October 2013

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Dundee Courier 31.10.13 Just a bit of horseplay — Fife hunt’s foxy ladies shed the dressage - The thrill of the chase has been captured in a racy new calendar. Fife Foxhounds are giving supporters the chance to gain 12 months of full exposure to all things hunting, with riding boots on, but saddles off! The foxy calendar has been released to raise money for the hunt, with masters, subscribers, hunt staff, grooms, farriers, terrier men, huntsmen and others all involved… (story)
Express 31.10.13 Aristocrat Countess of Lindsay strips off for fox hunt fund - AN aristocrat who launched a firm selling fur-lined thongs has stripped off for a saucy charity calendar to raise funds for her local hunt. By: Rod Mills - Diana, Countess of Lindsay, came up with the risque plan to help support the Fife Foxhounds as a fun alternative to traditional jumble sales and tombolas. Lady Lindsay, 52, whose father was a Gentleman Usher to the Queen, joined masters, subscribers, hunt staff, grooms, farriers, terrier men and huntsmen for the photo shoot…. (story)

Country Life 31.10.13 WILDLIFE LAW TO BE MODERNISED By Kate Green - A review by the Law Commission will result in a streamlining of wildlife law Wildlife law is set to be streamlined as the result of a Defra-commissioned review by the Law Commission due next year. n its interim report published this month, the non-political body describes current law as ‘a legal landscape that is out of date, confused and often contradictory'…. (story)

Huffington Post 31.10.13 From Badgers to Elephants: Killing in the Name Of...? Philip Mansbridge is CEO of Care for the Wild International - This week the secretary of state for the Environment, Owen Patterson was brought before a Parliamentary Committee to defend key policy issues - including the embarrassment of DEFRA's badger cull. The cull has now become, as predicted by every credible expert prior to commencement, a truly farcical failure… In addition to the badgers, recently we've seen the authorisation of the destruction of buzzard nests and eggs - another so called protected species - simply as they were interfering with pheasant shooting... Then there are brown hares: currently they can be shot at any time of the year, just not sold, thus leaving nursing young hares to die in their burrows… (story)

Scotsman 31.10.13 Gamekeepers call for action to save Scots waders by FRANK URQUHART - SCOTLAND’S gamekeepers today called for urgent Government action to save the country’s threatened populations of wader birds, including the lapwing, curlew and plover The Scottish Gamekeepers Association is to declare 2014 the SGA Year of the Wader, amidst growing fears that Scotland is about to follow Wales in seeing its wading birds decimated. And Alex Hogg, the association’s chairman, claimed that increasedpredator control, licensed by the Scottish Government, would be one of the keys to preventing further declines in wader populations across the country…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 31.10.13 Eleven forces policing Gloucestershire badger cull - ELEVEN forces are policing the badger cull in Gloucestershire - and our force may have to call on more after it was extended. Gloucestershire Constabulary cannot rule in or rule out asking police from other areas to keep the peace in the county’s pilot badger cull zone at night - and the Gloucester Citizen can reveal which forces have been helping out so far…. (story)

Surrey Advertiser 31.10.13 Petition launched to save badgers from threat of cull - A Walton man concerned by the threat of badgers being culled has started a petition against what he calls the illogical killing of the animals. Jim Sewell, 48, is calling on people to back his fight to persuade Surrey County Council to prevent the culling of badgers in the county… (story)

Bournemouth Echo 31.10.13 Cull of badgers a 'huge sham' - I write in reply to Mike Fry's letter as I feel it is important to challenge his view that the current cull of badgers is justified. Mr Fry claims because 81 per cent of the audience of a debate on the issue held at Cheltenham Science Festival voted in favour of the cull that this is, somehow, proof that those opposed are wrong!... Chris Kemp, address supplied (letter)

KentOnline 31.10.13 Police spying claim over animal protests by Emily Stott - The Green Party claims the police have been spying on a councillor involved in anti-live export campaigns. Thanet Cllr Ian Driver has been campaigning and protesting against the export of live animals at Ramsgate and Dover ports. The accusations that the Metropolitan Police have been spying on him comes after a Freedom of Information request revealed 22 police records relating to his activities… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 31.10.13 Fayre to celebrate all things veggie - An event to celebrate vegetarian and vegan lifestyle choices, and showcase a variety of diet options, will be held at Trinity United Reformed Church on Saturday, November 9. The Lincoln Veggie Fayre will include stalls from local and regional vegan and vegetarian businesses, as well as cookery demonstrations and nutritional advice… (story)


Western Morning News 30.10.13 Legal mind brings clarity to hunt debate - It is not often that on reading an article to the Western Morning News one’s heart jumps for joy. After writing letters to WMN for many months about my feelings and experiences as an ex farmer in his 70s, I can embrace every one of Jamie Foster’s paragraphs… I rejoice in the involvement in hunting of the pony club involving young pony riders who are taught behaviour and self control on the hunting field. I admire a huntsman taking hounds through a flock of sheep with each hound never taking a furtive look towards an age-old prey… My plea is that we leave countryside problems to our farmers. They have managed for generations, why should we seek to take the culling of predators away from their age-old experience? by A F N Luxmoore, Plymouth (letter)

Plymouth Herald 30.10.13 Government is not protecting wildlife - ANYONE with an interest will be alarmed to see what the Government is doing to our beleaguered wildlife…. Not only are they proposing to kill badgers every year for the next four years at least, they want to relax the fox hunting laws and be able to kill grey squirrels, buzzards and any other animal that interferes with their hobbies of fox, stag, cub hunting and game bird shooting… JENNY PIKE Plymouth (letter)

Western Morning News 30.10.13 Poisonous lead shot must be phased out -Tim Bonner’s appeal to shooters to toe the line on the use of lead shot comes as no surprise from the campaigns organiser of the Countryside Alliance which struggles to present an acceptable face to a morally bankrupt shooting industry… by Rodney Hale MSc, Founder/Chairman, South-West Action For Hares, Crediton (story)

Cambridgeshire Times 30.10.13 Steve Barclay MP encourages mobile users to take a stand against signal ‘not-spots’ - Kath Sansom - Mobile phone signal gaps across the UK need closing to ensure the whole country has reliable communication, MP Steve Barclay has urged… The Countryside Alliance is offering mobile users a free app to test phone signal strength and internet download speed in their area… (story)

Guardian 30.10.13 How well do you know your neighbours? - More than a third of people are unable to recognise their neighbours, and communities are a thing of the past, says a recent survey. So what happened when we sent Guardian writers out to meet the people in their streets?... Hugh Muir and Graham Le Blond, east London … Rows of suburban doors, with who knows who behind them, but the choice seemed obvious once I saw the van parked in Graham Le Blond's driveway. Fox-A-Gon, specialists in "non-lethal fox management"…. (story)

Western Daily Press 30.10.13 Fears badgers could drown or freeze to death in traps due to bad weather and cull extension - The recent heavy storms across the West have prompted serious concerns that badgers caught in traps could suffer unnecessarily during the extended badger cull in Gloucestershire. Cull operators are now permitted to cage trap and shoot badgers until November 30. Humane Society International/UK and local campaigners Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting, are concerned that trapped badgers could potentially be left in cages for up to 20 hours before being shot, risking suffering and death from exposure or drowning if the bad weather persists… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 30.10.13 Grimston beagle farm petition going to Downing Street with controversial animal rights activist Luke Steele By James Burton - PROTESTERS against a controversial East Yorkshire beagle farm have hit out at attempts by a national animal rights group to hijack their campaign. Deborah Minns and other East Riding activists have spent two years fighting efforts to extend the animal testing site in Grimston, near Aldbrough. They put together a petition for families to sign to show their concern and agreed to allow national group the Antivivisection Coalition (AVC) to put its name to it… the AVC intends to deliver it to Downing Street. But Ms Minns believes the voices of the original protesters are being lost… The AVC is headed by Luke Steele, who was imprisoned for 18 months last year for harassing staff employed by Harlan Laboratories, an animal testing group… Ms Minns fears a sudden rush to Downing Street may seriously undermine her efforts. She said: "That petition is from the Hull locals… Now it looks like there was maybe a different reason behind the AVC taking this on and it could have been to promote their organisation."… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 28.10.13 40,000-name petition against beagle breeding plans of B&K Universal Ltd to go to East Riding Council By Sam Creighton - ANIMAL rights campaigners were today submitting a 40,000-signature petition to East Riding Council, objecting to a proposed expansion of a testing facility…. Deborah Minns, one of the activists behind the petition, is confident of her campaign's success…. (story)
BBC News Online 28.10.13 Over 40,000 sign Grimston dog breeding centre petition - A 40,000 signature petition against plans to expand a centre for breeding dogs for scientific testing has been submitted to an East Yorkshire council…. The AVC's Luke Steele said the group was "very pleased with the response and very pleased to be working with the local campaign… (story)

Cambridge News 30.10.13 Animal rights activists call on diners to boycott Cambridge restaurants that boil lobsters alive -Written by GARETH MCPHERSON - Cooking lobsters alive is the “most appalling thing” and Cambridge diners should boycott restaurants that do it, say campaigners. Animal rights activists are calling on people to name and shame the city eateries that boil living animals saying there is no excuse for causing such suffering… Joan Court, a founding member of Animal Rights Cambridge, said she has joined forces with Anglia Ruskin University Vegan Society to stop the cruel practice… (story)


Horse & Hound 29.10.13 Experience your first time hunting this week - Hunts are opening their door to new followers for the Countryside Alliance’s Newcomers Week. The week provides a great way for novices to get a taste of hunting and for hunts to encourage new members into their midst… As well as newcomers meets another option for those who are new to the sport or wanting to brush up on their skills can be a pre-season hunting clinics. Clinics tend to combine work within an arena with action on cross-country courses. There a variety of options available including courses hosted by eventer Harry Meade and the Royal Artillery Hunt… (story)

Mid Devon Gazette 29.10.13 Foxhounds meet at pub - TIVERTON Foxhounds had their first meet at the Cadeleigh Arms on Saturday… (story)

Telegraph 29.10.13 Lobbying bill 'could undermine democracy' - David Cameron’s moves to curb the power of lobbyists could “undermine the very fabric of democracy” a report claims. By John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor - Campaign groups such as the countryside Alliance claim they could be virtually silenced in the run-up to the next election because of the way the Coalition’s new lobbying bill is framed… (story)
BBC News Online 29.10.13 Lobbying opponents call for pause in 'muddled' bill - Opponents of the government's lobbying bill have called for the legislation to be put on hold, warning that it will "alienate" large sections of society… The chair of the Countryside Alliance, Baroness Mallalieu, said the body would not be able to hold a march or a rally. But Commons leader Andrew Lansley said it would not curb their activities…. (story)

The Sentinel 29.10.13 171 sign petition against plans to cull deer in the Dane Valley and Staffordshire Moorlands By Alex Smith - ANIMAL-LOVERS have pledged to keep fighting plans to 'systematically' cull nearly 80 red deer. Around 171 residents have signed a petition against proposals to control deer numbers in the Dane Valley, inset, and the Staffordshire Moorlands… (story)

Western Daily Press 29.10.13 VIDEO: Threatening 'Message to Badger Cull Farmers' uploaded on YouTube - A video which warns people involved in the Somerset badger cull that details of their daily lives, down to relationships and who they are drinking with down at the pub have been passed on to activists has been condemned as “threatening”…. The video was posted yesterday by someone calling themselves “freeda brock”…. A member of Taunton Protesters Against the Badger Cull said the video had nothing to do with them…. (story)

BBC News Online 29.10.13 Badgers: Official documents doubt cull extension - The Gloucestershire badger cull may not reach a target of killing 70% of badgers even after being extended, a document seen by the BBC suggests. The culling licence will be revoked early if badger kills fall too low, says government agency Natural England… (story)

ThisIsLocalLondon 29.10.13 Bike-riding raccoon owner hits back at critics after Pet Expo at Bluewater Exclusive By Khaleda Rahman - THE OWNER of a bike-riding raccoon has hit back at critics calling her act “horribly disrespectful”. Melanie the raccoon performed at the Pet Expo held at BluewaterShopping Centre last weekend (October 24-27), prompting an animal rights row after backlash on social media…. The RSPCA condemned the use of Melanie as a "circus-style stunt"… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 29.10.13 While millions of animals have lost their lives in human wars, they are rarely mentioned in Remembrance ceremonies. Animal Aid’s Purple Poppy has been created to rectify this… Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby. (letter)


Western Morning News 28.10.13 In my opinion: Fox and stag hunting is about cruelty - not pest control By Mrs P H Duke - Many others besides farmers read the WMN, town and country. Not all country born and bred are bloodthirsty killers of innocent creatures! You concentrate on glorifying farmers like they're God's gift! At every opportunity, splattering offensive pictures of hunting scenes all over front pages, farmers and friends, of course… (letter)

Western Morning News 28.10.13 Protection for hares should be stepped up - Regular readers of the Western Morning News might be forgiven for surmising that the Hunting Act 2004 applies only to foxes. This suits the hunting fraternity well since although the public is now much better informed about the benefits of the fox to farmers, he does still suffer from an image problem which lends false credence to the myth that hunting is a free “pest control” service…. The case for retention of the Hunting Act is stronger for hares than it is for foxes, deer and mink…. by Rodney Hale MSc, Founder/Chairman South-West Action For Hares (letter)

Western Morning News 28.10.13 Of course dogs can recognise the fox - I must disagree with Len Short on his comments “In My Opinion”. He claims dogs do not recognise the scent of foxes and the whelps have to be “entered to fox”. My son’s dog, a chocolate Labrador.. started barking and running up and down the hedge… and sure enough there was a fox. This has happened many times over the years… I wish people would get their facts straight, and no, I don’t go hunting. by George, Newton Abbot (letter)
Western Morning News 22.10.13 Fox-hunting absolutely nothing to do with pest control By Len Short - It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, well Tuesday's WMN (Oct 15) gave us two plus another one in Friday's issue (Oct 11) enough to make up a short story (pun intended) about a proposed relaxing of the hunting ban… Unfortunately, WMN Farming Editor, Peter Hall omits to tell your readers the full facts about the start of the hunting season proper – eg: the cubbing, or now, Autumn hunting season which proceeds this ritual when the new intake of young hounds are trained to hunt for foxes… (story)

Western Mail 28.10.13 Dogs attack sheep -David Thomas (Letters, Oct 24) from Federation of Welsh Packs tried to rubbish Alan Kirby’s excellent letter (Oct 17) by claiming that foxes take 5% of lambs each year, but this is not true. The 5% of lamb losses thought to be the result of predation also includes stray domestic dogs… why have we never seen a fox predating on lambs?... Judi Hewitt Rhyl, Denbighshire (letter)
Western Morning News 26.10.13 No scientific study into effects of ridiculous law -THE argument against the possible changes to the Hunting Act, as put forward by Alan Kirby (Plymouth Herald, October 19), as usual concentrates on dislike of an activity and avoids the reality of wildlife management… JAMES BARRINGTON (story)
Western Mail 24.10.13 Amend Hunting Act to protect lambs - The Federation of Welsh Farmers Packs proposal to amend the Hunting Act by Statutory Instrument is not an attempt to re-introduce hunting by the back door. I have not seen the Defra reports that Alan Kirby mentions in his letter (Oct 17), but I would say that 5% of viable lambs lost to foxes, as happened on some farms this year, is not insignificant. If someone stole 5% of your income I doubt that you would consider this insignificant either…. David Thomas Federation of Welsh Packs (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 23.10.13 Amendment will muddy law - Alan Kirby Protect Our Wild Animals [POWA] (letter)
Western Daily Press 22.10.13 Efforts to neutralise popular Hunting Act - Alan Kirby POWA – Protect Our Wild Animals (letter)
Plymouth Herald 19.10.13 ALAN KIRBY Protect Our Wild Animals [POWA] A cynical bid to undermine the law (letter)
Western Mail 17.10.13 Hunting manoeuvres - The proposal to amend the Hunting Act to allow wild animals to be flushed from cover using a full pack of (around 40) hounds rather than the present limit of two is just a cynical attempt to further muddy and undermine the law and make it even harder for monitors and prosecutors to bring transgressing hunters to justice…. Alan Kirby Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA) (letter)

Western Morning News 28.10.13 Celebrity chefs and the shooting organisations try to persuade a new generation to learn to love game - The campaign to get more game meat onto the dining tables of the British has been a long and sometimes difficult one. Both major game shooting organisations, the Countryside Alliance and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, run campaigns to encourage the serving and eating of game meat. BASC organises Taste of Game, which provides support for those preparing and selling game, offers recipes and information about how to cook and serve game meat and runs promotions at various events. The Countryside Alliance meanwhile has Game-to-Eat and has designated this week (October 26 to November 2) as Shot for the Pot week… (story)

Western Morning News 28.10.13 Securing future of shooting – with a sizzling pheasant sausage - Pheasant sausages could be the future of a bird once seen as a luxury food for the upper classes. Philip Bowern meets a man who wants you to eat more game… step forward Alan Loftus, gamekeeper, keen shooting man, market stall holder and the creator of a range of tasty pheasant sausages and burgers that could, he believes, provide an answer to the problem of uneaten game birds that are shot across Britain from October 1 to February 1…. (story)

Independent 28.10.13 Chief vet under fire for badger cull advice - Royal College members say extending cull could extend suffering and further spread TB - The Government’s beleaguered badger cull suffered a further blow to its credibility today after 10 members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons accused Britain’s chief vet of bringing their profession into disrepute…. (story)

BBC News Online 28.10.13 Advice on badger cull extension challenged By Helen Briggs - England's chief vet has rejected accusations his advice to ministers on the badger cull risked bringing the veterinary profession into disrepute. In official advice, Nigel Gibbons said extending the culling period would help to achieve the earliest and greatest possible impact on bovine TB. But vets have questioned the grounds for the extension, saying it risked spreading TB to badgers and cattle…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 28.10.13 Masked crusaders on a Derby mission to save badgers By Ella Rhodes - MORE than 100 people gathered at Speakers' Corner in Derby Market Place at the weekend to protest against badger culls… The protest was organised by the South Derbyshire, Mid-Derbyshire, North Derbyshire and High Peak branches of the Badger Trust and wildlife charity Care for the Wild. Irene Brierton, chairman of the Mid-Derbyshire group, accused farmers of over-estimating the number of badgers on their land… Paula Hubber travelled from Alfreton to attend the rally… (story)
Derby Telegraph 27.10.13 Anti-badger cull rally held in Derby city centre By erhodes_dt - MORE than 100 people gathered at speaker's corner in Derby on Saturday afternoon to protest against badger culls. The march was organised by the Derbyshire branch of the Badger Trust and wildlife charity Care for the Wild…. (story)

Western Morning News 28.10.13 Badger cull pilots clearly ineffective - The Coalition government which, in the case of a badger cull, is essentially the Conservatives, made certain pre-election promises…the cull in Gloucestershire has failed to remove even 50% of the number required, partly due to a simple failure to locate and shoot enough badgers, and partly due to a supposed over-estimation of numbers… But it is now clear that these pilots have not been effective, so the government has lost my conditional support. by Theo Hopkins, Lifton (letter)

Coventry Telegraph 28.10.13 After six weeks of killing, the government appointed assassins of our badgers have now requested another two weeks in which to slaughter even more than the 850 killed so far…. Mick Cole, The Square, Kenilworth. (letter)

Lancashire Telegraph 28.10.13 Vegan soup kitchen for Burnley homeless By Peter Magill, Chief reporter - CAMPAIGNERS have launched a £20,000 fundraising drive to take hot vegan meals to the homeless in Burnley this winter. Supporters of the Shiva Trust have already held three vegan cafes locally, and want to buy a catering van to take the cuisine to the town centre early next year… (story)

Western Morning News 28.10.13 Seagulls are not the problem - people are - I feel sad that people are complaining about seagulls, yet again… Some people are very sad and don’t want any birds and animals anywhere. I feel privileged that we still have a lot of wildlife in our country. by Mrs V Hircock, Boscastle (story)


Observer 27.10.13 Why animals are essential in drug and medical research - Animal science plays a vital role in developing life-saving treatments - It is incorrect to imply as Animal Aid do in their letter ("Use humans, not animals, for research into treatments") that medications for Parkinson's were developed solely through human trials. All three of the drugs named involved research using animals in their development… Professor Sir John Tooke President, Academy of Medical Sciences Dr Mark Downs Chief executive, Society of Biology Dr Kieran Breen Director of research and development, Parkinson's UK Sharmila Nebhrajani Chief executive, Association of Medical Research Charities (story)

Herald 27.10.13 Animal rights 'threat to drug testing' - FERTILITY expert Lord Winston has warned that vital drug development work is being put at risk by threats to animal research… (story)

Thorne & District Gazette 27.10.13 Row erupts over circus in Dearne - A row over animal cruelty erupted this week as a travelling circus act reached its climax in the Dearne. Animal Defenders International (ADI) urged residents to boycott Circus Mondao at Highgate Greyhound Stadium, near Thurnscoe…. (story)


Leicester Mercury 26.10.13 Tally-ho as hunting season begins in spectacular style - Side-saddle riders braved the elements in the Leicestershire countryside to get this year's season for the Quorn Hunt off to a magnificent start. A record number of riders set out from Kirby Bellars, near Melton, yesterday morning. Event organiser Emma Brown said: "We were overwhelmed, not least with the weather, which started out rough but turned out really well…. (story)
Horse & Hound 17.10.13 Quorn opening meet hoping for record number of side saddle riders - Last year’s Quorn opening meet attracted a British post-war record of 40 ladies riding side saddle. This season, organiser Emma Brown (pictured) is hoping for an even bigger turnout…. (story)

Western Morning News 26.10.13 Shrill argument will always prevent a reasoned discussion - The hunting debate is as lively as ever. Solicitor Jamie Foster puts the case for relaxing the ban…. (letter)

BBC News Online 27.10.13 National Trust members vote against badger cull ban - National Trust members have voted against a motion calling for badger culling to be banned on its land. Members had suggested using a vaccination programme to help tackle bovine TB. The vote was taken in anticipation of a widespread cull which could roll out following the results of pilot culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 27.10.13 National Trust members vote against badger cull ban - MEMBERS of the National Trust have voted against a motion calling for the badger cull not to take place on its land…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 26.10.13 RSPCA badger cull 'extermination' advert deemed misleading by ASA - AN advertisement placed by the RSPCA which claimed that badgers were being "exterminated" by the Government was in breach of guidelines, according to a draft judgment by the advertising standards watchdog…. (story)

Western Daily Press 25.10.13 RSPCA badger cull 'extermination' advert deemed misleading by ASA By Andy Greenwood - An advertisement placed by the RSPCA which claimed that badgers were being "exterminated" by the Government was in breach of guidelines, according to a draft judgment by the advertising standards watchdog…. (story)
Western Morning News 25.10.13 RSPCA badger cull advert 'breached rules' - An advert by the RSPCA which claimed that badgers were being “exterminated” by the Government breached guidelines, according to a draft judgment by the standards watchdog…. (story)
Telegraph 24.10.13 RSPCA to be rapped over 'misleading' badger cull advert - The RSPCA looks set to be censured for making misleading claims about the badger cull, The Daily Telegraph can disclose By Christopher Hope - The animal welfare charity has provisionally been found to have breached guidelines over an advert headlined “Vaccinate or Exterminate?”, showing a bullet alongside a needle… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 26.10.13 Badger cull police coming to Gloucestershire from across England and Wales - MORE police are set to be drafted in from all over the country after the badger cull was extended. Officers from forces including Devon and Cornwall, Thames Valley, Wiltshire, West Mercia, London and Wales have been helping Gloucestershire Constabulary keep the peace in the lanes and fields of the county in the dead of night – and they will be for another eight weeks…. (story)

Western Morning News 26.10.13 Brian May says extended badger cull a "crime" which "defies belief" - The eight-week extension to the pilot badger cull in west Gloucestershire is a "crime" which “defies belief” according to Brian May and his organisation…. (story)


Country Life 25.10.13 IS CHANGE TO HUNTING LAW IN SIGHT? By Kate Green - There may be changes afoot to the Hunting Act, to bring the law in England and Wales into line with Scotland - As opening meets take place across the country this weekend, the hunting world may be on the brink of receiving its first piece of good news for some time. nvironment Secretary Owen Paterson is being urged by a cross-party group of MPs to amend the 2004 Hunting Act by statutory instrument to allow hunts to use more than two hounds to flush foxes from covert to shoot them…. (story)

Western Morning News 25.10.13 Badgers, foxes and mink aren't cuddly - How can people who have lived all their lives in a town or city possibly have a rational opinion about animals in the countryside, when they’ve been brought up on a diet of Basil Brush, Sooty, Bugs Bunny and Bambi?... by J T Zandwick, Blackawton (letter)

RightMobilePhone.co.uk 25.10.13 OfCom to review 3G and 4G rural coverage By Jay Andolini - Industry regulator OfCom is to launch a survey into the data speed claims of all the UK networks, after a report showed that many areas were losing out on the high speed data revolution… Sarah Lee, the Countryside Alliance's head of policy, said: "Good connectivity is important for rural communities and those who rely on the road network to conduct their business… (story)
Telegraph 24.10.13 Broadband Britain? Forget it - An annual update from Ofcom today confirmed what many have feared for some time. Broadband is still a distant dream for huge parts of Britain By Steve Hawkes, Consumer Affairs Editor - More than quarter of the country still have no access to super-fast broadband internet connections…. Work by mobile performance testers Rootmetrics suggests that Britons are being short-changed…. Today The Daily Telegraph is taking action, by asking you to help us put the record straight and pinpoint the "not spots" plaguing customers…. (story)
Telegraph 24.10.13 Ofcom to launch unprecedented review of mobile phone speeds as shock figures reveal 3G "non-spots" - Britain's mobile phone operators could be forced by Government to invest more in next generation services after "shocking " figures showed thousands of miles of roads have no 3G coverage at all. By Steve Hawkes, Consumer Affairs Editor - Ofcom said it was launching an investigation of the 3G and 4G speeds of each operator in the country, admitting that some parts were cut-off from the so-called super-speed revolution happening in towns and cities across the UK… (story)
TechWeek Europe 24.10.13 Superfast Broadband Now Available For Three Out Of Four Homes - Ofcom claims 73 percent of the UK now has access to superfast broadband, but countryside campaigners feel left out… “Twenty percent of the population live in rural areas and these are likely to be the very same people who still cannot get fast broadband,” argues Sarah Lee, the head of policy at the Countryside Alliance… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 25.10.13 More police drafted into Gloucestershire as badger cull extended - MORE police are set to be drafted in from all over the country after the badger cull was extended…. Groups like Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting say it won’t work… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 25.10.13 Police voice fear of disorder as badger cull is extended - PATIENCE may run out on both sides of the debate in the badger cull and disorder may result from its extension in Gloucestershire. That's the concern of Martin Surl, the county's Police and Crime Commissioner… (story)

Guardian 25.10.13 Badger culls and the perturbation effect - Government policy on badger culling recognises the perturbation effect, whereby culling has been associated with increased bovine TB in cattle directly outside the cull zone… The perturbation effect is unlikely to stop immediately after culling comes to an end, and any prolongation of the effect by extending culling is likely to be outweighed if the badger population is reduced further. On that basis, it is right to extend the cull to maximise the chance that there is a reduction of transmission of bovine TB from badgers to cattle. Nigel Gibbens Chief Veterinary Officer
Bovine TB was virtually eliminated in the UK by the late 1960s without any badgers being killed, and the disease stayed at that very low level for 20 years…. Richard Mountford Development manager, Animal Aid (letters)

Western Morning News 25.10.13 We will stop array to save our animals - Confirmation has now been given in the national press that whales and marine mammals become stranded on beaches because they are disorientated by sonar systems used in shipping…. We will stop the Atlantic Array! We will succeed because of the Harbour Porpoise and not least because we have ‘right’ on our side at so many different levels…. by Joanne Bell, Press Officer, Save our Marine Mammals, Barnstaple (letter)

Pet Business World 25.10.13 Reptile meeting stopped at eleventh hour by Karen Pickwick - A reptile and amphibian show due to take place this Sunday (October 27) has been cancelled at the last minute by the venue, Fontwell Park Racecourse, in West Sussex, on advice from Arun District Council… the Animal Protection Agency claims it provided evidence to the council that it would constitute an animal market and that trading of animals there would be unlawful… (story)


Daily Post 24.10.13 Fox hunting: Calls for laws to be strengthened, not relaxed - ANIMAL rights protesters have called for anti-hunting laws to be strengthened, not relaxed. The call came after the Federation of Welsh Farmers Packs (FWFP) claimed in last week’s Daily Post’s Farm and Country that packs of hounds could be allowed to help kill foxes within a period of just six weeks - if there was political consensus…. Judi Hewitt, of Rhyl, founder of Wales Against Animal Cruelty hit back at FWFP’s claims, made by its secretary David Thomas, of Llandrindod, claiming they were “based on supposition and fiction - designed to bring back a callously cruel sport through the back door.”… (story)

Bournemouth Echo 24.10.13 Repealing hunt ban is political suicide - ARE the Conservatives politically suicidal? News that they are thinking of softening the total ban on hunting is showing no regard to the 72 per cent who were in favour of it…. SHEILA CLAYTON, Southampton United Animal Charities. (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 24.10.13 MP can’t know the true carnage of hunting - JULIAN LEWIS MP is to support any repeal on fox hunting, although he has never actually attended a hunt, only a “meet” on Boxing Day. So he can’t know the true carnage the hunt causes to our countryside twice every week, during hunting season… Years ago, when I was an “anti-hunt follower”, the Hursley Hunt had two hounds killed on a main road, which could have caused human disaster. The New Forest had four hounds killed on the railway line at Ashurst…. M MATCHAM, Hythe (letter)

Western Morning News 24.10.13 Stick to the rules or face lead ban – Countryside Alliance warns shooters - The battle over the continuing use of lead shot in ammunition for shooting game is close to being won by the shooting fraternity, a meeting was told last week. But anyone who shoots live quarry must sign up to the "Use lead legally" campaign and ensure they arm themselves with non-toxic cartridges whenever they might be shooting ducks or geese, Countryside Alliance head of campaigns, Tim Bonner, insisted. The Alliance and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation have joined forces with other shooting organisations to end the misuse of lead shot with a high profile campaign… (story)
Western Morning News 22.10.13 Fox hunters draw the fire of animal rights lobby from shooting, says CA - Forget David Cameron's exhortation to "hug a hoodie", says Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance – he believes anyone who takes part in country sports should hug a fox-hunter. Why? Because, as he explained to a meeting of shooting industry leaders and those who take part in the sport, fox-hunters have shown huge resilience under intense fire from the animal rights lobby and Government restrictions… (story)
Western Daily Press 19.10.13 Badger cull protesters 'threatening West Country pheasant shoots' By Marcus Denby - Animal rights activists who came to the West Country to disrupt the badger cull are now threatening Exmoor pheasant shoots. Saboteurs who set up camp in the badger cull zone in West Somerset in late August have, in some cases, turned their attention to shooting estates, solicitor Jamie Foster told a seminar on shooting sports this week… (story)
Western Morning News 15.10.13 Facts on shooting sports under the spotlight at seminar this week - James Horne, of the fast-growing online shooting agency gunsonpegs, will be expanding on the findings of the 2013 shooting and fishing census at the Shoot Seminar to be held in Somerset on Thursday… (story)
Western Daily Press 28.9.13 Seminar about shooting issues - With a new report into the economic and environmental benefits of shooting about to be commissioned, a seminar on the 2013-14 shooting season aimed at landowners, gamekeepers and sporting agents is to be held in the West Country next month… Speakers include Tim Hayden, partner of Clarke Willmott, on health and safety and avoiding the revocation of one's shotgun licence, James Horne of gunsonpegs on the shooting and fishing census for 2013, and Liz Brierley and Douglas Gordon of Saffrey Champness on tax issues for commercial shoots. Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance is also due to attend,,,,(story)

Southern Reporter 24.10.13 Entries deadline for Rural Oscars by Sally Gillespie - NOMINATIONS close on November 1 for the Countryside Alliance Awards, better known as the ‘Rural Oscars’…. (story)
Northumberland Gazette 23.10.13 Still time for Rural Oscar nominations - Nominations are pouring in for North-East businesses in the 2013 Countryside Alliance Awards, but there is still time before the November 1 deadline to ensure your favourite has a chance… (story)
Burton Mail 19.10.13 Countryside awards nominations still open - PEOPLE are being urged to make sure they get their nominations in for the 2013 Countryside Alliance Awards… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 16.10.13 Vote for your favourite rural business - Nominations are pouring in for south western businesses in the 2013 Countryside Alliance Awards… (story)
Blackmore Vale Magazine 15.10.13 Still time to nominate Blackmore Vale businesses for "Rural Oscars" - THERE is still time to nominate you favourite rural businesses in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire for the Countryside Alliance Awards… (story)
Yorkshire Post 14.10.13 Nominate region’s finest rural businesses - The Countryside Alliance is inviting people to nominate localbusinesses for its annual ‘Rural Oscars’ before Friday, November 1…. Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart said: “There are so many fantastic, innovative local businesses which could be nominated…. (story)
Stornoway Gazette 14.10.13 Who will you nominate for a ‘Rural Oscar’? - Nominations are rolling in for Scottish businesses in the Countryside Alliance Awards, but there is still plenty of time before the November 1st deadline to make sure your favourite rural enterprise is in the running… (story)
John O’Groats Journal 12.10.13 Nominations open for rural business Oscars - PEOPLE are being urged to nominate the best enterprising country businesses in the area to win a rural “Oscar”. The Scottish Countryside Alliance Awards will see people’s favourite rural enterprises win awards in several categories including local food, butcher, start-up and The Daily Telegraph village shop or Post Office awards…. (story)
Caledonian Mercury 10.10.13 COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE AWARDS - You can usually tell the arrival of autumn by the increase in news of Scotland’s annual award ceremonies. The latest is the Countryside Alliance Awards to which, the organisers assure us, nominations are rolling in…. Countryside Alliance Scotland director, Jamie Stewart, stressed that the actual awards were simple. “They are nomination led,” he explained, “so just tell us who you want to champion, in which category and what makes your choice so special…. (story)
Morpeth Herald 6.10.13 Local launch event for country awards - COUNTY residents are being urged to highlight their favourite rural business. This year’s Countryside Alliance Awards for the North East were recently launched at the Kitchen Garden at Meldon Park as part of the organisation’s unique annual celebration of high-quality shops and produce in various communities… (story)
Rye & Battle Observer 6.10.13 ‘Rural Oscars’ now open for nominations - THE ninth annual Countryside Alliance Awards are open for nominations, and Battle MP Greg Barker is urging the community to get nominating… (story)

Express 24.10.13 AT LAST! Ban on ALL wild animals in circuses is passed - The RSPCA has said it is very relieved the Government has finally confirmed it will ban ALL wild animals in circuses. There were fears that only big cats and elephants would be banned from travelling circuses after MPs’ recommendations early this summer. But now there has been confirmation from Government ministers that a ban on the use of all wild animals in circuses in England will go ahead by the end of 2015… (story)

Dorking Advertiser 24.10.13 Elephant's death defines actress Virginia McKenna's work By Alexander Robertson - THE date is October 17, 1983, and there is no way Virginia McKenna could know that this moment would define the next 30 years of her life. A teenage African elephant named Pole Pole has been put down at London Zoo after injuring its foot during transit to a wildlife park in Whipsnade…. The acclaimed actress would spend the next 30 years fighting to keep wild animals in the wild, and in an exclusive interview with the Advertiser reveals she has no intention of slowing down just yet… (story)


Salisbury Journal 23.10.13 Hunting law change is a 'back door repeal' By Anne Perks - IT sparked one of the biggest political controversies in years and finally ended in defeat for supporters of foxhunting. But both sides in the debate could be facing a rematch following proposals to relax the hunting ban… The New Forest Animal Protection Group said the proposal was unlikely to have much impact in the Forest and other non-lambing areas. But it vowed to go into battle again if full-scale foxhunting ever looked like returning to the district… The National Farmers’ Union declined to comment, saying it preferred to remain neutral. Following the ban, groups such as the New Forest Hounds switched to trail hunting, with dogs following an artificial scent. (story)

Western Daily Press 23.10.13 Major winter sport of huge value to West By Philip Bowern - Now we are well into October, pheasant shooting – the most significant game shooting sport undertaken here in the West Country – is under way…. Country hotels are welcoming shooting guests from all over the country, most of them big spenders…. The value of game shooting to the West Country economy will be reassessed in the next year or so as the British Association of Shooting and Conservation, the Countryside Alliance and other rural organisations commission a new report to update the last such study in 2006… (story)

BBC News Online 23.10.13 Outfoxing the urban fox By Denise Winterman - There are an estimated 33,000 urban foxes in the UK's towns and cities. Outwitting the wily creatures is becoming an increasingly popular way to control them humanely. There are many people who dislike urban foxes. They have been blamed for biting babies and killing penguins at London Zoo, but others feed them and treat them like pets… (story)
Mail 23.10.13 Outfoxed by those pesky foxes? Zap them with a 20,000 volt fence! Christopher Stevens reviews last night's TV By Christopher Stevens - When there’s nothing worth watching on the main TV channels, what do you do?... The lesson of Fox Wars (BBC1) was that while urban wildlife is interesting, the antics of human beings are completely fascinating…. (story)
Telegraph 23.10.13 Fox Wars, BBC One, review - BBC One's Fox Wars was a wryly revealing portrait of the creature that divides the nation, says Michael Hogan …. I’d always assumed that attitudes towards red Reynard ran roughly along class lines: the upper classes hunt them, the middle classes romanticise them and the working classes see them as pests. Fox Wars largely confirmed my sweeping generalisation, which is always pleasing…. (story)

Mail 18.10.13 Beautiful wild animals on our doorsteps - or predatory pests? A new documentary reveals how Britain's urban foxes have divided the nation By Christopher Stevens - Forget politics, football rivalries or The X Factor. One topic divides Britain more deeply than any other: it’s our most successful wild predator – the fox…. Film-maker Leon Dean spent five months this year studying the problem from Newport to Nottingham, and the stories he uncovered for his BBC documentary Fox Wars make surprising viewing… (story)

Guardian 23.10.13 Badger cull: illegal shooting and gassing reported to police in trial counties - Gloucestershire and Somerset police receive 27 reports of illegal activity involving badgers as doubt is cast of effectiveness of official culls - Damian Carrington... (story)

BBC News Online 23.10.13 Gloucestershire badger cull licence extension granted - The pilot badger cull in west Gloucestershire will continue for another eight weeks after a licence was granted, Natural England has confirmed. (story)
Western Morning News 23.10.13 Badger cull extension approved - A licence has been granted to continue the badger cull in west Gloucestershire for a further eight weeks following the trial in west Somerset…. (story)

Western Daily Press 23.10.13 Balanced approach essential for our countryside - If the British countryside were a seesaw then at one end would sit the wildlife fanatics, frantically advocating the re-introduction of wolves and bears and the restriction of farming. At the other would sit the agri-business obsessives anxious to put more acres under the plough and graze livestock ever more intensively. But what a seesaw really needs is balance, where farmers are free to farm productively and there is plenty of room in the spaces between the growing of crops and the rearing of animals for wildlife in all its forms…. (story)

Western Daily Press 23.10.13 National Trust testing the practicalities of vaccinating badgers - The National Trust has explained why it has raised concerns over the badger culls taking place in Somerset and Gloucestershire…(story)

Western Daily Press 23.10.13 Martin Horwood No way to run a cull - I have previously said that those clamouring for something to be done about bovine tuberculosis "may be disappointed if they think the cull will deliver."… Martin Horwood is the Liberal Democrat MP for Cheltenham (story)

Western Daily Press 23.10.13 Welfare charity man apologises to the NFU - Dominic Dyer, policy advisor for the animal welfare charity Care for the Wild, has apologised for remarks he made about the National Farmers Union and the gassing of badgers…. (story)
Western Morning News 22.10.13 Cull critic apologises to NFU over badger gas claim - A leading campaigner against the badger cull has issued an "unreserved apology" to Peter Kendall after wrongly suggesting the NFU president was complicit in the gassing of badgers. Dominic Dyer, of Care for the Wild, made a number of comments including on Twitter, television and during public appearances on the illegal gassing of badgers. His U-turn comes as a scientific study said culling badgers causes disturbances to their social structure that may promote the spread of bovine tuberculosis (bTB)…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 23.10.13 Now Cheltenham farmers come out against badger cull - A FARMING couple from Cheltenham have asked MPs to look urgently at evidence they say means the county badger cull may have been set up on a false premise. Dave and Gill Purser, of Newbridge Farm, Cheltenham, have farmed cattle in the Cotswolds since the 1980s…. (story)

Western Morning News 23.10.13 Queen guitarist releases new music video with Born Free actress - Queen guitarist Brian May is launching a new music anti-badger cull video in collaboration with legendary British screen actress Virginia McKenna. The track is a haunting version of McKenna’s original song “Nothing Really Has Changed”…. (story)

Burton Mail 23.10.13 Groups to protest at badger culling - Written byHELEN KREFT - FIFTY members of a South Derbyshire badger group are to join a protest against a controversial cull. They will join members of groups from mid Derbyshire and the High Peak at a protest on Saturday, and are urging the public to go along to support them. Stephen Grimley, chairman of the South Derbyshire Badger Group, said: “Most residents will be aware of the ‘trial cull’ of badgers in the west country, and this senseless slaughter will do nothing to rid us of bovine tuberculosis…. (story)

Independent 23.10.13 Belief in culling born of ignorance - Janet Devoy (“This English thing about badgers”, 18 October) insists that “top predators”, such as badgers, must be culled. This public belief that wildlife numbers are regulated only by direct killing is baffling to scientists… Adele Brand, Caterham, Surrey (letter)

Western Morning News 23.10.13 Still floundering after 40 years - What would be the point of gassing badgers to meet a target when a) no one but no one knows how many badgers there were at the outset and b) no attempt has been made to kill only diseased animals and leave healthy ones?... by Michael Gray, Exeter (letter)

Western Morning News 23.10.13 Shocking find in the back of a lorry - A few years ago a friend of mine had a massive TB breakdown of between 80-90 cattle they all had to go for slaughter and I helped them to load these animals in lorries…. The following few days were spent cleaning out the buildings and behind the water trough we found a dead badger. It had signs of TB and it probably went in there to die…. A while back I was coming down the M5 and stopped at Gordano Services for fuel. On getting out of the car a funny smell took my attention. There was only one vehicle there and it was a small lorry…. The driver then came along and I asked him what he had onboard and he pulled the curtain back a bit and I was shocked by its contents – cages with foxes and badgers in them. He said he picked them up from animal rescue centres and he was taking them to South Wales to release in woods… by J Peters, Exmoor (letter)

Liverpool Confidential 23.10.13 'Hey you flesh-eating zombies' - Model goes bare in Church Street for vegan cause JASMINE Barnett is dressed only in leaves outside Joey Barton's favourite McDonald's to remind everyone of the sins of the flesh. Flesh eating that is. And as cunning stunts go, this one, by animal rights campaigners PETA, was a Wednesday morning crowd-stopper… (story)

The Pig Site 23.10.13 It's OK to Show Outdoor Pigs in Adverts, Says Advertising Watchdog - UK - The war being waged against Red Tractor by animal rights campaigners reached risible heights this summer, with complaints that the pig industry should not show images of outdoor pigs in adverts, writes NPA's Digby Scott. But in a ruling today, the Advertising Standards Authority supports the view of the British pig industry that pictures of outdoor pigs don't indicate that all Red Tractor pigs are free-range, especially as the industry is careful to use images of indoor pigs as well. The advert that aroused the ire of Compassion in World Farming and Animal Rights UK showed Jimmy Doherty on his own farm…. (story)
Western Daily Press 23.10.13 Red Tractor advert given the all-clear By Josie Clarke wdnews@b-nm.co.uk - An advert for the Red Tractor logo featuring farming personality Jimmy Doherty has been cleared following complaints questioning the standard of animal welfare on farms involved in the scheme… (story)


Western Morning News 22.10.13 Anti-hunt group to sell off safe haven land By Phil Goodwin - The League Against Cruel Sports is selling woodland valued at £250,000 to boost its fighting fund. It is the latest safe haven for animals to be sold off by the anti-hunting group, which has received donations of vast swathes of countryside over the years by sympathetic landowners. Critics say the League is now close to disposing of all its holdings in a bid to shore up its ailing finances…. (story)

Western Morning News 22.10.13 Change law that does not make any sense - I am baffled by Lorraine Platt’s letter “Change in hunting law would be a backward step for country”. I understand there is a proposal to modify the existing flushing exemption so that more than two dogs can be used to flush wildlife to guns. Nowhere in Lorraine’s letter does she actually explain why she supports the use of two dogs. Does she actually support the law as it stands?... by Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)
Western Morning News 17.10.13 Change in hunting law would be a backward step for country - As the relaxation of the Hunting Act looms, Lorraine Platt, co-founder of an anti-hunting Tory group says the myths surrounding the divisive issue are ‘patronising and condescending’…. (story)

Western Daily Press 17.10.13 No case for repealing the Hunting Act - Hunting with dogs is considered nasty by the majority of people in this country, and poll after poll demonstrates that the majority of the public think it should remain banned, writes Lorraine Platt… (story)

The Sentinel 22.10.13 Charlotte Atkins: Disastrous badger culls ignore the scientific evidence - FOOTBALLING badgers? What next? The Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, has accused badgers of 'moving the goalposts' because they were not sporting enough to hang around to be shot… These disastrous badger culls were licenced by the Government to reduce bovine TB, an infectious disease of cattle heavily prevalent in parts of Staffordshire… Charlotte Atkins is a former MP and now a member of Staffordshire Moorlands District Council (story)

Coventry Telegraph 22.10.13 'Hell-bent on appeasing his all-powerful NFU colleagues' - No doubt a similar adjustment will be sought for Gloucestershire, and this pilot, just the prelude to a 25-year cull program, is already in tatters…. The government appointed contractor wants another three weeks to slaughter even more badgers in Somerset in order to shoot 70 per cent of the population to avoid perturbation. One might reasonably argue the reason for being so reluctant to explore this route is that it would put the spotlight back onto farming practices and cattle management and Owen Paterson MP, himself a farmer, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence and public opinion against this cull, is hell-bent on appeasing his all-powerful NFU colleagues and continues regardless with this policy of slaughtering our wildlife. Bryan Griffiths, Wiltshire Close, Bedworth. (letter)

Western Daily Press 22.10.13 Just how did those badger numbers fall? - There have been three official attempts to count badgers in West Somerset and West Gloucestershire prior to the cull. The latest data suggests the population in both areas has fallen… However many animal welfare charities are concerned that illegal killing of badgers may be the real reason behind this large fall in their numbers. Last week Sky News claimed that farmers in the Somerset cull zone had admitted on camera to gassing badgers…. Graham Forsyth Chard, Somerset (letter)


Western Morning News 21.10.13 Learning to respect and care for nature - Regarding ‘Stop sanitising children’s experience of countryside’ – does your anonymous correspondent really believe that by encouraging our children to hunt, shoot, fish, collect birds’ eggs, press wild flowers and catch and kill lepidoptera, that we will be advancing the cause of nature conservation in the future?... by Gill Turner, Brixham (letter)

Shooting Times 21.10.13 Labour: gun applicants must "prove suitability" By Kate Gatacre - Shadow minister says Labour will bring in "biggest change to firearms legislation since handguns ban in 1998" if elected - Diana Johnson, shadow Home Office minister and MP for Hull North, has said that Labour is proposing "the biggest change to firearms legislation since the handguns ban in 1998"… (story)
Western Morning News 16.10.13 Labour's bid to tighten gun laws is an 'attack on the shooting community' - Labour is proposing a change in the rules on gun ownership to require that shotgun and firearms certificate holders 'prove their suitability' to own a weapon. The planned change, announced this week by the shadow crime and security minister Diana Johnson, was immediately condemned by the pro-shooting Countryside Alliance…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 15.10.13 Labour's new gun laws come under fire - CALLS for shotgun certificate holders to "prove their suitability" to own a firearm in future are unwarranted, according to the Countryside Alliance… (story)
Western Morning News 14.10.13 Labour pledge change in rules on gun ownership - Labour is proposing a change in the rules on gun ownership to make shotgun and firearms certificate holders ‘prove their suitability’ to own a weapon. The planned change, announced by the shadow crime and security minister Diana Johnson, was immediately condemned by the pro-shooting Countryside Alliance… Gloucestershire Echo 14.10.13 Firearm licence reform 'attack on shooting community' - Countryside Alliance By Impeyecho - Calls that shotgun certificate holders should have to "prove their suitability" to own a firearm in future have been described as "an attack on the legitimate shooting community" by the Countryside Alliance. Shadow crime and security minister Diana Johnson said her party wished to strengthen firearms licensing, with an increased fee for licences and to “shift the onus to the applicant to prove their suitability”… (story)
ITV 14.10.13 Proposed fee rise "reflects true cost to police" of gun crime - Labour is calling for a proposed rise in gun licence fees as part of a push for tougher gun laws… (story)

Caledonian Mercury 21.10.13 The Future of Scotland’s Rural Communities - DAVID CALDER - There are serious challenges facing the rural communities in Scotland…. At the SNP conference at the weekend, the rural affairs minister, Richard Lochhead, stressed that rural development was a Scottish priority… However, the Scottish Countryside Alliance wonders what substance lies beneath his words. The organisation points out that, in the keynote conference speeches, the answer for poor sector investment or economic growth was laid at the door of Westminster. But what, it asked, about the SNP’s investment in Scotland’s rural communities?... (story)

Western Mercury 21.10.13 Badgers dumped in river as cull extended - Becky Parker, Reporter - ANIMAL rights charities have slammed proposals to extend the ‘unethical’ badger cull, branding the decision a ‘farce’…. Pauline Kidner, founder of animal charity Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill, said: “The proposals to gas badgers are insane and cruel as far as I’m concerned… (story)

Farmers Weekly 21.10.13 Charity apologises to NFU for badger gassing claim - An outspoken critic of the badger cull has apologised unreservedly for suggesting that the NFU and its president Peter Kendall were complicit in the illegal gassing of badgers. Dominic Dyer (pictured), policy advisor at wildlife charity Care for the Wild, which opposes the badger cull, said on his Twitter account that “large networks of farmers illegally gassing badgers” were a “key factor in their population decline”… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 21.10.13 Beagle protesters tell B&K Universal: 'We won't go away until you join debate' By Faye Preston - ANIMAL rights campaigners have challenged the owners of an East Riding beagle-breeding farm for medical research to a public debate. Protesters fighting revised plans to extend the site managed by B&K Universal Ltd's in Grimston, near Aldbrough, held a "public outreach event" at Hull's Queen Victoria Square Hull on Saturday… (story)
ITV 19.10.13 Animal welfare protestors demonstrate over Beagle breeding plans -Animal welfare protestors gathered in Hull today to demonstrate against plans to breed up to two thousand beagles a year in nearby Grimston… (story)
ITV 19.10.13 Company behind Beagle farm expansion defend plans - Yorkshire Evergreen applied for planning permission to expand its Field Station site to increase local animal breeding to serve the UK biomedical research company….(story)
Hull Daily Mail 19.10.13 B&K Universal beagle farm protesters appeal to Hull city centre shoppers - CAMPAIGNERS against a beagle breeding farm in East Yorkshire are gathering support in Hull city centre today…. Campaigners Alex Irving, 56 and Deborah Minns, 46, have gathered 21,000 petition signatures in 10 days…. (story)
Independent 17.10.13 New plans submitted to breed beagles for scientific testing in UK - Anti-animal testing activists are petitioning against the plans, but the would-be breeders already have a licence from the Home Office - ADAM WITHNALL - A new breeding centre to supply beagles for animal testing could be set up in the UK, less than two years after a set of similar plans were rejected on the same site. The planning committee for East Riding in Yorkshire must now decide whether to approve the new set of plans from the US-backed firm B&K Universal, a branch of Marshal BioResources…. (story)
Sky News 16.10.13 New Plans To Breed Beagles For Science Testing By Gerard Tubb, North of England Correspondent - Controversial plans to breed beagles in East Yorkshire for use in animal experiments have been resubmitted two years after they were thrown out by the government. A US-backed firm wants to breed up to 2,000 dogs a year in the village of Grimston, near Hull, and sell them for use in tests in UK laboratories…. (story)
Hull Daily Mail 12.10.13 Beagle testing protestors challenge B&K Universal Ltd to debate By Kevin Shoesmith - A COMPANY providing beagles for medical research into cancer drugs has declined an offer by campaigners to debate scientific facts. Instead, B&K Universal Ltd, which operates a site in Grimston, near Aldbrough, where permission is being sought to build a breeding factory, says campaigners should focus on taking their argument to the Government… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 9.10.13 'We'll fight beagle farm plan at B&K Universal in Grimston' By Kevin Shoesmith - CAMPAIGNERS have vowed to once again fight plans to breed beagles for medical experiments at a facility in East Yorkshire. East Riding Council's planning committee is being asked to consider revised plans for the site managed by B&K Universal Ltd in Grimston, near Aldbrough…. Now, campaigner Deborah Minns, who led efforts to block the last application, says animal welfare protesters will do their level best to stop Yorkshire Evergreen in its tracks… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 9.10.13 'Animal welfare at forefront of our work' - B&K Universal Ltd states on its website that animal welfare is at the forefront of its work. It states: "The company is com- mitted to working with scientific colleagues to ensure its services and products fully meet their needs and expectations…. (story)


Independent on Sunday 20.10.13 The ladies going hell for leather: 'Downton effect' sees riding side-saddle return with a vengeance - Susie Mesure , Zander Swinburn - To the Suffragettes, it was a symbol of male domination. But the side-saddle is back in vogue for the first time in several decades… and later this month the opening meet for the Leicestershire-based Quorn hunt is expected to attract around 50 enthusiasts from all over the world…. (story)

Observer 20.10.13 Use humans, not animals, for research into treatments - The most successful tests for Parkinson's were pioneered in human trials The article on marmosets used in experiments at King's College London… painted a remarkably positive picture of life in the laboratory… They might be fed marshmallows and have knitted hammocks, but the brain-poisoned marmosets are also left essentially paralysed, mute, rigid and unable to groom or feed themselves…. Isobel Hutchinson Animal Aid Tonbridge Kent (letter)


Western Morning News 19.10.13 WMN readers say 'no' in fox hunting poll - In a close run race, Western Morning News readers have rejected the idea that fox hunting with a full pack of hounds should be allowed…. (story)
Western Morning News 19.10.13 WMN opinion: We stand by our support for hunting, despite poll - It is no secret that fox hunting is an activity enjoyed by a minority. So any poll on the subject generally receives far more support from those opposed to hunting than those in favour…. today, the WMN can reveal that its poll on whether aspects of the legislation should be relaxed has received a majority from the 'no' camp. But it is a very narrow majority. At time of writing 52% of the 10,000 people who took part in our online vote said they were opposed to relaxing the restrictions on hunting; 48% were in favour. That is a significant achievement by the pro-hunt lobby in the circumstances… (story)

Western Daily Press 19.10.13 Calling the shots in long-running debate - The animal welfare lobby seized upon David Cameron's words with glee as it became apparent last week that the badger cull would have to be extended…. One of the biggest divisions between those opposed to hunting and shooting of all kinds and those who take part in country sports comes with the matter of motive… Ask a fox-hunter why he opposes the ban and he will probably put forward the self-same argument as Mr Cameron – that hunting with dogs is the most efficient way to control foxes… Game shooting is different. No one needs to control pheasants – indeed they are reared and released precisely because they provide sport for the guns… (story)

Leicester Mercury 19.10.13 Hunts welcome bid to relax law By David Owen - A proposal to relax the rules governing the hunting of foxes has been backed hunt supporters… Joe Cowen, master of the Fernie, based in Great Bowden, said: "It may be an advantage for Leicestershire sheep farmers with woods on their land… (story)

BBC News Online 19.10.13 Farmers call for fox hunting law rethink - Hill farmers in Cornwall and Devon are calling for fox hunting laws to be relaxed…. (story)

BBC News Online 19.10.13 Gloucestershire badger cull challenged by charity - The badger cull in Gloucestershire could be halted after a legal challenge from a charity which says plans to extend the culling period are illegal…. In a letter, the Badger Trust said it would be "unlawful" for Natural England "to grant a further licence". Defra said it could not comment on the letter for "legal reasons"…. (story)
Western Morning News 20.10.13 Legal challenge set for badger cull extension By Scott Harrison - Opponents of controversial badger culls are mounting a legal challenge to halt an extension of one of two controversial pilots, it has emerged. The Badger Trust has formally warned the authorities to abandon the shooting in Gloucestershire or face a High Court challenge on the grounds that a plan to more than double the killing period is illegal…. (story)

Star 20.10.13 Stopping badger cull is like freeing the slaves.. Brian May ridiculed for his absurd claim - ROCK legend Brian May was mocked last night for comparing himself to one of Britain’s greatest historical figures. By Jimmy McCloskey - The Queen guitarist, 66, said his campaign to stop a badger cull was like William Wilberforce’s 19th Century crusade to end the world slave trade… (story)

Western Mail 19.10.13 Country living in Wales will remain a dream for many of us, according to a report by Halifax … A spokesman from rural affairs campaign group the Countryside Alliance said: “The significant difference in house prices will come as no surprise to the thousands of people currently unable to get on to the housing ladder in rural Britain…. (story)

Mail 19.10.13 Suicide woman's family slam 'bullying' RSPCA: It's run like a parliamentary group, says whistleblower officer's angry stepfather By LYNNE WALLIS and SIMON MURPHY - The family of an RSPCA whistle-blower who committed suicide have spoken for the first time about her death, launching a blistering attack on the charity and calling on it to ‘stop bullying people’. Animal welfare officer Dawn Aubrey-Ward, 43, took her own life after publicly accusing the RSPCA of needlessly killing thousands of healthy animals… (story)
Western Daily Press 16.10.13 RSPCA whistleblower took her own life, inquest heard By EVA JONES – An RSPCA whistleblower hanged herself after publicly accusing the charity of killing healthy animals, an inquest heard yesterday. Former animal welfare officer Dawn Aubrey-Ward, 43, was dismissed after disagreements with her manager and went on to accuse the charity of euthanising pets which could not be rehomed… (story)
Daily Mail 15.10.13 RSPCA whistleblower who accused charity of putting down healthy animals hanged herself in aftermath of speaking out - Dawn Aubrey-Ward, 43, went public with her concerns about the charity She was found hanged in her home in Martock, Somerset The inquest heard she suffered from depression after her partner's suicide By SAM WEBB (story)
Western Morning News 15.10.13 RSPCA whistleblower hanged herself at home - An RSPCA whistleblower hanged herself after publicly accusing the charity of killing healthy animals, an inquest heard today. Former animal welfare officer Dawn Aubrey-Ward, 43, was dismissed after disagreements with her manager and went on to accuse the charity of euthanasing pets which could not be rehomed… (story)
Western Gazette 16.5.13 Ex-RSPCA inspector at centre of animal killings claim found dead at Martock home - A FORMER RSPCA inspector who publicly criticised the charity has been found dead at her south Somerset home…. (story)
Mail 15.5.13 What drove RSPCA whistleblower to take her own life? Former inspector had claimed the charity destroys 'healthy' animals By GUY ADAMS - You had only to cross the threshold of the small rented West Country cottage where Dawn Aubrey-Ward lived with two of her daughters to appreciate the extraordinary extent of her devotion to animals… In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, published in late December last year, she had described her horror, during her time as an RSPCA inspector, at having to euthanise what she called ‘healthy animals’… The interview sparked widespread controversy. But the RSPCA responded by publicly attacking Aubrey-Ward’s character and integrity. In a statement published on its website in early January, and widely circulated among animal rights extremists, the charity suggested she was a liar primarily motivated by malice… (story)
Western Daily Press 15.5.13 Ex-RSPCA inspector found dead at Martock home after apparent suicide - A former RSPCA inspector who publicly criticised the charity has been found dead at her Martock home in Somerset. Dawn Aubrey-Ward, 43, accused the RSPCA of unnecessarily killing animals during an interview with a national newspaper last year…. (story)
Independent 14.5.13 Former RSPCA inspector who spoke out against charity found dead at home - Rod Minchin - A former RSPCA inspector who spoke out about working for the charity has been found dead at home. Dawn Aubrey-Ward, 43, accused the RSPCA of unnecessarily killing animals during an interview with a newspaper last year… After the interview was published, the RSPCA issued a statement denying allegations that healthy animals were put to sleep "routinely" and described Ms Aubrey-Ward as a "disgruntled former employee"…. (story)
Mail 14.5.13 Former RSPCA inspector who blew whistle on charity for destroying healthy animals is found hanged at her home By ROB COOPER - A former RSPCA inspector who blew the whistle on how dogs were allegedly routinely being put to sleep by the animal charity has been found hanged. Dawn Aubrey-Ward, 43, said she was forced to put down healthy pets during two years working for the charity in an interview with the Mail on Sunday. But the RSPCA responded by going on the offensive and attacking her credibility after she made the allegations. The mother-of-four was found hanged in her home in the village of Martock, Somerset, last week… (story)
Mirror 14.5.13 RSPCA whistleblower found hanged at her home after accusing charity of "ruining her life" By Rob Bleaney - Dawn Aubrey-Ward, 43, alleged she was forced to put down healthy pets because they could not be rehomed… (story)

Guardian 19.10.13 Badger cull hit by legal challenge - The controversial cull faces collapse after the Badger Trust formally warns of high court action over plans to more than double the shooting period - Damian Carrington - The controversial cull of badgers in Gloucestershire faces collapse after a legal challenge to halt the killing was launched on Saturday. The Badger Trust has formally warned the authorities to abandon the shooting or face a high court challenge on the grounds that a plan to more than double the killing period is illegal…. (story)


Independent 18.10.13 Cameron accused of ‘back door’ ploy to restore fox hunting - TOM BAWDEN - David Cameron has been accused of creating a “smoke screen” in an effort to legalise fox hunting “through the back door” after backing moves to ease the nine-year ban…. (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 18.10.13 Dorset Countryside Alliance chief says amendment to Hunting Act would be no substitute for repeal By mmanning - THE executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance has said that amendments to the Hunting Act would be no substitute for a repeal. Sir Barney White-Spunner, who lives in Dorset, was commenting on the Federation of Welsh Farmers' Packs' call for the removal of the limit on the number of dogs allowed to flush foxes to guns. The current limit is two…. (story)

Bournemouth Echo 18.10.13 New proposals to relax ban on foxhunting to allow pack of hounds to flush out animal By Andy Nicholls - IT sparked one of the biggest political controversies in years and finally ended in defeat for supporters of foxhunting. But both sides in the debate could be facing a re-match following proposals to relax the hunting ban, which was approved despite a vociferous campaign by the New Forest Hounds and other enthusiasts…. (story)

Gloucestershire Gazette 18.10.13 Huntsmen and dogs to celebrate 100th birthday of Oldbury farmer By Lucy Fulford - AN OLDBURY farmer celebrated reaching a milestone birthday. Leslie Hopkins, known as Les, rang in his 100th birthday in style at Canonbury Residential Home in Berkeley…. All of his life Les has been a keen fan of shooting, hunting and kept racing pigeons until he was 90 and to honour his lifelong interests members of the Berkeley Hunt and their hunting dogs attended Les’ party… (story)

Offaly Express 18.10.13 Anti-blood sport campaigners to protest Edenderry hare coursing - Local supporters and members of Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) will gather in Edenderry this Saturday, October 19, to call attention to the cruelty and suffering of hares used as live lures for open and closed coursing…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 18.10.13 Wildlife disaster Politics and greed are destroying our wildlife. In 2009, David Cameron, in his desperation to gain the support of the powerful National Farmers Union prior to the 2010 election, signed the death warrant of the badgers…. The fact that in the two cull zones where the slaughter is being undertaken are strongholds for the lucrative pheasant breeding and shooting estates is an added bonus for those who will always put profit before wildlife or the environment…. It is ironic that in this Conservative- led coalition the only wildlife being properly protected is that which is artificially bred/reared in order to be later killed in the name of sport…. David Chilvers Peatmoor Swindon (letter)

Western Morning News 18.10.13 Badger cull has cost £2,200 per animal killed, claims charity By tobymeyjes - The Government has refuted claims a pilot cull of badgers has gone beyond being “morally and scientifically bankrupt” after campaigners revealed each animal has cost the taxpayer £2,200 to kill. According to charity Care for the Wild with only 1,558 badgers killed and the bill for the cull an estimated £3.5million - it has cost the equivalent of providing a hospital bed for a week to kill each animal… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 18.10.13 Protesters say cull in Gloucestershire a "shambles" after badger cull falls short By Michael Yong - NOT enough badgers have been killed during the cull in Gloucestershire. In the six-week cull, only 708 badgers have been killed, according to figures released by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 18.10.13 US protester Reid says 'no basis for cull' - BEING arrested in Gloucestershire for protesting against the badger cull has not stopped American Rebecca Reid. The 52-year-old from Pittsburgh returned home to the States after flying more than 3,500 miles to Gloucestershire to help out on the ground. The Echo caught up with her yesterday after news broke the number of badgers killed was short of Government targets…. (story)

AFP via Yahoo News 18.10.13 On patrol with Britain's badger cull saboteurs By Jacques Klopp - Badgers are shy creatures, their black-and-white coats often darting out of human sight -- but in Britain, a fierce band of protesters has been working through the night to save them from a government-backed cull…. (story)

BBC News Online 18.10.13 'Missing' badgers: call for answers By Helen Briggs - Conservationists are calling for an investigation into plummeting badger numbers in the run up to the cull. The apparent 50% decline over a year before the cull started appears to be unprecedented, data from other badger populations suggests…. (story)

St Helens Reporter 18.10.13 Campaigner charged over badger cull clash - A St Helens woman stands accused of attempting to steal a rifle during the controversial badger cull in parts of south west England. Animal rights campaigner Madeline Buckler, 31, of Kings Moss Lane, Kings Moss, was arrested last Friday (October 11) following an incident in Newent, Gloucester… (story)
Wigan Observer/Evening Post 18.10.13 Battles over the badgers - AT first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that the badger cull in the south west of England has little to do with Wigan. But this week two Wiganers appeared before the courts charged with badger-related crimes. Madeline Buckler stands accused of attempting to steal a marksman’s rifle… (story)
BBC News Online 14.10.13 Woman charged over badger cull firearm - A woman has been charged with attempting to steal a firearm during the badger cull. Madeline Buckler, 31, of Kings Moss, Merseyside, was arrested on Friday in Newent, Gloucestershire…. (story)
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 14.10.13 Woman from Merseyside arrested in connection with badger cull - A WOMAN arrested as part of Operation Themis, the police's response to the pilot badger cull, has been charged. Madeline Buckler, 31, of Kings Moss Lane, in Kings Moss, Merseyside was charged with attempting to steal a firearm and using threatening, abusive or insulting words and behaviour… (story)

South Wales Echo 18.10.13 Zoo tragedies prove their folly - Ben Williamson People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) (letter)
Western Mail 17.10.13 Animal commodities - The news that Edinburgh Zoo’s captive panda Tian Tian had a miscarriage while London Zoo’s two-week-old Sumatran tiger was found dead in his swimming pool should be a wake-up call for anyone who still harbours the illusion that zoos serve any purpose beyond incarcerating intelligent animals and sentencing them to a lifetime of frustration…. Ben Williamson People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Society Building, London (letter)


Telegraph 17.10.13 Animal activists free birds allegedly at estate used by Nick Clegg - Hundreds of game birds escape from the Chevening Estate in Kent, used by Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, after enclosure forced open By Sam Marsden, Animal rights activists are suspected to have freed nearly 400 birds being reared for game shooting at Nick Clegg’s grace-and-favour country estate… (story)
KentNews 16.10.13 Animal activists believed to have hit Kent home of Nick Clegg - Joe Bill - In what is believed to be an animal rights activist stunt, hundreds of partridges have been let loose into the Kent grace and favour home of Deputy Prime Minister’s Nick Clegg…. (story)
Mail 17.10.13 Game birds set free at estate used by Clegg and Hague: Animals rights activists suspected of releasing them because they are reared for shooting By Sara Smyth - Animal rights activists are suspected of setting free nearly 400 birds on Nick Clegg’s grace-and-favour country estate because they are reared there for shooting. Police are investigating after the roof of the birds’ enclosure at the Chevening Estate in Sundridge, Kent, was broken open this week. Only 20 of the 400 birds kept on the property remain… (story)

Telegraph 17.10.13 Badger cull in Gloucestershire widely misses target - The number of badgers culled in Gloucestershire has fallen far short of the target set, it has emerged. By Rosa Silverman - Some 708 badgers - 30 per cent of the county’s badger population - were culled in the six-week pilot period, widely missing the target of 70 per cent. As a result, the company responsible for carrying out the cull in Gloucestershire has applied to Natural England to extend its culling licence…. (story)

Mail 17.10.13 Revealed: Badger cull fiasco 'costing us £2,200 per animal killed' as campaigners warn failure to meet targets could spread TB By Nick Mcdermott - The controversial badger cull has fallen so far short of its target that every animal killed has cost taxpayers more than £2,000, it is claimed. … (story)

Independent 17.10.13 Badger cull in Gloucestershire falls short of target and firms seek extension - The Government’s highly controversial badger cull was in tatters on Thursday after the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson admitted that a trial in Gloucestershire had killed less than half of the animals it set out to – as the cull companies asked to more than double the length of the programme to finish the job…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 17.10.13 Badger cull latest: target not met in Gloucestershire, extension to be decided By Michael_Yong - THE Government has fallen short of its target number of badgers it wanted culled in Gloucestershire, Defra has revealed. In the six weeks, only 708 badgers have been culled, according to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)… (story)

Western Daily Press 17.10.13 Gloucestershire badger cull target not met - vet backs extension - Figures released today by Owen Patterson reveal that only a quarter of the original badger cull target has been met as the cull comes to a close… (story)

Western Daily Press 17.10.13 Defra's statement - Badger cull extension in Gloucestershire - The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Owen Paterson will today tell MPs an application to extend the cull in Gloucestershire has been backed by the Chief Veterinary Officer. Here is his parliamentary statement in full and there will be reaction later… (story)

Western Daily Press 17.10.13 Humane Society International UK calls for end to 'Defra's catalogue of failures' - As today's figures reveal that Gloucestershire badger cull falls way below target, The Humane Society International UK calls for an end to 'Defra's catalogue of failures'… (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 17.10.13 MP to lead debate over controversial badger cull - A Lancashire politician is to lead a Westminster debate calling for the vaccination of badgers as a scheme to cull populations of the animal in southern parts of England continues… Morecambe and Lunesdale MP David Morris is currently working with a group of animal rights activists called Team Badger and recently met with their spokesman, Queen guitarist Dr Brian May CBE… (story)
Western Morning News 17.10.13 Volunteers could trap badgers – MP - The Government should back a "big society" badger vaccination programme to curb tuberculosis in cows, Parliament has heard. David Morris, Conservative MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale in Lancashire, yesterday spearheaded a Commons debate where he urged ministers to pour efforts into immunisation… (story)

Western Morning News 17.10.13 Poet's point: Ode To The Badger - They say it's your fault and they say you're to blame/They say we must kill you, but I ask "in whose name?"… CHRIS OGBORNE Wadebridge (poem)

Bath Chronicle 17.10.13 Cull is just killing - I would like to challenge centuries old myths disseminated by supporters of the badger cull that badgers are killers rather than just part of the natural food-chain. This is a sad display of nothing more than blind dogma from people who are not capable of thinking for themselves… Delyth Morris Huddox Hill, Peasedown St John (letter)

Oxford Student 17.10.13 Pain in the Gras for local sandwich bar - Joe Hackett - Animal rights protestors have supported the launch of an online petition calling for popular High Street delicatessen Olives’ to cease sale of foie gras. With 76 signatories as The Oxstu went to press, the petition calls the production of foie gras a “barbaric protest”, and asks the deli to “refrain” from selling and stocking the product. The protest was launched on Change.org last week by Benedict Morrison, a DPhil student at Merton…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 17.10.13 Time to ban UK's live animal exports - Tens of thousands of animals are exported each year from UK farms and Compassion in World Farming recently investigated the live export trade… Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)

Surrey Mirror 17.10.13 Animal cruelty "out of control" in north Mole Valley By Alexander Robertson - A WILDLIFE expert has claimed animal cruelty in the north of the district is "out of control" after a swan was beaten to death by two teenagers… Wildlife Aid Foundation founder Simon Cowell said he was left "disturbed" by last Thursday's violence, which is the latest in a long line of incidents of animal cruelty to happen in Bookham…. (story)

Argus 17.10.13 Angry with the swan-killers - I felt angry and disgusted with the people who killed a swan in Westham… RE Leadbitter, Stanford Avenue, Brighton (letter)

Surrey Mirror 17.10.13 Reindeer rage over Christmas fair - THE organiser of a town's big Christmas fair has dismissed "ridiculous" animal cruelty claims over the event. It follows comments on Facebook that reindeer – which will be among the star attractions at the Soper Hall Christmas Fair in Caterham in December – face being "poked and prodded" by over-eager young visitors… Clare Page wrote: "These are animals which have evolved to live in herds and wide open spaces. Do you think they understand what is happening… (story)


Carmarthen Journal 16.10.13 Opening day for hunters - WITH a gust of wind and sudden drop in temperatures, autumn is finally here. And with it the opening of the hunting season. The West Wales Farmers Bloodhounds is holding their opening meet at the Gogerddan Arms, near Aberporth on Sunday (story)

Western Morning News 16.10.13 Fox hunting and the badger cull should be framed in one debate - As a relaxation of the Hunting Act looms and the badger cull is extended, Philip Bowern asks why controlling wildlife is so divisive and if the two sides can agree terms for discussion…. (story)

Herald 16.10.13 Red deer spectactle boosting tourism - THE annual red deer rut in Scotland is becoming increasingly important for the tourist industry, according to the body which promotes opportunities for sporting estates…. The Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group (SCSTG), which was set up in 2003 to develop the sports tourism sector, said the species had always attracted visitors, and while stalking was still a hugely popular pastime, an increasing number of people were happy to simply to watch the animals… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 16.10.13 Dog walkers reporting wild boar attacks in the Forest of Dean - REGULAR dog walkers are scared to take their animals out after a rise in the number of attacks by wild boar. Forestry Commission rangers said they were aware of at least four incidents where dogs had been left seriously injured in recent weeks after meetings with boar… (story)
BBC News Online 16.10.13 Wild boar cull in Forest of Dean 'not killing enough' - People living in a hamlet in the Forest of Dean have claimed not enough wild boar are being culled. Residents of Moseley Green, near Parkend, say the animals regularly ruin grass verges by foraging for food. The Forestry Commission acknowledged there could be more of the animals than a recent survey suggested… (story)

Shepton Mallet Journal 16.10.13 British people "do not believe badger cull was a success" - As MPs prepare for a Westminster Hall debate on badger vaccination, a new YouGov opinion poll commissioned by Humane Society International/UK shows that the majority of British people do not believe the pilot culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset have been a success…. (story)

Western Morning News 16.10.13 Government urged to back “big society” badger vaccination plan By GDemianyk - The Government should back a "big society" badger vaccination programme to curb tuberculosis in cows, Parliament has heard. David Morris, Conservative MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale in Lancashire, yesterday spearheaded a Commons debate where he urged ministers to pour efforts into immunisation…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 16.10.13 Badger cull campaigners fear a countryside free-for-all - ALLOWING an illegal van driver to transport dead badgers away from the cull zone is the latest example of a "free-for-all" developing in the countryside, anti-cull campaigners claim. A 27-year-old man from Altrincham has been reported for summons to court for driving without a licence after a crash in Worcester Street last month…. (story)

Worcester News 16.10.13 Badger cull is a total farce costing millions - I am writing to express my concern and disbelief at the decision to extend the badger cull by a further three weeks… SIMON MCCULLOUGH Worcester (letter)

Stroud Life 16.10.13 Wildlife campaigner Ian Redmond to be honoured - A STROUD conservationist is to receive a national award for his work to protect endangered wildlife around the globe, including working with gorilla campaigner Dian Fossey - Ian Redmond is to receive the award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in recognition of his work to protect gorillas, elephants and other wildlife…. (story)

GetWestLondon 16.10.13 'The only thing he is guilty of is participating in a peaceful protest' - Londoner Frank Hewetson has been locked up at a prison in Russia and denied bail after taking part in a Greenpeace protest in the Arctic - A campaign has been launched to release an environmental activist who is in prison in Russia. Frank Hewetson, 45, from Queen’s Park, was arrested and detained by Russian officials as he took part in action for Greenpeace in the Arctic…. (story)

Worcester News 16.10.13 Culling with a rifle is the only alternative - On the subject of conservation Simon McCullough (Worcester News, October 9) accuses me of being a “religious extremist” and “arrogant or deluded” if I don’t agree with him. A fine contribution to a debate that should be based on solid evidence and science… JON BURGESS Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 9.10.13 You can’t ‘protect’ an animal by killing it - Jon Burgess appears to be confused about the meaning of conservation (Worcester News, Friday, October 4). He picks and chooses certain parts of animal management (including culling) and uses them as an excuse in order to defend his views. In effect, he is like a religious extremist who picks parts out of a holy book to justify his killing beliefs… Simon McCullough Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 4.10.13 Need to cull Canada geese still remains - Had Simon McCullough (Worcester News, September 26) read my correspondence properly he would note I did not “mock” Kate Fowler of Animal Aid. I pointed out the fact that Ms Fowler lacks the basic knowledge of Canada geese and the general licence issued by Natural England to control them…. JON BURGESS Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 30.9.13 How can these killings be justified? - It’s nice to see that letter writer Jon Burgess is dishing out his animal killing propaganda yet again’ Canada geese have become pests’ (Worcester News, September 18). Mr Burgess mocks the very knowledge that Kate Fowler (of Animal Aid) has on animal welfare… SIMON McCULLOUGH Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 18.9.13 Canada geese have become pests - – In her letter regarding the cull of Canada geese (Worcester News, September 13) Kate Fowler, head of campaigns at Animal Aid, exhibits an extraordinary misunderstanding of this matter… JON BURGESS Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 13.9.13 These geese should not have been shot - I am saddened to read that a number of Canada geese were shot simply because they were deemed to be a nuisance by golfers (Worcester News, September 6)…. Having to clean golf balls is not a good enough reason to kill the birds and I believe the shooters were in breach of the law…. I shall report the suspected legal breach to Natural England. KATE FOWLER Head of campaigns, Animal Aid (story)


Horse & Hound 15.10.13 Prime Minister ‘sympathetic’ to proposal to relax the Hunting Act - The Hunting Office and Countryside Alliance have backed calls to amend the Hunting Act — enabling farmers in England and Wales to use a full pack of hounds to flush foxes. Under the proposal — put forward by the Federation of Welsh Farmers Packs (FWFP) — the law banning farmers from using more than two dogs to flush foxes to the gun would be scrapped… (story)
Telegraph 15.10.13 The real reason fox hunting should be unbanned: because it is rollicking, raucous, devilish fun By Brendan O'Neill - I wish fox hunters would be more honest about why they want their sport unbanned. They're calling for the relaxation of anti-hunting laws on the grounds of "pest control", claiming there is a "growing threat to lambs from a rising fox population"…. One of history’s cleverest Leftists, Friedrich Engels, knew very well the thrill of fox hunting. Unlike today’s humourless, larks-free Leftists, with their cretinous belief that the “rights” of a dumb canine should take precedence over the traditions and joys of actual human beings, Engels knew joy when he experienced it. He wrote about how fox hunting delivered him into “a state of devilish exhilaration for several days”…. (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 15.10.13 Suffolk/Essex: Caution over new moves on fox hunting - Matthew Symington - Hunting supporters in Suffolk have extended a cautious welcome to suggestions that restrictions could be eased. James Buckle, Master of Essex and Suffolk Hunt, said he supported the possible concession with some qualifications. “As long as they don’t think that’s far enough, because it isn’t,” said Mr Buckle. “It’s a start and it shows they’re thinking about it, but it’s not far enough.”… (story)
Western Daily Press 15.10.13 Poll: Fox hunting reform sparks uproar in anti-hunt camp - By Tristan Cork - Hunt supporters finally got the backing of the Prime Minister – but the anti-hunt camp warned they would have a fight on their hands if they try to repeal the controversial ban "by the back door"…. (story)
Western Morning News 15.10.13 WMN opinion: Sensible relaxation of hunt ban would be good for all - So far as the animal rights lobby is concerned, this Government is beyond redemption. The badger cull over six weeks would have been bad enough… Owen Paterson has received more death threats as mastermind of the cull than he ever did as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. So perhaps he won't mind too much that at the very height of the fury over the badger cull, proposals to relax the Hunting Act and allow full packs of hounds to flush out foxes, should have emerged. Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, he may well think… (story)
Western Morning News 15.10.13 Cameron signals the return of fox-hunting - David Cameron has "sympathy" with relaxing the ban on fox-hunting, his official spokesman has said. The comments came as Environment Secretary Owen Paterson is coming under pressure from a cross-party alliance of MPs to scrap a law prohibiting farmers from using more than two dogs to flush out foxes…. (story)
Newcastle Journal 15.10.13 Tynedale Hunt welcome calls for fox hunting rules to be relaxed - North East hunts have welcomed calls for the rules on fox hunting to be loosened…. Charlie Shirley-Bevan, who is master of the Tynedale Hunt, says he is still aiming for a full repeal on the ban, but welcomed loosening the restrictions… (story)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 15.10.13 Should the Hunting Act be relaxed? - FARMERS and hunting groups in Lincolnshire could be affected by a move in Westminster in which ministers are debating whether to relax the Hunting Act… Richard Foster, chairman of the South Wold Hunt, said: "I don't think this move would make a huge change, but it could be the start of the process for full repeal…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 15.10.13 Hunt labels plan to relax hunting rules as humane By Ben Falconer - PLANS to relax fox-hunting laws to allow a pack of hounds to flush out foxes for farmers have won backing from a hunt in Gloucestershire. Secretary of the Berkeley Hunt, Tom Whittaker, said the suggestion would be viewed by landowners as more humane than the current law which allows only two dogs to be used… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 15.10.13 Berkeley Hunt supports return to flushing out foxes with hounds - PLANS to relax fox hunting laws to allow a pack of hounds to flush out the animals for farmers have won backing from a hunt in Gloucestershire. Secretary of the Berkeley Hunt Tom Whittaker said the suggestion would be viewed by landowners as more humane than the current law which allows only two dogs to be used… (story)
South Wales Evening Post 15.10.13 Prime Minister "sympathetic" to watering down of hunting ban - PRIME Minister David Cameron is said to be “sympathetic” to calls from farmers demanding to be able to use packs of hounds to flush out foxes before they are shot… Several hunts still operate in South West Wales, including the Banwen Miners and the Carmarthenshire Hunt, but they stay within the law… (story)
Express 15.10.13 Ministers consider relaxing anti-fox hunting laws which would allow full pack of hounds - MINISTERS are considering relaxing anti-fox hunting laws which would allow a hound of dogs to aid farmers in killing foxes, it emerged today. By: Dion Dassanayake (story)
Shropshire Star 15.10.13 Shropshire hunts welcome PM’s support for changes - Fox hunters in Shropshire have welcomed David Cameron’s support for relaxing the laws on hunting… Members of the North Shropshire and South Shropshire hunts said changes would be welcomed by farmers… (story)
Independent 14.10.13 David Cameron reignites row over fox hunting as PM backs move to ease ban - Critics claim new plans from countryside campaigners will bring hunting in 'through the back door' - NIGEL MORRIS - David Cameron has put himself at odds with animal rights activists tonight after backing moves to ease the nine-year-old ban on fox hunting…(story)
Financial Times 14.10.13 David Cameron supports efforts to ease ban on fox-hunting By Jim Pickard - David Cameron has thrown his weight behind attempts to relax the ban on fox-hunting in England and Wales…. (story)
Telegraph 14.10.13 The hunting ban has failed the foxes, too - Class war still trumps animal welfare – so we are stuck with a broken, pointless law By Philip Johnston - Some 10 years have now passed since Parliament was in the throes of one of the great political battles of recent times…. We have become used in this country to poorly drafted and unworkable laws; but few have been more flawed than the Hunting Act, which took effect in February 2005… The truth is that the Hunting Act has failed on every level, not least of all on animal welfare. We have ended up with a classic piece of British fudge: even though it does not work, and never will, an uneasy and officially sanctioned compromise has been achieved that allows many thousands of people to carry on hunting while a blind eye is turned to many – though not all – infractions. The Act has done nothing but promote conflict, sow confusion and pitch town against country. It should go. (story)
BBC News Online 14.10.13 David Cameron has 'some sympathy' over dog hunting laws - The prime minister has "some sympathy" with MPs seeking to change the law on hunting with dogs, Downing Street says. Welsh MPs from the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru support a change to enable farmers to use packs of dogs to control foxes…. (story)
Telegraph 14.10.13 David Cameron 'sympathetic' to easing hunting ban - David Cameron is 'sympathetic' to farmers who want to use a full pack of hounds to help kill foxes in England and Wales, Downing Street has said. Steven Swinford and John Bingham - A cross-party alliance of MPs has suggested that the law banning farmers from using more than two dogs to flush out foxes and shoot them should be scrapped, allowing them to use a full pack. He said that the House of Commons "may wish to consider" a vote on the issue to make the practice legal…. (story)
Telegraph 14.10.13 Easing the hunting ban would help repair David Cameron's relations with disaffected Tories By Con Coughlin - It is easy to see why, with a general election looming on the horizon, David Cameron has suddenly rediscovered his enthusiasm for fox hunting…. with an election to win, Mr Cameron's declaration that he is "sypmathetic" to easing the hunting ban passed by New Labour in 2004 is guaranteed to strike a chord with traditional Tory voters in the Shires, many of whom feel their concerns have been completely overlooked by the metropolitan elite that dominates Whitehall – and is the main reason many of them have signed up to Ukip…. (story)
Independent 14.10.13 David Cameron 'sympathetic' to relaxing ban on fox-hunting - Critics claim new plans from countryside campaigners will bring hunting in 'through the back door' - NIGEL MORRIS - David Cameron put himself at odds with animal rights activists last night after he gave his backing to moves to ease the nine-year-old ban on fox-hunting… David Cameron put himself at odds with animal rights activists last night after he gave his backing to moves to ease the nine-year-old ban on fox-hunting… (story)
Western Morning News 14.10.13 POLL: Fox-hunting rules 'to be relaxed' - David Cameron has “some sympathy” with relaxing the ban on fox-hunting in England and Wales under plans being considered by ministers, the Prime Minister's official spokesman has said…. Tim Bonner, head of campaigns for the Countryside Alliance said: “The Countryside Alliance has consistently made the case for the repeal of the ban on hunting and does not believe that it is possible to amend or adapt a law as flawed as the Hunting Act into any workable form… (story)
Western Morning News 14.10.13 Should fox-hunting with a full pack of hounds be allowed? (poll)
Western Morning News 14.10.13 OPINION: Townies 'don’t understand how rural matters should work' - Western Morning News Farming Editor Peter Hall argues that an amendment to the Hunting Act is long overdue, allowing responsible country people to manage its wildlife in a sensible way they thoroughly understand . . . News that the hunting ban may be lifted will be greeted with delight throughout the length and breadth of rural England by people who have the countryside and its welfare at heart. But I can already hear the howls of anguish from the “anti” brigade, the bleeding-heart townies who don’t understand how matters rural should work – and care even less…. (story)
Southern Daily Echo 14.10.13 Ministers accused of bid to bring back fox hunting with dogs - Anti-bloodsport campaigners have today condemned what they described as a “back door” attempt to reintroduce hunting… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 14.10.13 Call to allow packs of hunting hounds flush out foxes - A cross party coalition of MPs is pressing the Government to allow packs of hounds flush out foxes to combat a surge in the number of attacks on sheep flocks… (story)
Grimsby Telegraph 14.10.13 What do think of plans to relax the Hunting Act? - MINISTERS are debating whether to relax the Hunting Act, in a move that could affect farmers and hunting groups in Lincolnshire… (story)
Evening Standard 14.10.13 PM sympathetic to easing hunt ban - Prime Minister David Cameron has "sympathy" with calls for the rules on foxhunting to be loosened, Downing Street has said…(story)
Blackmore Vale Magazine 14.10.13 Talking Point: Ministers to consider relaxing hunting ban - MINSTERS are considering relaxing the hunting ban – allowing a full pack of hounds to help kill foxes in England and Wales…. (story)
Blackmore Vale Magazine 14.10.13 Do you think the hunting ban should be relaxed? (story)
Mirror 14.10.13 Cameron sparks fury as he supports plan to 'water down' the fox hunting ban - The Prime Minister's spokesman says Cameron is 'sympathetic' to the demands of farmers - but dodges the question on whether he still shots stags - David Cameron has sparked fury by backing plans to water down the fox hunting ban…. (story)
Western Daily Press 14.10.13 Cameron 'sympathetic' to change to fox hunting ban rules - Prime Minister David Cameron has “sympathy” with calls for the rules on foxhunting to be loosened, Downing Street has said…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 13.10.13 Pressure mounts to ease the hunting ban - A full pack of hounds would be allowed to help kill foxes in England and Wales under a relaxation of the Hunting Act being considered by ministers. By John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor - Under the proposals the law banning farmers from using more than two dogs to flush out foxes and shoot them would be scrapped allowing them to use a full pack…. Farmers say attacks on lambs have been on the increase, signalling that limited pest control measures allowed under the Act are not working…. Glyn Davis, the Tory MP for Montgomeryshire, and himself a former farmer, said: “Whether you are in favour of a ban on hunting or not, if you accept that you can have dogs to flush foxes out, to limit it to two has no logic.”Kate Hoey, the Labour MP for Vauxhall in London, said: “I think what this deserves is a very sensible and dispassionate look at the research and for some way of being able to allow the extra number of hounds to be used…. (story)
Sunday Mirror 13.10.13 Fox hunting ban could be relaxed to allow a pack of hounds to flush out the animals - Ministers are considering permitting farmers to use more than two dogs to flush foxes out of their dens… The call for relaxation follows claims from farmers that fox attacks on lambs have been on the increase. Hill farmers are particularly badly affected, according to the Daily Telegraph…. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 15.10.13 Rural ‘not spots’ hit mobile phone use - The blight of poor mobile phone reception has been highlighted by research that reveals the true extent of signal “not-spots” in the Westcountry. Research by the Countryside Alliance found people living in rural counties such as Devon and Cornwall are almost five times more likely than those living in big cities to suffer failed calls on their mobiles…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 15.10.13 Gloucestershire badger cull: 'Darkest days' of farmer hit by slaughter of TB cattle By Michael Yong - A FARMER faced his "darkest days" when he lost more than a third of his herd to bovine tuberculosis (bTB). David Barton, 46, showed the Echo yesterday the first-hand effects of the deadly disease in his home at Manor Farm, Middle Duntisbourne, near Cirencester… MEET THE FARMER OPPOSED TO THE BADGER CULL: FARMER Dave Purser, who owns Newbridge Farm in Clapton-on- the-Hill, in the Cotswolds, is against the badger cull and any extension … (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 15.10.13 Gloucestershire Police issue statement on possible end of badger cull - Gloucestershire Police have issued a statement on the expected end of the badger cull in Gloucestershire. The force said it would not comment on the closure of the cull or any potential extension, saying that the ending of the cull or any possible prolonging of it is a matter for Defra, Natural England or the operating companies…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 15.10.13 Extending badger cull in Gloucestershire "insane", Lib Dems say - The anticipated extension of the badger cull in Gloucestershire has been branded as “insane”. The county’s Liberal Democrats have voiced their anger after the cull was extended in Somerset. Cheltenham Borough and County Councillor Klara Sudbury (LD, Charlton Park and College) said: “The six week trial to see if free shooting is safe, effective and humane has not only seen the needless slaughter of hundreds of badgers, but high policing costs in keeping the peace in the countryside…. (story)

Western Morning News 15.10.13 Man who crashed van full of dead badgers due in court - A man is due to appear in court after crashing a van carrying dead badgers from the controversial cull, it emerged today… (story)
Western Daily Press 14.10.13 Lorry load of dead badgers crashes in Gloucester - Police are investigating reports that a van carrying dead Badgers crashed in Gloucester over the weekend…. (story)

Somerset Standard 15.10.13 Religion at the heart of cruelty and suffering - IT IS constantly being implied via the mainstream broadcasting media that the problem with our society is a lack of a religious belief, yet look at what drives the cruelty and suffering inflicted on both humans and animals – mainstream religion…. David Thomas Hisomley (story)

Telegraph 15.10.13 Animal rights campaigners claim death of unborn panda cub is a 'relief' - Animal rights campaigners have claimed that it is a “relief” that Edinburgh Zoo’s giant panda Tian Tian has lost her cub. By Hayley Dixon - Their comments, which came hours after the zoo announced that experts believe Tian Tian lost the foetus late in her pregnancy, were met with anger today and described as “appalling”… However, after the announcement was made charity Peta released a statement that had it been born the cub would have spent its entire left “denied freedom” and “treated as a commodity”…. Mike Crockart, MP for Edinburgh West, said: “I am appalled that any organisation purporting to support animal welfare could say something like this, especially about such a popular and endangered animal.”… (story)

The Linc 15.10.13 Vegan Outreach Festival - Despite winter appearing early, uninvited and leaving everyone damp and cold, the Drill Hall was filled to the brim this Saturday, 12 October. Visitors from across the region gathered to check out the East Midlands Vegan Outreach Festival, now in Lincoln for the first time…. At the Vegan Outreach stall Ronnie Lee, a major figure in the UK animal rights movement, says that they hope to offer a ‘helping hand’ to those considering ‘veganism’ and adds that it isn’t as hard as it seems… (story)

Shields Gazette 15.10.13 Try benefits of going vegan - LAST November, 800 people took up Animal Aid’s challenge to try the vegan diet for a month and the response from them was overwhelmingly positive… Anyone interested in going vegan can sign-up for Animal Aid’s 30-day Great Vegan Challenge and get all the support they need… Ben Martin, Animal Aid. (letter)


Western Morning News 14.10.13 Master celebrates 30 years of hunting - A huntsman celebrated 30 years of hunting at the opening meet of the East Cornwall Hunt. Graham Higgins joined fellow hunters at Minions, near Liskeard, for the milestone celebration on Saturday. Mr Higgins, from St Neot, where the hounds are kennelled and who is a Joint Master of the hunt, was first huntsman of the former Bolventor Harriers, and has been huntsman of the East Cornwall Hunt since it amalgamated with the harriers in 1997… (story)

Peeblesshire News 14.10.13 Mobile campaign calls for further rural connectivity - THE Scottish Countryside Alliance was delighted to hear that its long fought campaign to increase Scotland’s mobile phone and broadband services has been recognised by Richard Lochhead MSP, cabinet secretary for rural affairs and environment, and his colleagues… >(story)

Western Morning News 14.10.13 Poet Laureate mocks minister over badgers - Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy has delivered a sardonic reply to Defra secretary Owen Patterson's claims that the "badgers moved the goalposts". The nation's official wordsmith has penned a poem depicting all nature in uproar, as a response to the Tory minister's justification for the low numbers of the protected creatures killed by marksmen in the recent Somerset cull…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 14.10.13 Badger cull does not make sense - I'm responding to Brian Dalby's article on bovine TB ("We must get on top of the badger issue", First person, October 9). While I appreciate the massive difficulties the disease causes some cattle farmers, I despair at his views regarding the badgers' role. The badger is not the main culprit… Dr David Duckett, c hairman of Leicestershire and Rutland Badger Group, Halstead. (letter)

Plymouth Herald 14.10.13 Exceptions on ritual slaughter are wrong - JOHN JONES (Your Say October 5) raises the subjects of religious law and the religious slaughter of animals and while both are emotive subjects, they are not exclusive to the Islamic faith… In this day and age I believe we need to ask the question: should exemptions to animal welfare regulations, which apply without exception to everyone else, be made on religious grounds to anyone? I think not…. JOHN WHITE Via email (letter)


Northern Echo 13.10.13 Spennymoor gun club shoot for Help For Heroes By Duncan Leatherdale - GENEROUS gun owners have raised thousands of pounds for Help For Heroes at a charity shooting day. The event was held at the Spennymoor and District Clay Pigeon Gun Club based at West House Farm in Fishburn today (October 13)…. (story)

Independent on Sunday 13.10.13 Owen Paterson: ‘Animal groups are condemning badgers to a long, unpleasant death... It is shameful’ - Environment Secretary Owen Paterson sees his job as defending the countryside against an urban elite - OLIVER WRIGHT - He is a pro-fox hunting, anti-gay marriage, climate change sceptic who really doesn’t like the European Union. So it is strange to be sitting opposite the combative right-wing Tory Environment Secretary Owen Paterson and finding myself rather charmed… (story)

Observer 13.10.13 The ethics of animal tests: inside the lab where marmosets are given Parkinson's - As a national debate is launched on animal research, Robin McKie meets the London scientists whose work goes to the heart of an ethical controversy - Robin McKie, science editor (story)

Mail 13.10.13 The fur flies at Harvey Nicks as fashion director quits after attack by animal rights activists - Harvey Nichols’ fashion director Paula Reed has resigned after just a year in the job following a social media campaign by animal rights group Peta, which accused her of breaking the company’s no-fur policy… (story)


Western Daily Press 12.10.13 Plan to kick teen drivers off the road By Tristan Cork - Curbs on young people driving will "seriously affect" the ability of the emerging generation to get jobs and education in rural areas, and will be opposed by countryside campaigners and agricultural bodies, the Western Daily Press can reveal…. The Countryside Alliance also warned the proposals would damage young people's prospects in rural areas… (story)

Rye & Battle Observer 12.10.13 Affordable housing is essential says rural group - THE Countryside Alliance has accused those objecting to new houses of using the village green protection system to block development. And the group has welcomed a Government announcement that steps will be taken to curb abuse of the village green system…. (story)
Dorset Echo 12.10.13 Call for afffordable housing - THE Countryside Alliance has said that affordable rural housing is essential…. (story)
Dover Express 11.10.13 Group welcomes green assurances - PRESSURE group Countryside Alliance has welcomed news government assurances it will curb abuses of the village green system by those opposed to building projects…. (story)
Western Morning News 5.10.13 Closure of 'village green' loophole sparks hopes for affordable homes - Village greens in the Westcountry could begin disappearing under new developments, campaigners have warned, after changes to a system which the Government claims is being "abused"…. The Countryside Alliance said the move would pave the way for more affordable homes in rural areas… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 3.10.13 Government wades into village green housing row - VILLAGE greens will no longer be used as a weapon against preventing new homes in Gloucestershire's villages. The Government announced yesterday that it is taking steps to curb abuse of the system by those opposed to building projects…. Countryside Alliance executive chairman Barney White-Spunner said: "We need more affordable homes in rural areas." (story)
Fenland Citizen 3.10.13 Affordable rural housing is essential, says Countryside Alliance - The Countryside Alliance welcomes news from the Government yesterday (October 1) that steps will be taken to curb abuse of the village green system by those opposed to building projects… (story)

Telegraph 12.10.13 Badger cull extended by three weeks to help marksmen hit target - The badger cull is to continue for a further three weeks in one of the areas where the controversial measure has been trialled. Natural England said a new licence authorises a three-week control operation to be carried out in west Somerset this autumn, while an application to extend it in the second area - west Gloucestershire - has also been received…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 12.10.13 Outspoken Bill Oddie joins badger cull protesters on night patrol - "UNREASONABLE, irrational and cruel." Those were the words used by conservationist and broadcaster Bill Oddie to describe the badger cull as he visited Gloucestershire on Thursday night to show solidarity for the protesters. He met with members of Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting's (GABS) Wounded Badger Patrol in Eldersfield around 6.30pm…. (story)

BBC News Online 12.10.13 Badger cull demo in David Cameron's Witney constituency - About 200 people have marched in Prime Minister David Cameron's Oxfordshire constituency of Witney in protest at the government's badger cull policy…. Saturday's protest was organised by wildlife charity Care for the Wild… (story)

Herald 12.10.13 Warning of criminal gangs coming to Scotland to illegally hunt badgers - Criminal gangs are ¬flocking to Scotland to ¬illegally hunt badgers as a controversial cull looks set to continue in England, it emerged yesterday. The claim was made by animal welfare chiefs, who believe badger baiting is on the rise - particularly in rural parts of Aberdeenshire… The suspected rise in the number of cases in Scotland comes as the badger ¬population in Somerset and Gloucestershire are subject to a cull to stop the spread of TB in cattle. Scottish Badgers trustee Andy Riches said gangs often travelled from outside Scotland because they were less likely to get caught in an area where nobody knew them... (story)


Western Morning News 11.10.13 Nothing beats riding to hounds as autumn colours grace the countryside - The hunting season starts this weekend for moorland packs in the Westcountry. WMN Farming Editor Peter Hall looks forward to some special times in East Cornwall. There's a nip in the air of an early morning this week – as the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness runs its full course… The East Cornwall Hunt, and other Westcountry moorland packs, hold their opening meets this Saturday. Long may they do so… (story)

Western Morning News 11.10.13 Obituary - James Denis Curnow, Goldsithney - THE FUNERAL service for Mr James Denis Curnow, aged 81, of Kesnet, Fore Street, Goldsithney, was held at Kenneggy Methodist Church on Thursday, September 12, and was followed by a burial in Perranuthnoe Cemetery. Family mourners: Mrs B Curnow, wife; Mr and Mrs D Curnow, son and daughter-in-law… Adam and Rachel Tiffin (née Curnow, cousins, rep Cury Hunt; Joseph Curnow, cousin, rep Lambo Beagles… Shaun D Preece, rep the chairman, Western Hunt Supporters' Club… Paul Hancock, rep Four Barrow Hunt… (story)

Guardian 11.10.13 Shooting and conservation? Here, that structure strikes me as oxymoronic - Llanystumdwy: If we want to preserve this little piece of heaven and all that inhabits here, we'll need to act quickly - Jim Perrin - A naturalist will return time and again to favourite places… A consultation document just issued by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation supports an application to lease for shooting crown estate land along the tidal river. This land is traversed by the new Wales Coastal Path. The farmer, Peredur Parry, who leases fields behind and keeps them in good heart through unstinting labour, does not want the shooters here. Nor do walkers who exercise here throughout day and year. Nor do I… (story)

Financial Times 11.10.13 Hard times for a lightweight - Miss Moneypenny … At least our village safari dinner means a relatively early night. When my colleagues and I returned from Manchester, we promptly attended the Countryside Alliance Wine Dinner, where I was this year’s chairman of the organising committee…. Evening Standard 3.10.13 Hunters and shooters drinking to a record - The City’s hunting and shooting types were out in force last night at the Countryside Alliance’s annual wine auction and dinner at Whitehall’s Banqueting House. A group partridge and pheasant shoot at Belvoir Castle with drinks and dinner with the Duke of Rutland thrown in raised a handsome £16,000…. (story)

Independent 11.10.13 Badgershambles: Just how has the badger cull gone so wrong? How did an ostensibly straightforward exercise in disease control become a byword for farcical official incompetence? Tom Bawden - It had all the qualities of a true British farce: marksmen being employed by the Government to run around the countryside at night, pursued by a hardy bunch of protesters… Against the cull - Ama Menec, 48, wildlife sculptor, living in Devon. Member of the Wounded Badger Patrol… Dr Deborah Jones, 65, former editor of the ‘Catholic Herald’ and now a charity worker and editor of ‘The Ark’. Member of the Wounded Badger Patrol… For the cull - The Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson… Peter Kendall, president of the National Farmers Union (NFU)… Nigel Gibbens, the government’s chief vetinerary officer… (story)

Western Morning News 11.10.13 'Unhelpful' situation on costs - Concerns have been raised at the impact on policing of extending the pilot badger cull… A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said it was "too early" to assess how much the cull had cost but said the costs would not be borne by local taxpayers…. (story)

Western Morning News 11.10.13 Government admits looking at gassing badgers to control bovine TB By Graeme Demianyk, WMN London Editor, Twitter: @graemedemianyk - Ministers are exploring the possibility of gassing badgers to halt the spread of tuberculosis in cattle in the South West, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has confirmed. His comments to MPs came a day after the minister revealed a cull in west Somerset, where free-running badgers are shot by marksmen, has missed its target and a three-week extension has been requested. The RSPCA and the Labour Party condemned the prospect of gassing the animals as “unacceptable” and “not humane”…. (story)

BBC News Online 11.10.13 Somerset badger cull given extension By Helen Briggs - A licence has been granted to extend the badger cull in Somerset until 1 November. The planned six-week trial came to an end on Monday, but the firm behind it asked for more time after its marksmen fell short of killing the target of 70% of the badger population. A similar trial in Gloucestershire is due to end next week, with an application made to extend it also…. (story)

Western Daily Press 11.10.13 We may gas the badgers, says minister By Jeff WELLS - Ministers are exploring the possibility of gassing badgers to halt the spread of tuberculosis in cattle in the South West, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has confirmed… (story)

Western Daily Press 11.10.13 Somerset badger cull extended by three weeks, Natural England confirms - Natural England this evening confirmed that the badger cull in West Somerset will be extended until the end of this month. It said that it had issued an extended licence to the culling companies until November 1… (story)

Western Daily Press 11.10.13 Western Daily Press: Badger cull maths is muddled, but goal the same - There can be little surprise, only regret and concern, that the badger cull in Somerset has failed to meet its target of removing 70 per cent of the mammals within a 130-square-kilometre area of countryside highly infected with bovine TB… The Western Daily Press has consistently argued that the scourge of bovine TB and the misery it causes to so many farming families cannot be tackled without the culling of wild animals. We applauded this Government when it showed the courage Labour so lacked in pressing ahead with a cull. We ask now, however, whether it isn't time to review the method. Ministers must know too that the need for action on this issue is as urgent as ever (story)

Gloucester Citizen 11.10.13 MP swipes at commissioner in cull debate - POLICE commissioner Martin Surl has defended himself after he was branded a "publicity-seeker" by a Gloucestershire MP in a row over the badger cull. Tewkesbury MP Laurence Robertson told the House of Commons yesterday morning that he was "concerned" about Mr Surl's statement that he was "disappointed" by any extension to the cull in the county… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 11.10.13 Badger cull protestors take fight to Prime Minister's door step By Michael_Yong - PROTESTORS against the badger cull in Gloucestershire will take their fight to the Prime Minister's doorstep tomorrow. A peaceful vigil in David Cameron’s constituency of Witney, Oxfordshire has been organised on Saturday to campaign against the cull. Organised by the Witney wildlife supports and wildlife charity Care for the Wild, the event will see the group walk through the town centre in a bid to stop the applications for extension to the cull… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 11.10.13 Broadcaster Bill Oddie condemns badger cull during visit to Gloucestershire By MICHAEL YONG - Unreasonable, irrational and cruel. Those were the words used by conservationist and broadcaster Bill Oddie to describe the cull as he visited Gloucestershire this evening to show solidarity for the badger cull protestors. He met with members of Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting’s (GABS) Wounded Badger Patrol in Eldersfield around 6.30pm as the group got ready to patrol the area… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 11.10.13 Youngsters find shot badger bodies in river - Four badgers thrown into the River Axe are proof that badgers are being killed outside of the Somerset cull zone according to opponents of the operation - Some youngsters completing a Duke of Edinburgh Award saw the bodies in the river Axe and reported it to the localBadger Group. Together with police Wildlife Liaison officer P.C. Wills, Adrian Coward retrieved the bodies which were taken to Secret World Wildlife Rescue. Examination and x-raying of these animals proved that all four had been shot with a shot gun…. (story)

Western Morning News 11.10.13 More mawkish and mindless sentiment - One wonders what further displays of mawkish, mindless sentimentality will be staged to mark the cull’s end. Perhaps a service of remembrance for the fallen badgers? A service of thanksgiving for the ones who have escaped the marksmen’s bullets and have lived to infect more cattle with TB?... I am sitting back and awaiting the usual response that results from speaking out against the Friends of Brock. As my staunchly pro-cull MP Ian Liddell-Grainger has discovered, this consists of having a dead badger dumped on one’s doorstep. by Chris Rundle, Williton (letter)

Western Morning News 11.10.13 Cuddly Mr Brock has a darker side - Not being a musical fan whilst I had heard of the pop group Queen I had never heard of Brian May until his involvement with the badger cull and his views on TB. Conversely I suspect many, not all, of those people who have signed up to various protests against the Badger Cull had not heard of TB. until Brian May got involved… An organised cull is merely the start of a programme to rid the countryside of a disease that could decimate many other wild animals and that is something no farmer or animal lover can envisage. by Andrew Goodridge, Dawlish (letter)

Western Morning News 11.10.13 Gassing badgers would be insane - We now see the end of a farcical pilot scheme in Somerset to shoot free running badgers with the results half way through of less than 200 badgers being killed. How many were injured and able to get back to their setts we will never know… by Pauline Kidner, Secret World Wildlife Rescue (letter)

Western Morning News 11.10.13 Control of numbers is a must-be-done job - The anti cull case as presented by the Mays, the Forsyths and their hangers-on is full of inconsistencies which they seem to be unable or unwilling to discuss,,. Mr Miliband’s stance at the labour conference that they would close the cull if they get to govern is about as cynical a pronouncement as one can get and falls into the same class as the Blair pronouncement about weapons of mass destruction (both made to further political ambition rather than for the benefit of the people that they purport to serve). by John Montague, Exeter (letter)

Ilkley Gazette 11.10.13 Animal campaigners in protest over circus's peformance in Otley By Claire Lomax - Animal rights campaigners have demonstrated against the use of wild animals in a circus at Otley. Peter Jolly’s Circus, one of only two in England that still uses animals like lions, tigers and zebras, arrived in Otley last week for a run of shows that ended on Sunday…. Otley resident and Born Free member Lynne Coates said: “We don’t need animals in circuses these days…. (story)

Colchester Gazette 11.10.13 Thanks for peaceful protest - COLCHESTER’S top cop has thanked animal rights protestors for a “peaceful” demonstration outside the town’s magistrates’ court on Wednesday. Activists assembled outside the building at St Botolph’s Circus to air their views on two prosecutions being brought by the RSPCA…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 11.10.13 Campaign to be held in Cheltenham to protect mistreated animals in China By Impeyecho - A wildlife activist is organising a campaign day in Cheltenham to raise awareness about animal cruelty in China. Matthew Tovey is inviting members of the public to meet at Pets At Home, in Gallagher Retail Park, from 10.30am to 11am on Saturday, October 19 to learn more about the issue…. (story)

Cornish Guardian 11.10.13 Cornwall charity Wild Futures slams Katy Perry’s latest music video Roar By CGGayle - Cornwall charity Wild Futures has hit out at pop princess Katy Perry for using trained wild animals in her latest music video Roar. Staff at Wild Futures, which runs the Monkey Sanctuary in Looe, said the video, which features a capuchin monkey, baboon, tiger and elephant, will encourage more people to buy exotic animals as pets… (story)


Leicester Mercury 11.10.13 Time to halt raising birds for 'sport' - Andrew Tyler, Animal Aid, Tonbridge. (letter)
Carmarthen Journal 9.10.13 It's time to ban pheasant rearing - Andrew Tyler Director, Animal Aid (letter)
Derby Telegraph 8.10.13 We should ban producing birds for 'sport shooting' - Andrew Tyler Director Animal Aid Kent (story)
Bucks Free Press 7.10.13 Stop production of birds for shooting - Andrew Tyler Director, Animal Aid, www.animalaid.org.uk (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 2.10.13 Ban pheasant farming - Andrew Tyler, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Keighley News 1.10.13 Ban pheasant farming - Andrew Tyler, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Coventry Telegraph 1.10.13 Today marks the start of the four-month pheasant shooting season…. Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid. (letter)
Oxford Mail 30.9.13 Now it’s time to ban the pheasant shoot - ANDREW TYLER, Director Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)
Shields Gazette 30.9.13 Ban shooting of birds - TOMORROW marks the beginning of the four-month pheasant shooting season. About 40m of these birds are intensively reared every year, using industrial hatcheries, cages, sheds and, finally, release pens, to provide feathered targets for ‘guns’ who commonly pay £1,000 a day…. Andrew Tyler, Animal Aid. (letter)

Third Sector 10.10.13 Government should be 'less hasty and more consultative' on lobbying bill - Sir Roger Singleton, chair of the Panel on the Independence of the Voluntary Sector, says campaigning charities provide vital checks and balances… James Legge, head of political at the Countryside Alliance, said the bill’s proposed spending limits could restrict his organisation’s campaigning activities. Any requirement to register with the Electoral Commission would add extra bureaucracy, he said…. (story)

Redditch Advertiser 10.10.13 Redditch MP accused of having 'blood on her hands' for backing badger cull - A REDDITCH environmentalist and member of the Green Party has accused town MP Karen Lumley of having “blood on her hands” for voting in favour of the badger cull…. Environmentalist Kevin White said: “Now the barbaric, waste of innocent life that is the trial badger cull has supposedly come to an end, they say they haven't killed 'enough' in the target zones and need a three week extension… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 10.10.13 Request for badger cull extension condemned By Michael Yong - POLICE and crime commissioner Martin Surl has condemned any extension to the badger cull in Gloucestershire…. (story)

Sky 10.10.13 Animal Welfare Campaigners In Newcastle Demand Stop To Bovine TB Badger Cull - Animal welfare campaigners in Newcastle have demanded a stop to the bovine TB badger cull. Northumberland Wildlife Trust, which manages and protects critical species and habitats at over 60 nature reserves throughout Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland, is one of 47 UK Wildlife Trusts are calling for the Government to drop badger culling from its proposed strategy to tackle bovine TB in England… (story)

Telegraph 10.10.13 Animal welfare top concern for female activists online – above human rights - Women sign more online petitions related to improving animal welfare than they do human rights, health and criminal justice, according to a snap poll of Change.org users By Louisa Peacock - 'Animals' is the top issue that women take action on at Change.org, the website which allows anybody to start or sign a petition, figures show. An analysis of the top five issues which matter most to women, conducted on behalf of Telegraph Wonder Women, puts animal welfare above basic human needs, with 'human rights' and 'health' fourth and fifth respectively. Criminal justice and economic justice are second and third place, the poll reveals…. (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 10.10.13 Call for boycott of Queensbury big-cat circus - A global animal rights charity today called on Bradford residents to boycott a travelling circus that still controversially uses wild animals in its shows. Animal Defenders International (ADI) has expressed its concern for the welfare of the animals in Peter Jolly’s circus, which is currently hosting performances on private land in Queensbury… (story)

Bath Chronicle 10.10.13 Cull conundrum - Do we, the public, know the rights and wrongs about the badger cull versus vaccination of cattle or vaccination of badgers?... As for TB, well I'm vaccinated against it so am unlikely to suffer much health-wise from badger activity. If cattle were vaccinated it would not stop me from drinking milk or having the odd steak. If every badger born each year were caught, vaccinated and tagged would it ease farmer's TB costs? It's a conundrum that continues to badger me! David Butterworth Oolite Road Bath (letter)

Dorking Advertiser 10.10.13 Effingham student joins chain gang to help abused bears By Alexander Robertson - SPENDING five days clad in heavy steel chains may not sound like most people's ideal way to spend a week, but that is exactly the point Katie Warren is trying to make. The 23-year-old from Effingham will wear the shackles which, at 15 pounds, weigh the same as the average bowling ball, from October 18 to highlight the plight of mistreated animals in Asia… (story)


Express 9.10.13 Hunters build fence around Sir Paul McCartney's estate - THE BEATLES legend SIR PAUL McCARTNEY is in the frontline of a campaign to save the life of a herd of deer during the hunting season. Activists at the League Against Cruel Sports have revealed stag hunt supporters have built a fence around an estate owned by McCartney in Somerset to prevent the endangered species from escaping onto land where they cannot be legally shot… (story)
Telegraph 7.10.13 Hunt supporters 'build fence around Sir Paul McCartney's land to stop deer escaping' - Stag hunt supporters have built a 6ft fence around an estate owned by Sir Paul McCartney to prevent animals escaping onto land where they cannot be shot, anti-hunt campaigners have said. By Sam Marsden - The League Against Cruel Sports voiced concerns that the number of adult red deer stags on the Quantock Hills in Somerset was in decline…. However, James Hawthorne, a joint master of the Quantock Staghounds, strongly rejected the League’s claims that stag numbers were in decline and said hunting in fact helped to maintain the population of healthy deer in the area…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 9.10.13 Beaufort Hunt charity fair in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. - ANNUAL charity fundraiser the Beaufort Hunt Christmas Fair is back for 2013. The boutique, unusual, and high-quality stalls planned for the event near Tetbury next month will this year aid the Wiltshire Air Ambulance… (story)

Irish Independent 9.10.13 Animal lovers should watch how we kill hares - The killing of a cat by a jeering youth with a sub-machine gun in the opening episode of the new 'Love/Hate' TV series has understandably shocked animal lovers nationwide… What concerns me a lot more is that we are into the opening weeks of a new hare-coursing season and animals are being horribly ill-treated for fun by gangs of so-called sportspeople . . . people who enjoy watching hares being hounded within the confines of a park or wired enclosure…. John Fitzgerald (Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports) Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Crawley News 9.10.13 Autumn Show & Game Fair in Ardingly (photos by Chris Jennings) (story)

Huffington Post 9.10.13 PETA Slams 'Sick, Heartless' Oxford Brookes Students For Public Partridge Plucking By Lucy Sherriff - Animal welfare charity PETA has slammed a group of "sick, heartless" students who publicly plucked birds on their university campus and strung up the dead bodies from their windows. Students from Oxford Brookes University killed 17 partridges on a shooting trip and returned to their halls to pluck the birds. Instead of doing so in private, the four males chose to pull apart the partridges on a bench in the middle of their campus - in full view of other students, the Tab reported.... (story)

Sky News 9.10.13 Badgers 'Culled In Illegal Gassing Trials' - Sky News has uncovered evidence that farmers have been gassing dozens of badgers to death illegally to try to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis… Sky's Isabel Webster learned that unofficial trials of gassing using a hosepipe and vehicle engines have been carried out on 14 farms in the south west of England. A farmer, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: "We have done unofficial trials but we want to do official trials to prove that it does work and is humane…. (story)

Channel 4 9.10.13 Accusations and bullets fly as badger cull divides Britain - Anti-cull activists say a pilot badger shoot has descended into "farce". But farmers tell Channel 4 News the policy is the only way to stop the slaughter of TB-infected cattle… (story)

Telegraph 9.10.13 Badger cull 'should be scrapped' - The badger cull should be scrapped because it has failed to kill enough animals, an expert involved in the trials has said. By Steven Swinford and Nick Collins - Ministers have halved the number of badgers culled this year, following reports that marksmen were falling woefully behind official targets. The bar for two pilot programmes has been lowered from 5,000 badgers killed to just over 2,500, as one cull in Somerset drew to a close and the second, in Gloucestershire, entered its final stages But officials are considering applying for an extension to each cull of up to three weeks after marksmen admitted they are still set to miss the new, lower target by at least 10 per cent…. (story)

Guardian 9.10.13 'Badgers are moving the goalposts' says Owen Paterson of cull - Cull branded 'farce' after marksmen seek extensions to kill the minimum number of badgers required - Damian Carrington - The controversial badger cull in England has been branded a "farce" by opponents after ministers confirmed the marksmen have been forced toseek extensions in order to kill the minimum number required…. (story)

Daily Mail 9.10.13 'The badgers moved the goalposts': Minister Owen Paterson blames the wild animals for marksmen missing cull targets By MATT CHORLEY, MAILONLINE POLITICAL EDITOR - Cabinet minister Owen Paterson today blamed badgers for 'moving the goalposts' after it emerged marksmen have culled fewer than half the 2,000 animals targeted. The Environment Secretary's bizarre explanation came as the government announced a new, lower estimate of the badger population, making it easier to hit the 70 per cent target for culling…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 9.10.13 Actor Bill Oddie to join protestors against badger cull in Gloucestershire - By Michael_Yong - BROADCASTER Bill Oddie will stand hand –in-hand with protestors against a badger cull in Gloucestershire tomorrow. The actor will be joining the wounded badger patrol as they go around Eldersfield’s public footpaths to save injured badgers… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 9.10.13 Gloucestershire police commissioner "disappointed" by any extension to badger cull in county By MICHAEL YONG - POLICE and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl has condemned any extension to the badger cull in Gloucestershire. The cull is set to finish in the county next week, although an application is being considered to extend the cull for possibly another three weeks… (story)

Worcester News 9.10.13 Celebrity visits volunteers on look-out for wounded animals - Naturalist and broadcaster Bill Oddie will visit the Gloucestershire badger cull zone tomorrow evening (Thursday 10 Oct) in a show of solidarity and support for the Wounded Badger Patrol volunteers… (story)

Western Morning News 9.10.13 Charity urges Government to rule out gassing of badgers By WMNPBowern - An animal welfare charity has called on the Government and the National Farmers Union to rule out gassing as a method of culling badgers. Sussex-based Care for the Wild claimed a Westcountry farmer has admitted that he and others have been gassing badgers illegally. The report, aired on Sky News, alleged that farmers on at least 14 farms in the South West have been using poisoned gas to kill badgers at the same time as the official cull, by shooting, was been going on in Somerset… (story)

Western Morning News 9.10.13 Peers lambast 'incompetent and ineffective' badger cull By Nicholas Randall - The people responsible for carrying out the badger culling trial have been accused of incompetence by a former government chief scientific adviser. Lord May of Oxford said scientific opinion had been against the cull and the people in charge of it had not even been able to provide a correct estimate of badger numbers… During an urgent question in the House of Lords, independent crossbench peer Lord May said: “This cull went ahead against the balance of advice from the scientific community in particular that a limited experiment such as this was unlikely to yield much in the way of useful information.”… (story)

Western Morning News 9.10.13 NFU president should be sacked over badger cull, says Tory adviser By WMNPBowern - The blame game over who is responsible for alleged shortcomings in the pilot cull of badgers erupted yesterday as a leading Conservative adviser on the countryside called for National Farmers Union president Peter Kendall to be sacked. Richard Haddock, a former NFU office holder and now national chairman of the Conservative Rural Action Group, alleged Mr Kendall ignored the advice he was given when the culling plans were being drawn up and eventually backed a flawed strategy… (story)

Western Morning News 9.10.13 Badgers have "moved the goalposts" says minister defending cull By GDemianyk - Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has blamed badgers for "moving the goalposts" after marksmen failed to meet a target for culling animals in Somerset. The minister defended the success of two "pilot" culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire despite almost halving the number of animals that have to be shot dead for the policy to work… (story)

Western Morning News 9.10.13 Owen Paterson: we need "national resolve" to beat bovine TB By GDemianyk - In a written ministerial statement on bovine TB published this morning, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Owen Paterson says: "The two badger cull pilots, in Somerset and Gloucestershire, were designed to test that controlled shooting is a safe, humane and effective means of reducing badger numbers. Successfully tackling bovine TB (bTB) in the badger population is a key element in our strategy to rid England of bTB within 25 years…. (story)

Western Morning News 9.10.13 Farmers do good job, but there have been bad practices By Dr Brian Moorlock - Over the last few weeks there have been several letters and articles in the WMN stressing that farmers should be left to farm and manage their land without interference from others, as farmers are the custodians of the countryside and only they know how to manage it…. And, finally, I do think that diseased badgers need to be culled, but I don't believe that random free shooting, which may cause perturbation, and includes killing healthy animals, is the answer to obtaining a healthy badger population or is likely to significantly reduce the occurrence of bTB in cattle. (story)

Western Morning News 9.10.13 RSPCA boss wanted to know complaints' details - I was flattered to receive a letter from an RSPCA official who had evidently read my remarks in the WMN about the over-zealous attitude of some of the inspectors operating in the community. He seemed mildly surprised, not to say upset, by what I had written and wondered whether I would care to pass him details of individual instances of unreasonable behaviour. I have no intention of doing so…. Unfortunately under its new chief executive it has shown itself to be as anti-farmer as Defra. Hence its violent opposition to the only organised attempt any government of the last 25 years has made to turn back the tide of TB…. Derek Mead is an entrepreneur dairy farmer from Weston-super-Mare (story)

Western Morning News 9.10.13 Hard questions about the badger cull must be asked - There can be little surprise, only regret and concern, that the badger cull in Somerset has failed to meet its target of removing 70% of the mammals within a 130 square kilometre area of countryside highly infected with bovine TB. It was always going to be a challenge to reach the self imposed target of taking out 2,100 badgers from the pastures, copses, hills and valleys of this extensive corner of the Westcountry, given that badgers are wild animals who do not fill out census forms and publicise their addresses… (story)

Western Daily Press 9.10.13 Somerset badger cull to be extended by up to three weeks - A pilot badger cull in west Somerset is set to be extended by up to three weeks because fewer animals were killed than had been hoped. Defra said Natural England was considering an extension to the cull to “maximise the disease control benefits”. According to reports, just 850 badgers have been shot in the area over the six-week trial, just over 40% of an initial target of 2,081…. (story)

Western Daily Press 9.10.13 Humane Society International UK: Extending badger cull cruelty is outrageous - In response to Owen Paterson's badger cull statement to Parliament today, Humane Society International UK has released the following: Wendy Higgins, Communications Director for HSI UK said: "It is suspiciously convenient that as DEFRA Ministers were staring down the barrel of an unmitigated disaster, the badger kill targets have been halved and the government will declare the cull a success when everyone knows it's been an utter shambles… (story)

Western Daily Press 9.10.13 Bill Oddie to join wounded badger patrol in Gloucestershire tomorrow - Naturalist and broadcaster Bill Oddie will visit the Gloucestershire badger cull zone tomorrow evening in a show of solidarity and support for the Wounded Badger Patrol volunteers… (story)

Western Gazette 9.10.13 Badger cull to restart in Somerset as Government announces number of animals killed will be scaled back By RichBirch - The Somerset badger cull is poised to re-start as the Government announces it is to scale back the number of animals to be killed in the South West. Ministers are to admit marksmen have killed just 850 animals during a six-week cull, less than half an initial target of 2,000 required, or around 70 per cent of the local badger population… (story)

Worcester News 9.10.13 There is no intention to ‘wipe out’ badgers - In answer to the questions raised by Joyce Rose (Worcester News, October 4) regarding bovine tuberculosis. Cattle and badgers can carry this disease. Cattle are regularly tested and culled if sick and the farm shut to cattle movement. On the other hand, badgers with bTB are left to suffer and die out of sight and out of mind. Farmers have not “gone gun-happy in shooting” thousands of badgers…. Jon Burgess Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 4.10.13 Are badgers to blame for TB outbreak? - Regarding the cull on badgers – they are being blamed for a TB outbreak in cattle – when it may not be badgers at all. But the farmers have gone gun-happy in shooting them in thousands which will continue until they are all wiped out, which is so sad… JOYCE ROSE Worcester (letter)

Derby Telegraph 9.10.13 Farmers and landowners are the real scroungers - Alan Kirby, M.Sc Haven Court Hayle (letter)
Plymouth Herald 9.10.13 Problem is farmers and the landowners - ALAN KIRBY via email (letter)
Western Daily Press 7.10.13 Government protects group of scroungers - We hear much condemnation of "scroungers" these days, usually targeted at unemployed benefit claimants… But one group, mostly already wealthy, who shovel up vast amounts of public subsidy are generally ignored and need to be exposed – our large landowners and farmers… Alan Kirby by email (letter)

Worcester NEws 9.10.13 Vegetarians cry 'foul' over chicken farm plan By Sarah Taylor - PROSTESTERS will stage a demonstration against plans for a chicken farm housing up to 80,000 birds on Thursday as councillors consider the proposals for a second time. Members of Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies will be outside the Civic Centre, Pershore, from 3pm for an hour urging Wychavon District Council’s planning committee to reject the application… (story)


Western Daily Press 8.10.13 Pressure is on to release results of county's trial badger cull By ANDY GREENWOOD - Ministers are to come under increasing pressure to publish initial killing figures from the badger cull pilot project which has just concluded in West Somerset…. (story)
Western Morning News 8.10.13 Ministers urged to reveal numbers in badger cull - Ministers are coming under increasing pressure to publish initial figures from the West Somerset badger cull amid mounting claims that the pilot scheme has failed to kill even half the target number…. (story)

Guardian 8.10.13 Badger cull extension sought after too few killed - Experts say failure has given badgers chance to flee gunmen, which could increase tuberculosis infections - Damian Carrington - A failure to kill enough badgers has forced those behind England's controversial cull to seek an extension of the night-time shoots in a last-ditch attempt to make up the numbers. Culling is intended to curb the rise of tuberculosis in cattle, but experts have warned that dragging out the killing gives more opportunity for badgers to flee the gunmen and could increase TB infections… (story)
Telegraph 8.10.13 Badger cull targets halved as officials consider extension - Ministers have halved the number of badgers they hope will be culled this year, following reports that marksmen were falling woefully behind official targets. By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent - The bar for two pilot programmes has been lowered from 5,000 badgers killed to just over 2,500, as one cull in Somerset drew to a close and the second, in Gloucestershire, entered its final stages - But officials are considering applying for an extension to each cull of up to three weeks after marksmen admitted they are still set to miss the new, lower target by at least 10 per cent…. (story)
Gloucester Echo 8.10.13 Badger cull in Gloucestershire could be extended - Michael_Yong - A FAILURE to shoot enough badgers over the last five weeks could mean an extension to the cull in Gloucestershire. Ministers are set to decide tomorrow (Wednesday) if the cull in Somerset could be given a two or three week extension, after it finished this Monday…. (story)

Western Morning News 8.10.13 What a mess this badger cull pilot is - It’s noticeable and worrying that the general public seem to have a better understanding of the way this so-called ‘badger cull’ is being conducted than most farmers. Many farmers rely on the farming press for information and yet these publications have failed to spell out that this ‘cull’ is a blanket slaughter of thousads of badgers… by G E Purser, Cheltenham, Glos (letter)


Mail 7.10.13 Pippa, her posh pals, piles of dead pheasants and partridges... and some very pukka wellies By SAM GREENHILL - She has never been ashamed of her passion for blood sports. And Pippa Middleton’s delight is clear to see here as she poses with friends to show off the bodies of 50 birds killed in a country shoot…. Brian May, the guitarist in the rock band Queen, was just one of a number of animal-lovers to criticise the fun-loving socialite on Twitter… (story)
Scotsman 7.10.13 Pippa Middleton goes on Edinburgh shooting trip - PIPPA Middleton was all smiles as she posed for a picture with friends at a shooting trip at an estate near Edinburgh… Queen guitarist Brian May, a vegetarian, led the criticism on Twitter, saying that he “struggled to understand the smiles in this picture.” (story)

Telegraph 7.10.13 Chris Packham: urban foxes can live harmoniously with humans - Urban foxes can live harmoniously alongside humans and people should feel free to feed them, wildlife expert Chris Packham said as he warned against “demonising” the animals. By Claire Carter - Packham said reports about foxes attacking humans, going up the stairs in houses and allowing themselves to be picked up were “improbable.”… (story)

BBC News Online 7.10.13 Rural broadband: How to reach the broadband notspots By Jane Wakefield Technology reporter - Over the summer there was a lot of digging going on in the Lancashire countryside. Nothing unusual there you may think until you realise that these trenches are being built to house a fibre optic network… One of the biggest criticisms in the PAC report was that BT and local authorities are failing to provide detailed information about how far their roll-outs would extend…. The issue has led the Countryside Alliance to demand change. "BT and the local authorities aren't being transparent about where the roll-out will cover… (story)

BBC News Online 7.10.13 Badger cull police patrols in Gloucestershire increased - The number of police officers monitoring the badger cull in Gloucestershire has been increased. A police spokesman claimed it followed a rise in numbers of confrontations between protestors and marksmen… (story)

Gloucestershire Citizen 7.10.13 Badger cull protesters to continue their work - PROTESTERS against the badger cull in Gloucestershire will continue their work when the cull is expected to finish next week…. Drew Pratten, from Stop the Cull group, has seen more than 1,500 people on patrol every night, thwarting the shooters… He said: “We will keep going. We are going to start monitoring badger setts to ensure the population improves, and we also want to help other groups around the country who want to oppose the badger cull.”… (story)

Western Daily Press 7.10.13 Defra looks at gassing TB badger setts By TINA ROWE - The Government has commissioned research into gassing TB-infected badgers in their sets – more than a year after a West Country farmer said it was the only practical way of culling the animals. The six-week cull to test the effectiveness of trap-shooting and free shooting of badgers in the fight against bovine TB ends in West Somerset this week… (story)
Western Morning News 7.10.13 Fears over research into gassing of badgers By WMNAGreenwood - Allowing badgers to be gassed to control bovine TB would be a “shocking new moral low in the Government's disastrous cull policy”, campaigners have warned… (story)

Guardian 7.10.13 Badger cull has killed fewer than half the number of animals intended - Experts say cull's failure may well result in increases in bovine TB infections - Damian Carrington - The controversial badger cull in England has failed to kill even half the minimum number of animals needed to ensure tuberculosis in cattle is curbed, sources have told the Guardian. Scientific experts say the failure may well result in increases in bovine TB infections – the opposite of the cull's ultimate purpose – while cull opponents are calling for an immediate end to the "botched" policy… (story)
Telegraph 7.10.13 Badger cull has failed to kill enough animals, sources claim - The badger cull has failed to kill fewer than half the number of animals intended, it has been claimed as one of the pilot culls comes to an end. By Hayley Dixon - The Government granted farmers a licence to kill around 2,000 badgers in west Somerset and 3,000 in west Gloucestershire - seen as the numbers need to curb the spread of the cattle disease bovine tuberculosis (bTB)… Paul Caruana, a field manager for the Government's eight-year long culling trial that ended in 2006, told the Guardian: "They have killed 750-800 badgers [in Somerset] as of Friday evening, and things were slowing down”…. (story)

Western Morning News 7.10.13 Labour MP Mary Creagh demands answers on badger cull numbers - Ministers need to come clean about the true numbers of badgers killed in the Somerset cull, a prominent Labour MP has argued… Speaking last night, Mary Creagh, Labour's Shadow Environment Secretary, said: "Now the Somerset cull has finished, Ministers need to come clean about what has been happening. Scientists have warned that a botched cull is worse than no cull at all…. (story)

Hereford Times 7.10.13 Badger cull protester, 14, arrested released on bail By Freya Leng - A 14-YEAR-old girl who was arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass as part of the police response to the badger cull has been released on bail. The teenager was one of four people arrested overnight last Thursday (3) as part of Operation Themis, the police response to the six-week pilot badger cull… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 5.10.13 Live bullets found after badger cull protesters claimed they were 'shot' at in Gloucestershire - LIVE ammunition was handed over to police in the badger cull zone early yesterday morning after protestors claimed they were shot at. Three people had arrived at Town Street Farm in Tirley close to midnight last night when they heard two gunshots… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 5.10.13 Marksman loses licence to shoot badgers after leaving bullets behind By Phil Norris - A marksman who left a box of bullets at a badger cull site in Gloucestershire has had his licence to shoot the animals revoked…. (story)
BBC News Online 4.10.13 Badger cull: Gloucestershire Police arrest 14-year-old - A 14-year-old girl is among a group of four people who have been arrested in the Gloucestershire badger cull zone. The teenager from Didcot, Oxfordshire, was arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass in the Tibberton area, along with a woman, 44, and 25-year-old man… The discovery, by a member of the public, of a box containing 16 cartridges of live ammunition on a footpath is also being investigated by police… (story)
Worcester News 4.10.13 14-year-old girl among four arrested for badger cull By Freya Leng - A 14-YEAR-old girl has been suspicion of aggravated trespass as part of the police response to the badger cull… Elsewhere police are investigating after members of the public discovered a box containing 16 cartridges of live ammunition on a footpath… (story)
Western Daily Press 4.10.13 Live ammunition found in field as badger cull 'hits trouble' By Simon_Copp - The badger cull is in disarray, it has been claimed, as well as accusations that a lone marksman acting in contravention of guidelines panicked and left a box of live ammunition in a field when disturbed. Members of the Gloucestershire wounded badger patrol were stunned last night to discover a box of 16 live bullets and two empty casings on the ground when the position of a shooter was exposed in a field near Tirley, Gloucestershire… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 4.10.13 Live ammunition found in badger cull zone, and four arrested as part of Operation Themis By Michael_Yong - A BOX of live ammunition rounds has been found by police officers in the badger cull zone early this morning as part of Operation Themis…. Four people were arrested overnight as part of the operation. A 37-year-old Coventry woman was arrested on suspicion of breach of an injunction at around 10.30pm yesterday after reports of "excessive noise". In a separate incident, a 44-year-old woman,14-year-old girl from Didcot and a 25-year-old man of no fixed abode, were arrested in the Tibberton area around 11.30pm, on suspicion of aggravated trespass…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 2.10.13 Badger cull police arrest woman over 'tracking car' - POLICE officers arrested a woman early yesterday as part of its response to the badger cull Operation Themis. The 34-year-old from Gloucester was detained in Estcourt Road at about midnight on Wednesday after reports she was following a vehicle. She was held on suspicion of breaching an injunction and police said she was arrested 'to prevent harassment'…. (story)

Wiltshire Times 7.10.13 Is it science or not? - Andrew Murrison, writing his weekly blog, has a curious attitude to science. He says that the ‘reputable scientists who designed the badger cull cannot be easily dismissed… Perhaps he could explain his criteria for accepting scientific evidence. Or does it simply depend on whether it fits his ideology? Stuart A Raymond, Princess Gardens, Trowbridge (letter)

Western Morning News 7.10.13 Why is badger cull being supported? - I have not followed every word of the ‘badger cull’ debate, but am well aware of the main issues. The emotional side of the debate has seen wide coverage, but the ‘expected’ results of a longer term cull have been given less publicity… why is the cull being supported. From the government point of view; election looming, let’s be seen doing something? From the NFU’s position; desperation; following the government and protect their own backsides? WMN’s reasoning? by M J Baglow, Camborne (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 7.10.13 Expansion plans attracted strong protest - THE plans to expand the beagle breeding facility at Grimston attracted strong protest before they were rejected by the council last year. Animal rights campaigners wearing blood-smeared suits and painted beagle masks marched through Hull to demonstrate against the plants…. (story)
Hull Daily Mail 6.10.13 Plans to breed beagles for medical research in East Yorkshire By Kevin Shoesmith - BEAGLES could be bred for medical research at an East Yorkshire facility if a fresh bid for planning permission is approved. In January 2012, planning chiefs rejected an application by Yorkshire Evergreen to increase capacity at its site in Grimston, which is managed by B&K Universal Limited, enabling it to breed up to 2,000 animals at a time for experiments…. However, it has triggered an angry reaction from British Union For The Abolition Of Vivisection… (story)


Horse & Hound 6.10.13 Pack of bloodhounds future is secured - The Southern Shires Bloodhounds received several offers of new kennels after H&H reported that they were about to be made homeless (news, 31 August). Hounds moved into their new home, with the Ashman family of New Barn Farm, Bucklebury, Berks, at the end of last month… (story)
Horse & Hound 31.8.13 Bloodhounds seek new kennels - The Southern Shires Bloodhounds are appealing to H&H readers to try to find new kennels — to keep the pack together. Their lease, with the Wherwell Estate near Andover, Hants, is not being renewed at the end of September due to the estate’s greater commitment to its shoot… (story)
Essex Gazette 6.10.13 Campaigners mark Badger Day with sponsored walk - A group of campaigners marked national Badger Day by attempting a pier-to-pier walk to raise awareness of the cull. Members of the Tendring branch of the North East Essex Badger Group walked from Clacton Pier to Walton Pier on Saturday to raise money and awareness of the group… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 6.10.13 Jeremy Clarkson launches online attack on badgers - Jeremy Clarkson has launched an online attack on badgers after the animals apparently destroyed his wall. By Hayley Dixon - Addressing his complaint directly to Brian May, the Queen guitarist who has campaigned against the badger cull, he posted a picture of the damaged stone wall on Twitter… (story)

BBC News Online 4.10.13 Gauging the opinion of the public on the badger cull - I'm not surprised that my recent blog post about the badger cull aroused a bit of a Twitter kerfuffle. The gist of it was that I predicted the cull was likely to be judged a success by the powers that be and rolled out to other parts of the UK. What really annoyed people is my assertion that a cull rollout will be pretty much ignored by the Great British Public, because of a "lack of public outrage or even interest" in the cull itself. "Rubbish" say those who oppose the cull, pointing to this government e-petition which has gathered more than 300,000 signatures…. (story)

St Albans & Harpenden Review 6.10.13 Animal Aid charity says thank you for street donations By Rebecca Perring, Reporter - An animal charity has thanked the people of St Albans who contributed to raising more than £300 during a city centre street collection. Animal Aid took part in the street collection in the (story)


Sunday Express 5.10.13 Beware invasion of the 50,000,000 pheasants as shooting season starts - A RECORD number of game birds will be released into the countryside as the shooting season begins this week. By: Stuart Winter - Up to 50 million pheasants and partridges are being introduced, sparking calls for an inquiry into the impact it is having on native wildlife…. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation said that 500,000 people take part in the sport and two million hectares of countryside is managed, with £250million spent on conservation work each year… (story)

Dorset Echo 5.10.13 Fox festival first - THE centrepiece of this weekend’s Cattistock Fox Festival is an oratorio penned by musician Nick Morris. The Fox That Walked on Water retells the possibly apocryphal tale of two instances when the animal was chased, by the Cattistock Hunt, to the shores of the Fleet lagoon. It then evaded its pursuers by apparently walking over the water… (story)

Western Daily Press 5.10.13 Pheasants are fair game as season opens By Tristan Cork - Millions of pheasants have been released as the West's shooting season gets underway this week, with the Dorset-based executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance sparking a war of words after saying it would be "with huge pleasure" that they will end up in the butchers… (story)
Blackmore Vale Magazine 4.10.13 Dorset-based Countryside Alliance chief praises butchers for putting game on the menu By mmanning - THE Dorset based executive chairman of the Countryside Alliance has praised butchers for putting pheasant on the menu. Writing in the organisation's latest newsletter, Sir Barney White-Spunner said shoppers are wising up to the health, welfare and traceability benefits of game… (story)
Western Morning News 2.10.13 Start of pheasant shooting means more game birds in butchers' shops - Yesterday marked the opening of the final game bird season of the year, when pheasants will join the other game birds in butchers up and down the country. The Countryside Alliance have re-launched their Game-to-Eat initiative to boost sales of game meat to coincide with the start of the new season… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 30.9.13 Pheasant sales on the up - THE sale of pheasant in the local butchers could increase in the wake of the horse meat scandal… A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said: "Due to the recent horse meat scandal, concerns about genetically modified crops, and uncertainty over country of origin, the public's view of meat has changed and the market has had to change with it…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 27.9.13 Pheasant hunting season coming soon to Gloucestershire - The sale of pheasant in the local butcher could increase in the wake of the horsemeat scandal. Pheasant hunting will begin on October 1 as game hunters prepare for the shooting season… A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said: "Due to the recent horsemeat scandal, concerns about genetically modified crops, and uncertainty over country of origin, the public’s view of meat has changed and the market has had to change with it… (story)

Falmouth Packet 5.10.13 Illustrated badger talk in Crewkerne - A REPRESENTATIVE from the Somerset Badger Group will be stopping of at the Henhayes Centre in Crewkerne later this month to present an illustrated talk on the animals… (story)

Western Morning News 5.10.13 Marksmen's gunsfall silent as badger cull ends - On Monday, after six weeks of night-time shooting, the marksmen's guns will fall silent and the Somerset badger cull will officially end…. Camp Badger eco-warriors claim campaign success - These are the Brian May foot soldiers – the eco-warriors at the front line in the battle to sabotage the badger cull – and they believe they have waged a successful campaign over the past six weeks, writes Phil Goodwin… Farmers’ suffering ‘combat fatigue’ in the war to wipe out bovine TB - The farming community has been watching the badger cull with a degree of nervousness and anticipation. Many in the livestock business would admit to severe combat fatigue in the war to wipe out bovine TB…. David Cameron could not have been clearer; Owen Paterson has been adamant from the start; even Lib Dem Farming Minister David Heath was resolute – a controlled cull of badgers must be part of the effort to bring bovine TB under control…. (story)

Birmingham Mail 5.10.13 Protest at Mailbox over sale of fur at Harvey Nichols - Campaigners from Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade say luxury store has gone back on an agreement not to sell fur - Animal welfare campaigners held an anti-fur demonstration in Birmingham. They gathered outside Harvey Nichols in the Mailbox on Saturday (Oct 5) in a protest against the chain’s decision to start selling fur coats again… (story)

South Wales Evening Post 5.10.13 Campaign to give animal lovers paws for thought - SWANSEA University students have joined forces with an animal campaign group to support World Animal Day. The discovery volunteers at Swansea University joined with the Care And Respect Includes All Dogs (Cariad) Campaign to encourage people not to buy a puppy from the internet or classified adverts. Instead they are hoping people will volunteer at an animal rescue centre… (story)


Paddock Wood Courier 4.10.13 Gamekeeper will stand trial over death of dog By Lucy Clarke-Billings - A GOUDHURST man has appeared in court accused of killing a dog by driving over it with a golf buggy. Sevenoaks Magistrates' Court heard how the incident came after months of arguments between gamekeepers at The Glassenbury Shoot, a Goudhurst gaming reserve, and the dog's owner, Miss Salmon. Gamekeeper Tony Reynolds, 42, of Bedgebury Road, in Goudhurst, is accused of screaming "I'm going to kill you and all of your f*****g dogs" before deliberately running over and killing a long-haired white Alsatian dog… (story)

Western Daily Press 4.10.13 Alliance given a BBC ad ban - The BBC has banned the Countryside Alliance from advertising in its Countryfile Magazine because the corporation defines the it as a "political campaigning group"… (story)
Mail 3.10.13 'Another insult' from the BBC 'urban elite' By EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE The BBC's Countryfile magazine, seeking ads for its Christmas gift guide – stealing business from publications which aren't propped up by licence fee payers – approached the Countryside Alliance pressure group. Then turned down an ad for Countryside Marketplace, CA's online shop, allegedly because of the group's involvement in 'political lobbying'… (story)
Western Morning News 2.10.13 BBC bans Countryside Alliance from advertising in Countryfile magazine By WMNPBowern - The BBC has banned the Countryside Alliance from advertising in its Countryfile Magazine because the corporation defines the Alliance as a ‘political campaigning group.’ Other organisations, like the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, which has campaigned against some country sports and is currently seeking a ban on lead shot in shooting, are permitted to advertise in BBC publications, it has emerged… Countryside Alliance executive chairman, Barney White-Spunner, said: “This is another insult from the BBC urban elite to the 11 million licence payers who live in the countryside.”… (story)

Dorset Echo 4.10.13 Mounted uniformed volunteers could police countryside in fight against rural crime By Rachel Stretton - WILDLIFE officers and a volunteer mounted unit could be the future of tackling rural crime in Dorset. Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Martyn Underhill met with members of Dorset National Farmers’ Union (NFU) to discuss the issues faced by farmers… Mr Underhill said they will be trained in wildlife crime and work with organisations such as the RSPCA, the NFU and the Countryside Alliance… (story)
Bridport News 3.10.13 Mounted uniformed volunteers could police countryside in fight against rural crime By Rene Gerryts - MOUNTED uniformed volunteers could help police the countryside in a bid to combat rural crime. The suggestion came at a meeting between Dorset NFU and the county’s police and crime commissioner Martyn Underhill… The police also want to find six wildlife Specials who will be trained in wildlife crime, working with the RSPCA, the NFU and other organisations like Countryside Alliance and Country Land and Business Association… (story)

Guardian 4.10.13 Woman cautioned for assault after tussle with badger cull protester - Steven Morris - A woman in her 60s has been given a police caution for assault after tussling with a protester campaigning against the badger cull in Somerset. The victim, Sharon Doyle, said she and a friend were checking a map at the side of a road on a Saturday night after hearing reports that shooters and police had been spotted in the area… "We had been asked to visit the footpaths in that area as there had been reports of shooters and police and whilst checking our map at the side of the road we were subjected to verbal and physical abuse from the locals. My car keys were wrestled from me resulting in bruising. It is totally outrageous."… (story)

Redditch Standard 4.10.13 Wristbands spell out badger cull protest By Harriet Ernstsons - WRISTBANDS calling on the Government to stop culling badgers are being sold by a Webheath resident in a bid to spread the message. Shari Black Velvet, who creates the quarterly Black Velvet magazine, has already sold nearly 100 Stop The Cull bands, with 50p from each going to the Badger Trust… (story)

Western Morning News 4.10.13 It is man, not animals, who has caused imbalance in countryside - On Saturday the WMN called for a debate on managing the English countryside and culling some foreign invaders in the context of the hotly disputed badger cull. Steve Yandall responds. The reality of targeting foreign 'invaders' like mink and grey squirrels in the same context as native species is a deception…. The cull will not result in any scientific gain – 4,800 badgers are being targeted. It is intended that they will die but there will be no autopsy…. (story)

Western Morning News 4.10.13 Licence farmers to shoot badgers - It is the hypocrisy of animal culling that I cannot stand! Where is the care for the wild in the grey squirrel cull or deer culling? Where are the calls for delay while killing methods are analysed? Are grey squirrels being poisoned, shot, gassed. Is it humane and stress free? Maybe they are just not pretty enough! The badger problem began with well-meaning do-gooders misguidedly trying to protect every single one… by Gillian Barber, Exeter (letter)

Matlock Mercury 4.10.13 Campaigner sentenced for pestering slaughterhouse - An animal lover who plagued slaughterhouse owners in Bakewell with phone calls after she saw a TV programme about animal cruelty has been sentenced to 60 hours of community work. Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard, last month, how Michelle Oates-Orman, 40, of Clapham Road, Bedford, consistently phoned Leonard and Anne Boyd at Underedge Farm, Rowland, Bakewell, in March… Magistrates sentenced her to a six-month community order with 60 hours’ unpaid work and ordered her to pay £200 costs and a £60 victim surcharge. She also got a restraining order not to contact the Boyds. (story)
Derbyshire Times 11.8.13 Animal lover plagued Dales abbatoir boss with nuisance calls - A woman plagued slaughterhouse owners in Bakewell with persistent calls after she saw a TV programme about animal cruelty. Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard how Michelle Oates-Orman, 40, of Easton Road, Stonely, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, consistently phoned Leonard and Anne Boyd in May… (story)

Londonist 4.10.13 Veggie Showcase At Olympia This Weekend by Rachel Holdsworth - Vegans, vegetarians and veg-curious folk unite at Olympia this week for a two day VegFest with stalls, chefs and entertainment. The food is, obviously, a big draw… (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 4.10.13 Leeds: Protest is planned as circus lions visit town by Jonathan Brown - Animal rights campaigners have voiced concerns after a controversial circus parked trailers holding lions and tigers on private farmland near Leeds… Otley resident Lynne Coates, who is a member of the Born Free animal welfare charity, said: “Should an animal escape, and there have been many instances when this has happened, so close to public areas it could cause carnage… (story)

The Sentinel 4.10.13 No-one has right to abuse animals - I TOTALLY agree with every word Martin Tideswell says about cruelty to animals (The Sentinel, October 1.) These people should be made to realise you cannot abuse any animal or person and get away scot free…. HE JONES Newcastle (letter)


Cheddar Valley Gazette 3.10.13 Concern for one of only nine remaining stags on Quantock hills as hunting season takes place - CONCERN has been raised for the future of one of only nine remaining adult red deer stags left on the Quantock Hills…. The League is has stated it is "extremely concerned that ‘Red’, an adult stag could be the next victim of the local Quantock Staghounds hunt after hunt supporters were heard saying that if they couldn’t find a stag to hunt on the hills, they would come after him"…. (story)

Rye & Battle Observer 3.10.13 THE Countryside Alliance has launched a campaign to highlight poor mobile phone reception in rural areas. The campaign, which is called Sick of No Signal, invites people to download a free app - Rootmetrics - from the iPhone App Store or Google Play for Android, which tests the mobile phone signal of your service provider and uploads the results to a national map. It is being supported by Rye Labour candidate Sarah Owen, who said: “I may not often be on the same page as the Countryside Alliance but this is a very good campaign… (story)
Burton Mail 1.10.13 Rural areas could benefit from broadband project review Written by MARK MCKAY - RURAL areas in East Staffordshire and South Derbyshire could have its high-speed internet delivery reviewed if the Government heeds advice from campaigners…. (story)
Telegraph 30.9.13 Rural mobile calls 'hampered by patchy networks' - Rural mobile calls fail four times as often as those in urban areas By Matt Warman - Mobile phone calls made in the countryside are more than four times as likely to fail to connect than those made in urban areas, a survey commissioned by the Countryside Alliance has revealed…. (story)
Western Morning News 30.9.13 Communities cannot live in the digital dark ages - Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? Hello? Anyone who lives and works in the far South West will be familiar with conversations like that one. It is immensely frustrating and undoubtedly connectivity problems are holding back business and enterprise in the peninsula…. Investment and improvement in both have been the subject of high-profile campaigns led by the CLA and the Countryside Alliance and they are issues that enjoy almost universal support….. (story)
Spalding Guardian 29.9.13 Mixed reception as mobile phones study backs irate callers - Mobile phone companies are taking an earful from Spalding residents according to the results of a study by the Countryside Alliance. It showed that people living outside the UK’s biggest cities are on average about four times more likely to suffer missed calls from their mobiles than people living in places like Leicester and Nottingham. The Spalding Guardian decided to find out what people in our town think and while some were satisfied with the service from their network, others were frustated by poor reception and missed text messages… (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 17.9.13 Rural East Lancashire residents urged to join 'mobile phone campaign' - RURAL residents are being urged to join a campaign against poor mobile phone reception. The Countryside Alliance is asking people in rural Lancashire to tell them where their local ‘not spots’ are for poor mobile signals…. (story)
Nottingham Post 16.9.13 Major disparity in call failure levels - PEOPLE outside Nottingham are up to 4.5 times more likely to suffer failed calls on their mobile phones than those living in the city. The figures follow research conducted jointly by the Countryside Alliance and mobile analytics firm RootMetrics…. (story)
Western Morning News 16.9.13 Rural 'not-spots' hit mobile phone use in Devon and Cornwall By Adam Walmesley - The blight of poor mobile phone reception has been highlighted by research that reveals the true extent of signal "not-spots" in the Westcountry. Research by the Countryside Alliance found people living in rural counties such as Devon and Cornwall are almost five times more likely than those in big cities to suffer failed calls on their mobiles… (story)
Western Morning News 16.9.13 No excuses for poor rural mobile phone coverage - There are some services that are understandably and not unreasonably better in large towns and cities than they are in the countryside. But mobile phone coverage should not be one of them. Yet as the Western Morning News reports today, research by the Countryside Alliance, carried out with the help of rural mobile phone users, shows that people outside big cities are four-and-a-half times more likely to suffer failed calls on their mobile compared to people who live in urban areas…. (story)
Western Daily Press 16.9.13 Rural mobile phone users get 'raw deal' - tristan.cork@b-nm.co.uk - Mobile phone users in the rural West are more than four times more likely to have their conversation ended abruptly by a poor signal, than city folk in places like Bristol…. (story)
Stroud News & Journal 16.9.13 More than four times more failed calls outside major cities, research shows - PEOPLE outside the UK’s big cities are up to 4.5 times more likely to suffer failed calls on their mobile phones than those who live in the metropolises, research by the Countryside Alliance and mobile analytics firm RootMetrics has shown…. (story)
Central Somerset Gazette 15.9.13 Help the Countryside Alliance to map phone signal strength in mid-Somerset - MID-SOMERSET residents are being asked to help log mobile phone reception as part of a project to map signal strength in rural areas. The Countryside Alliance say people living and working in rural areas are paying for the same service as those living in urban areas, but receive a poorer service…. (story)
Biggleswade Chronicle 1.9.13 Log phone signals from your mobile - How good is your mobile phone signal??The Countryside Alliance is collecting data from rural mobile phones with a view to improving signals…. (story)
Tewkesbury Admag 29.8.13 Campaign to boost rural phone signals - MOBILE phone users in Worcestershire are being urged to contact a campaign group to report on the strength of their signal… (story)
Belper News 26.8.13 Signal problems mapped by alliance - Nearly 1,000 samples of mobile phone reception in Belper have been collected as part of a project to map poor signal areas… (story)
Yorkshire Post 25.8.13 Campaign to send signal over mobile reception - Attempts to map out the phone reception areas of rural Yorkshire are continuing, with the Countryside Alliance reporting that nearly 100,000 samples have poured in each day…. (story)
Western Morning News 22.8.13 Rural mobile phone users with poor reception urged to join campaign - A campaign which urges rural dwellers to turn detective on their mobile phone company has got off to a flying start. The Countryside Alliance launched their bid to gather evidence on the strength of mobile phone signals in rural areas earlier this summer. Now, nearly 100,000 samples of mobile phone reception are pouring in each day as part of the project to map rural mobile phone signals… (story)
Central Somerset Gazette 22.8.13 Your help needed to map mobile phone services -Mid Somerset residents are being asked to help log mobile phone reception as part of a project to map signal strength in rural areas. The Countryside Alliance are asking for smart phone owners to download the RootMetrics app and send back samples of the mobile phone signal where they are… (story)
Western Daily Press 22.8.13 Phone signal survey call is well received - A campaign which urges rural dwellers to turn detective on their mobile phone company has got off to a flying start… (story)
The Register 22.8.13 No signal in Seascale? Countryside Alliance wants to hook you up - By Bill Ray - Taking a break from the promotion of bloodsports, rural campaign group the Countryside Alliance is looking for help mapping mobile phone not-spots in the hope of embarrassing operators into filling them…. (story)

BBC News Online 3.10.13 Somerset badger cull marksman 'gun threat' investigated - Claims that a badger cull marksman was threatened, possibly with a gun, by protestors over a shot badger carcass are being investigated by police. Several people are alleged to have approached a contractor in Somerset at 02:15 BST on 14 September, forcing him to retreat to his vehicle, police said. The investigation includes a claim that "a long item" was also pointed at the victim, Avon and Somerset Police added…. (story)
Western Morning News 1.10.13 Dispute continues on Exmoor site of dead badger - Police are investigating claims a marksman attempting to recover a shot badger was threatened by anti-cull protesters shining torches and pointing a “long item” he believed to be a gun. The probe appears to contradict repeated denials by Government officials that the animal whisked away by cull saboteurs and presented to the media earlier this month could not have been killed by official shooters…. Avon and Somerset police are satisfied the creature was not shot illegally but killed lawfully in the designated zone, though they are investigating claims that a weapon was used… (story)
Western Morning News 17.9.13 Picture posted of 'shot badger from cull zone' - The first photographs have emerged of what is claimed to be a badger killed during the culls taking place in the Westcountry…. (story)
Guardian 16.9.13 Badger cull: first photo of shot animal emerges - Animal believed to be shot by marksmen 'had time to take flight', putting in doubt claims of humane, instant killing - Adam Vaughan - The first photographs have emerged of what appears to be a badger killed in the controversial culls taking place in England. A single high velocity bullet killed the animal, passing right through it, the vet who examined the carcass told the Guardian. Most badgers she had seen shot before the cull had been peppered with gunshot, Dr Elizabeth Mullineaux said…. (story)
BBC News Online 16.9.13 Badger cull: Wildlife charity claims to find shot animal - A wildlife charity said it has found the body of a badger it claims has been shot during the six-week cull aimed at curbing bovine TB. Secret World said the young female was discovered in the Somerset cull zone on Saturday, by a volunteer night patrol that looks for injured badgers. The charity said it appeared the animal had not died "instantaneously"… (story)
Western Morning News 16.9.13 First pictures of a badger shot in cull have emerged, it is claimed By tobymeyjes - The first photographs have emerged of what is claimed to be a badger killed during the culls taking place in the Westcountry. According to the Guardian, who spoke to a vet who examined the carcass, the animal was killed by a single high velocity bullet that passed right through it… (story)

Western Morning News 3.10.13 Both sides claiming success in badger cull - The badger cull trial in Somerset is entering the final few days with both sides of the hugely controversial debate claiming success. Protesters who have spent the past six weeks trying to sabotage the free shooting pilot scheme are confident marksmen will have fallen far short of killing the target number of badgers, and have branded the exercise a “massive failure”… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 3.10.13 Protesters take to tree tops over badger sett at Stroud housing site - HOUSE builders are working around a small group of protesters who’ve taken to a tree-top in Stroud. Developers clearing a controversial site earmarked for 14 homes had yesterday (thurs) to contend with activist James Beecher and his supporters, who are taking it in turns to sit 20ft up amid the apples… (story)

Western Morning News 3.10.13 Badger cull is not the solution for farmers - I was rather surprised to read about the cooking culled badgers. The thought of using culled badgers as another uncontrolled meat source entry into the food chain when we have not bottomed out the horsemeat scandal is doing nothing to help return confidence in farming, food production and processing industries, in regard to safe sources of quality controlled meat and will turn more people away from meat products in their diet… by Graham Forsyth, Chard (letter)

Western Morning News 3.10.13 Badger cull must continue to the end - Wonderful practical words from different people about the badger cull I so agree with Tyrell, Bathhurst, Michell, who are so right, the cull has to continue until the end. The badger huggers who say they are standing up for badger rights and blaming cattle farmers for the disease spreading by moving them up and down the country are negative views and untrue… by N C Loram,Cullompton (letter)

Western Morning News 3.10.13 It's the foxhunting fight all over again - While reading Mr Forsyth’s letter of the August 30, 2013, I must admit it took me a minute or two to realise that it wasn’t a pro-NFU spoof, so extreme were the views expressed…. For a minute, let us just ignore the whole badger cull issue and examine the total and utter ignorance of these people who presume to come into the countryside (which we have managed alone for millennia) and tell us what to do before insulting us in every conceivable way… by Ami Sutton, Ashburton (letter)

Bath Chronicle 3.10.13 Don't kill – vaccinations will rid us of TB - It's an outrage that this government, is going ahead with this senseless and cruel badger cull in Somerset and South Gloucester supported by our B&NES MPs, Don Foster and Jacob Rees-Mogg… Delyth Morris Westbury View Peasedown St John Bath (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.10.13 Badger lovers refuse to listen to others - What an excellent and very sensible article by Philip Bowern ("Giving badgers greater protection than other species makes no sense", September 28). Perhaps toy makers should make more water voles instead of badgers. Why are Graham Forsyth, Dr Vernon Coleman and others so against farmers?... Helen Capel Winscombe, North Somerset (letter)

Western Daily Press 3.10.13 Take up the plight of animals back in US - I suggest to Rebecca Reid that she should go back to the United States and fight the wanton cruelty to animals in her own country, such as trimming of dogs' ears, shooting of wild horses from helicopters, docking of horses tails, the unjustifiable confining of factory-farmed animals, pigs being the worst example, denied freedom of movement and kept in crates the whole of their lives etc… Mrs B Cooper Nether Stowey, Somerset (letter)

Argus 3.10.13 We should go vegan to ease global warming - News that scientists are 95% certain humans are the “dominant cause” of global warming since the 1950s is alarming… switching to a vegan diet would help stop global warming. It would also benefit our health and the animals. Emma Richards, Halland Road, Brighton (letter)


Western Morning News 2.10.13 Artist's tribute to the hounds – 'tolerant, gentle and sociable rural ambassadors' - Westcountry artist Virginia 'Ginnie' Pope has put her drawing skills to work in aid of the Eggesford Hunt. She has created a pastel drawing of huntsman Gary Boon and his young entry (above) to make one of the special prizes for a Grand Draw to raise money for the North Devon-based hunt…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 2.10.13 Tally ho! Search for riding details - BEFORE the hunting ban, fox hunting was extremely popular in the Gloucestershire area given the natural landscape of our county… Although this may not be a photograph of them, below, the county's Fox Hunting Club was established well before the date of this image, November 1964… (story)

Western Morning News 2.10.13 Brian May at the front line in "bloody badger" land By WMN_PGoodwin - Queen guitarist and spiritual leader of the anti-cull movement Brian May took to Twitter to document his visit to Camp Badger. The musician tweeted a series of updates to his 148,000 followers from his personal account – Dr Brian May, Rocket Ship Builder… (story)
Western Morning News 2.10.13 Brian May visits Somerset badger cull zone - Queen guitarist and anti-cull activist Brian May visited West Somerset as the badger cull in the area entered its final days. It was the second visit of the rock legend and high-profile opponent to one of the two pilot cull areas, following his trip to Gloucestershire last month… (story)
Western Daily Press 2.10.13 Badger activist Brian May joins protestors on final days of cull - Queen guitarist and anti-cull activist Brian May visited West Somerset as the badger cull in the area entered its final days…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 2.10.13 Trust's bid to extend badger vaccinations - THE first non-Government organisation in the country to launch a vaccination programme for badgers is proposing extending it into Stroud. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust is opposing the badger cull in the county, after administering a vaccination programme over the past three years in its 60 nature reserves…. (story)

Western Daily Press 2.10.13 MP calls for end to animal product tests - Kerry McCarthy, MP for Bristol East, is calling for a Government ban on household product testing on animals. Labour MP Ms McCarthy, has joined forces with international organisation, Cruelty Free International, to request the Government make good on its pledge to introduce a ban for testing household products and their ingredients on animals… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 2.10.13 MP's go vegan for Gandhi's birthday - A number of MP's are going vegan for Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, in honour of International Day of Non-Violence… The representatives who will be leaving animals off their plates today include: Former Olympics Minister Dame Tessa Jowell MP, Dulwich and West Norwood; Adrian Sanders MP, Torbay; the Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, Angela Smith MP, Penistone and Stocksbridge; the Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, Dave Watts MP, St Helens North; Frank Doran MP, Aberdeen North; Grahame Morris MP, Easington; Martin Horwood MP, Cheltenham; Nic Dakin MP, Scunthorpe; the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Department of Transport, Norman Baker MP, Lewes; Teresa Pearce MP, Erith and Thamesmead; and the Shadow International Development Minister, Tony Cunningham MP, Workington. A number of parliamentarians responded to PETA's request by saying that they are already vegan. These include: the Shadow Economic Secretary, Cathy Jamieson MP, Kilmarnock and Loudoun; the Shadow Minister for Communities and Local Government, Chris Williamson MP, Derby North; and the Shadow Foreign Office Minister, Kerry McCarthy MP, Bristol East. … (story)
Argus 30.9.13 Lewes MP Norman Baker to go vegan - for a day - A government minister has said he will go vegan for a day to mark a spiritual leader’s birthday….. (story)
Torquay Herald Express 28.9.13 Torbay MP in tribute to Gandhi - By HETinaCrowson - Adrian Sanders, Torbay's Member of Parliament, has told People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that he will be going vegan for Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, 2 October, in honour of the celebrated spiritual leader… (story)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 27.9.13 MP to go vegan to mark Gandhi's birthday By david_scun - SCUNTHORPE MP Nic Dakin has pledged to go vegan for a day as part of an initiative by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organisation. The event is set for Wednesday, October 2 and is in honour of spiritual Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, who would have celebrated his birthday on that day… (story)


Guardian 1.10.13 Look, a badger – kill it! The current badger cull is the latest chapter in a long history of persecution. Our relationship with Britain's largest surviving carnivore is based on fear, superstition and ignorance - Patrick Barkham - A dozen strong men to dig. A dozen good dogs wearing collars and bells to work underground. A large spade…. (story)

Guardian 1.10.13 The badger cull is disrupting wildlife and dividing communities Posted by Natalie Bennett - The Green party is opposed to the cull, and going on patrol with badger protection volunteers in Somerset further reinforced this position for me… Suddenly there's an animal scream, down it seems from the depth of a valley. Then another one. It's probably a fox … (story)

Western Daily Press 1.10.13 No let-up in badger cull protesting By JEFF WELLS - Campaigners against the badger cull say there will be no let-up in their efforts to protect the animals, despite reports marksmen are "giving up". Liz Gaffer, from Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting, said she would continue running wounded badger patrols in the county…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 28.9.13 Shooters 'put off' by cull protesters By Michael Yong - PROTESTORS against a badger cull in Gloucestershire have claimed marksmen have stopped shooting the animals because of a combined effort. The campaigners against the cull have been out in force over the last three weeks… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 28.9.13 Badger cull: No let up in wounded badger patrols By Phil Norris - CAMPAIGNERS against the badger cull are not stepping down their efforts to protect the animals, despite reports marksmen are ‘giving up’. Liz Gaffer, from Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting, said she will continue running wounded badger patrols in the county. She said: “There is nothing to suggest the cull has stopped…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 27.9.13 Badger cull in Gloucestershire has come to a halt – protestors By Michael_Yong - PROTESTORS against a badger cull in Gloucestershire have claimed marksmen have stopped shooting the animals because of a combined effort. The campaigners against the cull have been out in force over different parts of the county over the last three weeks… With more than 900 people in various cull zones throughout the last three weeks, groups have now claimed the marksmen have given up… (story)

Western Morning News 1.10.13 Farm inspector sacked after comparing NFU chief to dictator - A farm inspector from Somerset who tweeted critical comments about the badger cull has now been sacked after the National Farmers' Union (NFU) complained to ministers about her views. Janice Holland had worked for the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) since 2001, visiting farms to ensure claims for agricultural grants were not being falsified. She made a series of remarks on Twitter… (story)
Western Daily Press 30.9.13 Farm inspector loses her job over cull tweets - A farm inspector who criticised the badger cull on the internet has reportedly been sacked after the National Farmers' Union complained to ministers. Janice Holland, who had worked for Defra in Taunton, had made comments criticising the effectiveness of the cull and derogatory comments about the NFU and its president Peter Kendall, the Sunday Times reported…. (story)

Western Morning News 1.10.13 Brian May visits Somerset badger cull zone - Queen guitarist and anti-cull activist Brian May is visiting West Somerset as the badger cull in the area enters its final days. Today was the second visit of the rock legend and high-profile opponent to one of the two pilot cull areas following his trip to Gloucestershire last month…. (story)

Western Morning News 1.10.13 Tories 'will not ignore' TB disease in cattle - Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has criticised Labour for allowing tuberculosis in cattle to ravage South West farming, and promised not to "walk away" from the problem…. (story)

Western Morning News 1.10.13 Is there any real concern for badgers? - Where in Graham Forsyth’s rather childish anti farmer rant is there any real concern for the badgers who are dying of TB. This is a painful and awful death which will occur underground out of sight of the animal lovers who have been shown endless photos of healthy, happy animals… by Elizabeth Fowler, Instow (letter)

Western Morning News 1.10.13 Vocal minority gets the most publicity - What a nauseating spectacle to see a mini crusade of people with badger masks and bearing candles parading through the streets. These are the same people who will call in the pest control to destroy a wasps nest or to put down anti coagulant poison to kill rats in a slow lingering way… by B W Dymock, Yealmpton (letter)

Western Morning News 1.10.13 Only way forward is animal vaccination - I continue to be dismayed at the way the media is reporting on the badger cull. The Government and NFU are sending out so much misinformation to try to convince the public that the cull will solve the problem and help farmers when the actual facts are the opposite…. by Jenny Pike (letter)

Western Gazette 1.10.13 Bake With Compassion Vegan Cake Sale - Compassionate Dorset will be celebrating BAKE WITH COMPASSION MONTH in aid of the charity Compassion in World Farming… Date: Saturday, October 05, 2013 (story)

Oxford Mail 1.10.13 Saying thank you on behalf of the animals - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Oxford for their generosity in raising £186.88 at a street collection on September 26… ISOBEL HUTCHINSON Animal Aid collection co-ordinator East Avenue Oxford (letter)