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The Sentinel 30.11.04 DON'T FORGET ANIMAL HEROES - As a new memorial is unveiled to commemorate the forgotten heroes of war, the animals, we must also remember the other forgotten animal heroes…. It appears we are willing to acknowledge and reward these animals for their intelligence and bravery so why are we willing to allow barbaric and irrelevant research on them?... PAT FOSTER Parkhall (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 30.11.04 NOW TACKLE THE HORROR OF HENS - Now the law has settled the brutality of fox hunting, perhaps they will look into the cruel practice of battery hens…. G. BURSNALY, Address supplied (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 30.11.04 SOAPBOX: HELPING MOON BEARS - I Was pleased to see that a memorial to animals who served and died in the wars had been unveiled in London. But how sad that so many thousands of pounds has been spent on such a lavish monument when so many animals are suffering now. For almost two years I have been working to raise awareness and funds for Moon Bear Rescue…. Diane Owen, Bishopsworth (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 30.11.04 ‘Truth behind dogs story’ - Your article on retired greyhounds, on November 23, failed to reveal the true fate of retired greyhounds. As the owner of one of the lucky ones, our Grey was re-homed because of a chance conversation with a collegue regarding this three-year-old that was about to be put to sleep. Thousands are not so lucky. They are abandoned by the side of the road, used in dog fights by travelers… Ray Wright, Fletton Avenue, Peterborough (letter)


Western Daily Press 29.11.04 NOW SHOOTING IS THE NEXT TARGET FOR A BAN - Shooting yesterday emerged as the next target for a ban after hunting as animal rights groups geared up for a campaign to outlaw the field sport…. At the weekend a new message placed on the LAWS website stated: "Hunting down - shooting to go." The organisation, which gives cash to the Labour Party, is also linked to anti-hunt MPs Tony Banks and Ian Cawsey… (story)

Northern Echo 29.11.04 Wildlife group calls for ban on snares to stop suffering - A NORTH-EAST wildlife group has called for a ban on snares following a series of incidents in the region. Durham Badger Group says the snares kill all sorts of wildlife, including badgers, which are slowly choked to death as the wires tighten around their necks. The comments come after the RSPCA confirmed it was investigating the case of a fox which died a slow death in a snare found recently by County Durham animal rights activist John Gill, near Stanhope, County Durham…. (story in archive)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 29.11.04 STAMPING OUT HARE COURSING - Police in northern Lincolnshire are warning they are clamping down on illegal hare coursing…. (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 29.11.04 Cancer sufferer's plea to animal rights protesters by Grant Woodward - A CANCER sufferer today pleaded with animal rights activists to leave him and his wife alone after they mistakenly targeted their home. Brian and Marjorie Peacock have been hounded by protesters since moving into a property whose previous owner was singled out by the Animal Liberation Front….Mr and Mrs Peacock are now at the end of their tethers – particularly as Brian, 65, is battling cancer. He said: "I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma four weeks ago and I'm not supposed to have any stress, but this is a nightmare…" (story)

Shropshire Star 29.11.04 Animals in laboratory will suffer - For most animals in laboratories, this Christmas will be their last - and that's how things will continue without progress made by alternative research methods…. More support is needed for the Trust's research… Elaine and Paul Evans, Powys (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 29.11.04 A meat-free Christmas - ANIMAL rights campaigner Marilyn Harrison is urging Swindonians to give animals a thought this Christmas. Marilyn, of Swindon Animal Concern, has some tasty recipes for those wanting vegetarian alternatives to the traditional turkey…(story in archive)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 29.11.04 WE CAN ALL END THIS SLAUGHTER - The way animals are killed in slaughterhouses is something most of us don't want to think about - but the incredible fact that nearly 2.5-million are slaughtered each day means it is an issue we can't ignore…. Carol Jacklin, Pasture Road, Barton-upon-Humber. (letter)


East Anglian Daily Times 27.11.04 Animal exporter in legal threat -A LIVE sheep exporter is to seek an injunction against animal welfare activists to allow him to resume shipments out of Ipswich port, it has emerged. French-based exporter Thomas Lomas, whose contract with Ipswich shipping company Ferryways UK to ship sheep to Belgium was withdrawn in September after pressure from animal rights activists, has set a deadline of midnight tomorrow before beginning legal proceedings… Mr Lomas met with KALE chairman Ian Birchall in Dover last week to seek a compromise. He said live exports would never stop and urged KALE to allow him free passage through the roll-on roll-off port of Ipswich because he claimed that was better for animal welfare. When his request was rejected, he wrote to KALE this week warning them of legal action…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 27.11.04 ANIMAL TESTS ARE A VITAL PART OF MEDICAL RESEARCH - Kathy Archibald, Points of view, November 3, criticises animal safety tests. Her argument is a bit like saying "my bike is useless, it won't get me to France." Animal tests will never prove that a medicine is safe for everyone to take. Neither will test tubes, computers nor even tests with people… Philip Connolly, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1 (letter)
Western Morning News 23.11.04 ANIMAL DATA CAN PROVE MISLEADING - Philip Connolly (WMN letters, November 5) says there is no doubt that animal experiments help to make life better for patients. In fact, there is every doubt: a large majority of doctors are concerned that patients' safety is compromised by misleading animal data…. Kathy Archibald, Director Europeans For Medical Advancement London (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 16.11.04 ANIMAL TESTING VITAL TO DEVELOP NEW MEDICINES - Kathy Archibald, Points of view, November 3, blames animal tests alone if new treatments cause unexpected side effects. She is wrong to do so…. Animal tests will never prove a new medicine is safe for everyone to take. Nor will computers, cells, tissues or even clinical trials with people. Less than four per cent of medicines have had to be withdrawn from prescription… Animal tests provide information that cannot be obtained any other way and are carried out humanely in Britain. Philip Connolly, Coalition for Medical Progress, London WC1 (letter)
Western Mail 8.11.04 Tests on animals - There are two things in Dr Thomas's letter on animal tests I can agree with: it is an emotive and complicated subject. Thereafter, I struggle. Of course data from animal tests are viewed with caution by doctors, so are data from cells, tissues, and computers and even from clinical trials with people…. Animal studies are about 10% of the R&D needed for new medicines. What does Dr Thomas think goes on in the other 90%? Exactly the same non-animal techniques that he - like all of us - prefers to see used. They are cheaper and faster than animals. The problem is they cannot, yet, provide the vital insights of animals…. PHILIP CONNOLLY Coalition for Medical Progress (letter)
Western Morning News 5.11.04 Animal research - Philip Connolly, Director Coalition for Medical Progress London (letter)
Dundee Courier 5.11.04 Feigning concern - Philip Connolly (Letters, November 1) says there is no doubt that animal experiments help to make life better for patients. In fact, there is every doubt: a large majority of doctors are concerned that patients’ safety is compromised by misleading animal data... Kathy Archibald, Director, Europeans For Medical Advancement., O Box 38604, London. (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 3.11.04 DRUG TESTING ON ANIMALS HAS PUT PEOPLE AT RISK - Philip Connolly, Points of view, October 28, says there is no doubt that animal experiments help to make life better for patients. In fact, there is every doubt: a large majority of doctors are concerned that patients' safety is compromised by misleading animal data…. Kathy Archibald, Director, Europeans For Medical Advancement, London (story)
Western Mail 2.11.04 SIR - Animal experimentation is an emotive subject. The letter from Philip Connolly (October 27) supports the industry view, that animal experiments have helped medical progress and should continue. The truth is far more complicated. My profession is increasingly sceptical of the value of animal experiments…. Dr NOEL THOMAS, Maesteg (letter)
Leicester Mercury 1.11.04 EXPERIMENTS ARE WORKING - Philip Connolly, Coalition for Medical Progress, London. (letter)
Dundee Courier 1.11.04 This research is important - Philip Connolly, Director Coalition for Medical Progress. Mabledon Place, London. (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 29.10.04 DOCTORS SUPPORT ANIMAL TESTING - Philip Connolly, director, Coalition for Medical Progress. (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.10.04 MEDICAL PROGRESS NEEDS ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS - Philip Connolly, Coalition for Medical Progress, London WC1 (letter)
Western Mail 27.10.04 Tests on animals - Back in 1993 the British Medical Association asked its members, "Do you agree animal experiments have an important role to play in the development of new medical treatments?" 83% agreed… It's time critics stopped trying to fool people into thinking research using animals doesn't work and concentrated instead on finding ways to make conditions as good as possible for the animals themselves. PHILIP CONNOLLY, Director Coalition for Medical Progress, Hamilton House, London (letter)


Surrey Advertiser 26.11.04 Jenson settles in at wildlife hospital - RACY rescue fox Jenson, named after British Formula One champion Jenson Button, is looking forward to spending his first Christmas at Hydestile Wildlife Hospital…. (story)

Financial Times 26.11.04 Animal rights trio agree banning order By Nikki Tait, Law Courts Correspondent - Three senior co-ordinators of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty campaign, yesterday agreed to permanent injunctions, barring them from harassing Huntingdon Life Sciences' employees or entering exclusion-zones around their homes… Greg Avery, his wife Natasha, and his former wife Heather James, had been due to contest the anti-harassment injunctions at a trial next year in which Shac is also a defendant. The trio said they were accepting the restrictions so the legal action between the company and Shac could continue without attention being focused on their activities…. Lawyers representing the company, claimed the nature of the case had "radically changed" with the withdrawal of the three individuals. They asked for wide-ranging disclosure about the organisation, which had previously claimed to be a loose grouping of concerned individuals, including details of Shac's bank accounts and any shareholder lists in its possession. The judge granted the requests. (story)

Medical News Today 26.11.04 UK Plans Laws Against Animal Extremists - Changes in the law to protect people involved in medicines research from animal extremists, announced in the Queen's Speech today, have been warmly welcomed by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)…. (story)
Pharmafocus 26.11.04 New anti-intimidation laws seek to reassure UK pharma investors - UK-based pharmaceutical companies have welcomed the government's proposals to strengthen laws to combat animal rights activists, but also sounded a cautionary note…. (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 25.11.04 Pledge to carry on animal rights fight - An animal rights campaigner in Coventry has vowed not to be deterred by new powers set to be handed to police to protect people engaged in research involving animals… There would also be a new offence of protesting outside homes in a way that causes "harassment, alarm or distress" to residents. But Nancy Phipps, an animal rights campaigner for the past 20 years, whose daughter Jill died during a demonstration in 1995, aged 31, said protesters would continue with such action…. (story)
Burton Mail 25.11.04 WE WILL SIMPLY ARREST THEM' by DAVID POWLES - FOR too many years, animal rights activists have acted above the law to cause misery for dozens of people in and around Burton. Not only have they targeted the Hall family, who breed guinea pigs for medical research at Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, but they have waged sinister campaigns against anyone even remotely connected with the family or their business…. However, new measures to tackle the behaviour of certain campaigners were announced this week in the Queen’s Speech…. (story)
Financial Times 25.11.04 Crackdown on animal rights extremists By Jimmy Burns, Social Affairs Correspondent - The law of harassment has been widened to deal with radical animal rights activists as part of measures aimed at tackling crime and anti-social behaviour…. (story)
25.11.04 Proposed protection from animal rights activities - A PROPOSED new law to protect employees of companies using animals for medical research has been welcomed by Huntingdon Life Sciences…. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 24.11.04 Crackdown on animal rights extremists - A crackdown on animal rights extremists – who, among other places, have targeted the Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratories at Occold in Suffolk –was signalled in the Queen's Speech. The Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill, which would cover England and Wales, will include provisions to strengthen police powers to combat harassment by extremists of those engaged in animal research…. (story)
Burton Mail 24.11.04 MP welcomes new protest Bill by DAVID POWLES - ANIMAL rights activists could be banned from protesting outside a controversial guinea pig farm as part of new measures unveiled by the Government… Today, Michael Fabriacant MP, whose Lichfield constituency includes the Darley Oaks farm, welcomed the measures… (story)
Evening Standard 24.11.04 FBI-style agency unveiled By Joe Murphy Political Editor, Evening Standard - Major new powers to smash organised crime gangs were unveiled today, including offers of immunity for criminals who turn supergrass… Major new powers to smash organised crime gangs were unveiled today, including offers of immunity for criminals who turn supergrass… (story)

Post & Times 26.11.04 LABOUR FAILS TO CURTAIL ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS - What a sell-out. I refer to any hope the electorate might have had that a Labour Government would act to protect the millions of animals 'used' in laboratories… Cynthia Lubacz Abbey Green Road, Leek. (story)

Argus 26.11.04 Top veggie restaurant puts meat on menu by Sam Thomson - A restaurant nominated as the vegetarian fast food outlet of the year is to start serving meat. Wai Kika Moo Kau in Meeting House Lane, The Lanes, Brighton, is putting steaks, fish and lamb back on the menu because it is struggling to bring in enough vegetarian customers…. (story in archive)

Worksop Guardian 26.11.04 Fur flies at charity fashion show - A LEADING councillor has been condemned for backing the use of animal fur in a charity fundraiser. A LEADING councillor has been condemned for backing the use of animal fur in a charity fundraiser. Bassetlaw Council chairman Jeff Rickells has been forced to apologise to objectors who attended a fashion show in aid of his chosen charity…. "Within minutes of the fashion show starting I was outraged and disgusted that real fur was being flaunted and promoted for sale," said the objector, who wished to remain anonymous… (story)

Independent 26.11.04 The production of fur is cruel and damages the environment - The fur trade's claim that fur is good for the environment, like its hype about fur being back, is not new. The fur trade's record on the environment is appalling…. MARK GLOVER, Director, Respect for Animals, Nottingham
Killing animals for their fur is a global issue. In Canada the steel jaw leg-hold trap and snare trap sadly are still legal in every province. Animals caught in traps suffer for days or are drowned or crushed to death…. LESLEY FOX, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (letters)


Lincolnshire Echo 25.11.04 WHY ATTACK US? - We saw another profound, yet wholly useless, media attack on animal rights campaigners on Monday night with Trevor McDonald's show on ITV. But when are these autocratic media institutions (despite what they'd wish) ever going to realise that no amount of partisan propaganda will ever soften our emotional responses to what is happening at Huntingdon Life Sciences, Oxford University and in labs and universities all over the world?... MS J. HOLLIDAY Hemingby Way, Horncastle. (story)

Worcester Evening News 25.11.04 Just a bunch of hypocrites - AS a once keen anti-vivisectionist, I'm now saddened at how our campaigns have been hijacked by frightening "animal rights" activists. Most of us tend to be sentimental but unrealistic about animal suffering. We hate using mousetraps, but tolerate seeing over-fed cats using their instincts to play with live mice…. WILLIAM WINSOR, Great Witley (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 25.11.04 ETHICAL CHOICES ON FOOD COULD SAVE MILLIONS - You can Enjoy your Christmas lunch with a healthy conscience, suggests vegan Tamsin Evans… As Bruce Friedrich, of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, says: "It's bizarre, really: You take a crop like soya, oats, corn or wheat - products high in fibre and complex carbohydrates, but devoid of cholesterol and artery-clogging saturated fat. You feed them to an animal and create something with no fibre or complex carbohydrates at all, but with lots of cholesterol and saturated fat. It makes about as much sense to take pure water, run it through a sewer system, and then drink it."… Tamsin Evans is managing director of V1 Vegetarian Fast Food in Nottingham. (story)


Forres Gazette 24.11.04 Who cares about geese? In reply to Anne Swatton's letter: "No need for the killing of visitors"… I suggest that not all farmers will find the sight and sound of thousands of geese in flight filling them with much pleasure, when their livelihood is at stake. It is incorrect to say that wildfowlers are restricted to one for the pot, most local people will limit themselves to what they, or friends and relatives, can use themselves and those who exceed what is deemed acceptable are ostracized… Yours etc, PHIL HARKER Adelaide, Australia. (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 24.11.04 MP 'DELIGHTED' NOW ANIMAL WELFARE ON AGENDA - North Lincolnshire MP Ian Cawsey last night said he was 'delighted' the long-awaited Animal Welfare Bill had made it into the Queen's Speech… (story)
Telegraph 24.11.04 Good for goldfish, not for cod By Charles Clover - Animal welfare - Goldfish will be banned as fairground prizes, tail-docking of dogs halted in most circumstances and children under 16 prohibited from buying pets. The Animal Welfare Bill will extend a "duty of care" to all vertebrate animals that are permanently domesticated or in human charge.... (story)

Royal Society 24.11.04 Animal rights terrorism costing universities - Security measures to protect against acts of terrorism by animal rights extremists cost UK universities an average of about £175,000 each per year according to a survey carried out by the Royal Society…. (story)

Guardian 24.11.04 Eco sounding - John Vidal … Chickened out - It's all very well banning fox hunting, says farm animal welfare group Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), but what about the chickens? The group is furious that the law lords last week refused permission to hear an appeal case that alleges the government has failed to apply EU and UK law correctly to protect the health and welfare of chickens bred for meat…. (story)

Sun 24.11.04 PETA's call for ban on fish and chips is codswallop - ANIMAL welfare group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have demanded a ban on fish and chips…. The distress caused to fish when catching them is cruel, say PETA. Readers say the group’s statement is ridiculous….
I HAVE been a veggie for 18 years and while I don’t agree with cruelty to animals or fish I also respect everyone’s right to eat what they want. So I find PETA’s statement quite bizarre… LUCY FINER, Falmouth, Cornwall
CRUELTY to animals is wicked but eating fish is good for people and I cannot agree with banning it… STEVE CHAMBERS, Basingstoke, Hants
WHY all the hoo-ha about vegetarians telling us we shouldn’t eat fish because killing them is cruel?... ELIZABETH EVANS, Manchester
WHERE is it all heading when we have loonies like the members of PETA calling for a ban on traditional fish and chips?... NIGEL WILSON, Lincoln
WHAT does animal welfare group PETA think will happen if our fishermen don’t catch fish from the North Sea?... RICHARD LYONS, Carlisle, Cumbria
SINCE the decision to ban hunting it was only a matter of time before the protesters against cruel sports turned their attention to fishing…. LYNN BERRY, Dudley, West Midlands
INSTEAD of trying to get fish and chips banned, the animal rights brigade should campaign against angling and fishing with a line… JANE HALL, Coventry
Why don’t these people get a life?... ARTHUR SKEELS, Southend, Essex
IT was bound to happen as soon as the loony left had banned hunting, that they would turn to fish and chips — or, to be precise, to fishing…. SYD VAUGHAN, Birmingham
MUST we take any notice of groups like PETA?... PAM SMITH, Leicester
WHAT PETA people want to eat is up to them but how dare they play on people’s minds by saying fish being caught are in distress…. SONYA MORGAN, Lincoln (story)


Western Mail 23.11.04 Day's shooting blessed with happiest of gatherings - Steve Dube, Western Mail - IT WAS the first driven day of the season on our local shoot a couple of weeks ago and happily it was a dry, bright and crisp November morning as the guns and beaters gathered…. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 23.11.04 MYTH OF THESE 'ORGANIC' BIRDS - Pheasants, partridges and other game birds are being marketed as healthy, organic and produced from birds reared naturally in the countryside; in short, the ultimate free-range meat. Not true! In early summer 2004 League Against Cruel Sports teams infiltrated some rearing farms. They found birds from day-old chicks to mature birds packed into sheds with little access to daylight, grass or outside exercise… ROBERT A GAGIE, All Hallows Road, Paignton (letter)

Western Mail 23.11.04 Hare today gone tomorrow? WILDLIFE-WATCHERS in Wales are being asked to watch out for brown hares. The species has been declining for decades across the UK, and its future largely depends on the way land is managed… (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 23.11.04 SPORT: Racers bite back at cruelty claims - GREYHOUND racers have hit back at cruelty claims by anti-racing protesters. A group of activists from Cambridgeshire Greyhound Action held a protest outside Peterborough Greyhound Stadium, in Fengate, Peterborough…. Spalding-based dog trainer David Pruhs (55), said: "I think the protesters are misguided…." Shirley Stones, of Cambridgeshire Greyhound Action, said: "These things do happen. The only solution is to ban racing, and we are appealing for people to boycott stadiums and not to place bets."… (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 22.11.04 GREYHOUNDS: Demonstrators brave cold at dogs stadium - DEMONSTRATORS braved the cold to stage a protest which was hailed a success. Around 10 protestors held placards and handed out leaflets condemning greyhound racing outside Peterborough Greyhound Stadium, in Fengate, Peterborough, on Saturday night. Shirley Stones, from Cambridgeshire Greyhound Action, said: "A lot of people were accepting the leaflets…. (story)

Guardian 23.11.04 Government moves to protect scientists - Polly Curtis, education correspondent - The government today announced a crackdown on animal rights extremists who target scientists involved in vivisection as part of its plans to extend police powers to fight serious crime. The move, contained in a bill in the Queen's speech, was welcomed by universities, which have been the target of aggressive campaigning, but condemned by peaceful activists, who said their right to protest would be curtailed…. (story)
BBC News Online 23.11.04 New law to protect animal testers - Animal rights "extremists" face new measures to stop them harassing people who work in animal research… Heather James, a member of the anti-vivisection pressure group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) said earlier this year: "People who break the law know the risks they are taking. Changing the law is not going to make any difference…." (story)
Reuters 23.11.04 New laws planned against animal rights militants - LONDON (Reuters) - The government has proposed new laws to stop increasingly militant animal rights campaigners from harassing scientists involved in medical experiments….(story)

Independent 23.11.04 Fur - the fake debate - After losing ground in the public relations battle, the fur industry is trying to outfox its critics with an attack on the ethics of wearing 'environmentally unfriendly' fakes. So are their allegations true?... Furriers are claiming that the manufacture of polyester and nylon copies of the "real thing" involves chemicals that pollute the environment and that damage the health of factory workers who have to handle them…. Real fur, on the other hand, is natural and biodegradable, and therefore more ethical than artificial fibres, goes the argument… (story)

Western Daily Press 23.11.04 WAS THIS FOWL PLAY ON THE CHICKENS? Regarding your correspondent's letter referring to circus-training cruelty to animals, my wife and daughters had the same dislike of seeing circus-trained wild animals and caged zoo animals. So, when in Moscow in 1976, we decided to attend the Moscow State Circus as it stated there were no trained wild animals, we witnessed clever horse-riding… One episode surprised us. Suddenly, about 12 chickens were following each other around, jumping over low jumps and through hoops, much to the amusement of the audience. We have always wondered if this involved cruelty to the chickens. W Robinson Westbury Wiltshire (letter)


Gloucester Citizen 22.11.04 VERSION OF TRIAL WATERED DOWN - M. HANCOX, Market Court, Tiverton (letter)
Western Daily Press 17.11.04 TB TIMEBOMBS TICKING IN CATTLE - I was sorry to see the repeated Defra-inspired propaganda for the gamma interferon TB tests in your columns. The truth of the matter is that the Defra version of the trial is so watered down that it will only show that IFN can pick up TB cases earlier than the skin test…. M Hancox Tiverton Devon (letter)

Daily Mail 22.11.04 Campaigners 'backed illegal action' - A secretly-filmed television documentary claims to have discovered that leading animal rights campaigners have encouraged illegal activity. Undercover reporters on ITV1's Tonight With Trevor McDonald investigated the activities of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)…. (story)

Pharmafocus 22.11.04 Law to target economic damage from animal rights protests - The government will strengthen legislation to combat animal rights extremists with new measures to halt the economic damage their campaigns cause… (story)

Guardian 22.11.04 Foreign bodies - Heather Tomlinson says that banning animal experiments in the UK would only mean the industry moving to countries such as China and Singapore, where animal welfare is not taken seriously (If mice could talk, November 20). Would she advocate weakening the UK's child protection laws, among the strictest in the world, because the same cannot be said for Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc. Pamela Kinnunen, London (letter)

Daily Record 22.11.04 RIGHTS ISSUE - ALL animal and human rights activists should be put down and let the rest of the country get on with positive actions that are for the benefit of the majority. I. Foxe,Glasgow (story)

22.11.04 Shropshire Star EU must do more to aid animal journeys - At least three million animals a year endure long journeys lasting for around 30 hours - many in flagrant breach of the European Union law which many countries simply fail to enforce. But even the legislation that does exist falls far short of the standards necessary for animal protection…. Paul & Elaine Evans, Welshpool (letter)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 22.11.04 CONTROVERSY: Protests fail to stop turkey farm plans - PLANS for a turkey rearing farm which sparked an animal rights protest have been given the go-ahead. Animal rights protesters and concerned residents living near the proposed site in Glatton Road, Sawtry, near Peterborough, flooded Huntingdonshire District Council's planning department with 86 letters of objection and a 236-signature petition…. (story)
Hunts Post 17.11.04 Turkey farm approved - A CONTROVERSIAL turkey rearing farm on the outskirts of Sawtry was granted planning permission as an expected protest failed to materialise. At the previous monthly meeting of the district council's development control panel, animal rights protestors caused the hearing to be adjourned and the application, from Measures Farms, to be deferred…. (story)


Scotland on Sunday 21.11.04 Legally held guns not the problem - I WAS not surprised to read in your article on the National Firearms Licensing Management System (News, November 14) that some campaigners still try to establish links between legally held guns and those used in crime…. There is no proven "movement of weapons from those who hold them legally into the hands of those who use them for crime"…. Colin B Shedden, Director, British Association for Shooting and Conservation (story)

Sunday Times 21.11.04 Blunkett to crack down on animal activists - ANDREW PORTER, DEPUTY POLITICAL EDITOR - THE home secretary David Blunkett will this week propose to tighten the law to stop extremists targeting people who conduct vital research using animals… Companies such as Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), a Cambridgeshire animal testing company, have been the victim of a sustained campaign by animal rights groups. Employees and people working for companies linked to HLS have been intimidated and attacked…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 21.11.04 Protest group wants fish and chip ban By Julie Henry - An animal welfare group has demanded a ban on fish and chips because cod, haddock and plaice feel pain and distress when caught. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said that the amount of suffering felt by fish should put people off eating them.... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 20.11.04 Call to ban fish and chips - AN animal welfare group has called for a ban on Britain’s most-famous fast food, claiming fish and chip suppers are cruel to cod. PETA, which normally campaigns against fur-wearing, spoke out for the rights of the fish, which it says are intelligent creatures who feel pain and distress when caught. Peta’s Dawn Carr said chippies across Britain should serve up a fish substitute…. (story)


Times 20.11.04 Animal rights groups turn their sights on to game shooting BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - ANIMAL rights campaigners have set their sights on banning game shooting after their victory over hunting. The League Against Cruel Sports and Animal Aid have made clear that they intend to step up their campaign against shooting as a bloodsport. The RSPCA, which has no campaign to ban shooting, is lobbying for a code of practice to protect pheasants reared for commercial shoots. The Labour Animal Welfare Society is switching its efforts to shooting. Its website states: “Hunting down — shooting to go.”... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 20.11.04 TAKE IT TO THE MAX NORTH OF THE BORDER - Bang! The target flew out of the trap high above my head - and I blasted it out of the sky. The clay pigeon shattered into pieces at my feet - and suddenly I was the hottest sharpshooter since Jesse James. I was shooting on the world-famous Rothiemurchus estate at the heart of the Scottish Highlands…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 20.11.04 HARE COURSING VENTURE COSTS FOUR MEN DEARLY - A Crackdown on illegal hare coursing in the Louth area resulted in fines for four men. Louth magistrates have threatened to confiscate the car used by the men who took five dogs hare coursing at South Somercotes in September. All four from Bishop Auckland, County Durham, were fined £250 each and ordered to pay costs of £35, after admitting the offences under the Game Law Amendment Act of 1960…. Clifford Howe (41), Maurice Rowell (21), Ronald Thexton (52) and Eric Rowell (42) admitted trespassing on the land on September 30…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 20.11.04 Police hunt for badger baiters By Fiona McIlwaine Biggins - BADGER torturing in Co Antrim is being investigated by local police after evidence of brutal baiting of the protected species was discovered. Ballymena police revealed they have evidence that both badgers and Irish hares are being hunted between Ballymena and Ballyclare… (story)

Guardian 20.11.04 If mice could talk - If protests force vivisectionists out of Britain, it would be to the great detriment of humans and animals alike - Heather Tomlinson - I don't fit easily into the animal rights lobby's stereotype of a sadistic pro-vivisectionist: I don't eat meat, and when I was studying for a molecular biology degree I opted out of animal experiments knowing my future career would not be spent in medical research so I couldn't justify my participation… Pharmaceuticals companies are profit-driven; they don't like wasting money. Keeping animals and doing the experiments are expensive, so they would only use them when there is a clear objective - either finding new drugs, or when they are required by law…. One "scientific" animal rights activist told me that Glivec was developed without the use of animals, and showed that vivisection is unnecessary. This betrayed a total lack of understanding of how the drug was developed. First, scientists had to understand the disease, and animal experiments were vital in this process. The choice is clear: no dead mice and no Glivec; no dead mice in the UK, but more animal suffering overseas and Glivec; or well-regulated vivisection in British labs and Glivec. You decide…. (story)


BBC News Online 19.11.04 Animal rights extremists slammed - Animal rights extremists are "thugs" threatening freedom in Britain, says the chancellor of Oxford University. Chris Patten used his first speech as chancellor to warn that protesters using violence were undermining "a free and civilised society"…. Robert Cogswell, of Speak, said: "We are not surprised by Mr Patten's comments. He is the chancellor of Oxford University and is going to be biased…." (story)
Times 19.11.04 Liberty threatened by animal rights thugs, says Patten BY MARK HENDERSON, SCIENCE CORRESPONDENT AND HELEN RUMBELOW, POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT - ANIMAL rights extremists are threatening the foundations of Britain's free and civilised society, Chris Patten said last night. In his first speech as Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Mr Patten said that the violent tactics of some anti-vivisectionists were undermining fundamental principles of liberal democracy… (story)
Scotsman 19.11.04 New Chancellor Patten Attacks Animal Rights Extremists - Animal rights extremists are undermining Britain’s free and civilised society, former European Commissioner Chris Patten said. Mr Patten used his first speech last night as Chancellor of Oxford University to warn that some anti-vivisectionists were threatening fundamental principles of liberal democracy…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 19.11.04 TIME FOR A RETHINK ON ANIMAL RESEARCH …the vast majority of people, doctors included, believe animal experimentation to be misleading and potentially dangerous. Yet, still it continues, despite its appalling track record, receiving massive funding compared to that allocated to the development of the technological advancements, which should be replacing defunct animal research… there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the Dr Hadwen Trust (Humanity in Research). This dedicated organisation is making great strides in providing the resources needed to scientists working on sophisticated projects on human health that don't involve the use of animals at any stage of the work…. Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 19.11.04 MEDICAL RESEARCH JUSTIFIED - I have just finished watching a film about animal rights activists demonstrating at a farm where guinea pigs are bred for medical research. I cannot understand why they are targeted when so many other animals suffer…. I would agree with animal testing if it was done with great care and the animals have had a good life!... Name and address supplied (story)

Oxford Mail 19.11.04 Strict rules on animal tests - Gillian Whitty's letter (Oxford Mail, November 11) goes a long way to explaining why the 'opposition' did not turn up to the meeting about the Oxford University animal research centre. It is largely a rant and a rehearsal of opinion and propaganda that support her conviction that animal experimentation is wrong in all its aspects… Had I known of the meeting and attended I would probably have thought it too dangerous to speak. JOHN NOLAN, Abingdon (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 19.11.04 FUR WEARERS ARE VAIN AND SELFISH - The fur trade seems to be going all out to convince the public that fur is trendy again. Between 30 and 50million animals are killed for their fur annually. Millions are caught in leghold traps, then clubbed or suffocated to death after days of agony… Roy Franklin Bridgwater Somerset (story)

Irish Examiner 19.11.04 Puppy farms profit from cruelty - I REMIND you of the horrific pictures of Irish puppy farm dogs seized earlier this year. In response, former environment minister Martin Cullen set up a group to review dog breeding establishments nationally…. I am disappointed that you would publish such an unbalanced report. I suggest that you present the opinion of the other side, who are not interested in profiting from the misery of dogs. Maureen Byrne, 107 Oriel Cove, Clogher Head, Co Louth. (letter)
Irish Examiner 19.11.04 Why back something opposed the world over? - I WAS horrified by the article entitled ‘Puppy farming as it should be’ which outlined the Irish Dog Breeders Association’s vision for dogs as a valuable farm enterprise…. Una Griffin, 51 Pinehurst, Navan Road, Dublin 7 (story)

Irish Examiner 19.11.04 An ominous silence - I AM appalled at the killing of the defenceless seals on the Blasket islands and at the silence of people in Kerry about the identities of the killers. Paul Kinsella, 53 Lorcan Grove, Santry, Dublin 9 (letter)


Western Morning News 18.11.04 CODE ON NIGHT SHOOTING REISSUED AFTER BOY'S DEATH - A code of practice covering shooting at night has been reissued in an attempt to prevent accidents similar to the one in which a Westcountry teenager was killed. The British Association of Shooting Conservation (BASC), a representative body for shooting sports, has reissued the rules regarding late-night "lamping" expeditions to hunt foxes. The move comes after Byron Evans, 13, was killed by a single bullet during a lamping expedition on land around Lower Cholwell Farm, near Harberton, South Devon, in September…. (letter)

Ealing Times 18.11.04 Fight to ban breeding for shooting - Chris Anderson, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (story)
Warminster & Westbury Standard 21.10.04 SHOOTING BIRDS IS FOWL PLAY - CHRIS ANDERSON, Campaigns officer, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Wells Journal 21.10.04 FOWL PLAY FOR PHEASANTS - Chris Anderson, Campaigns Officer - Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1AW (letter)
Penarth Times 21.10.04 Dead birds - AS we are in the heart of the pheasant season, few will have failed to notice the large numbers of dead birds on our roads. Around this time of year, around 35 million mass-produced pheasants are released upon the countryside before being beaten into the sky to provide shooters with feathered targets…. Animal Aid has produced a report, `Fowl Play', making the case for a ban on breeding game for sport shooting. Such a ban is already in effect in Holland… Chris Anderson Campaigns Officer - Animal Aid The Old Chapel Tonbridge Kent TN9 1AW (letter in archive)

Cambridge Evening News 18.11.04 Protesters target monkey lab group - ANIMAL rights protesters said they achieved their aim when they handed out "Mad Science Awards" to people who carry out scientific research on animals. Five members of Animal Aid, dressed as boggle-eyed blood-covered "scientists" and a giant caged "monkey", on Wednesday handed out their annual Mad Science Awards to research staff at Cambridge University's Department of Experimental Psychology, who they claim deliberately inflict severe brain damage on primates…. (story)

BBC News Online 18.11.04 How animal rights took on the world By Simon Cox and Richard Vadon - The tactics of a small hardcore of animal rights activists have brought them in confrontation with major corporations, scientific establishments and the government. What are the strategies which have made them so effective? …. Battle for Influence: Animal Rights is broadcast on Radio 4 on Thursday 18 November at 2000 GMT…. (story)
The Sentinel 18.11.04 ANALYSING THE ANIMAL ACTIVIST - In the first episode of a new three-part series, Simon Cox gets inside the animal rights movement, one of Britain's best-organised pressure groups….(story)

Evening Standard 18.11.04 Brave new world for the DTI - Alex Brummer, Daily Mail FAREWELL to the Department of Timidity and Inaction and welcome to the new whizzbang Department of Technology and Innovation. As one of the longest-serving Trade Secretaries of recent times, Patricia Hewitt is determined to shift the DTI's budget and agenda over the next five years…. Hewitt believes that for too long the police have regarded attacks on cars belonging to people working in the pharmaceutical industry-and similar offences as no more than vandalism. The government is determined to bring Special Branch, the police authorities and the Home Office together in stamping out abuses…. (story)

Guardian 18.11.04 Hewitt backs Blair's science pledge with new security measures - Mark Milner - The government yesterday promised to help make Britain a world leader in stem cell research and to crack down on animal rights extremists who break the law in their efforts to intimidate scientists and others connected with the research…. (story)

Yahoo! 18.11.04 Action planned against animal rights militants - LONDON (Reuters) - The government has said it is looking at new steps to tackle animal rights extremism with proposals to address the economic damage to research activities…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 18.11.04 Zoos just monkey around with apes - I WRITE in support of Ross Minett’s criticism of Edinburgh Zoo importing more primates (Letters, November 15). The Advocates for Animals director is absolutely correct when he says that zoos are no way to study primates as the conditions are unnatural and no amount of money can substitute for the natural environment…. John Cowen, Stewart Terrace, Edinburgh (story)
Scotsman 18.11.04 Zoo no place for primates - ROSS MINETT, Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street , Edinburgh (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 15.11.04 City zoo should not monkey around with primates - IT is of great concern to learn that even more primates are to be imprisoned in Edinburgh Zoo, especially as this appears to be aided by public money… Advocates for Animals believes that it is morally wrong to keep these magnificent creatures captive in unnatural conditions for human curiosity and entertainment. Ross Minett, Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Halifax Courier 18.11.04 BNP'S BID TO BAN HALAL MEAT FROM SCHOOLS IS THROWN OUT - THE BNP last night failed to ban halal meat in Calderdale schools and council property. Adrian Marsden (BNP, Illing-worth and Mixenden) had wanted to see the ritual slaughter stopped but fellow councillors refused to take any action. And his party was accused of trying to stir up racial tension. Mohammed Najib (Lab, Park) labelled Council Marsden's ideas "ridiculous"…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 18.11.04 BNP CALLS FOR HALAL MEAT BAN - Sally Cope - A MOVE by BNP councillors in Halifax to ban halal meat on council premises has been condemned for promoting misunderstanding and mistrust among the district's Muslim community. Members of Calderdale Council's health and social care scrutiny panel last night rejected a proposal by Adrian Marsden, British National Party councillor for Illingworth and Mixenden, calling for an end to the sale and supply of halal meat by the council, including supplies to five of the district's schools…. (story)

Western Daily Press 18.11.04 TB TESTS AND BLOOD LISTS FOR BRUCELLOSIS ARE JUST USELESS - With regard to TB and brucellosis in cattle. I was born into farming 78 years ago, and I believe that the TB tests and blood lists for brucellosis are useless. Certainly badgers cannot be blamed for TB in cattle. My cows were tested in 1950, long before the eradication scheme started, only one cow was doubtful and she was sold. From that time until I retired in 1985 I had no TB reactors at all…. Nature takes care of itself given the chance. Nowadays nature is not given the chance to right itself…. All farmers want to do a good job, at the present time the countryside is being destroyed. Robert Hastings Harford Castle Cary Somerset (story)


BBC News Online 17.11.04 Hare courser 'run down by farmer' - An illegal hare courser was left with broken bones when a farmer deliberately ran him down, a jury was told. John Hoyle damaged vertebrae and his shoulder after he was knocked over by Simon Maplethorpe, it is alleged…. Mr Maplethorpe, of Main Street, North Kyme, denies inflicting grievous bodily harm to Mr Hoyle. The trial continues (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 17.11.04 ESTATE IN DEER KILLING ROW PLANS FURTHER CULL - The Owners of a Highland estate at the centre of a controversial deer cull earlier this year are planning to kill more of the animals to protect the local environment, trees and moorland. Glenfeshie Estate wants to reduce its deer population to about 1,000 to protect and enhance internationally important native Caledonian pine forests and other rare species growing within its borders… In March about 100 stalkers and gamekeepers converged on the estate to protest after marksmen were flown into the estate to kill the animals…. (story)

Times 17.11.04 Animal rights activists and the law - Sir, I felt that your report on animal rights activists (November 13) was biased. The pharmaceutical industry makes huge profits out of the ill-treatment of animals and enjoys the support of the scientific establishment and the Government. Worried about growing opposition, it seeks to portray the animal rights movement as either criminal or deluded…. DEREK GREATREX, 0 Harrogate Road, Caversham, Berkshire RG4 7PN.
Sir, Pro-hunt farmers and landowners plan to clog government machinery and wreak havoc for the authorities by requesting the removal or relocation of electricity installations from their land (report, November 15). This is blackmail. Anti-vivisectionists who protested against a new animal testing centre being built for Oxford University have been served with an injunction that will in effect stifle free speech and lawful protest (report, November 11)…. PAMELA KINNUNEN, 50 Purley Avenue, The Vale, NW2 1SB. (letters)

Leicester Mercury 17.11.04 UK 'COULD LEAD STEM CELL RESEARCH' - The UK could become the world leader in the controversial field of stem cell research, the Prime Minister said. He also outlined plans to tackle the threat of animal rights extremism as he launched the Department of Trade & Industry's new five year plan…. DTI officials said it would target coordinated campaigns where it was at present sometimes difficult to take action…. (story)

Burton Mail 17.11.04 Hoax call horror for Hall family by NERMIN OOMER - A RELATIVE of a grandmother whose body was stolen from her grave has told of how his family continuously suffers at the hands of malicious callers. John Hall, who is related to Gladys Hammond, whose remains were stolen from her grave by bodysnatchers — suspected to be animal rights activists — said his family were targeted by hoax callers on a "regular basis"…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 17.11.04 Animal welfare of the highest standards - From: David Russell, Shechita UK PR office, Elscot House, Arcadia Avenue, London - DAVID S Boyes (November 5) is wrong to say that shechita – the Jewish religious humane method of animal slaughter for food – does not meet the exacting legislation set by Government for animal welfare at the point of slaughter. Shechita has been endorsed by successive British governments for centuries as it accomplishes what other methods of slaughter attempt, namely, the immediate and irreversible abolition of consciousness until death supervenes…. (letter)

Argus 17.11.04 Letter: She opened my eyes to this appaling suffering - Thank you for the Opinion article (November 11) featuring the wonderful Green Party Animal Rights spokeswoman Sue Baumgardt. I have come to know Sue well, having initially met her for the first time at Shoreham live export demonstrations in October 1994. She was an inspiration to many first-time protesters attending… Julie Harrison, -Saltdean (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 17.11.04 PAEDOPHILE 'IS NOT AN ANIMAL' - A recent correspondent who did not give a name called paedophile George Davidson, a "vile animal". He may be vile but he is not an animal. Most animals are gentle and intelligent creatures and I object to them being used as a term of abuse…. Roy Franklin Bridgwater Somerset (letter)


Western Daily Press 16.11.04 PLEDGE TO STOP TROPHY STALKERS - Stalkers say plans to cull nearly half a herd of 900 deer does not mean open season for trophy hunters. Members of the Herefordshire Deer Management Society have defended a decision to wipe out about 400 deer in the Dinmore Hill area this winter…. The massive cull was ordered after the growing deer population was blamed for record levels of damage to the North Herefordshire woodlands and a spate of accidents on local roads…. (story)

Argus 16.11.04 1,000 jobs out at risk by demos - A thousand workers face an uncertain future after a drugs firm said animal rights activists might force it to leave Sussex. Daniel Vasella, the chairman of Novartis, warned the company's multi-million-pound investment in the UK is at risk because of repeated threats to its scientists…. (story in archive)
Telegraph 16.11.04 Threats spook Novartis staff - Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant with a £40m research facility in Horsham, West Sussex, warned it could leave the UK because animal rights activists are threatening the safety of its staff…. (story)
Guardian 15.11.04 Animal rights activists force drug firm to rethink UK role - Jonathan Watts in Beijing - Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant, has warned that its investments in Britain are at risk because animals rights campaigners are threatening the safety of its scientists…. (story)
Reuters 15.11.04 Novartis says activists threaten investments - LONDON (Reuters) - Swiss health-care group Novartis fears animal rights campaigners may force it to reconsider its presence in Britain…. (story)
Reuters 15.11.04 Novartis says may ditch UK assets - Mon 15 November, 2004 17:27 LONDON (Reuters) - Swiss health-care group Novartis AG fears animal rights campaigners may force it to reconsider its presence in Britain, the Guardian newspaper has reported… (story)

Daily Mail 16.11.04 High price for animal rights stalkers - Ian Lyall, Daily Mail - ANIMAL rights extremists are threatening the long-term health of British drugs research. Pharmaceuticals giants such as GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and Merck are already exporting research and development jobs to low-cost regions such as South America, India and China and militant campaigners are giving them an extra push…. (story)

Medical News Today 16.11.04 UK Government ignoring animal researchers in universities - The UK Government appears still to be ignoring the safety of scientists carrying out experiments involving animals who are based at universities and other publicly-funded institutions, the Royal Society warned today (Monday 15 November 2004)…. (story) 15.11.04 Universities want more protection from animal rights extremists - Scientists working in animal research at universities may not covered by Government proposals seeking to protect researchers from harassment, according to the Royal Society…. (story)
Ananova 15.11.04 Risk list 'ignores universities' - Ministers have been accused of ignoring the safety of university scientists working with animals. The Royal Society said university researchers had been left out of the Government's latest consideration of the threat from animal rights extremists…. (story)

Western Mail 16.11.04 Industrial farming of animals blamed for making us ill - A NEW report has branded intensive factory farming as a danger to human health and animal welfare. "Industrial animal agriculture - the next global health crisis?", published yesterday by the World Society for the Protection of Animals, blames industrial agriculture for diseases such as BSE and avian flu…. (story)
Wales on Sunday 14.11.04 Factory farms 'start of killer diseases'- Amanda Brown - Factory farming poses dangers to human health and animal welfare, particularly in developing countries, according to a report out today. The document, by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), is to be presented to a World Health Organisation conference in Mexico this week…. (story)

Western Daily Press 16.11.04 CIRCUS CRUELTY - Well done to the Western Daily Press for highlighting the appalling cruelty towards circus animals. The unnatural way of life - performing degrading tricks, inadequate exercise or socialising, and frequent travel in small cages on the backs of lorries - is bad enough, but the very cruel training methods, as well as kickings and beatings, form an unbearably miserable existence for these wretched animals…. Heather Wolf Bristol (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 16.11.04 Outlaw this cruel Christmas food - As Christmas comes around Viva! is very disappointed to see foie-gras creeping back on to a small minority of local festive menus…. Viva! has recently persuaded the state of California to pass legislation outlawing both the production and selling of foie-gras, after recognising the barbaric methods employed in its production…. Justin Kerswell, Viva! Wilder Street, Bristol. (story)


Burton Mail 15.11.04 Activists renew campaign against farm by NERMIN OOMER - ANIMAL rights activists have renewed a campaign of harassment against a family mourning a relative whose remains were stolen from her grave. The Hall family, who own Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, which breeds guinea pigs for medical research, received 650 calls over a three-day period, according to a gloating message on a radical animal rights group’s website…. (story)

Guardian 15.11.04 You can now add adoption of an ex-lab macaque to your Christmas list - Gerard Seenan - Being somewhat hard to wrap, it's not the sort of gift usually found under the Christmas tree…. Under a scheme being run by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), it is possible to adopt a macaque monkey rescued from a Thai laboratory…. Karen Ruskin, director of fundraising at the BUAV, said: "We are thrilled that these monkeys will have the chance to live the rest of their lives in as natural surroundings as possible…. (story)

Oxford Mail 15.11.04 Don't stifle a debate on animal labs - Having attended a public meeting last week organised by a group opposing Oxford University's animal-testing lab, I was interested to note that not a single representative from the university attended, despite having been invited…. Juliet Collier, Headington (letter in archive)

Independent 15.11.04 Every year, in January, animal rescue centres see an increase in unwanted pets, as people who have bought puppies as Christmas presents discard them once they get bored or cannot cope with their boisterous behaviour…. STEFAN LLOYD, Alton, Hampshire
You can indeed pay £200 for a pet greyhound. Sadly, you can also adopt one for the price of a dog coat, a lead and a donation to a rehoming organisation such as the Retired Greyhound Trust, which is part of the disgracefully underfunded effort to save thousands of ex-racing greyhounds' lives every year. ANNETTE CROSBIE, Greyhounds UK , London SW20 (letters)

Irish Independent 15.11.04 Offensive picture - I was shocked and upset at your picture caption in Saturday's supplement for Seville, where you had a photograph of a Matador with a bull that had six barbs sticking out of it… Have you any idea what these magnificent animals are put through when they are beaten, starved and then slaughtered, no, tortured to death in front of a cheering crowd…. Nola O'Hanlon, Drumelis, Co Cavan (story)


Observer 14.11.04 Killer instinct - Invited on a grouse shoot, a vegetarian glimpses the heart of the hunter - Sasha Norris - I have been a vegetarian since I was five, when my seven-year-old sister announced one Christmas that turkeys were animals and she was not going to eat an animal…. Last month I went grouse shooting in Yorkshire in order to examine my pony-girl preconceptions, and to get a glimpse of the heart of the hunter. The air was languid, the moor purple and the class divides were sharply in focus…. (story)

Sunday Times 14.11.04 Fears as animal rights funds leap - ANIMAL RIGHTS activists are collecting more than £500,000 a year in public donations to street stalls, writes Nick Fielding. The money raised is used to finance the campaign against live animal testing at the Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) company in Cambridgeshire. Some of it is also given to groups carrying out “direct action” targeting employees of the company and their relatives…. The police are so concerned about the sums flowing into the coffers of animal rights extremists that they have set up a unit to investigate the funding…. (story)
Times 13.11.04 On the trail of the money that backs animal rights extremists BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - Activists’ fund-raising methods are coming under scrutiny after the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences - WHEN Oxford University won a groundbreaking injunction against animal activists in the High Court this week, one figure stood out. With his shaved head and ear piercing, he appeared ill at ease among the legal figures and robed staff in the oak-panelled courtroom. John Curtin, however, came across as mild-mannered and caring when speaking to reporters outside Court 9 after the univerity was granted an injunction establishing protest exclusion zones… But behind the front Curtin, 41, is a 20-year veteran of the animal rights movement and a self-confessed former member of the Animal Liberation Front, a militant organisation that encourages illegal activity… It was the relentless and vicious campaign of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) against Huntingdon Life Sciences that prompted police and other authorities to adopt a more co-ordinated approach and to start tackling the funding of extremist groups…. At the heart of the campaign against Huntingdon is Greg Avery, the brains behind and the public face of the crusade that almost bankrupted Huntingdon. Aged 36, he has a string of convictions and sees being arrested as an “occupational hazard”…. There is some controversy surrounding Shac’s headquarters. Lynn Sawyer, a former member of Shac with six minor criminal convictions relating to her campaigning, bought 6 Boat Lane, Evesham, Worcestershire, for £60,000 in June 2000. Shac operates from the property and gives the address on its website…. (story)
Times 13.11.04 Good outweighs bad, say the celebrity benefactors BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - CELEBRITY animal-rights campaigners have given financial backing to groups run by extremists and verbal support to individuals jailed for their militant actions. While all of those spoken to by The Times condemned violence, they gave their support to protesters who had sometimes committed criminal acts. A statement from the author Jilly Cooper, praising the “heroism and compassion” of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, is on the organisation’s website… Carla Lane, the scriptwriter, runs an animal sanctuary in West Sussex. She sent back her OBE, awarded in 1995, when a CBE was given in 2002 to Brian Cass, the chief executive of Huntingdon Life Sciences… Celia Hammond, a former model, also runs her own animal sanctuary in Sussex. Keith Mann, who escaped custody after being arrested for plotting a firebombing campaign, was captured ten months later at the sanctuary. He had worked there under an assumed name… (story)


Scotsman 13.11.04 A girls' guide to organising a shoot - ALASTAIR ROBERTSON - We have had a girls’ shoot. The keeper went quite potty at the prospect and started making bad jokes about birds, which hinged on the word "over" as in bird over, under and over and leg over. It was thigh slappingly funny until you take into consideration the fact that your 16-year-old daughter is in the general frame and the keeper is unmarried and lusty. But we persevered…. (story)

Daily Record 13.11.04 MAN FACING DEER HUNT RAP - A MAN has been charged following a shooting incident on a deer hunt which left a man injured. Robert McHardy, 39, was last night in a serious condition in Glasgow's Southern General Hospital…. (story)

13.11.04 Scientists to be protected from animal activists By Toby Helm, Chief Political Correspondent - Animal rights extremists are to be banned from mounting intimidation campaigns against scientists and their families outside their homes under a law aimed at preventing pioneering researchers from being harried out of the country. Government officials said yesterday that the powers to crack down on harassment and intimidation would be given to police officers under an addition to the Serious Organised Crime and Policing Bill.... (story)


Cambridge Evening News 12.11.04 Dogs taken as courts get tough on coursers - ILLEGAL hare coursers have been warned they face having their dogs and vehicles confiscated if they are caught taking part in the activity in Cambridgeshire. Magistrates at Huntingdon confiscated five lurcher-type dogs - potentially worth thousands of pounds - and a Mitsubishi Shogun car in the first decision of its kind in the county. Four men appeared before the court in the first cases to be heard resulting from Operation Dornier, a major police operation against illegal coursers… (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 12.11.04 Memorial shoot raises £4,500 - FRIENDS and family of a popular gamekeeper who died from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma have raised £4,500 for Swindon's Great Western Hospital. Richard Pope, from Ogbourne St George, died from the disease in 1998. He was 46. From his hospital bed, Mr Pope a keen clay pigeon shooter organised a shoot to raise money for the hospital's Day Care Centre… (story in archive)

Manchester Evening News 12.11.04 12.11.04 Dogs take on a fox to save their moggy pal - CATS and dogs often fight . . .well, like cats and dogs. But not at the Greenwoods' home. There, Cobweb the cat and sister and brother dogs nine-year-old Poppy and Gizmo, are best of friends - for Cobweb can thank his two little pals for saving one of his nine lives. They came to the rescue when they chased off a fox which was savaging their feline friend. Cobweb's tail was badly damaged and has had to be been amputated, but it would have far more serious if Poppy and Gizmo - shih-tzu and Jack Russell crosses - had not come to the rescue…. (story)

Burton Mail 12.11.04 New leads in hunt for bodysnatchers by NERMIN OOMER - DETECTIVES investigating the theft of the remains of a grandmother from her grave say they are pursuing several positive leads in the hunt for the bodysnatchers. Officers say they are 'making good progress' in the search for the body of Gladys Hammond, 82, which was taken from her grave at St Peter's Church in Yoxall five weeks ago…. (story)

Oxford Mail 12.11.04 Animal protest group urges debate - Animal rights activists are challenging Oxford University scientists to a public debate on vivisection issues. The protesters held a demonstration yesterday in South Parks Road after the university won a wide-ranging injunction against them…. Robert Cogswell, a spokesman for campaign group Speak, said they would continue…. (story in archive)

Cherwell 12.11.04 Animal activists banned for good - The High Court ruled on Wednesday morning to make permanent an injunction limiting the movements of ten named animal rights groups and individuals protesting against the construction of a biomedical research facility on South Parks Road…. (story)

Times 12.11.04 Oxford inquiry on abuse of monkey BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - AN ALLEGATION of animal abuse at Oxford University has been investigated by police after a monkey was apparently kept alive, in pain, after an experiment. Details have emerged days after the university was granted an injunction against protesters who halted the construction of an animal testing centre…. (story)

Southport Visiter 12.11.04 Activist calls for TV ban on bullfighting - A SOUTHPORT animal rights activist is demanding the Government takes action to prevent live bullfights being screened on TV. Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (FAACE) founder Tony Moore attended Parliament on Monday with Southport MP John Pugh in a bid to stop broadcasts from being seen by UK children…. (story)

Western Mail 12.11.04 Cruel animal trade - At least three million animals a year are forced to endure long journeys from Europe to the Middle East on road and sea journeys lasting 6-10 days. The animals are sometimes beaten to force them into overcrowded lorries. Horrific injuries have been reported and death…. C POWELL, Wellfield Crescent, Porthcawl (story)

12.11.04 Irish Examiner Save seals, eat pigs - SEALS are intelligent creatures. Pigs, too. Seals feel pain. Pigs, too. Seals are free to swim freely (when they're not being slaughtered), to hunt, to procreate naturally, to fully express their 'sealness.' Pigs are not free to roam freely, to forage, to procreate naturally, to express their 'pigness.'... Gerry Boland, Keadue, Co Roscommon (letter)


Bootle Times 11.11.04 Anglers protest at anti-terror ban - TWO anglers will appear in court today for protesting about new anti-terror measures at the Port of Liverpool. Steve Davies, 35, and David Irvine, 44, were arrested and charged with fishing at Seaforth docks without permission. The public, including sea anglers and bird watchers, are banned from entering the docks since the International Shipping and Port Security Code was introduced as part of the global fight against terrorism in July…. (story)

Guardian 11.11.04 Animal rights protests barred - Ian Sample, science correspondent - Oxford University yesterday won the latest round in its high court battle to prevent animal rights activists from obstructing a new animal research laboratory.... Robert Cogswell, spokesman for the animal rights campaign Speak, said: "If you restrict people's legal right to protest, inevitably, you're corralling them down a road to illegal action...." (story)
Telegraph 11.11.04 Oxford wins 'no-go zone' against animal rights protesters By Richard Alleyne - Oxford University yesterday won a significant victory against animal rights protesters after it was granted a High Court injunction banning any harassment of its staff and students and any protests within the city centre.... The injunction is specifically targeted at a number of well-known protesters including John Curtin, a former member of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), and the groups Speak Campaign, Shac (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) and ALF.... Mr Curtin, 41, an animal rescue worker from Coventry, said it was a draconian measure which would have no effect.... (story)
Times 11.11.04 Injunction protects Oxford lab BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - OXFORD University was granted an unprecedentedly strict injunction yesterday against protesters who halted the construction of a new animal testing centre.... (story)
Scotsman 11.11.04 Demo veto - OXFORD University yesterday won the latest round in its attempts to stave off harassment by animal rights activists.... (story)
Oxford Mail 11.11.04 Ruling on animal lab 'will hit free speech' - Oxford University's legal victory to continue an injunction against animal rights activists will restrict people's democratic rights, claims a prominent opponent… Robert Cogswell, spokesman for the Speak campaign, said the injunction would "restrict people's rights in a democratic society to legally protest"…. (story in archive)
The Scientist 11.11.04 Animal rights injunction - Oxford University is granted an injunction against protesters over its new animal lab | By Stephen Pincock (story)
Times 10.11.04 Oxford wins banning order against animal activists BY JACKIE DENT, TIMES ONLINE - Oxford University has won a High Court injunction to stop animal rights groups from harassing staff working on its new animal research centre. The order names ten individuals and groups who are not permitted to go within 50 yards of the Biomedical Research Building in South Parks Road and University buildings used by contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.... (story)
BBC News Online 10.11.04 University wins animal rights bid - Oxford University has won its bid for a continuation of an injunction against animal rights activists protesting next to its new animal testing centre..... The injunction was imposed upon John Curtin, and the groups SPEAK Campaigns, Shac (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) and Alf (Animal Liberation Front). Proceedings were discontinued against Mel Broughton and Robert Cogswel, of SPEAK, after they offered legal undertakings not to harass any of the "protected persons" under the order. … (story)
Telegraph 10.11.04 Oxford wins injunction against activists - Oxford University has won a continuation of a wide-ranging injunction against animal rights activists. It had asked the High Court for an extension of an order, granted in September, which will impose until full trial a "no harassment" zone around all its buildings in the city…. (story)
Guardian 10.11.04 Oxford wins extension to animal rights injunction - Oxford University today won a continuation of a wide-ranging injunction against animal rights activists at the high court in London…. The judge said that the injunction did not prevent anyone from expressing their views. He said: "What it does restrict is to whom and where he expresses those views. A similar consideration applies in respect of his right to peaceful assembly and freedom of association. A right to freedom of peaceful assembly does not entitle a citizen, by means of a mass protest, to stop the lawful activities of others. The judge said that the injunction did not prevent anyone from expressing their views. He said: "What it does restrict is to whom and where he expresses those views. A similar consideration applies in respect of his right to peaceful assembly and freedom of association. A right to freedom of peaceful assembly does not entitle a citizen, by means of a mass protest, to stop the lawful activities of others…." The injunction was imposed upon an individual, John Curtin, and the groups Speak Campaigns, Shac (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) and Alf (Animal Liberation Front). During the hearing, proceedings were discontinued against two other individuals - Mel Broughton and Robert Cogswell - after they offered legal undertakings not to harass any of the "protected persons" under the order…. (story)
Guardian 10.11.04 Court order will not stop us, animal activists say - Donald MacLeod - Today's high court decision to grant Oxford an extension to an injunction protecting its staff and buildings against animal rights protesters provoked a new round in the war of words between the university and anti-vivisection groups… Speak, one of the groups named in the injunction, said it was pleased the judge had rejected the idea of an exclusion zone of 100 yards from every university building which would have banned protesters from the entire city centre. But the group would continue to expose the "catalogue of lies" from the university, spokesman Robert Cogswell told Mr Cogswell's organisation, Speak, is included in the list of individuals and organisations covered by today's injunction, together with John Curtin; SPEAC; SHAC; Oxford Animal Rights Group; People Against Cruelty to Animals - West Midlands; West Midlands Animal Action; and the Animal Liberation Front… (story)
Scotsman 10.11.04 University Wins Buffer Zones Against Animal Rights Activists By Jan Colley and Cathy Gordon, PA - Oxford University today won the latest round in its attempts to stave off harassment by animal rights activists. Mr Justice Grigson said it was “both just and convenient” to continue an injunction, granted in September, until full trial…. (story) 10.11.04 Oxford wins protest injunction - Oxford University has won an injunction against animal rights activists at the High Court in London. The order imposes a 35-metre "no harassment" zone around all its buildings in the city…. (story)
Sky News 10.11.04 PROTEST VICTORY FOR LAB - Oxford University has been granted a wide-ranging injunction against animal rights activists at the High Court…. The injection was against eight named defendants: John Curtin; Speak Campaigns; Stop Primate Experimentation at Cambridge; Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty; Oxford Animal Rights Group; People Against Cruelty to Animals - West Midlands; West Midlands Animal Action; and Animal Liberation Front… (story)

Birmingham Post/Mail 11.11.04 Police make 'good progress' on body theft - Detectives probing the theft of an 82-year-old woman's body from a village graveyard in Staffordshire insisted that they were making "good progress" in the inquiry today…. Detective Chief Inspector Nick Baker, who is leading the inquiry, said: "I'm sure you'll appreciate that for operational and evidential reasons I'm unable to go into too much detail about the nature of our enquiries. However, there are a number of very encouraging and positive lines that we are pursuing…. (story)

Redditch Standard 11.11.04 Animal activist's appeal fails - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner from Lakeside had a conviction for aggravated trespass upheld on appeal this week. Kevin White, 31, of Sillins Avenue, was initially given an 18-month community rehabilitation order and made to pay £380 costs after being found guilty at Tamworth Magistrates' Court in January…. (story)
Burton Mail 6.11.04 Activists ruined golf tournament by PETER RICHARDSON - ANIMAL rights activists ruined a golf club’s big tournament because the owner of a controversial guinea pig farm was a member, a court has heard. The protesters swooped on Branston Golf Club when members were holding their annual open tournament in a bid to get farmer John Hall kicked out of the club... One of the protesters arrested during the incident, Kevin White, was appealing against a conviction by magistrates for aggravated trespass and failing to leave private land, but the appeal was dismissed by Judge Michael Dudley. White, 31, of Sillins Avenue, Redditch, who was described as a "regular" at the farm protest, denied the charges. ... (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 6.11.04 ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTESTER LOSES TRESPASS APPEAL - An animal rights protester convicted of aggravated trespass at a golf club has lost his appeal. Kevin White (31) was ordered to complete an 18-month community rehabilitation order and pay £380 costs by Tamworth Magistrates' Court in January 2004. His conviction has now been upheld by Stafford Crown Court and he was ordered to pay further costs of £346.... A police spokesman said the golf club was targeted because a member of the Hall family was a member. The family runs Darley Oaks Farm, in nearby Newchurch, where guinea pigs are bred for medical research.... (story)
Burton Mail 4.12.03 Activists are found guilty by JONATHAN HORSFALL - THREE animal rights activists have been convicted by magistrates of aggravated trespass after protesters descended on a golf club near Burton…. White, of Sillins Avenue, Redditch; O’Driscoll, of Pinford Lane, Lancaster; and Benson, of Boat Lane, Evesham, had each denied two counts of aggravated trespass for disrupting a golf tournament and for failing to leave land, but were found guilty following a three-day trial. However, magistrates dismissed an additional charge against White of using words or behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress after deciding the accusation was unproven…. The court ordered that Benson be sentenced at Worcester Magistrates’ Court, where he will appear on January 7. An order was also made that the megaphone used by O’Driscoll at the protest be forfeited. All three were given bail on the condition that they did not enter East Staffordshire, with the exception of court appearances for White and O’Driscoll until they are sentenced (story)
Burton Mail 3.12.03 Animals activists held during protest by JONATHAN HORSFALL - THREE animal rights activists protesting at a golf club near Burton were trying to leave the scene when they were arrested, a trial has heard. Kevin White, 30, Donal O’Driscoll, 30 and Samuel Benson, 17, were arrested during a protest at Branston Golf and Country Club on June 21, Burton Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday… White told the court that he was asked to leave by Inspector David Bird, but was arrested as he tried to return to his car. He denied telling Pc Sinclair: "I’ll have you, you f***er" and "I’ll have another grand off you, you c***s". Pc Sinclair told the court that White started screaming as he was led to the police van, but stopped and smiled once he was in the vehicle. Pc Sinclair said: "I told him: "You should get an Oscar for that"… (story)
Burton Mail 2.12.03 Activists in court after club fracas by JONATHON HORSFALL - ANIMAL rights activists targeted a golf club near Burton because the owner of a controversial guinea pig farm was a member there, a trial has heard. Kevin White, 30, Donal O’Driscoll, 30, and Samuel Benson, 17, were among 25 protesters at Branston Golf and Country Club on June 21, Burton Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday… White, of Sillins Avenue, Redditch, O’Driscoll, of Pinfold Lane, Lancaster, and Benson, of Boat Lane, Evesham, each deny two charges of aggravated trespass for disrupting a golf tournament, in which 200 golfers were taking part, and for failing to leave private property when asked by police…. (story)
Burton Mail 8.7.03 Golf club attacks force resignation by KIM BRISCOE - A GOLF and country club member at the centre of an animal rights storm has resigned from the clubs…In a statement yesterday, Branston Golf and Country Club said that it had "received the resignation of the member at the centre of the most recent campaign of the Animal Liberation Front"…. "He apologises for the problems experienced and does not wish the members to continue to be affected in this way."… Amanda Richards, a spokesman for the Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs, said: "We had no idea that any damage had been done…. (story)
Burton Mail 7.7.03 Vandal attack on golf club greens by KIM BRISCOE - YOBS claiming to be "animal rights activists" were today blamed for an attack on a Burton golf club in which nine greens were damaged… Police said today they believed the damage was caused by activists campaigning against the controversial Darley Oaks Farm, which breeds guinea pigs for scientific research… (story)
Burton Mail 24.6.03 Boycott golf club say campaigners by LAURIE COOMBS - ANIMAL rights activists are urging golfers to boycott a Burton golf club in a bid to force managers to strike a farmer off its books… Amanda Richards, spokesman for the campaigners, said today that the demonstration had been staged against John Hall, a partner at Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch and a member of the club... Insp Bird issued a warning to the protesters, saying anyone taking part in criminal activity would be arrested.... (story)
Burton Mail 23.6.03 YOB TERROR AT GOLF CLUB by LAURIE COOMBS GOLFERS told today how "urban terrorists" brought chaos to their Burton club when they staged a surprise "animal rights" demonstration. A crowd of 40 yobs descended on Branston Golf and Country Club on Saturday, shouting abuse through loud hailers in a bid to disrupt a golf tournament… It is thought the protestors, believed to be members of the Save the Newchurch Guinea Pig Campaign, were demonstrating against the owner of the guinea pig farm, John Hall, who they believed to be a member of the club…. Inspector Bird condemned the group… "They are using what could be a legitimate protest as an excuse for criminal and yobbish behaviour."… The three people arrested were later released on bail without charge until July 11. (story)

Tavistock Times 11.11.04 Animal Aid help - THROUGH your pages I would like to thank the people of Tavistock for their interest and support o September 23 when we were in Tavistock collecting for Animal Aid…. Gail Woolfenden , The Animal Information Bureau, 4 Blakes Park, Liskeard (letter)


Burton Mail 10.11.04 Protesters back at farm by DAVID POWLES - THE NUMBER of protesters demonstrating against a controversial guinea pig farm are down by almost half since the remains of one of its owner’s relatives were stolen from her grave, police have revealed. Campaigners have restarted their twice-weekly protests outside Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, after demonstrations were temporarily banned by the police following the sickening act…. Inspector Dave Bird, head of Staffordshire Police's environmental protest unit, said: "The protesters were outside the farm on Sunday and the week before. However, there were considerably fewer than are normally there… With regards the grave, we obviously have lots of enquiries still to make and we are continuing to work hard on that in order to identify who was responsible for doing it."… However, campaign group Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs, which organises the protests, describes the reaction as "hysteria" and accuses the media of "using every opportunity to slander the whole animal rights movement"…. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 10.11.04 Ocean of death From Joan Court, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Sturton Street, Cambridge - I READ with interest the article based on Dr Angus Atkinson's research on krill (News, November 5). The decline in the Southern Ocean may well be due in part to the decline in sea ice. But krill is also swept up by the illegal drift nets, "curtains of death", and killed by the toxins which are now destroying the oceans… Alas, we cannot hear the voices of the creatures we torture and kill. (letter)


Western Mail 9.11.04 Picking up can be as enjoyable and rewarding as a day shooting by Glynn Cook - AN essential element of a day's shooting is the collection of shot game and a good team of pickers up is vital to the enjoyment and success of the shoot…. BASC publishes a code of practice for picking up, which can be seen on the website or by calling BASC Wales on 01686 688861. (story)

Western Morning News 9.11.04 PICTURES SHOULD SHOW REALITIES OF BIRD SHOOTS - You invited comment on your article (October 18) "No class war in the fight to end animal cruelty" that laid out the League Against Cruel Sports' case against game bird shooting. I comment, however, on the choice of photo used to illustrate the article, rather than the article itself. The photo showed a single man, with his gun broken and his faithful dog at his feet, looking into the distance. There was no sign of any dead bird. This is just the sort of photograph that shooting's lobby, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), would like the WMN to publish…. Theo Hopkins, Lifton, Devon
We illustrated our original article about the League Against Cruel Sports' plan to campaign against game shooting with a picture of a dead pheasant being retrieved by a spaniel, Mr Hopkins - Editor (story)

Times 9.11.04 Police put squeeze on funds raised by animal extremists BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK AND INGRID MANSELL - THE finances of animal rights extremists are being targeted by police as a new way of attempting to disable an increasingly vicious campaign. Detectives are investigating the funding of militant elements of animal welfare groups, signalling a shift in policing strategy from a reactive to an intelligence-led approach… The new strategy coincides with a High Court case today relating to a £205,000 costs order served on the owner of a house used as the headquarters of a campaign opposed to the animal testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences…. (story)

Western Daily Press 9.11.04 CATTLE TO BLAME FOR TB OUTBREAKS - I am writing in response to the letters from Michael Weaver and Carol Barnard. Both make reference to the Four Areas badger "study" in the Republic of Ireland. Despite this study being conducted 18 months ago, there has still not been a report published in a peer review journal…. I would like to remind them both that the disease is bovine TB, not badger TB, and it is all too convenient to blame the badger but responsibility should be accepted by some of the farming community because of the numbers of cattle moved without adequate testing for the disease. David Stevens Wells Somerset (letter)

Irish Examiner 9.11.04 Seal killers hide behind a wall of silence - THE ruthless killers of the Blasket island seals have a powerful advantage in their efforts to evade justice — a conspiracy of silence. It is the same cowardly and shameful silence that enables the gangs who organise badger-baiting and dog fights to laugh at the law…. John Fitzgerald, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Irish Examiner 9.11.04 Who would do this to a helpless creature? - I AM writing to let you know of my disgust about the poor seals on the Blasket islands. Who in their right senses would want to hurt such a helpless creature? What has a seal ever done to hurt anyone?... Kevin Power (12), Mogeely Road, Castlemartyr, Co Cork (letter)


Wolverhampton Express & Star 8.11.04 Nightmare years for terror targets - Windows broken, cars damaged, malicious lies spread - it was part of everyday life for a Midland couple at the hands of animal rights protesters, as Victoria Hoe reports… Grandparents Dot and Rod Harvey live in constant fear, forever looking over their shoulders and trusting nobody. The couple, from Burntwood, say they will never fully recover from four years of intimidation at the hands of animal-rights extremists who have smashed their windows, thrown paint and paint stripper over their house and cars, made up to 75 phone calls to them per day and staged protests at their home, screeching and shouting through the letterbox…. For four years the proud pair refused to give in to relentless pressure to sever their tenuous connection with Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch… The Harvey's business, Dove Fuels, continued to deliver fuel to the farm for tractors and heating - purposes unrelated to the guinea pigs. But their brave stance eventually crumbled when a group of hooded thugs hurled bricks through their windows and one hit Mr Harvey…. (story)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 8.11.04 Legal cruelty - IN response to Michelle Tompkins' article I heartily agree the incident with the kittens was nasty and cruel and must be condemned. However, this type of cruelty goes on every day in laboratories. It is is encouraged by the Government, which has passed laws making people who protest terrorists…. S THOMPSON, Swindon (letter in archive)

Yorkshire Evening Post 8.11.04 'Sale cash will help local animals' By Richard Edwards - A POSSIBLE £2 million raised from the sale of a Leeds animal centre would be ploughed back into West Yorkshire animal care, an RSPCA boss has said. Chris Whippey, general manager for the RSPCA's Leeds Wakefield and District Branch, admitted it was likely that the charity's Cavendish Street site would be sold. He said: "It is a 40-year-old building. The future of the branch is definitely not at that centre." But Mr Whippey denied claims that money raised from the sale of the site, which could be £2m, would find its way into the RSPCA's central funds…. (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 6.11.04 DOG GONE BY SOPHIE HAZAN - THE RSPCA in Leeds is in crisis and its city centre site could close and be sold for up to £2million to build student flats. Volunteers have voiced concerns that any cash raised from the sale – the only centre in Leeds – could go to a central pot in London rather than reinvested in the city to care for abandoned and sick animals.... A volunteer with the charity, who wished to remain anonymous, says that she has watched the centre dwindle over the past 18 months. She alleges that the management are motivated by cash and have lost all interest in the animals.... (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 8.11.04 CRUELTY TO ANIMALS - Iagree with Josephine Gibney, Viewpoint (October 13), on the subject of Halal and Kosher meat. This ritual slaughtering of animals is cruel. I always thought cruelty to animals in this country was against the law….. Mrs E Drury, (address supplied) (letter)


BBC News Online 7.11.04 £1m spent on firms' new security - Firms afraid of attacks from animal rights activists, computer hackers or terrorists have spent £1m on extra security this year, says a new survey. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) survey of 100 top companies suggests most of them have shaken up their security arrangements…. (story)
ThisIsMoney (Mail) 7.11.04 Businesses back police protection - Dan Atkinson, This Is Money - NEARLY half of British businesses are ready to fund a specialist police squad to protect them from terrorists, animal rights extremists and computer hackers. The Confederation of British Industry is backing the demand with the launch of a campaign to lobby the Government....(story)
Independent on Sunday 7.11.04 CBI to press Blunkett to set up special police force - Digby Jones plans to meet the Home Secretary to ask for help to combat 'threats to democratic capitalism', writes Clayton Hirst - Digby Jones, the director- general of the CBI, is to press the Government to set up a dedicated police force to tackle the rise in security threats against business. Mr Jones believes that British companies need more help from the Government and the police to combat what he said are "threats to democratic capitalism" - such as terrorist attacks, animal rights extrem-ism, espionage and computer hacking.... (story)


Northern Echo 5.11.04 MP adds support for moors protection - GOVERNMENT Chief Whip Hilary Armstrong took a walk on the wild side of her North- East constituency to meet workers aiming to protect a feature of the British landscape…. She met members of the Countryside Alliance and Weardale Estates as part of an initiative to promote an important feature of the North Pennines…. (story in archive)

Argus 5.11.04 Letter: Restrict air guns - I am writing in response to yet another headline about the shooting of yet another cat by an air weapon… All guns should be strictly confined to gun clubs, where genuine gun lovers can carry out their base urge to pull the trigger with alacrity, without harm to man or animal. Is this an unreasonable request? David Hammond, -Hassocks (letter in archive)

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 5.11.04 Cotswolds is a haven for illegal hunts by Tom Shepherd - GANGS of hunters are targeting the Cotswolds police have warned. Now officers are calling on ramblers, cyclists and other nature lovers to help crack down on illegal hare and deer coursing in the quiet parts of the district. But Fairford gamekeeper Paul Freebury, who says groups of up to 20 coursers are trampling over his land virtually every weekend, thinks the police should be doing more to catch the culprits…. (story in archive)

Glasgow Evening Times 5.11.04 Firework warning - Remember, remember the 5th of November, when animals are in for a fright…. Please consider going to an organised display rather than letting off fireworks in your garden but if you cannot be persuaded otherwise then buy low-noise fireworks. CLAUDIA TARRY, Animal Aid (letter)

Waterford News & Star 5.11.04 Animal rights campaigners disgusted by ‘sick act’ By Jennifer Long - ANIMAL rights groups in Waterford say they were “sickened” and “disgusted” by Slipstream PR using dead animals to promote Red Kettle’s Lord of the Flies. Waterford Animal Concern’s John Tierney said he was walking to work Wednesday morning along the Cork Road when he saw one of the pigs’ heads outside the Waterford Crystal plant…. (story)
Irish Independent 28.10.04 Dead pig stunt angers animal rights campaigners By Niamh Nolan - ANIMAL rights activists yesterday clashed with thespians in Waterford city after a local theatre company placed dead pigs on stakes around the city to promote their upcoming production of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies… “It’s sick publicity at the expense of an animal, it doesn’t matter that the pigs were dead, it was sick and we condemn the people behind it,” said John Tierney of Waterford Animal Concern…. (story)
Irish Independent 28.10.04 Pig's head stunt shocks motorists - THE unsettling sight of 30 pigs' heads nailed to stakes around Waterford city's main thoroughfares yesterday resulted in gardai being inundated with complaints… The Red Kettle Theatre Company who placed the props around the city in the early hours of Wednesday morning are staging a performance of 'Lord of the Flies' next week… John Tierney of the Hunt Saboteurs of Ireland said the stunt was "really sick"…. (story)

Kent & Sussex Courier 5.11.04 AID WORK TO SAVE DANCING BEARS - A Team of "bear liberators" from a Sussex charity flew out to India yesterday (Thursday) in the next phase of their campaign to rescue dancing bears from the streets. International Animal Rescue in Uckfield has been helping to finance a sanctuary near Agra, an area renowned for training bears to be used illegally…. (story)

Bury Times 5.11.04 Hesitant over cat ban - CAT and dog fur is being shipped into Britain on a record scale for use as trimming on clothes and children's toys…. SARA LEE (letter in archive)

Yorkshire Post 5.11.04 Cruel methods From: David S Boyes, Rodley Lane, Bramley, Leeds. I AM fully in agreement with previous letters condemning the cruel and barbaric ritual slaughter methods decreed by some religions in this country.... (letter)

Independent 5.11.04 Activists film 'shocking' cruelty at circuses By Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor - A group campaigning for a ban on animals being used in circuses claims it has uncovered evidence of "shocking" cruelty in how performing animals are treated. Members of the National Anti-Vivisection Society, operating under cover, say they have footage of animals being mistreated in foreign circuses during a tour of Britain.... "We have new film which will shock a lot of people," said Tim Phillips, a spokesman for the group ... The group and its sister organisation, Animal Defenders International, claim that the number of circuses using animals has fallen from 25 to only four as a result of Mrs Chipperfield being exposed of cruelty.... A security row over invitations which Animal Defenders sent out for its meeting next Tuesday at the Commons, could backfire on the group. An invitation to lunch was apparently signed by Tony Blair, but it was exposed by the Labour MP Barry Sheerman as a forgery. Yesterday, the group said the meeting was no longer being held at the Commons and another venue would be organised. (story)


UK Pets 4.11.04 Vets Frustrated By Vivisection Funding Shortfalls - Lack of research means animals miss out on medical treatment says the Coalition for Medical Progress (CMP) which was due to meet with veterinary scientists and other experts in animal health in London this week to discuss the need for more experimental research on animals in order to discover new veterinary medicines... The meeting, organised, to celebrate the results of research that has been carried out to benefit animals, by CMP with the help of the British Veterinary Association, (BVA) and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, (RCVS) aimed to reach a consensus on how medical treatment for animals can be improved and how funding bodies, the veterinary profession and the public could be encouraged to stand behind animal research... "It's time to focus on the needs of the hundreds of millions of animals that currently aren't getting the medicines they need," says Philip Connolly, Director of CMP. "We can't develop new medicines without experimental research. We need good quality research on animals to help benefit others."... (story)

Western Daily Press 4.11.04 ANIMAL TESTS DO PROTECT US - Like many other animal rights campaigners, Shelly Willets confuses science with perfection. Neither science nor medicine are perfect, but that does not mean we should just give up on them…. What all of us need to understand is that neither animal tests nor non-animal tests - not even tests on people - will ever prove a medicine is 100 per cent safe for everyone. Put them together and risks are reduced to acceptable levels…. Philip Connolly Mabledon Place London (letter)
Western Daily Press 29.10.04 ANIMAL RESULTS NOT SCIENTIFIC - Sir - Where is the evidence to support the claim by Thomas Bromley that toxicological testing in animals is essential for medical practice?... Shelly Willetts Communications director Europeans For Medical Advancement (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 4.11.04 Remember animals From Sue Hughes and Pat Griffin, Local RSPCA auxiliary secretaries - PLEASE remember fireworks frighten animals. Fireworks are fun for most people but they are terrifying for animals…. (story)

Western Gazette 4.11.04 THE TRADE IN FUR IS INDEFENSIBLE - I Doubt if many British people would knowingly wear clothes made from the skins of cats and dogs - or buy their children toys made from their fur. Yet the UK is importing £7M worth every year - more than two million of these animals we keep as treasured pets - are inhumanely slaughtered in China alone… Bill Bean, Connaught Crescent, Poole. (letter)

Bromsgrove Standard 4.11.04 Circus slammed for having animals - A CONTROVERSIAL travelling circus, which has a 50-year-old elephant, has been slammed by an animal rights group following its Bromsgrove performances this week. And the Captive Animals' Protection Society group (CAPS) praised Asda in the run up to the Bobby Roberts Circus shows for cancelling a planned publicity stunt which was due to involve Anne the elephant having breakfast at the store…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 4.11.04 Slaughter and an ancient feud From: S Franks, Montreal Avenue, Chapel Allerton, Leeds. The controversy surrounding the halal slaughtering method is slightly weird. The Jewish kosher slaughtering method also requires the animal to be bled to death, and has been practised in this country for decades without an outcry from animal lovers.... (letter)


Scotsman 3.11.04 Animals Rights Website Taken Down By John Bingham, PA News - An animal rights website which published the addresses of Oxford University staff has been taken down, it was confirmed today. Internet giant Yahoo removed the site from its services at 5pm yesterday after learning that it could potentially be breaching a High Court order granted to the university as it faced a campaign against its plans to build a controversial animal research centre…. The university said that the website was published by a group calling itself “Badgers Unknown Anarchist Ventures” and listed the home addresses of top Oxford staff including Chancellor Chris Patten as well as individuals involved in the construction of the building…. (story)
Guardian 3.11.04 Oxford forces shutdown of animal rights website - Donald MacLeod - An animal rights website listing the home addresses and phone numbers of Oxford University staff and government ministers has been removed from the internet after protests by the university…. (story)
BBC News Online 3.11.04 Animal rights website taken down - An animal rights website which published the addresses of Oxford University staff has been taken down…. (story)
Telegraph 3.11.04 Yahoo! forced to take down animal rights site - An animal rights website that published the addresses of staff connected to a new research laboratory at Oxford University has been removed from the internet…. a group calling itself Badgers Unknown Anarchist Ventures has since published the names and addresses of university staff. The names included Chris Patten, the former Tory minister, who is now the university's chancellor…. (story)
Times 3.11.04 Extremists target Oxford dons BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - THE home addresses and private phone numbers of Oxford dons and senior Government ministers have been posted on the internet by animal rights extremists.... The website was created by an organisation calling itself Badgers Unknown Anarchist Ventures... Tim Lawson-Cruttendon, a solicitor-advocate acting on behalf of Oxford University, said those responsible for the site could be jailed.... (story)

Dundee Courier 3.11.04 Backers of vivisection cut no ice - The fourth heat of the first round of The Courier/Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland Junior Debating Competition was held in Dundee last night. The debate, with the motion this house would ban vivisection in Scotland, was held at the Lawton Road sheltered housing complex and was hosted by St John’s High School.... The house passed the motion by 28 votes to 18, with six abstentions. Robert Gordon’s College, Grove Academy and Harris Academy moved to the second round.... (story)


Western Mail 2.11.04 CLA leader warns of inner-city image Steve Dube, Western Mail - GROWING revulsion against the gun culture taking hold in our inner cities must not be allowed to tarnish legitimate shooting for sport and pest control, CLA president Mark Hudson has told members in West Wales.... (story)

Western Mail 2.11.04 Young guns go for it under eye of leading coaches - Steve Dube, Western Mail - "IT'S when the big, satisfied grin spreads across their face as they knock the target down - that's when you know that it's all worthwhile," says Graham Snook, air rifle coach at the BASC Young Shots activity day last Thursday.... (story)

News Shopper 2.11.04 It’s time to act on the issue of urban foxes - It is becoming more and more vital for a sensible fox policy to be implemented by all of the London boroughs. According to an MP, urban foxes are being collected from towns and cities and dumped in rural Wales where the foxes are savaging farm animals and pets…. Somehow the ignorance of these town dwellers and do-gooders has got to be dispelled. However, it is the fox who suffers most of all, because of its excessive numbers it is being trapped and killed by cowboy operators in suburbia and as a result, endures a lot of suffering… Name and address supplied (letter)

Professional Security Magazine 2.11.04 POLICE POWERS, 02/11/2004 - From the October print magazine. A stumbling block to private security staff taking on ever more police-style work - whether on purpose or by default - is a lack of police powers. Put another way, how can security officers deal with crunch situations, such as fleeing thieves, if Security is effectively replacing the police in shopping malls and elsewhere? Or, how can guards protect companies at all hours from animal rights protesters? A Home Office paper offers some possibilities…. The document admit to a growing problem of “intimidatory and violent protests by animal rights extremists against companies and their employees engaged in the bioscience industry”:… (story)

Western Mail 2.11.04 Fur humane sakes - Many thanks to Abbie Wightwick for her article on October 28. I too feel that the wearing of fur for fashion (from specially farmed animals) is repulsive… A FISHER, Maes Y Dderwen, Creigiau (letter)

Irish Independent 2.11.04 Don't kill our badgers - It's very disheartening to hear new Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (DAFRD) Minister Mary Coughlan state that her Department is to continue pro-active culling on our badgers for their alleged role in the spread of cattle TB (News).... It has been said that this cull is merely slaughter masquerading as science. Come on, Minister, deny it! Bernadette Barrett, Tyrone Avenue, Waterford (letter)


Glasgow Herald 1.11.04 Call for ban on stalkers using helicopters to herd deer - GRAEME SMITH - WITH Scotland's deer culling season under way, the government is being urged to ban the use of helicopters to drive deer, which campaigners say can make the animals that are shot the lucky ones. The British Deer Society fear the use of helicopters to panic animals towards stalkers induces so much trauma that many subsequently suffer a painful and sometimes lingering death…. (story)

Oxford Mail 1.11.04 Police target hare coursing gang - A police operation dispersed a gang of up to 12 illegal hare coursers in Oxfordshire. Residents of Little Coxwell, near Faringdon, watched as officers chased the men -- many with dogs -- on Saturday morning…. (story in archive)

Guardian 1.11.04 Research lab fights back against protesters - A move away from secretive science may hold key to victory over animal activists - Alok Jha, science correspondent - Towering over an old stone house on Oxford's South Parks Road is the enormous, deep red skeleton of a new scientific laboratory… But not a brick has been laid at the site since July 13 when the builders, intimidated by animal rights activists for months, lost their resolve and pulled out of the project.….. Universities also face increasing pressure from pro-vivisection groups to be more upfront and transparent about their work with animals. Vivisectionists argue that the traditional attitude of staying quiet about controversial work is out of date…. (story)

Guardian 1.11.04 Drugs giant moves trials abroad - Glaxo lured by security and low costs of trials overseas - Heather Tomlinson - The drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline is moving a third of its clinical trials offshore to countries such as India and Poland to cut costs. … As the industry moves its clinical trials offshore, it is also likely to look at moving its research too, not only for reasons of cost. A lot of this work is done on animals, and militancy within the animal rights movement makes the countries of the far east, such as Singapore and China, attractive to drugs firms…. (story)

York Evening Press 1.11.04 Mike's problem - ON behalf of Viva!, who supplied him with the information, I'd like to thank Mike Bentley for publicising the fact that the average meat eater could prevent the violent deaths of 4,000 animals by turning vegetarian (Saturday soundoff, October 23). Of course, he did so in order to mock vegetarianism and then denigrate the animal rights movement but compassionate people will still have learned that they can make a huge difference to animal suffering by changing their diets…. Alistair Currie, Senior campaigner, Viva! York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol. (letter in archive)