November 2009

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Western Telegraph 30.11.09 Protestors demonstrate against South Pembrokeshire Hunt on Tudor Square, Tenby - An angry reception greeted the South Pembrokeshire Hunt when it rode into Tudor Square, Tenby on Saturday. Nearly 50 demonstrators - mainly from the League Against Cruel Sports and Animal Aid - held banners urging against any moves to repeal the Hunting Act. They also made a political protest as they pointed out that the Conservative candidate in the next general election, Simon Hart, is chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, which wants to overturn the current hunting ban… Amongst the protestors was town councillor Trisha Putwain, who had voted against the hunt coming to Tenby…. (story)

ContactMusic 30.11.09 FERRY: 'MY SON WAS WRONGLY JAILED' - BRYAN FERRY has slammed the British government over his son's recent stint in prison - insisting the 27 year old was "unlawfully stitched-up"…. The Roxy Music star was outraged by the decision to keep his son in custody for four months, and he blames British politicians - alleging Otis was treated differently because of his allegiance to pro foxhunting groups… (story)
Times 28.11.09 Bryan Ferry: ‘I lead quite a sheltered life’ - Sathnam Sanghera - If you log on to Bryan Ferry’s official website, you’ll find Roxy Music’s front man proclaimed as “a performer with the poise of Sinatra, the charisma of Gainsbourg and the intensity of Johnnie Ray”…. Ferry has been a supporter of the Countryside Alliance and last year he alluded to support for the Conservative Party… I don’t like the way the present Government has done things, most of all putting my son in prison for four and a half months, totally unlawfully ... and that’s not just my opinion: judges, all sorts, have said it was a stitch-up… (story)

The Sentinel 30.11.09 Don't lift ban on fox hunts - UTTOXETER MP Janet Dean has claimed Tory plans to prioritise lifting the ban on fox hunting do not make sense. The Labour backbencher insisted the country is facing much more pressing issues than the ban on fox hunting, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary… (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 30.11.09 Rural estate is to target poachers - A rural estate fears poachers will strike on its land in the run-up to Christmas. The land surrounding Leighton Hall, near Silverdale, is in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty and has a large population of red and fallow deer…. new signs, funded jointly by the Lancashire Partnership Against Crime (Lanpac) and the estate, will be placed around the grounds and warn that anyone damaging property, poaching or committing any other offence may face prosecution and arrest….. (story)

South Wales Argus 30.11.09 Do we need to slaughter badgers? By Natalie Crockett - THE Argus hit out against proposals for a badger cull in Wales and called for evidence from the Assembly to back up claims that badgers contaminate cattle with Bovine TB. NATALIE CROCKETT asked the Assembly’s chief vet to justify the decision and answer our readers’ concerns… action group Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC) has accused the Assembly of bowing to pressure from cull-obsessed farmers and vets. The Assembly’s chief vet, Dr Christianne Glossop, said there had been evidence of a link between cattle, badger and Bovine TB since the discovery of an infected badger carcass in Gloucestershire in 1971…. (story)
South Wales Argus 30.11.09 EDITORIAL COMMENT: Badger cull is an act of barbarism - LIKE our readers, we are incensed at the Assembly’s badger cull. We asked the Assembly’s chief vet to tell us why this barbaric act was necessary but we still fail to see the point…. (story)

Surrey Ad 30.11.09 Raw vegan campaigner sent to jail - A RAW vegan campaigner will spend Christmas in prison after breaching a restraining order that prevents her from communicating with a Guildford school. Monica Lilley, a 59-year-old from the town, represented herself when she appeared at Woking Magistrates’ Court on Friday, having been arrested the day before when police were called to Holy Trinity School in Addison Road, Guildford, at 2pm. Lilley was handed a restraining order by Guildford magistrates in January 2004, which restricted her from contacting Fiona Boulton, head teacher at Guildford High School, going within 100m of the London Road school, and from displaying any photographs, placards or leaflets outside…. Chairman of the bench, Malcolm Stewart, sentenced Lilley to 12 weeks for breaching the suspended sentence and eight weeks, to run concurrently, for the breach of the court order… (story)


Observer 29.11.09 The big issue: fur and fashion. Cruelty has no place in satisfying vanity - Elizabeth Day's investigation into the changing perception of fur was a window into the motivation of design houses and those high street labels that follow their lead…. I suggest that turning a blind eye to the cheap sources of cashmere and angora is one of the first steps to condoning violence towards animals. Tamara Lucas, Oxford
The practice of wearing fur specifically as a display of wealth, without overriding aesthetic and functional considerations, is what has given fur-wearing such a bad image… What could be more fitting than wearing items which represent the blood of rare animals and unfortunate humans? A Sousa, London
Globally, thanks to demand in Russia and China, the number of animals being killed for their fur has increased over recent years, but in the UK the picture is different. People here have seen through the industry propaganda and have turned their backs on fur, seeing wearing it as cruel and unnecessary… Mark Glover, director, Respect for Animals, Nottingham
Elizabeth Day asks if it is ever OK to wear fur? No, it is not. Really, there is only one further question to ask. Is humankind trying to become civilised?.... Sue Berry, Huddersfield
Peta and other animal rights groups have long monopolised the ownership of deciding what is right and what is wrong…. Fur can only become unethical the day the world's population agrees that no animals may die for humane consumption. Sander Jacobsen, communication director, Kopenhagen Fur (letters)


Horse & Hound 28.11.09 Quorn hunt hosts show jumping event - Lottie Butler - Leicestershire hunting supporters are being invited to compete in a new show jumping event tailored for them on 13 December. The Quorn fundraiser at Vale View Equestrian, Old Dalby, will feature clear-round jumping, a hunt relay competition and a Christmas fancy-dress…. (story)

Eastern Daily Press 28.11.09 Norfolk estate to host hundreds of children - Hundreds of youngsters from across Norfolk will spend a day on the Stody estate next year as part of a major educational initiative. Ross Haddow, estate manager, said that about 850 children would have a chance to find about food, farming and the countryside in May, in partnership with the Countryside Alliance…. a target=main href="">(story)


Hexham Courant 27.11.09 Hunt meets to mark 200-year history By RUTH LOGNONNE - THE bugle’s cry could be heard across the South Tyne as rural folk gathered to celebrate 200 years of one of the country’s most historic hunts. Despite torrential conditions, more than 85 followers of the Haydon Hunt took to the field on Wednesday following a meet at Langley Castle…. (story)
Newcastle Journal 26.11.09 Haydon Hunt marks its bicentenary with morning hunt by Brian Daniel, The Journal - TWO hundred years to the day – and almost the hour – since its first recorded meeting, a North East hunt met yesterday morning to mark its bicentenary. On November 25, 1809, the Haydon Hunt, one of the oldest in England and based near Haydon Bridge in Northumberland, met on the vast Greenwich Hospital estates, land obtained from the Earls of Derwentwater. After a hunt of some three hours, which began at Langley Castle, members killed their first fox… Yesterday, to mark the 200th anniversary of that first hunt, the Haydon met again at Langley Castle – with heavy rain failing to dampen the celebratory spirits…. (story)

Worcester News 27.11.09 Labour must learn countryside ways - Louis Stephen of Worcester Green Party (Letters, November 21) and I will continue to differ on Labour’s failed Hunting Act. Where we do appear to agree is putting right the Labour government’s total failure in dealing with the countryside…. Jon Burgess, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 27.11.09 Greens are keen on animal rights - May I echo the sentiments of Louis Stephen… At election time this year, an analysis done by Protecting Animals in Democracy showed that the Green Party’s MEPs scored joint best, with Plaid Cymru, on animal rights… Chris Lennard, Worcester Green Party (letter)
Worcester News 25.11.09 Hunting is not as cruel as the Act - Helen Smart (Letters, November 17) launched an attacked on hunting that superbly exhibited a total lack of knowledge regarding animal welfare, conservation and hunting itself. Add to this a little name-calling and we have animal rights at its best… Jon Burgess, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 25.11.09 More people want fox hunting banned - Reading Jon Burgess’ letter, he seems to think with a change of government they’ll reverse the fox hunting laws. I myself don’t think this will happen because most people think fox hunting is sheer cruelty and it’s only cruel people who want to keep it going… JOHN SHEARON, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 21.11.09 Green Party big on animal welfare - In his letter of November 14, Jon Burgess suggested that the hunting issue is just spin and soundbite for the Green Party. Animal welfare is an important part of the Green Party manifesto for social and environmental justice… Louis Stephen, Worcester Green Party (letter)
Worcester News 17.11.09 Fox is not the only victim of hunting – I refer to the Green Party’s very sensible letter regarding the Conservatives intention of repealing the Hunting Bill. I should like to remind everyone that it will not only be the fox that will be torn to pieces, but it will be the hare which will be terrorised and killed. Then there will be the stags which will be chased to exhaustion and torn to pieces… Helen Smart, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 14.11.09 Hunting issue is just spin and sound bite - By hitching a ride on the wobbly electoral bandwagon of New Labour, Louis Stephen does Worcester Green Party a disservice… This sound bite politics and spin may gain the Green Party short-term publicity but Britain is looking for realistic policies, sound government and a political party who can deliver. Jon Burgess, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 9.11.09 Why waste time on fox hunting? - Credit where it is due. We support the Labour Party in passing the current law banning fox hunting…. The Green Party is campaigning to curb factory farming, would ban live animal exports and, of course, fully supports the ban on fox hunting with dogs. Louis Stephen, Worcester Green Party (letter)

West Briton 27.11.09 Shooting is primeval - MIKE Sagar-Fenton's 'Country Byways' column is always a delight to read. I think he really hit the nail on the head with his article on shooting… Mike Sagar-Fenton describes so well the sadness and pointlessness of depriving a sentient being of its life, and turning a creature of living beauty into a corpse…. In my view, hunters and shooters are cowards, who would be unable to kill any creature without the help of dogs and guns…. GILL RYAN,Redruth (letter)

Isle of Wight County Press 27.11.09 Isle of Wight told to buy British - THE Isle of Wight Council has been named and shamed for not having a policy of buying UK produce. But the authority says it is not only going to buy British, it is planning to use and promote Island produce wherever possible. The council was responding to the criticism from the Countryside Alliance. Television cook and countrywoman Clarissa Dickson Wright is leading the alliance’s campaign urging public bodies to buy and serve more British produce… (story)


Melton Mercury 26.11.09 Michael hunts the history of Belvoir - THE former editor of Horse and Hound Magazine is updating the history of the Belvoir Hunt in his book Belvoir Heritage - the story of our great hunt. Michael Clayton, from Morcott, Rutland, was a member of the hunt for over 20 years…. (story)

Sheffield Telegraph 26.11.09 MP's petition over plans to lift fox-hunting ban - SHEFFIELD MP Angela Smith is calling on people across South Yorkshire to sign a petition against Conservative plans to overturn the fox-hunting ban… (story)
Sheffield Star 25.11.09 MP opposes hunt change - SHEFFIELD MP Angela Smith is calling on people across South Yorkshire to sign a petition against Conservative plans to overturn the fox hunting ban… (story)

Dorset Echo 26.11.09 Row over hunt 'insult' in Piddletrenthide By Martin Lea - A FAMILY is horrified by the actions of a huntsman who they claim insulted their seven-year-old daughter. A man on horseback dressed in hunting pink is said to have stuck his middle finger up at Tia Pearce when she shouted: ‘Get out of our garden!’… Her furious dad Rob is now demanding an apology from hunt officials. While Mr Pearce said he was not against hunting activities, he was disgusted with the alleged behaviour of the huntsman… One of the huntsmen of the South Dorset Hunt, Dominic Jones, said he wasn’t surprised the family were upset. Mr Jones confirmed the hunt passed through in Piddletrenthide but insisted the hounds did not go into a garden and were instead in an adjoining field… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 26.11.09 Think before crying wolf - CREATURES labelled pests remain an emotive issue, with herring gulls and foxes high on the list. OK, a rural fox is an obvious threat to free range poultry and sickly newborn lambs on farms and smallholdings… Culling wasn't the motivation of the riders following the hounds … A lot of people kill for pleasure, with the death of a wild creature the end product of the 'sport'…. (story)

Evesham Journal 26.11.09 Help to pick perfect wine - A guide to help people choose the perfect wine to go with their game dinners has been launched. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation has selected the best wines to accompany game including pheasant, woodcock, venison, grouse, partridge and rabbit… (story)

Evesham Journal 26.11.09 A satisfying result wk48 - Thank you for publishing my letter concerning the sale of foie-gras at Hillers Farm Shop. I am very pleased that it has now been taken off the shelves. I am sure many people were not aware of the cruelty involved in its production… Ursula Lowe, Studley (letter)


Exeter Express & Echo 24.11.09 Hunting is just like any other real crime - ONCE again hunting with dogs for sport makes headlines in the Echo… The Countryside Alliance, formed in 1997, is the successor to the British Field Sports Society. I believe the BFSS, undeniably a field sports society, was established about 80 years ago and the principal purpose of the CA is to continue its tradition of hunting wild animals for sport… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 24.11.09 Time for Ministers to come clean over Act - DR JOHN Salvatore accuses me of using 'twisted logic to defend hunting' Letters, November 9, 2009. In my opinion it is not my logic that is twisted, but that which Government ministers use to defend the absurd strictures of the Hunting Act. It's worth detailing the view of Jim Fitzpatrick — our farming Minister, and ex-Glaswegian fireman, who clearly does not have a clue about the countryside. Mr Fitzpatrick wrote to me confirming that if one did wish to comply with the flushing-out exemption one was required to shoot the flushed-out mammals… Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.11.09 Twisted logic to defend hunting - I AM sure I am not alone in thinking that hunting apologist Giles Bradshaw has completely lost the plot with his long-running and convoluted attempts to defend the killing of wild animals for sport, conducted in these pages and elsewhere. His latest offering, Letters, October 31, which bizarrely accuses hunt saboteurs of having acted against the interests of wildlife when attempting to flush foxes from cover before the arrival of the hounds, is really quite extraordinary… Dr John P Salvatore, Clyst Heath, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 6.11.09 Hunting for sport is what angers HSA - GILES Bradshaw criticises the Hunt Saboteurs' Association's recommended tactic of flushing animals out of woodland… Hunt saboteurs do not lambast hunts for breaking the law — they lambast hunts for hunting wildlife in the name of sport… They always will. Hayden Macey, Newton Abbot (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 4.11.09 Flushed-out animal need not be killed - GILES Bradshaw is either trying deliberately to mislead Echo readers or is completely ignorant of the law, 'Pre-beating' tactic is just hypocritical, Letters, October 31. The Hunting Act does not stipulate that a flushed-out animal must be killed…. George Dixon, Wirral, Merseyside (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 2.11.09 'Pre-beating' tactic is just hypocritical - IT is the dawn of a crisp autumn day in the English countryside… Suddenly the long, baleful sound of a hunting horn breaks the silence. A gang has entered the woodland. Sticks beat the undergrowth and horrid yells shatter the idyllic peace… Who is this? Is it the Exmoor Foxhounds, or perhaps the South Devon Hunt. No. These are members of the Hunt Saboteurs Association and the practice is known as 'pre-beating' and is recommended by their 'tactics book' available on the internet. One can argue about the rights and wrongs of illegally terrorising our native wildlife in the manner advocated by the HSA. However what makes their position so hypocritical is that while they advocate such illegal activities they also lambast the hunts for allegedly breaking the law…. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Mol (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 25.11.09 Extra patrols go out to trap the Ribble Valley poaching gangs By Nazia Parveen - POLICE are stepping up patrols because of an increase in deer poaching across the Ribble Valley. Cruel methods are being used by gangs to snare and kill deer so they can sell the meat on the black market Officers fear many of the incidents reported in the county could be down to “highly organised gangs” who are often linked to other rural crimes, and may operate across Lancashire's boundaries…. (story)

Independent 25.11.09 A humane end for lobsters - I was delighted to see your article by Andy McSmith "I'll have my lobster electrocuted, please" (21 November). There has been a great deal of research on pain in invertebrates and it has been discovered that most of these creatures have opioids – analgesics – for pain relief. It seems odd that they are necessary unless the animals are capable of feeling pain… Julie Roxburgh, The Shellfish Network, Woking, Surrey (story)

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 25.11.09 Owner speaks out on reindeer welfare fears By Clive Dennier - THE owner of Britain's only reindeer herd has spoken out following criticism that her animals are being endangered for the sake of entertainment. Animal Aid has hit out at reindeer being transported around Britain to take part in Christmas parades and grottos. Tilly Smith, owner of the Cairngorm reindeer herd based at Glenmore, insists there is nothing wrong in using the animals for festival celebrations... (story)

Newmarket Journal 25.11.09 Come and support animal welfare at Lidgate event By Robert Andrews - A COFFEE morning will be held in Lidagte to raise funds for a charity which supports the welfare of farm animals. The compassionate coffee morning aims to raise awareness and funding for Compassion in World Farming on Saturday. "This event will be a chance to socialise with like-minded people within or community who have a passion for animal welfare," said Moira Walsh, from the West Suffolk group, which has organised the event…. A spokesman for the Kent-based animal rights group Animal Aid is critical of reindeer being exploited at this time of year. Ashley Owen said: "Uprooting reindeer from their natural habitat and keeping them in captivity in this way causes significant health and welfare problems... (story)


Norwich Evening News 24.11.09 Norwich MP Charles Clarke hits out at Conservative fox hunting vote plans - DAN GRIMMER - Norwich MP Charles Clarke has attacked the Conservatives over the party's intention to hold a vote which could see the ban on hunting with dogs repealed… (story)

Belper News 24.11.09 Huntsmen ride back into town after 48-year break - THE hunt has returned to a Belper pub for the first time in almost 50 years.It is 48 years since the South Notts Hunt set out from The Talbot Hotel but the hunt leaders decided it was time to bring the sport back to the pub this season…. (story)

Portsmouth News 24.11.09 Portsmouth MP urges people to back the ban on hunting - A Labour MP is urging people to support the fox hunting ban five years after it came into force. Sarah McCarthy-Fry, MP for Portsmouth North, is concerned that the Conservative party want to get rid of the act which ended the sport of hunting with dogs five years ago.She is asking people to sign a petition to help protect the ban. She said: 'I have always supported the ban and I am proud that the Labour Party helped (story)

Leicester Mercury 24.11.09 Hunting appeal - I find it upsetting that five years after the current Hunting Act was introduced the Countryside Alliance are still going on about repealing an Act supported by a vast majority of British people…. Peter Valentine, Oadby. (letter)

Norwich Evening News 24.11.09 RSPCA killed our cat, say heartbroken Norwich family - KATE SCOTTER - A devastated cat owner has spoken of her shock after her family pet was removed from the street by animal charity officers and put down within hours … (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 24.11.09 Fayre offers cruelty-free and eco-friendly presents - NOW in its third year, the Christmas Without Cruelty Fayre is returning to Exeter Corn Exchange on Sunday…. Visitors will also have the chance to win some fabulous prizes, including gift sets donated by Lush Cosmetics… Organiser Mark Gold said: "We're proud to have brought together so many organisations and companies from the South West that are trying to make the world a kinder place…. (story)

poss. Plymouth Herald 24.11.09 Promoting veganism - A NATIONAL campaign group will be promoting veganism in Plymouth city centre this weekend. Animal Aid will be setting up its 'Ask a Vegan' stand on Old Town Street from 1pm on Saturday…. (story)


Western Morning News 23.11.09 Reality of the hunt - YOUR report of Labour minister Dan Norris telling hunt supporters to "get out in the real world" reveals how far he is from the real world himself… Gerry Matthews, Black Torrington (letter)


Kent on Sunday 22.11.09 Charity says reindeer do not belong at theme parks - The head of an animal welfare charity has urged people to boycott Kent Christmas attractions that feature reindeer. Andrew Tyler, the director of Tonbridge-based Animal Aid, said wild, sensitive creatures like the deer, which originate from places like Norway and Greenland, should not be “objects of entertainment”. His comments came after research found that reindeer imported into the UK were dying prematurely due to stress caused by living in captivity away from their natural environment and vulnerability to diseases and parasite carried by British farm animals…. (story)

Observer 22.11.09 Would you rather go naked? Not any longer - How did fur, once taboo, become so acceptable – desirable even – again? Elizabeth Day investigates an ethical dilemma that goes to the heart of the fashion industry – and meets the animal rights campaigner who refuses to be defeated - On an otherwise unremarkable grey autumn day in London last month, a few hundred protesters took to the streets around Knightsbridge armed with home-made banners and loudspeakers… These were members of the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade, who were out to target the specific shops that continue to sell clothes made from fur. When they reached Harrods, one of the few department stores in the UK that still stocks real fur, the crowd started to chant and jeer… Ingrid Newkirk once offered to give Wintour a brain scan for her birthday… Newkirk does not look like an extremist. At 60 she is slim, blonde and neatly dressed, the sort of woman one can more easily imagine running a florist's shop in Guildford than being the mastermind behind the world's largest animal rights organisation… (story)


Bristol Evening Post 21.11.09 Hunting is no sport - I was very interested to read the article about Professor Steve Harris' research into Bristol foxes…I therefore find it appalling that David Cameron and even some of his Bristol candidates would support a return to the so called 'sport' of fox, stag, mink and hare hunting, and also hare coursing, with all the cruelty that such activities entail… Yvonne Sadler Fishponds (letter)


Horse & Hound 20.11.09 Farewell to former MFH Robert Mair - Farmer and country sports lover Robert Mair died on 20 October, aged 87… A field master of the Romney Marsh when the pack still hunted hares, Mr Mair became joint-master of the East Sussex and Romney Marsh when the two packs amalgamated in 1967… Mr Mair's funeral was held on 30 October at St Mary's in Udimore. Andrew Sallis, joint-master and huntsman of the East Sussex and Romney Marsh blew "gone away". (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 20.11.09 Hunt coverage - I was shocked and dismayed to see your generous coverage of hunting (D&S, Nov 6), with not one word of reference to the fact that the practice, as commonly understood, is illegal…. MARITA STAITE Bargate, Richmond (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 20.11.09 Tory's stance on fox hunting will not win many friends - REGARDING 'There are more important things than repealing hunting ban' (HE, November 18), the sight of dyed-in-the-wool Tory Marcus Woods pontificating on the merits of the hunting ban could be quite amusing if it wasn't so pathetic…. Should Labour win the General Election, the government will be lobbied to 'clean up' the abuses in which fox hunters get around the act, and to lobby the government to ban all hunting by dogs whatever the prey… BARRY KAYE, Press officer, Newton Abbot Labour Party (letter)
Torquay Herald Express 18.11.09 There are more important things than repealing hunting ban - THE whole question of fox hunting has been in the news again this week because it is five years since the hunting ban was passed… I think 95 per cent of the public will think us wrong to re-open the debate at a time of economic and social crisis like this, so I do not especially welcome the proposal to hold another vote on hunting, even if it is a free vote for Conservatives…. I have always said that — if elected — I am not going to vote to re-instate hunting with dogs and I know that many of my fellow Conservative PPCs are inclined to the same view… MARCUS WOOD, Parliamentary Candidate for the Torbay Conservatives (letter)

Western Mail 20.11.09 Don’t buy duck meat - I am writing concerning the shameful conditions of duck farms supplying some of our major supermarkets. The animals group Viva! has filmed ducks crammed into dirty stinking sheds… EMMA GREENHILL, Upper Alma Terrace, Pontypridd (letter)


Ormskirk Advertiser 19.11.09 MP Rosie Cooper says Tories will return Waterloo Cup hare coursing if they win General Election - Michelle Fiddler, Ormskirk Advertiser - A CONSERVATIVE victory at next year's general election will see the return of the infamous Waterloo Cup, West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper has suggested. Ms Cooper warned that David Cameron's pledge to repeal the hunting ban – could also mean the return of hare-coursing… (story)
Liverpool Echo 16.11.09 MP Rosie Cooper warns hare-coursing cup could return to Altcar under Tory rule - A TORY victory at next year’s general election could signal the return of the infamous Waterloo Cup. West Lancs MP Rosie Cooper raised the alarm over David Cameron’s pledge to repeal Labour’s hunting ban – warning it could also bring back hare-coursing… (story)

Times 19.11.09 It's time to eat more game - Mark Gilchrist is a chef on a mission: to change the way we feel about game. It’s all about how you cook it, he explains - Fiona Sims - The game season may be now in full swing but how many of us are actually cooking it? Not many, it seems. We certainly shoot enough of it: it’s a growing industry, supporting some 70,000 full-time jobs and generating £1.6 million for the UK economy…. This week is National Taste of Game Week, organised by the BASC, which aims to highlight the benefit of game meat as a local, wild and nutritious food, and it promises the biggest show yet, with the flagship event a two-day tasting at Borough Market in London, where top chefs will be doing their bit to persuade us of its merits…. (story)

Cambridge News 19.11.09 Waffle cannot defend hunting From John Doland, Robin Close, Bar Hill - PETER Croft would have us believe that there is no justification for the ban on hunting with dogs….. Fox hunting serves no useful purpose, it's just entertainment for those who delight in chasing a defenceless animal to exhaustion so it can be torn apart by a pack of hounds… (letter)

Ilkley Gazette 19.11.09 New code for dog-walkers and guidelines for shoot bosses By Amanda Greaves - A moorland conservation group has issued a code of practice for dog walkers and guidelines for those in charge of grouse shoots on Ilkley Moor in a bid to end conflict between the two camps. Senior figures from supporters’ group Friends of Ilkley Moor held talks with Bingley Moor Partnership and Moorland Association chairman, Edward Bromet, after complaints about stand-offs between dog walkers and a gamekeeper on the Bradford Council-owned moor. Dog walkers should take care to avoid their pets disturbing ground-nesting birds and worrying sheep, and should dispose of dog dirt, say the Friends… But they are also calling on grouse shoot organisers to make sure they display warning signs if shooting is in progress, make sure shooters know the public always has priority on the landmark Moor, and say a lone gamekeeper should not normally openly carry a gun on the moor… (story)
Ilkley Gazette 19.11.09 Mixed reaction to Natural England 'pilot' By Suzy Poole - Conservation chiefs have given reassurances about the future of Ilkley Moor following the launch of a country-wide uplands strategy. The comments came after Natural England unveiled its 50-year vision called Vital Uplands to landowners, local authorities and environmental groups… The Moorland Association attacked the plan, describing it as “the beginning of the end for iconic heather moorlands”…. But Natural England’s uplands director, Martyn Howat, said Ilkley had been chosen as a launch venue as it was the “best of the best”….. “We are not proposing trees on Ilkley Moor but we would see trees in stream edges or ghyll edges where we are hoping to stabilise the soil and carbon lock up….. (story)

South Wales Echo 19.11.09 Stop buying meat and dairy - The surest way to save badgers now and in the future is to stop buying meat and dairy… Lorraine Parker, (Animals Count), Old Church Road, Cardiff (letter)


Western Morning News 18.11.09 Wealth of hunting in Ireland for pony club - PONY club members are set to enjoy a wealth of hunting experience as they take part in the 2009 Hunting Exchange next week in Ireland, covering Waterford, Tipperary Country, Meath, West Meath and Louth…. Those selected are Helen Addicott, 21 from the Tetcott and South Tetcott Hunt; Megan Bryant, 17 from Flint and Denbigh Hunt; Edward Dungait, 17 from Morpeth Hunt and Laura Sale, 19 from the North Hereford. Hosted over 11 days by the Irish Pony Club, the trip will also be joined by four members from the United States Pony Clubs… (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 18.11.09 West Yorkshire hunt saboteurs angry after van attack at Emley by Nick Lavigueur, Huddersfield Daily Examiner - HUNT saboteurs have criticised a police response after they were attacked by a pair of masked men with hammers…. The incident at the opening meet of the Rockwood Harriers, at Emley, left two members of the Hunt Saboteur Association badly shaken after the windows on their minibus were smashed and their tyres slashed…. A West Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “We received a report from a passer-by that a mini-bus had been surrounded by a group of people in balaclavas on Park Lane in Emley. “Police attended and attempted to speak to a number of the people whose bus had allegedly been vandalised. However, they were uncooperative and refused to speak to officers. No suspects could therefore be described or reported, so no crime is currently recorded. A female member of the group was given an officer’s details, should they decide to make a complaint of the damage in the future. (story)

Coleraine Times 18.11.09 Police warning over fox hunting - POLICE say that they have received a number of complaints from landowners in the Portstewart area regarding people who are accessing fields for the purpose of 'lamping foxes' without the owner's knowledge or permission. The incidents have prompted police to remind the public that owning a firearm is a serious responsibility and that the law in relation to firearms must be complied with at all times…. (story)

Click Liverpool 18.11.09 Gordon Ramsay faces backlash from animal welfare activists by Edward Devlin - Animal activitists have slammed TV celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay for promoting the French delicacy Foie Gras which is described as "a disease marketed as a delicacy"….. John Callaghan, director of programmes for Compassion In World Farming, said: "When high-profile figures glamourise products like this it is a setback to the campaigns…. West Midlands Lib/Dem MEP Liz Lynne campaigns to have Foie Gras banned throughout Europe. Mrs Lynne Said: "It is depressing to think that many people will now go out and buy more Foie Gras because of this programme, perhaps without realizing how cruel the production process is…. (story)

Eastbourne Herald 18.11.09 Animals honoured at remembrance - We would like to thank the Eastbourne Combined Ex-Services Association (ECESA) for so generously enabling us to take part in the official Remembrance Day parade and service, held on Sunday, November 8… our wreath of purple poppies was laid at the war memorial in remembrance of the millions of working animals who die in wars and who are 'edited out' of historical records…. We should also like to thank the tremendous support we received for this initiative from all sides of the community including councillors and the mayor of Eastbourne, Greg Szanto, the Alexandra Bastedo and Barby Keels animal sanctuaries and, in particular, Trevor Weeks of the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance. In addition, we were helped and encouraged by the Eastbourne Vegetarian Society, national organisations Animal Aid (which supplied the purple poppies and wreaths), VIVA! and Quaker Concern for Animals…. Bill Palethorpe and Ann Johnson, Beachy Head Road, Eastbourne (letter)


Surrey Mirror 17.11.09 Poaching is getting out of control, says gamekeeper - A gamekeeper fears poaching is getting out of control after thieves stole 150 mallards. Shoot manager Stuart Walker took a group of hunters to a Crowhurst field where he kept 150 hand-reared ducks.The police were called after the hunters arrived to find the deserted field on his Tandridge Estate on Sunday November 1. He said: "As annoying as this was, it is only the tip of the iceberg of a much bigger problem. "We get people coming into farms in Tandridge and stealing huge amounts of game….(story)

Leicester Mercury 17.11.09 Animal victims remembered - For the second year running, people from all walks of life gathered at the Animals' War Memorial in London, for an all-inclusive service on Remembrance Sunday…. Linda J Bodicoat, Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (letter)


Southern Daily Echo 16.11.09 Hunt saboteurs taking action in Hampshire against the New Forest Hounds By Sarah Jones - AS A Land Rover screeches to a halt in front of us, the back doors are flung open… It’s a Saturday morning in early November, the main hunt season is just getting into full swing, and the “sabs” are determined to monitor proceedings… It must be stressed that the said hunt – the New Forest Hounds (NFH) – categorically deny any wrongdoing…. But the sabs don’t believe them. When the hunt thunders deep into the New Forest – far away from prying eyes – they claim that foxes are still being killed…. (story)

Horse & Hound 16.11.09 Compensation for woman injured by hound in road accident - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The secretary of the Island hunt in Co Wexford has been awarded €87,000 (£78,021) in damages from a motorist after a hound was hit by a car and ricocheted into her face… Mrs Skrine, who was a breeder and judge of show hunters, sued both Mr Ahmed and the Island hunt. But on Friday 13 November judge Mr Justice Nicholas Nearns, sitting at the High Court in Dublin, ruled the hunt had no case to answer. He ordered Mr Ahmed to pay damages to Mrs Skrine, whose health has been severely affected by the incident. The hound died following the crash. (story)
Irish Central 14.11.09 Dublin High Court awards $130,000 to old lady hit by flying dog By KENNETH HAYNES - The High Court in Dublin has awarded $130,000 to a woman who was seriously injured by a dog that was airborne after being hit by a car. Wexford woman Rosemary Skrine successfully sued the hunt club she was a member of and the car driver after the 2005 accident…. Skrine, who was club secretary of the Island Hunt, was pursuing the November 29, 2005 hunt in a car when one of the hounds got separated from the rest at a road crossing. She got out to warn other drivers that there was a dog on the loose on the road when Abbas Amhed, a professional bus driver by trade, drove along in his car and hit the animal…. (story)

Northern Echo 16.11.09 Men found shooting geese at lake - THE Durham Police helicopter was called out after a resident spotted two men shooting geese at a lake yesterday. It was flown to the scene close to the historic Escomb Saxon Church, near Bishop Auckland, as the water could not be reached by vehicle. The chopper located the two men, with shotguns, and three dogs at the lake and made contact just after 4.15pm… Two dead geese and the weapons were later seized, though neither of the men were arrested. A spokesperson for the force said they had permission to shoot in the area and licences for the firearms… The two dead birds were taken to Consett Police Station for examination. (story)

Oxford Mail 16.11.09 City of suffering - IT HAS recently come to my attention that Oxford is a city of animal suffering. The fact that thousands of animals are being abused and killed within the city by Oxford University every year is simply appalling and unjustifiable…. Michela Pezzarini Rome, Italy (letter)


Wiltshire Times 14.11.09 Dogs not worst - Reports in the Wiltshire Times October 31, on dog attacks on sheep/lambs are familiar to those of us who have lived and earned our living in the countryside… Sadly the dogs suffer because of irresponsible owners, also illustrating the reality rather than the false picture painted by a single issue group trying to justify having a quarry specie, making foxes along with badgers one of the most persecuted of our wildlife, having fox destruction gangs inflicting all manner of suffering and cruelty onto the fox for pleasure…. David Thomas, Hisomley, Near Westbury. (story)

Western Telegraph 14.11.09 Welsh Assembly votes for north Pembrokeshire badger cull - Assembly Members have voted overwhelmingly not to stop a controversial badger cull in Pembrokeshire…. Action group Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC), said the Assembly had “bowed to pressure from cull-obsessed farmers and vets”…. Dr Adrian Stallwood, spokesman for PAC, said 90% of Pembrokeshire respondents to their survey opposed the slaughter… (story)

Independent 14.11.09 In memory of animals in war - It's a pity that Tom Sutcliffe (11 November) was irritated by Morrissey's wearing of a purple poppy to commemorate the animals lost in war. Quaker Concern for Animals was represented at the Anglican service held at the Animals' War Memorial on Park Lane on 8 November, which some 85 people attended… Animals have served and died in conflict since ancient times, on the front line, as beasts of burden, messengers, search-and-rescuers and to detect the presence of bombs; they are today used in Ministry of Defence weapons testing. To recognise their suffering is not to detract from the respect we pay the human victims of war… Marian Hussenbux, Wirral (letter)

Bolton News 14.11.09 Please, no goldfish as prizes at events - MAY I advise organisers of festive and fund-raising events who hire fairground traders not to allow them to offer goldfish as prizes. Two such particularly inappropriate events have recently come to light. One, Bradshaw Fireworks, was highlighted in a reader’s letter, and another, a public house in Over Hulton… Katherine M Kay (Mrs) RSPCA Branch Administrator (letter)


Exeter Express & Echo 13.11.09 Hunting is not a priority - FOX hunting is not a 'priority' for the Conservatives. David Cameron has made a commitment to a free vote on the repeal of Labour's Hunting Act. Graham, Exeter (letter)

Harborough Mail 5.11.09 No sporting chance for birds - AT THE weekend, I came across hundreds of farmed birds being fatally wounded by a few shooters. This cannot be a sport, because, in proper sport or game, all the participants are willing to take part, and all have a fair chance of winning or losing…. Clive Hadfield, Holly Drive, Lutterworth (letter)

Derby Telegraph 13.11.09 Veggie diet will help the planet - CLIMATE chief Lord Stern (the author of the influential 2006 Stern review) recently said that people should give up meat – as a vegetarian diet is better for the planet. We couldn't agree more – it is something we have being saying for ages!... Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva! 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol, BS2 8QH (letter)

Western Mail 13.11.09 No need for meat – Mr Levell’s letter (November 9) started off well. To grow more vegetables would make this country more self-sufficient… If we grew more crops and stopped breeding animals for slaughter, this country would become more self-sufficient. I asked a dietician recently about her diet. She replied she was a vegetarian. GEORGE DUPE, Haisbro Avenue, Newport (letter)


Mid Devon Gazette 12.11.09 Animal rights activists blast BBC for hunt footage stance - THE activities of a Mid Devon hunt have formed the basis of a complaint against the BBC by an animal rights group. The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has written to all members of the Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee, complaining about the edition of Countryfile broadcast on Sunday, November 1. The league said that, after it supplied footage it claims shows members of the Mid Devon Hunt breaking the law, it was not used because of BBC guidelines regarding the use of "secret" recording… (story)
Western Morning News 6.11.09 Anti-hunt group's anger at BBC - THE activities of a Mid-Devon hunt have formed the basis of a complaint against the BBC by an animal rights group. The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has written to all members of the Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee, complaining about the edition of Countryfile broadcast last Sunday. The league said that, after it supplied footage it claims shows members of the Mid Devon Hunt breaking the law, it was not used because of BBC guideline regarding the use of "secret" recording…. (story)

Chester Standard/Leader 12.11.09 Fox hunt protestors to hit Chester - PROTESTERS are planning to take their cause to the streets of Chester this weekend in a bid to discourage fox hunting. A group of anti-hunting campaigners, Fight Against Cameron Cruelty Threat (FACCT), have announced they will be staging a demonstration in Chester's city centre between 1pm and 3pm this Saturday to help gain public support. The event is meant to coincide with a campaign by bathroom products store Lush Cosmetics, which has a shop in Foregate Street…. (story)

Carlisle News & Star 12.11.09 True picture of hunting - Somewhere in a classic 19th-century novel… the congregation is sitting in a small rural church awaiting the unveiling of a long-awaited depiction of The Ten Commandments... The curtain is drawn back: there is a silence and then a gasp – the inebriated artist has everywhere omitted the word “NOT!” This is how I felt on reading, Mr Sanderson’s criticism… IAN ADDISON, Ireby (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 6.11.09 More reports of cruelty to animals - James Barrington, in his letter: Is society more civilised? ( News & Star, October 16) tries to justify his support for the return of fox-hunting with hounds by saying “figures from the RSPCA have shown a year-on-year rise in animal cruelty cases”… Reintroducing the cruelty of fox-hunting with hounds will not reduce cruelty to animals; it will add to it. ANGUS MACMILLAN, Balloch, Dunbartonshire (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 26.10.09 Why only hunt foxes? I see that Mr Addison (News & Star October 19) repeats his mantra that “sport hunting of red foxes resembles predation by larger, locally extinct predators such as wolves”…. No doubt Mr Addison and his supporters are eagerly anticipating the return of a Conservative government, who would we are told, repeal the Hunting Act. Would he, therefore, celebrate the return of hare coursing and stag hunting, two “sports” even more indefensible than fox hunting?... JM SANDERSON, Chapel Street, Carlisle (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 19.10.09 Academics' quotation not unreliable - In my letter headed ‘Fox hunts not unnatural’ (News & Star, October 3), I used a quotation from an academic article… Alan Kirby, who gives no location but identifies himself only as a member of a group calling itself POWA (Protect Our Wild Animals), clearly suspects that this quotation is unreliable…. In fact I had offered to do so if required, but this was edited out, presumably for reasons of space…. IAN ADDISON, Ireby (story)
Carlisle News & Star 16.10.09 Is society more civilised? THE rather grandiose notion held by Alan Kirby that somehow society is better for banning fox hunting (News & Star, October 13) is inaccurate… Hunting with scenting hounds is selective, as the quarry animal is caught in direct relation to its debility, thereby removing the old, weak and injured…. JAMES BARRINGTON, Welfare consultant to the Council of Hunting Associations
ACCORDING to Ian Addison, the Hunting Act is unjustified, unjust and harmful (News & Star, October 2). This is an incorrect but typical response from those who support the cruelty of hunting with dogs… ELAINE MILBOURN, TorpenhowWigton (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 14.10.09 The fox is farmer’s scapegoat - John Charters is wrong to claim that foxes are predators on a large scale of lambs and poultry (News & Star, October 8). In a booklet produced by MAFF in 1995 (Improving Lamb Survival) it shows quite clearly that only five per cent of all lamb deaths is down to predators and misadventure…. The fox is always used as a scapegoat for inefficiencies and to justify the cruelty of hunting… ELAINE MILBOURN, Torpenhow (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 13.10.09 Hasn't society moved on? - The unnamed ‘academic’ source who Mr Addison quotes (‘Fox hunts not unnatural,’ Letters, October 3) is completely wrong. Wolves rarely play any significant role in restricting fox populations where they co-habit now – so why would we think they ever did so in the UK?... As we’ve moved into more civilised, enlightened and democratic times hunters have had to increasingly demonise the fox, largely by grossly exaggerating its predations on livestock, and to purport to be ‘pest-controllers’ in order to try to justify their ‘sport.’… Most of us have moved on from this limited and unempathic mindset…. Cameron, a hunter himself, plans to reward them by repeal, when what the public wants is a ban that works. Strengthen the Hunting Act. ALAN KIRBY, M.Sc Protect Our Wild Animals [POWA]
John Charter’s letter (October 8) ‘We must control this vermin” regarding the “controlling’ of foxes is wrong on two counts. Foxes only kill what is made available to them so it is up to farmers to protect their poultry and not exaggerate the number of lambs killed by foxes, which is very low and in general the weak that would have died anyway… ANGUS MACMILLAN, Meikle Boturich, near Balloch, Dunbartonshire (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 8.10.09 We must control this vermin - I totally agree with Ian Addison’s letter concerning the hunting of foxes by dogs (News & Star October 3). Foxes, after all, are a form of vermin, and predators of poultry and lambs among others, on a large scale. They are killers, and need to be controlled with regularity. Hunting is by far and away the most humane way to do this…. JOHN N M CHARTERS, Plumbland (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 3.10.09 Fox hunts not unnatural - In the letter “Fox hunting ban must remain” (News and Star, September 28 ) it is stated that hunting with dogs is unnatural. I am afraid that this is biologically incorrect….. IAN ADDISON, Ireby (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 28.9.09 Hunting ban must remain - HUNTING foxes with hounds thankfully is illegal. It has been added to the list of cruel, unnecessary and equally perverse activities such as badger baiting and dog fighting…. TONY LOCKE, Whitehaven (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 12.11.09 Fox and stag not top of list - WITH the start of the hunting season, there will be the predictable onslaught by those who think the hunting of foxes and stags with hounds is cruel and outdated and should be banned…. But whatever the rights or wrongs of what is referred to by many as a bloodsport, we all know now the Hunting Act has more holes in it than a leaking sieve… So let's get our priorities right and badger our absymal government to bring back our troops before more families are left without a treasured son or daughter or children without a father or mother…. COLIN RICHEY Lazenby Road, Tiverton (letter)

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 12.11.09 Survey highlights value of grouse By Gavin Musgrove - THE importance of grouse shooting in bolstering rural economies in Scotland has been highlighted in a unique survey carried out in Tomintoul. The UK's first social study of grouse shooting, published on Friday and commissioned by the Scottish Countryside Alliance Educational Trust, has revealed that the industry significantly helps to stem the number of young people leaving remoter villages… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 7.11.09 Survey shows communities benefit directly from the sport - Grouse shooting plays ‘key role’ in rural economy By Leanna MacLarty - Grouse shooting can have a positive impact on rural communities suffering from decreasing numbers of young people, a new study has revealed. The first social study of grouse shooting in Britain has highlighted the contribution of gamekeepers and their families to remote communities. The study, carried out by the Centre for Mountain Studies at Perth College UHI, was based at Tomintoul in Moray where the field sport is a common activity… Tim Baynes, of the Scottish Countryside Alliance Educational Trust, said: “An opportunity for the future was identified, namely to educate and re-involve the community’s youth in grouse shooting activities in order to ensure a sustainable future for the sport in Scotland and help protect these vulnerable rural areas.” (story)

Irish Independent 12.11.09 Animal abuse is no surprise - The sickening cruelty to swans on a stretch of the River Barrow in Co Carlow, where teenagers stoned the birds and inflicted horrific injuries, is part of a pattern of abuse extending across the whole country… I blame to some extent the fact that we have legal cruelty to animals in the form of so-called field sports like hare coursing, fox hunting and stag hunting…. John Fitzgerald, CALLAN, CO KILKENNY (letter)

Evesham Journal 13.11.09 Falconers do their bit for partridges - A falconry organisation is spearheading a campaign to save the wild grey partridge, which has suffered an 86 per cent decline over the past 40 years. The British Falconers’ Club (BFC) has joined forces with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) to produce a DVD on methods to boost wild grey partridge numbers… (story)

Wimbledon Guardian 12.11.09 Morden 'killer foxes' cut brake cables and cause van to crash into lamppost By Ben Thompson - Foxes gnawing through brake cables have caused a Morden motorist to career off the road and slam his van into a lamppost. Tony Elcome, 50, of Lower Morden Lane, escaped injury last Friday night but residents in the area claim it is only a matter of time until someone is seriously hurt as “killer foxes” maul the underside of cars…. (story)

Oxford Times 12.11.09 Men jailed for animal rights threats - Two men have been sentenced to a total of three years imprisonment at Oxford Crown Court today for offences linked to animal rights. Robert Griffiths, 59, of Kingsfield Oval, Stoke-on-Trent, and Robert Lewis, 62, of Pheasant Road, Trebanos, Swansea, pleaded guilty to offences under section 146 of the Serious and Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 on October 12. They were each sentenced to 18 months imprisonment and given a ten-year anti-social behaviour order. Their sentences were reduced on the grounds of their guilty plea, as well as their current health status… (story)
The Sentinel 10.7.09 Man in court over threats - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner is due to appear before magistrates today accused of blackmail. Robert Griffiths, of Kingsfield Oval, Basford, and another man are accused of conspiracy to blackmail… The 59-year-old will appear at Oxford City Magistrates' Court today, along with Robert Lewis, aged 62, of Pheasant Road, Trebanos, Swansea… (story)
Oxford Times 10.7.09 Pair face conspiracy charge - Two men have been jointly charged with conspiracy to blackmail. The charges relate to a number of offences across the country in which threatening letters were sent to companies linked to drug testing… Robert Griffiths, 59, of Kingsfield Oval, Stoke-on-Trent, and Robert Lewis, 62, of Pheasant Road, Trebanos, Swansea, will appear at Oxford Magistrates’ Court today (story)

Newbury Weekly News 12.11.09 Protest at Bayer's Newbury HQ By Clare Hardy, Reporter - Morning vigil was kept outside Newbury company by animal rights protesters. DEMONSTRATORS protested against animal testing outside Bayer’s Newbury headquarters in Strawberry Hill yesterday (Wednesday). The protesters were from the Berkshire Animal Rights group and kept up a vigil from mid-morning until the afternoon, handing out leaflets denouncing Huntingdon Life Sciences, one of the world’s largest contract research organisations. One of the protesters, Rachel Foster from Oxford, said: “It is wrong to be testing on our fellow creatures…. (story)

Portsmouth 12.11.09 Campaigners are charged in conspiracy investigation - Four animal rights activists have been charged with conspiracy to commit criminal damage in Hampshire. Thomas Harris, 26, and Nicola Tapping, 28, of Clarence Road, Gosport, were arrested by officers at an address in Gosport. Christopher Potter, 20, and Maria Neal, 19, were detained at their home address of Boat Lane, Evesham, Worcs. All four were charged on Tuesday night… (story)
Evesham Journal 11.11.09 Two arrested in Evesham over animal rights extremism - TWO people have been arrested in Evesham in connection with an investigation into animal rights extremism. A 19-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman, both from Evesham, were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage and are currently in custody helping police with their enquiries… (story)
Portsmouth News 11.11.09 Pair arrested in animal rights probe - Two people were arrested yesterday morning as part of an investigation into animal rights extremism. The 26-year-old man and 28-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage and were yesterday in custody being questioned by officers… The arrests relate to incidents of criminal damage that occurred in the Winchester, Fareham, Hedge End and Farnborough areas in September and October last year…. (story)
Worcester News 10.11.09 Evesham arrests in animal rights extremism probe By Alicia Kelly - A 19-year-old man from Evesham and a 20-year-old woman from Evesham were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage and are currently in custody helping police with their enquiries. The arrests were made after a warrant was executed at an address in Boat Lane, Evesham…. (story)
Southern aily Echo 10.11.09 Animal rights extremists arrested in Hampshire - FOUR people have been arrested as part of an investigation into animal rights extremists and a spate of criminal damage across Hampshire… (story)
Eastbourne Herald & Gazette 10.11.09 Four held in animal rights extremism probe - Four people have been arrested in connection with an investigation into animal rights extremism in Hampshire. The arrests relate to incidents of criminal damage that occurred in the Winchester, Fareham, Hedge End and Farnborough areas in September and October last year…. (story)
BBC News Online 10.11.09 Four held in animal rights probe - Four people have been arrested during raids as part of an inquiry into suspected animal rights extremism. Police were investigating criminal damage in Farnborough, Fareham, Hedge End and Winchester, Hampshire, in 2008… (story)

Enfield Independent 12.11.09 Enfield is first 'cruelty-free' council in UK By Rebecca Lowe - ENFIELD is the first council in the country to use only "cruelty-free" cleaning products. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), which campaigns to end animal experiments, voiced delight at the decision, made at last night's council meeting. Councillor Christopher Cole introduced the motion in support of the BUAV's "Clean Up Cruelty" campaign… (story)


Western Morning News 11.11.09 Brown 'sceptical' of Tory hunting pledge - THE public should be "sceptical" about Tory pledges to repeal the Hunting Act, Gordon Brown said yesterday as he suggested the policy was driven by lobby groups…. (letter)

Northern Echo 11.11.09 Hunting the tales of a village steeped in many mysteries By Chris Lloyd - THE village of Manfield, to the south of Darlington, was the scene recently for the launch of a book about medieval hunting. It is written by Richard Almond of Richmond, North Yorkshire, a former tutor at Darlington College, and it looks at women’s roles in what was hitherto regarded as a male preserve. In the beautifully illustrated Daughters of Artemis, Richard explores evidence drawn from contemporary documents and images… The launch at the Crown Inn, surrounded by the Zetland Hunt, was topped off by a historically appropriate Medieval Hunter’s Lunch of venison casserole and lemon posset (story)

Worthing Herald 11.11.09 Cruel 'sport' should be banned - WHEN will the pro-fox hunt brigade really understand the issues involved? Fox hunting is their "sport"…. Fox-hunting comprises 30 or more dogs – larger than the fox – many horse riders, and people to flush the fox from his hideout. The aim is to terrorise the fox during the chase so that he weakens and then urge the hounds to kill him, great fun is had by all, shouting, blowing the horn and worst of all "blooding" children to initiate them into the "sport"…. Name and address supplied (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 11.11.09 What's pleasurable about inflicting pain? - I AGREE with Colin Richey that British soldiers in Afghanistan are more important than foxes, Why this flawed Act is not a priority for me, Letters, November 5. However, I fail to see what this has to do with the Hunting Act…. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 11.11.09 Don't link the Afghan conflict with hunting - REGARDING Colin Richey's letter, Why this flawed Act is not a priority for me, Echo, November 5. Might I cast his mind back to where the recent tit-for-tat arguments about hunting began? It began with the Tory leader David Cameron announcing to his party conference that after 12-and-a-half years in opposition and with the country facing the deepest recession since 1929, he would as a priority make time to repeal the Hunting Act…. Wars never end. Hunting has. G R Holwill, Stoke Hill Crescent, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.11.09 Why this flawed Act is not a priority for me - WITH the start of the hunting season the predictable wave of for and against letters took up your letters page giving the writers' strong views on the subject. All very commendable, I'm sure, But for me the loss of one fox or stag run into the ground becomes insignificant when I read on a daily basis about the young men and women who are killed of badly maimed in the killing fields of Afghanistan…. So for the time being lets get our priorities right. Put hunting on the back burner and turn up the heat on our dismal adminstration to bring back our young men and women before more families are bereaved in a war that is becoming our Vietnam…. Colin Richey, Lazenby Road, Tiverton (letter)

Sleaford Standard 11.11.09 Police swoop on hare coursing gang - SLEAFORD area police swooped to stop an illegal hare coursing gang in its tracks last week. As part of the Not In My Neighbourhood Week initiative against anti-social crime a police team raced to reports of hare coursing at Great Hale Fen… They were assisted by farmers acting as spotters with binoculars. Two of the three cars, a Subaru Impreza and a Land Rover, were stopped. All the occupants were found to be from the London area…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 11.11.09 Bristol urban foxes on the increase - With cinema-goers currently enjoying the tale of Fantastic Mr Fox, the real-life version is on the increase in the Bristol area, according to the UK's expert on the species. The disease mange virtually wiped urban foxes in Bristol in the early 1990s, but they have fought back and there are now an estimated thousand breeding adults in the city. That's nothing like the level of previous times – in fact numbers are only half what they were at their peak – but Professor Stephen Harris, based at the University of Bristol, says the city is a great place for them to thrive… (story)


Horse & Hound 10.11.09 LACS claims refuted by National Trust - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The National Trust has denied claims that they have an arrangement to provide the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) with details of hunting and other sporting, activities on Trust land. LACS sumitted a motion to the National Trust annual meeting on 7 November, asking the Trust to make public all dates when hunts will be trail hunting on their land. The motion was defeated by 7,056 votes. But in a statement on its website LACS had claimed: "whatever the outcome of the vote an agreement has been reached [with the National Trust] whereby this information will be made available to [us]". Trust spokesman Andrew McLaughlin told H&H: "This is absolutely not the case…. (story)

Dundee Courier 10.11.09 Ban use of animal snares - In response to your article—Cat hurt by cruel snare (November 5) it is necessary to highlight that Kizzy’s experience in Fife is sadly not unique. Advocates for Animals have long campaigned for the Scottish Government to ban the use of these cruel and indiscriminate devices and have worked on a petition with over 10,000 signatures opposing their use… Ross Minett. Campaigns Director, Advocates for Animals, 10 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh. (letter)

Guardian 10.11.09 Why the red deer failed to rut - There has been no deer rut in the New Forest this autumn - David Adam - For centuries, the autumnal red deer rut has been one of the stunning sights of the British countryside… Ian Young, a New Forest keeper, says there have been too many people hanging around with cameras… (story)

Tivyside Advertiser 10.11.09 Minister welcomes badger vote - RURAL Affairs Minister Elin Jones has welcomed this week’s Welsh Assembly vote in favour of plans to trap and shoot badgers in north Pembrokeshire as part of a programme to get rid of bovine TB. But local protesters say they are stepping up their campaign and want a public meeting; and others are seeking a judicial review….. Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC) is stepping up its programme of awareness raising following the pro-cull vote and is planning a series of public events throughout the winter. Dr Adrian Stallwood, a spokesperson for PAC, said: "The Welsh Assembly has bowed to pressure from cull-obsessed farmers and vets…. (story)

Scottish Sun 10.11.09 Foxes blasted by golf club snipers - By IRINA NELSON - GOLF club chiefs have sparked fury by hiring SNIPERS to shoot foxes which dug up their course. Bosses brought in gunmen to lie in wait for the creatures after complaints from golfers over damage to greens and bunkers…. John Patrick, of Scotland For Animals, said: "There are several humane methods of discouraging foxes - hiring marksmen to creep around in the dead of night blasting bullets about the place isn't one of them."…. (story)


Times 9.11.09 The story behind the picture: boy and hounds, Yorkshire, 2008 - The Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt on a misty autumn morning - Bethany Clarke - I’m from Yorkshire and grew up in the countryside. I’d never been on a hunt myself, but was intrigued by it: the tradition and, of course, the controversy surrounding the ban. I was invited to photograph the Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt on newcomers’ day… This little boy was off in his own little patch of the yard, surrounded by fog. There was this moment of emotion, of passion, and I knew I had to catch it. Before I went, I had wanted to capture what I thought was the definitive hunt photo: the hunt master on his grand horse drinking sherry, red coats and baying hounds. I did get that, but when I later came to pull all my photos together, this was the one that stood out to me… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.11.09 I shall carry on with dogs to flush deer - THE Hunting Act defines flushing wild animals out of cover with dogs as exempt hunting if it is done in accordance with strict conditions… I recently phoned the RSPCA and explained my activities to them and asked if they thought I should shoot the animals that I used my dogs to flush out. Given that the RSPCA are avid supporters of the Hunting Act the response that RSPCA inspector John Pollock from West Hatch in Somerset left on my voicemail was somewhat surprising. He said that because the law was 'ambiguous' he had had to get legal advice… It is quite clear that banning flushing animals out of cover with dogs makes no sense and I shall therefore continue to do so with three dogs, no shooting and with the support of the RSPCA… Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.11.09 There is little support for repeal of hunt law - THE repeal of the Hunting Act will be an act of pure ignorance… The fact that the hunters want to believe that repeal is going to happen does not mean that it is in fact going to happen… Kathy Moyle, East Budleigh (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.11.09 Cruel death of a fox is not a lovely sight - I WRITE with reference to the article Hunts hope for a change in the law, Express & Echo, November 2. I was upset by the glib remarks uttered by the two ladies from Honiton and Cullompton, particularly by the sentence "It is a lovely sight to see them set off across the countryside". I wonder how she would describe the sight of a fox, disembowelled but still alive… Joan Jones, Devon Heath, Chudleigh Knighton (letter)

Scotsman 9.11.09 Licence to kill - The Scottish Government has yet again shown its true colours on the balance between animal welfare and financial gain with new plans to issue licensing guidelines on killing birds of prey. While there is no doubt that, in some instances, certain species need to be controlled, it is appalling that the government would consider allowing landowners to kill raptors simply because they are preying on game birds being reared for commercial shooting and, therefore, economic gain… LOUISE ROBERTSON, League Against Cruel Sports, Limekilns, Fife (letter)
Scotsman 9.11.09 Licence to kill - IT is quite unbelievable and absurd that the Scottish Government is considering issuing licences for the control of birds of prey such as buzzards… WENDY MATTINGLEY, Cluny House, Aberfeldy, Perthshire (letter)
Scotsman 4.11.09 New licences to kill birds of prey could be handed to landowners By Jenny Fyall - NEW guidelines on the licensed killing of birds of prey are being drawn up by the Scottish Government. Gamekeepers' groups are hoping the new advice will make it easier for the owners of hunting estates to get licences to control certain types of birds of prey such as buzzards…. However, conservation groups including the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Scotland is opposed to licences being granted for any birds of prey to be killed… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 9.11.09 Remember animals which have suffered - Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)
9.11.09 Animal victims of war - Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 4.11.09 Letter from Kelly Slade - AS Remembrance Day approaches it is important not only to remember the human victims of wartime, but also the animals… KELLY SLADE Campaigns Manager Animal Aid (letter)
Western Mail 3.11.09 Purple poppies - KELLY SLADE, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Somerset Standard 29.10.09 Lest we forget the animal contribution in war - KELLY SLADE, Campaigns officer, Animal Aid (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.10.09 Animals are victims of conflicts as well - Kelly Slade, Campaigns officer Animal Aid (letter)
Haverhill Echo 22.10.09 Animals victims of war injuries, too - KELLY SLADE, campaigns officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Sussex Express 22.10.09 War victims are not just human - Kelly Slade, Tonbridge (letter)
Bath Chronicle 15.10.09 Purple poppies for animals? - KELLY SLADE, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)
Buckinghamshire Advertiser 15.10.09 Animal victims of wartime conflict - AS REMEMBRANCE Day approaches, it is important not only to remember the human victims of wartime, but also the animals who have been used for detection, scouting and rescue, as messengers, as beasts of burden and on the front line… To commemorate all the animal victims, Animal Aid has issued a purple poppy, which can be worn alongside the traditional red one, as a reminder that both human beings and animals have been, and continue to be, victims of war….. KELLY SLADE Campaigns officer (letter)

South Wales Echo 9.11.09 Kill animals as a last resort - I REPLY to the letter (Viewpoints, October 30) that raises even more concerns about the Welsh Assembly Government’s approach to eradicating bovine TB….. The pilot study is scientifically compromised in that the effect that culling the badger has on bovine TB incidence cannot be measured… Derek Hector, Heol y Forlan, Whitchurch, Cardiff (letter)


Sunday Sun 8.11.09 Death penalty is dead wrong by Ian Robson, Sunday Sun - BY now the hunting season in the North is in full swing. The tally-ho brigade, with their red jackets and whips, are out in force . . . and foxes had better beware… So it was an unwelcome sight to see hunt supporter Steve Clark, of the Countryside Alliance, boast about changing the law at the Percy Hunt’s first meeting of the season at Alnwick, Northumberland, a few days ago… There won’t be a happy ending if the next Government makes the mistake of repealing a law which, if ineffective, had its heart in the right place (story)

Observer 8.11.09 How foxhunting in Britain has beaten the ban – and thrived - Tracy McVeigh - The predictions were dire ahead of the controversial hunting ban in 2004… But, as the new season got fully underway yesterday, five years since the Hunting Act won royal assent, countryside experts said the sport has grown beyond recognition… In what could be the last season under the ban after a pledge by the Tories to hold a vote on repealing it as one of the first acts of a Conservative government, there is, said Abigail Butcher of Horse and Hound magazine, "a real excitement and optimism, a really good vibe about the future of hunting"…. (story)

Horse & Hound 8.11.09 Hunting days and a trip to the horseraces up for auction - Lottie Butler, H&H news desk - A day's hunting for two with the Belvoir, a day at Southwell races and a polo lesson at the Vale of York Polo Club are just some of the items up for auction by the Union of Country Sports Workers. Union of Country Sports Workers (UCSW) has launched an online Autumn Sporting Auction to raise money for Help for Heroes, and for the union to continue its valuable work… (story)

Wigan Evening Post/Observer/Reporter 8.11.09 Call for 'cruel' horse fair to end - Animal welfare organisation Animal Aid has called for the traditional Appleby Horse Fair to be discontinued. Its magazine Outrage claims members filmed several incidents of animal cruelty at this year's event…. (story)

Independent on Sunday 8.11.09 That Wales is a hotspot for badger persecution should be no surprise when we have a Welsh Assembly promoting a badger cull, supposedly to lessen the incidence of bovine TB… Derek Hector, Whitchurch, Cardiff (letter)


Country Life 7.11.09 Forty years of hunting - Michael Clayton recalls forty years of pleasures and pitfalls on the hunting field… (story)

Cumnock Chronicle 7.11.09 Osborne votes Cruelty Free - Labour MP, Sandra Osborne, has pledged her support for Vote Cruelty Free, a new non-partisan coalition of animal protection organisations working to put animals on the political agenda… (story)

Derby Telegraph 7.11.09 Don't relax laws helping wildlife - CHRIS Williamson is right to wonder why the Conservatives want to try to repeal the hunting ban when most of their supporters, both urban and rural, want it kept in place. With wildlife crimes increasing and persecutions of badgers, foxes, deer, hare and birds more prevalent, now is not the time for relaxing laws that protect them but need to be strengthened… Colin Grimley, High Edge Mews, Belper.(letter)

Wiltshire Times 7.11.09 Police arrest hare hunters in Dilton Marsh By Victoria Ashford - Five men were arrested in Dilton Marsh on Sunday on suspicion of hare coursing, after an operation involving the Wiltshire Police helicopter. Two lurcher-type dogs were seized and the men from Frome and Salisbury were arrested after a manhunt by police at about 4.30pm, after reports of hare coursing in the Winterbourne Stoke area, between Warminster and Salisbury…. Steve Taylor, a spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “Hare coursing was banned by the Hunting Act. People who want to bring it back say it is pest control but it is a blood sport….. (story)


Telegraph 6.11.09 Expect fireworks as hunting rears its head - Tensions are already high at the prospect of a new debate on the hunting ban, says Charlie Brooks. Tony Blair has said that one of the biggest regrets of his period as prime minister was the amount of parliamentary time taken up by the debate over hunting. Since then, the issue has been off the political agenda – but now we have entered the last hunting season before the possible repeal of the ban, it is about to flare back into life… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 6.11.09 Team's views on voting and hunting foxes - AS usual the Teen teamers have been keeping a close eye on the stories making the headlines in this week's Echo. They have had plenty to say about subjects ranging from hunting to voting… The Teen team's Becca Stokes and Jon Sprague said: "If foxes need to be killed then it should be done in a humane way, not with a pack of dogs chasing them and tearing them apart… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 6.11.09 BBC withdrew hunt film at last minute - YOUR article, headlined on the front page How hunts make a mockery of the law, Friday, October 30, was to have been followed up by a showing of the actual film on BBC's Countryfile last Sunday. For reasons that one can only imagine, the BBC withdrew the film at the last moment and replaced it with anaemic footage of two monitors filming nothing in particular from a farm gate…. Ivor Annetts,League Against Cruel Sports, Tiverton (letter)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 6.11.09 Hunt challenge - I was appalled to read of the alleged violence directed against two hunt monitors by a member of the Tedworth Hunt on October 24. I am a keen walker and have encountered (on several occasions) hunts in Wiltshire (including the Tedworth and Avon Vale) openly breaking the current hunt ban by using a pack of hounds to pursue a fox. At the end of last year, I was walking near Huish and, about 20 minutes into my walk, I could hear the sound of hunting hounds close by. I then witnessed the hunstman encouraging 15 to 20 hounds to chase a fox… A little further down the lane, two hunt supporters on a quad bike suddenly blocked my way. They started shouting at me and were generally very intimidating… S Thompson, Pans Lane, Devizes
We asked the Tedworth Hunt to comment on this letter. Stuart Sharp, joint master of Tedworth Hunt, said he did not believe his hunt was involved…. The hunt employs two people but they ride horses, not quad bikes…. If there was an incident where a member of the hunt was rude to a member of the public, hunt officials would take the matter very seriously. If the person concerned wants to call me I would be willing to talk and meet with them (letter)

Bdaily 6.11.09 Clarissa tells North East councils: “Buy British food” - Television cook and countrywoman, Clarissa Dickson Wright, is leading a campaign urging public bodies to buy and serve more British produce. According to the Countryside Alliance, the vast majority of public bodies in the North East do not have a formal policy in place for sourcing and procuring UK-produced food. A survey carried out by the Countryside Alliance asked local authorities about their procurement policy, and of the nine local authorities in the North East who responded only four were able to say how much British produce they procure… (story)


Exeter Express & Echo 5.11.09 Thriving hunts get sniff of a Tory change of law - THE launch of the new hunting season at the weekend was buoyed by fresh optimism among supporters that the controversial ban will be repealed next year…. Gill Sumersgill, secretary of the Dulverton Farmers' Hunt, praised the atmosphere at their opening meet at Chiltern Farm, Morebath, on Saturday October 31, and said support has not wavered since the bill was passed…. the East Devon Hunt drew support from around 50 riders from across the Culm Valley and Mid Devon. Rita Vicary, 67, from Cullompton… said: "I own a horse which my daughter rides and we are supporters of the Tiverton Foxhounds. We just want a Conservative government, so the ban will be repealed."… Ivor Annetts, a Devon activist from the League of Cruel Sports, said: "Our hunt monitors are out in strength. The ban is an enforceable piece of legislation designed to prevent cruelty and evidence is obtainable."… (story)

Derby Telegraph 5.11.09 Hunt fun night for 999 service - A DERBYSHIRE and South Staffordshire hunt has raised £800 for the East Midlands air ambulance. The Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt, along with British Show Pony Society, raised the money at a country sports fun evening at the Meynell Hunt Kennels, in Sudbury… (story)

Somerset Standard 5.11.09 Happy Nude Year! Frome strips off for charity - There appears to have been lots of semi-naked people across Frome this week… A Beckington student has featured three times in a saucy calendar to raise money for a local charity. Laura Eyles, 23, studies at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester and is the Foxyhunters' calendar's cover girl, Miss February and Miss November… The calendar aims to raise money for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and Cancer Research. Miss Eyles, a regular with the Avon Vale hunt in Wiltshire, said: ''I've been riding horses since I was very small and it's always been a big part of my life…. (story)
Telegraph 29.10.09 Riders strip for 'Foxyhunters' calendar - A group of horse riders have taken off their clothes for the 'Foxyhunters' calendar, which features event riders, showjumpers and hunt followers wearing little more than suspenders, riding boots and whips…. The calendar aims to raise money for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and Cancer Research. Cover girl Laura Eyles, 23, from Frome, Somerset, is a student at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, Glos. Laura, a regular foxhunter with the Avon Vale hunt in Wiltshire, said: "I've been riding horses since I was very small and it's always been a big part of my life… Jess Henry, 21, appears wearing riding boots, knickers and a riding jacket and holding a whip in front of a stable door. She is also a student at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, Glos, and used to be a regular member of the VWH hunt… (story)

Somerset Guardian 5.11.09 Review of opinion on Hunting Act necessary - I write in response to Wansdyke MP Dan Norris's column on October 1. I am pleased that Mr Norris is reviewing the now outdated information used to gauge support for the Hunting Act…. The implementation of the Hunting Act went against much evidence (for example the Burns enquiry) in favour of hunting as humane management of the countryside and has resulted in no subsequent welfare benefits… I (along with many of my friends) will be eligible to vote for the first time in the imminent general election and I will be interested in how candidates respond to a proposed repeal of the Hunting Act. HARRIET FORMBY, Carlingcott, Bath (letter)

Bath Chronicle 5.11.09 Last season with Hunting Act in force? - I think Dan Norris is asking the wrong question. Anti-hunt feelings are stronger now than ever. Survey after survey shows around 72 per cent of people are against hunting foxes with dogs… This savagery and desire to watch animals being tortured lingers on in some of us. Perhaps if we could eradicate this instinct, the world would be a little more peaceful… ALUN PERSON Green Street Ston Easton (letter)

Evesham Journal 5.11.09 Youngsters learn about way of life - YOUNGSTERS had a taste of the great outdoors and learned about the rural way of life when the Countryside Alliance hosted a Young Countryside Day at Throckmorton Clay Shooting Club. Clare Rowson, spokesman for the Countryside Alliance Foundation, said they welcomed the opportunity to promote and raise awareness of the economic, social and environmental contribution made by rural activities to the countryside. “The aim of the Young Countryside Day is to offer students aged from 11 to 16 the opportunity to experience countryside activities and enhance their appreciation of the countryside and its people… (story)
Evesham Journal 8.10.09 Event to promote countryside to students - THE Countryside Alliance Foundation is hosting the fourth Young Countryside Day at Throckmorton Clay Shooting Club, near pershore, on Tuesday, October 27. The day is an opportunity for youngsters aged 11 to 16 to enjoy the great outdoors and learn about the rural way of life… (story)

BBC News Online 5.11.09 The rise of the non-veggie vegetarian By Finlo Rohrer - Vegetarianism used to be simple - its protagonists foreswore the flesh of any dead animal. Today there are "veggies" who eat fish, and people who eat no meat but don't call themselves vegetarians. What happened?.... the Vegetarian Society, which has acted as the custodian of British vegetarianism since 1847, has a simple definition…. Juliet Gellatley, director of the vegan and vegetarian group Viva, is also clear on the issue of whether fish eaters can use the term vegetarian. "They cannot. The definition is very clear. It's someone who doesn't eat anything from a killed animal…. (story)


Western Morning News 4.11.09 Hunt fans told: 'Get into the real world' - Matt Chorley - A WAR of words erupted last night over the future of the ban on hunting with dogs. Labour's rural affairs minister Dan Norris claimed hunt supporters who wanted to see the law repealed had to "get into the real world", with public opposition to the sport on the rise. But the Countryside Alliance accused Mr Norris of ignoring the Government's own evidence that hunting was not cruel, and suggested he was only a minister because Gordon Brown had "scraped the bottom of the barrel"… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 4.11.09 Reform Hunting Act or find replacement - JOHN Phelps' recent letter Dog cannot be found guilty of squirrel act, Letters, October 28, reveals yet another massive loophole in the Hunting Act… From what Mr Phelps is saying, if the hunts merely let their dogs chase and kill foxes and other wildlife there is no crime committed…. In my opinion the Hunting Act is ineffective and needs either substantial reform or replacement. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 27.10.09 Dog cannot be found guilty of squirrel act - THE attempts by Giles Bradshaw to discredit the Hunting Act 2004 are becoming irritating… Mr Bradshaw knows very well that a dog cannot be found guilty, before a court of law, of chasing a squirrel in contravention of the Hunting Act… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 22.10.09 Should a dog chasing a squirrel be illegal? - REGARDING Joan Jones' recent letter Restrictions should apply to hunts as well, Echo, October 12, in which she insists that rules intended for dog walkers should be applied to the hunts. I wonder how dog walkers would feel if the Hunting Act were applied to them. In theory they now have to prevent their dogs from flushing out or chasing any wild animal including even squirrels… Giles BradshawRose Ash, South Molton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 12.10.09 Restrictions should apply to hunts as well - I WAS very interested in your item headlined Hunt should abide by rules, says Kathy… I am anti hunt, but there are also the questions of justice and fairness which seem to be lacking in the rules drawn up by East Devon District Council… I have seen, more than once, hunt hounds being decanted from a van into a road prior to a hunt, holding up the traffic and effectively closing the road for considerable time. The hunt officials show supreme and arrogant indifference to the inconvenience caused to other road users…. Joan Jones, Devon Heath, Chudleigh Knighton (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 4.11.09 Did fox cubs enjoy Melissa's day out? - ACCORDING to Melissa Phillips she went cubbing and had a great day out, Day out changed my views on hunting, Letters, October 19. I wonder whether the fox cubs also enjoyed the day…. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 2.11.09 Hunting claims are just propaganda - WITH reference to Concern over actions to prevent hunting, Letters, October 21, Melissa Phillips must be extremely gullible if she has swallowed the scurrilous propaganda put out by her new hunting friends… Joan Jones, Chudleigh Knighton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 2.11.09 Hunters just want to legalise cruelty - IN answer to Melissa Phillips' Concern over actions to prevent hunting, Letters, October 21, please pull the other leg it's got bells on it. Not once did you offer any proof , of when, where, all these crimes took place and, by the way, you are breaking the law by cub hunting and you wouldn't cub hunt with 71 dogs…. Kathy Moyle, Colling Park, East Budleigh (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 29.10.09 I'm backing the Lush anti-hunt campaign - THE first paragraph of the letter from Melissa Phillips, Concern over actions to prevent hunting, Letters, October 21, reads as follows: "I am astounded and baffled that Lush has decided to support the Hunt Saboteurs Association to combat and campaign against animal cruelty. Some extremists have used violence in an effort to achieve their aims."…. The next day I bought a copy of the Horse & Hound magazine published on October 22. I quote the first two paragraphs of an article on page 5: "The Countryside Alliance has urged hunt supporters to keep protests against high street chain Lush within the law… As an old member of the HSA, it is seldom I find myself in agreement with a hunt supporter and the Horse & Hound. However, I am grateful to Lush for its campaign against hunting with dogs for sport and I will buy some bars of Fabulous Mrs Fox for Christmas presents. John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 22.10.09 Naming dogs doesn't make hunting okay - I FEEL my and other readers intelligence has been insulted by Melissa Phillips' letter, Day out changed my view on hunting, Echo, October 17. It is obvious to anyone by her letter that she has never been anything but pro-hunting…. (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.10.09 Concern over actions to prevent hunting - I AM astounded and baffled that Lush has decided to support the Hunt Saboteurs Association to combat and campaign against animal cruelty…. Melissa Phillips, Silverton (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 4.11.09 Letter from the Rev H W Jones - WE have Autumn Watch on BBC2 where our wildlife is studied and protected. We also have autumn killing where our wildlife is cruelly hunted and slaughtered… Countryside Alliance or should I say the Conservative Alliance, as they are funded by the CA for the restoration of hunting is their main policy…. (Rev) H W JONES Priors Hill Wroughton Swindon (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 4.11.09 Cumbria police launch crackdown on deer hunters - Deer poachers are being warned to keep looking over their shoulders as a crackdown on wildlife crime begins. In response to a large number of reports that deer have been taken, Cumbria police have started a series of night-time operations targeting poachers…. (story)

Colchester Daily Gazette 4.11.09 Circus boss welcomes Tendring Council's animal rights fight By James Dwan - CIRCUS bosses have welcomed new rules aimed at stopping animals from performing in Tendring. Lawrie Payne, an animal rights campaigner and councillor, put forward a motion calling on Tendring Council to do what it could to ban all circuses with animals from performing in the area. It was feared a ban could have been illegal, so the authority has drawn up an animal welfare charter, which will make it harder for circuses with animals to perform… (story)

Market Rasen Mail 4.11.09 Why wasn't netting rather than a cull tried for pigeons on bridge - – You would think, from all the venom and malice directed at those poor pigeons in Market Rasen, that we humans didn't produce excrement…. Personally, I have always found pigeons very attractive birds. They are so affectionate and loving with each other, and mate for life… Tricia Holford, Caistor (letter)
Market Rasen Mail 4.11.09 Sickened at dead birds - I have just learned about the proposed cull of pigeons in your town… Please urge the council to use humane methods. There are plenty of websites which will tell how… M. Williams, Tapestry Close, Sutton, SM2 (letter)
Market Rasen Mail 4.11.09 Absolutely disgusting - – Forgive me for sounding rude, but I think it's absolutely disgusting taht pigeons have been killed… Nikki Woodhead, by email (letter)
Market Rasen Mail 4.11.09 Kill, kill, kill is not answer - this now the answer to all our problems when confronted by a situation that is spoiling the habitat in which we live and that is to Kill! Kill! and Kill! again and again? Because, like it or not, the pigeon is one of God's creatures… they taste fantastic in a pie, not too dissimilar to the grey squirrel or the very common brown rat. Nino Hoblyn, Caistor, (letter)
Market Rasen Mail 4.11.09 Cruel method doesn't work – I understand that it has recently been announced that Market Rasen Town Council are (again) considering a pigeon cull… Culling is a cruel method of controlling wildlife numbers and is also ineffective as numbers usually return to pre-cull levels within just a few weeks - Peter Bagshaw, Kilndown Close, Maidstone, Kent (letter)


Leicester Mercury 3.11.09 Cruelty that is unnatural - The comments by Bambi Hornbuckle ("Hunts hope for law repeal", Mercury, October 24) that: "It's so unjust. Foxes are vermin and hunting is the kindest way of getting rid of them" sickens me and, no doubt, other animal lovers.Any other form of death would be more kindly than being ripped to pieces B Vickers, Braunstone Town (story)

BBC News Online 3.11.09 Animal rights letter man cleared - An animal rights activist has been cleared of causing fear and alarm by sending a suspicious package to the managing director of Aberdeen Airport. Andrew Kirk, 50, of Inverness, was charged with breach of the peace over the letter about animal transport for vivisection last year…. (story)

Dundee Courier 3.11.09 Dangers of meat eating - George K. McMillan misses the point in his tirade against vegetarianism (October 29). The consumption of meat, and of beef in particular, by the western world is an extravagance and its contribution to climate change goes beyond mere methane production— though that in itself is no small thing… Dr) Craig Cassells. 13 Upper Constitution Street, Dundee (letter)

Leicester Mercury 3.11.09 Cowardly thugs - The despicable cruelty to animals continues unabated ("Hunt for killer of family's animals", Mercury, October 22) and these appalling incidents should concern everyone as they could be a precursor of worse to come… Cruelty to animals is executed by inadequate, cowardly thugs who lack normal human feelings. They need to be caught.Elizabeth Allison, Leicester (letter)


Carlisle News & Star 2.11.09 Hunting: Could this be the last season under a ban? - At 10am tomorrow morning about 40 foxhounds and 20 foxhunters will be gathering in the autumn mists near Blencathra. And a smaller, equally dedicated band of their opponents will also be there…. (story)

Southern Daily Echo 2.11.09 Hunting season gets under way By Corey Stephenson - HUNTING season has officially got underway in Hampshire after hundreds of people descended upon the New Forest for their first meet. The New Forest Hounds’ opening meet attracted scores of riders and visitors to the village of Fritham when they set off for a day riding across the Hampshire countryside…. (story)

Western Morning News 2.11.09 Time to end hunting ban - THE HUNTING season launched in buoyant mood at the weekend, with many supporters hoping it would be the last such occasion before a repeal of the ban… Michael Moore, senior joint master of the East Devon Hunt, and Gerrard Knowle, owner of Rockbeare Manor, addressed the crowd before the hunt got under way… Gill Sumersgill, secretary of the Dulverton Farmers Hunt, said supporters had a "splendid day out" on Saturday… Janet Ackner, of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, which has been hunting since August, said the group was "very hopeful"… (story)

Northern Echo 2.11.09 Keeping hunt tradition in the saddle - RIDERS and hounds took to the fields at the weekend at the start of the new hunting season. More than 80 riders with their horses, including teenage children, took part in the Zetland Hunt…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 2.11.09 Devon hunts hope for law change - MORE than 50 horses and riders took to the hills of East Devon as the new hunting season got under way. At the start of what could be the last season before the Hunting Act is repealed, representatives from the Countryside Alliance gathered at Rockbeare Manor on Saturday to see dozens of huntsmen and women follow the East Devon Hunt's trail hunt…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 2.11.09 Holderness Hunt holds first meet - Horses, hounds and hundreds of foot followers enjoyed an afternoon in the countryside at the annual Holderness Hunt. The event at Rise Park, near Skirlaugh, on Saturday marked the first meet of the season and the fields were awash with colour as riders donned their traditional red jackets and velvet hats… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 2.11.09 League in police talks over hunt film debacle - ANIMAL rights activists have claimed they were failed by the legal system because no one involved in a "textbook" breach of the Hunting Act was prosecuted — despite it being caught on camera…. They voiced concerns about the way a piece of video evidence, shot in Devon, was handled. The recording — due to be made public on Sunday on the video sharing website YouTube — shows huntsmen and a pack of hounds flushing a fox from cover…. Steve Taylor, head of communications at the league, said the film, shot by a camouflaged volunteer using a telescopic lens earlier this year, was the best evidence he had seen suggesting a breach of the controversial law which bans hunting with dogs…. (story)

Midsomernorton People 2.11.09 Dan Norris MP pleased over hunting staff increase - North East Somerset MP Dan Norris has welcomed news that many hunts are employing more staff and keeping more hounds despite the ban…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 2.11.09 Hunting ban vote is wrong priority - TORY frontbencher Nick Herbert recently confirmed that the Tories would offer a free vote on repealing Labour's hunting ban…. While Labour is focusing on getting the county out of recession, the Conservatives want to waste parliamentary time bringing back an activity that most of their own voters don't even support… Chris Williamson, Leader of the Labour Group, Derby City Council. (letter)

Newcastle Chronicle 2.11.09 Shame on Cameron - THE extravagant claims made by the Conservative Party are similar to those spouted by an electioneering Tony Blair way back in 1997…. Neither Blair nor Brown cared about animal welfare but their mere promises to put a stop to cruel blood sports and vivisection practices resulted in huge electoral majorities. They did eventually stop hunting with hounds, but now, apparently, Tory David Cameron, if elected, intends to restore fox hunting, an exclusive so-called country sport, regardless of public opinion. What’s new if anything? NORMAN WALL, via email. (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 2.11.09 'Cruelty to animals, for sport or entertainment, remains a crime' - TODAY it is Hallowe'en and this year it coincides with the official start of the hunting season — possibly the last under the current ban. This is where the spectre of redcoats, riders, terrier-men and hunt followers bear down on the poor foxes to put them to their cruel barbaric death from a pack of pursuing hounds…. Cruelty to animals for sport, or entertainment, is now, and should always remain, a crime. Graham Forsyth, Fairway Rise, Chard (letter)

Guardian 2.11.09 What's wrong with a tame fox? - Emine Saner - Cats often come in to my flat, but this time the sound of something padding around was different, louder – bigger than a cat, smaller than a burglar. Looking down the hall into my kitchen, I saw two young fox cubs. I froze, they froze, then they scarpered, fluffy ginger tails disappearing out of the door. Urban foxes have a bad reputation, but I have spent the last few weeks putting out dog food in the hope of tempting them back…. (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 2.11.09 Diet that’s good for all - Kelly Slade, Vegan Month co-ordinator, Animal Aid (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 31.10.09 Did you know it’s Vegan Month? - NOVEMBER is Vegan Month – the perfect opportunity to start eating ethically. By going vegan, in one simple step an individual can help to end animal suffering, reduce their carbon footprint and boost their health… Kelly Slade, Vegan Month Co-ordinator, Animal Aid. (letter)

Portsmouth 2.11.09 Campaigners vow to stop livestock being exported By Rob Dabrowski - Animal rights campaigners have vowed to mount a series of protests against attempts to export live animals through Portsmouth. A demonstration was held at the city's Commercial Ferry Port on Saturday with more in the pipeline over the coming weeks… The Southern Animal Rights Coalition (SARC) is organising the protests, while Compassion in World Farming is also speaking out against the practice. Sarah Collins, 23, SARC campaigner, said: 'I'm really shocked that people tried to export live animals… " (letter)


Argus 1.11.09 Animal rights protesters target Horsham firm By Siobhan Ryan - Activists held a march to protest against experiments on animals. People dressed up as animals or lab workers gathered for the protest in Horsham… Around 70 people took part. Superintendent Jane Rhodes, of Sussex Police, said: “We are glad that once again, with the co-operation of the protest organisers, the event took place without violence or the need for arrests…. (story)

Harwich & Manningtree Standard 1.11.09 Tendring: New strict rules for circuses By James Dwan - CIRCUSES with animals could be banned from Tendring unless they adhere to strict new rules. Animal rights campaigner and district councillor Lawrie Payne put forward a motion calling on Tendring Council to do what it could to ban all circuses with animals from performing in the district…. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 1.11.09 Police investigate RSPCA for animal cruelty over dog deaths - The RSPCA is being investigated by police over allegations of animal cruelty after its officers were accused of "inhumanely" using a bolt gun to put down unwanted dogs By Ben Leach - The charity is alleged to have ordered the destruction of ten German shepherd dogs whose owner had recently died. The dogs, which had been kept indoors for several weeks and were said to be aggressive and in poor condition, were killed with a captive bolt gun of the kind used in abattoirs to stun livestock before slaughter… Animal shelters and dog rescue charities have condemned the RSPCA and accused it of failing to try to find new homes for the dogs… (story)
Times 24.10.09 Dog-lovers desert RSPCA over 'inhumane' killings - Simon de Bruxelles - Dozens of animal lovers have cancelled their regular donations to the RSPCA as part of a campaign against the use of an “inhumane” device used to put down unwanted dogs. The backlash began after the society, which relies on millions of pounds of public-donated money each year, ordered the destruction of ten German shepherd dogs whose owner had recently died… (story)
BBC News Online 31.8.09 Row as dogs put down by bolt gun - An organisation which re-homes German Shepherds has attacked the RSPCA's decision to put down 10 of the dogs with a bolt gun after their owner died. The RSPCA said relatives of the owner signed over the animals, which had a severe skin condition, in the knowledge they would be put down…. But German Shepherd Dog Rescue said they were not approached for re-homing. Jayne Shenstone from the organisation also said that shooting the dogs with a captive bolt gun was "not an acceptable way to treat somebody's pets"…. (story)