November 2011

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Eastbourne Herald 30.11.11 Controlling rabbits a necessary process - I HAVE a number of comments regarding the piece about rabbit culling in Jevington… If he has any credibility at all, he should resign immediately and apologise for misrepresenting the council in such an appalling manner. A GREEN Kings Drive (letter)
Eastbourne Herald 30.11.11 I READ with interest the article in this week’s Gazette regarding rabbits at Jevington recreation ground…. if Mr Ingram were controlling the rabbits on his neighbouring property (as he is required to do by law!), perhaps the cricket club would not have such a problem. Mr C PALMER Gloucester Close, Willingdon (letter)
Eastbourne Herald 30.11.11 OH DEAR, oh dear! I had to laugh when reading the article in Wednesday’s Gazette… We have similar problems in East Dean, and any reasonable person knows that shooting and ferreting of rabbits is a necessary process… IAN RAMSAY Hillside, East Dean (letter)
Eastbourne Herald 25.11.11 Stop slaughtering sports field bunnies, says wildlife enthusiast - AN ANIMAL lover is calling for an end to what he considers “the unnecessary slaughter” of rabbits on a local sports field. Ray Ingram, who sits on Willingdon and Jevington Parish Council, owns a plot of land with neighbours Jevington Recreation Ground, and says he has reached the end of his tether regarding the regular culling of bunnies…. (story)

Essex Echo 30.11.11 Badger cull not the answer to bovine TB - The Government will soon be making a statement on whether to cull our most ancient Briton, the badger. In the light of this, I would like to point out that there has been no cull in Scotland, but it is free of bovine TB…. Patricia Walker Elm Road Hadleigh (letter)

Blackpool Gazette 30.11.11 IN response to Carol Foley (Letters November 19), I agree with her totally. For too long, companies and certain charity support has made animal experiments possible… JEFFREY BILHAM, Address supplied (letter)

Thanet Times 30.11.11 Campaign to halt Port of Ramsgate live exports gathers pace - PROTESTERS are threatening to physically stop lorries exporting live animals from Ramsgate port. Emotions ran high at a public meeting on Saturday where campaigner Ian Driver described the trade as "cruel and barbaric"…. Others who spoke at the meeting included Phil Brooke, representing Compassion in World Farming, Green Party MEP Keith Taylor and the RSPCA's director of communications David Bowles. Last week, members of KAALE (Kent Against Animal Live Exports) and TALE (Thanet Against Live Exports) were in London to protest at the offices of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)…. (story)


Gloucestershire Echo 29.11.11 Hunt helps our heroes - A CHARITY helping wounded ex-servicemen and women has reined in £5,500. Beaufort Hunt members and supporters rode in, ran and stewarded the Badminton Sponsored Ride for Horses Help Heroes… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 29.11.11 We should not persecute them - IT is my belief that animals should be respected and not subject to unjust persecution… Miss E A Smith Ashton (letter)

Yorkshire Post 29.11.11 Cruelty means that fur is far from glamorous From: Caroline Davis, Otley - I WAS dismayed to read Stephanie Smith’s magazine feature (Yorkshire Post, November 19) extolling the glamour of real fur… (letter)


BBC News Online 28.11.11 Devon and Somerset hunting ban fight put on hold - Attempts to repeal the hunting ban have been put on hold by a Devon and Somerset group which said it believed a parliamentary vote now would be lost. The master of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, Diana Scott, said she believed the coalition government would not welcome a repeal…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 28.11.11 Praise for driver, but questions over shooting From: J Alexandra, Blubberhouses, Otley. MAY I through your column praise and thank the driver of the X59 bus to Skipton on Monday morning… the passengers heard a loud crack and saw shattered glass fall on to the floor. A pheasant had flown up from nearby land on the left and smashed into the windscreen, top right of the driver… While being extremely grateful to the Harrogate bus team, the passengers were asking themselves should shooters really be allowed to pursue their mindless activity so close to a busy main road? (letter)

Leicester Mercury 28.11.11 Hare coursing reports probed - Police have received around a dozen reports of the illegal bloodsport hare coursing taking place in Leicestershire and Rutland in the past month. Last week, five men were arrested and two vehicles seized following two suspected incidents. Hare coursing, which was made illegal by the Hunting With Dogs Act, 2005, often sees large amounts of money changing hands betting on the dogs chasing hares… (story)

Richmond Guardian 28.11.11 Richmond police investigate circus campaigner complaint By Paul Teed - Police have been carrying out an inquiry into whether officers breached the Data Protection Act when they arrested an animal rights protester outside a circus. Richmond police said they would inform the Directorate for Professional Standards after campaigner Lesley Dove, 47, alleged she saw the full name and phone number of a woman who made an allegation against her. Mrs Dove, of Rectory Grove, Hampton, said she was shocked when the officers left the victim’s personal details in full view on a screen in their car as they issued her a fine her for a public order offence outside Zippo’s Circus, in Old Deer Park…. Officers arrested Mrs Dove at about 2.15pm on Sunday, November 13, and fined her £80 after the woman complained she had used language that caused her and her six-year-old son alarm and distress…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 28.11.11 Coventry Telegraph Letters: Fireworks terror for animals - DO we really need a firework display in Rugby as part of the switching on of the Christmas lights? No, we do not and the Rugby Borough Council should have been more mindful of the suffering it causes to animals and birds…. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)

Leicester Mercury 28.11.11 Help to eradicate this cruel practice of bird-trapping - There have been a number of letters in Mailbox concerning a decline in garden birds, particularly song birds. Readers may be interested to learn about the Parany, which is a bird-trapping method practised in Spain in the regions of Valencia and Catalonia… To sign a petition to eliminate this cruel practice visit: - Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


Horse & Hound 27.11.11 Ledbury Hunt's Golden Button Challenge cancelled for this year - The Golden Button Challenge has been cancelled this year. The Ledbury hunt’s three-mile cross-country race will not run this December to give the course a break. But the challenge, which takes place annually on New Year’s Eve, will be back for 2012… (story)

Grantham Journal 27.11.11 Hunts are causing unnecessary pain - Recently, our normally very placid cat became acutely distressed, madly dashing from room to room and then out straight of the cat flap. Rushing after him to see what was the matter; I discovered that a hunt was passing at the back of our neighbour’s property and that our cat had bolted straight into its path…. Although thankfully he did eventually return home unharmed, I do think that those of us who want nothing to do with hunting should be spared having any contact with it…. ANTI-HUNTING, Name and address supplied (story)

Scotsman on Sunday 27.11.11 Edinburgh’s mink menace prompts call for mass cull - COUNCILLORS are to consider a major cull of the invasive mink that are moving into urban areas in Scotland. The American predators have laid waste to fish and vole populations in recent years and infiltrated every waterway in Edinburgh… (story)

Independent on Sunday 27.11.11 There are two main reasons why protests against badger culling are likely to be so widespread and so heated ("Police: we won't be able to cope with badger cull protests", 20 November). First, the proposed cull will be completely non-selective. Second, all the research so far carried out suggests that, at best, the cull will result in only a marginal reduction in cattle TB… Francis Kirkham, Crediton, Devon
I am sure that many other farmers are not convinced that bovine TB is spread by badgers… I am prepared to test the law on this matter and, if needs be, will stand on guard to defend the badgers on my land. John Bovington, Shoreham, Kent (letters)


Telegraph 26.11.11 The shooting party is not all guns and poses - Game-bird shooting remains entrenched in its deeply sexist ways. By Rose Prince - Oh, the heady whiff of cordite in damp November air…. Shooting parties are fun. Aren’t they? Not for some. Nothing can reduce a woman more effectively to the status of put-upon squaw than this sport, which remains the domain of the menfolk… This is not a moan about game-bird shooting. It is great recreation for the rural community and something that townies are welcome to join in, too. It’s good for the conservation of woodland and encourages farmers to plant a wider diversity of crops. Compared with all other means of procuring meat, it is one of the most natural and least cruel, but it remains out-modishly sexist…. My husband sensibly paid me when I used to cook lunch for the shoot he runs with a local farmer. It kept me quiet until the day the party kept the food waiting for an hour and I stormed out… Guns, keep this in mind: shooting is only two letters away from shopping (story)

BBC News Online 26.11.11 Live export protesters call for Ramsgate blockade - Campaigners against live animal exports from a Kent port are calling for blockades to try to stop the trade. A public meeting in Broadstairs is being told direct action is the quickest way to stop live animals being exported from Ramsgate… (story)
Kent Online 26.11.11 Campaign to stop live animal exports continues - There's to be another public meeting in Broadstairs today to discuss the next step in the campaign to stop live animal exports from the Port of Ramsgate. Staff from the RSPCA, members of Compassion in World Farming and MP for Ramsgate, Laura Sandys, will all address the gathering. Keith Taylor, MEP for the South East pictured left, will also be speaking and said he thinks Europe has a key role to play in fighting against the exports… (story)


South Wales Argus 25.11.11 County hunt’s support gallops ahead By Melissa Jones - NEW membership of a Monmouthshire hunt has doubled in the last year. Despite the fox hunting ban, around 25 people joined the Curre and Llangibby hunt in 2010, which means overall membership now stands at more than 50… (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 25.11.11 Raise your game and give wild meat a try - CONTRARY to popular belief, game is not just the preserve of the landed gentry but healthy, affordable meat that's surprisingly easy to obtain. And, thanks to businesses like Border Fish and Game, you don't have to get your hands dirty with plucking and drawing to enjoy the fruits of your local shoot… (story)

Telegraph 25.11.11 Hunting venison and boar for restaurants - Quality meat like venison and boar is so prized these days that restaurateurs are hunting it themselves . By Xanthe Clay - Meat matters. Any decent restaurateur takes it seriously, and increasingly chefs are visiting farms to learn more about the animals on the hoof to reassure themselves of the quality. Brothers Tom and Ed Martin, the owners of the ETM group, a cluster of likeable London restaurants and gastropubs including The Gun in Docklands and The Botanist in Sloane Square, take it one step further. They shoot much of the game on their restaurant menus themselves, and for the past three years have made an annual trip to the Czech Republic with the aim of filling the company van with venison and boar… (story)

Bournemouth Echo 25.11.11 Anti-fur protesters arrested ‘unlawfully’ By Stephen Bailey - THREE anti-fur trade protesters – including two ladies aged over 60 – have won apologies and compensation from Dorset Police for unlawful arrest… “I think the arrests were an insult to the democratic rights this country has fought two world wars to protect,” said demonstrator Steve Crabb, 47, a self-employed gardener from The Lansdowne. The protesters were part of a small demonstration with placards staged outside the clothes shop Lonah in Westbourne last March 29. The demonstrators were asked to stand on the other side of the road but returned after deciding the police had no power to move them, and were arrested under Section 14. “It is for smashing windows and drunks and setting out to intimidate people,” said protestor Linda Savage… Protester Audrey Douglas, 70, a retired retail worker from Westbourne who uses a walking stick, said: “It was upsetting and a ridiculous waste of time.”…. (story)


Stroud News & Journal 24.11.11 Screening to be held for award-winning anti-fox hunt documentary By Nick Wakefield - AWARD-WINNING anti-fox hunt film ‘A Minority Pastime’ will have a special free preview screening in Stroud next month. Written and produced by Slad Valley-based filmmaker Denise Ward, the documentary, narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart OBE, was part-filmed in Gloucestershire and follows Denise’s efforts to understand why the outlawed act of fox hunting is still so important to those who do it… Stroud mayor John Marjoram, former MP David Drew and Painswick Parish Council chairman Terry Parker will be among those attending the screening – sponsored by Ecotricity and Mills Café. Invitations have also been extended to sixth form students across the Five Valleys and Stroud MP Neil Carmichael, who last year pledged to vote for a repeal on fox hunting… (story)

North Devon Journal 24.11.11 Blow by blow competiton - HUNTING horn blowers, are gathering tomorrow to compete for a coveted title and a free dinner. With them will be country singers and callers to entertain an audience at the Exford White Horse Inn…. there will be an auction of pledges and goods and a raffle all in aid of the Help For Heroes charity…. (story)

West Briton 24.11.11 City vigil for animals - ANIMAL campaigners dressed as furry creatures will stage an all-night candlelit vigil in Truro to raise awareness of animal cruelty. Members of Saving Animals from Exploitation Cornwall (Safe) will brave the elements on Pydar Street on December 10, International Animal Rights Day…. (story)

Wells Journal 24.11.11 Thank you for the donations - Thank you to all those who contributed to the following during The Animal Information Bureau's collections during October… Gail Woolfenden The Animal Information Bureau Highcroft Woolavington (story)


West Cumberland Times & Star 23.11.11 THE HUNTS THAT REFUSE TO ABIDE BY THE LAW - Advertising feature. Animal rights campaigners around the country celebrated and rejoiced when, back in 2004, the government finally moved to ban fox hunting… The ban was a huge step in the right direction to save foxes. Keeping the pressure up on those who break the law with such a flagrant disregard for animal welfare is essential to continue the diminishment of this cruel practice. (advertorial)

Derby Telegraph 23.11.11 There is nothing natural about hunting with dogs - MR Barrington ("Is it time to think again on the Hunting Act?", Opinions, November 2) knows there is nothing remotely "natural" or "humane" about hunting live quarry with hounds. Everyone should know that the conduct and defence of hunting with dogs nowadays rests on cynical subterfuge…. Alan Kirby, Associate, Protect Our Wild Animals POWA (letter)
Derby Telegraph 11.11.11 Hunting with hounds not 'wildlife management' - JAMES Barrington claims that hunting by scenting hounds is a natural and humane method of wildlife management that is selective and leaves no wounded survivors ("Is it time to think again on the Hunting Act?", Opinions, November 2). With regard to hare-hunting, nothing could be further from the truth… Rodney Hale Founder – Hare Preservation Trust Glastonbury (letter)
Evesham Observer 3.11.11 Hunting Act has failed miserably - James Barrington, via e-mail (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 3.11.11 Total ban on hunting - I COULD not agree more with the letter from James Harrington, Adviser, Countryside Alliance… Surely though the answer to solving these anomalies is to ban hunting totally, which I am sure would do much more for animal welfare than his suggestion of repealing the Act. Roger Lindley, Netherthong (letter)
Derby Telegraph 2.11.11 Is it time to think again on the Hunting Act? - James Barrington, Animal Welfare Consultant, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Shields Gazette 1.11.11 Rethink on hunting - James Barrington, animal welfare consultant.(letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 29.10.11 Hunt anomalies - THE beginning of November when 300 hunts across England and Wales are holding their traditional opening meets seems a relevant time to once again expose the flaws and irregularities contained in the Hunting Act 2004. If anyone thinks that this law has improved animal welfare, perhaps they might reconsider and examine exactly what the Hunting Act does. It is legal to chase wild mammals out of cover using dogs as long as only two dogs are used and ‘reasonable steps’ are taken to ensure the animal is shot, but it is illegal to use three hounds to flush out an animal and a second offence is committed if there is no intention to shoot it. It is legal to use a terrier underground to flush out a fox and kill it in order to protect birds to be shot for sport – eg pheasants – but illegal to use exactly the same method to protect farm livestock or a rare species… Is it not time, therefore, to consider a more practical and principled way to improve the welfare and management of our wild mammals and forget this obsession with banning the use of scenting hounds – a natural and humane method that is selective and leaves no wounded survivors? James Barrington Adviser, Countryside Alliance (letter)

Shropshire Star 23.11.11 Don’t cull our badgers - With regard to the proposed Government plans to allow farmers and landowners to slaughter badgers in England and Wales, why is it that Scotland has been declared TB-free? I believe their approach to cattle movement and testing has a lot to do with this… Surely the dairy industry does not want to be associated with, and blamed for, images on TV and in newspapers of badger families being exterminated, if the proposed cull was ever allowed? M Claydon, Much Wenlock (letter)

Argus 23.11.11 Ban on animals - Fiona Peacock, Campaigns Officer, Captive Animals’ Protection Society (letter)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 16.11.11 Ban needed on all animals in circuses - Fiona Peacock, Campaigns Officer, Captive Animals’ Protection Society (letter)
16.11.11 Protect animals from circus life - Fiona Peacock, Captive Animals’ Protection Society, Salford. (letter)
Essex Echo 15.11.11 Thank you for helping elephant Anne - I’m sure people remember Anne the elephant…. The Crown Prosecution Service is prosecuting circus owners with causing unnecessary suffering to this animal and failing to meet her needs. They have taken on this case because of the high level of public concern for Anne, so thank you to everyone who made their voice heard on this issue… Fiona Peacock Captive Animals’ Protection Society PO Box 540 Salford (letter)

(*) Sidmouth Herald 23.12.11 Message of compassion at Christmas - I was interested to read about the “Save the Turkey” initiative organised by Ian Barlow’s daughter Charlie at the Sidmouth Garden Centre. By saving the birds and raising money for Children’s Hospice South West at the same time, she is sending out a message of compassion to all our fellow creatures… why not opt out of the annual slaughter fest altogether this year and go for a delicious chestnut, port and thyme strudel instead?... Sharon L Howe, Fortescue Road, Sidmouth (letter)


South Wales Argus 22.11.11 Rural internet project wins Monmouth MP's support - MONMOUTH MP David Davies is offering to help households and communities interested in joining an initiatives to provide rural areas with affordable internet access. Vodafone, Three and Avanti Communications have launched schemes aimed at connecting some of Monmouthshire’s most isolated broadband and internet ‘not-spots’…. Three has joined forces with Race Online and the Countryside Alliance to provide free mobile broadband connectivity in areas which have poor fixed lines…. (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 22.11.11 Little point to this lab cruelty - Animal Aid’s new campaign aims to persuade medical research charities to stop funding animal experiments. Their report, ‘Victims of Charity’, describes how charity-funded medical researchers have deliberately damaged monkeys’ brains…. The Dr Hadwin Trust, which has as one of its patrons Brian May of Queen, promotes the development and use of non-animal techniques to replace animals in medical research….. Carol Foley, via e-mail (letter)


Western Daily Press 21.11.11 Hunters ‘feeding foxes up to kill’, claim anti-hunt campaigners - Hunts across the West are engaged in a ‘nationwide criminal conspiracy to encourage and sustain fox populations in order that they can be hunted’… The covert surveillance operation was undertaken from July to October this year by teams of monitors from the League Against Cruel Sports, and targeted hunts the length and breadth of England… Monitors discovered three artificial earths in woodland around Stow-on-the-Wold and Cold Ashton in Gloucestershire, on land regularly hunted by the Heythrop Hunt… But the league claimed the most damning evidence came in Dorset… The spot between the villages of Cattistock and Evershot in Dorset, is owned by the Hon. Charlotte Townsend, the master of the Cattistock Hunt… The joint master of the Cattistock, Will Bryer, said the Cattistock was the victim of a ‘smear campaign’…. (story)
Dorset Echo 18.11.11 Cattistock hunt hits back over League Against Cruel Sports claims By Rachael Burnett - A HUNT has denied that fox numbers are deliberately being kept high so that the animals can be hunted illegally…. The League Against Cruel Sports carried out a national investigation and, acting on information from a local source, one of their officers went to inspect a wood in Dorset….. The land in question, situated between Evershot and Cattistock, is owned by the Hon Charlotte Townshend… Mrs Townshend is also joint master of local hunting group, the Cattistock Foxhounds, who regularly hunt in these woods. Will Bryer, master of hounds for the hunt, called the league’s accusations ‘barmy’…. “If someone is putting food out for foxes, it’s not us… “(story)
Independent 31.10.11 Hunt backed by PM accused of breaking rules to keep foxes - League Against Cruel Sports claims it has found a national criminal conspiracy - RICHARD HALL - Animal rights campaigners have accused a hunt supported by David Cameron of being part of a "nationwide criminal conspiracy" to sustain fox populations for hunting. An investigation by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) found that artificial earths – structures built to provide breeding places and homes for foxes – are being maintained in areas used by all but three of the 24 hunts that it monitored around the country…. The LACS claimed to have found six artificial earths on land regularly hunted by the Heythrop Hunt in Gloucestershire, the local hunt in David Cameron's Witney constituency… While the LACS acknowledged that it could provide no direct evidence that the named hunts were complicit with the building and maintenance of the artificial earths, it said: "It is clear that someone has been maintaining the earths on the country of these 21 hunts, and one must question whether or not this can be pure coincidence." Tim Bonner, a spokesman for the Masters of Foxhounds Association, denied that the artificial earths had anything to do with the hunts named in the report. "The earths are not only used by hunts. They are also used by gamekeepers to locate foxes so they can find them and kill them,"… (story)
Sunday Express 30.10.11 DAVID CAMERON’S HUNT PALS ACCUSED OVER FOX BAN By Ted Jeory - A HIGH-profile hunt whose supporters include David Cameron is at the centre of a new investigation by campaigners monitoring the foxhunting ban. The League Against Cruel Sports will tomorrow publish a report that suggests several leading hunts could be “making a mockery” of the seven-year-old law… The League says it found six artificial earths in country used by the Heythrop Hunt in Gloucestershire, which is a favourite of the Chipping Norton social set… (story)

Farmers Weekly 21.11.11 Police warn badger cull could spark clashes - Philip Case - A badger cull could spark clashes between farmers and animal rights protesters which stretched police forces would struggle to control, Britain's domestic head of extremism has warned… (story)
Western Morning News 21.11.11 Police 'can't cope with a badger cull next year' - Ministers have been warned that police forces will struggle to cope if they sanction a cull of badgers as it risks creating "conflict" in rural England…. (story)
Telegraph 21.11.11 Badger cull 'will stretch police and put lives at risk' - Culling thousands of badgers in Britain could spark dangerous confrontations between armed farmers and animal rights protesters which would stretch police resources, ministers have been warned. By Murray Wardrop… (story)
Independent on Sunday 20.11.11 Police: We won't be able to cope with badger cull protests - Cash-strapped forces fear for public safety if farmers and activists clash over shootings - Ministers have been warned that police forces will struggle to cope if plans to shoot badgers trigger a dangerous stand-off between armed farm workers and animal rights protesters…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 21.11.11 Meat eaters are costing the NHS more than vegetarians and vegans - Grahame King said that every vegetarian and vegan he has met in his life "has had hospital treatment for anaemia" (Mailbox, November 14). How many vegetarians and vegans has Mr King met? I know over 40 and none of them has anaemia…. Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 17.11.11 Plenty of iron in a proper veggie diet - In answer to Grahame King's letter "Unhealthy diet" (Mailbox, November 14), it would be interesting to know how many vegetarian and vegans he is speaking about? I would say that they got anaemia due to poor eating, not because they were vegetarian or vegan!... Vegetarians and vegans do not have a higher incidence of iron deficiency than do meat eaters. Sue Daniels, Saddington (letter)
Leicester Mercury 14.11.11 Unhealthy diet - In response to Mr Chris Seal (Mailbox, November 9), I would like him to tell some more facts… every vegetarian and vegan that I have met throughout my life has had hospital treatment for anaemia. Possibly Mr Seal can tell us how much it has cost the NHS over the years to treat vegetarians and vegans for their self-inflicted health problems. Grahame King, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 9.11.11 Simply giving people the facts - Iceland is the latest of 10 major supermarkets which now insist on CCTV cameras in all slaughterhouses supplying them with meat. It's made necessary by Animal Aid's original filming of callous practices… I acknowledge Fred Leicester of Mercury's More magazine that vegans shouldn't be sanctimonious, but we should give facts and not hide them under a carpet. Mr Chris Seal, Leicester (letter)

The Sentinel 21.11.11 Animal charity to host vegan-friendly food fair - DUE to increasing popularity a vegan-friendly food fair is switching locations. The fair, organised by Staffordshire Animal Aid, will take place on Saturday… (story)


Western Morning News 19.11.11 Camilla causes uproar in naming 'Mousie' favourite childhood book - The name Moorland Mousie doesn't exactly conjure visions of controversy – and nor should it because it's the name of a worthy charity which works for the welfare of the Exmoor pony. But when a royal personage mentioned the cosy sounding moniker this week she managed to unsettle the proverbial hornets' nest. Or to put it another way: "The worst storm in a teacup I've seen in years…"That was the view of an elderly lady leaving an Exmoor village shop yesterday after reading in a national newspaper that the Duchess of Cornwall had upset some animal lovers by naming Moorland Mousie as her favourite childhood book…. (story)
Telegraph 17.11.11 Duchess of Cornwall names favourite childhood book as Moorland Mousie - When the Duchess of Cornwall was asked to choose her favourite childhood book to help promote literacy, her thoughts immediately turned to the adventures of the Exmoor pony Moorland Mousie. By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter - The pre-war classic, she said, reminded her of happy times riding with her sister, Annabel. But the Duchess’s choice has also been interpreted as a subversive attempt to win over a new generation to the pro-hunting lobby, as the book is staunchly in favour of field sports…. (story)
Telegraph 17.11.11 Moorland Mousie: a brief guide - Moorland Mousie, by Muriel Wace, is a children’s book first published in 1929 with illustrations by Lionel Edwards. By Andy Bloxham - It is the story of an Exmoor pony of that name, a real creature, and the people who cared for it during the late 1920s. The narrator’s voice is that of the pony which appears to view hunting positively…. (story)


York Press 18.11.11 Cruel slaughter of badgers must stop - THERE is no evidence whatsoever that cattle contract Bovine TB from badgers…. Let us not forget up to 20,000 badgers are killed by lampers and landowners every year. To help stop this slaughter, visit and sign the petition today… D Fillingham, The Crossway, York (letter)

Varsity Online 18.11.11 Hunger strike for animal rights - A man has been protesting in Cambridge this week against potential changes to animal rights laws by Stephanie Barrett - A man underwent a hunger strike this week in protest against Government plans that could lead to animal suffering. 22-year-old Edmund Maile began his strike on Saturday to highlight changes to animal rights laws which could come into force in 2013. He stood outside the Senate House, King’s Parade, and only drank water. Mr Maile handed out postcards to send to David Cameron condemning the new European Union directive which would see Britain’s laws on the treatment of animals in laboratories fall in line with the rest of Europe… (story)
Cambridge News 14.11.11 Protester on hunger strike in city centre over animal rights By Hugh Morris - A CAMBRIDGE man is on hunger strike in the city centre in protest at Government plans which could lead to animal suffering. Edmund Maile has starved himself of food since Saturday to highlight changes to animal rights laws which could come into force in 2013. The 22-year-old, who has been drinking water, is standing outside Cambridge University’s Senate House in King’s Parade and handing out postcards to send to David Cameron condemning the new European Union directive which would see Britain’s laws on the treatment of animals in labs fall in line with the rest of Europe… Mr Maile, who said he had suffered heckling and abuse on the city streets as a result of his protest, has the support of Animal Rights Cambridge. Sue Hughes, a member of the group, said: “People have been going to check on him on a regular basis to support him so he knows he had a lot of support… (story)

Essex County Standard 18.11.11 Colchester: Foie gras off the menu By Wendy Brading - AN acclaimed restaurant has responded to public pressure by taking foie gras off the menu. The Musa restaurant in Colchester’s new firstsite gallery was serving up the dish. But protests were made by animal lovers that it is procured through cruel measures…. (story)

Meat Trades Journal 18.11.11 Bristol butchers targeted by vandal - Police are investigating a series of apparently related attacks against butchers shops in the Bristol area. Six family butchers have been attacked a total of 11 times since the beginning of September. A Bristol police spokesman told MTJ that eyewitness reports indicate the attacks are probably the work of a lone assailant. However the spokesman warned all butchers in the Bristol area to double check security…. (story)
Mail 9.11.11 'Lone animal rights crusader' targets butchers' shops in series of vandalism attacks By Rob Cooper - An animal rights 'crusader' has launched an apparent one-man campaign against a number of butcher's shops. Six family-run stores in Bristol have been vandalised 11 times over the past eight weeks. Shopkeepers have speculated that the attacks could be the work of an activist or a 'mad vegetarian' because nothing has been taken. Witnesses have seen a hooded attacker hurling bricks through the windows before fleeing… (story)
Metro 9.11.11 Police hunt 'mad vegetarian' vandalising butchers shops in Bristol - Shopkeepers at the family-run stores believe a 'mad vegetarian' could be behind the attacks, which began eight weeks ago… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 9.11.11 Bristol butcher attacks could be down to one 'mad vegetarian' - Butchers shops across a city have been repeatedly vandalised in a series of deliberate attacks by a hooded man who smashes their windows…. (story)


Driffield Times & Post 17.11.11 Bernice Webster - A funeral service was held at the East Riding Crematorium on Thursday, November 10 for Mrs Bernice Muriel Webster, of Atwick, who died on the November 1 at the of 91…. She was truly an outdoor person continuing to take an active interest in her dogs, horses and the Holderness Hunt until her death… (story)

Epsom Guardian 17.11.11 Kitten mauled to death by fox in Ewell By Lauren May - A policeman whose kitten was mauled to death by foxes is worried they might attack children. Seven-month-old George was killed in his next door neighbour’s garden in Pam’s Way, Ewell Court, last Thursday, November 10. His owner, PC Robert Mitchelmoore, 38, who works for the Metropolitan Police, rang the RSPCA and Epsom and Ewell Council hoping they would be able to set a trap to remove the killer fox from the area, but found there was little either could… (story)

Horse & Hound 17.11.11 Countryside Alliance chief executive Alice Barnard to leave - Charlotte White, deputy news editor - Countryside Alliance chief executive Alice Barnard has today announced that she is to stand down from her position to take up a similar role at an education charity…. (story)

Essex Echo 17.11.11 Say no to cull of badgers - Shortly the Government will be making a statement with regard to their intentions whether or not to cull our most ancient Briton, the badger…. If you care about the badger, please go online and sign the 38 degree petition opposing a cull, or visit the Badger Trust home page. Patricia Walker Elm Road Hadleigh (letter)

View Online 17.11.11 Mayor opens animal welfare film screening - THE Mayor of Dorchester, Councillor Tess James was invited to join in a double celebration for a local food and animal charity. Councillor James officially opened a film night for Compassionate Dorset, the local supporter group for the leading farm animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming, and helped celebrate the group's second birthday by cutting a cake…. (story)

Shropshire Star 17.11.11 Dairy farm concerns - The decision by Powys County Council to approve an application for a dairy-cow factory has both surprised and disgusted people. Has the council now opened the floodgates for dozens of applications for super-dairies, which could eventually see dairy cows disappear from fields incarcerated in factory farms and spending much of their time on giant turntables?... Mr J Ball, Newtown (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 17.11.11 Zoo trip fuelled Yvonne Taylor’s bare determination to highlight animal cruelty - The day out to Edinburgh Zoo was supposed to be a special treat for little Yvonne Taylor… Instead, what she saw left the little girl wondering what kind of hellish place she’d been brought to… later years would see the Edinburgh-based campaigner strip off her clothes and run, with just an anti-fur protest banner covering her modesty, through streets around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square…. Little wonder then that, of all people, Edinburgh-based Yvonne is the least likely to be looking forward to the arrival of what, for most, is the biggest zoo event in Scotland for decades. Indeed, when giant pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guan touch down from their Bifengzia panda base in Ya’an in China, Yvonne will be wishing they’d never come…. She remains tightlipped on what, if any, PETA campaign might accompany the giant pandas’ arrival.,.. (story)

Huffington Post 17.11.11 Cruelty to Animals Should Concern Us All - Mimi Bekhechi - Manager of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation - Grainy security-camera footage showing a young man repeatedly swinging a black cat named Mowgli by the tail has sparked outrage across the country - and for good reason. Not only was this act extremely cruel and terrifying for the cat, who reportedly arrived home disoriented and traumatised, it could also be a chilling foreshadowing of more violence ahead… (story)

Cornish Guardian 17.11.11 Taste free food at vegan fair hosted by Animal Action - CORNWALL Animal Action will be hosting a second annual free food fair at Truro City Hall on Saturday…. (story)


Lynn News 16.11.11 Hunting is for the history books only - THE other evening while watching the BBC Look North programme, I saw a spokesman from the Countryside Alliance talking pompously about how he and his followers want the hunting ban to be repealed…. Hunting was a vile practice which was basically about a pack of savage dogs chasing innocent animals to the point of exhaustion, and then tearing them to pieces… TIM HUGHES Gladstone Road Lynn (letter)

Lutterworth Mail 16.11.11 Good gamekeeping has conservation benefits - AS the national body representing gamekeepers, we have been contacted by local members about the anti-game shooting letter you ran last week (Help the Birds). The wording of this letter is virtually identical to that provided by a pressure group called Animal Aid, which is based in Kent… Gamekeepers carry out an immense amount of good work for nature conservation, helping to look after more wildlife habitat and all its associated species than all the nature conservation bodies put together…. A Mitchell, National Gamekeepers’ Organisation, Darlington. (letter)
Harborough Mail 6.11.11 Help the birds - P Mace, Northampton Road, Harborough (letter)
Worcester News 4.11.11 Rearing of game birds is real concern - I really do need to correct some serious inaccuracies in Jon Burgess’ letter (Worcester News, October 25) on the breeding and rearing of game birds… Fiona Pereira, Animal Aid (letter)
Worcester News 27.10.11 Slick propaganda is short on truth - By introducing the class and occupation of those involved in shooting, Roberta Balfour (Worcester News, October 21) clearly subverts her whole argument. Unfortunately this has become the main tactic of those with an animal rights agenda, having lost on the essential points of animal welfare and conservation they have turned to being derogatory about anyone taking part… JON BURGESS, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 21.10.11 It’s no ‘game’ to these creatures - Jon Burgess (Worcester News, October 6) claims unsubstantiated allegations by Animal Aid, and follows on with several of his own…. These birds are bred specifically for people to have fun taking pot shots at them – people who should be able to find something to do that does not involve killing and maiming creatures who have done them no harm. ROBERTA BALFOUR, Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 19.10.11 See the evidence on shoot tactics - I was interested to see Jon Burgess’ letter claiming that Animal Aid’s campaign against the shooting industry makes unsubstantiated allegations (Worcester News, October 6. He responds with a series of rhetorical assertions that read like the usual shoot industry propaganda…. FIONA PEREIRA, Animal Aid (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 13.10.11 Birds are bred for a grisly fate Francis Wicks Alphington Road St Thomas, Exeter (letter)
Worcester News 6.10.11 Some facts about game shooting... – Philippa Lees’ attack on game shooting (Worcester News, September 30) is long on fiction but short on fact. The standard letter issued by Animal Aid makes allegations which they regularly fail to substantiate. They claim only the wealthy shoot – the facts actually show the majority are working people… JON BURGESS, Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 30.9.11 Shooting animals for fun has no place - PHILIPPA LEES, Tenbury Wells (letter)
Nottingham Post 20.9.11 SEPTEMBER 21 marks the start of Animal Aid's National Anti-Shooting Week. Every year in Britain more than 45 million pheasants and partridges are mass-produced to serve as feathered targets for wealthy 'guns'…. MISS N TAYLOR Animal Aid Nottingham (letter)
Coventry Telegraph 12.9.11 The terrible fate of birds bred for sport - Karen Lewis, Charter Avenue, Coventry (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 9.9.11 No justification for cruel 'sport' - Where I live I am sadly surrounded by groups who take pleasure in blasting live targets. I will never understand the mentality, perhaps they have eaten too many mad cows… Only a fraction of the shot birds are eaten - even pro-shooting magazines have reported that many are buried in specially dug holes…. Hazel Fraser, Tarbrax, West Calder (letter)
Shepton Mallet Journal 8.9.11 Stop the shooting of birds for fun - S A Barton Back Lane, Shepton Mallet (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 7.9.11 Killing on huge scale, taking place for fun - MRS P DIBLEY, Sarisbury (letter)
The Sentinel 31.8.11 No justification for blood sports - JOHN PHILLIPS, Fenton (letter)
Bournemouth Echo 30.8.11 End the killing of animals for fun - READERS may be shocked to learn that every year in Britain, more than 45 million pheasants and partridges are mass-produced to serve as feathered targets for wealthy ‘guns’… Only a fraction of the shot birds are eaten – even pro-shooting magazines have reported that many are buried in specially-dug holes…. For a free Anti-Shooting Action Pack, go to - NAME and address supplied (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 16.11.11 TB vaccine best solution for all - IT is unfortunate that MP Simon Hart has further clouded the already complex bovine TB debate with a proposal that flies in the face of current evidence… With an injectable vaccine already available, concentrating efforts this approach has to be the best solution for all involved. Dr Lizzie Wilberforce Conservation manager, the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (letter)

Western Telegraph 16.11.11 Lack of success of badger cull - I feel that I must reply to the letter "No Light at the end of the tunnel" I am sorry that Eric Howells has seen so few live badgers… Similarly his support of the Farmers (apparently) hoping to save the badgers from extinction and painful deaths is misguided… It is heartening to see that the number of cases of TB in cattle in West Wales has fallen by 37% or more in just two years, almost certainly due entirely to better Cattle testing and movement control… Steve Jarvis Lochvane Penycwm (story)
Western Telegraph 10.11.11 Take notice of the facts - I write to congratulate the Telegraph for printing in full the recent speech of Simon Hart MP in the House of Commons. It beggars belief that the gross problem of tuberculosis in cattle and badgers has been allowed to run and run, whilst a variety of different interests are allowed to argue upon the finer points of scientific evidence… All of you people, please listen to the farmers and their families who are in the direct line of fire. Richard Sykes Forest Farm Narberth (letter)
Western Telegraph 2.11.11 Comments incorrect - Humans Need Controlling Not Nature Although Sir Eric Howells stated in the Western Telegraph recently that he has lived by badgers all his life it is very obvious that he has little if any knowledge of the biology of badgers and the rest of nature…. There must be a continuation of the restrictions which have been placed on farmers to control bovine TB. It is these control measures, based on science not opinion, that are succeeding in controlling bovine TB. Michael Sharratt (letter)

Huffington Post 16.11.11 Animal Rights Campaigners Win FOI Battle Against Newcastle University Monkey Experiments - Newcastle University will be forced to disclose licences governing its controversial experiments on primates after a tribunal ruled that they would not be exempt from freedom of information (FOI) requests…. The BUAV have called the experiments "highly invasive"… Michelle Thew, BUAV Chief Executive, said the organisation was "delighted" with the ruling… (story)
Newcastle Journal 16.11.11 Newcastle University loses in animal test data dispute by Alastair Craig - A NORTH East university has been ordered to release data on controversial animal testing after a long-running court row. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) launched action after a failed Freedom of Information request on experiments at Newcastle University… (story)
Independent 16.11.11 Universities forced to come clean about controversial primate experiments - Universities will be forced to reveal details of controversial research, including testing on monkeys, after a tribunal ruling made it harder for them to claim exemption from Freedom of Information requests…. The University of Newcastle, which has already spent £230,000 opposing the applications from BUAV, is now expected to go to the Court of Appeal, where it will argue the licences are exempt under the Animal Scientific Procedures Act… (story)

Independent 16.11.11 Finding facts on animal research - You highlight the fact that the Freedom of Information Act applies to universities, not just central and local government ("Top scientist says FoI laws being used to intimidate", 14 November). And so it should – universities are publicly funded and engage in important and sometimes controversial research, which may influence public policy… Michelle Thew Chief Executive, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, London N7 (letter)
Independent 14.11.11 Top scientist says FoI laws being used to intimidate - STEVE CONNOR - Britain's freedom of information (FOI) laws are being used as an aggressive "tool of intimidation" against university researchers engaged in controversial studies that have political implications, according to Sir Paul Nurse, the President of the Royal Society… Animal rights activists were also using the law to discover information on scientists carrying out studies involving the use of laboratory animals, he said…. (story)

BBC News Online 16.11.11 Leeds University animal rights protest staged - An animals right protest is taking place calling for the University of Leeds to stop carrying out "lethal experiments" on dogs. Animal Aid said 100 dogs had died since 1988 during experiments co-funded by the British Heart Foundation…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 16.11.11 The vegetarian message is getting through to our celebrity chefs - On the six o'clock BBC news, on November 11, red meat was said to be a contributory factor in the development of bowel cancer. Previously a meat-eating advocate, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall now has a series on vegetarian cooking…. It seems that at long last the veggie message is getting through… Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


East Anglian Daily Times 15.11.11 The thatcher’s son who made (and lost, and made) a fortune - By Steven Russell - It’s a gripping story: the tale of a humble Suffolk thatcher’s son who built several large companies – two of which floated for millions on the stock exchange – and who is still excited by hard graft and the sniff of a deal in his 70s…. Paul became master of the Suffolk Hunt in the 1970s and there were nice cars, such as Mercedes, an Aston Martin Vantage, Jenson FF Interceptors and a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow…. (story)

Scotsman 15.11.11 Inquiry launched to examine tail-docking of working dogs By Jenny Fyall - Campaigners calling for a law banning tail-docking in Scotland to be overturned for working dogs have claimed a breakthrough after the Scottish Government agreed to commission research into the issue. A study is being carried out by the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Glasgow to gather evidence on whether the law should be changed to make it legal for puppies that will be working dogs to have up to a third of their tails removed… Groups including the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, Countryside Alliance, and British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) have been campaigning to get the law changed in Scotland for the past five years…. (story)

Scotsman 15.11.11 Raptors valued - I read with growing incredulity articles about land- owners and gamekeepers attacking the RSPB. Ordinary tourists, deerstalkers, walkers, fishers and outdoor sports enthusiasts contribute far more to the economy than grouse-shooting… Given that many estates are recipients of public money, it is maybe about time that landowners were penalised by the removal of grants and subsidies when their staff poison birds of prey…. Harris Keillar Swanston Park Edinburgh (letter)

Guardian 15.11.11 Cheltenham's confidence a fine example for the regulator to follow - The home of jump racing coped admirably when a Trojan Horse was wheeled on to its soil. The British Horseracing Authority should take note - Greg Wood - Cheltenham racecourse has several impressive statues… but it was a less reverential example of the sculptor's art that attracted a good deal of attention at the track during the Open meeting at the weekend. 'Trojan Horse', by Carrie Reichardt, had a skull for a face and, in Reichardt's words, "some pretty hard-hitting facts and pictures about the abuse that the horse has had to endure at the hands of man" presented as mosaics on its body. These included a much-used statistic from the extremist animal rights group Animal Aid on fatal injuries to racehorses… if Edward Gillespie, Cheltenham's managing director, had refused to admit Reichardt's sculpture to racecourse premises, it would have been a gift to Animal Aid and its tiny but very vocal band of fanatical supporters…(story)

Huffington Post 15.11.11 Fear and Loathing of Fuel Prices - Dylan Sharpe - If you watch or listen to any of today's coverage of the backbench debate on fuel prices, you may be forgiven for thinking that the likely outcomes of the vote are purely political ones…. Countryside Alliance research in mid-March found that it cost a rural person making an average journey into work £1.16 more every week in petrol than it did at the beginning of the year….For these reasons the Countryside Alliance is supporting FairFuelUK and Robert Halfon in their current campaign, and I urge you to sign their e-petition to help keep the momentum going… (story)

Farmers Guardian 15.11.11 NFU and Badger Trust join forces on vaccination project By Alistair Driver - THE NFU and the Badger Trust have formed an unlikely alliance on a project to vaccinate badgers for bovine tuberculosis (bTB). NFU chief farm policy adviser John Royle and Badger Trustdirector Simon Boulter have agreed a joint project in which the badgers will be vaccinated on two farms owned by NFU members…. (story)

Farmers Weekly 15.11.11 Badger cull licences could cost £1.4m - Caroline Stocks - Groups of farmers, applying for a licence to cull badgers, face a £1.4m bill to carry out the operation, farm minister Jim Paice has said…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 15.11.11 Horrific case exposes the shambles of our system - THE case of slaughterman John McFarlane has again hit the headlines. In 2009, he used a captive bolt gun from the deer abattoir where he worked to kill a woman in front of her daughters. This is a horrific murder and begs many questions: how was this man able to become a slaughterman? Who licensed him?.... Kate Fowler Animal Aid Tonbridge (letter)


Braintree & Witham Times 14.11.11 Hunt campaigners claim ban not working - Campaigners against the hunting ban claim the low number of prosecutions show it is unworkable. The East Essex Hunt, which regularly rides in the Braintree district, is backing the claims of the Countryside Alliance to repeal the act which it says is wasting police time…. (story)

Western Morning News 14.11.11 How the hunts cover up their crimes - A second article in seven days in the WMN suggests the Hunting Act has been a failure. The reason for this may be that the police require a very high level of proof that an offence has been committed before they will prosecute. The hunts do all they can to prevent such evidence being gathered…. (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 14.11.11 Gun statistics shock - I am at a loss to understand why more than 30 children aged under ten in England and Wales were issued with shotgun licences in the last three years… David Rhodes, Croscombe Walk, Bradford (letter)

Kent News 14.11.11 Animal export campaigners’ ‘fury’ over latest EU report - Chris Britcher - Campaigners against live animal exports from Ramsgate have slammed the latest European Commission report into the trade… Commenting on the report on the protection of animals in transport, campaign organiser and Thanet councillor for Labour, Ian Driver, said: “I’m very angry about the lack of action by the EU…. (story)


Mail on Sunday 13.11.11 Kate gets in some target practice in preparation for Sandringham Boxing Day pheasant shoot - The Duchess of Cambridge has been perfecting her shooting skills in preparation for the traditional Boxing Day pheasant shoot at Sandringham… (story)


Western Morning News 12.11.11 Deer hunting free-for-all is not a healthy option for anyone - More people are tucking into venison – which doesn’t seem a bad move with two million wild deer in the UK – but increasing popularity could have ramifications, warns Martin Hesp… (story)

Guardian 12.11.11 Tattenham Corner - Controversial Baroness makes her point in sculpture at Cheltenham; Nicholls spreads Christmas spirit - Ten sculptures of horses, on display around the winners' enclosure throughout the Open meeting in celebration of 100 years of racing atCheltenham, are to be sold at a silent auction due to finish shortly before the last race on Sunday…. : the most expensive being by Nick Reynolds and Carrie Reichardt…. Less impressive, from Cheltenham's viewpoint, are the anti-racing messages that have been inlaid, including statistics about deaths in the sport from Animal Aid's website Race Horse Death Watch… (story)


Irish Examiner 11.11.11 Trained hunting dogs stolen in Cork may be resold in Britain By Sean O’Riordan - GARDAÍ are investigating a spate of thefts of trained hunting dogs in the Cork area and it is widely believed that the animals are being sold on in Britain. The country’s oldest beagle hunting club has had to relocate its kennels after it was broken into. Riverstown Foot Beagles club, which is 125 years old and based in Glanmire, was targeted by thieves who cut through the kennel’s fencing and stole three breeding bitches and six dogs… (story)
Horse & Hound 8.11.11 Hound thefts in Co Cork put Irish hunts on alert - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - A warning has been put out for Irish hunts to be on their guard after a spate of thefts of hunting dogs in Co Cork. More than 35 terriers and hounds have been stolen over the past three weeks, including 10 hounds from the oldest beagle pack in Ireland, the Riverstown Foot Beagles. Dickie Power, of the Hunting Association of Ireland, said at least 25 working terriers have been stolen as well as the three bitches and seven dogs from the Riverstown’s Glanmire kennels…. (story)

Meat Trades Journal 11.11.11 Coalition to consider extending shooting season - The government has said that it may consider extending the shooting season into February. The statement came in response to questions posed in Parliament by Democratic Unionist MP Jim Shannon… Shannon has said that any discussions on that matter should take into account the opinion of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), the Countryside Alliance, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and other shooting bodies. (story)

York Press 11.11.11 Animal sport bodies ‘care only for profit’ - TO VIEW the cruelty racehorses and greyhounds suffer, visit the websites or The truth is, Ken Holmes (Letters, November2), people in animal sports care not for the animal, only the profit… Mr D Fillingham, The Crossway, York. (letter)
York Press 2.11.11 Retired racehorses have a loving home - PLEASE let us have your scaremongering, ill informed, correspondents, D Fillingham and Heather Causnett redressed re greyhounds and racehorses. I am not alone, there are thousands of people who give retired greyhounds and racehorses a loving and caring home…. Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby (letter)
York Press 26.10.11 A life of luxury - I AM so incandescent with rage, I am at a loss to put into words my feelings, regarding the highly insulting and defamatory letter from D Fillingham (The Press, October 18) regarding retired racehorses and greyhounds…. Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby (story)
York Press 24.10.11 A dog’s life - I READ Mr Fillingham’s letter about the sad fate of retired greyhounds (Letters, October 18) and while I deplore this, it is only what I expect from us some of us human beings – the cruellest and most destructive species on the planet…. Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York (letter)
York Press 21.10.11 No horses destroyed - I AM astounded by the claims and comments by D Fillingham and Rita Johnson about the whipping of horses etc (Letters, October 18), in particular with the statement by D Fillingham that “if horses don’t make the grade, they are destroyed”. For the past ten years, I have been a member of a leading racing club which owns typically 15 to 20 horses in training and 11 broodmares. During my membership, none of our horses have been destroyed… GT Cooper, Dringthorpe Road, Dringhouses, York (letter)
York Press 21.10.11 Whips cause no harm - THERE is no better evidence of why the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) is failing in its whip debate than in the arguments presented by Rita Johnson and D Fillingham… The air-cushion whips now used have been scientifically proven to cause no harm to horses… G Husband, Acomb, York (letter)
York Press 18.10.11 Whip arguments - IN response to Ken Holmes’s letter (The Press, October 12), I believe that the recent introduction of the British Horse Authority’s new rule on the use of the whip in horseracing is appropriate for the welfare of race horses and the sport…. Terry Smith, Classic Cutz, Fourth Avenue, York.
I AGREE with Rita Johnson that whipping of horses is barbaric and outdated and should be banned…. Let’s not forget, also, if the horses don’t make the grade they are destroyed. The same rules apply to hunting with hounds: if they don’t make the grade they get a bullet in the head. Then there is greyhound racing: these poor dogs when they get past their racing best are dumped at the roadside or worse… D Fillingham, The Crossway, York
IN REPLY to Mr Spinks (Letters, October 13), I have attended York Races for 60 years… The jockeys are in a no-win situation. If they don’t whip the horses enough, they are accused of not trying. That is why the whipping of horses must be banned…. For more information visit or write to Animal Aid… Rita Johnson, Bishopthorpe Road, York (letters)
York Press 13.10.11 The truth about whips - IT APPEARS that Rita Johnson knows little about horse racing (Letters, October 10). Strict industry guidelines do exist and indeed recently been made tighter… Perhaps Ms Johnson should see this for herself and visit the open day at Middleham in the spring… Paul Spink, Seventh Avenue, Heworth, York. (letter)

Farmers Weekly 11.11.11 Police urged to protect farmers during cull - Caroline Stocks - Rural police forces in England must protect farmers from animal rights campaigners if the government sanctions a badger cull to tackle bovine TB, the NFU has warned… (story)

Swindon Advertiser 11.11.11 Stop sick trade - I’m writing to raise awareness to your readers about the great work Network for Animals do, particularly their hard work to fight the barbaric and cruel trade of dog meat in the Philippines…. Laura Hobbs Stone Lane Lydiard Millicent Swindon (letter)

Eastbourne Herald 11.11.11 Eastbourne MP backs purple poppy campaign - EASTBOURNE’S MP Stephen Lloyd called into Sainsbury’s Arndale Centre store last weekend to support WW2 veterans Richard Austin-Cooper and Harry Summerton who were helping with the town’s purple poppy campaign. The purple poppy pays tribute to all the animals who suffer and die as a result of war and a purple wreath will be laid at the war memorial this Sunday November 13…. The purple poppy campaign is the original idea of animal welfare organisation Animal Aid…. (story)


Wells Journal 10.11.11 Charity moves to take illegal hunts to court - A leading animal welfare charity is recruiting a team of investigators to take illegal hunts to court. The League Against Cruel Sports plans to invest more than a million pounds over the next four years… (story)
Westmorland Gazette 3.11.11 Activists aims to hunt out the hunters By Scott Kirk - ANIMAL rights campaigners are convinced illegal hunting is taking place in the Lake District and are planning a crackdown. The League Against Cruel Sports has invested £1 million to fund investigators and equipment in a bid to catch hunters in the act over the next four years.… But Clive Richardson, of the Vale of Lune Harriers, said the fact only two people had been charged with illegal hunting in the county proved there was not a problem in the Lake District… (story)
Nottingham Post 3.11.11 MP urges hunting vigilance - A NOTTINGHAM MP has called for the ban on hunting to be better enforced. Labour's Graham Allen, who represents Nottingham North, claims recent evidence from the League Against Cruel Sports has shown an increasing number of hunts are breaking the law…. (story)
Carlisle News & Star 31.10.11 CHARITY CAMPAIGN IN CUMBRIA TO STOP ILLEGAL HUNTING By Victoria Brenan - A LEADING animal welfare charity has the Lake District in its sights as it launches a campaign to catch people hunting illegally. The League Against Cruel Sports plans to spend more than £1m over the next four years to hire investigations staff and equipment to gather evidence and get illegal hunts into court… (story)
Western Morning News 31.10.11 We'll provide evidence to show some hunts are breaking the law - Joe Duckworth of the League Against Cruel Sports, calls for enforcement of the hunt ban. Over the weekend, many of the twenty or so hunts that operate across Devon and Cornwall met for the first time this season, the seventh since the ban came into force. They’ll talk about hunting being resilient in the face of the ban… On Saturday we launched the first stage in a million-pound investment in our investigations and operations department, to support the police in their efforts to tackle wildlife crime… The challenge for Devon & Cornwall Police and the CPS is to show a determination to pursue hunting cases with the vigour displayed by their colleagues ‘up country'. (story)
Jack FM 30.10.11 Hunt Crackdown Promised - The League Against Cruel Sports is targeting the West Country over people "flouting the law"… The League Against Cruel Sports plans to invest more than a million pounds over the next four years on hiring investigations staff and equipment to gather evidence and get hunts into court… "Our message to hunts is very clear" warns Mr Duckworth. There are more cameras, under more bushes, operated by more investigations staff than ever before - hunt within the law or expect to he held to account for your actions.” (story)
The Breeze 30.10.11 Hunt Crackdown Promised - The League Against Cruel Sports is targeting the West Country over people "flouting the law"… (story)
Western Morning News 29.10.11 £1m bid to stop 'illegal' hunting - Anti-hunt campaigners have pumped £1 million into attempts to flush out suspected illegal hunting in the Westcountry despite police never having scored a single conviction under the controversial ban. The League Against Cruel Sports has launched a Hunt Crimewatch advertising campaign and told huntsmen to expect more activists armed with cameras hiding in bushes and watching for wrongdoing… (story)
Western Morning News 29.10.11 Anti-hunt plan a recipe for conflict in the countryside - The League Against Cruel Sports is well within its rights to continue to campaign against hunting… The Western Morning News has given, and will continue to give, the League the space to make its case, in the same way that we allow those who hunt and support hunting to have their say in our columns… What many will feel uncomfortable about, however, is the announcement yesterday that the League is investing £1 million in its investigations and operations department… There is no room, in the countryside or anywhere else, for vigilantes taking on the role of police officers and turning detective in an attempt to get huntsmen and women arrested and charged. It is a recipe for conflict and we suspect the police will privately be extremely concerned… (story)
South Wales Evening Post 29.10.11 Illegal hunts to be targeted - ILLEGAL hunting in Wales is to be targeted by an animal welfare charity. The League Against Cruel Sports is to invest more than £1million over the next four years on hiring investigation staff and equipment to gather evidence and get hunts into court… The League employs retired police officers who review evidence and provide training (story)
Yorkshire Post 29.10.11 Anti-hunt campaigners to spend over £1m in bid to collar offenders By Mark Casci Agricultural Correspondent - A LEADING animal welfare charity is to invest more than a million pounds in a scheme to catch people illegally hunting. The League Against Cruel Sports will announce today that it will spend £1m over the next four years on hiring investigations staff and equipment to gather evidence and get hunts into court. The work is expected to include hidden cameras in hunting areas… (story)

Oxford Times 10.11.11 Badgers to escape the bullet - TRAPPED badgers will get a needle not a bullet under a new scheme being led by an Oxfordshire ecologist. Simon Boulter, who is chairman of the Oxfordshire Badger Group, has taken the lead in the Badger Trust’s campaign to help combat bovine TB, not by killing badgers but by vaccinating them. He and several other members of Badger Trust have become qualified to inject the BCG vaccine into badgers and he said he hoped to use volunteers to help with the vaccination work (surveys, trap setting, pre-baiting etc.) as much as possible… (story)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 10.11.11 BREAKING NEWS: Owners of Anne the elephant charged over attacks - The owners of a circus elephant called Anne have been charged with causing unnecessary suffering to the animal. The Crown Prosecution Service said it had taken over the prosecution of Bobby and Moira Roberts from Animal Defenders International “given the public concern over the case”…. (story)
Mail 10.11.11 Circus boss and his wife are charged with animal cruelty after secret footage revealed elephant being beaten By RICK DEWSBURY - The owners of a circus elephant called Anne have been charged with causing unnecessary suffering to the animal. The Crown Prosecution Service said it had taken over the prosecution of Bobby and Moira Roberts from Animal Defenders International 'given the public concern over the case'. The pair will appear before Corby Magistrate’s Court, in Northamptonshire, on November 16 charged with causing the elephant unnecessary suffering, failing to take reasonable steps to prevent an employee from causing unnecessary suffering, and failing to ensure the elephant’s needs were met…. (story)
Guardian 10.11.11 Circus elephant owners charged with causing animal to suffer - Owen Bowcott, legal affairs correspondent - The circus owners of Anne the elephant are being charged with causing the 58-year-old animal unnecessary suffering. The prosecution of Bobby and Moira Roberts, started as a private action by the welfare organisation Animal Defenders International (ADI), has now been taken up the Crown Prosecution Service…. (story)

Manchester Evening News 10.11.11 Why it's vital to go vegan - Sarah Dunn - Adapting to a Vegan diet sounds incredibly difficult but choosing a meat and dairy-free life is not as tough as it sounds. Sarah Dunn reports. Self-confessed 'cheese freak', Tamasin MacCarthy Morrogh chose to have her 18th birthday cake made out of brie. But shortly afterwards she made the decision to cut dairy from her diet – and with it all those wheels creamy of Camembert and blocks of stinky Stilton – by turning vegan… Such a stance also inspired her partner of 15 years, Steven Durrant, to become vegetarian nearly 20 years ago. He has also gradually been turning his diet vegan, a regime he has now strictly followed for five months… But while awareness is being raised around some of the issues concerning vegetarianism, finance officer Julie Bell believes a lot of ignorance remains around veganism…. (story)

Sussex Courier 10.11.11 Cruelty-free food choices - I BECAME vegetarian when I was 12… Photo caption: feeling good: Kate Fowler has been a vegan for many years (story)


Horse & Hound 9.11.11 Hunts nationwide get creative to beat the credit crunch - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor and Catherine Austen, H&H hunting editor - H&H has conducted detailed research to find out what hunts are doing in these tough economic times to encourage followers of all ages to keep hunting… Haydon secretary Gillian Pattinson told H&H: “We were going to put our subs up, but we felt we couldn’t due to the economic climate… Allowing subscribers to pay by direct debit is becoming increasingly popular. TheNorth Herefordshire is offering this for the first time this season… At the York and Ainsty North, an innovative new deal is available — monthly subs… And the South Dorset is following the supermarkets’ lead with a “buy two [days], get a third free” offer…. First-time visitors to the Warwickshire will enjoy discounts of up to 50% on their first and second days… a first visit to the Staff College and RMA Sandhurst costs just £20… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 9.11.11 Demands to reveal whole of HS2 route by Martin Bagot - PROTESTERS and lobby groups have backed calls by MPs for more investigation into the entire route of the controversial HS2 rail plan… The Countryside Alliance backed calls from the influential committee of 11 MPs to deal with the entire route before making a decision…. (story)
Guardian 8.11.11 High-speed rail project will boost economy, say MPs - The £32bn link from London to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds wins support from House of Commons transport committee - Dan Milmo - A £32bn high-speed rail network linking London to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds with 250mph services will radically improve the quality of train journeys between major cities, according to MPs… The Countryside Alliance criticised the committee for failing to consider an upgrade of the west coast line as an alternative to building a new route through the Chiltern Hills, a protected area of outstanding natural beauty… (story)

Hunts Post 9.11.11 Why can only ‘normal people’ use Huntingdon loos? COUNCILLOR Nigel Pauley appears to think anti-animal cruelty protesters wreck public toilets and are not ‘normal’ residents (Council concerned by protesters using toilets… Cllr Pauley’s alleged remarks make me - and I’m not one of the protesters - want to relieve myself in his garden. MICHAEL BLACK Huntingdon Road Brampton (letter)
Cambridge News 7.11.11 HLS demo marks 10th anniversary of activist's death - Animal rights activists staged their first major march in Huntingdon for two years. Protesters gathered in the town as part of their campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences’ (HLS) use of laboratory animals…. (story)
Hunts Post 5.11.11 Huntingdon town centre shut for animal rights protest march - OVER 100 animal rights protesters brought Huntingdon to a standstill this afternoon (Saturday) with a march through the town centre to Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) in Alconbury… Activists from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) had travelled from Italy, Sweden, Ireland and Holland to join UK campaigners in a protest against the largest animal testing laboratory in Europe. Initial police estimates suggest only 120 of the expected 300 turned up to what was a largely peaceful protest…. Speeches were given by march organisers, Debbie Vincent and Brendan McNally… Protester, Andrea Steinke, from London, told The Hunts Post: “We’re here to bring attention to the despicable things that go on at HLS and also remember Barry Horne… Shopper Lisa Goodwin, of Ashton Gardens, Huntingdon, said: “I wouldn’t have known about this march without reading The Hunts Post, and I totally agree with it… (story)
Hunts Post 5.11.11 SHAC protesters will be first to use Huntingdon’s newly opened loos - DISAPPOINTMENT has been expressed that anti-animal cruelty protesters bused in for Saturday’s march will be the first users of Huntingdon’s newly-opened toilets… Councillor Colin Hyams said:… “If we had said no it would have meant they would have had to use the bushes or people’s gardens to relieve themselves.” Cllr Nigel Pauley added: “[It would be] a shame if all this effort was ruined and they were wrecked before we get a benefit of them for normal residents.” (story)
Huntingdon News & Crier 3.11.11 Memory march for campaigner - Julian Makey - Animal rights activists are to march in Huntingdon on Saturday to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of campaigner Barry Horne. The protest, organised by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), will begin with a rally at the Riverside Park at 11.30am, followed by a march through the town centre from 1pm…. (story)
Hunts Post 28.10.11 Anti-animal testing protest march in Huntingdon planned - POLICE say they are not expecting disorder from an upcoming protest march against Huntingdon Life Science. Details of the march, organised by the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty group, on Saturday, November 5 show protesters plan to make their way from Riverside Park down the ring road and along the High Street, before meeting at Huntingdon Town Park where they will then be taken by bus to the Huntingdon Life Science offices in Woolley…. (story)


Carlisle News & Star 8.11.11 HUNT PACKS AND SABOTEURS STILL CLASHING ON CUMBRIAN FELLS - The sunny, crisp autumn days of late are perfect for getting out and about and enjoying Cumbria in all its colourful glory…. Come rain or shine, masked members of Cumbria Hunt Saboteurs head out during hunting season, which normally lasts until April…. One member, David (not his real name), told the News & Star that the group has just a handful of members who monitor hunts about twice a week… “There are just a few of us – it’s not a very attractive prospect to spend hours in the rain or snow. We concentrate on one or two packs, such as Blencathra [Foxhounds], because that has more of an impact….” Last week, it was announced that Cumbria Police will use high visibility patrols this season to reduce clashes between huntsmen and protesters… Officers will focus their efforts on the Blencathra and Melbreak fell packs, which have both experienced problems between members and anti-hunt protesters… (story)

Irish Independent 8.11.11 Kenny rules out reversing stag-hunt ban By Fionnan Sheahan Political Editor - TAOISEACH Enda Kenny has firmly ruled out any reversal of the ban on stag hunting, leaving one of his ministers embarrassingly isolated. Fine Gael did promise to overrule the previous government's ban, but the commitment never made it into the Government's plans for its term in office… recently, Junior Minister Shane McEntee indicated that the stag-hunting ban would be lifted "shortly"…. The Ward Union Stag Hunt, which was affected by the ban brought in by the previous government at the behest of the Green Party, is based in Mr McEntee's constituency…. (story)

Shropshire Star 8.11.11 Repealing fox hunting ban would be wrong - I note the Countryside Alliance is trying to get the law against fox hunting reversed, reasoning that it is a difficult law to maintain as there have been few prosecutions…. Let’s face it, the tally ho set ride rough shod over this law and through the simple act of releasing hounds they are creating an opportunity for law breaking. We can’t change laws just because it doesn’t suit a minority of the population. Rod Shaw, Shrewsbury (letter)

Guardian 8.11.11 Bill Oddie: We must 'name and shame' landowners who poison birds of prey - Hanna Gersmann - Landowners who allow their gamekeepers to poison rare birds of prey should be "named and shamed", the birdwatcher and TV presenter Bill Oddie has told the Guardian…. Oddie also said: "In the majority of cases the crime is committed by a gamekeeper. His job is to protect the 'game' birds, that are also of course destined to die, 'bagged' by 'sportsmen" who will pay handsomely for the privilege…. (story)

York Press 8.11.11 It’s time to give badgers a break - RARELY a week passes without badgers being demonised and blamed for every ill befalling the countryside. Last week it was reported that a badger caused a car to set alight…. Thankfully, Yorkshire is TB-free, so please give badgers a break and keep Brock out of the dock. Ann Coates, York Road, Selby (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 8.11.11 MP backs campaign for a ban on cruel cosmetics - Tiverton and Honiton MP Neil Parish has backed pressure group British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection’s No Cruel Cosmetics campaign to end animal testing for toiletries and cosmetic products sold in the EU…. (story)

Oxford Mail 8.11.11 Support for animals - A NEW Christian animal welfare group has been formed to serve the Diocese of Oxford. The group is affiliated with the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals, of which the Bishop of Oxford, the Right Rev John Pritchard, is a patron… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 8.11.11 Love Food? Love Animals? 4th Lincoln Veggie Fayre on Saturday 12th November 2011 - Vegan Lincs is organising the forth Lincoln Veggie Fayre 2011! It is to be held at Trinity United Reformed Church, Garmston Street, Lincoln. Doors open 10am - 4pm…. (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 7.11.11 Lincoln Veggie Fayre - The Fourth Annual Veggie Fayre will take place on Saturday 12th November as part of the world wide celebrations of World Vegan Month… (story)


Western Morning News 7.11.11 Hunting with dogs is better for foxes than a novice with a gun - As the hunting season opens, and the Government discusses a possible free vote on repealing the Hunting Act, Westcountryman Henry Chalfont argues in favour of a ban on the ban. If I were a fox, and thought like a human, which of course foxes don’t, then I’d vote for a return of hunting. Sounds bonkers, doesn’t it: like the turkeys-longing-for-Christmas syndrome. But it’s not… (story)

Horse & Hound 7.11.11 Charles Frampton to hunt the Heythrop next season - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The Heythrop will be hunted by Charles Frampton, currently senior joint-master and huntsman of the Portman, next season. His appointment follows a split at theHeythrop over the future of current huntsman Julian Barnfield… (story)
Mail 15.10.11 Ex Labour Minister gallops to defence of Chipping Norton Set's beleaguered huntsman By Valerie Elliott - Pro-hunting Labour MP Kate Hoey has launched a bid to stop David Cameron’s local hunt sacking the huntsman to the Chipping Norton set. The former Sports Minister is furious that the 176-year-old Heythrop hunt in the Cotswolds plans to oust employee Julian Barnfield. Mr Barnfield, a friend of Mr Cameron, is being prosecuted by the RSPCA for illegal fox-hunting. Ms Hoey, chairman of the Countryside Alliance, says if the hunt does not support professional huntsman Mr Barnfield in the run-up to the trial in the New Year, it could ‘damage’ the reputation of hunting across the country…The row began after the current senior master of the hunt announced he was standing down next year, and the person chosen to replace him, Charles Frampton, said that he wanted also to take over the role of huntsman… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 7.11.11 'Ilegal hare hunt' claims probe in Pendle By Vanessa Cornall - A POLICE probe has been launched after complaints were made about a hunt illegally chasing a wild hare. Officers are looking into claims a pack of hounds followed by around 20 hunters on horseback were chasing the animal across fields between Barnoldswick and West Marton on Saturday afternoon… Pendle Forest and Craven Hunt master Tom Bannister said they had been in the area at the time but no hare had been discovered… Carole Mitchell, 51, of Ollet Hall Road, Darwen, was visiting her three pet sheep in Stock Road, near Barnoldswick when she saw the hunt…. Fellow witness Michael Martin, 62, from Barnoldswick, said: “That poor hare must have been terrified. "I could see it running desperately for its life… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 7.11.11 Action needed to curb number of otters breeding in the wild - THE introducing of otters into the wild has got totally out of hand. These so-called animal lovers are putting far too many back into the wild. Some friends of mine with commercial fisheries are having to put chain link fences sunk deep into the ground to protect their fish stocks…. James Young, Bristol (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 7.11.11 Four men reported for deer poaching in Lincolnshire - Four men have been reported for poaching offences in Lincolnshire… The car was seized under section eight of The Hunting Act … Three Middlesbrough men and one Hartlepool man were reported for deer poaching under section 1B of the Night Poaching Act. They will be summonsed at a later date… (story)
7.11.11 Darlington & Stockton Times Suspected Teesside deer poachers held in Lincolnshire By Matt Westcott - FOUR deer-poaching suspects have been reported by police. Three men from Middlesbrough and one fromHartlepool were reported by Lincolnshire Police following an incident in Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire… (story)

Croydon Advertiser 7.11.11 Warning to Croydon pet owners after cat killed by foxes - A HEARTBROKEN pet owner whose beloved cat was "torn apart" by foxes is warning people to keep their moggies inside and safe from danger. Lindsey Goater was devastated when her cat Pickle was viciously mauled by the wild animals. The 17-year-old cat's body was discovered in a neighbour's garden around four days after he disappeared…. Audrey Smith, who lives below her in Abbey Road, said: "We found Pickle in one of the gardens and his feet had been bitten off and his insides torn out. When you wonder what happened, it is unbearable. "There are always foxes about and if anyone is feeding them they should stop – these animals shouldn't be encouraged…. (story)

Belfast Newsletter 7.11.11 Opposing experiments on animals -LEADING medical research charities claim that they fund animal research for the benefit of patients. owever, not only is such research cruel, animal ‘models’ of human disease are unreliable and the data generated can be dangerously misleading… We received many heartfelt statements, which have been brought together to create a new webpage with a clear message to the charities: Not in my name… Ashley Owen Animal Aid Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Hexham Courant 7.11.11 Veggie discrimination claim is just nonsense - IN REPLY to Peter Arnold’s letter (Courant, October 28) I really don’t know what Mr Arnold’s problem is… My husband and I are not vegetarians but a high percentage of our family are and we have never found it a problem to eat out in Hexham… E. BELL, A meat eating vegetarian sympathiser, Hexham (letter)
Hexham Courant 31.10.11 Veggies driven out of Hexham - I NOTICE from this week’s paper that discrimination against people’s eating habits is alive and well and flourishing in Hexham. The advert from Hexham Golf Club implies that if you are not a meat eater, you are not welcome. As a vegetarian, this is an attitude I find all over the town… PETER ARNOLD, Hexham (letter)


Sunday Telegraph 6.11.11 Why fox hunting is more popular than ever - Warwickshire fox hunters say the law banning the sport is "a shambles" as they gather on the first day of the new season. By William Langley - The riders breathed the aroma of hot wine, the hounds were hungry for a scent, but what you could really smell in the air at yesterday’s opening meeting of the Warwickshire Hunt was the exalted whiff of English contrariness…. Seven years after the Labour government passed a contentious law intended to abolish hunting with hounds, the country’s hunts – which no longer chase a live animal, but merely a trail of artificial scent instead – are in the best shape anyone can remember. Part of the reason is that the law has proved almost comically difficult to enforce. Beneath its stated object of outlawing the hunting of wild mammals with dogs, near-total confusion reigns… Yet a bigger factor appears to be that exquisitely delinquent streak in the British character that reacts against the hectoring and bossiness of officialdom. As a result, thousands of people who previously had little obvious interest in hunting have taken it up…. (story)

Eastern Daily Press 6.11.11 Under 10s in Norfolk issued with shotgun certificates - PETER WALSH, Crime Correspondent - Norfolk police has issued two shotgun certificates to children under 10 years old in the past 12 months, new figures have revealed. Figures released by policing minister Nick Herbert show that more than 30 children aged under 10 in England and Wales were issued with shotgun licences in the past three years…. But in a statement issued in response to the figures, a Norfolk police spokesman said certificate holders under 15 must be supervised by someone aged 21 or over when in possession of an assembled shotgun - they were not allowed to own guns of their own which may tempt them to shoot unsupervised… The figures, which also showed 11 certificates were issued to under-10s last year, five in 2009 and 15 in 2008, were obtained by Labour MP Thomas Docherty… The MP for Dunfermline and West Fife said: “Society as a whole is deeply uncomfortable with the idea of a seven-year-old having access to a lethal weapon. “I have not heard a single coherent argument for why a seven-year-old, who has no legal culpability, should be allowed to have unfettered access to fire a firearm.”… (story)


Dundee Courier 5.11.11 Wildlife crime partnership on trail of deer poachers and coursers - Deer poachers and coursers are putting lives at risk in Fife, a wildlife crime partnership has warned… Environment Minister Stewart Stevenson is chairman of the Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime (PAW) Scotland, which encompasses a range of bodies to tackle wildlife crime including conservation, land management, sporting and law enforcers… Fife and Tayside police have also joined forces with the Scottish SPCA and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation to carry out weekend patrols… (story)

Yorkshire Post 5.11.11 Beagle site protests as official inspector visits - A protest against a beagle “factory” went off peacefully, police said yesterday. Humberside Police sent five police officers to the site in Grimston, East Yorkshire, where nine animal rights campaigners held a demonstration as a Government inspector arrived on an official visit… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 5.11.11 'You're barking mad if you allow farm to expand' - ANIMAL rights protesters braved driving rain to campaign against the expansion of a controversial beagle breeding farm…. Victoria Martindale said: "We've come from across the country, I'm actually from Derby. We feel strongly this should not be allowed to happen…. Yesterday, the 12 protesters were joined by a similar number of police…. There have been unconfirmed reports of friction between residents and protesters… (story)
ITV News 4.11.11 Beagle farm protest - Protesters wearing boiler suits and dog masks have picketed a compound near Hull which they claim plans to become the biggest so called beagle farm in Britain… (story)
Yorkshire Post 3.11.11 Protest over beagle breeding plans - A DOZEN animal rights campaigners are due to stage a protest in a Holderness village tomorrow which is earmarked for a controversial expansion in breeding facilties for beagles. American-owned B & K Universal launched an appeal after being refused planning permission in June to redevelop its facilities in Grimston, making it the largest beagle breeding farm in the UK… Victoria Martindale, spokeswoman for the group, said they would be dressing in boiler suits and wearing beagle masks to get their point across… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 1.11.11 Protest at beagle site - Animal rights campaigners are expected to stage a protest in Grimston on Friday against B&K Universal's proposal to expand its dog-breeding facility there… Campaigner Victoria Martindale said approving the bid would make B&K the UK's largest beagle-breeding farm (story)

Sheffield Star 5.11.11 Wonderful gulls - WELL said the author of the letter on seagulls. For a long time I’ve been annoyed by people complaining about animals in their own environment… Humans have taken far too much of animals’ habitats so we should respect what they have left…. Pauline Kelsey, Furniss Ave, S17 (letter)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 5.11.11 Protesters rally over live animal exports - CAMPAIGNERS against live animal exports held a rally in Ramsgate on Wednesday. Members of Thanet Against Live Exports (Tale) met with South East Euro MP Keith Taylor… The MEP told about 50 protesters who gathered at Government Acre that he had written to European Commissioner John Dalli urging better enforcement of EU standards on animal shipments… (story)


Western Morning News 4.11.11 Hunting Act has 'failed miserably' at all levels - The former director of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has announced that at all levels the Hunting Act has “failed miserably”. In a letter to the Western Morning News James Barrington, who is currently an animal welfare consultant to the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance, stated: “While the supporters of this law claimed that it would improve animal welfare it is clear that their true aim was to prevent a particular type of hunting…. His statement comes just days after anti-hunt campaigners announced they are to invest more than a million pounds in a scheme to catch people illegally hunting in the Westcountry… Last month the Countryside Alliance published figures showing that only a handful of people had been prosecuted under the Hunting Act since it was introduced in 2005…. (story)

BBC News Online 4.11.11 Alun Michael on hunting with hounds ban fight - Labour MP Alun Michael recalled the struggle to get the ban on hunting with hounds through Parliament which led to a violent demonstration on the streets of London… (story)

Horse & Hound 4.11.11 Side-saddle riders out in force at Quorn opening meet - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - Spectators at the Quorn’s opening meet were treated to scenes straight out of the pages of Surtees or Trollope when 28 ladies took to the field — side-saddle. Emma Brown, who has been hunting side-saddle with the Quorn for several years, organised the ladies last Friday …. And it seems other hunts are following suit, with the Pytchley looking to attract more side-saddle riders to a meet in November…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 22.10.11 Hunt rides out for start of its season - More than 130 riders saddled up for a hunt's first meeting of the season yesterday. The Quorn, which met at its kennels in Kirby Bellars, went trail hunting near Thorpe Satchville and Twyford…. (story)

Telegraph 4.11.11 Time to prey on predators - We must cull the killing machines now if we are to preserve the balance of nature in this country . By Robin Page - What is going on? As the “conservation industry” gets bigger and better – with more land, more appeals, more money and more members – so the features and creatures that our conservationists are supposed to be conserving – Britain’s wildlife – diminish by the hour… (story)

Telegraph 4.11.11 Sales of venison are booming across Britain - From steaks and mince to bambi burgers, shoppers are getting a real taste for venison. By Kate Colquhoun - There are around two million deer running around Britain – more than at any time since the Norman conquest. Most are gracing our parks, fields and highlands, but a growing number are finding their way into towns and cities…. (story)

Boston Standard 4.11.11 Don’t forget that animals can be terrified by fireworks night - ASHLEY OWEN Animal Aid (letter)
Bournemouth Echo 4.11.11 Think of animals before fireworks - ASHLEY OWEN, Animal Aid (letter)
Halifax Courier 3.11.11 Fireworks are terrifying for animals - Ashley Owen Animal Aid (letter)
Evesham Observer 3.11.11 Consider animals welfare during bonfires - Ashley Owen, Animal Aid (letter)
Liverpool Echo 2.11.11 Remember the animals on firework night - Ashley Owen, Animal Aid, Kent (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 2.11.11 Fireworks scare animals - Ashley Owen, Animal Aid (letter)
Shields Gazette 2.11.11 Protect pets on big night - FIREWORKS may be beautiful and exciting for us, but for animals they can be terrifying…. Ashley Owen, Animal Aid. (letter)

Argus 4.11.11 Could animal lovers form vigilante groups to oppose thugs and yobs? - I READ with sadness and horror a story about a cat shelter break-in… We cannot just give an opinion and do nothing to prevent animal cruelty from occurring – we need some help. Sylvia Peters, Wembley Avenue, Lancing
YET another callous attack on an animal sanctuary, on top of painting a donkey with zebra stripes, dog fighting and stealing cats to help train dogs for dog fighting…. P Ryan, Woodland Avenue, Burgess Hill
I JUST had to write to say how upset I was to read about the yobs who killed a six-month-old swan with a remote-controlled boat….. C Meeten, Gordon Road, Brighton
I CRIED when I read about the poor cat who was burnt and injected with chemicals… Sylvia Harwood, Old Shoreham Road, Hove
FOLLOWING the nasty attack on our cats recently at our cat shelter, I would like to give readers of The Argus an update. All the cats involved seem to be doing OK…. Louise Patmore, (letters)

Rye & Battle Observer 4.11.11 Holiday tainted by ostrich farm - I was really looking forward to my holiday in the beautiful historic town of Rye. Unfortunately one of the first things I saw as I drove along Harbour Road toward the holiday park was a sign offering ostrich meat for sale…. What an abomination! Can we really allow the exploitation of magnificent wild animals?.... My holiday in Rye has been tainted but I hope to come back when that ‘ostrich farm’ has closed down. Yours sincerely, Deborah Andrews, New Town, Uckfield, East Sussex (letter)


North Devon Journal 3.11.11 Auction of gifts to help hunt - AN auction of gifts will be taking place in Kilkhampton to raise cash for the Tetcott Hunt…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.11.11 Alliance must clarify position - LAST weekend saw the opening of the hunting season here in Devon and Cornwall. Alison Hawes, the South West Regional Director of the Countryside Alliance, is reported as saying: "The simple fact is that Devon and Cornwall Police have not proceeded against a single person under the Hunting Act in six years, showing its utter failure."… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Tiverton People (Exeter Express & Echo) 3.11.11 Dodgy logic of hunting fans - THE Countryside Alliance's recent report on The Hunting Act states that its members hunt within the law. It then goes on to claim that the Act is a waste of time because so few of its members have been convicted under it…. The idea that the police, CPS and magistrates have been deliberately inflating hunting conviction figures by trying poaching cases under the Hunting Act is risible… Ivor Annetts, Tiverton (letter)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 3.11.11 Hunt anger - WITH reference to the article on hunting in the New Forest (Daily Echo, October 28), within one week of the ‘Hunting with Hounds’ ban in 2005 the New Forest Hunt admitted to chasing and killing a fox (accidentally?). Therefore, surely they should have had their licence revoked immediately… These hunters are no better than the rioting hooligans in London….. M MATCHAM, Hythe (letter)

Telegraph 3.11.11 Archers upsets shooting community - The BBC has been accused of being out of touch with the countryside once again after a recent storyline in The Archers features two characters breaking basic gun laws. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent… in the latest plot line Matt Crawford, a wheeler dealer property speculator who has recently got out of prison, is featured joining in at the first shoot of the season. Annoyed listeners have pointed out that as a convicted criminal it would be impossible for him to gain a gun licence and therefore use a shotgun… (story)

Telegraph 3.11.11 Gamekeepers hit out at RSPB for only protecting 'iconic' species - Gamekeepers have hit out at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for only protecting ‘photogenic’ species such as the golden eagle while neglecting other breeds. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - The latest statistics from the RSPB show an 18 per cent fall in the number of birds shot or poisoned…. The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation said the reaction of conservationists shows a bias in favour of ‘iconic’ birds like the golden eagle, despite the fact the birds of prey are doing well in the UK and persecution is becoming less of an issue. Meanwhile birds like curlew or golden plover, that rely on the moorland managed by the shooting industry, continue to decline because of a lack of support, they said…. (story)

Telegraph 3.11.11 MPs call for better rural 4G mobile coverage - Rural communities should receive better 4G mobile coverage than is currently proposed, a committee of MPs has demanded By Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor - The Culture, Media and Sport Committee’s report on the forthcoming auction of spectrum for new '4G' mobile services demands that 98 per cent of the UK population is covered, rather than the 95 per cent that communications regulator Ofcom is currently proposing…. The Countryside Alliance welcomed the report. Its Head of Policy, Sarah Lee, said "The Alliance believes that the current lack of reliable broadband is one of the greatest threats to the growth of the rural economy, and that the Government should hasten the roll-out of rural broadband, as well as ensuring the sale of spectrum enables the countryside to compete in a growing digital economy.”… (story)

Western Morning News 3.11.11 Homes crisis needs action - A call of "action not words" has heralded a major new inquiry which will thrust the Westcountry's affordable homes crisis into the spotlight. Campaign group Housing Voice is to gather evidence and "innovative ideas" from the entire sector, including people trapped in poor quality housing or priced out of the housing market… The Countryside Alliance, which has long campaigned on the issue of affordable, rural housing, said now is the time for action…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.11.11 Melanie finds vegan lifestyle not so difficult - Long gone are the days when vegans were treated as second-class citizens who subsisted on lentils and found it very hard to go out anywhere for a meal, says Catherine Fraser. NOVEMBER is Vegan Month and the campaigning group Animal Aid is keen for people to see how easy it is now to give this way of life a go – even if it is just for a day or a week. Melanie Stevens, PA to Helena Holt, the chief executive of the Devon Air Ambulance Trust, took the plunge and went vegan four months ago…. (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 3.11.11 Fashion and Beauty: Vegan lifestyle gives me so much energy - IT’S PROBABLY fair to say that most of us don’t give much thought to where our food comes from. Charlotte Coleman, on the other hand, thinks about everything she eats and has made a conscious decision to avoid anything with animal origins… With a full-time role at the University of Sheffield, a part-time job tutoring for the Open University, a large family and charity work for Animal Aid – she gives lectures in schools – she’s certainly busy…. (story)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 3.11.11 Mum hurt picketing - A MOTHER who was injured and then arrested while picketing against live animal export says she will continue her campaign. Mother-of-three Carolyn Gleadall, 26, was protesting against lorries carrying calves and sheep to Ramsgate port with her own mother, Mary, when she fell to the ground and broke her hand. She then says she was arrested for being drunk and disorderly but, when officers realised she was not drunk, she was fined £80 for being "abusive"… (story)

Somerset Standard 3.11.11 Funds will help stop suffering of animals - I would like to thank the people of Frome for raising £78.71 during my street collection on Saturday, October 29, in aid of Compassion In World Farming… ROGER G CHALLONER GREEN Church Lane Wingfield Trowbridge (letter)


Huffington Post 2.11.11 Paul Flynn Accuses Simon Hart Of Having A 'Passion For Abusing Loveable Animals' - Ned Simons - Labour MP Paul Flynn has accused a Conservative MP of having a "passion" for animal abuse. Speaking during a Commons debate on the lobbying industry, Newport West MP Paul Flynn tackled Simon Hart over his previous job as campaigns director and CEO for the Countryside Alliance - which lobbied against the fox hunting ban… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 2.11.11 Group snares MSPs’ time - ANIMAL welfare charity OneKind is calling on the public petitions committee at the Scottish Parliament to put pressure on DEFRA and the government over the issue of animal snaring… (story)

Kingston Guardian 2.11.11 Animal lovers to march against Richmond Park deer cull By David Lindsell - Animal lovers will march through Kingston to protest against the shooting of deer in Richmond Park. Campaigners want the deer to be given contraceptives to keep their numbers down instead of being shot…. Organiser Lesley Dove said: “Many locals living close to the parks have heard the crying of dying and distressed deer during the culls and this is clearly not humane, whatever the parks authorities claim.”… (story)

Guardian 2.11.11 Animal welfare groups welcome latest changes to the Grand National - Chris Cook - Animal welfare groups have responded with approval to proposed changes to the Grand National which, it is hoped, will make the famous race safer for participants. Horses aged six will no longer be allowed to take part and runners will be required to have proved their stamina by finishing fourth or better in a steeplechase over three miles or further… There was criticism, however, from the animal rights group Animal Aid, whose Dene Stansall said the review had "failed to get to grips" with what had caused the deaths of two horses in this year's race. Stansall said the problem for both horses was the rigidity of the fences they hit, as well as the sheer number of runners… (story)

Dorset Echo 2.11.11 Compassionate Dorset hosts Dorchester film night - A DORSET animal welfare group is hosting a special film screening in Dorchester. Compassionate Dorset will celebrate its second birthday with its first film night on Tuesday, November 8. The group has chosen to show ‘Pig Business’, a film following mother and campaigner Tracy Worcester as she confronts giant meat corporations over their impact on rural communities, human health, the environment and animal welfare…. (story)


BBC News Online 1.11.11 Lincolnshire hunt supporters in fresh call to lift ban - Fresh calls for the government to reconsider the ban on hunting with hounds have been made by members of Lincolnshire's South Wold Hunt… (story)

Western Mail 1.11.11 Hunting with dogs - I was shocked and extremely dismayed after reading the report “Fox hunting ban a failure and waste of police time” (Oct 26). The Countryside Alliance made the ridiculous statement that law-abiding hunts (if only) are still forced to go about their daily lives under the threat of harassment and intimidation from saboteurs, who then waste police time pursuing cases that never see the light of day. What a cheek! I myself have been subject to harassment by hunt supporters who prevented me from filming a hunt’s activities, when it was obvious the hunt was on to a fox… JUDI HEWITT (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 1.11.11 Coventry circus sparks concerns over performing animals By Les Reid, Political Reporter - A COUNCILLOR has questioned whether Coventry City Council has breached its own policy by allowing a circus with performing animals. Zippo’s Circus has being staging its HorsePower show since Thursday on the council-owned Hearsall Common, using performing horses as part of the act… The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is concerned that Zippo’s horses suffer stress… Coventry city councillor Bally Singh (Labour, Whoberley) said: “I understood our own council policy to be against using council owned land for performing animals, and I am concerned this policy is being broken with Zippos HorsePower circus show currently being staged.”… (story)

Leicester Mercury 1.11.11 Veganism: It all began here - Today is World Vegan Day, marking the start of World Vegan Month…. The vegan movement began in Leicester in 1944 by Yorkshireman Donald Watson… To celebrate vegan month there is a Vegan Fair in Leicester on November 12, from 10.30am to 3.30pm, at Christchurch Hall, Clarendon Park Road… Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 5.11.11 Cut out sex - Elizabeth Allison (Mailbox, October 23) writes that it had been predicted that by 2050 the global population will be 9.1 billion. Elizabeth jumps on her soapbox and tells us the solution to the famine this will cause is for us all to go vegetarian…. I've come forward with a better idea. Instead of not eating meat, as Elizabeth would have us all do, if the whole human population stopped having sex, I am sure this would stop the population increasing…. So what do you think of my idea Ms Allison? In years to come, no more meat-eating humans for you to worry about. G A Wright, Leicester (letter)

Thanet Times 1.11.11 Thousands sign petition to stop live animal exports from Ramsgate - OFFICIALS say an online petition is the best way to halt live animal exports from Ramsgate. Thanet council leader Bob Bayford is urging campaigners to sign the e-petition and has added a link to it from the council's website…. (story)
Thanet Times 18.10.11 Pressure on council as Thanet animal exports protests continue - THANET council was again the scene of protests as animal lovers took their campaign to Cecil Square offices. Around 30 protesters gathered outside the council's main offices on Thursday ahead of a meeting which included a debate on support for a petition calling on the Government to end live exports… (story)
Thanet Gazette 14.10.11 Ramsgate animal export protesters win council support for e-petition - THANET council has voted to encourage residents to sign an e-petition calling on the Government to end live exports… (story)
BBC News Online 14.10.11 Thanet District Council backs e-petition to ban live exports - Thanet District Council has voted to officially support a campaign to ban live animal exports from Ramsgate. The council backed a motion to encourage people to sign a e-petition calling for a government ban. A demonstration outside the council meeting, which was organised by opponents of the exports, attracted about 40 people…. (story)
BBC News Online 13.10.11 Protest staged over live animal exports from Ramsgate - Protesters have demonstrated outside a council headquarters over live animal exports from Ramsgate. Thanet District Council is discussing whether to encourage people to sign a government e-petition calling for a ban on shipments… (story)

Sleaford Target 1.11.11 Purple poppy appeal - THE recent publicity about the marvellous play War Horse reminds us about all the ways in which animals have suffered, and continue to suffer, in human wars and conflicts….Meanwhile, in UK laboratories, thousands suffer and die every year in invasive warfare experiments. You can show your concern for this suffering by joining the tens of thousands of people who wear Animal Aid's purple poppy… Richard Mountford Development manager Animal Aid (letter)