November 2006

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Lancashire Telegraph 30.11.06 Soap title for Faith in Nature By David Thomson - A BURY organic skincare products firm has cleaned' up in a new awards scheme. Faith in Nature, of East Street, has won the best cruelty-free soap title in the first annual Golden Bunny awards, named after an animal commonly used for testing. The competition was launched by the BUAV (the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection)... Rona Rose said: "Faith in Nature was one of the early pioneers of using non-animal tested ingredients… (story)

Independent 30.11.06 Gift of a cow gives Africans a hand up - As a veterinary surgeon and supporter of some of the animal gifts that Andrew Tyler describes in his article "Don't follow the herd and give a cow for Christmas" (27 November) I was shocked by his views. He shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the difference between livestock farming in the third world and in the west…. MARK M GOODMAN, YORK
Andrew Tyler is incorrect that cows only serve to increase poverty. Cows are highly efficient converters of grass and crop residues into milk, meat and manure…. Send a Cow's approach is to work with farmer groups that have applied for assistance and to train and prepare these groups in sustainable farming and animal husbandry… MARTIN GEAKE, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, SEND A COW NEWTON ST LOE, BATH (letters)

Times 30.11.06 Critics urge charities to give up the goat - SEAN O'NEILL - The promotion of feelgood Christmas gifts such as goats for poor African farmers has provoked an unseasonable war of words between charities. Oxfam, Christian Aid, Help the Aged and others are wooing the ethical shopper with pictures of cute goats wearing Christmas hats and promises of helping the poor in developing countries. But the World Land Trust and Animal Aid say that it is "madness” to send goats, cows and chickens to areas where they will add to the problems of drought and desertification…. An Oxfam spokeswoman added: "Animal Aid and World Land Trust’s suggestion that Oxfam is acting irresponsibly in providing animals to poor communities is completely unfounded. "Instead of promoting their own product ranges, their allegations are deeply misleading and undermine the entire sector’s attempts to change lives in poor countries.” (story)

Scotsman 30.11.06 Cats, dogs and a cruel trade in fur - JIM GILCHRIST - THAT cuddly cat in a basket may look like a lovable toy for a child, but in the case of one picked up in a Shetland gift shop by MEP Struan Stevenson, a judicious DNA test proved that, in a particularly grotesque irony, the toy was actually made from dog skin.... Several countries, including the United States, Switzerland and France - though not Britain - have already declared any trade in dog and cat fur illegal. Last week, however, the European Commission officially proposed a ban on the production, marketing, import and export of cat and dog fur within the European Union, and announced its intention of establishing an information exchange to detect any such activity.... (story)


Gloucestershire Echo 29.11.06 HUNTS WILL KILL ON TRUST LAND - People must withdraw their membership from the National Trust now. I will not be renewing my subscription.Hunting should never be allowed on Trust land. Was this a true vote by all National Trust members throughout the country?... C Hanks, Northleach. (letter)

Cornish Guardian 29.11.06 SET FAIR - Following the success of this year's Countryman's Fair held at the Werrington Estate in August, cheques amounting to £30,000 were presented to local charities by owners Mike and Sarah Williams at Lewtrenchard Manor. Pictured... lison Hawes of the Countryside Alliance;... (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 29.11.06 Think before you back those horses - I WONDER if gamblers know that more than 370 horses die each year in races.... Before you have a flutter people, think hard about the suffering you are buying into. (Mrs) Hazel Fraser, Tarbrax, West Calder. (letter)

Burton Mail 28.11.06 Private cell phones for animal terrorists by Tom Sloan - THREE animal rights terrorists serving 12-year sentences for a campaign of hate culminating in a grave desecration will soon have private telephones installed in their 'Butlins'-style prison cells. Jon Ablewhite, John Smith and Kerry Whitburn were caged for a total of 36 years in May after waging a criminal campaign to close down the Darley Oaks Guinea Pig Farm, in Newchurch. ... Bosses at Lowdham Grange, which is privately run for the Government by prison firm Serco, are now installing telephones in the facility's 500 cells..... (story)

Guardian 29.11.06 Other methods - Zoe Broughton points out that even unannounced visits by Home Office inspectors failed to spot the illegal animal abuse at Huntingdon Life Sciences that she later recorded as an undercover journalist (Cagey questions). We need to question whether we need to abuse animals in these ways at all.... Richard Mountford, development manager, Animal Aid (letter)

Western Daily Press 29.11.06 STILL WAITING FOR VIVISECTION PROBE - After reading the letter regarding the Animal Aid charity "awards" (Your Say, November), I was reminded of the promise made of a Royal Commission into vivisection. This was before Labour came to power and we are still waiting…. Pamela Dean Stroud (letter)

Irish Examiner 29.11.06 Before you indulge in seasonal feast, think how the bird might have died - AS the Christmas season approaches, many Irish people will be getting ready to order their dead birds and cuts of dead flesh for the dinner table.... The best thing that you can do to help animals is to stop eating them. The best thing you can do for yourself is to adopt a healthier, compassionate lifestyle.... Bernie Wright, Alliance for Animal Rights, PO Box 4734, Dublin 1 (letter)


Western Morning News 28.11.06 ANGER OVER REPORT INTO HUNT PROTEST VIOLENCE - Investigations into violent clashes between London police and hunt protestors have been branded a "whitewash" as the final report into the disturbance was made public…. Michael Moore, joint master of the East Devon hunt, saw a friend hit by a police baton, leaving a head wound which required stitches…. Guy Morlock, master of the Spooner and West Dartmoor Hunt, believes the violence was orchestrated by the way police channelled protesters into one area… Rory Knight Bruce, former master of the Torrington Farmers' Hunt, said the police aggression continued well after the crowds had dispersed…. Hugo Swire, Conservative MP for East Devon, said he was surprised by the report. He described seeing "innocent" demonstrators pushed towards the police line by those behind…. (story)
Times 27.11.06 Police in hunt clashes ignored order to wear identity numbers - STEWART TENDLER - WESTMINSTER Police involved in violent confrontations with hunt supporters outside Parliament two years ago ignored orders to wear their identification numbers, according to a report. Officers were told to wear black epaulettes bearing the numbers on their fluorescent jackets but the instruction was not followed. One officer was filmed refusing to give his identification number to a protester at the Countryside Alliance demonstration in September 2004.... (story)
Guardian 27.11.06 Pro-hunt clash police told to try tactics not truncheons - Paul Lewis - An investigation into the policing of a violent pro-hunting rally outside parliament will today urge police to consider new methods to combat riots. The recommendation follows an analysis by the Independent Police Complaints Commission of dozens of cases in which protesters sustained serious head injuries, apparently after being struck by police batons during a Countryside Alliance demonstration in September 2004. The report also criticises police for concealing their identification numbers and failing to forensically examine bloodied batons.... (story)
Daily Mail 27.11.06 POLICE WATCHDOG CLEARS OFFICERS INVOLVED IN VIOLENT HUNTING PROTEST By BENEDICT BROGAN - Baton-wielding police officers who left scores of anti-hunt protestors bloodied in one of the most violent London riots in modern memory have been cleared of wrongdoing... Pictures of injured rural men, women and teenagers, their faces streaming with blood under a hail of blows from officers in riot-gear triggered a national outcry. But the official report into the demonstration has refused to endorse claims of police brutality and even accuses the protestors of stoking up the violence... The IPCC 43-page report, due to be published today, endorses Metropolitan Police claims that the violence was provoked by elements in the 20,000 crowd intent on breaking into Parliament. It acknowledges that "some of the people injured in the demonstration were clearly not involved in any disorder", but goes on to conclude that "it is not surprising that police officers chose to use force"…. (story)
Mirror 27.11.06 HEROES - EXCLUSIVE Police who fought hunting thugs praised for bravery By Jon Clements Crime Correspondent - POLICE who defended Parliament from a pro-hunt mob should be recognised for their bravery, an independent report says today. Sixty officers were injured when a Countryside Alliance rally turned violent as the House of Commons voted to ban foxhunting in September 2004... (story)
BBC News Online 27.11.06 Water cannons for riots 'viable' - Water cannons should be considered as a tactic to control violent protests, according to a police watchdog report. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) report looked into the policing of a pro-hunting protest which turned violent in September 2004. It said the jets would be a "viable option to distance the crowd" to avoid direct confrontation with riot police…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 27.11.06 ANGER AT REPORT INTO HUNT-BAN DEMO POLICING - Organisers of a pro-hunting protest outside Parliament that turned violent are attacking a report into its policing for making "bagging truncheons" one of its key recommendations. The report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission said riot officers should hand over batons used during confrontations so they could be stored as evidence. But the Countryside Alliance said the recommendation showed the commission had not dealt with the "strategic failures" by the Met Police during the protest two years ago…. (story)

Guardian 28.11.06 Given that the bloodsports fraternity were intent on storming parliament, to prevent the democratic process taking place... the Metropolitan police were more than justified in defending themselves and our elected representatives... Chris Gale, NEC Member, Labour Animal Welfare Society
… Instead of asking why the Metropolitan police were put in a position where they felt they had to use force, the Countryside Alliance should be asking why so many of their members put the Metropolitan police in that position?.... Helen Weeks, West Coker, Somerset (letters)

Guardian 28.11.06 Colin Luckhurst (Country Diary, November 24) describes an idyllic visit to the National Trust's Holnicote estate on Exmoor. Had he been out with hunt monitors very early one morning in September, he would have had a different experience… The evidence is now with the board of trustees. Yvonne Nicola, Tiverton, Devon (letter)

Western Morning News 28.11.06 USE 'OFFICER' TITLE WITH CAUTION - When an animal welfare charity or pressure group places a man in the field with a video camera, is it right that he should be described (as the WMN reports) as an "animal welfare officer"?The RSPCA has acquired a number of legal powers and hence it is right for it, and indeed for the NSPCC and some other bodies, to call their people who have been given certain lawful powers "officers". But is a charity or pressure grouping that does not have any statutory powers given to itself - but seeks to gain oversight of aspects of the law - able to snitch that title of "officer" and deploy it to give itself an image of greater responsibility than it might otherwise have?... Tom Jones, Plymouth (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 28.11.06 WAKE UP TO REALITY - HUNTING IS CRUEL - Re: J Griffen's letter - Horse's treatment really sickened me (November 21) - my question is Why? As a hunt follower, surely this person has seen how many of the hunters treat their 'beloved' horses, or have they been looking the other way all their life?... MRS Y STREET, Okehampton. (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 21.11.06 HEARING ABOUT HORSE'S TREATMENT REALLY SICKENED ME - I have been a lifelong supporter of hunting... But when I heard the rumour that a hunt official, under stress and having lost his temper, was seen to beat his horse about its head, I felt sickened. I was almost tempted to join the 'antis'. J GRIFFIN, Culmstock. (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 28.11.06 MINISTERS ARE URGED TO BAN 'BARBARIC' USE OF SNARES - TIM PAULING - Animal welfare groups are calling for a complete ban on the use of "barbaric" snares in Scotland. They stepped up the pressure on ministers as the Scottish Executive launched a 12-week consultation to tighten up laws on the use of snares…. The SSCPCA, with Advocates for Animals and the League Against Cruel Sports, want the manufacture and sale of snares outlawed, claiming most countries in Europe have already banned their use… (story)
Glasgow Herald 28.11.06 Groups lock horns over animal snares - CAMERON SIMPSON - Animal pressure groups fought landowners and gamekeepers yesterday as the Scottish Executive launched a consultation on the future of snaring. Campaigners renewed calls for a ban on snaring, which uses thin wire nooses to trap and kill, while wildlife managers said the snare was a vital tool against killers such as the fox.... The Scottish SPCA's Mike Flynn, uniformed division head, said: "The only way of having control over snares in Scotland is to ban them completely… The League Against Cruel Sports welcomed the consultation but said it did not go far enough. Louise Robertson, Scotland campaigner, said: "The league will be urging the executive to place a complete ban on the manufacture, sale and use of snares… Alex Hogg, chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers' Association, said: "Professional gamekeepers are the doctors and nurses of the countryside. Every day of their working lives is spent managing the environment…. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 27.11.06 Campaigners call for snare ban as review launched - ANIMAL campaigners today called for all snares to be banned in Scotland. The Scottish SPCA and Advocates for Animals both argued snares were indiscriminate and could cause terrible suffering to a wide range of animals…. (story)

BBC News Online 27.11.06 Views sought over use of snares - New proposals to tighten current laws on the use of snares in Scotland are going out for consultation... Deputy Environment Minister Rhona Brankin said: "I am committed to protecting Scotland's rich and diverse wildlife and ensuring that our wild animals are treated humanely… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 27.11.06 GAMEKEEPERS VOW TO FIGHT SNARING BAN - The Scottish Gamekeepers' Association last night vowed to fight any move to ban snaring, claiming it would devastate many of Scotland's rare bird populations. Foxes would have free rein to prey on ground-nesting birds like the capercaillie and black grouse if the Scottish Executive decided to ban the age-old practice, the SGA said.... (story)

Western Mail 28.11.06 Stamp out running down of our rural post offices - THE controversy surrounding the proposed closure of Lawrenny Post Office in Pembrokeshire raises serious questions about the "big business" mentality and its impact on rural communities…. Post Office Ltd and its sub-postmasters and sub-postmistresses cannot plan their future until there is a clear Government policy… Simon Hart is the Chief Executive of Countryside Alliance (story)

Hull Daily Mail 28.11.06 INDUSTRY MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY - In Some areas of Britain, greyhound racing is being banned following protests. The greyhound fraternities have to take responsibility for their actions.... S Broom, Apollo Walk, Hull. (letter)

Spiked 28.11.06 James Panton - Time to stop monkeying around - A former Pro-Test organiser was not impressed by the arguments for animal research made on the BBC last night. Adam Wishart’s documentary Monkeys, Rats and Me: Animal Testing – which aired on BBC 2 last night – was a serious attempt to get to grips with the debate about the building of Oxford University’s Biomedical Research Facility. Wishart explored whether research involving animals can be ethically justified. As someone who was involved in the founding of Pro-Test, the pro-vivisection campaign group in Oxford, I felt uncomfortable watching the programme, because it became clear that the arguments are weak on both sides – ours as well as theirs.... Anti-vivisectionists like Mel Broughton do not represent large numbers of people, nor do they wield much power. Instead they are sustained by, and they feed off, a broader sense of misanthropy today, and doubt about human achievement – and surely it is that underlying problem which we need to address?... The film revealed that, whatever the spontaneous popularity of Pro-Test in the first few months of this year, those of us who support vivisection are still failing to put forward arguments that might win our case….(story)
Guardian 28.11.06 Last night's TV - Vivisection is an emotive and divisive issue, but this BBC documentary was superbly balanced - Lucy Mangan - Monkeys, Rats and Me: Animal Testing (BBC2) was an outstanding documentary devoted to the debate over the ethics of experimenting on animals in order to benefit human beings. For Mel Broughton, there is no debate. In his view, animal suffering in order to alleviate human suffering is wholly immoral... One of the many triumphs of Adam Wishart's film was that it showed Broughton to be a skilled, passionate, articulate and charismatic leader... For Tipu Aziz, professor of neuroscience at Oxford University, there is, and indeed must be, a debate. For Tipu Aziz, professor of neuroscience at Oxford University, there is, and indeed must be, a debate.... Between the two polarised parties is the twisted frame of 13-year-old dystonia sufferer Sean Gardner, whose lifetime of immobility is ended by an operation developed by Aziz and his monkey experiments... (story)
Oxford Times 27.11.06 Documentary focuses on animal testing - A TV documentary tonight focuses on the animal rights protest against Oxford University's £18m animal testing laboratory. Monkeys, Rats and Me: Animal Testing is being shown tonight on BBC2 at 9pm.... (story)
Observer 26.11.06 Animal guru gives tests his blessing - Robin McKie, science editor - One of the most important figures in the animal rights movement has publicly backed the use of living creatures in medical experiments. The endorsement - by the philosopher Peter Singer, who coined the phrase Animal Liberation and whose Seventies book on the subject led to the creation of the animal rights movement - has surprised observers.... 'It is clear at least some animal research does have benefits,' Singer admits on Monkeys, Rats and Me: Animal Testing, which will be screened on BBC2 tomorrow.... (story)
Sunday Times 26.11.06 Father of animal activism backs monkey testing - GARETH WALSH - THE father of the modern animal rights movement has endorsed the use of monkeys in research by an Oxford professor at the centre of anti-vivisection protests. Peter Singer, who is widely admired by activists for writing the seminal work on animal rights, says giving the primates Parkinson’s disease was "justifiable” because of the benefits it subsequently brought to thousands of human patients…. But Mel Broughton, one of the leaders of the SPEAK campaign, said of Singer’s justification of the Oxford experiments: "I would not accept that at all… (story)

Western Mail 28.11.06 Animal ethics arrives on intellectual agenda - A THINK TANK claiming to be the world's first dedicated to animal ethics opened this week. The animal ethics centre in Oxford, launching online, aims to "put animals on the intellectual agenda" … The centre's director is Revd Professor Andrew Linzey, an Anglican priest, writer and Oxford University theologian. He is known for his opposition to animal testing…. (story)

BBC News Online 28.11.06 Man charged over farm blackmail - A man has been charged with blackmailing two employees of a guinea pig farm which became the target of animal rights activists. The 27-year-old from Colchester in Essex was charged at Stafford Police Station with two counts of blackmail.... (story)

News Shopper 28.11.06 Price to pay for factory farming - OVER the years, the price of chicken has fallen dramatically and with bargain prices, consumption has escalated.... Birds are now ruthlessly factory farmed... For more information, write to Compassion in World Farming... CHRIS POPE, Nurstead Road, Erith (letter)

Argus 28.11.06 Animal thanks - The Animal Protection Agency (APA), a Brighton-based organisation campaigning to stop the trade in exotic wildlife for the pet industry, would like to thank everyone who supported their street collection in Crowborough town centre on Saturday, November 11. A total of £55 was raised on the day.... (story)


Daelnet 27.11.06 Casting against cancer - WOMEN suffering from breast cancer are being urged to take up a revolutionary form of outdoors treatment: fly fishing! It is a movement that started in America some years ago when doctors noticed that fly-fishing brought down levels of stress in female cancer patients. The campaign passed to Canada and has now reached Britain, backed by womens' angling groups and the Countryside Alliance.... (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 27.11.06 Animal ethics on the agenda - A THINK tank claiming to be the world's first dedicated to animal ethics will open today. The new animal ethics centre in Oxford, launching online, aims to "put animals on the intellectual agenda". (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 27.11.06 ANIMAL RIGHTS 'AWARD' FOR UNI - The University of Nottingham has been given a "mad science" award by Animal Aid, a charity campaigning against laboratory animal testing… (story)

Independent 27.11.06 Andrew Tyler: Don't follow the herd and give a cow for Christmas - We're about to enter the season of gut-busting excess... Paying for farm animals to be gifted to impoverished communities in the developing world, notably Africa, has moved from novelty to omnipresent fashion.... The message might bring comfort to the target audience, but such schemes, sadly, are not a good thing. They serve only to increase not diminish poverty. Why? Because farming animals is an inefficient, expensive and environmentally destructive way of producing food.... (story)

Bath Chronicle 27.11.06 CHARITY DEFENDS WORK TO CRITICS - Acharity that sends animals to Africa has defended its work following criticism from an animal rights group. Newton St Loe-based Send a Cow has been criticised for its work by national animal welfare group Animal Aid... (story)

Scotsman 27.11.06 Can anyone stop fur flying off shelves again? - ALISON HARDIE - IF SHEER bulk is anything to go by, fur is back in fashion... There seems little doubt that wearing fur has become socially acceptable again, so the question for organisations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) now is: Where did our campaigns go so wrong?... Louise Stevenson, of the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade, said: "I think it was absolutely disgusting. It's an abhorrent fashion statement to wear fur…." (story)

Western Mail 27.11.06 Animal rights - On November 22, Holland showed the way to the rest of the world. It achieved the first political party for the Animals, holding two seats in the national parliament!... Animals are exploited or neglected in their millions through intensive farming, vivisection and so-called "sports", etc. Isn't it time we, ourselves, had a political party that devoted itself to this huge issue… JUNE HOLDER (Mrs), Castle Drive, Dinas Powys (story)


Sunday Times 26.11.06 Compulsory deer cull ‘is killing shooting industry’ - MARK MACASKILL - WEALTHY foreign hunters are turning their backs on Scotland because huge culls of red deer have created a shortage of stags. The compulsory slaughter of 70,000 animals a year is threatening the future of the £100m-a-year deer-stalking industry because so many foreign shooters are returning home without bagging a single animal. The Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) has lamented that it has been flooded with complaints from huntsmen who have spent thousands of pounds on their shooting trips after one of the worst seasons on record.... (story)

Mail on Sunday 26.11.06 What Felix the monkey taught me about animal research By ADAM WISHART, Mail on Sunday - The research assistant, a thin, sallow man in chinos and a white shirt, greets me at the door.... I am the first journalist in 20 years to be allowed in here, one of the many highly secretive animal-testing programmes at Oxford University.... The conflict between science and the animal-rights lobby has never been more ferocious. But why? In an effort to understand, I have spent a year studying both sides for a BBC documentary. And as part of my film I followed the fate of one animal, a monkey called Felix, as he was prepared for an experiment. I had no axe to grind and entered the lab in July with an open mind... When I first meet Felix, handlers have just embarked on a six-month training programme to prepare him for an experiment by the brain surgeon Professor Tipu Aziz.... Felix is part of an experiment to research new therapies on an unexplored part of the brain that Aziz believes plays a vital part in different forms of Parkinson's disease.... Adam Wishart's programme, Animal Testing Monkeys, Rats And Me, will be shown on BBC2 at 9pm tomorrow…. (story)

Bedfordshire on Sunday 26.11.06 Nirah protesters in council skirmish - There was a fishy kerfuffle in the corridors of local government on Friday. At noon, around a dozen people turned up unexpectedly to protest against the ‘cruel’ Nirah project. Voices were raised and tempers became frayed before the protestors were eventually kicked out by council staff.... (story)

Independent on Sunday 26.11.06 Real fur: Dressed to kill - Revealed: UK fur imports at record levels, 'IoS' investigation shows By Jonathan Owen and Marie Woolf - Record numbers of Britons are buying real fur, overturning decades of campaigning by activists who say substitutes should be worn instead....(story)
Independent on Sunday 26.11.06 The fur trade: Bloody fashion - We are buying more fur than ever. Seal skin is now so popular that the Government is to ban imports. The suffering this trade causes to animals is as great as ever. So why can't we do without it? Jonathan Owen reports...(story)


Western Daily Press 25.11.06 HUNTING TAUGHT ME STICKABILITY - It is good to be back after a brilliant two-week break in South America.... I spent a few days in Pila, the polo capital of Argentina, just outside Buenos Aires. I was very interested to see how the Argentines run their yards and train their ponies... I owe a lot to hunting. Not only does it encourage the young to keep riding (and particularly boys, who tend to otherwise lose interest in their early teens), but it also acts as the perfect educational setting for cross-country riding... (story)

Western Daily Press 25.11.06 ARROGANCE OF THE HUNTSMEN Mr Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance must think we were all born yesterday if he expects us to believe that the Heythrop Hunt was hunting within the law (Western Daily Press, November 15).If they were not chasing a fox with intent to kill it, why did the huntsmen stop traffic on the road?... Robert Bagnall Tewkesbury Gloucestershire (letter)

Scotsman 25.11.06 Four held in hare course crackdown - FOUR people have been charged after a crackdown by two Scottish police forces on hare- coursing, it was revealed yesterday. Codenamed Operation Lepus, the initiative, involving officers from Tayside and Grampian forces, was launched on 1 September at the start of the clandestine hare-coursing season… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 25.11.06 TRIO FACE HARE HUNTING CHARGES - An Operation targeting illegal hare coursing has led to four arrests in the north-east. Three people in the Elgin area and a man from Aberdeen have all been charged under the Protection of Wild Mammals Act, which makes it illegal to hunt wild mammals with a dog... (story)

Scotsman 25.11.06 Shooting & fishing - ALASTAIR ROBERTSON - ODD to be considering caper-caillie twice in the space of a few weeks... never find one when you want one and then two come along together. Right and a left. Boom boom. Still, you cannot help what preys on the minds of Scottish ministers. And in the case of Rhona Brankin, the deputy minister for environment and rural development, it has been capercaillie... at the beginning of November she pitched up at Braemar to announce that capercaillie, the subject of continuous doom and gloom from the bird people for what now seems like several decades, had been saved thanks to the "Urgent Conservation Management for Scottish Capercaillie" campaign, aka Save the Caper…. The Scottish Gamekeepers' Association (SGA), which is represented on the board of "Save the Caper" is deeply sceptical. "The government should be cautious after so many bad breeding years before claiming this project has been a success in either conservation terms or being good value for the taxpayers' e7.3 million…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 25.11.06 ANIMAL CARE - As Christmas draws near, however fine the sentiments of peace might be, the reality is that it is a time of enormous suffering for animals. The following are Animal Aid's 10 top tips for a compassionate Christmas. 1 Save a life by giving turkey a miss and having a veggie feast instead.... Janet Cummings, Rugby (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 25.11.06 Taste of the vegetarian lifestyle is healthy idea REGARDING Leslie John Thomson's claims that veggies contribute to the decimation of the rainforests (Your views, November 17), 80 per cent of the world's soya is fed to meat animals - as verified by World Watch Institute and Friends of the Earth. Also, veggie cuisine has come a long way! I'd suggest the free recipes on Viva's or Animal Aid's websites... Jane Easton, Bristol (story)


Western Morning News 24.11.06 HUNT PLEAS BOMBARD BLAIR - MATT CHORLEY LONDON EDITOR - The Downing Street website has been "hijacked" by a petition demanding the repeal of the Hunting Act banning hunting with dogs.Thousands of people have used the new online service to demand that Tony Blair overturns the legislation outlawing the hunting of foxes with dogs in England and Wales…. The Downing Street website has been "hijacked" by a petition demanding the repeal of the Hunting Act banning hunting with dogs.Thousands of people have used the new online service to demand that Tony Blair overturns the legislation outlawing the hunting of foxes with dogs in England and Wales…. But Diana Scott, joint master of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, last night said the petition was proof that the issue was back on the agenda…. Robin Nicholls, master of the Tetcott Hunt, which hunts around Bude in North Cornwall and across the border into Devon, said support for hunting was "tremendous"…. (story)

Western Morning News 24.11.06 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Leek Post & Times 24.11.06 HAVING A FARMERS' BALL - As the sun sets over the hills of the Staffordshire Moorlands on this crisp autumn Sunday afternoon and as the last of my friends, the dreaded ramblers and the knobbly-knee bobble hat brigade, race back to their cars to return to wherever they come from, I have to admit writing this week's article I feel a bit on the delicate side... On Saturday night Jackie and I went to Buxton to attend the Staffordshire Moorlands hunt ball. It is the biggest social event in the Staffordshire Moorlands calendar with a good mix of farmers, land owners, hunting folk and local business people letting their hair down. Though the Staffordshire Moorland hunt is one of the smallest registered fox hunt packs in the country, it's been well recognised for many years as one of the finest hunt balls in the shire counties.... (story)

Western Daily Press 24.11.06 CRUELTY IS NOT CLASS-BASED (NOVEMBER 23) - The word "hate" in Judi Hewitt's letter says it all.She seems to be justifying her hatred by stating that she feels it towards people irrespective of their class. I'd like to ask Judi to stop hating people and learn to love and understand those that are different from her… Giles Bradshaw, Devon (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.11.06 CRUELTY IS NOT CLASS-BASED - I Write regarding your report "Hunts face probe after fox attack" (Western Daily Press, November 15). It makes me so depressed that hunts like the Heythrop are still being allowed to continue killing foxes…. The fact the Heythrop hunt was on a main road was proof enough that they were acting illegally. The fact that the hounds were savaging a fox was yet more proof that they were acting unlawfully…. Judi Hewitt Address supplied (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.11.06 Courage of his convictions (November 20) n I echo totally what Helen says - Dan Norris speaks for the majority who want a compassionate countryside and for the law of the land and democratic process to be upheld. Chris Gale, Chippenham (letter)
Western Daily Press 20.11.06 THE COURAGE OF HIS CONVICTIONS - I Can't put into words how relieved and grateful I am to MP Dan Norris, "MP warns police: 'Hunters are not above the law', Western Daily Press, November 10".Mr Norris's letter to Avon and Somerset's chief constable, voices his concerns over the way the hunting fraternity, by their intimidating actions on Exmoor, have sought to put pressure on the police…. Helen Weeks West Coker Somerset (letter)

Newark Advertiser 24.11.06 Hound barrier ... Men fought, suffered and died in two world wars to protect our way of life. To them, this included hunting. Hunting with dogs is now banned. How can anyone also wish to ban even the shadow of it which is left to us?... Surely no one, whether vegetarian or not, should be so mean-spirited as to object to a pack of hounds and some people on horses appearing on one day of the year in Newark Market Place (Mrs) SYLVIA SCARLETT, Home Farm, Staunton-in-the-Vale. (letter probably only on site for a week)

Mirror 24.11.06 RAT TRAP OWL RAP - A ROYAL gamekeeper was fined £500 yesterday for catching a tawny owl in an illegal trap. Dean Wright, 26, set the trap legally to stop rats stealing pheasant feed on the Queen's 20,000-acre estate at Sandringham. But after two days without a catch he took off the protective cover which stops birds getting in... (story)
Eastern Daily Press 23.11.06 Tawny owl maimed by illegal trap - JENNI POTTER - A bird protection society, whose patron is the Queen, said that it was disappointed after one of her gamekeepers was fined £500 for setting an illegal trap which maimed an owl. Dean Wright, 26, admitted setting a trap calculated to cause bodily injury to any wild bird coming into contact with it. Wright was fined £500 and ordered to pay £470 costs by the court - but will be allowed to continue his £373 a fortnight job and remain in his free gamekeeper's cottage on the royal estate....After the hearing Ian West, head of investigations for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, said: "High standards are expected of people working as professional gamekeepers on estates. It is a disappointment that we have such a prestigious estate where someone breaks these regulations. It is disappointing that this happened on the royal estate.... (story)
Eastern Daily Press 23.11.06 Royal gamekeeper fined for trapping owl - A gamekeeper on the Queen's Sandringham Estate set an illegal trap leading to the death of a tawny owl, a court heard today. Dean Wright, 26, from Anmer today pleaded guilty to setting a trap 'calculated to cause bodily injury to any wild bird coming into contact with it'. King's Lynn Magistrates Court was told Wright had become so frustrated with a rat infestation near a pheasant feeding area on the Royal estate that he removed a cover from a spring trap, designed to ensure no birds were at risk... (story)
Lynn News 27.9.06 Gamekeeper accused of causing suffering to owl - A GAMEKEEPER on the Sandringham Estate is to stand trial on charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a tawny owl and setting traps to kill or injure wild birds. Dean Wright (26), of Keeper's Cottage, Anmer, appeared at Lynn Magistrates' Court on Friday. He denies three charges, all alleged to have happened at Shernborne between December 12 and 14 last year…. (story)
Telegraph 23.9.06 Queen's gamekeeper for trial over bird trap By David Sapsted - One of the Queen's gamekeepers is to stand trial on charges of setting an illegal trap to catch birds of prey on the Sandringham estate. Dean Wright, 26, appeared before magistrates yesterday to deny three wildlife cruelty charges while working on the Queen's estate in Norfolk…. (story)
BBC News Online 22.9.06 Queen's gamekeeper in trap trial - One of the Queen's gamekeepers on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk is to stand trial accused of illegally using traps to kill or injure birds. Dean Wright, 25, of Anmer, Norfolk, denies setting a trap, using a trap and causing unnecessary suffering to a tawny owl caught in a trap…. (story)

East Lothian Courier 24.11.06 Plea on plight of greyhounds - A 14-YEAR-OLD greyhound welfare campaigner joined speakers including acclaimed actress Annette Crosbie on the platform at a rally in central London on Saturday. Finleigh Wells, 14, a pupil at Knox Academy, took part in a march through the capital and addressed the rally at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park alongside speakers such as One Foot in the Grave star, Ms Crosbie, and veteran animal protection campaigner, John Curtin.... Finleigh’s mum, Amanda, is involved in the work of Greyhound Action Scotland, which campaigns to raise awareness of the plight of the racing greyhound and ultimately to ban greyhound racing on abuse and welfare grounds... (story)

Cumberland News 24.11.06 Support for dog enquiry By Anika Bourley - SUPPORT is growing for Carlisle MP Eric Martlew’s enquiry surrounding the welfare of greyhounds in racing. Mr Martlew, in his role as chair of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare, is heading an enquiry, examining issues surrounding welfare of the dogs and making recommendations to government.... (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 31.10.06 HOUND PROBE - Broxtowe Mp Nick Palmer (pictured) and Mansfield MP Alan Meale have been announced as members of a Parliamentary inquiry into greyhound welfare. The inquiry was launched following allegations in national newspapers regarding thousands of healthy greyhounds being shot at the end of their racing career. The inquiry is chaired by Eric Martlew, MP for Carlisle and chair of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare.... (story)
Carlisle News & Star 28.10.06 Martlew leads inquiry on greyhound welfare By Anika Bourley - CARLISLE MP Eric Martlew is heading up an inquiry investigating the issues surrounding the welfare of greyhounds in British racing. The calls for the inquiry came after high-profile allegations made in The Sunday Times suggested healthy greyhounds were being shot at the end of their racing career – despite having years to live.... (story)

The Sentinel 24.11.06 MP JOINS FIGHT AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING Retailers fighting plans by the EU to enforce animal tests for cosmetics sold in Europe have been joined by Staffordshire Moorlands MP Charlotte Atkins.She has linked up with High Street businesses who have taken a stand against the proposals which will affect every lipstick, mascara and shampoo sold in Europe. Ms Atkins joined a coalition of more than 20 cosmetic companies, including High Street giants Marks and Spencer and Boots, and over 90 fellow MPs to back the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection's (BUAV) campaign to stop a new EU law from bringing back cosmetics tests on animals.... (story)

Western Morning News 24.11.06 KATHY Archibald (November 21) is again peddling misleading information via your newspaper. The poll of GPs she refers to was carried out by a company that then denounced the use to which the data was put, saying the data did not support the conclusion that Europeans for Medical Progress claimed - ie GPs did not believe in the efficacy of animal research.... Lee Jones, Oxford (letter)
Western Morning News 21.11.06 GPS WANT TESTING TESTED - Lee Jones (October 24) is incorrect. He claims the GfK survey of UK family doctors' views on animal testing is the first for 13 years. In fact, Europeans for Medical Progress commissioned a survey of 500 GPs only two years ago.We found that 83 per cent of doctors want the medical value of animal testing evaluated scientifically... Kathy Archibald, Director, Europeans for Medical Progress (letter)
Western Morning News 17.10.06 ANTI-SCIENCE ACTIVISTS - Lee Jones of Pro-Test (October 7) accuses me of making claims that I did not make. I said that 83 per cent of GPs and a majority of back-bench MPs support our call for a comparison of animal tests with microdosing and other state-of-the-art methods of testing the safety of new drugs: something which has never been attempted. These are facts which even Mr Jones cannot dispute... Kathy Archibald, Director, Europeans for Medical Progress, London (letter)
Western Morning News 7.10.06 THE claim by Kathy Archibald of anti-science campaigning group Europeans for Medical 'Progress' (August 22), that 83 per cent of GPs are anti-vivisection is just not true. TNS, the polling company commissioned to do the survey by AFMA, the American wing of Europeans for Medical 'Progress', said in a statement that 'the conclusions drawn from this research by AFMA are wholly unsupported by TNS. The data does not support the interpretation made by the client (which in our opinion exaggerates anything that may be found from the data).'.... Lee Jones, Oxford (letter)
Western Morning News 22.8.06 URGENT NEED FOR ANIMAL TEST COMPARISON - It is a pity that Lee Jones of Pro-Test (August 1) is so ill-informed. Contrary to his claim, no independent inquiry into the effectiveness of testing drugs on animals has ever been attempted anywhere in the world. Patient safety organisation Europeans for Medical Progress, supported by 83 per cent of GPs and 248 MPs (nearly half of Parliament) is calling for a comparison of animal tests with microdosing and other state-of-the-art methods of predicting human metabolism to determine the most effective way to protect public health and safety…. Pro-test are the real anti-science activists, campaigning hard against any scrutiny of the controversial practice they claim is vital…. Kathy Archibald, Director Europeans for Medical Progress (letter)
Western Morning News 19.8.06 ALISTAIR CURRIE'S letter (August 2) scurrilously attempts to link rising incidence of animal cruelty to the rising numbers of animals used in medical research. Despite qualifying his remarks by saying "Researchers aren't sadists", the clear implication is that scientists who conduct life-saving research are the same as people who would kick a dog in the street. This is a truly outrageous slur on the scientists who work hard to produce new treatments and cures through the wholly necessary means of animal testing…. Lee Jones, Pro-Test Committee Oxford (story)
Falkirk Herald 4.8.06 Sad statistics - Alistair Currie, Campaigns Director, BUAV, 16A Crane Grove,London (letter)
Bromley Times 3.8.06 Researchers cause suffering to animals - Alistair Currie, Campaigns Director, BUAV, 16a Crane Grove, London, N7 8NN (letter)
Western Morning News 3.8.06 TIME WE EMBRACED A HUMANE SCIENCE - Alistair Currie, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection London (story)
Ilkley Gazette 27.7.06 Animal cruelty - Alistair Currie Campaigns Director, BUAV,16a Crane Grove,London (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 27.7.06 Time for less cruel science research - It is very saddening to see the increase in domestic animal abuse recorded by the RSPCA this year… What many people may not know, however, is that just two days before the RSPCA released their figures, the Government released its annual statistics on the use of animals in scientific procedures. 2.8 million were used in 2005 and, equally tragically, that was also an increase on the year before…. Surely, in the 21st century, it's time we embraced progressive and humane science which does not include causing such pain and distress. ALISTAIR CURRIE, Campaigns director BUAV, 16a Crane Grove, London (letter)

BBC News Online 24.11.06 Inquiry into cattle export deaths - Animal welfare protesters claim three cows died on board a live exports shipment because the vessel was allowed to sail in "severe weather conditions". Kent Against Live Exports (Kale) said the cattle were killed when the vehicle carrying them tipped onto its side in the ship's hold…. (story)

Surrey Ad 24.11.06 Fur and feathers gather for wildlife fair - WILDLIFE stars Josie the tawny owl and Joey the meerkat will be making a guest appearance at a special Christmas fair at Milford Village Hall on Sunday. Hydestile Wildlife Hospital closed in May when its owners Lyn and Graham Cornick decided to take a well deserved retirement, but they have been kept busy offering an advice line and treating foxes with mange....(story)

Argus 24.11.06 Don’t forget our own saviour of sick animals - You rightly give publicity to The Brooke Hospital for Sick Animals... While remembering the efforts of Mrs Brooke, however, we should not forget the sterling work of another compassionate woman closer to home - Pauline Grant. Now past official retiring age, she has dedicated her entire life to running the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust in Uckfield, where she is totally reliant upon local donations and support.... David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks (letter)

Daily Record 24.11.06 EXCLUSIVE: WHY PINK SEES RED By John Dingwall - ROCKER Pink believes dad's the word when it comes to her headstrong attitude to everything from animal rights to American politics.... A staunch supporter of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)... Last year, Pink, who snubbed Prince William's 21st birthday celebrations because of the royal family's penchant for hunting, wrote to the Queen. She asked her to abolish the use of real fur to make the busby hats worn by Buckingham Palace guards.... (story)


Western Daily Press 23.11.06 POLICE INACTION HANDS HUNT FANS CONTROL OF COUNTRYSIDE - I Have just read the article "Hunting supporters have sights on me" (Western Daily Press, November 18), regarding Anne Heritage and how she had her car damaged, her porch broken into, and noxious chemicals sprayed over the walls.If you take this incident, and the other in West Coker in September, where a woman out monitoring the Cattistoke Hunt had fireworks thrown at her car, it will soon be the case that hunt supporters may have to be classified as a terrorist organisation…. I have monitored on many hunts myself, and I have experienced countless occasions when pro-hunt supporters have taken a note of my vehicle registration and, in addition to being photographed many times, have been on the receiving end of much physical and verbal abuse. Graham Forsyth Chard Somerset (letter)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 23.11.06 Reprehensible hobby - ON the subject of the James Gray MP furore. Inasmuch as his private life leaves much to be desired, I find his love for seeing live animals torn to pieces by dogs just as reprehensible. J Turner. Melksham (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 23.11.06 Cash may save fish from otters - CHRIS BISHOP - Anglers could win Environment Agency funding to fence off lakes to protect the fish in them from otters... Some fisheries have been ruined by such predation and anglers claim they are unable to prevent fish being taken, because otters are fully protected by law and may not be moved, disturbed or harmed in any way whatsoever..... Hundreds have been bred in captivity and re-introduced to the wild. The Earsham-based Otter Trust ceased releasing them in 1999, saying populations had now recovered to pre-1970s levels... (story)

Western Gazette 23.11.06 ANIMAL TESTING PROTEST - People in Bridport were taking part in a nationwide campaign to ban scientists from testing drugs on primates last Saturday.Supporters of Animal Aid were in the town centre drumming up support for their campaign which aims to stop the use of primates in experiments testing the safety and toxicity of medicines... (story)

Independent 23.11.06 Animal testing is a vital research tool - Kathy Archibald (Letters, 18 November) seeks to lay the blame for the failure of drugs such as Vioxx on animal testing, but omits to mention that all these drugs also passed extensive clinical trials in humans before being approved.... PAUL BROWNE, CAMBRIDGE
Joanna Selwood makes assumptions in her appraisal of animal testing (Letters, 18 November), but as someone who has both worked in the industry and evaluated it, I take issue with the claim that "alternatives" are used whenever possible….. CRIS ILES, IVYBRIDGE, DEVON (letters)

Independent 18.11.06 Letters: Animal testing - Animal testing helps us discover cures for mice, not men - Christopher Clayton (Letters, 15 November) points out the alarming fact that all medicines withdrawn for killing patients, such as Vioxx, which killed tens of thousands, have been "proved safe" in animal tests. Conversely, we have undoubtedly lost cures for cancer and other diseases because they were ineffective in animals… KATHY ARCHIBALD, DIRECTOR, EUROPEANS FOR MEDICAL PROGRESS, LONDON W13
When Mr Clayton points out that there are small number of drugs that have resulted in human deaths after being declared safe by animal testing, he fails to mention the thousands of drugs that are as safe as animal trials have said, and the thousands of drugs not released because the results of animal trials have shown that their risks outweigh their benefits…. JOANNA SELWOOD, THATCHAM, BERKSHIRE (letters)
Independent 15.11.06 Profit-making drugs - Jo Tanner assures us that experiments on live animals are a "vital piece" of drug development (letter, 11 November). It's good to know that every new drug subsequently withdrawn after deaths in humans (sometimes running into thousands) has been so thoroughly tested…. CHRISTOPHER CLAYTON, WAVERTON, CHESHIRE (letter)
Independent 11.11.06 The vital need for animal research - Julia Stephenson sheds no light on research using animals (The Green Goddess, 9 November). The understanding of disease and the development of new medicines and therapies to treat it is complex and reliant on several key stages, not just one.... JO TANNER, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, COALITION FOR MEDICAL PROGRESS, LONDON SE1 (letter)

North Devon Journal 23.11.06 PEOPLE'S LIVES AT RISK, SAYS FARMER - KATHRYN FELL - A herd of wild boar is on the run after escaping from a farm near Holsworthy.A police investigation has been launched after padlocks and electric fencing were damaged at the farm belonging to John Walker last week. Mr Walker said it is not the first time his farm has been attacked, and about 50 boar are still believed to be on the loose.... Most of the larger boar are now back at the farm but police said there are fears the animals may succumb to exposure if they do not return... (story)
Western Morning News 20.11.06 OWNER'S FEAR FOR ON-THE-RUN BOARS - A farmer has expressed his concerns for the welfare of a number of wild boar still on the loose after being released into the North Devon countryside by suspected animal rights extremists, police have said.... (story)
Western Morning News 17.11.06 WILD BOAR RELEASE 'HIGHLY IRRESPONSIBLE' - Farming leaders have branded as "highly irresponsible" the people who destroyed fencing to release 120 wild boar into the North Devon countryside… It is believed their release was carried out by animal rights extremists, although police are not at this stage linking it to the release by animal rights extremists of 100 boar from a farm at West Anstey on Exmoor last December…. The latest release happened between 11.30am and 1pm on Wednesday at the farm of John and Diana Walker near Holsworthy…. (story)

Surrey Comet 23.11.06 Pigeon post - In addressing an issue such as reducing pigeon numbers it helps to know what you are talking about. Graham McNally, Kingston's Town Centre Manager, demonstrably does not.... It is pure fiction to suggest that the successful reduction in pigeon numbers on Trafalgar Square was carried out by "trapping and poisoning" or any other form of culling…. Niel Hansen via email
I believe it is inaccurate to say that pigeons cause a lot of damage, when all they do is walk, fly and look for food…. Charlotte Barrow via email
Someone, as a matter of urgency, needs to show Graham McNally, the Town Centre Manager of Kingston, a copy of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. He will find that it is a criminal offence - indeed an imprisonable criminal offence - to take, kill or injure wild birds except under licence fromDefra…. Given that such alternatives have, according to your report, been supplied by both Animal Aid and the Pigeon Control Advisory Service, I would have thought that if Mr McNally persists with his chosen course of action, then he should be less worried about a few pigeons than he should about the summons that is likely to be "winging" its way to him in the post! Graham King via email
The sooner the pigeon population of Kingston is drastically reduced the better… David West, via email
I have noticed an ever increasing number of people sitting around Kingston eating sandwiches and burgers and dropping their litter on the floor. May I suggest to Mr McNally that they all be gassed or shot. Violet Murray Surbiton (letters)

Independent 23.11.06 Stephen Clark: 'We don't need to kill animals for meat' Interview by Nick Jackson - Stephen Clark is professor of philosophy at the University of Liverpool. He sat on the Animal Procedures Committee until earlier this year, which advises the Government on animal testing. He argues that animals have a right to life.... (story)

Wharfedale Observer 23.11.06 Keep parrots free - May I add my support to the plea for the continuing freedom of the three Otley parrots. They are a delight to hear and see living wild and free. On the other hand, there is nothing sadder than to see any bird caged - and these parrots seem to agree.... Which raises another issue, namely the inherent immorality of the trade in exotic birds and animals for use as trophy pets, which is the only reason these parrots are here in the first place. Richard Sabey Via E-mail, Full address supplied. (letter)

Harborough Mail 23.11.06 Praise for tireless animal carers - IT would seem likely that the poor lurcher – now named Annie (ref article November 9, Harborough Mail), was abandoned and left to die in undoubtable agony because of her physical deterioration.... I write to voice my praise, admiration and support for those compassionate people such as Jean Bird and Annie Johnson for their tireless and selfless work in the care and kindness they give to poor unfortunates such as Annie through Harborough Animal Concern.... Wendy Burton, Harborough (letter)

Whitby Gazette 23.11.06 Rescued swan is returned to wild - A SWAN which had to be rescued from Whitby Harbour six weeks ago has been released back into the wild. The swan was taken into car after a member of the public called Yorkshire Swan Rescue after seeing the bird in distress.... Dan Sidley and Joe McCabe were both on hand to release the bird back into the harbour last week.... (story)


Guardian 22.11.06 Cagey questions - The outcry after a documentary about cruelty at Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory brought about many changes in animal testing. Zoe Broughton, who exposed the abuses, looks at the situation a decade later... (story)

Western Daily Press 22.11.06 ANIMAL AID CHARITY 'AWARDS' EXPOSE FUTILE RAT EXPERIMENTS - On Wednesday, Animal Aid makes its annual presentation of the Mad Science Awards.These "prestigious" prizes are given to researchers who conduct the most grotesque and pointless experiments on animals. The theme for this year is science's forgotten victims - rats…. To inflict such appalling suffering on them in the name of science shows that animal research in the UK is both illogical and devoid of compassion. Kate Fowler-Reeves Tonbridge Kent (letter)

Irish Independent 22.11.06 Dubious practices in food industry - As the season of Christmas approaches, millions of turkeys, chickens, cattle, pigs ,deer, pheasants and ducks will be slaughtered as part of the traditional festivities, many birds in particular will be getting fattened for slaughter now as orders are placed in butcher shops.... The best thing that you can do to help animals is to stop eating them. The best thing you can do for yourself is to adopt a healthier compassionate lifestyle.Let there be peace for all species not just human beings. BERNIE WRIGHT, ALLIANCE FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS, PO BOX 4734, D 1
Something has gone profoundly wrong with the manner in which animals are now intensively produced. The print and broadcast media have by and large ignored the issue… GERRY BOLAND, ANIMALS IN CRISIS, KEADUE, CO ROSCOMMON (letters)

Scotsman 22.11.06 Consumers should probe deeper into facts of 'free range' labelling of eggs - Allegations of malpractice in the egg industry (your report, 18 November) might tempt consumers to buy eggs marked "free range"… The proposed multi-tier system means hens will be housed in sheds housing 32,000 birds, as two flocks of 16,000 birds. Are these large flock sizes in the spirit of free-range?... VIV THOMSON Secretary, BlythBank Action Group West Linton Peeblesshire
I hope readers will not be put off buying free-range eggs following the mislabelling allegations. Although sales of free-range eggs are constantly increasing, most eggs sold sadly still come from hens kept in battery cages…. ROSS MINETT Director, Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street Edinburgh (letters)

Argus 22.11.06 What about the reindeer? During Thursday's "turning on" display, I was pleased to see Brighton illuminated by proper Christmas lights at last. However, my enjoyment of the event was marred by the inclusion of two live reindeer. Forced to process through the crowded city centre in front of a noisy samba band, these poor creatures looked distressed…. R Cowan, Lansdowne Place, Hove (letter)


Western Daily Press 21.11.06 TOO MANY BILLS IN BLAIR'S LAST HURRAY - The Queen's Speech, setting out the Government's programme for the current session of Parliament, contains no fewer than 29 Bills.... The truth is that many of those which go through and which become Acts of Parliament will be badly drafted, inadequately debated and be full of loopholes by the time they are on the statute book. Just look at the state of the anti-hunting laws. It was so ill-prepared that people are still managing to go out hunting without breaking the law.... (story)

Western Daily Press 21.11.06 DECENT PEOPLE PREJUDICED AGAINST ABUSE OF ANIMALS - I Have to agree with the remark made in Rob Tunmore's letter (Your Say, November 17) that the recent hunting ban is "to do with prejudice".I, and most decent, moral people, are prejudiced against the small section of society which takes pleasure in abusing wild animals, and torturing them in the name of sport… Julian Brown Nailsworth Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Morning News 21.11.06 HUNT BAN DAMAGES WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT - I was encouraged to read that Peter Bunce (October 31) admits, albeit reluctantly, the possibility that more foxes are being shot and wounded as a result of the hunting ban.... Mr Bunce points out correctly that the Hunting Act permits flushing foxes from cover. He omits to say the Act only allows two hounds to be used; this is inefficient and adversely affects the welfare of foxes upland and lowland... Jonathan Higgins Dartington (letter)
Western Morning News 31.10.06 LACK OF LOGIC IN CASE FOR FOXHUNTING - Mr Higgins (October 10) accuses me, without justification, of not wanting to know whether more foxes are being shot and wounded as a result of the hunting ban... The MWG and Mr Higgins would take that as a reason to bring back the blood sport of foxhunting. That is ridiculous logic. Instead efforts would need to be made to try to educate those guilty of such asinine behaviour. Even more importantly, the poor marksmanship of those involved would suggest that before being given a gun licence they must meet a prescribed level of competence. It is amazing that this is not required in the UK.... Peter Bunce, Haddenham, Bucks (letter)
Western Morning News 10.10.06 BAN MIGHT AFFECT WELFARE OF FOXES - If, as Mr Bunce (September 26) claims, animal welfare is his primary concern, why on earth does he continue to bombard us with the unpublished minutiae of the Burns consultation process rather than recognising the scientific and animal welfare challenge posed by the final published report? This is clear and unequivocal: a ban might adversely affect the welfare of upland foxes.... Mr Bunce's recent contributions to the WMN are ample evidence that he is more determined to support the ban at any cost than to discover what effect it is actually having. Jonathan Higgins, Dartington (letter)
Western Morning News 3.10.06 NO NEED TO SHOOT MORE FOXES - In his letter (WMN, September 19) Mr Barrington claims that I have dismissed the Middle Way Group (MWG) survey because it does not "fit with my views". I made it clear that my views are based on impeccable research sources, and the Burns Report was in accord with their findings… I suggest, therefore, that the MWG sends its wounding study to the Home Office for consideration of that, and retires gracefully from the hunting debate. Having tried for so long to make something out of nothing, this tiny group should accept that the latter is all they have to offer. Peter Bunce, Haddenham (letter)
Western Morning News 26.9.06 HUNTING RESEARCH HAS 25-YEAR PEDIGREE - In responding to my letter, Jonathan Higgins (September 12) exhibits the common failing of not replying to what I actually wrote, but to his filtered and distorted version of it. That makes his task so much easier.The established scientific opinion and research I referred to comes from rigorous work over a quarter of a century - by universities such as Oxford, York and Bristol - and not just since the hunting ban, as he has oddly presumed…. And I am accused of "smug propaganda". What a peculiar phrase, but people such as Mr Higgins have the insuperable problem of sensibly arguing that foxhunting is other than a blood sport with the added ingredients of anti-social behaviour such as trespass, the killing of pets and road chaos thrown in for bad measure. Peter Bunce, Bucks (letter)
Western Morning News 19.9.06 HUNTING BAN IS NOT HELPING FOXES - Peter Bunce dismisses a survey of farmers which concludes that more foxes are now being wounded, without giving any real evidence other than the fact that the results do not fit with his views…. The Middle Way Group… commissioned a scientific study to test the likely wounding levels in a range of shooting regimes. The results showed that wounding rates were much higher than previously thought. It was therefore reasonable to assume that a simple ban on hunting with dogs, which does not have the capability of wounding, could not automatically be regarded as an animal welfare benefit…. The Middle Way Group will continue to campaign for a genuine wild mammals protection law that can be supported by both hunters and non-hunters alike. Then hopefully politicians will stop listening to people who are as blinkered as they are bigoted. James Barrington, Consultant All-Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group (letter)
Western Morning News 12.9.06 MISGUIDED ATTACK ON HUNTING SURVEY - Peter Bunce (August 29) is wrong in declaring that the findings of the Middle Way group's survey of sheep farmers concerning the effects of the hunt ban "fly in the face of established scientific opinion and research"…. Our wildlife is worthy of better than Mr Bunce's smug propaganda dressed up in fake scientific language, but this is what we have come to expect from those for whom a hunt ban has always been more important than animal welfare…. Jonathan Higgins, Totnes (letter)
Western Morning News 29.8.06 LEAGUE ANTI-HUNTING STANCE IS NOT ABOUT TOFF-HATING - Henry Harrington is waving the old class war flag again. How is it possible to believe that the League Against Cruel Sports is merely a front group for toff haters? The other campaigns (e.g. the one against the racing industry's poor treatment of racing greyhounds that don't make the grade) make it clear that this group is purely against animals suffering for human sport… Paul Nelson, Croydon (letter)
Western Morning News 29.8.06 RESULTS OF FOX CONTROL SURVEY HARD TO BELIEVE - Henry Harington (August 8) painted an horrendous picture of foxes being wounded by farmers because they rely on guns since the ban on hunting. It seems he based this on a report in the WMN on July 29 of a survey commissioned by the Middle Way group of 600 sheep farmers into the effects of the ban on fox control… I completely disagree with Lembit Opik, and I don't believe the survey "results"… Peter Bunce, Bucks (letter)

Western Morning News 21.11.06 MORE COMPASSION FOR ANIMALS - Almost 40 years ago there was set up an organisation known as 'Compassion in World Farming' (CIWF). The main aim of which is to secure a better deal for those animals destined to form part of the food chain necessary for the survival of mankind... There will, I think, be many of your readers who share my concerns about potential threat to the welfare of animals in the food chain... Godfrey Wycisk, Callington (letter)


Independent 20.11.06 Tally-ho! Hunt followers ride roughshod over failing law By Guy Adams The fox barely stood a chance. First, he was chased to ground by a pack of hounds; then a terrier was sent to flush him into the open. Finally, men with guns and shovels arrived, to administer the coup de grâce with a pump-action 12-bore. This is rural Britain, 18 months after the Government passed legislation which was supposed to ban hunting with dogs. Like the fox's bloodied carcass, torn to pieces by waiting hounds, that law is a sorry mess. Last week, The Independent was invited to follow a typical hunt in a remote corner of Wales. It killed nine foxes, almost all by illegal methods; the previous week's bag had been 13.... (story)
Independent 20.11.06 Henry: Master of Fox Hounds in the West Country: 'We're killing as many foxes as ever' - During the autumn, we pretend we're on hound exercise; now the season's begun properly, we say it's drag hunting. But that's total rubbish. It's business as usual. We are killing almost as many foxes as ever.... (story)
Independent 20.11.06 Phillip: Master of Fox Hounds in the east of England: 'If I see a loophole, I gallop through it' - We hunt in quite a well-populated area and it's also very flat, so we can't go and hide in the hills like other packs can. So we would say that we are hunting within the law, using a bird of prey.... (story)
Independent 20.11.06 Leading article: Ill-conceived and unenforcable - Not everything that is wrong is illegal. Nor is everything that is illegal necessarily wrong. When it comes to making laws there is a lot more to take into account. The débâcle of the ban in hunting shows why. This newspaper has made no secret of its distaste for the business of setting hounds on to a fox to tear the exhausted animal limb from limb. But nor are we enthusiasts for smoking, adultery or obesity. There are some subjects where social disapproval is a more appropriate reaction than the blunt instrument of the law... In the past we argued that Parliament had better things to do than legislate on an issue which was totemic for all the wrong reasons, smacking as it did of the facile posturing of an outdated class war. Politicians should not have wasted their time on this. Nor, now, should the police. Aggressive enforcement risks undermining the consent of the public to be governed. Animal rights activists will be indignant but inaction is, here, the right course of action (story)

Bath Chronicle 20.11.06 ROADS ARE MORE LETHAL TO ANIMALS - People need to get their facts right about hunting, fishing, and shooting.I was outraged by the letter about deer hunting which appeard in the Chronicle on Saturday, November 10, saying stag hounds usually use sawn-off shoot guns to kill a deer. This is an outright lie. Firstly sawn-off shotguns are illegal and deer are always shot with a rifle... The letter writer further says the country way of controlling animals is wrong. But why doesn't this writer do anything about all the cars, lorries and motorbikes that kill or injure animals everyday?... MRS K HORWOOD, The Decoy, Woolley, Bath (letter)

Sun 20.11.06 - IT would be nice if those mourning the loss of Desert Orchid could spare a thought for the thousands of less fortunate horses used and abused each year by the profit-orientated racehorsing industry... ROSS MINETT MSc BSc (Hons), Director, Advocates for Animals, Edinburgh, Scotland (story)

Bath Chronicle 20.11.06 WE DON'T VALUE SCIENCE ENOUGH - Tony Blair is right to be concerned about science being seen as uncool in British schools and universities... Bright young things are not being given the chance to work in new cutting edge research innovations such as chip techniques, tissue cultures, microdosing and imaging techniques, because funding is tied up in tired, inhumane and ineffective animal research which is turning our youth off biological science.... DR KATY TAYLOR BSc PhD, Scientific Coordinator, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) (story)

York Press 20.11.06 Stop the cruelty - ABOUT 10,000 non-human primates are used in laboratories across Europe each year, with more than a third of them undergoing "procedures" in Britain…. More than 150 MPs have already signed Early Day Motion 1704, which calls for a ban on the use of primates, while animal protection groups across Europe are supporting that aim. In the UK, Animal Aid today launched a countrywide campaign inviting members of the public to sign petitions and postcards on street stalls in more than 30 towns and cities… (story)

Oxford Mail 20.11.06 Extremists admit fire bombing - Animal rights extemists have claimed responsibility for a firebomb attack which caused £250,000 damage to lorries at an egg farm near Witney. An anonymous cell acting for the Animal Liberation Front has said it set fire to six lorries packed with eggs at Deans Foods, Cotswold Farm, on the Lakeside industrial estate, Standlake.... (story)
Witney Gazette 20.11.06 Animal rights group claims responsibility for attack By Andrew Ffrench - ANIMAL rights activists have claimed responsibility for a firebomb attack, which caused £250,000 of damage to lorries at an egg farm in Standlake. An anonymous cell, acting for the Animal Liberation Front, has said it set fire to six lorries, packed with eggs, at Deans Foods, Cotswold Farm, on the Lakeside industrial estate. Activists claim they used sophisticated electronic devices, for the first time in the UK, to detonate the bombs, while miles away.... (story)

Argus 20.11.06 Caring for abandoned animals in a war zone - Two volunteers spent a fortnight in war-torn Beirut rescuing pets abandoned by fleeing families. Mark Organ, 42, of Lancing, and Sara Munson, 33, from Hastings, returned from Lebanon on October 30 after two weeks working with homeless and feral dogs and cats at a derelict pig farm in the mountains above Beirut. The sanctuary, run by charity Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, had to evacuate its animals from the city after hostilities broke out between Israel and Lebanon in July.... (story)


Western Daily Press 18.11.06 HUNTING SUPPORTERS HAVE SIGHTS ON ME BY TRISTAN CORK COUNTRYSIDE CORRESPONDENT - Police were last night investigating claims that a Somerset woman has been targeted by pro-hunt supporters because she is keeping tabs on local hunts.Anne Heritage's car was damaged and allegedly had the brakes tampered with while it was parked on the Quantocks in what she and an anti-hunt organisation said was a deliberate attempt to intimidate her.... Ms Heritage, of Bridgwater, said she was relatively well known as an animal rights campaigner in the area, but had never had trouble like this until she began organising a group to monitor local hunts... (story)

Bath Chronicle 18.11.06 HATRED OF UPPER CLASSES IS THE ISSUE - I Write in response to Catherine Watson's letter of November 11 concerning deer management.She criticises the membership of the National Trust.... An impressive majority in favour of the use of hounds in tracking wounded and sick deer as quickly as possible in order to dispatch them as humanely as possible with a gun. Would Catherine Watson prefer such unfortunate animals to die a more protracted and painful death than necessary? The answer is yes she would, as in her eyes; this would deny so called 'toffs on horseback' their sport.... ADRIAN WELSH, Walcot Street, Bath
TEN years ago, the National Trust made the decision to ban stag hunting on its land because it was proved that chasing deer caused immense suffering. So what has changed? Why has the Trust decided to allow hunting on its land? Well, according to one eye witness at the Trust's AGM, the place was littered with what looked like tweedy-clad hunting types… JUDI HEWITT, Hadley Crescent, Rhyl (letters)

Western Daily Press 18.11.06 HUNT BAN IS ALL ABOUT PREJUDICE (NOVEMBER 17) - The idea that the hunt ban is based on prejudice suggests that hunt supporters believe they are somehow special and are discriminated against on this basis. Well, sorry to disappoint, but the only thing that sets them apart from the rest of society is the ability to take pleasure in cruelly disadvantaging a needlessly- hounded animal.... Gill Purser, Cheltenham (letter)

Western Daily Press 18.11.06 MONITORS HELP UPHOLD LAW - What Ray Bird (Your Say, November 14) fails to tell us is how his pro-hunt activities benefit the fox.If hunting a deer or fox to the very point of exhaustion, then to terminate its life by shooting or seeing it ripped to pieces, is in any way beneficial to a hunted animal, I, for one, cannot see any logic at all in his argument.... R M Morris Minehead Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.11.06 MONITORS NOT HELPING FOXES - In recent weeks you have published several letters singing the praises of so-called hunt monitors. I hope, therefore, that you are also prepared to publish an alternative view.To me, they are nothing less than a bunch of busybodies who either have a massive prejudicial "chip on the shoulder", or don't have the sense to realise that, long- term, their actions are not helping foxes one iota… Ray Bird Acton Turville Gloucestershire (letter)

Oxford Times 18.11.06 Protesters blamed for car vandalism By Maddy Biddulph - AN ANIMAL care lecturer from Oxford believes she is being targeted by animal rights protesters - after her car was vandalised three times in the past month.... (story)
Oxford Mail 15.11.06 Targeted over my animal talk By Maddy Biddulph - An animal care lecturer from Oxford believes she is being targeted by animal rights protesters - after her car was vandalised three times in the past month. Laura Chalmers - who works at Abingdon and Witney College - and her partner Lou Wareham have been rocked by the car attacks outside Ms Chalmers's home in Harefields, Cutteslowe... Miss Chalmers thinks the vandalism could be linked to a talk she organised at the college about animal rights last year... A Thames Valley Police spokesman said they do not believe animal rights activists are to blame for the attacks but are appealing for witnesses to help find the culprits.... (story)

Cambridge Evening News 18.11.06 Rats hooked on cocaine as experiment - RATS have been hooked on cocaine by Cambridge University scientists to test drugs designed to beat addicts' cravings.... The experiment was branded by animal rights campaigners Animal Aid as "grotesque and pointless"…. (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 18.11.06 Circus advertising deemed 'misleading' A CIRCUS based near Peterborough has been criticised by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for "misleading" publicity material. The ASA has ruled that the circus must stop claiming that it has been "voted number one for animal care”. The Bobby Roberts Circus, the last in Britain to still use a performing elephant, had advertised the claim on its leaflets and posters across Britain…. (story)


Horse & Hound 17.11.06 Hunting tops e-petitions to PM - Holly Kirkwood - A repeal against the 2004 Hunting Act is the most-signed e-petition on the Number 10 website, with more than 4,000 e-signatures so far - A new tool on the Number 10 website allows people to set up their own petitions to the Prime Minister, and currently the petition to repeal the Hunting Act is proving by far the most popular.... (story)
BBC News Online 16.11.06 Hunting support tops e-petitions Overturning the ban on hunting and allowing CDs and DVDs to be copied are among the most popular petitions listed on the Downing Street website. Number 10 launched the scheme to allow people to petition Prime Minister Tony Blair online, saying it encourages more campaigners than "ever before"…. The most popular "e-petition" so far is one calling for the repeal of the 2004 Hunting Act…. (story)

Northwich Guardian and Winsford Guardian 17.11.06 Support for hunt on the increase - SUPPORT for foxhunting has doubled during the past year. Membership of the Cheshire Forest Hunt has leapt to almost 300 since their sport was banned. On Saturday a hunt was arranged for newcomers because so many now want to take part. Joint master Peter Heaton said: "We had 25 people join us for the first time…. (story) (story)

Western Daily Press 17.11.06 HUNT BAN IS ALL ABOUT PREJUDICE - It is clear that the recent hunting ban has nothing to do with animal welfare, but all to do with prejudice and ignorance.This is plain in the recent letter from Roy Everett, of Yate, where he states that most hunt members would still be intoxicated from the night before a meet (Your Say, November 10). If he knew anything about hunting, he would find that most hunt members would be tucked up in bed early following a day's work, coming home and feeding and mucking out their horse, cleaning tack and preparing for the meet the next day.... Rob Tunmore Marlborough Wiltshire (story)
Western Daily Press 10.11.06 WOULD DRINK-DRIVE LAWS BE ADAPTED FOR HORSE-RIDERS? - Now that the hunt season is starting, it behoves the police to be ready to carry out spot- checks for over-alcohol limits on members of the hunt when they meet in public places, and move along public highways.... It is quite possible that many of the members of the hunt have enjoyed a convivial evening before the morning of the hunt, so topping it up in the morning could put some of them dangerously drunk while they are in charge of a horse.... Roy Everett Yate (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 17.11.06 WE SAW 4X4S ON CEFN BRYN - I Read with interest your article regarding two 4x4s apparently following the Banwen Miners' Hunt (Post, November 13). I am a volunteer hunt monitor for the League Against Cruel Sports and, as it happens, we were out following Banwen Miners' Hunt on Saturday, November 4.Two 4x4s were seen travelling on the moorland of Cefn Bryn... It seems to me that two 4x4s are likely to have been the vehicles of hunt supporters... It is evident members of Banwen Miners' Hunt are either blissfully unaware as to who is following them, or, more likely in the current hunting climate where they are vigilant regarding "antis'', the hunts conveniently disassociate themselves from hunt supporters whose anti-social activities are brought to public scrutiny, whether it be violence against monitors or driving illegally over Sites of Special Scientific Interest… Name supplied, The League Against Cruel Sports 83-87 Union Street, London (story)
South Wales Evening Post 13.11.06 4X4S SNAPPED AT GOWER BEAUTY SPOT - RICHARD YOULE - Two 4x4s have been snapped making a mess of one of Gower's beauty spots.The two off-roaders were driving apparently illegally on land at Cefn Bryn. They were there at the same time as Banwen Miners' Hunt, pictured in the foreground. Hunt bosses have said they were nothing to do with them.... David Edwards, secretary of the Banwen Miners' Hunt, was one of those on horseback at Cefn Bryn... "Someone joked that they might need some horsepower to get them out. I could show you the ruts they made. It's disgusting."… Richard Jones, of Ystalyfera, who took the photo while out walking with his 10-year-old son, said the 4x4s drove up to the peak of the hill, but not to King Arthur's Stone (story)

Daily Record 17.11.06 ACTIVISTS TAKE BURBERRY TO TASK OVER FUR - A GROUP of animal rights protesters stormed a Burberry shop in London yesterday. The PETA demonstrators, wearing fake fur coats splattered in red paint, chained themselves to the store and smeared fake blood on its windows... (story)
BBC News Online 16.11.06 Four anti-fur protesters arrested - Animal rights activists who smeared fake blood on the windows of a Burberry store to stage an anti-fur protest have been arrested, police said. The protesters from Peta waved posters reading "death by fur" to protest against 'continued use of fur'… The activists, three women and a man, aged between 18 and 21, have been held on suspicion of causing criminal damage, a police spokeswoman said… (story)


Essex Chronicle 16.11.06 HUNT YOUNGSTERS HURT - Hunt saboteurs resorted to attacking two young girls during a legal Roxwell hunt on Saturday.Police say they sprayed liquid in the face of an eight-year-old and spooked a teenage rider's horse, causing it to throw her to the ground... Essex Hunt master Dawn Trembath said: "It was totally unprovoked. The girl was sitting inside a car with four other people and the saboteur just leant inside and sprayed liquid over them all. She sprayed it straight into the girl's face and eyes… "A 14-year-old girl, was also targeted. The saboteurs jumped out of the hedge and spooked her horse and the girl fell face first on to the floor. All they did was laugh and said she should be dead and shouldn't be there anyway…” (story)

BBC News Online 16.11.06 Trial over hunt clashes dismissed Seven people charged with aggravated trespass over clashes between hunt supporters and anti-hunt protesters have had their case dismissed. The five men and two women, from London and Hertfordshire, were arrested after a disturbance in February on farmland at Brede, near Hastings, East Sussex. Their case went to trial at Hastings Magistrates' Court but it was dismissed when no evidence was offered… (story)
South London Press 15.9.06 'Activist' walks free - A MAN accused of disrupting a fox hunt and hitting a supporter around the head with a fence post has walked free from court. Scott Nelson, of Webber Street, Borough, was one of seven people in court accused of having been part of a 20-strong gang of masked activists who clashed with members of the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt in February.One of the hunt followers was hospitalised with a fractured skull after being clubbed around the head with fence posts during the melee… District Judge Roger Ede ended the case just five days into the 10-day trial because of an "abuse of process" after the prosecution introduced extra evidence the defence had not seen…. (story)
BBC News Online 28.2.06 Seven bailed after hunt clashes - Five men and two women charged with violent disorder following an incident in East Sussex involving anti-hunt protesters have appeared in court…. The accused from Herts and London, aged 20 to 34, were remanded on conditional bail by magistrates in Hastings to return to court on 11 April…. (story)
BBC News Online 23.2.06 Seven charged after hunt clashes - Seven people have been charged with violent disorder after police in East Sussex were called to an incident involving anti-hunt protesters…. They are aged between 20 and 34 and are now due to appear at Hastings Magistrates' Court on 28 February (story)
Telegraph 23.2.06 Farmer is badly hurt in clash with saboteurs By Catriona Davies - A hunt supporter is seriously ill in hospital after suffering a fractured skull in a confrontation with saboteurs. Seven people were arrested after the incident, which happened as the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt held a trail hunt on Monday… the victim, a farmer in his late twenties, had been following on a quad bike when he became separated from the rest of the 25-strong hunt. He was allegedly pulled from his machine and set upon by a group of seven saboteurs…. (story)
Kent Messenger 22.2.06 Man injured at hunt meeting by Jenny Round - A YOUNG man was taken to hospital with a fractured skull when animal rights campaigners clashed with members of the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt. Seven arrests were made by police during the incident on Tuesday…. A man in this 20s was taken to hospital with two fractures to his skull and is in a serious but stable condition (story)
BBC News Online 22.2.06 Seven arrested after hunt protest - Seven people are being questioned by police following clashes involving anti-hunt protesters in East Sussex. The incident involving hunt supporters and people in balaclavas happened in the Broad Oak area on Tuesday morning. One man suffered serious head injuries. Nick Onslow, of the East Kent Hunt, said over 30 animal rights extremists strayed onto the private land… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 16.11.06 HUNT MADE TRAFFIC STOP AS HOUNDS CAUGHT FOX - A Top Cotswold hunt is being investigated after motorists claimed they were forced to stop when hounds attacked a fox in front of them.Leaders of the Heythrop Hunt, a favourite of Tory leader David Cameron, are to be quizzed by police following the alleged incident earlier this month on the A429 in Gloucestershire.... (story)
Western Daily Press 15.11.06 HUNT FACING PROBE OVER FOX ATTACK BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - Atop Cotswold hunt is being investigated by police after motorists claimed they were forced to stop on a main road as hounds attacked a fox in front of them.Leaders of the Heythrop Hunt, a favourite of Tory leader David Cameron, are to be quizzed by police following the alleged incident earlier this month on the A429 in Gloucestershire. One woman driver told police she was flagged down by mounted huntsmen and then saw a fox being attacked by a group of hounds on the road just feet from her car... Tim Bonner, from the Countryside Alliance, said the fact that the hounds had been called off by huntsmen showed that the hunt was acting within the law, and clearly showed there was no intent on the part of the hunt to kill a fox.... (story)

North Devon Journal 16.11.06 TRUST PERMITS STALKING DEER WITH HOUNDS ON ITS LAND - Hounds will be used to search out and dispatch injured and sick deer on National Trust property on Exmoor.A move by the League Against Cruel Sports to prevent the practice has been defeated at the Trust annual general meeting.... (story)
Western Morning News 10.11.06 TRUST VOTES FOR CHANGE TO HUNT POLICY - A decision to allow sick or injured deer to be hunted on National Trust land in the Westcountry was made at the trust's annual meeting at Cheltenham at the weekend, despite a League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) resolution to ban any form of hunting on trust land... The move was welcomed by the Devon and Somerset Stag Hounds - one of the three staghunts operating in the region. (story)
Horse & Hound 6.11.06 National Trust supports stag hunting - Anna Tyzack - The Devon and Somerset Staghounds are permitted to hunt sick and wounded deer on National Trust land, following a members' vote at the Trust's Annual General Meeting - "Exempt" hunting of sick and wounded deer will continue on National Trust land, despite a League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) resolution to ban it. At the Trust's Annual General Meeting on Saturday (4 November), 20,182 members voted against LACS chief executive Douglas Bachelor's resolution while only 12,768 voted in favour…. (story)
Western Morning News 6.11.06 WAR OF WORDS AS TRUST CHANGES HUNT POLICY - MARK CLOUGH - A bitter war of words has broken out between pro and anti-hunters following a controversial decision by National Trust members to allow sick or injured deer to be hunted on Trust land in the Westcountry.The decision was taken at the NT's Annual General Meeting at Cheltenham racecourse this weekend, which considered a plea to ban any form of hunting on Trust land.... The move has been welcomed by the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, one of three staghunts operating in the Westcountry.... (story)
Western Morning News 6.11.06 Hunt victory - ATTEMPTS by anti-hunt campaigners to tie National Trust's hands over how it manages its deer stocks were properly and democratically turned down at the weekend - coincidentally, the first full hunting weekend of the new season. The League Against Cruel Sports used highly questionable propaganda in an effort to win a vote... League chairman Douglas Batchelor's cheap jibe that using established hunts on Exmoor and the Quantocks to track and cull injured deer would be "as ludicrous as asking a known paedophile to supervise a children's playground" was rightly rejected. Yet that comment demonstrates the motivation behind the league-inspired attempt to prevent sick or injured deer from being quickly and efficiently despatched on NT land. It had everything to do with prejudice and little or nothing to do with sensible animal welfare…. (story)
Western Daily Press 6.11.06 DAY OF CELEBRATION FOR HUNTS BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - The largest stag hunt on Exmoor will be allowed back on to National Trust land after a bitter campaign for the heart of the charity ended with victory for the hunters.And on a day of triple celebration for the West's hunting community, key pro-hunt figures were elected to the National Trust's council, while hunts across the region enjoyed a bumper day for their traditional opening meets.... In the end, 20,182 voted to defeat the LACS's resolution to reinstate the ban, while 12,768 members supported it, with 1,539 abstaining... Further votes went the way of the pro-hunters, who had set up a Friends of the National Trust campaign group to influence policy. Its leader Charles Collins and other pro-hunt supporters including broadcaster and writer Robin Page, politician Nicholas Soames and Sir Laurie Magnus, were all voted on to the trust's key ruling council - a further blow to anti- hunt campaigners... (story)
Gloucester Citizen 6.11.06 TRUST SAYS DEER HUNT CONTINUES - National Trust members voted to allow the hunting of sick or injured deer on its land at the organisation's annual meeting in Cheltenham... (story)
BBC News Online 5.11.06 Trust may relax hunt regulations - Members of the National Trust have voted to relax their rules on hunting on Exmoor. If the vote is adopted as trust policy, hunts will be able to follow sick or injured deer on to their land to kill the animal…. (story)
Daily Mail 4.11.06 Trust backs hunting of sick deer - National Trust members backed a controversial proposal to allow the hunting of injured deer on its land.... The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) had appealed to members to support their motion to reject the exemption during the charity's annual meeting at Cheltenham Racecourse. But their resolution for a blanket ban was defeated, with 20,187 members supporting the trust's policy, compared to 12,768 who backed the LACS. A further 1,539 abstained. The vote gave the Devon and Somerset Staghounds the right to follow and kill deer if they are "clearly sick and injured"… (story)
Telegraph 4.11.06 National Trust rejects total hunt ban By Richard Gray, Sunday Telegraph - The National Trust has rejected a bid by animal rights campaigners to reintroduce a total ban on hunters on its land.... The proposal, which were discussed at the National Trust’s annual general meeting on Saturday, were tabled by campaign group the League Against Cruel Sports, sparking a bitter war of words with pro-hunt groups....(story)
Guardian 4.11.06 Trust backs hunting of sick deer - Press Association - National Trust members backed a controversial proposal to allow the hunting of injured deer on its land.... (story)
Western Daily Press 4.11.06 TRUST FACES SHOWDOWN OVER HUNT DECISION - It's D-day for stag hunting on Exmoor today.National Trust members are to vote on allowing hunt staff to operate on its Holnicote Estate.... (story)
Western Daily Press 4.11.06 EXMOOR'S BATTLE OF THE STAG HUNT SET TO REACH ITS BITTER CLIMAX BY TRISTAN CORK COUNTRYSIDE CORRESPONDENT - Amajor confrontation between both sides of the hunting debate is expected this morning as the bitter war over the sport on Exmoor reaches its climax.And on the day members of the National Trust are set to decide whether to allow stag hunts back on to its land, there was fury from hunters after the leader of the League Against Cruel Sports appeared to link staghunters with paedophiles... Tensions on Exmoor are already running high after the arrest and charging of Maurice Scott, the master of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, for allegedly breaking the hunt ban. It is this hunt the National Trust is proposing to allow back... (story)
Ananova 4.11.06 Bitter row ahead of hunting vote - National Trust members are voting on a proposed move to ban all deer hunting on its land. Both sides of the hunting debate met at the charity's Annual General Meeting at Cheltenham Racecourse as a bitter war of words broke out between the two camps.... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 4.11.06 Trust 'must ban deer hunting' - THE League Against Cruel Sports is calling on the National Trust to approve a total ban on killing injured deer on its land.... (story)
Western Morning News 26.9.06 TRUST FACES VOTE ON 'CRUEL' DEER PLAN - MARK CLOUGH - Anti-hunting campaigners have vowed to head-off moves by the National Trust to allow hunt staff to use dogs to look for sick and wounded deer on trust land so that they can be shot…. The row is set to erupt at the National Trust's annual meeting, which takes place on November 4. The meeting will consider a resolution from opponents of the move, among them Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS)…. (story)
Western Morning News 26.9.06 Deer hunting - THE National Trust is to be congratulated for bringing forward a suggestion to its annual meeting that dogs should again be used in limited circumstances to track down injured deer on trust-owned land… It would be a shame if a measure proposed purely for humane purposes failed to get the necessary support as a result of prejudice. (story)
Times 25.9.06 Activists try to sabotage hunt revival BY VALERIE ELLIOTT - Activists oppose moves to allow the pursuit with dogs of injured deer on National Trust land … The anti-hunt lobby fears that the limited exemption for huntsmen with two dogs to seek out injured deer will be used to bring about a backdoor return to deer hunting on trust land in Exmoor and the Quantock Hills. It was banned nine years ago. The activists have now secured a resolution on the issue to be debated at the trust’s annual meeting on November 4. They are urging members to vote to continue a ban on all deer hunting on trust land, even if it is within the letter of the current hunting ban laws…. Douglas Batchelor, the chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports and one of the main architects of the hunting ban, is certain to face a noisy reception when he opens the debate. The trust, however, is standing firm. Its Board of Trustees is recommending that members vote down the anti-hunt resolution and support the limited exemption — to improve the welfare of sick deer… (story)
Western Daily Press 21.9.06 TRUST IS BATTLEGROUND - The two sides in the bitter row over hunting are gearing up for the battle for control of the National Trust's policy on staghunting in the West. Both sides have launched a major drive to get members to vote and attend the Trust's AGM this autumn in an echo of the fierce war in the mid-1990s to get staghunting banned from Trust land on Exmoor…. (story)

Western Gazette 16.11.06 ANIMAL WELFARE CAMPAIGNERS ARE HONOURED - Animal welfare campaigners from Somerset and Dorset have received awards at the House of Lords in recognition of their work. Liz Stewart, aged 55, of Wincanton, Kevin Hill, 56, of Drimpton and Peter White, 37, of Glastonbury, have been honoured by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.... Mr Hill, a hunt monitor, was recently the victim of a violent assault while filming the East Devon Hunt.... Fellow hunt monitor Mr White has spent 15 years monitoring fox and stag hunts around the UK.... (story)

Western Daily Press 16.11.06 WHERE COULD THE STAG TAKE COVER? - By holidaying in this country, doing my bit for the environment, I expected walking the hills in the West Country to indicate the peace and quiet portrayed in the brochure.Boy, was I wrong. It is apparently the stag-hunting season. In fact, they have been at it since August, I was told... Being on National Trust land, we felt perfectly safe. But suddenly Land Rovers, one with hounds in the back, another with two border collies, four quad-bikes and 20 or so riders, came racing down the public footpath, which had a sign saying "no vehicles" clearly visible… We are going to complain to the trust about the intrusion and trespass on their property, and to the police. C Foster Address supplied (letter)

Yorkshire Post 16.11.06 ONE FAT LADY SERVES UP A ROASTING FOR TONY BLAIR - Clarissa Dickson-Wright has never been afraid of sharing her opinions. The cook tells Sarah Freeman how the countryside has been turned into a theme park and why Jamie Oliver is fighting a losing battle..... It's fair to say Clarissa Dickson-Wright is not a fan of Tony Blair. The mere mention of his name is enough to raise the hackles, before describing what has happened to farmers' markets over the last couple of years as prime example of a Government which doesn't care... in her various guises as pro-hunting campaigner for the Countryside Alliance and patron of the Farmers' Markets Association, Clarissa has had much time to think with her head as well as her heart. "It would only need one piece of legislation which tightened the rules on packaging for farmers in this country to see a real benefit," she says…. (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 16.11.06 Police have their priorities wrong - HOW can Superintendent Dawn Copley have the effrontery to claim that the use of 18 officers and seven vehicles at Hoghton Tower duck shoot to police two observers from the North West League against Cruel Sports was a successful operation?... S DARBY (via email). (letter)
Chorley Citizen 9.11.06 Duck hunt ‘waste of police resources’ By Gordon McCully - Animal Welfare campaigners have accused police of wasting taxpayers' money and resources following a duck shoot a Hoghton Tower at the weekend. The North West League Against Cruel Sports (NWLACS ) claim 18 officers in seven police vehicles, including an undercover surveillance team, were deployed for the full eight hours of the shoot on Saturday.... A spokesperson for NWLACS said: "Lancashire Police knew we had only allocated two monitors to the Hoghton Tower shoot….” (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 8.11.06 18 police officers sent to watch two protesters - ANIMAL welfare campaigners have accused police of wasting taxpayers' money after 18 officers were sent to watch two people protesting over a duck shoot. The North West League Against Cruel Sports claimed the officers in seven police vehicles were joined by an undercover surveillance team to monitor them for eight hours at the Hoghton Tower duck shoot on Saturday.... (story)

Gloucester Citizen 16.11.06 STAFF WATCH IN HORROR AS FOX KILLS PET CAT - Forest pet owners are worried after a fox killed and dragged off a cat.Workers at the postal sorting office on Woodside Street, Cinderford, had seen a bold fox in the area a number of times. But early last Thursday morning, it killed and dragged off a large ginger cat while they looked on in horror. A spokesman from the veterinary practice, The Globe, in High Street, Cinderford, said cat owners should remain calm.... "People should not be scared. It has probably been going on for years - it is just that somebody saw it this time…." (story)

Market Rasen Mail 16.11.06 Racecourse hits back at safety slur - MARKET RASEN Racecourse has defended its safety record following a protest at its gate's today (Wednesday) over the number of horse fatalities... Animal Aid's Fiona Pereira and Dene Stansall held a sombre protest highlighting that total of 375 horses are 'raced to death' ever year.... (story)
Sporting Life 16.11.06 PEACEFUL DEMO AT RASEN By Keith Hamer, PA Sport - A demonstration by members of Animal Aid went off peacefully during Thursday's jumps meeting at Market Rasen.... "There were two people from Animal Aid just protesting outside the gates handing out press releases to everyone. It was relatively minor. They didn't enter the racecourse," said clerk of the course Nick Patton…. (story)

Independent Catholic News 16.11.06 Call to put animal welfare on the Christian agenda - A special ecumenical Animal Welfare Service takes place this Saturday, 18 November, at 2.30pm in St Stephen's City Parish Church, St Stephen's Street, Bristol. The guest preacher will be Right Reverend Dominic Walker, Bishop of Monmouth and Vice-President of the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals.... "The service will be conducted by Reverend Canon Tim Higgins, Priest in Charge of St Stephen's…. Deborah Jones, General Secretary of Catholic Concern for Animals, said:… Jean Crossman, who is a member of St Stephen's congregation and works with the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals, said:… (story)

Worcester News 16.11.06 Halal meat is too cruel to animals - With reference to halal meat, I am appalled that things have gone this far. What on earth is happening to England? Years ago, animals were not humanely killed but we progressed, thank God. So why are we going back on ourselves, killing these poor creatures in this cruel and barbaric way?... A TONGUE, Worcester. (story)


Cornish Guardian 15.11.06 HUNT KEEPS TO TRADITION AT START OF SEASON - Followers of the North Cornwall Hunt are proving that despite changes in law, backing for the long-standing tradition has not waned in the area.The first meet of the season was well supported, with more than 80 horses taking part and many people turning out to follow the group... (story)

Western Daily Press 15.11.06 FOXES DON'T KILL FOR FUN BUT FOR SURVIVAL - I Read yet another letter in the Western Daily Press (Your Say, November 10), headed "Distress that foxes cause", that obviously was written by someone who does not know anything about foxes or their hunting methods.So, to justify their support of blood sport, they use the misconceptions that the fox kills for fun and is a thief, so deserves to be chased, harried and ripped to pieces by a pack of dogs and a mob of bloodthirsty humans on horseback. I would like to explain to Joan Tiley, and others like her that, unlike humans, foxes don't kill for fun but for survival…. P Richardson South Cerney Cirencester (letter)
Western Daily Press 10.11.06 DISTRESS THAT FOXES CAUSE - Receiving my Western Daily Press this morning and turning to the letters, I read another letter from Pat Butler, from Bideford, against fox- hunting. She obviously hasn't seen hens ripped to pieces for fun.... My daughter followed the Cotswold Vale farmers since she was young - she doesn't wear a red coat, but jeans - but has now had to retire... Joan Tiley Stonehouse Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 4.11.06 TIME TO BRING IN GREEN TAXES - Hunters need to obey the law (November 1)n My congratulations go out to the police for taking decisive action against those who break the law by chasing and killing deer with packs of dogs - for fun... Pat Butler, Bideford (letter)

Western Daily Press 15.11.06 OUR PROTEST FAILED - I Agree with the letter "Trust betrayal over hunting" (Your Say, November 8).Together with many other members of the League Against Cruel Sports, we stood outside Cheltenham Racecourse, where the National Trust held its AGM…. Our peaceful protest fell on deaf ears…. Pamela Dean Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)

Argus 15.11.06 Say no to Yeo - I am horrified at the appointment of Nigel Yeo to a top job by the RSPCA (The Argus, October 20). He showed a complete lack of feeling when ordering the destruction of a police dog... Sharon Joseph, Hangleton Road, Hove (story)


Bristol Evening Post 14.11.06 'HUNT SUPPORTERS MUST NOT GET THEIR OWN WAY' - Mp Dan Norris has urged the region's top policeman not to bow to pressure from hunt supporters to relax enforcement of the hunting ban.The call from the Wansdyke Labour MP follows a meeting between police and 300 angry hunt supporters following the arrest of two huntsmen from the Devon and Somerset Staghounds.... The Countryside Alliance accused Mr Norris of putting pressure on the police.... (story)

Horse & Hound 14.11.06 MORE RIDERS HUNTING THIS SEASON - Carol Phillips - The future of hunting continues to look healthy with nearly 90% of H&H Online users stating that they plan to hunt either on horseback or on foot this year.... (story)

BBC News Online 14.11.06 Three arrested under hunting act - Three hunters are the first to be arrested in Northamptonshire under the 2004 Hunting Act. The three, aged 17, 23 and 35, were arrested after police received reports of people hunting with dogs in a field between Horton and Brayfield on Sunday... Officers also seized a 4x4 vehicle and an estate car, which are now being forensically examined.... (story)

Western Morning News 14.11.06 POLICE ALIENATE THEIR SUPPORTERS - If, as seems the case, the police detained a 63-year-old man accused of committing an offence last April for two-and-a-half hours in a police cell this week, we may be excused for asking if they have gone completely mad... Granted, the man in question was also a master of the local hunt, but what did the police fear? That he would run away? That he was a danger to the public? With these sorts of actions by the police, little wonder that they find their job hard to do. If they carry on like this, it is going to get a whole lot harder. David Lowes, Tiverton (letter)

Western Morning News 14.11.06 HUNTING BAN, BUT NO CURBS ON CARNIVORES - I agree with Mike Sagar-Fenton (Cornish Guardian, November 1) for the most part, though unlike him I believe the hunt ban was about stopping animal cruelty, and was nothing to do with class or townies vs countryfolk. We would have opposed hunting equally if it had been solely the chief pastime of the inner-city chavs.... Paul Nelson, Croydon (letter)

Western Daily Press 14.11.06 TRUST COULD LOSE SUPPORT - In reply to "Day of celebration for hunts" (Western Daily Press, November 6), it's a sad fact that the National Trust completely ignored its customers, the general public, during the League Against Cruel Sports' demonstration at Cheltenham racecourse last Saturday morning.Had their director-general or a representative spent just half-an-hour standing by the protesters, they would know the strength of feeling and how strongly the passing motorists opposed stag- hunting… J Hall Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Daily Press 14.11.06 OUT OF TOUCH - Allowing those who get their kicks from tormenting and killing wild animals back on to its property is a dark day in the history of the National Trust.... Chris Gale Chippenham Wiltshire (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 14.11.06 WELCOME STEP ON RIGHT PATH IN FOX HUNTING - A Law has been introduced to ban fox hunting. However, it seems that there are a few arrogant hunters out there who are intent on breaking the law and will "find a way around it".I am writing this to inform them that they, quite rightly, face the risk of prosecution… Amanda (a law-abiding citizen), address supplied. (letter)

Western Mail 14.11.06 Hunting banned as it is immoral - Contrary to the claims by Mr Evans (Country & Farming, Letters, Oct 31) the International Fund for Animal Welfare has never made a donation to the Labour Party, let alone one of £1m. IFAW, as a matter of policy, does not make donations to political parties.... JOSEY SHARRAD, Campaigns Manager, IFAW, 87 - 90 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7UD (letter)

Western Mail 14.11.06 Controversy as wild-goat cull begins to protect gardens and national park - Sally Williams, Western Mail - A QUARTER of the wild goats of Snowdonia will be culled to protect the national park - and residents' begonias.... But Animal Aid Wales has complained about the cull and is urging the public to write letters of objection to the National Trust and to boycott its properties... (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 14.11.06 ‘SAS unit’ hunts deer poachers - SAS-trained operatives from the RSPCA are carrying out covert operations on Cannock Chase in a bid to catch illegal deer poachers. Members of the charity’s Special Operations Unit were called in. It follows a number of shootings at the beauty spot in the last few weeks.... (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 14.11.06 Allow these beautiful deer to live - Having just read your article on a proposed deer cull in the Kirstall Valley, Leeds... As someone who lives in the city centre I find it hard to believe that the gardener cannot appreciate this wonder of nature which is right on his doorstep... Mr James Robert Pearson, Leeds
I was appalled to read about the proposed cull. The market gardener should be ashamed of himself to even suggest such a thing…. E Fletcher, Horsforth.
We are appalled that a proposal to cull these beautiful creatures is even being considered… Nadine and David McCafferty, e-mail
There should be no deer cull whatsoever in Leeds… Caroline Ellis, East Leeds.
These beautiful creatures should be left alone and an alternative method should be found to prevent them from doing damage, if any, to the market garden…. Bradley Windle, Halton, Leeds (letters)

Leicester Mercury 14.11.06 BADGERS SPARK HOUSING BATTLE BY IAN WISHART - A badger protection group has objected to plans to build 320 houses on playing fields.... Peter Mynott, of the Leicestershire Badger Group, said: "When the houses in Beaumont Leys were built, the developers created a nice lot of green corridors, but unwittingly that has created a good habitat for badgers….(story) p>Halifax Courier 14.11.06 RSPCA'S FIRST PROFESSIONAL FUND-RAISER IS AFTER YOUR CASH By Suzanne Rutter - MEET Halifax’s first ever professional RSPCA fund-raiser – and she’s after your money. From fund-raising events, legacies, gifts and corporate sponsorship – Barbara Wheeler wants cash to benefit Calderdale’s animals... (story) <


Western Daily Press 13.11.06 NO GROUNDS FOR REPEAL OF ACT (NOVEMBER 9) - I have, over the past year, endured many furious letters to the press calling for me to be prosecuted for breaking the Hunting Act.Mr Bunce's letter is the first one that concedes that I do actually have a point, and that I shouldn't be prosecuted for breaking the law... Giles Bradshaw Devon (letter)
Western Daily Press 9.11.06 NO GROUNDS FOR REPEAL OF ACT - In response to Giles Bradshaw's latest missive (Your Say, October 31), I have at last cracked, and decided to reply... Though a hunt monitor for many years, and thus entirely on the other side of the fence from Mr Bradshaw, in this instance he has a point. There is an anomaly in the Hunting Act which requires that if you flush deer out with dogs, "as soon as possible... the wild mammal is shot dead by a competent person". It is apparently illegal just to let them run off, as Mr Bradshaw says he does most days of his life now, and, of course, he should not be prosecuted for this harmless activity…. Peter Bunce Haddenham Buckinghamshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 13.11.06 ARBORETUM IS NO HAVEN FOR FOXES - The supposed ban on fox-hunting is a complete farce... It is known the Westonbirt Arboretum permits the hunt on its land, while expecting dog owners to control their animals. Just how long have artificial fox earths been in their grounds?... Miss E A Smith Bristol (letter)

Western Daily Press 13.11.06 KILLING FIELDS OF NATIONAL TRUST - My wife and I will not be renewing our subscription to the National Trust this coming year.Allowing the kill-for-fun set a loophole to exploit trust land on Exmoor is inexcusable.... Mr M W Fielding Devizes (letter)

Western Daily Press 13.11.06 NATIONAL TRUST MEETING SURREAL (NOVEMBER 9) - The National Trust should hang its head in shame for allowing itself to be hijacked by hunting extremists. Its stealthy takeover by the Countryside Alliance will achieve exactly the opposite of any declared aim for being socially inclusive... Simon Hacker Gloucestershire (letter)

South Wales Echo 13.11.06 Hunters should obey the law - I read C E Lambert's letter (Viewpoints, November 6) in which he says the hunting ban is unenforceable and the law should be repealed. I would like to remind C E Lambert that the law was brought in by MPs democratically voted into Parliament to represent the views of people in this country.... Malcolm Ross, Fidlas Road, Llanishen, Cardiff (story)
South Wales Echo 6.11.06 Hunting law is unenforceable - The League Against Cruel Sports is an organisation devoted to a single issue and having obtained legislation supporting that issue, it expects it to be enforced.... I spoke to a senior police officer about this when the legislation received royal approval. His private opinion was that an offence could only be proved if it was witnessed by police officers... The police do not turn a blind eye to breaches of this or any other law. This law is simply unenforceable within the police budget and, as such, should be repealed. C E Lambert Brookside, Barry (letter)

York Press 13.11.06 Save the tiger - THE statistics make dreadful reading. The wild Indian tiger is virtually extinct due to poaching; only 60 years ago, there were probably 40,000 tigers in the wild. Now there are perhaps a mere 1,500.... I hope you all feel as passionately as I do that it must not happen... Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington, East Yorkshire. (story)

Bath Chronicle 13.11.06 PROTESTERS' ANGER AT FACTORY FARMS - Shoppers came face to face with a jailbird this weekend. Vegetarian charity Viva! is drawing attention to factory farming and sent a life-size duck character into Bath city centre on Saturday… "Jake's story of wrongful imprisonment is heart-breaking, but sadly it's typical," said Viva! senior campaigner Justin Kerswell…. (story)


Western Morning News 11.11.06 ENGLISH ICONS SCHEME 'POLITICALLY HIJACKED' - MARK CLOUGH - A government-backed scheme to find the icons of England has been politically hijacked, claims East Devon MP Hugo Swire. Mr Swire, who is the Shadow Culture Secretary, said the project had been interfered with to suit a political agenda after moves to have foxhunting included as an icon failed - and "foxhunting and the ban" was included instead…. "Despite receiving thousands of votes, foxhunting was not made an icon in its own right but has been altered to 'foxhunting and the ban', which was not voted for….(story)
Western Morning News 11.11.06 Hunting icon - HOW can "foxhunting and the ban" be classed as an icon of England? In bending over backwards to accommodate the anti-hunters on its website of icons, the organisers of this Government-backed Internet project have made themselves look daft…. Labour has succeeded in making life extremely difficult for the huntsmen and women. Can't Icons of England at least leave the sport's name unmolested on the website? (story)

Bath Chronicle 11.11.06 BRUTAL KILLING IS OUT OF PLACE IN 2006 - The great majority of the population support the ban on live animal hunting.What is the sense in the National Trust voting to 'release' the ban on deer hunting on its property?... KATHERINE WATSON, Stockport, Cheshire (letter)

Western Mail 11.11.06 Fewer hunt backers - The claim made by hunts that they are receiving increased support should be taken with a pinch of salt.... evidence from hunt monitors around the country is that on normal hunting days the number of both riders and supporters is down.... As convictions for illegal hunting mount it will be interesting to see how long that thrill will last. JOSEY SHARRAD, IFAW Campaigns Manager, Albert Embankment, London (story)

Scotsman 11.11.06 Rites and wrongs of blooding - SHOOTING & FISHING - ALASTAIR ROBERTSON - WHEN I shot my first pheasant I think my father said "Good shot" and that was it. We didn't go in for blooding - at least not for shooting a pheasant, which can hardly be considered a wily and cunning quarry even if it's hard enough to hit a lot of the time. But times change. Blooding, from the verb to blood, as in I blood, you blood, he bloods, is an initiation ceremony…. (story)

Aberdeen Evening Express 11.11.06 CULL OF GREYS PROPOSED TO SAVE RED SQUIRRELS - Culling grey squirrels is among the plans being put forward to save Scotland's threatened red squirrels. A £3.7 million programme has been proposed to save the reds from extinction.... Now Scottish Natural Heritage is seeking £3.7 million from the Scottish Executive for a cull of greys.... One person supporting the cull is MSP Murdo Fraser. He is in favour of a suggestion by the Scottish Gamekeepers' Association for a bounty of £3 per grey.... The bounty is opposed by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.... (story)

Times 11.11.06 My mission to get Britain talking about animal tests BY ALICE MILES AND HELEN RUMBELOW - The public image of what goes on inside laboratories is out of date, Sara Nathan, a government adviser, tells our correspondents... Ms Nathan donned a new hat this year: the chairmanship of a little-known body that advises ministers on animal experimentation, the Animal Procedures Committee (APC). This former Editor of Channel 4 News is on something of a mission: to open up a subject that the British find almost unbearable to discuss in any reasonable way... (story)

Telegraph 11.11.06 Animal experiment universities fear 'hit list' By Rosie Murray-West - Scientists fear that violent activists may be able to create a "hit list" of universities involved in animal experiments. Six universities, which do not want to be named, have received freedom of information requests about experiments involving work with primates from the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)…. (story)
Daily Mail 9.11.06 Animal rights group creates hit list of universities conducting research on monkeys By LAURA CLARK - Animal rights activists are using freedom of information laws to draw up a 'hit list' of universities which conduct research on monkeys Letters sent to six universities requesting details of experiments involving primates have sparked panic among researchers.... The group which made the requests under the Freedom of Information Act insists it is non-violent and has not yet decided what it would do with the replies... The group which issued the letters is the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. Sean Gifford, campaigns manager, said: "In general, these experiments go on behind closed and locked doors. We have a long campaign to ban primate research completely… (story)


Chester Chronicle 10.11.06 Hunters' anger over huge police presence - FOLLOWERS of the Cheshire hunt are furious after a police helicopter was sent to observe their activities even though they were acting within the law. Police dispatched a squad car and diverted a chopper to the scene after a member of the public reported fox hunting with hounds taking place at Aldford in contravention of the Hunting Act. But the Cheshire Hunt said it was merely exercising its pack, which is allowed within the law, and police agreed that not only was nothing illegal taking place, they couldn't actually find any dogs at all. Cllr Noel Dutton, chairman of Kelsall Parish Council, was following the hunt on Tuesday and was incensed at the level of police resources on display given his village is about to lose its dedicated bobby.... (story)

Chester Chronicle 10.11.06 Vixen killers are guilty - THE RSPCA claimed another victory in its first ever fox hunting court case when a third defendant pleaded guilty. In the first prosecution of its kind under the Hunting Act 2004, Mark Walsh, 18, of Netherton, and Terence Williams, 15, of Maghull, pleaded guilty on October 16 to hunting on foot with dogs in Great Barrow. Now Paul Kelly, 21, of Norris Green, Liverpool has been sentenced for his part in the illegal hunt. Chester Magistrates heard how four men were spotted on Ferma Lane on January 11 along with six dogs. Christopher Johnson, told how the men dug into a badger breeding sett used by foxes and rabbits…. (story)

Kent/Sussex Courier 10.11.06 HUNTING SEASON BEGINS - More than 500 people, including 114 riders, gathered near Edenbridge on Saturday for the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt.... (story)
Kent/Sussex Courier 10.11.06 FIRST HUNT IS PEACEFUL AFFAIR BY REBECCA YOUNGER - Fears of a potentially explosive backlash from anti-hunt protestors did little to mar Chiddingstone's first hunt of the season. More than 500 people, including 114 riders, from the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt gathered at Lockskinners Farm for the meet. And to the amazement of organisers, participants were left to carry out their hunt in peace as protestors failed to turn up to the event.... (story)

Cumberland News 10.11.06 Hounds head out for hunt season By Dave Gudgeon - SCORES of hunt supporters turned out for the start of the new season in north Cumbria. About 40 people rode out with the Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds last Saturday and at least the same number followed on foot.... (story)

Cheadle Post & Times 10.11.06 HUNT PROVES TO BE MORE POPULAR THAN EVER - A Group of 25 mounted riders took part in the Staffordshire Moorlands hunt, pictured on the right, at Swainsley hall on Monday.The event, which was also attended by around 50 foot followers, marks the start of the new hunting season. Gerald DeVille, organiser of the hunt said: "The day was well attended as the hunts are every time... (story)
Post & Times 10.11.06 UK'S ONLY FEMALE HUNTSMAN TOOK HOUNDS ROUND - Twenty-five riders took part in the Staffordshire Moorlands hunt at Swainsley Hall on Monday. The event, which was also attended by around 50 foot followers, marked the start of the new hunting season.... Elaine Barker, the only female huntsman in the UK, took hounds and followers around the area. (story)

Western Morning News 10.11.06 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Telegraph 10.11.06 Labour has eyes only for the cities By Annunziata Rees-Mogg - Despite claims to the contrary, the Conservative Party is not still exclusively the province of middle-aged men. Last month, I was selected as the parliamentary candidate for the eminently winnable seat of Somerton and Frome, in Somerset... My first advantage is that Labour is an urban party.... From John Prescott's brainwave that new homes should be built over swaths of our rolling hills to the foxhunting ban, Labour has failed rural communities... (story)

Henley Standard 10.11.06 Oh dear, Mrs Bradley is at it again with her views on hunting. The Vale of Aylesbury with the Garth and South Berks Hunt are hunting within the law, so surely her time would be better spent on a worthwhile welfare cause such as encouraging people to eat free range chicken, those the fox hasn’t eaten. — Yours faithfully, Kate Waddington, Fawley. (letter may be in archive)
Henley Standard 3.11.06 An apologist for hunting - Having been rudely telephoned by a hunt supporter — not for the first time — who was eager to tell me that someone was ‘having a right go’ at me in the Henley Standard, I expected more than the excitable comments on offer from Alex Baker.... I despise anyone, whatever their social standing, who finds pleasure in any form of bloodsport, be it in its present ‘exempt hunting’ form of the full blown horror that the hunters are eager to resume... Bea Bradley, Cuxham Road, Watlington. (letter may be in archive)

Guardian 10.11.06 Foxhunters back in the saddle - Stephen Moss (The banned rode on, G2, November 7) should have got up earlier. I saw a hunt out at 8am a few weeks ago hunting as normal.... . I used to be a saboteur and in those days we heard a lot about "the law of the land" - usually just before a beating from hunt heavies… Name and address supplied
The hunts have shown they can continue to enjoy a day out in the countryside without causing unnecessary suffering by hounding an animal to death in the process…. Gill Purser, Cheltenham, Glos
It's not the hunting ban - foxes have always been shot in large numbers, because hunting is an inefficient way to control the fox population…. Charlie Sheret, Birnam, Perthshire
Stephen Moss shouldn't blame MPs - they passed the ban in the naive belief that hunting folk were, as claimed, "decent law-abiding citizens"…. Victoria Isherwood, London (letters)

Lincolnshire Echo 10.11.06 HUNTERS' RESPECT FOR THE LAW - I Write in reference to my "quote" published in the article on hunting (November 7). I never said we are carrying on "regardless", which may infer we have no regard to the law - what I actually said is that our mood is defiant but we are continuing to hunt within the law until such time as it is changed….. MARGARET MORRIS Brant Broughton (letter)
Lincolnshire Echo 7.11.06 SUPPORT FOR HUNTS 'IS ON THE INCREASE' - Defiant hunts across the county say their ranks have swelled by 10 per cent at the start of the new season. And they vowed to continue to practice their sport within the law until the "ridiculous" ban is lifted. Hundreds of men, women and children took to the fields of Lincolnshire to hunt at the opening of the season over the weekend. And joint master of Burton Hunt John Green said the sport had never been more popular…. Blankney Hunt is also going strong at the start of the new season. It also practises a trail method, but a cross steppe eagle is used to kill in case the pack "accidentally" comes across a fox…. (story)

Western Daily Press 10.11.06 TRUST BETRAYAL OVER HUNTING (NOVEMBER 8) The frustration of anti-hunt people is understandable, given the length of time it took to change the law. My question is, why are the hounds which "accidentally" kill pets and wildlife, being "exercised" and not put on leads and muzzled by their responsible owners?M Stoneman, Stonehouse (letter)

Cumberland News 10.11.06 Advert to snare film audiences By Pam McClounie - A CINEMA advert aimed at raising public awareness about the use of animal snares hits screens in Carlisle from today.... The League Against Cruel Sports is calling for a total ban of snares which cause intense suffering to the thousands of animals captured each year.... It’s the first time the League Against Cruel Sports has taken one of its campaigns to the big screen... (story)

Croydon Advertiser 10.11.06 PETA's £1,000 reward to catch cat killers - A REWARD of £1,000 has been offered for the capture of the sick yobs who blew up a cat with a firework. The money has been put forward by animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Its members were disgusted when they read in last week's Advertiser that thugs had savagely stuck a lit rocket into the pet's backside and left it to explode... (story)

Western Daily Press 10.11.06 NBA SECURES EXPORT ROUTE (NOVEMBER 7) I'm pleased to see that P &O is taking a tougher line and accepting only genuine breeding cattle for export through Dover. Perhaps it will now consider refusing to carry calves from Ireland... Sue Baumgardt, Horton (letter)


Kentish Gazette 9.11.06 Hunt on the trail of a rag - MORE than 200 people attended the opening meet of the East Kent Hunt on Saturday. It was the hunt's second opening meet since the Hunting Act came into force.... (story)
BBC News Online 4.11.06 Fox hunting ban 'boosts support' - Fox hunters meeting in Kent at the start of the new season say the ban which came into force last year has made the sport more popular than ever. Hunting foxes with dogs is banned, but East Kent Foxhounds are staying within the law by following a fox-scent trail.... "With all the attention the ban brought, more people heard we were around," said spokesman Nick Onslow…. He said people were not joining up because the hounds no longer chased live foxes. "We make it very clear that if they sign up they are giving their support to the restoration of foxhunting," he said…. (story)
Kent Messenger 2.11.06 Hunt hoping for plenty of support - A LARGE turnout of supporters is expected for the opening meet of the East Kent Hunt on Saturday. It will be the pack's second season since the Hunting Act came into force which banned traditional hunting with hounds... Nick Onslow, from East Kent Hunt Supporters, said: "We are determined to keep things together until the Act is repealed and are finding that more and more people are joining our ranks and signing up to the campaign for that repeal."… (story)

Western Morning News 9.11.06 DEDICATED AUTHORITY ON DEER HUNTING - Hugh Thomas, a highly respected committee member of the Union of Country Sports Workers, died on October 16.Hugh had served on the committee of the UCSW since 2000 and was Chairman of the South West region since 1998. He was its representative on various committees, including the Deer Initiative and the Independent Working Group on Snares and Traps.... (story)

Western Daily Press 9.11.06 NATIONAL TRUST MEETING SURREAL - I Went to the AGM of the National Trust last Saturday and it was very surreal. One of the resolutions, raised by the League Against Cruel Sports, sought to ensure stag hunts would not be allowed to pursue injured deer on to trust land.... I figured pursuing deer with hounds is now illegal, and setting dogs on to an already injured animal is blatantly barbaric, so why do we need this resolution?... Gill Purser Cheltenham (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.11.06 WATCH ME BREAKING THE HUNTING ACT - I hunt deer with four dogs on my farm in Devon and I'm happy to answer the five questions posed in the article My questions for the hunts about how they stay within the law, Echo, November 4.Question 1: Who is responsible for laying trails for the hunt? All trails are laid by wild mammals, deer, foxes, hare, badgers etc going about their normal business. I deliberately trail wild mammals with dogs... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.11.06 WEARY OF IMAGES OF ARROGANT TOFFS - I am so weary of images of arrogant hunting toffs riding around the country and, to make matters worse, East Devon Hunt has with it the convicted criminal Christopher Marles.Marion Dudley Thorverton, near Exeter (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 9.11.06 Bring law down on the hunt - REGARDING the article My sick horse upset by hunt' (SA, November 3). I totally sympathise with Debbie Coffey over the incident when her poorly horse Dolly was sent into a frenzy by the antics of the hunt. There are many, many horse owners across these counties who have had similar experiences and I am just one of them.... If I was Mrs Coffey, I would look into the possibility of suing the hunt involved for professional negligence.... G PURSER Cheltenham (letter)

Leamington Spa Courier 9.11.06 ROW OVER ANIMAL RIGHTS FILM - Billed as "a film the government doesn't want you to see" controversial animal rights documentary Behind the Mask is coming to Leamington on Friday November 10th. The film, which follows members of the Animal Liberation Front and explores the world of animal rights, is to be screened at Bath Place Community Venture tonight at an event organised by the Leamington Veggies and Vegans…. Screening organiser Aileen Vania said: "It shows raids on laboratories and one in particular that shows a lab where people's ex-pets and stray dogs were experimented on…” (story)

Daily Post 9.11.06 RSPCA ‘won’t say sorry’ despite rap over bovine TB ad By Ian Jones - THE RSPCA’S failure to appeal against the ruling that their newspaper campaign against badger culling was untrue and unsubstantiated is a belated admission of guilt, the Farmers’ Union of Wales claimed yesterday. The decision not to appeal against the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) verdict has prompted the FUW to renew its call for a public apology.... (story)

Tamworth Herald 9.11.06 ACTION FOR DUCKS - I Write to inform readers that November 11 is Day of Action for Ducks. Luck has sadly run out for the 18 million ducks that are slaughtered each year in the UK to supply both the restaurant and supermarket trade.... For information on the campaign against duck factory farming, contact Viva!, 8 York Court, Wilder St, Bristol... Someone who cares about ALL forms of life! (Details supplied). (story)

Torquay Herald Express 9.11.06 AWARDS FOR ANIMAL LOVERS - Animal heroes from South Devon are picking up prestigious awards today. Rosemary Kind and Patricia Neale are due to collect awards for their work with ponies and dogs... The Animal Action Awards are run by the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the awards are due to be given out today at the House of Lords... (story)


Western Daily Press 8.11.06 TRUST BETRAYAL OVER HUNTING - It has finally dawned on me after many a year campaigning for animals that we as a race are without hope.There are the hunters and the apologists for hunting who just can't see the suffering they are causing to animals... Then you have politicians and organisations like the National Trust taking the hunters' side.... I will be organising regular protests outside one of their estates to show the paying public how the trust has betrayed the thousands of people in this country opposed to hunts killing for fun. Judi Hewitt Rhyl (story)

Shropshire Star 8.11.06 Outraged by hunt’s attitude - I was absolutely outraged that the North Shropshire Hunt took it upon themselves to rampage with hounds through the Brown Moss Nature Reserve, Whitchurch, on October 14, allowing these dogs to chase water fowl amongst other things.... Chris Birch, Newport (story)

Scotsman 8.11.06 Angling 'to fight anti-social behaviour' - THOUSANDS of city-dwelling young people are to be encouraged to take up angling in the latest attempt to tackle anti-social behaviour. The Scottish National Angling Programme (SNAP) hopes to attract 50,000 new anglers over the next ten years in the first sports development programme designed for fishing.... Ian Robertson, who has been hired as development manager by the Scottish Countryside Alliance Educational Trust, which is funding SNAP, believes it will help youngsters avoid abuse, anti-social behaviour and crime, as well as offering opportunities for personal and career development, skills acquisition and a healthy lifestyle.... (story)

Hull Daily Mail 8.11.06 GREYHOUND TRAINERS: OUR DOGS ARE ON DEATH ROW - Greyhound trainers fear as many as 150 dogs could be put down by Christmas following the closure of their ground. Trainers said a controversial decision to stop them racing at the Boulevard stadium had placed their dogs on "death row"… Rebecca Perkins, from Hull, who trains 30 greyhounds, said the situation was putting dogs' lives at risk. She said the cost of keeping them in kennels, combined with a drop in income from fewer wins, was making life difficult for trainers…(story)

Edinburgh Evening News 8.11.06 Greyhound idea is a curious mixture - WITH regard to your article "Hotel bid to stop greyhound arena from going to the dogs" (News October 31), I find the prospect of a greyhound stadium as part of a residential and leisure development both troubling and amusing…. The greyhound racing industry in the UK is dying out and is also clearly implicated in animal abuse… Davie Rutherford, Greyhound Action Scotland, Brown Street, Haddington, East Lothian (letter)

Dublin People 8.11.06 Shamed by greyhound trade - I was born in Dublin, and although I now live in Australia, I have retained my Irish nationality. For the first time in my life I am now considering renouncing it, having read of Ireland's trade in live animals to the Middle East and its greyhound industry.... Suzanne Cass (McGorry) Tasmania Bridgewater TAS 7030 Australia (letter)

Guardian 8.11.06 Food for thought - I applaud the London mayor, Ken Livingstone, in his stance on global warming (Plane speaking). However, he says that the one big thing that nobody is tackling is aviation. There is another "big thing" that nobody appears to address… The problem of carbon dioxide from transport is dwarfed by the amount of methane given off as waste gases from farm animals… Farm animals also consume much more water than anyone else. It takes 15,000 litres of water a day to produce food for a meat eater. A vegetarian diet requires a third of that, and a vegan diet less than a tenth…. Jen Williams, via email (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 8.11.06 Fur industry is a cruel business - ANDREA MARTIN, Press and PR officer for the British Fur Trade Association, certainly has her work cut out trying to defend the indefensible... Every year over 50 million animals are killed so that their fur can be used by humans... Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 6.11.06 Fur trade is against animal cruelty - FOLLOWING the letter from Yvonne Taylor (Your views, October 28) about the fur trade we would like to provide some facts.... Members of the British Fur Trade Association (BFTA) along with members of the European Fur Federation (EFF) do not handle or offer for sale domestic cat and dog skins.... The international fur sector has invested substantial funds in independent scientific research to ensure that the methods of production meet the highest humane standards. Andrea Martin, British Fur Trade Association, Press & PR Officer, Brookstone House, Elthorne Road, London (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 28.10.06 The fur trade is based on unthinkable cruelty - THE proposed EU ban on importing cat and dog fur products is marvellous news (City MP Calls for Ban on Import of Cat and Dog Fur, Evening News, October 25). However, people who don't want to drape themselves in dog and cat skin still should not feel "safe" to buy fur…. Yvonne Taylor, Special Projects Manager, PETA Europe Ltd, London (story)


Guardian 7.11.06 The banned rode on - Eighteen months ago hunting was banned. Or was it? The hounds are still running, foxes are still being killed and the number of people taking part has actually increased. As the new season begins, Stephen Moss saddles up and discovers how the hunts are outfoxing the law.... "My children have grown up marching," says Florrie's mother, Philippa Mayo. She is the head of the Countryside Alliance's hunting campaign, and one of the reasons I am sitting on a horse, about to follow the hounds across the Leicestershire countryside…. Mayo has convinced me that I should ride with the Cottesmore in my quest to discover how hunting has survived the ban….Last year, the Cottesmore reported every fox accidentally killed by hounds to the police; this year the police, who would presumably prefer to be chasing burglars than fretting about dead foxes, have told it not to bother….A couple of days after my ride with the Cottesmore, I am out again, this time as a car follower at the opening meet of the Heythrop, a rather grand hunt whose "country" straddles Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire… The third part of my tour takes me to the Avon Vale hunt in Wiltshire - a more utilitarian pack than the glitzy Heythrop… For Major Jonathon Seed, the burly master and huntsman of the Avon Vale, however, defeat is not an option. "There's no doubt in my mind that it will be made lawful again," he says…. Seed's second-in-command at the Avon Vale is Curtis Thompson. Thompson is very unusual among hunt staff. He is black. He grew up in Bristol, didn't get much schooling, learned to ride because his mother worked in a riding school, and has been a huntsman for 16 years. He personifies the best argument for hunting - that this all-consuming occupation gives a focus to young men (and theoretically women) with few other opportunities…. (story)

Western Morning News 7.11.06 INFLICTING PAIN - Well, i certainly seem to have touched a raw nerve with Jean Turner, judging by her amusingly shrill response (WMN, October 31) to my earlier letter.How typical of the anti-hunt lobby! They are adept at dishing out abuse, but any criticism of themselves makes them squeak with outrage and stamp their little feet.... Jonathan Marshall, Lydeard St Lawrence (letter)
Western Morning News 31.10.06 HUNTING HYSTERIA - What an hysterical outburst from J Marshall (October 10). His bitterness and rudeness, however, are quite understandable. All hunt marches, demonstrations, protests and court appeals have all failed miserably.... Jean Turner, Plympton (letter)
Western Morning News 10.10.06 PRO-HUNTERS WERE NOT A 'VIOLENT MOB' - It is a long time since I have read anything quite so unpleasant as the letter (September 26) from Jean Turner about the pro-hunt demonstration in London two years ago. Mrs Turner refers to a "disgusting exhibition" by a "violent mob". I was there, and I can assure Mrs Turner that the only people who merited such descriptions were the police… However, the most repellent part of Mrs Turner's letter is her reference to Geoffrey Brown, pictured on your front page obviously severely stunned and with blood streaming from a head wound. Apparently, according to Mrs Turner, this should teach Mr Brown a lesson. I must say I am utterly lost for words. I am used to the bigotry, ignorance and hatred so often displayed by the anti-hunting mob, but this statement, and the thinking behind it, was quite extraordinarily repulsive. Jonathan Marshall, Taunton (letter)
Western Morning News 26.9.06 VERDICT IS GOOD NEWS - What good news that no policeman involved in the disgusting exhibition by the hunt fraternity outside the House of Parliament two years ago is to be charged. The police did a very good job in keeping out this violent mob and are to be congratulated… Jean Turner, Plympton (letter)

Western Morning News 7.11.06 POLICE TIME WASTED - The arrest of the respected Exmoor farmer and Joint Master of Devon & Somerset Staghounds, Maurice Scott, and his employee Peter Heard must raise the question of best use of Avon & Somerset Constabulary.They were charged under the so-called Hunting Act, an ill-conceived, divisive piece of legislation that took an astonishing number of hours (was it 700?) of debate before it was finally passed into an unpopular law... Catherine Nicholls, Winsford (letter)

Western Morning News 7.11.06 WHEN THE LETTER OF LAW IS JUST ABSURD - John Sims' recent letter "Misguided pursuit of staghounds" (October 27) illustrates the absurd legal position stag hunts find themselves in. They are allowed by the law to flush out a deer with two hounds, but only if the deer is then shot as soon as possible… Devon and Cornwall Police say that if rather than obeying the law by flushing out with two dogs and shooting as soon as possible, I deliberately break it and flush out a deer with more than two dogs and don't shoot it as soon as possible, I will not be prosecuted… I am sure that if the staghounds do what I do, completely the opposite of what the law requires, they will not be prosecuted either. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, Devon (letter)

Western Morning News 7.11.06 BLOODLESS HUNTING - Recently, hunts have reported increased interest in hunting since hunting live mammals was banned.... Could the truth be that they actually prefer drag hunting where they can enjoy riding cross-country and following hounds without actually killing anything? .... Mike Baker, St Austell (letter)

Leicester Mercury 7.11.06 WHAT A DRAG! - Karl Wellman Smith (Mailbox, October 21) writes that so-called animal rights activists are not concerned about animals... . I can assure him that most anti-hunting people don't even give a jot for the miscreants one way or another. They could jump off the Tower Bridge or jump over the moon as long as they don't do it on horse back.... G A Wright, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 21.10.06 HUNTS DEFIANT - The Hunting Act came into force on February 18, 2005, followed by huge meets of hunts across the UK on February 19. One of the largest "defiance" meets was in Melton. In inviting "newcomers" to experience "legal" hunting ("Lifting the lid on typical hunt", Mercury, October 14), none of the hunts involved will be hiding the fact that they are totally opposed to the unworkable and unenforceable hunting ban, and they will return to "service as normal" when the ban is amended or repealed, as it inevitably will be…. Karl Wellman-Smith, Melton (letter)

Western Daily Press 7.11.06 HIDDEN VICTIMS - Those overlooked in the hunting argument are the wildlife victims not being pursued by the hunt but disturbed by it and driven on to roads, in fear, and under the wheels of the other innocent but affected non-participants, the passing traffic.M Stoneman Ipswich (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 7.11.06 HELP FARMERS STOP THE HUNT - The police's continued policy to not enforce the hunting ban in Devon is unconstitutional.... I am therefore starting a campaign to circumvent the police altogether, by encouraging local land owners to send their local hunt a contract, entrance onto their land being acceptance of the terms therein, whereby the hunt leases the land at a rate of £10,000 per day. It is fear of financial consequence that has stopped local farmers from standing up against the hunt, this way they would have compensation for whatever commercial action the hunt lobby can make against them... SARAH BRAMLEY, Church Street, Crediton. (letter)

York Press 7.11.06 Pity the fox - BY one of those quirky coincidences, the day I read JD Ellerton's letter... I had just heard on the radio a member of the Countryside Alliance, who was airing his views on the foxhunting ban and its consequences. He seemed to take pride in the fact that more foxes were being killed since the ban… It seems to me that this animal, as JD Ellerton rightly says, is part of wildlife, but is still being persecuted, but more vigorously, for the mere fact that these people, having been thwarted in their efforts to cruelly tear it to pieces, are now determined to kill as many foxes as possible for the sheer hell of it, just to make a point by shooting... W P Carter, Marston Crescent, Acomb, York (letter)
York Press 30.10.06 Shock at fate of fox left shot in lane - AS lovers of the country and animals, before our little dogs died my boyfriend and I used to take a stroll up the lanes in Heslington. Now we go to take food for the birds as we enjoy the country air. To our disgust, we came across a poor fox shot dead in the stomach.... I realise the fox can be a threat to farmers or maybe gamekeepers but, after all, it's part of wildlife too... J D Ellerton, Burlington Avenue, Tang Hall, York (letter)

Daily Post 7.11.06 Ban game shoots By Mr R Sixsmith, Denbighshire - GOOD to hear New Labour look likely to legislate against airguns. But it shouldn’t stop there. The tweed coated lobby on their tally ho hunts are now history thanks to Labour. Speaking as a lifelong Labour activist we need to look at the barbaric commercial game shooting industry. The vast majority of the British public deplore cruelty, which only the wax-jacketed toffs in their polluting 4x4s partake in.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 7.11.06 CARING ANGLERS - In reply to Ms Sheppard's letter (Mailbox, October 19) about anglers (of which I am one of millions) it's true that it's because of us that waterways are "so clean and full of fish", and also well maintained…. I am not sure if fish feel pain, but I am not going to believe the studies of some obscure university in Canada. But I know that the vast majority of us anglers treat fish with the care that these wonderful creatures deserve. Derek Walker, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 23.10.06 NO RIGHT TO INFLICT PAIN - Russ Ball (Mailbox, October 16) no doubt thinks his little letter about fishing and cats is just a humorous little piece. But not all of us take cruelty inflicted on creatures capable of feeling pain so lightly. We cannot seriously excuse ourselves from inflicting pain on other animals simply because other animals do it.... Scientists have proven that, anatomically, fish have just as much capacity to feel pain as a cat or a dog. Russ tells us that he lets his fish go after spearing them though the lips, pitting his strength against their desperate and futile flailings, and finally dragging them exhausted from their habitat.... Paul Nelson, Croydon. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 19.10.06 ANGLERS DOING SO MUCH DAMAGE - Russ Ball's letter about "Cats, anglers and hunting instinct" (Mailbox, October 16) was one of the most absurd I have read… Rather than enriching the waterways, anglers damage them. Lead weights, which were poisoning swans, had to be banned by law in 1987 after a voluntary ban completely failed… Maggots contaminated with botulism and salmonella are responsible for an increasing number of fatalities to wildfowl…. Studies by the University of Guelph, Canada, found that fish feel pain, fear and stress in a similar way to four-legged animals and numerous other studies have confirmed the same. V H Sheppard, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 16.10.06 CATS, ANGLERS AND HUNTING INSTINCT - Bobby Youngwood (Mailbox, October 2) says he "finds it hard to understand how anyone could find inflicting cruelty on fish a relaxing pastime". Well, Mad Max, our cat, would enjoy it if he could manage it… he does not have the excuse of hunger - he is very well fed. But that doesn't stop the little murderer…. So what's sauce for Max, is sauce for fishermen. We wouldn't want to discriminate on the basis of species, would we? Mad Max certainly doesn't. He'll kill anything…. Russ Ball, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 9.10.06 ANGLING PRAISED - In response to the letter by Mr Youngwood (Mailbox, October 2), I have been fishing for 50 years and, yes, I have seen cruelty, but it is by a very small minority. There are approximately four million anglers in this country paying about £80 million per year. Without that money, the rivers and canals would be polluted and very few fish left.... Eric Foulds, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 9.10.06 BAITERS BAITED - Mr Youngwood does his cause no good whatsoever by such silly and gross exaggeration... I don't doubt that fish feel discomfort, but to me, the only cruelty involved is that caused to the angler. Huge sums paid out on tackle, massive money on attractive and tasty bait that keeps fish in gourmet heaven, and not a bite all day! Ernie White, Stoney Stanton. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 2.10.06 ANGLERS WOULD BE BETTER DOING COMMUNITY WORK - In response to the letter by Mr L C Leeder (Mercury Mailbox, September 27), I would like say that, in my view, fishing is a cruel and barbaric hobby. I would not call it a sport as I would not want to dignify it with that name. Fishing is unnecessary, and it causes pain and suffering to the fish that are caught. I have witnessed anglers catching fish, and then throwing them back into the water. What is the point in that?... Bobby Youngwood, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 30.9.06 FISHY BUSINESS Mr Leeder (Mailbox, September 27) has decided to stick his oar into the well-stirred waters out Melton way. Might I suggest the proper way forward is for those who take pleasure in their wretched piscine pursuits (I hesitate to call it sport) is to cease their self-interested deliberations; the authorities are quite capable of working on behalf of us all on their endeavours to clean-up the waterways. Perhaps they should stop littering the waterways with their discarded tackle for a start… P Hudson, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 27.9.06 ANGLERS' CONCERN OVER WATERWAYS REGENERATION - I read with interest about the plans to regenerate the "forgotten waterways of Melton"… There is no need to restock when there is already a healthy stock of fish - as you can see in the summer. Any development on the banks of this river would certainly put the anglers off as they would not want their expensive fishing tackle trodden on, ridden over, or even be set upon by ne'er-do-wells. Anglers tend to be the eyes of the waterways and as such are usually the first to know if there is anything wrong…. Mr LC Leeder, Melton (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 7.11.06 THREE-LEGGED LILY NOW HAS FIVE NEW FRIENDS - Retired racing greyhound Lily was not going to set any new track records after having a leg amputated. But the three-legged three-year-old has helped the Lincolnshire Retired Greyhound Trust match its personal best for the number of dogs found loving new homes in a year.... The treatment of retired greyhounds is one of the issues being debated as the Government draws up its new Animal Welfare Bill. The RSPCA and other charities want to see tighter regulation of the racing industry amid claims old dogs are being killed by a minority of trainers once they are past racing age.... (story)

South Wales Evening Post 7.11.06 SHOW IS DISTASTEFUL SPECTACLE - There is a moment in the classic TV series Rumpole of the Bailey in which our portly hero is defending a pornographer in court, and at one point cheerily dismisses his client's wares as "rubbish"."Excuse me, Mr Rumpole," his client responds, "It's not rubbish, it's adult literature of an erotic nature." I was reminded of this wonderful euphemism the other day while reading a piece in this very newspaper about animal rights activists who had staged a protest outside a show entitled Spirit of the Horse… at a time when the use of performing animals in traditional circuses is quite rightly frowned upon, this is a show which seeks to find a new outlet for a form of entertainment which should rightfully be consigned to the history books…. While I would dispute the protesters' use of the word "cruel" in connection with the horse show - indeed, I have no doubt that by and large those involved in the production would by necessity need to love the animals in their charge - I believe that shows such as this one strip animals of their dignity just as surely as the old PG tea commercials turned chimpanzees into clownish figures of fun… (story)

Scotsman 7.11.06 Minimal animal testing - In your report, "Hypocrisy claim as tests on animals increase by 4.5%" (2 November), the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research is described as a "special laboratory". In fact, it is an office-based scientific organisation which funds high-quality research, raises awareness of best practice and provides access to up-to-date information with the goal of minimising animal use and improving the lives of animals in research and testing…. LAURA PLAYLE, Park Crescent, London (letter)


Western Daily Press 6.11.06 SEASON OFF TO DEFIANT START - Tens of thousands of people took to horses, cars, quad bikes and wellies on Saturday as the traditional opening meets of the hunting season took place across the West... Perhaps the biggest meet in the West took place at Worcester Lodge on the Duke of Beaufort's estate on the Gloucestershire- Wiltshire border at Badminton. More than 150 riders and hundreds more followers set out.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 6.11.06 MR MOORE INSULTS OUR INTELLIGENCE - East Devon hunt master Michael Moore, Hunt gets a rousing send-off to mark the first meet of season, Echo, October 30, claims it is impossible to stop his hounds from chasing live animals.So how do drag hunts keep control of their dogs? Anyone who knows anything about hunting knows that hounds following a drag do not stray onto railway lines and roads, neither do they rampage through woods and gardens attacking cats and small dogs as many "former" fox and deer hunts still do…. Niamh Smith, Crockamwell Road, Reading (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 6.11.06 Hunts nearly wiped out otters - LIKE E Logan, I also watched the programme about otters... While I am not a supporter of some animal rights activists, E Logan has a short memory, as not too long ago there were many packs of otter hounds around which almost hunted the beautiful otter to the point of extinction... Hazel Featherstone, Crosby, Maryport (letter)

Western Daily Press 6.11.06 HUNTING HAS BEEN BANNED (NOVEMBER 3) - Since New Labour came to power they have created more than 3,000 new laws that have made criminals out of many millions of law-abiding people.... There is now real anger about what is happening to our country and I don't believe it will be repressed for much longer.Charles Henry, Somerset
Not an arrest for a reason (November 3) - Jennie Cook says that by breaking the Hunting Act, I am being a buffoon… However, if people are going to continue writing to this paper and others wittering on about how you can't chase wild mammals with dogs any more, then I feel duty bound to point out that I can. Let's be honest, the idea that someone is going to be arrested simply for chasing deer around with four dogs is patently ludicrous. Love me or hate me, at least I bring out the light-hearted side of criminality. Giles Bradshaw, Devon
Charge no.3 in hunt probe - I thought that everyone was presumed innocent until proved guilty. Surely this applies to the three hunters from the Devon and Somerset Staghounds. I find the rabid anti-hunt sentiments expressed by many readers who make responses quite frightening. Brian Howseman, Ampthill (letters)

Western Daily Press 6.11.06 DISTINCT FACTIONS BUT NEITHER CARE - Perhaps after reading the report in the Western Daily Press on October 27 about Porton Down spraying E.coli over Swindon in the 1960s, and the report the following day concerning the meeting between the police and the stag-hunting clique from Exmoor, members of the public will begin to realise that animal rights people have been telling the truth about our so-called scientists and the blood-sports brigade.Scientists from the drug companies and experimental laboratories are exactly the same as those who chase and rip up innocent animals for sport and pleasure.... P Richardson Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 6.11.06 LINING THE DRUG GIANTS' POCKETS - When will people who raise funds for health research charities take a look at the big picture instead of acting like lemmings... These charities climb into bed with huge pharmaceutical companies, they waste millions on useless and dangerous animal experiments and administration, they then claim to have developed all these "wonder" drugs that will cure everything…. KAREN DAVIES-BUCKINGHAM, Norman way, Ruardean (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 6.11.06 Don’t forget the animal victims - MARIE GREENHALGH, Westwood Road, Burnley. (story)
Burnley Express 3.11.06 I WANT to let readers know of an excellent idea by the charity Animal Aid, to remember our innocent and loyal friends lost in conflict. Remembrance Day – where we remember those who have died in conflicts around the world – is fast approaching... This year, Animal Aid has issued a purple poppy that can be worn alongside the red one, as reminders that both humans and animals have been - and continue to be – victims of war, at £1 each... MARIE GREENHALGH, Westwood Road, Burnley (story)

Bath Chronicle 6.11.06 MY ANGER AT THIS WHALING INCIDENT - I Don't know why I feel so surprised at Iceland's flagrant abuse of the whaling ban which has been in force since 1986, but I suppose, taking into account their history of causing pain and suffering to whales, it is hardly surprising.... I believe anyone who feels as I do about this should make their feelings known. When I first read of the Faroe Islanders' ugly and vicious annual event, I decided never to go to visit the country of Iceland, or buy anything Icelandic... DAWN ROBINSON, Mill Lane, Lower Writhlington, Radstock, Bath (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 6.11.06 IFAW AND ITS SUPPORTERS - Like many charities and NGOs, the International Fund for Animal Welfare uses direct mail - including sending small gifts - to expand our supporter base and raise funds.We were very sorry to hear that some people felt uncomfortable about receiving our gift bag... ROSA HILL, Communications Manager, IFAW, 89 Albert Embankment, London (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 25.10.06 SOLUTION IN THE BAG WITH CHARITY GIFT - So how is your conscience? It could cost you money. The soft hearted are being targeted by certain charities which send them unsolicited free gifts. In return they are expected to feel duty bound to give a donation.One at it is the International Fund for Animal Welfare in Northampton. Its mailshot contains a "carry-all bag" with recipients being asked to fork out sums of £10, £15 or £25. I am a big supporter of wildlife causes but this is a cheek. People should not be coerced into deciding what good causes they support…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 6.11.06 DON'T BE FOOLED BY HORSE THEATRE - Many people who went to see Spirit of the Horse in Cheltenham last month would probably not go to a traditional circus.Most no longer find it acceptable to drag animals around the country, keep them in trucks between shows and forcing them to perform tricks for our amusement. Spirit of the Horse is much the same... Cath, Gloucester (letter)

Western Morning News 6.11.06 THE Advertising Standards Agency recently found RSPCA adverts to be untruthful and unsubstantiated. Surely the Badger Trust adverts were just as misleading? John Williams, Exeter (letter)

Telegraph 6.11.06 Personal view: Business should beware of green-clad fundamentalists By Ruth Lea - Last week's Stern report on the economics of climate change made quite a splash. Even though it was billed as an independent report, it had been commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer... It is not being alarmist to speculate that business will face a disproportionate burden of the extra costs... Environmentalists can be roughly divided into two broad groups. The first group are the new romantics, who have anti-industrial and rural beliefs and nostalgically look back to a world before the Industrial Revolution... The second group, comprising assorted socialist, anti-capitalist activists, is more significant.... They play a subtle game. Rather than a frontal attack, they don environmentalism's green cloak to exploit Westerners' sensitivities and, virtually unchallenged, promote policies and campaigns intended to undermine business and economic development.... (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 6.11.06 Help protect pets this winter time - IT was distressing to read about the cat that had been abused by callous thugs using a firework... Ross Minett , director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)

Bexhill Observer 6.11.06 SPARED FROM SLAUGHTER, THE SACRED COW AT ANIMAL SANCTUARY - BARBY Keel's Animal Sanctuary is well versed at accepting unusual "guests" but a sacred cow is a "first"… At the sanctuary, Daniel Poustie said: "Park White cattle are an ancient British breed dating back to pre-Christian times."… (story)


Independent 5.11.06 The hunt is on for those who break the law By Jonathan Owen - To the sound of horns on a crisp, clear morning, thousands of riders across the country set out yesterday to celebrate the start of the fox-hunting season. Although it is now illegal to hunt with dogs in England and Wales, hunters and animal-rights activists look set to spend the next few months stalking each other, amid accusations and denials that foxes are still being illegally killed.... (story)

Newcastle Sunday Sun 5.11.06 Hunts packing them in By Phil Doherty, The Sunday Sun - Fox hunts say membership is reaching record levels . . . despite new laws governing the sport.... Countryside Alliance spokesman James Bates said: "In the North, the increase of support has been extremely strong, with hunts such as Morpeth and Tynedale attracting record numbers of new hunters and supporters… Other hunts that have seen increases include the Zetland Hunt, in Richmond, North Yorkshire, the South Durham Hunt, the Percy Hunt, in Northumberland, and the Cumberland Farmers Hunt, in Cumbria…. (story)


BBC News Online 4.11.06 Hunters mark beginning of season - The fox hunting season has got under way with thousands of enthusiasts setting out on foot and horseback following packs of hounds.... Tim Easby, master and huntsman of the Middleton Hunt in North Yorkshire, told the BBC they had never had so much support and it had been "absolutely fantastic"…. BBC rural affairs correspondent Tom Heap said some claimed the appeal of hunting had increased. "All hunts are exploiting loopholes in the law and how far they can push it depends on the local level of scrutiny," he said… (story)

BBC News Online 4.11.06 Hunters marking start of season - The fox hunting season is beginning with thousands of enthusiasts expected to set out on foot and horseback following packs of hounds.... Meanwhile on Saturday, the National Trust's annual general meeting is to discuss a resolution calling for it to reaffirm the total ban on hunters on its land.... It comes after the LACS filmed the Devon and Somerset Staghounds chasing a stag on to trust land at Exmoor, Devon, about two months ago.... (story)

Western Mail 4.11.06 'More are following hunts and more foxes are dying since ban' - Sam Burson, Western Mail - THE Government's ban on hunting with dogs was blasted as being "ridiculous" last night after figures showed the sport has more participants than before the new laws were introduced…. As the traditional start of the hunting season gets under way today, figures compiled by the Countryside Alliance show hunts, normally these days involving dogs chasing a scented rag, have more people participating and are better supported than before the ban was made law in February, 2004….(story)
Horse & Hound 30.10.06 Hunting keeps growing - Hunting is gaining in both support and popularity, according to a new survey. The Countryside Alliance questioned 61 hunts on their attendance levels as well as their levels of success, and found that many were seeing increased support as well as new members joining since the ban came into force in 2004.... (story)
Birmingham Post 30.10.06 Support grows for hunting By Paul Dale, Chief Reporter - It was 20 months ago that hunting with dogs was outlawed by the Hunting Act, prompting fears of irreparable damage to the rural economy. Instead, hunts across the Midlands are reporting growing membership and increased support from local communities. A Countryside Alliance survey published yesterday shows most of the country's 185 hunts are growing in strength with more hounds, riders and members. The survey's findings were borne out by John Griffiths, joint master of the Worcestershire Hunt.... Anne Hartley, a member of the North Staffordshire Hunt, said there had been a noticeable increase in people wishing to join the hunt and in the number of supporters prepared to turn out to follow the hunt... The South Shropshire Hunt has 100 riders now, compared to 90 before the ban.... The Meynell and South Staffs Hunt has seen a 50 per cent increase in riders... (story)
Birmingham Post 30.10.06 The hunt lives on - Twenty months after the hunting of foxes with hounds was banned, it is tempting to ask what the fuss was about... It would be the end of the countryside as we knew it and a devastating blow for the rural economy, organisations such as the Countryside Alliance claimed.... The ban paradoxically has had the effect of inspiring fresh enthusiasm, with hunts across the country reporting more members and supporters and some taking on new hounds. This reaction is in effect an example of the countryside sticking a collective two fingers up to the Government and its metropolitan allies. Hunting with dogs is banned, but foxhunting goes from strength to strength. It could only happen in Britain. (story)
Newcastle Journal 30.10.06 More join hunts after chase ban By Daniel Cochlin, The Journal - Hunt organisers in the North-East last night said they had seen a dramatic upturn in membership - despite the Government ban on hunting with hounds... Research by the Countryside Alliance shows that more than one-third of hunts in the UK have seen membership rise since the Hunting Act was introduced in 2004. Its regional director, Richard Dodd, said the North-East has also seen a rise in participants, and accused the Government of not understanding how the countryside works.... "I was with the Braes of Derwent hunt yesterday and it was full of women and children...” Joint master of the Morpeth Hunt Samantha Ord said: "We have had an increase in membership and it is of all ages… Mark Shotton, master of the Northern County Bloodhounds in Durham, said his hunt has swelled by about 50%.... (story)
Independent on Sunday 29.10.06 Taken for a ride: Hunting is booming one year after the ban - It was both celebrated and decried as the death knell of the country way of life. Yet hunters begin the new season with no quarry, but more packs. Martin Hodgson reports - As they have done for centuries, the men and women of the Beaufort Hunt will ride out this week for the first meeting of the new season.... One year after the ban on hunting with dogs started to bite, a new poll has shown that since the Hunting Act became law many hunts have actually increased their membership - and two new hound packs have even been created.... Many admit that they see trail-hunting as a temporary alternative while they campaign to roll back the law. Otis Ferry, master of the South Shropshire Hunt, and son of the rock star Bryan Ferry, said: "Trail-hunting is like having sex with a condom. It's not the real thing."… (story)
Sunday Telegraph 29.10.06 Two years on from the ban and Britain's hunts are flourishing By Jasper Copping - When the ban on hunting was introduced, supporters feared that the future of the sport was threatened. Almost two years on, however, a survey has revealed that many hunts have increased their membership, with some being forced to turn people away. The results of the study, carried out by the Countryside Alliance, provided a boost for hunt supporters as the new season got under way yesterday.... Some, including the Duke of Beaufort's Hunt in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire –which is favoured by Princes Charles, William and Harry – and the Fernie Hunt, in Leicestershire, have had to limit the number of new riders after being inundated with requests.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 4.11.06 MY QUESTIONS FOR THE HUNTS ABOUT HOW THEY STAY WITHIN THE LAW - After the implementation of the Hunting Act in February, 2005, it soon became apparent that a number of hunts had no intention of obeying the new law.My partner and I decided to become active and undertook training under The League Against Cruel Sports' hunt crime watch programme. Over many months, we have learned and refined the necessary evidence-gathering techniques following hunts across the country.... (story)

Western Morning News 4.11.06 CHRIS FORREST (October 28) says the nine-month suspended sentence and £2,500 compensation payment imposed on a hunt follower for assaulting a hunt monitor sits uncomfortably with the fact that though pro-hunt demonstrators were injured, all Metropolitan Police officers were cleared of assault.... Having seen the graphic TV pictures from that day in Parliament Square, I have done so. My conclusions are that the injuries to the demonstrators were the result of the police defending themselves... Peter Bunce, Haddenham, Bucks (letter)

Western Morning News 4.11.06 WE ARE now only 17 months away from the end of Government subsidy for the Post Office network.... Simon Hart, Chief Executive Countryside Alliance, London (letter)
Craven Herald 27.10.06 Death by cuts - Simon Hart, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance, Kennington Road, London (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 27.10.06 POST OFFICE - Simon Hart Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance, 367 Kennington Road, London SE11 4PT (letter)
Worcester News 26.10.06 Millions of people rely on PO network - We are now only 17 months away from the end of Government subsidy for the Post Office network. No decision has been made on the future of the subsidy or, it appears, the Post Office network itself. Millions in rural Britain rely on their Post Office not just for stamps or fishing licences, but for social interaction within the heart of their community.... SIMON HART, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance. (letter)

Scotsman 4.11.06 Animal abuse is wrong - Iain Simpson (Focus, 2 November) argues there is a moral imperative to carry out "animal research" to reduce human suffering. This flies in the face of the fact that any civilised person knows animal abuse is wrong…. (DR) DAVID PURVES, Strathalmond Road, Edinburgh
It is concerning that a disproportionately large amount of animal experimentation is conducted in Scotland… ROSS MINETT, Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh
Animal tests are far from an exact science, and often pass medicines as safe only for them to be withdrawn after causing severe adverse reactions in patients… JOHN F ROBINS, Campaigns Consultant, Animal Concern, PO Box 5178, Dumbarton (letters)


Western Morning News 3.11.06 SOLID SUPPORT FROM YOUNG AND OLD AT OPENING MEET - The hunting community demonstrated yet again that their sport is still very much alive as some 70 riders and hundreds of foot followers gathered for the Mid Devon Hunt's opening meet at Chagford on Saturday... (story)

Swindon Advertiser 3.11.06 My sick horse upset by hunt By Matt Jackson - DEBBIE Coffey says the Vale of White Horse Hunt terrorised her sick horse and ignored her pleas to keep the hounds away.... Her friend Linda Moore, 54, drove to her neighbouring field from Park South. She thinks animal protection laws may have been broken and that it was an old-style fox hunt that took place, which is now banned... Master of the Hunt Martin Wood strongly rejected claims that an illegal hunt had taken place.... "We got permission to ride down that lane. We had to use that lane to get there and back because that's the only way to go. We only went once as a group, and we sent someone back later to put some wire up."… (story)

Western Morning News 3.11.06 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Western Daily Press 3.11.06 'AFFAIR' MP FIGHTS BID TO HAVE HIM DESELECTED BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - An Mp who had an affair while his wife battled cancer, and then left her when she recovered, came out fighting yesterday amid rumours of a plot to deselect him.James Gray said his North Wiltshire constituents should judge him on his record as a local MP rather than on his affair with Countryside Alliance chief Philippa Mayo.... (story)

Western Daily Press 3.11.06 BLOOD-SPORTS SUPPORTERS ARE NOT IMMUNE FROM NEW LAWS - I Write after reading the Western Daily Press article of October 28, "Accusations fly at great hunt showdown".Who on Earth do these people think they are with their illusions of grandeur? Do they really think they have special privileges to ignore the laws, and be treated with kid gloves with their imaginary conspiracy contrived to delude the general public?... M J Haines Cirencester (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.11.06 DECEPTIVE FIRST IMPRESSIONS - Is there no end to what these hunters will do? They try every trick in the book to get their own way.Jackie Ballard, the ex-Liberal Democrat MP, lost her seat in 2001 mainly due to hunters targeting her seat.... As a young girl I had a live-in job with a wealthy family. I didn't know much about hunting in those days and I remember huntsmen and women arriving at the house with their hounds. It all looked very picturesque, and at that time I didn't realise the barbarity of what they were about to do.... Norah Pound Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.11.06 WHY OBSTRUCT THE MONITORS? - I Speak as a hunt monitor of some 12 years' experience.I am appalled by the craven attitude of the police officer who attended the meeting of aggrieved hunters on Exmoor. And why were they so aggrieved? Because the police had the temerity - finally and at long last - to press charges of illegal hunting.... Penny Little Great Haseley Oxfordshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.11.06 POLICE SHOULD HAVE SAID NO - Why do hunters and the Countryside Alliance feel that they are above the law and deserve a meeting with the police?They always seem to try and deter the authorities from policing and arresting people at their supposedly legal events.... Miss Helen Nicholas Cirencester (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.11.06 HUNTING HAS BEEN BANNED - I Have never been moved to write to a newspaper before, but after reading "Hunters accuse RSPCA of inciting the police" in the Western Daily Press (October 28), I feel I must do so now.Hunting was made illegal in this country in line with the wishes of the vast majority of the population… A Bright Trowbridge (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.11.06 NOT AN ARREST FOR A REASON - I Can sympathise with the police not wanting to arrest Giles Bradshaw.Can you imagine his poor jailers? This hunting-obsessed buffoon would bore them to tears. Jennie Cook Minehead (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.11.06 LAW DOES NOT STOP CRUELTY BY DOGS - I enjoyed watching the video footage of a pack of hounds chasing foxes that accompanied the story Footage that shows law on hunting with hounds is in disarray... The problem with the Hunting Act is that for a successful prosecution it would have to be shown that someone actually intended the dogs to chase the fox and also gave chase himself. The law does not prevent cruelty by dogs to animals.... It's time to replace the Hunting Act. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.11.06 PICTURES OF HUNT PROVED NOTHING - After seeing the hunt photographs, Echo, November 1, I have to disagree with your choice of headline and story that the footage shows the law on hunting is in disarray.The pictures show nothing of the kind. The picture of the fox, which you claim is closely followed by a pack of hounds, does not show a single fox or hound together within the same frame. Also, as the grass in both shots is two different shades of green, I very much doubt the pictures follow on from each other... I am not a hunt supporter. I do own horses and have hunted once before the law was changed - but I vowed never to go again as the whole experience upset me. However, I feel that people who do hunt are unfairly targeted... Becca Gliddon, Pinhoe, Exeter (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.11.06 POOR REASON TO GET RID OF HUNTING ACT - The Echo, November 1, carried a headline telling readers that the Hunting Act is not working properly... Should we repeal laws governing murder and robbery because they are not working properly?... The Joint Master of the East Devon Hunt, Michael Moore, is reported as having said: "Anti- hunt campaigners should find another, more worthy campaign to follow…. " I am unable think of a more worthy cause than that of organisations such as the RSPCA, International Fund for Animal Welfare and the League Against Cruel Sports, all of whom promoted the Hunting Bill to ensure it was enacted and placed on our statute book. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 3.11.06 Almost all's well in countryside - SIR - How encouraging to read the letter from a spokesperson for the Countryside Alliance on the importance of retaining our local, small post offices... It's doubly pleasant to see that, in addition, the Alliance has come of age in concentrating on such worthwhile issues instead of making pathetic last efforts to stop the inevitable criminalisation of bloodsports which, thankfully, has now occurred.... Sid Brown, Glenhurst Road, Shipley (letter)

Wiltshire Times 3.11.06 Illegal hunting - WELL done to the Avon and Somerset police for upholding the law on the hunting ban. I really feared that the police would see it as a law not worth wasting man-hours on.... MRS C HAYNES (letter)

Selkirk Weekend Advertiser 3.11.06 Borders leads way in deer management - ONCE the domain of Sir William Wallace and Scotland's early freedom fighters, the vast Ettrick Forest, with Selkirk its capital, was also a playground for royalty and nobility as they indulged their passion for deer hunting. Today, our region is once again playing a key role in the deer world, successfully marrying the sporting and commercial opportunities presented by significant herds of Roe and Sika with the need to conserve the species and ensure their welfare. According to Sir Michael Strang Steel of Philiphaugh, the Borders is gaining an enviable reputation for its management of a natural asset for so long associated with the Highlands.... (story)

Western Morning News 3.11.06 SHOOTING IS GOOD FOR ECONOMY, SAYS REPORT - Shooting on Exmoor supports hundreds of jobs and pumps millions of pounds into the economy, a report commissioned by the National Park Authority has found.... (story)
Western Daily Press 2.11.06 SHOOTING BRINGS AREA CASH BOOM BY TRISTAN CORK COUNTRYSIDE CORRESPONDENT - Shooters support hundreds of jobs and bring millions of pounds into the economy of Exmoor, says a controversial new report.The study into the economic impact of game shooting on the moor found that 1,600 full and part-time jobs are supported by shooting, which also brings in £22 million to the National Park. The report was welcomed by shooting campaigners, but slammed by animal welfare protesters, who said it did not tackle the "cruelty" of shooting. The report was commissioned by the Exmoor National Park Authority with funding also provided by a host of other government quangos and local councils, with the help of the shooters themselves - the Greater Exmoor Shoots Association…. (story)

Harrogate Advertiser 3.11.06 Shooting geese is not humane - From: Eric Welsby, Hill View, Boroughbridge. I READ with interest the letter in from Freda Shaw of Masham (October 27) concerning the culling of geese at Marfield Wetlands.... I am sure that many people would like to see their numbers reduced, as much as anything to give migrating birds and our own natural species a greater share of the wetlands environment. However, I don't regard blasting them out of the air with shotguns a humane way of doing it, and to have a wetlands conservation area next to private land where such shooting is carried out is nothing short of ludicrous. (story)

Croydon Advertiser 3.11.06 UK hooked on fishing By Dave Harper - ANGLING is still one of the most popular participant sports in the UK and with good reason: Practically everyone can do it, whether they are five or 85... Get Hooked on Fishing, a police originated scheme that targets young people at risk of offending achieved zero offending and an 80 per cent reduction in truancy, increased literacy and general educational performance.... (story)

Scotsman 3.11.06 Goats killed by MoD scientists in tests on submarines - BRITISH military scientists routinely subject goats to severe pain and fatal injury as part of their research on navy submarines, the government has admitted.... Ross Minnett, of Advocates for Animals, an Edinburgh-based anti-vivisection group, said: "Animals don't wage wars, so why should they be made to suffer because humans do?" (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 3.11.06 FIGHT TO STOP ANIMAL TESTING - I Would like to thank the 3,898 East Midlanders who signed up to the Lush Cosmetics campaign against animal testing. I have their postcards on my desk, and I am 100 per cent behind their campaign.... Roger Helmer, Conservative MEP for East Midlands. (letter)

Hucknall Dispatch 3.11.06 Circus shrugs off new animal-law - TWO zebras are a star (and stripes!) turn in a circus that is currently appearing on the Hucknall-Bulwell boundary. But they might no longer be allowed to perform if a proposed new law gets the green light.... the Animal Welfare Bill, which is likely to lead to a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses, might get Royal Assent in the coming week.... Hucknall's Labour MP Paddy Tipping has consistently opposed such use of animals and fully supports the Bill.... Mr Tipping called for a public boycott of Circus King, which featured elephants and bears, when it performed at the same site in March 1998... However Circus Mondao ringmistress Petra Jackson said she could vouch "100% that all our animals are well treated"…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 3.11.06 Animals' welfare must get your vote - THE story of Maggie Mae, the terrier dumped by her owner after what may have been years of callous neglect (News, November 1), must have horrified your readers... I recommend that all readers should make animal welfare one of the issues they ask candidates about in the run-up to next year's local and parliamentary elections.... Libby Anderson, political director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 3.11.06 PROTEST TARGETS HORSE SHOW - Animal rights activists have staged a protest outside a spectacular Swansea horse show taking place this weekend.Protesters outside the Fabian Way venue of the Spirit of the Horse event have branded it cruel and exploitative, allegations that have been denied by the organiser... (story)

Hawick News 3.11.06 Sir, Fireworks excite us, but they terrify animals... Kate Fowler-Reeves (letter)
York Press 2.11.06 No fun for pets - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 1.11.06 WATCH YOUR PETS ON BONFIRE NIGHT - KATE FOWLER-REEVES, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 30.10.06 Spare a thought for animals on big night - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Animal Aid. (story)
Western Daily Press 30.10.06 ACT RESPONSIBLY SO THAT THE ANIMALS AREN'T TOO SCARED - Kate Fowler-Reeves Animal Aid (letter)
Western Morning News 28.10.06 TERRIFYING TIME FOR ANIMALS - Kate Fowler-Reeves Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Daily Post 26.10.06 Remember the pets By Kate Fowler-Reeves, Animal Aid - FIREWORKS that fill the night sky with dazzling explosions of colour and noise may excite us, but they terrify animals.... However, there are steps that we can take to minimise their suffering. First, think about your neighbours’ animals and go to an organised display rather than letting off fireworks in your own back garden.... (story)


Western Morning News 2.11.06 POLICE URGED TO ENFORCE LAW AGAINST HUNTING - An anti-blood sports organisation has written to police forces in the Westcountry to find out how they plan to enforce the hunting ban this season.The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) wants police across the country, including the Devon and Cornwall and Avon and Somerset forces, to send out a "clear message of enforcement" to the hunts in their local areas…. (story)

Western Morning News 2.11.06 VIDEO 'SHOWS ILLEGAL CHASE' - Police have been handed footage which anti-hunt campaigners claim shows huntsmen breaking the law against hunting.The video was taken near the A30 to the east of Exeter on Saturday by members of the League Against Cruel Sports who positioned video cameras and satellite navigation systems across the countryside to follow the East Devon Hunt, which set out from Rockbeare Manor.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 1.11.06 FOOTAGE THAT SHOWS LAW ON HUNTING WITH HOUNDS IS IN DISARRAY - These images show the law against hunting with dogs is in disarray - more than a year after a ban came into force. Taken just to the east of Exeter, near the A30, the pictures show a fox being chased across a field, a pack of hounds following close behind... The campaigners who shot this video on Saturday, the first day of the new season, claim it proves that members of the East Devon Hunt are flagrantly breaching the Hunting Act. But those responsible for organising the meet say they were legally trail-hunting when their dogs picked up the scent of a fox and gave chase... (story)

Somerset County Gazette 2.11.06 Hunt horror on Hallowe'en By Claire Ward-Willis - SHOCKED parents watched in horror as hunt dogs, one dripping with blood, rampaged through Hester-combe Gardens near Taunton during a children's Hallowe'en event on Tuesday. The dogs stormed through the gardens shortly after a terrified fox dashed through, just as children - all in fancy dress - were taking part in a Hallowe'en trail.... garden so what were the dogs doing on it, especially with so many children around?" The hunt involved was the Taunton Vale Fox Hounds. Hunt Master Alison Brown said: "We were hunting in the area and unfortunately the hounds were trail hunting and picked up the scent of the fox and took off after it. We tried to call them back but we were held up by an electric fence on a farm…." A spokesman for Hestercombe Gar-dens said: "We were aware there was some hounds in the gardens on Tuesday and have spoken to the master of the hunt. They have explained what happened and have apologised, which we have accepted…." (story)

Berwick Advertiser 2.11.06 Second season of trail hunting gets off to good start - THE opening meet of the College Valley North Northumberland Hunt was held on Saturday at Etal Manor, hosted by Lord and Lady Joicey.... The Great North Air Ambulance have received a donation from the Summer Ride, and a windfall of £1500. This represented a sum left over from a joint venture between the hunt and a group of local farmers to own and run an incinerator at the kennels. When this venture came to an end, the participating groups agreed to give this money to the Air Ambulance... (story)

Western Daily Press 2.11.06 STOP PAYMENTS - The farmers on Exmoor should be reminded that they are subsidised by the general public through payments secured from Defra.If the farmers cannot keep to the law, then these payments should be reviewed.... A Gent Cossington Somerset (story)

Gloucester Citizen 2.11.06 WELL DONE FOR NO-QUARRY HUNT - How refreshing to hear on Radio Gloucestershire the views of the children and mothers regarding a trail hunt with the Cotswold Vale Hunt.All the children we were told had enjoyed the jumps and getting muddy. They didn't miss a live quarry, in fact one mother said her child would not have been there had it involved killing a fox.... PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 2.11.06 Mink escaped appalling fate - JOHN Warmingham (News & Star, October 24) and Elli Logan (News & Star October 28) both blame animal rights for the release of mink which they claim have caused the decline in the water vole.... Ms Logan gives the impression that hunters are paragons of virtue, who actually took self governing action to stop hunting otters. Nothing could be further from the truth.... Elaine Milbourn, Torpenhow, Wigton (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 1.11.06 animal rights - Fur farmers to blame for mink - JOHN Warmingham (Letters, October 24) claims that because animals rights activists released mink, it is they who are responsible for the decline of the water vole etc. E Logan (Letters, October 28) goes on to claim that otter hunts were self governing and stopped hunting when they noticed a decline in numbers... let us not forget that it was fur farmers who introduced mink into this country some years before, and who are responsible for their gaining a foothold in the countryside. Andrew Watson, Morton Park, Carlisle (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 28.10.06 Vole is just an innocent victim - WHAT a sensible letter (News & Star October 24) from J Warmingham about the damage perpetrated by ‘animal rights activists’ on the water vole. It’s a creature we are all fond of, and want to protect from harm. In addition to the pollution of our rivers, the planned release of mink has certainly caused vole numbers to dwindle.... E Logan, Cumbria (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 24.10.06 Blame activists for the demise of water vole - ASK a conservationist why the water vole is almost extinct in England. The answer will be depredation by non-native mink, released by animal rights activists.... John Warmingham, Wetheral (letter)

Leicester Mercury 2.11.06 IRRESPONSIBLE VIEW ON FOXES - It may be good to care for our wildlife as Mr Turford points out ("Devoted family of foxes could teach humans a lesson", Mailbox, October 26), but as a local farmer, I think this attitude is somewhat irresponsible…. City dwellers often forget that foxes are cold-blooded killing machines with voracious appetites. Giles Eaton, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 26.10.06 DEVOTED FAMILY OF FOXES COULD TEACH HUMANS A LESSON - I write in support of Mr R Shenton's defence of the fox, and agree when he says: "It's good to care for our wildlife" (Mailbox, October 18). Over the past few months, I have been privileged to witness at close quarters the love and devotion of a family of foxes as they brought a pair of cubs into the world…. Mitch Turford, Leicester (story)
Leicester Mercury 23.10.06 WE'RE DOING THESE FOXES NO FAVOURS BY FEEDING THEM - A number of "animal lovers" have written in to knock J Byrne's letter "Foxes polluting our cities"… If the fox is a predatory hunter, feeding it (unless you are throwing a live rabbit in front of it) isn't doing it any favours. So how many of our animal lovers care for foxes by helping them hunt live prey? About as many as help dogs hunt live foxes, I'll bet!.... Mr B J Mann, Nottingham (letter)
Leicester Mercury 18.10.06 IT'S GOOD TO CARE FOR OUR WILDLIFE - I was intrigued by J Byrne's letter, "Foxes polluting our cities" (Mailbox, September 29). It is true that the fox is a predator and it will kill small animals to survive, but we are a people (most of us) of animal lovers…. Perhaps someone could encourage J Byrne to get out more. R Shenton, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 14.10.06 FOX NOT AT FAULT - After the letter about foxes ruining our cities (Mercury Mailbox, September 29), I felt I wanted to have my say. Foxes are only living at our back doors because we are the ones digging up their habitats and turning them into our cities. They have nowhere to live.... Beth Walker, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 5.10.06 FOX'S CHAMPION - I had cats and foxes in my garden for years - no problem…. I remember seeing a photo in the newspaper of a girl aged six supposed to have been bitten by a fox… When it was investigated, it was found that the parents were employed by the local hunt. Need I say more?... Mrs M G Cook, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 5.10.06 GOD'S CREATURE - If being kind to all hungry stray animals, including the fox, is a criminal offence, then I expect to be arrested anytime because, no matter what, I will feed the fox who comes in my garden and was chased off by my cat the other night… Mrs V Johnson, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 5.10.06 PICK ON SOMETHING YOUR OWN SIZE! - In reply to J Byrne ("Foxes polluting our cities", Mailbox, September 29), what rubbish! umans and cars are polluting our cities, not foxes…. Mrs D Lyons, Knighton. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 29.9.06 FOXES POLLUTING OUR CITIES - Your correspondent who welcomed a fox into his home last week might be less welcoming if he thought about why the fox had come through his open door… The fox, a territorial animal, was looking for food. Food is anything small enough for the fox to kill or carry away. For example, your correspondent's cat or kitten, or small baby… As for foxes benefiting from the banning of fox-hunting, more foxes are now shot, gassed or poisoned…. J Byrne, Leicester. ()
Leicester Mercury 27.9.06 TRUE FOX'S FRIEND - May I say thank you to Mr L Smith (Mailbox, September 20) - he made me one happy lady with his photograph and write up about the shy fox…. Mrs V Johnson, Leicester (story)
Leicester Mercury 20.9.06 FOX A WELCOME GUEST - Sometimes something special happens and you just have to share it… I had left my back door open to get a bit of fresh air and a fox had decided to chance his arm. He had wandered into my kitchen, and decided to explore my living room, where I was sitting…. I've spent a lot of my life championing the cause against fox-hunting through your pages, so I feel really privileged that one of my champions felt safe enough to wander right through my house to say hello. What a great feeling. Les Smith, Leicester. (letter)

BBC News Online 2.11.06 Vandals target greyhound stadium - Animal rights activists are suspected to have broken into a greyhound racing stadium and caused damage to the track, according to its operators. Vandals broke into Monmore Green Stadium, Wolverhampton, overnight and damaged the running rail, track and hare, Ladbrokes said.... (story)

Scotsman 2.11.06 Hypocrisy claim as tests on animals increase by 4.5% - JAMES KIRKUP POLITICAL EDITOR - ANIMAL testing in Scotland has grown sharply despite government assurances that the controversial practice will be reduced, new figures have revealed.... The official statistics compiled by the Home Office show that last year, there were 408,794 tests on animals in Scotland - a 4.5 per cent increase on the previous year.... Alistair Currie, campaigns director for the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, condemned the government over the new data.... THE RESEARCHER - I HAVE a wife and small children, so when I decided I was going to start speaking out on testing, of course I was worried... It's not at all like the representation of animal research as portrayed by animal-rights groups, who like to think of our labs as torture chambers populated by evil sadists. That's the stereotype I want to get rid of… David Priestman is a researcher at Oxford University. THE ACTIVIST - THESE laboratories are getting away with murder. When they break the law they do so with impunity... Jan Creamer is chief executive of the National Anti-Vivisection Society… (story)

Independent 2.11.06 If the political parties in this country are really serious about wanting to stop a global catastrophe, then they must acknowledge the impact that keeping livestock for meat consumption is having on the world's precious resources.... PAMELA KINNUNEN, LONDON NW2 (story)

Argus 2.11.06 Beyond belief - The appointment of Nigel Yeo to a top job by the RSPCA beggars belief. This person ordered the execution of a perfectly healthy police dog which was only doing the job he was trained for.... I have always been a keen supporter of the RSPCA but I will now channel my support to other animal charities if it goes ahead with the decision to employ Mr Yeo. I think others will, too. MT Powell, Woodlands Close, Peacehaven (story)


Birmingham Mail 1.11.06 Hunt claims support increased despite ban - A FOX hunting group which faced extinction when the pursuit was banned has experienced a boom in support. Worcestershire Hunt officials said the group was prospering despite the controversial imposition of the Hunting Act 20 months ago. Joint master John Griffiths said publicity generated by the ban appeared to have made many people in the countryside more determined than ever to support their local hunt.... (story)

Cornish Guardian 1.11.06 COUNTRY BYWAYS WITH MIKE SAGAR-FENTON - Like any other token of autumn, the hunt takes to the fields in its usual colourful way ???Hang on a second. I thought that had all been banned? Apparently not. In fact our local hunt is reporting an increase in new recruits... A hundred hours of parliamentary time were spent debating this doomed issue, more than on the Iraq war, ten times more than on Foot & Mouth, 50 times more than on any important rural issue, like farming.... I don't care for the hunt, as I've said many times before. And I don't care for stupid laws made by ignorant townies as some kind of class revenge.... Viewers become outraged at the sight of the hunt in full cry, but show me a video of five tiers of hens in their tiny cages or sows which can't even reach to lick their piglets, and I have to look away. That's where the parliamentary time should have gone. That's where the compassion and anger and outrage ought to go... (story)

St Albans Observer 1.11.06 Mike's sights set on seat By Sally-Anne Johnson - A FATHER-OF-THREE from London Colney has been chosen to fight the Welwyn Hatfield seat for Labour in the next general election. Mike Hobday, 43, who lives in Telford Road, was chosen by ballot at a meeting on Saturday and will take on Conservative MP Grant Shapps. Mr Hobday, who has two daughters and a son, is a senior campaigner for the League Against Cruel Sports.... (story)
Welwyn & Hatfield Times 1.11.06 Mike gets Labour party vote - MIKE Hobday has been chosen to stand as Labour's parliamentary candidate for Welwyn Hatfield.... He is a senior manager with the animal welfare campaign, the League Against Cruel Sports, where he played a major role persuading the Government to ban fox hunting.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 1.11.06 CRAZY LOOPHOLE - How is hunting with a bird any more humane than hunting with dogs... Dr Lorna Steel, London. (letter)

Western Daily Press 1.11.06 HUNTERS NEED TO OBEY THE LAW - The hunt ban does not stop people dressing up and riding horses with hounds. The only thing it stops is chasing wildlife and ripping it apart.... Yvonne Sadler Fishponds Bristol (letter)

Western Daily Press 1.11.06 TRANSPORTED OFF TO PLANET TWEED - I Write after reading the description of the Memorial Hall at Exford where poor Superintendent Gary Davies addressed the blood-angry mob (Western Daily Press, October 28).With the tale of the stag killed in 1922 after a long chase into the sea taking pride of place, great cruelty is celebrated... Graham Forsyth Chard Somerset (letter)

South Wales Echo 1.11.06 Police turn blind eye to hunts breaking law - WITH regard to the report on how well the police in South Wales are doing, I would like to point out that it is a great shame that they don't seem inclined to get involved when people believe the new hunting legislation is being broken. As a member of The League Against Cruel Sports, I am out every weekend monitoring the continuation of illegal hunting. The police when called are aggressive, abusive and obstructive. ... Lorraine Parker, Whitchurch Rd, Cardiff (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.11.06 FULL JAILS ARE A NEW EXCUSE FOR LENIENCY - I was very interested to read the letter from Mr J Allway, Assault sentence not tough enough, Echo, October 30, commenting on the sentence given to Christopher Marles, a member of the Countryside Alliance, who was ordered to pay £2,500 compensation to Kevin Hill... Although the judge was probably not influenced by the plea in mitigation, it is quite alarming to think that a person guilty of a serious crime could escape a custodial sentence on such grounds. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 30.10.06 ASSAULT SENTENCE NOT TOUGH ENOUGH - Having read the sentence given to the hunt supporter Christopher Marles, a member of the Countryside Alliance who attacked Kevin Hill, of the International Fund of Animal Welfare, Hunt supporter told to pay £2,500 to his victim after assault, Echo, October 24, I cannot help thinking of double standards in the judgement handed down in such cases... Mr J Allway, Bradninch, near Exeter (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 1.11.06 Activists in a flap over penguins in Guinness ad By Deborah McAleese - It may be a source of laughter in living rooms and cinemas across Ireland but the latest Guinness commercial has definitely not generated much mirth among animal rights activists. The commercial about the lives of two penguins has infuriated the animal rights group Animal Defenders International who have said it would have caused unnecessary suffering for the animal stars.... "It is totally inappropriate to use these species for filming," said Jan Creamer, chief executive of Animal Defenders International (ADI)…. (story)

Worcester News 1.11.06 Equestrian event just another sort of circus - Some years ago, Worcester City Council was congratulated by many for its decision to ban the use of animals for entertainment on council-owned property. I was surprised to learn that from November 16 to 19, the Equestrian Theatre is performing Spirit of the Horse on Worcester Racecourse.... when Worcester City Council leased Pitchcroft to Worcester Racecourse Ltd, the lease made no mention of the ban on the use of animals for entertainment in circuses and so on. It would seem, therefore, that any type of entertainment exploiting animals can now take place on Pitchcroft at the discretion of the lessee... C STANLEY, Worcester. (letter)

Worcester News 1.11.06 Save animals’ lives and go vegetarian - KELLY SLADE, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)
Bath Chronicle 31.10.06 THINK 'VEGAN' TOMORROW . . . KELLY SLADE Campaigns Officer Bradford Street Tonbridge Kent (story)
Ham & High 26.10.06 World Vegan Day is fast approaching - November 1st is World Vegan Day, a global celebration of a healthy and compassionate lifestyle free from all animal products. More and more people are embracing this way of life, as much because of concerns over the health problems and environmental destruction associated with eating meat, as animal welfare.... Contact Animal Aid for a free 'Go Vegan' pack... Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer (letter)

1.11.06 Animal lovers' 200-mile dash to save pigs' bacon A PAIR of piglets are enjoying a new life of freedom after being rescued by animal rights activists. The five-month-old Saddlebacks now enjoy the run of The Retreat Animal Sanctuary, in Dalton's Road, Crockenhill, after husband and wife team Jan and John Yarker saved them from the chop while holidaying in Devon. Mrs Yarker, who runs the Passive Pressure Animal Welfare group from her home in West Wickham, said: "I have seen what happens in a slaughter house and there is nothing humane about it…. (story)