October 2011

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Argus 31.10.11 Four fined in six years for fox hunting in Sussex By Kirk Ward - Not a single person was prosecuted in Sussex last year under anti-fox-hunting legislation, it has been revealed. Campaigners branded the bill “a massive waste of police time” after it was revealed just 33 fines and 11 cautions were handed out across the country in 2010…. (story)
Bournemouth Echo 28.10.11 Hunt laws? They’re a massive waste of time - NOT a single person was prosecuted in Hampshire last year under anti-foxhunting legislation, it has been revealed. Campaigners branded the bill “a massive waste of police time” after it was revealed just 33 fines and 11 cautions were handed out in 2010. Hunting in Hampshire has continued since the ban became law in 2005, with groups including the New Forest Hounds training their dogs to follow a scent laid down by hand... (story)
Shropshire Star 27.10.11 Call to repeal fox hunting ban By Tom Johannsen - Police in Shropshire and Mid Wales have never cautioned, proceeded against or fined anybody under controversial fox hunting legislation since it came in, rural campaigners claimed today. The Countryside Alliance said it believes the Hunting Act should now be repealed because it has seldom been used since it came into force in 2005 and shows police time is ‘wasted by the unworkable and misdirected Hunting Act… (story)
Yorkshire Post 27.10.11 Simon Hamlyn: Hounding the hunts is a waste of police resources - AS I typed “opening meets” into Google, I was surprised and at the same time delighted to see that the second entry presented was a web site called Liam’s Hunting Directory… I had attended an excellent inaugural hunt lunch of the Blencathra Foxhounds in Cumbria on the eve of writing this article and where Kate Hoey, the Labour MP and former Sports Minister, was the speaker… At the start of this new foxhunting season there are a set of brand new statistics which have been released by the Countryside Alliance that demonstrate how police forces up and down the country are having their time wasted by the unworkable and misdirected Hunting Act…. (story)
Western Morning News 26.10.11 Hunting ban 'massive waste of police time' – Alliance - The ban on fox hunting has been labelled a “massive waste” of police time after it was claimed criminal convictions have been “consistently low”… Alice Barnard, the Countryside Alliance’s chief executive, said: “With the opening meets of the hunting season just around the corner, these statistics are a damning indictment of the expensive and failed Hunting Act.”… South West Devon Conservative MP Gary Streeter said he would vote for a repeal….. Philip Davies, a former chief inspector, claimed the Hunting Act is a “police officer’s nightmare”…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 26.10.11 Hunting law abolition call after ‘handful’ of successful actions By Mark Casci Agricultural Correspondent - LAWS brought in to regulate the hunting of animals have yielded just a handful of successful prosecutions, statistics reveal today. At the start of the foxhunting season figures released by the Countryside Alliance show that just one caution and 20 fines were issued in the region, with proceedings brought against 26 people. This comes against a national figure of just 11 cautions and 33 fines, leading commentators to claim that police time is being wasted by the Hunting Act since it came into force in 2005…. (story)
Western Mail 26.10.11 Fox hunting ban is a failure and waste of police time, claim campaigners in face of little police action by David Williamson, WalesOnline - FIGURES showing that three Welsh police forces did not even issue a caution against any member of a registered hunt in the first five years of the hunting ban prove it is not working and should be repealed, the Countryside Alliance is claiming…. Its report states that nearly all (97%) convictions relate to poaching or other casual hunting activities – including at least seven people who have been convicted of hunting rats….. (story)
Atlantic FM 26.10.11 There are fresh calls today for the hunting ban to be reviewed - The ban on fox hunting has been labelled a 'massive waste' of Police time - The Countryside Alliance have said Devon and Cornwall Police have not taken action against anyone involved with a registered hunt under the Hunting Act… (story)
Huffington Post 26.10.11 The Statistics That Prove the Hunting Act has Completely Failed - Olivia Seccomb - Policy Researcher, Countryside Alliance - The beginning of November sees us enter autumn in earnest… To mark the start of this season, the Countryside Alliance has - for the very first time - been able to show the success rates of the Hunting Act, and in so doing revealed the true extent of the failure of the Hunting Act…. ninety seven per cent of convictions since the Hunting Act came into force in 2005 relate to poaching or other casual hunting activities. All of these would have been able to be prosecuted under legislation which existed before the Hunting Act came into being… (story)

Northern Echo 31.10.11 Zetland Hunt horsemen gather for first weekend of hunting season By Andy Walker - HUNDREDS of horsemen, women and children embraced the autumnal chill and gathered in the great outdoors for the first weekend of the hunting season. Members of the Zetland Hunt, which straddles the border of County Durham and North Yorkshire, were among those to hold their first meet of the season on Saturday… Bilsdale Hunt was among the other groups to hold its first meet of the season this weekend, while Bedale Hunt meets for the first time this season later this week (story)

Yorkshire Post 31.10.11 Huntsmen and hounds help to raise money for Heroes charity - THe grounds of a historic manor were transformed into a sea of pink coats yesterday when hundreds of huntsmen from across Yorkshire flocked to a special charity event. Accompanied by their faithful hounds, the hunters attended a champagne breakfast and blessing of the dogs at Welburn Manor, near Kirkbymoorside, to raise funds for Horses for Heroes – part of the Help for Heroes charity… representatives from the region’s hunts, including Goathland and Ampleforth, vied for the title of best dressed… The event was organised by Sinnington Hunt member and owner of Welburn Manor Rosie Shaw, alongside the secretary of Farndale Hunt, Alice O’Neill… (story)

Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 31.10.11 THE VWH HUNT Equine Table Top Sale and Craft Fair will be held at Cricklade Town Hall on Sunday, December 4…. (story)

Telegraph 31.10.11 River peace shattered by battle for 'right to paddle' - One of the most peaceful and picturesque rivers in Britain is at the centre of a bitter dispute between country sportsmen. The row has become so heated that canoeists claim they have been threatened with shotguns by anglers angry that the paddlers are scaring away fish in the Hampshire Avon…. Anglers claim that they have to stop fishing and go home if canoeists are using the river as their “garish” craft scare away fish and damage the site of special scientific interest… Now a group of canoeists are set to stage a mass paddle on the Avon in a bid to assert their “right of way” — a move that could lead to further clashes… (story)

Leicester Mercury 31.10.11 Outdoor learning - An MP has signed up to a national campaign to encourage children to learn outdoors. Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire, is backing a campaign by the Countryside Alliance Foundation to get outdoor education placed on the national curriculum…. (story)

Telegraph 31.10.11 Drugs 'should carry animal testing labels' - Medicines tested on animals should be labelled as such to educate the public about the benefits the research can have, Lord Robert Winston has claimed. By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent - Speaking in a House of Lords debate last week, the fertility expert and TV presenter said taking medicines which had not been trialled in this way would be "unthinkable". Lord Winston, who has held an animal testing licence for 40 years, called for medicines to carry stamps similar to those found on cigarette packets in order to raise awareness about the benefits the work can have… (story)
AOL Lifestyle 30.10.11 Should we be proud that drugs are tested on animals? By Ceri Roberts - There's no doubt that animal research is highly controversial, but now one of our most famous scientists has said that we should be pleased that drugs are tested in this way. Professor Robert Winston wants to revolutionise our attitude to animal testing and is prepared to tackle the animal rights lobby head-on. In a House of Lords debate last week he said: "Let's face it, 95 per cent of us perfectly happily wear leather shoes. We should put the animal rights lobby into some kind of focus…. (story)
Sunday Express 30.10.11 ‘BE PROUD OF DRUG TESTS ON ANIMALS’ By Ted Jeory - MEDICINES should be labelled that they are safe for humans because they have been tested on animals in a bid to show the public the benefits of such research, says one of our most famous scientists. Fertility expert and TV presenter Professor Robert Winston wants to revolutionise the public’s attitude to animal testing and tackle the animal rights lobby head-on… “Animal research has contributed hugely to physiological medical research in virtually every field. We need to say very clearly it would be unthinkable to take any drug which has not been tested on an intact ¬animal. In fact, there is a case for having legislation to make it clear that a particular drug has only been possible for human consumption because of animal testing…” (story)

Eastbourne Herald 31.10.11 MP backs animal purple poppy appeal - A CAMPAIGN to mark the death of millions of animals who died during the two world wars has been backed by the MP for Eastbourne. Stephen Lloyd wants locals to don a purple poppy alongside their traditional British Legion one this November to remember animals killed during conflicts…. (story)

Cambridge News 31.10.11 Sheep lorries taught teacher a lesson . . . A Cambridge woman is urging people to go vegan next month – to halt “cruelty” to animals. Retired teacher Sue Hughes is backing Vegan Month, a national campaign run by the animal welfare group Animal Aid. Ms Hughes said: “During the mid-90s my friend and I used to join the live export protests at Brightlingsea, where we saw lorries crammed with terrified sheep. “We both agreed that we couldn’t be part of the suffering, so from that day we decided never to consume dairy products again…. (story)

Irish Examiner 31.10.11 Veganism a step in the right direction - WITH all of the negative news in the media, World Vegan Day on November 1 is an example of an ever-increasing group of people who do their utmost to live compassionate lifestyles and to have a light footprint on the earth’s resources… Bernie Wright Alliance for Animal Rights PO Box 4734 Dublin 1 (letter)

Northern Echo 31.10.11 Veggie option - Kelly Slade, campaigns officer, Animal Aid. (letter)
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 28.10.11 Compassionate eating - I AM just one of the hundreds of thousands of people throughout the UK who has chosen to follow a vegan diet and will be celebrating that compassionate choice this November, which is designated National Vegan Month – an annual initiative that promotes the benefits of an animal-free diet… Kelly Slade, Animal Aid (letter)


BBC News Online 30.10.11 Police step up trail hunts patrols in north Cumbria - Police are stepping up patrols around trail hunts in north Cumbria. Cumbria Police said it was in response to community concerns about tensions between hunt monitors and followers… "Officers will be deployed when appropriate, taking into account other needs and priorities, to carry out high visibility patrols at various fixtures throughout the season of the Blencathra and Melbreak fell packs." (story)

Skegness Standard 30.10.11 Hunt surprises beach visitors in Ingoldmells - A HUNTING party of hounds, horses and riders recently enjoyed a rare opportunity to bound along in the fresh coastal air at Ingoldmells Beach. South Wold Hunt took the opportunity to exercise their hounds along the stretch of beach owned by Joe’s Beach Bar last Monday morning… (story)

Horse & Hound 30.10.11 Farewell to hunting and pointing stalwart Alan Armstrong - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Alan Armstrong — known as “Scobie” — died on 5 October, aged 69, after suffering heart and lung problems… He hunted with the Belvoir, South Nottinghamshire and Quorn and was a keen owner of racehorses and point-to-pointers for many years… (story)

Mail on Sunday 30.10.11 Why gundogs are a girl's best friend: The Army wives, company directors and even hairdressers creating a new rural tradition By Melissa Kite - As I held the wriggling little cocker spaniel puppy in my arms, I knew I would be taking her home… In truth, I had only wanted a pet but her breeder John Harrison explained what working spaniels out of impeccable blood lines are really bred to do, and I started to think that maybe I ought to give her a chance to fulfil her heritage… I asked John, who trains gundogs, if he thought I should get involved in field sports… He took me on a shoot. Sure enough, every one of the ‘pickers-up’ – who collect up the dead and wounded birds on the shoot – were women…. (story)


Hull Daily Mail 29.10.11 Campaign to end hunting ban gathers momentum - EAST YORKS: Huntsmen are stepping up the campaign to end the ban on hunting with dogs as the new season gets underway. Controversial laws to regulate the hunting of animals were unworkable and a waste of police resources, it is claimed…. It comes as hundreds of hunting enthusiasts turned out for the Holderness Hunt's showcase opening meet today…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 29.10.11 Ledbury Hunt launches with opening meet - HUNDREDS turned up to mark the start of the open hunting season yesterday. The Ledbury Hunt's first meet began at the Corse Lawn Hotel with more than 100 on horseback and double that on foot…. (story)

Irish Times 29.10.11 Stalking the sika deer - What a peculiar bit of headlining on the piece about deer hunting in Co Kerry (Go magazine, October 22nd): “Game on as hunters meet their match”. A picture shows a man with a high-powered, sharp-shooting rifle with a telescopic focus and also binoculars… A match? Are we not a seriously confused, dangerous species? – Yours, etc, CONNELL FANNING, Upper Woodlands, Kerrypike, Co Cork (letter)

Leicester Mercury 29.10.11 It's right to speak out against cruelty to animals - My highest praise to Mrs Elizabeth Allison for her excellent letter "Animal cruelty is a scandal" (Mailbox, October 17)… Mrs Anneliese Bilson, Leicester (story)
Leicester Mercury 22.10.11 Wake up to the plight of animals! - I would like to endorse, as usual, every point raised in Ms Elizabeth Allison's letter ("Animal cruelty is a scandal", Mailbox, October 17). As I have previously stated in correspondence to Mailbox, human beings were given dominion over the animal kingdom, requiring them to protect and nurture them, not abuse, torture and use them for man's greed as is now prevalent… Mrs Ella Meah, Countesthorpe (letter)
Leicester Mercury 17.10.11 Animal cruelty is a scandal - I recently attended a Sunday afternoon service at St Andrew's Church, Jarrom Street, Leicester, for the celebration and blessing of animals… On the same Sunday, the Rev Professor Andrew Linzey gave an address at Westminster Abbey in which he spoke of the Church's inaction to animal cruelty… I hope the Church will take notice of Prof Linzey and begin to reverse the inaction which allows cruelty to thrive. Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


Huffington Post 28.10.11 The Law Against Hunting With Dogs is Regularly Broken With Complete Impunity - In 2004 after a long and bitter parliamentary battle, hunting with dogs was banned in England and Wales…. However in spite of the passage of the Hunting Act the truth is that in the countryside the law is being routinely broken. Dogs are regularly set after wild mammals… I know all this with complete certainty because it is me breaking it. I live on a farm near Exmoor North Devon and I keep three dogs. The woods hedges and fields around me teem with wildlife and on a regular basis I take my dogs out seek out wild deer. If we find any the dogs flush them out and chase them…. There is an exemption under the Hunting Act covering the use of dogs to flush out deer to protect woodland. However it depends on absurd conditions. Including that only two dogs are used and that reasonable steps are taken to shoot the deer…. There is a very simple way to dissuade the League Against Cruel Sports and the police from prosecuting me for breaking the law. I just tell them if they do so I will start obeying it (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 28.10.11 Gardener Joe Hashman wins discrimination case - A GARDENER, writer and lifelong advocate for animals returned to Southampton Employment Tribunal this week and won a claim of discrimination against Orchard Park in Gillingham. Joe Hashman, who used to write for the Blackmore Vale Magazine as Dirty Nails, persuaded the tribunal that his "few hours a week" job, creating and maintaining demonstration vegetable beds at the garden centre, had been "abruptly terminated" because of the attitudes of the company's board members and accountant to his animal rights activities… (story)
Mail 28.10.11 Garden centre worker's five-figure pay-out after he was sacked for anti-fox hunting beliefs By Oliver Pickup - A garden centre worker who was sacked for his anti-fox hunting belief has won a five-figure pay-out. Joe Hashman, who has been an active animal rights campaigner for 30 years, was handed his P45 at Orchard Park Farm near Gillingham, Dorset, in September 2009, and he has been seeking justice ever since…. (story)
BBC News Online 27.10.11 Dorset gardener unfairly dismissed for anti-hunting views - A Dorset man was unfairly dismissed from his job at a garden centre because of his anti-hunting beliefs, an employment tribunal has ruled. Joe Hashman, 43, from Shaftesbury, was fired from Orchard Park, Gillingham, after he was a witness in two hunting prosecutions, the hearing was told…. (story)
Western Gazette 27.10.11 Hunt protester's sacking claim - A GARDENER told an Employment Tribunal he was sacked from a Gillingham garden centre because of his anti-fox hunting beliefs. Joe Hashman, had been employed by Orchard Park Garden Centre in March 2009 but in September was dismissed… (story)
Express 25.10.11 ‘ANTI-HUNT’ SACK CLAIM - A GARDENER was sacked because he was against fox-hunting, he told a tribunal yesterday. Joe Hashman says he was dismissed from a garden centre after taking part in hunting protests… (story)
Horticulture Week 25.10.11 Orchard Park Garden centre 'fox hunting' employment tribunal begins By Matthew Appleby - Professional gardener Joe Hashman was sacked from running a demonstration vegetable patch at Orchard Park Garden Centre of Gillingham, Kent because of his anti-fox hunting beliefs, he has told an employment tribunal in Southampton. .. (story)
Western Daily Press 25.10.11 Dorset gardener: ‘I was sacked for being anti-hunting’ - A professional gardener was sacked from running a demonstration vegetable patch at a garden centre because of his anti-fox hunting beliefs, he told an Employment Tribunal yesterday… (story)
Telegraph 24.10.11 Animals rights activist 'sacked over fox hunting beliefs' – An animals rights campaigner claims he was sacked from a garden centre after his pro-hunting employers discovered he had helped convict celebrity chef Clarissa Dickson Wright of hare coursing charges. By Murray Wardrop - Joe Hashman, a professional gardener, alleges that he was discriminated against over his anti-fox hunting beliefs after bosses found out he was a leading saboteur and animal welfare activist… He explained that when he took the job of creating a demonstration garden for Orchard Park Farm, near Gillingham, Dorset, he had been “blissfully unaware” that its owners were keen supporters of the South and West Wiltshire Hunt…. (story)
BBC News Online 24.10.11 Dorset gardener fired 'over anti fox hunting views' - A Dorset man was dismissed from his job at a garden centre because of his anti fox hunting beliefs, an employment tribunal has heard. Joe Hashman, 43, from Shaftesbury was fired from Orchard Park, Gillingham, after he was a witness in two hunting prosecutions, the hearing was told…. (story)
Mail 24.10.11 Gardener was ‘sacked from garden centre for being anti-fox hunting’ - A professional gardener was sacked from running a demonstration vegetable patch at a garden centre because of his anti-fox hunting beliefs, he told an employment tribunal today. Joe Hashman, who has written two books on gardening, was employed by the Orchard Park Garden Centre in Gillingham, Dorset, in March 2009 to set up and maintain the vegetable display plots. But in September that year, Mr Hashman was dismissed after he was involved as a witness in two hunting prosecutions and following the accidental death of a local pro-hunting figure… (story)
The Lawyer 5.10.11 Blackstone barrister convinces EAT to uphold animal rights ruling - The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has rejected a bid made by Orchard Park Garden Centre to challenge an unfair dismissal ruling brought by an ex-employee and animal rights activist…. On 9 December 2009 Mr Hashman, a lifelong animal rights campaigner and hunt saboteur, lodged proceedings claiming that Orchard Park Garden Centre had terminated his contract as a gardener because of his belief in the sanctity of life and, in particular, his opposition to fox hunting and hare coursing… (story)
Scotsman 5.5.11 Jonathan Rennie: Tribunal ruling throws up a new philosophical challenge By Jonathan Rennie - Plato, Aristotle and Descartes would no doubt be delighted... A landmark ruling by a judge at a Southampton employment tribunal could have a significant impact on workplaces across the country following the decision that an employee's fervent opposition to fox-hunting and hare-coursing amounts to a protected "philosophical belief" under employment law. Joe Hashman, an animal rights activist, claimed he was unfairly sacked from his job at a garden centre after his employers, both of whom are members of the South & West Wiltshire Hunt, learnt he was a hunt saboteur... while a philosophical belief is protected, so too is a lack of belief. If somebody can argue opposition to fox hunting is a philosophical belief so too can an individual who supports fox hunting. Every time a new category is protected, then so too is everybody who holds the opposite view. As these cases show, the situation faced by employers is highly problematic, given how difficult it is to identify what might qualify as a protected philosophical belief and what does not... (story)
Dorset Echo 14.3.11 Anti-hunt campaigner wins legal battle against ex-bosses - An anti-hunt campaigner has won a landmark legal battle to have his animal rights views treated in the workplace in the same way as religious beliefs. Joe Hashman from Shaftesbury claimed he was sacked from Orchard Park Garden Centre in Gillingham because his bosses found out he was a hunt saboteur... (story)
ThisIsDorset 11.3.11 Hashman and Orchard Park case continues after legal ruling - A BELIEF in the sanctity of animal life can be regarded as a philosophical belief, and as such is protected by law, a judge has ruled this week. Judge Lawrence Guyer's finding follows a hearing in Southampton into Joe Hashman's claim against Orchard Park in Gillingham for wrongful dismissal.... (story)
National Secular Society 11.3.11 After environmentalism, animal rights is defined as a belief system equivalent to religion - Animal rights advocate 42 year old Joe Hashman was told by a judge this week that his belief in the rights of animals to live free from cruelty were equivalent to a religion when it came to the application of discrimination law... (story)
North Devon Journal 11.3.11 Gardener wins a landmark ruling over anti-fox hunting views - Anti-fox hunting views have been given the same legal footing as religion after a judge ruled that an animal rights campaigner's opinions amounted to philosophical beliefs.... (story)
ThisIsDorset 10.3.11 Sacked Dorset hunt saboteur wins landmark ruling - A prominent animal rights campaigner has won a landmark ruling that his beliefs should be protected from discrimination at work in the same way as religion. Joe Hashman, 42, claimed he was sacked as a designer from a garden centre when his bosses realised he was a hunt saboteur.... (story)
ThisIsDevon 10.3.11 Gardener wins a landmark ruling over anti-fox hunting views - Anti-fox hunting views have been given the same legal footing as religion after a judge ruled that an animal rights campaigner's opinions amounted to philosophical beliefs. Joe Hashman won the right to sue a garden centre for discrimination after he claimed he was sacked when its pro-hunting bosses discovered he was a leading animal welfare activist... (story)
Bournemouth Echo 10.3.11 Hunt saboteur wins battle to protect beliefs - AN ANTI-hunt campaigner has won a landmark legal battle to have his animal rights views treated in the workplace in the same way as religious beliefs. Joe Hashman from Shaftesbury claimed he was sacked from Orchard Park Garden Centre in Gillingham because his bosses found out that he was a hunt saboteur... (story)
Daily Mail 10.3.11 The hunt saboteur, a loving couple and judges who dismiss Christianity By STEPHEN GLOVER - A Christian couple, Owen and Eunice Johns, were recently banned from fostering children because of their belief that homosexuality is wrong... That same day, another judge in a different court ruled that the ‘deeply held’ beliefs of a prominent animal rights campaigner and hunt saboteur called Joe Hashman should be protected from discrimination in the same way as religion.... (story)
Guardian 9.3.11 Hunt saboteur Joe Hashman wins landmark ruling - Southampton tribunal decides the notorious campaigner's beliefs are akin to religion under UK employment law - An animal rights activist whose long-running campaigns made him notorious in hunting circles has won a landmark ruling that his anti-hunting beliefs should be protected from discrimination in the same way as religion... Judge Lawrence Guyer ruled that Hashman's belief in the sanctity of life "extends to his fervent anti-fox hunting belief " and such beliefs should be protected under 2003 employment regulations(story)
Telegraph 9.3.11 Foxhunting views placed on par with religion after landmark legal ruling - Views on foxhunting have been placed on the same legal footing as religion after a landmark ruling said an animal rights campaigner’s opinions amount to philosophical beliefs. By Murray Wardrop - Joe Hashman yesterday won the right to sue a garden centre for discrimination over allegations that he was sacked when its pro-hunting bosses discovered he was a leading animal welfare activist.... He claims he was unaware when he took the job that the centre was owned by farmers Sheila and Ron Clarke, who are keen supporters of the South and West Wiltshire Hunt – or that they knew he had been a hunt saboteur since the age of 14... (story)
Daily Mail 9.3.11 Hunt saboteur's animal rights beliefs are a 'religion' that employers must respect By TAMARA COHEN - Court rules anti-hunt views should be protected by laws on religious equality in the workplace - A prominent animal rights campaigner yesterday won a landmark ruling that his beliefs should be protected from discrimination at work in the same way as religion. Joe Hashman, 42, claimed he was sacked as a designer from a garden centre when his bosses realised he was a hunt saboteur... (story)
Liverpool Daily Post 22.2.11 Case may herald change in employment equality law - Chris Hayes, of Morecrofts Solicitors, on the legal implications of a tribunal - A TRIBUNAL currently deciding on the case of Joe Hashman may render significant legal implications for the Employment Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations Act 2003... He claimed that his employers were openly pro-hunting enthusiasts and had been involved with local hunting organisations for many years. He added that they had been unaware of his involvement in animal welfare, but following their discovery of this, he was subsequently dismissed... If the courts do decide in favour of Mr Hashman, a change in law may have a dramatic effect on the substantial number of cases that could potentially be brought to court by an individual’s everyday choices which are deemed “philosophical”. That is, a sporting decision to choose Everton over Liverpool, become a vegetarian, practice as a devout Jew or be a member of a fringe political movement, could all impact on both a prospective and an actual employee’s job prospects. (story)
ThisIsDorset 14.1.11 Joe Hashman claims his animal rights beliefs should be protected by the law - A THORNY legal question must be answered before an employment tribunal decides whether or not a claim for unfair dismissal by gardener and hunt saboteur Joe Hashman against Orchard Park Garden Centre in Gillingham can go ahead.... (story)
Telegraph 11.1.11 Animal rights campaigner claims he was sacked for his views on fox hunting - An animal rights campaigner yesterday brought a landmark legal challenge claiming he was sacked from working at a garden centre because of his views on fox hunting. By Murray Wardrop - Joe Hashman alleges he was forced out of his job as a gardener after his pro-hunting employers discovered he was a leading animal welfare activist.The 42-year-old yesterday sought to convince an employment tribunal that his opinions amount to a philosophical belief and that they led to him being discriminated against at work.... The vegan and former professional tennis coach was sacked from Orchard Park Garden Centre in Gillingham, Dorset, in September 2009 - a day after covert video footage he filmed helped convict celebrity chef Clarissa Dickson Wright of attending an illegal hare coursing event. He claims he was unaware when he took the job that the centre was owned by farmers Sheila and Ron Clarke, who are keen supporters of the South and West Wiltshire Hunt – or that they knew he had been a hunt saboteur since the age of 14... (story)
ThisIsDorset 18.11.10 Hunting protests 'cost me my job' - ANTI-HUNT campaigner Joe Hashman is suing a garden centre he claims sacked him because the owners are avid bloodsports supporters. Lifelong animal rights campaigner Mr Hashman of Shaftesbury, known across north Dorset as gardening writer "Dirty Nails", claims he was unfairly dismissed from his position at Orchard Park Garden Centre... Mr Hashman believes his sacking in September last year was motivated by the pro-hunt sympathies of Orchard Park owners Sheila and Ron Clarke, and board member Lucinda Stokes, who are all keen supporters of the South and West Wiltshire Hunt.... (story)
Telegraph 16.11.10 Hounded out? The garden hunt saboteur - A prominent hunt saboteur is bringing a landmark discrimination claim – after he was allegedly sacked by a garden centre because of his "philosophical" objection to blood sports. Joe Hashman, 42, is arguing that his anti-hunting beliefs deserve protection in the workplace. Mr Hashman's undercover filming helped convict celebrity chef Clarissa Dickson-Wright of attending illegal hare coursing. The next day, the owners of the centre allegedly had him sacked by email because they were keen fox hunters. He was instructed not to bother coming back to work. The professional gardener is suing Orchard Park Garden Centre, of Gillingham, Dorset, for discrimination on the grounds of philosophical belief. The centre's owners Sheila Clarke and Ron Clarke are keen supporters of the South and West Wiltshire Hunt, and its company secretary Lucinda Stokes is the former joint Master of the Hunt. Tensions were also allegedly heightened by the death of a keen local huntsman with whom Mr Hashman had regular run-ins over the years... (story)

Ledbury Reporter 28.10.11 Tributes to popular huntsman - TRIBUTES have been paid to popular huntsman and country gentleman Geoff Parsons. Mr Parsons, who passed away suddenly at his home in Alfrick aged 70, was a long-standing friend and member of the North Ledbury Hunt and served as master between 1987-2000… (story)

Yorkshire Post 28.10.11 Hunting vote a shot in the dark - From: Joe Duckworth, chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports. WHAT absolute nonsense to suggest that the Prime Minister’s recent pledge to hold a vote on hunting is to “woo rural support” (Yorkshire Post, October 21). Polling by leading research company Ipsos-MORI found that 71 per cent of people in rural communities back the ban on fox hunting… (story)

North Devon Gazette 28.10.11 Alliance condemns killing of ‘stunning’ stag - Geoff Staddon - THE Countryside Alliance has added its voice to the condemnation of the killing of a red deer stag dubbed the “Goodleigh Giant”. In the wake of an illegal killing earlier this month a spokesperson for the campaign group – a leading voice of rural Britain – has urged those who use the countryside to be vigilant of poachers, or risk long-term damage to shooting and other forms of wildlife management…. (story)
Telegraph 27.10.11 Giant stag killed by poachers - One of the country's most majestic stags, which was set to rival the famous Exmoor Emperor, has been shot dead illegally by poachers… The impressive young animal - dubbed the Goodleigh Giant - was shot in north Devon. He was expected to become one of the biggest stags in the country when fully mature because he already had an impressive 19 points on its antlers… (story)
Western Morning News 27.10.11 Poachers condemned for the killing of giant Devon stag - The Westcountry's large red stags are in the crosshairs of public attention again after a giant young male was shot by poachers this month… (story)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 28.10.11 MP debates on 'inhumane' practice of animal export - THE FIGHT against Ramsgate's animals exports was taken to Parliament this week by South Thanet MP Laura Sandys who labelled the practice as "inhumane" and the operators as "cavalier"… Labour Ramsgate councillor Ian Driver, who has been championing the issue with Thanet Against Live Exports (TALE), said: "I think it is brilliant that Laura is raising some very, very important issues in Parliament…. (story)
Kent Online 24.10.11 Parliament to debate live exports - A Kent MP has secured a debate in Parliament today to urge the government to stop live animal exports from the Port of Ramsgate. Laura Sandys, MP for Ramsgate, will attempt to convince the House of Commons to do all they can to stop the trade going ahead… (story)


Telegraph 27.10.11 Hunt saboteurs 'lured hound in front of car' - Hunt members have accused saboteurs of deliberately running over a hound after using horns to lure it onto the road. The hound was out with the Cotswold Vale Hunt near Gloucester on Tuesday morning when it was hit by a Rover car on the A38 Tewkesbury road at Norton… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 27.10.11 Activists clash with hunt over hound's death in Gloucestershire - HUNT members and saboteurs are blaming each other for the death of a hound that was killed as it ran on to a road. The hound was out with the Cotswold Vale Hunt on Tuesday morning when it was in collision with a Rover car on the A38, near Norton. Members of the hunt claim saboteurs used horns to lure the hound on to the road before it was killed…. (story)
Horse & Hound 26.10.11 Hound killed when hit by lorry at children's meet - Flora Watkins, news editor - A hound has been run over and killed by a lorry at a children’s meet of the Cotswold Vale Farmers' hunt. Hunt staff claim hunt saboteurs blew a horn to encourage hounds onto the busy A38 Gloucester to Tewkesbury road…. (story)

Western Morning News 27.10.11 Despite the ban, hunters think they're untouchable - As we approach another official start to the fox hunting season on Saturday October 29 we should perhaps pause and reflect as to what fox hunting is today in the modern countryside…The Countryside Alliance will again be promoting hunting. The spin will go along the lines of "Fox hunters are the true representatives of rural England, binding the countryside together as farmers and landowners unite in a common cause." But in reality they are as representative of rural England as Eton and Harrow are of our education system… (story)

Telegraph 27.10.11 Boy attacked by fox in bedroom - A mother has spoken of her horror after her five-year-old son was attacked by a fox in his bedroom - just yards from where twins were mauled by one of the animals last year. Annette Rook, 46, said she is scared that the urban pest will return after it targeted her son Marius in south Hackney, east London. The latest shocking incident has sparked new calls for action to combat the growing menace of roaming foxes…. (story)

Mirror 27.10.11 Foxes move into bungalow with pensioner - WHEN Jane Shepherd says she has been outfoxed by her mischievous animals she really means it. Eccentric pensioner Jane, 64, lives with three playful foxes who she covers in kisses and feeds home-made flapjacks… (story)
Mail 26.10.11 Meet my fantastic family of foxes: Pensioner who shares her home with bushy-tailed 'Minette', 'Chico' and 'Billy' By Jessica Satherley - You'd have thought those living in the country would prefer to hunt foxes rather than invite them into their home and let them watch TV. But that's just what Jane Shepherd, 64, has done and whether it's going about her household chores such as laundry and washing up or spending time in the garden there is always a fox or three nearby. For the pensioner from Whittlebury in Northamptonshire has opened the doors of her three-bedroom bungalow to three bushy-tailed friends now calls family…. (story)

Malton Chronicle 27.10.11 Concerns over hunting after two geese shot - AN ANIMAL-LOVER has called for a clampdown on hunting after watching a pair of shot geese die in agony. Martin Southwell, 59, who spends his weekends living in a mobile home on Goldhanger Road, Heybridge, was woken abruptly at just after 6am to the sound of shots being fired and geese squawking… "I do not know why the men had shot them, whether it was for sport or culling, probably a bit of both. I have heard that farmers in the area find that they eat some of their crops but there are other, more effective and humane ways of stopping them."… (story)

East Lothian Courier 27.10.11 Anti-snare campaigner's fears for missing town cats - Bryan Copland - THE owner of a Haddington cat which was killed by a snare in March says she fears other pets may have come to harm in the traps…. Julie Renton's four-year-old pet Tom died after being caught in a wire slipknot on Monkrigg Farm, to the south of the town…. Julie has since become involved in the National Anti-Snaring Campaign, which fights against the sale and use of animal snares in the UK. Last month, she took part in a documentary for the campaign at her Monkmains Road home and keeps the organisation up to date with any incidents in her area… (story)

Liverpool Daily Post 27.10.11 Be merciful - GANDHI said “you can judge a nation by how its treats it animals”… All who favour the whipping of horses, should hang their heads in shame. Be merciful to God’s creatures. Ms R Page, Blackpool (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 27.10.11 Join battle over animal transport - EVERY year huge numbers of farmed animals are still transported alive in unacceptable conditions on European roads, only to be slaughtered on arrival… Exeter Friends For Animals will be running a stall in Exeter High Street by Bedford Square on Saturday, October 29… Sharon Howe, Exeter Friends For Animals, Fortescue Road, Sidmouth (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 27.10.11 Become vegan and end the slaughter - NOVEMBER is world vegan month and a chance to reduce animal suffering, your carbon footprint and boost your health. Animal products are not essential for a healthy diet… Veganism is good for the planet too as plant-based agriculture uses far less land, energy and water than animal farming… SARAH ABBOTT, Blandford Road, Poole (letter)

Bath Chronicle 27.10.11 Things to do as autumn takes hold …Bath Animal Action the local animal rights lobby group which raises public awareness on topics of welfare and cruelty-free life is holding a vegan fair at the Percy Community Centre on Saturday from noon to 4pm in recognition of World Vegan Month… (story)


East Kent Mercury 27.10.11 Studdal fox hunt organisers apologise By Beth Robson - Calls have been made to enforce the legislation that bans fox hunting after the Mercury published a story about a mauled fox found dead in Studdal. West Street and Tickham hunt organisers had been hunting on the same morning that the male fox was found in a field backing on to Homestead Lane. Hunt master Rosemary Cleverdon has apologised for causing upset and said the event, on Wednesday, October 12, was run within the law… "We had a drag, the hounds picked up the scent of this fox and they went away," she said…. (story)
East Kent Mercury 19.10.11 Mauled fox found dead after hunt in Studdal By Beth Robson - Police are investigating reports of a fox hunt in Studdal where a savaged male fox is believed to have been killed by hounds. Shocking pictures of the animal were sent to the Mercury by Christine Richardson, who saw foxhounds racing down Strakers Hill in the village on Wednesday last week, but the images are too distressing to print…. Police say West Street and Tickham organised the Studdal hunt. Officers have been speaking to its hunt master Rosemary Cleverdon…. (story)

Northampton Telegraph 26.10.11 Heartwarming hound tale - I am writing to thank you for “Top award for reading dog Danny”… With an inhumane existence behind him, Danny, in that quiet, unassuming greyhound manner, touches children in a pivotal way…. The public has become increasingly aware of the cruelty inherent in the greyhound racing industry… Caryn Wood Board of directors, GREY2K USA (story)

Cambrian News 26.10.11 Badger group founder honoured in London - A STAR-studded day was enjoyed by the founder of a badger conservation company who was invited to the House of Lords to receive a top award. Gordon Lumby, who works extensively to protect animals with Badger Watch and Rescue in and around Lampeter, met Queen guitarist Brian May… Mr Lumby, 72, the group’s secretary, was joined by co-founder Michael Sharratt to receive the International Fund for Animal Welfare award on behalf of Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 25.10.11 Denise's joy - ANIMAL charity the International Fund for Animal Welfare has honoured Slad resident Denise Ward with an award for her work on the film A Minority Pastime, which places hunting with dogs in the UK under the spotlight…. (story)
Carmarthen Journal 19.10.11 Group gets welfare award honour for badger rescue - A BADGER protection group founded 35 years ago by a Whitland man has received a special award in recognition of its efforts. Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed, started by Mike Sharratt, aged 75, has received the award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) at the House of Lords…. (story)
Tivyside Advertiser 13.10.11 Conservation award for badger group - A Welsh badger protection group founded 35 years ago is to receive a special award in recognition of its efforts from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) at the House of Lords. Badger expert Michael Sharratt (75) from Whitland in Carmarthenshire, started Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed after he became aware of badger baiting in the area… The group works closely with the RSPCA, particularly on badger culling which it strongly opposes….. Michael, who has cared for more than 130 badgers, will receive the award on behalf of the group along with Gordon Lumby, the organisation’s secretary… (story)
BBC News Online 13.10.11 Anne Brummer to receive award for rescuing wildlife - A Surrey woman who has rescued thousands of animals and birds is to receive a special recognition award. Anne Brummer first began working with wildlife 25 years ago when she took care of a hedgehog… The Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue Centre is supported by Queen's Brian May and runs on two sites, using land owned by Mr May, for long-term and specialist rehabilitation… (story)


Coventry Telegraph 25.10.11 No case for jockeys' whips - AFTER considering strike action and a review of the proposed restrictions, jockeys are whinging about the fact that they can only beat an animal a total of seven times during the course of a race…. Bryan Griffiths, Wiltshire Close, Bedworth. (letter)

Leighton Buzzard Observer 25.10.11 ‘Going vegan was the best decision I ever made!’ By James Heneghan - Leighton resident and housewife Sarah Ward says going vegan was the best decision she has ever made… Sarah is just one of the hundreds of thousands of people throughout the UK who has chosen to follow a vegan diet and will be celebrating that compassionate choice this November, which has been designated National Vegan Month – an annual initiative pioneered by national campaign group Animal Aid since 2007…. (story)

Burton Mail 25.10.11 More opposition to pig farm proposals - AS a local resident I would like to add my voice to the many others that oppose plans for a pig ‘factory’ in the area…. Julia Stephenson, via email (letter)


Coventry Telegraph 24.10.11 Animal deaths to be honoured at Rugby Remembrance service By Cara Simpson - THE sacrifices of animals will be formally honoured during a Remembrance Sunday service in Warwickshire next month. Animal rights campaigner Janet Cummings has won the right for an alternative floral tribute, commemorating the millions of animals that have lost their lives during conflicts, to be officially recognised at Rugby’s remembrance service on Sunday, November 13… (story)


Observer 23.10.11 The true horror of hunting - There are two groups of people who know what actually happens on a hunt with a pack of dogs ("Hunting: who let the dogs out?", Magazine): those who conceal and misrepresent it because they wish to keep doing it and those who are so appalled that they must try to stop it…. Denise Ward, Producer, A Minority Pastime, Stroud (story)

Sky News 23.10.11 Row As Firm Moves To Breed Beagles For Tests - Gerard Tubb, North of England correspondent - Controversial plans to breed more beagles for use in scientific research are being considered by the Government. The proposals by East Yorkshire company B&K Universal are being looked at by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles. Anti-vivisection groups claim the plans would lead to more dogs being used in laboratory… (story)

Independent on Sunday 23.10.11 Why does Adrian Mourby seek to glamourise bullfighting… Articles of this nature send out a message that desensitises the public into accepting cruelty generally. Sharon Hopkins, Oxford
Do you know what happens to those horses, how they get gored, how their insides spill out?.... Iris Gallegos, Lussac-les-Eglises, France
Adrian Mourby's host, plying him with wine and cigarettes under the severed heads of bulls and horses, is no better than a British badger-digger or dog-fighter… John Bryan, Tonbridge
I am Portuguese, and Portugal is much more than these disgusting bullfights… Maria de Lourdes Feitor Carape posted online (letters)


York Press 22.10.11 The hunt is on …. If it’s lawful for MPs to “fox hunt” down Westminster way, what’s wrong with me doing likewise on Cliffe Common? Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, York (story)

Independent 22.10.11 Of mice and medicine: In defence of animal experiments - Animal experiments in the UK are on the rise. Though controversial, these tests are transforming human lives, discovers Paul Vallely… A sad-eyed, mournful-mouthed beagle stares out from a poster on a bus shelter by the front door of the Ear Institute of University College London. Below the melancholy dog blares the legend 'Boycott Vivisection'… Inside the Ear Institute, research is being done by Professor David McAlpine and his colleagues into the problem of tinnitus… . Across the river at King's College London, in the school of biomedical sciences, research is being done manipulating mice genes in a search for a cure for Parkinson's Disease… (story)


Western Morning News 21.10.11 Government 'committed to vote on hunting ban' - David Cameron has insisted the Government remains committed to a Commons vote on reversing the controversial ban on hunting…. asked by the Western Morning News whether the Government still abided by the promise, the Prime Minister said: "There's no change in the position, and the commitment is the commitment, and we don't resile from that…. (story)

Horse & Hound 21.10.11 What next for the Countryside Alliance's "Lady Godiva"? - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - “Huntin’, shootin’, flashin’!” screamed The Sun when Camilla Jackson rode through Westminster in 2002 — with only a pair of pink knickers to protect her modesty — in protest at the hunting ban… now the woman the Countryside Alliance called “our own Lady Godiva” isabout to present her first solo show. “Untethered” at the Cork Street Gallery in London features images of rural life, including Romany horse-drawn wagons and Longhorn cattle… (story)

Tamworth Herald 21.10.11 Villager pays price after deciding to dump his rubbish - A HURLEY man has been fined more than £500 after being found guilty of fly-tipping…. According to the Countryside Alliance, there were 650,000 fly-tipping incidents in England and Wales between April 2010 and March this year… (story)

Economist 21.10.11 A beastly business - Peaceful protests against animal testing are on the rise - A FOG of confusion shrouds British attitudes to animals. For a nation of pet-lovers, Britain has surprisingly few vegetarians—just 3% of the population… The number of peaceful protests against institutions that perform research on animals has increased markedly of late (see chart), as memories of the violent attacks on the homes and cars of researchers have faded, according to information supplied by members of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry… (story)

Derby Telegraph 21.10.11 Why I am objecting to intensive pig farming - AM objecting to the proposed factory pig farm in Foston. I am totally opposed to factory pig farms and my concerns are for the following reasons…. L Sugrue Horseshoe Lane Watford (letter)

Argus 21.10.11 McDonald's new vegetarian meal row - A SECOND woman has described her horror at biting into a vegetarian meal in McDonald’s and discovering she was eating chicken. Teacher Emma Goldsmith, 32, from Eastbourne, ordered a vegetarian meal at the town’s branch in Lottbridge Drove on September 24 but was given a chicken meal in a vegetarian wrapper. She contacted The Argus after reading Karan Franklin, from Patcham, Brighton, had a similar experience in McDonald’s at Brighton Marina… (story)
Argus 14.10.11 McBlunder: vegetarian given chicken at Brighton fast food chain - A vegetarian woman bit into her fast food meal to find she had eaten chicken. Karan Franklin, who has not eaten meat for 20 years, said she was left feeling sick and had to spit the chicken out while visiting McDonald’s at Brighton Marina…. (story)


Huffington Post 20.10.11 Fox Hunting - the Countryside's Best-Kept Secret - Kate Holmes - Nothing seems to make people more heated then discussing the pros and cons of hunting. Fox hunting is alive and kicking around Hay On Wye - at least four hunts span the immediate area - and in fact fox hunting is happening all over the countryside. Most city people I talk to think it is cruel and want it banned. Most country people think the opposite… (story)

Horse & Hound 20.10.11 Fernie huntsman loses appeal against hunting conviction - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - Two members of the Fernie hunt staffhave lost a court appeal against aconviction for unlawful hunting… (story)
Harborough Mail 20.10.11 Hunt appeal dismissed, with VIDEO - WATCH footage from the video filmed by anti-hunt campaigners to help secure a conviction for two employees of the Fernie Hunt. Filmed by hunt monitors from the League Against Cruel Sports, the film was shown in both the original court case before magistrates in January this year, and the appeal hearing last week.…. (story)
Leicester Mercury 15.10.11 Judge dismisses hunt pair appeal - A judge has dismissed an appeal by two hunt employees convicted of breaching hunting laws. Huntsman Derek Hopkins and terrierman Kevin Allen, of the Harborough-based Fernie Hunt, were found guilty earlier this year of hunting a live fox and digging into an active badger sett… Tim Bonner, of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFA), said: "We are extremely disappointed by the verdict on the Protection of Badgers Act convictions. We maintain that it was not a badger sett in current use."… (story)
Harborough Mail 14.10.11 BREAKING NEWS: Hunt duo lose their appeal - HUNT employees used “cynical subterfuge” to disguise the fact they were illegally hunting a fox, a judge has ruled. Judge Michael Pert QC told Leicester Crown Court that Derek Hopkins and Kevin Allen, employees of the Great Bowden-based Fernie Hunt, had pretended they where following a trail scent to cover up the illegal pursuit of a fox… (story)
Leicester Mercury 14.10.11 Hunt pair 'not chasing fox' - Two hunt employees have denied intentionally hunting a fox. Derek Hopkins, a huntsman, told a court he was leading a series of trail hunts at the time he was filmed by watchers…. (story)
Harborough Mail 13.10.11 Hunt did breach ban, says expert - A LEADING fox expert told a court that video footage of the Fernie Hunt clearly shows it hunting illegally. Professor Stephen Harris, who has studied foxes for 45 years and witnessed many hunts, was giving evidence at Leicester Crown Court yesterday (Wednesday) during an appeal hearing for two employees of the Great Bowden-based hunt… Prof Harris and another witness, badger expert Dr Pamela Mynott, both told the court evidence of badger hair, dung heaps and bedding showed the sett was occupied at the time of the incident… (story)
Leicester Mercury 13.10.11 Hounds 'hunting a live fox' - A fox expert has told a court he is convinced hounds were hunting a live quarry on film shot by hunt monitors. Professor Stephen Harris told a court yesterday he also heard a hunting horn urging the hounds onwards after a fox had been dug out of a badger sett… (story)
Leicester Mercury 12.10.11 Hunt pair 'dug up sett' - A badger expert has told a court that hunt employees illegally dug into an active sett to get at a fox. Pam Mynott, of Leicestershire Badger Group, gave evidence during an appeal at Leicester Crown Court yesterday. Huntsman Derek Hopkins and terrierman Kevin Allen, of the Fernie Hunt, were found guilty of breaching hunting laws after a trial in January… (story)
Leicester Mercury 11.10.11 Fox hunt appeal gets under way - A pair of hunt employees have launched appeals against their convictions for breaching hunting laws. Huntsman Derek Hopkins and terrierman Kevin Allen, of the Harborough-based Fernie Hunt, were found guilty earlier this year after a seven-day trial… Their legal team appealed and a five-day hearing began at Leicester Crown Court yesterday…. A national fund-raising drive launched by the Fernie Hunt to pay for the appeal has so far raised tens of thousands of pounds…. (story)
Harborough Mail 31.3.11 Hunt pair launch conviction appeal - TWO Fernie Hunt employees have lodged an appeal against their convictions for breaching the ban on hunting. And a fundraising appeal has also been launched to help pay the legal costs of the challenge.... (story)
Leicester Mercury 24.3.11 Challenge set for hunt convictions By Tim Healy - Members of the Fernie Hunt have launched a legal bid to challenge the convictions of two hunt employees. Supporters have launched a fund-raising appeal to pay what it believes will be "tens of thousands" of pounds in legal fees.... (story)
Leicester Mercury 14.1.11 Hunts urged to remain within laws - The League Against Cruel Sports has warned fox hunts to stay within law. The call came after the huntsman Derek Hopkins and terrierman Kevin Allen, of the Harborough-based Fernie Hunt, were convicted on Wednesday of breaching the Hunting Act and Protection of Badgers Act.... (story)
Leicester Mercury 13.1.11 Two Fernie Hunt employees are found guilty of digging fox out of sett By Tim Healy - Two Fernie Hunt employees have been convicted of breaching the ban on hunting with dogs. Huntsman Derek Hopkins and terrierman Keith Allen were yesterday found guilty of being involved in digging out a fox hiding in a burrow so it could be chased by hounds. Hopkins was ordered to pay £2,115 in penalties, while Allen has to pay £1,565.... Joint Master of the Fernie Hunt Joe Cowen said: "We are very disappointed at the verdicts. We will be considering an appeal." ... Allen said in evidence that he had been instructed to flush out the fox so it could be caught in nets and shot - a legal practice. But after studying the video, magistrates said they could see no evidence of nets being placed over entrances to the sett to trap the fox and accepted the prosecution version of events... (story)
Harborough Mail 13.1.11 Fernie Hunt pair guilty over Hunting Act breaches - TWO employees of the Fernie Hunt have been fined after they were found guilty of breaching the ban on hunting. Huntsman Derek Hopkins (45) and terrierman Kevin Allen (51) were accused of hunting a wild mammal with a dog and interfering with a badger sett or being reckless as to whether their actions would damage it.... (story)
Leicester Mercury 8.1.11 Court hears expert's views in badger sett case - An expert witness has told a court he does not believe Fernie Hunt workers disturbed an active badger sett when they dug out a fox. Stephen Lomax, a vet and a cattle farmer, said at Leicester Magistrates' Court yesterday there was "an extremely high number of badgers" living in the area where the digging took place. But he disputed the claim that a video and pictures of the site proved the sett was active.... (story)
Leicester Mercury 7.1.11 We weren't digging out a fox from badger sett, say accused By Tim Healy - Two Fernie Hunt employees have denied being involved in digging out a fox hiding in a burrow so it could be chased by hounds. Huntsman Derek Hopkins and terrierman Keith Allen said they were acting within the law when a secret camera run by the League of Cruel Sports filmed them digging at the site, which was also a badger sett.... they told Leicester magistrates that the footage showed them trying to dig out a terrier which had been sent in after the fox, and which had become stuck.Philip Mott, QC, defending, said flushing out a fox with a terrier for it to be shot was allowed under the Hunting Act 2004.... (story)
Spalding Guardian 6.1.11 Fernie pair take the stand in fox-hunting trial - TWO employees of the Fernie Hunt have appeared in court to deny charges they breached the ban on hunting. Huntsman Derek Hopkins (45) and terrierman Kevin Allen (51) are on trial charged with hunting a fox with dogs and interfering with a badger sett or being reckless that their actions would damage it.... (story)
Horse & Hound 28.12.10 Fernie hunting trial set to resume on 6 January - The trial of huntsman Derek Hopkins and terrierman Kevin Allen of the Fernie hunt, who face charges under the Hunting Act 2004 and Protection of Badgers Act 1992, restarts on 6 January.... (story)
Leicester Mercury 17.12.10 Hunt ban pair case delayed - Two employees of a fox hunt will have to wait until the new year to find out if they have broken the law... The men, of Harborough's Fernie Hunt also deny digging a badger sett or being reckless that their actions would damage it. The case, being heard at Leicester Magistrates' Court was adjourned until January 6, as defence wanted to make a detailed legal submission... (story)
Leicester Mercury 15.12.10 I filmed hounds illegally chasing foxes – witness - A hunt monitor has told a court he saw hounds illegally chasing foxes three times in one day. Ed Shephard said he had secretly filmed the Harborough-based Fernie Hunt for several hours.... (story)
Leicester Mercury 14.12.10 Hunt employees broke law by digging a fox out of badger sett, court told By Tim Healy - Two hunt employees broke the law by digging a fox out of a badger sett where it was trying to escape hounds, a court has heard. Derek Hopkins and Kevin Allen are accused of breaching the ban on hunting with dogs. Both deny the charge. The trial of the two men, from the Harborough-based Fernie Hunt, began at Leicester Magistrates' Court yesterday... (story)
Leicester Mercury 29.10.10 Hunt men to face trial - Two hunt employees are to face trial accused of breaching the 2004 Hunting Act. Kevin Allen, 51, and Derek Hopkins, 45, are due to appear before a district judge at Leicester Magistrates' Court in December. Both men, who work for the Fernie Hunt, are accused of illegally hunting a mammal with a dog on January 27... (story)
Harborough Mail 16.9.10 Hunt pair trial date set - TWO FERNIE Hunt members are to face trial in December over allegations they used illegal hunting practices. Derek Hopkins (45), of Welham Road, Great Bowden, together with terrierman Kevin Allen (51), of Nether Green, Great Bowden, are being prosecuted for alleged offences under the Hunting Act 2004 and the Protection of Badgers Act 1992.... (story)
Leicester Mercury 20.8.10 Two Fernie huntsman appear in court on badger charges - Two hunt employees have appeared in court to deny charges under the Hunting Act. Fernie huntsman Derek Hopkins and Kevin Allen, a terrier man, are facing charges under the Hunting Act 2004 and the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. They appeared in court yesterday and pleaded not guilty... Stephen Welford, defending, told the court he had not received the full prosecution files which included seven DVDs. He asked for an adjournment to study the prosecution evidence... (story)
Lutterworth Mail 20.8.10 Breaking news: Fernie Hunt magistrates' court latest By Alex Blackwell - TWO MEN from Great Bowden have appeared in court this morning to face hunting charges. Kevin Allen (51), of Nether Green, Great Bowden, and Derek Hopkins (45), of Welham Lane, Great Bowden, both appeared at Harborough Magistrates' Court this morning (Thursday). Both only spoke to confirm their name, address and date of birth, and to deny both charges put to them.... (story)
Lutterworth Mail 22.7.10 Fernie Hunt pair face court charges By Ian O'Pray - THE HUNTSMAN of the Fernie Hunt is to appear in court accused of using illegal hunting practices. Huntsman Derek Hopkins, together with Kevin Allen, a terrierman, are being prosecuted for alleged offences under the Hunting Act 2004 and the Protection of Badgers Act 1992... (story)
Leicester Mercury 19.7.10 Fernie hunt employees face prosecution after being filmed by anti-hunt group ... Fernie huntsman Derek Hopkins and Kevin Allen, a terrierman, are being prosecuted for alleged offences under the Hunting Act 2004 and the Protection of Badgers Act 1992... Summonses were sent out on Tuesday last week. Both men are due to appear at Market Harborough Magistrates' Court on Thursday, August 19..... A spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports said the prosecution of Mr Hopkins and Mr Allen followed evidence gathered by hunt observers working for it being passed to police... A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said it would be supporting the Fernie, which has continued to hunt legally since the new law was introduced... (story)

BBC News Online 20.10.11 'Townie' MP Mary Glindon tries to stop badger TB cull - The North Tyneside MP Mary Glindon might be a self-confessed townie but that hasn't stopped her wading into one of the biggest controversies in the countryside - the government's plan to allow a cull of badgers… She told the Commons that the plan could even make the problem worse as badgers could move from cull zones and spread TB into areas that are currently unaffected by the disease. Instead she believes ministers should look again at developing a vaccine that could curtail the incidences of TB in the badger population… (story)
Huffington Post 19.10.11 Simon Hart, Conservative MP, Thinks Culling Plan 'Good For Badgers' - Shooting tuberculosis-infected badgers is good for other badgers, an MP has said. Conservative Simon Hart believed a cull of the disease-riddled animals would help infection-free badgers thrive. Speaking as MPs debated Government plans for a pilot cull to cut bovine tuberculosis (TB), Mr Hart said: "The Government is absolutely right to draw a line under this and say 'enough is enough'…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 20.10.11 MP backs animal test ban for cosmetics - TIVERTON and Honiton MP Neil Parish has backed pressure group BUAV's No Cruel Cosmetics campaign to end animal testing for toiletries and cosmetic products sold in the EU…. (story)

The Grocer 20.10.11 Welfare campaigners accuse Bpex of porkies in ad push - Julia Glotz - Compassion in World Farming has lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority against Bpex’s latest pork campaign….. (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 20.10.11 Vegan festival at Wolverhampton Civic Hall - One of the biggest vegan festivals in the UK returns to Wolverhampton Civic Hall on Saturday, October 29, 2011. With a wide range of attractions including a feast of food, stalls, talks, cookery demos, competitions and live entertainment throughout the day, the West Midlands Vegan Festival will be the largest such event ever staged north of London…. Kevin White, MVC founder and event coordinator said, “The festival will offer all you need for healthy, cruelty-free, eco-friendly living… Last year, half of our 1,500 visitors were non-vegans… (story)

Cornishman 20.10.11 Protesters claim attraction operates animals 'death warrant' policy - AN ANIMAL rights group has staged a demonstration at a Land's End small animals zoo which it said signs the death warrant on some of its animals each winter. Cornwall Animal Action is against the lease policy in operation at Greeb Farm, where visitors can sometimes feed, meet and touch animals. The policy means some animals are handed back to farmers, to be later slaughtered… (story)


Horse & Hound 19.10.11 Unguarded talk from hunt supporters could help League - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - The League told H&H it is receiving up to 10% of its information from people either within hunts or close to them. Steve Taylor from LACS said he was “amazed” at how forthcoming hunt supporters could be…. H&H reported last month that LACS is intending to increase its activities this season (news, 15 September) and has recruited a former Special Branch police officer to lead its intelligence section. LACS said the work will include infiltration of hunts. Mr Taylor also said LACS would publish the findings of a “major investigation” at the end of the month — with help from hunt supporters… (story)

Western Morning News 19.10.11 Country sports campaign aims to boost rural spend - A multi-million-pound project has been launched to promote the Westcountry as a "premier destination" for country sports such as shooting and fishing…. The Country Sports South West site also hopes to "inspire" a new generation of sportsmen to start out through a simple guide to shooting, fishing and riding – even offering tips on what to wear…. (story)

Pendle today 19.10.11 Shooting has no part to play in conservation - I had to write to express my disgust at the letter from Debbie Collins on behalf of the British Association for Shoooting and Conservation (September 30th).What part of conservation is she talking about? I can’t believe a member of the so-called “gentle sex” could be in favour of the slaughter and maiming of birds and animals… Name and address supplied (letter)
Western Morning News 13.10.11 Danger of widening target list for shooting - With the start of the Pheasant season on the October 1 it was interesting to see that the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC) spokesperson Debbie Collins took the unusual line of "hey lets eat what we shoot" for a change… To encourage children to take up the pursuit of shooting fuels an unethical demand for the range of targets that can be shot and then this goes on to create the demand for even more live targets, which usually results in more wildlife being classified as a targeted pest… (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 11.10.11 Gamekeepers are not cruel - I AM writing in response to the letter by Ms Y Nicola, Postbag, September 27. Rearing of pheasants is very short term, with release after between 10 and 14 weeks into the wild. The conditions are still much better than any battery chicken operation and gamekeepers take care not to put undue stress or harm on the birds. Your opinions throughout show a lack of actual experience of how rearing pheasants operates and by putting these comments about rare occurrences and widely unused tactics into the public domain is extremely unfair and brands all gamekeepers as cruel people who are trying to cause as much harm to wildlife and the environment as possible, quite the opposite is true really… Patrick Burt Ash Thomas (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 4.10.11 Game birds are wild ones - I WASN'T very impressed with the letter of the week Postbag, September 27. After taking in Ms Nicola's advice I noticed the words were taken from the League Against Cruel Sport's agenda on game shooting… Many would say a game bird has a longer and better life then the chicken or many other farmed animals… R Manning Cullompton (letter)
Bath Chronicle 29.9.11 Affordable, tasty and nutritious - DEBBIE COLLINS The British Association for Shooting and Conservation Marford Mill Rossett, Wrexham (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 27.9.11 Pheasant shooting a cruel sport, as the facts show - IN her letter asking people to eat pheasant, "Time to get into game", Postbag, September 20, Debbie Collins omitted some important facts. It is easy to see why. On many farms where pheasants are reared, the laying hens are kept in intensive conditions….. More on the cruel sport of shooting pheasants and other "game" birds can be found on the League Against Cruel Sports' website… Ms Y Nicola Address withheld on request (letter)
Somerset Guardian 22.9.11 Game on menu - DEBBIE COLLINS, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (letter)
Mid Devon Gazette 20.9.11 Time to get into game - Debbie Collins The British Association for Shooting and Conservation Marford Mill Rossett Wrexham (letter)
Leigh Journal 20.9.11 Pheasant on the menu - OCTOBER 1st is the official start of the pheasant shooting season. As the season gets underway, there will be plenty of affordable, locally-sourced and tasty game meat available… The UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), works all year round to encourage people to try game meat, which is healthy and highly nutritious…. Debbie Collins The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham (letter)

Western Morning News 19.10.11 Wandering badgers will have to be culled - In his letter “Have your say on the badger cull proposals” (WMN letters Oct 13), Theo Hopkins puts his finger on the nub of the problem…. (letter)
Western Morning News 13.10.11 Have your say on the badger cull proposals - I am addressing this letter to people in the Westcountry who own land with resident badgers and who don’t want these badgers shot if they forage on neighbouring land after the expected badger cull is finally announced. With urgency, you should reply to Defra’s latest consultation on the badger cull… Theo Hopkins, Lifton (letter)

Liverpool Echo 19.10.11 Delicious veggie - SUSAN Lee is showing her prejudice again. This time she is scoffing at the vegetarian meal served at Paul McCartney’s wedding breakfast. Vegetarian food is a very healthy and delicious diet… Mrs Mary Morris, Burscough (letter)

Worcester News 19.10.11 It really is time to boycott all real fur - It was upsetting to read about the cruel treatment of raccoon dogs who are skinned alive in China for their fur to make Ugg boots… Please boycott all real fur and fur trimmed items. PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern (letter)

Argus 19.10.11 Stunning ritual - David Pritchard cites examples of animal cruelty in horse racing, circus performances and battery farming (Letters, October 7). To this list should be added ritual slaughter without pre-stunning… WJ MacIlroy, Somerhill Road, Hove (letter)
Argus 7.10.11 Vandalising donkeys is animal abuse and must be punished - I recoiled with horror when I saw the picture on the front page of The Argus on September 16. A donkey was spray-painted by vandals to look like a zebra…. On a national level, institutionalised ill treatment of animals persists in major events such as the Grand National, where horses are routinely whipped and die in a so-called sport… David Pritchard, Cross Road, Southwick (letter)


Horse & Hound 18.10.11 Opening meet will go ahead, say Coakham Bloodhounds - Flora Watkins, news editor - The Coakham Bloodhounds’ opening meet will go ahead on 23 October, after hounds recovered from an outbreak of kennel cough…. (story)
Horse & Hound 15.10.11 Coakham bloodhounds laid low with kennel cough - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - An outbreak of kennel cough has forced the Coakham bloodhounds to cancel all autumn hunting. There is also a risk that the opening meet (23 October) will be postponed. The Southdown and Eridge and the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent hounds have recently recovered from the respiratory disease… (story)

The Drum 18.10.11 Alesha Dixon appears in League Against Cruel Sports appeal - Strictly Coming Dancing judge Alesha Dixon has appeared in a new video appeal by the League Against cruel Sports, created by Other Creative. The two minute appeal by Dixon makes a direct plea for people to support the charity in the face of moves by campaigners to get parliament to repeal the Hunting Act which was made law in 2004… Jon Dobinson, executive creative director at Other, said: “When a household name like Alesha Dixon takes time to help a small charity like the League Against Cruel Sport, it makes a huge impact…. (story)

Guardian 18.10.11 Feel better after killing? That can't be civilised - The pleasure that people can get out of hunting, shooting and fishing pains me - Sophie Petit-Zeman … (story)

Oxford Mail 18.10.11 Racing dogs always suffer - I AM writing regarding Greyhounds: cash injection boosts owners…. Although the racing industry is now being propped up with bonuses, it has always been a losing game for the greyhounds… CARYN WOOD, Board of Directors, GREY2K, USA (letter)

Bolton News 18.10.11 Think before buying a dog - IF you are thinking of buying a dog as a surprise for someone this Christmas, then think on. You will see “Puppies for Sale — Ready for Christmas” in shop windows and on Facebook. It’s meant to be the season of goodwill. Well for us it should be, but spare a thought for these dogs that are saved and re-homed all year…. (letter)


Telegraph 17.10.11 Deer 'cause up to 74,000 road accidents a year' By Nick Collins and John-Paul Ford Rojas - Drivers have been urged to be more aware of the animals as autumn, when days are getting shorter and the animals are at their most active, sets in…. The Deer Initiative, a group of charities and government agencies aimed at controlling the number of deer in Britain, estimates that there were at least 42,000 traffic collisions involving deer last year…. (story)

Worcester News 17.10.11 Fish pedicures are cruel and unnecessary - I was surprised to see the Worcester News running a competition to win a fish pedicure… The gimmick of the fish pedicures is cruel and unnecessary…. Maxine Burgess, Malvern (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 17.10.11 Remember the animal victims - I WILL be again proud to place a purple poppy wreath at the Whitehall Gates, Hillmorton Road, Rugby, on Remembrance Sunday, November 13, for the millions of animals whose lives were lost in such cruel circumstances… Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)


Observer 16.10.11 Hunting: who let the dogs out? - Six years after foxhunting was banned, the bugle still sounds across the shires. Robert McCrum goes in pursuit of the hunters, and finds a world lustily disdainful of urban opinion - Robert McCrum - On 17 February 2005, the Tedworth Hunt, which for generations has pursued its quarry across the hillsides of ancient Wessex and often far on to Salisbury Plain, chased foxes for the last time…. "Anyway, there were lots of foxes that last day, and, at the end, Rodney 'blew for home'. It's quite a mournful sound even on a normal day, but on that day it sounded really melancholy and, as he blew for home, we were all crying. Even Rodney was crying. His heart was breaking. He just packed up his hounds and went back to the kennels. It felt so sad and we all thought, 'That's it.'" Guinness allows herself a sly smile. "But then, strangely, it wasn't it."… The Tedworth's chief anti is a veteran hunt saboteur named Aubrey Burge. He's unwilling to discuss his position, but the League Against Cruel Sports, which fears a repeal of the law, says it is working "tirelessly" to keep up the pressure on MPs… (story)

Star 16.10.11 DAILY STAR FORCE ACTION OVER CRUEL ZOOS By Francesca Librae - THE Daily Star Sunday has forced a crackdown on cruel Spanish zoos…. Laura Gough, of animal rights group Animal Equality, said: “Further to recent coverage in the Daily Star Sunday the European Commission has issued a formal warning and is sending Spain a Letter of Notice…. (story)


Guernsey Press & Star 15.10.11 L’Ancresse races will carry on until powers that be stop them By Jess Stevenson - RACING at L’Ancresse will continue until the powers that be say otherwise, says the president of the Guernsey Race Club. Jim Jamouneau was responding to a horse racing consultant from Animal Aid UK who condemned the course… (story)
Channel Television 14.10.11 Guernsey Race Club say they will use L'Ancresse - Guernsey's Race Club say they will be back next May, despite criticism of their course. A public meeting was organised last night by Animal Aid UK and Horse Welfare Guernsey… (story)
BBC News Online 13.10.11 Guernsey horse racing course criticised by Animal Aid - A Guernsey horse racing course has been criticised by a UK animal welfare charity following an inspection. Dene Stansall, of Animal Aid, said the route at L'Ancresse Common in the north of the island was not fit for purpose … (story)
Channel Television 13.10.11 "Dangerous" racecourse under spotlight - Tamara Timothy reports - Horse racing at Guernsey's L'Ancresse Common will come under the spotlight at a public meeting tonight after an animal welfare organisation branded the course "dangerous". Animal Aid and Horse Welfare Guernsey have organised the meeting because they say the course is not suitable as a venue for racing events. Peter Ozanne of Horse Welfare Guernsey will open the meeting and the guest speaker will be Dene Stansall, Horse Racing Consultant for Animal Aid…. (story)
Channel Television 8.10.11 Questions over suitability of horse-racing track - The suitability of Guernsey's only horse-racing track is under attack. Animal Aid's horse racing consultant, Dene Stansall, maintains the course is dangerous and not fit for purpose. Animal Aid and Horse Welfare Guernsey are holding a public meeting at La Villette Hotel in St Martin on Thursday… (story)


Northampton Chronicle & Echo 14.10.11 Greyhounds risk death at races - I am writing in response to Plan to build ‘Britain’s best greyhound track’ at Towcester Racecourse, October 6, 2011. If a greyhound racetrack is constructed at Towcester, certain attendees will have nothing to celebrate. The greyhounds will risk injury and death with each race… Caryn Wood, Board of directors, GREY2K USA. (letter)

Western Morning News 14.10.11 Westcountry families sacrifice food to pay the rent - The Westcountry's housing crisis has been laid bare after renting a property anywhere in Devon and Cornwall was labelled "unaffordable"… Alice Barnard, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: "If we want our rural communities to flourish, then the Government needs to urgently review the rental market in rural areas to enable rural communities to meet their housing needs."… (story)
Guardian 13.10.11 Private rents unaffordable for families in most English boroughs - Shelter reveals that families are being priced out of the 'out-of-control' rental market in 55% of English local authorities - Jill Insley - Families have been priced out of rental property in the majority of local authorities in England, according to the homeless charity Shelter… Alice Barnard, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said the lack of affordable housing to rent or buy was one of the most pressing issues facing rural communities… (story)
Independent 13.10.11 More rented homes 'unaffordable' By Vicky Shaw - Private rents have become unaffordable in more than half of local authorities in England, research from Shelter found today… Alice Barnard, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: "If we want our rural communities to flourish, then the Government needs to urgently review the rental market in rural areas to enable rural communities to meet their housing needs."… (story)
BBC News Online 13.10.11 Private rents in England unaffordable, says Shelter - Private rents are now unaffordable in 55% of local authorities in England, the housing charity Shelter has said… Alice Barnard from the Countryside Alliance urged the government to "urgently review" the rental market in rural areas…. (story)

Thanet Gazette 14.10.11 Official review of conditions on animal ship to THE Government is preparing to investigate claims that live animal exports from Ramsgate port are in breach of European laws. Campaigners have been asked to hand over photos that appear to show animals left exposed to the elements during sea crossings….Last month a meeting was held between the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA), Kent Trading Standards, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and representatives of Thanet Against Live Exports (TALE). During the meeting TALE representative Reginald Bell raised concerns that the Joline is not compliant with EU rules that state animals should be protected from sea spray… (story)
Thanet Gazette 14.10.11 Animal welfare campaign sees some success – but where were the officials? - OFFICIALS at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have finally been stirred into action and are promising an investigation into the transport conditions of live animals from the Port of Ramsgate… Anyone who has seen Thanet Against Live Exports (TALE) at work will know that, aside from being a group of passionate individuals, they are meticulous researchers. For months people like Reginald Bell have been using all legal means possible to bring a halt to this needless trade and finally they are seeing some hint of success. But this should not be their job…. (story)

Essex Enquirer 14.10.11 Animal cruelty protester detained in Brentwood after calling slaughterhouse staff 'naughty people' by KATIE MANSFIELD - A PROTEST outside a Brentwood slaughterhouse ended in a protester being detained for branding the workers “naughty people” last Wednesday… The group had been warned about being abusive and swearing by police. Following that warning a protestor shouted “naughty people” at a lorry carrying pigs and was taken to one side by police. Debbie Deboo, one of the protesters at the event, slammed the police’s actions… (story)


Shepton Mallet Journal 13.10.11 Hunt Act in need of strengthening - Alan Kirby, Protect Our Wild Animals Details supplied (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 6.10.11 This law is still being broken - I WRITE in support of the recent letter by Alan Kirby (Protect our wild animals)… So I start by saying yet again that hunting is barbaric, cruel and senseless and I and many more will continue to do what we can, to stop it, within the law I add!... Finally, if foxes are a real problem, then please can someone explain to me why farmers breed them to be hunted. Clive Heath (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 4.10.11 It is a grotesque contradiction - Alan Kirby, Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)
Derby Telegraph 4.10.11 Animal care? Why hunt laws need strengthening - Alan Kirby Protect Our Wild Animals Hayle (letter)
Western Morning News 4.10.11 ‘Animal care’ and hunts are strangers - ALAN KIRBY, Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)
York Press 1.10.11 Inherent cruelty - Alan Kirby, Protect Our Wild Animals Haven Court, Hayle, Cornwall (letter)
South Wales Echo 1.10.11 Hunt cruelty hasto be stopped -THOUGH better training for workers dealing with animals is usually welcome, the Government-approved new element of an NVQ in Animal Care that is “relevant to working in hunt kennels” seems a grotesque and hypocritical contradiction in terms. Hunt kennels are centres at which packs of dogs are trained to terrorise and kill defenceless wild animals for the amusement of their followers. It’s an open secret that many hunts continue to do this by shamelessly exploiting the weaknesses, loopholes and lax enforcement of the Hunting Act… Alan Kirby, Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)

Herald 13.10.11 Anglers win right to keep fishing in Borders rivers - MARTIN WILLIAMS EXCLUSIVE - ANGLERS have won the right to keep fishing on two rivers in the Borders after fearing the community asset would be lost forever. A group supported by broadcaster and local resident Fiona Armstrong, who describes the area as “paradise”, have negotiated the right in principle to control fishing rights on the Esk and its tributary Liddel Water in south-west Scotland. A decision by the Duke of Buccleuch, Britain’s biggest private landowner, to lease 20 miles of fishing for the first time forced the group to put together a bid for the “association waters” traditionally used by anglers in and around the villages of Canonbie, Langholm and Newcastleton… (story)

East Lothian Courier 13.10.11 Residents call in deer hunters - Kirsty Gibbins - EAST Lothian Council has been accused of "burying its head in the sand" by refusing to allow a cull of roe deer on land it owns at Gullane - despite Scottish Natural Heritage recommending the measure due to the safety risks the animals pose…. The Gullane Bents owners' committee, made up of a group of homeowners living on exclusive Hill Road, has given permission for culling to take place on their land, which amounts to approximately 75 acres. However, East Lothian Council - which has managed the entire site under a lease agreement with the owners since 1931 - has refused to allow culling on the land it owns at Gullane Bents, saying not many roe deer visit that specific area…. Helen Clark, of Gullane's Hall Crescent, wrote to the Courier protesting against the cull after spotting notices at Gullane Bents advising the public that the deer were to be "managed" in the area…. (story)

Farmers Guardian 13.10.11 Vets dismiss 'unrealistic spin' on badger vaccination By Alistair Driver - THE British Veterinary Association (BVA) has described claims that badger vaccination represents a viable alternative to culling as ‘unrealistic spin’. The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust has published a report into its summer badger vaccination programme… BVA president Carl Padgett welcomed the initiative to investigate the deployment of the badger vaccine. “But this work must not be confused with an investigation into the effectiveness of the badger vaccine in reducing or eradicating bovine TB,” he said… “The fact remains that the vaccine has no protective effect on infected badgers and we know that at least 30-40 per cent of badgers within an area will be infected…. (story)
Stroud News & Journal 13.10.11 Vaccinating badgers could be an alternative to culling, a report says - Vaccinating badgers against bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is an affordable and viable alternative to culling according to a new report, published today, by Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 13.10.11 Badger vaccination preferable to culling – charity - VACCINATING badgers against bovine tuberculosis is an affordable and viable alternative to culling, according to a county conservation charity…. (story)
BBC News Online 12.10.11 Badger vaccine project generates 'delight' By Richard Black - The UK's first independent badger vaccination project has proved that the technique is "viable and affordable", according to the charity running it. The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust vaccinated 35 badgers during the summer against the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB) in cattle… "We are delighted with the results (which prove) that there is an affordable alternative to the proposed cull," said Gordon McGlone, the trust's chief executive… (story)

Croydon Advertiser 13.10.11 Croydon vegetarian on a mission for Meat Free Mondays - HERE'S some food for thought – what if, for just one day a week, you had to be a vegetarian?... Nitin Mehta believes you should and thinks it could even be the recipe for the survival of the planet if you do. The lifelong vegetarian also tried to convince Croydon Council to introduce Meat Free Mondays in schools and local authority buildings. Although his radical plan was knocked back last year, Mr Mehta, 57, plans to revive the idea in the hope the council will "see sense"…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 13.10.11 Honoured by a national group - The founder of a vegetarian and vegan society has won a national award. Sue Daniels won the Vegetarian Society's Veggie Achiever Local Contact Award 2011. Sue, 60, of Saddington, founded Leicestershire Vegetarian and Vegan Group… (story)
Leicester Mercury 5.10.11 Veggie invitation - Congratulations to Sue Daniels, founder of the Leicestershire Vegetarian and Vegan Group. Not only is the group celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Sue has also been recognised by the National Vegetarian Society with a Veggie Achiever Award in the local contact category… Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)


Metro 12.10.11 X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos and N-Dubz to release fishing DVD - X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos hopes to get her army of fans hooked by releasing a DVD... of her fishing with N-Dubz bandmates Fazer and Dappy. Tulisa, 23, and 24-year-olds Dappy and Fazer are keen anglers and haven’t turned their back on the sport despite selling more than 22million albums. The trio took a break from their day jobs to put together the 60-minute film, called Catch Reel Fish…. (story)


Western Morning News 11.10.11 Stirrup cup at start of hunt's new season - Tallyho . . . Graham Higgins, master and huntsman of the East Cornwall Hunt, enjoys a stirrup cup at the pack's opening meet at Minions, on Bodmin Moor, watched by his wife Lynsey… (story)

Telegraph 11.10.11 How to lure a pheasant - Farmer and former member of Blur Alex James advises readers on how to lure a pheasant…. (story)

Bolton News 11.10.11 I won’t go fishing by babbling brook - I MUST agree with Alwynne Cartmell's letter “Not much sport if you’re a fish” (October 3). I have never been able to understand how so many people get so much pleasure out of inflicting so much pain on fish…. Brian Derbyshire Ribchester Grove Bolton (letter)
Bolton News 3.10.11 Not much sport if you’re a fish - IMAGINE having a pleasant swim when you are dragged out of the water by a hook embedded in your mouth? The weight of your body pulling down on the hook causing horrendous pain (Epic battle to catch monster cat fish, September 27)… Sport? Alwynne Cartmell Bolton (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 11.10.11 'We will hunt down the hare coursers' - POLICE are cracking down on hare coursers in a special operation… Operation Galileo intends to put a stop to hare coursing and bring those involved to justice… (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 8.10.11 Hare coursing crackdown launched by Lincolnshire Police - POLICE are cracking down on hare coursers in a special operation. The onset of autumn brings with it the season for the blood sport that is prevalent in rural parts of Lincolnshire… Operation Galileo intends to put a stop to hare coursing and bring those involved to justice… (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 11.10.11 RSPCA 'wrong to shoot healthy stag' say family - A STAG which was killed by the RSPCA over concerns for its welfare was in fact healthy, says the father of a girl who has nurtured the animal since it was only days old… Duncan Kittow, of Plainsfield Farm, Withleigh, near Tiverton, said the young buck had an unfortunate start to life and lost the lower part of a hind leg in a mowing accident at Templeton in 2009…. "Although his gait was not pretty, he could clear a fence or gate with the best of his mates," Mr Kittow said…. Another Springfield Kitchens employee, Chris Vine, said: "We went to the RSPCA on the basis they would save the animal, not kill it. They didn't get anywhere near the animal and only looked at it from the fence."… (story)


Irish Examiner 10.10.11 Legal hare coursers are no less culpable - WHILE welcoming this week’s convictions in Co Meath for illegal hare coursing, I am somewhat bemused by the comments that have since appeared on websites and online forums from officials of legal coursing clubs, denouncing those who were caught. The type of hare coursing permitted by law in Ireland is as cruel as the proscribed variety targeted by the wildlife rangers in Meath. In some respects it is actually worse for the hares… (story)

Scotsman magazine 10.10.11 Shooting and fishing: Quite a few who booked for grouse have been told ‘sorry pal, grouse are off’ By alastair Robertson - When Bell Ingram sent me a jolly press release announcing that Scotland is experiencing a partridge boom, I rather foolishly assumed that we were enjoying an upsurge in numbers of wild grey partridge, a bird which has been sadly missing from these parts in recent years… (story)

Yorkshire Post 10.10.11 Police roll out new poaching crackdown - ONE of the most successful North Yorkshire Police operations in recent years is to be re-launched in Selby to help tackle a worrying increase in poaching. The force has announced it is re-launching its hugely effective Operation Jumbo, which was started in Selby in 2009, to tackle poachers targeting the area through the winter months…. (story)

Scottish Herald 10.10.11 Animal rights challenge to research centre plan - SUSAN SWARBRICK - ANIMAL rights campaigners have condemned plans to create up to 1200 jobs at a major new European centre for animal research. The Animal Biosciences Sector Action Plan will be unveiled later this week and is designed to stimulate economic growth and development and will be based outside Edinburgh in Midlothian…. Mimi Bekhechi, spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said: “Animal laboratories literally manufacture suffering and death… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 10.10.11 Bioscience to create jobs By LAURA CUMMINGS - MORE than 1000 new jobs in animal biosciences will be created in the Lothians by the end of the decade, according to a new strategy revealed today… (story)


Sun 8.10.11 I’m a guitarist so I prefer to keep my hands away from the teeth — says CERYS MATTHEWS - CERYS MATTHEWS sold millions of albums with the band Catatonia. But now the Welsh singer and former I'm A Celeb star prefers angling to touring…. Here Cerys, 42, explains her love of angling and why it reeled her in…. (story)
Wales on Sunday 2.10.11 Hooked – line and singer: Cerys Matthews on her new love of fishing By Rachel Mainwaring, Wales on Sunday - The former Catatonia star says she likes nothing better than escaping to the water to indulge in her passion… In a new Radio 4 documentary, Cerys, from Pembrokeshire, who is married to her manager Steve Abbott, explores her passion for angling – the artistry, the mystery and the addiction of it…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 8.10.11 Fun day at racecourse - TOMORROW is Countryside Day at Trimsaran's Ffos Las racecourse, with visitors gearing up to enjoy an afternoon of National Hunt racing… Hawksdrift Falconry will be there to demonstrate the skills of fascinating birds of prey. Meirion Owen's Quack Pack will lay on duck herding with border collies, The Countryside Alliance will be on the course and a Christmas shop will give you some ideas for early present buying… (story)

Computer Weekly 8.10.11 BT cuts pole and duct costs, but variable pricing still unfair for rural broadband - Cliff Saran - BT Openreach has cut the price of pole and duct access in a move it claims will encourage internet service providers (ISPs) to deliver broadband to rural areas… "It is encouraging that Openreach has cut prices for pole and duct access," said Jennifer Dunn, policy researcher at Countryside Alliance. "If broadband is going to be delivered in rural areas it will take investment from many internet services providers to drive competition, and people in rural areas will welcome this first step. It would however be better and fairer to charge all ISPs a flat fee based on incomes and revenues from service provision, rather than paying for access in advance."… (story)

Liverpool Echo 8.10.11 Free at last - I READ about the 38 chimpanzees being released to end the rest of their lives in an animal sanctuary, after 30 years of cruel, useless, experiments…. J. Rigby, L13 (story)

Halifax Courier 8.10.11 Leave the geese alone - they are lovely - WHY do people always pick on poor animals who cannot fight back? The ducks and the geese have been here for years… Susan Smithson, Beechwood, Sowerby Bridge (letter)


Independent 7.10.11 Racehorses face a grim future - While it's true that the number of horses entering racing has declined over the last few years ("A Racing Certainty", 6 October), the number of horses leaving racing remains the same – around 7,000 a year. Animal Aid's research shows that, on average, males race for just three seasons, and females for two. For those considered "useless", this means an uncertain future as they are sold from one owner to the next… Fiona Pereira, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Hull & East Riding Mail 7.10.11 Killing badgers is not the answer to bovine tuberculosis - BADGERS are being blamed for the spread of bovine tuberculosis (BTB) in cattle… Before fox-hunting became illegal, hunts would sometimes block badger sett entrances so that foxes could not escape underground, although it is unlikely that they would actually hunt badgers… Another sinister threat is that the sort of person who enjoys killing for the sake of it, and having half- understood the situation, will think it is open season on all badgers, everywhere … It is time that the Government listened to the experts and not those whose answer to everything is more and more killing. For more information, visit Dr Brian May's website… (story)

Bournemouth Echo 7.10.11 More right to be here than us - I WOULD like to let the person or people who were involved in the death of one cat and putting the other in the bin in Charminster (Daily Echo, October 5) know that as far as many people are concerned, the animals have more right to be here than they do… MRS SJ VINCENT, Tytherley Green, Bournemouth (letter)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 7.10.11 Activists hijack statue's unveiling - ANIMAL rights protesters from Ramsgate hijacked the Turner Contemporary's opening of Rodin's The Kiss on Tuesday. About 20 people, including a woman dressed as a cow in a makeshift cage, used the arrival of the iconic statue in Margate to voice their anger at the export of live animals from the Port of Ramsgate. They were joined by district councillor Ian Driver, who held a placard saying "Live Export Kiss Of Death"… (story)
Thanet Gazette 4.10.11 VIDEO: Protestors hijack opening of The Kiss at Turner Contemporary - ANIMAL rights protestors have hijacked the Turner Contemporary’s opening of Rodin’s Kiss. The group of around 20 people, which included a woman dressed as a cow in a make-shift cage, used the press meeting for the iconic statue's launch to voice their anger at the export of live animals at the Port of Ramsgate… (story)


Argus 6.10.11 Hove MP fronts campaign against hunting - A Conservative MP has risked the wrath of his party colleagues by fronting a campaign against fox hunting. Mike Weatherley said he would oppose any attempt to repeal the ban on what he said was a “cruel and immoral” sport… The Hove MP was speaking at a fringe event at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester organised by the League Against Cruel Sports, whose speaker was heckled by Tory activists as he described his organisation’s enforcement action monitoring hunts… (story)

Wiltshire Times 6.10.11 Row over hunt class By Nigel Kerton - A Marlborough company which runs training courses for people working with horses and other animals has run its first successful one specifically for people working in hunting… Capt Ian Farquhar, Master of the Beaufort Hunt, gave a talk on how to show and judge hounds and the course even included a horn-blowing contest… (story)
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 28.9.11 The Masters of the Foxhounds Association in Daglingworth offers foxhunting NVQ By Andrea Glennon - ANIMAL rights campaigners have given a cagey reaction to a new qualification in hunting devised by a Cotswold. The Masters of the Foxhounds Association (MFHA), in Daglingworth, has teamed up with Wiltshire–based Haddon Training to offer the diploma which is an official National Vocational Qualification…. Cirencester campaigner Alan Kirkby, of Protect Our Wild Animals, said the new qualification was acceptable provided it did not teach students ways of getting around the hunting ban…. (story)
Mail 26.9.11 Now you can get an NVQ in HUNTING - despite the bloodsport being banned By Hugo Gye - Teenagers will be able to gain a government-approved qualification in hunting - even though the sport was banned six years ago. Pupils will study hunting as part of an NVQ in Animal Care, in a programme supported by the national fox hunting authority…. The diploma was devised by the MFHA's Tim Easy and Lesley Seed, from Haddon Training, who is a master of the Avon Vale Hunt…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 26.9.11 Anger over hunting with hounds qualification plans - THE Government has controversially given the go-ahead to an official qualification in hunting, despite the sport being banned for six years. Anti-hunt protesters have hit out at the course which has been set up in conjunction with the Masters of the Foxhounds Association, based at Daglingworth, near Cirencester…. (story)
Western Daily Press 24.9.11 Students taught hunting as Ministers back vocational diploma - The Government has controversially given the go-ahead to an official qualification in hunting – which was banned six years ago. Now questions are being asked about how the West-based hunt authorities have teamed up with a local training company, which has links to a hunt in Wiltshire, to lay on a course aimed at teenagers to gain an official National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)…. The specialist hunting NVQ, which is recognised by the Government’s education and qualifications body, was devised by the MFHA’s Tim Easby and by Lesley Seed, who works for Haddon Training, but is also one of the masters of the Avon Vale Hunt, based near Melksham in Wiltshire… (story)

Telegraph 6.10.11 John Williams - John Williams, who died on September 5 aged 82, was one of the dominant figures in postwar foxhunting and hound breeding, and the author of Riding to Hounds (1988), a guide to hunting which is still regarded as an authority; he was also the father of the National Hunt trainer Venetia Williams. A fearless rider, Williams was Master of the Four Burrow Hounds in Cornwall from 1955 to 1977… In 1977 he moved to Herefordshire to take over the farm and stud at the Aramstone Estate (a property brought to the family by his mother) . Williams was chairman, then president, of the South Herefordshire Hunt until his death… (story)
West Briton 15.9.11 Former hunt master was proud of his family's Cornish heritage - JOHN WILLIAMS, master of the Four Burrow Hounds from 1955 to 1978, has died aged 82. Mr Williams, the father of Grand National winning trainer Venetia Williams, then moved to Herefordshire and farmed on the banks of the River Wye at Aramstone…. (story)
Hereford Times 9.9.11 Tributes to John Williams, who was chairman of South Herefordshire Hunt By Paul Rogers - THE chairman of the South Herefordshire Hunt and the man who founded the Herefordshire Country Fair has died. John Williams, father of Grand National winning trainer Venetia Williams, died on Monday, aged 82…. (story)

North Devon Journal 6.10.11 Conservation work honoured - EXMOOR farmers William and Henry Dart are this year's winners of an award given by the Exmoor Society for conservation. The society's annual meeting heard it was for their work over more than 50 years with Devon cattle, Exmoor Horn & Devon Closewool Sheep, and Exmoor ponies…. Baroness Mallalieu gave the main speech, telling members among other things, that country sports were the spirit of Exmoor and that the staghunting community of Exmoor was determined to survive and fight the injustice of the hunting ban…. (story)
Western Morning News 20.9.11 Peer: 'Spirit of Exmoor is alive and well' - Farmers on Exmoor fight a "daily battle" to keep Exmoor as it is, according to a leading life peer. Stating that Exmoor is one of the last truly rural areas in Britain, Baroness Mallalieu told a packed meeting this weekend that relatively few changes has occurred within the national park over the past 40 years – thanks to the people that live there… The Labour peer said country sports were "the spirit of Exmoor", adding that the local stag-hunting community was determined to "survive and fight the injustice of the hunting ban"… (story)

Telegraph 6.10.11 Country Diary - Mink devastate our native wildlife - Don’t listen to the so-called experts, these killing machines serve only to devastate our native wildlife . In my last Diary I wrote about the rural myths generated by the Environment Agency concerning the return of the otter. This week’s myths concern mink, with most of them being generated and spread by scientists… (story)

BBC News Online 6.10.11 Muntjac deer invasion could cost Scotland £1.9m a year - The cost of managing an invasive species of deer if it was to arrive in Scotland could cost up to £1.9m a year, according to a new report. Muntjac deer are branded "asbo bambi" by critics in England where they roam free and are blamed for causing road accidents and damage to crops…. (story)

Oxford Times 6.10.11 Speak up for wildlife - Not a lot of people know this — there are two badger setts near the Oxford railway station, quite close to the city centre. This I thought would be something to be treasured, but not so! The local allotment society has been evicting a sett (using electric fence and one-way gates), pushing them on to university land…. As written recently in national papers, the wildlife of this country has no strong voice in its defence and we need people to speak out about the continuing disappearance of our natural world. Mike Hamblett, Summertown (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 6.10.11 Time to ban jockeys' whips - ANIMAL Aid has long campaigned against the use of the whip in horse racing and this reform is long overdue. Many jockeys repeatedly misuse the whip because, even when they are found guilty of misconduct, they still keep their winnings…. Please support Animal Aid's campaign to ban the whip from racing… Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, St Thomas (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 6.10.11 Happy outcome for greyhound Gemma - THANK you for ‘Dog’s best friends: Greyhound learning to trust again’, (Telegraph, October 3). Congratulations to Pam Barnes for opening her heart to a greyhound that others may have believed there was no hope for…. Dog racing has always been a losing game for the greyhounds, and the public is now increasingly aware of its inherent cruelties… Caryn Wood, Board of directors, GREY2K USA (letter)

Western Morning News 6.10.11 West health services face a ‘perfect storm’ - A double threat of climate change and coping with an ageing population could see the Westcountry’s health and care services strained to breaking point, a new report has warned…. Alison Hawes, South West regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said it proved that more resources should be ploughed into ensuring older people living in rural areas were cared for…. (story)

Bolton News 6.10.11 Success of circus animals protest - THE National circus march on Sunday was a roaring success! Thousands of Boltonians, all fighting for human or animal rights, travelled to Manchester and protested for hours in the city centre… MPs Mark Pritchard and Sheryll Murray offered their support to a protest by young Gabriel Ryan, calling on the Government to ban the use of wild animals in circuses… Name and address supplied (letter)


Gloucestershire Echo 5.10.11 Should we get rid of the ban on hunting? - WITH autumn upon us and winter approaching, and hunts return to the countryside, the Echo asks whether the Hunting Act should be repealed - DENISE WARD, producer of the hunting film A Minority Pastime, thinks that the ban should remain in the UK… SARA RUTHERFORD, Countryside Alliance regional director for Gloucestershire, wants the ban removed… (story)

Hexham Courant 5.10.11 Hunt honours key supporter By DAVID COULTER - TYNEDALE Hunt marked the start of the new season of young hound exercises by dedicating a new gate in memory of an outstanding supporter. A metal gate at the hunt kennels, at Stagshaw Bank, was dedicated to Joe Routledge, who died last year at the age of 93…. (story)

Dundee Courier 5.10.11 Fish for food, not for sport - I have read the headline: ''Anglers praised for heeding call to catch and release'' (September 24). I have no problem with fish being caught for food, but surely to drag a living creature by a hook in its mouth for sport is barbaric… Doreen Dingwell. 10 Baldovie Place, Dundee (letter)

Sun 5.10.11 I know it upsets people... but culling IS essential for some animals — Chris Packham on controversy he triggered - WILDLIFE expert Chris Packham caused outrage when he called for deer and elephants to be culled. Here the BBC Autumnwatch presenter defends his view… (story)
Express 27.9.11 ELEPHANTS MUST BE CULLED SAYS TV WILDLIFE STAR By John Ingham Environment Editor - WILDLIFE presenter Chris Packham sparked anger last night among conservationists by claiming there are too many animals on the planet – and that they should be killed. The controversial BBC star turned his guns on deer and even elephants by calling for culls to control their numbers. He then risked further ¬trouble and alienating Britain’s six million cat owners by demanding pets be kept indoors at night to help slash the number of birds killed by the garden predators… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 5.10.11 Call to sink the mink menace By SUE GYFORD - IT'S hardly the natural idyll conjured up by the phrase "tales of the riverbank". But since the Evening News reported on the scourge of mink attacking wildlife on the Union Canal, more reports have emerged of the voracious pest's invasion… (story)

PR Week 5.10.11 Animal Charity WSPA Appoints Pippa Rodger As International Comms Director - Samantha Edwards - The World Society for the Protection of Animals has appointed an international director of comms, as it launches its first global campaign. Previously head of PR and comms at WWF-UK, Pippa Rodger has joined the animal welfare charity to help grow its international comms strategy… (story)


Mid Devon Gazette 4.10.11 Fury as carcass of stag left to rot - THE carcass of a stag was left to rot for six days yards from a Mid Devon household following a wrangle over how the body should be disposed of. Keith Batstone, from Withleigh, noticed the animal was in distress adjacent to his home, and reported the matter to the RSPCA on Wednesday, September 21. He was visited by the charity the following day when it decided there was no other option but to arrange for an expert to put the animal down…. He said he was told by both the RSPCA and Mid Devon District Council that removal of the dead animal was not their responsibility, with Defra passing the buck to the landowner. By Tuesday, the body was infested with maggots and omitting a powerful, "sickening" stench… Chris Vine, who also lives at Springfield, said the conservatory could not be opened due to the stench of the rotting body and said none of the authorities contacted were willing to help. She said Tiverton Staghounds at East Worlington were contacted in desperation and agreed to remove the carcass on Wednesday last week… (story)

North West Evening Mail 4.10.11 WHY THE HUNTING BAN IS ONLY THE FIRST STEP - Advertising feature. The Hunting Act 2004 was celebrated by animal welfare charities and campaigners against fox hunting all over the UK; however, seven years down the line, evidence suggests that hunting is still going on and pro-hunting groups are becoming increasingly vocal in their bid to repeal the Hunting Act… (story)
Times & Star 4.10.11 A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE HUNTING BAN AND WHY WE NEED TO KEEP IT - Advertising feature. After many years of tireless campaigning against fox hunting, animal welfare groups celebrated the Hunting Act of 2004, which put a stop to hunting with dogs… Despite several attempts to repeal the ban, hunting enthusiasts have failed in their bid to challenge the act. Their resolve, however, has not dwindled and they remain intent on bringing hunting back into the upper echelons of British society; frequently this involves flouting the ban altogether and hunting illegally… (story)

Lacashire Evening Telegraph 4.10.11 Defra minister deaf to our pleas - With the Tory Party Conference underway, we have catalogued a trail of destruction created by Conservative ministers and their departments. Defra’s Jim Paice has overturned a ban on cages for breeding pheasants; reduced veterinary cover at livestock markets; scrapped previous Defra plans to prosecute slaughterhouse cruelty using undercover footage; consistently expressed his support for a repeal of the Hunting Act; scaled back the badger vaccination programme and promised to do all he can to bring about a badger cull…. Kate Fowler, Animal Aid (letter)

Scotsman 4.10.11 Letter: Saving wildlife - Wildlife may well be able to save Scotland's economy (your report, 3 October) but who will save it? … Wildlife may save the Scottish economy, but farmers, foresters and gamekeepers will have to save our wildlife. (Dr) Adam Smith Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust Perth Airport Scone, Perthshire (story)

Mail 4.10.11 Is 'River Cottage effect' putting the rural dream out of reach for millions? How TV shows have made countryside houses £27,000 more expensive than in urban areas By Becky Barrow - Plenty of city dwellers long to escape to a life of growing vegetables, raising pigs and making cider. But those who attempt to buy a pretty cottage in the countryside could be in for a shock, according to a report… A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said: 'People living in the countryside are already painfully aware that housing in rural areas is increasingly expensive while average earnings in the countryside are way below those in urban areas.' (story)

Huffington Post 4.10.11 Who is the Party of the Countryside? - Dylan Sharpe - Head of Media Relations, Countryside Alliance - Once upon a time that question was met with ridicule; the poser rendered a fool simply by having the temerity to ask it. But apparently not any longer; at least if you believe Mary Creagh… last Tuesday she took to her Party Conference stage in Liverpool to announce Labour as the new party of the countryside… I was in Liverpool all last week and spent a good proportion stood in front of the Countryside Alliancestand (which was much better received than some of you might think). Every day another few delegates would walk up, smile beaming, and put it to us that it was Labour who were now the 'party of the countryside'. All in all, a good move, well executed… Just as many say it is impossible to win a general election outright without the city and big business on your side; it is also very difficult to claim a majority in Parliament with no rural representation - and likely to be more so if the proposed boundary changes go through…. (story)

Western Morning News 4.10.11 £150m for new phone masts in black-spots - George Osborne yesterday promised cash to end mobile telephone black-spots that blight rural communities as he ruled out tax cuts to lift the economic gloom…. The Countryside Alliance warned of an "unnecessary backlash" to more phone masts if communities are not consulted, and raised fears of rural towns and villages losing out when the next generation 4G network comes up for auction… (story)

Lynn News 4.10.11 Animal Aid collection - ANIMAL AID would like to thank the people of Lynn for their generosity in raising £129.73 at a street collection held on Saturday, September 24… KEVIN WADDINGTON Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator (letter)


Scotsman 3.10.11 Shooting and fishing: 'If anyone thinks that walking up grouse is a stroll in the heather I advise them to try it' By Alastair Robertson - Considering that last year I had two driven grouse days and three walked-up days things have been looking a bit thin this year. It is feasible I have been impossibly rude or failed to write suitably entertaining thank-you letters, but I don't think so…. Still by way of recompense I found myself invited by my brother to Inverness-shire where he had in turn b een invited to walk up grouse near Drumnadrochit and one of the guests had dropped down dead. … (story)

Newcastle Chronicle 3.10.11 Blakelaw girl Maggie 'UK's youngest falconer' by Lisa Hutchinson, Evening Chronicle - TODDLER Maggie Hind could be the country’s youngest falconer after taking up her family’s passion for birds of prey before even her third birthday…. (story)

Western Daily Press 3.10.11 Cabinet clashes over battle for badger cull - Controversial plans for a cull of badgers in West bovine TB hotspots have caused a rift between senior Tories, it has been reported. Claims that Home Secretary Theresa May warned the plan could kill the political career of Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman emerged as the party’s conference began… (story)

Portsmouth News 3.10.11 Portsmouth City councillor Malcolm Hey says ‘God approves of animal testing’ By Rory O’Keeffe - A CONTROVERSIAL Portsmouth councillor has said God approves of animal testing. Tory Cllr Malcolm Hey, who represents the Copnor ward, revealed his thoughts on the issue at the party’s annual conference in Manchester yesterday… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 3.10.11 We are all responsible for welfare of animals - WILL conscience ever outweigh convenience at the checkout?... I wonder how many consumers really think about what cheap products at the check-out really means, especially when it comes to the welfare of animals…. Paul Smith Cheltenham (letter)

The Sentinel 3.10.11 Disgust at abuse - I AM absolutely disgusted by your story about the poor dog having his jaw broken after being beaten by his owner for dirtying the house… I am glad he has suffered reprisals, and I hope he has aggro for the rest of his life. He is scum! MRS K BEARDMORE, Weston Coyney (letter)

Oxford Mail 3.10.11 A sick spectacle of cruelty - AT the beginning of my first stay in Spain (1974-5), I attended a conventional bullfight, almost at the insistence of my landlady. My revulsion at the carnage witnessed in the area was surpassed by the disgust I felt at the frenzied bloodthirstiness of the spectators… Be that as it may, and despite spending a few more years in Madrid, I honestly had no knowledge of the existence then, or now, of the depraved annual act which Sharon Hopkins describes… DAVID DIMENT, Riverside Court, Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 27.9.11 Sadism against poor bulls - SHARON HOPKINS, Templar Road, Oxford (letter)
Independent 22.9.11 Barbaric death for a bull - I have just returned from Spain where I attended a protest in Tordesillas, Valladolid. The protest took place two days before the 500-year-old bloody fiesta where a bull is tortured – this year the bull was named Afligido…. Unfortunately, this is one of countless medieval events in Spain where animals are sadistically tortured to death under the guise of "culture" and "religion". As Spain is in the EU, it should surely be brought into line with other European countries regarding its treatment of animals, and animal welfare in general. Sharon Hopkins, Oxford (letter)


Islington Gazette 2.10.11 99 fined in Islington fly-tipping cases By Gemma Payne - Islington Council has cracked down on fly-tipping bringing nearly 100 cases where people were fined for dumping rubbish last year…. The information, which emerged through a Freedom of Information (FoI) request by the Countryside Alliance, revealed the council carried out 9,023 enforcement actions… (story)
Saffron Walden Reporter 19.9.11 Cost of fly-tipping revealed in Uttlesford… (story)
Keighley News 19.9.11 Council fines for fly-tipping total £40,000 in one year (story)
Cambridge News 17.9.11 Fly tipping is soaring - and so are its costs - Chris Havergal - Fly tipping increased by more than a quarter in Cambridge last year, according to research which shows cleaning it all up cost taxpayers nearly £100,000… (story)
East Kent Gazette 16.9.11 Just the tip of the iceberg - FLY-TIPPING cost Swale taxpayers more than £186,000 in clearance, disposal and enforcement…. (story)
Welwyn & Hatfield Times 15.9.11 Thousands of fly-tips in Welwyn Hatfield, no prosecutions By Paul Christian, Reporter - THOUSANDS of fly-tips have had to be cleared by Welwyn Hatfield Council in the space of a year, but NO-ONE has been successfully prosecuted, new figures have revealed… (story)
Western Morning News 15.9.11 Fly-tipping costs £40 million a year - (story)
Herts & Essex Observer 12.9.11 1,738 fly-tipping cases in East Herts and Uttlesford result in one £50 fine - THE cost of clearing up after fly-tippers in East Herts and Uttlesford has been revealed. According to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the Countryside Alliance, the problems in both districts are typical of a growing blight across England and Wales… (story)
Bedfordshire on Sunday 11.9.11 Council pay high price to clear rubbish BY HAZEL SLADE - Bedford Borough Council spent almost a quarter of a million pounds clearing up dumped rubbish last year… (story)
Medway News 9.9.11 Taxpayers foot £300k bill for illegal waste - FLY-TIPPING cost Medway taxpayers more than £300,000 in clearance, disposal and enforcement – but there were only 12 prosecutions, according to new figures… (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 9.9.11 Fly-tipping clean-ups costing thousands… (story)
Bracknell Forest Standard 8.9.11 Flytipping goes into decline - Flytippers are taking their old sofas, bin bags and building waste elsewhere after a huge fall in illegal waste dumping was revealed this week…. (story)
Ely Weekly News 8.9.11 Taxpayers footing £40k fly-tipping bill - Jordan Day - Fly-tipping has cost taxpayers in East Cambridgeshire a whopping £40,000 in just 12 months, the Weekly News can reveal…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 7.9.11 Dylan Sharpe: Everyone can help to consign fly-tipping to the dustbin - WE’VE all seen the scourge of fly-tipping. The shopping trolley rusting in the river; the mattress propped-up against a fence-post in a field; the pile of tyres and broken wood left in the corner of a car-park…. At the Countryside Alliance, we have long campaigned for government and local councils to make fly-tipping a priority…. Dylan Sharpe is head of media for the Countryside Alliance (story)
Halifax Courier 7.9.11 Council clears 1,055 fly-tips - THE council spent £53,600 on clearing up illegal refuse dumps last year… (story)
Evening Standard 5.9.11 Growing scourge of fly-tipping costs Londoners £8m in a year - Craig Woodhouse, Political Reporter - Fly-tipping cost London taxpayers more than £8million last year, figures showed today…. (story)
Kent on Sunday 4.9.11 Widespread fly-tipping blighting the Kent countryside By Marijke Cox - Rubbish is being illegally dumped across Kent 34 times every day costing taxpayers more than £1m a year to clear up and enforce…. (story)
Oxford Times 3.9.11 Flytipping still costing county money By Thom Airs - FLYTIPPING in Oxfordshire cost £193,950 last year, but only about £5,235 was claimed back in fines… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 2.9.11 Fly-tippers costing Gloucestershire taxpayers tens of thousands - SHOCK new figures have revealed that fly-tippers are targeting verges in Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and the Cotswolds more than three times every day…. (story)
Western Morning News 2.9.11 Fly-tipping in the Westcountry costs taxpayers £536,000 - Fly-tipping is blighting rural environments across the Westcountry, according to new figures which have revealed almost 10,000 incidents in the last year at a cost to council tax payers of more than £500,000… (story)
Western Morning News 2.9.11 Carrot and stick approach needed to beat fly tippers - Littering of any kind is a disgusting anti-social habit. But littering in the countryside in a systematic way – fly-tipping – is even more damaging… That's why the Countryside Alliance, which has expanded from campaigning on country sports to take up the cudgels on behalf of the rural community generally, is right to draw attention to the problem and to press for action to be taken against those who engage in the practice…. We have written before in these columns, many times, about the high cost of council tax and the way these bills are now a significant burden for many people. The very least local authorities must do, given the ever increasing financial demands they make on residents, is to provide the basic services we all have a right to expect as part of that charge… (story)
Derby Telegraph 2.9.11 Council pledges to clamp down on city's fly-tipping problems - EXTRA efforts are being put into catching the culprits of fly-tipping in Derby…. (story)
Argus 2.9.11 Rubbish fly-tipped every two hours across Sussex By Ben Parsons - A new case of fly-tipping is being reported every two hours across Sussex… (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 2.9.11 Fly-tipping costs Peterborough taxpayers over £500k in a year By MATTHEW REVILLE - MENACES who commit fly-tipping cost city taxpayers over £500,000 last year – but not a single conviction was brought against them… (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 2.9.11 36 fly-tipping incidents in East Lancashire every day By David Watkinson - THERE were 13,000 incidents of fly-tipping in East Lancashire last year – the equivalent of 36 every day – shock new figures show… (story)
Redditch Advertiser 2.9.11 Borough's fly-tipping problem is revealed - Ian Dipple - SHOCKING statistics have revealed the scale of the fly-tipping problem blighting Redditch's countryside with more than two reports a day on average across the borough…. (story)
Burton Mail 2.9.11 Counting the cost of fly-tipping by ROB SMYTH - NEW data has revealed how almost £12,000 has been spent dealing with incidents of fly-tipping in East Staffordshire… (story)
Norwich Evening News 2.9.11 Norwich fly-tipping clean-up costs revealed - Adam Gretton - Fly-tipping in Norwich cost taxpayers almost £200,000 last year, according to new figures… (story)
York Press 2.9.11 Fly-tipping in York cost taxpayers £118,000 By Mark Stead - CLEARING up after illegal fly-tipping in York and punishing offenders cost taxpayers £118,000 last year. New figures released by the Countryside Alliance have shown council chiefs were left to pick up the six-figure bill for unlawful rubbish-dumping in the city, with 932 incidents being reported during 2010/11…. (story)
eGovmonitor 2.9.11 Public Purse Spending £40 Million Each Year To Clean Up FlyTipping Mess - New Research - There are 75 incidents of fly tipping each hour and the cost of cleaning up the mess is a hefty £40 Million a year, according to research published by the Countryside Alliance…. (story)
Guardian 1.9.11 Fly-tipping 'costs taxpayers £40m a year' - Clean-up costs totalled £40m last year, with more than 75 incidents an hour in England and Wales, new figures show … The statistics, obtained by the Countryside Alliance under the Freedom of Information Act, revealed that councils spent £40m on clearing up and taking legal action for illegal rubbish dumping, but collected just £692,000 in fines in 2010-11…. (story)
BBC News Online 1.9.11 Fly-tipping 'costs taxpayers £40m a year' - Fly-tipping in England and Wales cost councils £40m in 2010 but only £692,000 was raised in fines, figures suggest. Statistics, obtained by the Countryside Alliance under the Freedom of Information Act, say 75 fly-tipping incidents occurred every hour… (story)
Express 1.9.11 BIN CUTS ‘COST £90M IN BILL FOR FLY TIPPING’ - CUTS in bin collections are fuelling a £90million fly tipping crime wave, experts claim. More than one fly tipping incident a minute is happening across England and Wales, says a report. The cost to taxpayers is £40million a year and private landowners face their own costs recently put at about £47million a year. The figures, for between April 2010 and March 2011, were obtained by the Countryside Alliance…. (story)
Press Association (via Google) 1.9.11 Fly-tipping costs £40m per year - Fly-tipping cost taxpayers £40 million last year, with more than 75 incidents occurring every hour in England and Wales, according to new figures. The statistics, obtained by the Countryside Alliance under Freedom of Information legislation… (story)
Mail 1.9.11 Curse of fly-tipping costs taxpayers £25million a year to clean up - Rubbish is illegally dumped at least once a minute, according to a report released yesterday…. The report, by the Countryside Alliance, found that while some local authorities reported thousands of incidents, others admitted to only a handful - suggesting the real level is higher still…. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 1.9.11 Figures reveal few successful fly-tipping prosecutions By Mariam Ghaemi - NEW figures reveal there were just over 3,100 instances of fly-tipping in Suffolk over a year, but only 10 successful prosecutions. Alice Barnard, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, which conducted the research, said fly-tipping was a crime that perpetrators could get away with… (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 1.9.11 £300,000 spent clearing fly-tipping in 12 months but council only reclaims £3,500 in prosecutions fines By Emma Clark - MORE than £300,000 is spent clearing up illegally dumped rubbish across Northampton a year...but only £3,500 is claimed back in successful prosecutions, new figures have revealed… The Countryside Alliance compiled the fly-tipping report to highlight the scale of illegal rubbish dumping with data from 81 per cent of local authorities in Britain…. (story)
Northampton Evening Telegraph 1.9.11 £200k to clean up after fly-tippers - ILLEGAL dumping of waste is blighting the countryside and costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds. Kettering, Wellingborough, Corby and East Northamptonshire Councils spent a total of £203,359 on clearing up after the trail of fly-tippers in the in thr year up to March… In response to the figures released by the Countryside Alliance, environmental chiefs from all four councils have hit out at the culprits and called on the public’s help to catch them… (story)
Shropshire Star 1.9.11 Fly-tippers strike 13 times a day in Shropshire - FLY-TIPPERS ARE striking 13 times a day in Shropshire – costing taxpayers about £400,000 a year in clear ups, according to new figures. Research by the Countryside Alliance has uncovered the enormous scale of illegal fly-tipping across the country, with more than 4,800 separate incidents in Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin in 2010/11…. (story)
Worcestershire News 1.9.11 Picking up the bill, picking up the mess By Alicia Kelly - FLY-TIPPING is costing taxpayers in Worcestershire and Herefordshire thousands of pounds. Figures released by the Countryside Alliance showed how much local authorities spent on clearing rubbish dumped illegally between April 2010 and March 2011…. (story)
LocalGov 1.9.11 Fly-tipping ‘costs councils £40m a year’ - Mark Conrad - Fly-tipping in England and Wales cost councils £40m to clean up, according to new research by the Countryside Alliance…. (story)
PublicService 1.9.11 Fly-tipping ''costs taxpayers £40m a year'' - There were at least 656,000 incidents of unlawful rubbish dumping recorded between April 2010 and March 2011 and the cost to the public purse of clearing them stands at over £66,000 per day, according to a report by the Countryside Alliance… (story)
MRW 1.9.11 Countryside Alliance calls for landfill tax revenues to fight fly-tipping costs By Philip Reynolds - Campaign group Countryside Alliance has called on the Government to ring-fence landfill tax escalator revenues to help local authorities fight the growing cost of fly-tipping, after it was found that costs totalled £40m last year… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 1.9.11 Fly-tipping cost Gloucestershire £270K in just 12 months - Fly-tipping in Gloucestershire cost taxpayers more than £270,000 to clear up last year new figures reveal. A Freedom of Information request by the rural campaign group the Countryside Alliance revealed nationally councils spent £40 million on clearing up and taking legal action for illegal rubbish dumping, but collected just £692,000 in fines in 2010/2011… (story)
Edie.net 1.9.11 Fly-tipping cases fall by more than 100% but still 'too high' - Carys Matthews - Fly-tipping incidents have fallen by more than 100% in the past four years, but the figures are still too high, an environmental group has warned. Countryside Alliance (CA) gathered the data after putting in a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to local authorities across the UK, which revealed at least 656,000 incidents of unlawful rubbish dumping were recorded between April 2010 and March 2011 - a rate of one incident per minute…. (story)


Western Morning News 1.10.11 Shooting season gets off with a bang - and high hopes of profit - Pheasant shooting starts today. Philip Bowern looks at the economic importance of the sport…. Simon Clarke, spokesman for the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC), is cautiously optimistic. “I think shooting, from all our indicators, is very much holding its own,” he said. But he believes there is a shift away from the larger shoots… “By far the largest sector is the do-it-yourself syndicate of people who rent a bit of land and do the work themselves. They might only let a day or two to help offset the costs,” he said. “Then there are the roving syndicates who want to buy a day’s shooting. They book hotels, eat and drink in local restaurants and bars and their partners might well go shopping in the local high street. The trickle-down effect of money spent on shooting is huge.”… (story)

Argus 1.10.11 Restaurants warned over suspected poaching in Sussex - Restaurants are being warned about poached game after reports animals are being killed illegally in the countryside. Sussex Police said it has stepped up patrols after reports of lights and loud noises coming from woods in rural Rother Game dealers, restaurateurs, hotels and pubs are now being put on alert not to buy poached game…. (story)

Gloucestershire Gazette 1.10.11 Animal lover from Yate claims badger cull would be 'driven by profit' By Alexandra Womack - AN animal lover from Yate has added her voice to the debate over badger culling. Vegetarian Karen Theyer said a widespread cull would be driven by profit and claimed there are more humane means of dealing with the spread of bovine TB…. (story)