October 2010

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Independent on Sunday 31.10.10 Almost two-thirds of Britons oppose repeal of hunt ban - As the fox-hunting season begins, poll shows huge majority want to see the law properly enforced By Jonathan Owen - Fewer than one in five people in the UK would support a repeal of the ban on hunting with dogs, according to a poll commissioned to coincide with the start of the hunting season this weekend. The YouGov poll of more than 3,400 people, conducted last week, reveals that 59 per cent oppose the ban being overturned. And 63 per cent disagree that it amounts to an infringement of civil liberties. A large majority, 77 per cent, want to see the hunting ban properly enforced.... The poll, commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports (Lacs), shows that one in seven (16 per cent) are in favour of prison sentences for people who break the law, with almost half, 48 per cent, in favour of people being fined up to £10,000... (story)

Kent on Sunday 31.10.10 Wildlife expert speaks on future of Hunting Act - A wildlife expert has spoken out against a watered down version of the Hunting Act. John Bryant, a founding member of Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA) from Tonbridge, said that any changes to the law proposed by the pro-hunting lobby in a bid to win support would render the bill "worthless"... Meanwhile, Sara Starkey, who lives in Tonbridge, claimed that she saw Old Surrey and Burstow West Kent Hunt "real" cub hunting while walking her dog in the countryside near her home... (story)

Sunday Herald 31.10.10 ‘Cull’ is wrong word to use - It was good to see that Shona Craven, unlike so many others, didn’t use the word “cull” to describe what happened to the red river hogs, Sammi and Becca... Many believe that zoos are surplus to requirements. Sandra Busell, Edinburgh (letter)


Ledbury Reporter 30.10.10 - LEDBURY Hunt has launched a new 2011 calendar..... (story)

ThisIsDevon 30.10.10 Hunt season will be starting this weekend - Thousands of people will be taking to the countryside across the South West this weekend at the official start of the hunting season. With the end of the month falling on a Sunday, opening meets this year will be taking place from today until next Saturday.... Other hunts having their opening meet today include the North Cornwall Hunt at Hamatethy near St Breward, and the Spooners & West Dartmoor Hunt meeting at Down House, in Whitchurch, Tavistock.... (story)

Mix 96 30.10.10 Hunting Season Starts Amid Calls For Debate - Tony Blair has described the move to make the practice illegal as one of the biggest mistakes during his time as Prime Minister. And with a new hunting season getting under way this weekend, farmers and hunters both continue to argue that the law is unworkable.... (story)

Hereford Times 30.10.10 90 riders compete at Radnor & West Hereford Hunt Supporters at Monkland - MORE than 90 riders turned out to compete when the Radnor & West Hereford Hunt Supporters held a Hunter Trial at Monkland... (story)

Yorkshire Post 30.10.10 Hunting heritage under the hammer By Chris Bond - SILVER hunting horns from the early 19th century, scarlet hunting jackets and a Yorkshire Post cuttings scrapbook from the 1920s are just a few of the antiques and collectables going under the hammer at an auction next weekend. Items for the sale, held at Beverley Racecourse a week tomorrow, come from private collections across Yorkshire and feature, as their centrepiece, a rare collection of Holderness Hunt memorabilia... (story)

Dundee Courier 30.10.10 Needless slaughter - How sad to learn of the demise of Emperor, the largest wild land animal in the UK. The mature, 12-year-old deer was cut down by a "professional hunter" -- someone who kills for sport or culls old, or poor-quality specimens..... Ronald Oliver. 4 Lethnot Street, Broughty Ferry (letter)

Worcester News 30.10.10 This lack of animal welfare worries me - was very concerned to read of the 21 sheep killed when a trailer overturned... No doubt the farmer will be compensated for the 21 dead sheep, but I would like to know if he is being prosecuted for lack of animal welfare and/or the unroadworthiness of the vehicle... Roberta Balfour, Malvern (letter)


Darlington & Stockton Times 29.10.10 Fox hunters not expecting Hunter Act repeal - FOX hunters saddling up for the start of the hunting season across the region are not confident the Conservative Government will lift the hunting ban.... The Hurworth Hunt covers an area of North Yorkshire around Thirsk and Northallerton and its first meet is today. (oct 30) Ken Fox, joint master of the Hurworth Hunt, said the hounds would be following a scent trail as the hunt stays within the law... (story)

ThisIsSomerset 29.10.10 The truth has to be faced that the hunting ban hasn't worked - At some point in the not-too-distant future David Cameron will honour his promise to the blood sports lobby and hold a 'free vote' on the repeal of the 2004 Hunting Act. No doubt there will be an expectation of Liberal Democrat compliance with the preferred option, with considerable pressure applied by the proponents of fox hunting to ensure that the correct outcome is delivered... There are now two stark choices. The three main defenders of the Act, the League Against Cruel Sports, International Fund for Animal Welfare and the RSPCA, can waste what few financial resources' remain in their coffers and attempt to fight a general repeal – or they can try to salvage something from this mess by encouraging the Liberal-Democrats to argue for a compromise. If they take the first option then everything will be lost, while the second offers the chance that it might be possible to retain the abolition of hare coursing and stag hunting... (story)

ThisIsKent 29.10.10 - Protesters march to retain hunting ban - COSTUMED anti-hunting campaigners took to Gillingham High Street on Monday to drum-up support to retain the present law banning the sport. Members of the International Fund for Animal Welfare fear fox-hunting with hounds could return after the Government pledged to hold an open parliamentary vote on repealing the Hunting Act, introduced in 2004. The organisation is visiting all constituencies where MPs have not made their voting intentions public. Campaigners dressed as a fox, a hare and a stag have been handing out leaflets and urging shoppers to return postcards which will be sent to MPs... (story)

Guardian 29.10.10 Hunting Act convictions at their highest: Get the figures here - New figures show Hunting Act convictions to be at their highest number yet. Get the full list here - Hunting Act convictions are at their highest yet according to new figures out with 57 convictions alone in 2009... (story)

Horse & Hound 29.10.10 Horse & Hound steps up its hunting coverage - Horse & Hound is expanding its hunting coverage for the 2010/2011 season. Besides our regular visits, we will have new reports with a twist... (story)

ThisIsSussex 29.10.10 Poachers in court after dawn raids - THIS is the bloody reality of illegal poaching in East Sussex. Police faced these scenes when they raided properties across East Sussex while hunting for wildlife poachers.... Robert Mepham, 50, from Lakedown House, Broad Oak and his son Sam, 22, were both found guilty of using the weapon to kill a wild animal, and ordered to do a total of 300 hours of unpaid work when they appeared in court at Hastings last week... (story)
Argus 25.10.10 Three Sussex men sentenced on wildlife and firearms charges By Neil Vowles - A father and son have been given jail sentences for hunting wild animals with a crossbow. Robert Mepham, 50, and Sam Mepham, 22, hunted deer and duck using the deadly weapon and then stashed their illegal kills at the family home. The two men, from Lakedown House, Broad Oak, Heathfield, were arrested alongside three other men last December in dawn-raids involving more than 50 police officers... (story)

Independent 29.10.10 Badger shooting is cruel, says RSPCA By Michael McCarthy - Shooting badgers in parts of Britain affected by bovine tuberculosis, which is proposed as a control technique, may be harder to carry out humanely than ministers realise, says the RSPCA.... the animals' anatomy and behaviour make them harder targets to kill with a single shot than foxes or deer, a fact made clear to ministers in a report by the Game Conservancy Trust, says the RSPCA... >(story)

Newcastle Journal 29.10.10 Battle for data on animal testing at university by Alastair Craig, The Journal - A COURT ruling is expected this week to resolve a row over access to animal testing data at a North East university. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) launched legal action after a failed Freedom of Information request on experiments carried out at Newcastle University... (story)

Western Mail 29.10.10 Holes on pitch may lead to rabbit cull - THOUSANDS of rabbits may be culled after turning a football pitch into a dangerous playing surface.... (story)
Daily Post 28.10.10 Rabbits plaguing Welshpool playing fields could be gassed by Steve Bagnall, Daily Post - GASSING rabbits or smearing grass with garlic repellent were among the extreme remedies put forward to clear a playing field of the fluffy pests. Rugby players, cricketers and footballers have been plagued by problems as the rabbit population has increased at Welshpool’s Maes y Dre recreational fields... Fiona Pereira of the Animal Aid campaign group said: “It is regrettable and unfortunate that people injure themselves playing sport, but this happens whether or not rabbits are in the vicinity... (story)
BBC News Online 27.10.10 Welshpool sport pitch rabbits could be gassed - Thousands of rabbits could be culled after being blamed for damaging a town's sports pitches. Welshpool Town Council said it had tried to combat the problem at Maesydre playing fields, but the population was out of control.... Donna Thomas of Animal Aid said: "Gassing is expensive, inhumane and dangerous not just for animals but for other animals..... (story)

Scotsman 29.10.10 Letter: Animal abuse - Michael Kelly's hugely insensitive piece on animal welfare (Comment, 29 October) is a disgrace. So it is all right to dump a living creature in a wheely bin? A lot of recent research suggests that animal abusers often move on to become child abusers... Alan Clayton Letters Way Strachur, Argyll (letter)

Independent 29.10.10 Humane way to kill lobsters - Tom Aikens claims that chefs can guarantee lobsters are killed humanely "because it happens in your own kitchen"... With this ever-increasing knowledge comes a responsibility to modernise our laws and practices so as to reduce unnecessary suffering. Ross Minett Campaigns Director, OneKind, Edinburgh (letter)

Sheffield Star 29.10.10 Animal protest - ANIMAL rights campaigners are holding an event in Sheffield city centre tomorrow to protest against factory farming. Members of Animal Aid will gather in the Peace Gardens.... (letter)


ThisIsCornwall 28.10.10 Hunting has become bit of a drag - ITS VIVID red fur flashes across the road; in the near distance a hunting horn sounds.... Soon a pack of hounds barking and panting in hot pursuit will descend upon it. In their wake will come the remaining diehard riders of the Four Burrow Hunt still on the chase, a tumult of equine and canine muscle and sinew closing in for the kill. Only the dogs do not appear and neither do the huntsmen – even though they are not far away. For although they are out hunting their 'sport' is, to put it mildly, a little less lively... The Four Burrow – which covers a vast area from the west of Padstow to east of Camborne and has around 100 riders, plus more as car members – meets three times a week during the season, which begins on the first Saturday of November... (story)

Guardian 28.10.10 Foxhunting ban likely to remain thanks to new generation of Tory MPs - Many new Conservative MPs say they'll vote with Labour to prevent repeal of 2004 Hunting Act - Owen Bowcott - The election of a new generation of Conservative MPs opposed to bloodsports is likely to block attempts to repeal the ban on foxhunting with hounds, according to members of the latest Commons intake. A full vote to legalise the pursuit of wild mammals with dogs is therefore unlikely to be held during this parliament because there is insufficient support, animal rights campaigners maintain. Figures on the parliamentary arithmetic collected by the League Against Cruel Sports are supported by soundings taken by some anti-hunting Tory MPs.... (story)

Tribune 28.10.10 Government backs down on free vote to repeal hunting ban - The Government’s plan for a free vote to repeal the Hunting Act has been shelved. The League Against Cruel Sports, which led the successful campaign to ban hunting with dogs in England and Wales, says the coalition has backed down because it knows the vote would be lost by Marcus Papadopoulos... (story)
ThisIsGloucestershire 26.10.10 Hunt ban repeal "off political agenda" - By Freddie Whittaker - A REPEAL of the hunting ban could be off the political agenda, according to animal rights campaigners. The League Against Cruel Sports has said a poll of MPs suggests only 253 out of 650 members are committed to repealing the act... Jo Aldridge, publicity officer for the Duke of Beaufort hunt, which regularly meets near Tetbury, said she was surprised the league had chosen to carry out the poll... "We do, however, have reason to believe the numbers supporting a repeal are different to what the league suggests." Gloucester MP Richard Graham, who was helped to leaflet in Gloucester during the election by members of theOxfordshire-based Heythrop hunt, agreed... (story)
ThisIsSomerset 25.10.10 MPs' poll suggests ban on hunting is here to stay - Nick Gibbons - Campaigners hoping for a swift repeal to the hunt ban have been dealt a blow after a poll suggested a majority of MPs are in favour of keeping the law.... a poll of politicians' attitudes, published by the League Against Cruel Sports, suggests only 253 out of 650 members were committed to repealing the act. The anti-repeal lobby had the support of 319 MPs.... Mike Feltham, master of the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt, said: "I don't think there is any doubt that from the fox's welfare point of view the ban has brought a considerable down-side."... Maurice Scott, master of the Devon & Somerset Staghounds said: "It's a silly law, and you only have to read Tony Blair's book to see that. It is unfair and should be repealed, but time will tell.... (story)
ThisIsDevon 25.10.10 Hunting ban vote 'could be lost', claim campaigners By Louise Vennells - Hunt campaigners claim they have unearthed strong evidence that there is no appetite among MPs to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs.... LACS has published the results on its website. According to its results, more than a third of MPs in Devon and Cornwall would vote to keep the ban... But Lucy Wastenage, joint master of the East Devon Hunt, said supporters were confident the ban would be overturned under the current government... Jim Pascoe, chairman of the Four Burrows Hunt, which covers an area between Bodmin and The Lizard in Cornwall, said: “It may be a year or two before the political climate is exactly right for a repeal, but we’re working on the basis that it’s almost bound to happen sooner or later.” (story)
Leicester Mercury 23.10.10 House of Commons 'would not overturn hunting ban' By Tim Healy - Hopes among the fox-hunting community that the ban on hunting with hounds might be scrapped have been dealt a blow. As the new hunt season got under way, a poll of MPs found more in favour of keeping the Hunting Act 2004 than scrapping it... a poll of politicians' attitudes published by the League Against Cruel Sports suggested only 253 out of 650 members were committed to repealing the act. The anti-repeal lobby had the support of 319 MPs. The poll was published as the Quorn Hunt began the new season in the north of the county yesterday... Leicestershire is home to three other hunts – the Fernie, the Cottesmore and Belvoir. Two other hunts, the Atherstone and the Pytchley, hunt on the Leicestershire border. Leicester's three Labour MPs are opposed to repealing the act, but the county's seven Conservative MPs have vowed to scrap the law in any vote... (story)

Swindon Advertiser 28.10.10 Letter from Rev H W Jones - ALICE Barnard of the Countryside Alliance Foundation’s letter (SA, October 22) wants our young people to engage with the countryside and rebuild people’s passion for our open spaces. What she did not say was that the Alliance is a very rich and powerful organisation which will do almost anything to bring back the hunting and killing of foxes, deer and hares etc for sport... (Rev) H W JONES Priors Hill Wroughton Swindon (letter)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald 4.11.10 Get children back in the countryside - Alice Barnard, Chief Executive, The Countryside Alliance Foundation (letter)
ThisIsSomerset 21.10.10 Health and safety switch an outdoor boost - ALICE BARNARD, Chief Executive, The Countryside Alliance Foundation (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 18.10.10 letter from Alice Barnard - ALICE BARNARD Chief Executive The Countryside Alliance Foundation Kennington Road London (letter)
Highland News 14.10.10 Common sense call for countryside safety - Alice Barnard, Chief executive, The Countryside Alliance Foundation (letter)
Plymouth Herald 12.10.10 Change needed - LORD YOUNG'S review on health and safety and the compensation culture could herald a major and long-overdue social change: an end to the damaging effects of health and safety laws... The Countryside Alliance Foundation (TCAF) has conducted extensive research into the perception that health and safety is the main reason schools simply do not take young people outside to engage in practical learning about the outdoors... ALICE BARNARD, Chief Executive, The Countryside Alliance Foundation (letter)

Lancashire Evening Post 28.10.10 Don’t let hunt ban go to the dogs - We welcome the news that Early Day Motion 116, which aims to preserve the Hunting Act 2004, has achieved 200 MP signatures.... we warn against any complacency. It is certain that the pro-hunt forces - which include most Tory Cabinet members - will change tactics and try to win over ‘soft’ opposition to repeal.... . We are greatly concerned that such compromise measures could lull enough MPs into thinking the Act could safely be repealed. Alan Kirby, Protect Our Wild Animals, via email (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 28.10.10 Hunting fraternity shows true colours - ONCE again the hunting fraternity has shown itself in its true light with the demise of Exmoor's magnificent stag. Time and time again we hear that deer need to be managed to weed out the sick and the lame – but, like the stag hunts, the hunters go after the best trophy available... Graham Forsyth, Fairway Rise, Chard (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 28.10.10 Stag shooting must be condemned - NOW I have no idea about the reasons for culling elderly stags, but I must say that I find the shooting of the magnificent beast dubbed the Emperor of Exmoor quite appalling.... As I have often written, I am neither for nor against hunting – everyone has an opinion on this vexed subject. But I surely condemn the killing of this wonderful stag, even if some experts say it was the right thing to do... Colin Richey, Lazenby Road, Tiverton (letter)

Western Daily Press 28.10.10 Did Alliance admit to breaking ban? In an article by Tristan Cork today (WDP October 21), which I quote "A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance on Exmoor said the purchase was very strange".... the Countryside Alliance is admitting they hunt deer. I have passed this information to the Devon and Cornwall Police to investigate. Rev H W Jones Wroughton,Swindon (letter)

Western Daily Press 28.10.10 Better controls for killing deer needed - I read with interest the Exmoor Emperor – the famed Red Deer stag of southern Exmoor – has been shot. This comes as no surprise to anyone who lives in West Somerset... It is high time the culling of deer is taken out of the hands of landowners who sell sporting rights to the highest bidder. It should be carried out by a regulatory body who know deer numbers and which deer are ready to be culled.... Craig Hutchings West Somerset (letter)

Guardian 28.10.10 Angling is not a racist sport - Hugh Muir asks "Is angling a racist sport?" (G2, 20 October), citing an opinion piece in the Angling Times, and one Asian angler who encountered some racists while he happened to be fishing. Are there racists in England? Yes. Do some of them fish? Yes. Is angling a racist sport? No. There are more than 3 million anglers in the UK, from every sector of society. It is true that ethnic minorities are currently under-represented, but our angling development work in schools has demonstrated that angling is just as popular with black and Asian kids as it is with white kids... Mark Lloyd, Chief executive, Angling Trust (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 28.10.10 Illegal killings of wild deer on the rise across North Lincolnshire - ILLEGAL killings of wild deer at the hands of 'wildlife thugs' are on the increase across North Lincolnshire. Humberside Police, who are leading a crackdown on poaching, say there have been 116 reports of deer poaching and hare coursing by unauthorised hunters trespassing on farmers' fields this year... (story)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 28.10.10 Rural spies recruited in a bid to catch illegal deer poachers - RURAL spies are being recruited to feed information to the police in a bid to catch illegal deer poachers in North Lincolnshire. With the number of reported incidents topping 116, officers from Humberside Police have launched a crackdown on illegal animal poaching in a bid to stamp out the crime... Sgt Liz Staff, of Humberside Police, said the force is taking steps to recruit volunteers who live or work in rural hotspots to join Farmwatch – a project set up to share information about rural criminal activity... (story)

Scotsman 28.10.10 Man found injured in graveyard after 'animal attack' By Jane Bradley - POLICE are investigating what is believed to be an animal attack on a man who was lying unconscious in a church graveyard. The 37-year-old was discovered with injuries to his face and hands in the early hours of Sunday at St Michael's Parish Church in the village of Inveresk, Midlothian. It is understood that the animal involved could have been a fox, although this has not been confirmed.... (story)
Scottish Sun 28.10.10 Human prey by MYRA PHILP and NICK SHARPE - A MAN'S face and fingers were eaten by a wild fox as he lay unconscious in a cemetery following a suspected drug overdose. Victim Andrew Stewart, 37, suffered such horrific injuries that police who found his mutilated body feared he had been assaulted by thugs. And as officers searched the grisly scene at St Michael's Parish Church in Inveresk, East Lothian, the beast repeatedly prowled the site of its gruesome attack. Last night a police source revealed: "While the officers were at the scene, after the man had been taken to hospital, the fox kept coming back and poking around. "It was then that they realised the same animal was the one that might have mauled the poor guy. His nose and two and a half fingers were bitten off."... (story)

Guardian 28.10.10 Let's make Peta history - The animal rights organisation treats women like meat and does animals few favours – this dreadful group needs to disappear - Julie Bindel - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), has done it again. Apparently never tiring of offending women with its horrifically misogynistic campaigns, it has now gone and upset British film-maker Victor Schonfeld over its use of footage from The Animals film... Peta received $32m in public donations last year and yet it does not run animal shelters. According to public records from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Peta euthanised 2,124 pets in 2008 and gave fewer than 18 to adoptive homes... The harm they do to both women and animals is enough to justify calling on even the most passionate animal rights activist to support us in the campaign to close this hate-filled organisation (story)

ThisIsTotalEssex 28.10.10 Karin puts vegetarian TV shows on the net - A NEW online TV station has been launched by a vegan from Billericay. Karin Ridgers, 39, of Tyrrells Road, created VeggieVision TV with the aim of giving vegetarians a platform to share recipes and meet like-minded people... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 28.10.10 MPs show concern over Nocton super-dairy plan at awareness event in Westminster - MORE than 50 MPs joined campaigners from Lincolnshire to discuss issues surrounding the Nocton super-dairy. Austin Mitchell, Labour MP for Grimsby, invited Lincolnshire campaigners and members of animal welfare groups to attend a reception at Portcullis House, in Westminster... MPs and peers from across the political spectrum attended the event, along with celebrities who oppose the dairy plans, such as actor Andrew Sachs and model and actress Natalie Cox. Lincolnshire representatives, such as Linda and Charlie Wardale, from Vegan Lincs, and Deborah Wilson and Ian Glaister, from Campaign Against Factory Farming Operations (CAFFO), also attended... (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 28.10.10 Campaigners get message across - CAMPAIGN group Compassion In World Farming has taken its message out on the road by advertising on the side of buses. The charity is opposing plans to create a new super-dairy at Nocton, near Lincoln, with 8,100 cows... The group's campaign manager Pat Thomas said: "Every child knows cows belong in fields... (story)

Leicester Mercury 28.10.10 Remembering animal victims of war - At this time of year we commemorate sacrifices made by the armed forces and civilians in times of war. As well as humans we should not forget millions of animals who are the hidden victims of war.... Red poppies are a symbol of remembrance for human victims of war. Purple poppies commemorate animals who have lost their lives as a result of human conflict.... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


Telegraph 27.10.10 Showjumpers make 'foxyhunters' calendar - A group of showjumpers and hunt followers have stripped off for a risqué "Foxyhunters" charity calendar... The calendar aims to raise money for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and Help for Heroes... (story)
ThisIsGloucestershire 27.10.10 Foxyhunter girls strip off for racy calendar to raise money for good causes - CURVY horse riders bared all in the British countryside for a racy charity calendar. The 'Foxyhunters' calendar features event riders, showjumpers and hunt followers wearing little more than suspenders, riding boots and whips... The calendar aims to raise money for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and Help for Heroes.... (story)

Portsmouth News 27.10.10 MP: 'I won't vote to bring back hunting' By Rory O'Keeffe - Tory MP Caroline Dinenage has confirmed she will vote against her party to keep a hunting ban in place. With the traditional start of the hunting season less than a week away, the Gosport MP has spoken out on why she, unlike the majority of her party, and most MPs in The News' region, will oppose any measures to remove the ban... However, in The News' region, where the only hunt is the Hambledon Hunt, at Meonstoke, each Boxing Day, only Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock would join Ms Dinenage in opposing the ban's repeal.... (story)

Horse & Hound 27.10.10 Countryside Alliance computer hacker is caught again - Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news - A computer hacker who brought down the Countryside Alliance (CA)'s website "because he didn't like what they stood for" has been caught again. Matthew Anderson, 33, of Dummuir in Moray immobilised the CA's website for two days in October 2004... (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 23.10.10 Moray IT expert faces jail for part in hacking gang - A north-east computer security expert faced prison yesterday after admitting being a key member in a sophisticated international gang of hackers. Matthew Anderson, 33, of Drummuir in Moray, abused his knowledge to target hundreds of businesses with spam containing hidden viruses, a court heard.... He also disrupted the Countryside Alliance website, which was down for two days before being restored online. He targeted both websites because he did not like what they stood for... (story)

Carlisle News & Star 27.10.10 CHECKS STRICT ENOUGH GUN LAW INQUIRY TOLD By Anika Bourley Parliamentary Correspondent - A GOVERNMENT inquiry into firearms control launched in the wake of Derrick Bird’s shootings heard yesterday how systems in place to assess whether people are suitable for a licence are sufficient. Mike Eveleigh, of the British Association of Shooting and Conservation and a former firearms licensing officer, said the organisation agreed with the status quo.... (story)

Redditch Advertiser 27.10.10 Residents will fall for this exhibition, hook, line and sinker - AN exhibition featuring a hugely important part of Redditch’s rich history is currently taking place at Forge Mill Needle Museum. “Hook, Line and Sinker”, which runs until November 30, is a look at some of the famous Redditch fishing tackle companies, both large and small. The exhibition features some of the museum’s rarely seen fishing tackle treasures, from rods, reels, baits, lures and floats, as well as archive photos, old documents and original hook making equipment... (story)

Bournemouth Echo 27.10.10 Milk and human kindness - November is Vegan Month – an annual initiative that encourages people to think about their food choices and question why some animals are loved and taken into our homes, whilst others are farmed and exploited for their flesh, milk and eggs. Animal Aid’s new four-minute web-based film – Where Does My Milk Come From? – describes the life of the dairy cow and her ‘waste by-product’ – calves.... Kelly Slade, Vegan Month Co-ordinator, Animal Aid (letter)


Mail 26.10.10 Giant red stag was gunned down 'legally for his antlers' which experts say could fetch £2,000 By DAVID DERBYSHIRE - A giant red stag cut down in his prime was apparently shot legally after the landowner was paid for the shooting rights - and his mounted head could be sold for £2,000, it was claimed... Peter Donnelly, a Dulverton based deer management expert with a lifetime’s experience, says: 'I am very concerned that people are stalking and shooting deer in the rut.... Wildlife photographer Richard Austin, who photographed the elusive stag earlier this month, was contacted by a local naturalist last week after he spotted a stag lying close to a busy main road, surrounded by people... (story)
Express 26.10.10 THE EMPEROR OF EXMOOR SHOT DEAD BY HUNTER By Jane Matthews - BRITAIN’S largest wild animal, a magnificent red stag nicknamed The Emperor, has been shot dead. The slaughter sparked fury among deer lovers and animal rights groups, who branded it a “supreme act of selfishness”.... The League Against Cruel Sports, which owns 2,000 acres in Exmoor, said: “It’s just a shame he didn’t find his way onto our land, where he would have been safe. It’s a supreme act of selfishness.”... (story)
Guardian 25.10.10 End of the Exmoor Emperor: sadness after giant red stag shot dead - Nine-foot stag 'still in his prime' is thought to have fallen prey to growing number of trophy hunters on Exmoor - Sam Jones - After 12 summers, the sun has finally set on the Exmoor Emperor, the magnificent red stag whose epic proportions were his making – and also, it seems, his downfall.... The rumour on Exmoor is that the stag, who was given his nickname by the photographer Richard Austin, may have fallen prey to the growing number of trophy hunters who have begun to congregate in the area... Douglas Batchelor, the chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "The levels to which some people will sink in terms of cruelty for entertainment never cease to amaze... (story)

Independent 26.10.10 Lab animals to lose safeguards - Sadly, the threat of a reduction in official scrutiny of animal laboratories is far from the gravest threat to the welfare of animals used in scientific experiments in the UK ... the EU's new directive governing animal experimentation could permit the UK to lower standards of scrutiny, inspection and welfare when it is transposed into UK law in the next two years... Alistair Currie, Policy Adviser, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals London SE1 (letter)

ThisIsKent 26.10.10 Animal lovers get the hump over the sale of camel meat in Thanet By Andrew Woodman - ANIMAL-rights protesters have targeted a new shop in Broadstairs that will sell exotic meats including camel, crocodile and zebra. A small banner-bearing group confronted Wild Sun owners Manfred and Ahrlene Fuss outside their shop on Saturday morning.... One of the protesters, admin assistant Carrie Donegan, said: "I am against all meat in general but fundamentally this meat in particular because the wild animals' offspring are left without parents and those shot are made to suffer."... (story)

Independent 26.10.10 Harriet Walker: Spare me Pamela's prime cuts - In the heaving meat market of provocative advertising, PETA's new offering stands out like a bloody steak. It's a string-bikini-ed Pamela Anderson segmented into all the choice cuts you'd normally see emblazoned on a diagram of a cow at your local butcher.... There's a time and a place for shock tactics, but they need to be carefully conceived and they need to avoid any unfortunate attendant overtones – which Pammie's new ad doesn't. It's seedy, gratuitous and objectifying, without being clever or relevant enough for that not to matter.... (story)

Oxford Mail 26.10.10 Pamela Anderson talks vegetarianism at Oxford Union - PAMELA Anderson signed autographs and posed for photos with students after addressing the Oxford Union about vegetarianism yesterday. The Baywatch star spoke to about 200 students and introduced documentary Glass Walls, narrated by Sir Paul McCartney... She spoke on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta).... (story)


Horse & Hound 25.10.10 Ward Union to continue hunting this season - The Ward Union will be hunting this season, but within the law — that's the message from Ireland's only stag hunt, which was effectively banned by the Irish government in June... (story)
Meath Chronicle 21.10.10 Ward Hunt’s new plan to circumvent ban by John Donohoe - The Ward Union Hunt has issued a hunt card for the 2010-2011 season, and intends to use satellite tracking of the stag in an effort to find a way around the hunting ban imposed by the Government this summer.... (story)
Irish Independent 15.10.10 Stag-hunt group proposes new way around ban By Paul Melia - THE country's only stag hunt has proposed a radical solution to get around the Government's hunting ban. A stag will be allowed to roam the countryside for up to four hours, and only when it is captured and removed to a place of safety will the hounds be released to follow its scent. And the Meath-based Ward Union Hunt said yesterday that satellite tracking would be used as part of its plans to resume hunting next month.... (story)
Irish Times 14.10.10 Stag hunt fixture list issued despite ban - SEÁN Mac CONNELL Agriculture Correspondent - THE WARD Union Hunt has issued a list of hunt fixtures for the coming season despite the recently introduced ban on hunting stags. Animal rights activists have forwarded details of the events to gardaí asking them to prosecute any breaches of the new law. Confirming that the list had been sent out, Ronan Griffin, the hunt’s spokesman, said a legal team was looking at the legislation and it would take advantage of any loophole it could find to ensure the survival of Ireland’s only stag hunt, which was set up in 1884.... Bernie Wright of the Association of Hunt Saboteurs Ireland, claimed she had learned from sources in the hunt that it was planning to hunt stags again and she was seeking a Garda investigation... (story)

Swindon Advertiser 25.10.10 Letter from Sean Gifford - LUSH Cosmetics would like to thank the people of Swindon for the overwhelming support they showed during our greyhound campaign.... SEAN GIFFORD Campaigns Manager Lush Cosmetics Carnaby Street London (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 14.10.10 Store takes a stand for racing greyhounds By Matthew Edwards - EMPLOYEES of a cosmetic shop have been racing to raise awareness of greyhounds safety. Jodie Prescott, the manager of Lush, was joined by members of her staff as they raced down Canal Walk to highlight what they say is the plight greyhounds face. All the employees were dressed up and had their faces painted as dogs.... Jodie said: “We are just trying to raise awareness of the treatment of greyhounds. We haven’t got a problem with the betting itself, it’s more the treatment of the dogs who race.... (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 12.10.10 Lush's Human Race - A CITY centre retailer is asking shoppers to take part in a series of races in a bid to highlight the plight of dogs involved in professional racing. As part of a week-long national campaign, Lush Cosmetics will tomorrow be asking customers to join their "Human Race", where the participants will compete against each other in silly foot races to win prizes.... (story)


Independent on Sunday 24.10.10 Matthew Bell: The IoS Diary (24/10/10) ...Animal Aid is a charity that doesn't think much of upper-crust pursuits, such as hunting and racing. But when it comes to legal matters, they have availed themselves of the services of Withers of the Old Bailey, one of the smarter law firms in London... Withers's portfolio numbers the Duke of Marlborough, a hunting enthusiast, and Ascot racecourse..... some of their clients might like to know... (story)

Observer 24.10.10 Peta's use of nude models fuels row with UK film-maker - Peta in row with UK film-maker Victor Schonfeld, who wants £470,000 for using film footage without consent - Caroline Davies - The use of naked models and actresses to highlight animal cruelty is at the heart of a dispute between high-profile activists that could end in court. American group Peta – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – has locked horns with British film-maker Victor Schonfeld over the former's alleged use of some of the latter's footage... . Peta has been threatened with a lawsuit in the UK by Schonfeld, a film-maker credited with raising public awareness of animal exploitation with the critically acclaimed The Animals Film... The director claims.... has used clips illustrating practices such as beaks being removed from chickens in their own harrowing internet videos and films without copyright consent... (story)


Holderness News 23.10.10 Holderness Hunt invites public to witness sport for themselves - People are invited to make up their own minds about hunting by joining East Yorkshire's first meet of the season. Leaders of the historic Holderness Hunt want people to see for themselves at their showcase event on Saturday, October 30. It comes as the Countryside Alliance holds Hunting Newcomers' Week to encourage new faces at hunts around the country... (story)
Holderness News 23.10.10 'Newcomers welcome' - We welcome the increased numbers of people participating in Hunting Newcomers' Week. The league said hunting was bound to become more popular now the cruelty of killing a fox, hare or deer has been removed... (story)

Oxford Mail 23.10.10 ANGLING: Return of otters is big worry - The return of otters to our river banks could have a big impact on angling in the county and beyond, and it’s not all good news!... While I am all in favour of supporting the survival of these creatures, I hope that the situation can be controlled and we don’t let other creatures suffer... These creatures eat fish, and with their staple diet, the eel, in decline, they will have to eat everything else swimming in our rivers.... This could cause a number of commercial fisheries to come under threat.... (story)

ThisIsGloucestershire 23.10.10 Lifetime award for sanctuary founder - ANIMAL sanctuary boss Caroline Gould was proud to receive an international award in the House of Lords. The woman who founded the Beckford-based Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre in 1984, was presented with a lifetime achievement award by the International Fund for Animal Welfare... (story)


Midhurst & Petworth Observer 22.10.10 Newcomers welcomed to Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray hunt - The Countryside Alliance’s nationwide ‘Newcomers to Hunting Week’ has started early in Sussex and the masters of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt have already hosted their Newcomers Day.... The crowd that turned up to enjoy the day of simulated hunting at Lowfold Farm, Wisborough Green, far exceeded expectations. Joint master Robin Muir said they had reckoned on around 50 people but stopped counting when the number reached 111.... (story)

Leicester Mercury 22.10.10 Hunt rides out - A Hunt was due to have its first outing of the season today. The Quorn, which rides on land stretching from Ashby to Melton, was to meet at 11am at the stables in Gaddesby Lane, Kirby Bellars... (story)

Tenby Observer 22.10.10 Disappointing - How very disappointing that Tenby Town Council have decided not to extend an invitation to the South Pembs. Hunt this year. Should councillors really allow themselves to be so readily influenced by the few who tried to mar such a successful event?... Mrs. B. Lawrence, Kilgetty. (letter)

Tenby Observer 15.10.10 Well done Tenby - I was pleased to read in last week’s Tenby Observer that the Town Council has decided not to let the South Pembs Hunt back into Tenby this year so that they will not be seen to be condoning a return to the cruelty of hunting.... Kelvin Thomas, Stepaside, Narberth (letter)

Isle of Wight County Press 22.10.10 Call for snare ban after badger’s death By Emily Pearce - THE death of a badger, trapped in a snare near Freshwater, has sparked outrage from animal rights campaigners. Farmer John Craddock found the animal near his home, barely alive and crying like a baby with a wire snare caught around its body.... Simon Wild, of the National Anti-Snaring Campaign (NASC), said it was the second time an Island badger had died after becoming trapped in a snare in recent months... "Snares are cruel, old fashioned, outdated and sadly associated with the shooting of birds for sport. "They should have been banned a long time ago."... (story)

Scotsman 22.10.10 Letter: Insane deaths,- If you thought a zoo was a safe place for a healthy animal to be, you would be utterly wrong. Edinburgh Zoo put to sleep two piglets for no other reason but to comply with the rules of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria... I am sure that the public do not understand why this cruel act was carried out. I would also question whether the vet that carried out the dastardly deed is a fit and proper person to be a vet, given that he carried out this act for such a pathetic reason... Robert Finlay, Greenmount Drive, Burntisland, Fife (letter)


ThisIsSomerset 21.10.10 Hunt saboteurs attack claims - Allegations that South West hunt saboteurs were attacked and robbed on the Mendips are being investigated by police. The saboteurs claim that the incident took place on Saturday when members of the South West hunt saboteurs were out monitoring a hunt taking place on the Mendips at Ston Easton and Emborough. Lee Moon, spokesman for the hunt saboteurs, said they were present at the hunt to monitor for evidence of illegal hunting... Whilst standing on a public footpath watching the hunt, the group of eight anti-hunt protesters, made up of men and women, were approached by five vehicles whose number plates had been obscured with mud. "Approximately a dozen men jumped out of the vehicles and proceeded to attack the hunt saboteurs shouting 'get the cameras'.... Mendip Farmers' Hunt's master of hounds Richard Standing confirmed that the Mendip Farmers Hunt was in the area on Saturday, but said that he had not seen any hunt saboteurs. He added that he believed that another hunting group had also been in the area on Saturday.... (story)
ThisIsSomerset 21.10.10 'Hunt supporters attacked us' claims - Avon and Somerset police say they are investigating allegations by South West Hunt Saboteurs that they were attacked and robbed by hunt supporters.... A spokesman for Avon and Somerset police confirmed that there had been a complaint made to them about an incident at Ston Easton on Saturday. Police had attended the scene following the incident and had started an investigation.... Police officers had not been able to collect all the statements at the time were now in the process of taking statements from the complainants in their own homes (story)

ThisIsSomerset 21.10.10 Surprise as anti-hunt group pays £160,000 for woodland - It is 48 acres of seemingly unremarkable woodland on the main road across Exmoor, with some lovely native trees, which was expected to fetch little more than £100,000 when it was sold at an auction this week. However, after the kind of fierce bidding normally reserved for an artist's masterpiece, Brockhole Woods, near Brompton Regis in Somerset, ended up fetching £160,000 – and the sale has rekindled the bitter divisions over country sports on Exmoor. For the victorious buyer was the League Against Cruel Sports, which outbid a local shooting club at the Taunton auction on Tuesday afternoon.... (story)
BBC News Online 20.10.10 Charity buys land to 'prevent fox hunting' in Somerset - The League Against Cruel Sports has spent £160,000 on land in Somerset to prevent fox hunting taking place there. It has bought 50 acres (20.2 hectares) of Brockhole Woods at Brompton Regis in Dulverton to expand the size of its Baronsdown sanctuary. A spokesman said the land was "slap in the middle of a hunting area". The Countryside Alliance said none of its members had hunted in the woods and it did not understand why the land was seen as "of strategic importance"... (story)

Birmingham Post 21.10.10 Poachers threatened to shoot me and burn down my home by Justine Halifax, Birmingham Post - The roll call of violence sounds like something from the worst excesses of Britain’s inner-cities. But gamekeepers in rural Staffordshire say they take their lives in their hands every time they go to work. One gamekeeper, who would only speak on condition he remained anonymous, said his confrontations with ruthless armed poachers had left him needing hospital treatment. He had also been threatened with being shot and been warned his home would be burned down, he said... (story)

Hull & East Riding Mail 21.10.10 City officers team up with colleagues in rural East Yorkshire to combat poaching - POACHERS are being stopped in their tracks as part of a new police operation to tackle the problem. Officers from the city are teaming up with colleagues from rural East Yorkshire to combat wildlife crime for the first time as part of Operation Orlando. The blitz includes stopping and checking vehicles for poaching gangs on main roads leading out of Hull into the countryside... (story)

Bournemouth Echo 21.10.10 No evidence for brush with a fox - The press has a duty to report stories accurately, based on evidence. It was most unfortunate therefore that your story Willum the cat lucky to survive after being savaged by fox in Poole (Daily Echo, October 15) failed on these counts. I was very sorry to read about the attack on the cat owned by Mr and Mrs Grange, but there is absolutely no evidence in the story that it had anything to do with a fox.... Chris Gale, Dover Street, Chippenham, Wiltshire (letter)

Shropshire Star 21.10.10 Plans to gas Welshpool rabbits ‘inhumane’ - A proposal to gas hundreds of rabbits in a Mid Wales town has been branded inhumane by animal rights campaigners. Welshpool Town Council said it was considering the move after months of failed attempts to restrict the numbers of rabbits damaging Maesydre playing fields.... Fiona Pereira, of Animal Aid, said: “There is nothing humane about gassing massive numbers of animals to death... “One way to reduce rabbit numbers is to stop slaughtering animals that rely on them for food: foxes, stoats, weasels and mink.” (story)

Scottish Herald 21.10.10 Animal activists outraged at zoo’s culling of piglets - Brian Donnelly - The culling of two piglets by Edinburgh Zoo, because they were surplus to an international breeding programme, has sparked outrage and prompted a campaign to help save the lives of others potentially under threat. Red river hogs Sammi and Becca were put down at the age of five months on the recommendation of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP).... Animal protection charity OneKind – formerly Advocates for Animals – criticised the decision to put the two piglets to sleep and has set up a campaign on the issue of culling the hogs and to save the remaining piglets... (story)
STV 20.10.10 Piglet cull at Edinburgh Zoo - Two infant red river hogs have been culled at Edinburgh Zoo following a recommendation by a European advisory body.... The move by Edinburgh Zoo on advice of the Endangered Species Programme (EEP) has brought about harsh criticism from animal rights organisation One Kind.... Ross Minett, Campaigns Director, OneKind felt the cull was unnecessary... (story)


Horse & Hound 20.10.10 Grafton groom Hannah Wain dies after riding accident - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - A groom working for the Grafton hunt died yesterday after a riding accident on Sunday. Hannah Wain, who had worked at the Grafton for less than a week, died after falling from one of the hunt horses as they were returning to the yard in Eyton, Northamptonshire after exercise... (story)

ThisIsDevon 20.10.10 Rise in price of offal may have knock-on effect - An increase in the price of offal collection is hitting South West slaughter houses and other outlets – with potentially a knock-on effect to farmers. Environmental charges and fuel increases have been blamed for the need of the hike in prices by specialist companies that collect offal and render it down for use in power stations and other installations.... Though collection charges by the National Fallen Stock Company are fixed for the time being, another sector affected by the rise in collection prices will be the local hunts, which collect fallen stock from farmers for flesh for their hounds and as part of a service to farmers. Larger hunts in the Westcountry send up to eight tonnes a month for rendering... (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 20.10.10 Back badgers - PEMBROKESHIRE Against the Cull (PAC) and the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales have organised a public meeting to discuss new badger cull proposals. The meeting will be held at Castell Malgwyn, Llechryd, on Sunday, October 31, from 2pm to 4pm to highlight and discuss key issues arising from the Assembly consultation on proposals to cull badgers... (story)

Leicester Mercury 20.10.10 Questioning legality of proposed badger cull - In the article "Badgers digging up human bones" (Mercury, October 15), it was stated: "Under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, it is illegal to kill, injure or take a badger or interfere with a sett." Last month the Government unveiled plans for a badger cull... If disease-free badgers are killed would their deaths be illegal? Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone >(letter)

Independent 20.10.10 Time to close zoos for ever - Your article and leader on conditions at London Zoo (16 October) hit the nail on the head.... Cramped and dilapidated enclosures, compromised animal welfare, dubious educational benefits and a reprehensibly small conservation dividend indicate how out of touch zoos are... Will Travers, CEO, Born Free Foundation, Horsham, West Sussex (letter)

Nottingham Post 20.10.10 Animal cruelty is disgusting - I SINCERELY hope this isn't the case, but if someone did actually kill this poor animal in this way ("Was cat thrown to its death?", Post, October 11), I can't put into words how I feel about it... Human beings who mistreat defenceless animals are disgusting and probably sick in most cases. NEIL UNWIN George Street Hucknall (letter)


Hertfordshire Mercury 19.10.10 Clay pigeon shooters raise more than £4,000 for Herts Air Ambulance at Hertford event By Sara Black - FUNDRAISERS proved they were on target after making thousands of pounds for the Herts Air Ambulance charity at a clay pigeon shoot in Hertford. More than 150 people took part in the event, which was hosted by the Lea Valley Shooting Association (LVSA) at Hertford Clay Pigeon Shooting Club in Bramfield Road, and raised £4,030... (story)

Guardian 19.10.10 Hideously diverse Britain: Is angling a racist sport? - Jon, who is of Indian descent, doesn't always get a friendly reception on the riverbank - Hugh Muir - Here's a question. If the future is integration rather than multi- culturalism, does that mean that everybody should do everything?... But it is the kind of thought that can pop into Jon Gupta's head during a morning's carp fishing on the riverbanks of the industrialised Midlands. "Is there nowhere that native Britons can go and be in the company of their own," complained one contributor to the Angling Times website the other day; one salvo in a hot debate. Sounds comical, but here it is: Is angling racist?.... (story)

Evening Star 19.10.10 Animal rights’ group in?call for boycott of circus BY NATALIE HOODLESS - IPSWICH: Campaigners are today calling on families to boycott one of the country’s last animal circuses. The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) claim that the Bobby Roberts Circus, currently set up at Trinity Park, in Felixstowe Road, Ipswich, should no longer be using animals in their performances... (story)


Express 18.10.10 MAY SET FOR ANIMAL WELFARE HONOUR - QUEEN legend BRIAN MAY has been selected to receive a special award in recognition of his animal rights campaigning. The guitarist will be honoured by the International Fund for Animal Welfare at London's House of Lords on Tuesday (19Oct10)... (story)
BBC News Online 17.10.10 Queen guitarist Brian May recognised by animal charity - Queen guitarist Brian May is to receive an award in the House of Lords in recognition of his animal welfare work. The 63-year-old rock legend is being honoured by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)... He also launched the Save Me campaign to ensure that the present laws protecting animals from cruelty are kept in place.... (story)

Telegraph 18.10.10 Protest as marksmen called in to cul-de-sac to kill foxes - A middle class revolt against the "inhumane" slaughter of foxes has forced a pest control company to abandon a planned shooting session. By Victoria Ward - Residents of a quiet cul-de-sac had complained that the animals were fouling on the path and digging holes in the grounds.... But no sooner had notice been given that the planned cull would take place on Thursday evening than protesters rose up and demanded it be cancelled... (story)
Evening Standard 18.10.10 Cul-de-sac cull of foxes called off after protests - Benedict Moore-Bridger - A plan to shoot dead 10 foxes in a London cul-de-sac has been called off amid fears that animal rights campaigners would disrupt the cull... (story)
Richmond Guardian 14.10.10 Fox off: Marksmen call off Roehampton cull following complaints By Paul Teed - Pest controllers have been forced to back down from plans to shoot up to 10 foxes in a quiet cul-de-sac tonight after residents complained the slaughter would be inhumane. Property management company Nightingale Chancellors said campaigners had bombarded its office with emails protesting against the cull in Roehampton Close, Roehampton. Wildlife management boss Bruce Lindsay-Smith - a self-styled "Dirty Harry" of the pest control world - planned to take “marksmen” to the estate this evening and use live ammunition to shoot the animals... A spokesman for Nightingale Chancellors, who refused to give his name, said: “We’ve been saturated by emails from people who know nothing about it. Apparently there’s a West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group. We’ve also been contacted by the police.”... (story)

Irish Independent 18.10.10 Stag hunters are leading the way - WHILE I agree with Aideen Yourell (Letters, October 16) that any unnecessary distress caused to deer for "sport" is indefensible, I can't help thinking how low stag hunting has been brought by the ban.... I wonder if fox hunters could be persuaded to follow the example of their fellow sportspeople in the Ward Union... John Fitzgerald, Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Wildlife Extra 18.10.10 Loophole that allows anyone to ‘trap and kill wild birds’ in Scotland - The Scottish Government has been asked to overhaul a law which allows people to ‘trap wild birds and bash their brains out' without having to justify their actions and without any training in how to handle and kill birds humanely.... John Robins of Animal Concern Advice Line (ACAL) says: ‘You could fly a condor through the loopholes in current legislation. For the second time this year I have reported people who have been breaking the law while killing corvids only for to the police to give them a ticking off then let them get on with it... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 18.10.10 Give goldfish more space in their bowls - MANY people in Exeter keep their fish in tiny goldfish bowls.... Goldfish deserve our compassion and respect as much as any other animal. If you keep your fish confined in one of these tiny bowls, please buy a larger tank... Cassie Dutta Four Paws UK Loman Street London (letter)

The Shields Gazette 18.10.10 Poppy tribute to brave animals By Lisa Nightingale - Animal lovers across South Tyne-side are being urged to wear a purple poppy this year to remember those that have lost their life in battle. Ann Kirton, owner of St Francis Animal Rescue, has made the plea after finding out about the Animal Aid campaign. She is now selling the specially-coloured poppies, launched by the charity, in her shop in Stanhope Road, South Shields... (story)


Horse & Hound 17.10.10 Old Berks hunt auctions off 'butlers in the buff' - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - Four cheeky hunt supporters are to strip off to show their support for the Old Berks. Whipper-in Harry Chance, farriers Ben Elcock and Jamie Goddard and subscriber James Blanchard have all agreed to discard their clothes to be "butlers in the buff" to help swell hunt funds. The men raised nearly £1,000 at an auction of promises on 25 September... (story)


ThisIsDevon 16.10.10 Grab a taste of life on the hunt with free event - Hundreds of newcomers can get a taste of hunting entirely free of charge this week, when hunts across the South West welcome those with an interest in finding out more.... The East Devon Hunt are inviting newcomers to their event today starting from Rockbeare Manor, six miles from Exeter, at 10am.... (story)

Irish Independent 16.10.10 Ward Union must leave deer alone - IT SEEMS that there is to be no respite for the Ward Union red deer, even though hunting them with a pack of dogs has now been outlawed.... It would be more practical and humane for the Ward Union to switch to drag hunting and leave the deer in peace. Aideen Yourell, IRISH COUNCIL AGAINST BLOOD SPORTS Mullingar (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 16.10.10 Hunting plumbs depths of cruelty - FURTHER to the story Man put cat in dryer and microwave, Echo, October 9, can you sink any lower? Well, yes you can. You can dress up in expensive fancy clothes, get on a very expensive horse, join a some fellow toffs likewise equipped, set a pack of dogs on a furry animal, not much bigger than the cat, chase it for an hour or so across country and then let the dogs tear it to pieces. All for fun. Or you can do the same to a magnificent red deer stag... J S Stuart, Regent Street, Exeter (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 16.10.10 Your Big Day Out: Robin Hood Game & Country Show, October 16-17. COUNTRY pursuit enthusiasts from all over the UK will descend on Newark tomorrow for one of the biggest dates in the calendar. The Newark and Notts Showground at Winthorpe will once again play host to the Robin Hood Game and Country Show on Saturday and Sunday – with a fun-filled family day out guaranteed... (story)

Telegraph 16.10.10 Penguins killed by foxes at London Zoo - Penguins, flamingo chicks and other animals kept at London Zoo have fallen prey to hungry foxes, it has been revealed.... (story)

Sheffield Star 16.10.10 Circus show goes on amid cruelty protest By Ben James - A ROW over cruelty at a travelling animal circus performing in Dronfield has erupted as the show reaches its weekend climax. National animal charity Captive Animals' Protection Society, CAPS, urges people to boycott the Circus Mondao.... (story)


ThisIsDevon 15.10.10 Gun centre open day right on target - SHOOTING enthusiasts gathered at a city shop for an open day organised by a conservation society. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) event took place at the Sportsman Gun Centre, at Apple Lane, Sowton... BASC and Help for Heroes were supported with a draw... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 6.10.10 Fingers on trigger at shooting event - SHOOTING enthusiasts will gather at a city shop on Friday for an open day organised by a conservation society. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) event takes place at the Sportsman Gun Centre, on Apple Lane Industrial Estate, on Friday... BASC and Help for Heroes will be supported with a draw and the shop... (story)

Dorset Echo 15.10.10 Willum the cat lucky to survive after being savaged by fox in Poole By Juliette Astrup - A CAT savaged by a fox in a Poole back garden was lucky to survive after suffering multiple wounds including a nine-inch gash. The treasured 19-year-old pet had seven separate wounds and needed 50 stitches after the attack, said his owners, retired couple Peter and Melody Grange... (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 15.10.10 Circus animal cause still topical - I write in response to ‘Preston led way with circus ban’ (Letters Oct 4) Well done to Preston Council for banning animal circuses on council owned land almost 30 years ago! I would also like to thank Councillors Terry and Joyce Cartwright for raising this issue publicly and supporting a ban... Fiona Galbraith, Captive Animals’ Protection Society, Manchester (letter)

Bolton News 15.10.10 Shame on shops over Halal meat - AS an animal lover, I look carefully when I am shopping, trying to buy things that haven’t inflicted pain and suffering... Now I find that my two favourite stores — Sainsbury’s and M&S — are responsible for selling Halal meat to its customers without their knowledge. Well, shame on them... L Powell Lever Edge Lane Bolton (letter)


ThisIsDorset 14.10.10 Hunt welcomed - THE Cattistock Hunt has been given permission to meet at Beaminster Square on Boxing Day by the town council. Councillors voted unanimously for the gathering to be allowed to take place again this year... (story)

Horse & Hound 14.10.10 Common hunting injuries - Bob Baskerville MRCVS - What are the other most frequently seen hunting injuries and what can be done to minimise them? Hunters are more likely than other horses to get corns and other types of foot bruising associated with concussion and trotting on roads.... (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 14.10.10 No to hunting - COULD I express my thanks to all the people who helped collect 300 signatures on petitions and raise £240 in donations for the League Against Cruel Sports? We had a very successful campaign stall on the Piazza on Saturday, October 9, where we asked people to sign petitions in order to show their support for the Hunting Act... John Lee, Netherton (letter)

Evesham Journal 14.10.10 Spread the word on rural pursuits – MP - EVERYONE who has shot or fished should encourage others to get out into the countryside to find out the real story of what went on. That was the message from Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, MP for the Cotswolds, at a reception hosted by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Angling Trust.... (story)
ThisIsDorset 29.9.10 Hunting, fishing play a 'vital role' - Shooting and angling play a vital role in the countryside and will help provide a viable future for rural areas, senior Labour MP Huw Irranca-Davies has said. The Shadow Minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs was speaking at a fringe meeting at party's Manchester conference.... organised by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Angling Trust... (story)
ThisIsDevon 22.9.10 Shooting and angling will aid tough times - The public benefits of conservation and economic generation provided by shooting and angling will become increasingly important as spending cuts come into effect, delegates at the Liberal Democrat conference in Liverpool were told. Speaking at the Rural Reception hosted by the UK's largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and the Angling Trust, Roger Williams MP said: "There are tough times ahead. Some public funds may no longer be available. Organisations like BASC will play an increasingly important role in the future."... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 14.10.10 Police given help on legal shoots - GAMEKEEPERS are to train police officers in Devon and Cornwall to prevent the wrongful arrest of lawful shooting parties. Across the country, police time and resources have been wasted investigating complaints about legal field sports activities. After concerns were raised by members, the National Gamekeepers' Organisation is organising talks with police forces – including Devon & Cornwall – to help officers determine between legal an illegal activities... (story)
Daelnet 13.10.10 Country training for “townie” police - Kennel staff out exercising the hounds of the York and Ainsty hunt were stopped by policemen who demanded: “Why aren’t those dogs on leads?” This is just one incident – some far more serious and costly – which have been reported by the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO) which is concerned that many town-based policeman have no understanding of country ways and often leap to the wrong conclusions... The NGO is so concerned at these misunderstandings – very costly and time wasting for already overstretched police forces – that its members are to give a series of talks to police about the laws concerning rural pursuits... (letter)
Telegraph 13.10.10 Gamekeepers to train police - Police are to be trained by gamekeepers amid fears that officers frequently try to arrest innocent shooting parties because they do not understand field sports... There is also a growing problem in policing rural areas because city-based officers do not understand the law around wildlife crime and fail to take poaching seriously. The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation will be giving talks around the country on how to identify a driven shoot or a night fox shoot, so that no more tax payers' money is wasted... (story)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 14.10.10 Boost for Wiltshire Air Ambulance - The Wiltshire Air Ambulance Appeal has benefited from a charity clay pigeon shoot held at Calstone near Calne. The shoot was organised by Bishops Cannings Cricket Club and 25 teams of five took part. The event raised about £14,000 and the air ambulance appeal received £5,000. A further £5,000 was presented to Help for Heroes and the remainder will be used by the cricket club for the youth section.... (story)

Powys County Times 14.10.10 Noble art of falconry makes for a great day out - Mark Lingard - BACK in the day – and when I say day I mean around the 16th century – there was a simpler time. A time when instead of going to Sainsbury’s and buying a meal for two deal, you took your falcon and hunted for your tea... A ‘Falconry Experience Day’ at Mid Wales Falconry was a fascinating insight into that life. We started with a different type of bird – albeit just as stunning – owls.... (story)

Oxford Mail 14.10.10 Scanner helps in fight against harecoursing By Emily Allen - POLICE in Wantage have got their hands on new technology to help them find out whether dogs used for illegal harecoursing have been stolen. Officers have bought a microchip scanner which allows them to check who a dog belongs to and where it lives.... (story)
Oxford Times 8.10.10 Hi-tech check for hare coursing dogs - Police in Wantage have invested in new technology allowing them to check dogs for microchips... PC Steve Lynch, who purchased the equipment as part of Operation Migrate. He said: “As part of the operation we will be attending a number of hare coursing events. “When we have checked dogs at these events in the past we have discovered a number have been stolen. “The scanner will allow us to check all dogs at these events quickly and easily and identify if any of them have been reported stolen.... (story)

North Devon Journal 14.10.10 Badger cull problems - ON September 15 the Government announced that it was issuing a consultation paper on badger culling. The paper explains the background to the current situation with Bovine TB, the outlook for the future and the pros and cons of vaccination and culling... The Green Party SW opposes any cull of badgers in the UK, and calls for all culls, current or planned, reactive or proactive, to be discontinued immediately... ROSEMARY HAWORTH-BOOTH, Press Officer, North Devon Green Party (letter)

BBC News Online 14.10.10 Sussex animal rescue worker to receive award - The head of a Sussex animal rescue charity is to be given a special award at the House of Lords in recognition of his work over the past three decades. Mr Weeks, 38, the director of the Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS), is being honoured by International Fund for Animal Welfare... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 14.10.10 Animal welfare group wants RSPCA to fight fish-farm plan - An animal welfare group has urged the RSPCA to object to a planning application for a new fish farm off Berneray in the Outer Hebrides near seal breeding grounds. Under the Conservation of Seals Act (1970), seals can be shot to prevent “serious damage” to fish stock or equipment. Glasgow-based Animal Concern has written to the RSPCA calling for a total no-kill policy in seal control at RSPCA Freedom Food endorsed salmon farms. The RSPCA has refused to back down... (story)

Bath Chronicle 14.10.10 Mega-dairy is factory farming - Councils in Somerset are to sell their small farms – this could herald the demise of the traditional way of farming in the UK as it is probably happening in many rural areas... If mega-dairies are given the go-ahead in the UK, we shall see thousands of cows kept almost exclusively indoors for most of their lives... Please publicise the facts about mega-dairies. CIWF have an excellent web-site should you wish to verify what I have written. ANNE MACFARLAINE St Mary's Green Timsbury (letter)

ThisIsTotalEssex 14.10.10 Take a stand and boycott the circus - Could I ask your readers via the letters page to boycott the Great British Circus which is currently in situ in Chelmsford. As a supporter of Animal Defenders International I support their Stop Circus Suffering campaign which wishes to end the inclusion of animals in circuses... Kate Curtis, Braintree, By email (letter)


ThisIsSomerset 13.10.10 We could end up policing hunts, says protest leader - The Government's "Big Society" idea could mean anti-hunt monitors are given the job of policing the controversial ban on hunting in the West, because police cuts mean officers will no longer be able to tackle wildlife crime. That is the view of the head of the League Against Cruel Sports, which has dozens of monitors keeping watch on hunts across the region, from Exmoor to the Cotswolds. But Douglas Batchelor's comments sparked outrage from hunt supporters... the Countryside Alliance gave Mr Batchelor's musings short shrift. Spokesman Tim Bonner said: "LACS is living in an alternative universe if it thinks that its rag-bag selection of animal rights activists are safe to monitor anything other than their own blood pressure.... (story)

Irish Times 13.10.10 Farmers protest against fox-hunting - Farmers will be represented at a protest against foxhunting outside the Department of Agriculture today, where they will call upon the Government to introduce a total ban on the activity. The Farmers Against Foxhunting and Trespass group said they wanted to voice their “continued objections to the destructive impact of this activity on the property and livelihoods of farmers nationwide”... (story)

Worcester News 13.10.10 I was not asked to ‘back off’ by police - Last Friday you carried an article by David Paine concerning a discussion I had with some anti-hunting protestors outside the Conservative party conference in Birmingham.... Unfortunately, the headline – Police asked Tory chief to “back off” – will have misled your readers as it is completely untrue. The police did not ask me to do anything. Two officers observed the encounter from 10 yards away, but did not move a muscle towards us. At one point, the protester accused me of harassing her and invited the police to intervene. On leaving, I asked the officers what constituted harassment and one commented: “Not what you were doing”.... Coun Ken Pollock, Chairman, West Worcestershire Conservative Association (story)
Worcester News 8.10.10 Brush with protestors after David Cameron’s conference speech By David Paine - A TORY chief has had another brush with the police – this time for remonstrating with protesters holding a stuffed badger. Members of FACCT (Fight Against Cameron Cruelty Threat) said Dr Ken Pollock, chairman of the West Worcestershire Conservative Association and a county councillor representing Tenbury Wells, was “aggressive and threatening” during an argument outside Symphony Hall in Birmingham following Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech... Dr Pollock admitted he got involved in “a passionate exchange of views” with members of the small group who were demonstrating against the badger cull and any plans the Conservatives might have to bring back hunting with dogs. Katherine Green, FACCT spokesman, said there were about six members, herself included, taking part in the peaceful protest on Wednesday afternoon when Dr Pollock marched over and “launched a tirade of abuse”.... (story)
Western Morning News 7.10.10 PM's jaw-dropping Westcountry gaffe ... Fringe meetings that start at 8am are not known as the hottest tickets in town, especially given the "refreshments" being taken by delegates on most evenings. So expectations must have been low that a gathering of the Conservatives Against Fox Hunting would elicit much interest... sources suggest it was standing room only. Well, with just one seat left empty, very nearly. It seems that the small band in the party who think it would be wrong or foolish to repeal the Hunting Act is growing.... (story)
Telegraph 7.10.10 Conservative Party Conference 2010: it's 3am in the bar - where's Jabba the Hutt? - Bryony Gordon finds herself mixing with some rather strange characters during the Conservative Party Conference.... Strangely, the League Against Cruel Sports is here; the woman dressed up as a fox loitering outside the ICC will be pleased about that, if nobody else. "Actually, we have had quite a lot of people sign our petition against snares," says the man at the stall, but I can only see three signatures... (story)
Independent 6.10.10 Birmingham Diary: Save the bulls,whales, stags, hares, and even the foxes By Andy McSmith - There is a meeting on the fringe of the conference this morning which is fated to be sparsely attended, and not just because it is at 8am. It will be gathering of Conservatives Against Fox Hunting.... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 13.10.10 Vegan chef is over the moon - A VEGAN has had the honour of having her recipes cooked by a celebrity animal rights and charity campaigner after winning a national competition. Sally Taylor of Church Lane, Manby created an inspiring and original three-course meal as part of a competition by campaigning vegetarian and vegan group – Vegetarians International Voice For Animals (Viva) As the winner, Sally and her family were special guests at VBites restaurant in Brighton which is owned by campaigner and Viva Patron Heather Mills.... (story)


ThisIsSomerset 12.10.10 Hunt ban 'a priority' for new Alliance boss - The new boss of the Countryside Alliance has said repealing the ban on hunting is a "central part" of the Alliance's work, as the battle for the hearts and minds of wavering MPs intensifies. With both sides saying an imminent free vote on hunting was "too close to call", the Alliance's new chief executive, Alice Barnard, said they would continue to lobby for repeal.... (story)

Kingston Guardian 12.10.10 Poachers fined for hunting rabbits - Two rabbit poachers caught with dogs, knives and spades on a farm have been fined. Tommy Cannon, 24, and James Lawrence, 26, were caught by police at Park Farm, near Chessington World of Adventures, on March 13. At Kingston Magistrates’ Court this Cannon, of Byland Close, Morden, and Lawrence, of Scawen Close, Carshalton, admitted the offence of poaching for rabbits under the Game Act 1831. A more serious charge of interfering with badger setts and using dogs to hunt a wild animal under the Hunting Act 2000 was dropped by prosecutors.... (story)

Dumbarton Reporter 12.10.10 Are red squirrels native? AS The Scottish Wildlife Trust and its partners set about hosting Red Squirrel Week, it will be seen by many that the “native” red squirrel has become a focus for tourism and grey squirrels are paying the price with their lives. But is the claim that the red squirrel is “native” to Scotland, or even the British Isles accurate?... In reality, rather than in the prejudiced world of pseudo science, all squirrels irrespective of their colour are as much native to where they are born as we are, and when an individual grey squirrel is clubbed to death for not being “native”, it is not a “species” that is being attacked but a real live animal undeserving of its fate. Angus Macmillan, Meikle Boturich
Be honest about ‘cull’ - LEWIS Pate, of the Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT), would make a good politician. In your article about squirrel control (Reporter 5/10/10), Mr Pate said: “I feel the word culled sensationalises things.”... The SWT want to trap and then kill as many grey squirrels as possible. My organisation and others oppose this project on both moral and ecological grounds.... John F Robins, Animal Concern Advice Line (letters)

Irish Times 12.10.10 Anti-fur protest held in Dublin - PAMELA DUNCAN - Shoppers in Dublin’s city centre were met with the sight of animal rights activists doused in red paint today as they held an anti-fur protest... “Most people who wear fur today are people who just don’t know what goes on behind the scenes,” Animal Rights Action Network campaign co-ordinator John Carmody said. “They’re almost always skinned alive because there’s no way of killing them with anaesthetic.... (story)


Daily Mail 11.10.10 Richard Kay - If David Cameron reverses the ban on foxhunting, Prince Charles will be back riding with his favourite hunt, the Beaufort — but without his favourite Huntsman, Captain Ian Farquhar. Approaching 65, Farquhar, a close pal of Charles, has decided to relinquish his post with the smart Gloucestershire hunt after 25 years, although he will be staying on as joint master, together with the Duke of Beaufort.... (story)

Northern Echo 11.10.10 Clay pigeon shoot raises Help for Heroes funds - A GUN club is on target to raise £10,000 for injured service personnel after holding a charity clay pigeon shoot yesterday. The Spennymoor and District Clay Pigeon Gun Club event at West House Farm, Bishop Middleham, County Durham, attracted about 250 people. Together with ongoing collections, the shoot is expected to raise about £7,500, which adds to the £3,500 raised at an earlier sponsored shoot... (story)

Northumberland Gazette 11.10.10 Survival hopes raised for albino brown hare (story)
Yorkshire Evening Post 11.10.10 Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust bid to boost hare numbers - The sight of an albino brown hare is extremely rare... But one lucky individual - who has made it to adulthood - was spotted on farmland in Hampshire and captured on camera by Peter Thompson, farmland biodiversity adviser for the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT).... The Trust has also produced a free practical guide for land managers and farmers, outlining the ways they can help the survival of brown hares... (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 11.10.10 Pigs trot track to bring home the bacon as Ham National comes to Ffos Las By Gill Roberts - The Ham National has come to Ffos Las Racecourse, with energetic pigs taking to the track for a special race. The porky event, which was held at the Trimsaran racecourse yesterday, was part of its Countryside Festival race day... Mr Long said there was also an exciting charity race held on the day.... "The amateur riders included Welsh opera singer and actress Shan Cothi, who raised funds for the Countryside Alliance." Entertainment also included falconry and a parade of hounds to watch, plus demonstrations of stick making, fly tying and horse head collar platting.... (story)


Racing Post 10.10.10 Special guests for Countryside Alliance day - NEWCASTLE is teaming up with the Countryside Alliance for its meeting on Sunday October 17 with Sir Johnny Scott, co-presenter of the TV series Clarissa and the Countryman and author of soon-to-be-released A Book of Britain, and Thirsk-based Ben Potter, one of the UK's top falconers in attendance... (story)
Newcastle Journal 8.10.10 Change in weather will aid recovery by James Armstrong - AFTER recent precipitation left Newcastle Racecourse in a somewhat soggy condition, Indian summer weather this weekend is just what’s called for... For our Countryside event, held in conjunction with the Countryside Alliance, there will be a host of entertainments taking place off the track with falconry displays featuring Golden Eagles, terrier racing, sheepdogs, a charity Huntsman’s race at 12.30pm prior to the main card, and much more.... (story)

Sunday Independent 10.10.10 Wrong sort of animal passions - As World Animal Week ends, Andrea Smith is appalled by the horrific acts of cruelty still perpetrated by mankind - It probably passed many of you by, but World Animal Week -- which aims to make the world a safer and more compassionate place for animals -- ended yesterday... As the Government seems to largely ignore these issues, our only hope is Green Party leader and Environment Minister John Gormley... Having already banned stag hunting, Mr Gormley has, of course, become a hate figure for the likes of property developer Michael Bailey of the Ward Union Hunt, who lamented that Mr Gormley was ripping the heart out of Ireland's rural community, and was trying to create a city/rural divide. I'm sick of this tired old defence of the indefensible... (story)


Horse & Hound 9.10.10 Hunts open their doors for Newcomers' Week - Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news - Hunts around the country are opening their doors to new followers next Saturday for the Countryside Alliance's (CA) Hunting Newcomers' Week.... (story)

The Sentinel 9.10.10 Nostalgia Letter: Hunt was special sight - Re: the article in The Sentinel about the Bird In Hand in Hilderstone.... I can vaguely remember the hunt. We used to go to see them turn out and what a sight it was. I suppose we didn't appreciate what a special thing it was then... JOYCE MOSELEY, Weston Coyney (letter)

Chelmsford Weekly News 9.10.10 Circus posters dumped at council office - A CONTROVERSIAL circus has slammed the removal of its posters from around Chelmsford. The Great British Circus, which features animals in its shows, is performing on private land until October 17 at Essex Regiment Way, just outside Chelmsford.... (story)
ThisIsTotalEssex 7.10.10 Circus ads torn down - POSTER boards advertising a controversial circus with performing animals were removed and dumped outside theCivic Centre. Great British Circus bosses say they are "unhappy" because the posters were placed with the council's approval.... (story)


Westmorland Gazette 8.10.10 Kirkby Stephen Poachers Charged By Andy Edgeworth - POLICE have charged three men with poaching offences after they were tipped off by a member of the public. A wildlife crime officer from Appleby attended the scene at Winton, near Kirkby Stephen, after the call at about 8.30pm last Sunday. The officer arrested the three men and recovered six hares and one rabbit as well as seizing their vehicle.... (story)

ThisIsDorset 8.10.10 Call to put end to rapid loss of village stores - Around 400 village shops will close this year and 13 rural pubs are shutting each week, Countryside Alliance deputy chief executive Lord Gardiner said yesterday. He told the House of Lords 62 village primary schools had closed since 2004 and another 400 were expected to go by 2014. He said: "Rural England has lost half of its entire post office network since 2000 – it is a bleak record, and we need to halt this decline."... (story)

Sutton Coldfield Observer 8.10.10 Feeding foxes is causing problem - IN THE last few months I have had trouble with the foxes in my garden. An old lady who recently moved to our road feeds the foxes at night. Not only are we kept up by the terrible noise they make, but now my garden is smothered in fox mess and big holes where they are constantly digging the grass... Name and address supplied (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 8.10.10 Culling must not be left to the farmers - The majority of the British public would no doubt agree that culling badgers would be wrong... there is a serious risk of a farmer-led cull being counter-productive, actually leading to an overall increase in TB in cattle. To place a badger cull in the hands of farmers could well be the worst of all possible solutions. Francis Kirkham, Nymet Rowland, Crediton (letter)

Guardian 8.10.10 Secret abattoir video shows 'sickening' abuse of animals - James Meikle and Paul Lewis - The government is calling on nearly 370 slaughterhouses in Britain to install surveillance cameras to help enforce legislation against cruelty toanimals, following a controversial campaign run by animal rights activists... The move... represents a victory for the animal rights charity Animal Aid... The department believed there were legal problems over the admissability of evidence obtained undercover by a freelance investigator employed by Animal Aid. He allegedly trespassed on the property to conceal a camera and obtain footage. Animal Aid, which will release a report into all seven slaughterhouses shortly, is refusing to identify the investigator. However, the Guardian has established his identity – he is a 49-year-old former hunt saboteur with a long criminal history.... The investigator, who uses the pseudonym "Joe", was unavailable for comment. (story)
Meat Trades Journal 7.10.10 'Animal Aid are after you' warns solicitor Jamie Foster - The meat industry has to be on its guard as further covert surveillance break-ins by animal rights group Animal Aid are under way, solicitor Jamie Foster warned AIMS delegates at its annual confererence at the weekend. The solicitor-advocate to lawyers Clarke Willmott said Animal Aid will not relent in its campaign. The message comes as Animal Aid activist Thomas Frampton has recently been caught out installing cameras in a south west abattoir according to Foster.... (story)


Whitby Gazette 7.10.10 Goathland Hunt tackle Heartbeat ride - GOATHLAND Hunt members kept their fingers crossed for good weather when organising their Heartbeat ride.... This was the first year of the ride of 15½ miles and everyone was enthusiastic and keen to return again next year. The Goathland Hunt committee thank the landowners, keepers and volunteers who made the ride enjoyable for all and for the riders who turned up despite the weather.... (story)

Newcastle Journal 7.10.10 Quality trout to be had at Casistron Lakes - ANGLERS opting to fish Buzzers and Damsels have enjoyed good sport this week at Caistron Lakes... The fishery is hosting a casting demonstration by, and one to one tuition from, Charles Jardine on October 17 in aid of the Countryside Alliance Foundation’s Fishing For Schools Project.... (story)

Telegraph 7.10.10 Falconry: Students spread their wings - hristopher Middleton reports on the lucky pupils using falcons to do schoolwork. By Christopher Middleton- Look through the national curriculum and you’ll find French and fractions, but not falconry. Yet it’s a subject that teaches you about a lot more than just birds, as the pupils of Treloar School, in Alton, Hampshire, are discovering... It’s also free of charge, being part of the Countryside Alliance Foundation’s (CAF’s) schools outreach programme. “I knew the CAF did a Fishing in Schools project, and I thought falconry would work well, too,” says Wrighte, a biology teacher before becoming a full-time falconer... (story)

ThisIsCornwall 7.10.10 This misguided killing policy will not stop TB - This misguided killing policy will not stop TB - JUSTIN KERSWELL, Viva! campaigns manager (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 30.9.10 How can they justify this devastating policy? - Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager, Bristol (letter)
Nottingham Post 28.9.10 Badgers need our protection - JUSTIN KERSWELL Viva! campaigns manager 8 York Court Wilder Street Bristol (letter)
Sheffield Star 23.9.10 I hope some farmers show compassion - SHOCK, dismay and a great sadness is felt to think the Government has given the go ahead for yet another wholesale slaughter of badgers. Oh how I agree with Justin Kerswell having read his very informative letter... My friends at the High Peak Badger Group and, indeed, any of the groups country-wide do an amazing job looking after these animals when they have been trapped or in a road accident and then rehabilitating them back into the wild.... Pauline Kelsey, Furniss Ave 17 (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.9.10 Killing badgers is disastrous policy - Justin Kerswell, Viva! Campaigns Manager, York Court Wilder Street Bristol (letter)
Northern Echo 18.9.10 Badgers - Justin Kerswell, Viva campaigns manager. (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 18.9.10 Badger disaster - Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager (letter)
Coventry Telegraph 17.9.10 Badger slaughter is just not needed... Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager, Bristol (letter)
Sheffield Star 17.9.10 Badger 'cull' disaster - I AM very disappointed, as I am sure many of your readers are, that the Government is pressing ahead with the terminally misguided policy of killing badgers in England.... the decision to allow farmers to shoot badgers on their own land is disastrous in terms of welfare and potentially spreading the disease. This slaughter will happen away from the eyes of the public... Bovine TB is a disease of cattle – and cattle-to-cattle is the main vector... The decision to stamp out wildlife against the best scientific opinion smacks of misplaced allegiance to an industry that can't see the wood for the trees. Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager (letter)


Romsey Advertiser 6.10.10 Sponsored riders defy the weather - Despite heavy rain and a terrible forecast 74 horseriders turned up to support the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and the New Forest Hounds in a sponsored 10-mile ride at Manor Farm, East Tytherley on Sunday... (story)

Irish Times 6.10.10 Empress of Austria's riding whip makes €37,000 - MICHAEL PARSONS in Slane Castle - ATTENDING THE big “Country House Collections” sale in Co Meath yesterday was like wandering on to the set of the new television drama serial Downton Abbey... the day’s most sensational result was the sale of lot 209: the empress of Austria’s riding whip. The whip, decorated with a silver band bearing the imperial Habsburg crest, was presented to Capt Robert Fowler, master of the Meath Hunt in 1879, during a visit by the empress to Co Meath... Following swift and intense bidding, auctioneer James O’Halloran brought the hammer down at €37,000... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 26.9.10 Empress's riding whip for sale - A riding whip owned by an Empress of Austria which was discovered in the attic of a Meath home is going under the hammer. Empress Sisi of Bavaria joined the Meath hunt 130 years ago, leaving behind in Rahinston House the whip, found in a mahogany casket decorated with the imperial Hapsburg Arms. The piece is one of the star curiosities among 800 lots in Adam's auction of Country House Collections in Slane Castle on October 5.... (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 6.10.10 Move to stamp out hare coursing - POLICE have cracked down on illegal hare coursing with the launch of a targeted operation. Operation Galileo is the Lincolnshire Police response to illegal activity by hare coursers who, over the autumn and winter months, travel to Lincolnshire from around the country to hunt hares with dogs... (story)

Eastbourne Herald 6.10.10 Animal rescuer defends foxes after residents issue warnings - ANIMAL rescuer Trevor Weeks has said residents issuing warnings about foxes killing neighbourhood pets are 'jumping on the bandwagon'. Trevor, from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS), says foxes do not attack cats and that people should already be taking measures to protect their pets from harm... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 6.10.10 Disastrous policy of culling badgers - Why do governments make disastrous decisions against the best expert evidence?... Now with badger culling, It seems the farmers get their way again against rational and expert evidence, no matter if healthy animals suffer by indiscriminate shooting, causing more distress to so many animal-loving people... John Williams, St Davids Hill, Exeter (letter)

ThisIsGloucestershire 6.10.10 Cull? Sounds more like slaughter - I HAVE two queries that, perhaps, some of the vocal supporters of the proposed badger cull may be able to answer. Firstly, the dictionary definition of cull is "to select, pick out and destroy individuals as inferior or superfluous members of a group". Does this mean that the proposal is to kill only infected badgers and leave healthy ones alone?... Secondly, if bovine tuberculosis is not a disease that originated in cattle why is it called bovine?... Paul Hansford, Stroud (letter)

Hull & East Riding Mail 6.10.10 Well done for protecting badgers from cruel act - I am writing with regard to your recent story headed "Three men guilty of tampering with badger sett". Well done to Humberside Police, the prosecution and judge at Hull Magistrates' Court and all others involved in the conviction of the three men for "interfering" with the badger sett at Sunk Island.... The East Yorkshire Badger Protection Group. (letter)

Hackney Gazette 6.10.10 Animal rights protesters target Hackney business Beyond Retro - Alex Wellman, Chief Reporter - ANTI-fur protestors woke residents from their slumber when they descended on a Hackney business. The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) brandished placards and shouted through a megaphone outside the head office of Beyond Retro in Penn Street, Hoxton, on Wednesday morning.... (story)


ThisIsDorset 5.10.10 Labour 'failed to tackle countryside's problems' - Labour let the countryside down by failing to tackle problems ranging from post offices to the Rural Payments Agency, Caroline Spelman claimed yesterday. She told the Tory conference the coalition Government is working hard to put right the neglect of the past 13 years under Labour.... But she did not mention one issue many of them would have been interested in – a Parliamentary vote on repealing Labour's Hunting Act. (story)

Daily Post 5.10.10 Hunting invite - HUNTS in Wales are welcoming new followers as part of the Countryside Alliance’s Hunting Newcomers’ Week, which runs from October 16-23... (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 5.10.10 Burnley MP will support hunt ban - BURNLEY MP Gordon Birtwistle has pledged to support the hunting ban after meeting with activists and staff from the League Against Cruel Sports.... (story)

Wrexham Leader 5.10.10 Shooting enthusiast condemns people who dumped dead foxes in Wrexham car park - A SHOOTING enthusiast says someone might have had a legitimate reason for killing foxes whose bodies were found in a supermarket car park.... Ian Braisbell... said: “Since the ban on hunting foxes with dogs was brought in a few years ago the number of foxes has rocketed, in towns as well as in the countryside. They are considered to be vermin and therefore it is legitimate to shoot them. But this has to be done properly and humanely... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 5.10.10 Use your voice to support animals - WHENEVER anyone now talks about the repeal of the Hunting Act, the image that is projected is one of fox hunting... Why, during the summer months, did a stream of fox-attack stories merge? The old favourite is the white van... Witnesses were able to count up to 47 foxes leaping out of the van but were unable to take down the vehicle registration!... Graham Forsyth, Fairway Rise, Chard Somerset (story)

Farmers Weekly 5.10.10 Shooting industry could help meet CFE targets - James Andrews - Gamekeepers and shoot managers are being urged to register for the Campaign for the Farmed Environment to help the initiative meet its targets.... (story)

Farmers Weekly 5.10.10 Protestors campaign to ‘shame’ super-dairy planners - Caroline Stocks - Animal welfare campaigners have launched a campaign to raise money to "shame" the farmers behind plans to build a 8100-cow dairy in Nocton in Lincolnshire. Members of activist group 38 Degrees are calling for donations to raise £5000 to pay for full-page newspapers advertisements against "factory farms".... (story)

Hull & East Riding Mail 5.10.10 Dawn's article on veggies was misleading - I GENERALLY don't mind Dawn O'Donohue's articles in the Mail, but I found the latest (September 23) about vegetarianism confusing, misleading and, in parts, wrong... I think things have improved fractionally and vegetarians are no longer "nutters", and the five million-plus in this country (as opposed to the 100,000 when I became veggie in 1979) let people know they aren't putting a strain on the health service. Aren't causing global warming. Aren't causing pollution. Aren't involved in world starvation and dreadful animal abuse. S Broom, Ings Road Estate, Hull. (letter)

Lincolnshire Echo 5.10.10 Society will pay for abuse of animals - DAVID Harding-Price (September 24) highlights the connection between the farming community and the Conservative vote with regards to the Nocton super-dairy.... We should all be ashamed of what is done in or name to satisfy our purse and appetites. Roger Lallemant Greetwell Lane, Nettleham. (letter)


Lancashire Evening Post 4.10.10 Fancy trying a day’s hunting? - Hunts in the North are welcoming new followers as part of the Countryside Alliance’s Hunting Newcomers’ Week, which takes place from October 16-23... A pair of wellies and a waterproof coat is all that is needed to follow the hounds on foot and we welcome young and old alike. Steve Clark, Northern Director, Countryside Alliance, via email (letter)

ThisIsDevon 4.10.10 Mink control encourages the return of water voles By eleanor gaskarth - Water voles have been brought back from the brink of extinction in Somerset after a campaign which removed 400 minks from the area... The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) led a campaign of mink control to reduce the number of predators from the vole’s habitat... (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 4.10.10 Preston led way with circus ban - We welcome plans by the Coalition Government to ban circus animal acts. Some 130 MPs have signed a Commons motion demanding new rules on animal welfare following a review earlier in the year by the previous government when it was shown that nine out of 10 people wanted a crackdown on animal acts... Councillors Terry and Joyce Cartwright, Deepdale Ward, Preston City Council. (letter)


Sunday Sun 3.10.10 Could the new Government lift hunting ban? Michael Kelly - A NEW Government has given hope to hunt members and followers that the Hunting Ban will be repealed. They say it hasn’t really worked and is diverting valuable police and court resources away from where they are needed and if the Bill was repealed it would safeguard thousands of jobs in the region and nationwide. But what chance have they got of the ban being lifted? Mike Kelly reports... (story)


Telegraph 2.10.10 Alice Barnard: new head of the Countryside Alliance on repeal of hunting ban - The new head of the Countryside Alliance calls on David Cameron to “right a great wrong” by overturning the ban on hunting with dogs By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent - Alice Barnard, 33, will become the first female head of the 100,000 member-strong organisation when she starts work on Monday, as well as its youngest ever. In an interview on the eve of Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, she urged the Prime Minister to make good on his pledge to hold a free vote on the repeal of the much-criticised 2004 Hunting Act before the next general election... A rider since childhood and a former Master of the Cambridge University Drag Hunt, which has the last remaining university pack of blood hounds, Mrs Barnard is a mother-of-one and has been working full time for the Countryside Alliance for more than three years... (story)
Country Life 30.9.10 New Countryside Alliance Chief interview - Kate Green interviews the new Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance Alice Barnard who succeeds Simon Hart on October 4... Repeal of the Hunting Act will ‘right a great wrong', says the new chief executive of the Countryside Alliance (CA). Alice Barnard, who will succeed Simon Hart, now an MP, on October 4, is the 100,000-member organisation's first woman chief executive and, at 33, the youngest... Mrs Barnard is married to Matt, a sporting photographer, and has a nine-year-old daughter; she is Cambridge-educated and was master of the Cambridge University Drag hounds... (story)
Horse & Hound 20.9.10 Alice Barnard named as new Countryside Alliance chief executive - The Countryside Alliance (CA) has a newchief executive. Alice Barnard, the former CA regional director for the Eastern area, was appointed as chief executive today (Monday 20 September). She starts the role on 4 October, taking over fromSimon Hart. Alice (33) started hunting at the age of nine with the High Peak Hunt in Derbyshire. She is a former master of the Cambridge University Drag Houndsand now hunts in Leicestershire.... (story)
Farmers Guardian 20.9.10 New chief exec for Countryside Alliance By David Boderke - THE new chief executive of the Countryside Alliance and The Countryside Alliance Foundation is Alice Barnard, the alliance’s regional director for the past three years... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 2.10.10 A baffling shift in hunting arguments - I NOTE with some amusement a new tack in the arguments made against hunting on your letters pages. I assume this is down to the League Against Cruel Sports' recent announcement that it opposes plans for the banning of all wilful cruelty to wild mammals. From recent letters from John Phelps and an anonymous correspondent it seems that the law was not about cruelty, but... traffic congestion... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 14.9.10 Trophies a symbol of divided opinion - THE letter, Animals shouldn't be sport trophies, September 11, makes me wonder whether the anonymous writer is aware of the Hunting Act 2004.... I too was sickened when I visited a hotel on Exmoor and saw stag heads in the restaurant and at a hotel on Dartmoor I found fox masks (heads) on display in their restaurant.... I am pleased that the Hunting Act has put an end to the tradition of hunting for so-called sport, but it will probably be some years before trophies are no longer on display. John Phelps Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express 11.9.10 Animals shouldn't be sport trophies - SO 'we' can't afford street lighting and 'we' can't afford speed cameras... Why, then, can 'we' spend millions on Exeter Museum? Why do we celebrate Victorians who, very privileged, could travel the world just to kill innocent animals!... Name and address supplied (letter)


ThisIsDevon 1.10.10 Four Burrow Hunt team come out on top in silver fox challenge - The Four Burrow Hunt team of Katie Hancock, Andrew Williams, Sammie Jo Coffin and Stephen Jinks reigned supreme in the Silver Fox Challenge at Hambledon, Henley-on-Thames, where they held off a strong challenge from 32 teams to secure the £3,000 winner's purse.... (story)

ThisIsDevon 1.10.10 Special hunting camp will give riding techniques and tips for the field - For the first time, Pontispool Equine Sports Centre, near Taunton, will host a "hunting camp" for hunting newcomers and those who would like to gain more experience. Held over three days from October 20 to 22, the course will involve gridwork and agility exercises, riding techniques and tips for the hunting field... There will be a visit to the Taunton Vale Foxhounds kennels and on the final day, the morning will be spent Autumn hunting, followed by a traditional hunt breakfast... (story)

Bristol Evening Post 1.10.10 Hunting newbies only need a coat and wellies - As part of the Countryside Alliance's Hunting Newcomers' Week (October 16-23), South West hunts are welcoming new followers... (story)

ThisIsGloucestershire 1.10.10 'This isn't compassion' – Benn backs hunting ban - Labour will fight the Government's attempts to reverse the hunting ban, Hilary Benn told the party conference yesterday... (story)
Guardian 30.9.10 Hilary Benn vows to fight plans to revoke hunting ban - Shadow environment secretary tells Labour conference the government's plan to allow a free vote on revoking the hunting ban will be fiercely resisted by the opposition - Hélène Mulholland, political reporter - Hilary Benn, the shadow environment secretary, vowed today to oppose "every step of the way" coalition plans to bring back fox-hunting as he hailed Labour's achievements in office. Speaking to the party's Manchester conference two days after Ed Miliband told activists to be humble about Labour's mistakes in office, Benn focused his speech on what the party had achieved for the countryside when it was in power and "had the chance".... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.10.10 Driven game birds give nation benefits - IN RESPONSE to Frances Weeks' letter Feathered targets' practice is sickening, Letters, September 25, I would like to provide a little background on the practise of driven bird shoots. Less than five per cent of UK farms use battery egg production as this is incompatible with the standards of welfare and good practice adhered to by the vast majority of the shooting community.... I think readers will agree the driven game industry is a far less barbaric practice than the average chicken or turkey farm and that it has real benefits to the nation and local areas... Matt Saunders, Redvers Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.9.10 'Feathered targets' practice is shocking - READERS may be shocked to learn that every year in Britain, more than 45 million pheasants and partridges are mass-produced to serve as feathered targets for wealthy "guns".... Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, Exeter (letter)

Hampshire Chronicle 1.10.10 Charity shoot near Alresford raises money for Help For Heroes By Andrew Napier - A CHARITY event in Bishop’s Sutton nearAlresford has raised more than £3,500 for Help for Heroes charity. The third annual H4H clay pigeon shoot raised a record sum for the charity that supports the wounded of Iraq and Afghanistan... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 1.10.10 The Hampshire police plan to tackle poachers By Chris Yandell - ARMED with crossbows and rifles, they are targeting some of Hampshire’s most popular wildlife. Deer have been left to endure a slow, agonising deaths after being shot by the bolt of a crossbow fired by a poacher desperate for its meat. Now police are stepping up patrols fearing an influx of poachers targeting wildlife across theNew Forest. They want to stop the area being used as a number one target for illegal hunting by organised gangs cashing in on the demand for cheap meat.... (story)

Oxford Mail 1.10.10 Kept under wraps - PENNY Little (Oxford Mail, September 9) is correct in her assertion that bovine TB is almost certainly caused by “harsh and inhumane farming”.... There is no evidence that badgers are transmitting TB to cattle and the transmission may well be from cattle to badgers. However, David Cameron has promised the farmers prior to the last election, that he would massacre the badgers (the term ‘cull’, is a euphemism designed to conceal the reality).... The citizens of Witney have much to answer for by electing such a man. PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 9.9.10 Badger killers - The Coalition Government have now confirmed the worst, and we read in the press that farmers are to be given a licence to kill badgers in a revenge spree in which the inoffensive badger is scapegoated for bovine TB – a problem almost certainly caused by harsh and inhumane farming practices. Thus, those responsible for the problems are being handed licences to wreak misery upon a wild species which can do nothing to protect itself from the onslaught... We cannot sit by and let the Government pander to trigger-happy landowners and bloodsports enthusiasts in the way they are doing at present... Penny Little, Cobb Hall Cottage, Back Way, Great Haseley (letter)

Oxford Mail 1.10.10 Cull is no solution - PAM TREADWELL (Mrs), Dodgson Road, Cowley, Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 30.9.10 Culling badgers is of little use - THE badger is an iconic part of our British wildlife. A cull of the badgers, either by gassing, snaring or shooting would have little impact on TB in cattle, as some badgers would evade the cull... PAM TREADWELL, Dodgson Road, Cowley, Oxford (letter)

Henley Standard 1.10.10 Support for farm animals - I wish to thank everyone who supported our collection for Compassion in World Farming in Henley town centre on Saturday, September 4, when we raised £68... Cyndy Bunton, Bracknell (letter on website for a week)