November 2015

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Telegraph 30.11.15 Grouse handed out at food banks and homeless shelters By John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor - It is a taste more likely to be savoured by the super-rich than the rest of us. But grouse shot on some of Britain’s most exclusive estates is being given out at food banks and homeless shelters… nder a new philanthropic scheme, participants are being invited to donate all or part of their haul of birds to projects for people at risk of going hungry.. A spokeswoman for Fareshare said: “We received the grouse in September, it had all been portioned and packaged, we sent it to our five regional warehouses which distribute to over 600 organisations – it is not just food banks, it is homeless hostels and lunch clubs for older people.” (story)

Kent Online 30.11.15 Vegan Fred Durham shocked as John Howe Turkeys at Lotland Farm, Biddenden Road, Tenterden, refuses to sell her live turkey for Christmas by Rachael Woods - A vegan mum who wanted to save a turkey from slaughter was shocked when a farmer refused to sell her one out of concerns for the bird’s welfare. Fredericka Durham, who is known as Fred, wanted to give a bird to her baby daughter Isabella as a first Christmas present to stop it from being served up for dinner. But the 39-year-old, who lives at The Retreat Animal Rescue Centre in High Halden, was left reeling after the farm said they would not hand over a live bird as they “could not guarantee its welfare”… (story)
Mirror 30.11.15 I tried to buy turkey to stop it being eaten but was told it was cruel BY JAMIE MICKLETHWAITE - An animal-lover who tried to buy a turkey from a farmer to save it from the Christmas table was refused - because he was concerned about its welfare. Vegan Fredericka Durham, 39, wanted to give the bird to her baby girl Isabella as her first ever Christmas present and to stop it appearing on the dinner table. But Ms Durham was left reeling being told by a farmer that they could not hand over a live bird as they could not guarantee its welfare… (story)


Observer 29.11.15 League Against Cruel Sports removes president amid whistleblower row - Jamie Doward - Dismay for supporters of the leading animal charity as John Cooper is removed from honorary post - One of Britain’s most powerful animal charities is battling claims that whistleblowers’ concerns about alleged malpractice within the organisation were not investigated properly. The League Against Cruel Sports denies the allegations, which emerged after it announced that its honorary president – a leading barrister who had called for the claims to be investigated – was standing down following a review… However, the charity made the announcement without consulting Cooper, who has been a member of the league for more than 25 years and only learned of his removal by letter…. At least two former employees of the charity, one of whom is understood to be Cooper’s partner, are understood to have raised concerns about how the charity was being run. It is believed that both whistleblowers made complaints about what they say was a bullying, sexist culture at the top of the organisation… (story)


Ivybridge & South Brent Gazette 27.11.15 Killing foxes is totally noxious - Tom Quinn, campaigns director, League Against Cruel Sports, writes: (letter)
North Devon Journal 26.11.15 Hunting has no place now - TOM QUINN, Campaigns director, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
East Anglian Daily Times 5.11.15 A good time to clear up some myths about fox hunting - T Quinn Campaigns director, League Against Cruel Sports - As the traditional fox hunting season gets under way, it’s time to clear up a few myths about foxes and fox hunting.
It’s been 10 years since hunting with dogs for sport was banned. It’s a popular law amongst country dwellers and townsfolk alike… (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 3.11.15 Fox hunting myths - TOM QUINN, Campaigns director League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Western Morning News 3.11.15 In My Opinion - Animal cruelty like hunting has no place in modern UK - By Tom Quinn, Campaigns Director, League Against Cruel Sports - As the traditional fox hunting season gets underway, it’s time to clear up a few myths about foxes and fox hunting… It’s a popular law amongst country dwellers and townsfolk alike, with eight out of ten people keen for it to remain in place. It’s also very successful, with the highest number and percentage of convictions of any wildlife animal welfare law in the UK and even better, has successfully reduced animal cruelty… A new report from Professor Stephen Harris from the University of Bristol shows that hunting does not reduce fox populations and killing foxes can in fact increase their numbers in a given area… Now is the time to ensure the law is respected and upheld. If, like most other people in the country, you support the ban on fox hunting and want to see it properly enforced then write to your MP and let them know. Animal cruelty like foxhunting has no place in modern Britain. (story)

Telegraph 27.11.15 Large range of birds 'thriving on shooting estates' By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent - Scotland’s shooting estates are supporting a “vast range” of bird species, according to a study of three prominent grouse moors.... A report by the Scottish Moorland Group looked at wildlife audits on three properties and forms part of the year-long “gift of grouse” campaign which is designed to highlight the benefits that moorland management delivers, according to those involved.... (story)


Sheffield Star 26.11.15 Fox and chickens -During the course of my life I have visited numerous zoos, some of them in different countries. What I have noticed is that in a few of them I have actually been able to see foxes in caged environments. I came to the conclusion that if it is possible to fence a fox in then it must also be possible to fence a fox out… Keith Earl Torquay (letter)

Mirror 26.11.15 Family left 'absolutely heartbroken' after RSPCA takes beloved pet fox away BY KIRSTIE MCCRUM - A family have been forced to hand over a much-loved pet fox - after the RSPCA removed it from their exotic animal rescue centre. Dave Robinson, who runs the centre from his home, is heartbroken after saying goodbye to Scarlett. The 18-month-old animal, which was born in captivity and has never lived in the wild, has been with the Robinsons for three months. Scarlett's parents were also captive… However that turned to anguish when the RSPCA turned up at the property and ordered the family to surrender Scarlett… An RSPCA spokesperson said: "The fox was voluntarily given over to the RSPCA and has now been placed at a specialist fox sanctuary, where she is being cared for by a team of experts… "Foxes are wild animals, they are not domestic pets, and where possible the RSPCA believes they should be where they belong, in the wild…. (story)

Independent 26.11.15 Peta faces $9m lawsuit for 'stealing and euthanising' pet Chihuahua - Andrew Buncombe New York - The animal rights group Peta is being sued for $9 million by the family whose dog that was accidentally euthanised by the organisation. According to the lawsuit filed in Norfolk, Virginia, Maya, a Chihuahua, was a Christmas gift for Wilber Zarate’s daughter four years ago… According to, the 11-page lawsuit alleges trespassing and emotional distress…. Peta said residents in that area had asked for help with abandoned dogs. The state later fined Peta $500 because it failed to keep the dog alive for the amount of time required by law… (story)


Telegraph 25.11.15 People are too sentimental about badgers, says Glastonbury founder By Camilla Turner - Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis has said that people are too emotional about badgers and should accept a cull to protect cattle and hedgehogs. The 80-year-old farmer spoke out in the wake of criticism from anti-cull campaigners over his appointment as vice-president of the Somerset Wildlife Trust (SWT). Dominic Dyer, chief executive of the Badger Trust, said Mr Eavis's appointment was "a complete betrayal of the fundamental values of conservationists and the vast majority of the public"… (story)
Western Daily Press 25.11.15 Glastonbury Festival's Michael Eavis: We are too sentimental about killing badgers - The founder of the Glastonbury Festival Michael Eavis has said that the English are too sentimental about killing badgers and should accept a widespread cull to protect both cattle and hedgehogs… (story)

Daventry Express 25.11.15 Shopping centre axes penguins event after pressure from animal rights group - A shopping centre has axed a festive meet-the-penguins outdoor event after pressure from animal rights activists. The Touchwood centre said the purpose of the Penguin Encounter, described as an educational event featuring endangered Humboldt birds, had been "misunderstood" by rights campaigners. Management apologised to families and children who were hoping to meet the creatures. The event had been run at the centre in Solihull, West Midlands, for the past three years without fuss but this year attracted the attention of activists from a group called Derby Animal Rights…. (story)
Guardian 25.11.15 Shopping centre scraps live penguins event after opposition - A shopping centre has cancelled a festive meet-the-penguins event after pressure from animal rights campaigners… Management apologised to families and children who were hoping to meet the animals. The event had been run at the centre for the past three years, but this year attracted the attention of Derby Animal Rights group… (story)
ITV 25.11.15 Penguin petting experience cancelled after animal rights backlash - Touchwood mall in Solihull has dropped a children’s Penguin Encounter event from its schedule after drawing criticism from animal rights campaigners…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 25.11.15 Don't eat meat - Mercury Mailbox - The anonymous writer who wants children to have the choice to eat non-halal meat is deluded and very naive if they think that animals receive a humane slaughter in our slaughter houses - Ruth Povey, Leicester. (letter)


Spectator 24.11.15 The SNP don’t care about foxes. It was all a pack of lies - Camilla Swift - So, it turns out that the SNP weren’t that bothered about the plight of foxes after all. Back in July, you might remember, David Cameron was forced to backtrack on his plan for a parliamentary vote on relaxing the hunting ban, after the SNP decided to vote against any changes…. now we hear that just a month after blocking Cameron’s proposed changes, the SNP received a £10,000 donation from the ‘Political Animal Lobby’, an animal rights – and naturally anti-hunting – group… (story)

ThisIsTheWestcountry 24.11.15 Pro badger cull MP made vice president of anti cull Somerset Wildlife Trust - There is outrage from some supporters of Somerset Wildlife Trust and anti badger cull groups after the charity named pro badger cull MP Rebecca Pow as a new vice president. Diary farmer and festival legend Michael Eavis has also been named a new vice president of the wildlife charity…. Dominic Dyer, chief executive of the Badger Trust called the move incomprehensible, saying: "Do you like killing wildlife why not become a vice president of Somerset Wildlife Trust?"… (story)

Oxford Times 24.11.15 Ethical pub is praised for its vegan-friendly menus - A NORTH Oxford pub is hoping its recognition as one of the UK’s most vegan-friendly pubs will encourage people in the county to eat less meat. The Gardeners Arms in Plantation Road was shortlisted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) as one of the top 10 vegan pubs and was praised for its selection of vegan items. Pub owners Paul Silcock and Andy Skinner said they were pleased their genuine belief in veganism had paid off… (story)


Western Daily Press 23.11.15 Dog fighting decision blow to RSPCA By jeff wells - The RSPCA is said to be considering an appeal this week after a judge ruled that prosecutors could not use dog fighting laws to take fox hunters to court. The charity prefers to use the Animal Welfare Act because it is tougher than the Hunting Act. But after four weeks of legal wrangling, District Judge Kevin Gray threw out a case against six men and a woman saying the RSPCA had chosen to prosecute under the wrong law. The defence claimed the RSPCA undercover investigation only found evidence of dog owners bragging, and people should be allowed to walk their dogs in the countryside without fear of being accused… (story)
Mail on Sunday 22.11.15 Judge throws out the RSPCA's bid to use dog fighting laws as part of their war on fox hunting By SIMON TRUMP FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - A judge has thrown out an attempt by the RSPCA to prosecute fox hunters using fierce laws designed to stop dog fights… a landmark decision by District Judge Kevin Gray last week saw a case collapse against six men and a woman because the prosecution was using the wrong law. Following an undercover investigation by the RSPCA, the six were accused of hunting foxes, badgers and deer using lurchers… He concluded that taking a dog into the countryside ‘does not constitute fighting as defined in the Animal Welfare Act’ even if the intention is to kill another animal…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 23.11.15 Hunt exposed - Mercury Mailbox - Well done to the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs for exposing the Atherstone Hunt's "alleged" law breaking ("Probe launched after hunt video put online"… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)

Lancashire Evening Post 23.11.15 Negative impact of shooting - A letter was printed in the Wigan Evening Post from Adrian Blackmore, director 
of shooting at the Countryside Alliance (WEP Letters, September 30), which was full of propaganda for the shooting industry. He says in Britain we should be proud of our shooting industry (it should not be called a sport as there is nothing sporting in killing live creatures for fun)…. Melangell Name and address supplied (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 2.11.15 Shooting season boosts health and much more - Adrian Blackmore, Director of Shooting, Countryside Alliance, Tinworth Street, London (letter)
Westmorland Gazette 23.10.15 You do not have to shoot anything to enjoy a day in the countryside - I cannot let the one-sided and self-congratulatory letter about game shooting from the Countryside Alliance spokesman pass without comment (Letters, October 8, ‘Be thankful for the season’). I do not share his enthusiasm for the start of the shooting season… I would disagree that wildlife thrives in shooting areas, since predators have to be kept down to keep bird numbers high… As for the health benefits of eating game - it’s full of toxic lead!... Eve Templeton Underbarrow (letter)
Oxford Times 22.10.15 Aspects of shooting - In a recent letter (October 8), the director of shooting at the Countryside Alliance urged us all to feel proud of the British shooting industry. While the ethical and environmental issues around shooting are complex, there are some aspects of modern game shooting of which many readers may be unaware: 1: The vast majority of game birds (pheasants and partridges) now shot in England have been bred and reared in captivity… In and around Oxfordshire there are some shooting estates that operate in a highly responsible manner by not releasing captive-reared birds and by working hard to provide seed food in ways that undoubtedly benefit wild birds. We fully support such efforts, and would like to see them applied more widely. Dr Alan Larkman Chairman, Oxford Ornithological Society (story)
Midhurst & Petworth Observer 19.10.15 Shooting woes - AS AN occasional visitor to Chichester, I was amused to read the letter on your pages of Adrian Blackmore from the Countryside Alliance: “Proud to Shoot”. The shooting industry has been trying to ‘big up’ game shooting and seek public approval since 1908… Sue Davidson Cwm Nant-y-Meichiaid Llanfyllin (story)
Oxford Times 15.10.15 Excuse to needlessly kill - Your correspondent Adrian Blackmore’s propaganda piece for the shooting industry (Letters, October 8) fails to point out a few key facts. First, the tens of millions of non-native pheasants,whose lives clearly mean nothing to him, and are reared for the sole purpose of being shot out of the sky, far from being ‘free range’ are reared in the most appalling intensive farming conditions. Their lives are short and brutal…. Paul Hughes Carterton (letter) k/news/">Westmorland Gazette 9.10.15 Shooting makes an enormous contribution to the rural economy - Adrian Blackmore Director of shooting, Countryside Alliance London (letter)
Oxford Times 8.10.15 Benefits of shooting - Adrian Blackmore Director of shooting, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Dorset Echo 6.10.15 October 1 marks start of game shooting season - THE game shooting season has begun in Dorset…. Adrian Blackmore, director of shooting at the Countryside Alliance, said: "In Britain, we should be rightly proud of our shooting sports as we have something that is truly special…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 6.10.15 Cruel sports? Where do you think supermarket game comes from? From:Charles Nodder, National Gamekeepers’ Organisation, Darlington. THANK goodness Dr Toni Shephard (The Yorkshire Post, October 5), who describes herself as ‘head of research’ at the League Against Cruel Sports, is not a medical doctor responsible for human health. In just one letter to your paper she got enough things wrong to kill any number of patients! She alleged ‘appalling welfare’ in gamebird rearing, and yet all gamebirds are reared under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 which makes it an absolute offence to harm livestock, including gamebirds, or to fail to provide for their needs… (letter)
Yorkshire Post 5.10.15 From: Dr Toni Shephard, Head of Research, League Against Cruel Sports - WHILE we agree that getting out into the countryside is a good thing (Tim Bonner, The Yorkshire Post, Octrober 1), we wonder why there is no mention of the appalling welfare conditions suffered by these non-native game birds, nor of the shooting industry’s negative impacts on the environment, conservation and health. The piece also wildly overstates any economic benefits to the UK… (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 2.10.15 Shooting season boosts health and much more - Adrian Blackmore, Director of Shooting, Countryside Alliance, Tinworth Street, London (letter)
Hartlepool Mail 2.10.15 Be proud of our game shooting tradition - Adrian Blackmore, Director of shooting, Countryside Alliance, London. (letter)
Derby Telegraph 2.10.15 'Be thankful the game shooting season is here again' - Adrian Blackmore Director of shooting Countryside Alliance (letter)
Western Daily Press 2.10.15 'Be thankful – the pheasant shooting season's here again' - Pheasant shooting is important to the West Country economically, socially and environmentally, says Tim Bonner chief executive of the Countryside Alliance. Here, as the season begins, he sets out why… (story)
Western Morning News 1.10.15 Be thankful - the pheasant shooting season's here again - Pheasant shooting is important to the South West economically, socially and environmentally. Tim Bonner chief executive of the Countryside Alliance sets out why, as the season begins…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 1.10.15 Tim Bonner: The guns that defend our countryside - TODAY marks an important day in the calendar of the Yorkshire countryside – the start of the game shooting season proper. From first light this morning until February 1, groups of “guns” will be out at the thousands of shoots across the county, hoping to bag themselves pheasant, as well as other game that is already in season…. (story)
Bournemouth Echo 1.10.15 Be thankful shooting season is here again - ADRIAN BLACKMORE Director of shooting, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Halesowen News 29.9.15 Game shooting season begins - October 1 marks an important day in the countryside calendar – the start of the game shooting season proper… In Britain, we should be rightly proud of our shooting sports as we have something that is truly special. Game management and conservation have helped shape and enhance our landscapes for generations and that management is now involved in some two thirds of the rural land mass of the UK…. Adrian Blackmore Director of shooting Countryside Alliance(letter)

Farming Life 23.11.15 Minister delays the Snares Order (NI) 2015 - It is with deep disappointment that Countryside Alliance Ireland learned of the Environment Minister’s intention to withhold the introduction to the Assembly of The Snares Order (Northern Ireland) 2015. As an active member of the working group set up by the Minister’s Department in 2011 to devise guidelines for good snaring practice, we are extremely dismayed that not only has he bowed to pressure following calls from the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), but he did so without consultation with any of the main stakeholders…. (story)


Mail 21.11.15 Not so cuddly: What stars who strip for animal rights charity need to know about its hate-filled Home Counties leader - By TOM LEONARD FOR THE DAILY MAIL … The militant animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, shamelessly plays the sex card by having its more beautiful supporters disrobe for its adverts…. It’s easy to dismiss PETA — the world’s biggest animal rights group — as a committed but harmless band of prank-loving animal lovers. It helps that Hollywood is full of health-obsessed vegans and vegetarians whom the organisation has been able to rope in — among them Richard Gere, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and comedian Russell Brand… What they may not know is that the group has been accused of aiding terrorists, behaving like an oppressive cult and slaughtering tens of thousands of healthy dogs and cats, claims denied by the group…. Its 66-year-old leader, Ms Newkirk, believes all species — including humans — are equal and she aims for ‘total animal liberation’…. (story)


Lincolnshire Echo 20.11.15 Former Lincolnshire Lord Lieutenant said to be worth £70m given a month to pay £410 speeding fine Lord Charles John Yarborough, who was Lincolnshire's Lord Lieutenant last year, has been ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £410 and given a licence endorsement for speeding… A convert to Islam, the Earl succeeded his late father John Pelham to the title and the ownership of the 27,000-acre estate in 1991. The peer is Master of the Brocklesby Hunt and president of the Brocklesby Park Cricket Club… (story)

Telegraph 20.11.15 Nicola Sturgeon accused of accepting 'bribes' from anti-foxhunting lobby - The SNP has been accused of accepting cash 'bribes' after it was revealed the SNP accepted a £10,000 donation from an animal rights lobby, just weeks after blocking a vote to relax foxhunting rules By Laura Hughes, Political Correspondent - Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of accepting a cash "bribe" from an animal rights lobby, just weeks after blocking a vote to relax foxhunting rules.... Conservatives have called the £10,000 donation from the Political Animal Lobby, the sister organisation of Network for Animals, a "bribe" which raises "very serious questions."… (story)
Mail 20.11.15 Sturgeon in 'cash for votes' row: SNP accepts £10,000 from animal rights group weeks after blocking English fox hunt vote - By ALAN RODEN FOR THE DAILY MAIL - Nicola Sturgeon is today at the centre of a major sleaze row after the SNP accepted a £10,000 donation from an animal rights lobby group - just a month after its MPs blocked a vote on fox hunting in England. The Mail can reveal the money was banked after the party ripped up years of tradition and announced MPs would interfere in hunting rules south of the Border…. (story)
Express 20.11.15 £10,000 donation over hunting hints at an SNP 'for hire' - THE SNP was at the centre of a cash row last night after it emerged animal rights campaigners fighting fox hunting handed over a massive donation. By TOM MARTIN - Electoral Commission records show that Political Animal Lobby Limited donated £10,000 to the Nationalists just weeks after they were accused of meddling in the issue in England… (story)
The Herald 20.11.15 SNP accepted £10,000 from animal rights lobby after intervening in English fox hunting row - Daniel Sanderson - THE SNP accepted a £10,000 donation from an animal rights group just weeks after its MPs blocked a vote on English fox hunting, it has emerged. The cash, from the Political Animal Lobby (PAL), was paid into the party's coffers on August 14, after it scuppered David Cameron's drive to weaken the fox hunting ban despite the move standing to have no impact in Scotland…. (story)


Western Morning News 19.11.15 Anti-hunt group attacks shake-up of wildlife laws By Philip Bowern - Last week’s exhaustive report by the Law Commission into shaking up the law on wildlife has caused concern on both sides of the country sports divide. The Countryside Alliance fears it risks ‘politicising countryside and animal management’ and could lead to decisions being taken on emotion and the weight of an MPs postbag on an issue, rather than on the basis of good science and good sense. But the League Against Cruel Sports is even more sceptical about the work of the Commission and believes an opportunity to step up protection for wildlife has been missed… (story)
Western Morning News 11.11.15 Shake up of wildlife laws risks 'politicising' animal managment, rural groups warn - It potentially heralds the biggest change in rural management for a generation. Philip Bowern looks at the Law Commission’s draft bill on wildlife legislation… The Countryside Alliance and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation both gave generally upbeat responses to the work of the Commission… (story)

Yorkshire Post 19.11.15 Hunt master cleared over biker’s death near Scarborough - Businessman Sean McClarron has been found not guilty of causing the death of a biker on the A171 Whitby to Scarborough Road. Mr McClarron, 48, was driving a Range Rover, turned right into a junction at the same time that motorcyclist Stuart John Green, 26, was accelerating past him on his Yamaha R1, in August last year… Mr McClarron, who runs McClarron Insurance Brokers in Malton and is master of the Derwent Hunt, was arrested on suspicion of causing death by careless driving… (story)
Northern Echo 19.11.15 Hunt master cleared of causing motorcyclist's death - THE master of a North Yorkshire hunt has been cleared of causing the death by careless driving of a motorcyclist. Sean McClarron was driving his Range Rover on the A171 Whitby to Scarborough road when motorcyclist Stuart Green, of Staxton, North Yorkshire, attempted to overtake him as he turned right… Judge Paul Batty QC instructed the jury to return a verdict of not guilty for the Derwent Hunt master… (story)


Kent & Sussex Courier 18.11.15 Crowborough hunt saboteur speaks of stabbing ordeal as man is arrested over attack - A hunt saboteur underwent plastic surgery to his hand after a suspected knife attack at the Southdown and Eridge hunt, near Crowborough. Simon Russell, 51, suffered nerve and muscle damage after his hand was slashed open during an assault on Saturday and a 20-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm relating to the attack…. (story)
Argus 17.11.15 Wounded hunt protestor accuses police of failing to react quickly enough - Joel Adams, Reporter - A PROTESTER who suffered a stab wound during disturbances at a hunt meeting has accused police of not doing enough to reduce violence… Simon Russell, 51, spoke to The Argus upon his release from hospital yesterday. He said the alleged assault occurred following supporters and saboteurs “squaring off” to each other. He went on: “One of them drew a knife and slashed at me. At first I just thought I’d been cut and then I realised there was a big flap of flesh hanging down and not long after that I fainted from lack of blood.”… (story)
Argus 16.11.15 Eridge Hunt in Crowborough disrupted by protests, one man stabbed in hand - Joel Adams, Reporter - A hunt protestor was stabbed in the hand during a series of disturbances at a hunt meeting this weekend. A 20-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of assault causing grevious bodily harm, on a 51-year-old man described as an anti-hunt demonstrator… (story)
East Grinstead Courier 16.11.15 Protester stabbed during hunt meeting - POLICE have launched an investigation after a man was stabbed during a hunt meeting. Sussex Police is investigating several offences which occurred during a meeting of the Eridge Hunt near Crowborough on Saturday morning. These included an alleged stabbing, in which an anti-hunt demonstrator was wounded in the hand. Also being investigated are minor assaults, public disorder, theft and criminal damage…. (story)
Crowborough Life 16.11.15 Saboteur stabbed at Eridge Hunt (contains photo of wounded hand) - Sussex Police is investigating several offences which occurred during a meeting of the Eridge Hunt near Crowborough on Saturday morning (14th November). These included an alleged stabbing, in which a hunt saboteur was wounded in the hand… One person told CrowboroughLife they saw some hunt demonstrators on Limekiln Forest Road dressed all in black, including one who had a scarf over the lower part of their face. They said they were horrified people were dressed like this the day after the terrorist attacks in Paris…. (story)
BBC News 16.11.15 Police probe 'stabbing' at East Sussex hunt meeting - Police are investigating the reported stabbing of an anti-hunt protester at a meeting in East Sussex… (story)
Sussex Express 16.11.15 Police investigate ‘stabbing’ at hunt meeting - Police are investigating the alleged stabbing of an anti-hunt demonstrator at a meeting near Crowborough on Saturday (November 14)…(story)
Kent Online 15.11.15 Saboteur 'stabbed' at Southdown and Eridge fox hunt near Tunbridge Wells by Suz Elvey - A hunt saboteur was reportedly stabbed in the hand as protesters clashed with hunters near a Kent town yesterday morning. The Southdown and Eridge Hunt met at Eridge Green, close to Tunbridge Wells, where they were greeted by saboteurs, concerned for the welfare of foxes in the area. As the two sides clashed at least one man was stabbed and a car window was smashed in the rural area, just over the county border… An elderly man also became the victim of an attack at the meet when his car windows were broken. … (story)
Kent & Sussex Courier 15.11.15 Man stabbed during fox hunt clash near Tunbridge Wells - A countryside hunt turned violent near Tunbridge Wells, when animal rights activists clashed with hunters. Police were called to the violent clash in East Sussex, which left a hunt saboteur with stab wounds. The Southdown and Eridge Hunt met at Eridge Green, near Tunbridge Wells yesterday, but were met by saboteurs citing concerns for the welfare of foxes in the area… A Sussex Police spokesman told local media: "At 9.38am on Saturday, November 14, police were called to Eridge Green, where a meeting of the local hunt was taking place. A hunt saboteur reported being stabbed in the hand with a knife… In a separate incident at the same venue, close to the junction of the A26 with Sandhill Lane, a woman, believed to be a hunt saboteur, was reported to have smashed windows in a car belonging to an elderly man who was supporting the hunt,"… (story)


Shields Gazette 17.11.15 Go vegan in November - Recent figures have shown that sales of nut-based milks – especially almond milk – are on the rise, both here and in the US. This is part of a growing movement away from animal products towards healthy, delicious plant-based foods, and it’s no wonder, given all the benefits associated with the vegan diet…. For anyone who is interested in adopting this healthy and compassionate way of living, Animal Aid is running the Great Vegan Challenge throughout November, providing people with all the support and information they need to do so… Ben Martin, Animal Aid (letter)


Observer 15.11.15 The healing power of hunting - If you have violent tendencies, catching your own dinner can have a remarkable effect, argues Caspar Walsh …In 2012 I headed for the Devon coast to camp with a group of friends who were foraging and hunting to survive. Despite having been hunted all my life, and in turn hunted others for what I wanted, I’d never actually hunted a living creature for food. Spearfishing in the icy sea of East Prawle was my baptism… (story)


Belfast Telegraph 14.11.15 Durkan rethinks law on animal snares after flood of calls for ban By Linda Stewart - Environment Minister Mark H Durkan has pulled the plug on a controversial new law that allows animals to be caught in snares. The minister had laid down an Order to be approved by the Assembly in the near future which would lead to regulation of snares rather than an outright ban - even though an Ipsos MORI poll in August revealed that three out of four people in Northern Ireland want the practice to be banned…. (story)
Belfast Live 13.11.15 Environment Minister puts brakes on new hunting with snares law after coming under pressure from animal rights campaigners BY MAURICE FITZMAURICE - Green Party and Alliance join calls for outright ban on controversial traps - The Environment Minister has put the brakes on plans for a new law on the use of snares for hunting after coming under pressure from animal rights campaigners. Belfast Live reported yesterday how Mark H Durkan was facing calls to toughen up his Snares Order to bring in an outright ban on the traps’ use instead of proposed regulation of them… The minister faced a barrage of pressure on social media over the last few days after news of the Snares Order only being a regulatory law emerged… The League Against Cruel Sports in Northern Ireland welcomed the move, saying the Order “was intended to amend the current regulations on snaring, but without a full ban the suffering caused by snares would have remained”… (story)
Belfast Live 12.11.15 Environment Minister coming under pressure to toughen up planned law on trapping animals with snares BY MAURICE FITZMAURICE - Environment Minister Mark H Durkan is coming under pressure to toughen up a planned law on using snares to trap animals. Animal welfare campaigners and the Green Party say the SDLP man’s proposed Snares Order will do nothing to stop what they say are cruel, lingering deaths suffered by animals caught in the traps… Janice Watt, Senior Public Affairs Officer for the League Against Cruel Sports in Northern Ireland, said the Order will be in contrast to Belfast Council's unanimous vote calling on the Assembly to introduce a ban on snares… (story)

Guardian 14.11.15 Modern tribes: the smug vegan - Catherine Bennett - ‘Do you know how most of the meat on your plate is raised? I’ll send you a link to a video, it’s called The Sickening Animal Holocaust Is Totally Your Fault’… (story)

Sevenoaks Chronicle 14.11.15 POLL: Should high street shops be banned from selling fur in Sevenoaks? - Fur sales in Sevenoaks are booming – sparking a heated debate over the morality of a trade labelled "repugnant" by one town campaigner. Shopkeepers in the town say pelts have been flying off the shelves despite the efforts of animal rights activists…. Animal activist Deborah Tessier branded the sales "abhorrent"…. (story)
Sevenoaks Chronicle 12.11.15 Campaigner labels fur sales revival in Sevenoaks as 'brutal' By Debbie King - FUR sales in Sevenoaks are booming – sparking a heated debate over the morality of a trade labelled "repugnant" by one town campaigner... Animal activist Deborah Tessier branded the sales "abhorrent"... (story)

Plymouth Herald 14.11.15 Live exports are cruel and barbaric - I AGREE with the letter from C Barnard (November 12, "Time to end live animal exports"). It is vile, cruel and barbaric: the animals suffer. They are frightened during transportation, then killed…. KAREN GAMBLE, Plymouth (letter)
Western Morning News 11.11.15 In My Opinion - End 'medieval torture' of vile live animal export trade By C Barnard, South Devon - The vile live export trade continues from Dover and Ramsgate, and how many in the Westcountry care or, indeed, are aware of the recent obscene rush to cast the maximum number of wretched sheep onto the mercies of a Channel crossing to France, sometimes in rough weather conditions... (story)


Northern Echo 13.11.15 Blood sports - IT is certainly true, as I Robson (HAS, Nov 9) says, that those who engage in hare-coursing, badger-baiting and otter-hunting are sick. Indeed not just sick but despicably cruel and cowardly. Why I don’t include fox-hunting among such barbarities is because, as I said, the fox always has a “sporting chance” and often eludes his pursuers…. Tony Kelly, Crook. (letter)

Western Morning News 13.11.15 Gamekeeper wins landmark case against Natural England's refusal to grant him licence to kill buzzards By WMNPBowern - Natural England has been accused by a judge of exceeding its powers in turning down an application by a commercial game shoot for a licence to control buzzards that were feeding on pheasant chicks. Judge Mr Justice Ouseley found that in taking public opinion into account in deciding to reject the licence application Natural England had acted unlawfully… In the judgement gamekeeper Ricky McMorn from Northumberland won a Judicial Review at the High Court in London. the case was fought with the support of the National Gamekeepers Organisation…. Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance said: “The NGO’s support for Mr McMorn has been instrumental in bringing this double standard to light….(story)
Shooting UK 13.11.15 High Court overrules Natural England in gamekeeper buzzard licence battle - Charlotte Peters - After battling for four years, a Northumberland gamekeeper has gained support from the High Court - Today, Friday 13th November 2015, has been a lucky day for gamekeeper Ricky McMorn. The Judicial Review at the High Court has just overturned Natural England’s decision not to grant him a licence to control buzzards, a battle that has been going on for four long years… (story)

Carmarthen Journal 13.11.15 Welsh fox snaring code criticised by animal rights group - NEW measures have been brought in to clamp down on fox snaring in Wales. A code of best practice has been published, advising people on the best practice when laying snares for fox control… The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust has said it is very supportive of the new code of practiced introduced by the Welsh Government… However the League Against Cruel Sports has criticised the new code of practice. The group is opposed to the use of snares, which they regard as "barbaric."… (story)

Manchester Evening News 13.11.15 Clothes boutique The Dolls House stops selling fox fur after backlash from animal rights campaigners BY KATIE BUTLER - Celebrity favourite The Dolls House in the Northern Quarter advertised several jackets costing up to £500 on their website sparking a backlash from animal lovers who branded it ‘disgusting’ and ‘unethical’… Vegetarian Hayley Stott saw the items, including a rabbit coat and fox fur jacket, on their website, and Instagram, and commented on their Facebook page…. (story)

York Press 13.11.15 Disappointment at permission for animal acrobatic event on Knavesmire in York - IT is with shock and disappointment I learn City of York Council has granted a licence (The Press, November 12) for an event to be held next summer on Knavesmire, which includes galloping horses’ acrobatics, as well as other attractions including falconry, donkey rides and a petting zoo… York Animal Action objects to this booking and has started a petition requesting Cllr Ayre and Visit York reconsider it, and demand the organisers fully uphold the ban on animal circuses within the city…. Baz Buchanan, Secretary, York Animal Action UK, Teal Drive, York (letter)


Gloucestershire Echo 12.11.15 Beaufort Hunt in moment of silence for Armistice Day - The Beafort Hunt have paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the two world wars and recent conflicts. At their Oakes Lane meet the riders bowed their heads for a minute silence before starting the hunt… (story)

Horse & Hound 12.11.15 Mr Delingpole’s sporting tour: my first day out hunting - “Don’t worry, we’ll take things very carefully and bring him back in one piece,” Jane Spencer promised my wife, somewhat rashly, I thought. Jane was talking on the eve of my first proper day’s hunting — in “Monday country”, with the Pytchley — and like most non-hunting spouses, the Fawn (as she’s known) wasn’t looking forward to the prospect one bit… Anyway, to my first proper hunt. I say “proper” because although I’ve been out one or two times over the years — once, with the Devon & Somerset staghounds, just before the ban, for an article in The Sunday Times; once with the Cotswold for a TV documentary in praise of toffs — I’ve only ever done the really important bit, the jumping bit, by accident... (story)

Western Morning News 12.11.15 Hunting, shooting and conservation is an EU issue By Philip Bowern - Controls on hunting and shooting and the conservation of the landscape are regulated across national boundaries in Europe. And this week conservationists from across the EU met at the British Association of Shooting and Conservation’s (BASC) head office to assess hunting’s contribution to biodiversity and its role in the EU’s conservation strategy. The working group is run by FACE, which represents European hunting associations, and advises them on their biodiversity manifesto and its annual review... (story)


Bournemouth Echo 11.11.15 National Trust writes to Portman Hunt about "out of control" hounds after "extensive damage" done to Hambledon Hill - THE National Trust has written to the Portman Hunt amid claims its horses and hounds damaged Hambledon Hill, one of the finest examples of an iron age hill fort in Dorset. It is claimed the hunt left the recognised bridleway and came across the hill during a half term hunt last month. National Trust volunteer Jerry Broadway, who believes this is the second time the hunt has damaged the hill fort, added: "After leaving the bridleway the hunt scattered livestock which were panicked by the hounds who were completely out of control…. (story)
Western Morning News 10.11.15 Major shake-up of wildlife law could see most the serious offenders jailed for longer By WMNPBowern - The biggest shake-up for decades of the laws affecting wildlife and the countryside for decades will mean longer jail terms for the most serious animal welfare offences, if the changes are approved by MPs. But the number of ‘crimes’ involving wildlife should come down, with regulation and guidance taking the place of sanctions under criminal law, a draft bill published today recommends… The review does not affect the 2004 Hunting Act, which outlaws the hunting with dogs of foxes and deer, with certain exceptions. But it could mean changes to the laws on shooting, trapping and other control measures…. But Tim Bonner, of the pro-country sports Countryside Alliance warned there was a risk some of the measures could complicate rather than simplify the law… Alan Jarrett chairman of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation with more than 140,000 members said: “BASC will carefully review the recommendations to ensure that any unintended consequences are fully identified before any of the recommendations are taken forward by government…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 11.11.15 Scepticism over TB cull of badger population - It must be 50 or 60 years since badgers were blamed for tuberculosis in cattle but, in all that time, there has been no concrete evidence to prove that to be true…. J Smalldon Stonedale Ednaston (letter)


South Wales Argus 10.11.15 ‘80 per cent' want to keep fox hunt ban in Wales - A NEW survey has shown that eight out of ten people in Wales believe the ban on fox hunting should remain in force. The poll by the League Against Cruel Sports showed 80 per cent of people across the whole country are against repealing the ban, including 85 per cent in the Cardiff and South East Wales area…. The survey covered 1,008 people and was carried out over a two-week period in September. (story)

Leicester Mercury 10.11.15 Boy, 9, protests about goldfish being given as prizes at a fair by making a short video By atroughton - A young schoolboy has protested about goldfish being given as prizes at a fair by making a short video. Nine-year-old Manny Moore vented his anger on camera after spotting the stall handing out the fish in plastic bags at the firework display at Loughborough University on Saturday. Manny's father James Moore, of Nanpantan, posted the video clip online after seeing how upset his son was…. (story)

Surrey Advertiser 10.11.15 Surrey on... vegetarianism - five differing viewpoints BY ANDRE LANGLOIS - Will our habits change as we gain an ever more enlightened understanding of our position in nature?... The philosopher - Dr Christian Gilliam, from Guildford, is a visiting lecturer in political philosophy at the University of Kent… The animal welfare campaigner - Alex Jackson is head of European campaigns at Compassion in World Farming, based in Godalming… The nutritionist - Dr Denise Robertson, senior lecturer in nutritional physiology at the University of Surrey… The farmer - Hugh Broom’s family has farmed in Dorking for more than 100 years and he manages Milton Court Farm… The vegan campaigner - Monica Lilley has long been a campaigner in Guildford and has previously been jailed for breaching a restraining order while trying to promote veganism in schools… (story)

Hereford Times 10.11.15 Ledbury card shop targeted by fur trade protestors - Gary Bills-Geddes - THE owner of a card and gift shop in Ledbury says he feels "somewhat bemused" after being targeted by anti-fur campaigners, and he says the protest put off at least one customer. Police were called to Nice Things in Ledbury High Street on Thursday, November 5, after "Fur-Free" campaigners stood outside the door and handed out leaflets… Spokesman, Pauline Burgess said: "Campaigners had only been demonstrating for about half an hour when the shop agreed to withdraw the items from sale…. (story)


Mid Devon Gazette 9.11.15 Anti hunt campaigners slam fox hunt for letting girl witness hounds maul dead cubs - FOX hunters have been sharply criticised for letting a little girl watch hounds savage bloodied corpses of dead cubs. The girl, aged around six, was with 13 men who flung the lifeless cubs to a pack of 30 hounds in a hunt training exercise near in Nymet Rowland with dogs from the nearby 217-year-old Eggesford Kennels…. (story)
Mirror 7.11.15 Fox hunters slammed for letting little girl watch hounds savage bloodied corpses of dead cubs BY BEN GLAZE - A small girl looks on as a pack of hunt hounds swarm around the bloodied bodies of two fox cubs. The shocking footage, captured by anti-hunt campaigners, shows the child – aged around six – waving her arms as the bloodthirsty pack mills about the lifeless young animals.// The foxes were thrown to the pack already dead in what is thought to be part of a training process… The horrific scenes unfolded near the village of Nymet Rowland, with dogs from the nearby 217-year-old Eggesford Kennels… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 9.11.15 More than 100 riders join in first Brocklesby Hunt meet of the season - MORE than 100 riders took part in Brocklesby Hunt's opening meet on Saturday. The event signalled the start of the season, which will see the hunt meet every Saturday and Wednesday until March, with the most popular being on Boxing Day…. (story)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 9.11.15 Brocklesby Hunt holds opening meet - MORE than 100 riders set off for the Brocklesby Hunt's opening meet on Saturday (November 7)… A spokeswoman for the hunt said: "Despite the damp start to the morning, a large crowd gathered at 11am, with 103 riders setting off to enjoy hunting some trials laid across the Brocklesby estate… (story)

The Ecologist 9.11.15 Fox hunting season begins under cloud of political spin Dr Toni Shephard - The fox-hunting season is now well under way, writes Toni Shephard. But with Cameron still pressing for a Commons vote on wrecking amendments to the Hunting Act, political controversy shows no sign of subsiding. Take, for example, the proposed lifting of the limit on number of dogs that can be used for the 'observation or study' of a wild mammal… (story)

Telegraph 9.11.15 The protests in London last week – the anti-capitalism Million Mask March on November 5 and its dress rehearsal the day before against tuition fees – presented an issue with which many rural people are familiar. The “black bloc” – a tactic whereby those intent on violence and civil disobedience cover their faces and dress in black – has been utilised by anarchists, hunt saboteurs and anti-badger cull activists for many years. It means they are impossible to identify, and the police are almost powerless to prosecute when violent assaults and other criminal activity take place… Tim Bonner Chief executive, Countryside Alliance London SE11(letter)

Shooting UK 9.11.15 Call for restraint shooting woodcock - Charlotte Peters - Shooting organisations have backed GWCT calls to delay woodcock shooting until migrating birds arrive - In an effort to protect the woodcock population, several countryside organisations, including the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, are following the recommendation of conservationists by asking shoots to schedule any shooting until at least after November’s full moon, which falls on Wednesday 25th November. This will allow the declining resident woodcock population time migrate to more temperate regions, and the arrival of wintering woodcock (whose numbers are stable) from Scandinavia, the Baltics and Russia…. Adrian Blackmore, Countryside Alliance director of shooting, agreed… BASC chief executive Richard Ali added: “BASC urges all shooters to behave responsibly… (story)

Western Morning News 9.11.15 Autumn means it's time to try great taste of British game By WMNJBayley - The game shooting season is in full swing. Pheasants, partridge, rabbit and duck are widely available, as Taste of Game week looms. Philip Bowern reports - Fancy squirrel casserole? How about pine-scented grouse? Or braised rabbit? Or perhaps pheasant cooked in any one of 20 different ways? All these recipes and many, many more are featured on the Taste of Game website – backed by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Countryside Alliance – as those who shoot and those who promote the sport gear up for Great British Game Week that runs from November 22 to 29…. (story)

Worcester News 9.11.15 Monday's letters upload including 'Well done Pip for animal welfare award' - As a national greyhound protection organisation we would like to congratulate Pip Singleton, who has been running Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue for 27 years, for winning an International Fund for Animal Welfare award. EGLR do excellent work, but sadly they, and the many other greyhound rescues throughout the country, are only able to save a small percentage of the thousands of dogs discarded by the racing industry every year…. TONY PETERS Action for Greyhounds (letter)

Daily Record 9.11.15 SSPCA boss - who's paid more than the PM - hires PR firm that specialises in combating negative publicity BY MARK MCGIVERN - A FATCAT charity boss whose salary caused outrage has hired a crisis management PR firm – despite his organisation already having their own full-time press office. Stuart Earley was criticised when it was revealed he took £216,000 in wages from the Scottish SPCA’s £15million turnover…. Months after the pay award backlash, he signed up top London firm Four Broadgate, specialists in handling negative publicity… The source added: “Very few people think there can be any justification for a charity boss taking £216,000 from donations but he talks about the whistleblowers as though they are traitors.” (story)


South Wales Argus 8.11.15 IT'S THE WEEKEND: Hunting group following a trail to continue its hunt to attract more members - Robbie Mann - A HUNTING group are working on foot rather than horseback to keep in contact with a tight unit of basset hounds as they head in pursuit of potential prey. "To my mind there is no more enthralling picture than a pack of bassets working a cold line across wet plough at walking pace," says Norman Matthews, the founder of Woolaston Bassets. One of just eight packs of basset hound hunting groups in Great Britain - and the only faction in Gwent - the group was set up last year by husband and wife team Norman and Hannah Matthews…. (story)

Western Gazette 8.11.15 Anti-badger cull protesters attend Sherborne Castle fireworks event - A GROUP of anti-badger cull protesters attended the annual Sherborne Castle fireworks event this evening (November 7) to raise awareness of the practice on the estate… Andy Hamilton of the Wessex Badger Guardians said the move came after estate representatives refused to engage with the group… (story)

Wales on Sunday 8.11.15 Using genetically modified mice to research Prader Willi syndrome was 'pointless' - animal rights group claim BY MARTIN SHIPTON - A non-violent animal rights group has criticised a university for using genetically modified mice in an experiment designed to shed light on a human condition that leaves sufferers with an insatiable appetite. Research based on the experiment at Cardiff University has been published in the European Journal of Neuroscience. Animal Aid spokeswoman Jessamy Korotoga said: “This absurd experiment by Cardiff University involved the use of mice who had been genetically manipulated in a crude attempt to model a complex, human-specific condition called Prader Willi syndrome… (story)


The Herald 7.11.15 The campaign against foxhunting is part of an outmoded class war - ONCE again we have an Agenda submission on fox hunting which carefully avoids the reality of the non-urban life… The simple facts are that foxes are efficient and ruthless killers of wildlife and farm animals. A fox will not kill one chicken and leave the rest but will kill every living creature in a hen house…. Foxhunting with hounds is one method of controlling the destruction foxes cause and in every hunt a rifleman is there to kill the flushed fox. I would suggest that The League Against Cruel Sports failing to see the rifleman was a case of there are none so blind as those who will not see… David Stubley, 22 Templeton Crescent, Prestwick (letter)

Plymouth Herald 7.11.15 Fox hunted and killed by hound - POLICE are hunting a dog owner whose hound chased, captured and killed a fox near Cadover Bridge. Witnesses told police they saw numerous people gathering near the bridge area of Wotter between 3.46pm and 4.46pm on Saturday, October 31… (story)

Western Daily Press 7.11.15 Hounds run loose in North Perrott - A pack of hounds were captured running loose through North Perrott last week. Video footage uploaded to YouTube shows a number of dogs, which appear to be part of an organised hunt, sprinting through the Somerset village on Thursday… (story)
Western Gazette 3.11.15 Pack of hounds captured on video running through North Perrott - A PACK of hounds were captured running through North Perrott last week. Video footage uploaded to YouTube shows a number of dogs, which appear to be part of an organised hunt, sprinting through the village on Thursday… DISCLAIMER: The YouTube member who uploaded this video has entitled it Cattistock hunt 29-10-2015. The Western Gazette has been unable to verify that anyone from the Cattistock Hunt was involved in this incident. Hunt monitor Kevin Hill witnessed the events, and said that the dogs had arrived in North Perrott come from nearby Haselbury Plucknett…. (story)
Western Gazette 30.10.15 Police receive reports of hounds running between Haselbury Plucknett and North Perrott - POLICE say they have received a report of hounds chasing foxes near Crewkerne this afternoon. The hounds, believed to be part of a hunt, were spotted running towards the A30 near Haselbury Plucknett and were reported to have ended up in North Perrott… A police spokesman said: "We have had a report from someone in the Crewkerne area that hounds were running in the road and chasing foxes this afternoon. "We have not received any reports of a crime or any criminal damage, and therefore this has not been logged as a crime and we are not currently investigating."… (story)

Independent 7.11.15 Death for the pleasure of it - The nauseating experience of unexpectedly witnessing the death of a hunted fox, as recounted by R Harley (letter, 4 November), is endured by many people. I and my colleagues have been hunt monitors for many years, taking in the Oxfordshire, Cotswold and Gloucestershire areas and witnessing what we believe to be hunting as usual... Margaret Barnicle Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire (letter)
Independent 4.11.15 Don’t believe fox hunting has stopped - On 31 October I was driving through the Cotswolds on a beautiful autumn day, with my two grandchildren. We were stopped by a number of huntsmen in the road with a pack of dogs. My grandchildren were then assaulted with the sight of the pack of dogs tearing a fox apart… Here’s me thinking that hunting with dogs was illegal. Not one of them apologised for what happened... R Hartley Walton-Le-Dale, Lancashire (letter)

Dundee Courier 7.11.15 Are badgers in the clear? … DEFRA has revealed their latest findings which indicate that areas of England now devoid of badgers show that instances of bovine TB remain unchanged… My own guesswork is that DEFRA got it wrong and we should stop the slaughter and concentrate on another possibility. The once-common house sparrow flits between fields and farms so could this be the culprit and should the same measures be taken against it as the badger?... Ron Blanchard. 177 Kinghorn Road, Burntisland (story)


Yorkshire Post 6.11.15 Hunting for supporters From: Eric Beechey, Eastfield Lane, Kellington, Goole. Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, makes an interesting point in his article... He states that on Boxing Day 250,000 people will turn out in market places and stately homes across the country to show their support for hunting. It is now 10 years since the Hunting Act came into force. At that time the Countryside Alliance stated that one million supporters would turn out each year and show support on Boxing Day... (story)

Shields Gazette 6.11.15 Animals are victims too - Tod Bradbury, Campaigns Team, Animal Aid (letter)
ThisIsTheWestcountry 2.11.15 Pity the poor animals of war - Tod Bradbury, Animal Aid (letter)
Oxford Mail 2.11.15 Remember the animals who are victims of wars - AS REMEMBRANCE Day approaches, it is important to remember that war is not just a human catastrophe. Millions of animals have also been killed and maimed in human conflicts. On the frontline, animals such as dolphins have been used to detect mines, and dogs have been para-chuted into enemy territory where many of them died… TOD BRADBURY Campaigns Team, Animal Aid (letter)


Western Morning News 5.11.15 Pubs that welcome country sports fans are honoured for their rural service By WMNJBayley - Country sports are closely linked with eating and drinking. Philip Bowern asks what makes a good pub for the huntin’ shootin’ and fishin’ set. The Countryside Alliance and Country Life magazine, two bastions of the country set, have been looking at what makes a good sporting pub…. In the South West the winner is the Exmoor White Horse Inn, which also took the title as hunting pub of the year.. Landlord Peter Hendrie said: “The White Horse has been a sporting pub for all of its 500-year history but we welcome everyone who enjoys the countryside, from shooters and walkers to our local hunts – the D&S and the Exmoor… (story)
ThisIsTheWestcountry 2.11.15 In the hunt: Exmoor's White Horse wins top sporting pub accolade - A HISTORIC West Somerset pub has been crowned the best hunting pub in the country. The 500-year-old Exmoor White Horse Inn in Exford won the accolade in this week's Countryside Alliance and Country Life magazine's Britain’s Best Sporting Pub competition… (story)
Western Morning News 28.10.15 Exmoor hostelry is named as Britain's best hunting pub By WMNPBowern - The White Horse at Exford on Exmoor – within earshot of the Devon and Somerset staghounds’ kennels – has been named best hunting pub in an award organised by the Countryside Alliance and Country Life magazine…. (story)

Northern Echo 5.11.15 Animal rights activists fighting wrong battle - I CAN’T help but think that the animal rights lobby makes far too big a fuss about fox hunting. I mean, it is really that big an issue? Does fox hunting have a significant impact on the fox population of our countryside? Actually it probably does – a positive impact. Why? Because, if they are well disposed towards hunting, farmers and other landed interests are more likely to leave undisturbed those patches of wilderness and semiwilderness that are the foxes’ preferred habitat… Tony Kelly, Crook (letter)

Mail 5.11.15 'Far Left activists' behead hundreds of pheasants after shooting them with catapults at four country estates including one run by David Cameron's cousin By RICHARD MARSDEN and TAMMY HUGHES - Hundreds of pheasants have been killed - with some catapulted out of trees and then decapitated - in attacks targeting country estates. The killings, at four sites over just a few dozen square miles, have horrified a community where many jobs depend on field sports. Police sources and gamekeepers believe the incidents may have been carried out by Far Left activists to target the sport's traditional upper class 'toff' following… The most recent killing spree, at the Farley Estate, Arborfield, near Reading, involved quad bikes being driven onto the land, before a number of pheasants were shot dead… (story)
Daily Mail 23.10.15 Intruders behead 60 pheasants after shooting them with catapults at country estate run by David Cameron's cousin - Scores of pheasants were shot with catapults before being brutally beheaded by intruders at a country estate run by the Prime Minister's cousin. Around 60 birds kept at the estate operated by David Cameron's cousin Joshua Dugdale were slaughtered overnight and found by a shocked gamekeeper the following day…. (story)
Mirror 22.10.15 Dozens of pheasants beheaded in break-in at hunting estate run by David Cameron’s cousin BY ANDY CARSWELL - Scores of pheasants were shot with catapults before being brutally beheaded by intruders at a country estate run by the Prime Minister’s cousin. Around 60 birds kept at the estate operated by Joshua Dugdale – also a noted documentary film maker – were slaughtered overnight and found by a shocked gamekeeper the following day… Officers are also looking into a separate attack at another farm in nearby Hermitage, which saw 250 pheasants killed after the gates were forced open…. (story)
Telegraph 21.10.15 Sixty pheasants 'senselessly slaughtered' in catapult attack on David Cameron's cousin's Berkshire estate By Sophie Jamieson - Dozens of pheasants were brutally slaughtered on David Cameron’s cousin’s Berkshire estate amid a spate of “senseless” crimes targetting birds kept for shoots. The birds were catapulted off their perches in the middle of the night and their decapitated heads displayed on fence posts on Wasing Estate, near Reading…. (story)

Sheffield Star 5.11.15 Veganuary, try vegan this January - From Brad Pitt and Prince to David Haye and Bill Clinton. From Beyoncé and Serena Williams to Ellie Goulding and Ella Woodward, veganism is spreading fast! So why not join these famous names and sign up with Veganuary to try vegan this January?... Jane Land, Co-Founder Veganuary Hagley Court South, The Waterfront, Brierley Hill, West Midlands (letter)


Herald 4.11.15 Ban on fox hunting must be properly applied - Fox hunting is banned in Scotland. Yet since November 1, which marks the beginning of the fox hunting season, hunts will have been riding out with full packs of dogs at their heels in search for foxes to kill. In England and Wales they will be more constrained, largely thanks to the SNP…. The hunts are pretty honest about what’s going on. The Buccleuch Hunt observes that “all Scottish packs use the exemption allowing foxes to be flushed to guns”. In other words, they’re all exploiting an enormous loophole in the law…. With every blow of the bugle announcing another hunted fox on Scottish soil, the credibility of the Parliament is undermined…. Harry Huyton is the Director of OneKind. (story)

Irish Examiner 4.11.15 Yes, the hare is a remarkable work of nature — leave it that way - With the hare coursing season in full swing, the Irish Coursing Cub (ICC) has stated on its official website that the Irish hare is “a remarkable work of nature which has thrived for thousands of years on our island, and will continue to flourish only with the assistance of coursing clubs.”… Do they really believe this? The clubs snatch these gentle creatures from their natural home in the countryside and confine them in holding pens for weeks before setting them up as bait for greyhounds… John Fitzgerald Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)

HoldTheFrontPage 4.11.15 Animal welfare campaigner’s complaint against regional daily dismissed by David Sharman - A greyhound welfare campaigner who complained her organisation had been “misrepresented” by a regional daily has had her case thrown out by the press watchdog. Trudy Baker complained to the Independent Press Standards Organisation that The Argus, Brighton, had breached Clause 1 (Accuracy) and Clause 4 (Harassment) of the Editors’ Code of Practice in a series of articles. The paper reported that a children’s charity had cancelled a fundraising event at a greyhound racing stadium after supporters of the campaign group Greyt Exploitations sent employees of the charity “abusive” messages on social media… The complaint was not upheld, and the full adjudication can be read here (story)
Argus 8.6.15 Greyhound racing industry raises money for Rockinghorse following fundraiser cancellation by James Woolven - Members of the greyhound racing industry have raised more than £9,000 for a charity after their fundraising event had to be cancelled after protests by an animal rights group. Brighton’s Rockinghorse charity was due to hold a race night at Hove Greyhound Stadium. However, they called it off following a campaign of abuse on social media by the Greyt Exploitations group. Ryan Heal, chief executive, estimated that they had missed out on £5,000 as a result, which they were going to spend on a new children’s cardiac monitor. However, they have now more than double what they were expecting after members of the greyhound racing industry put out an appeal…. (story)
Argus 5.6.15 Greyhound racers raise thousands for charity - MEMBERS of the greyhound racing industry have raised more than £2,700 for a charity after its event was cancelled amid safety concerns. Brighton’s Rockinghorse charity had been due to hold a fundraising event at Hove Greyhound Stadium but cancelled after being subjected to a campaign of abuse over social media by an animal rights group…. As a result of cancelling the event, the charity missed out on the opportunity to raise £5,000 for a new vital cardiac monitor. However, in just one day of fundraising members of the greyhound racing community raised more than £2,750 for Rockinghorse…. (story)
Argus 4.6.15 Animal activists who pick on young and vulnerable are disgraceful - These animal activists disgust me, hiding behind their anonymity on social media... I don’t follow dog or horse racing, but I bet (no pun intended) you don’t do this for every race that happens, day in, day out.... If you want to pick on someone, don’t pick on a helpless child, pick on me. I can take it. Nick Hassell Tisbury Road, Hove (story)
Argus 4.6.15 Animal activists who pick on young and vulnerable are disgraceful These animal activists disgust me, hiding behind their anonymity on social media.- These animal activists disgust me, hiding behind their anonymity on social media… I don’t follow dog or horse racing, but I bet (no pun intended) you don’t do this for every race that happens, day in, day out…. Nick Hassell Tisbury Road, Hove (story)
BBC News Online 3.6.15 Children's charity cancels greyhound event after abuse - A children's charity has claimed it was forced to cancel a fundraising event because of abuse from animal rights activists. The Rockinghorse charity had been planning to hold an event at the Hove Greyhound Stadium. Greyhound welfare group, Greyt Exploitations, encouraged members to lobby the charity to cancel it. But activists sent messages, including one about going to the hospital "to bet" on the survival of children…. (story)
Argus 2.6.15 Animal rights activists’ threats force children's charity to cancel fundraiser by Emily Walker, Chief reporter - A CHARITY event raising money for seriously ill children has been cancelled after a reign of hatred from animal rights campaigners. The Rockinghorse children’s charity called off the fundraising event at Hove Greyhound Stadium – after greyhound activists waged a vicious social media campaign… Rockinghorse chief executive officer Ryan Heal branded their comments “despicable”… “When we received messages, including that the activists should go to the baby unit and bet on which baby ‘would and would not make it’ (by way of a comparison to greyhound race betting), we knew we were dealing with dangerous individuals and felt enough was enough…. Greyt Exploitations co-ordinator Trudy Baker, who launched the campaign against Rockinghorse, said: “If people have taken offence then yes we are sorry, but at the same time we would hope charities would make more informed choices about how they raise their funds…. Surrey-based Laura Slade was a driving force behind the campaign to end the Rockinghorse event…. When one supporter, Jill Kirby, posted a vile joke about betting on the lives of sick children, several other supporters – including Ms Slade and an admin for the group – liked the comment…. one Greyt Exploitations supporter, Jill Kirby, posted: “sent a polite email to ask if they are going to arrange a day at the hospital so we can all go and bet on the children”…. (story)

Hereford Times 4.11.15 Badger culling protest march in Hereford - Rebecca Cain - THERE is going to be a protest march in Hereford against badger culling. The Herefordshire Badger Group is staging the march on Saturday, November 21 at 1pm, starting at Castle Green…. Speakers include Mark Jones of the Born Free Foundation, Dominic Dyer, CEO of the Badger Trust and Lynn Sawyer, wildlife campaigner… (story)

Western Morning News 4.11.15 Stop the cull protesters prepare to set up badger camps across the South West By WMNPBowern - Protesters fighting the badger cull are preparing to set up camps in six areas in the West of England where culling could be under way next year. According to the Stop the Cull Facebook page, they have already bought up several tents on e-bay and intend to pitch them close to the cull zones for the expected roll-out in autumn 2016… (story)

Mirror 4.11.15 Animal campaigners slam rules to protect “painful” religious methods of slaughtering chickens BY ANDY LINES - Millions of chickens in England could suffer painful deaths because of rules to protect “religious freedoms.” The government refused to amend guidelines in line with Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure poultry is killed humanely. The RSPCA attacked the decision which is aimed at helping support traditional Jewish and Muslim values… (story)

Herts Advertiser 4.11.15 First fur, now foie gras for sale in St Albans market - Sophie Crockett - A concerned French market-goer has voiced her disgust at the sale of controversial pate foie gras at a city centre market… Market-goer Shelley Penn, of Jersey Farm, was shocked that the district council, which organises the French market, had allowed the sale of foie gras… (story)


Horse & Hound 3.11.15 Proposals to change Hunting Act were legitimate, report finds - Lucy Elder - Proposals to vary the terms of exempt hunting within the Hunting Act 2004 were not an “unexpected use of the powers” of the Defra Secretary of State, a report has found. Suggested amendments to the act were due to be debated by MPs in July…. The Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments (JCSI), made up of a cross section of MPs and Peers, revealed its report on 23 October and the findings have been welcomed by the Countryside Alliance…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 3.11.15 Alleged killing of nearly 60 racing pigeons by hunt club hounds like a 'bloodbath', court hears By Alan Erwin - The alleged killing of nearly 60 racing pigeons by hounds from a Co Armagh hunt club was like a "bloodbath", the High Court heard today. Pigeon fancier Maurice Weir is seeking £60,000 in damages over the alleged destruction of some of his prized stock. His lawsuit is being defended by the Countryside Alliance, with its lawyers accusing him of a fabricated and fraudulent claim… According to his case he was having lunch after vaccinating his stock when animals from the Kinnego Grange and Canary Hunt Club broke in…. (story)

Northern Echo 3.11.15 Hunting season gets underway in Teesdale - Lizzie Anderson - ONE of the first hunts of the season took place today (Tuesday, Nov 3) as the national debate over fox hunting continues. It was a damp and misty morning in Teesdale, County Durham, when the familiar sight of huntsmen and women in their traditional garb appeared on the horizon. The Zetland Hunt, one of the oldest in the country, enjoyed its second outing of the season and the party gathered near the village of Woodland before heading off on the trail… (story)

Shropshire Star 3.11.15 Fox hunting article failed to portray this cruel, barbaric act - I write In response to a front page article, published in the Shropshire Star on October 26, regarding hunting. As with many of your past articles on the subject, this article is shamelessly and distastefully propagandist in favour of fox hunting…. I propose, for the sake of unbiased, if not ethical journalism, that you have a front page article which includes pictures showing the hunted fox in its exhausted state and deepest fear, and of the animal being killed, and not just to the ill-assuring words of pro-hunt Julian Hill… Mr S Matthews Bridgnorth (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 3.11.15 Hunting is barbaric - SETTING animals against one another, whether by way of bear baiting, cock fighting, hare coursing or fox hunting is a barbarity which should have no place in the 21st century.... Dennis Fryer, Calmore (letter)

Telegraph 3.11.15 Police budget cuts branded "madness" as rural forces complain they are being unfairly penalised By Martin Evans, Crime Correspondent - A Chief Constable has branded the Government’s proposed budget cutsas “mad” and warned he may no longer be able to keep the public safe. Steve Finnigan, the head of Lancashire Police, told MPs he was “upset and outraged” by plans to cut his budget by £25 million... Chief Constables and Police and Crime Commissioners expressed their dismay over an aspect of the new formula which relies on the number of bars and pubs they have per hectare to calculate how much money they are awarded. It means that large rural forces, such as Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Devon and Cornwall will get a smaller share of the overall pot... Sarah Lee, head of policy for the Countryside Alliance said: “Any crime that happens in an urban area can, and does, happen in rural areas too, including violent crime, burglaries and anti-social behaviour.... (story)

Western Morning News 3.11.15 As RSPCA struggles to find a new chief executive, is animal rights extremism blighting a once great charity? By WMNPBowern - Animal welfare charities like the once mainstream RSPCA are in danger of drifting apart from public opinion, writes Philip Bowern. It's time to tone down the extremism. The RSPCA has reportedly spent £50,000 trying to recruit a suitably well-qualified individual to take over as the chief executive of an organisation that was once embedded into the very fabric of British public life.Yet its search has so far failed to attract any candidate who can re -build the reputation of one of Britain’s wealthiest and most famous charities. It is a sad indictment of the animal welfare ‘industry’ which has become more extreme and is slipping further and further away from the mainstream of British public opinion.... (story)
Mail on Sunday 1.11.15 Thousands spent on headhunters but nobody wants to be the new boss of 'toxic' RSPCA: Charity in leadership crisis after nearly two years without a chief executive By VALERIE ELLIOTT FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - The RSPCA is in the midst of a leadership crisis after nearly two years without a permanent chief executive, despite paying recruitment consultants tens of thousands of pounds. The Mail on Sunday has learned that three leading contenders have passed up on the role, amid concern over the poor finances and infighting at the animal welfare charity…. One Government animal welfare adviser said: ‘The RSPCA as a brand is now so toxic that no one seems willing to take on the role. It is very sad for animal welfare. We need the charity to do the welfare work. Who suffers from a poorly managed RSPCA? It’s the animals.’… Although the role’s salary is not specified, it is thought to be at least £150,000 a year. The cost of the attempts at recruitment to date is estimated at £50,000…. (story)

Western Morning News 3.11.15 WMN opinion: Cost of bovine TB cannot be counted only in cash - It’s no surprise that the anti-badger cull campaigners have switched tactics to highlight the cost of the operation and are spending less time talking about alleged cruelty and more about the balance sheet. We are at a critical time for making decisions about public spending... The crucial question, however, is not how much is this is costing, but is it working? Because while the figures look alarming, the cost of simply allowing TB to run riot across our countryside and our domestic livestock would be even worse.... (story)

Croydon Advertiser 3.11.15 Animal rights group worried after woman spotted 'giving out free cats in Croydon town centre' By Croydon Advertiser - A woman with a cat carrier was reportedly seen giving out kittens for free in central Croydon at the weekend, sparking concerns from animal rescue activists about their safety. Cat lovers quickly raced to central Croydon on Sunday when reports came in online of the unnamed woman offering the cats for free, but she was not to be found. South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) have asked for the woman to come forward in a bid to help her. Boudicca Rising, from the rescue, posted the news on Facebook... (story)


Yorkshire Post 2.11.15 Tim Bonner: It’s time to take hysteria out of the hunting debate - (story)
Western Daily Press 31.10.15 Tim Bonner Ten years on, and we're still here - It is very difficult to have a sensible conversation about wildlife management at the moment – what with proselytising pop stars and TV presenters, the rise of the keyboard warrior and the ease with which local issues become international petitions. There is a great deal of noise, but little clarity. Early November marks the start of the season for the 289 registered packs of hunting dogs across Britain, which were set up to provide an important service for farmers and landowners by managing the population of foxes, hare and deer…. the Hunting Act was never really about saving foxes – it was about stopping people wearing certain clothes riding around the countryside or having fun. The idea that ten seasons after the act came in hunts still meet at pubs, hunt balls still take place and on December 26 around 250,000 people will turn out across the country to support hunts, really infuriates the antis… (story)
Western Daily Press 31.10.15 Animal rights campaigners 'hypocritical' By Tristan Cork - Animal rights campaigns against the likes of hunting and shooting are hypocritical while people continue to eat 'cheap chicken' from the Philippines, a leading figure in the hunting world has claimed…. (story)
Shropshire Star 31.10.15 Shropshire hunt season starts with call for change - The Hunting Act is not fit for purpose and should be “consigned to history”, it has been claimed. Eleven years on from the legislation coming into force, the Countryside Alliance said the hunting community is determined to continue, under the law, to help farmers and landowners manage the fox, hare and deer population…. (story)
Western Daily Press 30.10.15 Don't 'screech' about hunting and shooting then eat 'cheap chicken from the Philippines': Tim Bonner By TristanCork - Animal rights campaigns against things like hunting and shooting are hypocritical while people continue to eat 'cheap chicken' from the Philippines, a leading figure in the hunting world has claimed… That was the controversial view of Tim Bonner, the chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, as hunts across the West prepared for the start of the new season tomorrow. Writing in the Western Daily Press tomorrow, Mr Bonner dismissed the 'screeching' of animal rights activists who use social media and celebrities to swarm over a range of issues, from hunting and shooting to the transportation of live pheasant chicks…. "The knee-jerk nature of these campaigns and the power of social media are also demonstrated by weighing the attention the death of a single lion in Africa can command with the day-in, day-out cruelty to the 54,000 horses that are transported in horrendous conditions for thousands of miles across Europe to slaughter each year, which never gets a mention," he said… (story)
Stroud News & Journal 30.10.15 Countryside Alliance vows to continue fighting for repeal of hunt ban - The Countryside Alliance has released a statement ahead of the start of the hunting season. COUNTRYSIDE Alliance chief executive Tim Bonner said: "November marks the start of the new hunting season for the 289 registered packs of hounds across Britain, which provide an important service for farmers and landowners by lawfully managing the population of foxes, hare and deer…. "There is no justification for the Hunting Act and it will be consigned to history. So the hunting community starts the new season in good spirits determined to continue hunting, under the law, and fighting for repeal… (story)

Express & Star 2.11.15 Poll: Should there be a complete ban on hunts? - The Hunting Act is not fit for purpose and should be ‘consigned to history’, it has been claimed… There are 289 registered packs of hounds across Britain. Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance said the hunts can lawfully managed the population of foxes, hare and deer with the exemptions to the Hunting Act…. The pro-hunt lobby has an ardent supporter in the shape of North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson… Hunts are still carried out in the Midlands. They include the Albrighton, Albrighton & Woodland, Ludlow, South Shropshire and Wheatland hunts. Last weekend the Albrighton & Woodland hunt held its first meeting of the season at Enville Hall, near the Shropshire border. (story)

Third Force News 2.11.15 Fox hunting ban is worthless blasts charity - No fox hunting convictions in Scotland since ban came in 13 years ago by Paul Cardwell - The fox-hunting ban isn’t worth the paper it is written on according to a Scottish animal welfare charity. With the beginning of November marking the start of the hunting season, OneKind is calling on the Scottish Government to strengthen the law which bans fox hunting in Scotland… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 2.11.15 Co Armagh pigeon fancier seeking £60k in damages after alleged killing of nearly 60 birds by local hunt, court hears - By Alan Erwin - A Co Armagh pigeon fancier is seeking £60,000 in damages for the alleged killing of nearly 60 birds by hounds from a local hunt, the High Court heard today. Maurice Weir claims the dogs destroyed some of his prized stock after trespassing on his land near Loughgall… Proceedings have been issued over an alleged intrusion into his property by the Kinnego Grange and Canary Hunt Club's animals in February 2009…. But David Ringland QC, for the Alliance, argued that the hunt's dogs were never on Mr Weir's Kinnego Road premises on the day in question. "We are saying this case is a fraud," he told the judge… (story)

Yorkshire Post 2.11.15 West of Yore is to the fore at Askham - A POPULAR Yorkshire Point to Point which stalled after losing its course has now got back off to a racing start with the announcement that it has a new venue at Askham Bryan College near York. For the last 13 months, the West of Yore Hunt has been without a base for its annual point to point after the land it has used for many years was earmarked for housing…. Richard Wells, Point to Point committee chairman explained:… “We knew that Badsworth and Bramham Moor had moved their Point to Point to Askham Bryan so I came along to that in March and was impressed, both with the course and with the College who had put it together so quickly…. (story)

Hinckley Times 2.11.15 Police say hare coursers still at large in borough - Rural beat officers are renewing calls for vigilance after a further report of hare coursing in the borough. Harvest time is often when the cruel and illegal bloodsport is more prevalent as clearance of crops leaves huge tracts of open land to enable dogs to chase the hares. Reports at the end of August which reached the Market Bosworth police team have now been followed by sightings of coursers in Cadeby….(story)

Independent 2.11.15 Government refuses to release report into whether badger cull is a waste of money ¬ DEFRA said it was 'in the public interest' not to tell the public whether the slaughter has been worth the cost - The Government has blocked the release of a report into whether its badger cull is a waste of money. The major analysis, held by the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, is being kept from the public despite requests for its release under transparency rules… (story)
Mirror 1.11.15 Tories block publication of report into whether badger cull is a waste of money BY BEN GLAZE - Badger-killing Tories are refusing to reveal a key report showing whether the controversial cull is good value for money. The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has blocked publication of the major analysis, despite a freedom of information request by animal rights campaigners… Badger Trust boss Dominic Dyer said: “The Government’s reluctance to release this information proves what we have known all along - the badger cull is a hugely expensively, scientifically flawed and inhumane policy which is likely to make no significant contribution to lowering the level of bovine TB in cattle.”… (story)