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Scotland on Sunday 31.10.04 Who will keep ID card information from the extremist? - MURDO MACLEOD - As if concerns over the power of the state were not enough, the case of Barry Saul Dickinson, should serve as a warning against the government's plans for ID cards. If the animal rights extremist Dickinson managed to cause such damage to a family by simply working for the Drivers and Vehicle Licencind Agency (DVLA) what kind of havoc could be wrought be a similar person who worked with the government's ID card agency?... (story)

Sunday Herald 31.10.04 Vets call for ban on under-16s buying animals By James Hamilton - CHILDREN should be banned from buying a pet until they are at least 16, a survey of Scottish vets revealed . Edinburgh-based animal welfare group Advocates for Animals said the results showed the need to increase the current age limit of 12 to reduce neglect of unwanted animals… (story)


Western Daily Press 30.10.04 DON'T YOU WANT TRUTH? - Sir - Michael Weaver and Carol Barnard both challenged my recent letter on badgers and bovine TB, and Mr Weaver asked to see my evidence. There is too much for this letters column, but here is a taster: Firstly, the results from the Irish research, to which both alluded, has still to be published in a journal where it has passed the scrutiny of scientists…. where is the scientific proof that badger numbers are "exploding," or that badgers are the cause of TB in cattle, or that killing badgers reduces TB? Malcolm Clark, Wiltshire Badger Group (letter)


Gloucestershire Echo 29.10.04 GANGS FLOCK IN FOR CRUEL BLOOD SPORTS - Deer and hares in the Cotswolds are being left for dead by gangs of illegal coursers. Police say there has been a disturbing rise in the cruel and illegal 'sport' and they are launching a crackdown… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 29.10.04 Vegetarians see red over Smarties dye - VEGETARIANS have criticised the makers of top-selling sweet Smarties today for using an ingredient obtained from crushed beetles…. The Vegetarian Society named Smarties, made by Nestlé, the winner of its Imperfect World Award at a ceremony in London…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 29.10.04 Vegetarians see red over smarties dye - VEGETARIANS criticised the makers of top-selling sweet Smarties today for using an ingredient obtained from crushed beetles…. The Vegetarian Society named Smarties, made by food giant Nestle, the winner of its Imperfect World Award at a ceremony in London…. (story)

Western Daily Press 29.10.04 GET READY FOR VEGAN DAY - November 1 has been designated World Vegan Day, a global celebration of a healthy and compassionate lifestyle free from all animal products… Claudia Tarry Head of Campaigns Animal Aid (letter)

Scotsman 29.10.04 Animal sentience is valid - In reply to Fordyce Maxwell’s column, "When animals’ advocates shake off the leash and go over the top" (Opinion, 27 October), had he taken the time to read about the conference on animal sentience to which he refers, he would have seen it is being organised by Compassion in World Farming. I sent him the information as a matter of courtesy…. When one considers the extent to which animals are used in today’s society - incarcerated on factory farms, experimented on in laboratories, caged behind bars in zoos, etc, I am sure most people believe the issues stemming from this new knowledge to be well worthy of attention and discussion. ROSS MINETT, Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)
Scotsman 27.10.04 When animals' advocates go over the top - FORDYCE MAXWELL - A PROBLEM for every interest group I have ever encountered is that they eventually overstate their case, moving right along from the almost-believable to scaremongering and incitement to panic as efforts to attract an audience become more frantic. The usual result is the opposite of what they hope for with most of us, because instead of being scared or panicked we see the overstatement for what it is - rubbish - and ignore it…. The most recent example to come my way is an invitation to a conference in London where "astonishing new discoveries about animal sentience and the profound effect these might have on every aspect of society" are to be explored… DON’T tell me, let me guess - this invitation must be from Ross Minett, director of Advocates for Animals? And so it is, confirming the lurch towards over-the-top claims and exaggeration that this organisation has suffered since the restraining hand of Les Ward was lost about a year ago…. (story)

Kent/Sussex Courier 29.10.04 CHARITY'S JOY AS MAN JAILED FOR SWAN SHOOTING - Uckfield-based International Animal Rescue is celebrating after a hunter was jailed for three months for shooting a protected swan in Malta. The charity, which has an office on the Mediterranean island, has been supporting the work of the Maltese authorities for 10 years and the police were using a boat donated by IAR when the arrest was made. The charity's chief executive Alan Knight said: "Now, at long last we are seeing real progress, both in terms of enforcement and in the way illegal hunters are being dealt with in court."… (story)


Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 28.10.04 Protect birds - Having followed the attempt to re-introduce the great bustard to Salisbury Plain, I now understand that 20 were released into the wild from a total of 28 chicks… What concerns me is David Waters' statement that, "Losing two within a month to foxes is a lower death rate than had been predicted". The foxes are not going away, and if this continues, by next spring none would remain alive…. B Baggs, Calne (letter in archive)
Telegraph 20.10.04 Foxes kill released bustards - Two rare great bustards, brought to Britain as part of a reintroduction project, have been killed by foxes after being released on Salisbury Plain…. (story)
Western Daily Press 20.10.04 BUSTARDS' TOUGH LIFE IN THE WILD - The 30 Great Bustard chicks reintroduced to the Wiltshire countryside for the first time in 170 years numbered 18 last night - after two were killed by foxes and eight attacked… (story)
Salisbury Journal 20.10.04 Foxes kill two bustards - as expected, says group - TWO of the great bustards - the world's heaviest flying birds - released on Salisbury Plain last month have been killed by foxes. Only 18 now remain of the 22 originally released, as another two injured themselves so badly in the pre-release `soft' pens that they could not be allowed out….(story in archive)

Burton Mail 28.10.04 £5,000 reward offered in body hunt by NERMIN OOMER - THE hunt for body snatchers who stole the remains of a grandmother from her grave has been stepped up with the offer of a £5,000 reward for information leading to their arrest and conviction. Crimestoppers has pledged the cash to encourage people who know anything about the "despicable act" to come forward…. Well-known animal rights campaigners John Curtin, 41, from Coventry and John Ablewhite, 34, from Wolverhampton, were arrested and are on police bail pending further enquiries into the incident…. Tattooist Chris Banfield, who lives near Measham, has also offered his car — a Ford Mondeo estate valued at £2,200 — as a reward for information leading to a conviction or recovery of Mrs Hammond’s remains…. (story)
Burton Mail 27.10.04 Reward offered for conviction of grave robbers - A £5,000 reward was put up today for information leading to the conviction of grave robbers who stole the remains of an 82-year-old woman. Crimestoppers pledged the money in a bid to encourage people who know anything about the theft of Gladys Hammond’s body… (story)

Shropshire Star 28.10.04 Slaughter must be governed by rules - With reference to Kathleen Owen's letter of October 14 regarding slaughter, I totally agree that we should all abide by one set of rules regardless of our faith. I feel I must point out, in defence of the Muslim community, that they at least have listened to reason and scientific evidence to the extent that up to 90 per cent of halal meat is now pre-stunned before being cut. This is not, however, the case with shechita or Jewish slaughter… Roger Dolphin, Telford (letter)

Evesham Journal 28.10.04 Visit to sanctuary was so worthwhile - WE recently enjoyed a visit to Janet Taylor's animal sanctuary at Middle Littleton, Evesham, where following a harvest festival service and buying from various bric-a-brac stalls and enjoying home-made cakes, we saw the wonderful rescued animals…. JANET CUMMINGS, Tower Road, Rugby (letter in archive)


Exeter Express & Echo 27.10.04 I'M SICK OF LANDLORDS REFUSING TO ALLOW PETS - Am i alone in having a serious loathing of private renting? I'm finding it impossible to obtain property in my required location - Exmouth - for two main reasons: I have three dogs and two cats and landlords charge too much for the rent…. I'm sick of this discrimination and landlords shouldn't be allowed to do it - especially when they charge what they do… Miss A Williams, Frogmore Road, East Budleigh (letter)

Worcester Evening News 27.10.04 Snakes alive, LIKE most people, I don't much like snakes and other reptiles. But I would never hurt them. Your readers should know that snakes, crocodiles and alligators are usually skinned alive to satisfy the fashion trade. Sobering thought? ROBIN HOPKINS, Worcester. (letter in archive)

Argus 27.10.04 Letter: There's no defence for battery farming - An animal welfare charity is petitioning farming minister Ben Bradshaw to end what it calls "barbaric battery cages" - so what's new?... -Rhoda Maling, Brighton (letter in archive)

27.10.04 Animal exploitation on the increase - J HOLLIDAY By email (letter)
Bolton Evening News 22.10.04 Animals not there for our entertainment - Mrs Sam Lear, Cherington Drive, Tyldesley (letter in archive)
Gloucester Citizen 19.10.04 GET THIS ANIMAL CRUELTY OFF OUR TV SCREENS - BERNIE JONES, Cinderford (story)
Bath Chronicle 16.10.04 FARM ANIMALS SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR OUR 'FUN' IN THIS WAY - HAZEL AYLETT, Combe Down, Bath (story)
Craven Herald 15.10.04 SIR - Exploiting animals for entertainment on television is on the increase…. GWYN HAMILTON, Burnroyd Avenue, Cross Hills (letter in archive)
Keighley News 15.10.04 SIR - Exploiting animals for entertainment on television is on the increase…. GWYN HAMILTON, Burnroyd Avenue, Cross Hills (letter in archive)
Torquay Herald Express 15.10.04 UNACCEPTABLE TO USE FARM ANIMALS AS ENTERTAINMENT - Reality programmes such as ITV's 'I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here' showed insects and fish being eaten alive. Channel 4's 'Big Brother' showed contestants attempting to care for chickens. Now Five's 'The Farm' is taking the exploitation of animals still further… Readers should also visit Compassion in World Farming Trust's micro-site www.animalsentience .com as their website encapsulates the philosophies of respect towards animals. MICHAEL N CORKERY Seymour Drive Torquay (letter)
Leicester Mercury 14.10.04 REALITY TV IS WRONG TO USE ANIMALS - Reality programmes such as ITV's I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here showed insects and fish being eaten alive…. Using farm animals for entertainment is wrong in a civilised society… Ian Morton, Leicester. (letter)


Western Mail 26.10.04 Vandalism attacks must be countered by calmness - Steve Dube, Western Mail - IT is a sad fact that shoot organisers and managers must now be prepared to deal with activity by some animal rights extremists who may seek to disrupt lawful shooting sports. Although such incidents are rare on shoot days, incidents of vandalism of rearing and release pens are becoming a regular event in some areas…. Further advice is available from the British Association for Shooting and Conservation in Wales… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 26.10.04 SEA ANGLING PLANS CRITICISED - Government proposals to licence all sea anglers are unworkable, according to Devon Sea Fisheries Committee. The scenario of officers scrambling down cliffs to remote coves at 2am to check fishermen's paperwork were discussed and dismissed at their meeting in Newton Abbot…. (story)

Western Morning News 26.10.04 CORMORANTS FACE A 'SHOOT TO KILL' THREAT - Having decided to ban fox hunting, the Government has now decided to start a "shoot to kill" policy on cormorants, claiming it is preserving freshwater fish for anglers…. The Government's own research shows that cormorants have a negligible impact on fish populations nationally and that any local problems can be reduced by non-lethal means…. Dr Chris Cobb, Crediton (letter)

Financial Director 26.10.04 Crunch time for Huntingdon auditors By Paul Grant [26-10-2004] Animal rights activists will find out this week if animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences has managed to protect the auditors of its UK accounts…. Animal rights activists will find out this week if animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences has managed to protect the auditors of its UK accounts…. (story)

Stratford Herald 26.10.04 TAXPAYERS FOOT £5,000 BILL FOR BIRD SHOW CASE - A HIGH Court judge has dismissed a claim made by animal rights activists against Warwick District Council over a controversial exhibition of caged birds—leaving council tax payers to foot the bill. Mr Justice Mumby’s decision not to award costs to the Animal Protection Agency and activist Aileen Vania could cost the taxpayer over £5,000. The APA and Ms Vania, from Leamington, made the claim after the organisers of the National Cage and Aviary Birds Exhibition—IPC Med-ia Ltd—cancelled the event, which was to have been held at Stoneleigh Park in December…. (story)


Western Morning News 25.10.04 MOVE TO LICENCE ALL SEA ANGLERS - Anglers could have to pay for the right to fish at sea under a Government proposal to make them apply for an annual licence. The licensing plan, highlighted in a Government document, would force anglers to pay £22 a year to pursue their hobby, regardless of how frequently they go fishing…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 25.10.04 IS IT TIME FOR YOU TO GO VEGGIE? - Bristol-based animal rights campaign group Viva is launching a vegetarian roadshow to mark its 10th anniversary. The Incredible Veggie Roadshow begins its tour of Britain at the Bristol Vegan Fair on Saturday…. (story)

Daily Post 25.10.04 Chester Zoo under attack after birth of elephant By Sam Lister Daily Post Staff - CHESTER Zoo defended itself against criticism from an animal welfare organisation last night which says it has breached RSPCA guidelines over the birth of an elephant…. the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) has hit out at the zoo for continuing to breed the animals two years after the RSPCA called for the practice to end…. (story)
Chester & District Standard 22.10.04 ZOO DEFENDS ELEPHANT BREEDING PROGRAMME - CHESTER Zoo has been criticised by an animal protection group for its continued elephant breeding programme - only days after the the birth of the local attraction´s latest Asian calf. The Captive Animals´ Protection Society (CAPS) said the zoo has continued to breed the animals two years after the RSPCA called for the phasing out of elephants in captivity, saying they suffer restricted life expectancy in zoos…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 25.10.04 STOP CRUELTY TO PIGEONS - I refer to the article about steeplejacks who were brought in to get rid of pigeons on St Mary's Church spire (Echo, October 14). It is about time that all this hate directed at innocent animals and birds was nipped in the bud. L King, Cheltenham. (letter)


Independent on Sunday 24.10.04 Task force put on hold as the City backs away from confrontation with animal extremists By Tim Webb - City plans to combat animal rights extremists who target companies and their employees have stalled as companies and institutions fear becoming targets themselves. Plans to form a task force of City grandees to co-ordinate self-policing initiatives have foundered because of difficulties in recruiting a chairman. Proposals for a "bounty" fund to pay for information leading to the arrest of animal rights and other single-interest group extremists targeting companies and their associates have also yet to get off the ground…. (story)

Sunday Mercury 24.10.04 Grave rob suspect is vicar's son By Jeanette Oldham, Sunday Mercury - A vicar's son is a prime suspect in the animal rights grave robbery of a Midland grand-mother's remains, the Sunday Mercury can reveal. Schoolteacher John Ablewhite is one of two men quizzed by police about the desecration of the burial place of 82 year-old Gladys Hammond, who died in 1997…. Ablewhite, 34 and from Wolverhampton, was quizzed by cops for several hours 10 days ago following the grave robbery before being released on bail. Known variously as John, Jonathan and Jonny, he is a well-known animal rights activist and was jailed for nine months in 2001 for attacking the North Yorkshire home of the relative of an animal testing company boss. The second man arrested in connection with the grave robbery was notorious animal rights activist John Curtin… Ablewhite has worked as a supply teacher at scores of schools in the Wolverhampton and Birmingham area…. The single teacher, who lives in a rented house in Larches Lane in the upmarket Wolverhampton suburb of Compton, is believed to have fled to avoid media interest…. (story)


Times 23.10.04 Lamping party ends with a shot in the dark BY SEAN O'NEILL - Our correspondent joins a gamekeeper and his team as they hunt for foxes on an estate in the Welsh borders - THE gamekeeper crooks his index finger, presses it against his lips and sucks — emitting an eerie, high-pitched squeal that pierces the night. The sound is as close as a human being can get to the distress cry of an injured rabbit…. Last month a 13-year-old boy was shot dead in Devon after being mistaken for a fox while out lamping. In Yorkshire a 12-year-old was shot and wounded, allegedly by lampers. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) maintains that such incidents are extremely rare… The League Against Cruel Sports believes lamping by qualified marksmen is the most humane way of killing a fox where the animal is found to be a problem. But it questions the view that foxes, by their very nature, are pests…. (story)

BBC News Online 23.10.04 Police warning over farm protests - Officers are continuing to ask animal rights protesters to stay away from a farm run by the family of a woman whose remains were removed from a graveyard. But they have also praised campaigners after a protest outside Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffs, was called off on Wednesday…. (story)
Scotsman 23.10.04 Police Warn Animal Rights Activists over Farm Protest By Matthew Cooper, PA News - Animal rights protesters were today urged to stay away from a guinea pig breeding farm as police continued their hunt for grave-robbers who stole the remains of an 82-year-old woman. Staffordshire Police pledged that anyone demonstrating near Darley Oaks Farm in Newhurch, near Burton-on-Trent, would be dispersed using powers contained in the 2001 Criminal Justice and Police Act…. (story)

Western Mail 23.10.04 Animal activists target Welsh firm - Martin Shipton, Western Mail - ANIMAL rights activists yesterday stormed into a Cardiff property firm, accusing it of being associated with controversial Huntingdon Life Sciences…. In Wales, members of Shac have been holding demonstrations outside courier firm City Sprint's Cardiff depot…. Yesterday Shac activists stormed into the Cardiff office of Dovey Estates, a property firm that owns the building occupied by City Sprint. Company representatives escorted the activists off the premises before the police arrived. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 23.10.04 VEGETARIANS GIVE DEVIL ANOTHER TARGET - It was kind of Barry Beelzebub (Post, October 20) to publicise the fact that the average meat-eater could prevent the violent deaths of 4,000 animals by turning vegetarian. Of course, the self-styled Devil's Advocate did so in order to mock compassion and brag about his own appetite for destruction…. Beelzebub's attempt to smear, by association, vegetarians and all those who choose to avoid cruelty to animals is almost - but not quite - beneath even him. Alistair Currie, senior campaigner, Viva!, Wilder Street, Bristol. (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 22.10.04 BARRY'S MADE A SARNIE FAUX PAS - 11:00 - 22 October 2004 I Read with horror and disgust Barry Beelzebub's article concerning animal rights protesters. How can anyone take him seriously when he openly declares to us all that one should put tomato sauce on their bacon sandwich? Bacon sandwiches, as any fool knows, are only doused in brown sauce…. Steve Rice, by e-mail. (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 20.10.04 THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - An E-mail arrives at Beelzebub Mansions, written in that jokey "we're-all-mates-together" style that's only employed by the truly deranged and the agents of NuLabour politicians. It is from Viva! , an animal rights organisation. "The surest way to save animals," it begins,"is not to eat them!" Well thank you for that blinding insight. I would never have worked that out… I've said it before and I'll say it again. If God had meant us to be vegetarians, He wouldn't have made animals taste of meat. Simple as that. And no wonder lentil-eaters are always so bloody miserable when their menu is so limited…. Which might go some way to explaining the ghastly goings-on in the Staffordshire village of Newchurch…. Since 1999, the Hall family have been under concerted attack from animal rights extremists. They have been bombarded with hate mail, including an explosive device; demonstrations are staged at their farm on a daily basis… Last week, the remains of an 82-year-old widow, a relative of the Hall family, were dug up from her grave in a shameful and distasteful attack. Of course, the bunny-huggers had nothing to do with it, honest. But one wonders how a group that so reveres animal welfare can have such little consideration for human beings…. (story)


Western Mail 22.10.04 Falconers attack soaring costs - SKY-HIGH costs planned for registering birds could force dozens of falconry centres in Wales into bankruptcy, leaving rare species prey to unscrupulous dealers, falconers warned yesterday. They say Defra's plans to increase registration costs to breed captive raptors for falconry, from £10 to £100 per bird, will create a black market for falcons and hawks…. (story)
21.10.04 Anger at falconry cost rises - Up to 40 businesses in Wales could face bankruptcy if plans to raise the cost of registering a falcon from £27 to £465 goes ahead, an MP has claimed. Liberal Democrat Brecon and Radnorshire Roger Williams raised his concerns in the Commons on Thursday…. (story)

Daily Mail 22.10.04 Bosses hide from animal protesters - Ian Lyall, Daily Mail - ALMOST 5,000 directors of medical research firms have sought government protection from militant animal rights activists. Campaigners had been using public records kept at Companies House to track down names and addresses of targets…. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 22.10.04 POSTERS GO UP TO TRACE WITNESSES - Leaflets and posters are being distributed in Yoxall to find witnesses who may be able to help officers investigating the grave desecration of Gladys Hammond…. (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 22.10.04 MP'S BILL OF ANIMAL RIGHTS HOPE - A Bill on animal rights, championed by one of the region's MPs, could be on the brink of becoming law if mentioned, as hoped, in the Queen's speech. Brigg and Goole MP Ian Cawsey, who has been fighting for animal welfare issues in the House of Commons, has his fingers crossed the bill… (story)


Newcastle Journal 21.10.04 Fly fishing girls take bait By Florian Dury, The Journal - Heavy rain and strong winds were no deterrent for a group of first-time fly fishing girls yesterday. Fourteen girls from Duchess Community High School, Alnwick, were having a first cast at fly fishing - with a schoolmate as the teacher. The day was the idea of pupil Lucy Bowden, 17, a member of the English junior fly fishing team, and an angler for seven years…. (story)

Epsom Guardian 21.10.04 We love foxes - I think it is about time we had a letter in favour of foxes… I'd rather hear foxes barking at night than hear some of my neighbours who, after 11pm, talk and laugh outside. M CULLE Epsom (letter)

Sutton Guardian 21.10.04 I smell a rat! Why blame fox - With regard to the person complaining about foxes chewing cables under her car. Why do people blame the fox? Rats and mice chew cables, so don't blame the fox all the time. MRS A DRAKE Carshalton (letter)

Barry Gem 21.10.04 ‘Dangerous and determined’ group targets Dow Chemical by PHILIP IRWIN - AN animal rights group, which has been described as “dangerous and determined”, has vowed to target Dow Corning of Barry. The group says that it will stage a demonstration tomorrow (October 22) outside the chemical company in protest at its decision to do business with Huntingdon Life Sciences… The animal rights group, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) Wales, say in a press release that it will be targeting customers of HLS in Wales… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 21.10.04 21.10.04 PROOF OF ANIMAL RESEARCH NEED - In response to Phillip Booth of the Green Party (September 20), who wants animal research abolished at the expense of seriously ill patients. We have already had two recent public inquiries by the House of Lords and the Animal Procedures Committee, both endorsed the need for animal research so we don't really need any more…. THOMAS BROMLEY, SIMR Executive Secretary (letter)

Tamworth Herald 21.10.04 IN reply to the letter from Thomas Bromley, executive secretary of (SIMR) Seriously Ill for Medical Research, (Herald, September 23) I will say that although I am not what he describes an 'animal extremist', I do abhor cruelty to animals in whatever form it takes, and I am on Hazel Greenstiles' side of the fence where animal research is concerned…. The Nazis in the war did vile experiments on people in the concentration camps and no doubt learned a lot, but we would not condone that, so why do we condone it on our nearest relatives, the primates. John Heaton, Belgrave (letter)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 21.10.04 APPLICATION: Turkey farm protest causes a big stink - A COUNCIL meeting descended into chaos after animal rights activists launched a protest over plans to build a farm for 7,000 turkey chicks. The group of about 14 campaigners waved banners and chanted and shouted obscenities, making it impossible for the planning meeting to continue…. Gayle Record, from Peterborough, organised the protest on behalf of Peterborough and Cambridgeshire Animal Rights Coalition…. (story)
Hunts Post 20.10.04 Turkey farm furore - FOURTEEN animal rights protesters disrupted a planning meeting of Huntingdonshire District Council on Monday night. Protesters shouted and held-up pages from an A4 pad with the words: "Ban the turkey farm" written on them as head of planning services, Malcolm Sharp outlined to members of the Development Control Panel the issues over an application to build and operate a turkey rearing building to the North East of Sawtry…. (story)

21.10.04 HYPOCRISY OF FUR TRADE ASSOCIATION - The British Fur Trade Association (BFTA) protests too much! It says that its members do not deal in dog and cat fur, and then also goes on to say that none of these products are imported into the UK. But with only 15 retail members in the whole of the country it is in no position to make such a claim…. Mark Clover Campaigns director Respect For Animals Nottingham (letter)

Guardian 21.10.04 Greens set sights on disillusioned voters - Matthew Tempest at the Green party conference in Weston-super-Mare Thursday October 21, 2004 - The new face of the Green party today opened their annual conference with a pledge to "provide a voice to the disillusioned", targeting peace activists, the unions, environmentalists, students, pensioners and animal rights activists ahead of a likely general election next year…. (story)

Western Gazette 21.10.04 OUTRAGEOUS VERDICT - I Was outraged by your Yeovil edition front page article of 14 October regarding a cruelty charge to a dog brought by the RSPCA, where the magistrates found the defendant not guilty. What on earth were the magistrates thinking of and just what sort of message does that verdict send out?... Claire Saxby, Broadway, Merriott. (letter)


Aberdeen Press & Journal 20.10.04 NORTH GAMEKEEPER'S SHOOTING PLATFORM APPEAL IS UPHELD - IAIN GRANT - A Caithness gamekeeper has successfully challenged the need to put up warning signs and restrict the times he can shoot from a wooden platform. National countryside and shooting bodies have been keenly monitoring the progress of Hamish Steven's battle with Highland Council regarding planning consent. Yesterday, Mr Steven pledged to continue to contest the principle he needs planning consent for the shooting platform on his croft at Red Row, Freswick…. Mr Steven's grievance is supported by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and the Scottish Gamekeepers Association…. Mr Steven said: "I'm obviously happy with the Reporter's determination on the two planning conditions, but I remain adamant that I did not need planning permission in the first place." Mr Steven is pursuing a complaint of misadministration with the council…. (story)
Caithness Courier 9.7.03 Undoubted benefits to wildlife - reference to Mr Steven’s high seat and pond (Courier, July 2), I have never heard of either of these ever being subject to planning permission. Most new forestry plantations will be equipped with these. It is incumbent on anyone establishing a new plantation to control deer, so that the trees can flourish, and if the woodland has received grant aid it will be a stipulation that this be carried out effectively… As to the “moral” question, the ethos of any hunter worthy of the name is to put in more than he takes out. Lack of suitable habitat is the huge limiting factor for wildlife, and when someone has worked to provide that habitat there is no reason why he should not use it for limited sport… Islay MacLeod, Thrumster House, Thrumster. (letter)
Caithness Courier 2.7.03 ‘High chair’ branded a hazard - LOCAL Highland councillors are in a quandary over whether planning consent is required for a “high chair” used to shoot deer and ducks on a Caithness croft. James Steven’s venture has stirred up a hornet’s nest in the Freswick area where protesters claim it is dangerous and could have a major impact on local wildlife… May and Graeme Holly, of “Wind-Tor”, Tofts, Freswick, are among the objectors. Speaking prior to Monday’s meeting, Mrs Holly said: “He has made a good job of tidying up the area and we at first thought it was all about conservation. We thought the platform was to to be an observatory for birds – it was only later on we realised it was designed for shooting wildlife.”… (story)

Eastern Daily Press 20.10.04 Crackdown on hare coursing - EMMA LEE - Cambridgeshire police are drafting in a hi-tech eye in the sky to aid their fight against illegal hare coursing. The Operation Dornier team is enlisting the force's helicopter to monitor illegal coursing activity…. (story)
Eastern Daily Press 7.10.04 30 face hare coursing charges - EMMA LEE - More than 30 people are due to appear in court in connection with illegal hare coursing after a major crackdown in Cambridgeshire. Since Operation Dornier began a month ago, the force has received 163 reports of illegal hare coursing in the county - an increase on the same period last year…. (story)
Ely Standard 23.9.04 Line will make it hot for hare coursers - A DEDICATED 24-hour hotline has been set up in the war against hare coursing. Detectives working on Operation Dornier, the force-wide campaign to stop the illegal coursers, have launched the hotline to collect confidential information and intelligence…. (story)
Eastern Daily Press 9.9.04 Crackdown on illegal coursing - NICKI WALKER - Police have launched a countywide crackdown on the criminals who terrorise rural communities with illegal hare coursing. The intelligence-led campaign, codenamed Operation Dornier, was launched this week by Cambridge-shire police and will last for the duration of the hare coursing season… (story)
Ely Standard 9.9.04 Police to target hare coursers - POLICE have launched a major crackdown on illegal hare coursing and will target high visibility patrols in the county's hotspots. The countywide intelligence-led campaign, code-named Operation Dornier, comes at the start of the hare coursing season and follows problems throughout East Cambridgeshire last year…. (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 7.9.04 CRACKDOWN: POLICE TARGET ILLEGAL COURSING - POLICE have launched a crackdown on illegal hare coursing amid calls for stiffer punishments for the perpetrators… Insp Lowings said: "We will be asking farmers and rural residents to help us by taking registration numbers of vehicles they do not recognise, and descriptions of people acting suspiciously."… Sport's season has just begun - HARE coursing and illegal hare coursing are two completely different activities…. However, illegal coursing is far more barbaric, and the dogs often catch and kill the hares… (story)
Cambridge Evening News 7.9.04 Hare coursers face new county-wide crackdown - POLICE have launched a county-wide crackdown on illegal hare coursing. The intelligence-led campaign, codenamed Operation Dornier, starts this week and will last the duration of the hare coursing season. Cambridgeshire police have vowed to catch illegal hare coursers in the act, using intelligence collected in collaboration with Countryside Watch and the National Farmers' Union…. (story)

Telegraph 20.10.04 Charity angered by deer hunting with helicopters By Tom Peterkin - The use of helicopters to drive herds of panic-stricken deer towards stalkers armed with rifles was condemned yesterday by a leading animal welfare charity. The British Deer Society (BDS) expressed outrage that Scottish politicians, who outlawed hunting with hounds on cruelty grounds, appeared to tolerate hunting with helicopters in the Highlands. The charity has written to Ross Finnie, Scotland's environment minister, claiming that the practice is illegal as anger mounts over allegations that a Scottish Executive agency used flying squads to drive deer towards their death…."No government which has made hunting deer with hounds illegal on grounds of cruelty can sanction hunting deer across country with helicopters as a humane pursuit," Mr Nicolson said…. (story)

Wellington Weekly News 20.10.04 WE'RE THE REAL PESTS - E.tucker (Letters, October 13) was surprised there had been no letters about the badgers on Wellington Playing Field…. Badgers are not the pests, it's their natural habitat. Humans who build in the countryside are the pests. Andy Rowsell, Howard Road, Wellington (story)

Western Daily Press 20.10.04 SERIOUSLY ILL NEED ANIMAL RESEARCH - In response to Andre Menache, who wants animal research abolished at the expense of seriously ill patients, we have already had two recent public inquiries by the House of Lords and the Animal Procedures Committee. Both endorsed the need for animal research, so we don't really need any more…. Thomas Bromley SIMR executive secretary (letter)
Western Morning News 21.9.04 WHY DO WE ALLOW ANIMALS TO SUFFER? - Andre Menache BSc(Hons) BVSc MRCVS FRSH, Scientific Consultant to Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)
Western Daily Press 20.9.04 ANIMALS VITAL TO RESEARCH - I guess Andre Menache hopes that if enough inquiries into research using animals are held, one of them will eventually say what he wants. The House of Lords (2002) and the Animal Procedures Committee (2003), both of them reflecting opinions right across the spectrum, said that animal experiments are valid…. Philip Connolly Mabledon Place London (letter)
Somerset Guardian 16.9.04 END OUTDATED ANIMAL TESTS - ANDRE MENACHE, Scientific consultant to Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Warminster & Westbury Standard 16.9.04 END OUTDATED ANIMAL TESTS ANDRE MENACHE Scientific consultant to Animal Aid Tonbridge (letter)
Worcester Evening News 15.9.04 `Surplus' animals that face a death sentence ANDRE MENACHE, Scientific Consultant to Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter in archive)
Lancashire Evening Telegraph 14.9.04 Dismay over animal testing - ANDRE MENACHE, Scientific Consultant to Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge. (letter in archive)
Western Daily Press 13.9.04 IT'S TIME FOR A PUBLIC ENQUIRY INTO TESTING - Animal Aid is dismayed at the latest Home Office statistics showing a significant increase in animal experiments…. the Government would do well to launch a public inquiry into the questionable scientific validity of animal testing… Andre Menache Scientific Consultant to Animal Aid Tonbridge Kent (letter)

BBC News Online 20.10.04 Activists urged to stop protests - Animal rights campaigners are being asked to stop protests outside a farm run by the family of a woman whose body was taken from a church graveyard…. A police spokesman said: "Emotions are still high with Mrs Hammond's family and residents of Yoxall following the desecration of Mrs Hammond's grave."… (story)
Birmingham Post/Mail 20.10.04 Police plea to animal rights protesters - Police are renewing their call for animal rights campaigners to call off their protests outside a farm run by the family of a woman whose body was stolen from a church graveyard…. (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 20.10.04 Grave rob protest call - POLICE today renewed their call for animal rights campaigners to end their protests outside a farm run by the family of a woman whose body was stolen from a church graveyard…. (story)


Western Mail 19.10.04 Gun dogs need plenty of pre-season dummy training - Steve Dube, Western Mail - WITH pheasant shooting getting into full swing later this month, many gun dog owners will be introducing young and inexperienced dogs to their first season of the real thing…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 19.10.04 NATIONAL TRUST DEER CULL - Iain Thornber was right to point out (Letters, October 6) the gross mismanagement on the part of the National Trust for Scotland which intends to cull 1,000 stags, hinds and calves. It is extremely difficult to understand why a few adult/infirm animals could not have been dispatched in each of the last several years, rather than this wholesale slaughter…. Peter Macari, 20 Queen's Road, Aberdeen (letter)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 6.10.04 MAR LODGE ESTATE DEER CULL - Sir, - Your report (September 23) on the proposed slaughter of almost 1,000 red deer hinds by The National Trust for Scotland on its Mar Lodge Estate which, it is said, will begin in less than a month, made disturbing reading, not least because it is impossible to kill so many wild animals in such a confined area and in so short a period without inflicting great hardship and cruelty…. If the National Trust for Scotland cannot reduce its Mar Lodge Estate deer population over several seasons in the same decent and humane fashion as the majority of landowners, then it should hang its head in shame and its 250,000 members should consider cancelling their subscriptions. Iain Thornber, Knock House, Morvern (letter)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 19.10.04 Protest at dog charity event By Annette Morgan - Animal rights protesters gathered outside a charity greyhound event attended by soccer star David Seaman. About 30 campaigners from West Midlands Greyhound Action lobbied visitors to Coventry Stadium, in Brandon, on Friday, who were attending the launch of the Rugby and Coventry Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT)… Sari Pearce, from the Rugby and Coventry Retired Greyhound Trust… lammed protesters on the gate who she claimed frightened retired greyhounds taking part in the event as they entered. Protester Tony Peters said: "The only solution is for commercial greyhound racing to be abolished…." (story)

Mirror 19.10.04 GRAVE ROB FAMILY IN BLACKMAIL By Rod Chaytor - BLACKMAIL letters have been sent to the family of a woman whose body was snatched from her grave. Protesters say they will not return the remains of Gladys Hammond until the Hall family stop breeding guinea pigs for medical research.... (story)

Times 19.10.04 Family gets hate mail from ‘bodysnatchers’ BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - THE family of a woman whose body was dug up and stolen has received hate mail from animal rights extremists who claim to have her remains. Threatening letters have been sent to the family of Gladys Hammond, whose body has been missing for two weeks…. (story)
Birmingham Post 19.10.04 Extremists send body claim letter By Emma Pinch, Birmingham Post - The family of a woman whose body was stolen from a graveyard have received hate mail from animal rights extremists claiming to be in possession of her remains. Staffordshire Police confirmed that the letters had been sent to the Hall family, who breed guinea pigs for medical research at Darley Oaks Farm in New-church, near Burton-upon- Trent, Staffordshire…. (story)

Burton Mail 19.10.04 Extremists condemned by NERMIN OOMER - THE Home Secretary has condemned the "bestial extremists" who are believed to have desecrated a grandmother’s grave in a village near Burton. A radical animal rights organisation — the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) — has admitted its members could be behind stealing the remains of 82-year-old Gladys Hammond from St Peter’s Church in Yoxall because her son-in-law and his brother, John and Christopher Hall, run Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, which breeds guinea pigs for medical research…. (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 19.10.04 No wonder they get away with it - There aren't many brownie points to be earned by ambitious law-enforcers or politicians in protecting the rights of people breeding animals for experiments, says Nigel Hastilow… As local people are driven from their homes, deprived of their livelihoods and subjected to almost intolerable - not to say genuinely frightening - cruelty, the most appalling part of this dreadful story is the abject failure of the police to protect people…. The animal rights loonies will one day very soon start killing people in the name of fluffy bunnies…. If these attacks were being carried out by some racially-motivated English version of the Ku Klux Klan, and if the victims were members of an ethnic minority, do we really think the police would have been as pathetic in their response?... What is the difference, then, between animal rights terrorists and thuggish racists? Animal rights terrorists have the tacit support of many left-wing politicians while businessmen making money from guinea pigs do not strike such politicians as "victims."… (story)

Worcester Evening News 19.10.04 Animal rights protestors in school demo - ANIMAL rights protestors staged a three-man demonstration outside a Worcester school last night after claims one of its governors supports vivisection. Banners and placards in front of The Alice Ottley School, in The Tything, proclaimed that Dr Sue Hughes works with an animal testing laboratory in Ledbury… (story in archive)


Cambridge Evening News 18.10.04 MP's EU animal warning - HUNTINGDON MP Jonathan Djanogly has warned that surrendering Britain's legal powers to the European Union would spell disaster for the fight against animal rights extremism. Mr Djanogly used the plight of his own constituents, who face violence and intimidation from extremists protesting about Huntingdon Life Sciences, as an example of how integrating the UK legal system with Europe would not work… (story)

Burton Mail 18.10.04 WE'LL DIG UP SECOND GRAVE by NERMIN OOMER - ANIMAL rights fanatics have threatened to dig up the remains of a second person connected to a guinea pig farm near Burton. An elderly cleaner who works at Darley Oaks Farm has received a cruel letter claiming to be from animal rights activists and threatening to dig up the grave of her deceased husband. The threat follows the theft of the remains of Gladys Hammond, the 82-year-old mother in law of Christopher Hall - one of the owners of the farm in Newchurch.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 18.10.04 PRAISE FOR CHAMPIONS OF ANIMALS - We celebrated Animal Welfare Sunday (October 3) by holding our 16th annual service of thanksgiving and blessing for "all creatures great and small" at St Andrew's Church, in Jarrom Street, Leicester…. A collection and donations came to £264 and has been equally divided between the RSPCA, the Brooke Hospital, the PDSA, and the Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe, in memory of the late Vicki Moore, the anti-bullfighting campaigner…. Linda J Bodicoat, Anglican Society for Welfare of Animals (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 18.10.04 MP'S ANIMAL RIGHTS EFFORTS RECOGNISED - North Lincolnshire MP Ian Cawsey has been nominated for a prestigious award in recognition of his animal welfare work. The Labour MP for Brigg and Goole has been put forward for the coveted ePolitx Charity Champion's Award by the Donkey Sanctuary. In their supporting article, the Donkey Sanctuary praised Mr Cawsey, who chairs the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW), for his help in trying to stop the barbaric treatment of donkeys in a small Spanish village…. (story)


Sunday Mercury 17.10.04 Grave theft family vow to carry on - The owners of a farm where guinea pigs are bred for medical research have vowed to continue running their business, despite the theft of family remains…. (story)

Sunday Times 17.10.04 Focus: Desecrated - MAURICE CHITTENDEN - How animal rights terrorists are holding a community under siege - THE bells tolled as parishioners carrying candles filed out through the 13th- century doorway of St Peter’s church in Yoxall, Staffordshire, last night to reconsecrate the ground in which the remains of Gladys Hammond once lay…. some local people said they were too frightened to show their faces at yesterday’s ceremony for fear of attracting a visit at dead of night by masked animal rights activists. Of Yoxall’s 1,800 population, only 100 attended…. Dorothy Harvey, 70, who runs Dove Fuels, has stopped supplying the family with diesel and heating fuel after four years of terror. “I feel angry I have had to bow down to blackmail,” she said. “We didn’t want to do it, but the Halls understand…." Police fear that once foxhunting is outlawed and huntsmen are no longer a target, attacks on research establishments will escalate… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 17.10.04 Besieged family defy animal rights grave-robbers By Chris Hastings - The owners of a farm that breeds guinea pigs for medical research have vowed to continue their business, despite the desecration of a relative's grave by animal rights extremists. The family of 82-year-old Gladys Hammond spoke out after her grave was reconsecrated by the Rt Rev Michael Bourke, Bishop of Wolverhampton, in a service at St Peter's Church in the village of Yoxall, near Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire.... (story)

Observer 17.10.04 Fears over grave-robbing by animal rights activists - Mark Townsend - Scientists fear the graves of their relatives will be the next target of animal rights extremists following the desecration of the burial ground of 82-year-old Gladys Hammond. As hundreds of mourners gathered yesterday for a service of rededication in the Staffordshire village churchyard where her body was stolen, representatives of leading drug firms involved in animal research admitted that the remains of their ancestors may be next in line. Richard Ley, spokesman for the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), said: 'How many ancestors are they going to go back? Where does it end? There is an implied threat in all this for us, but it is impossible to defend every graveyard.'….. (story)

Wales on Sunday 17.10.04 Trapped by his own sick hand - Lucy Ballinger, Wales on Sunday - A SICK Englishman who travelled to North Wales to film himself torturing badgers was nailed by his own recordings. Police officers investigating the case believe Leslie Fowell filmed the cruel attacks - which happened five times last year - to show off to friends…. Fowell, of Merseyside, pleaded guilty at Wirral Magistrates Court on September 28 to four offences of cruelly ill-treating a badger and four offences of willfully injuring a badger. He was sentenced to 12 weeks in jail and disqualified from keeping dogs for two years… (story)


Wolverhampton Express & Star 16.10.04 Animal liberation demonstration fear By Faye Casey - Animal rights protesters planning to descend on a controversial breeding farm in Newchurch this weekend have been warned to stay away by police…. Two men arrested in connection with the desecration of Mrs Hammond's grave, and the theft of her remains, have been released without charge. Stephen Dawes, aged 34, from Wolverhampton, and John Curtin, aged 41, from Coventry, are now on police bail…. (story)

Mirror 16.10.04 HYPOCRITE PROTESTER EXPOSED By Anton Antonowicz - using drugs tested on animals to treat her breast cancer. Janet Tomlinson, 61, has outraged campaigners seeking cures through research. Vicky Cowell, of the Seriously Ill for Medical Research, said: "It's hypocritical that one minute she is campaigning furiously against medical research using animals. Then she becomes ill and is willing to take drugs which go against all she stands for.... Miss Tomlinson lives in Burton-on-Trent, Staffs, with dog Suzie which she feeds chicken, claiming it has craved meat ever since she adopted it.... (story)

BBC News Online 16.10.04 Service held at desecrated grave - Police will impose tight security at a rededication service in a churchyard where a grave was desecrated and the body of an 82-year-old woman dug up. Officers have warned animal rights protesters to keep away from Yoxall, Staffordshire, on Saturday evening…. (story)
Sky 16.10.04 'CALL OFF PROTESTS' - Animal rights campaigners have been urged to call off their protests outside a farm run by the family of a woman whose body was stolen from a church graveyard… Police are asking for all protests to be cancelled this weekend after the theft of 82-year-old Gladys Hammond's remains from St Peter's Church in nearby Yoxall…. (story)

Independent 16.10.04 Desecrating graves, a chilling tactic revived from the annals of animal rights extremism By Jonathan Brown And Ian Herbert - The desecration of graves - such as that of an elderly woman in Staffordshire last week - has a potent symbolism for the animal rights movement. A veteran activist John Curtin was arrested over the incident, but later released without charge. Mr Curtin was connected to members of the Hunt Retribution Squad (HRS), who dug up the grave of the Duke of Beaufort in 1986. In 1977, campaigners against bloodsports vandalised the grave of the celebrated Victorian huntsman John Peel, at the village churchyard in Caldbeck, Cumbria. His headstone was broken and the head of a stuffed fox was thrown into the grave…. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the group said to be responsible for the worst of the attacks at Newchurch, has not claimed responsibility. Robin Webb, spokesman for the ALF, said it was "unlikely but not impossible" the organisation was behind it…. it was more likely the work of the provisional wing of the movement; the Animal Rights Militia (ARM), or the Justice Department…. (story)

Telegraph 16.10.04 Animal rights activist denies attack on grave By Nick Britten - An animal rights activist who was arrested over the desecration of an 82-year-old woman's grave yesterday denied any involvement in the attack. John Curtin, who was once jailed for trying to dig up the remains of the 10th Duke of Beaufort, said he was "revolted and disgusted" by the removal of Gladys Hammond's remains from a churchyard in Yoxall, Staffs, last week. He was, however, unable to provide police with a full alibi.... "I couldn't give them my full alibi. I was in London for the night but I couldn't give them an address where I was staying that night because then the police would be busting someone else's door down...." (story)

Guardian 16.10.04 Activist denies desecration - Animal rights activist John Curtin, arrested over the theft of a body from a graveyard at Yoxall, Staffordshire, has protested his innocence and condemned the desecration…. (story)

Birmingham Post 16.10.04 Family's 'guilt' on grave robbery By Emily Andrews, The Birmingham Post - The family of an 82-year-old woman whose body was allegedly dug up by animal rights protesters spoke last night of their guilt after the desecration of the graveyard. Chris Hall, who runs a farm breeding guinea pigs for medical research, described the attack on his mother-in-law's grave as "horrific" and said he could not now rule out shutting the business…. "One of my staff has an autistic son and the animal rights protesters targeted him and his mother-in-law. They know no bounds…." (story)
Birmingham Post 16.10.04 Grave suspect condemns theft of body By Emily Andrews, The Birmingham Post - The animals rights protester arrested in connection with the theft of an 82-year-old woman's body from a graveyard protested his innocence yesterday and condemned the desecration. John Curtin, who has been released without charge on police bail, described the removal of Gladys Hammond's remains as a "sick" act which could only prove counter-productive to the animal rights cause…. (story)
Birmingham Evening Mail 16.10.04 The final evil in reign of terror By Guy Newey, Evening Mail - Caring grandmother Gladys Hammond was the type of neighbour you dreamed of meeting. "She turned up on our first day at our new house with half a dozen eggs, it was such a warm welcome to this tiny hamlet," said a friend who had known her for more than 40 years… Everyone you meet walking through the main village has a story of how their lives have been blighted because of the slightest connection to the farm. Simply the fact of living nearby has provoked violence…. (story)
Birmingham Post/Mail 16.10.04 Family anguish over grave raid - The family of a pensioner whose body was dug up and stolen have spoken of their anguish over the graveyard's desecration. Chris Hall, who runs a farm breeding guinea pigs for medical research in Newchurch, near Lichfield, described the attack on his mother-in-law's grave as "horrific", and said he could not rule out shutting down his business…. (story)

BBC News Online 16.10.04 East: Curbing the activists? - Deborah McGurran - Editor, Politics Show East - The pharmaceutical industry is under siege from animal activists. British drug companies are warning they may stop research in the UK unless the government cracks down on animal extremists. Activists forced Huntingdon Life Sciences to move its headquarters to America where it has its registered office…. (story)


Kent Messenger 15.10.04 Anglers told to end live bait 'barbarity' - STEPS need to be taken to stamp out a "barbaric" fishing practice, says a Maidstone borough councillor. Live baiting, where an angler hooks a smaller fish through the eye socket to use as live bait for a bigger fish, is banned in most lakes and rivers across Maidstone. But Cllr Tony Harwood (Lib Dem), who represents North ward, said he was recently shocked to witness an angler live baiting to catch a pike…. (story)

Bournemouth Daily Echo 15.10.04 Club slams decision on free fishing by Andy Davey - A FISHING club has called the controversial decision to open up Ringwood's Millstream to all anglers free of charge "crazy" and now fears for the river's future. The town council has leased its right to fish sections of the stream between Pocket Park and Hampshire Hatches to Ringwood and District Angling Club for more than 30 years. For ten months it has tried to sell the rights and rejected a five-figure offer from the club who were responsible for supervising anglers and keeping the waters clean under the lease agreement. The club admitted it is bitterly disappointed with the town council's decision and now fears that without careful husbandry the stream could turn into a weed-clogged ditch…. (story in archive)

Mirror 15.10.04 GLADYS ATTACK LINKED TO DUKE'S By Rod Chaytor - POLICE investigating the desecration of Gladys Hammond's grave were yesterday linking it to an attack on the Duke of Beaufort's grave 20 years ago. Two men planned to dig up the pro-hunting aristocrat's grave on Boxing Day 1984 and send his severed head to Princess Anne.... One was prominent protester, John Curtin, 41, of the Coventry Animal Alliance. A second man, 34, was arrested in Wolverhampton.... (story)
BBC News Online 15.10.04 Campaigner slams grave attack - An animal rights campaigner arrested in connection with the desecration of a grave has protested his innocence after he was released on bail. John Curtin, 41, from Coventry, says whoever is responsible is "repulsive"…. (story)
Coventry Evening News 15.10.04 Arrest was 'my worst nightmare' - An animal rights campaigner arrested at his Coventry home in connection with the theft of a corpse at a Staffordshire graveyard today protested his innocence. John Curtin, 41, was arrested at his home in Pioneer House, Adelaide Street, Hillfields, following the desecration last week of the grave of Gladys Hammond, who died aged 82 in 1997…. Mr Curtin, who has worked with the Animal Liberation Front in the past, said he was in London the night Mrs Hammond's grave was desecrated…. (story)
Coventry Evening News 15.10.04 Activist released without charge - An animal rights activist from Coventry arrested over the theft of a corpse from a grave in Staffordshire has been released without charge. The 41-year-old from Hillfields was arrested yesterday at Pioneer House, Adelaide Street in connection with the desecration of the grave of 82-year-old Gladys Hammond…. (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 15.10.04 Graveyard arrest man is animal protester - One of two men arrested in connection with the theft of an 82-year-old woman’s body from a graveyard is a prominent animal rights protester. The Coventry Animal Alliance said John Curtin (41) was arrested by Staffordshire Police yesterday morning at his home in the Hillfields area of Coventry…. (story)
The Sentinel 15.10.04 'SICK' PROTESTERS BLAMED FOR STEALING WOMAN'S REMAINS - Animal rights activists, described as 'sick and despicable', are believed to have been behind a major act of desecration, stealing human remains from St Peter's Churchyard at Yoxall, near Uttoxeter… (story)
ITV 15.10.04 Animal activist condemns desecration - One of two men arrested in connection with the theft of an 82-year-old woman's body from a graveyard protested his innocence and condemned the desecration. John Curtin, who has been released without charge on police bail, described the removal of Gladys Hammond's remains as a "sick" act which could only prove counter-productive to the animal rights cause… (story)
Daily Mail 15.10.04 Police release two held over grave robbing - Two men arrested in connection with the theft of an 82-year-old woman's body from a graveyard were released without charge. One of the two suspects was 41-year-old animal rights protester John Curtin… (story)
Independent 15.10.04 Grave desecration: animal rights pair freed By Jonathan Brown - Police have released one of Britain's most high-profile animal rights activists after his arrest yesterday in connection with the theft of an 82-year-old woman's remains from her grave. John Curtin, 41, was taken into custody in a dawn raid at his home in Coventry. A second man, aged 34, also believed to be ananimal rights activist, was arrested in Wolverhampton at about 6.30am. Both were both on police bail last night…. (story)
Telegraph 15.10.04 Family may shut guinea pig farm after grave desecration By Nick Britten - The owners of a farm targeted by animal rights campaigners who are believed to have dug up the body of an 82-year-old woman said last night they were considering closing it. Chris Hall said the attack on the grave of his mother-in-law had taken the five-year protest against his guinea pig farm "to another level" and the family was talking about whether to continue. Police yesterday arrested a prominent animal rights campaigner, John Curtin, in connection with the desecration of Gladys Hammond's grave last week.... Forensic analysts spent the day searching the properties and carrying out tests. Bags were removed from the house in Wolverhampton while witnesses said police took away a car and a computer from Mr Curtin's address.... (story)
Sun 15.10.04 Militant in grave cop quiz By JOHN SCOTT - A LEADING animal rights activist was quizzed yesterday by cops hunting grave robbers who stole the remains of an 82-year-old woman. John Curtin, 41, was arrested in a dawn swoop on his tower block flat in Coventry, West Midlands…. (story)
Yahoo! News 15.10.04 Police release men held over desecrated grave - LONDON (Reuters) - Police have released without charge two men arrested in connection with the desecration of a grandmother's grave which detectives believe may be linked to animal rights protesters…. (story)
Scotsman 14.10.04 'Animal Rights Protester' Held in Grave Theft Probe By Matthew Cooper, PA News - One of two men arrested in connection with the theft of an 82-year-old woman’s body from a graveyard is a prominent animal rights protester, it emerged today. The Coventry Animal Alliance said that John Curtin, 41, was arrested by Staffordshire Police this morning at his home in the Hillfields area of Coventry… Nancy Phipps, whose daughter Jill was crushed to death under a lorry during a protest against live animal exports at Coventry airport in 1995, accused officers of conducting a “fishing expedition“….Curtin, a former surveyor, has been convicted several times for animal rights offences and was jailed in 1986 after the desecration of the Duke of Beaufort’s grave during an anti-hunting protest. Mrs Phipps told PA News: “John’s door was knocked down this morning despite the fact he has had nothing to do with the Newchurch protest…." (story)
Burton Mail 14.10.04 Two arrested over body theft from grave by NERMIN OOMER - POLICE have today arrested two people in connection with the theft of the remains of an elderly woman from her grave in a village near Burton…. (story)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 14.10.04 Police hold two over body theft - A 41-year-old Coventry man was arrested today in connection with the theft of a corpse from a grave in Staffordshire… (story)
Birmingham Post/Mail 14.10.04 Men held on grave theft - Black Country man was today arrested by detectives investigating the theft of an 82-year-old woman's body from a graveyard. Two suspects were detained at addresses in Wolverhampton and Coventry at around 6.30am by officers probing the desecration of the grave of Gladys Hammond in Yoxall, Staffordshire…. (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 14.10.04 City man's arrest over grave theft - A man from Wolverhampton was today arrested following the desecration of an 82-year-old grandmother's grave and the theft of her body in Yoxall. Police executed warrants and arrested a 34-year-old man in Larches Lane, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton and a 41-year-old man in Coventry at 6.30am…. (story)
BBC News Online 14.10.04 Two held after grave desecration - Two men have been arrested over the theft of an 82-year-old woman's body from a graveyard, detectives say… "In a pre-planned operation between Staffordshire Police and West Midlands Police this morning, officers have arrested two men," a police spokesman said. "Warrants were executed in Wolverhampton and Coventry, resulting in the arrest of a 41-year-old man in Coventry and a 34-year-old man in Wolverhampton. The men were taken to police stations in Staffordshire, where they will be interviewed…. (story)
Reuters 14.10.04 Two men arrested over grave desecration - Two men have been arrested in connection with the desecration of a grandmother's grave which police believe may be linked to animal rights protesters…. "Warrants were executed in Wolverhampton and Coventry at around 6:30 a.m, resulting in the arrest of a 41-year-old man in Coventry and a 34-year-old man in Wolverhampton," Staffordshire Police said in a statement on Thursday… (story)
Leicester Mercury 14.10.04 TWO HELD IN GRAVE-ROBBING PROBE - Detectives investigating the theft of an 82-year-old woman's body from a graveyard have arrested two men. Staffordshire Police said the suspects were detained at addresses in Wolverhampton and Coventry by officers probing the desecration of the grave of Gladys Hammond in Yoxall…. (story)
Shropshire Star 14.10.04 Two held in probe on theft of body - Detectives investigating the theft of an 82-year-old woman's body from a graveyard have arrested two men, police said today… (story)

Mirror 15.10.04 VILLAGE OF THE BODYSNATCHERS By Justine Smith - WHEN it started, villagers thought it was comical that dreadlocked, middle-class hippies and flask-carrying pensioners should defend the rights of guinea pigs. But the protests have taken a sinister twist - break-ins at night in balaclavas, death threats, phone lines cut and now even an 82-year-old grandmother's body stolen from her grave.... (story)

Guardian 15.10.04 Village struggles to come to terms with horror of grave robbery - David Ward - The path to St Peter's Anglican church in Yoxall runs through a traditional graveyard with mown grass, yew trees, headstones ancient and modern. It's very English, the kind of place where Thomas Gray could have written his elegy…. Tomorrow the churchyard and burial ground of this Staffordshire village will be rededicated as the rector, the Rev Jenny Lister, seeks to cleanse it of a horror that has appalled people of all faiths and none… Janet Tomlinson, from nearby Burton-on-Trent, has been a regular since the protests began five years ago. "As soon as we got to the farm last Sunday, the police told us to go away or we would be arrested. You could see the hate in the eyes of the police officers. It was like the Nazis talking to the Jews."… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 15.10.04 PET FOOD GIANT TARGETED OVER ANIMAL WELFARE - ANGELA TAYLOR - Animal rights activists campaigning against the practices of pet food giant Iams took their fight to the streets of Aberdeen yesterday. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) members and their pet dogs told people in the city centre of alleged mistreatment of animals at the hands of scientists working for the Procter and Gamble-owned firm…. Edinburgh-based Yvonne Taylor, who was handing out leaflets at St Nicholas Square yesterday, accompanied by her Jack Russell Zack, said the "snarl-in" aimed to persuade shoppers to boycott Iams cat and dog food until the company changes its practices…. (story)

Cumberland News 15.10.04 OF COURSE THEY DESERVE IT! - WE WERE infuriated by the letter from Mrs G Donald (The Cumberland News, October 8). People like her should get their facts right before putting pen to paper. The grant for Knoxwood came from DEFRA. It was from monies set aside for animal welfare and could not have been used for people. What on earth does Mrs Donald mean, “what are we coming to?” Does she not have any feelings for wild animals?... ADELE & GUS PROUDSkinburness VillageSilloth on Solway (letter)

Manchester Evening News 15.10.04 Proof needed - ONCE again, the actions of animal liberation activists are condemned - this time for grave digging (MEN, Oct 11) - but it’s odds-on for me we will continue to find reason to condemn them for what they do for some time to come…. why doesn’t the industry - suffering so terribly at the hands of these people who are, at the same time, commanding extensive police resources - agree to a genuine open, public debate into the benefits or otherwise of vivisection?... Keith Mann (via e-mail) (letter)

Wandsworth Borough News 15.10.04 Fox injustice - SIR. I keep reading people's letters complaining about foxes ripping up rubbish bags…. Perhaps if we hadn't destroyed their national habitat with the everlasting supermarket developments, the foxes wouldn't have been driven into town. S KNIGHT Rougemont Avenue Morden (letter)

Western Daily Press 15.10.04 BADGERS MUST BE CULLED TO STOP TB - As a farmer I had to reply to the Wiltshire Badger Group. It has been proved in Ireland that culling badgers where there is a high incidence of TB has reduced the disease in cattle by 90 per cent. I find this evidence over-whelming proof that badgers are a major cause of spread of TB in cattle…. Carol Barnard Compton Martin Bristol (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.10.04 BADGER TB LINKS CLEAR TO EXPERTS - I feel that your correspondent from the Wiltshire Badger Group is the one who should get their facts right. I would like to see, in print, the evidence that scientists and politicians accept that badgers are not the cause of the spread of bovine TB. Last month a report by Joe Walsh, from Ireland's Four Areas study showed that badgers are definitely involved in the spread of bovine TB…. Michael Weaver Frampton Cotterell South Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Morning News 15.10.04 SHADOW MINISTER'S CALL FOR BADGER CULL - Two Cornish farmers who have seen their land over-run by badgers and their cattle infected with tuberculosis, yesterday found an ally in a Shadow Minister who pledged immediate action if his party was returned to power. Johnny Hawken, of Poltreworgey, Port Isaac, and Fred Hawken, of Burlawn, Wadebridge, are among the many in the Westcountry in increasing despair about what is happening, or rather not happening, in the countryside. Their families have farmed for generations, only to see their livelihoods and their pedigree cattle herds jeopardised by a bovine TB epidemic which they are in no doubt is being spread by badgers. Sharing their concern is Shadow Secretary of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food James Paice, who yesterday visited them in North Cornwall…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 15.10.04 VEGGIE ROADSHOW COMES TO TOWN - I Agree with the letter about The Farm programme on channel Five, from Justin Kerswell, campaigner for Viva. The best way to stop animal cruelty is to go vegetarian. It is therefore good to see that there is a Veggie Roadshow beginning in Bristol on 0aturday, October 30… Sue Hughes, Montpelier. (letter)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 15.10.04 'It's time to stop animal cruelty' - I AM writing to express my views on animal cruelty…. Please stop animal cruelty once and for all, it's sick. Emma Walker, Lutstock Avenue, Orton Malborne, Peterborough (letter)


Evesham Journal 14.10.04 Birds were not bred for benefit of Toffs - I WOULD like to reply to the letter from Bob Shanks, dated October 7, the so-called countryman from Norfolk, ha ha what a laugh. The article printed about the massacre of birds at Hillborough was supposed to bring awareness to people about the callous, scum who came and murdered young defenceless birds still caged, by chopping off their heads… It really is typical of people like Mr Shanks to put two and two together and make five, it is his sort of people who causes conflict in this world, the so-called do-gooders. For Mr Shanks reference it was not only pheasants that was slaughtered but bantams, some of which were years old, family pets, named, friendly and loved by Mr Handy's grandchildren and handled every day… TRUDI HANDY, Grafton Lane, Bidford. (letter in archive)
Evesham Journal 14.10.04 Make-up of party is diverse and modern - I was interested to read Mr Shanks' view of the modern shooting fraternity. In my local and fairly typical game shooting syndicate we have the following personnel: a carpenter, a builder, 2 bricklayers, 2 sales reps, a service engineer, 2 engineers, a construction manager and 2 company directors employing people in the Vale…. His outburst confirmed the standard prejudices that we always hear from ill informed and bigotted morons, rather than an argument based on fact and reason…. Mick Harley, The Bricklehampton Shoot, Pershore. (letter in archive)
Evesham Journal 7.10.04 Killing of the birds and shooting parties - With reference to the article 'OAP's horror at slaughter of birds' on page 11. I can't but help wonder why is he in so much horror at the slaughter when he is breeding them to be slaughtered in the first place! With reference to the article 'OAP's horror at slaughter of birds' on page 11. I can't but help wonder why is he in so much horror at the slaughter when he is breeding them to be slaughtered in the first place! He cannot go around complaining when all they were being bred for was shooting by rich upper class toffs!... I wish also to say that whilst I'm glad this has happened to him, I not approve of the animals being disposed of by a slash hook. Bob Shanks, Stratford upon Avon. (letter in archive)
Evesham Journal 30.9.04 OAP's horror at slaughter of birds - A BIDFORD pensioner has spoken of his distress after finding more than 100 of his pheasants slaughtered in broad daylight. Pip Handy, aged 71 discovered around 130 dead birds in his barn at Hillborough Farm near Binton at 4.20pm last Wednesday. The animals, which had been hand-reared by Mr Handy for game in small shooting parties, had been attacked with a slash hook…. (story in archive)

Rutland Times 14.10.04 Schoolboy's fight for animal rights - A 14-year-old boy from Knossington has been made the first youth contact for the UK's largest animal rights group, Animal Aid. Sam McCreesh attends Uppingham Community College and is determined to fight for the rights of animals…. 'At the same time I became a member of the RSPCA and on becoming a vegetarian I also joined the Vegetarian Society…' He is currently organising a display at Melton Library and at Uppingham for the Say No To Live Exports Campaign and said: 'I'm against any cruelty whatsoever to animals – from medical experiments to circuses and I am putting together a book about the cruelty of animal testing.” Sam has also became a youth contact for VIVA (Vegetarian International Voice of Animals)… and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)… (story)

Sutton Guardian 14.10.04 Outfox the foxes by using wheelie bins - Further to Mr Aspden's letter, I have also noticed a skill that foxes have and have had for some time now. They have the ability to rip open the black plastic bin liners that residents and businesses leave out for the refuse collectors…. I appreciate there are those people who dislike wheelie bins but their use does have the benefit of preventing the unsightly mess left by foxes, after their previous night-time feeds…. I appreciate there are those people who dislike wheelie bins but their use does have the benefit of preventing the unsightly mess left by foxes, after their previous night-time feeds. (story)

Shropshire Star 14.10.04 Religious slaughter is so cruel … I totally agree with Selwyn John Knowles on the subject of ritual slaughter…. What are we doing to allow this practice to take place? It is cruel beyond belief. Our Labour Government has spent so much valuable time discussing the cruelty of fox hunting recently…. I have seen animals killed in other countries so cruelly that I hardly dare to think about it. Please stop it happening here. Councillor Kathleen Owen, Borough Councillor for Meole Brace Ward, Shrewsbury (letter)


Western Daily Press 13.10.04 GAME AS A PHEASANT ALTERNATIVE - Archaic laws that ban the sale of wild game in Britain's supermarkets and butchers are to be scrapped by the Government, it was revealed last night. The aim is to improve the nation's diet and encourage more people to eat healthier foods…. (story)
Times 12.10.04 Reform of antiquated hunting laws may make us all game for healthy diet BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - ANTIQUATED laws that prevent the sale of wild game in supermarkets and butchers’ shops all year round are to be scrapped by the Government. The aim is to encourage more healthy eating in Britain and for consumers to take advantage of the high-protein, low-cholesterol meats such as pheasant, partridge and venison, which are widely available… Mr Bradshaw said: “The game laws are archaic and we are going to have to get rid of them. We will launch a formal review of the laws very soon but my inclination is to abolish game licences. I also believe their value as a deterrent to poaching is questionable.” … The British Association for Shooting and Conservation is also keen for the laws to be scrapped. Christopher Graffius, its spokesman, said: “These laws are part of an anachronism that was designed to keep shooting game for the gentry and to stop peasants taking deer or birds and selling them to dealers…." (story)

Independent 13.10.04 The village ensnared by animal rights protests By Ian Herbert and Jonathan Brown - In the finest October traditions of rural Staffordshire, a rendition of "We plough the fields and scatter" was ringing out from Needwood Church of England primary school in Newborough yesterday afternoon. If events had run their normal course, the pupils' customary "circle time" with their headmistress would have been occupied with thoughts of harvest thanksgiving too. But instead, after another twist in the saga that has consumed this small village for five years, the classroom discussions have covered exhumations, abandoned coffins and threats of sabotage. Newborough, an apparently sleepy parish numbering just 170 homes, has found itself in the eye of a pernicious protest waged by the Animal Liberation Front against a land-owning family who breed guinea pigs for animal research… (story)

Burton Mail 13.10.04 SHOP BODY SNATCHERS by NERMIN OOMER - THE OWNER of a guinea pig farm and relative of an 82-year-old woman whose remains were stolen from her grave has called for the body snatchers to 'be shopped' to police… (story)
BBC News Online 13.10.04 Animal group condemn grave attack - An animal rights group has condemned the desecration of an 82-year-old woman's grave in Staffordshire in which most of her remains were stolen…. Mel Broughton, a spokesman for animal rights group Speak, told BBC Radio Four's Today programme he condemned the desecration…. However, Mr Broughton said the act may not have been carried out by animal rights protesters. "The media have tried and judged us already and we have to take into account this possibly could be an act by someone, or persons, to try and blacken the animal rights campaign and I think that has to be taken on board as well."…. (story)
Telegraph 13.10.04 Police search for DNA clues in hunt for bodysnatchers By Nick Britten - The people who took the body of an 82-year-old woman from her grave in what is believed to have been an animal rights protest left behind plenty of evidence, detectives say. Fingertip searches of the area around Gladys Hammond's grave have increased hopes that those responsible can be caught by DNA evidence.... (story)
Telegraph 13.10.04 Persecuted for doing good - The Hall family rear guinea pigs at their Staffordshire farm. These animals are raised not for food or for fur, but for medical research, to help save people's lives. For this, they have endured a five-year hate campaign by the Animal Liberation Front…. These animal rights protesters are terrorists who believe that a guinea pig's life is worth more than any number of humans. They are prepared to dance on the graves of the innocent dead, and terrify communities into submission. They must be jailed. (story)
Birmingham Post/Mail 13.10.04 Horror for missing body family - The Staffordshire family of an 82-year-old woman whose body was stolen from her grave today blamed animal rights extremists…. (story)
ITV 12.10.04 Woman's remains dug up - Relatives of a woman whose remains have been dug up and stolen from a graveyard have left flowers on the site with a note calling the perpetrators 'evil'…. (story)
Sun 12.10.04 Remains stolen in 'lib' raid By JOHN SCOTT - SICK animal rights fanatics who raided the grave of an 82-year-old woman took most of her remains, police revealed yesterday. Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Baker, said: "It's beyond anyone's understanding of morality and decency."… (story)
Daily Mail 12.10.04 Torment of family over stolen remains - The distraught family of an 82-year-old grandmother, whose body was stolen by animal rights activists from her grave, have asked God to forgive those responsible for the evil desecration… (story)
Burton Mail 12.10.04 It may be us says activist by NERMIN OOMER - A RADICAL animal rights organisation has admitted its members could be behind the theft of an 82-year-old woman's remains from her grave. Spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) Robin Webb told the Mail today group members were being driven to take "more and more radical action"… "This is the first time to my knowledge that this would have been carried out by animal rights activists for a non-hunting campaign". Mr Webb, who refused to condemn the atrocity, said: "Nobody wants to do this type of thing. I would condemn the Government for reneging on virtually all animal welfare policies leading up to the 1997 election. The Government is driving people to more and more radical action". … (story)
Birmingham Post/Mail 12.10.04 Grave robbers stole remains By Emma Brady - Detectives investigating the desecration of an 82 - year- old woman's grave confirmed yesterday that most of her remains were stolen. Staffordshire Police disclosed that at least two people were involved in digging up the grave of Gladys Hammond - whose family had been targeted by animal rights extremists - in St Peter's Church, Yoxall…. (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 12.10.04 Animal rights link to theft of body By The Huddersfield Daily Examiner - DETECTIVES were today probing the possibility that animal rights extremists stole the body of an 82-year-old woman from her burial plot. The family of Gladys Hammond have been subjected to a long-running campaign by activists, suffering hate mail, malicious phone calls, hoax bombs, a paedophile smear campaign and arson attacks… (story)
BBC News Online 12.10.04 Activists blamed for grave attack - The family of an 82-year-old woman whose remains were stolen have blamed animal activists for the desecration.…. Mr Hall told BBC Radio 4 programme You and Yours: "We're horrified that they (animal rights protesters) could reach such a low in their campaign against us to have desecrated Gladys' grave."… (story)
Independent 12.10.04 Desecration of grave claimed as victory for animal rights By Jonathan Brown - The theft of a grandmother's remains from a grave in a country churchyard in Staffordshire was claimed by extremists yesterday as a victory in the global campaign for animal rights. The Florida-based website of the direct action magazine Bite Back hailed the removal of 82-year-old Gladys Hammond's coffin as a successful "sabotage" operation…. (story)
Telegraph 12.10.04 Animal Extremists blamed for grave robbery of woman's body By Nick Britten - People who desecrated the grave of an 82-year-old woman in what is believed to be an animal rights protest also stole most of her corpse. It was thought at first that the body of Gladys Hammond had been dug up and tampered with. But detectives disclosed that many bones had been removed. Witnesses saw two men acting suspiciously around the grave at St Peter's Church in Yoxall, Staffs, on Wednesday.... (story)
Scotsman 12.10.04 Missing Body: Animal Rights Extremists Suspected By Matthew Cooper, PA News - Detectives were today probing the possibility that animal rights extremists stole the body of an 82-year-old woman from her burial plot. The family of Gladys Hammond have been subjected to a long-running campaign by activists, suffering hate mail, malicious phone calls, hoax bombs, a paedophile smear campaign and arson attacks…. (story)
Sun 11.10.04 Woman's remains stolen By SUN ONLINE REPORTER - DETECTIVES investigating the desecration of an 82-year-old woman’s grave today confirmed that most of her remains were stolen…. (story)
Birmingham Post/Mail 11.10.04 Remains of OAP 'stolen in protest' - Detectives investigating the desecration of an 82-year-old Midlands woman’s grave today revealed most of her remains were stolen. Staffordshire Police disclosed that at least two people were involved in digging up the grave of Gladys Hammond - whose family had been targeted by animal rights extremists - in St Peter’s Church, Yoxall…. (story)
Sky News 11.10.04 WOMAN'S GRAVE STRIPPED - Animal rights protestors are thought to be involved in the desecration of an 82-year-old woman's grave in Staffordshire. Police say at least two people dug up the grave of Gladys Hammond and have confirmed that most of her remains were stolen…. (story)
Daily Mail 11.10.04 Woman's remains stolen by thugs - Detectives investigating the desecration of an 82-year-old woman's grave confirmed today that most of her remains were stolen. Staffordshire Police disclosed that at least two people were involved in digging up the grave of Gladys Hammond… (story)
Evening Standard 11.10.04 Activists suspected of desecrating grave - Police investigating the desecration of an 82-year-old woman's grave, alleged to have been carried out by animal rights extremists, confirmed today that most of her remains were stolen…. (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 11.10.04 One picture says it all about Tony - Peter Rhodes … Digging up an old lady's grave near Rugeley is absolutely par for the animal-rights course…. They are furtive, cowardly little oddballs who enjoy the anonymous exercise of power and get their kicks by causing distress. They have much in common with flashers, saddle-sniffers and pervs who pinch knickers off washing lines. I have no time for foxhunters but the grave-desecraters really are the lowest of the low (story)
Sunday Mercury 10.10.04 Prayers for desecrated grave family - Prayers will be said today at a church where animal rights activists are accused of digging up the grave of an 82-year-old woman. Traditional Sunday services at St Peter's Church, in the village of Yoxall, Staffordshire, will go ahead despite continued police work at the scene…. (story)
BBC News Online 10.10.04 Prayers said at desecrated church - A Sunday service has gone ahead as usual at a church where animal rights activists have been blamed for digging up the body of an 82-year-old woman. Rev Jenny Lister said prayers for Gladys Hammond at St Peter's Church in Yoxall, Staffordshire…. (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 9.10.04 Relatives speak on grave vandalism - The family of an 82-year-old Staffordshire woman whose grave was dug up in a sickening attack - believed to be by animal rights activists - have spoken of their devastation… (story)
BBC News Online 9.10.04 Police comb desecrated grave site - A detailed search is taking place in a Staffordshire churchyard where animal activists have been accused of digging up the remains of an 82-year-old woman… Det Chief Insp Nick Baker said: "Gladys Hammond was a relative of the Hall family who have been the subject of protests and intimidation by animal rights protesters."… A spokeswoman for Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs (SNGP) said she was shocked at the discovery and distanced the campaign group from the incident… (story)
Burton Mail 9.10.04 OAP TELLS OF GRAVE FIND by NERMIN OOMER - A PENSIONER has told how she discovered the grave of an elderly woman which is believed to have been dug up by animal rights activists. Police and church leaders have condemned the 'sick and despicable' criminals who 'seriously desecrated' the grave of Gladys Hammond — the mother in law of Newchurch guinea pig farm owner Chris Hall…. (story)
Telegraph 9.10.04 Pensioner's body dug up in 'animal rights attack on family' By Nick Britten - Animal rights protesters were being sought by police last night after the body of an 82-year-old woman was dug up from her grave. Police said the attack on Gladys Hammond's burial place was "sick and depraved".... One animal rights group, Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs, regularly holds protests outside the farm. Its spokesman, Sarah Dickson, said yesterday: "I am horrified by what happened, it's absolutely sick. I can definitely say it had nothing to do with us.... (story)
Sun 9.10.04 Worse than any animal By JOHN SCOTT - TWISTED animal rights fanatics have dug up the grave of a woman related to a guinea pig farmer. The coffin of 82-year-old Gladys Hammond, who died seven years ago, was smashed open. Parts of her remains were removed and the rest of the skeleton was left exposed amid the debris…. (story)
Guardian 9.10.04 Animal activists linked to desecration - David Ward - Police are investigating whether animal rights activists were to blame for the "sick and depraved" desecration of a grave in Staffordshire. The remains of Gladys Hammond, who died in 1997 aged 87, were disturbed when the grave at St Peter's church in Yoxall, near Burton-on-Trent, was attacked some time this week….(story)
Sky News 9.10.04 FAMILY HIT OUT AT 'CALLOUS' ATTACK - Animal rights activists are suspected of having dug up the grave of a guinea pig breeder. Police forensic experts are combing the grave of 82-year-old Gladys Hammond after the desecration. Her family appealed for help in catching the "callous and sick individuals" who carried out the attack…. (story)
Birmingham 9.10.04 Activists: We didn't dig up grave - Animal rights activists are being questioned after the body of an elderly woman whose family breed guinea pigs for medical research was dug up in a graveyard. The coffin of Gladys Hammond, who died in 1997, was removed and her remains disturbed at St Peter’s Church in Yoxall, near Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire…. Last night Sarah Dixon, of Save Newchurch Guinea Pigs, a group which carries out weekly protests outside the farm and has carried details of attacks on the family on its website, denied any involvement in the incident…. (story)
BBC News Online 8.10.04 Protest 'link' to desecrated grave - The grave of an 87-year-old woman whose family has been the target of animal rights protesters has been desecrated. The damage to Gladys Hammond's burial plot was discovered on Thursday at St Peter's Church, Yoxall, Staffordshire. Her remains had been disturbed. Her family's connection to a farm where guinea pigs are bred for research has led to a campaign against them…. Diocesan officials said the damage went "way beyond" petty vandalism. The site has been cordoned off while forensic teams carry out an investigation…. (story)
Scotsman 8.10.04 Animal Rights Gang Blamed for Destroying Woman's Grave By Phil Hazlewood and Alex Thompson, PA News - Animal rights activists were tonight being widely blamed for digging up the grave of an 82-year-old woman whose family breeds guinea pigs for medical research. Detectives refused to rule out that protesters could be behind the desecration of Gladys Hammond’s final resting place, seven years after she was buried at St Peter’s Church in the village of Yoxall, Staffordshire…. (story)
Derby Evening Telegraph 8.10.04 ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTESTERS GRAVE VIOLATION SUSPECTS - Animal rights protesters are to be questioned after the grave of an 87-year-old woman was "seriously desecrated", police confirmed today. The grave of Gladys Hammond, who died in 1997, was found dug up in the churchyard at St Peter's Church in the village of Yoxall, near Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, yesterday morning…. The officer refused to elaborate on the extent of the damage to the grave. But it is understood that the coffin had been dug up and remains had been disturbed. (story)
Burton Mail 8.10.04 Animal activists blamed for digging up grave by NERMIN OOMER - ANIMAL rights activists are believed to be behind the digging up of the remains of an old woman from her grave. The 82-year-old woman, Gladys Hammond, was the mother-in-law of Newchurch guinea pig farm owner Chris Hall. She died in 1997…. A police spokesman said: "We can confirm a grave in the yard of St Peter’s Church appears to have been seriously desecrated. We are following all avenues of enquiry and are leaving an open mind about the motive for this depraved crime. Let's be in no doubt about this, this is about the sick and despicable desecratrion of an old lady's final resting place on this earth."… (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 13.10.04 Trio arrested in badger baiting clampdown - THREE men have been arrested in Rossendale on suspicion of animal cruelty following a joint operation between Pennine police and the RSPCA designed to tackle suspected badger baiting. The three men, a 63-year-old from Whitworth, a 57-year-old from Harrogate and a 43-year-old from Nelson, were arrested following the execution of a police warrant at an address in Whitworth…. (story in archive)
BBC News Online 11.10.04 Three held in badger baiting raid - Three men have been arrested on suspicion of being involved in badger baiting, police have said. Ten dogs were also confiscated as 26 police and RSPCA officers raided a house in Whitworth, Lancashire. A 63-year-old man from the town, a 43-year-old man from Nelson, Lancashire and a 57-year-old from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, were taken into custody… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 13.10.04 CRUELTY VICTIM - A Gang of badger baiters is believed to have strung up an animal on a road sign in Pembrokeshire after a farmer warned them off his land. Persecuting badgers is still common in South West Wales despite tough new laws protecting them. JONATHAN ISAACS looks at the problems and asks if enough is being done to protect one of Britain's most popular wild animals…. Michael Sharratt, secretary of Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed, says South West Wales is a popular destination for badger hunters…. (story)
South Wales Evening Post 13.10.04 SETTING THE SCENE FOR A KILLING - Badger baiting was made illegal as long ago as 1835 but the so-called sport of badger digging remained legal and was so popular that in the 1960s the animal faced extinction…. (story)
BBC News Online 11.10.04 Badger hanged on road sign - Animal rescue campaigners are appealing for information after a badger was found mutilated and hanged on a road sign in Pembrokeshire. A local farmer believes a gang of badger-baiters left the animal as a warning to him after he ordered them off his land. Michael Sharratt from Badger Watch and Dyfed Rescue says baiting is a big problem in south west Wales…. (story)


Western Mail 12.10.04 Green Shoots engages with those managing privately held land - SHOOTING has a long tradition of working to conserve and enhance the environment; from managing woodland and moorland to improving field margins to the benefit of bird life. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has been providing ways for the shooting community to interact with other conservation bodies through a programme known as Green Shoots… Glyn Cook is BASC director for Wales (story)

Leicester Mercury 12.10.04 SAFEGUARDS - Could J A Tallis please get his facts straight (Mercury Postbag, September 17)? Allan Smith, of the Leicester Angling Federation, was simply criticising the Government for a lack of "controls" and "safeguards". He was not calling for a mass cull of cormorants or otters…. Greg Whitehead, Leicester. (story)
Leicester Mercury 12.10.04 RSPCA COUNTERS CLAIMS BY ANGLER - In the letter "A wake-up warning" (September 14), Alan Smith comments that "people running the RSPCA are now increasingly voicing their objection to our sport (angling)". The RSPCA, as an organisation, does not have any campaigns to ban angling, nor does it plan to start any…. Sophie Wilkinson, RSPCA East Regional press officer. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 30.9.04 ANGLERS CAMPAIGNING FOR BETTER ENVIRONMENT - In his "anti-angling" response to Alan Smith's letter, J Tallis implied, if controls on fish-eating birds and mammals were introduced, it "would precipitate the loss of many "enchanting" wild creatures (Postbag, September 17)…. For more than 100 years, anglers have campaigned for cleaner waters, tougher pollution controls and fish restocking, and for the general health and ecology of all waterways … John C Essex, Leicestershire Angling Federation (letter)
Leicester Mercury 17.9.04 PRESERVE AND ENJOY WILDLIFE - What is that misguided champion of Leicester's anglers suggesting (Postbag, September 14)? Otters and cormorants are indigenous, wild predators… If this is the general attitude of the angling community and control is introduced, it would precipitate the loss of many of our most enchanting wild creatures to protect the fishermen's "sporting" rights… JA Tallis, Husbands Bosworth. (letter)

Newcastle Journal 12.10.04 Fuel groups look toward hunt tactics By Liz Hands, The Journal - Fuel campaigners last night urged motorists to take the same militant stance as hunt supporters as rural drivers in the North were warned that they would be hit hardest by rocketing petrol prices…. Farmer and haulier Andrew Spence of Leadgate, spokesman for campaign group the People's Fuel Lobby, said: "Motorists need to be more proactive. They need to be the ones being more militant in the same way the hunt supporters have been. That is the only way we will see prices going down." Countryside Alliance regional director Richard Dodd said: "This is just another nail in the coffin for rural areas. We always get hit disproportionately hard by fuel increases and we rely heavily on using our cars."… (story)

Mirror 12.10.04 SICK AND DEPRAVED Animal rights protesters dig up grave of lab test guinea pig farming family By Rod Chaytor - ANIMAL rights activists have desecrated the grave of a woman whose family breeds guinea pigs for research as part of a hate campaign. Police confirmed yesterday that soil had been removed above the body of Gladys Hammond, 82... (story)

Oxford Mail 12.10.04 Judge's injury halts animal lab decision - Oxford University's High Court bid for a wide-ranging injunction against animal rights activists has ended with no immediate decision after the judge presiding over the case injured his back. After the close of evidence on Friday, Mr Justice Grigson suffered a back injury and will not sit in court until he recovers…. Robert Cogswell, a spokesman for the Speak campaign, a group set up to oppose plans for the £18m animal research centre in South Parks Road, said he would continue his bid to halt the centre whether the injunction was granted or not…. (story in archive)
BBC News Online 11.10.04 Judge's injury delays animal case - A decision on Oxford University's bid for an injunction against animal rights activists has been delayed. After the close of evidence at the High Court on Friday, Mr Justice Grigson injured his back and will not sit in court until he recovers…. The 10 are: Mel Broughton, John Curtin, Robert Cogswell, Speak Campaigns, Stop Primate Experimentation at Cambridge, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, Oxford Animal Rights Group, People Against Cruelty to Animals - West Midlands, West Midlands Animal Action and Animal Liberation Front…. (story)

Western Morning News 12.10.04 Animal research - JON Bromley (WMN, September 7) is incorrect and misleading when he says research on animals is vital. Apart from the important moral issue (not phoney emotional issue as Mr Bromley likes to call it), the fundamental problem of animal-based research is that different species react differently to substances; this is now a well-known, undisputed fact…. Philip Connolly, London (letter)

Western Morning News 12.10.04 TESSA'S DEATH WAS A SAD END - I was so sorry to read about the death of Tessa, and I was also very sad for the way she had so terrible a life abroad. A beautiful animal, and so majestic… Mrs C Martin Camborne (letter)

Western Morning News 12.10.04 ZOOS CAN'T SAVE THE PLANET'S WILDLIFE - I am surprised that Professor Chris West is so disingenuous as to carry on chanting the zoo industry mantra of conservation when all the statistics point to the fact that this industry will never have the resources or knowledge to save the planet's endangered wildlife… David Spratt, Scientific Consultant The Captive Animals' Protection Society, Preston (letter)
Western Morning News 28.9.04 ZOOS PLAY ESSENTIAL ROLE - I write in response to the letter from David Spratt (WMN, September 14) about Whipsnade Wild Animal Park's baby elephant. His comments about the value of zoos are not only na??ve, they are also inaccurate. Modern conservation zoos are playing a vital role in saving some of the world's most threatened animals, both by direct action in the field and by inspiring people to care about biodiversity and protecting the planet… Professor Chris West Zoological Director Zoological Society of London (letter)
Western Morning News 14.9.04 ANIMALS IN ZOOS ARE 'ENTERTAINMENT' - In the wild, elephant calves bathe with the rest of the herd in rivers and wallows, where they are protected by their mothers and "aunts". They do not have colourful inflatable paddling pools to protect them from deep water. The reason for this is that, in the wild, elephants are not there to entertain the public…. The Press fulfils an important role for zoos - that of disseminator of propaganda and cuddly animal stories. Would that it were otherwise, and that your industry put it's powerful voice to work for "real" conservation, where it belongs, in the wild, not into supporting the use of animals by the entertainment industry. David Spratt, Scientific consultant The Captive Animals' Protection Society PO Box 573 Preston (letter)

Western Morning News 12.10.04 NO TERRIFYING ORDEAL FOR ANIMALS - Ms shortland (WMN, September 21) is wrong to infer that the process of shechita is a "terrifying ordeal" for animals. Far from it, shechita is marked by compassion and consideration for the welfare of the animal and is a humane method of animal slaughter for food…. The Shechita UK PR Office, Elscot House, Arcadia Avenue, London N3 2JU (letter)
Western Morning News 21.9.04 Inhumane slaughtering - WE ARE informed by the Shechita UK office (WMN July 27) that stunning is incorporated as an integral part of the killing procedure of food animals for Jewish consumption, but reading further it appears this refers to the action of the knife at the moment of slaughter only…. Jewish and Muslim slaughter entails manhandling of the animals before use of the knife which must be a terrifying ordeal… Jacqueline Shortland, Plymouth (letter)

News Shopper 12.10.04 Our taste for meat to blame for famine - I CAN understand Rupert Smythe's columns are designed to provoke a response from your readers but the letter from Adrian Apply (News Shopper, September 22) was beyond belief…. Growing crops to feed animals leads to defores- ation and crippling water shortages… Jan Yarker, Address supplied (letter)


Aberdeen Press & Journal 11.10.04 Deer cull on estate - SIR, - The National Trust for Scotland stated (the Press and Journal, September 23) that Mar Lodge is divided into two areas, a moorland zone and a regeneration zone…. Could the National Trust for Scotland explain how, without the use of fencing, they propose to prevent the 1,300 moorland deer from entering the regeneration zone and how they expect the deer in the regeneration zone to live in groups of three deer per 100Ha?... Peter Fraser, Little Auchallater, Braemar. (letter)

Glasgow Evening Times 11.10.04 Something fishy - I SAW to my horror on news reports this week that Advocates for Animals were trying to shut down the Deep Sea World-type attractions in Scotland… If this organisation, which campaigned to ban all hunting with dogs in Scotland, thinks aquariums are cruel, I wonder what they think of fishing? I suggest it is time for anglers to get pro-active, or else sell up their fishing tackle now while there is still a market for it. A KERR (aged 15) Castlemilk (letter)

11.10.04 QUARANTINE BARRIERS COULD HELP AVOID NEW TB SPREAD - Having been on the old badgers and bovine TB panel, I'm saddened at the current state of muddled thinking on the subject. Defra minister Ben Bradshaw dutifully trots out the view that badgers are involved, and culls like those at Thornbury worked, but refuses to allow them, saying we must await Professor Bourne's trial result in 2006 or 2008…. since the cattle skin test is only 80 per cent accurate, when an area becomes TB-free, quarantine barriers must be set up to avoid reintroduction. Use of pre and post-movement tests is a second-best option. M Hancox Tiverton Devon (letter)

Argus 11.10.04 Letter: Please don't just drive off if you hit a badger - The week before last someone hit a badger as they drove into Kirdford village. For this person's information, the badger did not die immediately… The WSBPG is only a phone call away and trained volunteers with specialised equipment are on standby 24 hours a day…. If you hit a badger, please have the decency to own up. Phone us on 01243 825804. Mrs J Wild -secretary, West Sussex Badger Protection Group, Bognor (letter in archive)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 11.10.04 Anish stages Stone Age fur fury protest - A Swindon singer went back to the Stone Age on Saturday to protest against the fur trade. Anish Harrison, a student and soul singer, 24, dressed as a cavewoman and stood outside BHS in the town centre persuading shoppers to sign a petition against the UK importing and selling fur… The Bath University student, who grew up in Swindon, went to July with her mother, Marilyn, 50, to join a naked protest against the annual Bull Run in Pamplona, Spain…. (story in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 1.10.04 Meet the Flintstones against fur - A SINGER from Swindon plans to go back to the Stone Age to highlight what she says are the evils of the fur trade. Anish Harrison, a student and band member, will adopt a Wilma Flintstone look when she appears in Swindon town centre on Saturday, October 9…. She will be there with representatives of Swindon Animal Concern to highlight the fate of both wild and domestic animals whose pelts are used in the fur trade… (story)

Croydon Advertiser 11.10.04 Eating animals is never ethical - It is most concerning that the new Channel 5 TV programme "The Farm" perpetuates the fallacy in the public's mind that farms are nice places with happy animals…. Over the centuries vegetarians have thrived without the need for meat…. Elizabeth Anderson, Sydenham Road, Croydon (letter)


Independent on Sunday 10.10.04 MPs and wildlife activists demand ban on lamping By David Randall Leading wildlife supporters and MPs have called for a review of the law in the wake of the Independent on Sunday's revelations that lamping, the practice of shooting at night with the aid of bright lights, had led to the deaths of a boy and large numbers of protected animals. Bill Oddie, ornithologist and presenter of natural history programmes, said: "This is a hooligan activity and quite clearly dangerous from every point of view ... It simply should not be legal."… (story)

Observer 10.10.04 Animal welfare … WSPA is opposed to the use of animals in sport or for entertainment when such use is contrary to their nature, or may affect their welfare. So to read (News, last week) that Norway is allowing the killing of defenceless seals by tourists for fun, can only be seen as a huge backwards step. Philip Lymbery, Director of communications, WSPA, London SE1 (letter)


Leicester Mercury 9.10.04 VALUE OF VIVISECTION DEBATE - Like Nigel Wollen (Sept 25) I too wish to thank Postbag for publishing the views, for or against, on animal experimentation…. Medical history is littered with disasters that can be traced to drug development using the animal model…. Sue Chambers, Leicester. (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 9.10.04 Give us truth on vivisection - DESPITE a four-year consultation process the government has refused to repeal Section 24 of the Animal Scientific Procedures Act 1986, which prohibits disclosure of information to animal anti-vivisection welfare groups…. SHEILA BRENNAN (Mrs), Bombay Street, Blackburn. (letter in archive)

Western Daily Press 9.10.04 DON'T BLAME THE BADGERS - I think that before he makes speeches William Harper, Chairman of the South West National Beef Association, should get his facts right. It is now accepted by scientists and Government that badgers are not the cause of the spread of TB. The cause is uncontrolled cattle movements, high stocking densities and a poor TB testing regime… Name supplied, Wiltshire Badger Group (letter)

Leicester Mercury 9.10.04 ENOUGH TO TURN VEGETARIAN - I write in response to Heather Johnson's letter re the cruel slaughter of animals. Fortunately, in Great Britain, the Slaughterhouse Act, 1974, states that all animals must be humanely stunned before being killed… Unfortunately this is not strictly adhered to and some religions are exempt from this law, so animals do suffer…. Ann M Blank, Glen Parva (letter)


Malvern Gazette 8.10.04 Project will make lake accessible to disabled - MAKING fishing accessible to everyone is the aim of a project being launched by a Malvern man. Adrian Frost, of Lake House, on Peachfield Road, plans to develop the lake in his grounds to make it fully accessible to people with disabilities…. The plan has already received support from the Environment Agency and the British Disabled Angling Association. (story in archive)

BBC News Online 8.10.04 Villagers targeted in four-year campaign - "They come in balaclavas. They throw bricks through your windows. It is pure and simple terrorism." A resident of Newborough in Staffordshire describes the impact of a long-running campaign, which police have blamed on animal rights extremists…. Sgt Darren Midwinter, who has been involved in investigating several of the incidents , said: "We can assure the people of Newchurch that Staffordshire Police are doing everything in our powers to identify the offenders and put them before the courts." (story)

Kent & Sussex Courier 8.10.04 TOWN BROUGHT TO A STANDSTILL BY KATHERINE NEWTON-JACQUES - Animal rights campaigners brought traffic to a standstill on Friday when they carried out a loud and relentless protest in Tonbridge. Local activists from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) stood outside Fidelity Investments' offices in the High Street where they used megaphones and leaflets to inform passers-by and staff of the company's alleged involvement with Huntingdon Life Sciences… (story)

Bath Chronicle 8.10.04 HELP HALT CRUELTY TO PAKISTAN BEARS - DAVID THOMAS, Hillview, Hisomley, Westbury (letter)
Western Daily Press 24.9.04 STOP THIS HORROR OF BEAR-BAITING - The extent of cruelty certain humans inflict on other species for entertainment knows no bounds, whether it is the horrific acts of bear-baiting in Pakistan or the baiting of badgers, foxes, hares, dog and cock fighting or deer hunting in the UK. Cruelty is cruelty, despite the contemptible attempts by the liberal elite of some of our own media, and controlling vested interests, to justify or sanitise such acts by implying that those who campaign against such cruelty are offending or affecting some tradition, culture, religion, human rights or profits…. David Thomas Westbury Wiltshire (letter)

Blackpool Citizen 8.10.04 It's time to end this landau ballet - WE CAMPAIGNERS working for a better way of life for the landau horses now know why there has never been an answer given to our questions about which sanctuary or sanctuaries take in the retired horses when their working days are over…. Edith Grainge, Sevenoaks Drive, Thornton-Cleveleys (letter in archive)

Sunderland Echo 8.10.04 Cruel to chickens - THE RSPCA's new advertising campaign about the sad, short lives of meat chickens is a very welcome attempt to expose the truth about this huge and ruthless industry… Alistair Currie, Senior Campaigner, Viva! (letter)
Western Daily Press 17.9.04 RSPCA CAMPAIGN EXPOSES THE TRUTH OF REARING CHICKEN - Alistair Currie Viva! Bristol (letter)
Shropshire Star 17.9.04 Campaign tells truth on lives of chickens - The RSPCA's new advertising campaign about the sad, short lives of meat chickens is a very welcome attempt to expose the truth about this huge and ruthless industry. As a campaigner for animal organisation Viva!, I have personally investigated chicken farms and I can confirm from first hand experience all of the RSPCA's claims…. Viva! urges people to adopt the only diet which is guaranteed to be free from animal suffering: one which is free of animal products…. Alistair Currie, Senior Campaigner, Bristol (letter)


Nottingham Evening Post 7.10.04 Appalled at gun lessons - The BASC want to introduce airgun lessons for young offenders as it could help to cure gun-crime problems (Post, September 29). I was appalled… IVY KIRK (Mrs) Bulcote House Carlton (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 7.10.04 ANGLING PHOTOS DISTRESS - Your newspaper frequently reports on the continuous, appalling and mysterious slaughter of dolphins…. Yet the same newspaper happily prints photographs of anglers, so proud to be photographed, armed with the latest precision engineered rods, and geared reels, so they can wrench out any fish unfortunate enough to take their bait…. I am not saying let's stop people fishing. What I am saying is let's not glamorise the execution of beautiful fish. Man must be re-educated to respect all forms of life. NEWTON ABBOT Full address supplied (letter)

Tamworth Herald 7.10.04 PHANTOM FOX FEEDER - Residents in Amington are on the hunt for a phantom fox feeder who keeps depositing piles of raw meat in the area… Amington ward councillor John Garner is now on the trail and is determined to track the culprit down… "Residents contacted me because they are concerned about the health hazard of piles of rotting meat lying around." (story)

Western Gazette 7.10.04 CONCERN RAISED AFTER BADGERS SHOT DEAD - A Badger protection group is appealing for the public's help after several badgers were found shot dead next to a busy main road. The animals were found over a three-week period in September and appeared to have been shot at close range then placed at different points along the A35 in Bridport. Mary Westwood, vice president of the Dorset Badger Group, said: "I've come across three cases myself - just while out walking my dog…. Dorset Badger Group secretary Sue Old said: "We know badgers are being shot and their killings staged to look like road accidents. We will be keeping our eye on the situation…." (story)

Scotsman 7.10.04 Anger over plan to cage otters at top lochside attraction - MIKE MACEACHERAN - ANIMAL rights activists yesterday demanded that plans to cage otters on the banks of Loch Lomond should be scrapped. The charity Animal Concern dismissed the proposal as "ludicrous" and said the wild mammals should not be used to create a "theme park" at Loch Lomond Shores…. Local Green Party member Rose Harvie is appalled by the proposal and said her party would strongly oppose any plans to host a live otter exhibit for tourists to "gawp" at…. Merlin Entertainments, which also operates several Sea Life Centres around Scotland, said the enclosure would be state of the art…. (story)

Croydon Guardian 7.10.04 A licence to be cruel - Thank you for publishing the photo of the poor bulldog, Chaos, whose suffering was all too apparent (Guardian, September 29). I have no quarrel with Winston Richardson being given a custodial sentence to indicate the severity of his crime…. PAT MEAR Addiscombe (letter)


Western Morning News 6.10.04 Falling pheasants - MARTIN Hesp warns of the - modest - danger to ramblers of lead shot falling on their heads… there is a greater danger than shot. A pheasant, weighing some 1.3 kg, and shot 40 metres above the ground accelerates downwards under gravity at 10m per second…. I like to think this may be the way that defenceless pheasants get their own back on the shooters. Angie Brookman, Egloskerry Cornwall (letter)

Western Morning News 6.10.04 PROJECT RECOGNISES VALUE OF ANGLERS TO ECONOMY - The Invest in Fish South West project brings together representatives of all interest groups that have a vested interest in fish stocks and the wider marine environment. This includes anglers, as well as commercial fishermen, to ensure its strategy restores fish stocks in a way which provides the best economic, social and environmental solutions for all involved…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 6.10.04 TRESPASSING CAMPAIGN - A Police operation to stamp out hare coursing events where people trespass on farmers' land is starting to bring in results. Lincolnshire Police's Operation Kayak, launched last month, is a tough new campaign against some events which can lead to gangs intimidating or even attacking landowners…. (story)

Glasgow Evening Times 6.10.04 Fox cull not needed - IN response to William O'Donnell of Rutherglen concerning his fox cull (Letters, September 13), I have been tending urban foxes for five years and have had no problems whatsoever…. threatening advance for a fox to be so provoked. It must have felt it had no alternative if it was to get away. NAME and address supplied (letter)

Oxford Mail 6.10.04 University pledges belief in free speech - Oxford University opened its bid for a wide-ranging injunction against animal rights activists by asserting its passionate belief in the freedom of expression… (story in archive)
Telegraph 6.10.04 'Harassment-free' zone - Oxford University yesterday launched a legal attempt to establish a "no harassment" area around its buildings to protect them against animal rights extremists opposed to medical experiments…. (story)
Times 6.10.04 Action on activists BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK AND ALEXANDRA BLAIR - OXFORD University renewed its battle against animal rights activists yesterday by applying for a High Court injunction to protect its buildings and staff…. (story)
BBC News Online 5.10.04 'Further bar' on animal protests - University chiefs are seeking an injunction against 10 animal activists over its new animal testing centre. Oxford university wants the High Court in London to extend an existing 35-metre "no harassment" zone around its South Parks Road centre in Oxfordshire… (story)
Sky News 5.10.04 RIGHTS CASE IN COURT - Oxford University is renewing its High Court bid today to impose a 35-metre "no harassment" zone around its buildings to protect staff from animal rights activists… The injunction was sought against 10 named defendants: Mel Broughton, John Curtin, Robert Cogswell, Speak Campaigns, Stop Primate Experimentation at Cambridge, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, Oxford Animal Rights Group, People Against Cruelty to Animals - West Midlands, West Midlands Animal Action and Animal Liberation Front. (story)
Guardian Unlimited 5.10.04 Oxford resumes fight against animal rights protesters - Press Association - Oxford University is today renewing its high court bid to impose a 35 metre 'no harassment' zone around its buildings to guard against animal rights activists…. The proposed injunction would not interfere with peaceful freedom of speech or freedom of association, he said, although limits should be imposed on the use of shouting and musical instruments to distract people from their laboratory work… Photographing the "protected persons" or their vehicles would be banned, as would the use of loud hailers and instruments to make artificial or musical noise "whether or not designed for the purpose"…. (story)

Wirral Globe 6.10.04 Euro MP fighting for animal test ban - WIRRAL'S Euro MP Chris Davies is pushing for the total abolition of animal testing for cosmetics. Liberal Democrat Mr Davies has already backed and negotiated legislature against animal testing in Europe and has said that there is no excuse for the law not going ahead…. (story in archive)
Ormskirk Advertiser 6.12.04 Animal testing setback - ANIMAL suffering caused by cosmetic testing is being campaigned against by an Ormskirk MEP after a law to abolish it is seen as implausible. Last year MEP Chris Davies helped to secure new EU legislation meaning that from 2009 there would be a ban on marketing products within Europe that were tested on animals… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 6.12.04 End this cruelty - I WAS incensed to read about the gang of schoolboys who kicked a hedgehog to death… Mrs J Fleming, Carnethy Avenue, Penicuik (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 6.10.04 Ban sale of wild parrots - MANY of us will enjoy watching the large number of birds visiting our garden bird feeders. It must then make our hearts sink to learn of wild, exotic birds being snatched from their natural habitat and sold as pets in Britain…. . For more information on banning bird markets contact Animal Aid… R HARNESS (Miss), Bradley Road West, Nelson. (letter in archive)

Bristol Evening Post 6.10.04 FEEDBACK: THE FARM - I See Tim Davey has taken a shine to The Farm (Post , September 30). Viva! agrees with him that people need to face up to where their meat comes from, but this is not the place to do it. The farm used in Channel Five's show is nothing more than a fantasy film set - and is wholly unrepresentative of modern farming. The vast majority of the one billion animals killed each year spend their short, miserable lives in prison-like, intensive units and are eventually killed with sickening barbarity…. Justin Kerswell, campaigner for Viva!, Bristol. (letter)

Glasgow Herald 6.10.04 Anger over approval for puppy farm extension - MARTYN McLAUGHLIN - AN extension to a puppy farm owned by a man criticised by animal rights campaigners for importing puppies from Ireland and housing them in poor conditions has been approved. Raymond Martyn is to double the size of his rearing facilities by converting two farm buildings into kennels in a move that has provoked outrage among animal welfare campaigners…. The Waterside Action Group (WAG), a charity which works to highlight the poor condition of puppy farms throughout the country, condemned the lack of guidelines covering dog breeders…. Ken McKie, secretary of the WAG, said: "I'm furious. It's unbelievable this application should be granted…." (story)

Milton Keynes News 6.12.04 RSPCA gets the bird - THE RSPCA has been accused of 'ripping off' animal lovers and offering advice that could kill birds. The claim comes from a leading conservation group… Andy Meads, founder of Safewings Wildlife Conservation Projects, which covers Milton Keynes, said: "The RSPCA has only one call centre on an '087' prefix…. One lady was told to place a young magpie into a plastic bag and suffocate it…." An mk news reporter trying to contact the RSPCA recently - after spotting a rare parrot on the office roof - was left holding for 30 minutes before he cut himself off… Mr Atter said calls to his charity, which receives no government funding, cost under 8p a minute. He added: "The money doesn't go to us." (story)

BBC News Online 6.12.04 Ferry company stops live exports - An Ipswich ferry company is to stop carrying live animals on its vessels. The move comes after an animal rights group threatened to blockade the port to prevent such exports. Ferryways' director Paul Magnus said no further bookings of live sheep would be accepted by the line because of the disruption caused to their business. The development has been welcomed by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) and Kent Against Live Exports (Kale), which threatened the blockade at the weekend…. (story)
BBC News Online 5.10.04 Protest over live animal exports - An animal rights group has threatened to blockade the port of Ipswich to prevent the export of live animals. Kent Action Against Live Animal Exports (KALE) want the company Ferryways to stop exporting sheep through Ipswich…. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 4.10.04 Port facing animal rights blockade By Rebecca Sheppard - ANIMAL rights campaigners have pledged to bring widespread disruption to Ipswich and its port if a company refuses to stop live animal exports. They pledged to carry out the protest action if Ferryway did not release a statement today saying it would not transport live animals for slaughter…. Kent Action Against Live Animal Exports (KALE) claimed four lorries and trailers carrying sheep had been shipped out of Ipswich port between 12am and 3am. Angie Petro, spokeswoman for KALE, said campaigners had warned Ferryway that if it did not issue a statement today that it was ending the shipments, it would have "hell to pay"…. (story)
Scotsman 5.10.04 Oxford Seeks Further Bar on Animal Rights Activists By Jan Colley, PA News - Oxford University opened its bid for a wide-ranging injunction against animal rights activists today by asserting its passionate belief in the freedom of expression. It wants Mr Justice Grigson to extend an order, granted last month, which will impose until full trial a 35-metre “no harassment” zone around all its buildings in the city…. Mr Lawson-Cruttenden read extracts from the website of SPEAK Campaigns which said in May 2004 that “Oxford University can rest assured a line has been drawn in the sand”…. It went on: “We defeated the government and Cambridge University and we plan to do the same again”… (story)


Western Mail 5.10.04 A diary speaks volumes - Steve Dube, Western Mail - AS WE enter the principal shooting months of the season, it is well worth considering keeping a game book. There are many good reasons why every sportsman, shoot organiser and landowner should keep game records - the more detailed the better… (story)

Western Morning News 5.10.04 SHOOTING THREAT IS ANOTHER BLOW TO COUNTRY WAY OF LIFE - So now comes the expected attack on shooting. Peter Anderson, SW spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports, has lost no time, once the battle against hunting has, in his opinion, been won, in rallying his troops to further injure and denigrate country people. Presumably we will now see a further massive contribution to the funds of what must be considered to be the most corrupt and, so far as country people are concerned, the most unrepresentative set of legislators since the days of the rotten boroughs some hundreds of years ago…. John Montague, Exeter (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 5.10.04 Canal barbarism on walk to work - In response to recent letters promoting the sport of angling, has nobody considered the distress caused to people like myself who see angling for what it really is: a cruel sport? It is most unfair I have to view this barbaric sport each time I use the canal towpath to walk to work… C Mason, Bredon Road, Stourbridge. (letter)

BBC News Online 5.12.04 Anatomy of an animal rights protest by Paula Dear - BBC News Online - "We never give in and we always win!" - The rallying cry on the website of animal rights protest group SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) brims with confidence… But how do protest groups such as SHAC manage to keep up such sustained action? What is involved in running a campaign of this nature, day after day, year in year out, and how have they adapted their methods to ensure their impact endures? Evolution, flexibility and focus are the secrets to SHAC's success, according to campaign organiser Greg Avery, 36, who runs the protest with wife Natasha and three other full-time activists…. Forty-four-year-old Mel Broughton fits his day job around his protest work, which means waving goodbye to a social life and any prospect of time off or holidays away. But his work for Speak - which started out campaigning against a centre for primate experiments in Cambridge - comes first…. (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 5.10.04 Fur flies as mayor won't wear robes By Dave Lawley - A Black Country mayor has kicked her official robes into touch because they had animal fur collars. Councillor Linda Turton, a strict vegetarian, told Sandwell Council staff that she could not wear the robes - normally worn when the new mayor is sworn into office. Instead, for the official ceremony in June Councillor Turton wore a "borrowed" robe that had a black material collar instead of the traditional fur collar…. Councillor Turton said she had been a strict vegetarian for a number of years. "I am totally opposed to any sort of animal cruelty and I even wear plastic shoes rather than leather ones," she added…. (story)

Times 5.10.04 Praying for animals - Sir, Was I at fault in not praying for the souls of our animals, as requested by an RSPCA spokesman on the Sunday before St Francis’ Day (report, October 2)?... Of greater concern for me has been the soul of one of my parishioners, a one-time volunteer working for the RSPCA. Such was the red tape involved in seeking to find a home for a stray dog that she felt obliged to tell a lie so that a worthy would-be owner could have said pet…. my friend then tendered her resignation… ANDREW de BERRY, The Vicarage, Southwell Road, Thurgarton, Nottinghamshire NG14 7GP. (letter)


Guardian 4.10.04 Highland schools get Bambi burgers - Gerard Seenan … children in the Highlands are about to be offered a new lunchtime treat to entice them away from fish fingers and smiley faces: the Bambi burger. Venison burgers - made from the meat of locally culled deer - will be offered to children in the region later this month…. (story)
Scotland on Sunday 3.10.04 'Bambi' burgers help fight the flab - JEREMY WATSON - THE closest most children get to deer is a Bambi video, but Scottish education chiefs have a new treat in store for the nation’s youth that will have Walt Disney turning in his grave. Venison burgers - made from culled red deer - are to be offered to hundreds of Scots children later this month in a healthy eating scheme that could be repeated across the country. … Estates earn a valuable income from deer-stalking and the animals are also culled to protect the natural environment from over-grazing…. Ross Minett, director of Advocates for Animals, said: "In many ways it is better than serving up meat that has been farmed in factories." (story)

Argus 4.10.04 Letter: These were wild rabbits and needed to be shot - I read the article headed Slaughtered (The Argus, September 24). The picture showed wild rabbits that would have been shot with a .22 calibre rifle, not an air rifle. As it is illegal to rehome wild animals, Debbie Campain should really get her facts right before making ridiculous statements…. Many of the rabbits suffer from myxomatosis and suffer slow, painful death. Shooting them saves them from this…. Lamping of wild rabbits and foxes goes on all over the country and, as highlighted by the three recent shootings of innocent people by careless lampers, has Tony Blair, in his haste to ban fox hunting, left us with the safest or kindest form of control?... Louise Scott, Worthing (letter in archive)

Newcastle Journal 4.10.04 Is this the next target for campaigners? By Robert Brooks, The Journal - The North's multi-million-pound angling industry looks set to come under renewed threat from animal rights campaigners. The threat comes in the wake of new research on the intelligence and memory span of fish. Activists at animal rights group PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - say the research by universities in Britain and abroad adds weight to their calls for a ban on the pursuit…. (story)

(Exeter Express & Echo) 4.10.04 EXPERIENCE THE ANCIENT SKILL OF FALCONRY FIRST HAND ON DARTMOOR - After three successful years of introducing people to falconry and birds of prey, falconer Martin Whitley has moved Dartmoor Hawking to new premises in order to be able to set up the Dartmoor Hawking School of Falconry…. The school offers two-hour introduction sessions, a full-day or a whole weekend experience in falconry, five-day falconry courses and full and half-day hunting sessions for those wishing to have a true falconry experience…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 4.10.04 'Horrors' of animal testing - SIR - Stevie Cannon (Letters, September 29) found it "laughable" that J. Reid was "ashamed to be British because of animal tests". Atrocities against children, the elderly and animals are all worthy of our nation's shame, but their perpetrators would be punished. However, animal tests are legal. The horrors inflicted on millions of animals are endorsed by us… Nicole Wharton, Cortes Kennels, Lonmay. (story)

Ekklesia 4.10.04 Church service for animal welfare - Prayers for animals slaughtered for food, as well as hunted animals and laboratory animals, are included in a new edition of a Service for Animal Welfare published by the RSPCA this week…. (story)
Birmingham Post 4.10.04 Anglicans asked to pray for their dinner - Churchgoers across the country were asked yesterday to give thanks to something other than God for the food on their tables - by saying a prayer for the soul of their Sunday roast before tucking in. Thousands of Anglican clergy were sent the new order of service, written by a Birmingham theologian, from the RSPCA which sets out prayers for the soul of the animal slaughtered to provide the traditional Sunday meal…. (story)
Mail on Sunday 3.10.04 Spare a prayer for the animals during Sunday roast - Churchgoers across the country are being asked to give thanks to something other than God for the food on their tables - by saying a prayer for the soul of their Sunday roast before tucking in. Thousands of Anglican clergy have been sent the new order of service from the RSPCA which sets out prayers for the soul of the animal slaughtered to provide the traditional Sunday meal. … (story)
Times 2.10.04 Give animals a prayer at Sunday lunch BY RUTH GLEDHILL, RELIGION CORRESPONDENT …In an unprecedented initiative intended to raise consciousness of animal welfare among churchgoers, 6,500 Anglican clergy have been sent the new liturgy to use for animal welfare Sunday. For the first time the order of service, published by the RSPCA, places prayers for “animals slaughtered for food” alongside prayers for animals hunted to death, animals suffering in laboratories and animals exhibited for entertainment. The liturgy also includes prayers of repentance for abuse to animals and blessings for individual animals…. (story)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 2.10.04 PRAYERS FOR ANIMALS IN CHURCH SERVICE - A New edition of the RSPCA's Service for Animal Welfare now includes prayers for animals slaughtered for food, as well as for those hunted or in a laboratory…. The Rev Professor Andrew Linzey, author of the booklet, said: "The clergy don't often appreciate animal welfare is a Christian duty…." (story)

Western Daily Press 4.10.04 FURY AT THE SEAL SAFARIS THAT MAKE A REAL KILLING - Tourists are being offered the chance to gun down baby seals for sport in a sick new package holiday, it emerged yesterday. The shocking venture last night triggered a storm of protest from campaigners and politicians in the West…. Neil Parrish, Conservative South West MEP, called for the practice to be banned and he promised to raise the issue with the European Commission and the Government…. Alistair Currie, spokesman for the Bristol-based animal campaign group Viva!, said last night: "This is completely indefensible. It really is outrageous…" (story)


Sunday Herald 3.10.04 Gun lobby in touch with its feminine offshoots By Jenifer Johnston - FRIDAY was not a good day to be a pheasant, marking the start of the shooting season, when the autumnal quiet of the countryside is punctured by the dull sound of guns plucking game from pewter skies. Interest in shooting has never been higher, and it is becoming increasingly popular among women and young people…. Dr Colin Shedden, of the Scottish BASC, said the sport is growing in popularity in more diverse groups in society…. However, game shooting is not universally welcomed in Scotland. Ross Minnett, director of Edinburgh-based animal rights group Advocates for Animals, said blood sports were “disgraceful”…. (story)

Independent on Sunday 3.10.04 Lampers are the 'thugs of the countryside' - Investigation: The illegal night-time pursuit of foxes, badgers and deer is growing - and the human casualties are mounting, too By David Randall and James Burleigh - Lamping, the night-time shooting of animals with the aid of strong spotlights that has, in the past two weeks, led to the death of one boy and serious injuries to another, is widespread and is increasingly used as a cover for illegal persecution of wildlife, an investigation by The Independent on Sunday has discovered…. Farmers and landowners do it as a means of controlling foxes or rabbits. Most adhere to a code of conduct, have licensed firearms, keep police informed of where and when they will be out, stay well away from roads or homes and shoot only foxes, rats and rabbits. But there is a sub-culture of gun enthusiasts whose lamping ranges from the legal, but bloodthirsty, to the criminal…. (story)

Sunday Herald 3.10.04 Stop seal slaughter - The recent slaughter of pregnant seals on Orkney highlights the need to give these animals proper legal protection (News, September 26). The shooting of heavily pregnant seals is horrific but it is not uncommon and usually legal…. John F Robins, Animal Concern (letter)


Scotsman 2.10.04 What's a girl to choose - shooting or just shooting the breeze? - ALASTAIR ROBERTSON - My daughter has announced that she is taking up shooting. She has shot before, but this time it is serious. Her new school runs clay pigeon shooting and she has signed up. It is probably something to do with boys. Needless to say no mention has been made of the cost of blowing off boxes of cartridges, or paying for clays and tuition…. Perhaps it would be cheaper to have the daughter coffee-housing at Harvey Nicks after all. (story)

Scotsman 2.10.04 - Distorted idea of sport - I would like to take issue with Katie Grant’s article on pheasant shooting (Opinion, 29 September). I am not an animal rights activist and consider it "fair game" to shoot a goose or gamebird for the pot. But, how anyone can claim to enjoy slaughtering as many birds as possible in a day must have a distorted idea of sport…. RON BLANCHARD, Kinghorn Road, Burntisland, Fife (letter)

Burton Mail 2.10.04 Jail for animal rights protestor by KIM BRISCOE - A GUINEA pig protestor who harrassed a farm worker and his family at their home near Burton has been jailed. Andrew Davies, 22, verbally abused and harrassed Simon Turner, who works as a van driver for a controversial guinea pig breeding farm in Newchurch. Davies was jailed for a month by Burton magistrates yesterday after admitting intending to cause harrassment, alarm or distress…. (story)

Cumberland News & Star 2.10.04 ACTIVISTS BLAMED FOR HATE MAIL By Nick Griffiths - POLICE believe animal rights extremists could be behind a campaign of hate mail in a small Cumbrian village. More than a dozen identical letters, sent out to residents of Ousby, near Penrith, accuse a man living nearby of being a sex offender. Police say the accusation is “entirely false” and also revealed the same man recently had his car damaged… Activists have targeted people linked with medical research in other parts of the country…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 2.10.04 CRUEL PROFITEERS - Tom Bromley (Postbag, September 20) argues that experiments in laboratory conditions using other species can help human beings…. No-one is denying that sometimes it is necessary for patients to have lifesaving medication (which does not have to be animal-tested), but the pharmacology industry exists primarily to serve its shareholders and make a profit. Lynn Sawyer, Seriously Ill Against Vivisection. (letter)

Guardian 2.10.04 Meat is murder - Sam Wollaston … I don't think Chrissie Hynde is going to be doing anything so frivolous as dropping in on Will and Grace. The Pretenders frontwoman, subject of last night's Pop and Politics (BBC4), is now a furiously committed vegetarian and animal rights campaigner…. (story)

Guardian 2.10.04 Every dog has it's day ... ... as does every cat, seal, fox or any other creature you care to name, thanks to World Animal Day. Justine Hankins checks out the global celebrations… I've only recently discovered that October 4 is World Animal Day…. World Animal Day is supported by animal welfare campaigning organisation Naturewatch, and its mission statement promises "to celebrate animal life in all its forms". The date is apt - October 4 is the feast day of St Francis of Assisi… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 2.10.04 FUR HAS GONE RIGHT OUT OF FASHION - Very few high-street stores sell fur, mainly because so few people actually want to wear it… Each time someone buys real fur, whether a full-length coat or a cardigan with fur trim, they are responsible for the suffering of sentient animals…. Pete Harris, Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade. (letter)

Irish Examiner 2.10.04 Treatment of animals is turning us off meat - TOMORROW, the annual World Vegetarian Day fair takes place in Dublin…. Now consumers are finding out the true story of how their meat is produced despite the best efforts of the industry to keep it hidden and in increasing numbers are rejecting meat and turning to a vegetarian diet…. Gerry Boland, Keadue, Co Roscommon (letter)


Richmond & Twickenham Times 1.10.04 Cheek of the fox chewing my sandal - SIR - Following the warning by Charlotte Bibby in your paper regarding her intruder, I too had an unexpected visitor a few weeks ago…. The culprit had left his evidence - a chewed wet leather sandal on the bedroom floor. The fox had entered and left via the cat flap not making a sound…. Unfortunately my cat had been killed a few weeks previously in the back garden by either the same fox or one of its mates but it hadn't occurred to me that one would be daring enough to come into the house. Cat owners beware. Dianne Tempest, Warren Road, Whitton (letter)

Kent/Sussex 1.10.04 FOXES CAN BE PUT OFF SCENT - The article, ??Residents fear a plague of foxes?? (Courier, September 24), suggested The Fox Project had been approached by householders in Shelton Close, Tonbridge, and told they ??just have to learn to live with them??. This is untrue…. Urban fox ??nuisance?? is easily overcome with minimal understanding of the animal??s behaviour and using the fox??s own psychology against it. The right repellent can be very effective and our consultants seldom fail to get a result…. Trevor Williams, Director, The Fox Project, Tonbridge
HAVING read the article in the your paper, (Courier, September, 24), about foxes, I would like to say Shelton Close isn??t the only place troubled with them. We in Riverside Court have had foxes for several months, sometimes four or five at a time. They are spoiling our flower borders and the grass, and the noise they make at times is far from pleasant… Miss EB Morgan, Riverside Court, Tonbridge (letters)

Bolton Evening News 1.10.04 MEP Davies defends animal tests ban - THE European Union can expect stiff opposition if it relaxes the current deadlines aimed at ending animal testing of toiletries, North-west MEP Chris Davies warned…. (story in archive)