October 2008

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Telegraph 31.10.08 Hunting booms three years after ban - As the season gallops into action on Saturday, William Little finds that the post-ban hunting world is booming - According to the Countryside Alliance, there has been a 10 per cent increase in people who pay full subscription - ie go out every week or more…"Hound work is essential for the trail hunt," says Paul Apanasewicz, treasurer of the Exmoor Foxhounds…. "It's getting embarrassing," says Ian Compton of Calcutt & Sons, a leading retailer of hunting attire based near Winchester. "I was out on the Quantocks yesterday with the staghounds and the fields are so big that the farmers are having to be very tolerant."… Rob Uphill admits his initial conversion to hunting was because "I was angry that a traditional pastime was going to become extinct". Yet his long-term commitment to his local hunt, the Mendip Farmers, seems to derive more from the fun of the ride… Yet even in flat old Kent, both the West Street Tickham and East Sussex and Romney Marsh hunts are experiencing a greater number of people taking part than ever before… (story)
Hawkinge Gazette 31.10.08 Boom in hunting three years after ban - With the hunting season set to start on Saturday it appears the post-ban hunting world is booming and a Kent hunt has reported a big rise in numbers taking part. According to the Countryside Alliance, there has been a 10 per cent increase in people going out every week or more, representing an increase of 5,000 people on the number that hunted before the fox ban… In Kent, both the West Street Tickham and East Sussex and Romney Marsh hunts are reporting a greater number of people taking part than ever before…. (story)

Newark Advertiser 31.10.08 Fox facts - In his reply to my previous letter Mr Bryant gives the impression I wrote about foxes attacking or spreading disease to humans… Any parasites dropped by dogs can infect foxes and vice versa. They are not that particular — GILLIAN SIMPSON, Main Street, Balderton. (letter on site for a week)
Newark Advertiser 24.10.08 Foxes in the clear - G. Simpson (Foxes To Blame, News Views, October 17) lists the diseases they claim can be spread by foxes. As a professional urban wildlife consultant may I point out that there is no known case of foxes spreading any disease to the public, or any authenticated case of foxes attacking humans — JOHN BRYANT, Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence, Royal Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter probably on website for only a week)
Newark Advertiser 17.10.08 Foxes to blame - Although dog walkers on Devon Park, Newark, could be seen to be more responsible by walking around the edge of the football pitches and carrying torches at night, banning dogs from the park will not solve the problem of faeces on the pitches… On Friday (before reading the Advertiser) I decided to make sure of my facts by conducting my own survey… The results were as follows: dog mess, one small smear which someone had left while picking it up; fox mess, 19…. — G. SIMPSON, Main Street, Balderton (letter probably on website for only a week)


Hexham Courant 30.10.08 Grey partridge numbers on rise By DAVID COULTER - WILD birds have come flocking back to the county after the successful launch of a bird group three years ago. Since the Northumberland Grey Partridge Group was set up by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, an increase in sightings of the threatened farmland bird has been reported…. (story)
Whitehaven News 30.10.08 Pairing up with partridges - THE launch of the Cumbria and Lancashire Grey Partridge Group earlier this year has been good news for the birds in the region. To further boost the population of this seriously threatened farmland bird, the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust is holding a winter meeting for partridge enthusiasts on Thursday, November 20, at University of Cumbria’s Newton Rigg Campus, Penrith starting at 6.45pm… (story)
Carlisle News & Star 28.10.08 Promoting the partridge - CREATING the perfect conditions for the rare grey partridge will be up for discussion at a meeting of the Cumbrian conservation group next month. The farmland bird has started making a comeback in Cumbria and a group was formed earlier this year to keep up the momentum…. (story)
Daelnet 24.10.08 Boost for Yorkshire’s grey partridges - THE first 12-months of a new project to boost the numbers of threatened grey partridges in Yorkshire have been a big success – but more needs to be done, says the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust…. (story)
Evesham Journal 10.10.08 Autumn partridge count must be done soon - DESPITE the late harvest and appalling weather conditions this summer, the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust is urging gamekeepers, farmers and shoot managers to send in their autumn count figures for grey partridge as soon as they have been completed…. (story)

Daily Post 30.10.08 Cash to beat the splash at shows - A WET weather fund is being established in North Wales to help crisis-hit country shows and events insure against heavy rain. It follows the worst season in living memory for many event organisers, said Kelvin Pye, secretary of North Wales Events Group (NWEG)…. Barry Henderson, a Countryside Alliance consultant, said Irish field sports enthusiasts were being tempted by the favourable exchange rate to come to Wales…. (story)

Daily Post 30.10.08 ‘Give farms cash to halt TB spread’ by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - LIVESTOCK farmers should be paid to improve biosecurity on their farms as a defence against diseases such as bovine TB, an Assembly Government report has concluded… Steve Clark, Badger Trust Cymru, said: “Why should taxpayers be expected to pay farmers to take common sense measures?... At the weekend Clwyd Badger Group joined forces with North Wales Animal Rights (NOWAR) and local campaigners to gather protest signatures in Betws y Coed. Judi Hewitt said: “We now have just overŠ1,600 signatures and we hope to reach 3,000Šor more by the end of November.” (story)

Eastern Daily Press 30.10.08 Protesters to stage demo over elephant - ELAINE MASLIN - Standing in the Norfolk sunshine, Anne the 55-year-old elephant was blissfully unaware of the furore she has caused. After 45 years with the Bobby Roberts Super Circus, the last seven retired from performing, she has become the centre of attention. Animal protection campaigners vowed to stage a protest at the first night of the five-day circus at Norfolk Showground claiming the presence of Anne, who has arthritis, was cruel… Campaigner Lynne Hole, a member of the Norwich group Saving Animals from Exploitation, said 10 to 20 people were expected at the show tonight with placards and leaflets… (story)

Shropshire Star 30.10.08 Call for boycott of circus - An animal circus is coming to a Shropshire town this week but protesters have launched an appeal encouraging people not to attend. Peter Jolly’s Circus, known for being a traditional animal circus, will be in Bridgnorth, just off the A442 Kidderminster road from today until Sunday. The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS), which opposes the use of all animals in circuses is calling for a public boycott of it… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 30.10.08 Circus defies animal rights call - One of just half a dozen British circuses to still use animals has arrived in Lincolnshire to entertain youngsters during half term. It was the first show at Heckington last night with Circus Mondao performing on the showground every day until Sunday…. In an act of defiance to the animal rights charity, the Captive Animals Protection Society, which is calling for Lincolnshire families to boycott the show, the cast say they are happy to prove their animals are healthy. Ringmistress Petra Jackson (32), said: "I'd say to anyone with concerns, 'come and have a look'. The animal rights people have got outdated views of circuses… (story)

Ealing Times 30.10.08 Zippos defends animal record ahead of Southall opening By Alex Hayes - ANIMAL rights campaigners are urging people to boycott a circus which has set up in Southall. The Captive Animal Protection Society is telling people to vote with their feet and stay away from Zippos Circus in Southall Park, because it uses performing ponies, horses and budgies in the show…. (story)

Kent News 30.10.08 Animal campaign group triggered EU welfare probe - A campaign group seeking improved conditions for animals being exported from Dover has won praise from MEP Caroline Lucas. Kent Against Live Export’s (Kale) monitoring of livestock movements at the port led to an EU investigation and subsequent damning report of its activities… (story)

Shetland Times 30.10.08 English teacher’s window on the baby bird hunters and island life - The Guga Hunters by Donald S. Murray, Birlinn, £9.99 - THE little-known practice of catching and eating seabirds is elevated and venerated in this book by Lewis man Donald Murray. Born and bred in the isle’s northernmost point, Ness, the author is well-placed to interpret the way of life of the guga hunters, the Ness men who still make an annual pilgrimage to the isle of Sulasgeir to catch their prey of guga (young gannets)…. (story)
Independent 25.10.08 Poet reveals secrets of brutal 'guga hunters' By Andy McSmith - Every year, late in the summer, villagers from Ness, on the Isle of Lewis, clamber into a small fishing-boat filled with climbing ropes and motor 38 miles north-west towards Sula Sgeir, a dramatic, uninhabited island home to thousands of gannets which spend the summer nesting in guano-covered cliff faces. The hunters' quarry are the guga, young gannet chicks, which salted and boiled, are a pungent and contentious delicacy… Animal rights groups condemn the hunt as a barbaric relic of the past which has no place in modern times, and akin to seal-clubbing… Written by the Lewis poet, Donald S Murray, The Guga Hunters is an intimate portrayal of a select group of fishermen who, fed up with defending the hunt, have long stopped talking to journalists…. Advocates for Animals, an Edinburgh-based animal rights group, is trying to outlaw the hunt in the European courts. Ross Minnet, its campaign director, said: "The brutal and totally unnecessary guga hunt belongs back in the dark ages and has no place in a modern, 21st-century Scotland… (story)


Western Morning News 29.10.08 Forest law outfoxes the common man - IT seems that the Forestry Commission have decided to re-write the Magna Carta; which did allow the common man to enter forests and take deadwood for firewood, repairing homesteads, fixing tools and equipment and making charcoal…However, this seems to be one rule for the common man and another for the hunting fraternity who can obtain so-called Drag Hunting licences to roam around forests with Quad Bikes, 4x4 vehicles, hounds and, of course, often around 50 riders… Graham Forsyth, Chard (letter)

Bath Chronicle 29.10.08 Restaurant removes foie gras from menu - A new restaurant owner in the city has bowed to pressure from animal rights protesters and agreed to take foie gras off his menu. Members of the Bath Activist Network (BAN) staged a protest outside the Minibar in John Street on Friday to try to persuade the venue to stop selling the French dish. It was the group's second protest outside the restaurant…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 24.10.08 Foie gras fight goes on - Animal rights protesters will be targeting a new restaurant in Bath for the second time in the last few months over its decision to serve foie gras. Members of the Bath Activist Network (BAN) will gather outside the Minibar in John Street to try to persuade the venue to remove the delicacy from the menu tonight…. (story)
Bath Chronicle 1.10.08 Animal rights protesters target new restaurant over foie gras - Animal rights protesters have been targeting a new restaurant in Bath for serving foie gras. Members of the Bath Activist Network (BAN) gathered outside the Minibar on John Street to try to persuade the venue to remove the delicacy from the menu. Owner Hein van Vorstenbosch is currently serving a foie gras creme brulee, which he says is very popular with customers…. (story)


Express 28.10.08 HONEYBALL MOVES TO STEM VET CONTROVERSY By Patrick Weaver - FORMER jockey Anthony Honeyball has denounced Animal Aid’s efforts to condemn the way a horse he trained was put down at Newton Abbot in June. Ashby Jo was put to sleep by the racecourse vet after suffering a fatal injury to a fetlock on the first circuit in a novices’ chase. Four months on, the animal charity’s horseracing consultant, Dene Stansall, is making a big issue about the fact that attempts to shoot the horse had failed. “That is simply not the case,” said Honeyball…. (story)

Telegraph 28.10.08 Should we experiment on animals? Yes By Colin Blakemore - As a forthcoming European Union directive promises to transform the way testing on animals is carried out, a researcher and an animal advocate debate whether the practice can ever be justified… (story)
Telegraph 28.10.08 Should we experiment on animals? No By Gill Langley (story)

Trinity News 28.10.08 Anti-vivisection protesters solicit evidence Written by Naomi O’Leary - Petrol-bombing Oxford University and targeting of student residences? “The end justifies the means” in the fight for animal liberty, says Laura Broxson, spokesperson for the National Animal Rights Association. NARA has stepped up its campaign against Trinity College in the past week, offering students a “reward” for any photographs of animal experimentation. So far, NARA has had no luck. The association’s website champions twelve sentence-serving “Vegan Animal Rights Prisoners”, each imprisoned for their part in the extremist Animal Liberation Front’s ‘New Wave’ of violent activity… “NARA will not stop its campaign against Trinity until animal testing is abandoned”, Broxson told Trinity News. Confronted about the violent methods condoned on the NARA website, she responded “We‘re not going to distance ourselves from those methods. I would say the end justifies the means. A car is an inanimate object, it doesn’t harm anyone if it’s bombed.” When asked whether Trinity College should step up its security, Broxson laughed. (story)
Irish Times 25.10.08 Debate on animal vivisection - According to John Power (October 16th) we’re “the only species that troubles itself with the notion of ethics”. If so, then persistence in actions of at least questionable morality, such as causing suffering and premature death to humans or other animals, merely makes us guilty instead of innocent… RUARC GAHAN, Knocknaboley, Hollywood, Co Wicklow (letter)
Irish Times 21.10.08 Animal vivisection at Trinity - Ruarc Gahan (October 15th) seems to deliberately ignore the fact that predatory and exploitative behaviour between animal species is part of the fabric of life and survival in the natural world. Does he intend to take up the cause of equality for the persecuted antelope and wildebeest against the horrid lions on the plains of Africa?... PETER A O'SULLIVAN, Tipper Road, Naas, Co Kildare (story)
Irish Times 16.10.08 Animal vivisection - Ruarc Gahan's disgust at the use of animal vivisection for the benefit of mankind is somewhat ridiculous (October 15th). While he describes humans as "perhaps the most greedy, destructive and murderous species on the planet", he also forgets that we are the only species that troubles itself with the notion of ethics….. I'll gladly review my position the next time an antelope or cockroach writes into this newspaper in defence of me. - Yours, etc, JOHN POWER, Connolly Gardens, Dublin 8. (letter)
Irish Times 15.10.08 Animal vivisection at Trinity - A little humility on the part of Prof Veronica Campbell (October 7th) would not go amiss. She is, after all, a member of what is perhaps the most greedy, destructive and murderous species on the planet. How dare she, then, presume to champion the infliction of captivity, suffering and premature death on members of other species for the (putative) benefit of members of her own?... RUARC GAHAN, Knocknaboley, Hollywood, Co Wicklow. (letter)
Irish Independent 14.10.08 No excuse for animal testing - Booker prize-winning author John Banville is to be congratulated on his steadfast opposition to vivisection… JOHN FITZGERALD, CALLAN, CO KILKENNY (story)
Irish Times 13.10.08 Should vivisection be banned? - HEADTOHEAD : Laura Broxson argues that vivisection is cruel, unnecessary and rooted in a refusal to see animals as our equals, while Veronica Campbell says a ban would end scientific advances in medicine and deprive patients of treatments for incurable conditions… (story)
Sunday Times 12.10.08 They don't test on animals for no reason - Those who view human life as paramount should at least listen to the argument for vivisection - Brenda Power …. Animal testing of medication is the most controversial, perhaps because it is the most recent human requisitioning of animal lives for our own ends…The term “vivisection” is a sort of linguistic cluster bomb in the arsenal of animal-rights advocates. If it lands even close to the target, they don’t stand a chance. Once an institution is forced to admit it carries out vivisection, the harm is done, and justifications and defences sound like feeble damage limitation. So John Banville, a writer of the most scrupulous and painstaking precision, knew exactly the stir he’d cause when he lobbed that device into the School of Medicine in Trinity College with a letter to The Irish Times 10 days ago… Ever since, villagers with torches have been metaphorically circling the college as a debate about vivisection kicked off in online discussion forums and on letters pages. Given that he undertakes meticulous research for his novels, Banville’s admission that he rejected an offer to discuss the matter with a college scientist is quite extraordinary… (story)
Irish Times 10.10.08 Animal vivisection at Trinity - - John Banville is well known to be erudite and well educated in many subjects, not least in science and its philosophy…. It was therefore a shock to see this aware, intelligent and understanding individual resort to emotional and ignorant hectoring in an attempt to suspend an activity about which he is clearly ill-informed and illogical…. Many scientific and medical researchers are therefore convinced that careful, considered, scrutinised use of animal models is a justified, critical step to development of therapies and procedures required to rid this planet of human and animal disease and suffering…. CLIONA O'FARRELLY, Professor of Comparative Immunology, Trinity College, Dublin 2. (letter)
Irish Times 9.10.08 Vivisection at Trinity - In response to my letter of support for the National Animal Rights Association's campaign to halt the practice of vivisection at Trinity College, Dublin… J.M. Coetzee, who is also an officer-member of the Australian Association for Humane Research, has sent me the following statement: "I support the sentiments expressed by John Banville. There is no good reason — in fact there has never been any good reason, scientific or pedagogical - to require students to cut up living animals… JOHN BANVILLE, Dublin 1.
A Trinity College spokesperson provides chapter and verse on the legal framework governing vivisection ("TCD defends use of vivisection", The Irish Times , October 7th); but regulation provides no guarantee that any action is legitimate, wise or ethical, as the current banking crisis clearly shows… Trinity must embrace progressive, humane science rather than remain wedded to this Victorian methodology. - Yours, etc, ALISTAIR CURRIE, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Europe, London SE1 (letters)
Irish Times 7.10.08 TCD defends use of vivisection - MARY MINIHAN - TRINITY COLLEGE Dublin has denied that using live animals for medical and scientific research is a "cheaper" option. The university was responding to complaints by animal rights activists about vivisection being carried-out in the biology department… The author John Banville wrote to The Irish Times about the issue last week, urging the university to stop vivisection after the National Animal Rights Association (Nara) drew his attention to the practice…. Meanwhile, Nara spokeswoman Laura Broxson said representatives of the association would be distributing anti-vivisection leaflets outside the gates of Trinity today…. (letter)
Irish Times 7.10.08 Animal vivisection at Trinity College – I reject the accusation by John Banville (October 3rd) that medical students at Trinity College engage in animal vivisection as part of their studies. This is false and misinforms your readers about undergraduate medical training in this institution. In Ireland, animal experimentation is performed under the most stringent of guidelines imposed by the Department of Health and Children… Prof VERONICA CAMPBELL,School of Medicine, Trinity College, Dublin 2.
John Banville admits that he declined an offer to discuss the use of animals in the biology department at Trinity College because his "position on the matter is not open to discussion". It's astonishing that someone can refuse to fully inform himself on an issue, yet still expect his calls for draconian action to be taken seriously…. JACK NORTHWOOD, Murrumbeena, Victoria, Australia. (letter)
Irish Times 3.10.08 Animal vivisection at Trinity - A recent public demonstration by the National Animal Rights Association (NARA) drew attention to its claim that animal vivisection is carried out regularly basis in the biology department of Trinity College, Dublin. In an email to me, a spokeswoman for NARA said: "They test on mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs-and even sheep, pigs and horses when they can…. I join the NARA in calling on the TCD authorities to order an immediate halt to these appalling practices. - Yours, etc. JOHN BANVILLE, Dublin 1. (letter)

Sun 28.10.08 Snake on menu for Halloween - A RESTAURANT has been branded “sick” for serving SNAKE curry…. Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid said: “There is this constant lookout for new species to exploit and kill — it is a sick downward spiral.” A spokesman for Tooties, in Richmond, West London, said: “We always look to be innovative.”… (story)

Stourbridge News 28.10.08 Cancer survivor to talk at vegan fest - A KINGSWINFORD nutritionist and cancer survivor will be giving a talk about her battle back to health through nutrition at the Midlands Vegan Festival this weekend. Pat Reeves, a world champion power lifter, former triathlete and dedicated vegan - who has survived a terminal brain tumour and recurrent bone cancer, will be talking about her lifestyle and offering diet tips at the event at Wolverhampton’s Wulfrun Hall on Saturday November 1 from 11am to 5pm…. (story)


Hull Daily Mail 27.10.08 Hundreds turn out for hunt >video - Hundreds of riders and supporters gathered to take part in the Holderness Hunt's showcase meeting. Wearing traditional red jackets and velvet hats, members of the hunt set off from Rise Park, near Skirlaugh… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 23.10.08 Holderness Hunt expects large turnout after ban sends popularity soaring - HUNT leaders in the East Yorkshire today said support was on the increase as they prepare for the first meet of the season…. Holderness Hunt's professional huntsman David Elliott, who is based at its kennels in Etton, near Beverley, said hunting had become more popular since the ban. He said: "People see the ban as a threat to the rural way of life and are keen to support us, whether they be riders or foot followers…. (story)

Liverpool Daily Post 27.10.08 Losses mean closure - I FIND the Countryside Alliance complaining about the closure of rural post offices interesting. I would have thought that this organisation would be in favour of businesses operating at a profit. These businesses are ultimately under threat because they are not being supported by the local residents…. R Williams, via email (letter)

Telegraph 27.10.08 Fox destroys couple's conservatory - An injured cub fox has destroyed a couple's conservatory after they took an animal welfare official's advice to lock the fightened animal away. Tamworth couple Valerie and Ivor Langford claim the RSPCA officials told her to lure the fox into their Staffordshire conservatory and keep it locked up until their arrival… The couple's conservatory was torn apart by the cub, who scratched his way through their curtains and carpets. They waited five hours for the RSPCA to arrive…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 27.10.08 Virtues of vegetarianism - Thank you, Graham Stocks, for your letter "Eat low on the food chain" (Mailbox, October 13). I thought I as a lone voice. A report by the UN stated that 40 million tonnes of grains would end world hunger. The amount of grain fed to animals in the West is 540 million tonnes… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)

Now Magazine 27.10.08 Coleen Rooney attacked by animal rights activists - Coleen Rooney and a host of WAGs were attacked by animal rights protestors at a fashion show. The demonstrators surrounded guests, including Alex Curran, 24, and Liz McClarnon, 27, as they arrived for a viewing of Cricket’s new range…. ‘Our campaign is aimed at raising public awareness of the shocking reality behind the fur trade,’ a spokesman for Fur Free Liverpool says…. (story)


Sunday Post 26.10.08 Squirrels - I SEETHED when Lorraine Kelly came out with the utter claptrap that while red squirrels were “adorable”, they were nothing like the “sleekit” grey ones that “are little more than tree rats”! If being sleekit means they’re wary and cautious of humans, it’s no wonder. People persecute them… Elspeth McVie, Perth (letter on website for a week)

Observer 26.10.08 Red versus grey is not black and white - Tim Adams's seven-page outpouring on the grey squirrel 'menace' ('They shoot squirrels, don't they?', Magazine, last week) was a spectacular example of ignorance, bigotry and historical amnesia… Kate Fowler-Reeves, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent
In outlining his efforts to eradicate grey squirrels, Lord Redesdale describes the Northumberland Wildlife Trust and the Save Our Squirrels project as sitting on the fence by not embracing the killing of grey squirrels… The difference between our approach and that of Lord Redesdale and his Red Squirrel Protection Partnership, which we supported in their original funding bid, is that we are strategic, aiming what little resource for this work we can muster at important areas where reds will survive longest… We no longer support his efforts as we disapprove of the way the Red Squirrel Protection Partnership is carrying out this work with public funds… Mike Pratt, Chief Executive, Northumberland Wildlife Trust; director, Save Our Squirrels Project, Newcastle upon Tyne
The main threat to red squirrels is the destruction of their oak, hazel and Scots pine forest habitat by humans… You'd have thought the English aristocrats quoted would have empathised with grey squirrel 'invaders' since their ancestors came in from Normandy and mercilessly wiped out thousands of native inhabitants.Jean McFarlane, Glasgow
Tim Adams's article didn't give the true picture, especially in a week where scientists have been saying they've discovered red squirrels have resistance to squirrel-pox virus… Angus Macmillan, Meikle Boturich, Dunbartonshire
Given the colossal destruction to indigenous flora and fauna, not to mention our crops, caused by the grey squirrel, which has no natural predator, it is incumbent on us to try to do something to bear down on this menace…. Bruno Dore, Site secretary, Shepherds Hill allotments, Crouch End, London N8 (letters)


Guardian 25.10.08 Smoking gun - It's no surprise that shooting is in Geoff Garrod's blood - but why, he asks Graham Snowdon, can't some people appreciate the conservational side of his job? …"A lot of people don't really understand what we do," he says. "The bottom line is, I'm not going to deny it, we're rearing game birds to shoot. People think we're murdering bastards, just killing things. But they don't see the benefits of it ... you're more likely to see songbirds out on a shoot than you are on non-managed land, where the predators at the top of the tree are the ones surviving."… (story)

Western Morning News 25.10.08 Protection pledge on birds of prey - THE sight of a bird of prey swooping spectacularly to land its quarry could become more common after a pledge was signed to protect them from persecution. A total of 25 organisations including the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and the RSPB have signed up to the commitment… (story)

ThisIsLocalLondon 25.10.08 STAINES: Animal rights fury after Staines Town Football Club shot pigeons - Feathers have been flying this week after it emerged Staines Town Football Club has resorted to shooting pigeons in a bid to stop the birds fouling football stands. Animal rights campaigners have branded the Wheatsheaf Lane club barbaric after spotting a posting left on the club’s football forum by commercial manager Angie Payne… Animal rights campaigner and member of the Pigeon Welfare Group Kathy Green said: “What they have done is totally barbaric and unethical….(story)
Staines Guardian 22.10.08 Club's pigeon cull ruffles feathers By Ed Saunt - Staines Town FC has attracted a storm of criticism from a pigeon welfare group after several of the birds were shot at the club's stadium… Hearing about on what they called a ‘killing spree’, a few of them complained to the football club last week only for one of them to receive a reply from Staines Town FC commercial director Angie Payne saying "Don't send me emails like this again, you're weird. I hope the pigeons s**t on you!"… One of those who complained was Kathy Green, of the Midlands-based Pigeon Welfare Group, who is considering fundraising to bring a prosecution against the club…. (story)


Western Gazette 24.10.08 Popular Somerset huntsman was killed by opiates - A huntsman found dead in his car near Langport six months ago died accidentally, an inquest has ruled. James Palmer, aged 38, had battled with drug addiction for many years, but East Somerset Coroner Tony Williams said he believed he had not intended to take his own life. Mr Palmer lived near Drayton and rode with the Seavington and Taunton Vale hunts… More than 300 people attended his funeral at Drayton the following week. "He seemed to touch so many people's lives, but he could not cope with his own," his mother said. Mr Williams recorded a verdict of accident (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 24.10.08 Hunting for the evidence - I WISH to respond the comments made in your publication on Saturday, October 18, entitled "Law Flouted Blatantly". Firstly, I would like to invite the author to point out which of our local hunts he is referring to (if, indeed, he is referring to one at all)…. The author appears to be under the misapprehension that hunts were outlawed by this vindictive legislation. This is not the case, and all local hunts I have attended have modified their activities to meet the legislation…. Since the Hunting Act was passed, there has not been one successful prosecution. There have been cases of poachers being prosecuted, but these matters could have been dealt with under existing legislation…. Mr S Latchford (Full details supplied). (letter)
Grimsby Telegraph 18.10.08 Law flouted blatantly - WELL, it's hunting season again and true to form, law or no law, it matters not to them, they were out in full form. Hounds, hunters, causing chaos, disrupting main road traffic and, I have no doubt, out to terrorise and kill foxes. I wonder, are all laws so blatantly broken in front of so many witnesses and then so obviously ignored when reported?... League Against Cruel Sports Member (address supplied). (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 24.10.08 Shooting pains - The fact that Tory councillor Anne Hawkesworth supports grouse shooting (T&A, September 29) should hardly be a surprise, after all, her leader ‘Dave’ Cameron reportedly enjoys nothing more that a spot of stag shooting at the weekends on his father-in-law’s estate. I personally think that shooting animals for pleasure is quite disgusting…. Jason Smith, UKIP Bradford chairman, Woodlands Avenue, Queensbury, Bradford (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 24.10.08 Time to call a halt to vivisection - RECENTLY released Home Office figures show that over 3,000,000 animals were subjected to experimentation in British laboratories during the past year… Vivisection is cruel, unnecessary and outdated… NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (story)

Worthing Herald 24.10.08 Thanks so much - Animal Aid (and the collectors) would like to thank the people of Worthing for their generosity in donating £104.73 during the street collection held on Saturday, October 11… Joyce Audric, Animal Aid collection, co-ordinator (letter)

Hereford Times 24.10.08 A terrified animal is a dangerous one - I WONDER on what Pauline Burgess (Readers’ Times October 9) bases her belief that cattle “face terror and pain as they face their premature deaths at the slaughterhouse”? We take some of our livestock direct to the abattoir and have never seen or heard any evidence of either. Apart from any other considerations (and the very strict regulations which govern the process), a terrified animal is a dangerous one and the staff have every reason to make the process as humane as possible…. GILLIAN HERBERT, Hareley Farm, Linley Green (letter)


Royston Crow 23.10.08 Man charged in hare coursing swoop - POLICE in Royston arrested and charged a man after swooping on a group of men believed to have been illegally hare coursing….. (story)

Worthing Herald 23.10.08 Something must be done about the foxes - IT is good to know that someone else has the courage to speak up about the fox problem (letter to you last week). Urban foxes are, quite simply, vermin… There is also no doubt at all that the great majority of us want them exterminated as humanely as possible, so I am moved to ask: what price democracy? The councillors are there to serve our wishes. Patrick Taylor, Goring (letter)
Worthing Herald 17.10.08 Foxes are here to stay - MR BURLING (letters, last week) gives a graphic account of the problems created when foxes move into town… Attempts to reduce the size of the fox population by culling are unlikely to have any effect, because the fox has a remarkable ability to increase its birth rate if its population is reduced to less than an area can support… The Fox Project has tested the available methods and gives advice on this subject, from its website and a recorded advice line… David Sawer, Seaview Avenue, East Preston (letter)
Worthing Herald 8.10.08 Dealing with the killer fox - HAVING recently witnessed a fox killing my daughter's guinea pigs in broad daylight in our back garden, I feel that areas in Worthing are now becoming overrun with "town foxes"… Just a couple of incidents include friends of my daughters having to collect up the remains of the bodies of their chickens following a fox attack. My wife even witnessed a fox running down the middle of Orchard Avenue with our friend's rabbit hanging out of its mouth after killing all the other animals in the run…. It is getting to the stage now where parents will discourage their children from owning particularly vulnerable pets, which is such a shame, as children can learn so much from looking after animals…. Andy Burling, 8 Orchard Avenue, Worthing BN14 7PY (letters)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 23.10.08 Jean Thorpe, of Ryedale Rehab, is furious after a badger was killed by 'lampers' - A WOMAN who rescues injured animals is furious after a badger was bludgeoned with a spade during a ‘lamping’ incident. Jean Thorpe, who runs Ryedale Rehab, which specialises in caring for sick and injured wild animals, was called out to rescue a badger that had been attacked during a lamping incident in the early hours of Sunday morning. She says there have been ‘‘dozens and dozens’’ of similar incidents in the past year…. (story)

Guardian 23.10.08 Morrissey to write autobiography - Sean Michaels - Morrissey is writing an autobiography. Finally, the singer will be able to talk about himself, seals and vegetarianism for as long as he would like…. (story)

Daily Post 23.10.08 Sad trade in reptiles - THE rescue of turtles and snakes by the North Wales Reptile and Raptor Sanctuary (Exotic pets dumped because of fuel price hike, October 21) is an indication of the problems of the exotic pet trade… Craig RedmondThe Captive Animals' Protection Society, Manchester (letter)


Carmarthen Journal 22.10.08 Hunting can be more 'humane' - IN response to the letter by Sally Morris (Journal, October 15), I for one will be voting for the Conservatives at the next general election, with one reason being that I would welcome the repeal of the Hunting Act…. Name and address supplied (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 22.10.08 Police helicopter helps catch poachers - Poachers are being hunted by the Humberside Police helicopter. Police have launched a campaign to crack down on poachers in response to a growing number of incidents across the East Riding…. (story)

Oxford Times 22.10.08 Police crack down on hare coursing - Police in Oxfordshire are joining forces with officers in Hungerford to run Operation Oust – designed to prevent hare coursing across the area… “Operation Oust will be running right through to Spring 2009 and will involve a team of up to 20 officers working together to put a stop to this activity.”… (story)

Driffield Times/Post 22.10.08 Fall in fly-tipping cases revealed - DEFRA said this week that fly-tipping in England has dropped by 7.5 percent in a year…. The Countryside Alliance's regional director, Richard Dodd, said "Fly-tipping is not a victimless crime…. We are happy to see a 7.5 per cent drop in fly-tipping activity this year, and look forward to seeing a further decrease next." (story)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 18.10.08 Fly-tipped tyres wreck beauty spot on our Pennine moorland by Barry Gibson, Huddersfield Daily Examiner - FLY-TIPPERS have blighted a beauty spot by dumping dozens of tyres. Ian Brierley was shocked to find the litter strewn across Buckstones Edge on the moors above Scammonden… Richard Dodd, regional director for the Countryside Alliance, said: “Fly-tipping is not a victimless crime. Most people fly-tip to avoid paying the disposal fee or landfill tax… (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 17.10.08 Fly-tipping costs taxpayers £4m - FLY-TIPPING in the east of England is costing council taxpayers more than £4 million a year, new figures have revealed. The statistics from campaign group the Countryside Alliance show that 72,400 incidents of fly-tipping were dealt with last year in the region, and 63 per cent of those involved the dumping of household waste. (story)

Carmarthen Journal 22.10.08 Badger trials are working - I WRITE in response to a letter submitted by Michael Sharratt, of Badger Trust Cymru, Cwmcoile, in the Journal on October 1… The Assembly is committed to a policy to eradicate bovine TB (bTB), while Defra has a policy of containment. The Rural Affairs Minister, as well as the Assembly in plenary session, concluded that tackling bTB in wildlife as well as cattle is necessary in order to eradicate the disease… The conclusions of the lSG report, which Mr Sharratt uses to support his claim is based on the system of culling used in the trials… Given the cowardly attacks on Farming Union offices by so-called "badger lovers", it is not surprising that members wish their details to remain confidential… Name and address supplied (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 1.10.08 Badger culling will not work - WITH reference to your comment on page 12 of last week's Journal concerning Badger Trust Cymru and the Welsh Assembly's policy on badger culling… When the Assembly seems to refuse to accept the scientific evidence, which states clearly that culling badgers will not work, now that's the real "getting back to basics" which you state in your comment, and which the Assembly should face in the future and drop the idea of culling badgers. Michael Sharratt, Badger Trust Cymru, Cwm Coile, Whitland (letter)

Northern Echo 22.10.08 Foie gras - ON a recent visit to an open-air market in Darlington I was appalled to see one of the stalls selling foie gras…. I urge Darlington Borough Council to take a leaf out of the book of York City Council and ban the sale of this disgusting product within its area.Name supplied, Co Durham. (story)

Dinnington Guardian 22.10.08 Former manager of Thornberry Animal Sanctuary being questioned by police - A FORMER manager of troubled Thornberry Animal Sanctuary has been arrested by South Yorkshire Police. It is believed that Steve Bamford is helping police with enquiries about the financial dealings at the North Anston sanctuary… (story)

Ipswich Evening Star 22.10.08 Protests accompany circus opening - VISITORS to a circus being staged in Ipswich have been met with placard boards... Bobby Roberts' Super Circus has been set up at Trinity Park for the week… Around 15 people from protest group Ipswich Animal Rights were outside the entrance to the venue yesterday evening to send out a message to people visiting the event. Melanie Cross, one of the group's supporters, said: “We want to educate the public about animal circuses as a lot of people are unaware that they still happen in this day and age…. (story)


Kent Messenger 21.10.08 Three rabbit hunters arrested on private land - Three men caught hunting rabbits without the landowner’s permission have been cautioned under the Hunting Act. The three men, aged 54, 25 and 25, were reported as being seen hunting on the private land just off the Isle of Sheppey last week, While hunting rabbits is not illegal, it is an offence to hunt the animals without the initial agreement of the landowner to use the land… (story)


Yorkshire Post 20.10.08 Bernard Dineen: The real crisis that is destroying our country By Bernard Dineen …TWO elated statistics last week should make us despair. The amount of milk imported from countries like Belgium has risen to more than a million litres. And two dairy farms a day are going out of business. Are we not mad to allow this to continue? The same Labour politicians who spent 700 hours of parliamentary hours on a fox hunting ban which has proved pointless pay no attention to the destruction of the countryside…. (story)

BBC News Online 20.10.08 Seal rights campaigner acquitted - An animal rights campaigner from Nottingham who was charged with breaching a seal exclusion zone in Canada has been acquitted. Mark Glover, from the Carlton-based group Respect for Animals, was arrested filming the annual Canadian seal hunt…. (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 20.10.08 Notts seal man found innocent in Canada - A NOTTS man accused of getting too close to a seal cull in Canada has been found innocent. Mark Glover of the Respect for Animals Group in Carlton and four other campaigners from the Humane Society International faced being fined $100,000 Canadian (£50,000) if convicted… (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 20.10.07 SEAL CULL CAMPAIGNER'S TRIAL IS ADJOURNED - A Trial of a Notts man accused of getting too close to a seal cull in Canada has been adjourned until next May. Mark Glover of the Respect for Animals Group in Carlton and four other campaigners from the Humane Society International face being fined 100,000 Canadian (£50,000) if convicted... (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 19.10.07 SEAL CULL VIDEO MAN FACING JAIL - An animal rights campaigner from Notts was due in court today to face a fine of almost £50,000 after allegedly getting too close to a seal cull in Canada. Mark Glover, of the Respect for Animals Group in Carlton, had been filming the culling and was arrested for allegedly breaching an exclusion zone put in place by the Canadian authorities... (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 18.10.07 MP'S CALL OVER SEAL HUNT TRIAL The Government has been urged to object to Canada's behaviour as a Nottingham animal rights campaigner goes on trial today for allegedly getting too close to a seal cull. More than 30 MPs have signed Amber Valley MP Judy Mallaber's parliamentary motion criticising the behaviour of Canada over the "cruel and unnecessary" hunts.. She put down the Early Day Motion as Mark Glover, of the Respect for Animals Group in Carlton, was due to appear in court in Canada today... (story)
Independent 16.10.07 Anti-fur campaigner faces prison over seal cull film By Cahal Milmo - A British animal rights campaigner has vowed to go to prison in Canada rather than pay a fine if he is convicted of breaking rules governing filming of the country's annual seal cull. Mark Glover, campaigns director of the Nottingham-based Respect for Animals group, will appear before a judge in the remote Magdalen Islands on Thursday with four other activists to face a charge that they breached a 10-metre exclusion zone while filming hunters shooting and clubbing seals on ice floes in the Gulf of St Lawrence... (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 15.10.07 SEAL CAMPAIGNER IN CANADIAN COURT - An animal rights campaigner from Nottingham faces a fine of almost £50,000 (100,000 Canadian dollars) after being charged with breaching a seal exclusion zone in Canada. Mark Glover, of the Respect for Animals Group in Carlton, says he is prepared to go to jail rather than pay a fine... (story)


Sunday Telegraph 19.10.08 SNP ministers reject members' call for snaring ban By Simon Johnson, Scottish Political Editor - Michael Russell, the Scottish environment minister, was urged by delegates at the SNP conference to review the decision made in February to tighten laws around the use of snares, but not to outlaw them. Mr Russell said: "I've got lots of things I want to see happen in the field of wildlife crime. I want to stamp it out absolutely. But I'm not going to do that if I drive it under ground. "I'm not going to do that if I alienate all those people working in the countryside. Government can be tough, it can be difficult. But we are cracking wildlife crime."… (story)
BBC News Online 19.10.08 Animal snare ban calls resisted - Environment Minister Michael Russell has defended plans not to outlaw the snaring of animals at the SNP annual conference in Perth. He had faced pressure from Nationalist delegates to review the decision made in February to tighten laws around the use of snares, but not to ban them… (story)


Times 18.10.08 Police on the trail of hunts to stop hounds killing foxes ‘by accident’ - VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - Police forces in England and Wales are demanding to be informed of the time and place of hunts to prevent the illegal killing of foxes as the pursuit enjoys a renaissance four years after it was banned. The new season begins on November 1 and next week the Crawley and Horsham hunt will go to the High Court on behalf of an alliance of 88 landowners to try to ban animal welfare activists from 100,000 acres of countryside in West Sussex…. Police chiefs are reviewing their guidance for policing hunts this season. Many officers liaising with hunts are demanding that they should be more open. All the hunts in Hampshire have signed an agreement to inform the county police their activities… Ban or no ban, Edward Winnington, 20, is training for a career in hunting. He is taking a one-year apprenticeship in hunt kennels management, working with the Vale of Aylesbury hunt in Buckinghamshire….. He is one of ten young people working with hunts and training for a City and Guilds NVQ in animal care… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 18.10.08 Protect squirrels from red and grey confusion - After countless letters in this and many other newspapers throughout the country, saying that red squirrels have immunity to squirrelpox, it is nothing short of a relief to see that the conservationists and their band of scientists have finally bothered to check for themselves, and prove we’re right (“Claiming immunity,” News & Star, October 16). However, Ms Nicholson of Save our Squirrels is quoted as saying “...the findings have added further weight to the theory that greys are carriers of the disease.” It has done nothing of the sort…. NEIL MACMILLAN, Meikle Boturich, nr Balloch, Dunbartonshire (letter)

Craven Herald 18.10.08 Animal gratitude - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Hawes for the generosity in raising over £80 during a street stall and collection on the 25th of last month… D Hutton, Animal Aid collection co-ordinator, St John’s Row, Langcliffe (letter)


Tenby Observer 17.10.08 How The Other Half Live - FOR joint-master of the South Pembrokeshire Hunt, it’s How The Other Half Live (ITV Wales, Thursday, October 23, 10.40 pm) joins Hugh Harrison-Allen at Cresselly, the family seat, as he leads the Field on a typical Meet. Hugh may be an ex-hippie and avid blues guitarist, but today his life revolves around the family estate in South Pembrokeshire…. (story)

Daily Mail 17.10.08 How the hunt shot Labour's fox: Although hunting was banned three years ago the sport is MORE popular than ever By Sue Reid - Cowering down a rabbit hole deep in the English countryside at 11 o'clock last Thursday morning, a year-old fox has a few seconds to live… As the men's spades crash into the warren to reach the terrified creature, Tozy's owner takes a 3.2 Taurus pistol from his pocket and fires a shot into the the fox's forehead, killing it instantly…. 'Before the ban on hunting in 2005, this fox would have stood a chance,' says Mark Hill, a 50-year-old land agent and Master of the flourishing Vale of the White Horse Hunt…. 'If we had hunted him with hounds, he might well have got away. It was the old, the sick and the injured foxes that we used to catch then. Now that we have to shoot them, we think more foxes are being eliminated. The fox has fared the worst out of this ban.'… The Duke of Beaufort's Hunt, which covers an enormous 500-square-mile tract of the countryside… Captain Farquhar has broken almost every bone in his body - bar his neck - out hunting. He says: 'The fight to get a hunting ban was a class war, and yet hunting is one of the few sports that is really egalitarian, involving people from every age group, every social background, and every income bracket.'… (story)

Cumberland News 17.10.08 Hunts must stay within this popular law - A recent opinion poll showed that 75 per cent of the voting public, including 59 per cent of Conservative voters, want the Hunting Act to remain in force…. “Trail hunting” begs questions when fox body fluid can be haphazardly trailed around fox haunts and hunt staff do not call off hounds going after a fox. Cub hunting is also direct evidence of intent to engage in illegal activity. If this is going on, the law must be enforced and the pro hunt minority must expect serious consequences. KATHERINE WATSON, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire (letter)

Leek Post & Times 17.10.08 Charity shooting day really hit the target - We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those whose contribution to our recent Help For Heroes (H4H) charity shoot made it such a resounding success. Guest and club shooters were treated to a superb afternoon's shooting, along with barbecue, fabulous prizes and an exciting raffle draw…. We raised an incredible £1,600 for our injured servicemen and women at the Headley Court rehabilitation centre, taking our Leek and district total to £6,450. Sharon and Paul Chauveau, The Leek & District Gun Club (letter)

Hackney Gazette 17.10.08 SCHOOL SLAMMED FOR FOX CULL - An animal welfare charity has criticised a South Hackney primary school where a skulk of foxes has been shot. The RSPCA says there are non-fatal alternatives to deal with the foxes that were plaguing Morningside school…. The pack was living in the back garden of the school keeper's house at the school in Chatham Place. A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: "We advise people wishing to deter foxes from their properties to remove attractants such as rubbish left in bags, or food left out for birds… Head teacher Jill Millham told the Gazette she was forced to get rid of the animals after they became a health hazard. She defended her decision to call in an expert company to kill the foxes… (story)


Evesham Journal 16.10.08 New shooting qualification - THE British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has welcomed the development of a new qualification by City & Guilds which gives people a new way to find out more about live quarry shooting… (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 16.10.08 Purple poppy appeal - Kate Fowler-Reeves, head of campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Dartford Times 22.10.08 Help the animals - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Head of Campaigns Animal Aid (letter)
Eastbourne Herald 14.10.08 Wear purple poppy for animals - Kate Fowler-Reeves, head of campaigns, Animal Aid, Tonbridge. (letter)
Wharfedale Observer 10.10.08 Animal victims of war - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.10.08 Purple poppy - Kate Fowler-Reeves, Animal Aid. (letter)
Littlehampton Gazette 8.10.08 Animals as well as humans continue to be war victims - Kate Fowler-Reeves, head of campaigns, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Newcastle Evening Chronicle 8.10.08 Animals also suffer in war - THROUGHOUT the history of human conflicts, animals have been victims of war. During the First World War, dogs and pigeons were used to deliver messages between frontline trenches and further afield….To commemorate all the animal victims, Animal Aid has issued a purple poppy, which can be worn alongside the traditional red one, as a reminder that both humans and animals have been, and continue to be, victims of war… KATE FOWLER-REEVES, Head of campaigns (letter)

Dundee Courier 16.10.08 Animal rights group to hog attention - A six-foot “hedgehog” will be put outside the SNP conference in Perth today by animal rights protesters…. Organised by Advocates for Animals, the event will involve Christine Grahame, MSP for South of Scotland, as the group stage their campaign for animal welfare ahead of the four-day conference… (story)

Ham & High 16.10.08 Shock videos show that fur trade isn't fair trade - I see from Heathman's Diary (Gwyn sheds her clothes, H&H October 9) that our very own green celeb Belsize bombshell, Gwyneth Paltrow (left) is selling off her designer clobber for charity… Green Gwyn should know better than to promote a product whereby fur animals are either caught in leg-hold traps and their heads stamped on, or electrocuted up the anus so as not to spoil the pelt… Angela Humphery, Willoughby Road, NW3 (letter)


Berwickshire News 15.10.08 Concern over use of snares - MANDERSTON House has denied any involvement in the use of illegal snares on its estate… and Scottish Gamekeepers Association claim the pictures shown by League Against Cruel Sports in their report were old and could have been taken from any rural area of Scotland…. Louise Robertson, Scottish Campaign's manager for League of Cruel Sports, criticised the Scottish Government for failing to sanction an outright ban on all snares… (story)
BBC News Online 13.10.08 'Gruesome' snare deaths revealed - Animal rights campaigners have called for a ban on snaring as a report revealed a "gruesome catalogue" of animal killing and suffering. The League against Cruel Sports claimed it found "widespread bad practice" on Scottish shooting estates during a four-year investigation… At Manderston House in the Borders, undercover investigators allege they found snares attached to wooden dragpoles, which go against the shooting industry's own best practice guidelines… (story)
Glasgow Herald 13.10.08 Call for ban on animal snaring - Animal rights campaigners today called for a ban on snaring as a report revealed a "gruesome catalogue" of animal killing and suffering. The League against Cruel Sports claimed it found "widespread bad practice" on Scottish shooting estates during a four-year investigation… In its report, Blood on the Wire, published today, the League claims its investigators found widespread use of "brutal" snares, some of which breach industry codes of good practice… (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 13.10.08 Ban urged on ‘gruesome’ snares By Lucinda Cameron - Animal rights campaigners are calling for a ban on snaring as a report revealed a “gruesome catalogue” of animal killing and suffering. The League against Cruel Sports claimed it found “widespread bad practice” on Scottish estates during a four-year investigation. It called for a complete ban on snaring and said the Scottish Government’s decision to introduce regulations on the practice was not enough to protect wildlife… At Manderston House in the Borders, undercover investigators allege they found snares attached to wooden dragpoles… The estate’s owner, Lord Palmer, said he had a shooting tenant who was responsible for the management of the shoot. He said: “As far as I’m aware everything that is being carried out with regard to vermin control is completely and utterly within the law.”… (story)
Daily Record 13.10.08 Snare laws don't go far enough, blast animal campaigners - ANIMAL rights campaigners called for a ban on snaring yesterday as a report revealed a "gruesome catalogue" of killing and suffering. The League Against Cruel Sports uncovered "widespread bad practice" on Scottish estates during a four-year investigation… (story)
Paisley Daily Express 13.10.08 Ban on 'gruesome' snares urged - Animal rights campaigners called for a ban on snaring as a report revealed a "gruesome catalogue" of animal killing and suffering… (story)
Hamilton Advertiser 13.10.08 Ban on 'gruesome' snares urged - Animal rights campaigners called for a ban on snaring as a report revealed a "gruesome catalogue" of animal killing… (story)

Telegraph 15.10.08 Financial crisis hits pheasant and partridge shooting - The financial crisis could spike the guns of the country set. Neil Tweedie reports - Nigel Clutton was instructing a young lady in the art of partridge shooting, to little effect. BANG! Another wasted cartridge, another startled but otherwise untroubled bird… People pay a lot to shoot pheasant and partridge on the Angmering Park Estate, 9,000 acres of secluded West Sussex partly owned by Mr Clutton's wife, Lady Sarah Clutton, third daughter of the 16th Duke of Norfolk…. The shoot relies to a significant degree on the corporate-hospitality industry, which supplies much of the income needed to pay keepers, buy birds and manage the landscape. And like other sports – football, sailing and horse-racing included – shooting is beginning to feel the chill of recession….. (story)

Guardian 15.10.08 Foul deeds or fair prey? - The sentencing of a gamekeeper for killing legally protected species has brought age-old tensions to the surface - Paul Evans - "This is a truly horrifying case," said Mark Thomas, investigations officer for the RSPB, after Kyle Burden, a 19-year-old gamekeeper at the Kempton estate in south Shropshire, received a six-month suspended prison sentence after pleading guilty at Telford crown court last month to nine charges of killing buzzards…. It was because gamekeepers were horrified at what was going on at Kempton that the prosecution against Burden went ahead…. Part of the problem is how we define wildlife and what status it has in society. An icon to one sector of society can become a demon to another: as raptors and badgers have become…. (story)

Dundee Courier 15.10.08 Crackdown on hare coursing - OPERATION LEPUS, the national wildlife operation to combat hare coursing, has been launched by Grampian Police wildlife crime unit and the Mearns will be targeted. “We have raised the profile of hare coursing and its broader links with rural crime over the past couple of years and have been supported by partners in the National Farmers’ Union of Scotland (NFUS) and Scottish Rural Property Business Association (SRPBA),” said the local co-ordinator for the unit Superintendent Alan Smailes…. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 14.10.08 Crackdown on hare coursing - POLICE have launched a campaign against hare coursing, targeting a number of areas across the north-east. The initiative, which will concentrate on Roseisle in Moray, as well as the Huntly, Formartine and Mearns areas of Aberdeenshire, is part of Operation Lepus, a national initiative to halt the illegal use of dogs such as greyhounds or lurchers to chase and kill the animals…. (story)

Bridlington Free Press 15.10.08 Gull cull moans - Cull the seagulls they say – but there is no humane way…. The word cull is so well used so should it apply to the human race too? After all, the planet is bursting at the seams with humanity? Every creature is entitled to life… J Andrew, St Martin's Drive, Bridlington.(story)


Daelnet 14.10.08 North Yorkshire hosts conference on policing of hunting - NATIONAL policing and legal issues surrounding the Hunting Act were the focus of attention at a special conference hosted by North Yorkshire Police recently. Staged at the Royal York Hotel in York, the Association of Chief Police Officers’ event included guest speakers from the Crown Prosecution Service, International Fund for Animal Welfare, League Against Cruel Sports, Countryside Alliance and Masters of Foxhounds Association... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 14.10.08 M Matcham of Hythe apparently resents the activities of the New Forest Hunt. Perhaps he would care to recall the purpose for which the New Forest was created in the first place. O P NICHOLSON, Tiverton, Devon. (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 6.10.08 I support Forest curbs - I SUPPORT proposals for restrictions on dog walking, horse riding and in New Forest lanes… I think, in truth, the New Forest Hunt is behind all this hype against the New Forest National Park – they are petrified that they will be made to stop hunting… M MATCHAM, Hythe. (letter)

Western Mail 14.10.08 Shooting stars with sights on success by Simon Hart - WALES has long recognised the importance of young people in rural jobs – our farming heritage is legendary and so, too, is our shooting heritage… The Countryside Alliance has been searching for young people whose chosen career depends on the shooting industry, to be young ambassadors for a campaign I mentioned in the Western Mail a while ago – Shooting Stars. Not only does Shooting Stars seek to encourage individuals to think about shooting and examine the vast opportunities available to them, but the project also aims to entice a new generation of people to help sustain and grow the UK’s £1.6bn industry…(story)

BBC News Online 14.10.08 Reward to catch killer of 28 cats - A £1,000 reward has been offered by an animal welfare group to catch a cat killer who has poisoned at least 28 animals in Somerset. It is thought anti-freeze has been used to poison at least nine cats found dead in Weston-super-Mare…. Suzanne Barnard, from Peta, said animals were the perfect "practice" victims for violent people…. (story)
Clevedon Mercury 13.10.08 Reward offered to catch cat-killer - An animal charity is offering a £1,500 reward to catch a cat-killer targeting Somerset towns… The charity PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is offering a reward of £1,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. PETA spokesman Suzanne Barnard: "Animal abusers are cowards…. (story)

Dunmow Broadcast 14.10.08 Amazing circus decision - IN respect of the councillors at Saffron Walden allowing performing circus animals on their land it is quite amazing that this kind of circus is still allowed to operate… I left Linton over 20 years ago so I am not party to any changes that have taken place in the area but I must say that this decision by these councillors is very much at odds with the views of the majority of the ratepayers who elected them to office… Neil Furby, Waikawa Beach Levin, North Island New Zealand (story)
Saffron Walden Reporter 2.10.08 Training animals is not cruel - OUTRAGED! Shame! Morally repugnant! Exploitative! How ever many more ways can the readers of your paper put into words you can print, about the ways those 'horrible' circus people treat their animals?... Some years age while serving in the fire service we were called out to circus animals in distress on Saffron Walden Common…. I saw men and women near exhaustion with their efforts, telling horses, llamas etc. not to worry, the firemen were there and they would now be alright. Some of those 'cruel' circus people had tears in their eyes at seeing their animals suffering. This was the same reaction I had witnessed from horse riders, faced with their beloved horse stuck fast in a water filled ditch, or a cat owner after we retrieved their pet from down a well, or dog down a hole…. What about dressage horses? They must be beaten something horrible, to be trained to walk backwards, sideways, stepping to music, and what about sheepdogs trained to chase other animals? That must be cruel…. I am an animal lover and have had dogs that loved to perform all sorts of tricks for me, and not once did I have to beat them; they just wanted to please me. Sorry to go on but PUT UP OR SHUT UP. Paul Start, Saffron Walden (story)
Saffron Walden Reporter 25.9.08 Councillors wrong over circus - I, TOO, am very angry that Saffron Walden Town councillors have refused to ban these cruel, immoral and disgusting circuses… Ian J Humphreys, Saffron Walden (letter)
Saffron Walden Reporter 25.9.08 Outraged by decision - SAFFRON Walden residents may feel outraged at being represented by morally retarded councillors who have decided to allow performing circus animals on their land…. Joan Court, Cambridge (letter)
Saffron Walden Reporter 25.9.08 Vote for cruelty and ignorance - IN VOTING to allow performing circus animals on their land, Saffron Walden Town Councillors have voted for cruelty and ignorance…. Pat Griffin, Linton (letter)
Saffron Walden Reporter 25.9.08 Animals have no choice - WITH a policy that still allows any performing animals in circuses (Reporter, September 18) the people of Saffron Walden could soon see a crocodile, lions, tigers, zebras or a bull on the common. They could also be faced with the disgusting spectacle of a fox riding a donkey…. Sue Hughes, Linton, Captive Animals' Protection Society (letter)
Saffron Walden Reporter 18.9.08 Circus can bring its animals - A FURIOUS animal rights campaigner has slammed councillors after they refused to ban "cruel" circuses - which use performing animals in their show - from coming to a town. Campaigner for the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) Sue Hughes said she was "extremely disappointed" by Saffron Walden Town Council's decision to allow circuses which include animal acts to use the Common… Cllr Doug Perry said the town council should not ban animal circuses. "People should have the choice - if they don't want to see a circus with animals then they don't have to go," he said. But Cllr Sandra Eden urged the council to take a moral stand and said: "The animals have no choice, we do. We need to be brave enough to move forward and take the side of the animals."… The issue of animal circuses was brought to a head in May when Bobby Roberts' Super Circus - which uses several animals in its show - performed on Saffron Walden Common.... (story)

Lincolnshire Free Press & Spalding Guardian 14.10.08 Vegetarianism is the solution - In answer to all the people complaining about the smell coming from the abattoir in Pinchbeck… If everybody went vegetarian there would be no need to have these horrendous places and no need for complaints. MRS S MCKENNA, Flint House Road, Holbeach (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 14.10.08 Battery hen campaigner handed award - DEVON animal welfare hero Jane Howorth has received a special award at the House of Lords for her work to improve the lives of battery hens. Jane, 48, of North Parks, Chulmleigh, won the Campaigner of the Year accolade in the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Animal Action Awards 2008 in recognition of her work…. (story)


Western Morning News 13.10.08 Graham marks 25 years of riding to hunt - A QUARTER of a century as a huntsman was marked at the weekend, when the East Cornwall Hunt paid tribute to joint master, Graham Higgins at the opening meet at Minions, on Bodmin Moor. The hunt presented Mr Higgins with an engraved silver salver in tribute to his work in hunting the hounds for the past 25 years, before the 40 mounted followers moved off for a day's trail hunting…. (story)

Guardian 13.10.08 Out of the woods - He admires David Cameron, has no problem with fox hunting and thinks it's sometimes better to shoot wildlife than photograph it. Survival expert Ray Mears is full of surprises, Patrick Barkham discovers… Autumn is Ray Mears's favourite season "because the campfire seems important again"… Mears enjoys stalking and killing deer and eating wild venison. Where does he stand on fox hunting? "We have spent a lot of money and effort to preserve an unendangered species at a time when common species of birds were becoming endangered." He would not hunt the fox but, "that doesn't mean to say I'm against somebody else hunting it". People tend to "think emotionally" about conservation "rather than from a point of real knowledge," he says. "That's caring too much. You can love something to death."… Vanishing World, by Ray Mears, is published by Hodder and Stoughton, priced £20… (story)

Western Morning News 13.10.08 Cats found with bovine TB - FARMERS claim bovine tuberculosis is now out of control after new figures showed a dramatic rise in the number of domestic cats with the disease. Details released by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) show that 42 cats were confirmed with the disease between 2005 and 2007 compared with 15 over the previous seven years. The National Farmers' Union said it was evidence of a "worrying trend" and indicated a relentless rise in infection…. (story)
Observer 12.10.08 Badgers blamed as TB in cats suggests disease is on the rise - Caroline Davies - New figures showing a rise in the number of domestic cats contracting bovine tuberculosis have prompted claims the disease is out of control. Details released by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs show that 42 cats were confirmed with bovine TB between 2005 and 2007 compared with 15 over the previous seven years. The National Farmers' Union said it was a 'worrying trend' indicating the relentless rise in infection in cattle and badgers…. The Badger Trust dismissed the claims as 'scaremongering', while Defra attributed the rise to increased reporting since TB in cats became a notifiable disease 18 months ago… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 13.10.08 Generous towards farm animals - I WOULD like to say thank you to the people of Exmouth for their generosity in raising £33.03 on October 4 in aid of the charity, Compassion in World Farming…. Barbara Blaxland, Brixington Drive, Exmouth (letter)


Sunday Times 12.10.08 Time and place: Clarissa Dickson Wright - The celebrity chef recalls life as a cook on a country estate and baking cakes for Gielgud. It all ended in a drunken mess - on the kitchen floor - INTERVIEW BY SUE FOX… Clarissa’s Comfort Food (Kyle Cathie £19.99) and Spilling the Beans (Hodder & Stoughton £7.99) are both out now (story)
Newcastle Journal 16.9.08 Clarissa spills the beans by Hannah Davies, The Journal - CLARISSA Dickson Wright, the surviving member of the Two Fat Ladies cookery team, is annoyed. "Don’t call me a chef," she says crossly…. (story)
Northern Echo 15.9.08 When the Fat Lady sings - Clarissa Dickson Wright, the surviving member of the Two Fat Ladies TV partnership, tells Sarah O’Meara how she drank her way through a £2.8m inheritance before turning her life around, as her new book, Comfort Food, is published… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 13.9.08 Fat lady still has a hunger to succeed By SARAH O'MEARA and LINDA SUMMERHAYES - CLARISSA Dickson Wright, the surviving member of the Two Fat Ladies cookery team, is annoyed. "Don't call me a chef," she says crossly. "A chef has a brigade of staff. I'm a cook."… Now a well-established cook – her latest recipe book, Clarissa's Comfort Food, came out last week – she is also a vociferous campaigner on countryside issues… "When I spoke about foxes on Question Time, everybody cheered," she says. "Not because they agreed with me, but because of my passion. When I started doing this I didn't realise just how little people knew about foxes and hunting, and how you've got to take steps to balance everything in the countryside… (story)
Independent on Sunday 7.9.08 Clarissa Dickson Wright: Fat fighter - She doesn't like Jamie Oliver. She's not overly fond of the BBC. Waiters tend to displease her, as does toast in the morning. And as for animal rights protesters, she'll see them in court, very soon. Cole Moreton meets... Clarissa Dickson Wright … Clarissa is not afraid of upsetting people, to put it mildly. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (Ifaw), for example, which is bringing a private prosecution against her for allegedly hunting hares with dogs at two meetings in Yorkshire last year. Passionately fond of hunting animals (whether or not they go in a pie afterwards), she nevertheless denies the charges. "I was not hare coursing." The case will next be heard at Scarborough magistrates' court in just over a fortnight…. They all just flout the law now, don't they? "How would I possibly know?" she says, with a mischievous smile. "I'm far too fat to get up on a horse and find out."… 'Comfort Food' is published by Kyle Cathie this week, just as Hodder releases the paperback of Clarissa's autobiography, 'Spilling the Beans'(story)


Guardian 11.10.08 The "boot room" Space Wishlist - complete with "hunting scenes" wallpaper and fake stag's head - was very unappealing. Foxhunting is illegal and some people, like me, find it hard to come to terms with the fact that some hunts continue to flout the law… Kate Milner-Gulland, Brighton, East Sussex (letter)

Irish Examiner 11.10.08 Government ignores plight of hare - IRELAND’S appalling record on safeguarding endangered wildlife species has come into the spotlight again, with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reminding us that key habitats requiring special attention are being neglected by the present government….. The habitats of the hares are disturbed and torn apart by gangs of men rounding up members of this “high risk” species for coursing…. I do not doubt the personal integrity of Environment Minister John Gormley, or even that of the Green Party itself, in their vociferous pre-election opposition to hare coursing but the Government’s so-called “environmental policy” on wildlife conservation in general, and its attitude to the humble Irish hare in particular, is contemptible. John Fitzgerald, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (story)

Leicester Mercury 11.10.08 Saying thanks - On behalf of the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals I would like to thank all who attended last Sunday's celebrations to mark Animal Welfare Sunday and St Francis-tide… Linda J Bodicoat, Earl Shilton (letter)


Dundee Courier 10.10.08 Grouse moor owner to appeal subsidy cut - AN ANGUS grouse moor owner hit by a six-figure government fine is appealing the decision. John Dodd, who owns the Glenogil estate, north of Forfar, had his farming subsidy cut by £107,000 by the Scottish Executive following the alleged discovery of highly toxic and illegal pesticides on his land… The Scottish Rural Property and Business Association and the Scottish Countryside Alliance have also questioned the action… (story)
Scottish Herald 22.9.08 Estate owner loses £100,000 for poisoning birds of prey - A wealthy Scottish fund manager who owns an extensive grouse moor has been given the largest ever financial penalty under farming legislation after police found toxic and illegal pesticides on his estate. John Dodd, the multimillionaire owner of the 10,000-acre Glenogil shooting estate, near Kirriemuir, Angus, has had his farming subsidy cut by £107,000 after claims that pesticides on his land were being used to kill protected birds of prey… (story)
Guardian 22.9.08 Record penalty for grouse moor where poison was found near birds of prey - A leading fund manager and owner of a substantial Scottish grouse moor has been hit by the largest ever financial penalty under farming legislation after police found highly toxic and illegal pesticides on his estate. John Dodd, the multimillionaire owner of the Glenogil shooting estate, in Angus, Tayside, has had his farming subsidy cut by £107,000 by the Scottish executive because of suspicions that the discovered pesticides were used against birds of prey on his land…. (story)

Sutton Guardian 10.10.08 Council embroiled in fox feeding row By James Pepper - Sutton Council is at the centre of a wildlife row after its website encouraged residents to feed urban foxes. Residents and animal welfare organisations have been angered by guidelines on the council site that declares “There is absolutely no reason why you should not feed them.”… The argument for - John Robins, Animal Concern… Against - Klare Kennett, RSPCA… (story)

BBC News Online 10.10.08 Lewis axed Harrods event over fur - X Factor winner Leona Lewis pulled out of opening the Harrods winter sale last year because of her vegetarian beliefs, it has emerged. The 23-year-old, who is firmly against animal cruelty, cancelled her public appearance at the department store in London because it stocked animal fur…. (story)

The Sentinel 10.10.08 Thank you for the animal charity donations - YOU ARE ALL SO KIND: Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Stoke-on-Trent for their generosity in raising £175.92 at a street collection on August 23, 2008… VICKY GERRARD, Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator (letter)

Newcastle Evening Chronicle 10.10.08 We can do our bit for animals - WELL-SAID Kate Fowler-Reeves (Your Shout, October 8). Animal cruelty is a high priority for most people and thank goodness we have dedicated people working for the RSPCA, PDSA, Animal Aid and Cats Protection League… JOHN, via e-mail (letter)

Evening Standard 11.10.08 Gardeners warned they face prison for drowning squirrels - Benedict Moore-Bridger - Gardeners have been warned they could go to prison for drowning squirrels. Police have told allotment holders that drowning the vermin is not permitted, and is urging people to dial 999 if they witness the crime…. (story)
Waltham Forest Guardian 7.10.08 "Call 999 to report squirrel drownings" - police appeal By Carl Brown - ALLOTMENT holders who trap and drown squirrels are being targeted by police - and officers are urging people to call 999 if they witness them doing it. Waltham Forest police are alarmed that some allotment holders have been advising their fellow gardeners that it is okay to drown the animals. But drowning mammals is a criminal offence under the Wild Mammals Protection Act 1996 and carries a maximum penalty of a £5,000 fine or six months in prison… (story)


Ilkley Gazette 9.10.08 Ilkley Moor grouse shooting lease to be reviewed By Paul Langan - THE decision to resume grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor will be subject to a review after a Labour Party motion was voted through at City Hall…. Last Saturday, anti-grouse shooting protesters turned up outside Ilkley Town Hall on Saturday while Councillor Anne Hawkesworth conducted her surgery with locals inside…. Group spokesman Luke Steele said that members were against the killing of all animals and accused the shooting industry of being cruel and barbaric… (story)

Keighley News 9.10.08 Stop 'fat cat' shooters - While the economic downturn is giving us little to cheer about, one small glimmer of hope to come out of the crisis is that perhaps the unscrupulous business of commercial shooting, which depends heavily on corporate spend, will also start to feel the crunch this year. Last weekend heralded the start of the pheasant shooting season, an industry which rears tens of thousands of birds in shockingly low-welfare conditions before releasing them into the countryside to be shot by paying guns… Douglas Batchelor Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, New Sparling House, Godalming, Surrey (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 9.10.08 Hope shooting feels crunch - WHILE the economic downturn is giving us little to cheer about, one small glimmer of hope to come out of the deepening crisis is that perhaps the unscrupulous business of commercial shooting which depends heavily on corporate spend will also start to feel the crunch this year. This weekend will herald the start of the pheasant shooting season, an industry which rears tens of thousands of birds in shockingly low welfare conditions before releasing them into the countryside to be shot by paying guns…. the League Against Cruel Sports would like assurances from companies and businesses that they will not buy into this bloodsport which profits from companies willing to waste money killing live target for the sake of a corporate jolly. DOUGLAS BATCHELOR Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports Godalming Surrey (letter)

North Devon Journal 9.10.08 Benn stands by decision not to allow badger cull - TORRIDGESIDE farming families affected by bovine TB met Hilary Benn, the Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). Mr Benn made an unprecedented visit to Clawton near Holsworthy to talk about the devastating effect the disease is having on the countryside…. The Government announced in July that it would not agree to a badger cull, which many farmers believe is the best way to combat the disease. Mr Benn said that instead the Government would invest £20 million on a vaccination programme. Speaking at Clawton, Mr Benn admitted that many farmers had been unhappy with his decision, but said he wanted the industry to work together to find a solution…. (story)

Cannock Chase Post 9.10.08 Circus left high and dry after downpour - A controversial circus that rolled into town recently was left high and dry week when the River Penk broke its banks, temporarily stranding the performers and animals. Peter Jolly’s Circus, which came under fire last month when protesters bombarded its live animal-based performances in Burntwood and Cannock, was left submerged in a field off Teddesley Road following its final performance on Sunday evening…. (story)


Western Mail 8.10.08 Minister talks up Labour’s country credentials by Tomos Livingstone, Western Mail - LABOUR’S image as an urban party with little interest in the countryside is a “myth”, the new Westminster rural affairs minister said yesterday. Ogmore MP Huw Irranca-Davies was moved from his old role at the Wales Office to a junior role at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in last week’s wide-ranging Government reshuffle. He said problems facing rural communities such as hidden poverty and access to public services were often the same as those in towns and cities…. Relations between some countryside groups and the Labour administration have been strained, with the most serious clashes over the ban on hunting with dogs…. . In Wales, Labour has lost significant ground in rural areas since 1997… (story)

Welwyn & Hatfield Times 8.10.08 Stop this pointless shooting - October 1 is the start of the pheasant shooting season. If you visit the countryside around Welwyn Hatfield over the next four months you may well get caught behind a line of Range Rovers filled with men dressed for a day out shooting. These men will have paid hundreds of pounds, up to £1,000, to spend a day shooting innocent, rather stupid and beautiful birds out of the sky…. If you agree that this cruel sport should be banned then contact your local MP, Grant Shapps. Mary Barton, Ayot St Peter. (letter)

Cheddar Valley Gazette 8.10.08 Swans injured by angling gear - Images from the British countryside do not come more striking than a pair of swans swimming down a river… However, if wildlife rescue charity Secret World has been called out, the picture is not normally that peaceful. This year, the East Huntspill rescue centre has been called out to a large number of swans suffering injuries after becoming entangled in discarded fishing tackle…. (story)

Irish Times 8.10.08 Ballinasloe Horse Fair - A damp, gloomy morning was not helped by the photographs on pages 1 and 2 of Monday's edition. Another Ballinasloe horse fair - and my heart goes out to the many frightened and abused animals that have to cower during this distressing and needless example of greed and lack of concern for basic animal rights… DAVID WHITE, New Ross, Co Wexford (letter)

Middlewich Guardian 8.10.08 UNITED IN THE FIGHT TO SAVE THE SWANS By Hayley Collins - PROTESTORS took to the canal in a bid to save the Middlewich swans. An army of animal lovers ,including town mayor Paul Edwards, gathered on the Trent and Mersey Canal in Booth Lane on Thursday to protest against the authorities’ failure to erect a fence along the canal to keep the majestic birds off the road. Led by wild animal enthusiast Lena Porter the demonstrators joined hands and formed a human chain along the canal… (story)

York Press 8.10.08 Student wins design award By Haydn Lewis - A DESIGN student at York College has won a coveted national award for an international anti-fur campaign. Stefanie Scurr, 18, a BTEC national diploma graphic design student at York College, from Hornby, near Helmsley, has been awarded first place in the UK and Ireland region of the Design Against Fur 2008 competition… In addition, Richard Brown, a fellow national diploma graphic design student from York College, was commended by the judges… Nicki Brooks, Respect For Animals director, said: “Stefanie’s winning design communicates an important message…. (story)


Eastern Daily Press 7.10.08 Eric Clapton's guns for sale - CHRIS BISHOP - He'd be more likely to shoot a brace of pheasants than the sheriff these days. While the stars of his era were better known for driving Rollers into swimming pools, Eric Clapton prefers shooting and fishing to more familiar forms of rock n' roll excess. hooting lessons at a London gun school, in 2003, ignited his passion for the sport. That fuelled a fascination with collecting guns and an obsession with finding the best, until Slowhand had a change of heart and decided it was time for a clearout. Today, a Norfolk auctioneers were cataloguing the collection, ready to put it on sale, as Clapton himself spoke candidly about what it revealed about his character…. (story)
Daily Mail 25.9.08 Clapton targets £1m in shotgun auction - Just days after performing at a closed venue for supporters of the Countryside Alliance, rock star Eric Clapton is selling off his prized collection of bespoke shotguns. Eight pairs of guns handmade by Purdey, Holland & Holland, William Evans, and Watson Brothers, will be sold at auction by Holt's in London in December with an expected price tag of close to £1million…. (story)

Daily Post 7.10.08 Bovine TB surge adds weight to badger cull calls by Andrew Forgrave - NEW figures showing big bovine TB rises in domestic cats and other animals will add impetus to calls for a trial badger cull in Wales… Defra’s figures confirm that, over the past three years, the disease was found in 21 domestic pigs and farmed wild boar, 25 llamas, five alpacas, three ferrets, two sheep, two goats and one dog… But yesterday Badger Trust Cymru demanded the Assembly Government suspend “secret” meetings with the farming industry following claims farmers are illegally shooting protected badgers… Steve Clark, for Badger Trust Cymru, said the process was encouraging a “lynch mob mentality” in a minority of farmers… (story)

Plymouth Herald 7.10.08 Heiress poses for anti-fur campaign - The daughter of billionaire Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone has shed her clothes all in the name of animal cruelty. The heiress and TV presenter posed for the cheeky anti-fur photoshoot, organised by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), with nothing more than a strategically placed chequered flag. Tamara Ecclestone said she wanted to support the campaign because fur was more about vanity than fashion….. (story)


Northern Echo 6.10.08 Refugee’s son who found his political home - On the day that Peter Mandelson made his sensational return to the Cabinet, Chris Lloyd had an exclusive interview with Foreign Secretary David Miliband at an anti-BNP fundraiser… “The choice people will have at the next election is, ‘Do you want a party that wants to reverse the ban on fox hunting or the party that introduced it?...(story)

Western Daily Press 6.10.08 A right of way? THE Government has got to the next stage of the Marine Bill, a major piece of legislation that covers our seas, coastlines, foreshores, shipping and wildlife. And in there, hiding away like some revolutionary soldiers in a Trojan horse of a White Paper, is the bit that will change the face of Britain forever… It was the little landowners who were the ones inconvenienced by right to roam, not the huge landowners….. But now things are starting to get really interesting, with the Government wanting to open up the coast. A 33ft-wide strip of the coast will be open to us all to wander along to our heart's content.This time, the Government is playing hardball. No appeals, no compensation… Those same Labour MPs (remember they were party to introducing the hunting ban, and then admitting they did so because of who hunts) have a hard job disguising this attack on the landed gentry when the CLA president goes by the name of Henry Aubrey-Fletcher… But is it all really worth it? I'm afraid the answer could be no….(story)

Argus 6.10.08 Fox cull provokes fierce emotions for and against - In reply to Sue Baumgardt, (Letters, October 1)surely most readers would have realised that the foxes I witnessed in the same street, on the same night following a cull, were in fact already there as part of an unnatural concentration and not, as Ms Baumgardt suggests, “the instant replacements”. Foxes cannot replenish their numbers within minutes of a successful cull…. Ms Baumgardt is right. I am in the business of culling. I am not, however, in the business of causing suffering. I do my job well without shame but with the pride of a job done well. Tom Keightley, Pest Control Solutions, Hailsham
I am writing in response to the article “I shoot foxes but still respect them” by pest controller Tom Keightley… One common way to justify the killing of wild creatures is to label them as pests and thereby adopt the mantle of a public servant… The farming community now publicly declares that the fox is friend, not foe, as it naturally helps to control rats and rabbits. David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks (letters)
Argus 1.10.08 Foxed by what to do with foxes - Pest controller Tom Keightly must be happy to have got a full-page free advert for his business (The Argus, September 29). No doubt he’ll be overwhelmed with calls from people who can’t bear to have wildlife disturb the clinical order of their gardens or are paranoid about the spread of some imagined disease… Mr Keightly’s comments regarding release were way off the mark – but then he’s in the business of killing, not protecting. Shame on him. Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove (letter)
Argus 29.9.08 I shoot foxes but I still respect them - A debate over whether urban foxes should be tolerated or exterminated has drawn a huge response from readers. Many see them as harmless while others believe they spread disease. Tom Keightly, who runs Pest Control Solutions in Hailsham, explains the rights of home owners to protect their property from foxes… (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 6.10.08 Elitism and gain – On reading your report “Councillor defends grouse shoot policy” (September 29), it would appear that Councillor Anne Hawkesworth is more in favour of actually killing grouse on Ilkley Moor than the need to manage the land. Managing moorland for public benefit and killing live animals for sport don’t go hand in hand, as Coun Hawkesworth would appear to believe… Louise Robertson, League Against Cruel Sports, Limekilns, Fife (story)

Independent 6.10.08 Animal activists take to streets By Stephen O'Farrell - AROUND 300 demonstrators marched in Dublin yesterday to urge the Government to toughen their stance on animal cruelty. Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) was joined by a host of other campaign groups to call on the Government "to enact tougher laws in the upcoming Animal Welfare Bill". Commitments were made to replace the existing Bill, which was passed in 1911, in the Programme for Government. Demonstration organiser, ARAN's John Carmody said they would be making a number of submissions for change…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 6.10.08 Groups urge total ban on killing seals - AN OUTRIGHT ban on the killing of seals in Scottish waters was demanded yesterday by an animal welfare charity and pressure group. The demand from the Save our Seals Fund and Animal Concern came amid the consultation period for the Marine Bill, which the Scottish Government hopes will tighten up the rules relating to killing seals….(story)


Bradford Telegraph & Argus 5.10.08 Top councillor in saboteurs’ sights By Jo Winrow - A war of words has broken out between anti-hunt campaigners and a senior councillor over grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor… Since the decision and the signing of the lease West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs have been vocal in opposition of the move … Now spokesman Luke Steele has spoken out against Councillor Anne Hawkesworth, the Council’s executive member for environment and culture….. (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 29.9.08 Councillor defends grouse shoot policy By Jo Winrow - A senior councillor has criticised anti-hunt campaigners who demonstrated outside Bradford’s City Hall against the award of a council contract for grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor…the Council’s executive member for environment and culture, Coun Anne Hawkesworth, said: “The recent actions of some demonstrators from the West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs have been misleading and misguided. Allegations have been made by them that are totally untrue. We have a ludicrous situation whereby we have a grouse moor with no grouse because it isn’t being managed for that purpose…. (story)

Rye & Battle Observer 5.10.08 Animal rights protest is abandoned - Anti-blood sport group Animal Aid has abandoned a demonstration at the office of Reading West MP Martin Salter… Mr Salter refused to axe an advice surgery to meet the group and added: "We've got a manifesto commitment to support shooting and fishing." (story)
Reading Chronicle 2.10.08 Bloodsport protestors shun MP By Adam Hewitt - ANTI-BLOODSPORTS campaigners shot themselves in the foot at a demonstration. Protesters from pressure group Animal Aid had arranged to demonstrate outside Reading West MP Martin Salter’s office in Oxford Road on Saturday to highlight his support for the shooting and fishing industries. But they turned up very early and quickly dispersed, leaving the MP alone all through the supposed demonstration with a poster saying 'Labour supports shooting and fishing as promised’… (story)

Oxford Mail 5.10.08 Putting a stop to hare hunts By Matt Wilkinson - A crackdown on an illegal blood sport plaguing the Oxfordshire countryside has been launched. The hare coursing season began last month and police have reported a rise in the activity in South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse. Hunters travel from around the country to Oxfordshire and damage crops and fields…. (story)


Horse & Hound 4.10.08 Does hunting poll show MORI bias against hunting? - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - LEADING research company MORI has breached industry rules over the publication of a poll commissioned by anti-hunting groups, it has been claimed. Partial results of a MORI survey that claimed 73% of the public continue to support a ban on hunting were published in February. But contrary to polling industry guidelines, full results from the survey were not published immediately afterwards — nor were the questions, which categorised fox and deer hunting with badger baiting and dog fighting… The British Polling Council (BPC), to whom the CA complained, told H&H that MORI had published the extra information when prompted, and said no further action would be taken… (story)
Western Daily Press 27.9.08 Hunters scream bias as poll reveals most support ban - Even people who consider themselves Conservative voters do not want to see the ban on hunting repealed, a controversial poll to be released tomorrow will say. The Western Daily Press can reveal a new MORI poll shows a majority of Tory supporters want to retain the Hunting Act, despite the party itself pledging a repeal as soon as it gains office. But the poll itself has sparked fury among hunt supporters amid claims the question asked a sample of more than 2,000 voters by the respected polling organisation MORI was biased against hunting. It is understood the Countryside Alliance is to complain about the way MORI conducted the poll, eight months after having a similar complaint against the polling organisation upheld… (story)

Daily Post 4.10.08 North Wales Police use taser on sheep on A55 by Carl Butler - THE RSPCA is investigating why North Wales Police used a Taser gun on a sheep which strayed onto the A55…. Kate Fowler-Reeves, head of campaigns at Animal Aid, said: “This animal, already a victim of an oppressive farming industry, was treated like a violent criminal… (story)

Walsall Advertiser 4.10.08 Protest to held in Rushall - A peaceful protest is to be held outside a controversial animal circus when it sets up camp in Rushall next week. Peter Jolly's Circus is one of just six circuses in the country that uses animals, including zebras, camels, horses and llamas… (story)

Guardian 4.10.08 Turning up the heat on insulation debate - I read "Lofty plans to keep the nation warm", (September 27) with interest. A very useful topic… If a household became vegetarian it would possibly contribute much more, including reducing carbon emissions from animals reared for meat… Pirashanthie Vivekananda-Schmidt, via email (letter)


Evesham Journal 3.10.08 100 years of BASC - Cartridges to mark 100 years of the British Association of Shoot-ing and Conservation (BASC) have gone on sale. The cartridge has been produced by Ely Hawk and will be available through BASC trade members… (story)

Sheffield Star 3.10.08 Very responsible angle - I must write in response to the letter 'angling is a cruel pastime' (Sep 27). Firstly I am lady angler, a parent, a dog owner and work for the NHS. I am far from cruel as anyone who knows me will tell you. How dare this reader tar all anglers with the same brush… Clare Normington-Colk, Sheffield
WHILE I hate to see the mindless discarding of fishing line, it brings into question the definition of 'angler'… True, they reflect badly on the sport and this is why the National Federation of Anglers and other bodies have taken great steps to get more and more beginners educated generally, and that includes teaching the countryside code… Jim Baxter, editor, Angling Star (letters)
Sheffield Star 27.9.08 Angling is a cruel pastime - Further to the letter from Stuart Halkon (Sept 21) regarding irresponsible anglers. A couple of weeks ago I had lunch in Hillsborough Park with a friend and her young son. I was suprised to see so many pigeons just sitting around, getting up for a stride or two then sitting back down. When my friend's son started to put some bread out for these birds, to our horror we noticed that bird after bird had their legs totally strangled by discarded fishing line…. Isn't it time to accept that fishing is an abusive pastime? A pastime that is principally engaged in by people who inflict pain and suffering on harmless creatures and who have no concern for their environment or the people and animals in it… Name and address supplied (letter) p>BBC News Online 3.10.08 Fox hunt after two people bitten - A fox in Argyll which bit two people will be hunted down and killed, police have said. It is understood the animal attacked the pair while they were feeding it at Achachoish, near Lochgilphead… Scottish SPCA chief superintendent, Mike Flynn, said he had never heard of a fox biting two people… (story)

Independent 3.10.08 A zoo is the wrong place to spend millions on tigers - After the opening of London Zoo's controversial Gorilla Kingdom (£53m), the zoo's plans for its Sumatran tigers seem set to raise the temperature even higher… The glut of captive tigers worldwide has done nothing to address tiger conservation in the wild, so captive-breeding is not the answer… Will Travers, CEO, Born Free Foundation, Horsham, West Sussex (letter)


Horse & Hound 2.10.08 Hunt raffles promising young event horse worth €30,000 - Martha Terry - How could you acquire a promising young event horse for €20 (£15.80)? The Ballymacad Foxhounds, from County Meath in Ireland are raffling a seven-year-old sport horse, "fit and ready to start eventing", to raise funds to develop schooling facilities on some recently acquired land… (story)

Western Daily Press 2.10.08 Harsh deal for Otis Ferry YOUR reporter, Tom Morris on the Otis Ferry exclusive (September 20) was absolutely spot on. If it had been an ordinary man or woman in the street, Joe Public would not bat an eyelid, but because Otis has a famous father it makes headlines…. I pray that Otis carries on supporting the countryside and all he believes in, and he gets my support. Fred Worth Somerton Somerset (letter)

Daily Post 2.10.08 Anti-badger cull petition in North Wales - Andrew Forgrave - MEMBERS of North Wales Animal Rights gathered in Prestatyn last weekend to drum up opposition to planned badger culls in Wales. With help from Clwyd Badger Group, they collected signatures from passers-by…. (story)

Shropshire Star 2.10.08 A cull of badgers will save our wildlife - - Paul and Elaine Evans say the badger cull is a disaster. For who or what I ask? A cull of diseased badgers will save a lot of wildlife, like hedgehogs, leverets (baby hares) skylarks, voles, moorhens, bumble bees, and other vulnerable creatures that the voracious and out of control animals now devour without mercy…. Get real I say! W F Kerswell, Picklescott (letter)

BBC News Online 2.10.08 Lab animal pain 'needs detailing' By Pallab Ghosh - Two bodies that advise the Home Office on animal experimentation have called for a new method for recording the suffering of lab animals. The Animal Procedures Committee and the Lab Animals Science Association say the suffering of each and every animal used in experiments should be recorded. At the moment, scientists need provide only a general estimate….(story)
Guardian 1.10.08 Move to pubicise figures on animal suffering - James Randerson, Science correspondent - More information about the level of pain and suffering animals endure during lab experiments should be made public, according to a group of scientists who are advising ministers on how to change regulations governing animal research…. Michelle Thew, the chief executive of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, welcomed the proposed changes… David Smith, the president of the Laboratory Animal Science Association who chaired the working group said there was a danger that the new reporting measures would add to the bureaucratic burden on scientists in a field that is already filled with red tape… (story)

Yorkshire Post 2.10.08 Show goes on for the circus fighting to save its animal attractions By Billy Briggs - MARTIN Burton points to an egg painted with the face of a man wearing a cowboy hat. "That one was made by the actor Paul Newman after he came to be a clown with us for the day," he says, offering me a cup of coffee… Burton sits down again and holds up copies of The Times and Daily Mail. He lets out a deep sigh. Zippos, one of the few circuses in the UK that still uses animals in performances, has been the target of a campaign by animal rights protesters during its current tour of the country, and is the centre of controversy… "I'm not sure, but we had people wearing balaclavas demonstrating outside the big top at Glasgow Green," he replies. Zippos only uses only horses, ponies, dogs and budgies for its shows, and Burton insists that he would never do anything that would compromise their health…. "The animal rights position is that animals should not be used by, or regarded as the property of, humans at all. I disagree with that and I want my circus to continue for another 25 years." (story)

Manchester Evening News 2.10.08 £1,000 reward for deer killers - Deborah Haile - A SICKENING attack on a pair of deer in Salford has prompted an international animal welfare organisation to offer a £1,000 reward…. Now People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) is offering a £1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. "Animal abusers are cowards," said Peta spokeswoman Suzanne Barnard….(story)


Scotsman 1.10.08 Killing for fun - Dan Buglass's claim (Farming, 29 September) that the ban on foxhunting has created problems for farmers is open to question…. I continue to be amazed at the persecution of foxes; to kill a pheasant, for pleasure, is an act of human entertainment, but to kill a fox is to say: you could spoil our entertainment, therefore you should be dead. ALASTAIR CLARK,Linn Mill South Queensferry, West Lothian (letter)
Scotsman 29.9.08 Dan Buglass: Stewardship of our land is exacting too high a price - HE MAY be a wealthy and successful businessman, but I have yet to hear a cheep of sympathy for John Dodd following the decision that he must forfeit £107,000 of his single farm payment (SFP). The penalty has been imposed under European legislation as a result of suspicions that noxious substances found on his Angus estate may have been used in the poisoning of birds of prey…. Dodd is not the first to have seen his SFP reduced, and I doubt if he will be the last. Whether he was personally involved in the alleged incidents does not matter because the occupiers of land are responsible for the stewardship of those acres. However, it is easy to understand the frustrations of crofters in who claim, probably correctly, they lost a fair number of lambs in the spring as a result of the predation of sea eagles… On the vast Otterburn Ranges in Northumberland, where the army frequently uses live ammunition during exercises, any sheep that are killed are subject to a decent level of compensation. It should be no different for the farmers and crofters who lose lambs to sea eagles… The banning of foxhunting was one of the least considered pieces of legislation to emerge from Holyrood… (story)

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 1.10.08 'In denial' over birds of prey - Callum Kippen's latest letter to the 'Strathy' (September 23) contains the usual rather silly points…. He asserts that the majority of keepers figuring in my statistics were prosecuted but found not guilty at trial. All the keepers figuring in my statistics were found guilty… It is clear that no matter how many keepers are convicted or careful studies conclude who is to blame, Mr Kippen will continue to be in denial. I will therefore not reply to future letters from him on this topic… R. DRENNAN WATSON (Convener), Cairngorms Campaign, PO Box 10037, Alford AB33 8WZ (letter)
Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 24.9.08 Never mind the facts when condemning gamekeepers - Mr Drennan Watson ('Strathy', September 10), has again shown his ignorance of the facts surrounding the golden eagle population in Scotland and the eagle export to Ireland. He claims that the eagle population on grouse moors is low, yet the east of Scotland, including the Cairngorms, which has a high density of grouse moors, has contributed 46 per cent of the eagle chicks exported over the Irish Sea… Mr Watson and his ilk constantly use the terms "prosecuted" and "convicted" as if they can be interchanged. The majority of the keepers that he quotes as being prosecuted for possession of illegal poisons were not found guilty at trial. Does he wish to do away with court trials for gamekeepers and just send us all to jail regardless of the facts?... CALUM KIPPEN, Dalillin, Scilscan, Tomatin (letter)
Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 10.9.08 Association's 'untenable stance' - Callum Kippen (Strathy, August 27) complains that keepers on grouse moors are being unjustly accused of illegally persecuting golden eagles and the work of the Scottish Gamekeeper's Association as being undermined in my letter in the previous issue. Really?... eagle populations and breeding are poor in grouse moor areas where there are suitable eagle ranges but, curiously, not in areas dominated by land uses like crofting and forestry…. Two more keepers were prosecuted for illegally persecuting protected species by other means but, with the exception of one lone crofter, nobody else was prosecuted for these crimes. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck – you can bet it's a duck!... R. DRENNAN WATSON, Convener, Cairngorms Campaign, PO Box 10037, Alford. (letter)

Cornishman 1.10.08 Police issue appeal for help after a badger is shot dead - POLICE are appealing for information after a badger was shot dead in Towednack, near St Ives. The animal was discovered at 8.30am on Tuesday, September 23 and is thought to have been killed some time during the night. Robert Speechley, who coordinates Cornwall Badger Rescue Group, said: "People who do this are morons who should not be allowed guns in the first place. We need to prosecute them and criminal courts should come down hard…. (story)

Bexley Times 1.10.08 Am I missing something here? Since when has it been acceptable for police to forbid people their constitutional right to protest peacefully ("Huge police payout for animal rights protesters," September 25)?... Kent Police should be ashamed of themselves. Go catch some real criminals rather than concentrating on bullying animal lovers! NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)

Wirral Globe 1.10.08 Frank Field hits out at RSPCA - A FURIOUS MP has attacked the RSPCA after a pensioner who ran a voluntary animal shelter was banned from keeping animals. Birkenhead MP Frank Field defended the reputation of Pat Seager on BBC Radio 4’s File on 4, accusing the charity of having an “unjust” policy on animal cruelty prosecutions… (story)
BBC News Online 23.9.08 MP attacks RSPCA prosecutions - The RSPCA needs to review its "unjust" policy on animal cruelty prosecutions, an MP has said. Frank Field, MP for Birkenhead, is furious at the recent prosecution of a 71-year-old woman in his constituency, who ran a voluntary animal shelter. Mr Field who backed the woman in court, told File On 4 that the creatures she looked after "lived the life of Riley" in her care…. Mr Field said RSPCA members needed to put pressure on its council for a change in policy otherwise it ought to face an external inquiry…. (story)

Cornish Guardian 1.10.08 Farm's 'moment of horror' over website animal cruelty blunder - FARMER Dick Crawford-Jones says he'll never know the scale of damage caused to his business after a website mistakenly associated his farm with animal cruelty. Some web-users searching for Penare Farm were directed to the Animal Aid site – showing shocking undercover photos and video footage shot at a seperate business. To Dick and his partner Liz Letcher's horror, ambigious labelling did not make it exactly clear where the footage had been taken…. The couple contacted a solicitor and over the weekend the Animal Aid site changed the text…. (story)

Cambridge News 1.10.08 Boycott circus, urges animal rights group - AN ANIMAL rights group is calling on the public to boycott a circus which transports an elderly, arthritic elephant. The Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) is concerned over the health of Anne, a 55-year-old elephant attached to the Bobby Roberts Circus…. (story)

Sleaford Standard 1.10.08 Kirsty lands award after saving death row peacocks By Andy Hubbert - A SCHOOLGIRL has been recognised by an animal conservation charity for her role in saving 11 peacocks from the chop. Kirsty Barthorpe, 10, of Blankney, heard rumours that there might be a cull of unruly peacocks which were running riot in the nearby village of Martin….Kirsty asked her parents, Nigel and Nikki, who run a koi carp farm at Blankney Fen, to take on the rest of the birds. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals heard about the case and have given Kirsty a Compassionate Youth Award… (story)