September 2003

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Worcester Evening News 30.9.03 Cygnet deaths justify foxhunting, claims county bird breeder - THE killing of a cygnet by a fox is an example of why hunting should not be banned, a businessman has said. Ron Taylor, who breeds rare birds and runs a fishery in Bransford, spotted scattered feathers that led him to the mutilated carcase. Mr Taylor, the owner of Fisherman's Feathers, said he was certain a fox was responsible for last week's attack…. But a spokeswoman for anti-hunt group Protect our Wild Animals said hunting actually had the effect of increasing fox numbers…. (story in archive)

Cumberland News & Star 30.9.03 COMEBACK SHOW By Andrea Thompson - ESKDALE Show made a triumphant return after a two-year absence with a magnificent display of the Herdwick sheep it is famous for…. But the event still boasted all the usual favourites, from foxhounds and terriers from the Lakeland Packs to fell running, children’s sports and Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling. For the first time the show also had a display of vintage tractors and terrier racing…. (story)

Western Morning News 30.9.03 HOUNDS AND FOXES BOTH DESERVE BETTER - Your headline "Creatures were not put on this earth to be abused" (WMN, September 17) is one for which there is much support. Does this fine sentiment not also apply to foxes or are they a species exempt from God's love?... F Clark, Bude (letter)

Shropshire Star 30.9.03 Thoughts about the attitudes of RSPCA - In reply to P. Taff's letter of September 18, he said I should acknowledge the work done by the RSPCA. I said in my letter of September 10 that they were not going to any money of mine to use to pay for political advertising. Maybe they have discontinued this practice as I have not seen any of the adverts lately…. D Morris, Newport (letter)
Shropshire Star 18.9.03 Fox attack was easily prevented - D. G. Norris goes to some length to underline his distrust of the fox… His report of an attack on a child recently was a regrettable incident which may have been avoided had doors been closed when the parents were downstairs watching a video…. P Taffs, Telford (letter)
Shropshire Star 10.9.03 RSPCA, politics and the urban fox - This is in reply to P Taffs's letter of August 27, 2003, in which he has a dig at me, referring to the RSPCA, since they started going political. They are not having my money to pay for advertising space in national papers, supporting New Labour regarding countryside matters… GH Hand of Church Stretton, who I think is a farmer, replied that the dumping of urban foxes was no myth, as he had seen a van late at night… he came across the area where a number of urban foxes had been released, he also stated that about seven young cubs had perished on what he seemed to think had been a long journey… D G Morris, Newport (letter)
Shropshire Star 27.8.03 Attitude to foxes is not balanced - This person may rest assured that I read the letter about the lady who keeps free range poultry that had been savaged in daytime by foxes - the same fate suffered as foxes and hares by huntsmen… P Taffs, Telford (letter)
Shropshire Star 21.8.03 Control of foxes is a necessity - In reply to Mr P. Taff's letter of August 11, 2003. This person refers to foxes being torn apart by hounds. I trust he read the letters columns recently about a lady who keeps free range poultry that have been torn apart in day time by foxes… D G Morris, Newport (letter)

Shropshire Star 30.9.03 Country life is not mystery to city people - Having moved to Oswestry five years ago from central London and being a regular reader of your paper I am becoming somewhat weary of reading your letters pages and hearing how people who live in towns and cities have no idea of "country life"…. I have a fairly open mind on the hunting debate and am quite willing to accept that some form of effective control is needed, but I hardly think that dozens of people riding around blowing horns constitutes effective pest control. P Morgan, Ardmillan Court, Oswestry (letter)

Gloucesteshire Echo 30.9.03 RSPCA HAS TO PRIORITISE - Madam - I read with amazement the letter from Keith Barnfield, who asked us not to blame the overworked RSPCA if it could not respond to call-outs immediately… the RSPCA has wasted millions of pounds on headquarters in Sussex and millions more on advertising against hunting with hounds. If the RSPCA had not wasted so much money on these things, perhaps it would be able to afford to do what it is there for. Name supplied, Gloucester. (letter)

Liverpool Echo 30.9.03 Whale concern - MINKE whales are being killed in Iceland in the name of so called research… Please help to support a ban on this cruel and unnecessary killing of these beautiful animals. Giovanna Hachem, L8 (letter)

Yorkshire Post 30.9.03 World must save the lions of Africa From: Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington (letter)
Yorkshire Evening Post 26.9.03 Grim destruction - African lions! Can you believe it. Even the king of the beasts is nearing extinction… A JONES, Mount Crescent, Bridlington (letter)
Northern Echo 25.9.03 LIONS - CAN you believe it. Even the king of the beasts is nearing extinction, so is it any wonder that conservationists despair over the planet?... Aled Jones, Bridlington. (letter in archive)

Western Morning News 30.9.03 Boycott fish - JIM Portus may be pleased to report that £200,000 is to be used to train fishermen but no amount of money will solve the industry's big problem - the amount of fish in the sea isn't infinite… Anyone who doesn't want to be a party to the decimation of fish stocks… shouldn't be eating fish at all. R A Gagie, Paignton Devon (letter)


BBC News Online 29.9.03 Bookies urged to pay out for dogs - Bookmakers who rake in more than £2bn from betting on greyhound racing should contribute 1p in every pound to pay for the animals' welfare, Labour delegates are being told. The League Against Cruel Sports says for every 10,000 greyhounds that retire each year, only 2,000 are known to be rehomed, while the rest disappear or are put down…. Mr Hobday said while the League did not believe dog racing was inherently cruel, "greyhounds are made to suffer for the sake of the industry before, during and after their racing careers"…. (story)

Shropshire Star 29.9.03 Apart from all this we had a top day at fair - Thanks to the power of the Press I decided to visit the Midland Game Fair - a simple decision, you may think. First hurdle, go to Oswestry Star office to buy discount tickets - being a cheapskate. The office was closed owing to illness…. As for the plastic toilets on the showground - hygiene and toilet paper seemed an alien concept. Apart from this we all had a good time. Ian Firth, West Felton (letter)
Shropshire Star 23.9.03 Record crowds roll up for fair - Organisers of Weston Park's annual game fair today hailed it as the most successful event they have ever held as figures showed more than 72,000 people poured through the gates of the stately home over the weekend… (story)
Shropshire Star 22.9.03 Game fair a record breaker - The Midland Game Fair certainly celebrated its coming of age in some style over the weekend with record-breaking crowds pouring through the gates at Weston Park… (story)
Shropshire Star 20.9.03 Crowds are game for big country fair - Thousands of people were today flocking to Weston Park on the Shropshire/Staffordshire border for the biggest hunting, shooting and fishing event in Europe. Final preparations were being carried out in the early hours before crowds started pouring in at 9am for the annual Midland Game and Country Sports Fair at the stately home, near Shifnal.... (story)
Shropshire Star 19.9.03 Biggest country fair about to come of age - Thousands of people will descend on Weston Park tomorrow for the biggest hunting, shooting and fishing event in Europe. Final preparations were being carried out today for the annual Midland Game and Country Sports Fair at the stately home, near Shifnal…. The fair will include the BASC shotgun coaching lessons for all abilities from new to experienced shots…. Other attractions include the Band of the Blues and Royals, falconry, shooting and fishing, a sheepdog demonstration, gundog events, the Lurcher display team, a hunt meet and hound parade as well as heavy horses, a miniature railway and antique fair. (story)
Shropshire Star 18.9.03 Deadline nears for game fair discount - The organisers of this weekend's popular Midland Game and Country Sports Fair were today looking forward to one of their biggest and best shows yet as ticket sales for the 21st anniversary event continue to boom…. (story)

Western Morning News 29.9.03 TREAT THE HORSES WITH COMPASSION - The idea of sending live animals abroad to be slaughtered is disgusting and heartbreaking… Joan Baughan, Trusham, Newton Abbot
… I also agree with your correspondent Bridget Dark that these so-called humans be treated in the same cruel and horrendous way, then maybe it would stop…. Elizabeth Liggins, Plymouth
…I am writing to express mine and my family's concern and disgust over this issue (also affecting New Forest ponies) and register my opposition to this trade. J Gibson, Gravesend, Kent
ALONG with many other people I cannot understand how the Government - which is making such a fuss about hunting - can be so hypocritical as to consider allowing this barbaric trade in live horses, ponies and donkeys to recommence… J Elliott, Buckfastleigh
Better hook than hoof … I have been living and working with animals since 1927 and for the last 30 years I have farmed at Nanstallon. There is no justification for the live export of any animals destined for the food chain… P M Appleton, Nanstallon, Bodmin (letters)
Western Morning News 29.9.03 HYPOCRISY OF A GOVERNMENT THAT WANTS TO BAN HUNTING - I find it impossible to under stand a government that can spend millions of pounds and many hours of so many people's time to put through a Bill on hunting and yet seems to ignore the plight of all the thousands of animals to be exported live…. M S Steer, Crediton (letter)
Western Morning News 27.9.03 THIS TRADE IS BARBARIC ... All the views I have read are similar in that this trade is barbaric. Where, I wonder, are the views of the people who deliberately breed and sell these animals knowing full well that there is already a loop hole and the fate these animals suffer?... N Cooper, Yelverton Devon
Where are our MPs? .... May I also ask "where are the members of Parliament who have been so loudly vocal against hunting? Why are their voices not raised just as loudly in support of this campaign?" How sad it is to see that not one member of Parliament has written in support. And where is the RSPCA, and their support for this campaign, which we have a right to expect? Or can we not expect such a thing from an organisation, which left lambing sheep and their newborns to die of exposure and drowning in fields of mud, rather than threaten to challenge the Government in the Courts.... Tess Nash, Helston
Animal welfare first ... Your letter from a Sussex protestor about 40 New Forest ponies left after a day at the sales, waiting to be transported heaven knows where, without being fed or watered raises the question: "Where was the RSPCA". What sort of people can be so callous as to ignore basic needs of animals whatever their fate? P Alexander, Tavistock
Save God's creatures .... We all need God's mercy, especially those who make and carry out wicked laws. A Hurford-Burch, Totnes (letters)
Western Morning News 27.9.03 I'M TOO ASHAMED TO LOOK AT MOOR PONIES - For most of my 65 years, I have had great pleasure out of visiting Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor, just to admire the lovely wild ponies. Not any more. I am now too ashamed to even look at them, knowing I live in a country which will allow these beautiful animals to be exported for slaughter. Muslim slaughtering methods (Hal-al) are too diabolical to even think about.... Mrs H King, Perranporth
It is utterly wrong ... I find the whole thing abhorrent and am continually astonished by the ignorance of many incomers to our area who have no understanding of our livestock horses, hounds, etc, or our country ways. We must do something about it all. Mrs Dennis-Noel, Ringmore Devon (letters)
Kenilworth Weekly News 26.9.03 Support ban on animal exports From: Robert and Anne Parnell, Webster Avenue, Kenilworth. Last week we spent a few days visiting an old friend in Devon and were saddened and shocked to read in the Western Morning News of the proposals on animal transport (coincidentally, a letter in the Weekly News from Janet Cummings also highlighted this proposal)… (letter)
Western Morning News 26.9.03 WHAT ARE ANIMAL WELFARE CHARITIES DOING TO HELP THESE CREATURES? … Why are the owners of these poor unfortunate animals allowing this to happen to God's creatures, surely they could refuse to allow this to happen if they so chose. And where are the charities set up to help these animals?... Margaret and Arthur Bailey, Yelverton Devon
Government is hypocritical - I COULD not believe that the practice of exporting live horses from the UK is even being contemplated by the Government. How can they be so hypocritical? Hunting banned on the grounds of cruelty to animals yet horses exported live for slaughter?... Jenny Balfour-Paul, Shobrook, Crediton
We applaud your stand … This terrible trade must not continue. Jack & Susan Horne, Plymouth
Keep up the pressure - PLEASE do all you can for the horses, ponies, and all animals… Jackie Skirland, Dulverton Exmoor
UK must not be part of lunacy … If by some chance this stupidity is forced upon this country can we be assured that Margaret Beckett and Tony Blair will travel in the first consignment, not in the driver's cab but with the horses, donkeys or whatever is being transported…. Mr & Mrs A A Taylor, Exeter
We call ourselves civilised? I FEEL I must write to support your campaign and express my disgust at this vile and barbaric trade of live transportation of horses, and, in fact, of all animals… Mrs V King, Bodmin Cornwall
Labour must stand up to EU … I am horrified that this cruel and unnecessary practice could be renewed. It is about time that our government dug its toes in and stood up to the EU… Mrs L McCraith, Falmouth Cornwall (letters)
Western Morning News 25.9.03 WE MUST BE THE VOICE OF ANIMALS … If we sign up for the complete Brussels embrace the cries of the animals will go unheeded because our voice on their behalf will be overruled. Adrian Cooper, Lostwithiel
Ban must remain - THE live trade industry has proven time and time again that it cannot guarantee the safe and humane transportation of animals… Helena Harrington, Melbourne Australia (letters)
Western Morning News 25.9.03 TRADE BELONGS IN DARK AGES OF ANIMAL WELFARE - The prospect of resuming live equine exports for the dinner table in Europe is horrific. That traffic belongs to the Dark Ages of animal welfare… Michael Williams, Bodmin Cornwall
Live exports must not restart - I WOULD like to protest strongly about this evil trade; there is no need for this terrible suffering of these lovely animals… S Mole, Teignmouth
Save these special ponies … we must do all we can to save these special ponies. Marie O'Connor, Salcombe Devon
Slaughter should be nearby … Live export of any animal causes it untold stress, misery and pain and is totally inhumane. J Whitefold, Paignton (letters)
Western Morning News 23.9.03 Bridge the gulf - IN reply to Jan Hunt's letter (WMN, September 16), it has seemed to me for a very long time that a huge gulf has developed between humans and animals…Let's take, for instance, the poor old fox. He has been persecuted for hundreds of years, in the name of sport…. And so we come to the export of horses and ponies. To export them live, being fully aware of the inhuman conditions they suffer, is nothing short of cruel barbarism…. Nick Marshall, Cullompton (letter)
Western Morning News 23.9.03 Protect all animals - I AGREE with all your correspondents in regard to the export of live horses and of course I have signed the petition. However I do wonder what makes horses so special when compared to other animals. Surely cattle, sheep and pigs are entitled to the same regard…. John Montague, Alphington, Exeter (letter)
Western Morning News 22.9.03 LIVE EXPORT OF HORSES IS SO CRUEL - We have been inundated with your letters since the launch of our campaign opposing the resumption of the live export of horses. Here is a further selection from our postbag
I am so relieved that someone is doing something about the chances that our present rules regarding the export of live equines will be over-ruled by the EU. It has been my constant fear. Why all those anti-hunt people spend their time demonstrating about the hunting of the wily fox who more often than not escapes the hounds I do not understand…. Patricia Dawe, Padstow Cornwall
…We cannot let our animals down like this - they must be exported on the hook, definitely not on the hoof. Mrs Primrose Lee, Plymouth Devon
Appalled by exports - I AM absolutely appalled at the thought that live animals could once again be exported in horrible conditions and to meet their end in fear and terror!... Mrs K Knowles, Falmouth Cornwall
They deserve respect - WE wish to add our names to your list - it is totally wrong to export live horses, ponies or donkeys… Gillian and John Jewell, Chudleigh Knighton (letters)
Western Morning News 22.9.03 ANTI-HUNT LOBBY MUST SUPPORT OUR EQUINE CAUSE? I am appalled at the very idea of the re-introduction of exports of live horses, donkeys etc…. We must stand firm - perhaps we might count on a little support from the noisy 'anti-hunt' lobby. Mrs O Fordham, Honiton Devon
Extend the ban - PLEASE do all you can to prevent resumption of this appalling trade. The ban needs to be extended, in fact, to all farm animals (with a frozen meat trade) - the cruelty has been clearly documented many times…. Ms F McElderry, Broadhampston, Totnes (letters)
Western Morning News 22.9.03 GENTLE, INTELLIGENT HORSES DO NOT DESERVE SUCH TREATMENT …We call ourselves a "nation of animal lovers" and yet are prepared to allow beautiful animals such as horses and donkeys to be subjected to sheer cruelty…. Anita Hutt, Altarnun Cornwall
Evil fate awaits - I AM appalled to read in the WMN that the Dartmoor Commoners are in favour of exporting ponies live. I personally would prefer to see the moor devoid of any ponies rather than one small pony should go through the torture of live export… Mrs M C Thompson, Tavistock Devon
Noble and graceful …I must let you know how sick I felt to think that this could be aloud to happen again…. Miss L A Marcom, St Austell (letters)
Western Morning News 19.9.03 IT MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO RESTART ..I am appalled and horrified that in the year 2003 any live animal exports are deemed necessary… Tamsin Purtell, Braunton
Exports are wrong … Good luck with your campaign to stop this disgusting trade. Tess Nash, Helston (letters)
Western Morning News 18.9.03 LEGALISED HORROR JUST FOR SAKE OF COMMERCE - We shall be sending the following letter to Tony Blair… This is why we have voted for your party in the last elections, as you promised to try to abolish hunting, and although that has not yet been achieved, I feel that many of your ministers have at least tried to do so… However, we have just read in our local paper that it might soon be possible to once again send horses and ponies as live exports to the Continent, and I, along with many others, would ask you please not to let this go ahead… Michael and Su Frost; Kerrie and Deni Elliott; and Simon Barratt, Saltash
I IMPLORE you not to allow the live export of animals - all animals. It is absolutely barbaric… Mrs Barbara Jessop, St Breward Cornwall
Pray to be listened to …We are supposed to be a Christian country, and should be acting as one, and I hope and pray we shall be listened to…. Mrs Nora Hocking, Wadebridge Cornwall
Horrifying prospect …Please don't permit these inhumane practices to be re-instated. Mrs L Marshall, Bristol
Attendant idea …Causing misery to one of God's creatures is just not acceptable for any reason - and is to be abhorred if it is done for the sake of financial gain. Harry H Pusey, Troon (letters)
Western Morning News 18.9.03 ANIMALS DO NOT DESERVE CRUELTY …It is barbaric and very cruel. It has got to stop, so please try and get it over to this Government once and for all. S P Ellicott, Tavistock Devon
Money talks …I think in this day and age we should all be a lot more caring towards animals but I'm afraid money talks and the transporter companies are keen to resume this trade for the profit it brings. Jean Knight, Falmouth Cornwall
What hypocrisy …By comparing the cruelty involved between live exports and foxhunting, foxhunting looks like a teddy bear's picnic. What hypocrisy on the part of the Government. Mrs Primrose Lee, By e-mail It is beyond belief - I WANT to protest against the export of our wonderful dumb animals… B Matthews, By e-mail (letters)
Western Morning News 18.9.03 LIVE EXPORTS BOTH WRONG AND SAD - My name is Louise Baker, and I am 15 years old… I think it is wrong and sad to be doing this to these lovely creatures…. Louise Baker, Plymouth Evil trade …This evil trade must be prevented. Mrs M Harvey, Porthleven (letters)
Western Morning News 17.9.03 LIVE EXPORT CAMPAIGN LETTERS
Immoral Exports …These live exports must be stopped now, they must not happen. I am not a vegetarian but we must see to it that our animals are treated correctly and humanely… Mrs Jenney Wilson-Smith, Teignmouth Devon
I want to add my voice to the protest against the export of live horses for slaughter…. Anne Winbolt, Yelverton Devon
Look at the options - I would like to add my name to support the ban on the live export of horses… Sue Prowse, Chudleigh Devon
Unnecessary suffering …It is totally absurd to ban hunting with dogs and yet allow the inhumane export of live animals for slaughter. I am a strong opponent of hunting with dogs on the grounds that it causes unnecessary suffering; my husband is pro-hunting. We are both, however, united in our belief that live export is inherently cruel…. Mrs Rebecca Blake, Millbrook Cornwall
Establish the facts …It would however be ironical, and extremely hypocritical, if it agreed to the reintroduction of this abhorrent trade, when endeavouring to ban hunting with dogs under the cruelty banner… Peter Clarke, Harrowbarrow Cornwall
Need for respect - Thank you WMN for bothering to spearhead a campaign to stop a resumption of live horse exports. This should also include all live animal exports… Kate Coughlan, Truro (letters)
Western Morning News 17.9.03 HUMANS SHOULD BE PUT IN SIMILAR CONDITIONS …The brutes who take part in handling these lovely animals should be made to travel in these conditions to see what these animals have toendure… Mrs Bridget Dark, Bideford (letter)
Western Morning News 17.9.03 HORRIFYING TO THINK OF CURRENT BAN BEING LIFTED …If it was you being treated like this, how would you feel? Miss K Williams, Barripper Camborne (letter)
Western Morning News 17.9.03 WHY IS THIS HORRENDOUS PRACTICE NECESSARY? - I am totally opposed to the live export of ponies, donkeys and horses - it's barbaric… Jane Dunsford, Higher Barton Barn Devon
We must stand united - I DEPLORE the export of animals to the Continent happening again… Sonia & Peter Dodsworth, Plymstock
It is past all understanding …I would like to express my disgust of this evil and cruel practice… Mrs G Doidge, Launceston (letters)
Western Morning News 16.9.03 GOAT SLAUGHTER IS WRONG - BUT HORSES FACE WORSE FATE - Here in Lynton on the edge of Exmoor a small but enthusiastic group called Friends of the Goats is fighting a campaign to stop a completely unnecessary cull of the feral goats… But coping with the demise of our goat friends is easier than considering what is happening to horses, ponies and donkeys that get caught up in the live export trade…. Jan Hunt, Lynton Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 16.9.03 WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT THE FATE OF OUR ANIMALS - We have been inundated with your letters since the launch of our campaign opposing the resumption of the live export of horses. Here is a further selection from our postbag
I was one of the very ordinary people who spent many cold and wet evenings and early mornings campaigning at Millbay Docks against the export of live animals… if any meat, be it horse, cow or pig, is sent abroad it should be slaughtered here, refrigerated and then sent abroad, not transported in what are appalling conditions, and then brutally slaughtered in inhumane conditions…. Barbara Dyer, Plymouth
…No animal should have to endure such treatment. It is totally unacceptable and unnecessary. Mrs Joy Ovey, By e-mail
Appalling - I HAVE just read the article in the Western Morning News concerning the live export of horses and other animals and find this practice appalling. Sharon J Sheppard, Plymouth
Register protest …This is unnecessary and cruel and should not be allowed. Sally Thomas (Ms), By e-mail
Seek total ban I FULLY endorse your present campaign to raise the issue of live export of equine stock and hope that this can be halted… Mrs Anne Trinder, Berrynarbor
Matter of welfare - I AM writing to support the ban on live exports of horses, ponies and donkeys…. Ms Jayne Walters, Newquay
Dreadful industry …lease, please keep the pressure on and urge the powers to be, to put a stop to this appalling trade. Amelia & Mervyn Williams, West Looe
Slaughter them here - I OPPOSE the transport of live export of horses and ponies it is cruel and unnecessary… Jennifer Alford, Bideford
Abysmal practice - I hereby offer my full support to the campaign to stop this abysmal practice. Lois H Bartlett, By e-mail
Carry on good work - I'M writing to support your campaign to stop live exports to the continent… Chris Bauer, By e-mail
Hope we succeed …It is time we stopped treating animals the same as inanimate commodities - such as TV sets…. Nicola Checkley, By e-mail
No need to export …The horse is an intelligent sensitive animal, a good servant to man for centuries. What a way to treat a loyal servant Mrs B Couch, Plymouth (letters)
Western Morning News 16.9.03 NOTHING SHOULD HAVE TO SUFFER THIS TORTURE I am disgusted to read that the live export of horses, ponies and donkeys may be re-starting…. Sarah Crane, By e-mail
Tears for livestock …Stop this cruel trade, Mike Hill, By e-mail
Blair's to blame …It seems we must descend to the level of our European neighbours' attitude to animal welfare in order that Tony Blair may ingratiate himself with the European Parliament. Mark Blake, Millbrook (letters)
Western Morning News 16.9.03 LAWS HAVE TO BE APPLIED IF THEY ARE GOING TO WORK - I am glad you have highlighted the dreadful cruelty to horses during transportation abroad… I W Gane, Torquay Devon
Total support for ban - MY wife and I totally support your efforts to ban the export of live horses and other animals… Jayne and Barry Lennox, By e-mail
Backing campaign I AM writing to give my support to the campaign to stop the live export trade of horses, ponies, donkeys and all live animals. Janet Manley, By e-mail
Inhumane conditions - I WOULD like to offer my support to the campaign to stop the export of live animals to Europe under inhumane conditions… Melissa Mitcheson, By e-mail
Add my name … Please will you add my name to support this campaign… Judith Moran, Exeter (letters)
Western Morning News 16.9.03 'MY HEART SINKS AT THE THOUGHT OF ALL THIS' …while you are just bringing the fate of ponies, horses and donkeys to people's attention I feel that you should be widening the scope to encompass all live animal exports if they are for slaughter…What has the RSPCA to say on this - they went down in my estimation during the foot and mouth crisis by staying silent in the face of appalling cruelty. Fiona Palmer, Ashwater
Hard to contemplate …I would be grateful if you could add our names to any petition which you are sending to the government. Mr & Mrs D Ward and Mr & Mrs J D Ayre Shobrooke, Crediton (letters)
Western Morning News 11.9.03 CRUELTY BEYOND COMPREHENSION …The cry from these animals should be heard and acted on - now. Sylvaine Shapland, Wellington, Somerset
…I am ashamed to be a member of the human race. Ann Snook, Mousehole, Penzance
…This barbarism must come to an end, or man is headed for destruction… Earle Bingley, President, Canadian Voice For Animals; Mary Alice Pollard, UK Representative Canadian Voice for Animals UK Chapter
…we are one of the few countries in the world, if not the only one, that considers a horse or pony not to be an agricultural animal, this being the reason riding schools are expected to pay business rates, whilst farmers are not… Mr M P and Mrs J M Trethowan, Truro
…There is no room for such cruelty in civilised society. Rose Moss, Northwich, Cheshire
The suffering of animals transported for meat is intolerable and the public must be made aware of this atrocity… Mavis Petrie, Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary, Aberdeen
….the Government must rule against this and keep the ban in force… Miss J Wiggins, St Columb Major, Cornwall
…Live export of equines is totally unacceptable. Sarah Winfield Davies, Barnstaple
…No civilised western government should allow this suffering by legislating immediately to sop it. Mr W B Stevens and Miss E Hooper, Bodmin
In this day and age how such treatment can even be considered acceptable is totally beyond me… Jill Hocking, Southampton Hampshire
…It's evil. Helen Pascoe, Torquay
Please, please, please prevent the terrible practice of sending live animals abroad from restarting… Mary Vaughan, East Budleigh, Devon (letters)
Western Morning News 10.9.03 Raise standards - LIKE so many of your readers, I was stunned to learn that the present Government has even contemplated giving in to the pressures imposed by Brussels regarding the proposed resurrection of live veal crates throughout the whole of the EU… Or is what we are about to see going to be yet another example of the Blair Government doing just what the EU demands, while at the same time preaching to us about the barbarity of other issues such as foxhunting? Marc R Dunkley, Lostwithiel Cornwall (letter)
Western Morning News 9.9.03 Stress shows …Before about 1950 none of this transporting occurred. I see no need for it. A Smythe, Truro (letter)
Western Morning News 9.9.03 TIME FOR MPS TO TAKE A STAND - I was appalled to read that there may be a resumption of the live export of horses… Heather Bray, St Austell
….Keep up the pressure please, and I pray it will prove successful. Well done. Hilda Gray, Truro
…This barbaric practice which goes on in Europe, and I believe Ireland, must be stopped… S M Guyler, Liskeard
…Please lobby the Animal Health Minister, Ben Bradshaw. Let us hear what he has to contribute. F Parkhouse, Combe Martin
…Ghastly, cruel, inhumane, undesirable, evil and much more is such an indecent trade…. Mrs S Maureen Mitchell, Sidmouth
AS a young man I started life on the land working with horses. These gentle animals must not go through this hell again… V C Rowe, farmhand of 50 years, Crowlas, Penzance
WE must all endeavour to ensure this appalling trade in live equines does not start again…. The Sincock Family, Taunton
WORDS cannot describe, and are not adequate to describe, how disgusted, appalled and outraged I feel… Lesley Richardson, Moretonhampstead (letters)
Western Morning News 8.9.03 LIVING OFF BLOOD MONEY - The export of live horses, ponies and donkeys must not be allowed to start… Keith Tuck, Elburton Devon
Deplorable animal cruelty …I deplore all animal cruelty and am delighted that you have had such a positive response to your campaign. Jane Beare, Padstow
Stand up to Brussels …It will be an appalling indictment of our country, and its present government, if the cruel and barbaric trade in ponies is allowed to resume…. David J Conway, Exmouth
Britain must stick to ban - A CHANGE in EU law leading to the live export of horses is unthinkable… Bob Davies, Barnstaple Devon No compassion
No compassion - I HOPE the Government takes notice and continues the ban on live exports… Miss P M Williams, Wembley Middlesex (letters)
Western Morning News 5.9.03 BRITAIN LEADS WAY IN ANIMAL WELFARE - BUT WHO IN EUROPE IS FOLLOWING? ... As a farmer who has worked with livestock all my life, I am appalled at the treatment permitted to be cast onto horses, donkeys and ponies in the manner as depicted by the photos... Cllr Ruth Burrow, Ottery St Mary Devon (letter)
Western Morning News 4.9.03 CAN THERE REALLY BE NO END TO THIS CRUELTY? - I have recently returned from a holiday in Cornwall and was appalled, disgusted and saddened when I read the story in the Western Morning News of the potential reintroduction of the vile trade of exporting live horses… Sylvia Page, Belvedere, Kent
We have learned nothing …we are appalled that the Government could contemplate going back to this barbaric practice… Tim Rose and Sally Christopher
Animals have feelings …I urge the Government to act on this situation instead of becoming heartless to all those creatures who we share the planet with. Jean Bender, Bude
Britain must stand firm …Our practice of shipping animals abroad is abominably cruel. A Chapman, Plymouth
Are we animal lovers? This trade must be stopped immediately and never be allowed again. It is against all moral and ethical laws. Mr and Mrs Butler, Par, Cornwall
Horses trust us …Foxhunting cannot begin to compare to this trade. The cunning and wily fox has the ability to outwit his pursuers as he invariably does. These wonderful animals do not have that chance… C Wakeham, St Austell, Cornwall
Stop trade restarting…I hope the Government will do all in its power to stop this horrendous trade starting again… Carol Brooks, Exwick
Cramped conditions - MY husband and I are really upset at the thought of any animals exported in such appalling conditions… Don And Jenny Grant
Speak up for ponies …I am willing to do anything to help stop this terrible thing happening. I may only be 14 but I know what I believe in and I'm not afraid to stand up for it. Rachel Lynn
Terrifying ordeal - I THINK it is obscene to transport any live animal such distances simply to be slaughtered at the end of their journey… Heather, Exeter
Let them eat it frozen - I WAS horrified to read in the WMN that this disgusting trade could start up again… V Boyne, Hatherleigh, Devon (letters)
Western Morning News 2.9.03 WHY SHOULD WE TAKE BACKWARD STEPS? …On the hook is (grudgingly) acceptable - on the hoof never, and that goes for all livestock. They are not live meat. They are living creatures. Suzanne Kiteley, Princetown
I HOPE this awful trade of the live export of horses and donkeys will not be allowed to start again… Mrs E M Reynolds, Redruth (letters)
Western Morning News 2.9.03 INNOCENT VICTIMS OF EVIL TRADE …I hope, with all my heart, that his country will not take part in what is surely totally unacceptable to decent people… Dorothy Lane, Exmouth
HOW any person can treat animals in this way is deplorable… Mrs J E Colville, Dawlish
…It is absolutely barbaric. Why do we give in to countries who are disgusting and eat horses?... Mrs Barbara Jessop, St Breward
…We support anything that will stop live exports for meat. Bob and Angela Burns, Constantine
…I have had to stop eating meat altogether (even though I do feed it to my cats: they are obligate carnivores) because I disapprove of the awful conditions in which animals are reared and slaughtered … Irene Boyd, Cheshire
I AM writing to strongly protest against the resumption of the live export of animals to the Continent…. Claire Heard, Tavistock Devon (letters)
Western Morning News 2.9.03 GOVERNMENT CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT EUROPE'S POLICIES - The Western Morning News has recently run a series of very laudable campaigns - stop the slaughter of dolphins, the obscenity of throwing back fish caught over quota and now a campaign to stop the re-introduction of the export of live horses to the continent for slaughter... I think we are all wasting our time and are campaigning against these affronts to animal welfare by appealing to the readers' natural gut reaction rather than the root causes.... Of course there is nothing they can do. Whilst we are signatories to the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) within the European Union. All decisions with regard to fishing and farming are made in Brussels and Westminster is powerless... Jack Nicholls UKIP, Totnes (letter)
Western Morning News 1.9.03 STRONG LINE WILL ACHIEVE RESULTS …I belong to Compassion In World Farming, and if you and others continue to take a strong and bold line, one day, before too long, all live animal exports might come to an end… Hugh Galton-Fenzi, Littlehempston, Totnes
I AM appalled at the continuation of the terrible suffering inflicted on live animals being transported for meat across Europe… Mrs Christine Benjamin
WE think this is an appalling occurrence and should be stopped at once… Jeanne Collins, Alice Gillilan, Douglas Pullman living creature deserves this treatment… E Whiting, Castle Hill
WE are strongly against the exporting of any live animals because of the unnecessary cruelty and suffering that it causes… Chris and Vivienne Walford
THIS cruel trade in exportation of live animals is a continuing disgrace to our nation…. Robert and Susan Bowman, Bude
I AM writing about your live export campaign, and I would love more information about how I can get involved… F Dimond, Chudleigh
I HEARTILY support the WMN campaign to stop the export of live horses to the continent for slaughter… Peter Wyatt, Totnes (letters)
Western Morning News 1.9.03 ANOTHER REASON FOR US TO LEAVE EU - It is more than obvious that Europe does not have the same attitude as us towards animals. Horses and donkeys - and, no doubt, pigs, sheep and cattle - are transported in horrendous conditions… Mrs Calmady-Hamlyn, Bridestowe
…It is of critical importance that each country continues to set its own regulations to prevent this barbaric trade operating…. Beverley Hinckley, Totnes
I WISH to condemn most strongly any thoughts of legislation to allow horses, ponies and donkeys to travel alive to the Continent…. Mrs Janet Lane, St Agnes Cornwall
MY wife and I are absolutely horrified to learn that there should be the slightest possibility that the law could be altered to allow the export of live animals again… Mr and Mrs Ivey, St Austell
THERE is no good reason for the transport of live animals over long distances… Elizabeth Loftus, Tavistock
Nowhere is man's inhumanity to other living creatures more cruelly enacted than in the transportation of equines for slaughter. Glynn A Lovell MA (Ed), St Austell
WHERE are the animal rights organisations, League Against Cruel Sports and IFAW? Why are they not standing up for the protection of these horses and donkeys…. L J Taplin, Minehead
PLEASE do not allow any more of our animals to suffer the dreadful conditions of travelling abroad… Mrs A C I Bulpin, Shaldon Devon (letters)
Western Morning News 1.9.03 CAN 'ANIMAL LOVERS' REALLY SINK SO LOW? …. It fills me with disgust and horror that we, the British - known for our kindness to animals - should contemplate allowing this horror to carry on…. Ann Buliver, Newton Ferrers
…Perhaps Mr Peter Anderson and his members of the League Against Cruel Sports would be better engaged in fighting the course of these defenceless animals. F W Toye, Tavistock
…There can be no excuse for a trade such as this. One does not need to start defining "cruelty" to prove the self-evident - except to the anti-hunting brigade, perhaps, who hold their own peculiar views… John Hillier, Burnham-on-Sea
…Who are these monsters? Let's have a few names - name and shame those prepared to export these helpless creatures to a terrible end… Mrs Evelyn Hobbs, Bideford (letters)

Tivyside Advertiser 29.9.03 Hearsay is weak evidence by Bryn Jenkins, Lampeter - I note once again the statement made by Mrs Sandra Williams in your paper dated September 10 regarding 'The vile and hidden trade of puppy farming'. I seem to remember a similar story by her in your paper some 12 years ago... I fully support her where cruelty can be confirmed. However, hearsay is a very weak form of evidence and until Mrs Sandra Williams discloses the names of these people, nothing can be done. Mrs Sandra Williams appears to withold her own evidence.... (letter in archive)
South Wales Argus 24.9.03 Puppy farms: Hundreds raise fears - GWENT animal rights campaigners were among more than 200 protesters who lobbied the National Assembly yesterday against a grant scheme they fear could encourage puppy farming. The demonstration, which included representatives from Gwent sanctuarys All Creatures Great and Small and Socelex, aimed to persuade the Assembly to stop a farming grant which could provide funding for kennels and excerise yards… (story in archive)
Tivyside Advertiser 23.9.03 Agree about puppy farms - by Mrs P Yates, Llechryd - How I agree with Sandra Williams about the awful puppy farming… (letter in archive)
BBC News Online 23.9.03 Protest over 'puppy farm' grant - Dog-lovers have publicly protested against a Welsh Assembly Government grant which can be used to set up dog breeding facilities on farms. A 15,000-name petition objecting to the so-called 'puppy farm' grant was handed in at the assembly's headquarters in Cardiff on Tuesday… Karen McGarrigle, co-ordinator of the Say No to Puppy Farms campaign said: "While we sympathise with the plight of the farmers affected by the foot-and-mouth outbreak, raising a puppy that is going to live with your family requires a far different approach to that used for rearing and animal destined for the meat market…" (story)
Tivyside Advertiser 9.9.03 Stop this vile trade - AS a new campaign against the "vile and hidden" trade of puppy farming gets under way in west Wales one stalwart protester has claimed that hundreds of thousands of puppies are bred in the region every year to be sold all over the UK and beyond. Sandra Williams, a former Ceredigion county councillor, told the Tivy-Side this week: "A dog is man's best friend, but there is no doubt that man is the dog's worst enemy."… (story in archive)
South Wales Evening Post 6.9.03 PUPPY FARM CASH HORROR - I Was appalled to read that the Assembly is now giving grants to farmers to breed puppies in order to diversify... As Kennel Club Breed Rescue for yorkshire terriers covering Wales, I have on a few occasions managed to convince a puppy farmer not to put his former breeding bitches into the cesspit but to sign them over to us to re-home... B E Hinds, Address supplied (letter)
South Wales Evening Post 5.9.03 DOG CRUELTY SHOULD END - I Am writing to you regarding the piece (Post, August 29) about the illegal puppy farmers... I think it is cruel to use them as breeding machines.... Michael Jones, Llanerch Crescent, Gorseinon, Swansea (letter)
Tivyside Advertiser 3.9.03 MP backs puppy farm crackdown - ILLEGAL puppy farms are on the increase in rural areas of Wales, according to animal welfare groups, and local authorities are already acting to stamp them out… Jackie Lawrence is urging anyone with information that will help clamp down on illegal breeders to come forward… (story in archive)
South Wales Evening Post 29.8.03 PUPPY FARM FURY - Illegal puppy farms have reared their ugly head again in West Wales. JONATHAN ISAACS investigates the problems… A Mass demonstration will be held outside the Assembly in Cardiff next month because campaigners are angry that it is giving grants to Welsh farmers to breed dogs…. The protests are being organised by a group known as saynotopuppyfarms…. Mo Davie is organising next month's demonstration at the Assembly. She runs a company called A Dog's Life that monitors dog breeders…. (story)


Sunday Post 28.9.03 Whaling - Tom Kielty, Edinburgh. (letter only on site for a week)
Edinburgh Evening News 24.9.03 Stop the hunt - IT was with horror that I have just learned the Iceland is to resume the killing of whales in the waters north of Scotland starting with 38 minke whales under the guise of scientific study… Tom Kielty, Craighouse Gardens, Edinburgh (letter)

East Anglian Daily Times 28.9.03 Gamekeeper attacked by hare coursers By James Mortlock - A GAMEKEEPER who was attacked twice by illegal hare coursers using catapults loaded with metal balls has spoken of his frightening ordeal. Richard Clarke was set upon yesterday by a gang using catapults only a week after a similar terrifying incident in which a courser pulled out a catapult and pelted his car with ball bearings from close range, denting the bodywork.... (story)
Cambridge News 26.9.03 Coursers attack gamekeeper - A GAMEKEEPER had his car pelted with ball bearings by hare coursers who were trespassing on the land he looks after… (story)


Worcester Evening News 27.9.03 Hares are not vermin - HUNTING the hare and hare coursing are unacceptable. The hare is not vermin, or an enemy of other creatures... MRS P BALCH, Clifton on Teme (letter in archive)

Edinburgh Evening News 27.9.03 Kentucky Fried demo MEMBERS of animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will hand out leaflets at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Leith Walk, claiming chickens are ill-treated by the company’s suppliers. The protest is one of 200 similar demonstrations taking place around the world, leading to World Farmed Animals Day on October 2. (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 27.9.03 PROTEST FEARS - College bosses are hoping there won't be a repeat of protests staged by animal rights activists at an award ceremony in a Devon town today. Last year, protesters targeted agricultural students from Bicton College, East Budleigh, as they paraded in mortarboards and gowns through Budleigh Salterton... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 27.9.03 GIVE TO CHARITIES WHICH DON'T TEST ON ANIMALS - Seeing as the month of October is fast approaching and Cancer Research UK is destined during this month to rake in another few million pounds, I thought I would write in to express my disgust at this greedy, money-obsessed charity.... The people taking part in these events raise hundreds and thousands, even millions, of pounds for this charity. Where does it go? Where are these advanced treatments and cures for this terrible disease?... people should not give money to charities that do, especially when, like Cancer Research UK, the results and benefits have been sparse.... Ms K Wicks, Alphington, Exeter (letter)

Western Daily Press 27.9.03 CRUEL WORLD FOR ANIMALS - Thank you for highlighting the cruelty aboard the Ship of Shame. Your paper does a grand job of raising awareness of animal cruelty, something which is often overlooked... E Phillips, Chippenham, Wiltshire (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 27.9.03 SUFFERING ANIMALS EXPLOITED - October 2 is World Farm Animals day to raise awareness of the welfare problems of intensive farming... Anyone who would like more information please contact Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)... KEN YOUNG Broadsands Paignton (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 27.9.03 DIRTY HABITS - Once again the poor old seagulls are under verbal and physical attack. What about some people? Those with their anti-social smelly polluting bonfires?... MARIE POWELL South Devon (letter)


Western Mail 26.9.03 Hunt member cleared of damaging sett Rhodri Evans, The Western Mail - A HUNT member has been cleared of damaging a badger sett after a district judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to convict him. Edward Daniel Phillips, 58, terrier man for the Curre and Llangybi hunt, was accused of damaging a badger sett, an offence under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992… Stephen Clark, of Gwent Badger Group, said he was "bitterly disappointed" at the outcome of the case…. (story)
South Wales Argus 26.9.03 Charges against huntsman dropped by Elise Jenkins - THE case against a huntsman accused of wilfully interfering with a badger sett was yesterday thrown out of court - after a debate about the animals' toilet habits. Edward `Danny' Phillips, who denied digging up the sett in a field off Church Lane, Llansoy, was yesterday found not guilty by deputy district judge Gerwyn Watkins. He ruled there was no case to answer as it could not be proved it was occupied by badgers…. David Williams QC, defending, made a submission to the judge, sitting at Abergavenny magistrates court, that the case be thrown out over the issue of whether the badger latrine found nearby was either a single latrine or one which formed part of the sett boundary…. (story in archive)
Western Mail 25.9.03 Rural battle lines drawn at trial of hunt's terrier man - Rhodri Evans, The Western Mail - THE OPPOSING forces of the countryside lobby and animal welfare activism locked horns yesterday in the unlikely setting of Abergavenny magistrates court. Edward Daniel Phillips, terrier man for Curre and Llangybi hunt, is on trial there accused of damaging a badger set. He denies the charge… Robert Constable, a long-standing anti-hunt activist, told the court he arrived at the field to find dogs marking the spot where the fox had gone to ground. The hunt then arrived, including a number of men on quad bikes, one of whom he recognised as "Danny Phillips"…. Anti-hunt activist Helena Ryan said she had not seen Phillips digging but had seen him with a spade going round to the back of the hedge where the set was… Stephen Clark, chairman of the Gwent Badger Group conservation charity told the court that he had attended the scene the next morning after being directed to the exact location by the police…. (story)
South Wales Argus 25.9.03 Huntsman `dug by a badger sett' - TWO hunt saboteurs yesterday told a court they saw a huntsman dig around a protected badger sett, after a fox went to ground there. Edward `Danny' Phillips - a terrier man with the Curre and Llangybi Foxhunts - went back and forth with a spade after the fox disappeared into the hole, one witness told Abergavenny magistrates yesterday… Hunt saboteur Robert Constable told magistrates he and two others had been following the hunt for about four hours when the fox went to ground in a field off Church Lane, Llansoy… Fellow saboteur, Helena Ryan, said she saw Phillips going back and forth with a spade and putting it into the ground, but not actually digging…. Expert witness Stephen Clark, chairman of Gwent Badger Group, who attended the scene the next morning with PC Steven Ballinger said there were "a number of spade marks around the entrance as if the entrance itself had been enlarged"… (story in archive)

Darlington & Stockton Times 26.9.03 Moorland birds - I must take issue with many of the statements in W H Chapman's letter (Managing moors, D&S, Sept 12)… The best way to demonstrate where our "rich wildlife heritage" is being best preserved is to compare a well-managed grouse moor with a neglected moor in the spring when birds are nesting. You can see and hear the difference. TIM BAYNES, Moorland Policy and Information Officer, The Countryside Alliance, Richmond. (letter in archive)
Darlington & Stockton Times 12.9.03 Managing moors - In his letter "Better for birds" (D&S, Aug 15) Mr Haigh begins with the "cruelty and barbarism", (his words) of shooting sports. He then switches to a separate subject of conservation. Many people do indeed consider killing wild creatures for sport cruel and barbaric … Grouse have many natural predators but the aim of the keepers is to eliminate all but one, the shooter. This imbalance must surely deplete our countryside of our rich wildlife inheritance… W H CHAPMAN, Eden Street, Saltburn by Sea. (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Post 25.8.03 Moorland conservation or cruelty? From: John Haigh, regional director for Yorkshire Countryside Alliance, Firethorn House, Front Street, Thirsk. (letter)
Northern Echo 25.8.03 GROUSE SHOOTING - JOHN Haigh of the Countryside Alliance says 'new independent studies' by the Countryside Alliance demonstrate the beneficial effects of grouse shooting... The Countryside Alliance is the organisation that champions shooting, so how could it possibly be said that it is independent?... - T Kelly, Crook (letter in archive)
Cumberland News 22.8.03 - WITH the start of the grouse shooting season comes the inevitable criticism from animal rights organisations on the ‘cruelty’ of shooting sports… TOM FELL, Regional Director for Countryside Alliance Cumbria,Grange-over-Sands (letter)
Hexham Courant 22.8.03 BIRDS THRIVE ON WELL-KEEPERED MOORS - RICHARD DODD, Regional director for the North-East, Countryside Alliance, Belsay (letter)
Northern Echo 15.8.03 GROUSE SHOOTING - WITH the start of the grouse shooting season on August 12 comes the inevitable criticism from animal rights organisations on the "cruelty" or "barbarism" of shooting sports. How wrong that standpoint is… Haigh, Regional Director for Yorkshire, Countryside Alliance, Thirsk. (letter in archive)
Yorkshire Evening Post 15.8.03 Thriving on the grouse moors - John Haigh, Regional Director for Yorkshire Countryside Alliance, Front Street, Thirsk (letter)
Darlington & Stockton Times 15.8.03 Better for birds - JOHN HAIGH, Regional Director for Yorkshire Countryside Alliance, Front Street, Thirsk. (letter in archive)
Northern Scot 14.8.03 Rare birds benefit from well-kept moors - TONY ANDREWS Chief Executive, Scottish Countryside Alliance, Royal Highland Showground, East Gate, Ingliston, Edinburgh, EH28 8NF. (letter)
Keighley News 14.8.03 SIR - With the start of the grouse shooting season on August 12 came the inevitable criticism from animal rights organisations on the "cruelty" or "barbarism" of shooting sports…. John Haigh, Regional Director for Yorkshire Countryside Alliance, Firethorn House, Front Street, Thirsk (letter in archive)
York Evening Press 14.8.03 Shoot and conserve - With the start of the grouse shooting season last Tuesday comes the inevitable criticism from animal rights organisations on the "cruelty" or "barbarism" of shooting sports… New independent studies organised by the Countryside Alliance and the Moorland Association and carried out by ornithologists and moorland managers have shown that rare birds such as the curlew, golden plover, lapwing and snipe are thriving on, and around, the well-keepered grouse moors of northern England… John Haigh, Regional Director for Yorkshire, Countryside Alliance, Firethorn House, Front Street, Thirsk. (letter in archive)

Epsom Guardian 26.9.03 The facts about angling practices - I’m not upset by Tadworth’s resident animal rights activist Linda Warr sending anti-fishing missives to your newspaper. I am only too pleased, as the Comet has allowed me valuable column space to pile fact upon fact concerning real angling practices. It’s a refreshing change from Linda Warr’s emotive tactic of mixing irrelevant arguments and blatantly trying to link fishermen with the fur trade, fox hunting and the loss of green playing fields…. If Linda has experienced fish being “tortured” will she please inform the Environment Agency fisheries division. COLIN McHARDY Riverholme Drive West Ewell (letter)
Epsom Guardian 5.9.03 Anti-angling rant is full of red herrings - I write in regard to last week’s letter page in which it was said that fishing is sick as well as other hysterical rantings. I just knew my original pro-fishing letter would draw a hysterical response. Let’s discuss hard facts and dispel a few myths. What have the anti-fishing brigade ever achieved and have their silly stone-throwing antics ever helped a single fish? Nothing and no.... COLIN MCHARDY Riverholme Drive West Ewell (letter)

Kent/Sussex Courier 26.9.03 NEW BREED OF FOX RAISES SAFETY FEAR BY IAN READ - A New breed of "fearless" fox is terrorising an Edenbridge neighbourhood, prompting concerns from residents over hygiene and the safety of their children. Townsfolk have urged their neighbours to stop feeding the animals, which they said have shredded gazebos, stolen trainers and foraged through bin bags… Director of the Tonbridge-based Fox Project Trevor Will-iams discounted the hot weather theory, saying they were adaptable creatures and the problems would soon be over when the juvenile foxes dispersed. He added: "Someone gets killed or maimed by a dog every week in the country and if a fox occasionally nips somebody ?? and I've never heard of it ?? then proportionately it is not a problem."… (story)

Daily Post 26.9.03 Puppy skins 'used for children's toys' By Tom Bodden Welsh Affairs Correspondent - CHILDRENS toys being sold on the streets of Wales may be made from the skins of puppies, it was claimed last night. Wales Euro MP Jonathan Evans warned a "Cruella DeVille" style trade in puppy fur coats is sweeping across Europe… (story)

Chester Chronicle 26.9.03 THE injuries sustained by the grandmother after being knocked down by the elephant at the Bobby Roberts Circus recently in The Chronicle, September 12, provides another example of why animals do not belong in a circus… CRAIG REDMOND The Captive Animals' Protection Society, PO Box 573, Preston. (letter)

Keighley News 26.9.03 SIR - Throughout our lives every person that eats meat will consume over 1000 chickens, 45 turkeys, 30 sheep, 20 pigs, four beef cattle and thousands of fish… I will be having an open house coffee morning for CWIF on Tuesday, September 30, 10am-1pm at 8 Burnroyd Avenue, Cross Hills. Come along and find out more. Make a difference to the lives of farmed animals. GWYN HAMILTON, Burnroyd Avenue, Cross Hills. (letter in archive)

Telegraph 26.9.03 The drugs don't work - Prof Sir Michael Rawlins has highlighted serious faults in drug development (News, Sept 17). One problem is the animal study regime, which, as he points out, is "utterly futile"... Ray Greek, Medical Director, Europeans for Medical Advancement, London W13 (letter)

LIVE EXPORT OF HORSES (September 2003)
Western Morning News 26.9.03 LAST CHANCE TO SHOW SUPPORT FOR CAMPAIGN - Today we are for the last time printing the petition accompanying our campaign to prevent an export trade in live ponies, donkeys and horses. We have so far received 41,261 signatures of support and are calling on our readers to help us reach the 50,000 mark. SARAH PITT reports on an amazing campaign… (story)
Western Morning News 25.9.03 LAST CHANCE TO BACK LIVE EXPORTS CAMPAIGN - A staggering 40,711 people have signed Western Morning News petitions opposing the resumption in a cruel trade in live horses, donkeys and ponies, as Sarah Pitt reports… And the views of all those readers supporting our campaign are also being taken to the highest level in Europe, by Westcountry MEP Neil Parish, a staunch supporter of the campaign…. (story)
Western Morning News 19.9.03 FIGHT IS TAKEN TO EUROPE BY MEP - At least 35,000 people have already signed up to our campaign against the resumption of the live export of horses, ponies and donkeys. SARAH PITT reports on a Westcountry MEP who is backing the fight… Neil Parish, Conservative spokesman for agriculture in the European Parliament, will be calling on fellow MEPs to back the WMN campaign to close a loophole in proposed EU legislation to prevent a cruel export trade in live horses from Britain starting up again…. Mr Parish, a Somerset farmer who is vehemently opposed to the live transportation of all animals, said he was "optimistic" that the law could be changed if both UK ministers and MEPs put pressure on other EU member states…. (story)
Western Morning News 12.9.03 JOANNA BACKS OUR FIGHT AGAINST WICKED TRADE - Actress Joanna Lumley today urges WMN readers to keep up the fight to stop our horses and ponies joining their European neighbours in the horrific live export for meat trade…. (story)
Western Morning News 12.9.03 ACTRESS 'SICK TO STOMACH' AT HELLISH TRADE - Actress Joanna Lumley has spoken of her disgust at the trade in live animals and urged WMN readers to keep up the fight to stop our horses and ponies joining their European neighbours in a horrific practice. Joanna is fronting Compassion in World Farming's campaign - running alongside the Western Morning News campaign - to prevent a change in EU legislation opening the floodgates to a cruel trade in equines from Britain to mainland Europe…. (story)
Western Morning News 11.9.03 OUR HORSES WILL BE SAVED BY YOU - The WMN's campaign to stop a return of the barbaric live export of horses for meat has snowballed into an international effort… David Lidington, Conservative MP and shadow Defra minister, has thrown his party's weight behind us, along with South West MEPs Neil Parish and Graham Booth, St Ives MP Andrew George, and Lib-Dem MPs Colin Breed (South East Cornwall) and Paul Tyler (North Cornwall)… (story)
Western Morning News 9.9.03 EU DICTATES HORSES' DESTINY - AISLINN SIMPSON - The only way of ensuring our horses are not crammed into lorries and transported on the hoof across Europe is to take direct action, according to one of the South West's leading anti-European Union campaigners. Graham Booth, MEP for the UK Independence Party in the South West, said that just as Westcountry residents are standing up to the Government over the issue of council tax, those who care about the fate of British horses, ponies and donkeys will have to resort to defying the law if they are to win control in the matter of live exports…. Horse lover and charity TV advert producer Lyn Sawkins said she would fully support any rebellion in the face of laws allowing British horses to be transported abroad…. (story)
Western Morning News 8.9.03 PONY-SAVING PASSPORTS - The introduction of equine passports will go a long way to stamp out the barbaric practice of live exports, according to the world's largest equine charity. The International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) is confident that the introduction of passports later this year will discourage unscrupulous horse and pony owners from considering sending their horses abroad since their cost will remove any financial incentive…. (story)
Western Morning News 6.9.03 WE CAN'T TREAT OUR HORSES LIKE RUBBISH - The wmn campaign has touched many people across the Westcountry, but none so much as 13-year-old Jennifer Jade Cooper and her friend Sophie Harper. Jennifer, a keen horsewoman who adores her black, 26-year-old New Forest Pony Willow, was so shocked when she read about horses and ponies being transported live to the Continent that she wrote to the WMN to voice her support... (story)
Western Morning News 5.9.03 FORCED TO GO FURTHER TO MEET THEIR DEATH - AISLINN SIMPSON - The demise of local abattoirs at the hands of tough EEC regulations is forcing more and more horses and ponies to travel to their deaths, according to animal welfare supporters.... hunts are instrumental in the South West in putting down horses but if the Government forced them to be disbanded, huntsmen predict an unmanageable workload for knacker's yards. "We have always offered to dispatch horses but with the reduction in local abattoirs the demand has increased," said huntmaster Mike Weir, of the Dartmoor Hunt. "I put down two horses a week on average. Consider that there are 36 hunts across Devon and Cornwall but only about five knacker's yards. If the hunt were banned, abattoirs would have some 70 extra horses to be put down a week - they just couldn't cope."... When asked to comment, Defra suggested hunts take up their offer to upgrade and act as full-time knacker's yards. (story)
Western Morning News 4.9.03 WE OWE A DEBT TO THESE - The shipping of live horses, ponies and donkeys must surely be prevented once and for all - if only because of the weight of public opinion against it…(story)
Western Morning News 2.9.03 'WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN' ….The Conservative Party has thrown its weight behind the Western Morning News' campaign to ensure that Britain retains its right to ban equine meat transportation. On a visit to the Westcountry yesterday David Lidington - Rural Affairs Secretary Margaret Beckett's opposite number in the Tory shadow cabinet - said it would be "utterly wrong" if live exports started again because of new EU rules…. (story)
Western Morning News 1.9.03 SUPPORT FROM ACROSS THE GLOBE - Today we publish more readers' reactions to our campaign against live horse exports, and Louise Thomas reports on how the cause has found supporters from other parts of the world… Our No Live Horse Exports campaign has been backed by a 40,000-strong international organisation based in North America. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which has its headquarters in Malibu, California has joined the campaign… (story)


Wells Journal 25.9.03 MOONLIT ANTICS RAISE CASH FOR HUNTERS - A midnight steeple chase ensured that horseplay at the weekend raised funds for the Mendip Farmers' Hunt. The Hunt Supporters Club organised an entertaining evening of amateur racing on Saturday at Wells Hill Bottom Farm, in Green Ore… (story)

Mancester Evening News 25.9.03 IF the people in the cities have a right to control vermin in their back garden or home - for example rats, mice or wild cats that kill birds - by requesting the services of the environmental health department, why can’t farmers call on the service of the hunts/lurchermen/ terriermen to control their vermin problems?... Mark Roberts (via e-mail) (letter)

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 25.9.03 Live and let live - I am prompted to reply to the letter by Mr George Campbell, Regional Director of the RSPB in the “Strathy” (September 18). Mr Campbell, despite his undoubtedly informed comments and observations, fails to mention the raising, nurturing and killing of game birds which seems to have the sanction and approval of his organisation, or at the least, its tolerance…. I used to quietly fish Loch Garten until its environs were designated only for birds and those who watch them. Now Lochin-dorb and Loch Morlich, etc, are under the same threat…. Ian J. MacPherson, Greenhill, Grantown PH26 3EL (letter)
Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 18.9.03 This is an RSPB I don’t recognize - In the August 14 letter page of the “Strathy”, Mr I. MacPherson described himself as “puzzled and amazed”. He then goes on to claim amongst other things that “everywhere throughout their (RSPB) properties, ancient lochs, lakes and rivers have been designated as no-go areas for fishers, walkers or anyone unwilling to fork out the exorbitant fees they demand to park vehicles…" I would be grateful if in the future Mr MacPherson accorded our staff the same rights and respect he bestows on wild animals and it would also help the public debate if he checked his facts rather more assiduously than he has to date. – Yours etc, GEORGE CAMPBELL Regional Director, RSPB Scotland, North Scotland Regional Office, Etive House, Beechwood Park, Inverness IV2 3BW. (letter)
Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 28.8.03 Respect people as well as the rural idyll - One or two erroneous and inaccurate observations from Dr Easy’s critical response in last week’s “Strathy” to my earlier letter need to be highlighted. My main point was not anti-shooting but was a query as to why the very rich RSPB is so down on other people’s lesiure activities yet never seem to condemn the regular, stage- managed slaughter of “game” birds… IAN J. MacPHERSON, Greenhill, Grantown (letter)
Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 28.8.03 Off-target with claims …I am surprised that Dr Easy enjoys killing for amusement and recreation. I am aware that there is a streak of cruelty within the human species, but also aware that such behaviour is becoming less prevalent… SANDY LINDSAY, by e-mail (letter)
Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 21.8.03 Shooting claims trigger angry response - As a so called “excited, inept wealthy shooter of a voracious gun”, I feel that I have to reply to the letter from Ian Macpherson… It is important that those of us who live or work in the countryside, and those who visit it, realise that it is for all of us to enjoy. If the countryside is to survive the many threats which are lined up against it today, then all the different factions which use and enjoy it should not snipe at each other but unite, under the banner of the Countryside Alliance is as good as any, to preserve the wonderful, unique environment which is the British countryside…. Mr Macpherson should think twice before writing another ill-informed letter, or perhaps he should move to a conurbation like London where his apparent ignorance and disregard of the countryside would pass unnoticed among our urban politicians. Dr WILLIAM R. EASY, Easter Auchencarroch Farm, by Gartocharn, Dunbartonshire (letter)
Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 14.8.03 Bird protectors’ strange stance over ‘sport’ - May I, through the courtesy of your columns, lodge a question that has long puzzled and amazed me, i.e. the antipathy the RSPB has towards anglers?... The query I’d like to be answered is this – come the “Glorious Twelfth”, when hand-reared grouse, pheasants and other so-called game birds are driven over the voracious guns of excited, and often inept, wealthy shooters – just for the pleasure of killing as many relatively helpless birds as they can – why no objections?... Let’s hear a single voice amongst youcondemning the sub-human “sportsmen” who rely on gunpowder and shot to achieve their repulsive and foul satisfaction. – Yours etc, IAN J. MACPHERSON Greenhill, Grantown (letter)

Hereford Times 25.9.03 Rights and wrongs - WITH reference to the Hereford Times, (September 18), who actually says it's wrong for a 10 year old to beat a duck to death but perfectly OK to beat a fish to death?.. E A MATTHEWS, Victoria Street, Hereford. (letter in archive)

Comet 25.9.03 Arms haul of gang stopped in purge on hare coursing - A high-powered air rifle with silencer and telescopic sights was among items seized by Hitchin police during a rural patrol at the weekend… The officers, who were continuing their operation against illegal hare coursing and poaching in the rural area, also found a crossbow, catapults, a knife and assorted ammunition for all the weapons. Eight males – four men and four children – were in the minibus that was stopped after officers recognised the number plate of a vehicle reported by a gamekeeper who saw it in the area when a deer was shot and butchered in woodland last week…. (story)

Western Gazette 25.9.03 BADGER HAS LAW ON ITS SIDE - Following the publication of the item ??Search for worms puts brock at risk?? published in last week??s Western Gazette… if anyone shoots or injures or disturbs or steps up a badger sett they are liable to be prosecuted under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. The badger and it??s sett are protected by law…. the Dorset Badger Group finds in general that people are interested in and approve of our main aim to study and protect the badger… Elizabeth James, Dorset Badger Group, Brooklands Farm, Forston. (letter)

BBC News Online 25.9.03 Fast food restaurant goes halal - A fast food chain has opened a restaurant offering halal only meat on the menu. Arbuckles, based in the Star City leisure complex, decided to serve the meat after carrying out a survey of customers.... But Ursula Bates, from animal rights group Viva, said she wanted the halal method of killing to be outlawed.... (story)

Totally Jewish 25.9.03 Ban Shechita Campaign by Justin Cohen - Britons will be told that religious slaughter represents “animal abuse” and encouraged to campaign for its abolition as part of a controversial new animal rights campaign, to be launched on Yom Kippur. TJ can reveal that international voice for animals (VIVA), plans to leaflet town centres nationwide before taking its message to parliament later this year…. Juliet Gellatley, director of VIVA, told TJ: “We are launching this campaign to coincide with the day of atonement when the idea of compassion and mercy is prominent…." (story)

Highland News 25.9.03 CITY FIRM IS HATE TARGET! SPECIAL Branch officers are probing an attack on an Inverness company by fanatical animal rights activists. The shock incident – thought to have been carried out by a hit squad acting in the name of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) – took place at a city laundry depot. The premises of Sunlight Services in Carsegate Road are thought to have been singled out because of the parent company’s links with the controversial Huntingdon Life Services (HLS) centre. They were daubed in slogans in a weekend raid…. Iona Henderson, of Munlochy Animal Aid, said: “I am not saying I condone the actions of the ALF but I am sympathetic to their cause…. Its horrific what goes on there. Frankly, I would bomb the place!” (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 25.9.03 DON'T TEST THE SAFETY OF CHEMICALS ON ANIMALS - On May 7, the European Commission published its draft legislation for an EU Chemicals Testing Policy, aimed at testing 30,000 existing chemicals (those on the market before 1981). Millions of laboratory animals will be poisoned in the programme in outdated and unreliable tests… If we want to stop poisoning ourselves and the world we inhabit, we must kick the chemical habit. Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, St Thomas, Exeter (letter)

Manchester Evening News 25.9.03 RE the article, “Pig organs give hope to heart wait patients” (MEN, Sept 11). Surely it would be better to fund a campaign to encourage people to become organ donors?... Kay Mawson, Hulme (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 25.9.03 PROTEST'S SHOCKING TACTICS - Shoppers were shocked to see an imitation butcher slitting plastic chickens' throats and spraying fake blood all over a Scunthorpe street on Tuesday. The performance was part of an animal rights campaign against the alleged cruel way that KFC suppliers treat their chickens. Around 10 demonstrators from the local branch of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were present at the protest outside KFC on Doncaster Road. Nicola Drew, a spokeswoman for the protesters, said the demonstration had been a great success…. (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 25.9.03 IN FOCUS: Veggie food - why it's more egg-citing than nut cutlets… Features Editor RACHAEL GORDON reports…. the Veggie Dining Club is also hoping to inspire chefs and restaurateurs to widen their menus to include more non-meat options. Members of Peterborough Vegetarian Society came up with the idea for the group, and it is now looking for new members to join. Phil Cross (51), organiser of the Peterborough Vegetarian Society, said: "At the moment Peterborough vegetarians is only quite a small group, but it is growing…" (story)

Milton Keynes Citizen 25.9.03 Feathers ruffled as pigeons shot dead - City centre bosses have come under fire for shooting a flock of pigeons nesting in a multi-storey car park… This has sparked outrage from Milton Keynes Animal Rights members who have now threatened to hold mass national demonstrations outside the centre unless the management changes to a more humane policy. It has also incensed the official Pigeon Control Advisory Service whose director, Guy Merchant, branded the shootings as 'cruel and barbaric'… (story)

Surrey Mirror 25.9.03 Spana's thanks - THANKS to the generosity of the people of Oxted Spana raised £252.68 from their street collection on Saturday September 13. John Andrew, Spana (Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad), Capsey Road, Ifield (letter)


EPOLITIX.COM 24.9.03 Lib Dems debate animal welfare - The Liberal Democrats have called for the compulsory microchipping of dogs and a ban on the sale of animals to under-16s…. (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 24.9.03 Dog racing protest planned By Martin Smith - Animal rights campaigners plan to stage a high-profile rally in Rugby against plans to reintroduce greyhound racing at a nearby stadium. The peaceful protest will take place next month over Coventry Stadium’s proposals to start greyhound racing again in the spring…. Protester Janet Cummings, 58, of Tower Road, Rugby, said: “We want to inform people of what we see as the cruelty within the industry…" (story)

The Sentinel 24.9.03 ANIMALS IN DIRE NEED OF HELP … Animals are the innocent victims of our increasingly violent society and need our help and protection. MR and MRS PLIMBLEY Tunstall (letter)


Scunthorpe Telegraph 23.9.03 FISHERMEN'S FURY - In reference to your article 'Tories Angling for Law Changes'. I think it is a wonderful idea to do away with licences to get youngsters fishing… J Jickells, Brigg. (letter)
Scunthorpe Telegraph 6.9.03 ROD LICENCE UNFAIR TO KEEN ANGLERS - I Write in response to the article about the proposed changes to the rod licence law... Being a keen carp angler and a member of a syndicate pond, who pays a yearly subscription of £250 which helps with the upkeep of the pond and gets no funding from the Environment Agency, I believe the rod licence should be scrapped.... I believe it is unfair members of private syndicate ponds should have to pay for a rod licence when they don't see any of the benefits when they look after and stock the ponds themselves. Chris Heath, Rowland Rd, Scunthorpe (letter)
Coventry Evening Telegraph 3.9.03 Anglers given fishing licence hope- Three Coventry anglers campaigning to abolish fishing licences are confident of victory, after it emerged the issue could be a huge votes winner. Alec Bamford, Brian Wilkinson and Ken Dumbleton launched their campaign against what they describe as an "unfair tax" on the sport in March last year. After targeting every MP in Parliament, the issue has now been taken up by the Conservative Party…. (story)
Telegraph 2.9.03 Tory plan to scrap fishing licence comes under attack By Graham Tibbetts - Tory plans to abolish angling licences, partly aimed at encouraging rural pursuits, were attacked by the Countryside Alliance yesterday... the Countryside Alliance backed the scheme, arguing that the money generated played a vital role in conserving the river environment and giving anglers an influential voice on policy.... (story)
Birmingham Post 27.8.03 Angling boss applauds Tory bait By Guy Newey, Birmingham Post - The head of Birmingham's largest angling association yesterday applauded Conservative plans to scrap the annual fishing rod licence, claiming it was an historical anomaly that punished fisherman. John Williamson, secretary of the Birmingham Anglers' Association, said his group was unfairly targeted by the licence while other, more polluting, river-users paid nothing…. (story)

Liverpool Echo 23.9.03 Record straight - The ECHO article on August 20 headlined "Plea for perfume boycott" alleged that L'Oréal is seeking "legal action to overturn EU plans to halt animal testing"… The facts are: L'Oréal has not launched legal action to overturn EU plans to stop animal testing… L'Oréal stopped all animal testing since 1989 on the entire range of its cosmetic products… Esra Paler, Corporate Affairs Director L'Oreal UK (letter)
Wirral Globe 3.9.03 Euro MP urges product boycott - A WIRRAL Euro MP is calling for a boycott on all products manufactured by French cosmetics maker L'Oreal. Liberal Democrat Chris Davies' call follows L'Oreal's launch of a legal action calling for a U-turn on EU plans to ban animal testing… (story in archive)
Bolton Evening News 23.8.03 MEP's boycott call - BOLTON Euro MP Chris Davies is calling for a boycott of L'Oreal products... (story in archive)
Blackpool Citizen 22.8.03 Euro MP kicks up a stink! by Lori Hudson - FYLDE animal rights activists are backing a Euro-MPs crusade to blacklist cosmetics giant -- L'Oréal -- as the French government attempt to overturn an EU ban on live animal testing. The campaign -- organised by North West MEP, Chris Davies -- aims to establish a Europe-wide boycott of all L'Oreal products… members of the Blackpool Animal Rights Coalition have pledged to support the campaign. Coalition spokeswoman, Francis Gavin said: "It's fantastic news that the EU and local Euro-MPs are taking positive steps to protect animals from vivisection…" (story in archive)

Manchester Evening News 23.9.03 Don’t mock, Flic - FLIC Everett mocked a vegetarian restaurant that refuse to heat chicken baby food on the grounds of possible contamination… some long-term vegetarians do actually can become quite ill if exposed to meat…. Tom Parish, Burnage (via e-mail) (letter)
Western Mail 17.9.03 Veggie cafe throws out mum and child By Jenny Rees, The Western Mail - A MOTHER told yesterday how she was told to leave a vegetarian restaurant for giving her 11-month-old son a jar of chicken baby food. Sarah Graham was told it was "offensive" to feed the Heinz jar of chicken food to hungry baby Joshua in the vegetarian eaterie in Aberystwyth…. Businesswoman Sarah called into the Rendezvous restaurant in Aberystwyth while on a seaside day out with baby Joshua and son Taylor…. Restaurant owner Maggie Cotton defended her decision to ban the chicken baby food…. Kerry Bennett, a spokeswoman for the Vegetarian Society, said, "The restaurant owner was quite within her rights…." (story)
Daily Post 17.9.03 Veggie restaurant threw me out over baby's chicken meal By Sara Thomas - A NORTH Wales mum was thrown out of a vegetarian restaurant for giving her 11-month-old son a jar of chicken baby food. Shocked Sarah Graham was told it was "offensive" to feed the jar of chicken Heinz food to hungry baby Joshua in the vegetarian eaterie…. (story)

Western Daily Press 23.9.03 PROTEST AGAINST AUSTRALIA EXPORTS - Welfare Friendly: More than 100 events are taking place nationwide for World Farm Animals Day on October 2…. CIWF will also be demonstrating outside Australian embassies throughout Europe to call for an end to long-distance transport to and from Australia (story)

Epsom Post 23.9.03 Row over horse welfare By Joan Mulcaster - ANIMAL lovers have accused the RSPCA of not taking enough action over the welfare of a herd of horses grazing in an Epsom field… Gloria Saunders of Banstead and two other people contacted the Post after a story in the September 17 edition about horses in land off College Road, Epsom… "I phoned when the hooves of one horse were so long they were turning up at the end but was told they could not do anything until he was actually lame."… (story)


Western Mail 22.9.03 Minister may be leaning towards a badger cull - Peter Morrell, The Western Mail - THE strongest indication yet that Wales' farming minister Carwyn Jones may take the controversial step of culling infected badgers to halt the spread of TB in cattle herds, will be revealed in S4C's weekly farming programme Ffermio tonight. In an interview with presenter Sulwyn Thomas, Mr Jones says Wales cannot afford to wait for the results of the Krebs trials in 2007 to stop the disease threatening the industry's cattle stock…. (story)
Western Mail 22.9.03 Badger group urges caution because of the difficulty of diagnosis - Peter Morrell, The Western Mail - THE National Federation of Badger Groups says there is no satisfactory explanation linking badgers to TB in cattle. Secretary Dr Pamela Mynott adds that it's impossible to tell if a badger has TB just by looking at it and that very few of the animals are infected… (story)

Croydon Guardian 22.9.03 Swans may die if they lose lifeline sanctuary By Tara Burke - Injured swans from Earlswood Lakes may be left to die if a nearby swan sanctuary is forced to close. Swan Lifeline Sanctuary in Outwood currently rescues and treats injured swans from the surrounding area, many of which come from Earlswood Lakes…. (story)
Surrey Mirror 18.9.03 Help keep swan sanctuary open - OUTWOOD Swan sanctuary was started more than 25 years ago by Marjorie Unwin, when she was asked by a vet to look after a cygnet… It now seems a shame after all the support over the years, from members throughout the country, the time and effort put in by so many people over those years, that, with the hospitalisation of the founder, Marjorie, who also came through two serious strokes some 12 years ago, all of our efforts are now in the balance with the threat of closure by The National Trust…. They ask that, if you feel strongly about the closure, you sign one of the petition forms in various locations or write a letter, addressed to The National Trust, and send it to us at the Sanctuary, so that we may take them all to their head office at 36 Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1H 9AS to present them "en bloc". c/o Outwood Swan Sanctuary, Outwood Lane, Outwood (story)
ICSurreyOnline 12.8.03 (possibly Surrey Mirror) Offer to save sanctuary - TWO former zookeepers have offered to take over the tenancy of Outwood swan sanctuary if it is forced to close. Animal lover Nicky Brooman contacted the Post after reading that the Swan Lifeline Sanctuary was under threat. Tenant Marj Unwin contracted septicaemia and a kidney infection five months ago and has been confined to a wheelchair and forced to go into a home in Crawley… (story)
ICSurreyOnline 29.7.03 (Surrey Mirror?) Bid to rescue swan refuge ANXIOUS volunteers at the Swan Lifeline Sanctuary in Outwood have set up a petition to try and save the centre from the threat of closure. The possible closure of the popular wildlife reserve comes after tenant Marj Unwin contracted septicaemia and a kidney infection five months ago… (story)


Sunday Sun 21.9.03 'Slippery customer' fox named after PM Blair - A wily fox that has given huntsmen the slip for three years in the Prime Minister's North constituency has been nicknamed Tony. As Tony Blair's Labour Government prepares to ban fox-hunting, the cunning creature has led the hapless hunt such a merry dance that two members have suffered serious injuries while chasing it…. The Master of the South Durham Hunt, Mark Shotton, said: "We named the fox Tony because, just like his namesake, he is a slippery customer who twists and turns to get himself out of trouble…" (story)


BBC News Online 20.9.03 Illegal hare appeal by police - Police have appealed for help to clamp down on the illegal hunting of hares in rural Gloucestershire... (story)

Independent 20.9.03 How climate change has helped Little Bastard and his badger pals to prosper as never before By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor - Britain's badger population has soared in the past 15 years, and the likeliest explanation is climate change, research is showing... (story)

Guardian 20.9.03 Vegetarians are people who do not eat animals, any animals, so advising one to eat fish is not clever - Ruth Povey, Leicester (letter)


Westmorland Gazette 19.9.03 North Lonsdale hunt returning - FOX HUNTERS and supporters of the North Lonsdale Foxhounds meet again this Sunday as the season curtain-raiser takes place. The hunt’s Hound Show sees dogs which have been kept during the summer reunited with those which have been kennelled…. (story)

Western Morning News 19.9.03 MP TO WED AFTER A WHIRLWIND ROMANCE - The Westcountry Tory who could not find a wife is to wed this weekend following a whirlwind romance that began on a pro-hunting march. Adrian Flook, the 40-year-old MP for Taunton, hit the headlines two years ago when he bemoaned the fact that no eligible women wanted to marry a Tory MP…Mr Flook's quest for love continued until the Countryside Alliance's Liberty and Livelihood march on September 22 last year, where, over breakfast with friends, he was introduced to Frangelica O'Shea, a 36-year-old marketing director from Berkshire… (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 19.9.03 PLEA TO HELP STOP THE HARE COURSERS - Hares are being illegally slaughtered in rural Gloucestershire. Police have now appealed for the help of the public in clamping down on the unlicensed hare coursing… The legal sport has very tight guidelines and regulations set down by the National Coursing Club. It licenses the competitions which have a judge, who sits on horseback, wearing a red tunic… (story)

Sheffield Star 19.9.03 RSPCA calls centre talks - TOP animal charity the RSPCA could sign a deal with Rotherham-based calls centre giant Ventura to handle all their calls…. (story)
South Yorkshire News 18.9.03 RSPCA CALL CENTRE ON THE MOVE - THE RSPCA is to base its new national call centre in the Dearne, it was announced this week. The Ventura call centre at Manvers, near Wath, has been chosen to handle calls made to the animal welfare charity in a major restructuring of its services…. (story)
Doncaster Free Press 18.9.03 RSPCA CALL CENTRE ON THE MOVE - THE RSPCA is to base its new national call centre in the Dearne, it was announced this week. The Ventura call centre at Manvers, near Wath, has been chosen to handle calls made to the animal welfare charity in a major restructuring of its services…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 18.9.03 CITY LOSES BID FOR RSPCA CALL CENTRE - Exeter has lost the battle to host the RSPCA's new national call centre. The animal welfare charity announced in June that it was axing 20 jobs in Exeter after deciding to cut its regional call centres… (story)
(poss. North Devon Journal) 12.9.03 JOBS GO AS RSPCA PLANS RESTRUCTURE OF ITS ORGANISATION - An animal charity has revealed proposals to streamline its regional structure - but it will mean redundancies. The RSPCA is axing 20 jobs in the South West after its Exeter management area shuts down.... (story)
Warrington Guardian 12.9.03 RSPCA 'will not strike' - INSPECTORS working for the RSPCA in the Warrington area have voted not to strike over potential job cuts…. (story in archive)
North Devon Gazette 10.9.03 Two sides of Diane’s story …I enclose herewith copy of a letter written by me to the Chairman of the local North Devon branch of the R.S.P.C.A., Miss Val Pounds… Now that the Animal Ambulance has been discontinued, I feel that my post as vice-president of the Branch has lost its relevance… We were indeed fortunate to have found someone as dedicated and suitable for this job as Diane Lewis… I believe that the Branch should support volunteers and not indulge in paid staff and therefore I tender my resignation as vice-president of the North Devon Branch… Mrs Nancy Sawyer, Swanswood Gardens, Westward Ho!
Over the past few days there have been reports in the press that Lewis has been sacked' from the local branch of the RSPCA. All such reports are untrue… . The job which Diana has done voluntarily for so long is physic ally demanding and arduous, and she cannot be expected to continue to work fourteen and more hours a day. Consequently the trustees decided that Diana's work should be supplemented by the employment of another officer to do the routine branch animal work which Diana did not want to do… We were hoping that Diana would help us to train another officer in the specialist work which she does, but she decided that she did not wish to work for the branch at all and consequently she no longer works with the RSPCA…. Val Pounds Chairman, North Devon Branch, RSPCA (letters in archive)
Times 9.9.03 Amicus row hounds RSPCA - THE RSPCA is waiting to find out how a union ballot of staff last week which backed industrial action in the face of job cuts and service outsourcing will affect its operations.... (story)
Guardian 6.9.03 RSPCA staff to take limited industrial action - John Carvel, social affairs editor - The first industrial action at a leading fundraising charity was agreed yesterday by staff of the RSPCA who voted to disrupt plans to contract out the work of answering calls about distressed animals to the private sector... (story)
Nottingham Evening News 5.9.03 STRIKE THREAT AT RSPCA - Rspca workers have voted to take industrial action over plans to shut the charity's East Midlands regional headquarters.... (story)
Western Daily Press 5.9.03 RSPCA FACES STAFF UNREST - Rspca inspectors yesterday voted to take industrial action over proposals to cut jobs, but stopped short of calling for a strike.... (story)
Western Morning News 5.9.03 RSPCA INDUSTRIAL ACTION THREAT - Rspca inspectors have voted to take industrial action short of a strike in a dispute over jobs, their union announced yesterday... (story)
Shropshire Star 5.9.03 RSPCA row on jobs hots up - RSPCA inspectors have voted to take industrial action, such as possible bans on overtime, in a dispute over job losses which are expected to affect the charity's Shropshire and Mid Wales call centres... (story)
Guardian 5.9.03 RSPCA staff to take limited industrial action - John Carvel, social affairs editor - The first industrial action at a leading fundraising charity was agreed yesterday by staff of the RSPCA who voted to disrupt plans to contract out the work of answering calls about distressed animals to the private sector. Members of the trade union Amicus rejected an outright strike by seven votes, but gave a two-to-one majority for action short of a strike.... (story)
Independent 5.9.03 RSPCA staff back action over plan to cut 260 jobs By Danielle Demetriou RSPCA workers voted yesterday to take industrial action in protest against plans to cut more than 200 jobs... (story)
Yorkshire Post 5.9.03 RSPCA job cuts dispute 'will not harm animals' - RSPCA staff last night reassured the public that planned industrial action would not result in animals suffering.... (story)
Western Mail 5.9.03 RSPCA faces work-to-rule - Paul Carey, The Western Mail - RSPCA inspectors have voted to take industrial action short of a strike in a dispute over jobs, their union announced yesterday… (story)
Guardian 4.9.03 RSPCA staff vote for industrial action - Tash Shifrin - Staff at the RSPCA have voted by a two-to-one majority to take industrial action in protest at plans to cut 340 jobs and outsource a call control centre to the private sector…. (story)
BBC News Online 4.9.03 RSPCA workers vote against strike - RSPCA workers have narrowly voted against taking strike action over proposals to cut jobs. But staff at the animal charity, who are members of the union Amicus, did vote in favour of taking other forms of industrial action… (story)
Liverpool Echo/Daily Post 4.9.03 RSPCA inspectors vote for action - RSPCA inspectors have voted to take industrial action short of a strike in a dispute over jobs, their union announced on Thursday…. (story)
BBC News Online 4.9.03 RSPCA strike decision due - Animal welfare workers are set to announce whether to strike over job cuts… The result of a ballot by union Amicus among RSPCA inspectors is due to be announced on Thursday…. (story)
Express 4.9.03 RSPCA strike ballot result expected - The result of a ballot for industrial action among RSPCA inspectors in a dispute over jobs is to be announced soon… (story)
Guardian 3.9.03 Ballot may signal greater union role - Tash Shifrin - Staff and management at the RSPCA will find out tomorrow whether the animal welfare organisation will face the first ever strike at a major charity when the results of a ballot of 780 Amicus union members is announced.... Against the background of the RSPCA dispute, voluntary sector leaders are calling for "partnership" between unions and not-for-profit organisations.... (story)

BBC News Online 19.9.03 Police say 'leave dog on street' - A Derbyshire woman says she was shocked when the police told her to put a lost dog back on the street. Emma Colclough rang the Derbyshire Police and the RSPCA for help when she found a terrier abandoned in the street…. She said she is shocked by their response and is worried about the lack of help… (story)

Argus 19.9.03 Owner finds cat in charity's freezer by Linda Harrison - After a four-day search and a string of phone calls, Nicola Matthews tracked down her cat to an RSPCA freezer.... When the charity finally confirmed the one-year-old cat had been killed, she was told no one knew where the body was.... She said: "I appreciate the RSPCA is busy but the fact Wardy was there all the time is very upsetting."... (story in archive)


Shropshire Star 18.9.03 Money is best spent on kennels - One of the best reasons for retaining hunting is the service that the kennels provided to farmers in disposing of dead and injured animals, now that on-farm burial has been banned by DEFRA…. However, whilst telling the farmers that hunt kennels are "a good method of disposing of fallen stock", the government has actually made their jobs impossible by insisting on very high expenditure on new incineration and handling facilities…. W Kerswell, Church Stretton (letter)

Worcester Evening News 18.9.03 Sport? Let's stop pretending - M JONES (You Say, Wednesday, September 3) says Helen Smart is confused about the country `sport'… Millions of animals are killed every day by cruel methods, and the Countryside Alliance should cease pretending theirs isn't one of them. RA LANE, The Dolls House, Stonehall Common, Worcs (letter in archive)
Worcester Evening News 3.9.03 Very confused about hunting - HELEN Smart (You Say August 20) seems very confused. She criticises the Countryside Alliance for having an information stand in Worcester City Centre, then in the following paragraph, she attacks the Alliance for not providing the public with enough information…. M JONES, Worcester. (letter in archive)

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald 18.9.03 Stop cruel `sport' - I WAS disgusted to read of the appearance at Greatwood Racehorse Rescue Centre of Marlborough College Beagles. I hope the "generous backing"' does not come from this cruel hare hunting pack… H J COCHRANE, Wilcot, Pewsey (letter in archive)

Guardian 18.9.03 Badger culls may increase infection - Changes in badgers' social life after culling could undermine efforts to control bovine tuberculosis, British ecologists have found. The surviving badgers bunch up, causing groups' territories to overlap more, possibly promoting disease transmission... (story)

Berwickshire News 18.9.03 & Berwick Advertiser 18.9.03 So far, the controversy surrounding the shipment of 1700 store lambs from Berwick to the Netherlands has been characterised by knee-jerk reaction and opinion based on assumption rather than hard fact…. Animal welfare organisations have, for several years, been campaigning against the cruel and unnecessary practice of transporting animals for long distances to be slaughtered at their destination. (I fully support this campaign and am a paid-up member of CIWF…)"It seems to me that the more powerful the animal welfare movement becomes, perversely, the more large scale ‘factory’ farming prevails. Only the larger scale operations can cope with the increasing burden of regulations…. SARAH PALMER, Butterdean, Duns.
The spokesman for the Country Land and Business Association said that protestors against renewed live exports from Berwick used ‘threats and pressure based on opinion rather than evidence’, but this needs modifying somewhat. The reality is that the overwhelming majority of protestors did not and do not, use or approve of threats or ‘bully-boy tactics’. They are ordinary people motivated by a genuine concern for the animals’ welfare on long journeys and in foreign ports and abattoirs not up to British standards…. Their concern is well-founded, unquestionably based on evidence — the Compassion in World Farming video on live exports is all the evidence you need… GRAHAM BELL
I see that the plans to export sheep from Tweed Dock, designed to cut down on the number of lorries on the road and also the amount of time the animals spent on the road have been effectively scuppered by the animal rights activists… I’m sure the sheep will be grateful. A D JOHNSON, ‘Mallards’, Horncliffe, Berwick-upon-Tweed (letters) (letters)
Scotsman 12.9.03 Animal activists blamed for hoax bomb threats - FORDYCE MAXWELL - LIVESTOCK markets in the Borders and Cumbria, Berwick harbour and a local newspaper building were evacuated for several hours yesterday after receiving bomb threats. Police believe that the threatening anonymous letters were hoaxes, but said they could not rule out a reaction by animal rights activists to the recent export of live sheep from Berwick... (story)
Newcastle Journal 5.9.03 Ending of sheep exports By Jeremy Smith, The Journal - The ending of live sheep exports from Berwick after only one shipment has dealt a blow to producers in the North-East and Borders, it was warned last night.... Police have been investigating allegations that Tweed dock harbour master Brian Watson received anonymous phone calls from an activist about the exports. Advocates for Animals campaigners have admitted they were among a number of organisations who had contacted the harbour to protest but they have denied any personal intimidation (story)
Berwickshire News 4.9.03 SHEEP SHIPMENTS FROM BERWICK ARE DISCONTINUED - PLANS to export thousands of live sheep from Berwick docks over the next three months have been called off after the first shipment brought threats of violence and disruption from animal rights campaigners… (story)
Berwick Advertiser 4.9.03 CAMPAIGNERS BRING A HALT TO TWEED SHEEP EXPORTS - PLANS to export thousands of live sheep from Berwick docks over the next three months have been called off after the first shipment brought threats of violence and disruption from animal rights campaigners… (story)
BBC News Online 3.9.03 Live exports protest continues - A shipment of live lambs was expected to leave Dover on Wednesday, after a protest by animal rights activists stopped a similar export in Northumberland… Angie Petro, of Kent Action Against Live Exports, said campaigners had to build on the success of the protest at Berwick… (story)
Ananova 3.9.03 Live export battle moves to Dover - A shipment of live lambs is expected to leave Dover today after a protest by animal rights activists stopped a similar export elsewhere. Around 2,000 sheep were due to be loaded on to the cargo ship MV Caroline at the Kent port later today…. Today around 30 members of protest group Kent Action Against Live Exports planned to stage a demonstration at the eastern arm of Dover harbour… Today's planned export is the first from Dover in four months, Kent Action Against Live Exports spokeswoman Angie Petro said… (story)
Newcastle Journal 3.9.03 Protest halts live exports By Robert Brooks, The Journal - Animal rights activists have halted live sheep shipments to Holland from a Northumberland port after its harbourmaster was allegedly threatened… (story)
Guardian 3.9.03 Live export halted after threats - Peter Hetherington in Berwick-upon-Tweed - Livestock agents have halted live exports of sheep from Berwick-upon-Tweed after animal rights protests which included threats to the harbourmaster... (story)
Independent 3.9.03 Protests force port to halt shipment of live animals By Paul Kelbie and Oliver Duff - For the past 60 years Berwick-upon-Tweed has left the lucrative business of exporting live animals to the major container ports of the south coast... That all changed last week when three lorryloads containing a total of 1,700 lambs were dispatched from the Northumbrian town to Rotterdam... Yesterday, after being bombarded with everything from letters and telephone calls to threats and intimidation, the authorities in charge of this recently modernised 125-year-old port bowed to public pressure and abandoned plans for a second shipment... (story)
Yorkshire Post 3.9.03 Protest halts shipment of live sheep - ANIMAL rights campaigners have succeeded in stopping live sheep being exported from the port of Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland, a spokesman confirmed... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 2.9.03 Threats halt live exports - POLICE in Northumberland are investigating threats which have led to live animal exports being halted at a port in the county… The port’s harbour master said animal rights protesters had threatened "reactions" if shipments of live animals continued. (story)
Ananova 2.9.03 Animal rights protesters 'threaten harbourmaster' - Claims that a harbourmaster was threatened by animal rights activists who wanted to block live exports from his port are being investigated. Protesters made contact with the harbour authorities in Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland, when they heard 1,700 sheep were being sent to Holland last week…. (story)0
Express 2.9.03 Activists stop live sheep shipments - Animal rights activists have succeeded in stopping live sheep being exported from a British port. A police investigation has been launched into claims a harbourmaster was threatened by some activists protesting about the trade from the port at Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland… Russ Minett, campaign director with Advocates for Animals, said animal rights activists from a number of organisations contacted the harbourmaster to protest about live exports. "Certainly there was no personal intimidation from Advocates for Animals," he said…. (story)
BBC News Online 2.9.03 Port halts live exports - Police in Northumberland are investigating threats which have led to live animal exports being halted at a port in the county. Last week, 1,700 lambs were shipped from Berwick Upon Tweed to Holland, but the port has now cancelled a second consignment... The port's harbour master said animal rights protestors swamped his office afterwards, some threatening "reactions" if shipments of live animals continued... (story)
Scotsman 30.8.03 Protest fears stop live exports from Berwick - FORDYCE MAXWELL AND DAN BUGLASS - THERE will be no second shipment of live sheep from Berwick-on-Tweed to the continent. The first shipment of livestock from the small port for half a century took place last week, when the Caroline sailed with 2,000 store lambs for Rotterdam. But fears of violent protests, such as those at Dover and Brightlingsea in the 1990s, have persuaded the export company Jelsey to abandon plans for a second load on Wednesday... Les Ward, of Advocates for Animals, said: "We don’t condone threatening phone calls ... but, obviously, we are delighted that there will be no more live exports from Berwick."... (story)
Scotsman 28.7.03 First live sheep exports for half a century leave Berwick - FORDYCE MAXWELL RURAL AFFAIRS EDITOR - A SHIPMENT of 2,000 store lambs from the Borders and Northumberland left a small east coast port for Holland yesterday… But Les Ward, with Advocates for Animals, said: "For years we have campaigned for an end to this trade and it had virtually disappeared. We did not expect it to re-start at Berwick."… (story)


Western Daily Press 17.9.03 TOWNIES DON'T WANT TO KNOW - I read Robin Page's article in West Country Life magazine on Saturday, September 13. Thank goodness there is someone who is willing to print it. He is a true country person - not like townies who move to the country and then try to turn it into what they ran away from…. I read Robin Page's article in West Country Life magazine on Saturday, September 13. Thank goodness there is someone who is willing to print it. He is a true country person - not like townies who move to the country and then try to turn it into what they ran away from. (story)

Evening News 17.9.03 Police inquiry after 200 birds poisoned - AT least 200 pheasants bred for shooting at a private estate on the outskirts of Norwich were poisoned after yobs contaminated their drinking water with a deadly chemical…. Gamekeeper Robin Eglen said he had no idea who was behind the poisoning, but did not think it was shoot protesters…. Dr Ed Blane, wildlife officer from Defra, said: "It maybe someone who doesn't want the shoot to go ahead…" (story)
Eastern Daily Press 17.9.03 Police probe pheasant poisoning - JAMES GOFFIN - The deliberate poisoning of up to 300 pheasants on a Norfolk estate is being investigated by the police. Twenty water troughs across three woods on the Ringland Estate, near Norwich, were spiked with the highly toxic chemical Temik. The open water system is intended for pheasants reared for shoots, but the contamination has also devastated other wildlife in the woods.... William Heal, regional director of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, said: "This is the first incident of this kind that I have heard of, but I have been warning people to be aware of it and to be vigilant. Some of the people against hunting and shooting will go to extremes."... (story)
BBC News Online 16.9.03 Pheasants killed by poisoner - About 200 pheasants have been found dead on a Norfolk estate after being poisoned. Police believe large amounts of a pesticide containing the toxic chemical aldicarb were put into water systems in the birds' pens on the Ringland Estates, near Norwich…. (story)
Guardian 16.9.03 Hunt for animal poisoner - Police are hunting for a poisoner responsible for the deaths of 200 pheasants and scores of woodland creatures on the Ringland estate in Norfolk... Police said they were not ruling out the possibility that animal rights activists may be responsible (story)

Scotsman 17.9.03 Rural custodians - With his suggestion that "gamekeepers should throw nets over their grouse chick pens", David Brear (Letters, 16 September), demonstrates, yet again, the ignorance of the bird protectionists. Nowhere in Scotland are grouse artificially reared for shooting... JOHN McNEIL, Morningside Street, Glasgow (letter)
Scotsman 16.9.03 Scottish gamekeepers - I was amused to read your report on the calls to kill more buzzards by Scottish gamekeepers... It is a constant reproach to Scotland that its people refuse to control landowners and their lackeys who see the world as an opportunity to kill... DAVID BREAR, St Davids Road, Otley, Yorkshire (letter)
Scotsman 16.9.03 Tell it to the birds - There is something quite surreal about the "finding" of four dead buzzards on the very day that the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association presented its case for licensed raptor control... May I be the first to suggest that the uncanny sleuthing skills of investigators from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds be harnessed for the sake of world peace, and that they be sent off in search for those elusive weapons of mass destruction. WILLIAM ER BROWN Marykirk Kincardineshire (letter)
Scotsman 12.9.03 Calls for controls as buzzards killed - FRANK URQUHART - THE bodies of four buzzards which had been illegally shot have been discovered near a farm in the heart of the Mearns - on the day that MEPs debated a demand from the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association for an independent investigation into the impact of the birds of prey on Scotland’s sporting estates and wildlife.... Mr Hogg, a gamekeeper on an estate near Peebles, said the association would like to see a balance being struck between increasing buzzard populations and other wildlife on which they prey.... (story)

Stretford & Urmston Messenger 17.9.03 Hooked on fishing - THE founder of a project helping ex drug addicts was honoured at an event in Manchester last week. Peter Harrop set up 'Fishing for Answers', to encourage former drug addicts in Trafford to stay clean by pursuing the relaxing past-time of fishing…. (story in archive)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 17.9.03 Fears for the future - THE Countryside Alliance has expressed concern at the amount of farmland being purchased by people who do not intend to farm the land. A survey by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors' (RICS) shows that one in five farms and farmland sold in Yorkshire over the reporting period were bought by non-farmers. "The countryside is increasingly becoming a dormitory for commuters, retirees and weekenders," said James Bates, spokesman for the CA in Yorkshire…. (story in archive)

Western Mail 17.9.03 Welfare standards criticised on flagship farms - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - WELFARE standards on farms under the RSPCA's food assurance scheme have been called into question by a new report. A study commissioned by the animal charity found eight areas in which standards on Freedom Food farms were below those of ordinary farms…. (story)
Western Mail 3.9.03 Freedom Food farms review - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - WELFARE standards on farms under the RSPCA's food assurance scheme have been called into question by a new report. The report, which was commissioned by the animal charity, found eight areas in which standards on Freedom Food farms were below those of ordinary farms…. (story)
Scotsman 23.8.03 Doubts over RSPCA cattle scheme - VIC ROBERTSON - AN ANIMAL welfare organisation has been thrown into confusion after research found that there are few or no welfare gains for dairy cattle under its consumer assurance scheme. The research, commissioned by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals into its Freedom Food dairy scheme, found as much variation between farms inside and outside the scheme as between members and non-members.... (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 17.9.03 'STOP BEAR TRADE' DEMO - The World Society for the Protection of Animals was protesting against China's bear farms in the Old Market Square in Nottingham today…. (story)


Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 16.9.03 14,000 FLOCK TO COUNTRY FAIR - Gorgeous September sunshine greeted thousands of visitors to Frampton Country Fair… Frampton Country Fair is non profit-making and benefits a number of rural causes, including Gloucestershire Wildfowlers' Association, the Countryside Alliance and Berkeley Hunt, all of which were represented this year… (story)

Crediton, Culm Valley & Tiverton Gazette 16.7.03 FISHING MAY SORT OUT THE BAD BOYS - A former Cullompton mayor believes she has found a solution to problems of aggressive and anti-social behaviour in the town. Retired town councillor Marian Dummett says the gentle art of fishing is the answer to Cullompton's rising tide of anti-social and violent behaviour…. (story)

Border Telegraph 16.9.03 It’s the end of the line By Lynsey Thomson - COUNCILLORS have cut the line for fishers at Gunknowe Loch after they unanimously backed a ban on fishing at the pond in Tweedbank… The moves were prompted by growing concerns over injury and distress to wildlife, disorderly behaviour on the part of some of those fishing, vandalism, and the accumulation of litter in the area…. A statement by the SSPCA stressed: “Over the years this society has had to deal with many birds in the vicinity of his loch with injuries consistent with discarded fishing tackle…. (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 16.9.03 KEEP FISHING ROD LICENCE - I Don't think rod licences should be scrapped - this is an election gimmick by the Tories. The rivers should have some revenue to carry out their work. No licences would mean high rises in water rates, sewerage rates etc, to give the shareholders in the water boards bigger dividends (The Tories don't tell you that)…. GE Britcliffe, Scawby (letter)

Oxford Mail 16.9.03 Coursers arrested in blitz by phil.clee - Ten people were arrested in a crackdown launched on Sunday, September 14, on illegal hare coursing in rural communities… Officers from southern Oxfordshire and west Berkshire were joined by almost 100 civilian volunteers in tackling the problem across miles of countryside between Hungerford, Wantage and East Ilsley… (story in archive)

Northern Echo 16.9.03 Animal inspector leads new fight against wildlife crime - AN initiative has been launched in a bid to deal a crippling blow to heartless criminals who target animals in the wild. The RSPCA aims to tackle wildlife crime by bringing together a host of different organisations and experts… Members of the Ryedale Wildlife Crime Partnership also include the district council, the Forestry Commission, the North York Moors National Park, the North Yorkshire Forest Birds Study Group, the North Riding Badger Group, Ryedale Badger Group and Ryedale Wildlife Rehabilitation. The Ministry of Defence's wildlife liaison officer at RAF Fylingdales is also involved. (story in archive)
Ryedale Gazette & Herald/Evening Press 16.9.03 Partners target wildlife crime - WILDLIFE crime in Ryedale has been targeted in a new partnership which promises to deal it "a crippling blow". Geoff Edmond, the RSCPA's regional wildlife officer, has set up the Ryedale Wildlife Crime Partnership, which will bring together representatives from North Yorkshire Police, Ryedale District Council, the Forestry Commission and the North York Moors National Park Authority, as well as wildlife experts and members of local wildlife groups… (story in archive)

Edinburgh Evening News 16.9.03 Greyhound welfare way off track - DAVID HARDING, chief executive of bookmaker William Hill, seems thrilled with the gambling firm’s increased profits from a variety of sources including the launch of virtual greyhound racing… These impressive figures may cheer investors, but they will provide virtually no comfort to the tens of thousands of flesh and blood dogs which are annually cast aside or injured by the £2 billion a year greyhound racing industry… Douglas Batchelor, Chief executive League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

Barnet Times 16.9.03 Animal rights activist, 17, brews up trouble By Sophie Kummer - A 17-year-old animal rights protester from Mill Hill has been landed with a criminal record after throwing a tea bag at a scientist. The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been standing outside the National Institute for Medical Research in Mill Hill (NIMR) over the last two years as part of a peaceful protest. She was arrested on August 5 on charges including criminal damage, assault, interfering with motor vehicles, aggravated trespass and harassment, and causing alarm and distress…. An impassioned animal rights campaigner, she follows the maxim ‘do as you would be done by’'… On Friday, September 12, Barnet Youth Court heard that she threw tea over a research scientist cycling past her and flicked a tea bag onto the windscreen of a car, scaring the cyclist and alarming the driver…. (story)

North Devon Gazette 16.9.03 Police investigation - BIDEFORD police are investigating reports of two people seeking sponsorship, which they claimed to be on behalf of the RSPCA…. (story)


BBC News Online 15.9.03 Campaign to save Irish hare - A campaign to outlaw the hunting and coursing of the Irish hare is to be officially launched in Belfast on Monday. The League Against Cruel Sports wants to end what it calls a "disgusting abuse of one of Ireland's native species"... Chief Executive of the league Douglas Batchelor will outline the campaign in Northern Ireland to politicians and scientists... Also speaking at Monday's conference will be Alliance leader David Ford... A representative of the Environment and Heritage Service will also be present, together with Irish hare campaigner Mike Randle and Trevor Long, chairman of Youth Link Northern Ireland... (story)

Scotsman 15.9.03 Hunting ban taking its toll on Scottish jockeys ... Both trainers and course managers fear the banning of hunting - this will be the first full season of it under the new regulations - has taken away a valuable training ground for Scottish jockeys. Sam Morshead, the general manager of Perth Racecourse, argues that such leading lights as Peter Niven learned their trade hunting and at local point-to-points which provided a tough learning curve for both horses and jockeys... Sue Bradburne, a leading Fife-based trainer, said the loss of hunting in its traditional format had robbed point-to-points of their raison d’être.... (story)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 15.9.03 CHANGING VIEWS OVER WILDLIFE - Considerable interest has been raised by a family of fox cubs which has entertained onlookers by playing on the roof of Dursley's British Legion Club. Not so many years ago news of such four-footed visitors would have encouraged local huntsmen to move through the beech-covered hillsides in search of multiple kills. Now the general attitude seems to be one of live and let live and welcome… It is only since hunting has become a subject of intense national debate that hunts have claimed importance as pest controllers…. (story)

Shropshire Star 15.9.03 Fox letter was a load of rubbish - In reply to Name and Address Supplied, letter of September 5, 2003, understandably this person did not sign a name because in my opinion it was a load of rubbish. The person goes on to state "my concern is for fox cubs dug up and reared, and then released into the countryside to provide the hunt with an easy kill". I challenge this person to name people in these columns who are doing this. If this person cannot, I only assume this person has been reading too much propaganda…. D G Morris Newport (letter)
Shropshire Star 10.9.03 Privileged to live in country - So Mr or Mrs "name and address supplied", I should not keep chickens if I cannot prevent the fox coming into my orchard and picking off my hens any time it chooses. Does this mean that four-year-old Jessica's parents should not leave her asleep in her bedroom if they cannot prevent a fox slipping upstairs and biting her arm?... I cannot argue for the hunt, as I do not hunt, but I have questioned people who do, and they assure me the hunts are very carefully monitored and half-tamed fox cubs are not released into the countryside to provide an easy kill, as your correspondent stated… Pamela Smith , Shrewsbury (letter)

Dundee Courier 15.9.03 Perilously under threat - The author of, Hypocrisy of gamekeepers (September 10), sadly shows a complete misunderstanding of the issues surrounding buzzards... The gamekeepers, in raising this issue, are simply standing up for the lapwing and oyster-catcher, in the interests of true biodiversity... Tony Andrews, Chief Executive, Scottish Countryside Alliance. Royal Highland Showground. East Gate, Ingliston Edinburgh. (letter)
Dundee Courier 10.9.03 Hypocrisy of gamekeepers - With regard to the article concerning the demand of Scottish gamekeepers for a cull of buzzards, it seems clear there is a considerable degree of contradiction, if not hypocrisy at work... why are our fields and hillsides alive with search- lights night after night while the occupants of the Land Rovers and pick-up trucks shoot vast numbers of rabbits and other creatures which stray unwittingly into the death light? Michael D. Brogan. 5 High Street, Burrelton. (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 15.9.03 RESIDENT HITS OUT AT BADGER CULL - Badgers are being killed in Winchcombe as part of an authorised cull, it has emerged. Residents called police concerned that badger baiters were operating in the Delavale Road area. Resident Margaret Blandford is upset. She has been leaving food out for eight badgers but she has not seen them for several weeks…. (story)

Western Morning News 15.9.03 GILL RAISES PLIGHT OF HORSES THROUGH ART - AISLINN SIMPSON - Artist Gill Cox has been so moved by the Western Morning News campaign to prevent the export of live equines that she will use her exhibition to highlight the battle. Among watercolour paintings of wild Devon landscapes and far away mountain scenes, visitors to the Harbour House in Kingsbridge tomorrow will see posters of the horses our campaign is trying to save… (story)


Observer 14.9.03 Scientist who stood up to terrorism and mob hate faces his toughest test - Embattled academic Colin Blakemore has gone from being a hate figure for the animal rights movement to one of the most powerful scientists in the country - Robin McKie, science editor.... (story)

Observer 14.9.03 The slaughterhouse rules - It's a cut-throat business but Muslim law decrees that meat must be killed according to strict rules. Now, as the animal welfare lobby calls for an end to the practice, Decca Aitkenhead investigates the halal industry worth £30 billion a year worldwide...

Wales on Sunday 14.9.03 Fur flying over Mac - Kate Jackson, Wales on Sunday - THE fur is flying after fashion king Julien Macdonald declared: "F*** the animals!" The pride of Merthyr Tydfil has outraged animal rights groups, who have labelled him a "dinosaur" for using fur in his glitzy Givenchy designs.... Sean Gifford, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals campaign director, said: "Every year millions of animals are trapped, drowned and beaten to death in the wild and strangled, gassed or electrocuted on fur farms...." (story)


BBC News Online 13.9.03 Locals fight hare coursing - A huge team of concerned local people is joining forces with the police to fight illegal hare coursing. Nearly 100 volunteers will help West Berkshire officers find thugs involved in the activity, alerting them to the number of people involved and the cars they are driving... (story)

South Wales Evening Post 13.9.03 HORROR OVER LIVE EXPORT - I Was horrified to hear of the cruel export of live lambs from Britain to Holland. I was, however, glad to hear that, as a result of the efforts of animal rights activists, a second consignment has been cancelled. Mary Colis, Lan Street, Morriston, Swansea (letter)

Independent 13.9.03 Chrissie Hynde: Don't get me wrong - Chrissie Hynde is one of rock's greatest survivors - and spikiest characters. Here, she sets the record straight about her music, marriages and life as a self-confessed 'pain in the ass'. Interview by Simon Price... "I do judge people by how they relate to animals," she continues. "I don't judge people on anything else. To me, there's the meat-eaters, and there's us. And that's how I look at the world, frankly! My vegetarian thing doesn't come from 'Oh the poor cuddly little cute animal, let's not cause it any suffering'. I come from the point of view that it is my religious duty to prevent the slaughter of animals.... I think that Christ was absolutely against the slaughter of animals. One of the reasons they killed him! Everyone else was making money out of animal slaughter. Things haven't changed." Are there passages in the Bible to back that up? "I'm sure I could find them..." (story)

Western Morning News 13.9.03 I AM NOT RIGHT-WING BECAUSE I EAT MEAT - Let's meet at Hemlock in half an hour, said this friend whom I had met by chance on the street of one of our towns... I pulled the menu to me. "I've never been in here before," I said, chatty, like. "Oh, so you're still as right-wing as ever, are you?" retorted my friend.... Notwithstanding Hitler's vegetarianism (is a cannibal a humanitarian?) and the left-wing's consistent record of totalitarianism, those who eat only fruit and vegetables are perceived as somehow caring, gentle, liberal, spiritual, lefty and ecologically responsible, whilst those who tuck into fauna, and particularly the raw, undercooked variety or bits perceived, most illiberally, as rude, are characterised as heartless, belligerent, uncaring and in the habit of invading Poland daily before their cooked breakfasts. This is not only a stupid and inaccurate perception, it is also profoundly injurious to farming and to the ecological movements alike.... (story)

Cambridge News 13.9.03 Lab in the balance - From Joan Court - X-CAPE - Cambridge Against Primate Experiments, Sturton Street, Cambridge - CAMBRIDGE University's application to build a primate research laboratory at Girton is now being considered by John Prescott, who has had the planning inspector's report for some months… It is difficult not to be cynical about our present Government, which constantly ignores the views of the public and its own experts (letter)

Scotsman 13.9.03 Hunting Advocates for Animals, of which I am campaigns director, is disgusted that "canned lion hunting" is still being pursued in South Africa... Ross Minett EDINBURGH (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 13.9.03 Criticism for EU bull farms aid - CASH subsidies for Spanish farmers breeding bulls for fighting should be ended, claims an East Lancashire Euro MP. Liberal democrat Chris Davies wants European subsidies up to £150 per animal to be stopped... (story in archive)


Exeter Express & Echo 12.9.03 COUNTRY SPORT TEACH-IN DAY - Fifty youngsters will answer the call of the great outdoors tomorrow at the first country sports event of its kind in Devon. The Young Country Sports Day is being organised by the Countryside Alliance at Escot Park, near Honiton, to introduce youngsters aged from 12 to 16 to a variety of country pursuits…. (story)

Glasgow Herald 12.9.03 Master of hunt claims he was target for arson - BILLY BRIGGS - A LEADING opponent of the Scottish Parliament's hunting ban yesterday claimed he was the target of an arson attack after being accused of breaking the new law. Police said the home of Rory Innes, 26, a former master of the Jedforest Hunt, but now a huntsman and master of the South Dorset Hunt, was set alight as he slept upstairs with his girlfriend.... (story in archive)
Western Gazette 11.9.03 MASTER VOWS TO HUNT ON AFTER ARSON ATTACK BY NICK HEATH STAFF REPORTER - A Huntsman whose home was targeted by arsonists says the attack will not stop him hunting. The fire on Monday last week nearly destroyed Rory Innes' house in Bere Regis. The 26-year-old took over as master of the South Dorset Hunt in May and was unfamiliar with the bitter tensions surrounding hunting in the county…. He said: "I am not going to be intimidated by these people. As far as I am concerned this is a perfectly legal pastime…" (story)
Western Morning News 3.9.03 PROBE INTO ARSON AT HUNT MASTER'S HOME - SAM MARSDEN - Police are investigating after arsonists set fire to the house of a Westcountry hunt master who is at the centre of allegations of illegal hunting in Scotland. Rory Innes, 26, believes his home in Dorset was targeted by anti-hunt protesters… At around 3.30am on Saturday his girlfriend was awoken by the smell of smoke coming from downstairs at his home at the South Dorset Hunt kennels… A spokesman for the Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) explained that the allegations centre around the Jed Forest Foxhounds, of which Mr Innes was previously master…. Peter Anderson, South West spokesman for the anti-hunting League Against Cruel Sports, condemned the arson attack… (story)
Telegraph 2.9.03 Arson raid on hunt master's home By Richard Savill - Police were investigating an arson attack last night at the home... of Rory Innes, 26... Forty-eight hours earlier, newspapers in Dorset reported his appointment as joint master of the South Dorset hunt at Wareham... He was previously master of the Jedforest Hunt in the Borders, and has been summonsed to appear before Jedborough sheriff court next month... (story)
Western Daily Press 2.9.03 COURT CASE HUNTSMAN TARGETED BY ARSONISTS - A Man at the centre of allegations of illegal hunting yesterday spoke of his fears that he had been targeted by anti-hunt protesters when his new home was set alight. Rory Innes, 26, was last month summonsed to appear in a Scottish court charged with hunting a fox with dogs. But just a day after a local newspaper revealed that Innes had moved jobs to work as master and huntsman of the South Dorset Hunt, his property was targeted by arsonists, the Countryside Alliance said. (story)
BBC News Online 1.9.03 Huntsman's fears over arson attack A huntsman at the centre of a row over allegations of illegal hunting has claimed his home has been targeted by protesters. Rory Innes, 26, was summonsed in August to appear in a Scottish court to face a charge of hunting a fox with dogs. But a day after a newspaper revealed Mr Innes had moved jobs to work as master and huntsman of the South Dorset Hunt his property was targeted by arsonists... (story)
Ananova 1.9.03 Hunt master's home 'targeted by arsonists' - A man who is at the centre of allegations of illegal hunting has spoken of his fears that he was targeted by anti-hunt protesters after his new home was set alight. Rory Innes, 26… and his girlfriend were awoken by the smell of smoke coming from downstairs at his home at the South Dorset Hunt kennels in Bere Regis. Innes went to the kitchen to find it full of smoke and as he opened the door to let out his dogs, he found hunting gear also alight next to it…. (story)

(poss. North Devon Journal) 12.9.03 VITRIOL, BUT NO REAL SOLUTIONS FROM THE ANIMAL EXTREMISTS I suppose I had to expect some vitriol from the resident animal extremists (and one from out of the area) when I tried to balance some of the excesses of sentiment from that end, rats and all... This week, it is the turn of the fox hunting debate again. At the same time we are told TB in cattle is reaching epidemic proportions and that only 2 of the population believes the Government should treat hunting as a priority (and the majority saying it should be allowed to continue), we are reminded that in the past year alone fox hunting has had two public inquiries and more than 85 hours debating time by MPs - more than twice the effort spent on BSE, foot and mouth and all other rural issues combined.... PHILIP MILTON, Joy Street, Barnstaple. (letter)

(poss. North Devon Journal) 12.9.03 GREYHOUND LEVY A MUST - ANNETTE CROSBIE, President, League Against Cruel Sports. Union Street, London (letter)
Crediton, Culm Valley, Tiverton Gazette 29.7.03 League focus on greyhounds - Annette Crosbie President League Against Cruel Sports Sparling House 83-87 Union Street London SE1 1SG (letter)
Keighley News 11.7.03 SIR - Many of your readers will see greyhound racing as a harmless and enjoyable sport…. ANNETTE CROSBIE, President, League Against Cruel Sports. (letter in archive)
Swindon Evening Advertiser 2.7.03 More needs to be done to protect greyhounds - Annette Crosbie President League Against Cruel Sports (letter in archive)
Western Morning News 1.7.03 BOOKIES MUST INVEST MORE IN DOG RETIREMENT Annette Crosbie, President League Against Cruel Sports London (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 25.6.03 TIME FOR BOOKMAKERS TO CARE FOR THE GREYHOUNDS Annette Crosbie, President League Against Cruel Sports, Union Street, London (letter)
Worcester Evening News 25.6.03 Cruelty of greyhound racing ANNETTE CROSBIE, President League Against Cruel Sports. (story in archive)
Leicester Mercury 21.6.03 GREYHOUNDS NEED OUR HELP - Annette Crosbie, president League Against Cruel Sports. (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 20.6.03 & 21.6.03 TIME TO END THIS SUFFERING - Many of your readers will see greyhound racing as a harmless and enjoyable sport…. The reality is that greyhounds are made to suffer in an unacceptable manner before, during and after their racing careers… It is a scandal that the industry has not resolved the problems of greyhound suffering. Given its failure to do so, the League Against Cruel Sports will campaign for the Government's forthcoming Animal Welfare Bill to protect greyhounds… Annette Crosbie President League Against Cruel Sports (letter) and (letter)

Dundee Courier 12.9.03 A plague on these fools - How good to hear on BBC Radio 4 the Archers strike a chord for practical farmers and for all our countryside. The TB crisis has led David Archer to shoot a badger... Maybe David Archer could go one further and shoot a protected buzzard, now the scourge of the countryside... A plague on these fools of protectionists and politicians who time and time again upset the balance of nature. Paddy Fetherston- Godley. Little Kenny, Lintrathen, by Kirriemuir. (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 12.9.03 ON THE TOWN FOX TRAIL - Town foxes are less wary than their country cousins, probably because there's less to worry about in urban areas…. (story)

Argus 12.9.03 Cruel council - I wonder why Brighton and Hove City Council allowed animal circuses, ie Zippos, to profit from animal exploitation within its borders when many other councils in the UK ban them?... -J Hamilton, Saltdean (letter in archive)

Portsmouth News 12.9.03 Councils join to ban goldfish giveaway - THEY have been given away as fairground prizes for years – but soon the funfair goldfish could become a thing of the past…. West Sussex Wildlife Protection, who have just convinced council chiefs in Chichester to change their policy, said the practice was inhumane and should be stopped. Secretary Jaine Wild said: 'People are realising that it's cruel to keep goldfish in tiny bowls and bags…" (story)


Western Gazette 11.9.03 HUNTS DENY BAITING FOXES BY NICK HEATH STAFF REPORTER - Opponents of blood sports have accused hunters of leaving a sheep's corpse to rot in the sun in a desperate bid to attract more foxes. Local hunt groups vehemently deny the claims… A Nemisis Wildlife Group member, who discovered the body near Puddletown on 30 August, believes it was the work of local huntsmen trying to increase the number of foxes for their sport…. But Dorset hunters vehemently denied it was anything to do with them and says it shows how desperate anti-hunt groups have become… Kevin Hill, hunt monitor for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, keeps tabs on incidents where rotting animals are used to bait foxes… In May, members of Cottesmore Hunt in Lancashire were filmed by IFAW putting fox cubs into an artificial set. But Alastair Jackson, director of the Master of Foxhounds Association, said: "This is absolute nonsense…" (story)

Staffordshire Newsletter 11.9.03 Mystery as carcass is found By Jo Mason - AN INVESTIGATION has been launched, after the discovery of animal remains in a field near Stone… The grisly discovery was made last Wednesday. The remains had gone two days later, according to residents. They fear hunters are trying to lure animals to the field by dumping the remains. Madeline Murphy said: "We are extremely upset…" Hilary Griffiths added: "I thought it was absolutely disgusting. We have realised that the meat was likely to have been dumped by hunters, because we found a shot-gun cartridge nearby."… (story)

Western Gazette 11.9.03 DELIGHT AS CROWDS FLOCK BACK TO SHOW BY KATHERINE DAVISON STAFF REPORTER …Throngs of people from far and wide flooded the Coker's Frome Showground in Dorchester for the Dorchester Show… Along with the traditional appearances from local hunting groups and displays of dogs, birds and vintage cars this year's event featured some fast and furious Roman chariot racing… (story)

Reading Chronicle 11.9.03 Thousands welcome back the farm animals - The Reading and Wokingham Country Show returned to its roots at the weekend - and more than 10,000 people turned up to enjoy it. Alison Powell reports…The show has become one of the biggest of its kind in the south, with agricultural and horticultural activities and main ring attractions featuring heavy horses, a falconry display in traditional costume, sheepdog demonstrations, parades of hounds, horse and pony classes… (story)

Western Gazette 11.9.03 ARGUMENTS ARE CONTRADICTORY - With regard to the letter from R. O. Tucker (28 August), whilst it is encouraging that a supporter of hunting is at last willing to acknowledge that killing foxes actually increases the birth rate of cubs (a truth long argued by the opponents of hunting), it is disappointing that he completely misinterprets the significance of this fact… Terry Sessford, Wincanton, full address supplied (letter)
Western Gazette 28.8.03 SENTIMENTAL PET OWNERS LACK RESOLVE OF HUNT FOLK - With reference to your issue of 7 August, Mr Hashman considered that surplus foxhounds should not be humanely put down. Let us not forget that most of these hounds are no longer active enough to go hunting. Arthritic conditions tend to make themselves felt after four or so seasons… Unlike many pet owners, hunting people accept ultimate responsibility for the stock they bring into the world. The pet owner lacks the resolve to be responsible, is motivated by sentimentality, and feels sure that some nice person will give Fido a good home…. Mr Sessford??s belief that foxes do not need control or management seems to ignore the fact that infertility and so on is the result of malnutrition and the stress of overcrowding… R. O. Tucker, Littlemoor, Weymouth (letter)

Western Daily Press 11.9.03 HUNTING WILL PRESERVE FOX - With reference to the letters by S J Harding and a few others, why do they get so uptight over Johnny Kingdom's support for hunting? Haven't they ever stopped to consider why it is that Johnny and the majority of true country people do support hunting?... Ray Bird Acton Turville Glocestershire (letter)
Western Daily Press 30.8.03 IS JOHNNY A CA MOLE? - I was disgusted to find your erstwhile "wildlife correspondent" Johnny Kingdom is, in fact, a supporter of bloodsports... Jeff Byrne Clevedon (letter)
Western Daily Press 30.8.03 JOHNNY'S HUNTING SUPPORT IS JUST APPALLING - Johnny Kingdom's recent article appalled me... It is not 'townies' who believe hunting, shooting and fishing to be cruel sports, but people who understand that cruelty to wild animals is not acceptable... How dare you call yourself an animal lover asking for a law to stop the cruel trade in Dartmoor ponies while condoning a sport which involves a pack of dogs and a pack of thugs on horseback chasing a beautiful stag for hours to exhaustion and a slow, painful death for no other reason than their sick pleasure?... S J Harding Wellington Somerset (letter)
Western Daily Press 25.8.03 JOHNNY'S STANCE POSES DIFFICULTIES - Well, it appears Johnny Kingdom has finally come off the fence in support of hunting. This must put your paper in a difficult position with your stance against cruelty.... Hunting is no longer acceptable to the vast majority of the general public despite attempts by the hunters to prop up bloodsports by manipulating polls.... Kevin Hill Crewkerne Somerset (letter)

Oxford Mail 11.9.03 Angling used to tackle addiction - Homeless drug and alcohol addicts are to be given the chance to go fishing to encourage them to get hooked on a healthier lifestyle. The scheme, funded by the charity Oxford Poverty Action Trust, will provide rods and tackle for people at the Drugs Recovery Project -- a detox scheme in north Oxford… (story in archive)

Whitehaven News 11.9.03 MARGARET THANKED FOR HER ANIMAL CAMPAIGNS - NETHERTOWN fundraiser for the Humane Research Trust, Margaret Crellin was thanked for her 21 years service for the charity recently. The Trust’s chairman, Ken Cholerton and trustees took wheelchair-bound Mrs Crellin for a Thank You lunch at Cleator’ s Grove Court Hotel… (story)

South West Evening Post 11.9.03 APPALLED AT DOG GRANTS - I Was appalled to read that the Assembly is giving grants to Welsh farmers to breed dogs…. M Charles, Hopkin Street, Swansea (letter)

Western Daily Press 11.9.03 CHEERED BY CARING RESCUE - What a very heart-warming story and photo greeted me on opening Saturday's West Country Life magazine. It was very cheering to read of the truly, caring compassion demonstrated by Karen E Shelton in rescuing the poor badly injured young sheep… Mary Calder Address supplied (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 11.9.03 Judge rules against reptile fair - A breeder of exotic pets has lost a legal battle to stage a reptile fair in Bradford following fierce opposition from animal rights campaigners. Richard Brook, events organiser for the International Herpetological Society, had appealed against the refusal of a licence for next month's event, after being warned by Bradford Council that it would be illegal without one. But district judge David Thomas, sitting at the city's magistrates court, ruled that the event did not fall within the definition of a pet shop for the purposes of granting a licence… The Council said it received 300 letters of complaint about the Bradford event, calling for it to be banned… (story in archive)

Surrey Mirror 11.9.03 Contributions will help animal charity - I would like to thank all members of the public who contributed to the flag day collection held in Horley town centre on Saturday August 30. The Animal Protection Trust received the very generous sum of £533.31… Jacqueline-Ward Reel, chairman, Animal Protection Trust, Coldlands Farm, Haroldslea, Horley (letter)


Borehamwood & Elstree Times 10.9.03 I like foxes - I saw a news item on TV recently about the problem of foxes in towns… Anyone who leaves their doors open invites all sorts of problems like burglars and other animals. Alan Day Edulf Road, Borehamwood (letter)

Basingstoke Gazette 10.9.03 Driver cleared in conspiracy case by Paul Edwards - A TAXI driver who sent details of employees at Basingstoke-based pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly to animal rights activists has walked free after being cleared of two conspiracy charges and other allegations. Mark Moore's trial ordeal ended on Monday after a judge halted the case and told the jury to find him not guilty on all counts…. (story in archive)
Western Mail 8.9.03 Animal rights activists acquitted By Martin Halfpenny, PA News - Three animal rights activists and a taxi driver accused of conspiring in a hate campaign against employees of a pharmaceutical company were acquitted today after the judge halted the trial. Judge Keith Cutler ordered the jury to formally acquit Richard England, Madeline Buckler - both formerly from South Wales - Lyndsey Wallace and Mark Moore of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance and conspiracy to cause fear of violence between January and December 2001… Judge Cutler said that the employees had clearly been subjected to an unpleasant campaign but the prosecution had failed to show clear evidence that there had been a conspiracy between the four defendants. He said that the only evidence against the three animal rights activists were that they had been members or had done work for SHAC by opening PO Box accounts or completing administrative tasks…. (story)
BBC News Online 8.9.03 Animal rights campaigners cleared - Three animal rights activists and a taxi driver accused of conspiring in a campaign against employees of a pharmaceutical company have been acquitted after the judge halted the trial… In the case of Mr Moore, Judge Cutler told the jury that even though he admitted sending the names to SHAC it appeared that the animal rights group had not used them directly…. (story)
Ananova 8.9.03 Animal rights activists acquitted of 'hate campaign' …Judge Keith Cutler ordered the jury to formally acquit Richard England, Lyndsey Wallace, Madeline Buckler and Mark Moore of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance and conspiracy to cause fear of violence between January and December 2001…. After leaving court England, 26, and Butler, 21, both formerly of Nantcarn, Cwmcarn, south Wales, and Wallace, 29 of Canbury Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, made no comment (story)
Basingstoke Gazette 5.9.03 Tormented Lilly staff take stand by Paul Edwards - EMPLOYEES of Basingstoke-based pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly have told a court of their distress and worry after they were targeted in their homes by animal rights activists… The evidence of the workers' ordeals was given at the trial of Basingstoke taxi driver Mark Moore, 41, of Abbey Road, Popley… Moore and three others, Richard England, 26, and Madeline Buckler, 21, of Cross Keys, Gwent, and Lyndsey Wallace, 29, of Cheltenham, deny conspiring to cause a public nuisance and conspiring to pursue a course of conduct causing fear of violence…. (story in archive)
Basingstoke Gazette 29.8.03 Cabbie denies act of revenge by Paul Edwards - A DISGRUNTLED taxi driver sent details of Eli Lilly employees to animal rights activists in revenge after work he did for the company dried up, a jury has been told. Prosecutor Francis Chamberlain said the driver, Mark Moore, 41, had acted not just out of revenge but because he had sympathy with the motives of the activists, who belonged to an organisation called Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, known as SHAC… (story in archive)
Times 28.8.03 Sacked chauffeur ‘betrayed drugs firm to protestors' BY MICHAEL HORSNELL - A DISGRUNTLED chauffeur sacked by a leading pharmaceutical company took revenge by distributing confidential staff details to a radical animal rights group, a jury was told yesterday. Mark Moore, 41, sent the names and addresses of 53 British employees of the American pharmaceutical manufacturer Eli Lilly to the group... Mr Moore, from Basingstoke, Hampshire, denies conspiracy to cause a public nuisance, conspiracy to pursue a course of conduct causing fear of violence, and disclosure of personal data. The three alleged SHAC activists Richard England, 26, and Madeline Buckler, 22, both from Caerphilly, south Wales, and Lyndsey Wallace, 29, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, all deny conspiracy to cause a public nuisance between January 1 and December 31, 2001. They also deny conspiracy to pursue a course of conduct causing fear of violence between the same dates.... (story)
Western Mail 28.8.03 Activists 'targeted Eli Lilly workers' - ANIMAL rights activists conducted a campaign of intimidation and harassment against a pharmaceutical company after they managed to obtain their employees' details, a court heard yesterday. Two Welsh activists were among members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac) who bombarded staff at Eli Lilly with threatening phone calls and letters and demonstrated outside their homes, Winchester Crown Court was told.... (story)
Western Daily Press 28.8.03 DRUGS FIRM STAFF TERROR - An animal rights activist from Gloucestershire conducted a campaign of intimidation and harassment against a pharmaceutical company after she managed to obtain its employees' details, it was revealed yesterday. Members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, including Lyndsey Wallace, 29, of Cheltenham, bombarded staff of Eli Lilly with threatening calls and letters and demonstrated outside their homes, Winchester Crown Court heard.... (story)
Western Mail 27.8.03 Animal activists 'threatened workers' By Martin Halfpenny, PA News - Welsh animal rights activists conducted a campaign of intimidation and harassment against a pharmaceutical company after they managed to obtain their employees' details, a court heard today... Some of the alleged leaders of the group - Richard England, Lyndsey Wallace and Madeline Buckler - were given the addresses by taxi driver Mark Moore... Moore, 41, of Abbey Road, Hopley, Basingstoke; Buckler, 21, and England, 26, both of Nantcarn, Cwmcarn, South Wales; and Wallace, 29, of Cambury Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, all deny conspiracy to cause a public nuisance and conspiracy to cause fear of violence between January and December 2001. Moore also denies two counts of disclosing personal data during the same period. The case was adjourned until Friday. (story)
Evening Standard 27.8.03 Chauffeur's 'revenge' on animal tests firm By Richard Holliday, Evening Standard - …Mark Moore, 41, allegedly sent the names and addresses of 53 employees from Eli Lilly to the protest group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac), which then targeted the staff in hate campaigns, Winchester Crown Court was told. Moore, from Basingstoke, was dismissed as a driver for the firm - a customer of research firm Huntingdon Life Sciences - for making an unauthorised debit on a company credit card…. (story)

Hunts Post 10.9.03 Exclusion zones for companies targeted by animal rightists - COMPANIES and individuals targeted by animal rights activists have won temporarily exclusion zones around their premises under a law designed to protect stalker victims. Mr Justice Davis granted the exclusion orders at the High Court under the Protection from Harassment Act after hearing that seven customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences were being targeted by protesters.... (story)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 29.8.03 SCIENCE: HLS boost after judge grants protest bans - THE controversial Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) laboratories today received a boost after a judge granted injunctions for seven of its clients… (story)
Telegraph 28.8.03 Ban on drug firm protesters By Nicola Woolcock - Animal rights activists were banned from demonstrating outside the homes of drug company executives by the High Court yesterday. But Mr Justice Davies refused to grant injunctions that would have censored the campaigners' website and prevented them from setting up protest camps... (story)
Times 28.8.03 Animal rights group targets win safe zone - COMPANIES and individuals targeted by animal rights activists have won exclusion zones around their premises under a new law designed to protect stalker victims.... (story)
BBC News Online 27.8.03 Stalker laws to block activists - Companies and individuals targeted by animal rights activists have been granted exclusion zones under a law originally designed to protect people from stalkers. Mr Justice Davis granted the exclusion orders at the High Court under the Protection from Harassment Act after hearing that seven corporate customers of drugs testing firm Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) were being targeted by protesters…. Protesters affected include activists involved in Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), the Animal Liberation Front and the Animal Rights Militia…. (story)
Ananova 27.8.03 Stalking law used to protect animal rights' targets - Companies and individuals targeted by animal rights activists have won exclusion zones around their premises under a law designed to protect stalker victims… (story)
Telegraph 27.8.03 Anti-stalker law used against animal activists By Nicola Woolcock - Drugs companies targeted by animal rights activists are today taking High Court action to create "exclusion zones" around their premises by using laws set up to protect women from stalkers. The pharmaceutical firms, customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences, say employees' homes and property are regularly attacked by protesters.... Their lawyers are applying for injunctions preventing members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty from going near their offices or staff's homes.... (story)
Hunts Post 25.6.03 Judge continues injunction on animal rights protestors - A HIGH Court judge has continued an injunction granted to employees of Huntingdon Life Sciences to protect them from harassment by animal rights protesters… (story)
Cambridge News 21.6.03 High Court upholds injunction for HLS - OVER the last five years more than 800 crimes have been recorded against Huntingdon Life Sciences. The shock figures were revealed yesterday as a High Court judge extended an injunction granted to employees of the drug testing laboratory to protect them from harassment by animal rights protesters… (story)
Guardian 21.6.03 Ban upheld for testing lab (story)
Cambridge News 20.6.03 HARASSMENT INJUNCTION EXTENDED FOR HLS STAFF - A HIGH Court judge has continued an injunction granted to employees of Huntingdon Life Sciences to protect them from harassment by animal rights protesters… (story)
Reuters 20.6.03 Animal testing lab staff win court protection - LONDON (Reuters) - Staff at drug-testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences have won a continuation of a court order protecting them from harassment by animal rights protestors… (story)
BBC News Online 20.6.03 Lab firm injunction continues - A High Court judge has extended an injunction granted to employees of a research laboratory to protect them from harassment by animal rights protesters. On Friday Mr Justice Gibbs ruled that an interim order granted to employees of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) by a judge in London on 16 April should remain in place pending a full hearing of the case… (story)
BBC News Online 13.6.03 Delay on harassment ruling - Employees at Huntingdon Life Sciences are still waiting for a decision on whether an injuction to protect them is to be extended. A High Court judge has reserved his decision on an application to continue an injunction protecting staff at the animal testing drug laboratory to protect them from harassment by animal rights protesters… (story)
Hunts Post 23.4.03 Huntingdon Life Sciences wins injunction against demonstrators - WORKERS at Huntingdon Life Sciences have won a High Court injunction protecting them from harassment by animal rights protesters… (story)
Guardian 18.4.03 We must invest in non-animal research - You repeat the false claim that animal experiments have been at the heart of most major medical breakthroughs. Their real contribution was to mislead and delay scientists struggling to find treatments for humans by looking at animals (Leader, April 17)... Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid
Stereotyping all animal rights campaigners as vigilante activists may be more convenient for commentators than daring to question the morality or legitimacy of animal research... Wendy Higgins Campaigns director, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection
…. The vast majority of animal rights protesters are law-abiding citizens committed to changing the law. Pat Griffin Cambridge Against Primate Experiments (letters)
Guardian 17.4.03 Exclusion zone bars animal tests protest - Owen Bowcott - Huntingdon Life Sciences, the chemical and pharmaceutical testing company, yesterday won a ground-breaking injunction, preventing animal rights protesters from approaching within 50 yards of employees' homes... Not only are 50 yard "exclusion zones" established around the homes of every employee but protesters are banned from "assaulting, molesting, harassing, pestering, threatening or otherwise interfering with" those named in the high court injunction, "directly or indirectly". The list of those protected includes the company itself, employees and "their families, servants or agents" and any person "setting out to visit them"... The interim injunction was granted against nine animal rights activists, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac), the Animal Liberation Front and London Animal Action.... (story)
Guardian 17.4.03 Animal behaviour - A tough court order - but justifiably so - Leader ... Civil rights activists might normally be aghast. Yet most will rightly applaud yesterday's order. The targets of the injunction are the Animal Liberation Front and the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty. The two organisations have made it clear they are not interested in free open debate, but prefer instead intimidation, coercion and threats... (story)
BBC News Online Wednesday, 16 April, 2003, 14:48 GMT 15:48 UK - Lab firm wins court order - Workers at a controversial drug testing laboratory have won a High Court injunction protecting them from harassment by animal rights protesters... A full hearing to determine whether the injunction should remain in place is expected to be held on 14 May at the High Court. Representations will be made on behalf of various animal rights groups. (story)
Cambridge News 17.4.03 ACTIVISTS WARNED: BACK OFF - EMPLOYEES of Huntingdon Life Sciences have won a High Court injunction protecting them from intimidation by animal rights activists… Heather James of SHAC stressed that the injunction was only temporary and that the group's solicitors would be back at the High Court to challenge it when it expired on May 14. She said: "We take the injunction as a huge compliment to the campaign…." (story)

Southern Daily Echo 10.9.03 Crusader Sally targets summit by Kay Cooper - ANIMAL lover Sally May is prepared to go a long way to help save battery chickens and caged pigs - all the way to Mexico in fact. Sally, from Lymington, flew out to Central America at the weekend to join an international band of protesters at the World Trade Organisation summit. As founder of the Solent Farm Animal Welfare group, Sally, 52, is a seasoned campaigner for animal rights - fundraising in a pink furry pig suit, taking part in passive demonstrations against live animal exports… Sally is one of a team of six, lobbying this week on behalf of CIWF… (story in archive)

Gloucestershire Echo 10.9.03 POLICE SWOOP ON BAITERS - Police on the trail of badger baiters swooped in Delavale Road,Winchcombe. Officers searched a car in the road, at 11am yesterday…. (story)

Redditch Advertiser 10.9.03 Society calls for boycott - AN animal rights organisation has called on people to boycott Halfords stores until the company withdraws its adverts featuring performing chimpanzees. Members of the Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) held protests several months ago outside Halfords branches throughout the UK over the adverts… (story in archive)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 10.9.03 Animal rights group thanks town for its support - A CHARITY fighting the fur trade has thanked Swindon people for their contributions to a recent street collection. Respect for Animals, aided by Swindon Animal Concern, organised the collection in the town centre… (letter in archive)


North East Evening Gazette 9.9.03 Still foxed… Thanks to the three readers who replied to my letter regarding fish. I didn't set out to denigrate the fishermen/ anglers. They all seemed to miss the main part of my letter 'why is it all right to kill a fish, but not all right to kill a fox or seal'?... Maybe one of my correspondents can answer me that. W SPENCE Thornaby (letter)
North East Evening Gazette 26.8.03 Attacker not off the hook - The letter (Killing Fields, 21.8.03) in which W Spence attacks people who fish shows the writer does not appreciate the difference between anglers and fishermen… Anglers are the first to see when things are not right on the rivers and sea, often reporting problems first…. N WALTON, Stockton
I WISH people like W Spence of Thornaby would get their facts right. We fishermen do sit all day fishing ... and get a lot of pleasure from it…. We fishermen don't cause trouble like the football yobs do. K S, Middlesbrough (Full name and address supplied)
IN reply to W Spence, I assume he or she is a vegetarian. If not, then the rest of the food he or she eats is killed… G G HICKS, Skelton (letters)
North East Evening Gazette 21.8.03 Killing fields… I have often wondered why it is wrong to kill a fox or a seal, but all right to kill a fish….The case against fox hunting is that the dogs tear the fox to pieces, which is what the fox has just done to Farmer Giles' chickens…. It must take a special sort of man to sit on a riverbank all day, getting pleasure from killing fish… W SPENCE, Thornaby (letter)

The Sentinel 9.9.03 GIVE FOXES A CHANCE - In response to A C Woodcock on Monday, September 1, regarding public attitudes to foxes, I have to say that the letter clearly showed a very narrow-minded view of the world. It seems apparent that, had A C Woodcock been present in the mid 1700's, they would have gladly hunted and killed the last surviving wolf in Britain…. D COTTER Birches Head (letter)
The Sentinel 4.9.03 A TRADITION OF CRUELTY - I write in reply to a C Woodcock's letter published in your letters page on September 1. How often that old excuse for killing foxes is used….While I agree farmers haven't had it as good as they once did, I can't help but look on in wonder as they potter about the countryside in the top of the range 4x4s or new Massey Fergusons… B BYRNE Address Supplied (letter)
The Sentinel 1.9.03 AMAZING VIEW OF FOX - People never cease to amaze me… In the winter the town folk go to the hunt and in between the obscenities shout "save the fox"… They then go again out to the country for free range eggs, only to be told that Raynard has killed all my hens. Oh! Surely not the beautiful fox… A C WOODCOCK Mow Cop (letter)

Scotsman 9.9.03 Prince's friend denies ordering poisoned eagles - JAMES DOHERTY AND KURT BAYER - A FORMER pageboy to the Queen and lifelong friend of the Prince of Wales has been accused of encouraging his former gamekeeper to rid his Perthshire grouse estate of eagles by poisoning them. Ian Thomas, 42, has taken Lord Anthony Tryon to an employment tribunal, claiming unfair and constructive dismissal. Solicitors representing Lord Tryon, who owns the 6,000-acre Fordie Estate, near Comrie - which is often visited by Prince Charles - denied the allegations at the tribunal in Dundee yesterday... (story)

Eastern Daily Press 9.9.03 Anglers demand seabird cull - Some anglers are illegally killing protected birds to stop them spoiling their 'sport', an expert has warned. A Government conference was held yesterday to debate ways to stop cormorants, which have thrived since they were given protected status 22 years ago, feeding off East Anglian fish stocks.... (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 9.9.03 CRUELTY: Group meets in bid to end bloodsport - A GROUP set up to tackle illegal hare coursing is set to meet to discuss ways of ending the bloodsport. The meeting of the Eastern Illegal Hare Coursing Group on Thursday coincides with the beginning of the coursing season this month… Inspector Laura Hunt, of Cambridgeshire police, said today: "There is no doubt that illegal coursers do cause troubles for farmers and local communities around the county…" (story)


Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 8.9.03 SHOW PULLS THEM IN FROM ALL CORNERS - Crowds from across the country were drawn to Gloucestershire by the sights, sounds and smells of the Moreton Show… Daphne Bakker, from Woodmancote near Cirencester, said: "I'd heard of the show through the Cotswold Hunt. It's been really good…." (story)

Dundee Courier 8.9.03 Country festival wins high praise - A HILL farmer who became a household name by championing Britain’s rural areas on TV yesterday applauded Scotland’s Countryside Festival, staged for the first time at Glamis Castle. Sir Johnny Scott gave his enthusiastic backing to the weekend event, celebrating and promoting country life, which attracted an estimated 10,000 people over two days... This learning and appreciation of country matters was brought home to him as he watched a little girl from Dundee at the main arena. “She could only have been about three and wore a white party dress as she ran into the ring when the hounds were parading,” he continued... (story)

Shropshire Star 8.9.03 Why kill animals? - We lived in Shropshire five years ago… Why do these people, who want to kill animals, make out everyone who lives in the country is the same…. John Rees, Formerly of Oswestry, Yorkshire Animal Protection, PO Box 1440, DN11 OXR (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 8.9.03 AIR GUNS WON'T KILL, BUT IGNORANCE DOES Imust protest over the simplistic and bigoted letter from Chrissie Hall, (Evening Telegraph, September 1) on ball-bearing guns and air rifles… Chrissie Hall's kind of "four legs good, two legs bad" thinking is all too common when the same people are presented with any moral problem that may present an opinion contrary to their own… Name and address supplied
Flawed argument - My attention has been drawn to the letter in your paper regarding air guns…. An invitation to a training event may be the start of a disciplined and fascinating hobby for the parent and young person alike…. Airgun shooting is after all an Olympic sport! Responsible use of an airgun is no crime. This should be the message. Name and address supplied (letters)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 8.9.03 Policing of protest was a 'success' - A large animal rights demonstration in Lichfield went off without incident. Up to 100 members of the Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs group staged a protest in Lichfield city centre on Saturday. Police, who had 20 officers there, hailed the operation a success as no arrests were made… However some of the protesters caused disruption outside houses in Burntwood and Rugeley later on at around 2pm… (story)
Wolverhampton Express & Star 3.9.03 Protester to face court for trespass - An animal rights campaigner could be given an Anti Social Behaviour Order - the day before protesters target a Lichfield guinea pig breeding farm. The Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs group has been heavily campaigning for four years to shut Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, near Lichfield, reportedly costing police almost £500,000… One member of the campaign group, a 31-year-old Worcestershire man, is due at Burton Magistrates' Court on Friday charged with aggravated trespass at the farm. If he is convicted the court will consider giving him an Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) to ban him from returning…. (story)

Independent 8.9.03 Veg out, live longer - Vegetarians have always claimed their lifestyle is healthier. Now new research appears to confirm that they do live longer. The reasons could be very simple, says Roger Dobson... (story)


Sunday Telegraph 7.9.03 It's instinct - Sue Allen thinks that foxes kill for fun (Letters, August 31). This is almost true, but not true enough.... they kill, but they don't think about it with the blood-lust of some humans. Kenneth Hynes, London N7 (letter)
Sunday Telegraph 31.8.03 Wild killers - With regard to your report on a fox having killed three West Highland puppies, and the comments made by the campaigners for fox welfare (News, Aug 24), when are these people going to wake up and understand the mentality of foxes, as farmers have done for years?... my neighbour's guinea pigs were killed even though they were in a very secure cage.... My other neighbour's cat was very lucky to escape a fox, who even tried to follow him through the catflap at 9.30 am.... Sue Allen, Harrow (letter)

Sunday Mirror 7.9.03 SICK CHICK RACKET - OUR supermarkets already generate sufficient profits both for themselves and their suppliers. So they should demand that those who provide them with their poultry should rear chickens in an ethical way... Melissa Hamilton, Birmingham
MANY, many thanks for having the guts and integrity to print your magnificent coverage of the chicken farming scandal... C D Mizerany, Arnold Missouri, USA
Unfortunately the case highlighted was just the tip of the iceberg regarding animal cruelty and unless some figure like David Beckham was to support animal welfare then the prospect of making drastic long-lasting changes seems limited. R Timperley, Lancaster, Lancs (letters in archive)


Times 6.9.03 Fox on the run BY ROBIN LANE FOST - So is this farewell? A hunting man prepares for the chase - “Every man who has loved hunting,” wrote Socrates’ famous pupil Xenophon, “has been a good man, and so have the women too.” For 45 years, I have begun to be good again each autumn as the English foxhunting season begins. This time, like hundreds of thousands in England, I will be good with a note of defiance... (story)

Isle of Man newspapers 6.9.03 'CLOSE THE WILDLIFE PARK' - ANIMAL RIGHTS CAMPAIGNER - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner has called for the closure of the Wildlife Park, describing it as 'filthy, cruel and dangerous'. Joan Mann, a member of Care for the Wild and the Captive Animals Protection Society, is against the principle of wildlife parks and zoos but is particularly concerned about the welfare of the animals at the park.... (story)


Westmorland Gazette 5.9.03 Fox hunting begins - FOX HUNTING starts again tomorrow (Saturday) as the Coniston pack gathers at the Kirkstone Pass Inn, Ambleside…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 5.9.03 PRO-HUNTING PROPAGANDA - You have to hand it to the Countryside Alliance for PR at the Young Sports Day. Hats, goody bag etc and contact with animals can't fail?... I see no mention of the "whipper in", "earth stopper" or "terrier man."... PAMELA DEAN, Field Road, Whiteshill (letter)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 1.9.03 YOUNG TOWNIES JOIN COUNTRY SET - A Group of youngsters have swapped their skateboards for fishing rods to get a taste of country life. The 11 to 16-year-olds were taking part in Gloucestershire Young Country Sports Day at the 1,500-acre Witcombe Estate near Brockworth… They met the hounds from the Cotswold Hunt and took a tour of the estate in Great Witcombe with gamekeeper Andrew Garland… (story)
Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 30.8.03 TASTE OF COUNTRY SPORTS FOR YOUNGSTERS - County children went wild at the chance to get to grips with the "Great Outdoors" at the Countryside Alliance Young Sports Day at Great Witcombe. The fun-packed free day gave 65 youngsters the chance to get hands-on experience of rural sports from clay pigeon shooting to falconry, flyfishing to ferreting... (story)
Gloucestershire Echo or Gloucester Citizen 7.8.03 RURAL SPORT FOR KIDS - Young people in Gloucestershire are being invited to take part in a day of country sports.… They will also meet a professional huntsman and his hounds, have a short tour of the estate with the gamekeeper and be treated to a gun dog demonstration, a farriery demonstration and watch a saddle being made. The sports day will be held at Witcombe Estate, Great Witcombe, between 10am and 4pm on Thursday, August 28… (story)

Chester Chronicle 5.9.03 J G PORTER is right to criticise the uncivilised nature of hunting with dogs, based on his/her experience of it at close-hand (The Chronicle, August 22). It is not civilised to set two dogs on a terrified hare in front of a cheering crowd… CHRISTOPHER CLAYTON Christleton (letter)

Times 5.9.03 A summer night, an open door, and a fox attacks sleeping girl BY ADAM FRESCO - A GIRL aged four woke to find a fox biting her arm in her upstairs bedroom in North London. Her screams alerted her parents, who chased the animal through all three storeys of their home before it fled... The parents of Jessica Brown, the latest victim, claim that the fox’s lair is in the overgrown garden of a neighbouring house managed by Islington Council, to which they repeatedly complained after foxes went through their rubbish. The council is now planning to clear the garden today in Tufnell Park after specialist advice... (story)
Times 5.9.03 Urban scavenger becoming less timid BY ADAM FRESCO - ATTACKS by foxes on humans are rare because the animals are timid and would rarely enter a home, the RSPCA said yesterday.... Trevor Williams, director of the Fox Project, which runs an information line on urban foxes (0906 272 4411, 25p/minute), said that late summer was the busiest time for calls, when maturing fox cubs were being pushed out of dens across the country.... (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 5.9.03 Girl, 4, is bitten as fox creeps up to her bedroom - DIANE KING - A SLEEPING four-year-old girl was attacked by a fox when the animal crept into her house and made its way into her upstairs bedroom. Jessica Magnier-Brown was bitten on the arm by the animal and left with teeth-mark injuries and bruising... (story)
Glasgow Evening Times 5.9.03 Fox attacks girl in bedroom - A sleeping four-year-old girl was attacked by a fox when the animal crept into her house and made its way into her upstairs bedroom. Jessica Magnier-Brown was bitten on the arm and left with teeth mark injuries and bruising.... (story)
Ananova 5.9.03 Sleeping child bitten by fox in bedroom - A sleeping four-year-old girl has been attacked by a fox after the animal crept into her bedroom... (story)
BBC News Online 5.9.03 Girl bitten by fox - A four-year-old girl is recovering after she was bitten by a fox - as she slept in her inner London home... (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 5.9.03 ANIMAL TESTING: 'Campaign goes on' say activists - ANIMAL rights activists in the city have vowed to continue their campaign against a cleaning supplies business which they claim has links with controversial Huntingdon Life Sciences... a group of 15 members of Stop Huntingdon Life Sciences (SHAC) demonstrated outside Industrial Supplies, in Waterworks Lane, Glinton, near Peterborough... Campaigner Gail Record (37), from Werrington, Peterborough, said: "We'll continue our peaceful demonstrations until the company stops supplying HLS..." (story)

Streatham Guardian 5.9.03 Unethical and cruel Wendy Higgins Campaigns Director BUAV (letter)
Lakeland Echo 27.8.03 France tries to stall the animal testing ban in EU - Wendy Higgins, Campaigns Director, BUAV 16a Crane Grove, London N7 8NN (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 25.8.03 CRUELTY BAN MUST REMAIN - Wendy Higgins Campaigns Director, BUAV London (letter)
Ulster Herald 21.8.03 Animal rights outrage over French legal action - Readers will be shocked to learn that France and a group of cosmetics ingredients manufacturers have launched legal action to try and overturn the 7th amendment to the EU Cosmetics Directive containing a combined 'animal testing & sales' ban for cosmetics and toiletries… Wendy Higgins, Campaigns Director (letter may be in archive)

South London Press 5.9.03 IT IS time we gave up trying to "preserve" animals in cages and concentrate on protecting them in the wild where they belong. Battersea Park children's zoo should close… Daniel Turner, Zoo Check co-ordinator, Born Free Foundation, West Sussex (letter)
Wandsworth Guardian 5.9.03 Criticism of zoo is an insult to caring staff - There were two letters in the August 22 issue of the Borough News expressing concern about the animals in the zoo. Born Free has already stated the same opinion through Virginia McKenna some weeks back and the wording in the letter from Daniel Turner is almost identical. Have they visited the zoo recently? The conditions they describe are not accurate and it is insulting to the zoo staff and management to call it cramped and inadequate.... A Jackson Battersea (letter)
Wandsworth Borough Guardian 5.9.03 Protection, not ‘preservation’ - I am writing to express concern about the campaign to prevent the closure of Battersea Park Children’s Zoo. The Born Free Foundation, an international wildlife charity and recognised zoo watchdog, opposes the captivity of wild animals and believe that wildlife belongs in the wild... Daniel Turner Zoo Check co-ordinator Born Free Foundation (letter)
South London Press 13.6.03 Zoo is for youngsters - SHAME on Virginia McKenna. Zoos like Battersea Park's are the only way south London children will ever get to see such exotic animals in a kind of natural habitat. We are not all successful film and theatre actors with our own foundation who can jet off to foreign climes to see such animals…. Ken Eadie, Union Grove, Clapham (letter)
Wandsworth Guardian 13.6.03 Born Free star wrong about the zoo - I wonder just when Virginia McKenna visited the zoo with her husband. Some time ago I would think. Because I don’t recall seeing monkeys huddled in small buildings, but in large open cages with trees to climb on and they always seem to be having tremendous fun…. We continue the fight to retain the Children’s Zoo, and we now also fight to retain this park. If you care about both these issues, please write to the council, Martin Linton MP and Ken Livinstone. A Jackson Frere Street Battersea (story)
South London Press 6.6.03 'Insensitivity to animals' - I'M AFRAID I can't quite fathom reporter Chris Pragnell's description of Battersea children's zoo as "one of the capital's unique attractions"… Teaching our children that animals in cages is okay is just not on. It is not truly educational, it is not sensitive to the needs of the animals and it is not compassionate… Virginia McKenna, Founder of the Born Free Foundation (letter)

Southport Visiter 5.9.03 A pair of points ... As for the zoo, the letter of support was very laudable (though I disagree with everything in it). The last revealed the truth. The zoo is an 'attraction' and is a remnant of a time when people paid to gawp at exotic animals out-side of their natural habitat… MR D. BRADBURY, Birch Street (letter)

Tenby Observer 5.9.03 Helping badgers - The committee of the West Wales Badger Group wish to thank members of the general public for their support and donations recently when they held their Summer Fayre in Saundersfoot. This is most appreciated… Mrs. Joy Hands, High Garth, The Ridgeway, Saundersfoot. (letter in archive)


Horse & Hound 4.9.03 Hunts welcome new faces - A campaign to promote hunting days for newcomers around the country is to be launched as part of the drive to make hunting more accessible to the public. The days between 4 and 11 October have been named as newcomers’ and free hunting week, and all packs — mounted and foot — are being urged to participate... (story)

Reading Chronicle 4.9.03 Hunt sympathies are out of place - WE WERE shocked and concerned by the article on page 3 of the Chronicle on August 14, which pictured Richard Benyon. We felt Mr Benyon's presence in the Defra scheme to help 'preserve' wildlife was somewhat misleading and hypocritical. During the fox hunting season (November-April), the Vale of Aylesbury, Garth and South Berkshire fox hounds regularly hunt on Mr Benyon's land and within the Englefield Estate, as mentioned in your article…. DAVID WILLIAMS, Reading Hunt Saboteurs, c/o RISC, Silver Street, Reading (letter)
Reading Chronicle 4.9.03 Farmers offered cash to preserve countryside - A WILDLIFE-friendly farmer in Englefield is encouraging farmers in and around Reading to join a scheme to conserve historic landscape and wildlife by changing the way they harvest their land…. Richard Benyon, son of Sir William Benyon and owner of the Englefield Estate, is helping The North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) pilot the scheme in the area… (story)

Western Mail 4.9.03 Hunt game fair breaks records - RECORD entries of hounds, terriers and lurchers and the highest ever attendance marked the third annual Llangeinor Hunt Game Fair at Lakeside Farm Park, Gilfach Goch... (story)

Western Gazette 4.9.03 GROUP WAITING FOR SENTENCE - Four men who assaulted a farmer at the kennels of a well-known hunt last year have been remanded on bail for the preparation of pre-sentence reports. Ryan Carvill, aged 23, of County Down, Ireland; Marc Beale, 28, of Coldharbour, Sherborne; Adam Knight, 24, of Bar Lever Lane, Charlton Horethorne, and Martin Starks, 18, of South Down, Charlton Horethorne, admitted causing actual bodily harm to Glenn Hodges, who was kicked and punched at Blackmore Vale hunt kennels on 3 November last year… (story)

Shropshire Star 4.9.03 Most mink have just escaped fur farms I write regarding various issues brought up in the Shropshire Star (Sat 30). Firstly, I note that your correspondent blames activists for releasing mink near the Severn… I believe the vast majority of wild mink are there because they escaped from these grim death camps… Secondly, another correspondent suggests that anti fox hunt groups should show pictures of a fox in a hen house… , we are aware that foxhunts, which seem ineffective in reducing the fox population, have often been associated with artificial earths and have been accused of breeding foxes for their "sport"… Kevin Leftman, Shropshire Animal Action (letter)

South Wales Argus 4.9.03 Angler scarred for life by youths - A FISHERMAN is scarred for life after being smashed in the face with a plank then punched by a gang of teenagers while he lay writhing in agony. Duct fitter Roy Harper, 30, was left needing 30 stitches for a gaping wound across one side of his face after the vicious attack… "There were about 15 of them, about nine boys and six girls, aged between 14 and 16. One boy said, `Fishing, are you?' and I said I'd just started. Another one said he was going to push me in, and I said, `If you want to, you try it' Then they started with the verbal abuse… Then suddenly there was a whack - one of them had swung a piece of timber, a four-by-four or something, straight into my face…" (story in archive)

Kidderminster Shuttle 4.9.03 Anglers also deserve a little respect - IN reply to Judith Taylor's letter (Shuttle/Times and News, August 28) I agree that a small minority of anglers have little respect for the countryside. However, I am an angler myself, and there are some facts readers should be made aware of before damning all fishermen as irresponsible polluters of the environment. Littering is not an activity exclusive to fishermen… KELVIN HUGHES, Cairndhu Drive, Kidderminster (letter in archive)

Rugby Advertiser 4.9.03 Mr. Wallis seems misinformed about greyhounds …Mr. Wallis seems to be extremely misinformed about the treatment of greyhounds, before, during, and after their racing careers, as you can be assured that the information available is sadly far from being a myth… This holocaust of suffering a death is generated for profit, the exploitation and urgency to deal with the plight for these dogs both here and abroad, is to boycott such obvious cruelty. A. Boddey, Action for Greyhounds UK, c/o 85 Palmer Road, New Catton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 3RW (letter)
Rugby Advertiser 7.8.03 Greyhound myths abound - I READ with concern the catalogue of myths, half truths and fallacies that appeared in your letters column in connection with the breeding, rearing and racing of greyhounds. I would in no way wish to question the integrity and good intentions of the writer. But she is succeeding in perpetuating many of these myths in bringing them as evidence for her case… Bill Wallis, High Street, Yelvertoft (letter)
Rugby Advertiser 31.7.03 Nothing cruel about dog racing - claim - A GREYHOUND expert from Monks Kirby has hit back at animal rights campaigners who say the dog racing industry is 'cruel' and 'barbaric'…. Sari Pearce, who runs Rugby and Nuneaton Retired Greyhound Trust, said people are wrongly alarming the public about the sport… Animal rights campaigner Janet Cummings, of Tower Road, Rugby, has been working hard with other campaigners to prevent racing in Brandon. She said: "I'm appalled at the proposal and I think the whole industry should be wiped out…." (story)
Rugby Advertiser 31.7.03 Greyhound racing is unacceptable - RE-INTRODUCING greyhound racing to the Rugby area at Brandon is both shocking and unacceptable…Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)

Worcester Evening News 4.9.03 BADGERS IN FOR THE KILL SPREE - ROGUE badgers have been plaguing a country pub, killing chickens and even chasing a man off. Wiz Clift, chef and co-owner of the Talbot pub, at Knightwick, near Worcester, said two of her chickens had been killed by the animals last month and she has had to move her remaining chicken for safety… Pam Jameson, local co-ordinator of the Worcestershire Badger Society, said the creatures were more likely to curl into a ball at the sight of a human than attack one…. (story in archive)

Guardian 4.9.03 Net threat to biotech firms - James Meikle, health correspondent ... The Commons select committee on trade and industry called for a review of company law to see whether legislation passed to keep biotech directors' homes secret, passed after the Huntingdon Life Sciences controversy a few years ago, should be extended to shareholders.... But activists are sceptical whether the proposed protection would work. Barbara Davies of the organisation Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, Shac, said information about investors was found out through many different sources.... (story)

Berwickshire News 4.9.03 Hope ‘Port of Shame’ tag will not apply to Berwick - It would appear that live exports of sheep have begun from Berwick Harbour. Not, is it made clear, ‘for slaughter,’ but ‘for fattening… I can only hope this ‘Port of Shame’ tag will not eventually apply to Berwick. JEAN CUNNINGHAM, Kingston Cottage, Birgham TD12 UNF (letter)

Gloucestershire Citizen 4.9.03 NETTING KILLED THE SEAGULL - Well at least the shopkeepers in Westgate Street tried to save the seagull… That bird must have suffered like hell before it died, but the person I blame is the person who put the netting there in the first place…. MRS M. BRIAN, Address supplied (letter)

Berwickshire News 4.9.03 Animals: the hidden victims of war - AJAYE CURRY, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid. (letter)
Western Morning News 8.7.03 ANIMALS ARE HIDDEN VICTIMS OF WAR - Ajaye Curry, Campaigns Officer Animal Aid Tonbridge, Kent (letter)
Western Daily Press 1.7.03 ANIMALS PAYING THE PRICE OF WAR - Coming on the heels of the Iraqi conflict, a new report by Animal Aid - Animals: the hidden victims of war - exposes the truth about the myriad ways in which animals are killed, mutilated, abandoned and exploited as a shocking consequence of human warfare… The tally of Porton Down's animal victims continues to rise, despite overwhelming evidence that the results from such tests cannot be reliably applied to people because of crucial biological differences between species Ajaye Curry Campaigns Officer Animal Aid (story)

Bromsgrove Standard 4.9.03 adidas jumped on for kangaroo boots - PROTESTORS from a local animal rights group gathered in Bromsgrove on Saturday (August 30) to urge residents to boycott products made by adidas. Redditch Animal Rights members, which included people from Bromsgrove, staged a demonstration at Gilesports on the town's High Street. The supporters of Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (VIVA) informed shoppers of what they believed was one of the biggest wildlife massacres on the planet. Member Kevin White told The Standard sports giant adidas opted to use kangaroo skins in their football boots rather than synthetic alternatives… (story)

Enfield & Haringey Independent 4.9.03 Wildlife lovers respond to plight of poisoned ducks By Kate Southern - RESIDENTS are rallying round to save wildlife at the troubled Pymmes Park boating lake where more than 20 ducks were found dead over the weekend…. This forced resident Linda Banham to swing into action and she took a boat out herself to reach the dying ducks and rushed them off to the Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service at Trent Park. The council eventually permitted the removal of the birds on Friday when Barry Smitherman of the Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service was called in…. (story)


Western Daily Press 3.9.03 HUNT WATCHER'S DENIAL - Hunt monitor Kevin Hill yesterday denied a Devon and Somerset Staghounds' claim that he tried to disrupt the end of a meet… He said: "The allegation that I deliberately held up the traffic is untrue, as is the allegation that I was sounding the horn…." (story)
Western Daily Press 1.9.03 HUNTS PROTEST AT CAMPAIGNER - West hunt masters have made a formal complaint to police over the conduct of an anti-hunt campaigner… The Joint Masters of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds claim that Kevin Hill, Somerset-based hunt monitor for the UK-based International Fund for Animal Welfare, appeared to be trying to cause road congestion at the end of the meet… (story)

New Law Journal 3.9.03 Whether animal rights protest amounts to harassment - Companies targeted by animal rights activists have won interim harassment exclusion zones around their premises and homes, but a full hearing in October will determine whether the Harassment Act 1997 actually applies to them. Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden, who represents the companies involved, talks to Stephen Ward…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 3.9.03 CRUELTY NOT EVERYONE'S FAVOURITE DISH - With reference to the letter Eating Choices… What Peta hopes is that people will make an informed decision when they are acquainted with the facts of the ways in which animals suffer before they reach the dinner plate…. The saving for the NHS is estimated at around £220 per person per year, which suggests that being a walking graveyard for bits of dead animals is not such a great idea after all and that looking after our health brings untold benefits. Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor (letter)


Telegraph 2.9.03 MoD anti-hunt offensive fails - The start of the autumn hunting season has been disrupted by the Ministry of Defence, which was late issuing licences to hunts that hope to use its land.... "Caplin is a prominent member of the League Against Cruel Sports, and initially refused to sign," I'm told. "But then a load of farmers in Wales threatened to ban the MoD from using their land for exercises, and he was rather humiliatingly forced to back down." (story)

Scotsman 2.9.03 Hunts One year on since the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill becoming law… The bill was introduced in the guise of animal welfare, but it has had the opposite effect. William O’Donnell GLASGOW (letter)

Western Morning News 2.9.03 Stop all cruelty - REPLYING to the letter "Support campaign" by J Montague of Exeter, cruelty is cruelty is cruelty whether it be a fox or animals of live transport or birds of prey... June Childs, League Against Cruel Sports Byfleet, Surrey (letter)

Western Morning News 2.9.03 Great farce goes on - I SEEM to have ruffled a few feathers within the "hunting" fraternity (G Mannell, J Rumble, WMN, August 19). It has nothing to do with class as we are all equal under one sun. It is you, the so-called "hunters" with your rigid pecking order in which the riders, of whom the majority are Tories, look down on the minions who follow on foot, all tugging their forelocks and doffing their caps. You are the ones who bring the class issue into it... Kim A Simpson, Plymouth (letter)
Western Morning News 19.8.03 DRAG HUNTS ARE NOT THE ALTERNATIVE - Your correspondent A Simpson (WMN, August 5) complains that their question about why those who now hunt a live quarry do not switch to drag hunting has not been answered…. drag hunting is a high-speed activity undertaken mainly by the young, the able and the bold - both horses and riders - and as such it is of limited appeal. It offers no attraction to that 52 per cent of hunt participants who follow on foot nor would many farmers be prepared to accommodate such an activity with no "pay off" in terms of controlling fox numbers… In view of A Simpson's references to "overly ridden horses" and "fat Tory toffs" shouting "Tally ho!" I have no confidence that rational debate will persuade them otherwise… G Mannell, Truro (letter)
Western Morning News 19.8.03 Keeping poultry safe - IN REPLY to the letter from A Simpson, wondering why no one had answered his question "why not switch to drag hunting" I assume the reason no one had replied was because the answer was so obvious. Drag hunting does not get rid of foxes! I am not a "fat Tory toff" but I am lucky enough to own a bit of land, and I do keep rare breed chickens… The equation is simple, the hunt control the foxes, and the followers pay to keep the hunt going, and my poultry is safe and does not have to be locked up all day as well as all night. Anne Swinscow, iptford Totnes (letter)
Western Morning News 5.8.03 Why not drag hunts? HAVING written to your paper many times regarding the hunting issue I'm still waiting for an answer to my much asked question - why not switch to drag hunting? …This all happens on overly ridden horses who would much rather move of their own free will than be forced to run by fat Tory toffs bouncing up and down on their backs shouting, "tally ho"! A Simpson, Plymouth (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 2.9.03 HEDGEHOG CULL PROTESTER INTIMIDATED SNH WORKERS - IAIN MACIVER …At Lochmaddy Sheriff Court in North Uist, Thomas Frampton, 42, who had been banned from the Western Isles until his court appearance, denied charges of breach of the peace by intimidating two women working for Scottish Natural Heritage, failing to give police information about a driver, and dangerous driving… Frampton, of 38 Weldrise, Tilehurst, in Berkshire, was found guilty of breach of the peace by conducting himself in a disorderly manner, blocking the road with his hired car, intimidation of the SNH workers and putting people in a state of fear and alarm on April 29 on the Clachan-to-Lochmaddy road in North Uist. He was also found guilty of failing to provide police with information about the driver of a vehicle, but was found not guilty on another charge of dangerous driving…. (story)
Times 2.9.03 Hedgehog fanatic scared cull women BY SHIRLEY ENGLISH - A BUS driver from Berkshire who travelled to the Outer Hebrides to rescue threatened hedgehogs was found guilty yesterday of intimidating two women working on a project to cull the animals. Thomas Frampton, 42, of Tilehurst, was convicted of breach of the peace by conducting himself in a disorderly manner on North Uist on April 29... He was also found guilty of failing to provide police with information about the driver of a vehicle but was found not guilty on another charge of dangerous driving... Sheriff David Sutherland deferred sentence until August 3 next year and ordered Frampton to be of good behaviour. (story)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 6.8.03 ANIMAL RIGHTS CAMPAIGNER REMAINS BANNED FROM WESTERN ISLES - An Animal rights activist is still banned from the Western Isles after his trial was adjourned yesterday. Thomas Frampton, 42, who was part of the campaign against the hedgehog cull earlier this year, must keep away from the Hebrides as part of his bail conditions… His trial began yesterday but ran out of time. (story)
Sunday Herald 4.5.03 Dogs fail to bolster hedgehog cull By James Hamilton - Dogs have been brought in to speed up the culling of hedgehogs in the Outer Hebrides -- as rescuers celebrate saving their 100th animal. The dogs started work on Tuesday, but only a handful of hedgehogs have been killed since then... Sunday Herald
Scotsman 2.5.03 Hedgehog activist told 'stay off isles' - IAIN MACIVER - AN ANIMAL rights activist has been banned from the Western Isles by a sheriff after a clash involving Scottish Natural Heritage workers… Thomas Frampton, 42, was traced by police and charged after the alleged late-night encounter with the SNH employees on a quiet country road… Frampton, who is understood to have been one of the volunteers with the group Uist Hedgehog Rescue (UHR), pleaded not guilty and was bailed on condition that he keeps well away from the islands until his trial… two female SNH employees, who work for the Uist Wader Project, become alarmed when they found their vehicle had apparently been followed…. Frampton, a bus driver from Reading, Berkshire, was found by police the following day… He pleaded not guilty to charges of dangerous driving, breach of the peace and failing to give police information about the driver of a vehicle. Trial was fixed for 23 June at Lochmaddy Sheriff Court… Press inquiries to the UHR encampment at Dungannichy Caravan Park on Benbecula, where the volunteers are staying, were referred to Ross Minett of Advocates For Animals in Edinburgh. He was unavailable for comment… (story)

Eastern Daily Press 2.9.03 Poachers fined £2050 - LAURA DEVLIN - A gang of hare coursers caught poaching in Norfolk were yesterday fined a total of £2050... Leonard Gaskin, 46, Steven Gaskin, 29, and Charley Gaskin, 18, all from Coventry, had denied trespassing in pursuit of game and using any dog for the purpose of killing or taking any game. Nelson Smith, 42, and a 17-year-old, both from Cleeve Prior, Worcestershire, also denied both charges... Finding all five men guilty of both charges, Mr Fisher said: "We found it unconvincing that you travelled to meet others from Rochdale with four other dogs to sell two." Nelson Smith, who had sold his car since the incident, was fined £1000. Leonard Gaskin was fined £600, Charley Gaskin £300 and the 17-year-old £150. Each was ordered to pay £30 costs. (story)

Western Morning News 2.9.03 THERE'S NO RISK OF CATCHING TB BY EATING VENISON - A letter from Donald Hughes in Caernarvon (WMN, August 13) has been brought to my attention. He expresses concern about tuberculosis and asks some questions. In an effort to answer some of these I would say briefly as follows... Firstly, although there is admittedly a risk of deer contracting the disease from badgers, this does not seem to be a common occurrence since the incidence of tuberculosis in deer, especially red deer, is encouragingly low.... Secondly, Mr Hughes asks about the safeguards and regulations covering the handling of venison. The answer here is that so far as wild venison is concerned there is at the moment no legal requirement to have the meat inspected, although it is anticipated that this may change in the future... John Fletcher, Acting President Veterinary Deer Society Fife, Scotland (letter)
Western Morning News 13.8.03 HOW SERIOUS IS TB THREAT? - I love the Westcountry, and Exmoor in particular… We are planning to return again this year but recent news items, letters and articles in your paper have worried me. In particular Iain McVicar, writing about bovine TB not being contained (Westcountry Farming, July 30), stated that one in ten farms were under restriction. A week earlier your correspondent Mr Denny, a vet, confirmed that TB was rife in the area…. So what about the beautiful wild red deer? With hunting about to start, how do we know that these animals chased by the hunt across infected farms will not catch the disease…. Donald Hughes, Beddgdert, Caernavon (letter)

Gloucester Citizen or Gloucestershire Echo 2.9.03 MEETING THE COUNTRY SETT - When it comes to badgers, Tony Dean could almost be one of the family. For 22 years, the retired policeman has been getting to know generations of badgers in the Slad Valley…. (story)

Western Morning News 2.9.03 LET THE CULL BEGIN WITH THE HUMAN RACE - Peter Wyatt of Totnes (WMN, August 26) suggests certain species need to be culled to restore the balance of nature.... I suggest the cull needs to begin immediately with the human race. This would be all that is needed to restore the balance of nature. A Murfitt, St Austell (letter)

Ananova 2.9.03 Animal rights group to drop KFC action - An animal rights group claims it has forced Kentucky Fried Chicken to change statements it makes about the way it treats chickens. The move comes after the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sued KFC, claiming it was misleading the public by denying it mistreats chickens. Peta will now drop the lawsuit after KFC, and its parent company Yum! Brands, apparently agreed to change statements on its website and in customer-service phone lines… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 2.9.03 BECKHAM RIGHT BOOT PROTEST - Animal rights campaigners pronounced themselves "well satisfied" after protesting in a Torquay street on Saturday over the production and sale of football boots by the Adidas company from kangaroo leather…. "We don't believe they should be further reduced by another cull down under just for making football boots," said Viva spokesman, James Fordham, who organised the protest. Viva work with two other animal rights organisations locally - Animal Voices and South Devon Animal Rights. (story)
Bristol Evening Post 1.9.03 ANIMAL RIGHTS STORE DEMO - Broadmead:bristol-based animal rights group Viva has staged a demonstration outside a Broadmead store. It was holding its third International Day of Action Against Adidas outside the Sports Soccer shop on Saturday… (story)
Torquay Herald Express 30.8.03 PROTEST OVER BECKHAM'S BOOT BY CLIVE ANGEL - Animal rights protesters were planning a day of action in Torquay today over a pair of football boots... Viva, who work alongside two other charitable groups Animal Voices and South Devon Animal Rights, will be giving out handbills to shoppers and passers-by drawing attention to the use of kangaroo skins for football boots. Viva spokesman James Fordham, who organised the protest, said: "We're not a big organisation locally - in fact we are expecting only a handful of supporters to turn out - but we feel it necessary to make out views known..." (story)
Evening Standard 12.8.03 Foul cry over Beckham's boots - Bill Condie in Sydney, Evening Standard - THE clean-cut image of David Beckham could be in for a battering amid claims that his football boots are endangering the survival of the kangaroo. Bristol-based animal rights group Viva! is campaigning against adidas, the sportswear maker that uses kangaroo leather in the Predator range of boots favoured by Beckham…. (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 2.9.03 Illegal live trade exposed on TV By Emma Race - Animal activists are dismayed by TV revelations of the illegal trade in exotic species…. Janet Cummings, an animal rights campaigner from Tower Road, New Bilton, Rugby, said: “This is a wicked trade and I’m disgusted to hear it’s happening here…" (story)


Exeter Express & Echo 1.9.03 THREATENING CALLS FOLLOW HUNT DEBATE …Kathy Moyle, from East Budleigh, claims she is often threatened by pro-hunt supporters who want to silence her. Mrs Moyle contacted the Echo after reading about the threatening phone calls which pro-hunter Iain Harris claims to have received recently. Mr Harris, who… is a member of the Tiverton Foxhounds and Culmstock Minkhounds, said he had received a number of threatening phone calls to his home in a bid to deter him from the legal action he is considering…. Mrs Moyle, who is a member of the Mid Devon League Against Cruel Sports, said she regularly took part in peaceful protests at hunt meetings. She says whenever she publicly speaks out against hunting she receives menacing phone calls…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 1.9.03 Family cat dies after savaging by foxes - ANGIE BROWN - FOXES savaged an Edinburgh family’s pet cat in their back garden and left it so badly injured it had to be put down. The MacPhail family were horrified when they were woken by chilling cries in the middle of the night. When they looked out into their garden, they saw their 12-year-old pet Clover being attacked by six foxes… Mr MacPhail, who lives in Forrester Road, Corstorphine, said: "…There were six foxes in a frenzy with Clover in the middle, the noise was horrendous… was badly mauled, had one eye missing, was hyperventilating and there was blood everywhere. The foxes only sat a small distance away and then started walking towards me as I took Clover off to the car. It was quite menacing."… (letter)

Telegraph 1.9.03 Jockey Club are backing wrong horse By Charlie Brooks - Although I will probably be boring the pants off those who do not consider the RSPCA a potential threat to racing, I consider it my duty to do just that.... They are a completely different organisation from the one that nice old ladies used to leave their money to in the hope that they would continue to fight cruelty to animals. They have been determined to get fox hunting banned but must know that foxes will subsequently be controlled with methods that will cause more suffering. Once the membership have abolished shooting and fly fishing we can be pretty sure the Grand National will be on their agenda... The International League for the Protection of Horses would strike me as a much more worthy bedfellow.... (story)

York Evening Press 1.9.03 City firm pioneers drugs testing concept …Xceleron, a York-based company, is developing a procedure which would cut the need for extensive animal testing in drugs trials… The procedure has been endorsed by the Government's Animal Procedures Committee and could reduce the number of apes and monkeys used in drug testing and cut the cost of developing drugs… Elaine Toland, senior campaigns officer at Animal Aid, a charity, which campaigns for the abolition of vivisection, said: "Xceleron are to be commended for their progressive approach to drug safety testing…" Wendy Higgins, campaigns director of the British Union of Anti-Vivisection (BUAV), said: "We would welcome the development of any techniques which ultimately mean eradicating animal experimentation…" (story in archive)

Derby Evening Telegraph 1.9.03 WHY ALARMS ARE RINGING AS EXOTIC CREATURES TASTE THE GOOD LIFE - One of the daftest stories I've seen in a long time appeared recently in the journal on whose success rests my comfortable existence. The Evening Telegraph reported that the RSPCA was asking for donations towards the £50 needed to pay for a long holiday for two terrapins… Now, it's not for me to say how people should spend their hard-earned cash…. when I see television images of Iraqi children, crippled by Western bombs, too poor even to travel to hospital to see if they can have artificial limbs, I can't help thinking what a mad world we live in. If they showed pictures of a three-legged labrador, the money would flood in and the poor thing would soon be cocking something hydraulic and gold-plated against the trees…. (story)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 1.9.03 Parrot's protest at bird sale …Members of Lichfield Animal Aid were out in force outside Boots in Baker's Lane on Saturday as part of their Ban the Bird Market campaign, and one of the protestors came dressed as a parrot… Up to 100,000 exotic birds could be sold at the National Cage and Aviary Birds Exhibition 2003, which is scheduled to take place at Birmingham NEC in December. Lichfield Animal Aid group spokesman Diane Smith said: "We must act now to ban what is little more than a jumble sale of birds…" (story)

Daily Record 1.9.03 Sad incident - I WAS most disturbed to read of the terrible death of the tortoises in Glasgow Zoo… Is anybody being charged with neglect, or has it been pushed aside because they are only animals?... Mrs V. Barnes, Cumbernauld (letter)
Glasgow Evening Times 1.9.03 Good riddance to zoo - YOUR report of the death of seven tortoises at Glasgow Zoo (Evening Times, August 28) shows exactly why the place had to close… P SEAMAN Langside (letter)