October 2014

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Third Sector 31.10.14 Four charities have registered as non-party campaigners under the lobbying act - Since 19 September, Heart UK, the League Against Cruel Sports, Stonewall and the Woodland Trust have signed up with the Electoral Commission. Six weeks after the first regulated period under the lobbying act began, a total of four charities have registered with the Electoral Commission as non-party campaigners…. (story)

Tewkesbury Admag 31.10.14 Villages compete to be top of the shops - TWO village shops are to go head to head in a contest to find the UK's best local shopping experience. Feckenham Community Shop in Worcestershire and Yarpole Community Shop in Herefordshire are competing for the village shop champion of champions title in the Countryside Alliance Awards…. (story)
Northumberland Gazette 31.10.14 Long-running village shop needs support - A businessman who has run his shop for more than four decades is in contention to win a prestigious competition – but needs the public’s help to land the prize. David Carr, from the Village Shop, Longframlington, has been entered in the Village Shop/Post Office category of the Countryside Alliance Champion of Champion Awards… (story)
Western Daily Press 31.10.14 Best village shop? West stores feature in Rural Oscars By TristanCork - They are the flagships of the rural economy, gluing village life together and connecting farmers with consumers with not a supermarket lorry in sight. Now the past winners of the ‘Rural Oscars’ are being back into competition against each other to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Countryside Alliance Awards…. (story)
Redditch Advertiser 27.10.14 Vote for Feckenham Village Shop to be crowned Champion of Champions at Rural Oscars by Helen Clarke - THE Countryside Alliance Awards, also known as the Rural Oscars, are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a special Champion of Champions scheme. Redditch MP Karen Lumley is urging her constituents to support Feckenham Village Shop in November’s public vote as it bids to be crowned the best of the best…. (story)

FarmingUK 31.10.14 Government needs action on fly-tipping, Countryside Alliance warns - The Countryside Alliance has called on the government to address the 20% increase in fly-tipping incidents on public land last year…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 31.10.14 HELPING BADGERS: Rock legend Brian May joins forces with Derbyshire artist Pollyanna Pickering By SARAH NORTH - DERBYSHIRE wildlife artist Pollyanna Pickering has joined forces with legendary guitarist Brian May in a new venture to help raise funds for the vaccination of badgers… Pollyanna created a new painting of badgers, Safe Haven, live on television, which is now to be released as a limited edition print. Brian has co-signed the first 10 prints with Pollyanna… (story)

Whitby Gazette 31.10.14 Campaign group is cooking up a storm - Animal rights campaigners have got a beef with a tiny village in the Esk Valley called Fryup. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) think the village name is too synonymous with the greasy traditional English breakfast and want to make it sound more healthy. So to coincide with World Vegan day tomorrow PETA has asked North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) to change the name of the village, which has links back to Anglo-Saxon times. It wants the village to be known as Vegan Fryup for the day… (story)

Western Morning News 31.10.14 Think of the animals on Bonfire Night by Kate Fowler Animal Aid (letter)
Argus 31.10.14 Fireworks frighten wildlife - As Halloween and Bonfire Night approach, spare a thought for the animals and birds who may be terrified by the crashes and flashes…. Kate Fowler, Animal Aid Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)


Southern Reporter 30.10.14 Sheriff takes aim at bid to boost SSPCA powers - A Borders sheriff has launched a blistering attack on plans to extend the powers of SSPCA inspectors to investigate wildlife crime. In so doing, Kevin Drummond, who stood down from full-time work in 2013 after 13 years on the local bench, has set himself on a collision course with animal welfare campaigners… (story)

Sussex Express 30.10.14 animal welfare - Animal lover Liz Varney from Dallington, Heathfield, was honoured with a special award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare at the House of Lords last week….. (story)

30.10.14 Vegan cake maker to bake celebratory bake for World Vegan Day By Yasmin_Duffin - A Fleckney cake maker has been chosen to bake a cake to celebrate 70 years of the Vegan Society. Michelle Orme, who owns The Vegan Cakery will be baking the cake to celebrate World Vegan Day tomorrow…. (story)


York Press 29.10.14 Huntsman’s trial date set - The case against Joint Master and Huntsman for the Middleton Hunt, Tom Holt,was before Scarborough Magistrates today and was adjourned until 12 February 2015 for trial…. (story)
York Press 8.10.14 Member of Middleton Hunt denies animal cruelty and fox-hunting charges by Gavin Aitchison - A third member of the Middleton Hunt appeared in court this afternoon/yesterday following an investigation into animal cruelty and fox hunting allegations…. (story)
Malton & Pickering Mercury 7.10.14 Middleton Hunt member denies animal cruelty allegation - A third member of the Middleton Hunt appeared in court this afternoon following an investigation into animal cruelty and fox hunting allegations. Terrierman Lee Martin, 44, is accused of blocking up a badger sett in woodland during a hunt meeting at Scrayingham, near Malton… (story)
York Press 13.9.14 Second Middleton Hunt member charged with sett interference - A SECOND member of the Middleton Hunt appeared in court yesterday following an investigation by the League Against Cruel Sports. Kennel huntsman Barry Andrews, 33, is accused of interfering with a badger sett in woods at Bossall, Malton, by restricting the entrance… (letter)
Scarborough News 12.9.14 Huntsman appears in court - A second member of the Middleton Hunt appeared in court following an investigation by the League Against Cruel Sports. Kennel huntsman Barry Andrews, 33, is accused of interfering with a badger sett in woods at Bossall, Malton, by restricting the entrance... (story)
York Press 4.9.14 Huntsman in court on fox-hunting charge - THE joint master of the Middleton Hunt appeared in court yesterday accused of a fox-hunting offence. Tom Holt, 28, is charged with hunting a wild mammal with dogs at Knapton Lodge, West Knapton, Malton, last February 19… (story)

Farming Life 29.10.14 Opening meeting for Route Hunt at Limavady - By 12.15pm 27 horses and riders and several followers on foot were ready to set off. Hunt Master Philip White thanked the Scott family for the use of their yard for parking and for allowing the hunt the use of their land. He also thanked Gerard McCloskey for organising the hunt…. (story)

Oxford Mail 29.10.14 Review tells RSPCA to rethink animal cruelty prosecutions role after Heythrop Hunt case - A REVIEW of the RSPCA’s policy on prosecutions for animal cruelty, ordered after a controversial action against the Chipping Norton-based Heythrop Hunt, says it should leave cases of alleged illegal hunting to the police and Crown Prosecution Service... (story)
Mail on Sunday 12.10.14 Revealed: How the RSPCA has spent £22.5million on prosecutions with lawyers pocketing up to £1,200-a-day for cases - By Valerie Ellliot For The Mail On Sunday - The RSPCA is under pressure to drop its right to bring prosecutions after it spent £22.5 million on legal bills over two years. An independent review that uncovered the cost also showed that the RSPCA has been paying excessive legal fees. Lawyers were paid up to £1,200 a day in some cases – higher than the amounts paid to state prosecutors in child cruelty cases…. But, two days after the review was published, the charity launched a prosecution against the Cattistock hunt in Dorset. On October 3, a summons was served to Will Bryer, joint master and huntsman, to appear in court later this month… (story)
Horse & Hound 10.10.14 CA claims RSPCA should not prosecute - Sophia Heath - The Countryside Alliance (CA) has argued that an independent review into the RSPCA’s prosecution policy has not addressed the “fundamental question” as to whether the body should be prosecuting at all… (story)
Western Morning News 3.10.14 Countryside Alliance welcomes call on RSPCA to rethink animal cruelty prosecutions - The RSPCA’s unique legal position, which makes it both the main investigator and chief prosecutor in animal welfare cases must change, says a top laywer. Philip Bowern reports… (story)
Mail 2.10.14 RSPCA 'should stop trying to prosecute fox hunters': Inquiry tells charity to rethink taking animal cruelty cases to court By Steve Doughty, Social Affairs Correspondent For The Daily Mail - The RSPCA should stop attempting to bring criminal prosecutions against hunts, an independent inquiry found yesterday. The charity should also rethink its longstanding role of taking animal cruelty cases to court, and help develop a new system in which it would work with Government agencies to bring offenders to book… (story)
Western Daily Press 1.10.14 Hunts are flouting the law, but it's too expensive for RSPCA to prosecute them - Wooler report By TristanCork - Hunts are engaging in ‘widespread and public disregard for the law’, but the RSPCA should think twice about prosecuting them because it costs so much money. That was the controversial verdict of an independent review of the RSPCA’s policy on prosecuting animal cruelty cases, following the furore over the charity spending hundreds of thousands of pounds taking a West hunt to court… (story)
Telegraph 1.10.14 RSPCA should stop prosecuting hunting and animal cruelty, report finds - A report commissioned by the charity says it should hand responsibility for prosecutions to the police and CPS to prevent further reputational damage By Tom Brooks-Pollock – The RSPCA should no longer prosecute hunting and animal cruelty suspects to prevent further damage to the charity’s reputation in light of high-profile failed court cases, an independent report argues… Accusations that the charity had become too politicised – following a series of controversial prosecutions - led the charity last year to commission Stephen Wooler, a former Crown Prosecution Service investigator, to write the report… (story)
Horse & Hound 1.10.14 RSPCA to adapt its approach following review - Sophia Heath - The RSPCA should continue its role as a prosecuting body, so says an independent review that concluded this week. However, the organisation has accepted it needs to adapt its approach to law enforcement. The review was ordered in January after more than a year of criticism against the RSPCA’s legal activities… (story)

Western Morning News 29.10.14 Will huntsmen need to carry dog leads? The Government is to introduce Draconian fines for persons who fail to keep their dogs fully under control. The other day in the WMN there was a picture of East Cornwall Hunt making their usual early start to the (drag) hunting season. I counted at least 20 hounds in the picture, all running free. I wonder how the new laws will be applied, should the hounds decide to chase a pet cat or even a wild rabbit.... by Mike Baker St Austell (letter)

Worcester News 29.10.14 Snares officially banned on council land in Worcester after politicians label them "inhumane" by Tom Edwards - ANIMAL-KILLING snares have officially been banned on council-owned land in Worcester - after the city council's leadership labelled them "inhumane". From today the snares, which have been used for decades around the UK to trap pests like rats, cannot be used on any land owned by the authority... (story)
Worcester News 27.10.14 Move to ban snares in Worcester about to be launched by Tom Edwards, Political Reporter - A MOVE to ban snares on land across Worcester is on the verge of being finalised, it has emerged. Worcester City Council's Conservative leadership is about to outlaw the controversial use of the pest-catching devices on all its land after concerns the tactic is inhumane… (story)

Guardian 29.10.14 Badger cull campaigners lose legal battle - Court of appeal rules against Badger Trust’s claim that lack of an independent panel to monitor government’s latest round of culls is unlawful - Adam Vaughan - A legal challenge to how the government monitors the humaneness of it badger culls has been defeated. The Badger Trust applied for a judicial review in August to declare the lack of an independent team monitoring of a second round of culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire unlawful. But on Wednesday the court of appeal rejected the Trust’s challenge, meaning any future culls would be able to go ahead without such monitoring... (story)
Telegraph 29.10.14 Badger cull protesters lose legal battle - Court of Appeal judges dismiss campaigners' claim Government acting unlawfully by allowing latest badger culls to go ahead without monitoring by independent expert panel... (story)
BBC News Online 29.10.14 Badger campaigners lose Court of Appeal legal battle - Campaigners have lost a legal battle at the Court of Appeal over the culling of badgers. The Badger Trust had accused the government of letting the latest pilot culls go ahead without an independent expert panel (IEP). They asked three judges to rule there was a "legitimate expectation" that the expert monitors would be put in place. But Lord Justice Davis, Lord Justice Christopher Clarke and Lord Justice Bean dismissed their case.... (story)

Stoke Sentinel 29.10.14 Stoke-on-Trent Animal Rights hosting free discussion event in Newcastle - AN animal rights group is holding a free discussion event next month. Stoke-on-Trent Animal Rights is hosting the event at the Methodist School Rooms in Merrial Street, Newcastle from 12pm to 3pm on Saturday, November 15... (story)


BBC News Online 28.10.14 Tintern stag caught in wire had to be put to sleep - A stag whose antlers and head became entangled in discarded wire had to be put to sleep after damaging its throat, the RSPCA has said…. (story)

Bristol Post 28.10.14 Street collection raised funds for Animal Defenders International - FOUNDED in 1990, Animal Defenders International (ADI) actively works to protect animals in entertainment and research by lobbying for legislative change, public awareness campaigns and implements worldwide rescue and rehoming programmes. A street collection to raise funds for our animal rescue work was held in Bristol on October 18 and our collector Gil Osman raised £28.41… Jan Creamer President, Animal Defenders International (letter)

Sunderland Echo 28.10.14 Sunderland ready for North East Vegan Festival - THOUSANDS of vegetarians, vegans and curious omnivores are set to descend on Wearside as Sunderland hosts the region’s second annual meat-free festival. The Stadium of Light was chosen as the venue for the first North East Vegan Festival (NeVFest) last year, pulling in 1,600 visitors from across the UK… Founder Gareth Edwards said: “This year the event will have two live music stages, a Pamper Zone, kids zone – and will be especially welcoming to non-vegans who can come and try a great range of food.”… (story)


Belfast Telegraph 27.10.14 North Down fox hunt is 'cancelled' as saboteurs stage protest - A row has erupted after hunt saboteurs claimed to have halted the season's first fox hunt in North Down by staging a protest at its kennels. The newly formed Hunt Saboteur NI group said the first hunt was cancelled at the last minute after the group demonstrated outside North Down Hunt Kennels in Comber…. A spokesman for North Down Hunt said members were appalled by the "breach of their civil rights". "They invaded the kennels until the police came and threw them into the road. Not one day's hunting has been lost. Nothing was happening - they were just feeding the dogs," he said…. (story)

Western Daily Press 27.10.14 Hunting is a minority pastime but many of its followers always quote the three axioms for it to continue: 1. It helps to preserve the rural way of life; 2. Pest control; 3. Disposal of "fallen stock". To answer 1 above: So few people are actually involved in hunting, and to see it continues comes at a great cost to both farmers and the rural dwellers who see the grass verges churned up by the array of 4x4… Some hunts actually use a "bagged fox"… in summary, hunting with hounds provides too great a risk to both the farming community and the countryside leisure industries as a vector for the transmission of so many diseases in the countryside…. Graham Forsyth Chard, Somerset (letter)

Western Morning News 27.10.14 Country notebook, by Philip Bowern - On a drive up to Exford the other day I found myself dodging pheasants for the last half hour of my journey. Between Oakfordbridge and Exford village, on the narrow winding roads with the youthful river Exe on one side and the rising ground towards the moor proper on the other, pheasants in their hundreds wander, seemingly oblivious, until the very last moment, of the danger from passing cars… A week later I was out on the first day of the new season with the small syndicate I belong to. It was an ‘outside day’ – effectively an armed ramble around the boundaries of the shoot with just the chance of a bird… (story)

Western Morning News 27.10.14 Rural voters feel alienated by coalition Government – poll By GDemianyk - The rural vote is “up for grabs” as voters in the countryside believe emphatically that the coalition Government has not done enough for them, polling has suggested. A survey commissioned by the Countryside Alliance found that 86% of rural voters feel they have been alienated by the Tories and Lib Dems in power…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 27.10.14 Barbaric horse racing - Last Saturday I visited Cheltenham to observe how some humans make money at the expense of horses, while others are spectators seeking entertainment…. Horse racing is barbaric and a blood sport. It kills the horses slowly and it tells a lot about us as people…. Axmed Bahjad Fleet Street Swindon (letter)

Western Daily Press 27.10.14 The 40-year-old badger TB debate shows no sign of ending, even though it has now vanished off into a virtual reality parallel Alice in Wonderland universe…. Neither badger culls nor badger vaccinations will have the slightest effect on the spread of cattle TB because all the herd breakdowns supposedly "due to badgers" are in fact caused by mis-identified TB cattle; so-called false positive unconfirmed cattle reactor cases found so early they do not have TB lung lesions. M Hancox Stroud, Gloucestershire (story)


Western Daily Press 26.10.14 Hunt ban is failing and hunters need 'to be jailed' - new campaign claims By TristanCork - The ban on hunting is failing to prosecute ‘widespread’ illegal hunting and should be strengthened by the next Labour Government, a new campaign has suggested. A Campaign to Strengthen the Hunting Act has been started by the anti-hunt Hunt Monitors’ Association, and calls for magistrates to be given powers to jail guilty hunters for up to six months, rather than the four-figure fines imposed now…. (story)

Northumberland Gazette 26.10.14 SPECIAL FEATURE: Fox hunting and the ban ten years on … For the ban: Michael Stephenson, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports… Against the ban: Tim Bonner, Countryside Alliance director of campaigns… (story)

Independent on Sunday 26.10.14 The mystery of the 1,000 greyhounds who retire and then vanish - ROSAMUND UNWIN - Every year, one in eight greyhounds “disappears” at the end of its racing career, with some dogs being sold for research and dissection, a leading animal welfare charity claims. The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) estimates that around 1,000 of the approximately 8,000 greyhounds retiring from racing annually are not rehomed and are unaccounted for…. (story)

Time Out 26.10.14 For fox sake: Behind the scenes at The Fox Project - If you have an accident, you call 999. But what do you do if you find yourself in a fox emergency? And what exactly is a fox emergency? Alexi Duggins finds out by spending the day at a south London hospital with a difference. Photography Jack Latimer… (story)


Telegraph 25.10.14 Bob Lambert, undercover cops, and the awful cost of sleeping with the enemy - In adopting a persona, the secret policemen of the SDS seem to have lost touch with reality. By Glenda Cooper - Giving birth is a messy, painful, exhilarating process – and one of the most precious and intimate of experiences a couple can share. No wonder Bob Robinson burst into tears the first time he held his son, as his partner Jacqui, exhausted after a 14-hour labour, looked on proudly…. Last week, Jacqui reportedly won £425,000 in compensation from the Met Police…. Lambert had met Jacqui at an animal rights protest in 1984. He was in his thirties; she was 22. She was a regular hunt saboteur, but didn’t subscribe to violence… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 25.10.14 Charity says it cannot support plans to boost SSPCA powers By Cameron Brooks - An organisation that promotes countryside pursuits has claimed plans to crack down on wildlife crime are flawed. The Scottish Countryside Alliance said it backed the view of prosecutors and the police that plans to increase investigatory powers for welfare charity Scottish SPCA would create conflict between its campaigning and prosecution roles and could damage public confidence…. (story)

Oxford Mail 25.10.14 Protest against the culling of badgers goes through Oxford - ORGANISERS say about 300 people took part in protest against the culling of badgers in Oxford this afternoon. The protest – supported by Care for the Wild and the Badger Trust – started at 1pm at the Radcliffe Camera, in Radcliffe Square… (story)
Oxford Mail 23.10.14 Badger cull protest in Oxford to be held this weekend - A protest against the culling of badgers will go through Oxford on Saturday. .. Speakers include anti-cull spokesman Dominic Dyer, Peter Martin from Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting and a spokesman from the Somerset Badger Patrol. Organiser Emily Lawrence said: “I’m just an ordinary member of the public but it’s people like me who are upset about this… (story)
Oxford Mail 23.10.14 Join our march against inhumane badger cull … If you feel that the Government’s strategy needs to change and that the badger cull is inhumane, unscientific and ineffective, please join the march against Cameron’s cull being organised by the Badger Trust on October 25 at 1pm. Meet at the Radcliffe Camera, Radcliffe Square…. Julia Hammett Oxfordshire Badger Group Hurst Rise Road Cumnor Hill (story)

Local Berkshire 25.10.14 Animal welfare group raises funds through 'baking with compassion' in Wokingham Market - ANIMAL lovers dedicated to taking the cruelty out of factory farming manned a cake stall to raise funds for their cause. It was organised at Wokingham Market on Friday, October 3, by members of the Wokingham branch of Compassion in World Farming (CIWF). Cyndy Bunton organised the annual ‘bake with compassion’ event and thanked everyone who supported it… (story)


Mail 24.10.14 RSPB 'spends only quarter of its cash on saving birds': Sir Ian Botham leads landowners' blast at charity By Ben Spencer, Science Reporter for the Daily Mail - A group of landowners has accused Britain’s biggest nature charity of misleading donors over how it spends its money. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds claims to spend 90 per cent of its income on conservation work. But the landowners – led by former cricketer and keen shot Sir Ian Botham – said the charity was more interested in political lobbying than protecting wildlife…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 24.10.14 Ian Botham leads landowners' criticisms of RSPB - Cricket legend Sir Ian Botham has led the criticisms by a group of landowners of the RSPB… Sir Ian, who runs a commercial shoot at his home in North Yorkshire and is one of the leaders of the You Forgot The Birds campaign… (story)

Mail 24.10.14 Animal rights 'extremists' offer Cambridge undergraduates money in exchange for personal details of students involved with experiments on animals By GEMMA MULLIN FOR MAILONLINE - Animal rights extremists are offering undergraduates at Cambridge University money in exchange for personal details of students involved with experiments on animals. A newly founded network known as the National Operation Anti-Vivisection (NOAV) has covered parts of Cambridge in posters encouraging students to ‘shop’ their peers for cash…. Spokesman William Evans told student newspaper Varsity: ‘It is high time that universities move into the 21st century and start promoting human relevant research, such as computer modelling and micro-dosing.’… (story)

Mail 24.10.14 Metropolitan Police agrees to pay £425,000 compensation to woman who had child by undercover officer: She had 'psychiatric care after learning of his real identity' By MARK DUELL FOR MAILONLINE - The Metropolitan Police will pay more than £400,000 in compensation to a woman who had a child by an undercover officer, it was claimed today. The woman, known only as Jacqui, has a son with Bob Lambert, who was revealed in 2012 as a member of the now-defunct Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) which placed officers in deep-cover roles between 1968 and 2008…. (story)
Guardian 23.10.14 Met police to pay more than £400,000 to victim of undercover officer - Female activist who was traumatised after discovering that the father of her son was a spy is to receive compensation - Rob Evans - The Metropolitan police are to pay more than £400,000 to a woman who has been profoundly traumatised after discovering by chance that the father of her son was an undercover police officer… (story)


Horse & Hound 23.10.14 Organic food business bans hunting on its land - Sophia Heath - An organic farm has stopped a hunt using land where it grows some of its vegetables after pressure from anti-hunting protestors. Riverford Organic Farm started receiving abuse on social media earlier this month for reportedly supporting the South Devon Hunt.... (story)
Torquay Herald Express 22.10.14 Hunting banned on Riverford land after online storm By HECAbbott - THE siblings of Riverford Organic Farms founder Guy Watson have banned hunting on their land after the ethical business was accused of double standards when a hunt was seen on land it rents… (story)
BBC News Online 21.10.14 Riverford organic food firm bans hunt - An organic food company has stopped a hunt using land where it grows some of its vegetables following protests. It said the South Devon Hunt hunt was no longer permitted on land owned by Louise Watson, of the family behind Riverford in Totnes, Devon…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.10.14 Riverford veg-box company bans fox hunt using Devon land - THE owner of an ethical food box delivery company in Buckfastleigh has stopped a hunt using land where it grows some of its vegetables…. Founder Guy Watson said he and his family had made the decision following "customer feedback"…. (story)
Telegraph 6.10.14 Riverford founder hits back at fox-hunting allegations By Rebecca Burn-Callander, Enterprise Editor - Ethical vegetable box delivery company Riverford has come under fire for allegedly allowing "cubbing" - the practice of culling newborn fox cubs before the official fox hunting season - on its farmland. A petition was posted on social change website 38degrees claiming that a fox hunt was spotted on Riverford land during the early hours of October 1… (story)
Western Morning News 4.10.14 Ethical veg-box farm defends renting land used by local hunt - The owner of an ethically-run organic farm and home delivery business in Devon has defended its decision to rent land used by a local hunt. Guy Watson took to social media after opponents of hunting accused Riverford, in Buckfastleigh, of “double standards”…. (story)
Horse & Hound 3.10.14 Organic food business victim of anti-hunt abuse - Sophia Heath - An organic food company has received abuse on social media for appearing to support its local hunt. Guy Watson, who owns Riverford Organic Farms, has been subject to criticism on Facebook and Twitter. His sister Louise is a joint-master of the South Devon… Mr Watson released a statement to try and explain the position… “My family is made up of individuals who agree on most things and disagree on a few. My sister Louise, who I love dearly, rides and hunts. I don’t agree with her but I tolerate her position. She allows fox hunting on her land; I don’t on mine.”… (story)

Mancunian Matters 23.10.14 'Sick' battery cages for game birds could get the chop as Manchester MPs back ban By Jack Howson - Cramped into tiny cages, battling horrible injuries and traumatised all for the purpose of being shot. This is the life more than 50million pheasants and partridges endure in the UK every year as they are reared in battery cages before being shot for sport. But Manchester’s MPs are giving the birds a voice and have come out in support of a leading animal charity’s call for a total ban on cages for game birds. Animal Aid, the UK’s largest animal rights charity, launched their campaign last month after exposing the terrible breeding conditions in an undercover investigation… (story)

Scotsman 23.10.14 Bird crime facts - Your article, “Wildlife crime against birds of prey hits five-year high” (21 October), reports on the publication of wildlife crime statistics by the Scottish Government – statistics that are very useful as we continue to develop our strategies to prevent such incidents. However, there is also a need to ensure the statistics are properly understood. The headline on the article was misleading in this regard as bird of prey crimes have been declining overall for some years…. Tim Baynes Scottish Land & Estates Moorland Group Musselburgh (letter)


Western Morning News 22.10.14 Harassment and intimidation in the badger cull zone - Andrew Guest, county chairman of Gloucestershire NFU, has paid tribute to those who supported farmers in the county during the pilot badger cull. Speaking behalf of the licensed company that carried out the cull he thanked the farmers and residents of West Gloucestershire for their patience and support…. (story)


Teesdale Mercury 21.10.14 Huntsman ‘pushed in slurry pit’ by saboteur - AN ANNUAL hunt in Teesdale was severely disrupted by protestors amid claims that a huntsman was pushed waist deep into a slurry pit. Police were called in after protestors from the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) came face-to-face with members of Weardale and Tees Valley Beagles at Gilmonby on Monday, October 13, and Tuesday, October 14. The event marked the start of Alston Hare Week, which ended on Saturday and attracted about 80 people from across the country… (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 21.10.14 Blame animal farming - Global warming not Isis or Ebola is the biggest threat to humanity. The easiest way to reduce our carbon footprint is to go vegan…. Max Hey, Fairway Grove, Bradford (letter)


Western Daily Press 20.10.14 Let's widen badger cull zones to stop the sabs – farmers By TristanCork - Farmers across the West want the badger cull trials rolled out to more areas next year – so protestors will be spread too thinly to be able to sabotage it…. Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting said the cull had been a ‘waste of public money’. “It will make no meaningful contribution to the eradication of bTB in local cattle,” said Jeanne Berry… (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 20.10.14 Animal rights campaigners hold anti-fur protest inside Leeds Harvey Nichols - Animal rights campaigners held a vocal protest against the alleged sale of fur clothes inside Harvey Nichols in Leeds. About eight members of the so-called Heartless Harvey Nichols group walked into the Briggate department store brandishing pictures of foxes they claimed were being killed for their hides… Spokesman Luke Steele said: “In the run-up to the festive season we vow to take centre stage with this issue and call on customers to vote with their feet…. (story)

Worcester News 20.10.14 If they are serious about animal welfare, they need to drop the mob rule - Yvonne Birchall (Worcester News 17th October) admits her fellow anti live export protestors shout and scream through megaphones and make threats to the drivers and their families. She accepts they hit and kick the livestock lorries entering the Ramsgate Port but insists this horrendous noise doesn't distress the animals!... Ms Birchall and friends could achieve so much more by using using peaceful and political methods of protest rather than allowing mob rule to hinder the progress of serious animal welfare. Jon Burgess Malvern (letter)
Worcester News 18.10.14 I watch the disgrace of live animal exports day after day - I do appreciate the bigger picture, J Burgess Worcester news 7th Oct, I belong to KAALE… Protesters, I have attended every shipment for the last 3 years as a monitor, shout at the drivers in disgust, bang the cabs but never bang the trailers mindful of the sheep they contain… We ask, ‘is Mr Burgess involved in the trade’? If so he should hang his head in shame. Yvonne Birchall Kent Action Against Live Exports (letter)


Wolverhampton Express & Star 19.10.14 Hounds chase men in charity hunt to raise cash for injured jockeys - Instead of a fox it was people running around Staffordshire farmland. Hounds from the Burne Bloodhounds group then set out to find them as part of the charity hunt with members of the group following close behind on horseback. The event was held to raise vital funds for national charity the Injured Jockeys Foundation… (story)

Shropshire Star 19.10.14 Pictured: The Shropshire countryside as you've never seen it before - These stunning images taken from high above the Shropshire countryside give a bird’s eye view of the county… the photos are the work of two Shropshire amateur photographers William Nevett and Jamie Whelan… Fellow aerial photography fan William Nevett is also a convert to drone photography…. He has spent a number of years photographing the North Shropshire Hunt and the United Pack… (story)

Worcester News 19.10.14 Hunting act stands in way of animal welfare - Both Mrs S Garner and C Stanley (Worcester News 10th October) condemnedRobin Walker MP for his measured comments on the Hunting Act (2004)… The Hunting Act was railroaded through Parliament as part of the old class war with no serious thought for animal welfare…. Jon Burgess Malvern (letter)

Independent on Sunday 19.10.14 'When I grow up, I’m going to be a fur collar': Burberry under fire from animal rights group - British public would be shocked if they knew what happened on fur farms, say 'Save Kimi' campaigners - An international animal welfare group has launched a campaign against the British luxury goods brand Burberry to stop it using real fur in its fashion collections… FOUR PAWS UK Country Manager, Julie Sanders, said: “If the British public knew the horror of what goes on behind the scenes on Finnish fur farms that provide fur to companies like Burberry, they would be shocked… (story)


Western Morning News 18.10.14 Riders "ready to rock and roll" as hunt season gets under way - The first Westcountry hunt of the season is underway in one of the region’s most picturesque spots. The East Cornwall hunt has met for the first time at Minions, on Bodmin moor today. Riders and hounds from the hunt gathered on Saturday morning, officially declaring the season open… (story)

Newcastle Chronicle 18.10.14 Northumberland fox hunting conviction marks rise in prosecution under the Hunting Act By Adam Luke - The conviction of three Northumberland men this week for foxhunting made national headlines. The prosecution was so rare that when District Judge Bernard Begley came to sentence Joint Master Timothy Wyndham Basil Smalley, Huntsman Ian McKie and Kennel Huntsman Andrew Proe of the College Valley and North Northumberland Hunt, he admitted he had no official guidelines at his disposal to help him set the punishment… Andy Swinburne is the League’s first ever field intelligence officer, responsible for combatting offences including dog fighting, badger baiting and all forms of illegal hunting. The former Northumbria Police wildlife crime officer, who in recent years has received awards from the RSPB, RSPCA and Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime charity, helped film the College Valley and North Northumberland Hunt in and around West Kyloe Farm and gave evidence at the Berwick Magistrates’ Court trial this week…. (story)
Newcastle Journal 18.10.14 - Former Northumbria Police officer claims illegal fox hunts are widespread in the region By Adam Luke - An undercover investigator at the centre of three Northumberland huntsmen’s convictions claims the “horrific” practice of fox hunting is still widespread. Andy Swinburne, of the League Against Cruel Sports, gave evidence at the trial of Joint Master Timothy Wyndham Basil Smalley, Huntsman Ian McKie and Kennel Huntsman Andrew Proe of the College Valley and North Northumberland Hunt… In an exclusive interview with The Journal, the 52-year-old has there is still ‘widespread flouting’ of the Hunting Act across the country - not just in the North of England…. (story)
Horse & Hound 16.10.14 Three men found guilty of breaching the 2004 Hunting Act - Sophia Heath - Three members of the College Valley and North Northumberland were found guilty of one charge under the 2004 Hunting Act yesterday (14 October)…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 16.10.14 Illegal fox hunters caught on film by campaigners - THREE illegal fox hunters have been convicted of encouraging their hounds to ignore a set trail and chase a fox that had bolted in fear. Joint master Timothy Smalley, huntsman Ian Mckie and kennel huntsman Andrew Proe were secretly filmed hunting a fox after their dogs had disturbed it…. (story)
Telegraph 14.10.14 Three hunt leaders guilty of illegal fox-hunting - Joint Master Timothy Wyndham Basil Smalley, Ian McKie and Andrew Proe were secretly filmed by League Against Cruel Sports investigators - By Leon Watson … The three were secretly filmed by League Against Cruel Sports investigators as they led a College Valley and North Northumberland Hunt meet on Thursday, February 27, in and around West Kyloe Farm near Lowick…. McKie was fined £1,150 and must pay a £115 victim surcharge and £385 court costs, while Smalley's fine was £2,075 with a victim surcharge of £120 and £385 court costs. Proe must pay a £480 fine with a £48 victim surcharge and £385 costs… The court was shown eight videos recorded by John Shaw and Andrew Swinburne, of the animal rights charity… (story)
Western Morning News 14.10.14 Illegal fox hunters convicted after hounds ignored set trail - Three illegal fox hunters have been convicted of encouraging their hounds to ignore a set trail and chase a fox that had bolted in fear. Joint master Timothy Smalley, huntsman Ian Mckie and kennel huntsman Andrew Proe were secretly filmed hunting a fox after their dogs had disturbed it…. footage presented by the League Against Cruel Sports showed the fox running, the hounds giving chase and then Smalley raising his hat as a signal to his fellow hunters. Volunteers from the charity, John Shaw and Andrew Swinburne, presented eight videos from the hunt, near Lowick, Northumberland, in February after they hid in woodland to observe the meet…. (story)
BBC News Online 14.10.14 Northumberland huntsmen guilty of illegal fox hunting - Three members of a hunt have been found guilty of illegally hunting a fox…. (story)
Western Daily Press 14.10.14 VIDEO: Hunt found guilty of breaching hunt ban in CPS prosecution By TristanCork - Three members of a hunt have been found guilty of illegal hunting in the first of a new wave of prosecutions taken on by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service. The College Valley and North Northumberland Hunt were brought before magistrates in Berwick charged with illegal hunting on two occasions… (story)
Northumberland Gazette 14.10.14 Hunt members found guilty of illegal fox-hunting - Northumberland Hunt were today found guilty of illegally hunting a fox. Appearing before Berwick Magistrates’ Court, joint Master Timothy Wyndham Basil Smalley, huntsman Ian Robert McKie and kennel huntsman, Andrew John Proe, all of the College Valley and North Northumberland Hunt, were convicted of hunting a wild mammal with dogs, contrary to Section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004, following a two-day trial… (story)
Newcastle Chronicle 14.10.14 Northumberland fox hunt was 'shambolic or a sham' says prosecutor By Adam Luke - Verdict due today in trial of three men accused of illegally hunting a fox in Northumberland - A Northumberland hunt was accused of being “either shambolic or a sham” as the trial of three men accused of illegally pursuing foxes continued…. (story)
Newcastle Chronicle 13.10.14 Northumberland huntsmen on trial 'encouraged hounds to chase fox' court hears By Adam Luke - Three leaders of a Northumberland hunt encouraged their hounds to ignore a laid scent and chase foxes instead, a court heard. Joint Master Timothy Wyndham Basil Smalley, huntsman Ian Robert McKie and kennel huntsman Andrew John Proe, are each charged with two counts of hunting a wild mammal with dogs, contrary to Section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004. The trio were filmed secretly during a meet of the College Valley and North Northumberland Hunt in Kyloe near Lowick on Thursday, February 27, by members of animal rights charity the League Against Cruel Sports… (story)
Newcastle Chronicle 13.10.14 Three huntsmen to face trial charged with fox hunting in Northumberland - Three members of the College Valley and North Northumberland Hunt, including the Joint Master and Huntsman, are to face trial charged with illegally hunting a fox. Joint Master, Timothy Wyndham Basil Smalley, Huntsman, Ian Robert McKie and Kennel Huntsman, Andrew John Proe, are each charged with hunting a wild mammal with dogs, contrary to Section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004…. (story)
Northumberland Gazette 10.10.14 Northumberland foxhunting trial starts next week - Three members of the College Valley and North Northumberland Hunt are due to face trial at Berwick Magistrates’ Court on Monday and Tuesday next week charged with illegally hunting a fox. Joint Master Timothy Wyndham Basil Smalley, Huntsman Ian Robert McKie and Kennel Huntsman Andrew John Proe are each charged with hunting a wild mammal with dogs, contrary to Section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004…. (story)
Newcastle Journal 30.7.14 Three men to go on trial charged with fox hunting in Northumberland By Michael Brown - Three members of a North East hunt are to go on trial accused of illegal fox hunting. Joint masters of the College Valley and North Northumberland hunt - former champion jockey Ian Robert McKie, 56, from Wooler and Timothy Wyndham Basil Smalley 54, from Berwick - and kennel huntsman Andrew John Proe, from Mindrum, have all denied charges of hunting a wild mammal with dogs… (story)
Berwick Advertiser 29.7.14 Hunt members charged with illegal fox hunting (story)
Northumberland Gazette 29.7.14 Hunt members charged with illegal fox hunting - Three members of the College Valley and North Northumberland Hunt, including the Joint Master and Huntsman, have been charged with illegally hunting a fox. Joint Master, Timothy Wyndham Basil Smalley, Huntsman, Ian Robert McKie and Kennel Huntsman, Andrew John Proe, are each charged with hunting a wild mammal with dogs, contrary to Section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004…. (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 18.10.14 Hark forrard! The chase is on By Charlotte Hofton - TIME to stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood and let joy be unconfined. Fox hunting is on the agenda again. Isn’t that good news? How we’ve missed it. When I say it’s "on the agenda", I mean there’s been an outbreak of rage on the CP letters page following a suggestion from one R. Morrison that fox hunting should be brought back to the Island…. His proposal surely came as manna from heaven to the anti-hunting lobby. They have largely had quite a dull time since the vote was passed to ban fox hunting (exactly ten years ago next month) and Mr Morrison must have had them swooning with excitement at the prospect of trapping this quarry in a corner of the CP letters page and beating the hell out of him… (story)

Leicester Mercury 18.10.14 This vegetarian is biting back - Steve Birch asked how vegetarians can claim that "you can't tell the difference between Quorn mince and the real thing" (Mailbox, October 11). The answer is simple. Many vegetarians, myself included, were once meat eaters…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)

Mancunian Matters 18.10.14 Forced to give a FCUK: Retailer bans angora fur from Manchester store after social media pressure By Hannah Ashcroft - Clothes retailer French Connection (FCUK) have banned angora fur products after a Manchester group's social media campaign 'got' to them…Isobel McNally, head of Manchester Animal Action (MAA) told MM: “The people running the social media campaign did a really good job and that’s the kind of thing that really gets to companies like that…. (story)


Brechin Advertiser 17.10.14 Nominations opened for rural awards - Nominations are being sought for the annual celebration of rural life, produce and communities - the Scottish Rural Awards. Scottish Countryside Alliance and Scottish Field magazine have teamed up to make the awards, dubbed ‘The Scotties’, a true celebration of the best of Scottish rural life…. (story)

Guardian 17.10.14 Badger cull set to fail for second year running - Two-thirds of the way through Gloucestershire cull, fewer than a third of required badgers had been shot - Damian Carrington - The controversial badger cull in England is set to fail for the second year running, with shooters far behind the required number of kills, according to Guardian sources…. The most recent data obtained by the Guardian shows that, two-thirds of the way through the Gloucestershire cull, fewer than a third of the required badgers had been shot. landmark 10-year trial showed that killing too few badgers actually increases TB in cattle as the disturbed badgers scatter…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 17.10.14 Op-Ed: Wendy Higgins, from HSI UK, explains why the badger cull in Gloucestershire has been unnecessary By Michael_Yong - With the badger cull set to end on Sunday night, Wendy Higgins, communications director at Humane Society International (HSI) UK, explains why the badger cull has been unnecessary…. (story)

Worcester News 17.10.14 Worcester protest against badger cull by James Forrest - ANIMAL protection caxmpaigners protested in Worcester this week against the culling of badgers, which is currently taking place in Gloucestershire and Somerset. Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies organised the protest, which was held outside government buildings in Whittington Road…. Ronald Lee, communications officer at Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies, said: "We wanted to send a clear message to the government and to the agencies involved in the badger cull that they should end this slaughter.”… (story)

Stroud News & Journal 17.10.14 SNJ reporter Kate Wilson joins Bill Oddie on Wounded Badger Patrol - As the second badger cull in Gloucestershire and Somerset draws to a close SNJ reporter Kate Wilson joined television presenter Bill Oddie and another 50 anti-cull protesters on a mission to find wounded badgers…. (story)
Mirror 16.10.14 Bill Oddie's badger cull-busters on patrol looking for wounded animals after they have been shot By Adam Lee-Potter - The presenter was joined by a team of volunteers as they spend the night looking for badgers shot and injured as part of the controversial cull… Pete Martin, one of the few men among tonight’s 50 volunteers, says: “Badgers don’t cause TB – it’s farmer’s malpractice… Half-an-hour later we set off in 10 small groups. I’m with Bill, Sue, Edith, wildlife sculptress Lynn Hazel, the league’s CEO Joe Duckworth and Pete… Paul Tillsley, the League’s head of investigations, lives on its 250–acre sanctuary at Barons- down, where he has become a target after a series of successful animal cruelty prosecutions…. Paul can’t even get served in the local pub and only one shop will sell him food… (story)
Western Morning News 11.10.14 Bill Oddie shows support for anti-badger cull patrols - The wildlife presenter and musician Bill Oddie was among a group of high profile anti-badger cull supporters who visited patrol groups in the South West last night in an effort to boost morale. The broadcaster accompanied the chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, Joe Duckworth, the organisation’s secretary, Michael Stephens, and Labour MP for Bristol East, Kerry McCathy, as they were taken on a tour of the Somerset cull zones…. Sara Palmer, from Somerset Against the Badger Cull, a member of Team Badger, said the tour had lifted the spirits of patrol members…. (story)

Worcester News 17.10.14 Thanks for your support for animals - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Worcester for their generosity in contributing £315.46 at a street collection on Saturday, October 4….Ronald Lee Animal Aid Collection Co-ordinator Blakedown (letter)

Scotsman 17.10.14 Scotland ‘a magnet for circuses using wild animals’ by JANE BRADLEY - ANIMAL rights campaigners have warned that Scotland could become a “destination” for travelling circuses using wild animals in their act as government plans to outlaw the practice are delayed until next year…. Jan Creamer, president of Animal Defenders International (ADI), said: “Scotland appeared to be making swift progress on the issue of wild animals in circuses, so we are disappointed to hear there may be a delay…. (story)

Camden New Journal 17.10.14 Police called to new foie gras protest in Primrose Hill By ALINA POLIANSKAYA - POLICE were put on standby as dozens of protesters held a fresh demonstration outside a Primrose Hill butcher’s shop over its sale of foie gras. Armed with loudspeakers and placards, animal rights campaigners, led by two vegan activist sisters, picketed the new Jack O’Shea Butchers in Regent’s Park Road on Saturday afternoon…. Jane Frampton, 33, who founded the London Vegan Action group with her sister Phoebe Frampton, 23, said: “The practice is so bad it is banned here, so it is really important that we get it stopped…. (story)


Craven Herald & Pioneer 16.10.14 Hunting has changed beyond all recognition by Lesley Tate - I'VE never been hunting, despite having had offers over the years. As a young horse owner down South, the Garth and South Berks Hunt regularly swept through the village where I lived… The Hunting Act of 2004 made it illegal to hunt wild mammals with dogs and hunts now follow a laid artificial trail, instead of picking up the scent of an animal. Hunting - or to be more technically precise, trailing - has changed beyond all recognition and is far more accessible to all types of riders. Here, the Pendle Forest and Craven Hunt is about to hold its first meet of the year at Broughton Hall, while its Boxing Day meet in Gargrave is always watched by hundreds of people…. (story)

Western Morning News 16.10.14 RSPCA in legal action against hunt - A defiant RSPCA has launched a fresh legal action against a Westcountry hunt just days after being told to review the way it mounts prosecutions. The charity issued court proceedings against William Bryer, a huntsman with the Cattistock Hunt, in Dorset, ordering him to appear before magistrates in a fortnight…. (story)
Horse & Hound 16.10.14 Despite review RSPCA continues to prosecute - Sophia Heath - The RSPCA appears to be showing no signs of changing its prosecution policy after it emerged that it is mounting a fresh case against the Cattistock…. (story)
Western Daily Press 12.10.14 Defiant RSPCA prosecute Cattistock Hunt in Dorset, despite review - A defiant RSPCA said it was business as usual as it began another prosecution of a West hunt for breaking the hunt ban, just days after being told to review the way it mounts prosecutions. The under-fire charity issued court proceedings against William Bryer, the huntsman with the Cattistock Hunt, the premier hunt in Dorset, ordering him to appear before magistrates in a fortnight’s time…. (story)

Isle of Wight County Press 16.10.14 Signal that bat couple are real heroes - A DYNAMIC duo — the Island’s own batman and batwoman — are to receive a national award to mark their rescue work and care for bats. Graham and Donna Street, from Sandown, who founded the Isle of Wight Bat Hospital in 1997, are to receive a special award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) at the House of Lords on Tuesday…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 16.10.14 Some farmers are just big hypocrites - Are there no bigger hypocrites than livestock and dairy farmers? Yesterday I read that Pippa Burr of Roves Farm was bemoaning the fact that a dog had killed some of her pregnant ewes. Those unborn lambs are the lucky ones. They will not have to be born in order to be transported to a slaughterhouse and line up with their brothers and sisters and watch them being brutally killed before it is their turn… Philip Beaven Merton Avenue Swindon (letter)


Sheffield Star 15.10.14 Derbyshire residents asked to avoid outdated circus - A group of animal protection campaigners are urging people to shun circuses which feature outdated acts. Animal Defenders International is asking Derbyshire residents to avoid Circus Mondao which is performing in Dronfield until October 26…. (story)
Sheffield Telegraph 8.10.14 Animal rights group criticises South Yorkshire circus - Animal rights campaigners are urging people in South Yorkshire to boycott a circus over its use of camels, zebras, reindeers and horses. Animal Defenders International wants people to shun Circus Mondao, which is performing in Thurnscoe, near Barnsley, until Sunday…. (story)


Hampshire Chronicle 14.10.14 Hampshire hunt celebrates 10th anniversary by Andrew Napier - A UNIQUE Hampshire hunt has been celebrating its tenth anniversary. The South Downs Bloodhounds were founded in 2004 when senior master Jeremy Whaley moved the pack down from Scotland to kennels in Privett, near Alresford. They celebrated the milestone with dinner at the Swan Hotel in Alresford last Friday (October 10) (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 14.10.14 Portman Hunter trials - The Portman Hunt Hunter Trial was held on Sunday 5th October at Higher Houghton. The day was bright and clear and the ground was perfect. There were 110 competitors taking part and lots of happy smiling faces throughout the day…. (story)

Horse & Hound 14.10.14 Newcomers welcome: hunts encourage new followers to join the fun - Hunts from Dartmoor to Berwickshire are welcoming new faces during the Countryside Alliance’s (CA) annual Hunting Newcomers’ Week… (story)

Western Morning News 14.10.14 'Foxy Hunters' raise money, and heart rates, for charity calendar - These horse-loving ladies in lingerie have got pulses racing by posing for a 'Foxy Hunters' calender. The women - all from the equestrian world - have donned racy riding gear and each represent a different month…. (story)
Mirror 13.10.14 Women horse riders get naked for sexy lingerie calendar to raise cash for air ambulance - The Foxy Hunters calendar features a lady of the equestrian world for each month of the year, all of whom are posing in front of cameras for the first time… Now in its sixth year, the hunters and show jumpers are raising money for Air Ambulance - by posing with little more than riding accessories to protect their dignity… (story)

Irish Times 14.10.14 ‘Animals feel pain’: why a farmer’s son turned vegan - At the age of nine Declan Bowens became vegetarian, and later vegan. ‘Just because we can do it, doesn’t mean we should,’ he says of meat-eating – not a popular position in rural Ireland - Ann Marie Hourihane (story)


Horse & Hound 13.10.14 Andrew Sallis: Double standards and party politics - Autumn hunting is the busiest time of year for masters, staff, hounds and horses,who surface for a gasp of air just before the opening meet…. We are being encouraged to respect those tempted to cast their vote for the intellectually adolescent, policy-light UKIP (oops). The party’s new recruits will add to their weaponry and may even destabilise their leader, but they have yet to offer the countryside a decent set of policies. The package of reforms to the Union outlined by Cameron will make repeal of the Hunting Act 2004 (England and Wales) increasingly possible without the army of Scottish Labour MPs instinctively voting against hunting… (story)

Western Morning News 13.10.14 Higher ethical standards needed - On Saturday I received two emails. One was from the recently widowed Mrs Joyce Zuma… she had a fascinating but perhaps slightly underhand money making proposal for me. The other was from Maria Eagle the Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs. In her email Maria Eagle claimed that her opposite number, Liz Truss, had this week announced that repealing the Hunting Act was top of her priority list… It turns out that Maria Eagle’s claim is simply false. Liz Truss does indeed wish to repeal the Hunting Act, however she has not announced that this is her top priority… I do not wish to libel the African widow but I suspect she may be a scamster. I know Maria Eagle is… by Giles Bradshaw Rose Ash (letter)

Western Morning News 13.10.14 Gamekeeper's biography tells story of how the high bird pheasant shoot was created By WMNPBowern - Pheasant shooting in Britain has been transformed by the creation of the high bird shoot, arguably the most challenging and sought after game shooting anywhere in the world. Philip Bowern has been reading a book by Westcountry gamekeeper Brian Mitchell, the man who can be credited with making it possible… Brian’s book, Think Like a Pheasant, demonstrates just how much commitment and enthusiasm for the sport you need if you are going to establish a really successful game shoot… (story)

Shields Gazette 13.10.14 Pity this planet’s animals - AFTER reading the latest edition of the RSPCA Animal Life of the 1.3 million livestock that died during the 1914-1918 war (having had no choice in the matter), I was also saddened to read in the Gazette’s letters page (October 2) of the 900 million animals farmed for food each year in the UK, many of which the RSPCA believe are kept in cramped conditions…. Ken Johnson, Mowbray Road, South Shields. (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 13.10.14 Animal rights protesters gather outside court to hear Blakeney 'puppy farm' appeal against breeding ban - “Do not reinstate it” is the message to magistrates who will hear an appeal from a puppy farm after council bosses refused to renew its breeding license. Animal rights campaigners descended on Cheltenham Courthouse this morning where Hagloe House Farm hopes to overturn Forest of Dean District Council’s decision…. David Grimsell, from Care and Respect Includes All Dogs (CARIAD), said: “We are here to draw attention to the need to stop the appeal by Hagloe House Farm… (story)


Western Daily Press 11.10.14 The fact that Liz Truss, Environment Secretary, David Cameron and many more members of the Tory Government support fox hunting says all about their cruel outlook on wildlife, which includes badgers… Andrew Williams West Country Badger Patrol Group (letter)

Western Daily Press 11.10.14 Anti-cull ad is branded as a 'shock tactic' - An anti-badger cull advertising campaign has caused a heated debate between farming leaders and animal rights activists. An advertisement by the charity Care for the Wild – which is carried on page 35 of West Country Life today – features an image of a badger next to words in blood red which urge 'stop the cull'…. (story)


Worcester News 10.10.14 Robin should not pamper to people who torture defenceless animals - Why has Robin Walker MP started to concern himself in the diabolical 'sport' of hunting? I would remind him he represents the people of Worcester city, who instructed Michael Foster to put forward the bill, to ban hunting foxes with dogs... Mrs S G Garner Worcester (letter)
Worcester News 10.10.14 MP is wrong over hunting ban - I refer to the article in the Worcester News on 3rd October in which MP Robin Walker revealed his opposition to the hunting ban, saying the Hunting Act had been a mistake.... He goes on to say "I don't see banning fox hunting as a priority". No, it is no longer a priority Mr Walker because it has already been banned!... C. Stanley Worcester (letter)

Biggleswade Chronicle 10.10.14 Animal protest held at stadium by Luke Gardener - Animal rights activists held placards saying ‘You bet, they die’ as they took part in a protest outside of Henlow Stadium at the weekend.... Laura Charnock, spokesman for Bedfordshire Animal Rights, said: “Commerical greyhound racing is by its very nature horrendously cruel... (story)
The Comet 8.10.14 ‘You bet, they die’ message from animal rights campaigners outside Henlow Racing Stadium - Campaigners who want to see a greyhound racing track shut down have hailed their latest protest a success and say they’ll be back later this month. Shut Down Henlow Racing Stadium held a candle lit vigil outside the Bedford Road venue on Saturday night. Campaigner Bethan Roberts said: “Many of the people we spoke to committed to never attend greyhound racing again.”… (story)

Western Morning News 10.10.14 Four arrested as badger cull resumes in Somerset By WMNAGreenwood - Four people have been arrested in the badger cull zone since the pilot restarted last month, Avon and Somerset Police have confirmed... Edmond Maile, 24, of no fixed abode, has been charged with possession of an offensive weapon in a public place and has been bailed to appear before Taunton Deane Magistrates’ court on October 24. A man in his 50s, from the Minehead area, has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage. He has been released on police bail pending further inquiries. No further action is being taken against a man and a woman who were arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon... (story)


Somerset County Gazette 9.10.14 Bill Oddie to join anti-badger cull patrollers tomorrow (October 10) - ANTI-Badger cull protesters will be given a boost tomorrow (October 10), when Bill Oddie and a team from the League Against Cruel Sports join them in a patrol. Somerset Against the Badger Cull, have been meeting every evening since the cull began last month patrolling the zone in West Somerset. Anyone wishing to join them can do so by meeting at Williton Car Park at 7pm… (story)

Nottingham Post 9.10.14 Foie gras off the menu after protests at Marco Pierre White's Steakhouse in Nottingham - A CITY restaurant has taken a controversial product off the menu after a protest. More than a dozen protesters gathered outside Marco Pierre White's Steakhouse, at the Alea Casino, in Upper Parliament Street, on October 2 to complain about the use of foie gras on the menu…. (story)


Horse & Hound 8.10.14 Competition for ex-racehorses who now hunt - Caroline Bankes - Owners who boast an ex-racehorse who now hunts have the chance to compete at Cheltenham racecourse next month. Nearly 50 retrained racehorses will be competing at Cheltenham for the third RoR Meriel Tufnell Racing to Hunting Challenge, on Sunday 16 November…. (story)

Western Morning News 8.10.14 In my opinion: Horrified and bewildered by blood sports propaganda - By Joanne Bell, Barnstaple - There are few things I find offensive in the press these days and none worth wasting time writing about. However, I make the exception with Philip Bowern’s latest report, “A price has to be paid to retain our many countryside pleasures”… In Philip’s world when he refers to countryside pleasures – we know he means hunting and killing everything that moves and if it turns a good profit… many people like me are horrified and bewildered that people like him get ‘a kick’ out of hunting and killing wild animals and I suspect we are in the majority…. (letter)

Scotsman 8.10.14 ‘Bad public image’ could stop Scottish wolf return by JON HEBDITCH - A SCOTS wildlife expert says that the possible reintroduction of wolves to the Highlands could be hampered because of their “fearsome” reputation. Campaigner Adam Watson Featherstone said fairy tales and werewolf movies perpetuated a “cultural stigma” around the animals…. But Jamie Stewart, director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance, slammed the rewilding plan saying that Scotland should concentrate on its native wildlife… (story)

Swindon Advertiser 8.10.14 Stop badger deaths - The badger culls have started again in Gloucester and Somerset despite the fact that last year’s culls proved to be ineffective at controlling TB…I hope and pray people will vote Labour next May and get this evil killing against our badgers scrapped and the hunt ban booted up. Even though I cannot get to the cull zones myself, I am donating money to the hunt saboteurs and am now boycotting all British dairy products. Nicola Kite Croft Road Swindon (lerter)

Bridgwater Mercury 8.10.14 Somerset cull protesters at Conservative conference - PROTESTERS against the controversial badger cull in Somerset and Gloucestershire took part in a demonstration outside the Conservative conference in Birmingham…. (story)

Swindon Advertiser 8.10.14 Put a stop to cruelty - I am sure many of your readers will be interested in stories about animals and many no doubt share their home with one or more cat, dog or rabbit. We are purported to be a nation of animal lovers yet every year hundreds of cats and thousands of dogs and rabbits suffer and die in cruel experiments in the UK. The BUAV believes this should end…. Michelle Thew CEO, THE BUAV 16a Crane Grove London N7 8NN (letter)

York Press 8.10.14 Abattoir CCTV - ALONG with 30,000 other people, I have signed a petition on the Government’s website calling for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses, with independent monitoring of the footage. Having seen Animal Aid’s investigations… Chris Flanagan, Alma Terrace, Fulford Road, York. (story)

Irish Times 8.10.14 Vegetarianism - Laura Kennedy writes (“The Yes Woman: Vegan for a week and hungry the entire time”, October 3rd) that she tried a vegan diet for a week, was hungry all the time… As a vegetarian for the past 34 years I feel qualified to comment on this article… Ancient and advanced civilisations lived long and healthy lives, free from animal slaughter, respecting and honouring the lives of their fellow creatures… GABRIEL TOOLAN, Ballinamore, Co Leitrim (letter)


Spectator 7.10.14 Hunting is history - so why would the BBC pretend otherwise? - Camilla Swift - Of all the BBC’s output, the Antiques Roadshow is one of the programmes least likely to cause a row… Well it was, at least, until the Earl of Lonsdale claimed that programme makers had banned him from showing off his family’s collection of hunting memorabilia when filming at his home in Cumbria…. A spokesman for the programme has since claimed that ‘they weren’t aware of any offer’ of hunting memorabilia from the family, and denied they had declined the Earl’s request. It’s hard to imagine that he concocted the story out of thin air, though. Something sounds a bit fishy to me… (story)
Telegraph 6.10.14 'Politically correct' BBC Antiques Roadshow 'ignored foxhunting picture,' claims earl By Tom Rowley - With its imposing Cumbrian stone walls and sweeping views over acres of parkland, Lowther Castle near Penrith is a reminder of a bygone era. So it was no great surprise when the BBC One programme Antiques Roadshow asked to film an episode there…. The Earl of Lonsdale has accused the programme of sanitising the past by apparently deciding his collection of paintings featuring his ancestors on hunts “weren’t appropriate” to be featured…. (story)

Horse & Hound 7.10.14 Popular eventer takes to the hunting field - Sophia Heath - Popular eventing grey Lenamore — who won Burghley at the age of 17— has now taken to the hunting field. The New Zealand team stalwart, who is now 21, has been out autumn hunting with the Warwickshire and his owner Lexi Jackson… (story)

Lynn News 7.10.14 Letter: John Cosway, October 7, 2014 - Having read the comments of Elizabeth Truss MP (Lynn News, September 30) that the hunting ban was a mistake, may I make this comment. To kill or be cruel to any sentient creature for enjoyment only sure should be alien to any civilised society…. John Cosway, West Yorks (frequent visitor to Norfolk (letter)

Guardian 7.10.14 'Shocking' animal rights exposés by newspapers were nothing of the kind - The huge discrepancy between allegations in UK newspapers and the truth should worry anyone who cares about the accurate reporting of science in the media - Fiona Fox - Last week the UK Home Office published the findings of its investigations into allegations of animal suffering, made after undercover infiltrations at two animal research facilities. You will not find coverage of any of the conclusions in the national news media…. Since you will not find this information in the mainstream print media let me tell you what the Home Office found. The infiltrations investigated by the Home Office took place at Imperial College London and the pharmaceutical company Merke, Sharpe and Dohme. Out of 180 allegations made by BUAV about Imperial, the Home office upheld just five and declared the other 175 “unsubstantiated”. The five ‘non-compliance’ issues it found were classed as “minor”… (story)

Metro 7.10.14 Watch: Animal rights activist storms restaurant and tells diners they’re eating her chicken - A string of videos in which activists storm into restaurants and berate diners for eating meat have been uploaded to YouTube by animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere. And in one of the latest clips, entitled ‘#DisruptSpeciesism’, a woman marches into a restaurant where she gives an emotional speech about her ‘little girl’, Snow – who turns out to be a chicken…. (story)


Telegraph 6.10.14 Landowners face losing licences even if not convicted of bird of prey poisonings - Gamekeepers warn new rules mean they could lose their jobs if there is a suspicion that raptors have been poisoned on the estates where they work. By Simon Johnson, Scottish Political Editor - Landowners face losing their licences to shoot or trap crows and pigeons if they are merely suspected of illegally killing birds of prey, under draconian plans unveiled by Scottish ministers. Gamekeepers warned the dramatic move could mean them losing their jobs and homes if the estate they work on is stripped of its general licence, even if they have had no involvement in poisoning raptors. But Paul Wheelhouse, the Scottish Environment Minister, praised the move as “powerful new weapon” in the fight against wildlife crime and argued it was needed to penetrate the “wall of silence” surrounding too many cases… (story)
BBC News Online 6.10.14 Wildlife crime suspects could lose trapping licences - Landowners and gamekeepers suspected of the illegal persecution of birds of prey are to face new sanctions. In future, they could lose licences which enable them to shoot or trap other species such as crows or pigeons… Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) said such licences would no longer apply where police showed evidence of wildlife crime. Decisions to withhold licences would be based on a civil, rather than criminal, standard of proof…. (story)

Western Daily Press 6.10.14 Squirrel burger competition drives animal rights groups nuts - Animal campaigners were going nuts yesterday after a food festival held a cooking competition - for squirrel burger. Organisers at the Forest Showcase Food and Drink Festival staged the contest in a bid to get the animal onto the British menu - minced up and served in a bun… The 'Extraordinary Squirrel Burger Challenge' saw each contestant handed three locally sourced squirrel carcasses and added their own flavours to make a quarter pounder…. RSPCA cautioned against cooks catching their own ingredients. Bristol based charity Vegetarians' International Voice for Animals said 'the victimisation of grey squirrels' was 'totally misguided'….

Mail 6.10.14 Organisers of contest to make the tastiest SQUIRREL burger accused of 'smear campaign' against grey invaders By DAN BLOOM FOR MAILONLINE - A contest to turn 'nuisance' grey squirrels into burgers had a cold reception from animal activists - who accused it of being a smear campaign against the so-called 'chicken of the trees'…. But the Bristol-based charity Vegetarians’ International Voice for Animals said the ‘victimisation of grey squirrels’ was ‘totally misguided’… And People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals attacked the 'desperate-for-attention festival organisers' who were 'swimming against the tide'…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 6.10.14 If we all decided to eat less meat it would make for a much better world - At the risk of upsetting meat-eaters again a reminder of the consequences of an animal-based diet seems appropriate. It is now widely accepted that livestock production is a major contributer to climate change… Health, the planet, the world's undernourished millions and billions of animals would all benefit if less animal products were consumed. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)


Western Morning News 4.10.14 War of words over Environment Secretary Liz Truss's hunting pledge - Environment Secretary Liz Truss’s description of Labour’s hunting ban as ‘a mistake’ and her pledge to vote in favour of repealing the law has drawn an angry response on Twitter from anti-badger cull campaigner and rock star Brian May…. (story)
Telegraph 29.9.14 Liz Truss: modern farming is 'not about shire horses' but satellites - Elizabeth Truss, the Secretary of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, says British farming is one of the Government's key successes and fastest growing areas By Holly Watt …. Speaking at the Tories’ annual conference in Birmingham, Miss Truss insisted that food and farming was “one of the fastest growing areas for entrepreneurs… Miss Truss has also recently said the Hunting Act had been a “mistake”. The Coalition promised a free vote on overturning the Hunting Act when parliamentary time allows… (story)
Express 28.9.14 Elizabeth Truss says scrap fox hunting ban - ENVIRONMENT Secretary Elizabeth Truss reopened the fox hunting row last night by calling for the ban to be scrapped. By: Caroline Wheeler - In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express before the Conservative party conference in Birmingham, Ms Truss said the Hunting Act had been a “mistake”. The Coalition promised a free vote on overturning the Hunting Act when parliamentary time allows. However, she indicated there would be no chance to repeal the Act prior to next year’s election, partly because there is little chance of success…. (story)
Eastern Daily Press 28.9.14 Environment secretary and Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss calls for fox hunting ban ‘mistake’ to be overturned - Adam Gretton - The government’s new environment secretary has reopened the debate over the fox hunting ban by calling for the legislation to be overturned. Elizabeth Truss, who is also South West Norfolk MP, said she believed that the hunting ban, which came into force in 2005, was a “mistake”…. (story)
Western Morning News 28.9.14 Hague says hunting repeal vote "not on the cards” By GDemianyk - The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats agreed to put overturning the Hunting Act to a free parliamentary vote when the coalition was formed, though the enthusiasm for it came from the Tories… Asked whether a vote would happen, and if not would there be a Tory manifesto pledge on legalising hunting with dogs again, Mr Hague said: “You’ll have to wait for our manifesto for that. It was a party commitment, really, not a Liberal Democrat commitment. “Without a Conservative majority we’ve not been able to do that… Meanwhile, recently-appointed Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss has said the Hunting Act had been a “mistake”…. (story)

Comet 4.10.14 Animal rights activists to hold candle lit vigil outside Henlow Racing Stadium - Victoria West - Animal rights campaigners will hold a candle lit vigil outside Henlow Racing Stadium tonight. Protesters from Shut Down Henlow Racing Stadium and Bedfordshire Animal Rights, along with other activists will be joining the protest…. Bedfordshire Animal Rights spokesman Laura Charnock said: “Commercial greyhound racing is by its very nature horrendously cruel. Thousands of greyhounds are killed each year as a direct result of this industry… (story)

Worcester News 4.10.14 Good news on badgers - I was so pleased and relieved to read in the Worcester News that at last they are going to vaccinate badgers. The times myself and others have said "give the badgers a vaccine rather than culling them." It would be so sad to wipe out all of them… MRS CAROLE ROBERTS Worcester (letter)


Western Morning News 3.10.14 Badger Trust claims cull has led to rise in illegal attacks on the animals - The animal welfare organisation leading the campaign against the pilot badger culls claims the policy of killing badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire has led to an increase in illegal attacks on the protected mammal. The Badger Trust has released a report, UK Badger Incidents 2013, which it says details almost 700 incidents during last year, including badger baiting with dogs, illegal shooting, poisoning and gassing…. But the National Farmers’ Union rejected the allegations and accused the Badger Trust of being ‘totally irresponsible’ in claiming a link between the badger culls and alleged persecution of the badger…. (story)

The Sentinel 3.10.14 Disgust at farm 'animal abuse' - HAVING just read about farmer Robert Scragg (Sentinel, September 25), I feel once again compelled to express my disgust. His unthinkable treatment of his farm animals and the cruelty inflicted once again has me wishing that I wasn't labelled 'human'… PETER T RIDGWAY Newcastle (letter)

Huffington Post 3.10.14 Is Being Vegan Sexist? – Tom Fielder - Many vegans associate the exploitation of animals raised and fed purely to produce meat, with more familiar "human" prejudices such as racism and sexism… By focusing on commonalities across species and gender lines, on the acceptability of compassion for animals as a legitimate emotion for both women and men, vegans may be able to constructively contribute not just to issues of animal welfare, but also to the HeForShe campaign set out so humbly by Emma Watson last week…. (story)

Irish Times 3.10.14 Tough on veganism? - Further to “Veganism is tough, but has many benefits”… Veganism is a non-violent philosophy that avoids inflicting intentional harm on anyone…. SANDRA HIGGINS, Slane, Co Meath (letter)

Northern Echo 3.10.14 Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary woman "backed by Simon Cowell" over fight to stop home repossession loses legal battle by Andrew Douglas - A WOMAN who claimed Simon Cowell backed her fight to stop the repossession of her animal sanctuary home has had her latest legal attack thrown out by a top judge. Paula Campbell - who earlier this year barricaded herself inside the farmhouse for six days - was thousands of pounds in mortgage arrears for Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary in Willington, County Durham. Yesterday a judge at London's High Court dismissed her claim that the repossession was void due to the fact the mortgage had been initially been "procured by fraud" therefore invalidating it… (story)


Eastern Daily Press 2.10.14 Hunt apologises after hounds “run amok” in Norfolk village - Kathryn Cross - A Norfolk hunt has come under fire after its hounds were said to have got out of control and “run amok” across a village burial ground, urinated in people’s gardens and “terrorised” their pets and poultry. A day after Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss said the ban on fox hunting should be repealed, people in Swanton Morley were voicing their anger at the West Norfolk Foxhounds who held a meet in their village on Saturday. In a strongly-worded letter to one of the Masters of the Hunt, parish council chairman Roger Atterwill said their actions on the day caused considerable distress throughout the village…. (story)

Worcester News 2.10.14 County clay shoot raises more than 50k for St Richard's by Mike Pryce - A CLAY shoot held at the Bransford Manor home of estate agent Andrew Grant and his wife Bea raised more than £50,000 for St. Richard's Hospice. This was the sixth such event the couple have hosted and the total handed to the Worcester hospice now stands at more than £200,000…. (story)

Stroud News & Journal 2.10.14 Badger cull meet and mingle event in Newent - AS this year’s badger cull reaches the halfway point Gloucestershire Police are bringing together the opposing sides of the cull. Officers involved in Operation Themis, the force’s response to the cull, are hosting a meet and mingle event between 6pm and 8pm tonight, Thursday, at the Memorial Hall in Market Square, Newent. The National Farmers Union and anti-cull campaign group Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting will be two of a number of community agencies at the event… (story)

Southern Daily Echo 2.10.14 Hampshire councillor's bid to ensure no culls take place in borough - A Hampshire councillor wants to ensure no badgers will be culled on his borough’s land. Conservative Cllr Geoff Fazackarley has proposed a motion to Fareham Borough Council calling for a ban on the culling of the animals on council-owned land… (story)

Western Daily Press 2.10.14 I see Derek Mead (Western Daily Press September 27) is still coming up with old chestnut of gassing badgers in setts, which are supposedly occupied by diseased individuals…. Until a year or so ago, those in favour of the "cull", couldn't care less about the welfare of badgers, but now they are suddenly concerned about "thousands of these poor animals, dying in agony from the effects of bTB"… Colin Fountain Dorchester, Dorset (letter)


Belfast Telegraph 1.10.14 Little sympathy for farmers who tolerate hunt - MUCH has been written about the high number of deaths on farms and how it appears that, despite health and safety campaigns, the farm is proving to be an exceptionally dangerous workplace. To extend this issue beyond human welfare, the farm is also a dangerous place for the non-human members of our society. Each year thousands of wild animals are injured and killed on farms by hunters… JOHN TIERNEY Association of Hunt Saboteurs (letter)

Independent 1.10.14 Grouse shooting 'is warming planet' as peatlands burned to improve conditions for birds - Commercial grouse shooting is ruining the countryside of Northern England and warming the planet as swathes of upland peatlands rich in wildlife are burned to provide the best conditions for red grouse, new research warns….“These findings are of great concern, as peatlands are the largest natural store for carbon on the land surface of the UK and play a crucial role in climate change. They are the Amazon of the UK,” said Professor Joseph Holden, of the University of Leeds. His colleague, Dr Lee Brown, said the rising soil temperatures were particularly alarming since “even small changes can affect the decomposition of organic matter and the uptake of nutrients by plants”… (story)

Shooting UK 1.10.14 “Shoo before you shoot” condition dropped from general licence reforms - Lucy King - A controversial proposal to introduce a “shoo before you shoot” condition to the general licence has been abandoned by Natural England (NE). The proposal was one of several changes to the general licence in England and Wales under consideration and which went out to consultation earlier this year…. (story)
Western Morning News 23.9.14 Farmers welcome Natural England's decision to permit continued control of bird pests By WMNPBowern - Natural England’s decision not to complicate rules for farmers and growers who need to protect their crops from certain bird species is a sensible decision, the NFU has said… (story)
Western Morning News 16.9.14 Proposal to force farmers to 'shoo before they shoot' pest birds rejected By WMNPBowern - A proposal by Natural England that farmers and others who control pest bird species should have try to shoo them away before they could legally shoot them has been rejected…. (story)

Western Morning News 1.10.14 Badger vaccination farms on National Trust estate in Exeter hit by bovine TB - Up to six cattle farms on the Westcountry National Trust estate that has been vaccinating badgers since 2011 have gone down with bovine TB, calling into question the policy of vaccination without culling…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 25.9.14 National Trust badger vaccine trial farms hit by TB - Five farms on the National Trust estate that championed badger vaccination in the fight against bovine TB have succumbed to the disease. Since 2011, the National Trust has vaccinated 539 badgers within a 20sq km area on its Killerton Estate in Devon…. One farmer on the estate, who has had six infected pedigree cattle and a cross-bred calf slaughtered this week, said the vaccination trial had not helped farmers…. (story)

Western Morning News 1.10.14 WMN opinion: Trials show that on its own badger vaccination will fail - Anyone with even a passing interest in the debate over tackling bovine TB can be tempted to draw a conclusion that suits their particular point of view from the slenderest of facts. But after four years of vaccinating badgers on the National Trust’s Killerton Estate, the fact that bovine TB is still causing breakdowns in a number of herds does prove one thing: Vaccination without any other wildlife controls has certainly not proved effective in this particular case…. (story)

Western Morning News 1.10.14 Badger cull is not the answer - I felt sick upon reading the report and seeing the picture of the dead badger in the WMN (September 23). I know the badger cull has split people on how to deal with the TB problem, but I believe most people in Britain are opposed to the execution of these poor creatures…. by Peter Wyeth Bugle (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 1.10.14 Cull necessary to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis - I HAVE no doubt that the reporters for the Echo love badgers and very much also love their cats and dogs…. Regarding your article in Friday’s Echo where cull protesters claim ‘we are targets in campaign of hate’ it is unfortunate that they have experienced a puncture but when you are tearing across woodland and open countryside at high speed, late at night, in vehicles not designed for the purpose this is probably an occupational hazard… but it hardly compares to some of the tactics used by the protesters. Parking vehicles in gateways to prevent farmers gaining access to fields and farm yards, chaining and padlocking gates to prevent cows from being brought in to milk, following farmers’ wives on the school run and a teenage farmer’s daughter too frightened to go to work due to intimidation…. Peter Davidson-Smith (letter)

Warrington Guardian 1.10.14 Praise for United Utilities over geese u-turn by Hannah Bargery - BIRDWATCHERS have praised water giant United Utilities after they have announced a raft of measures to deter Canada geese from the area - without killing them…. after enlisting the help of animal rights group Animal Aid, bird lover David Kennedy, who was the first to raise awareness birds were being shot on the site and has since spearheaded the non-lethal measures campaign, has received assurances more humane solutions are now in place… (story)
Warrington Guardian 24.7.14 Canada Geese petition tops 50,000 - A PETITION calling on water giant United Utilities to never kill Canada geese at their headquarters in Great Sankey again has now reached more than 52,000 signatures. Animal lovers expressed their outrage online after the Warrington Guardian revealed earlier this month 60 birds were culled overnight following claims staff had been bitten and bird poo was ‘damaging the environment’…. (story)

Brand Republic 1.10.14 PETA exploits changes to copyright law in swoop on Fortnum & Mason - Sara Spary - PETA, the animal rights organisation, has launched a website in the style of Fortnum & Mason branding, with the words "Force-fed & Murdered" in a protest against the retailer's sale of foie gras… (story)