start of the hunting season, also criticised the government's anti-hunting policy as a further attack on the countryside... (story)

Daily Record 5.11.01 "ONCE again the Countryside Alliance is spending thousands of pounds..." etc, Joan Stewart, Inverness (letter may be in archive)

Times 5.11.01 reply to Paul Batterby from Simon Hart, Director, Countryside Alliance Campaign for Hunting & letter from Rob Yorke, 8 Bassein Park Road, W12 9RY. (letter)

Scotsman 5.11.01 Bid to save capercaillies - PEOPLE caught shooting one of Scotland's most endangered birds face fines of up to £5,000 for each offence under a new statutory ban which came into force yesterday.

Rugby Advertiser 5.11.01 A FARMER who admitted he didn't take correct care of his shotguns has been fined by magistrates. (story may be in archive)

Yorkshire Post 5.11.01 Silt-jetting will kill fish, anglers warn... fishermen believe the move will cause poisonous dioxins, which have built up in river bed sediment after years of pollution by heavy industry, to be sent downstream, where they will collect at lock gates or other areas of poor water flow... (story)

Scotsman 5.11.01 Winning the PR battle will test scientists... feature about research v anti vivisection arguments & Huntingdon Life Sciences, quotes from Barbara Davies of Research Defence Society, Kevin Jonas of SHAC (story); articles by Kim Fellows, director of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry Scotland (story) and Geoffrey Thomas, the national spokesman for the Dr Hadwen Trust (story)

Cambridge News 5.11.01 Minister backs plan for monkey test lab... SCIENCE Minister Lord Sainsbury has risked the wrath of environmental and animal rights campaigners by supporting plans for a monkey testing laboratory in Cambridgeshire.... quote from Joan Court, spokeswoman for X-cape, Cambridge-based animal rights organisation (story available in archive)

North West Evening Mail 5.11.01 CYNICAL ACT OF CRUELTY... scientists at the university drugged mice with methamphetamine, a strong form of speed, and then blasted the poor creatures with music by the pop group, The Prodigy. Seven of the 40 mice forced to listen to the noise died... (story)

Scotsman 5.11.01 "Fur promotions" letter from ANNA WEST, PETA Europe Ltd, PO Box 3169, London complaining about fur (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 5.11.01 Fur fight goes abroad... 113 MPs... have signed a letter proposing to ban fur factory farming in Sweden. The let ter will be presented to the Social Democrat Conference in Sweden this week as part of a campaign with Respect For Animals, a Nottingham-based organisation which fights for the worldwide banning of fur farming.(story available in archive)

North West Evening Mail 5.11.01 ON TRYING A VEGETARIAN DIET vox pop piece on whether people would go vegetarian (most wouldn't - "I would never consider becoming a vegetarian. I enjoy my Sunday roasts too much.") (story)

Evening Standard 4.11.01 Huntingdon pursuers take hunt to US... ANIMAL rights activists trying to drive Huntingdon Life Sciences out of business have promised to take their battle to Wall Street... quote from Kevin Jonas of SHAC (story)

Scotsman 3.11.01 anti hunt letter from Lynne Mitchell "I was intrigued by the letter from Allan Murray, of the Scottish offshoot of the Countryside Alliance..." (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 2.11.01 Restrictions halt start of hunting season in Devon... "Michael Moore, one of the East Devon Hunt joint masters, said: "The first priority is to make sure we get rid of foot-and-mouth everything else is secondary to that... John Norris, of the Tiverton Staghounds, said: "We have to try and get this ban lifted soon. Around three-quarters of the farmers I have spoken to are saying it's okay to go out hunting again."" (full story in archive)

Leicester Mercury FOX HUNTERS' CALL FOR FOOT-AND-MOUTH FACTS quote from Philippa Mayo, East Midlands spokesman for the Countryside Alliance (story)

Newark Advertiser 2.11.01 The hounds from the South Notts Hunt were brought to a meeting at East Stoke on Monday, but had to be returned to their kennels before the riders could set off (full story in archive)

Western Mail 2.11.01 Call for hunting to resume to control foxes "Hunting and farming go together," said Dai Jones, joint master of the Carmarthen Hunt. (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald/Evening Press 1.11.01 Hunting on hold due to FMD "We have kept a full complement of hounds," said master of Sinnington hunt, Andrew Osborne... Middleton Hunt master, Frank Houghton-Brown, is waiting with interest for a Government veterinary assessment into whether hunting would, or wouldn't spread the foot and mouth virus..." (story)

Newcastle Journal 1.11.01 All that will be missing is the Tally Ho... The Zetland huntsmen and women will meet in Aldbrough St John, North Yorkshire, for the first hunt of the year on Saturday but the foot-and-mouth epidemic means the horses and hounds will be unable to ride out... (story)

Birmingham Post 1.11.01 Mids MPs bay for fox hunting ban (Tony Banks EDM) (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 1.11.01 Pressure put back on for hunting ban (Tony Banks EDM) (story available in archive)

Edinburgh News 1.11.01 PUBLIC 'SICK' OF HUNT-BAN OBSESSION, SAYS CAMPAIGNER Simon Hart, Director of the Countryside Alliance Campaign for Hunting, told Radio 4 Today programme, rural businesses linked to the sport wanted to know how to plan for the future.(story)

Scotsman 1.11.01 Country folk on the fightback trail by Fordyce Maxwell: Kirsty Macleod, from a crofting family on Coll, now of Glen Gloy estate's 7,500 acres near Spean Bridge, farmed and managed with her husband, David, thought that she might attract an audience of more than 100 when she sent out invitations to a conference called "People - the Forgotten Species". (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 1.11.01 (letter probably only available direct from paper)
Aberdeen Evening Express 31.10.01 (letter probably only available direct from paper)
"IT is ridiculous to suggest, as the London funded Scottish Countryside Alliance do, that the Scottish Bill to ban hunting with dogs would make anyone lose their job, their home, or turn innocent people into criminals" round-robin anti hunt letter, Peter Hastie, Scottish Campaign Against Hunting with Dogs

South Wales Evening Post 1.11.01 anti hunt letter from Alun Huws High Street, Pontardawe Dogs kill sheep, why don't we hunt them?.. Of course, it might be that the only economic factor here is the Countryside Alliance's grasp of the truth.I look forward to their socio-economical response - devoid, of course, of reality. (letter might be in archive, otherwise contact paper direct)

Worcester Evening News 1.11.01 letter defending RSPCA's actions during F&M crisis from D Hudson, Worcester "There is not just the pain inflicted on our wild creatures but also the inevitable trespass that every hunt season brings" (letter available in archive)

Argus 1.11.01 Peter Allen, Chute Avenue, High Salvington complaining about lack of availability of soya milk (letter in archive)

Waltham Forest Guardian & Independent 1.11.01 standard Viva! pregnant animals slaughter letter "FEW of us contemplate the reality of animal slaughter. However, I've just found out about a practice so horrific that I feel that readers must be informed..." etc from J.K.MEDHURST, The Ridgeway, Chingford. This letter has been going round for months, JKM is a bit late. (letter in archive)

Sheffield Star 1.11.01 A SHEFFIELD MP photographed with a plastic cow as part of a publicity stunt has retracted her support for the campaign set-up by a leading animal welfare group. Meg Munn, MP for Sheffield Heeley, was among 100 politicians who backed the RSPCA Freedom Foods label, designed to answer consumers' concerns over how food is produced (story)