October 2006

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Western Mail 31.10.06 Hoey praises gun pack for serviceit is providing to farmers - Steve Dube, Western Mail - MY PARTY right or wrong is not a maxim to which Kate Hoey, the Labour MP for the inner London constituency of Vauxhall, subscribes... "I was very much opposed to the hunting ban and could not believe the prejudice and ignorance of many of my colleagues," she said…. Ms Hoey was in Carmarthenshire last week as guest speaker at the annual Farmers' Union of Wales/NatWest dinner in support of the United Counties Show and took the opportunity to visit the Paxton Hunt kennels…. Ms Hoey said gun packs were greatly important in Wales because of the different terrain…. (story)

Western Morning News 31.10.06 EXPERT ROLE OF THE HUNT'S HARBOURER - As part-time deer harbourer for Devon and Somerset Staghounds, it is Kevin Atkins' job to know where the deer will be once they have entered their covert daytime lairs.He will pass this information to the master and huntsman at one of the hunt's meets. They will then "draw" these secret places with especially-selected hounds, called "tufters", to find and hunt precisely the right deer…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 31.10.06 THRIVING HUNTS ARE ON SCENT OF NEWCOMERS - Hunts across Gloucestershire have opened their ranks to novices during National Newcomers Week, as numbers of participants in the sport rises.... John Bryant, a spokesman from Protect Our Wild Animals - an organisation campaigning to ban the bloodsport - said: "We would welcome these newcomers' days if the hunts in Gloucestershire had stopped killing foxes…. However, the Countryside Alliance, which has campaigned to have the Hunting Act scrapped, insists that the sport has never been healthier…. Both the Berkeley and Cotswold Farmers' hunts ran events last week featuring a morning of following the hounds as they crossed the open countryside, attracting a number of youngsters and novices. At the Beaufort Hunt, numbers are increasing as more people try out the traditional country pursuit…. (story)
Kent Messenger 26.10.06 THE East Kent Hunt says it will welcome newcomers at its outing on Saturday.... (story)
Carmarthen Journal 25.10.06 HUNTS OPEN THEIR DOORS TO NOVICES - Hunts in West Wales will throw open their doors to the public in National Newcomers' Week. Coinciding with school half-term holidays, until Saturday, hunts across the country will be taking part in the event which gives an open invitation to anyone who wants to find out more about hunting.... Regional director of the Countryside Alliance, Adrian Simpson said the 150-year-old Carmarthenshire Hunt is thriving and that a drop in membership problems had nothing to do with the act. He said: "Following a well-attended meeting held to discuss the future of Carmarthenshire Hunt, a highly satisfactory outcome was reached…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 24.10.06 HUNTERS CALL IN AIR STRIKES - About 100 people - and an eagle - turned out for a Leicestershire hunt's first meeting of its season. The bird, a golden eagle and steppe eagle cross, is being used by the Quorn Hunt to get round the ban on hunting with hounds that was introduced last year.... As well as Quorn, the Fernie, Belvoir, Atherstone and Cottesmore hunts have also turned to birds of prey.... (story)
Western Morning News 23.10.06 HUNTS WELCOME NEWCOMERS AS SEASON STARTS - Pro-hunting campaigners insist support for the sport is still rising, as the start of the second full season under the controversial hunt ban draws near.Hundreds of hunt supporters gathered across the region this weekend to mark the start of National Newcomers' Week, which promotes new interest in the sport.... Eight hunts - the Exmoor Foxhounds, Britannia Beagles, Dulverton West, South Devon and Silverton hunts in Devon and the Taunton Vale Farmers, Devon and Somerset Staghounds and West Somerset Vale Hunt in Somerset - are taking part in National Newcomers' Week. Organised by the Countryside Alliance, the event will see hunts appealing for support and inviting the curious to visit and find out what post-ban hunting is all about.... (story)
Western Daily Press 21.10.06 A RALLYING CRY FOR NEW RECRUITS... (newcomers’ meets) (story)
Leicester Mercury 14.10.06 LIFTING THE LID ON TYPICAL HUNT DAY - Hunts are hoping to dispel some of the myths surrounding the countryside pastime by opening their doors to the public. Parents and schoolchildren are being invited to come along during the half-term holiday, starting on October 21. Hunts in Leicestershire - the Fernie, Belvoir, Cottesmore and Quorn, as well as Atherstone on the county border - say it gives them a chance to reveal their typical day.... Philippa Mayo, of the Campaign for Hunting, said... Barry Hugill, spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports, today dismissed the week as a "cynical" PR stunt… Dawn Preston, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA), said… (story)
Western Morning News 13.10.06 CHANCE TO SEE WHAT HUNTING IS ALL ABOUT - Hunts across the country are taking part in National Newcomer Week at the end of the month.The aim of the initiative, which starts on Saturday, October 21, is organised by the Countryside Alliance (CA) and aims to give people the opportunity to see for themselves what hunting is all about.... (story)
Western Gazette 12.10.06 HUNTS OPEN DOORS TO PUBLIC - From Saturday 21 October, to coincide with school half term holidays, hunts across the country will be taking part in National Newcomers' Week.This event is aimed at anyone who has always wanted to find out more about hunting but has never known how to go about it, and hunts are issuing an open invitation to everyone.... (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 31.10.06 SENTENCE MET WITH APPROVAL - ANDREA FOSTER - The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has welcomed the sentencing of Devon huntsman Christopher Marles for assaulting IFAW hunt monitor Kevin Hill near Dulverton.Marles, of New Buildings, Farringdon, near Exeter, received a nine-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and was ordered to pay £2,500 compensation.... (story)
Horse & Hound 26.10.06 Anger builds on Exmoor - Abigail Butcher - The Exmoor community has ‘serious concerns’ over police priorities after the Avon and Somerset’s heavy handling of hunt arrests- Tension is building on Exmoor following the perceived clumsy handling by police of their first prosecution under the Hunting Act. Devon and Somerset Staghounds senior master Maurice Scott, 63, and second whipper-in Peter Heard, 23, were held in cells at Minehead last Monday for 2hr 30min before police laid charges.... The arrests have heightened already strained relationships between local people and the region's police. The Countryside Alliance (CA) is "urgently" compiling a team of hunt stewards to assist Exmoor packs subjected to relentless monitoring, while hundreds of people are expected to attend a meeting in Exford village hall tomorrow (27 October) to address "serious and growing concern about police priorities"… (story)
North Devon Journal 26.10.06 SUSPENDED SENTENCE FOR MARLES - A stag hunt follower convicted of attacking an animal welfare officer at a meet on Exmoor was this week sentenced to nine months imprisonment suspended for two years.Countryside Alliance member Christopher Marles, 45, was also ordered to pay £2,500 compensation to victim Kevin Hill, a hunt monitor with the International Fund for Animal Welfare.... (story)
Western Gazette 26.10.06 HUNT PROTESTER VOWS TO CARRY ON - An animal rights campaigner spoke this week about the trauma he experienced after suffering a violent assault at the hands of a hunt follower almost a year ago. Kevin Hill of Beaminster, aged 56, described the nine-month suspended sentence and £2,500 compensation Christopher Marles, 44, a livestock farmer of Farringdon, near Exeter, was ordered to pay in court last Monday as "satisfactory" and said it sent a clear message to other "thugs"…. (story)
Western Daily Press 24.10.06 HUNT FOLLOWER ESCAPES JAIL AFTER VICIOUS ATTACK BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - Ahunt follower was spared a jail term yesterday for a vicious beating of an anti-hunt monitor. Christopher Marles, an amateur whipper-in with the East Devon Hunt, attacked a monitor who was filming a different hunt on Dartmoor.But after being found guilty of causing actual bodily harm, Marles was given a nine-month sentence suspended for two years.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 24.10.06 HUNT SUPPORTER TOLD TO PAY £2,500 TO HIS VICTIM AFTER ASSAULT - A huntsman convicted of attacking an animal welfare officer has walked free from court after being given a suspended jail sentence.Christopher Marles, 45, of New Buildings, Farringdon, near Exeter, left hunt monitor Kevin Hill with two black eyes and a facial wound needing stitches when he assaulted him as he filmed a Devon and Somerset Staghounds meet.... (story)
Telegraph 24.10.06 Huntsman guilty of attack on activist filming hounds By Richard Savill - A huntsman convicted of attacking an animal welfare activist in an attempt to stop him filming a stag hunt was yesterday given a nine-month jail sentence suspended for two years. Christopher Marles, 45, was also ordered to pay £2,500 compensation to his victim, Kevin Hill... Mr Hill told the court that Marles attacked him as he filmed the Devon and Somerset Staghounds at Slade Hill on Exmoor last October.... (story)
Mirror 24.10.06 HUNT THUG TO PAY £2K - A STAG hunt follower was yesterday ordered to pay £2,500 to the animal rights campaigner he attacked. Christopher Marles repeatedly punched Kevin Hill as he filmed for the International Fund for Animal Welfare.... (story)
Scotsman 24.10.06 Stag hunt follower convicted of attacking animal welfare worker - STAG hunt follower Christopher Marles, 45, convicted of attacking an animal welfare worker at a meet on Exmoor, was yesterday sentenced to nine months' jail suspended for two years. (story)
BBC News Online 23.10.06 Farmer sentenced for hunt attack - A man who attacked an animal welfare officer who was filming a hunt has been given a suspended jail sentence. Livestock farmer Christopher Marles, 45, was convicted of actual bodily harm at Exeter Crown Court. He punched Kevin Hill, a hunt monitor with the International Fund for Animal Welfare, at a Devon & Somerset Staghounds hunt on Exmoor last October. Marles, of Farringdon, was ordered to pay £2,500 compensation and jailed for nine months, suspended for two years.... (story)
24dash.com 23.10.06 Suspended jail term for farmer who attacked hunt monitor - A stag hunt follower convicted of an attacking an animal welfare officer at a meet on Exmoor was today sentenced to nine months imprisonment suspended for two years. Countryside Alliance member Christopher Marles, 45, was also ordered to pay £2,500 compensation to victim Kevin Hill, a hunt monitor with the International Fund for Animal Welfare.... Mr Hill's job was to film hunts to make sure they were complying with the law, and he was filming the meet with colleagues from the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare). He told the court last month that Marles, an amateur whipper-in with the East Devon Hunt, tried to take Mr Hill's camera, so he crouched to protect it...(story)
Exeter Express & Echo 23.10.06 HUNT FARMER FACES SENTENCE - Farmer Christopher Marles was due to be sentenced at Exeter Crown Court today for attacking an animal welfare officer at a Devon staghounds meet.Marles, 44, of New Buildings, Farringdon, near Exeter, will be sentenced by Judge Jeremy Griggs, having been found guilty of assaulting Kevin Hill, causing him actual bodily harm.... (story)
Western Gazette 28.9.06 HUNT ATTACK VICTIM VOWS TO CARRY ON - An animal welfare official from Beaminster has vowed to continue monitoring hunts after a farmer was found guilty of attacking him at a staghounds meet. A jury at Exeter Crown Court yesterday unanimously found Christopher Marles, aged 44, guilty of assaulting Kevin Hill, 56, causing him actual bodily harm… (story)
BBC News Online 27.9.06 Hunter guilty of monitor attack - A Devon hunter has been found guilty of attacking a campaigner who was filming a hunting event. Christopher Marles, 44, of Farringdon, near Exeter, repeatedly punched Kevin Hill, a hunt monitor with the International Fund for Animal Welfare. He denied assault at a Devon and Somerset Staghounds hunt last October…. (story)
Birmingham Post 27.9.06 Sixteen stone stag hunter punched monitor - A stag hunt follower was yesterday convicted of attacking an animal welfare officer at a meet on Exmoor. Countryside Alliance member Christopher Marles (44) repeatedly punched Kevin Hill, a hunt monitor with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)… (story)
Dorset Echo 27.9.06 Film man defiant after hunt attack - Film man defiant after hunt attack A DORSET animal welfare officer vowed to carry on filming hunts after a man was convicted of beating him up. Stag hunt follower Christopher Marles, 44, was convicted of attacking the animal welfare officer Kevin Hill, 55, from Beaminster. Countryside Alliance member Marles repeatedly punched Mr Hill, a hunt monitor with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 27.9.06 FARMER CONVICTED OF ATTACK ON MAN AT STAGHOUNDS MEETING - An animal welfare officer has vowed to continue monitoring Devon's hunts after a farmer was found guilty of attacking him at a staghounds meet.A jury at Exeter Crown Court yesterday unanimously found 44-year-old Christopher Marles guilty of assaulting Kevin Hill, causing him actual bodily harm…. Marles was a spectator at a Devon and Somerset Staghounds hunt and flew into a rage when he saw Mr Hill filming the event, which he was entitled to do in his role as a monitoring officer for the International Fund for Animal Welfare… Marles, an amateur whipper-in and committee member of the East Devon Hunt, told the court he had only pushed the victim and trodden on his toes. He said that he then apologised and walked off to avoid any trouble, while another person must have attacked Mr Hill… (story)
Mirror 27.9.06 HUNTMAN GUILTY OF FILM-MAKER ATTACK By Richard Smith - A STAG hunt follower could be jailed after he was convicted yesterday of beating up an animal welfare expert to stop him filming at a meet. Christopher Marles, 45, kicked and punched hunt monitor Kevin Hill in the face, leaving him needing stitches. … (story)
BBC News Online 26.9.06 Huntsman guilty of monitor attack - Devon huntsman has been found guilty of attacking a campaigner who was filming a hunting event. Christopher Marles, 44, of Farringdon, near Exeter, repeatedly punched Kevin Hill, a hunt monitor with the International Fund for Animal Welfare. He denied assault at a Devon and Somerset Staghounds hunt last October… Mr Hill was filming the hunt on Exmoor to ensure it was complying with the law against hunting with hounds which was introduced in February last year. He told the court Marles, an amateur whipper-in with the east Devon hunt, tried to take his camera, so he crouched to protect it… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 26.9.06 HUNT SUPPORTER GAVE ME BLACK EYES, CLAIMS ANIMAL WELFARE OFFICER - An animal welfare officer has told a jury that he suffered a beating at the hands of a hunt supporter during a stag hunt in the Devon countryside.Kevin Hill told Exeter Crown Court yesterday that he was repeatedly punched in the face by Christopher Marles at a Devon and Somerset Staghounds hunt meeting, suffering two black eyes and a facial wound that needed stitches…. (story)
Telegraph 26.9.06 Cameraman 'was beaten to stop him filming stag hunt' By Richard Savill- A huntsman attacked and punched an animal welfare activist in an attempt to prevent him filming a stag hunt, a court heard yesterday. The alleged assault by 45-year-old Christopher Marles was recorded on a video which Kevin Hill kept running, Exeter Crown Court was told… Mr Hill told the court it was Marles who attacked him as he filmed the Devon and Somerset Staghounds at Slade Hill on Exmoor last October… Marles, of Farringdon, near Exeter, who denies assault occasioning actual bodily harm, claims it was a case of mistaken identity… (story)
Mirror 26.9.06 HUNT MAN 'HIT ME IN THE FACE' By Richard Smith - A HUNT supporter launched a savage attack on an animal welfare expert to try to stop him filming at a stag hunt, a court heard yesterday. Jurors watched a film showing Kevin Hill's blood running down his video camera's lens after he was given two black eyes and a severely cut nose… (story)
Mirror 26.9.06 HUNTSMAN PUNCHED AND KNEED ME IN FACE - By Richard Smith - A HUNT supporter launched a savage attack on an animal welfare expert to try to stop him filming at a stag hunt, a court heard yesterday…. Prosecutor David Evans said Mr Hill's job was to film hunts for the International Fund for Animal Welfare to check they are complying with the hunting ban laws. He was monitoring Devon and Somerset Staghounds on Exmoor…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.9.06 HUNT 'ASSAULT' TRIAL STARTS - An animal welfare officer has told a jury how a hunt supporter allegedly dealt him a savage beating during a stag hunt.Kevin Hill told Exeter Crown Court he was repeatedly punched in the face by Christopher Marles at a Devon and Somerset Staghounds hunt, suffering two black eyes and needing stitches to his face…. (story)
Western Daily Press 22.4.06 STAG HUNT DENIAL - A Man has pleaded not guilty to attacking an animal welfare worker during a stag hunt. Christopher Marles, 44, of New Buildings, Farringdon, near Exeter, denied causing actual bodily harm to Kevin Hill at the hunt in Devon, last October… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.4.06 MAN DENIES STAG HUNT ATTACK - An East Devon man pleaded not guilty to attacking an animal welfare worker during a stag hunt when he appeared before Exeter Crown Court today. Christopher Marles, 44, denied causing actual bodily harm to Kevin Hill during the hunt near South Molton, Devon, last October 2… The judge adjourned the case for a trial to be held at a date to be fixed…. (story)
North Devon Journal 9.3.06 ASSAULT CHARGE CASE GOES TO CROWN COURT - The case of a man charged with assaulting an animal welfare worker during a stag hunt near South Molton has been committed to crown court. Christopher Marles, 44, of New Buildings, Farringdon, Exeter, was charged with assaulting International Fund for Animal Welfare worker Kevin Hill and causing actual bodily harm during a stag hunt in Withypool on October 27… (story)
North Devon Journal 26.1.06 MAN ON HARM CHARGE - A MAN charged with assaulting an animal welfare worker during a stag hunt near South Molton pleaded not guilty at North Devon Magistrates on Wednesday, January 18… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 19.1.06 HUNT ASSAULT CHARGE DENIED - A Devon man charged with assaulting an animal welfare worker during a stag hunt pleaded not guilty when he appeared before magistrates. Christopher Marles, 44, from New Buildings, Farringdon, near Exeter, is charged with causing actual bodily harm to Kevin Hill, who monitors hunt activity…. (story)
Western Daily Press 19.1.06 HUNT BUST-UP - A Hunt supporter yesterday denied attacking a West hunt monitor at Barnstaple Magistrates' Court. Christopher Marles, 44, denied assault causing actual bodily harm at a meet of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds on October 27 last year. Mr Marles, from Faringdon in Exmouth, Devon, is alleged to have attacked Kevin Hill, 55, from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, near Withypool on Exmoor. The case was adjourned to crown court…. (story)
Western Morning News 19.1.06 HUNT SUPPORT PLEADS NOT GUILTY - A hunt supporter has pleaded not guilty to causing actual bodily harm to an anti-hunt campaigner last autumn. Christopher Marles, 44, from Farringdon, Exeter, appeared before Barnstaple Magistrates Court yesterday morning… (story)
North Devon Journal 12.1.06 HUNT ASSAULT - An exeter man has appeared at North Devon Magistrates Court charged with assaulting an animal welfare worker near South Molton. Christopher Marles, 44, of New Buildings, Farringdon, was charged with assaulting IFAW worker Kevin Hill and causing actual bodily harm during a stag hunt in Withypool on October 2… (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 20.12.05 CHARGED WITH AN ASSAULT ON ANIMAL WELFARE WORKER - An exeter man has appeared before North Devon Magistrates charged with assaulting an animal welfare worker near South Molton. Christopher Marles, 44, of New Buildings, Farringdon, was charged with assaulting Kevin Hill who works for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, causing actual bodily harm during a stag hunt in Withypool on October 27…. (story)
North Devon Journal 15.12.05 ASSAULTED AT STAG HUNT - An exeter man has appeared before North Devon Magistrates charged with assaulting an animal welfare worker near South Molton. Christopher Marles, 44, of New Buildings, Farringdon, was charged with assaulting Kevin Hill who works for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, causing actual bodily harm during a stag hunt in Withypool on October 27…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 10.12.05 MAN ACCUSED OF HUNT ATTACK - A Devon hunt supporter has appeared in court charged with attacking a protester on Exmoor. Barnstaple magistrates heard yesterday that Christopher Marles punched and kicked Kevin Hill, a member of the International Fund for Animal Welfare… (story)
Western Morning News 10.12.05 ALLEGED HUNT ASSAULT - CASE IS ADJOURNED - The case against a hunt supporter charged with assaulting a representative from an animal welfare charity was adjourned by magistrates in North Devon yesterday. Christopher Marles, 44, of Faringdon, Exeter, is accused of causing actual bodily harm to Kevin Hill, of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), at Withypool, near South Molton. The incident is alleged to have happened on October 27 during a meet of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds…. (story)
BBC News Online 9.12.05 Hunt supporter 'punched' film man - A Devon hunting supporter has appeared in court charged with attacking a protester on Exmoor. Barnstaple magistrates heard that Christopher Marles punched and kicked Kevin Hill, a member of the International Fund for Animal Welfare…. No plea was entered and the case was adjourned until 5 January. The alleged attack happened during a meet of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds on 27 October… (story)
Western Morning News 5.12.05 HUNT SUPPORTER TO APPEAR IN COURT - A hunt supporter will appear in court this week after being charged with causing actual bodily harm to an anti-hunt campaigner. Christopher Marles, 44, from Barnstaple, will appear at Barnstaple Magistrates Court on Friday…. It is alleged Mr Marles attacked an anti-hunt monitor during a meet of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds…. (story)
Western Daily Press 3.12.05 HUNTSMAN FACES ASSAULT CHARGE - A Hunt supporter has been charged with actual bodily harm after a anti-hunt monitor was allegedly beaten up while filming a West hunt. Police said a 44-year-old local man would appear before magistrates in Barnstaple next week following an incident in October. Hunt monitor Kevin Hill, from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, was filming the Devon and Somerset Staghounds on Exmoor when he was apparently attacked by one supporter…. (story)
Western Morning News or Torquay Herald Express 3.11.05 HUNT MEMBERS TO BE QUIZZED OVER ASSAULT - Members of a Devon staghunt are to be questioned by police over an assault on an observer from an animal rights charity. Kevin Hill, a 55-year-old working for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), needed six stitches to a head wound after being attacked while watching the Devon and Somerset Staghounds on East Anstey Common, near South Molton, last Thursday…. (story)
Western Daily Press 31.10.05 ALLIANCE LEADER SLAMS ATTACK ON HUNT MONITOR - The leader of the pro-hunt campaign slammed one of her own supporters last night after a vicious attack on a blood sports monitor in Somerset. The president of the Countryside Alliance condemned the violence dished out to anti-hunt campaigner Kevin Hill - who was allegedly beaten up in front of scores of riders, including children, in brutal scenes last week…. The violence allegedly only ended when a fellow hunt supporter intervened. The attack took place near the village of Hawkridge, on Exmoor, as Mr Hill monitored Devon and Somerset Stag Hounds on Thursday. Police spent the weekend studying video footage shot by Mr Hill and his colleague Peter White, in the hope it may lead them to the attacker… Among those there that day was Baroness Ann Mallalieu, the president of the Countryside Alliance….
"We are appalled by this vicious and unprovoked attack. Kevin Hill is a respected and extremely professional member of IFAW's campaign team who has devoted the past 20 years of his life to campaigning in the defence of animal welfare…." Josey Sharrad, IFAW campaigner, London (story)
Western Morning News 31.10.05 STAG HUNT DENIES ATTACK - An animal welfare organisation has condemned an alleged "brutal" attack on one of its hunt observers while he was monitoring a Devon stag hunt. Kevin Hill, a 55-year-old grandfather working for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), needed hospital treatment to have six stitches in a head wound after the alleged attack on Thursday…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 31.10.05 HUNT TO FACE QUESTIONS - Police are preparing to question Devon hunters and followers about an alleged assault on an animal rights activist. Saturday's Echo reported claims by Kevin Hill that he had been attacked while attempting to monitor a meeting of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds on East Anstey Common, near South Molton, on Thursday… (story)
BBC News Online 29.10.05 Police probe hunt monitor assault - Police in Devon have confirmed that a criminal investigation is under way after a hunt monitor alleged he was assaulted by a hunt supporter. Kevin Hill, 55, says he was attacked while he observed the hunt for the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The joint master of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds Tom Yandle said he welcomed any police inquiry into the incident on Exmoor on Thursday. He said he did not believe the perpetrator was a member of the hunt… (story)

Western Daily Press 31.10.06 GILES WILL STICK TO HIS GUNS - What a strange feeling I had when I read Dudley Seale's letter, "Give Giles the cell he wants"… The question that none of the "lock Giles up" brigade has addressed is why. Why should I shoot the deer that my dogs flush out? Defra says it's to stop the deer being persistently flushed out. That just doesn't make sense to me and, until someone gives me a sensible reason as to why those deer should have to die, I will continue breaking the Hunting Act by refusing to shoot them…. Giles Bradshaw Devon (letter)
Western Daily Press 25.10.06 GIVE GILES THE CELL HE WANTS - I Was interested in the letter (Your Say, October 19) from Giles Bradshaw.... I do not believe that Giles Bradshaw is typical, or has hunting as his main reason for what he does. He wants to break a law. The police should indulge him, and make room in the local prison for him... Dudley Seale Minehead (letter)

Western Daily Press 31.10.06 DON'T PANDER TO HUNT BULLIES - It is disgraceful to say that the police need to "tread carefully around the minefield" when enforcing the Hunting Law… And just what are we to think when you report that a superintendent of the police addresses a crowd of angry hunting bullies with the words "we rely on your support... we will adopt a new sensitive approach"?... Perhaps this is why the Countryside Alliance fought so hard against the merger of rural police forces with those from further afield. They kept telling us we didn't understand - well, we do now. Gill Purser Cheltenham Gloucestershire (letter)

Western Daily Press 31.10.06 APPLY LAW TO ALL EQUALLY - The public, whose democratically elected representatives passed the Hunting Act, which is the law of the land, should be assured that Avon and Somerset Police will not adopt a "sensitive" approach to hunt criminals on Exmoor… Chris Gale Chippenham (letter)

Western Mail 31.10.06 SIR - Is there no pleasing Ms Hewitt of Rhyl (Country & Farming, Letters, Oct 24). For as many years as I can remember she has harped on in her letters about fox hunting and has continually sung the praises of, quote, "the humane alternative being drag hunting"…. Now Ms Hewitt finds galloping after a smelly sock inhumane!... If you don't like sock hunting, then lobby the Government and pay more money into their coffers to have it banned. DEREK EVANS, Bodfari, Ruthin (letter)
Western Mail 24.10.06 Stop this sick sport - How disgusting that the Flint and Denbigh hunt are calling on schoolchildren to try out hunting.... Exposing children to this kind of cruelty will undoubtedly desensitise them.... However, I believe the only reason hunts are encouraging schoolchildren to take part as either mounted riders or simply as hunt followers is to gather public support to overturn the ban on their sick sport.... JUDI HEWITT, Hadley Crescent, Rhyl (letter)

Western Mail 31.10.06 Countryside reserve - In her weekly article of October 24, smallholder Liz Shankland emphasised the deleterious effects of angling on wildlife in general. Solution simple - have angling banned. The aim of the entire highly commercial, multi-million-pound wildlife business is to have government treat the countryside, coast and urban areas as a nature reserve, where there is no place for the field sports of hunting, shooting and fishing.... PAUL NELMES, Langdale Close, Cyncoed (letter)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 31.10.06 'Stop racing horses to death' By Marc Meneaud - ANIMAL rights protesters campaigning against racehorse deaths staged a hard-hitting demonstration at Warwick Racecourse. Campaigner Fiona Pereira, dressed in black gothic robes and calling herself The Spectre of Death stood outside the racecourse gates on the first day of the course's jump season yesterday... Warwick appeared third in a list published by an animal rights group for horse fatalities. Animal Aid put together the table based on a national survey of racehorse deaths between 2000 and 2004.... (story)
Birmingham Post 31.10.06 Protesters target Warwick races - Dressed in dark, Victorian-style gothic robes, Fiona Periera cut a haunting figure at Warwick racecourse yesterday. Representing the "spectre of death", the Animal Aid campaigner - whose hat featured a racehorse tumbling over a hurdle - was drawing attention to the hundreds of equine fatalities that occur in the sport every year… (story)
Leamington Spa Courier 31.10.06 ACTIVISTS TARGET RACECOURSE - Animal Aid brought 'the spectre of death' to Warwick Racecourse at Monday's first jumps meeting of the season - highlighting what the campaign group says is an industry cover-up of horse fatalities.... It may not have impressed the punters, many of whom made their feelings known as they drove past, but Animal Aid campaigner Dene Stansall was unrepentant about the provocative appearance.... (story)

Shropshire Star 31.10.06 Query for TB report authors - I wonder why the League Against Cruel Sports would be campaigning to stop a licensed cull of badgers? Such a cull is not a "sport” but designed to stamp out bovine TB…. All animal professionals should be working together to eliminate TB from both farm livestock and wildlife because this disease causes immense suffering in both, as well as beginning to affect humans. W F Kerswell, Church Stretton (letter)
Western Morning News 17.10.06 BADGERS AND CATTLE ARE CULLED - I refer to the letter from Jenny Barsby of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) on October 10. I am surprised to see that the LACS is concerning itself with the badger question as I had not thought that the culling of diseased badgers was rated as a sport, cruel or otherwise. It is a matter of life or death to many farmers and as such is no business of the LACS.... John Montague, Exeter (letter)
Worcester News 14.10.06 Culling badgers just spreads TB - JENNY BARSBY, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter)
Western Morning News 10.10.06 RESULTS DISPROVE BADGER TB MYTH - Jenny Barsby, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Milford Mercury 5.10.06 The badgers are innocent! - Jenny Barsby, Campaigner, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter)
Ilkley Gazette 5.10.06 Badgers and TB - I'd like to draw readers' attention to new research which should finally bring an end to the continuing myth surrounding badgers and the spread of bovine TB. The National Farmers' Union has long been propelling the view that badgers spread TB to cattle. However, new findings by top researchers, commissioned by the Government, show that the route of infection lies much more with cattle than badgers… Jenny Barsby League Against Cruel Sports (letter)


Exeter Express & Echo 30.11.06 BATTLE LINES ARE DRAWN AS HUNT SEASON BEGINS - It has been more than a year since hunting was banned, but on the surface little has changed in the Devon countryside... Last week, 45-year-old Christopher Marles was given a suspended prison sentence for attacking monitor Kevin Hill as he filmed the Devon and Somerset Staghounds. In August, Tony Wright, a huntsman with the Exmoor Foxhounds, became the first hunter to be convicted of breaching the hunting ban and members of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds are facing similar prosecutions. The League Against Cruel Sports has also launched a private prosecution against two members of the Quantock Staghounds. Ivor Annetts, a Devon-based member of the league, claims many hunts are breaking the law and predicts many more cases will come before the courts in the next year... But East Devon huntsman Michael Moore says he and his fellow riders take great care to stay within the law.... (story)

Hull Daily Mail 30.10.06 HUNDREDS TURN OUT FOR FIRST MEET OF HUNTING SEASON - The traditional rural sight of riders and horses has been seen in East Yorkshire for the first time since February... Up to 90 riders and hundreds of hunt followers were at Rise Park, near Beverley, as the hounds of the Holderness Hunt took to the trail again... (story)
Hull Daily Mail 25.10.06 HUNTER NUMBERS EXPECTED TO RISE - Hunt leaders in the East Riding today said membership was on the increase as they prepare for their first meet of the season. The number of riders and supporters fell by up to 10 per cent in the wake of the ban on hunting with dogs, introduced in February last year. But up to 70 riders and hundreds of followers are expected for the Holderness Hunt's first turn-out of the season, at 11am on Saturday at Rise Park, near Beverley. Returning members are also expected at the Middleton Hunt's first meeting on Saturday, November 4.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 30.10.06 BIRDS ON THE HUNT AS NEW SEASON TAKES OFF - Hundreds of people turned out at the weekend for the first hunt of the season. While the season began for some last week, Saturday saw the first meeting of the Fernie, based near Market Harborough. More than 500 people turned out.... Under the Hunting Act, which came into force in February, 2005, hounds can be used to flush out foxes, which can then be shot by the hunt master or killed by a bird of prey. The Fernie uses an American buzzard. The Belvoir Hunt, which also started on Saturday, uses a harris hawk. The Atherstone Hunt, which began riding out in September, uses an eagle owl. Quorn and Cottesmore hunts also use birds of prey.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 30.10.06 HUNT GETS A ROUSING SEND-OFF TO MARK THE FIRST MEET OF SEASON - In what they said was a show of defiance over the hunting ban, more than 200 supporters turned up as the East Devon Hunt launched a new season.Horses, riders and hounds gathered for the first meet of the autumn at Rockbeare Manor, near Exeter.... (story)

Western Morning News 30.10.06 RETURN OF THE HUNTS - The autumn mist and drizzle did not dampen the determined mood at the opening meet of the Mid Devon Hunt at Chagford on Saturday, where the hunting community demonstrated yet again that their sport is still very much alive. Some 70 riders and their mounts met more than 200 foot followers at the gateway to the High Moor.... (story)

Western Morning News 30.10.06 MASTER LOOKS TOWARDS A BRIGHT FUTURE - The determination of Westcountry hunts to survive in the face of the Hunting Act was clearly in evidence as the Western Hunt took to the fields near Camborne, West Cornwall, this weekend.Although their season does not officially start until today, groups of riders and dozens of hunt followers enjoyed a tradition which they see as a vital part of the fabric of their community.... (story)

York Press 30.10.06 Hunts vow to stay within law By Tom Stirling - ANTI-HUNTING campaigners have warned North Yorkshire's hunts that they face a "spate of prosecutions" if they break the law when the new season begins…. Today, Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, said his organisation had held high-level meetings with senior police officers and the Crown Prosecution Service…. But James Holt, chairman of the Sinnington Hunt, which rides near Kirkbymoorside, said: "We will be hunting within the law by exercising the hounds with permission from the landowner…. Nick Procter, master of the York and Ainsty South Hunt, added: "We are still going strong, and our support is holding." The York and Ainsty South will be hunting rabbits and trail hunting… (story)

Western Daily Press 30.10.06 STAG-HUNTERS ARE BROUGHT TO COURT - The job of the police is to apply the law equally to all. That is most certainly what they are not doing. I have openly chased deer with dogs many times since the ban came into force and it is clear that the police will do nothing to stop me.... Giles Bradshaw, Devon
t's a shame the police don't better use their time trying to catch drug-dealers, rapists and murderers. M Roberts, Lancashire (letter)

Western Daily Press 30.10.06 MONITORS ARE TO BE APPLAUDED - I Could not let the letter from S Saunders (Your Say, October 23) go without a reply from someone who lives in the real world.The majority of us who wished to see the abolition of hunting with hounds believed that once the Hunting Act had passed into law, it would be obeyed as any other law on the statute books. It would seem this is not so, and I applaud the hunt monitors for what they do, providing it is legal and non-violent.... John Crole Street (letter)

Western Daily Press 30.10.06 AN UPHILL STRUGGLE - I Wonder if, at any time, the powers-that-be have reviewed the ironic situation of some magistrates who have to apply the anti-hunting law being landowners and in favour of hunting themselves.It strikes me that this is akin to having your cake and eating it too.... David Levy Wiltshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 30.10.06 CARS AND HORSES ARE UNCONNECTED - From recent articles and letters in the Western Daily Press, it seems that you will allow publication of many singular and biased views about particular problems of today's society.I fail to see how Chris Rundle's article on drivers of four-wheel- drive vehicles (October 18) has any connection with people who enjoy horse-riding, riding with, or supporting, any locality's hound pack - regardless of whether "it" or "they" are law-abiding or not…. P Stowford Ross-on-Wye (letter)

Leicester Mercury 30.10.06 DEATH TO THE FOX IS NEVER QUICK - am astonished to read in the Leicester Mercury (October 24) that "birds of prey are used to swoop on foxes and kill them"… split-second retaliation by the fox can mean instant death to the largest trained birds and, in any case, death to the fox is never quick. David Noakes, Enderby (letter)Leicester Mercury 30.10.06 DYING THE SAME - Here we go again. Hunting! What is the difference between using eagles or dogs or both? The poor creatures still die in the end. So, only 250 foxes died after the ban came into force - I'm sorry, but to me that is 250 too many... Babs West, Oadby (letter)Leicester Mercury 30.10.06 BARBARIC WAYS - I find this absolutely abhorrent. These are supposed to be civilised people and yet they take pleasure in a practice that is, at best, barbaric and, at worst, depravity in its basest form.... Andrea Smith, Ravenstone (letter)Leicester Mercury 30.10.06 NOT SO CLEVER - One doesn't have to witness something personally to be allowed a viewpoint. I believe murder is wrong but I have never witnessed one, fortunately.... P Smith, Leicester. (letter)Leicester Mercury 30.10.06 HUNTING RULE IGNORED THE MORAL QUESTION - It was good to see from the Mercury report (October 24) that the number of foxes killed by hunts had dropped from thousands in the year before the ban to 250. However, this still means that 250 sentient animals were killed just for the fun of hunters... Coun Peter Valentine, Oadby. (letter)Exeter Express & Echo 30.10.06 YOU CAN'T DEFEND THE INDEFENSIBLE - In reply to Ivor Annetts' letter, Where was support for huntsman? Points of view, October 26, regarding Christopher Marles, the hard facts are that Marles committed a very violent assault that could have easily landed him in prison, and you can't defend the indefensible.I defend both Michael Moore and Alison Hawes for not getting involved and anyone else Mr Annetts refers to.... D Jones, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 26.10.06 WHERE WAS SUPPORT FOR HUNTSMAN? - Before sentencing Christopher Marles for assault causing actual bodily harm, Echo, October 24, Judge Jeremy Griggs made reference to the fact that people who had offered to submit character references for Marles had now declined to do so... One would have thought that at least either Michael Moore, joint master of the East Devon or Alison Hawes, regional representative of the Countryside Alliance, would have had something to say on his behalf. Ivor Annetts, Tiverton (letter)

Worcester News 30.10.06 Young Countryside Alliance Day - Well hello: Ferret Tio Pepe proved a hit with children who attended the Young Countryside Day organised by the Countryside Alliance at Throckmorton... (story)
Drop it: Guy Hampton puts Kali through some gun dog training. (story)
Good shot: Alan Bewley shows Ross Paxton how to shoot clays (story)
Worcester Evening News 5.10.06 Try you hand at outdoor pursuits - YOUNGSTERS will be able to enjoy the great outdoors at a special Young Countryside Day being held on Thursday, October 26, at Throckmorton Clay Shooting Club, Throckmorton, near Pershore…. Clare Rowson, Midlands regional director for the Countryside Alliance, said: "The aim of the Young Countryside Day is to offer students the opportunity to experience countryside pursuits and enhance their appreciation of the countryside and its people… (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 30.10.06 Stripping off to save greyhounds by Dean Valler - SAUCY Coventry models Paige Robbins and June Crowley stripped to raise awareness of a cause close to their hearts.... The duo appear in the calendar, called Long Legged Beauties 2007, which feature glamour models from across the UK... Three calendars, including one featuring just greyhounds, have been produced by Stuart and Jenny Stott, of Cumbria, and proceeds go to Greyhound Rescue.... (story)

Worcester News 30.10.06 Ban export of live sheep now, animal rights protesters tell farmers’ group - ANIMAL rights campaigners converged on Malvern on Saturday to protest against the live export of sheep. Fifteen people arrived outside the headquarters of the national sheep farmers interest group in to deliver a letter of concern. ... One of the protesters Pauline Burgess, of Richmond Road, Malvern, said: "It was a very good protest…. (story)

Northern Echo 30.10.06 WHALING - ICELAND'S breach of the international moratorium on whaling is a crime, and one she should be made to pay for by being subjected to the harshest sanctions and other penalties of which the international community is capable.... Tony Kelly, Crook, Co Durham. (letter)

Northern Echo 30.10.06 Police probe attack on badger sett - POLICE are investigating an attack on a badger sett. Durham Badger Group said the sett, near Sedgefield, had been dug out and large logs inserted in the holes.... (story)

Argus 30.10.06 Not suitable for senior RSPCA post - Has the RSPCA lost the plot? I remember only too well when Sussex Police's Assistant Chief Constable Nigel Yeo made the merciless decision to impose the death sentence on police dog Bruce for simply doing his job, albeit too enthusiastically, when he bit a teenager's ear.... So how could a man such as Nigel Yeo land a senior position with the RSPCA?... J Hamilton, Greenbank Avenue, Saltdean (letter)

Argus 30.10.06 This is a bad day for the RSPCA - I have had a standing order with the RSPCA for some time but, by appointing Nigel Yeo, it has really blackened its name. When I think how many thousands of us fought to save the brave and beautiful Bruce, who was loved by everyone, and that this man was allowed to sign Bruce's death warrant, it makes me want to cry... Helen Fuller, Highbrook Close, Brighton (letter)


BBC News Online 28.10.06 Hundreds take part in legal hunts - Hundreds of people have taken part in hunts in Leicestershire as the season officially opened on Saturday. Hunters can legally hunt with dogs by using man-laid scent trails or exercising their hounds. Joe Cowen, Master of the Fernie Hunt in Market Harborough, claimed hunting is gaining popularity but said the ban did not reflect the countryside's views.... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 28.10.06 Foxes can rest easy as new hunting season begins By Chris Yandell - TODAY sees the start of the new hunting season - but foxes in Hampshire can rest easy. Bloodsport enthusiasts in the county have vowed to continue obeying a controversial new law that bans the hunting of wild animals with dogs… Graham Ferris, spokesman for the New Forest Hounds (NFH) said: "Since the ban we have worked hard to make trail hunting work…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 28.10.06 REMINDER OF LAW FOR HUNTS - Animal rights campaigners have warned hunting enthusiasts they face a "spate of prosecutions" if they break the law as the new season starts this weekend.The League Against Cruel Sports has played a part in taking several people to court for breaking the laws which say you can't hunt with dogs… (story)

Western Morning News 28.10.06 THE nine-month suspended sentence and £2,500 compensation payment imposed on a hunt follower for assaulting someone monitoring the hunt on behalf of a protest group remains a matter for the judgment of the court... However, it does not sit comfortably with the judgment of the Metropolitan Police, which has cleared the officers involved in the injuries to pro-hunt demonstrators, when a number of law-abiding protesters were as badly injured as the man in the case in question.... Chris Forrest, Yealmpton (letter)

Western Daily Press 28.10.06 SENTENCES SEEM TO BE GOING AWRY - If hunt supporter Christopher Marles, who attacked hunt monitor Kevin Hill, had used the same amount of violence against a burglar breaking into his house, he would now be in jail... F Collins Bristol (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 28.10.06 WE SHOULD HELP, NOT KILL, WHALES - So, the butchering of whales has begun again, and our oceans turned to the colour of blood.What a cruel spectacle that rides the waves to hunt and kill these magnificent mammals of the high seas. This barbaric slaughter I regard as completely unnecessary - and I don't believe it when they say it is for scientific purposes..... GEORGE W. LANSBURY, Hucclecote (letter)


Western Morning News 27.10.06 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Western Morning News 27.10.06 MISGUIDED PURSUIT OF STAGHOUNDS - The recent action taken by police against the Devon & Somerset Staghounds is surprising for the following reasons: 1. The successful prosecution of Tony Wright by the League against Cruel Sports is subject to appeal, was only a minor court decision, and is in no way a landmark... If the police believe that the Devon & Somerset Staghounds are not exempt hunting (which is a defence when charged under Section 1) it would seem they will have to prove that they had the chance to shoot the quarry and failed to do so due to neglect of some kind.... It would be far more prudent for them to either wait for the appeal of Tony Wright or the LACS's case against the Quantock Staghounds . John Sims, Dulverton (letter)

BBC News Online 27.10.06 Hunting 'has conservation role' By Elli Leadbeater - Rifle-toting tourists hunting exotic animals could actually help protect Africa's vulnerable species, a leading conservationist has suggested. Elephant populations had benefited from a permit system that allowed sport hunters to kill a limited number of the beasts, according to Eugene Lapointe.... Writing in the BBC News website's Green Room, Mr Lapointe, president of the International Wildlife Management Consortium (IWMC), said that despite the best efforts of conservationists, the number of threatened species continued to grow... The idea of "trophy hunting" being a weapon in the conservationists' armoury to protect vulnerable species was supported by Peter Lindsey from the University of Zimbabwe…. International Fund for Animal Welfare (Ifaw) spokeswoman Rosa Hill called the idea of shooting elephants and rhinos "morally unjustifiable"…. (story)
BBC News Online 27.10.06 Hunting for conservation solutions - VIEWPOINT - Eugene Lapointe - Hunting bans could do more harm than good when it comes to the long-term survival of vulnerable species such as African elephants, argues Eugene Lapointe. In this week's Green Room, the former head of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) makes the case for hunting and why it can be a part of wildlife management policies.... (story)

Newton Guardian 27.10.06 Campaigners at racecourse By Vicki Stockman - ANIMAL rights campaigners visited Haydock Park Racecourse to protest against the horse racing industry. Campaigners from Animal Aid pitched up at the park and unfurled a banner outside the main entrance.... Campaigner Fiona Pereira said: "We were there just to show people coming in to the park the statistics." (story)

Western Daily Press 27.10.06 BLAME RATS INSTEAD - Is Roger Evans beyond criticism? Writing in West Country Life, he misleads the reader, demonising foxes, buzzards and now making a fuss because badgers may eat a little maize... Maybe the blood-sports people will want to set up a rat-hunting season, and we can have master of the rat- hunt and a rat hunt ball. David Thomas Near Westbury Wiltshire (letter)

Slough Express 27.10.06 Animal activists converge on office By Paul Pickett - PROTESTERS converged on a company on Thursday, which they claim is financing experiments on animals. Animal rights activists waving placards surrounded the offices of pharmaceutical company, Lonza, in Bath Road, Slough.... Paul Amos, spokesman for Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), said: "We had a lot of support from members of the public, particularly when they read the leaflets that we handed out."… (story)

Northern Echo 27.10.06 JOLLY'S CIRCUS - IN reply to your correspondent (HAS, Oct 12) Jolly's Circus did indeed stay in Darlington because of its success there... At every venue visited by Jolly's Circus, we are complimented by visitors on the condition of the animals, our standards of care (which are plain to see for all who choose to open their eyes and look) and on the animals' obvious contentment.... We thank our friends in the North-East for their support. Jolly's Circus looks forward to seeing you again soon. - Chris Barltrop, Spokesman for Jolly's Circus (letter)

Lynn News 27.10.06 RSPCA does not support the use of animals in circuses - In response to Jeffrey Reed's letter "Circuses do not cause suffering or distress to animals, says report" (Lynn News, October 6), the RSPCA would like to inform readers that we do not support the use of animals in circuses. The findings of the cited report, Animals in Circuses and Zoos, were not endorsed by the RSPCA as they did not hold up to scientific scrutiny…. Sophie Wilkinson, RSPCA East Regional Press Officer, RSPCA Regional Headquarters, Peterborough (story)
Lynn News 6.10.06 Circuses do not cause suffering or distress to animals, says report - IT was perhaps inevitable that there would be at least one letter complaining about the recent visit of Circus Mondao to Lynn. Any animal rights activists would do well to read the definitive work on the subject, commissioned by the RSPCA, Animals in Circuses and Zoos by Dr Martha Kiley-Worthington. After 3,000 hours of scientific observation of animals and numerous visits to circuses and zoos, including training, travel and performance, she concluded that circuses do not by their nature cause suffering or distress to animals…. JEFFREY REED, Denver Hill, Downham (story)
Lynn News 19.9.06 No place for circuses with animals - FURTHER to the points made by Ringmistress Petra Jackson, and F.R. Low (Letters, September 12), respecting Circus Mondao, I should like to respond. The fact that they are well fed and, in this instance, it appears, provided with appropriate accommodation on site, does not mean that animals in circuses do not suffer. It is not uncommon for circus animals to be locked in cages between shows for considerable periods of time… NAME and address supplied (letter)
Lynn News 12.9.06 Unfair to circus - VISITORS to Circus Mondao in Lynn will have enjoyed a splendid entertainment, including displays by well-fed, fit, clean and happy animals, performing freely and unfettered to the delight of the audience… To display a banner saying that circus animals suffer and suggesting Big Top cruelty, in this case is nothing short of slander…. F. R. LOW, North Wootton (letter)
Lynn News 12.9.06 Circus animals 'are our family' - CIRCUS Mondao has refuted claims that it suffered low turnouts last Wednesday after animal rights campaigners protested outside its site at Knights Hill, near Lynn. Ringmistress Petra Jackson said that, to the contrary, both performances that evening played to full houses and bookings were at high levels for all the shows, so it was hardly a thumbs-down from Lynn people…. (story)
Lynn News 8.9.06 Protest over animals at circus - ANIMAL rights campaigners have claimed a victory after a protest outside a circus in Lynn drew a wave of support. Members of the West Norfolk Animal Rights group gathered near the Knights Hill roundabout before marching to a nearby private field waving anti animal cruelty banners on Wednesday afternoon… outside the entrance to the Circus Mondao, which has zebras, horses and goats in its show. Group coordinator Peter Richards said the band of protestors had made their point and were delighted that business at the circus had been quite slow….(story)


Melton Times 26.10.06 EAGLE HELPS QUORN GET ROUND HUNT BAN - A GOLDEN eagle is being used by a Melton hunt to get round the ban on hunting with hounds. The Quorn reported a strong turn-out on Friday as the new fox hunting season got under way and proudly showed off its golden eagle/steppe eagle cross.... Victoria Owen, retired chairman for the Belvoir, said it is in good shape. A recent hunt day for children was a success with about 60 people in attendance.... The Cottesmore was not available for comment at the time of going to press.... (story)

Horse & Hound 26.10.06 Beginner's guide to hunting etiquette - Jane Shilling - As hunts welcome an increasing number of newcomers, Horse & Hound offers some helpful hints to get you started - The hunting ban, lamentable though it is, has had the unexpected benefit of attracting a swell of support from people who might not have hunted before, but were stung by the legislation into giving it a try. Last season, many hunts saw new faces at their opening meets, and this season there will be more. If you have no experience of hunting, you are likely to have the (largely correct) impression that it involves a series of rituals and conventions, the details of which you should master if you are to get the best out of the experience. ... (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 26.10.06 WILDLIFE SUMMIT BID TO STOP CRUELTY By Martin Neville - ANIMAL welfare groups and experts joined forces to target growing concerns about wildlife crime on the Island. A summit of wildlife organisations met at the Holyrood Hall in Newport to discuss how to rid the Island of problems such as snaring and illegal hunting, and how to protect red squirrels, which are under threat. The event was organised by The League Against Cruel Sports, which believes this joint approach is vital if wildlife crime is to be eradicated... (story)
Isle of Wight County Press 17.10.06 MOVES TO CUT WILDLIFE CRIME By Suzanne Pert - ANIMAL welfare groups are getting together to fight wildlife crime on the IW. Wildlife organisations will meet at the Holyrood Hall, Newport, between 11am and 5pm on Saturday to discuss how to rid the Island of problems such as snaring and illegal hunting and how to protect the red squirrel... The event is being organised by the League Against Cruel Sports and will involve the RSPCA and other Island groups. Joan Tisdale, from the league, said: "Wildlife crime is an enormous problem on the IW…” Cerys Roberts, from the league, and Helen Butler, from the Wight Squirrel Project, will be speaking as will Paul Creer, who will outline his work with the IW badgers, while Jaine Wild will talk about snares…. (story)

Western Daily Press 26.10.06 HUNT CHARGE STRAIN ON RELATIONS (OCTOBER 18) - Oh Master, how dreadful! First they expect you to obey the law of the land and then they have the audacity to put you in a prison cell when you are charged with breaking it. Heaven forbid that the police should react without fear or favour and treat you as they would any other suspect.... Gill Purser, Cheltenham (letter)

Western Daily Press 26.10.06 'IT'S TIME WE STOOD UP FOR OURSELVES' (OCTOBER 21) - All this talk about rights and "standing up for themselves" only emphasises the fact of defeat and getting in a corner! If these people are so fussy about points of law, why did the Oakley Hunt this weekend allow hounds to kill llamas?... K Watson, Stockport (letter)

Herts & Essex News 26.10.06 Business a short in arm for region - SPORTING shoots - many held on farms in Essex and Hertfordshire - are contributing £140m to the economy of the eastern region and providing around 7,000 jobs in the area... A survey commissioned by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, the CLBA and the Countryside Alliance was released to coincide with the start of the pheasant shooting season across the UK. (story)
Western Mail 3.10.06 Shooting proves bang-on for Welsh rural economy - Sally Williams, Western Mail - SPORTING shoots contribute £73m to the economy of rural Wales, according to an independent study…. Glyn Cook, BASC's regional director for Wales, said, "The shooting community has always been involved in conservation and the countryside benefits greatly from their hard work… (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 3.10.06 Shoots trigger economy boost By Ben Briggs - CLAY pigeon and game shooting is on the rise and helping to boost East Lancashire's rural economy, a study claims to prove…. According to the survey, commissioned by the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and the Countryside Alliance, the North West economy benefits by £160m a year while a further 6,500 people are employed in jobs related to shooting and conservation across the region…. (story)
Scotsman 3.10.06 How 15m pheasants help keep 58,000 Scots in work - FORDYCE MAXWELL RURAL AFFAIRS EDITOR - OPEN season on pheasants began on 1 October. Over the next four months, about 15 million, most hand reared, will be shot in the UK. Not everyone's idea of fun, but an integral part of shooting's £1.6 billion contribution to the economy, not least as provider of the equivalent of 70,000 full-time jobs, according to an independent report…. shooters and their targets come in many guises, said Colin Shedden, Scottish director of the British Association of Shooting and Conservation when discussing the report by economic consultants PACEC published at the weekend…. (story)
Western Morning News 30.9.06 A SHOT IN THE ARM - MARK CLOUGH - The sport of shooting pumps £280 million a year into the Westcountry economy and supports 12,000 full-time jobs, a new report has revealed…. It comes as anti-hunting group the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) continues to campaign against commercial shooting, which it says results in millions of game birds being bred in stressful conditions… (story)
Western Morning News 30.9.06 WHY SHOOTING SPORTS ARE VITAL - The report today from pro-shooting groups about the economic value of shooting sports to the rural economy is a timely one. With hunting banned - albeit through a confusing and damaging piece of legislation - the pressure from animal rights groups for a new target has been growing.The League Against Cruel Sports, which was the prime mover in achieving the hunt ban, has long campaigned against game bird shooting…. Today, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, the Country Land and Business Association and the Countryside Alliance have hit back with a detailed report showing that shooting supports some 70,000 full-time jobs in the UK and boosts the economy by £1.6 billion a year. Not before time…. (story)
Daily Post 29.9.06 Shooting 'lifeline' to rural Wales - SPORTING shoots provide a vital lifeline to deprived areas of rural Wales, according to a new independent study. It found country sports enthusiasts will be heading to the Welsh countryside in record numbers when the new pheasant shooting season gets under way on October 1. Over the next year shoots will inject an estimated £73m into the economy of rural Wales, reports economic consultants Pacec. Its research was commissioned by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) and the Countryside Alliance…. (story)
Times 29.9.06 Shooting adds £1½bn to economy BY VALERIE ELLIOTT - The value of sports shooting to the national economy has grown nearly by £1 billion in nine years and is now estimated at £1.6 billion and supports 70,000 jobs. The figures have been compiled by an independent audit of the sector for the British Association for the Conservation of Shooting, the Country Land and Business Association and the Countryside Alliance… (story)
Birmingham Post 29.9.06 Shoots 'add £92m to Midland economy' By Emma Pinch Nearly 4,000 full time jobs rely on sporting shoots which contribute £92 million to the West Midlands economy, countryside groups claimed today…. But the research, commissioned by rural and countryside organisations, was dismissed by animal welfare campaigners who accused it of failing to mention the "bloody business" of gamebird shooting… The research, entitled Shooting Sports, was commissioned by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) and the Countryside Alliance, and carried out by economic consultants PACEC… (story)
BBC News Online 28.9.06 Shooting 'worth' £1.5bn to the UK By Sarah Mukherjee - An economic assessment of shooting in the UK, leaked to the BBC, suggests it contributes more £1.5bn to the economy, and provides the equivalent of 70,000 jobs. The report produced by the economic consultants PACEC was commissioned by the Countryside Alliance, the Country Land and Business Association, and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation…. (story)

Maidenhead Advertiser 26.10.06 Fighting for animal rights - VIVIDLY dressed animal rights protesters returned to a site in Maidenhead on Thursday to express their objection to work by a business in the town. The small group of banner-waving protesters picketed the entrances to Abbott Laboratories in Norden Road during the afternoon. The peaceful demonstration was monitored by Maidenhead police officers as the group of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) members chanted slogans... (story)

South Wales Evening Post 26.10.06 CHALLENGING VIVISECTION - The Speak campaign recently achieved an historic victory in defeating Cambridge University's plans to become the primate vivisection capital of Europe.This campaign was conducted within a legal framework, contrary to reports by certain sections of the media which continue to brand animal rights activists as extremists. In its ongoing campaign against vivisection, Speak is challenging Oxford University's decision to build a new animal research centre... We will be asking for a public debate to be held to present expert arguments against animal experiments and to demonstrate that the Speak campaign is as much about saving human lives as it is about non-human lives.... Phil Wakley, Pengry Road, Swansea (story)

BBC News Online 26.10.06 'No plans' to stop animal testing - There are no immediate plans to stop using primates and other animals for medical research in the UK, the government has revealed. There would be no plans while benefits to humans, animals and the environment outweighed the costs to animals, junior minister Joan Ryan said.... (story)

Laois Nationalist 26.10.06 Mink farm is targeted by anti-fur gang By: Joe Barrett - THE owners of a mink farm in Vicarstown have strongly refuted claims made by an animal rights group that they murder mink on their farm. The 15 animal rights activists from the Coalition To Abolish the Fur Trade arrived at the farm last Saturday morning and held a protest.... Press officer for the group Laura Broxson said Saturday’s campaign garnered fantastic support from passers-by and most of the shops were more than willing to hold onto a bundle of flyers for other customers.... Vasa Limited currently employs 26 people, most from the local area. Ms Heffernan said: "They’re entitled to their opinion. There is no cruelty or disease on the farm. If there was, we wouldn’t be here and the Department would close us down.”… (story)

The Forester 26.10.06 NO DIFFERENT FROM TRADITIONAL CIRCUS - Some people who went to Spirit of the Horse last week in Cheltenham would not go to a traditional circus. Most people no longer agree with dragging animals around the country, keeping them living in lorries between shows and forcing them to perform tricks to entertain people. However Spirit of the Horse is much the same.... Cath Adlen, Gloucester (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 26.10.06 LET'S HEAR BOTH SIDES OF STORY - Why, oh why, oh why does the Post insist on publicising Peta? Surely Post readers have a right to hear both sides of the story before they part with their cash or donate their time to this so-called animal welfare organisation.... B. J. MANN Valley Road Nottingham (story)

Carlisle News & Star 26.10.06 VEGETARIANISM - Why kill for food? ELAINE Milburn is to be commended for her doughty defence of vegetarianism... Roy Dickinson, Holmrook, Road, Carlisle (letter)
Carlisle News & Star 19.10.06 VEGETARIANISM Don’t need meat - NOBODY in this world would have to starve if crops were grown for human consumption instead of to feed farmed animals... Although I fight against the inexcusable cruelty of hunting wild animals with packs of dogs, I am also involved with many of the organisations that fight for justice for people and animals in this country and worldwide... Elaine Milbourn, Torpenhow, Wigton (story)


Petersfield Post 25.10.06 Group in the hunt for a good season - The South Downs Bloodhounds will begin its second season with its opening meet at Froxfield, near Petersfield, on November 5. The hunt, in which bloodhounds chase a human quarry, will begin at noon and set off from Cedar House….(story)

Hull Daily Mail 25.10.06 CAMPAIGN GROUPS TO MONITOR SEASON'S ACTIVITIES - Campaigners against hunting say they will be monitoring hunts across the country, as the new season begins. Barry Hugill, of the National League Against Cruel Sports, said: "We have a hunt-monitoring programme and the hunts we monitor will vary from week to week…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 25.10.06 WE'RE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR FOR CLIENTS - Laura Greenwood believes quality is at the heart of her family's farm diversification business's success. As director and general manager of Rudstone Walk, she has seen it grow from a farmhouse bed and breakfast business into a thriving hotel and conference venue.... Born in Malton to a family in the race-horse business, Mrs Greenwood, who is a member of the Holderness Hunt, travelled the world working in the industry before returning to the UK to work on the launch and marketing of visitorattractions such as the Yorvik Viking Centre.... (story)

Fermanagh Herald 25.10.06 Hares are safe - for the moment - As another hare coursing season starts, the Irish hare is safe in Northern Ireland for one more season. This is due to the temporary protection order which is in place until March 2006. However the League is lobbying to make this protection permanent. This fragile creature should not be subject to the whims of politicians and interest groups.... Fionna Smyth, Northern Ireland Campaigner, League Against Cruel Sports PO. Box BT1 9AY (letter)

Western Daily Press 25.10.06 HUNT FANS NOT SPECIAL CASES - The reaction of the hunting lobby in Exmoor, over the arrest of the two stag-hunters charged with offences under the Hunting Act 2004, speaks volumes about the character of those who hunt.... I applaud the police and the CPS for biting the bullet at last, and I hope the hunters continue to thump their chests at the authorities, because history shows that this does nothing but strengthen the resolve of their targets. Gill Purser Cheltenham (letter)

Western Daily Press 25.10.06 NO ALLOWANCES - Two stag-hunters are charged with illegal hunting, and the hunters react with predictable and yet breathtaking arrogance.Exmoor is in "uproar", we are told. What arrant nonsense…. Penny Little Oxfordshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 25.10.06 THE LAW IS THE LAW - What are the blood-sports fanatics bleating about now?Those who act outside the law should expect to be dealt with accordingly, especially those so arrogant as to think the law of the land doesn't apply to them.... Jeff Byrne Clevedon (letter)

Western Daily Press 25.10.06 CONSCRIPTION AN UNWELCOME IDEA - Clearly my suggestion of "conscription" for animal rights' activists did not go down very well with Chris Gale of Chippenham (Your Say, October 14).It is now quite obvious that he would wilt under the experience…. Andrew Banks Address supplied (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.10.06 BARMY SOLUTION - Andrew Banks (Your Say, October 12) objects to people like myself who defend wild animals from abuse, and thinks we should all be conscripted into the Army.I am very curious as to just how putting me in a uniform is going to solve the North Korean nuclear crisis he writes of... Chris Gale Chippenham Wiltshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 12.10.06 TORIES PARTY OF HUNT FANATICS (OCTOBER 9) - We have North Korea with over a million men under arms, and now testing nuclear weapons.It is probably the most unstable world situation since the end of World War II. Yet we have these sad people at large who have nothing better to do than to keep bleating on about hunting.... Andrew Banks, Somerset (story)
Western Daily Press 10.10.06 TORIES CAN SORT OUT HUNT LAW - Chris Gale describes the Tories of being "hunt fanatics" in his recent letter, (Western Daily Press, Your Say, October 9).His language is typical of the decreasing number of people who are involved in the hunting debate… I'm no Tory and I won't be voting for them. However, to me it is clear that the Hunting Act has failed because it is not based on cruelty… David Cameron is not some slavering hunt maniac bent on promoting animal cruelty. In portraying him as such, Chris Gale is guilty of offensive drivel…. Giles Bradshaw Devon (letter)
Western Daily Press 9.10.06 TORIES PARTY OF HUNT FANATICS - David Cameron promotes a smiley, so-called green image to the public. The reality is bloody and cruel.It is of Cameron the hunter, determined to bring back the barbarity of fox and deer hunting, together with hare coursing, to our countryside. The Tory tree is stained with the blood of our wildlife. It is time that Labour exposed the sadism of Cameron and his "new" Toryism…. Chris Gale Chippenham Wiltshire (letter)

Worcester News 25.10.06 Research using animals is vital - What do doctors think about the use of animals in medical research? Last month, we commissioned the first proper national survey for 13 years of family doctors' views on this issue. In the poll conducted by GP Net, the vast majority of GPs - 96 per cent - agree that animal research has made an important contribution to many medical advances…. DR SIMON FESTING, Executive Director, RDS: Understanding Animal Research in Medicine (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 25.10.06 DON'T REPEAT THIS CRUEL AND FUTILE RESEARCH - In 2001, pig organ transplants were pronounced "dead in the water" by the Department of Health's UK Xenotransplantation Interim Regulatory Authority (UKXIRA). In 2003, Uncaged Campaigns won a historic legal victory on public interest grounds which allowed it to publish leaked documents concerning failed pig-to-primate organ transplant experiments… Yet, despite the catalogue of failure and without even consulting its own panel of experts the Government has secretly permitted new research into pig organ transplants…. Yet, despite the catalogue of failure and without even consulting its own panel of experts the Government has secretly permitted new research into pig organ transplants…. Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 25.10.06 BEAR NECESSITIES ARE DRIVING COUPLE AFTER DISTRESS OF CHINA TRIP - Bear lovers Chris and Sue Hillman have returned from a distressing trip to Chinese rescue sanctuaries - and pledged to raise more money to save the mistreated animals.The couple, of Parkside Drive, Exmouth, part of the local Animals Asia action group, visited the charity's Moonbear Sanctuary in Chengdu province after four years of raising funds for the cause.... (story)

Bath Chronicle 25.10.06 FIREWORK 'FUN' - THINK OF ANIMALS - DAVID THOMAS, Hisomley, Nr Westbury (story)
Western Daily Press 18.10.06 FIREWORKS SCARE PETS AND WILDLIFE The selfish, indifferent and cruel will not be affected by this request, but may I ask people to think about the effect which weeks of letting off loud fireworks has on other species?... David Thomas Hisomley Wiltshire (letter)


Western Daily Press 24.10.06 CHEEKY PROTESTER'S MOUSE CONTROL OFFER - A Cheeky hunt protester has written to police stations across the West offering an 'illegal' pest control service.Devon landowner Giles Bradshaw is offering to use his dogs to chase and kill mice in what would breach the hunting ban. The farmer, who was one of the 10 human rights appellants in the Countryside Alliance's legal challenge to the ban, has already staged an 'illegal' flushing out at a deer sanctuary owned by the League Against Cruel Sports.... (story)

Western Daily Press 24.10.06 A WASTE OF POLICE RESOURCES, OR IS IT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST? - So, the Exmoor hunters are outraged because the Crown Prosecution Service has decided to prosecute a hunt.... It is in the public interest because these people must not be treated as a special case. They already believe they are special, and were coming to believe that the CPS saw them that way too, as were we who support the hunting ban.... Peter Bunce Haddenham Buckinghamshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.10.06 LAWS APPLY TO EVERYBODY - When a small faction of society breaks the law, the police are there for our protection and well-being.So, why does the hunting fraternity think that they are above the law?... R M Morris Minehead Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.10.06 ARROGANCE OF HUNTING SET - The sheer arrogance of hunting people: how dare they demand an explanation from the police as to their actions on charging Maurice Scott and his hunt servant?... Oh, and by the way, should my house be burgled, and there's a distinct lack of police presence next Friday, I will know just where the blame lies. Arrogant oafs. Mrs Jennie Cook Minehead Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.10.06 LOSING FAITH OF COUNTRY FOLK - How can Avon and Somerset Police justify wasting valuable police time, paid for by law-abiding people, hounding Maurice Scott and Peter Heard?When the streets of towns and villages are not safe at night, where are the police when you need them? They have arrested a 63-year-old man for a "supposed" hunting incident that took place last April…. Mrs B H Walkinshaw Wincanton Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.10.06 INTIMIDATING HUNT MONITORS - If the Hunting Act was brought in with the overwhelming support of the people as Helen Weeks makes out (Your Say, October 18), where are all these so- called supporters of the Hunting Act?.... Why do hunt monitors feel they have to film everybody? I was riding down the road last season on my own, as I had been left behind to shut a gate, and a hunt monitor turned his camera and filmed me. Was I about to break the law? I don't think so. As I am not in control of any hounds, why was there any need to film me? Intimidation, probably!... S Saunders Somerset (letter)

Shropshire Star 24.10.06 Alliance must learn the rules - I see that the Countryside Alliance has been accused by the League of Cruel Sports of inciting violence towards anti-hunt protesters in its handbook, Hunting without Harrassment.... I take hundreds of photos of hunts out exercising the hounds and don’t have any hassle like the hunt protesters do on private ground because I have had permission from the landowner, not like the protesters who just walk on any ground without permission. D Evans, Telford (letter)

Western Daily Press 24.10.06 IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO EAT IT, DON'T SHOOT IT - There should be a simple rule about field sports. If you're not going to eat it, don't shoot it.Every year I get steamed up about pheasants. I'm very partial to a roast pheasant, but for every one we buy at the butcher's, thousands upon thousands of carcasses are just dumped to rot after shoots.... (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 24.10.06 I’m entitled to shoot for food - IN response to Miss A Allotte, I don't quite get why you class my reply as laughable as I do eat 99.5 per cent of what I shoot. As for shooting magpies and crows, I point out two things. Firstly, I've tried eating both and find them bitter and unpalatable, but pigeons (wood pigeon not feral or commonly known as street rats) taste fabulous.... As for shooting being a sport, it is a sport but not a competition to see who can shoot the most. It is about being out in the countryside, enjoying yourself in a perfectly legal and moral pastime. RICK HOLDEN, Meins Road, Blackburn. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 24.10.06 Rural campaign group launched By Linda McKee - Remember the thousands of rural dwellers who marched on London a few years ago to make their support of hunting known? Their Irish counterparts, Countryside Alliance Ireland, plan to expand operations in Ulster. CAI's new regional director for Northern Ireland, Lyall Plant, has just taken up his post and a new CAI regional committee for Northern Ireland is being formed.... (story)

Western Mail 24.10.06 Hoey's dinner date at farming show - COUNTRYSIDE Alliance chairman and former Sports Minister Kate Hoey will be the guest speaker at this year's annual dinner organised by the Farmers' Union of Wales and NatWest in support of the United Counties Show at Carmarthen on Friday, October 27.... (story)
Western Mail 10.10.06 Kate Hoey speaks at FUW dinner - COUNTRYSIDE Alliance chairman and former Sports Minister, Kate Hoey, will be guest speaker at this year's Farmers' Union of Wales dinner. Miss Hoey is Labour MP for Vauxhall, but has her roots in agriculture. She was born on a family farm in Ulster and continues to ride and shoot.... (story)

Wirral Globe 24.10.06 Horse cruelty? - QUITE rightly, the RSPCA were concerned about the abuse of a dog found in a pitiable condition in Birkenhead recently ("Who Could Be So Cruel," Globe, October 4). Yet at the same time they consistently turn a blind eye to the flagrant whipping of racehorses…. C Bradley, Hoyle Road, Hoylake (story)

Hull Daily Mail 24.10.06 ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP HITS KC - Animal rights campaigners have targeted KC phone boxes amid claims the company provides services to an animal breeding firm. Two phone boxes in the East Riding were vandalised by protesters last week. They say KC is complicit in animal cruelty by providing services to B &K Universal, an Aldbrough company that supplies animals to laboratories... A statement, which was signed "Alf" and posted on the Northern Animal Rights Network (Narn) website, said: "Phone boxes belonging to KC were recently paid a visit throughout Humberside…. Narn spokesman Luke Steele said: "We do not encourage illegal acts. We have no idea who did this."… (story)

York Press 24.10.06 Fur protesters target traders By Sam Southgate - A TOP designer clothes store in York has backed a campaign by animal rights activists - after they protested outside the shop. Bosses at Sarah Coggles, in Low Petergate, have pledged to support campaigners from the Northern Animal Rights Network (NARN) after their anti-fur picket.... Adam Jagger, the company's head of retail, said most of the items at issue were either sheepskin or leather and the firm had donated to anti-cruelty campaigns in the past. He said it did not stock fur coats. He pledged to back the animal rights battle by selling NARN campaign clothing in the shops.... Protester Sarah Ford, 31, of Haxby, said: "They were very polite and kind to us, which is unusual…. (story)

Western Mail 24.10.06 Veggie debate could Peta out - Leigh Roberts, Western Mail - As a parent, it is pretty galling when a bunch of vegetarians tell me that by feeding my children meat I am guilty of child abuse. I believe the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals don't care about people, particularly if it gets in the way of a headline.... Here is what Peta says about farming, 'From the moment they are born to the time of their death, animals raised for food are subjected to fear, pain and suffering in animal factories.'... (story)


Western Daily Press 23.10.06 ANTIS WILL NOT GIVE UP FIGHT - Over the past few months, I have read many articles and letters in the Western Daily Press, and other papers and magazines, from the Countryside Alliance and other blood-sports fanatics, that are full of inaccuracies and misleading statements.... The letter from Ray Bird (Western Daily Press, October 18) is a good example. Would he please show us the court records and reports of anti-hunt people who have been convicted of violence against the hunt and its supporters?... P Richardson South Cerney Gloucestershire (story)
Western Daily Press 18.10.06 DO ANTIS HAVE AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE? - While I don't dispute Helen Weeks's and M J Haines's word that they have witnessed attacks on anti-hunt monitors by hunt followers, equally I have been present when mobs of their anti-hunt friends, clad in combat jackets, wearing masks and wielding clubs, have attacked pro-hunters, including when children on their ponies were present, leaving them shaking with fear.Even since the ban, there have been cases of antis attacking riders, even though it was obvious that they were only laying a false scent for hounds to follow, which clearly showed that their real motive was prejudice, and not animal welfare.... Ray Bird Acton Turville Gloucestershire (letter)

Scotsman 23.10.06 Wildlife crime unit needed to protect natural heritage - THE Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals believes the war against wildlife crime has been considerably strengthened by the location of the National Wildlife Crime Unit in Scotland.... The crimes in Scotland, such as the poisoning of birds of prey, finch trapping and badger baiting involve immense suffering... KAY DRIVER, Chief executive, SSPCA, Queensferry Road, Edinburgh
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has revealed that between 1995 and 2006 there were 1,113 confirmed incidents of birds of prey being poisoned, shot at or having their nests destroyed….It seems those in the game shooting industry are in denial as to the extent of the persecution. Thankfully, the police and government have a clearer view. LOGAN D STEELE, Bridgewater Avenue, Auchterarder, Perthshire
The siting of the NWCU in Scotland is to be warmly welcomed… ROSS MINETT, Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (story)

Jersey Evening Post 23.10.06 Visitor claims fox sighting at Ouaisné By Andy Sibcy - AFTER a few days lying low, the elusive Jersey fox has been sighted again. Wendy Harris, a regular visitor to the Island, was out walking with two dogs on Ouaisné Common on Friday at around 8 am when she caught sight of it.... (story may be in archive)
Jersey Evening Post 26.9.06 Foxes may be able swim here From Tony Legg. Le Catillon, St Martin. ALTHOUGH it is highly unlikely, the possibility of a fox swimming to Jersey from France is remote but feasible. I have seen foxes on small Atlantic islands off the coast of Ireland at lambing time… What is certain is that no friendly farmer has given the poor thing a lift to save its fur getting wet… As all the other possible means of entry to the island are equally bizarre, swimming should be left on the list… (story in archive)
Jersey Evening Post 22.9.06 Could Cola have foxed us all? By Kathryn Lundy - A COUPLE believe that their dog could be the key to the sightings of a fox in recent weeks. Cola, a three-and-a-half-year-old collie cross, looks remarkably like the fox many people have described as stalking the Island in the last month, according to her owner, Jack Kirk. He said she could easily have been mistaken for the beast - especially as she has a habit of wandering off… (story in archive)
Jersey Evening Post 21.9.06 Over 20 sightings of mystery fox By Kathryn Lundy - MORE than 20 Islanders now claim to have spotted the mystery fox. Centenier Malcolm L'Amy, who was first alerted to the claims last month, says he is now pretty convinced it exists… (story in archive)
Jersey Evening Post 20.9.06 More sightings of fox are claimed More sightings of fox are claimed - MORE puzzled Islanders are claiming to have spotted the elusive fox that has yet to be caught… (story in archive)
Jersey Evening Post 16.9.06 More sightings of mystery fox - MORE people have come forward claiming they have definitely seen a fox in the Island…. Among those who have come forward following that appeal are Ann Le Rendu, from St Peter, who said she and her children are certain they saw a fox on the Five Mile Road a fortnight ago… Anyone with information should call Centenier L'Amy on 077977 20111 (story in archive)
Jersey Evening Post 14.9.06 Fox sightings reported after animals killed By Diane Simon - CLAIMS that a fox has been spotted in Jersey have followed the savaging of animals around the Island in the past month…. St Peter Chef de Police Malcolm L'Amy received the first report of a fox sighting after he appealed for information about the killing of a rabbit and a pet chicken at a house at Les Augerez. He received a call from a motorist who said that he and his partner had seen a fox in daylight in Rue des Tourettes between Devil's Hole and Crabbé… (story in archive)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 23.10.06 MP's bid to end testing loophole - CITY MP Stewart Jackson has signed a declaration calling on MEPs to close the legislative loophole that means testing cosmetics on animals could soon become legal.... (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 23.10.06 CULLING WON'T STOP SEAGULLS - We have read that Cheltenham Borough Council was considering culling gulls by shooting them with air guns... Kill the existing gulls and they will be replaced in days or weeks by new gulls keen to exploit the available resources... John F. Robins, Secretary, Animal Concern Advice Line, Dumbarton. (story)


Bedfordshire on Sunday 22.10.06 'Harmless' hunt kills farmer's llamas - Hunting hounds savaged a flock of alpacas, resulting in the death of one of the animals. Dogs belonging to the Oakley Hunt were drag-hunting when they got in to a field attached to Horsehill Farm, near Harlington…. A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said: "This is obviously an extremely unfortunate incident. Mrs Smith and the Oakley Hunt are discussing the matter amicably…. (story)

Independent on Sunday 22.10.06 Do fish feel pain? By Geoffrey Lean and Andrew Johnson - Animal cruelty campaigners, who shot to fame with anti-fur adverts featuring naked supermodels, are planning to take on their most ambitious target yet: Britain's 2.6 million anglers. Fish, insists Peta - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - are "complex and intelligent individuals", cleverer than monkeys, who feel pain "like every other animal". So they are preparing posters and lining up celebrities, and models dressed as mermaids, to try to persuade lovers of Britain's most popular sport to end the "terror and suffering"… (story)


Western Daily Press 21.10.06 'IT'S TIME WE STOOD UP FOR OURSELVES' - Strongly-worded advice from hunt leaders to get tough on anti-hunt monitors was a 'deliberate' move to make hunts 'stand up for themselves', the Countryside Alliance said yesterday.The advice in this season's new 'Hunting Handbook' tells hunts how they can make citizen's arrests on monitors and saboteurs, and how to physically escort them from fields and footpaths.... (story)

Worcester News 21.10.06 Fox is now a friend not an arch enemy - Recent letters concerning the RSPCA reminded me of one of its uniformed officials who lived near me many years ago.... I knew he had the highest regard for the hunting fraternity, whom he frequently visited in the course of his work... Times have changed and nowadays few people panic when a fox appears. I have heard that there are some who actually welcome and feed it. JOHN HINTON, Worcester (story)

Irish Examiner 21.10.06 Whaling is a cruel and immoral business - ICELAND has started commercial whaling again after 20 years of abstaining from this gruesome trade.... Diane Richards-Hughes, Kilnamartra, Macroom, Co Cork (letter)

Irish Examiner 21.10.06 Why slaughter these beautiful creatures? EVERYONE who cares for wildlife and the environment will be revolted by the decision of Iceland to resume whaling... Catherine Forde, 30 Carrigwell, Carrignavar, Co Cork (letter)

Guardian 21.10.06 Why not start with ethical treatment of each other? - Perhaps the Mills-McCartneys could focus more on their daughter's protection than bank balances and reputations - Marina Hyde .... More worthy of note, perhaps, are the limits of the couple's compassion, which seem to confirm the truism that many bleeding-heart animal-rights sympathisers tend to run dry when it comes to humans.... Eating meat, Sir Macca once remarked to a dinner companion, is "like what Hitler did to the fucking Jews", while Heather - a strident activist for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - recently fronted a campaign against milk by a vegan group that maintains it causes cancer. Not an intellectual stretch, perhaps, for a woman who stated that the late Mail columnist Lynda Lee Potter contracted a brain tumour as the result of "karma". The Mills-McCartneys deal in moral certainties…. . Heaven knows all humans are fallible - many of us more than others - but we achieve far less for us and ours by hectoring than we do by being civil. People for the ethical treatment of each other has always been the most worthwhile cause (story)
Telegraph 21.10.06 Lady McCartney contradicts own version of marital bliss - Heather Mills McCartney faced fresh controversy in her divorce battle with Sir Paul last night.... While the former model made her first public appearance since the leak of her divorce papers, attending the offices of her lawyers, Juliet Gellatley appeared on GMTV to defend her to the hilt.... Ms Gellatley, founder of the animal rights charity Viva, called Lady McCartney a "lovely, warm, passionate person" with a "big sense of humour."… (story)


Western Daily Press 20.10.06 POLICE ACTION WAS OVER THE TOP - Have the police taken complete leave of their senses? It appears from reports in the Press (October 18) that a 63-year-old farmer from Exmoor was held in police custody at Minehead police station for two- and-a-half hours for an offence relating to the Hunting Act, allegedly committed in April.What on Earth do the police think they are doing? Have they arrested all the burglars and violent criminals in Avon and Somerset? Do they not think they need the support of the local community in carrying out their policing duties?... David Lowes Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 20.10.06 POLICE WON'T PROTECT ME - I Have, for the past 18 months, been openly breaking the Hunting Act by deliberately chasing deer with dogs.I have regularly reported this matter to the police so they can decide whether or not to enforce the law - they have chosen not to.... I have started appearing on extremist animal rights websites, labelled a "hunt scum" and "countryside terrorist"…. when I reported this matter to the police officer concerned, he completely ignored me. After complaining, I have been told that no action will be taken and all information passed on to the "force legal adviser"… I have specifically asked what if I am burgled, or my house burned down, and the answer is the same. No flashing lights and screaming sirens for me, just a file languishing on the anonymous adviser's desk…. Giles Bradshaw North Devon (letter)

Western Daily Press 20.10.06 HOW ANTIS CAN HELP BEAT CRIME - So Helen Weeks and the anti-hunt fraternity are not happy with a law which has taken 700 hours of Parliamentary time and hundreds of hours of police time to keep the peace between hunt and anti-hunt supporters... Now is the time for the anti-hunt brigade to turn their skills with cameras, for the benefit of human life, to help the police crack down on crime, such as the mugging of old people, and beatings in the street for money, fly-tipping, dropping litter in the streets, etc, passing on the information to assist the police. N Yeoman Somerset (letter)

Hoddeston & Broxbourne Mercury 20.10.06 Animal rights protesters stage third demo at firm - ANIMAL rights protesters continued their campaign against pharmaceutical giant Merck Sharpe & Dohme by gathering outside the firm's UK headquarters in Hoddesdon. Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, which organised the protest outside Merck's gates in Hertford Road, claims the company employs the services of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), a vivisection laboratory based in Cambridgeshire.... The protest, which lasted for over an hour and involved just under a dozen activists, was peaceful but noisy... Campaign spokesman Greg Avery, 38, said: "They really don't like it, but we're here to confront them. … (story)

Times 20.10.06 Naming order - Oxford University has won a High Court order forcing Speak, an animal rights group, to disclose the names of activists who published the identity of the company supposedly building a £20 million research centre... (story)
Oxford Mail 20.10.06 Speak barred from naming firms - A temporary court order has been issued banning animal rights group Speak from publishing the name of any company it claims is building Oxford University's controversial new animal lab. A temporary order was granted on Monday and legal representatives from the university will return to the High Court today to seek a permanent ban.... (story)
Times 18.10.06 Animal test gag Oxford University has won an emergency High Court order against Speak, an animal rights group, demanding it remove from its website the name of a company it claims is building an animal testing laboratory. The construction company Mace denies involvement.... (story)
Guardian 17.10.06 Animal rights activists announce their next 'legitimate target': 2012 Olympic site - Animal rights extremists warned yesterday that the 2012 Olympic site was now a target for direct action after claiming one of the companies involved in the project was behind the building of a controversial £20m animal research laboratory at Oxford University. Speak, the animal rights organisation campaigning against the laboratory, issued an internet statement "identifying" the construction firm, Mace Ltd, as the "key company" in the Oxford project…. Last night, Mace Ltd, which is part of the CLM consortium that won the contract to manage the Olympic project, issued a statement denying they were working on the Oxford building… The denials were rejected by Robert Cogswell, from Speak…. (story)
Oxford Mail 17.10.06 Firm denies building new animal lab - The company which animal rights group Speak claimed to be the contractor building Oxford University's new animal research lab has categorically denied any involvement. Mace Plus Ltd refuted claims published on the Speak website that it had been contracted to build the £20m research facility in South Parks Road. Mace is involved in building work for swimming at the 2012 Olympics and Speak threatened it might target its Games' operation.... (story)


Kentish Gazette 19.10.06 Fairytale ending for champion cob Trimmed, oiled and shampooed from head to tail - LOOKING every inch the star that he is, So Smart poses for the camera after winning a top title in the horse world. The coloured cob from Bishopsbourne was judged Supreme Horse at this year's Horse of the Year Show. His proud owner Camilla Neame said it was a fairytale ending to a rags-to-riches' story for the six-year-old gelding, known as Smartie... She bought the 15.1hh horse and took him home to Bishopsbourne, where she showed him and hunted him with the East Kent Hunt.... (story)

North Devon Journal 19.10.06 HUNT HOPES TO EXTEND TOURIST APPEAL - The exmoor Foxhounds is hoping to extend the reach of its appeal, after being included on a tourism website.The Equinetourism website features a link to the hunt and gives information to visitors on a whole range of places to stay and horsey things to do.... Spokeswoman Astra Fletcher said: "This ties in nicely with our own website and will enable us to reach many more people, most of whom have never realised how local hunts fit into the community, or that we are a bunch of friendly, ordinary and extraordinary people…. (story)

Western Daily Press 19.10.06 PLAYING FOR TIME - Regarding the letter "Kick out Labour and hunting law" (Your Say, October 14), some 700 hours of debate was largely due to resistance in the House of Lords… M O'Leary Malmesbury (letter)
Western Daily Press 14.10.06 KICK OUT LABOUR AND HUNTING LAW - So Helen Weeks and the anti-hunt fraternity are not happy with the Hunting Act, and the hunting community is not happy with this vastly unpopular law. Doesn't this prove that a Labour Government that took more than 700 hours to force this law through must be incompetent?... S Saunders Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.10.06 PHEASANTS STEAL MY ANIMALS' FOOD - I Am almost surrounded in my small cottage by fields used for the last few years for pheasant release and shooting, outlying from the owner's woods where much of the shoot takes place... I used to like pheasants, and bred a few exotics as a child, but on a frosty morning they are in my field en masse to eat my animals' grain as well as my fruit.... H Evans Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire (letter)

Redhill and Reigate Life 19.10.06 No need to infliict pain - I could not agree more with your contributor (Cruel Hooks, Life, October 11). What hope is there for mankind when the young children of today do not have feelings for their fellow creatures?... May I also join with your contributor with a plea to all fishermen to be ultra-careful with their fishing lines to ensure they do not entangle the swans with which we have been blessed. Alfred G Herd, Tollgate Avenue, Redhill (letter)

Preston Citizen 19.10.06 Protest at firm’s link to animal testing lab By Andrew Greaves - Animal rights campaigners staged a protest outside a Leyland firm that supplied equipment to the controversial Huntingdon Life Sciences company which tests drugs on animals. Protesters from the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty group unfurled banners outside the Chiller Rental Services plant in Wigan Road, Leyland.... Campaign organiser Jarrah Selvy said: "We are protesting at firms which have contracts with Huntingdon Life Sciences…. (story)
Redditch Standard 19.10.06 Animal campaigners target town firm - Lianne Cooper - PROTESTERS targeted a Redditch company with alleged links to animal testing this week. Campaigners from Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty (SHAC) gathered outside Triac Air Conditioning, based on Prospect Hill, armed with placards and a megaphone to fight for their cause…. Greg Avery of SHAC said there was no excuse for working with HLS... Protester Emma Phipps added their aim was to put financial pressure on HLS.... (story)
Redditch Advertiser 17.10.06 Animal testing demo comes to town By Jo Lafferty- ANIMAL rights protesters disrupted business at a Redditch air conditioning company yesterday. With a megaphone, placards and leaflets, a group of eight activists from SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) protested outside Triac Air Conditioning on Prospect Hill…. Protester Jerrah Selby, 18, said: "These people may not have been physically testing on animals but they know full well the cruelty that goes on."… (story)

The Comet 19.10.06 It is such a shame that a high profile celebrity such as David Seaman is backing such a cruel sport as greyhound racing and supporting this industry which is responsible for the death, neglect and abuse of tens of thousands of these loving, loyal and graceful breed of dog... CATHERINE ORMROD, Taylor Road, Hindley Green, Wigan
I would like to thank your paper for giving those of us who care about the welfare of the racing greyhound a chance to put our views across. No matter how much those in favour of racing try to hoodwink the general public with tales of how well they care for their dogs the figures speak for them selves…. ANTHEA FROST, Brewers Lodge, Patshull, Shropshire
How, I wonder,does Mark arrive at the conclusion that the future of greyhounds is 'not as bleak as it is made out to be?' The Retired Greyhound Trust, to which he makes reference, has re-homed 35,000 dogs since being set up in 1974... e RGT has failed to find homes for 285,000 greyhounds, ie eight times as many as it has homed. TRISTAN WYNNE-JONES (letters)
The Comet 12.10.06 Cruel sport - I refer to your reply from Paul Roberts regarding the Dog Protest at Henlow Greyhound Stadium. Mr Roberts wrote in saying how much he loves his racing dogs and gives them a biscuit before bed each night. It seems that the folk at Henlow greyhound stadium seem to have missed the point that they are part of the mass industry of destruction that is greyhound racing.... NAME AND ADDRESS WTHHELD (letter)
The Comet 5.10.06 Going to the dogs - I refer to your article in The Comet last week with relation to the "Dog Protest" at Henlow Greyhound Stadium… I train and race these adorable dogs and let me firstly state that nobody, I repeat nobody, cares about their dogs as much as I do. I love them with an absolute passion. The greyhounds in my care - and in the care of the the majority of my fellow trainers - are treated extremely well… Should any of the protesters or the writer, want to adopt one of our lovely dogs, please do not hesitate to contact me. But only if you guarantee our dogs a long, happy and loving retirement. PAUL ROBERTS, The Willows, Great North Road, Stotfold
In reply to George Wallace why do you need to label those of us who care about the plight of the racing greyhound animal rights activists? Yes I do care about the 30,000 dogs a year who give their lives to the racing industry but no I am not violent or abusive… ANTHEA FROST, Brewers Lodge, Pathsull, Shrops
- Congratulations to the brave people who protested outside Henlow race track last week. Bit by bit the public are becoming aware of the atrocities of the greyhound racing industry and have decided that it has to stop… W JORDAN, Cardiff
I read with interest the letter 'Support for dog protest' in The Comet last week. I have been a patron of the Greyhound track at Henlow for the past few years and have found their safety record to be one of the best in the country… MARK (letters)

Redditch Standard 19.10.06 Veggie sermon disgusted me - HAPPY as I was to see the author of the recent letter 'Call to go Veggie' had put pen to paper, I was nonetheless confused, confounded and disgusted at the arrogance displayed by the tone and content of the sermon. The fact that the largest growing cause of deforestation in the Amazon is in fact Soya farming is overlooked.... James Lang Redditch (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 19.10.06 Town in tune with protest - I WRITE in connection to the report on the Animal Rights demo outside the Swindon phone shop (SA, October 14). I would just like to thank the people of Swindon for their overwhelming interest and support during our protest against Vodafone's involvement in the vivisection industry... J HALL, Cirencester (story)
Swindon Advertiser 14.10.06 Animal rights demo at phone shop By Kevin Burchall - ANIMAL rights campaigners camped outside a Swindon shop in protest against the firm providing funding for Oxford University. The demonstration was carried out by members of the animal rights group SPEAK in front of the Vodafone store in Canal Walk yesterday lunch-time. Around a dozen protesters converged on the town to voice their disapproval of Vodafone.... Mel Broughton, co-founder of SPEAK, said the purposes of the campaign group's visit to Swindon were to educate the public.... SPEAK members travelled from as far afield as Newcastle to take part in the protest... Sixteen-year-old Laurie Pycroft, founder of ProTest, was out shopping in one of the town centre's bookshops when he got a call from one of his mates to alert him to the protest... (story)

Manchester Evening News 19.10.06 These cruel tests - THE European Union is currently drafting plans, which could mean that millions of animals will die in Europe’s largest mass animal testing programme.... The new proposal, known as REACH, is intended to assess the safety of tens of thousands of chemicals... I urge all readers to contact their local MEPs and seek their support for modern and humane tests instead. Elaine White, Stretford (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 19.10.06 CHINESE CRUELTY - Re the website Peta.org.uk about cruelty to animals in China. In 2008 the Olympic Games will be held in Beijing when China will wish to show its country at its very best. What you will not see is the appalling cruelty to its animals, including the culling of over 50,000 cats and dogs... Support Peta and write to Zha Peixing, Embassy of P/Rep of China... B & D TORR Wilford (story)

Bristol Evening Post 19.10.06 SARAH HAS BIG PLANS TO RESCUE ANIMALS - An animal lover from Ashley Down is preparing a trip to Sri Lanka to help rescue neglected cats and dogs.Sarah Bishop, 43, pictured above, is joining up with Home and Abroad Animal Welfare (HAAAW) to care for pets that have been abandoned and abused.... (story)

Cornishman 19.10.06 FINDING MEANS BADGER CULLING HAS NO PLACE IN TB CONTROL - Roger driverWest Cornwall Badger Group - This major new report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the United States' premier scientific journal, has revealed that cattle rapidly spread bovine TB to badgers. The hugely significant findings mean that by controlling bovine TB in cattle through better TB testing, the prevalence of TB will also be reduced in badgers.... (story)

Kidderminster Shuttle 19.10.06 Humane method of slaughtering - THE letter Shame of serving halal meat at our schools (October 12 issue) is wrong to claim that Jews kill animals by having their throats cut and their blood drained while still conscious and have agreed to stunning first... Shechita actually accomplished what other methods of slaughter attempt, namely the immediate and irreversible abolition of consciousness until death supervenes.... DAVID RUSSELL The Shechita UK PR Office London (story)
Worcester News 16.10.06 MP and the cruelty of halal slaughter - After MP Mike Foster spent 720 hours of government time bringing in the hunting ban how can he possibly sit quiet and let schoolchildren in his town eat meat which is slaughtered in the most barbaric way possible?... My children will not be having meat for school dinners anymore until this barbaric slaughter is stopped. My family and I all hunt and I believe that the only people who care for animals are the people who know the truth. PETE MOUNTJOY, Hallow. (letter)
Worcester Evening News 13.10.06 Public kept in dark over halal meat - I am shocked that the public have been deliberately kept in the dark over the issue of halal meat... Perhaps the saying of Miguel de Cervantes should be heeded: "When thou art at Rome, do as they do at Rome." THOMAS LOUGHER, Pershore. (story)
Kidderminster Shuttle 11.10.06 Shame of serving halal meat at our schools - WHAT a disgrace that schools are serving halal meat to Christian and other faiths in this area (Shuttle/Times & News, September 28). There is nowhere in Islam that says animals have to be killed by having their throats cut and their blood drained while still conscious. Jews use this method of killing animals but have agreed to stunning first... NAME & ADDRESS SUPPLIED Kidderminster, (letter)
Worcester News 11.10.06 Pigs' bloody end - Regarding halal slaughter (Letters, Seamus Kelly, October 6) as a village lad in the 1940s I saw Englishmen string live pigs up by their back legs and cut their throats. The pigs used to squeal in panic as they bled to death. GEORGE COWLEY, Warndon, Worcester. (letter)
Worcester Evening News 6.10.06 Appeasing the cruel slaughter of animals I wish there was more tolerance of non-Muslims' views on the halal slaughter of animals. I believe halal killing is barbaric and should be outlawed in a country renowned for its respect for animals…. I'm disappointed and annoyed by our MP Mike Foster, whose only solution to the problem of halal slaughter is appeasement. But what can we expect from someone who continues his fight to deny the rights of rural folk to follow the country pursuit of foxhunting?... SEAMUS KELLY, Worcester. (letter)
Worcester Evening News 4.10.06 Meat row caterers take dish off menu at schools By Rebecca Fisher - A COMPANY that uses meat slaughtered in a controversial way for dinners at 50 county schools is to remove it from the menu after concerns from parents and headteachers. Class Catering has decided to stop using halal meat - the type preferred by Jews and Muslims - after receiving about a dozen calls objecting to it…. Martin Roberts, organiser of the city's BNP, last week said he was appalled to hear pupils are being served halal meat without being informed….. (story)
Worcester Evening News 3.10.06 Halal meat and blatant PR stunt - I am shocked that the Worcester News has fallen for a blatant BNP PR stunt based on the issue of halal meat…. NEIL GOODRICH, Worcester. (story)
Kidderminster Shuttle 28.9.06 Halal meat served in schools - PUPILS at Wyre Forest schools are being unknowingly fed halal poultry, it was revealed this week…. (story)
Worcester Evening News 27.9.06 School meals meat row By Rebecca Fisher - CHILDREN across the county are being fed controversial meat products in school dinners unknown to themselves and their parents. A Freedom of Information request to Worcestershire County Council revealed 38 primary, 18 middle and 20 high schools routinely serve halal meat - the type preferred by Muslims and Jews… organiser of the city BNP, Martin Roberts, who submitted the FoI, said he was appalled to hear pupils are being served halal meat without being informed… (story)

Burton Mail 19.10.06 Controversial circus to visit town by Hannah Collier - A CONTROVERSIAL circus which still has performing animals is hoping the crowds will roll up, roll up in Burton. Bobby Roberts Super Circus is heading for the site of the former Burton Car Centre in Wellington Road, Burton, next week. However, the circus has been a target for animal rights protestors in the past because of its use of horses and miniature ponies in its show. ... (story)


Carmarthen Journal 18.10.06 MP SLATED OVER ALLIANCE LINKS - SARAH-JANE WILLIAMS - Furore has broken out in the Labour party after Environment Secretary David Milliband was pictured with Countryside Alliance chief executive Simon Hart, from Narberth.... Mr Hart is also a Conservative A-list candidate who hopes to unseat Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire Labour MP Nick Ainger... (story)
Western Daily Press 18.10.06 MILIBAND SHOULD BE PROUD OF HUNT ACT - I Share Chris Gale's disgust at David Miliband, posing in smiling solidarity, with the so-called Countryside Alliance (Western Daily Press, October 14), an organisation the very name of which is an insult to those who care about the countryside and the creatures which live in it... Helen Weeks West Coker Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 17.10.06 CLARIFICATION - Following a report on Saturday (Miliband hunt lobby photo sparks anger), we would like to state that Chris Gale is an NEC member of Labour Animal Welfare Society, not a member of the Labour NEC... (story)
Western Daily Press 17.10.06 SUPPORT THOSE WHO ELECTED YOU - I , And many of my colleagues, are absolutely outraged at Environment Secretary David Miliband cosying up with that loathsome organisation the Countryside Alliance... I, and many others, worked damned hard for our anti-hunt Labour MPs before the last election. ... Nevertheless, Labour won through, but I believe they wouldn't have stood a cat in hell's chance of being re-elected had it not been for the fact people were afraid of losing the hunt ban.... Judi Hewitt North Wales (story)
Western Daily Press 14.10.06 MILIBAND HUNT LOBBY PHOTO SPARKS ANGER BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - It's an image few on either side of the bitter row over hunting with dogs ever thought they would see - a Labour Environment Minister smiling broadly as his picture is taken with the leaders of the Countryside Alliance.And the photo of new Environment Secretary David Miliband standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Simon Hart, the Alliance's chief executive, has sent shockwaves through the animal rights community and infuriated Labour-supporting anti-hunt campaigners... Chris Gale, chairman of the Chippenham branch of the Labour Party, said the image would lose Labour a vast swathe of their army of supporters who were mobilised last year to fight the election..... (story)
Guardian 11.10.06 Minister sparks anger over hunt meeting - David Hencke, Westminster correspondent - David Miliband, the environment secretary, is facing protests from Labour party anti-hunt activists after he posed for pictures with Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, at the Labour conference in Manchester. A complaint against Mr Miliband is to made to Labour's national executive committee accusing him of giving publicity to the alliance, whose supporters were seen to be behind a campaign at the last election to unseat Labour MPs who oppose hunting.... Chris Gale, chairman of Chippenham Labour party, who is to lodge the complaint, said.... Helen Weeks, a hunt monitor from West Coker, Somerset, said.... Judi Hunt, an anti-hunt campaigner from north Wales, said... Rodney Hale, from Crediton, Devon, has written to Mr Miliband.... (story)

Western Daily Press 18.10.06 THE 4X4 BULLIES WHO ARE MAKING LIFE L... The Boy is learning to drive, his newly acquired wheels conspicuously and correctly displaying L-plates fore and aft. Alas, this is not enough to protect him from the intimidating behaviour of a certain section of the motoring classes... However, the greatest challenge he faces to his developing skills is the behaviour of 4x4 drivers.... The key to this behaviour lies in the elevated driving position of such vehicles: only slightly lower than the back of a horse where, to judge from their appearance, most of the owners spend three days a week in supposedly legal pursuit of fox or stag. Thus the haughty arrogance which leads them, while on the back of a hunter, to expect to be treated like royalty by mere pedestrians also comes into play when they are driving... (story)

Western Daily Press 18.10.06 HUNT MONITORS FEAR ATTACKS (OCTOBER 7) - Let us not forget the harassment and violence that those legally hunting have met day after day. Do not paint your side as the innocent victims in all this. Just ask the farmer who was dragged from his quad bike and viciously beaten until he was in a coma. What about the pubs and businesses, or parents of hunt staff, who have received threatening letters?... Claire, Cirencester (letter)

Scotsman 18.10.06 Animals as commodities - Your report (14 October) that 15,000 birds were slaughtered at an East Lothian farm is a brutal reminder that living creatures are merely commodities to be casually disposed of at will.... The Scottish Parliament had the courage to face down the fox-hunting lobby. Let's hope it will not be too long before it starts to do similar to the factory farming industry and the breeding of pheasants, simply to satisfy the blood lust of people who have little regard for animal life. ALAN CLAYTON, Letters Way, Strachur, Argyll (story)

Morecambe Citizen 18.10.06 Pigeons least of our worries - THE 'Concerned Citizen' in last week's Visitor should get a life. If the only thing they have to be concerned about is pigeons, they must lead a pretty charmed life indeed. I have never met anyone who has been ill or caught a disease because of a pigeon. Why don't people just leave them alone? They are God's creatures, not vermin.... Jacqui Wilkinson, Lake Grove, Morecambe (story)

North East Evening Gazette 18.10.06 Been caught out? - I write to take issue with the biased and scientifically misleading letter from Ms Slade concerning fish (It's A Fishy Business, 5.10.06). She would have us believe that we do not need to eat fish to get the omega-3 polyunsaturates that our bodies need for optimal health... Most people in the UK and elsewhere, for a variety of genetic, lifestyle and diet-related reasons, are unable to carry out this transformation at a rate high enough to meet their needs for long chain omega-3 polyunsaturates.... It seems obvious to me from Ms Slade's letter that she has a hidden agenda - she wants us all to become vegetarians, or even worse, vegans! If Ms Slade and her friends want to eat this way, that is their right; but they should stop using half-truths and distortions to try to persuade the rest of us to follow their example. RAY RICE, MS, PhD, International Cod Liver Omega-3 Foundation (letter)
North East Evening Gazette 5.10.06 It's a fishy business - KELLY SLADE, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)
South London Press 18.10.06 Fish feel pain and stress too - Kelly Slade, Campaigns officer, Animal Aid (story)
Western Gazette 5.10.06 DURING Seafood week (6 - 13 October), Animal Aid is asking people to consider the following five facts before they next head for the fish counter: You do not need to eat fish to be healthy…. Fish feel pain and stress. Fish are killed in a variety of brutal methods that include being clubbed, gassed, asphyxiated or gutted alive. For further information or to send for a free Go Veggie pack, contact Animal Aid… Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 18.10.06 Could you give a home to a rat? - I AM hoping your readers might be able to help out with a bit of an animal population explosion! I am one of the News & Star website bloggers and run Fat Rat Rescue in Carlisle. I often work hand-in-hand with Kevin Kerr of local charity Animal Concern Cumbria.... Joanne Park, Carlisle (letter)


Western Morning News 17.10.06 HUNT RIOTERS EARNED IT - The pro-hunt rioters in Parliament Square got exactly what they deserved... Hunting is a violent and abusive activity which brings out the worst in its supporters. It is well documented that abuse of animals and abuse of people often goes hand in hand.... David Williams, Address withheld (letter)

Western Morning News 17.10.06 STAG HUNT DONATION - I read with confusion your report on Devon and Somerset Staghound young followers donating money to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust. A spokesman for the stag hunt says its main aim is deer "management". Deer torture, surely?... We also need to get the 2,000 donation into context - to what degree does this figure merely pay back a fraction of the burden regularly imposed on the emergency services by all these reckless idiots?... Simon Hacker Hillesley (letter)
North Devon Journal 5.10.06 YOUNG HUNT FOLLOWERS HELP AIR AMBULANCE - Devon and Somerset Staghounds' Young Supporters' Club have mounted an energetic fund raising campaign.The group will present the fruits of its labours to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust on Saturday…. (story)
Western Morning News 30.9.06 SUPPORTERS RIDE, RUN, CYCLE AND SHOOT FOR AIR AMBULANCE - A team tetrathlon organised by the Devon and Somerset Staghounds Young Supporters Club raised £2,000 for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust, which will be presented to the charity at Simonsbath today…. (story)

Western Daily Press 17.10.06 STORE UNDER FIRE OVER GAME BIRDS - Animal rights campaigners have denounced Sainsbury's over the store's decision to launch a new range of game meat.Animal Aid says game breeding and sport shooting is cruel and wasteful, and should never be considered as the production of healthy wild food. Sainsbury's has joined forces with the British Association for Shooting and Conservation Game's On campaign to increase the profile of game meat.... Consultant Kit Davidson said: "Sainsbury's is marketing shot birds with the slogan 'taste the difference', but this mass-produced product serves only the cruel shooting industry, pharmaceutical drugs manufacturers and the fat-cats who profit from sport shooting."… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 17.10.06 Public support for 'mutilation' of animals ban - ANIMAL welfare campaigners have claimed overwhelming public support for a ban on procedures such as de-horning, castration and ear-tagging. Edinburgh-based Advocates for Animals said an opinion poll had found nine out of ten Scots believed animal "mutilations" should be outlawed… (story)
Scotsman 17.10.06 Tail docking ban must stay - ANIMAL lovers yesterday urged ministers not to back down over a ban on docking dogs' tails. The call came as the Scottish Executive launched a consultation on plans to ban animal "mutilation"… (story)
Daily Record 17.10.06 KEEP BAN ON CUTTING DOG TAILS - ANIMAL lovers have urged ministers not to back down over a ban on docking dogs' tails. The call came as the Executive launched a consultation on plans to outlaw animal "mutilation" in Scotland…. The Scottish Gamekeepers' Association said it was needed to prevent damage to the tails of working hounds. But campaign group Advocates for Animals said: "We welcome the Executive's approach to the tail-docking of dogs… (story)
BBC News Online 16.10.06 Views wanted on animal mutilation Opinions are being sought on plans to ban acts of animal mutilation in Scotland under new laws which came into force earlier this month. Scotland under new laws which came into force earlier this month. The consultation will cover issues including castrations, ear tagging, tail docking and branding. It follows the introduction of the Animal Health and Welfare Act which gives animals more protection. … Edinburgh-based lobby group Advocates for Animals commissioned a Scottish poll of which there were 1036 respondents. It found that that nine out of 10 people surveyed believed all or some such procedures should be banned…..(story)

Northern Echo 17.10.06 NE bird of prey blackspot - THE North-East and North Yorkshire have emerged as two of the worst blackspots for the persecution of birds of prey.... Figures from the RSPB show that Northumberland has the highest number of confirmed incidents of bird persecution in England, with 41 in the past ten years... (story)

Western Morning News 17.10.06 DON'T SLAUGHTER SUCH BEAUTIFUL BIRDS - I read that the regular slaughter of beautiful birds by the "shooting Fraternity" puts millions into the South West economy. So what? It is blood money; akin to the blood money generated by the arms industry, the slaughter of young seals, and whales…. Tony Culver, Barnstaple (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 17.10.06 CAMPAIGNERS TELL VISITORS SHOW'S OFF - Animal rights protesters told visitors to a show at Cheltenham racecourse it had been cancelled.Chimera - which involves horses performing tricks - was on show at the race course from Thursday to Sunday.... Chris Dowdeswell, of Gloucestershire Animal Action, denied his group had sent people away.... (story)


Halifax Courier 16.10.06 THE PRICE OF ANIMAL RESEARCH - WHAT do doctors think about the use of animals in medical research? Last month we commissioned the first proper national survey for 13 years of family doctors' views on this issue. In the poll, conducted by GP Net, the vast majority of GPs – 96 per cent – agree that animal research has made an important contribution to many medical advances.... (Dr) Simon Festing, (Executive Director , RDS: Understanding Animal Research in Medicine) (letter)

Irish Independent 16.10.06 38,000 animal lab tests and no checks on extent of suffering - Aideen Sheehan - ALMOST 38,000 animals underwent laboratory experiments last year and there was no official State monitoring to guard against unnecessary suffering. Also, only one-fifth of the trials were deemed essential under Irish law, figures have revealed.... The Anti-Vivisection Society said the Department of Health had effectively issued "licences to kill" some 37,940 animals…. According to spokesperson the society, Yvonne Smalley, the main problem was the culture of secrecy regarding what happened to the animals during experimentation…. (story)

Western Daily Press 16.10.06 GULLS FACE CULL BY JOHN SYKES J.SYKES@BEPP.CO.UK - Animal rights campaigners have reacted angrily to proposals to shoot seagulls in Cheltenham.Borough councillors are considering the use of snipers armed with air weapons to reduce bird numbers after a string of complaints over the summer... Andrew Tyler, director of protest group Animal Aid, said: "We chuck tonnes of stuff around us which encourages them. "When they swoop for an ice cream, we scream and have a tantrum and say that animal must die. "It's absurd, hysterical and hateful."… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 16.10.06 RSPCA responsible for Act - PERHAPS David Millard (Letters, October 2) has forgotten that the RSPCA campaigned vociferously for the Dangerous Dogs Act and that once it was on the statute books it was the RSPCA who prosecuted and provided an inspector called Jan Eacchus to identify dog after dog to the courts as being of "pit bull type”?.... The SHG runs a helpline for people who have difficulties with the RSPCA, and people should call us on 0870 072 6689 immediately they have a visit from the RSPCA…. ANNE KASICA, Self Help Group for Farmers, Pet Owners and Others experiencing difficulties with the RSPCA, Velindre, Llandyssul (letter)


Sunday Mirror 15.10.06 LETTER: YOUR SAY - TEARS FOR THE BEARS - THE plight of the caged bears in Romania which you reported last week was heartbreaking. I am a pensioner now, but I still send donations to the World Society for the Protection of Animals by direct debit.... E. Lightburn, Northwich, Cheshire (letter)


Mirror 14.10.06 PLANET TURF: NEWSWEEK Edited By John Curle ... WEDNESDAY: Catherine Dettori, Emma Spencer and Francesca Cumani model for a 2007 calendar in aid of the Countryside Alliance. Sadly, THEY kept their clothes on.... (story)
Cambridge Evening News 14.10.06 Starter's orders for The Form - WOMEN associated with the horse racing world in Newmarket showed they can match footballers' wives in the glamour stakes when they launched their own calendar. Frankie Dettori's wife Catherine and champion jockey Jamie Spencer's wife Emma are among the women featured in The Form 2007, as the calendar, being sold in aid of the Countryside Alliance, is called.... (story)
Cambridge Evening News 12.10.06 Glamour girls favourites in photo finish - WOMEN from Newmarket's horseracing industry appear in glamorous poses in a new calendar launched this week. The calendar, called The Form 2007, features wives, girlfriends and daughters of some of the top names in the racing world as well as other women involved in racing. Nicholas Whittle, who organised the calendar which is being sold in aid of the Countryside Alliance, said: "We were looking for a new take on an old theme. After talking to photographer Graham Flack and his associates, we came up with the idea of using the ladies and expressions including the word 'horse' such as, horseshoe, horsepower and horsefly."… (story)

Western Daily Press 14.10.06 HUNT MONITORS FEAR ATTACKS (OCTOBER 7) - Like the rest of the official advice from hunt authorities this is clearly window dressing - the Masters Of Fox Hounds Association is supposed to discourage "confrontation" and we have seen several recent convictions of hunt supporters for plain deliberate violence. "Escort off the site" is open to wide interpretation and most "antis" are simply monitoring what may be illegal activity… K Watson, Stockport (letter)

Worcester News 14.10.06 Suffering of fish ... showed poor taste (September 29) in making a flippant remark about the suffering of fish, which, as an angler, he helps inflict. GEORGE COWLEY, Worcester (letter)

Glasgow Herald 14.10.06 It is wrong to demonise greyhounds - I WAS saddened to read A killer in our midst... The article also saddened me for another reason, as it demonised, in a very prominent way, a frequently abused breed of dog. Quite simply, the owner of the greyhound should have known better... They are never bred for pets, only ever for the racetrack... In the UK, there are thousands of dogs that are not fast enough for racing... These dogs are often killed in a brutal fashion and SSPCA inspectors have dealt with these investigations... In the years I have worked with the SSPCA, I have never known a greyhound that was aggressive towards people. As pets, they are loving, undemanding and simply happy to be with you. Greyhounds are sight hounds and were originally used for hunting. But their modern-day track training to catch the hare enforces the chase element of their character.... Doreen Graham, Press and Campaigns Manager, Scottish SPCA, 603 Queensferry Road, Edinburgh (story)

Financial Times 14.10.06 Animal Liberation Front 'must answer to the law' By Nikki Tait, Law Courts Correspondent - The Animal Liberation Front was branded by a High Court judge yesterday as an organisation that placed itself "above the law" and used fear as "one of the key weapons". Its press officer was accused of persistently "seeking to maximise the effect of criminal activity"…. The judge ruled that the animal rights organisation and its press officer, Robin Webb, should be bound by a wide-ranging injunction that sharply curtails permitted protests around a biomedical research laboratory being built by Oxford University… Mr Webb challenged his inclusion in the order - which, in turn, raised the question of whether the injunction could also still extend to the ALF, which has portrayed itself as a very loosely associated collection of activists, if he was not its "representative legal person". Yesterday, however, Mr Justice Irwin found comprehensively in the university's favour. He said that while the ALF "deliberately lacks the trappings of an organisation, the truth is that it is an organisation with a consistent and coherent body of people at its heart". Legally, he ruled, it should remain a defendant in the case…. (story)
Times 14.10.06 Animal activist loses court fight BY NICOLA WOOLCOCK - A senior member of a militant group of animal rights activists faces substantial costs after the High Court in London threw out his claim that the group did not exist. Robin Webb, the press officer for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), had tried to have his name removed from an injunction by Oxford University... Mr Justice Irwin said that the ALF was sufficiently cohesive to be recognised and called Mr Webb a propagandist. Rizwan Majid, solicitor for Oxford University, said: "For 30 years the ALF has insisted it does not exist. Robin Webb’s position was that he was a self-appointed press officer for an organisation that does not exist. This clearly contradictory tactic did not work in court.”… (story)
Guardian 13.10.06 Oxford wins protest injunction case - Oxford University has won a ruling that the Animal Liberation Front (ALF)'s press officer is bound by an injunction banning protests at its new biomedical research laboratory. Mr Justice Irwin said that Robin Webb, who was appointed in 1991, was a "central and pivotal figure" in the organisation who was fully adherent to its aims, strategy and tactics… His was a "conscious contribution to the fear sought to be exercised by the ALF and associated groupings upon the University of Oxford and all those who co-operate with them", he said…. He said that the press office was not a neutral reporting exercise or even simply a vehicle for apologists for the ALF, but a vital part of the ALF's strategy…. (story)
BBC News Online 13.10.06 Oxford wins court ruling over ALF - Oxford University has won a new High Court ruling over protests at its new biomedical research laboratory. A judge found Animal Liberation Front press officer Robin Webb was a " pivotal figure" in the organisation and should be subject to an injunction…. Mr Webb had contended he was not an ALF member or part of its support. He argued that acting as an apologist for the ALF was lawful, provided the role did not cross the line into incitement. Mr Justice Irwin, however, ruled he was not a journalist but a propagandist who "echoed the threat from the ALF to the university"…. (story)

Manchester Evening News 14.10.06 Animal testing could be cut by cancer team - David Skentelbery - DRUG testing on animals could be drastically reduced thanks to work by scientists at a Manchester University "spin-off" company. In a move welcomed by British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection campaigners, university researchers have won £130,000 funding to develop new, animal-free techniques to test drugs…. (story)

Western Daily Press 14.10.06 CLEANLINESS WILL HELP FIGHT TB - I have never seen so much twaddle written about badger latrines in my life. Get out into the fields and gardens, Mr Taylor, and open your eyes and your nostrils. They are stinking... Charles Henry, Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 9.10.06 CLEANLINESS WILL HELP FIGHT TB - All my early, but formative, years were spent on a farm.... I have also watched, observed and enjoyed badgers. They are most fastidious in their cleanliness. Their latrines are always in a selected area and covered..... Surely it is obvious that after so many years of studying the problem and producing no clear result one way or the other, the answer has to be a proper vaccine for cattle, better hygiene for the herds and controlled movements of cattle... Ken Taylor Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)


Independent 13.10.06 Pandora by Oliver Duff - Kate Hoey's chairmanship of the Countryside Alliance remains the source of frostiness in her relationship with the Labour Party. In August, she wrote outraged letters to three Labour activists accusing them of vandalising the Alliance's stand at last autumn's party conference... "It's not worth chasing it," she tells me. "I'm not going to waste my time with people who do disgusting things like that when they're pissed….. The idea of sending them the letter was so that they'd realise we knew who they were."… (story)

Western Morning News 13.10.06 EXEMPT HUNTING DATES (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 13.10.06 Animal tests inquiry could bring benefits - I AM writing to you in the hope that readers in the Pendle area will contact their local MP Gordon Prentice and urge him to sign EDM 92. As you may be aware, a recent survey of medical doctors showed that 83 per cent would support an independent inquiry into the scientific merit of animal testing.... An inquiry could lead to valuable findings, safer medicine, and a reduction in the estimated 15,000 deaths caused each year in the UK by unforseen reactions to dangerous drugs that passed animal tests.... STEVEN McLEAN, Prune Park Lane, Allerton, Bradford (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 13.10.06 Animal rights protesters hail ban on sale of dog and cat fur - ANIMAL welfare campaigners today welcomed a vote by the European Parliament in favour of an EU-wide ban on the sale of dog and cat fur. MEPs approved the ban as part of the first ever European Community strategic plan on animal protection. Edinburgh West Liberal Democrat MP John Barrett, recently appointed honorary vice-president of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), said: "This is a historic turning point in the fight to ban this inhumane trade…. (story)


Western Morning News 12.10.06 HUNTING BAN 'BREACHES HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS' SAYS CAMPAIGNER - A pro-hunting campaigner from Devon has launched a fresh legal challenge to the controversial ban on hunting with hounds in Scotland.Brian Friend, a member of the Union of Country Sports Workers (UCSW), is seeking a judicial review of the hunting ban, arguing that it breached his human and civil rights.... Mr Friend, who has a home in Membury, near Axminster, East Devon and a cottage in Kelso, Scotland, is seeking to challenge a decision by Lord Brodie in June 2003 to uphold the legislation.... Speaking yesterday, Mr Friend, a member of the Cotley hunt in East Devon, and a supporter of the Berwickshire hunt in the Scottish Borders, described the hunting ban as "a malicious and unlawful restriction"…. (story)
Western Daily Press 12.10.06 SCOTLAND HUNT BAN CHALLENGE - A Huntsman started an unusual legal challenge yesterday that the hunt ban in Scotland damaged his human rights.Retired Navy pilot Brian Friend handed in 139 legal documents to the House of Lords claiming the Scottish Wild Mammals Act, which outlawed hunting with dogs in Scotland two years before England followed suit, had breached his human and civil rights... (story)

Western Morning News 12.10.06 HUNT SUPPORTER'S FACE APPEARS ON EXTREMIST WEBSITE - The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has condemned as "deplorable" the use of a picture of a leading campaigner against the hunting ban on an "extremist" anti-hunting website. The picture of Giles Bradshaw, of Rose Ash, near South Molton, was taken by a member of the LACS, but ended up on a website called Hunt Scum Gallery, which claims to name and shame the "countryside terrorists"…. An LACS spokesman said: "It is deplorable that this sort of thing happens. It is difficult to control who people send e-mails to and then who those people sent e-mails to. We have got no time for personalised approaches to campaigning."… (story)
Western Daily Press 11.10.06 ANTI-HUNT APOLOGY FOR PHOTO - One of the West's most prominent campaigners against the ban on hunting with dogs has received an apology from the League Against Cruel Sports, after a picture of him appeared on the internet with a red target over his face. The photo of Giles Bradshaw, who has repeatedly tried to get arrested for breaking the hunt ban, was taken by a member of staff at the League, but somehow ended up on a hunt saboteurs' website with the label 'countryside terrorist'.... (story)

Kent/East Sussex Courier/Sevenoaks Chronicle 12.10.06 HUNTS REMAIN POPULAR DESPITE THE OFFICIAL BAN BY DAN FROST - It Has been more than two- and-a-half years since the Government banned fox hunting. But support for the rural pastime is undiminished.... Pictured is one of six hunts that took part in the autumn show at the South of England showground, where hounds and huntsmen were cheered into the main ring.... "A lot of ordinary members of the public, who do not often get an opportunity to see the hunts like the country people, they love it just as much," said Anthony Sandeman, master of the Crawley and Horsham hunt. Mark Bycroft, of the Surrey and Burstow and West Kent hunt, also suggested that, since the ban, it was more important for the hunts to show themselves at such events…. (story)

North Devon Journal 12.10.06 HUNTING: MY LAST WORD ON THE SUBJECT - I didn't expect to get off scot-free after my snippet concerning Mr Anthony Dunn's missive supporting foxhunting, and so his letter in last week's Journal was no real surprise. You have to admit they are a tenacious breed, but you also have to admit they don't half waffle on a lot.... At no time did I ever consider fox or stag hunting as either fun or necessary. But please don't worry Tony, I'm not keeping score; hunting an animal to exhaustion and death is not a game in my opinion. And that, you will all be very pleased to hear, is my last word on the subject. (story)

Chichester Observer 12.10.06 Eric's the man for January - Veronica Carter from Bepton is delighted to have been named runner-up in a competition for a League Against Cruel Sports' Man of the Month calendar for 2007. Her picture of a stag named Eric is to occupy the January slot, after she photographed him at the British Wildlife Centre near East Grinstead.... (story)

Wessex Scene 12.10.06 Frolicking in the flowers at Glade 2006 - Clare Saxon - This was my second visit to Glade Festival, and so with pretty and puffy expectations I skipped down the pink inflatable rabbit hole in the heart of Oxfordshire.... Saturday definitely took the big luscious cake and ate it for me, with splendiferous sets from the finest break-core and gabber from across the land in the Bang-face evening of the Little Big Tent. The Countryside Alliance Crew complete with tweed and wellies, really got the tropical humid air in the tent ready for combustion with their hilarious show and sublime takes on popular music with banging mash-up and barn dances ahoy.... (story)

Carlisle News & Star 12.10.06 Prophets of doom proved wrong - ACCORDING to Colin Marshall (News & Star, October 4) pro-hunt supporters don’t try to impose their will on anyone and are happy to "live and let live”; obviously these niceties don’t extend to foxes or hounds…. One Cumbrian animal welfare campaigner received death threats and a dead fox on her doorstep simply for writing letters to this newspaper…. As for misinformation might I remind Mr Marshall of some of the claims made by pro-hunt supporters prior to the hunting ban? These included: thousands of jobs would be lost; thousands of horses and hounds slaughtered… Wrong on all counts!... Peter Stratton, Northwest Animal Welfare, Chorley
COLIN Marshall presents an interesting argument. According to him, those who care enough about animals to wish to prevent others from harming them simply to satisfy a blood lust are fascists…. Does anyone else see this argument as absolute nonsense? It is a typical tactic to cite the extremes of the animal rights movement in an attempt to discredit the whole argument…. Paul Nelson, Croydon (letters)
Carlisle News & Star 4.10.06 fox hunting - MRS Smith (Letters, October 2) bemoans the continuing debate over foxhunting as expressed in these pages… Pro fox hunters, indeed participants in any minoity activity, do not generally try to force those who do not wish to particpate to do so against their will…. The animal rights movement, on the other hand, actively wish to impose their moral and ideological values on other people – mainly by misinformation and unworkable legislation…. This is called fascism, and we know what happens when fascism wins. Colin Marshall, Kirkbride, Wigton (story)

Worcester News 12.10.06 The coward’s way of killing animals - With reference to the recent letter from Pete Mountjoy concerning the RSPCA and how it spends its money, when will he and his kind realise that there is no sport in so called field sports.' It is the coward's way of killing defenceless creatures in the most horrible way possible.... HELEN SMART, Worcester. (story)
Worcester Evening News 6.10.06 This ill-informed member of the public - I refer to C Barltrop's letter published on September 20 and once again I find myself defending the RSPCA Worcester branch against an ill-informed member of the public… PAMELA BOOKER, branch secretary, RSPCA. (letter)
Worcester Evening News 5.10.06 Defending animals extremely difficult - I was interested to note Chris Barltrop's tirade against the alleged political involvement' of the RSPCA - including their stance on the fox-hunting issue - and the subsequent responses to his accusations. I know personally many members of the RSPCA, Cats Protection, the PDSA and so on and I applaud the often extremely difficult work that they do…. ANDY O'HARE, Worcester (letter)
Worcester Evening News 4.10.06 £1m spent on the hunting campaign - After reading a recent letter regarding the RSPCA I must say I totally agree with the comments made. If the RSPCA would have kept the one million pounds they gave towards banning hunting then they would have the money to do their job properly and not destroy thousands of healthy animals due to lack of funding… PETE MOUNTJOY, Hallow, Worcester (letter)
Worcester Evening News 4.10.06 RSPCA money is for the animals - I refer to C Barltrop's letter published on September 20 and once again I find myself defending the RSPCA Worcester branch against an ill-informed member of the public…. He goes on about volunteers at an RSPCA charity shop being in fear of expressing their feelings about handing out anti-hunt literature. Staff at our two branch shops are not given intructions to hand out literature. Furthermore, I can assure you that every one of them has expressed their condemnation of hunting with dogs…. PAMELA BOOKER, Honorary Branch Secretary, RSPCA, Worcester (letter)
Worcester Evening News 20.9.06 The RSPCA has deep involvement in politics - The RSPCA representative Judith Haw insists the society's campaigns are not political and then goes on to list activities which are blatantly so…. But the RSPCA is deeply involved in politics, to the extent that its status as a charity is now called into question… A friend who was a lifelong member of a Worcestershire branch told me she had resigned in frustration and anger that such a high proportion of branch resources was directed by RSPCA HQ to political work instead of to looking after needy animals… It is my understanding that the volunteers at an RSPCA charity shop, when told to hand out anti-hunting leaflets, kept them under the counter instead of on display…. CHRIS BARLTROP, Bromyard. (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 12.10.06 INVESTIGATION INTO KILLING OF RARE GEESE CONTINUES - A Police investigation in to the illegal killing of seven rare geese near Ellon is continuing today. Six visiting shooters have been charged by Grampian Police for offences under the Wildlife and Countryside Act after the carcasses of seven barnacle geese were recovered in Aberdeenshire following the shoot last Friday.... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 10.10.06 KILLING OF RARE GEESE PROVOKES OUTRAGE - RYAN CRIGHTON - Wildlife experts have condemned the killing of seven rare birds at an organised shoot near Ellon. Six visiting shooters have been charged by Grampian Police for offences under the Wildlife and Countryside Act after the carcasses of seven barnacle geese were recovered in Aberdeenshire following the shoot on Friday... Bob Davies, chairman of the Ellon Biodiversity Action Group, described the killings as diabolical. He said: "This is bad news because these geese are very rare…. (story)
Daily Record 10.10.06 HUNTERS CHARGED - Six hunters have been charged with shooting protected barnacle geese... (story)
Scotsman 10.10.06 Six charged with shooting of geese - SIX men have been charged in connection with the shooting of protected barnacle geese in Aberdeenshire... Constable Sangster added: "Field sports are important to the local economy of the North-east and at this time of year there is a great influx of visitors engaged in the perfectly lawful sport of wildfowling…” (story)
BBC News Online 9.10.06 Men charged for geese 'shootings' - Six men have been charged after the carcasses of several protected birds were found in Aberdeenshire.... (story)

Surrey Comet 12.10.06 Foxes were here long before humans - From A Fox SIR. It has come to our attention a number of H sapiens strongly object to the presence of ourselves, V vulpes, in Wandsworth... We did not move following the development, instead we adapted to the changed environment in which we found ourselves..... My neighbours choose to dump their household rubbish outside in the street rather than putting it in the bins provided which is disgusting, thus encouraging not only foxes but vermin besides.... NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)
Surrey Comet 12.10.06 Foxy pests From B Buckley SIR. In response to reading your lead letter about Mr Fox... I am an OAP, have had my tiny bit of lawn slabbed (as I can't look after it any more), only for a section to collapse under my feet as I rushed out to shoo a fox away. It had dug a tunnel. The mess was terrible and I was lucky I didn't break anything…. MRS B BUCKLEY Kathleen Road SW11 (letter)
Surrey Comet 5.10.06 Fury at foxes I had decided not to comment on the fox debate but after reading the letters by Dawn Shepherd and Name and Address Supplied, felt I must offer Jo Lamiri my sympathy - and wonder whether these two readers possess gardens or live in (so far) fox free areas. Lucky people, if so. I left a back door open one afternoon while tidying a small patch outside and came in to find carpet and upholstery covered in fox fur, small ornaments knocked off the coffee table and mantelpiece.... Fox Project? Nothing I have not tried already. Fences? Jumped over or dug under. Deterrents? As much use as fly spray.... P LOPKO, Hemly Road, Tooting (letter)
Surrey Comet 29.9.06 Wild things - I am very happy to support the National Fox Welfare Society. Foxes might be sometimes a little noisy but its only when they are mating or playing with their mates and cubs.... NAME SUPPLIED, Brightwell Crescent, Tooting (letter)
Surrey Comet 29.9.06 Don't forget foxes are wild animals - About a year ago we moved into the area mentioned which has foxes being fed by well intentioned neighbours…. Can the local environmental agency be encouraged to do something before it gets out of hand? I would ask through your pages to those who are feeding them, please stop. Don't forget they are wild. Name supplied, via email (letter)
Surrey Comet 21.9.06 Pest problem- So Jo Lamibi is "completely and utterly fed up by the havoc and destruction caused by foxes". I'd say Jo needs to get a grip, and learn to share his/her environment with the other things that exist around us…. Jo needs to stop whinging, take some positive action, and learn to appreciate the animals which should be allowed to co-exist in our urban spaces. Dawn Shephard, Ravenslea Road (letter)

News Post Leader 12.10.06 We want greyhound racing boycott - CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel Gibson... TONY PETERS, UK Coordinator, Greyhound Action, PO Box 127, Kidderminster, DY10 3UZ (letter)
News Guardian 6.10.06 We’re asking you to boycott greyhound racing - CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel Gibson, ("Rachel prepares for sky dive to aid greyhounds”), on her efforts to help ex-racing dogs. I hope her sky dive went off safely and successfully and that she was able to raise plenty of funds to help the greyhounds… TONY PETERS, UK Co-ordinator, Greyhound Action, PO Box 127, Kidderminster DY10 3UZ >(letter)

Cambridge Evening News 12.10.06 Back research - I TOO join Ms Roddick's condemnation of monkey breeding farms in Vietnam (Letters, October 10) and admire the way the News covers such matters. However, isn't it the Body Shop Foundation that has indirectly supported the animal rights activities and driven laboratory animal breeding away from our shores? Our legislation may not be perfect, but I understand laboratory animal breeding and experiments in the UK are the best regulated and animals best protected in the world.... Name and address withheld (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 12.10.06 Who is terrorist? From Amanda James, Wheatley Crescent, Bluntisham - I FEEL I must respond to "Winning the other war on terror" (News, October 10). I would like to question who the "terrorists" or "extremists" are here - those people causing pain and suffering to thousands of innocent animals, often merely in order to sanction the use of even more unwanted chemicals? Or those people who are prepared to speak out against this unnecessary, unreliable and unethical abuse?... (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 12.10.06 I'm no criminal - Joan Court, Animal Rights Cambridge, Sturton Street, Cambridge - I HAVE no objection to being classed as an animal rights extremist or terrorist ("A chilling history of threats and violence", News, October 10), since the term "terrorist" is used so indiscriminately it ceases to have meaning…..
Editor's note: The Newsregrets the inclusion of Joan Court in a fact file of criminal activites related to animal rights extremism. We acknowledge her protests are entirely legitimate. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 12.10.06 WALK TO STOP SEAL TRADE - A sponsored walk is to be held to raise money to stop seals being killed. Derbyshire Animal Welfare Network is organising the walk in aid of Respect for Animals, a charity which is campaigning to stop seal culling in Canada.... For a sponsorship form, call Sandra Barker... (story)

Dunmow Broadcast 12.10.06 Animal facts - THE way animals are killed in slaughterhouses is something most of us do not want to think about, but the incredible fact that nearly 2.5 million are slaughtered each day means it is an issue that we can't ignore.... Luckily each of us has the power to do something about this. By becoming vegetarian we stop supporting this brutal business and reduce the number of animals enduring this fate: on average, each vegetarian saves over 1000 animals from the abattoir. For more information contact Viva!.... Joyce Shiner, Peppers Green, Good Easter (letter)

St Helens star 12.10.06 Animal harm - I AM writing to you today to endorse the swift passage of the Animal Welfare Bill, which will deter animal abusers... MRS M JONES, Rainford (full address supplied) (letter)

UK Pets 12.10.06 Massive Blow To UK Pet Fair Traders - Steve O'Malley - Huge pressure is being brought to bear on traders at pet fairs in the UK this week after a government turnaround. Following a judicial ruling, the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, (Defra) has announced proposed new measures to stop the commercial sale of animals at pet fairs, to be introduced under the Animal Welfare Bill, (AWB).... Liberal Democrat Rural Affairs Spokesperson, Baroness Miller said:... Elaine Toland, Director of the Animal Protection Agency, (APA), said: ... Meriel France of the Pet Care Trust said... (story)


Lancashire Evening Telegraph 11.10.06 Put an end to guns - THERE should be no guns in private ownership other than under licence for vermin control.... There is no justification for gun love. We must be mad to allow so-called adults to have playthings designed to kill humans.... MR D PRATT, Plantation Street, Accrington (letter)

Welwyn & Hatfield Times 11.10.06 No lab uses stolen cats - Your article (WHT, September 27) expressed concern over vanishing dogs and cats and one of the reasons cited was for vivisection. There are several reasons why cats may go missing, but theft for vivisection is not one of them.... Locally and nationally the universities and companies doing such research and testing would have no interest in animals from an unknown source and of unknown health status... As a veterinary surgeon my experience is that the reasons cats disappear include accidents, illness and straying, because they are not neutered.... T H Morris, head of animal research ethics, GlaxoSmithKline, Welwyn
By law cats and dogs must be specially bred by licensed breeders for medical research. There is no way that stolen pets could be used… Barbara Davies, via website
Niki Shelton of Cat and Kitten Rescue's warning for citizens to keep an eye on their pets lest they be stolen for use in, amongst other things, vivisection betrays fundamental ignorance… The use of lost pets or strays is strictly prohibited and laboratories are subject to over 2,000 inspections per year, most of which are unannounced, to ensure rules are followed…. Lee Jones, Oxford (letters)
Welwyn & Hatfield Times 27.9.06 Concern over vanishing cats and dogs - PET owners are being urged to keep a vigilant eye on their pets, and to keep their cats in overnight. Niki Shelton, the WGC coordinator of The Cat and Kitten Rescue, issued the plea as she said many animals have been going missing. She fears cats and dogs could be being stolen for resale, vivisection experiments or for the fur trade… (story)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 11.10.06 Animals ought to have rights to life too - IT IS sad that while the media sensationalises a tiny number of aggressive actions by a small minority of animal rights activists, there is little coverage of what really lies behind one of the biggest movements of modern times.... December 10 marks the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations in 1948. Now, this date has been designated "International Animal Rights Day" by animal protection group Uncaged… This year is the ninth annual International Animal Rights Day, and there will be candlelit vigils across the world at places where the rights of defenceless animals are systematically abused, such as vivisection labs, abattoirs and factory farms, and campaigners will also be hitting the streets with information events about animal rights. ANGELA, Somerset Road, Rishton. (letter)

Argus 10.10.06 Protesters ‘driving out’ pet trader - A PET shop owner has complained that animal rights protesters have orchestrated a campaign to drive him out of business. Phil Porter says he is being evicted from a breeding site he rents as a direct result of bad publicity from the campaign. The Southern Animal Rights Coalition (Sarc) organises a weekly picket of his shop, Furry Friends, in The Square, Barnham, every Sunday... Sarah Davies, 26, of Sarc's headquarters in Dorset, said: "We're still doing a weekly demo, peacefully handing out leaflets to the public, talking to them about who we are and asking people to boycott the shop…. (story)

Western Daily Press 11.10.06 SCAPEGOATS FOR HUMAN ERRORS - There is something called diversionary tactics. Many species use it to divert the attention of predators from their young. Human animals use it to dodge facing up to the fact that they are the problem... Same with blaming badgers for TB in cattle, foxes for lamb and hen suffering, cats, magpies, raptors and foxes for the demise of songbirds... David Thomas Hisomley Wiltshire (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 11.10.06 STUDY DESTROYS TB BADGER BLAME MYTH - A major new report threatens to turn the badger-cattle tuberculosis debate on its head. The latest scientific report, published last week, points the finger of blame at cattle - and not badgers - which had previously been thought.... Commenting on the findings, Badger Trust spokesman Michael Sharratt, from Whitland, said: "This research confirms beyond doubt that cattle are the major carriers of bovine TB, readily infecting badgers and other cattle…. (story)

Bognor Regis Observer 11.10.06 Saving lives of battery hens - A campaigner is trying to save the lives of thousands of ex-battery hens before they are taken to the slaughter house at the young age of 18 months. Sarah Hall, an environmental consultant from Chichester, has recently set up a local branch of the nationwide Battery Hen Welfare Trust.... (story)


Western Morning News 10.10.06 ALLIANCE SAYS HANDBOOK DOES NOT INCITE VIOLENCE - DUNCAN SANDES - The Countryside Alliance has rejected accusations that its new handbook promotes "hostile relations" between hunt followers and anti-hunt monitors. The handbook, called Hunting Without Harassment, was published last week by the alliance to coincide with the start of the new hunting season. It contains a section advising hunts and supporters to physically escort hunt monitors and saboteurs off private land and, if necessary, make a citizen's arrest… However, hunt monitor Kevin Hill, from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, has criticised the book, insisting the passage was effectively inciting violence… (story)
Western Daily Press 7.10.06 HUNT MONITORS FEAR ATTACKS - The Countryside Alliance was accused of irresponsibly raising the stakes in the hostile relations between hunt followers and anti-hunt monitors yesterday, after publishing advice to its members.In a handbook entitled Hunting Without Harassment, launched to coincide with the start of the new hunting season, alliance chiefs tell hunts and supporters they should physically escort hunt monitors and saboteurs off private land and, if necessary, make a citizen's arrest.... Kevin Hill, from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, has been attacked several times, including one occasion which last month resulted in a hunt supporter and Countryside Alliance member being found guilty of assault. He said: "This will undoubtedly up the tension and will be seen as a green light for people to act in a physical way against us…. (story)

Western Daily Press 10.10.06 COUNTRYSIDE CAMPAIGNS WERE A JOY BY RUPERT JANISCH R.JANISCH@BEPP.CO.UK - Comeback king Noel Edmonds has revealed how his fight to save West countryside helped him survive his years in the television wilderness.The 57-year-old, who is in Bristol filming a second series of his hit daytime TV show Deal or No Deal, told how he concentrated on environmental campaigning before making his return to the spotlight... He added: "Whitehall people don't really care about the South West or countryside issues - if you think about all the time and effort that was put into that whole hunting debate, there are far more important things that politicians are ignoring than little foxes running around. We've lost a sense of proportion in this country."… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 10.10.06 HAPPIEST GUY IN TV AFTER 36 YEARS - Tv presenter Noel Edmonds has just started recording the second series of his successful Deal Or No Deal show at Bristol's Endemol West studios. RUPERT JANISCH met up with him.... "Whitehall people don't really care about the South West or countryside issues. If you think about all the time and effort that was put into that whole hunting debate, there are far more important things that politicians are ignoring than little foxes running around…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 10.10.06 POLICE CAN CHOOSE WHAT TO ENFORCE - I'm confused by the letter, Police must uphold law in countryside, Points of view, October 9. The police have enforced a very sensible law, that against assaulting people.The only law they aren't enforcing is a very stupid law, that against chasing wild mammals with dogs.... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.10.06 POLICE MUST UPHOLD LAW IN COUNTRYSIDE - Under the glossy facade of fox hunts, portrayed so well by the Boxing Day meet, a hunt follower has been found guilty of attacking a campaigner... .The police must get off the fence and start to police the countryside otherwise the rule of law will fade into history. Graham Forsyth, Fairway Rise, Chard (letter)

Northern Echo 10.10.06 Birdwatchers are recruited to help police get poachers - HUNDREDS of wildlife watchers are being recruited by police as the net closes on poachers targeting the region. Guidelines have been issued to birdwatchers visiting the Tees estuary area... Explaining the move, PC King said: "Basically, it is because of the numbers of members Teesmouth Bird Club has got; it gives us extra eyes and ears, a good way of collecting intelligence… (story)

Cambridge Evening News 10.10.06 Winning the other war on terror - AS HEAD of a national counterextremist organisation Superintendent Steve Pearl's job is to put an end to the illegal activities of animal rights activists. And although Supt Pearl believes the activists are here to stay he is pleased to have put half of the most persistent offenders out of commission - either behind bars or subject to legal restraints. Supt Pearl was invited to set up the National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit (Nectu) in 2004 because of his experience of dealing with animal rights activities in Cambridgeshire.... (story)
Sunday Telegraph 1.10.06 Half of animal rights extremists are in jail By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter - Police believe that half of the most violent of Britain's animal rights activists are behind bars. Such dramatic success has convinced officers that the total number of extremists prepared to risk imprisonment is very small – perhaps as few as 20 or 25…. Supt Steve Pearl, the head of the National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit (Netcu) which was established in 2004, said that the number of what activists call "home visits" – in which people working for companies associated with vivisection are subjected to violent attacks and criminal damage – had fallen in the past two years, from two or three a week to one or two a month. However, he insisted that he would not feel satisfied until all illegal activists had been jailed…. (story)

Western Morning News 10.10.06 WARPED PRIORITIES - We were shocked and disgusted to see the publicity afforded the new pet shop in Wellswood, "Petshopbuoys", where they sell outfits for animals kept as pets. Making money in this way in the 21st century is quite disgusting.. Mrs M Heywood, Torquay (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 10.10.06 Animal charity applauds new cruelty laws - ADVOCATES for Animals, the Edinburgh-based charity, has welcomed new legislation from the Scottish Executive to tackle animal cruelty.... Policy director Libby Anderson said: "From now on anyone in Scotland who has responsibility for an animal will have to ensure that it enjoys a reasonable standard of welfare…. (story)

The Sentinel 10.10.06 CIRCUS TREATS ANIMALS WELL - I am writing in response to the article in The Sentinel on October 5 concerning performing animals in the circus. As an animal lover myself, I would be fully behind the protesters if I thought that animals were being mistreated. However, I do not believe this is the case with the Bobby Roberts Super Circus.... As for Anne the elephant, she no longer performs in the circus, but has grown up with Bobby Roberts and this is the only life that she knows. I feel that if she was to be taken away it would result in a premature and unnecessary death. What I want to ask the protesters is how they would feel if they had been with someone for 54 years and were suddenly taken away from them? Leave Bobby Roberts alone and focus on the animals that are actually being mistreated. (story)


Western Daily Press 9.10.06 COURAGE OF THE HUNT MONITORS - I Am writing to congratulate Kevin Hill, IFAW hunt monitor, on not backing down in the face of hunt followers' intimidation and violence.As all monitors or hunt saboteurs will know, this kind of aggression is quite normal when observing any hunts. I will mention no hunt's name but, over the years, I myself have been whipped, punched, kicked and ridden down by a supposedly out-of-control horse, then, as I was stumbling up, the horse was turned round and ridden at me again.... M J Haines Cirencester (letter)

Western Morning News 9.10.06 GAME BIRDS COULD LOSE THEIR DAY OF RESPITE IN LAW CHANGE - The Government has come under fire for drawing up new legislation on shooting, which no one seems to want.The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is consulting interested groups about bringing in new laws overturning the traditional ban on shooting game birds on Sundays. But both the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) have attacked the move.... Christopher Graffius director of communications for the BASC, said the organisation has no plans to run "commercial driven shoots" on Sundays…. (story)
Western Daily Press 7.10.06 A MOST UNLIKELY AGREEMENT... GAME BIRDS DESERVE TO HAVE SUNDAY FREE FROM BEING SHOT - BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - It was a law written in the days when the squire or vicar would check up on you if you didn't go to church, now Government attempts to update the archaic laws governing game shooting on a Sunday are producing an unlikely truce.Yesterday, for probably the first time in recorded history, the leading shooting authority and the animal rights group trying to ban the sport actually agreed on something... that although Sunday no longer appears sacred for us humans, game birds need Sunday off.... "Other huntable birds may be shot on a Sunday and removing the restriction on Sunday shooting would provide greater consistency with other legislation and activities," said a Defra spokesman…. But Defra couldn't have bargained on an agreement, of sorts, between the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), the premier shooting authority, and the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS)… (story)

Times 9.10.06 Animal research backed by GPs - Ninety-six per cent of GPs are in favour of animal research and agree that it has made an important contribution to numerous medical advances, according to a poll. The results of the survey, commissioned by the Research Defence Society, are due to be revealed today by Andy Burnham, the Health Minister, at the annual general meeting of Coalition for Medical Progress, the research advocacy group. (story)

Wakefield Express 9.10.06 Group meat to live without it - TASTY tofu and Yorkshire-style guacamole were tempting the Merrie City's vegetarians and vegans to a special picnic last week. The event was organised in celebration of National Vegetarian Month... The main brains behind the event were Victoria and Chris Bonner, of Doncaster Road.... Guests at the event are now looking forward to meeting on a regular basis as part of the newly-formed Wakefield Vegan and Vegetarian Group... (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 9.10.06 MP'S SEAL CALL - Sherwood Mp Paddy Tipping has written to Minister for Trade Ian McCartney calling for a ban on the UK import of seal products... Mr Tipping was prompted to take action after meeting representatives of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) at the Labour Party Conference. (story)

The Shields Gazette 9.10.06 Standing against cruelty - IN the last few weeks, it has been very rewarding to see so many people speaking through the Gazette letter column against the appalling animal cruelty being exposed today. Poor creatures being set on fire, scalded, starved and beaten. What on earth is going on?... I support all those who fight the good fight against cruelty of any kind. Jean Ramsay, Stoker Avenue, South Shields (story)


Leighton Buzzard on Sunday 8.10.06 Foxhunting ban - It was good to read in your Leighton Buzzard on Sundayarticle a fortnight ago that subscriptions to the featured foxhunt have declined – long may that continue. In the twenty-first century it is unnecessary and immoral to breed dogs solely to chase wildlife just for human titillation, which would also be one of the reasons for purchasing their calendar.... John Rimington, Brown Hare Preservation Society (story)

Observer 8.10.06 Prescott counters cruelty claims - Will Buckley - Last Sunday, The Observer ran an undercover investigation in the news section with the headline 'The slaughtered horses that shame our racing'.... The report was prompted by the publication of a report by the pressure group Animal Aid entitled 'Bred to Death'. This takes a dim view of the horseracing industry.... Sir Mark Prescott, a flat race trainer for 35 years, disagrees. 'This is complete bollocks because the gene pool has never been wider.... Prescott says he can 'whack a great hole in the numbers' of racehorses said to be slaughtered. 'Half of the racehorses are fillies and three-quarters of them will go to stud. Of the remainder, a quarter will be exported, a quarter will go on to national hunt racing, a quarter will be bought by people to go riding, and the final quarter is what we are worried about.'... (story)
Observer 8.10.06 Campaign to outlaw horse killings - Antony Barnett - One of America's leading animal welfare groups is to launch a major campaign in Britain next year aimed at outlawing the slaughter of horses in this country to be exported for human consumption.... Last week, an Observer investigation revealed that as many as 7,000 horses a year are shot in two UK abattoirs. We disclosed how their throats are slit, their bodies hanged upside down and skinned before they are butchered to be sold across the Channel as gourmet meat.... Now the US-based International Fund for Horses aims to make such killings illegal. It has been one of the major campaigners behind the Horse Slaughter Prevention Act in America, which has wide support across both the Republican and Democrat parties and is close to becoming law....(story)
Times 5.10.06 Webbon refutes welfare claims documented by campaign group - DIARY BY ALAN LEE - RACING’S duty of care to horses no longer good enough or fit enough to run is a perennially emotive topic and there were many furrowed brows on Sunday when The Observer devoted two pages to a special investigation headlined: "Slaughtered: how the turf treats its rejects”…. Yesterday, Webbon, chief executive of the Horseracing Regulatory Authority (HRA), challenged both the tone and conclusions of the article and claimed that Animal Aid, the campaigning group whose report prompted it, has "a hidden agenda of trying to get rid of racing altogether”…. "We work closely with the RSPCA but I have little time for Animal Aid. They don’t believe that racing is a legitimate occupation for horses, so they try to erode confidence in the sport.” (story)
Observer 1.10.06 The slaughtered horses that shame our racing - An undercover Observer investigation has revealed the shocking fate of thousands of British racehorses. Now campaigners want new laws to govern the sport - Antony Barnett - It is known as 'the sport of kings', full of glamour, effort and thrilling competition. But few of the thoroughbred racehorses that gallop their elegant way around the racecourses of Britain every week are left to see out their days grazing in golden pastures. For thousands of British thoroughbreds that are too old, too slow or not good enough jumpers, the end is brutal: a bullet through the temple or a metal bolt into the side of the brain. Then their carcasses are loaded on to freezer lorries and driven to France, where their flesh is sold as gourmet meat…. (story)

Sunday Times 8.10.06 Millions of animals to die in new EU chemical tests - NICOLA SMITH BRUSSELS - TENS of millions of rabbits, mice and guinea pigs are facing a painful death in laboratory experiments to be imposed next April because of new European Union rules on chemical testing... The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said it was "horrified” at the prospect of so many animal experiments. A spokesman said that despite some positive changes to the draft law, too many animal tests would still be carried out unnecessarily. Alistair Currie, campaigns director of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, said: "It is an animal welfare crisis. All of these tests could be replaced with non-animal tests.”… (story)

Sunday Times 8.10.06 Focus: The new Swampy - Green campaigners have a new champion. Ten years after Swampy’s retirement, a former teen pin-up is emerging as a leading radical – and he does not like planes. Jonathan Leake reports - For the hundreds of aviation executives assembled in London’s Waldorf Hilton hotel it began like any other international conference.... Just as British Airways was about to begin its presentation, a dozen or more demonstrators burst through the door clutching brightly coloured helium balloons and sent them floating towards the ceiling.... The mastermind of these events was not some grizzled campaigner from an established green group, however. It was Joss Garman, a 21-year-old politics student, once voted "Britain’s sexiest teenager” by Bliss magazine who, according to many in the green movement, is now heading for notoriety and fame … (story)


Western Morning News 7.10.06 SALE WILL RECALL MEMORIES OF LEGEND OF THE HUNTING FIELD - One of the greatest huntsman of the last century will be remembered when many of his artefacts come under offer on Tuesday at Greenslade Taylor Hunt, Taunton. Captain Ronnie Wallace MFH hunted his first fox aged 11 and enjoyed a remarkable 58 consecutive seasons as Master of the Ludlow, Teme Valley, Cotswold, Heythrop and Exmoor packs... Such a man acquired many memorable pieces, including his portrait in oil on canvas for £50-£100, and a watercolour by Lionel Edwards (1878-1966) of a lady riding side-saddle at a meet of the Flint and Denbigh has come here from New Zealand..... (story)

Western Daily Press 7.10.06 CRUELTY THE ISSUE, NOT CUDDLY TOYS - Ron Tanner (Your Say, September 29) is of the opinion most of us look at the fox as a living "Basil Brush".I would like to say he is wrong. The majority of us think of the fox as a wild animal not to be chased by men on horseback with hounds… Norah Pound Wroughton (story)
Western Daily Press 30.9.06 FOX MENACE MADE CLEAR (SEPTEMBER 29) - N Why do hunt supporters like Ron Tanner think the onus is on their opponents to film the purported killing of lambs by foxes? If it's such a common and widespread problem then it should be simple for shepherds to film these attacks themselves to support such accusations… Gill Purser Cheltenham (letter)
Western Daily Press 29.9.06 FOX MENACE MADE CLEAR - Sincere thanks to Roger Evans for his unbiased report on the damage caused by foxes to lambs (West Country Life, September 23).This should dispel any myths held by the "bunny huggers" in their propaganda to depict the fox as a living Basil Brush instead of the vermin that he really is… Ron Tanner Tetbury Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 23.9.06 HUNTING DOWN THE FACTS ON FOXES - I Seem to spend a lot of my life reflecting - those inclined to be less kind would call it daydreaming - but sometimes the reflections join up. Today I'm going to write about hunting…. Years ago we used to keep 300-400 ewes. When lambing time came all our sheep were shut in a building so that I could give them my full attention…. Every year I would lose lambs to foxes - not weak lambs, not dying lambs, lambs that were fit and well. Lambs that I had worked day and night to keep alive. One year I lost 25 lambs out of 100 in one field…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 7.10.06 VOTE 'NO' FOR THE HUNTING CHANGE - As many of your readers may already be aware, the National Trust voted to ban hunting wild animals with dogs a few years ago.There is currently a resolution being drafted to allow hunting again on the Trusts land at their Holnicote Estate at the AGM to be held in Cheltenham on November 4. I urge all of your readers who are Trust members to vote, and vote a positive NO to this unnecessary action, when shooting is by far a more humane method... STEVE HAINES (LACS member and about to become a NT member!), Tuffley (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 7.10.06 SAD OVER JAIL FOR BIOLOGY DOCTOR - I feel so saddened after reading the Post report on Joseph Harris, a doctor of molecular biology, who has been given a three-year jail term for waging a sabotage campaign against companies linked to animal testing. This intelligent young man obviously had a conscience, something many others do not seem to have on this issue.... JANET WENSKE Gardenia Grove Mapperley (letter)

Mirror 7.10.06 SUICIDE OF GIRL ANIMAL LOVER, 17 By Patrick Mulchrone - A SCHOOLGIRL hanged herself because she could not bear to live in a world full of animal cruelty, an inquest heard yesterday. Jennifer Scott, 17, had a history of self-harm and mood swings and her doctor had tried to persuade her to get help…. (story)
Manchester Evening News 7.10.06 Girl upset by animal cruelty hanged herself - A STUDENT upset by animal cruelty hanged herself from a tree, an inquest was told. Jennifer Scott, 17, had a history of self-harm and mood swings for which her GP had unsuccessfully tried to persuade her to seek help… (story)
The Sentinel 7.10.06 TEENAGER UPSET BY ANIMAL CRUELTY HANGED HERSELF - A Schoolgirl who was disturbed by animal cruelty hanged herself from a tree.An inquest heard how Jennifer Scott, aged 17, of Sandbach, had a history of self-harm and mood swings for which her GP had unsuccessfully tried to persuade her to seek help…. (story)
Telegraph 6.10.06 'Animal cruelty' prompted teenager's suicide By Catriona Davies - A teenager who was disturbed by animal cruelty hanged herself from a tree, an inquest has heard. Jennifer Scott, 17, who was studying at college for a diploma in animal care, left a note saying she could not bear to live in a world full of animal cruelty, her family said…. (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 7.10.06 Collection to help animals - ANIMAL welfare fund-raisers will be pounding the streets of Peterborough today. Volunteers from Compassion in World Farming will be collecting cash from shoppers in Cathedral Square and Bridge Street in the city centre, from 10am to 4pm... (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 3.10.06 City collection for farming - A CHARITY collection for a farming organisation is due to be held in Peterborough this week. Compassion in World Farming will hold the collection in Cathedral Square on Saturday… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 7.10.06 HUMAN CRUELTY TURNS DOGS BAD - I Write about the recent media coverage of attacks by dogs... Many rottweilers live in family homes across the country and are part of a family including children. To say that these animals should not be part of any family with children is nonsense. These dogs as with any other breed are born into the world as a blank slate, they are no less innocent than our own human babies. Humans determine their mind-set and behaviour. If people train these dogs to be on alert at all times and to attack on command then that is what these loyal animals will do.... RACHEL ASTILL-DUNSEITHLincoln (story)


Western Morning News 6.10.06 TORIES 'COMMITTED TO REPEALING HUNT BAN' - JASON GROVES LONDON EDITOR - Tory agriculture spokesman Jim Paice has insisted that the Conservatives will stick to their pledge to scrap the hunting ban if they win the next election.Speaking to the WMN, Mr Paice scotched suggestions that David Cameron's "quality of life" group, which is conducting a review of the party's rural policy, was divided on the issue. And he pledged that an incoming Tory government would provide time for MPs to repeal the Hunting Act "early" in the next Parliament, regardless of the review's findings…. Fellow Tory MP Peter Luff, the co-chairman of the Middle Way group on hunting, also indicated that he would not seek to "muddy the waters" by opposing a straightforward repeal of the Hunting Act… (story)
Western Morning News 4.10.06 CAMERON WARNED TO STEER CLEAR OF HUNTING - David Cameron is under pressure to drop his pledge to scrap the hunting ban - as advisers warn that a future Tory Government could not risk getting "bogged down" on an issue that bedevilled Labour for years, writes Jason Groves. During his campaign to become party leader last year Mr Cameron gave a clear commitment to provide Government time to allow MPs to repeal the controversial Hunting Act…. Tom Oliver, the member of Mr Cameron's "quality of life" group responsible for looking at rural issues, told delegates at the Conservative Party conference that although he had opposed the hunting ban, he was not convinced that repealing it was a good idea…. (story)

Western Daily Press 6.10.06 CLOSE THE HUNT LAW LOOPHOLE - S Saunders (Your Say, September 30) states that trail hunting is legal, but if the intention behind it is to carry on hunting as before, then I question whether trail hunting is legal…. trail hunts use fox urine imported from American fur farms.This scent actually draws foxes to it because of a new scent in their territory, which makes its use by hunts a blatant flouting of the ban… The law banning hunting with dogs is a very welcome and popular law, but it is not tough enough. The intention was to outlaw the cruelty of chasing and killing a wild animal with dogs. Therefore, will the Government please close the loophole of allowing animal-derived scents as trails?... Helen Weeks West Coker, Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.10.06 INNOCENT HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR - In reply to S Saunders (Your Say, September 30) I am 100 per cent in favour of trail-hunting…If hunts are doing nothing to break the law then why do they so dislike being filmed and react often in violent behaviour? They should welcome the cameras as proof of their "innocent" behaviour. R M Morris Minehead Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 30.9.06 THE LAW IS NOT BEING BROKEN BY THOSE GOING TRAIL-HUNTING - In reply to R Morris (September 22), I resent the fact that he accuses me of still hunting illegally.If he reads my letter, I mention the fact that hunts are now moving forward to trail-hunting. I myself am happy to stay within the law and have accepted the Hunting Act, although that does not mean I agree with it…. Don't tar everyone with the same brush. Whatever happened to innocent until proved guilty? Wake up, R Morris. Trail hunting is legal whether you like it or not. S Saunders Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 30.9.06 ANIMALS DON'T DESERVE THIS - As R Morris stated in his excellent letter (September 22), hunting with dogs is illegal on all land, including the National Trust.How these people can hunt these beautiful creatures such as the stag and deer is beyond belief. They enjoy seeing these helpless creatures suffer and, in some cases, get ripped to death… G H Connendon Ross on Wye Herefordshire (letter)
Western Daily Press 22.9.06 HUNTING WITH DOGS IS ILLEGAL - ACCEPT IT - In reply to S Saunders's letter (Your Say, September 18), does it really matter from what walks of life the hunting fraternity draw their membership?The bloodthirsty rabble who joyfully pursue an animal for hours on end, just to watch it die by the most cruel of methods, are sadists, wherever they come from. I also live on the edge of Exmoor, and recently witnessed a beautiful stag, after being hunted for a considerable time, being whipped by a huntsman, presumably to turn it away from National Trust land… R M Morris Chapel Cleeve Near Minehead (letter)
Western Daily Press 18.9.06 HUNTERS ARE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE - Hunting is very popular and carried out by a variety of people. Does Helen Weeks (Your Say, September 13) not realise this? I myself work in the building trade on sites in Somerset, and have yet to come across workers, clients or the general public with strong anti-hunt views… Why should legal hunts be banned from trust land on the assumption they might break the law? If that is the case, should all car drivers be banned from trust property as they might speed! Hunts are now adjusting, with great effort, to trail-hunting, and have moved forward to hunting legally. Isn't it time that Miss Weeks moved on too? S Saunders Somerset (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 6.10.06 Gamekeeper guilty of attacking cameraman - A GAMEKEEPER has been convicted of attack-- ing a cameraman who was filming at one of the country's best-known partridge shoots. Richard Clarke, 48, chairman of the National Gamekeepers Organisation hurled "a torrent of abuse" at Michael Huskisson before pushing him into a car, Ely magistrates heard. Clarke, landlord of The Green Man pub, London Road, Six Mile Bottom, denied assaulting Mr Huskisson, who was filming the shoot, at Six Mile Bottom, on January 6 on behalf of the League Against Cruel Sports…. Clarke was fined a total of £250 and ordered to pay £364 costs…. Clarke said: "I think the tactics of these people are to antagonise people like me and in this case I let myself down. "The lesson for people organising shoots and hunts is to look the other way and not rise to the bait because it seems the courts are on their side and that they have a right to disrupt our legitimate pursuits." (story)
Cambridge Evening News 5.10.06 Boss of bird shoot 'hit and abused cameraman' - A CAMERAMAN was punched and abused by the organiser of a bird shoot after stopping to film, a court heard today (Thursday, 05 October). Richard Clarke, 48, of Six Mile Bottom, Cambridgeshire, fired a string of expletives at photographer Michael Huskisson before punching him and hitting his camera with a stick, magistrates in Ely were told… Mr Huskisson, a freelance photographer who was taking footage for the League Against Cruel Sports, told the court he was standing on a public road…. (story)

Western Daily Press 6.10.06 SHOOTING AIDS CONSERVATION - I Applaud the letter from S Freke explaining how pheasant shooting benefits the region's economy.His final statement I felt is the most important part of his letter where he says he objects to the anti-shooting fraternity trying to dictate the choices that he has. What right does anyone have to interfere with the lawful pursuits of others?... John Dean Tewkesbury Gloucestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 5.10.06 SHOOTING BENEFITS ECONOMY, WILDLIFE AND EMPLOYMENT - Tristan Cork's article "shooting brings in £270m", (Western Daily Press, September 30) has to be applauded as interesting and articulate.So much so that it prompted me to acquire a full copy of the PACEC report, the first full independent report on the impact of shooting since the 1983 Cobham report. I was astounded by some of the facts highlighted in the report, several of which Tristan has already mentioned in his article… I applaud all those whose high morals exclude them from eating, drinking or wearing products from animals, birds or fish, and who don't take medicines or keep pets…. I do object, however, to them trying to change the way that I think and the choices that I make. S Freke Gloucestershire (letter)

Harrogate Advertiser 6.10.06 Shock as birds shot at conservation site - VISITORS to a Masham nature site were shocked at the weekend when birds they had been watching were shot in front of them. Marfield wetlands is a former quarry and now a local beauty spot that attracts hundreds of tourists and wildlife lovers each year. But William Tomlin, who was visiting from Wakefield, said he and his family were horrified to witness the birds being shot…. Dan McAndrew, rural strategy officer at Harrogate Borough Council, said "…. the site’s importance only guards it against future planning actions, not against shooting rights which were maintained when the land was originally sold. "Unfortunately we do not have any control over it.” … (story)

Portsmouth News 6.10.06 Naked runner's offer is no bull - She ran naked through the streets for the cause she believes in, now Helena Youle has taken her campaign for animal rights a step further. Helena, 30, pictured above, from Beinheim Gardens, Havant, has set up her own holiday company-with all profits going directly to animal charities. Helena's love for animals saw her running through the streets of Pamplona in Spain absolutely starkers to protest against the The Running of the Bulls festival in July. Now the committed vegan, who is heavily involved with promoting animal rights, has created Holidays with a Conscience…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 6.10.06 SUPPORT ANIMAL BAN - The Rspca is now urging people to join its fight to ban wild animals in the UK's four travelling big tops. Lions, tigers, camels and bears spend their lives imprisoned in small cages, slowly going mad as they are transported around the UK…. Readers can lobby their MP or write to Rural Affairs Minister Ben Bradshaw at House of Commons, London SW1 0AA - Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor. (letter)

Argus 6.10.06 Peaceful protest - I wish to thank Brighton Animal Action for the manner in which they organised their march to recognise the World Day for Incarcerated Animals on September 30. This group notified the police of their intentions and worked with us throughout the preparations and on the day…. I would urge anyone else planning on demonstrating in Brighton and Hove to follow the example of Brighton Animal Action…. Graham Bartlett, Superintendent, Crime and Operations, Brighton and Hove Division (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 6.10.06 PROTESTERS CLAIM FISH IS BAD FOR YOU - Members of an animal welfare group made quite a splash when they protested against cruelty behind the production of seafood.Wearing little more than a fishy "tail" and strategically-placed plasters, with their bodies painted metallic silver to imitate the colour of fish, members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) Europe lied tangled in fishing nets. Their aim was to encourage people to stop eating fish…. a target=main href="http://www.thisisbristol.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=144936&command=displayContent&sourceNode=144919&contentPK=15611992">(story)
Western Daily Press 6.10.06 PROTESTERS SCALE UP FISH FIGHT - Animal rights campaigners stripped off and dressed up as topless fishes yesterday in a bid to highlight cruelty in the fishing industry.Protesters from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) turned heads in the centre of Bristol in a bid to convert people to vegetarianism, and away from eating fish…. Organiser Anita Singh said: "Fish flesh is not a health food. Fish feel pain, just as all animals do…." (story)


Western Gazette 5.10.06 ANTI-HUNTING CHARGE - Four youths from the Wells and Frome area and two adults appeared before Mendip magistrates on Monday accused of using or threatening unlawful violence against supporters of Mendip Farmers' Hunt.The adults are Margaret Purchase, aged 42, and Shaun Baker, 45, both of Mullins Close, Wells. Under section 39 of the Children and Young Persons Act the youths could not be named…. (story)
Frome & Somerset Standard 3.8.06 ANTI-HUNT DEMONSTRATORS GRANTED BAIL - Anti-hunt demonstrators appeared in court this week accused of attacking members of the Mendip Farmers' Hunt. Margaret Purchase, aged 42, and Shaun Baker, 45, both of Mullins Close, Wells, are charged with using or threatening unlawful violence during an incident on March 18…. Magistrates decided to send the trial to crown court and the hearing was adjourned for eight weeks to allow for the preparation of committal papers. All of the accused were granted unconditional bail and asked to return to court in September…. (story)
Wells Journal 3.8.06 ANTI-HUNT PROTESTERS ACCUSED OF GANG ATTACK - Two adults and a number of youths from the Frome and Wells area appeared before Mendip magistrates this week accused of using or threatening unlawful violence against supporters of Mendip Farmers Hunt (MFH). Their alleged conduct, said prosecutor Nick Barr, was such as would "cause a person of reasonable firmness to fear for his or her personal safety". The two adults, Margaret Purchase, aged 42, and Shaun Baker, aged 45 - both living at Mullins Close, Wells - denied the charges. The five youths, all under 16 years of age, were not required to enter pleas and the magistrates made an order that their identities should not be disclosed in any publications, radio or television… (story)
Western Gazette 3.8.06 HUNTING PROTEST - SEVEN IN COURT - Anti-hunt demonstrators from Wells appeared in court this week accused of attacking members of the Mendip Farmers' Hunt. Margaret Purchase, aged 42, and Shaun Baker, 45, both of Mullins Close, are charged with using or threatening unlawful violence during an incident on Saturday 18 March…. They appeared alongside five youths from the Wells and Frome areas, all under 16 years of age…Mr Barr told the court that Mrs Purchase and Mr Baker were members of the League Against Cruel Sports. He alleged that the charges related to an incident on Saturday 18 March, when a Land Rover Discovery containing Mendip Farmers' Hunt supporters was attacked… (story)

Horse & Hound 5.10.06 Blencathra begins breeding again - The Blencathra is celebrating the arrival of its first puppies since the Hunting Act, dispelling fears that the ban would have a negative impact on the hunt…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 5.10.06 HISTORY OF THE HUNT RECALLED - Bill Pinney's death last week sent me to my potted history of the South Wold Hunt, of which he was joint master in the 1970s. The hunt was a fragment, a spin-off, of the Brocklesby, in 1713, with which the Pelhams, the Tyrwhitts and the Vyners of Gautby were initially involved.And since then, some of the best known names of old, rural Lincolnshire have been associated with it….. (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 30.9.06 COUNTRYMAN WILL BE SADLY MISSED - Many in rural North Lincolnshire will be sad to hear of the death of Bill Pinney, a great countryman and life and soul of countless parties. Mr Pinney, who was 77, had been very poorly for many years and died in the Oakwood Nursing Home, Louth, on Sunday, September 22.For five years, he was joint Master of Fox Hounds of the South Wold Hunt…. (story)

Northern Echo 5.10.06 HUNTING - I WISH to support your correspondent (HAS, Sept 28) on the question of deer (or foxes) being injured and crossing onto National Trust land and being hunted there. I urge all members of the Trust to object to this practice in the forthcoming vote on the issue…. RI Brown, Newton Aycliffe, Co Durham (story)

Belfast Telegraph 5.10.06 Irish hare must be kept off coursing fields - As another hare coursing season starts, the Irish hare is safe in Northern Ireland for one more season. This is due to the temporary protection order which is in place until March 2007. However, the League Against Cruel Sports is lobbying to make this protection permanent. This fragile creature should not be subject to the whims of politicians and interest groups…. Fionna Smyth League Against Cruel Sports, Belfast (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 5.10.06 MEP speaks truth on experiments - I SUPPORT all comments made by Sajjad Karim MEP (LT, Sept 5) regarding animal experiments. The general public's knowledge and understanding of these issues is sadly lacking and I firmly believe the majority of experiments are simply to provide "jobs for the boys", as pointless… MRS A TIMMINS, Harwood Lane, Great Harwood (story)

Leicester Mercury 5.10.06 SPECIAL DAY FOR ANIMALS - I would like to clarify the situation with regard to the annual service for animals held at St Andrew's Church, in Jarrom Street, Leicester, on the first Sunday in October each year. This year, a number of rumours have circulated to the effect that this service no longer takes place. I would like to stress that this certainly isn't the case, as many people and their companion animals will testify following last Sunday's very successful event….I think the confusion has possibly arisen after I stepped down as organiser last year, although I still represent the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (ASWA) in Leicestershire and remain the local contact… Please do continue to support this very special day within the church calendar. Linda J Bodicoat, Earl Shilton. (story)

Scotsman 5.10.06 Animal cruelty abuse link call - SCOTLAND'S leading animal welfare organisation today called for closer co-operation between its inspectors and social workers in a bid to identify abusive households. The Scottish SPCA claimed research had established a clear link between animal cruelty and human violence…. (story)

Saffron Walden Observer 5.10.06 Exposing cruelty to animals - Regarding the expose of pigs being boiled alive at Dalehead Foods, (Reporter, September 21), the company stated it was an isolated incident. So did the Norfolk turkey farmer when workers were filmed throwing turkeys in the air and batting them with sticks…. Commercial exploitation and profit hungry businesses make sure that the torment endured by farm animals is well hidden and we salve our conscience by choosing to believe them when they say that animal welfare and humane slaughter is paramount…. Pat Griffin, Animal Aid Cambridge (letter)

Berwick Advertiser 5.10.06 Lucky that gulls are all residents have to worry about - I find it hard to believe that all people in Berwick have to worry about is a flock of errant gulls!! Living in Inner London as I do, I wish all we had to learn to live with was some displaced (by humans) pigeons or gulls, instead of which, we have gangs of yobs going around killing people…. give thanks for your blessings, and learn to live with the gulls in Berwick, who are God's creatures. J V SMITH. via e-mail. (letter)


Horse & Hound 4.10.06 Hunts offer open invitation - Anna Tyzack … Hunts across Britain are taking part in National Newcomers' Week (from Saturday October 21), a scheme to inform people about what hunting is all about. Open invitations will be given by meets across the country and packs of all descriptions will welcome people on horseback, in cars or on foot for a jaunt around the countryside…. (story)

Carmarthen Journal 4.10.06 HUNTING PHOTO - In our article about hunting (September 13) we published a photo, the caption of which read: "Carmarthenshire Hunt, which is around 150 years old, faces financial problems." The picture was, in fact, of huntsman David Barber leading the Tivyside New Year's Day hunt… We apologise for the mistake and any upset caused (story)
Western Mail 15.9.06 Sorry old boy, but I must beg to bicker - Sam Burson, Western Mail - INTERNAL bickering at an 150-year-old Welsh hunt has led to it holding crisis talks tonight. Carmarthenshire Hunt has seen membership plummet, with its acting chair Bill Wade this week telling reporters it could fold…. However, Countryside Alliance South Wales regional director Adrian simpson insisted yesterday it was in no danger of collapse, although there would probably be restructuring…. (story)
Carmarthen Journal 13.9.06 LACK OF MEMBERS AND CASH THREATEN TRADITION - SARAH-JANE WILLIAMS - A Century-and-a-half of tradition is being forced to terminate in Carmarthenshire. The Carmarthenshire Hunt, established in the 1850s, is facing financial difficulties and dwindling membership as a result of the Hunting Bill which came into force in February 2005…. Mr Wade explained that the countryside of Carmarthenshire is not suitable for drag hunting. The hunt would need to ask farmers to take down gates and fences to make the fields more amenable to the trail. He added: "Why should farmers co-operate when we are no longer providing them with the service of getting rid of a fox?"… (story)
BBC News Online 14.9.06 Hunt crisis blamed on in-fighting - A "clash of personalities" and internal arguments are being blamed for a membership crisis that could bring about the end of a 150-year-old hunt. The committee and remaining members of the Carmarthenshire Hunt will meet on Friday night to discuss its future. It says membership has fallen to single figures with some people leaving to join other rides…. Mr Wade said the Hunting Act which came into force in February 2005 had contributed to its problems…. (story)

Harborough Mail 4.10.06 Christmas shopping season started already - LOROS and the Countryside Alliance are holding their annual Christmas fair at Noseley Hall tomorrow… (story)

Independent Catholic News 4.10.06 Bishop calls for restrictions on hunting - Bishop Malcolm McMahon, Bishop of Nottingham, who is president of Catholic Concern For Animals, has declared his support for a campaign led by the League Against Cruel Sports to prevent any change in the current Sunday shooting laws… (story)

Oxford Student 4.10.06 Animal rights attacks continue By Annie McDermott - This summer there has been a fresh outbreak of animal rights activity, targeting university premises and the building contractors associated with them. On 29 July, the animal rights magazine Bite Back received an anonymous statement detailing the recent activities of the Animal Liberation Front. "Through the month of June the ALF were busy taking on Oxford University,” it said…. ALF spokesman Keith Mann told The Oxford Student that this will continue until Oxford end their association with animal testing…. (story)

Oxford Student 4.10.06 Oxford dons break cover and join fight against lab By Ed Hancox - Oxford dons have united for the first time to oppose Oxford’s plan for an animal-testing lab. But Pro-Test, the most vocal supporters of the South Parks Road lab, have denounced the group as nothing more than "a front” and "a way to get some media attention”. Voice for Ethical Research at Oxford, known as VERO, was founded by Oxford graduate Sharon Howe, who publicly returned her Oxford MA to the University in March 2006 in protest against the lab…. Katherine Morris, a Philosophy fellow at Mansfield College and one of 21 founder members of VERO, agreed that it was hard for members of the University to criticise the lab…. She denounced the acts of animal rights extremists, saying "We’re not nutters that firebomb things.” (story)

Cambridge Evening News 4.10.06 HLS in monkey farm row - MONKEYS used by Huntingdon Life Sciences for research are being factory farmed in "appalling conditions" according to an animal rights group. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection claims a 12-month undercover operation found the world's largest monkey breeding farm in Long Thanh, Vietnam, kept animals in decrepit cages and weaned young monkeys prematurely… (story)

Shropshire Star 4.10.06 Get MP to back tests campaign - A survey of medical doctors showed 83 per cent would support an independent inquiry into the scientific merit of animal testing for drugs… I urge readers to contact their MP and ask him to sign EDM 92 - Animal Testing of Drugs…. Wendy Clark, Church Stretton (letter)


Farmers Weekly 3.10.06 Conservatives debate the countryside at the Tory Party Conference - The Conservative Party's commitment to the countryside and the rural voter has been debated at two fringe events at the Tory Party annual conference in Bournemouth. A Countryside Alliance fringe addressed the question: "Do the Conservatives love the countryside?” Meanwhile, the Conservative Rural Action Group asked: "Does the rural vote matter’?... (story)

Shropshire Star 3.10.06 Different viewpoint on farmers - I don’t agree with T Lloyd, of Oswestry, that animal farmers are more wildlife-minded than a lot of ordinary people. A few years ago I was in conversation with a lovely 90-year-old lady who had spent all her life on a farm… I was astounded that someone who had lived all her life in the countryside knew so little about wildlife… She also told me about another farmer who would take a worn-out sheep dog and hang it over a bridge by the neck until it was dead, then drop it into the river…. I don’t doubt there are a handful of caring farmers who take a pride in protecting areas for wildlife, I believe the majority are only interested in making as much money as possible from their suffering animals and can’t be bothered about wildlife habitats. Judi Hewitt, Rhyl, Denbighshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.10.06 THE HUNTING LAW MUST BE ENFORCED - Thank goodness Countryside Alliance member, Christopher Marles, responsible for the horrific attack on International Fund For Animal Welfare hunt monitor, Kevin Hill, has been brought to justice… Helen Weeks West Coker Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.10.06 SOUR GRAPES BY BLOOD SPORT FANS - Sorry to Mr Bradshaw, (Your Call, September 27), but unless those seeing themselves as a persecuted, particular minority can come up with something cruelty-free like drag or trail hunting, those of us in the majority will simply read their letters as sour grapes… Janet Hall Cirencester Gloucestershire (letter)

Northern Echo 3.10.06 HUNTING VOTE - FILM has been obtained of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds on National Trust land on August 29, of a deer, which was either sick or injured, being chased by a rider with a red coat… If you are a member of the National Trust you should have received a ballot paper sent out on September 14… The votes must be in by mid-October if this mindless cruelty is to stop. Don't waste your vote, please. - Name and address supplied. (letter)

Epsom Herald 3.10.06 Trapped swan dies of stress By Patsy Payne - UNLAWFUL fishing has led to the death of a lake's only female swan…. John Potts, of Swans Friends and Bird Rescue,found the distressed swan on the lake close to the main gate. He said: "We retrieved the swan only to find a fishing line coming from its beak…. (story)

Western Morning News 3.10.06 ANGLERS TARGETED - So, anglers have been targeted by a group of animal rights people, and there is the expected hue and cry - why? As I understand it, a group intimidated two or three anglers - even punching a woman in the face - very much like the incidents in hunt monitors and saboteurs having their faces beaten, whips smashed across them, horses deliberately ridden at them and the police turning a blind eye.But no, in this case it was considered serious enough to send in a police unit… F Cleaves, Par (letter)

News Shopper 3.10.06 Thinking about animal welfare - WORLD Farm Animals Day (WFAD) was on October 2. Since the Second World War there has been a massive increase in meat consumption which has been matched by the huge development and expansion of industrial factory farming…. It is promoted by Compassion in World Farming, which actively campaigns to improve the lot of all farm animals… C POPE, Erith (story)

Leicester Mercury 3.10.06 VEGETARIAN FUN AT AUTUMN FAIR - An vegetarian fair is being held at the weekend. The Very Veggie Autumn Fair takes place on Saturday, at Christchurch in Clarendon Park Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester. Attractions will include a children's corner, stalls by animal charities and vegetarian businesses, a raffle, tombola, bric-a-brac and a cake stall…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 25.9.06 VEGGIE FAIR TO AID ANIMALS - An event next month will raise money for animal causes. The Very Veggie Autumn Fair takes place on Saturday, October 7, at Christchurch in Clarendon Park Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester…. (story)


Western Morning News 2.10.06 SHOOTERS LOADING UP TO FIGHT NEW BATTLE - WIth the pheasant shooting season starting officially today (Sundays are non-shooting days in England and Wales), keen shots across the Westcountry will be looking forward to their first day in the field since the end of January and will be relishing the chance to enjoy good company and good sport in the great outdoors. But some of them will have been checking over their guns and ordering their cartridges with a slight tinge of anxiety this autumn. Because it is pretty clear from the noises coming from the anti-country sports groups that the most vociferous opponents of game shooting are limbering up for a new battle. With hunting officially banned, the League Against Cruel Sports has game shooting in its sights. And though Government ministers are so far showing admirable support for shooting, organisations like the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), the Country Land and Business Association and the Countryside Alliance know that, when it comes to New Labour and animal rights, it is wise to take nothing for granted….(story)

Times 2.10.06 Fishing: Fighter punching its weight again - BRIAN CLARKE, FISHING CORRESPONDENT - TWO years ago this month, the Anglers’ Conservation Association (ACA), the small but potent body that pursues polluters of rivers and lakes through the courts and had long been one of the sport’s most respected bodies, was plunged into crisis…. Well, that was then and this is now. Under a vigorous chairman and an energetic new director, the ACA is reporting finances under control, membership stabilised, the legal team strengthened and direction and focus sharpened…. And so, it seems, the ACA is back — and with a bigger bang. Rivers and lakes stricken by abstraction, diffuse pollution, carelessness and bloody-mindedness are being promised wider protection. Polluters and those who supply them will rest less easily. Anglers will note all of it and be heartened. (story)

Elmbridge Guardian 2.10.06 Animal activists whip up storm By Yvonne Gordon - A PVC-clad dominatrix surprised race-going punters at Kempton Park by inviting them for a good whipping. However, this was not a venue for an S & M club, but part of charity Animal Aid's call for a ban on the use of the whip on horses. The dominatrix, who was in fact the charity's fundraiser Kate Fowler-Reeves, invited punters to offer their own rumps for a whipping to see how they liked it…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 2.10.06 WE MUST PUT A STOP TO NEW ANIMAL TESTS - As part of a nation of animal lovers, readers of the Echo will be concerned to know that the European Union is nearing the vote on adopting the Reach chemical testing programme, which could mean that millions of animals will die in Europe's largest ever mass animal testing programme… The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs will play a key role in finalising the legislation and it will need to hear your concerns over the millions of animals that are to be killed, starting in 2009. Please ask the department to do everything in their power to stop the animal tests under Reach… Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, St Thomas, Exeter (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 2.10.06 FUR BAN AT FASHION FAIR - Fur is to be banned at Nottingham's vintage fashion fair. Edwin Dyson, of Blind Lemon Vintage, who organises the fair, has made the decision after talking to animal rights activists…. (story)

Times 2.10.06 Reformed-veggies and food puritans BY VANORA BENNETT - Only after that delicious morsel was safely going down, and the second wedge of crackling was speared on his fork, did he regain control for long enough to speak… "I used,” he said, a bit indistinctly, "to be a vegetarian.”… But then I realised that I’m always meeting people who’ve been vegetarians for years and then thought, oh sod it. Mostly, though, they remain a tiny bit hesitant about meat…. (story)


Sunday Times 1.10.06 Call of the wild A moor, a stag, Aga toast, a peaty bath. For one week of the year AA Gill finds the sublime - I’m only a little resentful about writing this just now. I’ve been on the jetty, waving off the stalking party as they putter down the loch to climb the high ground and walk the long way back into the wind…. Stalking in the Highlands is heart-thudding, knee-searing, back-jarring, ankle-wrenching, sweat-drenching, cold and wet — and as shit-slimy as you can manage. The bucket of my discomfort runneth over. Yet, like the headbanging loony, you feel a transcendental bliss when it stops… (story)

Observer 1.10.06 Stem cells can cut cruelty - It is absurd for so-called right-to-life campaigners to object to medical research on cells from dead human embryos, when they do not object to research on live animals… Richard Mountford, Tonbridge, Kent (story)

Sunday Herald 1.10.06 Scottish Green Party - IT is hard to understand why Paul Hutcheon should view a party’s commitment to the welfare of Scotland’s animals as likely to deter voters. There are many indicators that, on the contrary, animal welfare is a matter of public interest… Libby Anderson, Policy director, Advocates For Animals (letter)

Scotland on Sunday 1.10.06 Museum is no home for fish - THE National Museum of Scotland is currently deciding whether to replace its current 'fish ponds' with a new pond or ponds in another location at the Royal Museum… We are hoping the museum will take the ethical decision to end the keeping of captive fish…. This form of human 'entertainment' comes at a high cost to the animals concerned and we urge the museum to go fish-free. Ross Minett, director, Advocates for Animals, Edinburgh (letter)