October 2009

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Telegraph 31.10.09 Saboteurs to employ hi-tech anti-hunt equipment such as hidden cameras - Hunt saboteurs are opening up a new front in their battle with hunt followers by using hi-tech monitoring equipment, including telescopic lenses and hidden cameras By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - As the new hunting season begins today, animal rights activists are threatening to disrupt meets as "observers", as well as joining hunts undercover. The saboteurs will film constantly using new telescopic lenses so hunts can be monitored from a distance. They will also use hidden cameras in clothing and time-delay devices dotted around the countryside… (story)

Newcastle Journal 31.10.09 Time fails to close big divide over fox hunt ban - RIDERS and hounds will be out in force today as the hunting season gets into full flow… Since then two attempts to overturn the ban have failed, although a case is now being taken to the European Court of Human Rights….. (story)

Horse & Hound 31.10.09 Future of hunting in Ireland under threat - The Irish hunting community is being urged to "sharpen up" to ensure a blanket ban on hunting isn't introduced. The coalition government of the Green Party and Fianna Fail has vowed to ban stag hunting in Ireland as soon as possible. The Hunting Association of Ireland (HAI) and Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association (IMFHA) have announced that fox hunting will follow if hunt supporters don't take a more proactive stance… The Ward Union is Ireland's only carted stag hunt and, under the terms of the programme for government, would cease to exist… (story)

Times 31.10.09 Hilary Benn launches Labour election pledge to keep hunting ban - Valerie Elliott, Countryside Editor - Labour is to make the preservation of the hunting ban a key plank in its election strategy. Ministers are determined to use the controversial four-year-old ban on hunting with dogs to highlight the Conservative Party’s pledge to repeal the Hunting Act… Hilary Benn, the Rural Affairs Secretary, has agreed to front Labour’s campaign against repeal. He has sent an e-mail to Labour Party members to tell “as many people as possible that a Conservative government would mean an end to the ban so many people worked so hard to introduce”…. (story)

Northern Echo 31.10.09 Tally-no - NEITHER Gordon Brown nor Tony Blair gave a monkey’s about blood sports, but at least the mere promise of banning the cruelty was certainly an enormous vote-winner throughout their tenure. However, it took nine years to produce a dog’s dinner of a hunting ban which didn’t please anybody…. The Tory Party doesn’t seem to have changed any despite the caring claims of Mr Cameron in opposition. Norman Wall, Wallsend, Tyneside. (letter)

York Press 31.10.09 A meaty issue - Our consumption of meat and dairy products has a massive impact on the planet… The industry is responsible for about 18 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions and uses 70 per cent of all agricultural land… While not everyone will wish to become a vegetarian, we can do our bit to prevent dangerous climate change by eating less, but better quality meat, and making sure that our livestock is fed on feed not linked to deforestation… Guy Wallbanks, co-ordinator, York and Ryedale Friends of the Earth, Kingsway West, York (letter)


Driffield Post & Times 30.10.09 CHARITY CONDEMNS WHAT IT CLAIMS IS 'DESPERATE HYPOCRISY' OF HUNTERS AT START OF FOX HUNTING SEASON - As the traditional fox hunting season gets underway this weekend, a leading animal welfare charity has challenged what it says is the "desperate hypocrisy" of the hunting community. "The hunters are telling us on the one hand that hunting is more popular than ever, and yet on the other are calling for the Hunting Act to be repealed," said the Chief Executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, Douglas Batchelor… (story)

Cumberland News 30.10.09 Majority demands that the Hunting Act is upheld - According to Ian Addison, the Hunting Act is unjustified, unjust and harmful (The Cumberland News, October 2). This is an incorrect but typical response from those who support the cruelty of hunting with dogs. It doesn’t matter whether people are academics, knights of the realm, lords, bishops or princes, if they can see nothing wrong in setting a pack of dogs on to a terrified wild animal, they are lacking in both compassion and decency… ELAINE MILBOURN, Torpenhow (letter)
Cumberland News 16.10.09 According to Ian Addison, the Hunting Act is unjustified, unjust and harmful (The Cumberland News, October 2). This is an incorrect but typical response from those who support the cruelty of hunting with dogs…. ELAINE MILBOURN, Torpenhow (letter)

Telegraph 30.10.09 Even on the verge of extinction, MPs try to ban shooting and wage class warfare By Gerald Warner - Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, is alerting his members to the threat posed by MPs to game shooting. An Early Day Motion in the Commons put down by Labour MP David Taylor, demanding a ban on “the production of birds for sport shooting”, has attracted the signatures of 65 members of the House of Shame… there is a particular pathos about seeing people who are themselves the quarry of the electorate concerning themselves over the plight of game birds. The most endangered species in Britain is the Labour MP (pestifer obnoxius scumbagensis), which faces an unprecedented cull six months from now… (story)

Sporting Life 30.10.09 WETHERBY PASSES WITHOUT INCIDENT By Ray Gilpin, Press Association Sport - Wetherby's Friday meeting was completed without serious incident and was given the thumbs up by the RSPCA following the controversial fixture two weeks ago when four horses lost their lives. There were no fatalities this time around and the RSPCA'S equine consultant David Muir said: "I walked the course before racing and you could see a difference in the ground to before, but I could not condemn the course for racing on that day (the last meeting)…. A protest by six Animal Aid activists at the entrance to the course passed off peacefully. There was a police presence, as there will be again on Saturday, as the course is taking no chances even though the activists have apparently not said they will be protesting again (story)
Times 29.10.09 Wetherby braced for Animal Aid protesters - Julian Muscat, Diary - The trauma at Wetherby's last meeting, when four horses perished on October 14, has come to the attention of animal-rights protesters. Their presence is expected tomorrow when the northern venue opens its two-day Charlie Hall meeting. “We have heard indirectly that Animal Aid are going to be holding a demonstration outside the racecourse,” Jonjo Sanderson, clerk of the course at Wetherby, said yesterday. “That's fair enough, they obviously believe we are culpable in some way, but nobody else does.”… (story)

Western Telegraph 30.10.09 Pembrokeshire against the cull action day tomorrow - A group set up to fight the proposed badger cull in north Pembrokeshire is planning a day of action tomorrow (Saturday). Pembrokeshire against the cull (PAC) will be setting up stalls in three towns around the county… Spokesman for PAC, Dr Adrian Stallwood, said: "We take bovine TB seriously and recognise its impact on the farming community, of which many of us are a part… (story)


Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 29.10.09 Police probe hunt viewers’ injury claims near Pewsey By Nigel Kerton - Police are investigating after two hunt monitors claim they were mown down by a Tedworth Hunt employee at Stowell, near Pewsey, on Saturday. The two men, one from near Pewsey and the other from near Marlborough, said they were on a public road at Stowell where the Tedworth had its opening meet when a hunt worker deliberately drove at them on a quad bike… A Hunt Saboteurs Association spokesman said the two men received cuts and bruising. The hunt asked the Countryside Alliance, the group that represents country sports, to speak on its behalf and its Wessex director Delly Everard said she was unable to discuss Saturday’s events because it was in the hands of the police…. (story)

Guardian 29.10.09 Question time: Clarissa Dickson Wright - The celebrity chef on her alcoholism, Tony Blair and why she would be prepared to go to prison for her right to hunt - Hannah Pool (story)

Oxford Mail 29.10.09 Simply bloodlust - ARTHUR Schopenhauer stated that the only true morality derives from compassion. On that basis it is pointless appealing to those such as David Tinson (Letters, October 20), since such people have no concept of compassion for animals, especially when they are deriving entertainment from pursuing them and ripping them to pieces…. JOHN BENSON, Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford (story)
Oxford Mail 19.10.09 Hunt for values - FOX hunting obviously divides many but this pastime has played its part as one of our great British traditions…. I applaud David Cameron’s hunting stance because he clearly believes in traditional values and pastimes…. DAVID TINSON, Moorland Road, Witney (letter)

Oxford Mail 29.10.09 Hunt goes on - APOLOGIES for addressing once again the issue of hunting but there are some aspects of this despicable sport that need to be re-visited. Most people believe that, since hunting animals for sport is now illegal, the absence of any recognisable signs of foxhunting mean that it is not happening…. Experienced hunt monitors can recognise all the signs of live quarry hunting and are, consequently, subject to a level of intimidation that has resulted in many abandoning their efforts to provide proof of law-breaking…. BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter)

Independent 29.10.09 Jamie Merrill: The day I shot a stag - Lying outstretched on a rocky outcrop, with wet heather soaking my trousers, my elbows and knees in mud, adrenalin is coursing through my veins. I'm oblivious to the cold and discomfort, suffering from "buck fever" – the nervous excitement felt by a novice hunter at his first sight of game. For below me, perhaps 140 metres away, is a red deer stag…. (story)

Salisbury Journal 29.10.09 Thieves could be planning game shoot By Jill Harding - THIEVES who it is feared may be planning to set up their own illegal game shoot have stolen £10,000 worth of equipment from a farm in Over Street, Stapleford…. PC Darren Willis said: “It’s possible that the offenders took this equipment to set up their own shoot or to rear game birds. I am therefore keen to speak to anyone who is aware of an unofficial shoot taking place in their area or knows someone who has suddenly acquired a large quantity of farm equipment…. (story)

Andover Advertiser 29.10.09 Research reveals low risk for kids’ trips - Charley May, Education Campaign Officer, Countryside Alliance, 367 Kennington Road, London, SE11 4PT (letter)
Derby Telegraph 27.10.09 Time to embrace our countryside, Charley May, education campaign officer, Countryside Alliance, London (letter)
Cumberland & Westmorland Herald 26.10.09 Risk of illness from farm visits remains very low CHARLEY MAY, (Education campaign officer, Countryside Alliance) Kennington Road, London.(letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 26.10.09 Benefits of country trips outweigh risks - Charley May, Education campaign officer, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Southern Daily Echo 26.10.09 Embracing our countryside with commonsense - THE Countryside Alliance has some good news for teachers and parents on rural education. Following concerns about outbreaks of E.Coli on petting farms, we have published encouraging research on the low risks associated with school trips. Teachers have told us that they would love to offer more outdoor education but health and safety and the threat of being sued is a concern. The Countryside Alliance is calling for outdoor education to be put onto the National Curriculum, and our research shows how easily it could, and should, be done… Charley May, Education Campaign Officer, Countryside Alliance (letter)


Gloucester Citizen/Echo 28.10.09 Fox hunting film set for Parliament premier - Neighbours who persuaded the police to issue the first Asbo warning in Britain against a fox hunt, have taken their campaign to the silver screen. Jeanne Berry and Denise Ward, who live in the Slad Valley, near Stroud, have produced a 90-minute film to be premiered at the Houses of Parliament. The film does not focus on the rights and wrongs of hunting – but on cases of hounds killing pets and hunts trespassing on private land…. The film, called A Minority Pastime is being premiered next week at a special screening organised by three MPs, including Stroud MP David Drew. (story)

Cambridge News 28.10.09 No place for fox hunting From Mike Michalak, Swaffham Road, Burwell - SHADOW environment secretary Nick Herbert says the Tories, if elected, would form a regulatory body for fox hunting to work toward minimising animal suffering. How can the suffering of a hunted animal be minimalised by a pro-hunt group whose only interest is the wellbeing of its wealthy patrons?... (story)

Heart 97.6 28.10.09 The Bobby Roberts Circus - Local Community Group North Herts Vegetarians and Vegans are asking people to boycott the Bobby Roberts Circus when it comes to Hitchin today. They believe that using animals in their shows is cruel and unfair, especially as they have an elderly elephant who is suffering from arthritis, that travels with them to every show… (story)
The Comet 28.10.09 Call for circus ban as trained animals come to Hitchin - ANIMAL rights activists are holding a protest outside a big top to try to convince people not to go to a circus that uses trained animals. For the second year running, North Herts Vegetarians And Vegans (NHVV) are calling for a boycott of the Bobby Roberts Circus which began performances yesterday (Wednesday) until Sunday in Hitchin. They also want North Herts District Council (NHDC) to ban circuses with animals in the district…. Ross Watkins, NHVV spokesman said: "Last year we held a protest against the circus which was well received by local residents and we intend to show that there is the same strong feeling against animal circuses in North Herts… (story)


Country File 27.10.09 A perfect Indian summer autumn hunting - Octavia Pollock - There can be no better way to spend a Indian summer weekend than autumn hunting, especially if it begins with an open day at the Chiddingfold Leconfield and Cowdray kennels, when some 150 members and guests, including Jim Barrington of the Middle Way Group, Charles Mann of Vote-OK, John Gardiner of the Countryside Alliance and local MPs Andrew Tyrie and Peter Bottomley, gathered for afternoon tea in Petworth Park. Joint master Paul Lyon-Maris introduced Nick Herbert, shadow Defra minister…(story)

27.10.09 Yorkshire Post 27.10.09 Arrogance over hunting - From: William Snowden, Butterbowl Gardens, Farnley Ring Road, Leeds. HOW extraordinary that when the country is facing such perilous times of national indebtedness, and is engaged in a seemingly intractable war in Afghanistan, the Conservative Party should express its clear intent, if elected to office, to introduce a "government Bill" (Yorkshire Post, October 19) to repeal the ban on hunting with hounds…. (story)

Religious Intelligence 27.10.09 Charity challenges UK law on snaring - By: Marcus Papadopoulos…. The British countryside is known for all its glory across the world with tourists visiting the UK every year to experience the peace and beauty of our parks, forests and heaths….. Snaring is officially carried out in England and Wales as a form of pest control and is governed by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981…. Next time you and your family venture out to the countryside, be on guard for the hidden dangers that lie in wait….. (story)

East London Advertiser 27.10.09 Drag queens potest against animal fur in Brick Lane - AROUND 30 real and pretend drag queens took to Brick Lane in protest at shops selling animal fur on the East End's famous thoroughfare. Donning wigs and glam clothes the protesters shouted slogans such as, "Ditch fur, do drag!" and "Fur trade-death trade!" as they marched down the lane in Spitalfields Sunday afternoon…. (story)

Financial Times 27.10.09 Drive for activist campaigns By Rhymer Rigby - Last year, Alice Newstead, an employee of the cosmetics company Lush, took part in a rather unusual and macabre window display. Covering herself in body paint so that she resembled a shark, a pair of meat hooks were then inserted into the skin of her back near her shoulder blades. Next, she was hung in Lush’s shop window by her skin, blood trickling out of the wounds…. Lush is one of a number of businesses to have taken corporate social responsibility one stage further by setting itself up as an activist company. “We look at issues and we decide which ones are important to us and then we see how we can support them,” explains Andrew Butler, the company’s director of campaigns whose background is in activism for organisations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals….. (story)


Western Morning News 26.10.09 Hunts' 'survival strategy' hailed a success - A "SURVIVAL strategy" to keep hunts alive in the South West has been hailed a success, but the need to repeal the Hunting Act is pressing, according to a new survey by the Countryside Alliance. Hunt supporters issued a "health check" to 300 hunts across the country ahead of what they hope will be the final season before the 2004 Act is repealed…. (story)

Western Morning News 26.10.09 Teenagers admit letterbox shooting - A GROUP of teenagers dubbed "the four musketeers" have apparently claimed responsibility for shooting at the letterbox of a controversial newspaper columnist. Mail on Sunday columnist Liz Jones, 51, said she was "traumatised and frightened" after the attack on her home near Dulverton, West Somerset, last month, as exclusively revealed by the Western Morning News… (story)
Sunday Times 25.10.09 ‘Musketeers’ in potshot revenge on columnist - Daniel Foggo - It was the moment that confessional journalism finally backfired on Liz Jones…. But when she moved from east London to a Somerset village on the edge of Exmoor and began making unwelcome comments on her new neighbours, someone took a shotgun to her mailbox, leaving it peppered with pellet indentations…. Police have so far drawn a blank on the identity of the gunman. But The Sunday Times can reveal that the shooting was carried out by members of a band of teenagers known locally as “the four musketeers… (story)
Mail 10.10.09 In which I discover that I am not entirely alone - Liz Jones - I was on the yard, trying to clean the congealed egg off my car, when a man pulled on to my drive in a four by four. He told me he was from the League Against Cruel Sports, and had been meaning to come and see me to offer solidarity. He told me that the windows of his house had been smashed in, quite often people stand on his lawn late at night and shout abuse, and that whenever he goes into town people shout at him or stick two fingers up…. last weekend the man from the League had tried to prevent a stag hunt from galloping across it, to no avail. He had been smashed against his car by a horse …. In a way, I feel better that it isn’t just me who is vilified on Exmoor, but, on the other hand, it all seems a bit hopeless…. Another woman went on the radio to proclaim that what I should have done to ingratiate myself with the locals was to go to see my neighbour brandishing a bunch of flowers. I thought it was the job of the locals to welcome strangers, not the other way round…. (story)
Western Morning News 9.9.09 Columnist's home pelted with eggs - CONTROVERSIAL columnist Liz Jones has claimed her car and home have been pelted with eggs within days of shots being fired at her postbox. The writer has revealed that her home, near Exmoor, was targeted for a second time on Sunday, and blames the backlash from local residents angered by the barbed comments she has made in newspapers…. (story)
Independent 8.9.09 Terence Blacker: It's an insult when a townie expects rural life to be an idyll - The countryside is really not a cosy 'Vicar of Dibley' kind of place - It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at the wonderful tale of Liz Jones, the me-and-my-mad-life columnist, and her experience of life in the country…. The hostility towards Liz Jones was not, as she has grandly written, caused by the "insularity, boredom or fear" of her rural neighbours, but because she represents a brittle, ungenerous, metropolitan approach to life which they distrust. Who knows, they might even be right. (story)
Daily Mail 8.9.09 Rachel Johnson offers a few home truths: Liz Jones, you're the Marie Antoinette of Exmoor By Rachel Johnson - Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones left London for Exmoor to make a new start after a messy divorce. But last week, shots were fired at her mailbox, after apparently she'd upset locals with unflattering comments. Here, the editor of The Lady magazine, RACHEL JOHNSON, who lives in the area, offers some neighbourly advice...(story)
Independent on Sunday 6.9.09 Have you shot Miss Jones? Villagers have had enough of new resident By Danny Brierley - The shotgun-blasted letterbox at the end of Liz Jones's drive marks the latest dark twist in the souring of a city journalist's attempt to live a countryside idyll. To say that the Daily Mail columnist has failed to ingratiate herself with the people of Dulverton would be to play down the animosity felt towards someone who has called her neighbours "toothless" and the local area "faintly Amish"…. Villagers in the tiny hamlet on the edge of Exmoor National Park are quick to tell tales of how their relationships with Jones have soured and how things came to a head on Thursday afternoon….Those visits are said to have followed a series of confrontations caused by an unruly sheepdog, one of a number of organically fed rescue animals that live with Jones and Nicola Bebb, her "equine behaviourist", at her farm. The dog had been blamed for worrying lambs, and Jones's inability to control it, locals say, is an indicator of the chasm between her life and theirs… One neighbour said: "The majority of people here hunt and shoot. We have got nothing in common with her, really… (story)
Mail 5.9.09 Firing guns into my mailbox. How exactly does that help Exmoor? - I'm in New York when I get a phone call. It’s my horses’ groom. ‘Someone has fired a bullet into your mailbox,’ she said, clearly scared. I told her to call the police… (story)
Western Morning News 4.9.09 Writer shocked by gun attack on home - A BULLET has been shot through the letterbox at the home of newspaper columnist Liz Jones, who has stirred up a media storm over her writing about life on Exmoor….Police are investigating after a shot was fired at her property near the village of Brushford. It comes after her column in the Mail on Sunday and her latest book, The Exmoor Files, provoked a flurry of criticism about the way she has portrayed people in the area… Much of the content is focused on her own inability to cope, and she frequently talks of her love for the landscape. But she also made references which have ruffled feathers locally, such as referring to "toothless" farmers and criticising the food as being stuck in the 1980s…(story)
Telegraph 4.9.09 Shot fired through letter box of 'toothless farmers' writer - A writer, Liz Jones, who moved from London to a small rural village in Exmoor and labelled locals ''toothless farmers'' has apparently had a shot fired through her letterbox. Ms Jones, 50, a journalist, caused upset among her neighbours with her regular national newspaper column in which she talks about life living in Brushford, Somerset… Residents in the small community near Dulverton were angry with some of her work which they claim made them appear ''cold, dirty, smelly and vicious''…. (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 3.9.09 Columnists lock horns over jibes in national press - DULVERTON residents have seen red over barbed comments penned by a national newspaper columnist who has set up home in the area. Daily Mail writer Liz Jones, a former editor of fashion magazine Marie Claire, has been sharing details of her move from London with her readers. But some of her observations — such as "to be in possession of your own teeth (on Exmoor) is a bonus" — have incensed the local population… As well as comments on the toothless locals and the backward food, the vegan Daily Mail columnist regularly criticises hunting and farming…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 26.10.09 Gamebird shooting is a noisy, cruel waste - THE gamebird shooting season is under way, with its barrage of noise from guns and four-wheeled vehicles and the tragic sight of dead pheasants and partridges littering the roadsides… If you are sick and tired of the noise, cruelty and waste associated with gamebird shooting, contact Animal Aid for an anti-shooting information pack. Fiona Pereira, Animal Aid (letter)

York Press 26.10.09 Welfare of veal calves is important issue - I read Pauline McSweeney’s letter with great interest (British veal better for dairy calves…. I will look out for the “British meat” sign on packs of veal and may purchase some. Thank you, Pauline, for your letter on this important and tragic subject. Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York (letter)
York Press 22.10.09 British veal better for dairy calves - Pauline McSweeney, Rufforth, York (letter)
Cotswold Journal 7.9.09 They are the wrong gender wk37 - Stephen Scrimshaw, Evesham (letter)
Derby Telegraph 7.9.09 Give the calves a life worth living - Ruth Blackwell, Oak Close, Duffield (letter)
Bournemouth Echo 5.9.09 Veal deal to save lives of calves - ANDREW E ALLCOCK, address supplied, Bournemouth (story)
Yorkshire Post 4.9.09 Please pick British veal From: Ms Wendy Mallon, Foston-on-the-Wolds, Driffield, East Yorkshire. (letter)
Sheffield Star 2.9.09 Appeal to switch to British veal - Mrs P. Upton, Barncliffe Road, sheffield S10 (letter)
Shropshire Star 26.8.09 Letter: Veal aids British farmers - David John, Church Stretton (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 21.8.09 British veal is best - Half a million male calves are born every year in the UK. The dairy industry doesn’t value them, as they’re the wrong gender for milk production…. One way of giving male dairy calves a better life is to rear them for British veal… This is why I urge all your readers to choose British if they eat veal. For more information, contact Compassion In World Farming… John D Cosway, Hill Foot, Nab Wood (letter)

Independent on Sunday 26.10.09 Restaurant critic Gill delights in killing a baboon By Kunal Dutta - His hunting credentials include pheasant-seeking missions to Wiltshire with Jeremy Clarkson, and trigger-happy deliberations with the chef Marco Pierre White moments before they despatched a deer. But now AA Gill, the outspoken restaurant critic and self-appointed arbiter of British culinary standards, might have just taken a pop too far with a column revelling in the demise of his latest gunshot victim – an entirely inedible African baboon… Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "There is no excuse for taking potshots at such endangered species… (story)


Sunday Express 25.10.09 LABOUR PAYS FOR HUNTING CLASSES AFTER BANNING IT... By Hilary Douglas - A NEW generation of huntsmen are ¬being trained on state-¬sponsored courses just five years after the blood sport was outlawed…by the Government. Kennelmen, whippers-in, hunt grooms and masters are coming on to the jobs market equipped with a National ¬Vocational Qualification (NVQ). The taxpayer-funded course is run by ¬Haddon Training in conjunction with the Council of Hunting Associations. The level 2 qualification in animal care and kennel management enables graduates to work in domestic kennels and for hunts. Edward Winnington, 21, is first ¬whipper with the Vale of Aylesbury Hunt…. Evelyn Beeney, 24, has just completed the course and is in her second year as first whip Kennelman for the Hurworth Hunt in North Yorkshire…. (story)


Leicester Mercury 24.10.09 Fox hunting supporters hope for law repeal as season starts - Pro-fox hunting campaigners are hopeful that this season will be the last before it makes a comeback, if the Tories get back into power… Around 370 people – 120 on horseback – gathered yesterday at the opening meet of the Quorn Hunt… Elsewhere, the Belvoir Hunt began today and a meet in Cottesmore is planned for Tuesday… (story)

Horse & Hound 24.10.09 Pre-season soar in hunting popularity as sport thrives - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - As we enter what may be the final season before the hunting ban is repealed, hunting has never been in better shape. A successful Newcomers' Week (10-17 October), in which hunts across the country held 92 "open to anyone" meets, attracted over 5,000 fresh faces to the sport. And now the Countryside Alliance (CA) has released new figures that demonstrate hunting's resilience… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 24.10.09 Hunting’s reply no surprise - SO, THE hunting fraternity are incensed by the cruelty-free chain Lush lending their support to the Hunt Saboteurs Association. And how do the hunting fraternity respond? As always with intimidation… Up here in Cumbria more people are wanting to come out and join us up in the hills, as they feel the democratic system as let them down, by allowing the hunts to flout the law…. ANDREW, Cumbrian Hunt Saboteurs (letter)

Spectator 24.10.09 Hunting: the other face - Susan Hill - This is my first and will be my last comment on hunting, but it is about an aspect that needs to be highlighted because so many people outside the country – and many inside it – have either never heard of it or do not know what it is, and many believe it was banned, no longer happens and will never do so again. I refer to that part of hunting with dogs known as Beagling – the chasing and killing of hares for sport… If you want to get up in arms about the evils of any country ways, do it about Beagling. Give me any petition against it and I will sign. In both my names (story)

Western Mail 24.10.09 Vegetarian hero? – Your Comment, “Leaders must agree green deal – for the Earth’s sake” (Oct 20), spelled out the reality of the situation facing world leaders as they meet in Copenhagen… Burning less fossil fuel is an obvious change that has to be made, but another, less evident, is the reduction of meat consumption, at present creating more greenhouse gases than all world transport combined. In this respect, the list of the nation’s green heroes could have included someone who has become a vegetarian. J L STANFIELD, Cefn Coed, Merthyr Tydfil (letter)


Western Morning News 23.10.09 Benn leads 'back the ban' campaign - ENVIRONMENT Secretary Hilary Benn is to front a Labour party campaign to oppose the repeal of the Hunting Act. He has launched an online campaign urging activists to "back the ban" on hunting with dogs…. His intervention signals a step change in the Labour party's campaigning, having apparently taken the decision to allow grassroots movements such as the Fox in Parliament blog to lead the protest… (story)

Tribune 23.10.09 Hunt supporters fund Tories, says League Against Cruel Sports by Marcus Papadopoulos - The Conservative Party is facing the prospect of being investigated by the parliamentary sleaze watchdog after an animal welfare charity complained that pro-hunting groups and individuals had made influential donations to a member of the shadow cabinet…. (story)
Daily Mail 19.10.09 Tories face parliamentary probe over 'cash from pro-hunt groups' By James Chapman - Parliamentary sleaze watchdogs are being urged to investigate donations to the Tories from individuals and groups with links to fox hunting. The League Against Cruel Sports wrote to Parliamentary Standards Commissioner John Lyon last night, asking him to look into donations made to frontbencher Nick Herbert following his confirmation that the Tories would offer a free vote on repealing Labour's hunting ban… Critics pointed out that before Labour offered a vote on the hunting ban, it accepted a £1m donation from the head of the world's wealthiest animal protection organisation, the US-based International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)….(story)

Nottingham Evening Post 23.10.09 Illustrated talk on the brown hare - ALEX Butler, of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, will talk about the history, ecology and conservation of the brown hare at a meeting of the Newark Local Group… (story)

Cambridge Evening News 23.10.09 Big top promises to be spectacular - THE circus is back in town and is promising passion, excitement and thrills in the big top. Zippos Circus is in Cambridge with a spectacular new show for 2009 called From Cart Wheels to Steel Wheels…. Animal Rights Cambridge held a 'say no to Zippos' protest, angry at its use of animals in its shows….. (story)

Tivyside Advertiser 23.10.09 Badger cull action day - AN action day organised by campaigners against the proposed badger cull in north Pembrokeshire was held earlier this month – and another is planned for next weekend. Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC) set up information stalls in several towns in and around the county, including Cardigan, Newport . Haverfordwest, Narberth and Carmarthen…. PAC spokesman Dr Adrian Stallwood said : "We take bovine TB seriously and recognise its impact on the farming community…. (story)

Cooventry Telegraph 23.10.09 Remembering the animals that perished on the front-line - WHEN the nation pauses to honour its war dead on the 11th hour of the 11th day, how many will be thinking of the dogs and horses that also perished on the frontline? Animal rights campaigner Janet Cummings is determined to remember the sacrifice that millions of animals have been made to pay by laying a purple poppy wreath on their behalf… She will place the Animal Aid garland at Rugby’s Hillmorton Road Memorial Gates on November 8,…. (story)

Cooventry Telegraph 23.10.09 Bonfire Night peril to animals - PLEASE remember all the animals this coming firework season as they are so sensitive to loud noises. Where leaves and twigs have been collected to build bonfires always check before lighting for any hibernating hedgehogs or other small mammals… Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby. (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 23.10.09 Help us name our animal rights group From Ms L. A. Rashley, Ventnor: THE Compassion in World Farming IW group is part of a national organisation… Today, we campaign peacefully to end all cruel farming practices… The IW group has reformed and is holding a competition for a name, which we will be recognised as locally… (letter)


Hull Daily Mail 22.10.09 Big turnout expected at Holderness Hunt - Huntsmen are stepping up the campaign to end the ban on hunting with dogs in the run up to their new season. Hundreds of hunting and countryside enthusiasts will be turning out for the Holderness Hunt's opening showcase meet on Saturday, October 31… (story)

Bath Chronicle 23.10.09 Control the foxes? Yes. Hunt with horses? No! - PAUL CHANT Rhybridge Farm Midsomer Norton (letter)
Somerset Guardian 22.10.09 Is ritual slaughter of hunting acceptable today? - Here they go again, Cameron's Hoods, the local hunt fraternity, are on the march. It is the return of the the 'I have got a horse and I am not afraid to dash about showing off my shiny buckles and knobs and kill defenceless furry animals' brigade… I believe that birds bred just for sport should be outlawed the same as using dogs as weapons. The bad press which hunting people have given the farming world is disgraceful. The truth is the majority of farmers care about the stewardship of our land and the importance of humane wildlife coalition, and don't want anything to do with the sadistic society of blood sport… PAUL CHANT, Rhybridge Farm, Midsomer Norton (letter)

Bath Chronicle 23.10.09 Re: Dan Norris's recent letter. I would just like to point out that there is no such thing as a fox hunting ban. I believe most people would be shocked to know that it is still legal to shoot, poison or snare foxes… KIM GARDNER Wellsway, Keynsham (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 22.10.09 Hunts more secretive since Act became law - SINCE the Hunting Act came into force in 2005 hunts have become very secretive about their activities. Prior to the ban hunts used to advertise their meets — usually two or three times per week — in the press and hunt magazines. They no longer do so. Quite the opposite, in fact… (letter)

Cheddar Valley Gazette 22.10.09 Facing a general dilemma - A letter to David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party. I, my family, and our parents before us, have voted for the Conservative party for decades and would like to continue to do so… The second dilemma we have is your promise to repeal the hunting ban. I cannot see where you are coming from with this agenda. That a few people in this country get pleasure from animal cruelty for sport is abhorrent but for you as a possible future Prime Minister to support this is unacceptable…. Michael J O Dearden Axbridge (letter)

Yorkshire Post 22.10.09 Folly of hunt ban repeal From: Duncan Anderson, Mill Lane, East Halton, Immingham - WHEN the Labour Government first proposed removing cruelty from hunting by introducing the Hunting with Dogs Act, the Tories reacted by scaremongering and saying that the countryside would be closed forever and farriers would be queuing for miles to get onto the dole… The Tories have just announced that I and others like me in the Labour Party were right, and now that the cruelty has been removed more people are going hunting and enjoying the countryside. The strange thing is that the Tories want to reverse this increase in people going hunting and enjoying the countryside on horseback by revoking the Hunting with Dogs Act… (letter)

Somerset Guardian 22.10.09 I think Dan Norris is asking the wrong question. Anti-hunt feelings are stronger now than ever. Survey after survey, shows about 72 per cent of people are against hunting foxes with dogs, for deer hunting it goes up to about 80 per cent. Only those in denial still think that hunting with dogs is acceptable to the people of this country. The question we should be asking is what is the sickness in their minds?... ALUN PERSON, Green Street, Ston Easton
Somerset Guardian 22.10.09
With reference to Wansdyke MP Dan Norris's campaign, I would like to point out that there is no such thing as a fox hunting ban. I believe most people would be shocked to know that it is still legal to shoot, poison or snare foxes…. KIM GARDNER, Wellsway, Keynsham (letters)

North Devon Journal 22.10.09 …. Paul, a middle-aged ex-soldier who now works as a training manager assessor for the British Deer Society charity as well as a deerstalker and game dealer, put on a baseball cap and a camouflage jacket. He had already spent hours explaining to me about how the deer population had grown to unprecedented levels in this area within just five years….. Paul's take on the ethics was this: "If we did not manage the deer population, the environment would be incapable of sustaining them. If you fail to cull them, they fill up the tranquil environments to capacity and eat themselves out of their homes; there's not sufficient food to maintain their health, so diseases set in." He said he had found evidence of TB in deer in North Devon…. (letter)

Evesham Journal 22.10.09 Ban on sale of pigeons has been averted - BASC has ensured that a possible ban on the sale of woodpigeons has been averted. Natural England’s draft general licences, under which woodpigeons can be legally shot, included a condition that would have resulted in a ban on the sale of their meat…BASC’s head of game and gamekeeping Tom Blades said: “We are delighted that we have been able to work with Natural England and Defra to overturn the ban on the sale of woodpigeons for human consumption… (story)

Bolton News 22.10.09 Game birds: opposition is boring - SO, S Edwards (Letters October 20) says we shouldn’t shoot something then eat a corpse. So it is okay to kill an animal some other way, such as a chicken, cow or pig, and eat its corpse? How typical of someone who does not understand what real life is all about… G C Gibson Czech republic (letter)
Bolton News 20.10.09 ‘Game’ are beautiful creatures - HELEN Shuker, of the British Association for Shooting & Conservation (how's that for an oxymoron!), is hardly unbiased in her views about pheasant killing…. around 35 million pheasants and millions more partridges are mass produced every year in Britain to be used as feathered targets by shooters who may pay up to £1,000 for the privilege…. The “game” she euphemistically refers to, and promotes as mere commodities, are beautiful, living, breathing creatures… S Edwards Dubai (letter)

Bromsgrove Advertiser 22.10.09 Bromsgrove youngsters get hooked on fishing - YOUNGSTERS from a Bromsgrove school were hooked during a recent fishing session. The children from Chadsgrove Specialist Sports College, in Meadow Road, arranged an angling participation day for 12 disabled anglers held at Cob House Fisheries, in Worcester, who provided their facilities free of charge… (story)

Northern Echo 22.10.09 School trips - THE Countryside Alliance has some good news on rural education for teachers and parents. Following concerns about outbreaks of E.Coli on petting farms, we have published encouraging research on the low risks associated with school trips…. Charley May, Countryside Alliance, London (letter)

Oxford Times 22.10.09 Protecting the badger By Elizabeth Edwards - For 20 years a small group of people have been looking after the badgers of Oxfordshire. Formed out of a need to understand where badgers were living so they could be protected, the group has since built up extensive records about badgers in the county. Patrick Parry Okeden and his wife Crystal have been members for about 15 years and Mr Parry Okeden edits the group’s newsletter… Oxfordshire Badger Group member Diane Wilson recently photographed a regular visitor to her own small garden in Oxford…. (story)


Petersfield Post 21.10.09 Big field follows bloodhounds on the scent of men By Luke Rees - The latest meet of the South Downs Bloodhounds took place in glorious sunshine at Froxfield this Sunday. Senior Master Jeremy Whaley and hounds led 39 riders across farmland and forest following the scent of men on foot, with a 20-minute headstart. Others walked the route… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 21.10.09 Strengthen the hunt law, don't repeal it - Alan Kirby, Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)
Birmingham Post 16.10.09 Sickening images highlight need for Hunting Act to be strengthened Deeply shocking images have been released of a fox hound impaled on metal railings and, allegedly, left to die there in agony by its hunt owners. The incident, which traumatised villagers in Cilfynnyd, South Wales, is a timely reminder of the true brutality of hunting with dogs and the callousness of the hunters…. Alan Kirby pp. Protect Our Wild Animals [POWA] (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 21.10.09 Tally-No, Dave - DAVID Cameron seems to be hunting the sick unemployed with the same ruthlessness he hunts foxes. Tally-No, Dave…. David Cameron-Blair on Sunday was chasing newspaper headlines against vulnerable people. 'Nasty party' indeed. Chasing foxes is bad enough. MAX NOTTINGHAM St Faith's Street Lincoln (letter)

Leicester Mercury 21.10.09 Cruelty to animals is on the rise - There has recently been an escalation of cruelty to animals… What chance is there of encouraging young people to show care and compassion for animals when many of the elite in our country are promoting terror and cruelty towards them? Elizabeth Allison, Leicester (letter)

Northern Echo 21.10.09 David Cameron - AFTER watching David Cameron’s speech at the Tory party conference can anyone put their hand on their heart and say he’s the answer to Britain’s ills? If Cameron gets the keys to Downing Street then free bus passes, the minimum wage and winter fuel allowances are all in danger. Also, the ban on fox hunting will be reversed… Edward Halliday, Langley Moor. (letter)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 21.10.09 Pilot Bill Tiplady works with police in Ryedale poaching blitz By Karen Darley - A UNIQUE operation to help combat poaching in the area has proved successful in its first week. In the only partnership of its kind in the country, a private aircraft owner is working with local police officers to detect illegal poachers. Pilot Bill Tiplady flies over key areas known to have suffered from poaching activity, using hi-tech camera equipment to gain evidence while liaising with officers on the ground to direct them towards offenders… (story)

Hexham Courant 21.10.09 Hen harriers - I WOULD like the opportunity to reply to Peter Robinson from the RSPB (Courant Letters, October 2) following my previous correspondence…. As regards Langholm, it is true other organisations made up the raptor study group. Unfortunately, apart from Buccleugh Estates and Game Conservancy Trust, the rest had only one interest – in raising the numbers of hen harriers on that moor. The real problem came when grouse numbers became so badly affected by this regime that the moor was declared unviable for game shooting. The rest of the moor could not cope with the ecological imbalance. JAMES ROBSON, Low Prudhoe (story)

Western Morning News 21.10.09 Anglers included in new EU fishing rules - AMATEUR anglers will be included in tougher controls on fishing as part of EU efforts to protect dwindling stocks. Casual fishermen will be included in the Common Fisheries Policy for the first time, as part of a deal struck in Luxembourg in the early hours of yesterday. The new agreement will also mean closer monitoring of licensed fishing boats and stiff penalties on the industry and national authorities for breaching strict annual catch quotas…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 21.10.09 Protest outiside North Somerset zoo over 'circus breeding' claims - Animal rights activists held a protest outside a North Somerset zoo to highlight the launch of a campaign calling for its closure. Members of the Western Animal Rights Network (Warn) staged the protest outside the gates of Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall… Warn spokesman Chris Williams said: "Our ultimate aim is to get this zoo closed down… (story)
Daily Mail 20.10.09 Controversial Christian zoo skinned tiger Tira and stored her head in freezer - A Christian zoo decapitated a dead tiger and cut off its paws before it dumped the carcass on farmland and stored the head in a freezer, an investigation has reveal. After the revelations, staff at Noah's Ark - which promotes creationism and denies the theory of evolution - dug up the remains and incinerated them. The case emerged in an undercover investigation by campaign group the Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS), which planted an undercover worker at the zoo… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 20.10.09 Noah's Ark Zoo Farm denies breeding animals for circuses - Owners of a North Somerset zoo farm have denied allegations that it is breeding tigers and camels to be used in circuses. The Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) made the claims after carrying out an investigation at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall over the summer. An undercover female investigator – who secured work at the zoo farm as a volunteer for two months – worked alongside staff, where she claimed to have discovered the zoo was breeding animals to be used in the Great British Circus owned by Martin Lacey…. (story)
Weston & Somerset Mercury 20.10.09 Zoo probed over tiger claims - A ZOO is under investigation after it cut off the head, skin and feet of a tiger before illegally burying it in the grounds…. (story)
Weston & Somerset Mercury 20.10.09 Protests outside Noah's Ark - AN ANIMAL rights group has begun a campaign against Noah's Ark Zoo Farm after an undercover investigator accused the zoo of breeding tigers and camels for a circus. The Western Animal Rights Network will begin a series of pickets outside the Wraxall attraction today (Tues) to mark the start of a campaign aimed at closing it down…. (story)
BBC News Online 19.10.09 Zoo admits connection with circus - A zoo in North Somerset has admitted many of its animals are on loan from the owner of a controversial circus. Noah's Ark Zoo near Bristol breeds tigers and camels for the Great British Circus - the only UK circus which still uses tigers in its shows…. Acting on a tip off the animal campaign group, the Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS), filmed secret footage at Noah's Ark. It revealed that some of the staff at the zoo were unhappy about the links with the circus… (story)

Mail 21.10.09 Baby P stepfather accuses animal rights group of 'ruining his reputation' by putting him on poster - An animal rights group has scrapped a poster campaign which used the face of one of Baby P's torturers, after he claimed it damaged his reputation. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) used a photo of Steven Barker, 33, in a billboard campaign, alongside the words: 'Steven Barker: Animal Abuser, Rapist and Murderer. People who are violent towards animals rarely stop there. Report cruelty to animals immediately.'… Tim Bittlestone, of solicitors Leslie Franks, wrote to PETA: 'Mr Barker was acquitted of ¬murder. Your campaign poster is therefore libellous…. (story)
Sky News 21.10.09 Baby P Stepdad In Animal Cruelty Poster Row - Damien Pearse, Sky News Online - The stepfather of Baby Peter has forced an animal charity to take down a campaign poster featuring his mugshot - because it damages his reputation. Lawyers for Steven Barker - who tortured Baby Peter and raped a two-year-old - demanded that Animal Rights group PETA remove the billboard claiming it was libellous… (story)

South Wales Echo 21.10.09 Time ‘illegal’ cull was on agenda - I AM delighted to learn that two Assembly Members – Lorraine Barrett and Peter Black – have urged a further debate on the badger cull at the Assembly. It is highly likely that the Badger Trust will also take this proposed ‘illegal’ cull of a protected species to the High Court…. Elin Jones should try a positive approach and get farmers to grow produce of merit in Wales rather than encourage indiscriminate slaughter. We’ll have the return of fox hunting to Wales next…. Derek Hector, Whitchurch, Cardiff (letter)


Leicester Mercury 20.10.09 MP Edward Garnier backs watchdog for hunting - An MP has backed proposals to set up a watchdog to oversee fox-hunting if the ban is lifted. Tory leader David Cameron has promised to allow politicians a free vote on hunting, if his party wins the next election…. Tory Harborough MP Edward Garnier is chairman of the Repeal Committee – a lobbying group set up to overturn the Hunting Act. He said: "A repeal requires a bit of give on the part of the hunting community so we are proposing to set up the hunting regulatory authority, which would ensure good behaviour and recognition of the rules… (story)

Gloucester Citizen/Gazette 20.10.09 Gloucestershire MPs back hunting ban repeal - Gloucestershire's Conservative MPs have vowed to back plans to repeal the fox hunting ban…. Cotswold MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown said he would support any plan to use a Government Bill to reverse the ban… Tewkesbury MP Laurence Robertson said he would support plans to repeal the ban, but felt there should be "safeguards" in place…. Meanwhile, Stroud Labour MP David Drew has hit out at the plan, calling it "both reprehensible and repressive"…. Ian Farquhar, joint master of the Duke of Beaufort Hunt, said: "We agree wholeheartedly that this is bad law and was a waste of time … (story)

Mirror 20.10.09 Tories set to overturn hunting ban if they win election By Jason Beattie - The Tories will try to sneak through a bid to overturn the hunting ban, despite massive opposition. Officials will put cruel sports at the top of their agenda, but plan to bundle the law into a civil rights bill, fearing an outcry if it is pushed on its own…. (story)

Northern Echo 20.10.09 Fox hunting: have your say - IF the Tory Party wins the General Election, it has promised to hold a free vote on fox hunting…. If you have an interest in animal welfare, please also make it one of your priorities and seek the views of your candidates on this matter. W Hawdon, Durham (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 20.10.09 Strengthen hunting act - do not repeal it …. Tory shadow environment secretary Nick Herbert tells us that, if elected, they would use a government bill in government time to overturn the Hunting Act… Doubtless the Old Etonian cronies of David Cameron share his view that the ban on hounding animals to death with dogs and horses is a farce…. When I did national service in the 1950s, there was, adjacent to my camp, the HQ of the Royal Artillery Drag Hounds…. If that was good enough for the officer class then, why is it not for civilian sportsmen and women now?.... MIKE BIRD, Main Road, Maryport (letter)


BBC News Online 19.10.09 Tories consider hunt 'watchdog' - A Conservative government could create a regulatory body for fox-hunting if the ban on it ends, shadow environment secretary Nick Herbert has suggested. The Conservatives have promised to provide government time for a free vote on repealing the 2004 Hunting Act if they win the election. Mr Herbert told BBC Radio 4's Today programme a regulatory body could work towards "minimising animal suffering"…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen/Echo 19.10.09 HAVE YOUR SAY: Fox hunting - Conservatives could create a new regulatory body for fox-hunting to reassure voters that animal suffering will be minimised if Labour’s ban is repealed, shadow environment secretary Nick Herbert suggested today…. Would the Tories be right to repeal the ban on fox hunting? And is it an infringement on human rights, as he said?... (story)

Western Morning News 19.10.09 Tories will hold free vote on hunting ban - THE Tories have reaffirmed a promise to overturn the hunting ban that has "divided the countryside". Shadow environment secretary Nick Herbert has moved to kill off speculation that it was "watering down" its commitment to repeal the Hunting Act by spelling out his party's intentions should it win the General Election… His article in a national newspaper was tacit acknowledgment that a backbench Bill – which would have less chance of becoming law due to a lack of parliamentary time – had been ruled out…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 18.10.09 David Cameron government will put full force before hunting ban - The Tory leadership today attempted to kill off internal rows over the hunting ban with a pledge to throw the full weight of a future Conservative government behind repeal. By Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor - Nick Herbert, the shadow environment secretary, moved to allay fears in the hunting community over the Tories’ intentions by spelling out publicly for the first time that the Tories would use a Government bill in Government time to repeal the Hunting Act…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 18.10.09 Nick Herbert: There is a compelling case to get the hunting ban off the statute book - This week, the National Audit Office slated the Government's handling of the farm payment scheme, describing "a serious lack of attention to the protection of taxpayers' interests". This incompetence has cost the British public £75 million in fines to the EU and caused farmers real difficulty, yet no Minister has accepted responsibility. By Nick Herbert, Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - Labour's contempt for the countryside is so brazen that rural communities have become almost inured to it. The Government's assault on rural England has been relentless… Of course the most symbolic act of Labour's arrogant disregard for rural communities was the abolition of hunting. One of only seven laws to be driven through under the Parliament Act, for the late Tony Banks MP, the abolition of hunting was "totemic"…. (story)
Sunday Mirror 18.10.09 Tories pledge to repeal hunting ban - The Tories would use a government bill in government time to overturn the hunting ban, shadow environment secretary Nick Herbert has confirmed…. (story)

Carmarthen Journal 19.10.09 Blast at 'draconian' rules for control of dogs - DOG control measures expected to be rolled out across Carmarthenshire have been branded as "draconian" and having no regard for responsible pet owners… Councillor Jane Tremlett pointed out there was no ban on hunting dogs on the beaches of the county, and questioned why they were exempt from the orders… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 19.10.09 Hunting dogs are not exempt from lead law - THE letter by Kathy Moyle Why are hunts above the law on dog leads? Letters, October 10, makes interesting reading. But I think a distinction must be made between fox hunting and following dogs for sport…. The East Devon Dog Control Order, which came in effect on October 1, 2009, says the maximum number of dogs which a person may take onto land is six. The order has, therefore, no effect on fox hunting as such an activity is already restricted to two dogs… I have little doubt that my comments will be challenged by the East Devon Hunt and the East Devon District Council and will, eventually, have to be decided in a court of law. Meanwhile, I would find it satisfying to see the dogs of the hunt on leads and I am sure Kathy Moyle would agree. John Phelps Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 12.10.09 Why are hunts above the law on dog leads? - WRITING about the new dog control orders, how can it be difficult to enforce the new by-law on a pack of hounds in a public place, ie not on private land, all without leads, ie Ottery St Mary Square, Seaton seafront, and more places in East Devon District?... This dog control order is for all the public except for a small group of people, the hunts, who can go out in East Devon District with the council's discretion… Kathy Moyle, Collins Park, East Budleigh (letter)

Oxford Mail 19.10.09 Brutal sport could be legalised again - THE very unhealthy minority who persist in terrorising our wildlife and vandalising the property of those who oppose them (Hunt followers slashed tyres, Oxford Mail October 15) present an aspect of life that is deeply disturbing… BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter)

Leicester Mercury 19.10.09 Terrible cruelty - I have received information from an animal welfare organisation concerning an alarming trend among some city youths and their treatment of dogs. It says "certain types of dogs have become a must-have fashion accessory", or "status dogs"…. The sick, disaffected thugs responsible for these crimes need to be identified and dealt with before their behaviour escalates. Elizabeth Allison, Leicester. (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 19.10.09 Time to stop halal killing - The Government has disappointed people who care about animal welfare yet again - this time by refusing to ban slaughter without stunning… It is time for the Government to take meaningful action and make this practice illegal, ANDY ELLIOTT, Belfast (letter)

Sunday Times 19.10.09 Time to stop halal killing - The Government has disappointed people who care about animal welfare yet again - this time by refusing to ban slaughter without stunning… It is time for the Government to take meaningful action and make this practice illegal, ANDY ELLIOTT, Belfast (letter)


Sunday Times 18.10.09 Foie gras served at Alex Salmond’s Bute House - Jason Allardyce - Ales Salmond has been criticised for serving foie gras at official dinners even though the dish is condemned as cruel by his own government…. (story)

Times 18.10.09 Townies in the country - Richard Caring has upset the locals with his flashy hunting estate in Somerset - It was something of a shock for Richard Caring, the multimillionaire businessman, owner of Annabel’s nightclub and the Ivy restaurant in London, when, last month, he discovered one of his prize Exmoor stags dumped on the doorstep of his country estate near Dulverton, on the Devon-Somerset border… We’ll probably never know exactly why these killings occurred, but was Caring — by being something of a vulgar townie, flinging his money and celebrity friends about and landing his chopper in the middle of a field on a Friday afternoon — kind of, well, asking for it?... Pheasant shooting, Caring-style, doesn’t appear to be the subtly nuanced traditional pursuit of wet, threadbare tweed and smelly labradors, either…. One section of Caring’s bucolic fantasy takes place over water on custom-built pontoons. Here, outdoor speakers belt out loud classical music, while guns bang away at birds overhead in the style of Apocalypse Now. One guest was horrified to see a captain of industry boldly lighting up a cigar mid-slaughter with a £20 note…. (story)


Irish Independent 17.10.09 Animals benefit from coursing - What a storm John Fitzgerald's rather predicable letter has started… Hares used for coursing and stags hunted by the Ward Union are examined by veterinary experts appointed by the Department of Agriculture before and after use and no evidence has been found to suggest excessive stress… Richard Power, Kilmallock, Co Limerick (story)
Irish Independent 14.10.09 Rural dwellers have had enough - IN reply to Mr Fitzgerald's letter in Monday's paper, the animal rights lobby has taken Ireland into dangerous territory in which we in rural communities stand united in protecting what we hold dear. The Green Party has moved away from its core principles in terms of sustainable energy, clean rivers, supporting agri- business and enabling communities to live and work in rural Ireland to an agenda led by animal rights activists who have far-reaching goals that could destroy the Irish countryside and its traditional way of life as we know it. Live exporting of animals would disappear. Coursing would disappear. Shooting and fishing would disappear. The list is endless… We support and promote animal welfare but will stand united in the campaign against animal rights, to protect the countryside as we know and love it. James Phelan, P.R.O. Irish Master of Foxhounds Association (letter)
Irish Independent 12.10.09 Fox and hare will have their day - The promised ban on stag hunting in the programme for government represents a milestone along the road to abolition of all blood sports in Ireland. Coupled with the restrictions on the operation of hunt kennels engendered by a section of the upcoming puppy-farm legislation, this move will greatly advance the cause of wildlife protection and prevention of cruelty to animals… fair play to the Green Party for achieving this major breakthrough in the battle against blood sports… John Fitzgerald, (Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports) Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Leicester Mercury 17.10.09 Animal groups call for boycott of circus - Organisers of a circus set to roll into town with an ageing arthritic elephant have been criticised by animal rights campaigners. The Bobby Roberts Super Circus, which bills itself as "Britain's most popular traditional circus", opens in Glen Parva at the Leicester Road showground on Wednesday. But the presence of one of the show's oldest performers, a 56-year-old arthritic elephant called Anne, has led animal welfare groups to call for a boycott… the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) has accused the circus of cruelty… (story)


Horse & Hound 16.10.09 Tories reiterate: "We will offer free vote to repeal the Hunting Act" - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - Shadow rural affairs minister Nick Herbert has reassured hunt supporters there has been no change in the Conservative Party's plans to offer a free vote to repeal the Hunting Act…. (story)

Bolton News 16.10.09 Bolton MP backs anti-cruelty stance - BOLTON North East MP David Crausby has given his backing to Vote Cruelty Free, a non-partisan coalition of animal protection organisations … (story)

Cumberland News 16.10.09 Is society more civilised since hunt ban? - In a recent letter to your paper, Alan Kirby suggested that somehow society is better for banning fox hunting. That, I would suggest, is inaccurate…. Hunting with scenting hounds is selective, as the quarry animal is caught in direct relation to its debility, thereby removing the old, weak and injured not only for the sake of that individual animal, but also for the health of the population… figures from the RSPCA have shown a year-on-year rise in animal cruelty cases.So much for moving on to a more civilised and enlightened society. JAMES BARRINGTON Welfare consultant to the Council of Hunting Associations (story)

Leek Post & Times 16.10.09 Hunting ban must remain - Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Newcastle Evening Chronicle 12.10.09 Help hunting ban continue - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports, New Sparling House, Godalming, Surrey (letter)
Leicester Mercury 9.10.09 Secure future of the Hunting Act - Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
The Shields Gazette 8.10.09 Keep this cruelty illegal - NEW polling released by the League Against Cruel Sports shows that support for the Hunting Act is stronger than ever, with figures confirming that the public most certainly do not want a return to cruelty… As we approach the election, it is vital voters make all prospective candidates aware of the strength of feeling on this matter, in order to keep cruelty history…. Douglas Batchelor, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports, New Sparling House, Godalming, Surrey (letter)
Buckinghamshire Advertiser 7.10.09 Support for Hunting Act strong - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports New Sparling House Godalming (letter)

Lancashire Evening Post 16.10.09 Cruel life, painful death for birds - Readers may be shocked to learn that every year in Britain, more than 45 million pheasants and partridges are mass-produced to serve as feathered targets for wealthy 'guns'….. Michelle Gornall, Preston Animal Rights Group, Fulwood, via email (letter)


Telegraph 15.10.09 There's nothing 'Fantastic' about Mister Fox's PETA-style politics By James Delingpole - Fantastic Mister Fox is the most poisonous and insidious piece of misanthropic, animal rights propaganda PETA never wrote. Its politics more closely resemble that of a rabidly townie, leftist vegetarian who believes that property is theft, meat production a vile perversion and pest control a form of racist genocide, than of some lovably eccentric children’s author. So if Roald Dahl is turning in his grave at the very weird things Wes Anderson has done to his classic book, then part of me is kind of pleased… When I was a child it was my favourite Dahl book… I rejoiced in the naughtiness of his thefts from the repellant Boggis, Bunce and Bean; I was desperately upset when he lost his brush; and was overjoyed when he and his family made their narrow escape. Never put me off foxhunting, though, did it? (story)

Oxford Mail 15.10.09 Hunters exploiting the legal loopholes - WHAT ON Earth motivates people like Christopher Hodgson (The Issue, October 9) to come out with such crass statements as “repeal of the Hunting Act would be a public service”? Has he lost his marbles while out terrorising our wildlife and infuriating the non-hunting majority?... BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington (letter)

Mid Devon Gazette 15.10.09 Are wild stags prized too? - IT is understandable why Richard Caring, owner of Pixton Stables, became so angry and distressed over the killing of a prize stag on his land…. I wonder if he has equal concerns when wild stags are killed? Is he bothered if the local fox hunt, presumably given permission by him to hunt on his land, 'accidentally' kills foxes?.... IVOR ANNETTS League Against Cruel Sports Tiverton (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 15.10.09 Boris would have made a better leader - MR GR Holwill should not be surprised at the Conservatives wishing to repeal the Hunting Act, Letters, October 9. Historically, most of the hunting folk are Conservative voters and always have been and this is the real reason the Tories wish to repeal the Hunting Act. It has nothing to do with the fox whatsoever but to do with voters…. Brian Sharpe, Ladysmith Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.10.09 Where's democracy in voting changes? - ISN'T it sad that on the day George Osborne made his keynote speech to conference, a much-needed dose of reality which was long overdue, David Cameron chose the same day to announce that his government would repeal the Hunting Act within days of coming to power?... G R Holwill, Stoke Hill Crescent, Exeter (letter)

Bath Chronicle 15.10.09 There are more vital local issues than hunting Mr Norris - Dan Norris MP has requested comments from his constituents on the ban on fox hunting introduced by his party in 2005 to ensure he is "still closely in touch" with his constituents…. However, given that his party has recently rejected a bid for funding to improve disabled access at Keynsham train station, that male unemployment in Bath and North East Somerset rose by 113 per cent in the year to January 8, that female unemployment was up by 185 per cent as measured by those claiming Job Seekers Allowance and that Mr Norris voted in favour of post office closures, perhaps he should focus on the issues affecting his constituents, rather than abusing his position to pursue an irrelevant vendetta based on personal prejudice? DELLY EVERARD Wessex Regional Director Countryside Alliance Kennington Road, London (letter)
Bath Chronicle 8.10.09 MP seeks your views on fox hunting ban proposal - The way we treat animals is a measure of how civilised our society is. So it's no surprise that new Conservative pledges to reverse Labour's popular fox hunting ban are triggering powerful feelings right across the West Country…. DAN NORRIS MP (letter)

Bath Chronicle 15.10.09 There is a general consensus (based on myth) that Tony Blair and David Cameron are two opposites. Nothing could be more from the truth. Tony Blair has no concern about the suffering and cruelty inflicted on other species for human entertainment, profit and religious dogma. He was not in favour of the ban on Hunting with Dogs Bill (weak as it is) while David Cameron actually indulges in it… DAVID THOMAS Hillview Hisomley, nr Westbury (letter)

Oxford Mail 15.10.09 No to pro-hunters - I felt that Andrew Coles had it spot on (Letters, October 13), reminding people of what David Cameron will do if he gets elected, re-instating fox hunting. The most barbaric pastime/sport, to exist in this country, now thankfully illegal… Kim Webb, Queens Close, Eynsham (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 15.10.09 Treatment of pheasants is inhuman - Readers may be shocked to learn that every year in Britain, more than 45 million pheasants and partridges are mass-produced to serve as feathered targets for wealthy ‘guns’. This bloody and brutal end to their lives is the final insult…. Killing animals for fun has no place in a civilised society. E Bolton (via email) (letter)

Telegraph 15.10.09 Animal rights activists 'behind farm arson attack' - Animal rights activists are believed to be behind an arson attack at a Staffordshire farm, which has left a £30,000 trail of destruction in its wake. Police say they are now worried for the safety of 72 year-old Keith Stephens and his family after the overnight attack at the farm in Acton Trussell. Three cars parked in the driveway, a Citroen saloon, a Suzuki 4x4 and a Transit van were also damaged after being covered in battery acid. The latest attack rounds off a year of misery for Mr Stephens. It follows articles he wrote about badger culls for The Farmer magazine… (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 15.10.09 Activists blamed for blaze and car damage - Animal rights activists are believed to be behind an arson attack at a Staffordshire farm, which has left a £30,000 trail of destruction in its wake. Police say they are now worried for the safety of 72-year-old Keith Stephens and his family after the overnight attack at the farm in Acton Trussell… (story)

Guardian 15.10.09 A dispensation to cause pain - The anachronism of slaughter without stunning has no place in the modern world and should be outlawed - Adam Rutherford (story)

Telegraph 15.10.09 Red squirrels fight for survival - Our native squirrel has taken a beating, but as Robin Page reports, there is still hope - Dr Craig Shuttleworth is a hero – a red squirrel hero. For years there has been a myth that Britain’s endemic red squirrel is doomed and that the march of the alien grey squirrel cannot be curtailed. It is a myth propagated by those with a political animal-rights agenda and by organisations such as Defra…. Recently, Dr Ian Rotherham of Sheffield Hallam University (author of Peat and Peat Cutting) said controlling grey squirrels was “eco-xenophobia”…. Fortunately, Shuttleworth has a thick skin and his drive has been based on conservation and a love of red squirrels. As a result, on Anglesey, he has confounded the mythmakers and virtually removed all the grey squirrels from the island… (story)

Tottenham Journal 15.10.09 Baby P billboard outrage - THE CHILLING face of one of the guilty couple held for causing or allowing the death of Baby P has been printed 10ft tall on a Tottenham billboard - prompting outrage at the charity behind the ad. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals charity deliberately chose the Tottenham site, on the side of a house by Arc car wash in Broad Lane, Tottenham, for maximum controversy….But the charity was condemned for using the horror of the tot's death for their own ends. Councillor Lorna Reith, deputy leader of the council, said: "Their message is right - that there is an undisputed link between cruelty to animals and going on to be cruel to children - but I think this is inappropriate and distasteful, and particularly upsetting in Tottenham… (story)
Mirror 12.10.09 HORROR AT BABY P KILLER AD By Tom Pettifor - An animal rights charity has provoked outrage by putting up a billboard featuring one of Baby P’s killers. The poster was placed near to where the tot died and warns, “People who are violent toward animals rarely stop there”…. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals defended the hard-hitting advert. But parents accused the charity of using Peter’s death for their own ends… (story)

Tottenham Journal 14.10.09 Don't exploit animals for entertainment - `Animal Defenders International (ADI) is dismayed that Zippos circus has been allowed to open in Finsbury Park this week following the reversal of a decision by Haringey Council allowing domestic animals to be used for public entertainment in circuses held on the council's open spaces…. - Alexandra Cardenas, campaigner, Animal Defenders International, Millbank Tower, SW1 (letter)

Tottenham Journal 14.10.09 Animals decision must be reversed - YOU featured an article (Journal, October 8) on Zippos Circus, which included animal performances and their forthcoming visit to Finsbury Park. This follows Labour's bizarre, controversial and unpopular decision to lift the ban on animal performances in the borough…. We believe that animals should never be allowed to perform for human pleasure. The ban was, ironically, introduced by Labour in the 1980s… Justin Hinchcliffe, chairman, Tottenham Conservatives, Somerset Gardens, N17. (letter)


Oxford Mail 14.10.09 Animal activist tells of catalogue of vandalism By Matt Wilkinson - THE manager of a wildlife sanctuary and animal rights activist has blamed hunt supporters for a string of attacks on her property. Hunt monitor Penny Little said that the latest incident, when her car tyres were slashed, was the 19th time in the past decade that she had been the victim of vandalism. The car was damaged at her home in Great Haseley, where her Little Foxes Wildlife Sanctuary is based…. Ms Little’s tyres were slashed at about 10pm on Monday, September 28. Hours later, Nick Potter, a hunt monitor from Aston Rowant, found a gate keeping three of his horses in a pen had been sabotaged… (story)

Hereford Times 14.10.09 North Herefordshire Hunt to offer free taster days - NORTH Herefordshire Hunt is offering the chance to find out more about the pastime at two open days. Those interested can learn about exempt hunting and the role it plays in the countryside for free at Manor Farm in Bredenbury on Saturday and at Tack Farm in Ullingswick on October 17. The first event will offer those who ride and those who don’t the chance to hunt alongside the Wyre Forest Beagles from 9am, while the second will especially welcome Pony and Riding Club children before the hunt moves off at 9.30am… (story)

Leicester Mercury 14.10.09 Following the scent of two hunts - Wigston: Dr Ray Sutton will continue his series of lectures on Leicestershire local history held at All Saints' Church rooms, Bushloe End. The next talk will be held on Monday, October 19, entitled A History of Fox Hunting at Quorn and Melton… (story)

Yeovil Express 14.10.09 Labour backs Vote Cruelty Free group By Steve Sowden - LABOUR candidate Lee Skevington has pledged his support for Vote Cruelty Free - a new non-partisan coalition of animal protection organisations working to put animals on the political agenda…. Vote Cruelty Free comprises the BUAV, Compassion in World Farming, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), League Against Cruel Sports and Respect for Animals… (story)

Leicester Mercury 14.10.09 Tally-ho Tories - David Cameron seems to be hunting the sick unemployed with the same ruthlessness he hunts foxes. Tally-no, Dave. Cameron's Tories should be using their influence to see that the long-term unemployed have a right to a job…. Max Nottingham, Lincoln (letter)

Leicester Mercury 13.10.09 Foxes: Let's get public's views - At last a sensible letter on the subject of foxes by Mr Roughton followed by the usual silliness by Mr Johnson and Mr Cox (only superseded by the lady from Aylestone's romantic rubbish about a "handsome stranger" visiting her garden in the last round of letters on the subject (Mailbox, October 7)…. Is it true the majority of residents want no action on foxes?... It would also be interesting to see the views of our MP, Mr Garnier, on the subject. After all, he is very vocal on the subject of fox hunting, so presumably he is well informed on the subject - Tony Herbert, Wigston (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.10.09 Problem that won't go away - Following your article re foxes, may I thank all who have rang me offering advice on this problem. I have, as suggested, tried using Jeyes Fluid, all to no avail. Also I have purchased an animal repellent, but this also hasn't worked. The foxes use it as a plaything… Mrs Olive Freestone, Wigston. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.10.09 Live and let live, please - Here we go again! The moaners and whiners going on about the fox. Have these people given any thought that his habitat has been taken from him to build houses for a growing population.. Mrs V Johnson, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.10.09 Why not use scare tactics? To deter foxes from pooping and howling in your garden, I suggest that a life-size cardboard cut-out of a huntsman be placed in the middle of the lawn… Ted Humphreys, Countesthorpe (letter)

Colchester Gazette 14.10.09 Game birds are never wild - Game birds are specially reared for shoots so can we really refer to them as having been wild in the true sense of the word? (Oct 9). Many spend their lives in appalling factory farmingtype conditions…. Rosemary McCarthy, Westwood Drive, West Mersea (letter)

Marketing Week 14.10.09 PETA rapped over swine flu fear mongering - A People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) campaign has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for spreading “undue fear and distress” about swine flu…. (story)
Marketing 14.10.09 PETA pulled up by ASA for ad linking meat eating and swine flu - LONDON - An ad campaign by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for spreading undue fear and distress about swine flu…. (story)
Guardian 14.10.09 'Meat kills' poster banned over swine flu link - Peta's poster campaign stating 'Meat Kills' could cause undue fear, rules advertising watchdog… The Advertising Standards Authority received a complaint that the poster misleadingly implied that swine flu could be caught be eating meat and that it might cause "undue fear" about how it could be contracted…. (story)
Glasgow Herald 14.10.09 ‘Misleading’ swine flu billboard is banned - A billboard poster which appeared in Glasgow and which linked meat eating to swine flu has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. The watchdog body said the advert could lead people to believe that eating meat brought on swine flu and other illnesses. The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) advert, posted on a billboard in Glasgow in June, featured the recurring words "E.coli, mad cow, swine flu, MRSA" underneath the statement "Meat Kills"…. (story)
Glasgow Sunday Mail 28.6.09 Exclusive: Fury over animal rights group sick billboard outside hospital - Charles Lavery - ANIMAL rights campaigners have sparked outrage by erecting a crass billboard outside a hospital where the UK's first swine flu fatality was treated. PETA's poster links eating meat with the virus - which claimed the lives of Jacqueline Fleming, 38, and her newborn baby. The giant ad near Glasgow's Southern General Hospital reads: "Meat Kills. Go Vegetarian" and the animal rights group admit they selected the site deliberately because it is in Britain's worst-hit area… (story)
Meat Info 26.6.09 PETA erects "meat kills" sign outside hospital - Animal rights campaigners have erected poster with the slogan “meat kills” outside the hospital which treated the only person to die of swine flu in the UK. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) put the poster - which features the phrases “swine flu”, “e-coli”, “mrsa” and “mad cow” behind the main “meat kills” slogan - outside Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital…. (story)
Brand Republic 24.6.09 Peta erects 'meat kills' billboard outside Glasgow swine flu hospital by Jennifer Whitehead, Brand Republic - LONDON - Animal rights advocates Peta have followed up their inflammatory "feeding kids meat is child abuse" poster with a billboard in Glasgow which says "meat kills". Peta has employed its usual subtle marketing tactics by erecting the billboard outside Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, where the UK's only swine flu fatality to date was a patient…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 14.10.09 Why shouldn’t we be allowed to leave animals a fortune? By Nicola Barry - IS IT JUST me or is there something distinctly dodgy about the fact that someone can change your will after you have died? Surely the point of a will is that you make it because you want your wishes known once you have departed? For someone to come along and challenge your wishes seems a bit rich to me, pardon the pun. Christine Gill, a university lecturer, successfully contested her parents' will after they left their £2.3million estate to the RSPCA. She has won her battle to inherit their farm…. (story)

South Wales Echo 14.10.09 AMs launch bid to reverse badger cull decision - TWO AMs today launched a bid to derail the Assembly Government's controversial badger cull. Liberal Democrat Peter Black and Labour's Lorraine Barrett called for a Senedd vote reversing plans to trap and shoot badgers as part of a campaign against TB in cattle… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 14.10.09 Remembering war animals - I WILL be placing an Animal Aid purple poppy wreath for the millions of animals that died in recent world wars at Hillmorton Road memorial gates, Rugby, on Remembrance Sunday… Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)


Exeter Express & Echo 13.10.09 I let children make up their own minds - IN reply to Giles Bradshaw's letter of October 9, There are two sides to hunting debate, I simply wish to point out that, as a professional person, I would consider indoctrinating any pupil of mine with my own feelings about such matters as the killing of wild animals for 'sport' totally unhealthy and misguided. However, I do passionately intend to continue the encouragement of children's genuine fascination and empathy with the natural world… There are many whose job it is to manage those animals who, as you rightly state, have no natural animal predators. So why not leave the job of control to those who know how to do it properly - Joan Adams, Tedburn St Mary (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 9.10.09 There are two sides to hunting debate - IT is wonderful that Joan Adams involves her pupils in conservation activities. However, I do hope that she does not adopt the highly didactic tone with them that she demonstrates in her letter… She says that country sports destroy the balance in nature, however, animals such as foxes and deer have had their natural predators removed and country sports actually help maintain the balance and thus benefit bio-diversity… Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.10.09 Sad to see pleasure being taken in killing - AS a teacher, I spend much of my time working with children in creating areas to encourage our wildlife… How very sad it makes me feel when I read that the only reason some people exist is to destroy this balance in nature, by killing it by whatever means they can find…. Joan Adams, Tedburn St Mary (letter)

Bolton News 13.10.09 Get all the facts on shooting - In response to Ms Ghafoor (September 7), I would like to set the record straight about pheasant rearing and shooting. Game shooting is not the preserve of the wealthy, as she suggested. I often meet people from all backgrounds on a shoot day…. As the UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has stated that cage laying systems are incompatible with our values and should be phased out…. Helen Shuker, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (letter)

Oxford Mail 12.10.09 Animal research is the least of world’s worries - From time to time the paper prints letters from people who are upset by the use of animals in medical research. To me this is the least worrying aspect of our treatment of the natural world….. Unfortunately, we humans don’t think that we should be subject to the laws of natural selection and that we should be kept alive at any cost, which is one of the reasons for the vast increase in the world’s population…. One example of our attitude to other life forms was the practise, by the hunting/shooting fraternity, of employing gamekeepers to kill all birds of prey and the crow family because they might eat some of the birds bred to be shot. The same seems to apply to foxes, which were only spared because of the wish to chase them…. Derrick Holt, Fortnam Close, Headington, Oxford (letter)

Bolton News 13.10.09 Animals are not circus clowns - Your reviewer of Bobby Roberts Super Circus said the show took him back to when he was “a very small boy”. Thankfully today, even young children realise that circuses are not the best place to keep animals… John F Robins, Animal Concern (letter)

Leicester Mercury 13.10.09 Animals were centre stage - On behalf of the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (ASWA), I would like to say a huge thank-you to all who attended the Blessing of Animals service, On Sunday, October 4, where many people and their pets gathered in St Andrew's Church, Jarrom Street, in the city, to celebrate Animal Welfare Sunday, which happened to fall on the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi… Linda J Bodicoat, ASWA, Leicestershire (letter)


Western Morning News 12.10.09 Tories face hunt ban 'firestorm' - HUNT supporters have clashed with the Conservative Party over plans to repeal the controversial hunting ban. Countryside campaigners have warned of a "firestorm" if the Conservatives fail to force through a flagship Bill to overthrow the controversial ban…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 11.10.09 Don't break the pledge on hunting - Telegraph View: David Cameron appears to be toying with the idea of reneging on his promise to introduce as a Government Bill a measure repealing the Hunting Act, which makes it an offence to go hunting with dogs. David Cameron appears to be toying with the idea of reneging on his promise to introduce as a Government Bill a measure repealing the Hunting Act, which makes it an offence to go hunting with dogs. We can understand the arguments in favour of that move: the country faces a terrible fiscal crisis that must be the government's first priority; there is a desperate need to unstitch incompetent or mistaken Labour policies on vital matters such as defence, health, and the welfare system; and the Cameron team is desperate to avoid giving ammunition to those who label its members "Tory toffs". Yet to listen to these siren voices would be a grievous error….(story)
Sunday Telegraph 11.10.09 Hunt supporters in new clash with Tories over repeal of ban - Hunt supporters have clashed with the Tory party over its plans for the repeal of the controversial hunting ban. By Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor - Countryside campaigners have warned of a “firestorm” if the Conservatives fail to force through a flagship government bill to overthrow the controversial ban. They fear that David Cameron is close to reneging on a promise he made last year to throw the full weight of a future Tory Government behind the repeal the Hunting Act which makes it illegal to hunt with dogs. Senior Tory figures have told The Sunday Telegraph that the major change in party policy is under active consideration by the shadow cabinet. They fear that a new Conservative government could find itself bogged down in parliament if it tried to force through the legislation…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 12.10.09 Hunt hounds are well loved and cared for - I WRITE in response to a letter from John Phelps about hunting with hounds, Government report details dogs' plight, Letters, October 3. John, you write with such arrogance, as if you know what you are talking about. You have spent no time in kennels, caring for hounds. You are a man dedicated to the eradication of hunting and sadly will say anything on your quest. Mr Wright is a greatly respected countryman who has spent his life caring for hounds 24/7. There are many, many people in hunting who spend a great deal of time, love and money on caring for our hounds… Pete Lacy, Address withheld on request (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.10.09 Government report details dogs' plight - HUNTSMAN Tony Wright says readers may be interested to know that "... no hounds at the Exmoor Foxhounds kennels are shot in their prime", Claims that hounds are shot ridiculous, Letters, October 1…. Hounds are, of course, only shot when past their prime. The old dogs being looked after by Mr Wright are fortunate as it is not common practice. Few hounds die of natural causes as a result of old age… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 1.10.09 Claims that hounds are shot 'ridiculous' - YOUR readers, and John Phelps who wrote the letter Hounds not treated as domestic animals, Echo, September 28, might be interested to know that no hounds at the Exmoor Foxhounds kennels are shot in their prime…. Tony Wright, Exmoor Kennels, Simonsbath (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 28.9.09 Hounds not treated as domestic animals - I WAS interested to read the letter Pet owners should take out insurance, Echo, September 25. The writer said: "So many (people) now cast pets aside like disposable items when they become costly or inconvenient." This is especially true of former hunting hounds… Many people do not know that such hounds are usually shot at the age of six or seven, halfway through their natural life… John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)

Oxford Mail 12.10.09 Same old (s)tories - Why are we still having a debate on hunting? It is a cruel and barbaric activity that inflicts dreadful suffering and should rightly be confined to the history books…. Andrew Coles, Ladywell Close, North Leigh (letter)

Western Mail 12.10.09 RSPCA threatens to sue critics in row over putting 10 dogs to sleep by Martin Shipton, Western Mail - THE RSPCA has threatened legal action against a group running a protest campaign against the charity for destroying 10 German shepherd dogs in Wales. There has been bitter controversy in animal welfare circles across the UK since the incident at Pontardawe, near Swansea, in June, when the dogs were put down after their owner died… Now the charity has threatened one group, the German Shepherd Rescue network (GSR) with legal action for breach of copyright involving the logo. The RSPCA has also moved to have campaign-related material it regards as offensive taken off the social networking site Facebook…. (story)

Evesham Journal 12.10.09 Poor goldfish wk42 - Everyone enjoyed themselves at the mop fair at Evesham except the poor goldfish trapped in small bags on one of the stalls. They were being given as prizes! I thought most councils had banned live goldfish as prizes… Maxine Burgess, Malvern Link, Worcester (letter)


Sky News 11.10.09 Hunting On Rise As Sport Welcomes Newcomers - Mark Stone, Sky News reporter - This week, hunts across the UK are opening their gates to anyone wanting to know more about the sport in the first Hunting Newcomers Week - Despite the ban on traditional fox hunting four years ago, pro-hunt campaigners claim the legal form of the sport, drag hunting, has become increasingly popular… The Surrey Union Hunt, which has been meeting since the 18th century, is taking part in the newcomers week and there were plenty of people at their meet. "It's brilliant," 14-year-old James Evans said, "The thrill of it really, galloping, jumping. There's a really good buzz to it." Mark Sprake, Master of the Surrey Union, explained to Sky News why it is important to introduce newcomers. "It's a marvellous way of getting into the countryside," he said, "You are taking part in a community activity…. (story)
Independent on Sunday 11.10.09 A case of the unspeakable in pursuit of the doubtful - A Slice of Britain: Deep in the English countryside, the hunting lobby launches a recruitment drive to bring in new blood - Small wet noses poke expectantly from identical rows of circular holes in the side of an oversized lorry parked in the middle of a field in the Surrey countryside. From deeper inside the lorry come the neighing of horses and the high-pitched chatter of their owners. At the sound of the lorry opening, my heart sinks. In moments, a pack of dogs and ranks of thoroughbred horses (with even more thoroughbred owners) emerge to take part in a sport that divides Britain… Only one thing frightens me more than dogs, and that is the horses they accompany. The combination is nothing short of hell….(story)

Sunday Times 11.10.09 It was hell, but I chased the RSPCA off my land - Rosie Millard - It is like a Victorian potboiler. Devoted only child relinquishes ambition and career to help on her parents’ farm, knowing that in time the land will be hers. Except that — when both her parents are dead and the will is read — she discovers her entire inheritance has been bequeathed to the RSPCA…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 11.10.09 Conservationist urges cull on birds of prey By Jenny Fyall - LIMITS should be placed on the growing number of birds of prey in Scotland to protect the interests of landowners, according to the outgoing head of a leading conservation charity. Ian McCall, director of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, has warned that if legal means are not provided to help farmers, grouse-moor owners and pigeon fanciers to control birds of prey, they would be forced to take the law into their own hands…. (story)


Horse & Hound 10.10.09 Hunts warned to avoid conflict with monitors - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - UK hunts are being warned to avoid confrontations with antis this season after concerns that "hunt monitors" are trying to bait followers. In a letter sent to packs last month, Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) chairman Stephen Lambert said: "Their [the monitors'] prime objective is, without doubt, to inflame our supporters and trigger a serious public order incident in which hunting people will be shown as the aggressors… The Heythrop and Vale of Aylesbury with Garth and South Berks (VAGSB) has experienced an increase in activity by monitors, including Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA) members Penny Little and Peter Bunce, in the past few weeks. Guy Portwin, senior master of the VAGSB, said: "The hunt has been targeted by local monitors about six times so far this season. Several complaints have been made to police by the hunt, including concerning the filming of children…. (story)

Devon 24 10.10.09 Dog rules ‘not fair’ - AN East Budleigh woman is calling for hunts to abide by the same rules as dog owners. Kathy Moyle, 65, believes local hunts should be forced to abide by new district council rules, which restricts the number of dogs that can be controlled by one person…. But joint master of East Devon Hunt, Michael Moore, said the new legislation was unlikely to impact on the club because of the number of people attending the hunt… (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 7.10.09 Hunts should abide by rules says Kathy - AN anti-hunt campaigner wants to see new dog control orders applied to local hunts. As revealed in yesterday's Echo, a crackdown aimed at cutting public nuisance caused by dogs has been introduced by East Devon District Council. Within the orders is a ban on the walking of more than six dogs at one time. With the East Devon Hunt operating throughout the district, campaigner Kathy Moyle, of East Budleigh, said this restriction should also apply to the hunt's use of hounds…. (story)

Independent 10.10.09 Is Exmoor the unfriendliest place in Britain? - Liz Jones, the confessional journalist, has been the target of a pot shot. Richard Caring, the restaurant owner, has had his pet stags killed. Their crime? Moving to the Somerset town of Dulverton. Tom Peck dons his bullet-proof vest to investigate…. (story)

Western Morning News 10.10.09 Council blasted over badger protection - A LANDOWNER has lambasted the "mind boggling" lengths Devon County Council has gone to to protect badgers while fixing a country road… Robert Persey, who owns land next to the road, said at the time the council was considering keeping the road closed because it would cost so much to protect it in line with badger protection laws… David Williams, chairman of the Badger Trust, said he did not think the measures to protect the badgers sounded unreasonable. He said: "All road repairs are costly. The fact is some people will do all they can to give badgers a bad name." (story)

Essex Echo 10.10.09 MP speaks out against circus using animals - AN MP has spoken out against a controversial circus which has set up in Orsett. Angela Smith, MP for Basildon and East Thurrock, made her feelings known about the Great British Circus at the Labour Animals Welfare Society annual conference…. (story)


Guardian 9.10.09 We all know David Cameron is posh - No one seems to mind that the Conservative leader is a toff. So why is he embarrassed by his hunting past? - Alexander Chancellor - The shooting season has just begun, and already pheasants have started turning up in my Northamptonshire garden, asylum seekers from the sporting estates nearby. We may be in a recession, but there is no sign that enthusiasm is waning for this expensive sport…. But as the annual massacre begins, one shotgun licence-holder who will not be joining in the fun is the Conservative party leader…." Now, we know that Cameron has nothing against field sports. He used to shoot, and he used to hunt (though "not for several years", he said this week); and he plans, if elected, to make time in parliament for a vote to overturn the fox-hunting ban…(story)

Irish Examiner 9.10.09 Don’t forget the cost of cruelty to humans - THE Green Party is making a major issue of hare coursing in their second negotiation for a programme for (mis)government. The Greens claim, with some validity, that hare coursing is cruel to animals. The Greens are likely to give way on hare coursing because there is too much money involved and too much support for it among rural Fianna Fáil members and backbenchers… Edward Horgan, Newtown, Castletroy, Limerick (letter)

The Sentinel 9.10.09 Ducks are kept in shameful conditions - DON'T DUCK ISSUE: I have recently become aware of the shameful conditions on duck farms supplying major supermarkets. Animal group Viva! has filmed ducks crammed into dirty, stinking sheds in their thousands… MRS S PLIMBLEY, Tunstall (letter)

Exmouth Journal 9.10.09 Animal welfare - I would like to say thank you to the people of Budleigh Salterton for their generosity in helping us to raise £144.30 on September 26 in aid of the charity Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)…. Patricia M Harris, Promoter, 7 Collins Park, East Budleigh (letter)

Cambridge Evening News 9.10.09 Call for foie gras ban by animal rights group - ANIMAL rights campaigners are calling for foie gras to be banned in Cambridge…. Animal Rights Cambridge are calling for foie gras to be banned from city council properties and land. Rachel Mathai, spokeswoman for the group, said: “Throats can be damaged by the metal tube used in the force-feeding process…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 9.10.09 Hazards with slaughter plan - I AM particularly concerned about the proposed plans to build a slaughterhouse, cold store and meat processing plant on an already hazardous stretch of the A45… Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)


Exeter Express & Echo 8.10.09 Scourge of squirrel and magpie says: 'I'm about as PC as a cluster bomb' - RECEIVING hate mail is as common as the usual bills, letters and circulars for Rod Brammer. The Mid Devon farmer is used to sparking outrage for his calls for a national cull of grey squirrels and magpies. But thick-skinned Rod, who describes himself as a shooting coach and a naturalist, is not about to change his lifestyle or beliefs at the age of 67… Although Rod has never gone fox hunting himself, he helped found a new church called the Free Church of Country Sports in an unsuccessful attempt to head off the ban on hunting with hounds…. (story)

North Devon Journal 8.10.09 Experience modern day hunting - MEMBERS of the Tetcott Hunt are inviting newcomers to experience a free taste of modern hunting in a bid to get more people interested in the sport. On Saturday, October 10, people will get the opportunity to experience a 'trail hunt', a new form of hunting that has taken off since the ban was introduced in 2005…. (story)

Somerset Guardian 8.10.09 Our MP does not understand hunting debate I am a constituent of North East Somerset and am constantly told what I feel by my Labour MP. Happily, Dan Norris is totally wrong - Please turn your attention to the real needs of your beleaguered constituents (which you are being well-paid for, looking at your high top 10 expense claim!), while you still have them. JULIA McKEIVOR (story)
Somerset Guardian 1.10.09 Dan Norris column: Tell me your views on hunting ban - The way we treat animals has always been a significant concern for North East Somerset people… So it's no surprise that new Conservative pledges to reverse Labour's fox hunting ban are triggering such strong feelings… I worked long and hard with many others to get the cruelty of fox hunting banned. It was never going to be easy. You may recall TV and newspaper pictures of physical attacks on me by pro-hunt mobs… (story)

Ulster Herald 8.10.09 The Green Party have issued a shopping list of conditions as the price of staying in government with Fianna Fáil. Among their demands is a ban on hare-coursing in the Republic… (story)

Wiltshire Gazette 8.10.09 Call for boycott - Congratulations to Cassie the greyhound for winning £750 for the Swindon branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust (Gazette, October 1). As an international greyhound protection organisation, we were also very pleased to learn that Cassie herself has found a home, after failing to make the grade as a racer. She is truly one of the lucky ones…. Tony Peters, UK Co-ordinator, Greyhound Action, PO Box 127, Kidderminster. (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 8.10.09 Justice for animals under UK law - – Fines and prison sentences can’t be harsh enough to compensate for the pain and suffering caused to innocent animals. The maximum prison sentence anyone can receive for cruelty to animals is three months. In contrast, Section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 states that if anyone publicises what they have seen inside any UK animal laboratory they can be imprisoned for two years…. Raymond Dobson, 81 Murray Terrace, Aberdeen (letter)

Daily Post 8.10.09 AM may block cull despite TB spread by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - A WILDLIFE-loving Assembly Member may try to block planned badger culls in Wales. Lorraine Barrett, Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth, is canvassing colleagues to assess support for an annulment of the Assembly Government’s TB Eradication (Wales) Order 2009… (story)

Portsmouth News 8.10.09 Drivers urged to notify RSPCA if animals are injured on road - An animal protection group is pleading with the public to have more compassion for wildlife after a baby deer was hit by a car on a road and left for dead…. Jaine Wild, of West Sussex Wildlife, said: 'Deer and badgers when hit by cars always struggle to flee from the accident and it is important that it is reported immediately as they can drag themselves some way away…. (story)
Argus 6.10.09 Sussex animal groups issue warning after deer death By Emily-Ann Elliott - Animal lovers have called for drivers to show more compassion after a fawn was left for dead… Littlehampton-based West Sussex Wildlife Protection called for motorists to report accidents with wildlife after the incident on Tuesday on Downs Road in West Stoke, near Chichester. Spokeswoman Jaine Wild said: "It was just so sad… (story)

Hornsey & Crouch End Journal 8.10.09 Performing animals return to Haringey - THE CIRCUS is rolling into town with a bandwagon of performing animals set to thrill the crowds for the first time in 25 years…. But organisers are expecting a media circus of their own with an inevitable backlash by animal rights groups… CAPS campaigns assistant Paul Thomas says: "People can enjoy circuses without animals being forced to perform….. (story)

North Devon Journal 8.10.09 Wild boar farmer wins chance to stay - A SOUTH MOLTON farmer whose wild boar business has been under the spotlight for four years has been given a second chance in his battle to remain living on his land. Al Dedames, of Woodland Wild Boar Farm in West Anstey, was granted permission at the High Court on Monday to reapply for planning permission after seeking to overturn an enforcement notice, served by North Devon Council… (story)
BBC News Online 6.10.09 Boar farmer given chance to stay - A boar breeder whose Devon farm was attacked by suspected animal activists can make a fresh request to live on his land, the High Court has ruled. North Devon District Council served enforcement notices on Allan Dedames, of West Anstey, South Molton, in 2007…. Mr Dedames, 42, argued he had to live on site to protect his animals and, if forced to move out, he would be left homeless. He withdrew his High Court action on Monday after senior judge Sir George Newman called for "a fresh start". The council agreed not to enforce the notices in order to give him time to formally apply for planning permission… (story)
Western Morning News 6.10.09 Boar farmer gets 'fresh start' in land battle - A WILD boar farmer who has been the victim of animal rights activists is to be allowed to make a fresh request to go on living on his land… (story)
North Devon Journal 6.10.09 Boar farmer wins High Court appeal - A SOUTH MOLTON farmer whose wild boar business has been under the spotlight for four years has won a legal battle against the government to save his livelihood… (story)
Western Morning News 5.10.09 Boar farmer in survival fight - A WESTCOUNTRY farmer whose wild boar business survived an attack by animal rights extremists today resumes his legal battle with the Government to save his livelihood. Activists – believed to be the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) – raided the farm of Al Dedames in December 2005, cutting fences and freeing dozens of boar… However, Mr Dedames, whose Woodland Wild Boar Farm is at West Anstey, South Molton, North Devon, has spent the past four years fighting on a different front, this time against planning officials. The future of his business and the fate of his wild boar stock – which rests on whether Mr Dedames is allowed to live on his land – could be decided in the High Court later today… (story)


Driffield Post/Times 7.10.09 Hunt trials a success - HUNT trials hosted by the Holderness Hunt Supporter's Club have been hailed a success by organisers and competitors…. (story)

Daily Mail 7.10.09 Tories to reverse Labour's foxhunt ban within a year By Jason Groves - Foxhunting could be legal within a year of the Tories being able to take power. MPs would be given a free vote on repealing the ban, David Cameron confirmed yesterday…. (story)
Mail 7.10.09 We'll reverse Labour's foxhunt ban within a year - Foxhunting could be legal within a year of the Tories being able to take power. MPs would be given a free vote on repealing the ban, David Cameron confirmed yesterday…. (story)
Mirror 7.10.09 David Cameron and his Nasty Party would bring back fox hunting in a flash By Kevin Maguire - Cameron’s bloodthirsty enjoyment of hounds ripping apart animals alas doesn’t extend to posing in jodhpurs. The chief Con eulogises hunting when pressed but he knows it’s a big vote loser so usually prefers to remain silent… Vote for the Nasty Party and the fox gets it – as well as the jobless sick (story)
Guardian 6.10.09 David Cameron confesses to history of hunting - Tory leader makes admission as he explains plans for free vote on repealing ban - Andrew Sparrow, senior political correspondent - David Cameron, the Conservative leader, today confirmed that he used to go hunting. He made the comment as he described the 2004 ban on hunting with dogs as a "farce" and said a Conservative government would allow MPs to have a free vote on its repeal…. (story)
Independent 6.10.09 Tories pledge vote to overturn hunting ban By Craig Woodhouse, Press Association - David Cameron today reiterated his determination to hold a Commons vote on overturning the hunting ban if the Conservatives are elected…. (story)

Bolton News 7.10.09 Pheasant shoots must be halted - READERS may be shocked to learn that more than 45 million pheasants and partridges are mass produced to serve as feathered targets for wealthy “guns” in the UK every year…. Killing animals for fun is wrong. For a free Anti-Shooting Action Pack, contact Animal Aid… Anita Ghafoor Avondale Road Farnworth (letter)

Evesham Journal 7.10.09 Charity shoot in aid of village church - PEOPLE from across the Vale and beyond turned out for a charity clay shoot in aid of a village church. More than 80 keen shooters took part in the event at Wolverton Farm near Peopleton on Saturday (3) and helped raise £1,000 towards the running costs of St Nicholas Church… (story)

Community Newswire 7.10.09 NAKED PROTESTERS URGE SHOPPERS TO DITCH SNAKESKIN PRODUCTS By Emma Foster, Community Newswire - A group of naked women, painted to look like snakes and lizards, today gathered at Piccadilly Circus, London, to urge shoppers to ditch exotic animal skin products. The protesters, who were all members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), gathered at the the Eros Statue steps with signs that read "Don't kill us for our skins"…. Victoria Eisermann, one of the protesters, said: "I'll gladly bare my skin to help save animals' skins… (story)


Horse & Hound 6.10.09 Trevor Morse death: accused denies manslaughter - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The pilot of the gyrocopter involved in the death of Warwickshire Hunt supporter Trevor Morse has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter…. (story)
Birmingham Post 6.10.09 Warwickshire man denies killing hunt supporter by Joanne Travis, Birmingham Post - A 54-year-old north Warwickshire man pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter of a hunt supporter who was killed by the rotor blades of a gyrocopter…. (story)
Birmingham Mail 6.10.09 Warwickshire gyrocopter pilot denies manslaughter of hunt member - by James Cartledge, Birmingham Mail - A MIDLAND man has pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter of a hunt supporter who was killed by the rotor blades of a gyrocopter… (story)
BBC News Online 5.10.09 Man denies killing hunt supporter - A man has denied the manslaughter of a hunt supporter who was killed by the rotor blades of a gyrocopter. Bryan Griffiths, 54, is alleged to have killed Trevor Morse unlawfully at Long Marston airfield, near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, on 9 March… He is expected to return to court for trial on 1 March next year at a venue to be fixed… (story)
Teletext 5.10.09 Hunt man killing denied - A man denied manslaughter of a hunt supporter killed by the rotor blades of a gyrocopter near Stratford-upon-Avon…. (story)
Birmingham Post 5.10.09 Warwickshire man pleads not guilty in gyrocopter hunt death - A 54-year-old north Warwickshire man pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter of a hunt supporter who was killed by the rotor blades of a gyrocopter… (story)
Horse & Hound 28.5.09 Man accused of murdering Trevor Morse remanded on bail - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - Bryan Griffiths, the man accused of murdering hunt supporter Trevor Morse, has been remanded on bail…. (story)
Stratford Observer 28.5.09 Gyrocopter pilot murder charge could be dismissed - A MURDER charge facing a pilot accused of killing a hunt supporter with the tail propeller of his gyrocopter could be thrown out. Lawyers for Bryan Griffiths, accused of killing hunt supporter Trevor Morse at Long Marston airfield in March, are to apply for the murder charge against him to be dismissed… (story)
Leamington Observer 28.5.09 Doubts over gyrocopter charge - A MURDER charge facing a pilot accused of killing a hunt supporter with the tail propeller of his gyrocopter could be thrown out. Lawyers for Bryan Griffiths, accused of killing hunt supporter Trevor Morse at Long Marston airfield in March, are to apply for the murder charge against him to be dismissed…. Griffiths’ case was listed at Warwick Crown Court for a plea and case management hearing – but at the request of his barrister the murder charge was not put to him. Peter Lownds, defending, explained that there was to be 'an application to dismiss' the murder charge so the case was adjourned and Griffiths was granted conditional bail…. (story)
Coventry Telegraph 28.5.09 Man in court over gyrocopter death - A man has appeared in court accused of murdering a hunt supporter who was hit by a light aircraft. Bryan Griffiths, aged 54, of Bedworth, is charged with killing Trevor Morse, a 48-year-old Warwickshire Hunt marshall, who was hit by a propeller of his gyrocopter… (story)
Mirror 28.5.09 Hunt 'killer' faces court - A man appeared in court yesterday charged with murdering a hunt supporter who was killed by an aircraft's spinning rotor blades. Bryan Griffiths, 54, is accused of killing 48-year-old Trevor Morse, who died of severe head injuries after an incident at Long Marston airfield, near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks, in March… (story)
Birmingham Post 27.5.09 Man in court charged with murder of Warwickshire hunt supporter - gyrocopter's rotor blades. Bryan Griffiths, from Bedworth, is due to appear for a plea and case management hearing before a judge at Warwick Crown Court. The 54-year-old is charged with murdering 48-year-old Trevor Morse, who died of severe head injuries after an incident at Long Marston airfield, near Stratford-upon-Avon, on March 9…. (story)
Stratford Observer 9.4.09 Tributes paid to hunt enthusiast - Ben Lindon - HEARTFELT tributes have been paid to the Warwickshire Hunt enthusiast killed in a horrific gyrocopter incident. Forty-eight-year-old Trevor Morse, from Alderminster, died instantly at Long Marston Airfield on March 9 when he was hit by a spinning rotor blade…. Over 500 people turned up at Lower Quinton Church on Tuesday (April 7) to pay their last respects at Mr Morse's funeral. Sam Butler, master of the Warwickshire Hunt, told mourners Trevor was a gentle giant of a man…. (story)
Stratford Herald 28.3.09 PILOT FACING TRIAL FOR ALLEGED MURDER OF HUNT SUPPORTER - THE pilot accused of the murder of a Warwickshire Hunt supporter with the propeller of his autogyro appeared at Warwick Crown Court this week. Bryan Griffiths, aged 54, of Wiltshire Close, Bedworth, appeared briefly for the preliminary hearing on Monday morning but only spoke to confirm his name and address…. (story)
Cotswold Journal 28.3.09 Inquest opened into Long Marston gyrocopter death By Simon Crump - AN inquest has been formally opened into the death of a fox hunt supporter who lived near Shipston and died when he was allegedly in collision with a gyrocopter. The inquest into the death of Trevor Malcolm Morse, 48, from Alderminster, was opened by Warwickshire coroner, Sean McGovern, at Leamington Spa Town Hall. Mr McGovern adjourned the inquest to a date to be arranged… (story)
Stratford Herald 26.3.09 PILOT FACING TRIAL FOR ALLEGED MURDER OF HUNT SUPPORTER - THE pilot accused of the murder of a Warwickshire Hunt supporter with the propeller of his autogyro appeared at Warwick Crown Court this week. Bryan Griffiths, aged 54, of Wiltshire Close, Bedworth, appeared briefly for the preliminary hearing…. Kevin Tomlinson, defend-ing, said: “There is no bail application to be made today, although it is anticipated one will be made in due course, and it is in preparation.”…. (story)
Horse & Hound 26.3.09 Trevor Morse memorial fund set up as inquest opens - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - A memorial fund has been set up for Trevor Morse, the Warwickshire hunt supporter killed in an incident involving a gyrocopter. The hunt said in a statement: "On Monday 9 March 2009, on the last day of the season, the Warwickshire hunt was deprived of one of its truest and most loyal subscribers."… If you wish to make a donation, send a cheque made out to the Trevor Morse Memorial Fund to Warwickshire Hunt, Broughton Grange, Wykham Lane, Broughton, Banbury OX15 5DS (story)
Coventry Telegraph 25.3.09 Inquest to open on Warwickshire hunt supporter hit by light aircraft by Michael Corley, Coventry Telegraph - AN INQUEST into the death of a Warwickshire hunt supporter who was struck by the blades of a light aircraft is set to be opened. The hearing into the death of 48-year-old Trevor Morse, from Alderminster, will start at the Town Hall, in Leamington, tomorrow at 11am…. (story)
Express 24.3.09 MAN ACCUSED OF COPTER MURDER - THIS is the first picture of the man accused of the murder of a hunt supporter who was hit by a gyrocopter’s propeller. Bryan Griffiths, 54, from Bedworth, north Warwickshire, was remanded in custody yesterday after a four-minute hearing at Warwick Crown Court… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 24.3.09 Man in court charged with murder of hunt supporter - A WARWICKSHIRE man has appeared in court accused of murdering a hunt supporter who was nearly beheaded by the blades of a light aircraft. Bryan Griffiths, of Wiltshire Close, Bedworth (pictured above on right) spoke only to confirm his name when he was brought to the dock at Warwick Crown Court yesterday… (story)
Birmingham Mail 24.3.09 Man in court over gyrocopter murder of hunt supporter at Long Marston airfield - A MAN has appeared in court accused of the murder of a Midland hunt supporter who was hit by a gyrocopter propeller. Bryan Griffiths, aged 54, from Bedworth, north Warwickshire, was remanded in custody after a four-minute preliminary hearing at Warwick Crown Court… (story)
Horse & Hound 23.3.09 Man accused of murdering Trevor Morse remanded in custody - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - A man accused of murdering Warwickshire hunt supporter Trevor Morse has today been remanded in custody. Bryan Griffith, 54, from Bedworth, north Warwick, made no application for bail during a four-minute preliminary hearing at Warwick Crown Court. He was ordered to reappear for a plea hearing on 27 May…. (story)
Daily Mail 23.3.09 Gyrocopter murder: Accused remanded in custody over death of hunt supporter 'decapitated' by propeller - A man appeared before a Crown Court judge today, accused of the murder of a hunt supporter who was hit by a gyrocopter's propeller. Bryan Griffiths, 54, was remanded in custody after a four-minute preliminary hearing at Warwick Crown Court… (story)
Leamington Spa Courier 23.3.09 Long Marston Airfield gyrocopter murder: accused remanded after court appearance - A gyrocopter pilot accused of murdering a Warwickshire Hunt supporter has been remanded in custody. Bryan Griffiths, 54, of Wiltshire Close, Bedworth, appeared before Warwick Crown Court for a preliminary hearing on Monday. He is alleged to have killed 48-year-old Trevor Morse at Long Marston Airfield on the afternoon of March 9…. And Kevin Tomlinson, defending, said: "There is no bail application to be made today, although it is anticipated one will be made in due course and it is in preparation."… (story)
Glasgow Daily Record 23.3.09 Man in court over alleged gyrocopter murder of hunt supporter - A MAN appeared before a Crown Court judge today, accused of the murder of a hunt supporter who was hit by a gyrocopter's propeller. Bryan Griffiths, 54, from Bedworth, north Warwickshire, was remanded in custody after a four-minute preliminary hearing at Warwick Crown Court… (story)
BBC News Online 23.3.09 Gyrocopter death accused in court - A man has appeared in court charged with the murder of a hunt supporter who was killed by a gyrocopter's propeller…. (story)
Birmingham Post 23.3.09 Remand for man charged with murdering Warwickshire Hunt supporter - A north Warwickshire man has appeared before a crown court judge accused of the murder of a hunt supporter who was hit by a gyrocopter's propeller. Bryan Griffiths, 54, from Bedworth, was remanded in custody after a four-minute preliminary hearing at Warwick Crown Court…. (story)
Western Mail 17.3.09 Country and Farming: Comment by Steve Dube, Western Mail - THE death of a hunt follower last week in an incident involving a gyrocopter – a kind of open-cockpit helicopter – apparently operated by two hunt “monitors” is a tragic illustration of the absurdity of the hunt ban and methods used by many anti-hunt campaigners…. The “monitors” are a sort of self-appointed police force determined to make hunts abide by the ambiguous Act that outlawed the traditional way of keeping the rural fox population under control. They increasingly resort to gyrocopters and light aircraft to observe from the air. There are claims some have swooped low, spooking horses and farm animals… It is a rogue law that reversed the cause of animal welfare, and should be repealed at the earliest opportunity. (story)
Leamington Observer 17.3.09 Gyrocopter death was filmed - Clare Fitzsimmons - THE MOMENT a hunt supporter was struck by a propeller and killed was caught on film. Trevor Morse, 48, from Alderminster, died at Long Marston Airfield on Monday (March 9). He was hit by a rear-mounted gyrocopter propeller and died of massive head injuries…. (story)
Sun 13.3.09 Copter 'killer' By ANDREW PARKER - THIS is anti-hunt protester Bryan Griffiths in the gyrocopter which caused a man’s death when the victim was struck by its rotor blades…. Prosecutor Philippa Cowley said he was a volunteer hunt monitor who liaised with police … (story)
Times 13.3.09 Fatal gyrocopter strike on hunt supporter was filmed - The moment a hunt supporter was hit and killed by the propeller of a gyrocopter was caught on camera by a witness, a court was told yesterday… (story)
Daily Mail 13.3.09 At the controls: First picture of 'hunt saboteur' charged with murder of hunt supporter decapitated by gyrocopter - This is the first picture of anti-hunt protester Bryan Griffiths in the gyrocopter which virtually decapitated a hunt supporter when it struck him. Trevor Morse died after he was hit by the aircraft at Long Marston airfield near Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, as he followed a hunt on Monday afternoon… (story)
Express 13.3.09 GYROCOPTER HUNT DEATH WAS FILMED - AN ONLOOKER captured on camera the moment a gyrocopter piloted by an animal rights campaigner fatally hit a hunting enthusiast, a court heard yesterday. Bryan Griffiths, 54, appeared before Nuneaton magistrates charged with murdering gardener Trevor Morse, who died on Monday when he was hit by the aircraft’s rear propeller… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 13.3.09 Protestor filmed hunt supporter's death, court told by Michael Corley, Coventry Telegraph - THE FINAL moments of a hunt supporter who was nearly decapitated by an aircraft’s propellers were filmed by an animal rights campaigner. Details about the grim footage were revealed as anti-hunt protester Bryan Griffiths, of Wiltshire Close, Bedworth, appeared before magistrates in Nuneaton yesterday, charged with the murder of Trevor Morse… (story)
BBC News Online 12.3.09 Man in court for propeller death - A man has appeared in court charged with the murder of a hunt supporter who was hit by a gyrocopter propeller. Trevor Morse, 48, from Alderminster, Warwickshire, was struck by a rear-mounted propeller at Long Marston airfield on Monday afternoon. Bryan Griffiths, 54, an anti-hunt campaigner from Bedworth in Warwickshire, appeared before magistrates in Nuneaton earlier…. (story)
Horse & Hound 12.3.09 Gyrocopter death was caught on film, a court has been told - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The moment that hunt supporter Trevor Morse was hit by the blade of a gyrocopter at Long Marston airfield was caught on film, a court was told today. Bryan Griffiths, aged 54, of Bedworth, North Warwickshire, appeared at Nuneaton Magistrates Court today (12 March), charged with the murder of 48-year-old Mr Morse… (story)
Press Association (via Google) 12.3.09 Gyrocopter death was filmed - The moment a hunt supporter was hit and killed by the propeller of a gyrocopter was caught on camera by an eyewitness, a court has been told. Trevor Morse, 48, died of severe head injuries after he was struck by the light aircraft at Long Marston airfield, near Stratford-upon-Avon, on Monday. Bryan Griffiths, 54, of Bedworth in north Warwickshire, appeared in court charged with his murder and was remanded in custody… (story)
Reuters 12.3.09 Man remanded over gyrocopter death - LONDON (Reuters) - A 54-year-old man was remanded in custody on Thursday charged with the murder of a hunt supporter hit by a gyrocopter propeller… (Reporting by Tim Castle and Michael Holden) (story)
Warwick Courier 12.3.09 Long Marston Airfield gyrocopter death: Man accused is animal rights campaigner - The man charged with the murder of Warwickshire hunt supporter Trevor Morse is 54-year-old anti-hunt campaigner Bryan Griffiths of Bedworth… Mr Griffiths, a heating technician, is a member of an animal rights campaign and has worked as a volunteer hunt monitor, liasing with police… (story)
Leamington Observer 12.3.09 Man charged with gyrocopter murder - Clare Fitzsimmons - A MAN has been charged with the murder of hunt supporter Trevor Morse. The 48-year-old was struck by a gyrocopter at Long Marston Airfield on Monday… (story)
Kenilworth Weekly News 12.3.09 Man, 54, charged with murder following airfield death of hunt supporter By Oliver Williams - A man has been charged with the murder of a Warwickshire hunt supporter who died after being struck by an aircraft on Monday…. (story)
Telegraph 12.3.09 Man charged with gyrocopter murder of hunt follower - One of the men arrested at the scene of the incident will appear at Nuneaton Magistrates Court on Thursday accused of killing 48-year-old Trevor Morse. A second man held at Long Marston airfield has been released on bail, Warwickshire Police said…. (story)
Mirror 12.3.09 Man due in court over gyrocopter death of hunt supporter Trevor Morse - A man will appear in court today charged with the murder of a hunt supporter who died after being hit by a gyrocopter…. (story)
Scotsman 12.3.09 Man charged over hunt gyro death - A MAN was last night charged with the murder of a hunt supporter who was killed in a collision with a gyrocopter… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 12.3.09 Man in court over Warwickshire Hunt supporter murder By Emma Stone - A MAN will appear in court today charged with the murder of a hunt supporter killed in a collision with a gyrocopter in Warwickshire. Brian Griffiths will stand before magistrates in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, accused of killing 48-year-old Trevor Morse… (story)
Birmingham Post 12.3.09 Fatal gyrocopter crash caught on camera - The moment a hunt supporter was hit and killed by the propeller of a gyrocopter near Stratford-upon-Avon was caught on camera by an eyewitness, a court has heard. Trevor Morse, 48, died of severe head injuries after he was struck by the light aircraft at Long Marston airfield on Monday. Bryan Griffiths, 54, of Wiltshire Close, Bedworth, north Warwickshire, has appeared in court charged with his murder….. (story)
Birmingham Post 12.3.09 Man in court over gyrocopter death - A man is to appear in court charged with the murder of a hunt supporter killed in a collision with a gyrocopter in Warwickshire. Bryan Griffiths will stand before magistrates in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, accused of killing 48-year-old Trevor Morse…. (story)
Times 11.3.09 Man charged with 'gyrocopter murder' of hunt supporter - JACK MALVERN - A man has tonight been charged with murder in connection with the death of a hunt supporter who was killed by a gyrocopter on Monday…. (story)
Guardian 11.3.09 Man charged with murder over gyrocopter death - Peter Walker - A man has been charged with murder in connection with the death of a hunt supporter following a collision with a gyrocopter at a private airfield, Warwickshire police said last night… (story)
Warwickshire Police website 11.3.09 Man charged following death at Long Marston airfield - A man will appear before magistrates in Nuneaton tomorrow, Thursday March 12, charged with the murder of 48 year old Trevor Morse…Two men were arrested at the scene and have been in custody at Leamington Spa police station. One man has tonight been charged with murder. The second man has been released on police bail pending further inquiries… (story)
Guardian 11.3.09 Hunt had made complaint over gyrocopter before death - Jo Adetunji - The gyrocopter which killed a hunt enthusiast on Monday was already being investigated by aviation authorities after complaints it was disturbing livestock… The gyrocopter, which has an open cockpit and space for two people, was reportedly hired by the animal rights group Protect Our Wild Animals, which had been monitoring the hunt for the last three weeks… (story)
Daily Mail 11.3.09 'Decapitated' hunt supporter had followed gyrocopter for seven miles to confront saboteurs By Andy Dolan - Police have been given more time to question two men on suspicion of murder after a hunt supporter was killed in a collision with a gyrocopter in Warwickshire…. Mr Morse had been following the hunt just hours before the tragedy, when a gyrocopter began 'buzzing' the hunt in a bid to disrupt its activities. When the gyrocopter left the hunt at Todenham, near Shipston-on-Stour at lunchtime, Mr Morse - described as a 'passionate supporter of country pursuits' - headed to the airfield seven miles away with a female hunt member in a bid to identify who was on board…. The helicopter-style aircraft is not allowed to fly lower than 500ft but was said to have been swooping aggressively over the hunt in the past few weeks. (story)
Birmingham Mail 11.3.09 Death gyrocopter suspects held by police by Andy Richards - POLICE have been given more time to question two men on suspicion of murder today after a Midland hunt supporter was killed in a collision with a gyrocopter… (story)
Birmingham Post 11.3.09 Police given more time to quiz Warwickshire gyrocopter pair - Police have been given more time to question two men on suspicion of murder after a hunt supporter was killed in a collision with a gyrocopter…. (story)
Coventry Telegraph 11.3.09 Two quizzed over Warwickshire Hunt supporter death by Helen Thomas - POLICE were last night (Tuesday) granted more time to question two men after a Warwickshire hunt supporter was killed by a gyrocopter… The pair – believed to be anti-hunt protesters – were arrested on suspicion of murder after farm worker Trevor Morse, aged 48, was killed at Long Marston airfield, near Stratford… (story)
Sun 11.3.09 Hunt fan had tracked copter that killed him By ANDREW PARKER - Published: Today A HUNT follower killed by a gyrocopter used by protesters had followed it for 12 miles, it was revealed yesterday. Trevor Morse, 48, drove to confront the pilot when the craft, which had been buzzing huntsmen for weeks. landed to refuel…. The gyrocopter is registered to Bryan Griffiths, a plumber in his late 40s, of Bedworth, Warwicks. One neighbour said: “He loves animals and doesn’t like mistreatment, but isn’t an activist as far as I know.” It is not known if he has been arrested. (story)
Aero News Network 11.3.09 Two Arrested In Murder-By-Gyroplane Investigation - A 48-year-old man known for his enjoyment of working with dogs to support foxhunters in England is dead, and local officials are investigating the possibility of foul play. Trevor Morse was pronounced dead at Long Marston airfield, near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, on Monday. Two men were arrested on suspicion of murder, and were being questioned to determine whether they intentionally ran Morse down with a gyroplane… (story)
Express 11.3.09 GYROCOPTER DEATH: HUNT 'HAD FILED A COMPLAINT'By Martin Stote - HUNT members complained of being followed by a gyrocopter just days before a supporter was killed after being struck as the aircraft taxied for take-off, it emerged yesterday… (story)
Horse & Hound 11.3.09 Police given more time to question men held on suspicion of murder - Warwickshire police have been granted more time to question two men arrested on suspicion of murder following an incident at Long Marston airfield on Monday (9 March)…. (story)
BBC News Online 10.3.09 More time to quiz gyrocopter pair - Police have been granted more time to question two men arrested on suspicion of murder after a hunt supporter died when he was hit by a gyrocopter. Trevor Morse, 48, from Alderminster, Warwickshire, died at the scene of the incident at Long Marston airfield near Stratford-upon-Avon on Monday… (story)
Times 10.3.09 Briefing: Gyrocopter shows desperation of hunt saboteurs - VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR - Gyrocopters are the latest tactic from hunt opponents who have become increasingly disillusioned about the hunting ban and a perceived lack of enforcement by police. Since 2005 there have been occasional instances of a helicopter or a light aircraft buzzing over hunts but in the past three weeks their use has been on the increase, with hunt monitors deploying gyrocopters at four popular hunts, the Heythrop, the Warwickshire, the Bicester and the Vale of Aylesbury… That hunt opponents have had to resort to such a symbolic gesture shows their desperation. It also puts the spotlight on a schism among animal rights campaigners… To anyone outside the world of hunting, POWA activists look respectable: they are usually well-dressed and middle-aged. Senior members are thought to have monitored the Heythrop at least 50 times this season and have often been on the ground when their gyrocopter is in the air… There appears to be no thrill or glamour in Saturday sabbing jaunts for young people or even students. The hard-core saboteurs who remain are mainly the enthusiasts from 20 years ago, now middle aged. They tend to live in commuter towns in the Home Counties and target local hunts such as the Crawley & Horsham or the Surrey Union. There are also activists in East Anglia that follow the Thurloe and the Waveney Harriers and a cluster in the South West who protest at meets of the East Devon and North Dartmoor hunts. They trespass and hide on private land, continue to wear masks or hoods, use horns to confuse hounds, scream abuse and threaten and intimidate anyone connected with the hunt… (story)
Times 10.3.09 Crash experts investigate gyrocopter 'killing' of hunt supporter - PHILIPPE NAUGHTON AND VALERIE ELLIOTT - Air accident investigators were working today to piece together events leading to the death of a hunt supporter killed in a collision with a gyrocopter at an airfield in the West Midlands. Trevor Morse, who liked to follow the Warwickshire Hunt, died after being hit by the light aircraft at Long Marston airfield near Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire shortly after 3pm yesterday…. (story)
Daily Mail 10.3.09 Hunt supporter was virtually decapitated by rotor blade as 'he confronted saboteurs in gyrocopter' By Andy Dolan - The hunt supporter who died when he was struck by a gyrocopter had been trying to confront the occupants of the aircraft at the time, it emerged today…. A gyrocopter, believed to have been manned by an animal rights group, had been plaguing the Warwickshire hunt for more than a fortnight - prompting organisers, who feared the craft was scaring their horses, to contact police and the Civil Aviation Authority… When the gyrocopter left the hunt at Todenham, near Shipston-on-Stour at lunchtime, Mr Morse - described as a 'passionate supporter of country pursuits' - headed to the airfield seven miles away with a female hunt member in a bid to identify who was on board. One source said he is thought to have taken binoculars with him - and may have been looking through its lenses when he was struck… A police source confirmed the two arrested men were alleged hunt saboteurs or hunt protesters who had landed in the gyrocopter shortly before it hit Mr Morse… (story)
Express 10.3.09 MURDER QUIZ AS GYROCOPTER KILLS A HUNT FOLLOWER By Martin Stote - TWO men were arrested on suspicion of murder yesterday after a hunt follower was hit by a miniature helicopter. Police are investigating the possibility that the incident might have stemmed from the activities of hunt saboteurs… (story)
Telegraph 10.3.09 Hunt supporter killed by gyrocopter after confronting animal rights activists - A hunt supporter killed after being hit by a gyrocopter which had been monitoring being flown by animal rights activists had gone to confront them over their activities, it is claimed. By Nick Britten - Trevor Morse, 48, broke off from following the Warwickshire hunt on Monday morning to drive to an airfield where two anti-hunt protesters who had been following and monitoring them were re-fuelling. It is believed he wanted to challenge them over their behaviour and allegations they were swooping down aggressively and frightening the horses. Mr Morse was hit by the mini-helicopter and died instantly. It is thought he was decapitated by its blades… The protesters are believed to represent the group Protect Our Wild Animals, a monitoring group which collects evidence of hunts to present to the police and parliament… No-one from Powa was available for comment (story)
BBC News Online 10.3.09 Death gyrocopter 'followed hunt' - Huntsmen had complained to authorities about being followed by a gyrocopter just days before the aircraft hit one of its members, killing him…. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) confirmed it "received a complaint regarding the operation of the gyrocopter involved in yesterday's incident". "We can confirm that the complaint was received 10 days ago and an investigation had commenced prior to yesterday's incident," it said in a statement… (story)
Horse & Hound 10.3.09 Hunting community urged to keep cool after Warwickshire tragedy - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - The hunting community is being urged to keep a "cool head" this week, following the tragic incident at Long Marston airfield yesterday afternoon. Police are currently questioning two people on suspicion of murder following the death of 48-year-old Warwickshire hunt supporter Trevor Morse… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 10.3.09 Man killed by helicopter is named - By Helen Thomas - A MAN killed after being hit by a mini-helicopter in a Warwickshire airfield yesterday has been named as Trevor Morse… (story)
Coventry Telegraph 10.3.09 Two quizzed over ‘murder by helicopter’ - TWO people have been arrested on suspicion of murder after a man hit by a helicopter at a Warwickshire airfield… (story)
Birmingham Post 10.3.09 Two arrested after gyrocopter crashes and kills hunt supporter - Two people are being quizzed by police after the gyrocopter they were travelling in hit and killed a keen hunt supporter in Warwickshire… (story)
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 10.3.09 UPDATE: Animal rights group believed to be behind death of Cotswold hunt supporter By Emma Tilley - A HUNT supporter was killed after being hit by a gyrocopter suspected of monitoring hunting activities near Moreton-in-Marsh. .. The Masters of Foxhound Association (MFHA), based in Cirencester, believe the gyrocopter is flown by members of animal rights group, Protect Our Wild Animals. "We have to assume that this accident does involve that gyrocopter. The hunts have been targeted by Protect Our Wild Animals ever since the hunting act came into force," Mr Bonner said… (story)
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 10.3.09 Hunt supporter killed by gyropcopter after Moreton-in-Marsh hunting event By Emma Tilley - A HUNT supporter has been killed after being hit by a gyrocopter suspected of monitoring hunting activities near Moreton-in-Marsh… (story)
Scotsman 10.3.09 Pair quizzed after gyrocopter kills hunt supporter - Two people were today being quizzed by police after the gyrocopter they were travelling in hit and killed a keen hunt supporter…. (story)
Torquay Herald Express 10.3.09 Hunt complained about gyrocopter - Members of a hunt had complained to the Civil Aviation Authority about a gyrocopter following them just days before one of its supporters was killed in a collision at an airfield. Trevor Morse died after he was hit by a gyrocopter at Long Marston airfield near Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, as he followed a hunt on Monday afternoon... (story)
Western Daily Press 10.3.09 Two quizzed over gyrocopter death - Two people are being quizzed by police after the gyrocopter they were travelling in hit and killed a keen hunt supporter. Trevor Morse died after he was hit by the light aircraft at Long Marston airfield near Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, as he followed a hunt on Monday afternoon… (story)
Press Association (via Google News) 10.3.09 Two quizzed over gyrocopter death - Two people are being quizzed by police after the gyrocopter they were travelling in hit and killed a keen hunt supporter. Trevor Morse died after he was hit by the light aircraft at Long Marston airfield near Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, as he followed a hunt on Monday afternoon…. (story)
Police Oracle 10.3.09 Police Investigate Gyrocopter 'Murder' - Police are investigating the death of a hunt supporter in Warwickshire after he was struck by a gyrocopter which was apparently monitoring the hunt from the air. An ambulance was called to Long Marston airfield near Stratford-on-Avon shortly after 3pm today after reports that a man, thought to be in his 40s, had been hit by an aircraft. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Two people were arrested on suspicion of murder. They were tonight being questioned at Leamington Spa. No one else was injured…. (story)
Telegraph 10.3.09 Hunt follower killed in collision with helicopter 'flown by anti-hunt monitors' - By Matthew Moore - Police are investigating whether the pilot of the light aircraft – which is a small, open cockpit helicopter – flew into the victim, who was with the Warwickshire Hunt, yesterday afternoon. Trevor Morse, 48, is thought to have been decapitated by the blades after approaching the gyrocopter as it prepared to make a refuelling stop at Long Marston airfield near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, at around 3pm. Last night Sam Butler, the joint master of the Warwickshire Hunt, said a similar vehicle had been spotted tracking and harassing several hunts in the area over the past two or three weeks. He said that hunt officials had contacted the Civil Aviation Authority last week to complain about the dangerous flying of a gyrocopter, which is thought to have been hired by the anti-blood sports group Protect Our Wild Animals (Powa)… (story)
Independent 10.3.09 Gyrocopter kills man By Ellen Branagh, Press Association - A keen hunt supporter was killed when he was hit by a gyrocopter as he followed a hunt, it emerged yesterday. The man, named locally as Trevor Morse, died after the incident at Long Marston airfield near Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, this afternoon. Police said two people have been arrested on suspicion of murder and are currently being questioned by officers in Leamington Spa… (story)
Daily Mail 10.3.09 Two saboteurs arrested for murder after landing 'spy' plane on huntsman By Matt Sandy - Two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder after a light aircraft hit and killed a hunt follower on an airfield yesterday. They were said to be hunt saboteurs - while the dead man was a member of a local hunt which had been tracked by a plane for several weeks… Sam Butler, joint master of the Warwickshire Hunt, said Mr Morse, a gardener, had been following the hunt yesterday morning and hunted in one form or another on 'most days of his life'… Friends said Mr Morse had called at the airfield to buy diesel, something he did quite regularly … (story)
Mirror 10.3.09 KILLED BY HUNT TRACKER CRAFT By John Kelly - Spy copter ploughed into spectator - Two men were under arrest on suspicion of murder last night after a hunt supporter was killed by a light aircraft. The victim, named as Trevor Morse, was hit by a gyrocopter - a cross between a small plane and helicopter - as he followed a hunt… Mr Morse's partner Caroline is believed to have seen him hit by the aircraft. She refused to comment at her home in nearby Alderminster last night…. (story)
Metro 10.3.09 Copter pair held for hunt 'murder' By ROSS MCGUINNESS - Two people were arrested for murder on Monday after a hunt supporter was killed by a gyrocopter. They were detained following the death of Trevor Morse, who was struck by the two-man machine as it taxied on an airfield runway. He was thought to have died instantly in the incident said to have been witnessed by his wife, Caroline…. (story)
Western Mail 10.3.09 Hunt supporter killed by gyrocopter - A HUNT supporter was killed when he was hit by a gyrocopter as he followed a hunt. The man, named locally as Trevor Morse, died after the incident at Long Marston airfield near Stratford-Upon- Avon yesterday afternoon…. (story)
Sun 10.3.09 Huntsman killed by protest copter By ANDREW PARKER - TWO men were being quizzed on suspicion of murder last night after a hunt supporter was killed by a gyrocopter. Trevor Morse was fatally injured after the mini-helicopter — which had appeared to have been “buzzing” hunt members — had landed…. (story)
Times 9.3.09 Two held on suspicion of murder after hunt follower is killed by gyrocopter - LUCY BANNERMAN AND VALERIE ELLIOTT - A keen supporter of foxhunting has been killed after being hit by a gyrocopter believed to have been monitoring hunts in the area. Trevor Morse, 48, died after the incident at Long Marston airfield, near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, yesterday. Two men were arrested on suspicion of murder and were being questioned by officers in Leamington Spa last night. Aboout 80-100 huntsmen were out yesterday at the hunt in Moreton-in-Marsh on the last day of the Warwickshire hunt season. It is understood that an animal rights' group, Protect Our Wild Animals (Powa), has been monitoring the Warwickshire and the Heythrop hunts from a gyrocopter over the past three weeks. Masters of the hunt told The Times that a gyrocopter had been reported to the Civil Aviation Authority and the police more than a week ago, amid fears that it was upsetting animals. The light aircraft was said to have been swooping in an aggressive manner over the hunt… The airfield manager Anthony Hodges, 57, said: “It was the only aircraft to land all day and I believe the aircraft hit him as it was taxiing on the runway. I gave them permission to land on Sunday and spoke to them over the phone.”… (story)
Telegraph 9.3.09 Two held after huntsman killed by gyrocopter - Two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder after a huntsman was killed by a light aircraft called a gyrocopter By Matthew Moore - Police are investigating whether the pilot of the gyrocopter – which is like a small, open cockpit helicopter – flew into the victim as he followed the Warwickshire Hunt yesterday afternoon…. The dead man was named by friends as Trevor Morse, a keen hunt supporter in his late 40s. Last night the joint master of the Warwickshire Hunt said a gyrocopter had been spotted following the huntsmen for the past two to three weeks but said it was unclear who was flying it…. (story)
Guardian 9.3.09 Police investigate death of man hit by gyrocopter - Peter Walker - Police are investigating the death of a man who was following a hunt in the Warwickshire countryside after he was struck by a gyrocopter today… A source connected with the airfield, who asked not to be named, said the gyrocopter had landed and was on a taxiway when it struck the man. "The gyrocopter wasn't local or based at the airfield. I don't know where it came from," he said. "As far as I know it landed and then hit the man when it was on the ground…. (story)
Horse & Hound 9.3.09 Warwickshire hunt follower killed in gyrocopter incident - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Police are investigating after a hunt follower was killed in an incident at a Warwickshire airfield earlier today (Monday March 9). Emergency services were called to Long Marston Airfield, in Lower Quinton, at 3.10pm after a collision involving an aircraft and a pedestrian…. (story)
BBC News Online 9.3.09 Murder probe after aircraft death - Two people have been arrested on suspicion of murder after a hunt supporter died when he was hit by a gyrocopter at an airfield. The man, thought to be in his 40s, was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident at Long Marston airfield near Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire…. (story)
Daily Mail 9.3.09 Two men arrested on suspicion of murder after pedestrian killed by low-flying gyrocopter - Two men were arrested after a man was killed when he was hit by a light aircraft. Two people have been arrested on suspicion of murder and are currently being questioned by officers in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire Police said today… (story)

Yorkshire Post 6.10.09 STAINTONDALE Hunt is offering a free taster day on Saturday to anyone who would like to know more about what a day's hunting entails - basic etiquette, what to wear, what happens will all be explained… (story)

Western Morning News 6.10.09 Why foxhunting is set to be trigger issue - EXETER MP Ben Bradshaw is no fool about foxhunting. The former BBC journalist still has his old instincts, despite being elevated to Cabinet as Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport. National polls show that the Conservatives are backing a vote loser by effectively undertaking to reverse the ban on hunting with dogs, so imagine what public reaction will be to a photo of Tory leader Dave Cameron riding out with the Old Berks Hunt and its chairman, Cameron's step father-in-law Lord Astor…. It may seem bizarre, with all the economic troubles we face, that foxhunting could be a major issue in the next General Election, but it's more of a trigger than an issue, a reminder to the electorate that David Cameron and his close circle of advisers are not ordinary people like them…. Martin Bell, Port Isaac (letter)

Horncastle News 6.10.09 Crackdown on hare coursing By Alison Sandilands - A NEW police crackdown on the illegal countryside sport of hare coursing was launched today with help from Environment Minister Huw Irranca Davies. A NEW police crackdown on the illegal countryside sport of hare coursing was launched today with help from Environment Minister Huw Irranca Davies…. PC Nigel Lound, the wildlife crime officer who is leading this countywide operation, said police would be working with farmers, landowners and gamekeepers…. Nick Ashcroft, hunt master for the South Wolds Hunt, based at the Belchford kennels, said he would never speak against hare coursing… Mr Ashcroft said: "It is an old fashioned country sport and I would never speak against hare coursing but I am against people trespassing on farmer's land…. (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 6.10.09 Crackdown on rise in illegal hare coursing - Calls to Lincolnshire Police about illegal hare coursing are on the rise, following an initial lull after the hunting ban came in… (story)

Irish Examiner 6.10.09 Coursing clubs are really protecting hares - UNFORTUNATELY, many people who want to ban hare coursing have attempted to create the impression that the purpose of the sport is to cause harm to these beautiful creatures. Frankly, nothing could be further from the truth. In my capacity as a veterinary surgeon, I sometimes come in contact with followers of coursing, and it is patently clear that these folk hold the welfare of the Irish hare very close to their hearts… Tommy Kearney, MVB MRCVS, Veterinary surgeon, Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick (letter)

Children & Young People Now 6.10.09 Litigation fears scupper school trips By Shafik Meghji - Pupils are being denied school trips to the countryside because of health, safety and legal concerns, according to research. Of the 1,400 teachers surveyed, 97 percent felt it was important that children learn about the countryside. However, 79 percent cited health and safety concerns and 49 percent mentioned fear of litigation in the event of an accident as reasons for not organising trips to the countryside. The Countryside Alliance, which commissioned the National Foundation for Educational Research to conduct the survey, said that of the "millions" of school trips taken over the past decade, only 364 had ended in legal action, and in just 156 of these was the school found culpable… (story)
Guardian 2.10.09 Children denied school trips over teachers' fears of being sued - Polly Curtis, education editor - Children are being denied school trips for fear teachers will be sued if something goes wrong, despite the fact that only 156 recorded legal actions have ended in compensation in the past decade, new research reveals… Simon Hart, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: "Statistically, the chances of accidents happening are low and we are working to explode the myths that the countryside is any more dangerous than anywhere else. The benefits of practical countryside education far outweigh the concerns."… (story)

Thurrock Gazette 6.10.09 Animal protection group urge residents to boycott controversial circus - AN animal protection charity has called on the public to boycott a controversial animal circus that is appearing in Orsett this week. According to Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS), the Great British Circus is the only circus to use lions and tigers…. (story)


Horse & Hound 5.10.09 League Against Cruel Sports wants hunt details from National Trust - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Anti-hunt campaigners the League Against Cruel Sport (LACS) wants the National Trust to publish the times and dates when hunts will be trail hunting on their properties, to help LACS' self-styled "monitors". But the National Trust has rejected the request as "unworkable"…. (story)
Western Morning News 23.9.09 National Trust to debate policing hunts - ANIMAL rights campaigners have forced the National Trust to debate whether they should effectively play a role in policing hunts which operate on their property. The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has moved a resolution to be put to the trust's annual meeting in November calling for the organisation to publish the dates and times when hunts will take place on its estates. Such a move would allow hunt monitors to track the activities of hunters more easily – but the trust's board of trustees has recommended it is rejected when it goes to a members' vote on November 7…. (story)

Cumberland & Westmorland Herald 5.10.09 A piece of law that does not work - The collapse of the prosecution against John Harrison at Penrith Magistrates’ Court reinforces the need for repeal of the Hunting Act 2004…. FRANCESA FOTHERGILL, Selside, Kendal >(letter)

Cumberland & Westmorland Herald 5.10.09 Hunting Act must be strengthened - ELAINE MILBOURN, Torpenhow, Wigton. (letter)
Cumberland News 25.9.09 Don’t let the fact that Hunting Act does not work become an excuse to repeal law - Should the Conservatives win the next election, they intend allowing a free vote to repeal the Hunting Act, claiming the Act doesn’t work…. ELAINE MILBOURN, Torpenhow (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 5.10.09 Staghound packs abiding by the law - KATHY Moyle claims that there is widespread flouting of the Hunting Act by hunts, Diehard hunters are committing a crime, Letters, October 1. However, this is clearly not the case. There have been numerous allegations hurled at hunts by hunt monitors and almost all have been found to be baseless…. The staghounds should take a lead from Pat Scotland, our Attorney General and the highest legal officer in the Government, shrug their shoulders, declare it only a 'technical breach' of the law and stop shooting all the deer they flush out. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 1.10.09 Diehard hunters are committing a crime - I AM very conscious that we are approaching yet another hunting season. Already the stag hunts are on the move and some of the fox hunts look as if they are engaged in traditional cub hunting, where the new pups are taught to chase and kill young foxes…. The Hunting Act is under threat no doubt with a change of government but we are on the winning side and with the support of the majority of the public we can see off any threat to the Act. The hunters want to turn the clock back to the past, so it's not a crime to go hunting, coursing and killing for sport. Kathy Moyle, East Budleigh (letter)

Wisbech Standard 5.10.09 Police in Lincolnshire launch major offensive to stamp out illegal hare coursing - A COUNTY wide operation is being launched this month to target those who take part in the illegal and cruel pursuit of hare coursing across Lincolnshire. Operation Galileo is a dedicated response to stamping out hare coursing across the county. Lincolnshire Police's Wildlife Crime Officer PC Nigel Lound, who for many years has been instrumental in tackling the illegal activity, will be leading the robust offensive and working closely with the National Farmers Union and the county's farmers, landowners and gamekeepers to ensure the operation's success…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 5.10.09 Inflicting pain and suffering on animals - – As we hear more and more reports of dogfighting, badger-baiting and hare-coursing, I pause to wonder what kind of sick and depraved society we find ourselves in that some should take pleasure in pursuing these cruel and disgusting activities…. Dennis Grattan, 3 Mugiemoss Road, Bucksburn, Aberdeen (story)


Horse & Hound 4.10.09 Kings Troop go hunting in the West Country - Abigail Butcher, H&H news editor - Horses and soldiers from the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery took a well-earned break from their ceremonial duties in London recently and headed to Cornwall for a spot of hunting… In complete contrast to their working routine, the horses had daily gallops along the golden sands of Polzeath and swam in the sea. They also enjoyed mornings with the Four Burrow hunt and North Cornwall hunt — and the Devon and Somerset Staghounds on their way home to London. The North Cornwall met in the heart of Bodmin Moor where horses and riders relished the chance to let off steam across the outstanding countryside…. (story)

Scotland on Sunday 4.10.09 Deer numbers are in balance - YOUR article "Deer stalking for the masses" (News, 27 September) reports on a study published over 12 months ago based on statistics and information reaching back five years and more…. Stalking is neither elitist nor expensive. Anyone with a firearms licence, the necessary equipment and, most importantly, the proper training can go stalking. The question is whether we require more stalkers to address a problem, and whether a problem, in terms of numbers of deer, exists? The answer on both counts is "No"…. Robert Balfour, chairman Association of Deer Management Groups, Fort William (story)
Scotland on Sunday 27.9.09 Call for deer stalking for the masses By Mark Smith - LANDOWNERS should offer cut-price hunting trips and ditch the sport's elite image in a bid to tackle soaring deer numbers, according to a top government adviser on conservation. The move would wipe out poaching almost overnight, it is claimed, by allowing locals to legally bag "one for the pot". But estate owners have warned that cheap hunting away-days could lead to untrained gunmen being let loose on hillsides, posing a danger to themselves and others. Professor Douglas MacMillan, head of the School of Conservation at Kent University and a long-standing adviser to the Scottish Government on countryside issues, says that the sport, which can cost an average of £500 a day, must be opened up to a wider range of people to increase the number of deer being shot… A survey by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation showed that 65 per cent of their members would like to go deer hunting, but were not able to do so. The main reason is they lacked the contacts within "hunting circles" to get a chance to hunt deer… (story)

Financial Times 4.10.09 Novartis chief takes on animal activists By Andrew Jack in London and Francesco Guerrera in New York - Novartis is taking the unusual step of openly fighting back against animal rights activists who are waging a campaign of intimidation against it. Daniel Vasella, chief executive of the Swiss pharmaceutical company – a target of extremists who desecrated his Swiss family grave in July – has warned some 140 people who sent him critical e-mails that they are associating themselves with criminal activity…. (story)


Irish Examiner 3.10.09 Greens have chance to finally ban bloodsports - John Fitzgerald, Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports, Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)
Irish Times 3.10.09 Running with the hares? - I hope the Greens push hard in the programme for government negotiations for the abolition of both hare coursing and carted stag hunting… JOHN FITZGERALD, (Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports), Lower Coyne Street, Callan, Co Kilkenny. (letter)

Times 3.10.09 Recession sees pheasant season start with a whimper not a bang - Valerie Elliott, Countryside Editor - The pheasant season has opened, but the countryside will be much quieter this year. Commercial shoots — and there are about 3,000 across the country — are expecting a dearth of guns, especially from the City….. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 3.10.09 Therapy catches on By Mark Dowie - A CHARITY which uses fly fishing as therapy for women who have or are recovering from breast cancer has held its first Scottish retreat in Angus. Casting for Recovery was founded in the US in 1996 and since then has helped more than 3,500 breast cancer survivors… Retreats take place over two-and-a-half days, and all accommodation, meals, counselling and professional instruction are provided free, with financial backing from the Scottish Countryside Alliance… (story)

Teletext 3.10.09 Live animal exports stop - Bosses at Britain's largest container terminal - Felixstowe - have agreed to halt the exports of live animals. Members of Kent Against Live Exports had targeted Felixstowe Port in a series of small demonstrations after it began shipping live sheep to Europe… (story)

Bolton News 3.10.09 Circuses yes, animals no - Paul Thomas Campaigns Assistant The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (letter)
Tamworth Herald 12.8.09 Call for circuses to be animal free - Paul Thomas, Campaigns Assistant, The Captive Animals' Protection Society (letter)
Lancashire Telegraph 15.7.09 Circus is no place for animals - Paul Thomas, The Captive Animals’ Protection Society, PO Box 4186, Manchester (letter)
Manchester Evening News 19.6.09 No more circus animals - Paul Thomas, The Captive Animals’ Protection Society, Manchester (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 18.6.09 Don't like the circus? Then don't go - IN reply to Paul Thomas ("Circus is not for animals," Your say, June 11): first of all, people have a choice of paying to go and see a circus or not. Secondly, the circuses I have been to see have struck me as above-board… Steve Webster, Myrtle Drive, Illingworth, Halifax (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 16.6.09 Good life for animals in circus - In response to Paul Thomas ("Circus is not for animals" 11 June) a circus without animals is not a circus and just a variety show. Yes, our animals travel in purpose-made horse transporters to get them to each venue. There is nothing wrong with this. Racehorses, show-jumpers, carriage horses etc are transported in the same way on a regular basis. Do not judge us as you don't even know us or the love and care we lavish on our animals…. Here at Circus Mondao we have nothing to hide, that's why we never refuse the RSPCA access to our animals even though they are only a charity and have no legal right to come on site…. One question, why are people happy to watch Britain's Got Talent with the different animal acts but not a circus? Petra Jackson, Circus Ringmistress (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 16.6.09 Circus animal torment - Paul Thomas, campaigns assistant, The Captive Animals’ Protection Society, PO Box 4186, Manchester (letter)
Southern Reporter 11.6.09 Circuses are no fun for animals - Paul Thomas (campaigns assistant) The Captive Animals’ Protection Society PO Box 4186 Manchester (letter)
Halifax Evening Courier 11.6.09 Circus is not for animals - Paul Thomas Campaigns assistant The Captive Animals' Protection Society (letter)
Worcester Standard 14.5.09 Animals don't belong in a circus. The constant transportation from town to town for ten months each year and confinement for long periods means that a travelling circus can never meet all of the needs of these animals… There is no educational value in seeing these once proud animals reduced to performing tricks in an unnatural environment. Circuses teach a lack of respect for animals … Paul Thomas, Campaigns assistant, The Captive Animals' Protection Society (letter)
Leicester Mercury 21.4.09 Call to boycott animal circuses - Animals don't belong in a circus… The Captive Animals' Protection Society (Caps) is not opposed to circuses, only to the use of animals, and we encourage people to avoid animal circuses and instead visit one of the many excellent shows that rely entirely on human skills. We also ask people to write to their MP… Paul Thomas, Caps. (letter)


Lincolnshire Echo 2.10.09 We have grown immune to facts of animal slaughter - I GREW up on a farm in the mountains of South Wales and understood all about life and death and the utilisation of beasts from birth… So, do I agree with battery farmed meat? Do I agree with animals being experimented on for medical purposes? The answer is a straightforward and emphatic no. There is no justification for animals to be treated in these barbaric ways…. Mrs Dawn M cKENNA Ferry Road, Southrey (letter)

Gloucester Citizen/Echo 2.10.09 Gloucestershire hotel denies it sells foie gras - A luxury hotel in Cheltenham has denied claims by animal rights protestors it is selling foie gras. The Western Animal Rights Network held a demonstration outside Hotel on the Park, in Evesham Road, after reports its restaurant menu included the controversial pate made from the inflamed liver of a duck or goose…. But hotel owner Benjamin Bowen, who took over the business in September 2007, said the activists were mistaken. "They are wrong. We are not selling foie gras at the moment. We have not been selling it for more than a year," he said. "I believe any agreement made with them was done by the hotel's previous management and it is not something I would agree to…. "I also noticed one of the protestors was wearing trainers which I believe have been proved to be made by exploited young children."….. Chris Marshall, who led yesterday's demonstration, said the group was campaigning to rid Cheltenham of businesses which sold foie gras…. (story)

Eastbourne Herald 2.10.09 Eastbourne Vegetarian Group - stall proves a great success - EASTBOURNE Vegetarian Group ran a stall in South Street in September for National Vegetarian Month…. Altogether £220 was raised for Viva! and Animal Aid but the main aim was to encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle free from saturated animal fat as well as the cruelty involved….. (story)

Leicester Mercury 2.10.09 Show respect for animals - Could Elizabeth Lambert explain her comment: "Everything has a right to life – and yet doesn't"("Wasps – and the right to life", Mailbox, September 24)?.... In our country and many others where there is a plentiful supply of a wide variety of food, there is no need to eat meat…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 2.10.09 The biter bit - I again find myself writing in response to Elizabeth Lambert (Mailbox, September 24). Wasps normally only use their sting to defend themselves or to subdue prey, therefore, unless Elizabeth presents herself as either a threat or irresistibly tempting prey, her fears of being stung are unfounded. Clearly my previous attempt to educate Elizabeth has proven to be futile as she continues to be confused as to whether everything has the right to life and goes on to say how she enjoys eating the food that has been slaughtered for us simply for her own self gratification…. Miss CJ Hill, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 16.9.09 Wasps also have a right to life - I must respond to the letter "Drink of death" (Mailbox, September 9). I am absolutely appalled by Elizabeth Lambert's method of eradicating wasps from her garden… Wasps have as much right to enjoy the outdoors. In this time when wildlife needs all the help it can get in order to survive we should be looking at ways to provide for and make welcome all creatures that venture into our gardens not take pleasure in slaughtering them… Miss C J Hill, Leicester (letter)

The Sentinel 2.10.09 Nothing noble about bullfighting - NOBLE: Good luck to the animal rights activists who came to protest against bullfighting, described as a noble art (The Sentinel, September 21)… SID MOUNTFORD, Abbey Hulton (story)

Darlington & Stockton Times 2.10.09 Love or hate? - Bill Oldfield (D&S Eating In, September 25) says he loves spider crabs yet three paragraphs later he advocates killing them and states that his preferred method is to drown them…The author’s ignorance of basic biology aside, I fail to see how he reconciles his love for these creatures with the desire to kill them, and if the crabs had to die it is unlikely that being boiled alive, slowly, would be their preferred method… PATRICIA TRICKER Arrathorne, Bedale (letter)


Midhurst & Petworth Observer 1.10.09 Around 150 people attend hunt kennels open day in Petworth - Around 150 supporters and interested parties made their way to the hunt kennels in Petworth, for an open day and a chance to meet the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray hounds…. (story)

Independent 1.10.09 Lunch with one fat lady: Fish lips and duck webs with Clarissa Dickson-Wright - If her political views are a little hard to swallow, her idea of a slap-up meal is no less challenging By Tim Walker - Clarissa Dickson-Wright is going to spare me the jellyfish. We're sitting down for lunch at Hung's, one of the few restaurants in London's increasingly seedy Chinatown that's yet to become an all-you-can-eat buffet, and I've agreed to match her dish for dish…. The Conservatives, Dickson-Wright hopes, will come to power and put honest labelling on their agenda – and a repeal of the hunting ban… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.10.09 Field sports should be open to majority - ANTI-FIELD sports campaigners have long tried to whip up class prejudice with their talk of 'toffs on horses'. However, Graham Forsyth's latest letter plumbs new depths… Graham's argument that hunting and shooting should be denied the Government funding available to other sports because of the ethnic and social mix of its participants is nonsense… Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash, South Molton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.9.09 Hunters and the rich will inherit the Earth - AS we enter the party conference season, it is interesting to see how the many interest groups are continuing just as if there were no problems with MPs expenses… We could soon see many more people including children out on a killing spree in the countryside, perhaps receiving sporting grants made available to purchase their firearms… Hunting and shooting have always been activities that predominantly white and well heeled members of society participate in, far removed from the realities that most people have to deal with… Graham Forsyth, Fairway Rise, Chard, (by email) (letter)

Bath Chronicle 1.10.09 Fox hunting fear under the Tories - There was media coverage recently about a dog fighting ring, but it was soon out of the limelight. It was never mentioned in the coverage of such cowardly pastimes, that the dog fighting people are often closely linked with badger baiting people, who in turn are often connected to the 'terrier men'. The latter, remember, play a central role in the cruel pastime of fox hunting…. DAVID THOMAS, Hisomley, near Westbury (letter)

Essex Echo 1.10.09 Don’t feed the destructive fox - Sheila Hibbert says foxes have a right to peace, (Letters, Sep 21). I do not consider they are in their natural environment when they are causing damage in people’s gardens… Howard Bantin, The Westerings, Hockley (letter)

Retford Times 1.10.09 Police get tough on poachers - POACHERS targeting rural areas around Retford appear to have been warned off thanks to dedicated night-time patrols by Safer Neighbourhoods officers…. (story)
Essex Echo 22.9.09 Foxes have right to peace - I believe complaints about foxes come from those who would like to see the barbaric so-called sport of hunting brought back…. Sheila Hibbert, Woodlands Road, Hockley (letter)

Farming UK 1.10.09 Free range egg producers concern as buzzard threat increases - There are reports that buzzards are becoming an increasing threat to free range flocks. Some egg producers have reported more frequent attacks on their hens. Others may not be aware of the problem - mistakenly blaming attacks on other predators… . A director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance wants a change in the law to allow landowners to kill birds of prey when they grow out of control. Tim Baynes, moorlands director of the Alliance, said, "It’s an increasing problem as the number of buzzards and birds of prey goes up. We won’t notice it for a couple of years and by the time it’s obvious, it’s too late."…. (story)

Daily Post 1.10.09 Cull plan polarises viewpoints by Andrew Forgrave, Daily Post - OF the 741 bTB consultation responses received by the Assembly Government, a fifth were from overseas, reflecting the international spotlight in which Wales now finds itself over its proposed badger cull. While opinions were predictably divided between farm unions and wildlife groups, many individuals also wrote in, eruditely outlining their views. An example was Welsh-born scientist Dr Jennifer Williams, now living in Edinburgh, who said: “It is not a financially viable nor ethical solution to completely wipe out the Welsh badger population, especially as badgers can and will repopulate the area from England and Wales.”…. (story)

Essex Chronicle 1.10.09 CHELMSFORD: Protesters call for circus boycott - CIRCUS patrons were greeted with hoots of "shame on you" when 40 demonstrators protested over performing animals being used in the big top…. Last week the Chronicle reported on how animal rights campaigners were calling on the public to boycott the circus after shocking undercover footage of the Great British Circus's three elephants being punched and hit with weapons emerged last month…. (story)

Essex Gazette 1.10.09 BRENTWOOD: School could be prosecuted over reptile event - A SCHOOL could be prosecuted for the part it played in staging a reptile event where creatures were caged in takeaway containers. Hundreds of lizards, snakes and spiders were on sale at the Reptile Breeders Expo at Shenfield High School on Sunday, allegedly putting children's lives at risk. As record numbers flocked to the event where some exotic animals were sold for hundreds of pounds, the Animal Protection Agency (APA) armed four private investigators with spy cameras to collect evidence it claims could lead to prosecution…. APA spokesman Elaine Toland said: "The animals were kept in takeaway containers. They need to have a very carefully controlled environment and they need space otherwise they become stressed."… (story)