October 2003

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Sutton Guardian 31.10.03 Anglers not to blame - Your report on the removal of fish from Burgh Heath Pond showed just one side of a two-sided debate… Anyone who has ever visited this tiny pond will know there isn’t room for 40 anglers to fish, and removing the fish to prevent a handful of anglers from enjoying their peaceful pursuit will not reduce the amount of litter or excrement…. The reason the fish are to be removed is not about litter. It is about a few selfish local residents and the anti-angling brigade getting a foothold. Name and Address Supplied (letter)

Western Daily Press 31.10.03 RACING TO DEFEND THE NATIONAL HUNT - The horse-racing world last night hit back fiercely at animal rights activists after a campaign to ban their sport. Jockeys, trainers and leading figures in the racing fraternity slammed action group Animal Aid for calling for National Hunt racing to be stopped…. Stephen Higgins, the manager of Wincanton racecourse, said: "To judge horse racing from the point of view of Animal Aid is like finding out about politics from the Monster Raving Loony Party."… (story)
Western Daily Press 29.10.03 VOW TO DEMO UNTIL RACE BAN - Animal rights campaigners last night demanded a ban on National Hunt racing amid claims the summer drought has risked the lives of horses. Activists are planning a series of hard-hitting demonstrations and are set to target the West's prestigious racecourses for the first time…. campaign group Animal Aid yesterday called for a total ban on the "irresponsible" sport. Senior campaigns officer Elaine Toland said: "Trainers who irresponsibly enter their horses when the ground is firm to hard put their horses at risk of sustaining severe leg injuries and at increased risk of losing their lives."… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 29.10.03 ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP TARGETS HORSE RACING - Animal rights campaigners have demanded a complete ban on National Hunt racing amid claims the summer drought has risked the lives of horses…. campaign group Animal Aid, which has previously protested at the Grand National, has called for a total ban on the sport and claimed the safety of jockeys and horses is in jeopardy… (story)

Irish Independent 31.10.03 Benefits of a vegan diet - It is irresponsible of correspondent C Jardine (Letters) to suggest that vegetarian children will be undernourished. Widespread experience has shown this not to be the case.... Ruarc Gahan, Hollywood, Co Wicklow (letter)

Argus 31.10.03 Mercy sett is home to the wrong badgers by Lilly Peel - An artificial sett built for badgers who escaped a death sentence has welcomed its first tenants - but they're the wrong badgers. The Department for the Enivironment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has spent thousands of pounds building the home after a mass protest against plans to cull the brocks accused of burrowing beneath the foundations of nearby houses in suburban Saltdean. But three of the five badgers have found themselves a new natural sett half a mile away and an opportunistic female has taken up residence…. (story)

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 31.10.03 Plea as cars mow down starving badgers - DRIVERS in Badenoch and Strathspey are being urged to watch out for badgers searching for food and water before the onset of winter. Scottish Natural Heritage say that this is the time of year when the organisation receives the most reports of badgers being killed on Highland roads… Mr Allan Bantick, vice-chairman of Scottish Badgers, said: “We certainly have had a number of badger road fatalities in the Highland region…" (story)

Northern Echo 31.10.03 ANIMAL WELFARE - AS a nation of animal lovers, there must be one animal that holds a special place in our hearts - the horse. I am therefore appalled to learn of new EU proposals to inflict great suffering on these noble and gentle animals… Name and address supplied. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 31.10.03 TIME TO END THE LIVE EXPORT TRADE - Major General Peter Davies Director General WSPA (letter)
Scotsman 27.10.03 Live exports scandal - The World Society for the Protection of Animals welcomes the news that over 50,000 sheep have been allowed to leave the ship on which they have been stranded for almost three months since leaving Australia for the Middle East. In that time, more than 5,000 have died… (MAJ GEN) PETER DAVIES Director general, WSPA Albert Embankment London (letter)

Western Morning News 31.10.03 SMOKESCREEN WHICH COVERS UP A HORRENDOUS TRADE - I fail to see any legitimate reason why any live animal need be sent on the horrendous journeys that I know take place in order to be slaughtered when a perfectly adequate arrangement could be made for the slaughter to take place in the United Kingdom… Daphne Mills, Newquay
Need for compassion … How sad that some can treat them so badly with so little thought for the fine creatures they are so mistreating. Mrs S Moston, Woolacombe
Ban this sick trade - IT is a sick trade and the Govement should take a firm line and ban it now. Mr D L Taylor, Wigan
Innocent creatures … Foxhunting is on the verge of being banned, so why not this extremely cruel horse trade - especially when these poor creatures are deemed to be doing no harm.Anne Johnson, Dartington, near Totnes
Animals have rights … These animals have rights. We love our horses and otters so treat them right. R Burgess and girls Plymouth
No right to abuse - WE have no right to abuse these wonderful creatures like this… Mrs A D Coker, Boscastle, Cornwall
Shocked at cruelty - I AM still shocked after seeing the recent photographs of those poor animals and the mindless cruelty they receive… Mrs C Deakin, Lifton, Devon
Leave the horses alone … Leave the horses alone. If Britain is doing this, the world must be doomed, as you are the most compassionate animal caretakers! Nancy Janes Footnotes Walking and Hiking Tours
Treat them properly …with parts of the moor severely overstocked already and it is quite proper that the ponies should cropped like any other farm animal. What is important is that they should be treated properly, not kept hanging about, and then slaughtered quickly and cleanly… Ian Murray West, Yelverton
Suffering of animals … The eventual treatment in the abattoirs of these proud and gentle creatures must be hell on earth…. M F Osborne, Ludgvan, Penzance
Gutless Government … All a ban needs is for our gutless government to stand up and say: 'No more!' R. Mowlam, Axminster
Barbaric treatment… Unfortunately this government has little regard for farming and countryside issues, but hopefully, as it is opposed to hunting with dogs because of the welfare issues, it will not be hypocritical and oppose the ban on export of live equines. Dr Nicola Bannister, Biddenden, Kent
Wonderful campaign WE have had posters/petitions in our shop and all who have kindly signed are appalled that live exports of any animal is necessary…. The Pennsylvania Pine Co, Newton Abbot, Devon (letters)
Western Morning News 31.10.03 GOVERNMENT MUST ACT NOW - There are several issues that need to be addressed to make sure this never happens again. The first is the slaughterhouses. Many have closed or find it just too expensive to slaughter due to EU regulations imposed…. Angela Hill, South Molton
… Having legislated to ban foxhunting, the Labour Party must now take action to end the suffering of these horses. If it doesn't act it risks being portrayed as a party of hypocrisy, intent on implementing policies which benefit its own interests and not those of the people it claims to represent…. Matt Grahame, Congdons Shop, Cornwall (letters)
Western Morning News 28.10.03 HORSES DESERVE DIGNITY - We have been inundated with your views following the launch of the WMN's campaign to stop the resumption of live exports of horses for slaughter on the continent…. As a 13-year old girl, and as a citizen of my country and a human being on this Earth, I will be heard and my voice will not go away!... I am a vegetarian and a strong protester against animal cruelty…. Stop this now, for horses have never stopped and never will stop giving and loving. Tara Rendle Ivybridge (letter)
Western Morning News 28.10.03 GUARDIANS OF PLANET HAVE RESPONSIBILITY TO NURTURE … I deplore any kind of live transport of animals for slaughter, but am especially concerned about the fate of our native ponies, for whom this satanic trade represents a particularly abhorrent and unnecessarily protracted end… Mrs J R Elton-Miller, Paignton
Enlightened age - I FIND it hard to believe in this day and age of awareness of cruelty to all animals, that this wicked practice of transporting any live animal abroad to be slaughtered could be allowed to continue… Mrs S J Collett, Four Lanes, Redruth
Civic clout - I ENCLOSE the names of 30 of my relations or friends who have asked me to put their names on the petition… Coun Dave Tellam, Camborne (letters)
Western Morning News 21.10.03 Awful suffering - I WAS horrified to see film of yet more Australian sheep, packed in their thousands, on ships, waiting to be exported to the Middle East…. Tess Nash, Helston (letter)
Western Morning News 21.10.03 LIVE EXPORTS MUST NEVER BE ALLOWED AGAIN - Eight years ago we stood every night, sometimes until two or three in the morning, often in pouring rain and freezing cold at Millbay Docks, demonstrating against the export of live animals… Horses are such loving sensitive creatures. We must not allow the live export of horses and donkeys to start again…. Mrs Jade Esher Animal Concern Today Plymouth (letter)
Western Morning News 21.10.03 WHAT MORE CAN WE DO TO PREVENT THIS TRADE? - We have been inundated with your views following the launch of the WMN's campaign to stop the resumption of live exports of horses for slaughter on the continent. An amazing 61,773 readers have backed the campaign. Here is a further selection of your letters…
… I had a sleepless night wondering what I could do, the images of these gentle trusting animals being cruelly treated and driven so many miles and in terrible conditions… Mrs Anne Howes, Wells Somerset
Rules often broken - WE utterly oppose any transporting of live animals, and can see no need to do so… Clive and Jane Prowse, Bovey Tracey
RSPCA investigation …a dealer who loads ponies roughly on to lorries one day and behaves sensitively the next due to RSPCA intervention, cannot be trusted in the future when the RSPCA is not in evidence. Carol Ridge, Chillington, Kingsbridge (letters)
Western Morning News 21.10.03 WHY THE LONG JOURNEYS - ONLY TO END IN SLAUGHTER? - The rspca considers the long-distance transportation of live animals for slaughter unjustifiable because of the cost in animal welfare and advocates a carcass-only trade… Dr Julia Wrathall, RSPCA Head of farm animals department
Why passports? A QUESTION for the horsemen and horsewomen of Britain. Why are you tolerating this EU rule foisted upon you, that all horses and ponies have to have passports?... We don't eat horse meat in Britain and that is what this passport nonsense is all about…. Neil Kernick, Newton Abbot, Thank you
CONGRATULATIONS on your campaign opposing the resumption of the horrific practice of live exports… J & D Medland,Exeter (letters)
Why send live? IN this modern day and age can someone explain to me why animals have to be sent live, why can they not be slaughtered here and sent in freezer containers to Europe… Margaret Bell, Pinhoe, Exeter
Man's greed … I am disgusted to think those wonderful animals could again have to suffer such a terrible end with those endless journeys… C Roberts, Helston, Cornwall
Ghastly trade We feel cut off here on the Island, but I pray this letter may help in a tiny way towards the protest. Ruth Braund, Isle of Man (letters)
Western Morning News 21.10.03 ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS IN WHATEVER FORM It is really barbaric to think of these poor creatures being transported in very often cramped conditions… Jenny Grant, Bideford
Innocent creatures MY wife and I wish to thank you for the campaign to stop the export of all live animals…. Mr and Mrs TL & J Squance, Plymouth
I campaigned in 1977 - I APPLAUD the WMN for bringing the live export trade to people's notice. As far back as 1977, when I was at agricultural college, I began my own campaign against the trade, which was going on then…. Penny Standing, Honiton (letters)
Western Morning News 21.10.03 WE MUST MAKE THE POLITICIANS LISTEN TO OUR ARGUMENTS … How we can allow, in this supposedly enlightened age, such blatant cruelty and needless suffering to occur, is beyond belief… David J Douglas-Mort and Rowan F Douglas-Mort, Honiton
Merciless trade WE have been most grateful to the WMN for highlighting the danger of horses, ponies and donkeys being included in the live export trade, and for having continued to press for a complete ban… Connie Hudson, Topsham (letters)
Bath Chronicle 16.10.03 ANIMAL EXPORTS - Our local paper, The Western Morning News has, over the past few weeks, printed articles, letters and petition pages with space for 30 names and addresses on the possible re-introduction of the export of live horses, ponies and donkeys to the continent…. ANNE C REA, Fore Street, Ipplepen, South Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 15.10.03 SALE PONIES DESERVE PROTECTION - After the fantastic campaign the Western Morning News has run over the past few weeks to highlight the fate of our Dartmoor ponies… Are there not vets present at these sales to monitor the treatment and the condition of the ponies and does the RSPCA not have jurisdiction over the handlers? I was dismayed to learn they were "ordered off a lorry"… Peta-Jane Field St Just Cornwall (letter)
Western Morning News 14.10.03 EUROPEAN COMMISSION PROPOSALS ON EXPORT - European Commission proposals for changes to the rules governing animal welfare will not affect the types of animals that can or cannot be exported - this includes horses, ponies and donkeys…. It is the Commission's view that, where possible, the live transport of animals should be avoided. But where it is not possible, strict guidelines to safeguard the animals' welfare should be laid down. This is what the Commission is doing - it is now up to member states, including the UK, to decide whether to agree to the proposals. Jim Dougal, Head of Representation European Commission in the United Kingdom
Peter Stevenson, legal and political director of Compassion in World Farming, replies: "I'm afraid that the Commission is misinterpreting its own proposed law. I'm absolutely clear that the proposed new EU law applies to all animals, including horses, whether or not they are currently exported…." (letter)
Western Morning News 11.10.03 Will of the people ... It is clear that the British People do not want the export of live animals, for slaughter, and since any government is in office only at the behest of the people, to carry out a duty and responsibility on their behalf, they have no choice, whatever the EU says, but to ban live exports from the UK.... Tess Nash, Mawgan, Helston (letter)
Salisbury Journal/Avon Advertiser 9.10.03 Save these horses from export for meat - OUR local paper, the Western Morning News, has over the past few weeks printed articles, letters and petition pages with space for 30 names and addresses about the possible reintroduction of the export of live horses, ponies and donkeys to the continent…. I feel it should be nationwide and therefore I am writing to newspapers all over the country in the hope that they will help or perhaps print this letter, so that he general public is made aware of what could happen. ANNE C REA, Ipplepen, South Devon (letter in archive)
Western Morning News 9.10.03 NO ANIMAL SHOULD BE SENT ABROAD ALIVE - Add my name to the supporters of your campaign… Michael Baker, Exeter
I find it hard to believe that any Englishman could agree to submit to allowing any animal to be condemned to such a journey of torture to end in death… A Nicholson, St Germans Saltash
We are absolutely appalled to hear that the live export of horses, ponies and donkeys is being considered… Sue Smaldon and Liz Anscombe, Newton Abbot
Please, no live exports for horses, ponies or donkeys, or cattle of any kind. Bee Smith, Exeter
Please keep up your campaign against the export of live horses for slaughter… M Lailey, Penryn
… If farmers are still breeding these animals for meat this should also be illegal. Mrs J Beever, Ottery St Mary
… Bad enough if they were transported and allowed to live but to put them through such an ordeal and then kill them is despicable. Mrs A L Griffin, South Molton North Devon
I wholeheartedly support your campaign to stop the reintroduction of the export of live horses from the UK for slaughter. John Hemsted, Plymouth
… As a supposed nation of animal lovers we should be ashamed of turning a blind eye to the resumption of the ghastly trade in live animal exports…. Ruth Pearce, Falmouth
I write in total support of your campaign to prevent the transport of live horses to the Continent… Barbara Perkins, Kingsbridge
.. We hope and pray that this campaign will be successful and never let it return. Mr and Mrs Osephius, Indian Queens
I wholeheartedly support your campaign to ban the live transporting of horses, ponies and donkeys but would wish the same protection for cattle, sheep and goats, etc… Mrs S Gennoy, Gorran St Austell
Surely in this day and age all animals, not just horses, should be exported on the hook and not on the hoof.. Anne Shaw, Penzance
I am totally against this wicked, barbaric transportation of live horses, ponies, donkeys and foals… Kaz Thompson, Ashburton
… what they suffer we will never really appreciate. Animals are here for us so-called humans to look after…. Enid Barron, Tresillian
I am ashamed and disgusted that in this day and age the human race can even think of transporting horses, ponies, donkeys, etc, in this way… Mrs M J Howard, Falmouth
… I hope this evil trade will not be resumed. Mrs Rosa Hewitt, Exmouth
… It is a cruel and disgusting trade. Charlotte Holiman, Westward Ho! (letters)
Western Morning News 8.10.03 LIVE EXPORTS ARE BARBARIC … All the views I have read are similar in that this trade is barbaric. Where I wonder are the views of the people who deliberately breed and sell these animals knowing full well that there is already a loop-hole and the fate these animals suffer?... N Cooper, Yelverton
This cannot be condoned - THE sadness and pain we felt for the poor horses and ponies pictured in the WMN recently is indescribable… Andrea and Valerie Eastman, Appledore
Without heart … I have a few words to say on this matter: cruel, thoughtless, barbaric and disgusting… R Hawkey, Winkleigh
PLEASE, please, campaign for a new, large, modern, high standard (to comply with EEC rules) abattoir in Devon. Please, please, campaign for a meat processing plant nearby. Please, please, campaign for it to be near the motorway…. Jon Martin Fox Ledger, Totnes (letters)
Western Morning News 8.10.03 LORRY LOADS OF TERRIBLE MISERY - It's 2003 and still we have the disgusting live export trade - lorry loads of terror and misery and absolute hell at the end of the horrific journey…. Dorothy Venning, Torpoint, Cornwall
Doctors sign petition - I AM in Derriford Hospital at the moment, so I brought your campaign petition in with me. Doctors, nurses and helpers have filled in the enclosed and another form is on display…. Delphine Brichieri Colombi, Tavistock
No need for the practice - LIVE export of all animals must be stopped… Mrs G R Fortnum, Bovey Tracey Newton Abbot Devon (letters)
Western Morning News 8.10.03 MANY FARM ANIMALS ARE ALSO SENT FOR SLAUGHTER … Thank you so much for your support for public feeling on this issue, and for drawing attention to the horror of the live export trade…. Mary Binder, Rattery
Helpless victims … It is totally intolerable for a civilised society to allow, let alone be a part of, the protracted suffering of helpless victims solely for the purpose of financial gain…. Christina Chapman, West Buckland Kingsbridge (letters)
Western Morning News 7.10.03 MONEY IS ROOT OF THIS EVIL - We have been inundated with your views following the launch of our campaign to stop the resumption of live exports of horses for slaughter on the continent. Here is a further selection of your letters
I cannot understand how the EU can be proposing to allow such cruelty to innocent intelligent animals for financial gain… David Bowman, St Dennis Cornwall
I run a small pony and goat sanctuary at Ipplepen near Newton Abbot, where I specialise in crossbred Dartmoor ponies. Each year I buy as many of the youngest weakest foals that I can accommodate from the drift sales… he stress these ponies endure even at a local level is extreme to say the least. Can you imagine the stress involved in such a journey, to what are effectively wild ponies that are used to being on the open moors?... Linda East, Rainbow Valley Sanctuary Ipplepen
Sickened by mankind's disregard - I, too, feel absolutely sickened at mankind's total disregard for animal welfare… P. Alexander, Tavistock
Is there a hidden reason here? My dad is a farmer and his family have been farming for generations… we know there has to be a meat trade with other countries but why do the animals have to be transported live?... Joanne Goodman, Totnes
We have learned this lesson … we learned the lessons about live exports of ponies years ago. It is not workable and mustn't be allowed to start again. D J Ogle, South Brent
It is a barbaric trade … No animal should leave this country on the hoof… Shirley Renowden, Cornwall
Stand up for these poor animals … It is about time someone stood up for these poor unfortunate animals and spoke out on their behalf. Mrs H Howell, Perranwell Station
Call for civil disobedience - It is now obvious that the introduction of equine passports is timed to allow the resumption of live exports from this country. The most effective demonstration of our condemnation of this cruel trade is therefore to refuse en masse to comply with the passport requirements due to be introduced in a few months time…. Quentin Blacke, Penhallow
Pictures left me in tears … I pray that as an animal loving country we do not start these live exports again. Mrs M Taylor, Harrowbarrow
How can anyone condone this? … This is a totally inhumane, barbaric practice…. Ruth Bethel, Blackborough Devon
Stop this murderous slaughter - I look into the eyes of the beautiful creatures, and all I can see is a line of cruelty… Lynette Dunn, St Ives
You can see fear in their eyes - It is unbelievable that in 2003 we are even considering bringing back live export for horses and ponies…. Sue Smith, Wadebridge (letters)
Western Morning News 6.10.03 AGONY OF LIVE EXPORT TRADE - We have been inundated with your views following the launch of our campaign to stop the resumption of live exports of horses for slaughter on the continent. Here is a further selection of your letters…
… A government hell bent on outlawing fox hunting on the grounds of cruelty, and allowing our lovely ponies to be tortured is unbelievable, it makes no sense at all…. Mrs M Wilson, Padstow, Cornwall
It is not just horses, ponies and donkeys we should be concerned about being exported live - no animal should forced into this trade…. Louise Piddington, Plymouth
I was devastated to read an article in the Western Morning News regarding transportation of live horses abroad for slaughter… Jan Perkins, Bude
People power can win … enough people power will halt the misery or shame the uncaring dealers who make money from this dreadful trade. Elizabeth Quinn, Yelverton
Is this a civilised world? … As long as people eat meat, this savage and brutal treatment of animals will continue… Tammy Mohammed, Yelverton
Export makes no sense - Unfortunately there is a minority in this world who will do anything to get a shilling… John Carter, Redruth
Don't allow this suffering - I want to support all you are trying to do to save our beautiful horses, ponies and donkeys from the terrible fate and suffering they may be doomed for…. Patricia Pratt, Exeter
Think of our noble friends - I am employed by Equestrian Stop. Being a horse retail shop, we've had the opportunity to get well over 100 names for your petition from our customers who are appalled and angered by what they have read in the WMN… Alice Williams, Equestrian Stop Camborne
Cruelty for financial gain … I cannot understand how the EU can propose to allow such cruelty to innocent, intelligent animals for financial gain… David Bowman, St Dennis Cornwall (letters)
Western Morning News 6.10.03 IN BRIEF... I am dismayed that Britain may soon dance to the EU's tune regarding the transportation of live horses and ponies to the continent… Mrs S C Gray, Woodbury Salterton Exeter
I AM horrified anyone can consider the awful fate helpless horses may have to meet…. Mrs G Gregory, Northleach, Gloucestershire
….We haven't come far in terms of vile cruelty, have we? Betty Williams, Stoke St Gregory, Somerset (letters)
Western Morning News 4.10.03 OWNERS AND BREEDERS SHOULD HAVE LICENCES ... The owners should not be allowed, through lack of care, to make money in such a bloody and thoughtless way. Jane Green, Tisbury Wiltshire
Subsidised torment - I NOW learn our delightful EU - apart from condoning this trade - subsidises the breeding and torment of some 70,000 bulls and a variety of other animals in Spain for the "blood fiestas".... John Hillier, Burnham-on-Sea (letters)
Western Morning News 4.10.03 DISGUSTED AT SUCH HORRIFIC TREATMENT ... I am totally shocked and sick to the stomach at this barbaric and unnecessary trade.... Miss A Murphy, Probus, Truro
Shocked at trade ... This proposed live export is not just WRONG, it is also a betrayal of one of man's greatest friends and allies through the ages - the equine.... R B T Weeks, Penzance (letters)
Western Morning News 3.10.03 CRUELTY OF OUR HOLIDAY DESTINATION …It is bad enough that any animal has to endure what is dished out to them in these barbaric places but the thought of sending these horses, ponies and donkeys on horrendously long journeys purely to satisfy the tastebuds of those uneducated enough not to care is unthinkable… Nicola Puckey, East Looe
We must not be complacent - THE treatment of animals in this way is cruel and totally unnecessary… Mike and Joan Davies, Kingsbridge
Our Dartmoor pony was a joy … Let us hope the live export trade will soon be outlawed. Roy Williams, Callington (letters)
Western Morning News 3.10.03 UNSCRUPULOUS OWNERS ARE REAL VILLAINS … It is totally unscrupulous of owners of equines in this country to sell their animals at sales and fairs, when they know the living hell these animals will have to endure… Emma Williams, Truro
WE are against the live export of animals, but also question the necessity or desirability of extensive live transport of stock that we see so often on the roads…. Mrs and Mrs Clack, Exeter (letters)
Western Morning News 3.10.03 A BAN WOULD JUST INCREASE TRADE IN OTHER COUNTRIES - While it is understandable that people are concerned about the transport of live horses and donkeys in unacceptable conditions, putting a complete ban on the export of live animals will not improve welfare and will put us in a position where we have no restraining influence on the transport of live animals in Europe… Ivor Dennis, Holsworthy (letter)
Western Morning News 3.10.03 EVERYTHING MUST BE DONE TO STOP THIS EVIL TRADE - In response to your horse exports campaign, we would just like to say that this wicked and evil treatment of animals should never be allowed to happen… L Sibley and J Sibley, Bodmin
Animals have feelings like us - I WAS appalled by the photographs and articles in your paper about the live horse trade… P J Steward, Bickington, Barnstaple
Is there any hope of success? … This is a cruel, disgusting trade, that is fuelled solely by greed… E J Baxter, Chulmleigh (letters)
Western Morning News 2.10.03 STOP LIVE EXPORT OF OUR PONIES - We have been inundated with your letters since the launch of our campaign opposing the resumption of the live export of horses, ponies and donkeys. Here is a further selection from our postbag…
… It is barbaric that the live export of horses, ponies and donkeys should even be considered again…. E Matthews, N Abbot
I am appalled at the pictures of those gentle horses being made to suffer days of travelling to face a terrible death at the end…. Mrs Betty Williams, Stoke St Gregory, Somerset (letters)
Western Morning News 2.10.03 END SICKENING TRADE - I'm writing to strongly protest about the possible resumption of live horse exports…. Mr and Mrs Griffin, Wadebridge (letter)
Western Morning News 1.10.03 EXPORT OF ANY LIVING ANIMAL IS DEPLORABLE .... I find the export of any live animal deplorable and to do so is to take a step backwards, instead of giving a compassionate lead to other countries. Mrs D Pannell, Holbeton Devon
... I do hope this campaign of yours is successful and that the feelings of all animal lovers will be answered.... Mrs Rita G Rice, Cargreen Saltash
SURELY no live animals, let alone horses which are not bred for eventual slaughter for food anyway, should be exported live to suffer untold miseries on their journeys... Elizabeth Cooper, Dartmouth (letters)


Evesham Journal 30.10.03 I'm shooting a line - WHAT are you shooting at over the river opposite Wyre, I hope it is not the ducks every one loves and feeds, one bird fled for some way before it fell, that is cruelty, but I bet you don't care, why do you do it?... MRS G R SMOUT, Wyre Piddle. (letter in archive)

Times 30.10.03 Disturbed badger lays siege to family's home BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - A FAMILY spent nearly three hours waiting for rescue after a badger “laid siege” to their house in mid-afternoon…. Mike Weaver, chairman of the Worcestershire Badger Society, caged the badger, despite it turning nasty. A vet, who put the animal down, said that it was probably suffering from a brain tumour. (story)
Kidderminster Shuttle 30.10.03 Badger setts his sights on home by OLIVER EVANS - A TEARAWAY badger made a Rock family prisoners in their own home with an "extremely rare" show of behaviour. The family cat Artemis had to be rescued when the inquisitive creature laid siege to the house, at Bliss Gate, after following the children and their friends home…. Eventually the encircled family got hold of a badger expert, Mike Weaver from the Worcestershire Badger Society, who came to the rescue…. The badger has been re-housed at a society member's house and "seemed better" following the siege, said Mr Weaver. (story in archive)

Cambridge News 30.10.03 DOUBT OVER MONKEY LAB - SPIRALLING costs have thrown the future of Cambridge University's monkey-testing lab into doubt…. (story)
BBC News Online 30.10.03 Cash shortage for animal lab plans - A cash shortfall could throw plans for a controversial animal testing laboratory at Cambridge University into doubt. The scheme, which has sparked protests by animal rights campaigners, was first proposed in May 2000 and was expected to cost about £20m. Now the university has revealed the plans have hit a financial barrier because of rising costs - blamed on inflation, the cost of meeting new regulations and providing security measures.... (story)

Oxford Mail 30.10.03 Otters see off mink by Maddy Biddulph - Otters are replacing the American mink along British riverbanks for the first time in 40 years, according to research carried out by Oxford University zoologists…. (story in archive)
Exeter Express & Echo 29.10.03 OTTERS RISE UP TO EXPEL US INVADERS - BY BEN STEWARD - Devon's otter population is at a 40-year high - meaning its arch rival the American mink is in big trouble. Tighter legislation over chemical fertilisers and water purity, along with Government reintroduction projects, have led to a resurgence enabling the otter to take on the once unchallenged mink… (story)
BBC News Online 28.10.03 Otters thriving over mink - For the first time in 40 years otters are thriving over American mink along river banks, new figures show…. (story)
Independent on Sunday 26.10.03 Mink numbers drop as the otter bites back By Severin Carrell - The American mink, one of the countryside's most ruthless killers, has finally met its match. Across Britain, mink numbers are plummeting - thanks to a resurgence in native otter populations. Research by zoologists at the University of Oxford has found that, for the first time in 40 years, otters are displacing American mink along river banks across the country... (story)

Scotsman 30.10.03 Study backs cull of Isles' non-native hedgehog population - JOHN ROSS - A SURVEY has shown support for the controversial cull of hedgehogs in the Western Isles earlier this year, which was condemned by animal rights groups. According to the research, more than 75 per cent of those questioned agreed with the killing of the non-native hedgehogs to protect important species of birds…. (story)
Glasgow Herald 30.10.03 75% of public back hedgehogs cull JAMES FREEMAN, Environment Correspondent - THE Scottish public, unlike animal rights groups, supported the controversial hedgehog culling on Uist and Benbecula, according to a new study. More than 75% of those questioned favoured the hu-mane culling of hedgehogs in the Western Isles, while only 18% supported returning them to the mainland…. (story)
BBC News Online 29.10.03 Hedgehog cull 'had support' - A majority of people in Scotland supported the cull of hedgehogs in the Western Isles, independent research has suggested…. (story)

Argus 30.10.03 Fishy facts - Sue Baumgardt says plant oils offer better protection for health than fish oils (Letters, October 28). I have been studying omega fatty acids for two years so I assume she is talking about the omega 3 and omega 6 acids... If your readers want to get the facts I suggest they read Fats That Heal: Fats That Kill by Udo Erasmus and The Omega RX Zone by Barry Sears. -Simon J Boyd, Newhaven (letter)
Argus 28.10.03 Fishy findings - New research shows the Government's policy of urging everyone to eat certain types of fish to avoid heart disease is misleading and has been a failure. A report from the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation shows that plant (rather than fish) oils offer the best protection for health…. -Sue Baumgardt, Hove (letter)
Streatham Guardian 24.10.03 Plant oils better than fish for healthy heart MS J BIRD Du Cane Court Balham High Road (letter)
Kent/Sussex Courier 24.10.03 FISH OILS FAIL TO FIND FAVOUR - New research shows that the government??s policy of urging everyone to eat certain types of fish to avoid heart disease is misleading and has been a failure. A report from the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation health charity shows that plant, rather than fish, oils offer the best protection for health…. D Allchorne, Willow Crescent, Five Oak Green (letter)

Cumberland News & Star 30.10.03 VERY GOOD VEGGIE! - A VEGETARIAN restaurant in Cockermouth could be named best in the UK at an awards ceremony tonight. Quince & Medlar has already scooped the title twice… Owners Colin and Louisa le Voi will travel to the 2003 Vegetarian Society Awards at the Magic Circle in London tonight… (story)
Cumberland News & Star 27.9.03 RESTAURANT’S COOKING UP VEGETARIAN SUCCESS By Kelly Eve - A CUMBRIAN eatery could become the top vegetarian restaurant in the UK for the third time in a prestigious award ceremony next month. Quince & Medlar in Cockermouth has already scooped the title twice and been runner-up, beating competition from around the country... (story)


Scotsman 29.10.03 Gamekeepers suspected of killing birds of prey - JAMES REYNOLDSENVIRONMENT CORRESPONDENT - ANTAGONISM between gamekeepers and conservation groups intensified yesterday with the publication of a new report linking the criminal poisoning of birds of prey to managed grouse moors. The study, by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), used aerial photography to map areas of upland habitats with locations of persecution. It showed the incidence of illegal poisoning on grouse moors was much higher than in other upland areas, such as farmland, thus pointing the finger of blame at gamekeepers…. (story)
Glasgow Herald 29.10.03 Technology points a finger at grouse moors - JAMES FREEMAN - THE application of science has demonstrated for the first time that the majority of birds of prey found poisoned on Scotland's uplands meet their deaths on grouse moors. A study by researchers from Scottish Natural Heritage shows that the incidence of illegal poisoning on grouse moors was much higher than in other upland habitats in Scotland…. (story)

Argus 29.10.03 Society's cruelty to animals insults God - Those who see no harm in the aims and objectives of scientists working in the field of human embryo experimentation should perhaps consider for a moment the increasingly callous way in which they treat the animal kingdom… Whether it is right to use animals for research into incurable diseases may be debatable… -John Dixon, Storrington, Pulborough (letter)

Cambrian News 29.10.03 Live animal exports are cruel - Live animal exports are cruel - We write in response to the article in the Farming section last week concerning the European Commission's proposed changes to animal transport regulations. Arwyn Owen states that the members of the FUW "are extremely suspicious that these proposals stem from an irrational and emotional dislike of long-distance travel rather than any sound scientific justification for radical change". We, in turn, are extremely suspicious that the FUW's views are primarily economical and are neither based on animal welfare issues nor science… Compassion in World Farming has been campaigning for years for an absolute maximum journey time of eight hours to slaughter or for further fattening… Melvyn and Jan John, 1 Bro Llethi, Llanarth SA47 0RF (letter in archive)

Liverpool Echo 29.10.03 THE legislation protecting horses and ponies in the UK from being exported live for slaughter abroad is in danger of being challenged through the European courts…. (Mrs) Margaret M Quinn, Mossley Hill (letter)

Sunderland Echo 29.10.03 Tragedy no surprise… Major General Peter Davies CB, WSPA Director General, London (letter)
Scotsman 9.10.03 The tragic reports of a tiger turning on Roy Horn during an act in Las Vegas, while horrific and regrettable, sadly come as no great surprise. To parade a tiger on stage for people’s entertainment is totally unnatural and demeaning… (MAJ-GEN) PETER DAVIES Director general, World Society for the Protection of Animals Albert Embankment London (letter)
Western Daily Press 9.10.03 TIGERS ARE NOT HERE TO ENTERTAIN - The tragic reports of the tiger turning on magician Roy Horn during an act at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, while horrific and deeply regrettable, sadly comes as no great surprise… Major General Peter Davies Director General WSPA (letter)


News Shopper 28.10.03 On the trail of Fantastic Mr Fox By Paul Symes - On a cold, wet and windy autumn morning, the last thing I felt like doing was traipsing around muddy woodland. My fellow huntsmen and women, in contrast, seemed to be in high spirits — wet conditions are apparently ideal for hunting, as it is easier for the dogs to pick up the foxes’ scent…. Joining me on foot on the hunt (and paying for the privilege) were retired builder Peter Deacon and ex-teacher Jenny Gore, who have been hunting for a combined total of 93 years… She explained: “The pleasure I get from hunting is derived from seeing and hearing the pack in full cry, following the fox’s scent.” Her sentiments were echoed by senior hunt master Ian Anderson, an engineer by trade, whose task it is to organise the day’s activities and ensure the numerous hunting rules and regulations are adhered to, and permission is granted by the farmers to use their land…. I am glad I went on the hunt and learnt more about the blood sport, though am not in a rush to repeat the experience…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 28.10.03 BADGERS GETTING A NEGATIVE PRESS - Your article on October 23 was very negative and designed to cause maximum damage to the reputation of badgers and stir up fear and hatred of these harmless, shy creatures. This is the worst form af trash, hack, ignorant, deplorable journalism. You should be ashamed of yourselves… BRIAN LONGHURST via e-mail (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 28.10.03 BROCK IS BEST AT RECYCLING - I Read the details of the badger attacks with some concern, as it is unusual for a badger to attack unless threatened or near to its family… TERRY WEBB, Devereaux Crescent, Ebley (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 23.10.03 FAMILY'S BADGER RAMPAGE MISERY … a badger went on the rampage and ripped this Gloucester garden to shreds. The beast's claws tore and gorged into this newly-laid turf in a desperate hunt for food… knowing that a badger is on the loose has terrified Rachael who now fears for the safety of her five-month-old son Dale. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 28.10.03 ANIMALS WERE HERE BEFORE US - I Would like to reply to Rosemary Hellerman's letter about badgers (The Citizen, October 22). As for Rosemary telling to "get real," I am being real! It seems Rosemary has not lived around animals all her life, well I have….. Rosemary's plight regarding her business, but there's nothing anyone can do, these innocent animals are a fact of life. JILL BROWN Highfield Road Ruardean (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 28.10.03 Burgon attacks Canada plan to cull 1m seals BY TONY HARNEY - A LEEDS MP has attacked the Canadian government's plans to cull more than a million seals. He has joined with other Labour MPs in urging the British Government to put pressure on the Canadians the "dreadful butchery"…. (story)

BBC News Online 28.10.03 Penalties for failed animal lab tests 'too mild' - An experiment which involved playing loud music to more than 200 mice dosed up on the drug "speed", has raised concern among a group that gives advice to David Blunkett…. Members of the Animal Procedures Committee (APC), which advises the home secretary on experiments that may cause pain, suffering or distress to animals, said the penalties for such serious cases were "too mild"…. But the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) claims that had it "not relentlessly pursued the case, the fact of their illegal suffering would have remained hidden forever"…. (story)

Cambridge News 28.10.03 New TV show is inhumane From Nick Richardson, Pheasant Rise, Bar Hill - ON NOVEMBER 1 this year, Granada Television are planning to show a programme called Man vs Beast. Man vs Beast is a staged show that pitches human skill against wild animals, in mindless stunts which portray animals as little more than objects of ridicule… Animals have rights and feelings as well, say no! (letter)


Hull Daily Mail 27.10.03 WHY DID THE FOX CROSS THE ROAD? In answer to Mr J Chapman's letter regarding all the dead foxes on the road… I was talking to a fox and he said that foxes would sooner commit suicide on the road, then get torn to bits by the hounds at a fox hunt. Mr B Welburn Paghill Estate, Paull. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 15.10.03 WHY ALL THE DEAD FOXES ON ROAD? - I Have been travelling between Bridlington and Hull for the past three weeks for work and cannot believe how many foxes have been killed on the Woodmansey to Dunswell road… Mr J Chapman, Bridlington (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 27.10.03 WHY THEY'RE ANGLING TO GET YOUNGSTERS OFF THE STREETS AND HOOKED ON FISHING - Youngsters are being encouraged to abandon street corners, pick up their fishing rods and head for the river banks. A new scheme called Get Hooked has been set up to encourage young people to avoid anti-social behaviour by discovering a new interest in angling. … (story)

Guardian 27.10.03 Animal rights activists target farmer - Breeder of guinea pigs used for testing subjected to campaign of threats - Alok Jha, science correspondent - At Darley Oaks farm in the Staffordshire village of Newchurch, Chris Hall has bred guinea pigs for use in animal experiments for more than 30 years…. But what started as regular peaceful demonstrations outside the farm four years ago has escalated into violence and intimidation against the Hall family and many of their associates. Police said that that there has been a string of criminal activity - from vandalism to arson - in the name of a campaign that is rapidly becoming the new front line in the UK's animal rights movement…. (story)

Times 27.10.03 Medical research using primates - Sir, Voices calling for a ban on medical research using primates (Body & Soul, October 25) must be resisted or British science and the ability to find treatments for a range of severe illnesses will be jeopardised…. Quite rightly, all research using animals is tightly controlled in the UK. No one chooses, or is allowed, to undertake research with primates lightly. The research that is approved has brought and will continue to bring benefits to many patients, all round the world. Sincerely, COLIN BLAKEMORE, (Chief Executive, Medical Research Council), TREVOR JONES, (Director General, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry), BRIDGET OGILVIE (Chairman, Association of Medical Research Charities), NANCY ROTHWELL (Chairman, Animal Science Group, Biosciences Federation), MARK WALPORT (Director, the Wellcome Trust), c/o Coalition for Medical Progress, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, WC1H 9BB. (letter)

Western Daily Press 27.10.03 JEWISH SLAUGHTER IS MORE HUMANE - The offensive tone of the letter from NTK Cawrse betrays ignorance and racial prejudice. What on earth has fox hunting got to do with religious slaughter? It is a basic principle of Judaism to prohibit actions that cause pain to animals…. The Jewish slaughter method is at least as humane as any other for killing an animal for food…. (letter)

Western Morning News 27.10.03 Selfish 'rescue' - IT IS evident that the UK is not alone in suffering the existence of animal rights fanatics, as 7,000 mink were recently "freed" from a fur farm 30 miles from Helsinki in Finland. In these politically correct times some people have developed the selfish attitude that all animals must stay alive under any circumstances…. W T Sweet, Helston (letter)


Sunday Telegraph 26.10.03 Horde of pheasants - The pheasant is not the only bird that is artificially reared, the partridge is too (News, Oct 12), and it extends the shooting season by a month…. I believe that there is a case for limiting shooting to 10 days a year, which would give wildlife a bit more chance, by reducing the competition for food from a horde of pheasants. A C Harper, Beccles, Suffolk (letter)

Sunday Telegraph 26.10.03 It's not 'art or culture' - so Barcelona plans to ban bullfighting By David Harrison and Richard Eden - Ernest Hemingway will be turning in his grave: Barcelona is planning to deliver the coup de grace to bullfighting... One senior member of Barcelona's ruling Catalan Nationalist Party said that it was "only a matter of time" before an official ban was proposed and said that bullfighting could disappear from the city "within a few years"... (story)

Scotland on Sunday 26.10.03 Wildlife cruelty that shames Scotland - BADGERS, eagles and rare songbirds are being ripped apart by trained dogs, poisoned and trapped in a hidden epidemic of crimes against Scotland’s wildlife. The first ever survey by police of the extent of cruelty to endangered species and other animals has prompted steps to create a dedicated force of wildlife officers to tackle the criminals…. (story)


BBC News Online 25.10.03 Protest against hare coursing - Campaigners against hare coursing are to call for an end to the practice when they stage a protest in County Tyrone on Saturday. The League Against Cruel Sports is taking its campaign to Dungannon to coincide with the main meeting of the Dungannon Coursing Club…. The protest comes less than two weeks after a row erupted over the refusal of a Stormont minister to grant the Dungannon club a permit to net the animals for its meeting. Stormont Environment Minister Angela Smith, who campaigned against blood sports in the past, said her personal views played no part in her decision to refuse the license. … (story)
BBC News Online 14.10.03 Row over hare permit - A row has erupted after a hare coursing club in County Tyrone was refused a permit to net the animals for a meeting planned next week. Stormont Environment Minister Angela Smith, who has campaigned against blood sports in the past, said her personal views played no part in her decision to refuse the license to the Dungannon club… Ms Smith said she had made her decision because the Irish hare was in danger…. "Although I accept that the dogs are muzzled during coursing, there is evidence that deaths among the coursed hares can arise from causes other than being bitten…" (story)

South Wale Evening Post 25.10.03 FOX KILLING SPREE - A Swansea Valley man says he has been sickened by the slaughter of 36 of his chickens by a fox… He claimed it proved a need for controls on fox populations. (story)

Times 25.10.03 Retired greyhounds - Sir, The authors of the report on greyhound welfare published for the National Assembly for Wales (report, October 22) appear to have collated figures for the number of greyhounds impounded by local authorities in Wales, and then decided that three to four times the number of dogs abandoned “are likely to be killed or discarded in other ways”… CLARKE OSBORNE, Executive Director, British Greyhound Racing Board, 32 Old Burlington Street, W1S 3AT.
We have many concerns about the welfare of greyhounds before, during and after their racing careers… The League Against Cruel Sports wants all bookmakers to pay 1p in every £1 bet on greyhounds into a fund dedicated to greyhound welfare…. DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, 83-87 Union Street, SE1 1SG. (story)

The Sentinel 25.10.03 RELEASED MINK CAUSE MAYHEM - I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the 'animal lovers' who let out all those mink back in 1998; the massive increase in numbers has spread far and wide…. all my newly born chickens are dead, as are many of my hens. I've read that their artificially high numbers have killed thousands of fish, ducks and other wildlife over hundreds of miles. A job well done there. Thanks. NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 25.10.03 CHECK OUT FACTS ON BADGERS FIRST - In reply to Jill Brown's letter, "Stop blaming badgers" (The Citizen, October 14). Why doesn't she research the truth about what it is she's writing about before expressing her opinion?... I would ask Jill Brown to come along late one evening (preferably on a dry, windy night) and actually see the badgers doing this damage… D. TINSEY,Cranham (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 18.10.03 DISTURBING THE NATURAL ORDER - With respect to Jill Brown's letter (The Citizen), October 14 about badgers… What it does indicate I think is the extent of the damage we have done to others' (ie. animals) food stores to warrant their invasion into our everyday lives resulting in badger damage and visits from urban foxes etc. We have disturbed what was the 'natural order' of things. L.H. HILL, Newent (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 15.10.03 STOP BLAMING BADGERS - I Felt I had to write to you as in your paper (The Citizen, October 6), I read Don Tinsey's view on what he calls badger damage… I think Don Tinsey wanted to blame the badgers because he doesn't like the thought of people protecting badgers…. JILL BROWN, Highfield Road, Ruardean (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 6.10.03 VIEW BADGER DAMAGE - With reference to your article in The Citizen (September 10): "Night with badgers a big success." I wondered if Tony Dean would like to bring all his friends to my place to see what damage these lovely creatures are doing to farmland… DON TINSEY, Cranham (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 25.10.03 RATS COULD BE LIKELY TB CAUSE - Regarding your story "MPs in bid to speed up badger trial work" (October 21). It seems to me that members of public, farmers and the Government all seem to say that badgers are to blame for TB in cattle, and yet there is no proof that it is the badgers…. JILL BROWN, Highfield Road, Ruardean (letter)

Independent 25.10.03 Can this sadistic cruelty be blamed on reality TV... or does this allegation just undermine the RSPCA? By Terry Kirby, Chief Reporter - A bitterly divided ruling council, an alienated staff, redundancies and strike threats;forget hunting and animal testing, what is really exercising the RSPCA is Jackie Ballard. This week, the former MP, who was last year's surprise choice to head the charity, courted more controversy by blaming reality television for a spate of animal cruelty… And since her appointment caused a split between the council members, her latest comments, made only weeks after a storm erupted over her restructuring plans, are likely to widen the gulf between her supporters and opponents… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 25.10.03 EXTRA DONATIONS STAVE OFF CLOSURE AT SSPCA CENTRES - FOR NOW - PAUL GALLAGHER - News that an SSPCA centre in Dundee has been spared closure for the time being, averting a potential animal-welfare crisis in the North-east, was warmly greeted by MSPs yesterday. But they took heed of warnings that the charity's cash crisis was far from over and called for public support to continue…. (story)
Scottish Herald 24.10.03 Threat to close seven animal centres is lifted - ALAN MacDERMID - THE threat of closure was lifted from seven animal welfare centres yesterday after an overwhelming public response to a financial crisis at the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The SSPCA decision, which will protect frontline services but may lead to cuts in management and administrative staff, was announced last night after a lengthy board meeting…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 25.10.03 RSPCA IS ACCUSED OF 'KILLING CAT TOO EARLY' - A Couple cleared of cruelty towards their pet cat say they have been through "hell" while awaiting trial. Owners Frank and Lynne Roberts of Hartsholme Drive, Lincoln, have been found not guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to their 18-year-old cat Smartie… Gainsborough magistrates yesterday accepted the couple's explanation that they had genuinely misunderstood instructions on how to monitor the cat's condition…. The RSPCA accused Mr and Mrs Roberts of causing unnecessary suffering to the animal by failing to provide adequate veterinary care… Mrs Roberts' daughter Carly Southwick told the court that the RSPCA's intervention "cut short the life of my cat"… Afterwards RSPCA Inspector Dean Astill-Dunseith said he was "stunned" by the verdict. (story)

Shropshire Star 25.10.03 Tough on the farm - Reference the letter by Steve Calf. I think he should keep his opinions to himself about the meat…. My father has farmed for many years and never abused his animals. From a true meat lover. Jen Kiernan, Telford (letter)
Shropshire Star 13.10.03 Dead dog shocking but so are dead pigs - I am sure many of your readers will have every sympathy with Mrs Caswell who wrote recently of her distress at the use by the Star of a shocking picture of cruelty to a dog. Can I ask those who were similarly shocked to reflect on the sights we can see on our streets every day?... I'm a supporter of Viva!, the vegetarian and animal charity, and over the past year we have filmed inside British pig farms…. Steve Calf, Shropshire Animal Protection (letter)


Blackpool Citizen 24.10.03 End of the line for 'sick' anglers by Steve Dunthorne@blackpoolcitizen.co.uk> - A COUNCIL is launching a clampdown on sick anglers who upset mourners by fishing in a cemetery pond. Fylde Borough Council and local police say they will prosecute anyone caught angling at the picturesque pond in the cemetery at Regent Avenue…. (story in archive)

Birmingham Evening Post 24.10.03 Demo greets TV scientist - TV scientist Lord Winston faced a torrent of abuse as animal rights protesters invaded the star's appearance in the city. Two campaigners heckled and protested as the professor started his talk for Birmingham Book Festival at the Library Theatre last night…. Police were called, but the protesters decided to leave before they arrived at just after 7pm. The 200 people attending the talk cheered as they left… (story)

Kent/Sussex Courier 24.10.03 LISTS TO END SUFFERING - Vivisection has no place in society today. G Sadler is to be commended for bringing this controversial issue to the fore again… Avoid fund-raising for charities supporting vivisection… Mary McNulty, Palmers Green Lane, Brenchley (letter)

Rugby Advertiser 24.10.03 Greyhound protest success - ON SATURDAY, October 18 over 200 animal lovers came together with pet greyhounds to call for Brandon to stop their proposal to introduce greyhound racing…. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)
Kenilworth Weekly News 24.10.03 From: Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby - On Saturday more than 200 animal lovers came together with pet greyhounds to call for Brandon to stop its proposal to introduce greyhound racing…. (letter)
Rugby Advertiser 23.10.03 Protestors stage greyhound demo - PROTESTERS fighting plans to bring greyhound racing to Brandon staged a mass demonstration in Rugby town centre on Saturday. About 200 people, including Rugby MP Andy King, gathered at Rugby Town Hall…. One of the protesters, Janet Cummings, said: "Most of the dogs that are bred for this so-called sport do not make the grade and are put down or shoved into rescue homes… (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 16.10.03 Peace call at race protest By Annette Morgan Animal rights campaigners have appealed to protesters to keep it peaceful at a rally against greyhound racing at Brandon… Protest organiser Janet Cummings, 58, of Tower Road, Rugby, is to meet police bosses today to discuss policing and security… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 24.10.03 Stop badgering wild animals - SOME farmers mistakenly believe that badgers are to blame for the recent outbreak of bovine tuberculosis in Scottish cattle… Yet again wild animals are being used as a scapegoat for problems brought on by ourselves. Ross Minett, campaigns director Advocates for Animals (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 24.10.03 Vegan week offers chance for new life - NEXT week is UK Vegan Week. It is a week to explain what a vegan is, why many people are turning to veganism, and how to go about becoming a vegan… (Mrs) D HARRISON, Toothill (letter in archive)

Leicester Mercury 24.10.03 FACTS ABOUT HALAL MEAT - Regarding the letters about halal meat stemming from a Mercury report on October 4, Ibrahim Hewitt now joins in (Postbag, October 18) and informs us that electric pre-stunning is more painful than slitting the throat…. his claim that halal is based on "scientific and medical reasons" is either disingenuous or misinformed… John Lawrence, Leicester Secular Society (letter)
Leicester Mercury 18.10.03 HALAL KILLING IS DEFENDED - Karen Devlin (Postbag, October 13) is "disgusted and appalled" at what she calls a "mediaeval method" used by Muslims (and Jews) to kill animals for food… The evidence inter alia demonstrates that not only is a razor-sharp cut painless in the vital seconds before unconsciousness sets in, but also that allowing the blood to be pumped out of the body makes for healthier meat for human consumption… Ibrahim Hewitt, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.10.03 MEDIEVAL PRACTICE - I was disgusted and appalled to read (Mercury, October 4) that Leicester's Muslim community has defended the slaughter of animals by having their throats cut while fully conscious…. Juliet Gellatley, of Viva, you have my full support… Karen Devlin, Thurnby (letter)
Leicester Mercury 4.10.03 SLAUGHTER METHOD IS DEFENDED - A leader of Leicester's Muslim community has defended the slaughter of animals using age-old religious methods, following an opinion poll showing 70 per cent of people were opposed to it. Campaigning animal group Viva! commissioned the poll, which showed that almost three out of four people were against farmed animals having their throats cut while fully conscious…. (story)

Wiltshire Times 24.10.03 On the hook, not hoof - ANYONE concerned about the horrors of live export, where our animals are doing up to 60 hours journey across Europe, should and can write to their MEP…. H NIMMO, Bradford on Avon (letter in archive)


Bucks Free Press 23.10.03 Church bans animal charity from its grounds By Victoria Birch - CONSERVATIONIST Judy Gilbert has been told by a church she cannot set up a stall for an animal charity in its grounds, as it has links with the League Against Cruel Sports. All Saints Parish Church in Castle Street, High Wycombe, has banned Working for Wildlife, which has held a second-hand stall in its yard for the last six years, as it says it is too political…. story)

Berwickshire News 23.10.03 Running from bloodhounds challenge - May I through your letters page ask if there is anyone out there, who enjoys running, that is looking for a new challenge? The Borders Bloodhounds meet every Saturday and we hunt human beings and we are getting a bit short of them. No not because the hounds keep eating them, but because our two regular runners cannot always be there every Saturday…. Jeremy Whaley MBH Reedy Loch, Duns, Berwickshire, TD11 3PS (letter)

Ely Standard 23.10.03 Police chasing illegal hare coursers - ANYONE who takes part in illegal hare coursing in Cambridgeshire can expect the full weight of the law to be brought to bear on them, police have warned this week. On Sunday, 26 officers were posted around the county to deal will complaints about illegal hare coursing as part of Operation Sparrow…. (story)
Cambridge News 23.10.03 Coursers told: We're on to you - POLICE in Cambridgeshire have hailed an operation to clamp down on illegal hare coursers as a success. And the officer in charge has vowed to come down hard on anyone involved in the "vile" activity…. (story)

Western Daily Press 23.10.03 LESS HASTE ON BADGER CULL - Badgers are blamed for infecting cattle so, if there is a sett near the farm, on finding TB a vet looks no further. But a lot has been discovered since the 1970s, including other routes of infection but Defra scientists are unwilling to venture an opinion… Eunice D Overend Leighton Somerset (letter)

Cambridge News 23.10.03 Monkey lab: We need a decision now - ANDREW Lansley claims the Government is deliberately stalling over a decision on Cambridge University's proposed monkey-testing lab… Now Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott is considering an inspector's report, but Mr Lansley says it is simply taking too long…. (story)

Cambridge News 23.10.03 Spare the animals From Ron Weaver, Albemarle Road, St Ives - AS IS well known the RSPCA and other such bodies do a marvellous job in animal welfare… There is however one field where they are powerless to take any action and that is in the laboratories where experiments are carried out on animals in the name of medicine, and where, in some cases, many of God's defenceless creatures are subjected to horrendous treatment by scientists or researchers…. (letter)

Vogue 23.10.03 PETA'S FAMILY AFFAIR - HEATHER MILLS MCCARTNEY is the latest of the McCartney clan to join the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals bandwagon. The 35-year-old wife of Sir Paul, who is expecting her first child next month, has posed for the cover of PeTA's annual cruelty-free shopping guide under the strapline: "Have a look that kills without killing." Fashion's keenest tittle tattlers have assumed that this latest move by Heather will further upset her stepdaughter, Stella McCartney… (story)

Birmingham Post 23.10.03 Protests over wild bird show By Emma Pinch, Birmingham Post - Campaigners are to march in Solihull to protest against an NEC show selling birds caught in the wild…. Peter Robinson, a former RSPB investigator and consultant ornithologist to bird charities, said up to 75 per cent of the birds at the market were captured in the wild. Mr Robinson, acting for Animal Aid which is organising the march, said the practice meant many birds, including some rare species, died or underwent suffering…. Elaine Toland, of Animal Aid, said: "The 1983 Amendment Act to the Pet Animals Act 1951 prohibits the sale of pets in a public place such as a market…" (story)

Evesham Journal 23.10.03 Write or petition to stop dropping ban COULD I please inform all your readers that have affection for horses, ponies and donkeys that with new EU proposals to end the ban on live export of these animals…. STEPHEN SCRIMSHAW, Hamilton Road, Evesham (letter in archive)

Aberdeen Independent 23.10.03 Campaigner - A NORTH-east woman’s tireless campaigning efforts on behalf of animal rights will be highlighted at the European Parliament in Strasbourg this week. Animal rights campaigner Sandra Edwards was keen to ensure that the petition landed on the correct desk in the European Commission, so she contacted MEP Ian Hudghton’s office… Sandra has put a lot of time and effort into collecting signatures from people across the UK over the last six months on behalf of animal rights campaign group Voice 4 Dogs. Public anger and revulsion about trade in cat and dog fur has intensified across the EU since it became public knowledge last year… (story)

Brentwood Gazette 23.10.03 Brentwood: Vegan feast at school - A delicious feast of vegan fare awaits at The Brentwood School Sports Centre on November 1. The event, which starts at 4pm, has been organised by Vegan Essex to celebrate World Vegan Day… (story in archive)


Western Daily Press 22.10.03 ANGER AS HOUNDS RUN RIOT AT PET SANCTUARY - An animal lover spoke yesterday of her "terror" during a three-hour ordeal as a group of foxhounds ran amok in her animal sanctuary. Caroline Cannon claimed no one from the South and West Wiltshire Hunt was anywhere to be seen as up to nine dogs chased and terrorised her fragile and elderly animals. And she was even more outraged when the master of the hunt claimed one of its horses was attacked with a broom handle when huntsmen eventually came looking for their wandering hounds. The incident happened on Saturday morning at Mrs Cannon's remote Rainbow Animal Sanctuary, outside the village of Semley, near Shaftesbury, on the Wiltshire-Dorset border…. (story)

Western Mail 22.10.03 Bagging income from game - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - MANY small farmers are giving away a source of income that can earn them three times as much money in two months as they receive from a year raising beef or sheep. Robert Cottam of the Carmarthenshire and Wales Game Farm at Llanfynydd, told Welsh and Irish farmers at the inaugural Agri-Net Works rural business convention that game shooting is a lucrative and often overlooked sideline that is arguably kinder than conventional farming and harmless to the land…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 22.10.03 GREYHOUND MISERY - More greyhounds are abandoned in Swansea than anywhere else in Wales. One greyhound is abandoned for every 6,978 people in the city, which has a greyhound track in Fforestfach. The figure has been revealed in a survey carried out by the All Party Group for Animal Welfare in association with Greyhound Rescue Wales…. (story)
BBC News Online 21.10.03 Shock report on greyhound cruelty - A shock report is calling for new laws to protect as many as 600 greyhounds a year in Wales killed or discarded after their racing career is over… The League Against Cruel Sports is demanding a tax on bookies and says that a levy of only 1p in every pound would help pay for the animals welfare when they retire … (story)

Gloucester Citizen 22.10.03 LET'S HAVE REAL BADGERS PROOF - Re: Show me the proof. Further to your article, I would like to comment as follows. The great badger debate should be called "The Bovine TB Debate". Farmers claim badgers spread the disease, show me the proof… PAUL SUMNERS, New Road, Mitcheldean (letter)

Worcester Evening News 22.10.03 Badger facts - REGARDING J Driver's letter about badgers, I am sure no one with an iota of sense would deliberately run over a badger…. B A CAIRNS, Hanley Swan, Worcester (letter in archive)

Evening News 22.10.03 Cruelty claims denied - THE boss of a pig farm at the centre of a row over animal cruelty says claims animals were left to suffer are "outrageous". Trevor Jarvis, chief executive of Bowes of Norfolk, based at Attleborough, claimed a harrowing video shot by activists was doctored. Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (VIVA) was behind the film shot at Cherry Tree Farm in Stow Beden which it claims shows the brutal reality behind intensive farming….
Observer 19.10.03 Revealed: horror at Tesco pig farm - Undercover video at supermarket's main supplier shows suffering animals and maggot-covered corpse - Antony Barnett and Andrew Wasley … Video footage taken inside the premises of one of the largest pork suppliers to Tesco, the supermarket giant, has revealed conditions described as 'appalling' by animal rights campaigners. The scenes were uncovered at Cherry Tree Farm in Attlesborough, which is part of the giant Bowes of Norfolk group….. The video was shot in secret by animal rights group Vegetarians International Voice for Animals, Viva, as part of its long-running investigation into pig farming…. (story)

Caithness Courier 22.10.03 Animal experiments - Your readers may be interested, indeed disappointed, to learn that according to a recent Home Office report there were over 3.5 million experiments on animals last year… Joan M. Stewart, Clachnahalig, Dunain, Inverness. (letter)


Guardian 21.10.03 Diary - Matthew Norman … The Countryside Alliance nimbly dodges the slur that it's an insular outfit with no interest in townie fixations, such as footballers' off-pitch misdemeanours. "Host a Roast 2003", reads the headline on its splendid press release, "it's party time!"… One place where there will be no host of a roast is on the streets of Bath, where Sgt Jan Bebbington has written to the council opposing plans for an open-air hog roast stall lest it offend animal rights activists and religious groups… (story)

Western Daily Press 21.10.03 A LOVELY DAY IN THE COUNTRY - On Saturday, October 11, the Tedworth Hunt held its "newcomers" meet at Rushall, a day when anyone who had not hunted before was invited to come out as guests of the hunt. Among the 52 mounted followers out that morning were about a dozen who had never hunted before, as well as some who joined those following in cars… A lovely morning was spent riding across some beautiful countryside with the kind permission of the farmers and another fox was hunted away by Upavon airfield before home was blown by Rodney Ellis, joint master and huntsman…. (letter)

Western Morning News 21.10.03 Hounds as pets? AFTER the programme on BBC about keeping hounds as pets, I must point out something to anyone even thinking about taking on a hound as domestic pet…. Hounds need exercising long distances even if not hunting… Please listen to that kennel man who spoke against things like this happening. Kathleen Sutherland Mylor Bridge, Falmouth (letter)

Western Morning News 21.10.03 WITNESSING CRUELTY SO CLOSE HAS LEFT LASTING SCARS - When i was a child and in my teens, I lived near to the North Berks Hunt at Wantage… One day the thrill changed for me when by some odd circumstance I found myself penned in by what turned out to be a kill…. I should like hunting to be banned. Joyce Church, Perranporth, Cornwall (letter)

Western Mail 21.10.03 Popular fairs lift BASC numbers - Western Mail Reporter, The Western Mail - THE British Association for Shooting and Conservation reports robust recruitment levels for August and September, helped by a series of successful game fairs that culminated in what BASC staff describe as the busiest ever Midland Game Fair. By September BASC membership reached 117,504, a rise of 3,214 compared with 12 months ago. Young Shots membership was up by 499 on September 2002… (story)

Western Morning News 21.10.03 DEDICATED TEAM THAT FIGHTS WILDLIFE CRIMES - I was delighted to see the WMN front page and the editorial committed to the work of our Westcountry police wildlife officers and the fight against wildlife crime. Last year, Inspector Nevin Hunter, one of our wildlife officers, organised a raid on a major pheasant shoot in the Iron Mill Valley, near Oakford, that resulted in the prosecution of the gamekeeper for the poisoning of many buzzards… As a neighbour of the shoot, this wildlife poisoning is the only rural crime that has ever affected me…. (letter)

Burton Mail 21.10.03 Animal rights in arson attack link by DAVID POWLES - AN ARSON attack which nearly killed firefighters was today linked to animal rights activists. Officers say they came within yards of death while tackling the deliberate blaze which gutted the house at Forest Farm, in Yoxall. As the fire spread it came within yards of petrol cans which it is believed had been placed in the loft by the arsonists.... The Mail can reveal that the house is owned by the Hall family who have been subject to a long-running campaign of terror by protesters because their Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch is used to breed guinea pigs.... A few hours after the attack, 30 protesters from the Save the Newchurch Guinea Pig Campaign – which has continually denied any involvement in illegal acts but instead blamed them on the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) – converged on the farm on for another of its weekly Sunday protests... (story)

Bath Chronicle 21.10.03 CERTAINTY IS NOT AIM OF RESEARCH - To my surprise, I actually found something to agree with in Wendy Higgins' letter concerning animal research (October 13). She is absolutely correct that research using animals does not guarantee the safety of medicines. Neither do computers or cells or tissues - or even clinical trials with patients themselves. Disease and people are both complex and, as a result, "guarantees" in the practice of medicine are few and far between…. The animal research part is a small but vital element. You cannot measure the effect of a new medicine on blood pressure in a test tube… PHILIP CONNOLLY Director, Coalition for Medical Progress Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London (letter)

Western Morning News 21.10.03 No time to cut staffing - SO much animal cruelty and suffering in the WMN, where do we start?... So, this is not the time for the RSPCA to be cutting staff - 260 facing redundancy over the plan to make £7.6 million worth of savings in the next five years…. People who donate to animal charities want the money spent on animals… Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Western Morning News 21.10.03 WHO CAN PROVE THAT BADGERS SPREAD TB? Following the interview by the WMN with David Lidington - Shadow Secretary of Rural Affairs regarding badger culling, I must first state that I am not a member of any animal rights party… You state that last year 1,000 badgers were killed. Can you truthfully tell us how many of these had tuberculosis? A very small percentage, I am sure… In one area I know well, where there has been a sound badger population for a number of years, on asking various farmers if they had TB trouble, I've always had the same reply - only from "bought in cattle"…. Mrs Betty Liddicoat, St Austell (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 21.10.03 QUESTIONS ON BADGER POLICY - No doubt there will be many letters to The Citizen that are 'pro' and 'anti' badger. I would like to question Defra, previously MAAF, for its policy which has now gone on for over 25 years… PAMELA DEAN, Whiteshill, Nr Stroud (letter)

Western Morning News 21.10.03 STOP BUYING FUR TO END THIS EVIL AND CRUEL TRADE - Your report on the cruel trade in dog and cat fur ("MEP calls for EU to ban evil fur trade", WMN, September 26) was an accurate and timely account of a trade, which the Government has described as "abhorrent"… Richard De Ville Research & Campaigns Officer, Respect for Animals (letter)
Western Daily Press 17.10.03 TERRIBLE TRADE IN DOG AND CAT FUR - I am writing to your excellent paper to say thank you to the South West Conservative MEP Neil Parish for trying to get the barbaric trade in dog and cat fur banned… I have seen some of these products on sale in gift shops and have walked out in disgust…. Alison Butcher Oldland Common Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.10.03 CALL FOR A BAN ON EVIL TRADE - Your report on the cruel trade in dog and cat fur was an accurate and timely account of a trade which the Government has described as abhorrent… Richard De Ville Nottingham (letter)
Gloucester Citizen 13.10.03 HELP TO STOP THIS VILE TRADE - Your report on the cruel trade in dog and cat fur (The Citizen, September 25), was an accurate and timely account of a trade which the Government has described as "abhorrent"… if readers find items that they are concerned about they should contact us at Respect for Animals… RICHARD De VILLE, Research and campaigns officer (letter)
Northern Echo 11.10.03 FUR TRADE - WE fully support MEP Martin Callanan's call for a ban on the cruel trade in dog and cat fur (Echo, Sept 25) a trade which the Government has described as 'abhorrent'... Richard de Ville, Research and Campaigns Officer, Respect for Animals. (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 6.10.03 EU SHOULD BAN THIS EVIL TRADE - I am sure all animal lovers will have read with horror Neil Parish's article, Ban This Evil Cat And Dog Fur Trade… Mrs P Parkinson Monmouth (letter)
Western Daily Press 6.10.03 FLUFFY ANIMALS ARE FAVOURED - Appalling as it may seem, is the 'evil' cat and dog fur trade so different from the European meat industry? It seems we favour the lives of animals if they are soft and fluffy but if they have horns and hooves then they're looked upon simply as lunch. Rupert Tupper Bridgwater Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 30.9.03 CALLS FOR BAN ON PET FUR TRADE - A West politician yesterday demanded an outright ban on the "barbaric" European cat and dog fur trade. Conservative MEP Neil Parish said his South West constituents were "sickened" when the thriving industry was exposed in May… (story)
Western Daily Press 30.9.03 BAN THIS EVIL CAT AND DOG FUR TRADE - Labrador skin gloves or a golden retriever hat, anyone? Animal-lovers in the West Country may be shocked to learn that your family pet, sitting contentedly at your feet this morning, may not be the only cat and dog you own. A check through your wardrobe or your children's toy box could prove that you are the unwitting owner of cat and dog fur from Asia… I was one of a number of MEPs left stunned and speechless when we were shown a video of what had been discovered…. (story)
Western Morning News 26.9.03 MEP CALLS FOR EU TO BAN 'EVIL' FUR TRADE - AURA SABADUS - Animal lovers have been urged to back a campaign which could see a "vile" fur industry banned across Europe… a declaration put forward by Scottish MEP Struan Stevenson could see the trade outlawed throughout Europe… Last night Plymouth-based animal rights campaigner Sue Brocklehurst welcomed the news, claiming the "evil trade" had to be stopped…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 25.9.03 'BAN THIS VILE TRADE' - A Politician representing county residents has backed demands for a Europe-wide ban on "barbaric" cat and dog fur trading. The trading of cat and dog fur in European countries, including France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Belgium, was recently exposed by the Humane Society International. Now South West Euro MP Neil Parish has signed a declaration, calling for the cat and dog fur trade to be abolished…. (story)

Daily Post 21.10.03 A goldfish is for life - not just for funfairs By Andy Kelly Daily Post Staff … Liverpool City Council has banned the winning of goldfish at any funfairs taking place within its boundaries…. Liverpool's move followed concern from Liberal Democrat Coun Jean Seddon about the welfare of the thousands of goldfish that change hands at fairs in the UK every year…. (story)

Western Daily Press 21.10.03 NONSENSE VIEW OF DAIRY FARMING - e cannot allow Ros Stribling to write such nonsense about milk. Her letter was totally misinformed and, again, it highlights the misunderstanding of farming and food production… Please do not make assumptions until you have walked alongside a dairy farmer and stood beside him while he is milking milk. Mrs Jean Tincknell Wedmore Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 16.10.03 GREED NOT NEED IN MILK INDUSTRY - In response to P R Stoodley's letter - "liquid white gold, we all need milk" - it is true, but written in the wrong context. Milk is a big money industry (white gold, yes) under the heading of greed, not need. Animals today are factory-farmed to produce and then to produce more, a commodity to make money…. Ros Stribling Weston-super-Mare Somerset (letter)

Times 21.10.03 Poor treatment of animals in transit - Sir, The horror of the Australian livestock ship, stranded at sea for ten weeks with its cargo of many thousands of dying sheep (report, October 13), highlights all too well the inherent cruelties of long-distance animal transport…. JOYCE D’SILVA, Chief Executive, Compassion in World Farming, Charles House, 5a Charles Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3EH. (letter)

Western Morning News 21.10.03 ACCUSATION OF UNCARING INDUSTRY IS UNJUSTIFIED - Having spent a lot of time and TLC on a young bull with pneumonia over the past ten days, I get very upset when I read letters from people such as Jill Proffitt (WMN, October 3) saying that farmers do not love their animals… As for farmers lining their pockets, we cannot live on fresh air and neither can our animals. We have to eat and so do our animals, and there is no National Health Service to look after our sick animals…. We do what we do because we enjoy what we do and enjoy working with and looking after our animals… Michael Ashton, Torrington (letter)


Harborough Mail (20.10.03) Booklet is food for thought - I RECENTLY asked an assistant in my local supermarket about what the labels meant on the meat products…. Jean Bird, Cedar Close, Kibworth. (letter)
Western Daily Press 20.9.03 LABELLED WITH COMPASSION - Mrs Elizabeth Howe Yeovil Somerset (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 17.9.03 FINDING OUT ABOUT FOOD - Jane Potts, Belvoir Street, Hull. (letter)
Evesham Journal 11.9.03 Shopping with compassion - STEPHEN SCRIMSHAW, Hamilton Road, Evesham.
Sevenoaks Chronicle 29.8.03 HOW TO BE A COMPASSIONATE SHOPPER - My enquiries at one of the town's major supermarkets indicate that there is, understandably, a considerable uncertainty, including among the staff at the shop, as to the meanings of terms such as 'free range', 'organic', 'farm assured' and so on. Your readers may be interested to know about a short booklet that does fully explain these terms. It is called Compassionate Shoppers Guide and is produced by a charity called Compassion in World Farming… Fidelity Weston, Underriver (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 21.8.03 - While visiting my local supermarket recently, I was confused by what the different labels meant on the meat products, labels such as "free-range," "farm assured," "organic," "freedom feed" and many others. As the assistant wasn't able to help, I thought I would try and find out myself and in doing so I discovered a little booklet that other readers might find of use. Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) have a "Compassionate Shoppers Guide"… A Kingswell, Thornton Old Road, Fairweather Green, Bradford. (letter in archive)
Sutton/Croydon Advertiser 15.8.03 A guide to what labels mean - I recently asked an assistant in my local supermarket what the labels meant on the meat products… Compassion in World Farming have a Compassionate Shoppers Guide… Mrs R C Squire, Farningham Road, Caterham (letter)
Cumberland News & Star 1.9.03 …You can get a good guide to labelling, called The Compassionate Shoppers Guide which explains what the labels imply about the treatment of the farm animals involved… M KAYNether Nentsberry, Alston (letter)
Keighley News 14.8.03 I recently asked an assistant in my local supermarket about what the labels meant on the meat products… Compassion in World Farming has a "Compassionate Shoppers Guide" that explains all these labels and what they mean about how the animal has been treated… GWYN HAMILTON, Burnroyd Ave, Cross Hills (letter in archive)

Essex Evening Echo 20.10.03 Hadleigh: Save our badgers from developers - Nature lovers today spoke out against plans to build a residential home for the elderly in Church Road, Hadleigh after it was revealed the move could destroy a badger sett… South East Green Party is still concerned about the impact on wildlife…. (story in archive)

Cambridge News 20.10.03 Tighten up lab standards From Mrs Brenda Heckford, Meadow Road, Great Gransden, Sandy - PROFESSOR Minson is living in cloud cuckoo land if he really thinks that animal experiments are carefully controlled within tight guidelines and welfare standards… (letter)

Cambridge News 20.10.03 We all benefit - From Manuel Serrano, Barnes Close, Cambridge - AFTER reading "Lab demo halts city" ( News, October 13) … Why care a monkey's for the millions of people whose lives are no longer tortured thanks to medicines developed in laboratories? That is, if you care for them. And by the way, that's us, all of us. Even you, Mr and Ms Protester. (letter)

Cambridge News 20.10.03 Look to the future From Sally Fisher, Linden Close, Haddenham - RE: "WE NEED vaccines" ( Your Letters, October 11): I am not a clever person, just an ordinary primate. However, I am disturbed at Cambridge University's latest statements of defence with regard to our protests against their proposed primate lab… (letter)

Dundee Courier 20.10.03 Not above Nature - There is absolutely no justification for laboratory testing of animals. The human race is not above nature. It is only part of nature… The body is self-sufficient. It creates its own safeguards and makes its own anti-toxins. By simply increasing one’s vitality the machinery that cures and resists disease is set in motion. Torturing caged, terrified animals in laboratories is not an alternative. Bob Beveridge, Old Town House, Falkland. (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 20.10.03 End this vile cruelty now - Having seen the disgusting cruelty to 80,000 sheep which were marooned at sea, it seems that governments can operate above the law, and inflict mass cruelty, so long as it makes a profit…. Compassion in World Farming campaigns against such atrocious cruelty… G Hudson, Lea Road, Wolverhampton (letter)


Bedfordshire on Sunday 19.10.03 Leave 'em alone - In response to LR Page's letter regarding the gassing of rabbits in Ampthill Park. Thank you so much for speaking out on behalf of what I am sure is the majority of people who walk round the park and watch the rabbits in their natural habitat…. Trudie Abbott, Byron Crescent, Flitwick (story)


Telegraph 18.10.03 Trust forfeits gift of rare books over hunting ban By Will Bennett, Art Sales Correspondent - The National Trust's ban on staghunting on its land has cost it the ownership of one of Britain's finest collections of books on country houses. The £500,000 collection of more than 2,000 books, which belonged to the country sports enthusiast David Clegg, will be auctioned rather than left to the Trust, which owns many of Britain's stately homes.... he was so angered by the Trust's ban on staghunting on its land, which was imposed in 1997, that he changed his will.... (story)

Guardian 18.10.03 Cotswold chameleon - Susan Hill is the author of award-winning literary fiction, Gothic entertainments and light-hearted chronicles of country life… Winterson is scornful of such expectations: "Susan loves being connected to nature and living in the country, so why shouldn't she celebrate it? She's right to write for such a varied audience. Why not write for Country Life? People want to read it. She leads a very broad life: she wants the country, she wants the books, she wants the family, and she won't sacrifice any of them." This variety is similarly reflected in her personal life and conversation: in the same breath as talking about the necessity of hunting, this proudly self-described "simple country woman" (her most important regular reads are Horse and Hound and the Cotswold Journal) can also describe in detail why The Woman in Black was a flop in New York but a sell-out success in LA… (story)

Western Daily Press 18.10.03 GUTLESS ONLOOKERS - I was deeply upset by the story of the horsey, hunting, country and animal-loving folks of Badminton standing around and doing nothing while three thugs kicked and beat a pony to near death… Name supplied, Glastonbury, Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 15.10.03 PONY BATTERED TO DEATH - A Defenceless pony was so badly beaten at a high-profile charity event it had to be put down by a vet, police revealed last night… Organisers of the annual Badminton Sponsored Ride said the injuries were so appalling they had no choice but to put the wounded animal out of its misery… More than 900 horsemen and women took part in the sponsored ride and members of the Beaufort Hunt helped out as marshals on the day…. Captain Ian Farquhar, joint master of the Beaufort Hunt, said: "This was nothing to do with the hunt and we will help the police with their inquiries in any way we can. We are as appalled as anyone by what happened."… (story)
BBC News Online 15.10.03 Appeal after 'maltreated' pony dies - Police investigating the death of a horse at a sponsored ride are appealing for help after reports the animal was beaten…. (story)

Times 18.10.03 Countryside report - Any delay in the publication and implementation of Lord Haskins’s report (report, October 13) should be of deep concern to all those with the interests of rural communities at heart…. To suggest that rural communities should continue to suffer because of the concerns of “union chiefs”, reactionary Defra civil servants or, most ridiculously, the low priority for legislation to create a new landscape agency, is unacceptable…. SIMON HART, Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance, 367 Kennington Road, SE11 4PT (letter)

Independent 18.10.03 Winston urges more animal testing to save human lives By Steve Connor, Science Editor - Lord Winston, the country's most famous medical scientist, sparked controversy yesterday when he called for more animal experiments in Britain to save human lives. In comments which drew the ire of anti-vivisectionists, the Labour peer and television celebrity warned in a Lords debate that British scientists were being strangled by red tape that was hindering the prospects of medical advances…. (story)

Worcester Evening News 18.10.03 EU threat to horses AS a nation of animal lovers, there must be one animal that holds a special place in our affection - the horse… new EU regulations will force the UK to drop its ban. You can obtain information, sign petitions and so on by calling 01730 268863. B BEAGLE, Worcester. (letter in archive)


Telegraph 17.10.03 44pc of deer killed by hunts 'are already hurt' - Almost half the deer killed by hunting last season were already suffering from road accident or shot wounds, the sport's regulatory body said yesterday. A review of hunting practice by the Independent Supervisory Authority for Hunting found that of 356 deer culled, 156, or 44 per cent, were carrying serious injuries prior to being killed... (story)

Bath Chronicle 17.10.03 YES, HUNTING IS JUST FOR FUN - Re the letter (Letters, October 11) headlined "We do not kill foxes for fun" As a child I handed out glasses of sherry to red-coated huntsmen who met at my father's farmhouse (The Grange, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire) prior to hunting foxes. My father supported the hunt because it is a tradition of the countryside. However, he believed it to be a cruel sport not a method of control… I still have relatives who hunt - purely for fun - but if challenged as to the unnecessary cruelty to the fox, resort quite quickly to aggressive retorts aimed to silence the opposition… JAIN WALLIS, Devonshire Buildings, Bath (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 11.10.03 WE DO NOT KILL FOXES FOR FUN - Let me answer A Williams of the Bath Hunt Saboteurs. 1. Do not accuse me of speaking nonsense of professing pro hunt propaganda. I have seen more hunting than you have had hot dinners, and claim without doubt, hunting with hounds is unquestionably the most humane method of control.... I recall being sprayed, along with my horse, many years ago when following hounds at Lansdown and seeing antis pushing walling stone down on to ground where hounds were working, these actions were witnessed by others. These are the people who give hunt saboteurs the reputation they have to live with... To conclude, we now have a female (Letters, September 27) attempting to add her two pennyworth... To quote her : "I was sprayed by a muck spreader". Serves you right. I recall you were on private land, uninvited. I also remember the foul language consistently used against the mounted field.... DUNCAN WARRINER, Neston Road, Corsham (letter)
Bath Chronicle 23.9.03 WE JUST WANT TO STOP THE KILLING - In response to the letter by Duncan Warriner of Corsham (Letters, September 15) he is talking utter nonsense about the Bath Hunt Sabs, displaying the usual ignorance and pro hunt propaganda. None of the Bath hunt saboteurs group wear balaclavas, nor do any of the other sab groups I've seen. Hunt sabbing is not illegal… It is the bloodsports fraternity which is violent. Two hunt saboteurs have been killed and many injured on the field… A WILLIAMS, Bath Hunt Sabs, PO Box 426, Bath BA9 2ZD (letter)
Bath Chronicle 15.9.03 SABOTEUR SUPPORT - It never fails to surprise that both B &NES and the Chronicle give tacit support to hunt saboteurs. B &NES does it by issuing licenses to such an uncouth organisation to collect hard earned money from a gullible public… The Chronicle does it by advertising their weekly meetings at the Hat & Feather. Can other "saboteurs" be granted the same privilege?... DUNCAN WARRINER, Neston Road, Corsham (letter)

Cheshire Chronicle 17.10.03 Anti-snare activists protest at BASC headquarters By Daisy Dawes Chester Chronicle - ANIMAL rights protesters demonstrated in Rossett against the use of snares. The group of campaigners gathered outside the national headquarters of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) at Marford Mill on Tuesday last week. Chris Wild of the National Anti Snaring Campaign, who travelled all the way from West Sussex to join the protest explained: 'The League Against Cruel Sports has produced a new publication exposing the cruelty of snares set by gamekeepers to trap foxes…" But a BASC spokesman said the group condemns illegal snaring and actively fights wildlife crime in partnership with the police…. 'They are semi-professional activists who know nothing about the county, nothing about peat control and nothing about conservation.'…(story)

Cheshire Chronicle 17.10.03 Are you game for seasonal treats? - ELMER Fudd, the bald-headed nemesis of Bugs Bunny, would be right at home at a Cheshire pub this month as the hunting season begins. But, if shooting wabbits ain't your style, you could still be game and sample some of the season's finest at the Blue Cap in Sandiway. Head chef Mohsen Moarres has launched a seasonal game menu…. (story)

Chester Chronicle 17.10.03 I AM writing to you with regard to the serious lack of provision for re-homing racing greyhounds. Many dogs will be killed, with their ears hacked off to remove their identification tattoo. Ex-racers have been thrown from moving vehicles, set alight and even hanged from trees… (letter)

Cambridge News 17.10.03 Brave researchers - AFTER the noisy and disruptive demonstration by the animal rights lobby last Saturday, may I record my admiration for the courage and dedication of the medical researchers targeted…. Name and address supplied (letter)
Cambridge News 13.10.03 Lab demo halts city - HUNDREDS of people marched on Cambridge at the weekend to take part in one of the largest animal rights protests organisers say the city has ever seen…. (story)
Observer 12.10.03 Animal lab protest - Hundreds of animal rights campaigners demonstrated against Cambridge University's plans for a laboratory to research cures for diseases... (letter)
BBC News Online 11.10.03 Activists protest at animal lab - Animal rights campaigners have staged a protest against Cambridge University's plans for an animal laboratory.... (story)
Cambridge News 10.10.03 Biggest animal demo - CAMBRIDGE could face its largest animal rights demonstration tomorrow. An estimated 1,000 demonstrators, from as far afield as Liverpool and Cornwall, are expected to descend on the city to protest against Cambridge University's plans to open a primate research lab in Girton…. (story)
Cambridge News 7.10.03 CITY CHAOS FEAR - A MASS mobilisation of animal rights campaigners could see Cambridge face the largest ever demonstration of its kind this weekend. Coaches and minibuses from as far away as Liverpool and Cornwall are expected to arrive in the city on Saturday for a rally against Cambridge University's plans to open a primate research lab in Girton… (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 17.10.03 Tests on animals not necessary - A STAGGERING 20 million animals face experiments on them as the European Commission plans to re-test 30,000 chemicals used by humans in such as cosmetics and detergents -- which have been on the market for more than 20 years…. SHEILA BRENNAN (Mrs), Bombay Street, Blackburn. (letter in archive)

Cambridge News 17.10.03 Let's use modern science From Amanda James, Wheatley Crescent, Bluntisham - PROFESSOR Tony Minton states ("We need vaccines", Your Letters, October 11) that the "guidelines and welfare standards we have in the UK" are "the most stringent in the world" in terms of animal research. They are however, clearly just not good enough! How can they be, whilst monkeys continue to suffer, to have their skulls opened and their brains damaged with corrosive chemicals and through surgery, whilst they continue to suffer symptoms including seizures, vomiting, diarrhoea, tremors and uncontrollable body movements?... (letter)

Guardian 17.10.03 Charity dispute resolved - Tash Shifrin - The bitter dispute at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) that led to a ballot for industrial action by staff looks to have been resolved. Amicus union members voted by a two-to-one majority for industrial action last month, in protest at plans to cut 340 jobs and outsource a call control centre to the private sector. But Amicus national officer Barry Jones said today that negotiations between the two sides had brought an agreement that the union would recommend to members for acceptance…. (story)

Guardian 17.10.03 Is there life after leather? Can you be a serious vegetarian - and seriously fashionable at the same time? Simon Chilvers investigates… As a vegetarian I have always felt unable to respond to accusations from friends, family or strangers that it is all very well and good not eating meat, but surely it is hypocritical to be walking around in leather… Supporting the leather industry means supporting the meat industry… (story)

Glasgow Herald 17.10.03 Criticism as zoo puts down arthritic black bears - STEPHEN STEWART - Staff at Glasgow Zoo were "distressed" after a team of vets yesterday had to put down two Asiatic black bears who were suffering from arthritis. The move drew criticism from Advocates for Animals, which claimed that zoo officials have been secretive and unco-operative…. Yvonne Taylor, campaign co-ordinator for Advocates for Animals, said the group had urged the zoo to work with them and other groups to find the best homes for the animals. She said: "The zoo has not worked with us or other groups like Born Free. They have only worked with the SSPCA. It is not surprising that questions will be asked, like could homes have been found for the bears?"… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 17.10.03 BRITISH ARE NOT SO SANCTIMONIOUS - In answer to Mr Richard Isbell's comments (Letters, October 8) concerning bullfighting, I would like to say that he cannot compare that blood-spilling activity with the British eating meat… I agree that we, in this country, do have certain activities (including fox-hunting) that are considered horrendous by a large part of the community who also find bullfighting distasteful… JOHN HOLT Cranmer Avenue Whatton (letter)

Kent/Sussex Courier 17.10.03 CRUELTY OF LIVE SHEEP EXPORTS FROM AUSTRALIA - I Have protested about the transporting of live sheep to the Middle East before. The last time was in 1997 when 70,000 sheep perished in an abandoned ship that caught fire… My family and I were appalled by the dreadful scenes we saw and the recent revelations about other horrors concerning this trade…. Alan Parry, Fir Toll Road, Mayfield (letter)

BBC News Online 17.10.03 Concern over puppy dogs' tails - Inspectors at Scotland's largest animal welfare charity have revealed a large increase in reports of dogs with docked tails. The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said it was becoming increasingly concerned about the practice, which is illegal in the UK…. (story)


Borehamwood & Elstree Times 16.10.03 Scout leader hit by hunter’s shot By Charles Whitney - Scouts are demanding stricter gun controls after a woman was hit by shot from a hunter's shotgun at the Well End Scout centre near Borehamwood. The woman, who was helping to run a Beaver troop, was hit in the ankle by shot from a gun which had been fired by a member of a shooting syndicate operating on land near the scout camp…. Hugh Dickson, from the Countryside Alliance's Campaign for Shooting, said there were strict rules governing how shooting expeditions operated, which all huntsmen were expected to observe…. (story)

Berwick Advertiser 16.10.03 DUKE HEARD PROJECT AIMED AT RESTORING BLACK GROUSE NUMBERS - THE DUKE of Northumberland is spearheading a project to restore the numbers of black grouse in Berwickshire. The Lammermuir Black Grouse Recovery Initiative is being supported by the Game Conservancy Trust and aims to provide ideal habitats and conditions for the birds with the help of local landowners…. (story)
Scotland on Sunday 12.10.03 Black grouse return to add romance to the moors - JEREMY WATSON ... The black grouse is Scotland’s second-most endangered bird after centuries of habitat destruction and hunting. Now the Duke of Northumberland is to create a 1,250-acre reserve on land he owns in the Lammermuir Hills in the Borders.... The Lammermuir Black Grouse Recovery Initiative aims to create ideal habitats and conditions in which the birds are known to thrive.... The Duke is being advised by the Game Conservancy Trust, whose regional adviser, Hugo Straker, is urging other landowners to put aside parcels of land.... (story)

Berwick Advertiser 16.10.03 Stop shooting grey squirrels! I have been going to write you for some time now, about an article in your paper about grey squirrels in Northumberland. It seems certain people have taken it upon themselves to kill grey squirrels because of their colour. A squirrel seminar, (whatever that is), held at Waterford Hall, including gamekeepers, farmers and landowners decided because of an increase in grey squirrels in the area, they should be killed…. What a nice pastime for these people who have decided that grey squirrels should be killed…. I have been in the hall for 20 years, many years ago, going down to Alnwick, one would see squirrels not many, deer sometimes crossing the road, rabbits, pheasants, wood pigeons, now, nothing at all, all been killed by gun-happy so-called men, who make all these numbers of squirrels so that they can kill them…. STELLA DAVISON, Flat 8, Beadnell Hall, Beadnell, Chathill. (letter)

Western Daily Press 16.10.03 WHAT'S GOING ON? Listening to our local radio I was surprised to hear it would now be 15 years before a vaccine to protect cattle against Bovine TB would be available… How can it take £35,000 to kill each badger? Pamela Dean Whiteshill Stroud Gloucestershire (letter)

Canary Wharf Weekly 16.10.03 STATE ST IN SHAC `THREAT' - STATE Street has threatened animal activists targeting its One Canada Square office with legal action…. SHAC's Gavin Hall, one of around 10 members who campaigned in the foyer of One Canada Square, said State Street had since threatened to mount legal action against the organisation and close down its website…. (story)


Lincolnshire Echo 15.10.03 A dog's life - I TOTALLY support the residents of Fazakerley against the greyhound stadium… greyhound racing exploits animals… Mrs B.I, Woolton (letter)

Birmingham Post 15.10.03 Guinea pig supplier wins case By Neil Connor, Birmingham Post - A Staffordshire farm supplying guinea pigs to a company which tests drugs on live animals may have won a decisive battle against animal rights activists following a High Court ruling. Campaigners could be banned from protesting outside Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, after an order preventing demonstrations outside Huntingdon Life Sciences was extended. Huntingdon is a customer of Darley Oaks Farm and High Court judge Mr Justice Owen ruled that temporary exclusion orders under the Protection from Harassment Act would also protect the suppliers of the Cambridgeshire-based firm…. (story)
Cambridge News 14.10.03 BACKING FOR STAFF IS PERMANENT - TEMPORARY exclusion orders made to protect customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences have been made permanent. Mr Justice Owen confirmed the decision at the High Court yesterday. Protesters affected include activists from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) the Animal Liberation Front and the Animal Rights Militia… (story)
Guardian 14.10.03 Judge extends Huntingdon ban - A judge has extended the ban on animal rights activists demonstrating at Huntingdon Life Sciences… (story)
Independent 14.10.03 New ban for animal rights protestors By Stephen Howard - A ban preventing animal rights activists from demonstrating at Huntingdon Life Sciences, a company that tests drugs on live animals, has been extended to include the company's suppliers… A spokesperson for Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty [Shac] said judges at the Court of Appeal would be asked to include yesterday's orders in a challenge to the Huntingdon Life Sciences injunctions later this year…. (story)
Telegraph 14.10.03 Permanent protection for HLS clients By Rosie Murray-West, City Correspondent - The High Court yesterday confirmed that it would permanently protect customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences from animal rights activists … (story)
BBC News Online 13.10.03 Animal protesters' ban extended - A ban on animal rights activists demonstrating at a company that tests drugs on live animals has been extended to include its suppliers. Judge Mr Justice Owen on Monday put a 100-metre exclusion zone around Huntingdon Life Sciences' (HLS) suppliers, whom he said had been subjected to a "sustained campaign of intimidation and harassment"… (story)
Evesham Journal 9.10.03 Judge's decision is awaited - EVESHAM-based animal rights activists are awaiting the decision of a High Court judge over injunction applications taken out by Japanese companies, which claim they are being harassed by the activists. The five people facing the injunctions are all members of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) group, which has its base in Boat Lane. The five are Greg and Natasha Avery, Polly Cooper, Joseph Dawson and Heather James…. (story in archive)

Shropshire Star 15.10.03 Need to stand firm on animal slaughter - Five months after Defra's Farm Animal Welfare Council produced evidence that animals slaughtered for meat, without being first stunned, suffered "significant pain and distress", Defra is now proposing to lift the ban on religious exemption from being required to stun animals before killing them… Even our vet used to animal trauma of all sorts declares it to be a horrible practice that upset him greatly when he was a student. J Wendy Slark, Oswestry (letter)

Western Daily Press 15.10.03 GLOBAL CRUELTY OF ANIMAL EXPORTS - The suffering and cruelty inflicted on sheep being exported from Australia to Arabia is just the tip of a huge iceberg… Exporting of live animals is also done by the rest of Europe, including the UK, for the same reason - to suit religious dogma…. David Thomas Hisomley Westbury Wiltshire (letter)

Croydon Guardian 15.10.03 Animal transport protest is no soft touch - An animal welfare charity transformed their stall into a soft toy farm yard in protest at animal transport conditions. Compassion in World Farming set up their stall outside Debenhams in Croydon’s North End on October 2 hoping to persuade the European Commission to impose a limit of eight hours or a distance of 500km on animals transport…. (story)


Newcastle Journal 14.10.03 Horserider injured in hunt fall is named By Michael Woods, The Journal - A horsewoman who suffered severe head injuries in a hunting accident was named yesterday as estate agency boss Heather Mather. Miss Mather, from Corbridge, was airlifted to Newcastle General Hospital after falling from her horse at a Tynedale Hunt meeting on Saturday… Two doctors and an anaesthetist who were taking part in the hunt performed emergency first aid before the emergency services arrived. Members of the hunt praised paramedics for their swift action in getting Miss Mather from the remote location to hospital in Newcastle… (story)

Western Morning News 14.10.03 ROYAL FAMILY NEED TO SET HUMANE EXAMPLE - I agree with Archie Smith that it is saddening that young Prince William should have killed a harmless and beautiful little animal… I have a great admiration for Prince Charles - only I do wish he would give up hunting and shooting and set a good example…. Evelyn Scott Brown, Liskeard (letter)

Western Daily Press 14.10.03 BLOODLUST OF CALLOUS HUNTS - I was astounded and sickened by the juxtaposition of two items on animal hunting in my paper on October 6 and the hypocrisy it shows. For torn-apart hares one could substitute foxes and deer with equal truth, so why defend hares and let foxes, deer, mink, etc, be subject to the cruel and wicked blood-lust which these callous hunters display?... Name and address supplied. (letter)

Western Daily Press 14.10.03 PLUCKY PHEASANTS PICK OFF SNAKES AND LIZARDS - Rising numbers of pheasants reared for shooting by game sports enthusiasts are picking off Britain's lizards and snakes, experts warned yesterday… (letter)
Independent 13.10.03 Reptile trust blames pheasants for shortage of species in countryside By Brian Unwin - The millions of pheasants reared and released every year for shooting may be partly responsible for the dearth of lizards and snakes in the British countryside, reptile academics believe.... Keith Corbett, rare species officer of the Herpetological Conservation Trust, who has seen a rare sand lizard being killed by a pheasant, put forward the idea in a radio programme, and listeners' experiences confirmed it.... But scientists at the Game Conservancy Trust, the main game species research organ-isation, do not agree.... (story)

Harborough Mail 14.10.03 'FOX-FEEDING NEAR HOMES WILL BOOM TOWN RATS' - A WOMAN is urging people not to feed urban foxes living on council wasteland in Harborough for fear it will encourage rats…. (story)

Western Morning News 14.10.03 Medical marvel - THOMAS Bromley tells us the "medical research community" saved his mother's life… Perhaps Mrs Bromley, freakishly was born with the metabolism of a dog, cat or a guinea pig? Perhaps her son will give us details of such a phenomenon? Terence MacManus, London (letter)
Western Morning News 30.9.03 Put people first - PAT Rattigan of British Anti Vivisection Association (WMN, September 23) gives us the usual propaganda we have come to expect but we should start putting people first. There is nothing moral about denying patients essential medical treatments that were developed through animal research… Patients' rights should be put on the map and a balanced argument put forward for humane animal research. Thomas Bromley, Seriously Ill for Medical Research (SIMR) Dunstable, Beds (letter)
Western Morning News 23.9.03 Killer drugs - Unfortunately for the vivisection industry (WMN, September 9) the argument concerning animal rights has been replaced by medical and scientific opposition. The notion that an artificially-induced syndrome in a laboratory rat or beagle could act as a model for spontaneously occurring human disease is so ludicrous that only the die-hards are still pushing the fantasy… Vivisection is a human rights issue; the right not to be maimed or killed by a vaccine, antibiotic steroid, pesticide, herbicide, solvent, tar or detergent which has not been safety-tested. Pat Rattigan, British Antivivisection Association London (letter)
Western Morning News 9.9.03 WHY ANIMAL RESEARCH IS VITALLY IMPORTANT - It disappoints me to read Mrs Sandy's letter and find that there are still people about who fail to understand the importance of animal research, and furthermore insist on tarring scientists and foxhunters with the same dirty brush… Animal research and foxhunting have two very different objectives. Most of the time, it is not possible to argue that foxhunting is "necessary"… Conversely, animals bred for research are treated entirely humanely and the number of laws, regulations and licences (see www.homeoffice.gov.uk/comrace/ animals/index.html) controlling animal research ensures that experiments simply are not carried out unnecessarily… Peter Beazley, St Austell (letter)
Western Morning News 2.9.03 Curious logic - I AM unable to understand the logic of Mrs S G Sandy (WMN, August 25) who says anti-hunt people are colossal hypocrites if they do not also concern themselves with laboratory animals. The League Against Cruel Sports, and similar organisations, are opposed to hunting with dogs for fun. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection concern themselves with animals in laboratories... John Phelps, Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 25.8.03 Hunting hypocrisy - IF you oppose hunting because you say it is "cruel" and "barbaric" but do not concern yourself with the 2.6 million animals destroyed in laboratories last year, you are a colossal hypocrite... There is also the brutalising effect on those who do such work day in day out.... Mrs S G Sandy, St Austell (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 14.10.03 Fishy motives - IN response to the hilarious letter from Mr Ross Minett of Advocates for Animals (October 11). While I am against any cruelty to animals, I sometimes wish people would get a life and let the bairns enjoy a day out to the pictures without being indoctrinated with guilt complex…. Mr K McLaughlin, Albion Terrace, Edinburgh (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 11.10.03 Nemo found to be fish unfriendly - AS with previous films involving fictional animals, Finding Nemo is likely to have a knock-on effect on real animals... After seeing the film in the US, many children tried to "free" their pet fish by flushing them down the toilet.... I urge parents who have fish and plan to see the film to explain this to their children. Ross Minett , campaigns director Advocates for Animals (letter)


Telegraph 13.10.03 Glare of TV lights forces country vicar to quit post - A young priest found it difficult to cope as thousands of viewers turned to him for help. Richard Savill reports - The vicar who starred in the BBC television series A Country Parish has resigned because of the pressures caused by becoming an "unexpected celebrity".... Although some of the more traditional parishioners in Wiltshire remained uneasy about Mr Allen's anti-hunting sentiments, his apparent lack of knowledge about the intricacies of village life and his tolerance of children making a noise in church, there appeared to be considerable sympathy for him yesterday..... (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 13.10.03 TV vicar quits - A country vicar who was thrust into the limelight in a fly-on-the-wall television show has resigned because of the pressures of his new-found celebrity status, it was revealed today… It became a firm favourite with millions tuning in to see the tattooed former DJ cope with his new life, in particular trying to negotiate his strong anti-hunting beliefs with the more traditional parishioners… (story)

Worcester Evening News 13.10.03 shooting - IT is essential to correct the total inaccuracy of the anti-shooting letter from R S Wilkes… The final inaccuracy is that game birds are full of shot and inedible…. Game shooting is a driving force for conservation. J WOOD, Worcester. (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 1.10.03 Pheasant cruelty - PHEASANT shoots have now become a very lucrative business.... Fed by a gamekeeper, they become tame. The owner then arranges shoots for big money to foreign businessmen and the like... R S WILKES, Whitbourne, Worcestershire. (letter in archive)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 13.10.03 FARMERS DON'T SPEAK FOR ALL - Once again we have the bland assumption by farmers that they speak for all people living in the countryside. Thus, many of them wish to cull the wild boar population which are establishing themselves in southern England. When are they going to grasp the fact we no longer live in the sort of deferential society in which they and landowners' opinions were the only ones that mattered…. Robin Downs, Berkeley Street, Scunthorpe (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 13.10.03 ANIMAL VICTIMS OF HUMAN CONFLICTS AND RESEARCH - Animal Aid has published a new report to show how animals are killed, mutilated, abandoned and exploited as a consequence of human warfare… The tally of Porton Down's animal victims continues to rise, despite overwhelming evidence that the results from such tests cannot be reliably applied to people because of crucial biological differences between species… Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, Exeter (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 13.10.03 Stopping abuse - I AM very concerned about animal cruelty and am therefore delighted the SSPCA now has a free hotline number for people to report animal abuse cases… Mrs J Fleming Carnethy Avenue Penicuik (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 8.10.03 Brutality sweeping the Lothians - Angie Brown - THIS is the horrific moment when a badger is smashed over the head with a spade before being thrown to dogs…. These sickening images of a barbaric practice which is sweeping Scotland have just been released by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as it launches a national campaign to wipe out the deplorable practice of badger baiting. The charity is also targeting other "sports" such as cockfighting, which it claims are also on the rise across Edinburgh and the Lothians. … Now, the SSPCA has set up a special hotline for people to report severe animal cruelty cases in a bid to put an end to these horrific practices…. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 8.10.03 Cruelty is not a sport - IN some of the pictures, the animals have been left so battered and abused by their tormentors that they are almost beyond recognition… That human beings can treat animals with that kind of callous cruelty is difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend…. So it is extremely sad that the Scottish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals and the police feel compelled to remind people that such practices are going on…. it cannot be in anyone’s interests to allow such cruelty to continue unchecked in our society (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 7.10.03 Hotline to stop cruelty to animals - A NEW free hotline has been set up for people to report severe animal cruelty cases. The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was today due to launch the service which is aimed at trying to stop dog fighting, badger baiting and cockfighting…. (story)


Sunday Telegraph 12.10.03 Pheasant shooters make startling appeal: 'Stop killing so many birds - it's too easy' By Rajeev Syal and Graham Mole - Pheasant shooting has become too easy, according to Britain's biggest field sports organisation, which also claims that the sport is damaging woodland because commercial breeders are flooding the countryside with birds. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation has issued guidance asking members not to target more than 500 birds a day because shooters are failing to give the birds "a sporting chance".... (story)

Sunday Times 12.10.03 Gamekeepers accuse RSPB of harassment - CONSERVATION bodies have been accused of “harassing” gamekeepers and attempting to pervert the course of justice, writes Mark Macaskill. Gamekeepers have claimed that some bodies, including the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), have pressed police wildlife officers to report alleged crimes and submit reports known to be lacking in evidence. An article in this month’s edition of Scottish Gamekeeper... accuses the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) of “victimising” lairds and gamekeepers.... (story)

Sunday Telegraph 12.10.03 Racing faces a 'soulless' future in the OFT's brave new world - Greg Nichols of the British Horseracing Board tells Damian Reece 60,000 rural jobs are at stake - Britain's rural economy, battered by foot and mouth and threatened with a ban on hunting, faces a new crisis if plans to shake up horse racing are implemented by the Office of Fair Trading, the racing industry will warn this week. Up to 60,000 rural jobs will be at risk, according to Greg Nichols, the chief executive of the British Horseracing Board (BHB), if radical proposals to deregulate the industry proceed.... (story)

Observer 12.10.03 Tiger torment - Ross Minett, Campaigns Director, Advocates for Animals, Edinburgh (letter)
Scotsman 9.10.03 Unfair to animals - Is there not a lesson to be learned from the incident in which the illusionist Roy Horn, of the Siegfried and Roy duo, was attacked by a tiger during a performance (your report, 6 October)?... As long as people continue to pay to see animal acts such as these, animals will continue to suffer. ROSS MINETT Campaigns director Advocates for Animals Queensferry Street Edinburgh (letter)


Times 11.10.03 Fox on the run BY ROBIN LANE FOX - Our hunting man goes to Hollywood — in the Moroccan desert - All over England, foxhounds are busy with their early morning cubbing, in preparation for full-blooded foxhunting in a month’s time. As your hunting correspondent, I have had a less conventional preparation. I have gone down to Morocco to be ready to join the season after three weeks’ virtual hunting, courtesy of Hollywood.... (story)

Western Daily Press 11.10.03 LEGAL BLOOD SPORTS HAVE TO BE BANNED - I totally agree with Roger Tavener's articles on hare coursing and the making of squish movies. Both pastimes are cruel, bloodthirsty and perverted... Shouldn't we then say the same about the workers in vivisection labs, such as Huntingdon Life Sciences and Porton Down?... P Richardson Woodmancote Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 10.10.03 Concern tropical fish will take a battering - ANIMAL rights organisations have attacked hit Disney film Finding Nemo amid fears it will inspire children across Northamptonshire to buy tropical fish and mistreat them. Groups including the RSPCA and the Animal News Centre have sent out warnings to pet shops that screenings of the biggest animated film of all time could stir young children to buy colourful clown fish that look like Nemo, the star of the blockbuster… (story)
BBC News Online 3.10.03 Finding Nemo inspires animal rights charity - Animal rights group Peta is hoping the smash hit film Finding Nemo will make people think twice about keeping fish in a tank…. (story)


Rotherham Advertiser 10.10.03 Blatant cruelty - Story By Alex Forrest - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner says his home is being targeted by hunters who left the bloodied bodies of four foxes hanging over his garden gate. Ray Wharam believes the hunting fraternity targeted his Ravenfield home because of his well-known opposition to blood sports… (story) (photo)
Sheffield Star 6.10.03 Dead foxes dumped outside home of animal rights activists - THE bloodied bodies of four dead foxes have been dumped outside the home of two high profile animal rights activists in Rotherham. Ray Wharam and his wife Doreen campaign openly on animal welfare issues and his activities disrupting animal shoots have previously landed him in court… He has previously been bound over to keep the peace in a court appearance following a dispute with shooters. (story) (photo)

Belfast Telegraph 10.10.03 Hounds' feast is akin to the Sunday ritual - Like many of us, Patricia Morrow (Writeback, October 6), who wrote protesting against fox hunting, would like to live in a more civilised kindlier world.... From an early age we encourage violence and dull the sensitivity of our sweet little children by allowing them to zap everything that moves from the comfort of the home computer. From what I have seen, the fox has a very quick death - an immediate flick of the neck by the leading hound.... the pulling apart of meat which Mrs Morrow suggests is uncongenial, are common to all carnivores... You can cut the meat more easily with a sharp knife. MALACHY McANESPIE, Green Party NI, Dunmurry, Co Antrim (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 6.10.03 Children should be protected from hunt horrors - While I agree wholeheartedly that Harry Stephenson (Writeback, September 29) has every right to protect his hens from a fox, I am deeply saddened that anyone can condone hunting... I find it incredulous that hunts take young children to these barbaric activities and encourage them to watch defenceless creatures being tormented and brutally killed in the name of "sport". P. MORROW (Mrs), Belfast 6. (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 29.9.03 Culling vermin is a necessary pursuit - THE carcases of three hens and a rooster were all that was left from 11 fowl safely penned until the fox, with the tenacity of the SAS, managed to dig a hole under the wire sufficient for him to slaughter the lot… I hunt foxes and I make no apology for doing so. Contrary to the uneducated mind of the anti-hunting brigade I get no pleasure sitting out all night in the freezing cold to cull vermin to protect my free-range hens which provide my family with food we feel comfortable eating…. For those who say the fox is only carrying out his natural instincts, I say: "So am I"…. HARRY STEPHENSON, Kircubbin, Co Down. (letter)

Chester Chronicle 10.10.03 Anti-fur campaigners demonstrate outside shop By Barry Ellams, Chester Chronicle - A SHOP launched in Chester last Tuesday was picketed by anti-fur trade campaigners. Protesters demonstrated outside the maritime-theme franchise Nauticalia in Bridge Street Row, Chester, with leaflets and banners. Members of Manchester-based Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) were objecting to one of the company products, a life-like model of a sleeping cat made out of rabbit fur…. CAFT organiser Catherine Jones said: 'Nauticalia's range of Ships Cats are novelty gifts made from real rabbit fur from China…" (story)
Chester Evening Leader 8.10.03 FUR PROTEST AT CITY STORE - PROTESTERS have demonstrated outside a new Chester shop which will sell a product made from real rabbit fur. About 10 members of the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) set up camp outside Nauticalia on Bridge St Row for its first day of trading. And the protesters, all from Chester, say they will plague the shop weekly until it stops using the fur to make its ´Ship´s Cat´, a life-like model of a sleeping cat…. Protester Catherine Green said: "The shop is selling ornaments made from rabbit fur from China…" (story may be in archive)

Blackpool Citizen 10.10.03 Horse questions - I WOULD like to thank D Rodini (letters, October 2) for attempting to answer the questions about the welfare and working hours of the landau horses… Could someone be a little more specific as to what these hours are and who checks the rules are adhered to?... I must decline the offer of spending a day on the busy promenade with a landau as I would find the experience far too upsetting… Melanie Blazey, Moorpark Avenue, Blackpool (letter in archive)

Malvern Gazette 10.10.03 Fair boosts animal charities - A FAIR to promote awareness of animals raised around £100 for charity. The fair was held on Saturday, World Animal Day, at the Lyttelton Well, Malvern. Animal charities including the Cats' Protection, Worcester Animal Rights Coalition and Vegfam had stalls at the event…. (story in archive)

Wandsworth Guardian 10.10.03 Stop the killing of wild ponies - MARGARET SMITH THOMPSON (letter)
Streatham Guardian 10.10.03 Stop the pony cull - I’d like to appeal to readers to join our campaign against the annual killing of Britain’s wild ponies. According to animal welfare group Viva!, hundreds of moorland ponies are killed every year as their destiny at markets is often slaughter…. The public must be made aware of the misery on our moors and the truth behind the idyllic pictures of mares and foals… If you want to help end this cruelty, contact Viva! at 12 Queen Square, Brighton, BN1 3FD… (letter)


Melton Times 9.10.03 The Quorn Hunt is offering a morning's free autumn hunting for all newcomers. As part of National Newcomers' Week, the event is on Saturday and includes a barbecue afterwards…. (story)

Western Telegraph 9.10.03 Grisly discovery at beauty spot by Doris Goddard - EIGHT FOXES which had been shot dead were found dumped in a river at a mid-Pembrokeshire beauty spot on Friday. And the finger is being pointed at a south Wales Valleys gang who travel down the motorway to Pembrokeshire to shoot foxes and other wildlife with high-powered guns…. JAMES Andrews, master of the South Pembrokeshire Hunt, said he wanted to make it absolutely clear there was no way hunt people would do anything like this…. (story in archive)

Western Daily Press 9.10.03 HARE COURSERS' THREAT TO FARMS - After reading the article, Killing Fields, I felt I must write and say that, sadly, hare coursing isn't confined to the Cotswolds. We own a farm near Frome, in Somerset, and have suffered this year, more than any other, with this dreadful "sport"…. We, too, know who carries out this sport (often in broad daylight with us watching) but the very real threat of burning barns renders us helpless. And the police? No help at all. What should we do? Name and address supplied. (letter)

Canary Wharf Weekly 9.10.03 PROTESTER STORMS STATE STREET OFFICE - Animal group SHAC is back - Allison Martin - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner bypassed security to get into the One Canada Square offices of State Street. Julie Baxter, from animal rights group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), made it to the bank's 28th floor offices on Tuesday (October 7)… (story)

Daily Record 9.10.03 CRUEL TRADE - THANKS for highlighting the plight of the bears in China where they are subjected to terrible cruelty…. Sylvia Miller, by email (letter)

Daily Record 9.10.03 JUST what is Jim Traynor's problem with World Animal Day ? He seems to think that if you like animals, thenthere is something wrong with you. Kris Keddie, Dalgety Bay, Fife (letter)

Northampton Chronicle 9.10.03 World Animal Day thank-you - I would like to thank the Chronicle & Echo for covering the very first World Animal Day to be launched in the UK…. Jacqui Meads, Safewings, Isham (story)

Penarth Times 9.10.03 Bemused - I WAS somewhat bemused to watch the HTV News of September 23, showing Lorraine Barrett, chairperson of the All Party Animal Welfare Group, receiving "jiving" lessons and dancing to an Elvis impersonator at the Assembly building. Surely Ms Barrett's time and our money would have been better spent if she had joined the demonstrators outside the building of the Welsh Assembly that morning, protesting against funding to farmers for puppy breeding organised by "A Dog's Life"…. C Wakefield Rowan Way Rassau Ebbw Vale (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 9.10.03 61,773 SIGN UP TO STOP LIVE HORSE EXPORTS - An amazing 61,773 readers have backed the Western Morning News' campaign to prevent a cruel export trade in horses, ponies and donkeys starting up again…. And we are delighted to announce that TV scriptwriter and fervent animal welfare campaigner Carla Lane has agreed to present your petitions to 10, Downing Street on Monday, November 17… CIWF campaigns director Kerry Burgess said yesterday: "We are absolutely thrilled that the Western Morning News has taken this on to such a great extent and had such a brilliant success…" (story)
Western Morning News 9.10.03 PRESSURE MOUNTS TO HALT EXPORT HORROR - The Western Morning News Campaign to prevent the export of live horses, ponies and donkeys to the Continent has had an overwhelming response from readers… (story)
Western Morning News 9.10.03 BECKETT ACCUSED OF IGNORING HORSES - Rural Affairs Secretary Margaret Beckett was last night accused of ignoring the plight of thousands of horses, ponies and donkeys after she refused to say whether she would block new European rules that could allow the live export trade to resume…. In a written Parliamentary Question, Mr Lidington asked her to guarantee that the Government would seek to amend the new EU legislation on the welfare of livestock during travel so that Britain's ban on the live export trade could continue. But in her answer Mrs Beckett ducked the question, saying only that she was still "considering the best way to protect British ponies in the light of domestic and European legislation"…. (story)
Western Morning News 9.10.03 CHARITIES BACK WMN EXPORTS CAMPAIGN - Equine protection charities yesterday praised readers of the Western Morning News for their dedication to the Live Exports Campaign… (story)
Western Morning News 9.10.03 FARMERS VOTE FOR PONY REGISTER - The future of Dartmoor ponies was looking more secure last night after the Dartmoor Commoners Council backed the pony keepers' demands for a register instead of pony passports…. (story)
Western Morning News 9.10.03 SALE BRINGS TERROR FOR MOOR PONIES - The rspca has launched an investigation into a dealer seen kicking and manhandling Dartmoor ponies into four lorries at the close of a drift sale last week… Observers fear the appalling scenes could be yet another example of dealers who are flouting existing laws and exporting live animals. As the WMN has highlighted, there are concerns from animal charities that horses are already being exported live from Britain to the continent via Ireland… Maureen Rolls… said: "In my mind I'm 100 per cent sure that these animals have gone to the Continent…." (story)
Western Morning News 1.10.03 GETTING CLOSE TO PETITION TARGET - Petition forms are pouring in for our campaign against the live export of horses, ponies and donkeys for slaughter in what is now to become a national effort, as WMN Horses Editor Lucy Johnson reports… (story)


Guardian 8.10.03 Eco soundings - John Vidal - Unfair game It's the pheasant season, and the League Against Cruel Sports has published an alarming report on the activities of gamekeepers… (story)
Newcastle Evening Chronicle 7.10.03 No sporting chance for wildlife By Rob Kennedy And Jamie Diffley, The Evening Chronicle - Activists today claimed thousands of animals are being killed needlessly on North East country estates in the name of sport… An investigation by the League Against Cruel Sports and National Anti Snaring Campaign has revealed shocking numbers of wild mammals and birds are being brutally snared, trapped and poisoned…. Richard Dodd, North East director for the Countryside Alliance and a Belsay farmer, said: "These reports need to be taken with a pinch of salt because these people don't know what they are talking about…" (story)

Ipswich Evening Star 8.10.03 Wildlife shooting investigated - CONSERVATIONISTS are today investigating reports that cormorants have been shot at near a lake where the birds have been accused of stealing fish. Anglers vigorously denied any pot-shots had been taken at the birds, blamed for depleting trout stocks at Loompit Lake, and believe what people may have heard was an unauthorised pheasant, pigeon or wildfowl shoot… (story)

Croydon Guardian 8.10.03 Don’t blame the dogs - I would like to reply to Miss E Collins’ letter. I think it is not always dog mess – there are now a large number of foxes roaming the streets. I clean up fox mess from outside my house and my elderly neighbours’ nearly every day…. (letter)

Western Daily Press 8.10.03 EXPENSIVE WASTE ON BADGER CULL - I have just received very reliable information on a Defra badger cull in the Wotton-under-Edge area of Gloucestershire. This, to me, is a ridiculous and very expensive, illegal killing of British native wildlife…. M J Haines Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 8.10.03 Boss is victim of smear tactics - Animal rights protesters have waged a smear campaign against a Burntwood businessman, falsely branding him a paedophile. Residents of Bridge Cross Road, Chase Terrace, had leaflets pushed through their letterboxes claiming Rodney Harvey was a convicted child sex offender… Mr Harvey's fuel supply business, Dove Fuels, delivers to the farm, which breeds guinea pigs for sale to vivisection laboratories… (story)

BBC News Online 7.10.03 Activists blamed for child sex slur - describing a man with links to a guinea pig breeding farm as a convicted paedophile. Staffordshire Police said self-employed fuel supplier Rodney Harvey of Chase Terrace, near Cannock, was targeted in flyers distributed to his neighbours…. The spokesman said anyone with information about who distributed the leaflets should contact police. (story)

Ananova 8.10.03 Animal rights group wants Robbie to drop chimp from video - An animal rights group is demanding that Robbie Williams remove footage of a chimpanzee with a gun from his live show. Peta, People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals, has written to the singer asking for the clip to be dropped before he starts the second half of his world tour. They claim the film promotes the mistreatment of animals in the entertainment industry…. (story)

Manchester Evening News 8.10.03 Veggie roll of honour - GONE are the days when vegetarians were limited to a choice of mushroom omelette or nut cutlet when they dined out. Two Manchester restaurants have made such a success of catering for veggies that they are in line for top national awards. Popular city centre eatery Zumbar and veggie fast food outlet V2GO are in the running for honours at the Vegetarian Society Awards 2003…. (story)

Bath Chronicle 8.10.03 SHEEP CRUELTY - Last Thursday was World Farm Animals Day which I hope brought the attention of readers to the appalling situation regarding the live animal transport trade… JUDY HUNGERFORD, Address supplied (letter)

Milton Keynes News 8.10.03 - Hidebound - My heart bleeds for the poor 'wealthy vegetarians' who are unable to buy leather upholstered Daimlers… One has only to go to an Indian city and see how these 'sacred' cows, the poor creatures that freely roam the streets, are treated. I have witnessed them all over India… Peta (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)'s efforts would be better spent if the organisation concentrated on some real work rather than attack Daimler Chrysler for its use of the cow hide for their cars' upholstery…. Shib Roy (letter)

Argus 8.10.03 Exploitation - The Voice of The Argus (September 23) is right to express concern over Granada televising a show called Man Versus Beast. The Born Free Foundation and the RSPCA are also right to complain…. -David Hammond, Hassocks (letter)


Western Morning News 7.10.03 Passports are unfair - THE question is not really hunting. This Government is destroying horse-riding, presumably believing it an elitist pursuit. The latest blow to horse owners, riding schools, livery stables - even racing stables - is the introduction of passports for horses…. Joan Calmady-Hamlyn, Bridestowe Devon (letter)

Western Morning News 7.10.03 GM PROCESS PAVES WAY TO FARMING PROGRESS - Those people pledging to cause road blocks and destroy GM crops - "Threat of civil unrest over GM" (WMN, September 25) - are threatening to behave like hard-core fox-hunters, bent on action regardless of the law… Deryck Laming, Exeter (letter)

BBC News Online 7.10.03 Debate on future of animal lab - Senior academics at the University of Cambridge are expected to debate the future of a controversial new animal testing laboratory…. The report by the Board of Scrutiny, the university's official watchdog, claims the extent of animal experiments at the site was kept hidden… (story)
Cambridge News 6.10.03 Speak out over lab, urge activists - ANIMAL rights protestors will make their presence felt tomorrow as members of Cambridge University discuss allegations they were misled over plans for a monkey testing laboratory… (story)

Cambridge News 7.10.03 Vice-chancellor can't be against - From Joan Court, X-CAPE, Sturton Street, Cambridge - Professor Alison Richard states that she is "deeply committed to human health and welfare" ( News, October 1) which is precisely why the proposed research at 307 Huntingdon Road would raise false hopes in sick human beings… But then, if she was opposed to research on primates, clearly she would never have been appointed as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. (letter)

Evening Standard 7.10.03 Pigeon war is being won By Ross Lydall, Local Government Correspondent, Evening Standard - The pigeons of Trafalgar Square are smarter than first thought…. nine months after Mayor Ken Livingstone (who dubbed the birds "flying rats") put them on reduced rations, and hired a Harris hawk, their number has dropped to a few hundred. As part of a deal with animal rights groups, the birds get breakfast at 7am… The hawk, employed at a cost of £55,000 a year, only does half-days now as result of having less dirty work to do. But a demonstration against it is planned for 20 October…. Officers will now meet animal rights groups to discuss more cuts in rations… As for the anti-hawk demo - animal rights groups say it kills "dozens" of birds each month - Niel Hansen, of Save the Trafalgar Square Pigeons, said: "We don't believe the numbers should have been reduced…" (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 7.10.03 FOIE GRAS IS PRODUCED IN AN UNACCEPTABLE WAY - Michael Caines, of the Royal Clarence Hotel restaurant, should be ashamed of having foie gras on the menu, Echo, October 3. The Echo article correctly states that this food is produced by the force feeding of ducks and geese…. Hopefully, potential customers reading this will prefer to eat elsewhere whilst foie gras is kept on his restaurant's menu. Ivor Annetts, Tiverton (letter)


Burton Mail 6.10.03 Try out fox hunting by MARC BRYANT - MEMBERS of the public have been invited to try fox hunting with an East Staffordshire hunt… The move has been made by Tutbury-based Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt as part of a publicity campaign to boost support for hunting with dogs… (story)

Guardian 6.10.03 Telegraph editor first: my politics are my own business - Maggie Brown hears how the Telegraph's new editor plans to beef it up - ... 'The greatest difficulty isn't balancing the old material with the younger stuff," says Martin Newland, 41, the new editor of the Daily Telegraph.... What about the paper's love of the Countryside Alliance? Moore hunts, and his predecessor Max Hastings adored shooting and fishing; whereas Newland lives... in highly unrural Brockley, south-east London... and barks "No" with laughter when asked if he hunts... And at last he produces an opinion. "The past reporting of countryside disputes is not so much about foxes, it's the principle behind it, the limitations on people's freedoms. That is what is really driving the countryside campaign. That's the deeper principle Charles was pursuing, and people are bad at understanding that. I believe in the application of personal freedom."... (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 6.10.03 MIX TO FIX A HOUND DOG - I would like to thank Glynis Smith (Opinion, October 2) for writing about the hunt near Mickleover this coming Tuesday. Might I advise residents to keep their pets indoors during the day… a mix of 50 parts water to 1 part citronella (available from all good pharmacists) sprayed liberally around the perimeter of your property will keep the hounds disinterested. Roger, Derby Hunt Sabs. (letter)
Derby Evening Telegraph 2.10.03 HUNT PUZZLE - I understand that fox-hunting will be taking place near my home. I have a fox and vixen who visit my garden every evening…. How human beings can watch while the hounds run the fox to exhaustion I don't know. Glynis Smith, Mickleover. (letter)

Western Morning News 6.10.03 ONE MAN'S WAR AGAINST A CRUEL SPORT WHERE THE PLAYFUL HARE HAS NO HIDING PLACE - George Lager lifts his binoculars to his eyes to scan the peaceful West countryside, with middle-class, middle England rolling gently away for as far as he can see… BY the end of the day the muddy earth is stained crimson and the carcasses of torn-apart hares are a sickening reminder of the callous slaughter which, for some, was a day's evil entertainment. George, a police constable with the Gloucestershire force, is a rare breed. He is the county's wildlife liaison officer and is waging a one-man war against the hundreds of blood-sports enthusiasts who take over chunks of the 240 square miles that are his responsibility…. Organised hare coursing with greyhounds is allowed and George has no argument with that. What he hates is the mindless destruction of hares when they are at their most vulnerable by organised gangs who meet up within hours after a series of mobile phone calls…. (story)

Times 6.10.03 Elephants in zoos - The RSPCA wants zoos to stop keeping elephants because of animal welfare concerns. It has nothing to do with politics, as suggested by Richard Morrison... ROB ATKINSON, (Head, Wildlife Department), RSPCA, Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 9RS. (letter)
Times 29.9.03 See a tiger while stocks last - RICHARD MORRISON - In modern urban Britain, "mistreatment" of animals will increasingly mean simply locking them up in zoos... in Britain, zoos are fighting off ever-encroaching campaigns by animal rights activists. The RSPCA, which has become very strident and politicised recently, wants a ban on elephants in captivity... (story)


Northern Echo 4.10.03 Plea to anglers after volunteer saves swans - A WOMAN who rescues swans and other birds from fishing lines and hooks is calling on anglers to be more aware of wildlife. Volunteer Linda Charlton, from Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust, patrols the River Wear at the Riverside Park, in Chester-le-Street. This year, two adult swans brought up nine cygnets but Mrs Charlton said over the past four months she has had to rescue each one from fishing line and other debris... (story in archive)

Shropshire Star 4.10.03 Busy badgers shut busy road - A busy Shropshire road has been closed for two days for emergency repairs after determined badgers burrowed under the highway... (story)

Western Daily Press 4.10.03 CELEBRATE ON ANIMALS' DAY - It's World Animal Day today, a day to celebrate all the wonderful species of animals who share this planet alongside human beings and a time to support organisations which campaign to end animal suffering... The British Union For The Abolition Of Vivisection (BUAV) is the world's leading organisation dedicated to using peaceful campaign methods to end all animal experiments, at both national and international levels... Wendy Higgins Campaigns Director BUAV London (letter)

Telegraph 4.10.03 Catwalk fur protesters fail to steal the limelight By Hilary Alexander at Milan Fashion Week - Anti-fur protesters stormed the Dolce and Gabbana fashion show at Milan Fashion Week yesterday... Later yesterday afternoon, an anti-fur protester attempted to disrupt the showing by Gianfranco Ferre, jumping on to the catwalk in front of the model Alek Wek with a poster that read: "Thou shalt not kill."... (story)

Western Daily Press 4.10.03 CALL FOR AUSSIES TO END BARBARIC EXPORTS - Major General Peter Davies Director General World Society For The Protection Of Animals (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 4.10.03 ANIMAL WELFARE IS OF UTMOST CONCERN Major General Peter Davies CB, WSPA Director General (letter)
Scotsman 1.10.03 Time to stop export of live animals - The continuing saga of over 50,000 sheep that have been suffering at sea for the last eight weeks is a graphic illustration of why the long distance transportation of animals for slaughter should be ended on welfare grounds.... WSPA is, therefore, calling on the Australian government to end its live export trade - (MAJOR GEN) PETER DAVIES Director General, WSPA, Albert Embankment, London (letter)


Plymouth Herald 3.10.03 FOX HUNTERS - I am fed up with the rantings of the sadistic fox hunting brigade. Why not send these "brave" people to Iraq… A ODGERS, Stoke (letter)

Dundee Courier 3.10.03 Raptors galore Sir,—Along with other readers, I have been following with interest the recent correspondence relating to Jim Crumley’s views on predatory birds and the varying responses that this has provoked. I was recently fortunate enough to be invited fishing on the Kinnaird Beat of the South Esk... It was interesting that so many raptors and varied wildlife occur on what is considered by many as one of the most efficiently keepered and managed shoots in the area. R. Hynd, Leadingham Hynd Architectural Partnership. 18 South Tay Street, Dundee. (letter)
Dundee Courier 22.9.03 Decisions based on emotion - As the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association (SGA) spokesperson responsible for the interview that so enraged Jim Crumley (September 16), I would like to respond. Dealing with the SGA’s petition, we are asking for independent scientific research into the impact of predatory birds including cormorants, ravens and gulls (not only buzzards) on wildlife. Why are the so-called conservationists so alarmed by this?... Mr Crumley appears to claim that wildlife flourishes only on conservationist-owned ground; this is nonsense. The Game Conservancy Trust, has demonstrated with peer- reviewed science, that wild bird populations are five times more abundant on shooting estates than non-shooting estate… Bert Burnett, Committee Member, SGA. Kirriemuir (letter)
Dundee Courier 1.9.03 Proud of birds of prey - I note from Jim Crumley’s article, Ospreys really taking off (August 26), that he partakes in the age-old sport of “gamekeeper bashing.” I am a Perthshire gamekeeper and I am proud to say that here on the estate where I am employed there is a thriving population of ospreys as well as kestrels, buzzards and occasional visits by hen harriers and red kites.... It seems Jim, you continue to be afflicted by a big chip on your shoulder complicated by serious misinformation, I hope your condition gets better with time and a good dose of cognition. Raymond Holt. Dupplin, Perth (letter)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 3.10.03 Mink pose a real menace - THE future of much of our wildlife is being threatened by ferocious mink which are now established in the countryside. Since animal rights activists released thousands of these animals into the wild they have been causing devastation to many native animals and birds…. (story in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 3.10.03 LEAVE FRUIT FOR HUNGRY BADGERS Following on from comment by A. Brockbank regarding badgers and lack of food. Many people have windfalls of apples and pears. Would it be possible to leave them on the ground for a while?... PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill, Nr Stroud (letter)

Stirling Observer 3.10.03 ANIMAL WELFARE WORKER GUILTY OF CHILD ABUSE …Well known SSPCA inspector Gordon Stanforth appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court last week and admitted committing the shocking offence 30 years ago. Stanforth (54), who for years has regularly stood in the witness box to testify against people who have been accused of animal cruelty, was subsequently axed by the charity…. (story)

Western Daily Press 3.10.03 SHOCKED BY THE REAL ORIGINS OF INEXPENSIVE BUT SAD GIFT - I was shocked to see the article on the fur trade, not due to the content (though this was sickening enough) but because I have one of the cats myself… Now I'm shocked to have this "sad gift" in our home and am wondering what to do with it…. Matthew Pearce Stockwood Bristol (letter)

The Citizen (Lancaster) 3.10.03 Bring on the penis puppets... I WAS appalled to read Cllr Sands suggestion that a Great British Fish and Chip Feast be held in Morecambe. As a vegan of many years standing I am shocked at the idea of the council supporting such a disgusting, unhealthy and cruel enterprise. Puppetry of the Penis, however, sounds to me like a breath of fresh air… Chris Simpson, Regent Street, Lancaster. (letter in archive)

Edinburgh Evening News 3.10.03 Designs on animal aid - YOUNG animal lovers will stage a fashion show at a city school in aid of a cruelty prevention charity. Pupils from Currie High have offered to stage the event for the World Society for the Protection of Animals… (story)

Hexham Courant 3.10.03 FARMER HITS BACK AT ANTI-MILK CAMPAIGN - A NEWTON farmer has hit back at animal rights campaigners who have branded dairy farming wrong and milk a health hazard. Retired dairy farmer John Moffitt, of West Side Farm near Corbridge, branded claims by animal rights group Peta that drinking milk is linked to cancer, heart disease, constipation and allergies, as a load of rubbish…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 3.10.03 PROTESTERS TARGET CHEF Local food champion Michael Caines came in for a roasting today - for serving up a foreign delicacy…. Mr Caines was under fire from an animal welfare group for offering the quintessential French grub pate de foie gras… To mark its displeasure, a group called EFA, the Exeter Friends for Animals, was staging a peaceful protest outside the hotel today and handing out leaflets… Local EFA campaigner Yvonne Nicola said: "We have written to the hotel explaining our concerns and asking them to remove foie gras from the menu but they have so far refused…." EFA supporter Sharon Howe said the group had been going for three years and now had a membership of between 40 and 50 - although not all were active members… (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 3.10.03 Live exports - I was horrified to read that we may soon be seeing wild ponies exported live to the Continent for meat (J Reynolds, D&S letters, Sept 12). The barbarity of this must be obvious to most decent people… C TWEDDLE, Byland Abbey, Coxwold (letter in archive)

Malvern Gazette 3.10.03 More suffering - unless amended, the European Commission proposals for animal transport published on July 16 will force the UK to drop its ban on the export of live horses… CIWF supporters will be at the Animal Charities Fair at the Lyttelton Well, Malvern, on October 4 and again in Church Street on October 25. Please come and add your support, sign our petitions etc…. J Harries, Whittington. (letter in archive)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 3.10.03 Protest plea over caged poultry plight By Jane Yelland, The Huddersfield Daily Examiner - AN animal rights group wants poultry cages banned. And Holmfirth-based pressure group Farm Animal Welfare Network - Fawn - is urging people to oppose plans to introduce larger cages for battery hens… Mrs Clare Druce, who runs the organisation said: "The battery cage, because of the extreme confinement it imposes on the birds, can only be extremely poor in terms of quality of life…" (story)


Yorkshire Post 2.10.03 Public invited to see hunts - HUNTS across the region are hosting "open" events in an attempt to win over more people to the controversial sport. About 20 hunts in Yorkshire and the Humber are taking part in the Countryside Alliance-run National Newcomers Week, from October 4 to 11.... Middleton Hunt, in North Yorkshire, is opening its doors to newcomers on Wednesday, October 11.... (story)

Eastern Daily Press 2.10.03 - Hunt saboteur fined - A hunt saboteur ran on to private land yelling and whistling at dogs in a bid to disrupt a Norfolk hunt, a court heard yesterday. Despite a police warning, Andrew Cook, 37, ran on to the Thelveton estate, owned by Norfolk baronet Sir Rupert Mann, whistling and shouting to distract the hounds from pursuing their quarry... Thetford magistrates were told that the incident happened at a Dunston Harriers meet, where Cook was among a group of 10 campaigners. Cook, of Lime Tree Place, Stowmarket, pleaded guilty to trespassing on land at Upper Billingford, near Diss, with intent to disrupt a hunt on March 1.... in the eight years Cook, who is an unemployed gardener, had been actively protesting across East Anglia, he has never been convicted.... Fining him £60 and binding him over to keep the peace for a year, magistrates chairman Francis Crawley warned Cook he could have been imprisoned or faced a hefty fine for the offence... (story)

Hull Daily Mail 2.10.03 WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY'S WILDLIFE I'm wondering how on earth there is any wildlife left in this country. Apart from the so-called legalised country sports, there are gangs of sickos coming over here regularly from the West Riding with their dogs for hare coursing and whatever else takes their fancy…. Mrs Brown, Keyingham (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 2.10.03 HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO CRUEL? - I Am 100 per cent anti-blood sport. So you can imagine to my horror when our neighbour told me how he is training his puppy lurcher to hunt rabbits. He takes the pup out along with his ferrets and nets a rabbit. He then ties the back legs of the rabbit together and lets it go… Name and address supplied. (letter)

Dorking Advertiser 2.10.03 Walkers in fear as gunshots heard on common - GUNFIRE on Ranmore Common frightened walkers and animals using footpaths at the beauty spot at the weekend… A police spokesman confirmed the shooting was due to a fox being shot as part of vermin control… A nearby resident said: "The problem is if they are shooting animals on a public footpath, what if a stray bullet hit someone walking?... (story)

St Albans Observer 2.10.03 Mink kills man's fish By Paul Collins … A mink was found on Sunday, September 28, by Mr John Ewington in the back garden of his home in Coleswood Road. The 70-year-old believes the pest is responsible for killing five fish in his garden pond…. Mr Peter Fox, secretary of the Ver Valley Society, says there have been several sightings of mink in and round Redbournbury Mill. He said the animal is hitting local wildlife because otters are their only natural predator. He added: "Their population has spread over a long time after raids on mink farms by animal activists who set them free." (story)
Herts Advertiser 2.10.03 'Voracious' mink threaten wildlife - CONSERVATIONISTS fear that mink are now breeding in the Ver Valley and could wipe out native wildlife. Ver Valley Society secretary, Peter Fox, who lives in Redbourn, says a dead mink was found near Redbournbury Mill this summer and there are reliable reports of others being seen in the Sopwell area of St Albans. Mr Fox said: "Mink are voracious predators and can quickly clear a stretch of river of much of its wildlife. We are very concerned that they will seriously damage our native wildlife if they become endemic in the area."… (story)

Argus 2.10.03 Shamrock Farm open for business - The fortifications would hardly have been out of place at a super-secret Cold War bunker or on a James Bond film set.... But this is not a frozen mid-European wasteland but lush West Sussex. And the fortifications were never designed for nuclear brinkmanship but to keep animal rights protesters out. Shamrock Farm, where monkeys were held before being sent to laboratories in Britain and Europe for experimentation, was notorious as the scene of protests in the Nineties... Sue Baumgardt, of the Save the Shamrock Monkeys Campaign, said the demonstrations were part of a national movement... (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 2.10.03 ANIMAL CRUELTY PROTEST - Animal rights activists protested at a veterinary hospital and held up traffic in Derby yesterday. Police were called to Scarsdale Veterinary Hospital, in Kedleston Road, shortly after 1.30pm yesterday after activists from the Save Newchurch Guinea Pigs group protested in the reception… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 2.10.03 I'M DREAM OF A VEGETARIAN CHRISTMAS - If Christmas is about peace and goodwill, why cram defenceless birds into windowless sheds and force them to grow many times their natural size?... MARK RICHARDS Newcastle (letter)

Daily Record 2.10.03 END CRUELTY - AS we approach World Animal Day on October 4, think of the many ways that mankind has always used and abused our fellow creatures…. J. Cooper, Dunfermline (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 2.10.03 WORLD FARM ANIMALS' DAY …I would like to bring to people's attention that World Farm Animals' Day is today. World Farm Animals' Day raises awareness of the welfare problems of intensive farming, transport and slaughter and it encourages people to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle. S Hughes (Ms), Montpelier (letter)

Redditch Standard 2.10.03 Pigeon cull criticised - WORKERS at B&Q in Redditch were reduced to tears after a cull of pigeons roosting in the store left the birds bloody and wounded on the shop floor, it was revealed this week. Gary Merchant from the Pigeon Control Advisory Service was contacted by distraught staff following the gruesome discovery on the morning of July 30…. (story)

North Devon Journal 2.10.03 OUR APPEAL WILL HELP ANIMAL ANGEL DIANA - An appeal to help animal angel Diana Lewis keep up her good work is launched by the Journal this week… (story)
North Devon Journal 2.10.03 HELP US TO HELP DIANA - The Journal today launches a special appeal to help a special lady. The Journal North Devon Animal Ambulance Appeal has been launched to help animal angel Diana Lewis continue with her work in the region… (story)
North Devon Journal 2.10.03 ANIMAL RESCUE WORK GOES ON - Over the past 11 years, the name of Diana Lewis has become synonymous with the care and welfare of animals…Chairman of DIANA is Holsworthy businessman Graham Dent, who has a lifelong love of animals. His partner Maureen Overd spent many years working for animal welfare and is looking forward to her new role as treasurer… (story)
North Devon Journal 25.9.03 SETTING OUT FACTS ON RSPCA'S ACTIVITIES - In response to recent correspondence in your pages on the activities of the North Devon branch of the RSPCA, could I please offer the following… While Diana Lewis was not paid a salary, she cost the North Devon branch an average of £53,194 per annum over the last two years. This comprised of fuel bills, general motoring expenses, telephone bills, vets' fees, cattery and fostering expenses…. Within this restructure, Diana made it very clear that she "was not willing to become a taxi driver", i.e. she preferred the high profile rescue work tasked by region over the routine branch work. This left us in the ridiculous position of having to pay additional expenses to transport our animals from vets, catteries and fosterers, in many cases incurring unnecessary overnight costs at vets, because Diana and our animal collection vehicle was busy with regional work… STEPHANIE CROFT, Treasurer, RSPCA North Devon Branch, Bratton Fleming. nEditor's note: correspondence on this issue is now closed. (letter)
North Devon Journal 18.9.03 DIANA: THE TRUE STORY OF RSPCA 'SACKING -In last week's Journal, Ms Pounds, on behalf of the North Devon RSPCA made somewhat misleading statements, whilst contradicting a number of her previous ones. If sacked is not the correct term for a volunteer, then my position came precariously close to just such a word…. DIANA LEWIS, Mole Cottages, Bendle Cross, North Molton. (letter)
North Devon Journal 18.9.03 GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT - In response to Julie Holden's letter in last week's Journal, I do wish that if people are going to write to the newspapers they would get their facts right first. There are five RSPCA charity shops and The Disney Clinic, all of which received new tills last year at a cost of £1,403, not £4,000…. K.M. GIDDY, Trustee and Volunteer North Devon Branch, Armada Way, Westward Ho! (letter)
North Devon Journal 11.9.03 RESIGNATION SHOCK NO. 2 FOR RSPCA - A second key resignation by a top figure in a North Devon animal charity rocked by rows over its future has been revealed. Nancy Sawyer, vice president of the North Devon branch of the RSPCA, has quit because she felt her post had "lost its relevance." It came just two weeks after the decision by animal collection officer Diana Lewis to leave after she was told her post was to become salaried.... (story)
North Devon Journal 11.9.03 ANIMAL ANGEL DIANA WAS NOT 'SACKED' BY RSPCA - Over the past few days there have been reports in the media that Diana Lewis has been 'sacked' from the local branch of the RSPCA. All such reports are untrue... VAL POUNDS, Chairman, MARION HUNTER, Secretary, STEPHANIE CROFT, Treasurer, RSPCA North Devon Branch. (letter)
North Devon Journal 11.9.03 WHY PAY FOR SUCH WORK? It was with amazement I read the news concerning the RSPCA and Diana Lewis. I just cannot comprehend why the branch would want to spend so much donated money on recruiting someone to do a job so comprehensively covered by a totally dedicated volunteer... I must admit I did begin to wonder about the branch's policies when I offered, at the time of their Animal Ark appeal launch, to provide catering facilities at any event they chose completely free of charge and donate all takings to the appeal and was turned down on the grounds that it involved cooking meat and I was told the committee were vegetarians... PAULETTE DURBIN, West Gubbs Cottage, West Buckland. (letter)
North Devon Journal 11.9.03 DIANA: THANKS FOR WONDERFUL SUPPORT - I WRITe this letter to all of your readers with the deepest gratitude for their kindness and support.... Thanks must also go to The British Divers Marine Life Rescue and the Rural Crisis Network, with whom I will be working closely, and last of all thank you to everyone who has continued to make that call for the animals... DIANA LEWIS, Mole Cottage, North Molton. (letter)
North Devon Journal 11.9.03 WE NEED AMBULANCE - It appears to me that North Devon RSPCA branch is seriously scaling down its services. We, the public, need an ambulance desperately in such a huge region for Diana Lewis's use... MRS HACKETT, Old Quay Lane, Instow (letter)
North Devon Journal 11.9.03 MY QUESTIONS ON WAY THE CHARITY IS BEING RUN - I have been a member of the RSPCA since 1975 and would like to bring to the public's attention some facts... Volunteer numbers are now going down in every area of work that is welfare of animals. Why?.. I used to do flag days in Barnstaple and then in Braunton when I retired. Thank you Braunton for helping flag sellers to raise £300. No flag days now, that is £600 lost.... The £12,000 salary of the shop manager co-ordinator would be better spent on the clinic... People donate monies for animal welfare. JULIA HOLDEN, Field Close, Braunton. (letter)
Western Morning News 5.9.03 ANIMAL HEROINE DIANA GETS BACK ON THE ROAD - NATHAN PYNN - Foot and mouth heroine Diana Lewis who was axed from the RSPCA for refusing to stick to rigid new guidelines - which would have restricted her ability to rescue animals - is back on the road after an overwhelming response from WMN readers... Despite working for no pay, Mrs Lewis believes she was given her marching orders after voicing her concerns over a controversial plan to convert an old house into a new animal clinic.... But thanks to a huge response from the public and WMN readers she is back on the road in a donated van and with a new mobile phone.... The new animal collection service will become a registered charity. Volunteer treasurer Alan Briggs says the service, which will rely solely on public donations, needs around £10,000 a year to operate. Mr Briggs, who is also a member of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "I think her departure from the RSPCA was all political..." (story)
Western Morning News 2.9.03 BRUNT OF REDUNDANCY WILL LIE WITH ANIMALS - To me, Diana Lewis means animal welfare and animal welfare means Diana Lewis. She has done more to promote all that the RSPCA is meant to stand for than anyone else I have come across and yet the RSPCA says that her services are no longer required... During the foot and mouth crisis, Diana worked all hours to help farmers and their animals who were unable to leave their farms. We were just one of those farmers.... In desperation we phoned the RSPCA and on a Sunday morning Diana left a few bales of hay at our farm gate... Michael Ashton, Torrington
She's a heroine - I AM absolutely horrified at the RSPCA's treatment of Diana Lewis and I am greatly saddened that such a charitable organisation can treat such an amazing woman with so little feeling... Mrs S Moston, Woolacombe (letters)
Western Morning News 29.8.03 Angel of mercy - I AM absolutely horrified at the RSPCA's treatment of Diana Lewis and I am greatly saddened that such a charitable organisation can treat such an amazing woman with so little feeling…. Mrs S Moston, Woolacombe North Devon (letter)
North Devon Journal 28.8.03 ANIMAL ANGEL DIANA QUITS TO AVOID PAY - One of North Devon's best known animal welfare volunteers has quit her role with the RSPCA in the latest row to shake the charity. Animal collection officer Diana Lewis, who has been with the charity for 11 years, said she was "desperately sad" to have taken the decision… Former North Devon RSPCA Inspector Phil Thomson paid tribute to Diana's "self imposed professionalism and selfless commitment to the cause of animal welfare." He added: "For this to happen. . .shows just how destructive internal political backbiting can be. Left unchecked such situations can destroy from the inside the purpose that the RSPCA and people like Diana is here for." (story)
North Devon Gazette 28.8.03 RSPCA driver goes in rumpus - A SPLIT has opened between the North Devon branch of the RSPCA and the area’s award winning animal welfare collection officer, Diana Lewis. Mrs Lewis has, for the past 10 years, carried out voluntary work for the branch, notably driving its animal ambulance and recovering injured and abandoned animals. But this week a joint statement from Mrs Lewis and former North Devon branch secretary Jane McPhee revealed that she “has been told her services will no longer be required.”…(story)
Western Morning News 27.8.03 FOOT AND MOUTH HEROINE LAID OFF - NATHAN PYNN - An animal welfare volunteer who became known as a heroine of the foot and mouth crisis says she has been told by the RSPCA that her services are no longer required. Animal collection officer Diana Lewis who has worked for the charity for 11 years… her bosses insist her role no longer fits in with the long-term strategy of the charity which centres on the creation of the Animal Ark - a large clinic - in Bucks Cross, near Hartland…. Val Pounds, chairman of the North Devon Branch, is championing the Animal Ark and is adamant the board's decision to let Mrs Lewis go was in the interests of the animals and long term future of the charity… (story)


Guardian 1.10.03 Country diary - Wenlock Edge - Paul Evans - Red is the sunset, the early holly berries, the rowans, hips and haws; also it's the colour of another "harvest", blood-red. The pheasant shooting season starts at the beginning of October... Few of these scuttling, scraggy birds will ever get eaten and the "sport" is in harvesting pheasants for the bag, not the pot.... If the racket in the woods really does deter animals that would otherwise be killed by gamekeepers then fair enough; my sympathies, like my genealogy, lie with the vermin. (story)

Telegraph 1.10.03 Gamekeepers will get power to save birds By Tom Peterkin, Scotland Political Correspondent - Ministers yesterday launched a new Bill that will give the Scottish Executive powers to protect rare birds against predators. The Nature Conservation Bill will include plans to extend existing legislation to give gamekeepers the right to control the population of animals which prey on endangered birds... (story)

Newcastle Journal 1.10.03 Rural raiders will receive no mercy - A judge yesterday vowed that courts would deal severely with criminals who targeted isolated country areas as he jailed a professional burglar for five years.... Countryside campaigner Richard Dodd knows the cold terror of being confronted by rural criminals in the dark. Once, armed with a shotgun, he saw off five men he caught digging for badgers near his isolated farm in Northumberland and later he disturbed thieves trying to steal his car from his home… Mr Dodd, a farmer and regional director of the Countryside Alliance, still ponders what would have happened if he had taken the law into his own hands, with potentially destructive results…. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 1.10.03 MEAT EATING BAD FOR US AND ANIMALS - As tomorrrow is World Farm Animals Day (Gandhi's birthday), "Animal Voices", along with animal welfare/rights groups around the country and indeed the world, will be holding information and a petition stall in Torquay town centre on Saturday October 4 from 10.30am onwards... LEN SHORT, "Animal Voices", P O Box 175, Torquay (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 1.10.03 ANIMAL RIGHTS CAMPAIGNERS OUTSIDE KFC - Animal rights campaigners were staging a protest outside a Lincoln fast-food restaurant today. County representatives of Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) were meeting outside KFC in Lincoln's High Street... (story)

Shropshire Star 1.10.03 The SPCA without an 'R' needs your help - On a recent visit to the UK I visited the RSPCA near Shrewsbury with my mother who wanted to adopt a dog. I was rather taken aback by the opulence of the place and by the unhelpfulness of the staff and couldn't help but compare it to our local SPCA. The Durban and Coastal SPCA is staffed by a small group of dedicated people who daily have to battle against underfunding, lack of resources and a society where animal rights are at the bottom of the list.... Jane Murphy, South Africa (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 1.10.03 DISGUSTED AT RESPONSE - I Am disgusted at the response I had from the RSPCA after I took in two kittens for the second time after they had been out all night in the rain... They told me that I had to put them back where I found them... Debra Wynne, Heol Gruffydd, Ravenhill, Swansea (letter)

Argus 1.10.03 Cowardly - I would like to thank The Argus for reporting the attack on Buffy the kitten... We should reflect upon our own daily behaviour towards other living beings and ask ourselves if we have created a climate of insensitivity towards animals. -David Hammond, Hassocks (letter)