November 2016

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Spectator 30.11.16 How can the BBC be allowed to break their own editorial standards? - I recently had the misfortune of featuring in a BBC documentary that repeatedly breached the corporation’s own editorial standards. I happened to be at the gym when word reached me that BBC Inside Out London wanted to interview me the following day… Arriving at Regent’s Park for the interview, the team from the Beeb were decidedly furtive. There was much fiddling with phones and muttered conversations between interviewer and producer, in which I clearly heard someone say: ‘Surely he needs to see it in order to have right of reply?’… BBC editorial guidelines are very strict on when trespass and covert filming can be undertaken, and the undercover footage we were shown didn’t provide any such justification… And, of course, we were told once again that the piece was not anti-shooting… Of course, we weren’t surprised. Between our meeting at Broadcasting House and the airing of the documentary, we had sent numerous letters highlighting our concerns. All we received in reply was a denial that any undercover filming had occurred, which is a farcical claim given that in a clip used to promote the documentary the presenter is shown running away from the sound of a tractor to avoid detection… (story)

Leicester Mercury 30.11.16 University of Leicester urged to cancel live reindeer display at Christmas market By AlanThompson - More than 800 students, lecturers and members of the public are calling on the University of Leicester to cancel a display of live reindeer at a Christmas market due to animal welfare concerns. The display is due to be part of an event tomorrow and Friday when the centre of the University Road, Leicester campus "will be transformed into a winter wonderland complete with ice rink, real reindeer and Christmas market."… A petition objecting to the use of the reindeer was due to be handed to the Students' Union and University Vice-Chancellor about the event. The petition was launched by concerned members of the university along with Leicester Animal Rights and the Leicester-based International Network for Humane Education (InterNICHE). Nick Jukes, InterNICHE Co-ordinator, said: "New scientific research consistently illustrates the complex emotional lives and minds of animals, reminding us of our obligations to avoid causing them stress and suffering… Kerry Sedgewick from Leicester Animal Rights said, "There is only one way to stop the reindeer from suffering and to ensure their well-being: Do not use them in this way."… (story)

Spectator 30.11.16 The animal rights revolution is coming - Charlotte Gill - Some will scoff when I say that we are in the first wave of an animal rights movement which will see our furry friends elevated to a new status in our society. But it’s true. In the last few years, concern for animal welfare has grown… When I first gave up meat as a teenager, people laughed and told me I would soon abandon this phase of rebellion. That didn’t happen, though; in fact, many others have since joined the movement…. (story)


BBC News 29.11.16 Brian May backs hunt saboteurs in Suffolk over hares - Rock star Brian May has said law and order "has broken down in Suffolk" after claims a hare was killed by hunting hounds. May expressed his support for anti-hunting groups in a tweet. The Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs claimed the Easton Harriers' hounds killed one of the animals in Suffolk. The master of the hunt said he was not aware of a hare being killed and said they were acting legally in exercising their dogs and hunting rabbits…. (story)

Herald 29.11.16 Leave foxes to professionals - DAVID Stubley’s attempted defence of the indefensible (Letters, November 28) ignores the rationale that killing a random fox somehow excuses a host of gratuitous violence and torture to foxes, from a pack of totally out-of-control dogs, aided by their warped camp followers… If they must be “controlled” then let this be done by a professional, not a bunch of hooligans on horseback - Bernard Zonfrillo (story)

Abergavenny Chronicle 29.11.16 National Assembly to consider the use of snares in Wales - The use of snares in Wales will be looked at by a National Assembly committee on Wednesday November 30. The Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee will take evidence from organisations including the League Against Cruel Sports, the Countryside Alliance and the British Association of Shooting and Conservation…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 29.11.16 House of Fraser shelves sales of raccoon fur hat after outcry - The Belfast branch of House of Fraser has come under fire for selling a hat made with raccoon fur - contrary to the department store's own strict no-fur policy. The store yesterday removed the product from the shop floor…. It was designed by the Irish fashion designer Helen McAlinden as part of her collection for the store… When contacted by the Belfast Telegraph, House of Fraser said it did not knowingly mislead customers. At House of Fraser, we have a strict no real-animal-fur policy and we ensure all of our suppliers and brand partners are aware of this," a spokesperson for the department store said…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 29.11.16 An invitation to go vegan in January - CLEA GRADY Veganuary (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 29.11.16 Try going vegan for Veganuary - DECEMBER 1 marks the official launch of Veganuary’s 2017 campaign to encourage the world to try going vegan in January… People opt to try vegan for one month in January for lots of reasons – for animals, the environment, their own health after a Christmas binge or just because. Whatever the reason, Veganuary is with participants all the way, offering a wealth of information, advice and recipes, and lots of support…. Everyone who registers to take part will receive a free e-cookbook featuring the favourite meals and recipes of the stars… Clea Grady, Veganuary (letter)


Torquay Herald Express 28.11.16 ‘Hunt monitors’ proposed to be given powers to keep watch on fox hunts By Zoe Stevens - A REVIEW of the hunting law in Scotland could have an impact on enforcing the legislation in England and Wales. Pro-hunt campaigners see the report as supporting the argument for allowing packs of hounds to flush foxes to the gun; antis seized on the recommendation that hunt monitors with legal powers be appointed to spy on hunts… (story)
Southern Reporter 24.11.16 Ministers urged to change law on hunts - A retired high court judge is calling for the law banning traditional foxhunting in Scotland to be revised. “There are aspects and features of the legislation which complicate unduly the detection, investigation and prosecution of alleged offences,” says Lord Bonomy… In his submission to Lord Bonomy, Joe Scott Plummer, chairman of the Buccleuch Foxhounds, claimed the legislation “achieved a balance between providing the necessary level of control of wild mammals while allowing for their effective control”… (story)
Herald 22.11.16 The law on hunting with dogs must be toughened up - IN 2002, the Scottish Parliament passed legislation that was intended to ban hunting with dogs, but how robust is the ban in reality?... Last year, this lack of clarity and confidence in the law led the Scottish Government to announce a review by Lord Bonomy and he has now delivered his report. Lord Bonomy says there are grounds for suspecting illegal hunting is still taking place and that the law should be changed to make prosecutions easier… But introducing monitors may not be enough – if their evidence shows there is widespread evasion of the law, then the Government will have to be prepared to act and toughen up the law even further. Scotland’s ban on hunting with dogs must be made to work. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 22.11.16 Expert report suggest the fox hunting ban should be tightened by ANDREW LIDDLE - An expert report into fox hunting in Scotland has called for the tightening up of legislation banning the controversial sport… (story)
Scotsman 21.11.16 Fox hunting inspectors could help firm up law in Scotland - New independent inspectors could be introduced as part of a drive to bolster fox hunting laws in Scotland, a report by a leading judge has found. Lord Bonomy has also called for the “unduly complicated” legislation to be changed in order to encourage more prosecutions… (story)
Herald 21.11.16 Confused fox-hunting law should be tightened, says Lord Bonomy - Tom Gordon - LANDOWNERS could be prosecuted if illegal fox-hunting takes place on their property, under new plans designed to tighten up the law on hunting with dogs in Scotland. A report by judge Lord Bonomy also recommended the use of independent hunt monitors as part of a series of measures to help improve muddled legislation passed in 2002… (story)
Telegraph 21.11.16 Scottish foxhunt review recommends no limit on hound numbers - Simon Johnson - Foxhunts in Scotland should not be limited to two dogs but independent monitors should be considered to make sure laws are not being breached, according to an official review. Lord Bonomy’s report rejected calls to place a restriction on the number of hounds used in hunts, as happens in England and Wales, saying this would “seriously compromise effective pest control in the country”, particularly on hilly grounds and in woodland. But the senior judge concluded some aspects of the current legislation "complicate unduly" the investigation and prosecution of offences and called for ministers to consider bringing in part-time hunt monitors… (story)
Guardian 21.11.16 Scottish foxhunting review calls for stronger legislation - Lord Bonomy urges government to amend law with greater consistency and appoint independent monitors to observe hunts - Landowners in Scotland should be held legally responsible for hunts on their property, with hunt activities observed by independent monitors and governed by a new code of practice, according to a review of Scotland’s foxhunting legislation. Campaigners immediately welcomed the “robust and detailed” report by Iain Bonomy, which was commissioned by the Scottish government last December after significant concerns were raised about loopholes in the law… (story)
iNews 21.11.16 160 foxes ‘killed by hounds’ during hunts in Scotland - Chris Green - Around one in five fox hunts in Scotland result in the animal being killed by hounds rather than shot, according to a major review which suggests the laws governing the sport should be tightened. In the future independent monitors should be appointed to randomly observe fox hunts taking place around Scotland amid evidence that the current legislation is being broken, the report by Lord Bonomy said…. (story)
BBC News Online 21.11.16 Fox hunting laws hinder prosecutions, says review - Analysis by Kevin Keane, BBC Scotland environment correspondent Scotland's "unduly complicated" fox hunting laws should be changed to make prosecutions easier, a judge has found… (story)
Western Mornign News 21.11.16 Judge calls for 'hunt monitors' to be given powers to keep watch on fox hunts - A review of the hunting law in Scotland could have an impact on enforcing the legislation in England and Wales. Pro-hunt campaigners see the report as supporting the argument for allowing packs of hounds to flush foxes to the gun; antis seized on the recommendation that hunt monitors with legal powers be appointed to spy on hunts. Philip Bowern reports… (story)
STV 21.11.16 Fox hunting laws 'hinder' prosecutions, report finds - Aidan Kerr - Laws banning fox hunting are "unduly complicated" and "hinder" prosecutions, a report has found. Lord Bonomy has called on the Scottish Government to make several amendments to the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002, which outlawed killing foxes with hounds. No one has been successfully prosecuted under the legislation in the 14 years since it came into force…. (story)
Glasgow South & Eastwood Extra 21.11.16 Fox hunting ban review urges appointment of monitors to ensure laws upheld - Independent monitors should be brought in to make sure laws on fox hunting in Scotland are not being breached, a review has concluded. Lord Bonomy's report also found that some aspects of the current legislation "complicate unduly" the investigation and prosecution of offences…. (story)
Scottish Lawyer 21.11.16 Bonomy report recommends fox hunting code of practice and consideration of vicarious liability - Lord Bonomy has recommended a code of practice for the conduct of fox hunting as well as the consideration of vicarious liability for offences as his review on the operation of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 submits its findings to the Scottish government today…. (story)
Daily Record 21.11.16 'It's time to close loopholes and end fox hunting in Scotland', says animal charity - Calls made for fox hunting laws to be tightened in Scotland as review concludes 'loopholes' are open to abuse… (story)
Scotsman 3.11.16 Tom Peterkin: Hunting horn sounds blast from past as MSPs look at ban - Long-standing divisions over country sports will be opened up as the foxhunting ban is reviewed writes Tom Peterkin… The battle between countryside campaigners and an urbanised political class dominated by MSPs from the Central Belt was one of the most intense of Scotland’s first devolved parliament. The controversies that it stirred up came to mind when looking through the recently published responses submitted to a Scottish Government review of the ban… . we can see the Buccleuch, Lauderdale and Berwickshire Hunts aligning to argue for the status quo which, they say, provides for a humane method of pest control … Amid the noise of Brexit it is easy to forget that a former High Court judge, Lord Bonomy, has been put in charge of the thorny business of looking again at the legislation to see if – as has been suggested by animal welfare groups - it needs tightened. Lord Bonomy is expected to publish his recommendations shortly. For some time now, animal rights groups have voiced concerns that the current legislation is being flouted, with dogs being routinely used to hunt foxes… (story)
BBC News Online 24.10.16 Police say Scottish fox hunting law 'unworkable' - The current law banning fox hunting in Scotland is unworkable, police have said… Police Scotland said the act creates a level of confusion which can deflect from the spirit of the law. The assessment is part of the force's written submission to the Bonomy review on fox hunting laws…. (story)
Holyrood 24.10.16 Police Scotland join calls for tightening of fox hunting ban by Tom Freeman - Scotland’s ban on fox hunting is “unworkable” because there are too many exceptions and loopholes, Police Scotland has said. In a submission to a review of the 2002 law by Lord Bonomy, the national police force called for more clarity to be added to the law to allow officers to prosecute where illegal hunting was taking place.. The force also suggested the law be strengthened by removing the word ‘deliberately’ from the section which states hunting a wild animal is an offence… (story)
Glasgow Evening Times 24.10.16 Police in plea for 'unworkable' fox hunting laws to be clarified - Current laws banning fox hunting in Scotland are "unworkable" and should be amended, Police Scotland has said. The Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act, passed in 2002, lacks clarity, individual accountability and provides exceptions which can be exploited, the force argued. Police Scotland raised its concerns in a submission to the review of Scotland's hunting laws by Lord Bonomy…. (story)

Herald 28.11.16 Moral outrage over pest control is confined to foxhunting - SADLY I was not to read the contents of Allan C Steele's reply (Letters, November 24) to my previous letter (November 23) on the politics of wildlife. As usual the tactic is to completely ignore the lack of evidence of any law breaking by fox hunts… David Stubley, 22 Templeton Crescent, Prestwick (letter)
Herald 24.11.16 Foxhunting is not a sport - DAVID Stubley's comment (Letters, November 23) was predictable. Over the years he has consistently rubbished the views of anti-hunt protagonists in general and the actions of League Against Cruel Sports members in particular. It is not the flummery garb of hunt members or any niche in society which the public despise. It is their desire to engage in the pursuit and ultimate kill of a wild animal fleeing for its life…. Allan C Steele, 22 Forres Avenue, Giffnock. (letter)
Herald 23.11.16 Hunt gripes are class-based - I READ with interest your editorial on foxhunting ("The law on hunting with dogs must be toughened up", The Herald, November 22). It was crystal clear than once again there is a severe dearth of evidence that any illegal hunting with dogs has taken place. The simple facts are that in spite of hundreds of hours of filming hunts by the League Against Cruel Sports it could not produce a single piece of evidence which showed any breach of the law… David Stubley, 22 Templeton Crescent, Prestwick. (letter)

Huffington Post 28.11.16 The Reality Of The Digital Skills Divide - Tim Bonner Chief executive at Countryside Alliance - More and more of the economic and social life of our country is moving online. Access to high speed broadband is now widely recognised as an essential service alongside water, electricity and gas. It has been a challenge to this, and previous, governments to roll out broadband in the countryside. We therefore welcome the Government commitment, expressed in last week’s Autumn statement to invest £1 billion in broadband and mobile technologies… (story)
Rural Services Network 28.11.16 Rural areas 'left behind on broadband' - THE government is doing too little to improve rural internet speeds, say community and business leaders. The warning follows the government's Autumn Statement, which included £1 billion to invest in full-fibre broadband and trialling 5G networks… The Countryside Alliance welcomed the investment but said it was important that the government must remember that rural connections were frequently much slower than those in cities…. (story)

Rural Services Network 28.11.16 Chancellor unveils 100% rural rate relief - Rural rate relief will increase from 50% to 100% from next April, saving a business up to £2900 a year… The Countryside Alliance described the move to 100% rate relief as "pleasing"… (story)
Yorkshire Post 26.11.16 Mixed bag from Chancellor for the rural sector - Ben Barnett - The Chancellor’s measures to stimulate the economy have been met with mixed reactions from countryside groups. Many of the policies in Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement should create “real benefits” for rural communities, the Countryside Alliance said, though the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) said policy announcements fell short of helping farm businesses “maximise their potential”… (story)

Cambridge News 28.11.16 Cambridge University defends use of euthanised dogs from American shelters for students' dissection practice - BY ADAM CARE - An animal rights group has called on Cambridge University to stop importing dead dogs from the US for its veterinary students to practice dissection on… An investigation by Cruelty Free International (CFI) has revealed Cambridge is one of three UK universities to buy in dead dogs from a commercial company based in the USA… Katy Taylor, Cruelty Free International’s director of science and regulatory affairs said: “We think the public will be horrified to learn that Cambridge University is actually importing the bodies of shelter dogs who have been killed because their five days is up and no one has come forward to adopt them… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 28.11.16 NFU Scotland dismisses Vegan Society comments about farming by GEMMA MACKENZIE - NFU Scotland has defended the industry’s track record following accusations of cruel practices in livestock farming. The union said Scottish farmers and crofters had some of the highest standards of welfare seen anywhere in the world. Her comments come following claims by The Vegan Society that “cruel practices” are inherent in intensive farming…. (story)

The Ecologist 28.11.16 Sea Shepherd captain 'guilty' of causing suffering to dolphins - Oliver Tickell - A Danish court in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands has found Sea Shepherd Captain Jessie Treverton of the UK guilty of breaching Faroese animal welfare laws by causing "unnecessary suffering" to a pod of dolphins… (story)

Jewish Chronicle 28.11.16 Kosher abattoir targeted by animal activists By Rosa Doherty - A kosher abattoir has been targeted by a militant vegan protest group. The Kedassia abattoir in Hackney Wick, east London on was attacked on November 8, by a group calling themselves East London Chicken Save… In a separate demonstration which took place last week, protesters reportedly daubed antisemitic graffiti on the walls of the abattoir…. (story)
Mail 27.11.16 Farmers left feeling 'very threatened' and unable to sleep after a new animal rights campaign group abuses slaughterhouse staff and writes anti-Semitic graffiti on the walls By ABE HAWKEN - Farmers have reportedly been left unable to sleep and 'very threatened' after a new animal rights campaign group has started to invade slaughterhouses in the UK. The vegan group, called The Save Movement, now has 24 branches in the UK from Cornwall in the south to Scotland in the north… Their demonstrations included an invasion of a kosher abattoir in London and anti-Semitic graffiti was plastered on the walls. A video of the East London Chicken Save - a branch of The Save Movement - shows activists enter the Kedassia kosher abattoir in Hackney Wick earlier this month. They pushed past security and abused staff because they were 'helping to kill babies'… (story)


Scottish Sun 27.11.16 FOX AND HOUNDED - Brave protester leapt into action in bid to save a stricken fox after the terrified creature was chased through the countryside by a pack of dogs BY SAM DURKIN - A HUNT protester grabs a stricken fox in a vain bid to save it from a dog pack. Kevin Newell, 34, claims he leapt into action when huntsmen illegally allowed the hounds to pounce upon the terrified animal after chasing it across the countryside… Kevin and his colleagues took the dead creature to a vet for a post-mortem which revealed it suffered “severe trauma consistent with that caused by a dog or dogs”…

Third Force News 21.11.16 Call for tougher hunting laws after dogs rip fox apart by Gavin Stuart - Animal charities have called for hunting laws to be strengthened amid claims a fox was killed by dogs in Renfrewshire. OneKind and the League Against Cruel Sports said the fox was killed by hounds from the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt near Bridge of Weir in early November… (story)
The National 21.11.16 War of words follows 'gruesome' death of fox during Renfrewshire hunt - PRESSURE is mounting on the Scottish Government to strengthen hunting laws, amid claims that a fox was killed by dogs and “suffered a dreadful and repugnant” death. Animal charities OneKind and the League Against Cruel Sports said they were notified of the animal’s death, which is said to have happened on November 5 at Harelaw, close to Bridge of Weir in Renfrewshire. They arranged for vets to carry out an autopsy on the dead animal, which they said found “the fox had suffered severe trauma consistent with that caused by a dog or dogs”…. (story)
BBC News 20.11.16 Campaigners claim fox killed by dogs - A dead fox found on a west of Scotland estate was killed by dogs, animal welfare charities have claimed. OneKind and the League Against Cruel Sports claimed it was attacked by hounds from the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt. Vets who examined the carcass said its injuries were consistent with a dog attack, although it had also been shot. Pro-hunting group the Countryside Alliance said the fox had been legally shot after being flushed out by dogs…. (story)
STV 20.11.16 Charities claim fox was killed by pack of hounds at hunt - Neil Pooran - Animal welfare charities say a fox has been killed by a pack of hounds at a Scottish hunt. The incident is said to have happened on November 5 at the the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt in Harelaw, near Bridge of Weir. Charities OneKind and the League Against Cruel Sports say the animal had been through unnecessary suffering… (story)
Aberdeen Evening Express 20.11.16 CALL FOR STRONGER HUNTING LAWS AFTER FOX SUFFERS ‘REPUGNANT’ DEATH - The Scottish Government is being urged to strengthen hunting laws amid claims that a fox suffered a “dreadful and repugnant” death after being killed by a pack of hounds. Animal charities OneKind and the League Against Cruel Sports said they were notified of the animal’s death, said to have happened on November 5 at Harelaw, close to Bridge of Weir in Renfrewshire. They arranged for vets to carry out an autopsy on the dead animal, which they said found “the fox had suffered severe trauma consistent with that caused by a dog or dogs”. While the fox had been shot, the examination by SAC Consulting Veterinary Services is said to have concluded that it was unlikely this was the cause of death… (story)
Sunday Express 20.11.16 Hunt killing of fox sparks call for shake-up of law By TOM MARTIN - Campaigners said the fox suffered a "dreadful and repugnant" death during a mounted hunt at Harelaw, near Bridge of Weir in Renfrewshire, earlier this month. Vets who examined the remains said its injuries were consistent with a dog attack, although it had also been shot. The Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt insisted the fox had been legally killed and dismissed claims from OneKind and the League Against Cruel Sports as a "stunt"…. (story)
Daily Record 20.11.16 Calls for heightened hunting laws after 'repugnant' death of fox mauled by hounds BY KATRINE BUSSEY - THE Scottish Government is being urged to strengthen hunting laws amid claims that a fox suffered a "dreadful and repugnant" death after being killed by a pack of hounds…. (story)
Scotland on Sunday 20.11.16 Scottish Government urged to strengthen hunting laws - KATRINE BUSSEY - The Scottish Government is being urged to strengthen hunting laws amid claims that a fox suffered a “dreadful and repugnant” death after being killed by a pack of hounds. Animal charities OneKind and the League Against Cruel Sports said they were notified of the animal’s death, said to have happened on November 5 at Harelaw, close to Bridge of Weir in Renfrewshire… (story)
Sunday Herald 20.11.16 Calls for stronger hunting laws after fox suffers 'repugnant' death - The Scottish Government is being urged to strengthen hunting laws amid claims that a fox suffered a "dreadful and repugnant" death after being killed by a pack of hounds…. (story)

Pembroke & Pembroke Dock Observer 27.11.16 Delighted by councillor’s comments - I was delighted to read in last Friday’s Tenby Observer that Clr. Huw George, of Pembrokeshire County Council, has spoken out against the House of Commons Environment Committee who would like to strip the RSPCA of its powers to prosecute animal welfare cases. I wonder is he, along with your readers, aware that this all started when our very own local MP, Simon Hart (also a member of this House of Commons Commitee and Chairman of the Countryside Alliance) became the first to come up with this idea when the RSPCA successfully prosecuted the Heythrop Hunt for illegal fox-hunting when the Crown Prosecution Service was unwilling to do so… Name and address supplied (story)

Farming Life 27.11.16 Update on Snares Order (NI) 2015 - Countryside Alliance Ireland (CAI) welcomes the NI Assembly’s DAERA Committee’s decision to approve the Snares Order…. (story) 14.11.16 BASC welcomes approval of snares order - BASC has welcomed the NI Assembly Environment Committee decision to approve the draft Snares Order (Northern Ireland) 2016. The order and accompanying code of practice were drafted by the Northern Ireland Snaring Working Group, which is chaired by BASC and included Countryside Alliance Ireland and Ulster Farmers’ Union representatives… (story)
BBC News 11.11.16 Snares to trap animals will not be banned, Michelle McIlveen says - Northern Ireland's agriculture minister has rejected calls for an outright ban on the use of snares to trap animals. Michelle McIlveen said there was still a need to protect farm livestock and other wildlife from predators. She said a new Snares Order would place further restrictions on their use… (story)
BBC 10.11.16 Stormont has 'no plans' to ban 'cruel' animal snares - There are "no plans" in Northern Ireland for an outright ban on animal snares despite pressure from welfare groups, a Stormont minister has said. The news comes ahead of a meeting to be attended by officials from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) on Thursday… (story)
Belfast Live 10.11.16 Alliance MLA hits out over failure to ban snares BY MAURICE FITZMAURICE - An Alliance MLA has slated the Agriculture Minister for not bringing in a complete ban on snares - and vowed to introduce a private members will to stop their use. Chris Lyttle was speaking ahead of a Stormont Environment Committee meeting at which Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) officials are expected to confirm Minister Michelle McIlveen has no plan to fully ban snares, “despite evidence showing their cruelty, but rather current regulations amended”…(story)
Belfast Telegraph 8.11.16 Charity battles Stormont plan to allow 'gruesome' snaring to continue By Cate McCurry - Thousands of animals will continue to face gruesome deaths if the Environment Minister rubber stamps a controversial law that allows animals to be caught in snares, a charity has warned… But the League Against Cruel Sports said thousands of animals - including pet dogs and cats - remain in danger of "gruesome, drawn-out deaths"… (story)
Belfast Live 8.11.16 Fears animals will suffer “gruesome” deaths if new snare law passed BY MAURICE FITZMAURICE - The controversial Snares Order was shelved last year in the face of public outcry - Animals including family pets will continue to suffer “gruesome” deaths if Stormont presses ahead with a new law on the use of snares, it is being warned. The controversial Snares Order was shelved by former Environment Minister Mark H Durkan last year in the face of public outcry amid claims it did not go far enough. However, new minister Michelle McIlveen looks set to press ahead with the regulations when she raises them with Stormont’s Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee on Thursday… (story)

Farming Life 27.11.16 Casting for Recovery 2017 – Republic of Ireland Retreat - The Casting for Recovery schedule for 2017 has now been confirmed and the first two retreats are now open to applications. Casting for Recovery UK & Ireland is a flagship project of The Countryside Alliance Foundation… The second retreat of 2017 will be held at the beautiful Mount Falcon Estate in County Mayo from 21-23 April 2017… (story)

Sunday Express 27.11.16 Scottish sheep farmers slam animal rights group for branding wool 'cruel' By PAULA MURRAY - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) are calling on consumers to ditch wool, claiming that sheep face “pain and abuse” from birth. The campaign, fronted by Hollywood actress Alicia Silverstone, urges people to go naked rather than wear wool to prevent a “lifetime of animal suffering”…. Perthshire-based farmer Colin MacGregor, the shearing training manager for the British Wool Marketing Board, said: “I can’t speak for other countries, but I can tell you that in the UK farmers look after their sheep…. (story)


Newcastle Chronicle 26.11.16 Animal rights activists stage protest in Newcastle city centre - Animal rights activists have staged a protest outside of a clothing shop this afternoon, during its busy Black Friday sale weekend. Newcastle based Northern Animal Welfare Cooperative, campaigned outside End, in Grainger Street, urging shoppers not to buy any products that contained fur. Activist, John Lord, 51, from Whitley Bay said: “The reason we are here today is because we’re trying to persuade people not to shop in END clothing.”… (story)


Holyrood 25.11.16 Time to ban fox hunting for good - Scotland was first in the UK to attempt to ban fox hunting in 2002, in the first Private Members’ Bill of the modern Scottish Parliament…. Robbie Marsland, is the director and Jennifer Dunn is the senior parliamentary officer of the League Against Cruel Sports, Scotland (story)

West Briton 25.11.16 Animal rights campaign group Peta calls for Truro reindeer parade to be cancelled By WBCaroline - An animal rights protest group has targeted organisers of Truro's reindeer parade calling on the event to be cancelled. Campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has fired off a letter to the organisers declaring that the plug should be pulled on the reindeer parade, which has run for almost a decade… (story)

Eastern Daily Press 25.11.16 Animal rights group PETA criticises use of live reindeer in Swaffham’s Christmas lights switch-on event - Adam Lazzari - Swaffham’s deputy mayor has defended the use of a live reindeer at today’s Christmas market at lights switch-on event following criticism from an animal rights charity. Campaigner Sonul Badiani-Hamment, from the charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), sent a letter to Swaffham Town Council yesterday encouraging the council to cancel plans to use a live reindeer in scheduled Christmas-themed events… Swaffham’s deputy mayor Jill Skinner said: “We’ve had reindeers here before several times and they are always very well looked after - I can not see the problem… (story)


Dundee Courier 24.11.16 Mountain hares thriving on grouse moors - – Harry Huyton’s call to stop killing mountain hares was highly emotive in language (November 17) but he may have to ask more questions if mountain hare conservation is his real aim. For example, why is there virtually no generational recruitment of the much-loved iconic species anywhere else in Scotland, except on grouse moors?... It may not be convenient for some, but it is time for people to understand that, for the good of all flora and fauna in the round, species do have to be managed. Kenneth Stephen. The Scottish Gamekeepers Association, 6 Auld Bond Road, Perth. (letter)

Bedford Today 24.11.16 Bedford Christmas light switch-on: Organisers defend plans to feature live reindeer at event - Organisers of the towns’ annual Christmas light switch-on have hit back at claims which slams the event for featuring live reindeer. Animal rights organisation PETA has called on BedfordBID to cancel plans to feature reindeer in tonight’s festivities. Campaigner Sonul Badiani-Hamment, said: “A busy attraction such as Bedford town centre’s event is an unsuitable environment for reindeer.”… (story)


Veterinary Times 23.11.16 Strip RSPCA of its prosecution powers – MPs - A cross-party committee of MPs has recommended the RSPCA should be stripped of its powers to prosecute animal cruelty and welfare cases in England and Wales. The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee (EFRACom) said there was a “conflict of interest” in the charity’s role in bringing private prosecutions, as well as investigating cases, campaigning and fund-raising… (story)

Economist 19.11.16 Hunted down - THERE are few more august charities than the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals… It is not used, therefore, to being attacked by equally august bodies. But on November 15th a House of Commons environment committee took a swipe at it. The cross-party body of MPs recommended that the RSPCA should stop conducting its own prosecutions in animal-welfare cases…. (story)
Shropshire Star 17.11.16 RSPCA prosecution: Shropshire and Mid Wales MPs backing calls to cut power - Two of the region’s MPs have backed calls to strip the RSPCA of its powers to routinely prosecute animal welfare cases… Today, two local MPs lent their support to the committee’s recommendations. North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson, who was the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs from 2012 until 2014, said the charity should concentrate on its core function rather than bringing prosecutions… Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies said: “I used to be an enthusiastic member of the RSPCA but over recent years they seem to have become a left-wing campaigning organisation… (story)
Bridgwater Mercury 17.11.16 West Somerset and Bridgwater MP Ian Liddell-Grainger backs calls to strip RSPCA of its powers to prosecute animal abusers - Steven Salter - BRIDGWATER and West Somerset MP Ian Liddell-Grainger is supporting calls for the RSPCA to be stripped of its powers to routinely prosecute animal welfare cases… (story)
Morning Star 16.11.16 RSPCA Bites Back At Bid To Pull Its Teeth - THE RSPCA hit back at a Commons select committee yesterday over claims that it should be stripped of its power to prosecute…. (story)
Horse & Hound 16.11.16 RSPCA hits back at MPs’ calls to curtail its prosecuting powers - The RSPCA has hit back at calls from a group of MPs that it should not act as the lead prosecutor in animal welfare cases. The environment, food and rural affairs committee held an inquiry into the effectiveness and enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 over the spring and summer. It has today (Wednesday, 16 November) published its findings and recommendations. Committee chair Neil Parish MP said the group was “not convinced” the RSPCA was in a better position than the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and should “step back” from making prosecutions itself…. (story)
Horse & Hound 16.11.16 Damning report into animal welfare legislation published - A damning report by MPs into the enforcement and effectiveness of animal welfare laws in the UK has been released today (Wednesday, 16 November). The Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee conducted a review into the effectiveness of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, its enforcement with regards to domestic animals and whether it remains “fit for purpose… (story)
Dog Magazine 16.11.16 Are These MPs Right in Wanting To Strip RSPCA of Prosecution Powers? The RSPCA should be stripped of its powers to routinely prosecute animal welfare cases, according to some MPs.. (story) 16.11.16 RSPCA 'should be stripped of prosecution powers' - The RSPCA should be stripped of its power to routinely prosecute animal welfare cases, a Commons select committee has said… (story)
BBC News Online 16.11.16 RSPCA should be stripped of prosecution powers, say MPs - The RSPCA should be stripped of its powers to routinely prosecute animal welfare cases, according to MPs. The Commons environment committee said there was a "conflict of interest" between the charity's power to prosecute and its role in investigating cases, campaigning and fundraising. But the RSPCA defended its work and said the move was not supported by the government or animal welfare groups… (story)
Third Sector 16.11.16 RSPCA should stop conducting private criminal prosecutions, MPs recommend - The RSPCA should step back from bringing private criminal prosecutions and only pursue them in exceptional circumstances, MPs on the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee have recommended. But the animal welfare charity has insisted it will continue to take animal abusers to court, saying almost nine out of 10 members of the public agree with its strategy… (story)
Pet Gazette 16.11.16 RSPCA says it will continue to prosecute, despite EFRA report - Sara Cork - On November 16, 2016, the RSPCA issued a response to an EFRA Committee report which recommended that the RSPCA passes animal abuse cases to the CPS to prosecute. The statement said: “The RSPCA today reassured supporters that it will continue its long history of prosecuting horrific cases of animal abuse and neglect despite calls to the contrary by a small number of MPs… (story)
Pet Gazette 16.11.16 MPs’ focus on RSPCA a ‘disappointing distraction’ from animal welfare improvements, says BVA - Sara Cork - The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has issued a response to the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRACom) report… Gudrun Ravetz, President of the BVA, the UK’s leading body for vets, said: “Calls to reduce the RSPCA’s prosecution powers received scant support from the organisations and individuals submitting evidence during the EFRACom inquiry so it is surprising that MPs are not only progressing, but shining a spotlight on this recommendation… (story)
Pet Gazette 16.11.16 MP says animal welfare report is a ‘missed opportunity’ - Sara Cork - Angela Smith MP, a former Shadow Animal Welfare Minister and present member of the EFRA Select Committee, has given her response to the Select Committee report on Animal Welfare. She commented: “Today’s report by the EFRA select Committee into domestic animal welfare in England is I believe a missed opportunity to effectively promote improvements in animal welfare standards. “Unfortunately, the report’s very many sensible recommendations are in danger of being overlooked, thanks to the unwarranted attack on the RSPCA… (story)
Huffington Post 16.11.16 RSPCA Dismisses Prosecution Recommendations From Environment Food And Rural Affairs Committee - Kathryn Snowdon - The RSPCA has vowed to continue prosecuting animal abuse cases after a committee of MPs recommended it stop. Neil Parish, who chairs the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee, said he was not convinced the RSPCA “is in a better position than the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) when it comes to prosecuting animal welfare cases”… (story)
North West Evening Mail 16.11.16 RSPCA 'should be stripped of prosecution powers' - The RSPCA should be stripped of its power to routinely prosecute animal welfare cases, a Commons select committee has said. The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee said there was a "conflict of interest" in the charity's role in bringing forward private prosecutions as well as investigating cases, campaigning and fundraising… (story)
ITV 16.11.16 RSPCA 'should be stripped of its power to prosecute' - RSPCA should be stripped of its power to prosecute animal welfare cases, a Commons select committee has been told…. (story)
Yorkshire Radio 16.11.16 Strip RSPCA of power to prosecute animal cruelty cases, MPs say - The RSPCA should be stripped of its power to prosecute animal welfare cases because there is a "conflict of interest", MPs say… (story)
Yorkshire Post 16.11.16 Charities challenge calls for RSPCA to drop prosecutions - A coalition of animal welfare charities have challenged MPs over calls to strip the RSPCA of its power to prosecute…. The group, which includes the Dogs Trust, PDSA and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, said the RSPCA “does a very good job investigating and securing convictions” for a “large number of animal welfare cases”…. (story)
Metro 16.11.16 RSPCA should be stripped of power to prosecute, say MPs - Toby Meyjes - The RSPCA should be stripped of its power to prosecute in animals welfare cases because of a ‘conflict of interest’, MPs have urged… (story)

Farming Life 23.11.16 NI raptor deaths on the rise, new report reveals - A new report has revealed that the illegal killing of Northern Ireland’s birds of prey is on the rise. The report has been published by the Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime . It reveals there were nine confirmed illegal poisoning or persecution incidents, affecting 11 protected birds of prey, in Northern Ireland in 2014… (story)

Cable 23.11.16 EE calls for clearer reporting of mobile coverage claims BY PHIL WILKINSON-JONES - EE has called on mobile network operators to be clearer about where customers can expect to get a mobile signal… Sarah Lee, head of policy at the Countryside Alliance said: “It is vital that mobile consumers are able to make an informed decision about which network has the potential to serve them best… (story)
Mobile Choice 23.11.16 EE goads mobile networks to get 'clear on coverage' by Jay Jay - EE has asked all network operators in the UK to make geographic coverage the standard industry measurement so that consumers will know where they can make calls and use data….We believe that the move towards reporting all coverage in geographic terms by January 2017 is a step in the right direction and has the potential to offer significant benefits to rural consumers," said Sarah Lee, head of policy at Countryside Alliance… (story)
Mobile News 23.11.16 EE CEO Marc Allera calls for operators to be clearer on coverage By Alex Yau - EE has called upon all rival operators in the UK to be clearer on mobile coverage, claiming there is still too much confusion about where customers can make calls and use data… Countryside Alliance is a body working in the interest of residents in rural areas. Its head of policy Sarah Lee said: “We welcome EE’s call for the mobile industry to deliver clearer information to customers about where they can expect to get a signal…. (story)
Computer Weekly 23.11.16 EE calls on competitors to commit to clarify coverage - Alex Scroxton - EE CEO Marc Allera calls on his competitors to get behind a new proposal to offer better information on the geographical extent of mobile coverage around the UK… Sarah Lee, head of policy at the Countryside Alliance, also welcomed Allera’s proposals, particularly as the lack of information on geographical network coverage tended to be far more acute in rural areas… (story)

Glasgow Live 23.11.16 Animal campaigners ask Glaswegians to ditch the wool this winter BYGILLIAN LONEY - Animal campaigners PETA are taking an anti-wool campaign to the streets of Glasgow, urging Glaswegians to dump the woolly jumpers this winter… PETA director Elisa Allen hopes to discourage chilly Glaswegians from using wool to keep warm. She commented: “We’re spreading the simple message that sheep are neither food nor clothing…. (story)


Farmers Weekly 22.11.16 Broadband announcement fails to recognise ‘forgotten 5%’ - Philip Case - Farm leaders fear the government’s announcement on broadband investment will not go far enough to address problems of the “forgotten 5%” who are faced with a broadband shutout…. Responding to the survey, Sarah Lee, head of policy at the Countryside Alliance, said investing in rural broadband should be central to the government’s vision for rural Britain… (story)

Metro 22.11.16 Outrage over shopping centre’s plans to put penguins in Christmas show - Toby Meyjes - Animal welfare campaigners have criticised a shopping centre for planning to use penguins in a Christmas show. The 14 birds will be the star attraction at a festive event at Idlewells Shopping Centre in Sutton-in-Ashfield on Friday… Elisa Allen, director at PETA UK, said: ‘Santa has a place in our Christmas pageantry – penguins do not… (story)

Bournemouth Echo 22.11.16 There are better alternatives to animal donations - MANY aid charities are, once again, appealing for donations to buy animals to be raised as ‘livestock’ in some of the most deprived nations in the world… Animal farming is inherently inefficient and environmentally damaging… Moreover, the charities behind these schemes rarely mention the animal suffering that can be caused…. Tod Bradbury Campaigns Team, Animal Aid (letter)


Worcester News 21.11.16 VIDEO: Activists protest outside Worcestershire County Cricket Club against MP Harriett Baldwin's support for badger cull - Matthew Dresch , Reporter - PROTESTERS dressed as badgers waited for an MP outside a cricket club, to express their opposition to the badger cull. The activists opposed Harriett Baldwin's support for the cull at the West Worcestershire Conservative's annual dinner, on Friday, November 18. Around 12 protesters, holding banners and waving placards, waited for the West Worcestershire MP outside the county cricket club. Ronald Lee, press officer for Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies, said: "Thousands of badgers have been shot in various parts of the south of England in the last three years… (story)

Bromsgrove Advertiser 21.11.16 Bromsgrove Labour Party become member of Labour Animal Welfare Society - THE Bromsgrove Labour Party has become an official member of the Labour Animal Welfare Society, which tackles issues such as live animal transport, factory farming and the protection of marine mammals… (story)

Surrey Advertiser 21.11.16 Vegan activist apologises for Guildford Armistice Day demonstration but calls on public to 'work together to achieve peace' BYMARK EDWARDS - An animal rights activist, who was removed by police from Guildford’s Armistice Day ceremony, has apologised to veterans for any offence caused. Monica Lilley , a well known vegan campaigner from Guildford , was escorted by police officersfrom the Armistice Day Ceremony on Guildford High Street after getting into an argument with veterans who objected to her demonstrating on the issue of veganism during a day of remembrance… (story)
Surrey Advertiser 11.11.16 Remembrance Day: Guildford police remove animal rights activist arguing with veterans at Armistice Day ceremony BY AZADEH MOSHIRI - An animal rights activist was removed by police from Guildford's Armistice Day ceremony when she was caught arguing with the town’s veterans. Monica Lilley, of Poyle Road, Guildford, arrived outside the Guildhall with leaflets and a banner carrying the words “Don’t talk of love and peace when you have a dead animal on your plate”, shortly before the ceremony began…. (story)


Dundee Courier 20.11.16 Dundee’s first ever vegan festival a roaring success as city residents pack out event by Jake Keith - Dundee’s first ever vegan festival was a huge hit, with 800 locals packing out the event. The festival attracted 24 stalls from across Scotland, featuring a range of societies aiming to promote understanding of the lifestyle and plenty of options to try vegan food, from pies to plant-based meat sustitutes…. The festival, held at Chambers East, was the brain-child of Barry Mackie-Conlon, a local animal rights activist and Jamie Kidd, who owns Cool Jerk Vegan Pies…. (story)


Scottish Farmer 19.11.16 Don't blame grouse for hare culls - GAMEKEEPERS have pointed out that recent out-of-season culls of mountain hares have been done to protect newly planted forestry, not grouse moors. The culling of mountain hares has become a hot topic, with animal rights groups accusing grouse estates of targetting the species… But via a Freedom Of Information request to Scottish Natural Heritage, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association this week revealed that of the 26 applications made to SNH for out of season licences up to March 2016, only two were related to grouse moor management – and both of those were refused. All the rest were to protect forestry… (story)
Scotsman 15.11.16 Mass lobby at Scottish Parliament to protect mountain hares - The Scottish Parliament is to be lobbied on Thursday by members of the public who want to see an end to culling and hunting of Scotland’s iconic mountain hare. The mass lobby has been organised by OneKind, the Scottish animal campaigns charity in support of greater protections for the mountain hare. Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone, species champion for the hare, said: “The reports we’ve heard of mass culls of mountain hares, and the photos we’ve seen are deeply disturbing… (story)
Third Force News 14.11.16 Campaigners rally to protect mountain hares by Gavin Stuart - Animal rights campaigners will gather outside the Scottish Parliament on Thursday to call for an end to the culling and hunting of mountain hares. The mass lobby has been organised by animal charity OneKind in support of greater protections for the species which it says is subject to “unacceptable” levels of persecution…. (story)
Mail 12.11.16 Thousands of hares culled to save trees: 2,000 killed in just ONE year to protect growing - Thousands of protected wild hares are being culled outside the permitted season in a bid to protect young trees…. The statistics were released through a Freedom of Information request to Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), by the Scottish gamekeepers Association (SGA)…(story)
Kirkintilloch Standard 11.11.16 Warning of habitat damage if culls banned - A full ban on the culling of mountain hares could lead to serious damage to habitats and the species, a national organisation has warned. Figures obtained under freedom of information laws by the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) from Scottish National Heritage (SNH) show that growing numbers of mountain hares are being culled outside of the agreed seasons to prevent them causing serious damage to new trees…. (story)


Yeovil Express 18.11.16 Wessex Badger Guardians find six badger traps in West Coker and Closworth in South Somerset - SIX badger cage traps found in South Somerset during the cull have sparked confusion over their legality. A spokesman for Wessex Badger Guardians (WBG), who said he did not want to be named in case of a backlash from farmers, said two of the traps were found near West Coker and four of them found near Closworth. The traps were reported to Avon and Somerset Police and Dorset Police forces on October 7, but WBG said there had been insufficient action taken since then…. (story)

Irish Independent 18.11.16 Welcome to Ireland - The land of a thousand cruelties - The seizure of almost 100 puppies in the UK that had been illegally shipped from Ireland again focuses attention on the sickening trade in 'designer dogs'. Not that it surprises me in the least that Ireland has earned the reputation among animal welfare groups of being the puppy farming capital of Europe…. Yes, we have an animal welfare act, but a badly drafted one that has proved inadequate in tackling a whole range of issues: puppy farming thrives, availing of gaping loopholes in the act; feral cats have virtually no legal protection; badgers are snared and killed openly despite their "protected" status; and the legislation specifically exempts hare coursing from prohibition…. John Fitzgerald Callan, Co Kilkenny (story)


Mail 17.11.16 Dashcam footage shows pro-hunting supporter 'waving knife at saboteur's car seconds before her tyres are slashed' By MAILONLINE REPORTER - An anti-hunting campaigner claims to have filmed the moment a hunt supporter allegedly slashed her tyre with a knife during a roadside clash. The woman, who has asked not to be named, alleges her dashcam footage shows a supporter of a local hunting group pulling out a small silver knife as he approaches her car on the A444 in Leicestershire. The 40-year-old, who filmed the incident on November 1, is part of the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs - a campaign group which monitors and films hunting in the region. Her video later goes on to show a large group of hounds holding up traffic before a third part of the video shows her confronting two men about her deflated tyre… (story)

Dundee Courier 17.11.16 Dramatic fall in mountain hare numbers - – Your report, Gamekeeper warns of dead hares everywhere if protesters block cull, (November 10) is nothing more than scaremongering from a small minority keen to maintain their sport of commercial shooting… Harry Huyton. Director, OneKind, 50 Montrose Terrace, Edinburgh. (story)

Hereford Times 17.11.16 Badgers suffer - PICTORIAL and horrific evidence that badgers do indeed suffer when TB is left within the wildlife reservoir – as it is in large parts of the UK. The RSPCA – for reasons one finds hard to understand – play down the effects of TB in badgers…. EDMUND MARRIAGE CEO - British Wildlife Management Leominster (letter)

Indy100 17.11.16 Vegans are actually killing lots of animals, naturalist claims - Jessica Brown - Avoiding harm to animals is a big factor behind the lifestyle choices of many vegans. But this could actually be harming animals, according to some. In his article, titled The Vegan Confusion, naturalist Claudio Bertonatti argues that vegans kill animals by eating rice, grains and vegetables. Vegans (and vegetarians) promote a culture where vegetables and grains are protected at the expense of animals, according to Bertonatti, through deforestation to make more room for crops, and poisoning and shooting animals to keep them away… (story)

Spalding Guardian 17.11.16 VIDEO: Animal welfare charity says ‘Surfleet egg farm was one of the worst we saw’ - Undercover footage shot at a Surfleet free range egg farm shows chickens in “a terrible state” according to animal protection charity Viva! Viva! admits the birds were videoed without the consent or knowledge of the farm boss… But a spokesman for Rowbottom Farm says the farm noticed over the summer that some of its birds were suffering feather loss and soon called in the vet, who separated the flock and gave them medication… (story)


Metro 16.11.16 One in four vegetarians admit being malnourished - Harley Tamplin - Almost a quarter of vegetarians believe they are malnourished, according to a new study that focused on their diet. And a vast majority of the people that confessed they are malnourished admitted they have suffered consequences, with a lack of energy the most common effect…. (story)

St Albans 16.11.16 Bushey Heath Primary schoolchildren set up petition calling for SeaWorld to stop breeding orcas in captivity - Steven Brown - School children have set up a petition calling for SeaWorld to stop breeding orcas in captivity. The Year 6 pupils at Bushey Heath Primary School decided to set up this petition after learning how to letter write during their English classes… Vanessa McClure, the Year 6 teacher, said: “The children got so passionate about this we decided to set up the petition. “We have now got support from animal rights activist.”… (story)


Daily Record 15.11.16 Princes William and Harry's gamekeeper pal bags compensation victory after wrongful drugs charge BY NORMAN SILVESTER - A GAMEKEEPER who taught princes William and Harry how to shoot has won a 12-year battle for compensation over his wrongful imprisonment on drugs charges. William Stirrat , 56, was given six years in jail over a £500,000 amphetamine sulphate raid. Police wrongly alleged he ran a speed factory at two huts in woods near the Douglas and Angus Estate in Crawford, Lanarkshire, where he worked and taught the Royals to shoot. As a result of his conviction in 2004, William lost his job, his home on the estate and his marriage… (story)

Conservative Home 15.11.16 Tim Bonner: Ignorant, unjust – and bad for the environment. It’s time to call a halt to rewilding. Land ownership, land rights and land use have always been central to progressive politics… Which brings me on to the latest attempt at radical land use change: the strange and almost indefinable cult of ‘rewilding’. This ideology seems to have grown out of a number of strands including those who seek to reintroduce flora and fauna, in particular ‘charismatic’ mammals (charismatic megafauna) such as wolves and lynxes to their historic range… (story)

Mirror 15.11.16 Dogs home boss arrested after £450,000 in donations 'stolen from charity' BY NICK MCCARTHY - A dogs home boss been arrested after £450,000 of donations went missing. Simon Price, chief executive of Birmingham Dogs Home, was held by West Midlands Police on Friday on suspicion of theft. The 52-year-old was arrested at Birmingham Airport on his return from Spain, the Birmingham Mail reported . Trustees reportedly quizzed him in September after allegations that the cash, much of it left by dog-lovers in their wills, had been stolen… (story)


iNews 14.11.16 Politicians to call on RSPCA to lay off private prosecutions - Will Worley - Politicians will call on the RSPCA to stop bringing private prosecutions and instead hand over evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), it has been reported.. (story)
13.11.16Mail on Sunday 13.11.16 MPs tell 'bullying' RSPCA to drop ALL of their court cases: Following a string of controversial prosecutions charity is told to pass evidence to CPS instead By VALERIE ELLIOTT FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - MPs will this week demand that the RSPCA stops routinely prosecuting animal owners for cruelty. The move from a powerful Commons committee follows a string of controversial cases brought by the charity, which has led to accusations that it 'bullies' owners. A hard-hitting report from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee will tell the RSPCA to pass on evidence to the independent Crown Prosecution Service, rather than bring cases to court itself… Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said the RSPCA should root out animal welfare problems but leave the processing of evidence and decisions about prosecuting to the CPS…. (story)
13.11.16Observer 13.11.16 MPs set to ask RSPCA to stop carrying out animal cruelty prosecutions - Sally Desmond - A cross-party committee of MPs is expected to call for the RSPCA to stop implementing private prosecutions for animal cruelty and instead hand evidence over to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The findings from the Commons environment, food and rural affairs committee report is expected to provoke outcry from other animal welfare charities when it is published on Wednesday, according to reports. The RSPCA has been accused of becoming too eager to take people to court… (story)

Western Mail 14.11.16 Badger culls must be carried out over wide areas and in time to stop them reinfecting cattle, vet tells AMs BY CHRIS KELSEY -¬A leading vet has told AMs that badgers need to be culled over a “sufficiently large” area if a bovine tb is to effectively brought under control. Dr Neil Paton added that dealing with reinfection of cattle from wildlife had to be part of any attempt to eradicate the disease. Dr Paton, who is president of the British Veterinary Association (BVA) in Wales, was speaking before the Welsh Assembly’s Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee…. (story)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 14.11.16 Wiltshire's first vegan fair proves to be no misteak - THE first ever Vegan Fair to grace Wiltshire took place on Sunday and proved to be a huge success at Chippenham's Neeld Community and Arts Centre. More than 750 people descended upon the fair, which was made up of dozens of stalls were set up at the venue, in Borough Parade, from 10am-4pm, featuring food producers, makers of beauty products, charities and speakers… (story)

Newcastle Chronicle 14.11.16 North East Vegan Festival 2016: All you need to know about the Sunderland event BY SARAH JEFFERY - Calling all North East vegans or anyone who want to try something a little different: the North East Vegan Festival is back with its third event of the year. The festival is organised by Farplace Animal Rescue and all the profits from each festival will go towards directly helping animals…. There will also be a dedicated kids room, which will have lots of play activities and a kids puppet theatre performing a 20 minute animal-themed show at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. This is free but a collection will be made for League Against Cruel Sports after the show… (story)


13.11.16Exeter Express & Echo 13.11.16 What happens to cows when they can't give any more milk? By Neil_Shaw - Millions of people have no idea how their food is produced - with six in 10 admitting they didn't realise dairy cows needed to be pregnant in order to produce milk, a study has found… But the study, of 2,000 people, commissioned by vegan campaigning charity, Viva! found that after learning more about the legal treatment of farmed animals in the UK, almost half would consider cutting back on the meat, eggs and dairy products… (story)

Manchester Evening News 13.11.16 Why did this man stand outside a slaughterhouse for 12 hours a day for five days? BY KATIE BUTLER - Mathew Adshead took time from his job in retail to spend 12 hours for each of the days in front of Tulip Ltd - a meat factory on Bow Street - and has raised more than £3,000 doing it. He decided to take on the stint to raise awareness of animal rights and to say goodbye to thousands of pigs that are taken to the building to be killed… He is also raising cash for an animal sanctuary, Pigs In The Woods, based in Huddersfield, that helps rescue pigs… Mathew, from Hyde, added: “We are raising awareness to the drivers that go past as some people don’t realise there are slaughterhouses right on their doorstep… (story)


Essex Live 11.11.16 Essex cat injured by illegal gin trap snare By libbymcbride1 - The RSPCA has issued a warning after a cat was injured by a gin trap in Kelvedon. The animal welfare charity was contacted early on Thursday morning (November 10) by a resident of London Road, Kelvedon, who spotted a little black-and-white cat hiding under a car with a metal trap latched onto his foot…. (story)


Birmingham Mail 11.11.16 'Nearly naked' activists spotted in Birmingham - and this is why BYJAMES RODGER - Three "bruised and bloodied" activists were spotted near the Bullring in Birmingham on Thursday. But concerned local residents should not fear - because it turns out the trio were protesting on behalf of PETA… the demonstration, which was snapped and posted on social media by the animal rights organisation, was aimed to spread awareness about the welfare of sheep sheared for wool. The protest follows a similar incident earlier this month on Merseyside, and took place outside the Bullring.... (story)
Liverpool Echo 8.11.16 What were those models doing freezing in Liverpool earlier? BY CHANTELLE HEEDS - If you came across three almost naked “bruised and bloodied” women in Liverpool today, do not fear, it was part of a protest organised by PETA. The demonstration, which aimed to spread awareness about the welfare of sheep sheared for wool, took place on Lord Street this morning…(story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 8.11.16 Naked animal rights campaigners protest in Leeds - GRACE NEWTON - An animal rights protest group used shock tactics to target Leeds shoppers today in a bid to raise awareness of abusive practices in the wool industry. Three nearly-naked models from PETA donned body paint to represent bruised and bloodied sheep, with one covering her chest with a model of a dead lamb outisde the city’s Victoria Quarter on Tuesday… (story)


Coventry Telegarph 10.11.16 Protesters call for Coventry venue to cancel Atherstone Hunt Ball BY KATRINA CHILVER - Protesters are calling for a Coventry venue to cancel an event it is hosting for the Atherstone Hunt. West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs started an online petition, calling on the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre to reconsider its agreement to host the Atherstone Hunt Ball. The venue hosted the event last year amid criticism from the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs and has taken the booking for it again this year, much to the protesters’ disappointment…


Shields Gazette 10.11.16 John Lewis Christmas advert fans are warned not to befriend foxes - GAVIN LEDWITH - While the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is delighted with the commercial and how John Lewis will be making a donation to wildlife charities, its website warns that contact with humans young and old can trigger a number of illnesses… (story)

Northern Echo 10.11.16 Anger at giant chicken farm plan - Andrew Douglas - THOUSANDS of people have voiced their concerns about plans to build a huge poultry farm in North Yorkshire. Councillors are being recommended to refuse the application for six poultry sheds on 15,800 square metres of land in Rufforth, near York… (story)


Dorset Echo 8.11.16 Horse and Hound exhibition set to open in Dorchester - Joanna Davis - A STUNNING painting depicting country life will be displayed as part of a Horse and Hound exhibition in Dorchester. Paintings and sculptures by artists Katie Scorgie and Amy Goodman will be on display. The stunning work Huntsman and Hounds in the Snow, an oil on linen by Katie Scorgie, has been used as a Christmas card for 2016. The wintery painting, one of around 30 oils by Katie at the exhibition, also appears on the front of the Countryside Alliance’s leaflet within their newsletter, which has been sent to more than 85,000 subscribers across the UK and abroad… (story)
Blackmore Vale Magazine 4.11.16 An interview with Hinton St Mary artist Katie Scorgie By jspiteri - It seems quite fitting that the studio of equestrian artist Katie Scorgie once housed the village blacksmith at Hinton St Mary and no ordinary blacksmith at that but John White who, in 1963, discovered Hinton's famous Roman mosaic which is now held in the British Museum…. It's been a busy time for Katie as her oil painting, 'Huntsman and Hounds in the Snow' has been commissioned especially for the Countryside Alliance's Christmas Card, 2016 and it appears on the front cover of their newsletter being distributed to more than 85,000 members across the country…. "Everything seems to be happening all at once. With our 'Hound & Horse' exhibition rapidly approaching, as well as selling my Christmas cards, the Countryside Alliance are auctioning two of my paintings, including 'Portman Hounds at the Kennels in Dorset'… (story)

Express 8.11.16 One of Britain's last Hen Harriers shot dead sparking fears for rare bird of prey By CHRIS RICHES Detectives at Cumbria Police have opened a full criminal investigation into the fatal shooting of one of the bird of prey, called Rowan… (story)

Irish Examiner 8.11.16 Gross cruelty to animals persists - Today, from 11am to 4.30pm, members and supporters of animal protection and dog rescue groups will protest outside the Department of Agriculture in Dublin against the horrors of our greyhound industry… John Fitzgerald Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports Lower Coyne Street Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 8.11.16 Non-meat eaters like a feast at Christmas too - JOHN TIERNEY By email (letter)
Irish Examiner 5.11.16 Vegetarian or vegan Christmas wishes - Will somebody think of the vegan and vegetarian? Reading the Christmas party menus of local restaurants it is evident that the proprietors are still in the dark about veganism and vegetarianism… John Tierney Chairperson Waterford Animal Concern (letter)


Wolverhampton Express & Star 8.11.16 Chicken protesters hit Stafford streets over £6 million battery farm - Protesters took to the streets to plead their case as to why approved plans for a £6 million poultry farm should be reconsidered…. Animal rights activist Charlotte Tonkinson, aged 33, from Penkridge, said: “Our demonstration in Stafford town centre went great…. (story)

Halifax Courier 8.11.16 Animal rights activists protest outside Halifax abattoirs - A protest was held outside two Halifax abattoirs this morning (Tuesday). The West Yorkshire Save group gathered outside Medina and J and E Medcalf in Holywell Green to highlight its plight…. (story)


Yorkshire Post 7.11.16 Rishi Sunak: No winners if grouse shooting banned - WHENEVER a ban is proposed, we must to be certain about on whom it would impact. To many, the image of the losers of a ban on grouse shooting seems clear: old men of a bygone age, sporting tweed jackets and with outdated views. Nothing could be further from the truth. The real victims of a ban are not caricatures; they are ordinary working people in constituencies such as mine in North Yorkshire – the farmer’s wife who goes beating at the weekend so that her family can make ends meet through difficult times; the young man able to earn a living in the community he loves as an apprentice to a gamekeeper; the local publican welcoming shooting parties with cold ales and hot pies. Those who support a ban on grouse shooting must be prepared to look those people in the eye and explain to them why their livelihoods are worth sacrificing… (story)
Darlington & Stockton Times 6.11.16 MP defends grouse shooting - RICHMOND MP Rishi Sunak has mounted a passionate defence of grouse shooting and its role in the rural economy. The MP, whose North Yorkshire constituency includes a large proportion of the UK’s finest heather moorland, spoke out against a proposed ban of the sport… (story)
Politics 3.11.16 BASC welcomes Minister’s comments on grouse shooting - The UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), has welcomed comments made by the minister for rural affairs, Dr Therese Coffey, during the driven grouse debate. In the closing stages of the debate in Westminster Hall yesterday, Dr Coffey reaffirmed the government’s manifesto commitment that it has no intention to ban driven grouse shooting…. (story)
Telegraph 1.11.16 Government rejects call for grouse shooting ban after MPs say it would be an 'epic gamble for rural economies' - The government has dismissed calls for a ban on driven grouse shooting after hearing it would be an "epic gamble for rural economies" and result in "an ornithological desert". Thérèse Coffey, the environment minister, said the government has "no intention" of introducing a ban, but "every intention" of persecuting those who break the law. It comes after more than 123,000 people signed a Parliamentary petition calling for grouse shooting to be banned on the grounds that it harms other wildlife…. (story)
Financial Times 31.11.16 Feathers fly ahead of grouse shooting debate in parliament by: Chris Tighe - A row over grouse shooting reaches parliament on Monday as supporters of a ban on “canned hunting” take on those who stress its importance for some of the country’s wildest uplands…. (story)
Mirror 31.11.16 MPs are urged to end grouse slaughter after 120,000 sign petition calling for debate BY BEN GLAZE - Grouse shooting should be banned to protect Britain’s dwindling number of hen harriers, MPs will be told today. Campaigners blame the “cruel” bloodsport for a worrying plunge in the population of the country’s most endangered bird of prey… League Against Cruel Sports chief executive Eduardo Gonçalves said: “MPs will be debating whether a minority pastime based on using live birds as target practice should take precedence over the environment, conservation, animal welfare and public opinion;;; (story)
Farming UK 31.11.16 MPs to debate grouse shooting today following petition to ban it - MPs are set to debate grouse shooting today, following an e-petition which gathered over 100,000 votes on the issue… But the Countryside Alliance says grouse moor management has played a key role in creating and maintaining the UK's upland landscape, preserving and improving heather habitat and peatland…. (story)
BBC News Online 31.11.16 MPs to debate grouse shooting ban - MPs are to hear calls for grouse shooting to be banned, after more than 100,000 people signed a petition denouncing the sport. Campaigners argue it involves illegal killing of birds of prey, increases flood risks and means the deaths of "large numbers" of other predators. But supporters of grouse shooting say it is an "integral" part of moorland management and supports jobs. MPs will debate two petitions - for and against the sport - on Monday…. (story)


Star 6.11.16 Andy Murray urged to ditch Under Armour sponsor over hunting connections - ANDY Murray has been urged drop his clothing sponsor over its animal hunting connections. Furious campaigners called for the new tennis world number one to ditch Under Armour because it has a range for hunting fans…. Jordi Casamitjana, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “Andy Murray seems a great advocate for animals. We hope he’ll want to distance himself from this.”… (story)
Daily Record 6.11.16 Wildlife campaigners plead with Andy Murray to split with clothing sponsor over animal hunting connections BY CRAIG MCDONALD - ANDY Murray has been urged to quit the US sportswear giants who supply his gear over an animal hunting row. The new world tennis No1 is halfway through a four-year kit deal with Under Armour, believed to be worth around £15million. But the firm have become embroiled in controversy due to a range for hunting fans to use on kills…. (story)

Sunday Post 6.11.16 Scottish SPCA chief Stuart Earley was a fat cat right to the end Written by Gordon Blackstock - THE FAT cat chief of Scotland’s leading animal charity has walked away with a six-figure golden goodbye. Stuart Earley, 59, announced he was stepping down from the Scottish SPCA with immediate effect last week… And now we can reveal details of the eye-watering deal Mr Earley thrashed out with the charity’s board – leaving at a time the Scottish SPCA’s income is tumbling. His exit package will see him given £100,000, around six months of his salary, despite not having to work any notice…. (story)
Herald 2.11.16 Scottish SPCA boss steps down after pay controversy - David Ross - THE boss of a leading animal charity has left his £216,000-a-year job amid claims his well publicised salary was deterring would-be donors. Stuart Earley, chief executive of Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Scottish SPCA), has been in the spotlight for several years after joining the charity in 2007. The highest earning charity chief in Scotland, he secured a salary of £190,855 which rose to around £216,000 after extras… (story)
Express 2.11.16 Head of Scottish SPCA resigns with pay-off after row over his six-figure salary - THE chief executive of Scotland's biggest animal charity has quit his post with a golden goodbye after a furious backlash over his "outrageous" salary plunged the organisation into a funding crisis. By GREG CHRISTISON (story)

Evening Standard 6.11.16 Tube station campaign launching to urge Londoners to go vegan in New Year - JAMIE BULLEN - Londoners have been urged to go vegan in January as campaigners prepare to launch a drive in Tube stations to recruit supporters. Veganuary, a charity which promotes veganism in the UK, said it wants as many people as possible to cut meat, fish and dairy from their diets in the New Year… (story)

Sunday Herald 6.11.16 Meat-eating is immoral - Louise Gray, author of The Ethical Carnivore, has the title of her book wrong for a start (Hunting, shooting and fishing for her Supper, Sunday Herald Life, October 23). There is no such thing as an "ethical carnivore"; such a phrase is an oxymoron…. Sandra Busell Edinburgh (letter)


Telegraph 5.11.16 Cast the rod, empower the child - Jonny Cooper - Look what happens as soon as you start teaching fishing to children,” says Charles Jardine, reaching for his equipment. “You tell them to hold a net in the water, like this” – he extends a thin black pole horizontally into the lake in front of us – “and then you say 'hold a rod over it at 40 degrees, like this’ ” – up goes the rod, creating the second side of a triangle. “The first thing the kids say is, 'what’s 40 degrees?’ Bang. You’re teaching them geometry without them realising.” I suppose they don’t call it angling for nothing. Jardine’s impromptu demonstration neatly explains the theory behind Fishing4Schools, a Countryside Alliance scheme that introduces young people to the skills – and joys – of fishing…. (story)

Indy 5.11.16 This vegetarian ate meat for the first time in 22 years. Her reaction was priceless by Joe Vesey-Byrne - Stephanie Potakis, has been a vegetarian for 22 years, and for the purposes of our entertainment she decided to eat a delicious meal of dead animals. And it was delicious… (story)
Metro 4.11.16 This vegetarian ate meat for the first time in 22 years and absolutely loved it - Miranda Larbi - Vegetarians are a complex group of people. Many go meat-free at school and spend the next however-many-years making dinner parties and food orders difficult for everyone else…. Stephania Potakis, The Onion’s casting director, hadn’t eaten meat since primary school – that is, until The AV Club took her to a Chicago steakhouse… You might expect someone who consciously gave up eating animals 22 years ago would find the prospect of once again eating bloody steak gross. But she absolutely loves it… (story)


Tatler 4.11.16 WHY HUNTING IS MORE POPULAR THAN EVER - 'There is only one thing better than sex' says the chairman of one of England's most revered hunts. 'And that is jumping hedges.' Sophia Money-Coutts on why this most beautiful, most adrenalin-fuelled sport is more popular than ever…. According to a Countryside Alliance survey carried out last year, 91 per cent of all packs now hunt on the same or more days than they did before the act became law. Of the dozens of packs contacted for this article, almost all reported increased numbers of followers. The Croome & West Warwickshire Foxhounds say they've doubled their numbers, and the New Forest Hounds say they're attracting more young people, as does the Worcestershire Hunt, adding that the average age of their followers has dropped 20 years since 2005. 'There's only one thing better than sex,' adds a member of the Duke of Beaufort's Hunt, based at Badminton in Gloucestershire, 'and that's jumping hedges out hunting.'… around 200 mounted followers and 6,000 onlookers turned out at the Chipping Norton meet of the Heythrop Hunt… 'The Gloucestershire packs will always be popular,' sniffs one hunting obsessive from the North, by which she means packs that include the Beaufort, the VWH, the Berkeley, the North Cotswold and the Heythrop… Any connection to a duke naturally ups the grandness of a pack - so that includes the Belvoir in Leicestershire and Scotland's Duke of Buccleuch Hunt. 'The Dulverton West is having a very good moment,' adds a source with the Exmoor Foxhounds… men look their best in a Patey,' says Amory McMahon, a 29-year-old hunting fan who rides sidesaddle with the Galway Blazers in Ireland…. 'It's got to be. We're definitely not happy to carry on as it is,' says Nikki Hancock, who works for Cornwall's Four Burrow Hunt as a huntswoman… (story)

Sheffield Star 4.11.16 AND THEY'RE OFF! Horse loving lady hunters bare all for foxy photos - A posse of horse-loving ladies in lingerie have got pulses racing by stripping for 'Foxy Hunters' calendar. The 14 amateur models, all from the equestrian world, swapped stirrups and saddles for stockings and suspenders to go bare-back for saucy shots. Hailed "hunting's foxiest beauties" the show jumpers, eventers, hunters and dressage riders undressed for a good cause…. They came together this time for a calendar, now in its seventh year, that makes money for key air ambulance cause…. (story)

Shooting Times 4.11.16 Countryside Alliance welcomes new social media laws - Mark Layton - The Countryside Alliance (CA) has welcomed new guidelines published by the Crown Prosecution Service aimed at tackling online abuse, harassment and intimidation via social media. Earlier this month, director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders announced: “Social media can be used to educate, entertain and enlighten but there are also people who use it to bully, intimidate and harass… (story)

Sun 4.11.16 I know it upsets people… but culling IS essential for some animals - BY CHRIS PACKHAM, AUTUMNWATCH PRESENTER - WILDLIFE expert Chris Packham caused outrage when he called for deer and elephants to be culled. Here the BBC Autumnwatch presenter defends his view. PEOPLE are confused and upset by my comments on controlling animal populations through culling. But I have learned that such culls are essential to maintain the habitats where these animals live. It’s a sad but a necessary fact of life… (story)

Cherwell 4.11.16 Oxford conducts more animal testing than any other UK university By Felix Pope - Data released this week revealed Oxford University carries out experiments on more animals than any of the UK’s other top ten biomedical research universities…. Director of Science at Cruelty Free International Dr Kathy Taylor told Cherwell, “We believe the public will be shocked to learn that Oxford University, one of the country’s most highly regarded academic institutions, is also responsible for conducting over 225,000 experiments on animals per year, more than any other university in Britain… The campaign group SPEAK, the Voice for Animals, has collated what they allege to be examples of unnecessarily cruel experiments conducted at Oxford…. (story)

Bolton News 4.11.16 Animal rights campaigners stage protest outside poultry firm -Dale Haslam - ANIMAL rights campaigners caught people's attention during a rush-hour protest outside a Bolton poultry firm. About 20 demonstrators from the newly formed Bolton Chicken Save group waved placards outside Bolton Poultry Products… One of the organisers, Gareth Evans, of Bolton, described the event as a "peaceful vigil" aimed at "bearing witness to the last moments of the lives of chickens."… Another campaigner, Kate Hutchinson, aged 25, of Bolton, said: “I was cycling past this place recently and saw crates of chickens outside. I sat with them a while and was very emotional… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 4.11.16 On Remembrance Sunday, and on behalf of animal air, a purple floral wreath will be laid at the Whitehall gates to commemorate the millions of animals and birds that lost their lives during years of human conflict … Janet Cummings, Rugby (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 4.11.16 Animals exploited - WE are often described as a nation of “animal lovers” but it would be more accurate to say we are a nation of pet lovers (mainly dogs, cats and budgies). We kill millions of animals each year (and I suspect we have not been told the truth about some aspects of factory farming)… MAX NOTTINGHAM St Faith’s Street, Lincoln (letter)


Belfast Telegraph 3.11.16 Horrific footage shows hare coursing in Republic is impossible to regulate and must be banned outright - JOHN FITZGERALD Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (letter)
Irish Examiner 1.11.16 Video proves hare coursing is cruel - Damning new video footage proves that hare-coursing continues to be a despicably cruel practice, despite assurances from Heritage Minister, Heather Humphries, that the “sport” is well-regulated and that hares come to no harm, due to muzzling of greyhounds and stringent monitoring of fixtures… John Fitzgerald Lower Coyne Street, Callan, County Kilkenny (story)

East London Lines 3.11.16 Animal rights demonstrators target halal slaughterhouse By Sundus Saeed - A group of animal rights activists staged a demonstration outside a halal slaughterhouse in Whitechapel on Saturday night. Lesley Dove, an animal rights campaigner, organised the protest at the slaughterhouse in Hessel Street – which sits behind a shop front with that name Muslim Halal Live Poultry and Chicken – with several other animal rights and vegan activists who had attended a mass animal rights rally in Westminster earlier that day…. (story)
Evening Standard 29.10.16 Thousands of vegans spark traffic chaos as Whitehall closed due to demo - FIONA SIMPSON - Thousands of vegans have sparked traffic chaos as they marched on Whitehall during a protest. Whitehall is closed southbound as far as Trafalgar Square due to the animal rights demo…. Some 2,000 vegans are believed to have taken part in the protest calling for changes to animal rights…. (story)


Guardian 2.11.16 I know getting cold once a year won't solve homelessness. But it may just help - Eduardo Gonçalves chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports - It’s not just animals who suffer cruelty. My one night sleeping rough with other leaders may spur action on the crisis many prefer to ignore… (story)
Huffington Post 26.10.16 Why I’m Sleeping Rough This Month - Eduardo Goncalves CEO League Against Cruel Sports (story)

Notts TV 2.11.16 World Vegan Month: What’s happening in Notts and how you can get involved By Holly Skelton - Research shows that over half a million people in Britain now follow a plant-based diet… Bluebird Wholefoods, which opened in June, is also based on Mansfield Road and specialises in vegan food stocking over 40 varieties of vegan cheese. Shop owner Adrian Bhagat said: “There are a number of reasons for the huge rise in people becoming vegan… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 2.11.16 Belfast Zoo must be shut, says Northern Ireland Says No To Animal Cruelty - A prominent animal advocacy organisation has called for Belfast Zoo to be closed down. Northern Ireland Says No To Animal Cruelty spoke out after it emerged that the zoo's accreditation had been delayed amid concerns following an inspection…. (story)


Irish Independent 1.11.16 Watch: 'Barbaric' videos show terrified hares chased and mauled by dogs in Irish courses - A series of videos shot by an animal welfare organisation show terrified hares attempting to flee from muzzled dogs in Irish courses. The clips were filmed by the Irish Council Against Blood Sports in Offaly last weekend using a long distance lens… The organisation is hoping these videos will bring animal cruelty to public attention, according to council spokesperson Aideen Yourell… (story)
Mirror 1.11.16 Shocking footage shows injured hare mauled repeatedly by greyhounds in coursing event BY PAT FLANAGAN - Horrific video footage has emerged of a terrified and injured hare being mauled by greyhounds. Even though the dogs are muzzled, the terrified hare is badly injured as it desperately runs for its life. Animal welfare activists claim despite reassurances from Heritage Minister Heather Humphries that new regulations protect hares, many are still suffering at coursing events… (story)

Ledbury Reporter 1.11.16 Halloween demonstration at Sequani - ANIMAL rights campaigners staged a Halloween demonstration outside the Sequani laboratory in Ledbury on Monday., (October 31). They say they were there in protest at animal experiments being carried at Sequani, off the Bromyard Road. The event was organised by Hereford Animal Protection League alongside the Worcestershire Vegans & Veggies,… (story)

Third Force News 1.11.16 Scotland’s highest paid charity boss resigns by Graham Martin - Scotland’s highest paid charity boss has resigned. Stuart Earley, the chief executive of the Scottish SPCA, is standing down with immediate effect. It is understood that the board of the animal welfare charity was told of his decision, which was accepted… (story)

Forge Press 1.11.16 What’s the beef with veganism? Megan McGrath, President of the University of Sheffield’s Vegetarian and Vegan Society, shares her experiences of going vegan… So how did I get here? One day, bored from my return home for summer, I absent-mindedly Googled “vegan.” The information that I read over the next two hours led me to make one of the best decisions of my life. My only regret is not doing it sooner…. For me, a large part of being vegan is crediting oneself for the huge impact one can personally have on our planet and on the lives of people and animals. If you don’t agree with the destruction of our planet or the unnecessary killing of 56 billion animals a year – don’t fund it. There are so many more important things in the world than your taste buds. (story)

Mail 1.11.16 Can you REALLY be a healthy vegan? Nutritionist gives his expert verdict – and reveals the safest way to follow the diet... By ROB HOBSON FOR MAILONLINE (story)

Burton Mail 1.11.16 Celebrate World Vegan Day with this pumpkin-inspired recipe By HelenKreft - The potential benefits of cutting meat from your diet are being highlighted as part of World Vegan Day today, Tuesday, November 1… Locally veganism is celebrated in Burton thanks to the recently born Absolutely Vegan stall at Burton Market Hall… Tim Brookes, who runs the stall, became a vegetarian in 1973 aged 12 when Linda McCartney, wife of Beatles legend Paul McCartney was increasing the popularity of vegetarianism… (story)

Kent Messenger 1.11.16 Kent Animal Save to protest at Charing Meats slaughterhouse, in Ashford by Vicky Castle - An animal rights group are heading to Charing this afternoon to protest outside the slaughterhouse. Around 20 activists with Kent Animal Save are expected at Charing Meats from 1.30pm to 6.30pm for the vigil. Elizabeth Teall, 20, who has organised the protest alongside her mum Julianne, said the group are there to 'bare witness to the suffering of the animals… (story)

Northern Echo 1.11.16 Humanely deter rats and mice from taking up shelter in your home - AS winter approaches, wild animals are more likely to seek warmth and shelter inside our homes. Some of these, such as rats and mice, are often viewed as unwelcome visitors…. Animal Aid provides free information on how to stop these animals from taking up residence without harming them, and how to encourage them to leave if they have already arrived… Isobel Hutchinson, Animal Aid (letter)