October 2015

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(*) Sunday Herald 15.10.17 Revealed: inside the secret world of Scotland’s 'illegal' bloody fox hunts - Peter Swindon - MOUNTED huntsmen have been accused of defying Scotland’s fox-hunting ban by setting packs of bloodthirsty hounds on the fleeing animals which are torn apart when caught. Legislation only allows foxes to be flushed from cover and shot dead for pest control, but undercover investigators say they have found packs of trained dogs chasing down foxes across open fields while huntsmen made no attempt to shoot them.... However, a dossier of evidence collated by the animal welfare charity League Against Cruel Sports Scotland (LACS) and seen by the Sunday Herald argues that Scotland’s mounted hunts regularly break the law a year on from a review of the existing legislation... THE Sunday Herald observed a fox hunt in Fife with League Against Cruel Sports Scotland (LACS) investigators and when we returned to our vehicle a man was in the woods filming us.... (story)

(*) The London Economic 15.10.17 Cull marksmen left bloodied corpses of badgers on footpath for 12 hours…putting “dogs at risk of TB” - Cull marksmen left the bloodied corpses of three badgers piled up on a footpath for 12 hours – putting dogs at risk of TB, activists claim. The bodies of a family of badgers shot dead during the cull were abandoned beneath a tree, and were said to pose a “biohazard” to the public, if they were infected.... Michael Parkes, spokesman for Wiltshire Against the Badger Cull, described it as “a callous disregard for life.”... (story)

(*) Telegraph 14.10.17 Anti-hunting views of key National Trust council candidates revealed - Henry Bodkin - Half the candidates vying for election to the National Trust’s influential Council have declared themselves opposed to or sceptical of hunting ahead of a crucial vote on the issue. Pre-election statements encourage members to “relegate it to the history books”, arguing the sport damages the Trust’s reputation among a “disapproving public”... (story)
(*) ITV 15.10.17 Vote could see all hunting banned from National Trust land - A controversial motion to ban all hunting activity from National Trust land could cause many hunts across the country to collapse, campaigners say. Anti-hunt activists argue the move, if successful, would help stop illegal hunting by taking away huge swathes of land hunts are able to access - but pro-hunt supporters vigorously deny any illegal activity, and warn it risks the loss of a traditional British country sport... (story)
(*) Mail 8.10.17 Anti-hunt activists step up their bid to ‘fix’ National Trust vote by posting fake notices at its properties By Valerie Elliot - Anti-hunt activists have stepped up their campaign to stop trail hunting on National Trust land by posting fake Trust notices at the charity’s properties urging members to back a ban. Trail hunting – started 12 years ago after Labour banned hounds from killing foxes during hunts – is a legal sport involving hounds and riders following a trail of fox scent. But Trust members opposed to hunting claim foxes are still being killed by trail hunts and have secured a vote to ban it at the Trust’s AGM in two weeks.... (story)
Southern Daily Echo 27.9.17 Countryside Alliance criticises outspoken TV naturalist over calls to outlaw trail hunting on rural estates - Chris Yandell - CONTROVERSIAL TV naturalist Chris Packham has been branded “obsessive” after praising proposals to ban trail hunting on National Trust land across the UK... Dr Graham Ferris, joint-master of the NFH, said: “While National Trust land does not represent a huge part of the area we hunt, we have never had a problem in the past and I really do not see a logical reason for the trust to ban legal trail hunting.... (story)
Somerset Live 18.9.17 Trail hunting on National Trust land in Somerset and Dorset could soon be a thing of the past BY DANIEL MUMBY - Hunting on National Trust land could be blocked if a campaign group gets its way. The National Trust currently licenses trail hunting on its land, which is legal in England and Wales. The charity has issued such licences to a number of hunts in Somerset and Dorset, including the Minehead Harriers, the Seavington Hunt and the Portman Hunt. But the League Against Cruel Sports, together with a group with trust members, is campaigning for this practice to be stopped on the charity's vast landholdings.... (story)
Observer 10.9.17 Deep divide over vote on use of National Trust land for trail hunting - The fractious politics of hunting was far from the minds of Julian Smith and Becky Whitehead during a pleasant afternoon exploring Leicestershire’s only National Trust house – a 118-year-old cottage nestled in countryside just out of earshot of the M1. Nevertheless their views were clear, before a landmark vote next month that could prohibit trust land from being used for trail hunting – where riders follow hounds in pursuit of a fox-based scent. “We would be very anti-hunting, to be honest, and very much in favour of the existing government ban on foxhunting,” said Smith, a trust member who had travelled from Nottinghamshire to visit old houses and walk in the Peak District.... (story)
Guardian 4.9.17 Aniseed or urine: is the National Trust on the right trail? - Patrick Barkham - When the National Trust examines whether fox urine can be legally imported from North America, you know the biggest conservation charity in Europe is in a tight spot. A members’ rebellion is brewing, with a vote at next month’s annual meeting to ban trail hunting – in which riders follow hounds in pursuit of a fox-based scent – on National Trust land. It’s led by Helen Beynon, a retired teacher from Leicestershire, who first witnessed the reality of a trail hunt earlier this year... (story)
Independent 4.9.17 National Trust prompts fury after telling members to oppose hunting ban - Caroline Mortimer - The National Trust has urged its members to oppose a proposal to ban a form of “trail” fox hunting on its grounds. Supported by the League Against Cruel Sports and adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the members’ resolution would stop anyone using the organisation’s land to facilitate trail fox hunting – even if it was only used to exercise the hounds.... (story)
Guardian 3.9.17 National Trust fights membership over resolution to ban hunting - The board of the National Trust is to urge its members to vote against a landmark resolution at its forthcoming annual conference that would effectively ban all hunting with hounds on trust land if passed. The intervention comes amid an increasingly tense debate around trail hunting – in which hounds and riders follow a scent that was laid earlier – but which has long been regarded by animal rights campaigners as a means of circumventing the hunting ban.... (story)
Independent 2.9.17 Fox hunters vent fury at National Trust for publishing details of meets - Molly Fleming - The National Trust will publish details of hunts ahead of a vote to ban the sport on its land. The decision has caused uproar among countryside campaigners who argue they are being bullied by anti-hunting activists... (story)
Horse & Hound 22.8.17 National Trust members to vote on proposed hunt ban - Eleanor Jones - A group of National Trust members is urging the charity to ban all hunting on its land. All members will have the chance to vote on the proposal at the National Trust’s annual general meeting on 21 October. Countryside Alliance head of hunting spokesman Polly Portwin said: “A handful of the National Trust’s four million members have put forward a proposal to ban trail-hunting, but there is no evidence to suggest hunts are regularly breaking the law while trail-hunting either on private land or that owned by the National Trust.... (story)
Coventry Telegraph 21.8.17 Hunting with dogs on National Trust land could be banned BY PATRICK THELVIN - Hunting with dogs on National Trust land could be banned, it has emerged. In an unprecedented vote, trail hunting – in which hounds and riders follow a scent that was laid earlier – could be set to become prohibited... (story)
Observer 20.8.17 National Trust rebels call vote to ban hunting with hounds from estates - Ranulph Fiennes leads charge against ‘despicable’ trail hunts, as 50 members endorse a motion to revoke all licences - All hunting with hounds on National Trust land could be banned in an unprecedented vote this autumn... (story)
Mail 20.8.17 Hunting 'set to be completely BANNED on National Trust land' as the charity plans vote on closing loophole that still allows trail hunts By Catherine Chapman For Mailonline - Hunting licenses on National Trust land could be revoked as members debate the legality of trail hunting in a vote scheduled for October. National Trust members have voiced concerns that hunting with hounds on trust estates could be providing a loophole to the 2004 hunting ban.... (story) <>Mirror20.8.17 National Trust members to vote on banning fox hounds using its land for trail hunting BY BEN GLAZE - Hunting with hounds could be banned on National Trust land under plans put forward by members including explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes... (story)


(*) Dundee Courier 13.10.17 Man berated horse and pony show attendees with bizarre fox hunt accusations by Mark Mackay - A man abused Perth equestrian fans accusing them of being fox hunt supporters. Graeme Glenday delivered a bizarre tirade at those attending a genteel horse and pony event at Perth Racecourse. As staff attempted to calm him, the 41-year-old hurled a tin of paint over a car at the Scone Palace venue... Staff members were at pains to explain to him that the event had nothing to do with hunting but their appeals fell on deaf ears.... They reported he was continuing to rant about fox hunting and was speaking about “various subjects that had no relevance to any matter at hand”. A small piece of cannabis was recovered from the pocket of his jeans.... Sheriff Gillian Wade ordered Glenday to pay the owner of the car £200 compensation and also fined him £200... (story)

(*) Express 13.10.17 Wildlife call for an end to the slaughter of mountain hares - CONSERVATIONISTS want gamekeepers to be banned from killing mountain hares. By DAVID SCOTT - The species is Britain’s only native hare and experts say it plays “a vital part” in the ecosystem of uplands and moorlands, as well as being vital prey for golden eagles. However, wildlife activists say keepers are culling a “true icon” routinely and on a large scale on grouse moors. They say the cull is protecting the red grouse against a tick-borne virus to increase the number of birds available for sport... (story)

(*) Bristol Post 13.10.17 Animal rights activist Debbie Vincent 'receives £12,500 payout' from police for wrongful arrest at Bristol Airport - A woman arrested for her part in an animal rights protest which saw fake blood thrown at Bristol Airport and passengers accosted in the checking-in queue has been awarded thousands of pounds in an out-of-court settlement with the police. Debbie Vincent, one of Britain’s most notorious and controversial animal rights activists, has received a reported sum of £3,500 from Avon and Somerset police after she took the police to court claiming unlawful arrest, imprisonment and assault. The claim related to an incident at Bristol Airport more than five years ago... (story)

(*) The London Economic 13.10.17 World Egg Day: Protestors decry leading egg company’s caging of hens - Animal rights activists donned chicken masks and caged themselves in ASDA supermarket trolleys today to protest Noble Foods’ use of cages for hens... Drawing attention to the plight of these sensitive, intelligent animals, The Humane League UK staff and volunteers confined themselves in the egg aisle of ASDA, which sells both free-range eggs from The Happy Egg Co and cage eggs from the Big and Fresh brand... Pru Elliott, The Humane League UK’s Head of Campaigns, said: “Imagine having to spend your whole life crammed into a wire mesh cage, jostling for space with your fellow cage mates... (story)


(*) Guardian 12.10.17 'Boar War': the Forest of Dean pixies fighting against the cull of wild pigs - Activists claim the boar should be welcomed in Gloucestershire – and they are determined to sabotage marksmen targeting pigs roaming ancient woodland - Drew Pratten admits it can be a little unnerving to suddenly come upon a wild boar in the forest... Pratten, a 49-year-old marketing consultant, is one of a band of dedicated animal rights activists in Gloucestershire pitting itself against marksmen and government officials in what is being dubbed the “Boar War”. The Forestry Commission has set up gun towers from which marksmen cull the powerful pigs that roam the ancient woodland between the river Severn and the Welsh mountains. A 30-strong group calling themselves the Forest of Dean Wild Boar Cull Saboteursis determined to stop them.... (story)
(*) Mail 10.10.17 Boar war! Saboteurs attack PoW camp-style watchtowers installed in forest for marksmen to carry out cull of the rampant wild beasts By Abe Hawken For Mailonline - Saboteurs dubbing themselves 'pixies' have attacked metal towers which were installed in a forest for marksmen to carry out a boar cull. The annual cull has started in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, where wild animals have been attacking locals and knocking bins over. But an official cull has prompted reports of acts of vandalism by animal rights activists... (story)

(*) Whitchurch Herald 12.10.17 Pro-badger husband and wife team from Whitchurch to receive national award - Emily Davies - A couple will be recognised with a special award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) at the House of Lords next week for their efforts to protect badgers. Jim Ashley, 76, and wife Jude, 74, who live near Whitchurch, have been volunteering with Shropshire Badger Group since its formation 30 years ago – with Jim holding the position of chairman... (story)

(*) Whitchurch Herald 12.10.17 Vote bans badger cull on council land - The council has voted to ban badger culling on its parks and open spaces... But campaigners have said the ban does not go far enough, because it does not cover the council’s vast swathes of farmland with tenant farmers - amounting to 5,100 acres in Macclesfield and across the borough... (story)

(*) Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser 12.10.17 Animal rights activists protest outside Thomas Cook, in Worcester High Street, over support for SeaWorld - ANIMAL rights activists protested outside a travel company branch in a bid to stop its support for SeaWorld. Protest organiser Pauline Burgess said: “The Thomas Cook Group continues to sell tickets to SeaWorld, despite being fully aware of the company's cruel treatment of animals for profit.The protest was held in front of Thomas Cook, in Worcester High Street, on Tuesday, October 10.... (story)

(*) Middlesbrough Gazette 12.10.17 Animal rights campaigner loses 8-year compensation battle against Cleveland Police - An animal rights campaigner who was arrested by police in Middlesbrough as a teenager has lost an eight-year battle for compensation. Jonathon Proctor was only 16 when he was arrested in the town centre in October 2009 on suspicion of trying to con shoppers out of their cash... Rejecting his appeal against the county court ruling, Lord Justice Gross and Lord Justice Simon said the arresting officer did have a reason for suspecting Mr Proctor.... (story)


(*) Telegraph 11.10.17 Hunt master threatened to 'ram' bugle down throat of saboteur he thought had kidnapped his dog - A hunt master threatened to shove his bugle down the throat of a protester after his pet hound was "kidnapped", a court heard. Crawley and Horsham Hunt Master Kim Richardson, 59, confronted committed hunt saboteur Raoul D'Monte in February this year.... District Judge Christopher James told Richardson he had let himself down. Richardson was fined £2,500 and ordered to pay prosecution costs of £635 and a victim surcharge of £130. (story)


(*) Express 10.10.17 In the clear, huntsman who asked protestor: Can I take you to bed? - A “FOX” hunting Tory councillor who told a female protester “I’d like to s**g you” was slammed by a judge for being “offensive and distasteful” By PAUL JEEVES - Charles Carter, 34, master of Middleton Hunt in North Yorkshire, made the crude comment to Linda Hoggard, 41, when she questioned the legality of his hunting. Mr Carter was in court yesterday for allegedly illegally hunting foxes after film of the lewd confrontation was posted online and Mrs Hoggard made an official complaint... (story)
(*) Telegraph 9.10.17 'Boorish' huntsman criticised by judge after telling female protester 'I'd like to s**g you' - Martin Evans, CRIME CORRESPONDENT - A judge has criticised a "boorish" huntsman, after he was caught on camera telling a female protester "I'd like to s**g you actually". Charles Carter was forced to resign as a Conservative councillor after making the "offensive and distasteful" comments to Linda Hoggard, 41, when she objected to his hounds chasing foxes. However Mr Carter, 34, master of Middleton Hunt in North Yorkshire, was cleared, along with his whipper-in Colin Milburn, 59, of illegally hunting foxes at a trial at York magistrates court.... (story)
Eastern Daily Press 1.2.17 Sir Henry Bellingham calls for “sensible perspective” and says former Breckland councillor Charles Carter comments in “different league” to Donald Trump - Annabelle Dickson - A Norfolk MP has claimed a former Breckland councillor and hunt master’s comments to a female protestor were in a “different league” to Donald Trump and needed “sensible perspective”. Sir Henry Bellingham claimed that while Charles Carter’s comments were “completely inappropriate and out of order for someone of his standing”, they had been made in a “purely private context”. Mr Carter, who was master of the West Norfolk Fox Hounds until last May, was filmed when he was approached by 41-year-old mum-of-four Linda Hoggard to challenge him over his activities… (story)
Express 1.2.17 Ann Widdecombe: Investigating rudeness is a criminal waste of police time - THE story of the rude, supercilious huntsman Charles Carter and the upset animal lover Linda Hoggard has received acres of coverage but it is the postscript in which I am interested. The police are reported to be investigating the altercation. If they want to investigate an allegation of illegal hunting that is one thing but why on earth investigate rudeness?... Mr Carter has been publicly shamed on a grand scale and has lost his position as a councillor. Measured against any reasonable scale of proportionality that is more than enough and the police should have better things to do. Had the conversation been between grownups it would have run thus. Mrs Hoggard: (speaking quietly) Excuse me but do you know hunting is banned? Mr Carter: (touching his hat with his whip) I am sorry you are distressed but we are just following a trail… Instead she raised her voice fit to frighten the horses and he responded by trying to wind her up further with a lot of coarse sexual remarks. Oh children, go home to nanny and leave the police to deal with the grown-ups… (story)
Mail on Sunday 28.1.17 RACHEL JOHNSON: Enough with the steward's enquiry over the huntsman who said he'd like to 's***' a hunt saboteur who confronted him... it is NOT a crime to channel Jilly Cooper By Rachel Johnson for The Mail on Sunday - For some reason, there is currently a stewards' enquiry after footage of an exchange between a hunt saboteur and a huntsman went viral, which is ridiculous. .. For crying in a bucket – Carter was merely acting in character! He was, of course, channelling the popular bounder in Jilly's bonkbusters: the irresistible owner-trainer Rupert Campbell-Black…. (story)
Eastern Daily Press 26.1.17 Disgraced Breckland councillor was right to resign after video - People in Saham Toney today - David Bale - A disgraced councillor did the right thing by resigning, people in Saham Toney said today, after a shocking video emerged of him using sexually offensive language to a female hunt protester. Breckland Tory councillor Charles Carter resigned from Breckland Council yesterday. People in the area said today they weren’t surprised the councillor, who had served on the district council since 2011 for the Saham Toney ward, was in trouble… Mr Carter was master of the West Norfolk Fox Hounds until last May. The group did not wish to comment … (story)
BBC News 26.1.17 Charles Carter resigns over lewd hunt protest video - A Conservative councillor has resigned after a video emerged of him making lewd comments to a hunt protester. The online video shows a confrontation between huntsman and former West Norfolk Foxhounds master Charles Carter and campaigner Linda Hoggard… (story)
Huffington Post 26.1.17 Tory Councillor And West Norfolk Hunt Master Charles Carter Resigns After Making Lewd Remarks To Fox Hunting Protester - Sara C Nelson - A Tory councillor who told a woman who confronted him at a foxhunt “I’d quite like to shag you” has resigned. West Norfolk Foxhounds master and huntsman Charles Carter, who was until yesterday Breckland District Councillor for Saham Toney ward in Norfolk, was filmed making the remarks during a hunt earlier this week… The footage was filmed on 23 January during a Middleton Hunt meeting in North Yorkshire and was published on the Stop The Cull Facebook page…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 26.1.17 Yorkshire councillor resigns amid claims of lewd remarks to hunt protester - MATT REEDER - A councillor has resigned after he was apparently caught on camera while riding with a hunt telling a protester "I'd quite like to shag you". Charles Carter, 33, was filmed by an anti-hunt campaigner at a meeting of the North Yorkshire-based Middleton Hunt… (story)
Metro 26.1.17 Fox hunter told saboteur ‘I’d quite like to shag you’ - Ashitha Nagesh - A fox-hunting Tory councillor has been forced to resign after being filmed telling an animal rights activist that he’d ‘quite like to shag’ her. Charles Carter, the 33-year-old Middleton hunt master, told the woman she was ‘very pretty’ before asking her number, adding: ‘Can I take you to bed please?’… (story)
Local Gov 26.1.17 Councillor suspended for lewd comments made to hunting campaigner - A Conservative councillor has been suspended from Breckland Council after being filmed making lewd comments at a hunting protester. Cllr Charles Carter was caught making ‘inappropriate and offensive’ sexual remarks to a woman at a hunt in Yorkshire…. (story)
The Canary 26.1.17 More bad press for fox hunting as Tory councillor is forced to resign over offensive comments [VIDEOS] - EMILY APPLE - A Tory councillor has resigned after making offensive comments to a woman who challenged his behaviour on a hunt. Charles Carter, a former councillor for Breckland Council, handed in his resignation following his suspension. And coming after reports of hounds attacking family pets, it is more bad press for the pro-fox hunting lobby…. (story)
International Business Times 26.1.17 Watch Tory politician tell fox hunt protest mum-of-four: 'I'd like to shag you' - By Josh Robbins - A Conservative politician has been suspended after being filmed for making sexually provocative remarks to a woman who was protesting against him for alleged fox hunting near her home. Councillor Charles Carter, 33, confronted Linda Hoggard during a meeting of the Middleton Hunt in North Yorkshire on Monday (23 January 2017)… (story)
Northern Echo 26.1.17 Councillor resigns after inappropriate proposition - A CONSERVATIVE councillor who was apparently filmed inappropriately propositioning a woman during a North Yorkshire hunt has resigned. Charles Carter, 33, a councillor in Breckland, Norfolk,was filmed by an anti-hunt campaigner who confronted him at a meeting of the Middleton Hunt…. (story)
Lynn News 25.1.17 Breckland councillor resigns over ‘offensive’ comments to hunt protester - A Breckland councillor has resigned tonight after a video emerged of him making lewd remarks to an anti-hunt protester. Charles Carter, a former member of the council’s cabinet, is stepping down as a councillor for the Saham Toney ward with immediate effect… (story)
Bury Free Press 25.1.17 UPDATE: Breckland councillor resigns following release of hunt video - A Conservative councillor has resigned after a video emerged of him making what his authority described as ‘inappropriate and offensive’ comments… (story)
ITV 25.1.17 Councillor resigns after making offensive remarks to a hunt protestor - Councillor Charles Carter had been suspended by Breckland Council over claims he made offensive remarks to a hunt protestor… (story)
Express 25.1.17 Tory councillor suspended after telling outraged fox hunt protester 'I'd like to s**g you' - A TORY councillor has been suspended after he was caught on camera telling female activist that he would “quite like to s**g her” in a bizarre confrontation over fox hunting By LIZZIE STROMME… (story)
York Press 25.1.17 Charles Carter resigns from Breckland Council - A COUNCILLOR has resigned from his position on a district council following comments captured on video by a protester. Cllr Charles Carter is to step down with immediate effect from his role as a Breckland Councillor for Saham Toney ward… (story)
Mail 25.1.17 Hunt master, 33, is caught on camera telling anti-hunting activist she is 'very pretty' and adding 'I'd quite like to s*** you' By Sam Tonkin For Mailonline - Mobile phone footage has captured the moment a hunt master told a married female activist he'd 'quite like to s***' her after she confronted him about illegal fox hunting. Charles Carter, 33, was filmed telling the 41-year-old mother-of-four she was 'very pretty' before asking for her number and saying: 'Can I take you to bed please?' The Tory councillor, who has since been suspended, made the remarks after being challenged by activists during a meet of the Middleton Hunt in North Yorkshire… The footage shows housewife Linda Hoggard confronting Carter while he is on horseback, dressed in a red hunting jacket and helmet, after allegedly seeing his hounds chasing a fox… (story)
Telegraph 25.1.17 Hunt master filmed telling female activist: 'I'd quite like to s--- you' - A Tory councillor on horseback was caught on film appearing to tell a female anti-hunt activist: “I’d quite like to s---- you.” Charles Carter, 33, master of the Middleton hunt in North Yorkshire, tells the woman that she is “very pretty” before requesting her number and asking: “Can I take you to bed please?”… Breckland Council said: "Cllr Charles Carter is to step down with immediate effect from his role as a Breckland Councillor for Saham Toney ward. "Earlier today he was suspended from the Conservative Group at Breckland… (story)
Malton Gazette & Herald 25.1.17 Charles Carter suspended by Breckland Council - A COUNCILLOR and hunt master has been suspended by his party over comments captured on video by a protester. Charles Carter, recently appointed as master of the Middleton Hunt, was filmed on Monday, while he was out with the hunt. Linda Hoggard, who recorded the video, said he had been 'shocked' by what Cllr Carter had said… (story)
Sun 25.1.17 'I'D LIKE TO SH*G YOU' - First pictures of mum-of-four told by Tory councillor he wanted to ‘bed’ her when she protested hunt BY JOHN SHAMMAS - THIS is the shocking moment a Tory councillor responds to a protester accusing him of illegally hunting a fox by calmly telling her: “I’d quite like to shag you.” Charles Carter, 33, is seen in the footage telling the woman, Linda Hoggard, 41, she is “very pretty” after she confronts him… (story)
Mirror 25.1.17 Smirking Tory councillor on horseback tells outraged hunt protester, "I'd like to s**g you" during bizarre confrontation - A Conservative councillor was caught on camera telling a female activist: "I'd quite like to s**g you actually" during a bizarre confrontation. Middleton hunt master Charles Carter is filmed telling the woman that she is "very pretty" before requesting her number and asking: "Can I take you to bed please?" The 33-year-old Breckland Council member made the remarks after being challenged by activists during a meet of the Middleton Hunt in North Yorkshire… (story)
Yorkshire Post 25.1.17 I’d like to s*** you, councillor tells Yorkshire hunt saboteur - A CONSERVATIVE councillor has been suspended for telling a female fox hunting saboteur: “I’d quite like to s*** you.” Hunt master Charles Carter, 33, was filmed telling Linda Hoggard, 41, that she was “very pretty”, before requesting her number and asking: “Can I take you to bed please?”… (story)
Star 25.1.17 A TORY councillor has been caught on camera telling a housewife "I'd quite like to sh*g you" during a fox hunt. By Harry Kemble - Charles Carter was out fox hunting when he was approached by mum-of-four Linda Hoggard during a meet in North Yorkshire. In the shock footage, Carter remains quiet as the anti-fox hunting protester confronts him. He then interrupts the married woman and later asks: "Can I take you to bed please?" The 33-year-old takes out his phone and asks Linda for her name. Carter has now been suspended by Breckland Council in Norfolk after colleagues were made away of the clip which has been posted on Facebook… (story)
York Press 25.1.17 Charles Carter suspended by Breckland Council - A COUNCILLOR and hunt master has been suspended by his party over comments captured on video by a protester. Charles Carter, recently appointed as master of the Middleton Hunt, was filmed on Monday, while he was out with the hunt… (story)
Eastern Daily Press 25.1.17 ‘Can I take you to bed, please?’ - Tory councillor Charles Carter resigns from Breckland Council after offensive hunt video surfaces - Kathryn Cross - A Conservative councillor with Breckland Council has handed in his resignation after a video surfaced in which he made inappropriate and offensive comments to a hunt protester. Warning video contains graphic and offensive language…. (story)
Minster FM 25.1.17 Councillor suspended after telling woman he'd like to sh*g her - A Norfolk councillor and master of the Middleton Hunt in North Yorkshire has been suspended after an incident on Monday where he was caught on Video telling a female protestor that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her… (story)
Standard 25.1.17 Charles Carter: Tory councillor suspended over lewd remarks to married anti-hunt protester - Footage has emerged of the moment a Conservative councillor told a married anti-hunt protester he wanted to “s***” her after she confronted him over fox hunting. Charles Carter, master of the West Norfolk Foxhounds, was filmed during a confrontation with campaigner Linda Hoggard in which he asked her "can I take to you bed, please?"… (story)
BBC News 25.1.17 Tory councillor suspended over lewd comments to hunt protester - A Conservative councillor has been suspended after making "inappropriate and offensive comments" to an anti-hunt protester. A video streamed online shows a confrontation between West Norfolk Foxhounds master and huntsman Charles Carter and campaigner Linda Hoggard… (story)

(*) Doncaster Free Press 10.10.17 Campaigning Sheffield teenager’s achievements recognised - Her campaigning work for animal welfare achieved amazing results, and has won a schoolgirl from Sheffield an international award, to be presented in the House of Lords today. Lucy Gavaghan, 16, has campaigned for some years to end the use of caged hens in farming. Her work has now been recognised by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.... (story)


(*) Mirror 8.10.17 Deer hunted on National Trust land because of a legal loophole according to leading animal charity - Nicola Bartlett - Deer are being chased for miles by hunts and their hounds before being killed due to a loophole in the law, according to the League Against Cruel Sports. Their report reveals hunts are taking place twice a week for most weeks of the year, chasing adult stags, young stags and hinds, some of them pregnant – leading to over 200 deer hunted with hounds.... (story)


(*) Mail 7.10.17 London's Royal Parks accused of 'callous slaughter' by animal rights activists after culling more than 10,000 animals including 2,657 rabbits and 1,221 crows By Rory Tingle For Mailonline - Animal rights activists have accused London’s biggest parks of ‘callous slaughter’ after figures revealed over 10,000 wild animals have been culled by rangers in the last four years. More than 8,400 mammals and 3,240 birds have been exterminated by the Royal Parks authority since January 2013, including 1,734 deer, 2,657 rabbits and 1,221 crows... Animal Aid urged the Royal Parks to adopt alternatives to culling such as removing food sources for problem species and urging members of the public against feeding them.... (story)


(*) National Scot 6.10.17 Public to be consulted on legislation to ban fox hunting - Andrew Learmonth - SCOTTISH Government moves which could lead to a toughening of Scotland’s foxhunting laws, have been welcomed by animal welfare charities. Yesterday, Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham announced plans to open a public consultation on the future of the practice, following on from a review into the current laws by Lord Bonomy in 2016... (story)

(*) Belfast Telegraph 6.10.17 Animal Aid's Great Vegan Challenge - TOD BRADBURY Animal Aid Belfast Telegraph Digital (letter)
(*) Yorkshire Evening Post 6.10.17 Try veganism this November - Tod Bradbury, Campaign Manager, Animal Aid (letter)
(*) Oxford Mail 5.10.17 Could you become a vegan for a month? - THIS November will be Animal Aid’s fifth annual ‘Great Vegan Challenge’ – a month-long challenge that gives non-vegans all of the information and help they need to go vegan for November, and hopefully stay vegan thereafter.... Tod Bradbury Campaign Manager Animal Aid (letter)


The National Scot 5.10.17 Vivisection is not only wrong but an affront to the principles of science - THE BBC1 programme, The Monkey Lab, which was about animal-testing, specifically using primates for vivisection, had seemed likely that it was going to be the usual biased approach... animal testing isn’t even remotely reliable and therefore relying on the results of animal testing can often be dangerously misleading. People have raised enormous amounts of money for various charities, including those looking for a cure for cancer, etc... The first thing they would be wise to do is find out if the charity they are planning on raising money for uses animals.... Sandra Busell, Edinburgh (letter)

(*) Sun 5.10.17 'IT'S SICK' Why the search for the Croydon Cat Killer has gone nationwide – by the brave woman who has collected the bodies of THREE HUNDRED of his victims By Emma Gritt, Senior Feature Writer - Boudicca Rising and her partner Tony Jenkins have spent the last two years working with the Met Police to track down the 'psychopath' responsible for the mutilation and murder of hundreds of cats, rabbits and foxes - THE WOMAN helping police hunt for the "psychopath" responsible for the slaughter of more than 300 cats has vowed not to give up until he is caught. Boudicca Rising, 46, is working with a specialist team from the Met Police as they hunt the person who has been killing hundreds of pets from the Isle of Wight to Sheffield.... (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 5.10.17 Circus animals law could break chain with the past by Neil Drysdale - It was an image which caused outrage across Scotland in 2014: the sight of lions and tigers locked in cages in freezing conditions in Fraserburgh. The felines were being kept there by circus owner, Thomas Chipperfield, whose family have been involved in this branch of entertainment for centuries. And although he argued the creatures were being well looked after, the clamour was joined by such leading figures as One Foot in the Grave star, Annette Crosbie.... (story)


BBC News 4.10.17 Huntsmen drop fox-hunting case appeal - Two huntsmen convicted of illegal fox hunting in the Borders have dropped their appeals. John Richardson and Johnny Riley, who were members of the Jedforest hunt, were each fined after being found guilty of deliberately hunting a fox with dogs.... (story)

Stoke Sentinel 4.10.17 Councillor becomes Animal Welfare Party's first UK representative BY MATT JACKSON - A councillor has joined Animal Welfare Party – making her the first elected representative in the UK. Jane Smith stood for the Greens and was voted on to Alsager Town Council two years ago. But she has now defected and is instead representing the Animal Welfare Party (AWP) so she can fight for the rights of ‘non-humans’ on issues such as planning. Since making the switch, Jane has been protesting against a proposed badger cull in Cheshire and has even been carrying out patrols to find wounded animals at night... (story)

Warrington Guardian 4.10.17 Vegan activists standing ‘in solidarity with farmed animals’ on five-day ‘fast against slaughter’ - Aran Dhillon - TWO vegan activists standing 'in solidarity with farmed animals' are carrying out a five-day 'fast against slaughter' to raise awareness about the deaths and suffering in slaughterhouses. Jake Jordan, from Great Sankey, and Andrew Garner, from Manchester, will also be highlighting the efforts of Manchester Pig Save – an organisation which comforts animals before they enter a slaughterhouse... (story)

Guardian 4.10.17 Why factory farming is not just cruel – but also a threat to all life on the planet - It’s time the world woke up to the real impact of modern, industrial farming, says Philip Lymbery, author of Farmageddon and the Deadzone - Bibi van der Zee - The world desperately needs joined-up action on industrial farming if it is to avoid catastrophic impacts on life on earth, according to the head of one of the world’s most highly regarded animal campaign groups. Philip Lymbery, chief executive of Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) and the author of Farmageddon and more recently Deadzone, said: “Every day there is a new confirmation of how destructive, inefficient, wasteful, cruel and unhealthy the industrial agriculture machine is... (story)


Plant-Based News 3.10.17 BLOOD SPORTS: I Used To Be A Hunter - Now I'm A Hunt Saboteur - What makes someone from the hunting community turn their back on the cruelty of blood sports? - There's something thrilling about the chase - that's what we would tell each other anyway.... But deep down, I knew I was doing something wrong as a pro-hunter, and that's why I started questioning a way of life I'd always been involved with.... (story)

ThisIsGloucestershire 3.10.17 Animal rights campaigners slam 'cruel' plans for town to have live camels in Christmas parade BY JANET HUGHES - Animal rights activists have attacked plans to use three live camels to carry the three kings to the big Christmas lights switch on in a Gloucestershire town.... But Joseph’s Amazing Camels are urging town councillors are to stick to their guns when they discuss calls to rethink plans to use as their camels centrepiece of their festive, nativity parade on November 25 on Monday.... But Animal Aid have written to the Mayor of Newent, June Wood, asking her to reconsider because it claims the animals will be forced to suffer large, noisy crowds and bright lights.... (story)


Star 2.10.17 Anti-hunt campaigners in Sheffield brand decision to dismiss case despite video footage 'shocking' - ROBERT CUMBER - Animal rights campaigners in Sheffield have branded a decision to dismiss illegal hunting charges against three men without trial as 'shocking'. Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs member Tommy Woodward filmed hounds chasing a fox through a field in Ryedale, North Yorkshire, which he claims shows members of the Derwent Hunt breaching the fox-hunting ban. Three men were charged in connection with the footage but the case was dismissed at court without going to trial. A magistrate ruled earlier this month that there was insufficient evidence as he said the video did not show the fox being flushed out and the 'behaviour and manner' of the riders was 'not consistent' with that of those looking for an 'active pursuit'.... (story)

Coventry Observer 2.10.17 Racecourse defends safety concerns following opening day fatalities - Shaun Reynolds - WARWICK Racecourse has defended criticism received by animal rights campaigners following the death of two horses at the venue’s opening fixture... Though animal rights group Animal Aid claims the fence had little give, Warwick Racecourse defended the situation – highlighting safety in horse racing is a top priority... (story)

Guardian 2.10.17 All zoos should be closed – other species have rights - Philip Hoare - What does it take to close down a zoo? The death of nearly 500 of its captives in less than four years? The tragedy of South Lakes Safari Zooin Cumbria is measured out in those losses... As we become habituated to our unnatural environments, it is more important than ever that we should consider the rights of other species whose fates we hold in our hands. Either that, or we will all end up in a cage of one kind or another. (story)

International Business Times 2.10.17 Animal detectives hunting the Croydon Cat Killer team up with forensic expert - By Josh Robbins - Animal detectives hunting down the so-called 'Croydon Cat Killer' have hired an expert veterinary pathologist to examine the corpses of mutilated pets. South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (Snarl) has been hot on the tail of the elusive pet murderer since 2015... Now they are linking up with Dr Alex Stoll, a veterinary pathologist, to look into more cases... (story)


Mail 1.10.17 Hunt supported by Leader of House Andrea Leadsom is caught 'flouting ban' as footage emerges of hounds 'chasing an exhausted fox cub' By ROD ARDEHALI FOR MAILONLINE - Anti-blood sports campaigners captured footage of hounds chasing after a terrified fox cub - shaming a hunt previously supported by Tory MP Andrea Leadsom. The senior Conservative politician has been a long-time support of the Grafton Hunt - who's bloodthirsty pack of hounds were seen racing after the defenseless animal... (story)
Sunday People (Mirror) 1.10.17 Top Tory in fox hunt storm: Hunters supported by Leader of House Andrea Leadsom 'flout' ban BY EMILY HALL - A video showing hounds chasing a terrified fox cub today shames a hunt which has been supported by Tory MP Andrea Leadsom. The high-powered Leader of the House of Commons has repeatedly appeared in the past with the Grafton Hunt – whose bloodthirsty dogs are seen pursuing the helpless animal... Local constituent Judy Gilbert, 70, filmed it from a public road as riders crashed through the countryside... (story)
Sun 1.10.17 FOR FOX SAKE! Posh hunt backed by Tory minister Andrea Leadsom accused of illegally chasing fox cub By Neal Baker - Grafton Hunt in Andrea Leadsom's South Northamptonshire constituency is filmed allegedly chasing after creature in Towcester, Northants ... (story)

Kent Online1.10.17 Hunt Saboteurs Association release undercover footage taken at Knowle Game Farm, Ulcombe By Ed McConnell - Undercover footage recorded at a pheasant farm has revealed the shocking practices which are commonplace. The Hunt Saboteurs Association released a clip filmed at Knowle Game Farm, in Knowle Hill, Ulcombe, as part of its investigation into the shooting industry... (story)

BBC News 1.10.17 No charges over 'snared' Peak District estate badgers - No further action will be taken by police investigating claims protected wildlife was trapped and shot on an estate in the Peak District. Footage was released in July by the Hunt Investigation Team (HIT) allegedly showing badgers being caught in snares and shot on Moscar Moor Estate. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided no charges would be brought.... (story)
Mail 11.7.17 Disturbing footage shows gamekeepers in the Peak District National Park TRAP and KILL wild animals to protect the grouse ahead of bird shooting season By Rebecca Taylor For Mailonline - Gamekeepers are shooting and killing animals in the Peak District National Park, allegedly to protect the grouse before hunting season, shocking video footage claims. Covert footage taken by the Hunt Investigation Team (HIT) shows foxes, badgers, and hares being snared and shot by keepers wearing caps with their faces covered, in Moscar Estate, a driven grouse shooting estate owned by the Duke of Rutland.... (story)
BBC News 11.7.17 Badgers 'illegally killed' on shooting estate in Peak District - Police are investigating allegations protected wildlife has been killed on a shooting estate in the Peak District. Footage allegedly shows badgers caught in snares and shot on Moscar Moor, near Bamford, Derbyshire, earlier this year.... (story)
Derbyshire Times 11.7.17 VIDEO: Shocking footage shows animals being trapped and shot in Peak District National Park - WARNING- distressing images - Shocking video has emerged showing wild animals being trapped and shot in the Peak District National Park. The footage was captured by the Hunt Investigation Team (HIT) on the Moscar Escate, as the team acted on reports of illegal badger persecution in the Peak District National Park... (story)
Guardian 11.7.17 Protected wildlife allegedly killed on Peak District shooting estate - Police investigate after animal rights group films badgers allegedly being caught in snares and shot on the Moscar estate... (story)
International Business Times 11.7.17 'Horrific persecution' of badgers taking place in Peak District By Isabelle Gerretsen , Video by James Lillywhite - "Horrific wildlife persecution" is taking place in the Peak District, police have revealed. Badgers are being ensnared and shot at the Peak District National Park in a bid to stop them killing grouse ahead of bird-hunting season.... (story)
Mirror 10.7.17 Shocking footage sees animals trapped and shot in a UK national park with campaigners branding it 'barbaric' BY LOUIE SMITH - Standing over a snared badger, a ¬gamekeeper shoots at the ¬helpless animal as it lies injured on the ground. But far from putting the stricken beast out of its misery, the man only fired at the trap – leaving it to suffer a painful death with two wires still stuck around its neck... Police are investigating the footage. Campaigners at the Hunt Investigation Team filmed the upsetting scenes... (story)

Sunday Herald 1.10.17 Charity warns cats and dogs could be caught in snares as pheasant shooting season gets underway in Scotland - Peter Swindon - CAMPAIGNERS against animal cruelty have warned gamekeepers not to use “barbaric” snares which can kill endangered animals and domestic pets as the pheasant shooting season gets under way in Scotland... The League Against Cruel Sports has renewed its call for a complete ban on snares and demanded a public inquiry into the shooting industry....

Morning Star 29.9.17 Game Industry ‘Guilty Of Wildlife Abuse’ - This year’s pheasant shooting season will open amid controversy about alleged links to wildlife crime, a charity warned yesterday. As many as 100,000 birds are shot for sport every day during the season which begins from October 1, the League Against Cruel Sports says.... (story)

Sunday Telegraph 1.10.17 People should dress up as sheep instead of subjecting them to races, say animal rights protesters - People should dress up as sheep instead of subjecting animals to races, protesters who are campaigning against the practice have claimed - but a farmer has hit back and said sheep are natural runners. .. (story)
28.9.17 Masham Sheep Fair organisers respond to petition calling for ban on sheep racing FINOLA FITZPATRICK - A petition by animal rights activists to ban sheep racing from the Masham Sheep Fair has attracted over 60,000 signatures in just 10 days. But organisers of the fair told the ‘Gazette that ‘racing’ overplays the event, that four sheep are fed in a trough and the public do a sweepstake on which will be first to get to the trough, and that sheep are always pleased to be fed. Petition launcher Samantha Francis has branded the practice “unnatural, exploitative and degrading.”... (story)
BBC News 28.9.17 Campaigners call for North Yorkshire sheep race ban - Animal rights activists have set up an online petition calling for a ban on sheep racing at Masham Sheep Fair in North Yorkshire... Co-founder of the Lambentations group Samantha Francis said "using animals for entertainment is exploitative"... (story)
Harrogate Advertiser 26.9.17 Animal rights activists call for sheep racing to be banned at Masham Sheep Fair - A petition by animal rights activists to ban sheep racing from the Masham Sheep Fair has attracted over 58,000 signatures in just eight days. With only days to go until the two-day event on September 30 and October 1, the clock is ticking for campaigners to succeed in halting the practice, which petition launcher Samantha Francis has branded "unnatural, exploitative and degrading."... (story)