October 2015

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Hinckley Times 31.10.15 Second warning for hunt sab after appeal BY KAREN HAMBRIDGE - Just weeks after Leicestershire Police issued an apology to two members of West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs for the misuse of warning notices, a second has been issued to one of the two activists. The PIN (police information notice) comes following allegations of harrassment made by one of the members of the Atherstone Hunt… The sab in question, Kathy, is appealing the PIN and denies making any derogatory remarks…. (story)

Independent 31.10.15 I remember the Tories’ fury in 2004 when Labour used the Parliament Act to overturn the Lords’ undemocratic blocking of the ban on hunting. The Countryside Alliance even mounted a (doomed) legal challenge to the use of the Parliament Act to overrule their pro-hunt chums in the Lords…Penny Little Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letter)

BBC News Online 31.10.15 Football club goes vegan in 'world first' - A football club is claiming to be the world's first to adopt a vegan match day menu after removing cows' milk from its hot drinks. National League club Forest Green Rovers stopped selling meat burgers in 2011 and in July took fish off the menu to become fully vegetarian…. The move is inspired by the club's chairman, who is himself a vegan… Chairman Dale Vince said: "The gap between vegetarian and vegan food is actually quite small; it's a step rather than a leap to take… (story)

Thanet Gazette 31.10.15 Ramsgate seafront shelter vandalised with 'ban live exports' graffiti By TomBarnes - RAMSGATE'S seafront shelters have been targeted by vandals yet again- this time daubed in graffiti calling for an end to live animal exports from the town's port. A shelter, in Paragon, had the words "Ban live animal exports from Ramsgate", painted across its wooden bench seat at some stage yesterday morning… (story)


Western Gazette 30.10.15 There's a hundred thousand reasons to buy 'Foxy Hunters' calendar - Young equestrians from the West have again posed for a 'Foxy Hunters' calendar to raise funds for charity. The 14 amateur models are all from the horse-riding scene in the South West – a mixture of hunters, show jumpers, or eventers or dressage riders… (story)
Western Morning News 28.10.15 Racy ladies strip off for 'Foxy Hunters' charity calendar By WMNJBayley - And they're off - a group of horse-loving ladies in lingerie have got pulses racing by stripping for a 'Foxy Hunters' calendar. The 14 amateur models, all from the equestrian world, swapped their riding gear for stockings and suspenders for the saucy shots…. (story)

Mail 30.10.15 Animal rights charity PETA sparks outrage with controversial new billboard campaign about cancer-causing meats that features a child smoking By SAM TONKIN - Animal rights charity PETA has sparked outrage after launching a controversial new billboard campaign featuring a child smoking in an attempt to raise awareness of cancer-causing meats. The poster shows a boy aged around two or three years old lying on his stomach, reading a book, while holding a smouldering Havana-style cigar. It urges people to 'Go Vegan!' and reads: 'You Wouldn't Let Your Child Smoke. Like Smoking, Eating Bacon, Sausages and Other Processed Meats Is Linked to Cancer'… (story)
Yorkshire Post 30.10.15 New Leeds billboard features 'smoking' tot - Animal rights charity PETA has launched a controversial new billboard campaign featuring a child smoking…Elisa Allen, PETA associate director, said: "We all know how important it is to set a good example for our kids, and that means choosing habits - such as eating vegan meals - that will steer them towards a healthier life"... (story)

Coventry Telegraph 30.10.15 Wear a purple poppy to remember the millions of animals that served and died alongside British and Allied forces in wars and campaigns throughout time. They are hidden victims of war.... Janet Cummings Rugby (letter)


Dundee Courier 29.10.15 Gamekeeper claims masked saboteur crept up behind huntsman on Perthshire estate By KIRSTY MCINTOSH - A gamekeeper has described the moment a masked hunt saboteur crept up behind a fellow huntsman. Gamekeeper Peter Nicol said the person, who was dressed in black, approached a Mr Kippen from behind. He described the alleged confrontation, on Perthshire’s Snaiglow estate, as he gave evidence at Perth Sheriff Court against three people accused of trying to disrupt a fox hunt. Colin Milne, 49, Amy Lilburn, 22, and Beverly Milne, 39, deny the charges…. (story)

Northern Echo 29.10.15 Decapitated fox head - 'Irresponsible' hunter who posted sick picture fails to get gun licence back - A HUNTER who put a picture of a fox head on the internet in a controversial attempt to "spark debate" has lost a court bid to have his gun licences back. Mark Lowery caused worldwide fury with the image of the decapitated animal and claims he had death threats and menacing messages about his wife being harmed. Despite a previous warning from police over an incident when he "intimidated" a former tenant with a gun, Mr Lowery again acted "irresponsibly", a judge said….(story)

Herald 29.10.15 Protests planned as number of seals killed in Scots salmon farms rises by 20 per cent - Martin Williams - ANIMAL rights protesters are calling for a boycott of Scottish salmon as new figures show that the number of seals killed for salmon farming in the first half of the year has risen by 20 per cent. Campaigners are to launch new protests on Friday as new official figures show that salmon farming has been responsible for the shooting of 49 seals in the first half of this year… Grieg Seafood Hjaltland have brought in new econets to protect the salmon and keep seals out, and have said they have cut the shootings from four in the first half of last year, to just one so far this year…. The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture campaign group is concerned that not all have invested in the special nets and that the "shoot-to-kill policy" is continuing…. (story)

South Wales Echo 29.10.15 Consider the animals at Halloween - A good scare on Halloween can be fun, but no one wants to be haunted because their beloved animal companion was sickened, hurt or killed during the festivities. We can ensure Halloween is a treat, not a trick, for our cats and dogs by taking precautions…. Jennifer White PETA UK, Society Building, 8 All Saints St, London N1 9RL (story)

Bournemouth Echo 29.10.15 Vegan diet is healthier - BEN MARTIN Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 28.10.15 Vegan diet averts risks of red meat - The recent announcement by the World Health Organisation that processed meat is carcinogenic to humans adds further weight to Animal Aid's call for such products to be treated in the same way as tobacco…. BEN MARTIN Animal Aid (letter)


Western Morning News 28.10.15 Pro and anti-hunt groups clash over report into effect of allowing full pack of hounds to flush fox to the gun By WMNPBowern - A report commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports claims to show that allowing hunts to use more than two hounds to flush a fox to the gun would ‘severely compromise’ fox welfare. The report, written by Professor Stephen Harris of Bristol University has been produced following Government attempts earlier this year to amend the law in England so that a full pack of hounds could find and flush foxes…. (story)
Western Daily Press 28.10.15 Fox hunting 'more cruel' in Scotland than England, Bristol expert claims By TristanCork - Loopholes in the Hunting Act mean legal hunting in Scotland is more cruel for foxes than in England – that is the verdict of a West professor as the debate over the hunt ban is ignited again. The report from Professor Stephen Harris, from the University of Bristol, compared the welfare of foxes hunted and killed in Scotland compared to England and Wales, and concluded that the restrictions on the number of hounds south of the border meant it was less cruel to foxes…. (story)
Herald 28.10.15 Fox hunting 'can lead to increase' in numbers of the pests David Ross - FOX hunting can be counter-productive and actually increase numbers of the animals, according to a new report. A study commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland found that fox numbers have gone down over the past 20 years, even with the ban on hunting with a pack of hounds being introduced in 2002…. (story)
The Extra 28.10.15 Fox hunting 'can increase their numbers' - Killing foxes during the hunting season can be counter-productive and actually increase their numbers, according to a new report. Research commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland concluded there was "no convincing evidence" that pest control was having an impact on the fox population…. (story)
Express 28.10.15 Fox expert defends decision to maintain hunting law - THE world's leading fox expert has highlighted the suffering the animals would have endured if ministers had tampered with the hunting ban. By STUART WINTER (story)
Guardian 28.10.15 Scottish foxhunting review prompts report showing animals' benefit to farms - Foxes can benefit farmers to an average of £500 a year, according to a new study published to coincide with the Scottish parliament’s review of hunting legislation. Campaigners hope that tightening the foxhunting ban in Scotland will prevent David Cameron reintroducing attempts to relax the ban in England and Wales. The report was commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland to coincide with a Holyrood review of the effectiveness of its ban… (story)
Scotsman 27.10.15 Foxes may be worth £886 alive rather than dead - ILONA AMOS - FOXES may not be the marauding force they are believed to be and could actually be more valuable to Scotland’s farmers alive than dead, according to a new report. The study, based on new analysis of Scottish and international research by University of Bristol fox expert Professor Stephen Harris, estimates each fox can provide up to £886 in benefits by keeping down destructive “pests” such as rabbits…. (story)

Mirror 28.10.15 Government keeps fox hunting e-mails secret because releasing officials' names 'could put them in danger' BY DAN BLOOM - The government is refusing to release e-mails about David Cameron's bid to bring back fox hunting - because they could put civil servants in danger. Officials used the excuse as one of four to keep correspondence about the failed bloodsport vote under wraps. Animal rights campaigners, who voiced fears today of a fresh bid to bring back hunting , have accused the government of saying they are violent thugs. League Against Cruel Sports director Tom Quinn said: "Eight out of ten people in this country want hunting to remain illegal - that's a lot of extremists."… (story)

Shropshire Star 28.10.15 Video and pictures: Tally-ho! Shropshire hunt’s first meet of year -More than 200 people took part in a Shropshire hunt’s first meet of the year. About 30 hounds and 100 horses from the Albrighton & Woodland Hunt trekked across 30 miles of countryside from Enville Hall yesterday… (story)

Shooting UK 28.10.15 Fierce competition at the Game to Eat Student Chef of the Year - Hannah Rought - The hotly contested title of Game to Eat Student Chef of the Year 2015 has been won by Jack Gates, from North Hertfordshire College….The Countryside Alliance‘s Game to Eat campaign is dedicated to promoting the delights of wild British game meat… (story)

Yorkshire Post 28.10.15 Burning moorland heather is vital for healthy habitats - From: Professor Roy Brown, Senior North York Moors National Park Officer 1974 to 1989, Kirkbymoorside, York - I WOULD like to make a response to “Smoke and mirrors over burning the moorland”, a letter from Alfred Penderel Bright (The Yorkshire Post, October 23)… It is an ancient practice, first referred to in literature in 1205, well before organised grouse management was on the scene… (story)

Western Morning News 28.10.15 BBC still getting it wrong on countryside issues, says rural campaigner By WMNPBowern - Rural campaigner Jamie Foster has called on the BBC to make a series about livestock farming to mirror the Harvest series that highlighted the work of Britain’s arable and horticultural sector…. (story)

Western Mail 28.10.15 Educational or barbaric? Should wild animals be banned from circuses in Wales? BY LIZ DAY - The RSPCA is calling on people to boycott An Evening With Lions And Tigers, but the directors say the show is educational and promotes conservation… 'No, there shouldn't be a ban' - Anthony Beckwith, one of the directors of An Evening With Lions And Tigers, describes the show as “an educational display” that teaches people about animals…. 'Yes, there should be a ban' - Martin Fidler Jones is political campaigns manager for the RSPCA and recently handed a petition signed by more than 7,500 people to the Welsh Government, calling for a ban…. (story)

Irish Independent 28.10.15 Why has it taken so long to discover meat is bad for us? - It seems eating red meat is now bad for your health and that’s official. Our experts tell us we should avoid it if we want to live long, healthy lives… We have destroyed this planet through sheer greed and stupidity – and now we have the neck to blame the creatures we destroyed for our troubles… Eugene McGuinness Kilkenny (story)

Belfast Telegraph 28.10.15 How you can help end bloodsport of bullfighting - Today - October 28 - a vote takes place in the European Parliament that could deal a devastating blow to the cruel practice of bullfighting. Each year, £110m in EU funding goes to support farmers who rear bulls for bullfights. This is taxpayers' money being used to subsidise one of the most horrific forms of animal cruelty…. JOHN FITZGERALD Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (letter)


Mirror 27.10.15 Animal rights charities fear Tory 'back door' move to bring back fox hunting BY BEN GLAZE - Ministers should not to try to bring back fox hunting, a report will warn. With the new season about to start, the League Against Cruel Sports is putting pressure on the Government not to again attempt to amend the Hunting Act… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 27.10.15 Using deaths to smear hunting is totally abhorrent - John Tierney's letter (Write Back, October 15) shows the depths to which hunt saboteurs will sink in their efforts to smear ordinary, decent people who follow country pursuits…. In John Tierney's vitriolic rant, we have a prime example of one who claims to love animals, but has no regard for the feelings of his fellow man. OLIVER McCULLOUGH Chair, NI committee British Association for Shooting & Conservation (letter)

Sheffield Star 27.10.15 ‘We must continue to fight fox hunting ban’ - November marks the start of the new hunting season for the 289 registered packs of hounds across Britain…We had hoped that the new season would have been marked by small amendments to the Hunting Act were to have come before Parliament in July… There is no justification for the Hunting Act and it will be consigned to history. So the hunting community starts the new season in good spirits determined to continue hunting, under the law, and fighting for repeal.” Tim Bonner, Chief executive, Countryside Alliance (letter)

Western Morning News 27.10.15 Game Fair team behind iconic British country sports event announce it's back on! By WMNPBowern - The Game Fair – the annual celebration of country sports that looked doomed after its organisers the CLA announced it could no longer afford to run it – has been saved by its management team and will go ahead next year as originally planned…. (story)
Western Morning News 25.9.15 Country sports fans' big day out falls victim to a changing world - With the cancellation of the Game Fair, what’s the future for similar events asks Philip Bowern. Every organiser of a major outdoor event will be a little more nervous this week with the news that the CLA Game Fair – to many people the grandaddy of all big outdoor events – is shutting up shop. After 57 years the Country Land and Business Association has decided the losses that come with staging the event are just too high and it cannot continue to use its members’ subscriptions to underwrite it for another year… (story)

Land Gazette 24.9.15 Who will take over the CLA Game Fair? - Written by Alf Maxwell - With organisers looking for new partners for the 2016 show at Ragley Hall, there are a number of names in the running. Among them are Blaze Publishing and The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust. Meanwhile, Midland Game Fair organiser Countryman Fairs plans an entirely new show to rival the once great CLA Game Fair…. (story)
Western Morning News 21.9.15 UK's biggest celebration of country sports is scrapped as CLA pulls out of Game Fair By WMNPBowern - The biggest celebration of country sports in Britain – the CLA Game Fair – has been cancelled next year and looks unlikely to be staged in the future. In a letter to its members the Country Land and Business Association, which has run the event for more than 50 years, has announced it is scrapping the 2016 Game Fair, planned for Ragley Hall, Warwickshire, and all future events. Other rural organisations are now in consultation with the CLA over how the Game Fair – a huge shop window for country sports and rural businesses, many based in the Westcountry – might continue. Country sports insiders yesterday suggested it would be difficult to find any organisation to take it on…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 27.10.15 Man given Scotland’s first Asbo for hare coursing - A WEST Lothian man who was caught hare coursing has become the first in Scotland to be given an Asbo for the offence. Keith Livingston was fined £300 at Edinburgh Sheriff Court for two counts of hare coursing under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The 54-year-old, who appeared at court on Friday, was also given an Asbo… (story)

Guardian 27.10.15 Countryfile turns to 'hard core' issues after claims it is squeamish on rural life - The BBC has said it has made Countryfile cover more “hard core” subjects and “sharpened” reporting on Springwatch following a report that criticised the corporation for being too “squeamish” about covering the realities of rural life… (story)
Telegraph 27.10.15 BBC improves rural coverage with 'hard core' stories By Patrick Foster, Media Correspondent - The BBC has made “significant” strides in improving its rural affairs coverage, by dropping its focus on “fluffy badgers” and focussing on meatier stories such as falling milk prices, the corporation’s governing body has said. An independent report published by the BBC Trust last year criticised the broadcaster for its “simplistic” coverage of countryside affairs that often ignored the “gritty realities” of rural life…. (story)

Western Morning News 27.10.15 South West house prices bubble warning after predictions of huge increases By WMNlynbarton - House prices in the Westcountry are being 'talked up' into an unrealistic bubble thanks to expectations fuelled by sky high property values in London… Sarah Lee, head of policy at the Countryside Alliance, warned a lack of affordable homes "creates a vicious cycle which if not halted leads to the break-up of communities, a loss of services and results in villages that have no long-term future."… (story)

York Press 27.10.15 I AM appalled, distraught even, to read of the horrific tests being carried out on defenceless animals who know only trust… Eunice Birch, Coombs Close, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 27.10.15 Committee claim to have “legal duty” to control deer numbers as cull plans are criticised by Jon Hebditch - A deer cull in Aberdeen will take place – but only after all options short of killing have been explored and a proper count conducted. Councillors yesterday debated the controversial killing plan after local animal rights campaigners accused the local authority as being “cull crazy”… (story)

Irish Journal 27.10.15 This Dublin café’s ‘war on vegans’ is going viral all over the world - A DUBLIN CAFÉ is going viral all over the world for ‘banning’ (and subsequently declaring war on) vegans. The White Moose Café, part of the Charleville Lodge Hotel in Phibsborough, is facing backlash for ‘threatening’ to shoot any vegans who enter the café…. (story)
Mirror 26.10.15 Cafe owner 'threatens to shoot vegans dead' after they post negative reviews on Facebook BY PAT FLANAGAN - Vegans haven't seen the funny side of Paul Stenson's 'joke' though, with some saying he should be reported to the police - A cafe manager jokingly suggested he will shoot vegans during an escalating row on Facebook over online reviews. Before it was announced that processed meats can cause cancer, the White Moose Cafe in Dublin this week threatened to 'kill' those who refuse to touch the stuff in a post on its social media page…. As the situation deteriorated Mr Stenson, whose parents own the restaurant, banned all vegans from entering the establishment. He wrote: “Given the torrent of abuse and unjustified negative reviews we have been receiving from the vegan population over the past 24 hours, all vegans are now barred from our cafe…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 27.10.15 Sophie Sparham: No difference between beheading a ram and killing a lamb for its meat By SOPHIE SPARHAM - SOMETHING tragic and unnecessary happened last week. Arnie, a 16-stone ram and family pet of the owners of Betty's Farm Shop, in Willington, was found beheaded by the side of the road…. Before long, a guilty thought soon struck me. How many of these people providing sympathy for Arnie would go home to eat a lamb chop dinner that same evening?... (story)


Shropshire Star 26.10.15 Video and pictures: Tally-ho! Shropshire hunt’s first meet of year - first meet of year - More than 200 people took part in a Shropshire hunt’s first meet of the year. About 30 hounds and 100 horses from the Albrighton & Woodland Hunt trekked across 30 miles of countryside from Enville Hall yesterday…. (story)

Horse & Hound 26.10.15 Former star racehorse excels in new hunting career - Catherine Austen - Finian’s Rainbow, former winner of the Queen Mother Champion Chase at Cheltenham and the Melling Chase at Aintree, has found a new career in the hunting field. The 12-year-old, owned by Michael Buckley and trained by Nicky Henderson, is now with the Marchioness of Blandford… “He has had one day’s autumn hunting with the Heythrop so far and will go again quietly like this week…. (story)

Farming Life 26.10.15 Animal welfare information update - Animal welfare is something that we in Countryside Alliance Ireland take very seriously. Under the Welfare of Animals Act (NI) 2011 a person who is responsible for an animal must ensure that its needs are met, and it is an offence to fail to take reasonable steps to ensure its welfare…. (story)

Western Daily Press 26.10.15 Brian May's legal challenge against badger cull is thrown out – again By TristanCork - A legal challenge against the badger cull mounted by Brian May's Save Me Trust has been thrown out by a Court of Appeal judge. The Dorset-based animal rights activist and Queen guitarist had launched an application for a judicial review into the legality of the badger cull, but the case was thrown out once and then denied on appeal by a senior judge…. farmers – particularly in Somerset – say they are already seeing a rapid reduction in the number of herds that are under bTB cattle restrictions. (story)
BBC News Online 26.10.15 Brian May's request for judicial review into badger cull rejected - Rock star Brian May's quest for a judicial review into the legalities of badger culling has failed. The animal rights campaigner pursued High Court legal action after badger culls began in Dorset and continued in Somerset and Gloucestershire. But after a first judicial review request was turned down, an appeal has now also been rejected… The cull has now ended for this year, but the charity is still pursuing "legal action options" as the culls take place over four years… (story)

Canterbury Times 26.10.15 Vegan protesters defend use of Auschwitz banner at Pork & Co demonstration - Vegan protestors have explained why they used a provocative banner comparing the treatment of animals with the notorious Auschwitz death camp on Saturday. Spokesman Robert Smith admitted, given the choice again, they would have used an alternative analogy… (story)
Canterbury Times 24.10.15 Vegan activists in angry clashes in Canterbury during Pork & Co protests - Vegans mounting a protest outside Pork & Co in Canterbury were involved in clashes with passers-by after unfurling a banner comparing the "inhumane" treatment of animals with a notorious Nazi concentration camp…. Robert Smith, a spokesman for the protestors, explained away the Auschwitz banner by stating animals were being transported to 'death camps"… (story)
Canterbury Times 23.10.15 Pork & Co owner Sam Deeson makes furious Facebook response to vegan activists By Lauren MacDougal - The wife of the owner of a popular Canterbury takeaway targeted by vegan activists has come to the defence of her husband after an eventful ten days. Cath Deeson denied claims that suckling pigs were used in Pork & Co in Sun Street and said the restaurant was the obvious targets for protests because of its window display…. Yesterday Cath Deeson took to Twitter and Facebook to angrily deny claims that they do not treat their animals well… It comes as vegan activists plan another protest from 1pm to 2pm this Saturday. Pork & Co supporters have rallied behind them… (story)
Canterbury Times 22.10.15 Vegans target Canterbury eatery Pork & Co and compare to Auschwitz By Timbates - Vegan campaigners have compared one of the city's most popular takeaways to a Nazi death camp, as they prepare to protest the site over the weekend. Pork & Co, one of the best-loved and acclaimed eateries in the city, has been the target of an aggressive campaign that has seen campaigners saying they would "get at [owner Sam Deeson] with a pair of scissors]"…. On Saturday, campaigners protested outside the takeaway with a banner reading "Auschwitz never went away". There is another protest being planned from 1pm to 2pm this Saturday…. All the pigs Pork & Co use are free range, and fully matured. The company have stated that they are against the use of suckling pigs, or piglets… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 26.10.15 Pig farm owners refute cruelty claims after pictures appear online By Alice Roberts - THE owners of a pig farm near Withernsea say they have been targeted by animal rights campaigners who claim they are mistreating animals. The vegan campaign organisation Viva! obtained undercover footage of conditions at Poplar Farm in Rimswell…. (story)


Western Morning News 25.10.15 PICTURES: Modbury Harriers opening meet By WMNBillMartin - A Westcountry hunt that faced an uncertain future when it lost the kennelling for its hounds, celebrated the start of a season it thought it might never see at the weekend – with a new lease of life…. on Saturday it was back at Flete for the opening meet of the new season, having found new accommodation for its hounds with the South Devon Hunt, at Denbury, near Newton Abbot (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 25.10.15 Police reiterate laws on hunting with dogs in Wildlife Crime Awareness week - Lincolnshire Police have once again laid down the law when it comes to hunting wildlife using dogs. The force have been focusing on the laws related to different wildlife species on each day during Wildlife Awareness week, this week. Today's focus in on man's best friend, dogs, and police have took this opportunity to remind people that hunting with dogs is against the law…. (story)

Mirror 25.10.15 Animal lovers outraged at hunting season opening as hundreds of birds shot dead every day BY SAM WEBB , LOUISE PARKER - The hunting season is open in the UK and pheasant hunters are already shooting hundreds of the birds every day. But some anti blood sport campaigners have blasted the traditional sport, which sees flocks of pheasants released into the wild to be hunted… (story)

Western Morning News 25.10.15 Farmers to be forced to put up EU billboards By Kate Langston - Regulations forcing farmers to erect signs in exchange for EU funding are “another bit of environmental rubbish” which risk “putting applicants off”, rural experts warn… A spokesman for the Countryside Alliance said they had no problem with the regulation “as long as the posters or boards are not allowed to become litter and pose no danger to livestock” (story)


Spectator 24.10.15 Sabs don’t want to stop fox-hunting; they never did - Melissa Kite - Devotee of the old ways though I am, I can just about understand why a misguided animal lover might oppose fox-hunting…. I’m struggling with the concept of sneaking around as one doesn’t hunt foxes. Hunt saboteurs? Yes, I see that. Sabs trying to thwart a pretend hunt? Sorry, I just don’t get it…. I finally realised. The sabs don’t want to stop fox-hunting. They never did. They’re furious that we trail hunt within the law. They need to pretend we’re still old-style hunting. Because it gets them out the house (story)


Western Morning News 23.10.15 In My Opinion - Blood sports may deter West's wildlife-friendly tourists By Graham Forsyth, Chard - What a truly shameful article that the WMN published under the name of Philip Bowern regarding the Top list of pheasant shoots. Nowhere in the article was a price quoted for one of these top shot locations. Perhaps that would blow the myth that it’s open to all! I do think its about time that local people and the tourist industry started to raise concerns about the effects of both hunting and shooting on the Westcountry as seen through visitors’ eyes… (letter)

Stroud News & Journal 23.10.15 Hard to see culls doing any good - DEFRA Ministers are to be most warmly congratulated on their adroit political handling of the “Badger TB Problem”. Urgent critically important culls could have started at the end of May, with the end of closed cubbing-dependency season, but Liz Truss only got round to announcing, rather predictably on Friday, August 28, just before Bank Holiday Monday, that one additional cull area in Dorset had been licensed... finding reactors in new herd breakdowns which have not yet reached the stage of having confirmatory visible lung lesions, has meant that badgers have been blamed for all these non-visible lesion ie, unconfirmed reactors/breakdowns... Martin Hancox Stroud (letter)

Harrow Times 23.10.15 Dog lover Kay Burley to cut RSPCA out of will for refusing to rescue stray - Victoria Oliphant - NEWS presenter Kay Burley says she has taken the RSPCA out of her will after it refused to take in a stray dog. Sky broadcaster Kay Burley contacted the animal charity after she found a “terrified and lost” stray Staffordshire bull terrier in running wild in a park in Harrow yesterday. But instead of arranging for the animal to be picked up, she was told that she would instead have to contact the council to have it rescued…. (story)

Herald 23.10.15 Under fire SSPCA chief: my performance justifies my salary - Scotland's best paid charity boss has hit back at criticism of his salary, arguing it is justified by the results achieved under his leadership. Stuart Earley, the chief executive of the animal charity SSPCA, has been described as a charity 'fat cat' by the media and other charity campaigners after it was revealed that bonuses took his income last year to £216,000… (story)

Independent 23.10.15 Think animal testing isn't a problem? The government has said these horrifying procedures are "moderate" - "Severe" procedures can include irradiation or chemotherapy with a lethal dose, deliberately breeding animals to have painful genetic disorders and increasingly poisoning animals with toxic substances until they die - Julia Baines - If a nation's moral progress "can be judged by the way its animals are treated"… every year when the Home Office releases its "Annual Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals", Britain has another opportunity to take stock of its morality….(story)
Mail 22.10.15 Revealed: Figures show for the first time how much pain animals suffer during laboratory experiments By TOM MCTAGUE - More than 180,000 animals suffered 'severe' pain and distress in laboratory experiments last year, official figures revealed today. For the first time the government has revealed the level of suffering animals are forced to go through in officially-licensed tests… (story)
Mirror 22.10.15 'Shocking' statistics reveal animals endure 'severe' pain in 150,000 of two million experiments BY MARTIN BAGOT - Almost two million animal tests were carried out in Britain last year with more than 150,000 resulting in “severe” pain and distress. For the first time the Government has revealed the level of suffering animals are forced to endure in official experiments… Michelle Thew, chief executive of Cruelty Free International, said: “The level of animal suffering revealed by these statistics is shocking…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 23.10.15 Animal rescue sanctuary “outraged” at Aberdeen Council deer cull plans by Blair Dingwall - The founders of one of the north-east’s busiest animal rescue sanctuaries have spoken of their “outrage” at proposals for a deer cull in the city. Keith and Pauline Marley – who run the New Arc Centre at Auchnagatt – have condemned Aberdeen City Council’s plan to hire marksmen to keep numbers “manageable”… (story)

Herts Advertiser 23.10.15 Fur remains in St Albans market after Labour-Tory council standoff - Debbie White - Fur will continue being sold at markets in St Albans after Tory councillors pelted an attempt to prohibit its sale. After seeing badger skins being sold at a recent medieval market, and photos of fur products taken by Herts Animal Rights in the city centre, Labour councillor Dreda Gordon sought support to ban its sale. But a “wrecking ball motion” by Tory councillor Beric Read, the portfolio holder for localism, put paid to her proposal at last Wednesday’s full council meeting… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 23.10.15 Veganism has never been easier - Recent figures have shown that sales of nut-based milks - especially almond milk - are on the rise, both here and in the US. This is part of a growing movement away from animal products towards healthy, delicious, plant-based foods, and it's no wonder, given all the benefits associated with the vegan diet…. BEN MARTIN Animal Aid (letter)


Western Morning News 22.10.15 Vote on hunting ban to take place 'when Parliamentary time is available' By WMNKLangston - Delayed Government plans to amend the hunting ban will be go before MPs as soon as "Parliamentary time is available”, ministers have claimed. Speaking to members of the environment, food and rural affairs committee, secretary of state Liz Truss confirmed a vote on the reform was still her intention… (story)

Western Morning News 22.10.15 England is free to 'determine its own future' claim West MPs, as Parliament passes EVEL By WMNKLangston - England is free to “determine its own future”, claim Westcountry Conservative MPs, as they celebrate the successful passage of “English Votes for English laws”. Emotions ran high in the Commons chamber as MPs debated the controversial rules, with the SNP warning it would create a “second class” of Scottish members…. calls for Scottish MPs’ powers to be curbed have increased since the SNP threatened to intervene in Government attempts to amend the hunting act…. (story)

Birmingham Mail 22.10.15 Cat lovers Dean and Diane Webb to sue RSPCA over loss of their animals BY JAMES CARTLEDGE - A Birmingham couple who reported death threats and left the country after being accused of cruelty to their cats plan to sue the RSPCA for damages over the loss of their animals following a new High Court ruling . Dean and Diane Webb, who bred and showed cats, were cleared of all criminal charges two years ago after waiting three years to stand trial. But the RSPCA had taken the animals in to their possession and then disposed of them…. (story)

Newbury Weekly News 22.10.15 RSPCA wades into Michaelmas Fair goldfish row - Dan Cooper - THE RSPCA has criticised the decision to allow live goldfish to be given away as prizes at Newbury’s Michaelmas Fair. Under the 2006 Animal Welfare Act, children are allowed to take fish away as prizes, provided they are accompanied by someone over the age of 16. However, the RSPCA said that while it is not illegal, stress, changes to water temperature and oxygen starvation can cause many of the fish to die before their new owners get them home. One Highclere resident, Emma Fernandino, who went to the fair, said it was unnecessarily cruel…. (story)


Yorkshire Post 21.10.15 Hunting enthusiast wins his court appeal - A fox-hunting devotee has won his appeal against a conviction for blocking up badger setts to give huntsmen and hounds a better chance of reaching their quarry. Lee Anthony Martin, 45, blocked entrance holes to the badgers’ warren in woodland near Malton, North Yorkshire . The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) took Martin to court after gathering video evidence of several entrance holes being blocked in Evers Wood, Scrayingham… Countryside Alliance chief executive Tim Bonner said: “This has been a huge waste of time and taxpayers’ money.”(story)
Scarborough News 12.2.15 Hunt members in court for interfering with badger setts by Andrew Pitt - Two members of the Middleton Hunt accused of interfering with badger setts have been dealt with by the courts with one cleared and one convicted. Kennel huntsman Barry Andrews, 33, was accused of interfering with a badger sett in woods at Bossall, Malton, by restricting the entrance…. But the case was dropped at Scarborough magistrates’ court yesterday (Thursday) after the Crown agreed the proceedings be discontinued. Meanwhile, Terrierman Lee Martin, 44, was convicted of the offence but may appeal for the verdict to be overturned, his lawyer said yesterday…. (story)
ITV 11.2.15 Huntsman found guilty of blocking badger sett - A member of the Middleton Hunt has been ordered to do 120 hours community service after he was found guilty of blocking up a badger sett at a two day trial at Scarborough magistrates court. 44-year-old Lee Martin, who's a terrierman with the Malton-based Hunt, was also ordered to pay £970 costs after he was found guilty of interfering with a badger sett near Scrayingham last March… (story)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald 11.2.15 Middleton Hunt member Lee Martin guilty of blocking badger sett - A TERRIERMAN for Middleton Hunt has been given a community sentence after he was found guilty of deliberately blocking up a badger sett during a meet last year. Lee Martin, 45, of Birdsall, near Malton, denied blocking a badger sett in Evers woodland, near Malton, during a meet of the Middleton Hunt at Scrayingham in March, last year, when he appeared at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court this week. But he was found guilty after a two-day trial and was sentenced to 120 hours of community service and ordered to pay £970 in costs….(story)

Nuneaton News 21.10.15 Protesters call for Atherstone Hunt Ball to be scrapped By Laura Bennett - MEMBERS of an animal rights group have protested outside a popular events venue calling for the Atherstone Hunt Ball to be cancelled. Campaigners from Leicester Animal Rights and Derby Animal Rights group joined West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs and councillor Keith Kondakor for the demonstration against the social gathering at the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre. Jack Riggall, a spokesperson for Leicester Animal Rights, told the News that the group is calling for the event, which is taking place on November 21, to be stopped as an ethical response to hunting…. (story)

Western Morning News 21.10.15 Rural groups urge all who shoot to stick to the rules on lead ammunition By WMNPBowern - A ban on lead ammunition remains a possibility, causing concern to many who shoot. In the meantime, as Philip Bowern reports, they are urged to stick to current rules… The British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Countryside Alliance put out the message this week to all shooters to comply with the very simple laws on the use of lead ammunition… (story)

Daily Post 21.10.15 Dogs in Wales must be microchipped from April or owners will be fined BY GARY PORTER - All dog owners must have their pets microchipped from April 6 next year – or face a fine… Rachel Evans, Countryside Alliance director for Wales, added: “This has taken some time to come to fruition and the Alliance has been active in the consultation process since March 2010…. (story)

Nuneaton News 21.10.15 Seven foxes brutally killed in Bedworth - SEVEN foxes have been horrifically shot and left at the side of a road in Bedworth. The animals were killed and left near bushes at the side of Marston Lane. The cruel act has been described as ‘appalling’ by Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary founder Geoff Grewcock… (story)

Western Mornig News 21.10.15 Tide is turning against badger cull, claims Dominic Dyer, CEO of Badger Trust By WMNPBowern - Know your enemy is the first rule of battle… Dominic Dyer is a polished PR performer. On TV, in front of a crowd or making his point to a politician on animal welfare issues he knows how to marshall an argument and promote his own positive take on any dispute… Dominic Dyer is a polished PR performer. On TV, in front of a crowd or making his point to a politician on animal welfare issues he knows how to marshall an argument and promote his own positive take on any dispute… Despite NFU president Meurig Raymond’s assertion that the culls have been “a huge success” and promises from deputy president Minette Batters that confirmation is coming “very soon” of how culling is driving down bTB rates in cattle, Mr Dyer believes the tide is turning – politically and scientifically….(story)


Aberdeen Press & Journal 20.10.15 Guerrilla animal rights group may not return to north-east by Joshua King - A guerrilla animal rights group may not return to the north-east if the government bans wild salmon netting, campaigners have said. Sea Shepherd UK’s seal defence team has been waging war on individuals who they allege have killed seals to protect salmon stocks in Gamrie Bay. Now the salmon season has ended, the conservation group has pulled out of the area after what operations boss Robert Read said was a “successful campaign”…. (story)

Argus 20.10.15 RSCPA petition calling for ban on circus animals in Wales gets 7,500 signatures - Francesca Gillett - MORE than 7,500 people have signed a petition to urge the Welsh Government to introduce a long-awaited ban on the use of wild animals in circuses… Today, the National Assembly for Wales' Petitions Committee will discuss the petition which was recently handed to committee chair, William Powell AM, by RSPCA Cymru’s political campaigns manager Martin Fidler Jones and RSPCA Cymru board chair and RSPCA council member Paul Baxter…. (story)
Western Mail 10.9.15 RSPCA leads call to snub travelling wild animal circuses in Wales BY RACHAEL MISSTEAR - RSPCA Bosses are urging animal lovers to join nearly 4,500 others by signing a petition to ban wild animals in circuses in Wales. A travelling show using lions and tigers has now arrived in the Cardigan area and RSPCA Cymru is urging the public to think twice about going…. Thomas Chipperfield, who is behind the show, An Evening with Lions and Tigers, featuring performing animals, denied his animals suffer in captivity and stressed that “all the relevant animal welfare licences are in place and the animals are checked by vets”…. (story)
South Wales Evening Post 6.10.15 6,000 people sign RSPCA petition calling for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses in Wales - RSPCA Cymru is calling on the people of Bridgend to follow other communities across Wales and give a travelling show using wild animals a miss. The animal welfare charity has long pushed for a complete ban on the use of wild animals in circuses…. (story)


Cumberland & Westmorlan Herald 19.10.15 Saboteurs warn of plan to disrupt annual Alston hare hunting week - HUNT saboteurs have warned they are heading to Alston to disrupt what they allege is a secret hare hunting event. The national Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) says it is sending members to the town to force the abandonment of Alston Hare Week… This week, the Weardale and Tees Valley Beagles, which organises the meet-up, denied hare-coursing goes on and said it was a social gathering for packs held to keep alive dying countryside traditions, including hunting songs. (story)

Northern Echo 19.10.15 Police investigate illegal fox hunting allegations in Fishburn area - Lizzie Anderson - POLICE are investigating reports of an illegal fox hunt in County Durham this morning (Monday, October 19). A concerned resident contacted Sedgefield Police after claiming to have seen a pack of hounds closing in on a fox in Fishburn Woodland between 8am and 10am…. (story)

Farmers Weekly 19.10.15 Sussex badger vaccination project ‘progressing well’ - Philip Case Volunteers including farmers and landowners have vaccinated 46 badgers in East Sussex in a bid to help control the spread of bovine TB across the county. The Sussex Badger Vaccination Project (SBVP), which started 12 months ago, has seen 35 badgers vaccinated during the 2015 season…. SBVP director and vaccinator Chris Riddington, said: “We caught and vaccinated five badgers on this site… (story)


Horse & Hound 17.10.15 Want to try hunting? Get started during newcomers’ week - The Countryside Alliance’s (CA) annual newcomers’ week gives those new to the sport a chance to try hunting for the first time. This year’s newcomers’ week runs from 17-24 October. During this time, hunts across the country have organised events to attract new faces to the hunting field…. (story)

Horse & Hound 17.10.15 9 photos that are sure to get you excited for the hunting season - Madeleine Pitt - The leaves are turning, the nights are drawing in, the temperatures are dropping — and we couldn’t be happier…if you weren’t excited enough already, we’ve dug out nine photos of followers and hunt staff on flying form with breathtaking scenery thrown into the mix, that we can (almost) guarantee will give you the pre-season buzz… (story)

Irish Examiner 17.10.15 There is no law allowing hunts on private land - Media coverage of rural crime has emphasised criminal elements that terrorise rural communities within a vacuum of light-touch judicial application… Every hunting season brings the visit by the local hunt, on horseback or on foot, to rural areas, causing distress, damage and assaults by those who refuse to acknowledge that their activity is not welcome in the area and that access to private property is denied to them…. John Tierney Association of Hunt Saboteurs PO Box 4734 Dublin 1 (letter)

Derby Telegraph 17.10.15 Cowards need to find a better sport than killing - WITH regard to killing innocent wildlife in the name of "sport" by arrogant and too-much-time-and-money cowards, I agree totally with J Smalldon, "Shooting pheasants is as bad as killing a lion"… So, to all you fox-hunters, seal-hunters, badger-hunters, bird and rabbit-shooters, you are not big, not macho, not brave. Just grow up and find something more productive to do with your leisure time. MW Blurton Mickleover (letter)


Ross Gazette 16.10.15 Death of foxhound on A40 - Anti-hunt protesters have denied claims that they drew a dog to its death using a device which creates sounds that attract hunting dogs. A foxhound was killed by a lorry on the A40 near Ross, close to the Drybrook turn on Saturday, October 10th, during the first meet of the season for Ross Harriers… (story)
Western Daily Press 12.10.15 Who was to blame for hunt hound hit by lorry on A40 in Gloucestershire? By TristanCork - A furious row has erupted over the death of a single hunting hound which was hit by a lorry on the A40 in Gloucestershire at the weekend…. The police are now dealing with two very different sets of evidence, including videos of the incident and its aftermath from both sides, each of which is blaming the other for the hound's death…. The dog belonged to the Ross Harriers Hunt, which was hunting nearby at the time, and was being disrupted by the Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs Association. Hunt sabs said they came across the aftermath of the accident, and denied claims a sab had used a 'gizmo'… Hunt supporters and the Ross Harriers Hunt were quick to allege that the hound that died had 'been lured' from the pack onto the road by the sabs using 'a gizmo'. "They lured that poor hound away from the pack using their electronic gizmo thing, isolated it, then let it get hit by a lorry," claimed Arlington Wallace.. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 16.10.15 Grouse report row deepens as criticism is branded ‘ridiculous’ by Andrew Liddle - The author of a controversial report into grouse shooting has branded criticism of his work “ridiculous”. Andy Wightman, who co-wrote a report into moor management for the League Against Cruel Sports, defended the document that has been branded a “smear” by gamekeepers. The Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association said the report was no more than a “cut-and-paste job” and that it was contradicted by a new report from the environment agency Scottish Natural Heritage…. (story)

Dorset Echo 16.10.15 ECHO INVESTIGATES: My night on patrol with badgerwatch - Rachel Stretton, Senior Reporter - IN AUGUST Defra announced that licensed marksmen had been given permission to begin culling badgers in Dorset…. Daily patrols were quickly set up with dozens of wildlife campaigners volunteering their time to go out after dark. The Dorset Echo joined them to find out exactly what happens on a badger patrol… “I don’t know how many people will turn up,” says Karin Snellock, press officer for Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare. She needn’t have worried… Is this a typical night for the badger patrols? “We’ve had reports of cages left in places, trails of peanuts,” is the reply. But I want to know if they have ever found anything personally. The answer from all three is the same: “No.”.. The tales I’m told of clashes between farmers and protestors in other areas of the south west are unprintable and, as they are coming to me second hand – something that happened to a friend of a friend – I take them with a pinch of salt… (story)

Western Morning News 16.10.15 Dolphin cull protesters daub hands in blood-red paint at Japan Embassy demo By WMNDavidWells - Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Embassy of Japan in London today to campaign against the Taiji dolphin culls. Led by Dolphin Project founder and director Ric O’Barry, the animal protection activists, some with painted red hands to signify the blood that had been shed of the mammals, chanted slogans such as “Shame on Japan” and “Stop killing dolphins”… (story)


On The Wight 15.10.15 Meet Bill Oddie at Sunday’s free Wildlife Day event - Meet Bill Oddie, as well as many other fascinating speakers at Sunday’s Wildlife Day event in Newport. The League Against Cruel Sports return to the Isle of Wight this coming Sunday (18th October) with their annual free Wildlife Day… (story)

Wandsworth Guardian 15.10.15 "Shrieking and humping" foxes attack exposed bin bags across Wandsworth - George Odling - Shredded bin bags ripped apart by "shrieking and humping" foxes is leaving parts of Wandsworth resembling a "minefield". Luke Wretham, 26, who lives in Tilehurst Road in Earlsfield, said every Wednesday evening the streets were full of foxes, as most people leave their rubbish bags exposed on the pavement for bin men to collect in the morning… Bournemouth Echo 15.10.15 Badger cull ends in Dorset, Defra confirms - The badger cull has ended in Dorset, Defra has confirmed…. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 15.10.15 'Scientific evidence ignored in badger cull' - The Tories need to address the inhumane and cruel killing of our badgers and the high cost to British taxpayers of carrying it out…. Janet Cummings Rugby (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 15.10.15 Cancer research and animal cruelty - In light of CRUK's announcement of its Grand Challenges £100m grant scheme, when it comes to laboratory research, Animal Aid urges it to invest solely in species-relevant, human-based science - not cruel animal-based methods…. JESSAMY KOROTOGA Animal Aid (etter)

Cannock Mercury 15.10.15 Animal circus owner asks Cannock Chase public to come and look for themselves - FOR Peter Jolly circus is very much a way of life, much as football is to others he found a love for it over 50 years ago and it is something which has stuck with him ever since… In May 2011 a licence was introduced seeing any circus with wild animals having to abide by strict rules in order to help preserve the welfare of said animals. Something which Mr Jolly was more than happy for his show to abide by… Mr Jolly asked people to come and make up their own mind about his show on Lower Drayton Lane. "Listen to what people are saying but also use your own thoughts, come and have a look and then decide. Don't decide beforehand by someone shouting at you." (story)


Western Daily Press 14.10.15 By TristanCork - The Government has until a week on Tuesday to hold the vote on relaxing the ban on hunting – or it will have to come up with a new plan to satisfy its army of hunt supporters in the countryside. Defra minister Rory Stewart sparked speculation that the Government was looking to revisit the issue of the hunting ban after he was asked why ministers scrapped a planned vote on the issue in controversial circumstances back in the summer…. (story)

Telegraph 14.10.15 Report attacking grouse shooting condemned as 'smear' By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent - A report condemning the alleged “industrialisation” of grouse moor management has been dismissed by landowners and gamekeepers as a thinly-veiled attempt to “smear” the country sport. The study commissioned by the League Against Cruel sports claims that wealthy grouse moor owners are ruining large areas of the Scottish countryside…. (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 14.10.15 Wounded badger patrols in North Dorset By jspiteri - Local members of The Badger Trust celebrated National Badger Day in North Dorset with sadness in the knowledge that the trial scheme to cull the protected animals, believed responsible for TB in cattle, has been extended to Dorset… Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare spokesman Karin Snellock said: "People were invited to turn up at the meeting places and walk footpaths and lanes in the cull zones to protest against the cull and look out for any wounded animals, either badgers or other creatures caught up in the crossfire… " (story)

Northants Herald & Post 14.10.15 Northamptonshire couple being honoured with national Animal Action Award By lawrence.john - A Northamptonshire couple are being honoured with national Animal Action Award. Roy Marriott founded the registered charity Animals In Need 25 years ago… (story)


Bradford Telegraph & Argus 13.10.15 Bradford Council reported to ombudsman over refusal to release Ilkley Moor grouse shoot dates - Amanda Greaves - BRADFORD Council has said it would be willing to publicise Ilkley Moor grouse shoots, on condition that there was no possibility of disorder from anti-bloodsports protests. The authority spoke out after anti-shooting group Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor (BBIM) filed a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman challenging the council's policy of not publicising grouse shoot dates…. (story)

Caerphilly Campaign 13.10.15 Welsh Tories call for ban on 'cruel' snares - WELSH Conservatives have supported calls for a ban on the use of snares in Wales. Assembly members Russell George and Andrew RT Davies, who first championed a ban in the Senedd in March, this year, have joined the League Against Cruel Sports in supporting a complete ban as the only way forward…. (story)
Barry & District News 13.10.15 Welsh Tories call for ban on 'cruel' snares - WELSH Conservatives have supported calls for a ban on the use of snares in Wales. Assembly members Russell George and Andrew RT Davies, who first championed a ban in the Senedd in March, this year, have joined the League Against Cruel Sports in supporting a complete ban as the only way forward… (story)
South Wales Evening Post 10.10.15 370,000 animals captured in snare traps in Wales last year claims charity - WELSH Government advice on snare traps for animals is 'futile', an animal charity has claimed. The League Against Cruel Sports has said only a ban on the "barbaric" traps can stop animals suffering. But the Welsh Government has said there is no 'legislative framework' to bring in such a ban. In Wales last year 370,000 animals, including badgers and pets, were caught in the wire traps, it is claimed… (story)
BBC News Online 9.10.15 'Barbaric' snare traps advice 'futile', says animal charity - Only a ban on "barbaric" snare traps can stop animals suffering and Welsh government advice on best practice is "futile", an animal charity has said. League Against Cruel Sports described a new code of best practice as "a futile attempt to do the right thing"… But Charles Grisedale, who runs a game shoot in Pennant, Ceredigion, said wire snare traps were necessary for his business…. (story)
BBC News Online 9.10.15 Welsh government Snare trap advice 'futile', says charity - Only a ban on "barbaric" snare traps can stop animals suffering and Welsh government advice on best practice is "futile", an animal charity has said… Matthew Murray reports. (video) (story)

Western Morning News 13.10.15 WMN opinion: Sensible solutions to much that ails the natural world - The Response to Nature report, out today from a total of 26 conservation bodies, is a sane and well-argued follow-up from the State of Nature report, two years ago, which drew attention in a stark manner to the declines and difficulties facing so many areas of the our natural world…. But it’s a shame that other organisations, which play a major part in the natural world but are not, first and foremost, conservation bodies are not among the signatories to the report…. country sports bodies, like the Countryside Alliance, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust also do great work for wildlife and the countryside, although it often goes unacknowledged by the mainstream conservation movement…. (story)

Dorset Echo 13.10.15 Anti-cull activists criticised for 'harassment' of Dorset farmer - Rachel Stretton - AN ANTI-badger cull group has come under fire for posting the contact details of a Dorset farmer on social media. Stop the Cull… has posted two statements about former Dorset National Farmers Union county chairman Paul Gould on its own Facebook page. Supporters have commented on the posts encouraging others to contact Mr Gould…. (story)

Western Daily Press 13.10.15 Badger cull is now over in Somerset, Dorset & Glos - but has it worked? By TristanCork - The trial culling of hundreds of badgers across Somerset, Dorset and Gloucestershire is ending this week – but the row over whether it is working or not to reduce bovine TB has only just begun… (story)

Kent Messenger 13.10.15 Anti-fur trade campaigners storm into New Look in Ramsgate town centre by James Rose - A dozen animal rights campaigners stormed a high street fashion store to protest against its faux fur range. They gathered in an attempt to stop a stallholder in Ramsgate town centre selling garments thought to be decorated with Chinese fox fur… Former Thanet councillor and Green Party candidate Ian Driver led the group into the shop… New Look responded to Mr Driver on Twitter. The statement read: “The full composition of this garment, which can be found on the care label, is 90% acrylic and 10% polyester… (story)


Horncastle News 12.10.15 CLAY PIGEON SHOOTING: Charity shoot raises cash for charity - Haven Clay Pigeon Club, near Coningsby, held a Charity Open Shoot in aid of the Younite Outreach Project on Sunday…. (story)

Western Daily Press 12.10.15 Pointless deaths of factory pheasants by Dr Toni Shephard Head of Research League Against Cruel Sports (story)
Dorset Echo 2.10.15 Pheasants don't roam freely before ending up in pot - THE pheasant shooting season is now underway. But please don’t be fooled by starry-eyed descriptions of happy birds roaming freely before being shot ‘for the pot’. Half of the 35 million birds released every year by shooting estates come from breeding birds factory-farmed on the continent… Finally, economists have debunked claims that the commercial shooting industry contributes significantly to the UK economy. Dr Toni Shephard Head of Research League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

BBC News Online 12.10.15 Wales' bird shooting approach criticised by charity - A law which allows anglers to shoot birds that have a serious impact on fisheries could lead to a long-term decline of some species, a charity warns. The Welsh Ornithological Society (WOS) says the Welsh government has no proof cormorants and goosanders are detrimental to fish stocks…. (story)

Express 12.10.15 Deer oh deer: Hackney Council scraps cull of urban foxes after public outcry By STUART WINTER - Hackney Council ordered the removal of traps in a popular park within hours of animal lovers reacting angrily to the idea of the inner city foxes being destroyed…. (story)
Mail 12.10.15 First urban fox cull for 30 years is stopped by animal rights activists after just one day, following online campaign By EMILY KENT SMITH - The first cull of urban foxes for 30 years has been cancelled after pressure from animal rights activists. Hackney Council, in east London, had decided to crack down on the growing fox population after it became concerned about attacks on deer in a local park…. (story)
East London Lines 10.10.15 ‘Inhumane’ fox cull halted by council after social media backlash - Sebastian Kettley - Hackney Council has halted a planned cull of wild foxes in Clissold Park after widespread criticism from angry activists and animal lovers….Martin Hemmington, founder of the National Fox Welfare Society, told EastLondonLines: “We have been providing rescues and treatment for the fox population in the London Boroughs for many years and I am so pleased to see that public opinion from across the country has led Hackney Council to seek more humane methods than the one’s they were secretly planning.”… (story)
Mirror 10.10.15 Bid to cull foxes in council park scrapped after protests - Campaigners have forced a council to abandon a fox cull which would have been the first of its kind for 30 years…. (story)
Telegraph 10.10.15 Council scraps urban fox cull in face of protests - Hackney council has suspended the country's first cull of urban foxes for 30 years after protests from animal welfare groups… (story)
Independent 9.10.15 Hackney fox cull postponed after social media outcry - Caroline Mortimer - Hackney Council has backed down from a planned cull of wild foxes in one of its parks after a national outcry… (story)
Hackney Gazette 9.10.15 Hackney Council backs down after fox cull furore - Emma Bartholomew - Hackney Council has removed fox traps from Clissold Park after 4,700 people signed a petition against a cull… (story)
ITV 9.10.15 Hackney Council to postpone fox cull amid concerns - Hackney Council have said they will postpone the proposed cull of foxes in one of the borough's biggest parks. The move comes after animal rights activists and some members of the public condemned the cull as unnecessary and ineffective… (story)
Evening Standard 9.10.15 Hackney council scraps fox cull after plan is condemned by RSPCA - JAMIE BULLEN - A london council has u-turned on culling foxes within hours of announcing the plan… (story)
Express 9.10.15 Urban inner London borough announces bizarre FOX CULL - sparking outrage By REBECCA PERRING - Animal rights campaigners have reacted with horror and hundreds have signed a petition, accusing Hackney council of being "inhumane'" and cruel. The RSPCA has also weighed in, worried that it will set a precedent and other councils across Britain will follow suit… (story)
Sky 9.10.15 London Council To Bait, Trap And Cull Foxes - Foxes are to be culled by a London council in what is believed to be the first move of its kind for three decades. Animals will be baited, trapped and culled in Stoke Newington’s Clissold Park, a decision that has been strongly condemned by animal rights campaigners…. (story)
Hackney Gazette 8.10.15 Petition against Hackney Council fox cull is launched - Aimee Brannen - A petition launched this afternoon in the face of Hackney Council’s plan to cull foxes has gathered more than 250 signatures – and is growing by the minute. News broke today that the authority is planning on “humanely trapping” and destroying the native foxes in Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, next week due to “health concerns”. The RSPCA quickly condemned the plan, along with many people on social media… (story)
Independent 8.10.15 Fox cull planned by council for first time in 30 years - Caroline Mortimer - Urban foxes are due to be culled by a London council for what is thought to be the first time in 30 years. Hackney Council has announced it will begin culling the animals in Stoke Newington’s Clissold Park in the north of the borough because they pose a "severe health risk" to the deer kept there… But wildlife experts told theLondon Evening Standard the cull was unlikely to have a significant effect as other foxes would just moved into the territory of those killed within days…. (story)
ITV 8.10.15 Hackney Council to cull foxes over safety concerns - Hackney Council have announced they will start culling foxes living in Clissold Park due to health concerns. The cull is necessary, the council told ITV News, as the foxes are posing a "severe health risk" to the deer living in the park… (story)
Evening Standard 8.10.15 Hackney council to cull foxes in first move of its kind for 30 years - ROBIN DE PEYER - Foxes are to be culled by a London council in what is thought to be the first move of its kind for around 30 years. Animal rights campaigners condemned Hackney’s decision to start a cull of the animals in the deer enclosure of Stoke Newington’s Clissold Park… (story)

Farmers Weekly 12.10.15 Kerry McCarthy joins Wounded Badger Patrol in cull zone - Philip Case - Shadow Defra secretary Kerry McCarthy joined a Wounded Badger Patrol in the Gloucestershire cull zone to give her support to anti-cull activists. The vegan MP for Bristol East met up with members of the Gloucestershire Wounded Badger Patrol on Saturday (10 October). She joined patrollers to hear about their experiences of looking for wounded badgers on the footpaths of west Gloucestershire during the cull…. (story)

Lancashire Evening Post 12.10.15 There’s a kind alternative - I’m disgusted at the steadfast mass killing of badgers, a species of animal which is supposed to be protected by law…Jeffrey Bilham, address supplied (story)

Essex Daily Gazette/County Standard 12.10.15 April Moodie to launch The Nourish Co - COLCHESTER’S first “eco-takeaway” is set to open. April Moodie is promising nutritious nosh from her new business The Nourish Co, which will open in St John’s Street on Friday, October 23. The former St Mary’s School pupil, who has been vegan for five years, said: “Colchester is spoilt for choice with some fantastic vegan options, but I have been keen to fill the gap for those who want a healthier option on the go… (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 12.10.15 Controversial animal circus brings big top back to Leeds - A controversial animal circus, which attracted protests from animal rights activists last year, has returned to Leeds. Circus Mondao’s big top is back in Thorpe Lane, Tingley, for shows until October 18. The circus is one of only two licensed animal circuses left in the UK…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 12.10.15 Rhys Ifans joins calls against lion and tiger show as protest is planned ahead of Swansea opening -A HOLLYWOOD actor has joined in calls to halt a lion and tiger show opening tonight in Swansea, as a peaceful protest is planned in opposition to the performance. Welsh star Rhys Ifans has joined Animal Defenders International in slamming An Evening with Lions and Tigers presented by Thomas Chipperfield, which sparked a petition when it visited Neath… (story)
Cambrian News 16.9.15 Big cat show directors defend against cruelty accusations - DIRECTORS of a controversial big cat show at Cardigan have defended themselves against accusations that it is cruel to lions and tigers. Billed as a training display, An Evening With Lions And Tigers features animals owned and presented by Thomas Chipperfield, of the world-famous circus family…. (story)


Telegraph 11.10.15 Countryside at odds over 'lead risk to children who eat game' - Controversial report claims shooting is placing thousands of children at risk of brain damage because of eating game killed with lead ammunition By Patrick Sawer - The report by the independent Lead Ammunition Group (LAG) - set up by Government ministers to examine the issue - found that some 10,000 children are growing up in households where “they could regularly be eating sufficient game shot with lead ammunition to cause them neurodevelopmental harm and other health impairments”…. Representatives from the Countryside Alliance, BASC and the National Game Dealers Association quit the LAG before the report had been formally concluded, claiming its findings were not based on “sound scientific evidence”…. (story)
Mail 11.10.15 Thousands of children are at risk of brain damage after eating game that is killed with lead ammunition, new report claims By JENNIFER NEWTON - Children are being put at risk of brain damage after eating game killed with lead ammunition, according to a new controversial report. Experts have said that some 10,000 children are regularly eating game meat that has been shot using lead ammunition, which can have harmful side effects…. The report by the Lead Ammunition Group (LAG) was set up by Government ministers to assess the health effects of game shot using lead ammunition and was due to conclude that there should be a complete phase out of lead shots…. (story)

Western Mail 11.10.15 Vegan girls risk illness by listening to dietary nonsense written on the internet, experts warn BY JAMES MCCARTHY - Doctors have treated undernourished youngsters who have not been getting the vitamins and minerals they need - Teen girls inspired by the web to become vegans are risking brittle bones, mood swings and poor brain function, experts have warned. Doctors and nutritionists have called for youngsters to eat carefully and not attempt a vegan diet without seeking advice from their doctor…. (story)

Daily Record & Sunday Mail 11.10.15 Animal rights campaigner who kept 69 cats in her filthy faeces-covered home is banned from keeping more than one pet BY RORY CASSIDY - A SELF-PROCLAIMED animal lover who neglected the 69 pet cats she kept in her small home has been banned from keeping more than one of the animals. Angela Guthrie herded the male and female cats in her mid-terraced house in Paisley, coming to own them gradually over the years…. (story)

Metro 11.10.15 RSPCA upsets people by saying seal shooting is okay - Ashitha Nagesh - Animal rights activists are outraged at the organisation for allowing the shooting of seals by salmon farmers in its new welfare standards. ‘No one wants to see seals shot,’ RSPCA chief executive Jeremy Cooper told ITV. ‘Least of all the RSPCA. But we have a welfare situation where we have to consider the hundreds, even thousands of salmon that suffer… Elisa Allen, a spokeswoman for Peta, said: ‘How beyond outrageous that seals are willfully deprived of their existence so that farmers and supermarkets can sell their only source of food… (story)

ITV 9.10.15 RSPCA attacked for its policy on seal shooting - CHRIS CHOI CONSUMER EDITOR - The RSPCA is being criticised for allowing the shooting of seals. Its new welfare standards permit salmon farmers to kill seals that attack fish stocks…. That's infuriated John Robins from the Saves Our Seals campaign group. He told me that he has fought ten years to get the RSPCA to join calls for a ban on killing seals… (story)

Westmorland Gazette 11.10.15 In defence of grey squirrels - Nick Mason of Red Squirrels Northern England Project stated (Letters, September 10, ‘Reds need our help’) that grey squirrels spreading disease and competing for resources are ‘the primary drivers of red squirrel decline across the UK’. However, it has been demonstrated that this is not the case… Grey squirrels - brought to Britain to be displayed in zoos - are tougher, more suited to our woodlands and resistant to the symptoms of parapox virus. Trying to help a native species survive is fine, but not where it involves the cruel slaughter of another species. Tod Bradbury Animal Aid Tonbridge (letter)


Daily Record 10.10.15 New footage released by animal rights group appears to show illegal fox hunting in Scotland BY BILLY BRIGGS - ANIMAL rights activists have released footage which they claim is evidence that illegal fox hunting is taking place in Scotland. League Against Cruel Sports campaigners secretly filmed the Duke of Buccleuch’s hunt and allege their video shows them breaking the law…. (story)

Belfast Newsletter 10.10.15 High time for ban on hunting with dogs to get NI in line with GB - I recently hosted an event at the Assembly on behalf of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) and the animal welfare community to raise awareness of the evidence and support for the introduction of a ban on hunting with dogs to Northern Ireland…Chris Lyttle is Alliance MLA for East Belfast. (story)

Express & Star 10.10.15 PICTURES: Handful of protesters turn out against circus - Animal welfare protestors have pitched up outside Peter Jolly's Circus in Rugeley today ahead of the afternoon shows. Around seven demonstrators set up with placards and banners a few feet a way from the circus entrance on Hednesford Road where they also used loud-hailers to encourage passing motorists to 'honk if you love animals'. The lobbyists were hoping for up to 30 people to attend and protest today…. (story)
Express & Star 9.10.15 Roll up, roll up! Circus comes to town amid protest – A circus has rolled back in town - but this year there will be no tigers and lions following a response by bosses to animal welfare protests. Instead, foxes, zebras and camels will be the features of Peter Jolly's circus which is open in Rugeley this weekend…. Animal welfare campaigner Lewis Foxhall, aged 22, and from Rugeley, said: "We simply don't agree with animals being used in circuses…. Mr Foxhall said they had followed Peter Jolly's Circus in recent weeks holding protests as it pitched up in Ashbourne in Derbyshire and Uttoxeter…. (story)


South Wales Evening Post 9.10.15 Meet the three-year-old whose painting will lead an anti-fox-hunting campaign - By Chad_Welch - A THREE-YEAR-OLD painter from Llanelli has captured the attentions of anti fox-hunting campaigners who are using her work to fight their cause. Little Amy Evans might only be starting off in the art world, following in the footsteps of her mum, but her painting of a fox by a cherry tree has certainly made an impression. Her mum, Sarah Evans, decided to upload a photograph of Amy's painting to the Keep the Fox Hunt Ban Facebook page, not expecting that followers would suggest it could become the design for a T-shirt campaign…. (story)

ITV 9.10.15 Patrols of badger cull zones attempt to fish out unlawful activity - The cull of badgers is due to end in Somerset, Dorset and Gloucestershire in the next few days. People opposed to the cull have been patrolling daily, looking for wounded badgers and signs of unlawful activity. Volunteer Ian Mortimer explains what they are looking for in Dorset…. (story)

ITV 9.10.15 Seal Protection Action Group: Dependent seal pups are left to starve if their mothers are shot - The Scottish Government has just published the latest seal shooting figures on their website. They reveal that 86 grey and 24 common seals (110 animals) were reported shot between January and June this year by fish-farmers, salmon nets-men and angling interests. Because shooting is permitted all year round, the latter six months of shooting falls within the breeding seasons of our globally important populations of grey and common seals. This means dependent pups are left to starve if their mothers are shot…. (story)

Mail 9.10.15 Hopping mad! Morrisons slammed for selling KANGAROO steaks over fears it poses a health risk By ANTHONY JOSEPH FOR MAILONLINE - Morrisons have been criticised for selling kangaroo steaks over health risk fears… Viva! has also raised concerns about the way in which the animals are hunted in Australia… (story)


Western Mail 8.10.15 Attack on Welsh Government agency over plans to allow pheasant shooting on publicly-owned land BY MARTIN SHIPTON - Britain's biggest animal rights group has blasted a Welsh Government agency over plans to lease out publicly-owned land for the recreational shooting of pheasants. Animal Aid, which campaigns against the abuse of animals in a non-violent way, has learned that Natural Resources Wales intends to rent out land it manages for the Welsh Government at Myherin, about 15 miles east of Aberystwyth in Ceredigion.... (story)

Western Daily Press 8.10.15 VIDEO: Controversy as ferry company bans day old pheasant chicks for shooting estates By TristanCork - The Countryside Alliance has written to Brittany Ferries and asked for the firm to allow day-old pheasant chicks to be transported across the Channel again, after the firm controversially banned them. The ferry company acted on tweets from animal rights campaigners calling for a ban with an undercover video made by the League Against Cruel Sports…. (story)

Bournemouth Echo 8.10.15 Pheasant shooting season is needless cruelty - ANDREW TYLER Director, Animal Aid , The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)
Blackpool Gazette 7.10.15 FIELDSPORT - Andrew Tyler Director Animal Aid (letter)
Blackpool Gazette 6.10.15 FIELDSPORT - Andrew Tyler Director Animal Aid (letter)
Oxford Mail 5.10.15 Ban the metal cages for production of gamebirds - EVERY year, around 40 million pheasants are intensively reared to be released for shooting – and the four-month killing season started this week. Gun lobby spokespeople have already begun trying to fill newspaper columns and the airwaves with their sunshine and roses fantasy picture of their bloody sport…. ANDREW TYLER Director, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)

Western Daily Press 8.10.15 Naming, shaming and harassing badger cull organisers is 'vile' say farmers By TristanCork - Farmers' leaders in the three badger cull areas have slammed 'vile' tactics from animal rights campaigners who are posting personal details online of people they claim are involved in the cull. The Bristol-based Stop The Cull group are posting names and contact details of individuals they say are actively involved in the cull of badgers across west Somerset, north Gloucestershire and in Dorset on their Facebook page, with anti-cull activists sharing around the phone numbers and addresses of those targeted…. (story)

Western Morning News 8.10.15 Vital to tighten bio-security on farms - National Badger Day yesterday, (Oct 6) was - day to celebrate this iconic animal, our largest surviving omnivore and one that has been living in our countryside for half a million years… It is ironic that right now hundreds of these largely earthworm eating animals are being shot in Somerset, Gloucestershire and Dorset in a vain attempt to control the spread of bovine TB in cattle…. by Jenny Pike, Plymouth (letter)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 8.10.15 Campaigners to protest at Ramsgate market against stall selling fox fur clothing By DavidArcher - Animal welfare campaigners will be staging a protest at Ramsgate market on Friday at 10am. A Facebook page has been set up to promote the demonstration against the stall on Friday, October 9 and protests are set to continue until the sales of fox fur decorated clothing are halted… (story)

Huffington Post 8.10.15 Primates In UK Laboratories Exposed To 'Cruel And Distressing Experiments', Says Cruelty Free International By Kathryn Snowdon - Large numbers of primates in UK laboratories are being subjected to “cruel and distressing experiments” that are “frivolous”, a leading animal rights organisation has said… Cruelty Free International's report, called ‘The use of non-human primates in experiments in the UK – unnecessary and unjustifiable’, highlights the scale and impact of primate research in the UK…. (story)
Telegraph 5.10.15 Monkeys are secretly subjected to unjustified and harmful lab tests, campaigners warn By Victoria Ward - A law that is supposed to give laboratory monkeys special protection has failed to prevent large numbers of the primates being subjected to "unnecessary and unjustifiable" testing in the UK, a leading animal rights organisation claims. The research is largely conducted in secret in universities, hospitals, contract testing facilities and Government laboratories, according to Cruelty Free International, formerly the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection…. (story)

Western Mail 8.10.15 Lion tamer show sparks fresh protests as it heads to latest venue on controversy-hit Welsh tour BY ABBY BOLTER - Protests are being planned against a travelling lions and tigers show which is coming to Bridgend. An Evening With Lions and Tigers will hold its first show on the circus field in Laleston from Thursday and will remain on the site until October 18. But the show run by Thomas Chipperfield, which has two lions and three tigers, has sparked public protests across the UK…. (story)

Scotsman 8.10.15 Robert Carlyle calls for wild animals circus ban - ILONA AMOS - TRAINSPOTTING star Robert Carlyle has spoken out along with nearly 8,000 campaigners in an attempt to keep wild animals such as tigers and bears out of circus rings in Scotland. In a letter to the rural affairs minister Richard Lochead, the Bafta-winning Scottish actor said forcing animals to perform for humans was “obscene”… (story)


Western Morning News 7.10.15 OUT TO SUNDAY LUNCH - with Jamie Foster, countryside campaigner By WMNPBowern - It was the red trousers that gave it away… Jamie Foster has built a reputation through defending high profile cases of alleged illegal hunting, almost invariably successfully. And he has built a larger-than-life personality through social media – most notably via Twitter (80,600 tweets and counting)…. He recently topped the voting to be elected as a director to the board of the Countryside Alliance, the pro-hunting, shooting and fishing organisation with more than 100,000 members that fights on behalf of rural communities across the country…. (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 7.10.15 Fears firearm in hands of “unknown” after north-east theft by Blair Dingwall - A shotgun has been stolen from a rural north-east home, sparking safety fears in the local community… Yesterday police said they were determined to locate the culprits and the weapon, while the Scottish Countryside Alliance said a shotgun in the hands of “an unknown” was a blow to the country’s rigorous firearms legislation…. (story)

Express 7.10.15 Badgers saved from death after campaigners help create culling buffer zone - ANTI-BADGER cull campaigners have won a reprieve for animals facing marksmen's bullets after threatening legal action. By STUART WINTER … Penelope Phillips and Vanessa Mason have been vaccinating badgers on their Somerset properties since 2012 and decided not to take part in the pilot culls because they are "inhumane, ineffective and will not reduce the disease". Natural England granted a 200 metre safe zone around the women's properties so badgers inside would not be shot when the culling first began in 2013, but earlier this year the agency warned it was removing the buffer. With the support of the Badger Trust, the women have forced Natural England into a U-turn just days before the culls were due start after the threat of a legal challenge…. (story)


Somerset County Gazette 6.10.15 Somerset MP receives death threat text from badger cull protestor - A DEATH threat has been sent to Bridgwater and West Somerset MP Ian Liddell-Grainger following his criticism of anti-badger cull protestors. Conservative MP Ian Liddell-Grainger has accused anti-badger cull protestors of ‘gutter tactics’ after he received a threatening text message…. Mr Liddell-Grainger – who has passed details of the text to Avon and Somerset Police - said no threats were going to weaken his support for the culling operation… Amanda Barratt from Somerset Against the Badger Cull denied protestors had anything to do with the message. "How can anyone know whether this text is genuine? We would not resort to subterfuge; we want transparency and openness from an MP such as himself instead of abusive, aggressive and arrogant remarks topped up with unsubstantiated claims," Mrs Barratt said… (story)

Stroud Life 6.10.15 Culling not the answer to controlling TB in cattle - THE letter from Tanya Robbins of the NFU (Stroud Life, September 30) conveniently ignores some important information in the attempt to win hearts and minds on the badger cull. The best available scientific research has estimated that badgers are directly responsible for just 5.7 per cent of TB outbreaks in cattle… Dr Chris Cheeseman, Brownshill, Stroud (former government adviser on bovine TB) (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 6.10.15 We must work together to end animal cruelty - Recent high-profile cases have served to bring animal cruelty to the forefront of the popular consciousness. Those who engage in neglect of or cruelty to animals are beneath contempt and I welcome the fact that more and more people are demanding action through the introduction of a tougher sentencing and a Banned Owners Register… ALD CHRISTOPHER STALFORD (DUP) Belfast City Council (letter)


Mirror 5.10.15 David Cameron the fox hunter in photograph he didn't want anyone to see BY BEN GLAZE - This is the first picture of bloodsports fan David Cameron going fox hunting. The Prime Minister was just a year away from becoming Tory leader when he was captured on horseback riding out with the Heythrop Hunt from Chipping Norton. Looking slightly nervous, the then backbench MP peered round as he perched aboard his mount, surrounded by other huntsmen and women on Boxing Day 2004… (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 5.10.15 Hunt returns after 10 years - A HUNT is returning to a North Lincolnshire area after more than 10 years absence – but leaders have assured residents that no foxes will be involved. The Grove & Rufford Hunt last came to Crowle before the ban on fox hunting was introduced – but returned for the first time at the end of September…. Members of the public reported the activity to Humberside Police, believing it to be illegal, but the hunt officials say everything was above board… With some members of the public worried the hunt may have taken foxes with them for the activity, Mr Bower says any such claim is "absolute nonsense"…. (story)

Guardian 5.10.15 Can the smashing pumpkin open our eyes to modern farming? - Patrick Barkham - A shoot-to-thrill policy - One popular use for the countryside is to fill it with pheasants. I walked through Northamptonshire recently and they spilled from virtually every copse like drunk revellers being kicked out at closing time…. (story)

Farmers Weekly 5.10.15 Man arrested over alleged public order offence at badger cull farm - Philip Case - Philip Case - Police have arrested a man on suspicion of a public order offence following an incident at a farm in the badger cull zone… A 53-year-old man from Astcote, Towcester, was arrested on Saturday 3 October on suspicion of a section 4 public order offence…..(story) Pressure on retailer hoping to attract hunt

Hereford Times 5.10.15 Crisp firm Tyrrells targeted by anti-cull activists - ANIMAL rights activists are believed to be pointing a finger at Tyrrells. It is understood the award-winning Herefordshire crisp enterprise is being targeted for using potatoes from a farm where badgers are being killed as part of the Government-backed cull aimed at controlling bovine tuberculosis…. (story)
Mail on Sunday 27.9.15 After Caffe Nero, now anti-badger cull thugs target Tyrrells crisps and publish home address of company boss By VALERIE ELLIOTT FOR MAIL ON SUNDAY - Hardline animal rights activists are now targeting upmarket crisp-maker Tyrrells in their battle against a badger cull. Campaigners have published the home address and telephone number of the company’s chief executive David Milner, and are urging fellow protesters to pressure him directly. His company is said to buy potatoes from a farm where badgers are being killed as part of the Government-backed cull designed to control bovine tuberculosis… (story)

Uttoxeter Advertiser 5.10.15 Protest group did not try to free animals from circus - RUMOURS that campaigners tried to free animals from a circus in Uttoxeter have been quickly quashed. The founder of Peter Jolly's Circus has moved to make it clear the animal rights group did not try to set them free. Protestors visited the circus on Saturday for two demonstrations against the use of animals in the big top… (story)
Ashbourne News Telegraph 28.9.15 Circus-goers met at the gates by animal rights activists' "peaceful protest" - Animal rights activists have been staging a protest outside Peter Jolly's Circus this weekend, in a bid to turn audiences away from the big top due to its use of animals…. (story)
Ashbourne News Telegraph 23.9.15 Animal campaigners urge boycott of circus - ANIMAL rights activists have vowed to protest at a circus which has set up its big top in Ashbourne's Mayfield Road. The Derby Animal Rights group says it plans to hold a peaceful demonstration outside Peter Jolly's Circus – one of only two in the country licensed to use animals… (story)
Leicester Mercury 22.9.15 No place for wild animals - Mercury Mailbox - Regarding the article about Peter Jolly's Circus ("'Boycott circus' call", Mercury, September 10), I think there's every right to complain. What gives people the right to keep animals caged up, never seeing daylight or green grass?... Mrs Christine Davies, Leicester (story)
Ashbourne News Telegraph 21.9.15 Circus to set up in Ashbourne - but will its use of animals spark protests? - A CIRCUS which has been the subject of protests from animal rights activists has set up in Mayfield Road this week. Peter Jolly's Circus, which uses wild and domestic animals in its shows, will start performing on Wednesday and the big top will stay open until Sunday, September 27…. Last month the circus was in Draycott, in Derby, and Representatives from Derby Animal Rights were at the site on behalf of Animal Defenders International, spreading their message about what they say is the suffering the animals go through while touring the country…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 19.9.15 Protesters urge customers to boycott circus which uses animals in Derbyshire By chrispeddy - Campaigners have once again protested against the use of animals at a circus in Derbyshire. Demonstrators were urging customers to boycott the shows today in Etwall Road, Willington and will be doing so again tomorrow. Peter Jolly's Circus is one of the few remaining touring circuses to use animals for entertainment. And Derby Animal Rights, who staged the protest on behalf of Animal Defenders International, say the constant travelling means the circuses cannot take proper care of the animals….(story)
Burton Mail 16.9.15 Protesters in boycott call over circus use of live animals in acts in Willington By Helen Kreft - ANIMAL rights activists are calling on families to boycott a circus as it opens in South Derbyshire tonight. Peter Jolly's Circus will perform in Etwall Road, Willington, until Sunday, but protesters are urging people to avoid the show due to its use of live animals in its acts… (story)
Leicester Mercury 8.9.15 People urged to stay away from circus using wild animals By Tom_Mack - Animal welfare groups are urging people to boycott a circus that opened yesterday. Peter Jolly's Circus will be in Ashby from September 9 until September 13 and uses wild animals in the show… The circus arrives in Leicestershire after a series of shows in Draycott, Derbyshire, which saw protests by members of Derby Animal Rights…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 6.9.15 Circus in Derbyshire which uses animals draws anger from protestors By chrispeddy - PROTESTERS were at the site of a travelling circus that uses animal performers, urging customers to boycott the show…. Peter Jolly's Circus is one of the few of its kind to still include animals in its acts and the tour is in Draycott this weekend. Representatives from Derby Animal Rights were at the site on behalf of Animal Defenders International… One demonstrator, Robert Banner, told how a horrifying experience years ago put him off ever going to an animal circus again… (story)


Torquay Herald Express 4.10.15 Former Bay MP, Adrian Sanders, receives an award for his animal welfare work By GinnyWare - Torbay's former Lib Dem MP, Adrian Sanders, has received a special award for his outstanding service to animal welfare. Mr Sanders, a local MP from 1997 to 2015, was presented with the Lord Houghton trophy by the League Against Cruel Sports…. (story)

Daily Post 4.10.15 Concern for livestock after North Wales fire service axes large animal rescues BY SAM YARWOOD - Livestock that gets into difficulty is being put at risk because there’s no one there to rescue it anymore. North Wales Fire and Rescue Service axed its large animal rescue service on April 1 in a bid to find savings of £3.3m over the next five years… Rachel Evans, Countryside Alliance’s director for Wales, warned of the risk to animals and livestock before the changes were made in April…. (story)

Chichester Observer 4.10.15 Badgers successfully vaccinated in Sussex - Forty six badgers have now been vaccinated since the Sussex Badger Vaccination Project starting vaccinating badgers 12 months ago. This is SBVP’s first full season, as a rolling project, which will be expanded on each year, as they add further sites and gradually expand across the County. On finishing a recent deployment at a farm in Sussex, SBVP Director and Vaccinator Chris Riddington said: “We caught and vaccinated five badgers on this site which is about how many we were expecting, so we are really happy with the results.”… (story)


Mirror 3.10.15 Horrifying footage showing suffering of pheasant chicks being transported to Britain leads ferry company to ban shipments BY BEN GLAZE - A ferry company has banned the shipment of pheasant chicks to Britain following a horror video revealing their suffering. Brittany Ferries stopped transporting the chicks from France to England after a video highlighted the birds’ plight when they arrive in the UK. The chicks are bred in France and reared in Britain where they are released on shooting estates so bloodthirsty gunmen can blast them from the sky for fun…. (story)

Dorset Echo 3.10.15 Campaigners to mark National Badger Day - WILDLIFE campaigners will be coming together in Dorset to mark National Badger Day…. Campaigners hope to see wildlife lovers at the protest events, which take place on Tuesday, October 6. The first will be held in Station Road car park in Sturminster Newton at 1.30pm and the second will be held in Tesco car park in Blandford at 7.30pm…. (story)


Closer 2.10.15 Shocking video shows the cruel reality of pheasant hunting By Ellie Hooper - Graphic footage has revealed the miserable reality of a pheasant's life - as hunting season kicks off. he League Against Cruel Sports has published a video showing how young birds are bred for British shooting estates, where they are mutilated before being killed - often in a slow and painful manner… (story)

Dorset Echo 2.10.15 More badgers vaccinated by voluntary campaigners - MORE badgers have been vaccinated by a voluntary group of campaigners who object to the culling of the animals. The Dorset Badger Vaccination Project (DBVP) has taken to the countryside in the county to inject 117 badgers so far this year to provide them with immunity from disease… Melvyn Seddon, DBVP director and lead vaccinator, said: “People should be aware that Bovine TB is a disease of cattle that also infects wildlife…. (story)

Mirror 2.10.15 Badger killers caught in the act as animals massacred in British countryside BY TOM PARRY - Trapped in the glare of a torchlight, these two camouflaged men are the hidden faces behind David Cameron ’s bloody badger massacre in the British countryside. Shocking new footage at a Gloucestershire farm shows the unidentified men – one holding a black gun bag – hiding the dead badger in a backpack. After being approached by animal rights activists trying to prevent the shootings, the lifeless animal slips out of the rucksack and slumps to the ground before one of the men clumsily scoops it back up… (story)

Mirror 2.10.15 Badgers could be saved from the cull after volunteers safely vaccinate them against TB BY TOM PARRY - Volunteers are safely vaccinating scores of badgers against bovine TB while the cull continues. These pictures taken in Dorset a few weekends ago show how easy it is for badgers to be inoculated against the disease, proving how pointless the slaughter actually is… (story)

Western Morning News 2.10.15 Badger cull is working to bring down bovine TB, says farmers' leader By WMNPBowern - A bitter clash over whether the Westcountry badger culls are working to bring down disease in cattle has erupted – with less than two weeks of shooting still to go this year. Brian May, the Queen guitarist and founder of the anti-cull Save Me Trust, has accused the National Farmers' Union of misleading farmers and the public… Last week NFU president Meurig Raymond urged the Labour Party to change its policy and accept culling badgers as part of efforts to reduce the incidence of bovine TB…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 2.10.15 Belfast City Council wants to blacklist people for animal cruelty - Belfast City Council wants people convicted of animal cruelty placed on a central register, in the same way that sex offenders currently are… there is still no way for sanctuaries that rehome animals to check whether someone offering to care for an animal has been banned from doing so… (story)

Northamptonshire Telegraph 2.10.15 Animal charity in Little Irchester among the winners in vegan awards - Stephanie Weaver- An animal rescue charity has been named as one of the winners in the Vegan of the Year 2015 awards. Animals In Need in Little Irchester took the crown in the outstanding animal rescue/animal rights organisation in the awards run by vegan website, www.vegansarecool.com... (story)

Thanet Gazette 2.10.15 Thanet council legal fees for unlawful live exports ban rise to £400,000 By TomBarnes - THANET council's legal bill for dealing with its unlawful suspension of live animal exports from the Port of Ramsgate has risen further. The local authority imposed a six-week suspension of live exports from the port in September 2012 after 47 sheep died at the site in transit. The suspension was challenged by exporters at the High Court and the judge, Mr Justice Birrs, ruled the ban was unlawful and ordered the council to pay damages to the exporters…. (story)


Lancashire Telegraph 1.10.15 Why pheasant shooting pays - TODAY the pheasant shooting season opens and once more these delicious, wild birds will be in the shops and on restaurant menus. But few people perhaps, will realise the tremendous effort this takes and the benefits to the environment. An independent survey showed that shooting as a whole puts £2 billion into the UK economy and provides the equivalent of 16,000 full-time jobs in conservation… Debbie Collins, BASC (letter)

The Ecologist 1.10.15 Pheasant shooting begins today - and forget the rural idyll! - This is the first day of the pheasant shooting season, writes Toni Shephard. But put bucolic ideas of happy birds running around in the wild woods out of your mind. Most of the birds coming under shotgun fire today have only just been released from overcrowded factory farms…. (story)

Express 1.10.15 Accusations of cruelty and 'mutilation' mar beginning of Pheasant hunting season - THE pheasant season has started with pot shots over the number of game birds being reared and released and then blasted for sport. By STUART WINTER - Anti-blood sports campaigners are describing the annual shooting season as the “Cruel Game” and conservationists are questioning the impacts that 35 million released pheasants are having on the British countryside… (story)

Dundee Courier 1.10.15 Tayside a hotspot for ‘abhorrent’ wildlife crime - Almost half of Scotland’s recorded incidents of hunting with dogs in 2013-14 happened in Tayside, new crime statistics have revealed. Government data has shown wildlife crime hit a five-year low last year, but between them Tayside and Aberdeenshire/Moray accounted for 25 of the 29 recorded incidents of hunting with dogs, including hare coursing… The report also shows that since 2010-11, the numbers of confirmed pesticide poisoning abuse incidents have more than halved from 34 per year, to 13 in 2013-14…. Jennifer Dunn from League Against Cruel Sports Scotland said: “Although the figures relating to hare coursing in Tayside are relatively high, it is encouraging that they are being reported and the police are investigating these incidents.” (story)

Somerset County Gazette 1.10.15 A night out with the Somerset badger cull patrol - The badger cull has to be one of the most divisive issues affecting West Somerset today, and with conflicting information being given by each side of the argument it can be difficult to know what to believe. To try and find out more about the workings of the cull, our reporterSteven Salter went on a night time watch with Somerset Badger Patrol on Sunday, September 27. I agreed to meet former BBC wildlife documentary maker Amanda Barrett, who will act as my guide for the evening, along with the rest of the monitors at Williton County Council car park at 7.30pm…. (story)

Somerset County Gazette 1.10.15 MP tells anti-badger cull protestors to 'get a life' - Anti-badger cull protestors have been dismissed as people who need to 'get a life' by the area's Member of Parliament. Ian Liddell-Grainger, MP for Bridgwater and West Somerset, said claims that the science did not back the continuation of the badger cull were 'complete rubbish'…. (story)

Wimbledon Guardian 1.10.15 Meet the childminder who spends her Saturdays protesting against the fur trade, sometimes in the nude - A childminder and mother has been spent almost every weekend for the past 10 months involved in eye-catching protests against the fur trade, including baring all for the cause. Heidi Mary Porter, 38, who is a full-time childminder, has organised three “naked” demonstrations since Nove-mber last year to show “she would rather bare skin than wear skin… (story)