October 2007

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Mirror 31.10.07 Anti-hunt Mirror is praised By Graham Brough - The Daily Mirror's expose of the violent conduct by supporters of Tory leader David Cameron's local hunt has been praised in Parliament. An all party group of MPs, including Tory veteran Ann Widdecombe and left-wing actress Glenda Jackson, signed an Early Day Motion congratulating the Mirror for our work protecting animals. We revealed supporters of Heythrop Hunt, which operates near Mr Cameron's constituency in Witney, Oxon, used violence, bad language, criminal damage and intimidation to stop monitors observing them hunt.... (story)
Mirror 18.10.07 David Cameron link to violent hunt - By Graham Brough And Martin Fricker - Violent huntsmen who attacked elderly protesters helped propel Tory leader David Cameron to power, the Mirror can reveal today. Members of the Heythrop Hunt have been captured on video roughing up demonstrators and damaging their cars... Anti-hunt campaigner Peter Bunce, 68, said: "We have been driven at, ridden at, sworn at, threatened, tailed and intimidated whilst monitoring the Heythrop hunt since the ban... Gran Judy Gilbert, 60, was knocked flying by a burly farmer as she filmed Heythrop... (story)

South Wales Echo 31.10.07 Alliance joins fight for post offices by David James, South Wales Echo - THE Countryside Alliance has added its voice to the campaign against post office closures. A spokesman for the alliance said the countryside group believed residents should fight the proposals... (story)

Wrexham Leader 31.10.07 Badger cull would be senseless slaughter - It appears the Government wants to give the greenlight to terminate large numbers of black and white and red and white badgers... I believe this out of step, silly termination plan should be nipped in the bud. Let's face facts here. No one has proved that badgers are 100 per cent to blame for carrying the deadly bovine TB germ... Neil Edwards, Montgomery Road, Wrexham (letter)

Blackpool Gazette 31.10.07 Badger cull is unacceptable - The proposals to kill badgers in order to control bovine tuberculosis (bTB) are unfounded, not supported by any reliable scientific evidence and are socially unacceptable in 2007... BRYCE GOULDING, Poulton Road, Carleton (letter)

Cornish Guardian 31.10.07 CALL FOR BOVINE TB VACCINE - Lynne TanseyTintagel - Badger culling has yet again put the focus on this native species... I have been involved as a 'badger expert' for 25 of those years, as an adviser, educationalist and conservationist.... Though I sympathise with the struggles of the farmers, the answer is to develop a safe vaccine both for our cattle and wildlife (letter)

Western Daily Press 31.10.07 BADGER CULL IS OVER-REACTION - How on Earth Antony Gibson of the NFU can describe as "common sense" yet another attempt to engineer a mass badger cull in reaction to bovine TB is just beyond me... Gill Purser, Cheltenham (letter)

Evening Leader 31.10.07 Badger cull would be senseless slaughter - It appears the Government wants to give the greenlight to terminate large numbers of black and white and red and white badgers, fearing that they are the real cause for the breakout of tuberculosis (TB) in cattle throughout the UK. May I come to the defence of the noble wild badger that we all like. I believe this out of step, silly termination plan should be nipped in the bud.... Neil Edwards, Montgomery Road, Wrexham. (letter)

Scotsman 31.10.07 Animal testing outdated - Ann Baldwin's article (Science & Environment, 27 October) on measures that might reduce animal testing's unreliability and irrelevance is a classic case of trying to repair a piece of rusty old machinery that really needs scrapped.... ALISTAIR CURRIE, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Southwark Street, London (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 31.10.07 City Hall's foie gras ban - Foie gras has been banned from the menu at Norwich City Hall - even though the French delicacy has never having been on it. A motion brought by Green councillors against the paté, which is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese, was passed unanimously last night at a full city council meeting. But an amendment was also passed which means that while City Hall frowns upon foie gras and will never serve it at civic events, the council will not actively discourage city restaurants from serving it... (story)
Norwich Evening News 31.10.07 Council says no to foie gras - KATE SCOTTER - A woman acted out being force-fed foie gras last night as part of a demonstration aimed at getting the "cruel product" banned. At Norwich City Council's full council meeting last night, a motion put forward by Adrian Ramsay, co-ordinator of the Green Party, was passed to ban the serving of foie gras… Before the meeting, an elegantly dressed woman was "force-fed" through a funnel by a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Europe (Peta) who was dressed as a waiter…. (story)
Eastern Daily Press 27.10.07 Greens call for foie gras ban - Norwich could become the second city in the UK to ban the sale of foie gras, with calls for shops, restaurants and authorities to stop selling the bird liver because it is deemed cruel. The Green Party has put forward a motion to the next full city council meeting to ensure the product is not available in any council services and to discourage Norwich eateries to stop serving it.... At a Norwich City Council meeting next Tuesday, Adrian Ramsay, right, co-ordinator of the Green party at City Hall, will deliver the motion... Leader of the city council Steve Morphew said the motion was a waste of time and money. He said: “It is like putting a sign up saying 'no elephants' because we have, to my knowledge, never served foie gras at the council... (letter)

Newbury Weekly News 31.10.07 Staff 'terrifed' by animal protest By Ben Johnson/Miles Amoore, Reporters - Protestors shout anti-animal testing slogans through megaphones outside Newbury pharmaceutical company... Protesters belonging to the group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) chanted anti-animal testing slogans at the building... The protest group targeted Orion Pharma UK because of the company’s affiliation with the controversial Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) research company... SHAC member, Tom Harris, reported that one male pedestrian was moved on by police after he told protesters they were “useless” and “wasting their time”... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 31.10.07 FASHION SHOW FIGHTS CRUELTY - A fashion show is being held in Exeter to raise money for the Animals Asia Foundation.The animal charity, based in Hong Kong, is dedicated to ending cruelty for all animals in Asia.... (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 31.10.07 Sheila Brennan opens our eyes - CAN I say a great big thank you to our own Mrs Herriot (All Creatures Great and Small) Mrs Sheila Brennan for her poems and little notes... MRS BURROWS, Redlam, Blackburn. (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 31.10.07 Keep squirrels off the menu - RE the Nature Watch article and lovely photograph of a grey squirrel and robin enjoying breakfast in a garden opposite Foxhill Nature Reserve.... Whether red or grey they still should have a life. Is nature not safe any more? R GRIMSHAW, Darwen (story)


Horse & Hound 30.10.07 Crawley & Horsham plan spectacular London hunt ball - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - The Crawley & Horsham Hunt is holding an evening of "splendour and entertainment" at London's Science Museum next month. On Thursday, 29 November, the Crawley & Horsham is breaking with tradition, and holding its annual hunt ball in London. The idea is the brainchild of joint master Jamie Hawksfield: "We wanted to do something different and a bit special, and it's perfect timing for sporting Londoners to kick off the Christmas party season in style."... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 30.10.07 FAMILY COLLECTS FOR RURAL SKILLS TRUST IN LAURA'S MEMORY - The memory of talented teenager Laura Persey, who died this month, will be preserved by a fund to help more people learn about the countryside.The popular 19-year-old young farmer and sportswoman died on Monday, October 15, the day after she took part in the annual Commando Challenge in East Devon.... Laura played for Cullompton women's rugby team and Exeter Culm Vale Hornets Hockey Club. She was also an active member of the Taunton Vale Harriers hunt and the Tiverton Pony Club... (story)
Western Morning News 29.10.07 COUNTRYSIDE BIDS FAREWELL TO LAURA - PAUL GREAVES - The rural community sounded the final horn for one its brightest young members who died in her sleep. Around 400 people attended the funeral service for 19-year-old Laura Persey, from Blackborough near Cullompton in Devon, who died on October 15... As guests entered the thanksgiving service, two mounted horsewomen from the Taunton Vale Harriers and Tiverton Foxhounds, with whom Miss Persey rode, stood solemnly... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 29.10.07 HUNDREDS PAY TRIBUTE TO SPORTSWOMAN - Hundreds of mourners celebrated the life of young farmer and talented sportswoman Laura Persey during her funeral at the family farm.... Around 400 people attended a ceremony at Allhallows Farm in Blackborough, near Cullompton, on Saturday. She was then buried at the village church in a coffin made from an elm tree from the farm.... Alun Thomas, master of Taunton Vale Harriers, said: "Laura was always a joy to be with, she was always smiling and had an infectious personality.... (story)

Western Morning News 30.10.07 DELIBERATE DISEASE - I take great joy from Tess Nash's letters in the WMM; so "rurally correct" that I can only assume she is a townie who has moved to the countryside and gone native... Has she swallowed whole the Countryside Alliance's How To Campaign booklet?In her letter "Cruel rabbit deaths" (August 30) she tells us that those who campaigned and voted for a ban on hunting are hypocritical for not encouraging Defra to monitor painful rabbit myxomatosis deaths.... Theo Hopkins, Lifton (letter)

Western Morning News 30.10.07 SHOOTING IS GOOD FOR THE COUNTRYSIDE - The two anti-shooting letters published on the letters page (October 23) require to be answered. I will deal with that from Paul Nelson... He says "shooting cannot benefit wildlife". I'm sorry Mr N - the RSPB, which carries rather more clout than you do, admits it does... The second letter, from Theo Hopkins, is of a completely different order. He is a sensible, responsible countryman who has been the victim of what was clearly a badly run shoot with unscrupulous management. I am forced to agree with many of the points that he makes. All shoot managers should read this letter and examine their own consciences... Please, Mr Hopkins, look around you and discover that not all shoots and shooters are as bad as your experience might suggest. John Montague, Exeter (letter)

BBC News Online 30.10.07 Angler's feel hook of new bye-law By Diarmaid Fleming - Angling is meant to be relaxing, but those unwinding at Killiney's beach are wound up - over plans to ban beach fishing in south County Dublin.... Irish Federation of Sea Anglers and Angling Council of Ireland secretary Hugh O'Rorke said he could not follow the council's reasoning... In its new "Draft Beach Bye Laws", the council classifies fishing as a "nuisance" - a description which has infuriated anglers - and seeks to ban the sport from all the beaches in its jurisdiction.... (story)

Daily Record 30.10.07 Market Garden By Lachlan Mackinnon - Villager Turns His Garage Into A Shop - A VILLAGER spent £50,000 building a shop in his front garden after the local store closed. Ian Phillips, 54, knocked down his garage to erect "The Wee Local Shop" when his neighbours were left with nowhere to buy their bread and milk or stamps... Ross Montague, of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, applauded Ian.... (story) p>Western Mail 30.10.07 FUW chief attacks charity watchdog over RSPCA by Steve Dube, Western Mail - AN ANGRY farmers’ leader has accused the Charity Commission of impotence and failing in its duties to the general public over the RSPCA’s ongoing badger campaign. Farmers’ Union of Wales president, Gareth Vaughan has called on the government’s top legal officer to intervene over the RSPCA’s continued use of “dodgy statistics” to claim that the public is against a cull of badgers.... (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 30.10.07 Pity the badgers - If you’re a badger, get your head down and keep it low – very low! The knives of politicians and supermarket price-setters are being sharpened... Stuart Stockley, Ennerdale Road, Tettenhall. (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 30.10.07 Keep pets safe at Halloween - Kate Fowler-Reeves Head of campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge Kent (letter)
Western Mail 30.10.07 Don’t scare the pets - Fireworks that fill the night sky with dazzling explosions of colour and noise may excite us, but they terrify animals... For further advice on keeping animals safe at Halloween and on Bonfire Night, visit www.animalaid.org.uk. Kate Fowler-Reeves Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 30.10.07 Spend zoo cash on better animal care - ALASTAIR McFARLANE comments on the sad state of animal enclosures at Edinburgh Zoo (Letters, October 26). Shouldn't any spare money that the zoo has be spent on better care for the animals it already holds behind its bars as opposed to making grand plans for expansion and the acquisition of more animals to its "collection"?... Ross Minett, Campaigns Director, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Scotsman 30.10.07 Grey squirrels no aliens - Hardly a day goes by that we are not confronted with some conservation organisation claiming pending disaster if we don't rid ourselves of yet another "alien" to protect native species.... although their ancestors came from overseas, individual members of the present population have been born and bred in this country for around 45 generations and are as "native" as any human born here, irrespective of their ethnic origins. When a grey squirrel is killed, it is a native individual that's being persecuted. ANGUS MACMILLAN, Meikle Boturich, near Balloch, Dunbartonshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 30.10.07 A DEADLY TIME FOR HEDGEHOGS - Bonfire Night is nearly upon us and while this may be a fun time for some, it can be a death trap for hedgehogs.... It is vital to thoroughly check bonfires before lighting them as animals may be using them for shelter... Chris Gale, Chippenham, Wiltshire (letter)

News Shopper 29.10.07 Reduce cattle to win eco battle - POLITICIANS and scientists agree our environment and beautiful planet are both in serious danger.... We are constantly reminded we must make efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, but why, in the light of this UN report, are we not being told to reduce meat and dairy consumption?... C POPE, Nurstead Road, Erith (story)


Hull Daily Mail 29.10.07 HORSE AND HOUND BACK IN THE HUNT - A Traditional countryside spectacle in the East Riding returned at the weekend after being grounded by foot-and-mouth restrictions. The 250-year-old Holderness Hunt set out on a sunny Saturday morning after being given the all-clear from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to restart after all hunting was cancelled following the foot-and-mouth outbreaks in August... (story)

Yorkshire Post 29.10.07 Stalking comments miss target From: Gerry Reece, Moor Lane, Arkendale, Knaresborough. AS a very occasional deerstalker who enjoys watching deer and other wildlife but who likes venison in the freezer and on the plate I am astonished by the ignorance displayed by your correspondent Aled Jones (Letters, Yorkshire Post, October 23) when criticising deerstalking.... To suggest that deer farming is more humane is naive as despite the highest standards of stockmanship, deer for the abattoir must feel a high level of stress if only for a short time, unlike the unknowing death of a wild deer...
A horror of hunting From: Andrew Vevers, Fulford Park, York. ALED Jones (Letters, October 22) may have got the details wrong... Pest control may be necessary, as with foxes, but why is it that otherwise polite, well-educated people derive pleasure from killing things? (letters)

Essex Gazette 29.10.07 Countywide: Give PM your views on post office cuts - People have been urged to tell the Prime Minister how much they value their post office… The Countryside Alliance has called on people to fight to save their branch by using its services, and writing to Gordon Brown and the Post Office to explain why it should not be closed…. (story)

Norwich Evening News 29.10.07 Experts to check on care of greyhounds - SAM WILLIAMS - The governing body of greyhound racing is to visit Norfolk to investigate concerns dogs are suffering because they are not being rehomed properly when too old to race. Investigators from the National Greyhound Racing Club (NGRC) will visit greyhound welfare groups in the county amid concerns the well-being of animals is not being taken seriously once they have reached racing retirement age…. Anne Boddey, founder of Norwich-based anti-greyhound racing group Action for Greyhounds, claimed she had been forced to rescue dozens of neglected and abused dogs passed on to unsuitable owners by trainers … (story)

Western Daily Press 29.10.07 FARMERS CALLOUS OVER BADGER CULL - This is the definition of "massacre" in my dictionary: "The wanton or savage killing of large numbers of people."... If a badger cull goes ahead, I advise all horrified and revolted citizensto totally boycott British dairy produce. I suggest we all make a start now with British butter, and start dealing with our callous farmers in the only currency they appear to understand, ie, cash. Penny Little, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (story)

Brighton Argus 29.10.07 Animal charities - I read with interest your article on the financial problems facing various animal rescue groups in the area... If the RSPCA put more effort into caring for abandoned and casualty animals and left the authorities to enforce animal protection legislation, people like Carla Lane and others might not have to dedicate their lives to caring for creatures which currently have no one else to protect them. John F Robins, Animal Concern Advice Line Dumbarton (letter)

Edinburgh Evening News 29.10.07 Swan death puzzle must be solved - IT is deeply sad 14 swans have been poisoned in Holyrood Park... It's such a terrible shame two of the swans had to be put down and blood tests on the others confirmed they had been poisoned by lead. The quicker the cause is found the better. Mrs June Fleming, Redburn Road, Prestonpans, East Lothian (letter)

Bolton News 29.10.07 Animal suffering can’t be defended - I SEND my support to the intelligent people who recently highlighted the barbaric practice of foie gras production.... Vivien Hatch, Whalley Avenue, Bolton (letter)


Sunday Mirror 28.10.07 HEART-SCARE PHILIP BACK..KILLING BIRDS - Prince Philip proved he was a long way from death's door yesterday - by killing pheasants. The 86-year-old Duke shrugged off fears about a serious long-term heart condition by leading a shoot on the Royal estate at Sandringham, Norfolk... (story)
Mail on Sunday 28.10.07 Philip shoots down those heart rumours (...not to mention a few pheasants) - Prince Philip showed he felt fighting fit yesterday by enjoying his favourite winter hobby - shooting game birds... Last night Andrew Tyler, director of the charity Animal Aid, said: "Exercise in the countryside is excellent, not least for someone of advanced years like Prince Philip. But it can be enjoyed without spilling blood and causing death and suffering to birds."... (story)

Sunday Telegraph 28.10.07 Badger cull is just the beginning... By Olga Craig - Britain's cattle are being infected with TB and badgers are to blame – so should they be exterminated? As Olga Craig reports, the badger war is only just beginning?… (story)


Leicester Mercury 27.10.07 HUNTS EXPECT BIG TURN OUT BY TOM MACK - Hunt supporters are turning out in their thousands for the first meets of the season. Hundreds of hounds and horses are joining the Belvoir, Fernie, Quorn, Atherstone and Cottesmore hunts for their meets, the first of which took place yesterday, with more happening over the weekend. Most hunts will be using birds of prey since the Hunting Act 2005 outlawed the use of dogs to attack foxes.... The Hunt Saboteurs Association said it believed only one-third of hunts nationally stuck to the law, with the others either breaking it accidentally or completely ignoring it. Association spokesman Lee Moon said: "When the hunts go out we will be out as well, monitoring them and gathering evidence to pass on to the police and Crown Prosecution Service.... (story)

Somerset County Gazette 27.10.07 Huntsmen's appeal dismissed By Laura Thorpe - TWO men found guilty of hunting with dogs have had an appeal against the judgement dismissed. Huntsman Richard Down, 44, from West Bagborough, and whipper-in Adrian Pillivant, 36 from Willand in Devon were found guilty of breaching hunting laws while out with the Quantock Staghounds and fined by magistrates back in June... (story)
Horse & Hound 26.10.07 Hunts determind to continue despite Quantock appeal failure - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - The West Country staghound packs have resolved to find a way to continue hunting within the law following last week's dismissal of an appeal by the Quantock Staghounds. ... Giving his judgement on Friday at Taunton Crown Court, Mr Justice Wyn Williams acknowledged the difficulties of working within the Act and gave some clarification on the flushing exemption. Crucially, he also accepted that both Mr Down and Mr Pillivant believed they were hunting lawfully, saying: "We accept that both men did not set out to break the law. . . that they considered they were entitled to enjoy their sport provided they complied with the statutory conditions as they believed them to be."... (story)
Western Gazette 25.10.07 HUNTING ACT CLARIFIED - The Hunting Act has been clarified by a judge after an appeal staged by two members of the Quantock Staghounds who were convicted under the legislation.While the judge last week decided that Richard Down and Adrian Pillivant were guilty of an offence on the day in question he outlined how the staghounds could continue to hunt within the law... (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 23.10.07 HUNTING DUO LOSE APPEAL CONVICTION - Two huntsmen found guilty of illegally hunting deer have lost an appeal against their convictions.Whipper-in Adrian Pillivant, from Willand, near Cullompton, and huntsman Richard Down, of Bagborough, Somerset, have always claimed they were operating within the terms of the controversial Hunting Act... (story)
BBC News Online 19.10.07 Hunting duo appeal is turned down - Two men convicted of breaking the law prohibiting hunting have had their appeal against conviction rejected. Richard Down and Adrian Pillivant, both members of the Quantock Staghounds, were convicted after being filmed by the League Against Cruel Sports... (story)
Horse & Hound 19.10.07 Quantock Staghounds duo still guilty of hunting offence - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - The first appeal to be heard under the Hunting Act has this afternoon proved unsuccessful. Quantock Staghounds huntsman Richard Down and amateur whipper-in Adrian Pillivant were again found guilty of breaching the Hunting Act 2004... But Countryside Alliance head Simon Hart said the judgement finally gives hunts a clear idea of what is "exempt hunting" following months of confusion. "We remain convinced that Richard Down and Adrian Pillivant believed what they were doing on that day in February 2006 was legal hunting," he said... (story)
Somerset County Gazette 14.10.07 Reserved judgment on hunting appeal By Laura Thorpe - TWO huntsmen appealing against a guilty verdict for breaching new hunting laws will have to wait for a reserved judgement later in the month. Huntsman Richard Down, 44, of West Bagborough, and whipper-in Adrian Pillivant, 36, of Wil-land, Devon, were found guilty at Bristol Magistrates Court in June of hunting deer with dogs. Anti-hunt campaigners filmed the Quantock Staghounds at one of their meets on February 16... (story)
Horse & Hound 12.10.07 Quantock Staghounds appeal adjourned - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - The Quantock Staghounds appeal, heard over three days last week in Taunton Crown Court, has been adjourned until Friday, 19 October.... (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 9.10.07 HUNTING APPEAL AWAITS DECISION - A ruling is yet to be made on whether a Willand huntsman will have his conviction for breaching the Hunting Act overturned.Both Adrian Pillivant, 36, and huntsman Richard Down, 44, of Bagborough, were found guilty earlier this year of illegally pursuing deer with hounds earlier this year.... They are both part of the Quantock Staghounds... (story)
BBC News Online 4.10.07 Huntsmen appeal ruling reserved - Judgement has been reserved in the appeal case of two Somerset men convicted of illegally hunting deer. Richard Down and Adrian Pullivant, of the Quantock Staghounds, were convicted in June and each fined £500... Both men say they were hunting within the new law. After the three day hearing Mr Justice Wynn Williams reserved judgement until 19 October.... (story)
Western Daily Press 4.10.07 CONVICTED HUNTER 'ACTING WITHIN LAW' - A staghunter who was one of the first in the country to be convicted of breaking the ban on hunting told a judge yesterday he did not try to stop a pair of hounds as they chased deer across a Somerset moorland. Adrian Pillivant, 36, voluntary whipper-in with the Quantock Staghounds, said he took no action because the deer were heading towards woodland where marksmen were hiding to cull them. Mr Pillivant and huntsman Richard Down are appealing against their convictions and fines of £500 and costs of £1,000 each imposed earlier this year.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 4.10.07 HUNTSMAN BIDS TO OVERTURN DECISION - Devon hunt worker Adrian Pillivant has appeared in court to appeal against his conviction after being found guilty of illegally hunting deer with hounds.Mr Pillivant, a whipper-in from Willand, and huntsman Richard Down, both of the Quantock Staghounds, were convicted in June in only the second prosecution of its kind... (story)
BBC News Online 3.10.07 Hunting duo deny breaking the law - Two men have appeared in court to appeal against their convictions after being found guilty of illegally hunting deer with hounds. Richard Down, 44, and Adrian Pillivant, 36, of the Quantock Staghounds were convicted by magistrates in June... (story)
Western Daily Press 3.10.07 STAGHUNTERS APPEAL AGAINST CONVICTIONS - Two prominent staghunters have launched an appeal against their convictions for breaking the hunting ban. Richard Down, a professional huntsman, and Adrian Pillivant, a lorry driver acting as volunteer whipper-in, were caught on camera by a hunt monitor from the League Against Cruel Sports as they pursued red deer on the Quantock Hills.... (story)
BBC News Online 2.10.07 Hunting conviction is challenged - Two men who illegally hunted deer with hounds are appealing against their convictions. Richard Down, 44, and Adrian Pillivant, 36, of the Quantock Staghounds were convicted and fined in June at Bristol Magistrates' Court... On Tuesday, the pair appeared at their appeal at Taunton Crown Court.... (story)
Western Daily Press 15.6.07 WIDDECOMBE BACKS HUNT LAW - Outspoken anti-hunting campaigner Ann Widdecombe has backed the successful prosecution of the Quantock Staghounds... (story)
Horse & Hound 14.6.07 Quantocks court case highlights 'hunting for recreation' - Karen Spinner, H&H deputy news editor - The issue of what constitutes exempt hunting was thrown dramatically into focus last Thursday when two men from the Quantock Staghounds were found guilty of breaching the Hunting Act... (story)
North Devon Journal 14.6.07 HUNTING DEER WITH HOUNDS COSTS TWO MEN £1,500 EACH - Two Exmoor huntsmen have been found guilty of illegally hunting deer with hounds.Richard Down, 44 and Adrian Pillivant 36, of the Quantock Staghounds were filmed by anti-hunt campaigners chasing deer on Exmoor with two hounds, Bristol Magistrates heard... (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 12.6.07 GUILTY OF ILLEGALLY HUNTING DEER - Two Exmoor huntsmen have been found guilty of illegally hunting deer with hounds.Richard Down, 44, and Adrian Pillivant, 36, of the Quantock Staghounds were filmed by anti-hunt campaigners chasing deer on Exmoor with two hounds.... (story)
Western Daily Press 9.6.07 RIVAL FACTIONS WEIGH UP THE CHOICES - The staghuntsThis judgment shatters the main exemption all three have depended on since the ban came into force in February 2005. The hunts had used "relay hunting" - using two dogs at a time to flush deer to guns, instead of whole packs. The judge said that was illegal as there was still a chase of sorts…. Foxhunts are worried by the judgment because it appears to say you can't mix pest control with the set-up, paraphernalia and colour of hunts. The law is the same to both, but foxhunts have more obvious exemptions open to them…. (story)
Western Daily Press 8.6.07 HUNTERS GUILTY OF BREAKING BAN BY CHRIS ROE CHIEF REPORTER - The hunting community is today licking its wounds after two West men became the first stag hunters to be convicted of breaking the Hunting Act…."Personal beliefs do not allow people to break the law of the land." Neither Down, 44, of Bagborough, Somerset, nor Pillivant, 36, of Willand, Devon, wanted to speak after the hearing but their solicitor Tim Hayden told of their dismay. "We are disappointed with the outcome but will be looking at it over the next few days and think it is likely there will be an appeal lodged," he said…. (story)
Western Daily Press 8.6.07 THIS LAW HAS US ALL FOXED - No. 46,437SO, following the high-profile court case in Bristol yesterday, it appears that hunting with hounds is illegal after all…. It is still quite common to see huntsmen and their hounds out and about in many parts of the region. And their argument has always been that the horses and hounds are simply flushing out their prey. In the case of stag hunting, that particular argument ran aground when it was aired in court yesterday….(story)
Western Morning News 8.6.07 TWO FINED FOR HUNTING DEER WITH HOUNDS - ADAM WILSHAW - Two huntsmen have been found guilty of illegally hunting deer with hounds on Exmoor.Huntsman Richard Down, 44, and whipper-in Adrian Pillivant, 36, of the Quantock Staghounds were convicted at Bristol Magistrates Court after only the second prosecution of its kind under the 2004 Hunting Act… After the verdict, Richard Furlong, prosecuting, asked for four hounds and three guns to be confiscated and the defendants to be banned from driving. But the judge said that would be "disproportionate" punishment. He also noted the men were of previous good character…. Tim Bonner, from the Countryside Alliance, said: "It is a slightly extraordinary judgment. I disagree with huge parts of it. It adds confusion to the whole picture. We may consider appealing as we don't believe this judgment is correct."… (story)
Telegraph 8.6.07 Two fined for hunting deer with hounds By Richard Savill - Two men were found guilty yesterday of illegally hunting deer with hounds in the second case brought against a hunt since the ban was imposed two years ago. The verdicts against huntsman Richard Down, 44, and whipper-in Adrian Pillivant, 36, of the Quantock Staghounds in Somerset were hailed as a victory by the League Against Cruel Sports, which brought the private prosecution…. The Countryside Alliance said the men would consider appealing against the verdicts…. (story)
Guardian 8.6.07 Deer hunts in danger as pair found guilty of flushing out with dogs - Steven Morris - The future of England's last three staghound packs was uncertain yesterday after two huntsmen became the first to be found guilty of illegally pursuing deer with dogs. Richard Down, a huntsman employed by the Quantock Staghounds, and Adrian Pillivant, a volunteer whipper-in, were convicted after a district judge ruled that they led the sort of old-fashioned chase that was outlawed under the Hunting Act, pursuing red deer in the Quantock hills in Somerset for almost three hours… (story)
Mirror 8.6.07 TWO FINED FOR HUNTING STAG WITH HOUNDS - TWO huntsmen were found guilty yesterday of illegally hunting deer with hounds…. (story)
Times 8.6.07 Hunters fined for illegal pursuit of deer - SIMON DE BRUXELLES - Animal rights campaigners claimed victory yesterday as two men were convicted of illegally hunting deer with dogs. The two members of the Quantock Staghounds claimed they had been acting within the law as they chased the deer across Exmoor…. Tim Hayden, solicitor for Pillivant and Down, said that they were very disappointed with the result and would appeal. (story)
Guardian 7.6.07 Stag hunters found guilty of breaking ban - Steven Morris - A professional huntsman and a volunteer helper today became the first members of a stag hunt to be found guilty of breaking the ban on hunting wild mammals with dogs. Richard Down, an employee of the Quantock Staghounds in Somerset, and Adrian Pillivant, a lorry driver who was acting as a volunteer "whipper-in", were each ordered to pay a £500 fine and £1,000 costs. A judge decided that the pair had used two pairs of staghounds to pursue red deer for almost three hours and over 10 miles…. (story)
Western Daily Press 7.6.07 PAIR FOUND GUILTY OF BREAKING HUNTING ACT - Two members of the Quantock Staghounds have today become the first stag hunters in Britain to be found guilty of breaking the Hunting Act. Huntsman Richard Down and whipper-in Adrian Pillivant had both denied breaking the law at Longstone Hill, near Holford in Somerset, on February 16 last year…. (story)
BBC News Online 7.6.07 Pair guilty of hunting with dogs - Two men have been found guilty of illegally hunting deer with hounds. Huntsman Richard Down, 44, and whipper-in Adrian Pillivant, 36 of the Quantock Staghounds were convicted at Bristol Magistrates' Court…. (story)
Horse & Hound 7.6.07 Quantock Staghounds duo found guilty - Karen Spinner, H&H deputy news editor - Two huntsmen have been found guilty of illegally hunting under the Hunting Act. Quantock Staghounds huntsman Richard Down and whipper-in Adrian Pillivant were convicted at Bristol Magistrates Court this morning after video evidence of the pair hunting deer at a meet in Somerset in February was shown to the court… (story)
Country Life 7.6.07 Two men convicted of illegal hunting - As two men are found guilty of hunting, hunt supporters claim this is another example of how the law against hunting is confusing and imprecise - Holly Kirkwood - Huntsman Richard Down and whipper-in Adrian Pillivant, from the Quantock Staghounds, have today been convicted of illegally hunting deer with hounds at Bristol Magistrates Court…. (story)
Horse & Hound 1.6.07 Quantock Staghounds duo await verdict - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - A verdict is not likely to be returned until next week on the private prosecution of the huntsman and whipper-in of the Quantock Staghounds accused of breaching the Hunting Act. Huntsman Richard Down, 36, and whipper-in Adrian Pillivant, 44, appeared in Taunton Magistrates Court last week accused of hunting deer with hounds on 16 February 2007. Both deny the charge…. (story)
Western Morning News 24.5.07 'DEER DAMAGE COST ME £10,000 IN A YEAR' - Red deer have caused damage amounting to £10,000 to a farmer's land a court heard yesterday. Landowner and farmer Anthony Trollope-Bellow told Taunton Magistrates Court deer on the Quantock Hills, in Somerset, needed to be controlled to protect farmers' livelihoods. He was speaking at the trial of huntsman Richard Downs and whipper-in Adrian Pullivant of the Quantock Staghounds… (story)
Western Morning News 22.5.07 PAIR 'IGNORED HUNTING WITH DOGS BAN' - Two huntsmen at the heart of a private prosecution "blatantly" ignored the ban on hunting with dogs, a court heard yesterday.Quantock Staghounds leader Richard Down and whipper-in Adrian Pillivant are accused of jointly hunting wild deer with dogs during a meet at Longstone Hill, Somerset, in February last year…. (story)
Telegraph 22.5.07 Huntsmen 'chased deer for over an hour' - A huntsman and his whipper-in have been accused of breaking the Hunting Act after a herd of deer was allegedly chased across moorland for more than an hour…(story)
BBC News Online 21.5.07 Pair 'transgressed' hunting ban - Two huntsmen "blatantly" transgressed the law by leading a hunt on National Trust land, a court has heard. Richard Down and Adrian Pillivant are accused of jointly hunting wild deer with dogs during a meet at Longstone Hill, Somerset, in February 2006…. Richard Furlong, representing LACS, said: "They made no attempt to call the dogs off… Witness Edmund Shepherd, a league member who filmed the hunt, said the pair made no efforts to pull back their hounds during the chase…. (story)
Horse & Hound 20.5.07 Court date for Quantocks hunt duo - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - The Quantocks' huntsman and whipper-in are due to appear in court on 21 May accused of breaching the Hunting Act. The prosecution is being privately brought by the League Against Cruel Sports and hinges on the flushing exemption…. (story)
Western Daily Press 19.5.07 CRUCIAL TEST FOR HUNT BAN BY TRISTAN CORK - Two huntsmen will be in the dock on Monday charged with illegal hunting in a trial which both sides agree will be crucial to the future of the hunting ban.Richard Down and Adrian Pullivant are facing a private prosecution brought by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), which claims they hunted a deer illegally on the Quantocks in Somerset in February last year…. (story)
North Devon Journal 12.10.06 FARMING ROUNDUP …. TWO South West huntsmen have pleaded not guilty to breaching the Hunting Act. The men, members of the Quantock Staghounds, are being prosecuted by the League Against Cruel Sports for allegedly hunting stag illegally.... (story)
BBC News Online 5.10.06 Pair deny breach of hunting ban - Two hunters have pleaded not guilty to illegally hunting deer in Somerset. Richard Downs and Adrian Pullivant were represented by their lawyer at Taunton Deane Magistrates' Court on Thursday, accused of breaching the Hunting Act. The pair, both members of the Quantock Stag Hounds and from Bagborough, Somerset, are charged with hunting deer with dogs…. (story)
Western Morning News 22.9.06 HUNTING CASE IS ADJOURNED - The case of two stag hunt members accused of breaching the Hunting Act has been adjourned at Taunton Deane Magistrates Court in Somerset.The hearing, involving huntsman Richard Downs and whipper-in Adrian Pullivant, was yesterday adjourned in their absence until October 5 at the same court. The two men are members of the Quantock Stag Hounds…. (story)
Horse & Hound 22.9.06 Hunt case adjourned - Anna Tyzack - The League Against Cruel Sports’ case against two Quantocks Staghounds members, who it accused of illegal hunting, has been adjourned… (story)
Western Morning News 14.9.06 COURT DATE FOR STAGHOUNDS STAFF - Two hunt staff from the Quantock Staghounds will appear before Taunton Magistrates on September 21 charged with breaching the Hunting Act… (story)
Times 14.9.06 League takes stag men to court - ANIMAL rights campaigners are taking two members of a stag hunt to court for an alleged breach of the Hunting Act. The League Against Cruel Sports, which last month brought the first prosecution of a breach of the prohibition on hunting, has started proceedings against Richard Downs, a huntsman, and Adrian Pullivant, a whipper-in, at the Quantock Staghounds in Somerset…. (story)
Horse & Hound 14.9.06 ANTIS CHARGE SECOND HUNT - Abigail Butcher - As LACS prosecutes again, the Countryside Alliance launches a new handbook to help manage monitors- The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has launched another private prosecution based on video evidence, this time against the Quantock Staghounds…. Hunting without harassment, an updated version of the Council of Hunting Association (CHA) and CA's Hunting Handbook, is released this week… (story)
Western Daily Press 8.9.06 HUNT IS FACING PRIVATE SUIT OVER BAN LAW BY TRISTAN CORK T.CORK@BEPP.CO.UK - One of the West's stag hunts is being taken to court in a private prosecution for allegedly breaking the hunting ban. Two huntsmen with the Quantock Staghounds have been summonsed to appear before magistrates in Taunton later this month. It is the second private prosecution brought by the anti-hunt group the League Against Cruel Sports, which will claim it filmed the QSH breaking the ban on hunting with dogs in February… The first private prosecution by League lawyers saw Exmoor Foxhounds' huntsman Tony Wright convicted last month - a verdict which stunned the hunting fraternity…. (story)
BBC News Online 7.9.06 Huntsmen could face prosecution - Two Somerset men could face a private prosecution for allegedly hunting stag. The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) claim Richard Downs and Adrian Pullivant of the Quantock Staghounds have breached the Hunting Act… (story)
Western Morning News 7.9.06 LEAGUE TO SUE STAGHOUNDS - Campaigners against bloodsports have launched a second private prosecution over alleged breaking of the hunt ban. The summons has been issued against huntsman Richard Downs and whipper-in Adrian Pullivant of the Quantock Staghounds… The Countryside Alliance yesterday said it would support the two men accused in the latest case…. Felicita Busby, master of the Exmoor Foxhounds, said: "The Quantock Staghounds have our 100 per cent support in this and we will give them any help we can."… As in the first prosecution, the case is being brought by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS). In this latest instance a summons was issued this week against staff of the Quantock Staghounds for an alleged breach of the Act in February at Longstone Hill near Holford…. (story)
Somerset County Gazette 7.9.06 Two sued after alleged hunting breach By Chris Alder - TWO West Somerset huntsmen are facing prosecution after allegedly breaking the hunt ban in a second private prosecutioin brought by anti-hunt campaigners the League Against Cruel Sports. Huntsman Richard Downs and whipper-in Adrian Pullivant, of the Quantock Staghounds have received summonses after an alleged incident near Holford…. (story)

Western Daily Press 27.10.07 COMMENT: FORCING NATURE TO ADAPT TO MAN - Our beautiful landscape is being completely taken over by man in an attempt to control nature. KAREN EBERHARDT SHELTON says it is vital that a balance be found between man's needs of humans and those of the wildlife which are increasingly at our mercy... This morning, I heard more "culling" gunshots in the woods.... Deer have to be able to leap fences and dodge cars. Foxes have to outrun and outwit hunters and hounds. Fox cubs are surreptitiously routed from their dens and rubbed out. Rabbits turn their noses up at myxomatosis and come down with it anyway. Badgers are deviously gassed.... (story)

Yorkshire Post 27.10.07 Stalking the humane way to cull deer From: Bernard Robinson, Midland Terrace, Hellifield, Nr Skipton. REGARDING the letter from Aled Jones (Yorkshire Post, October 23) about Kate Middleton stalking deer, it is obvious he has no knowledge of wildlife. Stalking is nothing to do with chasing deer...
From: Robert Appleton, Lower Manor Lane, Burnley, Lancashire. IN reference to the letter from Aled Jones, his epistle was totally bigoted, ignorant and ill-informed. The suggestion that one goes chasing deer over the moors with a rifle on your back is utterly stupid... I think Mr Jones should mind his own business and let Kate Middleton get on and enjoy her life (letters)

Independent 27.10.07 Badger-cull trial was not flawed - It is ludicrous to claim that the RSPCA condones the unnecessary suffering of any animal (letter, 26 October). The RSPCA is as concerned about cattle welfare as wildlife welfare but killing badgers is never going to be the simple solution to the complex problem of TB in cattle.... Dr Julia Wrathall, Head of Farm Animal Science, Dr Rob Atkinson, Head of Wildlife Science RSPCA, Horsham, West Sussex (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 27.10.07 LETTER: FOIE GRAS CREATES SUFFERING - Does your correspondent B.J. Mann have shares in foie gras? Is this the reason he insists on being right about the ducks and geese?... VAL KERRY Duke Street Arnold (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 19.10.07 NAME AND SHAME - Jon Beresford delivers the verdict in the letters page that I am very confused when I "compare the natural behaviour of wild ducks and geese to the extreme end of factory farming for the production of foie gras"... I merely pointed out that these migrating birds naturally gorge and build up fatty deposits for their long flights, and that while many producers might have force fed them in the past, and might even continue to do so, Beth Hewis had no reason to believe, and no right to allege, that the restaurants in question are using their products... B J MANN Valley Road Nottingham (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 10.10.07 LETTER: FOIE GRAS - Oh dear, oh dear. Lynne Thrower writes to chastise me (she has no objections to cruelty to humans then!) in her letter (Get Facts Right On Foie Gras, October 4). She asks if I "believe that geese would actually gorge to the extent of their livers being enlarged ten times their natural size" which, she says, is the size they are after being force fed. No Lynne, I believe they would actually naturally gorge, to the extent of their livers being naturally enlarged a mere seven times their "natural" size, which is the natural size they are after feeding naturally in natural preparation for a natural migratory flight!... B. J. MANN Valley Road Nottingham (letter)
Nottingham Evening 5.10.07 LETTERS: NO BIRD WOULD BEHAVE THIS WAY - B.j. Mann seems to be very confused when he compares the natural behaviour of wild ducks and geese to the extreme end of factory farming for the production of foie gras in his letter... JON BERESFORD Hobsic Close Brinsley (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 4.10.07 GET FACTS RIGHT ON FOIE GRAS - In reply to B J Mann's comment that geese "might be force fed"... If anyone wants to learn more about it please look on the internet and don't listen to people like B. J. Mann who appears to be unaware of the facts about foie gras... LYNNE THROWER Rushmere Walk Nottingham (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 1.10.07 LETTER: SOME FACTS ON FOIE GRAS - Beth Hewis writes to tell us she "was truly disgusted to learn.... restaurants are serving up 'foie gras'… adding that she was "even more appalled that I have actually given money to the establishments that support such cruelty… On and on she went about being unable to "imagine the suffering of these poor animals being locked into cages so tight...."… All very poetic, I'm sure. Poetic licence, that is… As I'm sure she also knows, restaurants display their menus in their windows, and customers are handed a copy to peruse. So why did she frequent them if she objected to what they served?... B J MANN Valley Road Nottingham (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 25.9.07 RESTAURANTS' FOIE GRAS SHAME - I was truly disgusted to learn in The Evening Post that some so- called 'up market' restaurants are serving up 'foie gras' (or 'fatty liver' as it is translated and I would prefer to call it). As someone who has frequented some of the restaurants mentioned in the article I am even more appalled that I have actually given money to the establishments that support such cruelty... Beth Hewis Hobsic Close Brinsley (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 27.10.07 CHUCK RAISES CASH - Chuck the Chicken raised £71 for the charity Compassion in World Farming during a street collection in Beeston Square. Organiser Bryony Butcher, helped by a companion in a bright yellow chicken costume, also collected signatures for a petition to keep on schedule the ban on battery cages..... (story)


Newark Advertiser 26.10.07 Happy hunting - Is anyone running a book on whether our Member of Parliament will be in Newark Market Place on New Year’s Day to toast the meeting of the hunt?... It is reported there are many other reasons for his party leader to rescind the law, including that he rides with his own local hunt with the huntmaster working in his constituency office. Other members of that same hunt deliver election leaflets for him, plus they donate cash to the Tory pot. — VIC HALL, Queen Street, Balderton (letter on website for a week)

Bedford Times & Citizen 26.10.07 Horror appalls me - Re: massacre of swans (T&C, October 12); this was the most depressing piece of news I have read for a very long while... Also, why should anyone have the legal right to be able to shoot ducks and geese anyway for so-called sport?... Brian Mears, Everard Road, Bedford (letter)

Alton Herald 26.10.07 Fight to save post office - CAMPAIGNERS met in East Tisted on Tuesday to register their determination to fight the proposed closure of their award-winning post office... East Tisted post office supporters will be working closely with the Countryside Alliance to put pressure on Post Office Ltd and the government to back down... (story in archive)

Western Morning News 26.10.07 WE MUST QUESTION THE REASONS FOR CULL - I own two woodlands which I manage, in part, for conservation. Both have active badger setts. If, in support of farming, these badgers need to be culled, so be it.But I wish I did not have to write the rest of this letter... The NFU said a cull would benefit ground-nesting birds and hedgehogs, clearly positioning a cull as something the public should welcome. But is the NFU's concern really for ground-nesting birds (such as skylarks), or actually for game birds, all of which are ground-nesting?... A badger cull to protect farming is one thing, but to play fast and loose with "care for ground-nesting birds" is a third-rate PR trick and the NFU should be censured for this. Theo Hopkins, Lifton, Devon (letter)

Bridlington Free Press 19.10.07 Hunting deer is barbaric - REGARDING the Kate Middleton deer stalking debate…. But I find it perverse that anyone should derive pleasure - entertainment - from stalking a petrified deer across miles of countryside then blowing its brains out.,,,, Aled Jones, via e-mail, Mount Crescent, Bridlington (story)

Times 26.10.07 Animal rights mob barking up wrong tree - MARTIN WALLER: CITY DIARY - The Huntingdon Life Sciences animal rights mob are back in town. There was a decent-sized demo outside AXA’s Aldgate offices yesterday. It was, of course, the wrong offices, because they are objecting to the shareholding activities of the investment management side, which is elsewhere... (story)

Lowestoft Journal 26.10.07 Post office campaign gathers pace - THE campaign against the closure of four village post offices launched in The Journal last week has taen off.... Meanwhile, the Countryside Alliance has also joined the campaign to oppose the closure of 67 rural post offices across Suffolk and east Essex. (story)

Guardian 26.10.07 Badgers back in the dock over TB - David King's report on bovine TB seems to be less about science and more about caving in to pressure to do something - even if that proves the worst option for both cattle and badgers... Dr Julia Wrathall Head of farm animals, Robert Atkinson Head of wildlife, RSPCA
Like many other badger TB deniers, Roy Hattersley (Science backs the badgers, October 24) is indulging in wishful interpretation when he prefers the conclusions of the ISG on the badger-culling trials to those of the government's chief scientist.... Anthony Gibson, National Farmers' Union
Roy Hattersley is on shaky ground when he enlists science to further his cause... Hugh Dorrington, Dunsby, Lincolnshire
The NFU should stop taking the easy way out by calling for a cull. Farmers should take responsibility, instead of making the badger a scapegoat... Helen Weeks, West Coker, Somerset
The debate on badger culling seems to be avoiding one particularly nasty topic - the method... Even if there was clear evidence that killing badgers would benefit the agricultural industry, using snares could never be justified. GA Meadows, Blakedown, Worcestershire
The trouble with those on both sides of the badger debate is that they see things only in black and white. Jeremy Banks, Pinner, Middlesex (letters)

Independent 26.10.07 Activists blamedin badger debate - What a load of hypocrites ("Activists voice dismay at plan to cull badgers", report, 23 October). These are the very people who sabotaged the Independent Scientific Group's trial by wrecking traps and releasing and relocating badgers... D J B Denny MRCVS, Broadwas on Teme, Worcester
There is an urgent need for the Independent Scientific Group to reach an evidence-based policy decision on badger-culling, which may avoid a wholesale slaughter. Sentimentality should not be allowed to cloud lucid, scientifically based debate, but there are significant flaws in any pro-culling argument... David Element, London SW19 (letters)

Cambridge Evening News 26.10.07 Pointless killing From Nick Richardson, Pheasant Rise, Bar Hill - THE debate about TB in badgers is, after some 35 years, still steeped in pseudo-scientific myths.... Badgers have been catching TB from cattle . . . and killing them is completely pointless (letter)

Redditch Standard 25.10.07 An abuse of animals and the planet - LES CLARKE in his letter last week contends among other things, that animal manure is essential for agriculture and that a complete shift to vegetarianism by the human race would be disastrous for the environment. Far from this being the case, a shift to a fully vegetarian (vegan) outlook is increasingly needed for the benefit of people, animals and the environment... Kevin White, Redditch Vegetarian & Vegan Society - (letter)

Redditch Standard 25.10.07 Woolly veggie logic - I WAS glad to read that Les Clarke (letters page, October 19) has no problem with veggies. However, I suspect that many veggies may have a problem with his lack of knowledge and woolly logic.... Basil Gotterick, Woodrow (letter)
Redditch Standard 21.10.07 Being veggie won't save the planet - I FEEL I must point out the misconception that becoming a vegetarian will somehow save the planet. It is indeed true that having no animals bred for food would cut substantially methane gas production. However no cows, goats and sheep would end milk production, so no cheese, butter or any dairy products... I have no problem with veggies, but they should accept that omnivore humans are part of the earth’s eco system. Les Clarke, Redditch (letter)

Morpeth Herald 25.10.07 Humans are reds' real enemy - — I was interested to read your article which mentions a conference which took place relating to the so-called problem of grey squirrels... The real problem is that red squirrels are being forced out by human destruction of their habitat.... NEIL (story)


Bexley Times 25.10.07 Cull these foxes - The vast majority of people would be most unsympathetic to the problems being experienced with foxes by T Hart... Animal activists persuaded the councils it would be far more humane to trap the foxes and relocate them. The boroughs agreed since it would save them lots of money. But the activists then claimed that the relocation should stop since the foxes were not accepted in their new surroundings and tended to starve to death. So the boroughs stopped it, which meant there were now no controls over foxes, which had been the objective of the animal activists all the time!... Doug Walters, Sidcup (letter)
Bexley Times 19.10.07 Foxes are vermin and a destructive nuisance - I would like to know why people in London are so defensive about foxes. They are basically vermin... Over the last year foxes have descended on my garden and now constantly use it as a toilet.... They also killed my next door neighbour's rabbit not for food, but for sport.... Am I the only person with fox problems? Or do others think the hunting ban should allow the occasional skirmish into Eltham? T Hart, Eltham (letter)

Times 25.10.07 The badger, the mouse and the grey squirrel stew - Melanie McDonagh - The night before last, my husband slaughtered a mouse. This was at odds with my own domestic policy on rodent control, which is to put out humane traps, which the mice usually laugh at. But at least you face next to no moral censure when you kill a mouse... This bloodshed may be why I was so struck by the heated reaction to the cull of badgers in areas affected with bovine TB on Farming Today the next morning... . It was a bit like the foxhunting debate, except that the badgers will be shot rather than chased with hounds and will have rather less chance of escape... (story)

Llanelli Star 25.10.07 RESCUE PACKAGE TO SAVE COASTLINE - LAURA DAVIES - A Million pound rescue package has been put forward to help save the Loughor coastline.Marsh edge erosion is threatening the Millennium Coastal Path (MCP) at the eastern gateway near Loughor... Carmarthenshire Council's environment scrutiny committee requested a report following ongoing deterioration.... It also suggested that the council meet the Countryside Alliance for Wales and Environment Agency.... (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 25.10.07 Minister attacked on PO pledge - ANTHONY BOND - CAMPAIGNERS reacted with anger last night after the Government claimed it was committed to safeguarding the local Post Office network - despite planning to close scores of branches... The Countryside Alliance also joined the fight by urging the Government to recognise the huge social benefit post offices provide. Alice Barnard, Countryside Alliance Eastern Regional Director, said: “The Government must look at the bigger picture before deciding the fate of many of our local communities... (story)

Wigan Evening Post/Observer/Reporter 25.10.07 Badgers not solely to blame for disease - Norman Abram, via email (letter)
Lancashire Evening Post 25.10.07 Badgers not solely to blame for disease - The proposal by the Chief Medical Officer to cull up to 80% of badgers to prevent Bovine T.B. could eventually result in the animal moving towards extinction... to blame badgers for a disease that is also transmitted by cattle to cattle and to threaten them with near-extermination is scandalous.... Norman Abram, Cottam, via email (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 25.10.07 LET THEM EAT FARMER'S CAKE - Being a badger-lover I'm always glad when I hear about people who care for them and fight for their rights.On Wednesday evening, October 17, there was a programme on TV called Inside Out West. It showed two farmers on their respective farms. One farmer believed in organic growing and helping the badger, and he made a special cake with vitamins including molasses in it, and over the period of six years he fed this cake to the badgers to build up their system and make them healthy, and wonderful results, his cows have been free of TB for those six years.... CAINWEN SMITH, Kemble Road, Tuffley (letter)

Times 25.10.07 Farms are overrun with badgers - There is an important issue that has been totally lost in the debate over the culling of the badger and whether this animal causes TB in cattle (“Badger cull backed to stop cattle TB,” Oct 23). I would ask the question: “Should badgers be a protetcted species at all now?” When I became a farmer 35 years ago, badgers were not present on my 125-hectare farm. In the time since they became a protected species, the population has grown to the point where they can legitimately be regarded as the main pest... Richard Harvey , Oakham, Rutland (letter)

Glasgow Herald 25.10.07 No link to badgers - Duncan McFarlane,Beanshields, Braidwood, Carluke (letter)
Independent 25.10.07 Don't blame the badgers for cattle TB; blame the bad farmers - Can the Government's chief scientific adviser ("Plan to cull badgers met with dismay by animal-rights activists", report, 23 October) explain why, if badgers are the main source of TB infection in cattle, there are cattle with TB on the Isle of Man, where there are no badgers?.... The source of the TB infection stems from the poor and crowded conditions many farmers keep their cattle in... Duncan McFarlane, Carluke, Lanarkshire (letter)

Western Daily Press 25.10.07 A BADGER CULL IS NOT GOING TO COMPLETELY ERADICATE TB - Yet again, the UK Government would rather slaughter badgers to appease farmers rather than tackle the real - and diverse - causes of bovine TB, such as poor living conditions, poor medical care, and the many other creatures that can also carry the disease... Ian HarlingRedland Bristol (letter)

Times 25.10.07 Constant policing of our research makes us look sinister, say scientists - MARK HENDERSON: SCIENCE EDITOR - Excessive regulation of science is damaging public confidence in research by creating a misleading impression that most of it is dangerous or ethically dubious, say working scientists. Far from reassuring ordinary people that research is safe and ethical, scientists feel that strict laws covering experiments on animals, embryos and human tissue actually have a negative impact on public perceptions of their work.... The study, conducted by the Institute of Ideas, will be discussed on Sunday at the Battle of Ideas festival, sponsored by The Times, at the Royal College of Art, London.... (story)

Argus 25.10.07 Animal sanctuaries battle for survival - Comedy writer Carla Lane recently had to remortgage her Sussex mansion to keep her animal sanctuary going... Ms Lane recently remortgaged her Broadfield Manor mansion to keep the charity going, and is now taking a more proactive approach to fundraising..... Sadly, Animaline is far from the only animal charity which has to work hard to keep going. Across Sussex dedicated volunteers are at breaking point as they struggle to make ends meet. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) volunteers help injured foxes, badgers, deer, hedgehogs, seals, swans and other wild creatures every day.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 25.10.07 VEGETARIAN FAIR HAILED A SUCCESS - Leicester's largest vegetarian and vegan event drew crowds from across the region, said organisers. The fund-raising event took place on Saturday, October 20, in Clarendon Park, Leicester.... (story)
Leicester Mercury 18.10.07 SHOWCASE FOR VEGETARIANS - An autumn fair showcasing vegetarian and environmentally-friendly food and products takes place this weekend. A Very Veggie Autumn Fair takes place on Saturday at Christchurch Hall, in Clarendon Park Road, Leicester. Fair-goers will be able to browse an array of stalls from animal and green groups including Leicester Badger Group, Leicester Wildlife Hospital, Respect for Animals, Sea Shepherd, Leicester Green Party, People and the Planet, The Vegan Society and the Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research.... (story)

Essex Chronicle 25.10.07 CIRCUS CRITICS SHOULD - My Wife and I have attended the Great British Circus when in Chelmsford on two previous occasions and enjoyed it immensely. We also enjoyed the experience of going behind the scenes after the show to see the animals.It seemed to us that they were very well kept and looked after... The opinions expressed in your pages, supported unhappily by your editorial, were biased and unfair.... David Molloy, The Ridge, Little Baddow (letter)


Derby Evening Telegraph 24.10.07 FRIEND OF THE FOX-HUNTERS - Fox-hunting raises its ugly head again, this time courtesy of the leader of the opposition, David Cameron. He says the Tories will lift the ban. We must never forget the loutish behaviour of Cameron's friends who disrupted a session of Parliament to protest about the possibility of a fox-hunting ban... M. A. Hardwick, Lavender Walk, South Wingfield. (letter)

Oxford Mail 24.10.07 Exceptionally fast - Some Oxford Mail readers may have seen an article which appeared in the national press on October 18 featuring that keen hunt supporter and would-be Prime Minister of our country, David Cameron, who aims to see the ban on hunting repealed. Our local group of hunt monitors started recording the activities of the Heythrop, Mr Cameron's local hunt, in 1998... My earliest notes record this particular hunt as being exceptionally fast at finding and pursuing their quarry and many times my notes refer to hounds out of control in villages.... BEA BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington (letter)

Birmingham Post 24.10.07 City-slickers 'threatening rural lifestyles' By Neil Connor, Chief Reporter - Countryside in the Midlands is at risk of being populated by "heartless" villages because of the massive increase in city-slickers investing in rural areas, campaigners have warned... And Clare Rowson, regional director for the Midland Countryside Alliance, said the escalating cost of living in rural areas is causing village businesses to shut down.... (story)

Dorset Echo 24.10.07 Please don't cull our badgers - Please do not allow the proposed butchery of our county's badgers... Our ecology is fragile enough already - do we want to be remembered as the generation who slaughtered one of our finest species? Ann Waters, Church Street, Upwey (letter)

Scotsman 24.10.07 Rethink badger cull - I was truly saddened to read of the proposed cull of thousands of badgers due the high probability they are responsible for the spread of bovine TB... If this matter is devolved, I hope the Scottish Government will carry out a great deal more research into the circumstances before we remove these beautiful creatures from our land. RON BLANCHARD, Kinghorn Road, Burntisland, Fife (letter)

Independent 24.10.07 Professor Julian Le Grand's proposals to halt the health crisis facing this country do not go far enough.... by the doctor. The patient is told in no uncertain terms that he has to take steps to cure himself. Diet plays a very crucial role in one's physical and mental well-being and instead of just promoting more fruit intake, a meat-free vegetarian and vegan diet should be encouraged... Nitin Mehta, Croydon (letter)

Bolton Evening News 24.10.07 Animal rights group in protest over foie gras - AN animal rights campaigner will be force-fed outside Bolton Town Hall as councillors vote on whether to introduce a ban on "delicacy" foie gras. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protester will sit down at a waiter-serviced table this afternoon in a bid to highlight the plight of ducks and geese who have food pumped down their necks in tubes to fatten-up their livers for the dish. Inside the town hall, Cllr Richard Silvester will table a motion asking Bolton Council to prohibit serving foie gras... at council events and to dissuade local retailers from serving or selling the product.... (story)

Newham Recorder 24.10.07 Cat woman Celia's dedication reward - ANIMAL welfare star and former model Celia Hammond has been honoured with a top award for her years of dedication. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has presented her with its Lifetime Dedication Award during a celebration at the House of Lords.... (story)


Scotsman 23.10.07 Talks aim for cross-border protection of birds of prey - MARTYN MCLAUGHLIN - A PLAN to safeguard migrating birds of prey took its first steps yesterday with the start of talks aiming to agree an international protocol. Though much work has been done in Europe in recent years to protect migrant raptors, the population and welfare of the birds across large swathes of Africa and Asia remain unclear. Now, delegates from across the world have gathered in Scotland in the first move towards a global plan to tighten up legislation across nations and protect the birds' habitats... (story)

Scotsman 23.10.07 Which birds have the greater right to survival, raptors or grouse, pheasants, doves, partridges and songbirds, many of whose numbers are on the decrease due to the increase in the raptor population?... (MRS) DOROTHY BALEAN, Crailinghall, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire (letter)

Western Morning News 23.10.07 TWO KINDS OF CONSERVATION - I want to challenge a recent article by Philip Bowern - "Shoots help to keep nature in balance", October 1 - which lauded the conservation work undertaken by game shooting.I am writing this letter from bitter personal experience... I also speak as someone who once rented woodland to a newly set-up shoot before, horrified by the massive overstocking that I saw, I withdrew my land.... In my woodland I once made a clearing, leaving a single leafless, ring-barked tree in the middle as a hunting perch for birds of prey.... But what did the shoot next door do? The gamekeeper was found guilty of laying out the carcasses of pheasant poults laced with Carbofuran, a powerful poison, to kill birds of prey.... I was doing wildlife conservation; the shoot was doing game conservation. And how did the world of shooting react to all this? Well, the magistrate gave the gamekeeper a lenient sentence as the court was told that he had been sacked. But two days later he was back at the shoot in his new role of "shoot consultant"..... Theo Hopkins, Lifton, Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 23.10.07 SHOOTING CANNOT BENEFIT WILDLIFE - "SHOOTS help to keep nature in balance" - I have heard this argument so many times; that shooting animals is great because the people who indulge in this undeniably cruel pastime simply for fun do other good things, such as planting trees etc., as if to compensate. Does this mean that 19th century slavers were great because they helped the economy?... Maybe paedophiles could be great if they went around picking up litter?... Murder is not synonymous with maintaining our environment, and I still find it incredible that people can seriously propose this argument. Paul Nelson, London (letter)

Telegraph 23.10.07 Dogs' lives - Figures published by the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare estimate that, in England and Wales, tracks regulated by the National Greyhound Racing Club produce a surplus of 13,478 dogs each year. Lord Lipsey's claim (Letters, October 20) that 7,000 dogs "go on to lead happy and full lives" is a sentiment we should treat with caution... Annette Crosbie, London SW20 (letter)

Scotsman 23.10.07 Slow down - and spare our precious wildlife - "A society can be judged by its treatment of its children and its animals." How barbaric, then, must our society be adjudged? My home is surrounded by green fields and rolling hills. Since my arrival here, however, I have been appalled at the wanton slaughter of creatures on our rural roads. Today I retrieved the broken bodies of two beautiful cock pheasants and gave them a dignified resting place in the adjacent fields... JAMES ANDERSON, Tanderlane Cottages, Haddington, East Lothian (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 23.10.07 Nutty to attack the greys - I WAS interested to read the article 16 regarding the Cumbrian hotelier who, for a TV programme, was considering putting squirrel pancakes on the menu... Any suggestion that the grey squirrel population is out of control and unsustainable is wrong. The red squirrels in the UK are mostly non-native.... It is human destruction of habitat that is wiping out the red squirrels – not grey squirrels! ANGUS MacMILLAN, Nr. Balloch, Dunbartonshire (letter)

Western Morning News 23.10.07 PROTESTERS PLAN REPEAT OF VEAL EXPORT DEMOS - HELEN COLLIS - Animal rights protesters are expected to revive demonstrations which brought British ports to a near standstill 11 years ago after a report revealed a massive increase in live exports of calves for veal.... The RSPCA said that in the second half of last year alone, over 128,000 live animals were shipped across the Channel.... (story)

Western Morning News 23.10.07 PONIES SUFFER WHILE FARMERS THINK OF PROFIT - I read with dismay "Ponies at risk" (October 13).The EU attempts to bring in fairly basic welfare legislation to improve conditions for the 100,000 horses exported to the horrors of Italian slaughterhouses annually, and all Devon farmers can do is worry about the drop in profit from this truly horrendous cruelty! The suffering of animals in this way should make us all deeply ashamed.... Elizabeth Gurney, Penzance (letter)

Western Morning News 23.10.07 ENJOY WILDLIFE, DON'T KILL IT - In reply to the letter by Avril M Evans of Helston (October 9), I have to say what a callous individual she must be.To enjoy catching squirrels in a trap and then shooting them at point blank range is nothing short of sadistic. She has admitted doing this to mink, too.... Mrs Esme Rundle, Bodmin (letter)

Western Morning News 23.10.07 CHICKENS' MISERY - Amy Mason, Viva! Campaigner Bristol (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 22.10.07 END THIS MISERY BY GOING VEGETARIAN - I was saddened, as I'm sure were many readers, by the story of the chickens who were involved in the lorry crash on the A80 in Scotland.To hear of them blinking in the light, unsure of how to behave outdoors, is a sad indictment of modern Britain... We can all do our bit to end this misery by not eating chicken, or any other animal, and opting for a vegetarian diet.... Amy Mason, Viva! Bristol (letter)


BBC News Online 22.10.07 Get into fishing and out of trouble By Alison Freeman - It is mid morning on a school day, but instead of sitting in a classroom, a group of teenagers is on the edge of a lake. That is because some of them do not go to school and others struggle in class or simply need more one-on-one support. They have been sent to join a scheme called Get Hooked On Fishing, which aims to keep children out of crime by giving them something else on which to focus. The sessions run throughout the UK, but this group in Darenth is run by the charity Groundwork Kent and Medway... (story)

Irish Independent 22.10.07 Dogs lives are not a commodity - I refer to the spate of pedigree dog robberies from private houses over the last week... While the supposed carers of these unfortunate dogs offer rewards and quote upset children, they must acknowlege the wider picture here. These dogs are being stolen because a monetary value has been placed on their heads. Pedigree dogs are bred to make a profit. Their owners are contributing to animal suffering and death... Bernie Wright, Alliance for Animal Rights, PO Box 4743, Dublin 1 (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 22.10.07 BBC chicken on 'shoot to eat' squirrels stunt - THE BBC ordered the shooting of squirrels - but stopped them being eaten because it might offend viewers. Cambridgeshire red squirrel conservationist Robin Page was defending the furry creatures against the grey squirrel, which force their smaller cousins out of their habitat, on BBC's The One Show. The animals had already been killed - and were due to be eaten to show that keeping numbers of greys down can have other benefits - but a BBC boss decided it was not appropriate and called off the stunt at the last minute.... (story)
Telegraph 18.10.07 The Beeb stopped me cooking a squirrel By Robin Page - The telephone rang the other day; it was the BBC – the organisation that, I maintain, sacked me from presenting One Man and His Dog for becoming involved with Jimmy Goldsmith's Referendum Party and taking part in the countryside marches. I was amazed.... (story)

Independent 22.10.07 Warnings of protests over animal health after rise in live exports By Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor - Protests against the export of live animals that brought chaos to British ports a decade ago could be revived after the RSPCA published a report showing a massive increase in live exports of calves for veal.... Eric Martlew, Labour chairman of the all-party parliamentary animal welfare group, said: "There is a danger that we will have more demonstrations and I can understand that. They are exporting cruelty."... (story)

Western Daily Press 22.10.07 DID BLUETONGUE DISEASE START IN DOCKED BOATS IN FRANCE? - Having just recently finished reading an article on bluetongue disease and its rapid spread to Northern Europe, I have now, in front of me, another article on live transport containers and the ships transporting them... Due to a major refit at Dover's import/export berths for live animals, Ipswich was persuaded to take on the trade... The article asked if it was pure coincidence that the first blue tongue cases appeared just down the road... M J Haines, Cirencester (letter)


Observer 21.10.07 'Then I squeezed the trigger ... ' The only thing city boy Thomas Quinn had ever killed was a wasp. Could he really bring himself to shoot a deer on a stalking trip in the Highlands?... Lying on a hillside, heather soaking my trousers, elbows in mud, I'm as nervous as I've ever been. And all I can see is that damned shadow and a blur of grass. 'Further back, just a touch, that's it,' Davy McGibbon whispers in my ear.... I realise I'm exhausted, cold and hungry in a way seldom experienced in a city. I also feel a sense of elation, pride even, in having achieved something difficult and challenging. But it is an undeniably sad moment, too. A life has been ended.... (story)


Western Morning News 19.10.07 BACK TO BUSINESS FOR THE HUNTING COMMUNITY - The Hunting community was finally able to resume business on Wednesday as Defra relaxed the foot and mouth (FMD) control measures but there are still wounds that need to heal... "We recognised we had to keep ticking over. When the 2001 outbreak hit is was comparatively easy because it came at the end of the hunting season and was already a winding down process, but this time it has affected us at the start," explains Valerie Graham, chairman for the South Devon Hunt... Farrier Malcolm Tribe has seen a big dip in his shoeing business... "I am baffled by the Government who don't attribute any compensation to ancillary people. We have all been affected. They released this into the countryside and they should account for it."... (story)

Western Daily Press 19.10.07 GO-AHEAD FOR HUNT TRIAL - Avon Vale Hunt's winter hunter trial, planned at West Wilts Equestrian Centre for Sunday (October 21) is to definitely go ahead.Major Jonathon Seed, joint master, said: "Hunt funds have been hit by foot and mouth disease and this is a real opportunity to recoup some of the losses... (story)

Denbighshire Free Press 19.10.07 Bemused by hunting row - I AM bemused by the ongoing argument within correspondence between Jeff Goff and Mrs Hewitt. Tongue in cheek, I suggest Mr Goff both reads and understands the letter of Rev.James Thompson printed immediately above his. The simple fact of the matter is the British people have repeatedly voted, overwhelmingly, for an end to fox hunting with dogs.... SUE BUTLER, Bodfari (letter)

Whitehaven News 19.10.07 Delight for hound trailers as DEFRA give green light - Hound Trailing by John Walsh - WELL, just like last time, the news when it came was quick and unexpected. But to the delight of everyone connected with the sport in Cumbria, the message from DEFRA on Friday was to say that hound trailing would be allowed with immediate effect as long as there were no further foot and mouth cases... (story)

Sun 19.10.07 I CAN’T believe John Gaunt thinks there is nothing wrong with Kate Middleton shooting deer. Is it right for our Royal Family to be hunting such noble creatures just for fun? TIM BULL, Birmingham (letter)

Dundee Courier 19.10.07 Sheriff hits out at airgun legislation - A SENIOR Dundee sheriff yesterday renewed his call for politicians to review the legislation controlling the distribution of air weapons as he dealt with the case of a man who bought a gun in a Lochee pub. Sheriff Richard Davidson hit out at laws that allow certain types of airguns to be bought over the counter in gun shops without a firearms certificate.... (story)

Cumberland News 19.10.07 Keep rural shops alive By Maurice Chesworth - THE fight to keep Cumbria’s rural shops and small businesses afloat at a time when village stores and post offices are at their most vulnerable, is to be expanded by Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency... Nigel Bamford of CREA’s Distinctly Cumbrian programme has been a retailer himself... “Last year three out of four of the Countryside Alliance’s ‘Best NW Rural Retailers’ were in the county.... (story)

Derry Journal 19.10.07 Greyhounds get a raw deal - As I was browsing through Tuesday’s edition (16th Oct) of the Derry Journal I was appalled to read Norman Hamill’s light hearted approach to the issue of the drugging of greyhounds... even Mr Hamill knows that these dogs aren’t taking these drugs ‘recreationally’ but that these poor animals are being cruelly doped purely for monetary gain... I would hope that Mr. Hamill will think twice next time before laughing at the expense of these cruelly treated dogs. Claire Kelly, Derry (letter)

Hexham Courant 19.10.07 Pigeons - I MUST object to the appalling decision to kill innocent pigeons in Prudhoe (Courant, October 12) because they simply perform a natural function... ANN MANN, Highgate, London (letter)

Western Daily Press 19.10.07 LETTERS TO EMBASSY CAN HELP END CRUELTY OF BEAR-FARMING - Following the incredible success of the Western Daily Press campaign to help us to raise awareness and funds for our bear rescue work in China, which raised more than £120,000 and helped to free five bears and build a home for over 40 bears at our rescue centre, I am writing with details of a meeting I have had with the Chinese Government in recent days..... I would like to encourage your readers to continue to write polite letters calling for an end to bear-farming.... Dave Neale, UK director, Animals Asia Foundation (letter)

North East Manchester Advertiser 19.10.07 Reward for capture of animal thug - ANIMAL rights campaigners put up a £1,000 reward to catch a thug who plunged a screwdriver into the back of a goose in Newton Heath... The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will pay the money for information leading to the yob's conviction. Spokesman Will Wright said: "Perpetrators of violence against animals are often repeat offenders who pose a serious threat not only to animals but to the community as a whole."... (story)


Midhurst & Petworth Observer 18.10.07 Trail hunting resumes, ploughing match called off - Trail hunting is resuming this weekend in the Midhurst and Petworth area as further foot and mouth restrictions are lifted. But a heavy horses ploughing match due to take place at Rogate on Saturday has been cancelled... The go-ahead for trail hunting to resume, subject to certain disinfecting procedures for vehicles and foot followers, has been greeted with relief by the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt, and the South Downs Bloodhounds, based near Petersfield... (story)

Western Morning News 18.10.07 HUNTS BACK IN ACTION - Bright sunshine welcomed Westcountry hunts back to the chase yesterday, as they took to the countryside in celebration of the end of the foot and mouth ban... Mike Weir, master of the Dartmoor Hunt, said: "It was a relief to be back out hunting again. We have had to have about five weeks off, and it's a big part of our recreation gone.... Graham Higgins, master of the East Cornwall Hunt, said yesterday's gathering was jovial but small, as he was unable to get word out to all members that the event was taking place.... (story)

Telegraph 18.10.07 The long history of hunting - Jane Shilling reviews Blood Sport: Hunting in Britain Since 1066 by Emma Griffin... The power of hunting to enthral, as anyone who has done it knows well, resides as much in the narrative of events on the field as in the events themselves; by neglecting the influence of hunting as art, as well as science, Griffin leaves a blank page in her otherwise serious, intelligent and readable history of blood sport. (story)
Sunday Times 14.10.07 Blood Sport: Hunting in Britain Since 1066 by Emma Griffin - REVIEWED BY MAX HASTINGS ... Emma Griffin’s social history of hunting dates the onset of sport as a divisive force to 1066. While the chase has a much older pedigree, it was the Normans who made it explicitly the privilege of the rulers to kill deer and boar for their pleasure, and created an elaborate code of conduct that was refined through succeeding centuries. Ever since, sport has mostly been about class..... Griffin’s book commands admiration because it attempts to be scrupulously fair. She is no friend of big-bag game shooting, and has no delusions about the demerits of both sides in the contemporary battle about hunting... (story)

Western Gazette 18.10.07 Hunt incident merits inquiry - I HAVE just seen a copy of the article, "Horror as Hounds Savage Pet Terrier", in the Western Gazette of 4 October. I was under the impression that during the foot and mouth outbreak all drag and trail hunting events were illegal. Hounds were expected to be exercised away from farmland if there was a need... The police surely must act in cases like this, as many more animals other than foxes could be killed as a result of this action. Graham Forsyth, Fairway Rise, Chard
Don't condone hunt activity - I WAS feeling deeply sorry for the owners of the terrier mauled by hounds until I read that Mrs Pettinger stated: "We are by no means anti-hunt."... Good job her poor dog doesn't know she condones the actions of these people who train dogs to become killers. Rosemary Davies, Bruton. (letters)

Western Daily Press 18.10.07 STILL EXPLOITING LAW LOOPHOLES - I was pleased to see the lovely picture of Spike the pet terrier recovering at home (Western Daily Press, October 16) after the horrific attack on him by hounds belonging to the Blackmore and Sparkford Hunt.... Many hunts have not retrained their hounds to follow an artificial non-based animal scent, as in genuine drag-hunting, but instead are exploiting loopholes in the Hunting Act, which allows them to hunt as usual under the cloak of so-called "trail' hunting", and when they kill a fox, or terribly injure someone's pet, all they to say is: "Sorry we didn't mean to, we were trail hunting."... . The only way to change this sorry state of affairs is for the Government to close the loophole which allows so-called "trail hunting" to be used as an excuse for the cruelty of hunting. Helen Weeks, West Coker, Somerset (story)

Rutland Times 18.10.07 Angling society fulfils responsibilities - Oakham Angling Society would like to respond to the outrageous claims of devastation at the canal. Both recently published letters have no substance and are untrue in what they allege. Less than 12 months ago the towpath was unsafe to walk down and impassable in some places. The trees were overgrown and some dangerous to passers by.... To meet our terms of lease we have to, with no choice, trim trees, bushes etc. That in itself impacts on the environment. We all know that. What is important is how we go about it.... The society is the only group of people who are trying to keep this small piece of water alive... Oakham Angling Society (letter)
Rutland Times 11.10.07 Disturbed at devastation of canal - I write to you with reference to your piece in the Rutland Times regarding the "damage" at Oakham Canal... I was quite incensed at the comments made by Mr Garfoot about the supposed damaged to the bank/towpath by dog walkers.... At the end of winter a working party, led by Mr Garfoot, set about making the canal "a haven for wildlife, walkers and fishermen" this was covered by your paper. I was fooled into thinking this would be a general tidy up. I even bought a fishing licence to show my support... Unfortunately I have been disturbed at the devastation caused by the said working party... Lee Clithero, Oakham (letter)
Rutland Times 4.10.07 Concern over canal work - I walk my dog along the canal in Oakham. In my opinion the damage is a result of heavy machinery work this spring... I, and most walkers, have respected the request not to allow our dogs to swim in this area and hostile and unpleasant notices were not necessary. With regard to the environment, I have grave concerns about the claim of anglers to be 'protectors' after the type of work undertaken... Oakham resident (letter)

BBC News Online 18.10.07 Care call over retired greyhounds Best-selling author Jilly Cooper is joining a high-profile call for a better quality of life for retired racing dogs. Ms Cooper and actress Annette Crosbie will be at Downing Street on Thursday to urge the government to set basic welfare standards for greyhounds. The League Against Cruel Sports says thousands of retired dogs are needlessly killed each year.... (story)

Bath Chronicle 18.10.07 IT'S TIME TO STOP SALE OF FOIE GRAS IN BRITAIN - AMY MASON Viva! Campaigner, Bristol (letter)
Northern Echo 12.10.07 Animal cruelty - Amy Mason, Viva! Campaigner, Bristol. (letter)
Halifax Courier 11.10.07 Follow York's lead and ban foie gras - AT Viva (Vegetarians' International Voice for Animals) we congratulate York councillors for opposing the sale of foie gras and are delighted Britain is on the road to becoming foie gras-free... We call on other councils to join York in calling for an end to its sale. Amy Mason (Viva campaigner) (letter)
York Press 8.10.07 Foie gras praise - we At Viva! congratulate York councillors for opposing the sale of foie gras and are delighted that Britain is on the road to becoming foie gras free.... Amy Mason, Viva! Campaigner, York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol (letter)

Western Daily Press 18.10.07 DID GOD FAVOUR VEGETARIANISM? - In her criticism of the vegetarian organisation Viva!, Nancy Walker (Your Say,October 11) says don't forget that God made a lot of animals as food for other animals, such as dragonflies eating flying insects and lions and tigers eating deer and buffalo. Since she brings God into the meat-eating argument, it seems this is not what He originally had in mind... Sorry, Nancy, it seems vegetarians have got the right idea, after all. E Ingram, Woolavington, Somerset (story)

Tamworth Herald 18.10.07 WARM LOCAL SUPPORT TO STOP FACTORY FARMING - Britain's leading farm animal welfare organisation took to the streets on September 1 and enjoyed a warm reception from Tamworth shoppers... Emily Durrant, Support Services Officer, CIWF, Surrey (letter)
Western Gazette 18.10.07 Thanks, people of Dorchester - BRITAIN'S leading farm animal welfare organisation took to the streets of Dorchester on 26 September to raise money for Compassion in World Farming.... Emily Durrant, Support services officer, Mill Lane, Godalming, Surrey (letter)

Harborough Mail 18.10.07 Unacceptable face of circus life - THE Bobby Roberts Circus in Harborough this week have a 52-year-old elephant called Anne, who they cart all around the country to appear for photoshots. This animal is arthritic and should not be travelling around in this manner. She is chained to the ground when she reaches her destination... I am sure people do not really understand the suffering that is being caused to Anne – if they did they would not visit the circus. Jean Bird, Harborough Animal Concern (letter)


Horse & Hound 17.10.07 Hunting resumes as foot and mouth restrictions lift - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - Hunting around the UK resumes today (17 October) following DEFRA's lifting of foot-and-mouth animal movement restrictions in England and Wales. Hunting, shooting and stalking are now permitted across the UK... (story)

BBC News Online 17.10.07 No ban on university animal tests - A call to suspend Oxford University's animal experimentation licence over a macaque monkey it "humanely killed" after brain tests has been rejected. Junior Home Office minister Meg Hillier confirmed the primate, Felix, was put to death in June "on completion of the work in which he was involved"... Portsmouth Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock had wanted a suspension and an inquiry... (story)
Oxford Mail 17.10.07 Animal lab decision By Andrew Ffrench - A call to suspend Oxford University's animal experimentation licence over a macaque monkey it "humanely killed" after brain tests has been rejected... (story)
Oxford Times 17.10.07 Call to suspend animal work rejected By Andrew Ffrench - A CALL to suspend Oxford University's animal experimentation licence over a macaque monkey it "humanely killed" after brain tests has been rejected... (story)

Lichfield Post 17.10.07 Controversial foie gras on the menu - A Lichfield delicatessen owner is cooking up controversy after putting foie gras on the menu. Richard Glass, who has a deli at Bromley Hayes Garden Centre, Riley Hill, is flying in the face of hard-hitting campaigns, including an Early Day Motion calling for a ban on the sale of foie gras in the UK.... Justin Kerswell, campaign manager for Viva! (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals), told the Post: "Serving foie gras as ice cream is trivialising the pain and suffering of the ducks and geese that are force fed so violently... (story)

Liverpool Daily Post 17.10.07 A life lived to defeat animal cruelty by David Charters, Liverpool Daily Post - When the beautiful young German woman met the animal rights campaigner, she never imagined that she would become his dead lover’s biographer. David Charters reports.... where did Vicki Moore go to?... To admirers in the animal rights movement, she was almost a saint... Others, including Tony Moore, her “husband” for 27 years, realised that she wasn’t a saint, but she was certainly a woman of profound passion... And today he is sitting in a café with a cup of cappuccino considering the book, Life on the Line: The Heroic Story of Vicki Moore... Matilda Mench has deep sympathy for her subject, with whom she holds the same basic conviction.... (story)

Scotsman 17.10.07 Jail the tail-hackers - As an MSP, I was a member of the animal welfare committee. After retiral from the parliament, I still am involved in animal welfare... your report, "Puppy dies after tail-hacking" (9 October) describes an action that is quite obscene... JOHN H YOUNG, Deanwood Avenue, Netherlee, East Renfrewshire (letter)

Scotsman 17.10.07 Hedgehogs in safe hands - I wish to clarify that the hedgehogs on the Uists are no longer being culled as your report implies (3 October). This year, the Uist Hedgehog Rescue coalition has been receiving hedgehogs on the islands from Scottish Natural Heritage. We then care for them before moving them to Hessilhead Wildlife Centre... ROSS MINETT, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 17.10.07 LEAVE PEACEFUL PROTESTERS ALONE - I Notice that a small group of young people are mounting a daily vigil outside a restaurant in Longsmith Street which has pate de fois gras on the menu... Every time I pass there seem to be officers standing challenging these young people's right of peaceful protest.... Alexandra MacRae, Gloucester (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 17.10.07 MP SIGNS FOIE GRAS MOTION - Calls to ban the sale of foie gras, made by force-feeding ducks, have been backed by Scunthorpe MP Elliot Morley. Mr Morley has signed an early day motion to ban the sale of the delicacy in the UK.Mr Morley has been applauded by pressure group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) for adding his name to the early day motion... Peta campaign co-ordinator Noemie Ventura, said: "The UK may prohibit foie gras production, but by selling it, the country is simply fuelling the torture of ducks and geese elsewhere ... (story)

Western Daily Press 17.10.07 ECO CHARGES - Police have charged four people in connection with an eco-protest outside a bank.Trevor Houghton, 53, of Bedminster, Mark Pinkett, 42, of Bristol, Briony Bell, 25, of St Werburgh's and Edmund Johnson, 45, of Bristol are all accused of obstructing the highway... (story)
Bristol Evening Post 16.10.07 'POLAR BEAR' PROTEST OUTSIDE BANK OFFICES - Protesters dressed as polar bears were chipped out of concrete arm splints after blockading a bank's offices in Bristol.Four demonstrators blocked the entrance to the car park of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) offices in Avon Street by concreting their arms into drainpipes. Police officers freed the campaigners, from environmental protest group Rising Tide, before taking them away in marked vans and cars.... Rising Tide spokesman Kate Flynn said the group had decided to dress as "homeless polar bears", complete with suitcases, because they represented animals affected by climate change... (story)

Sentinel 17.10.07 BOYCOTT THE CRUEL ANIMAL CIRCUSES - - I write to you with a plea regarding ill-treated animals in circuses. Animal circuses have become unpopular due to increased awareness and deep concern at the methods of transportation and the forcing of animals to perform highly unnatural acts.... MRS J FLETCHER Werrington (letter)

Plymouth Evening Herald 17.10.07 RESCUED MONKEYS HAVE NEW SPACE TO EXPLORE - The Monkey Sancuary in Looe unveils new, bigger enclosures tomorrow following a £14,000 donation from the International Fund for Animal Welfare... (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 17.10.07 THANKS FOR YOUR APPEAL SUPPORT - Animal welfare organisers are thanking people for supporting them to help ban battery cages. People from Compassion in World Farming were on the streets of Bingham in late September and raised £70... (story)


Western Daily Press 16.10.07 MAN ARRESTED AFTER HOUNDS' ATTACK - Police arrested a man following an incident in which a Jack Russell was attacked by hounds from the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt in Somerset.John Pettinger's pet terrier Spike has only just come home from the vet's... A report has been submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service... (story)
Western Gazette 4.10.07 HORROR AS HOUNDS SAVAGE PET TERRIER - The heartbroken owners of a pet dog have spoken of their devastation after it was mauled in an attack by hounds last week. On Monday morning John Pettinger was walking his nine-month-old Jack Russell called Spike on its lead when it was pounced on by a 30-strong pack belonging to the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt… A spokesman for the hunt said they had permission from the farm owner to be on the land but Mrs Pettinger said more controls needed to be introduced as it is a popular walking spot for dog owners… (story)
Western Gazette 4.10.07 I WRITE regarding your report in the Castle Cary edition of the Western Gazette about hounds savaging a pet dog. These hounds should be put down as they are dangerous to people and all other animals… C Beament, Via email (letter)
Western Gazette 27.9.07 HORROR AS HOUNDS SAVAGE PET TERRIER (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 16.10.07 NOT HUNTMASTER'S FAULT CASE COST TAXPAYER £15K - The unfortunate incident involving Mrs Hodgson' dog and the Tiverton Staghounds has received considerable publicity.One is reluctant to write further about it, and would not have done so but to put Ms Robertson's letter on behalf of the League Against Cruel Sports, Tiverton Gazette, August 28, into a realistic perspective. Staghounds are large dogs and need to be exercised. The incident involving Mrs Hodgson's dog was unfortunate but no reasonable person can suggest what occurred was in any way the fault of the master, or that he would have wished, or in any way caused, it to happen.... F A REYNOLDS, Tiverton (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 4.9.07 SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT ON TIVERTON STAGHOUND CASE FACTS - In response to Louise Robertson of the League Against Cruel Sports (Gazette, August 28) it is obvious, in my opinion, that she had not acquainted herself with the facts of the Tiverton Staghound recent court case before putting pen to paper.During the trial, Mrs Hodgson made clear that the hounds had been welcomed on her land and had never caused a problem before. On the day in question she had allowed her terriers out of the front door onto the road as her property was unfenced, she was fully aware that the hounds regularly passed by at that time and was unconcerned. Mrs Hodgson also made clear in court that the hunt and Mr Lucas had behaved in an honourable way when dealing with the tragedy and that both had been extremely apologetic and offered to make amends including destroying the hound in question and paying compensation far above that which any court would award.... MRS ALISON HAWES, South West Regional Director, Countryside Alliance. (letter)

Western Morning News 16.10.07 CARING ALLIANCE - It is touching to read (WMN, October 11) that the Countryside Alliance has developed such a concern about Human Rights that it is seeking to invoke Human Rights law to try to overturn the iniquitous hunting ban that has stripped Brian Friend of his "cultural, civil, social and human rights"... I look forward to the CA fighting the cause of the dispossessed indigenous people of the world, for the Palestinians, the Burmese, Zimbabweans etc... Justin Robbins, Yealmpton (letter)

Telegraph 16.10.07 Kate Middleton pairs camouflage with pearls By Liz Hunt - Balmoral or Boujis — which of these is Kate Middleton's natural habitat? Does Prince William's girlfriend prefer stalking to being stalked?... (story)
Telegraph 15.10.07 Kate Middleton hunting trip criticised By Martina Smit and agencies - A shooting trip of Kate Middleton with Prince Charles at the Queen's Balmoral estate has attracted criticism from animals rights groups.... The League Against Cruel Sports condemned the expedition... "It's so sad that it almost seems necessary that she must kill animals to be an acceptable member of the Royal Family," said Barry Hugill.... (story)
Sun 15.10.07 Wills’ girl blast for ‘deer kill’ - THE Royal Family was blasted by animal rights groups yesterday after Kate Middleton tried her hand at shooting deer on a trip to Balmoral... (story)
Mirror 15.10.07 Kate Middleton on stag hunt - We thought she was a down-to-earth girl, a breath of fresh air for the stuffy Royals who think killing innocent animals is good clean fun. But it seems stag-hunting Kate is no better.. By Emily Miller... (story)
Times 15.10.07 Stag night on the horizon as Kate Middleton goes deerstalking - MAGNUS LINKLATER - It is a sure sign that a royal romance is serious when the girlfriend is taken stalking. Not celebrity-stalking, of course, but deerstalking. Photographs showing Kate Middleton in hunting gear, lining up a rifle for a spot of target practice before setting off for the hill at Balmoral, are seen by seasoned Palace-watchers as clear evidence that an engagement to Prince William must be in the offing... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 15.10.07 KATE'S STALKING TRIP AT BALMORAL UPSETS ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS - Animal rights groups have criticised the Royal Family after it emerged that Prince William's girlfriend tried her hand at deer shooting on a trip to Balmoral on Deeside... (story)
Aberdeen Express & Journal 15.10.07 ROYALS UNDER FIRE OVER KATE DEER-STALKING - Animal rights groups have hit out at the Royal Family after Prince William's girlfriend was pictured stalking deer at Balmoral.... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 15.10.07 Kate shoot puts royals under fire - THE Royal Family has been criticised by animals rights groups after it emerged Kate Middleton tried her hand at shooting at Balmoral... (story)
Scotsman 15.10.07 Blast for Royals as Kate goes shooting at Balmoral - SAM REEVES - THE Royal family has been criticised by animals-rights groups after it emerged Kate Middleton tried her hand at shooting on a trip to Balmoral... (story)
Western Morning News 15.10.07 KATE'S SHOOTING TRIP CRITICISED - The Royal Family was yesterday criticised by animals rights groups after it emerged Kate Middleton tried her hand at shooting on a trip to Balmoral... (story)
Sunday Telegraph 14.10.07 Kate Middleton and Prince Charles go hunting By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter - It is the magnificent Highland location where Prince Philip proposed to the Queen and Edward VIII spent romantic weekends with Wallis Simpson. Today the Queen’s 50,000-acre Balmoral estate was the setting for Kate Middleton’s intimate weekend with Prince William... Miss Middleton could be seen at one point lying on the ground - seemingly to prepare the sights of her gun before shooting... (story)
Sunday Telegraph 14.10.07 The bloodsports of the Royal Family By Roya Nikkhah - The Royal Family has a long tradition of enjoying bloodsports, although it has, on occasion, proved a risky passion... Prince Charles and Princes William and Harry are keen shotsmen and stalkers and members of the royal family are said to have been deeply “disappointed” when the hunting ban was introduced... (story)
Mail on Sunday 14.10.07 Deer hunter: Middleton under fire for going shooting with Royals By REBECCA ENGLISH and REBECCA CAMBER - Kate Middleton is at the centre of a major public row over her decision to go deer stalking with the Royal Family. Prince William's girlfriend - now hotly tipped again as a future royal bride - chose to join a shooting party in Scotland at the weekend, much to the anger of anti-blood sports campaigners.... Last night a spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports lambasted Miss Middleton for taking part in the shoot... Yvonne Taylor of PETA added: "Kate is obviously trying to endear herself to the Royal Family, which is absolutely appalling.... (story)
Sunday Mirror 14.10.07 KILLER KATE - Days after moaning about being stalked by photographers, Wills' girl goes out stalking stag.. with a gun By Gill Smith And Susie Boniface - Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton enraged animal rights campaigners yesterday by taking part in a stag hunt at Balmoral. Wearing camouflage and clutching a rifle, Kate looked the part as she settled herself into the shooting position on the Queen's 50,000-acre Aberdeenshire estate. Guided by a ghillie, she practised her aim ahead of the hunt yesterday afternoon... Barry Hugill, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "People who seem to get enormous pleasure from slaughtering animals always insist it's for their own good."... (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 16.10.07 Fines warning council 'fails over fly-tipping' - A Lancashire council which threatened homeowners with fines for overflowing bins has failed to prosecute one person for fly-tipping in the past two years. Startling new figures show that Wyre Council, which last week threatened to impose £100 fines on people who overfilled their bins, has not managed to prosecute anybody in 24 months... Richard Dodd, Countryside Alliance regional director for the North of England, said: "Councils are not taking any action on it, they are not catching anybody... (story)

Western Morning News 16.10.07 OTHERS LEAD ON ANIMAL WELFARE - If it doesn't make one weep, it should! About 3,000 monkeys are subjected to invasive brain experiments or poisoned to death - and who pays for it? The taxpayer of course, and not forgetting those who suffer adverse effects from non-valid scientific animal experiments in medical research.... Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 16.10.07 What a lot of gas - According to Keith Thomson (T&A, October 6) some 1.5 billion cattle are responsible for 18 per cent of climate change.... He suggests we eat less meat to reduce these gases but I suspect he would rather we all became vegetarians or better still vegans... Andrew Lang (Scottish man of letters) seems to have hit the nail on the head with his quote: "He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp posts - for support rather than illumination." David Rhodes, Croscombe Walk, Bradford (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 8.10.07 Cattle have a role - Keith Rayner (T&A, October 2) should have a look at last year's UN Food and Agricultural Organisation report for a balanced view on the role played by cattle in producing climate change gases... and if we all eat less meat it would certainly help reduce the rate at which the climate is changing. Keith Thomson, Heights Lane, Bradford (letter)

Western Morning News 16.10.07 PASTIES HURT GLOBAL WARMING? - As the world faces up to the problem of melting ice caps and apocalyptic weather, one charity says the answer is to eat fewer pasties. The animal welfare charity claims that what we eat has a bigger impact on climate change than how much we drive. The charity, Compassion in World Farming, is launching a new report today to warn people that eating a Cornish pasty is equivalent to driving 11 miles in terms of your carbon footprint. Joyce D'Silva, from Compassion in World Farming, said: "A quarter-pounder leaves a bigger carbon footprint than the average car journey to work... (story)

Western Daily Press 16.10.07 CAMPAIGNERSWELCOME THEM - Marks & Spencer has now cleared all imported "white" veal from its shelves in a move which has delighted welfare campaigners.... PHILIP Lymbery, chief executive of Compassion in World Farming, welcomed the move, saying M &S had "raised the bar" on animal welfare.... (story)

Western Morning News 16.10.07 TELL CHORIZO BUYERS WHAT GOES INTO IT - I would like to reply to Louise Piddington's letter of October 2 ("The disgrace of horses..."Chorizo is made from primarily donkey but also horse and I imagine whatever else is at hand... To Ms Piddington I say: If you are standing next to someone about to buy chorizo, tell them where it comes from and how the animal has suffered, and ask them to reconsider. I do this a lot... Jenny Wren, Holne (letter)
Western Morning News 2.10.07 THE DISGRACE OF HORSES THAT DIE FOR A 'HARMLESS' FLUTTER - Animal Aids campaign Race Horse Deathwatch (Issue 148, Autumn 2007) tells me they have now recorded the 50th on-course thoroughbred fatality. It's a disgrace! To call it (racing bets) "a harmless flutter" is heartless... Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 16.10.07 Tourists: Don’t visit bullfights - I AM relieved to know only 12 live bullfights have been show this year on Spanish TV.... MRS SHEILA BRENNAN, Bombay Street, Blackburn (letter)


Times 15.10.07 Legal moves may provide an amnesty for charities - The rules could be about to change for campaigning organisations to win charitable status - It has long been a puzzle why organisations such as Amnesty International, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth cannot become charities... However, that could be about to change, enabling dozens of campaigning organisations to win charitable status, along with the valuable tax breaks and fundraising opportunities that come with it.... The Countryside Alliance said the current law was inconsistent an should be changed. “There should be a level playing field. We always thought it was very unfair that charities were allowed to campaign heavily for a hunting ban and use their resources to run ads, while we would have been shown the door if we applied for charitable status,” said Tim Bonner, spokesman for the organsation.... (story)

Glasgow Herald 15.10.07 MoD considers ditching ‘agonising’ live goat experiments - IAN BRUCE, Defence Correspondent - The Ministry of Defence is considering abandoning deep-diving experiments which induce agonising decompression sickness in live goats after complaints from animal rights groups. Live testing was suspended in March and a review committee of six experts is now examining alternatives such as computer-modelling techniques to duplicate the effects of "the bends" - the often lethal effect of nitrogen bubbles in the bloodstream... (story)
Portsmouth News 15.10.07 Military goat tests to be stopped By Rob Dabrowski - CONTROVERSIAL tests on goats for military research are set to be stopped after a long campaign against the experiments. The Ministry of Defence is considering abandoning deep-diving tests carried out in Gosport which put goats into pressure compartments to produce levels of decompression sickness, after complaints from animal rights activists... The tests, carried out by defence research company QinetiQ in Gosport, involve subjecting goats to various pressures in a hyperbaric chamber... (story)

Glasgow Herald 15.10.07 Questions over welfare of A80 ‘chickens’ - No doubt the debate will continue regarding the woeful inadequacies of the road system in the central belt of Scotland after the recent accident when part of the A80 had to be closed after a lorry full of "chickens" overturned. What I find it necessary to raise is the fact that these birds - not chickens, since the photographs showed cockerels of about six months old - were being subjected to a most inhumane transport arrangement... Gordon Neilson, Kelowna, Langlea Grove, Cambuslang, Glasgow (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 15.10.07 COLLECTIONS SHOW GENEROUS SUPPORT - Compassion in World Farming would like to thank the people of Totnes for donating to the street collection which took place in the town on August 25...
South Devon Animal Rights is grateful to the residents and visitors for their continued financial support, without which the organisation could not campaign effectively.... (story)


Telegraph 13.10.07 Social pitfall of the house viewed by the Blairs – Does the home information pack for Winslow Hall in Buckinghamshire mention hosting the Bicester and Waddesdon Hunt at its annual Boxing Day meet? (story)
Observer 7.10.07 Househunting Blairs eye £3m country pile - ANDREW TRISTEM - It is one of the most magnificent mansions in the home counties with a library, seven bedrooms and a Roman Catholic chapel fit for a king – or rather a former Labour prime minister. Tony and Cherie Blair have been viewing £3m Winslow Hall, described as the finest surviving mansion designed by Sir Christopher Wren.... there is concern among villagers about whether the Blairs would be prepared to continue a tradition of allowing the Boxing Day hunt to meet on the grounds, or continue to provide a setting for the village fete... (story)

Carlisle News & Star 13.10.07 Hound trailing could resume By Anika Bourley - HOUND trailing could resume as early as Wednesday, the News & Star can reveal, thanks to Workington MP Tony Cunningham. A new outbreak of foot and mouth disease put an early end to this season’s competition last month with all trails cancelled after another case of the disease was confirmed. However, the News & Star can confirm that as long as no further cases are reported in coming days the trailing can resume.... >(story)

Kentish Gazette 13.10.07 Badger baiting brothers snared by tracking device - TWO brothers who set their terriers on a badger have been given tough sentences by a court. Dean Jones, 27 and Dale Jones, 25, both from Sturry, near Canterbury, each received a five-month suspended prison sentence, 250 hours community service and were ordered to both pay costs totalling £4,000.... (story)

Mirror 13.10.07 RSPCA has gone to Pott - Fiona Phillips - Last week I wrote about the plight of Christine Gill whose mum had left the family farm to "the cats and dogs of the RSPCA" in her will. I asked why a charitable organisation couldn't demonstrate a bit of charity itself and come to an agreement over the farm.... (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 9.10.07 Lecturer's fight over farm takes new twist By ALISON BELLAMY - A LEEDS University lecturer's battle to claim back her parents' will from the RSPCA has taken a new twist. Dr Christine Gill's parents John and Joyce Gill, left their North Yorkshire farm to the RSPCA... But the farm has now gone on sale for over £1.25m – one week before the deadline to contest the will runs out.... (story)
Northern Echo 8.10.07 Shock as family farm on sale for £1.25m By Hannah Chapman - A WOMAN left in shock after her parents bequeathed the family farm to the RSPCA has been hit by a double whammy after seeing the property advertised for sale. Dr Christine Gill spoke last week of how she had been heartened by the charity's response to her public plea over Potto Carr Farm, at Potto, near Northallerton, North Yorkshire.... But on Friday, the 275-acre farm, previously valued at £1.5m, was advertised in local newspapers for more than £1.25m... (story)
Times 4.10.07 RSPCA got my £1.5m inheritance - HANNAH FLETCHER - She worked on their farm for 40 years; she cared for them in their old age; she uprooted her family to be near them – but it was only after they died that Christine Gill discovered that her parents had written her out of their will and left their £1.5 million estate to an animal charity. Dr Gill, 56, was left “deeply hurt and bewildered” by the disinheritance, which meant that Potto Carr Farm, near Potto, North Yorkshire, was bequeathed in its 287-acre entirety to the RSPCA.... Last Friday the contents of the farmhouse, including antiques, family photos and even a teddy bear that Dr Gill made for her mother as a child were “auctioned off for a pittance”. “I watched the destruction of my family history,” said Dr Gill. “I watched lot after lot go under the hammer – £1 here, £2 there.” The proceeds went to the RSPCA. Her parents’ bequest to the RSPCA has rankled with Dr Gill all the more, she says, because her parents, both advocates of hunting, never had anything to do with the charity, and “never wrote a cheque to the RSPCA”.... (story)
Northern Echo 3.10.07 Left out of will - as animals get £1.5m By Hannah Chapman - A WOMAN who helped run her parents' farm for 40 years and cared for them in old age has been written out of their will - with the entire £1.5m estate left to the RSPCA. Dr Christine Gill said she was "deeply hurt and bewildered" when she discovered Potto Carr Farm, near Potto, Northallerton, in North Yorkshire, had been bequeathed to the charity... Dr Gill is having court papers drawn up to challenge the will under the 1975 Inheritance Act, and has until October 15 to lodge them. She has also been trying to negotiate with the RSPCA.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 13.10.07 MAILBOX: SAYING THANKS - On behalf of the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (ASWA), I would like to thank all who took part in the recent celebrations to mark Animal Welfare Sunday and St Francis-tide... Linda J Bodicoat, ASWA, Leicestershire (letter)


Independent 12.10.07 PANDORA By Oliver Duff - Hunting down Tony Blair - I don't want to accuse the Blairs of lacking community spirit, but they have ignored a string of kind invitations to socialise with their Connaught Square neighbours. "We invite them to our meets but they never reply," says Duncan Macpherson, the Joint Master of the Connaught Square Squirrel Hunt.... Sadly, the welcome does not extend to the Squirrel Hunt's ball at Banqueting House on Thursday... "They would add tawdry glamour, but the Security Service would have to background check our guests and I'd be disappointed if half of them didn't have something to hide..." (story)

Western Daily Press 12.10.07 TALLY-HO! THE HUNT IS ON... BY MARY TAPPING - The Avon Vale Supporters' Club hunter trial and fun team chase took place on Sunday, despite the cancellation of many other events since a second outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease and problems caused by the postal workers' strike... (story)

Western Daily Press 12.10.07 VESTEY ESTATE IS A PERFECT PLAYGROUND FOR TEAM CHASE ENTHUSIASTS - Mark and Rosie Vestey host the Cotswold Hunt's annual team chase, but their family is also heavily involved in polo. Mary Tapping went to meet them... (story)

Western Daily Press 12.10.07 STOP IGNORING CRUELTY LAWS - Animal cruelty still exists because governments do not enforce the law... The use of foie gras, produced by force-feeding geese, is a money-making scheme to satisfy people's selfish whims. In England, fox-hunters still abuse the ban against their sport..... Miss E A Smith, Bristol (letter)

Hexham Courant 12.10.07 Bird cruelty is on the increase in Tynedale - NORTHUMBERLAND is one of the cruellest parts of the country when it comes to persecuting birds. The county has been identified by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds as one of the three worst black spots in England for crimes against wild birds.... The RSPB’s Birdcrime 2006 report details 1,109 incidents relating to wild birds in the UK, more than 50 per cent up on the previous year.... (story)
Exmouth Journal 27.9.07 Soaring bird crime - A SHOCKING new report by the RSPB has shown that protected birds in wildlife reserves, like one just outside Topsham, are being targeted by criminals…. (story)
Carmarthen Journal 19.9.07 WILD BIRDS TARGETED IN CRIME HIKE - CARMEL GRAHAM-WILLIAMS - Crimes against birds have doubled across Carmarthenshire, according to figures published by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.... (story)
Torquay Herald Express 12.9.07 BUZZARDS TARGET OF WILDLIFE CRIME - Protected birds of prey are being targeted in South Devon by wildlife criminals says a conservation charity. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds says there were 26 incidents alleged to have taken place in Devon last year compared with 15 in Dorset, nine in Wiltshire and eight each in Cornwall and Somerset.The charity says buzzards seem to be the chief target for wildlife crime in South Devon.... (story)
Norwich Evening News 12.9.07 Wildlife crime in Norfolk has doubled - SARAH HALL - Wildlife crime in East Anglia has almost doubled in the past year, leading to worried experts claiming there should be a greater punishment for anyone caught harming wild animals.... The latest figures, released by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), reflect the rise in bird-related crime across the UK which presents a significant hazard to some of the county's most threatened birds.... (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 12.9.07 BIRDS ARE SHOT WITH CROSSBOW - Cruelty to wild birds has more than doubled in Gloucestershire, says a spokesman for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.An RSPB report has revealed that 12 crimes were committed against wild birds in the county in 2006 compared with five in 2005.... (story)
Leicester Mercury 12.9.07 ATTACKS ON ANIMALS ARE ON THE INCREASE BY GARY MITCHELL - Wild birds and other animals are suffering a growing number of cruel attacks, charities said today. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) said it was aware of eight incidents of "bird crime" in Leicestershire and Rutland in one year.... (story)
Worcester News 12.9.07 Concern for birds of prey as wildlife By David Paine - REPORTED bird crime is on the rise in the two counties and nationally. There were three reported crimes against wild birds in Worcestershire and Herefordshire last year compared with none the previous year, a new report has revealed... (story)
Western Mail 11.9.07 Killing of protected birds up by 50% - CRIMES against wild birds in Wales such as illegal shooting and poisoning have risen by more than 50%. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) investigations unit received 143 reports of wild-bird crime in Wales last year. This is up from 91 reported crimes against wild birds in the previous year.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 11.9.07 'Help fight Ulster wildlife crime' - RSPB plea after seven birds are illegally killed By Linda McKee - Six buzzards and one peregrine falcon were illegally killed in Ulster last year, according to RSPB reports. RSPB wildlife crime investigators say reports of offences against birds in the UK have reached their highest ever level - but there were only nine reports in Northern Ireland last year.... >(story)
Newcastle Journal 11.9.07 Blackspot for those who prey on birds by Tony Henderson, The Journal - A report published by the RSPB today (brands Northumberland as a blackspot in England for crimes against wild birds…. (story)
Sheffield Star 11.9.07 Peak birds of prey targeted - BRITAIN'S birds of prey are facing increasing levels of persecution – and the Peak District is one of the country's worst blackspots… (story)
Worcester Evening News 11.9.07 Concern for birds of prey as wildlife crime rises By David Paine - REPORTED bird crime is on the rise in the two counties and nationally. There were three reported crimes against wild birds in Worcestershire and Herefordshire last year compared with none the previous year, a new report has revealed... (story)
Scotsman 10.9.07 Slaughter of the raptors - IAN JOHNSTON - THE slaughter of Scotland's birds of prey is at its highest level in 20 years, according to an RSPB report to be published today... Between 2001 and 2006, there were just 12 convictions in connection with persecuting birds of prey, with seven of those in 2006. Nine of those convicted were gamekeepers with one shoot manager, a crofter and a pigeon fancier making up the rest.... Tony Andrews, chief executive of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, said: "All of us want to see a complete end to this illegal killing of wildlife - it is absolutely appalling. The use of poison in this day and age is disgusting and unacceptable... (story)
Glasgow Herald 10.9.07 LATEST: Bird poisoning at 25 year high - The illegal poisoning of Scotland's birds of prey has hit a 25-year-high, according to a new report. RSPB Scotland said there were 42 confirmed cases of poisoning in 2006, making it the worst year for bird of prey poisoning in a quarter of a century... Its latest report identifies a "strong" link between the crimes and the country's sporting estates.... (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 12.10.07 DEPRESSING RSPB SHOULD GET THE BIRD From David Stirzaker, November Cottage, Military Road, Brighstone: IT IS depressing to see the RSPB continues with its policy of driving countrymen out of the countryside in order to ‘protect’ birds. The bird population of Brading Marshes has evolved after thousands of years of peaceful co-existence with farming and country sports.... In future I may exclude the RSPB, if it continues to bully less affluent country land users. Unlike the RSPB, very few angling clubs are left millions of pounds by benefactors. They are ordinary working men and women, with their children, who love their legitimate, quiet, country pastime. But the new millionaire-managers do not want traditional farming methods, nor any country sports, the very practices which created the habitats so favoured by our wetland bird species... (story)

Farmers Guardian 12.10.07 Appeal to invest in rural roads - THE Countryside Alliance has called on the Government to invest in rural roads to help reduce the accident rate. Their appeal comes as the Department for Transport launched its ‘THINK’ Rural Speed campaign this week to improve safety on Britain’s unclassified rural roads... (story)

Scotsman 12.10.07 - With 250,000 lambs stranded on hill farms due to foot-and-mouth export restrictions (your report, 10 October), Advocates for Animals would reluctantly accept that the most humane solution may be their slaughter. However, we believe that as long as animals are being reared for food, a UK market should be found for these lambs... ROSS MINETT, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Argus 12.10.07 Human shame - I was absolutely horrified when I read the front-page headline (The Argus, October 4). Another animal tortured by human hands. I ask myself how could you inflict that much pain on a so-called pet if you can't cope?... Stacey Maxted, West Road, Portslade (letter)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 12.10.07 POULTRY RESCUED IN RAID ON FARM - Animal rescue centre workers swooped on a remote farm after concerns were raised over the condition of more than 50 poultry.A pensioner has now been issued with an official warning from the RSPCA. Bridget Epps, 76, has been given a week to start cleaning up her act... Rescue centre manager Paul Richardson said: "They were in a dire condition... Mr Richardson says the owner Bridget Epps, of High Trees farm, Berrow, agreed to hand over some of the birds.... Mrs Epps said she had hoped the rescue centre would be able to care for some of the birds. She says she gave the rescue centre £25 petrol and a £50 donation to take the birds away... She said: "I'm very distressed and shocked. Why didn't they come back to me? They didn't say a word to me. I've got nothing to hide. I want to be straight."... (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 12.10.07 PAUL SWOOPS ON BIRD FARM - Cotswold Animal and Bird Rescue swooped on a remote farm after concerns were raised over the condition of more than 50 hens.Bridget Epps, 76, has been given a warning by the RSPCA and a week to start cleaning up her premises... Mrs Epps, who needs two walking sticks to get about, says she keeps chickens as a hobby and had not meant to cause any suffering... She says she gave the rescue centre £25 for petrol costs and a £50 donation. She said she had already taken steps to address the concerns raised by the RSPCA. She added that she was angry that the centre had aired its fears about the birds publicly without telling her. She said: "I'm very distressed and shocked. Why didn't they come back to me?... (story)

Bolton News 12.10.07 ‘Let’s take foie gras off the menu’ - I WAS very upset to see that the Bolton Wanderers' hotel (De Vere Whites) plans to serve foie gras as part of its "Gourmet Evening" menu... Alwynne Cartmell, Bolton Green Party (story)

Essex Chronicle 12.10.07 NEEDS MET IN ZOOS - It Is absolutely appalling that animals are still being exploited in circuses as reported in your newspaper last week... Joyce Shiner, Peppers Green, East Easter (letter)
Essex Chronicle 12.10.07 CIRCUS ARE NO FUN FOR CAGED WILDLIFE - How much I agree with the sentiments of Cllr Mike Mackrory (Essex Chronicle, September 27) regarding circuses that use animals.The fact that animal trainers are licensed means very little, there is no control on the means that they use nor are animal welfare organisations allowed to watch training, only rehearsals, which is altogether different!.... Arthur Allen, Gilmore Way, Great Baddow (letter)
Essex Chronicle 12.10.07 ATTITUDES MUST CHANGE TO SAFEGUARD ANIMALS - I Write in reply to your misleading headline "Animal Tragic" which only serves to encourage and endorse bad behaviour by animal extremists.Calls from Craig Redmond of CAPS, Cllr Mike Mackrory and your editor for an all human circus is out of step with reality.... Attitudes need to change quickly. Because of bias and bigotry for some animals it is already too late. Martin Lacey, The Great British Circus, Chelmsford (letter)


The Kingdom 11.10.07 Mink remarks incur wrath of animal lovers - A KERRY politician has come under heavy fire from animal rights activists for his stance on the elimination of mink. Cllr Michael Gleeson had branded mink as a vicious and unwelcome species that kills in “a wholly wanton manner"... But the Irish Council Against Blood Sports has lashed out at the stance of Cllr Gleeson who is a member of both Kerry County Council and Killarney Town Council. Spokesman Philip Kiernan said if the Kerry councillor is so concerned then he should take on Ireland’s fur farms where mink are gassed to death before having the fur “tugged from their bones”.... (letter)
Irish Examiner 8.10.07 Why condemn mink for overeating and stockpiling food? Humans do it all the time - IN his diatribe against what he terms “vicious mink”, Cllr Michael Gleeson calls for an urgent elimination of this “most unwelcome” species... Instead of waging a war on a small, voiceless animal, Cllr Gleeson should take on the fur farms where mink are gassed before having the fur peeled from their bones. It is from these fur farms that mink originally escaped or were purposely released into the countryside. Philip Kiernan, Irish Council Against Blood Sports, PO Box 88 Mullingar, Co Westmeath (story)
Irish Examiner 27.9.07 Mink menace must be dealt with now - I CONGRATULATE you on the editorial highlighting the predatory instinct of the vicious mink (September 24).... Its control and, hopefully, ultimate elimination must be done urgently and legally. Cllr Michael Gleeson Clasheen Killarney Co Kerry (letter)
Irish Examiner 24.9.07 Study to examine mink question - AT one time, mink coats were fashionable among stylish folk, but the animal that provided them has now become a pest in parts of Ireland.... Some of the mink escaped from the farms, or were deliberately set free, and quickly became established in the wild.... Up to now, nobody has been able to quantify the mink population in Ireland, but a researcher at the zoology department in UCG has started a study with a view to learning about how much damage is caused by mink and the extent of control measures. Conall Hawkins of the university’s mammal ecology group wants to hear from anyone who suffered economic loss due to mink predation, or has seen mink on their land, or from people who may be controlling mink on their land.... The project is being sponsored by the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (story)

Western Gazette 11.10.07 Attack on dog horrified me - I WAS horrified to read the article headlined, Horror as Hounds Savage Pet Terrier, in the Western Gazette on 4 October... Helen Weeks, West Coker Hill, West Coker.
Hounds were a danger to pets - I WAS shocked and appalled to read the story headlined Horror as Hounds Savage Pet Terrier, in the Western Gazette on 4 October.... Louise Clark, Communications Officer, League Against Cruel Sports. (letters)

Western Morning News 11.10.07 HORRIFIED BY CALLOUS ACTS - I am writing following your article about fishes being trapped by unlawful nets.I was horrified to see those little creatures suffering in such a way and being a lover of all animals, not just the "cuddly" type, I could have cried when I read it... Josephine Ansaldo-Nixon Liskeard (letter)

Southern Daily Echo 11.10.07 Sad fate of horses - FIONA PEREIRA, campaigner, Animal Aid (letter)
Welwyn & Hatfield Times 9.10.07 Cruel fate for spare horses - Fiona Pereira, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Wales on Sunday 7.10.07 - THOUSANDS of horses are slaughtered in British abattoirs every year so that their meat can be sold abroad for human consumption. Many of the horses are fit, well and young, and range from privately-owned ponies to racing industry cast-offs... To view Animal Aid’s exclusive undercover footage from a horse abattoir, visit www.animalaid.org.uk (letter)

Sun 11.10.07 ANIMAL rights charity Peta is right to ask Kevin Federline to file for custody of Britney Spears’ dogs... BARRY QUINN, Camden, NW London (letter)

Irish Examiner 11.10.07 Animal welfare body welcomes proposed circus animal ban - An animal rights group has today welcomed proposals before Fingal County Council to ban all wild animal circus performances on Council land. The motion was introduced by Socialist Party member Clare Daly last night at the Council meeting. "We applaud Fingal councillors’ move to ban wild animals from circuses in the county," said Jan Creamer, chief executive of Animal Defenders International... (story)

Tamworth Herald 11.10.07 SAY NO TO MILK - Amy Mason, Viva! Campaigner, 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol, BS2 8QH (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 26.9.07 End animal suffering and go vegan - So consumers have been ripped off by the artificially high price of milk, according to the Office of Fair Trading. I wonder whether consumers have considered the enormous price dairy cows are forced to pay so we can drink their milk... AMY MASON, Viva! Campaigner, York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol. (letter)

Bexley Times 11.10.07 Humans cause bird deaths - WILD Times correspondent Eric Brown was complaining about cats and blaming them solely for the death of birds. Perhaps he is not aware of the other reasons why birds are disappearing from our gardens. In Europe millions of birds are shot as they migrate backwards and forwards. I believe this is called sport…. To summarise, it is humans who cause the most destruction to wild life, not the cats or other animals who kill birds… MRS J BREACH, Alexander Close, Sidcup (letter)
Mid Cheshire Chronicle 26.9.07 Cows suffer in milk production - AMY MASONViva! CampaignerNorthwich (letter)

Newham Recorder 11.10.07 BLOOD STAINING 'GREEN' OLYMPICS - I AM outraged that Celia Hammond and her brave band of volunteers have been denied access to the Olympic site to continue their rescue of hundreds of homeless cats… How can the Olympic Committee claim it is staging a "green Olympics" when it doesn't give a damn about animals living on the site? It is a mockery to claim it is cleaning up the river and protecting a rare spider when its massive building work will result in the death of hundreds of cats… DENISE BENNETT, Monsell Road, Finsbury Park
I was extremely annoyed to learn our lovely Celia Hammond has been denied the right to catch and re-home the hundreds of feral cats on the Olympic site… Shame on them all, we deserve much better leaders. - ADRIAN APPLEY, address supplied (letters)


Northampton Chronicle & Echo 10.10.07 Hunt to go ahead as planned - The Grafton Hunt in Sulgrave, near Banbury, will take place on October 21, despite restrictions across the country due to the foot and mouth and bluetongue diseases. Teams will compete in Team Chase and Hunter Trials, and this year's Open class will be a National Team Chase Qualifer for the 2008 Spring Championships (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 10.10.07 Probe as protected birds found dead By Jim Jack - A pair of protected birds were found dead near the body of a rabbit which police suspect was laced with poison. A joint investigation by North Yorkshire Police and The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has been launched to find out how the red kites, along with a crow and a fox, were found dead on open land near Otley.... (story)

Gloucestershire Gazette 10.10.07 Plans under way to save post office By Jeff Weaver - ALVESTON is gearing up to defend its post office from the possible threat of closure... Toby Savage, chairman of the Hands Off Our Post Office (HOOPO) action group, made up mostly of young Alveston residents and former Marlwood School pupils, said: "We're hoping our recent efforts will pay off but we're not taking any chance... He said the Countryside Alliance had agreed to take part and other organisations, including Age Concern, had also expressed an interest in supporting the rally.... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 10.10.07 THIS RAT'S TALE HAS AN UNHAPPY END BUT ITS ABUSER FACES JUSTICE - I Was interested to read your article on the man who was prosecuted under the new Animal Welfare Act for abusing a rat and a dog (October 4). I actually rehomed that rat after it came into Weirfield Wildlife Hospital for boarding, as the RSPCA's facilities were full at the time. I volunteer there so that is how I knew about the rat needing a home.... I am so pleased that the man who abused the sweet-natured rat that I was privileged to know will be prosecuted to the full extent of the new laws. It is a small victory for defenceless animals... FIONA McKENNA Lincoln (story)

Leicester Mercury 10.10.07 GROUP CALLS FOR BIG TOP BOYCOTT BY PAUL CONROY - A campaign group is calling for a boycott of a circus because it uses animals. Captive Animals' Protection Society (Caps) has urged people not to go to shows at the Bobby Roberts Circus, which will be in Great Glen until Sunday... Craig Redmond, the society's campaigns manager, said: "We're opposed to the use of all animals in circuses.... (story)

Edinburgh Eveninig News 10.10.07 Animal torture is not an isolated act of cruelty - DOREEN GRAHAM - ONE out of two households in the UK owns a pet so, from a business perspective, it is perhaps understandable that puppies promote loo rolls, a cantering horse promotes a bank and a beautiful Old English Sheepdog is synonymous with a well-known brand of paint. Our lives are inextricably linked with our pets, so should we be surprised to find that, when human relationships breakdown, it is sometimes the family pet that is the first visible victim?... Abusing animals often provides an initial kick or practice before the aggressor moves on to a human target... Doreen Graham is a campaigns manager for the Scottish SPCA... (story)


Derby Evening Telegraph 9.10.07 TAKING AIM AT LIVE TARGETS - The pheasant-shooting season got under way at the beginning of October and, in the next four months, 35 million pheasants will be used as live targets.... This isn't sport and it isn't conservation either. It's simply killing for fun.... For those living close to shoots, October 1 often signals four months of misery.... They can contact the League Against Cruel Sports... Chris Williamson, Leader, Derby City Council. (letter)

Western Morning News 9.10.07 VIVISECTION MAKES US COWARDS - Chris Iles (WMN 14/08/07) points out that animal studies were used years ago with respect to predicting what may be dangerous to humans.Well the headlines over the years have also told the truth - the fraud, the deceit and attempts by scientists to improve their public image... Louise Piddington, Plymouth (letter)

Scotsman 9.10.07 Don't put chimps in a zoo - I am sure I was not alone in my disgust at the shooting dead of Jonnie, a 41-year-old wild-caught chimpanzee who had managed to escape from the enclosure where he was imprisoned in Whipsnade Zoo (your report, 2 October). This brutal and callous killing of a member of our closest living relatives typifies the way animals are viewed and treated as disposable resources by the zoo industry.... ROSS MINETT, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

York Press 9.10.07 Just a gesture? YOUR article on the council foie gras debate made no reference to those who did not vote to ban fois gras... What people dislike most about politicians is posturing. How many UK ducks and geese will be saved by York council undertaking not to procure or sell foie gras? None. The UK does not produce foie gras and the council has never bought or sold foie gras... Leadership is by example. People respect those who put their own house in order. I abstained because this foie gras motion was nothing other than gesture politics. Coun Christian Vassie, Blake Court, Wheldrake, York
I AM sure that many of your readers are fed up with hearing about foie gras at the moment but I felt that I had to write in to say how pleased and proud I am that the City of York Councillors voted last night to formally condemn foie gras and to ban the council from buying or selling this vile product... Coun Sonja Crisp, Emperors Wharf, Skeldergate, York (letters)


Mirror 8.10.07 Hunt nut's net threat of aggro - Bloodsport fanatics are using the Facebook website to threaten opponents of the hunting ban. One wrote on the networking forum: "It really needs a bunch of 'anti antis' to go around and control/handle the scum... Tania McCrea-Steele, of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, said: "Those who use violence against hunt monitors should be aware that they will be prosecuted." Charlotte Fiander, from the Countryside Alliance said: "We do not condone the use of violence." (story)

Thurrock Gazette 8.10.07 Why persecute foxes? SO, a family of foxes, who have probably driven out of their natural habitat, are being persecuted by a pensioner and her neighbours. This pensioner has only been living there ten months,and wants the foxes to move? Why can't she move?... Alf Brown (letter)
Thurrock Gazette 8.10.07 Disturbed by fox story - I WAS disturbed to read the article in last week's Gazette concerning the problems that Mrs Soul is having with foxes neighbouring her home in Stifford Clays. I have been observing foxes for a good many years now and what she describes is in no way typical behaviour..... Name & address supplied (letter)
Essex Echo 2.10.07 Neighbourhood’s foxes plea - A NEIGHBOURHOOD is calling for action from the council over foxes. Betty Soul, 65, of Haven Place, in Stifford Clays, told how the animals have attacked her dog Susie twice…. (story)
Thurrock Gazette 1.10.07 Fox fear is 'garbage' - I think I've heard it all now, 'Residents in fear of foxes'. It's the most unlikely piece of garbage I've ever read…. I find it odd that all of a sudden there are all these reports of fox attacks, and it always seems to be during the hunting season. Before the ban we never heard all these fantastical stories… To my mind hunt supporters will try anything on, even pretending to be kind little old people with a pet pooch on their laps…. Judi Hewitt, Hadley Crescent, Rhyl, Denbighshire, North Wales (letter)
Thurrock Gazette 29.9.07 Residents in fear of foxes By Lucy Cramer - A PENSIONER and her neighbours in Stifford Clays say their lives are being made a misery are being terrorised by a gang of foxes. Betty Soul, 65, of Haven Place, is living in fear of the foxes who have taken up residence in the hedges adjacent to her house and have attacked her dog Susie twice... Mr Mills has contacted Thurrock Council but is not satisfied with their response, he said: "I have rung the council about this so many times but I just keep getting fobbed off. They've told me that foxes are protected and there is nothing they can do except cut back the hedges.... (story)

Western Daily Press 8.10.07 IT'S AIRGUNS, NOT HAWKS - The letter blaming hawks for the demise of so-called song birds (Your Say, September 29) uses two of the tactics I have mentioned on numerous occasions. Keeping people in a state of ignorance, false analogy (seeing the similarities but not the differences) and anthropomorphism... how many of those who rush to blame cats, magpies and hawks for the demise of song birds garden or farm in a bird-friendly way, or campaign against the lack of action from the Government on the seven odd million air guns in circulation... or the millions of song birds shot by the blood sports fraternity in Europe?... David Thomas, Westbury >(letter)

Scotsman 8.10.07 Eagle hunters swoop on remote festival - MARGARET NEIGHBOUR - MORE than 700 years after Marco Polo wrote about them in his Travels, Kazakh eagle hunters are hoping their traditions will bring badly needed jobs to this remote corner of western Mongolia. Some 200 hunters, wearing elaborate brocade gowns and fur hats, showed off their skills this weekend at the Golden Eagle Festival in the Altay mountains, where tourism is one of the few sources of income... (story)

Scotsman 8.10.07 'More cash' plea to aid animals that suffer - KATRINE BUSSEY - ANIMAL campaigners yesterday demanded that more resources be made available to help councils enforce animal cruelty laws. The Animal Health and Welfare Act, which brought in stiffer penalties for those who abuse animals, came into effect a year ago. Pointing out that councils were mainly responsible for enforcing the new laws, the campaign group Advocates for Animals said local auth-orities needed more resources to help them do so... (story)
BBC News Online 7.10.07 Animal welfare 'needs more money' - Animal rights campaigners have called for more resources to be made available to help councils enforce cruelty laws. The Animal Health and Welfare Act, which brought in stiffer penalties for those who abuse animals, came into effect a year ago. But campaign group Advocates for Animals said councils were struggling to cope with the extra responsibility.... (story)
Scotland on Sunday 7.10.07 Call for further animal cruelty law resources - ANIMAL welfare campaigners are demanding that more resources be made available to help enforce animal cruelty laws... (story)


Sunday Times 7.10.07 A meaner, leaner 21st century Sloane - A co-author of the Official Sloane Ranger Handbook describes how Thatcherism forced his tribe to get real - Robert Sandall - The Eighties changed the traditional “Sloane” upper-middle-class British culture for ever... . If you wonder whether the old Sloane exists you just have to think of the massive Countryside Alliance march in 2002. There, in colourful cords and olive jackets, amiably sloshed, dogs along for the ride, were the die-hards of Sloane-dom. The old Sloanes are still out there – but few survive in London... (story)

Independent on Sunday 7.10.07 Birds of Prey Persecution: A Special IoS Online Report Birds of prey, including the golden eagle, peregrine falcon and red kite, are being poisoned or shot in Britain’s uplands on a scale unprecedented in modern times. We have prepared this special report to supplement the article in the paper. See the panel on the right for full contents... By David Randall and Jonathan Owen - Birds of prey, including the golden eagle, peregrine falcon and red kite, are being poisoned or shot in Britain's uplands on a scale unprecedented in modern times. Crimes against wild birds are now at record levels, according to figures produced by the RSPB, with 1,109 confirmed incidents last year.... (story)
Independent on Sunday 7.10.07 What the Gamekeepers say - We interviewed a number of gamekeepers and their organisations on the issue of bird of prey persecution. Here is what they said... Stuart Scull, Head of Gamekeeping at the British Association for Shooting and Conservation: "We know that there are some people involved in game management who choose to step outside the law, there's no denying that. However, they are a tiny minority and game management when done correctly is a force for good in the countryside... Alec Hogg, director of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association: "There certainly are a few rogue gamekeepers left but we've been on the go for 10 years now and I think we've come a long way in stamping out poisoning... National Gamekeepers Organisation: "The birds of prey issue is mostly a problem on the grouse moors because there is scientific evidence that hen harriers in particular do conflict with the management of grouse... (story)
Independent on Sunday 7.10.07 Case history: Persecution in the Peak District - The following is an edited extract from the RSPB's Peak Malpractice Update 2007: In some areas of the Peak District, magnificent birds such as goshawks and peregrines are teetering on the brink of local extinction.... (story)
Independent on Sunday 7.10.07 Case history: The hen harrier - The following is an edited extract from the RSPB's Peak Malpractice Update 2007... Over the past 25 years, hen harriers have only nested regularly with any success on the United Utilities Estate in the Forest of Bowland, in Lancashire, where they have been monitored by RSPB staff since 1981... (story)
Independent on Sunday 7.10.07 What the shooting lobby says - We interviewed a number of organisations which represent the shooting lobby on the issue of bird of prey persecution. Here is what they said... Morag Walker, spokesperson for the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) "The hen harrier is more an issue with grouse moors; it's an incredibly complex problem and its gone on for a long time now... Martin Gillibrand, secretary of the Moorlands Association "There has been one prosecution of one keeper in Derbyshire in the last five years and probably longer. All the rest is supposition and innuendo. If one was a cynic, one could say that the RSPB stays in business by stirring its members and everyone else up... Tim Baines, moorlands director, Countryside Alliance "You do have to take some of the things the RSPB say with a pinch of salt. They will admit privately that this is meat and drink for them, it plays very well with their membership and it's a pot they like to keep bubbling... (story)
Independent on Sunday 7.10.07 Victims of Persecution - Golden eagle... Hen harrier... Peregrine... Red kite... Goshawk... Buzzard... (story)


Aberdeen Evening Express 6.10.07 BAN THESE CRUEL SNARES - The sad story of Velcro, the cat who was forced to chew part of his leg off after getting it trapped in a snare (Evening Express, October 3) highlights the suffering these brutal traps can cause animals... Ross Minett Campaigns Director of Advocates for Animals Edinburgh (letter)

Scotsman 6.10.07 License livestock farmers - It is very welcome to see Dan Buglass (Farming, 1 October) suggest there may be a need for a licensing scheme for livestock farmers... LIBBY ANDERSON, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Independent 6.10.07 York starts campaign to ban city's restaurants from selling foie gras By Jonathan Brown - York joined Chicago and California yesterday in the vanguard of the campaign against foie gras. The city aims to become the first in Britain to outlaw completely the sale of the delicacy in shops and restaurants. Councillors took the initial step by voting overwhelmingly to ban foie gras sales on the authority's own premises. The council will also write to all registered food outlets under its jurisdiction to explain why it believes it is unethical to stock the rich "fatty liver"... Before the council meeting, dozens of activists gathered outside the Guildhall in St Helen's Square, where they "force-fed" the model Adele Tyrala, who was once described as the "cutest vegetarian alive".... (story)
Guardian 6.10.07 Council launches UK drive to take foie gras off the menu - Rebecca Smithers, consumer affairs correspondent - York city council has become the first in the UK to pass a motion condemning the sale of foie gras, in a move welcomed by animal welfare campaigners and likely to intensify pressure for a national ban. At a meeting on Thursday councillors backed a motion proposed by Labour councillor Paul Blanchard, who suggested in January that members should oppose, in principle, the sale of the bird liver gourmet product anywhere in the city... (story)
Daily Mail 5.10.07 York becomes first city in Britain to ban 'cruel' foie gras - A council has become the first in the UK to pass a motion banning the sale of controversial delicacy foie gras in its city... Activists enlisted the help of stunning model Adele Tyrala, 26, who had won a competition to find the "Cutest Vegetarian Alive". She was pictured being force-fed bird feed through a tube in the city centre to highlight the cruelty suffered by ducks and geese in the production of foie gras... (story)
York Press 5.10.07 Council takes foie gras off the menu - ANIMAL welfare activists from around the country descended on York, as the city became the first in Britain to formally condemn foie gras. City of York Council last night voted overwhelmingly in favour of a motion describing the French delicacy as "intolerably cruel" and making various pledges to oppose it.... (story)

Western Daily Press 6.10.07 MADGE DOGS IN RESCUE HOME - The media has kept us informed about the anxiety of Madonna waiting to adopt the African child David Banda, but there has been silence on the fate of the three Chihuahua dogs she used as a fashion accessory.The dogs were given away and ended up at the Chihuahua Rescue charity at Burbank, California, suffering malnutrition and neglect.... Elsie van der Steen Paignton Devon (letter)


Daily Mail 5.10.07 Cherie and Tony go to the country - You might have thought the £3.65million house Tony and Cherie Blair bought in Connaught Square was grand. But it seems the couple have been house hunting again. And, I can reveal, this time the property that has caught their eye is an elegant mansion in the Home Counties countryside.... They might like to know that the local hunt meets nearby every Boxing Day and the area is a hotbed of Countryside Alliance supporters.... (story)

Scotsman 5.10.07 Review will target wildlife crime - KATRINE BUSSEY - THE Scottish Government yesterday confirmed a review of the way wildlife crime is investigated and prosecuted is to be carried out... The review will be led by Paddy Tomkins, Chief Inspector of Constabulary for Scotland, and Joe O'Donnell, Chief Inspector of Prosecution in Scotland, who will report their findings next spring... (story)

Farmers Weekly 5.10.07 Rural people should fight for their Post Offices - Rural people are being urged to lobby against the closure of post offices following the naming of the first 180 branches chosen for closure..... Residents affected should continue to use their branch, and lobby Post Offices Minister, Pat McFadden MP, says Countryside Alliance Chief Executive Simon Hart.... (story)

Kent/Sussex Courier 5.10.07 ANIMAL RIGHTS MEETING RAIDED - OLIVER FRANKHAM - Police raided a gathering of up to 200 animal rights campaigners at Friend Farmed Animal Rescue in East Peckham on Sunday. Owner of the Bush Road farm Marion Eaton estimated between 50 and 60 officers from five different forces entered the centre after monitoring the annual event for three days... (story)
Kent Messenger 1.10.07 40 police officers raid animal rights meeting - by Chris Hunter - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner has slammed a police raid on her home as a waste of public money. More than 40 police officers from Thames Valley Police and Kent Police raided Friend Animal Rescue Centre in Bush Road, East Peckham, at 4pm on Sunday afternoon. Animal rights campaigners had been gathering on land at the centre, owned by campaigner Marion Eaton, since Friday for an annual meeting…. The police operation follows another raid on the same farm in May, which formed part of Operation Achilles, a national operation investigating criminal activity associated with animal rights…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 5.10.07 LET'S SHOW ANIMALS WE LOVE THEM - Cheltenham-based Naturewatch has been helping co-ordinate events for World Animal Day today.... Debbie Dawson, administrative assistant at Naturewatch, said: "Our aim is to encourage animal lovers everywhere to hold special events to heighten public awareness of animal issues..." (story)


Western Morning News 4.10.07 QUICK REPEAL FOR HUNT BAN - The fox-hunting ban could be scrapped "quickly and easily" by a Conservative government, the head of the Countryside Alliance said last night.Simon Hart, who is also a Tory candidate, said when Labour came to power in 1997 there were "1001 other things rural areas were crying out for", and the ban should never been given priority... (story)
Western Mail 2.10.07 Fox-hunting law ‘will go’ - by Tomos Livingstone, Western Mail - The ban on fox hunting could be overturned “quickly and easily” by a Conservative government, Tory candidate Simon Hart said last night. Mr Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance who is hoping to overturn former minister Nick Ainger’s 1,910 majority in Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, said there were “1001 other things rural areas are crying out for”, and the ban should never been given political priority.... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 4.10.07 VOW FOR ACTION OVER WILDLIFE CRIME - Wildlife crime must not be tolerated and those responsible should face severe penalties, according to leading rural groups in Scotland... The statement was issued by the Scottish Rural Property and Business Association, the Scottish Countryside Alliance, the Scottish Estates Business Group, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation Scotland... (story)
Mid Lothian Gazette 4.10.07 Call to tackle wildlife crimes - Countryside groups have called for those convicted of wildlife crime to face severe punishment. Members of several rural groups came together to condemn such offences ahead of a debate on the issue at Holyrood. The motion, put forward by environment minister Mike Russell, states that last year was the worst year ever for wildlife poisoning incidents. The joint statement, issued by the Scottish Rural Property and Business Association, the Scottish Countryside Alliance, the Scottish Estates Business Group, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation Scotland, said that convictions for poisoning by their members would be treated "with the utmost severity".... (story)

Berwick Advertiser 4.10.07 Fine for gamekeeper who kept stock of banned pesticides - A GAMEKEEPER who kept a quantity of deadly, banned pesticides has been fined by a court. Richard McMorn was arrested following a joint investigation involving Northumbria Police, the RSPB and Natural England, amid fears that the toxins were being used to kill wildlife... (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 4.10.07 PROTESTER: NO CHARGE TO ANSWER - A Man arrested after allegedly disrupting the Science Festival has been released with no charges.Alan Buttle, 23, of Gravesend in Kent, was due to face trial at Gloucestershire Magistrates' Court charged with refusing to give police his name. It was announced that the Crown Prosecution Service had dropped the charges... (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 7.7.07 FESTIVAL PROTESTER GETS BAIL - Alan Buttle has denied failing to give his name to police after allegedly disrupting a public meeting. The 23-year-old was arrested following a disturbance at Cheltenham Town Hall on June 8. Buttle, of Gravesend, Kent, is alleged to have been part of a group of 20 human and animal rights advocates and anti-arms trade protesters who demonstrated at the Cheltenham Science Festival.... He was bailed to attend a case progression hearing at Gloucester Magistrates' Court on September 7. Trial has been set for October 1 in Stroud ... (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 19.6.07 MAN ARRESTED FOR MONKEY PROTEST - A 23-year-old man has been arrested following a demonstration at Cheltenham Science Festival.James Buttle, who lives in Kent, was arrested for failing to supply a police officer with his details. He was bailed to appear before Cheltenham magistrates on July 6.... Gloucestershire Animal Action activists were also present.... (story)

Scotsman 4.10.07 Fury as badger-baiting charges dropped - MICHAEL HOWIE - ANIMAL welfare experts voiced anger and dismay last month when a group of young gamekeepers walked free from court after charges of badger baiting were dropped. The men - Scott Collins, 19; Derek Kelly, 22; Adam Lennon, 21; and Greig Withers, 21; all received fines at Edinburgh Sheriff Court after admitting reckless interfering and blocking up badger setts last year... (story)
West Lothian Courier 21.9.07 Anger at decision to drop charges of hunting badgers - AN animal welfare group has criticised a decision to drop badger-baiting charges against two West Lothian gamekeepers. Last week at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, West Calder man Scott Collins (20) and Derek Kelly (23), from Bathgate, and their two friends, Greig Withers (also a gamekeeper) and Adam Lennon, were fined a total of £2320 after admitting interfering with and blocking up badger setts while they were out hunting with dogs last year... However, the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) said it was very disappointed after the badger-baiting charges were dropped... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 12.9.07 Gamekeepers free as badger charge dropped - CRAIG DAVIDSON - A GROUP of young gamekeepers walked free from court after charges of badger-baiting were dropped against them. The men - Scott Collins, 19; Derek Kelly, 22; Adam Lennon, 21; and Greig Withers, 21; - all received fines at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday after admitting reckless interfering and blocking up badger setts last year... (story)
Glasgow Herald 11.9.07 LATEST: Badger crime gamekeepers avoid jail - KIRSTY URQUHART - Three gamekeepers who admitted digging up a badger sett while out hunting with dogs have avoided jail after a sheriff accepted they had not intentionally gone to hunt the protected animals. Scott Collins, 20, who looked after the Duke of Buccleuch's estate for a year and a half, and game-keeping graduate Greig Withers, 22, claimed they had been hunting for rabbits when one of their dogs ran off. The dog had disappeared down a badgers sett for some time and they began digging it out along with Derek Kelly, 23, who studied game-keeping with Collins, and friend Adam Lennon, 22... Officers from the Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals arrived, after they were alerted by a woman working nearby who reported hearing animals screeching... (story)

BBC News Online 4.10.07 Badger killer avoids prison term - A father-of-five has been sentenced to 90 days in prison, suspended for two years, for illegally killing a badger by lamplight. Mark Paddock, 37, of Aintree Close, Leegomery, Telford, will also have to observe a night-time curfew and do 200 hours of unpaid community work.... (story)
Shropshire Star 4.10.07 Man guilty of hunting badgers - A Telford man has been found guilty of hunting badgers after a district judge said the evidence against him was “frankly overwhelming”. Father-of-five Mark Paddock, 37, of Aintree Close, Leegomery, denied “lamping” for badgers... (story)
BBC News Online 3.10.07 Man killed badger to be 'humane' - A man accused of hunting a badger said he killed one with a knife for humane reasons after his two dogs accidentally attacked it, a court has been told. Mark Paddock, from Aintree Close, Telford, said he was out "rabbiting" with his daughter in December 2005 when his two lurchers saw the badger. The 37-year-old said he could see the animal had been maimed so he used a knife he had in his pocket to kill it.... (story)
BBC News Online 2.10.07 Man charged with badger hunting - A 37-year-old man has gone on trial accused of hunting a badger after paraphernalia and mobile phone footage was found at his house. Mark Paddock, of Aintree Close, Leegomery, Telford, denies a charge of lamping - hunting the animal with a bright light in 2005 and 2006.... (story)

The Forester 4.10.07 WITHOUT RESCUE SERVICE WILDLIFE WILL SUFFER - Animal lovers will be horrified to learn of the proposed closure of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Rescue Centre based at Hartpury College and the loss of its excellent services... The lynch-pin to this service is the dedication of Louise Brockbank, for whom it is a 24-hour a day commitment, responding to the charity's emergency call out service... I wholly agree with the view of Tony Lockyer, fundraiser for the Gloucestershire Wildlife Rescue Centre, that the plan to incorporate it into the Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue in Cirencester, will have a negative impact... Jennifer Griffiths, Blaisdon (story)

East Grinstead Courier 4.10.07 SITCOM SCRIPTS ON SALE FOR ANIMAL SANCTUARY - Signed scripts by a well-known screenwriter are being sold to help a Horsted Keynes animal sanctuary. Carla Lane, who owns Animaline, based at Broadhurst Manor, is auctioning several of her treasured scripts to raise money for her sanctuary.... Scripts from top sitcoms The Liver Birds, and Bread have already reached bids of nearly £200, and there are still a number of days left before the auction ends.... (story)
Brighton Argus 1.10.07 Comedy legend Carla forced to remortgage home By Ben Parsons - Comedy writer Carla Lane is having to remortgage her Sussex mansion to keep her animal sanctuary alive.... (story)
BBC News Online 28.9.07 Lane sells TV scripts for charity - TV writer Carla Lane is selling her original scripts for hit sitcoms Bread, Butterflies and The Liver Birds to raise money for an animal sanctuary.... She said she was "no longer" able to donate money to the sanctuary, located near Horsted Keynes in West Sussex.... (story)
Sun 28.9.07 TV Carla's scripts go for Bread By TOM RILEY - September 28, 2007 TELLY writer Carla Lane is so desperate for cash to fund her beloved animal sanctuary she has been forced to sell off her original scripts for sitcoms including Bread and The Liver Birds.... (story)


Northern Echo 3.10.07 Poison probe into red kites death By Andrew Douglas - POLICE have launched a joint investigation with the RSPB into the suspicious death of a pair of red kites. The wild birds of prey, along with the bodies of a crow and a fox, were found by a walker on on open land on the North Yorkshire-West Yorkshire boundary near Otley... (story)

Scotsman 3.10.07 Estate owners: We'll banish bird of prey poisoners - ALASTAIR JAMIESON - SCOTLAND's leading rural estates yesterday condemned wildlife crime and pledged to banish members who did not do enough to uphold the law. The Scottish Estates Business Group (SEBG), which represents the likes of the Buccleuch Estates and Atholl Estates, said its members should discipline or sack employees who were involved in harming birds of prey... (story)

Nottingham Evening News 3.10.07 GUNS, DOGS, FERRETS - Ferrets, falcons and gundogs are among animals on show at an game and country show at Belvoir Castle on Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 6pm... (story)

Forres Gazette 3.10.07 Time for a ban on all snares - When four Scottish animal welfare groups are launching a public petition to the Scottish Parliament asking for a ban on all snares, and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and Game Conservancy Trust admits that up to 48% of snared animals are non-target species, clearly it is time for the Scottish Government to act in the interests of decent respect for all sentient life…. KATHERINE WATSON (Miss), Rushton Drive, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire (letter)

South Wales Evening Post 3.10.07 UNION BOSS IN CALL FOR FINANCIAL AID - The Government should cover farmers for costs incurred during the foot-and-mouth crisis, a farming leader claimed. Farmers' Union of Wales president Gareth Vaughan, speaking at a Countryside Alliance fringe meeting at the Labour Party conference in Bournemouth, said: "There is an acute air of anger that a government-managed research site allowed the release of a disease that, in 2001, cost the lives of eight million animals.... (story)

Grantham Journal 3.10.07 Fight begins to save post offices By Jo Hall - - Campaigners have started fighting to keep Post Office branches in the Grantham area open.... Both Lincolnshire County Council and the Countryside Alliance expressed disappointment at the proposals and Grantham MP Quentin Davies added his support to the campaign to save rural branches... (story)

Tamworth Herald 3.10.07 Circus criticised for using animals - Animal welfare campaigners have urged the public to shun a circus which uses animals - and has a 54-year-old arthritic elephant. The Captive Animals' Protection Society criticised Bobby Roberts Circus for its use of animals including horses, a camel, dogs, and Anne the elephant... (story)


Western Mail 2.10.07 Catching a way back from cancer by Simon Hart, Western Mail - NOW and then the opportunity to become involved in a potentially life-changing project comes along. Recently the Countryside Alliance seized the opportunity to help establish Casting for Recovery retreats. Casting for Recovery was initially set up in the USA in 1996, and although the link between breast cancer recovery and fishing is not immediately apparent, fly- fishing retreats offer huge benefits... (story)

Times 2.10.07 Return of snakeskin angers protesters - YEPOKA YEEBO - Campaigners criticised the resurgence of snake and crocodile skin on the catwalk yesterday as Paris Fashion Week began.... “Anyone who wears exotic skins is giving money towards unimaginable cruelties, such as alligators and snakes being whacked on their heads with hammers or machetes, and then skinned while still conscious,” Poorva Joshipura, director of People for Ethnical Treatment of Animals (Peta) Europe, said.... Clifford Warwick, a leading reptile expert and a consultant biologist with the Animal Protection Agency, said: “The skins industry has been pushing itself as a fashion product for some time now... (story)
Telegraph 2.10.07 Fashion for snakeskin 'a threat to species' By Laura Clout - Exotic skins are the hottest thing on the catwalk this season but animal rights campaigners claim some snakes are being skinned alive to feed a craze that is pushing several species toward extinction... Clifford Warwick, a consultant biologist and reptile specialist, said: "Every bag or pair of shoes purchased has behind it a catalogue of conservation problems... Yvonne Taylor, a spokesman for Peta, said: "The luxury reptile trade is a ruthless and bloody industry which is also pushing many species towards extinction... (story)

Western Morning News 2.10.07 STOP PATE DE FOIE GRAS TRADE - Imagine being grabbed by the head and having it forced back, then a hard metal tube pushed right down your gullet, and 2lbs or more of mush forced down your throat by a pumping machine.Well this is what happens to thousands of ducks and geese two or three times every day in the production of foie gras... B Crofton Weston-super-Mare (story)

News Shopper 2.10.07 Spare thought for the cattle - IN REGARD to the recent foot and mouth outbreaks, I have heard and read various media reports. The reports have centred mainly on the sufferings, largely financial, of the farmers, abattoirs and associated trades… What has been so conspicuous by its absence has been the mention of any concern, or sympathy expressed, for the animals themselves… C POPE Nurstead Road Erith (letter)


Western Morning News 1.10.07 SHOOTS HELP TO KEEP NATURE IN BALANCE - Flock of goldfinches drifts from the edge of the field as we approach…. It is summertime on a small Devon farm partly given over to game shooting…. Would it be like this if it weren't for the shooting? Almost certainly not. Research by Kent University in 2003, reported in the internationally renowned science magazine Nature, showed that landowning farmers who took part in shooting sports or hunting were far more likely to maintain established woodland and plant new trees and hedgerows than those who did not take part in country sports…. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) knows that protecting shooting sports from political interference and well-organised pressure groups is vital if their sport is to survive unchanged into the future… To that end it has launched the Green Shoots initiative to emphasise the wider benefits of shooting sports and educate the shooting community, and the wider community too, about the advantages of good habitat management…. (story)

Basildon Echo 1.10.07 ‘Humane education packs’ for children By Emma Palmer - A LEADING animal charity has sent "humane education packs" to Basildon schools in the wake of an horrific air gun attack on a pet dog in Langdon Hills. Packs - from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, - warn of an increasing number of pets being shot by air guns…. Two weeks ago, the Echo revealed youngster Chloe Pearce, 11, watched in horror as her pet, Dash, howled with pain after being shot… Kate Schnell, of PETA, said: "The attack is part of an alarming increase in air gun attacks on pet animals and wildlife…. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 1.10.07 Woman jailed for hate emails - AN ANIMAL rights extremist who terrorised staff at an animal testing firm has been jailed under new powers. Julia Didrikson, 43, sent a series of threatening emails to employees of Huntingdon Life Science (HLS) and organisations linked to the company. Didrikson, of Poole, Dorset, was sentenced to five months behind bars.... (story)
BBC News Online 28.9.07 Animal rights campaigner jailed - An animal rights campaigner who sent threatening emails to staff at Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) has been jailed for five months. Julia Didrikson, 43, sent malicious emails to the Cambridgeshire research centre as well as to multinational firms contracted to the company. Didrikson, of Poole, Dorset, pleaded guilty to six charges of intimidating people connected with animal research.... (story)

York Press 1.10.07 Answer to cruelty - JOE Dziurzynski of the Yorkshire Swan Rescue hospital says words fail him at the cruelty inflicted on swans. Words don't fail me.... D Fillingham, The Crossway, York (letter)
York Press 12.9.07 Large increase in swan injuries By Tom Stirling - A WILDLIFE rehabilitation charity has seen a sharp rise in swan casualties in York and North Yorkshire in recent months. Dedicated volunteers and veterinary surgeons at the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital, based at Brandsby, near York, have so far this year cared for and treated nearly 1,200 injured swans... Co-founder of the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital, Dan Sidley, said: "We are horrified at the large number of swans requiring our help... Fellow co-founder Joe Dziurzynski added: "This is the busiest year so far on record for our volunteers rescuing and treating injured swans... (story)

BBC News Online 1.10.07 Zoo criticised for killing chimp - An animal campaign group has criticised zoo bosses for shooting dead a chimpanzee that escaped. Two chimps - Jonnie and Coco - broke free from their enclosure at Whipsnade Zoo over the weekend.... Animal Defenders International (ADI) said holding chimpanzees in captivity should be reconsidered.... Tim Phillips, ADI's campaigns director, said: "It will be said that Jonnie was shot because he was dangerous but this just further raises the question 'how suitable are these animals as a source of entertainment? ... (story)